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Places Personification Poems | Personification Poems About Places

These Places Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Places. These are the best examples of Places Personification poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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 She danced across the heavens
 Whirling and twirling in delight
  She slid up and down creating images
  With delight she colored the sky
 She made no sound as she moved
  She sculpted as she danced
 Unique patterns unfolded
  the heavens became her canvas
  colors became more vibrant
 Her colors changed with each breath
 She danced merrily for hours on end
Until the final curtain was drawn
With the up coming dawn.

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Whispers Within

I am the spirit of satin stardust and the antiquities of golden memories alive I call to you from the rising warmth of the sun and greet you in the misty morning light I am the steady and rolling drum beat echoing from the jagged heights above I am the mysterious curves of the raging waters' and the freedom birds of love I rise above the white summer clouds in lilting songs of grace and roam with the western tail-winds to take you home again I am a Spirit of our gracious Lord God Almighty of love hope and faith I have come to tell
Dedicated To P.D.

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the last word of hunter

As I seize from greener pasture
Forgive me for taking away nature
lives have always been in vain
stopping them from breathing with pain
I toil never to hold my gun
with tears full of fun
The sleepless night became difficult
Because hunting was my cult
I regret taking away this joy of hunting
But not jolliness of killing
remembering the beautiful butterfly
and the choral singing of birds pass by
I never forget about the forest
even when I went to rest.

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The Table

Men of substance
I implore you
Rise early
Come gather around me
I have no ears with which to judge you

Allow your ideas to resonate
Vibrate within my core
Bounce from my surface
Come to life

I was formed for a Holy purpose
Placed in this room
Enclosed within these walls
A host for your imaginations
A silent witness to community

Men of substance
Think each others thoughts
Breathe spiritual breath
Allow me to be your Altar
Join your hands
Bow your heads
Be thankful
Blessed and courages

I am your silent witness
Made for this time
For this purpose
I welcome you
My honored guests

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The hush of death lives in its locks
with secrets stacked like shaky blocks,
Behind peeled paint, inside cold walls,
Hear them plead, heed their gagged calls
for time slowly crept on ward clocks.

The insanity of small shocks,
Chains and bars breaking sad flocks,
Old plaster spills tales though now falls 
the hush of death.

Late at night Margaret yet walks,
Her soul rests but her sorrow talks,
Some stains remain, forever crawl
or drape a floor, a ghostly shawl
in the asylum where she mocks
the hush of death.

About this poem

The Athens Lunatic Asylum was a mental hospital built in Athens, Ohio in 1874 and did not close its doors until 1993. Patients carved, “I was never crazy” into the woodwork. Women were held there for Menstrual distress. The institution performed lobotomies, electric shock therapy and hydrotherapy- all inhumane treatments. In December 1, 1978, Margaret Shilling disappeared from her ward. Her remains were found on January 12, 1979 in an area of the asylum which was no longer being used. Her naked body left a permanent stain which can still be seen today, a result of her body decomposing in sunlight. This is a true story. For more info for pictures of Margaret and the stain please click on the about this poem link. 

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A Special Place

I have been to many, yours and mine!
So much seen with these eyes!
I’ve walked the lonely highways night and day,
Powered with great energy to just run away,
I have crawled so deep within myself just to find you.
Running with a bleeding mind with so many views!
I have a special place that I come to.
It‘s extra silent!
My time to be quite!
It’s completely in sync!
My time to think!
It’s so beautiful!
My time to feel wonderful!
It’s a special place that I find plentiful!

So many I’ve already been! 
But many I have still never seen!
I have thought many times of my broken dreams, time and time again,
Powered with great energy to just run free with the wind,
Sunsets and sunrises capturing my view,
So many to come with a gleam that shines through you!
I have a special place that I come to.
I have many visions that I see.
A world untouched and unscathed by its common ground,
Touching a very special place inside of me!
Such a blessing I have found.
It’s extra special!
My only pedestal!
It‘s without pain!
My only gain!
It‘s so exceptional!
My only interval,
And it’s completely unconditional!

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Winds of Change

The wind howls. as the grey wolf licks his wounds
pareparing himself for the next battle
he survery the area as the ground shivers
beneath a winter's chill

Instinct didn't prepare him for the attack
as the leader snarled and snapped
the others stood with clenched teeth
and tearing jaws

Spawned by the pack he recently joined
he wanders alone in the threatening wood
though two greys approach on the ridge, growling their disapproval
he follows in the distance

Soon his cuts will heal 
the earth will revel in its thaw
and once again, he'll join the pack
as an equal

But for now, his out-cast
and kindred spirit
is broken
by the Winds of Change

As he follows in the distant night
his solemn cry is lost...
in the approaching storm

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A Mountain Walk

Your sighs bleached the cool air
Like so many fireflies,
As I told you it's not fair 
And you ignored my lies

Because it was fair I knew 
This was justice going on,
It was stones that I threw
Though I knew that I'd done wrong.

I shivered, my regrets making me cold
The snow was falling fast here
Where I struggled in your howling hold
Feeling my end was near.

I guess I got myself into this situation
A kind of self-inflicted karma,
I swore to protect an important relation,
I thought you couldn't harm her

I left her comforted by your melting sighs
We'd both decided you looked so nice,
But now you've got me and I swore I saw her eyes
As you tossed me after my sister straight through the ice.

We were walking but you stopped us
you were green we thought you warm,
you taught us how wrong we were to trust
In a fireflies flickering swarm.

How were we to know a storm would come
You seemed so calm and still,
But now the dark clouds have blocked out the sun
And you're primed and ready for the kill

It's cold here now in your grip
Trapped by your tree-root ties,
We both hang off your summits lip
Caught by a mountains treacherous sighs.

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The Disconnect

***********What is a disconnect?********

         - When -
 We spend....
More Money defending
              Our people,
Than We do feeding
      Them, then....
Your chances' for success
There-by.....and by
Are very Slim.....
That is the disconnect
What do you expect!


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January Flumes

Jetting out first as many cascades,
Addictive in a calendar of twelve,
New Year’s Day known in charades,
Unknown factions continue to delve.
Again and again it shapes natures tune.
Reveling waterfalls rouse in faded moon.
Yet without, life would have no commune.

written for
Sponsor nette onclaud 

written by
Cecil Hickman