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Personification Prayer Poems | Personification Poems About Prayer

These Personification Prayer poems are examples of Personification poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Personification Prayer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mother and I

Mother shares all, sacrificing 'til barren.

She and I are one, united in breath and dust,
the atoms and spirits spinning, fragments of failures,
curiosity and constraint... I was tempted in the orchard.
I was cold in the desert. I felt abandoned...

Dreams are feathers fleeing on wings.
Birds of Paradise in the mind's eye...

Destitute yesterday, fruitful tomorrow.
Decadence is a disease. No one is healthy.
We are changing, dying from birth to grave,
I hold onto the internal, eternal while I ramble on and on...
Mother, are you listening?

I live in a trench of contentment, sheltered 
in my little world of sun and shadow, small
in my birthplace, blaming and forgiving,
striving and settling...digging my hands in the dirt.

Mother, you are the daisy, dainty and demure,
fair to the admiring eye, silent like the sunrise.
I pick daisies from your garden and pluck the petals hoping for love.
I may never know...

Mother, you are the redwood, strong and mature,
praising golden sky, healing and wise.
I climb your branches and gather leaves for the wind's scrapbook.
A lifelong search...

Mother, who are you? Who am I?
We are the distant stars.
We are the rivers nigh.
the daisy and redwood live;
we are earth, water, sky, life and death.
A dream on wings, laboring land,
A prayer on bended knee,
we dance, swim, fly, stand tall.
I call her friend...

Mother shares all, giver and taker of life 'til the end.

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Old Kitchen Chair

Oh the stories that I can tell
I remember them oh so well

The children growing up so tall
Winter, spring, summer, and fall

The gatherings of family and friends
The fights and marriages beginning to end

Listening and supporting them one and all
Being pushed and thrown down the hall

The smell of dinners on the holidays
The crying nights and brand new babes

I have been there through thick and thin
Saw some hard times and will again

Through prayer meetings and a loving kiss
There’s not one moment that I would miss

My broken sides and saw cut seat
Being splattered with sauce and meat

I would not trade a single minute there
A perfect life for this old kitchen chair

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

*For Matt Caliri’s “Speak Chair! Speak!” contest

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Why Should I

Was it enough or was it too much?
Sometimes too fast but always too slow!
God knows that I come with these seeds that grow.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch,
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one that knows?
Stepping through time and sliding back so smooth so I go!
I say I can qualify!
Where was I and why was I there?
Sometimes too obvious but always with doubt!
God knows that I come riding in on a prayer.
I absorb every single touch inside and out,
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one that cares?
Climbing the highest mountains and sliding down so steep but on a dare!
I say I can magnify!

What did I say and what did I do?
Sometimes too quite but always too loud!
God knows that I come with a gleam that shines so proud.
Inside and out I absorb every single touch by you.
But why should I? 
Why should I be the only one in the crowd?
Walking on water and walking backwards but at least I know how.
I say I can intensify!
Do I want to or do you need me to?
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I simply don’t care.
God knows that I come standing on a higher sky of blue.
I absorb every single touch by you inside and out with this glare.
But why should I?
Why should I be the only one with this view?
Up in the clouds and aimless but always led by you!
I say, “I SANCTIFY”!

®Registered: 1997  Ann Rich

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A Futile Death

A Futile Death by Wilma Neels

Flying over the place that use to be my home
I’m glancing at the once blue green seascape 
Transformed to a murky coal black scene 
A faucet has been opened
When everything went up in flames
Amidst all the confusion 
I lost everything I loved
Flying over, a silent prayer is prayed
Please keep them safe
Please close the hole
This is the only home we know,

As I sit on a rock
The sadness overwhelms me, 
As my sister slips away
She has lost the battle 
The oil slick has gone thicker 
It’s gaining power with every hour
I pray dear Lord of heaven and earth
May her final breath not be in vain
I flap my wings in a silent salute
Farewell dear sister, you will be missed
May this be the last time,
I witness such ugliness…

Written: 24 June 2010
Contest: Why oh Why?
Sponsored by: Constance ~ A Rambling Poet

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A Eulogy To Poetry-Soup

I extol your virtues.

I lean back,exulting at 
your innovation and 
A dream come true-I 
salute you.
   I salute your inventive
   Paragon of excellence.
  An out-let for display of 
emotions and feelings in 
tangible form.
   Limitless quiver 
housing the enlightened
expanding arrows.
   Your ship of knowledge 
ferry talents from 
obscurity to lime-light.
Giving preference to no 
race or gender.
   I salute you sunlight of 
  A safe haven for 
wandering minds-
bringing imaginations to 
  Kudos! I pray:
  The spread of night 
shall not over-shadow.

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I Am Not LIke You

  Iam not like can't you see;
Yet you try to change me constantly.

I make my own decisions, so should you.
Changing for for you is something I won't do.

I like being who Iam today.,
And the person you see before you is here to stay!

I am to stay, not going anywhere,
Change me don't you try, no don't you dare!

Couldn't change my heart even if I wanted,
I am definitly not trying to be like you.

I am an indiviual and I like it that way,
Don't care what you think, or what you say.

God made me in his image, and I am very proud of that,
Wouldn't have it anyother way, and that's a fact..

I am a born survor, know this to be true
Can't go around faking, and pretending as some folks do.

I am not a fake, tho at one time I tried it once upon a time,
Damn near made me lose my mind.

Running around, not noing i which direction,
I needed some serious prayer and meditation.

I meditated and prayed to God,
Now of myself, I am very proud.

Iam proud because I truely fear no man,
I am my own person,YES, Iam

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From Miles Beyond

Icon of rare beauty, my heart desires the destiny of the sun
Reaching out to the rays, from north down south where east meets west
Holding on the comforts of freedom above distance
From the earth where I crawl, to the skies I enthrall
Like the cloudy bosom of the fog that feels the sun…

I beg for thee….your love and mine, set it free
Until the sun sets down at dusk
And a prayer is said,  far beyond the miles we do reflect
Like A SUNFLOWER heeding, submitting, obeying…
That’s Life…That’s Love…That’s Us…

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In Moments like These

I need
Assaurance from my Maker
A hug from a friend
A smile from a stranger
A hello from a colloguea 
A kiss from my husband
And a thank you from my child.

Oh how I miss my child:
The sweet memories of a love that can never be
The heartache that will never pass 
The miracle we except to let go.

                I need
A prayer from my e-mail buddy
A “I love you mom” from my child
A miracle from up above
A word of advice from my mother
A helping hand from a stranger 
And a silent acknowledgement of my father. 

Oh how I miss my father:
The loving vioce and smile that use to touch my heart
The joy he brought with his appearances and the tears with his departure
The vivid memories of a longing so deep and a missing so painful it hurts.

             I need
A buddle of flowers
A teaspoon of happiness
A pot of love
A oceaan of courage
And a miracle to  understand

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Hypothetically Speaking Vol.II

Ya know like any other Christian I go thru
my hardships & troubles and I start to question
this tug of war, this spiritual warfare of right & wrong
it's the same old song wit me, I give my all 
and from the one I give my all too I don't
even get half. I wonder how many couples 
can say imma livin testimony to what you 
going thru thats actually happily married 
and made it last, I'm tryna hold fast wit prayer 
but this woman is nothing but a cake and with 
each layer follows more deceit not many good men
know their worth but I do, I be damned If I put
up wit a cheating spouse the game of cat & mouse 
been ova and now I gotta keep looking ova my shoulder 
because I can't trust her. How am I suppose to make it
thru da storm when I can't even stand on my own two
my outside image says I'm cool but on da inside 
there lies a man unconscious in a pool of blood from
his broken heart. What did I do wrong to deserve this fate.
I repent my sins, pray, stay honest, don't cheat, then I start
to think does this really have anything to do wit me. I mean
Job was one of God's beloved servants and he was taking 
thru da test, Lord God I'm not tryna say I can't handle it
I know marriage ain't easy but why is it this hard, I'm not
arguing with your will or decision making skills because 
despite it all everything works for the good of God

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One's Inner Mind

Anger and sadness combined into a blend.
Expressing your feelings that lie within.
Not able to understand or say anything.
Your life you live, the impossible seems like a dream.
Heated and tired of self-playing games.
While hurting others, don't point or say no ones name.
Everyone is or should be treated the same.
Listening to my heart can make a torch burst into flames.
Proving your point on paper, not able to say a word.
Can't understand this feeling, feeling lower than a curb.
Pain is love, but pain can be worser than that.
Because pain falls into anger, leaving sadness without a partner at back.
Feeling lost, helpless and hurt within my eyes, I blink.
Able to stand, but fall within every 5 steps, I sink.
Needing a powerful prayer only signifies that I need God’s help.
Pain and unhappiness is something I've always felt.
Wishing all my inner feelings I couldn’t ever kept.
Wanting to say how I feel, but my words hold me back.
Eager to say something, but there's no love on my track.
The love I had was bunched into a pack.
It was thrown away, while my mind was hacked.
Waiting to speak and let my mind flow and go through.
Still waiting for my impossible dreams to come true.

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In the distance of a midnight prayer you may ask, that you be heard by the Master, 
As you send your request asking for guidance, and comfort through certain 
moments of your life

Or when you take a stand for all you believe, and place in yourself only words 
that “I will succeed”, To fall short balled around on your own heel, and it leaves 
you weary and you do not know in the moment how to feel

The end is near to finish it all off, you spend sometime piecing it together the 
road at the path you once did chose. Finding it was all worth it no matter the 
gains, and what you did lose, You take a moment to catch your breath to receive 
your own just reward from the short task goals you have just performed

Yes moments like these are in our lives, and with out them well we would not be 
able to take time for one self, To reflect who we are and what we believe, When 
the day comes to the end I we can only hope to reflect did we spend our time 
wisely on this wondrous day