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Goodbye Prose Poetry Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Goodbye

These Goodbye Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Goodbye. These are the best examples of Goodbye Prose Poetry poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Best Man

It has been 9 months since your sudden disappearance.

That Hallowed night when your 5’11” nerd aura
Handed me my early birthday gift
A cold shoulder wrapped in a velvet bow
Made in Sri Lanka, sold exclusively at the Dollar Store

That was your appraised value.

But, today, revival’s whisper enters my gently waxed earlobes.

Candy coated revelations
For my allergic blood

“I said yes!”, as she flashed Cracker Jack ring
Filled with Monopoly dollar signs and “Go directly to Jail” Chance cards

I almost applauded, my hands sarcastically never connected
While my eyeballs rolled in epileptic banter

We scream in misguided nerd joy 
As if we witnessed Monty Python & Darth Vader having a make-out session

Sudden urges to watch movies about Traveling Pants & Sisterhood
And PSing my I Love You
While we eat Dark Chocolate Klondike bars and Chipwich Ice Cream Cookies
My ovaries were bursting with INSANITY’S JOY!

But, WAIT, I quickly realized I didn’t have such parts!

It was then, reality crashed
As if Spider Man ran out of web during mid-air leap

My essence now halts at crossroads’ throat.

To my left, “celebration”
To my right, “other”

I chose to be a human this night.

Current time- 9:15pm
Current location- Reception Hall

A 5 course meal,
Including dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
Smiley face French fries
And 3 glasses of Tang
Surrounded my space on the dinner table

Heavenly echoes of forks & glass,
Ringing in ignorant unison,
Give birth to Tinnitus in my drums

In their 9 months of togetherness,
They kiss with forcible ease,
Frogs refusing to show their true form

It is then, ignoring listless stares from guests,
I stood up holding my half-empty Tang glass
Which MIGHT have contained a smidge of Grey Goose

At the TOP of my LUNGS,
I whispered.

“Friend, I should be so proud of you. I would. I could. You never responded to my open-hearted palm. You left my vulnerabilities dangling at half-mast, as if I lost our final game of Hang Man. But, TONIGHT, it is I & this delicious Dinosaur nugget that will HAVE a final say! You are impeccably flawed, like I. But, I still wanted you to be a part of my tomorrows. Yet, you turned me into a muted yesterday. So, I will wish congratulations on your new slav…um, husband, Pouring this glass of yummy Tang onto this stapled dance floor in a straight line Each drop will be a symbol of how many tears he will shed, before that line is crossed.”
As silence slapped each other in its face Across candle flame blanketed, marble dance hall, With children pointing & laughing hysterically, “Security” enters the room As I hold hands with Cuban female rent-a-cop, her head warming my shoulder, “Thank you for these 9 months. For now, I have given birth to a new me. The Best Man that you will never hold again.” ©Drake J. Eszes

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Disappearing: A List

   Disappearing: A List

         • Leave for no destination in particular.
         • Plastic surgery. 
         • Burn my wallet and shoes.  
         • Buy or steal an identity;  
           become another. 
         • Run into the forest,
           wear a wolf’s skin,
           look and smell  
           wolfish downwind. 
         • Yield my being in 
           an intimate exchange, 
           to the thrall of   
           scotch or peyote or cocaine 
           or intense pleasure or pain.  
        • Be subsumed into the
           collective mind of a cult  
           or the Secret Service 
           or the Carthusians
        • Become young rather than old.
        • Die, just because.

   It’s just a list of possibilities. 
   Nothing more.
   Not a complete one at that.

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Wherever I Go, I Will Always Carry You Along

This time never seem to come but right from the beginning it stood by the door and never knocked. Nearer it comes but acting like a mirage allowing me privileges, opportunities, experiences and Life itself. Is it the Joy of having new friends and family? Or drinking from the cup of new acquaintances? Is it the adventure of a different environment? And its ability to create a new personality in me? I'll surely miss them all and all that took part in making my completeness a reality. I divide my heart into six portions to my friends, who are a bridge to where I am today and served as the paddle for my sail to greatness. to my instructors, both great and small who showed me the path with less thorns and stones and opened my eyes to see beyond the hill. to my 'dears' who balanced my Life and made my manly wholeness an actualization. to simple familiarities who shared the fruit of life from a distance and protected our respect like a new born child. to critics who trippled the magnitude of my consciousness and are always down the cliff when I'm about to fall. Irrespective of their motive have kept my reputation as strong as the toughest compounds of carbon. To haters, you make me stay in the right path and refrained me from crossing the thin line between fantasy and reality. Notwithstanding your contempt my love for and to you remains bountiful and pure. Goodbyes are the hardest words to say. But your smiles are in my genes, your helping hands, make up my memories. And your love is what I see when my eyes stay closed. Though we say goodbyes now I'll always carry you along wherever I go. In tears, I say.................. I MISS YOU SO DEARLY.

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Scarin' Hippies- Part Two

 "Well, heidi-do ya'll?"... blank stares all around. Not a single one of them has any clue what was just said. I clear things up for them.
 "Means, how are you guys doing..."
 "Oh, we're fine. Thank you. How are you fellas?"
 My brother confuses them next.
 "We'd be doin' better if the longbeards were gobblin'."... blank stares all around.
 "We're hunting turkey and not having much luck."
 "Oh, that's too bad."
 I see at this moment that, whether good or bad, they are waiting for us to make a move. They are three very confused and slightly nervous hippies, so I invite them to lunch.
 "Yeah, I reckon. We got one this mornin'. We were just about to go back to camp and cook some up. Would ya'll care to join us? It's only a mile or so from here. There's plenty ... and I promise you'll love it."
 I can see the same thought pulse through each of their minds ... "Deliverance". The lead hippie notices my amusement at their uncertainty and takes it as a sign of goodwill.
 "You know what ... we'd be glad to join you guys for lunch."
 Every part of my being desperately wants to say, "Good deal ... by the way, you sure got a purty mouth." The better part of me, however, quells such thoughts of mischief.
 So, the three hippies join us. It turns out that all three are meat eaters, as long as it's unprocessed, and all three tear through the breaded and pan fried turkey as if they've had nothing to eat for a month besides love and sunshine. They had come from Fayetteville with plans of roughing it for a few days near the waterfall.
 My brother and I eat, tell stories, and keep them entertained. They eat, listen, and try to decide what planet we are from. It is soon time to part company and we bid our hippie friends, farewell. Just before they are out of earshot, I call to them.
 "Ya'll be careful, now! And don't let the mountain whoop y'ass!" ... blank stares from a distance ... are followed by healthy smiles and friendly waves goodbye.
 Until we meet again ... hippies.

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Without you

This morning when I woke up in an unfamiliar place, dark and empty.
There were no doors, no windows I was trapped.
No light, I could not see.
No air, I could not breathe.
I cried out for help, no one could hear me.
Alone and smothering as the rhythm of my heartbeat grew weak until there was no beat.
The glimpse of my soul once filled with vibrant life now fades away as dark as the place I find myself.
Wait this in not a room,
Wait this is not a place.
But, this is my world without you.
Dark, empty, alone and hurting.
I am alone in the dark
A shadow covers the beam that once lite up my life,
My heart is empty,
My dreams shattered,
This is my world without YOU!

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YOU SLY DOG I saw you standing there all alone. I came over to see where you ready to move on. You said you were just shooting the breeze. I left without thinking that you probably were deceiving me. You arrived home about ten. You pull yours shoes off as you were kissing me. Never did I expect that you had not been doing anything but what you said. I told you to get you something to eat so that we could go to bed. Morning came and nightfall and this behavior continued. We would spend time together and talk. Wednesdays were your night for personal space. If I came across you, I found you always standing in the same place. Today I found you out. You are a sly dog and contrite. You are a cheat. I want you out of my life. You sly dog. You ain't lucky at all.

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I Hope You Know I'll Always Love You

I am what you call a hopeless 
But im also a lost lovers cause, my 
heart belongs to another
Yet in my head a love triangle starts 
to form, the girl I love doesn’t love 
She holds the heart to another and 
mine caged to the floor,
She isn’t afraid to fight for what she 
wants, not even when it comes to 
leaving another man torn
Trust me she’s happy, as that boy 
holds her heart ever so close
Seeing what I shouldn’t I smile as I 
wear my blind fold,
Blind to everything around, lifeless 
staring into air
My train of thought running so fast, 
the second I stop you’ll hear a crash
Derailing my hope, for ever finding a 
love so pure & rare
Wishing I could hold the hand of the 
lover who stole my flame,
Wish I could change the last days in 
which we parted ways,
Realizing now that we can never be 
the same
Finally saying it out loud as tears run 
down my face
You stole my happiness, as I walked 
away that day
But it’s because as of what you said 
I guessed I changed,
Now every relationship has just be 
the same,
No one can seem to bring back that 
Because a love likes ours comes 
once in a lifetime
Well at least it does to me,
But I mean you’re happy with who 
your with 
I mean I only wrote this as I heard 
exchanging “I love you” flow from 
each of your lips.

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Time Was Not On Our Side

Here I am thinking again about how our life should of been

But it's to late cause you are gone the love we shared can't go on

Wishing we had more time before the clocks started to wined

Time has stopped since you went away I really wished you could of stayed

You have moved on far away but my love for you has never changed

When I die someday soon we will meet again pass the moon

Far away in an unclouded sky we will never say goodbye

As I look back on our life I realize time was not on our side.....

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over you am hurt too
this i can say
i love you anyway
hard to carry own
you did me wrong
my love can;t stop
my eyes or like

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Limb of my domain

To sing of crying pain

Clouds fill the sky

My heart does fly

Wisps of cool wind

The ground full of sin

Let me leave my limb

Floating on air prim.

3/23/2014  JOE POEWHIT