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Ode Food Poems | Ode Poems About Food

These Ode Food poems are examples of Ode poems about Food. These are the best examples of Ode Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Queen of Camouflage

Mistress of deception,
as in victual monogamy.
A deceit of one’s perception,
without an irksome homily.

Mushrooms drop into a pot,
with peppers, once pureed.
Zucchini dance as they are tossed
amidst confetti of celery seed.

Onions sing out with Garlic,
part of the tomato cabaret.
They drop, sway, and frolic,
below the leaves of dried up bay.

A precipitation of spices,
fine herbs and hot chilies.
If omitted a possible crisis,
like the heel of Achilles.

Then a most decisive stroke,
wheat pasta hits the stage.
With every furtive jab and poke…
Spaghetti is still the rage!

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The incredible super-power of Bacon

The incredible superpower of the aroma of bacon frying And the pungent scent of fresh brewed coffee… To me, this shouts out …“Sunday morning!”… It has the power to move The most sleepy persons The power to lift leaden eyelids The ability to make frowns Turn to smiles and evoke memories Of timeworn kitchen tables And chipped coffee cups And cold linoleum floors No more or less It’s childhood It’s parents and grandparents Old neighborhoods Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall And yet all it truly is Is a bit of aromatic vapor Just bacon frying Coffee brewin’ Anticipation …And memories…

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Ham On Rye

I'm not no Picasso, and I'm not no Poe.
The only thing I need, is a late night woman.
And a whole lot of dough.
Apple and pumpkin, they're a cool kind of pie.
Preferred by me, is ham on rye.
There she was, so sexy and nice.
My late night woman.After striking out twice.
I met her in the bleachers, at a Friday night game.
My apple and pumpkin didn't taste the same.
And my late night woman, wouldn't take the blame.
Then we saw the kicker.Kick the ball so high.
It made us so unhappy.We were about to cry.
Anyways, the whole damn thing, made me drop my
ham on rye..

Humorous Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1992,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

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Coffee in a cup, makes a cup of coffee;
just as an aroma from within, makes the air,

smell of flowers in the spring



...a sweet thing, like sugar cane is to the tasting,
and the tasting is to stirring the dream,

making flavored coffee

a drink in the morning.

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Untitled #206 / Icee

Mmm, Icee
it’s so
so icy

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Ode to the Cheese Crispito

Although we all know it,
you can't spell out perfection,
and our stomachs to it we commit,
under our seasoned inspection,
the smell is in the air,
so thick we can almos taste its glory,
O how we try to not stare,
and like a wolf with its quarry,
we leap at it with great joy,
the texture O so splendid,
unmatchable by any false decoy,
the only thing we ever did,
was eat the Crispito.

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Her skin is like a manuscript 
Gone fragile with old age 
That crumbles at the slightest touch 
Each time you turn the page.

But if you delve below her skin 
Prepare to shed a tear 
A poignant multi-layered core 
Dwells 'neath her thin veneer.

Content to wait on ripening time 
She patiently defers 
With firm and solid dignity 
Until the hour is hers.

Once hunger's longing flame is lit 
Her transformation starts 
She glows transluscent tenderness 
Her essence she imparts.

Her kiss doth linger through the night 
Her perfume ere next day 
Oh, fragrant onion, thou art beast! 
That's all I have to say.

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Friends & Pizza

Tonight we celebrate and toast
the kindness of our loving host
I do not mean to brag or boast
but we’ll enjoy this yummy roast!

The onions sliced, the mushrooms diced
and thrice the crushed red pepper dashed
inside the oven crust does rise
and crisps and browns upon the racks

Half an hour we do laugh
and drink to our shared memories
no one could feel the moments pass
until we heard the timer beep

The air smells warm! The moment’s nigh!
Let’s slice the pizza into pieces!
Together, let’s enjoy the taste of life
until the light within us ceases!

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Ode on a Green Apple

Shaped like a
polar magnetic field
but more greener
with a stub of a stem
let me see here
your name is
Granny Smith
Crisp and Tangy
4017, Produce of USA
A fine specimen indeed!
I hope the fruit pickers
didn’t put their
greasy, grubby
Beaner hands
all over your

The rough world’s bruised you
but not enough to save you.
You die tomorrow at sunup.

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Larry Rice

Larry Rice did something nice
When he made his life a sacrifice
Larry Rice did something right
By turning someone's darkness into light
As I wonder about right and right
I wonder what God did to Larry Rice
And I see visions of the bitterly poor
Those cursing God for being so poor
I see visions of Gods children 
being without
without a home, without a coat
without  food, without pity
Then I see a vision of God
raising up a man
A man who would turn pity 
into repentance
And then turn repentance
into a gift
to and from God
And not just stop at pity
God did something very nice
When God made Larry Rice