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Quatrain Christmas Poems | Quatrain Poems About Christmas

These Quatrain Christmas poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Quatrain Christmas poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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After Christmas 2014 - In the Moment

The time is after midnight, and I’m in the moment, thinking how another Christmas has come and gone. My spouse and I are tucked in bed, warm and cozy. Outside, white beauty coldly blankets our front lawn. Snickers, our new dog, sleeps peacefully between us. The cat creeps up beside me now. How I love her! How trusting are these creatures God gives us - how pure! Our cat lies down by Snickers. I hear her soothing purr. The visit with our daughter and her family was nice. With gifts, glad hearts and tummies full, we traveled home. More memories to cherish; the old year passes. In the moment - grateful - I finish with this poem. Written right before bed 12/26/14 by andrea Dietrich For the "In the Moment" Poetry Contest of PD

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A Christmas Snow

It is Christmas Eve, all preparations for the day are done,
My hand grabs the doorknob as I step out to take a stroll,
On this peaceful night the village is silent, and I see no one,
Walking under the warm glow of a decorated streetlight pole.

I stand and gaze at the windows of the house next door,
Where a tree glows with bubble lights and tinsel strands,
Three stockings holding wishes, await over the fire's roar,
A scene straight from a dream, so wonderful and grand.

Glancing upwards, as the clouds glide across the moon,
Silver stars are out mingling with the drifting snowflakes,
A sight to enjoy here and now, for morning will be here soon,
A beautiful Christmas memory, deep in my heart to take.

Only one car comes up the street, as I walk along our lane,
Just a friendly snowman is there to greet me with a hello,
I stop, adjust his top hat, and reposition his pipe and cane,
This cold-hearted man has made a child smile, I know.

My ears lead me to the street corner where carolers sing,
As those old familiar notes drift towards me on the air,
More sounds seem to awaken as the bells distantly ring,
I felt nothing but a warming glow as I was standing there.

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Christmas Magic

The magic came to Christmas Day when shepherds first were told, When wise men brought their frankincense, their myrrh and gifts of gold, When heaven opened wide its gates and angels came to sing; For in a manger on the hay, lay Christ, the newborn king. I found it first at Grandma's house, so many years ago, When she prepared her Christmas treats and Grandpa seemed to glow. The house was full of warmth and love, so sweet, so pure and real; And what I cherish most of all, that Christmas magic feel. It's in the music, on the air; just turn the dial to find Inspiring songs that sing of peace, goodwill to all mankind. They sing their praises unto God and spread their Christmas cheer, And everywhere the songs are sung, they find an opened ear. Its clamor, sparkle, warmth and hope, of which we try to write In pretty lines of words and rhymes that never sound just right, Can best be seen in children's eyes when they awake to see What Santa Claus has brought and placed beneath the lighted tree. The magic feel returns each year with warmth on coolish nights, With memories steeped in seasons passed, in songs and blinking lights, At Grandma's house, her Christmas treats, aromas rich and spiced; To recognize the best in man, and honor Jesus Christ.

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As Christmas beckons with season of cheer I recall how we met, a hallway outside Year Nineteen-Eighty in a film's premiere; Offering your neck- scarf, we gently smiled. Flurries drifted while in haste I agreed, Invite for tea as we watched the moon fade 'Till season’s next, nuptial joy pealed At 25, a mistletoe crocheted. Tonight, the lights reflect your willow eyes Bestowing grace from Magi stars above Flashback of theme songs yearns for unity; Enduring a year of departed love. The holidays cloak time; you hum my name From spring's past budding to December’s snow, Alone, I toast reveries etched on life’s acclaim Kisses missed from my long- gone mistletoe. Kelly Deschler's Christmas Past, Present or Future ~based on my aunt's experience 1/03/2015

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My Christmas Gift to All Soupers

The Story of the Nativity in Rhyme

The night was cold, the journey long
The stars were shining bright,
As Joseph and Mary neared Bethlehem
On that wondrous night

The small town lights guided them
The rest of the weary way,
Joseph pondered in his heart
If they’d find a place to stay

Mary, weary from the road,
Needed to rest a while
Thoughts of baby soon to come,
Bought to her face a smile

Donkey plodded on and on,
His head was hanging low
Wherever his master led him
He would gladly go

Though travelers searched everywhere,
No room could be found
Bethlehem was a busy place
With strange sights and sounds

Joseph came to the last inn,
And prayed he’d find a place
He didn’t like the tired look
He saw on Mary’s face

The innkeeper shook his head,
And nearly closed the door,
There just wasn’t any place
To take one traveler more

On a nearby silent hill, shepherds
Kept watch all night long
When suddenly they came to hear
A glorious angel song

Then they all fell to the ground
As angles hovered near
They hid their faces for their hearts,
Were filled with awful fear

So that night in manger poor,
They welcomed the new King
Little knowing as they bowed,
The hope and joy He’d bring

And then much to Mary’s surprise
There came from distant land,
Three wise men to see her son,
Each with a gift in hand

At his tiny feet were laid
Myrrh, frankincense and gold
The manger was filled on that night
With peace and joy untold

What can YOU give to show your love
To the King of Kings tonight?
What do you think will bring Him joy
And bring to Him delight?

Does Jesus want a precious gift,
Of beauty and wealth untold?
Do you think it’ll make Him glad 
To receive your gift of gold?

There IS something that is dear,
For the greatest gift, you see
Is when with love you say to Him
"Jesus, Take all of me"

Christmas Nativity Play
Written by Eileen Manassian Ghali
Nicosia, Cyprus

Please check out my latest blog. I also have links to two lovely songs that will bring your heart joy during this season. God bless! :)
Year: 2,000

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Christmas Love

Christmas Love Tinsel, glitter, angel hair, A fresh-cut evergreen tree, Colored balls and lights that glare Help to foster Christmas glee. Bright-wrapped presents, large and small, Jingling bells and Christmas songs, Cold, crisp air and Santa's call— This, to Christmas time belongs. But this is just the outer wrapping On a gift much more divine, That may become a real trapping If we do not read the sign, “Before Christmas, open dear, Hold it up for all to see, Spread it round throughout the year, Let it flow so pure and free”. Keep unwrapped this gift called Love, Buried under cards and bows, The gift that came down from above... Christmas Love—outshines, outglows! © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Jingle Bells

Christmas shopping I will go
Red kettles at department stores
Sidewalks covered in snow
Bell-ringers spreading Christmas joy

Volunteers bring Christmas cheers
Give a dollar or two or more
For the needy the bells ring clear
Red kettles need to be filled

Goodwill is in the air
Giving donations is what it's about
For those in despair
It's the Christmas sharing and giving part

"Jingle Bells" for Kim's contest

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O Holy Night

O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid?
O holy night the inn was full,
A stable near at hand;
O night of prophecies fulfilled
When Caesar taxed the land.

O holy night the shepherds watched
Their flocks upon the field,
And, lo, the angel of the Lord
With glory was revealed.
"Fear not, behold, I bring to you
Good tidings full of joy;
For unto you is born this day
A Saviour as a boy."

Then suddenly the sky was lit
By angels filled with mirth,
Proclaiming glory unto God
And peace to all the earth.
The shepherds said among themselves,
"To Bethlehem we'll go;
For something great is come to pass
And this we wish to know."

They came and found the newborn babe
With Joseph and his bride;
When they had seen, this news they spread
Throughout the countryside,
And all that heard did wonder great
At things the shepherds told;
But Mary pondered all these things 
Within her heart of gold.

O holy night when God was praised,
O night when hope returned;
O night when angels spake aloud
And skies with glory burned:
O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid? 

~ Based on Luke 2:7-20 ~ 
~Written for "Here We Go A Caroling".~

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center>Flurries swayed on brocade of her white gown
'Twas Christmas eve...year twenty o' nine's frost nips;
A face gleamed as ribbons wrapped around
on spray of orchids clutched by fingertips.

She paced a walk along the chapel aisle,
Rhapsody of music hummed of new life
While he...ordained by fate, parted a smile
Exchanging oaths so warm, man to housewife.

The hallway roused with cheer and merriment
December groom held spouse for rounds of waltz
And best man huffed, “Jill , don’t nag for the rent ;
Sean, always laugh at her jokes with applause.”

Five moons after, a child with her back turned
Lifted wrappers from toy-bouquets, mid- air,
'Twas Christmas...  their daughter's flushed grin confirmed
The past magic of wedded bliss;  love’s flair!

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Twas The Night Before Christmas

"Twas The Night Before Christmas" 'twas the night before Christmas day Angel voices rehearsing sinners preparing brand new way as "Good News" began dispersing. blue indigo sky glowing starlight to guide three wise men to new babe by one brilliant star beaming so bright welcome, Christ the King, who would save. on a cold Christmas Eve of snow shepherds adored in straw stable His humble birth would greatness grow the Word made flesh is no fable. 'twas the night before Christmas morn peace on Earth good will to all at midnight the Son of God born Merry Christmas who follow His call. *For Kim Merryman's Here We Go Caroling Contest.

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This Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s been a decade, even more,
Since I had one long rest,
When I could happily relax
Forgetting that I’m stressed.

I want a cruise, an awesome cruise
On a luxury ship
Down South America’s warm coast
And then around its tip!

In fact, I’d travel all the world
While taking my sweet time,
But such a thing I’d need to do
On someone else’s dime!!

This perfect Christmas gift, however,
I may never get. . . 
I’ll keep on dreaming of it, though,
Because I’m not dead yet!

For The Perfect Christmas Gift Contest of Deb Wilson

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My Memories Of Christmas

Hearing the jingling bells of Santa's sleigh,
Hanging silver tinsel on the tree for trim,
My cousin and I going sledding all day,
Reading the story of Scrooge and Tiny Tim.

Building a house made of spicy gingerbread,
And hearing a Bing Crosby Christmas tune,
Leaving out cookies before going to bed,
Seeing eight tiny reindeer flying by the moon.

Santa Claus bringing toys down our chimney,
Almost every house twinkling with lights,
Cutting down a fresh, pine Christmas tree,
Hanging antique ornaments, so shiny and bright.

Grandma and I baking my favorite cookies,
Shopping for Christmas gifts in every store,
A fireplace with a stocking hung just for me,
And singing Christmas carols at every door.

My hometown covered in glistening, white snow,
And the sweet, minty taste of a candy cane,
Presents containing treasures we wouldn't know,
And drawing snowflakes on a frosty window pane.

My Mom making a snowman, as perfect as can be,
Decking the halls with garlands, wreaths and more,
Whispering wishes to Santa, sitting on his knee,
And the excitement we all had the night before.

December 12th, 2013

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my saddest christmas ever

my saddest christmas ever
has'nt came to be
but in a very few days
it will happen to me

the presents i thought of
will never be bought
the gifts and decorations
have all come to naught

the love i wished to happen
won't happen this christmas day
because the one i loved the most
has sadly passed away

so i have yet to greive
on that wonderful occasion
no one will love me
with such dedication

my heart has need to give
that special kind of love
but with no one to give it to
my heart it seems stopped up

i can only imagin
the fun we would have shared
exchanging our silly presents
showing how much we cared

going out shopping
will be a lonely task
there won't be anyone there
for me to share romance

but still i'll spend this christmas
with her on my mind
i wish she were here
we would have had a good time

so this will surely be
my saddest christmas ever
will my saddness ever leave
my heart keeps saying never

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Christmas Time's Around the Bend

The time has come to string the lights and decorate the tree, Fix-up the barn an' house a mite for all the folks to see, Cause Christmas time's around the bend, an' Santa's underway A-makin' toys for girls an' boys, an' gifts to fill his sleigh. The widder Jones, from down the road, her cook-stove's bellerin' smoke, She makes tamales ever year for passin' city-folk. But through the year she cusses 'em for just a-passin' by, An' raisin’ dust she’s gotta to sweep when that ol' road is dry. The school put on their annual play and that turned into fun. They cast my nephew as the babe; he played the Holy Son! The Wise Men never had a chance. They got a real surprise, When baby Jesus tossed his milk an' caught one in the eyes. But ever year I'm still amazed by changes folks can make, Like Mister Groves, a stubborn coot I'd often like to shake. He turns a leaf at Christmas time, an' acts just like a saint, He'll drive to town an' do for folks that's crippled, sick an' cain't. On Christmas Day, the kids in town get stockings filled with loot. For some it's still a mystery but it's that "stubborn coot". I saw him late one Christmas Eve a-tendin' to the chore; For ever kid, in ever house, he left one at the door. It never snows on Christmas Day, it's mostly never missed. No sleighs to ride or sleds to slide, the things could fill a list, But there's no other place on Earth at any time of year That holds a light to what we have, the people livin' here. We've shared our lives an' memories, each dream, desire an' plan. We've touched each other ever way that God designed for man. With all their strengths and weaknesses, we love 'em still the same When Christmas time's around the bend, an' times that have no name.

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Sheer Shopping Madness

You're off and running once again The day has hardly begun The electronics store, the big box stores Remember when shopping was fun? You're out of breath thinking about it Heart's pumping a mile a minute You try to check out your harried brain But you can't find anything in it! So there you go, you're on your way Your mind is all a-flutter Careful now, watch where you're going You almost stepped in the gutter! Your eyes are glazed and tearing up With a look that's totally blank Sure hope your purchases are covered With enough dough in the bank! Your tiny brain is filled to the top With a myriad of important thoughts Then finally the shopping is over And every present is bought! All shopped out so now you plop In your comfortable easy chair The madness is finally behind you As your snoring fills the air! © Jack Ellison 2012

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If You're Not Here With Me

My white Christmas dreams had come true,
As the dim twilight began to close in,
Then my winter wonderland faded to blue,
I was lonesome with no happiness within.

On a Christmas night, so lonely and blue,
Surrounded by four decked, empty walls,
Sitting by the tree, just thinking about you,
As white snowflakes continued to fall.

As the pine tree twinkled with brilliant light,
My smile was lost, nowhere to be found,
Though the ornaments were shining bright,
I missed your warmth, not presently around.

Pretty, paper packages of red and green, 
Are there, anticipating you at my door,
The crackling fireside, cheerful and serene,
Just as it was, the Christmas before.

I long for your kiss under the mistletoe,
So, how sad and lonely would I be,
Looking out at that faded blue snow,
If you're not here with me?

Written by : Kelly Deschler
For Giorgio V.'s contest - "A Song Inspires A Poem"
My poem was inspired by the song, "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley

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Flurries sway on brocade of her pinkish gown
It’s Christmas night, breath rising from fresh lips,
A graceful face looks on as tinsels surround
Bouquet of orchids clutched by fingertips.

She paces a walk down through a chapel aisle,
Rhapsody of carols hums of new life
While he, entranced by rare sight parts a smile
Exchanging oaths so warm, man to bride-wife.

The hallway rouses with cheer and merriment
December groom takes spouse for glides of waltz
And best man toasts, “Jane, don’t nag for the rent ;
Sean, always laugh at her old jokes with applause.”

After chimes for kisses ring, her back turns
Unfurling bouquet of orchids, mid- air
A catch huddled by one whose fate confirms
Same magic of a wedded bliss;  love’s flair!


Shadow's Contest:Getting Married at Christmas...
by nette onclaud

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A time to love*
A time to care
A time to give
A time to share

To think of the needy
To think of the poor
To think of the homeless
To think of the cure   

To hug the lonely  
To attend the sick
To cheer the hopeless
To cuddle the meek

The Christ is coming
The Christ is born
Our hearts we open
Our souls we adorn! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  17 DECEMBER 2014

*ATTENTION: This poem was posted on the 17th of December and
was very well received ( 14 comments, 140 visits) unfortunately my
computer deleted it therefore I repost it to keep it with the rest of my
poems. I am sorry. Thank you! 

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Christmas Tree

Oh the Christmas tree
standing ever stout.
Hear the children’s glee
when they search you out. 

In the wood you stand
evergreen crisp spice.
Branches stretch; expand
beauty to entice.

Atop star will shine
for shepherds to see.
Telling birth divine  
guiding wise men three.

Oh the Christmas tree 
with arms spread real wide.
Lovely sight you’ll be
when you’re brought inside.

Copyright © 2008 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Happy Birthday Jesus

I finally get it. 	
It has nothing to do with me. 
I opened the eyes in my heart
and now I truly see.

I know that I'll be locked up
and that I wont get a toy.
But my heart is beating like a drum
and it's drumming in the Christmas joy.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Thank you Father for your Son.
The gift of my salvation
after my time on earth is done.

What an awesome present.
There isn't anything I want more.
I asked Him to come into my heart	
and He walked right through the door.

I was feeling sad and lonely.
It's hard to be happy here in jail.
But when I think of Jesus' Birthday. 
It makes me smile without fail.

Merry Christmas everybody!
I hope you feel it too.
If you've got the bah humbugs.
It's not about me or you.

It's about our Lord Jesus.
The gift that everyone can share.
God gave to us His only Son.
So let Him know how much you care.

I wrote this one Christmas when I 
was in jail and thought I lost it
but there it was in my memory.
Merry X-mas everyone and God Bless you.

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Jingle Bells

Jinglebells, jinglebells, jingle.
I can hear their gentle ringing.
Christmas music makes me tingle.
Choralers at front door singing.

Christmas cheer, Christmas cheer, cheering.
Hustle and rustle and tussle,
Christmas noises are endearing.
Join in the Christmas bustle.

Church bells ringing, children singing,
Telling the old Christmas story.
Angels in Heaven are bringing
Praises for Him in his Glory.

Christmas noise, Christmas noise, Christmas
All part of the Christmas time show.
Here to Panama of Isthmus
It's Christmas where ever we go.

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Truly Blessed

I stand at the brink of Christmas
Wondering how it will be
It's not just about Santa
Or a decorated tree

Certainly not the shopping
Waiting in all those long lines
It seems the Savior's Birthday
Has escaped so many minds

It's nice to have traditions
Sipping egg nog by the fire
Yet if we take a moment
Our thoughts can go much higher

Not just some fairy tale
Like a reindeer and red nose
Instead the Birth of Jesus
In a manger with swaddling clothes

So let us join with angels
Celebrate this great event
God's Son taking human form
A gift that was Heaven sent

Amidst all of the glitter
We forget the honored guest
If he sits at our table
The day will truly be blessed

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A Christmas Wish in a Poem

Hey Santa, to tell you the truth, I feel a bit strange
It seems like it’s been eons since I sat upon your lap
I hope you don’t mind as this may cause you some strain!
I’ve been busy playing your role- merely filling in the gap

So you see, I’m really grateful for this time to spend with you
My Christmas wish is for our children; countless, around the world
I wish that they’d be given half the chance, a peaceful life to ensue
And may each, aptly recall that good choices do extol

May it be written upon their hearts that patience saves the day
Tomorrow will come eventually along with its concerns
That honesty and loyalty are virtues to display
Pray God for grace and wisdom, and the knowledge to discern

There may come a time when they may doubt their worth; comparing lives
However, give them assurance, that worth is not measured by monetary gain
That happiness is not for sale; to love your neighbor each must strive
And mistakes will be made, along the way; it’s called ‘growing pains’


For Michael's "A Christmas Wish in A Poem" Contest

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A Christmas Tradition

So many traditions run deep in all of our families, And each holiday calls for a memorable and worthy gathering. At Christmas, one tradition fills our hearts with glee! When caught up in the season of joy; sadness, never harboring! We find that it matters not whether a leaf has fallen from our tree, And sailed on angels' wings to join the celebration above. We reminisce of yesteryears assured their spirits are free... Free from turmoil and chaos; free to taste purest love. High upon the Christmas tree, there, amongst sparkling colored balls; Tucked between precious old ornaments and brilliant, festive lights, Hang these amazing balls of glass; bearing the names of all. They're protected by the extra padded skirt made of satin- red and white Time will not dissolve memories or the love and affection which flows, When kindred spirits, on Christmas morn, gather to hear the sacred story. We’d recall the prudent sayings; simple stories that nurture, still, our souls, While in harmony, young ones and old, celebrate God’s majestic glory! ~*~
Note: For the Contest, "Traditions" 12/11 *Ist Place

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It's the night before Christmas,
And I and the cat,
Patrol the house,
In search of that,

Which could cause harm,
To kith or kin,
Though the job is mine,
The cat is my friend,

So he comes along,
To help where he can,
And we have devised,
A workable plan.

He'll give the call,
If he sees something strange,
And I'll come a-runnin',
That's what we've arranged.

The war cry he gives,
Is a terrible screech,
And I have to admit,
It gives me the creeps.

One night 'bout this time,
A few years ago,
We thought we heard something,
Outside in the snow.

The cat crept up,
To the window sill,
And he gave a cry,
That was eerie and shrill.

The folks were all gone.
They were at church,
And up on the roof,
Came a clatter and lurch;

Then some strange old man,
In a funny red suit,
Came down the chimney,
With a sack filled with loot.

Without hesitation,
I was on the attack.
None of our stuff,
Would he put in that sack.

Back up the chimney,
He flew in disgrace,
And reindeer were running,
All over the place.

They took off like a rocket,
Swooped low and then high.
I swear that I never,
Knew reindeer could fly.

Some poor old lady,
Was out in the street,
Never knew what hit her,
It was reindeer feet.

Her husband stood staring,
In total dismay,
And they sing about her,
To this very day;

How on her way home,
From the church which was near,
Grandma got run over,
By eight reindeer.

It's the night before Christmas,
And I and the cat,
Are on the alert,
But he won't be back.

(Grandma got run over by a reindeer,
(walking home from church on Christmas Eve,
(Ohhhh you can say you don't believe in Santa,
(but as for me and Grandpa --- WE BELIEVE!)

(Now you know the whole story)

For Last Fifty Poems Contest by Brian Strand

For DejaVu Christmas  contest by Debbie Guzzi

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A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

When I look into a crystal ball
These are some things that I see	
Hearing loss will be my down fall
And my wife won’t listen to me

Look up dear, its mistletoe
Please to give this gal a kiss?
What’d you say, you miss my toe
And you’d like to reminisce?

Oh my goodness, see their tree
And the lovely treats to eat?
Now why on earth did you ask me
If I want to greet your feet?

I just heard the whistle blow
So I’ll think I’ll have some tea
Why didn’t you say there’s mistletoe
I’ve been saving a kiss for thee.


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Blue Moonies

I was sitting in my chair one day Not a single care in the world My wife came by and mooned me! The room began to whirl and twirl Almost swallowed my dentures The shock made me quiver and quake Wasn't sure this old body of mine Would be strong enough to take My moustache curled, began to sweat I asked her in a plaintiff tone “Why d'ya want to shock me like that? My heart isn't made of stone!” She laughed and said, “Didn't you notice What was scrawled across me bum?” Said, “Have a very Merry Christmas And good will to everyone!” © Jack Ellison 2012

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A Time Of Good Cheer

Trying hard to keep my spirits up It's that Christmas time of the year When one's reminded of Christmas's past The joy and overflowing good cheer When friends and family all lived close by And the love literally flowed unabated Visits to each other's homes were common Those feelings can't be imitated Now friends and family are scattered wide Modern day caused this sad revelation Even with Skype and instant messaging I feel much more in isolation Friendly kisses and touches are missing Tender words of love and friendship Instead this unfeeling computerized way Just adds to all of life's hardships Trying hard to keep my spirits up It's that Christmas time of the year When one's reminded of Christmas's past The joy and overflowing good cheer © Jack Ellison 2013

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

 With Christmas carols softly playing
By the fireplace we sing along
And snow flakes in the cold wind swirling
While winter sings  its' chilly song

The scenery turns to a blanket of white
As St. Nick rides by on his sleigh
And children behaving just right 
In hopes he comes their way

People filling up on eggnog
And kids in the snow at play
 And the flames  of the  crackling logs
Warm the heart on the eve of Christmas  day

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Wise men at Christmas

Earth has grown old
Angels veiled the sky
And night has gotten cold 
To put to sleep the stars on high

Wise men saw a star
And found a treasure of I Am
Shepherds heard a voice from a far
And found their lamb

Wise men came from the east
In search of a new born king
They came to worship a new born priest
With glad tidings they begin to sing

They bowed and worshiped Him
 Offering treasures of gold, incense, and myrrh
And to the new born King they hymned
As they sang the sleeping child began to stir

Wise men came down to worship
They came to share love divine
It was an awesome and intense courtship
 In Bethlehem “wise men at Christmas” making the headline

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Joy of Christmas

The light slowly wafts over to my mind Pleasant images appear to my eyes Bringing the most joys of Christmas in kind The star of Bethlehem no one denies Following, I want to see our savior I find a manger where Holy One lies There smiling being on best behavior Animals and peace surround in the skies Soon shepherds arrive with smiles on faces The babe coos at their joy that within keep Mary cries tears of pride at great voices And Joseph displays love all throughout seep This holiest day of the year, I weep For love in all, everyone filled with joy He’ll hold me forever, my soul to keep This bundle of love, this Bethlehem boy Russell Sivey

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As you peel back one layer you will a bit more of me
Each layer defines parts that the naked eye may not see
The outer layer is tough resistant and seems weather proof
Just one more layer down is where you start to find the truth.

Peel off a third one and that’s where my feelings are hidden
Not on the surface to be played with or abused when bidden
Another layer down is where my tears are caught and held back.
Until the hurt of death and squalor, that layer attack

The last layer you may peel from me, I hold on to so tight
 I don’t want you to see my heart naked, in the harsh light.
The layer that covers my heart and keeps it safe from abuse
Life constantly picks at it and it’s not really much use.

I tried so hard to keep that one in place and safe from harm
Then life produces its peeler, which I would like to disarm.
It endlessly peels away at the layers of my protection
Leaving me vulnerable and weak and open to infection.

To fight back at life I have found a small good cure all
And that is what lets me walk on the edge, I totter but not fall.
In times of trouble and death, pain, anger and even love
Look for the silver lining that helps give this life a little shove.

Shove these things aside; they will get dealt with in a while
Knowing that whatever it is, will be behind us - so smile.
The layer that keeps our minds strong and yes even clear
Needs the most attention, it gives us hope, love, and even fear

Good things and bad things all come and go day by day
But we find we always look back on them and so we can say
Another day passed though we never forget the pain
Let me replace that layer now and cover my heart again

A smile helps to build up the layers and keeps me on life’s path
As does love, friendship and forgiveness, and a smile turns back wrath.
When we feel we can never smile ever again in a thousand lifetimes
We will look back and find the memory dims and the sun returns to shine

My layers are there I try to build them and keep them supple and strong
But sometimes they get ripped in a wrench and I think I am wrong
Straight to the point where my heart beats and is exposed to life’s ills
Time to pay the piper, as he comes to collect on life’s bills.

Laughter the best medicine and that I truly believe
But there’s a time to laugh and then there is a time to grieve
Time to think and to fight, love and to perhaps even pray
I hope my layers will keep intact, and get me through another tough day.

© ~GG~ 25/12/2012

My son had to work today, he is a supervisor on a motorway service station. He came home to us at the end of his shift for any comfort we could give him because of a motor accident just past where he works that took the lives of two children and an adult and seriously injured two more. He had to get access for the emergency services and then deal with angry motorists as he had to block them trying to re-enter the motorway, while things were dealt with.  His one thought was how the families would now cope, not only with the losses but that fact that it would taint their Christmas celebrations for the rest of their lives.
Although we do not celebrate Christmas he is so concerned for their feelings he is finding it difficult to cope with. My heart grieves not only for them and their horrendous ordeal, but my son whose heart has been laid open to their pain.

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No Christmas Cards This Year

This year will be different 
I'm going to start something new 
I'm not buying you presents 
Wait and see what I'll do

Those gifts from the past
Are now sitting in trash
The cards I picked out
Held more than just cash

Certificates and gift cards
Meant nothing to you
Your face was expressionless
What could I do?

This season I'll show up
Lovely poetry from me
Watch how your face cringes
Is this how you'll be?

I dare you to read it 
And think that I care
To give you a gift like this
Would this be fair?

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Twelve Days Of Christmas

Twelve Days Of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, I gave this to PD
A unicorn with its one horn all shiny, his face full of glee
On the second day of Christmas the unicorn was gone
She rang me and asked me if I could maybe get another one.

On the third day of Christmas I unplugged my telephone 
I pretended not to be there, she might think I was not home
On the fourth day of Christmas she came knocking on my door
Come on Goldie she shouted, I am sure you must have more.

On the fifth day of Christmas she gave my door bell five long, long rings
But I didn’t answer it as I had no more of the blasted things
On the sixth day of Christmas I was searching hard for more
I had heard there was a unicorn sale on, but it was some old folklore.

On the seventh day of Christmas my luck came in at last
I found another unicorn but at its very best it was past
On the eighth day of Christmas I sent him directly to PD
She was so delighted she decided to ring and thank me.

On the ninth day of Christmas she sent to me a card
She realised I must have been busy, at a task that was very hard.
On the tenth day of Christmas her unicorn left once more
Poor PD was bereft, she was crying on the floor.

So remember if you love a unicorn so much that it makes you cry
You cannot take him home with you he has his own home to which he must fly.
© 20/12/2012 ~GG~

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A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

As our lips touch, slight and gentle
Passing under the Mistletoe
On purpose or accidental
Staring upon the Mistletoe

All of a sudden we stare
Looking up at Mistletoe
Our lips caress with care.
Urged on by Mistletoe

Kiss which will amaze
Under hanging Mistletoe
In sixty second gaze
Mysterious Mistletoe

Forty year bond
Invited by Mistletoe
Another kiss spawned
Serendipity in Mistletoe

Sweet sixteen now
Caught under Mistletoe
Oh my word, wow
First kiss below Mistletoe

Date written 


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O Christmas Tree

I looked from left and then to right.
To find the perfect, Christmas Tree.
They all glowed with Heavenly light.
Still none of them appealed to me.

What did I want if not perfection?
As I looked at this Sea of green.
After a bit of contemplation.
There in the back was the one I seen.

A little bit bruised, laying on it's side
Kind of neglected, thrown away
Once I seen it my eyes opened wide
I brought it home for my Christmas Day

A Christmas Caroling Contest.
Written Dec 21, 2012
First attempt at this style ( at least knowingly)

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A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

The boss had too much egg nog
at the office party. Oh,
She set her goal to snog
me beneath the mistletoe!

With lecherous intentions
she stalks me ‘cross the floor
until she finally pins me
against the bathroom door!

Her boozy breath assails me.
I very nearly swoon!
Her scarlet nails impale me.
I realize I’m doomed!

The darting of her tongue
leaves me in a daze.
Her kiss, so thick with rum,
I better get a raise!


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Christmas Joy

Early one Christmas morn
my eyes flew open wide,
found no gifts under the tree
so I ran to look outside.

Everywhere, on the ground
lay mounds of fluffy snow
and parked right in front,
topped with a big red bow,

was my trusty old wagon
full of presents galore.
Four eyes peeked out and
made my emotions soar.

Two furry little playmates
to fill the hours of my days
full of love and amusement
with their wild, playful ways.

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A Child's Christmas

Through his eyes, see that magical tree
See how it glistens and shines, so free
See its magical ray
Help him make of this day, his own day!

Dreams, hope, passion, all are in his eyes
All emanating from his belief in the skies
A belief given to him on a cold night
By the one to turn off his room light

In his smile, see how the world goes
Devoid of any useless sorrows
Always made up of countless of bows and arrows
Given by the one blessing all our tomorrows

On his face, see the beauty of joy
All because of one given toy
Given for the cause of the holy birth
The birth of the one who showed us our path

And in his hands, holding his colorful gift
Feel, feel, the change in mood
From saddened loneliness to exaltation
Such, such can only be at the time of a child's christmas

A child, blessed to be on this earth
A child unfortunate to have, over his head, no roof
A child missed by none
A child you pleased and blessed, with only one gift!

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The best investment I ever made

My son upon this Christmas Eve 
I reminisce of midnight hours
Your fingers dancing over tenuous keys
And the emotions your talent empowers

I couldn't comprehend how you taught yourself to play 
Or just how this symphony of one became 
The songs you have inside of you like heaven on display
I revel in your poignant craft uniquely unprofaned

It's true that your propensity 
Can lean toward darkened depth
A common vein for artists 
To be moody and depressed

For your pain releases beauty 
by your gift it's voice relates
You know your in the masters company 
of Mozart, Bach, and Hemingway

So when your struggles weigh 
As the sea laden oceans sand
Take your seat and breathe
Stretch out your feral hands

Creating an instrumental euphoria 
For the lonely and the damned
Open the gate to moods your feigning
Though others will misunderstand 

Christmas Eve and it's memories
This flashback came my way
Of your very first piano 
The best investment I ever made

But one day when I'm aged and old
It will be you who cares for me
Play for me then on that Christmas Eve 
With your love in every stroke 

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Do You Hear What I Hear

Do you hear what I hear
in the far off fields?
Farmers tending to their crops
and counting out their yields.

Sheep are mewing,cattle too
like those so long ago.
When little baby Jesus
did set the stars aglow.

Three wise men did travel far
to see this glorious sight.
They carried precious oils and such
to give to Him that night.

The babe was wrapped in ragged cloth
but never did He cry.
He smiled sweet as heavenly hosts
did flutter wings nearby.

So do you hear what I hear
into this night as then?
A chorus of angels,shepherds too
singing good news again.

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Christmas Biography


Five are one, loving each another
I was last of the Jolly children.
Cedar tree from the woods, I ‘member
my fifth Christmas in ’50.

Jovial times for the five of us
the mistletoe and snow uncommon.
We had holly Jolly Christmases
before Burl Ives in ’60.  

Ten more years added two grandkids quick
when brother wed his sweetheart and friend.
Kids once more wait for jolly St. Nick
toy gifts to buy in ’70.

When next the decade finds me checking
I’m a wife, mother and aunt again.
This season three extras come decking
the Jolly halls ’80.

We add a son. My oldest niece weds.
“Jolly” tables now serve six and ten. 
Fourth generation – her two “great” kids 
help Christmas rock in ’90.

Death takes its toll, both parents succumb.
Divorce claims two, four go to heaven.
New mates are found and babies still come
Christmas was rough in ’2000.

No more gath’rings of Jolly’s in sync
but love still counts, I number the kin.
We’re up to thirty-three now I think
my sixty-fifth Christmas 2010.

*My maiden name is Jolly which adds a lot of fun and joking especially at Christmas time.
Heart's Warmth Contest

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Santa Smokes Pot

Retired and happy as a piggy in poop P-Soup is definitely the cause Without all my friends I've come to know Known as dear old Santa Claus My favourite and busiest time of the year Is just a few weeks away Visiting you guys and your little kiddies Spreading joy on Christmas day Happy as a piggy in poop is not usually Associated with Santa and stuff But this Santa is a real down to earth Santa A little warmer he'd come in the buff Hope no kiddies are reading this poem Might destroy their image of me Now you know why Santa's really so happy Smokes pot and is happy as can be © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Gol Dang Nervous Twitch

Today's a busy busy bustling day Three days before the big one A bunch of last minute stuff to take care of Wonder if I'll ever be done Panic has a real tight hold on me Did I buy enough cranberry sauce Is the turkey big enough for all these folks Got my toes and fingers crossed Hope the weather certainly holds out Could be more of that freezing rain If it does get real bad, it's better to cancel Driving can be a dangerous game Well here's hoping it all runs smoothly And all goes off without a hitch Seems I developed a strange new affliction It's a gol dang nervous twitch <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Most Precious Gift

Most Precious Christmas Gift Back in the year of ‘67 A Christmas gift came straight from Heaven. Among the tissue, lying there, A baby girl wrapped up with care It seemed to our astonished eyes That we had won the Yuletide prize. We searched for chip or mar or crack. We didn’t want to send her back. She came with an assured guarantee She was just what she seemed to be. And so we celebrate each year In honor of this gift, most dear. At Christmas time, another birth Is heralded throughout the Earth. We’re thankful that he shares his day With the perfect gift he sent our way. For Waylee's "Greatest Holiday Gift I Ever Received I was in the materninty ward when I received it. My daughter presented it to me along with Heaven as I say in the poem. She was the most precious Holiday gifts I ever received because she is one of the big blessings of my life, a granddaughter and she was born at Christmas time.. She was my third granddaughter. The other two were born too far away from me to be laid in my arms after her first breath.

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My Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree!O Christmas Tree!
Thy light  illuminates the room;
O Christmas Tree!O Christmas Tree!
Thy light  illuminates the room;
Not only sparks during the night,
But also when the Sun gives light,
O Christmas Tree!O Christmas Tree!
Thy light  illuminates the room.

O Christmas Tree!O Christmas Tree!
Much joy I have when my heart`s free,
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much joy I have when my heart`s free,
How delightful to feel so glee,
when I gaze at my Christmas tree;
O Christmas Tree!O Christmas Tree!
Much joy I have when my heart`s free.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy green leaves glitter in the night,
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy green leaves glitter in the night;
From base to apex;pretty  view,
This display of splendor,still new,
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy green leaves glitter in the night.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How rarely endowed God made thee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How rarely endowed God made thee!
Death of Christ on tree has free me,
This! angels are  happy to  see,
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How rarely endowed God made thee!

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Hissss Christmas Gift

One Christmas I got a wonderful gift
That I knew without even a shake
Coz the sound, made inside the box  
Was of a brand new rattlesnake

I thought wrapping up a real live snake
Must have been very hard
But my bro’ said, when he stuffed it in
He held its head down with the card

Though he said it tried biting the UPS man
Somewhere along his brown jacket
But there was no way that it could break skin
Since he had dog bones in his pocket

Well, I grabbed the snake with mom’s new Ove-glove
And placed it in my stocking with care
Then I heard it rattle, while it did battle
With the wind-up toys that were in there

At the dinner table I got so upset
When beside me was a candle holder
To stick the snake in and light it up
But they joked; it would only smolder

Then after eating, we watched the game
But when my dad reached for the chips
The day turned worse so very fast
When his finger, touched the snake’s lips

I yelled, “Bad rattlesnake, let go of dad
Now look what you have done.”
Then when dad fell in the hot wings
My brother quickly dialed, 911

Well, we all got to ride in the ambulance
Though for reasons, very regrettable
And even though it’s been thirty years
That present is still, unforgettable.

By David Fisher 11/27/13 for Perfect Christmas Gift contest

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It's here, it's here, it's finally arrived Christmas is upon us again Haven't been this so darn excited Since can't remember when Gifts a-plenty for family and friends A happiness time all 'round Joy exists deep down in our souls As Christmas wishes abound Haven't felt such a spirited feeling Since I was just a tiny tot Trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve What could dear Santa have brought Once again Christmas is here Spreading joy throughout the land Precious moments we'll forever treasure Journeying through life hand in hand So I wish all you guys on Poetry Soup The warmest of Christmas greetings Too bad I couldn't give you all a big hug Maybe upstairs we'll finally be meeting It's here, it's here, it's finally arrived Christmas is upon us once more! © Jack Ellison 2012

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St Nicholas

As I walk through the door, none looks my way
I was never important, not that many would say
I stand in the corner but nobody sees me
I speak but none turn, it’s the way it’s supposed to be.

The world looks different from the one’s I had seen
The evil still abounds, repeated daily, a bad scene
I speak but none even turns my way, Am I here?
A child comes to me his hand raised, in his eyes there are tears.

All this pain this sorrow, what the purpose can be
Hate, evil doing, never ceases to amaze me
More children come they pull at my hand
I gaze at the innocence and I understand

They smile and they laugh but others see us not
And yet the celebrations go on, but they all have forgot
I am here for them, all, the unhappy, unloved and deceased
They called me St Nicholas, but only think of the feast.

They made me a saint in the centuries long gone
Over prisoner’s and sailor’s and children every one
No one remembers except for the gifts on one day
But I looked after all, they made me this way

Nobody gives me a thought through out the year
But I collect all the children and wipe away their tears
We are the happy ones they all know to come to me
Not only on one day but through out the year you see.

There are stories and legends formed over the years
But if the belief were strong there would be fewer tears
I am the patron saint of so many causes
I am the man behind all the Santa clauses.

But remember my mission was to offer help to the needy
Not to feed all the senses of those that are greedy.
Remember I stand here, but no one sees me
I’m not given a thought, until they bring in the tree.

But I tried in my life to help those needy and wanting
Those that beatified me gave me a task that is daunting.
From the sailors to the innocent and all the children in fear
If you believe in me or not my I wish you a happy new year.
© ~GG~16/12/2012

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the time for letting go Of every trouble and each woe, That has distraught us in the year. Look on the Star, they’ll disappear. Even those of us with brand-new grief Will gaze on it and find relief. God made the extreme sacrifice; For our redemption, paid the price. He sent His own sweet baby Son, Which you and I could not have done, Into this wicked unkind place. Imagine a Babe, such task to face. The Angels told that Christmas Morn That our dear Savior had been born. Two thousand years ago ‘twas new. Today the Message is still true. With seeking heart you’ll find the star And hear the voices from afar. The angels tell in happy chorus That God sent His dear Son for us. If we but take them at their word This sweetest message ever heard, And with our hearts and minds believe, We’ll find pure joy this Christmas Eve. No. 12

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A Christmas Wish

It's day one of the rest of our lives Beginning as it usually does But this one seems a little bit different The world is all abuzz It's all abuzz with great excitement Something's about to take place Has this old world finally realized a truth We're destroying the human race Since the beginning of recorded time Wars have forever been fought Over land, religion and ideologies In a web of destruction we're caught A day of awakening is about to take place We have finally seen the light From this day on, wars will be abolished Peace is finally in sight Am I dreaming out loud? Can this be true? Pinch me to make sure I'm awake Let's hope this time it's more than a dream But reality for all our sakes! © Jack Ellison 2012

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A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

She's been gazing, staring, all the night long
I've been scared, sheepish, stupid, and sad
I'm kissing her after the next love song
If my insecurities aren't that bad.

She's so effervescent, she doesn't know
It's not even about the looks, it's deep.
I swear I'm looking into her soul, woah!
Into this mystery I'll glide, don't weep.

Come on Derrick, it's time to rise and shine
Be the man, be the love, be the best, try.
She deserves it, make her smile just divine
Look at the mistletoe, over her, high.

Here I go, no longer holding this back
"Hello, you are beautiful, and you glow.
I know how I sound, I sound like a quack.
But please, one kiss, under the mistletoe."

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Zelda Twilight Wishes

                            Zelda Twilight Wishes
             (Credit to game creators of Twilight Princess)

As Link I become imprisoned in myself in Highrule land
Like a drug addicted monkey I take my task in hand
Midna, a creature from twilight world enchants me
I transform into a wolf as she rides upon my back and laughs

Two wild creatures set out to find their quests
I need to free Zelda from the hands of evil Ganondorf 
Midna commands me, makes me attack a creature
Some creepy thing called Zant from her dark world

Later I’m turned back to human, somewhat wounded
Ample tools, arrays of gadgets can be found around the land
For destruction and for sport to vanquish evil on the spot           
Rupees too and health are everywhere in treasure boxes

I have blisters on my hands and fingers from vanquishing beasties for the girls
Zelda, The Twilight Princess, happy with my accomplishments 
Says; “Thank you Link!” “I wish you well.” Then puts me on her Christmas list
After all this fighting I’m getting twisted.  I don’t even get a good-bye kiss

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Taken by YOU

I’m taken by your beauty
And I’m taken by your smile
I’m taken by your lashes
When they flutter over mine

I’m taken by your full lips
And I’m taken by your eyes
I’m taken by your body
When so close to mine it lies

I’m taken by your fingers
When they’re running through my hair
I’m taken by your embrace
When our bodies are both bare

I’m taken by your whispers
Of words laced with passion sweet
I’m taken by your kisses
Better far than any treat

I was taken by you then
And I’m taken by your now
I’ll be taken to heaven
And I think you know just how!  ;)

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Holly, Jolly Santa

Santa had a holly, jolly Christmas
long before Burl Ives.
Someone spiked his milk and cookies;
that's why Rudolph drives.

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Toll of the Bells

Ring the bells of heaven
Ring out o'er all the earth
Ring the bells of heaven
Acclaim the Savior's birth.

Ring them deep in forests
Ring all through the night
Ring them on every corner
Strung with Christmas light.

Rouse the sleeping children
Birds who wait for the sun
Bunny nestled in mother's fur
Night critter who's just begun.

Let none on earth take ease
Till all have heard the news
True joy has come to reign
And everyone must choose.

Heed the toll of the bells
Ringing throughout the land
Join the angels in praising
The God who came as man.

Ring the bells of heaven
He's coming to us again
Ring them loud and clear
True joy has come to reign.

Ring the bells of heaven
Ring out o'er all the earth
Ring the bells of heaven
Acclaim the Savior's birth.

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Merry Christmas Soupers

To Eileen and Sarai Carol and Rebecca Rose and Charmaine Laura and Donna To Andrea and Flo Anne Lise and Licia To Shadow and Gail Nette and Cecilia Merry Christmas to all And to those I have missed Santa will make up for it With a big Santa kiss And you gentlemen guys No kisses I'm afraid But a treat from Santa You can ride in his sleigh Merry Christmas P-Soupers In this time of good cheer May happiness reign Through all of next year! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Christmas, Already

My world is upside down,
this house is all askew.
Hours fly by like the wind,
the days are far too few.

The tree is still in its box,
the cookies are not done.
The cards are gonna be late,
this is supposed to be fun?

We wrote down our wishes,
threw our names in the pot.
Maybe I'd know what to buy,
if I recalled whose name I got.

When those sleigh bells jingle,
I'll wave him right on past.
"Sorry, Santa. I'm not ready,
you'll have to come here last."


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Christmas Caroling

In my town on Christmas eve,
The whole town gets the Christmas spirit. 
Up and down the streets at night,
If you listen you can hear it.

A crowd sings Christmas songs,
From one house to the next.
The whole town decorates their homes,
With things you wouldn‘t expect.

The harmony sounds far,
Then at your door they sing.
Filling your heart with warm joy,
With the happiness they bring.

Christmas caroling is our tradition,
And all the joy it sparks.
But the best thing to see and feel,
Is the children singing out their hearts.

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Little Feet

Recalling special holidays past,
my favorite thoughts would be,
three pairs of feet running down the hall
to wake up the Christmas tree.

The excitement and the chaos,
as wrapping paper was torn,
squeals of delight throughout the house
as Christmas day was born.

At times I thought it might be nice,
to be free of all the riot,
just to enjoy an hour or two
with things a bit more quiet.

It’s funny what you wish for,
sometimes regretting what you say,
changes that look better
often don’t turn out that way.

Children grow and then they’re gone,
now that my time’s more free,
I realize hearing those little feet
meant everything to me.

So this year as we celebrate
And raise a glass of cheer
my grandchildren run through the house,
I’ve got new little feet to hear.

They are the magic that is Christmas,
so bring on the noise and clatter,
for being together with those you love
is all that will ever matter.

Liz Reilly
Children in rhyme contest

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Winter at Christmas

The streets were icy and slick Cars moved slowly on by There was a bustle of people A sparkle was in their eye Snow was on the ground, pretty Children threw snowballs around Each landing square on the girls Yelling as they hit the ground The adults were all shopping Looking for the gifts of the year Christmas would be here soon They shopped early as not to fear Windows were very much aglow Shining brightly within the snow Casting an orange glow about Giving everyone a good show The sidewalks were slick as well People had to walk with care They wanted to make it to their shops And to make it home, that being fair Nature has a way to bring winter Even if we move in the city Nature brings to us snow and ice We must deal with it, what a pity Christmas comes but once a year And we all go about our ways Christmas happens in winter Fills us with spirit all our days
Russell Sivey

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The Christmas Gift

My friend had a Christmas gift
He wanted to give me;
He shushed it was a secret
And I couldn't see.

It's awful not knowing
What a present is:
It's like getting stuck
In a cryptogrammic quiz.

He laughed
When I begged for a hint,
With an evil snicker
At my hapless predicament.

But as I steamed,
I looked about:
A light snow was falling,
And it was so very peaceful out.

The year had its struggles,
We nearly lost the place,
But that sudden promotion
Put me at a more amiable pace.

Janell gave me an awful scare
When she found a lump on her breast;
We prayed pretty hard,
But she aced every test.

Sadie and Jeff
Gave a grandchild last spring:
The sweetest, dark-haired girl
That life could bring.

I felt a little misty
As I stood there,
But he hadn't told me about the gift
And it just wasn't fair!

I thought of the fancy paper,
And I saw my grandbaby stand;
I thought of the lacy ribbon,
And I felt my wife's hand.

Something was happening to me,
I couldn't tell,
But it dawned
As clear as a bell.

There were gifts
That I had gotten,
Not in boxes and paper,
How could I have forgotten?

Saving our home
Was a gift, indeed,
And my wife's health,
What more did I need?

The grandbaby, in my arms,
Made me feel alive;
You know, I heard angels
Right there in the drive.

I wanted a gift,
But what gifts I'd received;
"Merry Christmas," my friend grinned,
"Now do you believe?"

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I find myself Christmas Dreaming

My mind fills with thoughts as my heart does soar.
I’m never really certain what the future has in store.
With the past behind and all that we’ve been through
I find myself here thinking, Christmas dreaming of you.

I think of you often though we are many miles apart.
You seem to have a home that’s inside of my heart.
I only know one thing I always shall be true.
Here I am dreaming, Christmas dreaming of you.

You bring forth this blinding light to this darkened heart.
You hold my hand gently and show me where to start.
 The sun shall return once more and the sky is so blue,
I find myself once more, Christmas dreaming of you.

I dream of the day when I shall hold you in my arms.
Whispering sweet nothings surrounding you with my charms.
When I begin to feel lonely and don’t know what to do.
I’ll always find my heart, Christmas dreaming of you…

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THIS POEM is sure TO get me THROWN off this room FOREVER BUT IT IS WORTH IT


to hell with hallmark and their bourgeois cards of greeting
purchased predomantly by husbands who are cheating
while their eyes are fixed on a teenage blonde who wiggles for older men only
as she leaves her high school fling on Christmas day feeling lost and lonely

to hell with macy's and their senile Santa in a cheap suit
to hell with their sales with which veracity has a dispute
i shed no tears for Sears and Roebuck too
and to The Home Depot and it's ilk I say "buck you"

there's fake snow and fake snowballs that will never melt
as Senile Santa loosens his belt and takes another belt
Walmart and K-Mart sell the same damned crap
but at Macy's your brat gets to sit on senile Santa's soiled lap

the ads for toys on television go on ad infinitum
while commercialism and greed become an item
these are all places where Christ and Christmas spirit is defied
and I don't think a really good sale is why my Savior Jesus died
          (c) 2011.....phree

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Now, As Then

The Angel passed by the house of worship 
and over the rich man's gate; 
appeared on a lonely hillside 
to men of humble faith.

The star shone not before his people 
but to strangers in a foreign land, 
men of learning who studied the planets, 
and knew that a King was born to man.

What will he find when he comes to us?
Will he find us waiting for him,
or will he pass over and appear to others, 
finding our faith a little too thin?

Will he be pleased with how we worship
Will he be honored by what we do,
or will he view our preparation and say, 
"Presents too many and prayers too few"?


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Jingle Bells

In all corners of the word, no matter which flag is unfurled, Christmas season will draw near. There is one carol just about anyone will hear. For countless years, it has been a sensation. We can hear the song in almost any translation. Folks sing along in just about every nation. The sounds bring great jubilation. They are singing “Campanella” in Italy. Russians know the tune as “Bubency”. “Pada Sneig” is sung by the Polish with glee. Greeks sing “Trigona Kalanta” in harmony. “Vive Le Vent” rings out loudly in French. “Cascabel” is heard from the Spanish. “Jingle Bells” is how it is sung in English. All of these people convey the same wish.

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A Child's Christmas

Christmas should be a time of joy
For every little girl and boy
They gather 'round the Christmas tree
Little hearts beating eagerly

Their eyes closely scan each present
Wondering what Santa has sent
Some hope they have been good enough
And would get their requested stuff

Mum picks up each present gently
And reads to see whose it might be
A little heart leaps at its name
And then joyfully makes its claim

After presents are given out
Then it's time for another bout
It's time for presents' unwrapping
One can feel excitement growing

Tiny one still in diaper
Tries to peel off wrapping paper
Mum assists the eager beaver
Expectation growing stronger

Squeals of excitement fill the air
From the other kids gathered there
Their delight they cannot contain
Santa has delivered again

Once again thank you Dear Santa
Setting little hearts a-flutter
Making Christmas a time of joy
For every little girl and boy

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Twas the night before Christmas

Had she known what day tomorrow would be
Every push would have produced a smile
All the search would have been far more bearing
And every tear would have worth the while

The pains had just began to glide
No wonder labor, they call it.
Time was no longer on her side
So she rushed quickly to the inn

Disappointed, she had to leave
Seems all the babies chose that night to dock.
The pain now a torn beyond reach
The manger seemed to be her best shot

She lay there weeping in agony
With animals as her only bed mates.
Wondering how long this night would be
The torment continued till the next day

Looking way back at that night
Which is now once upon a time.
I'm amazed how such a plight
Now brings much joy on the same night

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To hell with Hallmark and their bourgeois cards of greeting
Sent to wives from guilty husbands who are always cheating
Or to that teenage blonde who wiggles for older men only
Sent from a young teenage boy who she leaves lying lonely

To hell with Macy’s and their senile Santa in a cheap suit
To hell with their sales with which honesty has a major dispute
I have no tears for Sears and no bucks for Roebuck too
And to The Home Depot and Loews I say to both buck you

The commercials on television go on adfinitum
While commercialism and greed become an item
There’s fake snow and snowballs that never melt
While the Santa in Macy’s is made to tighten his belt

Wal-Mart and K-Mart both sell the same damned crap
But at Macy’s your little brat can sit on Senile Santa’s soiled lap
These are all places where compassion and Christmas spirit is defied
And I don’t think a really good Christmas sale is why our savior Jesus died
© 2012 copyright PHREEPOETREE….~free cee!~

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Cultures Shaped the Wreath

This symbol, the wreath, in cultures of our past
In our modern world, a Christmas ring that's here to last
Made of flowers, leaves, twigs and various fruits
Around the world their decorated, in individual suit

Strength and harsh winters, symbolised by the evergreens
Eternity in it's circumference, for many Christmas winter scenes
It's now so much in our culture, and forever it will last
To the Greeks and the Romans, I salute your cultural past

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Love came to Christmas

Shepherds heard a voice in the night
Wise men saw a light in the star
Mary saw an angel in sight
What do you see from a far?

Shepherds worshipped the King
Wise men offered a gift
Angels praise and began to sing
Will you worship Him for a lift?

A Carpenter heard His voice in a dream
A manger receive His royal King
The sheep took Him for the team
What do you have to bring?

Anna saw her King and prayed
Angels received the news with gladness
Herod heard the news and saw a prey
What do you see in His goodness?

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Seven Days Before Christmas

Seven Days Before Christmas

It was almost Christmas and Santa was getting Antsy.
That night he left his reindeer at his North Pole Farm.
Then, asked Mrs. Clause to get dressed red and fancy.
He did not want many to see his sleigh ride charm.

The lonely white donkey would certainly do!
So, he hitched up the sleigh to go for a ride.
No one else would go with them, only those two.
Across the worldwide skies, with Mrs. Clause by his side…

The weather was ice, but Santa Clause was warm.
Mrs. Clause's rosy cheek lay on his soft shoulder.
She lovingly clung to his handsome strong arm.
Year after year, he seemed younger, not older.

Many loving memories frolicked in two heads.
She never flew with him on his Christmas night run.
But snuggled and cozy, they had worn out many sleds.
Every seven days before Christmas, those two had great fun!

He stood on the seat and shouted, “Ho! Ho!”
White donkey was flying with those two alone.
“Come dance with me, sweetheart.”  His face was aglow!
Gliding through the skies, true love was homegrown.

She reached for his hand; stood there beside him.
And magical music serenaded their night.
Their waltz in the sled was a mid-night whim. 
They wriggled and giggled each filled with delight.

“I love Mrs. Clause, dashing with me tonight!”
Distant and tiny, earth resembled planet mars!
Weaving and whirring that romantic starry sight,
They looked down below, amid sparkling stars.

For hours they enjoyed their alone time together.
Laughing and singing, souls full of delight…
Oblivious to snow and stormy weather,
Two dipped and sped around the sky on that night.

Seven days before Christmas, high above every town.
If you look, you might see them, oh, wonderful sight,
Santa shouting with glee as they two fly around.
Jolly holiday! “Mrs. Clause is with me tonight!”

© December 18, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Shepherds at Christmas

On a far away hill a glorious star shone so bright
As shepherds watched their flocks at night
An Angel of the Lord came down
And the glory of the Lord shone around

The Angel had no gold or diamond under his sleeve
Nor scented beautiful roses to give
He came to herald the gospel story
With many angels appearing in a heavenly glory

Gloria! Gloria!! The hosts of angels cry
We bring you good tidings of joy from on high
To you this day in the city of David a child is given
To crown the earth with joy and the love of heaven

When all hearts is filled
And the songs of Angels are stilled
When the star in the sky is gone
And Christmas begins at dawn

A voice was heard in the sky
A glorious voice was heard from on high
Shepherds heard a voice and found a Lamb
They found a savior, they found the I Am

The Poet Preacher © 2013
Then the Shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them. Luke 2:20

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A Tale Oft Retold

The glorious Christmas music Rings out o’er all the earth Proclaiming and exulting in The precious Savior’s birth. Each year our pastor takes a rest And lets the children tell The story of the Baby’s birth. Small voices tell it well. The little children in their robes Sing of the Heavenly King As did the angels long ago The happy tidings bring My flagging Christmas spirit Has been refreshed today, By the singing of the children in Their little Christmas play.

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Christmas Poem

The tree branch crossing needles.
Bushy with white rays.
Perched, an angel topside.
Glowing to the gaze.

Ornaments of glass.
Pressed transparent shapes.
Strings that dangle, spin.
Memories in napes.

Skirt below the tree.
Draped and lapped and snug.
Packages on top.
Hovering the rug.

Light bulbs glowing bright.
Bulbs of shiny glass.
Currents flowing faster.
Still to eyes that pass.

Frosted stalky tree.
Towering it tapers.
Rows of magic branches.
Visions turn to vapors.

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Santa to Santa

Why did I take this job - playing Santa Claus?
I am so uptight from kids’ thunderous jaws.
"I want this - I want that."  They call me a fraud.
They have yanked at my hat; my beard they have clawed.

As one Santa to another, hear me out
Let me sit on your lap awhile and just spout.
Greed has tricked us all with the goal to defraud.
I’ve thanks for a gift that we all can applaud.

I have lists of my own, my grasping at straws.
But this weekend’s sad news makes me stop to pause
and thank God for the gift of life He supplies.
I wish for patience to see kids with His eyes.

written 12/15/2012

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Where Was She

I remember it as yesterday
the disastrous  event
when  I couldn’t find the dolly
that for Susie’s sock was meant.

My folks and all the others
had gathered there to see
the small school’s Christmas program
and community Christmas tree.

I came up on the darkened stage
in my role of Santa Claus.
I found Johnny’s skates and Nellie’s book
and then there was a pause.

Susie’s sock hangs lank and lean
as I search the flour-sack bag
for the doll I knew was in there.
My high spirits start to sag.

The seconds turned to minutes.
The minutes seemed like hours.
I wished the sky to fall on me
or at least some meteor showers.

I heard the teacher whisper,
“It’s okay.  Get off the stage”.
I was the most downhearted Santa
of six years or any age.

Many, many years have passed
and it’s still a mystery
how that doll could hide herself
when I searched so desperately.

July 4, 11

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Christmas Dreaming of you

The house seems so quiet when you're not around
I listen intently to each little sound
Maybe I'll hear you pulling up the drive
I stand at the window and wait for you to arrive.

The view out the windows appears rather gray
I sit myself down inside I shall stay
I close my eyes and then envision you
I'm here alone Christmas dreaming of you.

The candles light flickers dancing in the air
Vision of you simply appear from nowhere
In all of my traveling you are never that far
When you're not here I wonder how you are?

I wonder if you feel the same way I do
Sometimes it's tough with all that we've been through
I wish upon a star and then it seems to come true
Snowflakes drift down as I'm Christmas dreaming of you...

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The Last Day

            The Last Day

The first day is like an unwrapped mystery
Christmas, birthday, holiday present
Oxygen and nitrogen fills the air with freshness
Like news, wet ink from press, unread paper and baby’s breath

The second day is like an unmade bed and breakfast
The sky opens up at high noon for business, middle life
Half time, savory centered, comes with existence, full flavored  
Balance takes on the order of the day, remains, saved 

The last day is like charcoal grays washed away with rain
Colors fade, grains of sand dance out the counted hours  
Doomsday is right around the corner casting shadows
Let’s keep it there, under wraps, under the Christmas trees of past  

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Glad Tidings

The Angels rejoiced
               and sang with joy
to tell the shepherds
                  of a baby boy.

The wise men came
                 a king to greet
And lay their treasures 
                             at His feet.

Thus began
                a celebration
Which now is observed  
                     in every nation.

So rejoice with me
               and sing with joy
For the king who came
                         as a baby boy.

Bring all your treasures
                        one by one.
And present them now
                  to God's own Son.

And may your troubles
                 melt fast away
As the bells ring out
                on Christmas day!


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Son of David

Oh Joseph, thou son of David
where is the trumpet sound
your mission to proclaim
Where may the words be found?

You, like David, are God's servant
freed to serve him without fear
The tender mercy of our God
through your life we see so clear.

Son of a king most beloved
protector of the King of Kings
Who can tell what suffering
your obedience to him brings?

Does it pain to think of her
Mary, your betrothed, your life?
Joseph, thou son of David
fear not to take her as your wife.

It is truly of the Spirit
the new life that springs within
and you shall call him Jesus
He will save them from their sin.

Understanding, relief, a command
from your dream, the first of three
To visit and redeem his people
you his vessel are to be.

Who will tell how you saved him
when Herod’s butcher blade fell?
Oh Joseph, thou son of David
will they know you gave your all?

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Christmas is in the air

Christmas is coming people are rushing around.
With joy in their heart the love shall resound.
It’s been many years since I’ve felt this way.
It has been much too long I have to say.

In this season spirits seem to uplift.
This is but one of many Christmas gifts.
If you need to find only one place to start,
Let compassion flow freely from your heart.

One simple thing and the world shall change.
The love in your heart you should never estrange.
An act of kindness to someone that’s in need,
Will grow and blossom if you plant the seed.

Maybe the fighting can stop and we will understand,
The world becomes better when we are the best we can.
Nothing could be better than peace in our time,
It starts with and act and then infects one’s mind.

Christmas is a time of peace and good will.
The miracle is before us it can happen still.
Think compassion it will spread to your heart.
The world will join together instead of falling apart.

Something is growing I can feel it right now.
If we begin to care we shall make it somehow.
It starts with you and you need just to care,
Peace to you all, Christmas is in the air.

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From Christmas Eve to Christmas Eve
Mistletoe magic plays its parts.
Sticky berries.  Evergreen leaves.
Decorate homes and capture hearts.

Cosseted by fresh hanging twigs.
Each house from fire protected.
The passionate young dance cute jigs.
And celebrate love connected.

Parasitic plant?  Early morn. 
Keystone ecology was set.
Nesting therein was safely born.  
Spotted owl.  Marbled Murrelet.

Mistletoe myths.  Mistaken scorn.
Traditional kisses.  Squeezed selves.
Joyful souls, uplifted, reborn.
Dreamy love lures enchanting elves. 

Hang mistletoe above your door.
Before this passing year does end.
Stay safe throughout next year and more.
Happy New Year wishes begin!
© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    December 31, 2009

This Holiday tag about mistletoe was passed to me by Charmaine Chircop.  (Soupmail me if 
you would like to be tagged next.)  Happy New Years, Soupers.  With Love, Dane Ann

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My Christmas Wishes to All

Merry Christmas to all
Hope your holidays go right
Hope you don't spend it alone
Hope you have your guiding light
I wish for everyone's holiday
To fill their hearts with joy
That every boy and girl alike
Get their desired toys
I wish a christmas season
To all those full of sorrow
Keep reaching for happiness
There is always another tomorrow
I wish Merry Christmas
To those who hold for me distaste
May you have a wonderful holiday
And find tranquility in all the haste
To everyone I wish tidings of joy
In the proverbial nature of winter
For the christmas spirit has not yet found
My heart, and the strength to enter.

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Christmas Bay

 Dark clear waters of Christmas Bay
So peaceful it bring naught to say.
A near perfect sky; sunny Texas day
Reflects in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Flying Fish leap and Sea-Gulls cry,
Where the Dolphins play and jump so high.
My little boat with my fishing poles sway,
And dance in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Here is where tides rise and fall,
Where all my stress and cares grow small
They seems to just simply melt away
In dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Wind blows Mosquitoes to keep from the bite
As the Pelican flies and the Osprey cry
As Black-Skimmers dives to skim a wave.
Over dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Here the Stingray and Flounder cool.
And here the Sheephead and Red Fish school,
And Blue Crabs have so little to say,
Here in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Shadows of clouds turn the water gray,
Where Gulf brine meets black gumbo clay.
A stiff Gulf breeze gives salt grass a nod
I find Christmas Bay to be a gift from God.

I send Heaven a prayer; as I do each day,
For few be the place to obtain such grace
Which begs my heart for a reason to stay,
As the clear dark waters of Christmas Bay.

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Christmas Hours

Snow soon turns to water, Christmas days are all but gone
Busted playthings and fading color, are all that linger on.
Off all the presents gotten and given, unwrapped be-fro' a tree
I treasure in these hours, memories that were given to me.

The look on little faces when Santa did not pass them by.
Snoring of grandfather, as a football game watched (or tried).
Ladies in a kitchen, laughing at each other as they cooked.
Wonderful smell of a turkey, and the way our table looked.

Hugs, kisses, and warning of roads as some took their leave,
Even clearing of wrapping paper, around a Christmas tree.
Putting to bed of tired little bodies as light began to fade.
Prayers to God our Father, for the family for which He gave.