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Dance Prose Poetry Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Dance

These Dance Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Dance Prose Poetry poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Beautiful people

People make me smile the way 
their eyes shine when they talk 
about something they love 
when they feed me food. Or tell 
me how much they love me 
when I look into someone's 
eyes and see it I see that look 
in their eyes I see love in them 
When I see someone laugh and 
have fun in what they do 
The way they cry for there lost 
When they give me a smile and 
tell me how beautiful I am 
People are beautiful well some 
are and I wish someday I can 
find someone who will look at 
me and say "you have that look 
in your eye"    what look?
I want to find someone so 
beautiful in the inside I can't 
stay away they amaze me with 
what they say an do how they 
will dance in the rain and know 
every detail about me
Will bring me Starbucks on a 
rainy day and just talk about 
the stars 
I want someone beautiful

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Sunrise Dance and Moonlight Dreams

A blossoming evening,serene valleys,meadows and alleys
Cottages in  distance twinkling little lanterne lights
Indigo moon peeping from blue black velevet skies
Sparkling diamonds dancing through the night
There i lay on fine grain crystals,in my own solitude
finding peace with myself,watching the spectacular view 
of a shooting star in temporarily brilliance,crossing over,
acting like a little child,making a wish upon a star
just one wish,as i watched Ugin approaching me
sommersaulting on white puffed pillowed clouds
He had a globe in his hand,a globe where i could see my future
a globe in where my one only wish came through.
On that night i lay down on golden sands
a palm tree the only companion,supporting my back
caressing me with passion, embracing me to safety
All alone I was ,alone and free,in my long white cashmere dress
feeling the breezin of the wind waftin gently through my long brown hair,
breathin on my neck,kissing my left cheek,passing to my right
flowing under my dress, brushing my pink lips,swifting,in circular movements.
That was the night my fingertips found music once again,
on silver strings of a spanish guitar,as my bare feet played with coloured corals
There i was in my own stolen moments,the universe smiling at me,
the angels in radiant chariots flying over,as faries birthed life 
and performed an orchestra of magical moments. 
There I was gazing at the mediterranean waves in inward movements,
as sailing boats left the shore,reaching far away lands,finding new horizons.
There i remained,my thoughts not anchored anymore,rowing to the ends of the sea
living in waking dreams,smelling flowers in never ending gardens.
There I was,my journey accomplished ,singing  the sweetest song of love.
There i lay between verses of awake and asleep,hearing birds tweeterin in trees
as I watched dawn cover dusk and it was sunrise.

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When We Met

          ~When We Met.~
Battling everyday is so hard to maintain a healthy 
brain to keep up with our everyday work our 
thoughtful speculations of wanting the impossible 
to take place,has to change,by gaining self confidence
and become independent.

When we just met at the hotel lobby for recollection 
of work,accompanying us the sounds of 4 of July in LA. 
Our ceaseless conversations felt flawless immediately.
A faultless intimate sharing took over a mixture of
work and pleasure.

When we just met,our loving nature coincided with
authentic sounds of fireworks plus its music filling 
the sky with a huge combination of the most
beautiful Technicolor's of fireworks.

The sounds with musical lights combined together
allowed our eyes to sparkle more than ever,both 
of us became in a pensive dreamy mood for a rightful 
discussion about how love can start by romancing,
to evolve later into a durable long lived relationship.
He was so much my type of a man,an artist in his work,
very authentic,fancy,& has an unforgettable 
sense of humor.

Smiling drinking and eating with our discussing, 
constantly allowed us to remain in high spirits, 
behind us the sky illuminated our joy of being 
together,that delightful lasting closeness felt 
like a challenge awaiting for the unpredictable 
to happen,the tremendous sounds of fireworks 
accompanied with a charming tempo ringing
in out thoughts.

Instantly our touching hands felt permissive,
stimulative,devoted,his voice transformed into 
an echo inviting me to later go up into his room 
to heat up the bed and enjoy cooling off our desires.
Having asked me before about what color of roses I love,

Later on hand by hand once inside the room it was filled 
with yellow roses everywhere,and layered on the 
beautiful bed.
Suddenly, he threw my hand bag and held me so tight 
to waltz to the sounds of music,a telepathy between us 
and the sounds rang in our ears as a sweet mixture of music.
Immediately took my hand kissed it with his warmest lips 
begging to love me tonight,what a gentleman our body 
connection was authentic,flirting as a start was conceived 
in an artistic way,kissing wise and making love was 
memorable, slowly the sounds ended while gradually 
our naked bodies parted in the morning when our 
routine for work had to take place. 

We parted with a long sexual kiss,emancipating
another brutal night with a candle light.

Therese Bacha

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The Patient Prayer for Clemency The Etherial Dance of Grace ~ (~) ~ ......... ........ ....... ............... ............... ............... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ........ ........... ............... ................... ..................... ""Patience... !" - trembling-wanton - weary-the open-hand." "BOUND... !" - lowly-lands, rise-quietly - kiss; The-Son!"" ""Benignity-Simple, Holy; Smitten- promenades... dandling along with- them as would-He With-Child - yes; exulted; undefiled - "Love-gracious--always; knows-faith; surrendered... perceives; perseveres... remains - Joy-His; Worthy; though-rejected; defiled-dejected-still... moreover; abandoned-alone by-some - dances throughout; All; Eternity... !"" ............... .......... ............... ""Bound, by indifference-denial- shame, bitterness; yes-silence; "UNITY."" "LOVE strait-away-soaring I-know-lye-beyond - beholden--Joy; Grace, Peace... compassion-kinder - Faith-even-reliant - made-relevant; through-hope, Forgiveness this-Truth - Virtuous... in its-Mercy... !" ""Dusty-old-prison captor-defiant-unwilling-will-not; no-never let-go - abiding... We-apart - alone... !" "Cored 'round Our neck choking--Us - eager-feet- once trudging-the-road; sadly-now - "Trammeled--moreover--yes-still bereaved... We struggle... !"" ""Yes all-We-can ask-for-now - "God!" - I feel... can-see now-Us-All... humbly... if-only-yes... if-only - seeking; patient-in-prayer- for-deliverance - "His..." "Clemency...?"" ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ .......................... ....................... .................... .................. ............... ............ .......... ....... ..... ... .. . ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ (~) ~ "Words-form-two-teardrops-falling-and-rising-to-greet-one-another-through-the-acceptance-of God's-Grace-together - spinning-as-a-top-through-The-Greater-Example of-His-Love- Mercy/Forgiveness, His-Son-Jesus - relishing-or-dancing-if-you-will-with-Him-in-the Spirit/Sacrifice/Gift-of-His-Life-of-Surrender/Rise-Through-Him - abiding-as-one-in-reverence- of-this - for-All-Eternity." ""King Davids secret was his thirst for God's abiding mercy in his life, and to be taught this and move to show it in all he said and did." "He knew that mercy knows its own desire, is forever kin to it.""

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My Verbal Ballerina

You are like a ballerina,
But never dance upon a stage
You spin and jump and twirl
With written words across my page.
You make my life come alive
With the words that you say.
Make my blood run with passion,
For this you have a way.
Always with a verbal gesture
That leads me to your web. 
Can't seem to escape your lair
My infatuation never seems to ebb.
The things that you write
I feel are only for my eyes.
The way that they are written
My mind they hypnotize.
I am not such a fool
To think I’m the only one,
Who longs for your company
When your dance is done.
In my imagination
Your words only dance for me.
You have no other partner
I'm the only one, you see.
So please keep on dancing
With words written for my heart.
I will savor every word
Of your dancing verbal art.

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Me and you, you and me

The mood is set….
Me and you, you and me
The warmth of Love swims through us both
My touch on your body
Soft and sensual
Your skin lingers,
Your emotions begin to spill like an overflowing caldron
O’ how you desire this moment between…
Me and you, you and me
Your gentile hands on my body,
The touch so delicate 
And your lips against mine
For these feelings we share cannot be defined
Our bodies become one
Together in Love….
Me and you, you and me
Your sweet embrace I cannot resist
And you the same 
Our bodies’ dance together,
A dance of passion and Love
Still as one.
For this moment will end
But the passion,
The Love,
Will last forever…

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With-In A Dream

If only I could ride upon the back of a dragonfly~
O', what journey I would behold...

I receive the wind's forced breath against my face-and revel in my locks rolling in the vibrant 
We hover just above a splash of rainbow painted flowers, 
that kiss my toes with open petals of joy.
The scent so pure, 
shall decorate my skin forevermore.

We crest high into the ocean tinted sky.
Humbly greet birds which share in our gift,
and delight us in symphonies of angelic praise.

I close my eyes for a startled moment,
as we dance through a vineyard of bumble bees-
"Buzz,Buzz," They caution sternly to us, their unexpected visitors.
A smile imposes my lips at the thought of their disrupted task;
Only to pass them, look over my shoulder and witness their purpose resume within natural 

A shimmering mirror of water now lies underfoot.
I feel the warmth of the sun's reflection cast up under our joined form.
"Faster, faster!" I command my fairy-friend.
As I lay down flat and wrap my limbs snugly around to secure myself, our speed begins to 

With quick, steady, pace, we descend onto the water's surface. 
Skips and twists- twirl into a tango of splashes,
which shower my face with each perfectly intentional bounce.
The tickle rises up from deep in my belly,
I laugh, a laugh full of true obliviation.
Dragonfly now lifts, higher and higher we go- 
As I glide upon heavenly stilled wings.

We drift within utopian clouds, 
they pass before our sights like vapored curtains before a theater of whimsy, unveiling a 
The presented gift, is that of majestic mountain tops that promise the scent of sweetly 
perfumed evergreen. 
This aroma leaves me breathless. 
The aroma evokes childhood visions of wishing stars, 
and kisses goodnight.
I inhale the memory for a moment longer, 
cherishing the scent before I must once again grow older.

My friend I have been blessed to dance in the breeze with,
slows to a transcending idol.
We encircling the center of a noble rose.
We descend gently into the heart of the queen of flowers,
and land on her royal stage.
I delicately climb down, lay upon her silk; 
and closed my eyes to dream. 
Dreams which have atlas' transpired to become,
my long awaited reality.

If only I could ride upon the back of a dragonfly~
O', what journey I would behold...


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Around the floor She flutters, Like a butterfly diving in the Blues on the sky. Her each and every step Has an intoxicating, Maddening power Which overwhelm All the spectators. A great dedication and much Determination on her Each foot step. She feeling the rhythm Like her heart beat. Each & every notes of The melody she clearly Painting by every foot-step. A dance so elegant, A dance so brilliant, A dance around the ballroom floor, So sweet, sensual and alive. A flawless flow with the melody With such a delightful grace. Every steps, each moves, A dance filled with love and passion.

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Ballet In The Sky

The whole air is dancing-
     Ravenous thunder rumbles
        Lighting curls her jagged bolts
          flashing like gold through amythyst, sapphire skies

I'll not allow your image to spoil my view
   With you-rain would cry it's droplets 
          as it mumbled whispers to my haunted heart
               Oft' times-rolling clouds rumbled their voices in my soul


Now, I dance in scarlet flames that spark across the heavens
   gliding thru turquoise skies with copious clouds... 
       that delicately clothe my body             
           pirouetting gracefully ...
               to the peaceful harmonic rhythm of rolling thunder

My flesh no longer aches for your barren touch
   I shall not desire your hand opon my beautiful rain drenched skin
       whetted now with golden silken tears

My memory quickens...
      I no longer remember your face or hunger for your sterile love
         I'll not dance to your chaotic rhythm

Nature baited me with her sweet breath
     Embraced me in her loving arms-
         singing her gentle rain of tears

    baited me with your hook of selfish love

My heart now dances with another
     One who bathes my soul in fertile soil
         He feeds me with his hungry, selfless love...

   fed me worms with your stingy heart   

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 only thing i can say
this is our day
to jump bump and hump
get it wheeling
the feeling
we just play
its our