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Ode Beautiful Poems | Ode Poems About Beautiful

These Ode Beautiful poems are examples of Ode poems about Beautiful. These are the best examples of Ode Beautiful poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I Saw You Amongst the Wild Horses -part 2-

But you—the wild one
You were compulsive, fiery and inventive
I had my share of the wild and free
But you were molded from them—with insane beauty
Despite our differences we remained together
Perhaps you think I mean to save you—tame you
But I merely long to contain the sun
And hinder the pervasive burns
So that in so doing, I may always keep you warm
For cold wild shall destroy
As warm wild shall invent
Searing wild will one day save the world
And then destroy it all the next

Dear beloved one,
I saw you amongst the wild horses 
I did not dare touch you
Because I was afraid of Change
But Change was a delight—an apple to your eye
And I did not realize that Change was embedded in my very being
So when you shyly approached me,
I knew you were hungry
I fed you ample laughter and music
And soon I gained your highest respect
Along with a thousand other mystical blessings
I will not always remain by your side as if I am among you
But perhaps I shall linger at a distance—level to your luminosity 
As words continue to flow, I shall slowly inch myself forward
To be frank—you are the greatest companion in my world
Hot or cold—seared or chilled
You will always remain among the wild and free
And that race is sadly. . .
Slowly dwindling
Tell me you shall never become me
Never Change

In honor of you,
One day I will reach out my quivering hand
And you will consume the Apple of Friendship
Until then, 
Look beside you
As was inevitable—
I have changed for the better
Because you are—and always will be
My very greatest friend till the end

-this Ode was meant to be altogether; I hope you enjoyed reading, and thank you-

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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You said JCO

You looked down at me, blue eyes intent on freezing, looked past my tears,  and 
said you loved me.
There was no expression on your face, no warmth in your kiss, you told me you 
cared, and wanted only me.
I placed my hands on your back, kissed that mouth and told you how beautiful  I 
thought you were. Then you smiled that first smile you told me I was absolutely 
When the sweat was dry, and the air was still, you wrapped your legs in mine, and 
stroked my hair. You shared all the moments of your past, the plans of the future, 
and the child like excitement of your dreams overwhelmed me into tears. 
I fell in love with you. I fell hard. I fell for a man who felt nothing for me. I fell into 
the arms of something that I dreamt was there, but faded, like the scent of your 
skin.  I never knew how blind I was.  I never thought it would hurt to let you go. I 
never thought I would have to. I never thought you  would ever hurt me, instead 
you crushed me. 
You told me you loved me, and you cared. You told me I was worth everything, but 
you left me. You just left me. No note. No call. No email. Nothing. You just 
disappeared leaving me to feel like everything everyone had ever said about you; 
everything you said you were, was true. 
I danced with you. I let you in to my heart. You saw my soul. You knew everything. 
You were everything to me. How could you do this to me?  Why did you have to lie 
and tell me it was only me? Why did you tell me I was it for you? Why did you tell me 
you loved me, and cared so damn much?  Why didn’t you stop to think about me 
just once before eating that cake you so had to have. 
You looked down at me, eyes still frozen, and begged me to have that baby.  There 
was a beautiful smile on your face, and you said you loved me.
You watched me move, and I heard you sigh. I thought it meant everything.  You 
said I was everything. You said you loved me. I thought you loved me

Copyright © April Marie Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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Sweet Daughter of Mine

So beautiful, lovely and sweet from shiny hair, to dainty feet; Your pretty smile and innocence rivals the moon’s incandescence. I treasure times when we can feast on storybooks, bored not the least; At tea, content with lemonade, and cookies topped with marmalade. Daughter of mine, eyes full of mirth, my heart sings praises for your birth.
*inspired by Eve's painting and a letter I made for my daughter around 5 years ago. 16 November 2015 Kim Patrice Nunez Oil Painting Contest - 2nd Place sponsor: Eve Roper

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

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at first

She gave me the love of the virgin 
A love for her that will not tarry 
P.D. is a creature that I dare to claim 
Poet Destroyer a bold clever name 
I met her on the soup before I knew 
Her fame 
She hated me at first but one day 
she saw my pain 
She reached to me forgiving arms 
And gave to me her forgiving 
An act of which I'll never forget 
True forgiveness one rarely gets 
I shared my feelings with the world 
And they were noticed by a girl 
The pain of my misery reached her 
She set aside the differences that 
tore us apart 
I write this poem as a monument in 
my heart 
It's a dedication and not just art 
She touched my life in that certain 
And her memory will always stay 
I may not think of her everyday 
But there are those moments that 
will never fade away 
But when she forgave my heart that 
That's when she moved in and there 
she will stay

Copyright © The Situation | Year Posted 2013

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To Duke

I woke up from the cradles of slumber
My morning eyes opened slowly
My mind frolicked and sang with peace
Remembering your words 
So kind, so memorable were they!
So sweet, so genuine are you!
The mere thought of you takes away the assertive blue

It is a wonder I have come across your mind
It is a blessing like no other—a true, treasurable find!
And there are no words that can truly give you the honor you deserve
But take these, please!
And know there is so much more. . .
So much more that I wish to offer you

Your never-ending thoughtfulness and attention
Has filled me with unremitting appreciation
You really are a beautiful light to my world
Cheering my melancholy with joy
I have never found someone quite like you
And that is the beauty of it all
Finding the gold
The sunlight smiling for your marvelous shine
Finding truth
There is just no other like you!
I would never turn my eyes away
There is just no possible way

That is a blessing I count close to the heart
Finding you, such a rare piece!
Finding you in a churning world of excitement and chaos
Finding you with such delight and gratitude

Thank you so much, Duke!
Thank you for being you!

-Dedicated to a very fine poet named Duke Beaufort-

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to the rainbow

Like after a dalliance,
my heart bleeds when
your ephemeral stay
comes to an end.
You are the cynosure
of all eyes.
Your multi-colours as soothing as an embrocation
the distressed heart's emollient.
Your arch is the envy
of great architects.
Thy colour blend is fit to make
an artist faint
Your beauty is ineffable Too sublime for a pastiche. O Rainbow! Are thou rain's lagniappe to the sky? O Rainbow! Thou forever are our eyes' delight!

Copyright © abdul yusuf | Year Posted 2015

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I Saw You Amongst the Wild Horses -part 1-

As you know, dear one
I border emotions that perhaps are an enigma to you
You look up to me at times with the highest respect
When you and I both know we are leveled 
I dedicate to you a speech above the most precious jewels
My words surely don’t climb among or above the highness of great
But I can tell you straight—I am proud of my feelings
I am proud to have you here on earth with me
You know, when I wrote those words, joyous bells began to ring
I heard them in harmony, for they agreed
Indeed, I had the council of music in meeting
And we all averred that you are a part of me—a rare ligament that I truly cherish 
For years you have devoted yourself
Fearing that someday I may leave your side
Oh my sweet, beloved friend—how I have!
I do not wish to degrade you—forgive me!
Allow me to further explain
I have left many times from the comfort of your embraces
Blinded by the enigmatic pangs I so desperately conceal
But these moments of solitude allow me to candidly feel
And as I have said—I am proud of my feelings
For they have led me straight to the epiphanies I shall now reveal:

I saw you amongst the wild horses—amid the paragon of temperament
Their nostrils flared at a presence; like confused soldiers, their eyes darted about
I was crazed into fear that I would be founded out
In meadows near from grasp of humanity
You fled but kept me in eyesight
Wondering and wandering—nearly touching the brink of my world
The bells drew you near—for they were apples to your eye
My laughter reached the highest height
You knew that I was not jeering you
I was delighted by your phantasmagoric magnificence!
The majority grazed on
But your dreams were meant for me to hold
At least only for a little while
For in the bells of laughter and music we were one
Cantering all the more closer to the sun
We felt not the burn, but the warmth of friendship
As life flew on in its graces and disgraces
We drew ever nearer
And soon—as was inevitable—
We felt the sear
As you were familiar with them, you took it like a god
And longed—from me—to take it
Instead I concealed the flame
Because the tame are accustomed
To chastisement, fear and incentive

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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First Love

First Love

Her eyes showed me a way,
Her unique smile let my tears go away,
Her Beautiful face made me to say,
Is this Love, or what???

Started to have feeling of love,
Started to behave nicely and different,
Started to smile when there was no reason to smile,
Still, Is this Love, or what??

Tried to approach her, but felt belittled, lowly, shy,
Tried to ask her for date, but felt afraid, scared, shocked,
Tried to express my love, felt would be rejected, hurt, unheard,
Well still, Is this love, or what?

I can fix anything, why not this thing,
I can talk to any girl, why not this girl,
I can really convince anyone, why not this one,
Came before many girl, why not this girl.

Do please not tell me its just nothing,
Do tell me how to do something about this thing...Love,
Do tell me anything about this thing…Love,
Will there be rejection or appreciation??????????

Copyright © Balbir Singh | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to Mi Corazon

As I pull weeds from cracks in sidewalks
Yout sit on top of thrones made of solid gold
And I pay no mind to the women around me,
Only to your beauty do I hold an Ode.

I see my fair Spanish lady
my daring, sweet rose with thorns,
That run up and down her spine.
As she stops in the daily parade
Waving at the peasants,
She looks at me and summons her guards
Too take me away.

Her beauty is unbearable.
I cannot take not being with her
For a single moment in my life.
Her hair,
Black like coal,
Her smile is bright, as the first rays of the Red Sun
In the dawn.
Her lips painted with ruby lipstick,
her silk laced dress and shawl wrap around her,
Like a beautiful butterfly in her cocoon.
Her skin of olive, dark color and her green eyes.
My God, those sweet and piercing green eyes
Oh, how they hit my soul and make me shiver with excitment.
She is intoxicating and I am intoxicated in her beauty.

She is like an angel, a Latina beauty who walks the streets paved gold,
As I walk the cracked, cobblestone walkways.
She shines in the Spanish sun, like a dimoand in the ruff
As you blow the dust off her sweet brow,
she glows and sparkles with extordinary excellence.

She is beautiful and sweet and kind.
She loves me, but her father minds.
I am only a peasant, and she royalty.
Can our love ever be together in one holy matrimony?
I pray to the Lord, of all that is good,
Please give me a sign that she loves me.

Soon a storm came over,
blowing me down to the ground
And a cloud of dust swallowed me whole.
A great Conquistador on a great white stallion
pulled me up and told me that she wanted to see me.
I shacked with nervous of joy as I followed the warrior.

She was there, under a palm tree
Near a beautiful beach in Barcelona.
She smiled and a glow covered me with passion.
I hugged her and kissed her upon her sweet lips.
I tasted virginity and she tasted loyalty.
We both tasted beauty and harmony.
As the warrior left us,
We made love upon a vigin white sheet,
Soon covered with a flowing river of red.
She moaned with exticy and love was in the air.
The Ode to my sweet Spaniad, Mi Corazon!

We lay there in each others arms
Looking up at a clear night sky
The twilight glimmered ever so softly
And a shooting star blazed across the sky
I kissed her and she kissed me.
I whispered in her, "My love forever"
And she pushed me back upon the sheets
and we made sweet and ever lasting love again.
As we looked in each other's almond colored eyes.
I said to her, in a soft voice, Mi Corazon.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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Ode To Fireworks

It is such great unity
That appears amongst the beauty
Of the bright light display?
Such colour, such energy within celebration,
Such a vivid canvas of man-made creation
That sparks with flair and passion;
To fall into the fog
Like all dying illusions.

Yet it is what it does for us:
Where we are drawn from our furnishings
That we clean in intervals,
Closing outside to a regular schedule,
Remaining well lit and sheltered
Resting our minds so dimly upon the
Soft and empty cushions
And hugging at the blind comfort
Of cover.

We are drawn from this facade
By another in itself.
Which brings us out like a beacon
Part Devil, half Eden
To then fade away
Like all illusions,
Leaving us quiet,
Revealing deepened images.
Exposed to chill
Peace climbs through our bones.

Let us stand together,
The great power that connects us;
The great unity
Amongst such beauty.

Till we once more return home…

Copyright © Aiden Asoll | Year Posted 2013

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An Ode To My Beloved

I just wanted to let you know
That I have this love for you...
Although I'm not fast to show
For you, there's nothing I wouldn't do
And I can't control this love
No matter what I try to do...

While I know our lives are separating
Which has got me pretty blue
I just want you to know
How much I love you...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

Oh how I still see you every night in my mind
You're the best girl I feel I'll ever find
And when my eyes would fall upon your smile
My heart would be put on trial
And so if nothing else, I want to let you know
That I'll always love you, that my hearts beat
For you, won't ever slow...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

So I wish you happiness beyond compare
And sorry for the times I couldn't help but stare
Caring, passionate, smart, and loving
From my heart, to you, I'll never be shoving

You will always be in my heart
No matter where we go, how far we drift apart...

Goodbye My Love...

Copyright © Andrew Shannon | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to the Madman

Ode to the Madman

It was heaven in hell, both.
It was 115 degrees and I was in hell.
But heaven was in sweltering Palm Springs.
And I tasted nectar and ambrosia, both,
Under the dauntless palms.
I took in the majesty of the gods
As they bowed to each other,
Like kow-towing Chinamen in white robes.
I took in the flames and the feathers, both.
I took in the shadows and the spotlights of the stabbing sun.
The book was Women by Bukowski.
I lounged by the winking, blue-eyed pool,
Eyeing the half-naked women in bikinis,
Reading the drunken madman,
Sipping daiquiris on ice
Brought to me by the big-breasted beautiful girl
From behind the bar.
The way she walked as she brought me my drinks,
Was a Revelation and a turn-on, both.
It seemed, as I discerned from her big-breasted body language,
That she already knew the answers to life’s unasked questions.
That she had already traveled 
To the farthest star in the galaxy.
That she had already tasted the wine of eternal wisdom.
Yes, it was the way she walked.
Bukowski would’ve smiled and said:
“Comon honey, let’s dance!”
I was in heaven and in hell, both.
It was 115 degrees, and I sweated.
But I saw paradise under the dauntless palms.
Ode to the madman!
“I sip this daiquiri in your name.”
Brought to me by the big-breasted beautiful girl
From behind the bar.

Copyright © stark hunter | Year Posted 2013

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The Children

Leave me the hell alone she cries
Inside her aching head
I've had much more than I can take 
Sometimes I feel I'm dead
Oh shepherd don't your flock forsake 
Alone on Calvarys Hill
How much can a body take 
When your mind has had its fill
A light so bright and hopeful
A picture perfect birth
A world of wonder, laid before
This seedling of the earth
To nurture's but a wistful dream
A momentary lapse
A father wrapped up in himself
A mom lost in her past
Can harm I do while wishing
The Angels gentle hands
Embrace this failing empty shell
This web of empty strands
A love of love itself it seems
Of passion and desire
Turns Sailors into monsters
And Mothers into liars
What makes a wonder wonderful
What makes a blessing blessed
'Tis you alone we come to know
When not so self- obsessed
Lord, help us not to lose your light
And wallow in the dirt
And help instead to nurture
All we're given at our birth
A wish alone can guide us
If truth is what we seek
Protect the weak and hungry
The burdened and the meek
Lord, make me strong enough to show
The children in my care
Their path is guided by your light
Their Souls are in your care

Copyright © peter walsh | Year Posted 2014

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On the wings of two angles I was brought into this world…
My mother and father I’ve called them since I first spoke,

To their arms I ran when I first walked…

When my heart was not calm

Their love would come…

When no one believed
They saw what others couldn’t see
When I would cry
With a calm sigh they would smile
And the whole world would stop and the pain would die…
They taught me to not lie…
They taught me to be human…
On the wings of two angels I was brought into this world…
My mother…her beauty puts the stars to shame….
My father…his heart stronger than all the men that walk among us…

I thank my lord for giving me
The biggest treasure on this world,
Love that is clearly out of this world…
Thank you…
????? ????

Copyright © Zeki Majed | Year Posted 2013

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Birthday Girl, Heart Throb Swirl -

She is many things,
like what Spring brings to shivering wings,
creatures like us sing from her touch, fly to her much,
feeding from the everlasting song her beauty transmits,
Linda's face is always strong, sage, and sensuous
as a symbol of liberty that says to the fatigued free thinker
you have more to achieve, to believe,
don't rest until you've won, trust in now,
PD. is the perfect noun with the most,

unwise to show envy towards her
for she has earned all her roses & garlands
knows suffering more than most, throws inspiration to those in need
like a pelican weeps and swoons
in the blood of self sacrafice, loving us, telling us we're the fuss,
she'll cry with you and then shock One into strength,
slam boom bam you if you fail to admire her Divine Genius,
teaching by taking the first step,
I love Linda because she is the greatest I know,
the sweetest and the wisest in the show,
her feather teaches me, her heart reaches me,
Linda is my Sphinx,
giving heavenly links, expelling my jinx  -

This write is dedicated to Linda, aka. Poet Destroyer, my Sphinx
for her birthday - she is ageless, and her life is a gift to me -
with love & respect - J.A.B.

Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2013

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I Scream for Ice Cream

Robin Thicke's bedroom voice reminds me of you
And I realize there were good times
When you spoke to me in low tones
Deep low tones
And I must admit 
that every time
I hear Robin Thicke...
I smile and get tingly all over

You were a good lover.

People tell me that I don't know
because I have only had one
taste of freedom

But do I have to drink castor oil to know that ice cream sundaes
are good under the sun on Florida Sundays?
Do I have to wake up mourning
to know that I have a reason to be thankful in the morning?
Do I have to have a piece of pain
to know that I feel good when I am at peace.

Maybe their problem is that it took them twenty men 
to arrive there
and I only needed once.

Thank you for that moment
that has satisfied me for a life time.

Copyright © Tyshawn Knight | Year Posted 2015

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My Comet Comes Near Again -

I was attracted to her troubles, her artful exits,
her love was terrible, she hurt me in all the right ways,
hides behind the tall tree of my inspiration
whistling like a playful truth easy to please & difficult to release,
say goodbye kindly & curiously as a dream departing under duress,
just when you thought she'd tell you the password to Heaven
she would scamper away as shewolf suspicious of where she lay
or prowling on the scent of prey,
I fell in love with how she fought mistrust and 'bad odds'
teaching me that patience often rests on hurtful wisdom,
but when this woman chooses to gallop into the gallery of my growth
wild and willfully, I quickly comprehend a true friend,
promises and time need not be bartered for
since emotions and experience are the blessings of our bond,
as my Poet Girl grows stronger, sings louder, strides prouder
I ponder happily that the only timepiece the Cosmos holds
is the connection of beating hearts, the affection of unjudging reception,
and now, above the melee of my routine I see her blazing towards me again
not falling near, rather raising me to that innocent & infallible trail
where tears become diamonds & frigidity faints in the arms of faith,
her love is no longer so terrible, more so terrific as temptation,
however, she continues to sharpen her blade on the bone of my breastplate,
and I resist not the mercy of her dangerous kiss  -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2013

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Sad Boy

Such a sad boy
With sparkling eyes of blue
Mournfully full of pain
For the love he once knew
Torn apart by life and love
Left to forge another way
Not knowing how to simply breathe alone
Much less go on another day

I remember a time of difference
In this sad boy with eyes of blue
The world was all his at his feet
Back then, love wasn’t something really true
Those eyes held a sparkle
A happiness and surety walking tall
With all the girls falling over him
It was always funny to watch him turn in retreat

Now life has had its evil way
Of turning his heart sour
Telling him he’ll forever be alone

You are a rare beauty
Inside and out
You are my friend
Have always been, 
I have this to smile about

But when will my sad boy find his smile
Will it be soon or maybe awhile?
All I know is I am your friend
And will be here from now 
Until the end.

Copyright © Darla McGinnis | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to Humphrey

The"tail" I have to tell, starts off really sad.
My sweet doggie Murphy died and my heart, it hurt so bad.
Until one day in early spring, I got a call that made my heart sing!
There were some puppies born in Waco, the daddy -Jasper, and mommy- Juneau.
Four little boys, three little girls. But the picture of one boy, made my heart twirl!
So I waited for a week or two, to meet my little puppy-oh so new!
I named him Humphrey, such a handsome boy! He has brought  laughter back and oh what a joy! He's super cute, and very smart. Many would say, he's a work of art!
He's learning new tricks, and how to potty outside. So many rules to learn and abide!
Humphrey is growing so quickly, the puppy breath will soon disappear. He will be an adult in less than a year! Every stage of his life is a blessing from above. I guess that's the true meaning of what we call "puppy love".

Copyright © Meghan Palmer | Year Posted 2013

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Will Be Ever Again

There you up in the sky
Down here seeing you alive
Feel free the air of essence
Of sweetest daffodils
The strands of your hairs are like swinging
Let me be the heir of your smile
Tis' you and I will be ever again
Just you and I and the stars
Starring bright
There you up in the sky
Will you ever come back?
Your tomb comes the oldest
But your soul comes to heaven
Waiting you and I will be ever again..

Copyright © Amor Otong | Year Posted 2015

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An ode to the most beautiful girl on the planet

Who is that babe?
Who is that fox?
Who is that prettiest girl I have seen?

Truly beautiful on the inside and out.
Oops, was that too cliche?
I don't want to 
scare her away.

I draw near.
And what a surprise!
So does she.

And then I remember.
I am looking into 
the bathroom mirror.

Copyright © Eliot Gilbert | Year Posted 2013

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Every You

The deeper I go
The deeper I sink
Weightless but heavy
My heart starts to speak

Tangled in you
My mind is a mess
It's torn and exposed
Like open flesh.

Copyright © Heather Boardman | Year Posted 2014

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I am  the soul created by my creator
I am the brightest star that shines above
I am the moon that gives light in darkest night
I am the humble soul,innocent child and loyal friend

I am the beauty ,I am the beast
I am the humble child of mother earth
Good companion to nature
Trustworthy soulmate of my partner

I am the soul full of emotion
I am the soul full of love
I am the soul I take caution
I am what I imagine

I am a bird with wings
I fly,I fly and I keep flying
No matter how exhausted I am
My wings gives me freedom to be myself

I move mountains,I am strong
I am the bold and I am beautiful
I cherish my life as who I am
I am a women of its kind

I am who I chose to be
I am what I am,I am who I am.

Copyright © bandana basnett | Year Posted 2015

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To My Beloved

Above,look! Heaven 

Written by:
Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu.
Dedicated to Leonora 
A unique and lovely 
damsel from the heavens.
Love you so much.

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Eyes of an angel

when I looked in her eyes I got lost for a moment.
Hypnotized by her Beauty I had fallen in love.
I realized I was staring as she began to smile my heart beating fast I haven't felt this way in a while.
Butterflies in my stomach infatuated with curiosity I started to get nervous with a little anxiety.
Something came over me so I went home and looked it up.
I found out I fell in love and I couldn't get back up.

Copyright © marcus pimentel | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to Vie My Love Hate Poem

Disclaimer:  The first poem is purely the work of fiction.  Everyone who knows the lovely Vie knows how beautiful and amazing she is.  But, as most of you know, I ‘go for it’ when it comes to contests…so here we have it.
*You asked for it girlie :)
Vienna… I have to say you’re a freak Your poems are all in Greek Your life is one train wreck I’d never accept your check Do you even have two brain cells? Your breath probably smells You’d sell your body for a buck But who would screw a cold duck? So whackjob…don’t forget to bark Crawling home to the trailer park
Talented, Beautiful Viking
Vie, you are so amazingly skilled After reading your work, I’m thrilled You really brighten my day You’re like a banana parfait With cherries and whip cream And two shots of Jim Beam No you’re better than that Pretty as a Persian cat Sweet, agile and striking Like a sophisticated Viking Bonus lines (not included in contest ‘cuz this girl follows the rules) **************** And I’m sure, this poem I aced ‘cuz Vie, you have great taste :)

Copyright © Natalie The Rogue Rhymer | Year Posted 2012

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King Fish Of The Sea

                                                               < <<<<<<<>
                                                             < <<<<<<<<<>
                                               Of the sea <<<<<<<<<<<< >\
                                     Master                                                 \
                               Fish                                                              \
                        / King                                                                     \                   {  
                     / In charge of shoals various sizes of fish.                       \                {{
                  / Tiny ones darting in and out amongst seaweeds and rocks. \           {{{{
               /  Fins propelling through the water,                                       \   {{{{{{{{
             /  Gills rhythmically moving, extracting oxygen as the gill flaps    \{{{{{{{{{
         €£££       @      open and shut.                                                   \\{{{{{{{{{
             /                                        /\\\||\\\\||||<<                           \\{{{{{{{{{{
              /                                   ||<<<<<<<<<<
                \                                    \\\\\\\\||||||<<                            \\{{{{{{{{{{
                         \\\\ Mouth opening, swallowing fresh or salty water,\\\\\\\\\{{{{{{{
                           \\\\Depending on which sea you are in.             \               {{{{{{
                                 O King                                                     \                    {{{{
                                          Fish,                                              \                        {{
                                               I could                                    \                             {
                                                        Watch your antics          \
                                                                                 all day!

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2016

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''Loveliness that's deep and that's rare''

Loveliness that's deep and that's rare
     is like a Rose that blooms afresh
(like the rosebud that's new and fair);
     lovely in aspect and in flesh,
she lives in sunlight without care
     letting all the sky breathe and mesh.

Her loveliness is hard to find
     unspoiled and as innocent;
and with her grace and with her mind
     she quells my musing discontent.
As she sighs (softly and from behind),
     my nose takes in her lovely scent.

Her beauty transcends her locus,
     imbuing the eyes of my soul 
with romantic, ideal focus
     that makes the heart and spirit whole:
without her the world seems callous
     and grace would not be in control.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2013

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Shes Beautiful Like The Moon, Part 1

Staring up at the moon 
She seems so sad 
Alone in a silent black blue sky
She sits and waits 
I look on with remorse 
As she slowly sinks 
Wish I was a rocket man 
For her I would do anything
Morning light breaks 
Now she's gone 
And i'm alone 
so I sit and wait...

Copyright © Free Byrd | Year Posted 2013

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Immanuel, God With Us

He came to Earth in human form and the Earth shouted sound the alarm, for our Lord and savior has been born. He came to save mankind, although He was here for just a short time. For God so loved the world He sent His only son to turn man from sin and be a shinning light for everyone.

Your light will shine, all He say to do, is to love your brother as I love you. You see the Grace of God comes through His Son and He offers life eternal for anyone. Now He was trying to show man God's perfection but the flesh is proud and hates correction. When He tried to teach this they nailed Him to the cross, it seemed all was lost.

Then He shouted, It is finished and no one could understand, that it was all part of The Father's plan, so the gift of eternal life could belong to man because man was under the law and could not stand, so Immanuel came to redeem man. He gave His life so we could live, through His love The Father can forgive because the wages of sin is death, and it's very real.

For darkest had come into the world and it seemed the madness would never cease, so He entered the world The Prince of Peace. Then He had to leave but He will return, He sits on the side of The Father and they are concerned, how long will it take for man to learn, while His flock patiently awaits His return.

Up, up and away we will go to a brand new life that we will come to know, and GOD'S Face He will show. With a Beautiful Life He has in store, Glory Be To GOD for Ever More

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015