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Quatrain Brother Poems | Quatrain Poems About Brother

These Quatrain Brother poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Quatrain Brother poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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AChristmas Story

Christmas Eve in the Gardner household
With mum’s prep for next day going well,
When her two boys, 9 and 7, began to fight
And Mike, her oldest, decided to tell

His brother Kenny, that there was no Santa
“Yes there is,” yelled Kenny, “that’s a lie!”
“No it’s not,” said Mike, “it’s just dad dressed up.”
Mike went quiet, and then started to cry

Mum came through when she heard the commotion
And asked Kenny, why he was so sad
“Mike told me that there is no Santa.”
She turned to Mike and told him, “That’s bad.”

“Well there isn’t,” said Mike, “it’s you and dad
Who put our presents under the tree,
At least, that’s what they’re all saying at school
And what Jimmy Jones told me.”

“And you believe everything Jimmy Jones says?”
Mum asked Mike taking charge of the situation,
Knowing that Jimmy was known for his lies
Perhaps she could use him, as damage limitation

Mike thought for a while; then he quietly said
“No I don’t, because he sometimes tells lies.”
Then he went over, and gave his brother a hug
Saying, “I’m sorry I made you cry,

It’s Christmas Eve, you shouldn’t be sad
Santa’s coming to bring us new toys.”
And with peace restored, they ran up to their rooms
Mum went back to work, thinking, ‘Boys!’

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An Ode to E. A. Robinson

Whispers of talent are carried on New England breezes
Dickinson, Hawthorne, and the Irvings’ son Washington
Though I sense a special connection to all of these
None inspired more than Edwin Arlington Robinson

Three Pulitzer Prizes were displayed on his mantle place
His childhood in Maine he described as “stark and unhappy”
Though he went to Harvard, academics he’d not embrace
Arlington’s style was unique and his cadence snappy

“Miniver Cheevy,” displaced soul, longed for Medieval years
To Miniver I could relate, felt I was born too late
Wishing I’d ridden West with America’s pioneers
But at least my dreams alcohol will never desecrate

For his depressed brother Herman, “Richard Cory” he wrote
A handsome man who appeared to enjoy the perfect life
But the turmoil in his heart, his exterior did not denote
Richard shot himself in the head to put an end to strife

Edwin, your character studies touched something deep inside
Struggles you described of common men gripped me, made me cry
People whose dreams and accomplishments did not coincide
I, too, watch life’s play from backstage, feeling like a standby

Though I seek to display wit, tragedies pour from my pen
And much like my muse, my life seems filled with loneliness
As poets we reach out to touch lives of men and women
Hoping to find comfort as troubled feelings we express

* Written for Jared's "Ode" contest

Edwin Arlington Robinson (December 22, 1869 – April 6, 1935) was an American poet 
born in Maine who won three Pulitzer Prizes for his work. His brother Dr. Dean 
Robinson died of a drug overdose, perhaps inspiring Robinson to write of the 
alcoholic dreamer “Miniver Cheevy.”. It has been speculated that his poem "Richard 
Cory" was penned for his other brother, Herman. E.A. Robinson’s poems have a dark 
pessimism stemming from dreams gone awry.  The style and themes of many of my 
poems seem to emulate Robinson, who often wrote in rhyming quatrains.  “Richard 
Cory” can be found at
To read “Miniver Cheevy,” go to

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free cee SHE DOES dedicated to DONNA JONES a poet supreme

                                                         SHE DOES
she does make me feel whole
she does touch the intricacies of my soul
she does, and she does it all
with every poem she answers a holy dove's call

she does thrill me body and bone
she does make me feel no longer alone
she does write words I could never duplicate
she does write words that will allow her into Heaven's gate

she does something that makes me feel real
she does write words that describe how I feel
she does scribe stanzas that shake me awake
she does put into words feelings for this poet's sake

she does know the respect I hold for a poet of her grade
she does know the lady has a soul only the universe has made
she does write words that set my spirit free
alas, she probably doesn't know what her words mean to me
   © 2013..copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Quatrain for Robin Hood

When Robin Hood hides in our wood
I shall not turn him out
I'll let his merry gentlemen
Hang all their bows about.

So when a swaggering M.P.
Comes riding by alone
The arrows of the hidden host
Will ring against the stones.

The horse rears up,the man looks round
To see what's caused the stir
And what he sees amidst the trees
Is green men everywhere

Let him complain to Sheriffs all.
The green men will be gone.
When soldiers come to hunt them out
They've vanished every one.

The forests of England are the home
Of rabbit,deer and game.
The green men live their natural life
And we should do the same.

let us all take to the greenwood life
And feel the strength of trees
They do not change at every poll,
Nor do just what they please.

In Nature all is linked to one
And one to all extends.
If we could change our cut throat ways
Maybe all could be friends.

The hearts and souls of all of us,
Form a great human wood.
So let the love we feel be shared,
And heard for the common good.

If everyone is given their place
Then Robin could go home
His men would not be in my wood,
And M.P.'s could safely roam.

Let us all sing,"Robin for King,"
"We all want Robin Hood."
"He took the money from the rich
To be spent for the common good.

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Fishing Days

It’s 5 am, we sneak out of the house
My brother and I, as quiet as a mouse
To his red bike, where I sit on the cross bar
Trusting my brother, we won’t go too far.

Put the worm on the hook, wrap it round well
Or it will wiggle off, and the fish it will tell
Watch the float as it bobs, and pull it in gent-ly
That how my brother taught fishing to me.

Always sneaking out, fishing in the dark
Racing on his red bike, we thought it a lark.
He made me dig up the worms, for the fishing bait
But I wouldn’t squeal, no, that was never my fate

Holding both fishing rods, I hung on real tight
He promised he would teach me to use it just right. 
In the river we found we loved to fish best
Often paddling in water right up to our chest.

My brother, he stopped taking me fishing with him
I always caught the fish; he said it was a sin.
Then came the day girls were more interesting than fish
Our fishing days were over, it was never my wish.

So anyone with a rod that they will let me use
I’ll sit on your crossbar, or saddle if you choose
Teach me to fish and to cast it with skill
And I’ll get your worms up, I promise I will.

© ~GG~ 14/11/2012
Contest Entry:

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Then Fate Took It's Turn

My hero to me, was just a simple man
He was ill throughout his life, but he raised two sons
Two jobs he held down until he couldn't anymore
Then fate took it's turn, and turned his heart sore

First was the youngest, on a broken bottle he fell
His artery slashed, was the start of his hell
I recovered from my trauma, nearly losing my life
But my accident increased, his ill health into strife

Over the next two years he was hospitalised
His sons fostered out, in fatherless cries
To children's homes they went, from pillar to post
Yearning for the person, who loved them the most

He gradually recovered, we became a family again
Once again fate took it's turn, returning life's pain
On a Monday night back in nineteen sixty nine
What every parent dreads, returned him to ill health decline

His two boys excited, joining the local Boy's Brigade
Running as fast as they could, for time to be made
The older was faster, he ran well ahead
The younger lagging behind, his little legs so delayed

On turning the corner, all I could see
Was my older brother, running well ahead of me
Without looking left or right, onto the street he ran
A split second later, he was hit by a van

My life entered slow motion, whilst I witnessed it all
To see your brother knocked down, a sibling to fall
He was caught under the van and dragged down the street
At seven years old, too terrified to greet

Over the next six years, his heath gradually became worse
He was more in hospital, in illness immersed
That's why he is my hero, to my lost brother and me
He's the kind of man that I've turned out to be

He had no quality of life, but what he gave meant more
The love for his two boys all through his life's sores
Holding down two jobs through illness and strife
Admirable, that's just a word, he gave me my life

My entry for Crystal Wilkins contest 'My Hero'

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Wheels Rollin'

1 o'clock in the morning the alarm is loudly screamin'
I go wake up my brother who probably is still dreamin'
We jump in the car and the wheels start rollin'
Can't wait to pick up the papers and start strollin'

A smile planted on our face! The day is finally starting
The headlights shine bright! The animals are darting
Ah! Windows down breathing all the fresh air
My brother gathering papers with all of his care

Wheels steadily rollin down the road
Nothing is in sight, not even a toad!
Newspapers start soaring through the air!
Do I want this to end? No! I wouldn't dare

Starting to run out of papers as the sun is rising
Listening to the birds chirping is quite energizing!
I look over towards my brother to see if he is still awake 
Bless his heart! He has fallen to sleep, he really needed a break!

I throw the last paper and I began to yawn
The paper lands perfectly on that last lawn
Wheels rollin' as we head back to the beginning
Should this much fun be considered sinning?

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The Building of a Moment

The value of a precious novelty
it seems is intricate fragility.
Recall special trinkets kept in a hutch
for display only, not opened to touch.

Keepsakes in prison, upheld, unimpaired.
reminder of events  that once were shared.
One is now kept in a glass étagère
collectible curio set there with care.

Awaiting the finding of a misplaced key,
a new piece tempted curiosity.
Too precious to be ignored, my granddaughter
played with it carefully, warned by her mother.

Rejecting caution, which kids oft ignore
she forgot it, leaving it there on the floor.
The next day, her brother found it with his foot.
One piece now  three pieces, broken,  kaput.

Comes precious moment, happening on my watch.
Crying sister faults her brother for her botch
who then returns accusations with blame.
Common occurrence, accompanied by shame.
Moment develops as we find the glue.
Are there chips still missing?  We find a few.
Together,  three of us talk as we work.
Accountability comes with its perks.

The most precious of moments in history -
when that collectible met surgery.
Years later it stands tall, gathering dust
priceless symbol of joint effort and fuss.

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Sister Wife And Uncle Brother

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
didn't really like each other,
so they left it up to me,
which one I liked the best you see.

Sister wife, now she could cook,
not too bad with line and hook,
but Uncle brother had good traits,
why he could name all 40 states!

Both of them were good in bed,
least that's what Cousin mommy said,
but Sister wife she had one ace,
and that there was her purty face.

Her eyes are green, and blue and brown,
one of them looks off toward town,
and she has no hair beneath,
her lovely, crooked yellow teeth.

Uncle brother, he's my friend,
I'll love him to the very end,
but he stops to scratch his britches,
'cause he says it always itches.

It is so embarrassing,
to watch him scratching at that thing,
but what am I supposed to do,
when Sister wife helps scratch it too?

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
suddenly they like each other!
I guess it's just a lucky me,
that has a great big family!

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letter to my brother

a letter to my brother
of whom I hold dear
he's accross the ocean
so far from here

he fights in a war
of which is not his own
many stand beside him
he is not alone

I pray he makes it home
to his family and friends
I pray the war ends
and U.S. and iraq make amends

I miss my brother like no other
but i am proud of where he stands
his endurance to take the pain
his courage to unite foreign hands

brother I'll be here when you get home
I'll be the first to thank you for all you've done
for I am proud to be your brother
you stand and fight when all others would run

you have a strong heart, mind, and soul
so i know the devil wont try to take any brother of mine
I know you will all come home safe
I know everything will be just fine

but there are some things I think you should know
some things I have probably  said before
but I dont think it will hurt
to tell you once more

I love you for who you are and for what you do
...I miss my brother and best friend
but no matter what happens
I promise i'll see you again in the end

to my brother and his brothers in arms- be safe.

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A Creepy Feeling

Have you ever been hiking Out in the woods When this creepy feeling Scares you real good? Afraid to look round Don't know what's behind Oh don't be so silly! Everything's fine! The sound of a twig Snapping in two Your heart starts pounding You shake in your shoes A flicker of light Through the towering pines Saw something move Was it just in my mind? It happens again So I whirl myself 'round There right before me My brother the clown Laughing and chuckling Under the pines This badass prankster Kid brother of mine He teases me still Bout the look on my face After all these years He still can't erase One day my turn For revenge will arrive And brother oh brother I hope he survives! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Caught in the crossfire

Turmoil looms over private skies
Thick with fog firmly affixed to a bedroom ceiling
Though squinting escapes clarity's eyes 
Of love and hate in the brotherly cloud of feelings

Of flesh and blood consumed with rage
Over jealous tirades turned warriors gun
As woeful stains turn the scrapbook page
On a mothers memories of her sons

Must steps so steep decline to this
For boys to prove they're men
To stand a savior when comes a crisis
Yet left but a splinter his heart he'll rend

One brute one tongue thrice will leave
A mothers love the referee
Her tug-rope heart torn from anxiety
Caught in the crossfire of sibling rivalry

A crystal tear center stage
On the battleground that began with play
So it falls till you reach that age
When you learn the wisdom of walking away

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Nickel Children

Poem about Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

All the nickel children
are playing on the rocks.
Girls exchanging numbers
and boys exchanging knocks.

Some are picking blueberries.
Some play in the moss.
Some are throwing grass bombs
as far as they can toss.

All the nickel children
are playing on the rocks.
All around a nickel
we made so that it shocks.

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Dark Of Night

Dark of Night
In the dark of night I awaken
the nightmare comes again
In a cold sweat, head and heart racing
I know it will stop, but when?

my Brother! I scream out loud
oh God, he needs to be healed
found him with a gun in his mouth
suicide-it’s the real deal

again it must be the family curse
as for brothers-he’s number four
with three dead of booze and pills I didn’t think It could get worse
 like their dying is settling some score

he didn’t show any fear
even when the gun went CLICK!
he was calm and his intention was clear
like in a scene from some movie clip

In an instant he would have be gone
and blood splattered all over the place
 I’d be tormented by what went wrong
each time I remembered his face

locked away in a place he can’t get away from
he’s struggling, he says he’s had enough
battered and weathered by a violent storm
wading through it is going to be tough

at 55, he almost died by his hand
God spared my brothers’ life
but he’s still a broken, suffering man
who cries in the dark of night

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Widened Eyes White

Perspiration beads my beleaguered brow,
running in rivulets down cheeks aglow.
A hazy miasma the air does plough,
electric energy begins to flow. 

Distant rumblings, crowned palm trees start to shake,
gorgeously lush green fronds partner their dance.
Waves rippling the ground harbinger earthquake,
eerie silence, then lightning’s jagged lance.

An earth shrieking crescendo tears dark skies,
a tsunami of sound deafens each mind.
Birds of Paradise scream with fearful cries,
as two tectonic plates viciously grind.

Silence resumes, a young friend lifts his head,
widened eyes white within a dusky den.
I speak, “See brother we live we’re not dead,
dispela wantok bilong Jackson Ken.” 

I lived in Papua New Guinea for four years in the 1990’s.
The earthquake was 6.5 on the Richter scale, epicentre within 50 mile away.
Jackson Ken is a young Papua New Guinean man whom I befriended and who ended 
up working for the company that I was managing. 
The last line is Pidgin English, widely spoken in P.N.G., its root bases are German, 
Dutch and ‘modified’ English. It basically means that this fellow/man (dispela, which 
is me) is a cousin brother (wantok, usually associated with another member of your 
own village) belonging (bilong) to Jackson Ken.

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Brother Best

O thou hast been my brother best 
Through this sad time of bitter fears. 
Thy brother hath but one request; 
Above thy heart to rest his tears. 

Thy life for me, hath been consumed 
With tortured torments torn with pain, 
For is thy father not entombed 
And left for naught thy future gain? 

And was thy father's fate not mine? 
From this day hence I say, 'tis true! 
My vapors vexed do now entwine 
Around yon corpse now damp with dew. 

I care not more or less of thee, 
'Twas failure fraught from mine own lips. 
I love thee friend, thou art now me, 
For as I bleed 'tis our blood drips. 

Now sewn as one through trial and fire, 
Thou ask and thou shalt have my soul. 
Thy life, immersed inside the mire, 
Hath formed and forged us two as whole. 

What more should mortal man request 
But that gods now shall make arise, 
A friend transformed, to brother best, 
By gods that heard thy brother's cries? 

Now formed as one from this day on 
To share the silence and the sound, 
Of life's intrigues til life is gone. 
And we, as one, are heaven bound. 

So let these weighted words be free 
To fall upon thy beating breast,
Conjoined with tears I cried for thee, 
When friend became my brother best. 

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from antiquity of the Peruvian Inca mountains
'til today's unsheathed bladed Java buttons clicking
the numbers add up to incessant discounting counting
to sacrifice our own graven image sown sickening

if she floats - she's a witch and frankly must die
if she sinks, well, obviously she's sufficiently pious
when down on the bottom, we can't hear her cries
of sacrifice, still, very little can get by us

filed and defiled is all the better all the while
as the former digits click off of our palms
fingers and toes, complete legs fall away, as do 
whole heads mounting kill count without qualms

virgin girls, citizen children, soldiers of play
their sacrifice is for civilization after all
us, uh, i mean the gods, won't have it any other way
they must have their place on our wailing wall

the altar so sacred, so blood red royal
C-4 strapped around plain white-robed torso
from handlers who assure they have the will of God
sending heavenward, pink clouded supplication - more so

for the sacrifice of the body than of the soul
robed theocratic surgeons who cut off our noses
in a perceived attempt to maintain their control
of those around them that might be opposed to

notions that they need not explain themselves,
or that God demands carnage for reasons unknown,
that their actions should beget peace in our time
that they shan't pick up, to cast, the first stone

that we all could be better humans I suppose
if we sacrificed our pride, instead of our fear
if we worked hard not to be taken for a ride by
admitting things aren't what they might first appear

dunno, but if there is a god for us to pray to
then maybe we could pray to not be preyed upon
and sacrificed for that bloody old world view
time to cook up some whorled peas - and move on

© Goode Guy 2012-08-02

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The Unknown Out There

Let me tell you what had happened
When two children's day had darkened
Home alone, fed up with Communism
They decided on some Spiritism.

Naughty brother and his sister
Started chanting a tongue twister
Shaking, dancing,twirling a spatula
Air head kids called evil Dracula

Goose bumps and a lot of laughter
Ended session... Guess What after ?...
As night descended on the "counting sheep"
Fate decided to take a strange, big Leap:

Radio and TV turned on
Sleep, peace and quiet all but gone
Colorful ceramics smashed into sand
Only my brother and I knew that's Grand.

Sunshine erased the real nightmare
But next night I lived in despair
A man stopped in front of my balcony
Raised his hat, saluted me politely

Do you wonder what's so creepy
And why I became so weepy?
I am a poet and I'm not a bore
But all of us lived on the thirteenth floor...

A lot of years have passed since then
Thank God for this contest and pen
If questions would arise please don't be shy
I'm willing to respond ...and laugh... and cry.

Written for the contest on Paranormal

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My Brother, Big J

I'm from a family of four My folks and my brother and me My “bro” was twenty months older We were different as can be My brother’s birth name was Jerry I remember him as “Big J” He grew to over six foot four While at five foot seven, I stayed Even when we lived together We each seemed to go our own way So close in age, we fought a lot Now and then together we played As teens our fights were physical I never did come out on top Except, with my arm in a cast I beat him till Mom made me stop We grew closer when we were grown A natural thing I’ve been told While living our separate lives Our brotherly love was disclosed A birthday call to each other Was always a yearly event And when we did get together The time was so preciously spent All three of my daughter’s weddings “Big J” and his wife would attend Then at one wedding reception He told all the guests we were “twins” He had a great sense of humor Reminded me of dear old Dad His laugh was very infectious No better “bro” could I have had Our parents were already gone When Big “J” was taken away No one can know the grief I felt When I lost him that dreadful day Big “J”, was my brother Jerry A gentle giant of a man He was loved by those that knew him And I'm sure I'm his biggest fan

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Youngest Brother

Godly birth rights I have to earn
Standing in line to wait my turn
Older brothers will teach me things
That will one day make me a king

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What does Christian mean

Christian, a baptized person
To believe all that Christ has taught
To do all that He has commanded
As necessary for our salvation

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FREE CEE simply die those tears


I suppose there are things i'll never learn about people
i'd like to know
not insignificant things such as what they do and where
they go
i'd like to know some pertinent information
like how they can display such inconsideration

I know this lady whose friend was very ill
the doctors couldn't cure her with an injection or any pill
according to the physicians she was practically at death's door
but that cruel lady acted as if it was something easy for her to ignore

I know this man whose friend's father died the day before
yet he acted as if paying his condolences was some kind of chore
these were two men who were once thick as thieves
but that man didn't give a damn how badly and sadly his old friend grieves

it boggles my mind how cruel certain people can be
but that doesn't go for a person with a heart and soul such as me
because every time some woman or man comes to die
it could be a stranger to me yet and still i'll find myself urged to cry
     © 2012.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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What 3 sins seem to cause most evil in the world

Dishonesty and
They are therefore to be carefully avoided at all times


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'Blood' Brothers or 'Bloody' Brothers under the Banner - Parts 1 and 2

“A dying people tolerates the present, rejects the future, and finds its satisfactions in past greatness and half-remembered glory.”

“A strong man makes a weak people. A strong people don’t need a strong man.”
John Steinbeck (Nobel Prize 1962)

        for the DEAD in the Struggle for EELAM


Ages from now, let it not be said:
  Blood spills only as brother dies.
Ages from now, let not peace be bled
  By chances lost now in sighs.

To the high nor low slams the door
  To him who seeks the Law and more.
Take, take the Golden Mean way!
  Truth your only key, don’t ever slay!

Where the elephant roams un-tethered free,
  The familiar myna will echo carefree
Words of yore buried in sacred memory:
  One breed, one species carved in ivory.

No greater fear simmers in the lowlands
  Than the stealth of brother against brother;
No higher disdain festers in the highlands
  Than vengeance lying in wait for the other.


Think not of the promises made and broken,
  Think only of the time lost and forsaken.
Every hour, every day, a life blown or taken;
  Every month, every year, a people woe-driven.

To the high nor low slams the door
  To him who seeks the Law and more.
Take, take the Golden Mean path!
  Truth your only key, never the lathe!

Think of Prince Paranirupasingham who to succour
  King Jayavira’s queen, to Kandy, fled his throne:
Abandoned to court intrigue, schemes and wiles encore:
  A princely retreat, a physician’s penance alone.

First governor, then regent, the last Jaffna King Cankili
  Learnt best the conqueror's cruel art of slaughter;
Then, fired by the local converts' iniquitous treachery,
  Revolted too late, his head the butt of lofty laughter.

Think of C.P. Ramanathan the island’s cause to defend
  Sailed over choppy seas past wild submarines
To raise the nation’s flag in the court of the Empire’s den,
  His homeward chariot drawn by one peoples’ teens.

(...continued in Parts 3 to 5)

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Just like life my dreams always end for me
Another day to fake what they want me to be
Put on a tie or don a pair of old blue jeans
Yet I don’t know what my dreams or my life really means

It’s been difficult to understand why I survive
And I know not where and when I will arrive
So I run to my mother and I ask her for advice
And she says “son, too oft life is lived for a price”

“but mama,” I beg, “how great is that cost,
because as of now I feel totally lost?”
She couldn’t  answer that query without mitigation
And she didn’t want to give me any false information

Where I am headed is a question only fate can reveal
And I know what you sow you will reap and that is for real
Reality is something I’ve tried to avoid for far too long
But then I say “my mama couldn’t have been wrong”

So as sure as tomorrow I will probably awake
With no black tie affairs nor parties to partake
Because I know not how they want me to act
All I know is there have been too many of life’s answers I’ve lacked
          © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!

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For William Watt (Brother Sonny)

William, I in your scholars footsteps went
Across the seas of the white continent
To seek the demon that your bright soul bent
Away from self, harbor of home, government
Of mind. I saw the citadels, abroad
Their light, and the mesmerized world flowing
Like pilgrims starved, yet all searches outward
They clustered history, gently bowing.

What would a boy who danced the streets for dimes
Seek here? What would a child made penitent
To arbitrary laws claim from discontent
With native shore, in matter's logic climes?
Too hard the cathedral floor, I wouldn't kneel
Too cold the shrine here for a tropic faith
Dust clogged my eyes, I needed just to feel
Something that from your shoulders moved some weight.

This shrine lengthend your name with letters, and spelled
Your dreams downward, excavating past things
And the science of fire, you needed wings
To flee the cauldron of desire. I yelled
Against the emptiness, the barren white
I yelled in loneliness, too soon you left
My soul alone to voyage the cold night
Too soon my mother hums with the bereft

From Harvard to Delhi, and Cambridge back
How clean the wind sweeps the sand, Sweden too
Already has forgotten, fled like dew
Your presence now, and the desolate track
Feign innocense of the foul deed, my tears
Fall again, William, my brother, brave
I tried, but not climb wisdom's broken stairs
My love is haunted by your silent grave.

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Why the Rose Bled

Parents so proud
Four sons they raised
From the Highlands of Scotland
In the pre-war days
On their crofts they worked
Morning till night
Unknown to them then
Off a future fight
The Germans have invaded
A country so free
Poland was taken
The world shaken visually
Britain declares war
As our men enlist
To rid the enemy
As the fighting shifts
Europe's engulfed 
In a feverish war
Many are dying
To comprehend what for
The four brothers
Sign up to fight
As a mother will pray
Every night

Campaigns they fight
In these theatres of war
Witnessing horrors
Never seen before
In their garden at home
On the family crofts
A bed of roses
With petals so soft
Then one day 
With a passing glance
A pink rose dripping red
In deathly stance
Their mother turns
To the gate she looks
Telegram in hand
From the postman she took
With trembling hands
She opens with care
Upon reading the message
In tear laden stare
Their eldest son
In Africa was lost
As many many others
Deaths global cost
Every day
As she passes the rose
It's pink petals bloom
Her tomorrow's fear grows

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We're Adults

In life, we need to stand on our own
This was my mistake before
I thought I'll get you
Without you learning how to take it

God taught me a lesson
That you're still there
Pray and ask God to help me win the poetry
It can be before the 1st before I can send you

This is being strong honey
We can do this
When you're a child
People say 'what if you dont have your parets or mother?'

That's how children learn responsibility
Okay, what if I get to the hospital or Something bad happen to me
Who will be there to talk to you?
You can't do anything, you have to live like that

But it will not be forever
We need to pray and ask God for graces
Pray for the one taking care of you
We need God'help in everything

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Doubtless Thomas

Don't despair tomorrow's promise
Justified in your beliefs.
Don't resign him 'Doubting Thomas'
Seek his answers, seek relief.

Mind is torn from fear to love
Good to evil, black to white.
Dual nature speaks thereof
Lost in darkness, found in Light.

I did meet this ancient soul.
Joined his quest in perseverance.
Claimed his virtue, I extol
The need to push the disappearance

Of the universe of which
I claim no allegiance to.
Heaven bound, his ride I hitch
Where doubt is null, for Love is true.

He did know the 'chosen' one
Whose words revealed this mystery:
Fallen angels, there are none
All are Sacred, all are Free.

*Inspired by "The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard.

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Happy Birthday, Sister

Your strength possessed is so admired
I am nothing, except in awe
As all you do, breathes perfection
For you show no sign of flaw

As mothers go, I see your love 
Through the many things you do
As a sister though, I know your love
And it’s always given, true

Another year has come and gone
And I have truly yet to say
How much you mean, how you’re admired
How I look up to you today

As years ago, I was so young
When you were older and so mature
But, I never said what I meant to say
So, I’ll say it now for sure

Happy Birthday, sister
Please take these wishes true
You deserve them all. May it be the best
And know I love you, too

From this brother to his sister
May love and happiness fill your days
I wish you all the very best
And have a very Happy Birthday!