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Ode Rose Poems | Ode Poems About Rose

These Ode Rose poems are examples of Ode poems about Rose. These are the best examples of Ode Rose poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Notes of Love Chapter

The horn blew as the wind picked the same moment

The note carried over the field and picking up speed

All memories of him drifted away as the bugle went silent

But she remained until the last rose

Later she would remember his last words

He had told her he would never forget her

And like the last star that goes where stars go

She went there as well

She went to that last rose and was comforted

She could feel his hands

She could smell his scent

And she saw the uniform and the horn

They met when he returned from the war and he had limped

He limped with warmth and with no complaint

They had one son  but he did one too many bags

He carried his bags up his arm

And there was no bugle or wind

But there were roses and tears

They got through it with love and his limp

They sat on the porch rocking and remembered

Until his limp grew slower and the horn played

But the rose ...............

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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

What colour will you deliver today
	on this such a lovely day?
I wonder what fragrance I shall smell
only your majesty can tell.
What will your fragrance be
if I not only smell but also see?
When others join in, you’ll blossom into a magnificent group
inducing my thoughts to create none other than a coup.
Oh Rose the magnificent
the loving hearts will always lament,
as part of the romantic gesture and create
	some love is abused and with thy presence it will aggravate.
You are the symbol of that which is called love
	Nothing can deny your beauty fits like a glove;
The ladies melt under your presence
whether they’re adults or adolescence.

You also are a symbol of guilt and betrayal
	the lover gets caught and there you are for the loving portrayal.
Hypocrite you are, though so beautiful, your malice hides away
making the guilty feel guiltier causing the mind to go astray;
you are also very gracious but extremely vicious
	your thorns prick deeply, with wounds so malicious.
Do you think we’re so naïve we wouldn’t realise
that under that beauty there’s something to despise?

Though you are not a sign of the human demise
	at my funeral I want you there, a gesture that defies;
no lilies, no poppies and no wreaths, all I need is your fragrance
so my grave, waiting patiently for God’s acquaintance.

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Dear Mom(A sons goodbye)

                                                 Life is delicate like
                                               a rose on a cool fall
                                               morning then without
                                               warning life is taken away.
                                                 I cry not for the rose who's
                                               petals lay scattered at me feet
                                               but for everything else that has

                                                 I cry for the leaves who's leaves crush
                                              like power in my hand and for the flowers
                                              which droop and sag...

                                                 A mother who left this world too
                                              soon and for her pain in till death finely

                                                 The world is a lot different place
                                               with you gone... But a son has to
                                               move on he can't keep thinking 
                                               something wrong...

                                                He can't keep being sad and blue
                                              don't worry I'll always love you... I'll never
                                              forget the love we shared and how much
                                              you cared...  I love you