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Quatrain Introspection Poems | Quatrain Poems About Introspection

These Quatrain Introspection poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Quatrain Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An ancient river, centuries-old shops and restaurants steeped in a 2000-year history and 
culture set the scene. The ambiance seemed divinely contrived to facilitate the purposes of 
our meeting and the very fodder from which the greatest poets are sustained.
Not newcomers to the area, Kay P. and I were assigned to the Army Security Agency Field 
Station in Augsburg, Germany in 1974. We were colleagues in the intelligence community 
with no romantic overtures to our relationship, save an appreciation of poetry and profound 
philosophical discussions. Kay wanted to spend the evening with a poet, so we planned the 
evening to be appropriate for the purpose. 
At the time and place, we quickly found ourselves hopelessly immersed in the philosophical 
foundations of my writings throughout the evening. It was the first time since Vietnam that 
I'd felt worthy as a person. I still recall sipping the red wine and feeling the warmth of the 
large hearth inside the Balkan eatery. I still see the swans gliding by on the Lech flowing by 
our café.

When windowpanes begin to weep with autumn's chilly dew, I'm taken back through seasons passed to one delight held true, A rendezvous that time allowed, a gentle evening spent Amid a time of long discord when days were dreary bent. I feel the stretch upon my lips, the smile returns once more. Again, I smell the Balkan fare prepared on Lech's old shore, The mood is cast in high regard, the wine is tart and dry, As Augsburg ripples in the wake when swans go gliding by. The ancient windows frame our view and day begins to wane As rivulets meander down and streak the dampened panes. The ambiance of ages passed beseeched us not to leave And held us in its warm embrace throughout the ebbing eve. My heart was scarred, without regard and hardened by the war But her esteem unveiled its worth, while nothing had before. She saw the child that once was me, I'd long since cast aside, And bade he climb astride his mount, engage his life and ride. Now, she is but a memory, whose kindness soothed my heart, For we embarked upon our lives on paths ordained to part. Her subtle way escaped my eye till time had made it clear That her esteem had set me free, that night I hold so dear. The poetry that filled my soul remains these many years, Impassioned in my warmest thoughts when autumn first appears, When windowpanes begin to weep, a-glisten with the dew, And I return to seasons passed, to one delight held true.

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This Poem Is How I Feel

Sometimes on the road of life
	Change becomes the norm
		When you think, “The sky is true”
			The horizon brews a storm
Some storms last but a minute
	Like a ship they sail right by
		Other storms seem to be
			As endless as the sky
Some storms come with a flood
	As life gets washed away
		Other storms shake the ground
			As mountains crumble into clay
Storms come in many sizes
	They come in many shapes
		Storms come in many forms
			Some bless while others rape
As we face the storms of life
	They change who we are
		Sometimes, we’re the clouds
			Other times we’re the stars
Storms have one thing in common
	One day they too shall pass
		 As a car rolls to a stop
			Storms run out of gas
After the storm has passed us by
	A seed sprouts to a flower
		Each petal seems to be
			Exuding strength and power
I have weathered many storms
	Their lines map my face
		In their wake I have found
			Love is my saving grace
I don’t know what this poem means
	I don’t know if I ever will
		All I know is that right now
			This poem is how I feel

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From There To Here.

As you ponder each turn that has landed you here,
taut tempo will quicken and frail futures loom near.
Take one somber moment, step away from the din:
The voyage, the detours, the past and what's been.

You look back behind you to retrace every mile.
It bring tears of regret and the trace of a smile.
Hang on first, then let go, due to whimsy or age.
What you keep in the end is the test of a sage.

Fools still ignore the supreme ticks of the clock,
in each change in fashion, embraced by the flock.
Walk on and ignore them, don't bother to chide,
these pathetic lemmings swept away by the tide.

Peer off in the distance as you fight off the chill.
You must climb still further to the top of the hill.
Play the tailor to time, cut and trim, make it fit.
Find the time in your life. Take time to enjoy it.

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we our souls will spend our time repenting

we our souls will spend our time repenting 
but the body of truth always comes to light 
in drawing an end to come with true believers 
so they can see the many faces of the devil 

greed in this world money takes over always
as they worship first with the devil’s tools 
invading our space all for the sake of black 
liquid gold tainted hearts in its color so pure 

shame on this world absolutely for mankind
has not learned at all given profound problems
aplenty and stands the testimony of our times 
while war does not resolve anything—death’s end 

only when family lives are directly affected 
they have the fighting right to protect and live 
wherever they choose but we are all controlled 
and always told what to do openly or furtively 

in a system rolling unto the end of mankind
shut eyes in the face of truth and honesty 
the whole setup is a joke makes one laugh 
countries run amok and history repeats itself 

doing the devil’s work at command or by one’s will 
while throwing our money around with profligate zeal 
like they are usually royalty by some birthright and 
this says so much for the world we live in today 

looking at their greed it’s oh so clear for all to see that
with food dished out on silver cutlery and others starving
our priorities have run afoul of charity and common sense
running everything into the ground to support their lies

present catching the past and past is the future’s prologue 
Earth soon develops a chasmic breach at depths reaching a 
heart's song unheard powers unchanging with a most awful
and pronounced Quest of more which destroys the very Soul 

in a such a pitiful world so desolate and blind 
are pure souls who wish with love to shine bright 
one chance will come with a golden sun shining 
but will human kind seize the golden glory at hand 

two paths lie in tomorrow’s dawning shadow dark— 
the path to the end or to the new beginning for mankind 
we live ever together striving for a peaceful endeavor 
we live at war forever on the very fringes of Hell itself 

the way to Armageddon lies open and wants to greet us 
the way to the golden life of peaceful bliss is still possible 
but at tomorrow's dawn do we change our path or will we 
sing the song of stupidity and be dark from tomorrow on 

We must have peace . . . In Our Time or Perish Forever!

Gary Bateman, Liam McDaid, and Michael Clarke – 
A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
(December 4, 2014) (Quatrain unrhymed poetic form)

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The Day She Left

He's staring again, standing by his balcony door
The way he did each morning, even when I was there
Writhing in pain after my heart from my chest he tore
And as I walk away, my heart on my sleeve I wear

The emotional abuse was unconscionable
Yet for years I clung to hope he'd appreciate me
But his anger just grew, attacks became physical
Till I'd had enough and desired only to be free

My clothing, my perfume, many things remain behind
I'm standing now an I'm finally walking away
Wondering why for far too long I chose to stay blind
Proud I had the strength to leave, I greet a new spring day

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The Ending of The Show

Have you ever listened to the silence?
Alone in the giant trees
Have you ever experienced your soul?
Being totally at ease
Have you ever stood atop a volcano?
Felt its trembling power
Ever smelled the sulfur boiling in the pits
Man that sure is sour
Have you ever loved with all that you are?
Holding nothing back
Have you ever completely lost who you are?
Trying to find your way back
Have you ever stood atop a mountain?
Cursed the Lord above
Have you ever sat alone in a Prison cell?
Accepting his forgiving love
You know I have been an evil man
Every sense of the word
In my memory I remember screams
Tormenting to be heard
So much I wish that I could forget
So much I have to tell
About the emptiness you feel inside
The pure solitude of hell
My life no longer belongs to me
I am on a quest
To show the world a man can be
Beyond any test
My pain is deep and my spirits are high
Eagle gliding in the sky
Brave enough to fight any man
Strong enough to cry
A rock to those who know me well
A leader in the night
A warrior that would never run
God I love the fight
A tender man of true compassion
My wife taught me well
That’s why everything that I can be
I offer to her spell
Angels come with big brown eyes
Strong enough at heart
They encourage you to rise above
Finish what you start
Sometimes when I start to write
I fall into a trance
And the poem becomes a partner
Gliding in a dance
Where the poem goes is with the flow
I just tag along
I try real hard to keep the beat
Swaying with the song
Some parts are good and others bad
Some are in between
But from the first word to the last
The soul in me is seen
I pray before that final curtain call
I will have left my mark
That people will think back and say
The light rose from the dark
Everyone must choose their own way
I am no one to lead
If you wish to make your life a garden
I have some real good seed
Always be totally honest with yourself
The person that you are
Space is a place full of dark matter
Grasp to your own star
Be strong enough to always open up
Let go of what you hide
Because in the overall scheme of things
They’re a nowhere ride
If you wish to hold the one you love
Always let it show
Remember that they must be free
We all need room to grow
Trust in them with all that you are
Never forget to show
That they are the one you will adore
To the ending of the show

Due to the length I joined the four line stanzas together

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100 Shards of Pen

Erase a word
Mundane and wrought
Smoldering fire
Of indifferent thought

Pluck a phrase
Wild and untamed
Primordial howl
Of random flame

Sing a verse
Naked and free
Poetic gale
Of crashing seas

Tell a tale
Endearing and true
Passionate prose
Of life’s muse

Ask a heartbeat
Women and men
Who feels
100 shards of pen

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My Torment

A fleeting still small voice tries to warn me
A sudden overwhelming desire to run
The tell tale taste of metallic flakes
Means my nightmare has begun

Everything around takes on a ghostly pallor
A landscape of anguish and corrosion
A moment of silence before the violence
The flash of light, the brilliant explosion

The sound of the Sun fills my ears
Fear, my throat, though none escapes me
And paralyzed I clench my eyes
As my tormentor prepares to rape me

And it's endeavor is absolute
Consumption is its ultimate goal
It exists to chase me so it can erase me
Whilst feasting on my soul

And then that familiar salty smell 
The sudden rush of warmth so stings
Engaging me relentlessly
In vile unspeakable things

Over and over and over again
My limbs stretched and wrought
As it's teeth tear my bones bare
It's mind defiles my thoughts

And still wounds beget wounds beget wounds
As in the mouth of madness I suffer
And with every injury he just seems to be
Rougher and rougher and rougher

Then just as suddenly as it began it ceases
And for a moment I am clearer
And then the true horror of it all
Is revealed in a darkly lit mirror

There in front of me stands my destroyer
Face flush with it's fill of my pain
And I find that it's eyes and mine
My God, they’re one in the same

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‘The Airplane Crossing Clear-Blue Sky'

My white-washed bars surrounded me -
they held me as I slept;
they soothed me when the days were long,
and mother’s blue-eyes wept.

A baby girl, six months or less,
awakened from my sleep -
stood up legs as sure as hope;
as strong as flat is steep.

My hands, my saviors, gripped the rail
so I could peek outside –
the bluest sky I’d ever seen,
As tall as it was wide;

came into view - between the blue,
an airplane gliding by,
its smoky streamer like a flag,
across my memory’s sky...

The memory is a simple one -
a window, sky, and plane -
but in my heart, it's heaven's door
and there it shall remain.

I’ve hung it on my memory’s wall
Between that life and this –
It covers every hole I’ve dug
In sorrow’s vast abyss.

This picture brings the special peace
I knew when I was small –
Where mother’s just beyond the door,
and waiting for my call…

*Inspired by Danielle's Earliest Memory contest. I have blocked out almost every memory 
from my childhood, and only a very few gems remain - this is the first. and I will treasure it 

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Soundless met Emptiness

Today I sat in silence gently closing my eyes
Saying goodbye to sounds that makes our world alive
Slowly I started to drift, deeper into an unknown black
Where sound has never been heard, where life also lacked

The deeper and further I went, uncharted by any man
Where silenced echoed it's silence, right back to our future plan
In this void of soundless emptiness, dust particles brushed me so
Prompting me to open my eyes, allowing my eyes to glow

So fortunate I think to myself, being present at the beginning of time
Finding the truth of yesterdays tomorrows, now knowing where man has climbed
I watch the particles spinning, over millions and millions of years
Creating planets we know now, aligned are these magnificent spheres

Gradually I work my way back, enlightened at what I had viewed
Knowing that we are only a blip in time, being here is so misunderstood
So many follow their paths, knowing of their yonder 
So today I sat in silence, gladly closing my eyes I wandered

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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

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Heaven's Grocery Store

Marching down life’s highway, my feet became very sore
I then came upon a sign that read “Heaven’s Grocery Store”
When I got closer the doors swung open wide
Next thing I knew I was standing there inside
I saw a flock of angels positioned everywhere
They handed me a basket and said, “Child shop with care.”
Everything a human required was in that grocery store
With many commodities to carry, you could always come back for more
First I acquired some Patience; Love was in that same row
Further down was Understanding, you require that everywhere you go
I grabbed a box of Wisdom and Faith, a bag or two
And obtained Charity of course but more than just a few
And then reached for Courage to help me run this wicked race
My basket was almost full but remembered some loving Grace
I then chose Salvation for it was advertised as free
I tried to collect enough of that for both you and me
Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill
For I thought I had everything to do the Master’s will
As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and proceeded put that in
For I knew when I stepped outside I was bound to encounter sin
Peace and Joy were plentiful, the last thing on that shelf
Song and Praise were hanging near so I just helped myself
Then I asked an angel, “Now how much do I owe?”
She smiled and said, “Just take them wherever you may go.”
Again I asked, “No really, how much do I owe?”
“My child,” she said, “God paid your bill a long time ago.”

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No book is  written with one word
No matter how vital it may appear   
For that we carefully have to think
Every word, for the book, is so dear

A verb, an adjective, a noun one may be
That describes what we are and do 
Or he is a period, a colon or a comma
That emphasis puts and gives us a clue  

Each of us a meaningful role plays 
In life’s voluminous book sublime  
On the chapter titled “Humanity”
In the paragraph of space and time

None of us more significant must feel
From the other words next in line
Regardless how trivial they may seem 
It is them that our functions define 

Our gratitude to all words around us
At every instance we have to show
For without their valuable presence
We would never be able to glow   

What kind of a word “king” would be
What sort that of a “general” of glory 
If “subjects” and “soldiers” were not there
To assist them write their story?

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   01 NOVEMBER 2013

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All That I Know

I wish I had the knowledge of
lifes most important things
knew how to end lifes problems
and all the pain it brings.

I don't know much of anything
but I do know how pain feels
and I know this life is filled
with too many bad deals.

I always try to understand
what others say and do
because I may not really know
just what they have been through.

I never want to cause more pain
that doesn't have to be
and pray that someone else in turn
will do the same for me.

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Epilogue of Love

To have lived not being loved at all -

hunchbacked like a question mark-

your soul continuously on parole

imagine beauty in the dark

Perhaps we passed each other in the speed

of different trains colliding with the time

in one - abandoned newborn girl in need

the other - useless vagabond and wine.

Was it your Soul who shook the Jacaranda tree

and made it burst and rain with purple fairies?

Or just a whispered cry within the depth of me -

too much horizon and no space for prairies...

Imagine beauty in the dark

When wings demolish walls of sorrow

I'll die again an injured lark

Reborn in Phoenix bird tomorrow.

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Princess Ballerina

Princess ballerina
Comfortably numb
Hidden from the world
Holding angels ransom
Princess ballerina
With ivory inked thighs
Legs swallowing purity
Prying pink eyes
Princess ballerina
With sin studded threats
Slicing delicacy
With pierced pirouettes 
Princess ballerina
Leering from afar
Come out of the corner
My jaded sultry star

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Dad Was The Last Snowflake

The last great snowflake standing
Little snowflakes fell swiftly
All around the house they fell
Eight male flakes_three little girls

House was lively in winter
As they all warmed by the fire
Boys' boistour tales, girls brush long hair
Then silence all rested heads

At four A.M. each morn_chores
Breakfast, lunch packed off to school
Walking that long mile was rule
School was important dad said

Soon the oldest snowflake wed
As life goes all followed him
Leaving the warm hearth behind
Some of them to produce twins

As life goes_death visited
All their humble doors sadness
Some had children die at birth
And some at very young age

What they saw in their lifetime
Changes that took place_cars_planes
Atom bomb that ended war
None their warm family disgraced

Death started visiting doors
One above  middle went home first
Then slowly they all went home
But dad was the last snowflake

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A Piece of Bread.

My mother starts moaning, with another one due.
She won't live to see, as she struggles to wheeze.
I never knew famine would produce skies so blue.
But no need for toilets, I forget how to squeeze.

Searing sun inflates skulls into baroque balloons.
One whining dog, dying , from a surfeit of fleas.
I squint as my sister beats a roach with a spoon.
She's holding out hope, with a morsel to tease.

My eyes can still water from the feces and trash,
tossed up by vultures to release fresh disease.
I dig up what moist dirt I can pound into mash.
An old man collapses, not a single one grieves.

What passes for corpses- baking black as they pop.
Now the flies feel the heat and retreat to the trees.
My brother keeps wailing and I wish he would stop.
My breathing grows shallow in the oven fed breeze.

If it helps each of you,
I am down on my knees.
I beg you.
Hand me one piece of bread.
Would you, please?

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Oh Gentle Rain

Oh gentle rain
come to me now
please wash this pain from me
in lifes unkindness I'm immersed
and need to be set free

Oh gentle breeze
please breathe new life
into this dying soul
from my travels I am weary
refresh and make me whole

Oh flowers sweet
let me hide
among your beauty fair
touch me with your loveliness
and leave your beauty there

Oh come to me
in kindness please
with your gentle ways
the world it has inflicted me
and darkened all my days

Oh come to me
and touch my heart
please change this dark to light
take away the ugliness
that turned my day to night

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Farewell To Her

I grieve a life that can't exist
for things that could not be
of cherished plans that upped and left
of a girl no longer me

I grieve my dreams that slumber on
that I can not wake from sleep
and as another does drift away
for it's emptiness I weep

I mourn the loss of who I was
of possibilities and more
and wave farewell to a life not had
as she walks out through the door

I sit and ache for what is not
for the girl that can't be me
of things that only might have been
for the she that can not be.

Brian Strand's contest 'A first 50 posting' (July 2011)
1st place

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How Many

How Many?

That night within the garden lost,
How many tears were spent
In search of love at any cost?
How many hearts were rent?

Sin for a sin the coins were tossed!
How many lusts were vent
To quench the unrelented--mossed?
How many paid a cent?

In destination's final dross,
How many souls repent--
Escaping payment with The Cross?
How many knew Him sent?

~deborah burch©10/21/2006©
re-post 4/21/2012

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Mama's Cleaning

That was the day we played all day outside
And ride imaginary stick horses around 
Shooting and shouting as if our lungs was rawhide
It was in imagination that the fun abound
That was the day the house seemed in disrepair
Furniture and boxes all out of place
Chaos reigned while mama cleaned everywhere
Leaving germ and dirt without a trace.

I thought of mama today as I watched you clean
Remembered how we would wipe our foot
On the little mat, but mostly could not dare go in
As if we were the grime or the cause of soot
Food would only come when mama took a break
But not before dark and howling belly turned
Play into night, and after the yard was swept and raked
Something about you in mama I'd discerned.

What was all that cleaning just to be clean, I ask
Or was it a search for something missing here
What deeper motive had the highly honored task
What coin, or sheep, or son hid behind the tear
What golden fleece or grail to you both have been lost
I know mama cleaning searched for meaning here
As if sin was something we could see like life's dross
As if to seek was the magic bullet for man's despair.

O something about you remind me of mama, my dear
And childhood comes rushing back in floods
Two sparse rooms and five pieces of furniture there
While we chased butterflies from dying buds
You are different though, for you have allowed us in
Watching our eyes to tell you of missing spots
But we just laugh and tell long tales while you clean
Life is too short to search or go connecting dots.

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Your life is a journey
Which will never wax or wane
A beacon of bottled moonlight
Anchored waves of radiant rain
There is no demise
Or salvation of plundered plight
Cast into a sea of superstition
In the depths of torrential night
Your life transcends flesh
That sinking vessel which we mourn
It resides in a shipwrecked message
Found on the shores of faith’s forlorn

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The Dandelion

The dandelion sat along on the hill 
watching the rose's play.
He asked to join the fun and games;
is it all right if I stay?
The rose's said, you can not play,
for you are not one of us.
Go back to your hill to your grassy clump,
and don't you make a fuss.
For we are tall with our beautiful stems
and nicely shaped leaves.
Our petals are grand,
the best in the land, 
so stay away you weed.
A beautiful flower, tall and grand,
you are, the dandelion sighed.
Your petals are grand, the best in the land,
but i'd rather be pretty inside.
For the rose's and their beauty so grand, 
will fade and wither with time,
but the dandelion's beauty within,
is one thing that will never die. 

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Sweet Infinity

Infinity beckons taunting  
Beyond the mortal ridge
For time enough to really live
Those longings yet to bridge

I wear your symbol 
Pierced in diamonds sharp
On my ears that I may always
Remember to hear you with my heart

Your curve that knows no ending dangles
On sterling chain around my throat 
A reminder to fulfill 
Solemn promises I have spoke 

You rest upon my naval 
A charm of infinities tease
As outer beauty gives way to age
Sweet time my youth appeased

Your sign never ending 
Like fools upon the earth
Inked in red upon my wrist
Hiding scars when thoughts of life seemed undeserved

What is my obsession O'infinity 
Our days so quickly turn to past
Within parameters of death and birth
Experiences just beyond our grasp

If I could overstep your boundaries
Place my toes just over your edge
Calculate your infinite zeros 
Owning resources for dreams alleged 

My learning curve a continuum 
Time to get it right
A touch of love a sacrifice
Those things first missed in darkest night

The caress of your face not given
A smile unreturned 
"I love you" remains in silence
In ashes lie bridges burned

Infinity... A dimension utterly unknown
I need you not to fly the sky or mountain's high to climb
This endlessness that immortals own
But to see again those souls Ive lost in time

I hold no comfort of heaven's gate or Hell
Though promises of infinity are all too common there
I just want days and nights unnumbered 
For in youth we're completely unprepared

For Infinite choices without wisdom 
When of passing days we have no fear
But as the end draws ever nearer
Hearts aching for that which we should have revered

Time becomes a commodity 
Too sacred now to waste 
Remind me always the quickness of a day
Sweet Infinity, it's why your symbol I embrace 

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each grain of sand, every molecule
has rested on Earth since time began
raindrops now fall and dampen my hair
once part of waves rushing through mom's hands
a universal tie binds us all
without exception, we are matter
comprised of resources long existing
our consciousness?  part of this batter
our self-destructive mannerisms
serve but to rearrange elements
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
will come to pass in a greater sense
every particle has its own place
in both our todays and tomorrows
for each bridge built, each new life born
from our world's past has something borrowed

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I have learned the hard way that people aren't always what they seem,
They look you in the eye, shake your hand, then take you to the cleaners.
It's been many a year that I have thought on this theme,
Ever since I was one of those who got caught by these schemers.

It would not be so bad if we could just open our eyes to see,
That they have no ones interest in anything but their own.
Perhaps that is the way it was and always will be,
At least until we have had that experience in our lives sown.

It is difficult to learn to trust anyone who comes to you,
Since you now look at everyone with a skepticism and mistrust.
But, there is one hope in all of this to take away that jaded view,
A hope that has always lain before us in the dust.

It was preached to us in many a form and style,
The Bible, Koran, other great works of religious zeal.
We have had the words written down for quite a while,
Yet, I wonder if those of us who read them really feel.

The great commandment to love God with your whole being,
Has been a message that comes through the ages.
And to love one's neighbor as you do yourself has more meaning,
Only if we try...for this is the yardstick by which the Lord gauges.

As for those who take advantage of others who cannot see,
I feel sorrow for them...for they have lost touch with life.
They may have great wealth, or possessions, or think they're happy,
But the Lord will meet out His justice to them for causing others strife.

As for me, it seems I have been on a long journey and I'm tired,
Tired of watching these villains prey and profit on the ones with naivete and weakness.
Preying on the young, the old, the sick, and those who aspired...
I was once a victim, but have now can only offer forgiveness.

It has taken a long time for me to reach this end,
As I once was so consumed by the sting of the hurt and anger.
On reflection, the only one who was hurt by my not wanting to mend,
Was loved family...places where I no longer linger.

I write this now because it seems a necessity for me,
To express my feeling and thoughts on a life that was truly dead.
And to you who read this I have but one plea,
Say a silent prayer for my forgiveness from the Lord, when you bow your head.

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                                  THE SEASONS OF MY LIFE

In the Spring time I was blossoming,
The world was bright and new.
I learned to laugh annd cry and fight,
For what I knew was true.

That there`s a time to have your fun,
And there`s a time for work,
A time when we must learn to earn,
And value all life`s perks.

In Summer time I learned of life,
Of people and the world.
I learned that life`s a mixture,
Of experience, a whirl,

That sometimes life moves way too fast,
It should be sipped and savored,
Or else it plays out way too soon,
And loses all it`s flavor.

In Fall I learned acceptance,
That what must be will be.
It does no good to fuss and fret,
`Bout what was denied me;

For some it seems are richly blessed,
While others get the crumbs,
Who gets what is up to God,
From Whom all good things come.

Now Winter fast approaches,
And what`s important now,
Is what memories I`ll leave behind,
Who remembers me, --- and how.

                                                   Judy Ball

For At This Age Contest by Nette Onclaud

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Minor Discomfort

Does everybody feel the same as I do?
Lost? Adrift? Disconnected? Confused?
Does anyone know how to ease the hurt of truth
For the accuser, as well as the accused?

I've heard there's bliss
Found somewhere in ignorance
For those who have been stripped
Of their already fleeting innocence

So I continue to move through this life
Practiced smile, that doesn't quite reach my eyes
Which instead reflect the emptiness
That fills me up inside

It hurts to feel so alone and uncertain
Consumed by doubt and fear
Eventually life becomes a burden
Damaged beyond all repair

The temptation to numb all sensation
It more powerful than one might believe
I'll sacrifice the pleasure, to relieve the devastation
As passion gives way to apathy

Say whatever you want
About those who dwell on the past
Go ahead and judge me from your moral soapbox
While you cower behind your mask

The opinions of most matter very little to me
It won't be taken to heart as you intend it to be
First you'd have to practice the words you preach
If you ever do then I promise I'll start listening

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Passions driven from deep within.
Crowded room dank with unanticipatory thought.
Understood; but not.
A question asked, but not soon answered.
One day I will find our true meaning.

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I can can see for miles

I hoped that bird could have stayed,
It’s cloaked behind decisions I’ve made.
A few feathers and sand, the price is paid,
As they slip away the memory fades…

One of the feathers I use to write.
It grants me vision where there was no sight.
A beacon to guide me out of the night,
I shall squeeze by, though it’s rather tight…

The words it reveals become part of me,
These sunken eyes still can see.
With a wing and a prayer I shall be,
The words in turn shall set me free…

One day I wish and hope to fly,
Sometimes the moment just passes by.
I know that I must, so I will try,
This is when I soar through the sky…

Meanwhile time passes through my fingers.
Everything’s gone only a little taste lingers.
Still with my friends I can’t help but smile.
From way up here, I can see for miles…

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Is your soul blood red
A dowry of bitter wine
Spilling mortality
Staining the divine

Is eternity a prison
The rusty knife of time
Carving your senses
Caging your mind

Is flesh a pardon
A tactile bribe
Begging the question
What is alive

Is there a reason
In this chalice of mine
To sip my faith
And fear no demise

Is there a forever
In your crying eye
A word to grasp
When your child has died

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The Inner Workings

Can it truly be said that a man is mere logic
when I see your emotion as if it hung in the air?
Can it truly be said that a woman's mere feelings
when my brain is like clockwork in logic to bare?
Leaning tos, that is another discussion
for I will admit that I lean toward the tears
and maybe you too would admit just for reference
that you have the mechanics of a man of your years
But don't you think too, that a blending occurs
right at the moment two soul mates connect
and each leans in toward the other's attraction
they otherwise fell, in their days, to neglect?
Perhaps that is why your eyes well up quite rightly
when you see that my heart has been scorched by design
And maybe that's why I hold common sense tightly
and wrap it in gauze to be precious in kind
We are just truly conjoined puzzle pieces
with traits to be honored as sweet compliments
Whether it's logic or sheer, raw emotion
we balance each other in complete confidence.

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My Love Renewed

I searched for adventure
A time or two
In my mind I forgot
I needed you

Now I see
That I was wrong
I truly loved you
All along
With all we went through
And all we have done
I couldn't see 
That you were the one

My soul was stored
Locked up until last night
You released it
When you held me tight

Now I remember
Our passion so true
My heart yours forever
My love is renewed

For Dave

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For You...My Friend

I get the silent phone calls.
I know she's on the line.
Why don't you be a man for once
and choose her home or mine?

You say I must be crazy
because I do accuse...
You must have forgotten
how much I have to lose.

I've given you the better part
of my unhappy life.
Why can't you just be satisfied
with me being your wife?

Have I made you be unfaithful?
Do I not fulfill your needs?
Or is it just your selfishness
that makes you do such dirty deeds?

I'll get the strength to leave you,
and believe me...when I do,
You'll Pay for all the pain you've caused
when she does the same to you!

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Spring Cleaning of the Cluttered Soul

Scrap the smoldering, winsome words
the lovely odd truce made of letters
found carved with the edge of an old pocket knife
on a strap made of metal and leather
Burn off the tarnish on platinum rings
engraved with the infernal: "LOVE"
found pulling limp loyalty up to it's feet
and then giving it a death dealing shove
Trip over shoes which should still be for dancing
and spin them right into the trash
found in the corner of the cluttered dark room
like a pack rat's incurable stash
Blow open windows long stuck closed with paint
Push all the junk to the sill
Unburden your soul of it's hideous secrets
and snatch back your sacred free will...

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Once held with love, by hands so small-
You’d hardly know that they were mine;
Her hair, a matted yellow mess
That sticks strait up, from hands and time,

The dress, Aunt Rose knit with gnarled hands,
Still ties up proper in the back,
It hides her scars; so much undone
While keeping dignity in tact,

One of her fingers’ is too short
When I was small, I bit it off;
Her neck’s been stretched from need and love
Which now I hide with velvet cloth,

Her eyes, the same sky blue as hers-
A mother ripped from life and earth-
Who passed away, leaving her child
One blue-eyed doll and no self worth…

Many a year flew by in time-
An adult with kids of my own-
When our house burned, consuming all,
From photos to refuge of home,

There came from ashes, hope reborn-
A beauty with eyes of sky blue,
Covered in suet, fire-scarred but safe,
The only thing that made it through!

A miracle or mothers hand,
That saved her from the fire's embrace?
To place her safe with honor, down
Atop the snow to cool her face,

This doll may look a ragged mess
To those whose tears she hasn't dried,
But when I look in those blue eyes
I see a child’s love, survived…

My Thumbelina, dread locked doll
No other friend could e’er replace
Her love; I love her battle scars,
Where memory lives upon her face…

2nd place winner in Karen Neary's TRASH or TREASURE contest , 5/2008

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I Serve The Lord

I serve the Lord
	By the things I do
            	I am his servant
                       		 These words are true
My eyes have seen things
          Only evil men know
          		My heart has lived places
                       		 Only evil men go
My mind has thought things
	Only evil men think
            	My lips have tasted things
                        	Only evil men drink
I have lived places
	Only evil men live
		I have gave orders
                       		Only evil men give
I once traded my soul
	To live in a flask
            	I lived in the shadows
                       		Adorned with a mask
My truth is my honor
	My words are my plight
	 	I serve the Lord
			By the words that I write
I no longer grow old
	By the light of the moon
            	No longer is my soul
			Swimming in a spoon
I serve the Lord
	By the things that I do
		Have no doubt in your heart
			These words are true
Once in a miracle
	Through the words of a rhyme
		A sinner found Christ
			And stopped doing time
Set free on a mission
	To enlighten your soul
		I follow the Lord
			In search of my goal
The man that I was
	No longer exist
		He died the first time
			My wife and I kissed
Inside of a box
	I decided to pray
		Stepping out of the darkness
			  Embracing the day
I serve the Lord
	Through the words I write
		Your soul is my mission
			Serving God is my plight
I don’t criticize or judge
	That’s just not my way
		I simply bow my head
			And for everyone I pray
The prayer is quite simple
	It’s a spiritual bath
		I just ask the Lord
			To enlighten your path
The brighter the light
	The lighter the Son
		When this life is over
			This job will be done
I follow the Lord 
	He guides my path
		It’s all very simple
			No complicated math
I serve the Lord
	In all that I do
		If you wish to know why
			It’s because I love you

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My Chagrin

Once again to my chagrin
     This nightmare perseveres
And through the glass it comes to pass
     To feed upon my fears

And it seems to slay my dreams
     And in their stead leave blind
Mine own two eyes to that one prize
     My soul doth seek to find

Still I pray that night gives way
     And cures this circumstance
That captive holds my weary soul
     Within it's darkened trance

And perhaps lay loose the straps
     That bind me to this cross
And free from 'round my neck now bound
     This curs'ed albatross

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Moments Matter

Born of moments matter
	To burn for moments sake
Condemned to moments past
	For future moments make

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A Beautiful Creation

Life can be such a fragile thing.
There is nothing that is for sure
When you think its figured out
Circumstance has no certain cure

It changes in a matter of seconds
Sometimes change is in the cards
As life teeter-totters up and down
Being the fulcrum can be very hard

As we plan ahead we look behind
Using our memories from the past
Just as every dream has a scheme
Every single play must have a cast

As you choose your teams players
Learn to choose them very wise
Many people you cross in this life
Are illusions based solely on lies?

I was once that type of person
Wizard came before my name
My universe was in my flask
I was a master of the game

Honesty has no boundaries
It is never best for us to lie
If we do these words are true
Something up inside of us dies

Life and death is but a breath
Only a second rest in-between
Through honesty I have found
Lies destroy any type of dream

So as you build up your life
Let truth be your foundation
In the end, you my dear friend
Will be such a beautiful creation

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Me, Myself And I

Me, myself and I
were talking to myself
when I asked me a question
and he was not himself.

He, himself and him
was questioning himself
when he spoke much like me
and I was less myself.

She, herself and her
was talking to ourselves
Leaving us to wonder
who was who's own self.

They, themselves and them
joined us in themselves
and now we were together
in being our own selves.

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On Grandma's Farm

There's an antique red barn
Sits atop the hill
And a small little pond
Chock full of blue-gill 

There's old rusty cars
Which haven't ran in years
And a hundred year old house
Once manufactured by Sears
It's loaded full of memories
It's filled with lots of charm
It's a place I know and Love
It's all there...On Grandma's Farm

Used to go there every Sunday
From as far back as I can remember
Sledding down the hill
In the snow come December

I Loved it out at Grandmas
Playing with toy tractors in the sand
Going to help split wood
Just to lend a helping hand

I Loved it winter, spring and summer
But my favorite time of all
Was when the leaves all turned
The wonderful colors of fall

I was carefree and happy
The world was free from harm
Way back when I was a kid
Out On My Grandma's Farm

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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My Bucket List

I have so much I want to do
before I'm laid to rest
I want to see and do it all
complete my bucket list

I want to shout from mountain tops
and sail in clear blue seas
To travel all around the world
and see the Redwood trees

My fear is that I'll wait too long
and then I cannot go
The years they now go flying by 
and aging takes its toll

The time has come to set aside
the life I've come to know
Fulfill the dreams I put away
so many years ago

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The Essence of Solitude

In subtle silence runs a river of hopes and dreams To find the essence of solitude, I must bridge its width So I wait, with patience, anticipating the quiet hush Its powerful roars come with solace, peace and true girth It drapes the busy walls like rich, velveteen brocade Tranquil, I find myself in its unfettered embrace I become a cocoon enwrapped in comfort and warmth Captivated, in the moment I savor the sweet taste In recline, my heart beats to its rhythmic chant And my breathing becomes slow, deeply sublime While I inhale the soothing fragrance of lavender oils The world is shut out and heart reaches its climb Peacefully drifting, light as leaf upon a river My soul rises to sing sacred songs of praise Enthralled in beauty of suspended animation And I breathe in the silence with solitude encased ~*~
Note: For Paula Swanson's "Breathe in Silence" Contest By : Audrey Carey

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Took a seat and closed my eyes
I never caught my waitress' name
She might have kept me from demise
This sweet Cracker Barrel dame
Without asking brought a double brew
She knew it was getting so late
My caffeine breaks had been too few
Which had been a huge mistake
Called me sweetie and gave a smile
This three star angel in a brown apron
She knew I couldn't go another mile
This guardian with a pinned up bun
Filled my thermos with liquid stay awake
Yes, I'm grateful for all she'd done
Stoping in Cracker Barrel was no mistake
My protective server was second to none
After twelve hours I finally arrived at home
Because of her I thankfully survived
Now I have a long date with memory foam
My Cracker Barrel angel kept me alive  

Date: 10-26-14

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Love is blindness

Love is blindness I want to see,
All these feelings inside of me.
I look yet cannot understand,
I try to hold on the best I can.

I want to hear the words said,
But they rattle inside my head.
I want to break free find my way,
Yet I wind up at yesterday.

Love is blindness the world dark,
I see this hope inside my heart.
All the things that I put in,
I find the start yet can’t begin.

I want myself to just break free.
I see what is not what may be.
I feel trapped inside these walls,
The sun fades the curtain falls.

Love is blindness bright as the sun,
Now it has vanished I come undone.
I want to feel the warmth once more,
I cannot see that this is in store.

I find myself so I move on,
I can’t worry about what is gone.
Still I think once more of you
Love is blindness love is true.

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Hallowed Ground

I remember well the small farm scene 
Where a man driving a tractor through the wide open 
Field was doing all he could, hoping 
The clouds might bring rain. 

Tomorrow would be none too soon 
And afterwards, he said, “We could laugh and dance
As if this was the last chance
To plant seeds and make romance under a bright, full moon.” 

I watched him get down off that big machine 
And sift through the ground like
He were looking for gold despite 
The fact he was searching for something more like a dream.

Deeper down into the ground I watched him scratch with hands and spade 
Feverishly as the sun set slow
Turning himself to a golden glow
Until I watched him rise up and say: “This ground is hallowed here today.”

Then abruptly he turned back towards home 
With a smile from eyes to ears 
(And later I would hear)
This was a land of love and tears where Indians once lived and roamed.  

I still remember well the small farm scene 
Where a man driving a tractor through the wide open 
Field was doing all he could, hoping 
He might find something besides the rain.  

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Sally's Nickel Raise

You should have raised the price
back a year ago.
Back when I had told you.
When you were saying no.

Coffee for a nickel more
would surely buy you more.
...but you weren't listening to me
and I was just a bore.

Now you say that I was right
and I am feeling blessed.
If not for knowing that you lie
and you have only jest.

So take my money in a tip
and hope it surely helps.
And know that I won't make you rich
despite my many yelps.

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I'm a four

I'm a four

Me, I am a number four
Or twenty two, worth so much more
A master number, this it be
Practical, they say, that's me.

27 September 2014.

For Andreas contest 'What's your number'

Born 11 March 1943.

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In My Life

There are places I remember Some I used to call my home Family house behind the curtain Tiny hotel room in Rome There are people that I met Walking down the path of life Meeting some I do regret Many still walk alongside There were moments in my life Many I admit were hard Gone with a blink of an eye Some I cherish in my heart All those moments and those places People that I know and knew They’d lose meaning, color, flavor If in my life there was no YOU. (Based on "In My Life" by The Beatles)

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A Poet's View on Words

Words are the quintessential mystical fabric and common medium of all poetry.
Words often portray what the poet sees, senses, feels, imagines, and even dreams.
The very magic of poetry comes to life from a deliberate woven process
Of words enveloped into thoughts, metaphors, beliefs, situations, and emotions.

There is a saying in the original Latin: “Verba sunt indices animi,”
Which when rendered in English is: “Words are the indices of the mind.”
Words, in the poetic sense, form the ethereal undergirding for these indices
And beckon all poets to think deeply and precisely—and to challenge their thoughts.

As poets develop and expand the precious word treasures of their minds,
They begin to see and sense over time a deeper understanding of the human psyche,
And a greater appreciation for the complex circumstances and interactions of people
Which drive the human endeavor—good, bad, happy, sad, glad or indifferent.

Words then form the very symbolic arrows in the poet’s quiver to be employed
With thoughtful care and meaning, enraptured intent, and an enchanted vision.
We as poets should strive for nothing less as we reflect on our poetic visions, 
For these can be always visualized in: “Words are the indices of the ‘poetic’ mind."

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany (September 23, 2014)

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That Christmas Eve

On that Christmas eve I walked out alone
Passing sleeping fields glistening with snow
A lovely pristine carpet unmarked by man
In the midnight sky a mystic moon aglow 

Here the quiet was deep and full of nature's joy
No man made sound , only the night bird's call
The scent of evergreen's on a gentle breeze
I walked until the snow began to gently fall

Reluctantly I turned my feet toward home
The city streets decked with garland and light
To face the madness of Christmas morning
But to recall this, and yes that other, silent night

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

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The Corn Crib

I've passed this way many a day 
and wondered as I strayed;
Who had opened, what had filled
the gap within the crib's dark bay.

The opening small in the wall
at once so spare yet alluring
with tilted sides and gap toothed maw 
which now held field mice burrowing.

The boards of red once formed a bed
for stored feed of golden maze,
these cedar shingles had sheltered 
the abundance of by gone days.

The farm's gone now, no fields, no cow    
long past its youth, its heyday             
housing only bitter sweet and 
memories of corn cobs and play. 

Yet, here it stands, as I go by,
and so quietly it brings to me; 
the lingering joy of laughter
the faint echoes of jubilee.

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One More Step

Every day I climb some stairs
A few steps here and few more there;
One by one until I’ve found
The destination where I’m bound. 

Some days my steps are small and sure
Never less and never more; 
Always ground in gravity’s grace
Never questioning my own place. 

But other times while in the dark
I stumble looking for my mark; 
While moving upwards, homeward bound
Not knowing what might soon be found. 

And so I move each day I live
Praying for one more step to give;
Myself another view of life
And chance to see the stars at night. 

One more step to the rooftop high
Where all good climbers reach and strive;
For one more sunrise, one more set
And all I ask is one more step. 

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What if I were Robin Hood
and Dave Wood was just a street name?
What if I were sick of an industry/kingdom
that's brought so much wealth and fame?
What if?

What if I got tired of fighting Prince John
just to have a bigger piece of the pie?
What if I long for more than Locksley
and in fact I'm more than meets the eye?
What if?

What if while you pen your next poem
you unknowingly hum a lyric I wrote?
What if I really needed a sabbatical
some time to clear this mind and throat?
What if?

What if the truth started leaking out
like warm tears from a broken heart?
What if here in the midst of Poetry Soup
I started feeling like I was a part?
What if?

What if I were dying inside to tell you
like a confession I really felt like I could? 
What if it wasn't about Sherwood Forest
all along it had been to save Robin Hood?
What if?

What if a simple poem contest for glory
brought more riches than all the bling?
What if I've fallen hard for sweet Marian
to reveal myself could ruin everything?
What if?

What if all my new friends I read everyday 
now feel closer than even Little John?
What if I decided to tell Will and Friar Tuck
no, not tonight but tomorrow at dawn?
What if?
What if?

Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst
Contest Name: Robin Hood
Date: 4-20-14
Form: Quatrain

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The Piano Dude

There was a small boy learning to play the keyboard across the street from where I used to live and he always played the theme to the movie Titanic...I think it was the only song he day I yelled across the street and asked him his name and told him I enjoyed his serenade, he answered back...I'm just the piano this is for him

The piano dude plays his melody
Sending Titanic's theme across the wind
Notes rising, flying far from the sea
As if a message to us all to send

Listen from here far below
This place where beauty should never go
Unsinkable ship or so they said
Yet here am I all but dead

Hear me as I send my song
Close your eyes and dream along
Listen and always remember well
The perfect ship, that pride befell 

©Donna Jones

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Wonder and Dismay

I'm filled with wonder and dismay.
Is life real, a dream, illusion?
A construct, maybe, I could say,
who'd author such confusion?

If me, I dread what might portend; 
I'm not that good with tools.
Others think they comprehend, 
maybe sages...likely fools. 

Call up all the ones I know;
sample their opinions.
Then I’d have to stem the flow 
of disparate dominions.

Dogmas are too quickly brought,
too readily believed;
words most keenly wrought
serve often to deceive.

Some explain it all away,
ascribe it to God’s will.
Doesn't this free will betray,
doubt in self instill?

So I write what I call verse—
toil with metered rhyme—
crafted well, both tight and terse,
ardor most sublime.

Thank you all for treasured prose,
honor for what’s mine—
stanzas, lines that we compose
touch briefly the divine.

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remember it's not the "actual" data
it's only the metadata, but we
never met a data we didn't love
there's treasure in detritus debris

with intense Holmesian determination
we'll be able to infer and deduce
some linked reference, some correlation
between pointed data bits obtuse

government or company or corporation
don't matter the size of digital scrap
data microscope will reveal motivation
wanted are all of the small bits of crap

listing phone logs, search queries and such
myriad IP addresses and email recipients 
to squirrel away with the lightest of touch
GPS Lat-Long located and databased insidious

to imply we spy on domestics is irrational
since we're "multi-national" by determiner
we're only looking at the "foreign nationals"
'course from "over there" you're the foreigner

you see there's nowhere to run away
no thought too trivial or secret to reveal
what networked digital crumbs can convey
is what gives metadata its big data appeal

© Goode Guy 2013-08-22

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Goodbye Heartache

What have I done? 
Have I thrown it all away? 
Can I ever get it back? 
Has my life gone astray?

Questions with no answers
Confusion my only friend
I keep hoping to find me
It’s like spitting in the wind

I look all around me 
I see you standing there
But nothing that you do
Shows me that you care

One minute I think I see it
A love so pure and true
Then as I blink I realize
There’s nothing here but YOU

You want me for what I give 
And use me for all I do 
Nothing I’ve ever wanted
Seems to be important to you

It was a simple promise
A vow from within my soul
Now I’m trying to find myself
But feeling very alone

As you sleep I hear the sighs
Born within the man I know
Wanting me to be different
Accepting me; OH NO

I have given everything 
To make this marriage work
But now I feel I must move on
No matter how it hurts

Goodbye to the heartache
So long to the pain
It’s time to find the little
Of my heart that still remains.

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The Taste Of Freedom

I got a taste of freedom
it lasted a little while.
I got a glimpse of how it felt
to see the sun and smile.

It reminded me of who I was
someone I'd lost along the way,
felt good to step inside her head
oh I wish that I could stay.

But the sky is getting darker
black clouds again descend
and I go back to living numb
with a smile that's pretend.

With reluctance I must step
back to my cage once more
but now I feel the pain much greater
as I watch its closing door.

So while I tasted freedom
it is something bitter sweet
for now it's gone, the darkness
feels heavy with defeat.

April 1 2011

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Elemental Alignment

It's the essence of what we're made of.
It's right beneath us as we walk.
It's what the Creator used from up above---
to make "the walking colours that talk".

The essence of movement that kisses your face.
It can push the sea and move the trees.
Sweat on a hot day can be erased.
Breeze that's felt with grace and ease.

The burning flames put out heat.
The colours are brilliant and bright.
It's used outside when you need something to eat.
It also brings dark things to light.

It's the only thing that can quench your thirst.
It's the one thing that connects all life.
If you don't receive this you might just burst.
A lack of this clear liquid can even create strife.

We need all these elements to make the world go round.
They are the essence of creation and what makes the world sound.

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Hats Off To You {Vignette}

heart flutters bearing the news
appointed poet laureate
bows comrades honoring name
gift gabble raising thy brows
expectations of nil
inspirations for others

Tribute To Poetry

And To All The Wonderful Poets
Here In The Soup Bowl
I Bow To Each

Also Entry For
Brian Strand's 
Poet Laureate Contest
GL All

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Secret Hideaway

Secret Hideaway

It's nestled in a pleasant cove
my secret hideaway
A place where I can be alone
and contemplate the days

This haven from a reckless world
brings solace to my mind
A getaway from city life
where many are unkind

The water in the clear blue lake
reflects the giant trees
The mountain just behind my house
it blocks the winter breeze

As years passed by an inner voice
spoke softly to my soul
Why don’t you set aside those things
that you cannot control

This is your home its always been
the place where you belong
A simpler life with peace of mind
and joys that come along

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Just Living InThe Moment---Picture Perfect

I sit watching the sparrows at play, They flit and flirt, and then fly away. No trouble rests on their shoulders, Their concern is just living today. My thoughts would be like a sparrow’s, Delighting in the moments accorded. For tomorrow is always a question, Today, peace is the trophy awarded.

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that fish patiently wait 
at interface of water and fate
burping bubbles for their troubles
water bugs and mosquitoes
unwilling, unsettling for nibbling placebos
acting on a deeper, more hungry drive
to ascend today, eager to stay alive

jaws set wide for voracious consumption
sweet thorax collapses to juicy bite
hooked into a jarring compunction
steeling the air now, a painful insight

to bait, to fish, to hunger, to wish
to fish, to bait, to consume, to sate
ichthyes pisces, jumpin' Jehovah might these
waggin' winged fins fly these troubles away

jumpin' the air and pulling the lines
hard to believe that the mettle redefines
the parts played of the hunter and hunted
penetrating mistakes are now confronted 

shoulda looked at bit harder towards a bait
to now spit out this damned curved harpoon
at any rate, it's beyond meaningful debate 
escaping unlikely - freedom inopportune

panning to sky, maybe panned over fire
maybe that end ain't so bad after all
peckishly satiating lifes consuming desire
fish for a fisherman so that life takes all

© Goode Guy 2013-06-19

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Without a Reason

My own life is outside my jurisdiction
Freedom is in need of a new definition
Why wake and dress and eat and sleep?
Myself in this prison why do I keep?

All movement determined by outside forces
No need to think, feel or make my own choices
Consider the waves of the sea in constant motion:
For their existence is there a higher notion?

Compelled to race to their destined shore
When their goal is reached they are no more
Is that how and why we live this life?	
Is there no other reason for this suicidal strife?

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You Leave Me Hanging

I hate it that you leave me hanging
sat waiting for a word or smile
I tell myself you mean nothing to me
but I've crossed my fingers as I wait awhile

I pace the room with indifferance
pretending not to care
giving voice to the odd frustration
but I'm just speaking to thin air

In sleep I lay distracted
your a thought that threads my dreams
one that lingers through the day
I'm so annoyed I think I could scream

But one day I'll uncross my fingers
the things I say will then be true
thin air need no longer listen
and the threads of my dreams will be new

I won't be where you left me
just waiting for a word or two
I'll have gotten over caring
and no longer distracted by you

Until then I guess I'll hang here
just like the time before
knowing one day it will be over
because I'll pace right out the door.

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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A Conch Shell Calls

The trumpet of the conch shell calls
across the aqua bids us all
to celebrate the end of day -
at sunset in the Keys we'd play.

As children, in the shells we found
the breath of ocean's vibrant sounds
in the queens that washed ashore,
all wrapped around a smooth pink core.

There was a time when crystal clear,
these waters without tourists near
would softly lap a quiet beach
and tickle sand on tiny feet.

But now into a man I've grown,
I smile, remembering all I've known,
and listen for a wind adorned
with sweet sound of a conch shell horn.

August 4, 2014

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Looking Out My Bedroom Window

Looking Out My Bedroom Window When I was young I dreamt of places to go. I looked out my window. I could swing or slide, Or climb the Mimoso How will I go? I looked out my window. I could walk or ride my bike, Or take a limo. Where will I go? I looked out my window. I could stay inside, Or follow where the rivers flow. Now I must go. I looked out my window. I will do as I like, My dreams will follow.

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Find your center

To wake with the sun, as it's rays touch Mother Earth
I give thanks for it warming this great land
and watch the beauty of a sunrise as mirth returns to earth
I hear birds announce this rebirth as if on command

I see happiness in all faces, while greeting the relations
as all work to prepare our lodge for a morning meal
A sample of foods taken from this land for our nation 
Give thanks and only take what's needed to feed and heal

Work for common good, while giving kindness and respect
to all beings of this land, as we greet them each day
Wolf, bird, fish, plant and man of this land all interconnect
for without this union, life would not greet this day

At days end, watching the sun retreat beyond the horizon
all life feeds and prepares for nights darkness to return
Relations gather, speak of the day and return of the bison  
A white bison's return is one of our lessons to learn

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wasted my time

No curse words allowed
are you confused, lost, ignorant
you are no artist, you have shunned art
and its true purpose
what is art? but an expression
the low and vile are the most potent
Did you forget, Emerson The Poet
He would call you "selfish and sensual"
"an umpire of taste"
"proof of the shallowness of the doctrine of beauty"
in a world of suffering, of loss
Art isnt happy, and flowers in the park
you, in your confusion, hide in the dark
hide any truths of pain and suffering
and by doing so you have lost your soul
You are only half a person
art is an expression of life and its hidden
what is in a word? something to hide from?
something to fear? to censor? to fight?
are you that ashamed of language?
honesty? expressions of shame?
You are no poet, no artist
you are no immortal, 
of course you are so cowardly and weak
you will hide from me, censor me,
avoid the truth, lie to the world
if you cant stomach a curse word
then you cant handle me 
any immortal would crush you
and leave you wounded
truly contemplating your life
breaking you open, forcing you alive
then, maybe then, you will have an emotion,
worthy of expression into art. 
but dont get mad at me, angry or hurt
You may just use a curse word

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I've had so many moments in life
full of love, loss, hope and strife, 
never have I fully lived as I do now
with loneliness my only pal.

I feel the earth as it moves on
toward the setting of the sun,
when all of life has gone away
no more night only the day.

God the Father on the throne
never more to be alone,
heavenly angels sing above
always peace, hope, and love.

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An Hour Alone

When the day's living has left me full of stress
If only for an hour, I make the world go away
Lock the door, a hot bath and a glass of wine
And let music, perhaps a Bach symphony, play

Slowly my heavy burdens begin to lighten 
A sigh, a sip and with the sweet melody drift
Soon enough reality will call again, but for now
I appreciate this small but treasured gift…..

For the Indulgence contest...

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Some Time in a Meadow

Stopping at a little meadow by the road
To rest and watch the busy swallows fly
Summer fading ,feeling the pull of autumn 
Hearing again the geese's mournful cry

Brown and gold the carpet before me
The leaves dropping in colorful disarray
I have the urge to gather them to my breast
And remember forever this unique display

Now the years are rushing with abandon
So many more behind me than ahead
The meadow will be here after I am gone
With this years beauty safely put to  bed

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Week of Reflection

a week just for me, for myself
without reservation, without guile
to be what I can't be today
to pretend, to love, to smile.... 

to the ocean, to the origin of life
to taste the salt and hear the sound
to raise my eyes to the horizon
hoping the lost will be found....

l'd read the words of great poets
drown in the words and the write
messages to make sense of living
that make my sore heart take flight....

like time that has run though my glass
I'd let the sand run through my fingers
A few days of quiet reflection
and the aroma of love that lingers.......


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Thank God I Still Have You

My Summer months have slipped away
they came and went so fast
Fall weather soon will settle in
and then it too won’t last

Another year is almost gone
I can’t believe it’s true
The kids all grown and on their own
Thank God I still have you

I didn’t think that life would give
so many pleasant days
But warning signs have now arrived
some say they come with age

I won’t give in without a fight
there’s still so much to do
Tomorrow brings a brand new day
for me to spend with you

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Jack The Quack

Timothy Hicks recently suggested I write one called “Jack the Quack” Who better than the quacker himself Who's wheels have left the track I've never professed to be poet In the ilk of Browning and Keats A rebel, a renegade, a enigma of sorts Marching to a different beat A bit of a “quacker” I've always been Take pride in being off beat Don't have a choice, it's who I am Travelling down a different street Always write in the purest of forms Simple quatrains most of the time Since a very young age, always thought Of poetry as a needing to rhyme Forever been one to revel in creativity Searching brand new vistas each day It sure turns my crank and floats my boat Wouldn't be happy any other way Thank you Timothy for the inspiration To express what makes me tick We're all cut from the very same cloth Till we find a pathway that clicks © Jack Ellison 2013 Timothy suggested I write this one appealing to the kiddies along the lines of "Howard The Mallard"... I chose a different route!

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In a Perfect World

In a perfect world there would be no pain.
Sorrow would vanish in the gentle rain.
Emotions unfold with every thought,
Just to be happy with what you have got.

In a perfect world the sun would shine bright.
Dark clouds would be nowhere in sight.
The stars would pierce the darkest night,
Dream would appear, just take flight.

In a perfect world there would be no need.
Something would grow from every seed.
The more planted, the more could grow,
You could learn with still more to know.

In a perfect world there would be no regret.
Nothing to remember, so no need to forget.
We would see things as they truly are,
There wouldn’t be a distance that was too far.

In a perfect world I would know what to do.
But at this moment, I barely get through.
Emotions still unfold with every thought,
I see what is, and dream for what’s not.

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Ocean Friend

Tonight I drove down to the coast
to soothe my troubled mind
The ocean always speaks to me
with wisdom so sublime 

I found a place all by myself
and looked out to the sea
The memories of a thousand days
all gathered here for me

The ocean sounds they never fail
to take me far away
The breeze so gentle on my face
I love the ocean spray

The sand becomes my bed tonight
the waters cover me
The moon looks down from up above
my mind is trouble free

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"The moon and the night climb through my window" Bathing my waking dreams in its ambient glow The world seems peaceful with the moon in charge The music of silence is the loveliest symphony I know.. First line taken from Carrie's poem Moonlight Sonata 8/29/13

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How much longer do I keep playing games?
I thought this was over and done.
I'm not sure I can keep this going
I know I should have cut and run.

I seem to have gotten a little confused
the ground rules seem unclear.
I'm not sure I know what I want
or where I go from here.

I say my prayers for some clarity
in the hope I can see some sense
I try to make decisions
no more sitting on the fence.

It's one thing knowing what must be done
it's another to want to start
but going round in circles
wrecks havoc with mind and heart.

I just hope the light goes on
so I can clearly see my way
but something seems to pull me back
and this game again I play

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I can't cry anymore

I always thought if I had more time,
I could figure it out and be just fine.
Everything disappears and I’m not sure,
One thing is certain I can’t cry anymore.

Tears of sorrow leave me full of doubt,
Voices join anger and turn into shouts.
I’m not certain how much I can endure,
One thing is certain I can’t cry anymore.

The sun comes up I escape the night,
Darkness parts gives way to daylight.
I pick up the pieces from off of the floor,
One thing is certain I can’t cry anymore.

I don’t know where to go I just do,
I get entangled in all I’ve been through.
I wash up on some distant shore,
One thing is certain I can’t cry anymore.

Some things come while others go,
What comes next I really don’t know.
Still I can’t wait to see what’s in store,
One thing is certain I can’t cry anymore.

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A New Year

A New Year

Seems like just yesterday
We welcomed in last year
The days and months that followed
With others I did share.

Small steps and better days
I found throughout that time
Found what really mattered
When all was not sublime.

We took ‘one day at a time.’
With effort made a go
And yet time did go quickly
If you really want to know.

So here it is
Start of a new year
With new days
And challenges to bear.

Thankful for my health
And for my state of being
Grateful for my friends
Look forward to just seeing.

It seems as each year passes
We note things we missed before
Life has twists, turns and endings
Of that, I’m really sure.

So pop the cork!
Drink to the New Year!
Good things I wish
For all that you hold dear.

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Reality became too harsh
So I escaped with my pen
Going back to my happy
Wanting to relive it again

I changed just a few details
With my pen I made them real
Erased the bits of sadness
I added my own appeal

As I polished the edges
Replaced my tears with a smile
I basked in the loveliness
Enjoyed happy for a while

Before me is the answer
I can rewrite reality
Pen and mind have the power
They can shape eternity

Inspired by Dinda Minardi's poem "Hi There Reality"

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I Stand Here

I stand here and watch the changing of seasons,
a summer of winters, an autumn of springs,
I stand here in thought, not knowing the reasons,
to the meaning of life, how the caged bird still sings.
I stand here and watch as the years pass me by,
regrets of my past, what my life might have been,
I stand here and muse over one butterfly,
freed from the prison it had put itself in.

I stand here and watch as the dark turns to day,
the first glimpse of sunrise, a shimmer of light,
I stand here and wonder where clouds go to play
would they take me with them when day turns to night?

I stand here on guard while my inner self dreams,
of a world free of hurting, a life blank of stain,
I stand here and listen while my inner self screams,
with fear in his eyes and a soul filled with pain.
I stand here alone, memories by my side,
a flood of emotions, bittersweet in my mind,
I stand here unknown with the tears I have cried,
searching for answers in a world where I'm blind.

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Teardrops and Raindrops


                                  Tear drops and rain drops
                                  Both born in gray skies
                                  Released in times of need
                                  Until the storm passes by

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Redeye Gravy

Now sits the redeye gravy in the pan
It certainly is not at all like jam
Mom made it years ago  for her man
Fry some country ham, pour  coffee bam

Never knew why it was called redeye
Then my grandson informed me just why
Men who had been out late had bleareye
Who looked like they had been drip-dry

I always thought that it was because
It had dark red color from drippings
In my home it  got an applause
I thought that it was God's blessings

I learned my husband doesn't like it
My grandson doesn't like redeye gravy
When I make it only make a bit
Always redeye gravy left heavy

Today decided to place on grits
Feed to the cats see if they like it
Now cat is running around won't sit
I guess that caffeine gave them lift

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Clouds up in the sky

Thoughts swirl around like clouds in the sky.
I am surrounded by a world much larger than I.
I close my eyes and then I’m up in that cloud,
As the clouds part it’s like lifting a shroud.

I see down below, all appears so small,
Visions of crashing, hope I don’t fall.
I drift and swirl and then it’s not clear,
Maybe my fate grabbed the wheel to steer?

Night clouds move in as it gets dark,
Shadows appear tainting my heart.
A cloud makes a shining light go out,
Shadows become this sea of doubt.

Thoughts seem to change just like the clouds, 
Truth and light arrive hope they’re allowed.
I can’t break free as my mind goes numb,
All seems to be lost so I want some.

The clouds get thicker and I can’t see,
Although the future is right before me.
Maybe my thoughts just get in the way?
Yesterday joins in as a part of today.

The clouds swirl in circle like a merry-go –round,
They sneak right up on you without even a sound.
Some clouds disappear but soon they return,
I look for the answer around the next turn.

The clouds part and the sun comes back,
I find myself getting back on track.
Thoughts flow freely through my head,
I open my eyes and rise instead.

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The Beast is King

Hammering on the doors of my tomb
I want to get out, I want to break through
Beauty`s a prisoner, the beast is king
Truth, the tiny bee, has a painful sting

My soul`s on fire, my body`s for hire
I`ve got boundless desire and a mind to admire
A paradise we`ve turned into a living hell
Angels without wings onto this earth fell

A dream of life in a sleep of coma
The law is fulfilled to the last iota
Feel my pulse, can`t find the aorta
The curse has spread to psycho and soma

An infinite maze lies within the gates
You go on a chase but you are chased
Find the prize or meet your own demise
Darkness forever – the light is unseen by the blind 

Hammering on the doors of my tomb
I want to get out, I want to break through
Beauty`s a prisoner, the beast is king
Truth, the tiny bee, has a painful sting

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Doth if not

Doth if not thrill thee, Poet,
Dead and dust through thy art
to feel how I press thy singing
Close to my heart

Doth if not see thee, Beauty,
Life and youth thy presence tell
to feel your gracefullness
and your radiance hail

Doth if not feel thee, Proud,
Bloody and tired after fought
I feel your anger as you rage
violent pacing within a cage

Doth if not loath thee, Time,
That span in which we do wait
I fear that I may not master thee 
but only learn your unstopableness

Doth if not envy thee, Love,
The subject of all stories
the main ingredient in any glory
a painful woe and often worry

Doth if not doubt thee, God,
Who speaketh all into being
from atoms to the universe
principlaities and powers, who rules?

Doth if not worry thee, Man,
from day to day trying to understand
his heart with his mind, two seperate things
God's way of compromise

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I Am

I am but a simple man,
I try to do the best I can.
So many things get in my way,
I see the challenge of each day.

I am just a work undone,
I am a child of the sun.
As it shines, I grow strong,
I struggle, when it is gone.

Like a river that always flows,
When it rains, my pace grows.
I find peace at the sea.
It’s the place I long to be.

I am much like a flower,
Requiring food and a shower.
I grow taller in sunlight,
I can grow to any height.

All these things and many more,
I am a wave that greets the shore.
When I crash, I retreat,
I march to another beat.

I am part of all I hear and see,
They all make a home inside me.
When the moon is shining bright,
Darkness part, there is light.

I am but see what can be,
My hope is vast, like the sea.
I become a part of all I say,
Something no one can take away.

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The Fool

He always listened, hardly spoke a word
He heard everything but was hardly heard
Advice he never gave, counsel he never sought
“Good or bad, it`ll all soon pass”, he thought

All in one – newborn babe, man, woman, and child 
With eyes wide open, in his innocence he was wild
A gentle warrior animated by glorious grace
Life was a gift he`d gratefully, blindly embrace

Animated by a breath of heavenly heat and fire
He`d never tire to aspire higher and higher 
He was of the sun – and a son of heaven 
Hardships, strife, adversity were to him leaven

Head in the clouds, feet hardly touching the ground
Looking up, oblivious to the world around
When he ran out of ground he’d walk on air
Follow him you fools, if you dare

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The pond revisited

I visited the pond where I often go
As I sit at the edge there appears four ducks in a row
The first one looks like the navigator leading the way
The last duck is like me and takes another course today.

The last duck swims closer and begins to quack
It has no intentions of turning back
It seems content with the path it chose
He quacks again to let the other three know.

I pick up a rock a skip it across the pond
I watch all the ripples they don’t go beyond
They stay in the confines of the banks
I feel like the duck that has just broken ranks.

I start to see my life much like the pond
The ripples are like change they don’t go beyond
Somehow they find the outlet and then they are free
The change moves outward like the ripples inside me.

The sun start to set and it’s time to go
There’s so much in life I really don’t know
But the world around me continues to put on a show
I feel the change inside me flourish and ripples grow.

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Sunday Perspective

There is always something wrong,
(Complaints can form a long list)
Our brief life does not last long --
God's grace is a constant gift

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Wounding Words

words that pierce like a sharpened edge
the pen has no regret
old pain incessant we must dredge
if not forgive, forget?

but the power of a simple verse
overlooked by the creator
has made the past in present worse
and lesser pain now greater

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One More Day

As the days grow shorter I feel discontent,
I look at summer and wonder where it went.
I remember in the recent past when days were long,
Only to realize the summer is  now gone.

I still enjoy autumn with its chill in the air,
The skies are still blue and the weather quite fair.
Soon so many colors will be displayed in the trees,
I’m not quite ready for the impending winters freeze.

As I get older I see time does fly,
 I watch as the trees start to die.
 They explode in color in one last stance,
Seeming to invite me for one last dance.

Another summer’s gone the air start to chill,
I view all the beauty from on top of this hill.
I watch and listen but it all seems strange,
Summer becomes autumn Is this new change.

I remember this summer with days that don’t end,
All that I’ve met become those I befriend.
I’m not really sad but wish for more time,
But I can’t help but see the clock just unwind.

The world keeps spinning as this season shall come.
Still time is left for me to stand in the sun.
I’m thankful to greet just one more day,
I still hoped that summer wouldn’t be on its way.

As the chill grows I will wrap my coat around you. 
Together we shall cherish all we’ve been through.
I remember hope and how it helps me survive,
I want this one day and feel so alive.

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Little things, important things,
The things I really savor,
Are the things that often go un-noticed,
That give our life it's flavor.

I'm grateful for the little things.
The things I call my own.
The things I take for granted,
Like kith and kin and home.

A family to fill my life,
And friends to share whatever,
And sunny days and restful nights,
And bonds that can't be severed,

By trials that come and go with life,
Instead the bonds grow tighter,
When those who love you gather 'round,
To make your burden lighter;

For money isn't everything,
Sometimes it just brings trouble.
Your treasure chest should hold much more,
Than pretty, shiney, baubles.

Simple blessings are the best,
Each one a special treasure,
A gift that's given straight to you,
To savor at your leasure.

I'm thankful for the little things,
That money cannot buy,
For peace, and hope, and certainty,
In where my future lies.

For "GRATITUDE" contest

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I feel as though I've lost my way
my heads not in the game
unsure of where I go from here
or who and what's to blame

It settled on me like a weight
I feel a little smothered
not sure how I now escape
or if I'm even bothered

Maybe this is just a cloud
that in front the sun has past
that's left me standing in the dark
a night that seems to last

It's left me feeling empty
as though I've all but died
I fear there's nothing left to feel
that I've shriveled up inside

Maybe if I could change the past.....
but I can't rewind the clock
a soul without a heartbeat
is like a tick without a tock

June 2nd 2011

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The Space In-between

It's the space in-between
that gets me to thinking
My spirits do rise
and then get to sinking

My mind starts to wonder
and reality fades
thoughts now run riot
and won't do as they're bade!

Possibilities seem endless
an idyll to dream
then reality wakes up
and starts being mean!

I give into doubts
and feel myself sinking
for it's the space in-between
that gets me to thinking.

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15 Minutes Of Quatrain Fame Oxymoron

no matter how many
media are used
just a few will know
what's unique about you.

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I Am

I am but a simple man,
I try to do the best I can.
So many things get in my way,
I see the challenge of each day.

I am just a work undone,
I am a child of the sun.
As it shines, I grow strong,
I struggle, when it is gone.

Like a river that always flows,
When it rains, my pace grows.
I find peace at the sea.
It’s the place I long to be.

I am much like a flower,
Requiring food and a shower.
I grow taller in sunlight,
I can grow to any height.

All these things and many more,
I am a wave that greets the shore.
When I crash, I retreat,
I march to another beat.

I am part of all I hear and see,
They all make a home inside me.
When the moon is shining bright,
Darkness part, there is light.

I am but see what can be,
My hope is vast, like the sea.
I become a part of all I say,
Something no one can take away.

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If I could stand beside myself,
And see what others see,
And then look deep within my heart,
And guage it honestly,

I wonder how I'd see myself,
I wonder how I'd feel,
To meet the "Me" that others meet,
And feel the way they feel.

For New Or Old Poem Contest by John Freeman

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What Inspires Us

What really inspires us?
What do we write about?
Is it something inside us?
Desperate to get out…

Are the words all in there?
Just waiting for release
Do we need attention? 
Does it have to be a masterpiece?

Some find love inspires 
Others find inspiration in hate
Some find it in nature
Some think it is just fate.

There are some that know not why they write
There are others that wouldn’t want too 
To those that struggle sometimes
I say please do not worry, don’t be blue.

The words will come to you
And remember there’s no hurry
Just wait a while be patient
There is no reason to worry.

 You will suddenly find one day
That all your poetic abilities burst forth
Your pen will leave a smoke trail
And there will be no stopping you henceforth

So take your time relax
There is more to life than words
Don’t let them your brain tax
Cos that would be absurd.

 You have it in you to inspire others 
To place the paper under the pen
And when you read what you inspired
You will take up the pen again.

© 21/01/2013 ~GG~

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The Finer Things

The finer things you can always receive,
It not what you think but what you perceive.
The things you want can come to you,
If to yourself you always remain true.

The finer things I haven’t gotten yet.
The future unfolds with what you’ll get.
It shall be yours to have and behold,
The story still remains, to be told.

The finer things can happen to you.
Hold them close to your heart and be true.
They come in time though you may wait,
All you dream of can become your fate.

The finer things shall become all you see,
They become a part of both you and me.
They were there for you to discover,
They can be found in a friend or lover.

The finer things become what I long,
Though life seems like the same old song.
Cherish what you have and you may get,
The finer things have not happened yet.

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Recalling all the tribulations in our life
The constant struggles, pain, disappointment and strife
The battles too often lost and too seldom won
Always forgetting the places where we begun.

As we push, toil, tarry and try to carry on
Neglecting the foundation we have built upon
Forgetting the values of a human heart
Paths we have trodden to gain worlds apart.

Now our memories fade, as we grow old
So many stories to tell, which are never told
The past is but a gift that we forgot to give 
To lives we have touched as we strove to live.

In our final days, our souls long for home
Drifting refrains of a forgotten song
Of hearts entwined, in the worlds face we frown
Husha, Husha we all fall down.


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I Smile

The tables have turned
A new chapter in my book
I was giving up hope
But risked a second look

Strolling into my life
With speckled shoulders and toothy smile
Saves me from it all
Tells me holding on could be worthwhile

A raging, fast current
Leaves me head over heels
Changing souls into fire
Rather than rusting steel

In a look there was love
That had never been spoken
Mending and healing
The things that should never be broken

Life and love just keeps growing
And I’ve stopped biting my tongue
I’m collapsed in a heap of smiles
And I feel fresh air replete my lungs

My heart thumping felicity
Through my once hollow veins
Accepting all of life
And cleaning out the stains

Dancing on my toes
Eager for your lips
That have shown me what’s real
Replaced old life’s script

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Hope is

Hope is like a bird that soars in your soul
Without hope you never feel quite whole.
The soul withers and dies, growing cold
Hope sings a song that can never get old.

Hope is linked somewhat to faith
Providing security, a place that is safe.
Hope can be as vast and open  as the sky
Hope provides reason as the day passes by.

Hope is something that you can’t live without
Without it, you sink into the shadows of doubt.
Hopeless is a feeling when all is lost
Inner peace becomes the final cost.

Hope is something that we all need
It is like food for the soul to feed.
It can disappear as fast as it comes
Nobody can see when hope is undone.

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Complicated Simplicity

She’s fighting me all the way.
She won’t hear it.
It’s a definite detriment, 
to the spirit.

Perhaps it’s the way 
I’m presenting it,
She wastes our time,
just resenting it.

The Lord somehow
Has me in training,
and uses these heartaches,
for explaining.

“There, there now,
  My little fool,
  It’s so simple,
  My Golden Rule.”

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My Little Paradise

It's nestled in a mountain range  
and far from city lights
A place of gentle solitude…
my little paradise

Oasis from another life
where time slows down its pace
A haven from insanity…
the madness of the race

A simple place I now call home
surrounded by a stream
Moonbeams grace the sky at night
and laughter fills my dreams

The giant pine trees touch the sky
mountains topped with snow
The forest hides its treasure trove
at night the afterglow

I couldn’t ever ask for more
each day a new surprise
Another chance to distance me
from tragedy and lies

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Unholy Treasure

In cages, vaults, and treasure chests,
behind an oaken door well barred
lay pearls and diamonds, amethysts,
and once live things, which he had scared.

Oh yes, he loved them all to death
in cages, vaults and treasure chests
even those who had lost their breath
were mauled, caressed and had no rest.

Each doll-like corpse now sat as guest 
within the horror chamber's store
in cages, vaults and treasure chests
upon silk cushion on the floor.

One day he'd die and lie entombed  
draped with jewels without protest
in this vault where specters loomed
in cages, vaults and treasure chests.

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A Penny for your Thoughts

The dreams inside my heart are never ending.
I find some comfort in the people I’m befriending.
I look all around to find a solution.
 Maybe I’m just part of human evolution?

I think there is something locked inside the dream,
It just seems to flow, much like a rushing stream.
As the water passes by, I peek around the bend,
When I view before me, my heart begins to mend.

I can’t always wrap my mind around this,
Moments of despair, wrapped inside of bliss.
Sometimes they create balance inside of me,
Opening my eyes, so I am able to see.

Some  I get while some I don’t understand.
Sometimes like a stranger from a far off land.
I gather up the pieces, hoping they will fit.
 The answers are illusive on this bank I sit.

I watch as the water washes ashore,
I see in my heart I desire some more.
The ripples are like changes, sparkling with light,
 Reminds me of the stars that appear every night.

I think I see something through the corner of my eye,
Perhaps it is the life that simply passed me by?
 I seem to wonder often where the time just went,
 A penny for your thoughts, For I only have a cent.

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Nowhere Fast

It's hard to drive forward
Looking in the rear view mirror 
I'm driving really fast
To get away from here

When did my life become
A country song cliche
Should I pick up a guitar
To sing my blues away

If I had me a dog
It would leave me real soon
The Worlds driving me crazy
A perpetual full moon

Feelings of confusion
Several forks in the road
It's tough to keep going
Under a heavy load

That girl called to Jesus 
Asked him to take the wheel
I really do get it
It finally seems so real

No more looking backwards
I hum too a different beat
Life is a lot less stressful
I like the passenger seat

I know my destination
Will be where I need to go
I was going nowhere fast
Jesus says let's take it slow

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A Place on the Page

The words in my head fight for a place on the paper,
Meanwhile thoughts drift away much like vapor.
I’m quite uncertain which way it shall go,
I simply plant seeds and allow them to grow.

The words swirl around like water down a drain,
Looking for the connection between my heart and brain.
There are always connections with what I think and feel,
 As connections are made my soul begins to heal.

I wonder what it would be like to have no voice,
Surrounded by silence without any choice.
I hear all these voices but which do I follow?
Some ease my mind while others hard to swallow.

I sit to record all the words in my head,
As they join together I find a common thread.
The connection I find between what I feel and think,
Roll on to the page becoming my ink.

I imagine a world where I’m truly free,
I can write about all I feel and see.
No walls to contain just go with the flow,
My words reflect how my world does go.

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I like scents that speak to me,
Of home and hearth and love.
Scents that spell security,
To me are most beloved;

Like the smell of coffee in the morn,
Or fresh baked bread and scones;
Smells that pull at heart strings,
Whene'er your far from home.

I love the smell of crisp, clean air,
After a cleansing rain.
I love the smell of mountain air,
And the forests and the planes.

The flowers in my garden,
Where I spend such happy hours,
And the smell of a nice clean man,
Fresh from his morning shower.

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The Tea Drops

Just a little, maybe a few drops
In a cup that was once full
For you_tea just like you wanted_tops
But there is some left that was cull

Well at least once you thought 
That you really wanted it
Not like some of that you bought
Or acquired through other means__get

So is life filling of the cup
Drinking it up until almost empty
Left to be dumped not savored sup
A pity the last drops are the best of tea

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Can You

Can you stop the rain from falling
when it's just begun?
Can you snatch the moon away
or maybe take the sun?

Can you pluck the stars out
of the blackest night,
or can you take the dark away
and make yourself the light?

Can you reach your journeys end
before you've even started,
and can you put two hearts together
before they've even parted?

Brian Strand's 'any theme/form max 14 lines' contest
1st place

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Lack of perspective 
on a burdensome life
leaves us in pieces
near a sharpened, slick knife.

Smashing heads yet again,
to the wall I beat mine,
trying to break through
to our friendship in time.

My appearance lacks 
motivation and heart,
locked away in my mind,
I am falling apart.

I don't treat such a treasure
like one should be loved,
stopped giving time of day to 
my friend from above.

Care too much 
and stow it all away,
making it look like I don't care
whether you leave me or stay.

A painful gut feeling may 
nibble at my gray heart,
but I just fear the truth
and I don't know where to start.

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Drifting With The Current

the green river tumbles between step canyon walls
rock faces  broken with time's relentless stride
softened with muted colors and small pockets of life
nature  finding purchase that will not be denied

today it is my heart's desire to drift forever on the river
to be at one with the canyon and the solitude I find
carried by the current and lulled to peaceful ease
A time of peace for a tired and restless mind.......

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Light in Darkness

I lost myself in dense darkness Leading into a quagmire-like place My mind do have shrewdness But this time it's not the case Only fools lead owns self astray In the place of no light Where it's senseless to take flight Place's price you need to pay There is a place of light But why go to the night It shows we are foolish We make our own life hellish Indeed, most of the time we are idiotic But need not to be frantic Because by God light was created So that in darkness we can be guided

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A Deeper Understanding

When I was young the way ahead was clear,
The simple choices lay in front of me,
But easy street is such an empty one,
And I forgot the thrill of living free.

My heart must rue the blindness that held me,
The chances missed as I embraced my fear,
Those nightly dreams I thought could ne’er be mine
When walls of doubt denied all I held dear.

My eyes opened within a leap of faith,
And I stepped out of normality’s line,
I took a chance to live and be myself,
And there I saw my life could now be mine.

My heart may break into helpless despair
So it may know the wonder of a kiss,
To know love is to know bitterest pain
But love, wondrous love, makes life what it is. 

Form: Heroic Stanzas

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Nowhere else to go

I’ve been driven to my knees with nowhere else to go
I feel the winds of change as tides ebb and flow.
Still remains the dreams that reside in my heart,
I realize to begin I just have to start.

The winds of change are howling as the rain does fall, 
I n the concept of  time I seem rather small 
As I drift downwards there’s nowhere but up to go,
I just play my part inside this picture show.

Rivers stumble over stones in a journey to reach the sea, 
Still the winds of change are blowing inside of me.
I try to find a map to see if I’m on course,
I can’t see the destination I know it could be worse.

I know along the way I shall feel loss,
It all seems so random like a coin toss.
I think about that coin rolling back to you.
I just try my best, nothing else will do.

Inside all the turmoil, I discover truth,
Innocence has died with my days of youth.
It seems much like a dream as it fades away,
 All that I have lost seems to be upon display.

 I think about this story that the words do tell.
Lassie go get help, Timmy has fallen in the well.
When you give up trying parts of you begin to die,
 I  Think about the time, it always seems to fly..

I try to still remember I always have a voice, 
The journey develops with every single choice. 
The things that you choose become like life’s seeds
You might not get what you want but it fills the needs.

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White warriors battle in my blood and yours
Holy crusaders, a selfless, sacrificial corps
Sinister, malignant foes in red rivers quicken
Legions of paladins on the battlefield lay stricken

Now extend your scope, envision the whole globe
Behold this world wrapped in its rancid, rancorous robe 
Dungeons, asylums built for the wicked, and culpable
Disuniting one body into the judge and the untouchable

“If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”
This ancient, ancestral teaching we still cannot understand
Thousands of years have passed, the answer remains the same:
Nothing must be left in the shadows, forgotten, a victim of blame

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Yes, only love can break your heart,
 Take your world and tear it apart.
Best to be sure right from the start,
The sun shines as clouds do part.

I try to remember but then I forget,
So many dreams turn into regret.
I reach for something but I’m not there yet,
So much in life seems to ride on a bet.

The sun awakes and shines in my eyes,
With nowhere to hide I lose my disguise.
Love is not something that money can buy,
I watch to see another day pass by.

As time passes I just drift away,
I seem to get lost in things that you say.
I wish for change, perhaps it may,
I was hoping this time some could stay.
It starts to get hot as thoughts melt together,
I get lost in a dream filled with white heather.
They say there might be a change in the weather,
Still I drift away and float much like a feather.

I can’t forget how it was in the start,
Nothing could ever tear us apart.
Sometimes it was like some kind of fine art.
Only to realize that love can break your heart.

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Lost in the garden labyrinth
Distracted by concerns of time
While granite quickly turns to dust --
I forgot, none of this is mine

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Baseball Glitter

The sport of ball games is many each summer and each fall. 

Within the Major leagues, and the Minors are many whines. 

The events that are pitted causes Peewees to bawl. 

Excuses like pines and whines, and levying of fines. 

Steroidal abuse accusations prevalent are profuse! 

Is  pretty lady a man, is the handsome man a woman? 

Like  in cases of people’s races, gander chases goose. 

Is the ball player true or a steroid phenomenon. 

Albeit I accept the fate entering stadium gate. 

Was the coupling consensual or change conventional? 

Excitement permeates ball field as contentions dissipate. 

I believe in ball games, rising to fame consensual. 

Mickey Mantle at bat, an all time world ‘Switch hitter! 

Willie Mays ’The say kid Mays’ blessed his days by his phase. 

“Mighty Casey at Bat” illustrates proper glitter, 

as time switches mantle phase of Mickey and Say kid Mays!

For and in Honor of Debbie Guzzi
And Contest: Play Ball

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Rainbows and Raincoats

Rainbows and raincoats, 
Words locked in good quotes.
Hold back intention,
With little intervention.

Days without reason,
Rely on the season.
The world keeps on spinning,
If you’re losing or winning.

Night without dreams 
Nightmares with screams.
Darkness seems like forever,
As Fate floats like a feather.

Sunrise to sunsets
Thinking of lost bets.
Beginnings from ends,
My heart still mends.

The end and the start, 
Leaves scars on my heart.
M y soul too, needs mending,
As my mind is pretending.

Rainbows and raincoats,
Sweet songs with sour notes.
I lie awake in bed,
As this flows through my head.

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I held back when I could have gone forward 
Since I was a child I felt cornered and tortured
And every attempt to change was a bluff, since
On my hands and feet I put the heavy cuffs –
Because of fear

I said ‘yes’ many times when I could have said ‘no’
What my life would have been like I will never know
I remained seated when I could have stood up
I willingly lapped up the poison oozing from my death cup –
Because of fear

I went left when I should have gone right, and 
I shut my eyes when they should have been open wide
I smiled silently when I should have cried, and although 
I have not met my death yet, many times I died –
Because of fear

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Clawing at my Grief

 Too late 
you push into my sphere
to breach my secret lair,
how dare you seek and find me here
within this raptured air!

  Be gone 
before I swallow down
the essence of your shape.
Your ups and downs,
your sight and sound,
and at your neck the nape.

  A tender sample of a soul
too empty to explain,
I shall not venture to extol,
my agony and pain.

  Not every monster has a heart
though you will not believe,

I was a monster from the start
your love will not relieve

the darkness waiting to consume
your light  just like a thief ,

now leave me gnashing
on my doom,
and clawing at my grief.

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What If

no-one would ever imagine that she,
the old woman sitting quietly alone
drinking her morning cup of coffee,
had anything for which to atone..

yet , like so many others you know,
she has a secret or two tucked away..
words spoken in haste, more than one lie,
now in her memories, they come to play..

I am one with that quiet gray head,
thinking of the changes I'd make..
if only I  could go back in time
and undo just one great mistake..

I chose a path because it was easy,
Instead of  a more difficult way..
thinking now of "what might have been"
knowing that dream was of another day...

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One More Try

I haven’t always done the best I can do.
I see where I am and what I’ve been through.
The sun sinks low like it bows to the sky,
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

Darkness surrounds, still I try to see.
Illuminating stars spark all I can be.
When I want to dream, I look to the sky.
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

Memories haunt like ghosts in my head.
I just can’t forget the things that were said.
I watch the moon rise, I dream I can fly.
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

I lay my down in bed in need of some sleep.
I just close my eyes and count some sheep.
My mind wonders as my heart asks why?
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

I awaken and light fills my eyes.
As the sun chases the moon from the sky.
It’s a new day, I hear angels sigh,
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

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He	“Never say I can't?” 

     	She	“Why  not meet defeat
     		admit you're seldom right.
     		Saying you CAN is vanity
    		and looking for a fight.”

He	“Don't look back on failure ...?”

 	She	“Dwell on failure is what I say;
 		thank failure with a smile!
 		A learning tool is what it is
 		to shorten your next mile.”

He	“Good results are scant.”

     	She	“Oh goodness, where are you looking?
     		You breathe the air where roses bloom
    		and eat your wife's fine cooking.
     		Taste the gift of life; don't focus on doom.”

He	“But, praise is less than complaint!”

 	She	“Enjoy the ACTION she says, not the praise!'
 		You decide, what you value
 		and all the judgments you raise.
 		Your worth of self is what you should pursue.”

He	“Embrace the TRUTH with stoic composure.”

     	She	“The truth...which truth is that?
     		Laugh, I say, in the face of those
    		who would oppose you, tip your hat.
     		Revelations come to those who grow!”

He	“Be rawhide tough and BULLDOG mean.”

 	She	“Oh God, what men don't do?
 		Be sweet, be soft be kind I say
                           and like will return to you
 		for your soul you've not betrayed.”

He 	“Defeat has no place in our repertoire ”

She	“It's not defeat to wish upon a star.”

©  Jan 2012 	Charles Henderson

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The Quest

The Quest

I've come back home a different man
so many years have past
Ambition lured me far from home
and dreams they didn’t last

When I left home I never knew
what life was all about
The quest to find my niche in life…
assumed it’d all work out 

My path to glory found dead ends
I struggled for so long
Another face inside the crowd
How did it all go wrong?

In time old memories spoke to me
when I was all alone
And in the end a still small voice
said Son, you should go home

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Forgotten Valentines

I went through the attic , and there I found
Stacks of valentines, just laying around
Some of them received, when I was a child
Days of innocence, before I was wild

Then I found one from when I was a teen
When we broke up, I was so very mean
As I read her card,  I'm left feeling bad
Thinking about it now makes me so sad

Everything seemed like a promise of love
Spirits soaring on wings from high above
Still here they sit alone in this pile
Heart shaped gifts, forgotten after a while

What of the other cards, I threw away
All my lost Valentines, from former days
Hearts that were broken, including my own
That day is difficult when you're alone

Practice makes perfect, true love in the end
Forgotten Valentines, were just pretend
Now I know a love, that is made to last
My old Valentines, belong in the past

The Forgotten Valentine Contest
Written February 1st on my Wife's Birthday.
She is so amazing that all our Valentines
are unforgettable.

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Coursing through my veins
Infecting my brain
Drives me insane

I'm feindin' for those uppers
I'm feindin' to get down
I need to feel that ecstasy
That overwhelming sound

I'm cravin' me some instant death
I'm asking to raise hell
I hear my familiar shallow breath
That comfy, cushioned cell

I need to feel my insides out
I need to taste the pills
I feel the love and that's no doubt
That wretched, lovely taste that kills

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What Inheritance ?

Like a granny dressed in a shawl
With flannel gown washed thin as lace
Were the clouds on this July morn_curtain call
To the human race by expression on face

Sad they were from seeing the human race
As humans are raping the land, sea, and plundering
Space, leaving exhaust all over the place
For future generations who inherit the blundering

Garbage mountains, oily seas, dead birds, filthy beach
With just a little thought and care from people 
This sphere could be renewed and saved __a peach
A peach of a place to leave preserved green ample

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Sometimes when things begin to close in,
I'd like to sit down and chill out,
Find someplace to just get away,
And refigure what life's all about.

Sometimes it seems life's too full of demands,
My talents are spread way too thin.
There aren't enough hours to be found found in one day,
My duties begin but don't end.

Life cannot be just all work and no play,
Our youth is gone way too soon.
Think I'll start chilln' out before it's too late,
Learn to sing me a brand new tune.

It's good to know duty and good to know fun,
And when each begins and when ends.
One must learn life is filled with both duty and fun.
Learn to organize so it all blends.

                                                            Judy Ball

If you burn the candle at both ends you run out of candle too fast.

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Envy Of Other People

Obsessed with other’s wallets,
how much they have or earn,
how they manage to live as they do
or how they have money to burn.

How they can ‘afford’ to do this and that,
‘A new car I see on the drive’,
‘Yet another holiday’
and ‘More gadgets to arrive!’

‘They have more coming in than we do’
or else ‘They’re all in debt!’
Who cares what others have
or how much they seem to get.

Stop fretting about the neighbors,
how it compares to what you do.
I sense a little envy
that they have more than you!

They may be living in luxury
but be feeling rather sad,
they may have every gadget
but home life may be bad.

Why compare with other people
or envy them their ‘things’?
You can’t see what it cost them
or the heartache that it brings.

So work at being happy,
focus on family too,
keep your outlook sunny
and others will envy you!

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My Bedroom

The door of my bedroom is closed
Sunlight filters in through the curtain
I quietly lie down in bed
In this my sweet little haven

My cozy warm bedroom is safe
I feel my soul is truly free
No one dares to harm me in here
The whole world can just let me be

I pull up the covers real tight
As I hug close my teddy bear
I revert to being a child
A child with no worry or care

My eyes wonder around the room
But focus on a memory 
My rapid breathing evens out
As I relive sweet history

The people outside of my room
Leave me filled with stifling fear
I am left confused and unsure
As I brush away a stray tear

I’ve forgotten how to mingle
Socializing just gives me stress
Whatever I may say or do
Leaves me an emotional mess

Yet here in my room I am free
To converse with great eloquence
I talk to me, myself, and I
With such amazing confidence

I simply write and write and write
I resolve to love, laugh and live
I have not a single worry
About what I should do or give

Do you think that I’m a recluse?
A modern day hermit, you say?
It could be, but this I do know
I’m having a wonderful day!

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What You'll Get In The end

I remember when life seems so easy,
Care free moments, just sunny and breezy.
Now there is not enough hours in a day,
Often I find myself having little to say.

I work so much I forget how to live,
There seems no reward for all that I give.
I always remember there shall be more hope,
Giving me purpose and all the tools to cope.

The days get longer and nights are worse.
I seek happiness and look for a source.
I always believe it can be better than this,
As the sky glows orange it fills me with bliss.

`I search for peace when none can be found,
I listen closely to each and every sound.
So much happens and slowly fades away,
I seem to get lost in those shades of gray.

I think to myself I need to see all I get,
Just because it’s not here it may be yet.
I look to the horizon as the sun goes down low,
I see so many things just to watch them all go.

Still this is better than nothing at all,
They say the descent is worse than the fall.
I want something more so I try once again,
You will never know what you’ll get in the end.

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My mortality is speaking
Breaking words over my bed
A cracked ceiling for comfort
Speckled reflections unsaid

My mortality is speaking
Undaunted and unknown
Days numbered for posterity 
Chiseled into nameless stone

My mortality is speaking
Conspicuously confined
Patiently plodding
Stalking a paralyzed mind

My mortality is speaking
Breaking silence with death
Blinking in affirmation
This is my last breath

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A maniac drummer
Beats through the chest
A rhythm unheard of
With which I’ve been blessed

Shots of adrenaline
Tickle the brain
Our one more chance
To go completely insane

The mind going numb
In the madness of night
In the midst of it all
There’s love at first sight

A dark, tempting flower
Blossoms black in the nox
No attention is paid
To the tock of the clock

Newborn ideas
Sprout from minds of the mad
Betwixt insane and sensible
Doors between the good and the bad

Soul and mind are demented
Inhibitions are shed
Brainsick and unhinged
Real life is dead

Impractical imprints
Unbalanced and sick
Infatuated with pain
As this time bomb ticks…

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The Dreamer

                                                                     The Dreamer

                                                  The dreamer sees a different world
                                                  Than either you or I.
                                                  He sees the other side of things,
                                                  And sometimes he wonders why.

                                                  The mind that he is given,
                                                  He will use it well.
                                                  He dreams about how things could be,
                                                  And from his dreams only he can tell.

                                                  He sees a world so different
                                                  That world that comes to him
                                                  For his dreams are his alone
                                                  Since he is lost in them.

                                                  In some ways he transcends this world
                                                  And leaves this world behind
                                                  For when he dreams he’s gone from here
                                                  Which is common in the dreamer’s mind.

                                                  He sees a world of beauty
                                                  When at times this life is tough,
                                                  And even when his eyes are closed,
                                                  His thoughts are clear enough.

                                                  Sometimes though the time will come
                                                  When he sees the other side.
                                                  He sees the dark side of this life,
                                                  And this darkness he can’t hide.

                                                  Oh those dreams that are a dreamer’s,
                                                  Those dreams in life I see
                                                  For I'm the one who is that dreamer
                                                  Who dreams continually.

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I Without Love 2K12

I'd pitifully be of loves absence.
No hugs warmth, and soft kisses awaits naught.
Walking about endless paths of nonsense.
Seeking therein a world wherefrom time waits not.

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restless heart in need of flight
the time is drawing near
future bliss within his sight
in the present lives his fear

what he has and what he needs
inhabit different pages
conscience shamed by guilty deeds
such sin has costly wages

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clickin' it

I'm on a roll, I just can't help myself
there's ads to the left 'n' ads to the right
there's ladies cooing "buy it" for health
I'm filling my cart with goods of delight

There's clothing in a myriad of colors
there's electronics for cars and for home
clicked a half-dozen and two for my brother
and got some software from Adobe to Chrome

I've ordered a Strad - a Steinway too,
'n' gettin a Picasso 'n' givin' it to you
they advertised a sale on NY bridges
'n' the Congressional library, unabridged

I'm tempted to click on it all you know
I love crossin' 'n' readin' 'n' spendin' dough
buyin' online just rocks my emotion 'n'
free shipping's included when buying an ocean

A new car, a new wife, maybe a new kid too!
I'm clickin' hard and shoppin' for life!
that hollowed out feeling I used to feel brew
is all but gone now and I'm cheerfully blithe

don't know if they know it but I'm buyin' their greed
I'm buyin' their lives 'cause I'm fillin' their need
they always seem happy when I get my confirmation
if it'd keep 'em happy, hell, I'd buy the damn nation

it's not that I need it, or can use it, or anything
I'm just clickin' it for the happiness it brings!

© Goode Guy 2013-08-22

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Scarlet Letters

She wore the scarlet letter
On her chest for all to see
She was a fallen woman
Accused of adultery
She wore that cursed letter
Emblazoned there on her chest
It proved to the world around
She was less than all the rest
In her arms she held her child
The sweet fruit of her disgrace
A product of her passion
Spoilt, but with an angel face
He kept safe in the shadows
A tortured tormented soul
He longed to be united...
To be with them and be whole
She looked down when she passed him
Their secret buried inside
For he was the town’s young priest
To no one could she confide
That letter stood to witness
It convicted her of shame
She was a sordid woman
SHE was to carry the blame
We all have scarlet letters
Unseen to the human eye
If not an A, some other
To deny this is a lie
We all are fallen sinners
Yet unwilling to confess
We act holy and righteous
Our hearts are a wretched mess
Lust, gluttony and envy
Greed, violence, hate and more
Are safely all tucked away
They hide behind the closed door
You may think you are sinless
Others your guilt may not see
Yet a voice in you whispers...
"That scarlet woman is me!"
God sees the scarlet letters
That mark each and every one
He covers us with His robe
The righteousness of His SON
So do not feel dejected
Nor hang your head in disgrace
He sees and loves each sinner
Let His grace light up your face.

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Nocturnal Hell

Darkness falls like acid rain
upon my sleepless eyes.
A deeply burning visceral pain,
the torment that denies

my soul of rest that cannot be,
too much stirs deep within.
And what's plain to all I cannot see,
despite such papyraceous skin.

The body screams for sweet relief,
but the mind just has to purge
dark thoughts and verse beyond belief.
From cryptic neurons they emerge.

So slumber waits another day
that quickly fades to night.
There's no amount I wouldn't pay
to be awakened by morning's light.

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My Rock

My ancient gray rock sits with its foot in the river
My hands grab for purchase as I climb up its face
Settling on top to watch the day unfold once more
See the sun gently put its kiss on this special place

All quiet except for the songs that are sung here
The riffle whispering and welcoming me back
Seeming to wonder why my throne has been empty
And my youthful need to follow the urban track

Forever this is the place that at times I need to be
Alone with the river and our shared history
The rhythm of the water on its way to the sea
In my life and time there is no sweeter mystery

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the predator's delight

In you can be seen the predator's delight
Enjoying the fear in your prey's eyes,
Setting to unleash your savage might
As the helpless before you lies,
No chance is there for captivity nor flight,
For mercy with your heart has no ties.

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Daily Despair

another day seeps down the drain,
I cannot find the leak.
what am I if not insane?
my thoughts too dark to speak.

the daily flogging of my spirit
is more than most could bear.
my fate reveals that I should fear it,
yet it's jaws cannot ensnare

my mind and will are still my own,
despite the efforts of big brother.
the path less traveled I'll take alone
only to find there are always others

who dare traverse the same dark trail
and challenge the righteous rank
whose morality is a living hell
for those who choose to think.

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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My Intuition

My intuition is my guide
In matters of the heart
I sense who loves whom
Whose love is off the charts!

It always amazes me
How I seem the first to know
What others try to hide
For me is just a show

So, here is this little rhyme
To put your heart at ease
I am not a rival, dear
I only like to tease

I’m just quite expressive
I give joy with what I say 
But I mind my own business
I’m a good girl, all the way

My intuition is a gift
I’m mostly on the money
If this time I’m proven wrong
Then do forgive me, honey!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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My Soft Heart

Hard to look at yourself objectively
So very average in so many ways
But perhaps my heart is where I shine
A soft and loving image to portray

With empathy, my tears quickly come
Worrying about creatures big and small
Always willing to help whenever I can
Trying to help others when they fall

If I could I would change some things
A more beautiful face that might beguile
But I would never change my soft heart
Or my ability to make someone smile.......

For Kristen's contest

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It's okay to pray;
Do so everyday.
Believe in what you say,
And your life will be changed.

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Lone and proud, soaring up high
Looking at you I understand why
You stay away and never come down
Why you`re a king without a crown

Made not to hold or to be held gently 
Your look and touch are sharp, unfriendly
On earth you cause death, hurt and damage
But that`s how, to your maker, you pay homage

Your nature you can`t possibly deny
Every attempt made is hopeless, futile
You are avoided, feared, or even hated
Curious sentiments by ignorance created

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Fright of The Living Dead 2K12

O Tony, wherefore dost thou feel out of sorts? Existing so - tho' not soothly living. Haps thou art the living dead which resorts Into its cold chamber ne'er living.

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Upside Down Town

The ups and downs
of an upside down town.
Evil smiles, silent frowns
every way you turn around.

Sickening suspicions,
psychic visions,
children having premonitions
on a mission.

Here to heal,
here to steal,
to show the world how to feel.
No more cutting deals.

Sent to the world
a baby girl,
but she will unfurl
to change the world...

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I love the night from dusk 'til dawn, 
It's the only time to carry on 
with thoughts and dreams still unachieved, 
my whole life plan at night conceived. 

No light's distractions, no buzz of sound, 
my conscious clears while ideas abound. 
Sleep does not come for me with ease, 
Time hypnotic is knowledge less seized. 

What is it that makes me insightful those hours? 
Is a great truth revealed by some higher power? 
I think fate is set when the mind is most clear 
of petty thoughts which by night disappear. 

But as the hours count down to day's early light, 
some find it ironic to be enlightened at night. 
Yet I find strength to arise and start the dead day, 
knowing that night is not far away!

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What words can become

Words become a bridge between two hearts.
Connecting two complete but different parts.
The words we do say record who we are.
They bridge the space to a place that was far.

Words join together to create a point of view.
Becoming the history of all we’ve been through.
When put together the meaning is revealed.
Words become hope so our fate isn’t sealed.

I write many things that appear as just words.
Together they become a melody like notes to birds.
Each one seems to have its own special place.
The sentence becomes the words saving grace.

I look all around to see how things connect.
I look for the cause and then see the effect.
I think without words what the world would be .
How could we describe all the beauty we see?

Words become the paint to create this vision.
Sometimes they collide the sentence is the collision.
They seem to tell this story of what life’s about.
They become light in the shadows of doubt.

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Poverties Face

There are all kinds of poverty
and no sin in being poor
yet, beauty in its truest form
always will endure.

Disparity has its price to pay
when greed becomes the lure.
How we handle lucre, it seems,
tells others who we are.

There’s poverty in China
and capitalism too,
yet, the desire to level the field
brings other factors in view.

They’ve seen the value
in selling culture, history
to world hungry for beauty
which disdains disparity.

The desire to care for the many
not cater to the few,
brings different kinds of order
still, poverties there too!

Nepal the Yin of planet Earth
where inward voices grow
has its own desperation
and rebellions to forego.

Individual beauty of spirit
was strongest here
they stepped inside, aside...
when discord did appear. 

Egypt has it marvels 
of man and Gods galore
but in the space of mosque light
truest beauty found its lure.

The face of child of mother
the straight-backed prowess of men
the coal black eyes of hunger
the starving animals in pens.

NO culture can climb the precipice
to sucess, all are destined to fall
as long as some have everything
and most have nothing at all.

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Complacent Conformity

Hollow hearts and empty minds
frozen as we turn.
Terror lies in what one finds
if he dare attempts to learn.
Another road is often best,
though traversed the very least.
And the tide of ignorance never crests,
but thrives on knowledge ceased.
To a rocky death with the herd,
you'll succumb to the insanity.
Just remember now my final word:
surrender destroys humanity.

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Hearts and Thoughts

Hearts and thoughts just fade away,
Trapped inside memories I wish could stay.
My minds wanders as my feet roam,
Searching for the place that I once called home.

My lips move as I try to speak,
Today lingers and feels like a week.
I listen yet no words are spoken,
Nothing returns to this heart that’s broken.

I just want to see a smile and say hello.
I see that it’s impossible and have to go.
I remember all that I used to know,
The seeds I have planted shall they ever grow?

I seem to get lost inside decisions made,
Hearts and thoughts still fade away.
I see what I have and what is lost
I just see another opportunity tossed.

I feel so tired as I lose some fight,
As I return to the dark of the night.
The stars and moon provide some light,
Hearts and thoughts fade out of sight.

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kidding ourselves

it's illegal now to be a kid
no matter what, once, was did
no longer allowed, they now forbid
put a sock in it, slam down the lid

there was a time, that many know
when it wasn't so
and kids romped wildly, to and fro
from yard to wood to overflow

across the day, squealing joy
the privilege of the hoi polloi
no silvered girls or golden boys 
everyone was the real McCoy

and played innocent because they were
devious played plans did not occur
because life was all a sharpened blur
of play day friends in all grandeur

now, many lament of days gone by
when innocence was a feast whereby
kids grew flying clear-blue sky
to adults who can't see eye to eye

in fact those times - they still are
no adieu uttered - no au revoir 
no quench of light from brightened star
childhood's about being a kid, so far 

so kids are kids the whole world over
L.A. to Bahrain to country farms all over
they can see a day, fresh with sweet clover
to roll in, an' play on, an' lose their composure

kids don't have to remember that life's fun
they naturally want to summersault and run
it's been that way since time had begun
and will always be, 'til all time, is all done

© Goode Guy 2013-04-15

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Newfound Insecurity

Uncertain times open new doors
Revealing hope in the distance
Will anything come in all this
Questions I ask in each instance

Revealing hope in the distance
On the horizon not close yet
Will the journey be very long
A question that inspires regret

Will anything come in all this
With time comes a certain doubt
But the hope hasn’t died today
One day surely we will find out

Questions I ask in each instance
Seeing things in new light today
A belief that I must now cling to
Love isn’t a game that we play

By Wayland Bunch II   8/24/13
This fits the form of the quatrain but is actually a Retourne. Another one of these French forms that I like. Similar to the quatern in that each line is 8 syllables and is composed of four stanzas. After the first stanza the first line of the second stanza is the second line of the first stanza repeated, the first line of the third stanza is the third line of the first stanza, repeated, and finally the first line of the fourth stanza is the fourth line of the first stanza. There is no restriction on rhyme, but that's no fun, that's technically why I can call this a quatrain. So the form would be


S2L1 is S1L2 repeated

S3L1 is S1L3 repeated

S4L1 is S1L4 repeated

No rhyme scheme required, just remember all lines are eight syllables

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Between Me and My Mirror


Mirror, mirror, your answer please
sound it with your kindest voice.
     I deal, dear Face, with expertise;
     ask, I fear you’ll not rejoice.

Mirror, are there gray hairs dancing 
there among my blackest blacks?
     Face, I see your foes advancing
     waving little silver plaques 

     in boldest print and voices loud:
     "Gray hairs never, ever quit."
     "Gray is stylish; gray can be proud."
     "Lie not, dye not, give, submit."

Mirror, mirror, your answer please
what are my alternatives?
     Face, your gray is not a disease
     cease, desist preventatives.

     Glaring roots and ghastly color
     leave you sickened with regret
     Let gray come, life could be duller
     thank the Lord, you're not bald, yet.


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As I Wander Down the Highway

I'm lookin' to be in the right place,
But I'm walking in the wrong direction,
I'm lookin' for a smiling face,
But all I'm finding is my own reflection

I'm lookin' for someone to hold me tight,
But I'm wand'rin' through a sea of cold shoulders,
I'm asking for this tunnel to end in light,
But I feel like I'm just gettin' older

I'm lookin' for somethin' that makes me smile,
But all I find on my face is a disappointed frown,
I'm thinkin' that all this waitin' better be worthwhile,
But I just keep gettin' pushed on the ground

I'm startin' to give up hope,
But something reminds me to keep moving,
I'm starting to throw out the mope,
And I trade it so I can start improving

I was lookin' to be in the right place,
And I found out right where I belong,
It's right here, staring at your face,
In your arms where nothing can go wrong

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   I guess you could call me a silly guy
   For humor is how I get through the day.
   I love telling stories, writing poetry, and romance
   Each in its own separate way.

   I could be called a "Hopeless Romantic"
   As I have always been sentimental inside.
   I learned that feeling growing up
   Watching my parents, and their worlds collide.

   I knew my Dad better than anyone...I think
   He and I worked together for some time you see.
   And when he died at an early age
   Everyone seemed to be in tears but me.

   Of the six kids in our family growing up
   I had a brother named Ron that I was closest to.
   He had a sense of humor and devotion to his family
   And he would always find strange things for us to do.

   We loved driving around in his old MG
   When it worked it could do no wrong.
   He took me for rides I'll never forget
   To teach me his favorite Irish drinking songs.

   His death really put me on the writer's path
   As I eulogized him with "Remembering Ron".
   But afterward I could not stop the words from coming out
   As if a spigot had deliberately been turned on.

   So I have written poetry, stories, and a few songs too
   I'd like to publish something some day.
   Getting to read and write here on the Soup
   Pehrhaps, I will finally find the way.

   I believe in the goodness of man's inner soul
   And that God intended for us to be happy here.
   The love of Wife, Child, and Family
   Just make me want to stand and cheer!

   I'd like to see us not have wars
   Or even have cross words with others we meet.
   Sometimes I plead my case in the words that I write
   And sometimes, the proverbial "Dead Horse" do I beat.

   I look at history as a great learning tool
   For I've studied Antropology in college you see.
   And all the past comes into the present time
   At least, it does for me.

   So I will write works about historical things
   As much as I write about family, love, emotions, and silliness too.
   Just so others can get some insight into me
   And perhaps their own lives as they should do.

      I don't know who will read my work
   Or if they benefit at all from the things I say.
   I only know that this passion to write
   Is one that is here to stay.

   Some people think I'm kind of grumpy
   I guess that is also true.
   But the words I write fill that void inside me
   This is but one more poem...for you.

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What of Myself

What of myself can I make an account
Less severe than of others who despise?
To what character now do I amount
Generous,selfish,foolish or the wise?

Self the truth can never see too clearly
When of self,by the self,the test is made.
Who is there of men that can judge fairly
Without too much of love and hate displayed?

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Me In The Third Person

Strangest thought just entered my head What if I critiqued my own poems D'ya think I'd really be tough on myself Or would you detect a slight bias tone Using the criteria of accepted norms I'd be down at the bottom, no bones But for humorous verse and originality Call me Oliver Wendell Holmes First I followed time honoured patterns Of poets that have gone on before But that's not what makes a poet of note Originality is what raises his score So go ahead and break all the rules That have been in place forever Develop your style of creative writing And be proud of your endeavour (My apologies to Oliver Wendell Holmes!) © Jack Ellison 2013

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Orphan part II

At last I pulled away from her,
As she still sat gawkily on my bed.
She caught my arm as I tried to evade
The wanton hurt of the unsaid. 

"I care little for your person," she muttered, indifferently,
"I care even less for the sea."
"I came back just to ensure how unhappy
I knew you’d always be."

My hands soon found her neck,
And squeezed the blue out from her eyes.
She didn’t bother to resist;
So calm she was, so unsurprised. 

Then I took her upon my shoulder,
And rode her out into the bay.
To bury that temptress Siren,
Before she led me astray.

Her eyes flicked open as she sunk downward,
And she watched me, like sentient debris.
And mouthed, "I’ll be back again, you know—
When you think at last you’re free."

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The Enemy Within 2K12

Yea - therein belies mine enemy, such sot; Countless battles - tho' not the war lost. A moth seeking light - a man's deepened thought. Unlike beer - hearts weren't meant to lie in frost.

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It's not my cross to bear

I realize today it’s not my cross to bear.
I feel at odds with myself because I still care.
Some battles you win while others you lose.
You have to be careful which side you choose.

I look to see the world spiraling downward.
I try to look up and move myself forward.
I know I can do more with only a chance,
Things appear different upon second glance.

It’s getting harder to see wrong from right.
Light does appear from the darkest of nights.
People are led around like flocks of sheep.
The still water is getting way too deep.

We fight terror with terror becoming all fear.
We brace ourselves for the end that looks near.
Maybe we should try a little different course,
The way things are going they only get worse.

I remember a time when life was simple.
The wind hits the pond creating a ripple.
The ripples are change that can go beyond.
Time to revise before everything’s gone.

The sun comes up it’s a brand new day.
We all need to learn to mean what we say.
Freedom shall wither and simply go away,
My only wish is for freedom to stay.

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Glorious Sunrises Stored

My flashlight has both hi and lo
So I can run, walk, or go slow
Up hill in the sun__down in dark soon
Go downward aided by the moon

For the moon will shine full tonight
But there may be clouds to dull light
On top of hill see world below
Give up its soft early night glow

I'll stay with flashlight in hand glad
For solitude, stillness, note pad
Writing life's events that make sad
Just very short while I will stay

For I will have to rest to face
Day, if the Lord allows the grace
Of being on earth short while more
To receive blessings that are stored

Those blessings that are stored away
Blessings that are packaged for me
If I ask, I shall receive more
Like  glorious sunrises in store

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My Apologies

Sharing cold kisses
and another numb f***
I don’t want a future, dear
I guess you’re out of luck

Where there used to be electricity
all there is is stale breath
So touch my darkened heart goodbye
I’m sorry we part before death

Love should never be a chore
I care, but like you’re a brother
And incest isn’t really my thing
So you’ll have to love another

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Foul Weather

People scramble to run in doors
When the rain starts to pour down;
I splash my feet in the middle of the street
Like a demented dancing clown.

People sit in their church and pray
Asking for a better day;
I skip on by and wonder why
They waste their time that way.

The world is beautiful and wonderful if
You allow yourself to see it that way;
I think it’s a curse to look at the worse
And live your life afraid.

Praying to God, it might help
But I think helping each other is better;
And to do that, you know it’s a fact
You have to get out in foul weather.

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My Mission

Made a lot of questionable moves But in spite of all my impurities Ageing lines on my time weathered face Are a testament to my maturity The years have taken their toll of course Walk slightly bent over with a shuffle But my mind's still active and sharp as a tack Never mind I'm sometimes kerfuffled Still look at life with a twinkle in my eye Happy tunes dance 'round in my soul It's not about who's got the biggest toys Creating the most smiles is my goal I can honestly say my mission's complete By the comments of friends on PS As a jester I promise to lighten your heart Be assured I'll give it my best © Jack Ellison 2012

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A Reflection

Seeing your reflection, no beauty except for yours,
Looking at a mirror, imagination in uproars.
Silence ever after, no melody has it,
So monotone, lacking creativity and wit.

You cannot look at a window, only through,
For a window has a ideas and knowledge to rescue
Windows let thoughts escape your mind and soar
A window is always open even if it is closed for ever more.

A mirror shows you no life, melody or soul,
A window explains things in a hidden way that's whole
A mirror cannot lie, though it tells so many deceptions
While a window is real and not a trick of perception. 

To see the present, this bland reality 
Or to see the future, what could be
To look and see those "what ifs" come true
That's the difference between a mirror and you

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Face in the mirror

The face in the mirror looks right at me
A dainty forgery I ain't acquianted with
Complete with a counterfeit smile
Perfect deception has found its niche'...

Eyes they say can never lie
Don't remember the last time they didn't
A dandy accomplice to my facial couture
Marked by a slick evasive glint...

The idyllic countenance...the devil-may-care
The proud alibis of my embrace with deceit
Being me isn't good enough...being true isn't safe
Ironical but true...feigning indeed is a feat...

The face in the mirror gloats my success
Blending perfectly in this masquerade of delight
With a silent promise to keep me afloat
A definite assurance to conceal my plight...

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Think I'll dress in my one suit,
silk shirt and handkerchief,
pop in a breath mint 
and shine up my shoes;

make that impression,
look good for the ladies,
with cash in my hand
what have I got to lose?

Yet I wish I felt better,
more up to the task,
my suit's sure been neater,
my shirt has a stain;

you don't notice it, though,
when I'm wearing my jacket
and the hole in my pocket?
I'm not one to be vain.

But there's no one to impress
for I'm the only one I'll see,
I'll roll on some deodorant
so I'll smell good for me.

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I stood before truth
Unsure of what to say
Shadowed by life’s absence
The martyred words of May
Why didn’t we speak
If only to taste a spring day
To rejoice in a warm glimpse
Of winter’s interrupted fray
I still have the pictures
Framed by years of neglect
Too dusty to fondly recall
Too painful to reflect
I only wished to hold you
To bask in your pride
To hear my name spoken
As if truth never lied
I stood before him
Knowing this was the end
That my father had left me
And I wasn’t even his friend

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Best And Beast

Oh, to be the victim of the conflict you create in me,
Internal opposition from the masterful dichotomy, 
You beautiful confusion, you're the cause of chaos constantly,
And I rely on your command: you're both the best and beast in me.

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Free falling,
your ex is calling
You’re just stalling,
watch life falling.

Life is magnetic,
love turns kinetic
Her chest is synthetic,
her body magnetic.

Drugs help you smile
life’s not really worthwhile
Breathing’s out of style
on your face is death’s smile.

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Faith in Myth

Apollo! Lead us into the fiery center of the sun
As the full moon offers a beacon in the night
We march into the blaze and burn as one
Or surrounded by darkness, the moon removes plight

Apollo! Do not forsake us, we of faith, let light shine
Save us from the darkness that plagues the soul
Ever devouring the darkness takes us; your inferno burns sublime
O' come great light, lest we are left black as coal

Do we plead in vain, do you see our suffering?
Are we alone, bleeding husks, answering for original sin?
Please immerse us in flame, stop black eternal smothering
Please illuminate the path, light the way to pursue within

The pantheon echoes our greatest fears
The Gods reflect our endless doubt
Belief of the above foils the darkness that lurks near
Or so we believe, we believe we're better with than without

The sky above, the dreams within, complete our mortal frame
The fears we face, the hope we share, we're all to blame

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My Privilege

The bassinets in line before the window… Little packages of hope for the human race, Through the glass the reflection of love.. The ever-hopeful cycle of man taking place. Every little face beloved by eyes that see The babe, the child, the promise of the young. The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.. Each of these children a precious song to be sung. To watchful eyes the daily scene unfolds, To the nurse the proud privilege of the day. To care for new life with love and faith.. And safely send each one on its life’s way.
Barbara Gorelick-It was my privilege to work in the nursery for over 20 yrs. The best job I ever loved

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Ready For Change 2K13

He whom dwells therein that bottle is I.
An entire teen-hood just squandered away.
A foolish sot throughout my twenties; Aye!
Inching thirty, I'm found longing change's day.

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if ever i grow despondent

if ever i grow despondent
about this, that or the other thing
i simply cast my thoughts to the millions
to whom it seems i live as a king! @

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Did any man ever take the time to tell you what to expect?
Did any man ever threaten you with natural born neglect?
Did any man ever provide the diamonds and gems you should own?
And did he ever threaten to leave you languishing in a sea of tears all alone?

If a man ever threatened you with what you didn’t deserve
And did nothing but fracture and fray your every nerve
Did you ever play a game according to only his rules,
While leaving you lamenting a group of garish ghouls?

Have you ever wished to wander this world from west to east,
while summoning the wisdom to forget the wretched beast?
Have you ever said the things he really needed to hear,
A man who your heart and soul simply could not bear

Have you ever prayed that a lady would condemn him forever?
Have you ever played a man and taught him that you are god damned clever?
Have you ever gone to sleep praying he awake with an illness foretold
Not a fatal disease but just one that leaves him broken and cold/

Did you ever neglect and disavow that which you didn’t expect
because you are the type of woman I would never reject
however, the way you would treat me remains a mystery
it could be beauty or like that man of yours, misery
    © 2013...copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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I haven't visited you for a long time-

I haven’t visited you for a long time…Excuse my yearning yield`gap:
I was locked in a Cathedral, in the sixth century, under a secret step
While reading a verse that much more later will be made: 
”Men can excel one another only in piety”-as Sura 4:1 said.

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Anthony, The Confused 2K12

O confused Anthony; strike true - for you're down. Blind as a newborn pup which has yet to see. 'Neath thy surface concealing much frown. Yea - war has been waged; 'Tis I versus me.

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Dancing with the Guilt Queen

Dancing with the guilt queen
swaying in the dark
loaded lead and magnetized
with trouble in my heart
She won't stop the music
or let me catch my breath
She's told me it's a contest
We dance until the death
Spinning world is listless
My feet catch fire and burn
She dips me into tear pools
We turn, and turn and turn
Dancing with the guilt queen
a brutal thing to do
I am my worst enemy
I'll bet that you are too...

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You Never can be Certain

Someone asks me,” Why?”I say,” Why not?”
Nothing is gained without being sought.
I always try to give things my best shot.
Some things shall happen, while others will not.

Someone asks me “When?”I think, right now.
I know in my heart I shall make it somehow.
For something to happen you need only try,
Before you know, another day passes by.

When someone asks me “How?" I’m not really sure?
There’s so much in life we just have to endure.
The answer lies inside of intentions that were sent,
I reach into my pockets, but the money has been spent.

Someone asks me, “Where?” But I may never know.
 Some are on the surface while others lie below.
Knowledge is a seed that shall always grow,
You never can be certain what the future will show.

I ponder of these questions most every day.
Sometime I can’t even get, out of my own way.
I look at this journey and see much has passed.
I try to outrun darkness and the shadows that it casts.

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Philosophy En Regle

With power, courage and clear aptitude… I hover within a feeling of gratitude… Nothing is able to lower this latitude… I am the master of this ones attitude…

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Fear Would Come At Lights Out

Remembering once again childhood days
When mother would on warm days let fire die
Maybe she would stop me from my fun play
We would go for that afternoon walk__sigh

Down long road to the branch across the way
With our small pails probably once held lard
Back then everything was fried in that day
We would look for vein of whitewash real hard

After gathering the whitewash head home
Where mother would clean around fireplace hearth
She would remove ashes; set the soft tone
For our home, on her hands_ knees clean no mirth

She would then whitewash the hearth inside rim
Glistening clean white, adding wood stoke fire
It  would crackle send tiny sparks to  swim
Briefly in air like stars of  night  aspire

Gathering around the fire family time
News, stories, tall tales; safe and warm no doubt
Gradually  fire would die into bed climb
Fear would come for daddy would say lights out

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Dancing Devil

Born in a desert, on hopeless, arid land
Whirling in a coat made of dirt and sand
A life of continuous rotation, movement
Eventual self destruction, no improvement

Polarity of high and low, a vitalizing condition
Hot air rising, spinning, destroying any inhibition
Bumping, scraping particles become electric
Causing damage on the way; a hectic skeptic

Life in a flash; it begins, and it`s already ending 
But till then, earth with heaven is connected
Picking up pieces and debris of broken dreams
Constructing illusory towers built on wind-beams

Twisted twister, whistling, whining, humming
Thunderous deep rumbling becoming unbecoming
Dance devil, dance, your time is soon ending
Blow yourself out; the end will come as a blessing

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Dungeon of Dreams

Master and lord of his lands and his castle
He was graciously greeted wherever he`d travel
A man they thought they very well knew
But secrets he had more than just a few

His ordinary self blends in with others
A second look to take no one really bothers
But below the smiles secrets are hidden
His mind’s with a strange affliction smitten

Dark chambers, rooms lie beneath the surface
He built them with a specific, sinister purpose:
To hide prisoners from seeing the light of day,
To deny them life, and there`s more to say:

The prisoners were his blood, his own brood
For high society deemed to be too crude
Wild, untamed, and to their nature so true
From the public eye thus they withdrew

Their master, brother and father lives up above
Divided against himself, his life`s devoid of love
An empty shell, a painted vase, a facade he shows
Without his shadowy parts that`s all he is, he knows

So at night he visits the chambers by candlelight
And observes his dungeon of dreams with a clear sight
What power and sincerity, what elemental life-force
In a pretentious world how impossible to endorse

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After years of trudging, the stars are not any nearer
Only the hardships multiply, but the path`s no clearer
A rat race is for rats, but in His image I was made a man
Yet the only thing I get closer to is the end of my life span

Resolute, purposeful, obstinate and tenacious
We walk toward a goal, but the logic seems fallacious:
Is not everything in creation confined to an orbital loop?
Even robust celestial bodies can`t break out of their coop 

Hurtle through space or meander aimlessly on earth 
You`ll forever shuffle on the path of death and rebirth
The farther you go the closer you`ll be to the beginning
We must travel inward to break out of this endless spinning

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The night keeps falling into the stars... (Feeling down)

The night keeps falling into the stars
And the dampness drags on the grass
Somewhere there is music and laughter
False and foreign, they falter

I wish to look nowhere
Casting my eyes adrift
To throw out all worldly cares,
With no memories to sift

Ask me to lay my life to waste
To do nothing in haste
Send away all the familiar faces.
Go back two or three paces

Until I can believe again
Let my soul just be a stain
Or another sad song's refrain.
Let me be alone in the rain

When the heaviness in my heart
Tips the scale in too much pain
I'll brave myself to pull out the dart,
And watch the month's moon wane.

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Hope you find all you desire, 
In your world filled with denial
Before you grow you must plant a seed
And that requires trial

Effort means little when you simply speak
It's actions you must prove
Amazing how different things can happen
Once you actually move

I'm taking this situation to heart, 
And letting God mold my fear, 
Before it was to lose you,
and now to God my worries veer

Our struggles may appear alike,
But one thing you must consider
At the end of the day I have the Lord
And you continue to grow bitter

You can't hide your problems, can't ignore your thoughts
For each of us has our vice
Covering the issue up under the rug
Will only create the same mistake, twice

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Maybe 2 2K11

Perhaps it's I that's too fearful to give?  
Perhaps it's I that's not a content guy?  
Perhaps it's I that's too fearful to live?  
Perhaps it's I that's too fearful to die?

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A Fool Am I 2K12

A fool am I to have never said hello.
A fool am I to have proven Mister Shy.
A fool am I to have been such fellow.
A fool am I to have been a passerby.

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The Songs of Dinosaurs

My radio antenna
Is getting a brand new song
Every time I think I'm right
I end up, terribly wrong

So now I want to listen
And to tap my feet
To go with the flow
Perhaps the right philosophy?

My brother's intellect
Is truly dazzling
He calls me "a believer"
I'm the moron of the family

Why must I search for land
In an ocean of illusions?
Endorsing a catchy tune
That becomes a boring delusion

Is the fear of being wrong
Simply rooted in laziness?
To think I've come so far
Yet I haven't taken a step

As the old saying goes
It is not the destination
But the thrill of the journey
That makes living a vacation

Do religions and creeds
Simply offer a beautiful escape
Appealing to our laziness
Throwing self analysis away?

Are humans at a crossroads
Between extinction and survival
To finally ask, "Who am I?"
And perhaps to change the channel?

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Pornography 2

Our skills of trust have fallen into dangerous levels of atrophy
As cyber-optic dream worlds pump ‘values’ into our core
The eyes of men and women taught to view each other with suspicion
And as cliché as the Matrix, many of us have never used them before

So what is the reason for this violent alienation?
Why are we driving away our sisters and our best friends?
And why am I crying as I write this with a sigh?
And does this chasm between us show any signs of having an end?

It is strange how society condones the exploitation of women
Perhaps we’re still in the dark ages, contrary to popular beliefs
You see, if the slightest comment is made that is even remotely racist
A righteous hammer will descent to crush such utter blasphemy

The core of this issue is probably men’s fear of lost control
And the wisdom to this dilemma seems so terrifyingly elusive
Pornography is so pervasive in this culture it is unavoidable
Women, can you see men as souls reacting, and can you possibly forgive?

After divorcing a woman I judge guilty of the most terrible betrayal
Who led me into a place filled with cynicism and tears
I feel a pilot light of warmth threatening to soften my heart
When I wonder what hideous faces lurk beneath her deepest fears

Perhaps I’m justified to say this is a universe of duality
Where differences can so beautifully lead to the sweetest reunion
And exposure can reveal the shimmering luster of a hidden pearl
The way a grain of sand can fester into insight and new wisdom

So this brings me back to my original question
Was it not inevitable this would happen to our culture?
A society of people who get their identity from the electronic storyteller
Who with flashy images and hypnotism so subtly tells us who we are

Thanks to the work of Professor George Gerbner (1919-2005). His research on the 
effects of TV are insightful.  Also, kudos to the Media Education Foundation.  Their 
videos on youtube about the media dissect like a laser beam.

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So Cold

When did this ice age happen
how did I miss the signs
when one upon another we fall
so cold in our designs.

When callous hearts forget to feel
how can love bloom and grow
when I to you and you to me
so many insults are thrown.

When caring is the victim
how sad this time and place
when what is gained is paramount
so far the fall from grace.


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Secrets of a Sunset

       “Ablaze are thoughts from far, far reaches, as if the licked reddish flames of fires - where had burnt every shade of orange that still brush this ongoing sunset. Your sunset, our living sunset, a sunset awash in its own past beauty of a life’s chaos; now viewed as hope - never surrendered. As if an artist’s hand-hurled, color-of-the-sun fireball had just splashed broadside - our own clouded gun metal gray horizon.”

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Modern Savage

The life force of ancient Fathers throbs in my veins
Every heartbeat a drumbeat, loud, deep, shaking my chains
Wild, untamable, incorruptible mystery of life 
Hidden behind a mask of pretentious, cultivated lie

A furnace burning with a fire of creative, destructive power
A soul of lava, shooting out sparks - nighttime meteor shower
Flames of the depths with flames of the heights 
I call on you to unite, and light up the darkness of the nights

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My Traveled Approach

I trek the corridor of an easy path
Not because I am lazy or leery.
Just because I want no lingering wrath,
I searched for meaning of life’s query.

Death has its end or a new beginning.
Life has so much joy for you to give.
Each New Year is another inning.
To be played with the spirit to live.

We spend so much time wondering.
What will be received at our end?
That time we end up blundering.
That so much more we could send.

I have settled that what I have learned.
Will be carried onward in some way,
Probably better than what I have yearned.
That each life of past, will continue an array.

I cannot with any doubt, feel there is a beyond.
The road less traveled is not easy or hard you see.
Just spreads out in different lanes that correspond.
To everyone’s path they must follow or foresee.

These trials I have passed on my thoroughfare.
My faults, tribulations, delights, my own making,
My spirit and soul has always been duly aware.
I regret much, but resist spending my end quaking.

Each sin that has passed through me I put to rest.
I struggle not to repeat any again, to my best.
I still ponder much and still continue my quest.
Though I shall not let my living be suppressed.

written for
Sponsor Catie Lindsey 
Contest Name The Road Less Traveled 

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Mine Anger 2K12

Good morrow anger! Found am I not less
Angered more so; Pray thee hinder not more.
Kindred stolen of murder; Most senseless!
O murderer, locked are frigid doors; Naught honor.

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A voice silenced, speak no more
Hold, my tongue in obedience
Words to neither deny nor defy
Defenseless without credence

Verbal insanity, senseless score
Spewed as mindless nonsense
Words to neither elate nor clarify
Ignorance creating only impedance

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A Peek Inside

I strive to write poetry
for the pleasure I derive
When others read what I pen
they’ll get a peek inside

When first I started writing
it never occurred to me
that you reveal your true self
by creating poetry

Comments from my fellow poets
who speak out on what I penned
I find so pleasant to read
to each one I do commend

I should join in and comment
on my fellow poets work
but I just don’t feel qualified
I guess that makes me a jerk?

Current demands on my time 
means poetry is denied
But I wrote this anyway 
it’s another peak inside

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Mine Enemies 2 2K12

Without a second thought, I've painted you
Thereof negativity, thereas dog and serpent;
Out of boiling blooded anger have I judged you,
And judge you I cannot; Hence I repent.

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My Fear

Say their fool you are just a tool
I’m the monkey on your back
From the day you were born
I have cut you no slack

Your deepest fear I’m always here
Just one shot away
To slide that needle into your vein
Spinning the world away

Your wooden beast, I’m your feast
I know you feel my call
I just live here in the shadows
Waiting for you to fall

Write your write trying to fight
What is a part of you
But in the end know my friend
You and I are not through

The hell we aren't, never again. 
I have no idea if a monkey is a 
Wooden beast but after being a
junkie inside and out for over
twenty years this is a fear that 
is a part of my everyday. I praise
God for another day clean. 
Written for Matt's contest, mj

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Him and me

I once went to Him,
With all of my woes.
For broken hearts sometimes,
Sometimes bleeding toes.

He did listen laudably,
To my heart's content.
Even healed sometimes,
Sometimes help pretend.

Then it became a monologue,
It started to offend.
We'd stop talking sometimes,
Sometimes it'd simply end.

Tomorrow is another day,
Today He is a refuge.
The clouds heavy sometimes,
Sometimes break after deluge.

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Small wonders

The sun rises to start the day.
Each one I see a different way.
It melts the ice that clings to the tree.
I’m amazed by the small wonders I see.

Early in the morning right after a snow,
It seems so peaceful in the valley below.
As I walk only my tracks I see,
Small wonders never cease to amaze me.

When I feel sad and seem so alone,
My wandering mind lets my spirit roam.
Small wonders appear from out of the night.
Revealing themselves with the morning light.

Sometimes it feels like I am invisible,
 Like a prime number only by one divisible.
I walk by people who just pass me by.
Never quite certain of even knowing why.

I sit down to write and return to myself.
My happiness can’t rely on someone else.
Confidence arises from out of my fear.
Again small wonders seem to appear.

The stars and the moon shine so bright.
Remind me of a world barely in sight.
I close my eyes and start to dream,
Small wonders appear to be part of the scheme.

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By the Light of a Rose

I leave the sorrows of life 
   In dust behind my heels, 
Lost to a frenzy of strife, 
   Long, long ago. 

Now awake within a hopeless world, 
   And seek angels’ wings 
Cracked by the tears of a womb. 
   Can you feel it touch your soul? 

I meditate in the grasp of nirvana, 
   But come up so far and so short. 
The rose of pale light by the moon, 
   Has withered the flower so soon. 

Hanging by the tip of an umbilical string, 
   Desperately trying to climb back to spring. 
I shake hands with the devil and blow a kiss, 
   Gently running in a stream of bliss. 

I sleep in a house with no door, 
   Chilled by thoughts I want to go. 
Dear child, steeped in falling clouds, 
   Can we hear the sorrows of moonlight sounds? 

I climb up, only to fall down; 
   Summer, winter, fall, and spring have all drowned. 
Wouldn’t it be sad if I touched the earth, 
   Just to see the tears of a gentle frown? 

I climb again to touch the moon, 
   But a tear has fallen unnoticed and engrossed. 
I sleep quietly in the river we choose, 
   My soul trapped, in the light of a rose. 

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From There To Here

From There To Here

Sometimes in dreams my youth returns
with visions from my past
Cascading stream of memories
I watch until the last

The rebel from so long ago
reminds me of my loss
The things I used to cherish most
and what ambitions cost

In moments when my friends arrived
my heart would leap within
The faces from so long ago
and what we could have been

We’d sing the ballads of the day
and dance to Carry On
While love was coming to us all
in time it all was gone

How did I get from there to here?
Why did my values change?
If I could now go back in time
so much I'd rearrange

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A Midnight Dream

Its warming glow says welcome home,
Sit in a chair and stop awhile
Meanwhile through the day gently roam,
Memories roam then softly smile.

An evening spent by the fireside,
Inside my mind of restless thoughts,
Old thoughts, new thoughts, I can’t confide,
Bona fide thoughts so long I’ve fought.

By the fire a decision made,
Made while searching a midnight dream,
The dream that would not drift nor fade,
The faded self has found esteem.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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elegy eulogy

and all the words congregated somber,
passing observations and glasses around,
and smoked 'em if they had 'em,
and looked woefully at the ground

mentioned how he was so good to them
that he never played any, for favorites
always a mensch, and very gentle too
they all agreed he was very literate 

some words got together in lines
with handkerchiefs and glistening eyes
slowly passing the paged remains
wished his epilogue another reprise

one said, how once he'd looked it up
after a very long absence of use
and prominently displayed its meaning,
written decisively, never misused

another of the first-person singular, 
well-known, of worldly feminine gender
said he'd given her existence a purpose 
and was someone she'd always remember

but now he's written his last retort
they've signed themselves into his book
to be given tearfully to the next-of-kin
and tucked WAY back in some closet or nook

'cause nobody much reads them anymore
no one wants to be made to recall 
that words live longer than their writers
after the author is done with his scrawl

© Goode Guy 2013-08-09

elegy: a mournful poem; a lament for the dead
eulogy: a formal expression of praise

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Reflection (Englyn)

Time's memento unfolds a thousand lore;
Soul's ode is forged, behold!
As tides approach, a tale's told
Adrift every spirit's mold.

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My Treasure Chest

I was doing yard work the other day,
planting some flowers all around.
While digging in dirt, close to the fence,
I heard a clackity sound.

As if the metal of the spade was hitting some wood
and some metal, too, I heard.
To my surprise, I remembered just then,
the chirping of the birds.

See, there was a time, for memories sake,
when my family and I stored our thoughts
within a chest of metal and wood,
from the antique store, we bought.

We placed the chest out in the yard
on a bright and sunny day
and while digging the hole to place it in
the birds were just chirping away.

My sons and my daughters, my wife and I
placed pictures and such within
So, one day in the future, when we need it most,
the memories will come back to us again.

So, just knowing they’re there, is memory enough
for me to be content for now.
One day when my children have all grown up,
my wife and I will dig deep down.

So, I covered my hole with plenty of dirt,
but, first threw flower seeds in
with hopes that the memories, like seeds that they are,
will grow and flourish, again.

So, my treasure chest, there, remains in the yard
waiting for that one special day
when my family and I need to return
to those years that have gotten away

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Oh Restless Night

Oh restless night
please let me go
My deepest thoughts
within, you know

My struggles bare
before your eyes
Your grip so cruel
my soul it cries

Mistakes I’ve made
you now replay
Your heavy hand
leaves me dismayed

Oh go away
and let me be
I’ve paid enough
please set me free

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What are we fighting for

I think I’m pretty sure I don’t care anymore.
Where it went so wrong I’m not so sure.
As I go to leave, I slam the door.
I ask myself, what are we fighting for?

I watch the world come apart in front of me.
 Destruction and plight as far as the eye can see.
As we send our children off to another war,
,I ask myself, what are we fighting for?

My life seems like a tangled web; 
My emotions they begin to ebb.
As I look to the future what is in store
I ask myself, what are we fighting for?

This life I lead has it’s good and bad,
Times of sorrow along with times I’m glad
As I pick the pieces up off the floor,
I ask myself, what are we fighting for?

We need to give peace a chance to grow,
Then it shall become all that we know.
Feed the hungry and help the poor,
I remember this is what we are fighting for…

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Vous Pouvez Cracher (You May Spit) (In cash or kind, you can pay)

Money is, no doubt, a necessity in our world
To enjoy it requires planning, discipline and toil
Apply mind, a balance, and working hands 
Recall time, opportunity in the wind, blows like sand

Perseverance and hard work, a definite decision
Contemplate in advance for a long term acquisition
With self-indulgence, comes a long list of "wants"
Consuming lives, destroying souls, when excesses flaunt

“Just to have enough”, is the average man’s dream
But not when greed in abeyance lie plotting schemes
When life had fewer distractions men traded for needs 
Today scams-destroying nature, even genocide are seeds!

Makes no difference, having a million or just a dime
As our lives go in circles and we stand at this place in time
Rich or poor, black, brown or white, you choose your way
Because today, tomorrow, one way or the other, you can pay!

*Vous pouvez cracher..Interprets as “You may spit”
 This catch phrase means …You can pay (In kind, perhaps w/your soul; in monetary terms-
Large sums)

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What it takes to be me

I think to myself what I need to be me.
As I gather up the pieces of all that I see.
I don’t know of tomorrow I just hope I shall be,
Contentment fills my heart and sets my mind free.

Night time has changed it used to be hard for me.
There wasn’t enough light so I was able to see.
But as the leaves fall and float from the tree,
Perhaps we can discuss it, over some tea.

My mind never stops searching for that new idea
It’s hard to hold back when I don’t have any fear.
Except for the fact that sometimes I disappear,
I feel something is coming and know it is near.

I’m just a simple man; I know what I do,
Visions become tainted by all I’ve been through.
The pieces join together and you are the glue,
The sun always rises when the sky is blue.

I think that I’m changing yet I don’t know.
In this season of dying I continue to grow.
It feels like a movie and I’m part of the show,
The words and emotions freely flow…

I can’t worry of tomorrow I just have today.
It seems that lately words don’t get in the way.
Rather, smiles return from just what I say.
Tomorrow shall I know? Perhaps I never may…

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Then Came the Storm

The last time I saw you I think you knew,
The lines on my face track all I’ve been through.
Your smile seems eternal, it touches my heart,
Holding me together when the world falls apart.

I remember a kinder and gentler time,
Time marches on as the clock unwinds.
I return to a time in the not distant past,
I draw my next breath, hoping it won’t be my last.

I try to have faith and simply believe,
No more tricks are left up my sleeve.
It feels much like a disappearing act,
You have come this far there’s no turning back.

The sun comes up I must be on my way,
Hoping tomorrow shall be better than today.
Clouds moves in and it appears it may rain,
Forgetting all sorrow, erasing all pain.
Suddenly I hear the thunder crack,
I grab some new cards off of the stack.
I put down the ones I can’t use anymore,
I brace myself for the storm in store.

The clouds get dark it looks like night,
Except for the lightning sparking quite bright.
The wind starts to howl sweeping me away,
I come apart as the seams start to fray.

The sunshine burns through the cover of clouds,
A rainbow appears with the hope it allows.
I drift to the calmness after the storm,
The sun shine through, the air it warms.

The last time I saw you the answer was clear,
Someone should grab the wheel to steer.
I don’t know how I got here but this is true,
Life’s not the same since I lost you.

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Fight for what you love,
For what's right,
For what you believe in.
Just fight.

Believe in what you want.
Believe in who you are.
Believe in prayer,
And in wishes on stars.

Pray about mistakes.
Pray for what you need.
Pray for those you love.
Pray in faith, not in greed.

Love those in your life.
Love the little things.
Love your tribulations,
Because they help you get your dreams.

Dream with faith behind them.
Dream without inhibitions.
Accomplished dreams are celebrations.
Dream as high as the stars you wish on.

Celebrate each moment.
Celebrate each year,
With joy and with laughter,
Some emotion and some tears.

Laugh without limitations.
Laugh at those trying to hold you back.
Laugh and learn to move on.
Laugh like you don't know how to act.

Learn to move on from your mistakes.
Learn to persevere and be strong.
Learn to listen and inspire.
Learn to pick yourself up and keep on.

Inspire yourself.
Inspire those around you.
Be inspired by the life you see.
Put inspiration in everything you do.

Live without any regrets.
Live with a smile on your face.
Live with pride in what you're doing,
And not with other people's disgrace.

Do what you believe in.
Do what you feel is best.
Do what you have to to become who you want to be.
Do you and don't worry about the rest.

Be someone you can respect.
Be happy when you see your reflection.
Be strong when no one else is.
Be unafraid when the time comes for action.

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A Fellow's Introspection 2K12

Dare I further toast therewith gradual death?
Poison's wrath; My best bottled each drinks end.
Dare I endure a painful lonesome death?
Perhaps? Tho' I prefer not my old false friend.

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Charlie Girl

While walking through the store I caught your scent,
A lady stood beneath the neon light,
She held a bottle of perfume in hand,
And memories returned into my sight.

Outside the school gates waiting for the bell,
I saw my mum; she’s standing, waiting there,
With me running out ready to go home,
The essence of Charlie kissing the air.

I see the old man stop all of those cars,
In his white mac with his lollipop stick,
Of course it was magic in a child’s eyes,
Like Paul Daniels performing a staged trick.

Past the airfield and rails, Blue on her lead,
Over the bridge to check the lizard hill,
Were they bathing in early summer sun,
Then on home where Peter was lying, still.

Sweet memories that I have in my heart
You may wonder on the what, why, and how
My mum will always be my ‘Charlie girl’,
Although it is me who wears Charlie now.

Form: Sicilian Quatrains

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Dumb Animals

In the midst of all the turmoil in the world A simple reconnect with the past Can make the crap that we constantly hear Seems so unimportant real fast So unimportant in the overall scheme The only thing that matters is love With everything else we're forced to endure Love's bigger than all else above Love of nature where creatures abound We're just part of the overall scene Soon we'll realize as intelligent as we are Must be missing a certain gene A gene these so called dumb animals possess Which allows them to coexist There's a lot these dumb animals can teach us Wouldn't that be a crazy twist So I ask you, who are the real dumb animals It's us, it's definitely us humans Maybe one day we'll get as smart as these animals And be more than intelligent cavemen © Jack Ellison 2013

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stress and tensions of life

By Sashi.Prabhu(ZEAUOXIAN)
Behold! unto me it will ever so cling, Often wonder why it lingers on with me, Untold, it is to make the church bell ring, Akin to a dark shadow it owns the locked key. Reflect I practiced every morn for sure, Pondered much I for every need, Pure Thought, me knew was the only cure, For now all that is put forward is pure deed. Content am I with my present self, Away has travelled the devlish reign, Calm is my mind content in itself, Dark thoughts they say I must abstain. Every morn ,now it awaits for me, To a cool breeze and a warm smile, And when I look out so green is the tree, My life I feel has just begun to be worthwhile.

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dented and painted

dismissively lined as "dented and painted"
protesting violence and raping of women 
those self-appointed, oh holy and sainted
can we turn another cheek and forgive them?

to relate to another with an iron-bar
to relate to another with utter disdain
to relate to another without human care
is this the civility we wish to attain?

you who are better, more worthy than other
you who are truer, in eyes of your god 
you with blood bluer than natural mother
might discern that it's you, who is flawed

sticks, or bars, or clenched fists attest
that you're no better than the rest with
casting of glances from eyes that detest
superimposed superiority is but a myth

want and ignorance are alive and strong
in all nations, so in all the world today
actually, it's been that way - all along
if we wish to civilize we must go all the way

and speak for every individual that spins
on this ball of rock that we call our home
to evolve higher form we must be, in the end
and remember, what is reaped, is what is sown

© Goode Guy 2012-12-29

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A Father's Grace (Englyn)

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Death is not a true win
unless He's taken your sin
and then true life can begin.

(Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night)

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I see change

I see change like a ripple on a pond.
Not just the surface it lies beyond.
I think of struggle the battle within.
With these ripples change can begin.

I see change in the sun in the sky.
Every day is different I wonder why.
With every day it heads towards the west.
It sets on the horizon where it comes to rest.

I see change in everything that I see.
Determining what is and whatt shall be.
Some days I find it hard to see the light.
I soon see the stars that shine so bright.

I see change can come to anyone.
When I can’t see I want to find some.
Change finds its way to me and you.
Inside what we say and what we do.

I see change and then I see me.
It decides what tomorrow will be.
The sun always rises and it sets.
Change is part of what is not yet.

I see change when I view the news.
It becomes something that you choose.
Change shall come and be part of today.
Inside of what we see a different way.

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Alluring are all these things in life in 
which one may become fond in 
Calling upon all to climb up on their 
own stage; free will regardless of 
the age
When it comes to receiving nothing 
in life grants you knowledge more 
than does reading
Engage in life to gain experience this 
sets up a phase, be your own sage

Those of you who can come to 
understand now is the time climb 
up out of the sand
Tuning into one’s own inner yang, 
requires one to hear the bells when 
the ring
Believing that you sit in his right 
hand one comes to realize that life 
is grand
It all depends on the choice of 
words which you cling they display 
the song you sing

The Creator always comes to your 
aide, no matter your individual 
A clue to each and every perversion 
exist inside all culprits arson
The sound of the first grenade is the 
signal to the enemy; begin the raid
The soul is the intent to blacken in 
the words discharged by these evil 

In there attempt to acquire all 
things delicious they embrace the 
If one does want to recognize their 
spin, all you have to is see how they 
Why they stay so furious, their will 
belongs to all things they find 
Failing to see their despicable yin
leads all down the path of 
committing sin

There will be way far too few able to 
pay the bill on the last day it is due
After relentless tearing your soul 
will continue its everlasting searing
After you realize that there has been 
a coup you will not all be able to sue
Tortured and tormented you are 
now filet and sauteed burning 
without ending 

*****  For the "Word Game 
Contest" sponsored by Catie 

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Autumn wind

Sacred sounds of the autumn wind
Blessed microphones could not endow
A feeling that our lives entwined
This silly technology knows not how.

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I'm so tired

I’m so tired my mind goes on the blink
Although I find myself my life is on the brink
So I get myself up and fix myself a drink
Not everything is exactly as you would think.

I’m so tired of the way that things always go
I think that I am learning yet see that I don’t know
So I plant another seed and hope that it shall grow
My life plays before me like a picture show.

I’m so tired I think I need some sleep
I’ve tried everything maybe I will count some sheep
I try to swim to shore but the water got to deep
The rain begins to fall as if the angels’ weep.

I’m so tired but I have so much to do
I try to break away but my mind is set on you
I see inside my heart and hope that it is true
It; all becomes tarnished by all that we’ve been through.

I’m so tired I think I’ll get some rest
I don’t always do so well I guess I should confess
I gather up the pieces and then try to fix the mess
I just wanted more but settled for a little less.

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EMOTIONAL APATHY the highs and lows of a rollercoaster rectitude dealing daily with emotions epidemic excursion euthanasia- as our feelings inevitably we execute apathy becomes our shield—a vacant void person

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She Is Called Ruth

She is called Ruth, Ruth was her first
since then she has been hailed and cursed
by other names.  This one is couth;
Ruth was her first, she is called Ruth.

The name means love, it's biblical
like the Ruth therein - merciful.
never letting push come to shove
it's biblical; the name means love.

She's not ruthless, forgiving flaws,
unpretentious, wants no applause,
precluding guile, daring kindness,
forgiving flaws, she's not ruthless.

She has a hope in this brief life 
to live her name in joy, in strife,
to show God's love, to help folks cope.
In this brief life, she has His hope.

Andrea Dietrich's "Swap Quatrains. Let's See What You've Got!"

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Me Against The World

To the world, I am nothing;
But to someone, I am everything;
In this world, I have no right;
But for someone, I am all bright.

This world, infernal fire;
But enduring, internal desire;
This world, dark as death;
But remaining, an arc of strength.

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Poetry Is Hope

Conquered you are by the world
your splendored infatuation of trust turns evil into virtue
the light you see is not true.

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Spin the bottle

Stop quoting Nietzche, just try to let it be. 
Quiet your bleeding heart, and come running to me. 
Spin the bottle, and dive on in.
Step on up, take one on the chin. 

Who cares, if we wake up late? 
Come, my dear, take the bait. 
Pop the top, and tip it back, 
Ill give you everything that you lack.

Got a bad past? Well that’s ok, 
I’ll keep all of your demons at bay. 
A bitter taste, for a sweet release. 
From everything, with which you can’t seem to make peace.

Dixie cups, and the finest crystal. 
All vessels, for the sirens call.
So follow your ears, join the race
For the sweet, sweet liquid release.

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The destiny train

The world spins once more and I find my way
The sky is blue and the sun shines today.
Though I wish things could change they never may
Yet I seem to find comfort in the words that you say.

Life is like a train but you must get on board
The price of happiness you should still afford.
Sometimes when everything looks dark and bleak
 A couple of moments can feel like a week.

The train leaves the station there are many stops
You may see something better and just want to swap.
Further down the line you may just understand
That things happen and you do the best that you can.

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know your course
You may want to consider, the suggestion and source.
Only you can decide what you feel is right
 Learn to ride the train from out of the night.

The journey feels long as you wonder why me
But the answer is inside of all the things that you see.
 You may not realize anything until it’s too late
This is your journey and with it your fate.

The train seems to stop like it’s the end of the line
I try to make a bargain to gain some more time
But just when you thought that you reached the end
The train starts back up and you’re moving again.

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Impressions of Madness ( a bipolar life)

I turn away the light of truth, 
though bright it shines eternally; 
as I now search the dark of youth 
for life devoid of history. 

Born filled with primal fear inbred 
(a wingless mountain butterfly) 
who waited trapped by wretched dread, 
within mad vision graves, to die. 

A body bent by rhythmic birth 
sucked marrow out of bone and brine 
as wounds leaked blood back into earth 
for earth gives refuge to Divine. 

The fragile cuts were foul and spent 
but no stitch thrown seemed obvious; 
its fabric labored, torn and rent 
by images grown spurious. 

And this we carry to our graves 
in extant bliss of ignorance. 
No worry worth the time it saves 
before the black of permanence. 

A life once sewn with threads of smoke, 
(translucent trend in lunacy) 
is but illusion's buried yoke 
of veiled and failed transparency

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Little Miss

Little Miss Princess.
Little Miss Me.
Little Miss Oreo.
Little Miss Believe.

Little Miss Hopeful.
Little Miss Naive.
Little Miss Trustworthy.
Little Miss Decieved.

Little Miss Too Caring.
Little Miss Watch Out.
Little Miss Can't Let Go.
Little Miss Remember Every Thought.

Little Miss I Love You.
Little Miss Can't Be Bought.
Little Miss Bad Habits.
Little Miss Never Get Caught.

Little Miss Too Stubborn.
Little Miss Kiss My Ass.
Little Miss Thought You Had Me.
Little Miss Much Too Fast.

Little Mis-Understanding.
Little Miss Attitude.
Little Miss You Don't Have To Like Me.
Little Miss Sometimes Rude.

Little Miss Hyper-Active.
Little Miss Independent.
Little Miss Look But Don't Touch.
Little Miss You Can't Have It.

Little Miss Priss-less.
Little Miss Doing Me.
Little Miss Oreo.
Little Miss Best Believe.

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New Man

He once wore the mask of the reskin tride,
An orphan set to drale.
Where once was shame, and farn, and guilt,
Now is but a tale.

A man too sold on a life unlived,
In search of fairer fay.
For by the stone, and warf, and will,
He arrives anew to-day.

©2011, R. Erin Lenth

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Dauntless River

A river which glitters like a silver snake
Looked upon from this astonishing height
As it carves a chasm through the mountain stone
After centuries of persistent fight

Watching as the river forges on,
How can a person who has stood in awe  
Think his life beset by harsh adversity
Believing to be crushed by one last straw

As he watches the waters tumble and flow
He might learn that to reach a long life goal
He needs only to hold one course through life
And that it helps to have a dauntless soul

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fin - debut

fin - début

what human has created, sapien can asunder
it's not ours to keep forever defaulted
through ignorance, avarice, prideful blunder
it's only some created civilization after all

the neighborhood won't deny our urban renewal
the neighbors probably thought for a long time
but might think us uncaring, unmeaning or cruel
yet wish we'd "keep it down", maybe return to slime

maybe the lease is up, no longer to be penned
maybe the sheriff is here with papers to serve
maybe we're really - finally, at our wits end
with all of our crap piled on the universal curb

we've predicted for a long time now
some coming of some long overdue end
with pillared salt, conflagrating fires and
the certain demise of you and me, my friend

yet maybe this new task that we've found
that we stumbled over, can start tomorrow -
and help to insure that we're still around
to work it out, and get new path to follow

we've been balled up on this ball of dirt
we've been petty, bickering, trifling asses
but maybe we've got another chance to avert
certain disaster and redeem all of our masses

the cliff, the match, the fingered button
can recede to our memory of too close calls
if we silence our forked tongues of gluttony
and open our minds to beyond our own walls

in the company of strangers
in the company of stars
in incorporated company
to reclaim what lost, can now be ours

© Goode Guy 2012-12-12

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Yester-Me 2K12

Certainly I'll reminisce thereof the past,
Tho' shall not dwell therein it evermore.
For when I've inhaled and exhaled life's last,
Perhaps therein memory's realm I'll yet soar.

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Maybe 2K11

Perhaps too fearful to love or be loved?  
Perhaps there's that special one to cry with?  
Perhaps like a Bobsled I need be shoved?  
Perhaps there's that special one to laugh with?

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Tonight the ocean seems uneasy
the waves they lash the shore
It seems that something made you restless
the sounds relenting roars

The moon above shines down so brightly
I pause to take it in
The rushing water turns to foam
retreats then comes again

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A Deep Rooted Doubt

December 21, 2012!  ‘The day our world comes to an end’, is how the rumor flies
A deep-rooted doubt exists, as past predictions have all been so wrong.
Those last days of centuries past have  come and gone, like whistles in the wind
While Father Time just keeps on ticking oblivious to the song!

I imagine how broad is his smile when rumors hit the media scene 
Many worry, and plan for that “final” day, needless to say, hearts weep
Amongst scientists, and well known historians, this time, possibility may exist
But what can I do?  I’m no Amazon, barefoot, at five-feet three 

If by chance, it’s the end, could I possibly save myself?  My “plate’s already full”!
All it’d take to end my world is a strong current and a, three-foot wave
Maybe an unexpected lighting bolt if caught up in a storm. For these, caution will suffice
Out of my control; will not waste time as my life I can not save

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Take anything you want

I feel so sad that I can’t be
With both eyes I still don’t see
A smile from you sets me free
Take anything you want away from me.

When I’m alone there remains a hole
It is the place where I once kept my soul
I feel like a fish swimming in a fish bowl
Take anything you want I need to feel whole.

I look beyond today wish for tomorrow
With all that has gone I feel quite hollow
I try to pay back things I just borrow
Take anything you want release all the sorrow.

Time stands still yet passes me by
I can’t help myself God knows I try
I think about you I break down and cry
Take anything you want I just need to fly.

I used to hold the world in the palm of my hands

I used to think everything was within my command
I try to hold on but feel like I’m less of a man
Take anything you want I will try to understand.

I stand to stand up and see on my own
I wish I didn’t have to stand here alone
The wind creeps up and chills to the bone
Take anything you want this soul needs a home.

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Eye of the Tiger

I am tiger
Blend in, disappear
Tracking like ghost
Never giving into fear

I am tiger
Hunt what's worth
Meaning of existance
Meaning of birth

I am tiger
To be respected
Love and awe
Who should be neglected?

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Our oceans and rivers, once so limpid,
have become huge dumps
for industries and sewages,
doesn't the stench make anyone sick?

Blame your inactive Congressman
for not halting the daily, illegal dumping;
do you propose an urgent ban,
or walk straight into the snare, not fretting?

Take a short walk on the beach at any hour; spot
golden trout, bluefish and shellfish dying from pollution,
writhing on the sand...this is their graveyard?
Are we an advanced civilization without any intuition?

Seabirds may be the lucky ones for instance,
to find easy food, but they might also be at risk
from the poison that's killing every kind of fish;
and how can people pass by them and still glance?

If I were running for Governor of my beautiful state,
I would stop this madness, although some may be outraged;
should I watch pollution ruin the environment and wait?
If corruption has prevailed, woe to anyone not heeding my word!  

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                I’D VIE FOR VIENNA

I’ve visited Vienna because the universe urged me to go
and on the subject of Vienna I have all I need to know
I know the city sings and writes poetry for all to read
And were I to dance with Vienna I’d let it lead

From a small café I idolized what my eyes espied
And the beauty of Vienna will never be defied
Vienna is the sound of violins and the aroma of violets grown
And owns a beauty such as I’ve never known

I strolled the streets of Vienna in awe of its grace
Vienna’s streets seem to be formed by lavender and lace
It’s akin to a purple and violet sky to behold
And it’s shimmer is more alluring than gold

Vienna sweetens the sour and acrid taste of phools
It takes them and teaches  love’s true rules
Vienna has the power to make a rose bloom in the snow
And nothing compares to Vienna is all I know

So if you ever go to Vienna please appreciate it like me
Because I’ll never have the qualities that you will see
In Vienna I heard poetry with its lilting simplicity
And had I never visited Vienna would have been a true and utter pity
        I thank invisible beauty for her kindness
                And her consisten encouragement!
© 2011...Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~

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The Mask

It's funny how we play the game
we hide within ourselves
Afraid to show just who we are
projecting someone else

A world of sad pretenders
we move about each day
If one could see within our hearts
much sadness and dismay

Approval we forever seek
in someone else's eyes
If we could learn to love ourselves
the mask we'd set aside

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I knew I loved you    the very day we met

our God and Father showed me            a heart I’ll not forget

it doesn’t matter   how far        you are            away

my words  will always       my thoughts of you betray


I have plunged into your thoughts    like a pail within a well

dived within their depths                  where your realities do dwell

if I had not these things     in you ever seen

no love from me               would I you ever bring


I’ll never support injustice            or those unmerciful and mean

the things that engage me     the qualities of our King

to hold the scepter                   one must fulfill imperial Law

not written in stone     but upon the hearts its draw


Ever am I aware                  of my need for you

a character so solid     whose strength can see me through

to remain with me                 you must learn the paths of Truth

ever seek Jahs guidence                      leave the errors of your youth


Did you not know     that I would be sent to you

or believe the answer             to your prayer was true

I confess I never thought             to find any who

would hold onto my heart        in the way you do


God will never let you near me         till you understand the cost

to resurrect a true love           from your former life be crossed

exclusive devotion in unity            and a bond of one

to glory in each other               like our Father and his Son


You are outstanding          no man I know compares to you

there is acuity in                   everything that you pursue

a self awareness              that the majority have lost

but that pursuit of itself                    has had its own cost


I want to tell you I love you                  and will never part

want you by my side          not just living in my heart

I shall never find                           another who is the like of you

the gems within your heart                they are what me drew


Awake Awake oh sleeper                  dreaming in the dust

you must die to hatred        rise in Love you must

there is a price for True Love             most here not willing to pay

so they settle for just  anything      that gets them through the day


How many tears           alone have you cried

the feelings you do           not share             but hide

kept the suffering          and afflictions       untouched inside

left to yourself         because your trust had died


I offered you this gift                 but you turned me away

but it is still remaining       like the light of day

it was made just for you           thats where it does belong

to deny something so precious             is not just but wrong


But this is how we grew up       the World in which we live

dedicated to the pursuit of self   from ones heart don’t give

like Christ we keep on waiting              for you to return our Love

there is no greater Gift in Life                  a present from above



source: Life and the Song of Solomon

and the Words of Christ Jesus



COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller

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What is it

What is it...

What is it I would give
To once again relive…
A time back in my past
What is it I would give?

My life’s had many facets
Not all of which were best
But the lessons that I’ve learned
Have stood me to the test.

They are the staff with which I stand
And the colors that I see
If something past were different
I would be a different me.

So, no, I cannot give an offer
To give up what I know
To make a past change happen
Could change my whole life’s flow.

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My Guilty Heart

I didn’t wait forever 
To have you by side
Maybe I was foolish
Because I have my pride

I wanted so to please you
And keep you for my own
But here I sit just writing
Feeling quite alone

He stands by me through everything
No matter big or small
My heart continues to love you 
And hurts him through it all

He didn’t ever really leave 
And now that you are gone
He's the one that helps me
To get up and move on

I beg for his forgiveness
Each and every day
He knows that I love him 
But what  more am I to say

He knows I still miss you 
And I know what he asks
He wonders if after all
I’ll really work to make us last

So now I sit here waiting 
For answers I can’t find
Because my guilty heart
Haunts me all the time

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Somewhere Somebody

Obsolete is the byword
that keeps us buying anew,
products that last forever
simply would never do.

Paydays come in many forms
some junk is another’s treasure,
so creating problems to be solved
makes sense by the repairman’s measure.

There are industries of industry
who perpetuate themselves,
flooding markets with one thing
keeping others on the shelves.

This breeds the disingenuous cause
of saboteurs and fixers,
spawning each other endlessly
pitting inventors against the nixers.

Exhaust pipes made of mild steel
rust out and fail routinely,
planned obsolescence creating need
proving the point supremely.

Somewhere somebody is planting a bug
in my computer or my lung,
where a technician or a doctor
gets paid to see it undone.

And somewhere somebody is saying a prayer
to stop this insanity,  
of misguided and opportunistic
cannibalization of ingenuity.

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So Many Bridges to Cross

So many bridges to cross before I get home
My mind starts to wander my spirit shall roam
The rivers seem wider the hills too steep
The still water is getting way too deep.

So many bridges to cross to get back to you
The sun dries the grass of the cool morning dew
I'd give you the sun, the stars and the moon
I think I might be there arriving quite soon.

So many bridges to cross wonder if I lost my way
There's some misunderstanding of just what I say
Just like a ship that leaves the safety of the bay
The vast ocean before me seems to get in the way

So many bridges to cross maybe I've come to the last
So many behind me they seem to fill up the past
I just need a place but it escapes me somehow
So many bridges to cross I better get going now.

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Modern House

Our house craves bold colors and crisp, clean lines 
No heaviness of wood, antique white or brocade
Just chrome, seamless showers and open space 
Inviting air and light so we may shunt the grave

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My wife demanded “come on and take this car and park it”
Oh heavens, wifey poo, what happens if we’re late for the market?
I really didn’t want any more loud conversation and neither did she
And to see if I was close enough to the curb she actually measured it accurately

So we go through the islands of rising prices
And the snack aisle was arranged by a demon’s devices,
We passed cookies and cakes, bread and bottled water
And of course condoms for our sixteen year old daughter

Our daughter is hyper-concerned with what we purchased today
She checks out the products and what the ingredients say
While little Billy is acting silly on isle six because that’s what children do
And he gets Fruit Loops or he’ll  hold his breath until his face turns blue

My little girl said “this one is made of glass, and this one is made of plastic| 
Dad, please tell Billy to be quiet because the situation is drastic
Glass can be recycled but plastic will be here for my great grandson to find 
so we brought a cloth bag because recycling should be in every heart and mind
     © 2011.…Phreepoetree ~free cee!~
Please help me save this puny planet that pathetic people are pissing or puking upon purposefully in good shape for Mr. Travis Ian

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devine recognition

god is a loving god i'm told -
but might not fit to be so controlled
as to only love us mind and soul
fear and loathe can not take hold

if god only wants the best for you
is what most mankind does not eschew
yet maybe it's not a crystal view
and perception of god is largely untrue

any god of our knowing is very limited
to our own feeble understanding exhibited
a divinity so constrained from infinite
can only be to our humanity attributed

what really can we know of god
does he sit above and merrily applaud
or maybe hit-n-run with quick maraud
likely unseen behind some human facade

faith in god is never truly unshaken
it wanes and waxes as our reasons awaken
we can not be faulted for being mistaken
thinking our deity has left us forsaken

so judge for yourself what you know
and accept that it just may not be so
our divine failure is not a fatal blow
but merely our humanness, so apropos

© Goode Guy 2012-11-02

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A little more grace

I awake this morning with a smile on my face
I have seemed to learn a little more grace
I’m ready to go and jump in the race
I feel  much peace and content in this space.

I have a new fan and I welcome her aboard
There are many treasures locked inside my words
Living is easy with eyes closed
Answers arrive to the questions posed.

I see this new life and wonder why me
How is there so much beauty in all that I see?
I come to realize that it had always been there
Standing in the shadows of what I call nowhere.

I turn the page because it’s time to move on
All of those dear things are all but gone
Sometimes I wonder why I take so long
I always knew the words to this old song.

The sun greets the sky it is time to go
I hope today what I learn shall grow
Just get out there because you don’t know
When you are ready to see it all shall show.

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a pleasure without guilt
or guilty without pleasure
our life is hardly built
by any other measure

we live a way we wanted to
to find some joy of time
to want to see what we can do
at least we're so inclined

yet hold on dear to what we jilt
as mindful we cast aside
evaporate our love to wilt
what we say we most abide

so err we must, oh humanity
turns we take or straighten
'round corners that we cannot see
some path or road not taken

who knows what line ended on
the twists and turns of fate
the bed we choose to lie upon
our life's appetite to sate

take heart do i, as so do you
that angst will fall away
leaving golden times to value
'til there's nothing more to say

© Goode Guy 2012-01-24

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Let them sleep

So then Death what will you offer?
Life what profit give to me?
Profit? soul! you selfish scoffer
Riches share you here to be?

Glass of eye, seek your answer
by the breath I give and share
grip your wisdom pose and dance her
questions me with sound of air?

Death engage this vital storm
will in silence thus behave?
sting the tongue, you jagged thorn
Lift your chalice from the grave!

Laughter, oh , I love it so
comedy by tears is much
truth in secret, precious gold
what men venture forth to touch

Ask me fool, require my time
beat your chest and  pull your hair
bring it forth, all that is mine
give it me, that which I spare

Death, my void of conscious will
what sword of blood will you deploy
be you  brave or be you still?
fainting weak, and then destroy?

Yield! you son of memory
release your shoulder from the weight
ask the blade why do you bleed?
inquire of providence your fate?

Yield, I yield, my quite soul
leave me to this thin despair
there I find you death so old
Life the youth that didn't care

Predictable! you do agree?
Life: surprise, I long to touch
Death: to think he questioned me!
man: I thought I knew so much

Yield my soul! Spirt flee!
Escape by holes of hollow sight!
Where my master? I believe
The flesh is shallow for it's height

I do not care why question now
escape the night, we haven't time
but night is full, completely round
without a star or spark or shine

Life: I know they need so much
frail the skin that holds the soul
Death: I long the warm to touch
let them sleep and never know

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I used to think

I used to be so much in love,
Peace arrived on the wings of doves.
Now it all has gone away, 
Sorrow lives in the words I say.

I used to see so very much,
Now it feels I’m out of touch.
All the beauty turns to black,
I only want the colors back.

I used to welcome every day,
When I was lost I found my way.
Now the sky is dark and gray,
I dream about yesterday.

I used to hear a melody,
Coming from the birds I see.
Now I just can’t hear the song,
With it happiness has gone.

I used to think I’d be alright.
The dawn would brighten up the night.
I seem to lose some of my fight.
I look but see I have no sight.

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Where I Belong

So many times I lose myself
in day dreams holding you
Your face displayed within my mind
I'm so in love it's true

You take my hand and hold me close
we dance our favorite song
There is no place I’d rather be
I’m right where I belong

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The King Became A Pawn

For days and nights I walked alone
confusion my best friend
I struggled just to wake each day
then start it all again

A queen appeared …I fell in love
the fool I did become
I tried so hard to win her heart
she never would succumb

So noble was the lovely queen
she never led me on
The troubles were my very own
the king became a pawn

She handled things so very well
I handled things so wrong
She knew what I was going through
my selfishness was strong

The Queen she helped me understand
the power of the ring
She also helped me clearly see
another was her king

And when the moment came at last
for her to go away
She whispered words within my ear
I longed for her to say

The lessons that I learned were hard
some things just cannot be
I found a way to carry on
my queen... she set me free

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there's a place where people can go
there's a place where they hide away
there's a place most everyone knows
there's a place where some people stay

a place where we all can hide and moan
that place where we're in ourselves alone
dark and quiet, where we're easily misled
that place where we're inside of our head

an unobserved place where attendants and nurses
attend to minds far distant or subversive
while down on their haunches - quietly rocking 
dreaming dreams, either reassuring or shocking

is it more comforting or more scary to know 
that everyone can be a part of being apart
living within ourselves just filled with woe
or sharing our souls to better take heart

its a tenuous thing to put ourselves out there
reveal the fears lurking within all of us
to be judged, by a society completely unaware
so hard to show our soul's open to trust

maybe that's what made him feel the way he felt
maybe she'd, after reflection see something else
maybe he could'a been saved from where he dwelt
maybe she'd 'a' been restored to mental health

we'll never know for sure and can only surmise
why others fall down into a hellish abyss
to be loathed or pitied by us haughtily wise
never dreaming that we too might be remiss

© Goode Guy 2012-07-24

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I Thought Love Came My Way

I didn’t know what hit me
When I thought love came my way
It came almost out of nowhere
But it would not stay

It made its camp for several years
The best years I thought I’d had
It made me happy now and then
It mostly made me sad

Sometimes it left me alone
Just desperate to hold on
Trying hard to save something
That was already gone

But it vanished quickly
It left me in the cold
And any smiles it brought me
Were replaced by tears tenfold

And so I’ve come to realize
That wasn’t love at all
It wasn’t even close to love
It was just so flawed

Because real love is perfect
Real love doesn’t leave
Real love makes you stronger
It doesn’t make you weak

Real love can’t be broken
It doesn’t fade away
It stands strong through any storm
And it cannot be swayed

I hope that love will find me
And that I’ll know it when it does
I hope that it comes quickly
And that its all that I’ve dreamed of

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Too Many Things

Too many things rattle inside my head.
As I awake and rise up out of bed.
So much is different that looks quite the same.
I wonder am I getting any better at this game.

Too many things I didn’t see at first sight.
Some come in darkness so I wait for light.
So much I view I have seen once before.
The window closes but it opens a door.

Too many things I cannot understand
I look to the helm who is at command.
So much happens that feels out of my hands.
Still I find hope where my fate still stands.

Too many things I must learn once again.
I expected more yet don’t need to complain.
So much happiness is wrapped around pain.
The sun shall return right after this rain.

Too many things and not enough time,
Some of the moments are so sublime.
So much to finish will I ever be done?
It all is a part of this web that I’ve spun.

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Surgical Strike

Driving to my designer job
Pondering my authenticity
Ready for a surgical strike
Against the imposter of me

Bay doors now opening
Missles armed, blinking red
Has a non-approved thought
Ever entered my little head?

Missle lock acquired
The target is red hot
It’s hasta la vista baby
Looking down for the shot

Flack all around me now
As I scan below
New Balance, Levis
Countless brands and their salvo

Holy spit, that was close!
My horizon spinning wildly
Am I walking talking billboard
With no understanding of me?

Pulling the nose back around
I’ve got to make this one count
Does our hive mind steer itself
Or is it influenced from without?

And is it such child’s play
Like trapping lightning in a cell
To buy my untapped potential
With thoughts of being someone else?

Pushing this machine to the limit
Soaring high above so many
How deeply have I been branded
By the stamp of authority?

Attention mission control
I’m not returning to base
Just label me a traitor
I no longer believe in this way

But with sobs behind my visor
Fruitlessly slowing near the heavens
I begin tumbling back to Earth
Just in time to clock in

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Spent time enough      upon this road
to know the things       I think are gold
don't give a hoot         bout wealth or fame
if you're famous          and made a name

My life's simple           have my own dreams
my own pursuits         and my own leans
but these are those     that let me see
what lies in you           your own beauty

I understand               what you've been through
though life's unique     but similar too
you own your joy        as I do mine
its ups and downs       the unsublime

I've experienced life    and all it's dirt
our ecstasies              of all our hurt
foolish man said         I crossed the line
I wasn't worth            his thought or time

Forgive me now         should I not see
all the meaning          your life needs be
sometimes I'm bound in my own thought
to remember             what life has taught

That I glory               in what is you
individuality               it's what we do 
I've shed my tears      and held your hand
same under stars       the same earth stand

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

 Psalm 62
9 Surely the lowborn are but a breath,
the highborn are but a lie.
If weighed on a balance, they are nothing;
together they are only a breath.
10 Do not trust in extortion
or put vain hope in stolen goods;
though your riches increase,
do not set your heart on them.
11 One thing God has spoken,
two things I have heard:
“Power belongs to you, God,
12 and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”

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"Easy Does It"

We walk up to the building
but don't know what to say.
It seems warm and familiar...
the sign just reads ''AA''.

Dad came here to get sober.
He's trying to get clean.
I know I'm only 7 
but I know what they mean.

He's been here for awhile now.
I've missed him very much.
He couldn't even call us.
''Not Allowed'' to keep in touch.

''Thirty days is nothing! ''
she says into her drink.
''He needs some time away from you! ''
''Some time so he can think.''

When he comes home it's her turn.
He says ''I know she can.''
I'm scared to meet this stranger...
my dad is... not this man.

Now he wants our room clean.
He wants to cook a meal.
I'm not sure what to think of this.
I'm not sure what to feel.

In thirty days she then comes home
to a brand new clean up crew.
We're nervous how she'll treat us...
we don't know what she'll do.

Given a months sobriety
they're at eachothers throats.
There's no more happy dinners.
No more inspiring notes.

They fall off that old wagon
like they've both done before.
Get ready for survival
cause we are bound for war.

The cycle never ended.
They never kept it clean.
They mimicked ''Easy Does It''.
Yet ''easy'' was never seen.

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Pressing in the darkness seeks,
To quell the Hope that burns inside,
Confusion sends the message loud,
Love will die along with pride.
Lord, why is pain the only path,
From it's first beat, this heart has known,
Why was love so small a gift,
Offence no longer grace could drown?

Betrayal echoing words so void,
Once drinking in this soul did bless,
Before the truth came crushing in,
Leaving shame, and doubt, and brokeness.

As love seeks refuge from the storm,
One thing this bruised heart comfort gives,
The form and voice I hold so dear,
Will in this memory branded live.


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My Soul Now Sings

My invisible scars
are plain for anyone to see,
as I blindly journey on…
This path of Christianity.

Wanting deliberate faith
ready on my tongue,
I received God’s Salvation
when I was dumb and young.

Inflicted wounds to my soul
from a lack of understanding
have been healed by the Power
of Christ’s personal anointing.

I am worth dying for
according to His Word;
The Lamb’s wondrous sacrifice
had sin to Himself transferred.

Now my soul graciously sings
with overflowing joy!
For redemption has been granted
to this formerly, lost boy.

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The return of the sun

The sun returns as I knew it would
The rays warm my soul, I’m feeling good
I’d try to do more if only I could
Sometimes I’m not certain if I should?

Many of my intentions are just misunderstood
Given the chance to change it I think that I would
But there never seems to be enough time in the day
I thought my intent was in the words that I say.

Perhaps there problem is words mean many things
I feel like puppet with someone pulling the strings
The passion inside my heart always sings
Sometimes this is when the warning bell rings.

I can’t help myself I say what I must
Also I have this strong will to trust
I always think people will see this is me
However this isn’t the way that it always will be.

I feel this need to follow my heart
Sometimes it just pulls things apart
I try to consider a different point of view
I get confused and don’t know what to do.

I just take a walk and try to calm down
I seem to do better when no one is around
I hear this voice say it shall be alright
The sun is setting and in comes the night.

I used to be afraid of what I saw in the night 
It was like everything wrong and nothing was right
I am still not that certain where I shall fit
Still peace does come in this place that I sit.

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Full of bloom and color, sun full overhead
Face turned skyward embrace nature’s gift
Long days of bounty, endless joy of which we read
Heedless, careless, forgetful of the cold dark rift

No thought of seasons extending beyond the sun
Prepare not, time has no bearing, no dominion here
No one to tell us of things that must be done
Too late we realize, the shadow season so near


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The Culinary Asylum

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink
All my friends have left me behind.
I know not what I want or what I think
I have a dark and empty mind.

I fled to the outskirts of sanity
And I found I was not alone.
For I’m wont to be just a vanity
On the marbled desert we roam

How can one be sane in an insane world?
It’s much easier than you think.
Just remember that we can all be pearls
Our ever-changing world is pink.

So now I think this predicament is
Not as bizarre as it may seem.
And now I must wish you a good night miss.
Safe travels in this land of dreams.

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Pornography 1

Many men will hate me for shining light on this touchy subject
And women will inevitably want to throw me under a bus
But as sure as a virus is the root of a pandemic
This subject has breached our hull and is now leaking into us

Was it not inevitable this would happen to a culture?
Like roving hoards and idealogy will subjugate the weak
Our religion, arts, and cultural stories now eclipsed by flashy images
And our perceptions of who we are now come from commercial TV

I can image what it was like to be viewed as a witch on trial
And I realize I’m opening myself to the most soul-withering scrutiny
But most every man you meet has struggled with this very issue
And the long and short of this message is this is not about me

Perhaps my fear of women fuels my longing for power
And in this fantasy world nothing ever goes wrong for me
Or perhaps I should say that’s true until the show is over
Then I drown my empty feeling in the asylum of sleep

There are women I know, cherish and respect in my own way
Who I would not touch if I could, because they are my friends
But when I see these women performing these acts on video
It will make me sad because somewhere, someone cherishes them

I can imagine the judgment from those now reading this message
And the chasm of alienation caused by this impossible fantasy world
Propaganda so sophisticated even the Nazis would be jealous
Incinerating the innocence of so many boys and girls

With every view, these women are banished further away from me
But is it possible that all along that was my very goal?
I don’t understand them, and they don’t understand me
And sometimes I have to wonder if I hate their very souls

Then I think of women that inspire me like Shakespeare
Who I would without hesitation give my life to save theirs
Then I wonder if their man has his own hidden porno stash
And is imprisoning their ‘lady’ in a cell of hopeless fears

I do not wish to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of women
For many men say they do not find pornography appealing
In many cases I guess these guy’s brains are wired differently
And regarding this widespread religion, I think many are not even lying

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Oh I hate the bitter flavor of failure’s sorrow,

Even if served with the salt

Of   “Oh, I’ll try again tomorrow,”

And  the scraps of plans ripped apart from fault.

That’s no food to savor appetite for success;

Better to face an empty plate’s contempt

Than one covered with waste and mess

From yesterday’s discarded  attempt.

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Disembark from society for
no one is a winner here. If
you want to win, reach

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On earth’s unimagined vastness we creep
Yet unaware that she swims an even vaster pool
Whose abysses can not be plumbed deep
By the longest line of reasoning or rule

Each man tills his small part of the  orb
But the plough merely  scratches the surface
Leaving her with no permanent mark on her robe
Pyramids and  walls  the  sand will efface

As children seeking flies  on the  water or sand 
Or men in dreams wandering down endless lanes
Each aspires to arrange, to control, to understand,
But controlling nothing,  not even himself as he wanes

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Written By Sydney Peck

Entered in John Freeman's Contest 

"Retread What You’ve Said, And say it Better"

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A fresh start

A peace seems to grow as I progress through this day
It seems to become part of me infused in what I say
Things I’ve seen many times look brand new today
I find some comfort as I leave the safety of the bay.

Little drops of happiness are falling from the sky
The rain just keeps on falling as the clouds float by
Still, I wonder where I fit and I wonder why
Everything becomes a part of something larger than I.

The rain used to make me sad but something has changed
Not completely different maybe just rearranged
I seem to see beauty in everything I see
I see what is and hope for what may be.

I’m feeling rather happy everything is going my way
The past is slowly fading the demons have gone away
I see this peace growing inside of my heart
From the ashes of the end comes this new fresh start.

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Surely  all the revolving doors
At the front of a busy office building
Need a union office on one of the floors
For their complaint handling.

Their whole existence is so transparent -
Getting pushed around by everyone,
Every day another day spent
Being leaned on and spun,

Just going round in circles in vain,
Turning this way and that like a carousel at a fair.
They should rightly complain
That their careers are leading nowhere.

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Sometimes I have eyes that just don’t see
I have all these visions how things should be
I have all these memories locked in my mind
Today when I see my eyes make me feel blind.

You can have vision but not truly see
All of these things that are right before me
Imagine a vision what you believe true
The possibilities of what is are all up to you.

Your mind interprets just what you see
Imagination determines what is seen to be.
Images come and can mean many things
Sight with understanding, joy it shall bring.

We all have visions of how things should be
But they never become what we wanted to see.
Memories paint colors and bring it all alive
In all that we want we shall see what we strive.

There’s so much to sight than what meets the eye
Like the sun on the horizon as the day goes by. 
The secret to vision is the beauty you see
It determines what is and what shall be.

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In this day and age, I want some recompense
I don't understand it, it jus' don't make sense
that we can write through our entire lives
with all of these damn defective pens

Now, you all know what I'm taking about
a thought comes to you, and you look around
grab one to jot down and just blankness comes out
a clear transcription of thoughts ain't found

Cups, bags, heck whole drawers of colored inks
rattle around days like maracas of empty thought
a reliable pen can't be that difficult me thinks
yet makers design defective models to be bought

that seem to flow like water in a mighty river
when opened and used for the very first time
effortless lines arc mind to paper to deliver
only to sputter, and spot, and splotch the next time

How many brilliant tomes, how many cures for cancer
how many Nobel-winning ideas of sub-particled find
how many deeply spiritual thoughts went unanswered
because, like a well, the damn pen went unprimed?

Maybe I'm unreasonable, and have a penchant for perfection
but if I pick up a pen it should write every curved line,
'stead of pennies, I want it to rain pens from heaven
that work the first, the penultimate, and the very last time

© Goode Guy 2012-09-06

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Not enough hope

Gray are the skies, the time is at hand.
I try to grab a hold of all that I can.
The glare of too much light and not enough hope
Leaves my hanging motionless like a puppet on a rope.

My eyes see intentions yet they are so far away.
The truth is unveiled in the words that I say.
My heart feels sorrow for its’ evil bidding.
I try to find myself but I am conscious ridden.

I need to rest yet there’s this burning desire.
I reach for the top but I can’t go higher.
My ears hear a sound but I didn’t stop to think.
My mind goes numb as it disappears in a blink.

I try to understand and see so much more.
But I seem to freeze when I see what’s in store.
I start to feel my soul and then reflect upon myself.
Though I found me I must have been somebody else

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Don't Think

Don't really know how to start this
Not every boo-boo will get a kiss
Life is a really fast trip
Don't blink, though some things you want to miss

I skipped graduation, it was no fun
My 'friends', the boys, everyone
Was out to get me, yea I'm the victim
Of the horrors of people and it's just begun

Used to think my greatness shone
Used to think that I wasn't owned
Used to think that I wasn't alone
I thought too much, this was known

Don't really know how to say this
Power is in more than a fist
Control can come from a simple kiss
Influence is something of a gift

We climbed our mountains and slid back down
Through many trials, being pushed around
Only through fear is loneliness found
It's hard by human nature not to be bound

Used to think together fear could be overthrown
Used to think together love could be grown
Used to think together we could be a home
I think too much, this is now known

Don't really know how to show this
Patting and powder won't cure the itch
If only life didn't have so many twists
Even the thought makes the slightest breath hitch

They were propped up by others' work
Never dealing with things that would hurt
Around concepts of action they'd skirt
To them, we are merely dirt

I'll still think they have no more space to grow
I'll still think they don't earn a cent they owe
I'll still think they need to get up and go
I'll be thinking too much, this I will know

Was a girl who couldn't keep in touch
Her mentality pushed oftly rough
Don't think, it hurts too much
Well, at least for me it does


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Who is Beloved?

Crush my handsome rooted respect of thing;
created by clandestine flame,
is the light
that some never fully let in.

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Catching Up

All of the someones
Keep trying to be some-
One who will keep on
And trying to become

But we are the people
The backbone is equal
Who never stop trying
Despite the bad sequel

And to our lament
Though tired and spent
This movie becomes
A lesson repent

We cannot go on
We find after-while
To be someone not
And live in denial

Find colorful way
To catch-up and play
The one you were sure
Did better the day

But then to find out
The awful gray true
Their lives were no better
Then me, or then you

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My Friends

My Friends

Alone with my thoughts
they speak,  form and flow
alliteration with a purpose
undulating to and fro

Words that speak to me
ideas form and grow
from my thoughts to my pen
my friends to the page flow

Stephen (Stoic)

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The big picture will show

I think of my writing putting thoughts to a page.
Lately they free me and release my soul from a cage.
I hope that all the changes can continue to be.
For it uproots my perspectives and the way I see.

I start to feel sorrow when I visit the past.
As I hope that these words won’t be the last.
Time flies by me, sometimes too fast.
I step from the shadows that yesterday casts.

Many times I feel my words are misunderstood.
I’d change them around if I thought I that I could.
I never meant any harm, I seek to do good.
The ground is shifting where I once stood.

The sun returned after days of rain
The sunlight erases all of my pain.
I dream of summer when the days were long.
But winter is upon me and the light is gone.

I seem to find strength and just move on.
I’m tired of hearing that same sad song.
I just try to put one foot before the other
Find a shelter where I can take cover.

The winter wind howls yet it’s warm inside.
Change does arrive with the coming tide.
The waves crash down removing the sand.
As time slip by, the time is at hand.

I don’t know the future or where this path leads,
I never get what I want yet find what I need.
I don’t know the answer but don’t have to know,
When it’s time for me to see the big picture will show.

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I believe I believe

Things I don’t get I hope that I may
What is in my heart, the words that I say
Yesterday starts to fade becoming today.
Once it is in my heart it is there to stay.

Sometimes I try to reason how I need to believe
It isn’t really magic no tricks up my sleeve
Hope starts to falter and faith begins to leave
I’ll return another day and maybe I can receive.

I think of heaven as a place that’s above
A special place to be filled with only love
As I seem to find peace I’m reminded of the dove
Perhaps it’s just a sign from up above.

Religion and faith become hard for me to see
I can’t believe in anything if I don’t believe in me
I see haunting shadows from lifeless trees
I resign from my fears and begin to feel free.

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Tempus Fugit

They say time flies when you're having fun,
That merely minutes pass between each rising of the Sun.
That quicker than you blink, the sands have all but run,
That faster than you think, the deal is dead and done.

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taking life

am i really able to,
do i really have the right
is it more of an obligation
can i just leave it, despite

my desire as well as yours
to experience it in totality
if robbed of whole experience  
can anyone's life be free

i've heard it said that living
is licking honey off a thorn
if the act is ended prematurely
would those left scorn, or mourn

in actuality probably each is true
life's a balance of sweet and sting
tears as well as cries of laughter
tell the voice to wail or sing

suicide, euthanasia, and homicide all
are judgment calls from our eyes
who's to say whether right or wrong
all lead to life's certain demise

from this side of my vision i 
only can say that for now, i feel
my life, like yours, is paramount
the pinnacle of what, for me is real

should i reach a fork later on
to reevaluate my current stance
i'll make a decision only then
regarding taking this life askance

life is both blessed and cursed
taking it as it comes is the way
i can only live it unrehearsed 
'til my storied end, then go away

© Goode Guy 2012-03-26

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Even in the quiestest moments

Even in the quietest moments I see the light of day.
Another shot to maybe find another way.
Soon to get lost in all the words I say
The day passes becoming yesterday.

Even in the quietest moments I hear the voices
Making me wonder if I have made the right choices
They subside and then it’s nothing that I hear
Did someone else grab the wheel to steer?

Even in the quietest moments the voices won’t stop
Did you really think that you would make it to the top?
Whispering things like through the breeze they flow
Grabbing hold of something, knowing you must let it go.

Even in the quietest moments I thought I knew what to do
I turn my back but my eyes still see you.
It’s funny how the more you learn the less you know
Hidden in the shadows the pain still shows.

Even in the quietest moments I am still able to see
Though the darkness surrounds I always have me.
Autumn arrives with haunting shadows from lifeless trees
In the quietest moments is the roar of what shall be.

Even in the quietest moments I still hear my heart
Telling me I must finish all the things I start.
The sun does set as I dream of some home
Somewhere I can be me and not be alone.

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The silence from thunder,
an act of God.
Where will he strike?
This way or odd.

Then there's a flash.
A still dark sky.
Quiet for moments.
My breath for a sigh.

Fresh pollen fog
falls cold on my brow.
Cool are my ear-lobes.
The ground for a sow.

Pensive and perched
I'm listening in time.
Will it come close?
Were it that I'm.

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My Daily Prayer

My Daily Prayer

Words can break a gentle heart
or help to build a smile.
They can set a soul at ease
or put someone on trial.

I'm tired of the hateful words
filled with cruelty
please help me, Lord, remember
how they've effected me.

Remind me to weigh all the words
that I chance to use
for there is much importance
in all the words we choose.

Temper them, dear Lord, for me
with all my heart, I pray.
Fill them with love and kindness
every single day.

God, help me build a better world
with this gift you gave me.
Make me a good example of
the man you sent to save me.

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Television’s unblinking eye 
is mesmerizing us,
addicting, time wasting, unhealthy
why is no one making a fuss?

I guess because we love it
entertaining us all,
setting us up with frivolity
before we take the fall.

Despite it’s informative content
it isolates each one,
sitting alone to watch the tube
thinking we’re having fun.

Sated with others opinions
molding us big brother’s way,
leading us into submission
deeper every day.

There is nothing for us to do
just sit right there and enjoy,
the broadcasters have some clever people
deviously in their employ.

Spoon fed mindless pap
till we don’t know right from wrong,
led by the nose to the fleecing
amid the unsuspecting throng.

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the god particle concedes to a universal mass
as predictably, it announces its presence
taking the holy sacrament from under its glass
beliefs from before so consigned obsolescence

we now think we know - no...really, we do
how the universe came to exist, massively being
galaxies of stars, unseen dark matters, us too
giving God a reason to give our lives meaning 

photons and gluons of stuff are Peter's principals
bosons innumerable occupy the same quantum stated
the best minds wraparound said concept so quizzical
but not before a big bang began branches bifurcated

bosons like fermions those particles elementary
that come into existence and are gone in a blink
transcendental though we may think they seem to be
harder to transcend than at last we might think

what are we to learn of ourselves from this tidbit
of long sought actual theoretical enlightenment
can we care more for each other just a tiny bit?
and concede happily to life's common wonderment

let us learn with concern what CERN can discern
about all the quirks and quarks of this universe
give mankind a good reason to give out a good turn
and make our corner a bit better than the subverse

add Lederman, the goddamn particle's indefinite article
"so central to the state of physics today, yet so elusive" *
is like the first time you borrowed your Dad's vehicle
for a ride with your squeeze to amour more conducive

you wanted get down to the real heart of the matter
and experience the unknown pleasures of knowing
your delving into places and matters that matter
the whole experience just drives you to keep going

© Goode Guy 2012-07-05


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i remember when life was deemed hard
and entitlement meant you could work as such
i remember when you could depend on your neighbor
listening to opposition without need to prejudge 

i remember when the smartest guys in the room
were the laureated scientists of Nobel stature 
i remember when t'was better to save than consume
and the supply side didn't come from Mrs. Thatcher

i remember when coming upon where the money lay
wasn't justified as reason to have a field day
i remember when MBA's weren't humanities masters
when fatherless children were the ones called bastards

i remember what's forgotten by capital economists
when caring for people wasn't a taunt calling communist 
i'll remember tomorrow what today's been cast away
that actions are louder than acts of morality play

too, i remember times, when there were robber barons
when peoples hardships where even more transparent
and men sold apples on the corner for a penny
children slept hungry, 'cause they didn't have any

food or shoes to wear, or even a bed to lay upon
and the Barons or Kings or Pinkerton's rings
made the future's prospect a bleak phenomenon 
only the fortunate few could pull life's strings

now remembering when men in sandals and robes
wandered the lands to prophet the peoples
to preach and to teach, to soulfully probe
spiritual concepts that all souls are equal

i remember that yesterday is cast solid in past
of stone or bronze or your own choice of metaphor
i remember that tomorrows promise can outlast
possibilities that we too, can become dinosaurs

© Goode Guy 2013-06-21

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Had some lonesome soul not wrecked,
and fortune never let preclude,
to disrupt this butterfly effect,
then, in this world I'd not bedeck.

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The Shadows

There is a shadow in the corner of my mind
It haunts my restless nights and lethargic long days
A silent whisper pries both my past and present
The cold voice, infuriating and persistent

Always it reminds of weakness and transgressions
It urges my evil desires and obsessions
Each sweat filled night, I toss and turn to disregard
Constant preaching distracts my day’s agenda

My very soul can feel it dragging me downward
My mirror reflects a face of pain and anguish
My heart has become still and cold, I have no tears
I’m a nickname on a screen to the outer world

With the keys I whisper to them, come and play
My poetry recorded where nobody reads
I’m a shadow haunted by another inside
Two tortured brothers whispering in silence

© Copyrights G. Jones 2008

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Abuse Stops Now

Clear confusion please
Unwanted disease
Help me, geez
Don't want freeze!

Truth behind mad
Seems like sad
Passing fad
Enouth pain had!

Find relief 
Trash grief
Which sneaks like thief
Now I am chief!

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23:22 - Face It

Do you ever worry, or even care the slightest bit,
What happened when you vanished from the place to used to sit?
Do you find it funny, or don't you have the heart to laugh,
That when you left, I cried and cried, the tears tore me in half.

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Early Days

Early Days

The highchair beside the kitchen door
my domain, vantage point of my world
on the linoleum checker board floor
I played until my knees were sore

The center of the world to me
I learned to know as my mother
cooked and cleaned while I was free
to grow into what I might be

A world consisting of black and white
as appropriate as the days television
images remembered vivid and bright
raised by my mother in love and light


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Sit. Listen. Smile. Laugh.
I don't feel like having
This conversation is dieing
So am I, or I'm trying

Breath. Move. Bend. Might.
Much worse than fright
Just have to keep going
No time for slowing

Touch. Null. Trouble. Nap.
Won't give me many facts
Still I'm required to
Live life through

Give. Hunch. Gargle. Honor.
Few have actually pondered
What is true loneliness
To be alone has what affects

Doubt. Figure. Duck. Fight.
Many tremble at the sight
But I can manage
And that's my advantage

Admire. Wonder. Almost. Whisper.
I may be quicker
But that can't save me
From my destiny of fading

Repent. Call. Rise. Casual.
It's really only natural
Although seemingly unfair
We're all scared


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you can write a billion lines
you can play a million songs
you can film ten-thousand hours
and never right a single wrong

you can feed a ravenous crowd
biscuits with salmon to replete
overflowing cornucopias endowed
and fill silos brimming with wheat

you can sole the bruised up feet
and clothe the bare-backed persons
warm their cupped hands and faces
never able to lighten their burden

you aim to rework humanities place
more caring now than indifferent 
so that all souls can truly embrace
but, that may not be nature's intent

hardship may in discrete analysis
be core, even to the cells of us
diversity of adversities in synopsis
her permanent grand plan nonetheless

so here's an observation for you to see
dream your dreams and make your plans
to initially carve into nature's tree
but soulfully will to restep your stance

what you think she's thinking is best
most likely ain't what's there to find
point is, that no one can truly guess
designed intents of nature's mastermind

© Goode Guy 2013-06-24

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The fire within

                 The fire within

I sit down and watch the candles’ fire
It seems I’m at odds with my needs and desires.
The flame burns true and grows much higher
It seems relentless and never shall tire.

A breeze blows and the flame does flicker
A fog rolls in and starts to get thicker.
Still there is light and I’m able to see
The flame is like desire burning in me.

The candle grows shorter the flame goes low
I see so much yet, so much I don’t know.
Once again the breeze starts to blow
It seems that the end is starting to show.

My mind starts to wander as the flame does dance
Never the same as I take a second glance.
I see so much in life is left to just chance
I drift to a dream as the flame puts me in a trance.

I see the flame much like the fire inside my soul
As the flame rises I begin to feel whole.
I reach the next bridge and pay the toll
I cross the bridge because there’s nowhere to go.

I reach the other side and the rise of the sun
Casts illumination on who I have become
The fire may grow low but never goes out
While the flames chase away the shadows of doubt.

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Sirens lie of love, following where angels fear to tread
Cold and lost in desperation, in blindness we are led
Cold and lost in desperation, impossibly all alone
Adrift with no beacon, calling the way back home

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Achilles Abides

Watching mundane seconds tick away
Linked together they form passing years
This flimsy chain around my neck does not betray
Nor can my stinging eyes squeeze back the tears

Dreams begin to float out of my reach
Tormented by what makes me so distressed
Losing many of my hopes I feel besieged
Yet still reflecting on the way my life is blessed

The silence puzzles me and pierces with its thunder
The foundation bucks the shaking of its core
What God has joined together no man puts asunder
The waves are beating hard upon our shores

Weary eyes look towards damp clouds and search for light
Desperate to feel some warmth deep within my bones
Will its brilliant glow supplant the bluish night
Giving a sneak peek into the great unknown

Chasing those rainbows now seems like wasted time
The pot of gold was a seductive ruse of lead
Perhaps we were just lonely partners in crime
Caught up in reveries we thought surely lied ahead

Waiting for the stars to fall into my hands
To turn this to profound from the surreal
Nobody but the stars can understand
That I’ll fall victim to my poor Achilles heel

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Allow time
to let thoughts unwind
inside your mind
in design.

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I must close my eyes

I think I find my place and then it’s gone.
I paused for a second, maybe a second too long.
I’ve seen all this before, I know this song.
A bell marks the time with first a ding then a dong.

As the world caves in I make my stand,
The time slips away much like grains of sand.
Things never turn out quite as you plan.
I feel this urgency, the time is at hand.

The bell still tolls on, marking the past.
It feels like time is moving too fast.
The sun starts to set providing contrast.
But the day is over and the chance has passed.

I’m so tired; I’m in need of some sleep.
The water around me still gets deep.
I see another chance so I take the leap.
Only to realize the hill is too steep.

I resign to this fact and just close my eyes.
I still have tomorrow though time flies.
The clouds shall part and the rain will dry.
I welcome the thought, the return of blue sky.

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It doesn't matter

It does matter what you do as long as you tried
If you don’t realize dreams something inside dies
No one will notice all the tears that were cried
Capture the moment for the time just flies.

It doesn’t matter what you say long as you are true
 The sun shall return and the sky will be blue
It not up to anyone else it’s only up to you 
The words shall determine what you will do.

It doesn’t matter what you hear just that you heard
So many meanings are locked inside a word
It’s easy to be complacent and then get bored
You sink into despair when you should have soared.

It doesn’t matter what you see as long as you look
It’s something that you can’t find inside of a book
I should have given but instead I took
All I believed I must have mistook.

It doesn’t matter because the end always comes
It shall be just the same you will never outrun
You can stand in the shadows or bask in the sun
You can pull it together before it all comes undone.

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without so much as

without so much as...

Thinking back on that spring day
you walked out of my front door
without so much as "see ya later"
"I'll be around", or just "goodbye"

I never thought about it back then
I just naturally assumed on return
and picking up where we'd left off
that morning you went into the world

It's logical to assume the future
will be much the same as the past
so out you went to do your thing
without as much as a quick look back

"It's a dangerous business 
going out your front door" *
the attitude is to be an optimist
and look forward to what's in store

The thing is you didn't return
The thing is that I don't know
what you thought that day you left
The thing now I miss, is just you

More aware now of the "now" of things
that our time together is precious
mindful of what the future may bring
knowing expectation isn't portentous

Whether esteemed colleague or close friend, 
whether daughter, son, husband, or wife,
we never know what providence will send
to take that ally from our lives

A simple advice is to mindfully remember
in the now, to express aloud your heart
forget angst, set aside hurry, quell bad temper
just tell 'em you love 'em, as you part

© Goode Guy 2012-06-21

for Pepper
* J. R. R. Tolkien - The Hobbit

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Jobless Recovery

What's the opposite of a jobless recovery?
Am I recovered in my unemployment plan?
Can my life's ambition be made compulsory?
Can I ever be in pursuit of happiness again?

Is my economic outlook feverishly rising?
Can my party fix all my troubles with planks?
What's the good in dour predictions surmising,
a bleak future is likely in my future thanks?

Do charts and graphs shovel down in the ditches?
Can talking heads turn sound-bites into a meal?
Can legislators bind citizens strife with stitches?
Do they even realize that our struggle's a big deal?

Do the waifish children known as Ignorance and Want
clinging under the ghost of Christmas present's robe
have no earthly refuge or resources, to flaunt?
Are there no prisons, no workhouses to provide hope?

A man's measured by more than the job that he works
Best accept the fact now that we're brother's keeper
Day after day without a job, life's a struggle without perks
and the price of peace and contentment is made steeper

© Goode Guy 2012-03-13

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00:00 - For the Rain

The bitter spatter of the rain
Revives a road that's getting wetter.
A pitter patter sings of pain:
Makes drowning ink run from a letter.

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Unhinged the face dwelling beyond the pale.
Seeming slightly off, a kilter, behind the glass
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife
whose sojourn upon this life is passed.

How familiar yet, not..that face can be
each wrinkle timely placed by strife
whose sojourn upon this life is passed
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife.

Are we not to be ourselves at all
must mere copies be we, alone alas;
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife
whose sojourn upon this life is passed.

Few sightings of an inner self are seen
the form, the flesh, the vessel so contrive
whose sojourn upon this life is passed
a semblance of a mother, grand and wife.

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Garden of Evil

Lush and fully thick with riches
it's bounty ours to keep,
masking deep beneath fair cover
the things that make us weep.

The dew of envy on bitter leaves
pride to make us scoff,
prickly vines of jealously
thick muck and mire of sloth.

Poison sweetness of vengance
heady intoxicating lust,
frozen wastes of selfishness
to wander if we must.

Thickets of self absorption
bearing thorns of sharp remorse,
forever there to blindly roam
lost with no recourse.

Panicked by fear of powerful storms
whipping cold dark seas of hate,
the raging fires of constant wars
that seem never to abate.

Cloying shallow human senses
more than we can absorb,
succumbing to temptation
on this hedonistic orb.

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Each Other's Light

Smiles and happy memories
Laughing til we cry
Silly things you'd say to me
Learning how to fly

A perfect summer spent with you
Us riding in your car
Being side by side those days
Becoming who we are

Walking in dark places
We became each other's light
The constant in a spinning world
Made everything all right

A bond that seemed unlikely
To everyone we knew
We are so very different
That it surprised us too

You taught me to be stronger
By building on my strengths
You pointed out the best in me
While pushing to my lengths

And in that way you changed me
Alterations so complete
That I can barely recognize
Who I used to be

I couldn't help but notice
How you became so free
Your smile was so infectious
To everyone you'd see

Such a precious chapter
In the story of my life
I'll hold on to it with all I am
I'll carry you inside

While struggling to let go of it
Dealing with the change
Knowing there's a reason
But wanting things to be the same

And while i'm sad its over
I'm thankful that it was
I was blessed to meet you
In that i'll always trust

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ol' news

ol' news

and on the strife rages
across the heated lands
a blog papered main stage
bombs & beheaded are planned

victims and vicissitudes 
captured on handy-cam phone
talking heads with platitudes
of thugs, their cover blown

pride in mankind runs to core
to prefer right over happiness
so slaughters settle some score
ignoring acts magnanimous

always wars and rumors of 
to accuse and chide and blame
no cheek turned, if only for love
and long for change still remains

is Darwin's theory still alive?
can mankind evolve into kindness
or will only the weaponized survive
will civility fall from our blindness

pray if that's your provenance
act if your actions can better
our behavior has its consequence
let good life be our treasure

© GoodGuySoul 2014-11-20

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Two Birds, Two Eyes

I saw two birds on a page; two eyes,
Away from the Sun, their wings spread wide.
Chasing miles home in the black winter skies,
One hundred and fifty, as any crow flies.

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The Hut

A soft blowing breeze lifted her sun bleached hair
The sea crashes on the jagged rocks below her perch
Her eyes, the gray shade of a distant floating cloud
She turns on bare feet and cautiously moves away

A seagull sails in the updraft at the cliff’s edge
The small trail snakes upward to a winter meadow
Her mind wanders as she knowingly climbs the path
She pictures the smiling eyes of the Moon Goddess

A rebirth of the God will come with winter winds
The snowy grass baths her feet as she tops the cliff
Her hands brush high weeds as she returns to the hut
She enters by sliding behind a thick tanned hide

A fire burns within the comfortable warm home
The flames lick a clay caldron simmering sweet scents
Her hand lifting a burning stick at fire’s edge
She moves toward the small altar with lighted wand

A shell of ground incense and two candles are lighted
The cup of spring water and fresh herbs are offered
Her soft knees bend as she kneels before the altar
She calls the Goddess and God to her safe circle

Oh, Goddess and God
Please open my eyes
To the secret magic
Of Nature

© Copyrights G. Jones 2008

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War Weary

Pain and futility marched with us
for lo, time out of mind,
to cruel conflicts everywhere
for there are no other kind.

We have taken ground and lost it
built fortresses and realms,
commiserated and celebrated
with emotion that overwhelms.

Wounds heal superficially
scars run to the bone,
heart and soul are broken
and we dream of going home.

Who will save us from ourselves
before all of us are dead,
the ultimate fate of soldiers
and one we truly dread.

For who can say it’s noble
to slay for cause or king,
will victory save our souls
from the judgment death will bring?

Uncertain fear should stop us
but never will I know,
as mortal pride impels us
to strike another blow.

Approaching the ultimate arbiter
still carrying our sword,
there to surrender finally
peacefully to the Lord.

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Thinking Thoughts of Her Past

This lady of age Thinking thoughts of her past Through the window she looks It's like her looking glass She sits still and ponders Thinking thoughts of her past The growing up of her children And how the years have lapsed This lady of age Thinking thoughts of her past With memories of her life Absorbed and so amassed In her mind she follows Thinking thoughts of her past Many more joys than tears A most wonderful contrast .

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Welcome to my world

Hopper's enigmas
     drip by drip,
     into me-
life's melancholy

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The Difference

Vacant cache 
Arid well 
Hollow cave 
Silent knell 

Stony flesh 
Scentless smell 
Frozen heart 
Fractured shell 

That was before... 

Lively laugh 
Refreshing dew 
Treasured time 
Vibrant hue 

Awakened sense 
Brightened view 
Love's aroma 
Found anew 

This is a re-post
© Donna Golden

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Gifts of today

The rain was falling as the sun hit the sky.
A rainbow appeared it just caught my eye.
Tears from heaven as the angels do cry.
Tears lost inside the rainbow, way up high.

My imagination runs wild I wonder what’s at the end?
That illusive pot of gold may be around the next bend.
Or perhaps it a place where all your dreams come true,
Maybe all of these things above are just up to you.

I awake this morning with a smile on my face,
As you take my hand and guide me to a safe place.
A place where contentment and love shall grow,
The more love you give the more you will know.

I drive off to work, I simply haven’t a care.
As a matter of fact I can’t wait to get there.
It seems all the pieces just join together.
I drift through life much like a feather.

I dream of flying because I know I can.
I find myself back at where I began.
Though it’s familiar, it’s not quite the same.
I know what it is but can’t think of the name.

The day flies by as my mind finds peace.
I look at the puzzle I found a new piece.
Everything seems different when you feel love.
It seems much like a gift from heaven above.

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I’m hardheaded as they come
Yet I feel no repent
I’ve always stuck to my guns
No matter what it meant

Don’t think of it as stubborn
It’s not an affliction
It just shows that I have the
Strength of my conviction

I’m not going to compromise 
Look for a middle ground
When I know I’m in the right
I can’t be turned around

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exit at the orifice

anal retentive is so inventive
it thinks up things it hadn't oughter
equating intrusion with goaled incentive
requiring minutia without giving quarter

so processes demand greater complexity
measuring quantitative numbers and sets
procedures create a mess in front of me
with analysis it's as good as it gets

graphs and charts of diagonal lines
measuring downs and ups of productivity
recombinant combines increasing declines
we can nearly measure neural negativity

government or business it's bureaucracy
just follow the line, to end of the day
a modality that surely is the best for me
the point is, don't question, just obey

theories show people aren't automatons
with modifying to change this hypothesis
and understand the ass-umption we live upon
we'll just tweak the sphincter processes

© Goode Guy 2014-01-31

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Lullaby for the Grieving

Lay your head down precious one
And dry your eyes right now
For dreams of happy endings
Will be coming anyhow

The rains will stop, that much we know
Though we may not know how
So walk ahead to dryer ground
Where my love will abound

Know that when you're all alone
I've never been more near
And when you think I'm gone from you
I'm holding you, my dear

The nights will pass before you know
The sun will rise once more
I'll be with you in the sunshine
And with you in the storm

In the sunshine, in the rain
Just look up to the sky
And wish you may and wish you might
And to you, I will fly

I'll never leave you, never go
Where you can't find me there
Just look inside your heart to find
The love we share

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Joy comes to mind
To help me see
With heart made kind
To sense beauty.

Joy comes to heart
To help me feel
With mind that starts
To know what heals.

Sorrow brings pain
To help me love
The path of gain
Sent from above.

Sorrow brings quest
To seek new hope
In surge of zest
So I may cope.

Joy and sorrow,
Sorrow and joy --
No need to borrow,
Hurl, play and toy.

Sorrow and joy,
Joy and sorrow --
Fate now deploys,
Sings tomorrow!

Joy fills my heart
With bliss profound;
Ambrosia starts,
Stakes fond new grounds.

Sorrow melts mind
In pain that grows;
Bitter gall binds,
Weary pain shows.

Blessings now pour
Joy plus sorrow
Here at my door:
Life just follows.

Blessings now fling
Sorrow plus joy
As fate now slings
Fond play, wise ploys!

No need to fear
Or be afraid
For grace lives here
Despite the dread.

Leon Enriquez
14 Mar 2014

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Thank you for my sentience
and giving me time to use it
thanks too, for some ebullience
and wisdom given to choose it

Thank you for lovely scents
wafting toward my memories
giving some sweet recompense
building up life's treasuries

Thanks too for social networks
that don't have any electrons
looking you face-to-face upon
unmirrored smiling reflection

Thank you baby for gurgled smile
thanks too for childish messes
thanks for making life versatile
playing with all of its blessings

Thanks for those tears of sorrow
that have balanced my emotions
and for friends straight as arrows
who laugh at my crazy notions

Thank you for the angst I feel
thank you for the rippled water
for what my contemplations reveal
thinking deeper, because I ought to

Thanks for occasional epiphanies
broadening my view of meaningful
sensed free will, to give me please
and times with you, spent peacefully 

Thanks for all the minutia of days
thanks for life's resilient mixture
thanks for graciously given praise
that helps reveal a bigger picture

© Goode Guy 2012-12-07

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Today’s contemporary is tomorrow’s traditional;
The older we get the more traditional we prefer.
New young mother cooks not like her mother at all -
But  new children think it’s traditional with her.
We become traditional ourselves. Them is us.
Marx, Freud, Christ, found themselves in isolation - 
Of contemporary thought, the focus.
We now find in their words the consolation
Of well-known familiar traditional belief.
And as Ole Blue Eyes warbled and  crooned 
(See the crowd of grandkids stare in disbelief)
Their grandma was pre-bebop and swooned. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Written by   Sydney  Peck
Entered in  Joe   Maverick’s   Contest     Contemporary

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Hustle bustle, mime the puzzle,
Bubbly drizzle, wrestle dazzle,
Crimson crystal in a tunnel,
Hymnal missal ash and purple.

Tummy tickles, foamy trickles,
Linger little laughter fickle,
Twisted tumble, sticky ripples,
Here we stumble on sharp sickle.

Love feels brittle as glass crystal,
Mind the feeble, freeze the ripple,
Don't belittle this sad cripple,
Live a little, love all people.

Time to muzzle sad oracle,
Purge the factual with spectacle,
Stride the drizzle, not with fumble,
Soar with visual, sweet popsicle!

Space the idle with mad puzzle,
Plunge a ripple with sure sickle,
Brine the pickle for tastes fickle,
Love a little, bear odd people.

Leon Enriquez
08 Apr 2014

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olfactive dream

i may not be a mindful savant
but when i close my eyes, 
i can smell fresh croissants
my mind in golden flaking surprise

i'm not French or raised in Paris
my cuisine tends toward the plain
eyes open again, i'm a bit embarrassed
the sensation i'm puzzling to explain

i close them again, feel sun on my lids
warmish winter wash on a cold winter day
slowly inhale scents of biscuits & grits
chance childhood memory from decades away

i blink quickly retreating to maturity
and red-hot iron stove cools into past
yet i want this dream to come back to me
so i close my eyes and attempt a recast

nostrils flanged i tentatively inhale
search oblique, a blind man without cane
aware now of cinnamon sticks and ginger ale
unaware from what memory, this reality came

but the scent is strong and sense of being
is both strong and impossible to place
is this a reminisce of past event agreeing
to return, for my mind to embrace 

did i meet someone while holding a drink
did unconscious tuck away some Christmas scents
does it now return within eyes-mind unblinked
does my id tap my ego with aromatic presents

immediacy and fulfillment are juxtaposed
total sensation of my experience complete
i hear nothing, see naught, with eyes closed
dreaming reality scents just waft in my nose

© Goode Guy 2014-01-31

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Around the next bend

I pick myself up and start once again,
I seem to find comfort in words from a friend.
Sometimes I feel like this all may just end,
There is always something around the next bend.

The clock on the wall reminds me time is real.
There just isn’t enough, that’s how I feel.
My eyes opened up and that’s a pretty big deal.
I may beg and borrow but I never shall steal.

I walk through the door, I wanted something more.
What this encompasses I’m really not sure.
When I’m alone and don’t think I can endure,
I know what’s in my heart, of this I am sure.

I look up to the sky, it is clear and so blue.
I take the next step but don’t know what to do.
I know I’m a dreamer yet I know what is true.
That the course that you take is all up to you.

I think to myself I may be coming around,
I feel so much, but I don’t know where I’m bound.
Suddenly from nowhere I just hear a sound,
My head’s in the clouds but my feet hit the ground.

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Suicide Survives

Fictitious families
Dysfunctional means
Compromised children
Capricious teens

Serrated self-loathing
Culling scarred skin
Dapper diagnoses
Dulling depression’s din

Psychotropic pulses
Sedentary screams 
Subjugated subjects
Catharsis of dreams

Dusk dawning
In convenience’s vanity
Vociferous voices
Pilfering sedated sanity

Slurred smiles
Lithium lies
Hanging from vestiges
Suicide survives

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Saturday night Enterprise

Saturday here on the holodeck
Jiminy Cricket dances around
to keep baser instincts in check
theoretical ethical dilemmas abound.

The holodeck is like dream time
capable of desires and fantasies
events both horrifying and sublime
played out, life across the galaxies.

An actor on a stage of possibility
can play the part of hero or villain
dastardly or the epitome of civility
darker motifs behind curtain hidden.

Which, to be or not to be, selected
choose, and get into character to portray.
Is the actor the character, or unaffected
by the actions of the part that he plays?

Is it harmless release to play it "bad"
and too, is it no value to play the "good".
Was Hamlet's character really raving mad,
or the sheriff far worse than Robin Hood?

All the world's a stage, us merely players
might go beyond the cornered universe
to philosophers, hucksters, soothsayers
all who purport good to bad and obverse.

The doors to the holodeck close "shwoosh"
and our man by the door gives a nod
tonight's experience might be an ambush
or tomorrow's wizened connecting rod.

Life's lyrics still sing melodious tunes
for singers, actors, and audience to decide
Jiminy with umbrella and hat, so croons
"Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide."

© Goode Guy 2011-06-08

tweeeeeeeeeeet...all hands report to the holodeck!

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Fire With Fire

It’s freezing in this house tonight.
It’s, I’m, and I need you here,
My flame, first fire, burning ember,
I glow for you and you alone.

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The long and winding road

The long and winding road is the journey today
Time flies by regardless of what I do or say
The rain commenced falling down from the sky
Teardrops from heaven as the angels all cry.

No big adventure so I feel a bit lost
I would pay any price regardless of cost
I just go out, I have many chores to do
Grocery shopping is perhaps the hardest to get through.

 Never quite get all the things that I need
Though I conceal my hurt, I still bleed
My heart feels heavy I don’t know if I can go on
Things suddenly appear, then disappear and are gone.

Some of them I wish would stick around for a while
They make my heart happy as I dawn a smile
 Like everything I care for I know soon it will be gone
It’s like history repeating, that same old sad song…

It sounds sort of sad but I have learned to adapt
I lose the four walls where once I was trapped
The road may be long but I am back on track
Just one step forward yet ahead of the pack.

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The Mirror

What did my eerily observant mirror so boldly reveal 
to me this morning as I so cautiously gazed into its soul?

It quipped "Hey lummox,might as well limp back to bed, 
the eyes of the world will mistake you for an over-sized troll."

Many times it speaks this extremely critical 
evaluation of me.So often, in fact, I can no longer ignore.

I have been rather proficient at turning a deaf ear
to its snide, painful remarks, but now it's cutting me to the core.

It willingly continues " You better stop 
trying to appease the god of the gut.

Forget about bacon and eggs,
cookies and cakes, candies and nuts.

And yes, include on the list, donuts and pastries,
ice cream and chocolate, even Fritos and chips.

Crisco would be jealous of you, you tub o' lard. You've surrendered
to the demon of gluttony for so long now, I mean, c'mon, get a grip.

And let's be real here, this farce of an exercise 
routine you endear yourself to is all mirrors and smoke.

How many calories do you think you burn off
simply looking, be it so desperately, for your precious remote?

You might even want to drag your behemoth butt  off
the  couch while watchin' the tube and do some crunches.

Instead of waiting till the commercial break to
 waddle out to the kitchen to refill your beloved munchies.

Let's see, there's tennis, running, swimming, 
biking, even just walking..... exercise programs galore.

But nooooo, for you that means change doesn't it?
It's not worth it even though you barely fit through the door."

But as there are two sides to every story, so too is
there another mirror even more significant than the first.

It happens to be God's "love letter" that reflects honestly and with
prevailing irony.It captivates us with mention of real hunger and thirst.

It also talks of changes we need to make 
if we don't want life to "take it's toll".

Not so much on our fleeting flesh
as on our eternal soul.

These words, like a soothing salve, are 
universal.Oh yes, they are ours for the taking.

And they can buoy us and comfort us on those 
many days when that "other mirror" we feel like breaking.

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command six

kill the Catholic, kill the Jew
kill them all, draw sword 'n' slay 'em
kill the Muslim, the Buddhist too
spill their blood, creating mayhem

kill the Taoist, kill the Zen
kill the agnostic, kill the skeptic
kill all religious, come back again
wash away everyone seen as septic

kill the women, kill all the men
that other tribe, who you eschew
everyone who might be your brethren
take weapon in hand and kill them too

kill that other race of beings
kill the innocent, kill too, the guilty
kill anyone with peaceful leanings
kill wholly with unspeakable cruelty

kill all hope of ever finding peace
kill yourself for your own release
kill believing you'll justify
all these hates that in you lie

© Goode Guy 2011-06-04

the only good ___ is a dead ___ ...know it's sarcasm, ok

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True or Not True

True or Not True

No one loves me baby
Cause I am dog gone mean.
I have to have my way
Or I start to shout and scream.
(NOT true!)

I am as helpless as a kitten
Or so it seems.
I wear verbal boxing mittens
Beneath blue moonbeams…
(True?  Or NOT true?)

There is no time for hugging
Passion is very lean.
I am fearful of a mugging
And all things in between…
(PART True!)

No one loves me baby
I am in my safety shell.
I do not mean maybe.
It is thicker than…Oh, well.
(PART True.)

Hey.  Do you poets love me?
I think I am turning green.
I am looking in the mirror.
But my face is not seen.

Hatred, envy… I abhor.
I am opinionated.
Heavenly ways, I adore.
Godly love anticipated.

Who loves me, baby?
I can only say for sure.
God and Jesus love me.
They are my hope and cure.

Okay.  Okay!  Okay!!!
Many love me dearly.
Both here and up above,
I feel your love near me.
(Thank you and God above.)
© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    January 3, 2010

Inspired by Deborah Guzzi’s “Who Loves You, Baby” contest.

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they say we'll come to our end one day
they say we just won't matter
they say we'll become our own prey
with thoughts as mad as a hatter

they say we'll run out of water
they say we'll run out of food
they say we'll kill or be slaughtered
they say we'll come to no good

they say civility's near an end
they say there's no use in tryin'
they say our actions only portend
civilization's weakness's underlyin'

they say we don't know what we're doin'
and perhaps it's true, we don't 
seems like the whole world we're screwin'
but maybe the prediction's overblown

maybe there's another bend to turn
maybe there is another angle
maybe 'stead of like before, we'll learn
to sort our emotions to better unscramble

maybe love can actually conquer fear
maybe there's a brighter dawn to come
today's weathered is tomorrow's all clear
maybe empathy is our new rule-of-thumb

© Goode Guy 2011-08-08

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...a self analysis

So this is all there will be from now on,
since I've made up my mind to depart;
no more TV, no talking, no people, no fun,
no more girlfriends who play with my heart. 

I'm a timid and tremulous creature,
always wearing my soul on my sleeve;
I can't for the life of me step on a bug
but I simply don't know how to leave;

how to leave things behind when they're done,
how to let go a friendship that's dead,
not to disinter love when it's all in my mind,
and take charge of my own life instead.

It's all just a question of balance, 
why must I suffer such pain?
if I see life as good judgment, good sense, 
then I'll get my control back again!

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Sea and Solitude

Light in abalone
breaking iridescent skin
Know me or don't know me
but by all means, please let me in

Sea storm undercurrent
stirring swirls of liquid sand
Serve as my deterrent
as you take me by the hand~

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Gazing into the far away
Staring at the blank page
Not a word, yet so much to say
To fill an empty stage

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The Artist Formerly Known As God

Black canvas
Curved space
Sterling stars
Evolved grace
Painted planets
Yellow sun
White noise
Prodigal son
Bleeding brushes
Dripping plight
Solemn strokes
Sequestered light
Turgid sky
Acid rain
Burning questions
Dangling reigns
Charcoal commandments
Acrylic themes
Smeared signature
Scientific schemes 

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A New Man

I shall take my pen in hand
Though it is late at night
A single man making a stand
Trying to do what’s right

Which is something hard for me
Though I cannot place why
All the skies, tries and alibis
Just spill the tears I cry

I never knew where they landed
Nor did I ever care
All I knew these words are true
There was nobody there

A fear a tear and a thousand beers
Could not wash them away
Before I even said a word
I had nothing to say

Fight the night and live the light
Always be who you are
Today I was wrong is the song
I should not go so far

A bigger man a stronger stand
My anger just erupts
My love for my friends
Could fill a trillion cups

All the years spent in the pen
It’s hard to let it go
Nickel a dime it’s all just time
Buried inside my soul

I would die for you it is true
I have no fear of death
Held those I loved in my arms
I tasted their last breath

The pain, strain and awful game
Just keeps on spinning by
Even though so many years ago
I just stopped getting high

Now who am I, I am the sky
The salt within your tear
Darkest threat and worst regret
That you will ever hear

I think awhile and crack a smile
Because inside I know
That the words I write are my plight
And now I share your soul

Written for Kristin's contest, God Bless

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To give and give and never take back. That
in essence is pure satisfaction. In a sense
it opens up the senses
and helps you find what you've been looking for.

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Some things

There are things we learn we don’t want to know.
Things we want to stay but have to let go.
Things we can’t see that shall start to show.
Things that we plant that never will grow.

There are things we see that disappear.
Things that are far while others are near.
Things that scare us and fill us with fear.
Things that make us sad, we shed a tear.

There are things we cherish learn to love.
Things that are gifts sent from heaven above.
Things the just stay that we can’t get rid of.
Things that mean peace like seeing a dove.

There are things that we dream that never come true
Things that block our way and we can’t get through.
Things that we can try but can never do
Things that are red and think they are blue.

There are things we can see when we close our eyes
Things like clocks that mark the passing of time.
Things that are distant and as vast as the sky.
Things that are like wings so we can fly.

There are things that define us who we can.
Things that are beacons so we are able to see.
Things that hold us back others set us free.
Things that are the pieces, making up me.

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Summer's End

Leaves crash to earth
As summer's end
Finds us
To rebirth

Bare trees
And solitude
Of winter
Does reverse

The bright sun
But all
Lend verse

We stand
To nature's play
And freezing curse

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In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see the promise of today.
They seem to glimmer from the words I say.
The sun does set to mark another day.
I wish for the light to never go away.

In your eyes I can view this vision.
It may need work a little more revision.
As I see I am reminded of all conditions.
All that comes results of my decisions.

In your eyes I see the beauty of a soul.
The pieces join together making me feel whole.
Still I feel a void my heart has a hole.
Two souls swimming inside this fish bowl.

In your eyes I see all I want to be.
I see perhaps how you view me.
The ebb and flow is like the sea.
Waves crash down and I feel free.

In your eyes I view the moon and stars.
Sparking with hope, remaining afar.
Distance grows closer, never too far,
Jumping higher when someone raised the bar.

In your eyes I see both sadness and joy.
I see a man grow up from just a boy.
You show me of the gift that I employ.
Lead me to the path which I do deploy.

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It wasn’t till sleep's midnight
that I heard the down-pouring 
of day fade-away, only
to give-in to a gospel of rain.

Struggling to re-live folk tales, 
mortal owl and pot of porridge.
“If you can see what fills you up,
you can drink from Nature’s cup.”

Looking over the edge of earth,
listening to the waterfalls.
Watching the lost ships fall-off
and asking if I should give-in.

And there, just outside of Spring,
two pink rose buds opening.
As a slivered moon sings,” Winter
has not turned-over His reign.”

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Distantly dreaming

Distantly dreaming of a life that has passed
Running and dodging the shadows it cast.
Life flies by, seems it moves way too fast
I hope this feeling grows and that it shall last.

Distantly dreaming of moments yet to come
I envision myself outside standing in the sun.
I see who I am and dream of who I shall become
The weight on my shoulders, it feels like a ton.

Distantly dreaming I just close my eyes
I see myself flying so high in the sky.
Moment like the breeze simply pass by
I feel there is no one luckier than I.

Distantly dreaming of reaching new heights
I give it my best it shall take all my might.
The past is behind but it has taken a big bite
A cold wind awakens as I pass into the night.

Distantly dreaming I just wish on a star
I see this big moon and it doesn’t seem far.
The light shines down to reveal who you are
I shall jump higher, for someone raised the bar.

Distantly dreaming I’m right back at the start
I’ve seen it before so I remember the part.
I see all before me with this dream in my heart
The memories become the glue so I don’t fall apart.

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what was meant

to start, eviscerating her muse
cut her up and analyze her
throw her heart into tea leaves
meat her mind and so dissect her

her depth is unfathomable
enigmatic as an ancient nation
was she down in the consumables
drinking deep the Muses libation

entrails lain out in between
what came into her head
what she inspires, what she means
how good is she in bed

what was meant of point of view
each to glean from field of meaning
seeds of inspiration equal to
what was meant and what was seeming


to start, eviscerating his muse
cut him up and analyze him
throw his heart into tea leaves
meat his mind and so dissect him

his depth is unfathomable
enigmatic as an ancient nation
was he down in the consumables
drinking deep the Muses libation

entrails lain out in between
what came into his head
what he inspires, what he means
how good is he in bed

what was meant of point of view
each to glean from field of meaning
seeds of inspiration equal to
what was meant and what was seeming

© Goode Guy 2011-10-03

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bang it hit me

the big bang I'm told was the perfect place
for the universe to begin to save its face
and blast away false fascias and chaos
to show to its master, who was the boss

yet all flew apart in accelerated directions
and things went awry in a beautious way
tangentally curving in arced circumspection
galaxies spewed forth to a timeless decay

then life set about to see our sun winking
later sapiens emerged and soon began thinking
very deep thoughts, as deep as they'd muster
of quarks, black holes and far-off star clusters

in passing, I was able to conscript serendipity
from times distant of our space-time continuum 
to pull an idea from that ancient antiquity
that others might be in this universal aquarium

in some cosmic queue, as thinking matters stew
in their large heads, if they even have some
they wonder about us, who we are, what we do
whether we're intelligent or merely pond scum

now when i sit in some colossal traffic jam
irritated and annoyed at the world, I am
reminded of that other, somewhere out there,
and I smile a bit and think of their welfare

© Goode Guy 2011-12-01

Better pull over before it overheats...


"We're all in this, alone" - Lily Tomlin

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Sometimes I’m down but never out.
I get lost within the shadows of doubt.
I learn a lesson of what life is about.
My journey takes a different route.

Sometimes I win while others I lose.
Not everything turns out as you choose.
I look past the surface to find some clues.
I get knocked down yet I’m up is the news.

Life is what you make it, it is a choice.
You have to speak up and use your voice.
Everything becomes part of what you say.
Every way is different, much like a new day.

The sun returns with it returns hope.
I slip but continue to climb the rope.
All things may not be as they appear.
I refuse, to surrender to my fear.

Each step I take is another one made.
As the sun sets, the light does fade.
Though the fabric appears tattered and frayed,
I find my way back from the path that I strayed.

I lay down to rest and close my eyes.
I dream of stars that brighten the skies.
When it does not go well I shall revise.
I see my life is a series of compromise.

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Left to chance

            Left to chance

So much in this life is just left to chance
What I see becomes different upon second glance.
Sometimes I get lost and don’t know where to go
I’m so glad to see you yet I seem to choke on hello.

I head to the east the sun shines in my eyes
The possibilities open up to the bluest of skies.
Still my mind wanders and wonders about why
Seconds become hours as the day passes by.

I see all these things yet I’ve seen them before
All I was quite certain of today I’m not so sure.
 As a window just closes, it opens a door
I think right before me I see what is in store.

Sometimes its tricky things aren’t as they appear
What I view in the distance are different when near.
I still stay my course; I have nothing left to fear
I find a place in my heart for all that I hold dear.

The sun goes down and the day does end
I feel like my heart is beginning to mend
A new start arises from the ashes of an end
Maybe I’ll find my place around the next bend.

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Halls of steel and concrete, 
massive Cyclopean towers 
of immodesty where moguls
bask in gross extravagance. 

Children in neglect, 
souls with haggard faces, 
ekeing out their livelihoods 
with hopes and modest means.

Versions of prosperity;
the rich man pads his pockets while 
the poor man haunts his tenement,
struggling to smile.

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Wine, Women, and Song

Wine, women and song-
delirious impressions
both over- and understated.
Nonsense to the uninitiated.

This is how my daydream began:
gyrating  on stage with long hair
like and adolescent shaman-
visions of a young Jim Morrison.

Wine, women and song-
punk, funk, southern boogie drunk
battle ax guitars, pounding drums
blacken and brutal beer soaked bars.

This is the dream come true:
an insidious reality
that suddenly struck rude.
Nonsense to the uninitiated. 

Now, it is still the wine
women and song that I long for. 
Indelible impressions
both over-and understated. 

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maybe Epicurus might'a been furious
if he'd lost all of his desire
combed the ground, to look around
for lost wants to quench his ire

where'd he drop his taste for food
and pour out his tongue for wine
no lyre to pluck his ire for good
no nimble lover to limbly entwine

no want for jaunt to walkabout sea
or hope to climb pinnacled knowledge
the soul enslaved to desireable plea
too hard released from its bondage

just might want philosophy to be
freeing of fears brings tranquility
no purpose repurposed for plan B
afterlife ever after an impossibility

yet, today is right here, right now
and we all can provision it wisely
accept what joy providence will allow
see, as he, an Epicurean view blithely

© Goode Guy 2011-12-05

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Looking Down Into the Valley

                                                       Looking Down Into the Valley

                                                     Looking down into the valley,
                                                     I close my eyes and dream.
                                                     I dream about a different world
                                                     For things are not as good as they may seem.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where there’s peace and harmony,
                                                     A world with much less violence
                                                     And much less conflict for all to see.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where all can make ends meet,
                                                     A world with much less hunger
                                                     And one where starvation we defeat.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where there’s love for me and you,
                                                     A world where people care
                                                     And are helpful to others, too.

                                                     Looking down into the valley,
                                                     I dream about a better day,
                                                     A day that brings us joy
                                                     And happiness in every way.

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he stands amid the dusted rays
of beams from smudged, windowed days
casting light on the words below
pressed flat upon papered page

he's been here since before sun up
stained and smelling of turpentine
surveying the thoughts he's pressed
quickly he hangs the page to dry

then re-inks the typeset laid to table
and inserts another piece to press
pulling at the screw-pressed platen
repeating process his labors express

his desire to enlighten the world
not just his neighbors informed to tell
ideas and thoughts carried on back
ancestors haunched with ink and quill

before them criers cried the street
events be known upon lips aloud
spreading ideas throughout the land
difficult to speak beyond the crowd

and unbeknownst to him and kind
someday in future ideas are spread
with something called electricity
through wires and waves on into head

to reach to you my heartfelt soul
ideas with emotions and feelings said
until now, thoughts sweetest aspirations
words spread like jam on slice of bread

words, like feelings toil quietly
carry your touch and feeling along
to distant lands and distant times to
give life's meaning, therefore prolong

what the publisher and writer wish
to convey to all able to read or hear
that thought, like life, is precious
held close at hand, the mind made clear

© Goode Guy 2011-08-09

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Another Year

I’ve always rode into the wind
Just searching for a little taste
I know there were so many years
Behind Steel bars I went to waste

I went without a tender touch
Years I spent with no one to hold
There is no way to light the fire
When everything feels very cold

I lost all touch with Mother Earth
And everything that I hold dear
I longed to hear a tender word
As water filled my eyes with tears

I could smell your scent in my dreams
And see the beauty of your face
That’s the pure hell of doing time
Facing one more year in this place

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that dime that our life can turn upon
what was wanted, been attained, then gone
to pick from our ground, a penny of thought
of that bill-of-goods we sold and bought

yet i don't give quarter or take a bit
life's bill-of-fare, a fair tendered chit
was well worth the price paid for the meal
repast appetizing, an apperceive of appeal

even the plug nickels, so changeably fickle
add spendable cash, little by little 
jangling softly in cottoned pocket of view
many possible paths in the future to pursue

now i coin a phrase, of my future's purloin
saving, always saving my hard-earned coin
that these timely baubles, carried all my life
would fill these longings 'til last contrived

steal a way, deal away, life is too short to say
all i'd ever need, any life's part to portray
scene of some endings, some sense of complete
with a discrete life lived, ample and sweet

change is, in fact, what life's all about
our metamorphosis occurs day in, day out
only left, if we're lucky, with our memories
of life's experience and all its vagaries

© Goode Guy 2012-02-19

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brushing up

i brush up on my painting skills
the room in my mind is slated clean
pastels under foot bring cheap thrills
actively brewing my mental caffeine

with keen anticipation i open the can
and scents arise from creamy hues
to stir my emotions i alight cyan
thoughts stir to pigmented chartreuse 

kneeling down i brush away worries
and bristle with newfound anticipation
at the thought of bright plains i hurry
and spread my floor with new elation

glistening pigment flows on smoothly
a shiny coat of colorful armor
untimely realization comes on cruelly
i've painted myself into the corner

a cascade of colored phrases come to mind
glossing over the predicament i'm in
trying for semblance of this puzzled find
some solution elegant to dissuade chagrin

should i wait it out for paint to dry
only now i read directions on the can
six to eight hours as time goes by
can my bladder hold on to this game plan?

pigment slowly dries as bladder does not
frustration grows as i search other ideas
could someone come rescue me, a long shot
if i called out, would they hear my pleas

no easy way thought to get off the hook
the whole plan was just full of holes
whatever made me decide a new look
my path is clear as i paint my soles

© Goode Guy 2011-06-22

oh those colorful phrases ;-)

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Where life goes

I arrive at the fact I should know better.
When the rain does fall I only get wetter.
Someone comes up as the cold wind blows,
It just makes me wonder where life goes.

I open my eyes yet still it is dark,
The thoughts in my head fall apart.
The light comes up and then it all shows,
Sometimes this is where life goes.

The lines on my face seem to grow bolder,
Every day I’m another day older.
Time goes by uncertainty grows.
Still I wonder where life goes.

Sooner or later I resign to the fact,
When I go too far I must turn back.
If I stay on this path I lose part of my soul
Again I still wonder where life goes.

I look again it’s like a vanishing act.
I look for my cards inside of the stack.
I place my cards down but I should hold.
Instead they blow away and I must fold.

The sun always rises to chase away the dark.
It delivers me softly to a place that is light.
Where once I was blind now there is sight
I seem to find just a little more fight.

The more that I see it gets harder to be,
But it’s all in my mind it is still up to me.
The sky opens up and it begins to snow,
Buried beneath is where life goes.

I look for my hope around the next bend.
Intentions return from the ones that I send.
I stand at the crossroads, nobody knows
What is the answer to where life goes?

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Where is home

Home is where the heart is I left mine with you
I hope you send it back when all this is through
I long to find a place that I can call home
Where I can be myself and not feel alone.

Home is not a thought but more a state of mind
Safety and happiness along with peace of mind
It seem like a word but it is so much more
Maybe I’ll find home around the next door.

I start to see how I lived my life through you
Becoming uncertainty not knowing what to do
You always stood beside me until I lost your trust
This search for my love became tarnished by lust.

Through it all something still changed inside of me
The blinders removed, I became able to see
I really always needed you to just be my friend
I find myself fighting but what was I trying to defend.

But time moves on and things just change
What was once familiar now is strange
I see the casualties but manage to survive
As I realize today I am just glad to be alive.

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On The Rebound

On the rebound, a little scared
Am I moving too fast?
Foot on the gas
Should I stop here?

Never felt so good! Never like this!
On top of this mountain!
Feels so damn good!
Maybe just catch my breath!

Euphoria meets forlorn
Though Hearts and minds in sync
Pen and paper the medium
Dare to love another mortal blindly?

Take a good hard look!
See the whole picture?
Follow head or heart?
Too late!  I’m already there!

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I saw the moon at mid-day,
Pale, behind the drifting clouds.
It seemed the day was muted,
As if  whispers would be too loud.

I walked out into the desert,
Watching the shadows cast.
Perhaps the moon at mid-day
knows the secrets of the past.

The leaves of change are falling.
Tomorrow’s path is charted. 
We see the moon at mid-day,
when the stage's veil is parted.

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Part of the deal

There are some things about love you don’t want to know. 
That when all is forsaken, it continues to grow.
A breeze blows upon me but it always shall blow,
The seeds that you plant become the harvest you sow.

Passions run deep they are deep as a well.
There’s much to the story that words can’t tell.
It all sound familiar it may ring a bell
I was running my fastest when I tripped and fell.

I’ll just turn in I’m in need of some sleep.
The still water continues to get too deep.
You still climb the hill though you know it’s too steep,
The rain starts to fall as the angels do weep.

Maybe tomorrow I shall be on my way,
As I think of the price for the things that I say.
I hope it shall get better but it never may,
We have to hold in our hearts what we have today.

Sometimes I feel lost and don’t know where to begin.
It all seems the same, whether I lose or win.
I remember no heart from the man made of tin, 
You can save yourself or give in to sin.

I wonder often seems it’s much a part of me,
I do what I do and I see what I see.
We all know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,
As I think to myself there is no where I’d rather be.

The moon comes out and shines so bright,
Where once it was dark now there is sight.
I’m hoping perhaps I can follow the light,
I just see how it is and I don’t want to fight.

Maybe I was thinking about what is real,
The price that I paid wasn’t such a good deal.
 I just always give in to the way that I feel,
I wasn’t aware that this was part of the deal…

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The island

I awoke to this cold winters day
I feel as though I've become just what I say
I'm much like an island except I feel such pain
Much like a rock that cracks after years of rain.

I look outside the window the four walls are closing in
It all appears the same but then the changes begins
I don't know why I let things get this far
Only to wake up the island is who you are.

I'm not made of rock there's blood in my veins
Like the rock turns to sand the blood starts to stain
My shores have been eroded by so much time
The past that haunts me is just inside my mind.

A wave crashes up and I'm washed from the shore
The current has swept me up I'm not the island anymore
I seem to find peace in the little things you say
Will I ever I make it back perhaps I never may.

I step out with the path at my feet
I don't seem to know the people I meet
It really doesn't matter because the island is to blame
I drop my head and walk away in shame...

The dawn does come and the words just come out
Released from their bonds by the shadows of doubt
The winds of change upon me the wind is at my back
The island is no more and is under attack.

I look outside my window not knowing what I'll see
On the outside looking in I seem to just be
Not such a lost soul yet still drifting at sea
The island became the biggest part of me.

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nectar vector

butterfly sits serenely, it's wings unhinged
sucking sweet floral juice un-impinged
by matters bigger, of a more peopled face
emotions acrid alkaline, or bitter base

that many of those humans seem to display 
'stead of slurping the juices of the day
caring not for gross domestic products
graduated taxes or other manly constructs

the butterfly only flies in search of mate
another of the species with which to relate
and a cup'o sweet nectar on which to go
flit flower to flower, drinking its Bordeaux

and sunning itself throughout heavenly days
slighting world concerns, taking come-what-may
oh, that I might learn the butterfly's ways
flying happily, inhaling flower's bouquets

© Goode Guy 2011-07-12

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Ekphrastic afternoon

while sitting at a local literary Louvre
with artists and some other radicals
waiting for return of grammatical groove
that had left me on today's sabbatical

I stumbled for some heartfelt words
to share with you of artistic notions
of whether art is abstract or more absurd
can it cure our ills with colourful potions

and quietly the souls walked the walls
of painted lands and many female forms
to search their own inspiration's calls
outside their box of artistic norms

macroed with micro muted brush lines
of sultry legs and strong countenance
whatever treasure is sought we will find
with some ingrained artful provenance

like Samuel Morse as student of masters
copied Da Vinci from the Parisian museum
hued new light on Mona Lisa to recast her
and express his own artistic freedom

we give out hope of showing of ourselves
that bit of soul our heart holds close
down new pathways that we delve
our hands stretch toward divine, almost

© Goode Guy 2011-09-17

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His Spirit moves over me as I see
Something that could be good, will depeople
My tax dollars will go for genocide
Lord have mercy on this very great people

Not only will this cost pass on to states
God who loves earth how long will you abide
Lord have mercy on this very great people
My tax dollars will go for genocide

We won't be fit for the kingdom of God
This nation is to be an example
My tax dollars will go for genocide
Lord have mercy on this very great people

If we do good, centuple blessings come
When we do bad, God's grace can not abide
Lord have mercy on this very great people
My tax dollars will go for genocide

(First attempt at Mirrored Refrain..Thank you Jared for the challenge..Not an entry in the 

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Set free by destiny...

Swooped upon by fate...

Maturity relinquished...

...revolving use by date...

loaded with experience...

just too hard to please...

Negativity rejected...

Exclamation mark! ease...

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Crescent Moon

Crescent moon, cool breeze
Pastel sunrise through the trees
Willow tree moves with ease
To the music of the bees

On the morn of my despair
When no love seems to be there
Then the small still voice
Sings out to join the chorus

My child, my child love
I'm pouring over you
Love from the golden shore
Love eternal forever more

Ten thousand angels.. maybe more
Lifting me up and surrounding me
Carrying me to His shore
Touching healing me... in silence

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Lines in the sand


I wake this morning, not sure where to start.
I just feel this void that’s inside of my heart.
I must still go on, yet don’t know if I can.
Sometimes I get lost, I don’t know who I am.

The sun comes up and brings forth light.
I feel fortunate to have escaped the night.
The dream keeps playing inside my head.
The signals are changing from green to red.

I know I must dream for them to come true.
Demons still haunt, though night time is through.
I feel like a stranger in some distant land.
As I bend down to draw a line in the sand.

Each time I draw one I say never again.
I see the last time and remember when.
I keep crossing over, yet don’t understand,
The wind blows erasing the line in the sand.

So I try to hold on to what does remain.
Though it's familiar it can’t be the same.
I wonder of life and playing this game.
I grasp for the answers yet know I’m to blame.

I resign to the fact I must be just tired.
I gaze at the clock my time has expired.
Many things don’t turn out as I had planned.
I bend down to draw another line in the sand.

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Snow and Silence - For Ellie

Shine a candle in the shadows
break the glow stick green
Conquer those New England days
You know what I mean
Tree limbs tapping at the window
frost on rivulets grey
Open up the blinds and melt them
into words you've yet to say
Soak in bubbles brought to boiling
swirled in steam and sleep
Break the silence with emotion
I am yours to keep.

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did the Greek philosopher Socrates
ever have thoughts of his own mediocrity,
did Buddha in meditation contemplate
belly-button lint in his belly button sedate?

maybe some Confucian spiritual medium
pondered dust in minute trivial tedium.
did Newton while conjuring Newtonian physics
diverge integrals to converge sum to basics?

who might think the relativity Einstein thunk
of rusted tin-cans, rocks and other space junk
the universal ideas of Hubble and Neils Bohr
might spring from ordinariness, not much more

did Jesus when building blocks of religion
view a mud stain on his robe with derision?
did Mohammed when thinking deep thoughts
find his mind became distracted, distraught?

did Edison surmise that he wasn't too bright
at candled table where he invented the light?
did Voltaire care what Michelangelo did know?
do mediocre minds reap what deep minds sow?

do great minds when thinking of great things
see the law-of-averages that mediocrity brings?
did Spinosa know that mundane goes a long way 
to get most'a us through an ordinary day

my supposition is, yes, even great minds digress
intrinsically, mediocrity, is part of all humanity

© Goode Guy 2011-09-22

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I lie here thinking
And think of tomorrow
The day after that
And the next days tomorrow

Where will i be
The day after that
Another day passes
Another stat

Decisions are made
Reasoning is passed
When decisions are delayed
Tomorrow is last

So all out there
Understand me
I very much doubt
I will ever be free

This statement i say
Is from heartfelt sorrow
For if no decisions are made
Then there is no tomorrow

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at the altar

what do we bring to sacrifice,
to the altar of our fears
will the fear, itself, suffice
to wipe away these grieving tears

here, a satchel i take in stride
through the machine, my will to cede
and here, too, a bag of my pride
that it turns out, i didn't need

that old man has a video camera
and a young one totes a backpack
can we turn them outta here
for the bravery that i lack

and the child so innocent beside her,
that woman there with righteous shawl,
are mother and child vengeful saboteurs
would a flash of hate burst my wall

do i send my firstborn far away
did the world change to get more hate
is that the price my dread must pay
is that all my fright can relate

when i stand on this serene beach
is evil banished from my sight
is the violent tsunami out of reach
if i waive some liberty, some right

should land's crust pull asunder
and an abyss drop before my feet
would relinquishing fear pull me under
would, then, i go down in defeat

my god, what must i do to appease
when i stand before some conflagration
to vindicate, to assuage, to please
must i change my life's foundation

or can i only fear fear itself
to live as those i remember might want
take life day-to-day from off the shelf
without hate and fear, my dreams to haunt

Armageddon might be without love
but my world today is more than this
i refuse to live life devoid of
love and empathy and a bit of bliss

© Goode Guy 2011-09-08

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posthumous life

I think I'll die before I live
from time to time, I suppose
life seems more take than give
a cynical opinion sometimes shows

Michael, Gabriel or Azrael may
come to bring me my pink slip
and leave my future in disarray
ticket punched for the return trip

yet if I can get the jump on it
go ahead and postulate anyhow
a posthumous life might better befit
than what I've got here right now

today's stance an intractable position
a life well lived, for argument's sake
could depart now of my own volition
and leave some witticism at my wake

then folks who knew me, not one iota
could say "just seemed to be so content"
"though lately colder than North Dakota"
"To hell is what I think was meant"

and maybe I'll live on in my words
to make life both meaningful and bold
'stead of day's living for the birds
a posthumous life a thing to behold

'course I might need to think again
considering all the prose and cons
my best thinkin' might be just insane
afterlife might be a big come on.

maybe it's not any better than this
my Shangri-La might be right here
too hard to look back and reminisce
if I just posthumously disappear

© Goode Guy 2011-06-27

dear friends, we're gathered here...

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If I could go back in my life and change one thing 
Or even if I were allowed to go back and change it all
I don’t think I would want to change anything
Or try to make smooth weather of every squall

The hurts and ills I have caused shame me,
Bad choices  I’ve made and wrong roads I’ve taken
And hills I've not climbed  - for these, feel  free
To blame me for I was  in error   -  I was mistaken

But everything that has happened has led me here 
And this is where I am happiest,   though 
Not in perfect bliss  or even anywhere near, 
But  this is the garden in which I  can grow.

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Another New Year

With the end of a year another starts
Love appears to grow inside my heart.
I leave behind the old and embrace the new
I awake this morning to a sky so blue.

I think of beginning arising from ends
I remember the old embracing new trends.
All seems connected the past and future
What lies ahead I am really not sure.

I wonder about this brand new path
I try to add it up yet can’t do the math.
Though there is hope I remember the past
I see this new love and hope it shall last.

The year has changed yet I feel the same
I find myself searching to find the right name.
With the promise of this year I leave the past behind
But the memories still linger in the back of my mind.

I go out in the world and try something new
I feel quite lost and don’t know what to do.
I know that the love in my heart remains true
I look forward to spending this year with you.

I think that perhaps I should make a plan
I find myself back where I once had began.
I see that I must start over again
To have some faith and say Amen.

I plant some new seed in hope that they grow
In this new place there is much I don’t know.
I know you shall reap what the seeds you sow
Then I just feel, the cold winds blow.

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This wordless poem that I must write
Hold my final words until the end
Find and pervert the answers
To questions I did not intend

If I cannot see you
Do you remain unseen?
The frost of inner darkness
Stitches in my lips loosening

This wordless poem I must write
You must never wear the blame
Something always left to learn
I will wear this mask of shame

Stephen (Stoic)

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This Mother's Plea

I once had a bright, little gem 
How she'd sparkle, how she'd shine
With laughing eyes and a perpetual smile
What a gem, that daughter of mine

But one day the smile faded
And the laughter left her eyes
Somehow my little gem turned dark and cloudy
Such a change made this mother cry

I miss my bright, little jewel
I no longer recognize
The dim and gloomy gem that has lost her sheen
Brokenhearted, this mother sighs

Can my gem's luster be restored?
I wonder, what would it take?
Perhaps some of God's tumbling and polishing
Please, oh Lord, for this mother's sake                                                  

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The Past

Alone, inside my wounded mind
seeking answers I must find
the past, it rears its ugly head
to keep me filled with pain and dread
always wanting me to bleed
to fill a dark and vile need.

Too many years it's kept its hold
and left me lost in dark so cold.
In desperate tones I plead and pray
I beg it "please, just go away"!
Within my weary soul I grieve
fearing it may never leave.

I've fought so hard to be set free
from pain trapped deep inside of me
with no parole, sentenced for life
with pain that cuts with razor knife.
Still to this very day I fight
to kill the dark and keep the light.

Though tears flow from this womans eyes
it's still the little girl who cries.
Again, she sings the same sad song
feeling what she feels is wrong.
Always regretting to reveal
to the world the pain I feel.

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pre-ponderance of roads maps

out of sorts like something's missing
seems everything in life is preordained
vaguely sense today's unfilled blessing
maybe that's why life feels estranged

once, not enough, maybe all that we get
to glean from fields, our fruit and wheat
satiate our bellies, taste little regret
life's experiences that to us, taste sweet

if all of my days have been prearranged
then, that just begs the next question
must I antlike, walk a path without change
can't I wander life with self-expression

there's a price to be paid for stayin'
there's a price to be paid just to go
nothin' we don't know, I'm just sayin'
every goodbye is rebalanced with hello

roads there are many, fulfillment ahead
the road not taken, the one less traveled
makes a difference, stitching this thread
before our days on Earth come unraveled

so we're back to fork at current crossroad
and look down each, as far as can be seen
before we pick a path, next to be followed
to drive through life in our timeless machine

© Goode Guy 2011-12-15

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The world yearns for it.
The world longs for it.
The world pants for it,
And no, it will not quit....

searching for what 
is desired above all.
Will anyone ....anyone
heed it's beck and call?

The world is under 
such a constant strain.
And yes... it is a
never-ending refrain.

A continual threat
of terror and of war,
that we really
cannot ignore.

Agony and angst are
always knocking at the door.
And yes, more globally
now than ever before.

Fear, tension, and even despair
always seem to be in the air.
Must be cautious where we tread, 
that is ........ if we even dare.

God of this contaminated 
planet, this doesn't seem fair.
Is it because, as some say,
that you don't really care?

Oh no, that simply cannot be,
because history shows you on that tree.
That very special tree on Calvary,
dying there for our sins to forever bury.

So how foolish it would be
to think that you do not care.
When you left the comfort of heaven,
to come here....... your love to share.

So what is this thing
that the world really needs?
It's something that you want us
all to have.... so very much indeed.

It's a gift you offered us freely
as you retreated to your throne.
It's something you knew we needed, 
so we would not be alone.

This very special gift is the Holy Spirit,
and, oh yes, in Him we find great release.
In Him we find what the world cannot offer,
Only in Him we find that deep, abiding, peace.

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I trashed many deserving and precious loves in bloom
down my favorite path, where lovely lilacs grew;
I took everything they offered me with an eager hand,
but heartlessly buried thier worth underneath the cold sand... 

How did I become too inconsiderate, too selfish...
by showing no regard for their genuine feelings?
They loved me as if I was the only man alive having only one constant wish:
to spoil me with kisses and keeping me warm in their passionate embraces! 

I constantly bite my hyprocritical lips, thinking of what I have done,
and guilt pounds steadly inside to rebuke my unkind deeds;
they wanted friendship more than gifts and fun...
they are strangers now, ignoring my greetings!

Intentional or not, I pursued pleasure instead of amability,
taking advantage of their vulrerability, leaving their sincere hearts empty;
doesn't an impish child get what he wants with his annoying cries?
That was me, so insensible and unfair, stealing trust and affection to satisfy my urges...   

How did awareness reduce me to this state of misery?
They caught up with my clever lies and shut the door into my face,
reminding me that all good friends are hurt by dishonesty;
and now how can I win back their trust and not be affected by old malice?  

How did I become too inconsiderate, too selfish so driven by duality? 
I put me first, leaving their intense desires behind;
they deserved to be understood and be truly loved,
without an indication of doubt from someone too impervious to their plea... 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The written words

I find victory in the words that are heard.
The meanings behind all the written words.
I search for someone to just understand.
These written words define who I am.

I sit down to write never knowing the next.
The words come out of me I haven’t a guess.
I place the pen to paper and words come out,
Understanding arises from shadows of doubt.

I’m a bit of a dreamer yet dreams come true.
Many things in life are entirely up to you.
You just need to realize then you can see.
The words tell the story of who you will be.

I can’t speak of the future I live for now.
Tomorrow shall come I will be part somehow.
When you do this you will begin to know,
The story inside you shall start to grow.

When people understand I start to smile.
When the sky is clear I see for miles.
I try to catch the sentiments in my heart.
Some join together while others fall apart.

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I Crawl Into Me (Inner Peace Challenge)

Outside, you see a person, maybe calm, maybe not
A demeanor of which can be accepted, understood
Deep inside, however, there is turmoil, even chaos
Which leaves me to always just do, as I should.

I take a deep breath
There, then again
I let it all out
I breathe in again

Now closing my eyes
On a world, so mundane
I travel to my place
Where I am kept sane

Here, I sit on a cloud
So fluffy, so white
It’s a warm summer day
Sun shining bright

I watch all the people
As I take in the view
It’s a place of just wonder
For all the world, too

This place in my mind
Where sanity dwells
Relieves me of stress
Takes me from Hell

So, the person you see, sometimes happy, maybe sad
Is not necessarily that person that you think you see
For I live among you, walk the earth, live a life
But for salvation from the day to day, I crawl into me.

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What on Earth

Do you ever wonder 
why you are alive?
For what
do you really strive?

A beautiful new house 
with the manicured lawn?
State of the art fishing
equipment used even before dawn?

A Lexus,SUV, or Hummer
showing off in the driveway?
Or a supercharged Harley
that "flies" down the highway?

Or is it the big job promotion that 
puts you on the top of the mountain 
and has everyone praising you as
they gather around the drinking fountain?

Or maybe it is that "babe"
you need on your arm...
who thinks the world of you
because of your charm?

Quite possibly it is that emerald necklace
 or that perfect, colorless, diamond ring?
But you know that you can't settle for anything,
it's got to be the most equisite bling - bling.

But the Creator says that all this "stuff"
will one day be destroyed by fire.
And we know this as the absolute truth,
because one thing God cannot be is a liar.

So since we know 
this to be true,
what is it then 
that we must do?

We need to connect with Him,
stick to Him like glue.
Without Him our sky appears gray,
but with Him, we see so much blue.

We must praise Him and worship Him
for who He is and what He has done for us.
That is really what he created us for,
yes, in Him alone we must place our trust.

Then we need to find what is important to the King...
His passion for people and His amazing love for them.
And His intense desire for 
everyone to draw so very close to Him.

So we must think about more than ourselves.
In fact, a magnet is more what we must be.
Drawing some toward Jesus the Messiah,
In that, He would be extremely pleased.

Remember that everything we 
experience in this life is just temporal.
Except His word and our relationship with 
Him (or without Him),which is eternal.

So praise Him and worship Him,
He who sacrificed His very life for you.
And help to "magnetize" others,
that is the least we can do.

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There is a book that i call sticks
I read it often
I read it best
I know what it says
It says a whole lot more
It saves, as it's done many times before.

I place it in special places
I keep it by my bed
I keep it by my slider chair
It keeps me company
It's a connection to me Heavenly Father
I know it makes us all a sister or brother.

I know this to be the truth
Many would not believe me
Many would scoff at me
It is my rock and my salvation
My knowledge of Him grows and grows
It's the stickupmyknows.

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Love Is A Verb

Love is a verb.
Why don't you understand? 
It's not just something you can hold
or give from hand to hand.

When I say I love you
you don't know what I mean.
But, when I gently touch your face
the love can then be seen.

You need to see the action
not just hear me say
I love you and I will show you this
with actions every day.

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deeply, as i sit, i look far beyond
there exists a whole time before now
knowing, or not what's come upon
i can't seem to recall it somehow

your name, your place, your very face
in my existence mean so much 
i think back, try to valiantly retrace
who you are, where we met, and such

yet i see you now in this very moment
and think i recollect an idea put forth
to "live in the now" persuasively potent
that's the best i can manage henceforth

when i grow old, should i be demented
please remember as i try, but cannot
my expressions to you blank, absented
my love for you that i mostly, forgot

© Goode Guy 2011-06-22

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If I could write a painting
with words of line and form
this pen upon the canvas
your heart I would transform 

My carefully chosen palette 
would color every phrase
with tender loving strokes
painted vividly upon the page

Stephen (Stoic)

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Morbid Angel

Morbid angel
With that crooked gothic grin
Smearing licorice lipstick
On the licentious lips of sin
Morbid angel
Whimpering salacious sighs
Snagging the souls of men
In your fishnet thighs
Morbid angel
In sable studded noir
Matching spiked collars
With your high heel scars
Morbid angel
Black lace over ashen skin 
You’re late for school again
Much to your parent’s chagrin

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Start Real Living

Give me the chance to be alive
Then one's heart will really thrive
Out of it can come great joy
You can then treat life like a toy!

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Am I Losing Tomorrow?

It was today that I took notice
Of a void, there, in my view
What had I done? What has happened?
Please tell me, this cannot be true!

Words were placed, to not return.
Thoughts expressed, though not so clear.
People read, thinking the worst,
Truth be known, t’is I, with fear.

Should I remain, so tortured, here?

The hopes within, burning brightly,
Growing fervently deep in my soul.
To take things back, I wish I could now,
But things were said. I lost control.

It is with sorrow I approach you,
Seeking forgiveness, setting free.
My mind had lagged behind my words
What was said, just wasn’t me.

Can you forgive, I beg of thee?

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The Heart Stays

The Heart Stays
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Morning Glory cuddled high in the oak. 
Your bright lavender enlivened my heart,
Fear and pain overwhelmed; a dreaded yoke.
Then, God, outside my window, love starts.

Verdant!  Vine winds upon the gray-brown bark.
High above the unexpected is found.
Cascading like a bride’s bouquet, please hark!
Beauty was God’s simple gift yet profound.

Knowing, when all seems hopeless, even love.
That Heavenly Father knows how to give.
The simple things in life, gifts from above,
Like today’s Morning Glories, that there live.  

Tomorrow borne of sorrow, life may be.
Today, the darkest hour fades away.
Beyond the fear of death that one may see.
God lends a hand uplifting; the heart stays.

September 25, 2009

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Shore of Time

By the shore, the sun now sets.
Here I stand, but time forgets
Standing, looking upon the sea
Will time be my enemy?

Memories flood from way back when
My head now filled of now and then
Some good, some bad, but all are mine
If only now, I had the time.

Whoa, to be able to one day return
Go back to the days for which I yearn
The life of love, I shared back then
Then, all my love, to you I send.

But, here is the now, present and still
No chance to go back, except for the will.
I have that want, so maybe you’ll see
A better tomorrow may come back to me.

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Soul, still drifting in the subtle calmness,
undaunted and adamant;
never being effected by malicious intent,
never being accursed by words... 

Use extreme caution when transversing boundaries
of strange lands inhabited by mediums,
who are the seers that wish to replace God;
accept no invitation by affirming their cult...

Wise heart,, live according to your beliefs,
faithful and changeless:  never revere a false god,
the gold-adorned one who glitters
with the utter pretense of being the golden sun...

Preachers abound like the eagles of the Appalachians Mountains;
they relentlessly rove to snatch whoever is feeble,
to convert them to their preposterous creed;
I have seen many fall from grace and ask for forgiveness...

How wonderful and liberating is to live
never being accursed by words, or attached to fatal feelings of hurt;
how delightful and inspirational is to achieve
every possible joy that only faith can guarantee with a simple oath...

Footsteps, be attentive and shrewd,
look out for the one slandering with the tongue of the lewd;
eyes, judge people by their external appearance to minimize danger,
the distrustful look reflects the turmoil of their soul lucidly molded by Lucifer...   

Compassion can mitigate the misery of a miscreant,
and possibly transform his or her appearance with repentance,
never being accursed by words hailed from angry mouths;
if execution is justice, death won't change anybody's heart...  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Throw around legs
Throwaway hair
Biting her tongue
Tapping the chair

Dinnertime psychology
Filling her frayed mind
Undigested memories 
Too bitter to be confined

Eighteen years 
Blurred as if one
Opaque footsteps
Of a misbegotten son

“Dessert, mom?”
“No thanks, dear.”
Her plate is empty
Her conscience clear

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Black River

Sitting on the river bank
while black water pools and slips away
cleanses the spirit of all that was
with a spit polish brass on the dullest day
Invading the current with questioning
with feet skinned in white and bones
catching the answers in black water leaves
while they linger, then sink to their home
All of the motion, in rocking, in waves
All of the sounds brim with life
strip me to soul strings and play me like music
an orchestra dark and deprived
I'll never settle in silt and starvation
I'll never sink like a stone
Catch me a current out on the black river
Carry me back home, alone.

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To The Night

To the Night

To the night sky I am drawn
promises of the dawn
that I were night, light devoid
that I were the darkness of shadow

I would yearn for the cradle of light
unto others would I bless
twinkling gifts, starlets aglow
bright glow of souls borne aloft

To live in my own light
to drink into myself of the flames
that break forth from me
banish the night

Night, now do all songs of lovers awake
night, now thoughts of longing break forth
as a fountain
and my soul is the song of a loving one


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which vision is seen clearer, 
the smoke or the mirrors
the believers or the fearers
the far offs or the nearers

we all want to just believe
what is possible to conceive
we stick it out so to retrieve
what back then seemed too naive

yet we're on a one-way street
time marches ne'r to repeat
slicing our hours into discrete
ol' man time we cannot cheat

enjoying now and who we are
hands dip in life's cookie jar
life's blips flash on our radar
accept it's sometimes just bizarre

we may think we're some whomever
our names forgotten after successor
life apart can still be together
we're intertwined in time forever

living in past is not much choice
lessons learned from distant voice
sustain today with grace and poise
life and living we need to rejoice

© Goode Guy 2011-11-23

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Fetal footprints
Wading in watery wombs
Cocoons of creation
Kicking at life’s tomb
Expecting doctors
Reaching for tiny feet
Reading faint signs
Of hallowed heartbeats
Living lovers
Praying for the same
Paying for a procedure
To erase their baby’s name

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Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to be alone,
to wonder if you'll eat today 
or where you'll have to roam?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to be afraid,
to know you can't cry out for help
because you can't be saved?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to cry at night,
to wonder if there is a God
and if He'll ever make things right?

Have you ever wondered...
how it feels to ache inside,
to know you can't find happiness
and there's nowhere left to hide?

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Recent Problems

I’m battling demons I do not know
The ones you can never see
They seem to be always winning
Keep getting the better of me

My mind, it’s so weary from battle
My thoughts, they cannot get straight
I wish my life was just simple
But complexity remains my true fate

You’d think I’d have it together
With family to help, if they could
But no, my life’s just a mess
And it seems my choices, no good

My heart, it is in the right place
Always ready to fight a good fight
But my mind, it does no more pushing
It rolls over and says then good night

If the two could just come together
Then maybe I’d be sure to succeed
But alas, they always fail to align
While my heart is left there to bleed

So, these demons that seem to persist
Push me and poke and they prod
They weaken my very own will
They’re crowding me back to the sod

They’re burying my every attempt
I almost feel like just giving in
But then I’d have nothing at all
Because I’d let them all win

So, though my mind is now mush
My heart will carry my true
I know somehow I will beat them
If it’s the last ting that I ever do 

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When angels sing
Love begets love
In fluttering hearts
Of soaring white doves
Praying over predation
Tarrying above indolent blues
Serenity rains calm
In the cumulus of heliocentric views
Harrowed by hate
Beseeched by a crimson dawn
Hope sways on an olive branch
Dangling over civilization’s lawn

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Then Comes the Day

Shoes and blues and faded tattoos
The places that some people go
The wife the life the pain and strife
Things that we’ll never know

Rope some hope and a bag of dope
Becomes all that you are
To be true is impossible for you
Spinning upon a star

Then comes the day you put it away
Smiling bright inside
Because it’s true the things you do
What a wonderful ride

It’s so easy to see if you’re me
I have seen it all
When all the bad is what you had
Broken you will fall

The tears dry; you understand why
Cycle of the season
For through it all back to the wall
Everything has a reason

Reason is found spinning around
Memory that was lost
I guess all we do will come true
Long as we pay the cost

Everything in life comes at a price
The same applies to your soul.
What is the price you ask, that is
a question only you can answer.
When seeking Salvation look with
In for that is where true Salvation
is found. MJ

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Looking at the present state of things,
nothing is ever going to change,
and with a stubborness so definitive.
some people would rather suffer than challenge...

Reclaim your lost hope, that one which held you back,
making your accursed life as fiery as tempest; 
what tears did was drownimg you in their sorrow,
all your days were spent alone, not daring to trust in love...

Lives are cut off as timber is severed by eletric saws,
when it falls to the ground, only a thud is heard;
then they will loaded on trucks and the forest will moan their loss,
so is our saddened heart when it's emptied of all good things we loved...

Reclaim your lost hope, what once was rightfully yours,
see the big pitcure with new eyes and a more perceptive mind,
for too long you have been confined to loneliness;
now, open up your windows to the shining sun and proclaim your freedom...

Trashed acquintances may be regretted, but others you will find,
and fearlessly confront your obstacles and make them null;
reembrace the fervent faith that made you the strongest soul,
and as you go on living, remember not what made your teeth grind...     

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Only a few succeed
Countless fail
Choking on bills
Dreams that don’t sail
Foreclosure of fortune
Liquidated entrails
Empty homes
Lives for sale

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Help Me

Exigent words
Cogent and plain
Hanging beneath
A precipice of pain

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Destroyer of worlds
Means to an end
Mother of life
Come to my bed

Essence a pearl
A timeless chest
A bosom to treasure
A lust without rest

Guarded by religion
Practiced by men
Seduced by women
Foe or friend

Breeder of armies
Disease to spread
What’s your passion
Pleasure or death

I see your reflection
The heartbreak of intent
Forgive my advances
I need you again

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Concrete Dreams

Counterfeit smiles
Insipid hellos
Crossing paths
Destination known
Nobody has names
Just competing clothes
Glaring past glances
A forlorn flow
Stumbling off sidewalk
Onto crumbling street
Yet another sidewalk
Heads without feet
Lost to crowds
Blanched in between
Ponderous pedestrians
Rising steam
Tethered tomorrows
Skyscraper seams
Falling faces
Concrete dreams

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Rancid rancor
From a pungent poet
Sipping fermented anger
From a shoe of Moet
Caustic climax
Of a pernicious plot
Spilling into the holes
Of his soul’s rot
Lathered Laces
In a fuming froth
Tying her infidelity
In a knotted troth
Twisted tongue
Beneath a bedeviled bog
Silenced by frayed fingers
Beneath a drunken fog 

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Thank-You Garden

The garden is producing food
as we go about our day.
Without so much as a thank-you
this garden goes away.

While in full swing, we pick it's fruit
and never look back.
We haul it in as if it's loot
that fills our empty sack.

One day I'd like to thank-you
for the goodness you provide.
I hope I'll have the time to
but time passes like the tide.

No matter what you're thinking
I appreciate your care
Maybe you're just a garden,
but I'm sure glad you're there!!

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I tumbled down a desert road
The wind dusting my flaccid face
Asking the parched pavement
Where I could find another race 

My body was worn by life
Fading beneath an amber sky
Holding onto a jagged horizon
Whose god somehow led awry

I drank from the rusty ruins
Bleeding in humanity’s place
Searching for a fabled sign
That vanished without a trace

My eyes sank into the desert road
Wiping the film from promises past
Leaving the dust of this civilization
For one that would somehow last

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Swirling scuffling newspapers
Scrawling in civilized dirt
Alleyways devouring
Discarded stories of hurt
Sunken sorrel skin
Writhing in distended shame
Ingested figments of food
Decomposing depravity’s name
Corroded cans of compassion
Littering hunger pains 
Kicked into comatose corners
Prodded by public domain
Flaccid fingers of despair
Folded to somehow convey
God if you can hear me
I haven’t eaten in ten days

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Nature at your door
A spectacle of wonder
Live on channel four
Raucous reporters flailing
Beneath whistling knifes
Glued eyes anesthetized 
By potential loss of life
Ratings rapidly rising
Above muted horizontal rain
Complacency collapsing beneath
Just another hurricane
Clothed carcasses floating 
Down raging river roadways
My God was that my neighbor
With whom my daughter plays
Excuses evacuated
As a tragedy tunes in 
Nature doesn’t play politics
But it will kill your kin

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Let your soul stain the paper
Like your blood stains the floor
Smearing squalls of liquidated life
On the palms of your scribbled war

Squeeze your heartache with your hand
Like a sermon spills a pariah’s plight
Cleansing the sins of your visceral voice
With the tears from which you write

Strain the sediment of your strife
Like starvation scavenges a gutted shore
Siphoning the spoils of weeping wounds
Dripping from the lines of your lore

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One Silent Night

The moon and its crescent shape 
The owl in his flight
Seeing a deer out to play 
One silent night

For his whispering sighs
To hear them I’d fight
He went far away
One silent night

The rain on the roof 
His smile so bright
The things I missed 
One silent night

After all is done
I know I am right
My heart was broken 
One silent night

Forgiveness for self
A brand new light
I continued to love him
One silent night

Looking to find me
Almost but not quite
I don’t need him now 
Not One Silent Night

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I am turning my life around
I'm changing all my thoughts,
I'll concentrate on feeling good
And not on battles fought.

The Bible says "think on good things"
Forget about the bad,
And all good things will follow you
And really make you glad.

Excitement, joy, gratitude, love,
On these feelings I'll thrive,
And I will focus on the end
When love will come alive.

My Blessings will materialize
From in the Universe,
Where lots of gifts are all stored up
For those who want it worse.

I'll focus on prosperity
And no longer on debt,
I'll receive all God has for me
Life will be Great, I'll bet!!!

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Cardboard Box

Cardboard box
dormant and faded
tell me my life
forgotten and jaded

If God peeked in
would the Almighty sigh
he took my mom today
she taped your tattered side

Report cards, pictures
even a lock of blonde hair
grandma don't tell grandpa
I'm crying in his favorite chair

Why must we lose someone
to truly reminisce
was I really this happy once
him too I miss

Cardboard box
dormant and faded
tell me my life
forgotten and jaded

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Just Me

I'm not the "Scum from Swartz Creek".
I'm not the "Geek from Gaines".
I'm not the "Brat from Byron",
but the stigma still remains.

I've worn so many labels
and I've lived up to them all.
Refuse to be on display.
I just can't take the fall.

If what you see is ugly,
or just not what you'd be,
try to see how important it is
that you be you and I be me.

I'm not the Scum from Swartz Creek.
I'm not the Geek from Gaines.
I'm not the Brat from Byron,
but the stigma still remains.

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They laugh, they smile, they share their words,
A crowd of friendly faces, yet there’s uncertainty.
What do I say? How do I act? What do I share?
I really do not know or fear how to be just me.

I stand, I stutter, I fear every word I may say
Knowing I am completely different from each one.
Yet, they seem like a whole, connected in a way
So tightly, that my thoughts are to just run.

Friends? Friends? Can one truly define that?
I have no understanding of the concept, or just fear.
I know what I want, need or maybe just dream of,
But, yet think about leaving when people are near.

Why is it difficult when others make it seem easy?
It can’t be that hard, they’re not that different at all.
I don’t know how to start or have high expectations
Or is it that I truly find comfort on this wall?

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Lost in Reflection

Blown iridescent like bees chasing bubbles
in search of a quick pollen fix
Slips of soap whispers on rose scented papers
you sealed with a kiss from your lips
Peppermint water with a sting on your shoulders
to whisk you to winter in scent
White broken honor thrown down in the corner
with words you quite honestly meant
Slices of life hung on orange tree limbs
waiting for blossoms to eat
Crowded thoughts sifted and peppered with smiles
from the characters you've yet to meet
Poppy perfume sweet surrenders it's drug
to the buzz of a hornet or too
Look in the mirror, the truth's ever clearer
and the man looking lost in reflection is you.

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The Awakening

the truth lies within me
and yet I know not why
I fidget and I fumble
fall to My knees and cry

skeletons clamor and stumble
over My demise
wicked vexed undaunted
last roll of the die

ire tears sear through Me
lips curse a weighted sigh
stripped illusions rape
My dreamless, ebony sky

on shattered bent knee
I succumb to Him on High
fragile diamond, jealous rose
on bruised thorns I lie

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The little child gazed upon the clear blue sea
Dreaming, praying, wishing for a change
For he knew that things were meant to be
For some reason, his life was prearranged

Held captive to that other, the being inside
He knew not of smiles, but sensed them about
He wished to escape and no longer there hide
To let the child that stays to one day come out

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It's Me Alone

It is myself that holds me back
No other can be blamed
For my own actions are my choices
My life is mine, so named
I cannot sit and point the finger
To blame then for my fall
I must stand up and take the action
To go on through that wall

No boundary now can hold me back
Nor wall withstand my force
I am determined to forge ahead
I’ve finally found my course
Accountability, now is just mine
Through all the bad and good
The finger now points back at me
I am doing as I should

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I'm Not Here

I am here, but I am elsewhere
My mind, it wanders through space and time
To where? I do not even know
But I know, where ever it is, it is all mine

I dream, to go many places
In my mind, I’ve traversed this wonderful earth
But yet, my body remains here
In the land it has occupied since its birth

I know, I will continue to go
To where my body will never take me, I’ll be
For now, though, I am here
I don’t see you, though, you most certainly see me

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One trip around the sun
And I still haven’t left this place
Burning feeling from my pen
Time from a distant mind

Eight phases of the moon
Eclipsed in a crater of discovery
Sifting through foreign thoughts
And I still haven’t left this place

Wading in a barren strait
Shipwrecked though never at sea
And I still haven’t left this place
Anchored by scribbled dreams

And I still haven’t left this place
And I don’t exactly know why
Trapped between two ears
Until I digress…sometime

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Poem Fun

I must be honest
I must confess
This is the hobby
That I like best

I love to read
I love to write
For poetry is
This man’s plight

My wife can’t see
Nor understand
Why poetry
Affects this man

I must admit
I do it all 
In silenced room
When heard, the call

I pen my thoughts
I ink my dreams
From Word documents
To PC Screens

I write for me
I write for you
I love this stuff
It’s what I do

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The Dragon's Lair

Fireflies flicker
in  the pupils of the 
dragon in his lair
silently he guards the
entrance to the doors of
MeadowFair lies in 
the center of the heart of
widow's wood
and the dragon sleeps
at midnight
we can make it if we're good...

good at climbing magic tressels
good at scaling spiral cliffs
gettng to that place that nestles
where the universe can shift
where the line twixt
good and evil
ebbs and flows and
ne'r stands still
be ye angel or devil
you will find out with
a thrill

what you see there lies
inside you
like a dream, world
but it's real,
there with only love to guide you
you will feel your essence peal.
in the mirror you're distorted
but inside you may be fine
to what means have you resorted
to find out your state of mind?

Break the glass
and slay the sentry
or enchant him as a pet.
Dark phantasms mark the entry
reflecting  scenes you want forget
bright refractions, broken mirror
shattered pieces of your past
now with each step you grow clearer
here you really are at last

Is it  truly worth the trouble
to discover who is there.
in your mental bubble
waits the dragon
in his lair.

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Have a Heart

The heart of man is not just interpretation
It’s defined by actions and the words they say
When looked upon, a heart may seem to flourish
Provided that they give in many ways
He may speak and always have a kind word
He may do and never for his good
That reflects the biggest heart one could have
For that would mean he’s doing as he should	

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Families are the foundation, the very essence of our life.  Though it seems as if 
today’s families are filled with unbearable struggle and strife.  With dreams of the 
perfect family, thinking we are doing our very best.  Seems everyday that passes 
us by, it just becomes more of an awful mess.   Families are falling apart. so very 
easily, it seems.  Oh God, why it always so very hard, to keep a hold of all our 
dreams? So many of our  beautiful children, endlessly suffer with the pain.  
Shattered homes and broken lives, weighed down from all the strain.  Our 
dreams of being a whole family, shouldn't be so easy to tear apart.  We all need 
to fight that much harder, right from the very start.

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Mind and Body... I Need Sleep.

Alone on the painted precipice
bending the clouds to be weaved
I sink to one knee in a solemn reprieve
as the sky holds back words which would break me, bereave
Inside the four walls of my countenance
slipping down thoughts to be thought
I clip off the clouds and surrender my shroud
to the battle that's left to be fought
I'm tired and ragged with bones
I'm loosened in lips and I need to go home
The wires are crossed and my heart must defrost
to prepare me for being alone
I'm stuck with my head in the sky
I'm peppermint breathing to the infinite "I"
The heavy hung hope which I tethered with rope
has decided to stretch out and fly
Grappling to find my footing
somewhere between the braided cloud air
I fall through my thoughts like a slim chance not caught
to the brilliant white skull sunk somewhere
Be glad that your brain lets you rest
That it shuts down your stars in good night
Mine is elaborate and demands to be tended to
 I brace up my soul for the infinite fight...

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Free from control
Choice my creed
Going to satisfy the urge
To discover the need

Free from thought
Ignorance my creed
Going to satisfy the urge
To discover the need

Free from strife
Bliss my creed
Going to satisfy the urge
To discover the need

Call from wife
Satisfaction her creed
Going to wash the dishes
So she don’t leave

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Harlots on Harleys
Barbies on broomsticks
Midgets on widgets
Buddha on Broadway

Leaders in leotards
Players in playpens
Twinkies in Slinkies
Christ in Cabaret

Temptation of teddies
Tyranny of toupees
Ecstasy of ecstasy
Yahoo of Yahweh 

Widows with whiskey
Yoda with yen
Saviors with favors
Zeros with Zen

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Be Honest

Secrets I’m holding are just part of my past
If I open up then they will not last.
Do I keep them bottled deep down inside?
Am I true to myself with feelings I hide?

When I look in mirrors, do I see right through?
Can I see inside of me, or even, can you?
I thought I’m protective, maybe I deceive.
I’d like to think honest, but do I believe?

Fooling myself? No, never can it be!
I’m a fool to myself, which I must see.
To keep feelings hidden, is to be untrue
Not only to myself, but to all of you?

I must now be open, must now come clean.
Time to let the people, all of them that mean
So much in my life. I need them to know
All about me, so our friendship grows.

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The Call

While walking and thinking of the day to come
I wandered to unrecognized parts.
My mind then drifted, controlled by my fears
While trembling was felt in my heart.
I noticed a person I recognized,
Or rather, I felt that I knew.
A comfort, he gave when he gazed my way.
My fears, suddenly became just few. 
I noticed a building, a steeple, a bell,
The doorway; immense and pristene.
The feeling I got as I went toward the door
was comfort in faith; the unseen.
The man, he greeted me as he did the others,
by name with salutations for all.
Though not knowing him prior, I realized 
just then, from whom I heard the call.

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Your Heart's Door

Why don’t you tell,
How God sent His love,
How a happier trail,
Was sent from above.

Give God the Glory,
For what you should do,
Tell people your story,
Of how He saved you.

That Mansion so bright,
Is made for a few,
For someone of light,
Is that someone you?

If Jesus has saved,
That lost soul of yours,
Then He has engraved,
A heart full of doors.

I hope you will open,
Your heart's door to God,
While others are moping,
In this world abroad.

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Washed away with the tears;
the feelings of a man.
Oh, he tries, and not in vain.
He does the best he can.
For, he has lived a thousand years 
deep within our souls.
For, he will live a thousand more.
He is you. He is all.
Why can’t you see the way we are?
For, we are but one and the same.
And remains; a difference of no value, 
the difference of our name.
As you shall see, it should be clear,
there is no black, nor white.
You must first, know yourselves
to finally see the light.

I wrote this when I was 16, 28 years agao and it still applies today. Isn't that a 

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Natural Change

His hand dipped into the river
As the current took the fallen leaves
Cupping the water to his lips
He knelt for a moment to grieve

The changes occurring, dramatic
The landscape, subjected to change
He realized the cycle continues
As seasons of life rearrange

He watched the changing of seasons
As he sat on the river’s high hill
Noticing for the first time, the beauty
He knew nothing…ever remained still

As change is a natural progression
One should ride, as the river does flow
Changing is easy, like the seasons
Along with it, then beauty does grow

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Passing Thoughts

On thoughts of passing from this world
One could expect sadness, remorse
Yet, I say smile, welcome the change
For if the one was good, then it’s just the course

For each person shall venture to the life promised
To their heaven, their soul destined fate
On thoughts of passing from this world
I tell you now, for this, I can’t wait