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Science Prose Poetry Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Science

These Science Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Science. These are the best examples of Science Prose Poetry poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Main Matrix

So, if a matrix is a body substance, in which all cells are embedded?
Then can I not spiritually say that the body of Christ is also a matrix?
Well, is it safe to assume or safer to not assume the differences in such?

If I have a World Wide Web with many matrixes, there must be a main.
How does one achieve the main matrix without a conversion of all matrixes?
Each living breathing organism has a matrix, but what supplies this?
Seems how all bodies have cells embedded in a matrix,
Is it not safe to assume that the universe has a matrix?
If so, where is the main universal matrix?
There must be a connection of some sorts,
Nevertheless, what is it and where is it?
Moreover, why has this not been thought of?
If the body is the temple of the Lord,
Then He must have a main matrix.
Matrix is Latin for womb.
So in which womb is this matrix?
Only a female has a womb.
There must be one that is required by none.
Now let us get even more difficult here.
We have a World Wide Web with many matrixes.
What if the World Wide Web is an individual womb?
It obviously has good and evil in its growth.
Could there have been two that fused by one?
Could there have been a conversion of all matrixes.
Or is there only one main matrix being a female?
Let us get back to the body of Christ and His matrix.
Let us even go to your own bodies matrixes.
An enclosure within in which something originates or develops,
This is what lives and breathes inside of you every day, a matrix.
Do we not develop Christ within ourselves, and He our originator?
Is it not safe to assume that we are the body of Christ?
Moreover, that we are of a matrix that has a universal main matrix?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Science and Religion

My soul is Hindu...
My head is Islam...
My heart is Christian...
Every part of our body has various righteousness.

Every religion is teaching us the knowledge of humanity and love.
Truly religion gives us strong base of life and peace.

Similarly science means comprehensive knowledge.
Science is teaching us the knowledge of existence and prosperity.

Scientific religion is called spiritualism.
It's the historical contribution of science and religion.


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Looking with eyes 
All events, everything 
From a viewpoint  
A perspective that sees all 
The broadest spectrum 
On a universal scale 
Natural, black and white, 
If there was a finite 
Amount of energy existing  
In the womb that is space 
Without the influence of fictitious forces 
The universe is static, 
But if gravity was rather antimatter 
Drawing upon and absorbing matter 
Producing energy as it does, 
Energy and material are interchangeable  
With no deviation from the constant 0 
Everything seems to cancel out in the end 
But time is relative 
From a universal perspective 
There is no starting point and no end 
To a cyclical event, 
Matter and antimatter exploding Into 
Existence, then snuffing each other out 
Would I be wrong of the conclusion  
In stating god is energy? 
We are in Gods image 
Not as humans, 
But all life...

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Fable 666

Fable 666 


The good news is THIS, Salvation has come to EARTH. 
The bad news is to some of you; it is only found in JESUS. 
There is a prevalent personal jesus in the CHURCH today 
So that people have confused the works of the spirit with Salvation, judging 
others by what they themselves of course are doing wrong even neglection of 
Christ as the cornerstone. Also there is an inflated self-important personage 
inside people, not as something special made of GOD, but as something 
fashioned not from GOD at all, but from their laws. The first thing to remember is 
the wooden thing the CROSS, how JESUS stretched his arms and gave to us his 
life, HIS DEATH is saving us. HE laid inside a TOMB of absolutely stone in a 
place no one really ever wants to go. 
Conflict comes when people live in houses and drive cars money is the plastic 
jesus ruling all their lives and hearts. 
Let me tell you Mister LAW if you have murdered to further your influence and your 
wealth you just may someday wake up in a burning HELL. For the final chapter 
written in the judgment hall of GOD is the Hell of GOD to come from judgment to 
them all the naked and the dead shall stand there and give account of everything 
they done to a JUST and living GOD. No badge upon your chest no belt with 
bullits and with guns. No one to take your place for HE is sitting on the throne 
judging everyone. The Trick if trickery there is to come is to say the namme of 
JESUS and just do it quickly for there is horror waiting in the afterlife for someone 
misinformed in LAW. Rich men seldom win the battles with the sin. Everyone 
needs JESUS. Say JESUS and come in to a Heaven made of LOVE. 
Fable 666     

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Portal of Wraiths

I paused on the landing of the wooden Victorian staircase, pondering whether to pick my 
way back up the portal between the worlds of the living and the dead. In my previous 
ascension, I found myself frequently looking over my shoulder sensing a demon bent on 
crossover from its imprisonment using my body as a vessel. I swallowed my fear, found my 
resolve, and cautiously stepped onto the first of the rickety steps.  My heart beat once, in 
what seemed like forever, every drop of blood being squeezed through at once. I strained 
my ears to listen for the echoed step of my invisible intruder. I was greeted only with a 
silence so thick if felt as if it were a substance pushing me back to the safety of the realm in 
which I was meant to reside. I would not relinquish my resolve however, so I continued on 
with my suicidal mission to the pinnacle of the never ending staircase. Again I stepped 
forward and again my heart welcomed to entire contents of my body into its chambers in a 
singe pump. I waned, waiting for the echo of the creaking wood, made so over a lifetime of 
abuse from the decaying buildings wraith like residence. My ears detected eternal 

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

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Impact of Radiation

my knowledge on the
impact  of radiation 
is quite limited

but I do wonder
if radiation would be
in a brand new car

that was produced in
Japan after the earthquake
and the tsunami

if the water has
radiation, would the paint
on the car be safe?

do we realize that
dangerous radiation
impacts the whole world?

do we realize air,
water and nature will not
be safe for mankind?

sadly, inventions
without preparations for
disasters proceed

and mankind welcome
each with great expectations
to increase comfort

until the next time
a tradgedy occurs, and
many lives are lost

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Lunar Plateaus

"I would get so high that I couldn’t breathe. My mind is so intent on making others 
comfortable, on guessing where the comfort level is in others, that I, at times, tend to fry up.

This about one of those times. I was sitting by myself, as I am now, and was leaning over to 
grab a strawberry, fresh Manoa strawberries, from the island, and ready for our mouths, 
when it suddenly dawned on me that I could not remember my last content moment.

Preceding the strawberry was a week’s worth of carnage. An emotional tackle box getting 
kicked down the street. And I wasn’t the tackle box. I wasn’t even the guy (or girl [lady for 
that matter]) kicking the tackle box. I was the one watching. I was the one watching the guy 
or girl or lady kicking the emotional tackle box down the street all week. And I wasn’t just 
watching. I was shouting and moving, and kicking and I felt like the tackle box most of the 

In the store with my brother buying groceries swimming along aisles crunched together 
brimming and bending with massive swelling food I get spun up and around again. Running 
and dodging at the great modern bazaar. Here I am tangled in energy with the potential 
torpedo-speed of diverting into any singular focus, cause, emotion, empathy, wonder, or 
pity. So I walk with trembling fingers through the bardos.

Groceries are like an animal that eats you more than you eat it…”

The six eyes glared at each other.  Finally one of the two heads underneath the giant upside-
down light bulb exclaimed: “Then what?”

“The transmission ends.” 

She waves the document she was reading in the dead, extra-terrestrial air.  She loses grip 
with it as the ancient rag falls from her like a frightened dove feather if feathers could 
be frightened.  The other two space-suited light bulb heads chase after it.  The Lady In 
Command walks to the end of the lunar plateau and dreams, ‘What if I was a towel?’

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Scientific way of canal digging

The governments should adopt scientific way 
Of canal digging with an eye to 
Solve flood problem, mitigate irrigation crisis
And open up new avenue of fishery.

At first the area where flood water overflow
From the rivers should be pointed out
And nearby barren lands should be identified
Then maps of the required canals can be drawn.

Subsequently the canals should be dug up
From the last points of maps
Which will end at near the mouth of the canals
Then with the aim of joining the canals
With the rivers dynamite should be blasted off.

The government will compensate the people
Whose lands will be acquired for the project. 
In this way 
The government will be able to give its people
A great relief and satisfaction.

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  1) ..Every time... I take a breath.
2) ..I think about... the trees.

3) ..Knowing that....deep down inside.
4) ..Each breath you longer can I clean. 

5) ..Is it True...your love I sought. 
6) ..When on my skin... you carve your heart. 

7) ..When here...upon my limbs birds nest. 
8) ..While knowing that each root...I need.

9) ..If leaves are poem makes.
10) ..And making strip my branch.

11) ..Where then will you..hang your swing.
12) ..Looking up..why do I see..a heaven without trees. 

Is It Poetry 

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Mental Telepathy
Apathetic CharlaX
Wood yew like to have a super power like mental telepathy
then rally hear what people think
when they stare at you
and understand just what they think of you?
Like the movie liar liar with Carey? He looked so calm and said you really look 
like the dog today? Or something to that affect? WAIT this brings up another point 
eye need to make. 
The story that eye make is sometimes loosely based on a real life scenario a 
fate of people just like ewe and eye.
The Animal in my Fabels is of course the Charlax creature and alien from a 
distant star system not attuned to the physical much in the manner of Michael 
Valentine. My Fables are just stories not ever about animals just Fabels notice 
the different spelling the e is transported to mean a different sort of story. Most of 
my fables is suitable for children although they are not written JUST and ONLY 
for the tykes they can be read and digested by most humans online.
If little Johnny Sue is less than FIVE years young than mabe you need to filter all 
the charlax from the line and consider placing the computer a little higher on the 
vine. Most children precocious notwithstanding can move a mouse with easy 
strokes and games build smurffing skills well used in later life. There was a 
science fiction story the naked man stood on the platform and tried to transport 
hisself by kinetic transference of his energy he went to lots of different places 
only he had to get there naked his clothes would not make the jump. Think about 
it like the movies eye suppose they even used it in the Terminator ones. 
Common man and common sense can make the same mistaken thinking try 
this one on for size if someone stares at yew for very long without a word in your 
direction and they are frowning or even sneering it's a good bet the brain has a 
dialogue of one like this one “Oh GOD look at that man he must be homeless he 
looks so bad like unwashed glasses.”