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To Believe or Not To Believe: The Power of Unbelief

your belief system is the major indication
of what you can accomplish with positive validation
if you can see it, you can achieve
if you can perceive it, you can believe it

underachievers are always underestimating themselves
non-achievers are always looking for a handout and the most help
average achievers do only what is usually just required
but overachievers strive to realize their heart's desire

in The Bible Mark 6:5-6 are two of the saddest scriptures to me
it tells of the time when Jesus went to His birth place
to spread His Father's ministry
it is somewhat troubling to me when He could find there no relief
because the Nazarenes were in a mind set of utter unbelief
even though He had worked many miracles
in most every town he had ventured to
the citizens of Nazareth were unwilling to give Him His proper due
a showdown in Nazareth, Jesus trying to evangelize God's word
but they saw Him only as the carpenter's son attempting to do the absurd

the power of God can only manifest in an arena of positivity
it can not gown nor gravitate in an atmosphere of negativity
Jesus was rendered powerless, the passion in Him had subsided
because the unbelieving Nazarenes remained unyielding 
and completely one-sided

there is a significant amount of unbelief
in many church congregations
where some are just sayers of the Word
and don't believe in the power of the consecration
it takes one drop of negativity
to yield a whole crop of unbelieveability
understand that the Living God can't work in anyone's life
if they are in a state of mind clouded by negativity and strife
there is nothing that can't be accomplished if you know this in your heart
that God can work miracles just believe in His powers from the start
for God can move mountains, He can make a river divide
His powers are omnipotent, just keep a positive attitude in mind

don't undermine God's purpose for you life, allow Him some control
don't underestimate what He can do for you, if you surrender to Him your soul
always look for the victory, don't settle for defeat or loss
use the power of your belief, the power of the blood, the crown and the cross

if you believe God can open doors
what more could you ask for
just believe with God that you can do it
just trust in Him and let Him prove it
just believe in the power that is Jesus Christ
and imagine what you can accomplish
if you just let Him work in your life

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His message to Mankind was divine love, much louder than 
the desert wind hissing through the tall palm trees;
they heard Him, but sadly contempt built up when
they defiled the Temple by selling and trading instead of praying on their knees...
so Jesus got the whip and the lame and the blind cried out the word, " Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna!

Christ was the faithful servant who was scourged, derided and crucified,
now, is the friend of all who believe in Him, not in a sinful world....
the Redeemer who carried the heavy cross to Calvary and died;
His resurrection was a victory over death making Him the eternal Lord!
Who besides Him is more worthy of God His Father, are we?
Anytime Jesus prayed, He finished that prayer with this holy word, " Hosanna! "

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna!

Nothing has was an unjust and mean world, and so it will be;
they lived for lust, power and money getting greedier than Judas who chose death;
find that good soul that resembles it that poor man who seeks mercy?
We can gather much gold, make him a crown and place it on his bruised head!
And while he sits there waiting for compassion, his feeble voice proclaims," Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna! 
Hosanna! Hosanna! 

All nations strive for supremacy, making useless and massive weapons so destructive,
they have no love for their neighbors...they hate peace and every beautiful place;
we have made it to this century...will others see a tomorrow not dark and delusive?
Pray like Jesus did and put your fate in the hands of the Almighty who's grace! 
No joy or possession is greater than faith...get up, look up and shout, " Hosanna! " 

Hosanna! Hosanna!
Hosanna! Hosanna!

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Ode to a King

The angels praised him,
the heavens rang.
How can I do less?

The shepherds marveled,
and spread the news.
How can I do less?

Wise men brought gifts
worthy of a King.
How can I do less?

My lips will praise him,
my heart will sing.
My soul will worship
my Savior and King.

Every chance, I tell
what he's done for me.
He died in agony,
hanging on that tree.

Celebrating his birth,
I give him my all.
How can I do less
when my Savior calls?

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The face of love

Trying prayer, realising

 it doesn't stop right there.

 You say a prayer and hope

 that its enough, that your

 words of love have reached

 Heaven above. Just stop and

 think how we have asked? Was

 it behind a mask of sorrow and

 shame.Thinking we are not good

 enough to receive a blessed gain.

 We have it all wrong as its what

 Jesus has already done. None are

 worthy its Gods free gift of grace.

 So raise your head, truly open your

 eyes. Look up and realise love does

 have a face, thank you Jesus

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The Breaking

The breaking,
 the shaking;apace
  my king's fall is rise
   my land is anon taken.
                     The antic,
                        the discholeric;as
                          albion her age;as
                            arras on her skin.

The abstract,
                         the seas;our compact
               heartless disease;
                                                let's decoct,
                          let's not calm

The beaver,
 the savior's hand,
  she will for aye crave
   for her not a bedlam;
     she is sane.
                        The cautel,
                           the hidden truth;
                             Cadent ties;fret
                               channels in her cheeks
                                 frail less chuff.

The voidness,
                          the lifeless mess;cloy
                   there wines of death;
                                                         there ciphers;there empty,
                             shut their tomb.

The wall of wails;
  the jews.
    the rock that never fails
     the doors.
                         The breaking
                           the making;apace
                              enough;her surfeit
                                her swain eternal
                                   remnant of no transgress.

The maker,
                           her end;Yeshua,
               truimph of her;
                                                       light in the cautel,
                               my messiah;so i break. 

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—The Hymn of Women—

O Lord Son of God, you really are standing there after you have defeated the corrupted world with your tender flesh

O my Lord true Son of Man, you really are standing there after subdued by the wicked minds

O my Lord great soul, you who did not break the poor women’s 
vulnerable heart, really are standing there with a compassionate
gesture after you have crossed over the abyss of death, the river
that the dark prince reigns

O Jesus the most precious name, when your flesh that is torn 
and wounded turns into a glowing candle to shine the darkness 
from the cross high above the prince of darkness kneels before you, 
the flame of life in us burns forever as a candle light that never wanes or dies.

For you sinless blood cleanses us and your open wound eases our pain, 
O my Lord; the horrifying shout on the cross now echoes in our heart 
with the echo of great passion, the desperate cry that once pierced us quickly 
now embraces our soul with the hug of great fervency

For the Lord of resurrection is standing there in the early morning soft sunlight, 
for the king of glory the true life is standing before our very own eyes with open arms, our sorrow turns to joy, we celebrate   

For your victory over death, the Lord, we praise your name ‘Christ Jesus’ 
we worship you the Lord of resurrection 

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Making new friends, turning new

 bends. Upon a steep mountain slope

 focused on breaking old trends. We are

 children of God all saved by the same grace.

 We should all do the good Lords work, yet

 that's not what gets us through heavens gates.

 That my friend is believing in Jesus. Perfect man

 and perfect God, our sinless saviour nailed our

 sins to the cross

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Nothing But Prayer

Born to this world, caused to live,
the dragon's hand of malice must meet you man;
To be only safe away from the strife in Jesus believe,
And this, only by prayer you can.

You are a target prey for the claws of death,
The bearer is cheeky and cunning a betrayer;
To flee from his fire, to have a free breath,
No way but by prayer.

Tempests are a threat and times are tough,
And lures wear guise to look like Lore;
To override the clouds and meet with Love,
Only by prayer you defeat the foe.

To give you Good and Mercy and Blessing and More,
To be a chosen child, a perfectly scoring player;
To anoint you with power to deal the devil a blow,
Nothing but prayer.

To heal your wounds and cover your scars,
To turn your sorrow into joy and peace;
To golden your all to glitter like stars,
Nothing but prayer can eternally lease.

To form you fit a Savior's bride,
And qualify thus for the Heavenly Layer;
At last to the Father with Jesus ride,
Nothing but Prayer.

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—The Hymn of Angels—

From your eyes, do brush the tears off my daughters,
and go. O my poor daughters who seek the living among the dead, 
go, because your Lord Jesus has risen, just as He has proclaimed

In the early morning sunlight that was still wet from the overnight dews 
the Son of God who conquered death has left for the beach
by the Sea of Galilee. The Lord our Savior is now there at the beach
to count His own footmarks on the sand

For the desires to hold your hands before being ascended in air,
the Lord of resurrection is gone to the beach at the Sea of Gennesaret,
the sea which the Father’s wrath once roared and rose to huge waves

For the wishes to spend His little remaining earthly hour with you, 
our Lord the Savior is gone to the Sea of Tiberias, the sea where 
the ripples reflect sunbeam calmly in the daybreak sunlight by the shore

The Lord is awaiting you at the Sea of Galilee to recollect 
His unforgettable memories, and to reassure His eternal love
before being returned to his throne in heaven above