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Narrative Romance Poems | Narrative Poems About Romance

These Narrative Romance poems are examples of Narrative poems about Romance. These are the best examples of Narrative Romance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I was seventeen, had one year left of high school and a boyfriend I didn't even love.
It was the end of summer, and I was on the verge of a night indelible
because it was incredible for me.

If "tall, dark, and handsome" had a face, it belonged to one who walked
into the store I worked at nightly all alone. He brought with him a smile just for me -
beautiful, magical, seducing. Were he music, he'd have been the warmest song
to ever touch my soul. Perhaps it was the moon, lunacy-inducing, that made me crave
his visits more and more, for he'd come each night into the store, 
his ritual to tease me with his glances; then stand in line with just one purchase,
engaging me with words deliciously belying that he spoke my native tongue. 
Did he know I fairly worshiped him? 
And where was Aphrodite to let her dear Adonis wander free?

I learned eventually he was staying with a brother and soon would be returning to Quebec. 
I do not know, but I can now infer the moon waxed full by the time he asked me out, 
for I had waxed complete in my audacity. Knowing it was his last night in town, 
I closed the store up early and fled with my Prince Charming.
The stuff of poetry that night transpired. . .
fodder for the several poems of romance I've since penned.
Sitting in his car in front of my own house, late at night, into the early morning. . .
The way he gazed into my eyes, teaching me of butterfly kisses 
and his breathing his sweet breath along my ear lobes,
the way our fingers interlaced, the way he caressed the small of my back. . . 
He taught me how small things
can be just as sensuous as that act of love that virgins do not know,
and he branded me with a yearning for a sweet romantic love I'd never felt so strongly,
nor would I ever know again as wonderfully as I was shown that night,
 for others in my life I've kissed, yet barely missed.

My dream love wrote me postcards from Quebec. Then it all died out.
I married. A few years passed; then I got a call from him, completely unexpected!
Somehow he'd tracked me down to my new home. I took the call, 
 as I held my firstborn baby daughter in one arm.
Heart in my throat, I told him it was nice to hear from him, but I was married now.
So though I'll never know what "may have been," I'm still left with the memory
I chose to make with him  that one day of my life, my very best,
because for just one night, I was Cinderella. A prince still holds my slipper,
and infinite romance lives on inside my poems.

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Granny Panty Annie, the Tranny

Lemme tell ya' about a
*ding-bat skit-zo 
bee-hotch* tranny
named Annie...

I met her one night 
under disco lights 
up at Candies

She was 
starin' at me
grittin' her teeth
aimin' ta' see 
if I wanted a piece
of he 
of she 
by way of flashin' granny panties

She was
shootin' pool
actin' a fool
so I 
took a shot
and one tiny glance 
but got caught

So I
lit up a smoke
and tried to play it off cool
but it was too late
she had pulled up a stool

She slurred,
"Hey young felluh, where ya' been all my life!"

I replied, 
"Sorry to burst yir' bubble, but I got a wife!"

"That don't matter kid, what she don't know won't hurt the girl" 
as she fisted my collar and yelled, "I'LL ROCK YIR' WORLD! Annie the Tranny is what they call me. Bet you been wanted ta' bone me since you first saw me!"

Fear and frustration danced on my face
I begged the bouncer to 
"Get this he/she outta the place!"

My pleas were to no avail, 
and that sea donkey lurked hot on my trail
flailin' it's arms and grindin' bar stools with it's tail

Speakin' of tails...
a shiny blue wale tail crept up her back
Her jeans were mean, but couldn't hold her underwear's elastic slack
but at least it beat feastin' eyes upon her crack
then she... 
wrapped her grimy hands around my neck and asked, 
"You n' me, boy, what the heck!?!"

I screamed,
"Look here lady, you seem real nice for a tranny;
ya' see...
ya' need 
to hit the bricks,
and yir' Granny Panties!"

At that point the joint started to really heat up
people were glarin' like they really wanted me beat up
I can't recall how the hell I got out of there 
alive and free
it was like a big manly freight train
headin' dead at me

I'm pretty sure I owe the good Lord a big favor
that beast was the devil
and Jesus was my Savior!

It's a night I thought would never end... 
the night at Candies Bar n' Grill
Granny Panty Annie got a thrill 
tryin' to make me her sexy friend!!!

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Tea Leaves On The Bosphorus

Tea Leaves On The Bosphorus

Seated at a table by the stirring water,
My eyes absorb the shore of Asia.
Minerets and aged worn stone
Stand haphazardly along the banks.
Istanbul is a lady with secrets
She'll lure you with her unrevealed virgin beauty,
Then seduce you with her ancient lovers.

Grilled sardines filled my charger
Fish pulled from the strait just minutes before,
Lay garnished with parsley and mint .
Red pickled turnips and warm flat bread
Are the implements that help feed me 
And scoop up the humus,
Turkish nourishment for my soul.

The empty plates are cleared by a handsome waiter
With dubious intentions I feared,
But I was flattered none the less.
A bowl of yogurt was placed before me,
And my admirer arrived with a comb of honey.
He held it high above the creamy cloud and let the heavy ochre
languidly pour atop the milky whiteness of delight.
After his seduction,he left me alone to my pleasure
As I lapped at the sweet and sour heavenly temptation,
that parted my lips and elevated my being.

As I recovered from my rapture, two eyes caught mine.
The heathen that destroyed my diet approached the table uninvited.
He pulled up a chair and sat down across from me.
In his hands, a cup.
He offered to tell me my future.
White, small, as fragile as an eggshell with the top lopped off.
Within was a dark tea with floating leaves.
In a chivalrous attempt at English conversation,
He handed me the libation and the offer to read the remains.

I, alone in a man's world, unmarried, and of a certain age,
Did not need encouragement and I accepted his offer.
I drained the tea in one gulp and returned it to his hands.
He placed the cup in one palm , then turned it upside down,
Allowing the remaining fluid to drip out around the cup and onto the table.
Once the cup was upright again he studied the leaves, then he spoke.

His voice was soft, at times , unintelligible
His reading was honest, and truthful, and painful.
His prophecy, amusing, and entertaining
His vision and it's accuracy were astounding.

Fifteen years later, the leaves delivered on their promise.
Long fluid lines inside the cup foretold of a marriage,
To a man who  would cross a sea to find me.
Two shorter drippings were the children that now delight me.
The  tea ring that he was able to complete around the cup ,
Was the warmth of a love that would soon envelop me.

Tea, anyone?

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How a Blue Rose Came to be

Once upon a time, many years ago,
There was a sweet and lovely -  red, red Irish rose,
That was plucked prematurely, from the garden vine;
A budding beauty, taken in her prime.

She was laid to rest, upon the death, of a lovers dream;
Upon a chest of ebony, where lie, his would-be  Queen; 
Lowered deep into the depths, of the church yard cemetery;
Her scarlet petals, wilting in the summer breeze.

Then the earth begin to fall, like autumn leaves;
Upon  her petals, and the chest of ebony,
From above her tomb, where stood the grieving groom
Weeping , weeping,  like a willow tree.

Then the sky begin  to disappear, amid that mournful cry,
As  tears - from above, fell from that lovers eyes,
And came to rest, like dew drops on that  Irish rose, 
As she disappeared beneath the earth, there in his grief below 
In time, he laid a stone of ivory - upon her grave;
Etched deeply  - with the promise he had made:
To love his Irish Rose - forever and a day.


The years and all their seasons came and went
And a million lonely tears were cried and spent
Upon her grave where everyday he kneeled and prayed
And dreamed of her until his dying day.  


The epigram has long since faded on the ivory stone   
That still stands alone   upon her grave
Where from the million tears of love he gave
A seemingly impossible - blue, blue rose has grown.

 Written:  June 18, 2010

Note:  To late for the contest,
but I thought I would post it anyway. 

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I’d been in a two-year relationship
He even got down on one knee and did propose
He’s still the only man ever to ever buy me a red rose
But his mother hated me I wasn’t the right one for her son
She put her oar in and caused trouble and soon the damage was done
We split – I couldn’t be bothered with men I didn’t want the hurt
I threw myself into charity work at the local hospital
Radio Lollipop is a hospital radio station especially for kids
I had my own radio show – something I would love to do again
Bob was an engineer and built studios  - we became friends
One Saturday we were decorating a float for the Lord Mayor’s procession
I was wearing a tight low cut bright pink T shirt…how could he not notice me!
Started dating in June, just before Christmas we got the flu
We looked after each other at his house ...I never moved out
On Valentines Day 1989 I proposed to him – even though it wasn’t a leap year
I’d got up to get ready for work – he was still in bed.
I knelt down by the bed and asked him to marry me… he said yes! PHEW
We married two years to our very first date
Twenty-three years later we are still going strong

Jan Allison
21st September 2014
Contest:Will You Marry Me?
Sponsor Judy Konos
~awarded 1st place~

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The Fervor Of Our Love

dizzy, from my shameless lust  i paint your mouth with mine. nipping, brushing faces,  breathing you like oxygen. my fingers, my lips, my tongue  upon your naked back draw a map to my destination  via the scenic route no doubt starving  for your wet lips.  make a meal of this Lost in the carnage of our intimacy. I move with the fervor of a ravenous beast.  Your body undulates to the movement of my mania.  Juices glow like the fountain of youth. I move in and out  conduct a symphony of pleasure,  bury my face deep  in the sweet skin of creation.  waltz against a canvas dark pin holes of silver dust. weightless  in a friction free atmosphere  eternal pleasure, a sweet honeysuckle taste  a foreplay crescendo.   I the ocean,  tide after tide  the ebb and flow a sculptured reef.  The screams of seagulls in the air,  rushing waters eternal  breaking hard and fast   the sunken coral. a multitude of tidal waves simultaneous explosions  tight as one we hold freeze in the heat of our moment. It must be an hour now  you are lying at my side.  your head on my chest.  I play with your hair  stroke your flesh our eyes meet,  we kiss  long, hard passionately...

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The story of you

I  could hear my own heart beating 
So strong the rhythm grew
It echoes like thunder 
as it tells me the story of you.

You surround yourself in mystery 
You've been hurt so many times
Falling with all you are 
For some scoundrel's nursery rhymes .

He has taken all he wanted
Then discarded you aside
He made you feel so worthless 
You were all torn up inside.

All the love and trust you gave 
Was thrown back in your face
So you hide away your feelings 
In a very secret place .

Now its my turn to hold you
My arms around your waist 
Swaying to the music 
As wary lips I taste .

We talk and walk for hours 
The days soon turn to weeks
Love and its healing powers 
Return the colour to your cheeks .

The lips that were so wary 
Are now synchronised with mine 
The poetry of romance
Replacing unfeeling nursery rhyme .

You put aside the pain of betrayal
Once more the passion burns 
and with each day that passes 
A little more of you returns .

I am turning over the pages
Every hour I learn something new
As my heart narrates the story 
and reveals the mystery of you.

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That Exquisite Moment

The sound of your voice Is like a symphony by Beethoven A beautiful melody by Schubert A piano concerto by Mozart I am totally enthralled by you No longer can I resist your beauty I must have you, embrace you Feel your warmth I am totally enamoured by you Entranced by your seductive eyes Your luscious red lips Your flaxen hair My heart beats loudly in my chest At the mere sight of you I must have you My arms ache to hold you My fingers long to explore every inch of your body To know a passion so extreme A tenderness I've yet to experience To gaze upon your angelic face How else to explain this feeling This desire, this utter craving To hold you, to enter your private world Till that ultimate moment of bliss That moment when emotions explode And we become one The outside world no longer exists In that exquisite moment There is only you and I among the stars We are one! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Her Charm

When I first saw her figure,
I started staring at her allure,
her simple laugh, her enticing eyes,
her irresistible delight, accidentally.
Simply these where enough modifying,
something solid, deep inside me,
after all this selfsame meaningless cycle.
I feel a need introducing myself;
I started interfering, she was responding;
how gentle, how loner, how tender
were my first glorious alters.
Her thin lips smiling, her thunderous voice 
her tantalizing eyes, her smiley face;
made me a funny person, just to make her laugh,
and draw her lovely simple smile again,
so I benefit bat of an eye staring
to her in an unrealizable behavior.
Later I realised... That's weird;
more and more attracted I became!
she directly became my safe harbor
witch happened with no one before!
Those weird feelings and changes,
those took place unconsciously deep,
so deep interiorly ;got defined finaly,
in one meaningful word...
but still unsure if it's from both sides
time is my only find out
scared nervous, afraid for loosing 
my only rare precious diamond.

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Thunder and Lighting

Love is prominent but lies are still troubling the arch in my back is still aching  thru my core/ To calm to peaceful Today not enough appreciation from you
You make me feel less important.
 How many more audition do I need to perform for you?
 Your Personality changes like the weather negative energy creates “Thunder and Lighting” 
   Your Ego is higher then the altitude in Denver 
You are the weather that changes everyday I never knew when its cold are warm 
Today I was prepared for a Sunny day / But  like the weather you change unpredictably have me puzzled just wondering Why?
 I was not prepared for your  precipitation/ you never allow me to grasp your feelings never appreciate my love  you was only  obsessed with yourself and not my heart.  When its cloudy or rainy outside my vision gets a little blur and  fuzzy when you are around.

Meteorologist Predicate Sunny and warm air with the chances of early morning cloudiness’

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

                                                        Upon A Bed of Petals
                                    The fragrance is so heavenly full of romance
                            With petals smooth and colorful it puts me into a trance
                                    The light shines upon the area of which they lay
                               With the oasis of beautiful smell I fall in a deep delay
                                    The aroma of sweet beauty comes a dream
                                With motion that reveal emotions with great steam

                                                        Upon A Bed Of Petals
                           Comes a well spent year with joyous laughter and self appeal
                                   With open arms we embrace the life that is surreal
                             Comes a time that we do have to dream with petals of life
                                         With occasional choices of passion and strife 
                                   Comes a venue of flowers of many beauty with value
                                      With another part of each season we stand true

                                                         Upon A Bed Of Petals
                                  The scent of life passes through and makes new
                                With loops that can be seen in an open sky so blue
                                   The wind takes one petal or two to show a trust
                          With to passionate people lying by the petals love is entrust
                                     The beauty is that the petal lasts in memory of
                              With two people passion with love rules true and above

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Lost in Love

I see behind  those pretty little eyes.
The beauty of which a thousand years couldn't possibly change.
I see Pure beauty, but what do you see in me?
Do you see a stubborn boy filled with kindness.
Or what you want, you believe you see.
A boy you ignore in a good way.
Not meaning to be cruel, but kind.
Am I that fool that falls for you,
or am I the smart one 
for knowing you in your ways.

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Indefinite Love

I saw a young lady who was so perfect that she made my heart beat
I could not figure it out and now I really don't know I had to take a seat
She smiled like an angel in the heavens with glorious blinding teeth
She seems so kind and full of life and never put people beneath
I do not have a bad thought or a moment without any ease
I notice that because she pulled me up and smiled with a tease
She kept things close to her like my hand and my heart
She knew that I was just the man that gave her a good start
I never had a thought of leaving because of a fight
I will never part with her because she is my sight
She looks forward at all times and never looks back
She knows how I am if some one would hurt her I would attack
I will never leave her side with out her knowing she is safe and sound
I am the man of her dreams I will never let her down hard on any ground
She loves me with all her heart and I know this because she gives me the look
She knew how long I waited for her to notice me, I remember it was long time it took
I waited by her side when she was ill and could not walk 
I held her hand and made her smile when I told her I love her, when I talk
She noticed it in my voice the feelings with care
She never looked at me in a blank stare

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In Pleasure

In Pleasure          
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

White suit, top hat, pride feeling higher than spectacular 
The ugly duckling has opened a new chapter
Revealing transformation that’s becoming a true sensation
Buried in his inaugural feelings of gold treatment
There’s always a silver lining after the disaster
Every battle, each day 
Sanity is mastered
Life tries to defeat us, expiration tries to meets us
But tonight he’s on top of the world
He’s on top of Thee
He’s on top of a feathered fame beak 
This is one hell of a duckling I must proclaim.
Our love floats in current 
Through the City of Jacks
You’re the only Queen of my deck 
As we coast along these sparkling waters splashing our tails
The momentum of the St. Johns River flows to a love hotel
Vapors of our spirits arises above
Elevating beyond the skies
There’s no limit tonight 
As my mind is blown on cloud nine 
With love and happiness is in the atmosphere
Scrolling the screams of these peaceful waters 
With mean swagger
This night is unbelievable 
Unbelievable is this; unbelievable I won’t miss
I was once viewed as a total tragedy, with no immunity from havoc
Or grievance
Frowned upon by my community as a under achiever
As if I was an oil spill disaster 
With no relief at hand, 
But to tonight I clean up well with Dawn
The river flows peacefully after the storm deforms
Accompanied by grace, I’m accompanied by love
Accompanying my side 
Is a woman of grace.
As we keep our heads above these judgmental waters in Florida
The rivers will flow to Fingers Point
At the end of this place called home sweet home tonight
I’m just a kiss away 
From the Full Moonlight.

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Always a Dream

Always a Dream

A little fairy princess one day sits resting on a most beautiful sunflower,
And magically she begins stretching her wings for anticipatory flight
While capturing a vision assortment of most bright flying colors, 
Of one gentle and soothing rainbow promise—a shining and a light to delight;
As the ground begins to tremble and crumble underneath her tiny feet,
She takes flight on her splendid little wings—quite magnificent to behold
Through the colors of mist and the veil of magic she sees a bright sparkling shine, 
And then all becomes clear—she sees gold, and even more gold on the horizon
Radiantly gleaming in front of her very eyes and charming her senses entire.

Then a most curious little green man with curved ears pointing heavenwards 
And possessing remarkably strange and yet soft mesmerizing green eyes, 
Presents himself both kindly and boldly to the little fairy princess in person; 
He jumps right in the pot alongside her dancing a jig to his heart's content,
And the princess shines all colors of love and warmth over him under the mist 
Of a most dazzling and enchanting dream to behold, know, and cherish.

With this the little green man reveals his true nature to his new found princess,
And with a most proud alacrity bearing a quaint princely nature, he declares:
“Me Darlin’ little princess so near and so dear to Me own little heart,”
“You must know I’m your Leprechaun always obedient from this very start,”
“At this moment most precious Me knows you’ve captured Me little heart,”
“And with this you’ve captured too Me overflown’ Pot of Gold now in part,”
“With Me undying love and devotion to you always carried in Me little heart.”

With this the Leprechaun and his little fairy princess danced a mystical old
Irish jig together while singin’ and laughin’ both so gently and contentedly;
All the while his soft green eyes and her sensual eyes azure locked in a 
Most romantic gaze and affection when they began kissing one another, 
And brushing inside and both sharing heartfelt fluttering emotions and a
Swelling with a deep beauty and a most passionate love in Heaven born.

With the genuine passion-felt affection and the romantic kisses exchanged,
The Leprechaun and his little fairy princess began to transform themselves
Right before each other’s very eyes, and Behold!!—in a quick moment, the
Leprechaun became a most handsome and sweet loving young prince, and 
His little fairy princess, in a flash of blinding light, lost her wings and changed 
Into a most radiant and quite beautiful young princess with long-flowing 
Beautiful black hair, and a very lovely smile as resplendent and sweet as any
Angel in Heaven above.

Now the handsome young prince and his beautiful young princess were an 
Elegant and most wonderful couple to behold and cherish—kind, smiling, and 
Deeply in love.
The young prince with his Irish blessings began sparklin’ and sprinklin’ star dust 
All over his young princess and they both lived happily ever after with pronounced
Passion and love, emotion and devotion, kindness and charity, vision and purpose, 
Forever to their end on Earth and later by the Lord God himself in Heaven. 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights 
Reserved (October 29, 2014) (Narrative poem poetic form)

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My Story Telling Can You Trust Me

Gun fire all around, bombs going off in the distance
It was some of the angry mobs and resistance
Father was the king of SafeHaven a small kingdom
Like all other kingdoms it fell in random
Fire started in the castle
And along with it came a battle

It was a distance memory now because the child has now grew
Many things in this child that made memories stew
My name is Mastrey, a young orphan who was there that night
Mastrey saw her in the distance and her father and mother in his sight
Everyone was loud that night and made all the children hide
But that evening Mastrey saw her mother and father die

She ran into the bushes in such a fright
And evil doers were running around with flashlights
Mastrey remember it as he distracted them 
Her eyes was so confused with problems
Mastrey new that it was because of what just occurred
His feelings of what those people did was not awkward

The distraction worked, he went back to were she was
Hiding and very scared she was, he asked her, can you trust me just because?
Her answer that night depended on her lively hood
As Mastrey was their with his hand reaching out to her as he stood
Pulling her up from the ground he looked into her eyes that were SeaBlue
Mastrey had made a life long friend and love, She knew it was true

Next: My Story Telling,  Who is this Princess

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Red In The Inside, But Black In The Outside

This Poem is about the 'hard to get' attitude ladies portray to interested guys.

Despite my unbelievable swag repugnance is her reaction to my flow despite giving no attention to her she seeks every opportunity to shout "NO!" I seldom want to be friendly but she spits on me like a bitter foe I then don't give a damn about her and she takes it like a heavy blow Out of nothing, she creates a scene but all I can do is shake my head and say Oh! the more I mingle, the worse she gets but I'll not succumb and act so low she flaunts her male acquaintances for me to notice Okay! You have admirers, so? I guessed this is a one time attitude but it has been occurring seven weeks in a row When I register my presence around her her body rhythm increases as if in physio trying so hard to pretend makes her seem like a shy dancing Buffalo Then, I make her seem not existing it's not my fault; you reap what you sow signs of her sufferings begin to show as her body trembles in sight of me from head to toe what a pleasant feeling this brings seeing her drown in her own woe Finally! She concedes defeat and already surrendering showing by the way she's changing like melting snow now playing the nice girl, but my ignore? Makes her want to stone me with a Hoe I'm beginning to compromise emotionally too and I'm scared she will get fed up and go so, I create my chance and kiss her as she shows her joy like a swelling dough revealing her hypocrisy, exhibited right from the beginning. Since this feeling is now reciprocated, she shrugs off the attitude and dumps it below as a new damsel now emitting with an everlasting glow.

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An Unreachable Diamond In My Nest

Even in her weakness, her adoration multiplies oh...... the animals are also not left out as the serpent of the wilderness finds grace under her shadows and the dragons of the forests dance to her hymns. Of all the men showcasing their might, the strong, the rich, the mighty and the elegant; the wise, the intelligent, the skilled and the glamorous you looked down and smiled at me. This is a world which seems not true. your choice of me, seized my consciousness but I immediately came back to Life because I also found you on the other side this shows how you have taken over my being. I'm not even worthy of your competition yet you broke the rules you created to make me yours. I am now indebted to you and my Life, the definition of your choices. My breathe will be the function of your will, your Love? I cling unto it like a cub to its mother. I never thought I will meet your gaze but now I possess your thighs. I never imagined feeling your touch but now, I experience your warm embrace. I never thought I could hold your hands but now, your body belongs to me. I will cherish every part of you, take care of every of your needs and ensure your glow never goes faint. I'll take the bites of several wolves to ensure your feet doesn't go red. I'll persevere the fall from several logs to ensure you never have a headache and I'll absorb the heat of the red hot furnace to ensure your skin doesn't go rough. All I'm saying honey, is, I will love you much more than you can ever imagine. having you is an undeserving blessing. Loving you is staying deservedly blessed.

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Precious Moments

                       I didn't know hearts could speak until we crossed part
               I was walking home, carrying a heart laden with the grief of my brother’s death
                      My mind straddling from the nostalgia of our bonded brotherhood 
                      to the thought of what the afterlife would deal him.
               You were seated at a secluded corner, carrying your hearts in your hands
               And crying out your eyeballs, wishing if God could bring back your father’s life.

      Upon that lonely and rejected wood we, dejected souls, sat cursing out death tirelessly
         For taking away our beloved brother and father.
           That day, I heard my heart speak for the first time; my heart exploded in awe
             And I felt I was captured under a spell; I saw the aura of glory in your eyes.
        It wasn’t your exquisite awe-inspiring beauty that got me lovey-dovey
        But the natural calmness in your voice as you told me your stories. 
          You reminded me of the fabled Arabian princess.
       My emotions turned into Janus- one reminding me of a lost brother
       The other, quite domineering, nudging me in my veins never to let you go.
          You saw the magic in my eyes; you felt the same way I felt
             We were marveled that fate brought us to meet on a lonely path.

    With your amazing pieces of cakes you re-awakened my dead love life on your birthday
   Your cakes were brilliant; you made them from magnificent range of fruits and spices
   The smells were superb. The aromatic smells of the cakes cooking in the oven and smearing your kitchen sent us to an early bubbly romance. 
   We became lovebirds; your crystal steaming room, neatly furnished with vitality bed,,  made for only two- us, was our love nest; we enjoyed every of our love bites.
    That night, you made a tipsy cake; we dined and wined while the stars watched over us
      We sang to our ears; every single love song we played, we made ours
      We danced while we got intoxicated on our own supply
      And before our eyes the night closed its nocturnal doors.

     Under your winter blanket were two figures, glued in carnal brash adventure, wishing the moment would never end. 
       I prayed tomorrow never to come. Alas! Uninvited, the Morning woke tomorrow up
       Under the blanket, we watched the sun set.
    But tomorrow came Janus-faced; with a vice we never wished for- impassioned jealousy
       It tore us apart; pulled us away; and took away our precious moments
    But I still carry in my heart those precious moments.

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last first kiss


Last night was just a glimse
Of heaven and it's shores
Already I know the truth
It's you my soul adores

A thousand questions spinning
As my soul waits to depart
Upon the voyage one more time
Discovering your heart

Guilded by new stars
To find paradise's key
Where I am stuck in you
And your tangled up in me

Stardust cast upon us
To give us our true wish
Whispering to our hearts

You've had your last first kiss

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my 3rd favourite drive

My 3rd favourite drive was to see her
Only for it to be the longest drive home
To be once again in her arms and embrace her too
I knew what was coming 
I never wanted to let her go
Stability is so fragile 
Stability breaks with a word
Her mind state is a dark world
All alone she decided I'm not to follow
I could see she wanted to cry
Inside we both had many times

To be not good for a person
Is impossible when even in this outcome
Her presence makes me smile naturally
The talk of the future
The talk of ifs and maybes
Doesn't matter to me
I know what I have now
I know how to be happy again
Can you not see?
My life is with you
No matter what I choose
No matter what it is you do
My dream is to be make you happy too

Sitting in my car returning the way I came 
Over an hour to drive home
Easily felt like it was over two
The cd player in my car was purposely loud
Covering the sound from my phone
To my right an accident had occurred
Firemen and ambulances calming the situation
Shards of metal and glass strewn on the road
To my shock I felt nothing for the devastation
My only aim was to get back home

My 3rd favourite drive was to see her
Only for it to be the longest drive home

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When I looked into your eyes
for the first time
I saw a couple of clouds,
two swans
and a garden in color.
You then closed your eyes, ...
Desperation took hold of my heart ...
My palms sweated,
My body froze
and my senses became airborne.
That's when I saw your eyes open
an emotion took over me
I became a child, adolescent and illuminated
My eyes turned fires
my hands were complements of your arms
My lips were your lips.
My life became his
when we said "yes"
till death do us part.

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Where Did All The Romance Go

Where did all the romance go? That once was so long ago That special kind so honest, fresh and innocent Expressions from the heart of what is really meant Let me point out a boy in particular then That other someone from way back when He was very athletic and really sweet He lived close by, just down the street Here are some of his qualities That seemed so romantical to me Like calling the local radio station To play a special song dedication Knowing he didn’t have very long He ran over to dance with me to the song And all those nights he climbed that tree Up to my bedroom window to visit with me Inspired with competition like winning a race To let everyone know he would be first place He really did run track and with every ribbon won He gave them all to me with his deepest affection Some of you may already know That I must be referring to Joe He was the one most romantical So where did all the romance go? These days no longer see it here Is it lost or hiding inside somewhere? I tend to think the boy inside will always know He feels the romance just no longer lets it show If happiness starts with one’s self with in Finding true love should have some romancing True love and devotion does exist I know Except the actual process can be slow Especially with romance lack – sooooo Just where did all the romance go? Our time on earth is very quick Are you waiting to get hit with a happy stick? So from reminiscing about the yesteryear lad Please don’t lose that romantic nature you once had You will find out that it’s not so bad And even discover you are more than glad So listen to your inner self and be like Joe And please don’t let all the romance go Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Who's To Blame

I feel tenderness in your words
  As you whisper my name
Softness from your sweet lips
  Caressing every inch of my body
Aching for your love; Helplessly I
  Lie awaiting your gentle touch

Take it, here baby, hold it, 
  Caress it with all your love;
For my heart is now yours
  Sent to you from up above.
Can you feel this love?
Are we ashamed as we call
  Out each other’s names?
When will we know whose to blame?
This love we share will never compare to any other. 
  Side by side, baby, can’t we see we are meant to be?  

Hold onto to me; I’ll hold onto you
  Forever and ever my love, just
    ME And YOU!!

Our souls have met and become one
  No mask can hide the love that’s
Felt deep inside.

Brought here by fate we stand
  Hand and hand at the beginning of
The road that will lead us to

So now baby, we can say, we are not ashamed
  As we call out each other’s names.

You see my love; FATE AND DESTINY
   Will remain the blame!!

We now know this love we have is true, because it
  Is felt between me and you!!

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His Valentine

He looked into her big round eyes . Eyes full of wonder , trust , hope . The face of dreams and innocence. 

" Follow me " he says taking her by the hand , drawing her to him . Taking his hand , touching her cheek with his long fingers . Brushing back a wisp of hair that had fallen against her soft cheek . She only nodded . She couldn't speak , " could this be 
him ?" She prayed silently . Her feet followed the dark hair stranger . 

Into the forrest he guides her . The deep shadows of darkness it provided , swallowing there very existence .

She's led to a place she'd never seen before a place of mystery. The hidden beauty, beyond imagination . She could feel the shade's cooling breath on her face . The wet grass as it brushed against bare legs . 

He led . 

She followed . 

His damp shirt clung to his back . The muscles rippling under the thin linen cloth as he guides her down the worn path . A place he was familiar . 

Thru the darkness into a small opening in the trees the sun pours about , giving a opulent glow of light and comfort . He stops and turns to her tilting up her chin , whispering , looking into expectant deep pools of sea green eyes . 

" You and I are destined ." 
" For you my dear , are Love .
        I am Desire "

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The Man in the Moon

The moon rises over the bay .
The beams dancing amongst the rippling waters breath . 
The sand cast in a magical splendor brushed by the honey moon himself . 

She stands in this enchanted scene , eager .
His message said "meet me by the bay "
She sees him walking by the water . 
His open shirt gently blown in the ocean breeze . 
Waiting . Waiting for her. 
She sighs . 
His eyes find her in the glow of darkness,  a beautiful goddess .
The moon caressing it's sensual touch over her long hair and bare legs . 
It takes his breath away . This sight . His moonbeam angel . 
For they only have the night to dance the shore . To love the night . 
To fill the dark with the moonlit dance of life .
Daybreak is due , the night is their debt . 
As the lights glow caress the dark waters the moonlight dance begins .
Stroking gentle fingers , touching hands to her hips . 
Rolling waves rock to and fro tickling at her shores. 
She pushes him back to tease and dance thru the night until both are sated . 
The dawn awaits . The two lovers part with a final , devouring kiss .
 "Meet me tonight by the bay " he whispers . 
She returns to the sea .
He disappears in the last moonbeam as sunrise ends their dance .

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What I want to Say

How is it that I feel this way?
I don’t even know what kind of feeling it is
But I know it’s not a good one
I can’t even begin to tell you
Because I can’t even explain it myself
All I think about it you
I start to get these thoughts
They won’t go away
I wonder if you feel this way too
Like something’s missing
I re-read your texts to reassure myself
We lay on the bed in silence 
 I desperately want stories and laughs
I feel physically connected
But not mentally connected
day after day I’m the one puts in the time
Goes out of my way to make sure you’re ok
Why doesn’t it bounce back my way
Arnt I the one you said I meant the world to you
Then why don’t you show it
Im the girl that needs to be shown that what you say is true
That’s all I ask
This to me doesn’t seem like a big task

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I'm thinking of cheating with you

I’m thinking of cheating with you.            Steven Hudson

I dreamed of you last night,
And thoughts of you occupied my mind today,
Can I see you again tomorrow?
What is it about your look that thrills me?
You’re like a break in the clouds on a stormy sea,
My heart leaps and falls on waves of your every movement,
You return my gaze with a smile of your own,
And pull me in close with it,
I want to know you, everything about you,
To discover what makes you come alive,
You’re tenderness and beauty is unmatched,
I’m thinking of cheating with you,
Because you have something I desperately need at home,
Am I crazy?
So I watch you with our children and am keenly aware, that
You may have been just a stranger in the park,
But instead, am happy to discover you as my beloved wife,
So my desire is to run off with you, and have an adventurous affair,
Or maybe we could just go home, and make it happen there..

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Fairytale Love

Fairytale Love

This is a story of young love to the old.
Best friends we were at a delicate young age,
Remained that way, until turning of life's page.
Now comes the time for our tale to be told. 

Attraction was strong but we never dared to dance.
The love we felt separately stayed hidden within, 
And many day's hours we longed to give in.
Not revealing our love we craved to romance. 

Oh young love, how innocent and sweet.
Fearing to admit it, may loose your best friend.
Dazed in each other's eyes never knowing back then,
The secret desire for our souls to meet. 

A meeting in mid-life was short and all too brief.
Years passed by and every now and then,
A song would play and you're in my heart again.
Silent yearnings may have erased many years of our grief. 

Older and wiser, we're given a second chance.
Days may be numbered, never knowing the end.
Profess your young love to your best friend,
And take that chance to romance that dance. 

A lifetime passes and now our love's revealed by both.
Admissions of love confessed to you my dear,
The truth of this has now come back through the years. 
This love we've always shared is now open to growth. 

An encountered stranger noticed the looks we share. 
Not knowing our story, he said to you and me,
This is a fairytale love that others can see.
There must be a glow when in our eyes we stare. 

The question still lingers, should we take that leap.
Has sorrow guarded our hearts from love,
Will time allow us to look down from above. 
Should we grasp onto life's pleasures to keep. 

Oh young love, how innocent and sweet,
To be given this gift that one only dreams.
Could this be...the real fairytale it seems?
Was it destiny in motion to once again meet. 

I know now what life is telling me I should do,
Here stands my best friend right in front of me.
He's been with me a lifetime in every breath I breathe
I've always been passionately in love with you.

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That moment

You smile

You lift your shoulders

You blink

You bite your lip

I sure I know your feelings

Can't let this moment slip

Is it all about the timing

Will cupid shoot his bow

Shall I taste your lips today

Or again let courage go

For I have faced some deamons

Fought men near twice my size

So why does fear fall upon me

When I look into your eyes

Is it because love plays this way

It starts as a cruel game

Where two souls need to open up

And say they feel the same

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Samantha Jayne

The passion and the wonder
Shine in your eyes so blue
A spring tide born in rainbows
Pull me deeper into you
Our goodbyes feel like torture
As we kiss with painful frowns
I'd sooner die  in your arms
In your rainbow tide I'd drown
The hours pass like seconds
When you are next to me
Together we could walk through hell
Still heaven's all I'd see
I love it when it's late at night
We laugh and point at stars
Celestial smiles telling us
The world has became ours

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Im not ready but yet I want it

Laying side by side in the bed

bodies couldnt get any closer

his arms wrapped around me

as we pillow talked for hours

suddenly I feel his fingertips

    up and down my back

Im starting to get the 

impression that we have 

talked long enough and

now it is time for us to

        do the do

One hand on my thigh

and his other brushing my 

hair outta my face so his 

lips can be joined with


The fireworks from the 

kiss was a beautiful moment

Time is fading away but it

doesnt matter 'cause his

face between my legs is 

where he wants to 

      stay and play

I should of warned him

in advance the forecast

for today predicted a 

     rainy day

As the temperature starts

rising I can feel myself

trying to break away

His head game is so 

fanastic it has me ready

to explain it in an essay

I believe he thinks he is

at a buffet 'cause he is 

really going in like he is

trying to win a First Place

ribbon like a track star

     on Field Day

My body is telling me its

okay to allow him to insert

his long island into my 

paradise island but my

mind is telling me to be 

patient 'cause whenever I

decidei to put it on him 

Im going to have him 

dancing a Spiritual Praise

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Starlight's Passion

Starlight's Passion

Nights long , weary , dark and dim .
Thinking back to the time of just she and him 

Thinking to the time and place where love was due . 
Before he had his say . Showing her love was true . 

He'd taken her hand , lead her thru passion's door . 
Wanting and waiting was that needing of more

Saved from the lover , who not long ago , 
decided to leave but never did he go 

Kept trapped behind walls no windows to see . 
Only left , unloved, by him towards she .

Years spent , sorrow filled rooms . 
Barely alive , trapped loveless , entombed .

Then love came on a moon beamed night . 
Cascading thru the dark , on hope filled light .

The warmth on her face a stranger from before .
Returning the desire the wanting of more .

Escaping her cell she ran to his light, 
this beacon of hope , filling dark's night 

Wrapped in safe arms , She'd known once before . 
He swept her away thru loves golden sealed doors

Set down safe and sound , her heart now returned 
Saddened and woeful his eyes slowly burn.

For saving her heart he may never return , 
they only have this night for passion's lights burn 

As soon as the sunrise show her new face , 
our night only a memory .
Nothing real , no trace .

Made love thru the night , dawn slowly appears . 
He leans down to kiss her , then whispering near .

"Love comes to those who wait .
Come with me my bride , my love , my mate "

Flying on moonbeams thru darkened night skies ,
 two lovers embraced star lights are their ties .


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A Cold Night's Reminder

The wind breaks over me,
And I feel it in my bones. 
But none of this would matter, 
If I had you to hold. 

With the cold as a reminder, 
Of our time together, 
You are now miles away, 
But, this is your sweater. 

We look up at the sky,
Through clouds and city lights,
And that moonlight,
I can picture it, 
Sparkling in your eyes. 

I do not have to be near you, 
To know deep inside, 
That those sparkling eyes, 
Are ever so wide. 

I look up at that moon, 
And I swear I can see it. 
Although our bodies have,
Our hearts will never split. 

We share that moon, 
And we look at it together.
Though miles separate us, 
We share the same weather. 

When I feel lonely, 
Most often at night, 
I go outside,
And look out into the chilled sky… 

In that moon shining down, 
I can feel your eyes. 

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Words unsung

I try to find words but the I
The we
The I see you and me hide
These words hide from me
Deep within me
Deep within this passionate, powerful pink weapon I call my tongue 
I sing a tune with no lyrics
Words unsung

Amazingly you hum along...
In a second of silence I feel a connection so strong
Elevated emotions by the sound of your sigh
Explosion of ecstasy
Oh you're making me high
Speechless when you look into my eyes
So i just look down and smile

I love it when I hum and you find the perfect words to say
I love feeling this way..
I put pen to paper
You create the perfect beat and together...
We make magic
Every tune, every melody every harmony is beyond perfection
So Ijust want you to know
Just how much it means to me
When we play...
Our song

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rain on me

Forever you shall be mines 'cause you are forever constantly on my mind

Every morning when the sunset appears and the wind blows swiftly through your hair

I whisper in your ear the most precious words that any woman would love to hear

Our nights are full of laughter as your body begans to wonder when will my soft hands and

lips will turn into thunder...

After I bite down on my lip, you reach over and take a sip
Your eyes are all I need to confirm that it is time for me to take a dip

I now have your jeans unzipped and within a matter of seconds I devour your body like

I was reading an alphabetical script

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The Latin Dancers

Midnight was approaching and the dance floor was stark Colors of the spectrum were weaving and leaving their mark Lights spun in brilliant flashes of reds, greens and blues. Sparse bodies were gyrating as if music pulsated the hues. The music stopped. He stepped out of the shadows; on his arm was a dark beauty. They walked into the hushed room; the air thick and sultry. Dancing with my partner I watched them through the darkness He pulled her lithe body to him, how I envied their closeness. All eyes were upon them. Piercing rays of greens and yellows flashed up and apart A deep bass suddenly throbbed with the rhythm of a heart Black hair and dark skin, he danced in his tight, arrogant style She danced around him, shaking her body, nimble and nubile The music beat faster. The couple twirled around the dance floor as if it was theirs Pulsating music and scarlet colors flashed around like flares. His sweat became hers as their sensuous lips barely met He lifted her into the air, holding her high with the ascent. He lowered her to the ground. Watching the Latino lovers as they danced through the night I felt as if I were a voyeur who couldn’t turn from the sight. She raised her hand to him; his eyes quickly turned my way Suddenly, I turned to my partner and my hips began to sway My heart beat faster. I could feel him drawing closer the faster my body danced Strobes of red hues flew overhead, as backwards I glanced. He pulled me against him and I felt his strong masculinity Then spiraled me outwards, his hand gripping mine tightly. Our eyes locked. He held me firmly in his arms, we danced slowly then quickly Dancing to the rhythm the music began taking over my body. The Latin dancer’s eyes looked into mine with a hypnotic stare As breathlessly we danced and soon I became no longer aware Of anyone but us. Cerulean blues flashed over us as he flung my head back His lips bent down to mine, his eyes piercing and black Our hearts beat together as one and my eyes closed for the kiss But colors changed, music was subdued; something was amiss I opened my eyes. It was as if I’d awakened to find that their world didn’t exist And the Latin lover I’d danced with was no more than a mist. Circling couples danced around aimlessly and suddenly I froze Violet hues slid over the walls as he walked into the shadows. His eyes met mine and he vanished.

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A New Satisfaction

This is dedicated specifically to Howard Hof, one of my dearest friends, for giving me all of that new satisfaction!

A New Satisfaction It can’t be held inside, the satisfaction so new This can no longer hide, so let me just tell you You gave it to me, yes you sure did Such total ecstasy, I knew not existed I was totally fine, living without love Just happy all the time, no worries to think of Then you came along, to offer me some fun Being friends so long, and with no other one Well I said why not, it couldn’t hurt to try Let us give it a shot, to help us both get by It started out to only be, just a simple vodeodoe Then with the sexuality, chemistry started to flow It may be hard to believe, though it did happen then More than I could perceive, to levels of new satisfaction I never thought I’d see the day, where the dreams of Charlie Chill Could ever be completely taken away, now you’re the one my dreams can feel This new satisfaction you gave to me, has got to come from your kind heart So sincere I’ve always known you to be, I really should’ve known it from the start Now since this has begun, there is something I’ve gotta say I’m stuck on this new satisfaction, so you’re gonna have to push me away Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Awakening Dawn

                Slowly stretching , pushing gently 
                Soft covers , dark against her golden hues
                Night .
                Reaching with still hungry hands, saying " no , stay "
                She arches , smiling
                Eager for the day but torn between her two lovers
                Daylight and Dark
                Daylight finds her, motioning to her, 
                with his golden stroking fingers , open heart and warmth
                Casting out the Darkness .
                Sending the shadows and creatures back to the night
                The golden god wins again.
                Daylight has come. 
                Dawn smiles, her glorious passion alights

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On Seduction

A Seductress plays but a dangerous game,
Her object, to steal his heart's desires.
She walks not softly upon his soul,
Drawing him to to her all consuming fire.
The hidden secrets of his dreams,
His thoughts she invades and captivates, 
As he allows her to seduce him again,
Completely and everlasting.

© 2014 CM Davidson

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A Rock I'm Not

A ROCK I'M NOT I might like rocks But a rock I’m not And I really like rocks A really whole lot Now rocks you see Stand strong alone No feelings to be And no emotion Lets rock and roll On what this is about I think you should know And I won’t scream and shout I may portray that appearance To have the stance of a rock I have feelings is the difference So again I say a rock I am not I know it takes so long for me To get to the point of the matter But I like to tell it descriptionally That turns into a bunch of chatter Each time with me You hold me tight And it seems to be With all your might Caressing me so dear With all that passion Your body so near In a loving fashion Then where I’m at You put me down Like a drop of a hat You forget I’m around I always wait patiently For you to again pass by I wonder if you think of me Or if you ever even really try With each little bit I gave you a lot You know I did I’m not a rock Getting little bits of you Was always fine with me I was totally satisfied too More than dreamed to be I didn’t ask for more attention I gave you your space and such But just a little consideration Shouldn’t be asking too much I’m not like some rock To pass by and ignore I will be treated not Like that any more I always dream as big as I can And bigger dreams God brings to me So I’m sure to have a wonderful man Coming around the bend eventually Now when it comes to that day And I will not even have a notion He will pick me up and take me away To a level of true love and devotion He will want what I’ve got And I’ll be a gem in his eyes He will see that a rock I’m not Maybe something you didn’t realize When I reach that moment You and I will no longer be So maybe appreciate the enjoyment That you get with the little bits of me I know I said a lot But a gem is what I am So a rock I am not A big gem – ‘tis am – Tizam! Florence McMillian (Flo)

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A Failing Romance (Pt. I)

Memories dance in her head
As she waited for his flight to land
She remembered their first date
The first time they held hands 
The first time they kissed
The first time they said 'I love you'
It was long overdue for her to see him
He dreaded his flight was going to land
He knew it was wrong 
But he had found someone who he loved dearly
He loved his high school sweetheart
But the new person was everything 
He'd been looking for
They'd spent so much time together 
The past two weeks
     (He gets off the plane...)
She runs to greet him
Only to stop in her tracks 
And see him holding on to another woman
Her first instinct was to cry
But she chose not to jump to conclusions
And run to greet him
Maybe she was just a friend
     (He spots her...)
How am I going to explain this?
She is going to be crushed 
Maybe I can still keep this a secret
But that would only make it worse
Only time will tell
But I love her
But I also love this woman too
What to do, what to do?


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Whoever said you can’t love
two people at the same time
must by lying
or kidding themselves…

there’s this sassy
lady that claims
to love three…

There is her Mr. Desire, they get on 
like a house on fire…
I’m sure all they need
Is a match, to start an inferno, 
pity about the non staying-power…

Then there’s Mr. Lust…
he could be 
a temporary solution
to her permanent problem…

lastly, the one she claims
Is the love of her life, 
Apparently he is her anchor, 
Her spiritual equal…
only snare, they can never be…

I wonder if Miss sassy
will ever find
her one true love…

My guess?
She  probably will,  
and she is enjoying the ride
 on her way there…

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Our Dance

The floating lights
adds to the mood,
he takes my hand
while leading me to the dance floor 
his touch so tender
makes me feel like I am floating
on a cloud,
as he gently move his hand
 over my bare back
so protective and caring
the soft music in the background
creates the perfect ambiance,
as we glide across the dance floor
the other couples seems to fade away
it is just the two of us,
in a love dance of our own,
a dance of commitment…

He pulls me closer
and whisper in my ear
“You look breathtaking tonight” 

cheek to cheek, we dance the night away…

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There was music    of course
Not the usual sort of girl    at least in my fixated estimation
Jump rope
“Winnie the Pooh”
Teddy bear
These survivors unto high school and through
Rather a “flower child’ she
It wasn’t the way she walked    although?
She had a dancer’s spring in her step
She wore no perfume
Wasn’t the way she dressed    but then I never saw her best
Ah!  but that long brown hair    a strand always in her face
                               (one eye’s worth)
And the way it hid her priceless blush
Yes!    more than anything    the blush!
The question must arise – 
Was she beautiful?
Was she pretty?
The eyes
The mouth
The nose
High cheek bones
All must be in fine proportion    and refined    chiseled -
But?     with her     who could tell?
She had a way of inserting herself
                        (thrusting is too course a word)
      of waltzing right in!     of quietly mesmerizing someone
She knew how almost silently bold she was
A ballerina on stage
Every eye on her    and    she knew it!
It was all about her    but I didn’t care
She looked at the floor    yet
                looked through your eyes and into your heart
No demure
No batting of lashes
No swinging of hips
No soft-talk honey
Oh what a small crowded room    with just the two of us
She had that natural mascara
Lips needing no paint
Almost a Middle East complexion
                        (the basket    with snake)
                                   (the oboe)
Teen virtuoso
And I    prisoner of the mind    the enchanted moment

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To the Siren of the faraway seas

I once thought to have the world within my grasp, that all I needed I already had.
I once thought to be unable to feel more happier than I was while you were around.
Only way to make it better, was to change our worlds of ones and zeroes to contact of the flesh itself.

Even though I realized it, I choose to deny it. I was sorely mistaken about you and I, and this and that.
You smiled when you lied about your feelings.
"I cannot give to you more than this" you said with an evil smirk while observing me from afar.
The smirk, was it real or imaginated?
I do not know, and I fear I will never know, my mind play tricks on me once and again.
Misleading me to believe, like it allowed me to believe in your words.

Words... Amazing how powerful it can be, use it well and one can find pleasure, use it well, and one can find the demise of the soul.
leaving an empty husk behind, like you left me. An empty husk longing to be filled, once again, with the colors of joy.

Coming from the other side of the world, I felt your words and disdain like piercing cold knives straight to my heart, once warm, now cold, since you left.
And following your words you went away to never come back.
Along with you, went away also the joy and happiness I dared to thought to be eternal, a sweet lie I was telling myself...

Even today, after so long, I still think about you and I, your mesmerizing gaze that made me forget and float, your enchanting laughter and the warm and soft touch I told myself that you had.
Touch that I will never feel, laughter I will never hear, again, and eyes that I will never meet, again.
When you left, I was torn, between love and hatred. Now the hatred is gone and the love morphed to friendship, which I would like to share with you.

The Mauritius girl, will my words reach you?
I guess they will not, but I like to hope, to dream.
Hopes and dreams, the accessories of the weak...
A weak being, that I am, a being to be filled with fake bliss, five by day.
Three by the sunrise and  two when the diamonds imbue the skies.
As like that, the curtains shall rise and fall before my eyes, at each passing empty day.

And so I live on, even if that means to not have you anyway I can... The only way I can...
For now, I just wonder, if will I ever find it again while I live? The joy and wonder, I mean.
I ask this chair, I ask the other me on the looking glass and I ask my shadow.
I guess these are the only companionships I will ever have until I meet my final doom.
My shadow, my other broken me and this chair and my memories, of you and I...

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She was haunting the wilderness of Night
With the darkness over her damned Essence.
Suddenly, she had caught a mortal’s sight,
She had dark grimace on her countenance.

She ambled towards the forlorn young man,
She stopped as if someone had grabbed her hand.
On the man’s head, there was a flashy crown,
He must be a Prince from some distant-land.

Once, she too was a Princess on this earth.
Until someone bewitched her with a curse
That She will live within the life-in-death.
Will God still bestow her the reimburse?

Bewitched, she never had the time to love.
Now this new Love has bewitched her again,
Her rotten heart was fluttering like Dove
But her misery gave her utmost pain.

She prayed to God for divine miracle
In a slight hope that she was still hanging
Between life and death, with a debacle
That befell on her without her longing.

God took pity on her ill provision
And bestowed her gifts of Love, Eternal
Her dead skins freshened with apparition
Of Existence, once bewitched, infernal.

The Princess then met her despondent Prince,
Who too fell in love at first sight of her.
Their two hearts were blessed with inner peace
Though they were bewitched in love, forever.

[WRITTEN BY Osman Gani]

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My Prince Fighting Dragons

Dragons of ancient times
were always in the way breathing
 fire and flapping there wings…

I wish that my prince were to slew
 one for it would prove that he 
truly loved me…

No need to be a damsel in distress 
with my guardian prince around…

Having my prince rescue me, 
from those fire breathing dragons…

With my prince by my side riding 
off into the sunset, on his white steed 
over the hill where we will live happily 
ever after, with my prince by my side…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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The Secret Romance

Inspired by and dedicated to - a friend who taught me that love fantasies can come true…….so I took a few notes to share with all of you.

This is a story of a secret romance That came to be only by chance Of a couple passing through The same steps of life a time or two A good looking gallant man was he And she was filled with lots of beauty I saw them a few times as they met They didn’t see me and I didn’t tell them yet It started with a visit reminiscing about the past Of times they spent together sharing joyful laughs They never planned for it to ever be More than being just a bit over friendly They both had someone else in their life A significant other, a husband or wife The romance they had was never planned It was simply something that just happened They had a secret place in a faraway land And seemed to be happy just holding hands Nature surrounded them almost magically I think I even saw them talking to a tree I couldn’t tell if it really talked back But they nodded as if it did interact As they moseyed in the grass so green I could actually hear every bird sing They sat upon a bench on a little hilltop Hugging and kissing and just wouldn’t stop They seemed to carry a special spark For one another in each other’s heart In the distance stood a tower with a bell It rang so loud it was almost like a big yell They both jumped up to go their separate ways But knowing they would meet on another day I don’t know how long this secret romance will be So I’ll try to take notes for a future documentary Florence McMillian (Flo)

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The King of Charm

The King of Charm I have searched for and wondered Just who my prince charming would be You know the one who was made Specifically for me He will want to treat me Like I am the very best He will make me feel like I’m better than all of the rest He will really want to hold me Not only when I ask him to It will just be something He truly wants to do The kisses he gives to me Will be so very sweet That I’ll tingle all over From my head to my feet His love for me Will be so real That I’ll know how A woman should feel He will be my soul mate Though I have had one before We never shared our life together So this time will certainly be more It’s as if the journey Goes on and on again As if it’s in a spin cycle Without reaching an end I’m really in a higher category As a friend pointed out to me I actually need a level above Who a prince charming would be Now the next level up From a prince charming love Would have to be a king’s status So that’s why I’ve only had love duds I may only be the queen of drama As is what my friend actually said It still carries the category of a queen So those are the steps I’m going to tread Now I am turning in a new direction Away from those prince charming men They seem to be galloping all around me Just not meeting the criteria of my searching So it really must be the king of charm The one who will find true love with me Together we will share our dreams of life And live together forever very happily Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Pineapples and Lemons

I'm Sweet
You're Sour
I'm In Cans 
You're In Bags
We're Perfect
The Perfect Match
You're Presence Blinds Me
Yellow Coating
You Burn My Eyes
But That's Okay
You Make Good Lemonade
Your Sour Taste
My Sweet Flavor
The Perfect Combination
It's Out Of This World
You're The Best Squeeze Yet

Oh Pineapple 
Words From The Heart
You M ake The Best Pina Colada
Sweet and Devine
Squeeze All You Want
Honey You're Mine
You Make Me Drool
Just The Presence Of You
I'm The Bag You Unwrap
I'm The Sour Of YOur Sweet
Beautiful Leaves
You're My Squeeze
Honey Bee
PIneapples and Lemons
Perfect Combination

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Afternoon Spell

Fleeting memories encounter vague enchanted pleasures at the bottom of the minds well. 

Their delicate everchanging existence intoxicates the huanted  headspace in which they dwell.

Images infiltrate an insatiable conscience where fools invent necessity and cry superficial tears.

Momentary merciless passion commands the heart to kiss fantastical desire with lips that never tell.

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what are you

The only companion with that endless imagination,
You mostly preferred a solitude atmosphere,
Because you are filled with jealousy:
How did you solidify a mild heart and makes it bold?
You are the first who authoritatively pronounced your spell on others,
And so many clamored for it, mostly the trembling souls.
You are the oldest in the history of mankind.
Are you so ugly or beautiful to reveal your true identity?
So many  famished for your sake,
Some were helped, assisted hopes were given back to them, 
still for your sake.
Some killed for you, you agreed to be used  as fallacy,
Now you have been declared wanted.
I now understand why you individualized yourself:
and uses peoples images as your hideout:
You are so wicked, generous, full of honesty and deceit.
You are hard to find, but easy to come by.
But guilt and honesty had just revealed your identity as (LOVE)

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Married to the Tin Man

Rust ate away the Tin Man's heart,
but I never stopped loving.
After abandoning me, who wouldn't
need a wizard's magic to restore
some semblance of feeling?
Loving me was like loving a tin can:
I always had something to offer.
Loving him was no more than loving tin foil:
he crumpled from every wifely demand.

After passion had worn out his iron cock,
he marched into the woods -- as he fled,
my desperate words flung from a resolute mouth
bounced harmlessly off an impenetrable backside.
I cried, threw things, carried on for days,
but nothing flipped the switch in his mind.
[The robot was intent on leaving me.]

So alone as I was, I did not regret my actions:
I sold that bastard's heart to a junkyard. 

This poem appears online at Words are a Need.

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As It Rains

Today would be the perfect day
To call out of work
And laugh & play
As the bed lays 
against the window pane
I can hear each drop
As we lay
As it rains

Just the two of us
Trying to keep warm
I breathe your kisses into my lungs
And they heal a heart that’s been torn

You make me so happy
After pain attacked me
But each rain drop explodes
As you grab me

Your kisses to my forehead
Bring tears down my face
I have a bleeding heart
That has been saved
As we lay,
As it rains...

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Not the Better One

She’s the better one
Beautiful and what you deserve
Comparison is not an option
A rock to a diamond
I make little to none shine
And she can make mountains
Upon a hill of grind

Full with hate of what I've become to day
Disgusted with the monster
That’s been created an atomic bomb
And I feel all the shame
Wishing to change everyday
I am a nothing compared to that

Perfect is what she is
Cute is what you two are
Monstrous is what I am
Killing is what you’re doing
Burning away every dream is what’s happening
She is better one
Wishing it was me
She is the better one

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your body next to mine,
no better perfect crime.
trying not to get burned,
this lesson was hard to learn.
to get away with you;
heat that only exists for you,
passion that never dies,
measures of extreme emotional fire.
fire that quenches,
benefits that is so twisted.
melting in your gaze:
those were the times of days,
innocent just added to the thrill and suspense of the memories,
times of ecstasy that i miss.
more than genuine attraction of being together!
chemistry with a mystery,
courtesy of chivalry.
sparks blazing from within the inner depths of your soul!

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Moon Kissed

Shadows chasing shooting stars, the poets cry as they write the future.
Words begin to fall like rain, emotions flow between the wind.

The atmosphere evolves.

A beating heart peaking up beneath the pavement. Vines of green hug the pulsating instrument.
Flowers blossom to the sound, a bitter sweet symphony. Petals dance with pixies  upon trees.

The night is singing.

The air is thick and the moon is watching, the glow of silver pours on down.
A kiss of crimson and the heart starts racing. Midnight lovers of the enchanted woods.

A candle burns.

The wax begins to drip upon the rose, the lovers kiss begins to part.
The dancers stop as the crescendo descends, silence for the beating heart.

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Lady of My Dreams

Lady of My Dreams

Lady of my dreams how I adored you,
Lady of my nights how I implored you,
Mesmerizing woman, thief of my heart
Enticer of men, such a passionate tart.

Spinning her web, her prisoner entwined
Captivating kisses, so delightfully divine
Golden haired diva, Angelina was mine
Bewitching, beguiling so sensuously fine.

Lady of my dreams how I adored you,
Lady of my nights how I implored you
Mesmerizing woman, thief from above
Charmer of men, heavenly angel of love.

Lady of my dreams, lady of my rhyme
Seducer of my heart, her wishes were mine
Promises of riches, diamonds, and gold
Worlds of wealth and fortunes untold.

Lady of my dreams how I adored you,
Lady of my nights how I implored you
Mesmerizing woman, thief of my tears
Phantom of the dark, Angelina disappears

Enchantress of men, and sorceress divine
My angel had vanished, leaving no sign.
Harsh morning appears, the sun rises at dawn
Lady of the darkness, Angelina was gone

Dream lover of mine how I adored you,
Goddess of my nights how I implored you
Mesmerizing beauty now gone from my sight
Captive of my lady, now I wait for the night.

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Heavenly Love

I followed myself up in an open stairway
As if I was going towards heaven
And behind those curtains of the cherry blossom trees... I saw you

How peaceful you were with your eyes closed
As if you already went to the dreams of heaven
And when I softly brushed a petal from your hair... you awaken as if this was a caress

I suddenly ran away from you
As if I quickly clutched my heart, perhaps a love made in heaven
And even with a small fear in my life... you gently took your hand in mine

How unexpectedly you pulled me close
As if you already gave me a soft kiss from heaven
And so I surrendered myself to you... I already knew that my heart will forever be with you

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The Sea Blue Eyes I

Once in a while I meet a person whose eyes tell their story
The story is like the sky reflection on the seas of glory
The eyes are all the wonder of the world
It sees the future, past, and present
The eyes give us knowledge of the world and reflection
The reflection of sadness and weakness of each creature
The wonder of each individual being has a present
To the world who has lots of false images
To arise the moment of that one glance
To follow the heart in romance
Just the reflection that gather in your eyes of blue
What a man and a woman should view
Life is such a pain without stopping to see each eyes
Its like roses you have to enjoy each passion in side
When that moment collides with mind and heart
Nothing in your soul can keep your love apart
Join in the fun look in every eyes of a person beside
With passion and romance I bet you, you would cry
The luster of all the things to come
A bounty of life long needs to be given by just the wonders of the eyes
The blue seas reflects the different depths of our feelings
And it should become revealing
Come to your senses with ravaging hormones of lust
The sea can take you and even the reflection in the eyes of the person
The beauty is not held by one it is held by everyone
Such looks with fear for no relief
Is almost a dreadful part in our human nature
Beware of what can happen when emotions are held
Held to the core of an individual
No such thing is kindness when you find yourself in the Sea Blue Eyes
Calling in your soul by just looking
With ignorance you play around with such futile emotion
Gush away the fear and do not go insane with life so dear
The grasp of the titans comes to reveal
The evil within your heart is so obscenely noticed
You want the sea and you want those eyes to look at you with wishes
The rage in the heart are waves that cannot stop 
It pushes and pushes with no regret
The heart falters and there is only one thing in your mind
The idea of one soul to be with is the ocean 
The rifts that is trying to break to end the wants of desire
Cannot be trusted in a human lier
The beauty of man is destruction 
The beauty of women are commands
The eyes of each does not matter in the sea
Because all emotion and desire is given to those who are true
Command of a person is just one thing 
The desire to destroy is another
The Sea Blue Eyes will see no bother cause it bares it all
Even the utmost desire
To be continue.

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Remember Us as Smoke

It’s a highway nightmare, or it should be,
but no one’s afraid (too much)
and the road just thunders and hummmms
on and on and on and on
under that greedy summer sun.

All of their guns are cocked and loaded
but we’re still wondering:
	Water or bullets?
	Joke or truth?
	Which is which?
I’m starting to like that you can never be sure
if that’s water or mortality dripping
from their barrels,
from their thumb-tacked smiles.

Then there’s us.
We live in the realm of
nonsense and secrets and
pure dangerlust.
I think it’s the hint
of the war zone in you
that keeps me in this.

You see,
I was born on a battlefield,
in the gunsmoke and sulfur
and dirt and lead;
I was raised in a war zone,
where I scrabbled for a wisp of meaning
among scores of hardened soldiers
(but mostly,
among the ones who had
no choice, 	no love, no fight).

I was forged in violence.

I belong in your
You’re a manifestation of trenches and dust,
of rubble and the cold thrill of martyrdom,
and I fit as a toy soldier
(too much truth there)
on the board of a child’s game.

Maybe real people
don’t fit together quite like we do,
but I’d rather be the
blistered pig iron ideal of a vagabond
than some shadow still hopelessly searching
for something that’s not there.

At the end is a firefight of old Hollywood proportions,
but I’m combat-ready and you’re battle-eager,
so let’s stop pretending that we don’t love this anymore.
(because I do I do I love it more than you)
We’ll keep writhing in the dark
until our time is up, but let’s see if
before we fizzle out, maybe we can
take a few of them down with us.

Fight me and love me,
don’t you ever settle
for an armistice, a cowardly end;
not if you want to go out as binary stars
or conjoined twins,
held together not by gravity or skin
but by the struggle to be
the triumphant,
the blood-soaked and victory-stained
of this whole affair.

So I won’t listen when they
say that this is all just something we’ve created
in our heads.
(If war is the opposite of creation,
how could we create one?
When matter and anti-matter
the only output is mutual annihilation.
Does that make us
n o t h i n g?)

We’re pushing 120 in this
high-octane pipe-dream set on the stage
of the bitterly hopeful Midwest. I’ll play
Bonnie if you’ll be Clyde,
but really, 
I think we’re a second Genesis
that’s been penned as a high-speed chase. 

We will never be hit.
We will never be caught.
We will only win. 

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Dont Love Now

That was a great moment
When my house was filled fully
With relatives, friends and new guests around.

Dad keeping busy, mom arranging,
Friends amusing, cousins entertaining,
I was immersed  within relishable tension.

Relaxing myself and taking a deep breath,
I entered in and bid all a traditional HI..
Focusing him at cross eyes.

We kicked off with a sparking smile,
It lasted for a couple of seconds,
Bowed my face with a sharp shy

It was like left in a green field
Filled with elite flowers and touchable stars..

Got a call the next day,
Informing I was selected in the race.
Everyone was tied with anxiety.

Following bundles of discussions,
In addition to my sanctions,
My phone digits were added to his ring up lists.

He first marched with the word ‘Hello’,
I continued with ‘Who is this!!!’
He prolonged with ‘The one who is supposed to rule u’.

Recognizing whom it was?? It was like-
Millions of butterflies flew under my belly,
Dribbles clogging upon the throat..

Fearing what to talk,
I blabbered, he laughed.
He nattered, I pinned my ears in.

One side was this path of unseen Love and commotion 
Other side was a bargains and organization.
The deal ended up with beginning of new covenant in the place of worship.

That was not only a reception but also a farewell,
Final byes to the friends,  adieus to cousins, cries to parents,
I was put into a family unit.

	He held my both hands, kissed at its palms,
	Looked directly into my eyes,
	Made me know what I mean to him..

When my nervousness overruled,
	he replaced with calmness.
When I met agitation,
	he created coolness.
When I feared on something,
	he hugged for many things.
When I worked restless,
	he comforted.
When I worried,
	he cheered up.
Whenever I was disquieted,
	he educated reality in precise.
He did them because he was the one who
	understood me next to GOD..

Accomplished castle in the sky
Daydreamt while missing each
Visualized our masked future
Engaged with enthusiastic honest instants
Managed enjoyments and working schedules
He provided a completely satisfied Life
Failed to remember my past failures in relationships
Brought me entire Heaven inside this tiny earth
Cant imagine what I’m without him
None ever could restore his standard
I can sum up everything he offered me
	Using a solo word “LOVE”.
That’s a splendid understanding at twenty five’s. . 
		Need a Life like this??????
			DON’T Love now. . .

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The Dive

Standing on a cliff,
overlooking the sight before me,
Below me.

The water tempting,
the thrill exhilarating.
The adrenaline pumping.

The heart races.
The present danger 
runs through the mind.

I have been here before.
My focus is more than
any dive.

The heart becomes alive.
Feeling once more as it did,
so long ago.

Forgetting how it could feel like this
once more.
But wanting to try again.

But with it comes a cost.
The possible danger.
The repercussion of crashing.

That feeling I know well.
Never feeling the water below,
but the rocks that could kill you.

Torn up time and time again.
Wondering if this might be different 

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GREEN Chapter Three

Kenya was glowing but Nubia didn't know 
why.  "You know what?  You been trying to 
get me to dread my hair for the longest.  
I'm going to let you dread my hair".  Nubia 
fell over when she heard Kenya's words.  
"What on earth made you decide on such 
a drastic change all of a sudden?"  Nubia 
asked Kenya.  A man said Kenya.  
"Guuurrriillllll tell me who he is and what 
he looks like".  Nubia was so excited she 
didn't know
what to do with herself.  "His name is 
Malik Maxwell Williams.  He showed up at 
the bank Friday to open an account.  I'm 
changing my look to get him to notice 
me".  "He's tall I'll say around six foot 
three, milk chocolate skin,  small eyes like 
a chinese, deep waves in his hair.
You have to see him for yourself".  Nubia 
was on Kenya's hair for three hours.  
Monday arrived so fast Kenya didn't know 
where the weekend went.  That Monday 
morning she got up showered, put on her 
new outfit, and a little bit of makeup.  
carefully applying it so she didn't over do 
it.  Looking in the mirrior to see how she 
looked.  "Damn Nubia did a good job on 
my dreads".  Thought Kenya.  She 
practiced what she would say to Malik on 
the way to the bank that's if Malik came to
the bank today.  She made her way 
the bank front doors.  Right away her co-
workers mouths fell open.  They couldn't 
believe their eyes.  Is this the same Kenya 
they all thought to themselves.  Her co-
workers complimented her on her new 
look.  Kenya counted the hours before 
Malik finally showed up.  Kenya walked up 
to Malik and asked "How may I help you?"
"I would like to make a deposit".  "How 
much would you like to deposit Mr. 
Williams?" Kenya's voice was a high pitch 
from being nervous.  "I would like to 
deposit five thousand dollard".  Malik 
handed Kenya the money with a cocky 
look in his eyes.  "Excuse me Malik I 
normally don'tdo this...........but would you 
like to go out some time?"
Taken back by Kenya's question Malik had 
to recompose himself.  "Yes I would".  I 
never had a woman to ask me out before 
thought Malik.  This is different.  "Meet me 
in the bank's parking lot Saturday at 
6:00pm".  Kenya told Malik in a low voice.  
Malik left the bank with an extra step in 
his stride and a boost in his ego.
As he drove away from the bank Malik's 
cell phone rings.  "Hello what's up 
Mecca?"   "The deal with the Asians is 
taking place right now".
written by Keith Edward Baucum

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The Sea Blue Eyes II

There she is the false image standing quietly
She is just standing looking at a beautiful flower
She notices her passion of earthy desire
Something is happening she burst into the sun
I look up as her hands grasp my face
Her sea blue eyes gazed at me
Her warm hand and then a bright light blinded me
I went down on my knees and cried
The salty water dropped on to the ground 
I live by the ocean so deep
I do not know how to swim
By the thought of a beautiful look 
That made me shake
With fear in my head I saw those Sea Blue Eyes
I cannot restrain myself she burst into the sun
What is going on is it just the feeling of being left behind
She was a desire and now I have none
Driving nuts and insane what will I do
Believing such a image is a dream
I walk on the sand by the ocean with flowers in my hand
Raising it to the sky and trying my best to lure her
The image came close 
It pulled me into the ocean I was soaked
What a lonely human being I am
I grope the sky with such desire
I look pitiful and look anguished
What horrible feeling I have to pull the beauty that is nature down
The wind blew one day the image once more appeared
A young woman standing beside a flower with deep Sea Blue Eyes
Looked at me a glance of hope and happiness came
I reached for her and all of a sudden I fell into a deep sleep
Months past they had told me that I jump off a cliff 
They explained that the flower patch was by it
I realize heaven and earth cannot be reached with out a sacrifice
With meaningless thoughts I would wonder of to the cliff area
To see the ocean were it meets and ends
I was told a story long ago that the feelings of the ocean can seep into your soul
The trend of this story came shortly after some deaths
I was fooled the lady with the Sea Blue Eyes can manipulate anyone
Ladies and men, she is an illusion of the utmost desire
Blaming everyone human kind knowing they are lyres
The ghostly images that creeps everyone is oneself
Desire falls upon those who are lonely 
Believe of the unnatural becomes science
The Sea Blue Eyes is no lie cause they have been taking souls
Through century they have been taking souls for tolls
I stood once again near the ocean reaching to the sky
Lonely I was ready to disappear 
One day she not the lady of the sea it was the one I knew
I was blessed that day she embrace me 
I then fell into a slumber of bliss and desire
Now I just hear voices and I am paralyze down
A disappointment I was fooled once more by the Sea Blue Eyes 

To be continue.

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Gasoline Alley

He could crease the trousers of a flathead V-8 
                             with military precision...
         at the pumps 

wiping away bug splatter,
polishing holes in the windshield,
staring at summer-tanned curves
peaking from barely-there cover

he intoxicates on gasoline fumes
and cheap perfume over-applied.
Testosterone and estrogen
rage, one to another.

She feigns indifference,
giggling want-you,
tossing curls, instinctively
planting desire.

         a tuneup for two.     

He humps over the shiny-fendered ford,
caressing spark plug holes,
each cylinder begging for his touch,

while she
fills his back pocket with her warm soft hand


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Forgotten Fate

Introduction: For those who’re wandering confused within the lost and found - seeking silence…

Truth be never futile Stay and see awhile, Call back your forgotten dreams And feel that frozen smile, Linger of Love be worth eternal wait; When the time is right – That verity we do still hate And later we wind up too late, There forth we get lost in fate We get bemused with our innate That we can’t still relate, Don’t take on yourself as bate As never you trust an inmate, Our hopes and thoughts they fade away And we just see closed gates, So slay the lies, dig up the truth Someday you shall find, your forgotten fate…

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Beauty and the Unpublished Author

Far away in a little town tucked in the corner of a map
Lives the girl who ruined his heart
And broke his life

While with him she would smile and laugh so sweet
Tender as only she could be
In his heart she lit even the corners so deep

With time she became his definition of life
In all he did he had her in mind
Life wasn’t life without him seeing her smile

As moments grew into weeks
The flower of his heart started to reveal its wilt
In her eyes no longer was the sparkle he was used to seeing

Winds carried awful odour of their disorder
Tales went round of her illicit exploits behind the counter
The man with the shop at the corner savoured all the honey she offered

At first he dismissed the whispers with laughter
But soon he discovered he was the only one on the other side of reality’s border
Yes indeed, another prince had taken over

Trouble was how sincerely he loved her
Problem was that even she had only love to offer
Issue was he hadn’t yet sold a dime of the books he authored

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I'm Looking

I'm looking for someone I can kiss Oh I'm looking for a good girl but finding a good girl is like surfing the web and not seeing porn. I'm looking for someone to hold at night, Oh I'm looking for a good girl but finding a good girl is like going to the strip club and not getting glitter on your lap. I'm looking for someone to love and love me back. Oh I'm looking for a good girl but finding a good girl is like going to the beach and not getting sand in places there should not be sand. Oh I'm just looking for a good girl.

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Frozen Starlight

Take pity upon me, for my heart knows love unyet my hands feel not her skin.
My eyes gaze upon the starlit night sky, natural cosmic diamonds whose beauty is nothing compared to hers within.

We meet briefly every month, for those hours our hands entwine.
The night is paused and all is frozen, the nights stars forever continue to shine.

Woe is us for our lives can never merge, know that my love is with you and our light shines bright.
Dark are my days until those hours of light, when thy smile eclipses the beauty of a million nights of starlight.

When lives come together our book is written, who can know what story our love will write.
To say love is blind is to have never understood it, such madness and passion encapsulates thy sight.

We see such beauty when in love, our eyes are not blind as all colours can be seen.
My story is written and paths have been taken, my life is filled with tales of what could have been.

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Dancing with Desire

The fire in your eyes, 
scorches my soul,
burning with an intensity,
leaving me to hunger for more.

I try to avoid your gaze, 
wanting to ignore your magnificence.
My self-control disappears,
as desire consumes me,
persuading my eyes to linger,
upon the flames of your soul.

The walls I build around me,
continue to crumble,
into debris,
when your captivating charisma,
envelops my heart,
surrendering to inevitable attraction.

I hide the curve of my mouth,
realizing that I must conceal,
the realities of my sin.
Your dazzling smile,
engenders me to pretend,
I do not notice,
 the pair of horns,
 upon your head.

The darkness of your spirit,
mesmerizes me,
falling into temptation,
without considering the implications.

You are precarious,
to my life,
a fact that excites me,
yet terrifies me.

I yearn to fly away,
abandoning the arrow of lust,
piercing into my purity.
Your devilish grin,
whispers melodies of secrets,
enchanting my lonely existence.

The moment I let my guard down,
you place your hand,
upon the small of my back,
and lean into my body.
Your lips caress mine,
leaving me to tremble,
with the taste,
of your intoxicating kiss.

Our bodies unite,
connecting as one entity,
tainting my celestial light.
I no longer want,
the halo,
hovering over my head.

I came to abhor,
the purities of the heart,
bathing in an ocean of thorns,
severing the wings,
of delicate feathers,
off my back.

Innocence evaporated,
from my pores,
becoming a raging phoenix.
I took your hand,
turning my back,
to an alleged harmonious world.
I took a walk,
 on the wild side,
running through my labyrinth,
of fears.

Your gentle touch,
transforming into a dominant embrace,
creates an adrenaline rush,
exploding into a fever.

I choose your destiny,
to dance into eternal flames,
a black rose,
between my teeth,
as we perform the tango,
into a blazing inferno of passion.

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Death and beyond

Hours transpired like every other day. Perched on the trees, sparrows chirped, keeping the dreadful silence at bay, and sunlight across the land, whipped. Laid there on the grassy lawn, was a lovely lass dressed in a corset. Smelling the blossoms like a fawn, enchanted was she by nature's best. Up the hill ran a hysterical lad, his face as white as a sheet, shattered her heart to more than just a shard, and made her swoon to her feet. Minutes rolled to hours, and hours to days, and there she sat like a stone. With her eyes so lifeless and cold, her once rosy lips now as dry as a bone. Draining her blood was her soul, turning her visage as of a ghoul. Neither did she eat, nor drink, as she stooped over life's brink. Deep down was an endless bottom, which her rotting psyche couldn't fathom. The day came when her eyes lit up, like a hopeless spark in a dark cavern. She let go and set her eyes on the stars afar, and said "I'll be there wherever you are".

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Words Not Written

The words not written Will always be remembered But there are those few With what they so far heard These are the words To completely describe All the passion we held And always had to hide The not written words Would’ve been the best Romance novel around Better than the rest But I don’t mind Passing up that chance Because I enjoy feeling The most passionate romance This is a promise I now make to you Forever and always Believe me it’s true The memories I see Through only my eyes Will only be written In some form of disguise Though those words Will be written not I must explain how Even a little is a lot Each moment with you I’m never forgetting I’ll just carry memories Of the words not written Florence McMillian (Flo)

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A Lover's Letter - Part 2 of 4

- continued from Part 1 -

and Feel Your Form and Supple Figure
Blessed With Such Restful Grace
… and Flow Into Your Being
Like Embraced Ocean Waves

I Wanted To Send You Words
Of How Deeply I Care
I’m Sending Words and Wishes
As You Wait For Me There
And I Remember and Count
Each Star-Strand Lock of Your Hair

And Do You Remember I Sent You
That Priceless Gift So Rare? …
… of A Pearl-Bone Framed Portrait
Of Which You Said You Loved To Stare!
Oh, I Have So Many Wonderful
Things To Tell and Share!

I Want To Be The One To Show You …
The Infinite, Mysterious Universe
And I Will Fill & Quench All Your Desires
Your Needs, Your Hunger & Your Thirst

I Will Enrich Your Life
Like A King’s Treasure-Purse
I Only Ask You Wait For Me …
and Remember Me – First

I’ll Always Be Your Support
and On Your Conscience’s Side
and I Will Be Your Bridge
Over Any Wide Chasm Divide

… and Always Cherish You
As Beloved, Beautiful Wife-Bride
And I Want To Give You
Eternity-Elephants To Ride
And I’ll Be Right There
I’ll Be Your Eden’s Gate and Guide …

I Will Take You Where Passion
… Doesn’t Have To Hide (Gen) 3: 8-10)
To A Place Where I Wash You
In Moonlight and Surging Tides

With You … I Want To Share
This Buoyant Breath of Life
And Together … We’ll Climb
Mountains and Thru Waterfalls Dives

And To Show This Dedication …
We Won’t Need A Shrine
Your Devoted Heart Is All
I Desire In Love’s Design

So Keep My Hand and I Will
Keep You Satisfied (Ps. 145: 16)
But For Now, My Lovely One …
Please Let Patience Abide

With This Letter I Am Sending
A Substantial Means of Living
With This Letter Comes A Token
Of The Love I’ll Be Giving

I Am Sending A Portion of
The Fortune & Allowance You’ll Be Spending
With Great Principles and Privileges
and Potential and Possibilities … Pending

It Is The Affairs of Our Hearts
That I Am Taking Care In Tending
My Lovely One … It Is The Wealth
Of My Love I Am Sending

Enclosed, You Will Find
The Drafted Subsidy Bank Note
and All The Investments Are In Order
and On Time, Like I Wrote
(Isa. 46: 9, 10, 11)

And It Was A Pleasure To Sign
With Each Flourish of My Pen-Stroke
Remembering All The Dreams
… About Which We Spoke …

I Can’t Wait To Tell You The Good News
Of The  Dividends With Each Post
Now, Here’s The Proofs and Payoff
With Each Exact Quote …

And I Can Just Picture You Reading
& Memorizing What I Wrote By Rote
Oh, Just Keep Believing In Me, Lovely
and You’ll Never Be Heartbroke …

(Part 2 of 4)

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The Poets Dance

Paint pots and magic at the stroke of a brush, it’s the power of a picture for the lovers in lust. The splashing of water and addition of choice, it’s a musician’s beat, and the poets to rejoice. Hungary caterpillars and the ladybugs dance, it’s nature’s festival and the Devil’s mischance. The warmth of summer’s night amongst a starry sky, it’s the sparkle of lanterns drifting up to Shanghai. The poets and the dreamers smear ink to the page, it’s lyrical fluidity entwining a white witch’s sage. The smells and the colours are a carnival of love, it’s the power of family, drawing joyous tears up above. Live in these moments and build memories to keep, it’s time for our picture before we lose it to sleep. So take my hand as we enter the tent to the light, it’s an entrance to happiness and it’s just to your right.

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Waiting for my Girl

I await your entry through our red door.
I know you will be stunning as before.
Your sexy dress will be metallic blue.
It will suit you completely, any hue.
I adore everything about my wife.
She breathes youth into me, allows me life.
She’s coming, how I can’t wait to see her.
Her entry, the power, is quite the blur.
The beauty that emanates, takes my breath.
If she wasn’t my girl, I’d fall from death.
I walk over, grab her waist, and kiss her.
Passion flows between us like none other.
We now walk together out the front door,
To a night of pure romance near the shore.

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Catie Lindsey's "Narratives" contest


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3,000 Miles Separate Fate

There you were
Just a blur
In the spur
Of the moment

A spontaneous rush
Of flushed confusion
An overwhelming lasting impression

This brief encounter
Bringing two strangers
A precious and a joyous sensibility
That's all too serene to be fiction

Effervescent euphoria
Permeates its way through the senses
Infiltrating effortlessly

Why did you have to go
And get on that plane

Now you're never coming home

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Whats My Name?

I'm falling down a rabbit hole,

Down, down, down.

No...I'm not Alice...

This isn't just a dream,

This is our reality.


I've never fallen faster,

Never been so careless.

Love at first sight,

You make me fearless.

Light catches seize of the shadows,

In a white light washed night.


Racing, speeding, down the way,

Twist, twirl, curve, dip, in, out, in between,

Up, down, inside out, night to day.

The clocks hands fly,

Each minute, second, passing faster by.

You take my hand,

It all just melts away.

I'm lost in your arms,

That kiss, I'm breathless.

What's my name?

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Music For The Deaf

Once in awhile, I get so low I can feel myself falling faster into the quick sand. In this case, your love is the pit in which I’m sinking. Can you not hear me crying out for help? Because, I swear I can’t do this on my own. I need you to pull me up.. I guess you don’t see that inside I’m all shook up. I’ll be better off without you, that way I can get myself up and dressed out of this mess. You use me for your own good, but what about my sanity? This lovesick melody that I keep singing to is tearing apart the innocence of me. If you can’t see that, then why do I keep on trying to catch up to you? You won’t have to hear about it anymore though, I’m done with what you made me out to be. I’m too good to be set up by a fool like you! You’ll see one day, my dear. This melody that had me dying inside, is nothing more than music to the deaf now! But, don’t worry.. Maybe, one day you’ll see.. Just Don’t come back to me.

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I am Not Poison

There are many types,
 of poisons, like poison ivy, 
hemlock, sumac, we also
have belladonna, and arsenic.

I am not poison, neither 
have venom, nor a virus…

Why have I not, heard from 
you for such a long time…

Did I say something,
that you didn’t like?

You can call or you come 
over whenever you want…

I am not toxic, nor am 
I venomous, nor do 
I have a virus...

I am not poisonous…

By Sandra L. Hoban

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For far too long I have read these words.
Not knowing what it meant at first.

Maybe it was just a matter of not 
speaking about what it was, 
that it was complicated.

Maybe the story was too deep,
too many details to discuss.
Or that if you did, it
would only bring back the pain.

It's not because we complicate them,
it's because of where we are,
problems do arise and sometimes
we can't come to a solution.

Sometimes it stays a mess,
where two people can't see
eye to eye anymore.
The feelings change.

Complications come and go
its a matter of learning from them,
and trying to work on them,
so the next one is less complicated.

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Conversational Subject

I need to find better people
to talk to at work.
I feel like I am being corrupted.
Being a guy.

I never used to talk like this,
I never even thought about it 
as much as I have.

They have different opinions on what a relationship is.
They do not know how to define love.
They only care about one thing.

Unfortunately it doesn't help me,
since I could never look at my 
significant other as an object.

I hope I never get to that point,
that I do not come to the same 
ill fated fate that so many have.

That my relationship may grow,
that I might love unconditionally,
and look at my lady with love.

That I may show her love,
and please her, not as an object,
but as the subject of my life.