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Brother Prose Poetry Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Brother

These Brother Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Brother Prose Poetry poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Galaxies Came Between

He'd be typing away on his desk
with blueprints for the next big thing,
While I'd be staring off into the azure sky
appreciating the "insignificant" things

You really are a genius
in your field of technicalities,
with which you thoroughly water;
A wife, a place of your own,
and a destination in mind


You'll find me in the corner
(no not a corner... think rounded edges,
much more safe)
Half past ten, still in bed,
with rolls of cash in a Ziploc bed
(I'm not dealing and I'm sorry if I gave you that
impression... more likely
just a descendant of Scrooge)

Your perfectly organized life
(my just screw it attitude)
Well I must say you are on your way,
but where exactly too?

I solemnly wish
we had, but one thing
in common, dearest brother,
Even with the knowledge
that I wrote this for you
I'm sure deep down
you'd think this quite sappy

And being the person that I am
I'd immediately think of tree metaphors
(now what what rhymes with cedar?)

And being the person you are
you'd probably just go about your day
wondering about the latest Apple product

You live next door
and yet somehow
galaxies came between us,
Practical you gathered sticks and stones
for your shelter here on Earth

(I was too busy daydreaming
on Mars)

From the moment I opened my eyes
and peaked my little head out
from the pool in the backyard,
we were brothers, through and through

... so why do I have this nagging urge
to shake your hand and ask

"Have we met?"

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My Primary Emotion

             ~ My Primary Emotion~

Three days ago I decided to become heartless by
eliminating my Spirit and Soul I could not take
the agony anymore.

I urged my lawyer to come, he looked at me and 
asked, what is wrong? Gazing at him said, 
I don't regret committing that felony against them 
I need to be punished lets go to court. 

Having no reaction, looking disoriented he 
opened the door walked me to his car & drove 
to court.
Standing opposite the judge I stared at 
him bluntly, he was reviewing my report 
looked at me ushered to sit in the box 
to be persecuted.

The defense lawyer aware of my crimes 
seemed intrigued and asked, madam 
what caused you to retaliate against your 
Spirit & Soul?.

I needed to disrupt their thoughts which 
turned against me, the chaos in my brain 
became unbearable, exhausted by their 
discussions aggravated my strength 
weakened me, my whole body was 
antagonizing, intentionally forcing my 
thoughts to become heartless, merciless
when I attacked them.

Both profited from my kindness my 
patience, my healing was not responding,
needing some peace to pray for a miracle
as my young brother today is near death, 
cancer of the lungs, he`s getting colder by 
the minute, not eating, not socializing, alone, 
my tears were overflowing beyond control,
when I heard a friendly whisper coming from 
my Heart crying, enough is enough your thoughts 
need to stop to allow yourself recognize wrath is 
unbearable, your sorrow is taking you nowhere, 
wait for the diagnosis.

Out of compassion the judge set me free
my kindness befriended my Spirit & Soul
together we went back home. Waiting. 

I was surrounded by them knowing
ahead of me will be the longest night 
I will ever experience in years, because 
I was determined to stay awake 
for that call.

The echo of the ringer came louder than usual
we heard this message! 
Minutes ago he was wide awake
Minutes ago his heart tore him away
minutes ago his casket was carried astray
minutes ago underground he will lay.
Minutes ago I wished him an endless
goodbye with a sigh.

My friends held me step by step walked
me to bed covered me up stayed until I had 
no more tears to shed. 
Those were my emotions for today. Grieving
over the loss of my young brother. Sadness.

Therese Bacha
Contest of Dan Williams. Primary Emotion Today..

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A Lonely Grave


I stood by your graveside this cold winters day.

A heart broken with sorrow that won’t go away.

I called out your name and shed many a tear.

And hoped in my heart that you would appear.


God took you from us that fine sunny morning.

Our lives now shattered without any warning.

Your work here on earth has finished this year.

Your books and teachings you spread  far and near.


It was a pleasure to know you for sixty odd years.

And when my time comes I will have no fears.

You will be waiting to greet me as oft times before.

When I call to your house and knock on the door.


Each night when I lay my head down to sleep.

I will ask the lord your soul to keep.

And if you find any time away from your books.

Look kindly on me as I walk in those woods.

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Life is Like Baseball final post

Focus means everything!!!....  

                              Effort.                            Courage.       


In times of our lives we strike out but it is a team sport.    

Think about when you hit that home run!!!!!!!   

It really doesn`t matter at that MOMENT who was there and who wasn`t.

Who applauded and who didn`t.      


Moments are all we have, when "time" itself was calculated by the stars and man; 
therefore i fail to believe it truly exists.   


Love and The Fight For Survival  continues on............

(Let's play ball!!!!!!!!~incidently my all time favorite sport to play, watch, and 
burn 'em, every chance I get!) 

Spring is here!!!     WoooooooHooooo!!!

Life is just that way. 

Thanks to all for allowing me to openly express myself here at 
this soup, where there is no norm in form, it's just poetryman.
 No right, no wrong... 
Let's shake hands because it sure has been an exciting game that at times I didn't 
realize I was even playing...! 
All in all life is sweet and short. 
May you be blessed in your lives and your creatitity.

                                                   *~THE END~*


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Big Brother

“Big Brother”

Brother I grew up in front of your eyes
I have seen you tear in silence
You don’t have to hide your pain
For I understand
Why you can’t meet your mother’s gaze
You have been brave
Roaming the streets late at night
We prayed for your safe return 
Each time you felt the need to be alone

She broke your spirit
Made you feel less than a man
She convinced you that you were insane
She broke you down 
Isolated you from family and friends
Made you to sit and wait while she sleeps the day away
Your soft nature in her eyes a weakness
She knew how to pull your strings
And have you dance to her tune
You have endured her physical and mental abuse
Silently loosing yourself
Your business and dreams took second place
Dancing to her every tune
Waiting on her hand and foot
Withholding herself 
Whilst having affairs at work
The Great career woman
She broke you totally
Drove you over the edge
Working late nights to support her shopping sprees
Exhaustion drove you to crystal meth
Introduced by a friend
She boasting to her friends
Her raised voice your submission
Belittling and insulting you in front of your staff

You know what, Yahya
You have come a long way
Finally you have made it back
You have conquered all the hurt
Your future bright
Success in the palms of your hands
Rise above it all 
Show what you are made of
You were once a self made man
You can do it again
The family believes in you


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Scarin' Hippies- Part Two

 "Well, heidi-do ya'll?"... blank stares all around. Not a single one of them has any clue what was just said. I clear things up for them.
 "Means, how are you guys doing..."
 "Oh, we're fine. Thank you. How are you fellas?"
 My brother confuses them next.
 "We'd be doin' better if the longbeards were gobblin'."... blank stares all around.
 "We're hunting turkey and not having much luck."
 "Oh, that's too bad."
 I see at this moment that, whether good or bad, they are waiting for us to make a move. They are three very confused and slightly nervous hippies, so I invite them to lunch.
 "Yeah, I reckon. We got one this mornin'. We were just about to go back to camp and cook some up. Would ya'll care to join us? It's only a mile or so from here. There's plenty ... and I promise you'll love it."
 I can see the same thought pulse through each of their minds ... "Deliverance". The lead hippie notices my amusement at their uncertainty and takes it as a sign of goodwill.
 "You know what ... we'd be glad to join you guys for lunch."
 Every part of my being desperately wants to say, "Good deal ... by the way, you sure got a purty mouth." The better part of me, however, quells such thoughts of mischief.
 So, the three hippies join us. It turns out that all three are meat eaters, as long as it's unprocessed, and all three tear through the breaded and pan fried turkey as if they've had nothing to eat for a month besides love and sunshine. They had come from Fayetteville with plans of roughing it for a few days near the waterfall.
 My brother and I eat, tell stories, and keep them entertained. They eat, listen, and try to decide what planet we are from. It is soon time to part company and we bid our hippie friends, farewell. Just before they are out of earshot, I call to them.
 "Ya'll be careful, now! And don't let the mountain whoop y'ass!" ... blank stares from a distance ... are followed by healthy smiles and friendly waves goodbye.
 Until we meet again ... hippies.

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Scarin' Hippies- Part One

Take a moment to forget what you are doing and join two brothers in the woods....

We are in the Ozarks hunting turkey. The land is bordered by national forest and criss-crossed by trails. These trails are a popular place for hikers, trail-riders, and backpackers to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains. It is on one of these trails that we spy three hippies, (no offense intended...I love hippies) making their way to the cliffs where one can get a good view of the waterfall. I know right away that I can't let the opportunity to converse with hippies slip past me. So, when they have gotten rather too close, we step out on the path. Imagine, if you will, walking up a peaceful mountain trail, thinking of the beauty around you, listening to the springs glide down gentle slopes and jagged cliffs, and believing that there isn't another person for miles around. Then, two large men in leaf-suits with faces painted black and green step in front of you, seemingly out of nowhere. You can understand now, the reaction of three unsuspecting hippies. The first hippie freezes in his tracks and gives a short, sharp, "Ah!". The second hippie, who is a female, makes some sort of awful squeaking sound that resembles a baby rabbit being eaten by coyotes. The last hippie, with a quickness that is quite impressive, considering he is higher than the mountain, turns ... and runs. I am far too entertained by the events unfolding to say anything, but my brother isn't.
"Whoa! Whoa! Calm down. We're just hunting ... didn't mean to scare ya."
"Yes we did." I think.
While the first two push their hearts back down their throats, the running hippie makes his way back in shame, and I know it's time to win them over......

*Yes, I know this is nothing more than a story, but it was fun for me to look back on and write. Plus, it isn't all that long, so I thought I would post it. Part two will be up shortly.

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Personally, we clash because we want to be different. becomes indifferent. We have a chip on our shoulders as individuals. We want to be innate; in which one must be the greater person. Personally, we confront each other about dumb things when it is not business structured. Our conflict becomes that of jealousy. Non-bias to gender this is which cause differentiation. We are the people of the cosmos. Our brotherly and sisterly love is what unites us. Let us learn each other through the structure formed and join for a greater focus. The reality of today states life is a place in time. Formed by animal and by humankind, our living determines our destinies. Strength empowers! A common cause unites! We are all God’s people. We must bond in some shape, form, or fashion. This is for certain and ascertains a more meaningful existence. Our personality clashes should not stop us as individuals. The multitude is what matters and we are in that configuration. Inasmuch, integrity integrates. Amour-proper allows us to become more diverse. A greater determination brings forth application. Therefore, we must concentrate within these thoughts. Our single-mindedness plus our constructive efforts manifests destiny. This is our world our universe. Let us not asunder. MAY OUR WILL BE DONE! _____________________________| Sponsor Chris D. Aechtner Contest Name Anything Goes Entry Date March 08, 2014 ~Please read About This Poem~

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you don't them
or him
you see  someone bad
looking kind of sad
do it if you can
help them stand
do it from within

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Paying the Piper The Great War

A fist clenched, face muscles flexed on pinched cheeks, huge sinews appeared on his neck,
The veins in his arms were like twisted lengths of blue rope and his eyes bulged in his anger,
His brother lay face down in a rancid pool, a lifeless corpse, another name in a very long book,
Ghosts in a grey dawn, moving then disappearing, then boom as mighty cannons fire into the sky.

Turning the body over, wretched wounds had ripped his face, ripped his youth, ripped away his life,
A gray morning, the same as other mornings, cold grey twilight, but this day will never be forgotten,
The strong brave man, who had seem so much, cried uncontrollably and his hot tears fell bitterly,
He knelt in filth, to cradle his younger brother and rocked backwards and forwards, unbelieving.

Once they played on long sultry hot days and when the rain fell it refreshed scents in the warm air,
They ran through fallow fields, pretty meadows scythed clear of hay, into a fine wild flower garden,
In days where the air slumbered lazily, they climbed thick leafy masses of high, ancient oak trees,
Always watching and warning his happy little brother, never climb too high nor stand on dead wood.

Laying down and looking up into autumn skies, warm, soaring winds shaping passing fluffy clouds,
Rising early as the sun once more shines, on those brilliant days, the calmest most impressive beauty,
Watching from afar in school looking after him, chasing bullies away, enriching his early days,
Beneath these warm shimmering suns, running, over to hedgerows picking sweet ripe black berries.

But those days are gone, gone forever, replaced by fear and hate, nobody will ever be the same,
Every day staring at death's grinning sated face, trying not to be caught in its cold red eyes,
And we all know the piper must be paid on these killing fields, but his wages are far too high,
Today on this early grey morning, shadows disappearing, a young man and his brother paid in full.