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Ode Allah Poems | Ode Poems About Allah

These Ode Allah poems are examples of Ode poems about Allah. These are the best examples of Ode Allah poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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You can behead an unarmed man
You can rape a defenseless woman
You can blow up an innocent child

You can burn a book, or 1000's
Attempt to erase history
Spit on the culture of mankind

Here is what you will never do
You will never catch Charlie Brown
Or behead Allah the almighty

You are an army
Of no hearts
Of no heads

The army of the evil living dead

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On the wings of two angles I was brought into this world…
My mother and father I’ve called them since I first spoke,

To their arms I ran when I first walked…

When my heart was not calm

Their love would come…

When no one believed
They saw what others couldn’t see
When I would cry
With a calm sigh they would smile
And the whole world would stop and the pain would die…
They taught me to not lie…
They taught me to be human…
On the wings of two angels I was brought into this world…
My mother…her beauty puts the stars to shame….
My father…his heart stronger than all the men that walk among us…

I thank my lord for giving me
The biggest treasure on this world,
Love that is clearly out of this world…
Thank you…
????? ????

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Earth Missile

O'Lordy, a nuclear missile, yes nuclear.
Bent on control and devastation, control of a nuclear bomb destroying the Earth.
On land when feeling the destruction, fearful, powers of the lord, while seeking
the Lord.
Fearful, frightened, shivering, the day of judgement is only to'so.
How to construe power, fear and destruction.
The power is immense, shivering, a crack in the core.
Fearful, how will I survive?

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I Believe in God

I Believe in God
I believe in a higher power
I believe in that power to be greater than myself

I also believe in Jesus and what that means to the Christians 
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

I also believe in the Buddha teachings and what that means to the Buddhists
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

I also believe in Allah and in the prophet Mohammad and what that means to the Islamics
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

I also believe in Hashem and what that means to the Jews
And I humble myself by showing humility and respect to their spiritual leader and its people 
with a simple bow

There are many other religions and many other faiths. There is no right or wrong each of us 
follows a path that is best suited for a purpose. We are here not to ridicule or judge others 
but to assist our brothers and sisters regardless of ones belief or faith.  We are spiritual 
beings having human experiences. As soon as we recognize and honor the integrity of each 
other our world will change.

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Oh what a beautiful morning,	
in the White House today,
Please come in for a tour – 
but please leave a tip on the
Everything is alright now – 
the muppets are running the
We can learn from the UK – 
and let people in who we 
don’t know.

Oh what a beautiful morning,
our vacuums are going to be
Those sprout heads in Brussels
are now meddling - they really 
do have to be canned.
They claim the vacuums are
too powerful, and too noisy
they’ll wake the dead.
But those sprout heads over
in Brussels, Ukip will sack them

Oh what a beautiful planet – 
but why are we destroying it
I’ll ask President Obama to
help me – before we all catch
the mad cow!
Oh please love our beautiful
country, I beg you all to behave,
Cameron’s coming for a freebie,
now we can all have a rave!

God bless this beautiful country,
our passion is still to be free,
But right now the news is 
depressing – I want to go home 
for my tea!
Thank god I’m not like George 
Dubya -  and Blair, the “Middle
East Peace Envoy!”
But David Cameron talks like a
cretin, when he’s gone we’ll 
really enjoy!   

God love our beautiful country,
that the terrorists want to destroy,
We could all be friends and live
together – just like they all did on
I will not deal with the Taliban –
as they just want to hurt us all
Why can’t we all live in harmony - 
please, Darryl, do show us all how?  
We now have a peaceful new
country – and everyone lives
the same.
And everyone loves each other – 
and we all know each other’s
first name!
So God bless the American 
people – and the future of this
great land,
As we walk together hand in 
hand – and now let’s strike up
the band!  

Oh what a beautiful morning – 
is it a beautiful day?
When we’re all in the church 
together – all kneeling together 
to pray.
All the wars now are all over – as
peace is now the key,
Peace and love is the way forward,      
as the world is now completely 
war free. 

We love this, our beautiful 
freedom, as wars are no longer
a part,
And everyone now loves 
everyone – no more broken hearts.
Bless us now with your love,
lord, as we all praise your love,
For freedom and peace we
now gather – all from the good
lord above. 



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Good God and Allah sat
down for a wee chat,
When Good God told
Allah: “You are getting
quite fat!”
“Do you mind, Allah
said, it is all that curry,”
“Oh, is that what you 
call it said Good God – it 
smells just like a slurry!”

“You cheeky son-of-a bitch,
said God, as he had a drink
of beer,”
“It is nearly Christmas said
Allah, with a festive sneer!”
“To heck with Christmas said
Good God – it is just too 
And if you mention it again – 
you will be circumcised!”

“Let us drink together, said 
Allah, and cheer the holy birth,
Oh, okay then, said God - but 
please don’t call me a smurf!” 
“What shall we chat about,
asked God looking tipsy? 
Well if you wee in my wine 
again - you’ll get a little fisty!”

“How dare you say I’m tipsy,
I am Good God – and a saint?
But I really must admit it – I
do feel rather quaint!
You are a very bad influence,
said God to a drunken Allah,
I bet I’ll have to carry you home, 
again, remember glory hallelujha!

“Do stop your moaning said God,
and pass me that jug,
Would you like a cigarette, God?
they don’t call you a mug?
A cigarette, what do you mean?
I am a Good God now, you’ll see,
Oh listen to the holy one – you 
cannot kid me!”

Both Good God and Allah rested
their bodies, and both went to 
But even those pesky angels – 
did have a little peep?
Did they dare to indulge - in the
temptation of a drink?
Just as they were considering 
too – Good God gave a wink!

Oh goody, the boss has winked 
at us - we can all help ourselves,
But who the heck put the wine,  
on the top-high blinking shelves?
Good God and Allah – both woke
up from their dream,
Then finding out what they’d
done – they didn’t half scream!   


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Good God and Allah sat
down to eat their meal,
God asked Allah: “Why
do you kneel?”
Allah took his shoes off
but his feet weren’t so
So Good God got his 
hoover out and cleaned
them using steam.

You are tickling my feet,
said Allah – please don’t 
don’t do that, 
Shut up whinging, said
Good God – and your
feet are getting fat!
You look so very smart
tonight, said Good God
yawning with a bore,
Oh, thank you, said Allah,
now why don’t you play 
the piano?

Play the piano? But I 
cannot play? 
Oh don’t be a spoil sport – 
we could always pray!
Yes, I know that – we do
that every day – 
We need some excitement – 
and we can shout; HOORAY!

After our meal we can do
some cleaning – 
Who’s bright idea is that  
then - I can’t reach the 
Oh, just sit on the magic
carpet, that you stole the
other day,
And you have the nerve
to seek forgiveness – when
you kneel to pray?

We can both clean our
cave – and evict those forty
Who trample all over the 
place – wearing nothing  
but their fig leaves!
Those forty thieves are all
my friends – how dare you
call them that?
Oh, shut up whinging – and
go and feed the cat!

And please stay off the 
mobile phones – and try to
look professional?
We live in a cave you know – 
not an Indian temple!
We’ll have to spray the cave – 
it stinks of curry spices,
How can I bring a lady back - 
and act out some heavenly 

Heavenly vices, what about
Oh you can watch if you want
to – or sit firmly on my knee?
Sit on your knee – and watch
you? I’m not a blinking pervert?
Well, you can join in if you so
desire – you can snog that guy
called Bert!       
Who the heck is Bert, I know
not that funny name?
Oh, that’s the guy on the dance-
floor – he danced with that 
great fat dame!

We can invite two lovely ladies,
into our heavenly mosque,
Then sit down, have a beer – 
and haggle on the cost!
Haggle on the cost - what are
you expecting?
Well, you never do know – 
things could get exciting!

We can take them to the 
disco – and bop the night away-
And we can do some somersaults – 
but you always want to pray?
We can take to the dance floor -
both hand in hand – 
Jiving like we are demented – 
to the meerkat rock n roll band?

Who the heck are they, are
they from the temple?
You know; Aleksandr, Sergie,
and baby Oleg – they always
say; “simple!”
Oh, yeah, now I know – I see
them on TV,
Aleksandr, Sergie, and little 
baby Oleg – their toys, they
gave to me!

Gave to you – how do you
mean – you don’t drive a
No, I know that, you silly 
man, but I do smoke a cigar!
And as the politicians keep 
saying; “smoking, is bad for
you” – 
I have to make a claim – and
get quickly what I’m due!

Yes, yes, but that’s in the
future, what about Christmas?
Oh, let that wait – I’m sick
of it – we’d better go to mass?
Well you can go as I’m staying
in – and watch the boring TV,
Well, if you don’t pay your TV 
licence, in prison you will be!

Just then their alarm went off,
and what a dream they had.
Let’s go to the holy temple and
pray for my dad?
Why, what’s special about your
dad – is he still classed as mad?
He used to be a terrorist – oh 
he was very bad!

Okay, old chum, we pray together – 
but please sit over there,
As when you let off an horrible
fart – the stench will fill the air?!
Here’s to good times and freedom
for everyone, 
Now just don’t forget to carry – 
that thing called a ‘mobile phone’?

So, as both Good God and Allah,
both held each other’s hands –
They started to mysteriously dance – 
and also threw in handstands!
Both Allah and Good God – have
now achieved world peace, 
And everyone lives in harmony – 
in the glorious human race!


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To my Sister: An Ode

Today is ur day
Sister, be glad and 
For Allah has brought
To you all you 

Forget not to be full
Of thanks and not 
party like the fool
Who tanx Him not 
But complains a lot!

May u see more 
And years with 
courage and not 
In this deen
Islam that fits u as a 

Happy Birthday 
sister me!