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Nature Holiday Poems | Nature Poems About Holiday

These Nature Holiday poems are examples of Nature poems about Holiday. These are the best examples of Nature Holiday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Tanka | |

gunmetal clouds

gunmetal clouds part
and sunlight streams on a hill
that holds poppy wreaths 
      the wet cenotaph now gleams
      while a vet faces its glare   

Details | ABC | |

O' Christmas Card

              *                               *
A bountiful cascade, delivers enchantment,     *    *
             featuring, glittering holograms.
Iridescent jubilance, kindles loveliness.       *
Moonlight nestles over peaceful quietude.

Resplendent stars, twinkle,           *
            uncovering velvet’s wonderland.   *

                                         Xanadu's yuletide zeal 

For the Contest: Snow ABC
Sponsored by yasmin khan
By Carrie Richards 3/13/12

Details | Sonnet | |

Enigma Of Time

Arriving there, open door to floors bare
Moist was air, dwelling effusive with peace
The enigma of time began to cease
Oblivion to all but ocean, just stare

Simplicity for a few days; nowhere
To go, timeless, watch Gulls instead of Geese
Yesterday's ravenous problems release
Now live on sublime seaside oasis' air

Aster, Willow won't sway in zephyr this day
Only kaleidoscope color 'pon water shone
Exquisite view for me, myself, alone
This ecstasy delight not auspice by they

Lilac, Lily doesn't bloom, chrome rust away
Impervious bug repellent glistens in defiant stone

Contest: Secret

Details | Burlesque | |

Redneck FATHER'S DAY------


"Storm over yet...?"

"Well hay'ell ye'ah! 
 sum'body git me a da'gumm cole beer.
 whadda'bou  that boy th'er?
 sum'body git him'a cole beer too!"

"Diddy! that boy ain't nothin' but 8 years old!"

"Wha'choo sayin? 
 na'I don't give a jolly'durn, if he ain't nuttin but 8 year'owed!
 'dat boy dun' sat him thr'ew a big ol', storm! 
 torna'durr warnin' too!
 he gonna have him'a cole burr;  
 on me!"
 my treat!
 mama, git him'a cole burr! 
 ro'tt now; 
 ta'days father's day!" 

© 2011  ~JSLambert Esquire


Details | Cinquain | |


                                      Unique, Frozen
                                Falling, drifting, Shoveling
                              Catching one on your tongue

Details | Haiku | |

Playing Peek A Boo {Edit}

<                             coniferous tree
                       playing peek a boo .... shuffle                                
                              candid smiles glisten

{ Christmas }

Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Haiku Contest
G.L. All

Details | Free verse | |

The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

Details | Verse | |

- Sun Umbrella -

                                       Sitting under my sun umbrella
                                    The ocean is my wonderful painting
                                     The sun shines on the small waves
                              Far in the distance I can glimpse a small boat

                                       I must have my sunglasses on
                       The sun heats I have shadow under my sun umbrella
                                    The sand on the beach is burning hot
                     The waves along the beach creates scratches in the sand

Turkey 23. 09. 2012
A-L  Andresen :)

Details | Haiku | |

Sentimental You

<                                      amidst flocked needles ...
                                        woven ornament strewn ...
                                               a star is ... born

Details | Rhyme | |

4:20, Four- Twenty, The Earth Day Birthday

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

Details | Imagism | |



Atop a pine
of perfect symmetry-
a blackbird
where a star should be.

Suzanne Delaney

Details | Acrostic | |

My trip

Our trip

W e went up to Exmouth, it took us five days
I  nto hot furnace winds, the days were ablaze
N o relief was in sight for north we were bound
T here it is so rare that cool weather be found
E veryone goes there,  cause fish can be caught
R eports of good fishing make these places sought.

26 August 2013 @ 1203hrs.

Details | Free verse | |

A summer sigh

The lush of the land lies as velvet moss green carpet
The river rushing its morning wash
rumbling as it spins twisting and turning its tidal path
over the chance carried stones to the seas
Where the coastal sands of time are met
Meeting waves pulled by undercurrents
Finding rocks, kale, seaweed and moss covered
Just as the hair of cherubs faces foamed
Then gently adorned with shell and mollusk jewels
and salty sea air crusts crystal formations alongside
In come the tides bringing with them oceanic treasures
Driftwoods, wreckage, salvage, 
that have crashed and bashed the cliffs along the way
To finally rest ashore and be renewed
To become beach combers delights
Trinkets gifts or items for the home

Details | Haiku | |

Snowdrifts Hug Windows

snowdrifts hug windows reflecting warm colored lights... fantasy land view

Details | Ballad | |


Let frigid winter come,
it feels nice to be lonesome,
seeing myself snuggled up
in a comfort blanket holding a cup
of cocoa by this warm fireplace...
while the wanderer's frozen face
is dotted with the whitest snowflakes
as he rubs his red, freckled nose!

Isn't this an unforgettable moment
to delight me feeling the thrill
of the Season with its distinct chill?
Isn't this the magic of Christmas
when joy is felt in a calm land
by the sound of chiming bells?

Let frigid winter come and cover everything in glistening, deep snow,
and 'though the evening will not have the moon's glow,
brightness can lead my footsteps really far...
shouldn't I play a Christmas song on this guitar?
I will go from house to house and knock on every door...
tingle everyone with great joy by spreading the message of the Savior! 

I'm very confident that going back home
stars will gleam and children will roam:
singing, shouting, swirling and throwing heavy  snowballs;
happy angels will be heard on gelid gulls,
but who minds waiting in the bitter cold... 
when a Divine Child comes down to redeem the sinful world?  

Entered in Carol Sunshine Brown's  contest,
" Fire And Ice "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 12/ 3/ 2012

Details | Rhyme | |

Frosted Embers

Winter rides On the weathered Wings of the wind Through a heavy sky Where violet hues are Pinned. Wispy Clouds flow like Angel Hair in graceful curls Winter's frosted embers Adorn the earth like millions Of priceless pearls. A Cleansing renewal transpires From the harshness of winter air Divine growth emerges from a land That is hushed in graceful prayer. Beautiful Wisdom radiates from Inside this wonderland of pristine light As a kaleidoscope of color emanates From this heavenly prism of white. Carole Cookie Arnold 01/02/2010

Details | Free verse | |


Beneath my bark is a whisper stilled in silence,
Scrolled within my rings of age, is a wish waiting
To be answered.
A timeless spark, infused engrain's of wooden pulp,
Legacies promise sense before my birth’s germination,
My special reason for existence.
Warmed by the sun’s rays, cradled by Mother Nature’s
Loving embrace, I’ve grown in the shadows of my elders,
My brethren of the forest wilds.
Tenderly a sprout grew forth, within me a secret kept
Unto myself alone, happily watching the world passes
Ideally by, as seasons changed from spring, to summer,
Yielding unto fall, then covered beneath
Blankets of chilling white.
I fear not the slicing of the human ax, or mourn
For having to leave thy native soil rich and warm,
For my life’s secret is coming true you see,
Mine inner Gift is to be a Christmas tree.
Blazing chains of sparkling lights shall grace
My branches of evergreen, as trims silvery tinsel
Hangs from my strong timbered limbs, that
Shine in the glowing warmth of this magical
Holiday called Christmas.
Crowning from above, admiration's highest branch
Lies a sacred symbol of ages eon’s long ago passed
A brilliant star of opulence, twinkling in the twilight’s
After glow of this special season.
Its eternal light weaves its mystical rays through my
Thick branches of pine, casting a shining upon the
Manjor hidden underneath, behold the greatest gift
Ever given, a simple child of the everlasting spirit.
Beneath my bark is a whisper stilled in silence,
Scrolled within my rings of age, is a wish waiting
To be answered.
A timeless spark, infused engrain's of wooden pulp,
Legacies promise sense before my birth’s germination,
My special reason for existence.


Details | Ballad | |


On Roman ruled British isle, to the deacon and his wife fair; 
On a beautiful morn, our Patrick was born, in a forth century lair 

Young and bright as a button; taken by knavish raiders - not fair
At tender age sixteen, long time not be seen, a dutiful slave to Eire

God spoke to devoted Patrick in a dream on this Emerald Isle
Boarded ship and set sail, in Britain to tell the tale; Gaul: priesthood and file
In 432, back to Eire to convert the pagans worshiping even a rock 
To explain the Holy Trinity, enlightening them till affinity, he used the shamrock

Pat inspired the Irish festival, history tells his colour was blue,
The wearing of the Green, even if one can't keen - Skyfest invites all parties true

Sung by a tone deaf (they all were) mistrel, tanked up on green beer

See the About section for details on which this poem was based. Thank you.

Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms:
This metre (BALLAD METRE) may also be interpreted (and sometimes printed) as a couplet of seven-stress lines, as in Kipling's ‘Ballad of East and West’ (1889):

Details | Acrostic | |

A Velvet New Year

Hope is a promise that comes with new snow
 And fills our tomorrows with a newfound trail
  Pristine, untouched in the moonlit glow
   Pause for a moment, bid the midnight farewell
    Yearning for adventure, with new footsteps we'll go…

     New paths of discovery lie waiting for me 
      Each step I will tread, so velvety slow
       We’ll walk hand and hand, leaving yesterday’s bed

        Yesterday’s sorrow, left beneath downy lace
         Each step is brand an unwritten slate
          As we walk in this New Year, and a new hope begins
           Rejoice, in a gift of this velvety grace 


Happy New Year to You All !
For Francine's Contest

Details | Sonnet | |

Winters Blanket

Within ashen sky, glistening falling flakes flow.
I hear them, whispering gently to and fro,
Not saying a word, they speak gently to me.
Telling me of beauty above, I’ll never see.
Each one a different wonder of life’s bliss,
Rendering, touching crystal clarity, not to miss,
Surrendering glory of nature, with snow,

Before my eyes, smothering green, glittering so
Lazily lying upon all, silvery frosty covers adrift,
Announcing another season, arriving now swift.
Now the sound of crunching, an allegory,
Kidnaping moment, amidst such glory,
Each day continuing, upon nightfall glisten,
True sensations, winters blanket disposition.

written by Cecil Hickman

date written 11-19-12

Details | Acrostic | |

Silent Night

S ilver strands of clouds are drifting in the sky;
I nto night the world slips silently.
L ight withdraws its warmth by and by,
E bbing out to dark serenity.
N ew snow, beneath the moon and stars, falls with grace.
T rees, naked once, now glisten, dressed in lace.

N o sound is heard; there is no soul in sight.
I  mmersed in thought, I picture one still night:
G ood news was given of a baby boy,
H eard by lowly shepherds in radiant light
T hat streamed from sky with angels’ songs of joy!

For Francine Roberts'
Holiday Acrostic Challenge Poetry Contest

Details | Tanka | |

All Hallows Eve

leaves drift to the ground,
red and gold litter the street,
as ghouls come out to play,
one night a year;
All Hallows Eve!

Details | Haiku | |

Remembering How It Was

fragrance of Christmas
emanating from cedar
nostalgic allure

Details | Haiku | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part I

Gathering grey clouds
Whip crack of frothing thunder
Is this Africa?

Details | Haiku | |

Cherry Blossoms Jamboree

Cherry blossoms bloom; the townspeople sing, laugh, dance: hope springs eternal.

Details | Cinquain | |



coconut cushions

blanket the land

time stands still momentarily


Details | Blank verse | |

Walk in the Park on a Spring Day

Took a walk over to 
     the small park 
Near my home 
   Sparrows hopping on the ground 
and squirrels running by 
    Brought some books 
along with me 
 intending to relax 
   but nature drew me 
and I watched  the sparrow 
   and the squirrel 
They are alive!
I am alive !
A spring day on New York's 
   Lower East Side 
  later on - A Memorial Day banquet
Looking forward.....

Details | Verse | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Going Home

What is it to see the soil of home again?
A welcome, snow-struck and a return
To cold; sharp white contrasts sunburn.
We converse in broken tongues to men

We know, hooked on holiday language
Comprised of wandering hand signs.
Collect the car and pay parking fines,
Drive through towns and over a bridge

Until we reach the Western gateway.
Oh when will we arrive at our house?
No camels there, only field mouse
Which are eaten by our cat anyway.

The plane flies for an age, slyly yawning
Through the stretching, pealing sky,
A knife through air; what it is to fly.
Our travels over; a new day is dawning.

Details | Haiku | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

Details | Haiku | |

The Perfect Tree Search

                                              Soft needles shapely
                                         Perfection was overlooked
                                              Simply adorned_star

(The topic is tree)

Details | Free verse | |

Thanksgiving Family Tradition

My sons eyes opened wide, 

when I pulled on the slide,

 on the airplanes opening door partition, 

I had took the time, 

without being sublime,

 to explain the Reith Family's Thanksgiving tradition, 

Maybe he had thought it pure jest,

 his bulging eyes processed, 

as his parachute opened, he wore a look of derision,

 His body had spun, 

his look registered stunned, 

like this was some kind of unreasonable decision,

 It was expected of the youngest born,

 before Thanksgiving morn, 

to bring back from the nearest forest, a bird,

 after a mighty and fierce war, 

with piles of blood spilled galore, 

he registered a look,

 that I mistook, 

as if my demands were patently absurd, 

After the last desperate howl, 

of the game but defeated fowl, 

he would drag the beast back to where we were living, 

and as hard as he was able, 

slam it down on the dinner table,

 and holler loudly, "To all a  Happy Thanksgiving"!

Details | Haiku | |

Natures Valentine

Natures kiss sweet as
pure nectar from honey bees
With love willows bow.

P.S Loving :) Val

Details | Rhyme | |

Christmas Magic

Braised by the sparkle of snow on the ground.
Drawn by a tapered moon.
Chilled by the air you rise to hound
then startled by the crumpled tune.

Mist floating heavy with sweat on the banks.
Damp to the open mouth.
Ice crusting over to give it's thanks
with winds giving way to the south.

Black oily skies in overcast clouds
dampening the moonlight to dim.
Crescendos of light forming covenant shrouds
with joy giving way to a hymn.

White crested branches of snow covered trees.
Praying for flakes that still fall.
Hoping there's still, some in the breeze
who'll make it to ground in a squall.

Spells in the wind are telling their stories.
Hoping you'll feel Christmas Magic.
For those who will listen to all their glories,
or wouldn't; would that be tragic!

Details | Rhyme | |

The Power of One Hour

For just one hour, we live as our ancestors did
     Reading, writing, sharing the Earth by candlelight
From our obligations to Mother Nature we hid
     Our eyes have become blinded, one with the night

Nature’s bounty has been squandered for too long
    We strip forests, mines, and drill for oil in pristine sea
Should we have expected no punishment for this wrong?
     Wouldn’t you prefer a world where creatures all run free?

These cages, prisons, contain endangered species
     At 8:30 tonight though, Mother Nature is taking charge
Locked doors will open, even the one your heart sees
     Is one hour without light enough time to recharge?

Written March 29, 2012 for Nikko’s “Beyond Earth Hour” challenge
"If you can, please turn off your lights for an hour 
on Earth Hour 2012 ---March 31 ----8:30pm. Thanks :)" 

Tip:  Wait until hot summers or cold winter to turn on the heat and air.  I cut my utility bill in half by “dressing” for the temperatures, rather than use heat or air conditioning.  In the summer I turn off the hot water – cool water feels much better on a hot day.

Details | Haiku | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part V

The English weather:
Rainclouds follow us from home
There is no escape.

Details | Rhyme | |

The White Pumpkin

Thank you, Ma’am, for the pumpkin.
I am not distressed in the least.
Though it’s not of my preference,
It’ll suffice for a Halloween feast.

Mother Nature could have mixed up her seeds.
That could explain why the color is bland.
One might think Jack Frost didn’t finish his work,
Or, Autumn is making a political stand.

I am so glad you came with this pumpkin.
Come on in Ma’am, and stay for awhile.
No, I don’t mind it isn’t bright orange,
Though it isn’t the most popular style.

Please, have a seat as good company should,
And quit the uncertainties filling your mind.
Don’t doubt my plan for sweet pumpkin pie,
As giving me this ugly, white pumpkin was kind.

Details | Haiku | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part III

An azure ocean
Displaced by mighty blackness
The horizon dies

Details | Haiku | |

Clearwater Beach

turquoise waves tumble softly embrace hot white sand... each moment’s erased
~*~ 6/23/11

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Glistening Silver

Glistening Silver

Glistening silver on water’s edge like thousands of diamonds for my hair - 
Snow covered mountains hide summer flowers of purple, pink and gold
while black bear and deer search for left over apples from October’s harvest.
Ellijay is crisp and cleaned to perfection by nature’s wind and cold - 
The cows hide inside the old, red barn up the hill.
Hickory trees barren of fruit, yet a lone woodpecker flits back and forth looking -
searching for substance from the thick bark only it can penetrate. 
My prayer for snow covered mountains has been answered.
Seventeen years of Florida sun has scorched my throat and mind.
I wanted to see New York snow in North West Georgia -
One full Sunday of snow falling for my eyes to fill
 in the glorious beauty of winter’s wonder.

Details | Haiku | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

Details | Verse | |

Too Soon Gone

The air drips over the lake
yet to be thundered awake. 
Mirages waver.
Bare feet on black asphalt quake
Keepers on sand tractors rake. 
That's summer's flavor.
Swimsuit wearers all partake
of young beauties and beef cake
as love is a savior.

Dip the babies toes, savor
the lake's cool icy laver,
hear her giggles rise.
See the lover's sink braver
and the old ones disfavor
soon to end July.
Scorched red by Sun's engraver.
Father's garden hose wavers.
Soon, summer good bye's.

August crisps the field's allies.
Summer's guests leave compromised.
The lifeguard's gone. 
It's too hot for much but sighs.
The town theater's cool as ice,
from the heat in drawn.
Watch the actor's prance in guise
Fall with have it's own surprise,
Too soon, summer's gone.

Details | Ballad | |

Weather's Changing

The air is sweet, the sky is clear
I know for sure that summer’s near
Pass my sandals and shades my dear
I’ve joy in my heart and nothing to fear

Winter was dark and long and cold
Not even the sun could break its cruel mould
It rained so hard I’m glad my house could hold
But when winter ended, my heart turned to gold

I’m searching a good spot, my place in the sun
I’m yearning for laughter, compassion and fun
To stretch my long legs, see how far I can run
To find my soul mate - and say “You’re the One”

Well I’ve found a good spot, I’m searching no more
I’m laughing and running until I’m sore
My heart has mended, its really not raw
Now I can say “This is what I’ve been looking for!”

Details | Haiku | |



It took three whole days
for Jack to build a snowman;
he's as tall and strong


They are thrilled and scream..
playing in the deep, fresh snow;
they cannot their mom 


Heart, take a quick look: 
isn't winter's glittering snow 
so mysterious?

Details | Haiku | |

Stone Mountain

At the base of Stone Mountain in early spring, the view is overpowered by the height of the round rock. Gray cold granite exposed rock draws many visitors to view this unusual phenomenon.

cold massive hugh stone obstructs view for several miles white narcissus bloom
Climbing onto the sky lift, we inch to the top. At the top of Stone Mountain, we can see for miles around. The beauty of spring is exhibited in the different shades of green on the trees' leaves. A sprinkling of white dots the forest as Dogwoods bloom. Haibun form..

Details | Verse | |

A Pie-faced Moon

The trees have pumpkin-pied themselves
they're dipped in butterscotch.
The nests of frosted pick-up sticks
hide squirrel's stores which plop.

Below the bowed apple trees branches
black ants and bumble bees delight,
bucks with horns return at dawn
to feast on sweet red meats bright.

The corn mazes full of children small
their parents so close at hand
The air smells of cider 
the sweetest in the heartland. 

And all is as it should be now
so fully we've been endowed.

Details | Free verse | |

Holiday Pumpkin Fashion

There are green,yellow, red, blue, and tan,
orange and white pumpkins
Carve into any one of them and you will see
they are all the same orange inside
But, as of late the new fashion has become the 
White Pumpkin also known as the Ghost Pumpkin

Details | Free verse | |

The Last Will And Testament Of Senor Turkey

I watched with awe, 

as you came ashore, 

after sailing from far, far away lands, 

You built your towns, on none were frowns,

 with sheer grit, determination, faith and bare hands,

 I figured that one fateful day, 

where we would play and share our future destiny as friends,

 For that fateful chance,

 to laugh and dance, 

where our mutual goals would depend, 

I have my ways, and you have yours, 

on each others strengths we could lend,

 and we could build, and see fulfilled, 

a new World Order for all to comprehend:

 We are so different, in so many ways, 

I didn't think this day would ever come to be, 

That in the end,

 instead of try to befriend ;

 You would treat me just like a piece of meat 

 Gobble! Gobble!

Details | Free verse | |

A delicious day

Sifting warm sand 
through my fingers
lustrous fine grains 
glitter my palm.
by the soft powdery touch,
I sit for a while 
under the rocks
My bare feet 
swirl patterns in the sand
as I idly watch
a beach life unfold

Bustling mother’s set up home 
on plaid blankets
colourful beach bags 
thick with togs and towels
Buckets, spades
strewn all around
a picnic stored carefully
under a shady umbrella,
they gather the children
skip giddy with glee
slapping sunscreen 
on lithe limbs
with index finger
of do's and don'ts.

My gaze drifts to 
little pink sisters,
their chubby faces 
alive with imagination
as nimble bodies 
straddle the sand,
all wrapped up 
in mounds of castles
studding their dreams 
with pearly shells 
and whispering tales
of pretty princesses.

At the water’s edge
long legs prancing
tip toeing warmth
into the chilly sea
up to their waists in
crested waves
dipping and diving,
an ocean of laughter
as young lads play
splashing and yelling
a ball in the air
they plunge.

Picking up my sandals,
I walk up the beach
under the bridge
past crimson valerian 
It’s balmy perfume 
scenting a delicious day

Details | Rhyme | |

Cinco De Mayo

 Packed a picnic for the middle of the night,
sandwiches,chocolet stawberrys , liqueur taste just right,
 Smoke a lil sumthin to make us feel so light,
My baby sister here, we can never feel so tight,
 One candle burning flickering just right,
Here with our loves, the moon shines so bight,

 We walk through the trails, to stretch our legs and feel the air,
we get so spooked we run back feeling fear,
 We laugh out loud to clear the air,
 Enjoy this time from here to there,
Cinco de mayo is outa sight,

We love each other all so right.

Details | Rhyme | |


whimsical winter white crystal flakes of wonder fluffy snow, bright white, leaves the world a blunder. a blanket coats the world, unmarred, pure, sugary flakes, in a whirl assure that winter is here

Details | Free verse | |

Harvest Time

Honey combs swollen..sticky and sweet
Apples candied or  chopped for  mince meat
Raisins dried from my Daddy's grape vine
Verily I say.. it's again  harvest time..
Eager for Winter and sun shortened days
Storehouses busting we bring in the strays
Tilling and tending ... the work and the grime

Toiling and teamwork.. we receive Harvest time..
Intervals of hours.. of weeks and years
Miles of work.. with blood.. sweat and tears..
Every time to a season.. every season for a time
      ~With our hearts full of gladness.. 
            we celebrate Harvest Time!

Details | Triolet | |

Triolet to December

Snow covered pines
Cold wind blows
Lost in Christmas lines
Snow covered pines
Colors of all kinds
Annual holiday shows
Snow covered pines
Cold wind blows

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 1

In the hallowed woods,
leaves dance in the air, quiet
as the cool wind blows.

Details | Couplet | |

On Brighton Beach

Tents of various colours in parade across the sands
It's summer time in Brighton as the sun beams down so grand

Families too many to mention, on blanketed abound
Whilst laughter resonates from the children all around

Even nature has her say as the waves caress the shore
Just like yesterday, and so many years before

Gliding terns and seagulls grace the thermal flow
As they anticipate the pickings that present them down below

Rock pools gather attraction, a learning call for the young
Explained by thoughtful parents, of how we all began

Sails of shapes and sizes appear against the blues
Boats and ships aplenty in sailing tacking cruise

My day now nears it's end, on this wonderful Brighton Beach
So many joys surround me, I'm so thankful their in my reach

Details | Free verse | |

Cottage Futures

Dare I dream about a future cottage,
Where I live suits me well,
The beautiful tall trees and walkways,
There is a serene lake nearby,
Where you can view ducks and geese swimming past,
In the morning you can see the mist rise from the lake,
The sounds of nature are everywhere,
This is paradise to me for years,
To be thus blessed and thankful,
Days with nature and the outdoors through the years,
What pleasure and delight, at home with God's nature.
To return home and sit by the cafe window,
Savouring a delicious hot chocolate with cream,
My relatives guesting and sharing this paradise on special days,
God 's miraculous blessings come true,
Thankful appreciation to the Lord our God.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

Details | Haiku | |

haiku 15

her oven opens—
bits of fruit color the dough
as flour dusts her breasts

Poet: Debbie Guzzi

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The Constitution of a Aging Veggie Eater

The Constitution of a Aging Veggie Eater

I the aged, will do my solemnly best
to eat all my green like vegetables 
and what every doctor Oz says is good for my body 
and will affirm that in good faith, I give my word that, I will protect my colon and my heart 
to the best of my ability, to preserve my health and defend my new way of life 
no matter how young i may feel at the time...  

P.S.  But if a desert comes into view, I will not, do my Hostess best to walk away?!  
               but eat it with the vigor of a young woman, without a waist line!    
             "Oath of office of the President of the United States"

	"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President
of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the United States."

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The Island of Gods

Worship dance blared fulfilled the stroke of sunset
The beauty of heavenly panoramic captivate the admiration in depth
Gratify the devotees whose hunger for the sublimity of  art
Even breezes kindly offered its cradle as a humbled guests from afar

The faint strains of *gamelans seems like combing the roar of  waves
When the eyes of Gods, exotically closed the day
But this heaven never sleep
The euphoria of dazzling night replace the fetish as a dreams in reality

Diverse nations united in this ocean of excitement
Earthiness as the existence of unified
Pours relief beyond their deadly deadline
This celestial sanctuary was too good to be ruined
In the eyes of Gods, again splendors emitted through its beauty
Touched the heart of universe gently
And be part of the heartbeat in this country
Thou, the seekers, you are welcomed within these prosperities

Author note:
Welcome to Bali

*Gamelan = Balinese Gamelan is a traditional musical instrument originally from 
                 Bali-Indonesia which is usually used for the traditional ceremonies or 

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haiku 16

a rangoli pattern 
in a Mumbai courtyard --
oil lamps flicker

*Mumbai /m?m'ba?/, also known as Bombay, is the capital city 
of the Indian state of Maharashtra. 


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northeasterly wind

northeasterly wind
whips the surf palm tree branches...
shore birds catch flight soar  

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Ireland Cool Rain

In the mist of the storm__rainbow
Mount the rainbow go
To the land of rocky clifts__rain
Cool, clean water my gain
Land of temperatures cool rule
For Northern Lights sight drool

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Fishing Allure

wiggling ripples
lure a bass to shore~
Daddy whistles

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A day in a hill


When I land here at noon
In the sky a pale moon
The heady air still chills
The ascetic-like hills.

A tribal totem shines
With the trophy it holds
Wheeling off weakness is
The wizardry of wind

Deprivation satisfies
The want that bothered
Conflagration follows
The fire in the lamp post

I smell a flower from far
And urban waste from close
I  eat a fruit in haste
And rest by primal waste.

Passion kills one’s fatigue
In the sylvan threshold
Moves past moody mist in
Deliberate derision

Fading under the glare
In an ironical shade
Is a losing image
A seed, weed and a bird

Coming into my haunt
Is this chef cum charmer
All the rest are cooking
Their hot and spicy meals

An equation builds up
Between blitheness and shyness
And searches for some space
For its lone stately pose	

Mumbling good old prayers
Munching fruits and what-nots
Folks pay ransoms to fool

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haiku 18

laughter fills
the air as fireworks burst --
flower petal trails

* see about the poem

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Come Home To Nature

See how the islands beckon
Hear the palm trees' songs
Feel the gentle breeze that please
Say 'here's where you belong'.

Run free on shores of sandy white
Chasing waves that race with you
Bask in the warm embrace of sunlight
Amid the skies of powder blue.

Undress your life of useless worry
Time has stopped, at least for now
Breathe in the view,  drink  of its beauty
Think... well, you deserve it somehow.

Rest awhile with Mother Nature
Stay with Her on a place near the sea
She will relax your mind,  for sure
And you find it's so wonderful to be free!

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Spring Ahead of Schedule

Blossoms bright orange, gold and yellow
Planted bulbs rebirth anticipation
Robin red breast around fifty on the lawn

Robin pecking in the fresh turned soil, mellow
Credit card ordered more and more for satisfaction
Bills pile higher across my desk, collector on the phone

Spring is ahead of schedule until the great freeze
Spring is ahead of schedule until Easter.....If you please!

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Sunny Goodbyes

summer bliss fades
blistering heat swept away
the crisp wind unfolds

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part II

The Med between us
The gusts make me think of you
Storms... it’s just like home.

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It's more Fun in the Philippines

Treasured land splendor and glory
Pearl of the Orient Seas
Soldiers of known most emotional people
Loving and hospitable in patriot's blood line
The secret of velvet Three Stars and a Sun.

Fortified highest kind of water
Hallowed island of more than
Seven thousand and one hundred seven
Proudly her alone no other can hold.
Through her God given treasures

The Rice Terraces of Banaue
Created more than 3000 years ago
Formed and sculpted with bare hands
My Ifugao ancestors
Giver of my calm sound of survival
Food for my body and soul
The best and will proudly shout my own.

The Tubbataha Reef
One of the largest virgin reef you'd dive
Over diversity of colorful sea creature
You'd see the heaven underwater.
The majestic Underground River,
As a seabirds sanctuary you'd be speechless
A UNESCO world heritage site.
Palawan's gift to its people.

The chocolate hills of glorious Bohol
Conical hills of limestone
Fragments of earth's unexplained laws
Home to the smallest monkey, the Tarsier,

The subtle  Mayon volcano of Albay
Most perfect conic one in the world
Proudly my motherlands finest
Her glory on the face of  beloved earth

Bathe your soul with the heaven by the sea
My best beach, one of the worlds brightest
The Boracay of Panay, best you won't regret
A soul's portrait of the skyline and sea.

Intellect, wisdom, skills and faith
Sun, earth, stars and sky of blue.
Falls, lakes, seas, and trenches
Bestowed by my loving motherland.
Visit and you'll see more  the best
Treasured land of splendour and glory
Of my Three Stars and a Sun.
Proudly my Pearl of the Orient Seas. 

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Christmas Waltz

Snowflakes waltz on cold breezes

Remembered dance steps centuries old

Changing partners on a whim

Caring not whose creation they will trim


Father North Wind interjects boldly

Guiding the familiar waltzing journey

As flake swirls and spin gracefully

Always retaining their individuality


Jack Frost, his night shift ending

Leaps and twirls from place to place

Freezing morning dew, now expanding,

Preparing for the dance troupe landing


Mother Nature, the definitive director

Observes diligently each intricate design

Ever mindful of their desired destination

Knowing each becomes a Christmas decoration


Blissfully unaware of the preparations for the show

Children awaken to blankets of snow

Hastily donning coats, caps, boots and gloves

 Father Christmas, delighted, smiles down from above

Note:  I wrote this last winter during the Christmas Season.  Hope you enjoy.  Merry Christmas !!!

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Poetry About Poetry

Shades of color bounce within
Singing their hues dancing in place
Vivid lines colored outside
Rules broken with empty space
A midnights dream heard and seen
Gleaming from the twinkle of a eye
Wings touched flown and plucked
Gliding like a bird up in the sky
Wishes from pennies thrown into tears
The reservoir over flowing with pigments of pain
Drowning from the shadows 
The flood paints the day
Words speak volumes of silence hidden
Their sounds blind to what they see
Mirrors of nouns and verbs 
Their meaning and secrets lost at sea
Emotions ruled by laws of language
Spelled in boxes of glass
Melted from sands inside
That voices strangle to grasp

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haiku 17

small clay lamps
line the edge of the rooftop --
sweets melt on my tongue


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The Wonderful Lens

A number of tasks to handle,
and not even a space left to enjoy,
as the work needs to be completed,
as fast as it can be done,
in spite of the hard work,
we do daily,
we do need some respite, 
and these could be done,
in a number of ways,
by walking,
or jogging
or by watching television,
or by watching films,
in the multiplexes,
those which lie in every nook and corner of the street,
but some derive pleasure,
through travelling, 
others by travelling through the forests,
accompanied by a special companion,
some large and some small,
known as the camera,
taking a step at a time,
as silently as possible,
as to not to wake up the wild living in here,
by capturing the photos of these lovely creatures,
living in here,
some of the these wonderful creatures are seen,
roaming as freely as possible in the wild,
look how carefree they are,
but their ears are opened quite wide,
to heed for any danger,
heading their way,
it’s time for me to return home,
from the wild,
as it is time for me to deliver,
these photos to my manager,
as this has been my job,
for which I do get paid for,
to look after my family,
I do need to hurry,
as I do not travel by four wheelers,
or two wheelers,
as the pollution created by these,
could endanger the wild living in here,
I do travel far and wide,
with my bicycle,
for all the work I do, 
and I do not mind this,
as my love for the wild,
exceeds boundaries forever!!

From:-Mr. Manu Nair.

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Six Seater Airplane

As we rose on wings
The earth falling below fast
On wings of eagle 
Feeling as higher at last
Beauty of Canyon below

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Grasp the anguish, of the dank do-

Gooder, bursting across

The local track.  Kids bored silly

Outside the school, sneer as

She slips past.  The brassy broad clings

In the wind to her hat,

As shoulder straps preclude her sack

From sinking, she is an-

chored by her leather bag, the last

Treasure she can hold fast.

Since the rain washed away the mirth

Of the carnival day.

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Straight From Heaven's Gate

Twice in my life,
an experience to remember.
At the peak of dawn's light,
on a morning in December.
It's a beautiful thing that came,
straight from heaven's gate.
A holiday to remember,
on the 11th of December.
Everyone is excited,
as the phone begins to ring.
Look outside to see,
the snow that is falling.
An unexpected holiday,
with children out to play.
Memories will never fade,
of that December day.
The snow was steady falling.
The wind continued to blow.
Children's voices calling,
"Come play out in the snow."
So, God sent us a miracle straight from heaven's gate.
Even I went out to catch some falling snowflakes.
People everywhere,
outside in the cold.
The thing that touched my heart,
was footprints in the snow.

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A Halloween to haunt

Int this starry night 
Hidden by the moonlight
Were true love flowers
And true hatred devours
As my life flashes
My future and past passes
I wonder what can I do 
For Im dead without my shoe
Ha Ha I may be old
Even I dont know my  own age
Just another day In my page
Tonight is the creepshow
And the stinch flows
Halloween i say
Halloween is the way
Be frightened and scared
You will not be spared
Ghouls and ghost plunder in darkness
Werewolves and Vampires are coming out
With there scary spout
As the zombies rise
Here comes Frankenstein
With there deathly cries
The leeches nibble your blood
Can you feel the disgusting
Graveyard mud
Run all you want
We will not give up the hunt
Goodnight please let the bed bugs bite

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My Visitor part2

In mystery I awed her quietness while Mother Nature accompanied with a wind song
January is her name, eyes bedazzled like the stars that dance in the dark
Cheeks shiny and pristine, skin pale transluscent and new just like this year
The sun crept behind its veil of white and January said she must go
Hard and unimaginable to believe she prompted to stay a lovely thirty one days
31 days of songs, skipping over the frosty crunch of dehydrated land
Holding hands as my year proceeds, she lets go
In sympathy she promises her return same time as always
In reality I let her go and in pain forsake the other months to come
But as she gently climbed back out my window she looks back smiles
Galliantly like a soldier who has finally returned and with a whip of the wind 
A gentle whisper she leaves her love in symbolic bumps from head to toe of my body
I shudder grabbing closer my coat
Her scent I still smell... of sage, rosemary and leftover holly
Trinkles of wet cascade down my cheek slightly brushing the edges of my shoulder
As I say... 
See ya soon! my dear old gal January

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: The Market

Shuffling sandstone, infinite shimmering coloured pots,
TV remotes lie in tandem with jeans, shiny toy robots
Act as magnets to the unwary tourist, conspicuous in
Their presence, shorts and cameras, humid hair in knots.

Spices of hues in their hundreds to make you salivate,
Groaning shack tables of suspicious sunglasses sate
Your appetite for purchases, the sun beats down on
The market, Medina bursting with life which cannot wait.

Eyes flicker over unsuspecting strangers, enticing you
To buy, trapped by the lure of a carpet woven new
By sweating men grasping, chasing any chance to sell
The future. Will you ever use this carved snooker cue?

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bat flies sees nothing - haiku

~*~ ~~**~~ bat flies sees nothing from his nest eagle sees all the groundhog takes bets ~~**~~ ~*~

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Do Not Send Me Roses

Do not send me roses
roses do not surprise
lavish me with sweet hydrangeas
their delicate bunches a feast for the eyes

Do not send me roses
roses have become so cliche
lavish me with joyful daisies,
azaleas, or fragrant lilac bouquets

Do not send me roses
God's garden grows many flowers
tall sunflowers bursting with seed
will brighten my day at any hour

Valentines Day has come and gone
my love, remember these words I say
do not send me roses
create a masterpiece for me to display!

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waves haiku

sand laden waves

pound rich seaweed crusted rocks---

shoals of fish swim deep

Details | Narrative | |


...this is so intimate of time, as a first kiss of time close of soul, so near, so dear of heart beat, so precious a rhyme that flows so intimately,
deep of time, down by the Crystal Seas...
...this is so intimate of dreams,
dreaming reality,
as the Crystal Sea so reveals of destinies galore,
destined as the night light of the moon-glows of starry eyes,
upon the waters,
...seeing tranquility upon the waves...
watching to the depth of a dream,
and a sun-rise
being so true...
for underneath and within this a moon-lit poem of starry night eyes, down by the Crystal Seas, a vessel sets sail upon the deep...into a kiss of dawn...
Sea to shinning Sea.

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New Dawn

Zest is in my heart
And bliss is in the air
As sanguine clouds have given way
To a new dawn so fair

Buds are blooming into flowers
And nature is burgeoning with joy
As the dead autumn has given way
To a new spring so joyous


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Ethnic Goa and Unique Goa

As I opened the door
And stepped inside the divine floor
A gentle zephyr bore upon my core
The tranquil ambience aroused me wishes galore
And I felt I’ve completed my journey to God’s manor.
There is the aureole addressing the path,
the path to the house of worship,
even in the dark it is a sign of luminescence
Shinning against all irreverance.
God made heaven and earth and all the angels
and all the extra important angels, called Archangels.
The Archangels were God’s very special friends
and were shinning and strong and powerful
They adhered God's message 
To human races.
From the essence of humanity
I feel mankind is comprehensive
They are gifted with a communal harmony
And from the essence of spiritual luminance
Divinity is never classified
And the idol we worship is in the core of mankind.
Today when I see the unity within
I feel to be a part of them
They don’t have any caste as such
Neither have they belonged to any religions
Christians, Hindus and Muslims
Together they are Goans.
Thence I hold my breath
Along the serene western sky
To the sandy coastal line
There to blend with the ocean rage
And legless gamy sight.
Live shells, fresh air and sunrise at the horizon,
a lazy day and a walk to remember.
I gave up everything 
just to feel am the only admirer
Along the coast I rove alone,
and I see am being followed,
but not by humans
but by the species I never acquainted before
Seeking for your morning lust,
I call upon a peaceful realm,
I decided to hold your hand,
and thence I committed to feel the warmth.
Before I leave,
let us rock on the sandy beach,
let us blend with the folk culture
and together we will grab the trance music and dance,
the moments we will collect may bring us back to here.

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Low Tide

carpet of hot coals
ancient villagers chanting
healers pound kava

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Sudden Storm

broken flip flop rests
outside sandy castle walls
perhaps, the clouds break

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I would like to see,
Snow, frozen  H2O this year.
It hardly does here.

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Campers Grandeur

Fearless flames licking the night
as the glow flickers fire in their eyes
ah the tales round campfires light
of Sasquatch shadows and cougars demise

When sleepily those embers to ash burn down
like marshmallows slipping to the ground
lanterns cast their final shadows
In exchange for adventures awaiting tomorrow

A final gaze at a zillion stars
shinning their sign of specked hope
for a soul to know peace is only so far
as blackened woods against constellations cloak

As I lay me down to sleep
not a care in the world can persuade me
to take for granted my humble retreat
safely bunked with my horses by the creek

Sunshine flashes her brilliant stare
like diamond wings playfully fluttering
over morning rivers greeted with prayer
while wee ones still in tents lay slumbering

Until the hunger fails to quit
resisting whiffs of luscious scent
hash-browns and bacon crisp...
with flapjacks bearing the final lament

Here they come sleepy and wistful
cocoa for the kido's hair in a muddle
and coffee for the men now donning stubble
the ones bearing tissue and the O'l faithful shovel 

The slightest breeze sweet smell of earth
shooting, hiking, splitting wood
traditions passed down again to preserve
laughter in a still frame subtly procured

Camping is the life, simple yet rich
meadows of wildflowers by the lake
kayak drifts near wild lavender I pick
with a wave saying thanks to the boaters wake :-(

Of all the trips money can buy
exotic lands, places to fly...
there's no place better to spend a summer
then camping where the wonder comes uncovered

Details | Sedoka | |

Interesting Shadows

An old tree at night Casts interesting shadows From the light of the full moon The night holds darkness Where tree holds the vampire bats That feast on fearful people
Russell Sivey

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Dazzling, dancing lights

dazzling, dancing lights
of peace and love, from neighbors 
will the city bloom? 

Details | Rhyme | |


The birds of the shore sing away
After the rain last eve
The sky overcast blends with the beach
And stillness matches the sea

The breeze and humidity wait
For the sun's shiny face
To warm the sand  and stir the sea
But this day I embrace  

Written Thursday, June 06, 2013
At the island

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(for Tyler)

The grass is whisperin'

the leaves are singin'

the sun smilin' in the sky,

is that too perfect a picture?

oh yeah, 'cause you, me and nothin' else are perfect,

screw perfection!

let's all take hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits our dance.


The snow's beguilin'

the wind seducin'

the moon shimmerin' above,

is that too perfect a picture?

oh yeah, 'cause you, me and nothin' else are perfect,

screw perfection!

let's all take hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits our dance.


Spring's acomin'

new life alurkin;

the smell of earth alive,

is that too perfect a picture?

hell, no - you, me and everyone else!

let's all hold hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits our dance,

let's all hold hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits, awaits our dance

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Salty Spray

Salty spray upon the glass
                                              from the stormy sea

The wind blows  

                  this way and that

                                          leaving its view obscuring 

salty residue

Written around 5:30 on Friday before packing to come home..

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Twilight embraced the peaceful valley,
While the crisp bite of fresh fallin' snow,
Clung cloyingly to our hands and cheeks,
Quietly christening us with its wintry show.
A romantic ballet of Nature's Grace,
Played out before our wondrous eyes,
As shimmering snowflakes and gusts of wind,
Danced; wheeling and spinning across the starlit skies.
'Come join us!', they called, lost in their ballet of grace,
As they spun and weaved, before melting in our hair,
Laughing, we caught the wild merrymakers on our tongues,
Tasting the music and dance that lingered in the cold air.
Our warm breath, frosted the air as hand and hand we walked on,
The brush of sweet snow still caressed our lips and tongue,
We passionately kissed, while snowflakes danced 'round our heads,
singing, 'Happy Valentines Day!', to all that joined in their song!
©Jane Richer

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Leggy Bird and a Vintage Wine

What i love
About Christmas time
Is a leggy bird
And a vintage wine

With succulent breasts
And a figure so tanned
When i wash my hands
She'll soon be manned

She's the type of bird
Who leaves me well fed
With a glass of wine
I'm ready for bed

But this little bird
Can sure last longer
For she double serves
And my hungry heart grows fonder

At my table she sits
In anticipation
As my hands delight
She has my admiration

This delicious bird on Christmas Day
Is natures Turkey, a delight I'll say
And just before we sit down to eat
We are incredibly thank full, for such a treat

My entry for Donna Golden's contest " Turkey Tribute "

Details | Verse | |


Scorched as a desert eagle,
trying to get to a cool river
to wash and soothe his dry feathers,
I shout to the sizzling Nature,
" Let sun rays turn into snowflakes! "

I must place the green mistletoe on my door,
hang silver bells on it and make them ring
when guests come in with heavy coats
draped with snow as their breaths steam...
oh, summer turn into winter!

Shivering as a boy who has built a tall snowman,
I rush into a home where delights are many:
presents stacked up under a freshly-cut Christmas Tree
as lights make me dream of that Holy Night in Bethlehem... 
when baby Jesus lay asleep and angels surrounded Him!

Christmas is many months away,
and wouldn't Santa cheer up everyone tonight...
as he comes down from the snowy sky and crashes on his fat belly?
Everyone thinks that I am going insane by wishing Christmas in summer
by constantly yelling, " Let sun rays turn into snowflakes! "

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dawns lure of Malvan Beach

Blue carpet waves, White foam gyrates. Cool breeze blowing, Beaming sun growing. Low flying crows, Fishing nets throws, Slumbering dog packs, Dry nets on wooden racks. Lone fisherman rows, Sea gulls numbers grows, Around water dripping nets, Pelagic fish they ferret. Silver silky waves, Low flying eagles braves, Sand shacks longboats, Orange buoys afloat. Sun rays warm up, Need black coffee cup It is 8 am this morn, Can I be here at morrow’s dawn?
The allure of a lure is alluring Poetry Contest

Details | Free verse | |

Thanksgiving through...

A red, orange, brown fuss
in autumn once more
as fog comes upon us 
Halloween ghouls to the door

The trees turning yellows
rains tumult and pour
thunder bellows, 
winds blow cold with a roar

and puddles they widen 
until they're almost a lake
then out we need go 
for the leaves we must rake

So we dig out our gloves
and we wrap round our scarfs
Then we shop for our loves,
friends and then some other halves

For Christmas  approaches
but fireworks come first
as Guy Fawkes encroaches
kids pennies do thirst

Then it's time for the lights
as the children do sing
And Santa's nearly in sight
while the church bells do ring

Then Jesus Christ's birth
we will try to remember
the meaning of 'worth'
on 25th of December.

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The Surf

The Surf
                               BREAKS HIGH RESTLESS  
                     VIOLENT WHITECAPS  
        still comb for shells

                                        Around the bend
Then back again

Details | Verse | |


The campfire warmly glows by a creek that gently flows I sit and think Wondering what the moon knows and why that cratered smile grows when a star winks Night’s guests then wisely impose Loons request wolves to compose suites without ink There will be no tent tonight A bed roll is my delight Simplicity And pleasant dreams will take flight freed of ceilings far too tight Captivity A daily routine bleached white Modern living and its might Disunity But here in this wilderness where dusk itself seems to bless the weary mind Mutely to God I confess a hundred sins, more or less this heart unkind I hear His voice whisper yes Summer’s breeze leaves a caress My soul unwinds

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four jets streak blue sky

four jets streak blue sky directional opposites.. three pelicans soar

Details | Tanka | |

Easter Morning

Easter morning breaks with a glorious sunrise a promised new day thank you, Lord, for your promise Easter lilies sway in praise sunlight reaches down lifting my eyes to Heaven a promised new day God's light shines upon my face wiping every tear dry the dawn of Easter happiness of heart and soul a promised new day On the third day, He's risen light shines on an empty tomb

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A blizzard hit my city
after a calm Christmas Day...
cars stuck in snow, wind lashing;
I abandoned mine following tire tracks.

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Hear & Now: The Cold

Sitting here on this cold day Wishing the cold would go away Feeling happy and having fun But from this cold I want to run When will it stop, when will it end Because the cold is not my friend Leave I say and away from my sight Let me have just on peaceful night

Details | Free verse | |


Looking out my window when the air is cold and brisk
I see the sun is shining and my heart is filled with bliss
Knowing that in this beauty nothing can go amiss

The snow is new and glistneng in it's white and untouched glory
Waiting for children to come and play, making their own happy story

As I watch new snow falls and there is magic in the air
I feel the elation of everyone that is there
Creating a snow man with spagetii for hair

Soon they'll come inside, cold and dripping wet
The children, they are all as happy as they can get

I await their smiling faces inside by the fire
With hot chocolate and listening to Cristmas songs sung by a chior

Jacque Graham

Details | Free verse | |

Sand and Sea

A light with bite that wounds the eye
is breaker borne. Ashore,
this bright morning burns
black holes into the retina:
sun spots that dot the dunes.
My vision sweeps, south to north,
a stretch of beach. Each wave,
which breaks then smooths to ripples,
retreating leaves its flotsam:
spume-laden seaweed and shells the sun
will bleach to blinding white in hours.
A swimmer bodysurfs to water's edge.
I sip my tonic, sponge my brow,
and, through tinted glass, confront
the terrace crowd of others, cowed,
like me, by youth, by sun, by sand and sea.

Details | ABC | |


A is for apple her favourite food.
N is for nelly fortado her favourite singer.
G is for green her favourite colour.
E is for easter her favourite holiday.
L is for lilly her  favourite flower.

Details | Dodoitsu | |


fields of bold daffodil bells ring in the Chinese New Year wealth and prosperity spread from wild, yellow blooms bright bells of distinction sway a sweet fragrance on the breeze tell of flowers bringing gold a gift to behold By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders HM in Brian Strand's 8 max/ any form, any theme contest

Details | Haiku | |

Made Clear

pellets icy clear 
christmas songs sung in good cheer….
soon this is last year

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-The Treat-

Mouse sat in the pumpkin patch
and shed a weary tear..

How she had hoped and prayed
for pumpkin pie this year..

Farmer John had left her none
the pumpkins were all gone..

Packed into big boxes
shipped to parts unknown..

Mother mouse headed home
her belly gave growl..

Suddenly she turned and ran
for she thought was cat's meow..

She ran into a jagged hole
it almost appeared an eye

Suddenly she saw the truth
and knew she'd have a pie..

Pockets filled she hurried home
to bake a pastry shell..

Feasting on pumpkin pie
before Hallowed darkness fell... 

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Everything's Beachy

A damp musk fills the salty air as gray dawn rises over the star field of night. Unseen, crows hawk the glitter of light upon the dunes of day, calling out to man and feathered friend alike to rise from within the bejeweled shades of emerald and turquoise. The scruff pines prickle an expansive horizon, lifting from the dark onyx of night scenting the still air. Stalwart oaks finger the nubile rays of gold morning edges their crenulated leaves breezes lift limbs with a rustle liken to the scratch of crinoline. Topaz acorns cascade from the crowns of oaks, homage to the placid play of summer’s end at the beach at last.

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I am part of the land
the granite and limestone
that contain relics
of man's beginnings.
I stand on the mountain looking
over the water, pure in its shades
of blue as it reaches into the 
caverns along the coast.
The land rises to unknown heights
daring man to conquer it, to live on it.
The remnants of fortresses align the coast
standing guard against unknown forces.
From the Greeks and Romans I draw my blood
continuing the ways, the languages, as I observe
the Europeans with their yachts using
my land as a playground.

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Chestnuts For Fall

One day I visited the park with my family.
We ate some PBJs and various other sandwiches. 
I decided to walk off with my journal to study the various hues of leaves.
Trees of gold, scarlet, and bright titian surround me. 
There, through the mosaic of colour, I see a special tree. 

A chestnut tree. 
Tall, majestic, and surrounded by dozens of burgundy buck eyes.

A beautiful display, indeed.
I retrieved one of the nuts, examining it.
Waves and bands of rich auburn and enticing garnet.
A spot of creamy alabaster. 

Chestnuts, the most beautiful nut I have yet seen. 
I collect 25, 
because I just love to look, 
At those beautiful chestnuts.

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Early Riser

my bright cork plopped
into knee deep ice water~
tented ~ she slumbers

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Winters Enchantment

Winters enchantment glows from a moonlit night.
The beauty is beyond the glance of first light.
However, the chill may take over with a brisk bite.
Quickly the passion grows magnificently bright.
Darkness consumed by its luminosity so right.
Sprinkled and adorning the limbs hidden plight.
As the moon passes over, in its floating flight,
Shadows begin and end, traveling ever so slight.
The visions of wonder a glorious forever sight,
Millions of crystals collected ardently white.
A winter’s night mounting beyond a new height,
The new fallen snow will share a grand delight.

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In The Fall -Dorian's five Eight And Five

Summer is all gone it means that fall is now right here And this is just nice. Leaves from trees just change Yellow golden browns reds all shades In the air leaves float In fall all things change Different sounds and nice smells 'round Thanksgiving we greet Great food on display Family get together to Celebrate this day In Halloween folks Wear disguises of all type, some Scary, some are fun I love Halloween Night full of fun and play some tricks And kids want some treats So go treat or trick Enjoy night and beware of ghouls Vampires ghosts and witches Fall's a great season The weather gets colder and crisp Fall is beautiful! Dorisn Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 10.5.14

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Corrosion And Rust

The ocean's waves steadily ebb and flow, constant moisture source. A source of corrosion and rust to all metal resources. A home by the ocean's beauty with charm, relaxation. Then I saw the rust everywhere_ Minus dandelion By the sea storing treasures up, where moth and rust corrupt. Is this where I truly want to be? No, soul's praises erupt.
Sponsor: Brian Strand Contest:XII any form/theme Matt.6:19 Poulter's Measure

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Since a child barely eight,
I watched puffy snowflakes
with dreamy eyes, seeing myself so merry...
making a snowman taller than I;
his nose had to be brighter than a cherry,
and his blue eyes deeper than any sea...
then lying back, I rested in delight:
to admire my creation and sigh!

Snow on a quiet night of December,
every worry and fear I surrender...
to lose myself awaiting for deeper silence:
when a star will appear to announce 
to the hopeless world a birth of glorious joy...
will it be greeted by all as that shepherd boy?    

Everybody was asleep, the wood-burning  fireplace 
crackled as someone walking dredged a long path
with fast was daddy shivering as a cat,
holding in his frozen hands a box gleaming as glass;
I looked closer it had a red bow that brightly glowed...
and running I screamed, " Merry Christmas, dad! " 

Snow on a quite night of December,
make me dream of those wintry night already past...
when my soft face was sprinkled with snowflakes so thick,
and melting they tasted like the water of a river!
Snow on a quiet December night, take no rest...
keep on falling and creating a wonderland filled with mirth! 

Entered in Gail Angel Boyle's contest,
" Winter's Blanket "
Written by Andrew Crisci

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What Can I See?

I Can See The Fighter Jets Preying On Their Enemy,
I Can Feel The Golden Dust On My Bare Feet,
I Can See The Rockets Red Glare Lighting Up The Sky,
I Can Feel The Last Ounce Of Warmth Of The Furnace, 
I Can See The Stillness Of The Crystal On The Horizon,
I Can Feel The Last Breaths Before The Old Man Turns The Lights Out. 

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Dining Dames

Dandy daffodils delight
Dainty Dames dining
Complimenting the crispy crossiants
Making their meal magnificent

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Where is summer?

- Ready
Rain, rain, go away,
We are tired of the gray...
Slippery asphalt.

- Expectant
The grass is growing,
Dandelions in the breeze...
School is almost out.

- Impatient
We live for these days,
This most spectacular place...
Languid dreams floating.

- Hopeful
Indian summers,
Down the road in September...
Global warming sucks.

...(Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

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Trinbago massive

Trinbago massive

A lady in America asking me
To tell her something bout Trinidad
She planning a vacation soon
And want to go there real bad

She wants to hear everything
About the culture and the foods
Steel pan and calypso 
And the people attitudes

So I thinking where to start from
She might have me talking all day
Because trying to describe Trinidad
There are so many things to say

We have a lot of beautiful beaches
  Miss universe and miss world
And in Olympics 100 meters
Hasley Crawford wins the gold

We are the smallest nations
To reach the finals in a world cup
And we going back again soon
To beat the other teams on top

We had the sugar factory
In usine ste Madeleine 
But it not there no more
 Because of Patrick manning

We famous for we bake and shark
Doubles, roti and red solo
And the most beautiful girls in the world
You will find in Trinidad and Tobago

And we have a lot of saga boys
They write the book on women
So when you go down there
Prepare to hear some sweet talk from them

 And when it comes to work
Ten o clock you walking out the gate
 Because you don’t have to worry 
In Trinidad you are never late

And when is carnival day
Is the best costume to be seen?
And by the next morning
The whole place already clean

And if you go to the beach
They have beers and food in their van
And every one calling you for some
That is a true Trinidadian

And you must go on Corinth junction
Naz cuisine is the best in south
After you taste their food
It’s all you will be talking bout

We known for the botanical garden
And bird watching in Caroni
And must see the bat caves
On the island of gasparee

The scarlet ibis and humming bird
The Pitch Lake and cocrico
And in devils wood yard 
We have a small volcano

From Port of Spain to San Fernando
It’s a land of beauty
From san francique all up to taco
We have so much of history

Lord Kitchener and David rudder
Crazy and the mighty sparrow
Gypsy, baron and Denyse Plummer
Lord Nelson, Maestro, and the shadow

Ravi b and his sister nisha
Sundar popo, the hit man and rikki jai
Rasika, ramrajie, Kamela & Destiny
Anand yankarran and drupatee ramgoonie

These are some of our heroes
Some are here and some have past
But they all represents Trinidad 
With dignity and real class

So she told me to keep on talking
I said lady must work to live 
Just go down to Trinidad and Tobago
And enjoy your self because trinbago massive

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An American Songbird

Lovely Cardinal, Sitting on mail box in snow. Brilliant red feathers aglow. Sings winters solstice In time for Merry Christmas. Sun is far from equator. Giving solitude For the first day of winter, December the twenty first!

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white horse

The White Mare 
the incoming tide made an island out of
the sand bank where I sat, king for a day,
made a crown of coarse grass
but since I only ruled over a few crabs, who
bit my finger when I shook their claws, I
renounced my crown and swam ashore.
Sanitation workers, in blue overalls and
logo, heckled me since I was not like them
and they made fun of my crown.
On an incoming wave a white mare came,
bareback I mounted and gently the horse
trotted amongst the awestruck workers

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The Beach

- Summer Daze
Warm sun is shining,
Salt air cleanses my senses…
Counting grains of sand.

- The Coming
Fresh breeze on my face,
Rushing waves breaking over…
Non-descript foot prints.

- Uneasy Perspective
Restless is my soul,
Birds flying to field’s inland…
Storm shutters are closed.

- Awakening
Hazy dreams surface,
Renewal of faith begins…
Take out the garbage.

...(Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

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May Day

dancing butterflies
drink their fill of rich nectar
beribboned maids dance

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Eleven days before Christmas, as we were singing, " A Child Is Born"...
fluffy snowflakes came down and they were as big as white popcorn.

Surprised mom yelled, " Run to the window, they are more beautiful than snow flowers
and daises... " Go, catch some into your warm hands and dream of Bethlehem's stars!"

Astonished as those shepherds watching their sheep under the starriest sky,            
we saw pretty snowflakes not a wondrous star followed by the three Magi.

They kept on falling and floating like dry leaves on a December's cold evening...
when carols were played on a church organ that was taller than any ceiling.   

Merrier than angels announcing Christ's birth, we stared at His bright stable...
and what we felt was the humbleness of a King whose love was so ample.  

Once again, we ran back to the snow-dusted window and looked into the quite sky,
among the gleaming snowflakes: a golden child appeared asking for a happy lullaby. 

Entered in Francine Robert's contest,
" A Winter Couplet "
My theme: First Snowfall

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The Picnic

puffy clouds stroll by
above the bubbling brook~
ants gather to feast

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Spring holiday fever

Daffodils bunch, spring has sprung,
Sun raises higher to waken sleepy heads;
No time for hibernation now as spring fever hits, - 
create time to get together; go fly a kite, 
or sit and chill, make daisy chains.

Let the sunshine bring warm sunny days.
In meadows baby lambs take their first steps;
whilst mad March hare hops and plays
with baby bunnies dotting the green fields 
of the countryside.

A season where everything wants to bloom,
time to trim those lawns and weed again;
and all just in time before spring rains
will once more aid those thirsty 
flowers and bulbs as they grow.

For it is now that gorgeous butterflies 
flutter gracefully by giving nature a helping hand;
pollinating the kingdom while watching little chicks -
crack open their Easter eggs, just in time
to join in the madness of this happy holiday season.

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you can tell  by the bells
went come out the well
theyer on there way
its not fanta its santa
drinking his beer

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World Naked Gardening Day

I am not making any of this up.  It is a real and recognized 'holiday' all around the 
world if not in your hometown just yet.  It was reported on in the USA Today 
newspaper just this morning.  

What’s this world coming to
I read it just today
They’re promoting naked gardening
On the 14th day of May
It started back in 05
But has spread around the world
It’s all about the great outdoors
And doing it unfurled
It celebrates the weeding
Planting flowers in the buff
And trimming more than hedges
As if that’s not enough
It’s soaking up the sunshine
Big doses of vitamin D
And trimming trees and bushes
For everyone to see
It’s best to warn your neighbors
Or to work behind a fence
It’s not for the faint-hearted
But for those with confidence
But take it slow and steady
Don’t get in a big rush
Be sure to use some sunscreen
Or your cheeks will surely blush
If you’re handling a tool
Be careful of its edge
If your neighbor also gardens
Don’t linger near her hedge
Beware of poison ivy
Watch out for poison oak
Be careful what you pull on
Be careful what you poke
Come on – join the movement
The sun will do you good
You can beautify your own yard
Or your whole neighborhood
So now you know the story
I’ve laid the gauntlet down
It started in Seattle
You can bring it to your town
And all your friends and neighbors
Will stop – and then who knows
Maybe they will join you
(Be wary then of those!)

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Forever Fall

Dark and cold as dawn sets in
And the grass is moist by the dew
So serene and blessed
How morning suddenly grew.
The sky lightens
Ready to greet the sun
The plants eagerly await
To soak in the heat as one.

Noon awakes, knowing its job
Is to warm the world
No wonder the sun is a god
Just hear the stream purl.

Soon the day turns to dusk
And the leaves continue to fall
The animals find their way home
As the sun sends its last call.

Darkness overshadows the light
And all that is visible are lit pumpkins
Until the sky welcomes the moon
More is seen when the shine begins.

Now nothing can take this away
That day and that night
The start of autumn
A mesmerizing sight.

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In the world of man and isle,
Lies the skies for miles and miles
Hills and meadows,
Plateaus and plains 
Makes It a beautiful lane,
The sun and the moon-
Like the bride groom,
The rainbow high up in its
Sparkling colors blooming above,
The ocean beneath with water in it,
Makes its beauty unique.

The seasons which comes in a circle,
 makes the nature sparkle,
Starts the year with a winter,
Somewhere cold which is bold,
Somewhere snow which is told,
But goes away the winter with the spring and summer,
Nature comes out with sparkling blue,
Looks as if laughing after a long sorrow,

The daylight makes it glitter,
The moonlight makes it jitter
Watch it in day and it will give you a fragrance,
Watch it at night and it will give you a tolerance.

Details | Senryu | |


dark water restrains
coconut tree reflections
I dream of pizza

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A Memory of the First Sunday in April

Day lilies assorted and bright
With flox flowers purple and white
Crisscrossed expanses of soft green lawn
Thus was my first April day born
Palm branches the worshippers brought
Lining staircases and streets
As they ought;
Red Cardinals, Florida grass, hydrangeas, lavender
Scenting the air, aurelia and ferns; violas and shrubs
Daisies yellow and deep purple hues
Flowers abounding through maiden grass white
Doves and holy wells, seekers of light.
Steeples and places,
Seats of gold –
Vestries in ancient wood
Respected of old
Stained glass windows
Altars and naves –
Bright with daffodils
Poppies and haze
From fine water sprinklers
Fronting white towered cathedrals
Or plain wooden benches and Methodist places
Scurrying Baptists, hiding the faces
With cloths and white linens
Of embroidered laces
Peonies pink,
And look there fellow –
Lenten roses in mixes,
White, green and yellow.
Tennis courts and fancy fountains
Ornamental grasses
And pampas white
These colors, and flowers and other signs say:
“It’s the beginning of Holy Week
 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord
 It’s Him whom we seek.”`

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The Diwali Tree

Magnificent lights adorn the biggest Christmas Tree in the world,

It glows with Indian colours and flair,

Passers-by stop and stare,

Surrounded by ritzy shops and blocks of ice,

Skaters showing their expert talents with all their

A Diwali Tree sure to ascertain International revelrie,

brightens up New York City,

It brings glee to all around,

Its exuberance overflows and astounds,

A beautiful tree that will bring moments of the Holidays
to everyone that sees it,

Whether rich, poor, happy or sad, such a spectacular sight
makes everything seem alright.

Details | Concrete | |

X-Mas Tree

                                          Finding a tree
                                   Deepest forest green
                                  One could visually see
                              All needles in place.  Perfect
                      display plea.  Yearning for, the perfect

Details | Free verse | |

December Pictures

fog licks the cedars
with a lover's tongue
and a mobile of geese
hangs over the mountains
you play air-guitar
homage to a decade long gone
as your son sleeps
against my shoulder

heart of the artist
eye of the beholder

a millennium is poised
in the balance
as fireworks mock
austere and distant stars
we twine cold fingers
in frosted darkness
while one tear for past and future times
slides to oblivion

eye of the artist
heart of the beholder

Details | I do not know? | |


When winter comes
And the first snowflakes fall
Who is the first one in my thoughts?
Who is the first person I call

When winter comes 
And there is a fresh fall of snow
Who makes snow angels with you?
Is it that you’re the best angel maker I know?

When winter comes
And there’s fresh snow on the ground
Who builds the snowman with you?
Is it that you make the best snowmen around?

When winter comes
And we spend all of our time together
Have you ever wondered why?
Do you think that I just like the snowy weather?

When winter comes
There is a reason why every winter I call you
It’s the same reason I’ve had since we were seven
I’ve wanted to tell you but have been to scared to

When winter comes
The reason I pull off your wet gloves?
And the reason I gently warm your cold hands? 
Is that you’re the one I love

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Clean Slate

driftwood drawn words~
sandy slate washed clean
under  waves of the sea.

Details | Rhyme | |

Flocks of Angels

Whitecaps roll across the lake
born of winter's deadly wake,
huddled snow geese land amass,
praying for the night to pass.

As morning breaks they all take flight
en masse, they are a stunning sight.
Pray for them, that they may find
security in warmer climes.

Let them dodge the hunter's bow,
shotgun shells explode below,
they who love and mate for life,
keep them from the butcher's knife.

Like flocks of angels, pure and chaste,
snow white feathers of God's grace,
messengers of peace and love,
a gift of beauty from above.

By the window, safe and warm,
protected from the winter storm,
I thank God for this angelic sight,
given on this Christmas night.

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Warm in December

Some people want snow on the 
ice skating, and  colorful lights,
blustering winds blowing all 
and cold holiday nights;

I have a different idea of 
I want a different celebration

Beautiful holiday beach bonfires
85 degrees in December,
palm trees instead of 
holidays outside with the 

swimming til all hours of the 
a pool party is what I crave,
spending some time in a jacuzzi
what fun that would be!

No more heavy Holiday Dinners
I want smoothies and warm 
give me a place with no winter
and the beach warm in 

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Time For a Tender Trip

When the Blithe sky Becomes Dark faster than I could rise When the Life of the Trees Falls away--the Wind takes them where he wants them The Remnants Singed by Strife of the averageman In Its Depths the Cold will come, faster than I did The Sanguine Moon tells its TimeFor the farmer-to work again-to carry again Atmospheric Silence fills the old Daylight's dark I Remember the Days of Yore, when the Sun's Grace used to shine When Green Dominated all--yet fell for brown Its Time For a Tender trip.

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Hostel on The Prairie Meadow

O'er on the Prairie Meadow postures
my quietus Bed & Breakfast Inn
Where there is no granduer pasture
and the tones of  travelers leer weary
until they consider and decide to come in.
Welcome take refuge;we're fixed cozy & cheery
an invitation for repose & long overdue rest 
for the many eyes that oft weigh so bleary
we safekeep and are considered the very best!

McCuen Copyright October 2008

Details | Free verse | |


The holiday bells are ringing
Peaceful Smiles and Joyful Bringing
All is right this Holiday season
For tis will be the year of giving
Whiteness falls making the mood
Makes all in the spirit of giving
Love and rejoice
For all we see is Whiteness

Details | Haiku | |

Tidal sands

Water rushes, sweeps.
Tide enfolds as ground moves round.

Feet engulfed. Swallowed.

Details | Free verse | |

A Christmas Rose

In the middle of an overwarm

A single yellow rose blooms
from withered leaf and thorn.

Its beauty radiates from petals
brushed with Heaven's gold;

And I am reminded of a star
guiding three wisemen to a

savior born.

Details | Lyric | |

Waiting for the Wind

Sitting in the morning just waking up on my side of the world today
I turn on the news see if anyone has anything good to say
Stock markets falling and another landslide while the politicians try to deny
Global warming and more killer storms and another thousand people die
and the advertiser says I’d be happy if I bought bigger car you know
I’ve got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Sometimes I think the world’s gone mad and I can’t stand to hear the pain
One place burning in holy fire and another in a deluge of rain
Sometimes I think that hatred and war is the only way we know how to be
And I want to sail away, a world made for you and me
Sometimes I wonder at the pace of it all, where’s everybody trying to go
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Why can’t we see the beauty of it all in the sun rising every day
Life holding on to the sides of mountains and the waters rushing into the bay
Why can’t we live as if nothing on earth mattered more that the love that we bring
I want to sail away,.. and become part of everything
Why can’t we care just a little bit more, maybe let a little kindness show
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.
I got my sails out...and I’m waiting for the winds to blow.

Details | Quatrain | |


This should be the happiest day for lovers,
when they are drawn to each other and their voices
fall to whispers with soft music playing...
in a room filled with roses and scented candles burning.

My gaze falls on you, o darling of my intense desires,
please, put on the sexiest nightgown and explore my fantasy;
and what I confide in you is a true definition of what I see...
I am romantic by nature, unraveling all my surprises.   

This should be the happiest day for lovers,
for the ones who deserve to be remembered and loved;
and to suppress happiness and laughter and expect no flowers...
is an acceptable sign of unworthiness, of a regret foolishly sustained. 

Refuge in my sensational embrace, sheltering your grace,
and this warmth can inflame you with unimaginable passion;
while a surge of sensuality will arise with irrepressible elation....
my anxious arms will seek yours as you abandon yourself to my kiss.  

This should be the happiest days for lovers,
slowly dancing under dimmed lights, reading thoughts
before they are spoken...without falling to silence; 
responding to caress that lead to intimate moments. 

Be adventurous, experimental and irresistable; 
give into those feelings that rule the flow of emotions,
have a notion of how you could be the most beautiful...
as Venus who madly attracted those young, handsome gods.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Free verse | |

Last acts

How heat of sultry summer's eve consumes me.
Feisty bloody crimson glow ignites a flaming skyline;
dusk radiant decorates the golden amber melt.
Performance interrupted only by whistling voice.

Westward night cloud drifts, a gentle floaty dream.
A melody of feathered choirs gather - 
fatigued; vanishing into the moonlight to slumber.
Delightful promise of attractive sunrise.

Details | Free verse | |

Winter's once a year.....

Yuletide log's crackle the fire
as garland of holly duly inspire
flaming spirit encircled in thorns
winter solstice,a baby was born

Reminder of peace and tranquility
harmony amongst all humanity
once a year the dropping of guards
poor behavior temporarily discard

Quiet serene scene of falling snow
untouched in the distance mounds will grow
Virgin's quilt of warmth to earth
while nature sleeps awaiting new birth

Springtime flowers only months away
in the mean time,smile and savor these days
fore summer and fall will be upon us again
as we rush in the madness,and forget our true friend

This inner feeling,of sharing the love
as we're stuck in the crowds that begin to shove
it's that time of year,it only happens once
except,year after year,month's upon month's....

.....this time of year....should be our everyday.....

Details | Free verse | |

Tantalizing torrents

We swam exotic tide,
beneath waterfall froth a tumbling of turquoise-white.
A dizzy scented solace creating
chilled cascade, carrying shimmering waters.

Liquid paradise swirls around us,
twinkling, bubbling and reflecting our passionate embrace.
Exquisite freedom releasing tense moments,
bringing uninterrupted lovers bliss.

Details | Free verse | |

Waiting for Imbolq

These days belong to snow and cold.
The leaden heart and ashen skies
Conspire with the dark
That steals the hours daily
Settles us into an unquiet peace.

Showing sense,
Creatures burrow down into their dens
And slip into their deathlike sleeps.

If we could, we'd follow them,
Down into our inner deeps
To dream away the darkness
'Til the first new leaf awakens, unfolding
To greet the first green day again.

But this is not our way,
And so we walk, half conscious,
Treading lightly as we can;
Our Mother resting now,
This is the time to wait
The time to watch over her,
To stand sentinel beside her Consort,
That wildeyed one who fills the shadows
And burns in the blackness between the stars
That shine like ice in silent, absolute Command.

When the Christians hold their Candlemas
We'll light our tapers too.
Within ourselves and across the lands
The light will spread
As the neverending game of Life and Death,
Of Love and Loss,
Is taken up again.

The Wheel rolls on,
My Brethren, my Loves -
Even in the silent dark.

Whisper to one another the words you'll wish you'd said, later
One to another through the sleeping silence
'Til Imbolq comes, my Brethren,
'Til Imbolq comes, my Loves.

Details | Haiku | |


Gentle, delicate,
They dance silent, on my face.
You don't know snowflakes.

Details | Free verse | |

Mystic love

Love speaks of hazy lochs,
stealing dreams
languishing your smile.

Mistaken silhouette vanishes,
dissolves into dusky cloak.
Apparitional insanity attractive,
everything consumed – soulful -
a heavenly trance.

Our gentle embrace ignites as we touch
and amber flame cruelly bakes us,
as hint of monster disappears, un traced

Details | Acrostic | |


Tides wash over painted toes.
Rum rains down; Reptiles sun.
Ocean waves; Oracles with desired lies.
Palm treed Paradise with insects.
Islands with beautiful barefooted influences
Careless days and nights; secret caves and coves.
Abundant atmosphere; fruited alcohol attractions.
Lovers under the lagoon's night sky.

Leafy layers of Tropical Life.

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I make you now a gesture
With love for you, a token
I give to you a single rose
With whispered words now spoken

I love you, darling, please now know
As this rose then serves to say
I wish to give the entire world
As my love is on display

Please take this to your bosom, 
Place it gently, keep it still
For love I give is fragile darling
But yet, it’s iron willed

On days when you don’t see me
As thoughts then come to mind
The love I have for you my dear
Is the rose, set to remind

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Little Treeling

Little tree don't weep today,
your limbs so tiny, and frail,
but stronger, and stronger,
with each passing snow,
as nature watches you grow.
You're just a treeling, 
in the forest of life,
waiting for another season.
One day you'll be the one,
a family calls their own,
decorated in lights of color,
adding beauty to that home.
Dry your little branches little one,
and drink from the nourishing soil,
time will get you ready,
for that special girl or boy.

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Buttemere to Ulla pike,our walk more ramble than hike.Up and down,rain or 
snow,two teenage daughters in tow.Haystacks,Loweswater overlooking the 
lake,now locked in memory's keepsake.Up Skiddaw and Wythrop beck,much 
much longer than our usual trek.Through the wood onto Dodds crag,both the 
girls now starting o flag.Down the slope to Underseer stopping to buy a small 
souvenir.Out on the fell with spongy moss,Wainwright in hand as the paths 
cross-cross.Along the beck in a tree lined walk,watching the antics of a hovering 
hawk.Deer grazing 'neath woodland trees,Cartmel to Keswick,just the place to 
take one's ease.lunch-time picnics on grassy banks,vacations now recalled with 
much thanks.