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A Poets Friend

I have a friend in poetry name Christy,
The poems she writes make your eyes go misty.
She is gentle and kind,and knows what to say,
Her poems help me get through another rough day.

She writes long poems and short poems and never strays,
Im sure she checks her comments to see what you have to say.
She writes about war she writes about peace,
She writes about children dieing in the streets.

I dont know her personally but i know of her poems,
I read them all the time ,and im sure she is well known.
I hope i can write like her one day,
So all can see what i have to say.

For now ill just try and do my best, 
To write like Christy without taking a rest.
I dont know how she dose it day after day,
I seem to run out of words to say.

What ever you do Christy , dont stop writing,
The words in your poems, keeps us fighting,
To find ways to end all this trouble and pain,
So children can walk the streets , without fear of being slayen.

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Ode 2 My Poetry

Why can’t I do it how I want to do it?
Been told my rhymes are simplistic at best
I may violate pentameter but I write what I like
Why must it pass some journal’s vapid test?

Behind a block of writer’s I’ve been hiding
Cowed by thoughts of editing snafus
Trying to write deep, intensive tomes of valid lore
Only to be chastened and abused

There’s elegance found in concise expression
Saying all the world in just a line
No matter that I know this I belabor all my thoughts
Create an elegy for elegance in time

Onomatopoeia is my best friend
And alliteration waltzes through my dreams
Thoughts chatter, clatter, chirp and clunk around about my head
Demanding that they be released in streams

And after I have done what I have done here
Exposed my heart by opening my head
I send it forth with hope that someone will enjoy my words
And get rejection letters in their stead

But won’t you like my poem just a little?
I promise it won’t be a trite conceit
You say my writing’s convoluted, so, I strive to simplify it
Then you call my writing sophomoric and cheap

Yet still my writing exists, remonstrating
That whether it be ballad or blank verse
It should be able to do just exactly what it feels like
And it finds you and your editing, perverse

It says it does not care if it is published
Doesn’t want you to consider it profound
For if you did then it might accidentally be common
And make cool people like me put it down

But won’t you like my poem just a little?
At the very least try to be noncommittal

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FROM MY HEART: Ode to Everyone

A note to behold
That is strictly from my heart.

I am trained to have a little faith
Even when the night turns dry.

Maybe I am formidable to many course
But this one, I know is my call.

If at any time I will be retreating one
Not and Never will I quit my garden porch.

Even at the moment of inertia
My words are mine, not meant to be loosen.

If penury strikes me or I had a grudge
Not with my spare and axle of glory.

I may seems not to be buoyant before onlookers
But I  believe My knowledge are Mine.

If there is no two ways about this
Then I am a winner of all time.

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Blank white sheet of paper FOREVER I AM in your debt…please allow me to EXPRESS my INFINITE gratitude… for it was you that granted me the chance to finally RELEASE…*FREEDOM*…for so long I’ve searched for a home that I could sincerely call my own…I know now that close to you is where I’ve always belonged…to the only one who embraced me fully and never passed judgment…UNDERSTANDING from where I’ve come and how long of a journey it’s been…rescuing me from the pit of sometimes my own self-pity…and when I submerged into the darkness of misery…you provided the LIGHT for me to follow….the man that I AM today is more than a man…it is every man that has endured pain and suffering and rose from the ashes…*RISING SUN (SON)*…it is with you that I am able to share that EXPERIENCE…I HOPE you’re able to understand so many understatements…a simple LETTER to the one I truly adore…my greatest appreciation…

CiD *Creativity Is Demanding*
Add Watercolor

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World Justice: Ward, Jennifer

World Justice: Ward, Jennifer

W to the J, J to the W
Voice crackle to the sound of unfairness
Question your place within the white world of today
Your community privileges
With pen in hand, contemplates to write the notes of despairs

W to the J, J to the W
Concern by the brothers and sisters of yesterday, today and tomorrow
Voice crackle to the sight of classicism, sexism, racism
Ism to the reason of wrongness
Lift your sword, write the notes of desolations

W to the J, J to the W
Yesterday, today and tomorrow bullshit shut down
Voice crackle to the vocalism of the nonsense, ignorance
Stand against the personal struggles, write the notes of accomplishments

W to the J, J to the W
Open your voice 
Let it sing with the rhythm of the goddesses
Athena, the goddess of war will be by your side
So, lift your sword
Write the notes of struggle, despair and resilience
Vocalize for the brothers and sisters of yesterday, today and tomorrow
And your sword never let go

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My Tales

I write my tales
Words, fragments, lines
Perhaps meaningless at times
In the same old fashioned way
Like it happened just today
I let my cherished memories; in turn 
Fill my hearts every yearn
The flowery feel
Beneath the gentle shadow of the hills
Covered in daffodils
In the same old fashioned way
I write my tales everyday