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Quatrain Journey Poems | Quatrain Poems About Journey

These Quatrain Journey poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Journey. These are the best examples of Quatrain Journey poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Shield Love - Quatrain

Shield Love - Quatrain - A Collaboration

Embrace me In your soft tender arms.
Holding close within meek tenderness.
In close embrace I feel your soft charms,
I await the touch of your caress.

Shield me from life's hate,
On my knees Love's dying.
Do not hesitate,
From soft eyes tears crying.

Love's fights to survive,
As Love bleeds passion of forever.
Love must ever thrive
Let us now share our Love together.

Really all one desires now,
Knowing Loving you.
An essence of Love allow,
My heart ever true.

Queen of endless pleasure,
Holding you to the end.
My ultimate treasure,
Stay Lover and stay Friend.

In a flash of light,
As long as this world keeps on spinning.
You light up my night,
When sights of Love to my eyes dimming.

All I ask of you we stay strong,
Always sleeps one dream of endless beauty.
Ever In your light I belong,
To be within your heart Is my Love's duty.

Sings In your heart Love,
The song of Love's divinity.
We dwell high above,
In Love ever entwining.

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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Walking through the orchard 
Amongst so many trees
Fruit lay on the ground rotting
The trees had a strange disease

They were lost in their apathy
No longer fruitful anymore
Sheltered in a land of beauty
On the Okanagan shore

The birds sang soft and sadly
A strange poetic song
Flying together in arcs
All they wanted was to belong

In search of warmth and protection
They landed on branches reaching high
A transplanted tree from Jamaica
Majestically framed by the sky

Uprooted from the island
Oh so many years ago
With branches reaching outward
His leaves had a golden glow

I sat beneath his branches
So his story he could tell
Into my outstretched palm
A perfectly formed apple fell

As I bit into the fruit
I could hear his voice so clear
A different kind of listening
I heard him whisper in my ear

"Within my laughter there is magic
Yet I am serious at my core
Let me help you find your wisdom
A wooden key unlocks the door

I have traveled many places
Felt the sand beneath my feet
I have known the joy of victory
Yet I have learned more from defeat

The things I thought so important
Slipped from my clutching hands
As I chased after foolishness
In a world filled with demands

Not connected to my quiet
That silent outcry of my soul
My branches stripped of everything
As I played my worldly role

Once true to myself I found freedom
In a city perched by a lake
Lush branches fully outstretched
I now give instead of take

Not born to be a conquerer
Love is my soulful call
Rooted within my spirit
Available to one and all

I bring you peace from my island
See how less can be so much more
Come have a taste of freedom
Beneath my branches on this shore!

Inspired by and dedicated to Rawle James.
Rawle is the founder of the "Inspired Word Cafe".

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Sea of Dreams

She drifted on black starlit glass
beneath the full moon bright
captivated by the beauty of
the tranquil, lovely light
floating on the gentle waves
the stars kissed her goodnight
and rocked into her deepest dreams
she floated out of sight

By Morgan Mise
Written January 6, 2013

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Raindrops Fall

Raindrops now escape the clouds
and downwards they do fly.
Earthbound now their journey starts,
set free from blackened sky.

Let loose they dance upon the ground
and skip as if at play,
a melody they seem to hum,
music, natures way.

Into rivers, brooks and streams
each raindrop heads like home,
and over waterfalls they rush,
into oceans seek to roam.

They call to clouds for brethren rain
to fall and learn to fly,
to start a journey homeward bound,
and escape their blackened sky.

For PD's contest 'Best rain poem'
8th place

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No Tickee, No Washee

No tickee, no washee You pay as you go There are no free rides As everyone knows Yet some people try Their gol' darn best To beat the system Get ahead of the rest Like everyone else They must play by the rules Do they think we're all Just a bunch of old fools? To take advantage Of us trusting souls That way of thinking Is all full of holes Writing us off Would be quite premature We've still got the smarts And that is for sure We may appear stodgy And slow to react But years of experience Has taught us the knack Of dealing with shysters And disreputable felons These guys are operating With screwed up melons They'll get their comeuppance One day down the road When they meet their maker And have to unload And explain why they acted So poorly down here They won't have excuses For not playing fair Banished to purgatory And left there forever To never experience Heaven's glorious weather No tickee, no washie A familiar old refrain From the beginning of time The rules are the same Treat fellow beings With love and respect You'll get back in spades The admiration you expect © Jack Ellison 2013

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Aboard The Titanic

Today I am about to embark on a journey
that I have waited for, for so long,
they say that this one is the safest ship
were nothing could ever go wrong.

As I stare down at the crowd, I think,
here I am, traveling on the R.M.S. Titanic,
this is the most exciting day of my life
and yet I feel a sense of anxiety and panic.

I calm myself by breathing in April's fresh air
and the sea's waves begin to roll and rock,
I close my eyes and feel the warm sunshine
as the ship finally departs from the dock.

Even though I'm not a first class passenger
I admire the grandeur of the White Star Line,
my few luxuries and the kindness shown to me
are enough to warm this heart of mine.

For Carolyn Devonshire's Past Lives Contest

I'm very interested in learning about the Titanic, but sometimes when I look at a
picture of the ship, I get this tremendous feeling of dread and fear. So much so,
that I cannot look at the photo any longer. I don't know where my fear of this
ship comes from. I have never been on a cruise or had any kind of traumatic
experience on a ship. Sometimes, I think that I may have been on the Titanic
in my past life. I don't know if I would have survived or not.

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The Royal Crown

What birth pains are these
The kind that bring no peace
It seems no one is pleased
Until someone leaves

©2014 Honestly JT

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Give it a go

Give it a go, try something new
This tale told in simple verse, view
 Compare its rhythm, rhyme and flow 
Try something new…give it a go

Gone fishing, the sign did say
On that blustery summer’s day
We stood; we waited, still wishing…
The sign did say, gone fishing

The drive was long, the car was stuffy
Eighty miles to visit Muffy
To find him gone seemed so wrong
The car was stuffy, the drive was long

So the kids cried, they were very tired
The surprise visit, uninspired
Back in the car, the kids were plied 
They were very tired, so the kids cried 

Crying children, sighing parents
A long drive home; undercurrents 
Of Frustration; all chasten
Sighing parents, crying children

There just may be a moral here
When visiting, both far and near
Call to see if your host is free
A moral here … there just may be

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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Each Generation Plants A Tree

Each generation plants a tree The next one enjoys the shade Seeds we plant in young people's minds Are engraved and will never fade So choose your path very carefully They're watching your every step You might think they're too distracted Or they think you're old and inept They're always watching how you react Each move that you choose to make Be careful the seeds you sow every day Will grow with them, make no mistake The burden is on us for each generation To guide them and show them the way Map out the route to a happy life Don't let anyone lead them astray There'll be mine fields galore along the way Protect them with words and with deeds They'll love you for caring and taking the time Encourage them to follow your lead © Jack Ellison 2012

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

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Can't a man dream
On things that bring
a smile?
Why should not his
Ever be reality?

©2014 Honestly JT

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Speak No Evil

One thousand might be silent,
While one speaks aloud.
The tongues that are quiet,
Know what the story's about.

©2014 Honestly JT

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The pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness and where this journey leads,
You may not get what you want but you shall fill your needs.
Every little junction provides a different route to go.
If you choose wisely happiness becomes what you know.

The destination before us is not always very clear.
The road becomes dark as it is tainted by fear.
There seems so many decisions not sure of which are right.
When you choose the right path happiness is then in sight.

All the choices we make determine the path we take.
The love that you give will equal the love you make.
All the good and bad becomes part of who we are 
Bridging the distance to places that were too far.

One day your eyes just open, you see how far you’ve come.
The future looks quite bright as we stand out in the sun.
The pursuit of happiness lives inside of every heart.
It is much like a circle the end becomes the start.

Just when you thought the journey might be through.
You will find there’s so much more that you have to do.
The world keeps on spinning and always there is change.
Just around the next corner, happiness is now in range.

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Life's journey is the climbing of stairs to heaven door
entering returns peace, joy, and harmony to your spirit
as the journey of life ends, you have another to explore  
As with the circle of life you start the climb full in spirit

My perception of heaven

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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A mime in time

Phantom faces rush past,
each towards their own destination.
How many souls in success last?
How many need show their appreciation?

Lives full of heartbreak, empty smiles and fake appearance.
Few have known the desired joy of the self-worth achievement creates.
One seeks contentment in talents,
yet crossing borders is the fear of many fates.

Those who find a talent, 
often stop searching.
Those who never do, lament,
their regret always lurking.

Wasted years, pursuing Vision’s allure:
Stressing, enslaved to a race against time
in a world where there is no place for failure,
yet we fail ourselves, the mirror reflecting not a person, but a mime.

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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Out of the blue

Out of the blue I searched for you,
Under yellow skies I walked,
With scarlet red the things you knew!
The black lace talked and talked

I found you thumbing on the road,
Drifting south for a change of pace,
Your suitcase was hardly a load,
My heart began to race.

A game was lurking in your eyes,
I wanted in to play your sin.
Fortune’s wheel did not disguise 
The roguish plans you held within.

You took the keys and off you went, 
With gaping mouth I stood 
My heart inflamed with discontent,
I whimpered all I could.

With bold resolve my feet did go,
Dust and sweat led the way.
What did tempt I did not know,
But hidden fires held my sway.

Marching like a highway man,
Of dreams untold to think about,
I tried to chart your steps and plan,
Whose saucy tease I had no doubt.

Feline ways invite soft prints,
Invisible shades eyes large make,
I saw the method in your hints,
By subtle fumes my nose did stake.

I tracked and looked and never quit,
To find your world and magic curve,
But at some point I had to admit,
I wondered if I had the nerve.

I hung my head, I sang low tunes
Echo’s hope was just a trace,
So I took to heed the passing moons
Oh your purring heart did I chase.

As though you saw my forlorn look,
My ears you tapped with engine fire,
Behind me came your line and hook,
Smiling in my car you took.
Get in you said with lips to bend,
With a grin that spoke of lazy miles,
To you my vows could but commend,
So sure were your entrancing styles.

I swaggered in next to fate,
Forever gone, here was now,
Praying for mercy on this date,
Still like a mouse hearing meow.

You throttled up and off we flew,
The wind and hair was just a blair,
If my better half only knew,
The forbidden things I would dare.

The ride was smooth and oh so cool,
Skin touched skin and all was one,
Kissed by heaven’s secret rule,
Ay there’s the rub, just have some fun.

Salvation’s road leads to crime,
Heat and sweat are natures beat,
Lemons aid the bitter lime,
To overcome what might defeat.

Out of the blue I searched for you,
Under yellow skies I walked,
With scarlet red the things you knew!
The black lace talked and talked.

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Where Frozen Embers Still Burn

~~ I struggle always with my memories, The long ago past is forever lurking; In a moment I am whispered back, And the pages of my life are fluttering. Fluttering in the misty winds of time, To where the joyful and painful burn; O but this is the key to who I am, And each memory has its own turn. Turn back the pages of my journey, I am a little girl playing and dreaming; O but to stay frozen in this memory, And to not ever know the pain of weeping. Weeping has always been my companion, I so often stand in a place of sorrows; Past the ornate gate and winding road, And the past shall haunt all my tomorrows. ______________________ August 16, 2014 Quatrain For the contest, Where Frozen Embers Still Burn, Gail Angel Doyle 8th Place

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A Weight Upon My Shoulders

A Weight Upon My Shoulders

Sometimes the world feels heavy
Its weight upon my shoulders
As I seek to find some order
And sort things in mental folders.

There are things I know important
Things that shan’t be missed
But it’s hard to remember all
With daily additions to my list.

It’s tiring and stressful
But also quite rewarding
Knowing it is my loved one
I help cross the streams he’s fording.

I know it can’t be easy
Each day as he does wake
But he puts forth the effort
Knowing what’s  at stake.

Our priorities are different
As are the places we can go
But it’s the steps we take together
In this new world we grow.

Yes, we both are tired
Our view of things have changed
Ever since his stroke
And our life was rearranged.

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An infinite scourging desert life would be
An endless journey into reality and schemes, 
Without oases, where we could rest and cool
If wouldn't have had the chance to make dreams*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  05 SEPTEMBER 2014 

*Inspired by Eileen Manassian’s poem,A DREAM WITHIN REALITY.
And the comment I made: Without dreams ,life would be an endless journey on an infinite scourging desert, without ever finding an oasis to rest for to carry on your voyage!

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Aging Heart

Time runs fast when we are young,
As fast as human eyes can blink.
Turn away and there it goes,
What youth we have will slowly sink.

It runs with legs that won’t tire
So that your aging heart may sleep.
Close your eyes and let it fall,
The fruits you’ve reaped are yours to keep.

Does the river dry when you
Have passed the rapids of this ride?
Open your eyes so you may see
The world you’re bound to on this tide.

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She's the play that is blown dead;
Yet I can't get her out of my head.
This headstone should be read,
"Herein lies regret"

©2014 Honestly JT

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I hope my mistakes don't return to haunt me;
God, I pray, send your angels to guard me.
When the days I stray away from the plan,
Please, reach from the heavens with a helping hand.

©2014 Honestly JT

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How Sweet It Is

No twelve-step indulgent spree
for getting over you.
I dismissed you in a hurry,
two steps I chose to do...

First, I man-handled my grief.
Spinning one-eighty degrees,
one short cry and I'm debriefed.
Mission accomplished with ease.

Next, I dealt with my revenge
after all, I'm human too.
Hundred-to-one you’ll come unhinged
when you see me with you know who.

Entering into peace at last
interesting truth I find
Ah, c'est la vie - tears are past;
you are a load off my mind.

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The Country, Not the Fish

The time for departure has come,
Can you believe it?
It's off to Wales I go,
The country, not the fish!

It'll be 25 hours worth of flying
And layovers... (I too question my sanity)
But what fun it will be
To defy gravity so effortlessly!

I've never flown before
So wish me the best of luck
I hope my debit gets accepted
Because I'm bringing digits not bucks!

My uncle, aunt and cousin will greet me
When I get there,
As I take it all in, at long last breathing,
That European air!

You're probably thinking geez, another rhyme!
What is it with this guy?
But you see I just recently purchased my ticket
So... bye bye!

I've been saving my money
A couple years for this!
So it's off to Wales I go,
The country, not the fish!

NOTE: I'm very happy to say that this is not fictional on my part. I'm actually going to the UK in none other than 5 days!! I'm very excited and wanted to let everyone know that I'll be on this trip for a good three and a half weeks (so I will not have a lot of time to get on P-Soup... but rest assured I have not left the site!)

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With despair I called into the dark
Is anyone there to hear my plea
No indication of the way to go...
Adrift on a black and sullen sea.

From the void a voice cried out
Use your head but follow your heart
The tide will take you home again
Given time the clouds will part

From a time before remembering
My ship safely nudged the shore
The questions that have no answers
Till the end, man will still explore

Boomerrang Contest

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Standing at a Crossroads

I'm standing at a crossroads
Deciding where to go
I have to pick the right one
But how am I to know?

I peer down all the pathways
There isn't much in sight
The straight one and the left one
They look just like the right

One thing is doubly certain
I cannot turn around
To travel where I came from
That surely isn't sound

I wonder which are winding
And which are awful steep
I wonder which are rocky
Or fraught with chasms deep

I wonder which are sunny
Or which are filled with shade
I wonder which are easy
And which are poorly laid

Decisions oft are tricky 
At times they cannot change
Some roads go through the city
While others hug the range

At last I chose the forward
The narrow one and straight
Within my heart I realized
That this one holds my fate

I knew that in the distance
Along this narrow way
There'd be a golden city
With room for me to stay

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Ink Stains

                                     You've tried to hit me with a pick-up truck,
                                            But instead you caught the train.
                                            Thinking you had the game won,
                                            I was the one to say checkmate.


                                                     ©2014 Honestly JT

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Where should I begin,
And where would this road lead?
So, how will the story end,
When these roadblocks are set between?

©2014 Honestly JT

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Nowhere else to go

I’ve been driven to my knees with nowhere else to go
I feel the winds of change as tides ebb and flow.
Still remains the dreams that reside in my heart,
I realize to begin I just have to start.

The winds of change are howling as the rain does fall, 
I n the concept of  time I seem rather small 
As I drift downwards there’s nowhere but up to go,
I just play my part inside this picture show.

Rivers stumble over stones in a journey to reach the sea, 
Still the winds of change are blowing inside of me.
I try to find a map to see if I’m on course,
I can’t see the destination I know it could be worse.

I know along the way I shall feel loss,
It all seems so random like a coin toss.
I think about that coin rolling back to you.
I just try my best, nothing else will do.

Inside all the turmoil, I discover truth,
Innocence has died with my days of youth.
It seems much like a dream as it fades away,
 All that I have lost seems to be upon display.

 I think about this story that the words do tell.
Lassie go get help, Timmy has fallen in the well.
When you give up trying parts of you begin to die,
 I  Think about the time, it always seems to fly..

I try to still remember I always have a voice, 
The journey develops with every single choice. 
The things that you choose become like life’s seeds
You might not get what you want but it fills the needs.

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The little sextant was diverse
to have position on the Earth.
While going in circles 'round the sun
and seeing all for what it's worth.

It shot through space
and saw the stars.
It passed through Heaven
paired with Mars.

It spun in groups
much like our own.
Through some not quite:
and lesser known.

In time it passed
our way again.
The universe
come home to men.

While those who watched
and wondered why,
would only say
that we're going by.

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Speak anger to my soul;
Let your emotion go.
Come, take control,
So blood with ink will flow.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Paradise Fallen

I think my brain has scar tissue,
Remembering days of past issues.
Did I forget home values?
Am I somehow consumed?

©2014 Honestly JT

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Worth the climb

Who can un-travel the journey of love
of a thousand and one contradictions
of moments more - then less than enough
the weapon for a minds ammunition 

for all get wounded in the unsought war
the plight of being shot by friendly fire
eye on the enemy while at the door
lie the unsuspecting repercussions of desire

Much like soldiers fully geared
suited with the warfare of Cupid 
It's not just the suffering that we fear
but the suffering because we were stupid
There's more to marriage 
than want of bliss, more than euphoric kiss
lest it leave you with no more than a vestige
one must weigh their hope with the risk

And so with cautious heart we trod
this road we cannot un-travel
and hope beyond hope there is a God
for loves journey is a fragile battle

It can crush and it can kill
or make all your dreams sublime
make no mistake this journeys uphill
but in the end you can only hope... it's was every bit worth the climb

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The Stars Reflection

He sat there on the edge
of the rocks above the shore
lost there in his thoughts
like many times before
he noticed how the water
seemed to glow with life
and for a couple moments he
forgot about his strife
the light came from the moon
high up in the sky
and he longed to be among the stars
but had no wings to fly
so he climbed down from the rocks
and waded past the shore
he drifted away on the stars reflection
with a heavy heart no more

By Morgan Mise
Written January 6, 2013

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The Wheel Of Life

The wheel of life keeps turning every day
Birth, life and then the subsequent decay
All living things must return whence they came
The pattern always remaining the same

All living things start life's journey at birth
Become adult through the process of growth
They then participate in reproduction
Thus creating the next generation

Life then continues daily in this world
Until old age and illness take their toll
Lastly, all must face death's reality
That brings a final end to life's journey

The wheel goes through a full revolution
With each and every new generation
Whatever is alive will someday die
This will surely happen as time goes by

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Chase Never Ending

Run do so many

Failing yet to see

Matters not where you go

For there, you'll always be


Scars of the past

Erase can you not

Freedom in forgiveness

Lessons not forgot


Memories that haunt

Serenade a tortured soul

Quiet calm does appear

Perfect storm, grows below


Change comes not easy

Resist - most, often will

Distracted in chaos

Excuse not to feel


Chase never ending

Full circle must you come

Words have you spoken

Things you have done


Healing found in time

Amends, can you make

As you were, so you are

New direction, yours to take

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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The Greatest Love Story

The greatest love story ever told Is right here in my heart It isn't fancy with fancy words It's sweet like the song of a lark Material things are not important To prove the depth my love Just holding your body close to mine A warmth that fits like a glove Many words have since been written About how true love endures Words expressing inner feelings Feelings intense and pure Life on earth is a fleeting thing We're here next moment we're gone Love until your very last breath Too soon you'll pass the baton My heart sings with the joys of love Words flow out like a river It's the greatest love story ever told It makes my eager heart quiver The greatest love story ever told Is right here in my heart © Jack Ellison 2012

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The Key

I know I'm not the
I've tried to go the
right direction.
When the path is not
its brightest
It's hard to see

What lesson should
be learned,
When I see this much
If this is
opposition, not
What's the answer to
the question?

©2014 Honestly JT

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Water rushes past my face 
 Coolness and chills sink in 
Goosebumps pop and hair raises
 On this brand new skin 
The warmth of the breeze hits me
I feel it's breath, it's near 
Passes by my shoulders 
Hits me in my ears 
 Sun reflects off the ripples
 It blinds me, hits my eyes 
Orbs and halos fill my vision
When I look up to the sky 
 I sometimes gulp the water 
Salt dissolves on my tongue
The crystals dance inside my mouth 
To a song I've never sung
 I lie in the caressing water 
I lie there carelessly 
Floating to a good place 
That God has meant for me

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Another lap has finally kicked off
And a lot of energy already stored up.
One step at a time is the plan
Just that each step will surprise every man

The first was more than awesome.
The tape more thrilling than revealing
Replaying it, I ask myself how come?
Now my first step can’t be anything less inspiring

Already at my first step,
The only thing I see is the end 
Looking so far but yet so close to me.
Here I come, watch out for me.

A poem dedicated to February, 2013, a month so pregnant
Written 2/2/13

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Acute History

Is it four eyes, or
for eyes?
Some things they
need not see.
Sometimes love is
And life behind is
acute history.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Though days of old are not new,
I hope one day I love you.
Would speaking suffice, will actions do?
You are my dream come true.

©2014 Honestly JT

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How I Journeyed in Poetry

Words did flow like any simple person I had no experience to write on Then real life happened, and a storm appeared Just like that, BAM, the storm raged and then gone Pain ensued on and on day after day I suffered and the words started to grow They were forming inside my soul to shine To one day be let out from down below Now to relieve any pain that does come I reach into my soul filled with passion As though there are many storms in my life Words take me out of them with compassion So as each storm that comes I have my words I use them to write my poetry scene To relieve the storm’s heartache within me And then I share it, which becomes a dream
Contest: Your Journey... Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico 8/7/2013

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Address to Young Man

Hold it now, its
passing by,
Silently, calmly
even by fly,
Catch it now, and
Time is money so
To lead a life full
of terror,
Victimization and
Even by hardship day
and night,
That endeavor mends
you right,
Catch a buzz if you
With best chums and
no hurry,
With a company until
you content,
And listen a song
life for rent,
Grab the beauty of
the surrounding,
Loaf here and there
with no bounding,
Watch the sky and
Beyond this sight
are mars,
Enjoy each moment
and span,
With empty pockets
and naïve man,
Coz Life begins when
you start dreaming,
And die when you
quit aiming,
To dine in five star
ain’t a big deal,
The aim is to fill
it with meal,
And tum is unaware
of what you eat,
And unaware of your
A cup of tea can
alleviate you,
If friends are alive
with you,
With gabfest and
chit chat,
Late night sitting
on the mat,
So catch and grab
your time,
Erase your worries
and crime,
Bring forth a new
stem and root,
O’ your being from
head to boot.

Shahid Hussain

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The destiny train

The world spins once more and I find my way
The sky is blue and the sun shines today.
Though I wish things could change they never may
Yet I seem to find comfort in the words that you say.

Life is like a train but you must get on board
The price of happiness you should still afford.
Sometimes when everything looks dark and bleak
 A couple of moments can feel like a week.

The train leaves the station there are many stops
You may see something better and just want to swap.
Further down the line you may just understand
That things happen and you do the best that you can.

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know your course
You may want to consider, the suggestion and source.
Only you can decide what you feel is right
 Learn to ride the train from out of the night.

The journey feels long as you wonder why me
But the answer is inside of all the things that you see.
 You may not realize anything until it’s too late
This is your journey and with it your fate.

The train seems to stop like it’s the end of the line
I try to make a bargain to gain some more time
But just when you thought that you reached the end
The train starts back up and you’re moving again.

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Go crazy and have a fit

Sometimes you just gotta let yourself be
It is the only way to be free
In this world of emotional oppression
You can be taken to a higher dimension

All this loving, hurting and living
Feels like you are crazy mad tripping
if you feel like you are going to lose it all
Do the unexpected and take the free fall

You might learn something new
A thing or two about you
So don't give up the bad fight
Lose your ability to tell wrong from right

If you have to go at it alone
Take then down and set them alight
Rules are meant to be broken
Kind of sad when they end up breaking you

So don't feel sorry for me
I got tons of time for the birds and the bees
Seems like when your around
Your a thousand meters off the ground

Go crazy, lose you shit
Roll your eyes and have a fit
You will feel much better than the rest
For the rest of your life

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On the peaks of the snow-covered mountains of age

Just under the demarcation of eternity’s line, I stand

Hoping, some snowflakes of wisdom still to harvest

Before starting my crossing, into the immortals’ land!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    31 AUGUST 2014

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Twin Shooting Stars

No matter my path
There – you always are
Lifetimes have we traveled
Twin shooting stars

Forget can I not
Forever etched upon this heart
Every ending not good-bye
Step closer a new start

Distractions have been many
Unscripted is the way
No matter the distance
In thoughts do you stay

Free may you be
From chains that bound
Reach out could you not
In another, comfort found

Find can you not
Balance which you seek
What pretends to replace
Voice lost, can never speak

Know does your heart
Twin flames true voice
Listen if you dare
Always known, the right choice

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Love Awaits The Souls

All are we

One half of a soul

Traveling through this life

Once again to be whole


In the heartbeat of another

The rhythm to our rhyme

Long ago, a dance started

Shared again in this time


In their eyes found

Love's light returned

Reflection of the self

Many lessons have been learned


Touch do they deep

Core of all you are

Though separate may you be

No place that far


Feel them can you always

Never far behind

In every breath, every moment

Always on your mind


Find can we many

Ways to block our path

Defined by perceptions

Risk not ego's wrath


Short is our time

In this world spent

Return to your purpose

For which here, you were sent


Follow your passion

Once again, be free

Others opinions matter not

For, your truth cannot they see


Close your eyes, feel the rhythm

Continue does the dance

Love awaits the souls

Willing to take the chance

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Tomorrow's Seed

Old ways of being
No power do they hold
New world upon us
Dare to be bold

Gathered in the light
In numbers strength found
Lighter do we move
Reside on higher ground

No longer is there doubt
Clarity in daily thought
Guided will you be
Revealed answers sought

Time not the enemy
Despair falls away
Higher the vibration
Creates the new day

Found are there many
Once lost their way
Rejuvenated in spirit
Forward can they pay

Anchored no longer
Fear's shackles removed
Unity overcomes -
Hate no longer approved

Take comfort in knowledge
Share all you know
For what we plant today
Tomorrow’s seeds will grow

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Stubborn Strength

Gritting my teeth
Swing low, swinging high.
I've come too far to break
not again, not this time.

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Halcyon Days

Heading down to the water's edge A relaxing place to hang out Forgetting my everyday cares and woes Watching kids jump and shout Everyone's wearing a great big smile Laughing and skipping along Reminding me of my halcyon days Singing those happy songs Cherish those spirited days of yore With us for too short a while Never to return except in our thoughts So greet each day with a smile! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Rhythm Of The Heart

We try our best to maintain good rhythm
But at times life gets in the way
The every day challenges of modern living
The demands we face each day

The greatest reward we receive in the end
Is happiness and true contentment
At peace with the world and all things pure
Harbouring no resentment

The ultimate aspiration of every human
Is a journey free from hassle
One filled with many accomplishments
Where home feels like a castle

Rhythm is an extremely important part
Of contentment and a happy life
Good rhythm lends us a sense of well being
A journey free from strife

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Down Memory Lane

I took a walk down memory lane,
My heart reliving the scenes
I visited with loved ones now gone
The ones I see in my dreams.
Each picture tugged at my heart
Some even brought down a tear
I felt a special kind of glow
For I felt each loved one near.
There was my mother alive and well
I felt the warmth of her arms
I knew that I had been loved
And kept safe from all harms.
I took a walk down memory lane...
I held my baby girl tight
She was fast asleep on my chest
Unafraid of the dark night.
The man of my dreams was there
Back when passion meant fire
I stared at his youthful face
Was once more filled with desire.
 Tonight I walked down memory lane
The journey was ever sweet
I saw myself as I had been
Oh, it was such a joyous treat!
One day I’ll reach the end of the lane
That lane that is called life
And I’ll look out from a picture
A smiling mother and wife
And when she looks at my picture
I hope my daughter will smile
Remembering that she was loved
Which makes life’s journey worthwhile.

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Still is the heart
Fearful in it's beat
True desire does it know
Painful past, first must defeat

Safe does it feel
Others words do approve
How quickly we forget
From complacent removed

Hard fought the battle
Freedoms lessons do cost
Time waits for no one
Once gone, forever lost

In fragments have you lived
Scattered pieces here and there
Never seen, the whole picture
True potential – unaware

Thought have you often
Love enough, there must be
Correct have you been
Clouded vision, can not see

Want does the soul
Reconnection with love
Purpose reignited -
From fear rise above

Found is the strength
Different corner can you turn
In choice can you now
Create all, for which you yearn

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A Monarch's Flight

Strange that you should ask about it
For I, since I left the contentment of my ignorance
It was the flowers that made me flit
Everywhere and drunk with their sweet fragrance

An urge in me answered their beauty
What did I know of defined destinations then? First
I followed my shadow, and the cruelty
Of it I rinsed with every slake of rebounding thirst

What springs were these in the heart
From deep well of flesh the water came and stream
For me a path? O suddenly sense start
Me walking towards a meaning, towards this dream

I could not see, but always in me skips
Reasons like horizons, no ship sailing can yet attain
And as I went each way the honey drips
Matters not in sky, or sea, grassy or scraggy terrain

Some say it was life dripping there. O, I
Just kept going. This journey pulled me, so as if born
For it, born to flower, fruit, so then to die
Born to come to dusk after the senselessness of morn  

Born to understand there is naught for me
To understand, I should have stayed wombed in clouds
For all my dust is such a pause in eternity
And now the wait at briny sea's edge in foam of shrouds

Because I came to sense. Gone all flowers
All gone, except the journey back again. A new design
Of old me, I hear the drip of dripping hours
And still I cannot tell all, what is across the misty line?

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The Tempest of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

 The Tempest of Poetry
  - by Bob Atkinson

there blows in stiff wind
created by the word
an everlasting frozen
collection of nouns and verbs

like a whirlwind of change
these letters spell the thoughts
of minds evolved to think
and report facts back to boss

here, in an open world
where flies the dust of change
we find restitution
in words thus re-arranged

cannot give to the giver
much more than we have done
for in an underlying thought
he knows what we have spun

stories of our past
tales of our future deeds
garnishment of life
on all we can agree

freeze emotions for all time
let thoughts be translated then
into a world evolved from us
as simple mortal men

let them know all we were
let them like us some
let them know we tried our best
as we from danger run

let them see what we were
back when we were young
and how we gathered wisdom
when older we'd become

trade our sincerity
for that truth of which we knew
let them see our tears of pain
when success we couldn't view

hopefully they will exist
if we don't destroy their seed
for if we continue on this path
we'll be devolved by greed

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Choices Do a Fine Journey Make

Choices Do a Fine Journey Make

Living the journey to knowing.
Delivering wonderful news.
A voyage to understanding—
Truths passing through minds’ defuse.

Never forced, always free to pick.
Joy or sorrow by choice accrues.
Wisdom and charity loves quick.
Insights soon make hatreds diffuse.

Together…living…learning tour.
Amid friends, loves, cares, and shared days.
Preparing for eternity.
By practicing heavenly ways.

Life's expedition of choices—
The path to wisdom, a great trip,
Expediently making truces.
Should kindnesses ever slip.

Joyfully searching thoughts and facts.
Mesmerized by theories mistakes.
All mysteries riding their track
There searching does my journey make.

© withheld for contest
March 27, 2010
Poetic form: Quatrain

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The plan for escape comes together, 
Desperate to leave the past behind. 
Ready to venture out the front door, 
Unsettling thoughts consume the mind. 

Frightened feet reluctant to step out, 
Fragile courage quickly collapses. 
Fingers cross, hoping for a moment, 
Ruthless reality relaxes. 

The blinding sun uncovers secrets, 
Hidden beneath a reticent face. 
As the path begins to meander, 
Towards an unfamiliar place. 

Exhausted legs carry hopeless dreams, 
Towards paradise in the distance. 
Doubt extinguishes anxious desire, 
Reminiscing blissful ignorance. 

Determined to find new direction, 
Ignoring the strong urge to look back. 
The winding labyrinth never ends, 
Insanity births a maniac.

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Outrun The Past

The sky is blue and the sun is out  
I get lost in the shadows of doubt
The darkness seems to roll right in
As I sink down in a sea of sin.

I try to fight back but I just can’t win
I try to start yet can’t see where to begin
The four walls just seem to close right in
I feel much like that man of tin.

I think about not having a heart
And then all the pieces fall apart
Maybe it’s like the picture show
As in the movie to the wizard I go.

Maybe I’m like the scarecrow without a brain
Sometimes I wonder if I’m really that sane
The thoughts I have scare me to death
As I pause to take yet another breath.

Perhaps I am Dorothy looking for my home
Though I seem to wander and my spirit roams
Home becomes somewhere inside of your heart
I guess this is where my  journey shall start.

I start my journey not sure of the way
Maybe a should wait just another day
Thoughts feel trapped inside of my head
Perhaps I shouldn’t have got out of bed.

But I must get up and escape this cloud 
Still I daydream hoping it is allowed
I hit the street running going quite fast
It seems that I just can’t outrun the past.

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Light the Love light

Now that the sun is set
The sky is cold and gray,
Should I for a bit rest?
I have come a long way!

The night is grim and still,
The bare trees stand at bay,
And there sits a dark hill –
We wait the break of day.

Oh, I am lost and worn
Yet I must not here stay,
Lug my load and move on
If love just light my way.

The burden of my woe,
Along the thorn-strewn road,
Help me find, where I go,
Kindred souls to unload!

~"Pierced" contest by rob carmack