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Peace Prose Poetry Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Peace

These Peace Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Peace Prose Poetry poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Child's Peace

Tell me of your peace. 
Let it tell your story now
Of trials and tribulations, a tale not of dreams
Weary from a journey of self-discovery
My child, know the comfort in your peace
You feel hope in this familiar place 
As it gently sloughs the pain away 
Tell me of your peace 
In which we all are blessed and free
Search throughout your soul sweet child
Peer not within your cluttered mind 
Look out to rest your tired eyes but do not let them see
Solace found strewn upon daily thoughts is fleeting at it's best
Lasting merely moments, in untouched souls a true peace 
Oh yes! You'll know when you arrive but only you will know 
The world will melt away as a candle left under the blazing sun
Away away, until you feel home again, an unguided familiar scene
An innocence once lost is restored, all sins suddenly forgiven
Soaking this in with relucant ease, 
Breathe it deep with a slow release
Take it in, delight in details you discover
Be calm here child, please have no fear, I am here 
You are safe in this place of yours, no hurt no tears
We share not the same peace, no no
Unique to each of us, yet stranger to none
Trust in more than what you see, know beauty is within reach
We share this unspoken bond of freedom from ourselves
Please young one, listen closer now 
I say, leave it all behind you love, it will only weigh you down
Cleanse yourself of careless words and careful lies 
I know you're weary, let go of all you carry
Don't be afraid, here you are burden free 
Trust in you, blessed one, it's easier than you believe
Sweet child, tell me now if you see
Peace resting deep within 
Waiting for you
For you to let it be

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“Peace” whispered a child. It was an arbitrary gust that carried the word to a 
young man who repeated it out loud in a very positive tone. “Peace” he said and 
the message caught the ear of a sprite old man.

Loudly he spoke into a fast moving breeze “Peace’ he declared and the air 
carried the communication miles dropping it into thousands of ears.

“Peace” roared the crowd and the word grew wings and flew into a hurricane 
that echoed in the ears of the masses.

Millions uttered “Peace” and in an irony of nature the moving wings of a tiny 
hummingbird sent the expression on a trip that encompassed the whole planet. 
The declaration fell on every ear and every person was sure their God had 
spoken to them.

Maybe he had because from that day on every human had the spirit of peace in 
the blood that flowed through their hearts. Peace was now the liquid that 
sustained them and with it they could explore the beauty that existed both 
within and outside of them.

“Love” whispered a child. 

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Mocking The Raven

When I was young, I would mock the raven,
Never dreaming her harsh call was a cry
Across the water to the castle of her brother
King Bram, the Raven, ruler of the British Isles.
Never did I dream of the destruction 
That would follow this desperate plea
Sent upon the wings of a blackened crow.

When I was young, I thought childhood
Would last forever; secure in my father's care,
Content in the loving arms of my mother,
Never did I dream of the devastating war
That would follow this messenger of our doom
Carried across the seas to inflict upon our land
A war of vengeful purpose and contempt.

When I was young, peace prevailed in our land;
Our King was just and beloved by his people.
Then came a marriage, an alliance between
Ireland and England.  Queen Branwen;
Discontent, lonely, hungry for power,
Hated by her court for the intrigue
And bloody sanctions imposed upon all
Who did not obey her sanctimonious whim;
Queen Branwen, beautiful daughter of England.

When I was young, I stood beneath
The blasted pine, looking up at the black bird
As she screamed out her litany of wrongs,
Watching as she lifted her wings to soar across the water.
My father, general of Ireland, fell upon the shores
Fighting to repel Bran's vengeful warriors;
My mother, condemned by her beauty
Fell among the vanquished women.

When I was young, I did not fear the raven;
Now I live in the court of the Raven King,
He, who conquered my people for naught as his sister
Queen Branwen, the White Raven, took her life
And walks now, shriven and pale, among the graves
Of the fallen warriors; forever singing her lament
Of sorrow and regret; far too late, far too late.

When I was young, I believed in the goodness of men.
Now I am old; my raven hair is streaked with silver.
The voice of Bran echoes through this palace
As he cries out exhortations to his conquering soldiers;
As he cries for peace and fellowship in his land.
When I was young, I would mock the raven;
Now I am old and have harnessed the power
Of the raven's call.  I cry to my people for vengeance;
I wait for their rescue, as I haunt the halls of the Raven King.

[Loosely based on the legend of Bran, the Raven King of England 
and Branwen, his sister, who was married to the king of Ireland.  
It is said that King Bran speaks still in England through the cries of the raven.]

{by Deb Radke -- written for the contest 'Among the Dead'}

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White Feather Spirit

laid me down within cold tomb light capture me neath baying tree feel thy warmth once more white spirit of feathered down lay upon my soul pray set me to rest
Written to accompany one of my photographs. This is the link to the image...

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7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Prayer

Lord God,
Stretch our mind/s with deep understanding of Wisdom
To obtain positive understanding with every complications
Counsel us with guidelines in our work

Give us Fortitude, strength, Patience and Tolerance to finish in peace successfully
Deliver knowledge in our mind/s
For us to receive Piety, goodness and devoutness to get satisfaction
With Holy Fear of the Lord-God, I/we ask in the name of Father Christ Jesus to be with us now and forever.


People can change the “our” to “their”, “him” or “his” when praying for others.

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Encumbered with the walker
blankets for the wet bench,
sheets of water splashing the cement.
I ventured to my smoking spot
face hidden inside my hooded coat.

I light my fire stick,

letting drops of water 
reverberate on my hood.

My angel came walking by
called my name;

gave me her umbrella and kept on walking.

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In Death

[[Poem]] "Who is this speaking - what can I say for the bereaved - lost amid the shell of their bitterness and abhorrence?" ""Like moths with dark shadows in their eyes children running and playing in their absence with no reflection of time driven by their guilt and heavy hands of shame; who are they now the bereaving?" - "Because I know the cost uneven, of pride - the-cost-is-more and is always cutting, cutting-me-down - one that is always- cutting-them - you."" "Who will reject this speak for their plight rejoice with them, us; lest I am anyone the one but who is for everyone who is any one?" "Which friend from the expressions worn upon the falling leaves, I can tell now time a gift is much shorter than what I often believe." ""For me... all of us, I believe leaves they are the Purest Example of God's Love Patience and Mercy; shown to us - and as Seasons are always changing along with them; what He gave me, you - which is what the Goodness and Promise of Any True Opportunity is; is what I feel is one that is just as (H)onest and ((O))pen, just as (((W)))illing, needed; wanted for any one, "anyone... !"" ""So sown now in this time left friend I must tell you - I would wish to be anything if found worthy to be the one caught, cut, killed - working for The Greater Idea of Peace - and so as he came to the grand corner, he walks away tossing a leaf behind him-the last words from him; being - "Stop all wars" time being what it is; is too short!"" [[Author Notes:]] Poem based in part on the song sung by Roger Waters and Band called Perfect Sense (Parts I & II) off the live concert video album (In The Flesh) - found on Main idea for poem is based and formed from a prompt for a contest I entered this work in on found under this name on said site called: "Hyde Parks Speaking Corner." The link for it is here: Poem originally written for this contest mentioned in the year 2009. "Thank you for reading, it is a true honor to have been able to submit it here for this contest on this site. God bless and keep you, His Peace be with you, come tacked you down today tickle you till you pee, double wrap you in His Grace." "Boy I sure hope you let Him!"

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Quell the Hunger 1 ~ “Please help me feed the home-less.” ~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~ Oh- ~ God of Love, quell the hunger ~~~~~~~~~~~ a soul is weary crying out, wounded; ~ lost. ~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~ Gentle ~~ ~ Hand of mercy ~ willing... forever open, the glory of Heavens light, beacon for the lost, shelter for- the-hurting, imprisoned by their ~ pain, longing for liberty, joy- ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ knowing not. ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acceptance is upheld by the broken, hoping for a haven, ~~ knowing only need; ~~ ~~ thirsting for peace ~~ vowing never; to-discard; ~ living, with a faith- ~ ~ and quiet conviction ~ of no conditional regard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Lord chime Thy bell ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ hold them in Thy refuge ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ let your mercy cover them where they are. ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Yes fulfill them with your spirit of love ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ that peace may reign in their hearts; and, in its arms their ~ joy; ~~ may never- ~~~~~~~~ ~ part. ~ ~~~ Written In Honor of Brenden Fosters' Faith and Courage... Poem inspired by the last words of an 11 year old child in Seattle. Quote by Brenden “When I leave this world… I wish to become an angel… Who accomplishes even more In heaven…then I did on earth.” Link to Brendens' story and poem that ear2hearyou wrote as well to honor him:

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Grandad's Missing

There's a void, now
Where once a steadfast heart beat time
The soul in perfect harmony with life's uncertain pulse
With those who clambered eagerly in solace or in joy
To scale that mighty pinnacle
The Rock, within the bosom of the family

There's a void, now
But marvel at the structure, the firmness of the ground beneath
The strata richly layered with wisdom of generations past
A fault free seam constructing firm foundations
Binding those within the bosom of the family

There's a void, now
A hollow cavern 
echoing the anger and the pain
Trust time; it has no fear of finite elements
The source of unremitting pain
Within the bosom of the family

There's a void, now
So fill the emptiness and catalogue the memories
Harvesting the richness of their meaning
The fullness of the seed sown long ago
To bloom forever within the bosom of the family

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dusky skies blend the colors

Dusk by the curving river caught		   
me unguarded only this once:		   
Wrapped around my core and spiraled		   
Upwards as I glimpsed the entwined		   
webbed crosses sifting sinking sun		   
like twinkling dewy light breathing		   
an evening song.		   
And as coffee colored canoes passed, I thought		   
of a parade I watched when a child,		   
contrasted only by the drummers’ beat.		   
Streams of colors		   
blended with the descending dark,		   
and the vision on the river lingered.