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Prayer Prose Poetry Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Prayer

These Prayer Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Prayer Prose Poetry poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Why must I Cry

   I come to the garden along, while the dew is still fresh
on the meadows. Early in the morning do the bird's sing
praises of roses and peddles.  I cry, because there is no
refuge finally from the pain.  
    Yet long ago, a child was born, to become king, and yes
there is hope, just for believing in his name. Where is this King!
when I'm hurting and alone? He's just a prayer away, don't give
up, for he's Alpha and Omega, which means, just be strong!.
So they sent me to a place, to turn my life around. I cry, be-
cause, I am somebody no longer am I bound.
     Now I know that Jesus is my refuge and no more drugs is
there for I. Thank you Lord, for the method, that's "Why Must
I Cry".

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Urban Forest

  All I hear are sirens echoing off tall buildings; a drunk man ranting, a prostitute looking for her next trick, a drug addict looking for his next fix. Young teenage kids who seem to have just learned the art of curse. A young couple fist fighting in the streets---more sirens.  A homeless man pan-handling, picking up cigarette butts and smoking a hole into his neck, gum pushed deeper into concrete marked blacker with every step. All I hear are sirens and I say a little prayer for the person in the back. Trains and boats chiming in the distance, a stray cat limping into an unknown existence...must be nice to have nine lives! Yet, all I hear are sirens in this concrete urban forest, where trees are replaced with buildings and cars are the only waves I hear, street lights in place of the stars, sirens in place of the wind. 

   I close my paper eyelids tight, i can hear in this concrete urban forest of man-nature, for a glimpse, a stolen second in time, the sound of Mother Nature...she still sings and she's crying. She's crying for the people in the back of all those sirens. She cries for her bush the drunk man urinated on; the puddle of blood collecting on her blades of grass that a young man drew from his womans lips. She cries for her branch the teenage kids snapped for fun. She's crying - Mother Nature - is crying, because man - nature takes her place. In this concrete urban forest...all I hear are sirens and I close my paper eyes; i try to reach out and steal the tear off of - Mother Nature's - face. All I hear are sirens and im saddened, man-nature takes her place.

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I Knew That You Were Waitting

I knew that you were waiting                                                                                                        Somewhere between the last war                                                                                               And the next kiss                                                                                                                               And that you where dreaming of sweet angels and vampires                                                         Because they have always known                                                                                                     In spite of John Cameron Swayze and timex                                                                                        Or the mechanical of Mickey Mouse                                                                                                           That the nights are always longer                                                                                                    I knew that you were waiting                                                                                                                  For the summer to turn to silk again                                                                                              And carry you away before the next big flood arrived                                                                        Before the thunder and after the lightning                                                                                             Before the smoke and after the fire                                                                                                Before the dance and after the song                                                                                                Before the hope and after the the prayer                                                                                       I knew that you where waiting                                                                                                          Like an eagle's wing and a child's song                                                                                               I was waiting too

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The Patient Prayer for Clemency The Etherial Dance of Grace ~ (~) ~ ......... ........ ....... ............... ............... ............... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ........ ........... ............... ................... ..................... ""Patience... !" - trembling-wanton - weary-the open-hand." "BOUND... !" - lowly-lands, rise-quietly - kiss; The-Son!"" ""Benignity-Simple, Holy; Smitten- promenades... dandling along with- them as would-He With-Child - yes; exulted; undefiled - "Love-gracious--always; knows-faith; surrendered... perceives; perseveres... remains - Joy-His; Worthy; though-rejected; defiled-dejected-still... moreover; abandoned-alone by-some - dances throughout; All; Eternity... !"" ............... .......... ............... ""Bound, by indifference-denial- shame, bitterness; yes-silence; "UNITY."" "LOVE strait-away-soaring I-know-lye-beyond - beholden--Joy; Grace, Peace... compassion-kinder - Faith-even-reliant - made-relevant; through-hope, Forgiveness this-Truth - Virtuous... in its-Mercy... !" ""Dusty-old-prison captor-defiant-unwilling-will-not; no-never let-go - abiding... We-apart - alone... !" "Cored 'round Our neck choking--Us - eager-feet- once trudging-the-road; sadly-now - "Trammeled--moreover--yes-still bereaved... We struggle... !"" ""Yes all-We-can ask-for-now - "God!" - I feel... can-see now-Us-All... humbly... if-only-yes... if-only - seeking; patient-in-prayer- for-deliverance - "His..." "Clemency...?"" ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ .......................... ....................... .................... .................. ............... ............ .......... ....... ..... ... .. . ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ "Words-form-two-teardrops-falling-and-rising-to-greet-one-another-through-the-acceptance-of God's-Grace-together - spinning-as-a-top-through-The-Greater-Example of-His-Love- Mercy/Forgiveness, His-Son-Jesus - relishing-or-dancing-if-you-will-with-Him-in-the Spirit/Sacrifice/Gift-of-His-Life-of-Surrender/Rise-Through-Him - abiding-as-one-in-reverence- of-this - for-All-Eternity." ""King Davids secret was his thirst for God's abiding mercy in his life, and to be taught this and move to show it in all he said and did." "He knew that mercy knows its own desire, is forever kin to it.""

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A visit to an old church in Ireland

A visit to an old church in Ireland

Stone upon stone
I see fields of green 
Swaying to the east
Where the sun will greet
Those who visit
Early in the morning

Stone upon stone
I see statues of ancient glories
Incense and ornaments
Gold trimmed vessels
Cloaks of colors that tell
The Story, the meaning of Him

Bring prayer back to nature
And what is natural of prayer

Stone upon stone
A trace of abandoned hope
I kneel
Pew aligned with pew, wooden
 And resistant
To my wish to know Him

Stone upon stone
I see fields of green
Now swaying to the west
Sun slanted to catch
The last shadows
Of seekers of inspiration

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written 17th Sept 2013

When it comes to love, I AM poisonous
 don't let me curse another, leave me loveless

For the first time in my life, I felt your pain and cried for your heart
 my heart finally hurts, knowing I passed this pain from the start

Please find help to set your heart free
 trust me, it's not a life you recover from easily 

Damaged goods I told you, unrepairable
 but some how, you managed the impossible

Unlovable for my entire life
 yet you had no problem, getting me to become your wife

Yes, it's been more than both of us should have ever had to bear
 at this moment, every cell in my body is overwhelmed, so I really do care

Please don't enter my life's pain and despair  
 you don't deserve it, you are so patient and filled with such love

I'm sorry I let myself fall in love knowing it would poison you
 soul mates forever and eternity, my love belongs only to you...

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Strong woman
That woman 
Who tears behind the mirror? 
Made me who I am 
My hardened heart she took
Tenderized it with love
Took my salty tears 
Turned into joyful tears

That woman 
Who sighs behind the mirror 
Sighs in memory
Memories and feelings
Hardships she went through 
To feed my whole stomach

That woman
The woman pulling back her mucors
Does so in fear
Fear that ill not be what she hoped
That teared woman 
Crys in fast and prayer 
Crys for my dark self 
Cries for my future 

That woman crying 
Tears down her body fluids
Hopefully that her anger and disappointments
May atleast flow out with them
Her body almost running dry by now
That woman calls upon God
GOD atleast make him better
That woman cries for me 
That woman cries for her lineage
That woman cries night and day

How I came to be 
To be what I am 
I don’t know how
A slave of the world
A slave with one work song 
A song entitled failure 
The first stanza of calamity
The last stanza dead man where I am heading

Looking at her cry 
Twists my brains 
Is this what I am?
Is this my purpose to the world? 
Is this the man the world wants? 
Is this what God spent time Molding 
Is this what the bible describes? 
Just for her 
Just for her I take my life back 
Just for her God I stand strong 
Just for her I say no
NO no no this is not me 

Come mummy take this handkerchief 
I don’t wannna see those tears again
I love you mummy

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Glistening Silver

Glistening Silver

Glistening silver on water’s edge like thousands of diamonds for my hair - 
Snow covered mountains hide summer flowers of purple, pink and gold
while black bear and deer search for left over apples from October’s harvest.
Ellijay is crisp and cleaned to perfection by nature’s wind and cold - 
The cows hide inside the old, red barn up the hill.
Hickory trees barren of fruit, yet a lone woodpecker flits back and forth looking -
searching for substance from the thick bark only it can penetrate. 
My prayer for snow covered mountains has been answered.
Seventeen years of Florida sun has scorched my throat and mind.
I wanted to see New York snow in North West Georgia -
One full Sunday of snow falling for my eyes to fill
 in the glorious beauty of winter’s wonder.

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Almost Remorse

The slowest clocks bind the official wound,
An azimuth of the flesh, trust, first contact,
She blinks but no face appears, 
Does every mistake ask for such an ordinary end?  A seed cannot forget.
Cold, weeping statue of lifetimes, suckle her prayer in the erupting bed.
Fallen beside the tear of the flower blight, lips against the penetrator,
Learn to forgive the righteous terrors for an idle comfort.
What numbing freedom presses the soft lump pulse?
Tongues rally to expose the ghost of private remorse,
Who conceals the dignities of a suction thigh grave.


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How You Care Is Who You Are

Men and women, boy's and girl's listen to the sound
of my voice as it speaks to you,  for it may make you frown.
I have a few things you must know if you wish to be as me.
It's laying down your own life to speak my word continually.
It is not as you think  a big revelations for you to be.
But it's the very simple things that men don't seem to see.
When one would ask you please to pray for some special need
their heart is breaking for some loss and for your help they plead.
Do you remember a need of your's, you asked for them to pray?
Your mind was stayed upon that prayer each moment of the day.
Do you in turn give back that prayer,or do you pray once needlessly
for your brothers special need, then from you let it flee?
Or what about that person that does not agree with you
do you smile and say put it on a shelf, or does indigination rise up in you?
Do you struggle with yourself when it comes to read and pray
so when you venture out your door your ready for the day?
My friend I tell you of a truth, take others cares your way
Work hard with tears and sweat and love, and from it do not sway.
For in this dark and barren land you'll shine forth as a star.
All the world can then see, How You Care Is Who You Are.