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Christmas Personification Poems | Personification Poems About Christmas

These Christmas Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Christmas Personification poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I wonder what Mack is brewing today
All I can do is lick the pot
He builds me up higher, my embers, they-
Are smiling cause they know they're hot

I stare at the red sofa he's sitting upon
And at the cat I've burned once or twice
What can I say? The thing knows its wrong
To sit by a fire with ice

I taste a small dripping of soup from above
My flames hiss in the deepest content
With my dancing shadows, I warm as a glove
As I wait for a new log's descent

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Her voice reminds me of laughter barely suppressed
An energetic spirit tugging constantly at  the rope
A caterpillar turning to butterfly at any moment
Her  voice sounds like lifegiving fruit

Not serious, self-important fruit like geometrically precise pineapples
Or pompous, overfed watermelons
Too heavy to lift

Not business fruit like apples, on duty keeping doctors away
Or bananas waiting to do their slippery work under feet
Or blackberries, whose careers lie in jam

But mischievous fruit like grapes or cherries
Which roll away like playful children when you’re not looking
Or fallen raisins on the carpet pretending to be part of the pattern

Fun-loving fruit like mandarin oranges around the Christmas tree
Basking under the Christmas lights, enjoying the glitter
Of tinsel and the smell of pine needles

Small fruits which enjoy life,
Laughing as they jostle each other in their bag,
And which could easily become   bubbly wine  if tempted.

Her ripened voice -   
The spontaneous fruit of a lifetime 
Of growth and maturing, and regeneration :
Aliment  for  my  soul’s  ailment.

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My Bipolar Winter

Oh, make up your mind my schizophrenic love Unpredictable are your ways I can’t stand your waxing and waning Are you trying to drive me away? Drifting from a gentle snow shower to a hurricane Why can’t you be predictable like the golden days of summer? Or serene like a fine autumn morn’s mist? No more cold shoulders… I want a dusting of snow on Christmas eve And a plush velvet blanket for Christmas morn No more highs and lows where anything goes Just be bold and romantic You’re so easily distracted-you’re hyperactive I don’t want a wishy washy winter wonderland Don’t make me go talk to Mother Nature Even the weather man is scratching his head! By Gwendolen Rix Written for Nette's Contest~Personifying January~ & Deb's Contest~Something Different~ 4th place 1-2-11 nota bene-Ohio winters are notorious for labile weather.

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Candlelight Flames pt 3 A Christmas for two

Candlelight Flames pt. 3 ~ A Christmas For Two

The way you are, I fancy you
Twist and turn and turning blue
I hold my breath, I bleed for you
Wrapped in ribbons And Christmas too
So twist and twist My kiss is for you
The way you are, I fancy you

So strip me with your Golden Eyes
Your Golden Hair Your Golden Stare
Strip me Naked in the Rain
Stripped me Naked so Insane
Strip me, take me- Candy Cane

Dancing and Dancing
So beautiful you stand
Dancing this Dance
Our love in the sand
Twisting and Turning 
I’m burning for you
Screaming, I’m screaming 
“This love’s turning true”
Wrapped you in ribbons 
It’s Christmas for two
The way that you are
I fancy for you

So strip me naked 
Let’s dance in the rain
Strip me, take me
Our love so insane
You twissed me and kissed me
It’s Christmas for two
Wrapped me in ribbons 
Our love’s turning true
Dancing this dance because I fancy for you~ It’s Love and Romance and my 
Kiss is for You