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These Nature Moon poems are examples of Nature poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Nature Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Creature In The Night

Where cold stars exist in the dark,
serene winds whisper to trees
and scarce human ears can listen,
lone songs wail in the distance
in frozen moon's silver spotlight,
a mark left where paws had paused.

Written by: Kelly Deschler. January 16th, 2015

Inspired by creature #3 Coyote

nette onclaud's contest - NIGHT CREATURES

This poem was also inspired by actual events. A few weeks ago, I discovered 
some large animal paw prints that were left in the snow, near my home. I later
found out that the tracks were made by a wolf.

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Night-Blooming Jasmine

Night-Blooming Jasmine
expert seducer with soft silky lips, silver blue moon sweetly kisses a slumbering beauty awakening desire; greeting her lover, Night-Blooming Jasmine unfolds perfumed petals

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My Dance Partners - Visual 2

A gallant moon extends gold fingers to me on the dance floor
as I slip my legs into the chorus line of tall, green grass with ease.
Like a spiraling leaf, I’m free until eyes freeze upon his tracks.  

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- Moonlight Dream -

    Open the gate and step into the night's adventure
    A golden full moon hovering in world of his own
    The moonlight is magical
    Night darkness under the moon dew glistens
    Where the diamonds - the emeralds and
    the jewels shine among all the golden
    Golden light envelops water pearl luster
    in a bed of cotton
    As the waves swell
    in the ocean
    Carefully the wind plays
    over the harp
    Interaction with the moonlight
    and the dream that is my own

  A-L Andresen :)

 Contest Name	Poems about the moonlight 
 Sponsor	SKAT A
 Deadline	4/25/2014

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Ode to Autumn

Earth’s sphere of fire bids adieu to me

As dying embers gleam across the sea

In rare hues reflected by autumn trees,

Swirling in motion with October’s breeze.

I feel the joy this season has to share

In golden harvest that the branches bear,

And I am thankful for this blessed year,

For divine abundance I share so dear.

The sun and moon take on a special glow

As thunder clouds move swiftly with the flow.

Yes, autumn coaxes feelings to revive,

Those mem’ries of past seasons still alive.

When autumn spreads her dress of lacey frost

I know, in breathless beauty, I’ll be lost.

© 2013 Connie Marcum Wong

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Blame It On the Moon

I dare you to say,
"It's because of the full moon."
My heart is not made of iron.
No magnetism 
Pulls me like the ocean's tide,
Holding me here by your side.

Instead, please tell me
That our hearts will beat as one
Regardless of the moon or sun.
Say that you'll be here
When we become old and gray...
Then, say the moon made us that way.

Ray Dillard   10-13-11

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Melting tears of the moon is snow dust, frozen droplets
Turning into flakes of white icy lace, that cling to the baron
Limbs of the tree tops, for it is winters grace, a frozen
Kiss given unto autumns last sighs of farewell, until
The next seasons change takes place.
Softly floating wisps of thin frozen mists, shifting
Ever lightly, gracefully unto the winds, tenderly
Aloft, free falling paper thin crystals of ice,
Cascading downwards unto the frozen earth below.
Layers of delicate texturing of refineries elegance,
Transforms this landscape of falls color burst, into
A winter wonderland of frost and white icings
Gleaming brilliance.
A kingdom of flickering diamonds is show cased
Beneath the lunar shine, of the light hanging within
The heavens above, a glittering field of gems
Illuminated by the elliptical sphere, Called the moon.
In this picturesque display, the writer ponders
Humbly, to the wonders of nature’s masterful
Hands of creation, to be able to create such 
Beauty on
 this frozen canvas, and the poet
Is left in awes wake of hushed expression.


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When The Sun Sets

When the sun sets, The stars shine with no regrets. Darkness fills the air, The moon gives light with every care. The darkness is easier to walk through, Every light shining is so pure and true. Guidence forever are the stars in the sky, With them we find our places lifted so high. Forever is the moon to cast light upon us all, We become encouraged to stand firm and tall. The stars shine with no regrets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, Shining its powerful light it never forgets. Though light fades to darkness, It comes about with alertness. Shadows before the eye can see, The little shining light is enough to set us free. Sometimes we are afraid to walk alone in the dark, From which we were given a caustic remark. Guidance Forever is the changing of dark and light, It helps us to be strong and make one last fight. Forever are the shadows lurking at every turning point, If we give in it is ourselves we disappoint. Shining its powerful light it never forgets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects. All the animals of the sea, Come forth creating a musical harmony. The waves crash upon the shore, Washing up new sand to the ocean floor. Its a beautiful site to see, The ocean sounds are calmingly free. Who's to say the ocean isn't peaceful get away, Its a calming place to relax and stay. The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects, When the sun sets.

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Sitting with the Moon

I will sit on the porch, with the August moon
      The old swing sways, with a sleepy croon
         ... softly humming to make me smile                                *
                        In soothing rhythm, all the while
                            while shadowed moonlight knows our tune

A lonely owl, and then a lark,
    calls out to me, within the dark
          Starlight glistens, this peaceful night,
                      while the moon and I,  together, listen                                   *

How softly evening whispers twirl, and stir the branches in the breeze
   The falling leaves around me curl,
                            to fall asleep beneath the trees

I'll make a wish, and close my eyes
          and drink the splendid moonlit night

            I will sit with the moon for awhile....
                 while keeping me company, with its gentle light....

      *                              *          

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Nature's Dance

Through a rose petal forest,
The Spring wind sings
A luscious symphony
Of sighs and whispers.
Light and shadow dance 
Cheek to cheek
To the music of the boughs
Beneath a prismatic honey moon.
Nature's kaleidoscopic dress
Flows and swirls in chittering delight.
Leaves rustling, branches tussling,
In an ancient dance of mirth.

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Sassy Sprite

Shielded by clouds of crimson,
the sun's last flames are fanned.
And as the Lady ascends,
ebony shadows disband.

The Moon’s magical rise can
induce a hypnotic trance.
For She is a sassy sprite,
and muse to both song and dance.

She adorns the black of space,
like an orchid of the sky.
And when observed in full bloom,
Her beauty warrants a sigh.

Baying wolves pay Her homage,
howling their melodic tune.
And regale the Queen of night,
celebrating each full moon.

Despite pitted skin and scars,
She imbues hope to lost dreams.
And on enchanted evenings,
dances upon sparkling streams.

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Moon and Sun

Although we meet the dying day Our sun ensconced in melting blue The moon’s held high to swing and sway Her light may sprinkle, softest hue No other reason but for you There’s a time when all stars must go When the sky can hold only two And that is when my love will grow. One night, the whitest white will stray Snowflakes sticking to dying rue The sun may flash its final ray But after that, the golden’s through And once again the night is new We’ll let the winters beauty show The fireplace our burning cue And that is when my love will grow. There is a time in early May When flowers bloom and spring is new Then laughter shakes as children play Shrieking with fun that’s over-due Who could cry today, guess a few. . . I’ve felt the sunshine’s warmest glow One day I’ll feel your warmest, too And that is when my love will grow. When sunshine fades, moon glows anew; And when she dips once more, he’ll go And when they’re in the sky, just two- And that is when my love will grow.

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- Magical Mood -

    Moonlight .... watching over the dark
    Let your thoughts wander in silence murmur
    Capture in your hands a little moonlight veil

    Quiet moments that break down
    Raspy cry of a swan couple
    Ears and eyes watching in the night magical mood

    The sparkling silence is gone - eternal contrasts
    Background sound from the stream that roars
    The air is filled with pure truth - the night turns into a new day

    A-L Andresen :)
    Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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Walking by the ocean

The ocean

I used to live beside the sea
It was not long ago
A footpath went along the beach
One could walk, and watch the show
As the ocean played its song of love
And the seagulls made much din
It was a lovely place to go
As each day, it did begin.

I loved it in the morning times
When the moon was big and round
It seemed to rest upon horizon
Such joy I often found
Admiring me, this yellow orb
That seemed so very huge
And as I’d walk, within my dreams
I’d often take refuge.

Sometimes I'd walk there, evenings too
And watch the sun go down
As the sky would turn to marmalade
And it seemed this Sphere would drown
As the ocean swallowed it all up
And the night came creeping in
And seagulls sang there evening songs
How I loved their noisy din.

There’s something about the mighty ocean
That makes me want to write
The seaweed and the salty breeze
Give me such sweet delight
I love the rivers, love the lakes
And yet the wild, wild sea
It has a treasure of it’s own
That just calls out to me.

5 November 2013 @ 0950hrs.

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Oceanic wisdom

16th & 28th may 2012.

A fortnight back, an evening drove me to Sernabatim shores,
To calm my mind’s fury that was churning galore.
There, I listened silently to what the ocean waters were seeking to tell me,
Opened myself to the wisdom, which unfolds with each wave that melts, frothy but free.

Far away on the shores stood alone in soothing waters, I me and myself, alone,
Gawking and listening to the tepid simmering waters, melancholy strains unknown.
And then the churns in my mind began to gasp and soothingly ebb down,
Festooned happiness and joys began to ooze and erupt all around.

Ears now filled with sweet melodies of spent waves tirelessly repeat,
Each note calmed my mind and subtle positives vibes making my mood upbeat.
The warm saline breeze whispered as she blew around me,
A queer descant engulfed my bare body amidst mists of water sprays.

On the supple and soft shores made myself a pillow of wet sand,
And spread myself facing the black velvet sky that to me seems so grand.
The stars, planets and the moon up above,
Stood witness to my body and mind, of earthly pain freed now……

The sand was my warm bed at night,
The frothy spent wave came on to me like blankets of never ending delight.
Spirits look down on me from all round and up above,
Now, disappeared the abyss of remorse, as were abound the cataclysmic effects of joy and love.

I felt I was in paradise that night,
Under the moon shining bright,
And then opened, the flood gates of my mind,
Like magic, the sublime wisdom into me seeped in to be confined.

And then my mind’s canvas filled with tone tint and hues
With the wisdom that the waters to me impart without bemuse.

Stop leaving and you will arrive,
Or else joys of innocence you will deprive….

Stop searching and you will see,
Don’t hold on or withhold..let go and it will come back of its own will …free…

Stop running away and you will be found,
What goes around comes around..

I struggle no more,
I live my moments without hate and abhor.
I walk freely and can now attract,
That to me which was absolutely abstract.
For in me has now absolutely dissolved,
The fear of separation, failure and anxiety... To the next level evolved.

To the next level evolved

i wrote this one one a shack at sernabatim beach at south goa ,India... and left it in the menu card......4 days later i got it published in the newspaper using my pen name....the next week end i went to the shack and the owner had put it up for all to read

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Moon Is My Muse

The chill of night holds old remorse Like some old song I've heard before And though a half moon knows the chords Such crescent music strays off course Through dark of night all eyes are blinded Such slender light, so small upturned With strains of sadness so aligned Where even stars weep sad nocturnes Please moon, become the whole you are I need your lamp to see me through Although there are one million stars This night is lonely without you So slight your smile that fills the eye Each falling star will search the sky
___________________________________ For Russell's Contest: Moon Is My Muse 3/3/13

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Harvest Moon Looming

Harvest Moon you seem to loom And peer at will into my room Like a magnet you pull me in Hypnotized, I’m lost within Shimmering stardust... raining Burst of golden flecks, sailing Harvest Moon you seem to loom And peer at will into my room ~*~

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ben reine ny hoie

Supermoon picture: Manila, Philippines, on March 19, 2011 (biggest full moon of the year) The wind laughs softly The full moon with the stars In the sky, As I lie near the fountain Gazing at the Exquisite beauty Of the nature. It's the charm of the moon Opens so many thoughts And dreams. The moon Looks like a beautiful Ballerina Dancing with the troop of The professional stars. Twisting carelessly with the Elegance of a swan Through the lilac beauty Of the spring time. The sky seems a bandanna. A dewy freshness Fills my heart and soul. How beautiful is the night, I captivated, enchanted. Oh! Gealach, ben reine ny hoie. _________________________ "Gealach" means......Brightness, "ben reine ny hoie" means.....Queen of the night. The language of the Isle of Man. _________________________ The moon and the moon poetry in general seems to dispel the human centredness that we all suffer from. Thank you for reading. Chitta.

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' The Moon's Pilgrimage ... '

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Across The Sky To Praise
The Maker and All His Wondrous Ways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Rises High, In Grace
Yet, Still In A Humble – Pilgrim’s Place

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Will Not Betray
All The Moonlight, GOD Lets Display
Tho’ She Moves In His Cosmic-Stage-Play
From His Theme-Theatre, She Will Not Stray

My Pilgrimage … Thru Deep, Dark Space
With Silver-Wings and Beams, I Chase
The Unknown and Known Questions Raised
Will Be Answered, When The Maker Says …

My Pilgrimage … To Touch Heaven’s Face
That Beauteous, Elusive, Mysterious Trace
Borne At The Blessed-Beginning’s Base
My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pray …

My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pay –
My Vows, My Voice, In Vesper-Vase
As This Moon, Is In Harvest – Phase
And Beams Brighter Now … Tho’ Slanted-Gaze

… The Moon … Glowing Ochre-Gold Or Silver
The Moon … Is Making Pilgrimage, Remember
The Moon … Is Trying To Help Deliver
Lost-Souls, Who Can Not Find … Moon River …

… Moon’s Pilgrimage … Keeps Steady Pace
Even Climbing Thru Dense, Cloudy-Lace
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Is Like A Dance, That Sways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Into The Night’s Embrace … …

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Suzie Haus

I had a horse named Suzie Haus when I was twenty-one.
I had wanted her since I was seven, the waiting was finally done.
She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, in the World up to that day.
And forever in my memory her beauty will continue to stay.
A painted mare with a black mane and tail, then brown over white.
She became the best friend I’d ever have, you might say we were tight.
I fed her every morning, as I talked to her as I cleaned out her stall.
Then every night I did the same, plus cleaned four hooves all.
I brushed her to a shine, I was so proud of her each day.
Then with a saddle, reins, and me…we were on our way.
The stable was near a river, on top a great big bluff.
A dirt road shadowed with trees allowed us to strut our stuff.
As we danced down the road, the lightening bugs rejoiced.
And gentle breezes touched us, giving the leaves their voice.
Then peace would settle round us, as off to trails we would sashay.
This was the stuff that dreams were made of, and I had it every day.
Birds could be heard throughout the woods, the serenade complete.
I saw the river far below, and the sky with clouds of fluff so sweet.
Sometimes we were with others, but most often we were alone.
But it didn’t really matter, for we always knew the way home.
As we turned to go down the bluff, the river urged us to come below.
Deer danced on the land beneath, in the fields a buck and does.
The gentle angle to the floor below, allowed us to mingle in.
They let us close within a few feet, they thought Suzie was a friend.
At the river the blue sky with a reddish sunset had lite everything aglow.
Soon river barges came floating by, and it was quite a show.
Fishermen sat there minding their peace, until the moon began to glow.
The moon twinkling on the river below, was always beautiful and clear.
We’d talk a while, and breathe so deep, the air had a different flavor here.
Once I met a young man looking for inspiration to write a song.
At that time it began to rain so I helped him quickly get where he belonged.
He thanked me profusely, as he made it to his car.
I had helped him save his love, a very beloved old guitar.
From inside his car he played a song he’d written, while he had been there.
I sat upon Suzie beneath a canopy of trees, that sheltered me, I swear. 
Finally the rain and song were done, my serenade complete.
Then I rode off back to home, later achieving more memories and gentle treats.

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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My Unique Line - C R

standing the center of our own universe

          while over us, an early autumn sky, newly washed by rain

               holds a circle of the harvest moon dripping flawlessly, with amber tears....

The romantic side of me, wants the moon to be an emotional witness to such love....ahhhh!

(For P.D's contest)

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Ivory Moon

Ivory moon
how you make me swoon,
as you cast your ivory rays.

Uncertain thoughts
of costly talks
surrounded by a thunderess gaze.

Eye's of forgotten beauty
look upon,
as the ivory moon hum's a song.

Never the less
I must confess,
The song that moon did sing;

Made me feel a beautiful passion
As that ivory moon
comforted me.

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The Day our Moon Died

I awoke one morning
It was incredibly bright
I drew back the curtains
To a most amazing sight

It was like we had two suns
Orange orbs, floating in the sky
The heat that was being emitted
I felt the atmosphere dry

I turned on the TV
It must be on the news
From where i stand
Surely I'm not the only view

Is it a phenomenon
Or nature playing her tricks
The camera crews are at NASA
Lets see what they make of it

Deep in outer space
An explosion we can't comprehend
Has sent a massive meteor
To our moon it's journey ends

Our world is now in peril
The Moon held us stable
Can us scientists do something
I'm not sure we are able

There will never be many times
When the whole world stopped and stared
But this is one of those times
We have every right to be scared

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Silently the moon rose 
from, it seemed 
The Whispering Trees 
This, I dreamed 

When all is dark and silent 
A Heartstone Moon shall rise 
It's soft light illuminating 
All you meant 

So many things change 
Never a Heartstone Moon 
New seasons to arrange 
Queens, coming soon 

Such mysterious light 
Filled a castle with wonder and delight 
So close, it seemed 
Such a beautiful thing 
Can only be a dream 

Only an Eastern pink sky, 
can fade a moon 
So perfect 
Long, will it lie 
In your heart 

A Heartstone Moon 
Gathered her stars 
Let them play 
Above, a castle 
That will see the dawn soon 

A moon is for dreams 
Stars for love 
This is why... 
Or so it seems 
A starlit sky 
Castle below 
A Heartstone Moon, 

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A Complete Day

When night is done and dawn is here
the moon replaced with a golden sphere,
when all the song birds sing as one
that's when a new day has begun.

The sun that shines through morning haze
will soon become a midday blaze,
this ball of orange light will soon
spread out to meet the afternoon.

The golden sphere now spreads it's web
as day is coming to it's ebb,
the sun will set, and very soon
will be replaced with a silver moon.

The moon casts shadows through the trees
and shines it's light on darkened seas,
a silky sheet of heavenly light
heralding the coming night.

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Moon and Night

There was a battle 
Between darkness and light
The moon and the night
As hard as it fought
Night was no match
The stars glowered in envy
Eclipsed by her outreaching glow
For the moon reigned over all
As if a lighthouse 
Hung in the heavens
Shedding her light 
To guide lost souls

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I Am Moon

I am Moon Shining in the Night Softening the Earth's Darkness With my Subdued Light

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Ode To Nature

Oh giver of life, you glorious Sun, 
You instinctively know what must be done.
I bask in your warmth to gain energy; 
Marvel how you raise up each plant and tree.

You, gracious Moon ever watchful at night
Even aware when your eye is closed tight.
You sway our emotions, also the sea; 
Cause turmoil at times or tranquility.

I love you Earth and all of your creatures.
There's joy in knowing you are our teachers.
I will, to treat you with respect and care
And pray that the world will become aware

When we poison you, we poison us too. 
Keeping you balanced will grow life anew.
We are blessed with Earth, sea, wind and fire; 
Ether, divine, our longing desire

Helps us to treasure our blessings on Earth
And love that's bestowed when given our birth.
So embrace loyal Sun and moody Moon
As sweet Nature sings her loveliest tune. 

© Connie Marcum Wong

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The Old Tree

It is strange
how things that we see
and take for granted
in everyday life
should suddenly instil
in our minds
a new awareness
of their presence

A silent moment
a brief pause
from life's ever quickening pace
a moment of peace -
in times like these
a common thing
like a dried old tree
becomes alive with beauty

It stands like a quiet sentinel
who has witnessed 
many an event 
through time
Time has passed by 
but it remains 
silently standing there
O Tree!
What secrets do you store
in your noble branches?
How many events have you recorded
that man knows nothing of?

In your younger days
when you wore your mantle of green
you nested the carefree birds
to their offspring
you gave protection
When the sun scorched the earth
you gave them cool shade
On a cool windy night
you gave them warmth
How pleasant was their song 
to your ear 
as they sang a song of thanks
to you

You were a playmate to the children
When they romped at your feet
or climbed on your branches
you smiled
Time grew older
and the children became lovers
You saw them kiss in your shade
soft with the light of the moon
The aura of their love
touched your leaves
and you blushed

they have all gone away
but you still remain 
silent sentinel
still waiting and watching
How many untold events 
have you witnessed
faithful keeper of secrets?

O that my soul could commune with you
and share of your rugged beauty!
Most Noble Tree!
forgive me for my
once-waxen eyes

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- Romance In The Moonlight -

                                  Quiet slide a small boat with two
                                    One beautiful summer night
                                              in a small pond
                                            The water is filled
                                    with the silver from the moon
                                 Flashing silver pearls on the water
                                           Perfect for romance
                                         Their hearts are on fire
                              They are only concerned about each other
                                Shrouded into the moonlight and love
                                   Hot kisses ... whatever it leads to
                                 Romantic tender words to each other
                                 The night is colored in shades of blue
                                    The man in the moon is witness
                                    and whispers ... 
                                                           hush ... let them be
                                                                       .... let them be

A-L  Andresen :)

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The witches winds are blowing

 The Santa Ana's are here, and the moon is clear. 
There is a mystic in the air that whispers in my ear.
  Is this a peaceful feeling or does it carry fear ? 

What is the passion and hot fragrence of orange blossom that is pulling me a different way , as if this power has been sent only by a Witch of the finest of White Magic, only to calm the Blue Soul I have known my whole life.

 I feel a passion that is running through my Veins like the  power of water itself .
As if the Moon itself were instructed to warm the air that is blowing . It is not a new moon , it is not a old moon , it is a moon that appears only in ones lifetime to gaze at .

 By seeing and feeling the very power of this Moon you will dance your way to Heaven with happiness of what is yet to come.
The Stars around this Moon are unique as if they take the presence of every loved one you and I have lost . 

The Witches winds with the warm glowing of the moon, as if I had never met you before , are blowing with the frangerence of Orange Blossom or Magnolia , from a distant past of The South.
As if I know we have been together once before , a Moon such as this . In a peaceful , lustful state of Bliss.

 There is something coming .. is it something I have always known or wanted ?

 What is yet to be known is as intoxicating as the Santa anas that are running through my body.
 As if i have been struck by the power of light , as the powerful moon I gaze at in the Night.
It is piercing my soul with it's only Truth, 
                                            Shanity Rain 

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Season's Round

Summer sunshine in her hair
The Autumn moon in her eyes
Winter’s promise buried there
Hints of Spring therein lies

The Autumn moon in her eyes
Winter’s snow upon her skin
The seeds of Spring wait to rise
To field the Summer once again

Winter’s snow upon her skin
Spring flowers to grace her face
Summer’s vow to come again
Until Autumn takes its place

Spring flowers to grace her face
Summer’s sunshine in her hair
Autumn hints leave bare a trace
That Winter’s cold will follow there

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A Ripple in Time

A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine God. Into the night sky I gaze, awed by space and time and the wide expanse of the Milky Way, a dot among endless galaxies. They spin and swirl in a dance in the gaping voids of space and blackness, their light coming to us from a time before our Earth formed. A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine Whole.
--for 'A Ripple In Time' Contest --written 05/05/2013

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The moon

The summer passed so fast
I thought you and I would never last
You told me our memories won’t be just a blast
Ever was I the one to doubt our past.

Clouds were soon hiding the sun
The difficult hadn’t even yet begun
I saw your shadow everywhere I went
I guess that’s just how much you meant.

But even in the darkest hour
The moon was there-a source of power
And each look made you feel so near
A dream to chase the presence of my fear…

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Feeling happy

Feeling happy.

Lord, I feel so very happy
I want to dance, I want to sing
I want to glance up to the Heavens
And let the starlight, to me bring
The sound of angels laughing with me
Because this world is oh, so sweet
Sometimes I’m just filled with laughter
And every day I feel complete.

Whether sun is shining softly
Or the rain is pouring down
If the wind is howling at me
I’ll never, ever wear a frown
For I am living in a haven
It be this world so wonderful 
All the birds are singing sweetly
Seems this world has got it all.

I see the moon up in the Heavens
And the stars so beautiful
As I walk on each new morning
Oh, yes indeed, I love it all
Here in in my world, I have no troubles
I am a king, a beggar too
I have everything, and nothing
I guess I’m of the chosen few.

12 February 2014 @ 1410hrs.

Details | Heroic Couplets | |

Twice Born

A gentile man of vivid dreams oft apt to walk at night
Followed where his feet would lead under the pale moon light
When chance he did into a grove of oak and alder trees
He spied a pool of nature's own fed by an ancient spring
There upon he cast his gaze beneath the moon so bright
And saw him something oddly fey revealed with second sight

At once belief that made him he who walked where others went
Faded in the mist of myth and planted there instead
A vision of a greater truth not seen, and yet perceived
From deep within the pool of being, liberation to receive
Reflections at the water's edge revealed his truest form
A life he's yet to realize, or a life he's lived before

For there upon this moon lit night, deep in that ancient wood
Where once there was an aging man an ageless raven stood
Twice born of myst, beneath the sky no longer bound by fear
He saw him casting off his flesh then soared into the air
He set his course by moon lit ways, a shadow taking flight
Till found he day light's brilliant rays that freed him from the night." 

                                                                   ~Christopher Thor Britt

The Everything Halloween Poetry Contest

Details | Sapphic stanza | |

in praise of autumn

dancing icy underfoot crackle pathways
moonlight loves the feminine presence prescience
laughter singing prayerful chants of thank you
ritual nurture

Details | Verse | |

Rites Of Passage Blood Moon

lllllllllllllllllllll I haste not I fear not in harmonious cries, I plead where flight has called this mighty warrior red paint upon my cheek O cleansing smoke of wild grass high of resin and sacred bead a vision has taken this warrior's cry anon, to capture a dream As sunlight falls great shadows dance through fire and breath redeemed in pulsing rhythm a trek set forth to fulfill a tribal need I crawl through gates to reach the ledge where spirit and smoke arise and leap from the edge of nature's bounty and gaze through Savanna's eyes ^^^^^^^

Details | Diamante | |

Diamante I

                                                goes the
                                            curtain on this
                                     moonless night of stars
                                             I spread out
                                                and look

Details | Free verse | |


Liberating Luna

Luna is making her rounds again
Arrayed in her full circle of bright light. . .
Casting her luminous rays on bare emotions
She barges into the private sanctuary
Of the psyche with the powerful thrust
Of her surreal self and her imaginings.
She offers the promise of lunacy to lean on
While shifting the seas to her command.
Luna moves through the nuance of night quietly,
Often veiled by the shadows of passing clouds,
But her radiant silver sheen may still be seen
Through glowing mist as she enchants the sky.
If you want to feel the full ecstasy of her might
Swim or bathe naked in her light!

© 2013 April 

For Lisa Cooper Poetessdarkly's "From here to the moon and back Contest"

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Celestial Shades - Itty Bitty





Details | Pastoral | |

Moonlight on the Countryside

From deep beyond the canyon rim,
Appearing at first night;
The moon appears upon a whim
And relays its borrowed light.

Then rising there above the knoll,
Through wisps of misty white;
The moonlight falls as flakes of snow
Upon the countryside.


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Sea Idyll

In a world of conflict and scheming,
may I never awaken from dreaming
of someday being able to float
out -- out in my own little boat --
out on a moon-lit bay
where tropical waters play
and a cooling breeze drifts by.
The salt sea air would be bracing --
would set my weary heart racing --
there on that moon-bright bay.
Only gulls overhead, as they fly, and I,
would hear, from the sandy shore,
the palms as they rustle.  I sigh --
oh -- I never would ask for more
than to float on the nurturing sea --
only you and the moon there with me.

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New Moon

            New Moon

Ships once moved on calm blue rolling oceans
Carried by tidal forces and winds in gentle motions

Lands and seas bordered one another peacefully
Once the orbits of the worlds turned in tranquility

Now the seas scramble in strange angles to the sky
Fight like warriors on the horizon as they rise

Waters reach thousands of feet high to cover continents 
At first we thought conspiracy, a plot by Communists

Ever since the new moon arrived from outer space
To join our other one rotating in its place

Earth just isn't the same old place of peace and order
Doomsday is right around the corner 

That giant wall of water heading toward you is a tsunami
You had better say your prayers and call your mommy 
(I still think this is the consequence of Putin and the commies.) 

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How The Sun Was Made

Before man, there was only twilight upon the earth. The earth was divided by two realms, realms, not kingdoms; one above the earth, the Sky, ruled by the birds. The other, the Land, upon the earth, ruled by the beasts.

In the sky, among the clouds, was a large pile of firewood. How it got there is unknown.
It is believed to be there as a resting place for birds not wanting to rest on land.

One twilight, an enormous eagle dove toward the land. His dive caused an emu on the land to panic, thinking it was being attacked, the emu jumped up and struck the eagle. 

The eagle and the emu began a heated argument, then began to fight. The emu, in anger, plucked an eagle feather. The eagle, in its rage, swooped over to the emu nest, grabbing one of her huge eggs in its beak, soared skyward.

As the eagle climbed, he swung his head throwing the egg higher into the sky. The emu
screeched in horror as the egg smashed against the firewood. The yoke breaking, sparked, igniting the firewood, lighting up both realms of the earth.

Suddenly, the earth was bright and beautiful. All were dazzled, but soon relaxed, as the
fire begin to warm. The leader of the Sky saw the light and the warmth it produced as good.

He saw as the fire burned, it produced more heat and comforted all. It also began to
decrease the light and got cooler as the firewood went out. This was a bad thing, he
called all the birds together to gather firewood to keep the fire burning.

As the fire became coals, the light again returned to twilight and darkness.
The birds worked for hours to replenish the firewood.

As they began to pile wood upon the coals, the fire reignited. As the fire got bigger,
there was more light, and warmth. 

When the birds had piled on all the wood gathered, the fire again began to decrease in
light and warmth.

Again each twilight, the birds would gather firewood for hours.

After an undetermined time, light and the darkness defined. As the earth warmed and became more beautiful, the realms became one.

The Spirit of the earth saw what the birds had done and what had become of the earth was good. He moved the fire outward from the earth and made it burn all the time.

He made the earth turn. Day and night were created. The birds and the beasts were one with the earth.

The spirit of the earth was pleased. He had created the heavens and the earth, reaching into the earth, he grabbed a handful of dirt in his hands, Smiling, saying all is good, He created Man.

Details | Haiku | |

Endless Admiration

kissing golden sands         
in endless admiration
accursed by the moon

a sweet surrender
caught in stoic web of time
joy reigns eternal

waves hug sand
sweetly serenades 
‘Would you be my valentine?’
For PD's sponsored contest: "(Double) Haiku and  One Questionku"

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Gifts of the Night

Faint stillness of the night falls swiftly down 
and masked raccoons now pillage darkest night. 
Fluffed owls with sparkling eyes are flying free 
and rabbits, gently moving, sniff the air... 
The hounds - from hunter lost - do bay and whine! 
Marked deer with spots or racks go pawing trails 
and bear cubs ramble near a sparkling stream. 
Uncommon moths blink near the lights outside 
and possums scramble up the hillside earth. 
Soft light of moon obscures the beauty there 
and adds romance to this nocturnal scene. 
Amid the forest’s trees of pine and oak, 
these charms display the gift of God’s design! 

Faint STILL-ness OF the NIGHT falls SWIFT-ly DOWN
and MASKED rac-COONS now PIL-lage DARK-est NIGHT
Fluffed OWLS with SPARK-ling EYES are FLY-ing FREE
and RAB-bits, GEN-tly MOV-ing, SNIFF the AIR
The HOUNDS, from HUN-ter LOST, do BAY and WHINE
Marked DEER with SPOTS or RACKS go PAW-ing TRAILS
and BEAR cubs RAM-ble NEAR a SPARK-ling STREAM
Un-COM-mon MOTHS blink NEAR the LIGHTS out-SIDE
and POS-sums SCRAM-bles UP the HILL-side EARTH
a-MID the FOR-est’s TREES of PINE and OAK
these CHARMS dis-PLAY the GIFT of GOD’S de-SIGN

©by Regina Riddle
Written on July 29, 2014
Re-written for contest on July 30, 2014
Re-written twice for contest on July 31, 2014 – with LOTS of help from 
sponsor and much thanks to Roy Jerden
For: For Newer Poets: An Exercise in Iambic Pentameter - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Roy Jerden

I deliver newspapers at night on a rural route and see all of these nocturnal 
creatures along my journey… the origins of the poem.

Details | Crown of Sonnets | |

It's beautiful

The moon reflected off the ocean, so bright and so real
 I spun around on my toes, with my face looking at the stars,
The cool breeze lightly touching my face
Wearing just my summer dress, 
The beautiful melody of song, in the Back round touched my heart
Everything was a dream, a fairytale
I put my hand to the blue moon light ocean
and put the droplets of sea salt on my face
the smell was amazing,
everything nature had to offer,
It gave it to me, just for that one night
I looked to the sky one more time 
The moon reflected off the ocean, so bright and so real

Details | Ode | |



I wish I could float up
And kiss the moon
Such a beautiful pearl in the night sky
Is lunar on her sentry duties

She cast a warm and haunting glow
On us all below
She makes the shadows seem alive
Enchanting the woods as the mist rolls in 

Lunar my goodness of the night
Thank you 
Your presence fills me with such expectant joy
I know not what the night you herald
Will bring 

The wolves howl
The owls hoot
The frogs croak
Night time can be so noisy 
They all wish to say hello
So they sing 

Waxing or waning
As you rise to your perch
You glow most beautifully 

Luna my beacon in the far away sky
I thank you for blessing us
And keeping us safe at night

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Moon Is My Muse

pink pearl moon    rising in misty vapors    slides through the crooked elm


Contest- Moon Is My Muse


Details | Rhyme | |


One autumn night
Lying on a bed of rainbow leaves
The stars and moon glowed bright
We kissed beneath the trees
A lover's air was in the breeze
In each other's arms held tight
One autumn night

Contest: Linda's "One Autumn Night"
Date: 9-7-14
Poet: Lyric Man

Details | Sonnet | |

Moon Is My Muse

The singing moon serenades our two eyes
Come the autumnal celestial skies
The deep orange moon a beauteous glow
As the large moon starts its evening show

Low in the sky on an autumnal night
To the eye a large memorable sight
On autumn nights many hunters can see
As the large moon sheds it lovely light free

The singing moon, hunters and the harvest
These names in autumn the moon is now blessed
To lovers the moon sends out its love song
To help guide lovers to whom they belong

An orange glow our skies it adorns
Just after sunset to the new dawn

© 10/03/2013 ~GG~
It was a contest entry but it just closed 5 seconds before I could enter lol 

Details | Quatrain | |

Moonlight Madness

Sitting alone in the light of the moon
Twirling my glass of red wine
I retreated back into my cocoon
But still felt a chill up my spine

Something flew by in front of the moon
With a silhouette of a wide wing span
Its feathers flapped slow as it sang a tune
Its wings spread out in a fan

Then off he went out into the night
A raptor soaring in flight
The environment alive in the moonlight
Was an awesome yet fearful sight

The quiet stillness of the midnight air
Was a mystically charged atmosphere 
With all my senses alive and aware
I wondered what next would appear

The skeletal branches of a tree
Looked grim in the luminous glow
A leaf came loose and floated free
To the leaf carpeted lawn below

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep
And dreamed of a forest of trees
And beyond the entrance further in deep
The temperature dropped thirty degrees

I snapped awake then in a flash
With a feeling of foreboding
And didn't really want to rehash
The message too obscure for decoding

I awoke to see in front of me
The same old leaf shedding tree
I thought I heard it speak to me
But honestly, how could that be?

I noticed the tree appeared forlorn
My thoughts were definitely wild
For it was only a honey locust thorn
What some people often reviled

I turned in for the evening after that
Then heard a light tapping on the pane
I saw it wasn't my Maine Coon cat
That’s when I went totally insane

A limb of that tree pointed towards me
Like a finger of a human hand
No more wine but Sleepy time tea
For me, I'm sure you understand

September 20, 2012


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Flower Moon

dawn bright sky full flower moon of may lunar rise
One of the Native American names for the full moon in May is the the "Flower Moon". If it is clear where you live May 5 is the night of the flower moon. Enjoy her beauty if you can.

Details | Blank verse | |

First Kiss

Delicate damsels danced
While we slept,                                                                                                          scintillating white gowned ballerina's
Tumbled from the arms of the soft moon glow
Until roof and garden sommulent lay
Polar scapes' billowing clouds                                                                                     Harvesting winter's surprise                                                                                          Children's time, piled rolled white, carrot nose
Eyes black as coal, stretched, moving
Arms, legs busy windmills 
Heavenly forms mimicked,                                                                                      Transformed to soft angels
Glistening in the crystalline air
And when evening visited
Bonfires blazed bright, hard crisp ice
Suspended skaters on frozen water
She stopped, turned. Moon light flooded 
Her soft fair face, red hair matched
the fire's blaze and I was compelled
Kissing her lips, holding kissing
So many years ago, now only remembrances
Soft shapes and shadows in aurora's memory

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |


Sleeping during the day,
staying awake at night;
opposite rhythm does harm, 
I gulp down strong coffee...
my body shakes like leaves
blown by a chilly breeze.

I don't wonder where
the spotty moon went;
I ponder on words:
leaking fate to loss... 
loneliness to cost. 

Owls look too sad
without moon rays;
they have no friend...
would that be me?

They know that
rhythm does harm.

They feel
fear, then


Details | Pantoum | |

Beyond Midnight

The sky dusts with barely any mild light Bright deft starlight egressed softly throughout The cool night has progressed beyond midnight My face shines with nobody all about Bright deft starlight egressed softly throughout There’s enough light for a reflection near My face shines with nobody all about The water brings life through the sky’s premiere There’s enough light for a reflection near All the heavens where the stars start to fade The water bring life through the sky’s premiere Opens night, the stars, what the moon has made All the heavens where the stars start to fade The cool night has progressed beyond midnight Opens night, the stars, what the moon has made The sky dusts with barely any mild light
Contest: One in Three: Write Beautifully! Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Topic chosen: Beyond Midnight Form: Pantoum 7/27/2013

Details | Ballade | |

That time of silence

That time of silence

It’s coming soon, that time of silence
When the birds pay their last call
They come to feed here from the seed trays
It’s a time so beautiful.
Cause all those sounds both loud and soft
Diminish into naught.
And cause such depth to touch my heart

To cut down all the thought.
There’s something about the dusk’s silence
That mesmerizes me
The mystery and the stillness
How wonderful it be
When the sky is blotched with clouds
Then the dusk is so unreal
Red to orange, fade to darkness
So sweet it makes me feel.

So just for now I’ll sit and wait
And watch the parrots eat
It’s not too long now till it’s here
This evening show so sweet
When once again the sun will sink
Into the mystic night
To let love touch my heart again
And give me sweet delight.

Details | Quatrain | |

Outside My Bay Window

My house has a bay window, quite special It overlooks my great flower garden Beauty shines where the moon carries along No piece of the flowers is a burden Nightfall enlightens the flowers out there From the bay window I can see the light Touching the flowers calmly and with peace I sigh with contentment to view this sight I finish my drink and turn to go back When I glanced right at some fireflies around I smile at this beautiful scene with joy The whole picture is a wondrous surround Russell Sivey

Details | Haiku | |

Sexual Attraction

Wanton, seductive, and attractive, the moon calls Earth hither, like sex!

Details | Ballade | |

Questions for everyone

Questions for everyone

Has anybody ever sat? 
In a garden filled with flowers
Have you felt the magic there?
Have you felt the power?
Have you sat there with the body still?
And the mind too, just the same?
Have you ever lost yourself?
As the mind stopped playing games

Have you seen those magic colours?
And really seen them too!
Have you felt the touch of the morning breeze?
Have you seen the way she do?
Touch those branches with her glory
Make them dance in the morning sun
As the sparkles nearly blow your mind
And you’re the holy one?

Have you ever heard the dove’s warm Coo
And that deep, deep ravens croak?
Have you seen the mulberry tree?
As she dons her summers coat?
And radiance and reverence
Are all that one can know
Have you ever sat there in the garden?
And watched the morning flow.

Details | Pantoum | |


‘  ‘  ‘        ‘’’’’’’’’’’             ‘        ‘

Those tender wrinkling leaves pour dizzily down 
auburn dressed palms of shaven-  tree solemnity, 
like drowsy tunes of autumn’s harp sound,
saintly foliage fluting, swooping in withered harmony. 

Auburn dressed palms of shaven- tree solemnity
tangerine floats of stems fading by lamp light, 
saintly foliage fluting, swooping in withered harmony 
their torn skins crackle, mumble and fall from flight. 

Tangerine floats of stems fading by lamp light, 
brushing a wandering  sky soaking in rainfall’s keep
their torn skins crackle, mumble and fall from flight 
and whispers of stooped dance soothe the moon to sleep. 

Brushing a wandering sky soaking in rainfall’s keep
spreading leaves’ goodbye glory for a final  display, 
and wafts of stooped dance soothe the moon to sleep
as  full season of fall sheds life’s leaves to pray. 

Spreading leaves’ goodbye glory for a final display, 
like drowsy tunes of autumn’s harp sound, 
as  full season of fall seems to shed life’s leaves to pray 
those  tender wrinkling leaves  pour dizzily down. ~


………..     ………

Pantoum poetry
© rights reserved

By: nette onclaud

Details | Haiku | |


where in night shadows
only moon and stars are seen
blind men feel no warmth

with the light of day
when a full sun fills the sky
all men will feel warmth

blind who survive night
basking in warmth of that day
felt not moon and stars

By John Trusty © 1/20/12 for Linda-Marie’s haiku trio contest with a little sun/moon, stars/sky thrown in.

Details | Blank verse | |

Dancing In The Night Sky

Dance thru the moonlight rays with me,
Dance above the clouds round the moon.
Dance through the night’s passing hours,
Dance beneath stars cosmically singing.

Dance thru the dusk’s glow with me,
Dance above the city lights on the Earth.
Dance through this world’s passing horizon.
Dance beneath stars brightly shining.

Dance thru the moonlight beams with me,
Dance above the clouds concealing the sky.
Dance through the night’s monotone colours.
Dance beneath stars silently twinkling.

Details | Rhyme | |

Luna Glory Says Goodnight! Moon

As the warm sun begins to set
Fading on the far horizon
Ole Man Moon begins his assent
Luna Glory's beauty turns on

Greeting harvest moon with Goodnight
She shines in delight with her white
In love to glow forever bright
Their relationship great delight

Lunar are you jealous my dear
Of your cousin Morning Glory
She is colorful in blue clear
You are beauty white flowery

That relationship between you
And Mr. Moon when you greet sweet
He brings out the best that is true
At night when you soulfully meet

Snuggle down between soft starlight
That blankets the sky and the ground
Softly two kiss cheek to cheek right
The reward is seedlingly on the mound

Details | Free verse | |


Tonight, the full moon blooms
And foils the looming gloom.
The remnant doom from noon
Has lost it's bullish tune.
And embraces dusk's eerie cool.

The village square it illuminates
Arena of moonlight tales of late
The little ones gather and wait
While the elderly engage in debates
And the goats noisily ruminates

The bright night, lights sparks
Of bliss and joy in trees' barks
The tall iroko whistle in parks
Where young lovers end their tracks
And skimpy skirts lose their tacks
The son of perdition frets unsure
The thief in the night fears exposure
The pirate sailor steers from ashore
The night fisherman denied action
For the kind light bathes the ocean

Tonight, the full moon beams proud
As the town crier makes his round
Belting forth a piercing sound.
While the town's chorus echoes loud
The stage is set for the yearning crowd

Details | Acrostic | |

The Moon In Pisces

T he Moon at full has many names both fierce and comingly,
H ere now, harken to the Wolf Moon's call on land or writhing sea.
E nlightened hearts greet The Full Snow Moon of freezing February.

M arch bring on the Full Crow Moon, the thaw, the caws make us wary.
O n April's Full, The Pink Moon reigns, the blush of phlox arrives, 
O bliging us May's Full Flower Moon brings tulips to fair skies.
N uptials in June's fair Strawberry Moon, bring lovers to new highs

I n hot July's the Thunder Moon seems to nag, scold, and chastise.
N ot be outdone, August has two, Full Sturgeon Moon and Blue Moon,

P reparing us for fall's Harvest Moon, where lovers often croon.
I n woods deep the deer hide from October's Hunter moon so bright.
S oon the ground will freeze traps set in November's Beaver Moon light.
C hristmas, time for Yule brings the Full Cold Moon to the longest days
E ach Full Moon shows a special path, each Moon lights a special way,
S oulfully, we respect the pull, the true gifts and the warnings. 

*Tarot Card The Moon

Details | Free verse | |


This night fate had been decided in the moonlight
As the bread winner had answered to the doomed call-
The compulsory striker had kicked to his goal post.
This sure-bet would never miss the net.

Ere his 'lift-off', our old man had whispered
Love words, and sang spiritual songs to our souls.
Not knowing that this full moonlight night trace will gulp his gullet
And he will never babel any more on this land he keep.

Home couldn't do anything but to wonder about
And soak the floor with our tears.

What an unbelievable seizure of the soul!
Do this means our man had parted this world
And we would see him no more until the final world?

This moon mustn't go in
Before his body 's laid (down)to rest
As his faith demanded.

Should this be a bright moonlight night to spare?

***sure-bet, compulsory striker- death
***home- family
***our man, old man- Elder

Details | Blank verse | |



                a full October moon
                twinkles silver stars 
                through an old corn field 
              passing spirits unseen yet felt

               Mice scatter through the maze 
              an oak scented fire fills the breeze
               apple cider held with a lovers warmth
               the magical misty lustful night

Details | Imagism | |

Herald in the moon

What glows in beauty
Like this flawless nature
In the stunning 'super moon'
Indeed a relic of divinity
When it comes this close
Thrills us with its moonlight

From savanna resorts of Africa
The bears in snowy Antarctic
Over the sassy Hollywood parties
The spectacle of Arabian nights
To civilised homes in Europe
It puts millions in awe

In moonstruck seas and cities 
All admire this rare gesture
The tides rise in dazzle
Sailors dock ships in wait
To see pie of marvel
In this epic showcase

Details | Rispetto | |

Stormy Whether

Only the unfinished moon pierced the gray haze,
not a star shown in the mist muffled sky above.
The ashen air was thick with the portents, dismayed ...
death blanketed firmament, the diadem above.
From the south the fierce winds came, their might at bay,
from the north the cold winds came, snow fell above, 
and only the unfinished moon spoke of doom,
as the mother of all storms arose and bloomed.

Details | Haiku | |


radiant moonlight
washes away the darkness
sunglasses at night

Details | Couplet | |

Goodnight Moon

<                                              Goodnight moon
                                    Only God knows if I'll see you soon

                                    As I stand under this canopy of stars 
                                    It looks as if you're riddled with scars

                                      From your illuminating harvest glows
                                   To those frosted faces from a winters toll

                                          You even play your peek a boo
                                          With clouds that shuffle by you

                                            Don't you know I love you so
                                         So please stay and don't you let go

                                               You're my guiding light
                                       My shining armor through-out the night

                                    The crickets are even playing our love song
                                             So let's dance all night long

                                         For I know the sun will be rising soon
                              And we'll start hearing yodel calls from a loons tune

                                             Well    goodnight moon 
                                          You've slipped away all to soon

                                                    It's been fun
                                        Dam ! now here comes the sun

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's 
Harvest Moon Contest
G.L. All










Details | Free verse | |

A Hypnotizing Crystal Ball

The moon is a hypnotizing crystal ball. 
It sees your struggles and your hurt, 
and as it graces the glimmering night sky, 
it is silent as it glows.  
It shines the light on all the answers 
but only for a moment, like a dream 
forgotten in the first few moments of consciousness... 
It never rests, only guards you 
while you cry and while you wonder 
and boil and freeze
Everything is clear as crystal during the night. 
During the day, we hide. 
At night, we creep into who we are. 
We don't like to admit it. We're prideful. 
But as the moon is our guardian 
It allures us to the surface 
of our own hardmetal skin, 
and melts it into irresistable tenderness. 

At night we feel the most at peace. 
At night we feel the most beautiful. 
But at night we feel exposed and 
the most insecure.

Details | Triolet | |

Moon lit Sky of Stars

A moon lit sky of stars
Spanning far and wide
Preserved on the shelf in jars
A moon lit sky of stars
Sleeping amongst the sand bars
Listing to the rolling tide
A moon lit sky of stars
Spanning far and wide

Details | Rhyme | |

One Autumn Night

Evenings have become colder as autumn leaves change and become much bolder.
Summer songs are fainter as leaves fall and the trees are yet another year older.

Leaves carpet a moonlit path with hues of many colors as we continue our walk.
Without leaves the trees will once again become silent and won’t be able talk.

Once majestic and proud the leaves look up at where they once stood are withering below.
There's sadness that passion ran through their veins and now they wait for a winter snow.

Even so we will remember their season for the trees and each leaf in life has a reason.

Edward J Ebbs - 09/06/2014
Written for: One Autumn Night (in just 7 lines) - Poetry Contest

Details | Rhyme | |


Moonbeams shining down
dancing with the shadows 
swirling maiden  flaring gown
rabbits flee down their burrows

Trees casting shapes of mystery
whilest the beams light them up
changing again to new scenery
as the moon rides by at a gallop

World clothed in dark of night
night creatures shuffling around
will be time soon for all to unite
and fade away into the background

written 07/23/2013

contest Surprise me

Details | Blank verse | |

The New Moon is Out Tonight

how about the lightening bugs
aren't out tonight
i stare into the darkness
for just a glimpse of one

the tall shadowy trees
under starlights does twinkle a little
with sparkles of light
i imagined they are fire bugs

but, I know it's not them
just wishful thinking on my part
realizing the full moon no longer shines
so bright through my den's window

the new moon is out tonight
and the only things shining bright
is the stars i wonder about
that forms andromeda and pegasus 

Details | Haiku | |

Moon Stars Lake

Moon casting shadows
as it shines down through the trees
forming eerie shapes 

Exploding stars shoot
across the sky leaving trails
glittering behind

Still mysterious 
the lake gleaming in moonlight
silver in beauty

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This fat lady in a dinner dress
Raises its crooked fingers up high
On this moon lit night
The moon is full
It shines through the fingers
Like a scene
Out of a horror film
And if a raven came and perched
On one of this fat lady's arms
I swear my heart would start
And I'd run in terror
Away from this baobab tree.


Details | I do not know? | |

The Moon

The moon rises from her slumber 
With her she brings her children of the night
The moon awakens the wolves for their hunt
The owls screech from a distance
Bats fly high in the skies
Foxes scout the land for their latest stunt 
Mice scamper by trying to live in coexistence 
Spiders lie in wait of flies
The moon awakens a brilliant danger

Details | Quatrain | |

Where do you go

The night sky calls, invites me home.
The moon and stars shine all alone.
The moon is full and starts to glow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The stars seem like diamonds in the sky.
They have no wings yet they do fly.
Their brilliance just continues to grow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun returns and shines so bright,
Providing light to chase away the night.
The rhythms of life still persist and flow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The air gets hot as the day lingers,
I watch as life slips through my fingers.
There’s something more I wish to know,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun kisses the horizon as it sets,
What you want may not be what you get.
A cool evening breeze begins to blow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The cycle is complete as it gets dark,
I look for a place to make my mark.
The stars and moon begin to show,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

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Full Moon

    full moon and
    loch's water laps gently;
    drunk zigzags home

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A cold white blanket

             A cold white blanket
    Underneath a sparkling black sky,
              As moonlight shines.

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Nannup night

Nannup Night

The rain has fallen heavily
The night feels so serene
Insect noises in the silence
Are heard, though choir’s unseen
In the mystic, magic darkness
I see those fading trees
Drops of rain caress my skin
As they ride upon the breeze.

I sit here on this cosy porch
As the velvet night grows deeper
Though TV murmurs droningly
The peace within does stir
With city life now left behind
Here in this sweet retreat
My silent soul, it whispers to me
And life seems so complete.

No yellow moon reflects the sun
And lights up velvet sky
No shadows cast by its soft glow
The dark night passes by
It be the touch of mystery
That rules this sombre night
And lets Lord darkness strut it’s stuff
Till morning sun shines bright.


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Cherry Blossoms

The silk like blossoms

That bloom in the night time air

It captures moonlight

Details | Dodoitsu | |


The world turns and we with it, Sweeping us up in the tide. Anticipation is hell! *Long Nights Moon awaits.
Suzette Crous Sponsor Russell Sivey Contest Name Natural Dodoitsu 2012-12-20 *This is the name given by native Americans to the full moon in December.

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Sun -Moon

Journey of the sun
on a path around heaven...
gives both night and day.

Oh moon of desire
shines upon this world of love...
sinners share the light.

Clement moon rising
this conflict of interest...
sun rises again.

harry horsman for Linda-Marie's
Haiku Hodgepodge trio contest.

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The Lux Paradox

The mysterious times and seasons                                                                              The changing light is this the reason?                                                                             A harvest moon giving light for work to be done                                                        White light the usual reflection of the night sun                                                      Flowing light from orange’s to red’s                                                                                  some words disappear when moonlit read                                                           Gathering up all red’s is the harvest light                                                                   Even the rose looks grey and dead by night                                                            Stranger still is the mysterious hue                                                                         Where does it come from the Blue?                                                                     *                                                                 *     Note, Strange Moonlight- NASA science

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Beyond midnight

Beyond midnight

It’s way beyond the midnight hour
About three am in the morning
No moon, it shines there in the sky
Way before the day is dawning

A blessed feeling touches me
As I walk the morning streets
As stars they shine in the velvet sky
And the whole world feels complete

There’s no one here, but Bear and I
As we quietly walk together
As rain caresses face and hands
Oh, I love this rainy weather.

There’s nothing like these early hours
Everything seems pure and clean
As the silence seeps into my soul
And my world feels so serene.

28 July 2013 @ 1300hrs.

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The Blinds and Pane

Through the dark still summer's night,
'bove waves of sea-green foam,
speeds a beam of dim moonlight
that's left its lunar home...
Easily it makes its way,
as nature was intending,
through Heaven's gate
its path is straight,
not circular or bending.
Between the stars, and fields of grain
it sets the world a glow,
as it slips between the blinds and pane
of a single house below...
It lands upon a snuggled pair,
for its path was true (and chosen).
A kiss they share, their bodies bare
they're lovers interwoven...
Copyright © 2007

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Stars, Moonshine and sunbeams

Stars hide their faces
behind the fluffy white cloud
just an odd twinkle

Moonshine beams dancing
causing flickering shadows
that dance joyously

Sunbeams hit the water
refracting and enhancing
the crystal river

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orb of ghostly light
enchanting and entrancing
always out of reach

Details | Quatern | |


Good night full autumn moon shining so bold. Harvest is done this eve of this seasons end. I rest for this short period before the bitter cold. Playing my flute for you, my music I do send. I may be sad though my heart is gratefully filled. Good night full autumn moon shining so bold. Winters strength comes soon, elders’ bones are chilled. Weak with age though their memories brisk to be told. Stories rich with truth, understanding natures mold. Within the wilderness, my soul captured by insight, Good night full autumn moon shining so bold. I shall await the next day’s prudence, our tribes fight. As the moons shadows come out, though I never see, I play for natures delight, praising all things we never hold. My name is Len which means flute from the tribe of Hopi. Good night full autumn moon shining so bold
written by Cecil Hickman written for Sponsor ~ Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ ~ Contest Name Tell HIS Story~~

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The lakes edge 
Shone in silver light 
A moon , so bright, 
in a dark forest night 

The moon rose silently 
In a clear starlight sky 
The creatures of the night 
Came out in a dark forest, 
to play, in moonlight 

Such unnaturally tall trees, 
with no branches in sight 
No leaves 
Stood still 
In a dark forest 
Under moonlight 

As I drew closer 
The tall trees were all in a row 
No branches in sight 
I pulled away the tangled vines 
I could see... 
Masts, spars ropes and lines 

The ships! 
The wood in which a ship is made 
Returned to the dark forest 
Where the keel was shaped and laid 

The wooden ships that carried the Heartstone 
Across a sea, so blue 
Had returned to a forest 
That the timbers once knew 

When a ship comes to die 
It must return 
To where its timbers were born 
A ship to lie.... 
Amongst the trees 
The masts, swaying in a gentle breeze 

The whispering trees 
Took the ships 
Took the wood 
Made it their own 
As any magic could 

In a dark forest 
Graceful ships of wood 
No longer hear the sea roar 
instead of sails they once wore 
They hear birds singing 
Leaves rustle 
Masts creaking 

Ships, run aground 
In a dark forest 
Back to wood 
Back to trees 
Waiting to be found 
Leaves replaced sails 
Spars became branches 
Became something new 

Details | Haiku | |


                                             A white moon 
                                                 Mist dissolves 
                                                     Polar bear licks

Details | Rhyme | |

Summer's Slumber -Kissing The Moon


  The balmy summer breeze 
Gently caresses the harvest saffron moon
  While it dreams memories of autumn’s golden red kiss
Trees are shedding their emerald green summer tresses
  Kindly kissing the Earth as their garments fall gently below
And flowers have shed their vivid colorful dresses
  As crimson amber leaves gently anoint the ground for show
While Summer sheds her beautiful clothes -
  Mother Nature lovingly seduces her to dream
She's kissed the shore with her elegant colorful attire
  She has painted the world with her exquisite apparel 
So now it's time for her yearly seasonal retire
  She paraded us with her resplendent painted scenes
Blessed the birds in their angelic symphony of songs
  So now -it’s time for her to drink the dreams of slumber
Taking the cup of restful sleep - is now where she belongs
She asks the moon to wait patiently...
  For her splendid colorful return
When she'll paint the world with her radiant painted tresses
  Where once more her regal colors will burn
She'll brush the Earth in regal glorious colors 
  Dressing up again in her brilliant, picturesque dresses
As the ruby red blaze of autumn begins to kiss the Earth 
  With her dazzling hues of gold and coral valor 

But before she goes...
  She gently reaches out with her one last caress...
Softly whispering as she sweetly kisses the moon
  ”It’s time now for fall - it’s time for me to undress”
She softly breathes her dulcet ending tune...
  "Goodnight", she gently whispers ...
"I’ll see you soon Mr. Moon
   Please...will you wait for my return? 

Quietly - she drifts into her splendid, peaceful dreams…
  Slumbering peacefully - 
Safely harbored in Mother Nature’s loving arms 
  As mellow zephyrs gently caress autumn's waiting whispers
While the moon drizzles its shimmering dusty charms
  Serenading nature with his soft silvery tune 
As this luminous gleaming Luna Mister 
  Cordially opens his welcoming hands 
To September's colors of orange and golden browns
Awaiting the arrival of dancing petals
As he gently embraces autumn's leaf draped lands 

Next he’ll greet the season’s sister 
  From the pristine silverblue Northern Isles...
Awaiting dancing ivory snowflakes he'll cheerfully greet winter 
  With his warm welcoming golden smile 


Details | Sonnet | |

Sparkling Stars, Shining Sun

The sky would be dark if it weren't for stars
They sparkle in the night with their brilliance
The stars twinkle with light, they leave no scars
Overcoming clouds with resilience
With them is a dazzling, bright, glowing moon 
They beam down at a peaceful empty street
Waiting, knowing that the sun will come soon
The moon stays so she and the sun can meet
But the moon must go as the sun glows bright
The brightness reigns as the sun takes the stage
The day begins and once more rules the light
The red in the sky, the color of rage
Reflects the chaos of a new day
"We are much better," the stars always say

Details | Triolet | |

The Throwing Fog

The grey clouds streak in front of the full moon Coolness of the moon lays upon the ground Looking straight up the night drifts dark too soon The grey clouds streak in front of the full moon And beauty lends directly to my swoon There’s a fog that throws itself all around The grey clouds streak in front of the full moon Coolness of the moon lays upon the ground
Russell Sivey Contest: "Triolet" Sponsor: Giorgio Veneto 8/4/2013

Details | Free verse | |


Surely to know the ambrosial quiver
Of stiffened fruit, ripe and swollen
With stolen fragrance and lovely flush
Of seeded solvent all down a furtive face
And up the greedy pink arms of cloud-ward reaching children

Is to know also the jealous rain
Her green glances gorge on mellow delight
Indulgent and impatient with quick eyes
Snatching strokes of waxy flesh
Torrid caress under an austere guise of gray
She is a lean and idle glutton
Who lashes in strife with quickness and lusty strikes

It will be a feast of soul
If you do not slay her first

Details | Personification | |


Ask fate does the moon shift 

As the oceans drift apart 

With no moon in this sea of dark 

Visions slowly sank 

My dead eyes staring blank 

While i stay idle 

Forming an illusion of an isle 

Struggling to find consciousness growing weary 

Long thoughts in my head I hold dearly 

Chained as I am to body, soul and mind 

Barely scraching the surface with nothing to find 

There is not a line pourtraying a goal 

As I live peacefully with my soul 

My last drop of satisfied life that once ran rampant 

Drips to the sea of lost souls to be tampered  

Twisted and sore my vessel that I lore 

My soul began to soar higher then ever before

Details | Verse | |

Moon Beams a Wayra

With moon shining bright
casting long silvery shadows
that hide the lovers from sight
as they lay together
by the river in dappled shade

Details | Haiku | |

a piercing of night

a bit of the moon shines on through the deep darkness a piercing of night
Russell Sivey

Details | Free verse | |

Visions of the Night

Good dreams, sweet dreams
Visions filled with wonder—
Flowing gently,
While we deeply slumber;
They take us far away
While we take rest from the day,
So make sure you close your eyes
And close them tight;
So you can see the visions of the night.

Moonlight, soft light,
Glowing through the windows,
Shadows dancing 
Softly on their tiptoes—
They pass the night away
In a nocturnal ballet
While the stars shine in a blazing silver-white;
How beautiful, these visions of the night!

Should we long for the coming of the setting sun,
Simply because it heralds the day's end;
Is it wrong if we want the moon to rise—
Just so that, we can stop and close our eyes?

Owls hooting, counting off the minutes,
Crickets chirping, mini violinists;
They set music for the stage
As the world turns a new page
And the lonely moon observes from her great height;
She's watching all these visions of the night.

Details | Free verse | |


Might I ask about what the moon means to you?
It means the world revolves in a transcending path with a satellite.
Why does the moon shine in the midnight sky?
It shines because it is a guide between the world of the dead and the living.

So does the moon fill the air with hope?
The moon itself is hope for people.
Why does the moon pull us in with such soul searching?
It is because we feel that the moon is part of our every day life.

Children who asks these questions; I have strive to tell them some truth,
And for the adults out there I created a little Moon lite poem to sooth.

So the moon is our light in the darkest hour of the night
With romance in the air that is so bright
We all hold hands once in a moonlit walk
And with such passion we would talk
The moon gives us our pull on each others heart
With a dinner that we take part
The ritual of wooing ones heart is a great feeling of love
The moon is always there to shine right above
In time we think we are blinded by the moon 
But to tell you the truth it reflects the sun light during midnight noon
It gives out a warmth in the darkness
We probably do not think of it less
Because the moon is our memories of our past 
It shows it everyday and night and always last

April 13, 2013

Details | Monoku | |


A full moon so close to earth slowly vanishes...lunar eclipse.
Sponsor: Russell Sivey Contest: Moon is my Muse February 25, 2013 This was very inspiring to me.. The earth came between the moon and sun.. The moon's position that night gave the feeling of being able to reach up and touch it then it slowly disappeared..

Details | Rhyme | |

Moon Dance Dreams

Dance around the moon glowing from within not only once but twice Fly amongst the stars with eyes tightly shut dreaming in your bed Shout into deep moon craters the heart songs echoing in your head Happily, awaken at dawn's first light with memories to entice

Details | Narrative | |

The Old Oak Tree

The tangible sunrays cast their lights to haze,
withering the moments in a day,
but the moon foreshadows its hue of white
across the darkness of the night.
In the wooden trails under the moonlit hour,
that old oak tree stood as a tower,
bowing its head filled leaves to the ground,
as though praying or royalty to be found.
And the bark is elder, no longer a rich thick brown,
but grayness is its coat who always frowns.
The brittle roots and twigs overlap each other, 
The trunk was sturdy as a man but more care giving like mother.
And the nature breath's chills the wood,
from a solemn warmth to goosebumps who intrudes.

The old Oak tree whimpers and woos from the leaves
rustling a whisper to the boy who weaves
his arms, and swings himself amongst the highest point.
He sits to watch the beautiful join
between the passage of the moon and the sun.
The sky is stolen from the moon; the night be done.
And the Old Oak tree, once again, overviews the day
of the tangible tangerine sunrays cast their lights out of haze.
And the little boy still sits until the sprinkle of rain and drizzles roam.
He climbed down the gray old trunk and heads back home.

And the old oak tree smiles, never so gleefully before.
And wishes for the little boy to appreciate him once more.


Details | Rhyme | |


The sun rise's every day
Displaying wonders in a captivating way
And the sun, it sets, every night
With Gods paint brush,
The sky polishes colors to say its goodnight
And the stars, shimmer where ever you are
If you’re lucky, you’ll even see a shooting star
And the moon chooses to smile, grin, or frown
Once a month it decides to solely be round
And the seasons, they change, four times a year
Exposing the circle of life, with its turns, tugs and tears
A simple seed 
Awakens into a marvelous flower
While a tornado can destroy a town in less than an hour
And the snow, porcelain snow, can cover a whole city or state
While penguins spend their life with only one mate
There are animals in the sea, humans have yet to find
Nature,in every way, is exceptionally divine
A performance can be found at any part of the day
I am in AWE of all of creation, a gift to the potter’s clay.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: 2/15/13

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sun bath . . .
an eagle circles
the day moon

Details | Free verse | |

A Prayer for Spiders

God have mercy on spiders
hanging in their webs,
waiting for the moon

They seem condemned to loneliness 
to a long sleeping in between
How they sweeten our gardens
with their dew encrusted 
weavings, touching branches,
 framing spaces

And, when the orbed ones
have departed in the daylight
they are not dead, 
merely sleeping 
beneath the nearest leaf,
waiting for the moon

Suzanne Delaney

Details | Lyric | |

Moon Light Bright

                                                     Moon Light Bright.

                                                Oooh you shine so bright 

                                in every full autumn night without your friend in cite, 

                                       that helps you dominate the night sky 

                                                with your dens chilling light 

                    which helps me seek my ways throw the hunting mystery of the night,
                                                  without a single flashlight.

                                        Theo I wish on every day and every night 
                            nature can deliver such a beautiful cite... Moon Light Bright.

Poetry 2/23/11 by Keith Kadell

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Beauty in the Night

It shone its rays on the lake,
making its reflection visible, together with the stars.

The lake's skin looked like a divine gate
to the heavens; where gods glow radiantly.

I was so lost in the wonder that I almost drowned myself
in the moonlight, with the illusion that the deep lake 
had become a clear, night sky.

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The Heavens Above - Revised 10813

Falling Star
Your time in the heavens,
Has come to an end,
Slowly plummeting earthward,
You bid a fiery goodbye,
To all your friends.

There is a hunter,
Orion is his name,
He circles the Earth,
In relentless pursuit,
Of some unseen game.

The Moon
The man in the moon,
Catches me in his gaze,
He throws down some light,
And encourages my shadow,
To come out and play.

The Stars
The stars above,
Pierce the blackness of night,
Visually stunning,
Like hundreds of diamonds,
Sparkling in the light.

The Universe
As I stand here alone,
And look up at the sky,
I can’t help but wonder,
How I’m seen,
By those way up high.

Some random thoughts that came to me during my evening walks.  I love to walk in the evening so I can look up at the sky and marvel at all that is there.  Stayed tuned, there's more to come.

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Farther than the semi-dark hickory hill,
clouds gather over the picturesque valley
of this vast region engulfed by a chill...
as misty rain comes to evoke spring's beauty!

Its gently pelting raindrops slowly quench the trees' thirst,
flowers return to hasn't rained in fourteen weeks;
morning and noon with only sun and no soothing breeze...
Nature was too arid and farmers expected the worst!

Fall, warm raindrops, slowly fall until late evening
to make room for a clearer sky with an ascending moon;
will only lovers await nightfall while those crickets croon?
Rejoice gleaming roses...your petals will overjoy the living!  

Finally the whitest moon reappears into the Heavens,
it will not miss another night and lovers who'll feel dilly;
why did it wait behind clouds as misty rain came to evoke spring's beauty?
Oh, let those moon rays reach me and make this motionless body dance! 

Details | Free verse | |

Goddess of night

You lay in the arms of darkness;
a rose bleeding pedals across the sky
and your pure tears of light 
drip upon cities and seas and forests.

Why do you cry, Mirror of hearts?
Your beauty, none could surpass.
Your countenance, like that of an angel… and yet lonely.
Do you weep for your captivity to Time?
Is the sadness you permeate for humanity’s oblivion?
In the distance I hear wolves calling your name
and you smile sadly, stroking their yearning howls with mystery. 
The hallows of sound echo your soft humming throughout the past.
For a brief moment, your tenderness is tangible.
Then, ominously you shroud yourself with Heaven’s mist
like a bride to marry the sky.

Dawn will soon awake the birds in song…
Illumination will conquer the hold of darkness
and you will leave, only to return again.

I will see you once more, my beautiful
Goddess of night.

Details | Ballade | |

Universe serving

Universe serving, day and night
We are busy, in war and fight
The Sun comes early morning
Makes a day, full of charming
Shine goes everywhere for spread
Melts snow, of mountains head
Its warmth gives us fruit and bread
Reminds promise, what God said

The Flower of garden, and the tree
They give always freshness to me
The Smell of rose is smell of soul
Shadow hugs me of tree tall
The tree of garden, swing my eye
I see leaves, on branches high.

The Night comes with moon and star
they look very near but they are far
Stars look at me, with all his shine
The Moon gives smile all the time
The Moonlight falls, on bench Street
Lovers like angles when they meet.

We invent new weapon of war
Kill love every where, near and far
All men are creation of love
Try other to low, keep himself above
Do not see, what God made for us
We have not time, for all this bless
Universe God, and you and me
Leave all the work, and beauty see.   

Details | Ballade | |

Seeing by starlight

Seeing By Starlight.

I’m strolling on this clear, dark night,
All fancy free, dog by my side
I love to walk these lonely streets
My senses sharp, and open wide
The darkness even bolder now
‘Cause no moon rides the sky
And I just want to drink it in
Don’t want the scene to die.

I look up at the velvet sky
And I see a million gems.
And then I see a shooting star!
{Now and then you see them}
As I behold the mystery,
Of that milky kind of grey.
That space where lies, all mystery
They call the Milky Way.

The trees they look like coal black shadows,
And the grass trees growing there,
They look like people of the night,
All lurking everywhere.
They even spook our sherry girl,
[She’d make no killer dog]
But oh that feel there in the air!
Be this the breath of God??

About 1993.

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Moonlight Waltz

Beneath the white power
of the moon, Stones rumble.
Laughing River waters answer,
Field Daisy bows to Meadow Rose.
Leafy arms grasp throaty vines
and the moonlight waltz begins.

Mister Elm directs with head bowed
and arms raised in ardent abandon.
Miss Willow sways. Skirts swirl
seductively, brushing her ankles,
stirring the moon-kissed air,

awaking the enchanted, 
who join the dance 
to celebrate freedom of the night.

Only the nocturnal 
experience the joyful play 
and learn the secret
of Nature's night-time symphony.

At the first hint of dawn, 
music fades, movement stills, 
creatures retreat into burrows
and slip into day-mode.

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Second Sky

The setting sun passes before my eyes.

As it lays to rest it waves goodbye.

Behind the mountains it stays in bed.

To ponder lifes words that all have said.

The risen moon lights the way.

For the hidden dreams weary minds make.

The watter lies still in the lake.

For the moon to reflect its light on to heaven.

For it to have and to take.

As it lights the second sky.

                                                         Written by Author Joseph Adam Burchett 12/21/11

Details | Free verse | |

Beyond midnight

Beyond the moon

Dragon fruit has long bloomed 
Moon lit stars glow bright 
As owls glide in the atmosphere
Returning the night to the moon
And the frogs sing a melody
Before the moon leaves the stars

Contest: One in Three: Write Beautifully!
Date: 29/07/2013
Topic : Beyond Midningt

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A Moonlit Night

Dancing moonbeams shone down
cavorting with the playful shadows
the lake gleaming with silvery tones
as the beams danced on its surface

The only sound to be heard is that
of a hooting owl perched up high
keeping a close eye for its dinner
suddenly silently swooping down

In the middle of the still lake
a perfect replica of the moon
that orb of mysterious magic
captured for a brief few seconds

Then it disappears as clouds pass
blanketing out its light momentarily
the world now very dark and quiet
as if nature herself holds her breath

Sliding back out into open skies
it hangs there all silvery bright
casting its shadows once more
filling the world with its light

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Falling Shadows

In the falling shadows of autumn’s reds and yellows,
Children dance across concrete sidewalks, 
	Laughing in and out of the bright, white street lights of Eighth Street.
	Screen doors slam at nine, dogs yap, yapping in the backyard
As rustling leaves blow from manicured and watered
green lawn to green lawn
the full, white moon shines down, down across town
	dusty yard to dusty yard
The rustling leaves blow, scratch at the earth,
	Screen doors slam, sirens sound, mothers’ screaming,
Screaming in and out of the darkness of broken, yellow street lights,
Children dance across concrete sidewalks,
In the falling shadows of autumn’s reds and yellows.

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Of Rogue planets
Binary sister stars
consciousness panics
When Niuburu is really Mars.

Global anarchy
Prophecy of Amos
A 9/11 Mobocracy
Gas lighting
Distribute fear with treachery
Suppress knowledge

Heinous blight 
Manipulate under shrouds of democracy
Are the privileged 
A shadow civilization
Secret society.

Ruling class.
An anachronism
A chosen nation.
 from primitive past.
A enslaving ancient dichotomy
Our Creation
Of the last homogeneity 
Class system
Societal entropy.

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Red Moon breaking news live report from the Netherlands

on Facebook it is the talk of the town
friends living down under upside down
this unique outburst of the universe
clouds hopefully won't organize a curse
suddenly a message coming through
from a member of the huge ground crew
their red moon struggling with the clouds
but still trying to please the head-lifting crowds
the mighty clouds going their own way
unfortunately not avoiding the Gold Coast bay
out of sight for a moment her big red ball of fire
hoping for the return of that glorious squire
more clouds gathering across the big red balloon
she reports: "I've lost my bloody moon"

(c) Elly Wouterse.

Witnessing form a distance (Netherlands and Australia being positioned on the opposite 
side of the earth) but being differently yet for sure personally  connected with this eclipse.................... and sharing the moment with a dear friend down under. 

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River, Moon, Giants

     River, Moon, Giants

Old wood, river banks 
Saturated with moon, spills
Trees grow giant, shade 

    Created on 8/27/14 for One Solo Epic Haiku – River Walk contest

Details | Verse | |


I dreamt of little daisies that yestereve I’d spied,
All bathed in paling sunlight, dewy and honey-eyed.
A silken soft reflection of the dawning moon they wore
As stars their silent love into their hearts did bore.

And as I leaned towards one to breathe its beauty in,
I heard a silent whisper from somewhere deep within.
A deep enchanting treasure, a picture of seven hues,
When the withering rays formed a spectrum
With a drop of water blue.

As the last of violet vanished
And the petals bent down to sleep
As the moon took over the night sky and smiled
At the little daisies, in their slumber so deep
With such reflection of happiness,
I awoke to the orange sky
And searched for that vanished beauty that with
My vision’s passing, itself had slowly died.

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The moon is now bright
doesn't it cause such a fright?
I see glorious beauty
There is always light
In the darkest of places
When the full moon lights the way

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Full Moons

Full moon energy;
Elixir of night time light;
Induces madness!

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The moon glistens bright

Trees extend to the moon light

Darkness fades to night

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Upon the rise and fall of crescent moon
Befalls a strange and unfamiliar tune
Of ringing, singing beams of light and sound
From fragments seen and heard upon the round.
For waves and lumination grow the sight
Of nothing but fine bursts of time and light,
But time as inconsistent as the flow
Knows nothing but the quickest way to go.
So how then will this energy be spent?
Will it keep the unknown most content?
If then the wearer concentrates this fire 
Expression brings such rapture and desire.

Details | I do not know? | |

awareness first

Awareness of cold and biting pain
Ruthless purpose of wind and pouring rain
A wolf cries out to his moon again
I am outside, alone and vaguely afraid.

When thunder strikes and hael hits earth
Flashes of light do fear and moaning birth
Waters angrily crashing through hostile firth
I am outside, alone and vaguely afraid.

Pupils dilated for the dark and danger
Peace and light – which is stranger?
I am this wild place’s only ranger
I am outside, alone and vaguely afraid.

My frame I glimpse in a window’s reflection
Not feral, not savage but far from perfection
At once I observe a mental correction:
I am outside, alone and very afraid.

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The Beauty

The Beauty
Your beauty is so breathtaking that even the sun comes back day after day half-awake after a restless night using the mountains as camouflage until it wakes up completely to see your beauty with its own bright eyes. If I were the sun, I would bow before your presence and I would shower the morning with kisses which would be in the form of sunlight warming your hands, touching your eyes with my sunlight receding off your eyes for the whole world to see the glow in your eyes. Your beauty is so radiant that even the moon comes back night after night with a afternoon nap as the only rest to try and out shine you. If I was the moon I would kiss the ground you walk on with my luminous light so that you may perhaps come out at night so that I may perhaps have a moment to stare at your beauty the only problem is that I am shy and perhaps you would make me blush more some nights than other nights till eventually I have a full blush for the world to see how bright you make me feel. Copyright @ 2012 Rogelio Munoz

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A night at a countryside

As the moonlight shone over the mountains
The stars starts to flicker one by one
Humming winds eases the roughness
From the day's unforgiving sun.

Chilling wind caresses the darkness
Serenading them softly and low
Night critters goes out to mingle
Under the moon's mesmerizing glow.

The calm river chimes in its flowing
Flickering waves illumes the riverside
The chilling winds keeps on pushing
Quenching the thirst of the countryside.

As the sun lifts the shroud covering
Of mountain tops to the grass of the plains
Leaves and flowers bow to dew drops falling
As the sun kisses them once again.

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The Outdoors

In Ontario, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a tree.
Here, all is green and beautiful. I caught a fish.
Rowing against the current, the wind, and the rain.
The hills, the beauty of night stars shining bright.
The deer running frantically, before they are shot.
Not wanting summer to come to an end.
The roars of the dying bear, bleeding and waiting for death.
The night so dark I can hear howling at the moon.
Without thought I carved and starved.
With tons of fish I wish to eat.
I have no knife to cut or gut, these
tons of fish. I wish to catch some more,
what a chore. Chanting camping songs
all along awaiting wishfully for the heavenly fire.

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The moonlight fugitive

Short gasps of air whirl through a burning throat,
still her legs defy the exhaustion in desperation.
Behind her trail phantoms of memories afloat
upon a sea of desertion.

Beneath a canopy of constellation
she finds herself lost in time.
The forest unfolds before her like a revelation.
An apocalyptic bell sounds one chime.

It won’t be long before a mistake is irreversible.
Every turn is just another minute to live.
The last road taken proves an ironic circle. 
Sinking between the waves that created her, rests the moonlight fugitive.

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Winter Nights Moon Glow

Would you like to go with me my love? Perhaps better not… to go! I go into the woods at night you see Neath Winter night’s Moon glow I listen for the night bird’s cries And when I hear them I know That I’m close to where I want to go Neath Winter night’s Moon glow For March is when Winter starts to die It’s life force ebbs and slows The night birds cry, the cold winds sigh Neath Winter night’s Moon glow Would you like to take that walk with me A stroll serene and slow? Perhaps we’ll be, in luck and see Things that we shouldn’t see… or know I’ll only ask you one more time (or three) You alone must decide to stay or go Winter’s demise waits not, for you or me The night birds say it’s so You’ll not soon forget what you’re soon to see Again!…perhaps best you not go! the night bird cry, high in the skeletal tree Neath Winter night’s Moon glow When Winter dies, and Jack Frost flees And barren limbs sway to and fro It’s only fools and lovers like you and me That dare bear witness to tortured throes …Neath Winter night’s Moon glow…

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We Have Embraced Stardust

The moon inhales a bunch of cosmic dust Making it seem the craters are of rust Unknown is the start of glowing stardust Maybe he’s found his powers that adjust I love the moon and if he surely must He digs in his pocket, showers stardust Nice here on Earth with heaven sent stardust It swirls in the wind, picks up in a gust The moon delivers its pride, not a bust What we have embraced, the love of stardust
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Blanket of Stardust" contest 1/11/2013

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In the Sun the Moon the Stars

I do not trust my form,
to act as an adequate vehicle to carry my Love for You.
It aches with decadence and decomposition.

Skins cells flake in exhaustion,
Hair follicles abort out of fatigue
Finger nails and toes nails crack , peel and tear.             

Bones creak in warning,
Muscles retreat in lethargy 
Skin hangs, falls and sags.

So I place my Love in the sun,
the moon,
the stars,
the grass,
the leaves.

So that I may continue to adore you in everything,
with everything.

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Desert Oasis A Coachella Valley Trilogy

Oasis at noon

What a wonderous quiet place it is
the heart of a palm oasis
skirted trees stand guard about
keeping dusty heat without
holding shaded cool within

a small breeze sneaks past a frond
dancing in ripples across the pond
am I intruder, am I part
I wander and wonder in my heart.
as I penetrate deeper in.

Oasis at sunset

Guardian against sunset
the ancient palm stands
resting in drifting sands

Beneath whispering fronds
cicadas begin to sing
brown bats take wing

Firey clouds, cooling breeze
evening deepens, night decends
Oasis awakens, day ends

Oasis at Dawn

Darkling shadows intertwine
With the sprinklings of the moon
Every night paints a new design
That smooths across like puddled wine
Evaporating just as soon

With pallette of rainbowed hue
The sun splashes the eastern sky
Painting over the shadow's blue
Which however remains in view
Absorbing the more brilliant dye

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The storm-running  moon dips  in and out of sight
How the wind howls over the rooftops tonight
Whistling through  the keyholes a treble yarn
And shaking the timbers  of the barn 
The windows  rattle and chatter in frightened  code
Lest their panes be  shattered under the load
The cat hides closer to me  in the armchair
Peering out the window at the branches bare
Stripped of leaves and groping jagged to the sky
Fing’ring the moon as she rushes by

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the moon follows

one may say a Lune                                                                                             primarily the orbit                                                                                                satellite reflects

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Enchanted Moon

Enchanted by moon
Light filtering through tree limbs
Creating shadows

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Rings Around the Moon

Nature plans to run rings around the moon Light that’s seen only by the mighty rock The master brightness fills the countryside Where there are fields of grey and black that mock There are flowers that exist which are dim In the day they are yellow and bright red At night they are various shades of grey Lit barely by light of the moon that bled There’s a sound of a stream that flows downward It’s black as the night, a source of wisdom The cool moon covers its bed on the field And stretches out its hand for its kingdom The sky and the clouds is where the moon lives Being beautiful was its heartfelt aim Blessing the ground with a white glow about Light shows what to marvel and what to blame
Russell Sivey

Details | Tanka | |

pintka 1

summer solstice moon
bright as an oncoming train
pressing silver light
into my glistening pint
carving stark shadows from the night

Michael F. Lewis

Invented another new style...
tanka + pint = pintka

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                         Harlot Moon
                         Languishes in Star-bath

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Juja, Kenya

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You Don't Phase Me

dogs come cats go
just like moon waxing
Don't let it phase you

Tribute To Moon Waxing LOL

Also Don't Forget To
Turn Those Clocks Back

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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the hills

Cresent moon consorts 
Met on a hillside, dew-soaked and overgrown
Seducing the sun from sleep.

Before infomercials succumbed to scheduled shows
You were my cartoons and cereal.
Sugary, sitting so close to your screen.

Our skin blowing steam,
Fattening the fog until it fell from the sky.
Delicious and dark the dawn
Anticipating light

The day stretched and yawned,
Bluebirds cleared their throats,
Street-cats rubbing  eyes,
I held you as you cried.

While responsible citizens were stuck in traffic
You were a full tank of gas and an open road
Dreamy, with your pedal pushed to your floor.

Barren and yellow became our hills
The sun never stops shining.
Not a shadow exists to take solace in
sipping each heaven-sent breeze.

Directionless pursuits
no stars to find my way by
Lost like the moon in the blinding blue heavens

Sunburnt flesh
died on a hillside, windswept and thirsty.
Begging the sun to sleep.

Details | Triolet | |

Blue Moon Last Night

Blue moon last night peeked from the clouds
Smoky, blue, ghost whisps moved just right
Let it shine bright, close out of shrouds
Blue moon last night peeked from the clouds
For this gift to see I am proud
Gift was gentle,  eager soul took flight
Blue moon last night peeked from the clouds
Smoky, blue, ghost whisps moved just right

(First attempt at the style of Triolet.)(My poem "Opportunity" explains about the term "Blue 

Details | Haibun | |

Moors of Winscombe Face

It was on the night of midsummer's eve, there was a pregnant pause. Not even a leaf was moving,
the sky so starry bright and the moon benevolently shining lighting up the moors.
It was the kind of night that anything was possible, up here far from the maddening crowd
Kept company by horses and sheep I climb to the top of the tor to be met by a vision of
utter perfection. Under the full moon it was almost as light as day with no urban lights 
just a sky with a meridian of comets and a shooting star canvassing the landscape.

moon so silvery
back lighting all in warm glow
yet keeps it secrets

In the distance down near Timbercombe the harsh cough of a stag softly calling to his
doe's gathering them up to climb to the top of Winscombe Face. There they will browse
until the dawn starts to streak the sky as night turns to day. Hush now, see that? A pair of 
hares sparing and chasing each the movements so fast as to be just a blur. But I
transgress,  led astray by the magic of this ancient place that in times of old was a beacon
where a large fire would be lit to warn of maundering fleets of Vikings and later the Romans
both coming to plunder and enslave.

harsh cries ringing out
as metal swords strike in rage
blood spilt  on the ground

In the distance a moving shadow streaks across the moor rather catlike but too big
for any domesticated cat, was I seeing the beast of Exmoor setting out to hunt
wanting a closer look I set forth on an intersecting course. I managed to come 
within 300 yards when it turned and hissed at me warning me to back off. I did not
Argue but stepped back to give it space with a last snarl it vanished from sight
and search as much I could no further sight of it I saw just a couple of paw prints
by the stream bank left in its soft muddy soil.

on the wind swept moor
a large cat stalking its prey
it leaps and then kills

Many are the rumours that abound up here, sheep taken and eaten not dog mauled
but a clean suffocating kill. Do they really exist? these beasts of the moor? This has
the experts in uproar, some saying yes, others no yet if you talk to farmers like
Fred Bell he will tell you of his many sightings as he works his sheep farm a couple 
of miles from the face. He will tell you of seeing it stalk and kill with never a sound
uttered and the sheep barely lifting their heads pay it scant attention. Up here with
houses and farms far apart could it really roam freely yet leave so little proof of its

myths and mystery
blend into the moors fabric
whilst the night masks


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The Sun Rose Red

As Dawn cracks over the horizon
The small crescent moon takes a bow
Greeting her was a delight 
For she paints silver in his hair

The moon was hardly visible
Painted the same shade of blue
That the sky chose as a cloak 
On this morning of early dew

The cloak of blue had a trail of mist
That shrouded the hills and vales
A misty blue to silver gray 
That was light and very airy still

The birds enjoy the cloak
That fanned the air with damp
Cooling mist of the night
But soon the sun put on another

Cloak as she became much brighter
With her dress of brilliant red
That she wore to grace our summer's day
A cloak as colored as  poinsettias' tips

On a gray December day
This means that the sun
Will bring heat with her as hot as
A fiery oak wood coal

And the cool of the morn 
Will go as the summer's sun
Has bid us a warm hello
The moon with his silver hair

Disappearing into night
To another land so swiftly
Did he go to bring it a high tide
While ours will go very low

The sun rose cloaked in red
Bringing her heated stove
She will bake and cook some bread
Heating the south as across the sky goes

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |

The Moon In All Its' Glory

Foundation powder,
sparkling in the night.
Eternity is seen
in the wonderment
of this silver dust.
Creation is
amazing with
all its' textures
and brilliant glow
of this big
star and its'
stunning light.
We are
made of
how all
seems to be.
With so much
dust, its' as if
the moon is the
desert of the sky,
no life is seen.
Sparkly moon dust
shining in God's light.
How it has remained
with gravity's pull
is His true delight.

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Moon is My Muse

sky brightens in the night,as hands interlock and tide rises...

DATE: 3-1-2013

CONTEST:"Moon is my muse" sponsored by Russel Sivey.

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This Winter Night

The sun has set, but the world is aglow
The light of the moon reflected by snow.
A blanket of ice, it covers the ground:
A glaze for the earth that muffles all sound.

The trees are bare like skeletons dry,
Bleached white like bones that reach for the sky.
They wait for the spring and hibernate deep;
Tucked in by snow, they dream and they sleep.

A house in the forest is covered in white,
Warmed by a fire and bathed in its light.
The people indoors look out at the sight,
Enjoying the splendor of this winter night.

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I Kissed the Moon Goodnight

I kissed the moon goodnight and it smiled at me
I drank my homemade dandelion wine and picked the flowers
As I walked through golden fields
I embraced the sun and it hugged me back
The sky rolled for miles and made me see how big the world is
And how small I am
This life is simple
This life is serene
I listen to the music of a soft breeze and birds filled with sweet melody
I soak up the earth, the dirt, and the roots that stay grounded
I soak up this simple life
I kissed the moon goodnight and it kissed me back.

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Life Under The Moon

monsoon’s end
patches of emptiness
on the evening moon
sun bath
an eagle circles
the day moon
harvest moon
a path of lantern traffic
to the farm hill
harvest moon
taproot of a carrot
shows up red
full moon –
winter’s stillness
in a soap bubble
holding on
with what she left behind
winter moon

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The Moon and I

The moon and I,
We swung on by,
Like children on little swings,
As I enjoyed life's simplest things,

The moon and I,
We swung on by,
As my swing reached the sky,
And the moon pressed its face,
Against mine,

The moon and I,
We danced through the night,
As its radiance,
Dazzled my sight,

The moon and I,
We swung on by,
Like seraphs living up high,
As our halos lit up the sky,
Making the stars seem so trivial,
The moon and I,
We had a glass of wine,
While we talked about life,
Grief and sorrow began to twine, 
And twist around my heart,
Like a beautiful morning glory,
As the moon placed,
Its hand in mine,
And said its final goodbye,

The moon and I, we are one...
The moon and I,
We swung on by,
Oh, the moon and I...

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A time when you could eat the sun

The trees are made of feathers and sticks
The sun is made of golden cheese
The moon was made of whipped cream
A place where the water was made out of blue Kool- Aid
The grass was made of gummy green strings
There was no houses and no place to hide
A place where a boy ate the sun
A place where the Moon swalloed up the world
A tragedy that melted and turned to liquid
No one could swim in the sea
No one could tan underneath the branches
A world where time stood still and the hours were long
A place where humans never existed

"Please Try to Go Beyond Earth Hour"
Treat earth like something you imagined when you were a kid a place where these things happened and you could be safe. Pick up your trash and clean up your yard! after all this is your world too :)!

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Night of the Moon

The moon was large, round, and glowing;
the lake's skin was sparkling like crystals
spread everywhere. The stars were almost invisible
to the naked eye.

Birds were able to fly in the night, as though it was day!
Children could get out of their beds and play in the grass fields!

It was a divine moment;
the moon goddess was being ushered in, to earthly realms;
she was meeting her mortal lover.......

Details | ABC | |


THE MOON by any other name it's still the same Full moon

SEE the Moon!              Where is the moon?
Over there rising big bright round and full
 High in the night sky is the moon

Wolf  moon/Full hunger moon/Sugar moon/Walking  moon
January          February               March          April
Milk moon/Strawberry moon/Thunder moon/Lighting moon
    May              June                       July	    August
Harvest moon/Hunter's moon /Blood moon / Long night's moon
     September         October       November         December

Dark moon/Bright moon/ Silver moon/Pink  moon/ Blue moon
 Rose moon/ Peony moon/Lotus moon/Chrysanthemum moon
Spring  Summer   Fall and Winter               
Winter moon/Trappers moon/Planters moon/Honeymoon
Dog Day's / Fish's /Beaver's /Dragon's/ Worm's /Crane/Hare's
Moon of horses /Planting moon         

Hungry Ghost moon/Old moon/New moon 
Moon of the winds/Moon of Ice /Snow moon
Bitter moon/Kindly moon/Dispute Moon/Singing  Moon
 "Sleepy moon"...Sleep in the full moon light.. moonlight madness
Moonlight/Moon Beam.......See the moon..... Moon of calming
Turn your head here and see the man in the moon
Super Moon Saturday 11:45 pm May 6, 2012  Jbs

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Little Black Birds

I stare at the half moon in the middle of the day
As Little Black Birds chase half my problems away
Hard to ignore, this beautiful breeze in my face
Like sweet memories that a mind can't erase
Little Black Birds fly to where the wind blows
As I dig deeper into the sand with my sandy toes
This man with his acoustic guitar sings to noone at all
This lady with her shells as the rain starts to fall
Shadows chase me wherever I run
As Little Black Birds fly away in search of the sun
Just like me as I search for my soul
Just like a Half Moon who longs to be whole

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Blue Moon

Rising is the Blue Moon.
An amazing sight to behold.
You won't see one again very soon.
They are beautiful, I was told.

The night wears on.
We stare at this amazing sight.
Before we know it, it's almost gone.
It is the end of the night.

And as the Blue Moon sets;

I will hold you in my arms.
And watch the sight fall.
I protect you from all the harms,
I choose you over all.

The Blue Moon dissapears
Behind a dark horizon
It won't be back for many years
When it returns, my time will have been long done.

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Moonlight delight

We crested 30 thousand feet as I watched the clouds pass by.
To a full moon sonata, 
wrapped up in my mind.
Cotton ball clouds shimmering frosted white of moonlit dazzle to my eyes.
An ocean of rolling cloud tops,
Hover as I pass by.
Off in the distance bright orange and yellow collide, 
as flashes of sprites leave the earth,
to a darkened midnight sky.
The awesome inventor of this great scene, 
the painted pleasures my eyes have seen.
Makes me wonder on this red eyed flight
How many know such amazing delight.

Details | Rhyme | |


The moon shows up at night 
And gives us all light

The Moon gets its light from the sun
This helps us all have some fun

The moon can weigh more than a ton
But its light helps our work get done
It’s really weird people have many myths about the moon
But who can prove it because people make myths very soon


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Salamander Oasis

Our ripe minds protrude
Waiting to be ripped-
A signal to leave behind
The excess of all other moments

We allow our fallen tails
Re absorption through the ground
Back into the neverending fervor

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Glowing Magnificence

In it's floating presence One gains hope
Through it's gorgeous glow One finds the beauty
Finding the hope to push on and See
Gaining the vision...that All is Not Lost
Floating in the it's sea of Dark
Speckled with the Lights that were Seen once
Glows the beauty of that which must BE Seen
Never Wavering
Always Moving
Shining Evermore
To bathe thee in rich Silver

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Sun Drunk

            Sun Drunk

Sun drinks the oceans up one drop at a time

Given one bright eye by nature at its birth

Not to think of sin or crime but to drink in life

Perform ordinary functions in its light of day

Burning in the sky to make things work

It needs no water but still evaporates 
The moon has some complicity in these matters  

Watches from a distance with its one cold eye 

Peering through the darkness under cover 

In night, with gravity, oceans move in waves

Are calmly made

Oceans crave attention 

Under moon glows protection  
Nothing can save them from the sun

Sooner or later it comes up again to drink
Every drop until it’s drunk and done

Details | I do not know? | |


Blue Moon tonight which is very rare
It happens on New Years Eve once in nineteen years
Will you be watching to see if it peeks through
In New York City, Albany, or Calimazu

Maybe in Ormand Beach, Florida
Utah, Alaska a state so fair
How about in the United Kingdom
Africa, Asia, Malayia, or Bonnie Scotland where

It may shine on ice and snow
Or rain reflecting streets
Somewhere on the desert plain
Where the sidewinders sleep

Will the clouds part for just 
A short time for you and me
So we can see this phenominum
That will be such a treat

I will be watching and hope
For just a peek, if only for a moment..
That would be so neat
My day will be filled with excitement

As I watch and wait
This could be the night
That I might stay up late
Sit out on the porch in the cold

Hoping to share with you
A night of anticipation
Of a moon that is blue
Will it cast a shadow

On my gray gray  hair
Or hide all the wrinkles
That shows my character 
So that youth is reflected

On this night so fair
On this night so rare
On this night to share
On this night be there

(Some explanation of Blue Moon. (1) Earth close to sun-so earth gets more sun and moon 
will be brighter. (2) Moon will be closer to earth so seems larger. (3) Full moon rises to a 
point nearly opposite the sun and because sun is low this time of year the full moon will rise 
particularly high.  Blue moon is not blue in color but two full moons in one month because we 
do not use lunar calendar but one devised by man.  Last blue moon on New Years Eve was 
l990 and next will be 2028 or every 19 years.) (There are several explanations how the term 
came into being but I will let you look it up.)

Details | Free verse | |

Oceans Breathe, Walk with me.

The moon awakens before us in all its majestic glory
casting a sombre light  along the mountain face, as the
gift it gives twinkles off water.
Delicately cascading down a beautiful waterfall.
Glistening along gentle swirls of the sea,
and culminating in the crashing waves that caress
sand and leave wonders of natural bubble and foam.


You and me in this mystical place.


My lover
My friend, Shall we stroll
along the shoreline?
Or maybe take a sunset dip?

We head into cool waters with the moon peeking through the clouds above us.
The crisp night air sends a chill through me.
So you bring me to your arms and embrace.
As always you hold me close and let me feel your love.

And we keep looking…………………..

Details | Free verse | |


As I wished for a dawn -
The dewed leaf fell up on the miry earth, 
And the budding friendship blossomed with the auroral sky
The birds cheeped out of their ardent nests
And I greeted another new day 
Charmed by the chromatic rays.
As I wished for a morning
The jogger lo and behold by the graceful cyan,
And the solitary realm pelted along with those hasty walks
The birds twittered yet their voice fainted by the lively crowd
And I hastened another fussy time
Peeved by the discomposed sounds. 
As I wished for a noon
The shadow of mine lost somewhere under my feet
And the sweated hours seemed so long with flames that illumed the paves
The birds nested themeselves peeping out from the quenched trees
And I abided another hateful infinity
Jaded by the grieving entity.
As I wished for an evening
The juvenility amended out from those felicitous doors
And the twilight that ignited the sky above with the shining moon and the stars
The birds whistled along with the faithful breeze
And I dewlt by the golden rays sparked in the sky
Honoring the sun with a good-by.
As I wished for a night
The spiritual approach to life was fended by the saltatory notes
And the solitary moon esteemed the streets with the splendor of love
The birds benumbed along with the intimacy that followed
And I whispered to the midnight mo
Awaiting for the next dawn to another midnight wo.

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The Midnight Flight

Crossing on high
The winter sky 
A lone goose cries

The stars shine bright
And hung nearby 
A Quarter moon 

I wonder why
Where does it fly? 
No mate in sight 

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Soft Spring Evening

as the moonlight flushes
the white plum-tree blossoms
down the night-black bark arms
like snowflakes softly landing
on the calloused ground
without a sound
a mirror image of a petaled sky
filled with
star blossoms and fragrance
deep and high
whirling around the moon
cold and distant
yet pouring out
its cold love like
a symphony of
softest flute
and bassoon
ah, the moon, the moon
casting shadows black and deep
as the blossoms go to sleep

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Another love story

The sun shook
With tremor to his core
‘t was going to be shunned, he knew
Looking at what was coming from the North.

Clouds of doom
Spreading across the sky
Obliterating its view
To the blue planet, its favorite sight.

Felt such pain
For the earth was his child
Wondered when he would see it again
What could it do? And he felt weak inside.

The moon came
And with her, the sun knew
It still shone, renewing its faith
The sun understood the moon loved earth too.

And the sun
Fell deep in love with her
That is why they meet now and then
Watching the earth like their child, together.

By CarolineCecile – 12/17/11

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Midnight Rainbow

A friend told me that we all see the same pale moon at night,
and that thought struck me as comforting and rang so simply true.
But late one autumn night I cursed the luminescent orb,
because it guaranteed what I already knew:

for me there'd be no peaceful slumber on this weary night,
with this all-consuming headache come to stay.
Would it, I asked, keep hammering industriously on
as wakeful dawn turned into harried day?

I fixed my eyes upon the moon with burning beams so bright
as concentration fled my painful mind.
Squinting, I could see not all those rays were shining white,
but glowing colors of all different kinds.

It was dumb to be awake at such an unattended hour,
but for me sleep rarely came without a fight.
Perhaps, I mused, I'm lucky, for how else could I have seen
the fascinating rainbow in the middle of the night?

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The Moon

Fiery-red, milky-white, and burnt orange, am I
Circular-fools, neurotic halves, wise courters and sickle-slices shape me
Liquid-masses bow down to me
Extinguishing my counterpart, and transforming light into night
Visibility befalls me as I absorb the Sustainer-Of-All’s kisses
Ultimate-compass-of-guiding-light, am I
Obtainer-of-measures and recorder-of-essence am I 
Chaos enlivens all awe-struck viewers while in my foolish-state
Shadows piece together my possession 
A maternal-nurturer for, a fertility-bearer, and an enabler-of-harvest to all, am I 
Sharer am I, with the Daughters-Of-Firmament’s-Darkness 

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The Full Moon (The rest of it)

Tonight is the full moon, through  the clouds it’s blazing bright,
And from the tingle I feel in my bones, it’ll be quite a night;

It’s the one night a month that the moon has control,
I can feel it in my being, all the way to my soul;

The sway the moon holds over me, is calling out in victory,
I can feel it now I’m letting go, soon the monster will be free;

Just one night a month the beast can roam,
And it’s the one night a month that I never come home;

The brute takes over my body and will,
And destroys everything with deadly skill;

All I can do is sit back for the ride,
All conscious thoughts are trapped inside;

So many times I’ve tried to get out,
But I can’t even do so much as a shout;

When the demon inside me once again is at large,
Beware to you all, because I’m not in charge!

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Why in the World

Why in the World?

I asked myself, 
"Why in the world did God create earthquakes and tsunamis?
There is such devastation, tragedy, lost lives, horrific suffering.

And then, I knew.
Long ago, before man populated the earth,
Before men developed metropolitan areas upon the ocean shore,
When mother earth was free to ebb and flow, free to grow.
There were seasons and tides, rotations and revolutions.
Her face was painted in different shades as time progressed.
Upheavals and uplifting, subuctions and cooling took place.
Eons saw her crust and mantel strengthened, altered…recycled.
The ocean waters rinsed the shores rhythmically.
The moon reined its beauty upon the nights and sands drifted.
Pulsating waves washed the shore…cleansing and eroding.
Crushes of elements sank to her ocean floor.
The shore rejoiced in its newness…for a while.
But balance is a key to restoration, a function of recycling.
She quivers; the earth quakes; the ocean regurgitates upon the shore.
Tsunamis return upon the land that which had been washed away.
Regaining equilibrium within the earth’s core.
Forcefully, volatile, crushing, engulfing, and renewing.
Long ago, before man populated the earth, it served her well.
Earthquakes and tsunamis were a blessing to the planet.
A natural renewal process maintaining balances purposefully.
Fulfilling a function…like a hurricane or a tornado.
Perspectives changed when man spread around the earth.
Civilizations developed; populations increased.  
Man built upon Mother Nature’s shores to enjoy her beauty.
But the moon still reined her forces.
And the need for balance amid life cycles remained.
Freely we are given that which can be quickly removed.
Our souls cry out for understanding of that which must be.
Balance amid all things: atoms, cells, bodies, systems, planets,
And universes…

© March 13, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen


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Night and Day

Hateful is the day
and gracious is the night.
The Sun burns,
The Moon heals.

The day is so bright
We keep our eyes closed.
But the night is dark 
and our eyes can open.

During the night
We can see everything,
Though it is dim.
During the day,
Everything is so bright and clear,
That it's too much to understand.

The Sun is warm, 
But it is cold.
The Moon comforts you, 
As it doesnt hurt to look at.

So more to say, 
The day is perilous
And the night is tranquil.
So says I.

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no moon to be shown on this sleepless night.
no moon to be seen on this blackness night. 
no moom to be seen or be shown for the people below, 
no light not even a peck of white light that comes from the moon. 
not even a glint on the starry night.. who wait for their beauiful moon want to get a glint of the light to be shown on this blacknes night. for the goddess of the moon, gives the light to the moon, that makes me love. as i am the fallen angel of the night, without the glimps or taste of the moonlight.

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Ripples in the Sea

When I see this Moon and gaze deep into the stars,
My mind wanders as I search for where you are.
Looking up, looking down, this enormous Sea is where I can now be found.
Standing alone at the Ocean’s edge and hearing its roar,
My heart pounds and aches for so much more.
Gazing deeper and deeper out into this vast blue Sea,
I can gather myself with this soul that was given to me.
Ripples in the Sea are all that my eyes can see.
One by one they collide with force to touch what was given to me.
Infinity with the depths of this Sea, 
This is what the Moonlit Ocean conveys to the truth inside of me.
Standing alone and afar from the depths of this Sea,
Ripple by ripple captures the every breath that I have inside of me.
Oh how they carry every single thought away from the insides of me!
Reflections of our Moon spread across this glimmering Sea.
Endless and endless ripples!
This vision I know I will forever see!
I hold my breath and carry a true smile, 
Searching for that last ripple to reach its hundredth mile.
Alone I stand at the edge of this Sea, 
The depth of this Ocean covers over me.
I wonder and wonder can I truly hold what was given to me?
So if ever in search for that which you know you believe,
Please remember that I left me standing with the ripples in the Sea.
One by one they collide crashing directly into me.
I stand with a force that was given just for this person that lives inside of me.
Come to me! Please touch what is on the inside of me!
Feel what has been given just for the love of me!
So if ever in doubt for that which you truly know you believe,
Look deeper and deeper out into this incredible huge Sea.
The ripples one by one know you will believe.
They touch, they feel, they hear what is left standing out by the Sea,
And that my friend is the life that God had already chosen for the soul that lives inside of me.

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Power in the Moon Light

Under the moon light Down by the sea We have a calm sight Of everything free View the sea in its might Where it all will be Power in the moon light The unspoken dally One that’s only bright I never do deny openly That this moon is right A feeling coming tenderly
Russell Sivey

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Magic Moon Dust

"Magic Moon Dust"

I see you up there
watching over me
back-dropped by the sky
netted by the sea
with those eyes...that stare.

I hear you call
a haunting pull
that beckons me
across my wall.

I see you
shining   Oh!
so brightly.

Won't you
touch me


with all
your dust

your magic 
for broken
weary hearts

so once again
the tastes of Spring
explode and bloom
from me within...

Shine! Oh! Shine! Bright Moon
on me as I speak!
Put magic moon dust
from my head to feet...
and Please!...Make it soon!

~deborah burch

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Harvest Moon

Oh temptress of the earth and sky
Why must you rise so soon?
The fields are full with wheat and grain
So comes the harvest moon

Come september ready or not
Our crops no longer wait
The harvest moon and autumn wind
Will surely seal their fate

Oh golden moon that shines so bright
Give me light I pray
I cannot see to glean my fields
Turn darkness into day

Oh harvest moon why can't you see?
I do the best I can
I plow my fields and plant my seeds
Why can't you understand?

Harvest moon oh harvest moon
Just give me one more hour
Help me see to cut my wheat
And grind it into flour

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Moon Flower

Moon Flower

The sun is long since gone
The last strains of its light have faded behind the horizon
The moon shines down on a sleepy world
Stars twinkle with their own beautiful light
Animals move on their nightly paths
Birds make lonely calls looking for a single friend
One the ground the moon flower opens
Catching every bit of light it shows its beauty
No one will get the chance to see it bloom
The coming of the sun hides what only the night brings
Such beauty wasted in the night

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The Blood Moon

Red moon in October night,
Crimson sprays, from pale light.
Earth’s shadow, casting lovely glow,
Red atmosphere transferring light to pale moon,
The Blood Moon shines tonight.

Watch from the land, 
Watch from the sea,
Watch from the air,
Watch from space,
Watch the Blood Moon.

Red light shines down on Earth’s shadow,
Common night displayed in bloody clarity
From land, air, and sea.

Cast lovely light glow around Earth,
From outer space,
Lights out, deep red glow.
No red moon in black depths of space,
But red Earth, made brighter
From the Blood Moon.

A night of sorrow, warrior loss,
Pray for survival,
Of warriors fighting abroad,
Tribute paid to dead warriors of the past,
The Blood Moon shines for the dead to.

Night is over,
The Blood Moon is gone,
One more year, till the time is right,
And the Blood Moon shall shine again,
But now back to life,
Anticipation for the next crimson night.

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No Sun

If there was no sun,
there would be no moon.

If there was no moon, 
there would be no stars.

The stars would be gone,
for they follow the moon.

The moon would be gone,
for it gets it's light from the sun.

With no sun, moon or stars,
The world would be grey and cold.

The sun would not warm the lakes,
The moon would not light the night,
The stars would not beat the dark.

Morning would not come,
Night would never end. 

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Questions for the Moon


Does the moon have holes and why are they there?
It looks like it's been injured, but no one seems to care.

Does the moon have a face? Is it looking at me?
I don't really know. Tell me what you see.

Why is it so far away? Look at its light!
In all of this darkness, it looks pretty bright.

Why must it change shape? That funny little moon.
It has happened many times before, but it will turn round again soon.

Why is there only one moon, but so many stars? Why is it all on its own?
The stars need a leader, something brighter than themselves, so nothing is ever alone.

Even with light, shadows still lurk. Why is it so dark every night?
They are so far away, still at war with the blackness, where the moon and the stars must fight.

Why is there nighttime? Why in the dark must I lay down my head?
I'm too tired to think about that question right now, so just let me go to bed.

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I saw the Sun and the Moon take a stance in the universe.
And an unknown Star placed over them was put in charge.
The whole entire inhabitants scattered themselves at large.
And all the lands and seas became separated by a diverse.
The Sun Shined brightly in the west never to set in a curse.
The Moon gleamed fully bright to the east as the surcharge.
The door had been widely opened and many came by barge.
The stress was great because the world went into a reverse.
Fate and destiny was being dished out like a deck of cards.
Skies lit up and the Stars came back out like never before.
And the palm trees took up to the seas like standing guards.
And from this stemmed growth from that one opened door.
The Sun and Moon are exalted above and beyond you all,
And so is the Star in charge of those that flaw in its thrall.
® Registered: Ann Rich 2008

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Rain paints my soul into silvery streams
Life is like light
All is more than it seems
Something is here, in the night of your eyes
Something is here, in the tears of my cries

In the darkness, like velvet, I feel and I fall
The tide of my life fractures down through my soul

Wave upon wave
And stream upon stream
Is more than it seems
Tide upon tide
The moon of your eyes
Might bring this night into me

Rain, wash away, purify, drown my soul
Life is like love
All is pure, water cold
Everything's here, in the night of your eyes
Everything's here, argent tears are my cries

And the sky is like velvet, so freely I fall
The moon is a crystal in silvery scrawl

Wave upon wave
Written stream upon stream
Is more than it seems
Tide upon tide
The moon of your eyes
Will bring this night into me

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A Saugerties Night

The full moon caresses 
the starry night sky,
moving in slow motion 
across the expanse.
No street lights,
no head lights, 
just the moon 
in her full glory.
As I ponder upwards 
toward the light,
breathing in the cool, fresh, 
clear night air,
the stars seem to write my name
across the sky,
and that’s when I know

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Lovers Of a Hundred Decades Ago

They had dreamed. They had gone so far with their dreams. Yet, so deprived they 
Like them, I have become a denizen of the desert, ever since I laid my eyes on 
Like them, lovers of a hundred decades ago, I was destined to wake up everyday 
in a new shelter, a new tent.
What would my shelter be anyway, that ceases lamentation.
So far from here I have gone. An inhabitant of the moon perhaps have I become, 
ever since your love was seared in me; ever since I started missing you like 
the desert misses the rain, I have been unutterably agonized.
Now, it has been a month, an eternity shall I say.
Now, to believe that you’ll be back, it would take me as many trials as there are 
miles between the moon and us. “Us”.  What a soothing word. As soothing as it 
is for you to realize that a series of flaws have been nothing but a lame 
nightmare, and as queenly as stereotype works.
Like the sand under the misty skies that I have seen from my window, scattered 
grains either cemented or carried away, is my salvation.
Waiting to be held closely, with cuddles and a sweet lullaby, the immutable child 
amid my exhaustions cries in grief…
…and when it rained, I had to believe…at least to recall the hope that I had lost.
Yes, today it rained, amidst the scalding and the warmth, it came; I believe it did, 
yet I still don’t know whether it was sent to heal the pain, or cut the line and cease 
the chain.

Jessica J. Hanna
November 2006

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Ode to the sky as it sets

The sky thralls me- my eyes
e'er drawn to her center
where she emits her soul
a single star. 

her skirt of scalloped clouds,
rose hued,
darkens with her mood. She is royal,
royal blue. She is enshrouded
by inumerous precious stones,
sapphires and diamonds 
she wears in her rolling tresses.
Sometimes she is lit
by fire.
Her skirt is 
incandescent, lit by the 
relentless flame.

The moon is the eye 
of a certain storm.
The eye of the soul.
It is rimmed in the sun's
smouldering embers.

the sky enticed me,
sending the sun to rest with such
a flourish, 
a swish of the hip, sending
the glowing folds of her skirt
in a frenzy.
And it was all for me
to draw my eyes
to her, so that I may be tempted
to keep my eyes upon her. 
The moon was stark on the dark stage,
soft and full
perfect, cratered and undulating. 
I plucked her out of the sky
and replaced her with 
my own golden iris.

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Laraway, Laraway

  What have I done? 
                Left you this morning out of haste,
 love and distaste for solitude?   
                Oh, what are you to think of me?  
Sorta confused about this world lifeanAll, 
                I think that some apology is in order:

	to earth moon sun and sky - - 
my humble service,
                       the living day for you Sun   
under cloud over sky around us all 
                      and I am grateful from your offering 
Nature and Earth, water open sea, 
                      gore crevasse terre   
 Sky    To you Buddha starling Sky of clouds 
                     of air of wind and birds,
 I thank you for sending  
                     my lifeforce in meditation... 
	And Moon, 

to whom I have no words, 
                    Moon for love invested 
like bankmoney    I love you most Moon
	not more than earth
                                                       sun or sky

	not more than water

	not more than nature’s wind     Speaking

but as forwords and
 backwords revolve
                               or like a spring fog or lowing mist
off the sea            (Fogbells and light)

	I think of Moon at each passing note
  	With each hair growing steadily
	suspended on sand    The overlapping plane of mountain

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Midnight Pearl

The moon had risen;
 The earth was aglow,
And I saw all of this from 
My bedroom window.
I thought to myself 
That a wing had unfurled,
Transforming the planet
Into a new world.

Such a marv'lous change 
Was wondrous to see,
'Twas if the dry land 
Had been changed to a sea,
And the moon looked down 
From the clouds a'swirl
Glittering silver 
Like a midnight pearl.

Tara Andre
Midnight Pearl
June 06 2012

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The Storm

Violet storm clouds rippled menacingly above us
Painting the water in sinuous lilac waves.
Their lily white caps broke against our ankles
On Maribel’s shore beneath her caves.

Lady wind, ran her fingers over the earth
Caressing everything back to life with her touch.
If we leave this world behind us, cease to exist
This conscious moment would be enough.

The cat tails and tree branches swayed to the music.
Our eyes glittered underneath the moon light.
The thunder swelled and the lightning pulsed.
Black birds against a violet canvas a breathless sight.

We waited for her strength to rain down upon us.
Smooth slick pebbles in the palm of my hand.
She waited to show her face until after sunset.
Tranquil treasures standing among the shells and sand.

The blissful aroma of flowers over us
As she releases her dark cascade .
Tresses pasted to our rose cheeks
As the last bit of horizon fades.

The moon peeks out again behind a cloud.
You shimmer as you reach out to touch me.
Ebony rocks slid down into the water
The taste of raindrops off your lips, ecstasy.

Your long flaxen curls wet, same color as the sand
Your eyes shared the color with the sky.
Your lashes held tiny stars that captivated me, 
silencing the passage of time.

Shielded from the worlds scornful sight
Not even the stars could peer through the clouds.
We were alone there on that velvet shore
Where our souls tried not to drown.

We took the storm into our veins,
Felt it course through, till it tasted the same.
Your ruby blood, ebbed black in the night.
As a tangle of arms, spent, the skies were tamed.

You and I huddled together on the cliffs
Together jade smoke warmed our chilled skin.
I watched the russet embers illuminate your face.
I still see you in the smoke circles you love to dance in.

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The Promise of Dawn

The night is young
The night is long
The night is a rythnever ending song

The stars are diamonds
Infinite spots of wonder
The stars sing a tune
That is louder than thunder

The moon is exultant
Yet all it is, is white
The moon is so beautiful
An unforgettable sight

The sun has rised
The night has gone
Here come the dances of spring
The promise of dawn 

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Moon Monday

Letting the moon consume me It is my night light for night life Its bright perfumes me In tuned are we It is my pearl of the sky sea Many hours and Many mountains we have roamed I see you combing through the branches I am the human tone, it’s my galactic clone Every night it finds me to tell me that I’m home The power that it fills me with I feel as a super being a myth Super moon almost cartoon Which then in turn I consume.
8/11/14 -RhymeRoyalty

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Moon Mirror

The sun, going about her daily chores, 
glimpses a new star in the sky, 
one smaller than herself, 
yet strangely familiar.

Used to catching her image first in puddles, 
then growing larger in lakes, 
she at first only sees a stranger, 
then catches herself 

spread in the moon's reflection 
across thousands of miles of sky.
Hypnotized by the beauty 
of this strange new view of herself, 

she can't ignore it, 
sneaking looks time after time; 
she can't take her eyes off herself.
Daily, as the moon moves about in the sky, 

the sun catches tantalizing glimpses 
of herself from multiple angles. 
By then, the sun imagines herself to have 
the moon's full attention, 

claiming it as her mirror.
Like Snow White's wicked stepmother, 
the sun asks this mirror repeatedly, 
methodically, almost hypnotically, 

"Who is the fairest of them all?"
The moon answers all questions 
bringing the sun back time and again, 
puppet on a string 
seeking a definitive answer.

By day, the moon untangles 
its strings of moonlight, 
puts out its nets.

Their dialog moves sideways; 
the sun's questions, always direct, 
glance off the moon; 
the moon's answers slip around behind it 
as the sun tries to get a better look 
at what the moon might be saying.

Who was created in whose image? 
Which came first, 
the chicken, the egg, or the yolk, 
small sun caught up in the quicksilver lies 
of albumen?

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Moon's Joy

Moon’s joy is a reward for our admiration
and appreciation of her light and grace.
She shares it freely with her brothers and sisters.

Mankind, beasts, plants, Earth itself are her children.
She lights our night paths, lives 
with shimmering white threads;
golden fingers reach for us and reiterate her love.

Her liquid silver fire burning with elation
for the God who created her.
Fireworks of luminescence rain upon her children, her siblings.

She lights the way through the darkness of nights and lifts spirits of those who drink from her shimmering fountain; a mother nursing her young, a sister, navigating her siblings through blackness.

Moon is eternal, feeding our souls, our imaginations,
sharing insight, when she is full-figured and humming her songs.

Would that Moon were ever to abandon us;
dreams would die and Gaia turn to ash.  

Moon babysits when sun naps and all life is 
safe in her bosom.

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Wonder of the Moon Dust

Sprinkles from above This powerful dust Brought identity All under the sky And their love with it Referencing The love brought there It’s the wonder Of the moon dust Within life Love’s wild call In moon light Complete Moon dust Rave Mist Open Feng shui Enter up Aboard one Gleaming moon Star dust above Of moon nature Bringing about Love everywhere Spiral the dust floats Moon dust from above Comes down into eyes Arms of trust inside The peace with great love
Russell Sivey Entrant into Catie Lindsey's "Diminished and Advancing Hexaverse Contest" contest 3/12/2012

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The Moon Between the Trees

It was the night after the full Moon.
This was the night that I saw the Moon between the trees.
It was huge! It was the color of melon!
My world was lit as my life had instantly risen.
I saw light gray clouds all dismayed with dark blue visions.
My moment had come forth and all at once, 
I felt a life inside myself begin to breathe.
Three decades of life had passed by me.
Cascades of shadows erupting dark and gray!
Now they evolve in true sight and all of this was for my eyes to see!
“Oh My God”, dear God, this is my world mine all mine in every way!
And this is what I have dropped before Thee?
At such a long distance, that glimmer has covered over me.
So many nights I lay before Thee.
Not one word and not even one moment heard.
For it was silence, for I could not breathe!

An hour had passed since I saw the Moon between the trees.
It had vanished and no longer could my own eyes see,
That dark blue vision, the one that would not let me feel a breeze!
I saw that melon with its glimmer, the one that had covered over me.
I felt my breath deep down inside of me and I finally began to breathe.
“Oh My God”! My dearest God, I have found what I lay before Thee!
I have found the vision of gray and how huge it was for my eyes to see!
“My dearest dear God, my only one and true God”, 
Oh my how I have forsaken this precious life you have given to me!

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A cold moon comes up
After the hot and billowing day
The black beaks, black eyes
White plumed necks
And fanged claws masked as talons
Still sizzle on the sultry brain
There is no safety here
It is a long trek to edge of pain
The constant circle of the crow
The swift alight
The turbid swarming of the flight
The cawings grow
Not trees, barely scrubby thorns
Whose shadows hide the struggle
Between life and death
So urgent nothing is forlorn
No snuggles close to happiness
One only pause to catch a breath
And I walk this Namib place
Towards the moon for one embrace

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Modern Moon Miss ...

A Mellow, Intoxicant – Moon-Shine
Out of This World – But Orbit’s in Line
Controls The Lunacy- Longing, Just Fine
Heard Howls At The Moon? … It Was Mine…

Not a Lunatic – But Lipse’ – Scientific … Sometime
Like a Space-Kitten, Who just wants to Climb
And Prowl 9 (?) Milky Way Planets, in One Lifetime… Not Nine
And Purr in Milky Moonlight… On My Spine

My Soul is all Aglow… You’re in My sight
And Even, My DarkSide… is Searching Mister… Right ?
I’m and Emotive, Aspiring, Silhouette-Shone, Light
Full … of Faith, Formulas and Moon Flint-Rocks, Bright

So, I’m Not Crazy… But I, Phase… A- R o u n d –  Sense 
… at Least, to Your Grounded, Male-Ego Logistics
yet, I’m Glad, You Still Try To Reach The Moon…
… but Maybe, I’ll Beam “You” Up Scotty !… Soon

… So, Brace Yourself… I Can Bring The Bravado
Pace Yourself… We, Got A Long Way To Grow
Race Yourself… Flash Your Flag… Fly and Follow
Raise Your Rocketship-Ride…    Ready … Set … Go !

… ‘Cause Modern Moon Miss… Miss Ya’… You Know…

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Look Around

Just take a walk and look around
There’s lots of beauty to be found
Stay out late and see the stars
How bright they shine from oh so far

The sun feels warm throughout the day
But when it’s gone the stars do play
In the evening cold but yet
Look at the moon a glow you get

The little things we take as so
But what would happen if they should go
No sun to warm no moon at night
No stars to twinkle nothing in sight

The world would be a worthless husk
Living in a total dusk
Just like some of us who choose
Not to look but sit and lose

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I turn my face up like a waiting cup
Ready to catch beads of beam that falls
From your face turned downward to mine.
And between our distant thoughts, silence.
We, two black souls, face to distant face
And heart to heart beating near
Allow nothing to be corrected or erase
For truth needs no voice louder than love
I am not a child again
Nobody can manipulate my pain. I remain
Transfixed with adoration's eyes
Though the moon is only barren rock
The stars are only balls of gas
The moon shines in the spell of a star
And drink of silence
As diamonds melt into liquid of light still.
Still, earthless, silence implores silence.

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I walk and walk the many miles for you.
I give and give until I have nothing more.
I go on and on until I drop or fall,
But I’m searching deep because I search for it all.
Everyday I die more inside. 
Eaten alive by myself inside of my core,
Because I’m left alive with life that only I can sort through!
I just want to see the Sun rising up so full and so high.
I want to see the Sun set so huge with shadowing bits that glow.
So I’ll just believe in this strength that comes through you to me.
I search for you but why should I be the one who has to be one that believes?
Everyday I’m alone and it’s nowhere that I go,
Even when it’s my thoughts that I clearly identify!
I just want to see the Moon so round and so high beaming me into the glow of light.
I want to see the Moon peering through the lighter of my brightest day.
I keep seeing all of these cushioned visions of just you and me.
Searching for you gives me the sight of all that I am to see.
Everyday I beg and beg until I hurt that you will stay.
But I’m left alone with reality in sight.
I just want so much for you and me.
I even want the same air that you breathe.
I keep holding onto this strength that I am I feel I believe.
Searching for you I’m with all that I can ever be!
Everyday I’m straightened by what my eyes can see,
But now I’m alone with what’s left alive and what didn’t flee.
So I’ll just keep searching for you while I search for what will be the all of me.

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Watching the Moon Grow

Night after night I sit to see the Moon shining over me.
Watching its shield unveil a bright night I can just sit to be.
For each night gone by a star shines so bright,
The more and more I sit here this night.
Deeper and deeper I think tonight, 
“What if” I had no sight?
Watching its gleam covering more than a lot,
I just sit to see it shine its big light.
For each hour gone by the moments are sought.
So more and more I sit here deeper in my thought.
My mind farther than my further with what this glow has brought,
“What if” the man in the Moon was never sought?
Watching its shadows lurk in the glow,
I sit to see if he will finally be caught.
For each moment gone by clear nights I’ll now know.
So more and more I sit here watching the Moon grow.
There’s just so much to see because it covers over me.
I sit here night after night because it’s just such a true sight.
I give it quite a bit of thought because “what if” all of this was not?
For the more that it comes to glow the more and more I can watch it grow.
There’s just so much to know because it covers me with its tremendous glow.
I sit her with thought after thought because I have more than your lot.
I sit here night after night because “what if” there was no true sight?
For the more I can just come to see the more and more I can just sit to be.

®Registered: 1998   Ann Rich

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Dark is the Night

With day full of sleep, moon falls in the river.
Its beams danced on water with shadows of trees
to a beat of rhythm from wind till it died 
and buried in music of quietness of night. 
With perfume of flowers giving weight to air
cool of dark beauty night’s peace granted prayer.

Cathedral as reverent as echoed Lords prayer
as gentle as songs by frogs from the stream.
Harmony hanging in a gemstone sharp air,
with touch of sadness as dim sparklers in tyrees
while chirping of crickets brings richness to night
This will be the hour which wretchedness died.

The stars in the heaven pronounces day's death,
still speaks of the coming of fresh morning prayer
as glorious moon-glow reigns above night
while weak light reflects off bountiful river
twinkling in beams through branches of trees,
gives a roar of stillness through paper thin air.

The sky and the dark and the shadows of air
The river, moon and the sun as it died.
As leaves slowly descend from generous trees.
An answer it seems to nights granted prayers
it all means little to approaching rivers
which has born witness of deceit of the night.

So quick in the darkness will charge storms of night?
Critical lighting strikes in tranquilized air
heaved by the wind once magnanimous river
thunder and rain, wind and foreboding of dead 
comes terror and fear and murmuring prayers
amongst shacking of limbs and bowing of trees.

Fierce is the storm and with uprooting of trees
as wind rips and cries through cover of darkness.
All creatures will witness the dark Devil’s prayer
as thunder splits atoms of wild burdened air.
The night  cannot sleep till storm’s ferry dies
and silence of night returns to the rivers.

Storms of the night and night’s peace granted prayer.
Shadows of trees and moonbeams on the river 
but rising of sun will bring death to night’s air.

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Can you hear it calling?
It’s been trying to say
Come join and run through the moon light
Yes its the moon who is calling
Can you hear it calling?
I sure can
I am close to giving in
To the moon
It’s been calling all day
Even though its not out yet
Can you hear it calling?
It’s been lonely all this time
It only wants a friend
Can you hear it calling?
It wants to play with you
That’s why its been calling you
Can you hear its cry?
Cry for a friend

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I sit here remembering times that have gone by
toward the end and near the beginning
the musical notes of my life
faith and hope
the sustainers of my path
the cartakers and builders
the moon and sun my light
the stars my many dreams
each holding me together
as the world around me crumbles
falls to pieces on my floor
my broken heart
slowly mended
as time slipped me by
as faith and hope kept building
and the sun and moon still shine
the stars still go on glinting
waiting for me to realise
that it is now my time

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waxing poetica

the moon is made of lovers' wishes
Gorgonzola, and other dishes
heard knighted lines of ardent passion
of tears and wars of lusted action

fallen harvest moon shines emphatically
a golden cornucopia spilled chromatically
dancing fires with nights painted pagan
and gifted artistic jilted lovers beggin'

timelessly written in songs and tomes
those emotive thoughts we've come upon
matters not whether orb is woman or man
it touches us celestially like no other can

call her she, or the man-in-the-moon
beginnings wrap to endings all too soon
her light, like a lover's love waning
your pull on her, has gone, abstaining

yet new he comes 'round in the night
dark and mysterious a shadow of light
and more look up with wonder and lust
under earthly moon all cratered and dust

canines in deserts howl their approval
lone wolf on mesa or in packs communal
eclipsing all that the earth can give
it pulls oceans of emotions that we live

whether I'm mental or merely sentimental
some core of lunar moonin' is elemental
and moves me in arcs of sorrow and elation
soulfully to cry with ecstatic damnation

pulled nearer in mind to phased lunacy
by the gravity of the moon you see
whatever it means for all the fuss
this moon surely has a pull on us

© Goode Guy 2011-09-13

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Night Skys

the cloak of the night skys
glitters with its jewels
and the whitecaps glisten neath the moon
and I am drawn in to its majesty
the hearld of darkness sparkling with light
and stand sheltered by its expanse
the cast of moon scattering gloom
and my smallness is felt deeply
familiar patterns are there
by virtue of the light there reflected
and the surty of knowing its ceaselessness
and its boundries as yet unknown and undiscoverd
that we look away from ourselves to something greater
what is dark in ourselves is far lessened
by the light reflected from another source
to draw strength from without
the whitecaps lap at the shore
the limits defined by her moon and sky
a night of peace unfettered by storm
but the storms will come
with shadows and obscurity
to frighten children and make seamen pray
mankind will scamper to their burrows
and I will be one with them
casting my sight till the sun rises again
chasing away storm and shadow
another morrow to illuminate
the confines of our lives
as is imposed by time and law unceasing

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Ripples in the Sea

When I see this Moon and gaze deep into the stars,
My mind wanders as I search for where you are.
Looking up, looking down, this enormous Sea is where I can now be found.
Standing alone at the Ocean’s edge and hearing its roar,
My heart pounds and aches for so much more.
Gazing deeper and deeper out into this vast blue Sea,
I can gather myself with this soul that was given to me.
Ripples in the Sea are all that my eyes can see.
One by one they collide with force to touch what was given to me.
Infinity with the depths of this Sea, 
This is what the Moonlit Ocean conveys to the truth inside of me.
Standing alone and afar from the depths of this Sea,
Ripple by ripple captures the every breath that I have inside of me.
Oh how they carry every single thought away from the insides of me!
Reflections of our Moon spread across this glimmering Sea.
Endless and endless ripples!
This vision I know I will forever see!
I hold my breath and carry a true smile, 
Searching for that last ripple to reach its hundredth mile.
Alone I stand at the edge of this Sea, 
The depth of this Ocean covers over me.
I wonder and wonder can I truly hold what was given to me?
So if ever in search for that which you know you believe,
Please remember that I left me standing with the ripples in the Sea.
One by one they collide crashing directly into me.
I stand with a force that was given just for this person that lives inside of me.
Come to me! Please touch what is on the inside of me!
Feel what has been given just for the love of me!
So if ever in doubt for that which you truly know you believe,
Look deeper and deeper out into this incredible huge Sea.
The ripples one by one know you will believe.
They touch, they feel, they hear what is left standing out by the Sea,
And that my friend is the life that God had already chosen for the soul that lives inside of me.

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A Night by a Lake

A round bright moon glowed low in the night sky throwing silver pennies onto rippling water,
A nightingale sang a beautiful haunting tune accompanied by a sedge warbler a nighttime bird,
I listened to a song thrush singing from the upper branches of a haggard, horny old oak tree,
Earlier before the light had nearly gone a redbreast bathed in the lake always his last chore.

I sat outside on this warm summer night the twilight showed me shadows of monsters and beasts,
An old lime tree like a thief in the night creeping up on me as the sun sank and the moon rose,
Noises from the forest sounded like madmen that had escaped running in chains I looked around,
Twigs, dry branches snapped then a hurried rustle, was the forest haunted like the locals say.

Popping open a bottle of ginger beer sounded as loud as a hiss of a sidewinder rattlesnake,
Crunching a biscuit was as loud a huge avalanche of snow sliding fast down a huge mountainside,
Eating my peanuts I thought an army of soldiers were marching at the back of my wooden cabin,
I tried to think what creeps about in the dead of night making these noises, I wasn't scared.

A small owl seldom hunts by day except in the spring when he becomes restless and excited,
Little owls normally crepuscular and nocturnal rather than diurnal may sit on telegraph poles,
The creatures of the dark creep out from their hiding places when night time covers the land,
And a badger sits in a silent motionless vigil hiding having dug out an old wasp or bees nest.

Sitting outside my cabin on the lake on a moonlit night you are last person left on this earth,
There is rustling in the hedges and trees it is relaxing yet startling you are being watched,
A gander of geese fly silhouetted past the huge bright moon on their way to warmer countries,
My bottle of ginger beer nearly gone the same way as the biscuits I yawn and make my way to bed.

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Winter's Midnight

The full moon whispers its secrets
To the winter skies,
Telling the dark clouds why its beauty
Is so profound,
The snow drifts eloquently, through
The night it flies,
Till its gently caressed by the frozen
Winter ground,
The trees are frosted with diamonds,
Glinting with the stars,
They stand tall and strong with eyes
As cold as ice,
The south wind covers winter tracks,
Erasing the white scars,
Until north wind blows again,
Ripping another slice,
The full moon encased in silver light,
Over crystal, glows,
Reflecting its prominent purity,
It’s luminescent white,
This exquisite rendition of silence,
Traditional as a rose,
There is no tender beauty like
Winter’s Midnight.

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It ends at the sky

The sky is a collage of purple and red
As the sun hits the horizon and goes to bed.
Mixed in the middle are dark blue and gray,
It is so impressive I have to say.

The words are illusive as the moon does rise.
When I need inspiration I look to the skies.
I see this universe so much larger than I.
The stars appear to mark the day gone by.

I look up to see this star shining so bright.
Bringing needed light to the dark night.
It seems like a beacon shining for me.
The twinkling of stars as far as the eye sees.

I sit for a while so I can take it all in.
It’s so quiet I could hear the drop of a pin.
Though I’ve seen this before it is never the same.
The moon rises up to join in the game.

The beauty of these moments set my mind free.
The possibilities before me are as vast as the sea.
It stretches from land to end at the sky
My imagination soars I think I shall fly.

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Lust for blood
when the moon is high
primitive instinct
in the wolves’ cry

The call of hunger
to everyone near
those that fall prey
hide with fear.

Whispers from the wind
swaying the trees, moving the leaves
not sure what you heard
running faster trying to flee.

The white moon growing brighter
on each tree around the loch
knowing your at the end
between the water and the rocks.

The scream can’t escape
from the throat that once was yours.
It now lies in his belly
as he rests on all fours.

You were warned never to go
into the forest around the lake
especially with the harvest moon
bringing the werewolves awake.

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Night Garden

The garden at night
in the moon light
doesn’t look the way
that it does in the day.

The moon light shines down
upon the dark ground
making shadows fall
while night creatures crawl.

You won’t see a bird.
No bees will be heard.
Although you might see
a night owl in a tree.

A bat in the sky
flies swiftly by.
No butterflies are about,
but the moths have come out.

As moths flutter around
making eerie sounds
that disturbs the darkness
and the swirling night mist.

A cat on the prowl,
the hoot of an owl,
the chirp of a cricket
hid inside a thicket.

The rocks on the ground
form shapes all around.
Images of things
in the daylight unseen.

The moonlit path trail
winds around like a snail,
weaving out and in
back to where it began.

The roses are dim.
You can barely see them
by the ghostly light
in the garden at night.

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On a journey we go to Ashton to meet our fellow pagan 
friends down at Eclipse. They are just like us 
and we all have fun together coz we share similar beliefs. 
We count down the days down to Halloween 
when we will get together for our Meek 
to drink to the witches and celebrate the ritual. 
Everyone shall become one as the gods and goddesses come 
and join us as the boundaries between our earth and the spirits 
thins and our worlds combine. The beliefs that have lasted centuries 
shall come forth and continue to do so for millennia.

from my earlier pagan days.

for those interested i write as nick armbrister and jimmy boom semtex. lots of stuff online.

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A childhood lived apart
from the usual existence,
made innocence more intense;
watching raindrops
from unclosed windows...
while welcoming a shivering skylark!

A moon adorned with dreams
gleamed over shadowy hills,
taking me to their forbidden realm;
and as my little arm stretched out
to reach it...the further it seemed
to move deeply into space,
arousing my curiousity
and making me aware of infinity,
of which I measured no distance...
to avoid controversy and doubt!

An entire adulhood being
the jack-of-all-trades, never having
enough time to stop and stare
at a moon adorned with dreams,
whose smile was as alluring as its glare...
with the intention to deceive!

A moon adorned with dreams
arouses my old emotions...
drawing me to its extraordinary charms;
somehow relieving my unspoken grief,
which is as irresolute as of  my belief! 
Its face so dotted and pale
shouldn't be so plausible,
or nevertheless graceful,
but it constantly changes like me...
to find its destined place in eternity!

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Boulder Ridge

The moon is full above the canyon 
   listen to the call... 
The music of the river 
   echoes between the walls. 
A love song for the brave 
   who boldly choose to walk, 
The path of their true destiny 
   as the drums begin to talk. 
The boulder on the ridge 
   catches and holds the light, 
Providing a mystic place 
   for passion in the night. 
Hearts beating to the cadence 
   of the drums far below, 
Sharing souls and secrets 
   only the moon will know. 
Breathe deep the magic moment, 
   It is here by more than chance, 
Come out of the half shadows, 
   Listen...Live...and Dance. 


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Sailor's Heaven

The sun
So ascends
The moon descends
Appearing to go
But, yet the moon hangs on
Visual, in the day sky
And reflects on the blue waters
That we sail upon each lovely day
So be it, the beauty of sea and sky

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The Lonely Moon Rising.

Where does the river flow,
If not to you? 
You make my heart sing. 
I sit gazing out over the lake.
The sunsets, as the moon rises.
The water glistens,
So calm and peaceful.
Ducks fly going to their home,
Reflections on the water.
So peaceful yet so lonely,
And I think if only ………...
If only you were here to share,
To share in this wonderful time,
To share in my life.
For you to know how my heart feels.
A lonely tear falls, as I am missing you.
Wanting you by my side. 
A deep breath taken as if it were my last,
A sigh, thinking of the past.
Where will my life go,
Is this the end?
I am loving you so,
Why pretend?
The sun now gone, 
As I sit all alone.
The lonely moon rising.

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Escaping reality
seems the only way
to really feel free;
lying back on a soft meadow,
looking up to see
the scarlet moon 
rushing against another shadow...
before the coming of dawn!

Losing what's not mine,
its very hard of letting go,
because it took more
that faith to get where I am...
and only be left with pride! 

I took a forgotten dream,
and turned it into a vision:
to set the mood of passion...
to steadly touch, not just feel!

Losing what' not mine
makes me doubt the meaning 
of those unconvincing words;
how did I fell for a lie so unforgiving,
too unpleasant to be remembered by time... 
to which everything belongs?

Every star has gone to another sky,
and the pale moon won't leave;
how should I forget about Eve,
if I have no strength to cry?


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The Burning Veil

My eyes were opened to a bright red burning veil.
Sun scorched and Moon dried,
It was fried!
But, I brought it some water in a crystal blue pale.
The more it burned higher went the scale,
God knows that I at least tried.
There was just nowhere to hide.
But, I wasn’t about to fail.
I put the veil in the water and made it wet.
I held it to the Sun and the Moon to air dry.
The veil melted and glowed where it was set.
It was sparkling and made me want to cry.
Perception had been weakened to what it really should be.
At least, that’s what the burning veil conveyed to the truth inside of me!

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Diamond Night

Out from the beach, the moon glistens, brightly,
Upon the frothy waves, parading to shore,
In the distance, the peaks climb, to the heavens.
Reaching for the clouds, in a sculpted backdrop,
Their greenery sparkles, profiled and shadowy.
Bluish green under currents, bless the perfection.
Sand, sparkling, moving slowly as crystal adrift,
This night’s full moon is the victor of nature.
These are glorious sights of diamond night.

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The Middle of Nowhere

The clouds overhead linger and the wind blows through my hair,
I constantly wonder how can I be amazed in such a place that is in the middle of 

I love the smell of the newly cut grass and I love the sight of the sun rising,
Watching the sun rise in the morning can be hypnotizing.

The golden yellow in the sky shines down on my face,
Taking me to an exotic place filled with life in all it's grace.

I close my eyes and listen out but I don't hear a single sound,
The wind blowing against me makes me feel as if I am 100 feet off the ground.

Soaring through the air like an eagle or a plane, 
Looking down at all the animals and my horses with flowing manes.

I open my eyes to see that I am still a country girl,
A country girl living in a country girl's world.

The end of the day is drawing near and the sun is about to set,
But just because the sun sets doesn't mean the day is over yet.

So I go inside and look out my window and stare at the moon up in the sky, 
The stars shining around the moon sparkles in my eyes.

A light rain starts to fall and began to tap against my window,
I climbed into my bed and became comfortable with my quilt and pillow.

Oh' how I love this place, this wonderful place
The place where my life goes on,
The place in the middle of nowhere the place that I call home.

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Swan Song

Swan Song

Stealthy killers have crept
Their secret bullet
Reaching this empty nest
Swans too unaware of attack
Arms aimed riffles

Pleasure hunted

Only one reflection now
No other dark gaze looks back
No other gliding ripples
All reassurance has gone

The lake of desolation
Coaxed her half hearted rage
Bleeds from a crooked corpse
Pathetic winds stir dead feathers and reeds
To animation
No gentle neck arching
Wings now absent haunt the breeze
She is a pose of fear

The air to void to fly 
No other yellow bill or back glinting eye
None could vie with her chosen
White beauty now unmoving
Scarlet slash wickedly marring
Maiming her heart with sudden isolation

The ballet of the dieing
Cannot see the cruel eyes prying
Exulting in the deed
Do not hear her lament 
Joining in a pact a spur of black
Still mournfully beating

Madness flapping struggled with reflection
To lift his head from under
To breathe till breath would burst her lungs asunder
But lower still he seemed to fall

Days shot sound echoed constantly 
Unmoving nights which found her
Till dawn would bring its shadows
Illusions born by sorrows
Sends haunted dreams
In madness before her

Cast the moon in images of death defied before her

A phantom wrapped in eyes of night
And side by side they glide
Mourning on the silver tide

Three nights and no more can the moon contain
In her heart the spur of black
Lay barren ready for a violent ice caress
For paths to cross just once
She vowed in her willingness
To become in her will an ice sculpture of 

So harboured deep in proud beauty
A malice in hatreds empathy
Prayed for fate and chance to shake hands

And there on the shore
The assassin stands  

Gliding wistfully she
Using all her grace and beauty
To bind her quarry
In her natural mystery
Slipped over the stillness
Approaching with coyness
Mesmerizing light in water gleams
Her fatal white and an arrow beak
Fixed the man by her darkest dreams
Opening wings 
Sheds intent glare beguiling
Her neck an arrow javelin
Unleashed her fury broke true and deadly
With lethal intention

For her mate
She launched her self upon him

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Farmer of Night

I am a farmer of the night, cause I plant the starlight!
I raise the moon from wheat of grains, and wool
the darkened clouds from herds of sheep.

I scare the sun rays down with a hound,
and with a cande light I strive to plant the night.
Yet at a time or two, I can be tired or lazy with grumpiness.

That is when the moon is half in shape and not as bright
or stars are only few without the twinkle delight.
But I am what I am.  Which is the farmer of night.

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Moon Changes With Seasons

The tranquil moon permeates the very skin of man
Entering into the depths to where inspiration lies
Allowing breaths of wonder to escape the being
While staying eternal as a source of beauty
It is during this autumn that the moon shines dim
But yet with a fullness and brightness of life and hope
The autumn moon hangs low as if to kiss the earth
While the hearts of man rise to meet its touching rays
Look up to the sky tonight, breathe deep, take in the view
The moon welcomes all who seek beauty, romance and hope
Let the dreams inspired by this moon remain as a spark
When the dim light of winter’s death darkens dreams
For then it represents hope for change, growth
And the very spring of our lives and summer of color 

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The Envious Moon

In the midnite of earth's noon,

Sun's shadow blackens the moon.

Silver shades of pale desire

Are consumed within its fire.

Adrift in darkness of death,

The burnt moon struggles for breath.

Unremembering the plight
Desire brought, it slays the night.

This envious moon of sky

Sighs with dispassionate eye:

The sun too will one day die.

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Season Come Season Go

Season come and season go

Tis the moon change in the

A neon orange moon glisten in 
The night..

As the moon shine his brightest

Is there a light inside the moon

While that little boy  sit’s and fishes
Off the moon

Can you see him all relax and laid

With his fishing pole dangling off the
Tip of the moon

Can you see  how cold the moon
Appear in the midst of January

The season come and season go

The orange moon glisten in the


The frosty chill cover’s the land from

An age “ole” neon orange moon visit
The night.

Which being his time to shine in the
Midst of January brew

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Eclipsing the Moon

The night turns purple as it sleeps in dead men's fingers
still in the gelatinous state we find abhorrent
rocking waves in an ongoing performance under wisdom's moon 
while you steal me shells and lace me seaweed necklaces
At this moment, I'd take every pearl drop from every oyster
and throw it to the edgy sea, every sleeping gold doubloon
in silt compressing decadence a laugh lost in history
left there in the dark of the dark.
Far away from the luminary whispers we ignite.
Just let me trace the moon shadows on your face once more.
Leave me with a ring of salt for commitment and hum under your breath
just loud enough to lift the waves a little higher
a little higher still...
and this purple night will sleep on,
grumbling of lost sea items and treasures,
erasing our footprints from it's memory
as we eclipse the moon with our kiss.

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Winter Land Wonder

It’s crunching and glistening, quietly snowing,
‘neath a moon peaking out of the clouds.
The evening is calling for lovers are falling
in love with the world, less it’s sound.
The busiest street corners, silent and forlorn,
the end of the blizzard is nigh.
A winter land wonder, without all the thunder
a blanket for the full moon tonight.

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          in the moonlit night

     let's have a romantic ride

         o just hug me tight

                   (Visual  1)  
               Dt 03/03/2015

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Moon in Phase

Wax and wane/ constant change
Tides will rise/ tides fall the same
With moon in phase/ bodies spin
Tides roll in/ tides ebb again
Revolve the earth/ elliptic line
Moonbeams shine/ signs of time
Moon on water/ Heavenly Father
Good tidings heard/ no more wander
In five moons/ coming soon
Eclipse of sun/ in the noon?
Red moon glow/ return of Son
Light is come/ darkness none
No moon in phase/ no sun but days
Constant tide/ one source of rays
Yet all the same/ tides roll in
Tides rise again/ no body spins

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Sun Starved

Sunshine on lips which have starved for a drop
of attention from forces impenetrably hot
Holding the hand of invention's conception
having cracked open the moon late last night
Eating the shell was a task of elation
Belly filled full with a thought born of mirrors
The moon on the inside was frozen, congealed
filled with inedible, silver holed dreams
Buoyancy stretched out it's hand to deliver
frost on the lips born to shake and to shiver
Moon shell reflective and only the image
of sun drops imbedded in all that's alive
Now, on the day after lunar consumption,
the yearning for solar shelled rejuvenation
eclipses all thoughts bent on birth or starvation
to lean toward the sun for new growth.

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Nobody has to know
whatever happened between us                         
that made us glow;
let this remain something of a secret,
this man knows where it lies...
hidden from others, not from us!
And you woman, keep it inside
as long as you's as deep as pride!

Erase my number from your cell phone,
not let him see it...
don't make him suspect
that I even exist in reality:
make it look like a shadow passing...
leaving no traces along;
when I take what's not mine...I feel so guilty,
but it won't stop me from taking!   

Let this remain something of a secret,
let's it confide it to a moon that's so scarlet;
a silent moon who hears the lovers' whispers...
and turns them into real, sweet whishes!

Let's die for a moment's bliss,
deny our reality and hysterically laugh;
this is not cheating on somebody
who didn't finish what he started off...  
we're free and need not to worry,
and if there's a price to pay:  we will! 

We're not kids who are kept from indulgence,
we are responsible for our own tendencies...
challenging those who oppose us with rage,
changing what others can barely change...
to let this remain something of a secret!

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Sweeping clouds 
Billowing white, 
Hiding tomorrows' Moon, 
in golden light 

For, where there is gold light, 
there can be silver too 
Precious colours, 
that can be seen through the night 

Dusk fell, swiftly 
The emerging night, 
changed all... 
In to silver light 

Tomorrows' Moon, 
shone steady and bright 
Silver lantern light, 
lit up the night 

Yesterdays' Moon faded away, 
when night became another day 
The day will end soon... 
and we will have tomorrow's Moon 

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Twilight Eclipse

Something not to miss
a twilight eclipse
when moon is pale
and all things wail

When moon is full 
and the waves feel its pull
when all things beneath the sea of red
are either sleeping or happily dead

When moon is high
with spirits nigh
the bloodred sky chills
to cast a soft glimmer across these hills

When moon is bright
hanging high in night
all stars creep back
to hide behind the silver in shamed black

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Our Nature

The soft moonlight shines down upon the lake this evening
as we venture, hand in hand, and a blanket under my arm,
deeper into the woods.
Being serenaded by the sounds of the night owls and all creatures
we find just the right spot where the trees seem to circle like viewers
ready for a show.
That moon leaves just enough light for our eyes to see the splendor of each other
and witness the actions of our love, let alone be witnessed by the trees
and all inhabitants.
We lay the blanket down and lie atop, with our backs on the ground,
sharing a dream or two and admiring the beauty of the moon and stars
and of each other.
I reached to touch your face and gently caressed your cheek, 
noticing the highlights the moon cast upon your beautiful face,
much like an angel.
I can’t stop but think that here I am now, the luckiest man on earth,
as I look at you, you are beautiful and soft and so caring and warm,
my eternal other.
I wish to make this moment last forever, the passion not yet surfaced,
but is rising within the two of us as we contemplate the emotion, the need,
the undying love.
All is gone now, there are no trees, no moon, no lake, no animals,
no beauty at all, other than the beauty of you as I look into your eyes
and yours in mine.
The temperature rises and we find each, with hands as eyes, exploring,
and our hearts as our guide, through the night of passion and sheer joy
we express our love.

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One From the Pearlwood

    life glitters on the lips of the swimmers
who kiss each other goodnight
cantelope ,brandy and sugarmint candy
add to their dancing delight
   deep in the pearlwood the fairies
who feel good
circle the moon on the wing
under my pale hair 
they know how I still care
I know by the songs that they sing
My carapace shivvers
coccoon gently  quivers
as I spread dark wings to the stars
come with me I whisper
the moon is my sister
and the whole milky way
can be ours.

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Birth Right

The evening sky covers the field like a blanket
As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Opens to the eyes of those who wish view happily

As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
My eyes squint to retrieve the beauty falling before
I smile as my heart sighs with the image bestowed
At this time of the evening, the earth now adorned

The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Is a daily reminder of the many gifts on the earth
I remain thankful for my time and my witnessing
These many gifts granted as a right, from my birth

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silvery streams of light 
touch my cheek 

silent, mysterious moon 
inky blackness 
pale jewel in starry setting 

sister to the sun 
glorious orb of the night 
travelling across heavens 

shadows dance with soft light 
silver in its finest form 
nature's gift to the night 

moon, mysterious moon 
captivating my heart 
with your placid beauty 

silver streams touch my senses 
bathed in soft silver, 
closed eyes ifeel its transluscence 
the calm of night will end soon 

moon mysterious,beautiful moon 

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I held the Moon......... 
In my open hands 
Blew on it gently, 
saw it glow 

Far it was flung....... 
I watched it go 
There it hung...... 

There I stood..... 
So far below 
Things I could 
Things I should 

All for a Moon 
If I could touch again 
Feelings understood 
If I only could............ 
So far below......... 
Feel a moon glow