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Prison Love Poems | Prison Poems About Love

These Prison Love poems are examples of Prison poems about Love. These are the best examples of Prison Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I took a rich man’s wallet
So that we would not starve
I’m sure the lord has forgiven me
But the judge he surely did not.
He spared me from the gallows
But sent me across the sea
Away from family and friends
And away from you sweet Molly
I could see you standing on the dock in the rain
As the ship lurched out in the mist
And I wondered sweet Molly would I ever again
Hear your laughter or feel your sweet kiss.
Well terrible fortune befell us
On that awful disease ridden ship
And brutes were the crew and the guards
Who beat us with fists and with whip.
And the wind howled and the seas rose
And many were washed overboard
And illness, storms and starvation
Were sent upon us by the lord
And gradually everyone perished
But somehow I seemed to survive
Until somehow I made it to Botany Bay
The only soul left alive.
I joined a prison gang Molly
And hard to work we went
They gave me a chisel and barrow 
And told me to go and carve steps
From a mountain made out of rock
On a path that led to nowhere.
No food or drink did they give us
I feel that they wished we would die
Well their wish came true sweet Molly 
As the men started dropping like flies.
The sun burned my face and my arms
As I hammered away at the stone
And when the rains finally came
They soaked us through to our bones
Then a flash flood swept the others away
And left me there all on my own.
Well my life was hard to be sure 
But again I seemed to survive
And I finally made it back to the camp
The only soul left alive.
They all were surprised to see me 
They clapped my back and shook my hand 
They said we must throw a party
For the luckiest man in the land
Well a grand party it was
Under a night of starry skies
The officers all were so drunk
That they started dropping like flies
And in the morning the soldiers found me grinning
Twenty dead officers, two blood stained knives.
Holy Christ said the men as they clapped me in irons
He’s the only soul left alive!
So now I finally face the gallows Molly
And there are no more lies left for me
What I couldn’t eat of the men on the ship
I threw the remains to the sea
What I couldn’t eat of the men on the mountain
I buried among the trees
The drunken officers deserved all they got
So Molly my conscience is clear.
My only regret dear Molly
The only thing that causes me pain
Is knowing that I shall never
See your sweet face again.

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Inside Those Walls

One by one they file in
Socks and flip flops on their feet
Some look down. Stare at the floor
But some look up, your gaze they'll meet

Most shake your hand as they walk by
Each one is dressed up in their greens
They sit and listen to the Truth of the Word
Some join in as each of us sings

There is a story on every face
Although not so easily read
Sometimes you see tears, heartache and pain
They've all been places I've never been

Sometimes I get lost in their faces
And wonder what all they've been through
Do they know there is hope beyond these walls?
Do they know that Jesus loves them too?

He loves you, sir. He loves you
No matter what you're in here for
He loves you, sir. He loves you
He stands as the open door

He's the open door of freedom
From past mistakes and sin
He wants to give you hope and a future
If you'll just only let Him in

I am no better than you, sir
I've messed up...I was a sinner too
But Jesus wants to take our broken hearts
Piece them together and make them new

He will meet you in your prison cell
Just reach out and call His name
Because you, my friend, are a treasure
And its for you He took the blame

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From my prison cell
with each stroke of the bell
my soul cries out for thee,
and I long to be free.

Behind the steel door
every day I die a little more.
Many months have gone by,
and yet I still cry.

If only I knew
thy love was true.
If I could see thy face 
this be not a dreadful place.

I did wrong and I must pay 
with my life day-by-day.
There is sorrow in my heart.
The loneliness will not depart.

Time is the enemy.
It goes by so slowly,
I feel myself grow old,
as the walls turn cold.