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Prose Poetry Religious Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Religious

These Prose Poetry Religious poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Religious. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Religious poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Grace Sent From Heaven

                                   ~A Grace From Heaven.~
                 That July 7 2007 was supposed to be my Birthday
                     But it turned out to be a tragic sinister day.
           That same moment my son was supposed to come in a joyful way
                      But it turned out to be a devastation day.
                                           I Prayed 
                    What was supposed to be our celebration day
                           turned out to be our darkest Friday.
                     What was supposed to be an unforgettable day
                     turned out to be a wishful forgettable Tuesday.
                                         Obscure Days
                   What was supposed to be our family reunion day
              turned out to be the birth of a hideous cancerous malady                       
                   that destroyed all of my sons upcoming healthy days.
                That Monday instead became a wounded bleeding today
                       having to listen to what the doctor had to say.
             It turned out to be 5 months chemo therapy of shadowy days.
                                        Grace From Heaven
              My sons soul awakened his spirit one night on his hospital bed
                        sleeping felt a hand pat on his shoulders
                    heard a voice,my son you will not die have faith
                      your soul will awaken and you will be cured.
                                          Today 5 Years Later
                     Mother & son are miraculously extremely happy 
                            out of the hospital he was flying away  
                     no more chemo therapy & cancer out of his way. 
                      Celebrating my sons healing soul will last Today 
                            Tomorrow And All His Upcoming Days. 
                                           Thank You Lord.
                                                 Therese Bacha

Contest for PD......A Grace Sent From Heaven. (Win No.7)

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Oh God When I die

                                                 Oh God When I Die

                                      Oh God when I die please let me,
                                      See the sin's from past reality,
                                      And if my deeds out wiegh bad,
                                      Then let my soul feel glad.

                                      And if I die from a lier's shame,
                                      Please allow my shameful name,
                                      To be among the forgiven with pride,
                                      Knowing your grace has given me a guide 

                                      From death to light le me see,
                                      That eternity is my reward from thee,
                                      And infinite love of peace from you,
                                      For your promise is eternaly true.

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My Lord

                                                            My Lord
                                         Will you heal this heart from hate,
                                         For it takes away my lifes meaning to relate.
                                         At a time when prayer is given from pride,
                                         And the blessings from your hand are defied.

                                         Can you ever forgive my broken soul,
                                         For it holds my sins of unworthy goals.
                                         Goals of lust through desirable pain,
                                         Just to satisfy ones own hateful gain.

                                         My Lord please build in me your love,
                                         So that I can be charitable thereof.
                                         Let my foot steps lighten the load,
                                         And keep me from behaving so bold.

                                        And when I lay asleep at night,
                                        Please left this burdens so I can fight.
                                        Fight to see your love in me fulfilled,
                                        Knowing that it helps to feed my will..

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Where I Come From

Where I’m from
Would you like to know
Where I was born
From whose seeds I sow
Not from the hill country
Where beautiful flowers bloom
Not by the river
Where brides marry in June
But I’m from a place
You’ve never been
I’m from the depths of hearts so true
I’m from the soul of hearts once blue
I’m from the joy of what’s meant to be
I’m from a place you dream to see
I am an angel
I’m from above
I was born in a city
I come from love.

By Patricia Templeton

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Zindagi wo nahi, JO Nazar Ati Hai Tum Ko
Yeh To Chalti Howi Sansoo Ka Safar Hoti Hai
Yeh To Bekiri Howi Yadoon Ka Mazhar Hoti Hai
Yeh To Totay Howay Lafzoon  Ka Nasar Hoti Hai
Zindagi!  To Naam Hai Us Insaneyat Ka
Jes Ki azmat Ka Yakin! Farashtoon Nay Sajday may Kiya
Zindagi! To paygham Hai Us Jazbay Ka
Jis Ka Safar Soraj Ki Kirnoo Say shuru Hota Hai
Zindagi, Us Katab Ki Manind Hai 
Jis Ka Unwaan !  Musafar Ki Akasi Karta hai
Zindagi To Kahani Hai Us Musafarat Ki     
 Jis Ki Manzil Soraj Kay goroob ! Honay Tek Hoti Hai
Zindagi To Naam Hai Us Rishtay Ka 
Jis Ka Raabta !  Rooh Or Jism Kay Darmiyan Hota Hai
Zindagi To Ahsaas Hai Us Mohabat Ka
Jis Ka Ahtamaam ! Khuda Nay Jannat Bana Kay Kiya
Yeh Wo Bewafa Hai Jo Khudi Kay Daway Kay Bawajood 
Khud Apnay Wojood Ko Pal may ! Tanha Kar deyti Hai Zindagi
Zindagi Salaam Ho Tuj Pay Kay Teri  Baqa Kay Leyeh
Qudarat Nay Shub-o-rooz Ko Sajaya Hai ! Zindagi Kay Leyeh

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Christ Child

In eternity past, the Father asks the Son to go down.
Having equal Love for humans the "Yes" comes fast.
When Creation leads to time, the world waits for 4 BC
Marking the start of the end of Satan's long rule at last.

Did Satan laugh at the poor setting for Jesus' birth here?
A cry in a cave for animals pierces the night, changing all.
Shepherds worship; later wise kings give precious gifts.
Mary and Joseph marvel, yet Herod's rage soon gives a call.

A call to leave quickly to Egypt where they'll live as refugees.
Sparing the Christ child a merciless death of those under three.
When Herod finally dies, Jesus' parents head back to Israel.
Still not fully safe from mad rule, Nazareth is their destiny.

Here the child will grow to be a man, following His parents rule.
Surprising the Pharisees with His wisdom at 12, at 30 riling them.
Preaching with authority, healing the incurable, loving the humble.
Women weep repenting at his feet; one's healed by touching his hem.

Zacchaeus risks going into a tree and finds Jesus' salvation so free.
Nicodemus comes at night to ask and ends amazed he's met God's Son
The Woman at the Well gets far more vital water than the usual kind.
And many healed can't but tell others of the miracle God has done.

The babe in the manger now stills the storm and his disciples believe
Even seeing the dead arise, like Lazarus in the tomb for four days.
Foretelling a greater rising coming but not before immense suffering.
The sword Mary was told would pierce her heart is soon on its way.

For most religious leaders cannot tolerate Jesus' lack of respect for them.
Calling them whitewashed tombs and pointing pride out to Pharisees.
Not endearing Himself with the establishment, but following God's way.
Knowing soon He'd be betrayed, arrested, tried and tortured brutally.

Still, he calmly feeds them body bread and blood wine in a final feast.
Tells them the Spirit comes, and prays they'd be one like Father and Son.
Heads to the Garden, prays to His Father for another way if possible.
Your will be done ends and the soldiers come and with Judas kiss it's done.

The most pure, innocent Man who's ever lived is now in hostile hands.
A trial by dark without witness or any rights – and off to Pontius Pilate.
Then Herod then back to Pilate whose wife dreamed Jesus was innocent.
But the people's cries to crucify win over – Jesus caught in intrigue's net.

The child of Bethlehem now hung on a Cross between two criminals.
The Light of the World by darkness and our sins is being slowly slain.
Feeling forsaken by God, but then "Into Your hands I commit my spirit."
Reunited and soon to show the world that this Child was no ordinary one.

Risen as Jesus predicted, for how can death conquer everlasting, perfect life?
From childhood to adult not one sin, not once yielding to Satan's temptations.
Proving we can have life eternal if we confess and believe in Jesus as our Savior.
Calling His followers in risen form to await the Spirit and share Christ to the nations

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Deadly Flames Of Religion

An adopted culture inculcated into individuals with packages full of half truths blended with interests so personal as the convictions of its prey are bought too cheaply. A never fully understood process a system either ambiguous or full of darkness yet commands dedication and loyalty Far from being a lifestyle a pretender; so hypocritical to spirituality and a sworn enemy to freedom appears as the light but comes in a flash and leaves total darkness its actual and true nature. So well obeyed and diligently served powerful and mighty as it is a master in manipulating the mind. It's cage is heavy with thick Iron rods very small and compressive but having no lock, want to come out? Simply open the door and emancipate yourself. You need not follow the doctrine of man to be spiritual a mortal guide is ideal but finding your own understanding is the most appropriate or else, you'd be burnt by the deadly flames of religion
NOTE: There is a huge difference between being spiritual and being religious. Even in Christianity, Jesus Christ condemned the pharisees and Sadducees over and over again.. Why? They were religious and not spiritual!

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Christmas trees eight feet tall,
Some bigger still.
Colored bulbs to warm the heart,
It gives the child a thrill.

Trees on both sides of the altar,
When altars were marbled art.
The tabernacle in the center,
Crosses not far apart.

Church ceilings were painted then,
A beauty to behold.
Angels, clouds and cherubim,
The holy story told.

Sometimes I'd sneak inside,
Lay down by the first pew.
The magnificence of a small town church,
Ceilings and walls with a view.

When the organ played and people sang,
A new world opened here.
This is truly Christmas,
I was so proud to be near.

No jeans or shorts or T Shirts,
Even children dressed the part.
Celebrating the Christmas season,
Amidst magnificent art.

Ladies wore pretty dresses,
Men with a suit and tie.
Praising God dressed in their finest,
Christmas music could make one cry.

Alas, it's but a memory,
Of small towns so long ago.
We still love you dear Lord Jesus,
But why it changed we do not know.


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Holy Passion

ALERT: A carpenter's son is loose in the Temple
Birds flutter, animals hustle, merchants scream.
The zeal for Jesus' Father's house consumes Him
As the place for foreigners to pray had become a zoo.
ALERT: A prophet is setting up for a Baal battle.
Baal's priests even cut themselves yet no fire.
After taunting, Elijah fills his altar with water.
Calling on God, fire consumes and people bow.
ALERT: An old man is building a huge boat ship.
Without a cloud in the sky and only son's to help.
When finished the animals come on call to board.
Rain starts, doors close – 8 saved by holy passion.
ALERT: Jesus is telling a tax collector he'll join him for dinner.
Heedless of the Pharisees despising and the crowd's surprise.
Zacchaeus totally changes – offering to multiply stolen money.
A single sinner saved multiplies even more this holy passion.
ALERT: Peter plus are preaching in the Temple again.
After being imprisoned for just that, now rearrested.
Whipped by the authorities, the disciples rejoice -
For they've been counted worthy to suffer with Christ.

ALERT: Daniel's praying openly even after it's become illegal.
The royal advisers gleefully have the king throw him to the lions.
Strangely they don't seem hungry till after Daniel is pulled out.
So the king openly praises Daniel's God for this amazing miracle.
DOUBLE ALERT: Jesus is talking to a Samaritan woman!!!!
Breaking cultural barriers to share the message of salvation
To her who has been married 5 times and is living with the 6th.
She believes he's the Messiah and brings the town to Christ!
ALERT: Paul's going back into the same town that stoned him.
He's preaching again after shipwreck, jail, beatings, and such.
Persecution seems to encourage Paul that he's doing the right.
Passionately following the Savior who turned Him 180 degrees.
ALERT: Bible translators burned at the stake for God's Word.
Missionaries avoid death and disease long enough to share life.
Stirring Holy Passion in receptive people who repeat the cycle.
Changing cultures in bondage into those sharing Jesus' love.
ALERT: What passion has the Lord put on your heart? Mine?
Can we pray to see His will find its way in our everyday lives
So the lost shall see, hear, find Christ and grow to share Him?
Eternity is forever, this life is not. Fill us Lord with holy passion.

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Souls Departure

“Souls Departure”

Good-bye my lifeless temple
You housed my soul 
Therein we have seen and done many things
Together we stood tall
Above all adversity
I remember everything
The good and the bad experiences
For I am the truth of your heart
And action
The path my limbs walked
With the free will you had
Departing from this mortal world
Decay inevitable or not
My good deeds will keep me company
To reside forever
Yes there is life after death 
In the realm of truth
To be forgiven for my sins
As those left behind pray for me
Elevated I pray to be 
As every day passing 
 My life will be played before me
The good as well as the bad
On the day of resurrection 
Together we will rise
To find out status in the palace in the sky

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Pharisee went into the Temple to pray
Sure of his goodness and love for God
He prayed confidently about his deeds
Fasting, tithing, praying, He did faithfully
This man was glad when the sinner came
Into the Temple with eyes downcast.
For it gave a perfect contrast to himself.
So he thanked God he wasn't like this sinner.
Sinner was bowed so very low before God.
"God have mercy on me a sinner." he whispered.
No list of good uttered, as he could see none.
Jesus said Sinner not Pharisee was justified.
Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus over to eat.
Simon didn't have servants wash Jesus feet
He didn't kiss Jesus or draw near for fear,
Fear of what others Pharisees would think.
In came a sinful woman with unkempt hair.
She wept at Jesus feet without looking up.
Carefully she wiped these feet with her hair.
Simon was now sure Jesus was no prophet
A prophet could surely tell she was a sinner.
How could he let her touch him that way?
Reading Simon's thoughts Jesus taught.
Using this contrast in real life as a lesson.
He asked Simon if there were two debts
One greater, one lesser and both forgiven.
Who would feel greater love and gratitude?
Simon replied, "The one whose debt was greater"
"Correct" said the One who would pay all debts.
Those who know their debt to God is great.
Are filled with greater love toward the Savior.
Simon showed he had little need for the Christ.
But to the woman. Jesus said, "You sins are forgiven."
"Go and sin no more." She stood free and esteemed
Precious are those who come humbly to the Lord
He will forgive and welcome them to His Family forever.
Humility. Pride. Contrast. Mixed in all of us.
People who come to God feeling worthless, Christ lifts up.
People striding in proudly, Jesus humbles to allow entry.
For the Lord's Kingdom's door is incredibly low.
So low that we enter only through true confession
From the heart to Jesus as Savior who humbled Himself
Coming down from glory to earth's mess to make a Way.
By humbling Himself on a Cross – Universe's God tortured.
Jesus contrast makes ours seem small – so why wait?
May we take the humble road to Life, risen Christ made.
Joining God's family of forgiven, freed, joyful sinners.
New life's contrast with old will grow as we follow Him.
By a thankful sinner now saint by Jesus' grace

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Give your heart not your head
Give up hatred and live in peace
Give in a little but have boundaries
Give to the less fortunate instead of being selfish
Give first and receive last
Give freely without resentment
Give all worries to Jesus or live in constant turmoil
Give love to the unloved or risk their wrath of anger
But, the most important is to….

Give all of yourself to Jesus and He will show you the true meaning of the word …. GIVE……..

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Through ignorance and machismo
They delete themselves from posterity
The creed of embracing all that they expound
Forgotten when selecting the gods 
That inhabit their one sided hierarchy

They court and woo controversy
Discriminating on a grand scale
The other half of humanity
The X chromosome to these
Male gods 
Has only a reproductive use
And no spiritual worth
A selfish message they send 
To future generations
Today will be tomorrows past 
The stain of no sisterly love 
Does imperil  
The hard fought for longevity of the church
Blocking female advancement
Is a wanton disregard for the maker
Who created all in his image
And who blesses us 
From on high

Bickering and infighting 
Is no way to run a faith 
A blight on a way of life 
That raises a soul up high
Flambolic Postulations 
Coupled with rapscallion procrastinations
Have blighted the authority of the church
A reverse stigmata that may not be easily healed
The soul after all has no gender 

Side-lined for their femininity
Traduced for being as god created 
Women are second class in a world
Where acceptance of the divine 
Should outweigh gender dog fighting

A shaky foundation is today’s Christian ethos 
The lack of understanding and 
The ability to forgive 
Has reduced respect for a beacon of society 
A grievous long lasting
And irrevocable manoeuvre
Is this exclusivity ruling

The male domination of the soul
Is but a wilful audacious folly 
Humanity will not exist 
Without the X and the Y chromosomes 
They must after all be brought together
To create harmony

To look at the future of the church
Is to gaze into a cloudy ball
The smoke of destruction evident to all about
Except the Don Quixotes who stubbornly fight the inevitable
Bolstered by their own ill will

The unity of the church
Is paramount for its survival
The acceptance of those who believe 
Irrespective of their genes will extend 
The work on earth of Christ above 

God created humanity
Along a double stranded line 
A church cannot have spiritual authority
By being discriminatory 
Let us worship and serve god as one 

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Creation, Curse and Promise

Since eternity past God the Father Son & Holy Spirit dwelled in unity and sweet fellowship.
Then Three-In-One decided to make a marvelous universe with an earth for life to dwell.
Creating an amazing array of creatures was the easy part – the risk was on the last made.
For unlike other creatures, man & woman were made in God's likeness with a Spirit.

That Spirit communicated with God, and harmony reigned as earth was well cared for.
Freedom to do was great – limited by but one tree that the humans were not to ear from.
At that tree, Satan disguised himself as an innocent snake and asked the woman questions.
Did God really say don't eat from this tree?  Well, that's to keep you from becoming like Him.

Look its fruit is beautiful and one bite and you'll know what God does and be Jehovah's equal.
Eve was confused, for this didn't sound like what Adam said God told her, but wouldn't it be grand.
If God is so good, why would he keep this secret from us of being able to be like Him – is He jealous?
The firm, juicy fruit was indeed delicious, and she quickly called Adam to taste, which soon he did.

A small act? Every war, family problem, anger, hatred, lie, killing, stealing, rape, abuse came herefrom.
The beauty of God's creation was now marred with sin that affected every part with death and decay.
God graciously gave Adam & Eve animal skins for no longer would they live in Eden's perfect climate.
From now on there would be sweat for the food they ate and exceedingly great pain during childbirth.
Even their firstborn would murder their second, starting the cycle of revenge and killing that's ongoing.

Yet God also made a promise that one would come who would crush Satan's head while being bruised.
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God" clues us in to who.
For God's Son Himself would come to teach, heal and offer His life on a Cross to destroy our death curse.
Our sins He would bear and in rising He's seal the promise of eternal life, so great we Jesus' love for us.

For Jesus the cost was unbelievably high, and for us the reward is incredibly great – if we but accept.
Accept that I am a sinner, I've done wrong and need God's forgiveness to live with His perfection.
Accept that Jesus can do what I cannot – change my heart, make my Spirit alive to forever live with God.
This being GOD, the promise of heaven and new earth is sure, though pain lies in between.  Choose now.

For GOD and all creation cry out – this is what life is meant for – to know and love One's Maker.
As humans we live eternally with or apart from God, and His great desire is that we choose with.
But just as an earthly Father cannot force true love, nor does our Heavenly Father – He waits.
Though He made all and knows beginning from end, he waits and yearns that we receive His love.

Then love and be loved by Jesus in life's harshness & delight, sharing that love with other lost children
To work in harmony with the One who made us, makes life new again as our spirit is filled with new life.
There can be dry days when we don't feel His presence, and others so full that we want to shout for joy.
The fact is Our Father GOD, our Savior Jesus, the Holy Spirit, are always with us and never will leave us. Amen.

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Eternal Life

Eternal life

I’m wandering around thoughts
Nothing matched
Blend no
Joy and sorrow
Comes together
Live on earth’s meaningless
What’s the purpose
To seek eternal life
One says
From where
A temple, Church or Kovil
Thus in our own heart
Ever young soul
@Sunil Algama November 10, 2013

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A highway to heaven 
They who created him above
claim to have 
Despite their hands
Washed in the blood of all who oppose 
Their reverential unchanging dogma  
Centuries of blinding 
Those that willingly believe
Has embolden those that 
Profess to know the 
Secrets of life and of eternity 
How loud they cry of the holiness of 
Gods divinity 
They Denounce all but 
The complex mutually exclusive tenets 
They forcefully expound 
Up on high is salvation
One usually starts the journey
After languishing in a grave 
No one  has yet returned
To tell tales of nirvana above 
The sureties given 
Fly in the face of 
Common sense 
You must believe what your senses say
Is definitely untrue
If you do not it’s the inquisition for you
Giving two fingers to 
The creed of live as you will
Those that have a control streak 
Lambast and severely traduce
Any seemingly wavy interpretation 
Of life on this earth
No one but the top brass
Can have any individuality 
Religion is a celebration
Of our living on this earth
And a creation of a sense of history
From clues in nature
That shows how god has blessed us 
To use it as a rod of conformity
Does not fit in with humanity 

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Message from God

Message from God

I love myself
More than any
But it’s bad
Someone says
I can’t see or watch
But hear 
Even when closed ears
‘Ts from inside
Reminds to love all
And nature
‘Ts God
@Sunilalgama November 2013

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Thanksliving 2014

"Let us be thankful" Hebrews 12:28

Times are tough this year,
Seems we should cry.
Many lost their jobs,
Please Lord, tell me why.

The pain will not go away,
Doctors tried for months.
What can we do now,
We don't have many wants.

Foreigners flood our land,
The the few jobs that remain.
Want everything for free,
Bring us peace again.

Our leaders do not care,
Destroy our given rights.
Christians persecuted everywhere,
We are to weak for fights.

Sodom and Gomorrah,
The ancient days of Rome.
Lifestyles that destroyed these nations,
Now legal in our home.

One Nation Under God,
You gave this land to be.
Those elected do not believe in you,
We live in misery.

Help us find our way,
Top return to One God.
Then we will have Thanks-living,
Where your faithful ones once trod.


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World of Ours

World of ours  by Sylvestre Atsriku
Am rolling i landed on a planet.
Illuminati on my mind,body,spirit and my goddamned soul.
I see D'evils in my sleep.
I am forever enlightened.
Am not lucky am blessed.
Annuit Coeptis.Ordo Templi Orientis.
Nuvus Ordo Seclorum.
Audaces fortuna iuvat.
We speak languages that are dead to humanity.
Aura Ferra,Aqua Terra.
Embodiments of greatness.
We see the Sun at MiDnIgHt.
Left to the forces of riches and wealth.
We crave more wisdom,WiSdOm buried in the crypts and catacombs dead kings and old kingdoms.
Our paths have never been walked and our names are on the lips of the high and mighty.
We have emerged to grace the sights of those who possess the third eye.
Quis Deus Praeter Multa Nomina.
Drowning in the never ending abyss of knowledge and PoWeR.
We are kings and queens in flesh.
????? ????? ?????? ????????? ?? ???

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That Frightful Day

That Frightful Day

It was Tuesday, 
The world was told.
That terror filled the skies,
With murder cold and bold.

Americans are secure,
Our world is safe we said.
We work in total comfort,
Rest securely in our bed.

September is a lovely month,
Along the Eastern shores.
Turning leaves and autumn breeze,
Shouting peace, forevermore.

The eleventh day began the same,
With warm winds and shining sun.
Our dreams were real, our hopes were high,
It was the year double o' one.

What were those planes doing in the town,
Why were they flying so low?
The world's twin towers would soon come down,
All would surely know.

New York will never be the same,
Nor will the U S A.
People now stand hand in hand,
Because of that frightful day.

Americans are now united,
Our new-found faith will stay.
You and I will conquer,
If we take the time to pray.

God gave His Son to guide us,
With a message of Peace and Joy.
Love and understanding,
If His glory we employ.


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                                       "Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya

                                      Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,

                                      Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya

                                       Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'.

                                     Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

                                        Whenever there is decay

                                     of righteousness O! Bharatha

                                     And a rise of unrighteousness

                                         then I manifest Myself!"

LORD steps forward
His golden helmet shines 
Minarets of palace
Aglow with light
Perfumes pervade the depth of ocean
All praise thee
O Lord, in the chariot of fire
Golden bow in hand
Golden arrows in golden quiver
All pure like gold is
Distant cries faint like a dream
All souls are dreaming
A salvation
He walks on the sea
Leaving his chariot behind
Because the path is in storm
And he reaches me.

14th October, 01:05 2014 (IST)

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World of Ours

World of ours  by Sylvestre Atsriku
Am rolling i landed on a planet.
Illuminati on my mind,body,spirit and my goddamned soul.
I see D'evils in my sleep.
I am forever enlightened.
Am not lucky am blessed.
Annuit Coeptis.Ordo Templi Orientis.
Nuvus Ordo Seclorum.
Audaces fortuna iuvat.
We speak languages that are dead to humanity.
Aura Ferra,Aqua Terra.
Embodiments of greatness.
We see the Sun at MiDnIgHt.
Left to the forces of riches and wealth.
We crave more wisdom,WiSdOm buried in the crypts and catacombs dead kings and old kingdoms.
Our paths have never been walked and our names are on the lips of the high and mighty.
We have emerged to grace the sights of those who possess the third eye.
Quis Deus Praeter Multa Nomina.
Drowning in the never ending abyss of knowledge and PoWeR.
We are kings and queens in flesh.
????? ????? ?????? ????????? ?? ???

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Now They Want us to See By the Candy

A little piece of candy

The doctor gives you an injection
to cure you of endless grief
and you notice the little statues
on his desk and the degrees 
hanging from the wall.

This is where my poetry comes alive
you think to yourself as the needle goes on
this is where the words start to scream
howling at the moon, wandering away from you
on the way out the door
you grab a little piece of candy
and think to yourself
how adorable.

In the morning you will awaken
and still be filled with sorrow.

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Trans PORT Station

Trans PORT Station
a hard look in side at how power is misused no one can glide upon rusty shells they tiptoe on the path well meaning people do wrong to innocents in the name of prevention we nip this sort of thing in the bud is what they say to all the kings horses got back together and then worry is a form of communication to a thief a man can give the location away of his riches he pats his pockets a good thief can find the way inside and take it all away the fortune plays for him he has the worlds repsect but not his own he frowns down his nose at all the peers in Rome they have this to a science they teach pickpocketing at Church the pews are lined with rows upon rows near the rectory office sits an alcove with a small work bench upon the bench is found a looking glass it is cracked down the middle on the side of the mirror is some pearls of wisdom found the person using the cracked mirror comes around to religious way of thinking fill the bank with more money make the people give you money add money to the till get money from the will money on a cheque money cash in hand money any way you can you can become saved in the Sanctuary then they will work you in the Bairn they will teach you heap your riches up inside the Lectern we will all be rich from Labor is the Key to money to work to be poor is to be dirt it is hard to eat with strangers what is in the soup will it be enough to go around the room how many bread to pass among the crowd the rich loathes will do how did you get here we drove we rode we flew the poor man walked into the mission bell was never ringing they do not ever seem to call the people to attention at the mission there is no ringing bell calling people to the Church is near the soup kitchen where they keep the money in the Vault away from all of you the money is not true but robbed of tithes and offerings in the plate today the Priest looked down and found the Mirror there intact the Gold and Pearls all told the poor in Heaven now you see them now you d’ont