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Prose Poetry Baseball Poems | Prose Poetry Poems About Baseball

These Prose Poetry Baseball poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Baseball. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Baseball poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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When you are sleeping in the bed, with the bible god be my witness
I don't know if I can love every again.
I mean I try to date but something just keep hold me back hold me back, 
self confident is not even the worth trying found words,
word, this type love could bring a grown man to their needs- 

I never reallie got it when they said but your had on the bible,
and swore the oath for better or worst,
or when you hear music at a wedding and you dance the night away,
what are school proms for?
I though I better night would be resident evil and game cube
only if so one would clue me in-
Self consciously years later you question your action in school,
why was she the first I ask if she would buy a key chain from fbla 
and the first time she said uh and then maybe the sentence 
didn't even make sense so natural like
natural selection like we was sync- 

Why in the world am I going to a baseball game another county over she was their,
and I did not realize I
was good at baseball in till I got older a simple sport I sware but I am part puerto rican it come natural
what am im saying it is to early for this like five in the morning-

but oh my god that dream a dream dream,
I don't even think I was on earth and 
then two year later on mother day at western sizzle before
they shut down she came out no where like a ghost 
and was sitting behind me with her family,
but why aren't you eating but texting-

but the real question is because im like slow is did they 
reallie write me straight out of high school, 
I mean I am like a street fighter the alpha type,
but a vibe like that 
you gone have ask her because im shock when she took my sit in first period 
like what are you doing?-

I don't know if im lost my mind or if she playing mind games? 
They say it is the end of the world I say so what is she doing?
I guest the world will never know-

I got the chills and it not because of the weather all I want to know did he cry 
when he walk you down the ally,
people always say you know when know but,
what am I saying I have never experience love like this before-

and im usually shy and word on the bird is uh right cause you took my breath away- 
I don't think any one going get this
what was she doing at that ice cream store 
I didn't even know that was a ice cream store 
I did but I never notice it in till it was gone-
dream a dream dream still shaking up,
first thing I did was hit speaker on the phone 
and hit every number it was it was scary but it beautiful,
a beautiful nighmare it was indeed,
I can not catch my breath let me go get the bible
this would be a reason to go back to church every 
Monday Wednesday and Sunday-

All I can say is A-m-e-n , A-m-e-n, A-m-e-n
Cause world felt like it  has already ending,
Friday thirteen J-a-s-o-n!!! and "Jason is my nickname"-

Copyright © Louis Borgo

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its there time
to get in line
listen to to band
the hogdog stand
catch from the wall
the water fall
this is the reason

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr

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Life is Like Baseball final post

Focus means everything!!!....  

                              Effort.                            Courage.       


In times of our lives we strike out but it is a team sport.    

Think about when you hit that home run!!!!!!!   

It really doesn`t matter at that MOMENT who was there and who wasn`t.

Who applauded and who didn`t.      


Moments are all we have, when "time" itself was calculated by the stars and man; 
therefore i fail to believe it truly exists.   


Love and The Fight For Survival  continues on............

(Let's play ball!!!!!!!!~incidently my all time favorite sport to play, watch, and 
burn 'em, every chance I get!) 

Spring is here!!!     WoooooooHooooo!!!

Life is just that way. 

Thanks to all for allowing me to openly express myself here at 
this soup, where there is no norm in form, it's just poetryman.
 No right, no wrong... 
Let's shake hands because it sure has been an exciting game that at times I didn't 
realize I was even playing...! 
All in all life is sweet and short. 
May you be blessed in your lives and your creatitity.

                                                   *~THE END~*


Copyright © Lucinda Bulger

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Coherent thoughts

Truth could not be eclipsed,
And you said it was a joke.

There was a mystical feeling,
Behind your saying that you 
didn't care.

I could feel obscure pain 
And you said it was alright .

A desire was shrouded,
Once you said I should leave 
you alone.

An Imperceivable feeling was 
And you said you didn't know.

I could feel you in disguise,
There was a silence of deep sea 

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma

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Hot Southern Nights

Hot Southern Nights
By Curtis Johnson

During the time before television came to our home                                                                                                     My dad sat there in his car on a dark Southern night
And I was somewhere close by, enjoying a wonderful
Game of Major League Baseball on the radio

O, there were other teams in the majors like The Pirates,
The White Socks, and The Red Socks that were popular
Teams.  But in my town in Northern Mississippi, it was all
About the Cardinals, Dodgers, and Yankees.

My dad had lots of friends, but two were rivals of the game
There was his friend, the Yankee man name Mr. Baines
And then, Mr. Mon, his other friend, was a Dodger fan
But my dad’s heart was in St. Louis with Stan The Man

In my mind I can hear those games now on radio, and in
My memory, later on when we obtained a TV, I can see                                                                                                       The Baseball Game Of The Week

I mean no disrespect to other sportscasters, but Harry Carry                              and Peewee Reese made us feel like we were there in the stands

They say that baseball is America’s great past time experience,
But for me, baseball was all about ‘now and then’, ‘today, and
‘tomorrow’ too.  It was about a little country boy fantasizing
And dreaming today about what could be tomorrow


Copyright © curtis johnson

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Annoying Game
quite annoying
voices mutter
quiet chatter
huddled in confusion

Boring broadcasters
fains excitement
children watching 
not so mellow drama

The curse preventing
Felix the cat's first act
more chatter accompanies 
horrible organ music.

Resounding cheers
Greeks speaks
plays called.
"he walks the bases "
on cleats.

Dinner is served
on t.v. trays
Uncle does not move
He sits on the throne 
commandeering black
and white screens
with rabbit ears.

I wait for the final cheers
Of the win, Yes,,!its over
or the Boo's for losers
Baseball, way to ruin
a child's summer.!

Copyright © Vicki Acquah