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Ode Love Poems | Ode Poems About Love

These Ode Love poems are examples of Ode poems about Love. These are the best examples of Ode Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Poetry Pillar

When Light needed a body to behold, and color to kiss,
as Darkness dreamnt to die in the dawn of depth,
when Soul lustered to lust for learning, and being learned,
as blood bespoke to bones for building a star of flesh,
when Time needed the umbrage of it's ubiquity to be understood,
the moment texture tempted touch to tease with a thousand sensations,
when laws of love sought a language to express the extremes of it's lips,
as romance rampaged through the ravishings of famished hearts,
when the seduction of sorrow made heros of loving men and women,

When Justice appealed to the instincts of intent for inscriptions of innocence,
as bravery found battle in basic questions of survival and conquest,
when war demanded a metaphor in the terror of it's diligent destruction,
as Faith found resolve in seconds small along with giant gestures,
Death singing melancholoy for sympathy and Life haughty upon it's horizon,
when Angels chose to wear albatross of gold to feel the rue of rogues,
as the most perfect woman ambushed the ideals of rumored beauty,
when God wanted imagination to create immaculate reality
Poetry began, born in the instant of forever Art,
because, the only promise of a Poet, is Passion -

Dedicated to Poetry...J.A.B.

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- Black Love -

                                               Morning glory
                                               The body is blunt
                                               Thinking of you
                                               before I awake
                                               Stretching my body
                                               Eyes are closed
                                               Can feel your scent
                                               Gently open my eyes
                                               Feel your aroma                                      
                                               The taste on my lips
                                               As a soft kiss                                       
                                               Your scent fills the room
                                               Thought of you,
                                               makes me awake
                                               You are perfect
                                               Heats my body
                                               Embracing you 
                                               Tasting you ... gently                         
                                               A moment of pleasure
                                               Without cream
                                               Without sugar
                                               Black morning coffee

A-L  Andresen :)

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Enough Already, Ode to a Turkey

Oh how I love thee with your white and dark meat
Thou art the very best
But because of you, I can’t see my feet
My navel is two feet from my chest
To diet and lose so I don’t wobble no more
I would be very willing
It would be impossible now, because somehow
I finished four bowls of filling
My wife pointed at me and said look at him
He sits at the table, like a dog he begs
I stare at you and your magnificent breast
Can hardly wait to get my hands on your legs
Enough already, I’m on my knees
Give me some stuffing and some black eyed peas
Sweet potatoes, corn and a salad I’ll toss
And bury your butt with cranberry sauce
Oh turkey, my turkey, you’re the one who rocks
Now I’ve gotten so fat, I can’t put on my socks
My love for you was fleeting
And we are finished I fear
But I’ll fall in love with another turkey
Same time next year.

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Mother's Bookmark's

My thoughts they roil like waters dark 
in the abyss of blackest night, 
with memories of mother’s bookmark,
of Longfellow read by lamp light.
She called, in the room around me,
the patter of other small feet.
Her gentle voice fetched angels	.
Oh, the rhymes, they astounded me 
like lullabies soft and so sweet.
All fearsome shadows, she’d dispel.

Maxine, my queen, read Tennyson
and the Charge of the Light Brigade.
A little girl dreamt of caissons
roll, and thunderous cannonade.
To be so brave, the small child mused,
mother her precious, heroine;
what would it take to stand so strong	
without father, and not confused.
What words could be the linchpin
to right mother’s tell-tale wrong.

Such sad inspiration, mother,
oh, how I wronged you by being born,
though I loved you above all others.
Some thoughts of you make me forlorn.
Bring back the tales of mother goose,
three small kittens and their mittens.
Return the vision of your smile
the happiness your warmth induced,
let your spirit comfort, lighten
night, if only for a little while.

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Lady Of My Life

Her heartbeat echoes like a love moan in my mind,
summoning centuries of refined romanticism soulfully enshrined,
the contralto of her voice a fillatio upon the cock of my consciousness,
through her eyes I see that mystery is the Mistress of meaning beyond regress,
my manly mouth serenades & suckles the rosy pussy of her prophecy, homage cunnilingus,
revelations irresistible in their heretical invigorations excite our imaginations
as we fornicate a ferocious forsooth soothsaying love's reincarnations,
a vignette of virility forthcoming from fate's far side fortifications
presents a primal promise in paranormal inceptions,

Premonitions primitive in heart heat paint
streak the skin of our desire to design an indigenous heaven,
flesh tones warm fast and feral revealing a vitality of spirituality that tongues detonate,
the Univetse blooms into a Multiverse as she spreads her spell of star spice scintillation
onto my ripened body rendering her rites fertile in rich freight, 
within the brain's wildfire I feel her unction,

Becoming the shaman of our secret skin ceremony
I invoke the spirit of solar youth into veinage voracious for passion's patronage,
sanctifying the unifying lust between the bodily and ghostly unlicensed liberty,
shadow temple of temptation gives offering of blood and song from astral page,
death dream extremes fire hot ejaculation of divine vindication into cosmogony
as she and I have won our now with a win over age,

My Love Muse is more than a woman
she is a savage seduction and a sacred sweetness,
a Goddess of her own Cause...a lover known as Poetess,
her name changes from lifetime to lifetime, yet she is always beauty shown -


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Lilly's Lullaby

She was always there 
     with her big green eyes
Looking up at me 
     and into the skies.

Her dreams were of birds
     and of prowling about.
I tried keeping her in
     but she always got out.

She would hide on the roof
     to hunt unwary prey
then gift them to me
     in her honoring way.

Sometimes I screamed loudly
     at the gifts that she offered
centipedes, roaches and mice
     were some things that she proffered.

Praises were always followed 
     by special kitty treats.
While I pleaded with her
     to make no repeats.

She always stood guard
     as if to give me protection
and would curl up close to me
     to offer her affection.

Oh Lilly, sweet Lilly
     please continue to purr
and I will continue
     to stroke your soft fir.

As her song would begin 
     well, it made me cry.
I’ll miss her every day
     until the day that I die.

November 24, 2014

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Pleasures of Moving on Moon

Pleasures of Moving on Moon

You have always charmed us by your beauty, O Moon,
Sometimes fascinating Heer and Ranjha*, and sometimes,
Mesmerizing Romeo and Juliet.

Sometimes you have spread your charms, on the monuments of Love, 
Alluring the beauty of Taj*, in the full moon light of Purnamasi*
O, Moon how many faces of Love and Beauty you have,
When you stroll silently on a snow covered maintain,
The beauty and your grandeur becomes envy for the heaven.

For Poets and Writers you have immense stories and inspirations,
For Lovers you are more precious than gold and diamond,
For singers you are like the soul of their songs,
For Boatman’s, you are their sole companion of their silence and turbulence.

While watching you so intensely from earth,
I felt, as if I was wondering on the silver surface of you O, Moon,
Moving and feeling, no gush of wind,
No moisture of Rains and dryness of Sun,
No falling of leaves, in the season of Autumn,
No bending of rivers, flowing from mountains to oceans
No murmuring of birds while mating and chatting,
No change of seasons to engage my mind and heart,
Still I was fascinating to move on the silver surface of you, O Moon.

Walking on your surface was a strange experience for me O, dear Moon,
As I was trying to feel the unique pleasures of earth, 
While moving on your silvr surface, O Moon.

Kanpur India 22nd November 2010
Soon I will post this as My Photo Poem with the Photograph of Moon on my Blog and on face
book, which I took on 22nd Nov. 2010

•	Heer and Rangha. The Indian Lovers like Romeo and Juliet 
•	Purnamasi.      The Day as per Indian calendar, when we can see the full Moon.
•	Taj.                  Refers to the world famous Taj Mehal monument of Agra, India.

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With Angels Wings

"With Angels Wings"

The whispering winds, a song they sing

A song of sorrow and of a heart so big 

Your love reaches as far as the eye can see

I believe in dreams because in my heart, you beat

Just as a gentle breeze shimmers every leaf

Your love, in every heart, plants a seed

Elegance, love and hope is what grows beneath

And this is your gift to us....

For safe keeping.

So...if you ever wonder why heaven sings

It's because now you fly...

      With Angels Wings

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You said JCO

You looked down at me, blue eyes intent on freezing, looked past my tears,  and 
said you loved me.
There was no expression on your face, no warmth in your kiss, you told me you 
cared, and wanted only me.
I placed my hands on your back, kissed that mouth and told you how beautiful  I 
thought you were. Then you smiled that first smile you told me I was absolutely 
When the sweat was dry, and the air was still, you wrapped your legs in mine, and 
stroked my hair. You shared all the moments of your past, the plans of the future, 
and the child like excitement of your dreams overwhelmed me into tears. 
I fell in love with you. I fell hard. I fell for a man who felt nothing for me. I fell into 
the arms of something that I dreamt was there, but faded, like the scent of your 
skin.  I never knew how blind I was.  I never thought it would hurt to let you go. I 
never thought I would have to. I never thought you  would ever hurt me, instead 
you crushed me. 
You told me you loved me, and you cared. You told me I was worth everything, but 
you left me. You just left me. No note. No call. No email. Nothing. You just 
disappeared leaving me to feel like everything everyone had ever said about you; 
everything you said you were, was true. 
I danced with you. I let you in to my heart. You saw my soul. You knew everything. 
You were everything to me. How could you do this to me?  Why did you have to lie 
and tell me it was only me? Why did you tell me I was it for you? Why did you tell me 
you loved me, and cared so damn much?  Why didn’t you stop to think about me 
just once before eating that cake you so had to have. 
You looked down at me, eyes still frozen, and begged me to have that baby.  There 
was a beautiful smile on your face, and you said you loved me.
You watched me move, and I heard you sigh. I thought it meant everything.  You 
said I was everything. You said you loved me. I thought you loved me

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Ode to Joy

Like morning light break forth of eastern skies
And astound with beauty the waking eyes
So did my heart before you rose to praise
A seraph in the nectar of flesh, May's
Brightest bloom in the garden of gladness
The purest form of earth's bare loveliness.
To you, O joy, O let me sing
Let me tell of love first coming.

Awake the woodland choir for my song
Awake the primal hour of spring's soft throng
Awake the lark not yet on wing
Awake the world, an anthem bring
Of praise, of praise to beauty, praise
To the sweet rainbow of our days

Sweet fragments make the rainbow bloom aloft
Light splintered is yet in beauty so soft
And whole, the healing balm of my parched soul
Each little wonder a stair a bright stair
A garden of glory on heaven's scroll
I climb to suck the breast of worship here
I seek your worth and find God there
Uplifting me from mortal care

Inside the tabernacle of the soul
Wild and dusty, the dry harmattans roll
And every tender tree gasping for rain
Beheld sapphire arid sky and pray in vain
The pearly cumulus would sable turn
Where on the eye pivots the graceful tern
And then so suddenly you came
The phoenix of another name

Too deaf the deft pianist fingers toll
His litany your virtue to extol
You the image's bone transformed, transcend
All that desire loves and love declares right
Eden's broken wings yet make praise ascend
As prayers in the fluid light, a flight
Of rapture, leaving silent stars
And earth's tumult to jealous wars

Nothing but you, and you alone exist
O sacred symphony of heaven's bliss
And all earth shambles fore you fall again
To rise in your glory a better tale
The joy of beggining the end of pain
Lighthouse eternal, love that cannot fail
Sweet still the night aglow parades
Yet star like flowers morning fades  

Morning melted into mist, grass perspired
In the cool, leaves transpired droplets of bliss
The rainbow my thoughts like heaven attired
Beauty its providence hasten to kiss
Time had divinity at its leafed door
And seas and rivers in long triumph roar
The rhythm of earth so to begin
To break the carnal rule of sin.

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Knees under your chin,
clasped tight
Sitting on you bed,
slowly rocking
This long night,
your mind in a spin

Sitting on your bed,
awake instead
What am I?
Where do I go?
Ready to fly
Nowhere so

Wounded heart,
wants to run
The things he had done
Right from the start

Hurtful things
That are untrue
Piercing stings
These acts you do

Wounded heart
Wants to run
The things he had done
Right from the start

This numbing pain
This negativity
Has come back to haunt me again
Killing all creativity

Bruises and pain
Walked in to the door again
Hate and spite
Try all he might

His promises to me
Now so hollow
This is not what I imagined to be
My heart so wanted to follow

Wounded heart
Wants to run
The things he had done
Right from the start

Bruises heal
But not what I feel
I am stronger now,
deep inside
I know how

He can bruise my heart
Not my spirit
I can go
Where he cannot follow
This is where I start

Wounded heart,
can run
This new start
You see...................
You are free

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the chair where you were sitting

my angel you are with me
in a way i never knew
just sitting here thinking
and spending time with you

we recall the good times
and lessons that we learned
sneered at the bad times
and hours that they burned

both learning truths
as God helped us to see
a little something about you 
a little something about me

we were brought together
it was our destiny
and just like all beautiful stories
ending in tragedy

but only just today
have i found you in my mind
and now something tells me
that you were there all the time

my spirit has accepted 
that your body has gone
but everything you did
in my mind lives on

you made me someone
much more than i am
giving me presents and presence
being my biggest fan

i could never win anything
more valued than you
my gift from God
i was given to you too

the chair where you were sitting
beside me so so well
for a while it held an emptiness
a little piece of hell

but i have learned for the good
perhaps in the nick of time
that i can fold your little chair
and put it in my mind

and place it with my treasures
things i've had since i was a boy
with my most treasured memories
horses and toys

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Poem for a sleeping child

Poem for a sleeping child   

There’s a wish to wander in your cool innocence
and cruise the thoughttides of no
responsibility—so easily you wipe your
shoeless feet on the ever waiting door
mat of socialization. How can I help you keep your 
tender "souls" intact—your tread from
wearing thin out of align so as not to
fall flat. Your easy grace put to an 
unfair test of ill-will winds blowing
carelessly at your soft back. I long for your sweet
calm at rest so deep so empty filled with
solid happiness—you know you are loved 
beyond any measure that’s human or infinite. If
I could walk with you for a moment and peek
quietly at your conscience-----but no-it's yours  
and no Dooleys allowed. Forgive me to 
want to intrude on your ever pleasant play-would you
share with me like the kernel of rice or
squashed raisin-I might, but only if we all
can go. Keep it hold it for as long as you
can-as it suddenly disappears without a trace
never to be found again lest you become your 
own sondaughter and learn to bask on 
the outside looking in—---and be content. I 
will live to never intrude on your soulspace,
but will always knock first. I am sorry ahead 
of time for any pain I cause—for my mat 
was torn treaded , muddy and ragged—my
sleep had no wanting witness. But I promise
to watch over you      all ways.

Dave Collins collincd. Song, Poem for a sleeping child, by Kevin Ubanks
Spring 1991

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Thracian Eve

Subsequent the fog walls act
white solitaire of dampness sway
the sovereign tall of woods display
- adaxial their lives protract.

Amidst the woods and in the haze
diffused in air's the deep green light
advertent nymph's in veils white
- and ancient Thracian spirits' phase.

An aisling she appeared and ere
her solitude his stare absorbed
she spelled his name - a song birds curbed
- betrothal mountains' claim of ne'er.

A melody of singing aves
upon the slopes where lantern-moons
interconnected with the tunes,
- aloneness of her festal Eves.

Belike beams floated on air streams
the Gods invited while fog's soars,
agremones clothe ancient wars
entwined with Strymon's seaward themes.

Aberdevines on Thracian wold
and nightingales' expanded song
the mountain mists embrace erelong
- abthane the temples eyes behold.

She fled to sooth on ether's heights
steep slopes that mortals followed thence
amid the thyme their lives commence
when nightingales invite the nights.

© G. V., 05-24-2013 All rights reserved
(Ode - Iambic tetrameter)

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A Breath of Time

In youth we shared a breath of time
I cherish yet today.
The plans we made for life ahead
Would soon be underway.
The dreams we shared, those lofty dreams,
Were all within our reach;
As we both planned to sail away
To learn what time could teach.

Then time took on a quickened pace,
It hastened more and more.
Our hopes and dreams became the wings
To lift our hearts and soar.
When they took flight they carried us
Away from all we knew,
And in a fleeting breath of time
I sailed away from you.

I drifted aimless out to sea,
Alone and cast aside,
While everything I’d ever known
Was swallowed by the tide.
I rode the waves, withstood the storms
And cursed the loathsome cost.
I thought I’d wander evermore
Without the love I lost.

Then time allowed another chance
That cold and stormy night,
When I returned to captured scenes
Of whence we first took flight.
To see us there, embraced by time,
In moments fond and dear,
Rekindled embers of the bond
That haunted me each year.

We cannot know the yet to be,
The yesterdays slipped by;
But we can grow in love and hope
And by our faith we’ll fly.
So take my hand and join me now,
Let’s learn what God has willed;
For in this fleeting breath of time
Our dreams can be fulfilled.

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Thank you for the happiness you bring to me,

A restless life, a sleepless days and never ending chores.

Thank you for the mess you make in our home.

The evidence you showed I'm not alone.

I feel my worth every time I see you smile.

You make things possible in front of my eyes.

I learned the meaning of patience and  love.

You gave my life  a reason to survive.

I was young, life has just started.

When I first held a hands of an angel.

The utmost emotion that anyone could feel,

A boundless bliss I treasure 'til these eyes rest in peace.

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Lovers On A Rainy Day

Out on the porch for a little recess
From life's daily chores, listen to raindrops
Pitter-patter, musical sounds request
From gentle breeze, which stirs windchimes non-stop
Nature's orchestra plays as in hammock relaxed lay
A novel to read or just nap away
Afternoon quietly, what more pleasure
Maybe do something risque
Meet with lover, love away rainy day
In deep caresses our love we'll measure

The flame will burn higher as our desire
Rises with each kiss and loving caress
As the rain's rhythm sets mood, love's red fire
Glows as love to each other we confess
Romancing to rain's music dance and sway
Raindrops, roses, love's desire only glows
Lover so glad you could be companion to
Maybe do something risque
As on the love seat, inflamed we repose
Not needing love potion our love to renew

Lover so glad that I met you today
Out on porch listening to rain's rhythm
Stirring music in my soul fears allay
Perfectly matched love's biorhythm
There are now no fears or life's dismay
Love come take me away to higher realm
Come, stay, don't just wait life's rainy day to
Maybe do something risque
Hold, caress, don't wait 'til life overwhelms
Love come stay please don't ever bid adieu

Sponsor:Cyndi MacMillan
Contest: An Ode To Small Comfort On a Rainy Afternoon

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My Sweet Girl

On a lonely night at 11 pm, a bored boy tried social networking again He wrote on his wall, he played some games, and he checked his online friends for some familiar names There it was all alone, a girl who was lonely too, what could come of this? Who knows? A message sent to her and one was sent back A few more messages and we were on the right track A movie date first, a sledding date after, Valentine’s Day night was filled with hugs and laughter Then under the moon light, she looked into my eyes, her giggle made me smile and a kiss sealed the night This girl is my girlfriend my perfect other half, she can fix all my problems with only a laugh Her eyes are like gems, her smile is art, and she is not just pretty she is also so smart You are the best, and that won’t change when you read this I hope you don’t think I am strange

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Ode for Chris

You will never fade from my heart, dear friend
Though my words to you are now heaven sent
For eighteen years you brought joy to my life
And so many times you erased my strife

When the world outside seemed so harsh and mean
You wiped my slate clean, changed the scene
Showed me that love could exist without pain
Or sexual desires, personal gain

Together we clung as a sweet friend died
You offered love as she suffered and cried
The peace you added to her life I shared
Because I had someone who truly cared

Just wanted to make things right for others
You were my soul mate, my spiritual brother
You came to me when you learned you’d soon die
I held you so close; in my arms you cried

But it wasn’t for yourself these tears were shed
You worried for me, hanging by a thread
I watched you pass from this world to the next
In your last hours you said you felt blessed

Your faith was so strong that you had no fear
Your belief in eternal life was clear
I look to the skies now, call out your name
And in my life you will always remain

A beacon of hope that still casts its light
Your presence surrounds me, its force so bright
I’m so grateful you saw something in me
That made you my friend for eternity

*Entry for the Ode to a Friend contest
Dedicated to Chris Codd, my dear friend who died Christmas Day, 2005

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If I had to paint a picture of me loving God what would I see

If I had to paint a picture of me loving God what would I see?
would I see a portrait of a person who walks in truth and honesty?

In order to paint a picture of me loving God 
I would have to access all the experiences that to me life did impart
did I have a good relationship with my mom and my dad?
was it loving and supportive or distant and sad?
did I get along with my siblings? did we look out for each other?
did we play and love each other like true sisters and brothers?
were my needs being meet? did I ever learn to trust and believe?
am I balanced enough to cope according to the lessons in life I've received?

Multi-generational, familial or systemic social receptions
all of this has played a part in my life perceptions
we all have distortions in every aspect of our living
we now must deal with the reality at this time we've been given

was my life exactly as I remember? or are there things that I've repressed?
are there issues that are buried inside me that now make me depressed?
deep-seated anxiety, personal pain and high expectations
feelings of inadequacy, destructive criticism and bouts of frustration
we all have issues that we now need to bring out and discuss
in order to have authentic relationships we need to have real trust
we all have some brokenness that needs to be healed 
so that our full love for the Lord God can one day be revealed

God is not distant like a CEO in the corporate tower
God is not pressuring us with His omnipotent power
God does not keep score He just watches over our souls
God is fair and just and doesn't set for us high goals
God is all embracing He nurtures, instructs and forgives
He's kind, patient and loving in this life to us He did give  

So if I had to paint a picture of what it looks like for me to love God
it would be a colorful canvas of emotions, perceptions and reflections from my heart

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My Confession

It is hard to really tell you The beauty of this man For many simply find it Too hard to understand They laugh, they smile, and tease As I describe his every being They just can’t fully see The splendor that I’m seeing Though he is just a character I really can care less He is real in this crazy heart of mine So give your teasing a rest! His hair is black as ebony His voice as smooth as milk It reminds me of dark chocolate sliding across oiled silk His face is pale and serious With black eyes that pierce your own His grimness makes me envious In this world he is alone His nose is hooked—but not too much! And his rare smiles are divine His black robes add a vicarious touch I wish he could be mine! As far as personality goes, I say, he’s quite the charmer! Dexterously shielded by a past of foes Beneath his shame of honor Sometimes he’s angry, but mostly glum Rarely is he content He lost his love, cold and lonesome Sarcasm is his lament! Alone he lingers in the dark Torn and set apart No one knows he has left a mark Right smack-dab on my heart! I stared intently at book and screen When they first came on Every word he utters is like a dream And then again—he’s gone! Nevertheless he leaves me With a feeling so grand At loss of words from the awe he gives me A joy that no one understands Can I help but swoon and gape, At the great professor Severus Snape? *Note: Although Alan Rickman is a contributing factor to my obsession, I’m seriously just in love with the character…and that is my confession!

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To the Pint

O Guinness, lovely Guinness,
Irish black rose of the night.
I drink in your beauty,
a wonderment of sight!
Velvety raven body,
filling out that cold glass,
I look into your dark eyes,
you wicked, sassy lass.
I watch your tiny bubbles
cascade down and sigh,
like feather-like snowflakes
falling down from the sky.
Your heavenly head leaves
foam above my lip,
I cherish our shared moments
with each tender sip.

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 5 Final)

This new born day I celebrate your souls release from guilt n’ captivity since that day you 
felt a carnal touch of sin within as your hands played poetically upon the curves of your dead 
lover’s silken skin…
I know now  you made your way to the top of the rocks to plant a tree to guard this sacred 
place where I fell from thee n’ you repeated the poetic chant of love’s abandoning to follow 
me into our karmic destiny…

On that fateful day your soul bled away at the top of this crest by a solitary juvenile tree, 
your body of words fell to the rocks at the base of this cliff, embroidered into the blood of 
The one who would hold a feather to her face on this crest by the sea n’ remember finally 
the days gone by of you n’ me, our deaths from love’s abandoning when you my love were 
lost to this world n’ me for ten centuries…

I now await destiny as we will love forever more with immortal hearts…

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' The Face Of Love '

Will I Recognize… The Face Of Love?
Or the Wonderful, Bedazzled Appearance of:
A Moon-kist Meadow, Hushed and Dark
A Solitary Silhouette, this Beauty Mark,
Windswept Grasses, like a Babe’s Soft Lashes
Rippling across Earth, that’s smooth as a Cheek.
In the Hushed and Flowery Scented Air…
Your Face of Love Materializes, Silvery, Full
The Face of Love … is Unforgettable.

From the Face of Love … Will I Withdraw?
The Face of Love without Any Flaw;
As a Canopy of Clouds with the Splendor of Sunbeams
Piercing past the fluffy powder of Heaven, to Radiate Gleams
A Classical Cameo-Sculpture, Perfect Profile Structure
Yea… in the Bright Beacons, I see Your Smile
In the Illumed, Clear Sky, ‘Your Face’
Can Love’s Face be Touched … Attainable?
The Face of Love … is Unforgettable.

The Face of Love … I Have Visualized,
Potent, Breathtaking, The Vision Rised;
From a Sunlit Lake, Winking as Would Diamonds.
Your Face of Love, Emerging from Far Beyond
The Depths of the Lake, as My Heart Quaked,
because of the Wavering Portrait’s Peace
because of Water-Color Caresses.
That Face of Love, was so Tangible.
The Face of Love … so Unforgettable

The Face of Love … has Gazed Upon
Dreams of Mine, the World’s Not Known
… Out of the Woodland’s Emerald Mist
With Drops of Dew, Love’s Face Kissed
The Framing Boughs; My Relaxed Brow.
Floating… Breathing out the Mist of Morn Light
That I may Sketch Your Face of Love, in Life.
The Face … More Handsome, than Sons of the Womb, is Possible…
The Face of Love … is Unforgettable

(For A Medieval-Tongued Poet, I Found Here at The Soup...
          Ismael Nieves, this one's for you Kiddo

                                 Mistress MoonBee

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Ode to Tai-Ana at Age Ten and Far Away


Oh, gentle child, how doth my heart still burn
thine absence half a decade spent in vain
to break the bonds that tie, that fett’ring chain
that holds me from embracing  thee, thyself  in turn.

Thine all enchanting smile, piercing eyes–
thy flailing arms, the limbs, with rhythmic stroke – 
responses soundless to the silent words I spoke
to thee before from thee Fate forced me from thy cries.

I watched thee grow through temp’rate times of yore – 
remembering the gall’ry of my mind.

‘Twas all I had.

Oh, gentle child, how doth my heart still ache
thy presence all too far in distant land
where careless arms push thee with calloused hand
away from mine where once I swore thee none could take.

Thine eyes with tears I shared I shed alone
so thou might never feel the agony
the anguish, loss of my identity,
thy father, thee my offspring, daughter, dearest one.

I watched thee grow through chilling times, and more – 
remembering thy portrait in my mind.

‘Twas all I had.

.			3

Oh, gentle child, how doth my soul yet yearn
those many hours oft upon my breast
thy head thou laid safe harbor for thy rest,
thy questions,  mind alert, thy hungering to learn.

Thy voice I hear through dreams and zephyr breeze,
thou lark by morn by eve the nightingale,
as Dawn and Dusk, Aurora without fail,
thou hast my heart and soul kept warm with ease.

I watch thee grow, and will,  forever more – 
remembering thy sculpture in my mind.

‘Tis all I have.


Until we are as one renewed
some future date somewhere awaits
when thou her servant dare to flee 
that which with thee so long accrued
where here I love and there she hates
that wily witch who bindeth thee. 

Break loose those  prison bars that bind
thy tired wings that flap in vain – 
Renew thy pledge at length to find
thy youthful freedom once again.
Then shalt thy flags fly high aloft
while eagles scream thy freedom song,
while robins chirp with redbreast, soft – 
all a capella – pure and long.

Then both our souls shall share their peace,
a father and his daughter, found
to spend their lives on borrowed lease
to live and die on hallowed ground.

Thus, take, Tai-Ana, this, my prayer
that fathers and their children hear
of this solemnity
that children here and everywhere
ne’er shed a sad though soulful tear
for all eternity.


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Love in the Air

Pictures on a shelf,
Cards with sweet thoughts received,
If I thought I was happy,
I was just self-deceived

Till this day has come,
And with it you,
The most beautiful woman,
That I ever knew.

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Lament to Lone Coyote

This pain in my heart is out of control,
for life without you has deeply wounded my soul.

Bitter-sweet memories flood my weary brain,
as this heartache and grief drive me insane.

Your part in my life, a blessing I treasure;
and love for my Coyote is far beyond measure.

You are at peace and suffer no pain.
This, alone, be my comfort to keep me half sane.

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Ode to you

It is not how you look, 
But how I see you, 
With chaste heart and pure eyes, 
I solemnize you, 

My beloved, 
I restraining my fervent blood, 
To be recognize not, 
I quietly awake, 

But you bed yourself in my lines, 
As in placid lakes, 
Or wave-foam

Earth music
Seas fragrance
In you, 

Nakedly clear, 
And beautiful to me, 
Whether it is your strong hands, 

On my breast, 
At a primal touch, 
Or your ultra thick lips, 

Like a musical instrument, 
The essentials of your skin, 
Color and redolence.

The deep landscape 
And meekness of your eyes.

You steal my breathe in a verse, 
And I keep writing to you my love.


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First Love

First Love

Her eyes showed me a way,
Her unique smile let my tears go away,
Her Beautiful face made me to say,
Is this Love, or what???

Started to have feeling of love,
Started to behave nicely and different,
Started to smile when there was no reason to smile,
Still, Is this Love, or what??

Tried to approach her, but felt belittled, lowly, shy,
Tried to ask her for date, but felt afraid, scared, shocked,
Tried to express my love, felt would be rejected, hurt, unheard,
Well still, Is this love, or what?

I can fix anything, why not this thing,
I can talk to any girl, why not this girl,
I can really convince anyone, why not this one,
Came before many girl, why not this girl.

Do please not tell me its just nothing,
Do tell me how to do something about this thing...Love,
Do tell me anything about this thing…Love,
Will there be rejection or appreciation??????????

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Ode to a friend

oh friend, dearest of friends, nearly six months it has been since love has bound you in its sinister, yet none-the-less-attractive ties
	how naive you are but that’s what i admire ,your ability to hold fast to a hope that was not readily available .
	I believe you know it will never happen but you still cling to images of the things that could've been: A moonlit walk on the beach, a candlelit dinner, a first kiss. All worth remembrance but, not worth remembering just the same.
	oh friend, dearest of friends i see your naivety but i envy you.  this is more perplexing to me than any question ever asked. I suppose the answer lies with me. But where?  
	no one will ever know unless they believe all they're told.
	no one can answer the question never asked

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Love is a Sacrifice

You have my soul, but you have your fate Whatever your words, I’m willing to take You have my word; I’ll give you my breath It’s like a chain that would never be break You are my love with all my heart, I’ll fight for you with all my might. And in the way, you admire your goals, You hold my hands, but not so close. As you go to your chosen path, I’ll accept the fact that we will be apart. In the dark side, I leave behind Within my faith, that you’ll arise Please don’t look back, coz I’m fighting still I’m hurting so much! Don’t want to have you near I accept my fate for what it does, I’m bleeding so much, do you know for whom it was? You reach your goals, as you want to have, Would you remind the man that gave what he had? As you reach the stars, and be the one Be a sun that shines its own. After the rain, the rainbow comes, Like dark in the moon, when the light flash A glimpse from you at least a short For then I knew my pain is worth.

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Brothers and sisters
Of mine,
Children of heavenly
Gather under the banner
Of our immortal
And pray
For love to bring    
To mortals’ hearts
And nothing 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    21 January 2013

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An ode to a young lady

As a youth of 
fourteen, I saw you 
With silky hair 
waving, waving 
along the cheecks,
You nodded, talked, 
moving hands, trod,
I could not hear, but 
lovely lips played.
Fancy I more, and 
more lose sense,
What charm, what 
what power you 
This sight I sought 
whenever I drearmed,
Nothing I want, if i 
see you once again.
Alas! What I call the 
destiney, that takes 
you far away?
The void feels ghastly, 
and mush is in tumult;
Wherupon I seek u? 
Whereupon I perch?
Loneliness my 
destiney, I am robbed 
of the rest, 
How long I live alone? 
How long tolerate?
Let me go 
unconscious, let me 
annihilate .


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Daydream Love

You are simply a work of art.
I’ve known it from the very start, 
But you won’t find me hittin’ on ya.

For I’m just an old guy 
With a twinkle in his eye;
Happy just to gaze upon ya.

My old heart quickens it pace
Each time I see your pretty face,
A face that every man should see.

Sometimes, just for a while,
Each time I see you smile,
I imagine it's just for me.

And, when I hear your voice,
For just a moment, I rejoice.
Yes, it’s music to these old ears.

But more than a work of art,
You’re warm and funny and smart.
Simply a beautiful person, my dear.

Though with you I’m quite smitten,
My words are respectfully written;
And every word is  true.

But, if I weren’t so old,
If I were better looking and a little bold,
I would simply say, “I love you.”

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When I was young and in my time
I surely took my fill 
I lived it on the line, 
Scarred memories linger still
But the years have slowed me down,
I'm fading by the day 
Things I used to long for
Don't mean that much today 

Though it's strange how love grows 
How it ebbs and it flows...  

I have a light that shines for me 
Day and night, it burns endlessly  
From the lunacy of youth
To the normalcy of now
She loved me through it all 
She loved me anyhow
This flame has never died 
This flame has never died. 

And I for my own part 
I do the best I can  
But I suffered from the sins  
That make a man a man 
I walked the devil's road 
That jagged my soul in two 
Now I'm sticking to the path 
That keeps me strong with you.

Though it's strange how love grows 
How it ebbs and it flows...

I have a light that shines for me 
It burns bright,  it burns endlessly 
As fortune flies and fades 
In triumph and dismay 
She loved me through it all 
She loved me anyway 
This flame has never died 
This flame has never died.

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Danger love

subtle it starts, those thoughts of you
so cunning and quick, little I can do
with each pounce unexpected
claws dug in my mind
Love has me infected
no cure to find . . . .

loudly it roars! with every heartbeat
I sense the excitement
a moments defeat
my soul so enlightened
and still my knees weak.

Unable to run, no sense in escape
hooked by those eyes
im caught in a state
by the antics of fate.

So here I stand, to you to surrender
you've won the heart
of a vagabond roaming
upon you to ponder,
however still knowing
your truelly a wonder
my smile fondly showing.

companions, companions, together to be
for that is the wish of the lover in me,
you're beauty is your nature
you're nature is free
tamed not by no master
amazing to see.
lets travel together, in search of a place
where we rest assured, our love shows its face.

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Love's dance

Sweep[ me off my feet
Walk me to the dance floor
Slide your hands on my arms
Shake me to my very core
Twirl me out bring me in
Hold me from the back
As we sway and we groove
Passion neither of us lack
Dip me so smoothly
As you kiss my neck
Pull me back up
My heart i must check
I crave you so much
Even from our very first glance
Fall into forever with me
As we indulge in love's dance

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Your Presence

Your Presence 

A Spring’s morning breeze
                       Your presence is,
A blooming rose of the Summer’s
A colorful leaf of an Autumn’s
A pure snowflake of Winter’s 

A golden ray of the setting sun 
                               Your presence is,
A shimmering star glowing with
A glittering rainbow after
                                     The storm,
A silver drop of dew on a stunning 

A Beethoven’s symphony your 
                                     Presence is,
A sweet harmony coming from
But most of all your presence
The endless melody of the song
                                         Of Love!

© Demetrios Trifiatis

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The Fairy Tale

The story of a  fairy 
Legendary , merciful
The most beautiful 
Birth of a Prince
The luckiest of all 
They met amidst the heavenly clouds
Ascend of the stars     
They met 
In the bright moonshine 
All the heavens angel
Cursed out the demons
 Created was Eve
allures of the universe
A little frail 
Thus began 
The truest Fairy Tale

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Love is a thing which perches in soul
and never dies for those who parts
forever and dies reluctantly for all
those who deal it with dull verve hence finally retards.

Its intensity can never be matched
by any way, any sense or any being
the loveliness of soul which initially hatches
in eyes and finally lead to an undying thing.

The iniciated feeling kisses the eye and lead
the body to shiver and form an never ending joy
joy which increases with senses and feed
the soul with luxury of peerless eyes and soothing joy.

When eyes fall on thine god, a material being
a wave travel from eyes to soul
and leave us shocked and lead us to drowse in feeling
of the cosmic one more beauteous, pretty then all.

A word from her soft coloured lips is treat
for your soul and finally try to speak
to that elf, an everlasting meet
in your brain did relive forever and make thee week.

But when you have conversed enough and all
secrets did revealed, the enthusiasm, the joy, the love
starts to retard and mighty love starts to fall
and fall all thy passions, thy deity thine happy dove.

Your drowsing in happy feeling, thine everlasting thing
decrease by degrees, you being unknown
the thing which use to shiver thine ere being
your love dwindles while thine body had grown.

But after ages when ye become pallid and calm
its assistance ye need or when you lay in despair
in this material world, it seems the only balm
which provide thee love and care.

A never ending charm an ethereal soul
which lift the mortal man from dying and and taking birth
and make life and death traveling journey for all
  except those in whose nature there is love's dearth.

                                                                                                      AKASH SANGWAN

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Stammer out from an extinguished flame
Breath-in the boast of your perfume
My lips to awaken from the living dead
Come once more my lady to kiss me bright
Headstones yield their names to the earth
Autumn leaves fall without reflection
In the presence of the shattered night
Bring up the dust of casual sacrament
To this season an eternity of sorrow
Now driven by fierce alliance
To know heaven for both to fall
Here we find together only mortality
Then cake will be ours with joy and
Soft cigars and you shall honor me with
Your deep ways and love of heart

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One Day

One day, with these small hands I will forge the future. 
One day, with my small feet I will walk for miles and miles just like you taught me.
One day, with this small mouth I will say things, oh so sweet and try not to say the bad.
One day, I will stray from you and from all you have taught me. 
One day, I will realize I make mistakes and will apologize for my ignorance. 
One day, this small child you see will grow and make you proud. 
One day, I will find love and start a life of my own. 
One day, I will have children and teach them all you have taught me. 
One day, I will hold your hand like you held mine through all of the heartache. 
One day, I will carry you as you did me when I was but a child.
One day, but through it all never forget, I am forever your loving child. 

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For my mother's birthday

Dear Lord thank You for a mother
who stayed through it all with us,
who has shown us the way to church,
because in You today I trust.
Thank You for every hardship she faced
for she has taught us sacrifice
now I can give my all to You,
nothing else would have sufficed.
Thank You Lord for all her toil
because she represents great strength
for even in adversity
she persevered through great a length.

If anyone be candidate
let it be her You honour Lord
for You know all about her struggle
and surely You are her reward.
I praise You greatly for Her life
my life without her could not be,
show her Your favour without measure
for everything she's meant to me.


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Ode to Sarcasm

Sarcasm, such a delightful sound
Though who dwells in every place
What would I do without you around?

Sarcasm, you flow with such profound grace
Bathing the world with your halfhearted truth
Many sides you have to your twisted face

Why would anyone not love you?
Sometimes harsh, thou always lift
Lifts my spirits with words anew

Thine own power a wonderful gift
A gift, no doubt, like no other
You appearance always sweet and swift

Without thee the world would have no color
In a world without color I would die!!
Sometimes bright, other times dark—you’re a wonder!

You make me laugh and sometimes cry
Sarcasm, you are perfect for me!
At times I can barely understand why

I wish I could make the whole world see
Like the greatest joy you make life worth while
If only they could see your beauty

Why? Why are you so? Never mind you make me smile
You fit into every place, you’re elastic
You hold the world together like grout does tile

Sarcasm, thou who art so fantastic
Oh how I love being sarcastic…

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December Harvest Fest

 Silent sighs as a remorseful tear taps the ground
 Babies mama be sure to do it differently if theres ever a 
second go roun'
 Lets start decoratin' next years tree
 Plump pumpkins for the world to see
 In our hearts is the December Harvest Fest
 Tis the season to show all your love to the very best
 Come ye friends and fam as its all the same
 We'll dance and celebrate all thru the city with no name
 So be it my fusselbator or lil miss giz
 I simply cant miss this
 And an ode to my duo of All American teen divas
 All my love even if ya are Beliebas

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On the wings of two angles I was brought into this world…
My mother and father I’ve called them since I first spoke,

To their arms I ran when I first walked…

When my heart was not calm

Their love would come…

When no one believed
They saw what others couldn’t see
When I would cry
With a calm sigh they would smile
And the whole world would stop and the pain would die…
They taught me to not lie…
They taught me to be human…
On the wings of two angels I was brought into this world…
My mother…her beauty puts the stars to shame….
My father…his heart stronger than all the men that walk among us…

I thank my lord for giving me
The biggest treasure on this world,
Love that is clearly out of this world…
Thank you…
????? ????

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The Power of Love

Love you are powerful
your power is so strong
every one bows to you
every lover seek you
every human need you 
in their life to be happy

Just a touch of your hand
can heal a wounded soul
your gentle voice soothes
the ache and pain of a shattered life
sometimes your flame can burn and bruise
but your tenderness is a balm that cures and mends the broken

No one can escape from your embrace
you keep stirring and raging
till your demands are followed
you melt and soften the hardest heart
and warmed it again after feeling cold for so long

You treat everyone alike whatever their stature in life
be they king or slave, master or servant, rich or poor
they feel the same emotions under your shadow
your beguiling ways and beauty ensnares
the timid, the bold, the proud and faint hearted

You bewitch and put them under your spell
and make them follow you wherever you lead
you are fair and just and knows no differences
you cross social boundaries of color and religion
and merge them together under your wings

Love you are a gift of life 
that spring from the beginning of time and creation
you are divine and eternal and forever
ever blooming like a rose in all seasons
in the garden of life that dwells in the heart

You bring joy and beauty to life
by giving meaning and purpose to existence
everything fades away but not you
you are ever present to give hope
your light shines and burns eternally

You are a beacon that beckons
every wanderer who are lost in this journey
and every seeker who tries to pursue you
your path leads to all the the riches of life
that only the heart knows and understands

Whoever have you in his life
has found the real treasure
that material things can never replace
you are the essence of life the core of every being
love how can one live without you?

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Love In Exile

You reinvented me
giving me a rebel's energy,
providing license for my love to sing
the touch of your soul meaning everything,

From us wild words arose
speaking of history and stars we chose,
expecting too much of Destiny
venturing on through wilderness and purity,

Inspiration innocent in it's infliction
made us bleed for need of salted affection,
exhibitionists with effrontery for the eyes of etiquette
expressionism unfolding humanism from stellar grit,

When wisdom had no mercy
she was a woman feminine in fury,
wanting to be stronger than truth
when I said I love you she demanded no proof,

All she wanted was a pretty poem
poetry that brings happiness home,
so we made substance of swagger
feeding life gold mined from passion's matter -


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An Ode To My Beloved

I just wanted to let you know
That I have this love for you...
Although I'm not fast to show
For you, there's nothing I wouldn't do
And I can't control this love
No matter what I try to do...

While I know our lives are separating
Which has got me pretty blue
I just want you to know
How much I love you...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

Oh how I still see you every night in my mind
You're the best girl I feel I'll ever find
And when my eyes would fall upon your smile
My heart would be put on trial
And so if nothing else, I want to let you know
That I'll always love you, that my hearts beat
For you, won't ever slow...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

So I wish you happiness beyond compare
And sorry for the times I couldn't help but stare
Caring, passionate, smart, and loving
From my heart, to you, I'll never be shoving

You will always be in my heart
No matter where we go, how far we drift apart...

Goodbye My Love...

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Love At First Party

Meeting you, Opend a new world in me

a world that with out you I might never see

love...never thought it would be worth being a member

Yet a fondness ignited, like a burning ember

A night to remember with all my might 

Your beautys got me twisted and im high as a kite

We partyed untill morning sun shown

You left me with a feeling like i had just flown

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Ode to Love and Beauty

Having said what I said,

Having done what I did,

I will never keep my head

short of spirit or down with regret.

Alone in my agony, alone in

my dynasty, I will stand still

and dig and have things to hammer out.

Shall I stop? Shall I thus wait and weep?

I weep but not at this time

in this place when my words

have turned without sense

without platform to feel pride

and swing aimlessly like birds.

O brothers and sisters of shared

Love and Beauty, keep working

keep living keep soaring in silence.

Chokri Omri
Tunis, Mai 2011

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Stammer out from an unusual flame
Breaths in the boast of your perfume
Be my lips to awaken the love of living
For come once more lady to kiss me bright
Your head strong ways yield to name the earth
Autumn leaves fall without recollection
In the presence of the cracked leaves.
Bring up the dust of casual sacrament
To this season my eternity of death
Now driven by your fierce scrutiny
Toward heaven for both of us to fall
Here we find together rumors of mortality
The cake will be ours with lamb and
Soft cigars and you shall honor me with
Deep feelings and heart

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From the Amorous Shepherd to His Flock: a Parody of Lord Byron's ''She walks in beauty''

THEY graze in beauty on the land
     of grassy glades and dewy dales,
and all that's best of dark and tanned
     meets in their aspect and their tails;
thus mellowed to that tender hand
     which Shepherd to gentle glen compels.

One fleece the more, one hair the less,
     had half repaired the shearless grace
which wreathes in every woolen tress
     or darkly tightens o'er their face,
where mouths serenely sweet express
     how pure, how dear their grazing-place.

And on that rump and o'er that round
     so strong, so firm, yet elegant,
the baas that win, the hooves that bound,
     but tell of days in meadows spent—
a flock at peace with all around,
     a drove whose milk is innocent.

01/26/2014, "First Poem On Soup" Contest

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An Ode to a Memory

You stand there oh so tall,
bringing shame to those
who came before you
and still you expose

Their greatest weakness
is that they can’t compare
to your silhouette
and no it’s not fair.

They try to make me happy,
thinking maybe one day
she’ll see through this shell and
see the color beyond this grey.

Sadly, they are mistaken
there is no other that can make 
my heart a broken record
and still I find it breaks.

Broad shoulders,
a golden mane,
my eyes are blurred
I forgot your name.

Like Atlas you grasp
my world in your palm
I sing of you now and then
as though you were a psalm.

You’ll always be there.
Never will you leave,
the magical memory
of make-believe.

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Ode To Pretty Cat

            Ode To Pretty Cat

My cat has female inclinations when it purrs
It does not speak in English using words
But has a perfect soul
Pretty Cat gets by, with its billowy fur

Prefers not fighting and takes flight
At any sign of danger or such notions
Avoids all confrontations
Wears his fluffy yellow hair like gold
He spreads out on his pillows that are its oceans
Unfolds, unfurls his coat in thick proportions
Spoiled, preened and cleaned in lotions
He’s such a pretty boy

Curtains hang as clouds, as distractions
Such fun and dangling’s, to drag them down, as pleasure toys
We smother him in kisses, emotions and affections 
He’s such a pretty thing
Who simply glows
He’s almost human 
It is a life of comforts, slumbering all day 
I would love to be with kitty all the time
But work and life get in the way
So I must work so Pretty Cat can play

It dreams in feline tiny mind expressions
Short cat naps at a time of happy things and smiles
Imagines fish and birds served up in style with some cat nip
Pretty Cat has no place to go so it grows fat
We pet him for hours while he rolls on his back
I just love being with my little friend 
A true city kitty cat

Though he is very old he stays real sweet and pretty
My heart jumps, as it attacks the string I hold
It clings to it and swings with fevered paws
As bright green eyes follow like a tick tock clock
Pendulum like as the one thing in life he likes a lot

It is through comfort found in twine and string
My cat and I find true happiness in things

When I’m with Pretty Cat problems fade far away
Dissolve and melt into tomorrow with no sorrow
Where beauty alone cannot keep his lustrous eyes awake
Our play time has no measure in the hours
I always find pure pleasure with that Pretty cat of mine

Created on 11/04/14 for  “Pets” -Poetry Contest	  

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An ode to cotton

My little white fluff ball
I think all the kittens will grow
Soft and sweet
up to be healthy and strong the
Small and calm
way they should be when they
She is as sweet as candy
should be. I think they will love. 
She plays all day  and sleeps all night.

Anyone who will love them. 
They are small but strong.
 I know they will have	great lives ahead of them
She loves to have fun 
Her small blue eyes glowing, tiger with his new owner 
Ash and Cotton with us. 
I love cotton just as much as the others.
She love her siblings 
She is small and loud		
I love her lots
She weaves between the gates
And runs after her brothers tail
I wish she was more quick.
I still love her with all my heart
Like I love ask and tiger her brothers
They are all sweet and they are like little rabbits.
I hope they grow up to be big and strong
My little angles they may seem now but
What about when they are older?

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I wrote for you my best love song
I sing it everyday.
The melody from your kisses
The words from your every smile

I wrote for you my best love song
To sing a never ending love
The rhythm from your laughter
The notes from each step you take

Each day I sing you in my mind
I play you on my heart
I hum you in my whispers
I strum you in my eyes

I wrote for you my best love long
As only a mother could write
To the child who gives her laughter
Son…my best love song is you

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Ode to Humphrey

The"tail" I have to tell, starts off really sad.
My sweet doggie Murphy died and my heart, it hurt so bad.
Until one day in early spring, I got a call that made my heart sing!
There were some puppies born in Waco, the daddy -Jasper, and mommy- Juneau.
Four little boys, three little girls. But the picture of one boy, made my heart twirl!
So I waited for a week or two, to meet my little puppy-oh so new!
I named him Humphrey, such a handsome boy! He has brought  laughter back and oh what a joy! He's super cute, and very smart. Many would say, he's a work of art!
He's learning new tricks, and how to potty outside. So many rules to learn and abide!
Humphrey is growing so quickly, the puppy breath will soon disappear. He will be an adult in less than a year! Every stage of his life is a blessing from above. I guess that's the true meaning of what we call "puppy love".

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Love In Tranquility

Between the beauty of blossoms,
Did she really stand, was the chasm,
The chills on my spine stung deeper,
Towards her, when I walked closer.
Move they, her lips, afar,
With a rose, as I walked under the shooting star,
Lay still, the thorn in me to form a scar,
Which felt, like a prisoner broke open the bar.
Mountain sized expectations,
Dropped rose and rejection,
Every petel of its plead resurrection,
Solemnly for the love acquisition,
With a creed of her fingers' touch,
On my walking away from the evading lust,
Tranquil footsteps then whispered,
Her finger to the rose's stem then touched!
The broken wing of the pegasus and the rising fire,
There she picked up the rose from the filthy mire,
Running with the stolen bliss, without tire,
Wrists on the chest of the native of Ahemshire,
Inked has she, her legacy,
With acceptance and to fly higher.
Night under the velvet cloud then bent,
For this moment and love to be reminiscent!

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Ode To Marriage

Can I have this hand in marriage dear,
Can you grace me with "I do",
Let the angels sing to Heaven,
Let my heart soar with their tune.
Let us seal our love for we two,
Let no others interfere,
Let Evil, with his one good eye,
Attempt to trick and snare.
Let Age pass on his cares to us,
For bound, we are as one,
We'll ride the heady winds of joy,
Until another song is sung.
Until another song is sung, my love;
We'll drink the drink of fools;
Let passion be our compass,
And a blinding trust our rule.
Let us plant the seeds of new life,
That through Time will resonate,
Let our names be always dear to those,
Who set them on their fate.

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Atstan Impressario

An Angelo Arab, you had immense spirit
dappled grey with a huge leap  over fences.
Your stable name was Tom, pedigree name
too much of a mouthful for every day use.

In your stable you were a terror to my grooms
pulling faces and hunching up your back as if
to bite or even kick. It was all show you just
wanted to be left alone, a true one person horse.

No other could ride you as you would buck and buck
even going down and rolling to get rid of other riders.
Shoes could be a challenge as you would snatch feet away
or refuse to lift them up, only one blacksmith did you tolerate.

Yet to me and my mother you were so sweet, nickering
a welcome when you saw either of us coming.
You floated over fences winning us many rosettes
when turned out you would race down the jumping lane.

With Sheroake at your heels laughing with glee
you would go up and down time and again.
Then take delight in having a long dusty roll
finally settling down to graze the sweet grass.

Fast as a flash, the clock never a challenge
perfect rounds nearly every  single time.
In one year you went from grade C to grade A
barely 14:3 hands tall yet heart of a giant.
You always held a special place in my heart
many the hours we spent together out riding
or practicing in the paddock, at dressage
you were a real ace act graceful as a swan.

Tom sweet Tom how I loved you 
maybe the more as only I alone
on your back you would tolerate
your love made me feel so proud

Great spirit horse long may you race
the clouds where you now dwell
If I close my eyes I can still hear
the thundering of hooves flying by.

Never again was there a horse
quite like you. I remember your neat
little ears flickering back and forth
as I spoke to you, with a nicker you
would answer me and toss your head.

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- Forever and Always -

I look past the stars and moon and space,
past the dark of the night.
Just to look and see your face,
in a ray of light.

A ray of light that gives me hope,
when I am feeling low.
Or just to speed up the day, 
because it's going slow.

I want the day to be over,
so that I can dream of you.
Think about the times we had,
before god came and took you.

My dreams are filled with happy thoughts,
of before you went away.
It's like your still on Earth today,
just in a better place.

I miss you when I see the light,
that brightens up my room.
Then I remember you are gone,
that you left with the moon.

I wish that I could see your face,
just one more time.
Why didn't god take you away,
when the time was right?

He took you right after,
we got in that stupid fight.
I told you to go away,
until another night.

Well now there is no other night,
for you are gone for good.
I will always regret that light
that took you from the world.

Left when the light,
shines into my room.
Back in the night,
when you left.

I used to love the night,
when the darkness filled my room.
Now I always want the light,
So I can't remember what I did to you.

I blame myself for your death,
though you're already gone.
I didn't really hurt you,
but it feels that way now.

I hope you're better off,
in a place far from me.
Just please, oh please,
don't forget me.

I will always love you,
even if you're gone.
I'll never forget you,
until my time is done.

-This is a poem I made for my friend, Shaun. I miss you-

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For The Woman Who Has It All

Still... still I but aspire to serve your sight,
The measures of dark, streaming mystery,
With eyes deep as night and alive with light,
Your Beauty's as any through history,
An unspent spirit proved by your posture,
Your certain figure made sure, made slender,
Vision of you is like rough emery,
Straining, straining to capture your stature,
As ev'ry artist would hope to render
Such Beauty kept committed to memory.

You're owed no less than a sprawling estate,
To be adorned with pearls, diamonds, and gold,
Yet, as always, I'm impoverished of late,
Affording such precious little, all told;
I just might point out places where wood rots,
And I may, perhaps, soak you in spilled milk,
Since with my savings, best I can do's fall,
As there'd be no most luxurious spots,
I'd offer no furs, no cashmere, no silk,
Not much for the woman who has it all.

'Pon my soul you remain as coarse etches,
A brilliant scar, a shadowy tainting,
The endless subject of endless sketches,
A future masterpiece in oil painting,
The fearsomely delicate carved sculpture;
Of you I make my own melodic code,
As I do this, I do so in your name,
For you are a truly rare-formed rupture,
Bleeding slow, my own melancholic ode,
Writ share 'mongst these words of undying fame.

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Lips Of Honesty

From you I do not hide
the fragile, feral man inside,
in your grace I do confide
crown and pride I put aside,

For in your breath love is true
upon your breasts my eyes burn blue,
a face pure as youth I see in you
in our kiss the divine comes through,

I take you with me through the day
into the wild and amongst the fray,
within my heart you will stay
you are my strength all the way...


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The Best I Can Be

I know all my poems are alike, Repetitive , this is me & the best I can be

I will never contact you
I will never try to reach you
You will always be an illusion
More Real than reality
Make me Dream of you
Indulge me in - the abyss of lust I have for you
Open your self
Let me in
With you let me be
Beloved You are already inside me,
In entirety, for eternity -Ashek Ur Rahaman

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Love of the Ordinary

"Though common, we love.
Ours is one as the cloud that 
holds the rain, when it looses, 'it' 
becomes never-ending.
We love as from the birth of our 
We are the unforseen grace of the 
globe that gilds the graceful and 
the graceless.
Who is pro rata to love?
We love carelessly.
Who loves non-to fear none?
In death, we need not orders to 
Our love is prosaic".

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His message to Mankind was divine love, much louder than 
the desert wind hissing through the tall palm trees;
they heard Him, but sadly contempt built up when
they defiled the Temple by selling and trading instead of praying on their knees...
so Jesus got the whip and the lame and the blind cried out the word, " Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna!

Christ was the faithful servant who was scourged, derided and crucified,
now, is the friend of all who believe in Him, not in a sinful world....
the Redeemer who carried the heavy cross to Calvary and died;
His resurrection was a victory over death making Him the eternal Lord!
Who besides Him is more worthy of God His Father, are we?
Anytime Jesus prayed, He finished that prayer with this holy word, " Hosanna! "

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna!

Nothing has was an unjust and mean world, and so it will be;
they lived for lust, power and money getting greedier than Judas who chose death;
find that good soul that resembles it that poor man who seeks mercy?
We can gather much gold, make him a crown and place it on his bruised head!
And while he sits there waiting for compassion, his feeble voice proclaims," Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna! 

All nations strive for supremacy, making useless and massive weapons so destructive,
they have no love for their neighbors...they hate peace and every beautiful place;
we have made it to this century...will others see a tomorrow not dark and delusive?
Pray like Jesus did and put your fate in the hands of the Almighty who's grace! 
No joy or possession is greater than faith...get up, look up and shout, " Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna!
Hosanna! Hosanna!

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To My Beloved

Above,look! Heaven 

Written by:
Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu.
Dedicated to Leonora 
A unique and lovely 
damsel from the heavens.
Love you so much.

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Love is like a diamond

Shall I compare thee to a sparkling diamond?
For thou bringeth attraction and lust for possession
And in the wave of heat we burrow through the heart,
Sometimes to be heart broken- or cry in palpable joy.
And when rocks do cast lust upon our being-
Death matters less to the joy you bring,
For you are a priceless possession
Who some are ready to place a price upon.

© Ayinla Muyideen Adeleke 23rd of July, 2013

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The face of love

Trying prayer, realising

 it doesn't stop right there.

 You say a prayer and hope

 that its enough, that your

 words of love have reached

 Heaven above. Just stop and

 think how we have asked? Was

 it behind a mask of sorrow and

 shame.Thinking we are not good

 enough to receive a blessed gain.

 We have it all wrong as its what

 Jesus has already done. None are

 worthy its Gods free gift of grace.

 So raise your head, truly open your

 eyes. Look up and realise love does

 have a face, thank you Jesus

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The symmetry of love

How can Euclidian geometry
Describe such perfect symmetry
Such soft and velvet hills
Of love, and drink, it fills
How can such perfection of bend
Of dune that dips to dimple
Be caressed – not a ripple!
As age has passed by
Untouched, as tips of trees the sky
The blue veins tattooed
Under skin inverse to soot
Inverse to rhyme, sublime!
Warm to the touch, the tongue
The taste, the subtle kiss of peach
Always just
Out of reach
The moonlight surrounds the lines
So softly, so sable-brushed
As your sleep smiled breath
My love against soft pillows crushed

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Taffy - Ode to my Dog

The first best friend I ever had,
you run miles in my dreams
You're by my side, you wait for me
You're loyal, you've always been

You never speak a complaining word
and your eyes always smile
You love me unconditionally,
You're open, like a child

And you'll live on here in my heart
for all my days on earth
Not Solomon's mines, nor Fort Knox gold
could equal a good dog's worth

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I rest the rhapsodic morn along rustic shadows,
as if it were a sapphire,
i shall serenade beautifully beneath our efflorescent forests,
my hands await you like a rustic moon,
i shivery surreptitiously in my cashmere bowers,
the harmonies have dale's autumn glow,
the have bough's idyllic fragility,
ahhh, my future love,
my love,
my heart beats eagerly,
between the romance of a piano,
the season's have melody's romantic bough,
i will not wait me surely,
the feathers have glow's sparkling willow,
the lullaby leaps,
your silhouettes run the constellation,
you ,my love,
are my distant,eternal,
and yet, pastoral horizons

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Sexy Curves

In a dark room music plays with a slow beat,
the neon lights make you white panties and bra look like a street. 
You move your body slowly and so sexy to the music,
while i look at you threw the darkness of the room set.

A big silver gun on my hip and a mountain of coke on the table,
and nothing can distract me from the beauty i see dancing so stable. 
Your every move hypnotizes me,
I think I am going blind cause i am beginning not to see. 

I look at your hair how it waves there so perfectly,
your legs move just like i want them to, so delicately.
You touch your breasts and you hold your but,
you give me that look in your eyes like your not wanting to stop. 

You unbutton your bra and cover your breasts with your palms,
the music dies down a  little and calms. 
You walk up to me and than music begins to play,
that's when you start moving your body on top of me and asking me to stay.

You kiss my ear and rub my legs,
your breast rub against my inner pains.
You feel me harder than a rock,
than you decide to grind my cock. 

Your body moves so sexy and slowly to the music that i played,
my body is shaking from all the excitement that is payed. 
You go in for the big finish, and i tell you to get back up,
cause a lady like you should do all that kind of crap. 

Be with me, be with a BOSS,
Who cares if the people i killed ever took a loss. 

Dedicated to all the woman of the world. 
PS: You are not trash, you are not ......... you are precious jewels. Stay that way ladies. I love you all. 


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Mysteries of Human Hairs

Mysteries of Human Hairs Hairs, O’ hairs, O’ lovely ravishing hairs, Fascinating and beautiful, you often resemble, When nicely looked after and softly taken care of. Your beauty and elegance has often inspired, Your softness and shines have captivated many To put their hearts on fire, Your aroma can evoke to extremes, Passion and lust like streams. The lustrous beauty of these hairs, Have raised thousands of wars sacrificing millions, To win only a Helen of Troy and Even great warriors like Ceasar and Antony became a prey, Before the killing magic of your arts and flying colors. Even the ravishing beauties of these hairs, Have charmed many eminent enemies and warriors Besides the millions and millions of moving lovers since ages, Who fall prey to the loveliness of these alluring hairs. Your graceful presence, has produced men of letters, Your locks have killed many, in the history of the world, While many have altered their existence, completely, To win, the beauty of your hanging hair locks and curls, Even the dullness of your hairs too, Have often inspired many wandering lovers and singers. Hairs, O’ hairs, O’ lovely ravishing hairs, When you hang, you look like dark clouds, Playing on the forehead of a woman, By watching such clouds many get lost, In the colors of your showering rains. Many Writers, poets and artists find their inspirations, Under the love and softness of you O' hairs and Many have produced things of beauty and joys forever, While many have found the goal of their life, In the beauty of your lustrous curls and colors, What a strange it is, that still many Would like and love to get sacrificed, In the enchanting flames of hairs, like small flies forever. It is also a hard truth of the world and Of our human life and air that, Even some saints too have fallen prey, Before your enchanting beauty and your alluring colors. Many mighty kings have lost their crown and kingdoms, In the ever tempting beauty of your magnetic curls and shines, To get hold of you, O’ lovely hairs. Kingdoms have fallen like the house of cards and Even most powerful men of this earth, Have lost the edge of their swards, Before the shining, flying and mesmerizing, Beauty of a women’s hair and its penetrating charms. What wealth and gems you hide in your treasure, Making many men and even women, Mad, before the lovely ravishing beauty of you, O’ Hairs. Ravindra Kanpur India 28th Oct 2010 Edited and rewritten on 28th March 2012

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The length of love

Yes, I am guilty, Sir,
Guilty as charged.
I confess, I confess
I know it must be wrong, Sir,
And wring it must be,
Because no-one seems to do it Sir,
Is there anyone but me? 

Yes, Sir, I confess
I must be wrong
Yes, I confess,
Yes, I wrote my love that song.

Yes, yes, confess I will,
That it is true
That after all of these years,
It is my wife that I love still!

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Eternal Poetry, 
Immortal language of
The Divine,
Soul of my soul
Breath of my breath
Heart of my heart
Mind of my mind,
Close to your enchanting bosom
Let me forever be,  
For not even for a moment
Able am I to live
Without your inspiring

©Demetrios Trifiatis
 12 January 2013

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Grandma Hearts Grandma

I never met Grandpa
so I do not know
if he ever went dancing
or stubbed his toe.
But I do know
one thing-
Grandma loved him.

And Grandma died
when was in 8th grade.
So we didn't talk
I am afraid.
But I do know
one thing-
Grandpa loved her.

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Memories of Pat

This is the time of year I dread the most
when memories come flooding back to haunt
It was now you were taken far too young
sixteen mainly wonderful years together

Yes we had many many ups and a few downs
life always seemed so sweet and fun
I sit here remembering so many moments
that are now frozen in time but special

There are some tears both in my eyes, on my cheeks
yet in the hush of night I still feel you close
know you are waiting on the other side of the curtain
soon when my time comes we will be reunited forever

Until that time I will soldier on with life
take what comfort I can from family and friends
try to live a full life as best as I can
I know you would wish me to move on, start again

Yes I have tried, but no-one is you, not even close
I can't settle for less not when I once had the best 
my one true soul mate, my forever and eternal only love
So I cherish the precious memories as I wait to reunite

bless you darling, my heart my love
I lost Pat in September 2006

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Ode to my Father

Alms Inn, there is the place again, and here
I, far away, muse in the house I grew
O this village of my love, has grown too
The golden hills with lilacs filled, the sweet
Soft of morning dew, and my dusty feet
Leaving his brighter sun for school and care
Whilst he with poetic dreams filled the air
And orange blossoms buzz with fragrance fair
And O, orange blossoms buzz when
In my mind I hear his voice again.

Father, fragile though festive fold of hills
Where drought walks dissonant on dribbled dreams
Your memory abides here still, and bright streams
Of laughter where you paced or sat unveiling
History and poetry and farmed feeling
Of the world. Like a nightingale's voice spills
Through the village gate, sublime as sacred thrills
The organ dissipates, and crannies fills
With thy deep eloquence and pride
And thy wide eyed child by your side.

Regal of an African line, birth low
Amidst the Maroon bramble, up you came
Out of the German mire of blood, a flame
Carrying bushman and midwife through night
The falcon feathered for the frolic of flight
Over foreign spires, in the bright rainbow
Father, still your footsteps that path does show
Mud deep, bright towards the future we go
Athlete, scholar, tempest and mist
Man above men will foes insist

And I today churn in praise my new lines
Waking like a womb of fresh beginnings
A virgin voyage of my form, deep gleanings
Of the mind's creativity. I bring
It, tribute to you, blush before my king
For whose awesome form my love matchless pines
Seeking your worth in joys of new designs
To carve your honor on our human minds
First of our black place to unfold
Upon white space petals of gold.

This proud veterinarian, this wave
That pulse across the Caribbean's shores
This first in rank in all the shackled chores
This noble patron of the arts, this child
Of business, that upward through nights here toiled
To say I am free, stir now gloomy grave
You shall not hold him forever a slave
When jubilee comes, and our God shall save
For of all the joys that is known
He loved his God, and grace was shown

Time and us are leashed memories
With time I tell love's true stories
And so its oft, when love in fancy strays
I to Alms Inn, where my boyhood still plays
In St. Elizabeth, behind the brimmed drays
Here in white pattern of dust I reclaim
The glory of my father, all my name
For we are nothing who have no past, sir
No identity the shard soul to stir
Shorn from the traditions of father's ways.

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Ode to my Dear

How often has my heart been propelled

And taken to silent places of present and past ?

How often has it been patient, light but troubled,

Alive not lively to withstand the crimes of the cast ?

How often has the sun been behind clouds briddled

But faithful forever to birds and flowers to grow fast ?

O Dear, you will constantly live in my world and be loved ;

You will always be the first to come to my mind and the last.

I am your soldier when people keep raiding to subdue you.

I am your knight when soldiers forget to remember you.

I am your prince when knights are gone and serve no more.

No time, now, have we to waste when clocks are set.

No tears, now, have we to shed, Dear, what, my goodness, for ?

We shared the past, we share the present, what shall we wait for ?

Chokri Omri

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To Lorena

My dove you;
I love you.

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I love you, and my love to you everybody have known well
I don’t know how I would bear your eternal farewell
Your perfume in my noise I still can smell 
And no body I could about my anguish to tell
I could only cry and your name to yell
Your love in my heart forever will dwell
I promised you not to cry, but a warm, silent tear I felt on my cheek
I don’t ask anything, but your coming back to me now I seek
You’re very far going	
To get you back it’s not possible doing
But not to quit your love I’ve taken an oath	
Since separation we can’t bear both
In my life I still need you but you vanished
Living without you tortures, and me punished
I don’t know how another time to love
But the only thing I know is that you’re in the sky above
A very deep fire tortures inside, a stove
That burnt the meaning of life in me and I become a lost dove
Stumbling in the clouds with two broken wings
Between life and death my soul swings
I used to see your face every morning
And now I’m dying everyday in your mourning

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Ode To An Artist: Sara Teasdale

When I was young, a book was given me: a small book with the title "Those Who Love." Its female author I knew nothing of - This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Gentle, practical and solitary, Sara was in love with nature and understood the things in life most grand; this dreamer poetess wrote beautifully! She’d grown up reading poems of Emily, Barrett Browning, Bronte and Rossetti. A modern woman, wishing to be free - this dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Her writing had a lyric quality. I loved her metaphors and similies. I sensed within her poems - untold stories. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Her poems were crafted with lucidity, for poetry confusing she’d not do. Her type of writing influenced mine too. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. A love impossible she fittingly portrayed, for “contradiction” was her life. Conflicted, she could not remain a wife. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. She’d known a time of popularity: A Pulitzer for "Love Songs" she received. Then came her father’s death and how she grieved. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Depressed and frail, she planned her destiny, requesting notes to loved ones all be burned. We cannot truly know for what she yearned. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Did Sara Teasdale end her misery when she put herself to sleep? Who can say? Regardless. . . I shall think of her one way: This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully! Written 11/14/10

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God Bless This Stump

Along the fair road
On which I amble
I conceived this ode
In which love is ample

God bless this stump
Supporting the tree
That provided so much 
For our futurity

When counting its rings
There can be no doubt
About all the things
That tree brought about

For the pencil to compose
Cherished love letters
On paper I chose
So you’d love me better

And it offered shade
Plus spots to snuggle
Near a lovely glade
Away from life’s struggles

We enjoyed peaches
From that old tree
As we partnered to reach
Picking memories

It blessed our marriage
Shaped as a steeple
And framed the carriage
To make our jaunt regal

And It supplied timbers
For the house we live in
Built with skilled fingers
On boards thick and thin

When cold overtakes
We always say grace
For the warmth it makes
In the brick fireplace

Our love will not slump
It’s always burning
Because of you, stump
Our world keeps turning

For Skat's Ode contest

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Shes Beautiful Like The Moon, Part 1

Staring up at the moon 
She seems so sad 
Alone in a silent black blue sky
She sits and waits 
I look on with remorse 
As she slowly sinks 
Wish I was a rocket man 
For her I would do anything
Morning light breaks 
Now she's gone 
And i'm alone 
so I sit and wait...

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For my mother's birthday

Dear Lord thank You for a mother
who stayed through it all with us,
who has shown us the way to church,
because in You today I trust.
Thank You for every hardship she faced
for she has taught us sacrifice
now I can give my all to You,
nothing else would have sufficed.
Thank You Lord for all her toil
because she represents great strength
for even in adversity
she persevered through great a length.

If anyone be candidate
let it be her You honour Lord
for You know all about her struggle
and surely You are her reward.
I praise You greatly for Her life
my life without her could not be,
show her Your favour without measure
for everything she's meant to me.


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ode to passion

I say, too much passion 
in us poets, like a touch of a thou
saccharine taste invading our veins, 
we cannot restrain, 
we cannot condemned the only reason 
for our being, 

passion is what keeps us breathing, 
passion can make us see it all
different than others, 
not to cease, not to die
or give-up, passion grows in our soul,

it reminds us it is there
every minute of our day, 
when we need to count the hours
to get to him/her. 

Passion is the sedative to our worst day.

The essential of reason,
the way to a path, 
to rivers and streams that find our dreams,
passion is a vessel making a net
reaching our heart our souls

keeping the beat louder and quieter in waves 
frequencies, passion is vigor,
is a sparkle in our heart that continually 
beats violently and has no outcome.

Passion is un corazon de Oro.

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Stepping stones

Little stepping stones
 take you towards the
 truth in my heart. Some
 you doubt you can make
 yet these are deliberate.
 Eventually something truly
 wonderful will be revealed.
 In time you will feel liberated.
 Every heart aches once in a
 while, be patient put aside
 your frustration. The stepping
 stones to my heart will not set
 us apart. Instead we will be
 joined together like birds of a

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                                                   EAGLE ENTANGLEMENTS

                                                            bold beauty
                                                     perilous dance of love
                                                            free-fall mate
                                                      part at the moment
                                                        glory before death

                                                           pause to watch

                                                    would you still choose me
                                                       or grab a safe branch

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pride and vanity

Oh! Beloved, I’m dying to hear your voice for so long
You’re so far now and my tears could really make sounds as song
I’d say that I become obsessed to you since the first time,
I saw you and I couldn’t dare to resist your smile,
Beholding your beautiful eyes motions makes me want to fly
I know that you attempt to forget about my love but,
Please don’t forbid me to keep thy
I dared to make you jealous, and I know that you fry
And even you spend your nights in cry,
I’d never come back to you even if you touched the sky
Your love made life smiles to me and so feel alive
Now, it all seems bitter with hope to be blind or to die
My pride, vanity banned me to show you what I feel inside
But I still satisfied, you’re far but I can feel you beside
No one but you can switch off the fire within
Torturing me every single sigh and in,
My heart I couldn’t from my sentiments to flee
My desire to obtain you, can’t you see??!!
But that what’s enthralling about you and give you bright,
As a precious, expensive diamond light
Doesn’t sounds clearly to an ordinary at the first sight,
Oh! Beloved I’m so delight!!
Since I know that one day you won’t be able to keep it in your heart
Sorry! But I didn’t mean to be so smart, but it’s the bitter fact.
That’s not indeed abstract.

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All About Leadership

I come to you with love in my heart
in you I place all my trust
joining you in your nature walks
lying close by your side at night

I sense your tension and panic
and stand guarding you from danger
for you I would give my very life
I cower not understanding your anger

As you shout at me I cringe at your feet
all I want to do is to love and protect you
now as we walk you are so tense
so once more you I protect

Confused when you jerk me back
and scold me for I know not what
then a calm man appears and explains
it is not me but you, I just need a pack leader

Cesar shows you how to step up
to be calm yet assertive
love alone he explains is not enough
no dog is born bad I just needed guidance

Now when we go out for walks
I now bound along happily
the tension that was is gone
thanks to that wise calm man 

a tribute to Cesar Millan and the work he does

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A Shattered Dream

The cool wind blowing lightly on her

Curtain carressing her softly

As she lies on her cozy bed

Thinking and dreaming away

Slowly till she lazily closes her eyes

Not long does she visualize beautiful images...

Oh, she's on a vast grassland

With her pretty boy besides her

While she's in his sweet embrace

Both of them looking up at the sky

Breathing in the fresh air

Feeling the cool breeze

Listening to the chirping of birds

The running of water in the nearby stream

And the rustling of trees

She tells him

"Someday, I'm going to give you a baby girl!"

He just looks at her with a smile

And she smiles in return with a wide grin

She's never been so happy in her life

Soon after, she falls asleep

Letting out little snores softly

He too does the same

Aww...such a bliss...


Dark clouds fill the sky

They're awoken by a loud sound

Thunders clap and lightning strike

Strong wind is howling eerily

Everywhere is so dark and scary

There's no one in sight

Large raindrops beat hard on them

Everything is blowing away

She has an uneasy feeling

Sensing the danger

She grabs him tightly

For fear of losing him

But he slips away from her arms

Try as she may to grab hold of his hands

To no avail, he's been taken away by the wind

All she can see is his sadness

She shouts and screams for him

But he's no longer in sight

Tears still streaming down her face

Trying to hold on to a tree

Afraid that he can't find her

When she's not there

For what seems like hours

Everything is finally back to normal

Calm and peaceful once again

She can see the daylight

Birds come flocking around

Stream continue its usual path

But he's no longer there with her

Not anymore, try hard as she believes

Still feels his presence lingering beside her

Shuddering from the cold

Still she refuses to move away

From the same patch of grassland

Where sweet memories lie

Hoping and yearning for a miracle

That he'll be back one day

And stays by her side

Never to leave ever again

Days and nights pass

Tears run dry from her now swollen eyes

Alone and scared as she may

Realization dawns upon her

To her dismay...

Her dream has been shattered

She opens her eyes back to reality

Thinking for a moment

Amaze by her vivid imagination

Tears attempting to well up

Touched by the sad story

There's only one thing

That's going through her mind right then

"I want no shattered dream..."

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To My Ideal Man

The scent of your breath captured my innocence
With those candle-shaped fingers so soft and tender,
The eyes that spark with modesty and sensibility,
I'm yet beginning to lose my own self in the spiral of a never-ending journey.

Your flawless skin is as white as the snow
A perfect soul trapped in s perfect body of a man
Your words are as pure as the quiet lake of dote
With the touch that produces rhythm to  a lifeless dream.

Every blink of your eyes imply affectionate devotion
Your moves are embedded with care and temperance
Staring at me like I'm the only woman on earth
I tried to jump away but you caught me in your supple arms.

you embrace me with security and praises
Worships like I'm an idol to whom you entrust your future
I wish you'd feel the silent desires of my heart
We'll together be floating then in a serene shimmering ocean.

If sleeping is the only medium to spend togetherness,
I would rather wake myself up and start a neophyte search
I'd take all the means to steal you from my mind
Eternally dreaming about the man I've only met from nowhere.

Love me like you're a prince
Be real and forget your home and your origination.

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Remembering Belle

She was a devoted ole gal always at her best
so many days I cried hanging off her chest     
down to the lake in the hot summertime
we would cool her off and swing on a vine

Every morning at five am here came Belle, now my friend
and again at six pm there Belle was ready to work again
years passed and Belle became a part of our family
we worked, we played, and we milked twice a day

Half my life she was one of my dear friends
I greeted her in summer with warm sun burnt skin
and in winter I spent my time warming them
when Belle died I can't say things were ever the same again

Belle had become more than a cow in a pen, who gave us milk
she became a babysitter, a circus act, part of the swim team, for the neighborhood
but most of all Belle had become a lonely teen's dear friend

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Why Dose My Love

And if their should ever be
     A LOVE end everlasting
Then, I wish with all my
          Heart, to spend
My life with you'
If their should ever be
        A dream'
An end ever lasting end
Then there is one question?
Where doe's my love
     Began with you?
You are not a Diamond
You are my Triangle shaped



The " ' " is not necessary, so you make the the " Back Seat Poet".

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Notes of Love Chapter

The horn blew as the wind picked the same moment

The note carried over the field and picking up speed

All memories of him drifted away as the bugle went silent

But she remained until the last rose

Later she would remember his last words

He had told her he would never forget her

And like the last star that goes where stars go

She went there as well

She went to that last rose and was comforted

She could feel his hands

She could smell his scent

And she saw the uniform and the horn

They met when he returned from the war and he had limped

He limped with warmth and with no complaint

They had one son  but he did one too many bags

He carried his bags up his arm

And there was no bugle or wind

But there were roses and tears

They got through it with love and his limp

They sat on the porch rocking and remembered

Until his limp grew slower and the horn played

But the rose ...............

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Ode to Vincent

On this cold and rainy morning I wake to the soft sound of your breathing.. 
Your chest slowly moving up and down as you are far off in a land of dreams.

I caress your cheek,
careful not to wake you from what seems to be such a peaceful 

Your skin so warm and soft against my cold hand,
I close my eyes and I drift as your sent fills my nostrils.. 

Slowly moving toward those plump lips, 
they have been neglected of kisses for too long..
Pressing my lips to yours a small moan escapes me.

I feel your hand carefully move from its place of origin, 
on your stomach, to my hip. Urging me closer, the heat rising off your body is so 

I can hold back no longer. I plunge my tongue into your mouth, past 
teeth, feeling so deep inside as i flick my tongue back and forth.

Soft caresses turn to tight grips, nails claiming flesh, heart pounding.
Moving into position, I climb atop of you..

In my mind
clouds burst.
In reality, gasps for air trying to be caught.

No chance of stopping what I've started. Blurs of light shining from across the room, 
whispers and panting saying "i love you".

In the end.. both left searching for the 
air we had lost, legs unable to move, mind shut down, ecstasy swirling around 
our bodies.

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Polar vortex,a large pocket of very cold air,
One-third of US of A has been coated.
Chilling people,freezing land.
May everyone keep safe and warm.
Pull each other hands,lit the fire of love.
Hope global hugs warmth your hearts.

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All I Want is to be With You

All I want is to be with you.
Time beats on, but I miss you no less.
Sadness hits me hard, I want nothing but you.
Life here is so dark, you are my only light.
Forced apart, tearing me apart.
All I want is to be with you.
No smile shows while you're gone.
Only sad eyes and cold stares.
All I want is to be with you.
This life I'm living, so bleak.
In my mind, all I see is you face.
I hear only your voice, feel only your touch.
And I search for your scent.
All I want is to be with you.
Time beats on, but I miss you no less.

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The Parasite

Fantasies o' thy coffee sips,
Throwin' away t'at clip,
Part o' thy cheek b'ween my teeth,
Stare'th thou, as I wetten t'se hairs with my saliva,
Love o' thee, like the bound o' t'at nail b'ween t'se wooden chairs,
My lips above chin o' thy, stares,
Bosom o' thy, struck'th o' my chest,
Lovin' till the night resurrects,
Where my soul, for thy kisses reincarnates,
O' the invincible shore, our dying love incepts,
Fingers o' mine, o' spine o' spine o' thee,
Tongue o' my lips, b'ween thy teeth lick'th be,
O' t'se unexpected moments o' love's plight,
H've me thou infected o' thee n'ck,
Like the final parasite.

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Love feast

Love feast             by Steven Hudson

I have looked upon too many scarred, sullen and hard faces these many days.
Loud, crude, gruff men who take and push and fight.
This ship has run its course, sleepless, tossed about,
Every port and harbor, sea and foreign land.
My companions smell and to look at them would make you turn down.
I’m pretty sure I have a tapeworm and my piss is the wrong color.
So my love, when here at last I see your face,
You’re smile, piercing eyes, and silky long hair,
To gaze at you now is a love feast to behold,
And from now and forever you will always be…..
The most captivating golden retriever I have ever seen.

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Ode to Nora


Never been encountered, 

desire so much desired

On the verge of being so wanted, 

attractiveness becomes attraction

Ravished at natures’ skills, 

compatibility made so compatible

Acclaimed with the right appeal, 

lust turns to love!

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Ruby's Eyes

Enough to make The heart quake… The smile on Ruby’s lips Enough to cause The pulse to pause… The curve of Ruby’s hips Enough to light The darkest sky The sound of Ruby’s sighs… Enough as such The feel and touch The heat of hands and thighs Enough…and yet not quite The most stunning sunset Canna’ match the light Not the brightest moon Nor the brightest star Nor the warmth of love on a night in June Are not the equal of But only a sequel to love …The lovely light in Ruby’s eyes…

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My damsel


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Cats I Have Known

To Tiger, our first, and best, a grey Tabby, 
large and handsome, with broad black stripes, 
I only had to speak your name, 
and you moved to obey.

To our second, Sylvester, exact replica
of the cartoon character, a born hunter,
lining up your prey on the front walk.
I welcomed the mice and shrews. 
But, do you recall me prying your jaws 
open to set the chipmunks free?

And Tricia, our Calico, gorgeous
enough to be queenly, but sweet.
How we loved watching you play
with S'Lito and Rugby, 
as if you too were a dog.

Next, Petunia, your snow white coat
in sharp contrast to black ears, 
tail and face mask – a true beauty.
Yet a quirky personality spoils
your disposition. You "talk" non-stop
and hiss at anything that moves.
If only I could speak your language.

You're the kicker, Sweet William,
resident ruler of my heart. 
You came to us as a kitten,
nondescript, long and lean,
independent, sometimes aloof,
sometimes very affectionate,
always playful, always endearing.

All of you were unwanted rejects,
dumped like sacks of garbage, 
each unique, each with your own niche
in our permanent memory banks. 

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My Love, Big Daddy
By Immaculata Ortner

Your skin glows like the Apple, blossoms Sweet as the Rose in the purest hope of spring.
My yearning heart rises to your Clarinet voice and leaps like a Lion at the whisper of your name, Big Daddy.
The evening ascends in on a great Damara tern wing.
I am calmed by your raiment that I carry into the twilight of comfort beams and hold next to my face. 
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of water. 
As my hands falls from my beach wear, it reminds me of your caresses. 
In the hushed, I listen for the last roaring of the spring.
My heated breast leaps to my dress. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret starving so that we may happen as one, breast to breast, in search of the glorious purple and spiritual Justice of love.

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Ode To My Universal Ground

Once it was your shadow
Golden as gold
Once it was twilight
Star of the sky
Gives you immortal heart
Radiant as the sun

I saw your portal
Eyes of an angel
That glows darkest light
Farthest feelings
I hear the cry in your smile
And feel the heaven
Beneath the sand

It makes my mind travel
Every distant lips entangling
It makes my brain swim
Between sensation feels
It was you alone
The universal ground

Between shaded eyes 
Of grey tattoo that covers it
I sing the happiest moment
As I touch the sweet kiss
You my universal ground
Feeling of my feelings
Treasure your every presence
Before my last breathe.

Never stand back of you
You’re the peace beyond war
No way can’t you notice me
I’ll always stay near you
No matter the bullet 
Visions the front line of your beauty

Darling you can’t ever escape me
My darling your always be
The universal ground
Where I will hold
Till me body collapse
Before my last breathe

For when the almighty will accuse me 
I’ll proudly sing my heart
For when the world sets me court martial
I’ll give my promise
I love you always
No matter what comes in our side
I love you my universal ground.

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Love from afar

A glorious yellow sun

 hot enough to burn, to

 Scotch all life out of

 existence. Yet if this

 tremendous ball of gas

 is of further distance into

 the vast. Our beautiful blue

 planet would be like a giant

 marble, a ball of frozen glass.

 This magnificent feat of exactness

 is not by chance, look up take a

 glance. Its perfection, perfect love

 from above.

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The song of the Fair Maiden

When lost in the Aegean Sea, I heard a song afar from my sails;
          Blinded by the fogs, I sail to the direction of that voice.
Guided by the sweet voice and arouse by the melody, I followed the path of which I knew not,
         And found myself drifting ashore a foreign land.
         Haul by the passing mist; I saw a hill that rose above the lands,
         My ship was in the middle of the two great hills that looked down and over the shores.
         I looked above and saw no clouds, just the blue skies; I could still hear her voice
        The wind blew ever so gently as I move my rudder,
        That song can still be heard, yet I know not where she is?
         I looked to find that voice that eludes me, that called me;
         But, yet, I found nothing, saw no one.
         She sang a sadden song, of lost love, but lost love I knew not?
         I am a stranger, afar my abode, a stranger lost in the midst of seas.
         Hold and steadfast, for my heart feels allured by the maiden song,
Yes...though my heart be sadden by her song, her voice drifts my soul across the Styx.
        God makes all things beautiful; all things have purpose, and is her song,
        Whether it be joy or sorrows, her song, is the song of a broken heart.
        That took hold my empty vessel, and filled it with joy,
         Though I never thought song of sorrow can be taken for a joy.
         I sailed far and afar from the shores, and saw the hills moved further away.    
         I could still hear her song, I looked back and saw her, a fair maiden.
        God's grace that showed me, a spirit of a woman, that took my heart and broke it. 
         Her skin as white as snow, her deep blue eyes that stared into my soul, 
         her hair long and gold as that of a golden fleece.
          She a ghost of the past, singing to guide her lover back into her bosoms
          And her lips afar from mine. At last! it was not for me. 
          A strong wind that force my eyes shut and bent my knees.
         As I stood up and saw no more, I heard not her song, aye, neither her voice.
        She was gone with the wind.
       The song of the fair maiden still resonates in mine heart as I sail a distant shores. 
       Even if  death approaches me and take'th my life, 
        My words of praises for her beauty will live on forever.

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The Girl From A Small Fishing Village

The innocence of children playing as birds gliding together across a pure blue sky. The colors of autumn give the canvas a nostalgic countenance, as nineteen-year old Mozart’s violin concert no. 3, the Adagio, like the rhythmic tides in a ternary form at eventide on the rocky shores of the Hudson. Such is the splendid D major as the crickets play one octave higher with the wind playing an A major. I hum in A sharp and the fog horn in the distance a forlorn B minor. The wine works quickly, tempers the mood. Too drunk to write so we sing. Too tired to dream so we think. Too weary to wish so we wander. Lest the moon forgets to show us the way, we will set up camp beneath a bench staring up into a wild Verona sky. Her yellow hair silver in the moonlight. Her red lips yearning in the chill of an autumn morning. Many years ago.

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- End of Time -

I followed your every footsteps,
for awhile now.
It's leading me to the same spot,
that it left you, Marcus.

You were my role model,
my leader from the start.
My best friend from the day
that we met in the park.

I was your follower,
you never complained.
You were my leader
all just the same.

But now, I'm starting
to realize.
That all through these years,
I've been following the wrong guy.

Physically, no
I've purposely been following you.
But your starting to do things
that I don't want to do.

I am now the leader
and you are following me.
This is not 
how it was meant to be.

Asking you to stop,
you always refuse.
You say you won't give up 
until you have to move.

We both know very well,
that you will never move.
It's a family tradition
in where you can not move.

I will have to wait 
until I can move.
For I am still to young
and my 'family' chooses not to.

I now have to make a choice,
a huge one on my part.
It's starting to dawn on me
that you like me.

I know very well
that you don't break promises.
Yet, you promised me
that you like me.

The real promise
is pretty harmful.
I can't let you
go through with it.

You said that if I 
don't believe you like me,
you'll commit suicide.
There's one problem with that.

I have dysthymia.

Incase you don't know 
what that is.
It's pretty much low self-esteem
and cutting yourself.

I can't believe people
when they say they like me.
No matter what they do,
I just can't, my mind won't allow it.

So this may be
the end, I really hope not though.
Please don't be serious,

-Yes, this actually happened today (October 20, 2013). I feel really bad that I can't help him. But, I really do have dysthymia and major depression. I have thought about suicide myself, and came pretty close. But I don't want it to happen to anyone else. Especially not Marcus. Thanks..!-

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To The Moon And Back, Part 2

I love you to the moon and back
our sky no longer is so black
I am your rocket man
footprints I leave in your white sand
trace the steps of loves dance
holding my breath I steal my chance
our words hush as our lips collide
moon-bound again what a ride

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Bada Bing Cherry

I went to a local Ice Cream Stand.
Located near Market Square.The
sky was clear, and the weather was
fair.This is where I met a girl named
Mary.So I offered up a treat of Old
Fashion Ice Cream.I said'Mary what
is your favorite flavor'? She replied..
'Bada Bing, Bada Bing Cherry'.'My
real true love is my Boyfriend Jerry'.
I left with a broken heart...

Ice Cream Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2010,2014..All rights reserved.

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Second Strike

Reminiscing the threshold in infinity,
I seek the dimension of our curiosity,
Invisible threads then form,
In the making of an invincible bridge in that storm...
Haziness, vivid and incomplete bliss,
Where threesome snake of love nastily hisses,
On the golden neck, I plant those kisses,
Where the heartbeats from the niche hitches...

Nights of dipped melancholy,
Pens won't turn impeccably,
Hallucinations of holding fingers steadily,
Waking up from this dream and facing the reality...


Timid and broken wings,
The feeble pegion smiles and sings,
The pain in ankle continues to sting,
From beak, falls an abandoned ring,
Which the pegion shoves,
When my soul floats in the dead pegion,
Beak breaks to smile and and looks at the flying dove!

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Return To Me

I want you in no uncertain terms
 You will only be mine,
 I know I am selfish,
 I never think about your troubles/ diffuclties, 
I devote my life to you, 
believe me I need you,
 I know you will never get this note, 
come back to me, 
my beloved,
or set me free, 
this is my only plea
I want to Reach you, 
with everything that I have Insde me
absurdity, insanity
my beloved
return to me

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An ode to my lover

A light...
shines around you 
look at the glow my love
you bring me joy and I adore you 

because without you there would be no us
no me
no reason to live another day 
because life without you is nothing
a meaningless existence no reason to be 
I thank you for loving Me!

For making me feel beautiful
and not cute or pretty
for making me see things that i couldn't 
and believing in me

For giving me air
when I couldn't breathe
I thank you babe 
for loving me

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A thing.
 A human being.
Versatile human legs. 
Limbs as trees. 
Birth some sort of fruit.
fruit of confusing
birth trembling
strange fruit.
devour myself
a fruit of yours.
tickled fruit
smell of being
ample sweats
the fruit as you
your body
as limbs
break of 
tyrannical rule

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Run, my baby run

When mother nature, 
bears evil,
Run my baby run,
When her pregnance 
swells a little,
Oh run, my baby run.

Her claws close life's 
chord, of umbilical,
Her voice R&Bs and POPs 
notes, so unearthical, 
Oh Rihanna, my meek 
kind of love,
I now sing mama, ram-
pam-pam-pam, ram.

Note when life seems not 
Tha living,
Simply run my baby run,
Run towards a place to 
A sweet sanctuary in my 
Please feel comfortable 
and reside.

And if ever predators 
persue your precious life,
Oh again my heart sings 
for love,
Run, my baby, run. 

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Mandela's grave

Remember ninety-five
When we felt free
We felt alive
We hugged and kissed
Rejoiced in freedom
Rejoiced and sung
Songs of freedom

Mandela walked 
As skeptics talked
But he walked on high
And touched the sky

He loved and he gave
The spirit of the brave
He forgave and reconciled
A sad and battered child

He gave us hope
He gave us life
He freed us from our thoughts of strife

He crossed the divide
Of crossword puzzle blocks
And gave us the clues
-	We threw down our rocks

But here we are now
Tectonic plates crash on our brow
Where is the hope gone?
Where is the future that we had won? 
As we slipped from meritocracy
To simple mediocrity
We look around
And all we found
Was our hopes dashed
Dashed to the ground

Our children suffer, forlorned 
Whilst louts with shovels shovel the gold
Of our future that was pawned 
For the few our future was sold

And as the fat asses
Roam around in masses
Eating the hay that was made when the sun still shone
Eating the food that the cattle had won

But brayingly they still prance around
Relishing in their new wealth found
As the baby dies hungry and cold
And the baby is buried in hallowed ground

Remember back in ninety-five
When we all felt thrilled –
Remember the victory songs
Of how we would right the wrongs
But now we wrong the right
As for gold and wealth we fuss and fight

And in his cold and lonely grave
Mandela turns
And weeps
As his long road 
At his grave

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How Looks Thou Love

How looks thou love
That i see not, but desire
And never can hear or
Reach to touch and taste
As does Helen eludes me?

Why feign thy presence 
As though the cool air
We can see and we do
Care to know of what 
Substance it's composed
Or the waters of what
Contents made it so?

Where is thy abode
Then? Within the heart
Or strayed outside of it?
Who drives whose wits
And disguise itself?
Who is to be responsible
If thou hath Helen
And Helen is thee?

Show thyself now
If thou hath genuine that
I may know thee for real
But not without Helen
As with the wind and
Water we bother less
Of what they are but our
Breath and nourishment!


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Ode to Maggie

Today I whispered my fears to you --
Wrapped my arms around your hard body
Scales tickling the underside of my arms
You've been keeping my secrets 
     since I was ten
You were barely as big as I 
     now behemoth 
You can almost touch the sky
Reach right up and greet the sun for me
I bury treasures at your feet --
Dig down deep into the earth 
Careful not to tap a single root
You've been the protector of my bounty
     for your entire life
What knowledge you bear, all for a little girl

In gratitude, as proof of Your love 
     You present to me
          One perfect white blossom

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im still waiting for your love

all the times we shared
all the memories we have together
the memories we have together 
the memories are so sweet that i cant let them go 
you wild me with the love that you sprang upon me

why is it that i want you 
i need you with with everything we been through
i will b waiting and waiting tell my
love comes  back for me

you said you always care about me 
you said that i was the one that you wanted
what happened to our love that we had
your waiting and waiting for your love

the pain is here it never went away 
im longing for you got to have you 
waiting for your sweert love to come back to me
im waiting and waiting for your love 

after everything we been through 
i still have love for you
my heart is longing for you
yet im longing for your love!

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Ode on the Four Forgotten's

Here take my hand,
I have watched the world torn itself apart,
Through agony and despair
I have seen the tears of the innocence’s and smiles from the wicked
How long does this world needs to endure?
The sufferings cause by war and sickness;
Life long torment endured by those who stand upright for the truth,
If you take my hand you will know my purpose of existence
I am Sorrow, that’s who I am.

Here take my hand,
And know the false teachings of this world
Everywhere I look, I see lies
Lies this world has created, 
I wish to bring light into this world, if only my words were heard
And my teachings are truly followed.
My followers are lost, instead of finding those who are lost!
If you take my hand, you’ll know my purpose of existence
I am Truth, That’s who I am 

Here take my hand,
And you will know the handiwork of man
God created man in His image, and man created society in his image.
A society of greed, lust, hatred, envy and the thoughts of evil towards one another,
A spitting image of mankind darkest part of their hearts,
Know then, sorrow and truth
They know me for I surpass them and bring them all to being
I am Love.
Take my hand, 
And let me ease your sorrows and,
Let me open your eyes to the lies this world has implanted in your heart
I have seen them ignore the poor out on the streets, 
As they are in a hurry to merry in charity, to claim names for themselves,
Mankind has truly been deceived by the lair or have they deceived themselves?
Know me and know love, for truelove is unconditional.

Here take my hand,
And know my words are true and just!
For I represent those whose voices have been silent.
I represent those, whose strength has being taken,
I am the shield for the weak and the sword for the righteous.
I have seen those who uphold the laws are the ones who break them.
I have seen the blood of the innocence turning the river red.
Laws are meant to rule man and not man to the rule laws,
Corrupting the true law is a sin, for it corrupts justice!
Take my hand! And know what true justice is.
I am Justice, and question me not on laws for I know the laws.

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You or Are Your Eyes the Green of a Shamrock's Leaf

Are your eyes the green of a shamrock's leaf,
or your nose the tide that comes and runs? 
Is your skin the plains of pearls and perplexities,
your hair the curtain to a rainforest peace?

Could be your ears the caverns where rarities dwell,
and your shoulders belfries that will never ring?
May your chest be a wound that never swells,
and your heart be the silence that learns how to sing 

Is your hand a ten-minute first-light,
your fingers the fleeting moment that stays?
Might your arms ensphere the the broken, the evil, the cold,
bring what ends, for sure, to the prelude, alright? 

Your legs and feet, perhaps, lucid dreams and strange fools,
with bizarres and bazaars, eccentricities galore,
Playing with colors, creatures, the cosmos, the rules,
that no matter duration, leave invocation for more? 

Your mind calculates, creates, contemplates, is there,
But without You, none of these could ever, ever be. 
For without the green of a shamrock's leaf,
the vastest of woodlands would seem nothing but bare.

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In these days of the dance
I will handle the bass
And strike with my finger
The strings of the guitar
Playing the tunes of love
Just to sing I love you Lord

You took me from the miry clay
You are my rock and stay
In your goodness and mercies
You showered me blessings
You school me in your kingdom college
That inspires my every knowledge

To you I give my whole heart
It will remain like that
I won’t cause heart break
For I have known how it pains
Let me be simple and plain
I want you to believe this:

I will not stir your jealousy
I will not break your heart, never 
This is my song forever
This is the tune I’ll keep playing for love
Just to sing I love you Lord.

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Untitled #237 / Or

Or is he heartless?

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From a three-sided angle
Astrological purpose is unmangled
Triangle on top
Square on the bottom
Bright halo around God
Our tears fill His bottle
A Pyramid is a monument to death
A Tabernacle of wealth
Which comes into effect
When there's no longer breath
Is it mourning or celebration in stealth
Beyond Technology
Architectural prophecy
Geometrical philosophy
The place where Kings and Queens lay
Buried on a sun-disk
Dedicated to Day
The final form to decay
Hands form this shape
When they're positioned to pray.

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Dreaming Awake Alone

Irony thick, that your drifting brings my dreams.
 Your shallow breath contradicts my labored respiration.
 In slumber you inspire. In sleep your made to tease.
 Yearning for your not embrace, I revel in this bed.
 To touch would ruin pleasure, small distance is sublime.
 Symmetry defined, in lines subtle yet profound.
 To look so long, your pulse captivated my stare.
 Ironic that you're sleeping, yet the dream is mine alone.
 Satisfaction in my hunger. Sated, in naught but your vision. 

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O my love.......
To me
        Love is an obsession
        A very sweet feeling
                     It is like sipping wine
                     The first sip
                     The second sip
                     The wine moving down my throat
                      And the slight burning sensation
                      Down the stomach
It reaches to the empty feeling
Like a glass of wine
Place carelessly...
The wind of the fan
Drying the last drop in it.
Unable to trace
Even the last trace
of the sweetest tinge
To me
        Love is a pretty dream
        Crossing my heavy eyelids
                   Where I can
                    Pause you and your smiles
                    Freeze you and your moods
                    To that absolute stillness.

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Shared Enamour

by Michaelw1two

Inspired from poetic works by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

 One’s love possess,
 in truth’s fairness blessed upon such beauties face;
 aglow on promised dream and then,
 heart’s mercy known and given so;
 trust’s pact sustains,
 sweet bond of passion’s taste and loving sensed;
 as life between exists,
 this feeling moment’s will lives on.

 My lips wet,
 my heart so swollen, silences the murmur of my words to you;
 in thought’s surpass,
 heart’s needs bring solemn depths to passionate aches;
 while on these loving tears I seek,
 your living smile and love unwept;
 graciousness of my quest eland elates,
 this yearn of joy, and bind of soul soothe plays.

 Upon your life,
 passion glows and beauty pure displays love’s essence;
 that light emits its precious bless,
 lusciousness surrounds your glimmer;
 filled full of compassionate breath, I am,
 yet my soul is calmed and my mindset sleeps;
 beheld, I give my gaze to your heart’s iris blazed;
 seduction’s mists, remind love’s caution blindly.

 Ah, love’s bliss,
 from your beauty’s glow the morning’s bright does sheen;
 what secret though, an inner deep,
 so shrouds your grace filled figure;
 oh, my words do chime,
 these passions versed of all life’s memories charmed,
 through midnights depth I yet dream,
 in this quiet I quest, for your love’s envisioned mirror;

 and I search these night’s suppressed,
 for your glimpse, through these tears of shared enamour;
 struggling thrillingly, with my soul’s compassion wept,
 against these separations, from your passionate love and honour

Jan 2012

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Ode to Goddess Pele-N


Ye, the goddess of flame, fire and eternal love
From Tahiti you found home  in Hawaii Kilauea
I accessed your gateway with deep feelings of love
With your archetypes *Kali Ma, Sekhmet and Durga
You falsify that women are weak and incapable
That to be feminine to be fragile and helpless
You’re a beauty with dignity & divine power all
Ability to shape shift woman or crone effortless.
Known as Pele energy or energy Pele-kino-aha-nei
Your four sisters using same will Pele-kino-aha-nei.


As a young woman you fell in love with Lohiau
As you left volcano, pining for you & dying nearly
You sent Hiiaka for him, she fell in love with Lohiau
You found Kamapua, but allowed them to marry.
All in Hawaii know your defined potential of fire
And stories about your many loves & infidelities
Your father sent you away because of your hot temper
As you seduced your sister’s husband with abilities.
Finally in Hawaii with blatant infidelities and passions
Manifested in the Big island’s volcanic activities.

Because Hawaii sits on the mountaintops of Lemuria
Lemurian Goddess energy is a still a strong vibration
Coming to Hawaii, feels good like coming home area
Within their cellular consciousness with love’s vibration. 
Ye, Goddess Pele is surprisingly playful and light
With three dynamics, well being, play and flow
You, as healer, love to heal and love to be brought
If not treated with respect , you have the power to blow. 
All visitors you listen to the Pele archives as I do
Believe that miracles can come from teachings due.

* Names of Indian Goddesses

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She is a masterpiece a goddess a queen a beauty a gem a star a gift She is inspiration creation amazing uplifting caring
She is oneness kindness gentleness She is art life love angelic She is mine human special I need her ! © 2011 Justice Chikandamina

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A Galant City Unmatches Your Greatness

You are extreme in beauty perfected by builders who constructed all your planking with pine trees from Ivory coast and made a mast for you out of the combined crafts from brown ebony and snake wood. Out of the oaks from Bashan your Oars are made and from the cypress wood of Cyprus your decks crafted and inlaid with ivory. Your awning of blue and purple fabric are from Egypt and the inhabitants of America would be your rowers. These rowers will bring you unto the high seas you’ll become full and heavily loaded in its heart the countryside shakes at the sound of your sailor’s cries and all those who handle an oar will disembark from their ships The whole of Europe is your trading partner in choice garments, Cloaks of blue and embroidered materials and multicolored carperts which are bound and secured with cords in your market place. Your deals encompasses constant exchanges of turquoise, Corals, rubies, wheat from minnith, white whool, wrought Iron, Cassia and aromatic cane. Costal lines are your trading gardens and Roman ships will be the carriers of your goods. Your captains are your wise men and your wise men are the elders of Spain and Portugal who take charge in repairing your leaks. Your skyline will shade the sun and your islands, enrich the oceans you’ll be the wealthiest in culture and diversity because of your traders and visitors trooping from all corners of the Earth. Come forth now and prosper for greatness and fortune await your enrichment.

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Happy Mother's Day

A life of love, a life of happiness,
A life without tears, a life without distress,
Given by the one whose love for me doesn't falter,
The one I dearly love, the one I call my mother,
She has been there for me when no one would,
She has been there for me when my father should,
But she stood by me through thick and thin,
That's why I love her deep down within,
She provides my wants and what I need,
So I will make her proud an surely succeed,
What I'm doing to show my love is very poor,
And honestly I know she deserves so much more,
She had me so young when she didn't had to,
She put down her life and to me she didn't turn her back to,
I love her with all my soul and all my heart,
I will love her to the finish and 17 years ago it had start,
I've lived with her all my life,
From she was single and now she's a wife,
But I know her love for me is far different,
Providing my needs even when she has to pay the rent,
I'm sorry if I hurt you or made you cry,
But I promise to make happy tears flow from your eye,
If you were to go I don't know what I would do,
So I'm telling you deep from my heart that I Love You......

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The Person Within

Ive never felt this feeling before
What is it Im not quite sure?
The emptiness is gone
The pain is slowly going away
Im not quite sure what this feeling is

So many mixed emotions
I cant pinpoint what it is
I know what it can be
I know what I want it to be
but what is it really?
Can someone help me? I have to figure this out myself
ohh the thoughts
its so confusing...
help help someone
help me find me save me

Eventually clearer thoughts feel my head
What is it you said?
I guess your right
I am ok
finally I'm finding out what it is.....
could it be
that Im just finding myself
and that I am normal
and ok again
maybe or maybe not?

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In this world

Beautiful day, sun full beam upon

 my face. A fresh brilliance as I Inhale,

 this world is truly indescribable. I

 certainly cannot comprehend the

 depths of the deepest oceans to the

 highest mountain peaks. I could ponder

 till the grave the vastness of the landscapes,

 every creature God has made. A world

 teeming with life every corner far and wide.

 I have let the barrier down. In this world

 God's love is beyond our understanding. Its

 unconditional and forever lasting

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Until My End

As I Lay Here,
I can feel your every breath,
I can smell your flawless skin,
and I can hear your every thought.
It kills me to know that we have just met,
When it feels as if I have know you for a lifetime.
I hate that all we know in life is hate,
Yet when we talk to each other,
It's always about fate
Maybe I should think this over,
Build a new life,
And involve you in it,
Start from the beginning,
And refresh your healing.
I can become your bodyguard,
Protect you from all unknown evil,
Or save you the heartache she caused you, as you have saved me
and help you rebuild your life,
like me, all new.
I know it sounds strange, but I think I love you.
Not in the way you've been loved before,
But in the way I see,
You and me, we were meant to be.
Even if we only remain friends,
I will stay here with you,
Until my end.

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Your Body

Looking at your sexy curves turns me on like never before,
When I see you show tour self to me I get excited and want to explore you like never before.
Caressing your booty and holding you by your hips is like my dream,
entering inside you and pleasuring you while watching you scream. 

When you show your self to me from behind I get way to excited,
Just burying myself in between your love would be like being inspired. 
I want to feel your bodies warmth on my body,
I want to feel your breasts push up against my back and make me horny. 

Touch me with your tiny little hands and make men ask for more,
I don't want to lose this feeling I want to feel your core. 
Now show me what you can do and show me what else you got,
I want to see some more and maybe even a little touch.

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Scent of my deity

Everything is fine
The best of opening lines
Scent of my deity, 
Absorbs my soul
I shall need no wine
I shall write the finest 
Of the verses ever written
Ode’s, Hymns, for you
I shall kneel, I shall seek purity 
Merci, for the undying love
The infinite intimacy
In your heavenly beauty

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The Many Reasons Why I Love You

The little things about you
make up the man I love.
I love the smallest things about you
that make you who you are.

The way your nose crinkles a little bit
every time you smile.
The way you seem confused
when you first wake up.
The way your breath catches
every time you say "I love you."
The way you break out into a grin
every time our eyes meet.
The little gold specks
in your beautiful eyes.
The little freckles
all over your back.
The goofy, playful laugh of yours
even when I'm not that funny.
The way you get so protective
when you think that something's wrong.
The way you get frustrated
when other guys flirt with me.

But of all the things I love about you,
the thing I love the most is
how you always know just what to say
to make my day a little brighter.

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The One

You are an amazing shining star
Your dedication and dreaming will carry you far
What is it about you? You don't know why?
It's how the sun reflects and twinkles in your chestnut eyes
It's how your lips slightly curl when you flash a cunning grin
It's how you radiate energy and are built to win
It's in the robust and brawniness of your voice
It's how you trudge through the darkness still making the right choice
It's in the aptness of your mind
Further proving you are one of a kind
Fascinating, dexterous, attractive, and adept
You stole my breath and off my feet I was swept
Against you, competition there is certainly none
In a class by yourself, you are certainly the one.

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you smiled at me

You smiled at me
the first time I ever saw you
you smiled at me 
the last time I saw you
You seemed to happy when I came around
but I told myself it was my imagination.
I walked away.
5 years later, you smiled at me
I noticed this time around
I took it to heart but was so ashamed
I couldnt figure out why it was me
You keep smiling
you keep being wonderful to me...
I still cant figure out why
You smiled at me
I smiled back when you said you were in love with me
because I am in love with you too.

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You Don't Know

You don't know about the ish that i been through  
You don't know why its like this with me and you
  you only see the ish you wanna see 
 But you dont know the half of whats in me 
 I'm much more than what meets ya eye
  I lay awake some nights tryin not to cry
  Wishin we were close like you and your second child
  Maybe i should have rebelled and been a lil wild 
 Perhaps i should a pissed you off every chance i got  
Make you angry, get you pissed off and pippin hot
  Cause it did wonders fa y'all relationship 
 I always felt i got left over ish
 You told me i was a surprise 
 Rarely could i ever read love in your eyes
  And when i did i knew it wasn't there to stay
  Feelings for me change from day to day 
 Bet you didn't know i tried to take my own life 
Bet you didn't know i was once gone be a womans wife
  And i know you dont know about the time i was raped 
 Or about the time i was forced to make a video tape 
You couldn't know your baby girl should be a mother 
 Didn't know i was till i saw blood on the covers  
And there is still a list of ish you could never see  
Cause i keep all of this ish down deep inside of me 
 No it's not all your fault we're not like mom an daughter
  When i saw how things worked i could have tried harder 
  But yet and still this is the woman you raised 
 Taught to live on my terms , do things my way 
 I really  cant help how i am you see  
The best i can do is simply be me  
But you dont know the ish that i been through  
Only concerned about whats up with you 
But if you took the time to look under, not just above 
 Look deep inside, my heart is full of love 
And if you used more than just your eyes to see 
Maybe you could see the wonder known as Kimberly

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Alone I am but not lonely
The you I sought is the one homely 
Why do you from me hide your face?
A search for you is a maze

My gift to imagine and figure, for you worked not
I cried blood because you made me humane
I never knew, you were this close
It hurt me that you’re near a toe 

Love was not what I seek
Greatness is my early morning milk
However, full in knowledge you made meek
How can I express with voice when my hand is sharp

God never told me, there is love
Now you have a spell over me, my dove
Give me time that I may see your glow
Tell me if I am a sinner and I will wear a saintly glove

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I know you are out there 
Nevertheless, will always ask where
How will I do it, I would dare
Try me, see, there is flare, and not fear

Always you inspire me but I don’t know you
You are my blessing and curse you made me love
You made me stop also; I admire others but can’t love. All for you 
Come quickly that I may paint your face

Your perfection makes me lose sight of others
Yet it hurts that this does actually matter
When will you unveil your humane character?
O you that I see in mortal

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Daily long I to hear again
Sweet tales told me in warm moonlight
When birds no longer chirped nor sang
Sweet songs sang you in bright sunshine
When mortar and pestles in unity pounded
Long, long ago it was

Sweet stories of love rolled out of your mouth
When chickens were roosting in closed baskets
Sweet tunes emanated from your lovely throat
When prying eyes had closed in deep sleep 
Long, long ago it was

In warm embrace rested I on your shoulders
When lost was I in the paradise of your love
In total submission trusted I your sweet tongue
When sweet smelling flowers of love blossomed
Long, long ago it was

And then came the years of the hungry locusts 
Then the sweetness of the songs stopped
The ever flowing fountains of the tales ran dry 
The young roses catching fire withered coldly
The warm moonlight came no more
The bright sunshine came no more
Your sweet tales I heard no more
Your sweet voice sang no more 

But daily long I to hear again
Sweet tales told me in warm moonlight
Sweet songs sang you in bright sunshine

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21st Pastoral Celebration

on Tuesday May 18th Mount Lebanon's Rev. Shaun Lee read from the book of Psalms
and then inquired of us "Who Do You Think Needs God?"

on Wednesday May 19th the Rev. Dr. Green of Universal talked about "The Love Of God"
which he referred to from the books of Luke and John

on Thursday May 20th Rev. Stanislaus of the church of St. John did convey
about "What Are The Odds?" when the Lord God leads your way

on Tuesday June 1st Rev. Miller of Brown Memorial used the book of Genesis
to tell us about "A Victory For A Visionist"

on Wednesday June 2nd with a word from 1st Peter New Jerusalem's Rev. Dr. Rice
told us how to paint "A Portrait Of A Pastor" whom for the Lord gives his life

on Thursday June 3rd we celebrated and honored our 1st Lady Mrs. Angela Farr-Griffin
and between our Youth and Christ's Fellowship's Rev. Dr. Kelly 
we now know how to "Deal With Unanswered Prayers" in our daily living

It's been six nights of praise and worship and all the Choirs were on point
celebrating and honoring the Pastor and his wife whom the Lord God did anoint

on Sunday June 6th we concluded the celebration 
and Pastor Griffin himself gave the Proclaimation

to the Rev. Dr. Arlee Griffin and Dr. Angela Farr-Griffin his devoted wife
we love you, we thank you, we appreciate you both for being faithful servant of Christ

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My promise to you JCO

There are moments I still wonder why. 
Question everything I gave, and every action
I blamed myself for you not wanting to try
But came to realize you never gave a fraction.

I bled my heart out for you
Cut even when the scar would heal
The wound in love was cruel
Hope in selfishness you chose to steal

You found me in a thousand bits
Picking them up one at time 
Instead of glue it was a temporary fix 
To make the shattering affect more define

Now that the tears have all fallen
I promise you only of this
Your face I will have forgotten
But mine will haunt your every first kiss

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Goodbye, my love - Part II

And now I look down at her, her serene, angelic face
And the slight smile on her lips that has stayed
I think of how peaceful she looks,
In her death, all of her pain has been taken away

The pain has been passed on to me,
But I accept this suffering in all humility
Knowing she suffered much worse and far more,
Forever her pain is now a grander part of me

Now life's worth just our memories, 
Everyday I relive them, our precious love story 
I see her everyday, in the smiles of our four children,
I look forward to their visits, that's what keeps me going

Once I had thought I wouldn't last long,
Would die the very second she was gone
But I'm stronger now, facing her death and this emptiness in my life,
With the strength and courage to me, she passed on. 

Every night my love, when I go to sleep,
I feel u lying next to me,
And everyday on my morning walks, I feel this tinkling in my palm,
As if u were there, holding my hand,
And then I look down and see...your invisible footprints in the sand. 

I smile a little smile then, I knew u couldn't leave,
After all, you promised me eternity 
And It's your presence in my life, that even after you died, has helped me stay alive
And it's your aura around me, that has helped me survive,
The biggest blow God gave me,
When He took you, 'Sabera'...the love and joy of my life, away from me. 

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Streaming Letter to my love

As our two shadows meet and new life unfurl.
Death will be undone and the cold of evil maybe draw nearer.
As my greater love for our passion blazes strongest from the softness of a candlelight,
To a velvet fire burning possessively and consumingly with a force to dominate

Yield to me dear if you choose, or stream out of my dry heart hastily,
Lest i take from you till you can give nomore,
Lest i dig within you for treasures to keep, those burried deep.
For inch by inch i am sown to the very shadow you see by my side.
To touch it with soul is to stain within.
To blow like the wind and unfurl darkness within.
It stays by me and tempts in hopes to contaminate my ageless.

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Silent Night Sky

Oh how can one capture 
Your beauty on paper
Without you evaporating
Off as it is your nature

The stars are your jewels
The moon is your crest
Everyone drools
As if blessed

Your silence is serenity
That whisper to my thoughts
An overwhelming beauty
That ties my stomach up in knots

How humble I am sound
A beauty incomparable
With a radiance so profound
Your absence is unbearable

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At Breaking Point

There is nothing in this world that i can possibly think of or think of doing to tell you how much I love you. You are so sweet to me, i can't almost stand it wen you call me handsome and cute, cause it sounds so sweet to me. If there is anything in this world that you can think of for me to prove my love to you, just name it. I will be all over that in a flash. Even though we didn't get to see each other for very long cause of my dumb ass, that was still what i wanted to see today really bad. Looking into your BEAUTIFUL green eyes today was like looking into Gods heaven. The only thing that is missing is your touch on my skin. I probably would not be able to hold it in me and take a hold of you by your waist and press you against me, and than the smell of your hair would turn me on to the BREAKING POINT. I would start by kissing down your neck and curress your neck with my tong. Than while curressing your body, I would start slipping my hands under your shirt, and under your bra and upon your perfect titties. Than i would start pulling your bra and shirt off at the same time and begin kissing your titties. Kiss them all the way down to your belly button and back up to your face. When i would lift your upon my hips i would carry you to the bed and start kissing you back down your titties and your ribs and your belly button and than an inch lower passed your belly button just to get you a little more wet and wanting.
To Be Continued. Set for Contest!

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The piano burst amidst the dusk,
As your violin stabbed its breast,
I smoked away my thoughts,
As my sins presented me new ones...
In the cold imaginary street,
Like always, my love lied discreet.
I called myself a different breed,
For I had an increasing greed,
The greed of you,
Silently grew.
As my cold lips touched yours,
We rode away on that horse,
To seek a dimension,
Where we'd slaughter any compulsion,
Where there'd be no confusion,
Till your acquisition,
I wish not to break this imagination.
Just for the sake of realization
That I succeed in this love,
My mad pegion, I wish to be your mad dove.

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when i close my eyes

When i close my eyes i see peace,in my mind,not war.
when i close my eyes  i see the hope and joy that could have been.
when i close my eyes.i see love and unity between people of different raceses.
when i close my eyes.i see myself flying above the mountains looking down,
through the eyes of an Eagle. and as i am flying i can see the sea and iam still
looking through the eyes of an Eagle.when i close my eyes.i see the stars above
when i close my eyes i see children happy Not sad.or scared.
i see them playing together not fighting one another.i see no war.
why cant we all close our eyes and see peace and love and hope and joy?not hate.

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And Then Came You,Another Chance For Love

Vunerable, my heart my own; not trusting; hard to trust any one-
Emotions running rampant,
Not willing to take chances
I sealed my life, my heart with protective defenses
And then came you
You saw me, wanted to know me, desired me and changed my life's view
So that I am dreaming of life's potentialities.

Blind, not looking
And out of the darkness through the disallusion of life's negatiivity, 
 love came through you and brought serenity
And though my heart was encased with barriers, deep and strong
I believe God sent you to adorn my life with intimacy of  feelings and
 desires never felt before till you came and embarked my heart's door.
The feelings of sadness you broke and  with your coming,
I have feelings of new possibilties.

Timid, shy, alone-
Needing someone to call my own
Lost within myself-
Hurts and pains of the past yielding themselves in me so strong
Robbing me of life's true love, its full experience-
My life needing new direction:  a purpose of fulfilling;
Then came you and I am alive and living.

Timing seemed off at first but nonetheless we met
Spent time together and then time progressed-
Causing a moment's separation;
However years and live have brought us back together
Through God's renewing--now full circle--a reconnection
And then came you, again, and to my surprise but with a welcomed spirit-
My heart is fully open to love's possibilities.

And then came you and I am totally fulfilled.
And then came you and I am inspired and yielding to love's will.
And then came you and my heart if leaping with joy and hope-
No longer enslaved by life's tightrope.
And then came you and I am free-
Many inhibitions carried away by the wind of destiny;
So I know and believe in the power of love's--your love--potency.

God's love for us.  Your love for me.  My love for you.
Taking us to present and future realms of highest ecstacy-
To know the essence of true love for infinity.  Another chance for love.

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...a darling dear of time is when the  tick-tock, of the clock stops, during a dancing wind chimes rendition of just how invisible things move me, to write, darling dear a rhyme, 

the peak of a mountain top experiencing, 

the soul

O' darling dear

a love letter,
a rhythm,

a liberty,

just one of those things that

of the everlasting.

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My Darling Pinkee

Name: Pinkee
Alias: Alias the Pinkster
Likes: Game's, Sponge Bob, Dancing
Height: Midget
WT:  35 lbs.
Age: only four (04)
Education: Smart as a Whip
Claim to fame:  feel's no shame


When I am feeling lonely
And feeling kind of blue
I count on my darling Pinkee
She will know what to do
Let's us play game's
That is what she would say
She love to kiss and hug
She sing's all day
She is a real character
Whether she is at work'
         Or at play
I know that she is happy
So long as thing's are her way
She taught me the word
That mean's I just don't know
And if you ask me why
Then, I will tell you so
It's the Pinkster you know
      She told me so         
One day we made a song
Something that you might not
      Want to miss
And then she gave me a little kiss
     And it goes' a little
Something like this
Wee Luv uhr Pin-kee
O'h yes wee do-oo-00
We wulve uhour pink-eey
I must be-ee true-uho-uho
Now, I know that I do Love her
And the baby she in mind
Their are so many thing's to do
Just so little time
I know that I love you
With heart body and soul
I know that the thing's
That you do for me
Make's me young and bold
Her name is P-ink-ee
She is taught and she is tame
With-out her is this world
My world would never
Be the same
She is smart
She really knows' how
To play the game
On top of that
She knows' how to
Spell her name
My name is P-ink-ink-ee-ee
O'h, yes it is--s-is's
My name is Pink-yee
Have lot's of chee-ree-rs
She is smart
Smart as a whip
Even when though
She is four
She always give 
Me the slip...

If not, then 
She will give me
A tip
And who can ask
For more


******Note: ********
Her name is Faith Renee Wiggins -AKA- the {Pinkster}

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Gotta get Mine

It's been awhile since I've had a taste. A smorgasboard of artistic drug laced, with passion, purpose,skill, and will, beautiful with poetic appeal. It's been awhile since my soul has taken this trip, aboard these vehicles, our mothership, that take ahold, of my mind and soul letting me know, whose got control, moving me, at the reigns, of how I feel, making me laugh, one moment, another driving me to tears, all the while I'm standing, or sitting still. For you I am so thrilled, to concieve, believe, and feel. Your mere mental images that you paint, across my mental landscape, vivid pictures, leaving me feeling faint. But then like a fix, I yearn for more, poetic pleasures, to even this score. To the creator, I give thanks, for creating you all, Poets, my brothers and sisters, in literal signs, giving this poetic junkie, your shared words of love, of the 'ummptenth' divine time.

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Ode to Dogs

You dogs make me happy,
Always barking and yelping,
Always trying to protect me,
And to me your always helping.

I love your big ears,
And your long snout,
There is never a time
You make me pout.

I love how you jump when you 
Know we're going on a walk,
I love how you understand me
When to you I talk.

I love the angels
You make in the snow,
I love how you (almost) never
Tell me no.

I love the constant dropping
Of tennis balls in my lap,
And when I'm done,
You too call it a wrap.

You will always be my first dog
I'll love you no matter what,
Even if most people (never me),
Think you are a dirty, stinking mutt.

Even though you can't read this, it's still dedicated to you, my lovable, adorable doggy,

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Make your heart sing

Silently I call out your name
I smile as if you came
When I say I love you
I am never in shame
Everyone can blame
Say the boy in insane 
I don’t care
Cause no one feels the same
It may be pretty hard to explain
It’s no ordinary game 
My heart holds no lust
In my love you can trust
Will never ask for any thing
I will be happy if I can make your heart sing

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Ode to Endometriosis

Strong, like kingdom walls,
stacks of sandbags, swamps of quicksand,
or barricades of filigreed barbed wire.
It holds me inside.

I can see myself in eleven years.
Perched on sterile metal instead of 
mountains of handmade quilts,
or nests of woven moss.

It will have turned love-making and child-bearing
from an art to a science,
and I will paint pictures 
of how being a woman is supposed to feel.

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twenty-two years as the Pastor of that Historic Little Church on the Hill
twenty-two years of leadership as you continue to submit to God's will

you're don't rest on your laurels as you've just attained another Master's Degree
from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

you recently received a blessing from God that has given you tremendous joy
you are now officially a grandfather and hallelujah it's a boy

you preach to us the living gospel the eternal words of Christ
and you relate it to us in a way that has impacted our lives

we thank you for these twenty-two years of delivering the word of God
we thank you for these twenty-two years that you've kept us in your heart

you've held our hands, you anointed us with oil 
and you listened to our troubles
you prayed for us, you prayed with us 
and gave us guidance in the midst of our struggles

we love you Pastor Griffinfor your honest and humble approach to life
we love you and the First Family for all that you've sacrificed

twenty-two years and still counting since the day you were appointed
Congradulations and keep making good things happen 
for you are truly anointed

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Coffee in a cup, makes a cup of coffee;
just as an aroma from within, makes the air,

smell of flowers in the spring



...a sweet thing, like sugar cane is to the tasting,
and the tasting is to stirring the dream,

making flavored coffee

a drink in the morning.

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Keep abreast

so bashful, the breast
as it sags silently in rest
as it sways
-	a motion that preys
on the mind of man

so bold, the breast
with a single hut
across a deep valley cut
to another
-	a hat on a beach
of softest sand
-	a silky land
creamy smooth
and quite aloof
holding its head up high
as wanton fingers reach to pry

so silly, the breast
a mere structure
-	a perfect appendage
-	a factory, a tool
that shaped nations, history, fate
with man but the fool

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The Girl I Love

It seems so long that I must look
Among most girls, their attraction lures 
But with this sight my angst does unhook
And my eyes do end their tours 
The unpolished cover of your book
To suddenly turn judgment yours

As it is with great surprise
Be my expectations tragic
The cover had deceived my eyes
For these pages are but magic

Alas to Hogwarts I do not go
And to you I am a stranger
So shall I choose a book I know?
For your wonders surpass Hermione Granger

So to Panem I must take flight
As my envy does glow green
And in the Hunger Games shall I fight
For with a fire you tend to glean
I mere Peeta to thy sight
And you Ms. Everdeen 

And though I not think it right
To compare the’ to what I hate
But for you I mention slight, the book, Twilight
Within its pages my affection’s fate, for with Jacob they relate

And so for you my Bella Swan
That I must assume a friend
And like Edward seek my presence gone
Loving you until the end.

Set down your book I do so wary
And reference now a great ballet
For in my arms I long to carry
And with great poise dance away
Me, a nutcracker prince, and you my sugar plum fairy.

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Guardian Angel

I wipe the tears from your face,
I hold you close and say it'll be okay.
I'm your sister, your guardian angel, and your best friend,
And I promise I'll be here til' the end.

When you feel scared and think your life's through,
I promise I'm here for you.
When a stupid guy makes you mad,
I'll grab my bat, and he'll be feeling bad.

You help me stay strong,
You've been here all along.
I love it when you smile,
And i hug you when you cry.

So promise me,
You'll never leave.
I know you need me, its true,
But I definitley need you!

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Oh Lassie

Her little sweet self, 
from behind
the likes of  I,
only the Lord knows

Her flowing Irish red,
her soft thin fingers,
her weak kiss
‘pon mine neck

These tears surge 
to remind this soul,
the always love
I will have
‘till death

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Forever Amazed

Even Annapurna,Kanchanjangha, Everest,
at their best
could not not put my soul to rest
their beauty intensified my yearning
to see your face
again & again
locked in an everlasting gaze
loving embrace
I want to remain forever amazed

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My heart is in need of love

MY heart is in need of love from you, from the one whom i love
and adore so much.
In the time that "I get i shall be by your side through the mid-night 
storms till the day of bloom and growth.
Boy I love you so much that i cant let you go cause you'r all that
I am, you'r  all that I have that fills that empty space in my heart with
a lot of love that I want to unravel
with you my king but yet my heart is in need of love from the one whom
I love and adore so much.

                                                                                  THE END

                                                        WRITTEN BY: Helen Rosa VonCille Johnson

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Musical Musings

"I never travel without my diary, one should always have something sensational to 

I love You, I really do
When people are few, He always helps me through
If I remain true, You'll never bid me adieu 
You chose to make the sky blue, and see it all from a view
My face filled with tears I did not understand
and the book of life, You taught me to comprehend

I love You. I really do.
I'd told myself that I knew, 
but You showed me I had no clue

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Ode to the Cheese Crispito

Although we all know it,
you can't spell out perfection,
and our stomachs to it we commit,
under our seasoned inspection,
the smell is in the air,
so thick we can almos taste its glory,
O how we try to not stare,
and like a wolf with its quarry,
we leap at it with great joy,
the texture O so splendid,
unmatchable by any false decoy,
the only thing we ever did,
was eat the Crispito.

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Joe Carl O'Neil

Your hand fell from my back
Heard you let out a sigh
I placed my hand on your face
said 'care enough to say goodbye'

I need you to walk away now
leave my heart with me
I cant hear the beat now
that hurt is scaring me
I cant need you like that
no one can take that place
you have your life of content
my dreams you cant face

Im the best in all of it
thats what you continue to say
my smile you will forget
cant play the game your way
even the greatist have broken pieces
and even I cry at night
the blue eyes that close to this
are pleading to see the light

my smile I have been faking
my veins bleed like all
stop saying Im too good for the taking
then watch as I fall

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In the beginning 
There was one
Through Love 
Gave me a son
The miracle
Of Life
Though my
Put up a fight
You lived
Only three days
An impact 
You made
Was your name
Your legacy 
The meaning 
Of sacrifice
Took you 
Toward the light
Will the 
Sun shine bright
Every night
That your parents 
Get it right
Sitting on your throne
You want 
A new home
Not wanting 
To leave 
His presence
But sending 
Your parents 
A message
To get ready
For a 
Wonderful blessin
The Giver 
Of Life
Is here
That I AM 
Is near
All sorrows 
New Year 

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I fell in love with a liar JCO

I sat with you and listened to your heartbreak stories
I held you, I kissed you, I promised I would never do that to you
I fell in love with you.
You sat there and listened to the horrors of my past
You held me, you kissed me, you promised never to do that to me
I fell in love with you.
You wouldn’t let me walk away, but you didn’t chase me either
You said you weren’t ready, but you were never gone
You watched me fall in love with you, but never said a word…. 

I tried to let you go, I tried to run, why didn’t you just let me?
I tried to mask my pain, I tried to write it out, but you read it all, and kept me?
I wanted to love you, and you let me without hesitation, why?
But you belonged to another undeserving soul that crushed you
And she is worthy of that in which I am not, why?
She cheated on you, you cheated on her
She doesn’t want you and you don’t want me
You used me to get to her, why?
You said I was perfect, and too good for you
Yet you did everything in your will to destroy me. Why?
Why did you do this?
Why did you not see me?
Why did you punish me?
I was in love with you.

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im scared
the discovery of self inside of someone else is misunderstood education. im 
not consistent with the principles of a relationship, im not even sure i 
understand the mere foundation. the unbalance of man and woman is known, i 
teach better than i live. the co-existence of kinetic energy on the sphere of 
humanity, the perservation of eden, in the extension of adam and eve in their 
purity. i find the complexity is not always intriguing can be exhausting but i 
love from every sense. touch with my spiritual, feel with my mental, taste with 
emotion, hear with soul interlock all with my physical b/c i dedicate my 
existence to the definition of black love, the recovery of the love movement 
where we lost us. it's me, im full of emotion i rise from 0 to 100 in a - 3 
seconds, i expect submission b/c we're no longer children. i discovered it's too 
much!! he after him always left me at the same space, thinking it was the lack 
of knowledge in self, confidence and pride that dismissed them from my life. 
without him i discovered it was me. 
im scared
im not seeking the answer of why love but why hasn't it trusted me. the insane 
asylum of love, i've committed myself to liberation rehab for those who can't 
discern the mysteries of dedication to our better halves. my reflection is 
painted on a water colored canvas, the colors have drifted becoming a blob of 
mundane rhetoric, i don't care to define. i succumb to the desolation of gray 
tint, until my artist conceives inspiration to paint with me. 
rememberance without memories, a story that's told without solitude b/c i 
forgot my pen to rehearse my serenity. FORGIVE ME!!

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Loss Lost Love

Why my love left
I soon forget the reason's why
All that I remember
Is that she left such
An empty space
An empty trace
So many memorie's
Which can not be erased
And I die just a little inside
And time mean's nothing to me'
Fore you mean so much to me
              - And -
Then ever so slightly
I wish for quiet subtle change
And I don't know since when
But time just set's end on end
And smoke appears below
Which can choke a friend
A friend in need
Certainly not you love
And once again, ever so slightly
I wish for quiet suttle change
It has been three weeks (03) now
And things' are all in a clammer'
Thing's just seem to set end on end
And nothing seem's to matter
An I make a vowel for thee
In a time that is lost for- ever
O'h, how I wish to belong
And when you looked at me
And I looked into your eyes'
Warm eye's, soft smile
What were you trying to say
When you kissed me
Keen sweet, sweet lips'
What were you trying to say
Shall I say nothing,
Or shall I just say nothing at all
What were you trying to say


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our children dacing
dacing at the sight of lighted bulbs
like when the eclipse occured
but their hope dashed

but his wealth  is intact
for his greatest grand children
children that are more equal
more equal than the others

our mouths now salivates
on seeing mere nuts
like dogs for bones
bones of our lost sons

sons last seen on april
april of the pools
pools of ballots
ballots of inec

our stomach now speak
speak like the dogs
dogs that came beyond the sea
but they have learnt
learnt to look
look since their demands were not meet

our youths now play in moonlight
play games in the sand
games out of fustration
fustration  due to lack of job

our graduates now employed
employed in barrow pushing company plc
with first class honours
obtained from war front

our universities now battle fields
our wards soliders
only to come home
with paper to prove it

all their hopes in it
in the designed paper
paper that cannot feed
even the fetus in the woman

they made him believe them
them that are beyond the sea
that his wealths are safe
though they beautify their land with it

he knew not that the value of  
his wealth has been used
used to tare their roads
used to build schools
used to build hospitals
used to make things better
used to empower their people
used to make them what they claim
those beyond the sea

though his wealth are safe
it have generated hundred times
to say the least, its worth
he claims to be rich,

the cock that crew
the dogs that bark
the cricket that creaks
the youths that riots
the children that cries

all are saying in Unison
wake up and behave
like a black though are
for our blood flows in you

let them know that we have an origin
our origin so strong
our strenght so wisely use
our wisdom cannot be decieved

wake up and take from them
the wealth they took from us
wake up and suprise them
and make our homes the dream land

the dream land of our fathers
those that fought till sleep came
and those that still wait for sleep to emerge

wake up and let them know
that our wealth we can manage
to make our homes eden
the eden our fathers lived in

For our tribes are stong
as strong as the lion
the lion accros the equator
our home the heart of Africa

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You never saw me JCO

It is so strange. You were gone, then I needed you. I needed your voice. I needed 
to see your face. I sat there in front of you, still so defeated, but I couldnt move. My 
feet were planted.  I was so in love with you. You never saw me.

I never heard Im sorry escape your lips, you felt no guilt. I heard I needed you. I 
heard I still love you.  But you left me. YOU just left me. I watched you move, I 
pleaded within myself to not fall this time. I made no attempt to get closer. I 
reached for the lighter, you never saw me, when you reached for me. 

Then you put the arms I needed, around my body, and kissed my head. I closed my 
eyes trying to contain everything I wanted to scream. I just cried. You never saw 

I listened to you talk. So much excitement in your voice. I was focused on the road, 
and listening to the passion come from your lips.I felt so broken inside...I knew you 
never said my name with excitment, because you avoided saying my name at all. I 
cried again. You never saw me.

I watched you as you took the wheel, the way your skin glowed in the full moon 
light. The way my hand looked as it touched your face. I was so hurt inside when I 
felt the phone continuously vibrate, I knew once again it wasnt me. I realized at 
that moment, I dont know that I love you anymore. I cried when I lay in bed that 
night. You never saw me.

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Every Sunday

Always on a Sunday since the day we met It's been twenty long years a love we can't forget Always on a Sunday your presence ever near We still feel each other's love after twenty long years Always on a Sunday many years ago We sitll feel the warmth after twenty long years Always on a Sunday we lay awake at night Holding each other after twenty long years
Rosalyn M. Lampkin

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Years gone by
She turns a corner
Hears a soft sigh
Looks in his eyes
Mellow, Delirious
Love  Undemised
She moves away
His eyes
Love remains Undemised

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Ode to Mother

Ode to Mother

Mothers are the greatest
Mothers are the love,
That children hold the dearest

Mothers overlook the things
That children often do
That’s why Mother, we
Sing this song to you.

We hold you in the deepest 
Section of our heart.
And show you, Mother, that we love you
And with you we’d never part

Although we never tell you
Somehow we need for you to know
That the friend we sometimes need,
Is found in you indeed.

Our friendship is one that
Blossoms from a bud
And flourishes into what
A daughter calls a MOM

	By: Nena Enriquez

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Touch Me

   So many things can be determined within a touch, for a single touch can bring forth the most of things. The right touch is priceless and can never be duplicated. So many things beautiful are birthed by a single touch.
     Touch me and feel the pain of being in love tremble through my inner core. This same beautiful pain that has given meanining to the passion of us.
      Touch me and replenish my soul with warmthand caring, that the lifes audacities have stolen from me, for I am attimes numb and it is only your touch that can grant me feelings once more.
       Touch me and sense the words of affection that are caught in my throat, but can be seen in my eyes. This same affection that has given me golden mist of breathe each time I pronounce your name.
        Touchme and understand that the future of us has been founded by that same touch.A future that consist of an eternal desire to be kissed by you,seen by you and to live and grow with you.
         Touch me and always know that it is your touch and only your touch that is the cure for the ills life at times offers, within your touch I am given endurance, inspiration,and am left with an intoxicating longing for more and more of your touch.
         Touch me and become my truest friend...Touch me and become my confidant...Touch me and become my greatest fantasy come true...Touch me and become my reason for living.
                                             Just Touch me.

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Whenever tears roll down
somebody's face,
and whether it brings joy, reward or pain:
it matters to someone
whose life, somehow, has broken him down,
or has lifted him up through grace;
it matters when one rejoices,
and sees in victory
what his bewildered eyes
couldn't ever have imagined it to be...

He chose  the path to glory
without harboring suspicions,
or being frightened by unseen woes
and hard-and fast rules;  
he made swift choices    
and built up his courage from nothing;
and what his fearless mind couldn't perceive,
wasn't so impossible to dream,
but surely achieved
through grit and indisputable duty...

Whatever that solemn oath
relied on a certain promise, he never lost heart,
because his valor never seemed to lessen a bit;
and he was taken above and beyond his fears
by not foreseeing any disheartening defeat:
confidence had given his untiring feet a steady beat...

It matters to someone to be recognized,
and cherish that moment of gladness:
perhaps the only moment to be remembered
and be locked away in his past;
a brave soldier at his best,
never settling for anything less,
always going above and beyond his expectations,
to honor and safeguard the Country that he loves...


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AGBARA NWANYI Beauty Without Equal

I feel this jump start, 
Then a squeeze in my heart
All because I heard you laugh
Well, any time you laughed.
Beauty beyond reach
So I sulk in solitude of wish
I wish! I wish! I wish!
For in you alone, I cherish
This glorious scent of thine
If I can’t taste, 
Let me at least perceive

I am blood of warriors
I am fully man. Not put to quail
Line of ancestral heritage,
Even the enemies’ hail
Who make men’s back staircase
For throne’s ascensions
I am Azungwu!
So my recoil is not fear
But invincible heart piercing spear
I know not how to bear
Your eyes spark like crystals
Its lenses can melt metals
Yet, I desire your kiss over medals

You are “Agbara Nwayi”
Beauty with no equal
Goddesses grumble and drawl
Envious of your exalt
But I cant help it
To theirs…
I prefer your feet
I love the shape of it
You are the last Amazon
I swear it!
The last time rain fell on you
Your silky clothes stuck like glue
I saw the full shape of you
Your twin volcanic cones
Towards me, dangle and beckons
You saw me. We saw us
You knew, you made me hot
You followed my eyes,
It rested on your honey pot
Your land of no return
Giving me a hard on
You looked up and smiled
I breathe in and died

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flame of life

No star in the sky
only ghosts of clouds fly
Deep in the darkness of my heart
there is a ray of light 
whenever life felt stale 
one becaconhouse encourage to sail
nobody know how to live 
only my heart know true lie
who knows about the fuel of passion
everybody leads life just as fashion
only my heart knows how to live
by burning both ends of candle

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as quiet as he ever was

tightrope typography; 
the arbitrary doyens of 
fallacious complexion… 
perpetually soaked 
in gin perked rum… 
inelegantly smeared 
across glass bled eyes… 
purely out of interest… 

the bluish flaccid
moonlit regatta;
whistled and sold…
whistled and cleansed…
privy to atonal acronyms 
and consummated progress…
as quiet as he ever was…
purely out of interest… 

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Beloved Companions -part 5-

A couple weeks before her fourteenth birthday, We knew something was wrong Peanut, who loved to eat above all else, suddenly turned down food To make it worse she was having trouble breathing I had urged my dad that we had to take her to the pet hospital, and he agreed At the hospital, when they told us what was wrong, I could see the look in my dad’s face Even I knew, it was her time We all got to say our final goodbyes, Held her paw, and stayed with her as she drifted to sleep Her passing had hit us so hard, like a huge weight had fallen onto us I kept asking myself, over and over again, “why did she have to go?” We all thought she was gone forever, And tears of sadness had stuck with us for a while Then a strong realization came over us, Peanut was not gone, She would always be with us Tears of sadness soon became tears of happiness When we learned about the Rainbow Bridge Hearing that touching story, We all knew Peanut would forever be in our minds and our hearts If Peanut is waiting on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge, Then I look forward to the day when we cross that bridge and can be with her again Dedicated to Peanut In our memories, The pets that have passed will always remain We realize upon having them That they turn out to be something more- A loving companion, a protector, And most of all, a friend Someone who will always be there for you And understands, One who gives you a shoulder to cry on, A creature subtly unassuming, Who will simply listen.. There is a connection with our pets That is impossible to break And when there comes a time to say goodbye, That connection will help us continue on We never want them to leave, But all of us know that nothing lasts forever But the effect they leave on you And the love you have for them does

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InSide Happiness

Happiness is an emotion that i don't show very often, The Evil inside kills me everyday not to show it coming. Joy, where did you go? I can't find you anymore, where are you hiding? Please come back to me, i want to feel you when ever i want it siding. The smell of you next to me is so peaceful, But i cant see your magical touch cause its i am not too cheerful. Slap me or do what ever you want to me, Crawl inside me and make me feel you freely.

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Dear Sister

As a rose, 
ever so beautiful, 
ever so attractive 

Perhaps, more so, 
to wishy-washy, 
whimsical wanderers, 
than hearty-heady,

Drawn to your vivacious, 
velvety beautiful petals
Only to leave it,
scratched and scarred
As a rose, 
ever so beautiful, 
and attractive
Perhaps, thorns for protection, 
must you have

For MQ

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To a Mermaid

At the end of the day
All your tears fade away;
All the stars come to rest,
The horizon now crest.

At the sea, the tide fades
As the sum of these days
Takes its toll on the ground,
Ripped and torn, tattered down.

And I'm here, by your side,
Torn away by the tide,
Trying still not to drown,
Not to fade in the sound of the sea.

But I see you, your eyes
Are the tide of the sea.
As they ebb, so they rise.
Still, they wash into me.

I can cry now no more.
Struck yet speechless, I cease.
In your eye, the tides roar;
I have found my release.

Lost in beauty, in that sea,
Lost in time, I'm lost to me.
Your face has aspect, fearful symmetry.
I find I'm lost for words. I cease to breathe.

And as the tide now tears me down,
It matters not.
My soul has found its rest within these ceaseless tides
That once contained my empty cries.

Captivated by your lips,
My breath is water.
'Neath the whips and scorns of time,
I find my peace.
My soul, content, has found release.

Lost in my emotion,
I found what I could be.
Drowned within that ocean,
My soul's absolved to me.

So have I drowned inside the sea,
Inside your tears, inside of me.
I know now what it is to be

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Ode to the Moon

In the night sky there she smiles
Watching lovers from distant miles
After Mr, Sun neglects the world
The gracious moon starts to unfold
Joyful hearts wait the chance
To see the moon spread romance
She’s radiant, sensual, glowing bright,
A witness to bodies fused at night
To lonely hearts, warmth she gives
To broken souls, light she leaves
Could this sparkling jewel in the sky
Be afraid to fall that high?
Oh lovely maiden up above
Does she weep she cannot love?

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Her name is Shino
She Wears Pretty Kimonos
She Smiles When We Meet
Most Beautiful Silent Greet
Her Soul is as gentle as her Smile
She will always make your stay

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Ode To Her

     When she comes into a room,she lights it all up.
     She can drive a man crazy with one single touch

     She always say maybe when I ask for her number.

     But then we fell in love in the middle of the summer.

    Ebony,chocolate,she so caramel

   The way she threw her love on me was something like a spell.

   And everytime we kiss;I only think of wedding bells

   Brown eyes,black hair,coke bottle derier

  And I just gotta say girl you making me stare.

  See,me and you girl,we're a perfect pair.

  And you can tell by the love in the air.

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My Tales

I write my tales
Words, fragments, lines
Perhaps meaningless at times
In the same old fashioned way
Like it happened just today
I let my cherished memories; in turn 
Fill my hearts every yearn
The flowery feel
Beneath the gentle shadow of the hills
Covered in daffodils
In the same old fashioned way
I write my tales everyday

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Wanted to write something so special 
That you would not be able to resist
Coming to me
Could not find any word
That suits this beautiful soul of yours
I searched the horizon
Could not find anything
That could neither compliment nor compare
Again and again 
I looked every corner every where
Here at last in stand in the gardens of heaven
If Eve was not created first 
Nay Jo would have been here

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Christ Crossed

Crucify him crucify him my own declared 
Heart a trembling My God so scared
Say who I am the nails I shall feel
Hold back my silence the enemy shall steal
Wounded Oppressed afflicted blows they gave
chosen Apostles runneth into caves
Came I down from far above
created place I am the Dove
Crucify him what's this you say
healed I the sick asketh not for pay
Crucified me while standing and gazing
they all like sheep my children stay grazing
yonder garden where I was betrayed
not one stood with me while I yet prayed
Asked friends will you stay awake
for you see my life they shall take
Gave you life my heart screamed with a sigh
Crucify him is still the reply
Crucify him Crucify him They yelled with glee
ears dull of hearing died I on the tree

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Self-Love in A Minor

Twiddling the harpsichord of my physical being 
Cramming studies into a session of relieve 
Living violent extremes in a few minutes of peace 
Passing time seeking a forsaken retreat 
Envisioning angels that caress my doubtful mind 
Seeking passage out of this unimaginable crime 
Reliving moments of a time too long left behind 
Encouraging a lustful meaningless mental rewind 

Sweet moans grace my lips as I grind my hips to heavens abyss 
Skies full of lovers drop down to shine once more in my carnival 
Songs revisit the home they once knew pressing play simultaneously 

A moment to myself after the smoke has cleared 
It is just I and my harpsichord now revered

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Are You

In this life of atmosphere and audacity there is indeed much that is neede for the mind"s stability, the body"s satisfaction and finally the soul"s sanctuary. So in turn the question exists, a question that must be asked...Are You?
   Indefinately I shall live amongst the skies of lonely interior, Are You the cloud to comfort me? If life should become a desert of desperation and dehydration, Are You my life saving drop of rain water? If the dark shall arise and in the midst of such I have become lost in the fogs influence, Are You my guiding light? entrapped in a room of disstraction surrounded by walls that promote defeat, Are You my butterfly of wisdom and strategy? Are You the beholder of a kiss to liven my tase buds when they have gone bland?The one who within the eye"s mirror can be seen the image of life and love forever, that same one whos touch of satin inspires tears of fulfillment. Are You thy specific angel with un-matched beauty along with a scent that grants fantasies? Causing an addiction of who you are and all that is of you, the rose with the thorn that pricks allowing the beautiful sensation of heart felt pain. Are You she who"s words enlighten the spirit? Possesor of moves to ignite the fire within me, giving me a sensational overdose. At last the most important question that bounds my life... Are You my wife?
                  IN truth I admit, a simple kiss upon your breast and I may truly live forever !

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My Darling Angel

For my darling Angel
May you grow to be strong
And pure of heart
May you dream incredible dreams
Believe in anything you wish
And wish for what you believe
May you experience magic
And reach for the stars
Be kind and cherish your possessions
Take your time to do things right
Never forget who will always 
Love you for you
You will always be mine
My pride, my joy
The apple of my soul
My heart, my world
My darling Angel

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Who am I to you JCO

When you hear the sound of my voice, 
does it make you happy inside
Or does it even phase past those blue eyes?
When you are standing there trying to focus on the task at hand
Does the taste of my kiss cloud your judgement?
Or do you think of my lips at all?
When you hear another speak my name
Does your pulse race and hand shake?
Or pretend we've never met?
When you see me smile at you
Does everything in the world disappear?
Or do I even make that moment special?
When you reach for the phone 
is it my name you call out to?
Or do you remember my number at all?
When you see your future
am i standing beside you?
Or have I already disappeared?

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Prayer To My Self

Walking away might be the most hardest things for a man to do, you cant even imagine what that feeling can do to you. Falling flat on your face would be better than to look shameful, even walking around naked around the streets would be cool. But like any story in life goes, there is always that one person that will help you get back on your feet and walk again. No matter how much you fall, no matter how much you stumble upon a struggle, that person will be there with you till the end. Give love and thanks to this person who never leaves your side and helps you put a smile on your face everyday. When the day comes to an end and you know that the person has to go, all you can wish is for your special person to stay. Mine has walked away on me, I was so blind that i couldn't see. She wanted everything for her self, for me to change and be what she wanted me to be, but i had to let her go and never see this person again, cause it would only be worse in the end. Writing this is more painful than getting your body tattooed, writing this is more painful than getting over screwed. Writing this is more painful than words, writing this is more painful than razor sharp swords. No matter how much you try to let it out it just wouldn't come out, the pain is way to deep and its almost like its tattooed on your bodies gout. haven't i been hurt enough in this world, i just don't understand why i am being treated like this, is it cause i am better than you and have nothing to look forward too but my blue and black handkerchief? The cut was way to deep my dear, you just cant imagine, i have been cut and bruised for the last time, i can promise you that. No one will ever touch this body or hurt this soul ever again, if you wish to try so, go ahead and check it, but before that go ahead and get yourself a casket.

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Another Cured Broken Heart

I can't erase what she put me through..
Open roads lead me back to you...
To many rainy days gone by, left with
thoughts and just a sigh..
you helped me through all my tears..
a love that grows without any fears..
Cant count the ways you cleared my mind.
to turn you away would be so unkind..
Another cured broken heart..a day I can
finally start..another cured broken heart..
your love pushed those clouds apart..
Walls I put all around my heart..
Walls of pain and sorrow couldn't keep us apart..
You taught me love without a touch..a telephone 
line from your heart to mine....

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 4)

You regret your foolish disclosure, as you confessed to be a cold hearted lover for she was 
lost of hope n’ sacrificed herself from this crest for her love for you consumed her totally, 
though her broken heart, in the care of the angels choir, now sings reforged in the fires of  
You lived your life in the garments of a scar around your heart, covered in bark, thrombosed 
to the love of another, it now cries in virtue n’ chastity from the sentient tree that consumed 
your ashes n’ dust in the grave at the top of the crest by the sea…

I give to you Poet my blessing, so you can relinquish your guilt n’ pain of love’s abandoning 
from the bed of blame you made of your grave, for your quill is at peace till your 
homecoming into this world, my sweet poet come back to me…
For time was your crest from this day you have leapt, you are forgiven my love so rise, let 
go your purgatory n’ perhaps one day we will meet once again as your soul escapes the 
gravity of captivity, now owlish n’ wise let it fly to our destiny…

Though not a word is spoken in these moments of conjuration from a lover long gone in an 
age of castles n’ quests by the sea, it stormed all night n’ I remained by your grave side till 
sunrise n’ the flame in your eyes became the Immortal’s fire to reforge a tarnished heart, 
for your tortured soul now understands n’ through the flames your mind will follow…
Now I see the picture you have painted in the illusion of the rainbow n’ I sense the birth of 
humility n’ grace as the sun breaks through the storm clouds, for your poem of remorse 
finally rests n’ you my love are reborn with angel wings to ride mother earth’s breath…

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no rhyme or reason JCO

You will never have me again
I trusted when you held me
I felt connected when looking into your eyes.
There are some things that should never be
all thoses tears fall from the lies.
You will have to live with what you did
if the bones in you care for me at all
my heart was priority I thought
but you made me a joke afterall
Everything  I believed in you was a lie
fighting is what you thrive from
my love was never to be alive
as I was clawing up from the bottom

I hate you. 

You have made me see who you are
weak inside a tree of a shell
never to defend me, or love me out loud
a ghost, a secret and shadow is all I was
betrayal was all I found
my life with you of mistrust

I am done with you.

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The Taj Mahal

Of the wonders of the world that have been
The Taj Mahal is the best I've seen
With it's milky marble white
It radiates a glow on a full moon night

Shahjahan built The Taj for his lady love
Once she'd died and gone to the heavens above
In hope of reminding him (it might)
Of her face glowing on a full moon night

With it's chambers full of breeze
One can say he was head-over-heels
In love with his wife, Mumtaz
For whom he built the wondrous Taj

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Dear Mom(A sons goodbye)

                                                 Life is delicate like
                                               a rose on a cool fall
                                               morning then without
                                               warning life is taken away.
                                                 I cry not for the rose who's
                                               petals lay scattered at me feet
                                               but for everything else that has

                                                 I cry for the leaves who's leaves crush
                                              like power in my hand and for the flowers
                                              which droop and sag...

                                                 A mother who left this world too
                                              soon and for her pain in till death finely

                                                 The world is a lot different place
                                               with you gone... But a son has to
                                               move on he can't keep thinking 
                                               something wrong...

                                                He can't keep being sad and blue
                                              don't worry I'll always love you... I'll never
                                              forget the love we shared and how much
                                              you cared...  I love you

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Ode to a Ukulele

Ode To a Ululele A soprano uke was what I had A birthday present to me from Dad And with a Mel Bay book “How to Play” I practiced a little every day Learning chords is quite a fight Need to finger them just right Each string totally clear Progress slowly came along Finally I could play a song A task that took a year My friend took me to a friend of his A guy who played a uke like a whiz I’d never heard of a “Baritone” Now I got to get one of my own Found it in the music store On the wall, up off the floor T’was a beautiful sight When I took it from the wall “Take me home” I heard it call I bought it with delight My musical prowess did increase My love for that uke never did cease A party uke as good as it gets Play, sing the songs, I couldn’t quit College years it was a hit Roomy and I sang duet Talent shows were our thing The songs were fun, don’t you know A Homer and Jethro show Oh how my uke did sing Flight testing the Boeing AWACS plane Flying Demos for the NATO chain Twenty nine thousand feet in the air My uke had a banjo love affair A bar in Europe one night A uke and banjo delight No one would leave that scene Somehow the uke got a whack I saw the top had a crack I screamed till I turn green Through High School, College and Bachelorhood Loved that piece of mahogany wood Then set aside for family and work Care of the uke, a job I did shirk When I took it out to play I was bad, what can I say But the uke sounded fine Wiped that uke till it was clean I didn’t mean to be mean It said “play me some time” Years in the closet, total neglect The tension on the strings had an effect Out of the closet it came one day Oh no, the action’s too high to play Repair man said, “Cost too much” Needs a neck reset and such It’s more than it is worth That’s a heavy blow to take Oh so sad that my heart did ache The saddest guy on earth Repaired a guitar in later years Then thoughts of my old uke reappeared Fix the old uke and do it myself That’s when I took it down from the shelf Read about a neck reset Give it a try, no regret I thought nothing to lose In two weeks I had it done Felt like I’d hit a home run The tests were all good news The uke was easy to play again I had given life to my old friend For sixty long years that uke was mine It’s time to pass it on down the line Gave to my daughter and girls I knew they’d cherish my pearl Now it’s a legacy With the best sound in the world And a future yet to unfurl Music’s its destiny

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Realizing love

Long roads had teached us what we needed to know,
It was not our time back then, but time for us individual to grow.

As time passed by a lot I have learned,
History will not repeat itself, no need to be concerned.

I will not vanish like once before,
I appreciate and adore you even more.

I want to thank you for the person that you are,
The light in my life, my shining star!

You have the full package, as perfect as a man could be,
I consider myself very lucky if you'd like to be with me!

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She always had the brightest smile,
one could see it from a mile
and Annie knew how beautiful it was!

She had the smallest heart,
and when it was the biggest;
Annie gave more, not less!

Her portrait hangs on the front wall color sage,
her joyful image as innocent as a babe...
I look up and meet those radiant eyes! 

My ode to Annie on a Fall evening with crackling fire
I had protected her from darkness and dire...
even when the world's doors would have opened up!

Oh, did I mention the time she lost her front tooth on the school bus?
She came home crying, running from every kid who heard the fuss...
Annie found it later in her winter coat and buried in the backyard!

She never knew her dad and wished had one,
but Annie saw that father in me and thought I was awesome...
she looked at me with tenderness and really understood!

My ode to Annie on a Fall evening thirty years after,
when this thought stroke me and made me a writer...
forever remembering that heart which changed me! 

My ode to Annie whose life reflects mine,
my ode to Annie...a young soul so divine;
my ode to remember her until I'll have breath!

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 1)

On a windswept hill crest by the sea there is a lonely ancient sentient tree that seems so 
figuratively familiar to me, I wonder why this can be n’ who my heart longs for when
I’m here n’ why love gives no guarantee…
Though I visit here frequently, today I was summoned, beckoned by the branches of this 
solitary tree swaying in the breeze, to this charming yet purgatorial space...

I knelt down upon this strange magical place n' was carried away as my fingers traced an 
owl’s feather to my face n’ wondered why I loved n’ despised this fateful place…
My body shivered, internally tingling n’ with grace, some kind of enlightened knowing I could 
not erase n' like the sentient tree that cradles you within, I sensed your ethereal embrace…

Silence ends where you begin, I heard the likes of Aeolian sing “Oh my Immortal”  n’ your 
poetic voice disturbed the chaos in the winds of my mind n’ there within returned the 
memory of your handsome androgynous face…
I said… “Come let my hands play upon your skin” n with my thoughts gathering to replay a 
scene across time of broken hearts n’ love’s abandoning reflected in the fire of your eyes n’ 
a touch of a feather upon my face…

I’ll never know your name or how many tears were cried in the oceanic depths of your 
pleasure n’ pain, though the salt I can taste in the tempest of this darkening day as the wind 
heralds your scent n’ presence unto me…
I’ll never know all who walked hand in hand here before me or where each discarded shell 
has been as the seasons flew away, yet I now know why a thousand Halloweens were  your 
destiny n’ you summoned me to transcend my mortality n’ the meaning of silent words at 
play this day…

Our ancient bodies lay together here beyond mortal touch, though in my present existence I 
no longer recall our names, they are lost in my many lifetimes yet kept in the Goddess’s 
Though no longer you feel my touch or pleasure n’ pain I'll plant a flower as a blessing on 
top of our grave, above the waves, where your soul is a slave to this sentient tree cradling 
your ashes n’ bones returned to dust…

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To My Wife

What did I do
To deserve you?
You are an angelic blessing,
You blossom anew each season
As you find new strengths for new struggles.
Your loving, radiant smile kindles and warms,
And your inviting, dark eyes love and tease and smolder.
You have strength in spirit that burns like white fire,
you are kind and compassionate,
and beautifully vulnerable.
Wife, mother, sister, friend, human,
and God’s little girl,
I celebrate each imperfection
as my own perfect creation.

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Ode to a Virgo Mom on the Occasion of Her Birthday

Grace under pressure
Unflappable class
Overtones of elegance
Strength of brass.

Tending splendid gardens
Where laughter and fun
Sprout as if native
In the warmth of her sun.

Incensed by thoughtless actions
Yet steady in her mood
Mixing sweet persuasion
With wisdom for food.

A Virgo mom’s a blessing
For one raised in her nest
So just today this Taurus says
That Virgo is the best!

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Ode to a Bus Boy

He busses tables at the local coffee shop
where midnight poets pour there heart 
out to the crowd of starved souls.
Hypnotizing them into metaphors and similies
and city singers cling to their
microphones calling out to the world
putting them in a trance between each verse.
A young woman enters the cafe
for her mid evening cup of tea.
Squeezing through the tiny spaces 
between tables, slidding past the audience.
Finding her seat at the back of the house solitary.
The bus boy taking orders and watching
like a raven on the hunt. 
Spiralling around tables and twisting through crowds.
His smooth movements like
an art for all to see.
He always watched her, but she never saw.
Every silent shudder,
quiet quirk and every other gesture.
She was a Goddess, something pure.
Like the fresh spring raindrops that 
small children catch on their tongues,or
brisk morning air inhaled over a cup of coffee.
She smelled of the sunsets and lillies.
But it was pointless to him,
when would he ever get his chance 
to infuse his senses
with the fragrance.
She an upper class American and him
well, he's a bus boy that was invisble to her,
below her social status, just plain out of her league

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Dangerous Breed

American Pit Bulls Are a dangerous breed
They will lick you till you cant breath
They will make you laugh till your rolling on the floor
they will love you and beg for more

Oh Yes They are so dangerous and mean
when it is feeding time best not let the cat be seen
They might stop eating their kibbles to play
Or want you to rub their bellies that special way

Mines Name is Saddie Lynn
She drives me crazy sometime 
But I would never hurt her nor her me or my friends
Because I am her protector and she is mine

So watch out for the badest breed ever bread
the American Pit Bull you will not be able to give away
The one who sleeps at the head of your bed
And keeps all the bad stuff at bay

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What religion has created through the ages 
is a false gospel with much incredibility;
a helpless Christ on that cross...
instead of a resurrected One 
ascending to His glory;
He's still mocked and alone!

Faith is stronger than religion,
it trascends all souls
in search of truth and hope;
and it can't be taught by words alone!
Faith was the stronghold
of prophets and saints!
Let it become our fortress
in the days of weakness,
and fervently pray with confidence
that no harm will come from others!

The sacrificial altar needs no lamb,
the ultimate sacrifice was made...
the reconciliation between Man and God,
and a Mediator to atone every sin committed;
many still believe in a harsh punishment...
by demons who dwell in Hell!

Let's be like David who exalted Jehova God always, 
and proclaimed His greatness for all ages!
Let's fear no man, but trust in the God of Moses...
who parts our waters in troubled times,
and lets us walk safely to our shore;
let's be as faithful as they were!

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Autumns Grace

Roses under my bruised feet,
Led a trail to your defeat
With a circle traced around your eyes
We continue to frown upon each others lies

Cringing beneath the burnt leaves
Orange and crusted gold lines
We stand among the people 
Who have felt this cold air before?

Do not question the earthly hallow
The grave my dear, you dug to shallow
For the rain it will gather upon thy crown
With the pink flesh and soon to be out of breath

I abide you ado
Farwell the gentleman of grace 
And pondering hearts combined 
We feed the crops that are parched

You quiver in the wind
With that you take me home
And wear your child’s grin
A smell of wonderful ambers burning

The night sky becomes dimmer
As the flames die down
Our breath becomes thinner
As you reach for the cracks in the ground

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An Ode triplet

Desire filled his face,
it lingered like perfumeof love,there was no trace

Passion welled within,
deceit fuelled by need-
this fire turned to sin

Lust failed to satisfy,
though power reigned supreme-
their child,stlll was to die
 full story @2sam 11/12

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i live my dream

I Live My Dream Everyday I Wake up Beside You
Why Cause it Was Me You Ask to Say I Do
I Live My Dream Everyday When I Touch Your Beautiful Face
Why Cause in My Heart its  You I Have Placed
I Live My Dream Every  Minute That Slowly Ticks on by
Why Cause All I Need Is  You for Ever at My Side
I Live My Dream Just like  the Flower Attracts the Bee
Why Cause in My Heart  Is the Best Place to Be
I Live My Dream Just like  the Beauty of the Rainbow
Why Cause I Love You More  Then You Will Ever Know
I Live My Dream Every Time  a New Star Shines in the Night
Why Cause Only You My Arms Wish to Hold Tight
I Live My Dream as I Watch the  Clouds Drift Across the Sky of Blue
Why Cause Just like Me I Can  Say Forever I Love You
I Live My Dream Every New Day  the Sun Does Shine
Why Cause You to Me Is All I Need  to Be My Valentine

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Life at a Glance

There are so many ways to say I Love You, however it seems more likely for 
people to say 
the hurtful words I Hate You. 

For so many things to be thankful, still there’s so many 
times we may appear ungrateful
Appreciate what’s been given, evolve in a life worth living. 
Overcome struggles be 
focused continue to stay driven

Do not settle for good enough. Be determined and go through the times of both 
the good 
and the rough. There’s no reason to be surprised know one ever said that Life 
wasn’t  tough
Anyone can achieve their dreams at the highest measure. It’s just a matter of 
how hard 
you work at it even if your starting at the bottom from there things can only get 
Weather the storms throw your burdens upon God he will never steer you wrong. 
never give you more than you can handle. If it seems overwhelming at times then 
God must 
know that your strong. Life decisions are split into two parts there should be no 
areas. It’s either this is right or this is wrong
Remember your not benefiting anyone by hiding you emotions in the dark. You’ll 
hurting yourself eventually it will weigh heavy on your heart. In the long run it will 
end up tearing you apart
To be in love can make a world of difference it will change your daily routines
Everyday that passes by you won’t have the mind frame of It’s all about Me 
Relationships built around trust are strong. Relationships built around deception 
ever last long. Commitment is the key not only with your love but in friendships as 
as with your family
People will come in your life people will go. Where you will be in 10 years 
really knows. Life’s about the unexpected the passer-by’s the up’s and downs 
the good 
the bad the times we laugh along with the times we cry. The questions the 
answers the 
times we ask why? The yes’s the no’s the rejections the goals. The beauty the 
disappointments the high’s and the lows. The losses the gains the continuous 
cycle of 
Life is what you make it out to be Do for others as you would want done for 
Don’t involve  yourself in life’s mysteries Each person decides their own destiny 
have written their own history
Cause and effect is the name of the game. You get what you’ve given therefore 
you only 
have yourself to blame
Your life’s a novel made of many characters plots climaxes and themes Don’t 
opportunities don’t ever give up on your dreams Continue to live life and be 
because life isn’t as bad as it sometimes may seem

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Love and romance wrapped them
She could hear the beating of his heart,
Memories cascaded through their minds
It seems like old times again;
Staring at the fiery horizon-
Apparantly transfixed...
Mesmerized by the magnificent scene
Looking into his dark and mysterious eyes
A moments of silence followed-
Love was on the air.
The fire exists...
Yet still, the feelings are mutual
Time and distance-
Dare not to extinguish,engulfed them.
Music played in their hearts,
It was going to be FOREVER.

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Ode to Breaking Up

Consider salve thy lubricating lips,
Can moist sensations kissing them be found
and tender do the grasp of finger tips
dissolve the rich encompass of the ground.
Our explorations further feast on eyes,
prepares the intuition for release,
while magical relations improvise
motions for the while shall not increase.
I need to further venture through the mist
of one who gains momentum having trust,
and this is where I feel we both exist
the treasure trove of having is a must.
We melt where idle passions seem to fix,
are firmly pressed against residing walls  
what heaven sent., the dedicated mix,
involvement as we both rejoice to calls.
Encased within our own as souls combine
the journey of a lifetime waiting for
has come and we're parading this divine
contentment is this guise I found before.
Need to have and hold has come to pass,
I fell in love before, it's not the last.

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You conjure a smile,
Fragrant in my heart,
Elegant in my mind.
A beauty in my soul.
Whether eyes closed
Or mind asleep
I can see your face
Breath in your scent
Hear your voice.
When our minds meet
My head goes on overload
I feel new emotions
I never felt possible.
When our eyes meet 
My heart swells
So full, so alive
And I know I’ve found
My parallel.

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Nay Jo 2

Write something nice to me
Just like I used to
Whenever you asked me to
My beloved Nay Jo
Perhaps you don’t know or even care 
But the world without you, no longer I can bear
I wish death was near
I would be happy to fall in it’s everlasting snare 
No more I care 
What ever the world has to offer
There is no compare

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Before sunrise the  firmament,
silent and luminous
kept all its stars under guard,
and none would go astray,
because the voice of God they obey;
and their names, unknown to us,
are spoken by Him with kindness
and carried on the currents
of a mighty wind,
which are moved by a command!

I express my enthusiasm,
to elevate my lyrics to the heights 
of the shimmering luminaries;
this praise emerges from a deep gratefulness...
and unlikely any other emotion it conveys,
mine is never repressed by feeling,
it goes beyond my understanding
to why it was created with such a magnificence...
for that specific purpose humans aren't  aware of,
but doesn't it attest to a Supreme Intelligence?

After sunset the perfect firmament
glows with light to overwhelm me
with more awe and less controversy,
and why should there be doubts
to obliterate every evidence from my thought;
when faith is evanescent, all thoughts
become empty and improvident...
so that the Creator is shredded of glory! 

My excitement is induced by contemplation,
dissenting the theory of evolution;
how can distortion render conviction...
if all it does is cause more division?  
This assumption doesn't tolerate belief,
it is utterly senseless and full of hypocrisy,
conceiving the Creation as a myth;    
are we subdued by its plausibility?

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there you were
inside a picture frame
black and white photo
on the gallery wall
irrigating joy and goodness
his holinesss the dalai lama
your colours are boundless

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Loving a friend

When ever I sit and remember,
 how warmth and tender,
the chest of love is,
   I think of how,
 how loving a friend is.
Sometimes I smile to him in love,
in other times,I melt in awe,
 a friend can be so cold to me,
 a pal can be so dear to win.
I try calling him in times of war,
 but receives my call when I am wan.
How difficult to love such friend.
 Loving a friend,is so difficult to do.

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Suzy,a pure BRIGHT and DELIGHT

                                 I thought SUZY was so bright
                                 Tendered hair and a smile delight
                                 Created her RAINBOW to let the world know
                                 only 4 inches small but her personality is quite tall
                                 The Beauty is not so much on the outside but within
                                 Never cared to swear or sex,she was true without
                                 Vanity or Sin
                                 No one but I would offer to carry her books to school
                                And in turn,said that I was more than a simple fool
                                A strange inkling that occurs in my brain
                                LET'S GO TO SCOTLAND,WE CAN TAKE THE 4:00 TRAIN
                                to escape the taunts and mockery jibe
                               Here's to you,Suzy..and a sweetness that you try not to hide

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I ache for your face so close.
I can still smell you.
Taste your breath.
Feel your fate
Entwined with mine.
This time to come our hardest part
Yet we will bear, abide, adhere
For all our sakes.
Guilt aside i shall value
The moment we had
And close my eyes and relive
Our reflection.
Over and over.
Until our future says no.

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bundle of joufulness

i the joy of this precious child brings hope and inspiration to the downtrodden.
she is the gentle spring of life that causes one to always be thankful.  she has
given the the Heavens the splendid moments for rejoicing.  Oh what a revelation has this
wonderous bundle of joy given to all who gaze upon her innocence. Such Is The Precious 

Of Sadie Grace. We shall always see the love of God Himself within her radiant smile.  Then
we shall all know the unsearchable essence of the love of a Awesome God, that gave His
Only Begotten Son, so that we can see Him time and time again within the eyes of our dearly 
belove sons and daughters. We thank you so much loving Sadie Grace Royer's.

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I think,
To be honest
I am pretty sure
My mind, I have lost
I cannot anymore see  
The face 
I love the most
You all may very well say
It was not meant to be
But,to me
This just cannot be
It’s a dream for me
To be with her
For eternity 

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Ode to Anine

The angels smiled the day you were born ,
To your mother Janne and your father Shawn.
Everyone's dreams came true
And that Anine was because of you.

On the 23rd. of October you entered the world,
A momentous ocassion more priceless than gold.
Your ruby red cheeks , that cute little mouth,
That is really what life is about.

Those almond shaped eyes that cute button nose,
A combination of both parents I suppose.
You're truly a treasure and mummy's pearl
You're also daddy's adorable baby girl.
Big brother Henrik will protect you from harm
When he holds you tenderly in his arms.

Two loving hearts coming together
You really are birds of a feather.
You are the proof that true love reigns supreme,
By the timely arrival of this tiny human being.

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part3)

Yet my soul senses the passion n’ desire of your heart was composed in the language of love 
unto lust that I could never poetically impart, still I know the flame burns with pleasure n’ 
pain for all who find it outside their immortal heart…
I sense the reflected fire of your eyes n’ I wish not to recall the unspoken secrets of your 
poetry n’ the names lingering here, romancing the waves caressing rocks n’ the chant of 
consumable miseries of mortal hearts to rupture into suicide …

I know how your fingertips awakened her virginity when she was your lover in leisure to the 
music of your acclivitous words hypnotising her virtuous seventh heaven of sexual overtures 
n’ into the depths of clitorious pleasure…
She was one of many who summoned the angels of ecstasy by the priestess of your tongue 
that preferred all inamoratas to be kept at distance for their purpose of use was to be your 
poetic muse but she was (heavy sigh) your destiny…

When you dared to indite your desires of others with an empty quill upon her naked flesh 
remembering still their scent n’ taste, she flared with jealous rage n’ you were vainglorious 
for your lovemaking was illustrious as you celebrated far n’ wide…
In her aroused escapade you wished you had braced yourself for her pain as she summoned 
the green demons with covetous wings within her mind, for she would have laid down her life 
for you, though you did not understand this treasure was a love that was true…

For she longed to be your only lover though your fingers of rhyme teased a tongue to 
rhythmically confess your request to crucify her heart in unrequited love n’ her thighs in a 
symphony of continuous casual pleasure…
You declined true love for the endless line of carnal lust with debutantes, bridesmaids n’ 
dames for perfect in everyway to be with you she must, like your poetry symmetrical n’ 
consummate, a figure of flawless beauty n’ face..

To compose in repose your words in kisses upon a page of thy lover’s lips, the idealised 
immaculate perfect place, her face was scared by a trace yet her beauty of heart within was 
a gift given by the goddess’s grace…
She had a long thin line down the side of her face though I know this flaw to be upon your 
soul, it never left your body n’ mind as they turned to dust, where perfection once prevailed 
yet overbalanced without grace for your heart was forged of carnal lust

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heartless fairy

she thinks im just a shadow
seen on screen as avatar
when i send her a hallo !
the shadow turns to dead star

she denies the truth behind
such pic sent from land afar
hanging on her pc shield
holding inside a deep scar

its not good she said
to love a lady half dead
smoke prison and a bed
her death is coming ahead

i stretch my hand for aid
arrogance is a way for her
to reject a poets hand
seemngly she 's unaware

she wants me to shine like a star
when  her sun shines from afar
feeble beam of light the star gets
cause she thinks im just "avatar"

la belle dame sans merci
quand l'amour pour elle
n'est plus qu'un jeux

elle s'amuse avec mes oucis
par ses ptits trucs
et ca me donne du feu!

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Poetry and lines,
Wine and mines,
War stories and their lies,
Ladies and size,
My palm wine drinkard friend anid his love for fresh strong wine,
My heathen friend's love for angry roasted swines,
My parson friend and his love for holy ties,
Deep blue skies,
Hot chilli pies,
Warm words spoken as sweet holy lies,
Our passion cries,
See how time flies,
Your sauce and fries,
My throat pries,
I dont know what surprise you wish to present to me as my ultimate prize,
Our foreplayed delay... your emotion compiles,
On me your honour and styles,
Reopening your memoirs and files,
Your animal throes they did hear from miles,
Cannibal blows our waists and smiles,do lets sit awhile,
Our hot breathe alike,
Maybe to take you for a wife,
Or off my life,
Or smile at your strife,
Or mock your sweet laugh,
Or cease to hold to her lovecraft,
Passion,her signs and wonders on her I design,
Compassion,raw passion,satisfaction and her warm smile from her i resign.
You fleet,across my view,
I wait, I sit and its same you I defeat,
How do I tell you as we beat time,
Caught up in these times of bliss like madgoats do we bleat,
Questioning eyes is there something you see?
My charm and smile is there something you miss?
The tingle in our flesh our bodies it heats,
Nearer she shifts, 
In my arms she weeps,
Passion up our skins it creeps,
Emotion running up our veins in quick leaps,
My touch its feels and thrills,
In bed our sweet appeal,
My heart you can steal and keep,
I will manage this duplicate that keeps me living still,
Losing ones keys to his control room in JERUSALEM no mean joke,
Her touch my limbs it trips,
Her clutch my feel it heats,
Her blush my soul it heals,
My flesh her soul it needs,
See as she suddenly speaks English,French,Spanish and even Yiddish,
Into my warm arms she sneaks.

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My Guardian Angels

Part I
Oh Mother,
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay,

I promise I will do my bed,
I promise I will never lie,
Mother, not a tear I will make you shed,
I promise I will never let you cry,

You are all that I live for,
I will give you all you need and more,
Heaven is under your feet,
Your image is so sweet,

We may fuss and fight, but when you smile,
It makes the struggle worthwhile,
Mother, you are a soul made of perfection,
I am living due to your protection,
My entity is a reflection,
Of you, I want you to be proud of me, for I fear your rejection,

You are my earth,
You loved me for fourteen years, and nine months before birth,
I grew up in you,
I lived life with you,

Your heart shines down on me like the sun,
You cannot be compared to anyone,
You are a seraph,
I feel emotionally painful when I look at your photograph,

Oh Mother,
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay...

Part II
Oh Father
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay,

Your wise words dwell in my young soul,
Your presence makes me whole,
You make me laugh with all the clowning that you do, 
I miss you more and more everyday, you haven't got a clue,

An eternal life of bliss with you I am living in now,
I always come crawling back to you somehow,
You are always saving me from myself; you catch me when I fall,
Father, you are the only one who really knew me at all,

I can vividly remember,
One chilly night in December,
You held me close, and I felt your pure heart beat,
That icy bitterness within me you did defeat,

One day you shall open your beautiful big brown eyes,
And find that I have raised your name to the seventh sky,
I promise you Father, I will forever be your ally,
And make you so proud, you will want to cry,

Oh Father
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay…

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 2)

Your hands n’ your caress traced intimately across a mortal’s flesh a thousand years ago, for 
she is a stranger in the dark of my distant karmic past,  though I know her serenading 
immortal heart sings in this body of mine now…
I refuse to hear your long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with such 
lust in this place where you linger by your grave, I only wish to see the sweet beautiful 
memories of the love we made…

No!!! I refuse to hear my long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with 
such lust in this place!!! where you transcend your grave, for there is a weaver n’ a loom of 
destiny n’ I’ll not repeat that chant ever again by the sea…
From the castle to the crest, to the sea, to the waves crashing on the rocks, a hundred times 
the journey from the womb to the grave I have made while you lay in your tomb n’ your 
soul yearns in suffering to make amends…

I sense you invite me to listen to your evocation in this prevailing wind, it seduces my skin n’ 
ascends from the depths of my soul from beginning to end, an eternal poetic essay of an 
immortal heart’s legend…
By this ocean of our dreams you tempt me to inhale the perfumed scent though I’ll never 
know whose breath it was that I now breathe in as the wind n’ the moon feathers the sea in 
eternal waves…

Along this coastline the breath of mother earth has nurtured many lovers, lifted angels on 
wings n’ called forth mermaids who play n’ sing on the rocks n’ dance in the shadows with 
the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors in their watery graves but it’s been a thousand years since 
my immortal heart heard a poet...
Today this storm blows across the lands of my ancestors, the siren of your poetic beckoning, 
an incantation travelling the sea n’ time heralds the galloping horses thundering, racing upon 
the shore with the chariot of your enchantment never faltering…

Their manes dancing towards the crest  n’ crash upon the rocks nearby where we made love 
a thousand years ago in the soft familiar sand, your poetic voice romancing the sunset n’ 
painting the waves in glorious tones of carnal lust ...
Within the evening storm clouds I can see the rain though I’ll never know the name of the 
lovers whose thirst it quenched with pleasure or who was cleansed of their pain as the blood 
washed from the rocks upon opening Pandora’s box in their mind n’ lost sight of hope as 
their fateful love turned to dust…

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My only friend.

My only friend.
All I have is my Music.
I seek shelter in the comfort of "Her" arms.
I find a delightful warmth in the smile only she can bring to my life
even when my mood is upmost defiant.

She is my mother and I a small child.
Eager , to hear her speak , as only she can 
soothing my soul on a fidget morning.
She puts me to sleep in the evening , 
She is inside of me
Dwelling in the depths of my soul
eager , at times she longs to burst from the depths of my heart
She pleases me, and teases me.
Nurses me back to health in my times of weakness.

I am a child of Music, and I am meant to share "Her" 
with the world.
She is the Pilate to my soul
I must spread my winds, and fly.

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ode to you

as each day passes,one thing remains true.   
i thank god in heaven,for the day i found you.
i have lived with so much pain and strife.
i'm scared to trust anyone,to let them in my life.
but i've realized i've been to damn blind to see.
that your the only one,who will love and protect me.
if i could turn back time,and live life again.
we would be together,happy in love til the end.
i miss you more every day we're apart.
you have brought so much love and joy to my heart.
you can take away my anger,by makeing my love grow.
you are a beautiful rose,planted forever in my soul.
each precious moment,that you are mine.
i will cherish and keep sacred for ever and all 

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just one

just one more yr has past
again i wait just, for love to last
just to be used of a heart
just wanting for friendship to start
no commitment just  to accuire
not just a jelous lier
just my soul is hot red, uncontroleble fire.
racing for a feeling so deep
just too fast to finish and just  no sleep;
why a dream just can't happen
everlasting love i long for
unknowingly love is not just at my door
just a touch, just a feel,just a moment
just to know a love tha'ts real.
just a scratch. an itchy wound just
beggining to heal.

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With Modesty I Grant Her

The mammoth task that my ambitions view,
Shall intercept with reason why I care
To change this woman from the god I knew
Becomes the pedestal, that none compare.

I see her shape and form delight the day,
My having known her finds I care this much
A complimentary distance can portray;
That this is not illusion hence the touch.

She signals that elusiveness as blessed,
That modesty before it, serves our souls
With everything that nature has to test
Provides us with problem solving goals.

Heaven lit when words from her were spoke,
Presenting us with merchandise to fill,
The universe, and that's where gods provoke
A strength that carries us, far well.., until.

And if I'm asked, "Do you believe in god?"
With shyness should I say, she is unknown,
But holds the 'Golden Sceptred," magic rod
Provided by this write, and godly throne.

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Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

there’s music in him 
for that, there is no doubt 
rhythm and words just bursting to escape 
laughter and the sadness 
all his love and eternal heartbreak 

so much to write about 
it’s way too big to contain 
emotions taking over 
like colors on display 

Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

sending all his wheels a spinning 
manic energy takes control 
it's creating something magical 
as he lets his many talents flow 

all the pain and anguish 
they paint the pages with his tears 
with talk of love and betrayal 
of intensity in loss and fears 
his depth of hurt, it’ll gut you 
bleed you at your core 
it’s a wonder he’s still standing 
how is it he could take much more 

Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

outside his art, you wouldn’t know it 
just how his internal scars cry out 
but take a look in those clear blue eyes 
you’ll find the wisdom and the wear 
of one whose lived a consuming life 
and known the meaning of despair 

been taken to the brink and more 
then left just hanging there 
had his heart ripped from his chest 
leaving his soul stripped bare 

Can you feel them itching 
Songs begging to get out 
Can see his fingers twitching 
Just moving all about 

but this boy, this guy, this man 
is made of more than all that 
that of which would do it’s best 
to destroy him from the inside out 
no this clever one, he won’t be taken down lightly 

no, not without a fight he… 
he’ll take all the turmoil and the woe 
he’ll make the very most of it 
use it for his craft, the sadness oh so sad 
he twist it into beauty, bends it to his will 
and when he’s done and last poems been sung 
the tears, your eyes are now filled 
for his pain has transformed to such of strength 
and beauty, that never can be killed

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i need thee

when did i first learn that i needed thee
oh that terrible day i spent with out thee
i was like a ship in a desert
as useless as i was wasted feeling came over me
a fish out of water flopping around
with no way to reach water
all i could do was drown backwards
a man in the desert, many days without water
coming to realize
the uselessness of all the worlds riches
the poor child on Christmas Eve
who's parents pockets were empty
yet his heart full of wishes
images of miracles so true in the movies
and in less than 24 hours
his parents night mare arrive
oh sad day and woe is me
for the day i find that i've lost thee

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My Best Friend

The firefly of my darkest night,
You light my homeward course.
In armour, you're my shining knight,
And save me on your horse.

The shooting star I wish upon,
You dance across my sky,
From your lips comes the sweetest song,
An intricate lullaby. 

The blood that runs through all my veins,
you pump me full of life,
The key that unlocks all my chains,
You nimbly face the strife.

The blanket nestled up to me,
You warm me from inside,
The tide coming in from every sea,
You comfort without pride.

The breeze that sweeps across my face,
You kiss upon my cheek.
Came to my heart without a trace,
In you managed to sneak.

Buried deep inside my heart,
Your words cannot be penned.
You are my missing puzzle part
And eternally my best friend.

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Our Big Show

Im trying to get used to u not holding me anymore-
Trying to get used to "NO KISS" as u walk out the door.
Im trying to get used to taking my shower all alone-
Im trying to not worry whether or not youre coming home.
Im trying to get used to sleeping all by myself-
Trying to get used to u putting my heart on a shelf.
Im trying to get used to not having a boyfriend anymore-
Trying to figure out what I am being punished for.
Im sorry for disappointing u and letting u down-
I thought we understood each other-thought we tread the same ground.
I wasnt expecting this-I thought wed make it thru OK
But I still havent came down from the shock.
My heads still REELING, ever since the other day.
I wish we somehow could of made it out of here- 
I wish you didnt feel so far away from me, when you are laying so freaking near.
Im sorry that I couldnt make you happy anymore.
I just wish I knew what this has all been for.
I will never stop loving u-And forever I'll regret losing U this way.
I wish you hadnt given up on me so soon.
Wish u couldve listened to me & believed in me 2.
We didnt get here all alone-and I knew I wasnt playing- 
But what we had wasnt strong enough-
Becuz I lost U over BULL they were saying.
The Only 1 ASSOUT...The only 1 paying.
I've LOVED u for a very long time.
I guess its time to say GOODBYE...Our Bond just isnt Strong enough
To fight against the "NEW GUY".
I wish I could change whatever I did to make u turn on me.
Please turn in a better direction this time, make sure u look & see-
Recognize that I just loved u for who you are-
Not for all the things u could do for me.
I know that I had NOTHING- and u've supported me all the way.
I wasnt looking for a free ride, I thought we were going the same way.
I guess that Im just not as important as before-
I guess Im not so special to u anymore- 
Guess I dont play the GAME guite as well as 'them'-
Because once again I get to play the loser-Of a game I'll never win.
Theyll hang out while they need UR help- 
I really didnt long for much more than u holding me at the end of the day.
I hope u find what it is UR looking for anyway.
Just remember to "TRUST NO 1",
And trying is such a chore.
And when u come up short-handed,
Just Remember,Youre Worth So Much More.
I will miss u so much,u'll probably never even know- 
That I wish this wasn't the end of us- 
"The End Of Our Big Show".....

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Love Described

As if painted by Monet
Love delicate and soft  
Soaring upon angel wings

I found my heaven in you

Your words evoking lyrics 
Tempering my tormented soul
Soothing sweet symphony

Emotion pure and true

Awakened less my agony
A thunderbolt to the heart
Sparks of passion set ablaze

Searing fire, flames of blue

Craving for caress
Overwhelming all five senses
Temptatious are your kisses

Like the sirens of the sea

Absolute devotion
Undertaker of imperfection
I dance with exaltation

As your arms envelope me

The quintessence of man
Vindicated from past sin
Vanishing all fears

My one and only

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She protruded from a background well-versed in mythology
Riddled in metaphors
Steeped in false parameters
Yet gifted in iambic pentametre
She coughed a bloodied bee onto her lap
and let the sparks fly.

She married a beekeeper in two syllables
And bit her tongue
Whilst the lines absolved her dichotomy of life
She tripped over her song's rhyme
She whistled a white-hole onto the page
And dropped herself inside.

Her jar will always be half-empty, with complete thoughts.

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Tales of the scholars speak noble words,
Of the mistress of the earth,
Crying tears on those who implore,
About those who have the gift of birth.
She'll whisper and talk,
With a lonely seduction,
Holding the clouds in her bosom,
Hoping and hugging with her stomach.
She will hope and wish,
When the time it takes,
Walking and talking,
Until her water breaks.

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Into the Sea of Love

as I lay here beside you looking at your sweet and gentle face
I now know that our chance meeting was destiny in its place
and that our love was sanctioned by God's unfailing grace

I wanted you to know that my love for you is overflowing
and my feelings of contentment are forever growing
as my heart beats for you at a rate that shows no sign of slowing

my thoughts of us together are so profound and so deep
and into that Sea of Love I'm so glad that I did leap
for my heart is now in your hands where forever I hope you'll keep

I clearly remember the day we met and the circumstance
and the first time we saw each other we shared a heated glance
my whole world had stopped and I felt like I was in a trance

across a crowded room yet it seemed like we were all alone
our souls made a connection and we were in our own zone
it was later that I even realized I had let out a lustful moan

into the Sea of Love I'm so glad that I did dive
for the love and care you've given me has helped me to survive
for whenever I'm with you I feel more alive

into the Sea of Love swimming side by side
into the Sea of Love on a romantic journey we ride
into the Sea of Love where our shared faith in God abides

as I lay here beside you of my face you caress
I thank God daily for I know that I've been blessed
for the way that you love me even has me impressed

into the Sea of Love as we happily float along
our relationship is like a rock, solid and so strong
into the Sea of Love where in your arms I'll forever belong

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Ode to Kilo

Brought home from the humane,

Life has not been the same.

They were about to put you down,

When our son came around.

He took you to his home,

Around his house you roamed

You ended up his pride and joy,

His companion, his boy.

They say you were five or six

Rottie, you knew all your tricks

You were first on our son's mind

He would never leave you behind

You were his number one

Now your life on earth is done

Our son, was beside you that day

The day ,the vet mistakenly let you slip away,

His house became sad that day

Because his best friends gone away

You left a hole in his heart

Because he loved you from the start

All his love and care could not help you live

But all his love to you he did give

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Cassandra's Curse

She told no lies, from behind her all- seeing eyes.
Cassandra could not return the love of  Apollo,
 His curse upon her truth belies.
And left her prophesies empty and hollow.

She knew  the destruction of Troy would come.
Her  voice to land on the ears of disbelief,
It was truth she spoke to become
The Greeks emerge victorious, Troy is led to grief.

The daughter of an ancient Trojan king
Her  beauty must have been abounding
For the love of such a powerful god to bring
Apollo’s gift to her was astounding.

The gift to see all the matters to come
But love for him she  could not conceive
From a gift to a curse it would become
For her prophecies, no one would believe.

She would rave the truths along the walls of Troy;
As a mad woman she was perceived by all.
Her father. King Priam. her ranting would annoy
She was imprisoned, that her word would not befall.

She knew of a child that would seal the cities fate,
His name ,Paris, left for wolves to raise.
He would come to take his love and her king to berate.
A thousand ships, Helen’s face,  to them she betrays
As she watched the burning skies
Soldiers spilled form the bowels of the gift horse
Tears were  streaming from her eyes
As  she had told,  the Greeks ran their course

Amidst the cities destruction
Cassandra was free from the prison walls
Hoping to avert a further abduction
She took refuge in Athena’s halls

Unaware of the hidden peril waiting
She did not see Ajax the Greek
Standing adorned in amour plating
He raped and took her, her spirits bleak

Taken to Mycenea to become a concubine,
Of the Mycenean king, Agamemnon.
Of who her life was to entwine,
A rivalry with the queen this would spawn.

Cassandra tried to warn the king,
To deny the queen’s request. 
To walk a purple carpet, its sacrilege  to bring,
Both were stabbed upon their chest.

Cassandra’s fate was undeserved.
A victim of her gift and her torment.
Of which she powerlessly served,
Of which was  her solemn discontent.

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When would you come to see me,
My good friend?
When would you come,
My friend?
This isn’t only a question,
But rather my suggestion:
I longed for a meeting,
But there never was first a greeting;
I spoke a word,
But I was never heard;
I wrote a letter,
But matters didn’t get better:
Here are my flowers for reconciliation,
My message of consolation;
A reminder of the seasons of togetherness,
A balm to soothe the menace of the wilderness:
You’ve been a friend without fail,
A wonderful companion along the trail;
Down through the past years,
Through doubts and fears;
Through the heat of the day,
And the cold of the fray;
Through stormy winds,
And watery clouds;
Through the days of throbbing pain,
And the weeks of sobbing and rain:
At last, I needn’t let the matter rest, 
For you must pass this simple test;
When would you come to see me,
My good friend?
When would you come ,
My friend ?

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I Love You.


                                          I Love You.

I love you with my heart,I love you with my soul, 
I love you with my spirit,because you make me whole.
I love you with my body,I love you with my mind,
I love you with every part of me,it cannot be defined.
I trust you with my wants,I trust you with my needs,
I trust you to support me,with all my thoughts and deeds.
I've never felt so happy,I've never felt complete,
You meet me in my darkest hours,you are so true and sweet.
There never are enough words,to share with you my love,
I only know it's sent to you,from my being,and especially God above.

By Sharon .L .Leonard.23rd,October,2007.

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Indeed A Friend

Fear grips me up in my cradle,
highly appreciating having been chosen,
by you as your friend.
Indeed a Friend.

Fear drops a stream,
of tears down my chick;
for loss of your cuddle;
coz, am lost in you.

Fear rolls through my veins
for the uncertainty of pleasurable moments;
cut-causing disequilibrum.
Could it really become an unfortunate attempt?

Fear ignites my emotions,
turning it into a fearless substance;
Oh! how the mind could wonder,
Could it really become an unfortunate attempt?

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What Next

At last, the tiny long
silence broke into the wide air.
Breaking forth with force,
and thus poluting the air.

At last, fear broke into reality
inhaling the dusty air of sorrow.
Undoubtedly disintergrated
Life! LIfe!! LIfe!!!

At last, what would become of this reality
t'is feared reality?
The days turned into the nights,
and the nights into the day.

Dislike was sought-after,
becoz, luv'd to be fought-against.
Invariably a difficult task,
could it ever be completed?

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Without You

My soul is crying as despare from my heart drowns
my spirit with tears of loneliness.
I am forsaken in our bed as the cold sheets
next to my skin remind me of your absence.
In desperation, my mind wonders into memories far reaching days gone by.
Only to darken the hopes of ending a lingering weariness
Heavy eyes burden the concentration of silence 
surrounding the room we once shared.
Sleep evades its destination once more
as I am reminde of the rooms emptiness.
I weep tears of silence alone in the bed I made.
Come home to me my love.
Life shall escape me without you here.

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Audrey Wright : An Earthly Angel

Seventy years ago in Princeton, West Virginia on a cold December third night
an earthly angel was born unto us and her name was Audrey Wright
a blessed child of God, a devoted disciple of Christ
and we've gathered here this evening to celebrate her life

With her husband Joe she has had over forty years of wedded joy
David, Dominick and Bobby Jr. are their 3 handsome boys
a member of the Historic Berean Baptist Church for a score of years
a deacon, a playwright, a woman of substance whom we all love and hold so dear
a truly talented individual who has a funny and dramatic flair with the pen
she writes the type of plays that makes you renew your faith in God all over again

I consider myself doubly blessed to have her as a sister and friend in Christ
and to everyone she has ever met in someway she has touched their life
she had the nerve to inform me that she was seventy years young
but as I look upon her lovely face, she doesn't look a day over forty-one
excellence, eloquence and elegance are the traits she humbly conveys
and I'm extremely honored to write this tribute for her seventieth birthday

I love you and congratulations to you, my dear friend Audrey Wright
and may the Lord Our God continue to bless you and keep you always in His sight

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There Is No Stronger Love

I've learned that there is no obstacle
that i can't jump over,
I've learned to close my mouth and just listen,
I've learned how to be a good friend,
You've shown me that i can love unconditionally,
You teach me something new everyday
and you don't even know it,
we guide each other safely down the right path,
we trust each other,
we make an amazing team,
our hearts beat as one when we're
out there chasing our dream,
You mean so much to me,
you're all ears when i want to talk,
One look into those big beautiful brown eyes
and i always know what you're trying to say
even though you can't talk,
you're my inspiration,
my guardian angel,
my best friend,
The way i see it,
there is no stronger love
than the love between a woman and her horse.

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shade of gray

around the wrinkled frown
there are some changes
forever abound
Over the hair
Near the private area
Brown is fading
The Gray fast approaching
What can one do to reverse this curse
I feel the bulge upon my belly
That area looks the worse for wear
Some may drink
or put on Ben Gay
Ease the pain advancing
by recalling that era:BREAK DANCING
Today in shades
Youth inevitably fades
Some call it Bad Luck
Need a quick fix to repair this broken down truck
I accept what it may
to caress that changing hair color today
Count me in
For the old ways are the tantamount
To a new world defined
Embrace it fast
Much relief for thy peace of mind

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You used to be my idol

Someone asked me about you the other day,
"In the cemetery over there is where he lay."
"A shame" she said, with such dismay,
"he's still the idol of the town today."

He had been my idol once too,
until I found out what he did to you,
that's when we left and no one knew,
they only heard stories that were not true.

I nodded at the lady and smiled back at her,
his memories overwhelmed me, things became a blur,
I hurriedly walked away from her.

You used to be my idol, your betrayal was too great,
My forgiveness too late.... 

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Strength Of A Mother

Thou are our pillar
Where from we draw 
Strength.Thy hand was
strong once upon a time

But thy love was shadowed
Behind thy hand.For thy hand
Moulded us to what we are 
Today.Thy love now radiates

Brightly covering all of us
Like sunshine.Compliments 
Bestowed on us are a reflation
Of thy hand .Thanks for such 
Strength and love.

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rapture of light


Without your mask, where will you hide?
Inside yourself?
Can you find your way out?
Lost in the dark with only a spark to guide you.
Can you feel me holding my last breath?
I gave up everything to find you.
Where are you now?
I needed you to breath, to live
I thought..
Your light has extinquished itself,
no longer will you hold my dreams.
mind or soul.
For this is where you end, and I begin.

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Glistening blonde hair
and a Golden smile
Sweet as a strawberry
Well worth the extra mile 

Beautiful as a warm summer's day
Glowing like a shining star
Full of energy 
She will go very far

Waiting and wondering
Smiling and enticing
Love of Poetry
Makes her the icing

Lots to do and
Young of life
When all is finished
She will be an exquisite wife

Smart and funny
She could go for 
all the money.

Just take your time!

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The Wonder of You

Dreams of you
flood my soul
The softness of your words
The gentleness of your eyes . . .
Such dreams I dream
Lost within your raven hair
Dark, ... feeling,
And always there
Surrounding me in flightless care.
Such nights I float
listless in your eyes
Compassionate, and warm,
A'drift of lover's embrace
Tempt me,
within your soul.
Speak to me O'Angel
Let me hear your words
Such love parts from thy lips
A sound of passions
O'Angel, speak

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Ode to an Eastern Lady


Behold!  that human angel hovering
not in bright skies but on far-distant land
a siren voice, hypnotic, echoing – 
desperate singing, sundry songs without demand – 

Till comes that calming gentle rest.

Unfettered wings whose feather tips remain
too still until in cauldron stirs the beast
found’ring gales ablast from vicious East
near off rip her appendages with his disdain – 

Till comes that zephyr from the West

resounding with his promises, his prayer
that joined would be they both in aether air.

But, lo!  Across that mighty depth of sea
where stands that noble knight in disarray
his hand a pen to wield in poetry
an arm to hold a shield from harm to her delay – 

Till comes for her he on his steed – 

The mighty dragon spewing searing flame
to burn her tender flesh with hateful scorn 
repelled she with her wits not words foresworn
an oath to not repeat nor say his hated name – 

Till comes the time they both agreed –

resounding with his promises, his prayer
that joined they may be one eternal pair.


At length their spirits crossed the massive span
that ocean looming far too wide and deep
one lady waiting long, 
long waiting longing for her patient man – 
her promises, the oath she vowed to keep
for him in loving song.

At last their spirits met in fond embrace
and bodies twisted as a knotted rope
in love together found,

though sight unseen, he never saw her face,
nor did she his except with faith and hope
their love at last be crowned.


The gods looked down upon two distant lands
upon what kept two loves apart
and joined the knight’s and his fair lady’s hands
into one soul, one beating heart
exhaling into each as one communal breath
immortalizing them without eternal death.

Till now, no eyes have seen with certain sight
these loves that burn in morn and evening light.

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An Ode to the Intact Male

In honor of mothers who keep their sons pure,
And of uncut men, I thee reassure
You are perfect and wholesome just as you are.
Born in God’s image, you’re already a star.
Your foreskin’s a blessing, so think and be wise,
And give thanks to all parents who don’t circumcise.
God made you complete in the womb, yes God did.
God loves you like that and therefore doth bid
That you stay as you are, in your natural state,
So that when, at last, you meet your soul mate,
You’ll unite, both of you, a half and a half,
To make passionate love, a love that will last,
Without a thing lacking, you will be truly whole,
With eternal fulfillment in your heart and soul.
Your God-given potential for heavenly pleasure
To share with your true love is something to treasure.
So take not for granted that flap of loose skin,
So seemingly useless, toilsome, and thin,
Your manhood deserves the wrapping its in,
For to butcher a creation of God is a sin,
And a gift to all humans who preside on this earth,
It is time now to cherish what you’ve had since your birth.

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Love notes

Has my heart been so blind?
Oh sweet lies set me free

Have I been mislead?
Does the sun not rise every morn?

Am I daft so?
Have I misinterpreted your sweet tokens?

Does the moon not shine with the sprinkles of stars?
To flee from this misgiving praise you so effortlessly set me a blaze with

I have become the jester at the king’s table and you the fable teller
Such childish games you play with ones fragile heart

Oh speak my divine conquest please I implore you seek out the blade you so 
cunningly stab me with when I was not looking

I am the fool’s errand, you bested me, and now I shall die forever in my lonely 
desperate time


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22 years ago when i was 22 and you were 44
       could we have had the same dream
                      the same  heart
        the same feelings on a dance floor

        could not Cyrano teach me to score
              me,the man in the iron mask
              on the other side of the door

  could not Shakespere live just once more
 and render a sonnet that would open that door

      then i would beacon Orpheous to sing
    of the love he lost in Hades forever more

              it is to hear a song so sweet
               a short verse so compleat
                  with a feeling so neat
        that i would sweep you off your feet
          then we would dine at loves feast

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His legendary name will be immortalized
in America's books of history,
and his bravery and heroism 
always remembered by us:
the biggest heart driven
by an immense generosity!

When rushed into the thick smoke,
his searching eyes shone 
even brighter than the clear morning;
the danger ahead
could not keep him
from saving people trapped in strairways,
people who wailed and waited
in the tower's darkness!

He left behind an indelible legacy,
to let all see what he truly loved;
to inspire them with motivation
and he never was afraid to show affection,
or his unique side of humanity:
that's what he fervently believed!

John,even this total stranger
proudly calls you by name
for having been so brave;
a mother, a father, a son,a sister or friend
who didn't lose anyone, because of your deed,
remembers you in prayer:
and I, a total stranger,related by blood,
praise you in words that'll never grow old!

John,you may be invisible to all,
but your presence is still felt by us;
your handome sons and lovely wife grieve,
but their grief has turned
into something wonderful:
a duty that has been fulfilled
by your call and sacrifice;
a destiny willed by God!

If everyone judges an individual only
by what one has achieved in a lifetime:
you were one of the truest heroes of our time,
who has left his mark on this twentieth century;
and if anyone doubts you did all that,
your devotion can testify and reject that!

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The Way To See Heaven

They say the way to see Heaven,
is look to the skies.
Yet, all I have to do
is look into your eyes.

Your heart is pure;
Your heart is true.
That is why I
fell in love with you.

I see your love
when our eyes meet
I feel your  love
with so much heat

  I feel your love
when my heart skips a beat
I feel it when it
knocks me off of my feet

 I will love you
till the end,at my death
I will love you,
till my very last breath.


Copyright McCuen 2008

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The Tangled Webs We Weave

The hunter looking for his prey
took refuge on his  tree
waiting – waiting –  she on the way?
(The prey was you – the hunter – me.)

The huntress looking for her prey
took refuge in her bush
waiting – waiting – night and day!
(The prey was I, you in no rush.)

Two victims crossed that single road
directions: East and West
Hunter, Huntress, waiting to unload!
(Each waiting for the one – the best.)

The Hunter’s arrow found the heart
prey’s blood between the hips
bleeding, bleeding –  poisoned dart!
(The prey still prayed – from dying lips,)

The Huntress flung her snagging net
confused her helpless mark
spinning, twisting – the trap was set.
(Quiet, he lay waiting for the dark.)

By black of night, you bled to death
the arrow piercing through,
and I, the Hunter, lie still, no breath.
(Entangled in the web of you.)

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Ode to First Love

I used to see you every day From a distance A subtle wave, a fleeting smile From afar… My heart would quicken At every instance And all the while T’was from afar… You were that sublime unreachable ideal… That all young lads Must suffer through… I often wonder If it was… At all the same With you… Did you wait and wish To see my face Did your breath quicken At my shy, sly side-wise look… Did your cheeks glow warm Did your heart start to race Did your breast seem to ache With every breath you took We’ll ne’er know You and I Twas ne’er meant Our love to find We only met and loved From a distance Our kisses and caresses Only in my mind A bittersweet time In every young lad’s life A subtle wave…a fleeting smile A heart bereft in sorrow This time will pass Yet live forever First love, first broken heart First tear filled tomorrow And in my mind I’ll always wonder where you are The one who gave That subtle wave… That fleeting smile …That first love from afar…

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Ode to his reality---

With a sigh
She stops
She stares...

In her minds eye
She escapes to another place
Travels to another time

Remembering with a smile...

Never in her wildest dreams
Did she ever imagine
That the dream that is him
Would become a reality

She breathes...

The haze of her dream world slowly fades
Bringing her back to reality
The reality that is him

No longer does she have to imagine
Her dream has come true

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My Shyness

in my lonely happiness
my secret joy abounds
it's because i've found away
of keeping you around

even when your far away
i keep you in my mind
your image always with me
i hope till the end of time

hopeing,  just wondering,
and pretending the most i suppose
staring out into space
letting my mind compose

hours, seconds, minutes of joy
while idle time is disposed
i'd like to think of different ways
i would like to propose

but i'll always keep you secret
and keep you  safe in my mind
because in my mind we're best friends
and we're together all the time

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Love's Whisperings

Can you hear the whisper
This 'psst' of love emitting from my heart
Listen very intimately for faint is the pulsation
Afraid of reopening the wound so skillfully concealed

Can you hear the whisper
Of my soul resounding from your nearness
Filling the hollowness that has searched tenaciously
From afar in hopes of a curative balm of love

Can you hear the whisper
Of a spirit struggling to be released
Freedom from the pains and hurts of yesterday
Freed from the disappointments and disillusions of today

Can you hear the whisper
It’s calling your name ever so sweetly
Come be my knight in dented and dinged armor
Ride with me into the morning light and the nights setting sun

Can you hear the whisper
It’s calling your name ever so sincerely
Come complete me, make me unconditionally yours
So that when you whisper my name, I’ll follow you anywhere.

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An ode to the pain of human hearts

I lay awake in my soft silk 
staring into the empty space
that seemed to fill in my pounding heart.
what eyes hath the power 
to seep through the brick of skin
and cup my emptiness,
to live, to dwell,
oh, to love forever inside.

what am I, yet a powerless woman
who dream to hold the starry night in her womb,
every star is another world
Lying undiscovered
as pieces of my love hath scattered
to somewhere deep and dark...
lost is it?
oh, what is that unusual rhythm
a flawless rhyme of footsteps
steeping down my path
who dare to walk unaided
with fearless chest and powerless jealousy,
who posses the lost piece of my puzzle
who embark upon this courageous journey
to see me and to hold me
or just greedily want to love me.
what is that apparition my eyes fear to form?
once carved by the mighty lord
had he placed a part of me in it?
for I realize a fulfillment 
and a destined power
in him,
I see what I found in myself
Oh, that emptiness!
I had fallen into the drama of the light
where raised curtains of fate beheld
something that I searched 
in those bottomless eyes of my stranger
that cried like a raging ocean
holding onto the sandy shores, 
I own.

tell me all the gods man had imagined,
tell me all the corals
the hidden rubies and diamonds somewhere deep in the embrace of the soil,
tell me the raining sky,
the power of light,
tell me the eternal flame,
when ,
for that single moment I closed my lids
to shed the endless drops of contentment
when in that split second,
have you taketh away my filled vase
my wholeness
my cherished tale of freedom...
and why if you had known 
that this is not reality
but a reflection of someone so pure
never born,
never lived,
you had given me the power to dream
you had given me the secret of joy
and took away
at the smallest ease
the strength of my soul, 
My love.

Or had it been a flicker of laughter 
to your ears
when I still search for the lost part of me
in the unending branches of the brown trees
and in the bottomless blue ocean
for that intimate stranger...
for his shadow.

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Untitled #236 / Buddy Cianci

Buddy Cianci! He’s
the people’s mayor!
“That shark! Haha!
Reminds me of my opponents over the years!”
He dances with the old folks!
He kisses the pig!
He poses with the married couple!
He lets no crack appear in his façade
even on the day his lover of nine years
is married in Barbados!
He is impregnable!

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Mary was a woman that the Lord hath made
she was a chosen vessel to give life to His babe
the Babe who was destined to reign over the Christian Nation
the Prince of Peace, the Messiah who would die for our salvation

There is only one thing in this world like a mother's love
it's the agape love that comes from God above 
for the love of a mother is a special and precious gift
like receiving the Holy Ghost, your spirit it will lift

A mother's love should be given freely by choice
like the word of God in it you will rejoice
a mother's love should not ever be taken for granted
for there are many in this world who have never had it

a mother's love should be cherished and held so dear
for you will surely miss it when it is no longer here
a mother's love is like a heavenly sanctuary
will shield you from evil and anything that is scary

a mother's love is like a fortress of comfort and protection
unconditional, unbreakable with no objection
a mother's love is like a beacon that burns so bright
will guide you out of the darkness and into God's light

a mother's love the most precious gift from God 
a mother's love a gift that comes from the heart

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The 6th Child

Woman, she is
A mother of five

Man, he is
A father of five

In a life
Of ups and 
They share- 

The four walls 
Of loneliness
The woven rug 
Of love

And in the throbbing shadows, 
Of fear and joy, they are waiting 
Eagerly, for me, to come out

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Budding Love

A tenderly caressed love
Blooms as a precious flower
Generous touches, gentle care
Sprinkled by a passionate shower

Grasp it
Cling to it
As if dear life depends

Treasure it
Take care of it
Because the time may come when...

The leaves fall
The blossoms fade
The fragrance a lingering scent

As the miracle of Spring
A prescribed love's bud
Spring anew the memories spent 

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I Am Missing My Baby Girl

Everyday I awake to the softness of the sun rays, shining brightly through my window 
panes, I wonder to myself as I wipe the sleep away, from my eyes, before I get on my 
knees to pray. I bow my head and close my eyes, to speak the words that comes from my 
hearts, forming into sentences that goes up toward the skies,
Lord hear me now for I am about to cry,
I am missing my baby girl,Lord I am so tired,
I am missing my baby girl, Lord help me I am feeling a little wired,
I am missing my baby girl, Lord my soul feels like it's on fire.

I feel her soul passing through these rooms, giving life to every flower as I watch them
bloom, I smell her scent past through these walls, like a fire leaving behind it's 
fumes,I see her smiling as if she were in front of me, listening to me, clapping for me, 
as I sing the blues.

I am missing my baby girl Lord, and I don't know what to do,

I am missing my baby girl, Lord I am so confused,

Heavenly father help me, clear my mind so I can just get through,

these terrible times as I lie hear listening to this priest read from the obituary at my

ten year old's funeral.

Lord I am missing my baby girl, oh Lord I need you 

so please, please, hear my prays to help me make it through.

By N. McCoy

(To Maria, In Loving Memory of Markita Weaver)

RIP Baby Girl We Miss You


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Today is the saddest day of September...
to commemorate the horrible attack on America, 
the serenity in the untroubled sky 
reflects the calmness of that memory not yet
laid to rest by us, who are still writing a memoir;
flowers and prayers are the sublimest ways of comfort
that give us a sense of sought consolation...while
bagpipes play the beautiful hymns of America! 

These devastated hearts silently shed tears...
like a torrential rain, waiting for a rainbow
to appear and release the intensity of our pain
to the bright and wonderful colors of hope,
the promising colors after a sudden transformation,
which gave a new meaning to determination:
to turn a tragedy into triumph and losses of lives
into a monument outlasting time itself...
to gleem over our sadness when they pierce like swords!

Today is the saddest day of September,
remembering the infamy of the vicious enemies,
who themselves perished amid concrete and steel
for having believed in a mortal, deceitful creed;
revenge,not compassion ran into their vile blood...
what kind of reward will they received from their god,
if  they never had love for Mankind or themselves? 
The fury they inflicted upon us,sparked in us
extraordinary acts of kindness towards 
our kindred...unable to ascape from that fiery hell!      

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Ode to a Wife

Wife, you are a quilt
A lasting duvet of my soul 
At winter nights
You warmed me when I felt cold
You embraced me when I needed an embrace
You fed me when I came home 
From work, late and hungry
Kind-heartedly, you’ve quenched my thirst
Now that you’re worn
Here I am, and, I wanted to say
Let me, your husband, be the quilt
A lasting duvet… for you, and 
For my unborn heir

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Untitled #92 / Ann Wilson #1

Ann Wilson, Ann Wilson
the way you sing vowels is
so hypnotizing.

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Speak My Love

Speak to me, my love, of the dawn
With amber rays that grace the fields…
That our concealed dreams, be now revealed
Grace mine ears with sweet praise 
Of your honeyed lips…

Oh, speak of love
That adorns the lands,
Take hold of mine hand ~
Flight of doves
Concede... as you take command

The whispering winds stand still~
While the blue seas touch the once placid shores…
Of this mine heart, shan’t be bored 
As with rendered kiss our love’s fulfilled…

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Beat Through Your Wind

Your love whistled through my heart
Swung through my leaves
Danced with my soul,
And as we touched 
Our skin quivered
Tears were shed
As hands of Zues 
Which so tenderly caressed my every need
Breathlessness swept over my body,

You my master
The chief of my embodiment
You captivate my every move
And spread words of song a cross my bounty,

My everything you,
Darkness lit by the wonder streaming from your eyes.
You brought me to new heights,
Flew me upon the Alps,
Graced snowflakes upon my lips,
Traveled through my soul
And filled me with your love
The love none other could have gave
And you gave unto me.

You my morning 
My day 
By night I see your face as I close to sleep
Dreams wash through me
Wonders of the beauty which lay ahead
None other than your name plagues my thoughts
An entranced beauty
A touch of God and tong of angels
Your heavenly word rings aloud
Washing over me

You are my strength 
My weakness which entangles me
A web of a future tied to a string of matrimony
Ignighting a flame
So dormantly spent laid amongst tattered sheets
And tear stained pillow tops
Your praise lingers through me
Ringing aloud the wonder of you

A wisperer you are 
So galently arousing me
Intrigued a wanton spirit bounding back inside of me
As you stand before me
A shadowed figure
Streaming a moon lit future 
Spread amongst the stars
The heavens shine before us

Spirits rise 
As we fall into another
An embrace shaking the grounds
Heavens pour out cries
As we surrender 

Through the gentle breeze and tempered storm
I find peace in your arms
Where hell surrounds us 
I see grace in your presence
Silenced in your weathered ways
A fellowship of understanding showers me
As you clasp your hands upon my face
I'm surrounded by the awe settled in you.

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Stopped Running

You make me happy
when I feel sad
You turn my frown upside down
When my day is bad
Thinking of you
Puts a smile on my face
And every new day together
Makes you impossible to replace

I had stopped believing
Through lies and deceiving
That I could give someone my trust
But with you I feel
Emotions so strong and so real
That this could turn into more than just lust

But don't get me wrong
Even though my emotions are strong
I feel scared
And still want to hide
Guys before have made me smile
Then made me cry in a little while
And wrenched my heart out from the inside

In the past
And in the time before
Tears have rolled down my cheeks
And found their way unto the floor
Then my legs ran
And my feeling's I would hide
And the words that I spoke
Quited the screaming inside

But now my legs have stopped running
For they've brought me to find
A person who make me comfortable
Like I can relax and unwind

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You Weren't There

I know you weren't there to see 
Brandon have a son
But we love you anyway 
We know you're in a better place
I know you weren't there
To see the sky turn gray
When it was a rainy day
But we love you anyway
We know you're in a better place
I know you weren't there
To see my face When I got my car
On my 16th birthday
But it's okay I love you anyway
I know you're in a better place
I know you weren't there to see
Alot of our memories
But I know where you will be 
In our hearts forever 
And that will never change

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Untitled #211 / Nancy Wilson #3

Nancy Wilson! Nancy Wilson!
“There’s the Girl” I went after, and 
I cannot say that I don’t want her anymore!
She left me “Stranded”! “Things” 
a’int what they used to be! “I’m [not] Fine”!
“These Dreams” go on when I close my eyes!
“Will [she] be there (in the morning)”?
yes, she whispers, yes

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The good among us
will survive us;
the great examples
of warmth and good will...
tomorrow will
inspire others!

Too often we've heard
of meannes, of injustice
and of selfishness;
who's  to blame?

Those unjust acts
can't force us to hide
compassion and goodness;
every person who lives and dies
shouldn't suppress them
for the fear of judgment,
because the good among us
is based on love and kindness!

The good among us
is one of the blessings
that God has given us lovingly and freely; 
a most precious gift of everlasting beauty! 

The good among us
is our guidance...
in a life that can't escape death;
the good among us
is that lighthouse which shines...
when a dark night arrives!

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In My Dream

In My Dream
In my dream I was your gurl
In my dream i was the one who forfills your world
In my dream you showed me that you cared
In my dream i knew you would always be there
In my dream I gave you my heart
In my dream you took the love that was there from the start.
But As I said before "In My Dream" 
It was only a dream that I hoped came true
But now in the end it won't be you

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My Sk8er Boi

You are no longer in my life. 
You're in my diary
Tucked away safely in the pages.
There I know I can keep you secretly.

I can read of happy times
When all I did was because of you.
Every time you made me smile, 
It would effect every nice thing that I would do.

Now life is so confusing
And I wish that you were still my confidant.
The only thing that made sense was you.
You're the only person I know of that I want.

I'll continue to read of love and frienship 
And I will continue to remember 
How happy I was and am to have known you.
So here's to the sk8er boi I met last december.


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Untitled #52 / An emerald eye

An emerald eye is painted on the starry wall
a wink, rogue kiss of the misty eyes
Oh! Your brown eyebrows are so thin,
your love so smooth
crush me into paper, and
glue me to your world

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Man Of Great Legacy

Humanity began falling, a man came, unknown!
His aspiration beckoned many nation;
Taught the gospel with zest,
Till sun crossed from east to west!

With His gentle touch, the sky silvered;
From bondage of ignorance, we're freed
To receive the right,
Of worshiping God's holiness!

Long gone, but never forgotten
For we deeply feel his presence;
Moving forward in one spirit;
Ours is to share, the blessings, we inherit!

Remember the true messenger;
Follow His great legacy to finish the race;
The Holy Father awaits us, eagerly!
In heaven, where saints reside, peacefully!

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To Not Know Love

The forsaken heart
Is one that cries in pain
And alone
Even in the light
As it is among others.
It is dry
Without the flowing blood
Of another
Beating side by side
To repeat the 
Sounding drumbeat.
It is devoid of life
When deplete of love
As that remains
The main ingredient
For a strong
Eternal life.

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Taken For Granted

My feet
     that have brought me so very far
My face
     that has shown a million smiles
My hands
     that can hold yours,
My fingers
     that write, or paint, or sew, or hide
my tears that are as the ocean.

My arms that grow weary now,
My legs that ache with the rain,
My eyes,
    Oh God, my glorious eyes!
My ears,
    that hear so well ...
    (stand away if you have a secret to tell).

My nose 
     that sniffles some,
My teeth long ago gone and replaced
     with shiny modern miracles.
My heart 
     that with this amazing beat ...
     this breath
As my love only grows
for these many gifts.

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Black Rose

She sits at her mirror brushing her hair, dressed in black velvet with just the right 
She puts on her makeup with ever an ease, ready for the night, ready to please.
She picks up her flower and closes the door, its sunset this evening, who could ask for 

She walks through the tall grass with a graceful pose, she bends down to lay her perfect 
black rose.
She wipes the tears that fill up her eyes and visions of the past marquis the skies.

He was her love, her dream come true, but God said "now I  have to take him from you".
She wanders back home and enters the door, pictures of him scattered all over the floor.
Upstairs she ascends, ready to sleep, with visions of him, she begins to weep.

She lays on the bed, not a sound to be heard, she whispers, "I love you" but he never 
utters a word.


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Untitled #93 / Ann Wilson #2

Ann Wilson!
Why was she so heartless?
What made love so different
in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s?
Sage, tell me!

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The moment you were born I knew,
I would never love someone like I love you,
You looked at me with those big blue eyes,
More beautiful and blue than the brightest skies,
I never thought I could love someone I just met so much,
So tiny and so perfect, you looked too fragile to touch,
Nobody has ever needed or loved me as much as you,
I love everything you are, everything you do,
You've done nothing but bring me happiness and joy,
And I am the Proudest Mother in the world to call you
My Baby Boy

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Trevor, Trevor

Trevor, Trevor you're so hot 
you're just like a boiling pot.
Even though you may be dumb
I'm just glad you don't suck your thumb.

Trevor, Trevor you're my only desire
for a while I've been your secret admire.
You remind me of a flower
so sweet and gentle but yet full of power.

Trevor, Trevor I like you a lot 
but I'm probably just another dot.
Maybe someday you'll notice me too
Ha! i doubt that'll go through.

Trevor, Trevor as far as i can see 
I just know you don't like me.
You always set my heart on fire
it's given me a flat tire.

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Wake Up

We all need to wake up
Stop killing each other
We should love each other
We need to wake up and care for each other

We all need to love not hate
We all should be there for each other
We need to take people for who they are
We all need to wake up and believe in each other

We shouldn't hate people cause of there color
We need to wake up and smell the coffee
If people change the world may change

Parents need to be there for there kids cause they need you
We need to stop blaming our pass and move forward
We all need to forgive and forget
We all need to wake up and make a change

We all need to be strong not weak
We all need to stick together like family
People shouldn't judge each other cause of who they are
We all should care for each other not be against each other

We all need to wake up and get along with each other
We all should give to people who are in need
We all should stand up for what we believe in
If we all work together we can change this world. 

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if only i knew

colud i have let you so go with out turning around
i came i form of a prilgrimage and saw turents wanting to crumbling me to fall
then the LORD said it is a test and u must come back to me without altering
this was a chellenge 
who will believe me
against all odds I must stand
how would i
THEN there was a develpoment
A development i say 
A breeze from no where where shall i go
or shall i just stay here doing what 
GOD am cold  cant i just stay here my LORD doing what why dont u just help me 
im in anguish,with no one to help,trust,and stand on
yet am cold what do i do
and there came a voice ,unrecogniceable
a voice so sweet but never seen
a voice masculine and romancticly biult
he came,the strengtht came,fevour came form where i do not know is it from GOD.
my god my love are u here whit me i believe u
and here i have come to rest in your bossom

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my love

shall we walk 
just u and me
have u seen him
my love the only person who if a say love never existed am a mouth watering liar
don belive me tell every one my witnesses the my love is really he is here and has come to stay help me beg him not to go for love is real and pure as water
andall proposal door closed 
shall we go through that door u and i
for richer for poor

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The valley is a foggy mist playing upon the rhapsody in my mindless existence.

I cannot go on without your eternal being  embellishing the love that brought us together.

I cannot fight these trojans anymore. I feel empty, unjustly relinguishing to the fact 
that you are no longer here on earth.

I long for your embrace, to heal my wounds. My very existence depends upon you, my love.
My body weak, my mind continues to be strong.

Take care my sweetness, for I will return to your loving arms in eternity some day...some 


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One Of A Kind

You are always on my mind
And for ever in my heart 
You are all I can think about
When we are apart

My love for you grows, as each day goes by 
You are the very reason I am alive 
Our hearts joined, beat as one
Till death do us part, and our lives are done 

You are always with me
Even when your not
When I can't hold your hand
I hold you tighter in my thoughts

I will always love you sweetheart 
Keep that in mind.....
I wouldn't trade you for another 
I know you are One Of A Kind 

By: Geraldine Charles

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Hanging On

hanging on to your every word 
your every glance 
i look into you deep eyes 
looking for a suprise 
one that will wake me 
wake me from my sleep 
my sleep of cold 
you made me want to hang on again 
hang on to life 
life that can start again 
start new and clean 
but wait a moment 
are you sure that you want me 
want me like you say 
say that you mean it 
mean that you want me 
want me to love you 
love me to stay
i'll get down on my knees 
and beg for your love 
you love of eternal hope 
you hope and faith in me 
its beautiful and hurtful 
all at the same time 
so do you want this 
like you say you do 
if from your lips the answer is yes 
then hang on like i will be always

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Ode to Music

 Rhythm, beats, tunes.
 Oh how they please the longing ears
 with their sweet melody.

 Come, sadness, for you will be chased away
 by the harmony that lives happily in my soul,
 like an unborn baby resting inside my stomach.

 Stay back, tension, for you will not win the fight against the soothing notes,
  floating in an ocean throughout my mind.

 Come, anger, for the colorful music of my heart
 will hinder you from the evil plans
 of your black, tuneless heart.

 Leave us, fear, for the brave melody in my life
 brings me power and strength
 to overcome the many obstacles you have purposely set in my path.

 Keep playing, beautiful tune, for I now lazily lay back,
 each ear keenly engulfing the rhythmical sound of my favorite song.
 The music shall shield me everyday,
 like a father protects his daughter from the heartless, unkind world.

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Have you ever taught that  mothers
love their children in the same way?
Have ever you ever understood
that the eyes of  true mothers
share in their great joy
and most times cry...
when they make them really proud
of their first victory?

True mothers give more than
their immortal affection...
they open up their big hearts
to those needing strenght:
to help them in that long journey
away from their sight,not their thoughts;
and when they return,
they'll be waiting anxiously!

And if you wonder why you never
see them's because they withhold
their tears beyond her undetectable fears;
true mothers monitor your steps like God...
'till they're completely sure
you won't  bedazzled by failure!

True mothers can't help imagining
what tomorrow will bring to their seed;
and knowing that their mission in life is sacred,
they'll keep that love keep us on living!  

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My Friend

How do I describe you? Where do I begin?
Your determination couldn't be bought.
It would seem as if we have a lot in common,
When in reality you're everything I'm not.

I have never forgotten how
You walked in the rain just to call me lovely.
I had never recieved such a compliment.
How you could be so charming is above me.

The great thing about you is, when I was down,
You always had a hand to lend.
But, now I realize, after all we've been through,
You are better as just a friend.

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O Heart, cry for this new joy...
I am no longer saddened
and clinging to despair;
I can't imagine the sublime feeling
overwhelming me with ecstacy...
and nothing can put out my ardor!

This is a deserving gift from Heaven,
God heard me and purified me
with a compassion no human could ever have;
sinners aren't guarded by sweet angels of purity,
they fight against all that is good... 
resisting salvation, lashing at God!

O heart, cry for this new joy...
I have prayed and been answered,
immense mercy has showered me
and my road is clear and not bumpy;
who can extend forgiveness and mercy, 
to someone who's imperfect and burdened,
if not the Lord of eternity?   

I have sought none other than Him,
a doorway to ascape the ugliness of sin...
never going back to put up with struggle,
be cast away and tremble!

O heart, cry for this new joy...
let me rejoice with a loud voice,
exalt His name with loving praises 
and behold His everlasting glory!

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Don't Want To Be WithOut You

I don't wanna be without you
I can't stand being apart I need to know how you feel about me
I need to know that you care about me the way I care for you
I don't wanna be in pain like all those times before

I wanna feel your touch against my skin like the first night in your bed
I wanna wake up in the morning knowing that you'll be there
I wanna wake up in your arms for one last time
I don't wanna be hurt unless it's by you

I wanna have your heart in my hand 
I wanna feel it beat in time with mine
I wanna be there when you come back from war
I wanna know that your my hero out there fighting for are freedom
I wanna be the one your thinking of when you lay awake at night