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Personification Sorrow Poems | Personification Poems About Sorrow

These Personification Sorrow poems are examples of Personification poems about Sorrow. These are the best examples of Personification Sorrow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Skeleton Of Tears

Bottle of tears is my first version of this poetic legacy series
Skeleton of tears is which the virtual vision of versatility carries.
This might be called as a sequel of alacrity or prolongation
But best before this is a celluloid and my heart and art collaboration.

In this poem “I or me” signify tears
Tears personify her expressions and emotions
Read this and know the life legacy of tears with concentration
And finally your fur, fleece and fuzz stand erect in attention.
Tears personify, I am compacted in stars
I am compressed between hurdles and wars
I am combusted on scorches
I am confided from Ishtar torches.

Tears epitomize, eternal back bone of me is an ominous emotion 
The Sagaras; Sarpada, Satluj,Sarayu shaded a challenge to my dire destination.
That one eve ever the fever of cleavers cannot catch up with me.
And the damp humidity of drought could not cope up with me.
Tears embody, I float on the branches of poignant army 
I flood around the builds of happiness
I reach the borders of hell-heeled layers
And I roof down the clouds under my feet and make them rain prayers

Tears boast and swank ,When my real steel sizzled atoms of blood,
Come together to conjure a flood.
The heated ink of emotions ignites to molt the black clouds
And let me visualize in which eve shall it swounds.

Tears exemplify, my liberty leans immense than the flame in the hands of a torch bearer
My prodigy evokes the waves hard under visions of volcanoes
The lust of my silvered glory was inspired from the shiny heavenly threads art of large dart
And the symptom of my introduction will be the rise of a burning heart.

God of wars and emotions typify, Convinced that the fever of lava cannot cope up with me
And the humidity of drought cannot hope up the level with me
In such a water working poem this is the conclusion
That even the pacific evaporate when my eternal strength feel thirsty after a tear solidification.

And now the spirits incarnate, my iron lungs had oxidized with the bitter-sour chilled water
after reading it and they crackled their internal matter into ignitious crater.
And now I will come to compete with and complete the legacy BOT(Bottle of Tears)
In the new form and with new fire firmed eyes to show you the third part “COLLAR OF TEARS”

Copyright © Bhanu Siva Krishna | Year Posted 2016

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The Leaf

The leaf has fallen from everything it has known
The wind of despair drags the leaf aimlessly
The leaf can not find refuge from its tormentor
The Leaf begs for mercy

Withered and dry, as others float aimlessly by
Wishing for their company, wanting a friend
But, only receiving an evanescent try
Oh, how fate does not bend

Envy the evergreen
They dance with the wind of melancholy
Never falling from grace, never losing to nature's game
Why are they immortal when the rest wonder the earth alone until death

Crumbling, the wind does not stop, nor does it care too
Falling apart, the earth's soil reclaiming me
Fading away, is this peace, or is this just death
I am lonely, afraid

Copyright © Trevor Barnett | Year Posted 2013

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Cry Of A River

There in the trigger
Of Africa's gun,
Lies a giant river
Rich in culture and wealth.

There's a loud cry
From that river
For an answer
Why she ceased to flow

There's a loud cry
From that river
Why she is
Now filled with tears.

There's a cry
From the fishes,
That has nothing
Nothing else to eat.

There's a cry
From the river
Drenched in her own
Fishes blood.

There's a loud cry
From the river
That has no where to flow
And her pride lost long ago.

There's a cry
From mother fish
That just lost
Another fry.

There's a cry
From the river
That has been abused
And caged.

There's a cry
From Nigeria
For a reason
How she became this.

There's a cry
From the people
Whose pride
Are battered and shatterd.

There's a cry
From the river
Asking how
The rain never falls again.

There's a cry
From an old mother
Who has just
Lost her last child.

There's a cry
From this poet
For a reason
Only heaven knows.

Copyright © Toheeb Tiamiyu | Year Posted 2013

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Reflections of a Mirror

Reflections of a Mirror

You examine me as if 
I am an answer-
As if I am the answer.
You search the reflection
Of your own eyes as if
They can tell you more
Than I already have-
But the answer 
Is always the same
As the question;
I'm only repeating back
What you've already
Told me-
I am only the echo
Of your own
Mirror image...
You look at me and see
If you can't defeat
The compulsion to call me
A liar, then at least
Fight against the impulse
To break me under 
Your fist-
I can not fix you
Or myself,
So try to resist the 
Urge to scream at me
When I can't tell you
What you want to know-
Are you trying to
Test some misguided
Hypothesis that if you 
Show me 
Enough of your soul,
I will crack into 
A reflection of
Your heart?-
Is that why you
Let me see you
When you are too
Ashamed to lift
Your face to meet
The gaze of 
Anyone else?
I have seen you
On every sleepy morning
That came to soon,
And every Friday night
That couldn't have
Come soon enough...
I have seen you
On nights when
You are lonely enough
To look at me and 
Pretend that the face
You see behind the glass
Belongs to another 
Human being-
I have seen
Your tears falling thick
Until the surface of 
My glass and your cheek
Are like synchronized
Window panes pondering
Every hesitant smile that you
You have tried on for size,
Before asking me
What I think...
But I am not an answer...
Only a mirror.

Copyright © Cameron Hartley | Year Posted 2014

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The frozen senses

The frozen senses

The frozen senses, lives again
With a sunshine of hope
Over it, making each pain
Active again, and the fears door ope.

The twinkling dreams which are
Ready for show, the blushing delights
Reluctant, all the years near and far
And all the lows and heights.

Zeniths of glories, ready
To motivate, the disasters of past
Ready to teach, the victories steady,
Failures fast, all are ready to teach at last.
                                                                            Akash Sangwan

Copyright © Akash ripper | Year Posted 2014

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                                A word chosen from prejudice,
                                Something meant to seperate.
                                A word so complexed it serves no justice,
                                For its root is love's hate.

                                It has the meaning to divide the mind,
                                Just as its divided us through time.
                                Generation by generation it shows its face,
                                So to destory the lovers of faith and grace.

                                Its the profiler of colorless hate,
                                Denying those their proper fate.
                                Eliminating the will of others,
                                Causing one to disallow further.

                                Racism has no partner or friend,
                                It always plots to the bitter end.
                                From land to land it spreads
                                Like a weed it moves till things are dead.

                                Its a blackness that seals,
                                Making promises and bad deals.
                                Overspreading a man's will to fight,
                                Taking an taking with its genocodial might.     
                                Racism provides no morals or support
                                For its gender is white/black consotrs.
                                And when rebillion marches against its will,
                                It finers new ways to legally kill.

                                Killing those who defy its plan,
                                Confining them for taking the stand.
                                Yet the power of racism are but heard,
                                For its useage is but a simple word.

Copyright © Michael S. Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Sequoia Tears

Sequoia Tears Centuries she stood Her reach flowing deep Breathing life from the earth Exhaling eternity within space and time Acknowledging her magnificence I bow I listen as her stories she tells Her tears wash over me My spirit freed
...oh what devastation something as insignificant as mankind has caused ~FJ Thomas

Copyright © FJ Thomas | Year Posted 2015

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Uneasiness or pain, due to loss best describes my existence,
My name is Sorrow and though many try to avoid me,
No one can keep their distance.

I live strongly in the families of Malcolm X, Dr. King and JFK,
Some use me as an inevitable excuse to escape the every day.
I will never die, though people kill themselves for me to continue my mission,
Whether you be rich, happy, beautiful
I strike you in any condition.

Like a common cold, I don’t disappear, Im just dormant
But happiness is a medicine, not a cure
To strike you, I need no consent

Copyright © Doreen Wright | Year Posted 2012

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How you scurry,
On legs eight
Your eyes, many.

How you pick a corner,
Weave a web thick,
And wait.
For your victims, bounteous.

Copyright © Jamie Kehoe | Year Posted 2010