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Ode Time Poems | Ode Poems About Time

These Ode Time poems are examples of Ode poems about Time. These are the best examples of Ode Time poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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To Yoda, Oda

Walks on Dagobah weirdo
Himself, smiling sadly.
Yoda is hidden for a reason -
Can not find it now does

There comes a time - Luke Skywalker arrives
Yoda knows
That - on purpose.
There comes a time - the specter of Ben reports
That of Hoth
Spring begins.

Master Yoda hiding here for many years,
Padawans so it got.
Fly some, eats lunch -
Yoda roots anymore.

There comes a time - Luke Skywalker arrives,
Yodin soup again consume,
but not without reason
Yoda is dying of hunger,
But on Hoth begins spring.

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A Breath of Time

In youth we shared a breath of time
I cherish yet today.
The plans we made for life ahead
Would soon be underway.
The dreams we shared, those lofty dreams,
Were all within our reach;
As we both planned to sail away
To learn what time could teach.

Then time took on a quickened pace,
It hastened more and more.
Our hopes and dreams became the wings
To lift our hearts and soar.
When they took flight they carried us
Away from all we knew,
And in a fleeting breath of time
I sailed away from you.

I drifted aimless out to sea,
Alone and cast aside,
While everything I’d ever known
Was swallowed by the tide.
I rode the waves, withstood the storms
And cursed the loathsome cost.
I thought I’d wander evermore
Without the love I lost.

Then time allowed another chance
That cold and stormy night,
When I returned to captured scenes
Of whence we first took flight.
To see us there, embraced by time,
In moments fond and dear,
Rekindled embers of the bond
That haunted me each year.

We cannot know the yet to be,
The yesterdays slipped by;
But we can grow in love and hope
And by our faith we’ll fly.
So take my hand and join me now,
Let’s learn what God has willed;
For in this fleeting breath of time
Our dreams can be fulfilled.

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Ode to Trevor

We'd really like to thank you
i'm sure you left it here with love,
it really was so kind of you
but we didn't want your bug.

We thought you'd like to know
we really felt the pits
we thought of you quite often
when we had the squits.

Next time you come to visit
please leave your bugs at home,
'cause, when you bring them with you
they sure do like to roam.

So next time that we see you
I hope you come alone,
you can bring Rosie and Katie
but leave your bugs at home.

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Hair in Red Overalls


I knew a time when my sister, tall and fair 
with her sage sense of humor, dull and non-existent 
Seemed positively, 
metallic, blessed with flowing shackles, a gift, extended only to me. 
Limiting my growth past 8 years, haunting my dreams until age 21 
always advising her younger sis, to teary boredom 
“Do as I say”, “whereso’er I may”
Lend me your shoe to prove my superiority. 
By night or day, 
I am your stone Buzzard and I will pick your bones 


This I suffered
The rainbow might as well have been between us, 
For the roses lost their petals long ago
I can no longer feel their thorns, my toughened skin
Yet lately when I turn to cry for you,
The pain is far greater than I should bear
For (you) seep, from my tear ducts, a bloodless water driblet
Injury that keeps finding its way out
Purging the likes of you
In twin tissues


Infuriates me.
Each night from my pillow writhed
Come darkened silhouettes of your pigtails 
I inhale one, in each nostril, 
just so I can blow you away
Are you a sister of another mister?
My tormenter, my thumb umbrella
Cleanse me from your sticky sight
Allow my legs to find that gentle breeze called freedom
Before the very bone that we share dies
Making us look upon our mirrors
To find the frozen cordial face 
As we pretend to plant, a history, of fond remembrance
When we are but plowing, our indignations in the ground  

I knew a time when my sister, tall and fair,
Sat braiding her curly brown hair
Finding me sleeping, without nary a sound
Wrapped her tight braid, around and around
Laughing as my life was slipped from sight
Dragging me constantly, round that night
So what if I, but a babe in skin
Was found by Dad, in the playpen
Hence, since, even now, my skin, crawls
Afraid of the hair in red overalls 


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Quips My EX GIRLFRIEND revisited

     1.   My ex-girlfriend tried to impress me when
          She told me that she is "Fasting"!  And I knew
          That she was true because, I saw just how
          Fast she ate that basket of chicken.......

      2.  The next time that she told me that she was "Fasting"
           It was three (03) double meat Whoppers!  And I have never
           Seen three (03) double meat Whoppers go so quicK......

       3. My ex-girlfriend was so upset!  She explained that when
           She was young that she could bounce a dime
           Off of her butt.  Only now, when she bounce the same dime
           It only flops!
  So, I looked on the bright side and told her that now she can
           Bounce a quarter on her belly button and it only drops!

         4. The last time that I saw her, she was "Fasting" on a
             box of cookies.
          * And boy, those (03) box's of cookies sure went fast!

Explanation: That is none sence and no one got fat in the making of this pun!
    4. I just hate it when my ex-girlfriend call's me!  Usually I keep my
       cell phone on vibrate and in my front pocket. My EX-friend
        Know's this.  She also, know's that I have a bladder problem!  Every time
        she blow's up my phone it make's me pee!
        I know that I hate it, but she give's me such a warm feeling and I take
        what I can get!

     5. My ex-girlfriend is so stupid that she can't ever give me a piece of
         her mind!  She has to get an substitute..... Ha! Ha! Ha!   He, He, He!

      6.My ex-girlfriend, She alway's cut me short!........  She wanted to give 
         me a piece of her mind, buy, she didn't have enough brain cell's left! Ha! Ha!
         Feel the Joke! Uh!


       1.  When you "Pass Gas" and you know you did........
            And no-body heard it........ Is it proper to wait for someone
            to smell it first, before you say, excuse me..........
            Is it really too late....... That is what my girlfriend doe's!

       * I would just blame it on a friend!

Moments To Share:

       My ex-girl friend and I were discussing a poem that I wrote! She told
       me that it was an perfect oxymoron.......

       I told her that she was just a moron!

Words' To Live by:
       I was trying to explaine my mis-giving's to my EX-girlfriend......
       I told her that the problem was, not that I really love you, because
       I don't!  The problem is that I just can't get you out of my mind!

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Ode to my son

these words of my heart 
will neither come out of pity
nor will go down the wind
nor, again, will build any city.
But lend me your ears, baby,
and listen to what an old man
can say despite the rods of men.

Live up to your own ambitions.
Keep your heart alive
and your mind working 
with honor and passion.
Take this over from my heart
that has suffered for so long.

There is always a good thing 
to think of and to do 
instead of fruitless tarrying. 
Let not the cold world 
affect you and do its worst.
there is always something
good to be done against it. 

be careful of those people 
who call themselves your friends, 
your enemies are known.
They both have not become 
what they have become
only because the mind, without
the heart, sees differences
and builds on them obstacles
to divide rather than unite.
They used, it is gone now, to be
your friends and the circle
the circle is open and far from full.

When the light and the sun rays 
are leaving, remember to perceive
the natural attitude and substance
of daffodils and innocent flowers.
Hide your tears, baby, from men
and let them fall alone to freshen
the sight of your eyes and vision.
Open your inward eyes of Earth and Eden.

Be always on the move 
and fear not the elements 
of submission and contrition. 
The light is coming in
and love is all around you.
Fear them no more.

Bring yourself to accept
your destiny and look at
the horizons of your heart
to improve your tools 
and feel the power of patience
and reap the harvest of resistance. 
So much depends on them, 
so much depends on you. 

Have time to work, son,
and have time to play. 
Seek to be simple
and look up at
the sunny sphere
without a pair of glasses 
Your eyes are for Earth and Eden 
Keep them pure and undefeated.

But see !!
When the rain comes
as it will in autumn and spring,
summer and winter, son,
don't rush to get an umbrella
and cover your head like many
of them would do and would not.

You already have more than it
your smile can make it 
and the flowers around you
will make it and come along 
to live with you and teach you
how to be yourself and be
one sunny day, to your sons
and daughters, little son,
the father my father
has never been for me. 

Chokri Omri

" L'amour a besoin des yeux, comme la pensée a besoin de la mémoire. "

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Water, water everywhere

Flowing here, flowing there

Flows, flows all about

In this way and travel out

Time is such a flow.

Meant to keep one and all in tow.

Disagree with it's rules

Break the pattern made for fools.

Keep bright your goals, your dreams

Make them true despite what seems.

Be bright and alive today!

Tomorrow, the future is at your sway.

Goals set

Targets met 

Into a shining future jet.

Decide to win and it will flow

Decide to lose and it goes slow.

Cycles started

Cycles done

Cycles completed

Over time you have won!

Time, time everywhere

Flowing here, flowing there.

Water, water all about

Flowing in, flowing out.

ml, Jimo

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How beautiful is Time

How beautiful is the night
In all its splendor
Revealed by the moonlight
Dark and fleeting, awestruck you may be rendered
All still and quiet
While animals, quiet as mice, run amock
With the moon silently watching
Shining with beauty that could calm any riot
All the while rays of light dodging
Alas, this time ending, the night out of luck

How beautiful is the day
With all its grandness 
Illuminated by the sun's rays
Waking all from a peaceful rest
Without a cloud in the sky
And the grasshoppers chirping and the birds going tweet
People peacefully resting or daydreaming
A day no one would die
Full, of great deeds that were increidbly redeeming
And Time goes on at its usual beat

How beautiful is Time, which controls those few lovely hours in its simplicity
And also so wise and just
Continuing on for eternity
Taking everything with it, people, animals, and metal that rusts
Time isn't a set of rules, or a complicated equation
But rather, a simple concept
Like one plus one equals two
A concept that could create or destroy a nation
It's almost as if were a living thing with things to do
But change it cannot, for in concrete it has been set

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An Ode To My Beloved

I just wanted to let you know
That I have this love for you...
Although I'm not fast to show
For you, there's nothing I wouldn't do
And I can't control this love
No matter what I try to do...

While I know our lives are separating
Which has got me pretty blue
I just want you to know
How much I love you...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

Oh how I still see you every night in my mind
You're the best girl I feel I'll ever find
And when my eyes would fall upon your smile
My heart would be put on trial
And so if nothing else, I want to let you know
That I'll always love you, that my hearts beat
For you, won't ever slow...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

So I wish you happiness beyond compare
And sorry for the times I couldn't help but stare
Caring, passionate, smart, and loving
From my heart, to you, I'll never be shoving

You will always be in my heart
No matter where we go, how far we drift apart...

Goodbye My Love...

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Alone, all alone

One time one time only
That's life, sometimes 
All alone in a room full of 
Crying within hoping 
someone hears.
Is there someone out 
there who shares my 
My heart is bleeding
But my eyes are dry not 
willing to shed a tear.
All alone, all alone, all alone
I choose to be all alone.
Atleast thats what i think.
Alone from the world.
Alone with those who 
know me best.
Alone with me, myself 
and I.
I is tired of pretending.
Me is crying but no one is 
And Myself is home sick.
But the question is where 
is home??

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Ode to a friend

Socially retarded and somewhat aloof I never knew what a true friendship was.
Not knowing how to play well with others growing into a young man.
I was 18 years old, washing dishes in that Chinese Restaurant, House of Lypan.
A dude came along, pretty tall and good looking as the girls gave chase.
Giggling and fluttering their eyes, I always wished to be as cool as you, just a taste. 
Then one day, on a visit to see the girls; you stopped in my presence and said, 
“I want to hang with you! What time do you get off work?”
I was baffled, befuddled and a little standoffish,
 for no one ever talked to me, unless to get dishes.
As I remember those many Friday nights, 
beers and tacos, everything was going to be all right.
 Lyrics of Rush and Journey, you knew every word, singing along in your V.W. bug 
like a bird. 
By summer’s end of that infamous summer, a genuine friend I had found; 
but alas, it was over what a bummer. 
I moved away, but came back that fall, our friendship flourished once more.
But as most friendships do, our ways dearly departed. Many years would pass until 
we’d cross each other’s lives again.
This chance quite by fortune, as you knocked on my door one New Year’s Eve’ it 
was ’95 I believe.
That night was a big one; deciding to end this journey called life, too much pain for 
this young man to carry; 
Two kinds of ‘candy’ to help ease the transition
 from mortal to death; a bottle of Jack, for some extra kick.
 I had a loaded 45 gun to help do the deed.
Then came your knock, was about 2 minutes to ‘celebration time’ for they 
say ‘midnight is the bewitching hour.”
I thought to myself, ‘who could this be?’ for I had no more friends, no career or 
family. And yet as if an Angel, you were knocking on my door! I hid what I had, 
ashamed and not wanting a friend to know how much pain I was in. I opened the 
door to those familiar words, ““I want to hang with you! What time you get off 
work?” I remember thinking, "how long has been since I grinned?"
If just for one moment, when you stand before God, all your sins are erased, and a 
moment of cause 
as God says with a Joyous loud voice…”Wait a minute Rick, what’s this? Well I’ll be, 
you’re better than most I can clearly see. I was just perusing over your life, you 
didn’t mention this… but you saved a life!” 
“Ah shucks it was nothin’, just a friend being a friend...I’m sure he’d of done the 
same, if the tables were turned.” And that is why I will and have always called you 

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My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend,
	If, even just for one day I could take all your pain and worry away I would. So I could see you relaxed and happy once more.

	If I could change the past events, make them better, I would.

	If I could go back in time to when we were small, sitting on the floor playing with our Bratz dolls, I would.

	If I could help you, instead of making it worse…I would.

	If I could change everything, make everything right; would you want me to?

	If everything you know was back to the way it should be would you want to do it?

	If it was just for a day would you still take that one day, knowing that the next day you’d wake from the dream of perfection to the harsh cruelty of reality?

	If I could do this for you,

	If I could make it all better,

	If there was something I could do…

	If all was possible, would you want it?

	If I could change the pain to happiness would you want me to?

	If I could find a way to help, I would. I miss those times we used to spend together, playing with the hermit crabs and telling stupid jokes.

	If I could go back to then, I would. If I could go back to when we’d run out to the ocean and jump into the waves, pretend the seaweed was evil and was going to kill us, I would.

	If I could comfort you

	If I could be there for you

	If I could have stopped this from happening
	If I could do more

	If I could, I would do it all… And I would freeze time so you could be happy forever.

*Dedicated to Laura Breidenthal*

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The Many Reasons Why I Love You

The little things about you
make up the man I love.
I love the smallest things about you
that make you who you are.

The way your nose crinkles a little bit
every time you smile.
The way you seem confused
when you first wake up.
The way your breath catches
every time you say "I love you."
The way you break out into a grin
every time our eyes meet.
The little gold specks
in your beautiful eyes.
The little freckles
all over your back.
The goofy, playful laugh of yours
even when I'm not that funny.
The way you get so protective
when you think that something's wrong.
The way you get frustrated
when other guys flirt with me.

But of all the things I love about you,
the thing I love the most is
how you always know just what to say
to make my day a little brighter.

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you smiled at me

You smiled at me
the first time I ever saw you
you smiled at me 
the last time I saw you
You seemed to happy when I came around
but I told myself it was my imagination.
I walked away.
5 years later, you smiled at me
I noticed this time around
I took it to heart but was so ashamed
I couldnt figure out why it was me
You keep smiling
you keep being wonderful to me...
I still cant figure out why
You smiled at me
I smiled back when you said you were in love with me
because I am in love with you too.

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You Don't Know

You don't know about the ish that i been through  
You don't know why its like this with me and you
  you only see the ish you wanna see 
 But you dont know the half of whats in me 
 I'm much more than what meets ya eye
  I lay awake some nights tryin not to cry
  Wishin we were close like you and your second child
  Maybe i should have rebelled and been a lil wild 
 Perhaps i should a pissed you off every chance i got  
Make you angry, get you pissed off and pippin hot
  Cause it did wonders fa y'all relationship 
 I always felt i got left over ish
 You told me i was a surprise 
 Rarely could i ever read love in your eyes
  And when i did i knew it wasn't there to stay
  Feelings for me change from day to day 
 Bet you didn't know i tried to take my own life 
Bet you didn't know i was once gone be a womans wife
  And i know you dont know about the time i was raped 
 Or about the time i was forced to make a video tape 
You couldn't know your baby girl should be a mother 
 Didn't know i was till i saw blood on the covers  
And there is still a list of ish you could never see  
Cause i keep all of this ish down deep inside of me 
 No it's not all your fault we're not like mom an daughter
  When i saw how things worked i could have tried harder 
  But yet and still this is the woman you raised 
 Taught to live on my terms , do things my way 
 I really  cant help how i am you see  
The best i can do is simply be me  
But you dont know the ish that i been through  
Only concerned about whats up with you 
But if you took the time to look under, not just above 
 Look deep inside, my heart is full of love 
And if you used more than just your eyes to see 
Maybe you could see the wonder known as Kimberly

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Silent Night Sky

Oh how can one capture 
Your beauty on paper
Without you evaporating
Off as it is your nature

The stars are your jewels
The moon is your crest
Everyone drools
As if blessed

Your silence is serenity
That whisper to my thoughts
An overwhelming beauty
That ties my stomach up in knots

How humble I am sound
A beauty incomparable
With a radiance so profound
Your absence is unbearable

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Let children's laughter
Lace the wanton winds,
Their sea-washed bodies
Crease the oozing sands,
Hold still O Time
Your flitting seconds
Just enough for watchful eyes
To cup in heaving heart
This sterling instant,
Lest the waves all wash away
From beach of memory
Its having ever come to pass.

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And Then Came You,Another Chance For Love

Vunerable, my heart my own; not trusting; hard to trust any one-
Emotions running rampant,
Not willing to take chances
I sealed my life, my heart with protective defenses
And then came you
You saw me, wanted to know me, desired me and changed my life's view
So that I am dreaming of life's potentialities.

Blind, not looking
And out of the darkness through the disallusion of life's negatiivity, 
 love came through you and brought serenity
And though my heart was encased with barriers, deep and strong
I believe God sent you to adorn my life with intimacy of  feelings and
 desires never felt before till you came and embarked my heart's door.
The feelings of sadness you broke and  with your coming,
I have feelings of new possibilties.

Timid, shy, alone-
Needing someone to call my own
Lost within myself-
Hurts and pains of the past yielding themselves in me so strong
Robbing me of life's true love, its full experience-
My life needing new direction:  a purpose of fulfilling;
Then came you and I am alive and living.

Timing seemed off at first but nonetheless we met
Spent time together and then time progressed-
Causing a moment's separation;
However years and live have brought us back together
Through God's renewing--now full circle--a reconnection
And then came you, again, and to my surprise but with a welcomed spirit-
My heart is fully open to love's possibilities.

And then came you and I am totally fulfilled.
And then came you and I am inspired and yielding to love's will.
And then came you and my heart if leaping with joy and hope-
No longer enslaved by life's tightrope.
And then came you and I am free-
Many inhibitions carried away by the wind of destiny;
So I know and believe in the power of love's--your love--potency.

God's love for us.  Your love for me.  My love for you.
Taking us to present and future realms of highest ecstacy-
To know the essence of true love for infinity.  Another chance for love.

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...a darling dear of time is when the  tick-tock, of the clock stops, during a dancing wind chimes rendition of just how invisible things move me, to write, darling dear a rhyme, 

the peak of a mountain top experiencing, 

the soul

O' darling dear

a love letter,
a rhythm,

a liberty,

just one of those things that

of the everlasting.

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Thank You Mr. S.

I wanted to be a writer
When I was just a young teen
But I was so incredibly shy
And kids can be so mean.

Then a new teacher came along.
He had such a different view.
I no longer felt embarrassed
By the writing that I'd do.

He made me feel I had a gift
And that it should be shared.
To him I admitted my hopes
And I felt that he really cared.

Mr. Sowden encouraged extra work,
To write about whatever we wanted.
So I wrote and wrote and wrote some more.
The words just flew, undaunted.

My grade ten English teacher
Read my work out loud
And winked when the class applauded,
For the first time I felt proud.

I never signed my real name.
The class didn't know it was me
But my work garnered admiration, 
On display for all to see.

That was the year I learned that
What I wrote was pretty good.
I just needed time for confidence to grow
And that, Mr. Sowden, understood.

He made us see the written word
In a way that made us aware.
So I would like to thank him,
The English teacher who really did care.

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DANCE OF THE BOOGEYMEN(An unusual Halloween hors d'oeuvre)

Twirling around and around in the Night Sphere
Creepy eyes that scream out for a Partner in Loungerie
plus 2
6 and then Twenty
The Boogeymen of the night
Catching the souls of the departed in flight
Sending them to the loneliest corner of Hell
With a Dunce Cap on every head that read:
A quiet empty trio of fools who did not play it cool while they were alive
Who refused to submit to the booze,the Pot,and all that Open Up Jive
Sweethearts on the dance floor where the Dead party all without a smile
Takes us back to that Halloween Trick or Treat town,at least for a little while
Mothers swing their Fathers
The Grim Reapers do their do-si-do
Harper Valley 1-800-NEXT-OF-KIN
Biting Teeth on a Harker Jonathan
Sipping blood with a grinning Mina
She is lovely in that shade of dead
Vein vessel blood all around her neckTAR and thy Head
Here in the ram shackled Studio 50 for DEAD
Dancers are the Boogeyshoes
With one eye alive and the other socket popped out
Sleep Deadly tonight Beneath the full moon and the Tango of cold Harvest Fright

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Eternity's Moment

Intricate webs of geometrical lines,
Invisible cord between soul and mind,
Stretched rigid and wearily taut.
Time...searches cloistered designs 
Of snowflake precision...seeking to find
Eternity...God's moment of thought.

Astronomical fingers reach to infinity,
Plunging through layers of time and dust,
From Genesis to Revelation, birth to tomb...
Revealing the reality of Divinity,
Or Time's deception tainted by rust,
Relativity. the fruit of the womb.

Time stands before us...torn pages
Painfully constructed...a microscope
Hovering over the Creation of Earth and sky.
A play on a universe of stages
Passes fleetingly through Man's hope.
Knowledge...born of the animal cry.

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Loss Lost Love

Why my love left
I soon forget the reason's why
All that I remember
Is that she left such
An empty space
An empty trace
So many memorie's
Which can not be erased
And I die just a little inside
And time mean's nothing to me'
Fore you mean so much to me
              - And -
Then ever so slightly
I wish for quiet subtle change
And I don't know since when
But time just set's end on end
And smoke appears below
Which can choke a friend
A friend in need
Certainly not you love
And once again, ever so slightly
I wish for quiet suttle change
It has been three weeks (03) now
And things' are all in a clammer'
Thing's just seem to set end on end
And nothing seem's to matter
An I make a vowel for thee
In a time that is lost for- ever
O'h, how I wish to belong
And when you looked at me
And I looked into your eyes'
Warm eye's, soft smile
What were you trying to say
When you kissed me
Keen sweet, sweet lips'
What were you trying to say
Shall I say nothing,
Or shall I just say nothing at all
What were you trying to say


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The hunter has been hunted

The nation is thrown into grief.
Our national flag is flying at half mast.
Everyone is wearing a sack cloth.
The dangling axe fell on us.
And the mighty has fallen.
Our hearts are filled with dread,
And our eyes as heavy as lead.
Nigeria, Africa’s number one soccer nation, 
Has been given a run for their money by the Ghanaians.
Culminating our early exit from the African nations cup.
The green and white jersey that we adore,
Have been dragged in the mud.
These are not the Eagles we have been celebrating.
Or are these Eagles suffering from bird flu,
That they cannot glide.
Their spirit  was willing but their  flesh were weak.
When we were young, we were strong,
Now we’ve grown but we are weak.
The reputation that took us  years to build,
Have been destroyed over night.
Because we went to fetch water with a basket.
The baby has been thrown away with the baby water.
The Midas touch we used to have have been used on us,
Because we could not strike while the iron was hot.
The hunter has been hunted.
And we have fallen from  frying pan to fire.
Football has kept us together as a nation for many years.
The Ghanaians has put a knife on what kept us together.
And we have fallen apart.
Once beaten, twice shy.
We hide our faces in shame.
No one is to be blamed.
What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.
Every dog has its own day and it was not our day.
A soldier lives to fight another day.
And never says never because quitters are losers.
The big question is,
Shall our bones rise again?
Or have we withered like the cursed fig tree.
Only the bowel of time will Tell.

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AGBARA NWANYI Beauty Without Equal

I feel this jump start, 
Then a squeeze in my heart
All because I heard you laugh
Well, any time you laughed.
Beauty beyond reach
So I sulk in solitude of wish
I wish! I wish! I wish!
For in you alone, I cherish
This glorious scent of thine
If I can’t taste, 
Let me at least perceive

I am blood of warriors
I am fully man. Not put to quail
Line of ancestral heritage,
Even the enemies’ hail
Who make men’s back staircase
For throne’s ascensions
I am Azungwu!
So my recoil is not fear
But invincible heart piercing spear
I know not how to bear
Your eyes spark like crystals
Its lenses can melt metals
Yet, I desire your kiss over medals

You are “Agbara Nwayi”
Beauty with no equal
Goddesses grumble and drawl
Envious of your exalt
But I cant help it
To theirs…
I prefer your feet
I love the shape of it
You are the last Amazon
I swear it!
The last time rain fell on you
Your silky clothes stuck like glue
I saw the full shape of you
Your twin volcanic cones
Towards me, dangle and beckons
You saw me. We saw us
You knew, you made me hot
You followed my eyes,
It rested on your honey pot
Your land of no return
Giving me a hard on
You looked up and smiled
I breathe in and died

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Dusk of the year
Blowing so cool
I welcome you

You bring fresh
Skin tingling breezes
That caress me 
And whisper of the wonders to come
I always longingly expect you
Waiting anxiously 
Hoping you will be
Laden with bounty 

You are a time to gather
A time to recollect 
A time to get ready for the 
Winter's night

Your soothing wind
Is gladly welcomed 
After the summer’s heat

Autumn how I have missed you so 
Sweet logs crackling on a warm fire
Make me content
Experiencing you
I feel blessed by you 

Harvest time summons when you appear
Nature’s abundance seems to overflow 
I marvel at the wonders you always bring

Time of gathering
Time of coming rest
I thank you most sincerely 
For I have worked hard and need the rest

May the pleasant glow of the sun
And nights so cool
Be prolonged 

I wish you welcome 
For I have so missed you so

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He will use you JCO

At first he will make you see only him
You are his entire reason for existing
Once the lie sinks in, and you don't know better
He will use you
He will tell you he loves you
All the while breaking down your walls of confidence
telling about all his past heartbreak
He will use you
Time and time again
he will put you in your place
all the blame will be yours
you forced him into all of it
He will use you
What you dont see behind he scenes of the perfect crime
is you are just his backup plan
He is working on another the same as you
and pretty soon you will just be another sob story
He will use you
You will fight with him pleading love
you will do it all; gifts, time and meals cooked
you will love him because he has to wake up and see
but, alas, he will use you.
He is evil, the worst kind of person
Somehow, you will want him to accept you
he wont, because he only sees himself
He will use you.

Moral of the story: When you meet this useless and selfish man, and attempt to 
bleed yourself dry to be the one, realise now, he will use you, and all you will have 
left to show he was ever there, is the scar of pure and utter hatred.

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Self-Love in A Minor

Twiddling the harpsichord of my physical being 
Cramming studies into a session of relieve 
Living violent extremes in a few minutes of peace 
Passing time seeking a forsaken retreat 
Envisioning angels that caress my doubtful mind 
Seeking passage out of this unimaginable crime 
Reliving moments of a time too long left behind 
Encouraging a lustful meaningless mental rewind 

Sweet moans grace my lips as I grind my hips to heavens abyss 
Skies full of lovers drop down to shine once more in my carnival 
Songs revisit the home they once knew pressing play simultaneously 

A moment to myself after the smoke has cleared 
It is just I and my harpsichord now revered

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Prayer To My Self

Walking away might be the most hardest things for a man to do, you cant even imagine what that feeling can do to you. Falling flat on your face would be better than to look shameful, even walking around naked around the streets would be cool. But like any story in life goes, there is always that one person that will help you get back on your feet and walk again. No matter how much you fall, no matter how much you stumble upon a struggle, that person will be there with you till the end. Give love and thanks to this person who never leaves your side and helps you put a smile on your face everyday. When the day comes to an end and you know that the person has to go, all you can wish is for your special person to stay. Mine has walked away on me, I was so blind that i couldn't see. She wanted everything for her self, for me to change and be what she wanted me to be, but i had to let her go and never see this person again, cause it would only be worse in the end. Writing this is more painful than getting your body tattooed, writing this is more painful than getting over screwed. Writing this is more painful than words, writing this is more painful than razor sharp swords. No matter how much you try to let it out it just wouldn't come out, the pain is way to deep and its almost like its tattooed on your bodies gout. haven't i been hurt enough in this world, i just don't understand why i am being treated like this, is it cause i am better than you and have nothing to look forward too but my blue and black handkerchief? The cut was way to deep my dear, you just cant imagine, i have been cut and bruised for the last time, i can promise you that. No one will ever touch this body or hurt this soul ever again, if you wish to try so, go ahead and check it, but before that go ahead and get yourself a casket.

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Ode to the TIME: Some lines written on mystery of TIME

Hey TIME!! What art thou?
You insisible creature,
Are you transparent in nature?

Tick, tick, tick.........
This sound always I hear,
Is this you that is in my ear?

Every one say passenger
Me seem you still
But it is we that is in thrill

Are you friend or foe?
All my beauty and innocence you doth grab
It creates between both of a us a great gap

O Mystery!!
You are nothing but illusion of my mind
Or you are relative of those moving stars together bind

Have you got eternity???
No, never, think not, no prophet was given
It is a privilge that I'll get in heaven.

O spinning wheel!!
Why cunningly thou movest very fast?
Ever reverse thy motion and let me see my faded past.

An unfathomable sea!
Where all my peers and kins sink
What remains is love and memories I think

O poor snatcher!
Thou mayst snatch all my friends from me
But not their love, you are fibble before it, I remind thee

What makest thou unconquerable?
You keep the horses of your cart on spur
Is this thing that makest thou lead the other?

One of little gods!
You make of me a Hamlet, such a fate thou weavest
Sometimes I cry, sometimes with sighs of relief I heavest

O minister of metamorphosis,
As you walked past the green turned yellow
I wish a realm where you would not be my fellow

O phantom of enigma,
Fie oN thee..... away, away - when ideas pelteth
Thou art the riddle that maketh my mind start melteth

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Realizing love

Long roads had teached us what we needed to know,
It was not our time back then, but time for us individual to grow.

As time passed by a lot I have learned,
History will not repeat itself, no need to be concerned.

I will not vanish like once before,
I appreciate and adore you even more.

I want to thank you for the person that you are,
The light in my life, my shining star!

You have the full package, as perfect as a man could be,
I consider myself very lucky if you'd like to be with me!

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Her skin is like a manuscript 
Gone fragile with old age 
That crumbles at the slightest touch 
Each time you turn the page.

But if you delve below her skin 
Prepare to shed a tear 
A poignant multi-layered core 
Dwells 'neath her thin veneer.

Content to wait on ripening time 
She patiently defers 
With firm and solid dignity 
Until the hour is hers.

Once hunger's longing flame is lit 
Her transformation starts 
She glows transluscent tenderness 
Her essence she imparts.

Her kiss doth linger through the night 
Her perfume ere next day 
Oh, fragrant onion, thou art beast! 
That's all I have to say.

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Abused by we who
Know no limit in
Ourselves or others
Time it seems is never our friend

Blessed with the ability
To pass fleetingly by
Time goes but never says goodbye

Oh devil that is time
Stop if only for a while
Let us see the folly
Of trying to catch the wind

Time you have no master
You stay fresh always
As we fade away
Becoming the past
The rising sun
A never ending pattern
We only temporarily see

Time oh elusive mother of hope
Master of our fears
You keep us moving
For every changing as you do

Oh dancing joker that is time
As you speed on by
In an endless cycle of change
We become more grounded
Our identity matures 
As the days go by 

Time only you can master
The past
The present
And the future

My short stay friend that is time
Take me along as you go
Till my clock ticks no more
When my journey has ended
Through this maze
That is life

You are my closest companion
You make me what I am
And watch me grow
You are the only constant
I know

I wish for no extension to
To my allotted span
I have no desire to live for eternity

Oh time I do respect thee
I am grateful for your blessing
You have made me

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bundle of joufulness

i the joy of this precious child brings hope and inspiration to the downtrodden.
she is the gentle spring of life that causes one to always be thankful.  she has
given the the Heavens the splendid moments for rejoicing.  Oh what a revelation has this
wonderous bundle of joy given to all who gaze upon her innocence. Such Is The Precious 

Of Sadie Grace. We shall always see the love of God Himself within her radiant smile.  Then
we shall all know the unsearchable essence of the love of a Awesome God, that gave His
Only Begotten Son, so that we can see Him time and time again within the eyes of our dearly 
belove sons and daughters. We thank you so much loving Sadie Grace Royer's.

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I moved you JCO

I woke up this morning refreshed and smiling
its been a long time over due
The face in my mind I was fighting
no longer belonged to you
I took you down off the pedistal in my heart, and put you on the counter.

I admit I still ache inside
and find myself plead at times to know why
Why I loved you so much, and held on to tight
with you I was only bait and worth no room to try

I am not ready to give it again 
this time I want to go with my instinct
trust all I know within
before I dive in a nd give it
I will move you from the counter, to floor of my heart.

I thought about you a little today,
while I was walking out the door,
Sometimes I wish youd come back to stay
but the lies and betrayal would be more

We would have been so great together
had you given  the slightest bit of anything
Now that I left it is so much better
now that I know I well  past her
I will put you in the back of the closet, in my mind, while my heart forgets you were 
ever there.

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The sun in the sky can only last as long as you stay,
So since you've been gone all my sunny days are oh so far away,
And every day that comes with you as a memory, 
Reminds me of a better place and time that love did capture me,
As love's prisoner I felt no shame to be caught up in your arms, 
The feeling I get when you hold me close caused me no alarm,
But now the end has ran its course and time has brung end to the trial,
And left me alone in a pool of tears that stretches for miles,
Indeed I hope your life is better since the day you parted me,
For there is no since in such a wretched wish damning both of us to misery,
In this tell I leave behind to shadow with no trace,
The sad day that came to past that I would no longer see your face,
In time though I know for sure my grievance will wither down,
But the burden that hangs in my heart right now exceeds the weight of a thousand pounds,
So I shall drain what little I can to spare my heart some room,
And sing today my saddest song that awfully sad tune

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If I could, I'd turn back the hands of time to capture every sweet memory and trap them in 
my mind.

I'd hold your hand a little tighter, talk to you more, and laugh until we cried.

Never miss a chance to be right by your side.

Yes, DAD there are so many things I'd do so differently now that I won't have the chance to 

And as the winds of our time blow ever so sweetly in my ear; Everyday I find myself wishing 
you were still her

This is my  pain and I live with it as I should; to change it would be a blessing only IF I 

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Fragrance II - (Continued after Fragrance -I)

A raging sun raised over the sky so bright, kindled upon
The earth desired for thirst, the first ray hold upon,
By the crops reaped over the farm so baked -
Steamed by the nature so distressed,
The flared breeze glowed over the life withheld.
A muted zephyr pass by the morn, betide upon
The daylight so hoped-for, the first drop gushed upon,
By the wind so aroused over the fight against blaze - 
Danced by the mizzle so greeted
The sensation of expressions for the moment winded so delighted. 
Moistened by the drops fell upon so pleased, retrieve upon
The sowing over the sloughy farm, the last ray hold upon,
By the dismal days of cloudburst -
Streamed over by the ken so roaring,
The time of the year met with the season of showering. 

Abased sun faded by the sky so dark, mislaid upon
The sprinkle dripped for reseeding, the first ray hold upon,
By the awning fitted for shelter over the sidewalk –
Drenched by the approach so merciful,
The mournful reek washed over the shore so disgraceful. 
An abstract world by the city so ludic, played upon
The time seemed lively, the first dive swam upon,
By the pleasure of life - 
Versed by the pleasance so alive,
The sweet flow of liveliness hoped to survive.
Lasted numb behind the clouds the sun once peeped by the drizzle, showed upon
The rays gently breaking up the sky by the colours differentiated, hold upon
By the welcoming of feathered white clouds –
Eased by the greenery so eying
The time of the year met with the season of fall-flowering. 


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Common language

That language you speak,
the one you didn’t have to learn from anyone,
the very original, very human, yet very celestial one

The one you spoke to herald your arrival,
as you made entrance, from the celestial to the terrestrial,
into the gyrating life-sustaining starry metropolis,
amidst the cacophony of others, strange and different 

That language you spoke, 
in response, as you discovered,
that the strange looking beings all around you,
in your new and strange planet, speak it too, 
and as you explored the strange and funny artwork, 
on their mystical canvases, 
every time they spoke your language, 
any time they spoke another, 
that you did not understand

In smiling, laughing, weeping,
we speak a common language

Have you noticed?
They all speak it too;
all our kin, from every corner, 
of our spinning starry metropolis,
waltzing between one companion on the left, bright but shy
and the other on the right, dusty but flamboyant

It is a language so simple, 
anyone and everyone speak it and understand it,
yet so complex, it is encompassing; 
defying lexical boundaries, 
even terrestrial boundaries
Straddling the spectrum of emotions;  
even in the laughter expressing joy, 
the heart is sorrowful

It is the only language natural to us
We were made with it
It is simple but sufficient, 
to convey the emotions, 
that bound our consciousness

It is the language of humanity;
the language of pleasure, joy, happiness, and sorrow

Anywhere we come from,
every which way we come,
we speak the same language;
we smile, we laugh, we weep; 
in joy and in sorrow

The language reveals, 
our common and celestial origin;
our eternal bond,
our kindred, 
our oneness, 
our sameness

When spoken, we understand what is said,
we know what is meant, 
it is laughter, expressing joy,
it is weeping, expressing sorrow;
the outer limits, spanning our consciousness

So universal is it, it is mystical;
as mystical as our very existence
For the abundance of mirth,
gives birth to tears of joy,
yet joy awaits in tears,
the passing of sorrowful tears

Laughter and weeping, 
each awaits the other, 
but only to relieve each other 
and to bestow us reprieve

It is the universal language, 
spoken and understood, 
by you, me, and all our kin, 

It is the same, regardless of place and position
It is eternal, beyond terrestrial
It is celestial, it is universal

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I came upon a THANKSGIVING night

                                                 I came upon a Thanksgiving night
                                               With a GOBBLE of presents in my hand
                                                Even though it is not yet SANTA
                                               November 23 is fine to celebrate both at one time
                                               The gift of Sharing is indeed mine to hand nice
                                               Before we say grace and have Turkey & rice
                                               Mother is here,cooking up the sauce
                                               Father,nearly cut that delicious Meat
                                               The World upon a Thanksgiving Meal
                                                Wandering but Wondering..When will the
                                               homeless receive their fair share,a deal
                                               They are strangers yet are part of our family
                                              To cherish as honest and bright
                                               Come into our home on this Thanksgiving delight

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A fresh aroma of the winter roses bore upon
The break of the day light, the first ray hold upon
By the droplets beaded over the floral leaf
Mulled over by the sight so mimetic
The life glazed over the mist filled by the charismatic. 
An ecstatic jubilation bided by the Christmas carol
The gala affair of the sunset, the last ray hold upon
By the beloved savored over the time cajole
Relived over by the chorus so balmy
The rendezvous solemnization blended by the carmine patty. 
A warm welcome of the edging resolutions blessed upon
The solemnity of Mary, the first greet hold upon
By the wishes ordained over the coming élan
Pleased over by the time so worth
The time of the year met with the springtime growth. 

Anew Sun brought upon the garden, bore upon
The green of the array, the first ray hold upon
By the moving moraine over the frost melted - 
Drifted over by the season so pledged 
The aroma suspired over the blue air, warmth blended. 
Pooled by affections over the day choired by love, relived upon
Betrothals belonged forever, the first kiss hold upon
By the destiny manana over the time so limn -
Touched by the amity so dear
The warmth over the ardor met with sweetness so fair. 
They held back for the bathe in the colour so motleyed, poured upon
The meme prevailed over decades across the east, the last ray hold upon
By the field blazed over the harvests so sear
Turned over by the air so brut
The time of the year met with the season so hot. 

Note: Continued from Fragrance - II

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shade of gray

around the wrinkled frown
there are some changes
forever abound
Over the hair
Near the private area
Brown is fading
The Gray fast approaching
What can one do to reverse this curse
I feel the bulge upon my belly
That area looks the worse for wear
Some may drink
or put on Ben Gay
Ease the pain advancing
by recalling that era:BREAK DANCING
Today in shades
Youth inevitably fades
Some call it Bad Luck
Need a quick fix to repair this broken down truck
I accept what it may
to caress that changing hair color today
Count me in
For the old ways are the tantamount
To a new world defined
Embrace it fast
Much relief for thy peace of mind

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22 years ago when i was 22 and you were 44
       could we have had the same dream
                      the same  heart
        the same feelings on a dance floor

        could not Cyrano teach me to score
              me,the man in the iron mask
              on the other side of the door

  could not Shakespere live just once more
 and render a sonnet that would open that door

      then i would beacon Orpheous to sing
    of the love he lost in Hades forever more

              it is to hear a song so sweet
               a short verse so compleat
                  with a feeling so neat
        that i would sweep you off your feet
          then we would dine at loves feast

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Cold As Frost (Ode to Robert Frost)

            Subjective to the eyes upon words, poems are never
 the same twice. 
Quiet as snow fall you revealed the truest form of a self centered
 "October" day. 
Leaves fall in a similar pattern to unfamiliar words being recited 
around an ever-
trusting ignorant society. Perhaps the "Road not Taken" is where 
i shall resign 
my poetic beliefs and live as a reborn gust of wind, blowing lives 
in foretold 
directions. I have taken the time from time which has already 
escaped my life 
and given it too less of a friend, which became more of a burden. 
Pride bursts 
out in every direction giving reason for blame when blame insults
 the very 
essence of my reflection. One star permanently blazed into an 
empty sky can 
depend on me like clockwork, for I am the first to call criticism upon 
"Frost" in the 
winter. If it were truly that simple then the pen would lose it's importance 
as the 
tool of our trade. Who said that brilliance was not born, 
only created through 
practice? Then would be the time too call yourself gifted. 
A lifetime is lived "For 
once, Then Something" and until time is chosen none will be revealed. 
In my 
world; the sun will not shine without the loss of the moon, 
the rain only falls upon 
broken smiles, and the breeze is never as cold as "Frost".

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St Judes sent a picture of Bryce
under it two big numbers
counted out a small life
I said to myself
"He lost his fight."
one of the plights
of human life

every month St. Judes
send's a picture
one of the little ones 
fighting cancer

every month
i say a prayer
"excuse me God.
are you there?

here's this little one
trying very hard.
cure this childs cancer,
if You can find it in your heart."

now i'm wondering
what i'll say today
looking at the picture
it's usually time to pray

now is time to ask Him
does praying really matter
when i say those words 
does someone get better

if God is God
how can anyone get sick?
if He really loves us
He'd take care of it

long ago, God made St Judes
it was one of his answers 
He made up for you

so if your still wondering
if God still answers prayers
take a look at St. Judes
and you'll find answers there

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Cold Wind

I hear it coming
And it freezes to the bone.
Even when it is running
It is completely alone.

This cold wind howls with pain
This shrieking gust heard over all.
Whose love will it claim?
Who will it make to fall?
Crying out cold and alone
This cold wind wants to go home.

I hear it coming
And it freezes to the bone.
Even when it is running
It is completely alone.

The wind cries out for fear
It has seen its lonely end.
This poor wind is silent but only to hear
Possible other winds to appear.
Patiently streaming out its own sepulchral sound
Searching for others whom are homeward bound.

This wind, this wind
I've known and loved him.
I've finally let go
And I have moved on.

This wind, this wind
I'm now above him.
I've finally let go
And the pain is now gone.

I hear him coming
And he freezes to the bone.
Even when he is running 
He is completely alone.

I hear you coming
And you freeze me to the bone.
Even when you are running  
 You are completely alone.

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wearing away
not enough
too much
watch the time pass
more to come
seconds turn to minutes
minutes to hours
hours to days
days to weeks
eventually the seconds
you had
are gone
days pass
seconds linger
you rush the time
you hate the wait
you wonder
where is the time
where'd it go
then you
where did the 

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A letter to a son

Now,the pumpkin is ripe,
we're only a few days from the year's first mealie cob.
The cows are giving us lots of milk,
taken in the round it isn't a bad year at all-
if it weren't for your father.
Your father's back is back again
and all the work has fallen on my shoulders,
your little siblings are doing fine at school,
only Linda's becoming a problem.
You'll remember we wrote you-did you get our letter?
-you didn't answer-you see,since your father's back started,
we haven't been able to raise enough to send Linda to school,
she spends most of the time crying alone;
it's mainly because because of her that I'm writing this letter.
I had thought you would be with us last xmas,
then I thought maybe you were busy
and you'll make it at easter-
it was then your father nearly left us son,
then I thought I would come to see you soon before the cold season sets in-
you know how I hate that time of year-but then your father went down again
and this time,worse than any other time before.
We were begginng to think he would never see another sowing season.
I asked your sister Linda to write you,but your father wouldn't agree
-you know how stubborn he is when he has to lie in bed all day
or,gets one of those queer notions of his that everybody is deserting him!
Although we had to borrow a little from those who have it 
to treat your father,and you know how he hates borrowing!
     That's all I want to say.
     I do hope you would be with us soon.
     It's so long ago since we saw you last,
      -I hope this letter finds you still at the old address,
      the only address we know.

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Just now the sun is set
Leaving behind a blank cloud
Then another scene evolves
Alerting the nocturnal world
To the clarion call
A world gloomily and dimly lit
For the brightness of albino’s lens
And the sharpness of bats’ and rabbits’ sight
And a host of nocturnal beings’ activities
Then, also signals the concert
Of the croaky and coarse ones
Down in the muddy arena

And without the dark beauty
Giving our world a spreadsheet
That parades array of stars
The sky playing host to million of
Galaxy guests from the Milky Way
Which cast men spellbound
With their splendor and grace
That lit up our world abright and aglow
And give us a view
That of the upper storey
Whispering wordlessly
Of the little wonders of creation.__________