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Prose Poetry Boyfriend Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Boyfriend

These Prose Poetry Boyfriend poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Boyfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Beautiful people

People make me smile the way 
their eyes shine when they talk 
about something they love 
when they feed me food. Or tell 
me how much they love me 
when I look into someone's 
eyes and see it I see that look 
in their eyes I see love in them 
When I see someone laugh and 
have fun in what they do 
The way they cry for there lost 
When they give me a smile and 
tell me how beautiful I am 
People are beautiful well some 
are and I wish someday I can 
find someone who will look at 
me and say "you have that look 
in your eye"    what look?
I want to find someone so 
beautiful in the inside I can't 
stay away they amaze me with 
what they say an do how they 
will dance in the rain and know 
every detail about me
Will bring me Starbucks on a 
rainy day and just talk about 
the stars 
I want someone beautiful

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Angel with a Broken Wing

Sitting alone again, wondering if you're okay.
being alone, i remembered how i wanted you to stay.
looking for something I can hold on to.
It's the pillow that reminds me of you.

Every time the clock ticks,
I would always find a way to entertain myself &
hoping i can do some magic tricks.
before i close my eyes & go to sleep,
every night , i hope, i can be w/ you for just a glimpse.

every time it rains, i would always go outside,
but i guess no one would like to hold my hand & be by my side
I touched my face & i was already crying under the rain.
will there be someone willing to cast away all this pain?

until now, no one would risk,to wipe off these tears.
The shadow of my past, well those are my fears.
i always want to hide myself from this world's madness.
I often feel that I'm inside a bubble or in a dark sanctuary,
where there is sadness.

I hope there will be a wishing star that will pass by.
I'll make another wish,to find the guy who cant make me cry.
i sat at the corner of my room, and in my hand, was a ring,
a question that even i cant answer,
"will i forever be waiting like an Angel w/ a broken Wing"?

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You Haven't Left

You haven’t left my heart
You haven’t left my mind
I’m just trying
To give you some time
Something happened in your life
You don’t care to explain
Or just can’t talk about
Until you feel the time is right
It’s o.k. my friend
I can understand
Just don’t think of my silence
As coming from an uncaring heart
For I would freely give
All that I’ve got and am
To be by your side
To be your confidant
For you mean much more to me
Than a simple hello
Or kiss in the night
You’re the very hope
That brings light into everyday
And I’ll be there for you
In any way that you allow
You’re not just a hand to be held
A touch to be felt
Or a pleasure conquered 
You’re the very hope
Of what life could be
Were I to be the one
To win your heart
So while you take this walk
Know it doesn’t have to be
Or really isn’t alone
For you haven’t left my heart
You haven’t left my mind
And should you need or care to reach
My hand is always here

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That Which Is Real

Oh to be just a friend
To laugh, joke and play with you
Is not something
I know how to do
Oh how I wish it were
For it’d sure eliminate
All this pain I feel
Sometimes it happens
That starting off fun
Turns into something real
And what was meant to make you laugh
Turns into tears
That seem to take
Life’s  breath away
Leaving you to feel
Like there’s so much left to say
If only this, if only that
If I only could, if you only would
So many tricks of the mind
As we try to find
Justification for holding on
To what should be freed
So we can move on
Yet we hold out hope
In each accidental hello
That tides will turn
Though they have long washed away
It’s just the way of life
And how love burns
Until we learn
The difference in what we feel
And that which is real

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Welcome To the Soup

Welcome, Ms. Valmer!!  Glad you are aboard- now you can comment on any 
poem, right after reading it....and try your hand at your own, should you choose.
Lotsa great people here.  PS- could not open greeting sent- comp. needs 
something installed - some file, I'll have to find out how to do it.  So glad you 
joined! Luv, tom

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Kill a smile with a kiss
The demise of it will visit you in your dreams
Never will I let you
Drown in a pool of angry thoughts
I will be your unexpected smile
Every time I bring u roses b4 valentine
A wet poem I would recite for you

I would make you my 1st rhyme
your heart-beat will rhyme
Twist my beat box
Into a love song
A cartoon I would paint in your heart to keep you smiling
Your twin smiles I would define in vernacular
Though I speak no language from Peninsula
My parents will define your beauty as African splendor
Black mother nation
Smile please smile

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Controlling Men: Physically, Mentally, and Verbally Abusive Men

All men (the loser boyfriends/husbands) think that it's their right to be physically, mentally, and verbally abusive toward their female companions (girlfriends/wives), well they're wrong. Most guys are always beating their girlfriends/wives up every single day just because they didn't make their men dinner, do chores around the house, or whatever. It seems that these womanizing losers are way better than their women. Actually, they're not; they're idiots. Controlling these women and being physically, mentally, and verbally abusive toward them don't make these Neanderthals men; they're like childish cowards. All guys think that they're the only breadwinners in their families and the women aren't. But guess what--they're not; some of them don't have jobs. And does anyone knows what gets on my nerves? Men always cheating on their girlfriends/wives with other women, getting them pregnant, and not taking care of the children they already have. And those controlling, abusive men, they're always telling their female spouses/lovers what to do, what to eat, where to look, and who to talk to. I mean, who are these womanizing losers to judge other men and to boss these women around? I mean, who does that? Everybody doesn't even know why they'd bother spending the rest of their lives with those abusive idiots. This whole saying by these controlling abusive men have been getting on everybody's nerves and my nerves, as well: "You're-not-to-speak-unless-spoken-to," this "You're-not-to-talk-to-your-family" ordeal, this whole "You're-not-to-have-guy-friends," and this whole "You need me! You're nothing without me! You have no money! You have no friends! Everything's in my name: the house, the cars, clothes, everything I own! You're useless! You're worthless! I own you for life! And you will respect me!" Where I come from, the rest of us nicer guys, we treat our women with the respect they rightfully deserve. The last time I checked, the mothers have raised their sons to treat women and other people with respect, but they now know where they've gone wrong with those womanizing clowns. My suggestion for the women is for them to leave their abusive husbands/boyfriends before it's too late because if they don't, they'll end up in the hospital or the morgue. To be honest, these women, they never should've met, let alone dated or married those abusive men to begin with. And if these abusive men think that they can control those women forever, they've got another coming.

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You Race Though My Veins

you race though my veins
like a manic fire truck
my eyes smodering from the engine
of your torrid passion
fire hoses squirting out my skin
let me in sweet darlin'
fling the ladder from your pounding heart
climb into my vacant mind
strip me naked and fling me
into your bubbling inferno
your liquid lava seething
every sweet cell breathing me in
as I slowly rise,
and dive into your
silky undulations 
microscopic penetrations
wrap yourself around me
and catapult me deep 
into your long forgotten sleep
let me in sweet darlin'
envelop me completely
my senses scintillating
corpuscles palpitating
drown me with your magic potion
breathe me like a dragon
soak me with your moist emotion
and lift my heart
into the tranquil eye 
of your whirling swirling hurricane
let me in sweet darlin'

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I'm Not Five

I was going to jump on the bed at midnight
While she slept to wish her a happy birthday.
But she looked so asleep and it was so quiet.
I did it anyway because it's funnier to go through with it.
It's not like I'm throwing a nerf ball at her head.
So I get my knees on the bed and hop up-and-down
And "whisper-yell," "happy birthday happy birthday."
And she's not upset, in fact, she's giggling. 
And she whispers to me that she loves me.
I whisper to her that I love her, too.
And I leave the room with the bed
I just jumped and sang on.
And I'm 32.
I mean it's not like I fell off the bed
While jumping and hurt my head.
And made an owie.
I'm not 5.

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Drowning in your sacred love

your glistening crimson lips
beckon me
I waltz into your seething passion
a sexy serenade into your luminescent mouth
liquid ecstasy
upon your undulating velvet tongue
frolicking in your frothy lotion
swallowed by your rainbow kiss 
lost forever in your sweet emotion
drowning in your sacred love	

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When Love Finally Define

I the one who took a shelter in your brittleness
Who was hiding behind your tears
The covert strength which overwhelm your weakness
I am the sunbeam reversed to your darkness

Your tears are my wounds
The clatter of your journey is an obvious scratches
Which frequently seize my heart
And these feels are yours, even yet you touch though you see 

I try to open the casement of my heart and trace it
Is there anyone or whom?
Is it you, the biggest question?
Or maybe you are the answer

Everything revolve, encircle between the conscience and thoughts

I tried to pull my self out, withdrew all the feels that I've got
Yet the trails of yours continuously compel my limits
The silhouettes of your times mesmerize  my days
I trapped within the charm of your soul
However these barriers are no longer be sustainable

I will run after you
I no longer be an idle beneath the dark side of you
I'm finished with the dawn and I will be the day

I quit play as the role of a shadow
For I am the tangible, I am real...
As real as the embrace of twilight  which always there for you

                                               11th place
                                       old romantic poems........ 
                               Sponsored by: SKAT- AB SIN THE-

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Lost into a deep black hole

I was trapped
and bemused
feeling sad
and confused
a subatomic particle
lost into a deep black hole
and suddenly
you stuck in your magic telescope
and I opened up
like a flower
I shot out like a periscope
a mystical kaleidoscope
like a solar flare 
without a care
my heart exploded into a supernova
and then, 
I woke up in your constellation
a phantasmagorical revelation
so ecstatic
and divine
and sublime
I'm staying here forever, 
until the end of time.

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Soul Awakening

Soul Awakening

Wrapped in your arms
My soul awakened 
From a long dark sleep
My heart is now alive
No more do I weep
My lover’s smile 
So tender and true
A sweet ray of God’s sunshine 
Lead me to you
Blissful now
Content somehow 
Where once my heart 
Was pummeled 
And pounded
No more do I fear
Love sounds
Love is now all that I hear
So hold me close
My darling one
With you by my side
All fear is gone….

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When I tumbled into your azure eyes
I didn't realize 
that I would land so deep
like a liquid tumbleweed
I swam into your beating heart
crimson tidal wave
tsunami in your chest
circling nipples on your breasts
purple kisses, 
swollen lips
lightning from your fingertips
drowning deep within you
is the only way to go
when my mind stops breathing
your sweet love starts to flow
I drink you now
imbibe your essence
I am your skin
bright effervescence
in your presence I behold
all the secrets left untold
saturated with your passion
drenched by you
pure satisfaction

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An End to Aloneness

In my life I often feel I am alone; alone in my thoughts, alone in my musings, alone in my day-to-day movements and unsatisfying activities. I move like a ghost through hallways and down sidewalks, unnoticed and, at times, gratefully so. 
I do not wish to be eternally alone. I long for togetherness. But despite this desire for a real connection, I find myself regularly retreating from that temperamental beast that is human interaction. 

“Come on now, sweetheart. Don’t lower your head. Don’t look away. Look up! Smile at someone! No! Don’t go back into your bedroom. Don’t lock the door! Why are you doing this?” my brain will plea. 

I can’t help myself. Aloneness is comfortable. In being alone, I don’t have to worry about anyone but myself. I don’t have to please anyone else. I can think anything I want, wear anything I want, listen to anything I want, and laugh at anything I want. 

And still there remains that nagging desire to be loved and wanted and needed by somebody. I do not know the feeling of being truly desired. I do not know what it is like for someone to crave my company, my smile, my kiss, or my touch. 

                                                                              But I would like to…

I cannot make someone love me or like me or want me in some primal way. It may hurt, but I cannot make that handsome boy want to hold my hand or brush my hair back behind my ear. I can only struggle on. I can only work within myself. I can only try every God damn day to hold my head up, keep my eyes fixed ahead, a give the world the best smile I have. I and I alone can bring myself out of the safety of my bedroom and into the bright world that lies beyond that locked door. 
I often find myself alone with nothing more than my thoughts and the ever-strong glow of a computer screen. But no longer will aloneness be the constant in my life. It is true that never having known the caress of a man’s hand on my thigh doesn't make me any less of a woman, but I fear that if I stay confined within myself much longer I will begin to become less of a human. A flower cannot grow if it retracts its leaves and petals every time it feels the warmth of the sun or the kiss of a gentle spring rain.  
And I want to grow. I want to grow so tall and blossom so big and beautifully that every place on earth is touched by my shadow at some point in the day. And I will grow. I will push myself and share myself with the world, and finally
know the closeness and comfort of love and honest, unabashed companionship.

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i wish i was his

What is this that makes me blossom with bliss                                 
making every part of my body freeze
and the whole world and its occupants seize
when i glance at him i wish
that i was the only one  he feels
but am wrong,oh!how i realy wish i was his!

I see him everyday,in my heart i pray
that one very day,he will have something to say,
that will make me stay ,
and hear me say,"i have waited for this day"
oh!how i wish i was his!

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True Love

When you put your hand in mine

It feels as through we stopped time

When I look into your eyes

I know where your heart lies

Even when you say my name

That alone means everything

The gentle touch of your lips

Takes my breath away as through it was our first kiss

When you got down on your knee

I thought my heart might flee

As you said those words to me

My heart felt as if it was meant to be.....

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First Kiss

The instant our eyes met we knew the kiss was imminent. We smile playfully all the 
while in pursuit of this aforementioned kiss. Each time we part ways we audition 
attempts at the kiss in know of its accelerated position. The instance was right, I 
knew it would be this night that I without trepidation, boundary or fear. Free from 
hesitation and wonder of return, tonight will be the night of concern. At suns set I 
stretch forward my arm, a coward no more. We adore the charm of each other and 
are ready to explore, risking harm without worry all kiss" long and longed have I for 
the moment on approach. I chose you as my love to share after approving smile this 
incredible moment of kiss. This here is the moment of truth, I can hear your heart 
beat in your ear, the same ear I now peer through into your mind and find it's true 
that all fear has disappeared. My fingers brush through a handful of your fair hair, 
together we share one final breath of single air. Our lips are now erect and on direct 
intent of meeting, millimetres remain. The time for our minds to change has past, at 
last the moment is here. Your eye sheds the tear of fears farewell, I taste the swell 
flavour of "please kiss me" and I do because I have wanted to kiss you so badly too.

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YOU SLY DOG I saw you standing there all alone. I came over to see where you ready to move on. You said you were just shooting the breeze. I left without thinking that you probably were deceiving me. You arrived home about ten. You pull yours shoes off as you were kissing me. Never did I expect that you had not been doing anything but what you said. I told you to get you something to eat so that we could go to bed. Morning came and nightfall and this behavior continued. We would spend time together and talk. Wednesdays were your night for personal space. If I came across you, I found you always standing in the same place. Today I found you out. You are a sly dog and contrite. You are a cheat. I want you out of my life. You sly dog. You ain't lucky at all.

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Red Hot Snapper

When a relationship is based
on a red hot snapper
with a knockout wrapper
that builds a fire in your jeans.

This kind of marriage is for
the movie screen.

In time the snapper cools down.
The knockout wrapper isn't
quite the knockout it used to be
and the fire in your jeans is on it's way out.

This is now the beginning of the end.
You don't really know each other
your not even friends
and now the fights begin.

If you had picked your wife for life
with the head on your shoulders
instead of the one between your knees,
you might have found a wife for life
instead of a high maintenance money pit
that you can't please.

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His eyes are clear as water

his eyes are clear as water
they would seem to me like shallow pools
but I have glimpsed their depths
I have traveled on their currents
and I am as one lost at sea
in his cold, clear eyes

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beauty of a girl

she is short
in other words she is hot
when shee caries an African pot
my body looses salt

her smile is never ending
as her love is never fading
since she never likes to see me falling
as I hold while she is vibrating

she acts shy
but me and her we are so fly
up to the limit we feel so high
but we always remember to say hi

all the people say she is mean
at least that how she is seen
even you say she is thin
but my heart she will always win

she likes to observe
although we don’t meet at a reserve
but she never gets on my nerve
since we will meet at a cave

she is polite
as everything she does it right
she likes not to answer my call at night
 we don’t even have a fight

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Gator Bait Series 5th Gator Done

I’ve been there for you since the first...

With  sustenance you offer that quenches my thirst...

Although we are different in so many ways...

I look forward to your visits, on hot or cold days..

I never know when you are coming my dear...

But certainly relish when you are here...

We’ve been doing our thing for a few years now...

There are no suspicions and yet some how...

With all the technology and environmental issues...

It would be our luck that TV reality yahoos...

Would discover our secret of which we share...

Of ridding the world of abuse and despair...

So victims can move forward and not have to fear...

Consequences and options...are made very clear...

So with this in mind, I think we should wait...

On the opening of our "second " store known as  " The Gator Bait “

** this is part of the Gator Bait series

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I awoke from a dream I was Dreaming; into a Dream I was  Dreaming
About  “ Barbara Jean “ , the Centre of my Soul, twinkling Stars ; Above
Calling my name; holding my heart, bringing Truth to unknown “ Reality “
This ; Mr. HGarvey Daniel Esquire ; is a Love you can not Escape
Hold Her, Caress Her, LOVE Her  Forever : Each Eon of ETERNITY
Together as One “ Entwined , as One “; to the FOREVER and ALWAYS
                      “ Barbara Jean : “  I LOVE YOU “

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Me and you, you and me

The mood is set….
Me and you, you and me
The warmth of Love swims through us both
My touch on your body
Soft and sensual
Your skin lingers,
Your emotions begin to spill like an overflowing caldron
O’ how you desire this moment between…
Me and you, you and me
Your gentile hands on my body,
The touch so delicate 
And your lips against mine
For these feelings we share cannot be defined
Our bodies become one
Together in Love….
Me and you, you and me
Your sweet embrace I cannot resist
And you the same 
Our bodies’ dance together,
A dance of passion and Love
Still as one.
For this moment will end
But the passion,
The Love,
Will last forever…

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The Best of Friends

I want the world to revolve around you
I want you to be upset if you feel I am ignoring you
I want that pain to tug upon heart
when you can't get in touch with me 
I want that tear drop to run gently down your cheek 
when you think of me so far away 
I want that heart of yours to long for me 
when you hear the pitter patter of rain drops on your window sill
For my love, if you stop wanting any of the above 
Then what we have now will 
I am afraid , turn into what we had .
So let our minds draw wisdom from our hearts 
Let our hearts draw wisdom from our minds 
Let them share equally that wisdom
So they,like us ,
Can become the best of friends 
Then the best of lovers 

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Time Heals All Wounds, But It Doesn't Rid The Scars

Faith lost, love failed All because of what's unveiled. And in this pain I have been jailed. It was not you, it was all me And no one else will ever see How these things all came to be But now it's lost, now it's gone I watch the sky for signs of dawn Yet I never played you as my pawn. I hid in dark, I hid in lies I kept it all from dark brown eyes I now await for harsh goodbyes. No one will see, no one will hear The reasons I held these secrets dear Yet visions' still blurred by means of tears I watched you rise, I watched you grow And that's why you did not know The deceit I had yet to show. It was your laugh, it was your smile That kept me quiet all the while Trudging every single mile You own my soul, you own my heart I can not bear for us to part Let me help the healing start I am a human, I am a girl And mistakes come about and whirl Causing rivers of silver pearls You do not believe, you do not trust This healing process is a must The reliance will rise up from the dust It will take long, it will take time And many, many clocks will chime Until our love's back in it's prime I love you now, I love you forever Please let us spend it all together I want to part not now, not ever.

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My Heart

                                                             My Heart
                                        My heart skipped a beat when you said,
                                        That your love for me is truly dead,
                                        And those nights as we cuddled in love
                                        Now I knownthey were salsly of.

                                        Why break my heart apart,
                                         Using it with those hatefull darts.
                                         Now, my heart gave you all its passion
                                         Still you use it like some fancy fashion.

                                         All those memories of our joy,
                                         Now, seems like I was your little toy.
                                         "Wow," My heart hurts from your hate,
                                         But at lease I've learned loves angry fate

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She makes… rainbows sprout from her fingertips with every touch of my corpses flesh, her angelic
 presence, bringing sunshine to my cheek with lips unshaded, her kisses, were full of sun beamed 
pleasures and, all I could do was steal them, steal love from the heart of one whom I felt, I’d never be 
deserving of. Introducing life to the hands of one broken, tattered by his past and scared of the déjà 
vu. Only hoping that she, could wipe the waterfalls from his grassy planed face. When she did so much 
more with just a stare, she, penetrated his mind and made him fall so… so peaceful like. With truth only 
found in the way her hands serenaded his cheeks as her lips marinated his and we fade… into 
teardrops in the ocean, knowing I’d drown forever for a kiss on my corpse cheek just to know… that 
you’ll always love me and never hurt me… not like the others did. Fear is the death of bravery, but I’d 
soon go toe to toe with the rights to your eternity to prove that, we were made for each other. 
Carrying the cross for my own crucifixion if it’d show how much I love her. &you could pierce my body 
and all I’d bleed is the reasons I love her, then die and be reborn on the 23rd hour to prove that… I 
could never go a day without her. So I ask you, what else do I have to prove?

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The Easel Tower

With closed eyes I lay back naked to surroundings and noise, escape. Pencil inside 
the soft grip a slide show of mind displays beauty, I see each mole, scar, shine and 
blemish as though touchable live flesh. Knowing the lids of my eyes and mind as the 
creator and opening my eyes will erase the art. I choose to sit in darkness.

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There Was something

There was something in her eyes
That said to me
That what she was listening to
Couldn’t be heard
And the words being spoken
Couldn’t be said
There was something in the way
She held her head
That said to me
She really wasn’t where
She appeared to be
So I quietly whispered
Would you care to take a walk
She didn’t question why
Just quickly answered yes
Held out her hand to take
And I never said a thing
We walked through the night
Just listening to the stars
We felt the warmth of passion
Against the chill of night
And never spoke a word
For eyes, arms and lips
Say so much more
When the sun broke upon the day
The grass told where we lay
As time and years went by
I saw her eyes again
They were so much younger
As they reflected back my smile
There was nothing much to say
In the way she held her head
I just remembered how in the sun
The grass showed where we lay

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Ninth Fable

 Ninth Fable 
Ninth Fable 
Tragic Love 
Internet Love 
The Love eye have for ewe is just the same as iff we wed. 
The feelings that she gives me are never filled with dread. 
But nothing she can dew would make me ever want to wind up dead but the 
living do the love they do the life time instead. Eye could walk the halls of memory 
and get depressed or eye could become a nun in convicted pleasure and rest in 
convent until death can dew us part death can give me rest but what of love. How 
can a man get so excited at a little green dot a few mouse clicks and then a cold 
white chat box. The ink is never wet upon mye crinkle paper yet there it is its love. 
When she smiles at me eye smile when she frowns eye weep a river of the 
stuffins kept inside it all comes flowing out to make a wrongful death seem 
somehow write the words upon the mended heart depart from worry and from 
woe and take the brand new start and soon it all works for love. Snow White she 
ate the apple and then fell to fast asleep but Charlax came to kiss her and 
awakened her to live. Prince Charlax kisses good. 
Live upon the creek bank fishing for dragonflies in a house of love. Mending heart 
of Charming. Making love in heart. Mye snow white turtle love my pookie 
pochoucntous love my internet thrall. We can have it all just hold on to my 
namme and love. 
Researchers have now proven that love can mend a broken heart. 

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The dying in belonging

Kisses on the broken ground
tears that annoy...
bringing the inward heat outward into the busted scene

Innocent eyes become possessive eyes now they look down on you
...upon you

I don't feel anything towards this sort of thing
The cold is a safe retreat from all of the needing

Shut me away
away from your gaze
away from your hands
away from your wet
away from your words
away from your feelings

It's all well, but it well never be my problem

Is it true what they say in my silence?
...that romantics die once they've met romance?

Belonging to nothing
fade, fade like the sun on the overcast heart

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You love

You love.odt You love Why do eye seem afraid of you undaunted by the passing of the time the love is what is most important kept in the passing of the fear of you most people take for granted love they live the wonderful and never have the need or want the part eye have for you in secret kept to tell you love the agony of love is this just weeping uncontrollably no time to give you love no time to make you understand my love is thine the gift of man the end of time the birth of god is coming soon suddenly a man comes he is rushing madly headlong in such a hurry he is frowning he passes me and eye smile and as eye smile his angry is telling me why are you smiling and then he is gone like the winding road and yet eye smile and because he was struggling with the passing of the time and he must hurry so to be the adamant being in his hurry does not excuse my joy is love for you this is my love for you my happiness at seeing others struggle for what we have is pure and new you love

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I must confess, you are by far my favourite 
I don’t mind stealing a kiss in the coffee shop 
Between sips of our spiced lattes  
Or letting you push the trolley in B&Q 
When we are choosing paint for the study 
In the little house in Hoxton we decided to buy

I’m not the kind of woman to care for affection 
I’ve gone twenty one years without it 
But with you it’s different 
It doesn’t make me feel loved,
Or any more of a woman 
It makes me feel alive 

The closet is full of your vintage jumpers 
You particularly favour brown hues 
I know this, as I’ve bought you seven
I don’t mind wearing one now and again 
The smell of them reminds 
Of the long walks in the city we’d take 
I’d let you hold my hand
After the thirteenth date 
I smile to myself, thinking 
How far we had come 
Since then. 

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Giver and Thief

Like a thief, you have stolen my heart
The feeling so good, it’s hard to be apart
You are beautiful, rare and will always be mine
I will always love you, till the end of time
Like a giver, I have offered you my love
You have it all, until we’re taken by the Man above
Like a thief, I want to take your heart
Hold it forever, like a priceless piece of art
Like a giver, you offer your love to me
Embrace it I will, because with you I desire to be
You have my heart, my body and love
And our hearts fit together like two turtledoves 
So together we are, both givers and thieves
Never to separate, like one from their beliefs

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inside My Soul

If you could see inside my soul
Peep inside my heart
You would know how much youare missed when we sre apart

If you could scan inside my hesd and my thoughts wre made public to see
You would know how much i cherish how dear you mean to me
Just how you comfort me and the way you hold me near
How our love is solid and it eases our fears

The glow in your beaytiful eyes, your smile,your gentle touch
Are many reasons i love you so much
Knowing we can talk to each other about any and everything
Together we will get through whatever life may bring

I could search the world over
This i know is true to me
Iwould never find another love like the love i've found in you

With each sunrise and sunset we never know what's in store
ther's certainly one thing i know for sure
each and everyday i love you more and more

So if you could scan inside my head
If thoughts were public to see
You would know how blessed i feel to have you here next to me.

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The Invisible Lover

From amidst the raging storm of thoughts a cry shattering the sky… 

“When wilt thou return from the dew-topped mountains?
From those high peaks that rub my imagination through.

Where oft doth thou disappear into a fragile trail of foot prints that mystically 
from where I hear a heart’s lonely cry; from where the frantic cries of the reaper 
submerge dies.
Is it true or is it just I? 

What hath thou so wonderfully witnessed from a town so tinsel lies?
From where such ruthless condemnation forked displayed…

From where ever, tell me now, tell me how and tell me why?
When thou art gone for what must I still low lie?”

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Undying LOVE

   I saved the last tear I Cried for  “ YOU “ My MOST ONLY BELOVED
   Enclosed in the Shrine, Created for YOU ; in a Heart , Created BY YOU
   I’ve never felt this way : Since YOU Went HOME : LENORE My WIFE
   I’m Living in the Warm Heart of  “ My DEAREST MOST ONLY BELOVED “
                                  “ BARBARA JEAN GORLICK “

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Buy Me Beauty

When I go shopping with my friends 
friend 1 says that looks slimming on you
friend 2 says you look like a sex slave, your boyfriend will love it
friend 3 says you do not have enough of a thigh gap to pull that off
and the cashier laughs at the price and says if that is the price of beauty now of days why do all these people look so ugly

as i leave the store with my new slimming, sex slave, cheap shirt that I may not be able to pull off I think back to the dressing room
I think back to my exposed mid drift 
I think back to the thoughts running through my head 
I was not thinking of my waist line I was thinking "damn I look good"
I was not thinking about my boyfriend I was thinking " damn I feel good"
I was not thinking about my thighs I was thinking " damn I when I walk in this I am going to feel so freaking confident"
I was not thinking of how all the people looked I was thinking " I want to look as sure of myself as they do when I leave this store"

and I turned to friend 1 and I said
I do not buy clothes that make me look skinny 
I buy cloths to make me feel beautiful 
I turn to friend 2 and say 
I do not buy cloths to please my boyfriend 
I buy cloths to please myself
I  turn to friend 3 and say 
I do not boy cloths to hide what others may see as flaws in my body
I buy clothes to show off every gorgeous piece of me 
I smile at the cashier 
and I walk out of that store with a spring in my step and confidence on my face 

and the message I am trying to make 
is that you can't sell me skinny 
because my body is perfect for me
you can't sell me making my boyfriend happy
because if I am not good enough for him in any outfit he is not good enough for me at all
and you can tell me I don't have enough this or that to pull a style off
because I have the perfect amount of self worth to feel confident 
knowing that according to me. I have no flaws

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Lost Love WLM March 29 2011

I feel so hurt
And so much like a jerk
For I have lost my dream
Just let it out and scream
What did I do
Can I ask you
Am I to be alone
All I can do is groan
I ask God will it ever be
Does she really want me
Please Lord let her call
For me to be that is all
I am so stuck in a rut
Do I just give up
Can not hold back the tears
The return of all my fears
I hope to see
That she really needs me
I will never know
For she will have to show
Can you give me my best friend
Or have I lost her again
Tell me did I sin
Should I just give in
I am at my wits end
Knowing not where to begin
I sit here and moan
At me just throw the heavy stone
Please, oh please hit the mark
Then I know it will break my heart
I always feel the use
Finally I remember the abuse
My feelings inside
Will never subside
Why not go ahead and fall
With my life just end it all
Does anyone really care
That would be so rare
For all I feel is lost
And in the end that is the cost

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Forever is really never

Remnants of the past cast shadows on his points of view an attractive conversation with no literal honesty Pained at the cause those scars that remain Those lies on your breath smelled of raw sewerage Tears showed every crease where rivers flow my heart has melted in the middle of your road now requiring tow. I remind myself that everything ends badly or comes to a close though my hearts without resolve when your forever is really never when what I really needed was this lever to take your weight off my shoulders ~I haven't stopped growing~

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                                         MY FEELINGS

                                 WHEN I'M WITH YOU
                                WORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE
                                 THE FEELING OF ECTASY
                                THAT DRIVES ME INTO A FRENZY
                                 BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS
                               TOUCHING, KISSING, CARESSING
                               ALL I WANT TO HEAR IS YOUR SCREAMS
                              OUR BODIES EXPOSED TO THE MOISTNESS OF
                                      EACH OTHER DRIP BY DRIP
                                ENTWINED IN THE HEAT OF PASSION
                                             SIP BY SIP

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My joy
I glide in the wind
I soar, circle and turn
Like I am an eagle.
The feeling is free.......
Liberated, elated.

The heart is arid no more
Rains of love have soaked
The expanse is now green
Life shoots once again
Promise conceives.

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These Salty Waves Pt 1

What am I supposed to think? What am I supposed to say? All these lies you bottled up come sweeping, crashing with the tides. My footing's gone, the ocean real, but how am I supposed to feel? And here I am, a drowning mess, a loveless lie, I do protest. And here I am a drowning mess. So all those things you said to me? Where they just lies out of pity? So all those things you said to me? Or am I lost in salty waves? Yes I know my future's grave. Or am I lost in salty waves?And now the panic in my head, when I should be tucked up in your bed, reels and reels right here instead.I'm going down, a sinking ship, funny what name drips off my lips. It is not God, or Angles plenty, or even that I'm just damn ready To let go of the hell and the lies. I'm wishing for your gentle eyes. Or at least the way they always seemed, but perhaps that's just this salty dream. I have no clue what I'm to do! A drowning hopeless mess, for you-- think it's cute, and oh so funny, but here's the bitter truth now honey. I'm going down. There is no help. I can't be saved by God himself. I put my life, my whole world of trust, and you've thrown it away for lust. Well what the hell's a girl to do? I'm just so entranced by you!

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Lost Love Found by WLM on March 29, 2011

I need not scream
For the return of my dream
I feel so much better
For from her I received a letter
Her feelings were not of being mad
But of making me feel glad
She still wants me
And that is the way it should be
There was never a great cost
Nor even a feeling of being lost
When I heard from my love
All was still sent from heaven above
She finally did show
And my face had such a great glow
For me she does still need
So for now I will not concede
She still loves me so
In my heart I will always know
To me she will still marry
Now my head is not in a flurry
And a family we will still start
In mine heart I will sing like a lark
As God meant us to see
Together we will always be
In the simple breeze
I will hold her in my arms to squeeze
Now that I have my dear
I will lose all my fear
I have my best friend back
Oh God thank you for that
For with her I have no doubt
Thank you God I will never be without
She has made me so happy I still cry
For in my heart I do not want to die
All the feelings of dread
Have been put out of my head
To her I have so much to give
And for all of that we will always live
We must always treat each so well
My heart can only swell
I feel so young again
And that is where she will begin

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here comes 'your' lover he's 'gay'

  is it fun and games, 
or is it insane.
just to keep milking him. 
the way, 
you all do it now.
look at your hands.
warm and slippery.
yellow and dripping 
with sweat.
and ever growing.
you're fevered and glowing. 
all of your faces are red.
rejected by him at the prom.
and him by all of you.
ruffies you put in his milk.
He does not drink, 
what you think 
he should drink 
he is good.
and loved by all. 
by you and by most 
as he should.
and look at him now.
passed out hot icy cold. 
but how can you now.
how can you, 
and your friends.
as one squeezes, 
the brown paper bag.
and when one's coming up
each flight of stairs 
another seems to aways 
come down.
and all of you giggle and *sigh.*
and all of that spilled milk.
milk all that white milk.
looking around it is every where.
it's on your faces, 
and on your hands.
those blouses 
you change and your skirts.
are soaked as well.
deep asleep, like a babe.
and yes you were knowing, 
now as he...comes again.
and you know by now, 
he's in very much pain.
and none of you seem to care.
here comes that lover, 
that none of you knew.
that a hunk like him could be 'gay'.
and you didn't know, that
all the ones that you want
like he....are always gay.
feeding him all of those ruffies, 
like the three of you, 
have done in the past.
like the ones who, 
come to school the next day, 
with out any memory 
of those nights of the past.
While you keep
all of those pictures as proof 
of your kills.
what do all you think of
your hot selves now. 
and even more so vainly now. 
as he lays on your couch, 
held fast in ruffies deep sleep. 
alive in your hands moving now. 

Is It Poetry 


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Marking The End

And now were at it again-
sitting in silence,
marking the end;
the end of compliance.

Always seems to stem with defiance,
next in line-
too much reliance.

Two guys, separate occasions
I guess you could call me a player-
I like the game of persuasion.

Believe me this,
I know this strays from virtue-
and did not intend to hurt you;
I did my best to explain,
the feelings I myself couldn't quite name
But to you it sounded all the same-
And honestly we are both to blame.

We knew the odds, 
We took the dive-
Trying to get the honey,
from inside the beehive.

But its worth it because we are always trying to hide-
and you know how i am with my pride;
it's one thing I've never denied.

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A Cheat

Even in the dark, it doesn't feel right. 
Even in the silence, I know it isn't you. 
But I'm young, and I'm scared, 
And he gets me through. 
The first was lips, 
Just a sweet, common meeting. 
Only, I can't call myself his anymore.
It was a moment, short and fleeting, 
But I won't belong to him ever again. 
Three rotations around the star, He is all I know, so I let it be. 
He promised it was friendship, and he wanted nothing more. 
Then why is this happening to me? 
The drink swims in my brain, 
Watching the waves lap at the shore, 
And I can't remember a damn thing, 
I don't remember a thing more. 
Scared. I was scared. 
So, silent I was. 
My heart was hidden, lies were snared. 
I made the dark vacuum seem like a torrent of sound. 
When his ideas of happily ever after fell through, 
He ran with one last plan. 
He ran squealing like a pig to you, 
And I almost lost everything I wanted. 
I let the lies break, 
I let the tears fall, 
Because although seventeen, 
I felt so very small. 
I promised, I swore, 
And to that I've kept true. I
I've never again 
Cheated on you.

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A sad love story

Her spouse is a little bit physically unfit
So she wanted my body - 
I wanted her heart because I was not so smart
Then couple of years later she found a partner
And lost interest in me

Now I need her body
As the earth needs the sky
As the hungry ones need the food

But she has found a partner
Now she doesn’t need me anymore! 

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When All

When all is said and done
At the end of the day
Week, month and year
At the end
When the finish is near
Nay, at hand
One thing will hold true
When the last grain of sand
Has left the hour
And the seconds have ticked away
When the last word
Has been spoken
And there’s nothing left to say
One thing will hold true
Through whatever time
Life has left
Till heaven and earth pass away
And eternity rules
Bringing life a brand new day
One thing will hold true
It doesn’t matter where roads lead
Nor how paths may cross
Doesn’t matter if directions are found
Or ways are lost
Doesn’t matter if freedom comes
Or at what cost
One thing will hold true
For when all have fled
And there’s no more to be bled
All battles have been fought
All conquests sought
When all that’s left to do
Is look around to see
Who’s left standing with you
One thing will hold true
Standing there 
I will be 

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I wake up in the morning, The smell of your perfume lingering on my skin, I roll over to see if your body still lay there, & I realize everything I loved vanished. I just have these images and scents stuck in my head, I have everything you ever gave me packed away, I look through it again and again each day. Trying to piece the puzzle together, & figure out why we drifted apart. I want to know if you still think about me like I think about you, I want to know if you still have the things I made and gave to you. I just wish I could stop smelling you, Stop thinking about you, Just everything about you brings me to my knees, & I am begging you please, Please just let me forget you. I wake up the next morning and realize, Everything about you was lies.

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I dreamed she housed her love in the shape of a living bird. How much do migratory creatures know, I wonder, of the weather on the other side? A week ago, the heart that is in my body from time to time leaves me a note I don’t answer. Can we at least talk? it asks, and I think “yes,” and then I lay down, exhausted. In the letter I finally write back. I don’t even apologize, I don’t think. “With you gone, it’s like I’m gone too.” That’s all I say. Words are harder to come and I myself am migratory, though these days lacking in wings or feet. I know nothing of the weather on the other side. I don’t even speak the language that I want to understand. Living as opposed to what? Her living bird made me wonder. Living in what way? I’m watching our wings, hung, ready for tomorrow. I’m looking for a place to put my arms.

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you see to get a ged
and be in demand
put this in your head can
you must known indeed
the  ind you feed

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Dream Come True

Dream Come True
January 12, 2011

I will not be blue
For my dream has come true
She has come to me
We will just let it be
I have waited so long
And my love has grown so strong
To have and to hold
For to always be bold
To let her know
How my love will show
To make it right
And look into the bright light
I want her to stay
For she will have it her way
She is so smart
I will sing like a lark
For she is mine 
In this day and this time
Our love will grow
To others it will show
Her and I surely long
For together we belong
And to her I yearn
Not a hint of concern
We will always be
As one entity

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Coffee Shop

From afar
I stared in depth
Can't move my eyes
To east nor west
No content
'til the lad glimpsed back
Caught in the act
Grinned instead
I see rightly
The beauty of your soul
Music drifted
Craz'ly captivated
You started walking
Curse those feet
Why chose south
To my direction
Strongly held
Two large coffee cups
One blueberry cake
One dose of cheer
You sat on the opposite
No real big deal
Chatted for hours
'til torrent roared
Gave silence a chance
To let hearts speak
Coffee expressed
Two longing hearts
Shared slices of slices
Cake's a history
Perfect ambiance
Two longing hearts
Just right there
Just that moment
Just that thought
Love's a piece of magic.

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Forgotten Love Found

Forgotten Love Found
March 31, 2011

I thought she was lost
I did not know at what cost
She did not want me
So she let me be free
But now I have no more fear
For now she has returned here
Do I really know to see?
That she really does need and want me
For now I will think and just sit
This is her chance to prove it
I will truly be very strong
And she must show me that I was wrong
Should I let go of the slack
She must show me she wants me back
Will she really come and show 
If so my heart will have such a glow
As the sun is so hot and bright in the sky
I will lose all my fears and know why
I want to hold her so bad
And by doing so I will never again be sad
All my love I will give to her now
The amount she will never know how
We will make love for the first time
It will be so exciting and so extremely fine
I hope she will want me forever
If to be we will always be together
We will have to be till the end
This is the best time we can begin

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Teenage Love 9: TNG--The Next Generation

Once again, young love has affected the lives of all teenagers (teen boys and teen girls). It 
looks like this type of love is going to pass on to another generation of teenage lovebirds. And 
even as I speak, young love is going to continue growing in not just the U.S. of A., it's growing 
everywhere, including Japan. But fortunately for all teenage lovebirds, it's actually a good thing 
for them, especially when all teen boys and teen girls started being interested in each other. It 
seems that once those teen lovebirds enter adulthood in the near future, even after finishing 
high school and/or college, young love is going to affect the lives of another bunch of 
teenagers; even before the year 2020. Young love among all teenagers is going to continue 
growing for a long time and it's going to pass on to another generation of teenage lovebirds. 
And not only that, this type of love is also going to continue growing for another generation 
after generation, after generation, after generation. And the next thing everybody knows, their 
p[arents are still going to be happy about it. The greatest thing about young love is that not 
only are both teen couples (a teen boy and a teen girl) going to stay togrther for a long time, 
even before and after marriage, they're going to tell their grandchildren the following: how they 
met, why they fell in love with each other, their first date, and that kinda stuff. It loks like 
teenage love is going to continue to pass on to another generation after generation, after 
generation, after another generation. And if young love among al teen couples continue to have 
impact on their loves, there's no telling what great thing might happen next.

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You've got skeletons in your closet I've got hearts

No one does it better than I.
Be they outgoing or a touch shy.
And to sit and think about it now,
And I tend to really wonder how
I got in the business of stealing hearts.

Whispers of a life draw them in.
Sweet smiles and laughter keep them pinned.
And in an instant, I think we could be.
And then I remember we're dealing with me.
Trapping souls forever is a tricky art.

I've never set out to hurt a soul,
But when I leave, they're never whole.
And I sulk for two or three.
And then I move, 'cause I'm me.
In the end, I break them apart.

Falling in love is never my plan.
But then again, such a dashing man.
And I guess I have a charming way.
And I guess I make them want to stay.
Is there ever an end to what I start?

I've never asked for all these hearts.
I was searching for the missing parts.
And then I wake up one day and see.
And then realize it's not meant to be.
When composing love, I'm your Mozart.

I'll come into your life, and make you fall.
I'll take your heart, I'll take it all.

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Alone and Love

My name is Alone, come walk with me in a world that very few have seen. A world you may
have seen only in dreams. A world I rule and a world I made. A world untrue and a place
that fades. but it's a blissful world that only what I want will happen. It's a place that
people that talk to themselves walk and vampires burn in sunlight and werewolves are
selfish and demons roam across the country side. And I sit on my throne and watch the
land. I always knew something was missing. My thirst of knowlegde? No. but it was my
thirst for Love. Love is this beautiful girl that I wanted to rule with but alas I feel
into though of my flaws. I sought out Love but I was afraid she would reject my company.
So I waited and waited. and I left my world soon after. I then learned she had wanted my
company too. Now I have her as I have wanted for so long. It is great. but something is
wrong. I have yet to see her. I now hope my changed looks and my more romantic and wussy
attitude. My heart can bare the thought of that. I only have one word to say to here. of
which I will say soon. Meet me in this bliss- cause I just want her kiss. I guess you
wouldn't understand because my name is Alone and her's is Love. Why would ever be
together? Because we can.

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These Salty Waves Pt 2

Call the lost cause, call out the Guard, because I'll say drowning is hard. You realize that you're all alone, to view pearly or fiery thrones. And when it hits, your mind's been blown. There's nothing you can do for me. I'm at the mercy of the sea. A kinder mistress than your she. Nothing's real! Nothing's fake! We don't realize the choices we make  Come back to us in the oddest way. Such as where I am today. With what I found, could I stay there? And play pretend like there's no care? Of course I could, of course I would, if it meant I'd have you like I should. But there you go, I see you now, walking the beach holding your cow. But wait... the cow, not she, is me! So who am I supposed to be!? Am I the wife, or mistress here? All I feel is rising fear. Her wedding ring.. glowing so clear. The sea has given me her mercy. I have but yet one final plea. Give to her what you'd give to me. One of us should be happy. The surface breaks and here I go. I thrash, but halt. It's cold as snow. Now comes the part that we all know. The Guard has come, the day's been saved. But of those glimpses was I crazed? And where's the man who I so craved? Well, give him freedom, and give him much, but never lose your lady's touch. His love for you will grow to such Great amount's he'll never go, and leave you here to drown like so.  Was it a dream? I'll never know. Ah look, it's Death In form  Of crows...

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Teenage Love 19: 2010-present

When it comes to young love, it's a beautiful thing for young people from around the world. 
And when it comes to teen boys and teen girls falling in love with each other since the day they 
met, it's like fireworks popping in the sky. Their moms and dads are either happy about it or 
inapproving or whatever. It seems to everybody that most relationships among all teenagers 
might even last to either 72 hours or a lifetime. That's a really long time, but then, if these two 
young lovebirds want to stay together, even until their high school reunions, then that's fine. 
Sometimes love will make young men and/or young women do some silly things or whatever, 
but love doesn't; it's just an emotional feeling for teen boys and teen girls combined. Their 
parents (the moms and the dads) should also know what their lives were like when they were 
teenagers, especially since the day they fell in love with each other. Young love has 
revolutionized the year 2010 and it'll revolutionize the future of all of the would-be teen 
couples. This is starting to get very interesting. It looks like the junior/senior high school years 
will be with all of the wound-be-then teen love birds for the rest of their natural lives. All 
relationships among all young people will not just continue to increase every single day, but no 
matter what the circumstances of young relationships or whaterer, it'll seem that day in and 
day out, all of the young lovers (all teen boys and all teen girls) will always have love for each 
other, and their parents are very happy about it. And if young love continues to grow and grow 
by the time the year 2025 arrives, there's no telling what beautiful thing might happen next.

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long time no see
what will it be
you still have the key
ilove you heavenly
come to me free
you got the right stuff

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April 24, 2011

End of the line
For it is directly time
That we will be
Just you and me
The way God has sent
You know we were meant
That we should always live
And always give
The way we see
And it will be
Together forever
Through all we will endeavor
Our hearts are one
And will not be undone
Will not separate
In this time not ever irate
But hand In hand
Listen to the band
I always long 
That they play our song
Across the threshold I will carry
Directly after I marry
And make you my wife
For the rest of my life
The beginning of the line
Forever through all of time

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July 10, 2010

You are the light and joy of my life
And the breath and warmth upon my skin
Only you can carry the lifeblood of my soul
And the way that you care for it makes me whole
As the sun shining brightly in the sky
Like a rose which blooms from the mourning dew
Which opens its bloom for all to see
As God meant that is how it should be
And the scent of heaven above
There is glory in the words which I say
Of the love we will always share
It will never go away
For the love we have will never stray
But stay and grow beyond belief
Until the end of time
When all must go
To the ends of the earth
As two lines 
Which meet in infinity
And continue to flow
Like a slow moving river
So cold and crisp
And full of life
Abounding with clarity
For all to see
And live the rest of their lives
Together and forevermore

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OMUBBI -"Thief"

Like a thief at midnight
He came along
Sending whispers down my heart
And shivers down my spine
Entrapped in his line,I was
They say he is a master of all trades
But he passed my way today
And even I was caught unaware

But then he opened his eyes
And lit up my life
And everyday I hope
He never blinks 
That this light never dies out
The one that makes me smile.

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inside My Soul

If you could see inside my soul
Peep inside my heart
You would know how much youare missed when we are apart

If you could scan inside my hesd and my thoughts wre made public to see
You would know how much i cherish how dear you mean to me
Just how you comfort me and the way you hold me near
How our love is solid and it eases our fears

The glow in your beaytiful eyes, your smile,your gentle touch
Are many reasons i love you so much
Knowing we can talk to each other about any and everything
Together we will get through whatever life may bring

I could search the world over
This i know is true to me
Iwould never find another love like the love i've found in you

With each sunrise and sunset we never know what's in store
ther's certainly one thing i know for sure
each and everyday i love you more and more

So if you could scan inside my head
If thoughts were public to see
You would know how blessed i feel to have you here next to me.

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Ocean Vs Walls

When I first met you I felt like I've known you forever telling you all my secrets and what I didn't want ever. I felt like my world stopped and you were the only one in it. I stood there looking in to your eyes getting captured by the enchantment they hold on me. The feel of being swept away by the ocean waves into a mystical place. Crashing against the walls trying to bring then down. The sound of your voice reassuring me that everything will be okay telling me to trust in faith. So I have decided time answers all and if it is meant to be I will take down these walls.

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Arms In Which To Hide

Always surrounded by people
Yet I always feel so lonely
The lady let escape
From her lips
As the feeling poured
From eyes so beautiful
They always draw a crowd
So many people talking
As she screams out loud
No one can hear
For none will listen
There only for the laughter
And to share her touch
To drink in what they see
Not to look inside
All the fun of the moment
Tends to fade when days grow long
When all you need is a place to hide
But truth reveals no arms to hold
Just boasts with new stories told
So she tries to ignore
How alone she is
Hoping no one sees
What she really feels
Yet in all the photographs to attract
I see in each one exposed
The lonely hurt of a girl
Hoping someone will seek to look
Beyond what a picture shows
To discover what
Her true heart knows
And not seek to boast
But give her arms
In which to hide

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Finally a New Hope and Beginning

Finally a New Hope and Beginning
April 8, 2011 

The Finality of My Life
Is Completely a Relief and Free From All Strife
I traveled many a mile
08 to 11 It took a while
At first she was my best friend
I know in my heart it will last till the end
I feel as I should be in a gurney
For it has been such a long journey
Weeding them out
Because of finding  out all about
Some were shy 
I know not why
Most of them always wanted money
Why should I pay to be their honey
But this one just wants Bill
For with him her heart will completely fill
Full of passion and love 
Sent from heaven above
And soon we will be as one entity
Which will last through infinity
She is extremely so fine
My heart knows she is mine
We are completely entwined like a vine
And we both know it will last till the end of time

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December 12, 2011

Amanda my Dream, 
Just let out a scream, 
I know it will be, 
For YOU shall be with me, 
For the rest of my life, 
Without all the strife, 
We will always give,
Through our lives we will live, 
So happy and content, 
As it should be meant, 
And live and learn, 
In my arms I truly yearn, 
To have and to hold, 
For this I will be bold.

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Love Hate

Iam so in love
Iam so in hate
Ijust can't comprehend it
You get me so high
You get me so low
Ican't show what i'm feeling
Never was the type
To let someone like you
Get under my skin
Tried like hell
To love you more 
Is that a sin.

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June 15, 2011

She is coming to rescue me
And I will finally be set free
My heart will be aglow
On my face it will soon show
She is my sweet, sweet dear
As the day will soon be here
I know she loves me so
In my heart and soul this I know
We have known from the start it was fate
It will never be from hate
We will have our very first date
After that she will be my mate
The doubters will finally see
Amazement on their faces it will be
I will laugh as it will show
For they will finally eat that Crow
She will finally be mine
For the rest of eternity and till the end of all time

this poem is in a contest with thousands of entries to be included in a book by all poetry contest. wish me luck grand prize is 1000.00$

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If nine lives are to be lived
I feel I’ve lived them all
Since I last saw your face
If a man dies a thousand deaths
I feel I’ve died them all
Since I last felt your lips
If looking is forever
Then I’ve seen eternity
Since last I saw your eyes
If the sky never ends
Neither will father time
Until I hold you once again
If time flies by
So too it was
With you and I
For the moments I held you
Were far to mere
There’s no place for me
That doesn’t hold your face
The sunrises and sunsets
Only remind me
Of the wind blowing through your hair
When I breathe the morning air
There’s nothing but your scent
Rising everywhere
If words make a man foolish
Then such a fool am I
For the only thing I speak of
Is my open heart and soul
And yours
Is the only voice I hear

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A Womans Touch

The gates of hell have been violently open. The world begins to rumble and scatter in fear. Earth’s volcanoes spew magma and ash from its core. The clouds quickly gather as the thunder and lightning signal the wrath to come. Earth’s crust opens its mouth ready to swallow cities and nation’s whole. Suddenly a white and peaceful light emerges from the horizon. This elegant and stunning figure seems not all frightened by all the chaos. She gingerly kisses and hugs the tormented man. All of this madness was inside the man’s mind. The stress and pressure of life almost got to the man. Drugs and alcohol never gave him relief but all it took was a woman’s touch.

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tho your far away
i think of you day day
i can turly say
with you am so blue
i miss your love too

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Something To See

Wouldn’t it be something to see
To view the perfect love
In every word I write
But diamonds they can’t all be
Wouldn’t it be something to see
To walk through the rain
Hand in hand and not get wet
But sunny days don’t always happen
What if the clouds always opened up
Wherever you walked
And each step you took
Made you forget the last
Wouldn’t it be something to see
If smiles and hugs were always there
And in the world
There was nothing but care
Ah, wouldn’t it be something to see
You and me living every day
Just envisioned our own way
Oh my God, if every word I spoke
Said it just right
We could live so happily
With no more foolish pain
Yes I agree
Wouldn’t it be something to see
To view the perfect love you see
Each time you look in the mirror
But darling, it’s just me
And everybody knows
Perfect, I’ll never be

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Our Love

Our Love It’s Love Your Love Our Love (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love) 
We are love……, 
You are love……, 
Together we love……, 
Forever and always……, 
We love…….., 
Our Love It’s Love Your Love Our Love (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love) 
We are love……, 
You are love……, 
Together we love……, 
Forever and always……, 
We love…….., 
Our Love It’s Love Your Love Our Love (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love) 
We are love……, 
You are love……, 
Together we love……, 
Forever and always……, 
We love…….., 
Our Love It’s Love Your Love Our Love (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love) 
We are love……, 
You are love……, 
Together we love……, 
Forever and always……, 
We love…….., 

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If Wishes Were Horses

I say goodbye a lot—not in an “I’ll see you later” or “until next time” sort of way—but in a “goodbye for good” and “never speak to you again” sort of way. I’ve always been all right with it, accepted it, and embraced it, even. You know, people come and go; they serve their purpose and even though sometimes it’s worth it, they go away. I’m guilty of it myself. Just leave. Get out. Go. Don’t stay. I’ve said goodbye so many times to so many people in so many ways, but you posed a problem that my brain, mind, soul, body can’t escape. I just want to be back inside your arms, your bed, your life, your heart, you. Instead, I ran off, 9 thousand miles away to wake up as you go to bed, to play in a giant sandbox. I do not want to stay here; June cannot come quickly enough. March, April, May—three more months of this living in your tomorrow, you in my yesterday. I miss you. I fear you. I long for you with intensity as deep, as overwhelming, as powerful and dominating as the sky’s infinity. I love you. I want you. I yearn for you in every single way; the tears I’ve bled for you are insurmountable. I wish for Home; I wish for the West. Even greater than my desperation for friends, family, familiar faces, familiar places, is my ache to have you near; if wishes were horses, and if horses had wings, I’d have one to take me there.

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Here I Stand

Here I stand
With no shoulder to cry on
Staring into empty space
At an unrecognizable face
After feeling so much
Why do I feel nothing now
All I tried to do was laugh and play
Tried to love and please
Did everything I could
So much more than was asked
And yet, I failed
Now I see you walking away
While here I stand
With no shoulder to cry on
I hear your footsteps and fading voice
The screams and the anger still attached
What was it I did so wrong
To make you feel so much
Why do I feel nothing now
And can’t even reach out to touch
I no longer feel my breath
I no longer feel my heart
I was just a child
As I watch you walk away
Why do I feel nothing now
Why are we both left
With no shoulder to cry on

NOTE*** Death should never be seen through the eyes of a child as you walk away… Child 
Abuse… let’s stop it! Not tomorrow, not today, but now!!!

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Burning Love and hot desire, consumes me like a wild fire. 
Pierced by cupids bow and arrow we are made for one another.
Joined together under the starts, not even nature can tear us apart. 
Rising together, Spiraling hiring we are made for one another.
The love we share share burns out of control like a raging fire. 
Nothing can stop us, not even our own desires.

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After The Lust is Gone......

When a woman first meets a man,
He thinks she's the greatest invention
since sliced ham,

He adores her physical appearance,
The way she talks, laughs and giggles,
He even savors her fragrance,
There is never any talk of space or
room to wiggle,

Once the relationship becomes consummated,
her faults suddenly become illuminated,
The idiosyncracies he used to find charming,
become uncouth and alarming,

He repels her like a magnet,
and ignores her as if she were
an antiquated kitchen cabinet,

After the lust is gone,
a woman becomes an unnecessary 
The man no longer feels obligated
to be respectful,
All his negative ways get displayed,
He renounces being bashful,

The man picks the woman apart,
like a bird pecking his food,
Then it becomes clear,
his intentions were not good from the start,
He was just toying with her heart.......

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With many endless nights I bid you farewell,
Among the thrones of pale love I kiss you for the last time,
The mortality of the mind, the failure of my memory,
Those that can keep you alive. Goodbye.

The more I tip toed around what used to be,
The further I am from tomorrow,
Hence I say adieu,
Forever I’ll neglect my sorrow.

Love is the greatest mystery I can never tell,
A game I’ll never win,
An instrument I’ll never master,
Its height far beyond my reach.

With each fading dreams I close this door,
As the music we used to hum dies off I bow my hat,
To each shadow of you,
Those that I paint each morning. No more.

A tale too beautiful for a life as mine,
You said it too and I know it well,
Our time is too short and fate has not been fair,
It’s life they say, it’s just life.

To the secret tears,
To the painful remedies of true love,

This chapter is done.

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and 'Ladies'

  and 'Ladies' young and old
do you even know
when i go into the grocery store
and how they come all around me
and i
not even paying attention
as they watch me squeeze this and
squeeze that
and they being all that you are
some what more and some few less
and they
take my hand and place it there
and in my hand they squeeze it
they squeeze it harder than they should
but i'm not paying attention 
and as i'm thinking about squeezing
that which needs to be squeezed
in my mind i am squeezing it more
and watching some become flushed
there faces grow dark and pink
so many
and so many my head spins around 
looking down as i feel
all of that juice run free
through my hands
and all of my critical thinking
has left me it's gone. 

Is It Poetry 

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Winter Rose

I lay here in the stillness of night
Like last night, the night before 
Alone with no one to hear my voice
Echoing in the silence against these walls
That slowly close in each night, tonight, every night

I watch these winds outside my window
Brushing the cold snow across the valleys between trees
And I cannot help myself from wondering 
If the cold chill scratches at your window
Whispering in shivers across your shoulders of our pain

Does it echo my love instead?
Does it dream of you like I do?
Does it hold our love like a rose?
Does it breathe across your neck?
Like I do, have done, will do again

I watch the languid snows falling to the ground
Down through the canopy of remembered leaves
A many folded memory they cup fast within
Of you, of me when in these arms you bathed
Inside the rhythms of our hearts beating like one

I shiver within the memory of your body next to mine
Of the way you fit beside me as we two slept to dream
Until dawn broke with pastel shadows across our bed
To fall upon you the Rose of lush and vibrant life
In each moment cast of whispering light from dawning day

I remember watching you in those moments
As if it were this morning, yesterday, the day before
And this memory fills the bed that yawns beside me
Of your waking eyes and smile beneath the first ray of light
When you looked so fragile with a foreshadow of strength

I see you my love everywhere these eyes do fall
In the roses of winter only these eyes can see
I see you smiling in the falling snow bathed in moonlight
In the wind billowing across the twilight earth
I remember you in every shiver to touch my shoulders

Each an echo of your love
Each a dream touching my skin
Holding your soul as if it were a rose in bloom
For this heart still singing of your embrace
And I do, every night, each night, this night

I think of you
And of the day, the morning when . . . 
My Winter Rose
I see you smiling

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Summer's Here, Fall's Never Coming

I remember the first time you touched me, I pulled away, cause it just made me feel uncomfortable he said. She asked why and all he could say was,,, It's complicated. See he was like a pomegranate. Built with a hard shell on the outside, but lots of sweetness built up inside of him. He was just too afraid to let anyone in. He'd grown up tattered&beaten down like an overthrown baseball, the girls of his life being the pitchers and playing with him like he was a toy. They all had him dancing the night away making him feel like he was something special for the first time. Only to deceive and besmirch his kind heartedness. Until eventually all they'd wanted was his sweet seduction, Making love like the clouds were their bedroom, and the more these women touched him and received their pleasures, he died a little inside. Every other touch became another heartache, Every kiss and caress another nightmare for his daydreams, and every time his grandma leaned over his shoulder just to wrap his body and kiss his cheek to make him feel loved, all he could do was turn the other away.. &then came Summer, and he prayed fall would lay dormant, for he felt a satisfaction in her vocal cords and the symphony lips played as they dance to romance's acoustics. Stealing smiles and fanning cold chills to make it through the heat.. this season was special, so special in fact, that he asked it to stay forever. and for the first time he actually felt.. like he was special..

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I'm up again, awakened by the brand of her face in my dreams, wondering if she thinks about me as much as i do her, even though I'm far too timid to tell her that. Instead of being bold about it, I leave my enchantments of she in the essence of time, to always be remembered & never diminishing with its sands. Letting every opportune moment to just say, "Hi.. how's your day?". slip from the coil of nimble fingertips. More than happy to gaze upon the paralyzing figure of beauty during humble greetings &even give a smile so she knows im listening. I don't know what to call this.. It was like having my first crush all over again, thinking endlessly about that person, always smiling when her name pops up, all the cute things about it. Remember your first.. how that person gave you butterflies. I get that feeling everytime she's in the same room, so much that each day around her is like seeing her for the first time.. Having that same reaction, &remembering every minor detail. She had this proud aura about her, with a fierce walk, a bubbling personality and an even more bubbling smile. I remember asking myself who'd be more jealous, Mother Nature or the Sun, &the way light danced off the glow around her skin, it'd almost seemed like she had wings.. I'm gonna do it. Next time, i'm gonna talk to her, even if it means rejection it could mean acceptance and thats the only exception I need. I'll face it like a gunslinging Bruno Mars. &if I lose i'll die with a smile. Cuz you shot me through the heart staring in your eyes, so I might die a happy man today. &if I survive I'd love to get to know you..

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we hug
and sug
lay on the rug
all times of year
we just stare
at each other
and play
its always

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I'll Be.....

I'll be your priest that hears your confession.
I'll be the last man you ever doubt or question.....
                    I'll be the diary that keeps your secrets safe.
          I'll be your heaven, that most serene place.....
                    I'll be that sweet kiss that lingers on your face.
          My soft lips will be the last you taste.....
In my arms, I'll protect you, wipe your tears, and guide you.
Through the storm, I'll shelter you, and the meaning of "love" is what I'll be inside you.....
                    Just stop, don't slam or lock your hearts' door!
          I'll be your band-aid, it won't hurt anymore.....
                    I'll be your hero, just without the cape.
          I'll help you plan your big escape.....
                    I'll be your wool coat in the cold season.
          Comfort you from your doubts and negative reasons.....
In my arms, I'll protect you, wipe your tears, and guide you 
Through the storm, I'll shelter you, and the meaning of "love" is what I'll be inside you.....
                    I'll be that special song in your ear.
          MMM...I'll be that warm body that pulls you near.....
                    In my arms you'll have no fears.
          My T-shirt will dry all your tears.....
                    I'll be the sun, so bright on your cloudy day.
          I'll lift you up emotionally when things don't seem to go your way.....
In my arms, I'll protect you, wipe your tears, and guide you.
Through the storm, I'll shelter you, and the meaning of "love" is what I'll be inside you.....
          I'll be all the things you're afraid to be.
                    I'll be your soulmate and hold you for eternity!!!!!

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Everybody searches long and hard
For that one person who holds all the cards
A man or woman who will  complete you
A soul mate who will  simply say I love you too 

I’m glad I took a chance and met you that day
I’ve been lost but have  finally found my way
You have become very special to me
The journey is starting so we wait and see

There will be good days and bad
But you are giving me something I’ve never had
There will be mistakes and probably a few fights
But you’ll still be the one I want to hold me at night

You make me smile when I am sad
I will make you laugh when you are mad
In the past I’ve  suffered which has made me unsure
But being with you, I have never felt this secure

I  can only hope and dream you will be the one
I will grow old with til my days are done
I can not promise a long life til eternity
But I will give you all the love I have in me

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What If It Was

So, what if it was
Just you and me
What if we decided 
To take a walk
Just to see
Where it might lead
Would you be as enthusiastic 
To a yes
As you are to a maybe
What if it was
Just you and me
And no one else
Would you really be devoted
Through any kind of rain
Could it be as we imagine
And we work our way
Through our dreams
Would we each be there
To stand beside
When hurt tried
To get deep inside
Would we each be there
To celebrate
When life brought smiles
Too big to contain
When we felt like leaping
Out of our shoes
Would it be 
Into each other’s arms
When our children
Brought news of their own
Would they do so separately
Or as one
And when the end came near
Would we still take
Each other’s hand
So, if it was
Just you and me
To all these questions
What would your answer be

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you where to hold my hand
and look at me, my heart might 
skip. I would look away, say 
“The sky is lovely.” Yet there
are clouds covering the sky,
like I cloud my words meanings, for
in truth, I don’t think anything of the sky,
nor trees, nor flowers when I’m 
with you. Only you. Therefore, I think 
I need you, and like the 
infamous poets before me, I will
attempt to immortalize you in lines,
and woo you with verse. If that should, however, 
fail, I lose you to the wind, and men 
yet to come, and without 
you, I’ll be of the trees Orpheus 
sings to, with somber branches and
lost leaves. I will talk and write of your
eyes, an electric, endless brown.
Of your voice, drifting in 
the air and stopping at nothing
to please. Of your figure and grace,
destroying wills of men like the Sirens song,
yet thicker and more potent,
lingering like cigar smoke in the air. 
Eventually, yes, my mind will move on,
but frozen in time would be my
emotions for you in these lines, 
and if ever you need to feel loved, 
you need only read.

If it where to work though, the
story takes a different path, which is 
one I leave to your imagination. 
An obscurity found in most love 
stories. ‘They lived happily ever after,’  
would, could, be us, where you to
dip your fingers (what gentle, 
beautiful fingers), into the well 
of my palm.

The choice then is yours then,   
my lovely R------, what’ll it be?

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Your T-Shirt

I hid the t-shirt
That you always wore
The one that smelled like you

Now that you are gone
I have searched everywhere
But cannot find it

I miss the smell of you
Covering me
From head to toe

I miss the way
The softness of your body
Pressed deeply into mine

I miss your gentle hands
Like Lewis and Clark
Exploring all my western lands

Most of all these days
I miss your t-shirt
And wish I could remember
Where the hell it was
I hid it!

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The Day After Your Brithday


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'Hope' floats..Up from 'Your'..past...

  Perhaps it's not what I write... 
That you read... 
But a simple interpretation... 
of that, which you read.. 
Hope floats every boat at sea.... 
Up from Your..past...
Faith laid me down...inside.. 
Your sleepy dream on..and.. 
If you are a male who does not like females.. 
or a female who does not like males... 
Then come back in a few years... 
Until you do...and you will.. 
Unless you have been damaged... 
by some one others fears.. 
If you have issues of power and control.. 
pass them by...
Once you have control it soon dies... 
If you do not believe in the constitution of the..
United States...pass them all 'bye' well.. 
If you burn..there...and yet are in denial.. 
pass them by... 
If you make noises in your sleep.. 
that are not that of snoring... 
You may need to pass them by..
For true words that fill you up..... 
Some may only make it worse... 
If you are afraid..but need too... 
If you need too...but are afraid to... 
I would only ask you...why... 
Other than that...
when two people come together...
it really does help when both ways..... 

Is It Poetry 

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You are not alone

Take my hand,
I know it’s hard to ask another to care

Take my hand,
I know it’s hard to ask another to share your confusion

Take my hand,
And allow me to be your confessional
Allow me to be your strength when you need it
I know it’s hard
But take my hand
Take my hand
Because it’s right to know there is someone here for you
Because there is no greater pain
No greater sorrow
Than feeling alone, 
Abandoned in a world of confusion
So take my hand

Take my hand
And I shall be there when you need a laugh

Take my hand
And I shall be there when you need a shoulder to cry on

Take my hand
And I shall be there when you just need to feel me close by

Take my hand
And I will show you how to believe again in trust
And you will never be alone again

Take my hand
I know its hard to try
To ask another to share in your pain
How unfair it seems to ask another to care
I know because I have been there too
So take my hand
Take my hand
Because this is a good thing
A beautiful thing our friendship
Because I need you as much as you need me
So take my hand

Take my hand
And I will only be a breath away

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I Want To Kiss That Girls Lips

  I want to kiss that girls lips; 
and she knows I hold her view.
She watches my eyes grow bold, 
she sees my eye and smiles.
I pay to much attention as she watches 
her fingers dance the curves are so.
I get lost in the glow of the glossy they are
strawberry fields full of red blush today.
They dance apart, with nothing better to do.
I put my dark sun glasses on...
smiling lips now...she does to. 

Is It Poetry 

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Navriss and Rhane

What is this that I feel sighing within my breast?
What is this that I feel breathing within my chest?
What is this that I feel whispering up from my heart?
What is this that I feel murmuring in the seas of my soul?

These are the questions I hear calling out to me in the sunlight
When the waves lingering in twilight glimmer like flames of red
In the sighing of day giving way to the stars and night
I hear these questions whisper across my face as your eyes have done

I have come to believe in the night sky, because I saw you there
I have come to believe in the twilight rain, because I heard you there
I have come to believe in the swaying trees, because I felt you there
I have come to believe in the quiet clouds, because they speak of you there

There beside the light of the silent fire burning in the echoes of yesteryear
I laid down by that failing light and basked within the eyes of heaven 
Watching down over you as they watch over me and they answered me too
In the wind that came to wash away my doubts through these leaves

Where do you go when dreams take hold of you and into slumber you fall
Where do you go when dawn brushes across your skin and into day you wake
Where do you go when noontide washes the world and your eyes you close to rest
Where do you go when night returns with her shimmering veil sweeping you along 

Those are the wandering tides breaking over my heart this night
As I sit on this sacred ground listening to the music only I can hear
When it sings in soft murmurs to me of you in the memories of my life 
The day I first heard your laughter in that smile that breathes again in my soul

Will you welcome me with open arms and eyes when I return to you
Will you welcome me with a smile and glance to still my striding heart
Will you welcome me with a grasping hug and tear when I stand before you
Will you welcome me with silence everywhere except in your kiss because I am home

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The More I Try

the more i try to show you exactly who i am you turn your back on me and i don't know why 
my heart ached for you and it shattered really fine 
i kissed my futures goodnight and drummed up my strength to cry
i am a mourning masochist and a shattered sadist i cut my soul just to see if it's real
your heart never knew the dangers in my eyes i am sick inside my soul over and over again 
i can't think about the futures without realizing the past knowing i was wrong when i chose to 
make love to you each time i felt dejected because i was untrue my heart cried bloody 
murder when i feel in love with you i screamed to the heavens and shouted down to hell i 
needed you to love me but my futures are too bright i thought it was love but i now came to 
see that deep inside of me i truly hate you there wasn't any guilt when i let you go i felt 
more relief that i don't have to try no more.

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The Sweetest Acoustic

I listen to the melodies she hums while washing dishes & all I can do is smile and wrap my arms around her. 
The sound of her voice is the sweetest acoustic, 
etching branded love into my ears as I hear the words that hold me closer to heaven than any scripture ever could... 
"I love you baby," ...
Sending chills into catacombs of a once broken heart now fixed and warmer than the coolest winter flame. 
She makes me feel... I can't even say.. 
It would take a lifetime for details, but here's the synopsis. 
I hold her body every night the way she holds my hand so tight, my body so close, and my heart just right, so she never breaks it, 
& I only wish she'd never leave me, be mine forever, by my side whenever, to grow old and die together, 
forever and... be nothing like my last relations. Be the one that makes me secure for the first time. 
Like she already does, like she already had, Like I hope, she always will.

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I've waited for you many winters,
A face of an angel beheld in my dreams.
Soul that's pure, etched in the flight of my fantasies,
Heart that's noble, too good to be true?

Not to risk in my mind's delirium,
Being left a "damsel in distress" by her window...
Sent my horses away...till they came...
Bringing less than a knight to stay.

Winters do come and go, alas,
I reflect as my sweet child grows,
I betrayed you in flesh but never in heart,
Sitting still by that window...

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The Sapphire

There is fire in the sky tonight
Just glimmers really
Echoing the flame within my soul

Embers in the sky
Like coals beneath the heat
The cool of night
Like my heart

Ready is the spark
That luminescence within the clouds
To take flight into true flame
Lighting the sky like day
With a new-born star

Or just as ready to fade
As dust sailing away within the winds
From glimmerings into ashes
Cast into the sea

There is fire in the sky
Fire in the sky tonight
Just glimmering really
Echoing the flame within her hair

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My One & Only

This is Being Written For A Very Special Girl, A Lady Who Means the Whole Wide World To Me.
And As You Read Between The Lines Of Mines You'll Find that My Heart Belongs to You 
Completely.So Look No Futher For Your Search Is Over This Man Loves You  A Million Times 
More Than Casanova. Romeo Ain't Got Nothing On me.Cause Ive Pledged My Love, My 
Heart,My Mind, MY Body And Soul to You Completely. To See You Smile Makes My Heartbeat 
Go wild and To Hear You SaY You love Me ,Sounds More Beautiful Than any Love Song Ever 
Created In History!Living without You is Driving Me Crazy and I hope The Feelings Are Mutual 
and You love me To Baby!! I would Lay My Life On the Line For You, I would Even Die For You If 
I Had to Now and forever. Because I've Dedicated my Heart To You For Eternity!!

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The Covenant of Belief

I believe
I believe in hope
And I believe it’s a good thing to share my soul
And I believe it’s a good thing to scream and shout
I believe in tears
I believe
I believe in the possibilities of joy
I believe in confession
And I believe it’s a good thing to purge your mind
And I believe it’s a good thing to unwind on another
I believe in commitment
I believe
And I believe that there’s someone who cares to listen
And I believe that there’s nothing wrong in trusting another
I believe
I believe in sacrifice
And I believe in the sharing of our burdens with another
And I believe in the understanding of another
I believer in redemption
I believe
I believe in aid
And I believe in asking for it when I need it the most
And I believe in asking for it when I cannot understand it all
I believe in chance
I believe
I believe in the minds of others to see that which I cannot
I believe
These are things I believe in
I believe
I’m still here because I believe in the fairy tale love
I’m still here because I believe in life and the future
I believe
So must you

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its cold out side
my place is wide
we can sit
and do this
let love extist
all thur the night
lets do this alright
look in each other face
by the

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Charlexes Fabels 




This poem is about me the JesusFreak Charlaxandroidoneseven. 

Homeless scrounge a little better than a thief my legacy is poetry as eye leave 
this world behind to go on to JESUS Heaven eye write and leave behind some 
thoughtful insights of this life. Snail mail was nice. She afforded me the bus ride 
that makes the life so much better than the walking endless walking always late 
no one is talking anymore of sending me my latter day relief. All my websites is 
always free my poetry is added in the hopes that gentile readers everywhere can 
see the JESUS freak in mee.   

As eye ride the bus eye see into the futyre it is bleak there is nothing saved no 
money towers castles laundered pines nothing will outlast the fire. 

Money is not god only in this lifetime did the eye even afford to use some eye 
cannot repay my source it all comes to me from GOD. You and yew and ewe and 
even eue too cannot repay the LORD. Bread and corn and silver too no he did not 
ever promise all of that to you but Abraham my father had some GOLD and so 
does the Charlax told a heart is given me in love she knoes just how much eye 
try to endeavor in my eye to give her love. Food Reported just TODAY there is 
some popped corn in a bag and eye am wearing brand new jeans again that 
makes THREE pants for layers but BOZO iz not jealous eye look just okay and 
very nice today I'm eating bread no wine sober is the man in love iff she is 
reading this one see her smile it is enought for love to win the time to return to 
heart to make her remember love. We have the same heart in the same place in 
the same body and when she smiles at me the world turns right side up and 
upside down. Nothing is perfect and nothing is without problems but ewe she is 
perfectly in mine. 
eye am cutting all my fabels in the halve this is part one

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In the Paper

I’ve hidden my heart away in letters unspent
	Tumbling down, all around, everywhere but here
I’ve left my dreams locked away inside a pen staining a page
		Tumbling down, all around, everywhere but here
I’ve surrounded myself with smiling faces
			Tumbling down, all around, everywhere but here
Laughing eyes and biting tears born from work
				Tumbling down, all around, everywhere but here
Because I cannot bear to see my fate across these pages
					Tumbling down, all around, everywhere but here

I’ve left my soul trapped inside pages
	Screaming, it’s screaming, crying out loud
I’ve scrapped my heart inside a papermate’s blood
		Screaming, it’s screaming, crying out loud
I’ve screamed my mind’s cries all over the walls
			Screaming, it’s screaming, crying out loud
Of this page, this word, these words
				Are screaming, they’re screaming, crying out loud
Because I cannot see anything anymore
				I am screaming, I scream, crying out loud

I’ve laid my body down on these tracks
	It’s exhausted anyway, its tired, weary to the core
I’ve crushed my eyes between these lines
				Tumbling down, all around, everywhere but here
I’ve scraped my lips raw with paper cuts
		I cannot bear to speak, to whisper, release this whimper
All because I cannot bear the thought of you
					I am screaming, I scream, crying out loud
Being with another, kissing another, and I die here on this page
	I am screaming, 
              Tumbling down,                    
                   Crying out loud,  
                          E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E  	but	 here 

Because you lied to me
You lied to me
When you said

I care a lot about you
You lied
Lied when you said

I think you know where that comes from

I died in the realization of that lie

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you're stil 
my love pill
your in my head
i toss turn in bed
without you am so blue
i still love you too

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To Someone Who's More Than A Friend

Why all the time you always acting like you isn't hurt
And really inside you feel like dirt
When you told me to call you, when I get older
I thought about everything 
I ever said and wrote about you
That seemed cool with me cause we ain't getting no younger
Still always in my heart you are my friend I'll  always hang on to you no matter 
what we go through
You my friend is tight
But I know  me and you know
In life everything isn't right
We both have unique minds
And for you boy I'll always have time
I remember when you said
"Get money, forget girls "
My homie always keep your head up
And do what you do 
I remember at one point of time I wanted you so bad
Everything that day went so wrong
And I found myself so sad 
Call me when you get a little older those where the last words we said on the 

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New Love

This Is Being Written For A Person In Whom I Hope In The Near Future Will Become My 
Companion, My Confidant, My Lover And My Best Friend. Your Voice Is Oh So Soft and Tenderly 
Sweet.You're Words So Full Of Convictions and that's What Makes You Totally Complete; I 
know  You Harbor A love Deep Within You Which Is so Pure, Abundant and True And this I've 
Come To Realize From The Very First Moment That Ive Ever Spoken To You ! This Chemistry 
That's Shared Between Us Two Is a Feeling That Surpasses My Wildest Imgagination and I 
Know That Deep Down In My Heart and Soul That In The Near Future I'll Find Myself Falling 
Helplessly In Love With You. Theres Nothing In The Whole Wide World That I Wouldnt do For 
You. For I'd Climb The Highest Mountain, And Sail The Deep Blue Sea Or Until The Stars Fall 
From the Heavens Or The Mountains Crumble To the Sea, That's How Long I will Love Thee!!!

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A world epidemic filled with pain through pleasure that allowed you to open your 
legs and let him put it in…
You were wet, dripping with sweat, it didn't matter what he had at the time 
because your mind was to busy thinking about the pleasure it would soon seek 
not peaking into the future which now links you to this incurable disease called 
You loved him enough to let him thrust in and out of you, to let him burst inside of 
you, defiling your body attacking your tissue. 
Now you wish that one moment in the past a decision you made that will forever 
would not have been made. 
You wish that kiss that lead to that touch that lead to your bodies hormones 
sudden rush had not occurred
 And it’s absurd to think if your thinking as hard as your thinking now that maybe 
you could have prevented this whole thing from transpiring 
and bombarding your life with the strife you must now endure. 
Since there is no cure. 
But it’s to late. 
You can’t undue fate
 yo you messed up with just one mistake. 
And you can’t act like it didn't happen because it has
And for the rest of your life you’ve got to live with that…

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Bowing down for this subtle borrow in trade, 
My head just pounds with an ache just throbbing away.
My thoughts gathered and crunched with a million bits and pieces of the obvious.
But lots of unnoticed empty space!
You are there and I am here. 

Calculating, analyzing and specifying such fine details that are completely misplaced.
Never bending and never-ending our minds spin wheels like bulked bails of rolling hay.
If I shouldn’t, then I couldn’t, and if I couldn’t, then I wouldn’t.
But I’d never say that I didn’t outrun that race.
Angled in time leaning straight forward with those hands turning mine,

I’m catching up to our dawning of today.
The Sun has risen above our dark blanketed night.
Taking the shadows that linger with my soul’s final debate,
The Moon stands corner-stoned guarding glares that glow over darkness,
Veiling off your sights that radiate!
You say this and I say that.
But a compromise is far from this archer’s perfect aim targeting at my hindsight.

You’re always right, 
But so am I justifying boundaries to your realistic reasoning for my analyzed why.
Following you, following me,
We are all that we will ever be.
My night becomes the next day and your day becomes the next night.
Like spinning merciless on a merry-go-round,
My own mind has to question the who, what, and where am I.
Challenged by my own self-defeat, 
I’m corner-stoned with so many of those that have lost to a forgotten lie.
Defeated by my own self-lack to compete, 
You’re corner-stoned with so many years of albeit, 
So I’ll defy and you justify!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2002

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31Fabel Part two

31fabel this is part two please read part one first

All Hail the Power of JESUS name a  song on you tube a great refrain the ewe is 
so sublime she loves my lord she loves the SON as much as eye. Healthy is a 
term designed to fool the masses in a hopeless mess of ashes a world 
destroyed by fire imagine holding on to preconceived ideas and religious 
gnashes biting thorns of crackers smallish pieces of the breaded JESUS come 
and ruin all decay in me today and fill my love with healthy life and let her live and 
bless herself amen and take all my nerves and mend them without whiskey let 
me win the battle is now mine the end in sight the day is come the walls of 
Jericho are falling all around. 

We both like Fogarty the singer of the creedence song. 

We both like dandelions' how they come apart. We both like dragonflies the 
wings so far apart. Rain in the summer love in the winter life in the spring. 

The little silver color in the box. The happy that we do when we talk man and wife. 
The prayers that come to the mind unbidden as we talk yearning just for kisses 
yearning just for time to love. A robot heart hidden in a real love an android one 
charlax seven molded in the form of a CREEDENCE song. Without an ending a 
poem never stops in side of heaven is my love she it is that rules me lets me 
love. A wonderful purple flower hidden in a tall tree it is she. This is charlax seven 
android one.