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Quatrain Faith Poems | Quatrain Poems About Faith

These Quatrain Faith poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Quatrain Faith poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Judge Not

The congregation eyed him skeptically
     Long hair, a beard and sandals on his feet
Beyond his exterior they’d not see
     This rambler had just come in from the street

He blessed himself with the sign of the cross
     And joined fully in each hymn that was sung
It was soon apparent it was their loss
     When he greeted God with a gentle tongue

“Lord, You sent Your Son to roam on this earth
     His hair was long and to some seemed unkempt
And when He preached, insults were often hurled
     But He was not repelled by their contempt

“And so, Lord, I seek forgiveness for these
     Who cannot see beyond the clothes I wear
I’ll not be put down by those I displease
     I ask for forgiveness, make them aware

“That Your Son sported sandals and a beard
     I ask You judge them not as they judge me”
When the mass ended, the man disappeared
     At heaven’s gate his name’s on the marquis

Some of the congregation dwell below
     But the homeless man now sits by God’s side
For he had chosen love’s path to follow
     Appearances he did never deride

*For Jared's "At First Glance" Contest

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No Greater Love

For God so loved this sinful world, He gave us all His son; That we might live with Him one day, when life on Earth is done. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. The time was short for Jesus Christ, but what He gave mankind To lift our hearts and save our souls has yet to be refined. The grace and style in which He moved through politics and fools, Has paved the way for paths we trod through worldly ways and rules. His teachings spread throughout the land, His miracles renowned, He only had to touch a life to show His love was sound. Two thousand years have come and gone since Christ communed with man; And with his dying saved us all, to serve God's ancient plan. He rose from death, as He had said, and proved His word was true, That life eternal waited those who choose to suffer through. Salvation came that fateful day, the Bible tells us so; And time has shown that through God’s love the weakest spirits grow. Now, modern times are hard on us and cause us all to doubt, For change is there at every turn, and Satan’s always out. It’s now we need the love of God, for always, as before; Just lift your heart and ask for it, and see what lays in store. It’s through God’s love we handle change and how it makes us strong In ways we deal with worldly things and sort the right from wrong. For change is just another way the Lord sees fit to use To make our days seem fresh and new with paths to take and choose. It’s by our faith we live our lives and seek a brighter day, And how we find the confidence when doubts get in the way. But most of all it’s happiness that faith’s been known to give When our misfortunes come to cloud these modern times we live. We need not fear what God has wrought. We need not know His plan. We only need to know He’s there, and love’s in store for man. Just think the words you’d ask in prayer, and ere a sound be heard, His perfect love will fill your heart before you’ve breathed a word. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. But God forgave our debt to Him, we live in grace today; The greatest love you’ve ever known is just a breath away.

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Beacons of Light

As long as man has lived upon this Earth
     The quest for beacons of light has endured
Primitive cultures, man’s earliest ancestors
     Found wonder in the moon’s allure

Upon the seas, more advanced civilizations
     Made their way guided by celestial orbs
Eventually creating historic lighthouses
     To guide their navigational course

Greeks found solace in a light
     Emanating from Mount Olympus
Gods and Goddesses they worshiped
     Until the discovery of those truly blessed

God’s light serves as our beacon now
     Eternal glow that guides us through storms
And when we discover this light’s power
     The spirit of the believer transforms

Satan’s path winds only through darkness
     Images of eternal suffering emerge
When we fail to find the beacon of light
     And remove the stain of sinful scourge

It is man’s choice to pursue radiance or darkness
     The preferred path is usually lit by the bright
For just as early man perceived from the moon
     Souls are ever drawn to beacons of light

*For Wounded Words "Eternal Figures" challenge

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Before the night is Over (He's coming back) pt.2

                  Well my friend, my conscience would not allow me the pleasure.
              The pleasure not to report the news that I treasure.  That as I
              open the book, the book full of new's, a book full of true's.
                  All that I know, and them to be in doubt, one day they will all
              shout, "He's coming back", "Before the nite is over".  That's what
              the Bible (the book) is all about.  "Enter ye in at the straitgate: for
              wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction.
              Lord (now): "Show me the way Home", the poem is all about subduction.

             "Before the night is Over, the attempt is to capture your mind".  So may
               you be aware, as he is lead, lead like a lamb to be slaughter.  He is
               beaten like as if they don't care, he look like news I cann't share but
               the book (Bible) say's the reason he suffer for you and for me.
                  Because Love, Well yes my friend, [Love] is the reason to feel free!!..
                    My conscience want allow me the pleasure, that I too was less inform.
                That, cause of my sin, I couldn't be reform, and many amonst many was
                 also in doubt.  "Before the night is Over, hope all once blind, now see".
                Before the nite is over, before the night is become dawn and just before
                the dew hit's the ground.   

               "Give your life to what is living and not to a deadless Clover".  Do this, feel
               "Before the night is Over".

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The little soldier boy

His daddy is fighting in Iraq.
His mommy is fighting tears.
His brother is fighting death.
He is fighting his desolation and fears.

Friends are but a dream
and companions are an illusion.
School is a concentration camp,
but he stands, though alone, in the midst of confusion.

His training school is loneliness.
His milestones are fears, thrust in lies.
His only weapon is faith
and his bullets are soft "hallelujah" cries.

Strength left his fragile body
and he lost the fight in life so coy,
yet on his knees he conquered agony
and I call him the little soldier boy.

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When I went to the Temple
It should have felt like home
So as I sat in the pew
Why did I feel all alone

Was my heart disconnected
Was there something wrong with me
Why did I feel like running
From a place that felt empty

Three thousand souls I counted
The church grew before my eyes
I went to look for answers
Yet I left with all my whys

Why was the music perfect
Why did others have no flaws
As I sought my redemption
I drowned within the applause

After the entertainment
As I walked out open doors
I drifted on life's ocean
In a boat that had no oars

Hands held out towards heaven
Within solitude God was kind
As I took time to ponder
I surrendered body and mind

Now Church is not about me
Or the way it makes me feel
Whenever I praise my Savior
The Temple becomes more real

Now I can take church with me
To the places that I go
Within a heart of thankfulness
He allows my love to grow

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The Whispered Song

The warrior lays her weary head, 
With heavy heart she cannot bear, 
Burning tears stream down her face, 
As whispered memories touch the ear.

Her armour tarnished by remorse, 
Her battle-cry a wimpered row, 
Her wounds, of which bleed solitude, 
Will never know forgiveness now.

The song began two score ago, 
When two came knocking at her door, 
In need of refuge from the world, 
Of that, and love, and little more.

Forced to fight for every smile, 
Her only solace found in song, 
She longed for love to rescue her, 
And plant her where she could belong.

Jealous tongues are seldom kind, 
Self-seeking hearts know nought of love, 
The caged canary only sings, 
When coaxed to praise from up above.

For the steely spine that now I own, 
Forever shall I grateful be, 
A gift from her, and from her own. 
Courage mounted inwardly.

I'll not forget how I have loved thee, 
And youthful memories I will prize, 
Til on the shore of His forgiveness, 
Whereto now, we both shall rise.

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Bliss State

Heaven has kissed the rolling hill
the ocean waves, and desert
an earthly token of goodwill
set sparrows to sing in concert.

A gentle touch awakes the morn
in shades of pomegranate
a fragile lipping, dawn is born
through the woods and cliffs of granite.

The globes caressed and embraced
as each denizen is delighted
for death is not a rendered grace
life is heaven, all are invited.

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We, the Imperfect People...

We don't expect something from nothing 
but always keep hope lightly lit
We want what we know won't be quite good for us
and force situations which never will fit
We speak when we should hold our tongues by the throat
and let silence bounce off the air
We verbalize nothing and yet all at once
we scream that the world is unfair
We hold all the cards to our life in one hand
and grab with the other at dreams
We grow up imperfect and tragic and bent
and about to burst out at the seams
And yet in this comedy of errors
we still pin dark dignity down and demand
that we're made in the image of One who is mighty
and not a mere mortal, a man
We yearn for a taste of perfection
and search with an uncommon zeal
We reach out for moments which polish our bones
and convince us our future is real...

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The Worry Dolls

There is a tiny box of dolls
On the shelf by my bed
Each doll is for one worry that
May swirl inside my head

The box was given to me by
A friend, whom I adore
It started me to wondering
Just what is Worry for?

Does it serve any function as 
I purpose through each day?
Will it relieve my deepest pain
Or guide me on my way?

Can it lesson my misery 
Would it minimize strife?
And, will it add one single hour
To the end of my life?

The answer to my question is
Of course, "NO", it cannot!
So, Worry has no place in me
No victory it's wrought

The dolls-- I'll keep them anyhow
And use them differently
I'm sure my good friend wouldn't mind
A new idea, you see:

I'll pluck each miniature doll
From its box every night
And thank the Lord for giving me
A more eternal sight

Yes, with each petite figure I
Shall count one blessing too
And pray before I sleep that He'll
Make anxious hearts like new!

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Eternal Everlasting Joy

Sometimes, I think about my life
And the prices I have paid
All the places I have been
The choices I have made

Seems somewhere along the path
I stumbled upon a stone
At that moment I realized
I’d forgotten my way home

My home became a prison cell
My memory was forgotten
My soul was like an egg
An egg that had gone rotten

Sorry I had to go away
You didn’t deserve my shame
I moved very far away
No connection to my name

My life has always been a lie
One I kept hidden from you
When you thought I was in college
Serving time up in the zoo

On the day I was released
You thought I graduated
The moment you were most proud
Another lie to be hated

I have learned it’s never to late
I believe those words are true
Grandma I’m on a mission
I will graduate for you

I really want to earn the pride
You gave me so long ago
I think it will bring some peace
Releasing guilt up in my soul

I’ve learned in the game of life
We must earn our pride
Even if the people are gone
Resting on the other side

I’ve learned in the game of life
Even though they may be hard
Choices aren’t like rolling dice
They're not like flipping cards

Choices define who we are
I know these words are true
Every choice I know make
Are bringing me back home to you

Grandma, I know where heaven is
It’s right here inside my heart
Inside of mine your memory
Until death will never part

During the time I have left
I vow to always let it show
All the seeds you sowed in me
I shall nourish as they grow

In the end I’ll sit with you
Just like when I was a boy
We’ll sing and praise Jesus’ name
With eternal everlasting joy

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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

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Heaven's Grocery Store

Marching down life’s highway, my feet became very sore
I then came upon a sign that read “Heaven’s Grocery Store”
When I got closer the doors swung open wide
Next thing I knew I was standing there inside
I saw a flock of angels positioned everywhere
They handed me a basket and said, “Child shop with care.”
Everything a human required was in that grocery store
With many commodities to carry, you could always come back for more
First I acquired some Patience; Love was in that same row
Further down was Understanding, you require that everywhere you go
I grabbed a box of Wisdom and Faith, a bag or two
And obtained Charity of course but more than just a few
And then reached for Courage to help me run this wicked race
My basket was almost full but remembered some loving Grace
I then chose Salvation for it was advertised as free
I tried to collect enough of that for both you and me
Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill
For I thought I had everything to do the Master’s will
As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and proceeded put that in
For I knew when I stepped outside I was bound to encounter sin
Peace and Joy were plentiful, the last thing on that shelf
Song and Praise were hanging near so I just helped myself
Then I asked an angel, “Now how much do I owe?”
She smiled and said, “Just take them wherever you may go.”
Again I asked, “No really, how much do I owe?”
“My child,” she said, “God paid your bill a long time ago.”

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In deep of woods, I sink into pain’s hell
As footsteps grind heavily on lowland calm,
Where a staring raven cannot foretell,
How near or far I'll be from sorrow’s harm.

While flickers of light descend on relay
Hovering on leaves, grim hues still prevail,
Yet, breaths endure the sting from evening’s play
Till clouds devour my gray doubts, I begin to wail.

And as I droop wearily in bent form,
This lifeline succumbs to uncertainty,
That beads of prayer dissolve before dawn
Compounding all fears beneath the wise tree.

Somehow, a dove climbs on my lap, to show
How the moon rises as new flowers glide;
While Heaven awaits starlight's afterglow
Enshrining this moment where peace abides.

Gail Doyle's Finding God Contest

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poetrysoup- A Lovely Group

poetrysoup must finely flourish
This is my most sincere wish
Her difficulties give me anguish
She helps swim every poet-fish

By giving the site my best write
I must supply minds bright light
The site provides enough delight
I must take her to a great height

For a long time the site never opened
I was worried as to what happened
My agonies due to this deepened
No help at all I could usefully send

A site which helps all noble poets
By giving to their emotions outlets
Getting troubles gives great regrets
As all poets got caught in worry-nets

I felt like a sad fish out of water
When the site I could not enter
Due to defect in my brain-computer
Membership problems I did encounter

The site gave kindly clarification
By intimating me the rectification
Proper application of correction
Ended in membership-completion

I felt like hugging my mother
And being kissed by my father
Kindly embraced by my brother
My mind faced nice weather

A site where poets play
And their skill they display
Their ideas they convey
poetrysoup shows a way

Really her presence is a gift
As she gives to emotions lift
If her happiness suffers theft
In the lurch we poets are left

May God bless dear poetrysoup
As she has a lovely poets' group
Using pen we poets form a troop
This Godly site, none can dupe.


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How Many

How Many?

That night within the garden lost,
How many tears were spent
In search of love at any cost?
How many hearts were rent?

Sin for a sin the coins were tossed!
How many lusts were vent
To quench the unrelented--mossed?
How many paid a cent?

In destination's final dross,
How many souls repent--
Escaping payment with The Cross?
How many knew Him sent?

~deborah burch©10/21/2006©
re-post 4/21/2012

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Your life is a journey
Which will never wax or wane
A beacon of bottled moonlight
Anchored waves of radiant rain
There is no demise
Or salvation of plundered plight
Cast into a sea of superstition
In the depths of torrential night
Your life transcends flesh
That sinking vessel which we mourn
It resides in a shipwrecked message
Found on the shores of faith’s forlorn

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An Angel Walks for You

Close your eyes
And dream you had wings
For you were graced 
And the harps did sing

All around you
In the celestial sky
Are the gracious of many
Let me tell you why

For we can not see
What we want there to be
For out there
Winged angels are free

They are hidden shadows
But covered we are not all
For life is living
And some of us fall

Live your life
And live it true
In your background shadows
An angel walks for you

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Burning Sins

It is for sure, not springtime here
Shorter days now how bare His trees.
And looking back draws eyes to tear
For waste and loss of all my greed.

To sail the seas and not return
My ship sinks in the straight of dire.
Its keel has split, its hull to burn, 
A spark to start my driftwood fire.

My greed will feed this driftwood fire.
Heap high this waif to be no loss.
No wisdom from my follies liar
Burn high! Oh! Burn you holocaust.

My ship of dreams I build no more
Fragments be hacked my vain desire
To toss like trash and be ignored
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

Self-indulgence fed driftwood fire
Now as to turn from what it seems
Left to me a works of priers
Never to sail my ship of dreams.

I pondered from my window long
Fanning my passion ever higher.
I cursed His name to sing my song, 
A blast to stoke this driftwood fire.

Arrogance torched this driftwood fire.
Let my sins perish with my ships.
To right my wrongs I now aspire.
So let them burn without my kiss.

Resurrecting souls dreams have killed
To pull myself from deep quagmire.
And warm my heart which time has chilled.
Remorse now fuels my driftwood fire.

Self-pride will feed my driftwood fire.
These cords of which I gladly burn
Dreams or follies of mud are mire
No loss to me and no concern.

I've heard the sirens song too long
Uncharted seas with sails which tire.
With all my dreams and fancies gone
Let crackling rings my driftwood fire.

Steam hisses from this driftwood fire.
Stream's me toward sweet isles of peace
Bright flash and gleam of my attire
Shall fall in lour of my decease.

For fortuned Isles my eyes have cryed.
My dreams I leave to whom I sire
I'm cremated before I die
Consumed within this driftwood fire.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire
When in my grave I take my task
Point for my Lord my vain desires
As chilled ember and cooling ash.

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What Nine Plagues Could not Do

Israel had been under tyrant oppression
God sent Moses to redeem them from suppression
He promised to manifest His sign and wonder
And extend His Finger of Power over Nut, the god of thunder

Nile was like a sea of blood on the first day of the plague
The magicians were dumbfounded and vague
Nile hitherto served as Egypt National cake
Became ravaged as millions of creatures died in the lake

On day two, God brought frogs from Nile
They died and stink along the foe’s mile
Thus, Jeshurun judged Heqet of earth
The frog goddess of birth

On the third day God administered judgment on Zet
The ‘mighty’ and the dreadful, he was the god of the dessert
Magicians marveled at the miracle of Moses’ rod
And declared to Pharaoh, “This is the Finger of God”

On the fifth day God judged the goddess Hathor
She was the spirit of cattle, a violent author
He slays her cattle and plagued them with boil
Amidst it all Pharaoh’s heart was harden like a golf ball

On the seventh day, God plagued Egypt with Hail
The sky goddess Nut was attacked and jail
In all these Israel was not affected
He was miraculously covered and protected

On the ninth day Egypt was clothed in a cloak of darkness
Nevertheless Pharaoh’s heart was still heartless
But the home of the righteous was as a nimbus of radiant light
As the glory of the Lord has risen upon their plight 

God judged Isis the ‘Protector’ as the first fruits were killed  
 In this plague was the scripture fulfilled
They overcame him (Isis) by the blood of the lamb
And by the steadfast confession of faith in ‘I AM”

Satan is a destroyer and a ‘blackmailer’
But Christ is our redeemer and our healer
What the nine plagues couldn’t do
The blood of the Lamb gave a clue

By faith he (Moses) kept the Passover and the sprinkling of the blood, lest he who destroyed the firstborn should touch them. Hebrew 11:28

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Fill me once more,Holy Spirit to know,
Move me ,inside,you love to show,
Quieten my heart,now to play
Without rehearsal,on life's stage each phrase to say.

Speak,speak by thought,picture,word or deed,
Then in my weakness,your strength feed:
O teach my tomgue to quiet be,
Until you prompt,and all I say,is all of thee.

This quatrain was inspired by  Abraham Cowley's (1618-67) 'Hymn to Light'

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Another Man's Pain

A small grave, and for it's weeds was bare
with only a handmade wooden cross.
Easy to see that a child rest there.
Poor unloved young soul was my first thought.

Well I read this cross, for this child of grief.
"John my young son so frail and fair
my joy, my love, my life I leave
to the arms of your mother and Lord's care."

The back read; "To doctors all my money I gave
I cannot buy even a simple stone
with a borrowed spade, I have dug your grave,
I carve this marker, and am now alone."

That wooden cross, seemed to rise
high above great marble markers.
Thoughts rush my mind as I realized
the pain this poor man's heart had harbored.

Never again his son he will see
knowing his child would rests under cold ground.
As unkempt as this grave seemed to be, 
with it's wooden cross and it’s weeds all around.

I pulled at those weeds with my bare hand
then my flowers I laid at the foot of that cross.
I prayed "Please God, help me understand" 
as I felt the pain of another man's loss.

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Freedom's Price

it became a nightmare above all else,
enriched with cinders of an ashen dream.
the power of freedom asks a heavy price: 
our intelligence is not all it may seem...

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Life Unexpected

I sat quietly weeping 
My womb forever sleeping
No baby ever to grow there in.
Doctor says that I am barren.

Years go by I try to cope.
Lovers leave there is no hope.
Strange these flutters in my belly.
Sick so sick, everything is so smelly.

Flutters turn to kicks and wiggles.
Labor pains, and I have the giggles.
Husband standing by my side.
Now four children are my pride.

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Childlike Faith

A child believes many things,
Especially what he is told.
People usually stop believing
When they think that they are old.
Why this is, I don't quite know;
For in my youth, I can't say,
Maybe they stop trusting in life
When they find their hairs are grey.
Or perhaps they are saddened when
They feel they've been betrayed
When they learn that life is far too short
Despite how much they've prayed
But there is hope to which I cling
That as I age, I wish to achieve:
You're only as old as you feel,
And you feel what you believe.

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I'm sure you think I'm crying.
You think it hurts so bad.
The only thing that truly hurt,
was when I lost my dad.

He really wanted me to know
the way life was meant to be.
He always tried to help me out.
He truly cared for me.

I pray one day I'll see him
laughing once again.
He was so much more than people knew.
He was part of a bigger plan.

Now he's gone to heaven
and I hope he's looking down.
I need him still to guide me
when I laugh and when I frown.

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Is your soul blood red
A dowry of bitter wine
Spilling mortality
Staining the divine

Is eternity a prison
The rusty knife of time
Carving your senses
Caging your mind

Is flesh a pardon
A tactile bribe
Begging the question
What is alive

Is there a reason
In this chalice of mine
To sip my faith
And fear no demise

Is there a forever
In your crying eye
A word to grasp
When your child has died

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Sweet Pasture Picture

Within these vast and roofless hallowed halls 
Under skies holding clouds like distant smoke. 
Beyond heaving hills sunlight fades and falls. 
Stands a solitary, grand, majestic oak. 

As this great oak's shadow looms far and fast 
Stretching as light of evening turns to shade. 
Colors red and yellow soft clear as glass. 
A moment's view this picture God has made.

In Heaven gold and silver will be His grass. 
His love is extended beauty's center piece. 
Not briefly, but eternally beauty shall last. 
Heaven's pasture with light, sweet joy, and peace. 

Theo artist have tried with word, oil and stone 
To recreate which God to all men give
No canvas or sculpture shall ever clone 
Beauty of both pastures where we may live. 

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In the Mist of Life

In the mist of life, I have found myself
  lost and alone in a wood dark and gray.
A chill to the bone, a fall to the depth
  a longing to feel the warm rays of day.

There was but one road which ran to a church.
  There was many roads that ran far in the wood.
Like a fool I have run past Elm and Birch
  this lost road turned to a trail where I stood.

 A dark cloud now forms a narrow cold sky
  a wind from the North, which blows coastally. 
My choice brings no answer only a sigh 
  it made years ago and so willfully.

Weary am I of a life on this path
  wishing to visit my option again.
Fearing my Lord or fearing His wrath 
  I backtrack this road but only in vain.

Before me a puzzle of rock and stone  
  reaching far back before a road in time 
planted me deep in a mist with no tone 
  searching for a life, that I could call mine.

This narrowing track turns back on itself,
  the undergrowth soon will stand in my way.
In the mist of life, I have found myself
  Lost and alone in a wood dark and gray.

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I Wasn't Alone

There on that bench, here in this park
Was where I met God, alone in the dark.
He wasn’t adorned with riches galore.
He was a pauper man, not needing more.

He sat with me then, as I was so scared.
Just eight years old, and I got lost at the fair.
Separated from family, didn’t know where to go
I sat on the bench and waited there so.

Along came this man, scared of him I was
Until he sat next to me, I lost fear because
He spoke with a tone and offered a hand,
A sign to me that he would understand.

I told him my story. He said not to fear.
He’d stay with me until family was near.
I felt reassured and safe as could be.
His warm soft voice, it blanketed me.

Then in the distance, my dad had appeared.
He was right all along, I had nothing to fear.
My dad came up crying and hugged me so tight.
I then turned to that man to wish him goodnight.

He was there on the bench, I knew it for sure.
When I turned my head, he wasn’t there anymore.
I looked at my dad and told him of my tale
He smiled back at me and fell awfully pale.

He said, “Son when you need him, God does appear.
It’s not very strange that He was right here.
He serves and protects and loves us all much.
I believe He was here and gave you His touch.”

I was amazed at those words that my father said.
I couldn’t wait to go home and pray at my bed.
“Dear God up in the Heaven, I thank you, I do.
You sent me a savior and that savior was You.

You reached to this child, protected this night.
You offered him hope and provided light.
You took away his fear and made him feel warm.
Mostly, Dear God, you kept him from harm.

Thank you.”

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Jeremiah is his name

An empty room was the scenery to his death
Not a single living soul was present to witness the events that took place
A sliding door covered with a mirror spoke back to him with his own reflection words spoken and breath
A change he saw in the playful mirror, he had a different face

A broken heart powered his spirit, a spirit that had lost all sense of direction
Fake, selfish to the heart he crawled into his path
All along yearning for his fathers attention
A feeling that he never met, for he was truly lost in the yearning of affection

Anger flowed in his heart
Hope was locked up, it wasn't free always it had a bail
He never truly mean to harm anyone, yet the ones closest to him felt it all, saw his spirit fail
Alas all was lost, his family, his dreams slapped him awake, awake to his reality in part

All alone, at the bottom of the pit
His heart was bleeding and not a soul around to aid him, he fell to his knees
With his heart in his hand, reaching for the sky, he asked Jesus to take his heart and dwell in it
An ugly howl of the mind with the spirit and soul all at one, gasping for air, for life he said "please"

Shattered, his all, he was nothing but dirt with dirt
His eyes blinded by the endless tears could not see the sky, a beautiful night it was
He asked with all his mind, heart and spirit to be forgiven for his past, for his fault for his flaws
At point zero he blacked out, he died

In his death he saw a light, brighter that the sun itself, it blinded the heart 
A presence he had never felt before came over him, yet there was no fear
Pleaing to his understanding, he knew it was good, and that shortly he would awake from his sleep
Wrong, for the light drew closer and it even spoke, at the words that vented into him, he did weep

A sense of security, of purity overwhelmed his body
Afraid he was not, for His Lord was the light
In the beginning, from the very start He was there to guide him into life herself, teaching him how to fight
Darkpoet died that night, but a new being was born! In the name of Jesus Christ, he was called Jeremiah

-God, father I have been seeking you all my life,
Here I am Lord to serve You, My King.
Jeremiah I shall be, to write for You Father.

Jeremiah Eduardo Orozco 

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If you see me stumbling
and you're watching me to see
if I'll fall or make it...
reach out your hand to me.

If you hear me crying
and you sense my misery,
offer me a helping hand
but please...don't cry for me.

If you know my weakness
and you fear my strength is low...
Stay with me untill I'm strong.
If you love me, let me know.

If you ever need me
just look and I'll be there.
You'll never have to wonder
just how much I care.

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You Were Always There

As I headed down that highway, running from my dreams
Wondering why I never stopped to take the chance
Living on the edge keeps you moving constantly
But there comes a time you have to learn to dance.

Life is what you make it, so give it all you got
Go out and have some fun and raise some hell
Tomorrow will become yesterday and not return again
You can't win the race by standing at the well.

Looking back at all the times I've tried and always seemed to fail
Wondering why God ever put me on this earth
Then realizing the challenges always made me stronger
And I've been given a whole lot more than I was worth.

Now in the Autumn of my years, thinking back to days of glory
I stop and say a silent prayer
I've been to the mountains and valleys, oceans and plains
When I needed You, Lord, You were always there.

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Guardian Angel

Hear me Angel, Guardian Angel
Hear my cries, dry these tears I shed
Give to me a new perspective
Help me change the life I've led

Touch me Angel, Guardian Angel
Teach my spirit not to roam
Sometimes I feel so abandoned
Sometimes I feel far from home

Lead me Angel, Guardian Angel
From these demons I know too well
Give me courage, remove my fear
As I stand at the fires of Hell

Guide me Angel, Guarian Angel
Through the streets filled with despair
Where there is hatred, fear and anger
Let me find love, teach me to care.

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There are worlds yet to be conquered
Storms to overcome
Face to face with the enemy
Battles to be won

Don't look back, keep raging on
Your time is almost here
You'll find your greatest challenge was
To overcome your fear

The battleground is life itself
A never ending war
Between good and evil, right and wrong
No one keeping score

Once fear is gone, you'll find your way
Your heart will no longer grieve
You'll find there's nothing you can't do
If only you believe

The hardships faced just made you strong
New horizons now in sight
There are times you need to walk away
And times to stand and fight

You were led into this battle
And the consequences large
Now you've beaten down your fears
This time you lead the charge

Now you are the champion
Standing alone, to fight no more
But unless you had faith and love in your life
Then you still have lost the war.

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His Hour

When "Your" hour comes to me
And "You" take it not away
As my soul to be redeemed
At my vessels end of day.

When daylight shines no more
When breathe I shall not need
When I have test "Your" chore
Grant eternal rest and sleep.

Until my hour does come
Let me worship at "Your" feet
And sing and beat "Your" drum
Until face to face we meet.

Hear me pray unto "You"
To guide and make me see
Grant grace and show me truth
Until "Your" hour comes to me.

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Magical Things

I think I’ll live forever
I think I’ll refuse to die
Plant my body in the ground
My spirit’s going to fly

Please come fly away with me
Once this journey is complete
Universe can be our home
Our own magical retreat

Two celestial bodies
Darling lets take to the sky 
Forget the why, when or how
This dream is for you and I

Gliding upon golden wings
We can dance from star to star
I would travel anyplace 
So I could be where you are

Angel’s dance like fireflies
Through trails of glittering dust
In heaven magical things
Exist for people like us

It seems we have come so far
Seems the limit is the sky
When I think of who you are
Tears of joy I need to cry

Everything is what you are
You are everything to me
Long as eternity last
My soul shall be one with thee

So let’s live on forever
We will each refuse to die
Plant our bodies in the ground
As our spirits take to the sky

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I Serve The Lord

I serve the Lord
	By the things I do
            	I am his servant
                       		 These words are true
My eyes have seen things
          Only evil men know
          		My heart has lived places
                       		 Only evil men go
My mind has thought things
	Only evil men think
            	My lips have tasted things
                        	Only evil men drink
I have lived places
	Only evil men live
		I have gave orders
                       		Only evil men give
I once traded my soul
	To live in a flask
            	I lived in the shadows
                       		Adorned with a mask
My truth is my honor
	My words are my plight
	 	I serve the Lord
			By the words that I write
I no longer grow old
	By the light of the moon
            	No longer is my soul
			Swimming in a spoon
I serve the Lord
	By the things that I do
		Have no doubt in your heart
			These words are true
Once in a miracle
	Through the words of a rhyme
		A sinner found Christ
			And stopped doing time
Set free on a mission
	To enlighten your soul
		I follow the Lord
			In search of my goal
The man that I was
	No longer exist
		He died the first time
			My wife and I kissed
Inside of a box
	I decided to pray
		Stepping out of the darkness
			  Embracing the day
I serve the Lord
	Through the words I write
		Your soul is my mission
			Serving God is my plight
I don’t criticize or judge
	That’s just not my way
		I simply bow my head
			And for everyone I pray
The prayer is quite simple
	It’s a spiritual bath
		I just ask the Lord
			To enlighten your path
The brighter the light
	The lighter the Son
		When this life is over
			This job will be done
I follow the Lord 
	He guides my path
		It’s all very simple
			No complicated math
I serve the Lord
	In all that I do
		If you wish to know why
			It’s because I love you

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My Chagrin

Once again to my chagrin
     This nightmare perseveres
And through the glass it comes to pass
     To feed upon my fears

And it seems to slay my dreams
     And in their stead leave blind
Mine own two eyes to that one prize
     My soul doth seek to find

Still I pray that night gives way
     And cures this circumstance
That captive holds my weary soul
     Within it's darkened trance

And perhaps lay loose the straps
     That bind me to this cross
And free from 'round my neck now bound
     This curs'ed albatross

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You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

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You have led me     beside the azure seas
to see the crimson coral     of the fallen leaves
so like the rainbows      that exist within our kin
the colors that lay      upon our souls within
There drifts our souls       in  the shades and hue
where we slip the streams       of the colors blue
or light their soul      in softest shades of yellow
when in company as       delighted companions fellow
Or quietly lay in shells      still and tinged of pale grey
like the clouds that hang         within the low of day
or to climb the hills      the foliage with its glistening sheen
are painted trees and meadows      in the depths of green
Here in life the blooms         that every spectrum see
and offered us its view      the veneer of  eternity
and not so transparent          the crystals of our glass
and our lives the shadows           of pigments cast
The cosmetic gloss         that we can wear like makeup
that dyes the actions     which our souls we take up
some like varnish     are just cover for what is dull
like the iron and the steel     that contains our hull
But the tints     that wash and stain our soil
can be the colors    swirling within the gleams of oil
where they run together    as the eddy's in the water
there each soul its    colors is contained a single star   

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Judge Not

‘Til heaven quakes and hell erupts
     Judge not the souls of man
But be brave and do not disrupt
     The nature of a plan

Put into place and made with hands
     Much, much superior 
From where I stand and far more grand,
     I am inferior.

Without water thy soul does rust
     Water thy own garden
Believe in thee, in thee—I trust.
     And receive thy pardon

From thy fierce and fiery hell
     Of thy unwanted greed.
If not, I am destined to dwell,
     Lost, with nowhere to feed.

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A Psalm for the Prisoner

O Lord, hear my simple cry;
set this weary captive free!
For I’m condemned by my past,
imprisoned by the dungeon of me.

Break the restraints of attachment
that are distressing my soul -
Destroy the chains of my ignorance,
which continue to undermine Your control.

Forcefully storm the stony gates
that shelter the stronghold of my heart.
Let the destructive plague be swept away!
I thirst for Your Presence, as the woodland hart.

The shadow of Your magnificent wings,
protect me from the terrors of the night.
Shine Your Light into my spirit, thus allowing me…
To firmly stand by faith and not by human sight.

Lord, I offer this pledge to You -
Yours, are my love and humble devotion,
in exchange for your unerring counsel
and my acceptance of Your Salvation.

For now, a sentry of angels surround me,
forming a holy prayer circle of peace.
Embrace me with Your loving kindness,
as I desire… Your permanent release.

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:

Psalm 91, Hebrews 11:1, Luke 4:18, Psalm 102:20, John 8:12,31-36, Psalm 42:1-2

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

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Angel on my Shoulder

Angels on my right shoulder
Battling devils on the left
Ever guiding my actions
Saving my soul from bereft

Angels e'er amongst us
Like Clarence on Stewart's bridge
Softly urge us to avoid
Falling from grace at the ridge

My special angel's sweet voice
Sounds so much like my mother's
But you have an angel too
Who's unlike any other's

Spirits of loved ones who've passed
Want us to know heaven's joy
So we reunite with them
And eternal bliss enjoy

So, Mom, if you're listening
Your voice overtakes evil
Helping me find the right path
You've mastered soul retrieval 

A wonderful life bestowed
By a righteous urging
From an angel observer
For spiritual merging

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Words Spoken

So many words that have no meaning, spoken in our society.
So many people not understanding, what they even speak.
Why should they use God's name in vain, does it make them big inside?
Why should they use four letter words, just what are they trying to hide?

I find it so in T.V. and books, and even on the common street.
What is it that makes our society one of evil and conceit?
What can we do but pray, to change it back to God above?
So on my knees, I lift my voice to Him, for the Country that I love.

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Never Erased

Eternal faith;
Love in His name.
Saved by grace;
Never erased.

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Martin Luther King

Born to lead; born to inspire 
Words he spoke proven true
Of steadfast mind he did aspire 
Burdens cast held like glue           

Humble of spirit; plead his cause  
Violence and hate; he abhorred
Though scorned by men he bore his cross
Path of peace he adored

His heart whispered a time of “doom”
Guiltless blood was required
Dark days peaked, his hour to come soon   
Stars revealed fate’s desire

Quiet moments of dismal sorrow
Dreams did convey courage
Death would bring better tomorrows
Judas’s choice fetched the rage

History keeps the dreadful date
When he died good had won
Evil stirred bowl of hate 
But see what death begun

By Annalise
Note For Craig's "Historical Modified Quatrain" Contest

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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When I Surrender

When I surrender my all to the Lord
I give the whole that is inside of me
My thoughts are no longer just mine
Secrets shared daily, just  Him and I
All of my body, heart, mind and soul
Turned over to Him a hundred percent
To the one who created me like Him
In His image; He loved me before birth
I bow on my knees and cry Holy to Him
Trying to completely give more each day
My body is His temple I must keep clean
Walking closer to the Lord each day
Every inch I lay at His feet, giving all joy
Nothing too small or too tall to surrender
I give Him my fears as He wipes my tears
Lingering with Jesus in my prayers daily
When I pick up the bible, He speaks to me
He tells me about eternity and His promises
Once again, each day, I surrender my all
Jesus will never let me fall from His grace

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Happy Birthday Jesus

I finally get it. 	
It has nothing to do with me. 
I opened the eyes in my heart
and now I truly see.

I know that I'll be locked up
and that I wont get a toy.
But my heart is beating like a drum
and it's drumming in the Christmas joy.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Thank you Father for your Son.
The gift of my salvation
after my time on earth is done.

What an awesome present.
There isn't anything I want more.
I asked Him to come into my heart	
and He walked right through the door.

I was feeling sad and lonely.
It's hard to be happy here in jail.
But when I think of Jesus' Birthday. 
It makes me smile without fail.

Merry Christmas everybody!
I hope you feel it too.
If you've got the bah humbugs.
It's not about me or you.

It's about our Lord Jesus.
The gift that everyone can share.
God gave to us His only Son.
So let Him know how much you care.

I wrote this one Christmas when I 
was in jail and thought I lost it
but there it was in my memory.
Merry X-mas everyone and God Bless you.

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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Fall Clean Up Time

It's fall clean up in my garden, Lord. I'm feeling, sad, lonesome and blue. The grasses and the weeds have over run The lovely flowers, planted there for You. Is this a mirror of my life, dear Lord? Have all my kinder deeds been overcome By ugly thoughts and hurting acts and words? Wild dandelion crowds out chrysanthemum? Now as I pull the banefull weeds and grass, Removing each intruder one by one, I hope to stand before you judgement day Well kept, weed free, with all my gardening done.
lWon a no. 1 in Brian's contest

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Life's journey is the climbing of stairs to heaven door
entering returns peace, joy, and harmony to your spirit
as the journey of life ends, you have another to explore  
As with the circle of life you start the climb full in spirit

My perception of heaven

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Jesus gave His life for me,
So why shouldn't I do the same?
He took our hurt and misery;
Thank You Jesus for burdening my pain.

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Finding God

Within the shadows of a weakened mind
Like children huddled in the night,
I see a blanket under which to hide
To save me from my fearful plight.

Unlike the child whose savior is the dawn,
My fears survive the light of day
And grow within a devil child that's born
To feed upon a faith decayed.

As terror grows from Satan's dreadful seed,
And thorny roots entwine the heart,
A plaintive cry within a soul that pleads,
"Oh Lord, please save me from the dark."

For darkness without faith pervades the light,
And evil fear invades the soul,
Yet shrinks before my God's eternal might
And runs from blessings I extol.

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Morning Glory

I awaken to a sunrise,
Blessed to see another day;
A praise of Hallelujah,
Are the words I kindly say

Many have gone before me,
Some never to see their birth;
I'm so thankful to be alive,
Once more I'll walk the earth

Morning brings its glory,
Glory strengthens me anew;
A brand new day to conquer,
God's light will see me through

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How does on measure the worth of a man?
How does one try to surmise it?
Can a man be appraised like a parcel of land?
There are so many things that comprise it;

For the gem of his soul has such faceted cut,
That we're hard put to judge by set standard.
It depends from which angle you're viewing the gem,
How it's depth and it's beauty are rendered;

So how can we measure the worth of a man,
When we can't see all sides of the jewel?
Do we measure the body, the spirit, the soul,
A man is not single, he's plural;

So to even attempt to judge part of a man,
Without giving thought to the others,
Is like trying to sing just part of a song,
It's left lacking as you will discover;

So leave the appraising to He who is worthy,
To judge on the part or the whole;
For once He's refined him the whole man is worthy,
And he comes forth shining as gold.

                         Job 23:10

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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Find your center

To wake with the sun, as it's rays touch Mother Earth
I give thanks for it warming this great land
and watch the beauty of a sunrise as mirth returns to earth
I hear birds announce this rebirth as if on command

I see happiness in all faces, while greeting the relations
as all work to prepare our lodge for a morning meal
A sample of foods taken from this land for our nation 
Give thanks and only take what's needed to feed and heal

Work for common good, while giving kindness and respect
to all beings of this land, as we greet them each day
Wolf, bird, fish, plant and man of this land all interconnect
for without this union, life would not greet this day

At days end, watching the sun retreat beyond the horizon
all life feeds and prepares for nights darkness to return
Relations gather, speak of the day and return of the bison  
A white bison's return is one of our lessons to learn

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Shadows, shadows, big or small, I see them all around
Kissed by the morning sun, they come out all over the ground
We seek shade in some of these shadows from rain and sun
Clouds make them disappear; they come out with the sun

These clouds are reflections, dark, they stand still, walk or run
They grow longer and deeper, the sun moves down the sky
Aiming to reach the evening sun, these shadows merge in darkness
Blessed by the sun, they lived long or short, their day is over

Come another day, new shadows spring with joy in all directions
Taken for granted these shadows, I find in them our reflections
Blessed by the God like the rising sun, we live to see our day
At our evenings, God takes us with Him; some other sees a new day

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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

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They Said

They said you may not make it,
They said it couldn’t be.
You may not leave the hospital,
May never come home with me.

A baby born this soon,
Is too small to make a sound.
So, don’t expect to hear him cry,
Like the healthy babies around.

You showed them from that moment
That you had other plans.
You came into the world crying,
Kicking, moving your hands.

Then, they said it would be tough,
And they couldn’t have been more right,
But you proved you were strong enough
And showed how you could fight.

They said your brain was damaged,
 You may never talk, or see.
But, now you babble for hours,
And quickly reach for me.

They said you may not walk,
Or ever learn to crawl,
And I can’t keep from smiling,
As you disprove them all.

They that said it was doubtful
You would walk away untouched.
But I stayed ever hopeful,
For the child I loved so much.

See, Mommy never doubted,
I knew right from the start.
My thoughts were often clouded,
But I listened with my heart.

I heard a constant voice
Saying, “It’s not up to them
Hold strong your faith, I have a plan,
And a special one for him.”

You are child of God,
A miracle from above.
Sent to prove His mercy,
And the power of His love.

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wasted my time

No curse words allowed
are you confused, lost, ignorant
you are no artist, you have shunned art
and its true purpose
what is art? but an expression
the low and vile are the most potent
Did you forget, Emerson The Poet
He would call you "selfish and sensual"
"an umpire of taste"
"proof of the shallowness of the doctrine of beauty"
in a world of suffering, of loss
Art isnt happy, and flowers in the park
you, in your confusion, hide in the dark
hide any truths of pain and suffering
and by doing so you have lost your soul
You are only half a person
art is an expression of life and its hidden
what is in a word? something to hide from?
something to fear? to censor? to fight?
are you that ashamed of language?
honesty? expressions of shame?
You are no poet, no artist
you are no immortal, 
of course you are so cowardly and weak
you will hide from me, censor me,
avoid the truth, lie to the world
if you cant stomach a curse word
then you cant handle me 
any immortal would crush you
and leave you wounded
truly contemplating your life
breaking you open, forcing you alive
then, maybe then, you will have an emotion,
worthy of expression into art. 
but dont get mad at me, angry or hurt
You may just use a curse word

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Holy Eucharist

Completes the Christian Initiation
Sublime cause of Holy Communion
Father Christ changed the bread and wine to His body and blood
Participate actively in the Mass


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I've had so many moments in life
full of love, loss, hope and strife, 
never have I fully lived as I do now
with loneliness my only pal.

I feel the earth as it moves on
toward the setting of the sun,
when all of life has gone away
no more night only the day.

God the Father on the throne
never more to be alone,
heavenly angels sing above
always peace, hope, and love.

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God Makes Me Dance

God makes me dance;
Stand up and raise my hands!
Jump around His perfect lands;
God makes me dance!

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"Hope" - A Star For Me

When parents don't have a choice and die
And all alone survive the loss
As I lie down to sleep at night 
They send in dreams... A Star For Me...

When Motherhood gets disappointing
And all alone survive the loss
I borrow scissors from my heart
With trembling hands I cut... A Star For Me

When trains don't stop and soul mate's gone
And all alone survive the loss
I row my boat on lakes with moons,
I jump and catch reflections of... A Star For Me

When I am old, and years fly by
And all alone survive the loss
I won't be sad, would even smile
As I lie down, a final sight... 
                                  ...A Star For Me...               

For John Heck's Contest "Blink"         

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

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Luminous Mysteries

Pope John Paul II instituted a new set of mysteries
 To the Rosary called the Luminous Mysteries.  
It is suggested by the Church 
Say these mysteries on Thursdays.

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Mother Mary

The first Christian 
     In the New Testament
          The first evangelist
               Mother Mary 

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Let The Rain Come

Storm clouds gather over the mountains The day suddenly heavy and dark The graveyard murmurs old songs Totems and headstones standing stark Native artists gave the spirit world voice Gods of nature speak though their art Wings steadily raised in supplication The spirit world and man not far apart The raven knows of the other world He calls out to those left behind "Prepare for the cleansing rain coming Death comes to the body, not to the mind"....
Barbara Gorelick 8/18/11

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Winter Be Gone

The green buds burst forth on the stem
Open gently breathe, as life returns again
Pressing forth, drinking the new days light
The sun returns from its winter flight

The leaves open and spread their charms
As a lover opens wide her arms
Taking the inquisitive honey bee
To pollinate and set fruit on the tree.

To watch it blossom, bloom and grow
Give thanks to God and let him know
Gratitude for his creation grand
The breath of life, the guiding hand

His words are written a guide to all
Help us live, lift us when we fall
From the start of his creation true
Give thanks to him that’s where it's due.

From Genesis through to Revelation
His scriptures a guide to his creation
The gospels tell of his loving son
Whose gave his life for everyone.

Spring returns to our hemisphere
Let’s give thanks to him that we are here.
As the days lengthen we all say ‘Come on’
Welcome to spring and winter be gone.

© 20/01/2103~GG~

.Contest Entry:

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All those crazy nights, you watched over me
All the times I’ve turned my back, you still tried
All the times people tried to get me to see
All the times I’ve hurt you, you probably cried

All the times I’ve gave up, you provided hope
All the times that I’ve been scared, you eased my fears
All the times that I’ve been sad, you helped me cope
All the times that I’ve cried, you wiped away the tears

All the times that you could have let me go
All the times that you could have not been by my side
Yet all those times you loved me so
Yet all those times you’ve been my guide

I remember those times you held my hand
Those times when you were my only friend
I remember those times you helped me stand
Those times when you were there till the end

I sit here in the pew remembering these
Times I was foolish, times that were bad
I’m so thankful you didn’t give up on me
And for this I am forever glad

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A Thousand Spirits Hovered

* Inspired by Constance's poem "A Thousand Spirits Hovered"

Candle light flickered on the old chapel walls
Where shadows of spirits danced joyfully on stone
An amazing view greeted a disheveled girl
Whose eyes followed flickering formations that shone

Spirits beckoned, implored her, she sensed their presence
And she wanted so much to respond as they asked
By lighting just one more candle, add to the glow
As on the floor beneath their warm lights she basked

Shoeless, weary and clad in drab, ragged attire
She prayed to the Pieta; her pockets were bare
When nary a coin could be found she cried aloud,
“Blessed Mother, I hope you will answer my prayer”

‘Twas then an altar candle’s flame suddenly lit
And the spirits’ voices sang out soft and tender
She knelt before the Pieta, offering thanks
No money could purchase such heavenly splendor

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:sigh of relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

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Our unbelief

Far away as we can be from one another
As if separated by oceans and lands
Contentment resides when no matter
The distance, I believe in you to the end.

Expectations can alter the view
When a deed does not fit
That will affect that precious bond
That connects our souls, causing a shift.

Your disbelief widens the gap
And suddenly you see a distorted picture
That tears your insides apart
And your heart has been hurt.

But when you remember your belief
And you keep reaching out
Because you can't let go, though you grieve
Something unexpected is found out.

As wounded you are, another is hurt too
Your actions have caused grief
To the one you thought had failed you
Stricken by the pain of your unbelief.

Far away as we can be from one another
As if separated by oceans and lands
Contentment resides when no matter
The distance, we believe in each other to the end.

Soon we will be close to one another again
We will understand the gift we have received
Our bond will reach a strength beyond gain
Because our love overcame our unbelief.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 03.29.11

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Love's Greatest Sacrifice

Here I stand at the foot of Love's greatest Sacrifice,
Those hands nailed to a splintered cross.
The scars of my iniquity on the wrists of innocence.
Nobody knew it was Hatred's greatest loss.

As I look up at God Almighty laying down His life for me,
the Lamb's blood trickling down the rugged wood,
The thundering voice of victory...
I shook from deep inside where I stood.

Then the final breath 
slipping out in silent ambition.
The conquering of death.
The price payed for Salvation.

The silence torn with the temple curtain,
by the shake of earth's violent thrust.
His love would continue down the ages, of this I'm certain
from my core to my crust.

Roman soldiers trembling with fear,
their horses rearing into the furious wind,
nobody suspected the turnpoint of humanity was near 
and that His death wasn't the end.

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A Loved Presumed

Summer romance,
Danger from day one,
Desire stronger than need,
Her heart already won.

Both hearts welcomed,
But never perfectly fit,
Passed secrets with lies,
To her hands from his.

His touch powerful and intense,
Made her feel strong,
But could not help her understand,
How it all could feel so wrong.

Hands held her below the water,
He thought she was

Flew through darkness,
Hands clenched to his waist,
He saw what he wanted.
The truth hidden by blind faith.

Fear versus love,
Danger written on his face,
But in her eyes,
Love took it’s place.

She wondered if they could say it,
‘I love you,’
‘I love you, too,’
But words do not always,
Speak the truth.

Truth versus love,
Fear spread thin,
Lets go of his hand,
She does not need him.
Written by my sister for a school project(We only changed two words) But really, I didn't
know she could write poetry! I'm proud. :)
Based off of the novel "Honey, Baby, Sweetheart" by Deb Calleti

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Portrait of a Man

I see a picture painted of a kneeling man of prayer
The face of strength is beaten down with tears
Resembling the man I heard commands the very wind
And calms the tempest seas without fear

I see a man who walks on water and drives the spirits out 
With power and God’s own authority
But then I see him heal the sick and hear words of compassion
As he gently holds a child on his knee

Who is this man of sorrow, crying out with tears of blood? 
Willingly he drinks the cup of death
What holds him there upon that tree? Could it be his endless love
For those of us who daily fail the test? 

Never have I touched the hands that gave that I might live
His spirit freed that tragic 'Good' Friday
Ever do I long to know the One who can forgive
We who drove the nails and walked away

                                                                 ~Christopher Thor Britt

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As I Open My eyes

I wander through this world and I do get lost,
Though I become aware of what this all cost.
Sometimes the pieces do not always fit,
Sometimes I can’t see from this place I sit.

As the light retreats I wonder where it went.
Nothing returns from all messages I sent.
The stars and the moon shine so bright.
They seem like a reminder, now it is night.

Tail lights vanish into the dark night
 Once in view, but now out of sight.
Things disappear that were once so clear,
As darkness surrounds I am left with my fear.

A beacon of hope seems to guide me through. 
I awake this morning to a day that is new.
I hope and pray, the sun will shine,
To warm my soul, so I will feel fine.

So many things seem to get in the way.
But I am just glad to wake up today.
Maybe after time all will seem right.
My future’s before me, the sun shines bright.

I realize I am not bound to any course.
I feel some sorrow and find the source.
I know that happiness comes from within,
I step to the start yet don’t know where to begin.

Still it seems better than it was yesterday,
I gaze around to find another way.
All that I search for is right before me.
I just open my eyes and then I can see.

It isn’t a mystery I’ve been here before,
As a window closes it opens a door.
I gather the pieces from off of the floor,
My eyes shall see what there is in store.

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Substance of things hoped for
The proof of things not seen
Acceptance of the truth
That our reason cannot reach


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The Fool That I Am

I am such a fool
For trusting you
I had strong faith
You stole it away

I am such a fool
For believing in you
My kindness and respect
Meant nothing to you

I am such a fool
For loving you
I cared for you
Nothing was returned

I am such a fool
For defending you
Stood behind you
Every step of the way

I am such a fool
For allowing you
To take advantage of me
You escaped so easily

Im am such a fool
Took your abuse
Endless betrayal
No sigh of relief

I am such a fool
I own to my fault
Should have known better
Than to follow my heart

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The Weak will Rise

The winners are the losers
If they're not on the side of right
One day they'll have to answer
When their sins are brought to light

They had their celebration
That will be their only prize
All the things they have hidden
We will come to realize

Some history may be written
But it doesn't make it true
The powerful may write it
We are controlled by the few

The losers are the winners
Revelation of God's plan
Nothing has been forgotten
Truth's not decided by man

The weak will rise like Eagles
Their tears will be wiped away
A World filled with injustice
Will be transformed in a day

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Fatality Of Fear

How fatal when we let fear win
We destroy what we could have been
God's plan no more for we're in sin
But Jesus is here and Love's gonna win!

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Faith in Eternal Holy Spirit

Believing Eternal Holy Spirit is to profess
That Eternal Holy Spirit is the 3rd divine person
In the Holy Trinity
Consubstantial with Eternal Father and Eternal Son


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Collaborating In the Clouds

New Year Resolutions are fine, But they’re just not enough So I say a prayer to the Big Boss When what I want is tough For the year of two thousand and twelve I said a short prayer In hopes of getting the help I need from the boss way up there “Dear God, I wouldn’t ask for this, If it was just a whim. Please give me a fat bank account And a body that’s slim” “Last year I prayed for the same thing But it was all in vain This year be careful, Dear God, and don’t Get them mixed up again! “Well my son you don’t understand I heard both of your prayers And what you asked for, was not ignored It’s just not in my plan”
Submitted by: Charles Sides

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Dark Woods CD

The Grim Reaper came to call But found I was not at home Skydiving in my freefall Below the reaper did roam While out white-water rafting With a frightening scythe he stood My demise he was planning Secrets held beneath his hood Upon the shore he waited As I fished in the ocean I knew my time was dated As he set wheels in motion He follows me all the time His presence I can’t ignore As through life’s journey I climb There’s so much left to explore He will come for me one day And there’ll be no turning back He’ll not find me in dismay As his scythe takes its whack Another soul he must claim And he knows that more will come Artists take their shot at fame As the Reaper beats his drum
*Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” Entry for PD's "Dark Woods" contest

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My Purpose 2K10

God! Imparting the glory unto Him.  
Being thankful, treasuring Kith and Kin.  
Helping others till earthly lights do dim.  
Remaining faithful till invited in.  

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From The Dust

I've knelt on mats of reeds to idols,
that we revered with pious trust.
They fell to near obscurity,
and now they mingle with the dust.

I've of chiseled and scraped from the tablets
my deep deliberate curving ruts,
to weather out times ruthless passage,
carving out my eternal cuts.

Indelible, and yet delicate
and considerably few,
consider all of what you see,
for they purely belong you. 

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Fallen Angels

So much pain
Innocent lives lost
Separation from spirit
Now evident, the cost

Blame will be easy
Anger, quick to rise
Unite must we all
For peace, no compromise

Understand may we never
What drives such evil minds
Heal must we now
To each other, be kind

Hate may come quickly
Justified by most
Reach out where you can
Turn tragedy to hope

Find in yourself
Strength to carry light
For together we are strong
Brighter future still in sight

Hold tight those you love
Honor those today lost
Be the change you seek
A bridge together, we can cross

* Dedicated to those lost and those left behind – December 14,th 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School
Newtown, Connecticut *

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Standing at a Crossroads

I'm standing at a crossroads
Deciding where to go
I have to pick the right one
But how am I to know?

I peer down all the pathways
There isn't much in sight
The straight one and the left one
They look just like the right

One thing is doubly certain
I cannot turn around
To travel where I came from
That surely isn't sound

I wonder which are winding
And which are awful steep
I wonder which are rocky
Or fraught with chasms deep

I wonder which are sunny
Or which are filled with shade
I wonder which are easy
And which are poorly laid

Decisions oft are tricky 
At times they cannot change
Some roads go through the city
While others hug the range

At last I chose the forward
The narrow one and straight
Within my heart I realized
That this one holds my fate

I knew that in the distance
Along this narrow way
There'd be a golden city
With room for me to stay

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A Fallen Sparrow

For only a penny you can buy two sparrows, yet not one sparrow falls to the ground without your Father's consent. (Matthew 10: 29)

I was a little sparrow
Perched on a little ledge
I warbled out my heart
My love song in a pledge

You looked out of the window
And you saw me on my perch
The song didn't suit your fancy
For an arrow you made a search

I kept up my happy song
And little did I know
That sweet look on your face
Was to be my fatal blow

You spoke kind words to me
I was beguiled by your smile
I preened my little features
Danced for you all the while

You found a big enough stone
That would knock me to the ground
And before I knew what happened
There was an explosion of sound

The world around me was spinning
Trees and grass and then sky
I fell down to the ground
I didn't know how or why

My little wing was broken
I lay there throbbing with pain
I looked up at the darkening sky
As felt the first drops of rain

A little boy came running
Picked up my shivering form
He rushed me into the house
Before the darkening storm

His dear Mama bandaged me
Put me in the softest bed
Dripped water into my beak
Gently caressed my feathery head

That night I stopped to wonder
At the hate that you had shown
All I had done was sing my song
Freedom was all I had known

I knew my little wing
Would probably never mend
I’d be bound to the ground
My prayers to the skies I’d send

From one thing I gained comfort
As I saw my rescuer sleep
My Heavenly Father had seen all
And His promise he did keep

I was safe and sound and healing
Would live to see another day
But when you meet God the Father
I wonder what you’ll have to say.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Christian Name

God or Father Christ calls each one by name
Everyone’s name is sacred
The Name is the icon of the person
It demands respect as a sign of dignity of one who bears it

Written 09122012 CCC 2158

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What effects has covetousness or Greed in our souls

Covetousness or Greed begets 
In our souls unkindness
Dishonesty, deceit
And want of Charity or Love

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Your word oh God is like unto a lamp
that guides the footsteps of your flock
inscribed upon their hearts like a stamp
and the path of the master they stalk

On the road to Mount Zion they walk
and the gifts they bring you in praise
about their redeemer and King they talk
and his banner is the one that they raise

Their garments resemble the spirit of light
and crowns of radiance upon their head
wield the Word of Truth do they fight
with principalities the earth will shed

Against the rulers of darkness they stand
the fallen sons of God and their wiles
they hold the shield of faith in their hand
to defend against that which defiles

They wrestle not with flesh and blood
against the strongholds of darkness they wield
with the gospel of peace are their feet shod
and the sword of the spirit in the field

They fight against those who mankind would harm
the war is not with weapons of steel
they have gone forth to sound the alarm
to flee from the gods where the fallen do kneel

The knowledge of God teaches love and truth
and tender thoughts of understanding
so many minds acquired hatred in youth
and with the armies of Demons are banding

To understand God his Word you must know
discerning the powers that rule in his stead
the Word who is master the truth will you show
least on the wrong path you be led

The sword of the spirit is the Word of Truth
God does not torture or rape
The Demons are ones who with war do sooth
and the face of this world shape

sources IICor. 10:3-6 Eph. 6:10-17
Mark 13:2 II Tim 3:1-5 
Apocalypse 11:18 , chptr 19

COPYRIGHT © all rights reserved
2010 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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The work I do is not the most prestigious one,
from four to twelve thirty I drive...until my shift is done;
a forklift driver rarely takes a coffee-break, 
and being courteous and helpful to customers means a lot.

My long-life dream was to be a songwriter like Andrew Lloyd Webber, but my songs
didn't click...they never made the Top Ten on the Billboard Charts;
and although they didn't sell well to make it my profession, I still hold my thumb up...
that if a famous recording artist performed them, I'd have a huge hit!

My free time is devoted to creating lyrics that I will set to music in late hours;
and I would never be a Mozart, Verdi, or Beethoven if didn't knock on doors
and expose my works to those who would be willing to listen without reluctance...
could one be old and succeed as the young ones with fresher, brighter ideas?

For now, I remain the same blue collar guy coloring more illusive dreams;
many approach me and say," Don't give have plenty of chances!".
I do want to believe that and wear the deserved crown and be lauded as others...  
'till my lucky day comes, I must make a living and have the faith of the achievers.

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Sunday Morning

an inspirational Sunday morning the Word of God from the pulpit explodes Heaven, gloriously shines in our sight one straight path amongst many winding roads By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Just a Verse Max 7 contest first place

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Prayer of Sorrow

Lord, please forgive the wrong I do,
Don't let it take me far from you,
Teach me to live, and learn, and pray,
As you wish, dear Lord, today.

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With Hexagonal Snowflake Sigh

I must believe in things unknown.
In them lies all my piety
If piety of I exists, 
Then there is where its fair-head lies

With tentacles stretched out to catch
All snowflakes made by God's design:
Each geometric flake reveals
A message carved by God to I;

If these be words of arrogance
Then arrogant I will remain
To nurture and solidify
God's empathetic notes to I

Read quickly if you even try
For snowflakes signed by God will die;
With hexagonal snowflake sigh
They melt away God's notes to I.

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Church As Mystery

The Church is essentially both human and divine
Visible but endowed with visible realities
Zealous in action
Dedicated to Contemplation


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My Kiss From Heaven

Once, when the day was cold and misty
I set out for a trip down to a lonely spot
Filled with gardens so flowery
There, I settled down and started a work of art

Yet, my poetry was all rotten and stale
Nothing could cure my stagnant mind
Not even a sip of ale
Harshly, I chose to leave my art behind

When O Magic, O Pure Bliss
A sheep appeared, all pink in fleece
And took my pen in his hand
And gave me verses to tend

Beautiful, Lyrical
None could be more mystical
Before he left, on my cheeks, he left a kiss
And said, Fear never the evil adder's hiss!

Remember, the garden of Eden
Is still full of angels, so awakened
So relish in your poetry
As if it were your sole duty!

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Happy is he who is not condemned,
By that which he allows in his life;
For he who adhears to the laws of God,
Will gain peace of mind and long life;

But he who is prone to go with the flow,
Will oft find himself perplexed,
By troubles and problems he could have avoided,
And often his spirit is vexed;

For the ways of the world are fickle my friend,
And one must be wise to survive,
The slings and the arrows of enemies who hide,
In ambush where they sneak and connive,

To bring out in you what is found in them,
So choose your friends wisely and live.
Take from the world the good things in life,
And strain out the bad like a sieve.

Though we're not here to judge our neighbors and friends,
We have God Almighty to please.
Remember this well and you won't go to Hell,
If you lay down with dogs you'll get fleas.

                                                             Judy Ball

"Hast thou faith? Have it to thyself before God. Happy is he who condemneth not himself by that thing which he alloweth."
                                              Romans 14:22

                                               'NUFF SAID

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Disillusioned by the words of hate, 
Disatisfied with present fate, 
Hope crouches in the corner there, 
Muttering rebellion at despair.

Before the heart is torn to shreds, 
Between the words alive and dead, 
It must be bruised and brought to shame, 
And eagerly accept the blame.

Life it seems is forcing me, 
To choose between breath and liberty, 
My transient soul would have me trade, 
True love for oaths that I have made.

It beacons me to enter in, 
And forms a soul for mine akin, 
And bleeds and sheds it's tears as bait, 
Treasonous wretch, it lies in wait.

The door has closed, distrust returns, 
The heart that kills, is that which spurns- 
the tender beats of a trusting heart, 
And builds of words a wall to part.

I make an adder's nest my home, 
And dream that I am not alone. 
I pray that time would not stand still, 
But into future pain would spill.

Grant me leave from this life's scars, 
The treachery that wounds and mars, 
God if indeed Your love is true, 
Call me swiftly home to You.


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Sharing My Hopeful Heart

One with God, this hopeful heart I dare to define. I search for a tomorrow, life's gloom shall pass me by. Communing with the Lord, the bread and taste of wine is the body and blood bringing hope. My Lord feels nigh. Praise be to God even on my darkest of days with ev'ry breath of my soul and hushed beat of my heart. Damaged and bruised, this broken heart had gone astray. Mended in communion, I feel my sorrow depart. Sharing His love, my hopeful heart has been set free. I bring all of my troubles to the foot of the King. He wipes ev'ry tear, His sacrifice was for me. Remembered in communion, a hopeful heart will sing. *Theme is a Hopeful Heart By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, May 23, 2012 For Three Forms, Three Themes Contest (Francine Roberts)

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I Cry

First a sigh begins the sequence 
Then pain impales my tender heart
My lips kissed with trembles quiver
And teardrops fall for worlds apart

Disenchanted by fallen expectations
A siege estrange's my view
Breached by every implication 
Want replaced substance I once knew

Lamentation's silent scream
Stripped of dignity's stoic face
About the time when shadows cast 
Lucent pangs suppressed by weakened gates

I cry...

Sequestered only by my right
For I have earned each taste of salt
Which springs from wretched ferocity of plight
Concealed in my empirical vault

Lest wiped is the dampness off my skin
By one who has no portion divvied
For I have owned each drop therein
Knowing not relief in empath's pity 

Tomorrow's morn will dawn and then
This "woe -is - me" will pass
A radiant sunrise will remind me of when
Faith dwelled securely in my grasp

Gratitude shall seize my debt
Affixing credit for emancipation 
For tears command that they be let
To cure the souls vexation

Therefore, yes...  I CRY

        :" (

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God's Plan

God’s Plan

God is never too late
In proclaiming His precious plan
He just came on time, my friend...
For He knows exactly your fate

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I've felt the warmest and newest sunlight at sunrise,
and welcomed it gleefully with a thankful sigh
at an early hour when nobody seems too alive...
a cardinal with yellow feathers brought me a surprise!

That gorgeous bird was surrounded by butterflies
with colors brighter than wild flowers,
swirled around them, to acccompany them
to my silent doorstep and start his usual, daily hymn.

"Thank him with a grateful, happy heart,
look up and His image will appear among clouds;
and although nobody has ever seen Him but Christ...
believe that He'll reveal Himself to us!"

And who will be the chosen ones from every present race...
when this event will occur? Those who have kept the faith!
So pray and with your gratefulness ever alive, give praise!
That promise can be visualized by the multitudes that wait!   

"Thank Him with a grateful, happy heart,
take along those good friends who have separated themselves
from a worldliness, which kept them apart...
they run to greet Him in the traquil evening to exalt His kindness!" 

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Few Days Of Love

Few Days Of Love.
If two days are what a soul receives,
are those days for loving adequate,
when a blissful spring, the garden leaves--
is the right response to blame the fate.
When two days are all a soul does need
such a trek cant deem a lover then,
might all us consume our bodies greed
and give this world more lonely men.
For two days are what a soul had found,
should the love regret this painful grant,
to a lucid dream the trueness bound
while in craving that which have you cant.
Why two days are what my soul did bring!
and did bring with them, the perfect love,
I have embraced it like a gifted wind
and embraced would die, in fleeting of.
But, two days are what my soul did get,
so I love my dame to the full extent,
for no realm can such a clock beget,
at a quit which wont our love lament.
So two days are what my soul did gain
and did the error of loving commit,
you can lock me up, and write me pain,
but never two loving souls can split.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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Eternal Holy Spirit

Greek word for Spirit is “”breath”,  “air” or wind
When Eternal Father sends Eternal Son
He also sends the Eternal Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ or Father Christ sends the Eternal Holy Spirit to people


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Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

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Rastafari certainly was a young man of magnificent talent indeed...
He praised God, as Abraham did, in his chant and dance with true glee,
Bob Marlyn and Peter Posh helped him become a raggae star;
some folks thought he was crazy with those long, braided hair.

Since ninenteen-seventy when hippies abounded,
and revolted against the American Government with protest...
Rastafari wrote great songs of many themes for the oppressed
and poor who were denied civil liberties in their own land.

Listen to those songs, feel the vibrant beat in the his unique music
and walking in his shoes you can sing with him and become his friend,
because Rasatfari dreamed of seeing all peoples embrace around the troubled world...
has he died in vain or left an indelible legacy for those adoring his everlasting beat?

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The Faithful

We swim in the fountain spring,
Hear the harmonious choir sing,
His radiant face ne'er grows dim,
In the fountain spring, we swim.

We ascend to a mountain peak,
With his rod and his sheep,
Gravity seems to suspend,
To a mountain peak, we ascend.

We leap into a tall haystack,
Freefall and don't look back,
Sit among tares and wheat,
Into a haystack, we leap.

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Actions speak louder than words

Symbols cluster to form your speech 
As sprinkled emotions find their seat
Like echoes ricochet off hallowed halls
Resonate an evidence of a tangible fall

Oh mighty words
How you long to portray
Apologies and promises
Which deeds should convey

Ten in the bush or one in the hand
Shall proof lessen my faith
Does the hourglass lie by its last speck of sand
Or shade make a sundial fake

Eloquent phrases doth not expectations meet
Validation must have its day
A narrative cannot express silences feat
For its stone which endures not clay

Grant me the man 
Who's actions speak louder than words
With him through Hell's fire I shall stand
And love him without end undeterred

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The Greatest Gift

I sadly wear a crown of thorn
Upon the cross I am lifted
To this end was I born
Repentance, I have gifted.

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Fire Fighter

A FIRE FIGHTER… We get the call in the middle of the night, Out the door ready to fight. The call comes in, with much depth, Behind the wheel someone slept. Across the lane and head on Arrive on scene the drivers gone. In the other car there is A mother, and her 2 kids. It’s too late we hear the ambos say The mothers gone the fathers away The kids are hurt but not too bad, But news we bring is too sad Return to our lives the next day, For those kids we all will pray. Talking to a friend that night, How do you do it, without fight? It’s the job we say but is that true Is just about the job for me and you? We are fire fighters yes Trying all the time to do our best We love our job, the friends we’ve made But we also love the lives we save.

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Some Tears

Some tears are broken and they hurt like hell
Some are poison and viscous as well
Some are darts that tear you apart
But some a surgery that mend a broken heart

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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Hope In The Midst of a Storm

Twisting, surging, spattering and curling
Roaring, soaring, splashing and whirling
A Tornado’s whirling winds-spewing death
Sweeping off anything on his path

A mighty Tornado has blown a City apart
Many He has hurled from the City’s mart
He fetched and leveled the entire town
His roar nothing could have calm down

The whirling strike of a Tornado
A Tornado as deadly as Ronaldo
Mr. Tornado had been very cruel
Ruthless as lions in territorial duel

In the midst of a Tornado a treasure found
It was a grandmother’s gold of pleasure bound
Ironically, was a chapter page of Psalm 75
While many succumb the Bible still survive

The Bible provides hope in the midst of a storm
In the midst of a Tornado His word come to conform
His Word is our light in the darkest of time
He is our Lamp when life seems to have no rhyme

He strengthens our soul in times of despair
His unfailing Word invigorates our soul and repair
He sends His Word to lifts us up when we are down
He sends His Word to make us smile when we frown

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.[Matthew 24:35]

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It's okay to pray;
Do so everyday.
Believe in what you say,
And your life will be changed.

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When the tables have turned

                                        The sky touches the ground. 

                                       The poorest wears the crown. 

                        The worlds richest, now begging for heavenly riches.
                                    What and who is glorified on earth,

                                         but not glorified in heaven.

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Early Christmas morning I glanced outside,
and no snow was falling, and suddenly a vision of a luminous light
with a trembling child appeared in sight...
and could this have been the Infant of prophecy and might?

And He softly said with the sweetest and kindest voice,
"I bring you no snow but endless love...the warmest flame
that makes every forsaken and unhappy heart rejoice;
it's a gift so gladly given to all the believers of this blessed age." 

Struck by that splendid appearance, unafraid,
I ran to thank him for those wonderful words,;
and not having seen any gift under the decorated spruce,
I seemed puzzled, but not fearful or nearly surprised.

There it stood, my gift from that generous child with golden, curly hair: 
a purple spring crocus never seen before, an Alpine flower
which grows in early April in every emerald meadow...
I leaned forward with much gentleness and plucked it from the cold snow.

When I stood up, he was gone and not a trace of him could be found,
and who was that cherub without leave that flower in the bitter cold? 
Wasn't He the Christ Child who was born in a Bethlehem's abandoned stable?
And wasn't hope the meaning of the purple spring crocus so beautiful?  

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Sacrificing Forever

Some can't imagine forever
So they came up with time and chance
The theory of evolution
Just one idea they advance

The Bible is not fantasy
Regardless what some may believe
The answers to our universe
A gift that we can all receive 

Gateway to a meaningful life
It's crucial we take time to read
Although it's often misquoted
It's exactly what we all need

The book alone cannot save us
It's the marker that leads the way
To a special man named Jesus
Who did more than teach us to pray

Sacrifice gives us forever
Not limited by time and space
A special gift that we can't earn
We are all lost without his grace

Some may look at me as a fool
Who believes in a fairy tale 
Still I know the reality
With my Savior I cannot fail

Don't sacrifice your forever
By believing a pack of lies
Trust in the Maker of man kind
His path is the one that is wise

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Successful Relationship

For a joyful
Successful relationship
You need spiritual and mental union


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To the Stars

I have some important questions
About the quality of what we “believe”
Are our concepts of who we are
Rooted in our lack of questioning?

The awesome fear of ridicule
The blistering pressure to conform
The inevitable path of least resistance
And the comfort that it affords

Suppose we had always been told
That our savior is Julius Caesar
Would our religious ceremonies now conclude
With, “He came, he saw, he conquered”?

Are we unknowingly in lockstep
Like dancers in a music video?
And is the comfort of being “right”
Worth this atrophy to our souls?

Like a distorted photo negative
Shaping our most repeated stories
Is our perception that we are broken
The fuel for what we “believe”?

As goldfish have known only water
And content in their little jar
If our minds weren’t pointed in the wrong direction
Would we have already been to the stars?

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Flowers of paradise
blossom every heart-
colours multiply
beauty that will never die

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heretical epiphany

Meditating in the garden Gethsemane
Jesus decides to become agnostic
not believing the religion himself
perceiving a clearly telling prognostic

He sat within the still winds then
blowing all the possibilities around
his soulful mind could not pretend
birthing this idea was fundamentally sound

"What am I doing here anyway?" he thought
"What made me think to try to do,
that, that mankind cannot be taught.
It'd be better, without all this ballyhoo"

"Love one an' another I said on the mount"
blessed are the meek, the pure, the mild,
yet these souls seem incapable to surmount
their tendencies toward erratic and wild"

All these thoughts swirled in his head
his darkness matched the coal cold night
thought he'd maybe retire to Cairo instead
maybe turn a new corner with his life

He was just about to firm his thought
and tip-toe toward that far away land,
when for the few disks of silver bought,
troops took him forcibly, in their hand

The crowd, the soldiers, the leaders all,
insisted that the show must continue
Jesus had grave reservations after all
and tried to move to a whole new venue

But the die was cast, the end was clear
the faith of the faithful must be built
now Jesus thought this strangely queer
that faith be created by him being killed

"These people are a bloody race,
the god before them is bloody too,
to die for god, to save his face
seems an unkind, unforgiving, thing to do" 

Crossing o'er on crossed beams of wood
Jesus, painfully, was now aware,
the ironic irony nailed him good.
"This race of people, they just don't care."

© Goode Guy 2013-01-07

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The son of the Holy Ghost

The passage is the way,, 
of the almighty,, 
and the son of,, 
The Holy Ghost prepares you, 
therefore I have engaged,,
to self inline, the heavens, 
beyond my years, into new life, 
after death,, 
unto the rebirth of Christ, 
to be resurrected again,,

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Right Turns

Looking back in life I've made so many wrong turns
Sped up when I should've braked
In this environment I've learned to discern
Between who's walk is real, or fake

It's the little things that hurt, not the abundance 
but rather the lack of,
genuine actions speak louder than words
Especially when it comes to love

Hearing others spit your name on their tongue
baffles me through and through
The things they've said, when compared
appear nothing like who I knew

So much I question and would like to say
So much I have to ask
But I know it's not my place, 
And in this situation I cannot bask.

I pray you reach a point in life
Where you have no where to turn
So that you may reach out to God
And begin to evaluate and truly discern

We got off on the wrong foot
And there's no retracing our step
Our walks aren't i the same direction
And our new paths have been unkept

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The Burning Within

Embedded in every aspect of life, blood.
Wrath rips souls to shreds for worldly causes.
Plentiful tears upon forever flood.
Returning an empty vessel, man, to ashes.

Blackened hearts manifest their loathing.
Brother competing with brother for greed.
Envy destroys the mind, with covetous lusting.
Worldly ways birth another bad seed.

Every aspect of breathing proceeds with caution.
Trust is lost in planes of angry strife.
Ambiance dreams in self-satisfaction.
Mankind enters adulthood flawed by life.

Odium thrives, falsly justified by differences. 
Compassion too soon lost feeds fearful thinking.
Evil forces busily shuttle interferences.
Clawing, character against character, chafing.

But…there was a crucifixion.
God’ Son came to earth, a son of woman.
Resolved to cleanse hate’s affliction.
Justice serving forgiveness to every man-

Each eternal soul was bought by Jesus’ blood,
He washed sinful ways; set man’s pure goal.
God’s loving sent in everlasting flood.
Renewed, He embraces each righteous soul.

© February 19, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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2012: Invasion of Fear (co-written with James Fraser)

She tosses and turns, wrinkles the sheets
It's December 21st, but there's so much heat
She notices a light streaming bright from the sky
Runs to the window, a sight meets her eyes

     I have written, as the future will have read
     That the year 2012 will leave your world dead
     An invasion will happen, look to your skies
     For you will be visited, to them you're despised
An ominous orb hovers o'er her home
She opens the door, through the woods she roams
One by one, she watches the trees ignite
Surrounded by flames she cowers in fright

     The day has been set, earth's fate has been chosen
     Humanity, evolution will be eternally frozen
     Lights will appear through thickening clouds
     When millions of eyes to the heavens will crowd
She realizes now prophecies were true
Though not as expected, death rays come through
She looks up again and beyond the ship
Heavens are opening, skies are parting quick

     The alignment of planets will dawn a new age
     The might of another will bring humanity rage
     Earth as you know it will become with bereave
     A dying planet she becomes as her oxygen leaves

As the aircraft departs, she gasps her last breath
Eternal life she earns, just physical death
Stairway to heaven appears before her
The Lord beckons; in soul she did not err

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Amazing Grace

Who at my Door is Standing
Softly and Tenderly, Day by Day
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Teach Me, O Lord, I Pray

Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior
O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee
Break Thou the Bread of Life
Open My Eyes that I May See

Go, Tell It On the Mountain
Grace Greater than Our Sin
In Times Like These
Christ Receiveth Sinful Men

I've Got Peace Like a River
My Lord Is Near Me All the Time
Just When I Need Him Most
I An His, and He Is Mine

It Is Well with My Soul
There's a Glad new Song
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
One Day, Lord, I'm Coming Home

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Glorious Sunrises Stored

My flashlight has both hi and lo
So I can run, walk, or go slow
Up hill in the sun__down in dark soon
Go downward aided by the moon

For the moon will shine full tonight
But there may be clouds to dull light
On top of hill see world below
Give up its soft early night glow

I'll stay with flashlight in hand glad
For solitude, stillness, note pad
Writing life's events that make sad
Just very short while I will stay

For I will have to rest to face
Day, if the Lord allows the grace
Of being on earth short while more
To receive blessings that are stored

Those blessings that are stored away
Blessings that are packaged for me
If I ask, I shall receive more
Like  glorious sunrises in store

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That all is not darkness
There are rays of light
In culture shed by Father Christ
The Light of the world


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Everybody got a Sophia in his life,
I just don't want loose strings,
Several forces gather and collides,
I must step back from these rings.

The story doesn't stop when it ends,
the contemplation will always be free,
in the rough land or thoughtful sky, [as a wayfaring stranger, ]
I'm going where it's going to be.

The cricket as the same size as infinity,
the plenitude towards the horizon,
whistling and fizzing coming from the sky,
It suddenly turns my skin wizen.

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Sometimes things happen,
Unthinkable things,
That worry and vex us,
And tear at heart strings,

And we throw up our hands,
And shout and make oaths,
And we cry and make fists,
At the wraiths and the ghosts,

Of fear and anxiety,
That enter our minds,
Forgetting it seems,
At least for a time,

That Someone's beside us,
To carry us through,
Who's been there before,
When friends were few;

And we think we're alone,
And anger sets in,
And we swear and we blame,
Our only true Friend;

But He's there and He cares,
Though we don't understand,
And He waits and He's patient,
For He does understand;

And when reason returns,
And we reach out to Him,
He'll give us His strength,
And help us again.

Just as He's always,
Done in the past,
For His love is true,
And His patience outlasts,

The slings and the arrows,
The thorns and the blasts,
Of a befuddled mind,
As we stand aghast,

For He's faithful and patient,
And true and just,
And He'll give us the strength,
To do what we must.

                              Judy Ball

                                                                                  Romans 12:12

                                                                          Galatians 5:22-23

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Jesus in a Box

Some folks put Jesus in a box and take Him out on Sunday, when church is over bring Him home and He’s boxed again by Monday. There are other folks who do not let Him hang around at all except perhaps at Christmas time beneath the tree or in the hall. Like the other decorations He is just there for the fun. He’ll be put away for the whole year when Christmastime is done. Then there are the extremists who never want to see His face. They insist He must be banished from every public place. They can bar Him from the schoolroom, The avenue and mart, But they can never take Him from a faithful Christian’s heart.

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Faith in Myth

Apollo! Lead us into the fiery center of the sun
As the full moon offers a beacon in the night
We march into the blaze and burn as one
Or surrounded by darkness, the moon removes plight

Apollo! Do not forsake us, we of faith, let light shine
Save us from the darkness that plagues the soul
Ever devouring the darkness takes us; your inferno burns sublime
O' come great light, lest we are left black as coal

Do we plead in vain, do you see our suffering?
Are we alone, bleeding husks, answering for original sin?
Please immerse us in flame, stop black eternal smothering
Please illuminate the path, light the way to pursue within

The pantheon echoes our greatest fears
The Gods reflect our endless doubt
Belief of the above foils the darkness that lurks near
Or so we believe, we believe we're better with than without

The sky above, the dreams within, complete our mortal frame
The fears we face, the hope we share, we're all to blame

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Jacob and Esau

And it came to pass...

Thus that Issac took Rebekah to wife,
  And to conceive entreated The Lord:
But the children struggled within her,
  And of this to God she implored

Said God, two nations are in thy womb
  And two manner of people hunger:
One shall be stronger than the other -
  The elder shall serve the younger

The firstborn came out a hairy child,
  And thus they called his name Esau:
The second took hold of Esau's heel,
  And he was called Jacob evermore

And as they grew Issac loved Esau,
  But Rebekah, his wife, loved Jacob so!
Twas Esau who fell faint in the field
  And Jacob fed him out of his low

And Jacob said, sell me thy birthright,
  Esau replied, I am at the point to die!
What profit shall this birthright do me?
  And sold it to Jacob where he lie

And Issac unto Esau, his eldest, said,
  Son, I know not the hour of my death:
Take thy weapons, thy quiver, thy bow,
  That we eat before my dying breath

But Rebekah heard and sent for Jacob
  Saying, obey! Do as I command thee:
Fetch me two good kids of the goats,
  And bring to thy father, said she

Jacob said unto his father, I am Esau,
  Thy firstborn - and did eat of the meat:
I pray you bless me father, said Jacob,
  But Issac was old and blind to deceit

There Issac said, let people serve thee,
  And unto thee let nations bow down:
Cursed be everyone that curseth thee,
  And blessed be thy name renown

And God Almighty said unto Jacob,
  The land I gave Abraham and Issac
To thee will I give it, and to thy seed,
  And there shall be no taking back


September 2010

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Stand Up

Stand up for the broken,
'Cause they are people too.
With hearts and souls in ruin,
They just want to be like You.

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My Heart Never Stops Searching for You

To find the one that I adore
May take awhile or even more;
God knows what I am looking for
My compass points to southern shores.

I know that seems so faraway
And that is what they always say;
Love has no boundaries anyway,
Somehow I'll find him, come what may.

I hear a whisper through the trees
And feel the comfort of a heavenly breeze,
But I long for the song that comes from the seas,
I pray that God will hear my pleas.

Some days in grief my heart is done
With all the searching for that One.
It seems that Time and days outrun
My strength and hope and bright shining sun.

But when I find him, will he care,
Will he be that answer to prayer?
I hope he's dark and debonair
And is that gem that's rather rare.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick
But a poet's heart is rather thick;
It beats on with the sound of a tick
And bleeds out words not missing a lick.

Where on earth would be this guy?
Ok, I don't care if he's shy.
I hope he's clever as a fox is sly
And surfaces soon before I die.

June 21, 2013

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O chiming bells of midnight,...
gladly announce Jesus' joyful birth;
see how the Heavens' stars shine...
to glorify the most glorious One!

Unpleasant is the cold December' air,
and a manger is the perfect shelter
away from the frost and the gelid wind;
see how He smiles as all the angels sing!

Come shepherds, bring along your sheep,
to warm up a King whose heart is so meek;
and as the Wise Men kneel down in divine adoration,
I watch the gifts in their hands with much trepidation!

O chiming bells of midnight...echo through my starry valley,
and cheer up this silent town that offers its true serenity;  
and if snowflakes fall and make all the stars seem too far,
my lamp will brighten up the path and lead me to the Messiah! 

Entered in Carolyn Devonnshire's contest, "Christmas in your town"

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Raven and the Dove

The dark raven’s soulful flight goes singing Where an evening song bird blends in the skies Making flight into the grand wilderness Tender is the dove that goes up and flies The two birds as one entwine together But they are like two different beings The raven so dark and evil attacks While the dove, full of love, counters and sings White brightens around the darkest raven Suffocating the raven’s great powers And takes the life right out of the raven Darkness lost, dove conquers all that cowers Flying, the dove coos in joyful triumph Reaches the death of the raven below Resurrects the bird as a dove, and now They go along together as one show
Russell Sivey

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They Know Not What They Are

And if they know not what they do
The lonely weary souls
Who share the common goal
Imbibe a sense of disbelief

They wander aimless through and through
Panic stricken sullen
Risen and the fallen
Reality obscured by grief

To make amends from me to you
My proposition is
Give solace and forgive
What timeless would consider brief

End excursion black and blue
In the deepest ocean
Swim through tears forgotten
The joy we'll feel from such relief

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Mortal Angels

Mortal Angels as people are unemployed these days
Ask help for certain Mortal Angels
Today and everyday
They will not refuse to assist you


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O pray that we like Jesaus B
That others wonder Y
His Peace,His Joy,His love, they C
Flow out from U and I

After Keat's double quatrain 'O Grant '

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God Within

Though Life can be extremely difficult
and experiences can deeply traumatize us,
we can learn to control how we respond -
as demonstrated by our Lord, Christ Jesus.

For He alone is the hope of our glory;
when we show genuine, jubilant enthusiasm,
we naturally exhibit that “God is within”;
thus, we’re able… to bridge sin’s chasm.

This separation from God can be overcome
with daily prayer and faith’s resilience.
Become intimate with your “Identity in Christ”
and continue to reflect the Kingdom’s brilliance.

Having energetic and vibrant attitudes,
we see more opportunities brought to our door.
Via God’s Love and abundance principles,
His blessings upon us… continue to pour.

Remember! We’re blessed to be a blessing;
prayerfully develop your mission’s vision.
Search for personal solutions within The Word,
while reducing the likelihood of… bad decisions.
Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Col 3:18-25; Eph 6:4-9

Enthusiasm is defined from a combination of Greek words: “Theos” means God, while the other two words are “En-Tae”, which implies within.  So enthusiasm actually means the “God Within.”  It is the shining source of goodness and respect for one’s self and others.

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2012, All rights reserved.

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Logic of Intuition

O! listen to the whisper of the soul,
The flutterings that caress on the breeze,
A gentle sense of knowing the answers,
That brings agitated stress to its ease.

A distant ripple of laughter recalls
The wisdom of time and the sacred truth,
No words are written on a printed page
Just a whisper of the soul is the proof.

O! harken to the silence of a dream,
Feel the purity of the inner light,
The call of life that comes only within
And grants the eyes the will of second sight.

The dreams of love while learning give and take
Instincts beyond the words of any man,
To know the way the soul goes is right,
For the soul alone knows destiny’s plan.

Form: Sicilian Quatrain

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Is there such a flower as a despised blue rose...
the one I desperately chose
to sign end under a sad story,
which had neither passion or glory?

With tears so rageful, she thought it was the final goodbye;
why I didn't choose a more charming rose with a different color,
perhaps not as red as her unfaithful heart? It wouldn't have been a lie! 
Ever since, I have shunned and hated blue roses despite their splendor.

They tell me that the reason for my unbearable loneliness
is the urge for touching a face slipped from my grip and will;
if I am to blame...why did I love her with intense sweetness,
and nothing was returned besides a promise so brittle?

Let me see only red and yellow roses...but no tempting, blue roses;
I couldn't relive moments rejected by a woman so deceitful and ravishing,
and she smiled as they did, but that trust was distant from the beginning...
marring the lovely appearance of that blue rose standing out from others.

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O God, the magnitude of your love
is greater than the sum of all my fears
and the comforting warmth of your grace
evaporates a thousand seas of tears.

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What effect has envy on soul

Envy begets in the soul a want of charity for our neighbor
Produces a spirit of detraction
Backbiting and


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from antiquity of the Peruvian Inca mountains
'til today's unsheathed bladed Java buttons clicking
the numbers add up to incessant discounting counting
to sacrifice our own graven image sown sickening

if she floats - she's a witch and frankly must die
if she sinks, well, obviously she's sufficiently pious
when down on the bottom, we can't hear her cries
of sacrifice, still, very little can get by us

filed and defiled is all the better all the while
as the former digits click off of our palms
fingers and toes, complete legs fall away, as do 
whole heads mounting kill count without qualms

virgin girls, citizen children, soldiers of play
their sacrifice is for civilization after all
us, uh, i mean the gods, won't have it any other way
they must have their place on our wailing wall

the altar so sacred, so blood red royal
C-4 strapped around plain white-robed torso
from handlers who assure they have the will of God
sending heavenward, pink clouded supplication - more so

for the sacrifice of the body than of the soul
robed theocratic surgeons who cut off our noses
in a perceived attempt to maintain their control
of those around them that might be opposed to

notions that they need not explain themselves,
or that God demands carnage for reasons unknown,
that their actions should beget peace in our time
that they shan't pick up, to cast, the first stone

that we all could be better humans I suppose
if we sacrificed our pride, instead of our fear
if we worked hard not to be taken for a ride by
admitting things aren't what they might first appear

dunno, but if there is a god for us to pray to
then maybe we could pray to not be preyed upon
and sacrificed for that bloody old world view
time to cook up some whorled peas - and move on

© Goode Guy 2012-08-02

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Moments of Clarity

Oh, how I desire more
of Your Light’s essence,
to clearly penetrate
the core of my being.

How much can I endure
without Your Presence?
Though I may be frustrated,
it’s You Lord, I’m believing.

It’s been said before,
in Your Word’s eloquence -
“nothing new” has been stated
and it agrees with what I’m seeing.

Moments of clarity, at the door
of Your Kingdom’s brilliance,
are revelations of my faith’s fate,
found under Your grace and loving… kindness.

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

PS This poem is not from my book.

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Victory in Jesus

Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow
All Creatures of our God and King
I know that My Redeemer Liveth
O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Come Holy Spirit, Dove Divine
My Faith Has Found a Resting Place
Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine

I Know Whom I Have Believed
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross
Out of My Bondage, Sorrow, and Night
He Leadeth Me, O Blessed Thought

O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Send Me, O Lord, Send Me
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story


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For All My Life

You're the something different in me
That just can’t be explained
And the comfort that I cling to
When the world is pouring rain

You're the the music in my laughter
And You healed my eyes to see
You’re the gentleness that’s in my soul
You're all that's good in me

You were there with me when life began
And You've held me when life ends
You remember every bedtime prayer
You are my first best friend
You've dried so many tears
With all the things that I've been through
And chased them with such cheerful laughs
Because You knew I'd need those too

And we’ve gone past second chances
About a million times ago
You have always been my champion
You never let me go

You've pulled me safe through things
I didn't know I could survive
And somehow used them for your glory
When I'm on the other side

You’ve shown me grace in portions 
That I surely don’t deserve
And you've kept every promise
In every letter of your word

I’ve never been alone a moment,
Because with me is where you are...
And I will love no one like you for all my life

You will always be my first love
Because I don't deserve You
But You loved me anyway

I will love no one like You for all my life

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The blame

Blame it on Him
If you just seek a closure
Blame it on 'them'
While guarding your treasure

Blame it all on luck
When you didn't take a stand
Blame it on God
If you couldn't understand

Blame it all on time
For all your mistakes
But you know in the end
You never had what it takes.

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Whom we believe

What we believe is important Even more important is the One in whom we believe Father Christ started Catholic or Roman Catholic Be careful with whom started what you believe 4102013

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I'm a man who goes through time
by toasting away the present.
I'll neither wine or dine
unless I'm seen a peasant.

I'll raise my glass to health:
to fortune and good faith.
I'll cherish those with laughter
who love me without scathe.

I'll heed a joyful dancer
who floats my spirit close.
And thank the God above
for grace in greater dose.

To bed I'll say my prayers.
The futures in my hands.
...but thanks goes to the lord
who includes me in his plans.

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Spring Blessings

Such lovely things are part of spring, Each greening, borning, blooming thing. A pansy face, a new made nest, In spring God sends his very best. How can one see and yet not know, It's God who makes the springtime show; Yellow chicklings, downy ducklings, All new growings, all new sucklings? Kitten and puppy, foal and lamb, Each one is sent by the great I Am. In the worst of winter's fury, Spring is coming, not to worry. God shows his love to us in spring With all new things to make hearts sing. He fills our needs to keep us whole, Topped off with spring, to feed the soul. Won a 3rd in contest

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I Marvel

I marvel at the stunning beauty
in raw nature all around,
and my little piece of paradise 
in our Northwest Puget Sound.

I reflect upon the memories
of this corner so neglected. 
God has worked with me to find in it
more beauty than expected.

I believe He has been helping me,
I need not beg His pardon
for using His raw materials to
establish my loved garden.

I stand in awe of how He is there
with everything that I need,
the rich soil, the sunshine and rainfall.
Seldom do I need to plead.

I think I’ve grown very much in faith,
since I picked up that small hoe. 
I dug a row for some flower seeds,
without believing they’d grow.

I understand I needed His help.
Each day has been a pleasure.
As I pick my beautiful roses,
I thank Him for each treasure.

Received 9th place in contest

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The Christmas Gift

My friend had a Christmas gift
He wanted to give me;
He shushed it was a secret
And I couldn't see.

It's awful not knowing
What a present is:
It's like getting stuck
In a cryptogrammic quiz.

He laughed
When I begged for a hint,
With an evil snicker
At my hapless predicament.

But as I steamed,
I looked about:
A light snow was falling,
And it was so very peaceful out.

The year had its struggles,
We nearly lost the place,
But that sudden promotion
Put me at a more amiable pace.

Janell gave me an awful scare
When she found a lump on her breast;
We prayed pretty hard,
But she aced every test.

Sadie and Jeff
Gave a grandchild last spring:
The sweetest, dark-haired girl
That life could bring.

I felt a little misty
As I stood there,
But he hadn't told me about the gift
And it just wasn't fair!

I thought of the fancy paper,
And I saw my grandbaby stand;
I thought of the lacy ribbon,
And I felt my wife's hand.

Something was happening to me,
I couldn't tell,
But it dawned
As clear as a bell.

There were gifts
That I had gotten,
Not in boxes and paper,
How could I have forgotten?

Saving our home
Was a gift, indeed,
And my wife's health,
What more did I need?

The grandbaby, in my arms,
Made me feel alive;
You know, I heard angels
Right there in the drive.

I wanted a gift,
But what gifts I'd received;
"Merry Christmas," my friend grinned,
"Now do you believe?"

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The Summer Garden


Love is like a summer garden
In fragrant full colorful bloom
Blooms that wait for the seed harvest
Love's harvest equals more love soon

The fragant garden draws bees, birds
To feast on the pollen, seeds, bugs
Love draws all to feast on joy, peace
Patience, kindness, gentleness..more

Let this summer be your greatest
Largest harvest of love to enjoy
Reap benefits this quality
Bestows _ watch your love surely grow

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I Stood, Tall

I had nothing
but faith beside me
through it all
knowing I came down
again to walk 
on the face 
of the earth
Water began
pouring and pouring
from the sky
I knew I had
to head for cover
from the passing storms
I stood tall,
eventhough it 
was pouring rain 

While others fell
beneath the rocks
of fire
I saw the ocean 
began to rise
and the roaring sea 
waves clash on to the land

I stood tall,
as I heard thunder 
began to roar
and all the creatures 
shook with fear

I knew I had
to bring light
as the clouds 
in the sky grew dark
I came down 
as the ground was shaking

Knowing I came
down to walk
on the face of the earth

When the nails,
began piecing my hands
the arms were stretched out
on both sides 
and feet interlocked 
together on the cross

I had nothing
but faith beside me
through it all
knowing I came down
again to walk on the face 
of the earth

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For Mother

Now fades the crimson into night
Now still the sighing wood doves
Song, welcome the twinkling light
Through tears of so long. Time moves

Like a shadow and yet moving takes
Us along. We ride the brief wave
That is life, between joy and mistakes
To find what we should not crave.

Mother, never craved to go, but given
No choice, like a soldier went
Armored in the faith of heaven
Submissive and sweetly penitent.

Acceptance free of rancour brings less
Grief, and faith is the fathom of relief
This is encouragement that you are blest
We meet again in the harvested sheaf.

O mother, mother, words lie this comfort
Here, and I am withered in the cold
Without your sun, and your support
We now must bleat a scatterd fold.

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My Traveled Approach

I trek the corridor of an easy path
Not because I am lazy or leery.
Just because I want no lingering wrath,
I searched for meaning of life’s query.

Death has its end or a new beginning.
Life has so much joy for you to give.
Each New Year is another inning.
To be played with the spirit to live.

We spend so much time wondering.
What will be received at our end?
That time we end up blundering.
That so much more we could send.

I have settled that what I have learned.
Will be carried onward in some way,
Probably better than what I have yearned.
That each life of past, will continue an array.

I cannot with any doubt, feel there is a beyond.
The road less traveled is not easy or hard you see.
Just spreads out in different lanes that correspond.
To everyone’s path they must follow or foresee.

These trials I have passed on my thoroughfare.
My faults, tribulations, delights, my own making,
My spirit and soul has always been duly aware.
I regret much, but resist spending my end quaking.

Each sin that has passed through me I put to rest.
I struggle not to repeat any again, to my best.
I still ponder much and still continue my quest.
Though I shall not let my living be suppressed.

written for
Sponsor Catie Lindsey 
Contest Name The Road Less Traveled 

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First,came the water-     
                              by the flood,
Then sacrifice,by the Lamb's blood
Last comes the fire-
                             to make things new,
Will you be midst,the born anew?

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Seeking Trouble

The devil seeks trouble
Like a roaring lion
        Devours double
We are God's scion

Stlye after the writer George Herbert...

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Silent Words Are Useless

I’ve got my opinions as any other;
Hopefully, I’ll be clear and you’ll understand
that our silent words are useless –
For the trees will willingly clap their hands.

The one true God spoke into existence
the birds, fishes, plants, mammals, Earth 
and all forms of life, including...
Humble beginnings of Mankind's birth.

The sound of our individual voices
is something that God covets and enjoys;
He wants our unadulterated praise verbalized
with heartfelt, cheerful, and celebratory noise.

Our real outward expressions of faith
for acknowledging His holy ways
can only be accomplished via…
Sincere, loving and audible praise.

So open your mouth during Church worship
and praise Him without doubt!
For your silent words are useless -
Causing even the rocks… to cry out.

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Fight for what you love,
For what's right,
For what you believe in.
Just fight.

Believe in what you want.
Believe in who you are.
Believe in prayer,
And in wishes on stars.

Pray about mistakes.
Pray for what you need.
Pray for those you love.
Pray in faith, not in greed.

Love those in your life.
Love the little things.
Love your tribulations,
Because they help you get your dreams.

Dream with faith behind them.
Dream without inhibitions.
Accomplished dreams are celebrations.
Dream as high as the stars you wish on.

Celebrate each moment.
Celebrate each year,
With joy and with laughter,
Some emotion and some tears.

Laugh without limitations.
Laugh at those trying to hold you back.
Laugh and learn to move on.
Laugh like you don't know how to act.

Learn to move on from your mistakes.
Learn to persevere and be strong.
Learn to listen and inspire.
Learn to pick yourself up and keep on.

Inspire yourself.
Inspire those around you.
Be inspired by the life you see.
Put inspiration in everything you do.

Live without any regrets.
Live with a smile on your face.
Live with pride in what you're doing,
And not with other people's disgrace.

Do what you believe in.
Do what you feel is best.
Do what you have to to become who you want to be.
Do you and don't worry about the rest.

Be someone you can respect.
Be happy when you see your reflection.
Be strong when no one else is.
Be unafraid when the time comes for action.

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Him and me

I once went to Him,
With all of my woes.
For broken hearts sometimes,
Sometimes bleeding toes.

He did listen laudably,
To my heart's content.
Even healed sometimes,
Sometimes help pretend.

Then it became a monologue,
It started to offend.
We'd stop talking sometimes,
Sometimes it'd simply end.

Tomorrow is another day,
Today He is a refuge.
The clouds heavy sometimes,
Sometimes break after deluge.

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Do Not Be Anxious

Be anxious for nothing,
Instead you should pray.
Tell God all your problems,
Turn to Him right away.

And don't forget to thank Him,
For every little thing.
Being grateful is a virtue,
That God holds in high esteem.

12/23/11   Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

For John Freeman's Faith Verses Contest.

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Into being

In bed I lay, but still awake
where even stars refuse to shine
and through each timid breath I take,
I will not to my fears resign.

Although my head recalls an ache
and nighttime holds no hopeful sign,
I will my saddened soul to wake,
imagining a new design.

And now, in darkest room I make
a wish that spans expanse of time
with faith no fear could hope to shake...
and when I woke, the dream was mine.

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All things work for good they say,
To those that love the Lord;
But it seems we only say such things,
When we can well afford,

To look upon another's cares,
And shake our heads in pity,
And hope and pray that for his sake,
His trials won't be too many;

But let the Lord look down and say,
We must give something up,
Or say that we must pack and leave,
Or fail to brim our cup;

At times like this we may forget,
All our abundant treasure.
It may be hard to realize,
That it's not by our measure,

That He decides to give and take,
But according to His plan.
God will bless and He will keep,
His children in His hand.

                                                                                      Genesis 12:1-4

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Tonight I Went to Heaven

Tonight I went to Heaven

Tonight, I went to heaven even though I was asleep.
Alone stood I in a clouded hall, confused and at the brink.
Starkness attacked my presence; bewildered I began to weep.
In the distance, I saw figures and my eyes started to blink.

Slowly white approached me…light was their backdrop.
Awe-stricken by the quiet, my eternity seemed so near.
I could not feel my heartbeat throb; soon, breath, too, began to stop.
My swirling head spun very fast, images appeared unclear.

With open arms they greeted me my loved friends and relatives dear.
Peace and light surrounded everywhere as starkness disappeared.
“Come, my dear, do not shed your tears. Our Father is very near.”
I walked with them beyond that light; my trust had been commandeered.

I did not see the pearly gates, but the streets were burnished gold.
Winding paths where chariots passed on golden bricks placed with care.
There tapestries spun from angel hair, I spellbound did behold.
Glistened by the Father’s glow that radiated loves bright flare.

I expected the grandest mansions, exquisite, very plush.
But saw small dwellings of much style each one place.
People walked upon the streets, but not one soul did I see rush.
Simple, like the Savior, unfettered-love filled Heaven's space.

Soft music permeated, heavenly singing infusing.
I wondered why they took me from the hall to that lovely hill -
Dressed in perfect whiteness they came with pureness embracing.
And led me to my amazing and beautiful dreamy thrill.

© July 17, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

© July 17, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Oft'times I see my friends all 'round
Lke leaves of Autumn, floating down
And softly drifting, side-to-side
A passive dance, on zephryn tide

Then when the ground is covered o'er
A million leaves! A billion! More!
Each leaf contributes its full size
Then, on a stormy gust, they rise

'Til once again back to the groung
With only a faint rustling sound
They cover Earth like coats of paint
And never from them one complaint

For leaves, it seems, were bor to fall
In answer to their maker's call
So, after their day in the sun
They pay the piper, ev'ry one

God's peple, too, could learn fom them
We hang by life=thread, very slim
We live our lives as we see fit
While kowng there's an end to it

That thresd will tretc, but one day break
Then ev'ry triumph ad mistake
Will only be a memory
That's shared by friends and family

Our mem'ries are like building stones
That shield us from the tears and groans
A pebble here, a bolder there
The joys we could together share

Wallsgrow thick, and shields grow strong
A  love, and lift, and help along
Each one who shares this life with us
The ones wo give to us their trust

And as we journey toward our home
It's never good to be alone
That thread may break at any time
And end our Earthly pantomime

Life's Earthly gain (and this we know)
Will wash away in time's great flow
Just gifts we've made and good we've done
Will keep our mem'ries in the sun

To shied our loved ones from the storm
Reflect sunshine to keep them warm
'Til each must turn the river's  bend
We never know just how or when

So nw, dear friends, my point of view
Theere's just one thing for us to do
Please build a shield for me, will you?
I'll build, the best I can, for you
Walls grow thick

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Angels in the Winds

Angels in the winds
High above the waters
In a land not forsaken
By God’s own gracious hand.

I count the glowing windows
As I pass them in the night
Rows of little beacons
Showing me there is life.

Moments of comfort,
I am at peace
In the silence of the darkness
As angels watch over me.

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Life in General

Did you know?
Life comes at you like a sword
Slashing, Crashing, Thrashing, Slice
Heads t'wards you without a word.

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A Father's Grace (Englyn)

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Death is not a true win
unless He's taken your sin
and then true life can begin.

(Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night)

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Upon These Wings of Freedom

Upon these wings of freedom
Pain shall never harm the beauty of such
Full of the glowing strength of the mountains
And a mothers gentle touch.

Upon these wings of freedom
I leave behind my darkend past
Gliding towards my golden lane 
Of memories that will forever last.

Upon these wings of freedom
My laughter and smiles are soul deep
Never again to be pretending
Never again I will shout or weep.

Upon these wings of an angel,
Heaven has portrayed,
Every bone and every feather,
My true self was found and made.

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Dark Mother

Oh Queen of night, thou art my dreams,
In dreams Lady of Death I see,
I see thy light to calm my screams,
My screams for thee to be with me.

The lily white of palest skin,
Inside my skin, my heart beats wild,
On wildest night I call thee in,
Deep within I become thy child.

Thy silver eyes reflect the moon,
The violet moon that haunts my soul,
O’er my soul marked by ancient rune,
This runic night my Queen shall stroll.

O Goddess of the dark divine
The divine flame that lights the night,
This night embrace my heart with thine
For thine is this, my sacred rite.

For thou art all before my eyes,
The eyes that trust your secrets shown,
Dark Mother show thy child the highs,
The wondrous highs before thy throne.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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Beyond a Handshake

I see beyond the handshake.
I see beyond the kiss.
I see beyond the heartache
the things which go amiss.

The things which creep into life
from where, we do not know.
Lies our life beneath the press
a place no one should go.

I watch fibs turn into lies
and lies into distrust.
I watch mendacity rise
without Levin just crust.

They turn youth off in the bud,
visions in black and white,
confidence embroiled in mud,
their promise filled with blight.

We must stand firm in their eyes.
We must not give an inch.
We must fight the fight which lies
neither with poor nor rich.

Languishing------------- in apathy,
tunnel vision-------refined,
influenced ---------------by family,
their vision--------- realigned.

We shan’t live to see the change
in the child, the family,
or how far the effects range
in state, and in country.

But sure as God Remains God
and day is as earth spins.
Right will be right within God.
Right will win in the end.

for Paula's contest: I See Beyond

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The hour was late,the night was cold,
The sky was clear and bright.
The moon sent down it's silver glow,
As they plodded through the night.

They stopped beside the old inn door,
That they might find rest and shelter;
But the answer here they'd heard before,
"There's no room left, I fear Sir."

And so it was to a stable they came,
Where the hay smelled sweet and mild.
A lowly place, the young man thought,
To bring one's wife with child.

But here it was that He was born,
The Lord of All Creation.
In a lowly place at the back of town,
The Gift of God, Salvation.

                                      Judy Ball


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The Fortress

This fortress is coming down;
It's been a long time in the making.
This bastion can't hold its own;
All these walls are shaking.

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Vision of Eternal God

The glory of Eternal God
Man fully alive
Man’s life is the vision of Eternal God


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Sword of the Spirit

When life takes its toll
revelation will unroll,
permit this sword to...
pierce your soul

Like 2:35

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The faithful

   Day and night I pray to the Almighty thus
Do not turn your faithful in a pile of carcass

Save them from annihilation lest one would say
             To be a faithful the cost is enormous

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Eternity Tree

Lost Eden’s Eternity Tree is  found
In the garden‘s all around,
In all parts of the world I‘d guess
Reflecting Eden’s loveliness.
It’s just that we’re too blind to see,
His vision of eternity.
The wind may blow the old growth down.
But little sprouts will soon be found.
Or that same wind may gently put
A seed where it can soon take root.
God’s plan is wonderful and true.
Not all revealed to me and you.

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Maybe 2K11

Perhaps too fearful to love or be loved?  
Perhaps there's that special one to cry with?  
Perhaps like a Bobsled I need be shoved?  
Perhaps there's that special one to laugh with?

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Life lessons learned the hard way
In an undesired fashion
Learning to give up worldly ways
To obtain a Godly passion

My heart's desire was fulfilled
For only a short amount of time
That's when I noticed that not all is good
And worldly influences often lose their prime

My heart should be so full of joy
And passion for my Savior
That when a man comes into my life
I know it's God doing me a favor

I pray for strength daily
Strength to know my worth and judge not
For the only way to true happiness
Is to seek what Jesus sought

My soul cries out for comfort
Down my face tears graze
All along I should've searched for the One
By trusting, worship, and praise

So I ask for God to motivate me
To understand my thoughts
With time I'll know to appreciate unanswered prayers
Instead of examining the 'it-oughts.'

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A Final Thought

Cast my ashes to the wind,
don’t shed another tear.
I’m right next door in a different room
out of sight but always near.	

To my beloved family,
our days together too few,
when the road gets long, you’ll stay strong
I’ll be watching over you.

 Keep me close, living in your heart
 when you lift your face in the rain,
I’ll comfort your soul, lighten your grief,
send  memories to ease your pain.

Place no marker in the soil,
 the end of the rainbow is where I’ll be.
I’ll bathe you in light from a shooting star
and you’ll smile for you’ll know that it’s me

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Fade to Grey

The dark angels are rising
Towards the light
Where their devilish black
Will challenge the white

From the depths of Hades
To the Heavens above
They meet on earths surface
These black and white doves

Their battle cries
For the good and the bad
For their icons they fight
Whether sane or mad

Will they ever meet in the middle
Than fight this day
To merge as one
And fade to grey

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Twin Souls

They stood together one last time
dreading what came next,
having seen the path before them,
having written their own text.

"Being born again," she looked at him,
"is scarier than dying.
I fear the pain and illnesses,
physicality's so trying."

"And how am I to bear it,"
her green eyes filled with tears,
"knowing I'll be half a soul
for all of fifty years?"

"We must be brave and live these lives
and try to do no harm,
so that down the road we'll meet again
and you'll be in my arms."

"We must try to mend our karmas,
that's why we chose these paths,
the suffering will be worth it
for the heavenly aftermath."

"I shall always feel half-empty,
though I guess I won't know why,"
and the enormity overcame them
and they both began to cry.

"Have faith, my lambs," they heard God say,
"for the two of you are blessed,
and you' ll be reunited
once you've passed your earthly tests."

"And the glory will be heavenly
and mystical and sweet,
and you will be rewarded
when you two finally meet."

"You'll know a love that's boundless,
as you once again are whole.
Most people aren't so lucky,
to share a life with their twin soul."

So bravely they went forward
and their memories were erased,
they struggled half a century
and then came face to face.

It was just as God had promised,
and they cherished every day,
and their love-light was a beacon,
and their love-light shone the way.

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Catholic Believes

What the Catholic faith
Believes about Mother Mary
Based on what it believes 
About Father Christ


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My Plea

For something already established
   engraved in trust
untouched before you.
For connections unbreakable by life
   sewn in our spirit
hard to explain by words previous.
For healing of perfection
   born in spring
brought on by your first hello.
For security of the untouchable
   breathing consistency
erasing tears of anticipated disappointment.
For my plea of togetherness
   fulfilled forever even when unseen
issued deepness beyond love.
For ever prayed
   arrived though misconceived
not always about me.
For vows loyal
   do not require rules
extend past physical, me and you.


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Atheism Is A Kind Of Drowning

Atheism is a kind of drowning
Gasping Hope, as gasping air
The breath I took was not of brine
But a breath of full Despair

A vessel, knowing no rust, nor wreck
Appears – from timeless Beyond
A Captain extends His hand – and shouts:
Come on! Come on!

Will you take the Captain’s hand?
And leave this roughshod sea?
Will you board His sterling craft?
To sail beautifully?

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Jesus saved me from the current Placing me on higher ground. I was whirling towards the rapids ‘Til his loving arms I found. Jesus guided me to safety, When no other seemed to care, Gently guarding me from hazards That I didn’t know were there. Now I’m swimming in the shallows. There is nothing more to fear, Confident I’ll reach the shoreline, Knowing that He is so near.
. No. 1 win

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A Prayer

Teach me,
Show me,
Lead me,
Mold me.

Lift me,
Love me,
Help me,
Hold me.

Save me,
Send me,
Guide me,
Choose me.

Push me,
Fill me,
Want me,
Use me.

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devine recognition

god is a loving god i'm told -
but might not fit to be so controlled
as to only love us mind and soul
fear and loathe can not take hold

if god only wants the best for you
is what most mankind does not eschew
yet maybe it's not a crystal view
and perception of god is largely untrue

any god of our knowing is very limited
to our own feeble understanding exhibited
a divinity so constrained from infinite
can only be to our humanity attributed

what really can we know of god
does he sit above and merrily applaud
or maybe hit-n-run with quick maraud
likely unseen behind some human facade

faith in god is never truly unshaken
it wanes and waxes as our reasons awaken
we can not be faulted for being mistaken
thinking our deity has left us forsaken

so judge for yourself what you know
and accept that it just may not be so
our divine failure is not a fatal blow
but merely our humanness, so apropos

© Goode Guy 2012-11-02

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Upon Her Dreams Wafts Hope

Upon her dreams wafts hope in flight.
Erasing hunger pangs of lust –
As to her bed a handsome knight,
Succeeds with gifts and gains her trust.

Her wildest wish excites her head.
That knight in shining amour bright
Soon splashes passion on her bed,
And fills her laughter with delight.

As through her thoughts his image shines.
Imagination gains insight.
She happily in bed reclines
For in her dreams there is no fright.

Asleep reality is lost.
Each night alone enjoys not love.
She contemplates the lonely cost.
Then, prayers are sent to God above.

Upon her knees she cries each night,
Without the aid of brews and wines,
She holds to virtue very tight.
Completes her soul and love refines.

Without a ring she clings to faith
She’ll greet her mate in life’s confine.
A truthful man and not a wraith,
Whose love upon her soul will shine?

Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
October 24, 2014

FORM: Iambic Tetrameter

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest Top Gun Poetry - Structured forms - Iambic verse III - 
Sponsor	Giorgio A. V.

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Heaven Awaits

Angelic voices singing praises to the Lord Most High,
God's glory fills the heavens with radiance so bright.
Brilliant rainbow colors all around, a pleasure to the eye,
Holding hands with Jesus, knowing everything's all right.

For Carolyn Devonshire's Perception of Heaven contest

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Our Choice

This rocky road has torn my shoes
and I can’t run anymore,
the mileage counted is going to drop
because my feet are oh so sore.

My breathing is rough and ragged
and my head has begun to spin,
it’s cold out here dear Father
are you going to let me in?

I am a sad old sinner
there is no denying that,
I’m tired of Earth and want heaven
when will you take me back?

Satan is running the show down here
and Lord I want to come home,
this Earthly race between you and him
has worn me to the bone.

Old Scratch can push all our buttons
giving us things that we crave,
but none of this stuff will help us
when we finally go to the grave.

Needing your love and mercy
to once again be whole,
all I want when this life ends
is to return to you my soul.

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Our invisible God,all,each day can see
Within the visible,the divine, reflects;
His image permeats deep,in thee
Dare to stare..detect..connect

after Blake's quatrain-see more @Romans 1:19/20

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When I Lose My Grip


Two sources of light and life still abide.
Know that our God holds the Sun in the sky -
downright dependable, dazzling and dry.
Yet Sun's light at times, the clouds seem to hide,

Two sources of light and life still agree
deceit and denial draw down in part
curtains covering Son's place in my heart.
The Son's light is veiled by clouds formed in me.

Two sources of light and life still attest
to power from God, when doubts dim the spark.
His Son's light shines fast dispelling all dark,
Discipline is done, dominion addressed.

Two sources of light and life still alight
on doldrums of dread, dismay and disease.
It is God who holds on when the mind's light
says goodbye and awareness takes its ease.

Written for patients of mental illness and dementia, Alzheimers'.
22 Jan 2015
Gail Angel Doyle's contest: A Place in the Sun

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Let them sleep

So then Death what will you offer?
Life what profit give to me?
Profit? soul! you selfish scoffer
Riches share you here to be?

Glass of eye, seek your answer
by the breath I give and share
grip your wisdom pose and dance her
questions me with sound of air?

Death engage this vital storm
will in silence thus behave?
sting the tongue, you jagged thorn
Lift your chalice from the grave!

Laughter, oh , I love it so
comedy by tears is much
truth in secret, precious gold
what men venture forth to touch

Ask me fool, require my time
beat your chest and  pull your hair
bring it forth, all that is mine
give it me, that which I spare

Death, my void of conscious will
what sword of blood will you deploy
be you  brave or be you still?
fainting weak, and then destroy?

Yield! you son of memory
release your shoulder from the weight
ask the blade why do you bleed?
inquire of providence your fate?

Yield, I yield, my quite soul
leave me to this thin despair
there I find you death so old
Life the youth that didn't care

Predictable! you do agree?
Life: surprise, I long to touch
Death: to think he questioned me!
man: I thought I knew so much

Yield my soul! Spirt flee!
Escape by holes of hollow sight!
Where my master? I believe
The flesh is shallow for it's height

I do not care why question now
escape the night, we haven't time
but night is full, completely round
without a star or spark or shine

Life: I know they need so much
frail the skin that holds the soul
Death: I long the warm to touch
let them sleep and never know

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We sing to thee in gladness,
hands raised to thee in praise;
We bow our heads in sadness,
as upon Your cross we gaze

And on our knees before you,
in thankfulness each day
life,eternal,now,and new
if,in Your steps we stay.


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There's gonna be a party.
Just come as you are.
We've all been invited,
From near and from far.

There'll be great food and drink,
And we'll dine royal fare;
And there's no need to worry,
About what to wear.

There'll be kings and queens,
And princes and nobles,
Presidents and residents,
And all of the locals;

But you're just as special,
As any your neighbors,
'Cause your worldly status,
Gets no special favors;

For all you've accomplished,
And all you've acquired,
Is just so much garbage,
And we'll be attired,

In brand new white robes,
A gift from The Father,
Who'll welcome us home,
In person, with honor.

                                 Judy Ball

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I reckon I'd let
a seed speak for itself. 
Too often though,
it doesn't flower.

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My thoughts comes curiously, 
My lips speaks freely, 
My body's a temple holding guilt & worries, 
My eyes witness truth and my ears clearly hears.  

My hands help others, 
My feet will continue to walk futher, 
My sharp tounge prays daily, 
and my knees bow geniunely. 

My mind's always growing, 
so still now, my job's to keep showing, 
The man I was made to be,
God's radiance ever emitting out of me. 

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Sufficient for the Day

Sufficient for the day is the Lord’s grace,
although the day has troubles of its own;
remain standing on the foundation of faith,
for the secret… is going before God’s throne.

Daily measures of mercies and love are available,
since Christ our advocate is making intercessions
that lift us up – for when we eventually fall down,
as the result of our sinful transgressions.

Sufficient for the day is the Lord’s joy,
although the day has troubles of its own;
God’s love for us has been made evident,
seeing the Son’s Salvation has been made known.

With a new day, stillness may certainly come;
unite your voice with eternity’s songs.
Become comfortable now for giving God praise,
in preparation of joining the heavenly throng.

Sufficient for the day is the Lord’s strength,
although the day has troubles of its own;
so lift us up after we fall again, as we realize…
that Your grace and peace has been already sown.

-Joe Breunig © 2012, All rights reserved.

Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Matt 6:34

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Tomorrow There Will Be Sun

Distant Thoughts

When your life has lost direction,
when dark clouds obscure your way,
believe you'll find the sun again,
tomorrow is another day.

When shadows gather in your heart
anxieties of grief and fear,
rely upon your inner strength
solutions will come crystal clear.

Each sunrise boasts rejuvenation,
though darkening sunsets may confuse
consider time to be a friend
each hour is yours alone to use.

Adversities are like teardrops
they never were designed to stay
trust in yourself, remember this,
tomorrow is another day.

Liz Reilly


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The Buddha lost his mother
in the act of giving birth.
Then ran out on his father
and all his worldly worth.

He seperated from his wife
and abandoned his own child.
Then broke up with his friends
to go out in the wild.

The Buddha now a stranger
Who's ties were cut in half
who left his friends and family
taught us how to laugh.

I wrote this poem to show the Buddha was a hypocrit.
What I should also say is that you may HAVE to lose
the very thing your after to gain it back or just to
keep it.

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The new heaven and the new earth

Eternal God is preparing 
A new dwelling
A new earth
In which righteousness dwells

4142014 CCC no. 1048

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Independent with People

We are independent with people on earth
Our mortal angels are always there to assist us
But, we can never be independent in everything
God is our everything


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Owe no man anything but love,
And pay off all your debts;
And when you give, give from the heart,
And all you give, forget.

Be willing just to lend your aid,
To anyone in need.
Don't worry 'bout your recompense,
Or tally your good deeds;

For that just leads to selfish pride,
And generates contention,
And paves the way for much discord,
And clouds the spirit's vision;

But look ahead at all the things,
The Father's done for you,
And all the things He's doing now,
And all that He will do.

Then ask yourself what you can do,
To show appreciation,
For all that you've received, No Charge,
Save love and veneration.

              Romans 13:8

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Endwell me Lord,each day
be now my tongue,in all I say;
Endwell my all,from deep to deep
from dayspring,'til I sleep

after john keble's famous verse

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Adored Love Lord Above

God above loves righteousness; it is ADORED.
He sent his son to us because of his great LOVE
I am forever grateful to my living LORD.
Jesus died on the cross, arose and lives now, ABOVE.

© May 21, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Congest:
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

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Life O Life

I wish to write about what life does mean to me
Such is for me, a task not so easy
For Life, O Life, does be for me a very school of philosophy 
See you, I see it not as being worthy of being given any meaning!

Yes, life is so strange, its ways, itself, life is but a mystery
Why, life does take birth, out of love, out of compulsion
Out of obligation, sometimes even without asking for permission
But life does end in a way oh so sudden, sometimes without even any predicting!

Life is supposed to be a blessing
Indeed such is what is considered by many
Yes, life is also a pain, a misery
See you those starving, those homeless, those dying!

Even those who did get a good birth, do get old
Do get diseased, some experiencing even the incurable
Some do live in emotional pain, experiencing it in manifold
Some of them never even do get to see life as being enjoyable! 

Life, I believe is a prison
A prison for those fallen
Fallen from the Holy Garden
That known as the Eternal Eden

We do come here to serve a sentence
See you, Fate and Karma, in coalition, do lead the dance
If we do be good, following meekly the merciful rules
Why, we are sure to enjoy, someday, from this world, a final deliverance

Should we rebel, should we be religiously illegal
Why, we shall again suffer a fall
Again and again, with our past deciding on our future
Again and again, being propelled here in this world, oh so sour!

Yes, such is what I believe is the meaning of life
Apart from this, I see nothing else
Apart from this, I see no clarification that can I give to it
Indeed, apart from this, I would see life as being a mere accident of merging atomic cells!

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There isn’t a place I haven’t abode
a river mansion or a tree by the road
in a multitude of places not our home
from commune havens to being alone

Was cold and hungry and lived on the street
with two small children and nothing to eat
I asked you to care and you threw us away
erased all my words despised what I say

We’ve slept in the fields and a bus stop bench
none who cared to help when in a pinch
I’ve seen men at their worst and their best
the crazy ones who took us in as their guest

Lived in house that had no doors
got one now by the oceans shores
I have lived with plenty and without a dime
the people I remember gave us their time

The sectarian churches have I attended
but so few hearts their revivals amended
no sect can save you when you stand before God
if you haven’t learned love your thoughts still flawed

I’ve been coast to coast livin’ on the street
the stories I can tell bout the people we meet
the cars that stopped with sacks for a meal
so the children had milk and oranges to peel

I’ve been close to heaven definitely hell
felt the sleep of death for preference dwell
the most important lesson I ever learned
it is by the forge my wisdom earned

I’ve read the Bible so many times
stories of love and hate for hearts reminds
what a man would do to acquire affection
cave to opinions to avoid rejection

I know I will always consider you
knowing I don’t know what you’ve been through
you can rest assured I’m here to learn
my choices are the only ones I can turn

I could wax eloquent on prophecy
but like Paul don’t matter if loves not in me
to every kind of learning sold my soul
but if you don’t count my hearts not whole

So much in life we have to consider
experiences that can help or hinder
the so called guidance that many teach
a whole new Talmud do they preach

Funny thing in the Word of God
they were royalty or in sandals shod
one can never judge by their appearance
by their outside to truths adherence

I read every mythology by grade seven
all their thoughts bout hell and heaven
the Bible teaches that death is sleep
till the resurrections judgments keep

If you don’t examine all things taught
you won’t know the lies that live in thought
if you think you already know all truth
and that learning is only sought in youth

When you’ve unraveled the knowledge of the universe
and fully apprehend and can death reverse
when you are perfect and my attention demand
and like my Lord extend understand

I’ll always give a care bout who you are
but if Loves not your teacher you’re not my STAR
if you don’t seek love for earths family
what possible connection could you find in me

COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC

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For every good work
Every indly thought
Or tiny act of helpfulness
Eternal God gives a reward


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My Soul Now Sings

My invisible scars
are plain for anyone to see,
as I blindly journey on…
This path of Christianity.

Wanting deliberate faith
ready on my tongue,
I received God’s Salvation
when I was dumb and young.

Inflicted wounds to my soul
from a lack of understanding
have been healed by the Power
of Christ’s personal anointing.

I am worth dying for
according to His Word;
The Lamb’s wondrous sacrifice
had sin to Himself transferred.

Now my soul graciously sings
with overflowing joy!
For redemption has been granted
to this formerly, lost boy.

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Precious Jesus

When seductive Satan Whispers in my ear, May the voice of Jesus be The only one I hear. Lift me Precious Jesus. Hold me to your breast. Guard me from the quagmire. Help me pass the test. Satan would entice me From the narrow way That would lead me straigt to you. Be with me today. Satan cannot tempt me When I lean on You. Jesus guide me safely, All my whole life through. I would walk the distance In your footsteps, Lord. Satan's voice is vanquished As I lean on Your word.

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Verily Verily

our God is all sufficient
and we the penitent
in Jesus have all we need
if we,in Him,believe

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I never met dear Granpa,
He died,over the sea-
Granma's love-letters are though,
Proof enough for me.

I've never seen a baby born,
or heard that first cry of life-
I trust instead,upon,
the testimony of my wife.

I've never seen a miracle
or God's voice speak loud to me-
Since Jesus' knock upon my door
Peace and Joy,for sure, have now,made me-me.

Inspired by Emily Dickinson's no 1052 'I never saw a Moor'

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Never stood still on battling ground,
watch the vicious and villainous carnage,
and not fight with true courage...
to increase the sword clanking sound.

Never been humiliated by slandering words not timely, 
my silence banished them as they picked up velocity;
I did nothing to vindicate my anger with visceral grief...
and today my memory still evokes that encounter too brief.  

Never are valorous men nailed to an undeserved cross,
making those nails penetrate their hands and feet,
no guilt is ever found in them, innocence is their plea;
but the loud, infuriated voices still demand their death.

Never withheld feelings of compassion,
and put a distance between myself and them,
poverty was caused by those who greedly governed;
why blame the common people for a corrupt institution?

Never looked away when the smallest hands 
reached out through profound silence, and in those youngsters faces
anyone could see their misery and sense their desperation arise;
they had needs, not wants like we have, when their food and water were scarce.

Never broke any law of the land, but abode by it
with a good character and willingness to spread peace,
not rebelling and causing damage to property and harming citizens;
in any civilized country violence doesn't solve anything, it only hardens the hatred.

Never got drunk or smoked marijuana to avoid the ugliness of reality, 
although peer pressure was there and by pushing it away, I resisted it;
it cost me their friendship;  and looking back, I am glad I kept my dignity... 
and who needs friends like that, when they lead you down the wrong path?     

Never cursed God for the ills of others impinged on me,
and for the misfortunes I endured for endless years without a shout;
my tongue always hollowed His holy name...knowing that
He had put me to the test, and in due time He would have blessed me.

Never planned revenge on anyone who had conspired against me,
this conscience was spotless and no action was needed by me;
if I had retaliated, they would have rejoiced and responded with laughter;
a fox is known for its slickness, and my instinct was alike it, if not better. 

Never allowed doubt, or foolishness to contradict what was beautifully created,
the cooling breeze on steaming days, the pouring rain for a rich harvest,
the brilliant sunshine to make everything grow:  from trees to grass;
and in the fluffy snow...I saw my purity and the peacefulness of winter so revered. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Guiding Choice (Quatrain)

The heart and mind battles with faith and hope entwined.
Each heart has hope for faith with empowerment for glory.
Our minds analyses factual existence,
He gave us both, heart and mind, choice the different guidance.

quatrain form in a poulter's measure style for Brians contest.

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God Bless America, 
is a phrase we love to say.
But I just can't believe,
God blesses her today.
We've become a sinful nation,
full of greediness and hate.
We love drugs and booze, sex and
money, and all that we can take.
We stopped seeking after goodness,
and dwelled only on the worst.
Now only a handful of Christians 
can quote a single verse.
We've done every single thing,
God told us not to do.
We think that we can have our way,
and receive his blessings too.
We were once a mighty Nation, 
with more than we could want.
We once put faith "in God we trust",
but now in God we don't.
We need to change America,
before the hour's late.
To continue in this wickedness
will only seal our fate.
God won't wait much longer,
before he's good and mad.
If we don't change before too long,
I believe we'll wish we had.

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Live Without Sorrow

Raise your voices,
May yourself be heard!
Stick up for whats right,
And be open to learn.

Laugh when you cry,
And sing when you yell.
Lifes is to short,
To mourn, or dwell!

Write with your heart,
May inner words be spoken!
Put back the peices,
That people have broken.

Because the day is to young,
To think about tomarrow.
So live in the now,
And let go of your sorrow.

Watch it fly away,
Fading... so slowley.
Because when it's gone away,
There will be no worry.

So fly with the birds,
Flow away with the breeze.
But always remember,
Life's more than it seems.

So off to your day,
But please keep in mind,
If you believe in yourself,
Your true self you will find.

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Her Prayer

She brings the new day’s lovely offering
of her garden’s fresh, delicate flowers,
so grateful for the slight and menial task
to fill her endlessly lonely hours.

Several times a day she meditates 
as she daringly asks the reason why
her beautiful, beloved and only son
much before his time, was chosen to die.

She takes up her pen with a sure intent 
before they will have had a chance to roam,
to capture the fluttering, drifting words,
shaping them into a glorious poem. 

Taking the parchment filled with inspired thoughts
She lays it along with her heart, on the shrine.
Praying, she says these humbling words.
“Divine Lord, not my will be done, but thine.

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Constance holds the key to freedom,
she'll never sit down and die of boredom;
all the free things we don't think of or see,
are there for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Employers buy our time to give them service;
if nothing is for free what's happened to your awareness?
The air we breath, the sunlight we feel, and the fragrant flowers we smell...
weren't these also given by God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Look around there many more for us to discover...
the incessant waterfalls and rivers still supply their water,
and without them the earth would be an arid desert;
and in this wasteland, only spiders can try to cheat death.

Constance holds the key to freedom, inspiring us timelessly, 
and the beauty of her revelation is that we can pursue it adequately;
she doesn't boast as the rich do, humbleness is her inborn virtue...
welcome her suggestions and begin living your day as busy folks do.

Inspired by Constance's Blog MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Rossetti-quatrain prayer

Dear Lord,dear Lord,be with me still
Holy Spirit,today refill
each word I speak and step I take-
      Is now,Your will

Dear Lord,dear Lord,be with me still
Lord Jesus,show me,now your will
as this disciple,follows your steps-
Come now,refill

form after style of Christina Rossetti- Ash Wednesday

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Religious Freedom

The right of every man to follow his conscience 
In choosing and practicing his religion
Acknowledgement of religions are not saying
That all religions are equal or equally true


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Star Crossed Love

You came, my love when it was night
With beauty from which none can compare
I held you when you needed light
I gave you all I had to share

When darkness came, the demons bid
No road of escape then could you see
Til you found God and all he did
Then demons fled and you were free

We then became friends very fast
We've shared our thoughts and dreams
We talked of present and the past
Now all I think of is you it seems

We're not much alike at all
Though I love you and you love me
I'll give my strength though I am small
If you and I could be a we

Though it's impossible it seems
Each takes a road that is so far
We'll pray and wait for precious dreams
Star crossed lovers without a star

Poem by Charles Reese 10/03/14

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Joyce Johnson


Fully relying on God's sovereign grace,
spurning no more what she knows is His light,
Joyce has made a pledge  - let God set the pace.
He'll help her win though she runs without sight.

Spurning no more what she knows is His light,  
quickly renouncing all "right" to success,
gaining the courage God brings to this fight,
mission's ordained she once prayed He’d suppress.

Joyce has made a pledge  - let God set the pace,
lifted in heart, she is filled with suspense.
Trusting His perfect support, she will face
mocking rejection from some on the fence.

He'll help her win though she runs without sight
welcoming limits, esteeming God's cost.
He'll track the course; she’ll depend on his might
awed by the treasure which she might have lost.

31 Jan 2015
for Judy Konos, Write a Poem contest
after reading Joyce's poem,  Faith Is a Wonderful Thing  and God's Wonders

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Who was the foster or guardian and what are the natures of our Lord Jesus Christ

The foster father and guardian is St. Joseph
The husband of Blessed Virgin Mary
The natures of our Lord Jesus Christ are True God and
True Man


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Mom Left The Key

The one thing that I remember
Sort of engraved in memory,
Is that inspiring view of my mother
Reading the Word diligently.

When all the trappings of religion
Failed as the times got rough,
Her frail strength had foundation
For His Word alive was enough.

I would see many tears fall down
As her stifled cry rose to  heaven
But her countenance had always shown
She was never alone... even then.

Now I found the key to my life too
Mom had taught me that truth quite well
In this world there's affliction, that's true
But my comfort's in Him,  all is well.

All rights reserved ~~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello

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Sacrament of the Holy Spirit
The second half of Baptism
Baptized Person is sealed with the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit
It is used to strengthened the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit


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One King Mightier than I

Eternity's vast weight of time
Is pressing dark against my breast,
And brooding powers wage within
A ceaseless struggle, dearth of rest.

A crown of shame enwreathes my brow
With thorns, a piercing diadem,
The symbol of self-monarch reign;
Fear's rose the circlet's black-starred gem.

Oh, who can free me from myself;
Who can the worth master be
To lift the victor's standard high
Above the conquered ruins of me?

A crown of thorns was His before;
His throne, a cross against the sky,
The humble Christ who I have found
The one King mightier than I.

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To dip our pails in the waters of Life
and reach the stars of heaven in our reason
and slide around the Lunar light
with the galaxy known within our season

To ride the universe and it’s rifts
to understand particles in microverse
and soar in mind to celestial lifts
wherein science proves it’s worth

To understand the dynamics of law
to probe the fields of creation
held within the cosmic maw
within truth and imagination

Protons, muons , neutrinos and quarks
vision to see beyond our soul
with their action conception sparks
the stuff of nature mind does probe

the second law of thermodynamics it’s fascination
unified field theory and relativity
prove the clause of universal creation
demonstrates truth in all we see

the mind seeks truth in all it’s fields
the phenomena of existence and time
til consciousness and knowledge reveals
and Intangics exist within our mind

The fields of theory are delicious
the ceaseless seeking the Son sublime
when it substantiates all our wishes
prove that truth is a precious find

Yeah no biblical source for this only 8yrs of Science

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Walls around,
Of fire and light.
Surround me now,
And hold me tight.

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Ribbons of light rained down tonight,
From a moonless, inky sky.
So bright they were as they blew about,
So near and yet so high.

I watched transfixed in wonderment,
As they twisted and billowed out,
And wondered at their merriment,
As they glowed and danced about.

I'm stricken by mystical beauty,
As they writhe across the sky;
Twisting, turning, shooting, churning,
As through the night they fly.

They seem to be a living thing,
At play in the midnight blue;
In a cabalistic ocean,
Of deepest, darkest hue;

Bringing out their colors,
Like a rainbow come alive,
And I'm so blessed to see them,
As they bend and twist and dive.

The wonders of God's handiwork,
Nature at it's best,
Is shown to me when we're alone,
And I'm My Maker's guest.

                                      Judy Ball

"Then God said, 'Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years."
                                                                                                   Genesis 1:14

                                          And It Was So.

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Saint Paul, Witness of Hope

St. Paul immersed in difficulties
Trials of various kinds
Wrote to his disciple Timothy
Must go back with Risen Jesus to Damascus

Follower the Law of Moses
Determined to fight
Every means
Even kill those regarded God’s enemies

On the way to Damascus
To arrest followers of Christ
Was blinded by mysterious light
Heard himself called by name

Saul, Saul, 
“Why do you persecute Me?”
Fell to the ground, asking
“Who are you, Lord?”

“I am Jesus
Whom you are persecuting” (Acts 9:3-5)
After encounter
His life changed dramatically 

He received baptism to Paul
Became Apostle of the Gospel
Inwardly Transformed by Divine love
Had met in the person of Jesus Christ

He wrote “Life I now live, in the flesh I live by the Son of God”
Who loved me and gave Himself to me
From being a persecutor
He became a witness and a missionary

Founded Christian Community
In Asia Minor and Greece
Travelled thousands of miles among all kinds of dangers
His martyrdom is all for the love of Christ

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I Brood

I brood at the enterprise of man in the human cosmos
Cosmos drifting into anarchy
As the angel flirt over the dark
As in the beginning.

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What does the name Christ signifies

The name Christ signifies Messias
The Great Prophet
High Priest and
King of the New Law anointed as a man with the fullness of divine power

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A Tale Oft Retold

The glorious Christmas music Rings out o’er all the earth Proclaiming and exulting in The precious Savior’s birth. Each year our pastor takes a rest And lets the children tell The story of the Baby’s birth. Small voices tell it well. The little children in their robes Sing of the Heavenly King As did the angels long ago The happy tidings bring My flagging Christmas spirit Has been refreshed today, By the singing of the children in Their little Christmas play.

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I may look very naive and vulnerable,
hiding the pangs of my distress so well,
looking normal and walking too brisk...
only when God is walking down my path.

I seem to look away and shun the troubles,
but inside I am hurting like anybody else,
who dreams of a coming universal peace...
only when God is walking down my path. 

I nourish my body and thank my Creator
for every slice of bread and drink of water,
the essential things that not everyone has...
only when God is walking down my path.

Since my birth, I have been sheltered by a roof top,
feeling no rain, hearing no wind, bearing no bitter cold;
blessings are added daily, not taken away by wrath,
all this is possible...only when God is walking down my path.

I was given a loving mother who cared for my daily needs 
watched me grow and I spiritually grew to praise Him in my hymns; 
and her unforgettable and soft words still echo, as when I knelt down and wept,
not making me stray from my course...only when God walked down my path. 

I have been fortunate enough to have lived and survived
this long and witnessed may events that have shaped
a changing world in constant turmoil, unwilling to get rid of ugly hate;
I feel very sound and safe...only when God is walking down my path.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Lament of a Burdened Heart

The haunting coo of a mourning dove
Shrouded in a rainy haze
A burdened heart seems void of love
Recalling carefree days

The cup that is held is empty now
With no one to refill
The promise once kept, now disavowed
And blamed upon God’s will.

Looking out with hollow eyes
Behind them, an anguished mind
Calling out with silent cries
With no relief to find

The burdened heart has left its song
To the laments of the mourning dove
In hopes that angels come along
And carry it to the Lord above

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The Plan

These days my heart pumps slowly 
For fear of faling too fast
It clings to what it desires
And hopes the feeling will last

My spirit has taken a detrimental glide
And I'm free falling on faith alone
I am learning to trust God's will be done
And to live as he would condone

Days are rough and I can't help but think
Of you, your thoughts, your heart
I'm trying to be strong and with God I can
But I've missed you from the start

Little things we've done and the good times
Are all I seem to recall
I know had we done things accordingly
God would have ensured we'd never fall

You have a great heart and gentle spirit
Some recent things I don't understand
But I know it's not up to me to fear it
Because somehow, it's part of God's plan

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He died for me! Oh love so deep
So full, my heart cannot conceal it
So strong, death cannot destroy it
So deep, even hell itself must feel it

Joy is my companion, my constant guest
and no matter how others feel
no pain can wipe away my joy
for now I know His love is real

No longer a fearful slave to sin
I've found an anchor for my soul
No one remains who can condemn me
His blood has made me whole

All that God gives to His Son
He gives to us as well
The Son now sits with the Father
and pleads my case, the scriptures tell

All creation is waiting to see
His glory, full and complete
On that day, all nature will share
the victory of Satan's final defeat      

Children, behave like sons of God
Boldly approach the Father's throne
He who knows all hearts will hear
and make you, once for all, His own  

                   Romans 8:21


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My child the time is growing short.
We really need to talk.
There are things that you don't understand,
So you rave and rant and balk.

You want to captain your own ship,
Won't kneal before a Master,
Because many who have lived by faith,
Have met with some disaster;

But all men serve a god, My Child,
Be he low or noble born;
But it seems the more a man is blessed,
The more he tends to scorn,

All that's good and right in life,
And all that makes good sense;
But for showing such distain,
There must be recompense.

The sheep who stay within the fold,
Are fed, protected, sheltered;
But those who shun the Shepherd's care,
Are food for wolves and buzzards.

Come home to Me while there's still time,
I'll open wide the door.
Come home while I still reach for you,
Be strange to Me no more.

                                         Judy Ball

This body ages, withers and dies.
The spirit lives on.

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There are things that I believe
without touch or feel or taste,
but will not call impossible
in rational secular haste.

My heart accepts more than the mind
in serene sure clarity,
my faith in him is strong enough
to make a believer out of me.

Theories and experiments
give scientists a peek,
while spiritual epiphany
is enough for we who seek.

Believing we go to heaven
takes no scientific test,
just the sureness of his love
to be well and truly blessed.

For God will work his miracles
in the hearts of all mankind,
needing only faith and love
to accept what we will find.

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Sparrow Song

The winter sun stays longer now,
Now as the seasons start to turn,
Returning life beneath the snow,
The snow that held the earth’s sojourn.

A poet sits beneath a tree,
A willow tree bedecked with buds,
The buds of blooms waiting to be,
Beneath the tree, my heart now thuds.

The goddess works her magic round,
Around the earth she calls for life,
The living seeds burst in the ground
Upon the ground, the signs are rife.

The sparrow sings its mating call,
A call to love and dance again,
Once again, the earth lives for all,
And for all ends the winter’s reign.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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I believe I believe

Things I don’t get I hope that I may
What is in my heart, the words that I say
Yesterday starts to fade becoming today.
Once it is in my heart it is there to stay.

Sometimes I try to reason how I need to believe
It isn’t really magic no tricks up my sleeve
Hope starts to falter and faith begins to leave
I’ll return another day and maybe I can receive.

I think of heaven as a place that’s above
A special place to be filled with only love
As I seem to find peace I’m reminded of the dove
Perhaps it’s just a sign from up above.

Religion and faith become hard for me to see
I can’t believe in anything if I don’t believe in me
I see haunting shadows from lifeless trees
I resign from my fears and begin to feel free.

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Is Jesus Christ more than one person and what do we mean by that

Jesus Christ is one in 3 Divine Persons
God the Father
God the Son and
God the Holy Spirit (Ghost)


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The UnKnOwN


Loneliness, sadness, bitterness and sweet
Caring, kindness, longing your gentle touch
Wondering when we will possibly meet
My prince charming, my King, so on and such

Time is of the essence, hurry make a fuss
Your presence seems unfamiliar, yet so lush
Rescue me now, save me, don’t be afraid
Quickly now, no time to serenade

Don’t scurry away when our love is fresh
We would make such a wonderful mesh
As I lay before I put me to sleep
I contemplate on the path that I lead

Waterfalls and tear drops begin to seep
I gaze upon my window and stare deep
Into the rays of the shimmering light
Suddenly a diamond appears into the night...

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New Testament

The second part of the complete bible
It contains the specifically Christian Texts
Namely the Gospels, the Acts of the apostles
Fourteen letter written by Paul, Seven Catholic letters and Revelation


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Mortal sin

 grievous offense against law of Eternal God
Sin called mortal  deprives us of spiritual life
Sanctifying grace brings everlasting death 
Damnation of the soul

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                                WHEN THE MAN COMES BACK

When the Man comes back,
He'll right every wrong.
Everything we've done,
Now will be known.

The things we've kept hidden,
He'll bring to the light.
Each one will be judged,
Made right in His sight;

And blessed are those,
Now called to His feast,
Come willingly now,
Or be left for the beast.

My Savior now calls us,
Each by our own name,
Some will accept Him,
But some to their shame,

Are bound by the world,
Caught like Lot's wife,
Karma her keeper,
She lost her life.

                            Judy Ball

                                                                                  Romans 14:12

                                                                                                Genesis 19:17
                                                                                                 Genesis 19:26

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bring,pray and be,
I will then see
each side of Me-
in thee

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Use My Life (Swap Quatrain)

In the end it is I who will pay
For the things I do and words I say
The road ahead is full of bends
It is I who will pay in the end

In every bend there is a fork
When I stutter I feel like a dork
There is a message I hope to send
There is a fork in every bend

I love to be what you need
Lord I see myself as your seed
I confess so the world can see
What you need I love to be

Use my life Lord as you will
Teach me how to think and feel
You are first and then my wife
Lord as you will use my life

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O Lord, I know in my heart,
that I can be truly transformed
from impure and tainted thinking,
when my spirit is daily reborn.

Cleanse my mind, my thoughts
and raise my eyes unto Thee;
alter my vision regarding…
everything that I may see.

Renew in me a fresh heart;
modify my ungodly behavior;
keep me solely focused on the…
permanent work of my Savior!

Spark my being with the Divine;
rekindle my love of Your Word;
rejuvenate the image of my dream;
don’t let my purpose be deterred!

I believe Your holy promises,
for with You, all things can be done!
Complete in me a real transformation,
for I know… it has already begun.
Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Rom 12:2; Eph 4:17-24

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2012, All rights reserved.

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The Gift

Silently falls the crystalized mist, 
Sparkling wonders on this solstice eve, 
Backdrop for celestial candles, a sky, 
Of soundless depth, and velvet ease,

The soft glowing hearts of those who await, 
The welcome arrival of Peace to our sod, 
The promise that death will be given his fate, 
As our atmosphere cradles the infant Son; God.

Humbled, humanity in unison bows, 
To welcome redemption to the shore of her sphere, 
Shepherds worship with livestock and kingdoms of men, 
Angels breathlessly silent, their heart's song to hear.

Thorns laid for lambs, hold gently the Crown, 
That one day will hold the thorns meant for me, 
Torn linen covering the Lamb's flesh Divine, 
Heralds the veil torn, as He sets mankind free.


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I Am Me again

Sweetest kiss
Gentlest touch
Softest caress
Humble embrace

Kind words
Warm heart
Legs trembling
Eyes fluttering

Tears of joy
Release of laughter
Genuine smile
Caring soul

Spirit is uplifted
Faith is restored
Trust in God
Peace is found

Wall’s broken down
Intentions were heard
Feelings are mutual
Happiness is bliss...

I am me again!

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Effects of Venial Sin

Lessening of the love of Eternal God 
On our heart
Making us less worthy of His help
Weakening of the power to resist mortal sin

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Psalm of my Heart

I will be glad and rejoice in You; 
I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.
I will praise the heaven’s out loud, 
With my pen until my life ink runs dry.

I will exclaim to be Your steward,
And with You, I dwell in happiness.
I will honor the way I was created,
For my lifetime, I am divinely blessed.

I will write with that same joy,
I will be glad and rejoice in You.
I will stay in the course I trek,
And meditate on Psalm 9:2.

Psalm 9:2
Inspired by Brian’s Contest

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One never realizes where inspiration comes from,
I found mine while strolling along...
a land with beautiful landscapes
that wouldn't let dreams escape.

One isn't born a poet, it's a revelation of fateful events 
that are analyzed by an inner feeling...
so immensely simplistic and revealing,
absorbing the essence of prudence. 

Some dissident strongly pointed out the strange isolation of an intellectual,
being estranged from real people who are more amicable...
how would he know how desolation confines
that soul in search of a serenity redeemed by prize?

Not living on the edge, but tasting the richness of slowness,
which controls the pace of the footsteps,
always keeping them in the right track...
how could peaceful thoughts trigger a violent death?

Thrilled to admire a head full of white hair, when that time arrives,
and reading names on limestone graves, 
deepens my comprehension...
comparing their age to mine.

Walking in the true faith, seeing the wonders and the miracles,
and that fervent faith will make me walk 
in the spirit for a testimony to all believers...
and as a follower of Christ, I stand on His rock.  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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What does incarnation mean and what does redemption mean

Incarnation means act of clothing with flesh
So our Lord clothed 
His divinity with a human body
Redemption means to buy back again


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Poem: The Manger Is Still Empty

Long ago, a Savior was born
and hidden within a humble birth;
covered with the cloak of humanity,
His presence impacted this earth.

Although we remember His birthday,
know that Christ is no longer a child;
He stopped being an infant, who was…
helpless, quiet, tender and mild.

He grew in strength and wisdom;
He demonstrated His holy authority;
He lived as He divinely taught;
He set the example, for you and me.

He gave of Himself completely
and paid the ultimate sacrifice.
He embodied God’s covenant of love;
His actions were timely and precise.

After suffering the shame of crucifixion,
He was briefly buried in a rock-hewn tomb;
three days later, He triumphantly exited
with a glorified body from Resurrection’s womb.

Today He lives and sovereignly rules;
so people of faith, it’s time to agree
that we must continue to live Godly lives,
seeing that… the manger is still empty!

Author Notes

Loosely based on: 
Matt 1:18-2:15, 27:46-54; Acts 2:22-24; Heb 7:25; 
1 John 2:1-2; Rom 8:34 

Learn more about me and my poetry at: 

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2012, All rights reserved. 

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Rebuilding what was torn down
might take endless effort,
and it can be definitely done
without recalling the hurt.

To visualize it again,
it's putting together the ideas 
that started it in adolescence...
will it be the same dream as then?

Some achievers build it
as a bricklayer does: brick by brick...
until it is clearly conceived,
to amaze themselves who strongly believed. 

Rebuilding what was torn down
by malevolent forces takes firm belief,
and with my defiant courage it will have life again:
breathing as I breath with much sought relief.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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Worship as you will
Worshi with your heart
           and be still
never to depart

After the style of George Herbert's poem Discipline 5/5/3/5

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From Greek laos = people
The common state of life in the church
Baptized, non-ordained Christians
Who belong to the people of God


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How were the merits of Jesus Christ applied to our souls

The merits of Jesus Christ are applied to our souls through the Sacraments
Especially Baptism
Which restore us to the friendship of God


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Rhythmical gestures and steps
make for a happy dancing in present days...
either to worship God if the purpose is sacred,
or to worship Satan, if the purpose is wicked..

A genuine, artful and heartfelt dance
is devotion to our true God, who blesses
all dancers performing before His shining throne;
even a danseur or danseuse can never feel alone.

When the absence of light invites darkness to rove,
don't be and be dazzled from above;
God's chosen people became impatient and rough,
and started dancing before the golden, glimmering calf. 

Invite all believers to your dance,
young and old, poor and rich: forget no one in your search;
everyone must share in the glory which enlightens each,
count me in...I'll lift my praying hands!  

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A kyrielle for today

There is a path
ready now-
Today is here
be ready dear

There is a choice,
take it now-
Hark,that voice?
Its whisper clear

There is a place,
its empty now-
earmarked for thee,
with just one vow !

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The River Flow

Sitting at the table
Pensive, her pen in her mouth
Her mind searching a fable
To express her thoughts.

Scattered around her world
Sometimes so fruitful and bright
And sometimes so barren
The thinning waters going dry.

Her river runs to the edge
Pouring out like a cascade
Over a sharp, rocky ledge
Speeding down a mountain's facade.

Excited to reach out far
Watering others' worlds
With her sanctified nectar
Quenching parched berths.

Yet at times the river recedes
And the cascade is no more
No moisture fills the air sweet
Just a silent prayer that implores.

Wishing to quieten the voices
Objecting to her taking a rest
Hiding away from the forces
That eat at her raspy chest.

And then the Master enters
The scene and intervenes
In His own special manner
And the rains fall over her spleen.

Sitting, thoughtful, at her table
Her mind receives moisture
Puts her pen upon the paper
And writes of a new adventure.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 03.22.10

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Mind's Insecurity

Mind’s Insecurity

Why is it hard to hear your own words?
speaking truth but refusing to hear…
fine showing, hard swallowing
leave bitter tastes, easier to say
conflict inside.
Knowing there is no opposite
one real the other fake.
Yet the mind hurts the heart
with accusations or clues
even if it’s not true.
What do you do?
act like there isn’t pain
while attempting to be the same.
Silence surrounds speaking volumes
difference in intimacy become problems
left out for part of a plan
telling your mind to understand.
How do you recover from distance?
that your mind created
we know how misled that can be
flighty, focused on the worse
surviving all is its only course.
Upsetting solved issues
making it hard to get through
stupid when brought to light
already advising what is right.
One extreme to the next
bad habits hard to forget
practice what’s said
follow the heart
release the mind’s insecurity instead.


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They guilts of every soul are deeply hidden within,
carrying an unconceivably needless  weight...  
and yet nobody is willing to get of it by shunning sin;
they would rather conceal it and live with it. 

Only God sees the guilts of every soul;
we may look righteous to others and get undeserved praise,
but to Him we are an obdomation of evil,
which without repentance, as He promised, He will not erase! 

I have my guilts and bowing in regret,
I let them all come out of darkness to meet His glorious face;
and if I am to live in humbleness and grace,
I must get rid of them and stand erect!

So continue defying the forces of goodness,
and find yourself alone unable to overcome your emptiness;
friends will extend their hand, but pride will keep  
it from touching yours, and forever you will grieve and weep. 

Let the Heavenly waters wash all your guilts away,
be cleansed and please Him always without feeling hopeless and unworthy,
without attempting to remove them yourself with vain effort...
I stand at the river of salvation, not remembering sin,vanity, pain and hurt.  

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Romancing The Stone

My Rock, strong tower
Your strength draws me
Into your presence come
Oh! you great magnolia flower

Solid strong unmoveable
Your love for me was first....
Adoring the unloveable
With a love that is transformable

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He was crucified by the Romans with the sharpest nails
by the will of an angry mob;
did anyone hear Jesus's sob?
Pilate refused to find him guilty and washed his hands.

Betrayed by Peter, hated by rebellious Barabbas;  
whipped at every fall, He patiently carried that cross to Calvary,
but a kind, humble woman felt much pity for Jesus 
and with a clean cloth wiped off his blood as an act of mercy!

And dragging His heavy cross through the narrow
streets of chaotic and uncompassionate Jerusalem,
someone, who had heard him preach about God's Kingdom,
picked up his cross and relieved some of the pain and sorrow!

Many believed Him to be the Christ, 
but the envious Pharisees did not,
and accusing him of blasphemy, they mocked him...
not noticing how the April sky was becoming dim!

He was laid in an empty, cold tomb amid palm trees and stones 
and on the third day, as Jesus promised the twelve disciples;
He miraculously rose...ascending the heavenly throne,
where God the Father handed Him the glorious crown!

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No one can see the steadfast force
guiding me toward infinite peace,
an untroubled and limpid sea...
with glittering, foaming waves!

Some call it faith, I call it strength;
and somehow leads me to believe in destiny...
that the spirit cannot be broken easily
when the foundation is built on courage!

I strum my guitar and sing Alleluia, and as 
I carefully walk...I can't ever stumble
on a smooth road, where evil is not present...  
to give a sign of premonition to an ever-faithful!

I go past the pear' orchards in a remote farm,
and the pheasants sit in the golden branches;
the fruits look so succulent inviting me to taste them,
others have wished to savor such a sweetness!

A surge of sublime joy swells inside like that of songs,
and gracefully I sing them by allowing sustenance...
the steadfast force guiding me to enjoy the supreme moments
as if sighting a supernova, which will not lose its brilliance!

An oath of obedience I have made to God,
and being humble, I will honor Him repeatedly...
in all kinds of prayers and proclaim Him Lord
whose hand is the steadfast force guiding me!

Cpoyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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My beautiful body is another divine creation,
every part, so perfect, is guided by this wisest, most sinless heart,
which will not make it err when temptation
tries to weaken it by making it remember the bitterness of regrets. 

Nudity imparts its own beauty when it is considered a temple governed by purity;
nonetheless, it came from God's thoughts and artful hands;
so why should we be ashamed of it, if it is shown accordingly?
Many have exploited it for monetary gains and this is the plague of our society!   

My image is gladly seen in the clearest mirror,
inducing awareness, amazement and gratefulness,
never thinking of defiling it with unworthy offers;
even Satan is plotting against me and waving war!

Immoral persons won't hesitates to show their lewd interest,
thus taking advantage of someone needing the desperate break;  
these people corrupt any soul to rob it of dignity by their kind amenity... 
where's your sense of keenness, when it comes to view your sexuality? 

My beautiful body is another divine creation,
wonderfully and perfectly made to use it adequately;
glances of admiration by others may be full of inequity,
and adulating words will not flatter me, knowing their deception. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Rising power beheld from the sea.
Universally centered on humanity,
Dispelling the wages of war and sin,
As phoenix arrives, a new world will begin.

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What effects of Anger in our soul

Anger begets in our souls impatience
And too often habit of cursing

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What do you believe of Jesus Christ

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity
True God and True man
Great Prophet, High Priest and was anointed as the fullness of divine power


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God, The Romantic

The earth says goodnight as the sun lowers for a kiss,
While the moon edges upward, overlooking in the sky
The mountain tops reach with snowy crescent, white
As the valleys welcome shade, a blanket to the eye.
The earth is enshrouded in darkness, but also with light
As the luminescent radiance of the moon sets the scene
I, walking the valley, with my lover’s hand in mine
Smile in her presence, with a love, never fleeing.
With a look…a shadow…the moon casts upon her face
She never looked lovelier…than she does at this time
As if God, himself, lit the candles, upon our tables
Leaving us to dance…to enjoy our love…sublime.
He even plays the music, by which our hearts beat along
The musician that He is, selecting beautiful nature, to play.
My lover and I enjoying the evening set for just us two
While God sets this scene, before night turns to day.

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The wrath of God doesn’t have to be
the size of a hurricane
nor a major flood or forest fire
to leave us all in pain.

It can be an itch or an annoying twitch
a big black hair on your nose
painfully shy or one crossed eye
it’s terrible to have one of those.

Ugly or clumsy or not very smart
we all have our cross to bear
mismatch your socks get chicken pox
or forget your underwear.

Cowlicks birthmarks and knobby knees
all conspire to bring us down,
crooked teeth big ears and zits
are here to make us frown.

With a squeaky voice you don’t rejoice
and bad breath is problematic
as is hobbling on a cane
when you have a sore sciatic.

Oh Dear Lord just look at me!
a melting pot of woes!
As a kid I made a face
and wouldn’t you know…it froze!

What will we do with these gifts from you
bestowed on us in your wrath?
As we complain down here in our shame
do you sit on a cloud and laugh?

But then God said as he shook his head;
“My child I love you so..
these minor things that set you apart
are here to help you grow.”

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What do we mean by grievous matter

By ‘grievous matter’ with regard to sin mean that the thought
Word or deed which is committed must be either bad in itself
Or severely prohibited
And therefore sufficient to make a mortal sin if we deliberately yield to it

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Each Other's Light

Smiles and happy memories
Laughing til we cry
Silly things you'd say to me
Learning how to fly

A perfect summer spent with you
Us riding in your car
Being side by side those days
Becoming who we are

Walking in dark places
We became each other's light
The constant in a spinning world
Made everything all right

A bond that seemed unlikely
To everyone we knew
We are so very different
That it surprised us too

You taught me to be stronger
By building on my strengths
You pointed out the best in me
While pushing to my lengths

And in that way you changed me
Alterations so complete
That I can barely recognize
Who I used to be

I couldn't help but notice
How you became so free
Your smile was so infectious
To everyone you'd see

Such a precious chapter
In the story of my life
I'll hold on to it with all I am
I'll carry you inside

While struggling to let go of it
Dealing with the change
Knowing there's a reason
But wanting things to be the same

And while i'm sad its over
I'm thankful that it was
I was blessed to meet you
In that i'll always trust

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


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What do we mean by our predominant sin or ruling passion

By our predominant sin
Or ruling passion
We mean the sin into which we fall most frequently and
Which we find hardest to resist


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herbert (4) THE HOLY SPIRIT

Come my guide,my friend,my end:
such a guide,as lights my course:
such a friend,as my heart mends:
such an end,as is my source.

Inspired by George Herbert's poem'The Call a quatrain a 7 syllables per line,with rhyme scheme
abab here is the Ist verse from George's masterpiece

Come,my Way,my Truth,my Life:
Such a way,as gives us breath
Such a Truth,as ends all strife:
And such a life,as killeth death.

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Lullaby for the Grieving

Lay your head down precious one
And dry your eyes right now
For dreams of happy endings
Will be coming anyhow

The rains will stop, that much we know
Though we may not know how
So walk ahead to dryer ground
Where my love will abound

Know that when you're all alone
I've never been more near
And when you think I'm gone from you
I'm holding you, my dear

The nights will pass before you know
The sun will rise once more
I'll be with you in the sunshine
And with you in the storm

In the sunshine, in the rain
Just look up to the sky
And wish you may and wish you might
And to you, I will fly

I'll never leave you, never go
Where you can't find me there
Just look inside your heart to find
The love we share

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I am learning to Believe


I’m learning to believe in so many things I cannot see.
Though I don’t see them doesn’t mean they cannot be.
I feel this presence growing from deep inside my heart.
I still have many doubts yet belief has begun to start.

I’m learning that there are things that aren’t up to me.
Things that I can change, while others I let them be.
I don’t know all the answers but I start to learn.
I am feeling something growing as the tables turn.

I’m learning that I, can fall in love once more.
With this broken heart I really was not sure.
You offer me your love, with an extended hand.
It seems it is compassion that I do understand.

I’m learning that Christmas is for everyone.
Not just for the kids, playing and having fun.
I have come to realize the spirit lives inside all.
You need to just believe, both the big and small.

I’m learning all these things yet there’s so much to know.
Knowledge is like an iceberg only the tip does show.
There are many treasures that are buried down below.
All I have do is believe and I feel this knowledge grow.

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Memorialized By Man

Memorialized By Man

I am: Healer of the helpless,
Graceful goddess of the hunt -
Celebrated woman warrior
Receiving praises for each jaunt.

My soul in brightest glory shines
When I watch creatures of the field.
Or help a mother giving birth
Knowing love's sweetest yield.

It thrills me, running stalking dogs.
Or helping fleeing deer along,
While gratitude sung to my name
Resonates amid nature's throng.

The fiercest hunt becomes a game.
Survival, the fit creatures stand. 
All living things praising my name,
“Diana”, keeper of the woodland,

My happy heart sings joyous songs.
Having maintained life's built-in designs.
Drifting with those silver moonbeams.
Memorialized, goddess shines.

© August 1, 2010

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In Shade I Sit

I sit in shade upon my porch
to gaze at men who travel by.
Before my house, they set a course,
humanity in every size.

As some men walk ill to their core
with their souls glued to this road,
they search with lighten load as for
a tripping rock or shallow hole.

I think such men seldom stumble.
They crawl before they trip and fall.
Pious to fault yet not humble;
not to acknowledge me at all.

Yet other men a faster pace
with heads that rise at running stride;
wth open eyes pride face, they race
a fixed cold mind on their prize.

They never turn their heads to see
beauty growing beside this road
bestowing malice eagerly
they never slow or say hello.

Less men walk at an honest rate
with raven eye to see my shade
to par a grade with time to wait
to smile at me or stop and wave.

So few men care to take a turn
to cross my gate, stride up my walk
to find my shade and show concern
to sit and talk and share a thought.

With seldom blessed brother's touch
in which I find rare pleasures great
I share their fate and loving clutch
with treasure of unmeasured state.

I find in you an honest wit
and thankful for your company.
Upon my porch in shade I sit
I watch His world unfold for me.

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Latin envolutio = unfolding, development
The growth of the final form of organisms over millions of years
Viewed from Christian perspective
Evolution takes place as God’s continuous creation in natural processes


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Youth seemed an eternal joy
for a gorgeous and happy boy...
no worries over necessities,
with desires without sequence.

The fear of dying was far from pondering,
only beautiful days ahead for the youngest heart....
longing for a tenderness other teenagers never sought,
and sometimes sleeping away the afternoons was invigorating. 

Like glass sheding water, his soul was pure and epic
and he never shook his fist to seek revenge;
he never shillied to shin a tall tree with panic...
always used pragmatism whenever on perilous edge.

He lives miserably, living on a day-to-day existence,
but the fear of dying is to exemplify weakness,
not to exert himself and to better before he hits dead-end;
yesterday God was his sunrise, now that light is glimmering instead.

He justifies his misfortunes with an inadequate story,
while his friends enjoy a happy life, he frolics like a sky-lark 
feeding on what people discard in a garbage pail daily...
and weeps occasionaly, instead of coming out of the  dark.

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O Flankers

O Flankers, your children far and wide
Stands at the zenith of their faith to take
Their prize, bereft of heritage and pride
Your blood stain shards making them shake

I was Hiroshima, you were the bomb
Your explosion devastated me
It was not predicted for to become
Such a callous and cold humanity

I think of you, but cannot merge you
Now with that you thirty years gone
Growing old is not better then, not true
You are the antediluvian dawn.

This wickedness in you is a fallen curse
And yet my love cannot abandon you
The cordite power make trees into hearse
And people into things strange to view

What material greed infected your dream
What disconnected social order reared
What dead mythic made dross of the gleam
You who once loved, laughed and cared?

O Flankers, my village nestled in the hills
Beside the frolic of a nurturing sea
The sands were tranquil, and now it kills
The very fragrance of sweet innocency.

I want my fruited forest of peace again
I want the dancing waves of soft laughing seas
I want a place where thrives the love of men
The faith to die praying for peace on bended knees

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Enslaved to their Dark

Two years have passed
Now the day has arrived
The dark now rules
For the lights in deprive

The white angels in capture
Taken to the depths
Hades has become them
Manacled and reft

Redded eyes in the dark
Peer from their bleak
To ogle these white angels
For centuries they seek

Up above on the surface
On this orb called earth
The dark angels fly
To distribute their mirth

A world once full of colour
Living and bright
Has been transformed into darkness
Left raped, left in blight

Slowly his legions
With their piercing red eyes
Will rise to the surface
Where he will hear their cries

Master of darkness
It has taken many years
To draw their light to your dark
As we live of their fears

We hail you oh dark one
For our year has arrived
Twenty twelve is upon us
For centuries we contrived

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Spring at Avebury

Cold, grey stone in formation stand,
Old standing stones, they gathered round,
Around the magic close to hand,
Old hands that grasped the Pagan ground.

The joyous come to dance and sing,
They sing the tales the ancients told,
The stories told by bards of spring
That spring shall come end winter’s cold.

All seasons turn upon the wheel,
The wheel of life that never ends,
At winter’s end the warmth we feel,
All feeling the path springtime wends.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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Though I strive for real Word quality,
some people still get upset with me,
regarding spiritual constructs I write,
having been offended by Truths I see.

Within the depths of my Christian poetry,
I share faith’s expression and creativity,
seeking a balance of confession and worship,
in understanding how my dear Lord views me.

Since Creation, a complete scope of Humanity,
has been already defined with God’s artistry-
for He breathed life into us, His workmanship,
an earthly, sacred array of divine diversity.

Although a lesser form of His incorporeal epitome,
we are still made after the image of the Trinity;
therefore, live joyously and soulfully, knowing…
that we’re the living embodiment of God’s poetry!


Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Eph 2:10

The greek word “poeima” can be defined as: that
which has been made a work of the works of God
as creator, i.e., His workmanship.

In addition, we derive the word “poem”.

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2014, All rights reserved.
Author, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

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My Love {Swap Quatrain}

This is written for my love
The one that I hold above
Precious as a newborn kitten
For my love this is written

We make a perfect team
As we live out our dream
Nothing left to forsake
A perfect team we make

I am blessed to have you
Our love strong and true
Your love I do caress
To have you I am blessed

You are my dearest friend
Always with an ear to lend
My life’s brightest star
My dearest friend you are

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                                                A WORD TO THE WISE

I've said it before and I'll say it again,
To thine own self be true;
For the ways of the world are unkind my friend,
But that you will know is not new.

It doesn't pay to feign and pretend,
And try to be something you're not;
And if you do you'll find in the end,
Sadness is all that you've got.

Do unto others as you would have them,
Do unto you in return.
This way you'll find you've many a friend,
For pay back is often well earned.

Mind your own business, be frugal and kind,
And see that you mind what you say;
For others are watching of cruel, vicious mind,
Who turn truth to lies just for play.

Listen to me and heed my words well,
If you wish to live well and prosper.
Live by The Word and you won't go to Hell,
When for judgement you stand 'fore The Father.

                                                                      Judy Ball

                                                                                                     Proverbs 24:28-29

                       Provers 3:1-2

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Thunderstorms are fierce,
bringing devastation to Nature and humans;
and such are the Monsoon rains of all seasons:
a reminder of India's tragedies.

Torrents from clouds form wild rivers,
and everything is subdued by their force,
it brings to mind the Biblical Deluge
when only a faithful family found refuge.

Where houses, squares, churches and trees once stood,
now there are floods drifting people and animals... 
struggling to keep their heads above water;
many will experience horrible deaths without finding a road.

After they pass over the devastated region,
they will go the the next destination to cause more death
and incite survivors with ire and desperation...
then is God responsible, or is it Man who has no respect?

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Greek = origin, beginning
The first book of the bible which describes
Among other things
The creation of the world and of man


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command six

kill the Catholic, kill the Jew
kill them all, draw sword 'n' slay 'em
kill the Muslim, the Buddhist too
spill their blood, creating mayhem

kill the Taoist, kill the Zen
kill the agnostic, kill the skeptic
kill all religious, come back again
wash away everyone seen as septic

kill the women, kill all the men
that other tribe, who you eschew
everyone who might be your brethren
take weapon in hand and kill them too

kill that other race of beings
kill the innocent, kill too, the guilty
kill anyone with peaceful leanings
kill wholly with unspeakable cruelty

kill all hope of ever finding peace
kill yourself for your own release
kill believing you'll justify
all these hates that in you lie

© Goode Guy 2011-06-04

the only good ___ is a dead ___ ...know it's sarcasm, ok

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democracy may look to some, to seem
a hell of a way to run a government
can two parties be on the same team?
that it works at all is a wonderment 

what rancor could be made of this?
this would pass for a party plank
be it elephant's or a donkey's to kiss
it's squeaky wheels we have to thank

we engage in rhetoric harsh to prove
our point is the truth or so we say,
so take your firm stance, and move!
be it right or left, the other way

we're gonna block your filly buster!
horse tradin' is 'fer checkin' teeth
uncompromisin' deals pass 'fer muster
some party's purpose is to deceive

our founding fathers, gentlemen all
taught that with good speaking skills
our House divided can not fall?
it's Senate's turn to pass some bills

our leaders are honest ones, with ability
vision for the nations future direction
turn this ship with statesmen's civility
to please citizenry's best cross section

yet with serious tone of impending disaster
if esteemed colleagues should get their say
they speak to press with sound bites faster
to sway opinion polls, today's power play

the whole process makes the thoughtful wonder
about the ability of political men to work
for their point to prove, and pull asunder
national harmony, as we all go berserk

democracy may look to some, to seem
a hell of a way to run a government
two parties can be on the same team,
as compromise doesn't breed discontent

to know political relations are symbiotic
the nature of democracy is a bit chaotic

© Goode Guy 2011-06-24

dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

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How wrong is the notion than having two great loves...
doesn't make a heart absorb what it immensely adores.

My natural motherland is that southern European country
kisses by the warm waves of the Mediterrean sea,
where a great empire rose and conquered others,
only defeated by the barbarians like the Huns.

My adopted motherland was discovered by Columbus,
who with three ships sailed the Atlantic Ocean confidently, 
hoping to find a route to India, the land of spices and mystery...
and he thought all along it he had found it without any loss.

The first one made a dreamer out of me overnight,
and inspired me with her breathtaking landscapes and skies;
who has ever see Mount Vesuvius throught a teenager's eyes,
and be somewhat moved by the magnificent sight?

The second one nourished my erring and poetic spirit so sensible:
seeing snow-capped mountains, green vallies and sun-drenched canyons;
there all thoughts fled to find kids playing with crayons,
attempting to draw with ingenuity images very awesome and beautiful.

These two countries are loved by me as I loved sweet mother;
the old one holds her strict religious values and the other has more realistic freedom,
not suggesting to quickly discard one, and embrace the other;
I will definitely love them both and honor their flags with the joyful beats of my drum.

How happy and grateful I am to have had these friends fulfilling my worthiness
that  daily shaped my character and broadened my avenues towards success.

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The Way to Gleams

A mother's love may visit pain
If one child's hope looses its dream
A chasm deep in her soul screams.
Oh God, please let his faith remain.

Youthful goals and priorities
Can cloud love's path eternally.
Forgive forgotten boundaries.
Trust in God move onward boldly.

Lofty thinking, respect askew –
Browbeaten and misunderstood.
Before too long joy says, “adieu.”
Remember let not evil brood.

But seek the light and trust His Word.
Cherish life and integrity.
Be not afraid soft voices heard.
Give all for love and selflessly.

Fear not the loss of future fame.
But seek to melt your soul in love.
Success becomes an earthly game.
But families are from God above. 

So when, my child you feel great pains,
Ask God above to show you dreams. 
Be sure that faith in God remains.
He knows the path to love and gleams.

© July 26, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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At one

secular and sacred
          back to back
          in the world
in Christ,we nothing lack

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the pedantic verses

you must be carefully taught
all aspects of the universe
complete and utterly covered
in a tome of spiritual verse

you must be carefully taught
who you must hate and who to love
has all been handed down from
commandments from somewhere above

you must be carefully taught
strict adherence to beliefs of past
you must be careful of thought
keep to your clan and your caste

you must be carefully taught
and not question line in case
saints and prophets distraught
banish life itself in disgrace

you've got to be carefully taught
there's no point except the knife
to waiver from those said anointed 
to guarantee some eternal life

you must be carefully taught
you've got to be carefully taught
you'll get tied up in a French knot
you've got to be careful - a lot

© GoodGuysoul 2015-01-14

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Getting off the bus along Hillside Avenue,
I heard a loud commotion coming from a speaker;
and getting closer, I saw the face of a sweaty preacher... 
calling all souls to Jesus and make them new.

I looked and paused and saw this preacher with sweat on his face...
as he was telling the crowd a true story of The Godfather's son, who was
in the dark about his father's activities, and when he was finally told,
he didn't care if he died;  and to the authorities he went to report his dad.    

What a righteous young man he must have been, and how noble
it was to reveal that well-kept secret which would have cost his precious life,
giving up a chance at being powerful and not dedicating himself to a lifetime of crime; 
I can visualize him bowing his head down, and pray to stop the vicious cycle.

I sat next to an elderly lady whose who's veiled head shone through a gentle light,
" Sing along with me, and your lost soul will be reedemed by the blood of Jesus!" 
I shared her song book and began singing an evening prayer of repentance,
as the preacher cried out, " Raise your hand, and I will pray for you tonight!"

How many folks, like me, wanted to see that preacher proclaim the Lord's message;
and how lucky I was to have encountered a stranger who sounded like Jesus,
to add another sheep to his herd as he prayed for the sins of the repentant ones!
How glorious it was to hear him glorify Christ and His father with his voice of grace!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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What effect has Lust on our souls

Lust begets in our souls a distate for holy things
Perverted conscience
Hatred of God
Frequently leads to complete loss of faith

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Listen to My voice
Listen to the word,
      love's a choice
and by grace,is heard

After the fquatrain form 5/5/3/5 abab by George Herbert the Anglo Welsh poet

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Falsehood wraps us like a shell
But just a prick shatters it
Truth is cocooned inside us all
Just let it be a butterfly.

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God's Great Surprise

God’s Great Surprise

Man on earth must grow and cope.
Encapsulated, restrained 
Living life with dreams and hope
Eternal learning maintained.

Birth and death are facts of life.
Two miracles, diverse lives -
Mortality grasps its strife.
Eternity loves; God thrives.

When earthly death greets its end.
Soaring souls to heavens rise.
Life, like a butterfly, flies forth.
Ascending to God's great surprise.

© August 2, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Pruned the Root

In the silence of my mind...

stands the tree of reason...

Baring fruit, food for thought...

Pruned the root of understanding...

Tireless autumn leaves fall free...

Like flares of seasoned knowledge...

In the silence of my mind...

stands the tree of reason...

In pruned root...

...the seed I find...

In the silence of my mind...

...stands the tree of reason...

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Should we give up trying to be good when we seem to not succeed in overcoming our faults

We should not give up trying to be good when we seem not 
To succeed in overcoming our faults because
Our efforts to be good will keep us from
Becoming worse than we are


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The Rambling of a pen

Why dose the thought of god
Bring us tranquility
Why does the loss of control
Bring us harmony

Is it the Hands of God we fear?
	Hands that smite and take
Is it the Hands God we love?
	Hands that create

Is there a throne in the afterlife?
	Or is it a thought of men
Is there a throne in paradise?
	Or is to question it a sin

Shall we rest upon the clouds		
	To sleep in heavens peace
Shall it be a peaceful slumber		
I hope it will never cease

Shall I dream of this a little longer	
Until I see the face of God
Shall it be as the preachers say	
 My heart seems so flawed

Why don’t I dream of God
No care for his face
Why am I forlorn to doom
In this fated place

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We are like men crazed by hunger

sick of church but hungry for God

this emptiness cannot be mended by mud

this dark, breastless church fuels our anger

Desperate we pursue madly his grace

running after his seemingly eluding prescence

we live lives emptied of lies & silly pretences

that we may intimately see him face to face

We hunger after his peace, power & glory

we tire of inspiring orators selling hope

we tire of enduring & trying to just cope

we desire to rewrite history with our story

We are crazed men set free

by his Spirit we begin afresh to live

above & beyond the realm of strive

we are transformed into he whom we see

Madly in love we are at last

a prophecy of God that has come to past

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Glory,then to know
        as life dies-
a new place to go

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What effect has sloth upon the soul

Sloth begets in a soul
A spirit of indifference
In our spiritual duties and
A disgust for prayer


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Birth is the beginning of a quest
which is unseen to human eyes,
sadly ending on our unpredictable death,
but not living another day shortens that distance.

Who decides our fate in ways so drastic,
unfolding events happy or tragic?
Who diverges the course of our days,
when hopelessness grips our desperate souls?

If dreams are built to become exinct,
to suddenly turn into detritus and dust... 
devastating us enough to dessicate the expanse
of hope, why is joy lacking the feeling of genuiness?

Despair is utterly exgeneous,
exploding when thoughts become tense,
expanding as wild fire to burn everything 
in its destructive path...leaving only embers behind.

Some choose to end life,
not valuing its sacredness and purpose;
shouldn't we be thrilled to exist as David was
and be immensely grateful, or defiantly denounce our belief?     

Gracefully age as Moses did,
never thinking of shortening the distance;
gain more wisdom as you live...
to discern what's beyond madness to reduce incidence. 

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Reaching my golden age 
was an improbable, distant image...
rarely thought of, or even visualized by me,
I still cherish the fancy-free boy that was me!

My careful footsteps have become slower,
and my skin is losing its gleaming, brilliant look;
I stand before my photographs displayed underneath
the hand-painted coat of arms with a disillusioned, displeasing glare!   

Could that handsome young man be me?
His skin is so smooth and his teeth dazzling white,
lots of strands with curly hair reflecting a resplendent light...
he's smiling staring at his friend, who's kissing a girl called, "Mimi."  

And unstoppable, bitter tears relentlessly flow; why haven't
childhood and youth waited another year, or even another longest day,
to let me breath with more easiness, seeing myself once again a virile lad...
how horrible and scary is to face the merciless phantom, who will take me away!

But this faith is too strong, and I can defeat any evil force;
and although I seem unable to fight as I did when strength was mine,
an angel will escort me to the gate, which will open to greet this faithful one...
not regretting anymore that improbable, distant image retreating and fading as reality itself!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Why is it that so many seek 
transformation through pain?
Does not beauty, joy, faithfulness,
transform in a gentler vane?

One seeks to know righteousness
why foray forth in pain?
Seek softer lessons giving learned
make kindness your refrain.

Why tarry on the darker side
live fully in the Light.
Do not let despair take harsh hold
blind agony with Sight.

Accept as gift this teaching learn
don’t sojourn in the dark.
Just hold on tight to memory
You light the Holy Spark.

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Doubtless Thomas

Don't despair tomorrow's promise
Justified in your beliefs.
Don't resign him 'Doubting Thomas'
Seek his answers, seek relief.

Mind is torn from fear to love
Good to evil, black to white.
Dual nature speaks thereof
Lost in darkness, found in Light.

I did meet this ancient soul.
Joined his quest in perseverance.
Claimed his virtue, I extol
The need to push the disappearance

Of the universe of which
I claim no allegiance to.
Heaven bound, his ride I hitch
Where doubt is null, for Love is true.

He did know the 'chosen' one
Whose words revealed this mystery:
Fallen angels, there are none
All are Sacred, all are Free.

*Inspired by "The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard.

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Father Christ Deal

Eternal Father saw outnumber of people’s sins 
Sad with what He created
He wanted to destroy the world
People hurting each other

Father Christ stopped Him
Told the Eternal Father He would go down to earth
Take People’s cruelty
To start His power over people

He told the Eternal Father people would understand
Ransom Himself
Not to destroy the world
Believed people to be one

Eternal Father searched a woman
To conceive and bear a Son
Angel Gabriel spoke to Mother Mary
You have found favor from (Eternal) God
Holy Spirit will shine over you
You are to name Him Jesus
He will save people from their sins
To save destruction of the world

Father Christ started a Church
For People to be Universal
People don’t understand
In His Church people are saved

What are these other churches?
In there you are not saved
Don’t be fooled
By the Christ’s like religions

There is only one
Deal to the Father
Be Universal to His Church
Roman Catholic

To understand the Two Greatest Commandments
“Love God all your mind, heart, body and soul”
2nd is “Love your neighbor as yourself”
When we love our neighbor, Covers the 1st Greatest Commandment

Other Churches are misleading people
Thought they loveFather Christ
Person who created their Church 
Was the person they believed  and loved

Father Christ is very hurt
People don’t know in His Church 
You’re saved
In others you’re condemned


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Greek = measuring God, rule, norm
The authoritative collection of 
Sacred scriptures in 
The Old and New Testament of the bible


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What is Anger

Anger is an excessive emotion of the mind 
Excited against any thing
It is an excessive desire for

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How long did Father Christ lived on earth

Father Christ lived on earth for about 33 years
Most holy life 


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For God

I will march into town and spread the news
Pray and speak the truth and give his dues
Blaze a path through the darkened streets
Tell them about all the mighty's worthy feats

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Today is like a rainbow
With it's many colors combine
The way it dances across a cloud
As if somehow, trying to rhyme
There is the color blue
That reminds me of the sky
Because God is looking down
With a sparkle in His eye
The color green to me
Is the color that is brand new
Like a babe that's just been born
Love, He brings to me and you
Yellow is the color
Of the sun all a glow
Like our faith should be forever
With our hearts to over flow
So, you see there is a reason
That God created light
To warm our every wish complete
We are perfect in God's sight

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A crystal spring

there's a place with a river  pure,
of this I'm certain and sure;
growing there,in its midst,a tree
each leaf,to cure,eternally

rev 22:1/2

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Light Within The Dark

Blind within my dark, I've stumbled and I've faltered
confused and full of fear, not knowing what is real.
I've sinned and made mistakes, have fought my share of demons
I've prayed for death to come to end the way I feel.

Though I've known much pain and had my share of sorrows
and on my burdened soul lay sins that I contrive.
Still within the dark there is a light that shines there
and with His guiding light I know I will survive.

Through His word He's said that all the things I've come to
are the things that He has wanted me to know.
I pray to be forgiven, for strength and the endurance
to make it to the day His reasons He will show.

My soul is light and dark and it has many facets
has felt the Holy Spirit, has known both joy and love
but even when it's black it still does not know hatred
for this and so much more I'm blessed by God above.

Inspired by Michael Jordans Share Your Soul contest

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Everyone will see one day

Little girl, don't be so low. You're gonna be something someday, don't give up hope, keep hope alive. Even when the road gets rough, remember how much tougher you are than anyone else. I have faith in you, faith that you'll make it through. All the lies that they tell you, all the broken promises they made, won't stop you from becoming someone. You'll be there soon, just let the negative become the positive. when they throw stuff in your face, pick up yourself and see your way out. The bruises and scars only make you who you are, so smile because they're breakin' you is only making you. You will show the world one day what all made you that way, and they'll be asking for you, there's no doubt. So don't sit there and pout, because the day will come when everyone will see what they made you become.

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Graces in each moment

God doesn't ask much of you
Just cooperate
With each grace
He gives you in each moment


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A Shadow in the Dark

 Is it but only sun that makes the shade?
My shadow disappears when drenched in dark.
A tree in light remains with shadow made
Showing twisted branches and roughened bark.

In light of His love I forever stand
Knowing no shade alone that I may cast.
My shadow in His love is tall and grand,
No shade alone but His shall ever last.

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Things necessary to make sins mortal

Three things are necessary to make a sin mortal
A grievous matter
Sufficient reflection
And dull consent of the will

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From Latin creation = making, producing
The idea that God Himself by His direct action 
Created the world all at once
As if the book of Genesis were an eyewitness account


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Planning the Plan

There are so many things about God
that I don't really understand.....
like  why He chose me
to be a part of His band.

I have done nothing at all
to deserve such favor.
But I sincerely thank this God-man
who's love for me does not waiver.

He lavishes on us a love 
that is unconditional and so pure
that no matter what in the world we do,
He won't love us less nor love us more.

Oh sure, there are times that we
may not be found in His favor,
like when we willfully disobey   
or too much of the "world" do we savor.

 In loving fashion God created this world - -
a plush paradise - - co-existing woman and man.
But God knew that man and serpent would ruin the Garden,
so from His infinite wisdom sprouted the perfect plan.

The "Eden Act" and all the scenes that would follow
caused a separation that was deep, but not a divorce.
For God obsessed with our reconciliation
which takes us back to Him and His plan, of course.

This plan sent His only Son, whose name is Jesus,
down to this decrepit,defiled place called Earth.
His entrance onto the scene was unlike that of Superman.....
no crater, no quake,just a manger and a humble birth.

He lived here and loved here for a short time,
revealing what life is really all about....
about sharing and caring....compassion and passion,
not at all about who has the most clout.

He told us time and time again that He
had no agenda that was His own.
It was to strictly do the will of the Father,
nothing more,nothing less, just that alone.

But it was this very will that ultimately
led the "Annointed One" to much despair.
For it was demanded of Him 
the sin of the world to bear.

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Hannah Rejoices

My song of praise ascends:

"The Lord kills and brings to life;
he brings down to Sheol
and raises up . . . he lifts
the needy from the ash heap . . .

but the wicked shall be cut off
in darkness . . . against them 
he will thunder in heaven . . .
There is none holy like the Lord . . .
my strength is exalted in him."

I will carry Samuel's coat to Shiloh,
stitches of love spell joy;
my heart dances with delight.
My son grows in stature,
his service is unto the Lord.

My tormentor's tongue is stilled,
she eats defeat day after day.
Her downcast eyes look
past my sons and daughters.

The Lord has opened my womb.

I Samuel, Chapter 2, RSV

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Rain is more than a blessing,
watch it from a window pouring...
birds take a long bath as little springs form;
and kids run outside to get wet and dance in the storm.

Rain is good for every tree, pant and flower,
and on them we daily rely for food and adornment...
plenty of showers in warm spring, thunders in scorching summer;
the happy eyes of farmers love to see it fall on fields for a bountful harvest.

Without rain the earth would be a huge desert,
no plant life would survive in arid soil and the cattle
on prairies would aimlessly roam to find a river for their thirst, 
many will die and the cowboys without their wild horses wouldn't be so festal.

Rain is a source of wealth and more than a blessing, it promises
pretty roses in bloom, abundant fruits on trees and wheat with golden kernels
in the fileds, where those stuffed scarecrows protect them from very hungry ravens;
imagine life without rainfalls, it'll resemble the somber moon with dry valleys and canyons.

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Prince of Peace,and King of Love,
                          To thee I call:
with Your blessing from above,
                    I will not fall.

Light of life,illume my way,
              on You I gaze:
speak to me now,as I pray,
             these hands I raise.

Lord of mercy,King of Grace,
           I will praise thee:
in my worship,Your embrace,
           will enfold me.           

This quatrain form derives from George Herbert's poem 'PRAISE' a 7/4/7/4 form with rhyme 
scheme   a,b.a,b

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The Sharpest Edge

The uncertainty of Winter
with its monochromatic norm.
The leery loss of color
the painful loss of warmth.

The sharpened edge of white
the transparency of cutting ice,
the indeterminate length of night
leaves man to his own device.

Even the occasional shimmer
of sunshine lends only harsh relief
though death will end life’s cycle
rebirth will soon end grief.

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His Spirit moves over me as I see
Something that could be good, will depeople
My tax dollars will go for genocide
Lord have mercy on this very great people

Not only will this cost pass on to states
God who loves earth how long will you abide
Lord have mercy on this very great people
My tax dollars will go for genocide

We won't be fit for the kingdom of God
This nation is to be an example
My tax dollars will go for genocide
Lord have mercy on this very great people

If we do good, centuple blessings come
When we do bad, God's grace can not abide
Lord have mercy on this very great people
My tax dollars will go for genocide

(First attempt at Mirrored Refrain..Thank you Jared for the challenge..Not an entry in the 

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Crescent Moon

Crescent moon, cool breeze
Pastel sunrise through the trees
Willow tree moves with ease
To the music of the bees

On the morn of my despair
When no love seems to be there
Then the small still voice
Sings out to join the chorus

My child, my child love
I'm pouring over you
Love from the golden shore
Love eternal forever more

Ten thousand angels.. maybe more
Lifting me up and surrounding me
Carrying me to His shore
Touching healing me... in silence

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                                         I SEE YOU

I see You in the majesty of the mountains,
Your mystery in the depths of the sea.
Your providence every day abounds about me.
I see Your power everywhere surrounding me.

I see Your love in the pages of my Bible,
As I read of sacrifice and answered prayer.
Small miracles each day happen 'round me.
I see Your face in each and know You care.

                                                              Judy Ball

                                           I KNOW YOU

I see you as you go about your business.
The way you live your life is plain to Me.
Your thoughts and deeds are proof you are My servant,
For by it's fruit a man shall know a tree.

When your time is over there I'll call you.
I'll send a guide to bring you straight to Me.
No need to fear your past mistakes, transgressions,
For by the spilling of My Blood I've set you free.

                                                                   Judy Ball

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What are chief sources of sin

Chief sources are Seven
Pride, Greed, Lust
Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth or laziness
Commonly called 7 Capital Sins or 7 Deadly Sins 

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Connecting the Dots Part 2

God mentions in the last days there
will be an increase of knowledge.
And, yes, we certainly do have many
young people heading to college.

But it really goes alot deeper than that,
I mean, we now have the ability to clone.
So it's kinda scary when we look around 
and wonder if it's a "copy" or one of God's own.

As we look back over the last hundred years,
the period we refer to as the "industrial age."
We find; autos,jet planes,TVs,fax machines,computers.
all things considered, can we really turn another page?

Jesus told of some other things to take note of ---
signs that we really should be looking for.
wars and rumors thereof,earthquakes, hunger,
even pestilence(disease) will soar.

In fact, He even went as far as to say that
man will be perplexed by the tossing of the sea.
Hurricanes,cyclones,typhoons.... almost too 
many to count.... if we have eyes, let us see.

He also said that it will be like
a woman in delivery--- having labor pains.
Which indicates an increase in frequency
and intensity, yes.... too tough to tame.

One can't help but notice that is
 exactly what we are experiencing today.
Wars, terrorism, continual earthquakes,erupting volcanoes,
droughts, floods, disease galore... that's just God's way

of warning us that these truly are
the final days in our history.
And it won't be long now until
true believers see Him in all His glory.

Now I have finally come to the end of my poem
and I hope I've helped with "connecting the dots."
Judgement day is fast approaching but remember
He would certainly rather have us be ready than not.

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From Latin magister=teacher
Term for the mandate of the Catholic to present a faith
Interpret it with the Holy Spirit
To protect it from falsifications


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What kind of sin is drunkenness

Deliberate drunkenness, always a mortal sin
If the person is completely deprived of the use of reason by it
But drunkenness is not intended
Or desired may be excused from mortal sin 

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I have many qualities and talents 
that make me popular and likeable for my kindness,
and unpretentious gallantry;
ask me if I'm blue-blooded like the gentry!

I exist for a purpose and I intend reveal my cause;
honesty and shrewdness will guard me against errors...
do weeds grow in a well-maintained and embellished garden?
A grubby garden attracts gloominess, mine appeals to sunshine!

I have traveled down rough and dark roads,
grabbing the attention of bad-wishers,
who handed me gooseberries, not gorse;
it was a clumsy course swarming with rocks and thorns!

I exist for a purpose that puts fear into my unseen enemies,
who grumble and judge more than the-assumed-righteous-ones,
they are obsessed with their perfection and like to impose it on me;
but do they know that I control my destiny by spinning my fortune' wheel?

My belief is not to accept anything of worthless beauty,
I love to hide myself in the grain fields,and shake their stalks...
to celebrate a harvest more bountiful than sunflowers;
and I imagine myself gorging on fresh-baked bread daily!

O golden grains, your seeds satiate many that earn their hard living,
saying grace at God gives them His blessing;
and those hands that cut the husks off are much detested   
by the elite with a feeling of inferiority and a lack of gratitude!

I exist for a purpose to bring glory to the Heavens,
that magnificently dazzle upon me in times of desperate need;
pity is an unacceptable word whenever they attempt to make a deal;
I change no direction and try not to fall into the trap of moral weakness!

 Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Standing in chaos—losing the battle
Sensing destruction near at the door
I was living despondency—wondering every day
God, can I possibly take anymore?

I was the victim—self proclaimed martyr
Always remaining the person in need
Sometimes mistreated—often neglected
Brought to my knees, it was there I would plead

Wanting out desperately—hoping for something
To pull me away from the crumbling ledge
Reaching into the dark—seeking the answer
Knowing without it, I'd fall from the edge

I said, "Lord, can you help me—won’t you please save me?
I know that you're out there, just give me a sign"!
I needed to find the faith—grasp for it blindly
I had to believe that salvation was mine

Then, I heard the voice speaking—the Spirit was leading
Bringing me into a presence unknown
The Father's redemption—was taking a hold of me
And without fear, the faith in me has grown

Now I can feel His love—fully encompassing
I walk in the confidence he's granted me
Seeing my life ahead—knowing there is a plan
In Him I rejoice, for I'm finally free!

Written in July, 1999

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Realease From Past

Shadows of the past
Praise God they won't last
The devil can't control
What is truly a brave soul!

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Well now,what shall I say then,because talk I must,
shall it be of love,grace forgiveness and things of above,
will my words wander creation,far and beyond ,
before concentrating on a form ,of which, I am fond;

Question upon question,pause now,what do you see ?
meditate the silence,you will hear me,
slow and gradual,the mist will lift,if you trust,
with my words,a poem create,and then talk if you must.

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Executing the Plan

Why? Why Him? How could this be? To have life
slowly, excruciatingly, drained from Him by a tree.
The irony, it was a tree....the tree of knowledge
that brought angst full circle to Calvary.

This was a burden above all burdens,
anxiety, agony...... almost beyond what He could bear.
So much so, droplets of sweat formed in His hair 
as he cried out to His Father in prayer.

"If there is any way for this cup 
to pass from me, let it be so."
Even though He knew He had to suffer 
through it, He couldn't just let it go.

It's not that He didn't have the power
to get out from under this albatross.
But if He did succumb to His earthly
desire,mankind would forever be lost.

For God depended on this "Spotless Lamb"
to bridge the gap between us and Him.
So..... we became white as snow because
the "Perfect Sacrifice" willingly bore our sin.

Fortunately for us, it is not here
 that this story comes to a close.   
For just as He foretold,
on the third day He arose.

So because of the ways of man and God's awesome plan,
death no longer has the final say.
It's all about a relationship..... a deep friendship
established with one simply called "The Way."

The Serpent defeated, the gap miraculously closed
and those that sincerely believe can claim the victory.
Through the historic death of Christ,
we may have fellowship with God for all eternity.

How amazing it is that God would be so concerned
about me... about us.... about the souls of man,
 that, yes, from the very beginning of time,
he would devise the absolutely perfect plan.

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My Filthy Fire

My ship of dreams I build no more
I hack to fragments my vain desire
To toss like trash and be ignored.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To sail the seas and not return
My ship sinks in the straight of dire.
Its keel has split, its hull to burn
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

To hear the Sirens song too long
Uncharted seas with sails which tire.
With all my dreams and fancies gone
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

I pondered from my window long
And fanned my passion ever higher.
I cursed "His" name to sing my song.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

For fortuned Isles my eyes did cry.
My dreams I leave to whom I sire
For I am cremated before I die
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

Resurrecting souls my dreams has killed
To pull myself from deep quagmire.
To warm my heart which time has chilled.
Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.

It is for sure, not springtime here
Shorter days, how bare "His" trees.
Looking back pulls eyes to tear
For waste and loss of all my greed.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire
Now as to turn from what it seems
Left to me a works of priers
Never to sail my ship of dreams.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Heap high this waifs, to be no loss.
No wisdom from my follies liar
Burn Oh! Burn you holocaust.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
My sins may perish with my ships.
To right my wrongs I now aspire.
So let them burn without my kiss.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
This cord of which I gladly burn
Dreams or follies of mud are mire
No loss to me and no concern.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
Stream me toward sweet isles of peace
Bright flash and gleam of my attire
Shall fall in lour of my decease.

Upon my filthy, driftwood fire.
When in my grave I take my task
Point for my Lord my vain desires
In chilling embers and cold gray ash.

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God Gives What You Give

If you give just a little
of yourself from time to time,
You're bound to see the benefits
of being true and kind.

God finds ways to thank us
that we may never see..
like driving in a winter storm
and getting home safely.

So many of the little things
go unnoticed everyday.
I make a point to thank the lord
for the luck that comes my way.

Sometimes I fail to notice
how he helps me when I'm down.
Like how my children make me smile
without making a sound.

If you can take the time to ask
"How are you doing today?"
to someone that is feeling low,
I'm sure you'll be repaid.

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Above Poetry Soup

Take pen in hand and make your stand
Tell the world who you are
Be not afraid of prices that are paid
Have faith you are a star

To all of you my feelings so true
I hold you in my heart
Will never be a day that I go away
For here is where I start

Times a moment or two is all I can do
I love the words we share
Without a doubt they help me out
Foundation of my prayer

Beginning to end you are my friends
Poets sharing my soul
That is a bond that is so far beyond
Anything else I know

I love the flow and I love to grow
Planting a tiny seed
No need to shout I just write it out
Hoping to fill some need

If it does or not I gave it a shot
Simply because I care
Anything I can do ask and its true
I’ll give all I can spare

I sink my hooks and write my books
That is this poet’s plight
For when your blue what I hope to do
Offer a little light

We can turn it around or upside down
Find what’s hidden inside
It’s a good thing the poems we sing
Each its own special ride

I love to teach but hate to preach
That just isn’t my place
I’m a lamb be blessed or be damned
I hold you in my grace

We make it right by sharing our sight
The knowledge that we know
Sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers
All just trying to grow

Grow into what, you can like it or not
Alliance is our group
That’s why in the sky angels do fly
Above Poetry Soup

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What is Covetousness

Covetousness is Greed
Part of 7 Capital Sins
Or Deadly Sins
Greed is an excessive desire for worldly things

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It's over for her
Such suffering and pain
She is up in Heaven
Where there's so much more to gain

her darling little face
Full of tenderness and love
Knowing for sure, somehow
She was sent from above

Her cute little hands
And her stout little nose
Everything perfect to us
Right down to her toes

Her purpose in life
Was to give others strength
Even though it only lasted
About fifty-three hours in length

Her stay here for us
Was such a short one, you see
But she taught us so much that life
Can be wholesome, gentle and free

Yes, dear Lord, please
Take her to a place that's new
To that place up and beyond
Where forever she'll be with you

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He waits by his door
When will he be back
No mistake about it
The faithful one, Jack

He'd walk with him
Always by his side
Never left him alone
With such a sense of pride

He'd be with him
On the farm and at his home
No matter what happened
He'd never be alone

He'd sit and wait
Not far from the bus
For others to see this
It meant nothing to us

So, now, where is he
Is the question on his mind
The faithful one, Jack
And the ties that did bind

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Losing Dad

My life was changed so harshly.
It feels like yesterday,
when God said you have had enough
and that you couldn't stay.

I miss you more than ever...
Your guidance and your love.
But, I know you're still watching
silently from above.

The love you gave still warms me
the way it always will.
But leaving left an empty space
that time can never fill.

From heaven you're still giving
the love you always had.
I know you hear me talk to you.

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What is Gluttony

Gluttony like Greed
Excessive desire of Food or Drink
Part of7 Capital sins or 7 Deadly sins
Jesus Christ requires one to confess

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When At Last I come To You

When at last I come to you
And this life , and it's petty cruelty is through;
When the sky above will open to your touch,
Then,  this cold world  will not matter much.

When all the wagging tongues and sparks and barbs are done,
I shall escape the rising sun.
In lying down I shall arise,
To meet my friends in pleasant skys.

The Master waits and his angels too,
They await me and they await you.
When mocking minds and mocking jests
Have ended we shall be His guests.

Rejected here and cast aside,
He will embrace us , arms open wide; 
So when I sleep my final,  darkest,  night,
I know the Lord will be my  forever,  loving,  light.

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Connecting the Dots Part 1

When you were a young child,
did you ever play "connect the dots"?
And all the while you were doing it,
you'd wonder what it was and what it was not.

Back then it was to satisfy boredom when,
on a rainy day, you needed somethin' to do.
Or maybe you couldn't go out and play with
your friends because the flu had you.

Many believe,including myself, that 
"connect the dots" takes on a new meaning today.
It has a great deal to do with this "snake"
who is bent on leading us astray.

It seems as if he is running out of time,
so he is really focused on the task at hand.
The one thing he wants more than anything else 
is to capture and forever bind the souls of man.

But for those very  souls, God had another plan.
Yes, His only Son gave His very life for us.
And oh the peace and joy that can forever 
be ours if, in Him, we place our trust.

We know for sure that the God of the Bible
is real, just witnessing creation alone.
But not stopping there, the hundreds of prophecies fulfilled
further prove Him out, He so much wants to be known.

Oh yes, one may say "But I can't reach
out and touch Him...... if I dare."
And I say "True,but neither can you
touch the wind, but you know it's there."

And it is this living Creator God that
tells us in His Word that He has a time table.
When the world, as we know it, will cease
to exist and He is the only one able

To determine exactly when that will be.
But He gave us glimpses into the future for all to see.
For He wants none to be banished to hell.....
instead to be ready as He climaxes history.

One thing that He mentions in His love letter is
that His beloved Israel would again become a nation.
And that in our final years here,the Jews,
to this original home,would complete a vast migration.

So as we "connect the dots," we find that 
indeed Israel did become a nation in 1948.
And ever since that time, God's chosen ones did
return there and they endear themselves to that date.

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Twelve Apostles

Greek apostolos = someone sent, messenger
The names of the twelve apostles are these
First Simon, who is called Peter [Roman Catholic’s 1st pope] and 
Andrew his brother
James the son of Zebedee 
John his brother
Matthew the tax collector
James the son of Alphaeus 
[Judas [Jude]] Thaddeus
Simon the Cananaean and
Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him
Mt 10 2-4


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People ask me where I'm from,
But really, it's a hard thing to say;
To keep it brief, I sometimes state:
"From very far away".

If someone wants to understand
The physical state I'm in,
Then I shall have to tell them all
The places that I've been.

Of course, so much material is hard
To contain in these few short lines,
So what's written here must suffice
For the sake of saving time.

Some might not settle for this, however,
So I will give you a clue;
Where I come from, the day never ends
Though it still might end for you.

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What is Pride

Pride is an excessive love
Of our own ability so that would
Rather sinfully disobey
Than humble ourselves

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It must be hard
I just don't know
The choices you've made
Have helped you to grow

You've grown up in love
And in God's word
He's answered your prayers
I'm sure you've heard

Don't ever let others
Make you feel blue or sad
Because, they too, have done things
That are considered "bad"

You are special
God made you just fine
In His eyes alone
In His image you shine

I love you my dear
And our God does too
So, please understand
You can start all anew

So, hold your head high
And walk with pride
For we both know our God
Is always by your side

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There is a book that i call sticks
I read it often
I read it best
I know what it says
It says a whole lot more
It saves, as it's done many times before.

I place it in special places
I keep it by my bed
I keep it by my slider chair
It keeps me company
It's a connection to me Heavenly Father
I know it makes us all a sister or brother.

I know this to be the truth
Many would not believe me
Many would scoff at me
It is my rock and my salvation
My knowledge of Him grows and grows
It's the stickupmyknows.

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Let Us Be Thankful

The winter comes now as I feel the departure
Of warmer weather and leaves of green.
Still, I look forward to the change in weather
As it will give way to a snowy white scene.

Upon the horizon, the sun announces day
And I welcome it, in awe, as beauty and art.
This signifies new life, a beginning for all,
Like Spring, it offers us a new start.

See, daily on this earth, one of God’s gifts to us,
Changes occur and always occur for the good.
Let us welcome them and embrace them, whole heartedly
And love them, as we know we really should.

Let us be thankful for the natural beauty,
The earth’s wonders and changes are its treasures.
Let us each look into the sky this evening
and realize, as people, we are allowed these pleasures.

Let us be thankful to the Lord, our God.
If your god be different, still give thanks and praise.
Let us be thankful for having each other
And for the world’s beauty of nights and days.

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The Holy Cross Church with its neo-Gothic facade was too beauteous and too rare,
so clustered among the aristocratic neat palaces,
choked by the shadows of less ancient buildings;
I often looked up to glance at its tall bell-tower with a chill in my curly hair!

When I was the altar boy, I had to climb a thousand steep steps 
to pull the rough cord and make that brass bell merrily ring,
and it relentlessly tolled far into the fertile valley kissed by spring,
and its resonant strokes summoned all to Vespers at six!!

By all means I should have wisely chosen the priesthood... 
wine and bread I placed on a silver plate to be offered
before the altar, where the invisible eye of God watched me;
I worshiped Him and He blessed me for my sincerity!   

The Holy Cross Church still stands there and its steps invoke my footsteps,
the gentle footsteps of a fine boy who turned his faith into a fervent creed;
and even if sunshine never hit my cold face slanting upward like a shield...
through the glass-stained windows it dazzled to restore the presence of grace! 

How I would like to hear that huge organ play the lovely," Ave Maria"  by Mozart,
making the gathered faithful cry and moved by its inspiring sound I contemplated an art ,
which revered and honored God in His exuberantly expressed by Man's spirit!
No other place, more beautiful than this, can make me forget the awe and joy that I felt!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Poem: Spiritual Upgrade

Something great is happening for me,
regardless of the situations I see;
my Lord is working behind the scene
and I have been spiritually weaned.

Walking by faith and not by sight,
insures that I sleep well at night.
Happily I enter daily into His rest,
knowing that I’m divinely blessed.

I’m often filled with peace and joy,
when sacred Scriptures are employed;
with a heart of a believer’s trust,
I overcome the pain of being concussed

in all aspects of my humble existence.
Despite hardship, I’m going the distance.
Elevating faith with a spiritual upgrade,
I pray with confidence- having been swayed

by the absolute Truth of God’s holy Word.
With a poetic voice, my soul is spurred
to write Christian verses unto my Lord,
as His strength, from my spirit is poured. 


Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Mark 9:23; Acts 16:31; Jam 2:23;
Rom 15:13; Heb 4:3; John 11:40

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2014, All rights reserved.


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Wish Box

I got some wood, carefully selected
Hinges too, as bright as can be
Bought a lock, so just to protect it
Built then a box, meant just for me

Upon the top, beautifully engraved
I wrote my name in legible script
I placed in it, all thoughts enslaved
And everything else that I saw fit

When I am then to have it opened
One may expect diamonds and jewels
But treasures exist in the heart of men
That make other men just look like fools

For in my box I placed my visions
There, too, I’ve placed all of my dreams
In fact, within, are all my provisions
With wants, desires and all of my schemes

My wish box, yes, appropriately called
Exists for me and for me alone
To make this, I can teach you all
Then you can have one to call your own

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Why did Christ lived that long on earth

Christ lived for about 33 yrs to show us the way to
Heaven by
His Teachings and


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Confessions of a Teenage Catholic

You hate my purple hair
You hate the way I dress
You hate the ones I call upon
When I am in distress

They hate my righteous attitude
They hate the way I drive
They hate the lies I tell them
In order to survive

You hate my independence
You hate the way I sing
You hate my strange addictions
And the consequence they bring

He hates my hidden heartstrings
He hates our time apart
He hates the distance in my eyes
When it’s not what’s in my heart

I hate myself with you
I hate myself with him
I hate myself for being here
Confused in wretched sin

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We are too far from our praying
when we should seek out his face.
We are too long, deep in mourning
when the heart should feel God's grace.

We are too long keeping silent
when the voice inside says, 'why?'
We are too long sitting dormant
when the body cries out, 'try.'

We are too soon apt to follow 
when we should go forth and lead.
We too often say, 'tomorrow,'
when it's now that people need.

We are too soon prone to argue 
when to whisper winds the day.
We are too slow to the rescue
when a child is in the fray.

We are too soon shedding tears
when each prayer is answered, friend.
We are too long slaves to fears 
when the soul is quick to mend.

We too often think of having,
and forget where need is great.
We too often hear those hurting,
and should be there to relate.

We are too slow being contrite
when our knees is where we pray.
We too often beg to see light
when God's here to lead our way.

We often act so selfish
when we need to do what's right.
When we learn what's best to cherish
we will always stand upright.


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What is Envy

Envy is feeling sorrow at another’s good fortune and
Joy at the evil which befalls him/her as if
We ourselves were injured by the good and
Benefited by the evil that comes to him/her


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When at the cross
I humbly bow
Pouring out my
My anxious pleas

Then I arise
And walk away
Sometimes become
Overwhelmed by

Cares of the day
Then I stop and
Picture being
Held on Jeus' knee

Softly he speaks
And calls my name
Sara, Sara don't
Be anxious again

Sit  quietly
Sup a while rest
Softly he says
My precious child

As I relax
In his strong arms
I know that he'll
Keep me safe


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           As autumn bids the land farewell
           And winter's visit starts
           An air of pure enchantment 
           Stirs something in our hearts

           The sleeping earth is covered in white
           As the snow falls gently down
           A sight to behold as the sun comes up
           The trees adorned in ermine gowns

           The roofs of houses wear snowy crowns
           On the hills children shriek with delight
           The odor of hickory hangs in the air
           Hinting of a fireplace warm and bright

           Yards are dotted with snowmen
           Each with a jolly bright face
           Jack Frost drapes the windowpanes
           With a shawl of silvery lace

           Footprints dot the landscape
           And in the wintry chill
           A majestic stag stands regally
           A king upon the hill

          Winter is a masterpiece
          Designed for all to see
          A living showcase arranged by God
         To be enjoyed by you and me

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Ode to Tammy Faye

Her name is Tammy Faye

She was once married to Jim.

They built a successful ministry

Till trusted friends did them in.

They spread the word, of the Lord

They ministered to those in need.

They lifted the spirts of millions

They spread the gospel seed.

Her personality, vivacious

Her talent sings to your heart.

Her style, somewhat audacious

That's what sets her apart.

My God have mercy on her contemporaries

They're liars, phonies and cheats.

May God bless Tammy Faye

She's genuine and sweet.

Thank you Tammy Faye

From all whom you have served.

May Gods love bring the healing

You so richly deserve.

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Save Me, Grant Me

Save me from the depths of Hell
I pray, there, not to go
Grant redemption, oh please, sweet Lord
Let your forgiveness flow.
I say to Thee, with much sincerity,
I’m sorry, T’is You I yearn
Save me from the depths of Hell
Don’t let my soul, there, burn.

Grant me access to your home
Let my faith please be your key
Please unlock and open the door
Let Heaven open up to me.
I say to Thee, with much sincerity,
I love you, Lord, oh yes I do
Grant me access to your home
For all my faith is there in You.

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What are the effects of Venial sin

The effects of venial sin are 
Lessening of the love of God on our heart
The making us less worthy of His help
And weakening of the power to resist mortal sin

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Called While You Sleep

Heaven’s Gate entreats me passage, letting me enter unto the road.
Should I be here? That’s what I’m asking, as I let free my burdening load.

Heaven’s Gate, the place of my longing. Though, I may feel that I don’t belong.
Like at the home of my childhood sweetheart; here, is a place that is guarded 
and strong.

Working my way up to advance now. Trying my best to go on and get in;
learning that all of my past wants and desires were surely not good and surely a 

But, I have prepared for this very moment; repented and fought for this very right.
So, a kiss I give to you now my darling, for I must go on, I bid you good night.

I know you lay still in your motionless slumber, dreaming of this is your 
worsening fears.
As I lay next to you, now, I am called on. So, thank you, again, for all of those 

You’ll wake in the morn to see I’ve departed. No more, to bear burden of all of my 
I know that in time you will find the closure, for even you know we do as He wills.

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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Walk Straight or Away

Meandering close to the brink of insanity
I wandered one foot to the left on this day
Stumbling, I reached for anything, but nothing
As I sank into insanity and all thoughts ran away

Terrific light, so bright, it appeared before me
Making sense of the nonsense that served to destroy
Like a rope thrown before me, I went to the brightness
Climbing and focusing with every ounce of strength to employ

Hands to the top, I was able to pull myself up
Then standing on that brink, I then quickly ran away
Never to look back to that place where darkness thrived
I learned an important lesson, oh yes I did, upon that day

Never walk too close to your edges in life
Allow yourself room to always get so far away
It is never good for you to tempt fate or even dare it
But rather focus on the truth of yourself and the light of day
For the light will guide you always, in the very best way

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Keep Trying

Water washes over me
pushing me further down.
I keep trying to stay afloat
afraid one day I'll drown.

Someday life will get easier
for us, I'm sure it will.
Just now it feels like we are pushing
dead weight up dead-man's hill.

I love to know we're in it
together till the end.
No matter how much stress we have
We'll always be best friends.

My partner, lover, but mostly friend.
You are my everything.
When I am tired and can't stand up
that's when you whisper in my ear...

Thank you for your strength.

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A Rock Displaced

The sins of man had brought Him here
To carry weight we should have bore
Upon His shoulders He carried all
For all of us, for love and more

At birth, His destiny was already cast
He was to travel, on fated road
To save us all, brothers and sisters
He carried heavily our load

Upon the end of carrying our cross
He met His death with prayer and love
He did not run, nor dare to fight
With thoughts of God, His father above.

Upon His death, in a tomb He lay
Placed gently by His mother and others
With prayer for Him, hoping too
He’d return for His sisters and brothers

In the early morn, a discovered sight
The rock at the cave was displaced
By the hand of God, all soon learned
That the fate of man had been graced

He rose! He rose! The savior came
Though some still had their own doubts
Some fingers placed inside His wounds
And ascending, drew their fear right out

He is the rock of man, the foundation
He is that which we build the church upon
He came and because of His rising
We are graced upon death, by God’s son.

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Heart of my sky

The sun
My hope
My faith
The sun

It warms my face
Rids of the cold
It brings good
Forbids evil

Shining so bright
Up high above my head
Showing me my life path

The rays beating down
In a friendly way
Cradling us all
It's children

A lesson
It teaches us
To never stop shining
In the darkest hours of life

Never ever stop fighting
If what you are,
Is worth it

The sun
The heart of the sky
The heart of all hope
The sun

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Fetal footprints
Wading in watery wombs
Cocoons of creation
Kicking at life’s tomb
Expecting doctors
Reaching for tiny feet
Reading faint signs
Of hallowed heartbeats
Living lovers
Praying for the same
Paying for a procedure
To erase their baby’s name

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If Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses and King David prayed to Jehovah,
why is it that His name is no longer invoked?
The Old Testament name has  been erased
from everybody's mind...and we still sing," Hallelujah! "  

God's name cannot be's a sacrilege, a violation of Jehovah's law!
How many times, in my anguish I have called on His holy name!
He wants us to use it and not be afraid of saying it aloud without shame;
so that the wicked, the wretched and the faithless will not curse it anymore!  

Here on earth, many declare to believe in one God,
who through the Prophets gave us a Holy Book to live by;
instead they make their own interpretations and shamelessly lie...
no wonder they have lost every blessing and can't see beyond!

O Jehovah, eternal and just, I declare you my God as all Prophets did,
sacred is Your name, and I proclaim it without fear; and let every hypocrite 
hear it in their cathedrals and synogoges! Oh, how they'll manifest their wrath,
because they are the modern, self-righteous Pharisees who will condemn me to death!   

God's name cannot be changed, it was spoken by humble David,
the shepherd who faithfully served a God of honor and integrity;
God's name cannot be changed to suit human's foolishness and vanity...
a name so magnificently set in stone must be called upon and be praised!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Angelic Reminder

Every time I looked to Heaven 
This is what I’d see
The pearly gates there opened
Calling out to me

I’d stop to pause a moment
As I’d try to recollect
The life that lay behind me
My path so indirect

I somehow made it this far
Now will they let me in
Did I remember to ask the Lord
To forgive me of my sins

I stand before the gate so wide
Yet narrow is the path
I fear that I have not done right 
And now must face God’s wrath

Maybe He’ll show mercy
Perhaps He will be kind
I know I could have done better
If I'd been given more time

It’s now too late to ask Him
It’s much too late to pray
I should have done it sooner
That’s the biggest mistake I made

He doesn’t seem too angry
As I kneel down and say
I’m sorry please forgive me 
On this my Judgment Day

He looked just inside his book
And said with a grin
“Blessed is the child of faith and love
My child, please come in”

So this is my reminder
From heaven up above
Find it in yourself today
Show forgiveness, faith, and love 

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Answer the Call

It rang and rang
I tried to hide
And cower away in a corner
I ran away or at least I tried

It rang through my head
Over again and again
So reluctantly I picked up
"Where have you been?"

There was no lying so I told Him the truth
And simply, He calmly replied
"I need to you spread a message..."
"...To anyone who know's one that has died"

I knew I couldn't avoid it
I don't know if I am sane
But I did what I was told
Because with Him there is no shame

When He called on me
I ran to hide
When He calls on you

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When angels sing
Love begets love
In fluttering hearts
Of soaring white doves
Praying over predation
Tarrying above indolent blues
Serenity rains calm
In the cumulus of heliocentric views
Harrowed by hate
Beseeched by a crimson dawn
Hope sways on an olive branch
Dangling over civilization’s lawn

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Sad is the heart so full of care
Of tomorrow's what will,will be,
Upon his sleeve,all life does wear,
                    For all to see

Cast down,choking with eyes that blear
No words can comfort or make free,
Thought frozen in yesterday's fear,
                   That none can see.  

inspired by Mt 6:25-34

A 'pope' is a quatrain form of 3 lines of 8 syllables and 1 line of 4 (offset)with a rhyming 
scheme of a,b,a.b and is labelled such after the English poet,Alexander Pope(1688-1744) 
His poem Solitude ( see link on my blog today to read Pope' poem) in which he imitates 
Abraham Crawley and for which he was indebted to Horace is the inspiration for this form.
My version can be a single quatrain or double or a sequence of stanzas as in Pope's example.

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My Reason to Kneel

My eyes opened at sunset to witness the dawn
God opened the curtains to show me the day
The nature provided, highlighted by the sun
Told me to be grateful as I knelt down to pray

I went to bed praying that if I should rise
Let the sun on my brow, be the day’s start
For when I awakened, to my surprise
T’is not on my brow, but was there in my heart

God gave me a gift of scents and of scenes
He allowed me the joy of greeting the new day
So now I have learned what love really means
So each morning I rise, I will kneel down and pray

I will give thanks to the One who gave us the gifts
I will give thanks that He allowed me more time
I will give reverence to the power that forever lives
As the power is yielded when He makes the day mine

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Through these verses I divulge my poetical expressions
to ignore criticism and not hoot while extricating my ideals;
my work is marked by indisputable integrity,
more plausible than a woman's chastity!

Recognition and deserving honor are nice,
but they are the least rewards I seek,
best of the best...who ever was ?
Worst of the worst.. I cannot be!

I fall between these two, lest I fault
and fairly deserve the dungeon... 
the crowds not applauding my effort,
not  proclaiming me a champion!  

My words are soave, sometimes as rigid as hooves of a horse...
reminding all that I am as human as anyone else who bleeds and rejoices, 
but  my creativity is not satiated by inferior knowledge or bizarre notions,
although my glory is never accompanied by real expectations!

Like Homer and Virgil the masters of ancient poetry,
I do praise their work, and recognize their genius shining in their word;
Troy fell and Rome rose to prominence by a bloody sword;
I don't fall by trickery, I stand on my fortress of liberty!

My obligation must be fulfilled by ardous work, I will not depart,
or merely linger on...until this mission is faithfully accomplished, and this voice,
before fading, invokes its last sunset to finally fall silent;
and if readers acclaim me, I have succeeded in my poetical expressions!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Rise Handsomely

Priceless perfection in every direction
to taunt and to tease and to tear up one's eyes
Staunch circumvention beyond clear reflection
which winds up the wheels just a little too tight
Why do we bother to tread on each other 
with tires of metal and spears?
When one good well wisher, a brother, a sister
has the power to speak and to heal?
I'll be your sister, your heart and well wisher
the unjudging eyes which will swallow your pain
For there's no exception, exempt from perfection
wind striving breaks you and saps you in vain
Priceless perfection in every direction
only exists in the underdog's view
and you dear, are brilliant, determined and valiant,
you'll rise handsomely from the life you've been through.

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Keep The Faith

A mother's job is to shelter.
A mother's job is to care.
It's my pleasure to do these things for you,
and enjoy the life we share.

Problems may surround us
and try to keep us down.
But, I will never give up the faith
on the love that we have found.

Our family is precious.
To me, there is no end.
Not only are you my children,
You also are my friends.

I know you will be happy.
I know you'll set your mind
to go after the success in life
only a good person can find.

Don't let them tell you different.
Don't let them break your stride.
Don't let their hatred hurt you. have pride.

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Reaching Eden

There in the garden of our birth
lies truth. Behold the light.
From where we came with granted love
is where began the plight.

As children of the created two,
who ventured then to Nod,
our lives determined at our birth
with days lived out to plod.

To get back to the garden is
the existing goal we seek.
It’s promised to the down trodden,
the humble and the meek.

You won’t inherit it one day
as the birthright, is His grace.
But, if you try to live as planned
then you may reach the place.

Keep Eden in your heart and soul.
Remember, it’s the prize.
Keep goodness there within you, too
You’ll then see Eden through your eyes.

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From the Latin credo = I believe
The first word of the Apostle’s Creed became 
The name of various formulas of the Church’s profession of faith
In which the essential contents of the faith are authoritatively summarized


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His Name's Not Patty!

It always seems to be the same,
that for each and every year
all the people come in droves
just to share in all the cheer.
But, do they really know
of what it really means
on this very holy day
when we celebrate the green?
It’s not about the nationality,
though many think it’s so.
That’s why I’m here to give you facts
that you all need to know.
The man whose day we celebrate
was a man like you and me.
He helped many find the truth
about the Trinity.
Using the shamrock as a guide,
he helped them on their way.
That’s why they’re so many Catholics
in Ireland today.
This man, enslaved by Irish pagans,
was of Welsh descent.
Due to pagan ways and his prayers,
Ireland is where he went.
He tried so hard to make them see
the reality of the Lord.
He prayed for those who refused to see
and those who chose to ignore.
Many say, he chased the snakes
far from Ireland’s shore.
Though, in fact, he converted pagans
to where they’d find the Lord.
So, you see, it’s not important,
if you wear the green.
Don’t sport the color if your not
Irish, by any means.
Instead, just feel the Lords presence,
in each and every way,
but most of all, his name’s not Patty,
it’s Patrick and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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To Ray And Chris

You've waited your whole lifetime
for this moment to arrive
and now that you have become one,
you feel you've come alive.

When love is right, you know it.
You see it in their eyes.
You feel it in the slightest touch.
You hear it in their sighs.

Forever from this moment
you'll never feel alone.
Your best friend will be by your side.
Your house is now a home.

I am so happy for you.
I wish you love and peace.
No matter what God throws your way,
your love will just increase.

I pray your love grows stronger
throughout your new found life.
You finally found your soul mate
and you now call her your wife.

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What if Today was the Day?

The common man worries 
of money, health and fare.
But, to be very honest
there is no compare
to the worries of those 
who everyday pray
for the welfare of others,
not themselves, on that day.

So, ask of yourself,
“Will I be one saved?”
Not worrying for others
shows the road that’s unpaved.
Instead, give unto others,
because that’s the only way
to make it Heaven, if you ask,
“What if Today was the Day?

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Sometimes in anger words are said
Rage prevails, venom flows
The bitterness inside your head
Your heart is cold, your feelings froze

You fight those feelings from inside
It is ripping you apart
You put your common sense aside
With hatred in your heart

You've never known respect at all
In this angry life you live
You built your dreams and watched them fall
Never learning how to give

Reach out for Him and take His hand
Let your heart in His reside
It was for you the cross He manned
It was for you He died

If you have faith, if you believe
Hang on till the hurt has past
You'll find respect and no longer grieve
You'll find peace and love at last.

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My Rock

You are my rock, my savior.
Without you I would die.
I can't imagine life alone.
I couldn't even try.

You make each day worth living
with your jokes and goofy ways.
No matter how messed up life gets,
you're the one who always stays.

I never worry you'll leave me.
I know your not that kind.
I'm sure that I could search the world
but a better man I'd never find.

I thank God for sending you to me.
I hope I am deserving.
I'm letting you read my thoughts of you
and yes, it IS self serving!

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Lifting Zephyr Prayers

Zephyr blown in violet bubbles
holding up the silver sky
filled with soapy wonderings
wishes made by you and I
Lying on the weaving grass
holding bliss in hands
Sending up imaginings
filled with human plans
Hoping they will splash the clouds
Knowing it will rain
to fill our eyes like hazel tins
to mesmerize our minds again
Wishes slick with cinder snaps
on their way back down
Bubbles cannot hold their skin
on thoughts this tightly wound
We will blow the sky away
wrapped in silver bows
and send our wishes in our prayers
eternity to flow.

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

On my trip across the land
I could only marvel at the gifts from God's hand,
He entrusted them to man
This once perfect virgin land.

What I saw made me cry
For Perfection was no longer nigh
The rolling hills of lush green land
Had now been turned into blow sand

And why did man abuse this gift
Because of greed, you get my drift
And just why did man have this need?
Because of Satan and his seed.

One day man will have to pay
As hunger takes the lives away
And God stands at the Gate
To welcome those who lost to fate.

Only when man returns to God
Will this begin to heal the sod
When Satan's day on earth is through
Will the world begin anew?

When will man begin to see
The world as it is today
Can naturally return
To what it was like yesterday

The ice age became a desert  scene
and eventually again it did turn green
Man was not then in nature's plan
Only the Master's Hand

The Knowing who study history
And blame man for the O zone  threat
Forget that eons ago 
There were no men to cause this yet

This piece of land was connected to that
And only split off after a spat
Now I hear the world was never flooded
Only the place where Noah resided

Who can they blame then?
The Dinosaurs for smoking coal
Or the volcanos that blew their smoke
Or the camels and Rhinos in former ice fields?

No, this is no joke
The earth is the earth as in eons past
It decays and rebuilds
As set down by His Will.

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The Crucifix

I have it hanging in my house
To be there to remind
That love was given freely by
He, we should seek and find

Propped so carefully on the wall
I love to see it, I’m so proud
I display it there for all to see
Revere His name out loud.

It isn’t just a token to be seen
Nor an adornment for the room
But a symbol; hope, strength and love
By his rising from the tomb

Let it be said, He gave his love
By his dying, He gave it all
So when you look upon it now
See, it’s your faith upon the wall

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Heavens Care

This poem I scribed with a magic quill
That fell to earth from an Angel's wing.
This feather lost, it is magic still
Yet scar's poems, as sadness it brings.

His Angels cried when this feather fell
As it fell from grace through God's thin air,
In touch of this quill you may well tell
A sadness and loss of Heaven's care.

Heaven surely is a joyful place,
Every soul must be precious there.
One who has fallen from Heaven's grace
Will never again love, feel or care.

If for one feather all Angels cried
Imagine the pain a soul reveals
When it is lost and God be denied
Such anguish of heart all Heaven feels.

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A Reason

It is with awe, I look to the evening sky.
Stars are bright in the infinite heavens,
Illuminating, naturally, the valley below,
Leaving me in awe of nature, its presence.
Stars are bright in the infinite heavens
Hanging lovely above my head this eve
I look to the sky, feeling a presence
Of warmth…of comfort… all to believe.
Illuminating, naturally, the valley below
Seeing out in the distance, a town fast asleep
Shadows obscuring, soft lights set aglow
This moment of serenity, is mine to keep.
Leaving me in awe of nature, its presence
I thank the dear Lord for this wonderful gift.
Sharing the night, just gazing in wonder
Is a reason for being, a reason to live.

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Never despair when a loss hits home and you desperately seek
anyone to embrace, to let the tears decrease the unbearable pain,
which persists until you release it to your powerful faith;
only then the dreadful shadow is suddenly lifted by revelation... 

Death may be the only desire you invoke,
words and hugs that impart sympathy, can increase the yoke;
what is needed is more time to mourn by yourself,
sitting alone, meditating and delving into those forgotten images...

It may be an improper time to squeeze sweetness
out of memories that have turned overwhelmingly 
bitter, but out of a tragedy another miracle happens:
life is valued more and lived more fully and deligently...   

Never despair, or let the tears increase the unbearable pain,
that can make your spirit much weaker and delusive; denying it a desired stride
and that certain confidence to count how many tears you have shed,     
and see each one as a dewdrop absorbed by the warmth of the awakening sunrise...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Keys to the Gates

Temptation invades even the world of the innocent
As we are but human and those tendencies remain
To fight them, resist them, the will to defeat them
Is what we must deal with, we must always abstain

Be ashamed, not of looking, when beauty goes by
After all God created a variety for all to admire
But to act, yes, to act upon, that brings the shame
For consequences severe and situation’s then dire 

Or, being tempted to steal, when goods are in view
If no one to claim them, it still won’t be right
Resist the temptation, do you need them that much
That you’re willing to sacrifice the gift of the light

No! I say stop. Think about what you will do
You must take responsibility for your own fate
Stand and resist, steal not goods or act upon 
For that is our test, for passing through the gates

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The flowers bloom in light of day
After being fed by nighttime skies
The beauty’s offered for mankind
Behold with senses, nose and eyes

The wafting fragrance on a breeze
Set from the source, upon this earth
Supports the feeling that all is good
Celebrating each new day’s rebirth

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Love Will Be Thy Sword

No steed for him, his feet just fine
as he stands with conviction and power.
For he knows his destiny, his job to do,
from evil, he would never cower.
He fights for the right! He fights for the Light,
The One true God, the Lord.
So, Michael approaches the devil himself
with his hand upon his sword.
It is for He and be it His will
that Michael uses his power.
The devil’s fate, his destiny,
is met this final hour.
An angel, himself, Satan he is,
but he just wanted it all
and God being the god He is
sent Michael to make him fall.
Be cast down from heaven oh, ungrateful one!
Be cast down to live out your days!
God has granted the power you sought,
but gave it in other ways.
Live out your life in darkness with fire.
Be cursed, to Hell below!
Seek out your victims, or subjects you say
from the seeds that you will sow.
Evil, now upon knowing defeat
was forced to leave the clouds.
Michael, left standing upon his feet
was tall and strong and proud.
He fought off the evil that came to fight.
He fought for the grace of his Lord.
He fought for the good and all that is right
with pride, honor and sword.

So, even today, as we go into battle
ready to fight for the Lord,
remember always, your heart is your shield
and love will be thy sword!

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While the moon shines bright o’er the Sphinx
In a land of sand so far
A pharaoh holds his dying son 
While praying to a star

He challenged the word presented him
His feelings never bent
Upon him then a curse was placed
As death to the son was sent

The first born child was marked with death
As a result of his father’s denial
Had the pharaoh heeded the word
No death would be on the Nile

But, alas, he hadn’t, many had died
As a result of his own ignorance
Lives could have been spared, had he listened
And bowed to His magnificence

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Angels work

They love high places angels do
For they have no fear of falling.
From heaven high they perch anew
Singing hymns the angels are calling.

From loftily perches they see much beauty
Man's bald head and crusty souls.
I am sure they enjoy their heavenly duty
In Gods creation -the world in whole.

When angels fly from their heavenly seat
They buzz around man's business.
The very young they are charged to keep
From the devil's clutch and sickness.

So it's from heaven that angels descend
Winds of fate they help to steer.
Watching over God's sweet children
And so angels calm our childlike fear.

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Pray for Others

We think about ourselves these days
The worries, the times, the pain endured
But remember, friends, there are so many
That can be worse off and troubled more
Let’s pray for them and not ourselves
Or rather, if ourselves, then just for strength
For I would rather do for another
And I would go to any length

So many people suffer hard
They deal with problems, they can’t face
Let’s pray away their concerns and fears
Giving them something they can embrace
Like a hand, a heart, a smile, a friend
Anything at all to make their day
Remember others, today and always
And pray their struggles soon go away

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Traveler in the Snow

White is the snow,
When winter comes,
As I look, I know,
My face, it numbs.

As I walk through the white,
And it wraps me like a ring.
How I long for the sight,
Of the beautiful spring.

My brain swims around,
And my hands feel numb,
I can’t make a sound,
So Heaven, here I come.

Then all of a sudden,
When my throat gets tight,
My body has deadened,
And there’s a beautiful light.

No more agony,
And no more pain,
In Heaven I am happy,
With Jesus again!

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Vulnerable eyes
Immersed in crystal blue sky
A reflection of purity
That makes virgin snow sigh

Cherry lips 
Swollen by love’s endless kiss
An indelible red
Bled by heaven’s undying gift

Naked flesh
Freed at nature’s behest
A garden of fertility
Nurturing blooming breasts

An angel
Born of dawn’s early light
A soul of serenity
Piercing the seduction of sight

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Porcelain Angel

 If love were an angel of porcelain
Careful would we be then.
Her silken wings so fragile
Would never touch harsh wind.

If love were a glazed, glass sculpture
From high, we would not let her fall,
Tip and strike the ground to rupture
Shattering into fragments small.

If love were a cut glass angel
Her protectors we would be,
Not touched by friend or stranger
Or flecked by other's greed.

If a porcelain angel love were
A painted tear upon her cheek,
Her wings the shape of doves,
So fragile, though not weak.

For if we let her tumble
Carelessly chip or cleave,
If in love we should ever stumble
We'll be afforded no reprieve.

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She carried you with anxiety into her heavy womb,
and listened that gentle heartbeat...
much quiter than a drum's beat;
alone to hear your baby's voice in the silent room!

Love and sacrifice that's what the word, " Mother " means
to any small heart which is fully loved, but still weak; 
and her warm hands never tiring of cuddling and touching...
will, indeed, protect you from many harms coming!

And didn't her ever-sweet eyes move away from your cosy crib,
to tend to those infant's needs with life-giving milk?
and before her lullaby ended, you rushed to sleep...
being watched over by the love' angel to weave your first dream!

Little darling, with eyes reflecting the color she herself owns,
how excited she gets when you stare at her and wiggle your toes!
Little darling, struggling to say the words , " I love you, mommy! "
your expression is enough to make her proud and happy!

Love and sacrifice are sacred words that outweight the cost,   
and devotion and dedication are the bonds she can't break;
adorable one, she'll guide you down your dark path
with the wisdom's light, so that you may never be lost!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew crisci

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Declaration of Faith

When our forefathers came and settled this land
with dreams and aspirations,
a declaration of faith, in their fellow man,
was devised to serve the nation.

Men, with dreams, they stepped up and fought for cause
to make the country better.
They banded together and stood strong, under God,
and eventually signed the Letter.

On parchment, was written, in ink, red with blood,
all starting, with one sentence.
For freedom attained, through death and for love,
of the country’s independence.

Significant battles had measured the length they would go
to just be able to be free.
Believing, under God, for good and through faith
they’d get their liberty.

Today, when all speak of the love of their nation
and choose to fight for good,
take God with you, as He was there at this country’s birth,
make Him a part, as we should.

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In Good Company

Upon the highest mountain top
Within the deepest sea
Next to the apple that just dropped
The Lord remains with thee
Despite the solitary view possessed
And the day’s unbearable fee
He comes to share in your duress
Although you cannot see

Just let your heart know that He’s there
Accept that true; it’s gold
For He’s with you, He’s everywhere
You’re forever in His hold
So, when you feel you can’t go on
That the day’s given you the knee
Head up, dear friend, you’re not alone
The Lord remains with thee

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Sunday's Sermon

To use one’s hand to touch a heart
Is to caress one’s inner being
To let them know that you are there
That kindness is never fleeing.

To sing a song, deaf ears can hear
To prepare the food for others to taste
To provide them warmth on bitter days
To allow, not time to waste.

To do these things, not seek reward
Your reward’s found in the giving
Waste not your time and grieve a loss
But focus on the living

It’s now that we all need your touch
Of our lives, please be a part
Reach out your hands to one another
And learn to touch a heart.

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Upon the falling leaf
There exists a little ant
Falling slowly to the earth
Held within His hand

Out, in a darkened jungle
From a leopard, lemur got away
Helped up to a higher branch
To live at least another day

Somewhere, in a desert
A prairie dog and a snake
The dog had escaped the danger
No life, for serpent to take

Think for just a moment
As to how they got away
There must be someone watching
And helping them on their way.

In life, there is a presence,
Though at times, remains unseen
Isn’t it nice when this presence
Sometimes intervenes?

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The Beauty of Love

Luminescent 'scape of setting sun
as ocean waves traverse the sea
and upon the view, in flying grace,
the hand of God, it comes for me.
Upon the breeze, a soft caress,
I am lifted to a height unknown.
A smell of salt and sweet perfume
assures me I am not alone.
She gazes now with bewildered look,
"Is all this soon to disappear?"
I tremble on and in response
I say just as she wishes to hear.
"Be it not gone when we arise,
my love for you forever grows.
For this beauty of love is ours to own
and like the ocean; forever flows."
Now, the sun has set; the day complete.
She and I lay in warm embrace.
Our eyes now close with silent prayers
to dream, yet see the other's face.

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Learn from Him

Cast not the first stone
Judge not, the others
Listen! Stop and learn
We must, my sisters and brothers.
Embrace with heart and arms.
Welcome them with your gaze.
Offer them, His gift to you.
Teach them of He you praise.
Seek not, evil temptations;
Those, so easy to succumb to.
But, resist and offer to others
The lessons He gave to you.
He, though living, was divine;
A solemn inspiration.
If only eyes would turn to Him
To save all the fighting nations.

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My Parting

 A vision came to me as in a dream.
For me the sun would set and rise no more.
Gone all my admirations and esteem.
My spirit fell and sunk into its core.

No sun, no warmth, no inner-peace. Ah no!
Within a constant solitude and yet,
Calm of morning an eastward wind had stole.
My scream fell on no ear –I had no breath.

My soul had sought not sun, or moon or star.
My body laid the length of all the earth.
A sadness fell away! -Away and far.
No Heaven, no Hell I found to be the worth.

No comfort stroke within this final void.
What whispers earth unvoiced and not to scream.
Life be forgotten nothing verve enjoyed,
This vision came to me as in a dream.

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Speak To Me

My sculptor diligently crafted me
For I am a recipient of his
Love, shining bright for all to see
And has given me a choice to kiss

That I shall take to seek my course
Though, the truth was planted in me
But my youth was brutally forced
To embrace things I should not be

Doing so, I conceded out of fear 
To the burning stone of promises
Ruined myself for I didn’t hear 
The final warning of the voices

Its fake brightness crippled endeavour
Moaning in solitude for I lost the trust
‘Cos I did not hold firm to the fervour
In vain, my life I unwillingly entrust

Now, I’m seeking his loving-kindness
Calling only in his name again and again
Let not impatience once more repress....
Begging him to recreate me, to ease the pain 


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Rock Displaced

The sins of man had brought Him here
To carry weight we should have bared
Upon His shoulders He bore it all
For all of us, a love He shared

At birth, His destiny was already cast
He was to travel, fated on His road
To save us all, brothers and sisters
He carried heavily our load

Upon the end of carrying our cross
He met death with prayer and love
He didn’t run, nor dare to fight
With thoughts of God above.

Upon His death, in a tomb He lay
Placed by His mother and others
With prayer for Him, knowing too
He’d return for His sisters and brothers

In the early morn, a discovered sight
The rock at the cave was displaced
By the hand of God, all soon learned
That the fate of man had been graced

He rose! He rose! The savior came
Though some still had their own doubts
Fingers placed inside His wounds
And ascending drew their fear right out

He is the rock of man, the foundation
He is that which we build the church upon
He came and because of His rising
We are graced upon death, by God’s son.

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My Daughter's Nightmare

She came to me with watery eyes,
Screaming of some bad dreams, she had.
My question, I asked of my little girl
Was, “Why are you crying? Why are you sad?”

She told me she thought of us leaving,
My wife and I, from her world and sight.
She cried hysterically at thoughts of our passing,
That all I could do was comfort, hold her tight.

This poor little girl had a sense of reality,
Though, luckily death hasn’t happened as of yet.
I reassured her we’re not going any time soon
And if life were a gamble, I’d place a bet.

She looked at me through her red-teared eyes,
Smiled briefly, as she questioned life with God above.
I realized my ten year old was growing so fast
And at this moment was sharing all of her love.

I told her that we would again, one day be together
Provided we live well and always do our best.
She said, “Daddy, I think I understand it all now.
We have to work together in life. That is our test.”

She showed me age doesn’t give wisdom, love does.
She let me know of her true unwavering love.
She taught her father a thing or two, this night,
About life and death, both, being gifts from above.

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I am Reminded

The sun rises majestically this clear morning
Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound.

Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The little squirrel scurries. The dog barks a tune.
The morning dew; wet and glistening droplets,
Has fallen upon the earth, from as far as the moon.

The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
You can almost hear the alarm clock of the sun
Greeting early risers and all who wish to partake
As the day is as much mine as for everyone.

A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound
On this fine day as I stare with complete awe.
I am reminded of hope, of grace and, yes, of beauty
I am reminded, the earth was created without flaw.

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Miracle Mending

In the air these miracles swirling, 
Swinging down to hold her, twirling
Dancing in disparity,
tears filling oceans to cope,  
Another day to keep on living 
in the arms of divine given hope...

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Cast out of the garden
The lovers with shame
To never return
To not be the same
Unto their children
The weight of the two
The original sinners
On an apple did chew
Oh, though it symbolic
Of each other did taste
They knew of their sin
To no more feel chaste
So, out of the garden
The two sent to Nod
God gave them a chance
By sparing the rod.
Instead of controlling
He imparted free will
Which lasted through time
And is in us all, still.
Because of their sins
God to Moses gave rules
Some of us follow
Some of us are fools.
He also did more
By sending His son
Not just for a few
But for everyone.
Still, there are the many
Who choose not to be part
Of the love He has given
And implants in our hearts.
So, after His son
More chances He gave
He sent even others
With intentions to save.
Still, there are the many
Who turn all their backs
Now, that is a mortal sin
And salvation, they’ll lack.
He has given us all
So many times and ways
Directions to Heaven
But who really obeys?
You’ll still have your chances
To acquire keys to the Gates
But take them all now,
There’s no reason to wait.

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God's Seeds

The earth is now tilled
I pulled out the weeds
I then made some holes
Then threw in some seed

I looked to the sky
Then prayed for some rain
So flowers will grow
For beauty, to gain

The heavens had opened
Dark clouds all around
I ran for some shelter
The rain hit the ground

Much to my surprise
The flowers then grew
Miracles happen
I believe, do you?

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Sweet Morning's Kiss

As my face was caressed by the gentle morning breeze
The warmth of the sun kissed my very brow
The scent of flowers, fragrance brought me to my knees
As a smile upon my face greeted the here and now

That moment was greater than any other ever wished
It was splendor, a true gift of the morning’s world
It was as if I awakened as the morning gave me a kiss
Letting me know of the sunny day to unfurl

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Gift Given

Flying on a cloud of white
A vision, there beheld
An angel greeting me in song
With love to fill a well

She comes to me to spread the news
That love is permanent
A gift bestowed from God Himself
This message He had sent

Where, through the angel, thoughts expressed
A messenger of love
I saw the gift from God Himself

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The Eternal Pact

He will reveal all the answers in due time.
The life we lead should mirror that of His.
We will come to know Him, only through Him.
Walk His path and remember all of this.

The life we lead should mirror that of His.
For, His life of torment guides us to the gates.
Follow Him and suffer too, but pray
and know for you, therefore, Heaven waits.

We will come to know Him, only through Him.
So keep your faith when all seems bleak.
He will guide you! Look before you!
He provides all of which you seek.

Walk His path and remember all of this,
living for yourself is a selfish act.
Give of yourself, sacrifice and maybe suffer
to make with Him, the eternal pact.

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Each day the news, it gives no hope,
Providing useless information.
But is it needed? Who really cares?
What is the fascination?
In fact, the media promotes the bad
Making news of immoral acts
As if it’s good, as if it’s right
They’re not even reporting the facts.
Here, in a picture, are Ang and Brad
Two people just like you and me
Their lives promoted by the media,
Not mentioning wedlock, just a family.
I guess, I mean, what’s wrong with this?
We buy the papers and watch TV.
We are supporting the downfall of man
The progression of immorality.
I know that what’s right for one, yadda yadda
May not be right for another.
But, people wake up and see the truth,
Ask, “what’s right for the Father?”
This country alone was based on His rules.
The lives that we share were, too,
The next time you see a story like this,
What is it that you will do?

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To Be A Fairy

If only I were a fairy, 
then I could just fly away, 
and escape this toxic abyss 
that I’m faced with every day. 
With wings to guide me, 
and a magic wand to cure, 
In my world of fantasy 
there's no pain I can not endure. 
If only I were a fairy 
I could make my life all my own, 
With a bed of flowers and some pixie dust, 
Friends, adventure, mystery... never alone. 
To frolic through the forests, 
and sing out loud with glee 
A chance to go back to being 
a small child, entirely free. 
To be amongst the fairies 
All you've gotta do is believe, 
Rest your eyes and begin to dream, 
Imagine the wonders you can achieve!

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The Call

While walking and thinking of the day to come
I wandered to unrecognized parts.
My mind then drifted, controlled by my fears
While trembling was felt in my heart.
I noticed a person I recognized,
Or rather, I felt that I knew.
A comfort, he gave when he gazed my way.
My fears, suddenly became just few. 
I noticed a building, a steeple, a bell,
The doorway; immense and pristene.
The feeling I got as I went toward the door
was comfort in faith; the unseen.
The man, he greeted me as he did the others,
by name with salutations for all.
Though not knowing him prior, I realized 
just then, from whom I heard the call.

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How Could You?

How could You find something good in me
How could You be so loving and so kind
How could You be so patient and so gentle
Seeing things so hard to find

How could You care for a man like me
Seeing all the things I have done
How could You smile on me and say
It's all right, I forgive you, My son

I prayed when I needed help in my life
When things went well I had nothing to say
You stood by me in my hour of darkness
You never considered walking away

Life's a journey of errors and triumphs
Before you walk you have to crawl
I made more errors than I care to count
But You were with me through it all.

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Your Heart's Door

Why don’t you tell,
How God sent His love,
How a happier trail,
Was sent from above.

Give God the Glory,
For what you should do,
Tell people your story,
Of how He saved you.

That Mansion so bright,
Is made for a few,
For someone of light,
Is that someone you?

If Jesus has saved,
That lost soul of yours,
Then He has engraved,
A heart full of doors.

I hope you will open,
Your heart's door to God,
While others are moping,
In this world abroad.

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The Light

When tomorrow comes for me, I will be ready,
Awaiting my turn for promised eternal days.
I am strong in mind and body, strong in virtue.
For He will come to me to show and lead the way.

Awaiting my turn for promised eternal days,
I have always kept true my love for Him, my God.
Never have I spurned nor turned my back upon Him.
Soul is His decision, my body in the sod.

I am strong in mind and body, strong in virtue.
Though, I know tomorrow can even come today.
So, always am I hopeful and ever praying
He sees my love and that I never went astray.

For He will come to me to show and lead the way
And when I am lost in darkness He’s always there.
The true light He guides us by will never falter.
The very love, through His light, remains beyond compare.

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Birth, Life and Death

 As I was born to pain and grief
To suffer from that moment on
To live my life for self and greed
To spit upon the Savior's throne.

Long past being a foolish boy
That felt love of a happy home
Played, danced and laughed with youthful joy
To leave it all when I was grown.

To build myself into a god
In blinded eyes of only me
I watched it crash into the sod
But only lost my misery.

Into my soul my Master reached
He washed away voracity.
Of His sweet mercy I have preached
His love beyond capacity.

With praise His hour will come to me,
Man cannot lift this gift away.
Only His mercy can this be
To speed me home and there to stay.

Before my eyes, soon I will see
To sit, to wrench my hands and wait.
The beauty of a far off sea
A vision of a pearly gate.

Angels around it perch and sing
Their hymns to Him who heals on high
And as their voices pleasure brings
This is my vision -as I die.

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We're A Part

Sun peeks through green filled trees
Blue birds chirping their happy tune
Morning glory scent, captured on a breeze
Days like this, show beauty, true

One with nature, breathing springtime air
Enjoying God’s creations, amazing view
Bowed in reverence, with a heartfelt prayer
To take it all in, while standing with you

I see the nature, the gifts from above
The beauty of the earth, offered each day
I feel the presence and can feel the love
We’re one with nature, forever to stay

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He Speaks

He speaks through tongues, some would say
He spreads His word through many vessels
We are His people, His chosen lot
Into His bosom, we are to nestle

The embrace He gives when we are close
Is of love, encouragement, joy and hope
He provides for all, daily sustenance
Therefore, through it all, we can cope.

Each day and night, I see the proof
He discloses in many, many ways
By a neighbor waving hello one morn
Or even a stranger smiling each day.

The man on the corner who stopped to say hi
The child that offered to go to the store
They are all examples of His speaking to us
He speaks through us all, for sure.

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Food for Thought

The grace of day is dead
The crest of night is through
I with prayers said
Believe His truth is true.

My head too pillow finds
Renewal of restful sleep
Awake with clearer mind
And to His truth, I keep.

When the fancy fit my ear
His book of power I read
And never fear of salty tear
Upon His truth, I feed.

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John 4:18

John 4:18
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do 
with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love

Love freely, be happy
Fear not the true love
For giving of it freely
Is a gift from above

He made us in His image
So, try to be pure
Love happy, love longer
Fear not anymore

If you are fearing
Of the person, for whom you feel
Love’s not on the horizon
Least not one that’s real

So cast out the feelings
Of the doubt and of dread
Love freely, be happy
Do as I’ve said

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Another World

In the world of the blind, all would look the same
No physical imperfections, or skin color, just name
People wouldn’t be judged on the way they appear
In the world of the blind, we’d only feel and hear

In the world of the deaf, no bad words abound
No curses, no comments, no, not ever a sound
If one was to utter the harshest, let’s say
In the world of the deaf, we’d just walk away

In the world of the mute, not a bad word expressed
No anger, no hatred, the world would be blessed.
No stupid thoughts or evil would ever come through
In the world of the mute, only loving we’d do

Many people think these things are just afflictions
But in all of these worlds, no needs for inflictions
For peace and for calm would almost always exist
In the world of these people, are senses really missed?

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The Bridge

The bridge to paradise is close and wide
It remains a choice if you wish to traverse it
But never, no never, say it was never there
For then, you just succeed to curse it

It has been before us, seen in the rain
The sun has shone upon it many days too
If you wish to see it, then open your eyes
It will naturally then fall into view

Take then your steps, shuffle if you will
Move forward to the bridge, it’s a must
Keys to your happiness lay on the other side
So step onto the bridge and have trust

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Faith is Fact

The smarter man gets, the more arrogance grows
As they try to prove faith as wrong
They lose sight of values, they diminish their views
Growing weaker the faith, once strong

Oh, arrogant fools, to have questioned at all
That which must surely be true
They’re just creating data, their own results
With nothing else better to do

They’ve created self importance, measuring worth
Of their words and all their thoughts
Forgetting then, the most important of all things
The faith, as children, they were taught

I pray they return safely to their senses one day
And see that which they must feel
That faith in the Lord, supported facts of His life,
Is all we need and He is quite real

(Inspired by a show on cable about scientists thoughts on Jesus' life)

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out of darkness

Trials and tribulations is all i've known .Death and dispire is what i was 
shown.Sadness became this world of mine. drugs had taken over and left me 
blind.unable to see gasping for the air in which i breath,never knowing where to 
run always wanting to hide wondering when the reper would sneek up from 
behind and then out of the darkness i was lead unaware of what lie ahead a 
chance to change and start anew a life worth living i finally see becoming the 
woman i was created to be nolonger lost and afraid for this battle ive won but still 
i fight and continue to walk with the lord on my side...

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Demons walk upon the earth
Hidden forms, have human birth
Devils, they, who take not give
Death to us, is how they live.

Think for a moment, if you please
Is death the end? I ask with ease.
For then we meet the chosen one
God the father, His Holy Son.

So, death, then isn’t all that bad
Though when it’s others, we feel sad.
But, if to die by another’s cause
Is that a reason to give pause?

Remember, to where, we can ascend
So, death for now is not the end
And if a demon should come to call
Tell him you are ready and that is all.

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Escalator of Faith

You find yourself ever climbing,
walking up the moving stair.
The effort, vein, and ever tiring.
Your feet hurt, beyond compare.
But, in the distance is the reason
for the efforts, for your pain.
You try real hard, to move up closer,
instead you are, pushed back, again.
Lift yourself up to try again,
stepping ever, so carefully.
But, the same occurs, again, now,
knocking down, that which must be.
Though, you feel like giving up,
you know your heart won’t let you stop.
You must try harder to reach fruition.
You must try harder to reach the top!
Though it feels like an escalator
moving downwards, when you go up,
keep on going, you must try harder
and do your best to reach the top.
The most important is your trial,
not really, the goal that you have set.
For all you know, you may achieve it
and you would be without regret.
Remember, too, success is internal,
you do not have to gain reward.
The prize you get for going on now
is the love you receive, from the Lord.

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He Has My Back

Sunshine on my face as I walk ahead
On those days that I felt I was alone.
Head to the sky, appreciating beauty,
Grateful to call this world, my home.

I know that I am never truly alone;
For two sets of footprints are always there.
In body, you may see just one walking past,
But there is another who stays, to care.

When I get tired and stress has built up;
So much, to inspire a heart attack,
I need not worry, I need not fear,
For I know He is there, He has my back.

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My Legacy

As evening ends the sun shall set
And then, will come the dark.
Forgive my soul every debt
As my candle looses spark.

In the night, burn no light
Do not seek my souls return.
Weep not for me and have no fright
No ties to earth, I've earned.

As morning breaks my shadow cast
No more upon the ground.
When I am gone and breathed my last
No more my voice will sound.

Then in the still of the night
When loneliness surrounds
Review our life with all your might
Shared love of which we found.

This is my entire legacy
I leave to you my dear,
Your love was salvation for me
Upon this grinding mortal sphere.

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Save Them As Well

Oh, Lord, when it’s time to make your judgment
Please know, in my heart, I’ve tried my best
I wish to therefore be upon your right side
But, please do not take me, forsaking all the rest

You may say I’ve earned that great distinction
To be with You, yes, is the greatest prize
But, I too, know the hearts of others
As I have seen that glow within their human eyes

So when you make your choice and it’s your right, Lord
I only wish for all, never just for me
I pray that then I’ll be there on your right side
And I pray, too, my loved ones are there to see