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Quatrain Girlfriend Poems | Quatrain Poems About Girlfriend

These Quatrain Girlfriend poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Girlfriend. These are the best examples of Quatrain Girlfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Between The Kisses And Distances

       Between The Kisses And Distances

What is that shape now taking place out there?
If distance could have a name it would be passion
A hunger for my love as she draws near
Eye candy on the wind is fashioned 

Distances grow remote, in a faraway place
Filled with emptiness and the unknown
I’m fevered, with anxiety, until I see her face
Until she is here with me and safe at home

I study every step my precious love makes
Coming from the distance brings her closer still
A small figure against what a vast landscape takes
Hair flowing out along the cliffs and hills

Between the kisses and distances mysteries are born
Like magic she appears with glowing face and smiles 
Our love will keep us fireplace warm
To savor Valentine embraces and kisses along the miles

Created on 1/21/15 for Mystic Rose’s – “Magic Kisses And Valentine Wishes” – Poetry contest 

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Candy Girl

She was a bag full of crazy
My silly candy girl
Combination of sweet
With long flowing curls

Completly unpredictable
A vision for my eyes
My box of Craker Jacks
Revealing special prize

I held her for a little while
I guess she wasn't mine
My passion devoured
A treat on which she dined

I wonder where she finally went
This vision from my mind
My silly candy girl
could never be defined

Written by Richard Lamoureux
I chose this on because it reminds me
of what it was like to be young.

The form is Quatrain with a twist each stanza is 8/6/6/6

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She was my dream before I could dream,
She is my sun, my moon, my stars.
She’s the air in every breath I breathe,
She is the true Queen of my heart.

She is my warrior princess,
She is each moment of my time,
She’s the crimson coursing through my veins,
She is my art, my prose, my rhyme.

She is my strength to face the world,
She is my sword and shield.
She is my vulnerability,
At her whim, hurt or healed.

She is my missing jigsaw piece,
My half-soul’s one true mate.
She is my morn and starry night,
She’s my destiny, my fate.

She is my very Eden,
Where I’m Adam, she’s my rib,
God’s gift to me right from the first,
My Eve, my cause to live.

It’s her I’ve loved since time’s first dawn,
Yet veiled for years before
That first glance, yes, I knew her face,
And it’s her I’ll love forever more.

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First, let me say I'm sorry
This isn't your fault, it's mine
I don't feel for you what you feel for me
And I know that seems so unkind

But, the passion we used to have
I don't feel it anymore
The flame that burned inside of us
Has dwindled to nothing, and nothing more

I'm sorry for you, who came out of the blue
I fell in love with a girl, but my love is no longer true.

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Many features attract many together.
Lovely curve, a good front or any the eye can gather
Love I found in the face of my lady.
So smooth, ripples from its centre,
A perfect delight to behold from angle any.

Eyes glowing like sprightly stars
Emitting light that makes any soul stare.
Lips gliding with such perfect harmony
Revealing such a splendid virginity.
A spot on its left to single out hers from the rest.

‘Tis delight had no flaw but gave me only joy.
My ultimate awe came from the ball at the centre.
Quite round but extended with two smaller stems.
This ball was the epic of all expressions;
Twitching consciously with any change in tone.

It is the blessing divinity bestowed
For me the true state of things to know.
This ball always disclosed everything
And conceals not even the secret things.
No matter how hard the bearer tries.
Curves a bit upwards when sad,
Status quo when things were so,
Widens a bit when surprised. Tints a little pink,
When the heart becomes blue.
Such fun with all truth loved I the most.

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A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

She's been gazing, staring, all the night long
I've been scared, sheepish, stupid, and sad
I'm kissing her after the next love song
If my insecurities aren't that bad.

She's so effervescent, she doesn't know
It's not even about the looks, it's deep.
I swear I'm looking into her soul, woah!
Into this mystery I'll glide, don't weep.

Come on Derrick, it's time to rise and shine
Be the man, be the love, be the best, try.
She deserves it, make her smile just divine
Look at the mistletoe, over her, high.

Here I go, no longer holding this back
"Hello, you are beautiful, and you glow.
I know how I sound, I sound like a quack.
But please, one kiss, under the mistletoe."

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The shining Path of the walkway

My hands are embedded in your skin,
And your body is rambling,
To the sea of a thousand waves,
>       I am a boat ...

I have the heart that fails,
Engraving on the ocean,    my wake
When under the terms of travel
You also ondoies the hips

... If it is falling into oblivion
After the course of the hills
Fingers hanging with saline scents
On the pleated waves of your bed,

When the desire        is resting
It has neither beginning,  nor end,
But resurrects while whith its whole hunger,
It combines us,     and overlays us ...

My mouth keeps         in mind,
The taste of passion in fruits,
Always present in the heart of the night
>   Shining Path of the walkway.

--- ( own translation from french )


" Le sentier lumineux  du promenoir"

Mes mains se sont incrustées dans ta peau,
Et ton corps qui divague,
A la mer aux mille vagues,
Je suis un bateau...
J'ai le coeur qui flanche,
A graver sur l'océan, mon sillage,
Quand aux termes du voyage,
Tu ondoies aussi des hanches,
...Si c'est basculer dans l'oubli,
Après le parcours les collines,
Les doigts accrochés de senteurs salines,
Aux ondes plissées de ton lit,
Quand le désir                   se repose,
Il n'a ni commencement,    ni fin ,
Mais ressuscite,         tout à sa faim,
Il nous combine,       et superpose ...
Ma bouche               garde en mémoire,
Le goût de la passion,            en fruits,
Toujours présent, au coeur de la nuit,
>        Sentier lumineux de promenoir.


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Black Hair

A black-haired dirty thinker
your words invade my head;
where lust and thirst become me
and love will see me dead.

Your body build a sailing ship.
Your keel at my back.
Your nods upon the ocean-
my death from your attack.

A bum to form a segment.
A fruit as firm as day.
A touch to stun the surface.
A helm to clear the way.

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Culture of Love

In culture of love tenderness abounds Those loved have plenty of respect given True friendship gives pure love without a sound Loving pride shows their lives as driven They walk in the moonlight on a stone path Moon is cascading its light onto them Pleasure and peace is felt instead of wrath She’s given a rose, with thorns on the stem This night love is shared between the couple Beauty lights up from the moon’s gracious glow Culture allows romance that’s quite subtle Two hearts meld to one, love beats, and they know The romance within the land is truthful Love bleeds from the rose thorns, the passion builds The heart doesn’t leave without feeling full Power is the strength of the love that they wield
Entrant into Mystic Rose's "Be My Valentine" contest 1/11/2013

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5 Girlfriends

            5 Girlfriends

Girlfriend number one was wealthy and clean
Air filled her head as she got lost along with rain
Could not find her way out of anything
Paper bags were not her thing 

The next one was a pretty blonde
Heterosexually inclined but changed her mind
Imploded on impact with all men
No one knew why… She came with no instructions

Number three was a kleptomaniac
Stole dirty dishes on the sly
That did not make them any cleaner 
She was as simple as her crime

The best thing about little Miss four
She was a nuclear physicist 
And liked to explore the universe
But she also liked divorce… I can say no more

Girlfriend five liked money, houses and cars
Had not a penny to her name
Told stories about the wars she won
Claimed to be heiress to a throne… someplace unknown

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For Ani

To the Animal in me
To the Animal in you
To the heavens above
To the oceans blue

This beating heart
Two hearts in tune
This shattered world
Stands in ruins

This soul that ascends
To a higher plane
Removed from time
Far above the rain

Our worlds collide
And time stands still
Our passion detonates
Soaking in this thrill

You whisper to me
In a language that is our own
Our hearts melt into one
In this world we are alone

In this dark place
A shining light
My goddess
I know it's right