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Quatrain Dream Poems | Quatrain Poems About Dream

These Quatrain Dream poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Quatrain Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Blame The Moon

I blame you, moon, for bringing thoughts of love in night to charm my eyes in slumber deep. Dreams drift bewildered in my head above til’ morning seizes passion’s grip from sleep. The moon shines careless on this lonely soul and beckons prey to seek the hunter’s fang. As dark expands in shadows to console, they slice the skin releasing bitter pain. In dreams, I feel a heart beating with mine, a stranger once becomes now all I know. Familiar taste upon my lips like wine flows perfectly from starry tide aglow. How do I live in sunlight’s looming grave, deadened by numbing rays of ruthless sun? How do I live without the arms I crave, amongst the crowds until the day is done? I blame you, moon, for rousing dreams within to taunt me with a lover’s longing smile. Beneath closed lids, I’m lost in timeless spin. Winds whisper, moon, please let her sleep awhile. for Gautami Phookan's Waking Dreams Contest, 12/1/14

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In Your Dreams

Was it all a sweet dream or just reality?,
  I sit and ponder that very thought,
During the daylight and in the nighttime,
  Wondering, were we ever there or not?

A crescent moon smiled down on me,
  Shedding it's white light upon the ground,
I sat amongst the petals, waiting patiently,
  And it was there, that me, you found.

Lavender flower petals I did pluck,
  As I was seated atop the green hillside,
Does he love me, or does he not?,
  My love for you, I could not hide.

I only saw you as a dark silhouette,
  A shadow that walked upon the ground,
Among silver stars and a midnight sky,
  Your gentle voice was the only sound.

My darkened silhouette was no longer alone,
  While yellow fireflies around me dance,
When you came to join me atop that hill,
  In the meadow's softly illuminated romance.

I was embraced within your arms,
  As your most tender kiss met mine,
On that one warm summer's night,
  When our kindred spirits did entwine.

So sad was I when the time came to part,
  As the rising sun shined golden upon my hair,
Although, what a beautiful dream it was,
  When I awoke and found you there.

        Waking Dreams Contest

            April, 4th, 2014

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The Fixer

I'm known as the fixer
The collector of broken dreams
Setting the pieces like a puzzle
I put gold between the seams

All your thoughts within my reach
I look deep within your mind
That's where the hopes and dreams hide
What I seek I'm sure to find

Dreams you thought impossible 
Abandoned to yesterday
Come to life with a single thought
With a whisper I show the way

I truly am the fixer
The repairer of broken dreams
Setting the pieces like a puzzle
I put gold between the seams

You don't need to walk away
This dreaming's not a joke
If you choose to give up faith
Dreams will surely turn to smoke

When you're lost within lifes shadows
And you're feeling coloured blind
I'll open up the door a crack
So that light can flood your mind

Because I am the fixer
The repairer of broken dreams
I see your puzzle pieces
I put gold between the seams

Now you have possibilities
When you start you must follow through
Living your dreams is better
Just believe and they'll come true

I'll help you find the answers
Those gems hidden within your soul
You have an important part to play
It's time to take on your role

For you too are a fixer
A repairer of broken dreams
Setting the pieces like a puzzle
You put gold between the seams

Setting the pieces like a puzzle
You put gold between the seams


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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

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A Piece Of Dream

I look behind to see my dream has shattered
into a million pieces on the floor
I knew that this was going to happen
but didn't know it would hurt much more

It was the only way this dream should end
it wasn't one that had a hope
it's better off in a million pieces
I'm just not sure how to cope

I know that I must now recover
and learn to build my dreams again
I just need to build them better
and make them those I can attain

I know the hurting will continue
for a time at least
but from my dream that lies here shattered
I'll take from it one piece

It's something that I'll carry forward
into my new dream I must take
for it's the thought of possibilities 
this piece of dream did wake

But it's the image my dream created
is that which hurts the more
I think it's this that lies in tatters 
strewn across the floor.

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I Grieve A Dream

You are the tear that follows me
the ache within my soul
the bitter-sweet that sings to me
my heart you came and stole

You are a dream beyond my reach
a wish I can not touch
it breaks my heart to be so close
for I love you far too much

You are a kiss I can't make real
a whisper never spoken
a cherished thought that stays asleep
a smile lying broken

You are the one I can not have 
no matter how it pains
my dream for which I sit and grieve
a shadow that remains

You are the sun that has to set
our time just couldn't last
I need to wait for the dawn to break
while I mourn for is past.

'1st poem on poetry soup contest'
6th place

Brian strand's 'One off contest'
1st place

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Both Sides for Me

The look of pity on the saleswoman's face said it all
my paint spattered clothing, however the jeans fit
just didn't have that panache, chic pizazz, tongue hanging
inspiration for desire a young woman out to have.

The car dealer took one look at me, led me to the far
corner of the lot, showed me the used hot rods
the beater four doors, the budget cutters like I'd rode
but I wanted glossy black, silver hood ornament, brand new.

Paint is supposed to sit on top of your nails, but underneath
is advantageous when compared to oil, to muck, to dirty guts
so I was a step on the ladder of the working man, 
I could even afford to buy hose, which I still don't wear.

There's something to be said for the over glasses, safety 
glasses look, white paper coat, something comical 
one supposes, but the purple overalls worn for skiing
which suddenly I could afford, made me my nephews joke.

At times I waited for a date who preferred the bar
called and said maybe later, because passion rumbled
between us when we kissed but I didn't want a flit,
disease, broken promise, I wanted to be embraced

Cozy now, body motion are promises and content
passion is beyond me, the bar on the patio in back
the hand I always hold a missing app that answers
more lonely than any mistaken wish that he'd be the one.

Stars, too, I climbed to them in my dream, climbed
the Space Needle and found my self with no safety net
I always avoided those climbs the dreams more nightmare
even though I do what I am told, to reach, to soar.

Sometimes now I wear black on gold dresses which fit
to the nth inch, so I can barely sit, hold champagne
to watch golden bubbles float against the elegant
white linen against starry night event, that's rich, success.

Dump it gladly for a romp on the beach, the missing
something like threads through a woven maze,
like an angel's hope. When I dump it all and seek
there's grace lying on the shores between the rocks

a pooled place where deer come to lick minerals,
boulders come unglued and sail down river
and think, maybe I could do that. Maybe I could
unglue all the expectations and rearrange the world.

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I Dreamt of You Last Night

We stood on the bow
of an old wooden ship.
Splashing waves; music sounds;
salty mists with each dip.
I, in a white pheasant dress;
you only in jeans.
No one else on the deck;
just us in bare feet.
Your chest, warm to my back;
wrapped in your loving arms.
Mystic waters of black;
Ocean sky casts moon and stars.
Ancient lands strangely appear
as completely in full view.
You softly whisper in my ear,
"This world's for me and you."
A realm only for us;
in dreams we meet there.
Awakened, I touch
dried salt in my hair.

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Diner Girl

She's a diner girl
A trucker's fantasy
A little bit tough
While being sexy

Sure she likes to flirt
A tool of her trade
She has them dreaming
Thinking they'll get laid

The tips all add up
For dreams of her own
When her shift's over
She goes home alone

You think you know her
She plays the part well
Your glimpse of heaven 
Her personal hell

Her expectations
Are grander than this
She desires more
Than a truckers kiss

Nothing can stop her
Or get in her way
The World needs dreamers
Who dream better days

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All I Ask

I need you to be my earth angel
I need you to kiss away tears
I need you to comfort my soul
I need you to conquer my fears

I want you to be my hero
I want you to release my dream
I want you to be my victor
I want you to love to extreme

I need you to be my sunshine
I need you to drench me like rain
I need you to bathe me in light
I need you assuage my pain

I want you to be my lover
I want you to make me to feel
I want you to teach me pleasure
I want you to make it surreal

I need…I want…I must have you
I burn with unquenchable fire
Your prowess… the essence of life
The source of burning desire

If this is too much that I ask
To comply with beyond your will
Then, oh, just let me adore you
Of your charm, let me have my fill

I only want to be near you
To bask in your beauty so fine
Your words resurrect me to life
They transport me to the divine

Oh please, let your presence cover
In your glow let my poor heart bask
I long to lie in your shadow
Oh, my love, is this much to ask?

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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My Country

My country is home, 
I have no fear. 
My country is home, 
and I am here. 

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A Daydream

My fingertips lightly travel
down these worn piano keys,
the memories now unravel
as I hear your favorite melodies.

I reminisce within my writing
about a time that used to be,
when your arms were so inviting
and they would hold only me.

The quiet whispers on the breeze
the first kisses that were soft,
we sat underneath the willow trees,
as my heart then sailed aloft.

I can still smell the roses, red
their petals pressed upon the page,
where your old promises lie dead
they have not withered with age.

I am daydreaming of the past
when our love seemed to be true,
a relationship that will not last
but, back then we never knew.

Isaiah Zerbst's contest - "A Daydream"

Based on the painting. "A Daydream" by Sir Edward John Poynter

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Last Night I Dreamt

Last night I dreamt
That the world was all at rest
From vice exempt
Filled with songs of mortals blessed
And we waltzed to the strains of a song
'Neath the arbour of love and repose
Glad in heart at the absence of wrong
'Mid the lilacs and hedges of rose

Last night I dreamt
That I danced the night away
In some attempt
To hold back the morning's gray 
And we waltzed to the strains of a song
'Neath the arbour of love and repose
Glad in heart at the absence of wrong
'Mid the lilacs and hedges of rose

Last night I dreamt
Of an arbour filled with light
And then I wept
When it vanished from my sight
And I've naught but a memory dear
Of the dresses of silk and brocade
Of the moon and the stars shining clear
And the fond wish that I could have stayed

For the contest "Last Night I Dreamt..."
Catagory: Serious
Written 7/29/13

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My mind is in need of rest
just for a moment, brief,
a silent little repose here
will surely bring to me relief.

My heavy eyelids gently fall
and shut out the entire world,
my hair lays down and relaxes
even though it has been curled.

I breathe in slowly and deeply
my heartbeat settles down,
my ears can hear around me
the wind's soft whispering sound.

It lifts me to a far off place
where clouds become my bed,
I reach out to grab another
like a soft pillow for my head.

You can only imagine
what I can only see,
as I dream a beautiful dream
that was meant just for me.

Inspired by the painting, "Resting" by Victor Gabriel Gilbert 

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How Dreams are Born at Fifteen

Fifteen days of living I blew bubbles
Bubbles pearlescent in the sun
In hope and love I blew you bubbles
Ephemeral, floating, glorious sun loved bubbles.

In my act of creation, exhale air
Life held close in the bubbles 
Uh-whoo, uh-whoo, here’s life to live
I blew you bubbles for you to catch.

Leap and snatch we played bubbles
Bubbles so airy we can hold and spray
A bubbly world of shimmery beings
Floating in the wind of our wake.

And at the end of the pliant and fun filled day
We dreamed of bubbles, leaping for bubbles
Watery, airy bubbles floating, flaring and caught
and held within our hand a bubble, a bubble  smashed.

And oh how silly we seemed to break our play
Open up our hand, find within a pearl
A soft shimmery white pearl of life
And let it fly away, in the breeze, like our dream, free.

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Empire of the Rising Sun

Leaking sides of a filth I abandoned

Sheathing myself to my fortress garrisoned

Waste snaking through what's left of my good will

On and off I rode away from the wasteland off the distant hill


Encountering the ghosts of the past whispers

Devouring my thoughts my head dazed in whimper

A shield broken a sword untamed

Halos smothered and bloody fingers to blame


Hurricanes swept the grasslands clean

Storms stripping the seas of rough and lean

Waves hurrying to escape the fury of the dark night sky

To whom it may be, the ones screaming to die


Blazing fires putting ashes to the ground

The traces of disaster slaving the uncrowned

Shadows of the graves greeted the living with open arms

The cries of fear echoed the heavens with crimson scars


To whom will you run? To whom will you plead?

When the sky burns red and the kings turn to flee

To whom will it matter, whether you live to see another day

To whom will it stain, the end of a million hearts beating astray


Hail of ember melts away your eyes and ears

Your fate manifests the monster you've dreaded and feared

Glory will claw the spines of lands filled with the martyrs' blood

No escaping the howls of an outcast howling through the moonless flood


The withering final moments, savoring the jolly stride

Rode the sheathing swords that flew the banners of pride

Gliding on skulls of their fallen ones

Swore to retake the Empire of the Rising Sun

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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I search your woods, I walk them long
Through every twilight mood and beat;
Sometimes,  the mirage peals  a storm
Or gushes rain as ferns entreat.

While droning fireflies bright as stars
Pound on my chest like stones' mild tap
A whispered breeze speaks our memoirs
On hanging vines as buds unwrap.

From nowhere, smoke darkens the view
As foul ravens begin their prowl; 
Your shadow looms high, to pursue
dark wings, but frailty takes control

Last night I dreamt the same vignette
Where those bleak eyes wailed down on me
An omen sighing, that love’s at threat;
Till your woods roused my fantasy.

Last night I Dreamt Contest
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Serious Category

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Can't a man dream
On things that bring
a smile?
Why should not his
Ever be reality?

©2014 Honestly JT

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Follow your heart

You've heard it said... "follow your heart"
For relentless desire bleeds for craven want
Yet when indecision weighs on life's many parts
Those opposed abandon not incessant haunt 

Pin pricked light shines brighter 
Through onyx colored scene
Weakness revealed when life is darkest
Specks of defect in the fortress of our need

Ones heart can be a complexity
An up hill struggle when obscurity feels blind
A quandary of perception in a house of mirrors
Reflections twisted by perplexities of the mind

Follow your heart yes live your dreams
Leave not your mind unreasoned
To walk the path less traveled leaves
A consequence of actions completed 

So it is with indecision 
To scale the weight of what's to come
When precious life hangs trembling in the balance
A calculated measure of the hearts true sum

Can we really overthink those choices we make
For somewhere every road has an end
Rugged or velvety destinations take root
And blossom where choices were stemmed 

I've heard of double minded fools
Tossed like waves in the sea
Perhaps it's simply this woman's folly
To think it couldn't happen to me

Oh to measure the value of dreams
Which to follow or leave for not
Simplicity frowns on passions extremes 
Such answers must be skillfully wrought

I pray that with my every tomorrow 
I'll be wiser than today
Knowing when it's time to seek the dream
And patient if I must wait

For now I wish but only
To know my own heart in truth
And weigh the scales of value correctly
Then follow with greater wisdom when in naivety's youth

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Enveloped Dreamscape

In the quiet, the night to focus on Dreams escape my head bringing dusty eyes I follow its lonely steps to darkness The moon begins to shine, starts to revise Fog envelopes me holding me so tight I can’t breathe, suffocating, I don't lie… End of life forms before me, true as night I finally suck in breath of the sky Calmness enters my troubled head for once Fog starts to recede, I see a home there Is it mine, what is the purpose of this My dreams, so lost, am I truly aware Where am I to be in this dream, fancy I delve into the space under this moon Bewilderment occupies my shaved head Smooth as silk, I follow nothing so soon The fog starts to cast its way in again I’m blinded only by the moon’s blue light Now I must sit, I am tired, can’t go on I hear the ocean, is it a new sight I wake to the sound of my noise maker To see thick fog covering everything Every thought is clear, I can concentrate I blame it on my dream, ventured seeing Russell Sivey

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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Dark Lullaby

Go to sleep little child;
Close your eyes and shut them tight,
For we do not know if day will break
And be swallowed up by night.

But for now, worry not, my dear;
The dark's not as bad as it seems.
Though darkness looms over the future,
You can still escape into your dreams.

Lie still my darling baby;
Breathe calmly and breathe slow
Enjoy the quiet of the tranquil night
And the moon's hypnotic glow.

Worry not about the closet
Or the things under your bed;
Escape into Dreamland, my dear,
Safe from all the things you dread.

And if tomorrow fails in coming,
At least you will not be here;
Fly away my child, to the Land of Dreams...

Or be consumed by your fears.

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Basketball Brain

Imagine if I possessed stunning good looks Along with an adorable personality I'd have to beat the ladies off with a stick Love it if this was suddenly reality Hollywood would continually be bugging me To make millions from my glorious kisser Certainly be renowned the whole world over But dear Cathie, I'd surely miss her I'd send for her as soon as I bought a mansion Overlooking the beautiful blue sea Would say farewell to my bevy of beauties So honoured to have had a piece of me This new cyber world allows for such musing I could actually be of the opposite sex Now I've really got you wondering haven't I So you never know what to expect Well I must confess I'm a ten year old genius With a brain the size of a basketball Eat gigabytes of data, morning, noon and night And spit out gobs of wisdom to all Imagine if I possessed stunning good looks Dream on you old geezer, dream on A major overhaul would certainly be necessary And I don't think you've got that long © Jack Ellison 2013

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Angel in Hell

Sorrow chokes sanity
in the brimstone fumes of Hell
that consumes all but memory
plastered against the walls of his cell.

My mind can't comprehend...
Perhaps he did wrong
or mercy he did not lend,
but here resides the angel of song.

His wings are torn,
tattered like his serenity
when he fell into heat's scorn.
Once he was beauty's epiphany.

The shofar's sound dwindled
to let screams take stage.
The music he once kindled
turned against him in bloody rage.

Yet he will rise once more.
The fallen creature in his cell
and will play a new music's score
telling of the angel in Hell.

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Deceiving Dreams

Living in a dream is an exception The scenes are all real strange and different The music within it are all chained down Never do the notes express their lament As the nature of the dream is a swamp Portraying and delving an eerie truth Not knowing if you should get wet within Or find dry land and see just what your worth Dreams are deceiving, just where are you now Do you know exactly what they’re made of However strange they are, sometimes they’re great The best thing you could imagine with love I can see the dream floating above me I picture my soul lifting into it Dedication ensues now for this dream No longer is this view strange, it’s legit Power, this dream harbors a grand scene here Inside I see the immense existence Another massive passion within it Extreme lifelong passion deliverance But unlike the superior dreams bright There are those that fear envelopes inside The whistle blows letting you know time’s up You have entered the end of the bright side And darkness becomes all that you can see It radiates out from every corner I must find a way out, I must wake up That way I make sure it doesn’t bother The eventual dream mystifies me Always in the dark realm of the unknown I know sometimes I resist to dream then It comes to pass, I’m proud to dream what’s shown Russell Sivey

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Fear The Night

Darkness steals the day’s fading sunlight
as the moon opens his bright eye above.
Stars begin to spray the ebony night  
that grips the still earth like a glove.

Streetlight burns through curtained window 
casting shadows along my painted wall.
Exhausted eyes commence to grow
but laggard body tends to stall.

Body at last yields to cool sheets
as exhausted mind transcends overhead. 
Eventually vigor within depletes
feeling as though I’m living... dead.

Springs beneath start to creek and move
as strong weight engulfs a motionless stiff.
Core sinks deep into mattress groove
as eyes search for something to biff.

Time lapses; frozen body fights to free
resisting an opposing force unknown.
Managed to scream let me be, let me be
before drifting off to sleep on my own.


Copyright © 2013 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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The Dream Maker

Eyelids dance in a world obscured
Fabricating illusions we will seek
Like the melody of an unforgettable song
It's conception buried in the deep

Visions of his eyes
The tone of her skin
Is the one they see a dream
Or something clearly impinged

His laugh and the curve of his lips
Sun-touched highlights in her hair
Are they fabled reveries or
Unconscious aspects by which we compare

She longed for his tender ways
He wanted for her seducing dance
A distant memory that was never lived
A dream within a dream perchance 

We're looking for things we've never known
In someone we've never met
For this we cry and bow our knees
A joining of halves that must connect

And if by some miracle of fate
These two dreamers paths do cross
By no visible nor unseen force
Could ever unjoint loves intercourse

The Dream Maker
In some majestic space resides
The famed and masterful slumber illuminator 
Arranging the destiny of lives

For Rick, the love of my life! 

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I saw you in my dream.
So I wanna scream.
'Cause you stuck like a scar.
And now you're so far.

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Dont Touch My Dream

You may injure my body
Crush my honor underfoot
You may starve and abuse me
But let this be understood…

I’ll not let you touch my dream

I can relinquish my wealth
Give up all that’s in my name
I can bend to iron will
Let you cover me in shame…

I’ll not let you touch my dream

I will fight with dying breath
I will turn insipid, wild
I'll risk all I am and have
Be a warrior when I'm riled

If you dare to touch my dream


Eileen Manassian Ghali

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They call her a daydreamer 
with eyes that sparkle like stars;
Her wishes, flecks of glitter,
enticing, she'll  steal your heart

Light floods, glowing her desire,
Illuminating the  path;
A compass points to inspire,
staring back, she's a photograph

They call her a daydreamer 
that smile will magnetize; 
One glance causes quite a leer
Her ideas hypnotize.

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A Dream

A bit of solitude she thought
Just to rest her eyes a moment
Then into the depths she slipped
Sleep as if  from heaven sent

Pale beauty slept the time away
Not a sound or movement made
When the bells of evening call
The blossom picked began to fade

Repose as gentle as the night
Though still bloomed a bit of day 
Her last breath just a gentle sigh
And quietly she slipped away

5/17/14  For the Dream contest

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Last Night I Dreamt

Last night I had the strangest dream It was silly from beginning to end I had to laugh and then wonder if I'd finally gone around the bend My boss and I went grass sliding On the steep hill behind my house We made our sleds of paper plates So tiny they would only hold a mouse We headed straight for a telephone pole Laughing as we approached our doom Saved just in time by my trusty alarm And the morning light filling the room... Trust me, my boss is a lovely lady Given to more quiet and ladylike pursuits And there she was, sliding away Dressed in one of her best Armani suits... Hard to imagine that this story is true Oh, I forgot to add, I was ill with the flu... Humorous.. .

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Beauty of Dreams

Alleviate painful images here Special box of dreams in a whole new world Time doesn’t move along, it seems to stop Dreams run supreme, anything else gets hurled Weird and strange things seem to rule in dreamland Only what you make true is prevalent You design your dreams uniquely at night It moves dynamically, it’s solvent Beauty is in our eyes brought on by dreams We signify this realm through our minds eye No craziness that can’t be described here Dreams bring life to darkness, you can’t deny Overhead is the dream of hope and peace Like a brush with love on the endless path You open your heart and let dreams on in You never understand any dreams wrath Possibly night reaches deep in your head And begins to paint a lovely picture Dreams hollow darkness out brings in some light And life seems to grow from dream’s sound fixture
Russell Sivey

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My Dream Can't Wait

I longed to share a dream with you
A dream that was most sublime
It was about the two of us
But you said, “Another time!”

And so alone, I nursed my dream
Wanting so much to share
Its depth of passion and desire
But it seemed you didn’t care

In time my dream lost its appeal
And it lost its splendid hue
There was nothing of its sweetness left
Not a morsel to share with you

Then one night you held me tight
As fair romance filled the air
“Tell me, my love, what was your dream?”
How could I when nothing’s there?

“A dream deferred” no longer yearns
To be lived and brought to light
Faded is its splendor now
The mind’s eye without sight

And slowly now, I break away
From the circle of your arms
My dream, you see, was dear to me
Somehow you've lost your charm

Garment of my identity
It throbbed with rhythm and rhyme
You had no time to hear my dreams
 "Love” can wait till another time

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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I looked in the distance and saw it
That closed door leading to the unknown
In my somnolence I walked towards it
Slowly but surely to be reborn
I stood before the door contemplating
Like a Pandora’s Box it seemed to be
Whatever is behind it was indeed waiting
To be released from mystery in order to be
The door knob slowly and slowly it turns
Click! The lock has become unlocked
Wonder, excitement and anxiety churns
Curious forces push and all is unblocked
I peered and stepped in towards it
That Acacia tree with branches widespread
From all corners of Motherland they stood beneath it
Laughing and smiling exchanging fellowship bread
I joined them beneath this splendid Acacia tree
For three years it became my comfort
For three years its leaves sheltered me
For three years its wisdom and knowledge I got
Now as I step away from its shade
And receive with open arms its fruits
I open my eyes with awe then gaze
The dream surely lives and forever it shall be

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

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Distant Thoughts

As she sat in the garden, her book on her lap She hoped time would come to a stop How cool, how pleasant it was here It smelled of dreams, oh of that she was so dear! She wondered what she would be like as an animal Surely, she would be cruel and bestial Hungry and thirsty, filling up her hunger With those little beasts for whom she would be a predator! She wished she could have, at the tip of her fingers, magic Oh she would have surely tried every little trick From bringing back time to travelling further in time She would even sweeten the sour lime! She hoped someday, to travel to the sun Oh this was her dream, surely not a pun For, full of mystery is life and all that surrounds it So why not try to broaden further her knowledge a bit? The air was stifling, studies were boring, Romances in books are thrilling She wished for an eternal lover, Someone she would not be bored with, never ever! With these thoughts in her mind, she slept Her mind to great distances, stepped And she became there, her living dreams, her whims She became there, the Queen of her own films!

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Three Candles

Three candles burning in the night
they each pertained to me
Each one had meaning for my life
a dream, or so it seemed

One was future burning bright
another was my past
The third one showed my present day
the moments moved so fast

I leaned to look into the past
my youth was on display
I can’t believe some things I did
thank God they’re yesterday

The present seemed so real to me
I knew what I would see
The circumstances I controlled
I’ll chose what they will be

The third a mixture of the two
my visions not so clear
The past and present hand in hand
some outcomes brought much fear

I have a chance to change it all
by learning from my past
The present still belongs to me
the die is not yet cast

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You are the air that I breathe
The sunshine on my cheek
But a shadow of a dream
Mi belle magnifique

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An infinite scourging desert life would be
An endless journey into reality and schemes, 
Without oases, where we could rest and cool
If wouldn't have had the chance to make dreams*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  05 SEPTEMBER 2014 

*Inspired by Eileen Manassian’s poem,A DREAM WITHIN REALITY.
And the comment I made: Without dreams ,life would be an endless journey on an infinite scourging desert, without ever finding an oasis to rest for to carry on your voyage!

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Colorful Dreams

Colorful Dreams (Quatrain) Emerald dreams throughout the night Showing the romantic moon light Growing in a heavenly sight Emerald and crystal star bright. Natures big multicolored heart Fairy tale that should not depart Very pleasant dreams, lovely start Natures beauty with sublime art. Magic afterglow sunset sheen Dancing on the soft meadow green Glancing in the horizons stream Magic treasured golden love dream.

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Dreaming - Repost

What happens when you fall asleep at night? I think a fairy comes to play with you, Perhaps she has a sack of magic dust And scatters it with tiny wings of blue. What if she showed you a lovely unicorn And let you ride upon its snowy back. Flying over mountain tops and castle walls While gathering moonbeams in a sack. A dream in just a drowsy thought away It may begin with a quiet goodnight kiss, Warm and safe just close your eyes And these lovely dreams you will not miss .

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I just found out the truth

I just found out, that once the road ends Love will not wish to dance There, where the road ends The day stops hence! A road as curly as life With twists hidden in its carafe In which the coffee becomes faith And the aroma gives strength I just found out, that there may be a vision Yet, it is mere illusion Meant to brume our reason Coming throughout whatever be the season! I just found out, that once the road ends I shall have to rely on my own hands Pray, show me the way, oh long road Show me the way through the miracle of a word!

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The Reality of A Dream

The Reality of A Dream.

The poison crown that bound my head,
did bring a sober theme,
'all the less, is of loving said,
a dream is left a dream'.

So in my strength, I broke the ring,
with all the fair alarms,
as crownless was a lovers king,
a king to loving arms.

I feared now not, the roaring hall,
equivalent to decay,
but all the wealth to me was pall,
the poison and delay.

Days on which we as winters wept,
Do rest those silver trees,
the suns that had us burning kept,
now dance the summers breeze.

I ran across to foreign lands,
to then my love pursue;
how homes are there in wishing sands
I wish! --I always knew.

There is no more a different state,
--two lives with joy ascend;
does hurt us not, a vermin's hate,
when love its self defends.

See yet the moon --in golden heels,
when I am calm and wise,
now cheerish I how dreaming feels;
a dream --with open eyes.

R.N.Khan, © 2011

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If Only

It's day one of the rest of our lives Beginning as it usually does But this one seems a little bit different The old world is all abuzz It's all abuzz with great excitement Something's about to take place Has this old world finally realized a truth We're destroying the human race Since the very beginning of time it seems Wars have forever been fought Over land, religion and ideologies In a web of destruction we're caught A day of awakening is about to take place We have finally seen the light From this day on wars will be abolished Peace is finally in sight Am I dreaming out loud? Can this be true? Pinch me to make sure I'm awake Let's hope this time it's more than a dream But reality for all our sakes! © Jack Ellison 2013

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I Did Not Believe in Angels, Till

I did not believe in angels
Til I saw your satin face;
My God, your eyes consumed me so--
Gave my heart the will to race.

Oh lovely, I am at your feet,
I have known you in my dreams;
You own my heart, now soothe my soul
With moonlight's powder beams.

Take me to where angels go,
If there's anyway you can;
Or lay your wings and halo down
And know me as a man.

As I would trade my very life
For this, and only this;
To experience the ecstasy
Of your sweet, angelic kiss.


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Night Ride

I close my eyes and tuck myself into my soft blanket
And before long, I feel something nudging my hand.
And there it stands, a horse—a black beauty so intricate;
Something quant about her: it’s like she belongs to another land

Far away beyond this plane of existence. And neighing,
She stares at me like a well-trained race horse looking for her rider.
As I shrug my reluctance away, I stand on my bed and, jumping,
Get myself on her back. Tame at first, she goes wild—and wilder.

I held on to her tight, my fingers gripping into her flesh.
Raging, oh, she picks up speed! Old graveyards and abandoned schools,
Desolate shrines and run-down parks—all in my memory so fresh
“By God, make her stop!”—my only thought as I cry like a fool.

Through fingers’ failing strength, I lost my grip on her and backward
I fell to my tight bed. Still sweating I still feel my fingers digging deep
Into the night mare’s back; I tuck myself into the blanket, dead awkward
Like a lost child finding his way home; having nowhere to comfortably sleep.

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If I Could Wave a Magic Wand and Make a Fantasy Week-

If I could wave a magic wand and make a fantasy week,
I would rent some cabins in the wilderness near a tourist town.
And fill each one with my family’s love…butterfly kissing cheeks. 
With all my children and grandchildren happily gathered around. 

Camp food aromas would fill fresh air, tantalizing and good.
We would joyfully sing campfire songs amid giggles and sparks.
Talk about the “growing-up” days while warmed by firewood. 
Each child snuggled under someone’s arm as happy as larks.

When darkness came, the moon would shine upon a distant owl.
Whip-or-wills would sing their tune; each child’s heart would thrill.
We would say prayers as a family thanking God for waterfowl.
Together on our beautiful earth, enjoying the quiet still.

In cabins nestled under the stars, amid the black of night, 
Beneath scented cedars and pines, we would dream our souls to sleep.
Anticipating sounds of dawn and beautiful mountain sights,
I would lie awake and soak it in, remembering sweetness to keep. 

Awakened by the sounds of dawn and crisp mountain air,
I would take my camera for a walk, photographing with flare.
In every bit of nature, I would recognize God’s care.  
Thanking Him for sharing sights of deer, antelope, and bear.

When the week was almost gone, we would take a family ride.
And go to the nearby tourist town to shop and look around.
I would buy each some western clothes, feeling good inside.
And tell them I am proud that family love flows unbound.

On that last day, while packing up, we would hear waterfalls cascade.
All together, my children would work, singing a wilderness song.
As I, watching grandchildren, would thank them for good memories made.
Then, upon returned to each his home we could carry this dream along.

© October 4, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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True Knight

I used to dream when I was new
Of midnight curls, eyes sapphire blue:
Long years ago, it now does seem
When I was new, I used to dream.

I must confess, as dreams are free
I didn't see you wait for me.
My eyes were shut, my heart no less
As dreams are free, I must confess.

Then years flew by; I woke at last
My childhood dreams became my past.
With just three words, a dance, a sigh
I woke at last – then years flew by.

The love I found, it went away;
I lost your hand one sunny day.
It slipped from mine, fell to the ground:
It went away, the love I found.

My strength, my world, I watched it fade,
Those years of light fell into shade.
My body done, my soul unfurled, 
I watched it fade, my strength, my world.

The past is haze but I’m not done;
I linger on: alone, I’m one.
I fear my grief will drown my days,
But I’m not done – the past is haze.

The love we share, it’s all I need,
For though I’m lost, I know you’ll lead.
I’ll follow you and break despair – 
It’s all I need, the love we share.

(a swap quatrain poem for Andrea Dietrich’s 'Swap Quatrains' Contest)

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Memories Beyond The Door

Can it be? After all this time?
In my dream I float through a home.
Here, where I left my soul without a shrine in grime.
This corridor... my heart turns to stone.

My feet won't turn around
nor will they stop at my bid.
My mind conforms to chaos, yet my body is sound.
I seem to be in some monotonous state of allure so timid.

The darkness illuminates the sorrow
of the disintegration I threw away, in vain.
I reach the door I locked years ago
and my panic boils at what I can't face again.

Behind the door would be all I lost.
Everything I left behind not to stagnate.
Now a haunting voice sings to melt the frost
of the decision I made in the countenance of fate.

To my horror I possess the key to the past.
The lock is rusted and welded, to  my relief.
Now I recognise the ghost's song, and joy is engulfed fast...
Memories erupt... I remember... I murdered her in grief...

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Wide Eyed Dreaming

I'm a wide eyed open dreamer
Who's not tethered to a bed.
While others remain sleepinig
I just live my dreams instead

I'm all about adventure
I live life like it's a ride
My heart is fully open
Not a thing I wish to hide

In my dream are people
Who've been gifted to me
When it comes to dreaming
I'm where I wish to be

I am riding a rainbow
Looking up at a blue sky
No limits to my thinking
With my mind I travel high

Living in the moment
Finding magic every place
Feeling each precious second
As I breathe they interlace

You can rise up from your bed 
Be a wide eyed dreamer too
We are not so many
Yet we're still quite a few

This poem grew out of an email conversation
I had with my niece Nicole. I dedicate this 
one to her.

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Looking Up

How long before the cobwebs grow
on hopes deferred once bright
to toil long in patience grow
only to concede - "hey, it's life"

Tops of mountains beckon come
majestic sights and purest air
yet to perplexities we seem to succumb
when the present finds us ill-prepared

And so we linger looking up
the beloved trek unmade 
for incumbent priorities to lose would crush
as we look with longing and walk away
In the vicinity of a perfect dream
gleaning from smiles that slowly grow 
No sail to hoist but the ore rejoiced
for the love with which it rowed

Who can say the choices we make
will in the end prove wise
or show beyond the shadows doubt
to be promises of truth or lies

And so we take a leap of faith
for dreams we live and those we wish
fear and love they coexist
when the choice is choosing a mate

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Out of Water

Here on the shore, no voices spoil 
my peaceful time of early morn.
He comes to beckon where sands roil 
on pristine beach as tides are born.
I call to calm the wind and sea
with victory of a rising sun.
Stirring the silence, he waits for me
to wash in waves before days done.
He guides me to his ocean deep
where blues and greens blend holding hands.
We laugh and watch the dolphins leap.
Then dive to rest on silky sand.
There on the ocean floor, I leave
my every worry, stress and care.
We rise to surface where we weave
our hopes and dreams, tomorrows shared. 
Caressing salted skin, we sleep
here on the shore, no voices spoil.   
Then out of water, blue oceans weep;
waves crash with dreams where harsh sands roil.

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Anything Happen While I Was Gone

Anything happen while I was gone? I asked my dear Cathie today Was sitting there in my big easy chair When off to dreamland I strayed Met some very interesting people Marilyn, Elvis and Liz Taylor John Wayne, Uncle Miltie, and Deano Even Frankie boy as a sailor These guys were the 'perfect' antidote For anything that happens to ail you They sang, they acted, they made us laugh Happiness came shining through There aren't very many like that today I miss 'em all a whole bunch Marilyn and I were about to make love When Cathie woke me up for lunch! © Jack Ellison 2013

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My Kiss From Heaven

Once, when the day was cold and misty
I set out for a trip down to a lonely spot
Filled with gardens so flowery
There, I settled down and started a work of art

Yet, my poetry was all rotten and stale
Nothing could cure my stagnant mind
Not even a sip of ale
Harshly, I chose to leave my art behind

When O Magic, O Pure Bliss
A sheep appeared, all pink in fleece
And took my pen in his hand
And gave me verses to tend

Beautiful, Lyrical
None could be more mystical
Before he left, on my cheeks, he left a kiss
And said, Fear never the evil adder's hiss!

Remember, the garden of Eden
Is still full of angels, so awakened
So relish in your poetry
As if it were your sole duty!

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Night Flight

Silver dollar orbits full,
illuminates a slumbered trail.
Like tidal rhythms I feel the pull.
Subconsciousness now sets sail.

I'm floating, flying viewing all
as my mind stays on the ground.
And suddenly I'm very small,
no conflict can be found.

The daily worries, stress and fears
seem to vanish with the night.
And loneliness just disappears
in dreams when I take flight.

yet even this nirvana state
finds abrupt dissolution.
Eagerly my mind awaits
it's nocturnal resolution.

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I ripped the photos and just left, 
as far away as I could get
These lonely nights I feel bereft, 
the love we had I can’t forget

Around the world in eighty winks,
over high mountains my search springs,
in deep valleys my pursuit sinks,
as of this heart you pull the strings.

I scramble across the vast lands
and toss with the mighty oceans.
Feelings so hard to understand, 
as I gulp my own made potions.

Swept by rivers of emotions, 
along the obscure countryside.
The sweet thoughts of your skin lotions.
make me miss you I must confide.

I make my way to your house blind, 
down the chimney for you I zoom,
around the spirals of your mind,
in the far corners of your room,

in between the sheets and blankets, 
offering the least resistance,
my dreams forming endless secrets,
as my esprit bridge the distance.

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Dream of Gray

The days have passed as if within
a dream I have been living
now I wake into the sun
new life its rays are giving.

Yet I fear to touch reality
for it may slip away
and draw me back into this dream
that turns my world to gray.

Lost within this dream alone
pain feeds upon my mind
and with its shadows in my eyes
to color I am blind.

But once again the day dawns new
and draws me to its light
where I won't have to walk alone
and colors fill my sight.

So I'll hold fast to all I've gained
to end this weary dream
I'll venture into life again
and flow on with the stream.

Written 1985 
during a hospitalization for depression

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Complete Dreams

Complete Dreams

I straddled Pegasus of legendary fame, and picked you up with me
He took us to the moon; we bathed in the sea of tranquility
His body taught, his strength we borrowed our love he helped complete
The ruby lips warmed by love, sent tingles down from head to feet.

We passed through the Milky Way; we played with the shooting stars
We rode on the back of the great bear; we had no need of any wine bars.
We caught a meteor shower, we held it so close with its explosive power
Time stood still we never knew was it days, weeks, or just an hour.

We met in a dream and we rode the heavens on that day of days 
Entwined together in ecstasy Pegasus showed and led us the way
The dream of touching ruby lips, just fermented by body heat
Passion bursting forth, now there is one dream that is complete.

© 7/12/2012 ~GG~

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The Stars Reflection

He sat there on the edge
of the rocks above the shore
lost there in his thoughts
like many times before
he noticed how the water
seemed to glow with life
and for a couple moments he
forgot about his strife
the light came from the moon
high up in the sky
and he longed to be among the stars
but had no wings to fly
so he climbed down from the rocks
and waded past the shore
he drifted away on the stars reflection
with a heavy heart no more

By Morgan Mise
Written January 6, 2013

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My Dream Castle

When I am bored with this world
When nothing gives me any more joy
I become, once more, a little girl
And run, hiding to my abode, with my toy!

My pen, magical and whimsical
Sometimes getting even musical
Once it is uncapped, it begins to write in verse
And seeks to please, the whole of the universe!

My abode is none other than my castle
Where I let go of all of my struggle
A place made from my own fancy
Where I can be myself, a Queen hiding in secrecy

It is found high over the clouds
Colored as bright as the pinkish flamingos
It gives me the will to sing out loud
My castle it is, where I can let go of all of my sorrows

There, magic rules!
There, love drools!
My knight, invited by Cupid, dwells with me
And submits to my every tantrum, so tactfully!

There, I swim in a sea of candy
And become my own star, full of folly
There, I am well loved
And none can have me dethroned!

Shall you wish for a visit, pray, just let me know
Holding hands, together we shall go
And we shall bask there, in eternal light
The light which makes the world shine bright!

29 Jan 2014

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I Don't Know What To Do With My Life

When that feeling rushes in-
I don't know what to do with my life-
I need to search from within
And look up toward the light.

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Thing In My Closet

There's a thing that lives in my closet I don't dare to open the door I've been wearing the same old T-shirt For a couple of weeks or more Mom says, “Don't be silly, my son!” But I don't see her checking it out Pretty sure a couple of nights ago Heard a bang and a very loud shout Something's got to be done about this Can't keep wearing this old shirt If it goes on for very much longer I'll be wearing my sister's pink skirt Wonder if my dad is brave enough I'll ask him when he comes home tonight He'll probably have a million excuses Like a hang nail or a mosquito bite Guess I'll just have to go in there myself Be brave, it's probably nothing Just as I was about to open the closet I woke up screaming and punching! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Angel of the Night

black sky chill runs to the bone
as I shudder from the pain
fitful sleep in bed alone
a face without a name

a vision soft in morning's light
the memory soon forsaken
the one I want to hold so tight
is gone when I awaken.

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Early Spring

Ninety days till springtime No more silly hats and mitts Can't wait till robin red breast Sings its happy springtime hit It's by far the sweetest season When that feeling is attained You wake up each day singing That happy spring refrain Could there be a greater feeling Away with that big red nose You feel the warmth all over Right down to your very toes It's how one gets through winter The promise of days ahead Thrilled with the sight of crocuses No winter storms to dread You may say I'm a wee bit early With my ode to springtime fun But ninety days goes by quickly Can almost feel that April sun So hang on just a wee bit longer It'll be here before you know it Probably think I'm a daft old man Or just a silly old poet! © Jack Ellison 2013
One can only dream...

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A Christmas Wish

It's day one of the rest of our lives Beginning as it usually does But this one seems a little bit different The world is all abuzz It's all abuzz with great excitement Something's about to take place Has this old world finally realized a truth We're destroying the human race Since the beginning of recorded time Wars have forever been fought Over land, religion and ideologies In a web of destruction we're caught A day of awakening is about to take place We have finally seen the light From this day on, wars will be abolished Peace is finally in sight Am I dreaming out loud? Can this be true? Pinch me to make sure I'm awake Let's hope this time it's more than a dream But reality for all our sakes! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Obsessively Yours

If you don’t like intensity
Then you better listen to me
Go back to your playhouse, boy
And kindly just let me be.

I’m past the little sweet talk
And I’m past the flirting stage
If you’re unused to passion
Then don’t get caught in my cage

I love with insanity
That borders on obsession
Stop giving mixed signals
Or I’ll make this bold confession

I dream about you all the day
And you’re my fantasy at night
If you knew how I adore you
It’s sure to give you quite a fright

I’m no weakling in the love game
I can fight, destroy, and seize
Anyone who dares look at you
I will torture just as I please

You are what keeps my soul alive
Your smile sets my heart ablaze
When you give that knowing look
I can’t fight back desire’s craze

I’ll be at your beck and call
Fulfill each desire and whim
You’ll have food that’s made in heaven
I’ll fill your love cup to the brim

I want to lie down beside you
See you drift to dream land sweet
I’ll plant kisses on your lips
Till the morning sun you greet

I’m consumed by thoughts of you
And when you’re near I’m set on fire
My days are spent in wistful thought
You’re my only true desire.

I wish that you would want me
In the self-same frenzied way
That gives no chance for sleep at night
Nor restful peace during the day

So if this is all, just way too much
And you feel you might suffocate
Then let me give you freedom, child
I need a man to reciprocate!

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Holy Cadoodle

Had a wild dream just the other night Was a ruler of a distant planet With forty-two slave girls to do my bidding All gorgeous with naughty habits Customs were quite a bit different to ours But one thing remained the same They liked to snuggle and do naughty things To say no, would have been insane So I suffered through this difficult ordeal And satisfied as many as I could I was plain tuckered out after twenty-eight Apologized then collapsed where I stood Woo Hooo! What an amazing reverie I'll try to dream it again tonight Some of those girls had real strange customs Holy cadoodle, talk about excite! <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Student's Descent

with apologies to E. A. Poe...

Student Descent

At first the chamber's gentle rapping could not my slumber even stir,
but as it came to be a tapping sonorous visions were to be no more.
And as I stumbled in the darkness, I heard her voice distinctly cry
"O Ed your offer reconsidered will now with me an evening buy!"

Femininity with such harsh bravado, what lady offers such taboo affairs?
I've read of men, weak in the loin, who fall into such infectious snares.
Flesh's joys can wait, I've got to study, for school has such quick paces
and as a student of the arts, time's robbed me of all social graces

Alas, I dream of that day of bliss, but now Ed's the man and I'm the other.
I ask her name and Eleanor is given, by her, but certainly not her mother.
"He's not here, in fact, I don't know him." I utter with a boy's tone.
"Well I'm still here, and you're awake, and so am I and all alone."

My thoughts arranged like a card deck dropped, and left with such a feeble mind.
Should I ignore this dream, or is it real? Behind the door what will I find?
A gentleman would let her in, at least she'd have safe haven.
But to my shock with doors pullled wide, there's nothing but a raven...

Now I'm not mad, but this is odd, as a women spoke, not a bird at my feet,
so I sprint to my room, bury my head...but now it's clear...the wooden floor's
got a beat...

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i was BIRTHED in the middle of the MIDDLE ages


Last night was television and going to sleep at eight
You were exhausted even though it wasn’t very late
So upon your pillow placed placidly lay comforted by soft
Until your weakened eyes closed and dreams lifted you aloft

In the dream you can’t really fly but it feels as if you do
Everything was vivid, the violet, the green and the blue
Flowers were everywhere and you cherished each one
While subconsciously you prayed this dream would never be done

Little children’s laughter echoed through the city where ever you went
And when angels whispered in your ear you knew not what they meant
You were headed for Mrs. Lopez’s little bodega where everything’s on sale
And she always has an amusing anecdote and laughs at herself after each tale

Milk, eggs, bread, butter and all that’s essential
And then the angels whispered, “this day has potential”
You headed home confused by what the seraphim had said
But in reality you were sleeping snuggled in the warmth of your bed

So back to the dream and it’s glorious end
With nary a scene no one need mend
You finished purchasing everything you’ve penned
Alas on the way home you dropped a package and a handsome man said “Pardon me but I’ve 
a hand to lend”

And suddenly you recall what the angels said and you began to understand
And pictured this perfect pair sitting atop a dune carved out of sand
It was either the Mediterranean or the Caspian Sea
As you walked shoeless and he whispered, my sweet, it’s just you and me

With a wink and a yawn you awake in the very same bed
But still wondering about those angels and what they had said
Still you arose to shed lingerie for a lovely little skirt and a sweater
You tell yourself it was just a dream but reality would be much better

So that morning you were walking to work still wondering all along
It doesn’t matter what those angels said because even they can be wrong
Suddenly you drop your briefcase when you see a handsome man begin to  bend
And then those angels made your Mr. Right say, “Pardon me, but I’ve a hand to lend”
       © 2011.…phreepoetree
Girl, the worst kind of butterfly to be is in a collection smooshed between two panes of glass in 
someone‘s beautiful collection …..don’t let happen to you! 

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Vivid and Misty

You might like to lend me an ear So I might tell you something you'd like to hear My most whimsical, my most fantastic dream The one in which I was a bonsai it would seem It happened two nights ago I went to bed with a heart full of sorrow And prayed to the Lord of tomorrow To help me go with life's flow And I closed my eyes only to open them again And looked around while trying to ascertain Of what I had become Of where I had come from I had no feet, I had a root I had no house, I had only a vase And everything around me seemed bigger in space Everything looked like stars in shoot I watched life, silently, dumbly I envied those who could move I hoped to move with as much liberty But I was stuck to this vasey grave And I felt the despair It was one to be hors pair Never before my previous whims seemed so useless Childish even, for I realised I was a pampered self And that was when I woke up It was just a dream, I said, shaken up Thank God! What about all those sorrows Why they can go down the burrows!

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In Love With A Dream

I fell in love with a dreamer 
Or maybe I'm just in love with a dream
But this vision has such a sweet demeanor
I don't care if I don't know what it means

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~ You should know ~

When it comes to love 
and be loved
Its hurt to love someone 
with no return.
When it comes to cherich 
and being cherished
Its hurt to like someone 
with no return.

When it comes to having 
inner peace
It isn't easy to overcome
When it comes to lurid 
Don't call, laugh it loud 
to overcome.

~  Take caution please ~

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Hoot and howl

                     As an owl flown hoot
                   Dreams howl
                   At the night awoken
                  Hoot and howl of night

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The moon was in the center of the sky when I heard her scream
so she told me about her horrible dream
it is a venture I am forbidden to describe to anyone
but it involved and ex-lover, tears and a gun

the gun, in her dream, was as real as my friend freds
and in the dream someone ended up dead
who died is something I cannot reveal
all I can say is the dream to her was ultra real

so I heard her scream in the middle of the night
she doesn't remember what she told me about fright
my sweet put it out of her mind and Rolodex 
and if her dream had been real he would be more than her ex

I would have stood up for my lover even if she was wrong
because i'll bet you dollars to donuts he's not that strong
let me meet him in the street somewhere someday
and her dreams like that one will fade away
      © 2012....PHREEPOETREE...~free cee!~

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From There To Here

From There To Here

Sometimes in dreams my youth returns
with visions from my past
Cascading stream of memories
I watch until the last

The rebel from so long ago
reminds me of my loss
The things I used to cherish most
and what ambitions cost

In moments when my friends arrived
my heart would leap within
The faces from so long ago
and what we could have been

We’d sing the ballads of the day
and dance to Carry On
While love was coming to us all
in time it all was gone

How did I get from there to here?
Why did my values change?
If I could now go back in time
so much I'd rearrange

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I came across an old desk in a dream
A message of significance – or so it seemed
Timeless solid wood covered in dust 
Your mystery to uncover I must

Handmade relic of ancient times bygone
After centuries, your work`s still not done
Bridal bed upon which tales of life were born
Now you’re stood against the wall forlorn

It was not what you had, but what you did lack
That spoke in a code I felt I had to crack:
Numerous tiny drawers on both left and right
But some were missing - a curious sight

Empty space of something lost, or not yet written?
This mad dog of a question down to my bones has bitten
I`d like to think the desk is not old and useless,
But a work in progress enduring Time so ruthless

Tenants of the house do ceaselessly come and go
Each adding a new story about what they’d known
The work continues till all the drawers are filled
With life lessons learned the quest will be fulfilled

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Address to Young Man

Hold it now, its
passing by,
Silently, calmly
even by fly,
Catch it now, and
Time is money so
To lead a life full
of terror,
Victimization and
Even by hardship day
and night,
That endeavor mends
you right,
Catch a buzz if you
With best chums and
no hurry,
With a company until
you content,
And listen a song
life for rent,
Grab the beauty of
the surrounding,
Loaf here and there
with no bounding,
Watch the sky and
Beyond this sight
are mars,
Enjoy each moment
and span,
With empty pockets
and naïve man,
Coz Life begins when
you start dreaming,
And die when you
quit aiming,
To dine in five star
ain’t a big deal,
The aim is to fill
it with meal,
And tum is unaware
of what you eat,
And unaware of your
A cup of tea can
alleviate you,
If friends are alive
with you,
With gabfest and
chit chat,
Late night sitting
on the mat,
So catch and grab
your time,
Erase your worries
and crime,
Bring forth a new
stem and root,
O’ your being from
head to boot.

Shahid Hussain

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Une grande armee de moi

Une grande armée de moi!

 J'ai été debout où tu m'as laissé
 Priant pour que tu viennes me chercher 
Mais maintenant, j'ai trouvé mon souffle blessé 
Et ma seconde peau qui est déchirée 

Eh bien, je sais ce que tu pensais
 Quand tu m'as cassé en morceaux 
Tu pensais de me regarder s'effacer
 Mais j'ai donné chaque morceau un nom

Un de moi est plus sage, 
Un de moi est plus fort 
Un autre est un combatant,
 Et il ya mille et un visages de moi!

 Bienvenue sur ma révolution sacrée
 Tous tes murs vont s'effondrer Cette fois, 
tu auras un goût du perdre comlpet Cette fois,
 la table va tourne en fait

 Je vois un aperçu de la reconnaissance 
Ta meilleure décision de l'heur 
Il est désormais ta pire erreur
 Oui c'est trop tard pour ton renaissance 

Alors, comment tu te sens? 
De comprendre que je vais te battre 
Que je peux te vaincre
 Que ce sont les plus doux pour moi 

Maintenant que je suis plus sage
 Maintenant que je suis plus fort 
Maintenant que je suis un combattant
 Et il ya mille et un visages de moi 

Je me lèverai contre toi 
Il ya mille et un visages de moi 
Pourque tu m'as cassé chaque fois 
Tu va affronter une grande armée de moi!!!

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Vessels of Honor

God has hidden great treasures

in vessels of seeming dishonor

who are out of funds, luck and favor

being different they incur our displeasure

Many stars are hiding in their shell

a beautiful soul masked as cursed

full of mistakes, failures and costs

allow our expectations to crumble to hell

Still many of these late bloomers

dream up a life many do envy

living beyond our rat-race slavery

they see our world with the eyes of groomers

Pruning our world with their dreams

thoughts, words, inventions and arts

from great deeds to such little acts

their legacy is to harvest our joyful screams

God has hidden star treasures

in odd vessels within plain sight

that we may learn to fear His might

learning not to incur His grave displeasure

Such lonely stars twinkle in the blue

heavenly treasures unknown to you.

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                        TORO TORTURED

I never want another dream to enter my head
If necessary I’ll never again enter my bed
Of late my dreams are all of dreariness and dread
And rather than dream I’d rather be dead

Why, beg I, must I dream every night,
only to awake amidst misery and fright?
With my eyes opened wide all my dreams have been denied
And a diabolical demon held mass when they died 

There is thunder in my dreams to shake me awake
And my heart is for midnight quite alone to break
In my dreams lovers all take their leave
And that’s just another reason I fear the eve

So what I must do is like lasso my dreams
Rope them to the ground under mystic moonbeams
In the middle of midnight’s rodeo are dreams of bloody gore
And it seems that the sunshine never settles the score
                              © 2013  copyright PHREEPOETREE… cee!~

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Bad For You Stuff

Words are flowing more easily of late Why do they flow better at times Probably because of the mood I'm in Especially after I dine Might be because I'm feeding my soul Most likely that's doing the trick Downing mounds of bad-for-you stuff Until I'm feeling quite sick Writing some humorous poetry lately Lying here stuffed to the gills Think I'll submit a few for publishing Then give away $100 bills Must have drifted off to dreamland Sure seems too good to be true Could it be real and not just a dream Better take your place in the queue © Jack Ellison 2013

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Until I Sit Atop a Golden Throne

Until I sit atop a golden throne
And wear and golden crown and golden rings
On hands that take the land with divine right--
I doubt I shall rule over anything. 

Our dreams are drifting clouds no hand can hold,
Our spirits slip through tightest prison bars,
And love's kingdom exists where earth meets sky--
Rich pastures I have only seen from far.

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Free From Critics Quake

Dreaming of my art in a museum somewhere.
A bounty of ideas displayed from my heart.
Bold colors combined with unusual flair.
A vision, a feeling, fresh art I impart.

Year upon year painstakingly practicing,
Until ideas unfold and talents increase,
Speckles and flings, various stokes in full swing.
Fantasy envisions another showpiece.

Oh success, that monolith of the art world,
Access more political than brains can bare.
Paintings, are rolled up and upon a shelf hurled
With thoughts that someday when I’m dead, folks might care.

A plethora of dreams comes racing to mind. 
Perhaps, I should hide them in a secret cave.
Secured in a vault meant for someone to find.
Centuries later perchance people will rave.

Now, in my hovel of a studio curled.
That place in the woodlands where I love to be,
My greenbrier Zareba, hidden from the world
Where the soul of this artist just God can see.

Transparent hopes cast upon an opaque past.
Admirable paintings free from critics quake.
Then, what was worthless may have value at last.
Living for lauds only after my death’s wake.

ã February 13, 2014
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Dreams 	
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton

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Searching for Inspiration

I feel as if the whole world is just but a dream
Floating lifelessly amid the chaos it would seem 
and I wonder for a thousand times when will it gleam 
of laughter, of inspiration, as is deemed

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Nightmare's remnant

I don’t know if I’m alone
in this everlasting Hell.
I can’t be the only one who has grown
spending eternity in a mental cell?

In memory’s furthest horizon
my dreams were haunted
by terrors that now shadow day’s sun.
Repulsive images from nothing created.

Yet I have no fear of night.
Although chaos and exhaustion abound,
and mercy is nowhere in sight,
adaptation demands to stand ground.

If your life is split
when the sunlight fades,
your mind will easily permit
‘insanity’ to be dealt in spades.

When the dawn awakens
my slumber, I’m hesitant
to believe what my senses experience
are not part of nightmare’s remnant.

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REM Mode

In purple twilight of REM mode
where loss of reaction dwells.
Inner thoughts corrupt, corrode,
peaceful slumber, anxiety swells.

Eyes flutter trying to concentrate,
directing bodily forces, not there.
Focusing thought to force irate 
confrontation to the obtuse, fare.  

The scene comes and goes away,
we reach within our mind to grab it,
clinging, we emerge and sway,
between fact and fiction we emit.

Stop, let my true dream emerge,
Not some farcical, non real jam
woven from cognizant thought gurge.
Let me spin truth’s web of who I am.

® Sep 04 2010 Charles Henderson
Catagory: The dream of self
For Constance's "Fragmented Dream" contest

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fairy tale

You visited my dreams today
I could hardly remember the details
But you were there and you haven't changed
Then I knew it was only a fairy tale

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From deep down the twilight of memories
Her slender figure emerged so tall
Whispering the vows once we had made
The words of which I couldn't recall

My frozen heart was at once erupted
Into flames of passion incomparably strong 
Producing lava of fiery feelings and emotions 
That never thought that to me they belong 

I opened my arms with untold anticipation 
For her to come to fulfill our unrealized dream 
But my vision of her was unexpectedly vanished
Failing my agonizing soul from pain to redeem 


© Demetrios Trifiatis
   20 August 2014

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Paperback Writer

She waits tables everyday 
penning stories on her break;
Packing those tips far away
wondering what it will take

to create a paperback 
characters and adventure;
Never again plates to stack 
not work, it's only pleasure

Clocked out then its off to class
studying hard is the deal,
Hoping to more than just pass
her fantasy will be real;

Determined and with talent
all red eyed with all nighters,
seeing life after student 
soon a best selling writer

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Cold as ice ,
she tossed the dice
Knowing where she lay ,
all the sixes came in her way

Violet lips those noticeable blues, 
rosy roman ,important cues
That put on smile no one could miss
fighting that one evil hiss,

For who could curve up that line
when there were others all across in the opposite sign,

Wonder as you may the meaning of these words
but only those superior ones can understand,
those one in a million among their herds..

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The Ruba'iyat of Creteil Lake - Part Thirteen

The Ruba’iyat of Créteil Lake – Part Thirteen

Oh! Woe! Woe! On pubic islet the dirty deed’s done
Bloodied needle leaves stain the Zen-rock cobbled garden
The derelict torn womb spills seminal fluids on the ground
Fallopian tubes shredded by the elements count down

Her mons veneris rough-scaled and crushed by bombarding rams
The cicatrised wooden ramparts no more serving as soil dams
Not a lamina of palmate leaf even so much as shaking hands
Where the maple tree once swayed to vulva-lapping tom-toms

This soggy desolation of mud and gangrened charred rock
Three weeping willows drooping wan lifeless at the water mock
Where even the wild fowl desert the juicy period spoils
Tell-tale signs of the Lady Lake’s pilloried grief in stock

Where the surgeon’s thrusting irons reigned now stands the shiny 
Three dark as dungeons evergreens bear lurid witness knowledge
Of an unwholesome demonic deed done to the locked-in Dame
Look! That Ancient Bard of Nishapur will surely acknowledge!

Hark! The tulip-lipped Lass from Lahore walks downcast on stones!
The Maiden of the Main lifts her head to utter bye-bygones!
Pale Ol’ Khayyam still roams dreaming of the Dame of the Lake!
Yet the foul deed still resounds up to the highest heavens! 

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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I dream of better times

I think of you often seems every single day.
I see pieces of myself in the words you say.
The snowflakes start falling as I wonder why.
I see that there is no one luckier than I.

I look in your eyes and then see into your soul.
The glitters they possess make me feel whole.
I hear what you say and dawn a smile,
With you beside me I can see for miles.

I dream of the day when we shall meet.
I walk for a while and then take a seat.
I drift off to somewhere inside my heart.
You are right here though we are apart.

I think to myself I have much to be thankful for.
As the future is revealed I see what is in store.
I see us together standing hand in hand,
While time slip away like grains of sand.
I know in my heart I shall never be alone.
You have made my house into a home
I dream of better times yet to come,
With love in my heart I offer you some.

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I Dream of a Girl

I dream of a girl To caress my world Gracing my eyes As our future swirls I dream of a girl To share in my life Partners and lovers To relieve my strife I dream of a girl To share my sights Performing to forms Entwined in our writes I dream of a girl To make a new start Sharing my nights Opening my heart I dream of a girl As I awake the next day My dreams have been answered For beside me she lays

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The Ruba'iyat of Creteil Lake - Part Eight

The Ruba’iyat of Créteil Lake – Part Eight

At her feet gather daily plumage dark white to brown leather
Pigeons geese crows sparrows larks and wild ducks in sunset colour
And the resident owners of the waters by the fleet
The snow-white swan-lake ships gliding majestic in clover

Every day come older women with children or decrepit
With sling bags stuffed with golden crumbs of yesterday’s baguette
Some Berber women with sacks of semolina for couscous
All to seek good works at her feet where waves lap up and beat

Where the lazy louts of the spoilt winged clans wait on one leg
Pretend to keep an appointment though not to seem to beg
By rushing to providers with an air: hail dope well met!
Till some Labrador runs amuck just missing a juicy leg

Just then on that well-worn wooden bridge past the portcullis
Did Old Khayyam steal in a glance a wisp of a form bliss
Doe-eyed leaning on the rail in a gossamer negligee
The infinitely lamented thing that’s this lady all miss

Once more the Lass from Lahore lifts her dark diamond eyes
The breeze softly displaces the cowlick from vision’s disguise
Does she espy the Bard strain his thoughts fingers through his beard
While the Dreamer Dame of the lake leaves without much choice!
              © T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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An Entreaty to Sleep

Come to me, Sleep. Please let me drink 
Of the sweet silver essence that brings us our dreams.
All that I seek is a restful respite
From Reality's bite and its deafening screams.

Envelop me quickly--take me away,
 trap me in starlight that glitters and gleams.
Hide all my thoughts from the tedious day;
Lead me to Heaven on shining moonbeams.

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The history of man,
Like rocks turning to sand,
Slips through our fingers
As we grasp in desperation.

Covert con-artists
Mold new stones
To replace the ones
Crumbling as we slumber.

Grays yield 
To stark black and white
As people dream of Truth
In “wrong” and “right.”

Blinded by the sleight of hand
That shows us
What we want to see
Rather than the shades of truth.

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I dream of spring

With winter upon me I start to dream of spring.
Though my senses feel numb I can’t feel anything.
I remember the sun its rays could warm the soul.
Though the cold of winter is still taking its toll.

I remember the scent of flowers clinging in the air.
Where once it was barren the grass shall grow there.
The trees begin to blossom as they come alive.
The beauty surrounds in every direction I drive.

I hear the bird singing they seem to rejoice.
The enjoyment of life seems to be the only choice.
 They gather up twigs to construct a new nest.
They work until dark and then they do rest.

The days grow much longer I see so much light.
 It seems like a beacon to guide me from night.
The sun grows strong and everything grows.
The warmth can be felt as a gentle breeze blows.

I feel my spirit grows I think I can fly.
I just spread my wings and take to the sky.
 I look down to see all the world down below
The seeds that were planted are starting to grow.

I see spring much like a return of the senses
Nature agrees, it becomes a general consensus.
The dream seem so real I can taste it in the air.
 Winter shall fade and spring senses shall fare.

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free cee THE FU-KING END

                THE F*CKING END

One night last night I dreamed it was the last night
I mean the f*cking finale, baby, I mean the end
i'm talking about fire, fear and being filled with fright
i'm talking about an end no one can defend

i'm finished with the dreams that steal my breath
they plague me nightly with horrid scenes
rather than to keep on dreaming i'd rather choose death
although sometimes it's difficult to decipher what every dream means

last night I dreamed last night's dream was my last dream
the last time I would visit night time's abode
but the next morning I would be awoken by a scream
and quaking would be every street, avenue and road

last night I dreamed that there was peace at last
no more bombs, no more rifles or gun
the future was about to become the past
when the moon doused the stars and the sun

last night, as it turned out, wasn't the end
and we will survive to discover what lies beyond the bend
there will still be tyrants with tyrannical ways by the score
and that's why, as for my damnable dreams, there will still be more
    © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~ 

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I had a dream that I met a lady who I once upon a night had dreamed of

Back when I still dreamed of landing in love

In the dream I was me and she was the she who knew I was immaculately in love with she
And likewise she with me
At dream’s begin ‘twas magic meant
With sundry and sultry signals sent
Voluptuous vitality vexed me well
And oh my heart so beat to swell

In the dream there were gifts she gave with grace and glee aglow
And all the secrets sensed by she I no longer had need to stow

Months and years passed by so fast
And yet her beauty still left I so quite aghast
But sometimes the sweetest wine, by time, is aged too long and sour turns the grape
While time by torment is meant to do more than rape
And fades the fascination
When darkens the delight of sensual satisfaction
And dead is all the wonder delight once came to deem
And I, in an encapsulating bed, voice to thank an angel that it was but a dream
    © 2012 copyright PHREEPOETREE… cee!~

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The Ruba'iyat of Creteil Lake - Part Five

The Ruba’iyat of Créteil Lake – Part Five

All day she toiled to keep her knees and busts in position
The Mairie’s serrated metal-hearted spool of derision
And the glinting fly-eye cutaways of the Prefecture
She who must mind her own onions during dutiful mission:

Let school-children slap her lolling belly with oars’ un-silence
Let schools of swan swipe and furrow her concupiscence
Let darting coots and grebes play hide and seek in eddying depths
And let cyclists and dogged runners trample her dire patience

And when the day’s work at last done prepares the earned shower
Lo! a canopy as dark and dense as the Afro bowler
Pulls the shroud down on her: dismal soot round the white of eye
Resplendent sings the gilded orange band: sunsets in clover

Restless parent coots cleave the face on the dream-lidded Lady’s
Surge with rage to ward off stray swans from their young amidst 
During some purdah couples’ chance of enlacement in the dark
And the long breathless night returns to her adenoids

She dreams the dreams of precious princesses warding off demons 
Her dreams fester in her clasp and spiral up to heavens
In musk infused melodious gestures buoyed on lotuses
Release streams of ruby wines from lutes strum by virgin maidens! 

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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The Ruba'iyat of Creteil Lake - Part Seven

The Ruba’iyat of Créteil Lake – Part Seven

The balding weeping willow by the Prefecture Gate’s railings
There where on drowsy summer’s day gather swan and goslings
To unfurl and let fan the crisp ensconced feathery quills
Litter and scum frothing in a creepy morass of leavings

Yarrow stalk mats faded leaves sticking to twigs and branches
Skewered tins dead fish collapsed beer cans plastic bags bottles
Shredded rags browned-off yesteryear’s papers broken toys turds
All fizzing curdling in unholy pot au feu stenches

There where her knee-cap juts round the firemen’s helicopter pad
Along the shin-wobbling cobbled promenade laid rough shod
Signs of her sick bowels cling to the nostrils and sticky soles
Or is she with baby taken her tummy heavy with pod

Had old Khayyam goosed her during abandoned sleep numbness
Caring less for her image than her breeding will confess
Or did she dream immaculate conception to walk the plank
Even before returning cranes cross over to Loch Ness

Alas! Deep in her longing quest the lone siluroid dreams
More than all the poetasters of Isphahan Khayyam convenes
The sun at four burns sickly upon her breast and collar bones
Woe to the Damsel in distress the Poet forsakens!

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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The Ruba'iyat of Creteil Lake - Part Six

The Ruba’iyat of Créteil Lake- Part Six

Awake! Dour Dreamer! And draw the curtain of benumbing clouds
Fairies hover by ears to whisper mantras dispelling doubts
Already unheeding magpies cluck rudely tongue-in-beak
And trans-continental flights from Orly pierce through rain clouds

Good hour or two has gone by since Metro Lac broke loose
Gardiens de paix drive into the buckle of her tresses noose
Barnacle geese strut at her feet preening proud feathers sleek
Mullahs wash their feet by fountains gushing djellaba loose

Murmuring Berber prayers from cowed heads rise to the skies
While lyceen innocence dries up on loud tutored lies
Do hotel beds lost in arbours get bought for sleep or trysts
Stompings on her esplanade nose-bridge: she frets and defies

Wake the dreamer of unwholesome dreams and set the hour right!
How long lone and stricken chained beneath the main tight!
“What ails thee beneath thy furrowed frown! O! Prisoner of sin!”
The tent-maker’s son still roams with galaxies drifting plight!

“Lift that gorgeous head just once: let us see those laser flashes
That make this lake look thunder-struck even through sun-glasses!”
Fitful sparrows in hedges and eaves seek not to share her thoughts
Oblivious Mall shoppers let slip lone tears from her gashes.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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The Rambling of a pen

Why dose the thought of god
Bring us tranquility
Why does the loss of control
Bring us harmony

Is it the Hands of God we fear?
	Hands that smite and take
Is it the Hands God we love?
	Hands that create

Is there a throne in the afterlife?
	Or is it a thought of men
Is there a throne in paradise?
	Or is to question it a sin

Shall we rest upon the clouds		
	To sleep in heavens peace
Shall it be a peaceful slumber		
I hope it will never cease

Shall I dream of this a little longer	
Until I see the face of God
Shall it be as the preachers say	
 My heart seems so flawed

Why don’t I dream of God
No care for his face
Why am I forlorn to doom
In this fated place

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Distantly dreaming

Distantly dreaming of a life that has passed
Running and dodging the shadows it cast.
Life flies by, seems it moves way too fast
I hope this feeling grows and that it shall last.

Distantly dreaming of moments yet to come
I envision myself outside standing in the sun.
I see who I am and dream of who I shall become
The weight on my shoulders, it feels like a ton.

Distantly dreaming I just close my eyes
I see myself flying so high in the sky.
Moment like the breeze simply pass by
I feel there is no one luckier than I.

Distantly dreaming of reaching new heights
I give it my best it shall take all my might.
The past is behind but it has taken a big bite
A cold wind awakens as I pass into the night.

Distantly dreaming I just wish on a star
I see this big moon and it doesn’t seem far.
The light shines down to reveal who you are
I shall jump higher, for someone raised the bar.

Distantly dreaming I’m right back at the start
I’ve seen it before so I remember the part.
I see all before me with this dream in my heart
The memories become the glue so I don’t fall apart.

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Looking Down Into the Valley

                                                       Looking Down Into the Valley

                                                     Looking down into the valley,
                                                     I close my eyes and dream.
                                                     I dream about a different world
                                                     For things are not as good as they may seem.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where there’s peace and harmony,
                                                     A world with much less violence
                                                     And much less conflict for all to see.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where all can make ends meet,
                                                     A world with much less hunger
                                                     And one where starvation we defeat.

                                                     I dream about a world 
                                                     Where there’s love for me and you,
                                                     A world where people care
                                                     And are helpful to others, too.

                                                     Looking down into the valley,
                                                     I dream about a better day,
                                                     A day that brings us joy
                                                     And happiness in every way.

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Lines in the sand


I wake this morning, not sure where to start.
I just feel this void that’s inside of my heart.
I must still go on, yet don’t know if I can.
Sometimes I get lost, I don’t know who I am.

The sun comes up and brings forth light.
I feel fortunate to have escaped the night.
The dream keeps playing inside my head.
The signals are changing from green to red.

I know I must dream for them to come true.
Demons still haunt, though night time is through.
I feel like a stranger in some distant land.
As I bend down to draw a line in the sand.

Each time I draw one I say never again.
I see the last time and remember when.
I keep crossing over, yet don’t understand,
The wind blows erasing the line in the sand.

So I try to hold on to what does remain.
Though it's familiar it can’t be the same.
I wonder of life and playing this game.
I grasp for the answers yet know I’m to blame.

I resign to the fact I must be just tired.
I gaze at the clock my time has expired.
Many things don’t turn out as I had planned.
I bend down to draw another line in the sand.

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Have you ever had a dream
You'd wish it was true
You wake up in the morning
And you don't know what to do
The dream stays with you
Throughout the day long
You keep thinking it's true
Was it you that went wrong
You dream the same dream
Night after night
Then you think to yourself
Well, maybe I was right
You can always try
To find the right key
The dream will come true
If you just let it be

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Lifeboat bright  on  its modern track
Like shining star   in the early  dawn
Confronts  the eroded view of the wreck -
Once was  whole,   now all gone

Pristine cliffs  and  innocent  cottage  face,                 
The welcoming harbour  arms  of yesterday :
Thru   an  unrecognizable shell of a  place
Roads   have   raped  their  ruinous  way.

There’s no recapturing   past with  dignity.  
Real  or  unreal, to  half-forget,  half-recall -
Leave   the  ducks unspoiled in memory
In  a  dream  lifeboat  ‘gainst  the squall.

Note :  *  Cullercoats is a small fishing village on the seacoast of England, much spoiled
from modern redevelopment.

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FREE CEE eyes cried awake


I had a dream that I met a lady who I once upon a night had dreamed of

Back when I still dreamed of landing in love

In the dream I was me and she was the she who knew I was wantonly in love with she
And likewise she with me
At dream’s begin ‘twas magic meant
With sundry and sultry signals sent
Voluptuous vitality vexed me well
And oh my heart so beat to swell

In the dream there were gifts she gave with grace and glee aglow
And all the secrets sensed by she I no longer had need to stow

Months and years passed by so fast
And yet her beauty still left I so quite aghast
But sometimes the sweetest wine, by time, is aged too long and sour turns the grape
While time by torment is meant to do more than rape
And fades the fascination
When darkens the delight of sensual satisfaction
And dead is all the wonder delight once came to deem
And I, in an encapsulating bed, voice to thank an angel that it was but a dream
    © 2009… cee!

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Sun Wishes

Sunlight enters through the distant dirty window
As the afternoon calls eagerly from behind the glass
Work knows I am bound, but yet I am dreaming
Of the departure from this destitute cell, at last

I wake each morning unto the moon’s blanket
Never walking through the day with its glaring sun
Oh, to dream of leaving to see and feel the sunlight
But, yet it descends and the moon again has won

For winter days of work allow no time for the sunshine
Only mornings filled with darkness and nighttime the same
But, I dream of being out among the many in daylight
Lauding the sun on my face, while screaming acclaim

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Dream House

I promised I would do it  
  And this promise I have kept.
I’ve built your giant dream house
  And I started with the steps.

The bricks that were laid,
  Are in a beautiful sequence.
They’re precious yet so perfect,
  With a elegant privacy fence.

It may have too many windows,
  And not quite enough doors.
The biggest house you’ve seen
  Is truly and all yours.

Now the time’s come for you,
  To sit right by the man.
‘Cause I built your dream house,
  And made it out of sand.

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Whispering Winds

Whispering winds, from where did you come?
Did you come here to entice and excite?
Were you the thought of one sent to another
to gently seduce, in the night?

Whispering winds, where do you go
after you affect all of us here?
Are you just that, lingering about,
ready to drive us to tears?

Whispering winds, don’t go so fast,
I need you to speak to my friend.
She needs the whisper in her ears
and here’s the message I’d like to send

Just close your eyes, oh lovely one,
let the wind whisper to your soul.
Dream your sweet dreams, dream on and on
and let yourself lose control.

Come back to earth another day,
just so you can dream again.
When you need to hear my words,
the whispering winds I will send.

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This Knight

Dream on, fair maiden, your bosom heaves
as you sleep and dream your dreams.
I’ve been watching and protecting you
for a lifetime now, it seems.

This knight, I am, I stand and guard
your entrance to your room.
Fear not, sweet maiden, for I will try
to one day be your groom.

Then I will not stand so idly by
and watch you while you sleep.
For I will share this bed with you
and offer my love, so deep.

I would stay within the tower,
I would suffer in pain for you.
I would then break the bonds that hold
just to show all my love, so true.

So, dream on, fair maiden, through the night,
dream of happiness, not of sorrow.
I will be right here from now own
and for every waking tomorrow.

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Behind You

 All around my emotions flow
 To pain, sadness or the end
 Their shining lights stay aglow
 To make you smile again 

 I’ll laugh to keep you going
 While I cry for you inside 
 I’ll be here if you need me
 I’ll stand right by your side 

 With haste my fantasies run
 To darkness, folly or a sin
 Their burning fires light the Sun
 With a strength I can’t comprehend
 I’ll close my eyes and forget reality
 I’ll dream for you, of summer days 
 I’ll sleep awhile, a little longer 
 And I’ll keep the Sun ablaze
 With trust I give you my heart 
 May it be broken, twisted or bent
 I’ll be behind you from the start
 And right to the very end 

 I’ll smile to keep you happy
 I’ll dream for you each night 
 I’ll wish on every star I see
 And I’ll pray you’ll be all right
 I’ll love so you don't need to
 I’ll let you choose the rules
 You treat it like the game it should be
 And I’ll hope you never lose

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Sweet dreams, oh tender one
Let your heart control your mind
Dare not dream of frightful things
Dream this eve, of love to find

Let night blanket your true beauty
As eyes fall closed upon your face
Dream that dream that you so often
Dare to dream, of sweet embrace

Let not the daylight then awake you
Stay lost in dreams as much you can
I promise, there, to meet you this night
As dreamland beckons us again

Upon awake, as your eyes open
Take with you a thought this day
Remember then, the dream you had
Smile until, again we play

For dreams they come to us each eve
As we rest our heads on pillows, white
Until I see you there, oh tender one
I wish to tell you, have a great night