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Personification Dark Poems | Personification Poems About Dark

These Personification Dark poems are examples of Personification poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Personification Dark poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Jungle by night 1

Jungle by night

In the far jungle
The big bear of darkness lay
Crouched all night on leafy ground.

It glared through eyes of
Oil lamps of far away huts.
When dawn came, it slunk away.

Form: Personification in Form ‘Sedoka’( Syllables: 5-7-7, 5-7-7 )

S.Jagathsimhan Nair

Motif: Nature

For Mary Oliver Rotman

Copyright © S.Jagathsimhan Nair | Year Posted 2012

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Dark Shadows

The night approaches me again and you're not here still with me 
And here under my breath I call your name and I watch your loving face 
And there among the dark shadows  you'll come back  again the same  
I hear your haunting tune and I know that you'll be waitin'  this time for me. 

Release me from all this pain I'm sufferin "Come to me"and just take my hand 
Hold me in your arms so tight and please never ever let me again go 
Together we'll dream of that other time and fly away to that  magical time band 
There is no other place like this in heaven or earth where our love can only but glow. 

Join me here tonight,hear my voice into the night and just be mine for all time 
Come to me right now and give me all your love before the night is carried away 
Let me kiss your lips,caress and love you all night til we both see a brand-new day 
Disperse all the dark shadows in which I exist,come to me and be mine for all times.

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

July 18, 2010 

Author Notes: 

This poem amongt many others that I'd written in my life,had been inspired by 
my very favorite and most beloved vampire character of all time, 
"Barnabas Collins" from the most popular daytime soap opera series ever 
produced on T.V. in my opinion, "Dark Shadows." This whole DVD collection is most 
And Jonathan Frid is so awesome! 

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2010

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The Storm This Way Cometh

                            "The Storm This Way Cometh"

                       You've been warned that I am coming!
                       Menacing dark clouds give that away!
                       I am known as the impending Storm,
                       and I'm here to spoil your day!

                       Notice the winds as they start to pick up,
                       NO MORE is there a gentle breeze!
                       When I get going with all my might,
                       I will bend, break and uproot trees!

                      Birds know better than to take up flight,
                      for I control the very wind!
                      Nothing can withstand my blustery gusts,
                      until my blustery gusts I rescind!

                       The sky is getting much darker!
                       It looks like midnight at high noon!
                       After I enjoy my winds destructiveness,
                        I will rain a never ending monsoon!

                      "Batten down all of the hatches!"
                       Shut the windows and lock the door!
                       You will still hear my storm's loud wrath!
                       I have just begun my uproar!

                      Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning,
                       these are my greatest delights!
                       To these add Hail, Snow and Ice,
                       to me these are wonderful sights!

                       For now I have done my damage!
                       What a great mess I did make!
                       There is always the Storm's aftermath.
                       The clean up....
                       some time that will take!

                       Now it is time for me to go,
                       and of this I have no doubt,
                       after a Storm like me has passed,
                       it's the Sun's time to come out!

                            WTA-IV 4/11/2016

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

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I Am Moon

I am Moon Shining in the Night Softening the Earth's Darkness With my Subdued Light

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

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First Crush: You Crushed My feelings forever

For the boy who had gone through his first crush..  wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

 First Crush: Crushed My feelings forever!!

Her epitome of innocence and virtue made me sick.
Friend around me suddenly pricked.
Scene from the titanic in my mind clicked.
I lost somewhere else and she squandered the opportunity.
Crazy girl, You clinged my heart!!

She was suffice so as I.
Looking at her radiant smile, I was blessed.
My feelings blushed on my cheeks.
God had postulated the first law of love.
Was it the infatuation?? Was it the love??
Crazy girl, Your face is glued on my heart!!

Blue whales diving down deep into the sea.
Molluscan shell in her arms, holding the glittering pearl.
Sun and moon playing the game of hide and seek.
God showered the ecstatic divineness.
Love arised from both the ends .
Her expression occupied the quadrangle of my soul.
Crazy girl, Your adorable persona sticked on my mind!!

My friends tagged her as my Queen.
But it was just a mystery.
I waited till last..
But She didn't rebelled the three precious words.
Desperately waited for the moment.
But When i saw her with his boyfriend.
Crazy girl, You killed my heart!!

Getting goosebumps,
Just left tears in my eyes.
Each and every memories of mine are fragmentized.
Just left with the ashes of moments that we shared together.
Life just can't stop without being you.
But you are the luckiest one to be remembered for life time.
Crazy girl,My crush,You crushed my soul!!  with Suyog Pagare

Copyright © Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Year Posted 2013

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Living each day all alone Even though I'm surrounded by millions of people, I still feel in isolation. 
I am surrounded by the nothing, i am the Nothing!
Deep inside, I feel rotten to the core,
Skin shedding,like the devil is devouring me!
I feel that life's oils are draining from me,
Seeping through my vein's,
No light within me, darkness has took it's toll,
How do I break it's grasp.
Energy is draining, yet a spark ignites inside me,
My soul will win out,
I will fight with each and every breath I take.
The darkness will become light once again.


Copyright © Amelie Starr | Year Posted 2014

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Not Really

How it must hurt you so on days like this,
  Walking around with a frown clutching your fist.
Hearing the words that are meant to anger you,
   Confused  you cry because there is nothing you can do.
Your mind is playing tricks on you driving you to say,
    I hate you all and the games you play please just go away.
Trusting nobody you are not sure which way you sould go,
    It's not real and  all in your head  is what you do not know.
Waiting to see just what tomorrow will possibly bring,
    All will be perfect and you wont rememver a thing.
Your thoughts they torement you  almost every day,
   Each night asking our Lord why your life is this way.
Feeling so alone thinking there is nobody who cares,
   But actually there is so many but you are not aware .
If only you would hear me so you might begin to see,
   You must believe in yourself if you want to be free.
You must have some faith if you are to understand ,
    What God has in store for you and what he has planned.
All the hurt and anger will soon begin to disappear ,
    You'll stand up tall again facing life with no fear.
Please remember always that you are never alone,
    By listening with your heart your path will be shown.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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Broke Me Down

Something has apprehended me,
I'm intimidated by what I fear.
Petrified of loosing control of me personally,
I couldn't fathom my life to disappear.

The sadness is breaking me down inside,
one blow at a time!
Loosing sight of what is important to me,
maybe that's a sign.

So many thoughts are running though my head,
I can't piece the words together.
Formerly, there used to be direction in my life,
I can't comprehend it, there's nothing left to savor.

Wishing that I could recognize 
and effortlessly adore life's simple treasures.
Numerous memories to visualize, just one more time,
to seize life's unique pleasures.

Am I walking around in circles?
bolting from the pain.
I can't decipher through the debris in my head,
am I insane?

Shrieking out internally,
loosing track if what is real.
My mind is gradually deteriorating, I see it drifting away,
terror is entirely what I feel.

Wishing that I could recognize  
and effortlessly adore life's simple treasures.
Numerous memories to visualize, just one more time,
to seize life's unique pleasures.

Lying alone, locked up inside myself,
tears flow from my blood shot eyes.
The screams restricted within are driving me insane,
Who the hell am I?

What has happened to me? Somewhere along life's road,
I have relinquished all control.
Everything has spun out, like squealing tires in the night,
taking possession of my soul.

I'm slipping further into the darkness
and my surroundings are terrible cold.
Screaming to a crowd without a voice to carry my words,
a fear that my heart molds.

Wishing that I could recognize 
and effortlessly adore life's simple treasures.
Numerous memories to visualize, just one more time,
to seize life's unique pleasures.

Copyright © Priscilla Ford | Year Posted 2013

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Light MOONlight

Moon of the night,
I wish you could sing
You're indispensable to my being,
You guide me through this land,
of sparrows and nightingales,
over the bottle-green grass,
rain or shine or snow;
You're there every night
and the wrens sing to you, 
contemplating you
and pondering on their thirst; 
and in your eyes they see, 
a lovely face, 
for you have a face, 
like all moons, 
sometimes different
but you have one face
A face that illuminates.

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014

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Copyright © Quondreika Cheatham | Year Posted 2013

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Jealousy of Light and Shadow

He doesn't know
How lovely he is
But I see
How shadow and sunlight
Compete for him
I see
How shadow caresses;
How sunlight kisses
His cheek

Copyright © Cameron Hartley | Year Posted 2014

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The Blade of Life

The time of death is now
The blade of life takes it bow
With thee I behead
Blood running red
No one questions why and how

Looking at the guillotine
One mans nightmare the other mans dream
Cousin to the knife
It takes away your life
Fast and sharp its cut is clean

Waiting in dungeon halls
Silent screams penetrate walls
No time to waste 
For breath’s last taste
As men shiver before the blade falls

Laying corpses mounting high
Executed not knowing why
Men will kill
Against their will
The bell has rung it is time to die.

Feb.21.2016   ^WW^

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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Light, Dark, and Shadows

In the Light I will search for her In the dark I will call out to her In the shadows I will keep ion going for her Where is she? In the Light I wll look high and low to finde her In the dark I will scream for her In the shadows I will march on to seek her Who is she? In the Light I will find her for me In the dark I will talk to her In the shadows I will walk past the temptations for her Is she near? In the Light? I will find her to be with her In the dark I shall chat with her for we are one In the shadows We will walk out togerter as one

Copyright © Jonathan Shipman | Year Posted 2012

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The dark crept with its black humor
Rallied at the little girls feet
Dared her to move by casting his shadow
Made of a witches broom and a boogeyman
He screamed at the trees and made the tremble
While she grabbed tighter her blanket
Said louder her prayers
That made the dark hiss and react
Moved his apparition under her bed
Then roun' to her closet
With his shady hands he triggers a sound almost like a creek
Lulled the chill bumps from her shoulders
Shut down the night-light
Making it dim and of no help
The black of night
Will laugh into the wolfs howl
Dominating the suns anticipated descend

Copyright © shane solomon | Year Posted 2012

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Blood splashes streak the sky roseate at dawn,
and evil emeralds glint along the borders of lawns
where I stand, a green guardian at this otherworld gate,

as fire-furious sunrise rises round me.
Gold-dusted daylight illuminates me anew;
the sun believing itself an innocent flower,

its florid face caught in my strangle-branch snare.
Twin faces leer and peer at me by turns:
one sneering silver, one smiling gold.

Mediumistic divinity manifests through me,
soundlessly mouthing my mythology.
Do the dark remnants of dreams torment you,

those that you tremble to touch?
Do you drink the insidious poison
of this gravestone-studded green,

piercing your hands on the toxic-tipped needles
that needle you?
Shall my silent poisons seep stealthily to you,

my resinous vapours venomous within you?
Does my necrophiliac nightmare
both magnetize and repel you?

My taproot has plundered such darkness,
penetrated such dank, sunless corners;
my rhizomes coiled in coffin-rotting soil -

roots kissing the cold mouths of corpses.
Nightly I am inhabited by the disquieting rustling
of shadowy creatures, small savage things.

Blackness bunches, bat-like, in my branches.
Journey through me, a soul so alone,
seeking eternity's deep dreamless sleep;

descending dark steps into the underworld
I guard, as the cavernous earth
closes around us soundlessly.

Copyright © Charlotte Jade Puddifoot | Year Posted 2011

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All Alone I Stand

All Alone I Stand

Dark, dreadful, 
Deep and Deceptive is the night,
In the wilderness I stand
With a fear of those
Inhabiting the wild.

Dark and gloomy is the sky and path ahead,
Destroying hopes is the darkness,
And, deceiving both mind and heart!
Is the sense of direction way night.

The shivering of leaves,
The cold wind blowing along my 
Both bringing the fears of night,
Creepy shadows,
Puddles shallow,
Path narrow,
Yet I try to seek some light, 
In the wilderness I strive.

Complete silence, not a soul around,
Not a sound of any creature
And no path laid by a human,
Amongst the trees I stand
Lost from my kind,
I know now for sure,
All my friends, foes and acquaintances close,
Just left me behind alone.

My only companion in this night
Is the moon and its light,
I am alert
I am ready
Waiting to face any of nature’s difficult testimony…!

All alone I stand,
Myself with courage and waiting for
Down to triumph the 
Deceptive dark.

Manthra ©
August 10th, 2015

Copyright © manthra har | Year Posted 2015

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Though it is dark, Light will break forth


It’s so dark, there is no signal of light
All my beloved ones have shifted away.
It’s just me in this dark brim tunnel.
I keep moving forward, but the more
I move forward the darker it becomes
Tears of sadness are rolling down my cheek.
God the creator of the Universe is the only person, I can talk to, 
Everybody is busy with their own world.
Though its dark, light will break forth!!

The more I talk to God, the happier I, 
Become. It’s like each day he is wiping, my tears of years.
He keeps telling me, He is the light of the world.
He keeps comforting me, it’s like day after day, I am closer to him. 
It’s like I have I have depended on him completely.
And have trusted him all the way.
Though its dark, Light will Break forth

I woke up today to a bright Morning sunshine,
With the light rays penetrating through my eyes.
I knew my day had come. Though it was a long time through
This tunnel. But my light has come; my day to shine has come.
It’s like God was saying, Arise Shine for the light has come.
The Glory of the lord has risen, 
The Glory of the Lord has come.
I said it, though its dark, but light will break forth!!
Written By: Sinombuso Mkhize

Copyright © Sinombuso Mkhize | Year Posted 2013

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Barnabas Collins

They visit me here though they think me dead They all think me a long time gone The mausoleum is quiet, with only a dark shadow Creeping upon its ancient walls, and thats of my own The heavy door seems to creek all of sudden I think Outside I hear the sounds of what seems like footsteps I open that very old secret door which leads to my rest And with a heavy heart consumed by this fire, I prepare for the kill But then, outside, there is no one, no one is there No one out there now to steal from me this time in here Outside now I catch only the furtive and dark shadows As I hear the lonesome cry of a howling wolf or hurting bird I dart quickly another look again to my ancestral and cold coffin My fateful resting place is one more time again safe No friend nor foe to release me to free me tonight from my woes And from all of my black and torturous betraying thoughts I, Barnabas Collins, I stand here in all this darkness alone As I close my weary eyes for another moment and rolling time Then again I hear the wind moaning and hear the wind weeping The dogs are howling and my wounded heart abates in the wind They're my only companions in my endless and perpectual sorrow. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010 July 22, 2010

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2010

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I Am A Hawk: Leap Of Faith

On a lonely cliff wings spread wide I am readying to leap.
GOD said he would appoint angels to guard my keep.
Tired of living in the cold dark of night.
I find my soul craving the comforting warmth of light.
Images flood my mind of what I will see
but how do I learn to trust again my once broken wings?
I am shown too many signs that I am meant to soar.
That my current circumstances are temporary. I am meant for much more.
Look me in the eyes and allow me to wander your soul.
Learn the psychology behind the scars that took their toll.
Create a world that exist outside of time.
Question is...When I look you in the eyes do you get lost in mine?

Hawk: visionary power, guardianship, messenger (akin to Mercury - Messenger of the Gods)

Copyright © Christina Hons | Year Posted 2015

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A Fan

I am a fan in an old room.
I turn round and round.
Flies come to me
and I kill them.

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2016

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My soul the darkness has consumed The lust for blood has taken my mouth Draconic flames burn in my eyes The falling of blood fills my ears Murky ,dank, and reeking of death, the dark fills my nose The dark has taken me consumed me body mind soul and heart I am eaten Taken Raped by darkness I have no body, mind, soul nor heart

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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FaLlEn InTo ThE dArK

i have fallen into the dark Ocean storms arise to swallow me whole unpredictable untraceable intractable I am hunted Hunted hunted Doomed to die in darkness With no way out I am dead dead to all living to none black is my mind heart and soul for I don’t live

Copyright © Wolf Lief | Year Posted 2012

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dark grip

the dancing discouraged his grief as branches under the sky of a fireworks of war 
forged by then the caterpillars and the bees 
take the nectar sweet flower of the sins they stay at home as the war steadily 
creeping bitterness among the clouds they see
 The move in the dark grip

Copyright © veerle heyninck florimond margriet | Year Posted 2011

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You Are Insane My Love

I am not unknown.
I flow through you, shutting you down.
Wrapping around you like a thick cloak,
your thoughts fall through my drain.
You cannot escape me.
Part of me will always be there.

Copyright © Alexis Plavan | Year Posted 2015

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REALITY SLIPS my princess slipped face down into a shadow stars fell down from a crown hallowed my heart narrowed absorbing bullet shells nights of dark moons absorbed hell a mind harrowed in false realms dwells reality slips losing grip becoming that shell sands of the infinite seem sublime and my shell will decline © Kim van Breda

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2015

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my dark thoughts

is it a waking dream?
is it a waking nightmare?
it be the thoughts of the deserted,
those who have nothing left to lose,
the ones who can go mute without a second thought,
the ones whose dreams overflow with the blood of others,
for they are the ones who see the sinister truth,
the end isn't near its always been there,
every year,
every month,
every day,
every minute,
every second,
for you see the end is not when the world ends,
it is the last day you feel complete,
it is the day you feel worthless,
the day you see only the dark side of things,
the moment you imagine slaying the beast of which caused your pain,
for that is the day the innocence known as your "inner child" is finally slaughtered,
and when your become...,

Copyright © jospeh z/ lord-vile dupuis | Year Posted 2011

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Dark Visions

Have you ever  had, Dark Visions? I have,when I was seven or eight
I had a dream one night, That was a nightmare, so vivid and so frightful
fear so intense, I wet the bed. My Father wore a badge and I told him what 
happened, and with much insistence we phoned the local authorities. ( Which he knew all of
them) My Dark Vision was of an Airplane a jetliner, on fire, going down.
I saw the flames, faces, colors and style of clothes. I heard screams, pleas to God for
help and prayers. When I woke up I was praying too, in a wet  bed. Two days later the FBI
knocked at my door, with questions after questions until they were satisfied. I felt
berated and alone. Thank God for my Dad. Then it hit me their last words to my Father," If
we have any more questions about the accident we'll contact you" real, it
really happened. My Dark Vision,,For thirty years I kept my Visions to myself, until one
day at work a friend of mine Marjie came to me and asked me if I saw things, things I
can't explain. I was floored, dumbfounded. I didn't answer. She said" I sense you had a
Vision and saw something you can't explain"  How could she know? I said " What do you
mean"? " I sense you had a dream that is troubling you, because it was more than a dream"
Gig's up, so I told her. She told me to write it down always write it down, So I did and
let her see it. 3 days later she came to me with a VCR tape, we were alone in the TV room,
so we played it. Suddenly in an instant I was flooded with the whole Vision, everything I
saw and heard. Shamefully a puddle formed on the floor at my feet, as I shook. Everything,
the Bus, the explosions, faces, the Soldier, the old man in the beret, The red headed
woman in the yellow dress and hat. It was in Israel. She had taped it from the news the
night before, the day it happened. 2 days after my Dark Vision.Now at 48 with many
conversations with my Priest and Spiritual adviser, I realize, what I thought a curse, is
actually a Gift From God. Because I am praying with them in my Dark Visions, I am helping
them. One thing I always remember from them is I tell them God is waiting for you, every
time. Then I wake up. 

 I believe my being there has brought some comfort to those souls as their end is near.
That comforts me!  God does work in mysterious ways..He has in me with...

                                           My Dark Visions!


Copyright © Richard Pickett | Year Posted 2009

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Love me why

You must love me ? love me, why? as how cruel is my heart,
                 how cruel has my quest for love come to this end...
how cruel that I found my true love only to find his heart numb to my own.

And now why carry on this life knowing this to be true!
I searched forever to find that my true love really exists but how evil is this..

As my quest has taken the women out of me and replaced my being with a harsher me.
That woman I was so long ago still lives within me she just had to go!
And now I stand here before his heaven with no way of entering the future with my true 
kindred soul,

Instead I shall end up in hell with so much woe as he will never love me it is my end I 
know and that's my own sentence forever to be in graved in my heart.
That my quest to find him took me further away from his heart.

Can I change into a bird and fly away tonight unheard?
Can I sink into the ocean and become lost forever in the darkest seas?

It is never to be for some one like me , to hold his hand in mine that fits into my fingers 
in twined,
No babies shall I ever hear cry as that too has been taken from me.

And now my quest to find true love is over, my tears, my broken heart, my fears are not 
finished that is for sure,
As now I have to watch him slowly disappear forever.. into his life,
I shall cry his name into the dark night until my voice has no sound, 
As my quest to find his heart has torn me apart and now that I am so damaged and so 
filled with past hurts..

The path that I took left me this way and now my heart will never be filled by another,
As I found him too late that's my life lesson, that instead of just settling with all the 
wrong hearts and trying to make it  become what it could never be. 

Take me now and let my life in this time be forgotten,as the next life time I shall save all 
the mistakes and stupid heartaches and keep on my quest to find him before any one 
can stop me trick me into false fate.

My end is to never be with the love I have finally found but to spend the next years 
being held by the emptiness of knowing my love is alive but in his eyes I am the walking 

I wish him love, I wish him peace, I wish i had never found him at all, as the search kept 
me hopeful now I am filled with rage and despair ...... 

If I take my life will it bring me back to the start or will i live forever in this dark black 
cold space as the evil underneath is hell that is for me .. but can it be any more painful 
than my own hell I live in today and now forever more.

Copyright © Selena Rae | Year Posted 2011

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Fare Thee Well

In the dusk shadow and light
Shimm‘ring dark and glancing bright
The last of times they see both sides
In different worlds they do reside

The time to say their last goodbyes
Both know that what they‘re doing‘s right
For shadows live in darkness well
And light in brightest heavens dwell

A last refrain, a sense of pain
Maybe someday they'll meet again

The shadow then turned to a spark
To guide all shadows in the dark
The light returned into the sky
To flash the shine, high up to fly

Copyright © Akari Akisame | Year Posted 2015

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Dark Bears: Buzzing RedLight Bees

Honey Bear,
I would like to say goodbye
and would appreciate your reply.

Where are you going?

I am going to sing farewell
before my minute hand wears out.

yet I hoped you might first learn
to dance hello.

Yes, so I too presumed,
yet in epiphanies of dawn’s delight
dancing hello toward Earth’s light
follows learning to sing night’s lullaby
enduring dusks darkening evaporation
of bright transparent regeneration.

I would like to sing farewell
not sure whether we will ever find time
for another healthy hello,
good mourning death’s surprising pass
right through our daily hello-goodbye liturgies
of BusinessAsUsual love.

Just once before either of us further dies
and lies within Earth's sacred skin,
I would like us to learn to sing farewell
to our dusky love’s evaporating celebration,
multicolored disincarnation,
wildflower struggling together dissonance
within Earth's MultiTribal Solidarity.

With this pearl of our shared memory
how much brighter next time’s dawn.

Better than whole wheat pancakes
with strawberries
and butter
and maple syrup springs
of wildflower birdsong?

Breaking night time’s fast 
with love’s echoing farewell lullaby
warming daylight’s first embryonic memory,
spreading farewell liturgies
like warm butter
throughout love’s remembering twilight day.

You would have your farewell pearl
with breakfast too.

I would sing farewell
not knowing we will have another day
to dance our hellos of gratitude
for love syrup warmly given
transforming sacred memories
of EarthTribe’s struggling mutual light within,
dancing and singing tender humored
and raving raven memories
fading back to our first eyes greeting.

You were redhead magnificent
and bright as nuclear light,
yet not sure you had enough to share
with all my dark bear ways.

And you still growl your raw reviews
about light’s honey lacking as yours and ours
and cubs who have never learned to dance
a dignified hello
much less sing a well-timed farewell lullaby,
softly fading into some other household’s light
of their own healthy making.

Stars have never sung the same
since they first twinkled through your RedLight hungry eyes.

Moon heart glows full color harmonics
to know your quiet delight,
teasing might,
sharing your monopoly of wild investments
in GrandMothers’ flowing afrocultured light.
Too seldom has sailed
our full octave light  and dualdark racing pilgrimage
through transgenerational childhood brights and fights,
embracing dawns,
effacing darks together.

Honey Bee,
I love to sing farewell struggling harmony
while slow dancing our mutually gratuitous hello-farewell,
folding and unfolding eco-memory flying 
YangBear/YinBee soul-dancing,
Tipping PolyPoints of Light/DualDark MindBody.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016