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Ode Moon Poems | Ode Poems About Moon

These Ode Moon poems are examples of Ode poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Ode Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Pleasures of Moving on Moon

Pleasures of Moving on Moon

You have always charmed us by your beauty, O Moon,
Sometimes fascinating Heer and Ranjha*, and sometimes,
Mesmerizing Romeo and Juliet.

Sometimes you have spread your charms, on the monuments of Love, 
Alluring the beauty of Taj*, in the full moon light of Purnamasi*
O, Moon how many faces of Love and Beauty you have,
When you stroll silently on a snow covered maintain,
The beauty and your grandeur becomes envy for the heaven.

For Poets and Writers you have immense stories and inspirations,
For Lovers you are more precious than gold and diamond,
For singers you are like the soul of their songs,
For Boatman’s, you are their sole companion of their silence and turbulence.

While watching you so intensely from earth,
I felt, as if I was wondering on the silver surface of you O, Moon,
Moving and feeling, no gush of wind,
No moisture of Rains and dryness of Sun,
No falling of leaves, in the season of Autumn,
No bending of rivers, flowing from mountains to oceans
No murmuring of birds while mating and chatting,
No change of seasons to engage my mind and heart,
Still I was fascinating to move on the silver surface of you, O Moon.

Walking on your surface was a strange experience for me O, dear Moon,
As I was trying to feel the unique pleasures of earth, 
While moving on your silvr surface, O Moon.

Kanpur India 22nd November 2010
Soon I will post this as My Photo Poem with the Photograph of Moon on my Blog and on face
book, which I took on 22nd Nov. 2010

•	Heer and Rangha. The Indian Lovers like Romeo and Juliet 
•	Purnamasi.      The Day as per Indian calendar, when we can see the full Moon.
•	Taj.                  Refers to the world famous Taj Mehal monument of Agra, India.

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The Moon

cradled in the arms of night
silent still
through tattered veils of evening cloud
she peers
her silver face  kissed lovers in ancient times
and lit the even fields of a winter’s soul
perfect, white, eternal
rise above that cloak of darkness
show the way to those who wander
in the longest of nights
bright lantern of hope
glorious and everlasting..

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Moon Ode

Moon you serenade me nightly
casting your beaming silvery rays
touching and filling my weary soul
with  awesome magical perfection

Watching you in your various phases
crescent sliver you delight and enchant
yet too your half sends heartfelt shivers  
as you wax your way to full glowing light

moon dear moon you rule my senses
as you wane,  the sea's tides join you
making my moods shift with your cycles
your whims commanding earth herself

I serenade and worship your beauty
disliking intensely nights you are cloaked
when clouds hid you from earthly sight
then with a peek you emerge triumphant

And  now once more my heart rejoices 

written 05/08/2014
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I wish I could float up
And kiss the moon
Such a beautiful pearl in the night sky
Is lunar on her sentry duties

She cast a warm and haunting glow
On us all below
She makes the shadows seem alive
Enchanting the woods as the mist rolls in 

Lunar my goodness of the night
Thank you 
Your presence fills me with such expectant joy
I know not what the night you herald
Will bring 

The wolves howl
The owls hoot
The frogs croak
Night time can be so noisy 
They all wish to say hello
So they sing 

Waxing or waning
As you rise to your perch
You glow most beautifully 

Luna my beacon in the far away sky
I thank you for blessing us
And keeping us safe at night