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Narrative Happiness Poems | Narrative Poems About Happiness

These Narrative Happiness poems are examples of Narrative poems about Happiness. These are the best examples of Narrative Happiness poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I was seventeen, had one year left of high school and a boyfriend I didn't even love.
It was the end of summer, and I was on the verge of a night indelible
because it was incredible for me.

If "tall, dark, and handsome" had a face, it belonged to one who walked
into the store I worked at nightly all alone. He brought with him a smile just for me -
beautiful, magical, seducing. Were he music, he'd have been the warmest song
to ever touch my soul. Perhaps it was the moon, lunacy-inducing, that made me crave
his visits more and more, for he'd come each night into the store, 
his ritual to tease me with his glances; then stand in line with just one purchase,
engaging me with words deliciously belying that he spoke my native tongue. 
Did he know I fairly worshiped him? 
And where was Aphrodite to let her dear Adonis wander free?

I learned eventually he was staying with a brother and soon would be returning to Quebec. 
I do not know, but I can now infer the moon waxed full by the time he asked me out, 
for I had waxed complete in my audacity. Knowing it was his last night in town, 
I closed the store up early and fled with my Prince Charming.
The stuff of poetry that night transpired. . .
fodder for the several poems of romance I've since penned.
Sitting in his car in front of my own house, late at night, into the early morning. . .
The way he gazed into my eyes, teaching me of butterfly kisses 
and his breathing his sweet breath along my ear lobes,
the way our fingers interlaced, the way he caressed the small of my back. . . 
He taught me how small things
can be just as sensuous as that act of love that virgins do not know,
and he branded me with a yearning for a sweet romantic love I'd never felt so strongly,
nor would I ever know again as wonderfully as I was shown that night,
 for others in my life I've kissed, yet barely missed.

My dream love wrote me postcards from Quebec. Then it all died out.
I married. A few years passed; then I got a call from him, completely unexpected!
Somehow he'd tracked me down to my new home. I took the call, 
 as I held my firstborn baby daughter in one arm.
Heart in my throat, I told him it was nice to hear from him, but I was married now.
So though I'll never know what "may have been," I'm still left with the memory
I chose to make with him  that one day of my life, my very best,
because for just one night, I was Cinderella. A prince still holds my slipper,
and infinite romance lives on inside my poems.

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Life's Little Secret

I never really realized How crucial friends can be I used to think that one or two Would be enough for me But now I think I'm changing How I view this need to share The good things and the heartaches With ones who really care We moved here from the city With a group of folks like us To wile away our golden years To relax and avoid the fuss Since moving to this paradise I'm now a different man I welcome conversations Bout neighbours and their plans To share each other's happiness And cry when losing one We're all so very much alike No matter where we're from It's not a competition To see who wins the prize It's all about companionship To feel the bonds that tie Now if I were just to count them There'd be twenty-five I'm sure Some more close than others But all of them top drawer So if you see me walking tall And whistling a happy tune It's because I've found my paradise No more doom and gloom © Jack Ellison 2014

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Birth, in a Quiet Room

“Well,” She asked; her eyes wide. Beads of hot sweat glistening on her brow like miniature 
crystal suns. Her angst was palpable. “What is it!”
     The air was still. There were no words. Just the sound of bodies breathing in – and 
     “Congratulations.” He held out his arms, handing the mother, her baby, “You have a son.”
     The moment shone like glass in the center of the heavens – pure and eternal.
     It was redemption from every wrong thing she’d ever done. 
     It was the shining eyes of God smiling onto her exhausted face; lighting it with hope.    
     It was the only place there was – the only time, the only space. 
     It was the only feeling that existed. 
     They were the only two incarnate souls in the room; on the planet, and in the universe.
     This was her child –
     her son.
     And she was his mother.

     (there are no words for such things. suddenly, I feel like an intruder. there are too many 
eyes, words and moments here. so it is here, I take my leave; leaving this mother and the 
only soul in her universe to their perfect moment. they will have many more moments in this 
lifetime; but none as sacred, as human, or as eternal as the first look from life to life; 
mother to child; heaven to earth, as the very first. None.)
“It’s a boy.” she whispered. Her throat a crumbling tunnel; stunned, but not really. Like 
she’d known it all along. “My baby boy…” She smiled into his ancient, brand-new face; 
tracing his delicate cheek with the back of her finger. “He’s perfect.” 
     She ran her palm along the bottom of his soft, miraculous foot, and laughed. “Look at 
your feet – they’re huge!”
     And as she wiped the tears with the heel of her shaking hand – smearing what was left of 
her mascara - she looked in to his, as close to heaven as one can get, eyes, and said, “Hi.
I’m your mama.” He smiled at her. He knew. He’d known it all along. “And I’ll love you 
     The world closed its shades then. Leaving the sacred to its history; the moment to 
eternity; and their universe to its quiet, little room.

*Inspired by Deborah's, You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby, contest; and every mother 
who has graced this sacred room.

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And The Road Begins?

Mornings are dreadful time in life unless waking beside gorgeous woman hopefully 
a not married one  husbans can be such a downer.
And when ya wake to a warm beautiful creature by your side.
And the first thought that comes to your mind is i wonder whats for breakfest.

Then ya probaly cant read the menu to start with and desserve 
to have a oversized weight lifter re arrange your ribs.

Im a southern man once means several things  non of which means im normal.
And this morning finds my yerning for a trip and widespread  mischief.
My amigo had vanished after are trip south of the boarder I remember saying 
to myself as i watched him  running naked across the dessert  being chased 
by the flying monkeys  he was surley seeing after his consumption of a foreign substance 

There goes a fine american.

I would have ran after him  but  but i didnt want thoose things to turn there attention to me 
I herd they had a thing for southern  actscents.
And theres nothing  worse than a bunch of horney flying monkeys trust me 
Ive delt with this problem  befor.

and being it was happy hour i knew my slightly insane amigo would understand 
in all his naked glory.
Besides  I left him some sneakers  and a sixpack.
And kept his credit card for safe keeping.

Naked men have no place to keep credit cards and I figured he was in no state to handle 

So as i sit  behind  the wheel  ready to to get lost in the madness of fast food and
  the ant hill of insanity that is wall mart i turn my thoughts to vegas.
For where would a lost nude slightly insane person  run to and feel at home.

I had turn the music up to drown out the sound of whoever was in the trunk.
I figured if i had put sombody in there  in a drunken moment.
It had to be for a good reason.

And so with slightly hungover mindset are road begins.
and so with that do the games also.
And i figured hanging around with a cops wife wasnt the smartest idea.
That and im allergic to bullets.

My muse and 16 year old spirtiual advisor had phoned me to say that.
I probaly needed to Invest in the spirt of Jack Daniels  today.
And hey she had went to church more than once  so who was I to argue.

With a five five spitfire by the name of tinker.
so with A unknown companion in the trunk not helping my hangover i was off
to the races  Untill next time kiddies. 
Adios and im off to find my amigo.

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Raspberry Wine

Musty antiquity 
Spice inside
a cauldron 
of ripe reason. 
Five months 
brewing boiling 
now the suave coolness,
animals don’t know
how to simmer their lovebroth
like this.

Only the Titan breath, what they desired remained. 

The world was dark, centralised 
the centre imposed
upon her perfect
his horned chest 
woolen jumper swollen with clues
breasts rising like meringues in a brick oven 
on her lips hung her whole life 
he extracted from her lips 
what he knew she was 
dying to give.

Ambience, randomosity, the
haze of a lantern
stage-lit movement in dust
eyes swivelled, bottles made
their pleas to be known
wise ancestral spirits

The gallery browsed.

Time stuck
between the molars. 

Abandoned corner;
hazelnut liquer, pomegranate
blood and something else.
They sat on the ground 

with this raspberry wine 
and sipped each other 
profoundly, irrevocably. 
She, mineral rich
rivulets of stone-clean water, 
soft aquamarine. He, present
like limestone
crumbling to a silent past,
frictitious, only lovers perch
on the cracked mantle 
of reality like this,
only they hear the moment's plea 
for recognition.

Copyright. 2009.

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My Cousin's Wedding

My cousin shared her wishes and dreams, On our star gazing night, she whispered them so sweet As a shooting star glided down from the sky, She said, I wish ….. I wish…. all I wish are these tonight Someday, I will marry a smart, rich and handsome guy And have a grandiose banquet on my nuptial rite We’ll be dancing like a lovely prince and princess , With all my wedding sponsors on their best suits and dresses All in pink ,that’s the motif I will surely request. She kept into her dreams as several years passed by, Still searching for her prince charming who’s hard to find Unconsciously going beyond the age to give birth to a child, In a hurry at age of seventy, she took a rich ninety years old guy. The wedding was held after a day or two, The guy seated on his wheelchair with rheumatism on his toe She headed slowly at the alter to accept his shaking hands, Two nurses followed, so with sponsors dressed up in printed brown. The highlight of the wedding rite started at once, They held tightly with a nebulizers on the other hands, But the words of oath, they took time to pronounce False teeth were both misplaced and nowhere to be found. Reception followed grandiosely in the guy’s mansion, I saw many old men and women still eager to dance on the floor, With hunched back, shaking knees, they twisted rock and roll Then, sweet music played and my cousin danced with her groom. But, we all wondered how did he stand alone? He’s so heavy , I knew my cousin couldn’t help him at all, With our great surprise, his nurse was at his side like his crutch Everyone thought , he’s really a smart guy! Was he not? Then, everyone followed them so happily on the spacious hall, And in trio, they held each other so tight and moved like a fool.
Written: Sept. 15, 2012 First Place Contest: My Cousin's Wedding (funny poem) Contest Judged: 9/30/2012 Poet Sponsor: Joann Grisetti

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Mountain Solitude


In solitude of the edge of day, there is a crimson blush along the hills

And a world switches direction, if to tumble into eternity

Where shadows of the mountains, high, hover silently, over asphalt roads,.....
     bend and curl, and morph their shapes... to follow curves of earth

When the shadow of a lonely pine becomes longer,.......
                                        than ever the tree was tall

When my own silhouette, so dark and stretched, and long,......
                                        seems to walk between earth and sky

In utter harmony at end of day,  my arms seem longer,...
               long enough,... to reach the evening star

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One Simple Twilight

Do we ever really notice them? Those rare and perfect moments? Do we pay enough attention? Do we care enough to keep them safely tucked away? It was summertime I'm not sure of the year We were sitting on our front porch steps Our children were playing in the yard The air was warm, the grass was green and fragrant The sun had disappeared over the trees, and the nearest hill The sky shone with hues of purple, pink and orange You pointed as a first star appeared Then reached for my hand, carressing it with the roughness of your thumb We never thought to get a camera Or to write about this particular moment in a journal We never mentioned it the next day....or the day after that.... Perhaps something we should have done Just so that we would never forget such a perfect twilight....
~ For Frank's Contest: "Stand Out Day" By Carrie Richards

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The Captain and I

With the palms of well-worn leathery hands that in younger days guided a Tall Ship round 
the globe many times with the help of stars that still twinkled in his eyes, the old man made 
a porthole in the frosty forest of swirling ferns that had been painted on the kitchen window 
pane by Jack-Frost during the night.

As I sat on his lap, he told me the creaking sound made by the rockers from the rocking 
chair we sat in on the hardwood floor - if he closed his eyes, could make him believe he was 
back with the wind in his sails, rising and dipping and swaying with the whims of the 
waves ‘ore the sea.

Back- and- forth, back-and-forth, we rocked as the porthole on the window pane grew larger, 
exposing the winter wonder land outside where trees and roads and roof-tops lie frozen 
beneath a layer of fluffy snow that looked like icing on a birthday cake, as the house 
softened and swelled in the warmth of the burning kindling wood that snapped and crackled 
in the stove. 

Rocking  back-and-forth, back-and-forth, I asked him, looking into those eyes of green, with 
that far away look. “Grandpa, won’t you tell me please, what lies beyond the sea?”  He 
paused for a moment, blowing silver halos that rose from his pipe in an aroma of sweet 
smelling ‘Old Sail’ tobacco, and with the magic of his words, he took me on a journey, 
rocking across the sea where he showed me all the places and wondrous things he’d ever 

That was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea, where an old man, taught a 
little girl, that life is but a dream.


                          In memory of: Captain James George the Third - My Grandfather

 2nd place in  'Anything Goes #2 Contest - sponsered by Constance La France 

Author's note:  

This is one entry of many that will appear in my next book ' A Journey of Roses and Thorns'. 
They are true events that have happened in my life - some where roses, some were 
thorns.  I have learned valuable lessons from both.

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Tea is Served

In a lovely corner of her garden, 
 a trellis was curled with rose climbing vines,
  and something enchanting, had been designed, 
     from an ordinary day on a warm afternoon.

Tea would be served, with her large knuckled hands, 
to a bouquet of her friends, and some neighbors of mine,
by the most gentile’ lady, I have ever known…

She made it seem like days of old, when decorum was in fashion, 
      before composure, and poise,.. had become scorned and cold
          where propriety still mattered, as precious as gold.
Lilting voices would chatter like the birds on the wing.
Ringing with laughter,  across fragrant grass, 
Flower frocked ladies, around a few scattered tables. 
Linens and laces, under ashes and maples.
Silver coifed hairdos, with apple cheeked faces, 

                    And me?   There I'd sip.... quite out of my place... 
                      watching it all, from the cool dappled shade.
There were delightful surprises to meet the eye…
Delicate confections, cucumber sandwiches,
made by her hand, just for the occasion.
Fragrant branches, covering the veranda.…
Rose petal blossoms, painted on china.  
The most beautiful tea set, oh, how divine it was! 
Envious eyes, covetously pined for it!

She wore a floppy garden hat, a dress of mauve, and there she sat.
Her weathered skin, her cheeks of rouge... a smile to love, would have too,...
She had lived a war, and more than one.....iron strong, a generous heart
Knowing eyes, and sparkling wit, 
She would hold your hand in hers and smile,... listen well, of that I'm sure
  and then would sip and chat awhile, of this and that…
                                                         and you would learn of love somehow

I sipped my tea, and watched it all, and never thought of future things. ~

For now I sit here all alone…the chatter gone, the birds have flown.
Where once her charm, her love of life
the grand old ways, have slipped away…gone are those days, she loved so well.

Soon after, in the autumn chill…when word soon spread that she was ill 
      I was away, and never knew.….I hope, oh Lord, she was not alone ….

And looking back …I think of that….. and how strange the fact….. how odd it is…..
that something owned by someone grand, a china cup, so delicate, 
                                                                                 so fragile in the hand,
can last beyond the grave...intact,….
                    although a dear, enchanting friend, her life would have to end…..

                                                     ~ ~

For Contest Sponsored by Just Archaic Poet:  Song choice- "Tea For Two"

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I Welcome My Nights

I  Welcome My Nights

I knew and you knew that if I listen to Unchained Melody
I would have given up on yesterday
Without the praises, the disappointments
Those long, long sighs
During moments of passion
Our Love was superficial in comparison, until

I saw his face in my dreams
Suddenly, the sweet Gheorghe Zamfir
Unchained Melody called me back, I became
The Greek Goddess you never heard of
I am free.

My last sigh, our last embrace
Has curled into dust bunnies
With One only reminder
Your brown Jar of honey, untouched
Sticky and outdated like
Your attempt to seduce me

Those negligees you once loved
The color fades like yesterday tears
Everything in this world that we once shared
Seems so unreal, I am free, free to love
With each breath, with each melody, the intimidation
We were everything, I welcome those nights

However, I am now the Brave heart of my soul
My fear has subsided, my smiles long overdue
A new secret reveals. Close all doors.

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A Christmas Conversation

Daddy, were you alive when Jesus was born?

No honey, he was born a long time ago, over 2000 years ago.

Where was he born Daddy?

In Bethlehem, a small town in the desert in a manger,

Whats a manger Daddy?

It's a place where they kept animals to feed them.

You see when Jesus was born the Inn was full, so 
they had to get Mary to a warm place to give birth to Jesus.
that was the only place they could go.

Daddy who is Jesus' Daddy?

God is his Father honey?

But who is Joseph?

The Chosen Father, who God chose to raise him, Mary's Husband

I don't understand Daddy!

God wanted a son, he could not have a son without Mary and Joseph's
help. God asked them both if they would help him, without even thinking
they said yes. God gave to them a great gift, God gave them Jesus.

At that moment God gave us all a great gift, He gave us the Son of Man.

The Son of Man Daddy?

Yes honey, you see God is not Man, not one you can touch, Jesus
was, he healed people who were sick, He showed people how to love God 
and how God loves them. There is one more important thing
I want to tell you honey.

What's that Daddy? Jesus did a coupla more things I think are 
important, there are many of course but two I like.

Go on Daddy!

Jesus taught us how to love without conditions, like the way I love you 
and you love me and your Mom and Brother. But how to love everybody
like that.  The most important thing is, is that he died because we humans
broke God's laws, which means we sinned. He died so God would
forgive us.

Wow Jesus really did love us didn't he Daddy...?

Yes he did baby, and the really good thing is he still does and always will.

Come on it's time for bed!

Not until I say my prayers Daddy!

How bout we Pray together tonight?

I'd like that Daddy!

So would I baby, so would I .

Jump up on my back and I'll give you piggy back ride!

I love you Daddy!

I love you too baby, I love you too.........

My Christmas wish is you all have Conversations like this with your 
kids. Trust me they bring tears of joy!

May God Bless you all this Christmas Season as he has Blessed me.

    From Mary, Josh, Shay and myself  MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

                             With Love.....Taz

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Making Lemonade

When you're walking Scuffling along in trouble's shoes Head hanging low Mumbling moody blues Well me, I'm making lemonade Why can't you Taking bitter adding something sweet Maybe a smidge, no a heap full of hope Heck, by days end I'll mix it up Movin' straight to, getting crazy in root beer floats When all you see is red Awful thoughts pound your head "Honey do this, honey do that" I'm sitting back Feet up, sipping lemonade again You look my way and say "Boy, he's got it made" Not so my friend I just taking my lemons And making me some lemonade instead There's so much "other time" To have your little gripes Or your petty cries But, now let's toast away the grind And partake in some lemonade on ice You've come this far "And guess what? You've got your health" Check your pulse you're still alive So change your ways Brother, embrace the lemons Squeeze fresh into winner ala mode And "live baby, baby live! in lemonade days "Ahhh ... such sweetness"

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A Jan Allison Inspired Poem

Thanks to Jan for inspiring this one She's quickly traveled to the top With her witty and charming repartee Her poetry rolls out nonstop She recently said she was a “student of life” Hope I can say the same of me Through the many long years passing through Learned how to be happy and free Not always easy but with a positive outlook You'll get over those difficult times Without a doubt you're going to discover Your mood will turn on a dime Take it from me, the Ole Jester Jack Wasn't always so “happy go lucky” But I'm certainly happier than a lot of people My life is really just ducky! © Jack Ellison 2015

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Quit That Tapping

like the raven 
who taps taps upon 
your chamber door
do not fret my Virginia
for it's my shadow
moving across the floor
this is what I'm telling you my darlin
and nothing more

beneath lattice
I still call your name
come to me virginia
come hear the tap tap 
upon your chamber door
for only you my love 
I surrender and never more

wind howls in blanket snows
here I stand so all alone
broken hearted and misconstrued
my Virginia who lies under stars and moon
just a tap tap upon your chambers door
tis I and nothing more

tales of hidas truth
blackbird sings harps cords
just like the tap tap upon your chambers door
my sweet Virgina whom I adore
for there'll be love waiting and nothing more

as I lay right next to you in this tomb
I counted only seven who have even knew
the times of this raven who 
tapped tapped upon your chambers door
twas only I and will be never more

Tribute To Edgar Allen Poe
And His Young Bride Virginia
Also To His Poem The Raven

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Feels So Good

The little town known as Feels So Good.
    Was a jolly little village hidden deep in the woods.
The people there would never go to sleep.
    Hidden back in the woods so deep.
They never got big they never ever grew.
    They averaged in height about an inch or two.
Mostly all they did was run and play.
    That’s what made Feels So Good, so good they say.
The sun always shines it never gets dark.
    Another reason they’re happy, happy as a lark
Their sky is always blue, and that’s the only blue to be found.
     Happy thoughts and smiles they pass all around.
If you’re ever down their way just do as I say.
     Take a sip of their water and get ready to play.
You feel yourself shrinking but it feels so fine.
     So you can run and play in their warm sunshine.
Well I guess I better go and take me a sip.
     Then I can run and play hop, skippity, skip.
Goodbye for now but you’re welcome to come down.
     And join us in this merry little town.

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Stolen Soul

Your sad and your ugly
Worth not even a life
No good as a mother
Make a terrible wife

I love you my friend
You are my world
Can we make love?
As my skin crawled

So we got into bed
And I closed my eyes
A few minutes of torture
A few silent cries

He turned on his side 
When we were done
He shut the lights
Thanks, that was fun

A few moments later
He was asleep
I took a shower
Felt dirty and cheap

Every so often
There was no fight
I enjoyed the neglect
Just one easy night

On our tenth anniversary 
He said lets go away
We'll celebrate us
And we'll find our way

With naive dreams
I agreed with all smiles
To go on this trip
Just us for miles!

We laughed on the way
A few hours a lifetime
It was quite lovely
Until it reached nighttime

When we arrived
I put on my dress
Your to skinny he said
You look like a mess

So I opened my bag
And I had no doubt
A couple of these
Are just my way out

My hands felt the tingle
My head was now clear
I said I'll change
Will you be happy my dear?

Didn't remember that night
Then the sun would appear
And just as suspected
What would I hear

Get a hold of yourself
Your full of sorrow
You make me sick
I might love you tomorrow

With another day left 
I knew it would be rough
I'll just take one more
Then throw away the stuff

We drank that night
Then I think we got high
I loved him so much
For him I would die

We made love and the slept
Then when we awoke
From the first word I said 
Was enough to provoke

His veins were alive
His blood was on fire
So angry at nothing
Was it this I'd desire

Guess I don't have to tell you
It never has changed
He did this enough
Where my mind was derranged

Then one day it happened
I rose from the dead
I felt something different
When I got out of  bed

It suddenly hit me
I remembered my name
Now this was scary
Overwhelmed with shame

Ten years of today
Put my soul on display
To pick and to poke at
For this boy to play

A lot of wear on my body
But not quite yet broke
Put my pieces together
For I am no joke

My daughters a beauty
My son almost a man
I'll do it for them
I know that I can!

You cannot do it
You can't provide
If it wasn't for me
You would have died

Thats what he said
When we walked out the door
For the first time ever
I was honestly sure

Hope my story ends happy
Now that I'm in control
The rest is all mine
Forget the ten years he stole

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Went to the man who sells emotion
To buy anger, get sad free
He held up a cup of happy
Said he had a deal for me

Said “I know what you’re looking for
Too bad it can’t be found
Not enough forgiving
And a little too much sound

But I can give you something 
To help take of the edge
A little sour maybe
But it’ll pull you from the ledge

You see this one’s called happy
And some say it doesn’t exist
They say it lives in fairy tales 
But I’ll show you it’s no myth”

He gave me a drink of his potion
And the world began to fade
I saw only what I wanted
In the world my sub-conscious made

There was nothing there to choke me
Nothing there to bring me down
But a little too much forgiving 
And not quite enough sound

So I reeled back from my daydream
And said it’s not for me
I need my world of chaos
Not a blindfold dream

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Upon A Gentle Breeze

As seeds spread new life,
to the corners of the world,
out there somewhere,
he is praying for that special
A season is not forever,
it lasts for only a while,
now dry those misty eyes,
and put on that hopeful smile.
Between the pages of a love that
has passed,
a faint little ember,
will bring a love,
that will last.
Hearts can't be made,
to go against their will,
when one tries,
then comes a barren chill.
Patience is a virtue,
such a difficult task,
and you are it's keeper,
if love is to last.
Open new windows,
let the seeds come to you,
upon a gentle breeze,
comes a love,
that will be true....

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The Key

Those raging waters caress my soul,
so many are here waiting, as His words unfold.

Hidden treasures that lie within,
silently manifest, again, and again.

Joyful faces unknown by miles,
suddenly familiar with their journeys trials.

Searchers of peace stand side by side,
awaiting an answer to simplify.

Graspers of riches, they have no rules,
much like a thief, taking all they can use.

Desperate is the path of a poor hungry man,
survival the key in every land.

Locked from the place where comfort dwells,
seeking refuge from the flooding swells.

Mountains so high they take your breath,
never to be climbed all by yourself.

The key to a good heart, was created with love,
understanding will be given from God above.

Those raging waters such a powerful thing,
all made possible from our Heavenly King.

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LOVE being felt caressively,so sexually, 
intimately,intentively makes me feel so 
radical,speaking hypothetical-ly of how it 
makes me feel,

So real,the thrill I always feel,the ideal of me wanting to kiss,

I can't resist what this is, which is you only you.

No one else has made me feel what I felt, 
get me so hot until the point I melt,

I sweat began to pelt upon each other,

There is no other that makes me feel what I 
feel when we together for now until forever.

The LOVE we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.
But just to think I'm only speaking hypthetically.

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A True Diamond

My friend is a diamond, with facets radiating her shine,
as pure as the finest, you will ever find.

I know in my heart, I can always depend, for
her beauty is sincere,  not only on the outside, but in.

Few will ever know, the worth of a true friend,
but if ever a contest for one, I know she would win.

I love her for everything she is, and what she does for me,
this beautiful woman I call friend, thank you, Cee Cee

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Just for Me

In the past I remember how things were so simple
When I was little my cheeks had such cute dimples
Looking back I remember how sweet I was as a child
When I think again my heart told me I was so wild
Yet, in time my simple choices was revealed as true as anyone
The reason I was the way I am today, I did things, to get done
Finishing lots of my undone ideas was so incredibly hard
So I figure my heart and choices should never hold in no bard
I never thought I would learn heart aches and pain
With such under statement I did things for no gain
I was a child who held true to what he has learned
But as we got older those kinda perspective would get me burned
When I made up my mind that people was not kind
I led myself in a confusion that I was blind
In the past I do recall that seeing is believing
So I was the one who stood their with friends leaving
Alone, I felt I did not belong, I cherish each person who knew me
I got older too see how the world works it stung me like a bee
The feeling of tingling ran through my vain
My view of the world and people who knew me was stained
Now I know they are out for their selves with no kind feelings
Life I know is just a joke because of who I hung out with seeing
Today as I look at the world it is in such shambles and astray
And rather fallow everyone I just walk away

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Chocolate Cutie

She is the All-American girl.
She is beautiful beyond compare.
She is just ten years old but thinks she is grown.
She talks a mile a minute all the day long.
Her laughter is so very infectious.
She is slim and trim, she is full of vim and vigor.
She cannot stand still, she is always on the run.
Her name is Gabrielle Genevieve although she prefers GiGi.
Her skin is the color of the finest chocolate candy.
Her clothes of choice are of the brightest colors in the universe.
She is as smart as smart can be, she is as sharp as a tack.
Her mother calls GiGi her lovely earthbound angel.
She is the daddiest girl of all the daddy’s girls.
Her father calls her his sweet little chocolate cutie.

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The Happiest Day Of My Life

The happiest day of my life, hmmmmm, let’s see
Would that be the day I met my true love, or
Would it be the day he returned to me 
You see, I am trying to reason this out 
Which of the days are more important 
Which holds more significance for me  
The day we met, made history sweet
The day he returned made my future bright
Let me tell you about the day we met
We were in church, on a blessed Sabbath Day
He was a visitor, I a regular member 
I sang like a nightingale, so he said
He was instantly drawn to me
But very shy he was
He tried to meet me, his friend as a front
I, not knowing my worth to him
Thought he was out for to play
So didn’t take him seriously
Even though my heart said I should
I made a fool of what was given by God
Thank God for second chances
I have gotten back what was intended
A chance of a life, with my only true love
The day he found me
Rekindle sweet memories
But this is the start of something new
New beginnings, new resolve, new me
New life, new us, new emotions
The past was the start
Today the restart
I was happy then
Today I am happier
So, I guess when he found me again
Was a very happy day 
The happiest day, however, will be
When we stand together, to say
I do
That will be, the happiest day of my life

For Carol Brown’s:  The Happiest Day Of My Life

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It was dusk, the sky was 
Almost blue-black
I was in the meadow
Picking wild flowers
Every flower glowed:
White, orange, red,
Violet, blue, yellow…
Every flower seemed
To burn by itself
Softly, gently, purely
And this beauty, these scents
These colors, made me think
That moments like this were
Buds on the tree of life

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As an old adage,
Education is the key to suceess;
But talent and skill ,put to good use__
Can make one sucessful.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road As I was walking Along my chosen path Where each step marks A notch this world hath I caught a glimpse of A Yellow Brick Road Like the one from Oz Once long ago told Now how the glimpse Came my way I chose a path to take On a sunny day Back to work from break Strolling merrily along Head held high with joy Whistling a happy song I jumped over a little crack Just purposely out of my way Being sure to be aware Never matters which day As I came up to my office Tapping a rock with my heel Then the feeling hit me The vision seemed very real A comparison factor in our minds Creating obstacles out of fear Or do we step over them To prove we are there It’s our choice to place sunshine On the path we choose to go Thus creating a happy path To Follow the Yellow Brick Road Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Smile Smile Smile

And so here's my philosophy on life Smile and the world smiles with you It's impossible to smile and frown at the same time So if you have a choice, choose happy It's amazing what you'll discover Most people would rather laugh than cry It's inherent in the human condition When you smile, it's contagious, trust me, You can easily brighten someone's day Just with a few silly words that tickle their fancy Does anyone know where your fancy is See, that made you smile, didn't it It's the secret to a wonderful life If you look at it as a light hearted comedy With you and your loved ones in the starring roles You'll enjoy the show much more and admission is free All you need do is smile... so smile... smile... smile © Jack Ellison 2014

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My friends and I had midnight hide and seek
One had to stand by a tree and not peek
In my state of hiding great I was hard to find
My friends decided to just be unkind
They all got together and decided to hunt me down
I first hid in the river near my house and almost drown
When they walk close by me I silently move through the grass
It was very hard to see, but I crawled a long time and almost ran out of gas
Then I heard one say that they were going up and wait by the tree
I had an idea that made a way to make them see
A shadow that ran in the distance thinking that would be
I had my horse pull a little manikin to make them think it was me
My friends took their flashlight and shined it toward it
I thought I had them but one thing was clear they did not fall for it not a bit
They all laugh and started to call out my name
They all asked how the heck did you have time to pull that trick that was so lame
I did not answer so they kept on looking for me, but I was so quick 
Some of my friends started to get really mad and tick
I was a master of doing weird things they all knew what I can do
The night was still young and the grass was collecting dew
I decided to make a distraction once again
To think of it, it would probably make the night end
My friends finally surrounded my tree house
I was quiet, so quiet, more than a mouse
I had some rope in the tree house to make my escape
To distract them I made a loud noise like an ape
The tree that my tree house was in was at least forty feet up
I had some stash in my tree house a drink or two in a cup
My final hour is about to end I did not want my friends to catch me till I got to the tree
I took the rope and tide it on a branch and pushed off and that was the key
I landed on the garage roof and sneaked my way to the tree
My friends knew me to well that they plan things before I could see
They had a fish net ready for me to step into
I thought that was kinda wise and some what like pew
The few feet by the tree there was two of my friends that was ready
Up in the tree they both jumped down and pulled me up in the net fast and steady
They thought they had won, the person had to tag me before I touch tree
She ended up having to get something to stand on to reach me
I swung my weight back and forth till I ended up touching and the game ended
My friends and I were so full of surprises and that is what the game handed

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

                                                        Upon A Bed of Petals
                                    The fragrance is so heavenly full of romance
                            With petals smooth and colorful it puts me into a trance
                                    The light shines upon the area of which they lay
                               With the oasis of beautiful smell I fall in a deep delay
                                    The aroma of sweet beauty comes a dream
                                With motion that reveal emotions with great steam

                                                        Upon A Bed Of Petals
                           Comes a well spent year with joyous laughter and self appeal
                                   With open arms we embrace the life that is surreal
                             Comes a time that we do have to dream with petals of life
                                         With occasional choices of passion and strife 
                                   Comes a venue of flowers of many beauty with value
                                      With another part of each season we stand true

                                                         Upon A Bed Of Petals
                                  The scent of life passes through and makes new
                                With loops that can be seen in an open sky so blue
                                   The wind takes one petal or two to show a trust
                          With to passionate people lying by the petals love is entrust
                                     The beauty is that the petal lasts in memory of
                              With two people passion with love rules true and above

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A Woman's Worth

A Woman’s Worth
By Nate Spears

Her purpose in this world is hurting
She’s never been a designed of perfect
But she is a mom, so she’s super
She works
She cleans
Then roll up her sleeves ; and
Take care of the kids; and
The house 
Making it a home
For a beautiful family to roam
Building wonderful memories
Becoming a woman of worth
Keeping her faith through Christ
Keeping her pace through health
Keeping her sanity through managing
This is a woman’s worth 
I’m giving you

Despite of all the stress 
She receives her family with open arms
Through all the mess
She’s a fantastic mom
A wonderful woman 
Deserving a round of applause
Plus a standing ovation
For always being an American sensation
That held this continent down since day one
Since the Plymouth Rock landed on us
Thank you for her giving
Thank you for her living
Thank you for her children
This is ,
A woman’s worth.

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Healing Words

My mother, my grandmother before has always held a place in my heart.
My father, and my grandfather before has the same part.
I was young and very active with unwillingness to listen fully to what they had to say.
I had a problem, never could be solved without my parents and grandparents till today.
With patience they all come to my aid when I fall on my face.
With little dishonor I listen to them and what they had to say, I embrace.
Over the years I go to them with no doubt a feeling of no dismay.
Over the years I go to them and they help me solve problems that to me is O.K.
Now I am getting a bit more aware of what had happen to me when I was growing.
Now I remember how the ride was in my beginning: it was a trial of not knowing.
With the guided words of my parents and grandparents I survive through them all.
With it some being a problem that I remember I recall.
My mother and my grandmother always said to be patient and it will be easy to solve.
My father and my grandfather always knew that I would grow and evolve.
I could wonder everyday what if my parents and grandparents was not in my life.
I could just think that would be fatal like a stab with a knife.
With knowledge that they had past on to me of what they had experience.
With their proof of teachings they had past on to me is their self existence.
Over the years I grew with life so full of happiness that was because of my families love.
Over the years it showed me the path that led me to all the above.
Now cherish those words that help me through my troubles in my new family.
Now I listen to my parents healing words of wisdom and except them gladly.

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What A Wonderful World

Okay time for some happy upbeat stuff And I'm just the guy that can bring it Mr. Happy is what some people call me Is there any other way to be The world is filled with nasty stuff There's enough of that going around Need something to counterbalance it So start grinning and singing and acting like a clown The world is just a great big circus anyway Might as well add your unique perspective Can't get worse, only get better So c'mon youse guys! Join me and Louis Armstrong... “What A Wonderful World” © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Gift Of Life

The rivers that flow The clouds drifting by The sun that shines All treats to the eye The breeze that blows The bright shiny moon The grass that grows A warm day in June The warmth of summer The colours of autumn The snows of winter Making smiles broaden The sound of the rain The children at play The sound of thunder Feeling love every day The colour of flowers The laughter of a baby The sound of the waves Those trees so shady A roller coaster ride The thrill of found money A marching band A walk with your honey Comfort of easy chairs The thrill of first kiss The air that we breathe The joy of all this © Jack Ellison 2014

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Indefinite Love

I saw a young lady who was so perfect that she made my heart beat
I could not figure it out and now I really don't know I had to take a seat
She smiled like an angel in the heavens with glorious blinding teeth
She seems so kind and full of life and never put people beneath
I do not have a bad thought or a moment without any ease
I notice that because she pulled me up and smiled with a tease
She kept things close to her like my hand and my heart
She knew that I was just the man that gave her a good start
I never had a thought of leaving because of a fight
I will never part with her because she is my sight
She looks forward at all times and never looks back
She knows how I am if some one would hurt her I would attack
I will never leave her side with out her knowing she is safe and sound
I am the man of her dreams I will never let her down hard on any ground
She loves me with all her heart and I know this because she gives me the look
She knew how long I waited for her to notice me, I remember it was long time it took
I waited by her side when she was ill and could not walk 
I held her hand and made her smile when I told her I love her, when I talk
She noticed it in my voice the feelings with care
She never looked at me in a blank stare

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My Aunt Willy Whos Silly


                                         She smiles all day she thinks it' s o.k.
                                       She makes weird sounds and it's all day
                         My Aunt I asked will you not make that silly sound today?
                            My Aunt looked at me and said why? she always say
                             In public she snorts when she laughs and I get that
                           But when things get out of hand she scares my the cat
                                    I have a cat but my Aunt well she kinda sat
                                      Poor little cat it was now a furry little mat
                          I get really mad at her, but she seems to make me smile
                      Because one day we walked, she sang me a song about a mile
                                   I was happy because she ran out of gas at last
                                She also could not speak at all, and that was a blast
                                                 Although she could not speak 
                                       She kept smiling she once never look bleak
                   My Aunt Willy who's Silly is the person who never does things in half's
                           I can not express any louder she makes me smile with laughs

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Don't Waste A Moment

Went for a walk in the park today First time since way back in the fall My spirits soared to the heavens above Felt a thrilling surge of happiness Reborn is the best way to describe it The absolute sweetest time of the whole year Too bad it can't be spring for the whole 12 months Naw! We wouldn't appreciate it then It would just be the same old same old But holy cow what a fantastic same old! Guess we should just be satisfied The way it's been since we first opened our eyes! We should just enjoy it while it's here So get out there and make every minute count We only have a relatively short time here on the earth DON'T WASTE A MOMENT!!! © Jack Ellison 2014

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My Angel

My Angel I prayed everyday Every moment I could I needed a partner or soul mate Well I really thought I would A real prince charming type Someone really true to love To replace all the loneliness Someone sent from above Instead He sent me an angel So handsome, gallant and kind Someone I could actually trust Better than I could ever find Not to be my soul mate Or even a boyfriend Just to be my angel A true God send To lift my spirits Helping with care Proving that he will Truly always be there My angel brings me comfort A true friend who has my back Like my prayers were answered Filling my void to remove the lack God gets the credit for sending my angel An angel wanting only kindness in return My angel was sent as a reward for good deeds For paying it forward, my angel I have earned I no longer worry about finding someone to love As I am treated special by my angel who is a gift This type of angel only comes once in a lifetime So blessings go to my angel for his spirits to lift Florence McMillian (Flo)

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My Dream

Good news, is spreading around the world, 
country's that where once committing genocide, 
have now realised, that, their people can be assets.
Where once they had a million, mouths to feed and no money
now they have employees, waiting for the creation of jobs.
America and the Muslim's have realised, that they can create
a symbiotic relationship, where the product's of one county 
can be sold, to enhance the growth of both.
People have realised, that by having only two children
per family they can build a world of peace, where those 
children will live to enjoy their live's. 
The world is growing up, instead of looking to a future 
full of dread, instead of waiting on the end of the world,
people are working together, to build a better life, now.
People are investing in new technology's, sustainable 
technology's, that will enhance our needs for energy.
Desalination plants are being created, reclaiming land for
agricultural purposes, insuring that the world's population 
will be well feed.
The world is being turned into a garden paradise, where our 
children will learn and love, to enjoy.
Religion is coming together with the state, realising that idle hands 
are the devils play ground, ministers are behind a world wide effort, 
to create employment, for the unemployed.
Educational institutions, are creating the brains behind the organisation,
working with statistic's they are using the maths, to work out how many 
farms, the world require's, and what products to grow.
People are changing to new technology's, that will repair the Ozone layer,
the future is looking brighter, than it ever has before.

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Think Positive

Feel like singing a happy song And if you'll allow me to bend your ear I don't mean literally of course That could be physically quite painful At my advanced age, my mind is still clicking along Had envisioned when I was younger That when I reached this ripe old age Things would start to erode and shut down Not true... how wrong I was, I'm still full of beans Still wake each morning with a smile on my face Thought at one time everybody did But I may be more unique than I imagined Perhaps it's in our genes, it's not a choice Though we can still make a conscious effort I've always had a positive outlook Sure can count my lucky stars If I can at all help others to feel like this Then I've really accomplished something amazing Wrapping it all up into two simple words... THINK POSITIVE! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Smile And The World Smiles With You

It's the first day of the rest of my life I'm feeling reborn Filled with great anticipation Wondering what exciting things Lie just ahead It seems it's all up to us We're the ones steering my ship If things don't turn out bright and cheery We only have ourselves to blame However I am not unique Everyone controls their own destiny I've learned this fact early on There's a time honoured old saying Smile and the world smiles with you Cry and you cry alone So very true!!! So when you're feeling down And it seems like the whole world is against you Just smile to yourself It doesn't matter who's watching Soon the sun will come out And you'll have a brighter cheerier outlook To overcome anything this old world can throw at you To be honest, there are times I have trouble following my own advice But then I remember these uplifting words Smile and the world smiles with you © Jack Ellison 2014

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Together We Laugh

Together We Laugh
Walking slowly we see the little creatures in the ocean and the sand. Fish dart from 
spot to spot as the sea gulls glide above. Crabs rush along the shore looking to 
hide. Arms waving up at us we laugh and watch as they find their spot.
Together we play and have such fun. Laughter flows like music on the waves. Life 
here and now is like magic with treasures to offer and things to explore. We savor 
each moment and somehow know there will be more.
The sun is warm and the breeze is refreshing. We swim and play in the waves 
jumping each one and laughing. Waves splashing and the sun shining soon we 
notice some dolphins playing close by. What a sight to behold another moment to 
treasure as they too frolic and play!
As the sky fills with color we walk along the shore. Then suddenly I have found a 
treasure! A beautiful smooth green piece of glass washed ashore. We laugh and 
joke about the treasure I said I would find. The real treasure was how it made us 
laugh. The laughter still echoes in my mind. 
The moon feels alive as it lights the night showing us little fish swimming in the 
waves. The waves themselves seem to be aglow. We listen as they roar and 
somewhere a seagull calls out in the distance. Along the beach we see the star fish 
and tiny crabs scurry about in the night. We laugh at how funny they seem to be.
 I savor the beauty of those times we shared for such moments have brought such 
joy and laughter. The moments we spent with nature in childlike awe remain 
nearest and dearest. Today I still hear the laughter.
                                                                                        Debbie Knapp

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The Screen Door

Mornings are beautiful at the screen door!
Trees swaying with the gentle breeze
Birds are chirping their hello
Noise of a busy street - steady zoom of cars

Apartment life across the way - yard sales just beginning
Balloons bouncing on a sign proclaiming move-in special of the week
Nearby stores abuzz with their business
A man on his daily walk - lost in thought, but still waves

Mother walks with her daughter-backpack dangling a Dora keychain
Two ladies stride by, discussing evening plans, or last night's secrets
Ladybug lands on a budding flower
Motorcycle roars by, startling a passing dog

Garbage truck noisily approaches
School buses go by, faces pressed to the windows
Familiar cars parked in driveways
A waiting bench in the yard calls my name

Standing at my screen door, a daily life unfolds
The corner house with a perfect view of stories daily told
Looking up at the blue sky, poignant memories of others at this door
A past generation of observation, by those who stood here before

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it's magic

it's magic!

A prestidigitator I know
graciously agreed to show me
how to make quarters vanish
for small children in costume
on Halloween night.

After insufficient practice 
the night came for me to 
offer the choice, "trick, or treat".

Few came by to engage in the 
uh..."hallowed" American tradition
but that is another trick.

When asked "Do you want the trick, or 
do you want the treat?",
everyone, said "treat!", much to my dismay.

The final costumed charges came up,
a probable four-year-old girl
and her younger brother in tow,
mother at the driveway.

I asked her the question, expecting 
the previous answer in return, but
to my keen expectation, she answered "trick!"

I proceeded to pull out a quarter
and do a slight bit of slight-of-hand, 
somewhat clumsily, but when I opened
my hand to drop the vanished coin
into hers, she looked at her empty
hand for a few perplexed seconds,
then began to giggle uncontrollably
- now that, indeed, is magic to me.

© Goode Guy 2012-11-01

she got the "magic" coin and a big candy bar.

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Let The Good Times Roll

Heard this before? “Life is what you make it” So very true, we are all captains of our own vessel We are the ones that map out our course The winds of life are not always in our favour But the happiness we receive is much more gratifying Than always having things handed to us on a silver platter We appreciate even the smallest gestures of love and kindness Aside from the lunatic fringe, we are all cut from the same cloth The one percent lunatic fringe cause all the problems For the ninety-nine percent of normal folks like us All we want is to get from point A to point B With the least amount of hassle So my advice is, just let the good times roll One day at a time and all that stuff © Jack Ellison 2014=center>

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The Enjoyment of Life

Dedication:  Thanks to all of my dear family and friends who share the joy of life with me!

The Enjoyment of Life To find the enjoyment of life For the moments we live It matters not what we do It is who we do it with As we should find our joy They say for every situation Bad times can even feel good Being with a special someone We are filled with joy at birth Spiritually given from above Most folks forget it’s there Looking elsewhere for love We are also given friends Along our allotted path To remind us of the joy Deep within we all hath Cherish your special friends Treasure moments you share To find the enjoyment of life A true friend will take you there Let go of all your worries and smile Then you’ll start to feel the joy within Though you can always double the joy When sharing it with a good friend Florence McMillian (Flo)

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The Perfect Day

It was New Years' Day and the rain was pouring. The plans I made for were ruined by the rain. He must have noticed I was cold because I felt his silky leather jacket being draped across my bare shoulders. I looked over and saw him smiling at me. I caught myself blushing then looked away. Shyly I broke the silence. "I'm really sorry. I had this big day planned for us but," I paused, "I forgot to check the weather." Before I could continue blaming myself his finger tips led my face perfect plush lips. When we kissed, it was like Heaven on Earth. He told me something I'll never forget. Kneeling down on one knee, he looked up and grabbed my hand. The words still play like a song in my head. "Will you marry me?" Tears poured down my face. I was so excited the words got stuck in my throat. So I nodded instead. He picked me up, spun me around, then we kissed. There was so much passion we felt the sparks between our closed lips. This was truly the perfect day.

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Second Hand Leather

Second Hand Leather
Cocooned in love
The day was frightfully cold with snow softly falling. I was not prepared for this but 
only for the warmth of sunshine. I stepped off the plane covered only in a sundress 
and sandals.  I began to shiver as I rushed for cover. My sister in laws would bring 
comfort but little did I know just how much!
Welcomed with open arms I began to thaw and settle in a bit. This was going to be 
a trip that would forever leave a print on my heart. We were going out for a special 
dinner. You see it’s Christmas! She opened her closet and took out her very own 
coat. This was the most beautiful coat I had ever seen.
This is when she handed it over to me and said, “Try it on darling –if it fits and you 
like it –it’s yours”! I could not believe it as I knew it cost a lot of money and it was 
just beyond beautiful. It was a Full Length Leather Coat with beautiful designs on it. 
I had never had anything so wonderful given to me.
When I put it on it was magical. The fit was perfect and for me there was a 
transformation. Somehow a feeling came over me like nothing ever before. I felt 
special and could hardly wait to look in a mirror as I knew something changed inside 
me forever at that moment. What was it, what had just happened?
I wore the coat and danced around in it when no one was watching like I was a 
princess. I had this second hand coat for many years and always felt beautiful and 
special when I put it on. It was the love that I was cocooned in. She cared enough 
to give me her very own coat that she had bought for herself. I wore it until it was 
tattered and someone said to me, “I would love that coat”. I took it off and passed 
it on with the same love to cocoon that person.    


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Treat Yourself

Make each day better than the one before Promise yourself a dinner at your favourite restaurant Give yourself a gift of that sweater you had your eye on Little things that help make life exciting and interesting It's not selfish to treat yourself every once in a while It makes for a happier existence You'll find yourself humming happy tunes and smiling a lot So what if people around you think you've lost it! Keep 'em guessing and even add to the rumours By occasionally doing outrageous things Like sit-ups in the middle of the local mall And when security escorts you out to your car You keep singing those happy tunes and waving at everyone This advice is likely not good for everyone! © Jack Ellison 2015

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Three Dear Friends From The Past

Three dear friends from the past popped back into my life today Sarai, Donna, and Mary Jo A red letter day, this day,Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 It shall go down as one of those days that are hard to explain What a coincidence, all three on the same day! The stars and everything else must be in total alignment My life is back in perfect harmony again What do you call it when this happens Karma, kismet, destiny, whatever explanation you can think of It blew mw away... what a blast! As you can see I'm having trouble keeping a lid on my emotions THIS time we won't lose track of each other As always, we can never be sure what tomorrow will bring But it will take a lot to top this one Thanks to these three dear sweet ladies Sarai, Donna, and Mary Jo © Jack Ellison 2014

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Your Face Won't Crack

Woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine What a way to start the day My spirits couldn't be higher Old Mister Sol and I go back a way When he drops by, can't wipe off this grin From my very ancient mug Amazing how Sol can affect our moods As we wipe the sleep from our eyes Only happy thoughts fill our brains Could have just lost a bunch on the markets But we pick ourselves up Dust ourselves off And look forward to a brand new day A day filled with promise and opportunity So grab the brass ring And hang on for dear life There's bound to be good stuff just ahead Yes life is what you make it, my friends So smile damn it... YOUR FACE WON'T CRACK © Jack Ellison 2014

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me and the mirror

Me and the mirror

Mirror Mirror what do you see?

I see Esha.

I see Esha only 40 pounds lighter wanting to lose 20 or 30 more pounds for herself.

I see my rich espresso skin color.

I see my clear glowing skin after putting baby oil all over my body.

I see myself and I am happy so I smile.

I love my full figured-ness.

I want to wear clothing from an Ashley Stewart boutique and costume jewelry too.

I want to wear the faux pearls I already own sometimes too.

I want to organize my closet and winter waldrobe.

I see myself in a red Ashley Stewart sweater dress next January when my 32nd birthday comes around and having a ball with my best girlfriends Window shoppin’ at the mall and buying lipsticks and perfume.

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Miss Agada

             "A Hearty poem".

First of all, writing this poem
At home won't rhyme,
It is evening and everywhere is noisy.
The Cocks, the goats and the playing children
won't give me fresh air.
I need the solitude of the mountaintop's atmosphere,
To make me so true, to open my heart
That without miss Agada, I'll always be blue,
I am stuck to her like glue, give me a clue 
Why i should not  adore her?
Don't even start because i won't buy it!!
For she lightens my smile
And brightens my style,
She kiss my pains away,
Her presence is worth it.
For miss Agada wrought my joy,
Leave me on this mountaintop,
I'll stay here and keep thinking
To keep singing for her, praises of joyous singing.
I'll stay on this mountaintop'
Looking up and feeling high...
For her love is enthusiastic.

by; Charles Melody (Lightning Ink).

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What A Dreamer

I'm just happy to be alive The alternative is not very appealing I'd surely miss all my Soup friends Look forward to firing up my old computer each morning And heading straight for Poetry Soup It's my happiest time of the day If I don't get my daily dose of smiles I go around moody all day No smiles, no jokes, no fun HA! JUST JOKING... that'll be the day Believe it or not, I still have the occasional quiet day When my mood is a little more sombre or laid back But those days are extremely rare So if I may offer some advice of what works for me If you think I'm on the right track Pass it along... the world will be a much happier place What a dreamer! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Squirrel, What is a Friend

It was a green semi-dry oak leaf,
 last and youngest of the family.
 She did not want to fall
 as she stared at the heinous wind
 on a cold night in late fall

Maybe it was best to jump down,
 since it’s been long
 after her family bade farewell.
 “Oh loneliness!” she mused, “you’re unbearable”
 “I can not breath, nor can I smell”

Pretty soon, a squirreled showed up
 hungry but,gleeful.
 “Oh God! why do you look so scared?”
 he asked in all his mischievous curiosity
 She replied,”I’m an orphan,lonely and snared.”
 “Wind is treacherous and life is no fun any more.”

“No! don’t say that li’l leaflet.”
 “You are so fresh,but rookie,” said the squirrel,
 “You’ll have many friends in rest of your life”
 “What is a friend?” asked the leaf
 while her desire to learn was rife

“A friend is a warm hand,
 clutching your hand in depth of the storm…
 A friend is the one who cried
 once your heart writhed in pain,” said the squirrel
 The tiny leaf smiled as her tears dried

“So, do you feel my agony in my heart now?”
 “I truly do!” replied the squirrel
 Just then a gust pulled and drifted the leaf away
 The squirrel shed tears as repined
 while she yelled “Do not cry, squirrel!”
 “Now, at least I have a friend behind”

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Life's A Hoot

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives No matter how much time we have left A sobering thought as we reach our golden years Our number could be up tomorrow, next week, next year So we must enjoy life to the fullest, make every day count We don't get to go around a second time When we're young whipper snappers Old age is eons into the future Our main concern is dealing with everyday life With all of it's ups and downs, it's uncertainties With romance, with choosing a vocation But when all is said and done and we near retirement It's all water under the bridge So what I'm saying to all you young folks Live your life to the fullest Make every single day count as if it was your last Tell your loved ones every day how much they mean to you In case you don't get another chance Life's a hoot... enjoy it! © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Woman In White

It was a cold and rainy night.
The stars were shining bright.
It seemed as if the world was at a pause and not a person was in sight.
I sat quietly in my car, 
the sound of music I heard blasting from a far.
I opened my door,
stepped out slowly and looked around.
Now suddenly the music stopped,
not a word is heard, not even a sound.
I turned my head, looked over my shoulder,
I saw a woman running.
She was wearing a white gown.
I couldn't help but wonder why this woman running
flaunted such a frown.
I followed her footsteps,
I listened for the sound.
Running through the darkness,
one question came to mind,
Who would leave this woman?
Who would be so heartless?
How can someone leave her when she is so obviously distraught?
Abruptly a sound was heard.
I came to a stop.
I listened closely.
It was a gunshot.
Now fearful I stood.
I began to run as fast as I could.
I ran so fast, I could hear my heart beating.
I came upon my car and noticed a woman bleeding.
She was gasping for air.
Someone had shot her and left her to die there.
It was as if they didn't even care.
She reached for my hand,
whispered softly to me
"never trust a man"
At that moment her hand dropped.
I knew her heart had stopped.
I looked at her white gown now dripping red.
I I cried to myself and pondered what she had said.
This could be me.
I could be lying here dead.
I will remember her words always.
They will haunt me for the rest of my days.
This moment I will never forget.
No man should ever be such a threat.

This was the day my life would change.
From this day on I would never be the same.
The lesson I learned here,
never have such fear.
Fear that will keep me from being free.
I learned that I can be happy just being me.

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The storm gathered and the wind howled

Clouds were dark and ominous hinting of rain

He loved the rain and the wind

The branches swayed to their rhythm

He gathered sticks for the fire and the cold

The lights flickered as thunder cracked

There was nothing like a warm fire

And the limbs doing the cha cha

The fire wood was stacked by the door

He was a deepened romantic and the fire

He loved her most under the covers

He loved to show her his wood

She loved when he put it in the fire

That was what he missed most

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A Brand New Horizon

Each heart is like a diamond in the night sky That lights our journey through life The beacon of hope in a world that's lost its way It gives me reason to look to the future With hope and optimism That this old world will someday banish wars forever The way I'm sure it was meant to be How can this continue, will it all finally end before When there's nothing left to fight over I'm at an age when my future will be relatively short Compare to the millions and millions who will come after I truly believe that most of us are in the majority Those fed up with the way this old world has turned out It's too late for me but I sincerely hope Future generations will see a bright horizon Signifying the new era, a brand new world Filled with love and compassion for all our fellow inhabitants No mater colour, creed, or place of origin This new world order must come soon before it's too late This brand new world of love and understanding That we've been waiting for and praying for, for oh so long Trust me it CAN happen! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Are you happy chatting with me now?
Because I am always happy seeing you around
And listening to your hello…
And you know I love you…

Because you are in my thought,
I have a beautiful dream…
And in my dream you are holding my hand
And we kiss while walking near the river side...
Black hawk are seen flying over...and over...again!
And we laugh and come back to kissing...
I am waiting and excited.

Yeh...then what’s alluring,
you are wearing all red... 
Your long dress is red
And undies are too red 
And both bra and panty are red
You are dressed all red…

So sexy with red indeed...
Bring a red dress, red panty and red bra…
when we meet…
I want it to be real what I had dreamt.
You are so sexy in red…

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Life Is Like A Maypole


I recall the time my parents created a maypole,
                       in our backyard to celebrate the arrival of spring;

      it was quite wonderful and fantastic,
                            a delightful memory to remember  . . . 

            it consisted of a tall pole and rolls and rolls of ribbons,
all in different pastel hues of pink, yellow, green and blue;
                        the pole itself covered with greenery and flowers,

                  my parents worked on it for days and days . . . 

                                                we children came up with costumes,
some so weird and humorous that we all laughed at each other;
father played music on an old record player and mother sang,
            in a high pitched voice and clapped her hands to the beat . . . 

                                and us, the children skipped around the pole,
     sometimes waltzing, sometimes doing a jig of sorts;
     each holding a ribbon while chanting,

                             "go over it, go under it, go over it go under it . . .  "

and all the time trying not to get tangled up in the ribbons,
                  or knocking into each other;
                                                 making us laugh out loudly,
       now the laughter has faded but that memory will linger forever;
    and to me all those different coloured ribbons,


                    family, friends, happiness and childhood abandon . . . 

                                         and each of these I hold tightly in my soul,
for my entire life, I will never forget the magic of childhood;

                        the love that embraced me and the happiness,
                found under a maypole that spring day . . .  

January 25, 2015


For the contest Life Is Like A Maypole, sponsor Seren Roberts

First Place


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Just Happy To Be Alive

My approach to life has always been One of lightheartedness and just happy to be alive However, I recall my early years, especially my teenage years When I was filled with self-doubt Thought of myself as quite unattractive and lacking in people skills Until I got out in the working world And realized my humour helped push me through I discovered people love to laugh It helps them through their gruelling day at the office Humour has carried me through my whole life Through my good times and especially through the tough times My motto is, “if I can't change things... Oh well, this is the way it is, so no sense being unhappy forever” Though at times it can be extremely difficult I've always manage to eventually laugh at life I've discovered it's the only way to survive I'm not suggesting that everyone is capable of this But it's my secret to a long and happy life So there you have it... why I'm known as “Jester Jack” A title of which I am so very very proud! I'm just happy to be alive! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Bottom Line -Think Happy

True happiness is attainable for everyone It's just a matter of mind over matter It's quite simple when you think about it A positive approach to life makes all the difference Turns grey skies to blue Turns a sad day into a happy one It certainly doesn't take much effort Just a positive upbeat attitude Life doesn't need to be that complicated It's how we approach it Of course if you wake up with a frown on your face It's sets the mood for the whole day Greet the morning with a great big smile And sing a happy tune, it'll set the tone for the whole day It may seem just too simple at first But the more you do it, the more comfortable you are You won't be able to wipe the smile from your face People will think you just inherited a million dollars Sadly, I can't always follow my own advice But I'm successful most of the time BOTTOM LINE... THINK HAPPY ©Jack Ellison

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A Summer-Colored Memory

So many memories I have are summer-colored,
like those walking-down-the-lane days recalled in various hues of green.
Green for Grandpa’s cornfields spread all around us
and green for the grass on which my sisters and I used to run and play.

Besides that color green, which prettily surrounded me through all my childhood,
I think a favorite memory would be
the colors of one lovely day spent with my family,
the family created by my spouse and me and a day our kids were young.

We lived near San Francisco. 
Few troubles plagued us then and I loved our short time in California!
One summer day at last we went to see the beach of Santa Cruz.
I don’t remember details of everything we did.
We walked along the boardwalk, naturally.
I’m sure the kids, both pre-teens, enjoyed the rides. 
Even I was every bit as excited as the two of them.
I’m sure my spouse and I took pictures, ate good-tasting food 
and watched our children doing things all children love to do.

But what stood out for me was our time spent on the beach
and how we all jumped up to greet each wave that tumbled toward us
time and time again to knock us down.
What pure pleasure in the splashes of blue that fun-filled day,
the blue of the Pacific, which chilled me at the start
until I warmed to it as the yellow sun in blue of sky above
smiled down on us.

Yes, the blue of sky and water
and the constant shining yellow of the sun:
those would be the colors of my favorite summer memory -
when times were good and we were young and simply having fun.

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my 3rd favourite drive

My 3rd favourite drive was to see her
Only for it to be the longest drive home
To be once again in her arms and embrace her too
I knew what was coming 
I never wanted to let her go
Stability is so fragile 
Stability breaks with a word
Her mind state is a dark world
All alone she decided I'm not to follow
I could see she wanted to cry
Inside we both had many times

To be not good for a person
Is impossible when even in this outcome
Her presence makes me smile naturally
The talk of the future
The talk of ifs and maybes
Doesn't matter to me
I know what I have now
I know how to be happy again
Can you not see?
My life is with you
No matter what I choose
No matter what it is you do
My dream is to be make you happy too

Sitting in my car returning the way I came 
Over an hour to drive home
Easily felt like it was over two
The cd player in my car was purposely loud
Covering the sound from my phone
To my right an accident had occurred
Firemen and ambulances calming the situation
Shards of metal and glass strewn on the road
To my shock I felt nothing for the devastation
My only aim was to get back home

My 3rd favourite drive was to see her
Only for it to be the longest drive home

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A Man Among Men

Well, well, well, looky you here See me smiling from ear to ear What could it be that's making me grin Do you think I might have been into the gin Don't touch the stuff, it makes me silly Already silly, my mind's willy-nilly Sometimes things that come out of my mouth Surprise even me and surely my spouse But as I have reached these golden years At people's opinion of me, I just sneer Everyone should be just who they are No matter how silly, or extreme or bizarre I pride myself being my own kinda man A far cry from where my dear life began Extremely happy with the way things turned out Over the moon, of that there's no doubt Had a complex once way back when But now I'm a real man among men Well, well, well, looky you here See me smiling from ear to ear © Jack Ellison 2015

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The Path To True Happiness

It's our choice, life is simple or complex We are the ones in control of our own destiny Some events may at times shake our resolve But if we stay in control of our ship And stay focused on what's really important Life has a way of presenting us with the options It's up to each one of us to recognize them And choose the right path to true happiness Happy New Year Everyone! © Jack Ellison 2105

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Try It, You'll Like It

If you are able to maintain A positive attitude in spite of All the horrific things that are going on Every day around the world Then you are truly blessed Happily I include myself in this fortunate group The trick is to rise above all the ugly stuff And realize, the world will go on Whether you worry about things or not Sadly your one small voice Will have very little impact on world events Trust me, I've lived a long life You too can live a longer, happier life With this positive attitude As Mikey used to say... “Try it, you'll like it” © Jack Ellison 2014

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I Ain't Dead Yet

Feeling fantastic today Caused by a number of reasons The main one... Heard from a dear friend That I thought I would never hear from again It has sent my spirits soaring Floating high above the clouds What a feeling... what a feeling Some might call me silly They think at my advanced age I should just sit in my old rocking chair And wait for that heavenly call NOT ME! Still got lots of living to do Still got lots of love in my heart to share I AIN'T DEAD YET © Jack Ellison 2014

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Where Did All The Romance Go

Where did all the romance go? That once was so long ago That special kind so honest, fresh and innocent Expressions from the heart of what is really meant Let me point out a boy in particular then That other someone from way back when He was very athletic and really sweet He lived close by, just down the street Here are some of his qualities That seemed so romantical to me Like calling the local radio station To play a special song dedication Knowing he didn’t have very long He ran over to dance with me to the song And all those nights he climbed that tree Up to my bedroom window to visit with me Inspired with competition like winning a race To let everyone know he would be first place He really did run track and with every ribbon won He gave them all to me with his deepest affection Some of you may already know That I must be referring to Joe He was the one most romantical So where did all the romance go? These days no longer see it here Is it lost or hiding inside somewhere? I tend to think the boy inside will always know He feels the romance just no longer lets it show If happiness starts with one’s self with in Finding true love should have some romancing True love and devotion does exist I know Except the actual process can be slow Especially with romance lack – sooooo Just where did all the romance go? Our time on earth is very quick Are you waiting to get hit with a happy stick? So from reminiscing about the yesteryear lad Please don’t lose that romantic nature you once had You will find out that it’s not so bad And even discover you are more than glad So listen to your inner self and be like Joe And please don’t let all the romance go Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Thanks for that Memorable Day

Written by:  Florence McMillian (Flo)
Dedicated and written for my friend, Lisa Giessinger, as a special message from her to her mother, Hazel – about a most memorable day they spent together.

To My Mother Hazel Thanks for that Memorable Day This poem is specifically Being written just for you I requested it from a friend For she knows just what to do That special day we spent together Is so very memorable for me, I’d say I want it to be memorable for you too With a poem written in a rhyming way We’ve had our ups and downs in life With probably most of them being down You raised me to know how life can be Not easy to cope, with down things all around Well I’ve stepped up to a new level To be happy no matter what the hell Of any negative surroundings to be I live thankful that my life is all well That special day started out so bad for me As I was headed for back injections again I was really happy you were taking me there With a comfort feeling knowing we are kin It seemed like the first time in a very long time Where we just enjoyed each other that day You were kind of like that sweet rose One stops to smell along the way In this path I have traveled Through many overgrown weeds It was refreshing and pleasant this time With no discussion of what someone needs We got along together talking and laughing It gave me such a lasting good impression We even ate at Don Julio’s afterwards I sure hope you had just as much fun I want you to know how much I appreciate this time we spent together Making this a most memorable day for me To truly cherish for always and forever Now let me tell you, that day did get worse With everyone putting me down everywhere You were the rose amongst the trash talkers It felt good to know my Mom really does care Even if everything dips to the downside Within the journeys of my life I may go through No one could ever take our shared moments away They’re in my heart forever and I’ll always love you I had the best time with me and my Mom If I told the world, that’s what I’d say So I really want to thank you Mom For that most memorable day Love, Lisa Florence McMillian (Flo)

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What Poetry Soup Means To Me

What Poetry Soup means to this old duffer Now let me see where do I begin First of all, the very first thing I do each morning Is to log on to the site and check out who's there Now that's even before my first cup of java Next I post usually two of my most recent poems I can't seem to type fast enough these days Don't want to lose my train of thought Then it's coffee time and I hurry back to check out my inbox And what do I find... others obsessed poets just like me First thing every morning and last thing every night Obsessed? Possibly! Worried? Not a bit! It's a lot better than running amuck through the streets Three cheers for Poetry Soup And all the warm friendly people residing here! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Message from a lost friend

Throat was dry
Even no tears to cry.
In  mids of the desert-
Failure was every try-
It was then-
A sudden change-
When I felt drops of rain-
Came and washed away my bane.
Breeze then whispered a doh-
Pointing to colors of rainbow-
Your message came like that “Bea”
Though this time not from Pretoria.

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The familiar phrase, The Windy City

I’ve a vast store of mem’ries about Chicago
as I’ve lived there for a couple of years
helping out in the parish of many immigrants,
especially Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

I’ve made friends and a number of them
still continue to correspond by emails;
it’s like a treasure-trove of relationships -
where friendship makes a big difference.

I still remember when I get invitations
from people of other cultures in their homes;
their different cuisines and customs,
a great experience, a wealth of culture.

Chicago’s known for many attractions,
home of architecture with modern skyscraper
the neo-gothic Tribune Tower in the north
along with white Wrigley building in the city;
rich in architectural history, a sight to behold!

Its classic and modern architecture so far,
complements each other in visible terms,
with innovative ideas and creative designs
a special city with marvelous history.

Daniel Burnham, the famed architect,
designed the Merchandise Mart and others
significant to his life like ‘Paris on the Prairie’,
a tapestry of combined art of old and new.

Renowned architects with their respective styles
such as Frank Lloyd Wright and his prairie designs,
Louis Sullivan and his visible ornate facades
Ludwig Miles van der Rohe for modern styles.

Oh, Chicago, known also as the Windy City
so rich in history and its uniqueness too,
the time when a huge fire razed the city
destroyed lovely buildings in 1871.

Well, with the growing skyscrapers in the city
Chicago Spire, for instance, with its 150 stories
designed by a renowned architect Calatrava,
stands as the tallest building in North America.

With the so-called Trump Tower in its 92 stories
and then, Waterview Tower with its 90 stories,
Sears Tower, the skyscraper with its 110 stories,
that’s the only tallest among buildings in the U.S.

Oh well, this is Chicago in the landscape of beauty,
as a windy city, as well as a gateway to reality;
there’s meaning to trace back in history
there’s continuing progress towards this century.

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Life Ain't For Sissies

Life sure ain't for sissies It takes a strong and a willing heart To conquer the everyday problems Greeting them with a smile is an art It's easy to give in to doom and gloom To grumble and always complain But no one's gonna help make it better You're the one who's holding the reins Here's what I learned a long while ago If you greet everyone with a smile Chances are they'll smile right back You've made someone happy for a while But listen to this, there's a residual effect You've raised your spirits as well You'll go around with song in your heart You'll be ringing the happiness bell So the end result of all of this chatter You control how your day will turn out Happy as a lark or filled with despair The choice is what life's all about! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Made In The Shade

Some people are driven to succeed In their chosen fields of endeavour To me, success is measured By a happy home life And the number of friends one accumulates Through the years Quality of life is all important Not the number of cars in our driveway Not the amount of dollars in our bank account Friends are a true gauge of our success Lifelong friends are like pure gold A treasure that is unmeasurable Add that to a happy family life And you have it made in the shade © Jack Ellison 2014

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Female Companion

                                                     She is so typical
                                                           So critical
                                                   For most part difficult

                                   I never really could grasp her in such way
                                       She just wants me to some how stay
                               She comes to my man cave and makes me obey

                                          Shy she was and now I am scared
                                              In such way I almost cared
                              She thinks she can do everything for me I swear

                         She makes me guess everyday but I keep on believing
     Because it is fun to give her a kiss, while she does not know when she is sleeping
                She stresses out but I will tell her my love for her keeps deepening

                So for the most part I just keep her close to make her smile and me
                                When I do things I do it for her it is always a key
            Call me romantic or call me stupefied, but it makes her so, so, sooo, happy

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For Now It Is My Time

For now it is my time,
I can see the light just ahead;
I don't know what is going to happen,
But I can tell someone's heart is filled with dread.

The angel came to me,
She told me it was time to go;
She took me by the hand,
it was by then I knew it was so.
She whispered, "Don't worry,
It'll be okay;
For all that was left behind,
will be with you again someday."
With a nod of my head,
and a tear down my cheek;
She looked at me,
as she continued to speak.

"My little one,
don't be so sad;
Once you are home,
your heart shall be glad."

For now it is my time,
and I never dared to question why;
I have reached the gates of heaven,
and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

For all is in the past,
and so are you;
If only I could go back,
and tell you how much I love you.
Please, don't cry, we'll meet again,
I'm promising you this;
I'll be waiting for you,
Here, home in heaven.
In heaven it was him that I saw,
The Almighty Father;
He opened his arms out to me,
as he started to move his jaw.
He looked down at me,
I couldn't think of a word to say;
And as he spoke,
I started to convey.

He said, "Welcome, little one,
I knew this day would come;
And now that you're here,
I will share my words of wisdom.
I've watched as you've done wrong,
you know this is true;
But I'm happy to see you here with me,
and I have forgiven you.
For this life now is eternal,
and tomorrow is gone;
Your old life will be nothing,
I promise you by dawn."

He wrapped his arms around me, 
and ran his fingers through my hair;
He held me tight,
and started to say a prayer.

Once he was finished,
he looked at me again;
He told me, "Dear child,
won't you stay with me in heaven?"

I looked behind me,
taking a glance at my past;
I'm thinking of you while I'm gone,
and in my heart that's where you'll last.

For now it is my time,
for this I will believe;
I will go on about my business,
and I shall take my leave.

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Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day, when you were born.
For many years, my heart did mourn.
Childless I lived amid the throng.
Watching mothers rush children along.
Alone in a restaurant, twirling the ice –
Little girls with bows looking so nice
Brothers and sisters laughing out loud
While childless I sat amid the crowd.
Primary children would sing sweet songs.
Mothers would lovingly hum along.
Boys on the playground would tackle their dog.
I, like the old cliché, a bump on a log.
Watching, with my heart breaking.
Dreaming with memories aching.
I lost my first child before he was born.
Year after year, my mind was forlorn.
But then, it happened; you were on your way.
I prayerfully waited day by day.
Five and a half months within me growing.
Proudly knowing, greatly showing.
Then came six and I felt some relief.
Then, when you were born, you erased my grief.
I became a mother and not just a wife.
Your live birth, my child, 
Became the happiest day of my life.

© December 23, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Form: Narrative with rhyme

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Slow And Steady Wins The Race

There is no greater feeling than to be alive and free Spending our lives on God's green earth Reveling in the warmth of yet another sun filled day The rainy days are sent to us only to remind us How much we appreciate dear old Mr. Sol It's what keeps us alive in anticipation of his return The sun is the source of everything we have here on Earth We revel in it's ray but also cover up When we get too much of a good thing It can be extremely harmful Which also applies to us here on earth Everything in moderation should be our motto It's evident every where we wander The trick is not to go overboard When you discover something exhilarating Just remember, “slow and steady wins the race!” That shouldn't stop us from enjoying life We just need to step back every once in a while Take stock and appreciate everything we have... NOT what we don't have! This may sound like a lecture from this old geezer But there's one thing I do have... That's a lifetime of experience © Jack Ellison 2014

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An On-Off Switch

Be it sunny or cloudy The weather determines my mood On a bright sunshiny morning My mood is upbeat and cheery And conversely on cloudy days My mood is sombre and sad I really wish this weren't true I see people every day wearing big smiles And I wonder if they have down days like me I assume myself to be an average joe But have forever questioned that We really need an “on/off” switch To control our emotions But I recognize that's not about to happen It is up to us to make the most of each day And share as much joy and happiness As we possibly can with our fellow man EVERY SINGLE DAY © Jack Ellison 2014

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Give It A Shot

My love of life can really be explained By a very happy childhood, a very happy first marriage And a very loving and happy second marriage What more can anyone ask for I realize I'm one of the more fortunate ones Believe me, I am so very thankful of that I wish I could transfer some of my happiness and good fortune To those who have been less fortunate than I My happiness and lust for life can be transferred To those in our immediate circle of friends and family But more difficult to reach the cashier at the local supermarket Or others who hold menial jobs But it's basically, “think happy” and you will “be happy”... It ain't rocket science! I realize for some, this might be more difficult than others to achieve But if you don't give it a shot, you'll never know for sure! © Jack Ellison 2015

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The Six O'Clock News

If you tip the scales to the side of “happy” each day Then your life will be a rip roaring success With all the constant challenges that are put before us It's certainly not an easy task But with strong ethics and a thorough grounding The task is certainly a whole bunch easier Without question, we are in the majority And can call on others for support when needed But the need for this will become a lot less frequent If we remember we're put on earth for only a very short while And it is up to each one of us to choose the right path In time, right will always overcome wrong Except for the lunatic fringe Eventually man will always choose good over evil So take heart my good friends, it will never be utopia... BUT This world is still a most beautiful loving place We just need to look past the 6 o'clock news! © Jack Ellison 2015

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Dedication to Everyone

I feel that I have found a home in this cyberspace
with full of hearts and ideas in a special place
I wonder of all the people in the world to make me smile
with antics that help me grow in every mile
I do want to say to all of the people with respect
because of all of you my mind is not in a wreck
I would lie if I did not get ideas from all of you
without you my poems would not come true
I bless everyone with care 
with kindness and without dis-pare
I hold my hands high and put them together
with this I bless you with good weather
I do read some of the poems that people put out
sometimes I feel with out a doubt
I feel the pain in the poems that some has revealed
with hopes that they can read with their mind not sealed
I smile a bunch with every word
it is like a music in my head making a cord
I do want you all to know that you have made my day
to be a better day in every different array
I cherish my time with all the people in my heart
the words flow in my mind is just but a start
I'm happy with everyone in 
with hardship that came this cyberspace makes me calm
I cannot choose five cause if I do I don't think it's right
just to tell you that is just my own insight
I thank all for helping me grow with all the poems that are shown
with faith and humor, with views of kindness this site has grown

If I had to say or dedicate my poems to who 
would be the first five who reads my poems with a point of view

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Love's Dream

When I see you I fall in love all over again. 
The closeness I feel it's excitement uncontested. 
To feel you next to me is like heaven real. 
As I find myself lost without your feel. 
The feel of your skin, to hold your hand. 
To breathe your scent and kiss your lips. 
I find myself falling in love all over again. 
To hold you tight I await my time in life. 
But missing you is a natural occurrence it seem. 
The dreams I have, the plans I dream. 
I want more than I bare just waiting your love. 
But most of all, my heart flutters with life. 
And loving you is a dream come true. 
As everyday, love's dream of being two.

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A Sea Of Nothingness

Some days are diamonds Some days are pure do-do Today was a totally do-do day I'm sure everyone has them every once in awhile But mine are a lot more frequent than they once were Is it my age that makes the difference Or is it my retirement Throughout my life, I have always been A very, very active person So to all of a sudden be without a goal I'm lost in a sea of nothingness The only activity my brain gets Is poetry and that's not enough to sustain me I need a challenge every day I have one of those brains that constantly Needs nourishing, to be challenged or it will die I wish it weren't true And I could just lie back in my easy chair And watch the world go by BUT... that's just not me! © Jack Ellison 2014

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pooh with the only tools of honey and smarts;
mickey with his best friend Donald,
oh! what a party to start.
the three wanted to celebrate the clubhouse opening;
so they started to cheer,
giggled merrily,
and started the music.
oh! what a good time they had!
everybody was glad;
but pooh became sad,
maybe, because it was the end.
but, later we found out,
he just ran out of honey.
so mickey said,"be happy don't pout."

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the mandala with the nipple at the centre

Grogged, split into holographic shards:
Hypnogog reveleations reflect
One dreary dreamer. Divinity
staggers to recall Itself
in matter.

Is God like peppermint? I think him

more like meade caressing 
a breeze – just beyond 
the fresh whore.

Bands of succulence
orbit a soaked mind.

The mandala, stony gravel out-stations
brilliantly placed in the Logic, 
oddly so.

In the centre the most divine Creation.

The nipple more proud than unassuming
more mirage-producing
than drought.

And all around the nipple children skip
chasing fairies in the smoky glow.

All around the nipple dance children, go.
More ancient than childbirth. The cheek

of Isis swirls itself into a Promise. Food
was later, grown men (and women) don’t know.

The milk erodes its own palace. The screen
remains; like the silence in a scream.

Art only, ever in the making. The sacredness
of a breast more than Nature produces.

Some on the outer, independent scriptute.
Some more honest, after some lost inner elixir.

I say: the world would not last long without a breast.

Copyright. 2009. JLM.

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The Spirit Lifter Queen

This is dedicated to my new friend, Hope.  Thanks for keeping my spirits lifted!

A spirit lifter Lifts up your spirit To a higher level Than you can get They pull from inside Our God given light To share with others As we shine so bright Now every spirit lifter Needs their spirits lifted too The more their spirits are lifted The more spirit lifting they can do They are always so busy Lifting the joy of others To ever pick up their joy And that is their druthers There are times they notice not That their joy has fallen down It’s not until they see their face To find it is wearing a frown That’s when other spirit lifters Will come and jump right in To be quick as possible As they really do save them The Spirit Lifter Queen I finally met and got to see That she carries roots as strong As a magnificent old oak tree Her light shines so beautiful Hope is the name we call her As she is the picture of hope And the root of a spirit lifter Her roots run so very deep And her light shines on everyone As hope is to expect with confidence To cherish a desire with anticipation I feel most privileged To have acquainted with her As even one of her joyful giggles Always lifts my spirits higher When the joy bubbles up from in me I gladly bounce them back to her As she really is the Queen Of all the other spirit lifters! Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Afternoon Naps

Is there any better sleep than an afternoon nap? I think not, my Soup friendlies Hands down, it's like I imagine what heaven is like Not that I'm in any big hurry to make the trip I really don't advise doing this if you haven't retired yet Your boss could get a cranky old sod Especially if you have your afternoon nap In the middle of a very important client meeting Perhaps then you might know what it's like to be retired When I was much younger I envisioned retirement As being “put out to pasture” It ain't happened yet, I'm still full of “viss and pinegar” As a hobby, I started searching some recipes online And have made some tantalizing dishes Which turned out pretty good for a rookie chef Much to Cathie's delight I might add! So my afternoon naps have been a lot less frequent recently Along with writing poetry and cooking up a storm I'm having to allot some special nap time What a twist that's turned out to be! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Most Days Are Diamonds

Most days are diamonds It depends on your outlook Think happy and you WILL be happy Think sad and you WILL be sad You are the one in control of your own destiny Outside influences will certainly have an affect But if you persevere Peace of mind can be and will be yours Sounds simple, right? Life isn't really all that complicated It's us humans that make it so Prehistoric man had only one thought on his mind Well... maybe two! Finding a mate to hold hands with And finding food to feed his family Wait a minute... there was something else Oh yes, I remember now He used to meditate... nope He used to celebrate... nope He used to contemplate... nope He used to replicate... THAT'S IT! © Jack Ellison 2014

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The american economy is on life support has been for years. Sad it makes my heart fill with tears. The land we live the land we love. America is in trouble no doubt but i don't worry about it i let GOD take care of it that way i don't got to figure it out. I want to see my future but not as a blur.

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God IS Real Miracles Happen

God Is Real/Miracles Happen
By Nate Spears

God is real, and miracles happen
Despite of his struggles 
The middle class poet kept on writing his chapters 
Times were tough 
But he didn’t give up
Unpaid rent 
Eviction notes 
His bills were overdue  
No water, no power 
He used GOD as his source; and  
kept on writing his chapters
Then came a knock 
He opened his door, but no one was there 
There was a note left behind, along with a white feather on his mat 
A rent paid receipt 
Plus full payment of his utilities
He closed the door quickly, and went back in the house to his desk
The pages in his book was flipped 
to a ending page he couldn’t miss
A inspirational piece was left behind that he didn’t write
It read this: 

For your time and effort given 
to lead and inspire, this is the final chapter in your book that I so desire.

I restored your power, to give you energy to write.

I gave you water again, for the tears shed on your writes.

I provided funding for your rent, for the priceless messages your poems present. 

Those sheets of paper have inspired many lives in need to vent.

I read the final chapter, and started to cry
I glanced out the window at a river of joy nearby
A rainbow appeared in the sky
Under covering my darkness  
There lies a ray of light 
No matter how deep life pounds
No matter how hard things get 
If you believe you can overcome
Just keep up the fight 
The battle is already won
Just believe.

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A Sadness Defeater

That first cup of coffee, what could be sweeter It's starts the day right, it's a sadness defeater We wake up all groggy and stumble over things Into walls and doorways as to the table we cling Lucky if we make it to the kitchen in one piece Hopefully we won't get splattered with grease While cooking up bacon and eggs and some taters I'm wondering the cost of a live-in baker Okay back to the brew that revives us once more Without it we're zombies with blood splats galore If the girls at the office could see me like this There'd be no more begging for a passionate kiss Pretend not to see me, avoid me like the plague They'd make up excuses no matter how vague So you see the importance of our morning brew It starts the day off with a bright howdy do That first cup of coffee, what could be sweeter It's yummy in the tummy and a sadness defeater © Jack Ellison 2015

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Straight From The Hip

You've all heard the expression “He shoots straight from the hip!” The official dictionary translation... “To speak directly or frankly” Actually I would hope this applies to yours truly No jazzing, no messing around, no hidden agendas What you see is what you get There's too much razzmatazz these days It time to say what you mean and mean what you say Be responsible for your actions and words It will lead to a better understanding Where we're all coming from The world needs more openness to advance Into the unknowns of the 21st century Straight from the hip! Inspired by my friend Judy Konos © Jack Ellison 2014

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Wowsers, just looked outside Don't see no dirty black clouds Only see totally clear blue skies Makes me wanna shout out loud Hallelujah, happy I'm still alive Alternative is not very appealing Hard to breathe at six feet under Must be a claustrophobic feeling Let's not talk about all that stuff On this happy sunshiny day Positive thoughts are only allowed Pay attention to what I say Smile and everyone smiles with you It's a natural human reaction Be first to start a whole new trend You could call it “Giggilyaction” © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Heat of the 70s

The house is empty, my husband is at work, I am sitting with my dog just relaxing when PBS television broadcasts a music special. Oh all those Motown tunes from the 1970s, Now that’s hotter than hot, I feel the heat rise. The Commadores, Stylistics and Patti LaBelle, I am singing, She’s a brick house and feeling hot, Moving my hips and swaying to the great music, Still remembering all the words and those feelings. The memories it evokes is only of pure passion, The whole decade provided a serenade of love. You could fall in love so fast with the right song, Every song I hear elicits a treasured memory. The Discos were the highlight of the weekend, Spending the nights dancing, driving the men wild. The bump and grind was probably the best dance, Although a good jive would always make your night. Earth, Wind and Fire can really bring on a burn, Al Greene just makes me want to cuddle by a fire, Wow its getting warm in here, see what I mean. I think I’ll tape this show and put it on tomorrow night, So I can take my husband back and feel the heat.
Written July 29, 2012 For Debbie Guzzi’s contest “HEAT” Placed 6th

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The Empty Rib Slot

Dedicated to all of the guys who helped me to make the checklist - thanks!

The Empty Rib Slot I think I might have A perfect checklist Highlights from men Gathered now missed Yes special highlights Each man carried some Now added to my checklist For a guy having it all in one This could be the key to find The man I’m dreaming of Not with bits and pieces One filled full of love A man made for me No it would be not I should fit perfectly Into an empty rib slot Let me share this list With every one of you Then decide for yourself If it could possibly be true My first check comes from This guy with dreamy eyes He deeply touched my soul Way more than ever realized He even had a special smile That made you want to grin No matter if life was down He encouraged me to win There was the big hugger With squeezes oh so tight He lifted me off the floor Like if I was taking flight He never did grow tired Of giving me those hugs I never had to ask for them He always did it out of love Then there was the dancer He stayed light on his feet He loved dancing with me Carrying rhythm and a beat Now of course on this list There certainly has to be That best friend I count on Who can also count on me I am even going to count The good points of quality Generated from my brothers And even from my daddy From them they all carry A very good temperament Always being so easy going Not looking for an argument When I am nestled in that slot With a perfect feel of passion All of his glory will then shine As it eludes from my reflection The most important one of all He who shares a spiritual side Being spiritually open with me Not allowing his beliefs to hide I know how this all may sound Like a crazy thing that I’ve got I want the man I fit snuggly with When I match his empty rib slot Florence McMillian (Flo)

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letter to Eden

My deplorable emotional collapse. 

Lucky for me, she happened to be in her many hour siestas!

My dear sister amelie came over (previously arranged to pick up some rocks that z mama rolled in a pile) and upon opening the front door all internal hell broke loose!

Utter torturous sadness tore thru every fiber of my being - hence a logical explanation conclusion per the abdominal distress that thankfully diminished. 

Aside from helplessness as of crumpling like a heap of cards, an extreme fright gripped me at the thought of yourself and shana returning to ramshackle mishmash.

Early today, she many hours sweeping (what her hands formerly hurled from the upstairs bedroom or glass and/or plastic containers blithely tossed on the kitchen floor) with some improvement.

Though, i might need to spend later today (Wednesday) gutting the refrigerator and discarding any potential alien life forms.

A prediction that a. you and shana will be quite sad leaving the tranquil home of the dunning family and b. stepping back into a place where disorder and entropy feast.

Please try to express sentiments per how you feel toward me! Such emotion might well be, but not necessarily limited to (just guessing) -- > anger, grief, hatred, loathing, rage.

Despite your impression or reaction toward and/or against me, i do value you more than any precious gem!

Matthew can honestly claim that "mother" acts considerably more pleasant to me. She politely greets me with what her "GOOD MORNING MISTER HARRIS"!

This message blurted soon after she espies me shuffling to the bathroom tending to that human toy let trees.

This and other of her cheery inquiries for attention (talk, contra dance, back rub...) find me practically catatonic at such ordinary desires. 

Years on end never er or rarely found me to experience this personable facet, yet...SHE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH OCTAVIA LAMB NOR GAYLE BAIR!

As (possibly) mentioned in the previous email, i too shared similar antipathy, hostility, offer dollops of voluble vulgarity!

At some juncture in the recent past, a strong objection against reacting in that manner (no matter the three musketeers - as referred to by thee senora and chief television watcher), spoke to this papa in crudely fierce, immeasurably lambasting tone.

Matter of fact, i emailed Octavia to inform her of the legal documents en-route to her home in gap, pennsylvania and reiterated appreciation for our (albeit unwelcome and long overdo) stay at blank greentree lane.

No intent to augment change in the counterpart. We seem to be diverging in any former opinions. 

Now, (meaning within the recent present)
 numbness freezes and seems to cease up desire to be alive
sometimes i do not care if the grim reaper takes me for an eternal drive
aware that you and shana would be well tended in that busy bee hive
comprising cheerfulness, delight, happiness, liveliness, joy, kindness mirth,
 et cetera where amity, comity, energy...does strive
among lovely offspring of shari and Andy, both troopers against challenges 
 as if...he married a heavenly wive. 

Shari and amelie encouraged me to express churning agitation within me
which best be conveyed now rather than per your return, 
where communication will be done as ease a lee.

Omg! The hour fast approaches four-ante meridian. Gawd cooks the time away. The task to organize the refrigerator hardly seems like a choice! You may not even notice since, (though the kitchen floor swept) aversion to enter the eatery might deter courage. 

Your risk to board a plane considerably less than the hazards that lurk in said innocent locale.

Take care my dear. 

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A Filthy Rich Baboon

At the drop of a hat, your life could change If you win the big jackpot of ten million You'd have all the things you've ever wished for And every day would be bright vermillion With money to burn the world would be yours You'd have nothing to hold you back You could live like a king, demand anything There'd be absolutely nothing you'd lack Do you think you'd be the same sweet person Or would money change who you are Wouldn't mind finding out to tell the truth Think I'd find the whole thing quite bizarre Like to think I'd remain the same person With both feet firmly planted on the ground But money can change a person's perspective And your whole life can turn upside down Sure like to know how money would affect me Would I become this financial tycoon It really could swing either way I imagine Could wind up just a filthy rich baboon © Jack Ellison 2015

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As I wait for death amid the calm.

I see through the window all of you.

No one can see me and the hearing is dying.

Ring in the New Year and my limbs reach for the warm.

Help me make one last stand.

I love the rain and your food for thought.

I wait patient , youthful and my sap stretched.

I long for your cool breeze and like a dog I bark in warning.

And as the axe falls I shudder and am diminished.

That door slammed angrily and while I wait the rain washes me.

No longer do I feel my age, I see your reflection and your sadness.

And as I slowly die I am placed on the stretcher and  I drink my last drop.

But as I lay quivering.

You bathe and place me at the door.

I am no longer naked as you dress me.

A light blinks on and the glitter and charm works.

The clothing is your finest saved by generations and my  balls are hung. 

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~The youth,such soft supple skin.
Play yet a steady reminder of how maturity takes a toll.
All the while she sits,smiles only to transcend reflection in the mirror.
Her hair streaks silver.
Through decades,every milestone has been met.
Laugh lines set deep.
Eyes glossed over like film.
Still,elation brought fourth by a glimpse of a grandchild, can not be measured.~


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To define the word 'exuberance' One need not go to the Net Watch two puppies meet on the street That's happy as happiness gets It's real 'exuberance' personified As they tug away on the leash Both tails wagging a mile a minute A couple of ecstatic beasts What if we allowed 'em both to go at it Exploring until they dropped They'd surely be two happy pooches Till in their dog house they flopped We could learn a lesson from these little guys Begin each day with a smile Cram in as much fun as you possibly can Never know if it's your very last mile © Jack Ellison 2014

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From England's dark blackout
We came to these shores
I and my siblings
In refuge from war.
How enchanted we were
With all we saw.

First Sydney's fine harbour
And her bridge of one span
Then the azure blue sea
The long beaches of sand
The beautiful city lit up at night
To our youthful eyes a wondrous sight.

The Aussie soldier in his famous slouch hat
The long train journey to the far outback
The Cockies screech the Kookaburra's cackle
New sights and sounds for my brain to tackle.
The grazing sheep the fields of wheat
The fun of the master the blistering heat
The long hot summers with respite at the sea
Where we swam and surfed in unspoilt glee.

School days were spent in city or mountain retreat
Strict was the discipline our uniforms neat.
Happy the friendships spacious the grounds
Nuns telling rosary beads flitting around.
With firmness and patience they taught us well
Recreation was announced by the tolling bell.

Oh the joy when the holidays came
What fun we had on the old school train.
It trundled along past wilga and gum
Past meandering creeks and billabongs
Past Emus grazing and Roos hopping along
Through wide open spaces rich in bird song.

At the graceful homestead with veranda surround
Stood the welcoming grandmother so recently found.
With parents far off she gave care and love
How proud we were of her pioneer blood.
She cooked and scrubbed and chopped the wood
She could do everything she really could.

But tragedy stuck
With her soldier son killed.
She grieved and withered and lost her will.
No longer in her life
Would he take part
Months later she died of a broken heart.

There came a time when with many tears
I bade farewell to this life so dear.
I had no choice I had to go.
The years passed on
I missed it all so.

This time when I came
I touched down by plane.
New visions flood my startled brain
Australia I find is absorbed in change
it makes me feel so very strange.

The laid back Aussie with his old world charm
A computer wiz now and amazingly calm.
The coastline is cluttered highrises abound
The noise of the traffic an ugly sound.
But the song of the Bellbird is still a wonder
It soothes my senses as I ponder.

For no land on earth has so much to offer.
So I’ll settle here I will not hover.
Perhaps the maternal ancestors smile from above.
For at last I'm here In the land they loved.
And I'll spend the twilight of my years
In this country I've always held so dear.

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Tears burn and stream down my face
brushing them back, weeping in prayer
God please someone to love me for the rest of my life
That angelic voice beholding a name 
Echoes in my memory
yet which one
Surely not him for true love never hurts
a vivid vision some years later 
detoxing from a psyc drug that nearly took my life
I saw my hand in a vision
Concentrating on my hand which had power
Mental struggle as I watched the vision unfold and drastically exhausting my psyc
I then saw a scene of woodland
It in itself picturesque
Yet something somehow beyond as I concentrated the trees in this scenic view gained vivid hues and the leaves swayed
some day I will find my home on Earth
and who could hold it against the next man for bearing the name John

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L O M L Always

The thought of her smiling gave me faith
From when we were little we bathe
My mother and her mother is best friends
They both took care of us and gifts they send
We pulled each others hair
And she was always quick to dare
When I smiled at her she knew it was no good
She learned to pull me up and she understood
I just wanted her attention and that she gave
She knew it in her heart love was my slave
From when we were a child with full of energy I had my way
She was the one who was my guide and she did not push me away
When I saw her cry one day and her eyes was so sad
I gave her a flower and I smiled at her and made her glad
When some one special leaves her heart
I sat by her and never wanted to depart
She is the love of my life always
She is the one who gave me my hope through out my days
So I gave her my heart and love from within
And I did not make it thin
I stood by her side since I was a child
I gave her my support when we were wild
She knew who I was and I let her go the distance
I did not hate her or give her resistance
My mother and her mother are great friends and their virtue will never end
Because of their love they both trusted us to live our ways to transcend
So my childhood friend was my best friend, and now my wife
She new it from the start that we part of each others life

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Happiness Street

Some days are bright and shiny But it's got nothing to do with the weather It's all to do with attitude Sometimes the smallest things Can send us down the path of negativity Or conversely down “Happiness Street” Depending on which way the wind's blowing It's a tough life if you don't weaken My advice to you guys is this... GO WITH THE FLOW! As hard as that may seam at times Not to say we should always succumb But compromise is the key word here NOTHING is so important That it stops us from kissing and making up The simple phrase... “I'M SORRY” means so so much True true love will win out every time TRUST ME © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Apple City New York

While listening to Schumann’s “Arabesque” 
and “Fantasiestüche” for the Mozart B flat Sonata,
I feel the warmth and love that’s powerful within;
a moment of instrospection, a source of intervention.

I live in a wonderful country, beautiful and well-known;
its historical significance and cultural diversity,
define those experiences with charm and closeness
that make something special how New York stands now.

The Statue of Liberty with its wide attraction to many,
a perfect landmark that speaks volumes about migrants;
as a gift from France that took a long voyage to arrive
between two countries there’s friendship and assurance.

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is just close by,
where photos and experiences of the early immigrants
are showcased and memorialized as treasures of the land
so interesting that makes everyone know how they were.

In all five boroughs from Manhattan to the Bronx, Queens,
Brooklyn, and Staten Island, there’s a look of sheer delight;
great attractions and endless events scheduled for all seasons,
breathtaking sights with Broadway theatres and the brightest -
Times Square that has always been a rendezvous for tourism.

Oh, city of New York! filled with everything that one can claim
a known place in the world with so much to offer to all
like London in England, Madrid in Spain, or Milan in Italy;
all these cities have world-class shopping one can be interested in.

There are great places for dining, culture, tours, and transportation,
subways are convenient for everyone to explore Manhattan
with a number of museums, galleries, and centers for all promotions
like entertainment, history, arts, culture, music and literature.

Delighting audiences of all ages has got the Big Apple has,
it brings you up to date favorite and famous big-screen moments;
artistic and entertaining performances such as musical extravaganzas,
sci-fi fantasies, romances, sweeping epics, concerts and many others.

Trendy boutiques, funky cafes, velvet-roped nightspots and delis
are some places full of culture that one can probably explore;
their stories and history provide us with vistas and attention
Truly, places of glamour, excitement, entertainment, and much more.

Oh, city of New York it’s a great adventure to explore this, so far,
its fascinating neighborhoods with a variety of cultures involved,
a great experience, an enriching reality with multi-ethnic groups;
with legendary history that celebrates and shapes humanity.

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Enjoy The Good Days

True happiness resides within each of us We alone are responsible for our own well being It is so easy to blame external forces, people, or events But the bottom line is, we're the ones steering the ship We're the Captain, the First Mate Right down to the deckhand swabbing the deck So here's my advise to all you nice people Always, always think positive The dark days are only temporary Believe me, life is always about ups and downs Endure the bad days... enjoy the good days © Jack Ellison 2014

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Okay everyone, on the count of three... giggle!
Did you do it?
If you did, I bet you feel better, right?
Laughter does wonders for the soul
It's like sunshine after a rain
Remember a smile is a frown upside down
Bet THAT made you giggle!
If you're looking to complain about something
I'm not interested!
Only happy stuff resides here
Even the word 'giggle' makes you giggle
And when you giggle, you jiggle
I'm on a crusade
Instead of 'down' say 'up'
Instead of 'sad' be 'glad'
Instead of 'no' say 'yes'
You won't believe how it changes your world
In closing, and I'm sorry I must
Even though I'm having a wonderful time
If you only remember one thing from all of this
Happy people live longer
More time to annoy all the cranky people
So stand in front of a mirror and giggle
The more you giggle, the more you jiggle
The more you jiggle, the more you giggle
So giggle my friends, GIGGLE!!!
(Bet you're smiling!)

@Jack Ellison 2012

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I stumble upon a river
the way it flows and feels
I take my shoes off and run threw it
laughing looking up towards the sun
I wake up and it was all just a dream
my sister runs up the stairs
she slams her door
i asked her what was wrong
she looked at me 
She says "mom told me you were adopted"
at first i laughed as i thought it was a joke
I run downstairs to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch
"mom?" i say
she replies "its true we adopted you!" 
she got up and walked into the kitchen
"after all this time i thought i was yours" i say
My father gets up and walks out the door
My mom lays her hand on her forhead
Just dont worry about it  everything will be okay
"No it wont i say"
i felt fake like i wasnt who i was suppose to be
i just sat on my bed thinking about the whole thing
my whole life and who i should have been
I packed my bags that light and i ran away
leaving the less important things behind
i set out on a journey to find my real parents
I had my sister get there info. from my dads office
I took a bus to indiana and looked up there address
As soon as i found it i knocked on the door
A man opened the door
he said "who are you?"
i say "apparently i am your son?!"
"you put me up for adoption?" i repeat

He yells "ANNA!?, Some kid is here for you!"
i repeat the story to her as she denied it
She looked bruised and beaten up
I wanted to help her but the man hut the door on my face

I had no where to go now
So i started on a journey back home
But i never made it there 
I found that old river i use to go too
i stayed there for a few weeks until
i remembered the way back.
I found myself that day
I realized that i was fake but now im not because i know that i am just me not any of them

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And his name is Moses

His father named him Moses.
Devoid of speech yet blessed.
Doctors said he would live thirty years hereafter.
Buoyant nature and carried a smile always,
With sense of humor lived through derision.
On the day his father passed away 
He sat still and hid his tears within.
Not long, few years later
His mother who would voucher him,
Understand the complexity of his heart
Laid on her final resting place,
He sat still and hid his tears within.
Later his bosom friend moved away,
He sat still and hid his tears within.
Enervate and lonely orphan he became,
Dolefully he wept when none would see.
Albeit the great sorrows of his heart, 
No trauma ceased him to live mirthfully.
After thirty still he lives.
And walking through the paseo every morning,
They who pass him by with admiration schmoose of a man
Who can’t speak and had great sorrows;
Nonetheless so twinkly he lives on,
Knowing not yet parfay wishful,
when he would wake up one fine morning
And meet his loved ones again on the other side.

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Learning The Night Club Two Step

It feels so good To get the chance Of finally learning A beautiful dance Steps seem to be On a cloud of air Floating gracefully Is how it appears Seeing the dance It would seem Like something From in a dream The dance steps Take time to learn Yes, a lot of practice As elegance is earned A partner reflects back With each step taken Sharing joyful smiles In the pattern making The individual style Develops in the man As he creates the lead The best way he can Different partners Step differently Sometimes we find One to step perfectly Either way, once there The non-stop beam of gleam Comes bursting from deep inside As you realize you’re dancing the dream Florence McMillian (Flo)

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So Much Love From God

God loves me so much From the heavens above He has truly given me So very much love Different types of love Each starts like a seed That grows deep inside Creating a special need First the undying love Is where it all starts With Jesus Christ placed Perfectly in my heart Then the individual love Of being one’s self As God made me to be Like no other one else The peaceful calmness That nature shares Offers the serene love To wash away cares The caring love of parents Is such a wonderful gift So many others have not And their spirits I try to lift The loyal love of siblings I am very thankful for Even with lives apart Our love is evermore Enduring love comes from My wonderful large family No matter the ups and downs They never give up on me The precious love of children My most cherished gifts of all Though my angels have all grown They are to me little dots so small The kind love of in-laws Is such a bonus I am given Making my loved one’s lives All worth a reason for living The joyous love of grandchildren Each a true blessing from above Bubbling joy flows from them all Filling me with a delightful love The devotional love of pets No one could closely compare To the never ending devotion That will always be there The faithful love of friends With truth of consistent fact I can always count on them To be there to catch my back True passionate love of a man I thought would never bloom I only dreamed of how it’d be So wonderful I would assume Now that I’ve been touched By the true passion of a man I feel the dreams come true Feeling so wonderful ‘tis am All these gifts of love God gives to me within Are opened very carefully As each is specially given For a seed of love to grow Takes patience and then some I enjoy each moment of growth As there is so much more to come Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Thoughts of myself - Section 1

Ayo, Once upon a time...
Their was a young brave renegade
That would love someone solely than detonate
Than pick up the pieces and try to renovate
Just so he can runaway, and escape just to celebrate
He'd instigate and penetrate in almost anyway
He had no friends, cause they'd die, and souls would levitate
Always showed more love than hate, because he was his own medicaid
Only musically meditated, not truly educated but solely dedicated
To leave this world devastated, and "awe" within his presence
Cause I'll verbally murder peasants and it's not so pleasant
When this is their death sentence, Leaving them jealous
When they go to hell, and I'm attending the heavens
But the thoughts of you snap me right back
To the love and adolescence trapped behind a time gap
It's like I took a nap to relax and pass these lonely facts
But I got passed it, and regained my own passion
Passing by my own patronized actions
Probably now just pacifying and laughing trying to imagine
Why I was so maddened, I'm like a wolf blowing down pigs cabins
I'm the captain shooting lyrical cannons trying to capture the captive
The caption to the story is "Aladdin's reconnection with his Jasmine"
But it's forever lost, cause life it's not magic
It's just a tragic damaged planet filled with only havoc
Happiness is riddled upon his own sadness

Please move on to section 2!

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If I Could Fly

If I could fly, where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away my wings would carry me,
My destination not known!
If I could fly, I’d capture all of the Sun’s rays.
Up and away!
What a sight to see with such a grand milestone!
If I could fly, 
I would always look below.
Down and deep!
My eyes focused only on you.
My journey’s still unknown.
If I could fly, I’d stay on top with memories buried to keep.
Down and deep!
What an experience just to fly through!
Such a waste without you!

If I could fly, I would soar with my best perfection.
Soaring with pride!
My life achieved.
My destination excluding restrictions!
If I could fly, I’d forever remember this glide.
Soaring with pride!
What a thought to preconceive.
Such bright reflections!
If I could fly where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away I would go only with you.
My destination remaining incognito!
If I could fly, I’d want to stay up and away!
What an incredible zone just to pass through!
Such a magnificent plateau!
If I could fly, I’d fly only for you!

®Registered: 1997 ANN RICH

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A Modern Christmas


the suns up , Its that magical day of the year
My heart is racing to go where I celebrate it
I've reached that place I long to be today
Its so familiar yet each time its a new adventure,
The season's songs fill the air
I see amazing decorations everywhere 
Santa and his elves are here today
Families, friends,gifts are in every sight,
Lo and behold the magnificent tree
The atmosphere's cold but warm inside
I could stay here forever
I wish today will never end
there's nowhere else I rather be right now
This is the best place to celebrate christmas
For it is none other than my favourite shopping mall

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Worry Not

I re-dedicate this poem to my sweet friend, Stephen Pettye, who is full of power and strength as he travels this lifetime in a number one status to reach the goals of his full inner growth.  This poem is to help clear his path along the way:

Take those piled up worries And let your troubles go They always go back and forth In our minds to and fro On a clear day With no clouds in the sky Cast you worries away Leaving no questions to ask why Giving more time to count blessings And be thankful for what you’ve got It feels so gloriously wonderful To truly and completely worry not Just clear your mind Away from all thought And enjoy the great feelings That fill the space you’ve caught There are messages to read When the clouds are out That’s when we’re given Something to think about On a clear cloud free day Leave all worries behind Well that’s what I do To clear my mind Yes, it feels good To be worry free And to leave it all With the one Almighty So when the sky is clear I will always worry not And thank our dear Lord For all the blessings I’ve got Florence McMillian (Flo)

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I believe when Jesus will return on the resurrection day,
He will establish peace, justice and kindness.
The glorious arrival of the saviour will mark a new beginning
of peace, a rebirth and resurrection.
It will be the beginning of peace,lasting security and genuine 
life endeavours.
His triumphant arrival will signal the end of oppression,
immorality,poverty,discrimination,and the beginning of
justice,love and everlasting harmony.

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Following Her Heart

Following her heart with blended mind
To be free from barbed memories,
That torments her soul daily,
While diging a hole inside her
Making her write torch songs daily, and
Become alienated from the castles of love
That keep all romantic souvenirs;
But with seasons coming to pass
Spring coming to her mind
Her heart opened like a calyx
To embrace adorable colours of love,
And follow her heart with happy smile
Riding the chariot of love,
And charming every lover around
To sing the special love song
Written inside the heart of the beloved-
-Creating carnival atmosphere,
With love fortified memories,
Making her an idol of love

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A New Satisfaction

This is dedicated specifically to Howard Hof, one of my dearest friends, for giving me all of that new satisfaction!

A New Satisfaction It can’t be held inside, the satisfaction so new This can no longer hide, so let me just tell you You gave it to me, yes you sure did Such total ecstasy, I knew not existed I was totally fine, living without love Just happy all the time, no worries to think of Then you came along, to offer me some fun Being friends so long, and with no other one Well I said why not, it couldn’t hurt to try Let us give it a shot, to help us both get by It started out to only be, just a simple vodeodoe Then with the sexuality, chemistry started to flow It may be hard to believe, though it did happen then More than I could perceive, to levels of new satisfaction I never thought I’d see the day, where the dreams of Charlie Chill Could ever be completely taken away, now you’re the one my dreams can feel This new satisfaction you gave to me, has got to come from your kind heart So sincere I’ve always known you to be, I really should’ve known it from the start Now since this has begun, there is something I’ve gotta say I’m stuck on this new satisfaction, so you’re gonna have to push me away Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Sacrament of Baptism

The day of Pentecost, Church celebrated
Administered Holy Baptism
St. Peter declares
“Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”

The apostles offer baptism to anyone who believed in Fr. Christ Jesus
You will be saved
You and your household
St. Paul declared to his baptized and with all his family

Baptism is birth into the new life in Fr. Christ Jesus
In accordance with Lord God’s will
It is necessary for salvation
As the Church herself, we enter by Baptism

Baptismal grace includes forgiveness of original sin
Birth to a new life by man becomes an adopted son of the Father
A member of Fr. Christ
A temple of the Holy Spirit

Those who die for faith
 All those without knowing the Church under the inspiration of grace
Seek God sincerely, strive to fulfill his will
Can be saved even if they have not been baptize

With respect to children who have died without baptism
The Church invites us to trust in God’s mercy
The angel of Lord God said
The babies are safe in heaven

Written 09172012

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The Encounter

Out of nowhere she appeared
Something out of a movie scene
And this time it was no different
Boy meets girl is usually the theme
She came in with her orange hair flowing
With the movie star glasses
Without her ever knowing 
Beautiful is a term she surpasses
You’ve taken my breath away
Is what I wanted to step up and say
But as fast as she had stepped in
She also disappeared like the wind
I have spent so long searching for that love
For the one I believed was true
But once again love has escaped me
What else is there to do
The beautiful eyes and wonderful smile
It was as if heaven were dialed
The cute face and itty bitty waist
I’m never tongue tied but this time was not the case
I couldn’t believe my eyes 
And wondered if it was a dream
She was so unbelievable
So I guess a dream is what it seemed
I didn’t sleep that whole night
Trying to get her out of my mind
I wanted to hold her oh so tight
To the point our bodies entwined
I awoke to the idea that today will be the day
That I will be able to sit and speak to her
For I prepared all the words I shall say
My hopes were fulfilled
For there she was standing
My soul was all fluttered
To pop out my chest, my heart was demanding
i got the nerve to walk up and speak
I was so nervous; I thought my mouth would leak
She took off the shades 
And looked into my eyes
I had to stop for a moment 
Because I was so mesmerized
We end up speaking for a few minutes
But forever is what it seemed
Her ride had come to wisk her away
To another part of her day
But before she had left 
I exclaimed please tell me your name
She said oh I’m sorry I forgot to say
My name is Shyvonne
But you can call me Shay

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High School Days

We are not perfect by no means at all,
some are too skinny, some are too tall,
I  was always the tallest in my class,
until High school, then I found my match.
5' 7'' kinda tall for a girl,
then I decided, I wanted to twirl,
The football players always kidded with me,
but I knew they were flirting, they really liked me.
My hair was long, and blonde as can be,
they told me not past the shoulders, little Crissy.
I had to pile it up, but it never stayed,
stringy haired twirler, out on the stage.
Now , I think back to those football games,
remembering those memories, of my High School

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Goodnight Moon

Evening tiptoes away on slippered feet
Houses up and down the street are silhouettes
The faint sound of a train whistles through the air
            leaving a melancholy soliloquy resounding through the night

A table cleared of all traces of supper, is now set for breakfast
Doors are locked, and a screen has been put across the glowing embers
The two Labradors, in deep slumber, are curled in baskets by the back door

The house settles, like arthritic old bones
     and the momentum of a busy day winds itself down
Beyond the kitchen door, a garden is washed white by the moonlight
A mantel clock is ticking, and the refrigerator is humming with comfortable familiarity
The moon slowly makes a shadowy passage
          through the windows of each room
              as it puts the house to bed...

I quietly head up the stairs, reluctant to let these parting moments slip away
Crawling between the cool sheets, I snuggle my head on the softness of my good fortune
     In the long silent moments before I fall asleep
          my drowsy eyes turn to wander
            where window gazing finds the harvest moon
                  rifting in the darkness...
                     Against the moonlight, a magnolia branch is stenciled black and keen
                          Three stars are tangled in the topmost bough...

                               My eyes and I say goodnight to the moon....
                                      and thank you to the stars.....

                                            And today becomes tomorrow....

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Walking next to nature

different shades
of grasses
and trees
along paths
to and from
in valleys
the rain forests
all creatures
to natural
all that is 
to nature

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ELVIS my impression

                           This is my impression of Elvis Presley 
I was vey lucky to be 16 in 1956 when Rock and roll came into existence the greatest music of all time and for all time, this is what it all met to me.

Elvis was the big bang to creating music like the big bang was to creating the universe
Before Elvis their was no rock and roll, no music, no dancing 
His look was unique
His movements on stage were unique
His voice was the greatest like nothing ever heard before
His songs started the greatest music craze in the history of music rock and roll
He looked dangerous 
He looked like he was having the best time of his life on stage
Elvis didn’t give a damm who wrote his songs black or white
He was the first entertainer who did it all before anyone else did anything
Both men and women loved him
Elvis was a mans man
Elvis was a ladies man
Elvis was a gentleman
Elvis was a Christian 
Elvis was a momma’s boy
Elvis was respectful of his fans
Elvis was just one man who changed music forever in America in 1956 
When Elvis sings you have to smile, to tap your feet, clap your hands, move your body, and come alive
It’s 2013, 35 years since Elvis died 
He is still the major Icon of the music world
Elvis is still the most worshiped singer and entertainer in history
Thousands and thousands of fans visit his home each and every year
Elvis didn’t smoke or drink
Elvis became an actor but could have become an accomplished actor with the right people and advice around him
Coronel Parker was both good for Elvis and bad for Elvis
Liberace taught Elvis how to dress with flash
Elvis had his own way of moving on stage when he sang no one has ever duplicated his signature moves God know how many tried
Elvis served the country he loved when he was drafted into the army no complaining 
Elvis asked fro no special treatment while in the army 
Elvis loved the woman and the woman loved him back
Elvis was the greatest entertainer of all time
Elvis met his tragic and to soon end to his life he was only 42
Elvis was hooked on prescription pills and that’s what killed him
No one could tell Elvis what to do many tried all failed
The music died on the day Elvis died
It was so sad that Elvis felt so all alone so much of his life that is what fame does to you
Elvis was the King
No one else will ever occupy the Kings throne
Elvis loved to sing gospel songs no other entertainer of rock and roll ever did 
No entertainers star shines brighter or ever will
You can ask any great entertainer and there are hundreds and will all agree Elvis was the greatest entertainer of all time
No entertainer in the history of music ever had a first year success like Elvis had
I saw Elvis in Las Vegas in 1972  when the music started and you knew that Elvis was soon to be coming on stage the excitement and the anticipation in the room was over whelming and beyond compare everyone in the room was mesmerized

This is my remembrance of Elvis Presley

Dennis Davis
March 15, 2013


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Morning Raga - "Tell Me A Story!"

In the first grey light of dawn, a young woman begins the morning song.
The simple cadences of her song are as tranquil and liquid as the monsoon rain, 
Trickling down the broad leaves in her mother’s garden.
The steady drumming on the veranda roof echoes her rhythms. 

She sings of joys, of sorrows, and of love … always of love … 

This morning song is as familiar and comforting as a lullaby.
Her mother brought it with her from the South, 
And sang it every morning for her father.
Now, she sings for them both, as they begin the day.

Today will be special for her.
She is to meet her future husband for the first time.
She has never seen him, but she trusts her parents’ judgement … 
After all, they love her, don’t they?

She hopes he will be kind, and maybe a little bit handsome … 
Like the boy she’s seen in town.
But she must try to forget him … 

On another veranda, a young man sits silent, listening.
He sits here at every dawn to hear the morning raga, 
Entranced by the voice of a girl he cannot see.

He, too, is to meet his betrothed today.
He wishes she might be a singer, or at least enjoy the morning song,
When she comes to live at his mother’s house.

He remembers a lovely girl he saw … sly glances, shy smiles … 
If his new wife is half as pretty, he will be well content.
Yes! He will … 

He believes his secret is safe, but mothers see everything … 
And his mother loves him. So she whispered to a friend,
And her friend whispered to another, and, well … 
A good husband is not hard to persuade … 

The sun has risen above the clouds.
There is much to do today – and if the young people agree,
There will be a lucky Monsoon wedding to arrange.

But first, the song.

Entered in Elaine's "Tell me a story" contest

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Monkey Business

I once got myself a monkey
(God knows what breed his was).
He was black, with dark, big eyes--
A devil-thing you could never pass.

Pearly-teeth shone in his mouth,
When you but pleased this thing;
We'd get-along well together,
(Me thought we could do with some training)
And, I tried teaching him
And taught him little tricks,
But my word! The poor thing,
Got rounded in the basics:

A few things of course, took him time,
While others, he could never learn:
Like when I said,"Sit Marcel",
He'd start to jump up and run...!
(Which wasn't quite the big deal,
For he was still learning what to do)
At least it was better than
When his filth I found in my shoe!

I coached him about 'toilet-culture'--
Taught him where men with a pot always rushed;
When that one day, on missing  my spects,
I found them only being flushed...

Nonetheless, we glued well as pals,
But for a diner's calamity:
When I ask him once,"Get me that rice",
He sat on the tray and chose to pee!

He sought a perch upon my head
So I always had unkempt hair;
He'd sit, digging deep and hard,
I don't know for what thing up there.
(A small cheery, childish thing,
He'd always place himself with me)
But if he'd not torn my favourite shirts,
I say, I'd be much, much happy...

We used to talk as great pals: 
He'd face me then, and play his part,
Although upon losing interest,
He'd slap me, scratch me, and cut me short!

This training and all friendliness,
Sure made each grow fond of the other
When I realized, he had to leave somehow
(Leaving  me to shrug and shudder):

As a final mischief of his,
He'd got himself in a dirty puddle,
Then placed himself in the cupboard,
Disturbing order to a state of muddle...!
When that I asked him to get down,
He looked at me somewhat askance;
As if he knew what it was--
The unpleasant thing that had come to chance...

The grin on that face I was to miss 
I know--the parting was like Hell...
He knew not what would change for us,
I still miss good ol'Marcel...

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Genuine True Love Sighting

Dedicated to:  Evgeniya & Constantine

Genuine True Love Sighting Just felt like I had to share A few thoughts that I wrote Of how you both inspire me So this is a thank you note Now first I will tell you A few things about me With a brief description And a little bit of history Been divorced five times Raised my children on my own Working several jobs at a time And now they are all grown With sixteen grandchildren And another one on the way I’m filled with many blessings And most thankful each day I carry a cheerful attitude Keeping on the sunny side Try to always help others And most rules I do abide There is just one little thing In this life I wasn’t certain of If there could possibly really be Two people who share true love Every once in a blue moon I’ve caught a glimpse or two Of some couples who appear To be carrying love that’s true My hopes have stayed high For there to be a possibility That true love really exists Maybe even one day for me Then the day finally came When I saw the both of you Walking together hand in hand With a genuine joy shared by two You both shined so brightly Initially it was a big surprise Then many more times again I could hardly believe my eyes I knew I had to say something So I could let you both know How much you encouraged me With true happiness that shows Today I saw you both again When I drove down the alley As you sat on that yellow bench Laughing together so happily I stopped for just a moment As a smile grew on my face To catch a view of two people Enjoying each other’s space You do share something special A relationship of the right kind That genuine true love together Most people are searching to find Some people never really find it And some will never even try Some never knew they had it Until it has slipped right on by Never let go of what you have Just hold on through eternity Because that’s what true love Is genuinely supposed to be Florence McMillian (Flo)

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The Eagle Escapes from the Chicken Pen

A little bit before the usual time
My mind dawned in spite of the short time dozed
I didn’t even plan to have it as I have
But least known to my thoughts
Today was the day long destined by fate to be mine

A few minutes passed as current affairs sipped into my mind 
Then somehow a pen found its way to my hand and with it I jotted the recipes
That was a few minutes to four a.m.
Least known to me the journey had begun

By the time my mind had emptied the facts on paper
I saw clearly that I couldn’t be a moment late
Yesterday my horoscope warned me against Sagittarius’ cautious ways
Since today seemed to be the day
I decided to let my carelessness spirit me away

Events driven frantically by rampaging heartbeats
Moments devoured hastily by anticipating anxieties
Scenery changed as did the imagery
And as magic would have it, here I now am
In a reality hundreds of miles away from yesterday’s realities
Seated on a bed in a cheap yet comfy boarding room
Planning, plotting, anticipating the beauty and liberties of a new reality

Today I feel free
Today I thank my spirit for driving me to this bliss
Today I seize the opportunity to crystallize my dreams
I am in the wake of my destiny
And for that I indeed do believe divinity endows me 
Tomorrow I hope to be led to the nest where my dreams shall be hatched

Today the eagle brood over by a chicken
Has escaped the meagre chicken pen to the beauty of freedom
Today the eagle is soaring free in the sky where it belongs
The sky where the spirits of achievements are high

Today I feel the wind soothe the muscles beneath my wings 
Today I feel the strength of my feathers
I have hope! I believe even more in my dreams
Today has washed away all my past sorrows
Today I forever bar away yesterday’s pains
And only usher in the joys of tomorrow
Today and the many today’s that shall follow
I shall live as only I can

Finally, my time to live has come
And to live I shall, only in the greatest way I can
Finally, I am glad to be a part of the heavens I used to see above
Finally, I’m rid of the worries those contented to be on the dust have
Finally, I’ve risen to earn my rights 
Finally, I can honestly thank and say I’m glad

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Feed Upon My Soul

*Note this is not sexual. succubus feed on emotion not all of them use sex as a method.this one uses touch to suck out emotions  *

As I lay on the soft moss your body beside mine. your cool hands on my breast your mouth hovering over my heart you feed upon the black and crimson mist that rises from my heart Full of hatred ,agony ,pain , sorrow and lust the lust for blood that consumes me this mist this congealed darkness that has conquered my heart upon which you feed so lustfully releasing me from its burden its dark chains; you feed on emotions taking my burden for your sustenance
my feelings, for you wil never leave me thank you for all you've done. you can feed upon my soul any time there will always be some thing for you at least the darkness insde me is has brought one good thing to me: you

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La Gala Grandeur

~La Gala Grandeur~

Revived from mine mortality,I adopt my rebirth
Through neonate eyes,the world now glows ethereal
As my resplendence arouses,death is relinquished dormant
Though newly formed,I step unteeteringly unafraid

Motlique auras,encompass my fellow scions
The firmament above,an wombous spectrum pletharic
Engrossed of adolescence,I become exhilarantly aware
My lineant precursors,swarm samely for my embracing

Free from fragility,I am no longer appraisal's prey
No less nor more than another,we abide incorruptable
Orchestras of saints and psalmists,exact an spectacled sonata
Devout and divinely,we dance dutifully for mercy's grace

This revel illimitable,is always available
Admittance thou art assured,whether or not of invitation
With none boundary of era,we know ye will attend
It is but a matter my friend,of just when... then

~Azaza~ June 19th,2010

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Covenant House Prayer

Lord God,

All people have problems and troubles in the world.
Provide children someone to love and be loved,
Help them have someone to walk with as far as they wish.
Give them wisdom or understanding and knowledge to do what is right and what is wrong.

Help children have strength and courage to face their oppressors who tease and bully them
Those who gather socialize and trade their images
Children who are being rape and abuse
Enlighten people to realize their horrifying acts

Please help children choose the right decisions to the things that happens
Help the children's attitude towards people.
Give them fortitude or strength to hope for their brighter future
Help them reach their teenage years in peace

Give them courage to face their trials,
Perseverance to strive hard to reach their best and be successful
Help them have Patience and Tolerance when dealing with hardships
Comfort them mentally and physically to be calm.

We ask this through Your Son, Fr. Christ
Who lives and reigns with You forever and ever.  


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My Very Own Week--Just for Me-- Are You Kidding Me

If I could do most anything
A week to have for my very own?!
I'd put away the mop and broom!
The paper work would have to wait!
No rush to work, what if late?
I'd put my chores upon the shelf
I'd sleep in late, perhaps till noon
I'd take the car out for a ride
I'd walk about the countryside
And lay along the riverbank
And toss some sticks, and take a swim
And ride my bike, and play some pranks
Eat peanut butter with loads of jam
And make mud pies....because I can!
And watch the ducks and geese that gather
Those ticking clocks?....Ignore....I'd rather!
I'd sit out in the sun that gleams
Among the trees I'd lie and dream
I'd head back home, and whistle songs
I'd make a call and right some wrongs
I'd take a nap and eat a snack
Then put music on and do a dance
I'd take a good book from the shelf
Curl up and indulge myself

A mom like me who hovers...races...
To keep the pace, going places
Helping, filling needs of many faces
Never has alone time...spaces
So one week's worth of self indulgence
Sounds like bliss...could it exist??
Perhaps I should find a great disguise...
Would that be wise?  Go undercover...
Just a week, sounds quite resplendent...
Just as long as it's not forever....

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Bond by the soul

I once thought that I knew what happiness was like, but I was mistaken. Forwhy I have found how it does feel to be really happy, truly happy, nothing fleeting, only last night.

In the night when she came to me, in my cave made of barred windows and closed curtains, locked doors and dimming light, where is always almost dark, light shone and life flowed into me when she smiled and blissful words were said by her. A night of wonders when I sought her arm across the bed and I held her hand as she held mine, the exchange of looks was the bonding of our souls.

The intertwining of our fingers, the strength of our grasp as if to never let go, made me realize that I was no longer alone, that I have found my place, a purpose, a home inside her heart to bath forever into her soul and warmth.

As my eyelids brought dark to my sight, I have seen ourselves in the Future, together. She and I. Now, to grow old by her side is my only wish from what is left of this life, to make this glimpse of the Future a truth is what I have to live for.

When they see us, they may see two people, yet, we will be just one for we are bond to the soul. She and I. I love you.

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Sweet fields of laughter,
still linger in the wind,
special blessings of friendship,
we were always a perfect blend.

Two sets of everything,
one for you, and one for me,
so close in everything,
forever we will be.

Stares of confusion,
we got them everyday,
they look the same,
people would say.

Bonded by a closeness,
some will never know,
love between twins,
will continue to grow.

Dedicated to all the twins on this wonderful site......

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Falling In Love

Falling In Love I think I might have accidently figured out Just what falling in love, could possibly be about With many types of love, experienced in my time Loved ones surround me, with all different kinds But when one really does happen to make the fall They never seen it coming, that’s the first thing of all That’s why they must say, that love is actually blind Because you don’t see it when it enters your mind The fall seems to take you just completely by surprise Bringing a precious moment that you’ll forever visualize No one is ever really sure of the consequences it brings Most tend to step back a bit just to think about everything There are some of those who never quite fall all the way in They keep holding on tightly to the ledge of a comfortable rim Then once you feel both feet Starting to touch the ground You actually let go and end up Falling the rest of the way down When you finally make the fall, you may not even be aware You’re in another state of mind when you’re actually there You’ll start to carry a joyful step, as happiness fills your heart It may begin to over flow and you’ll know not where to start No one can remove those feelings you have deep inside And you’ll hold your head up high with a sense of pride When you realize you fell, you won’t want to get out And I’m sure that’s what falling in love is all about Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Under the African Skies

I stand gazing across the vast plains of Africa
Plains empty of man-made monsters, 
Filled only with God’s beauty and grace

The stillness of the beauty fulfills me
I inhale deeply filling my lungs with the pure air-The air is sweet and refreshing, 
The smell of life, brought only by the heavenly rain on our African soil
I watch the sun take its place, casting away the clouds
As the dark clouds tumble away, the sky is filled with the beautiful spectrum of light,
My eyes feast on the mesmorising colours of the rainbow-This is the symbol 
Of God’s promise to Africa
As I gaze at this colourful ghost of life I realize 
The true pot of gold of this rainbow is Africa.

I kneel on the soil, running it through my fingers, 
Each grain like a diamond and me the diamond digger
I close my eyes feeling the warm breeze blow through my hair
It carries the messages of all the creatures
Telling stories of the battles of the plains,
Those conquered, those lost and those still to come
It is the breeze of life, the life force that fills every living creature, connecting us all as one

As I shout out to the heavens the land is filled with my voice, 
Echoing like the deep thunder of the skies
I hear the calls of birds across the plains, a vast network of communication
I see a herd of antelope running and leaping through this maze of beauty

I start to run, sprinting until I no longer can
I stare into the face of the African sun as it bleeds to death, painting a red smile 
Across the glowing orange sky
Until, darkness
The night sky is illuminated with Africa’s sparkling jewels, 
The great kings of our past, watching over us and
Guarding our blessed lands

I lay back and close my eyes
The silence of the plains is a symphony to my ears,
Every individual blade of grass creating its own unique sound to the choir of Africa, Singing 
the songs of angels, 
Calling us home

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Under May's Emerald Sky

Who remembers, is it only me?
One emerald morning in the month of May
Spread upon a kitchen table 
Paste made of flour, scissors, rainbow crayons 
Pretty paper doilies and….
Mama letting little hands
Create surprises, of cone shaped fans… 

The memory shrugs so many years away
Where innocence, was cut and shaped
Into bright-sprigged paper cones
Such sweet accomplishments, each our own

Then quickly running out the door
To pick spring beauties, one by one
Fresh Lillies of the Valley, wildwood fern, 
Gathering them, heavy on their stems
Sweet and fresh as morning dew, 
So filled with springtime, filled with bloom

Then paper cones were flower filled
Small bouquets of sweet perfume
Then down the dusty road we trudged
Side by side, with grins of pride
No greater pleasure as a child
The thought of bringing someone smiles

Timid knocking on a neighbor's door
Calling “Surprise...Surprise! Look what’s in store!”
Our little legs would run fast, down the road, 
Behind a tree, where we would hide
And watch them find this flower prize
Must not....get caught.....must not get caught!
And we were taught
That bringing light to someone's eyes
Was worth a lot !!
Under Emerald May Day's vibrant skies

For Tracie's Contest: "Flowers or Stones"...."May"

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The Old Oak Tree

The tangible sunrays cast their lights to haze,
withering the moments in a day,
but the moon foreshadows its hue of white
across the darkness of the night.
In the wooden trails under the moonlit hour,
that old oak tree stood as a tower,
bowing its head filled leaves to the ground,
as though praying or royalty to be found.
And the bark is elder, no longer a rich thick brown,
but grayness is its coat who always frowns.
The brittle roots and twigs overlap each other, 
The trunk was sturdy as a man but more care giving like mother.
And the nature breath's chills the wood,
from a solemn warmth to goosebumps who intrudes.

The old Oak tree whimpers and woos from the leaves
rustling a whisper to the boy who weaves
his arms, and swings himself amongst the highest point.
He sits to watch the beautiful join
between the passage of the moon and the sun.
The sky is stolen from the moon; the night be done.
And the Old Oak tree, once again, overviews the day
of the tangible tangerine sunrays cast their lights out of haze.
And the little boy still sits until the sprinkle of rain and drizzles roam.
He climbed down the gray old trunk and heads back home.

And the old oak tree smiles, never so gleefully before.
And wishes for the little boy to appreciate him once more.


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In Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness, happiness, happiness
The one thing we all seek
What does it really mean
The million tonnes of gold we hoard
Or the millions of cash stashed in a bank’s vault
Fleets of expensive cars cruising the streets
Or diamond ornaments glittering for all to see
Big parties on yachts and clouds just to please
Or a program on tevee just so they may see who it really is
All these yet at the end of the day the heart is still not at ease
The look within doesn’t satisfy nor please
So what really is missing
Happiness surely does exist
And the truth is that there isn’t a price to it
Just a smile and a honest heart spreads the enthusiasm with ease
Hearts can’t be bought but friendships can be bribed
It’s a choice we all must make
To live at ease in adequate means
Or to cheat and connive to acquire wealth built of lies
At the end of it all, the only room big enough is the one in your soul
At the end of the day 
...the only compliment worth to be heard is that which you give yourself
The only true best friend one can have is the one in the mirror
For with that friend is where happiness begins
How can you love others if you can’t love yourself
How can I honestly appreciate others if I can’t appreciate myself
How can they find happiness if they don’t know what it means
Happiness is the only thing that the blind can see 
...better than the ones who see
Happiness is the only thing that the deaf can hear 
...better than those who hear
Happiness activates the limbs of the handicapped
While those appropriately moulded still don’t function efficiently in it
Happiness is a destination to which no one can cheat
For it requires a sincere pass in each and everyone’s mind and heart
You may cheat me with your smile
But you can’t cheat the you inside
It’s not about me, it’s not about us...It is about you
This reality is a syndicate for your happiness
Question is, do you recognise it
You can afford to buy off all your past
And keep it under lock and throw away the keys
What matters is now
...for it is here that happiness is to be found
Looking back only presents regrets
Looking ahead only presents worries
It is only when you are happy that tomorrow promises to be a blessing

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My Neighbour s Got a Catch

Ooooh, my neighbour’s got a new girlfriend
My oh my, my heart sure beats fast
Coz damn, her voice is so nice and she just can’t keep quiet
Her melodious soprano is busy punctuating and denoting the silent morning
How I wish I was the one holding her tight
She’d giggle so much to my fancy tickles, she won’t have time to talk
...for soon afterwards I’d take her on a stroll across the beautiful heavens
And we’d stop by to dip our feet in the ecstatic loch on the moon, and...

But hey, she aint mine

Man, I’m glad he’s got a good catch
I see she’s washed her bra and hang it on the line
Man, she’s the staying type
For her bra just goes to show she’s marked a territory of her own
Boy oh boy, they sure will be happy
Definitely for a while
But from what I know of her type
And of relationships this type
Mhmmm... soon he won’t be dancing in front of the door the way he is now
Sometimes he’ll even be afraid to knock on that same door
For at some point in time
...with a chick her type
The spice in the meal will have cooled with the breeze

If she was mine though
I’d have played my cards right and make each day our first day
And I’d refuse to hear any story about her past
For that has the tendency to stain the picture of today
For us, it would just be about the moment, and what we’d do next
And when it’s all done, we’d start over again from the introductions, 
Then to the first kiss, as again into bliss we gear with ease

Hey! Wake up WisePrins!
She aint yours!

Damn, she’d just started playing strands with my heart
Alright, I wish them all the delight their hearts can find
Congratulations are due to them both

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On Solid Ground

To marvel how fast the world spins around,
or how the years have been sifting, (too quickly, I've found)...
This is not something new....from a mom's point of view
Some will say that my eyes have been clouded
Perhaps they will say, my opinion is shrouded
by my rose filtered glasses
But here, now before me, is my wonderful child
 this barefooted lass...
She stands here before me, ...barefooted and beautiful
Wearing her jeans......smiling with ease, calm and serene
Queen of her home
My daughter,… my child, is all grown up
There are times I must hold back the tears...
and hold back my longings for all those yesteryears....

I reflect upon the moments, then, when she was very small
Her shoes were tiny slippers, pink, 
In a blink of an eye, she outgrew them all
It gives me pause to think

I puzzle over silly things, the things that mark the passing years
Like other mothers do…
While wiping childish tears, calming school day fears,
Teaching her to tie her shoes

I wonder how I could have missed
The secret of those shoes,… 
You see, from tiny slippers, she quickly skipped...
Into dirty sneakers, ....(for tomboy moods)

I speculate, like many girls
So many phases, that she outgrew…
Sandals, flip flops, bouncy curls 
Those wobbly legs in high heeled shoes…

I stand in awe, how can this girl with honey hair, 
Who holds a babe in loving arms, be my very own?
When yesterday she was a child with cheeks so fair
Now kisses the toes of her own sweet child…
                           her own two feet on solid ground


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4give and 4get

It is painful to be wronged,

And it is not easy to forgive and forget;

But forgiveness provides an inner sense of

 calm and tranquility__

To stop a sense of being angry and resentful


If you forgive not men their wrongs,

Neither will your father  in heaven forgive

 your wrongs.

chipepo lwele

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If you think physical toil is bizarre
and out of fashion,
Who will train your child?

Moses instructed the israelites to train
their children to be industrious,
and it was regarded as sin to allow youth
 to grow up,unconscious of physical labour.
If a child was to be educated for holy office,
also a knowledge of practical life was neccessary!

Every youth whether his parents were rich or poor,
 was allowed to learn a particular job.
If you are a parent who neglects to provide physical training,
 and only concentrates on mental and spiritual training,
You have departed from the instruction of the LORD!

Proverbs 22:6;Says`Train up child in the way he should go
and when he is old,he will not depart from it.`

chipepo lwele
*special dedication to my father and mother
  [mr & mrs pensulo lwele]

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Looking Back

Dedicated to my children who have kept my dreams alive.

LOOKING BACK We can’t go back To the days of yesteryear To capture those lost feelings With those whom we loved so dear I am just looking back to see Where all of my dreams first start You know those deep seeded dreams Buried way down deep in your heart I’m not trying to revive a lost love That I once had forty years ago Or even trying to replace the twenty years Of not seeing my grandchildren grow There were times of much struggle Filled with pain, fear and torture It was the love I had for my children That developed my strength to endure My children only remember the 2nd set Of twenty years that have come and gone When they were all moving out on their own And when all of the grandchildren came along It’s like I was locked in a rock Throughout those 20 to 40 years Not able to see my grandchildren Filled my heart with so many tears The bitterness you feel towards me Is understandable and really okay My children, you all have the right To your feelings and to feel that way I have finally made the escape Since that rock has split wide open I want you all to know who I really am I haven’t changed at all, only my situation The gift of feelings we have in our heart Whether right or wrong, just happen It matters not what others may think We should let out our own self expression No feelings are really ever wrong In another’s view or even our own Our thoughts trigger our feelings inside The feelings we have are ours alone Looking back strengthens my heart Reminding me I want to pass along To all of you, just who I really am Before my time on earth is gone One day I hope you will realize With you I have always been Filling you up with that extra love You may have noticed you’ve been given You have all filled up Such a big part Of all the dreams Living in my heart My best friend Grace, reminded me That our feelings are meant to be and to last God wouldn’t put the dreams in our heart If He didn’t plan to bring the dreams to pass My dreams haven’t changed I am not letting them go They are for new adventures With new beginnings of tomorrow Now that I’m looking back I’m so glad to have survived I know now, my love for all of you Has always kept my dreams alive Florence McMillian (Flo)

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At The Emirate

Excited voices like smoke choke the nest-like stardom
 As waves of hands in unison swim med through the summer sky
Blue and Red flags stood opposite with hostile winks
Forever green was the Emirate ready to swallow all assaults 
Songs of still-born victory banged the doors of ears
The Whistle wailed with a sharp cut on the buzzing sky 
The clatter of boots began in apocalyptic fashion
Didie Drogba,the nemesis of arsenal's sensational soccer romance
Struck his wand-a good symptom of Jericho’s collapse
But formidable was the wall with brick of nice goal keeping
 As jeers from the Blue fans pinch the left ventricle of Red's hearts
Alex Song made lane through the barricaded defense
And Czech was left to embrace the Einstein's bomb
 "Goal...." roared from all flanks
For seconds, sweet celebration held eyes hostage
 And half time whistled to give breath to fainting souls

Second half breathed with characters of champions posing on both sides
Rushes for goal proved by littered off side caught
Excitement mingled suspense as pressure kicked in perfect perfection
Time diminished as imbalance score line enforce strikers and defenders to battle
Fabregas dribbled, thanks to gift of God 
Theo Walcott raced and struck in Achilles style 
Another “goal” flamed ecstasy in the heart of winning fans
Two zero up gunners as blues rattle humiliation
Fabregas wrapped it three and the battle loosed taste
Red rumble in joy though it's not a victory until ninety minutes
Ivanovic pulled one back though no celebration dared to follow
As Arsenal fans rot in magical delight
Final whistle wounded through the enchanted sky 

 By: Joseph Osita
For Debbie’s Play ball contest

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To the Siren of the faraway seas

I once thought to have the world within my grasp, that all I needed I already had.
I once thought to be unable to feel more happier than I was while you were around.
Only way to make it better, was to change our worlds of ones and zeroes to contact of the flesh itself.

Even though I realized it, I choose to deny it. I was sorely mistaken about you and I, and this and that.
You smiled when you lied about your feelings.
"I cannot give to you more than this" you said with an evil smirk while observing me from afar.
The smirk, was it real or imaginated?
I do not know, and I fear I will never know, my mind play tricks on me once and again.
Misleading me to believe, like it allowed me to believe in your words.

Words... Amazing how powerful it can be, use it well and one can find pleasure, use it well, and one can find the demise of the soul.
leaving an empty husk behind, like you left me. An empty husk longing to be filled, once again, with the colors of joy.

Coming from the other side of the world, I felt your words and disdain like piercing cold knives straight to my heart, once warm, now cold, since you left.
And following your words you went away to never come back.
Along with you, went away also the joy and happiness I dared to thought to be eternal, a sweet lie I was telling myself...

Even today, after so long, I still think about you and I, your mesmerizing gaze that made me forget and float, your enchanting laughter and the warm and soft touch I told myself that you had.
Touch that I will never feel, laughter I will never hear, again, and eyes that I will never meet, again.
When you left, I was torn, between love and hatred. Now the hatred is gone and the love morphed to friendship, which I would like to share with you.

The Mauritius girl, will my words reach you?
I guess they will not, but I like to hope, to dream.
Hopes and dreams, the accessories of the weak...
A weak being, that I am, a being to be filled with fake bliss, five by day.
Three by the sunrise and  two when the diamonds imbue the skies.
As like that, the curtains shall rise and fall before my eyes, at each passing empty day.

And so I live on, even if that means to not have you anyway I can... The only way I can...
For now, I just wonder, if will I ever find it again while I live? The joy and wonder, I mean.
I ask this chair, I ask the other me on the looking glass and I ask my shadow.
I guess these are the only companionships I will ever have until I meet my final doom.
My shadow, my other broken me and this chair and my memories, of you and I...

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A Dalmatian is a dog on a mission
to save lives when Alpinists are lost,
or even worse are buried underneath 
an avalanche that carried them down the valley.
Hear my bark, I am rushing to find them;
I sniff several times and warn the rescue team 
that they are still alive, but not for long.
I may hear voices calling for help,
I quickly run to that spot and start digging with my claws,
hoping that they can breathe a minute longer...
and with my breath I start melting the snow,
making a tunnel for them to get a glimpse of the bright sky;
a frozen hand reaches out to me, his feeble voice is heard,
" I am alive, come and pull me out of this icy hole! "
The helicopter arrives in minutes landing feet away;
joyful commotion fills the hearts of the rescuers,
" Hold on, young'll be okay! "
When the pale boy, barely eighteen, is pulled up,
he broadly smiles and pats me on the head;
I bark back to show my happiness,
being proud that the mission was achieved without a loss. 

July 10, 2012

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Third Parallel

My first love - when we ended,
They told me to pray to God,
And that he would make time,
My new best friend.
And with the love I had for you,
The despair I would fall out of.
My second love - when we ended,
They did not tell me anything,
For what really could they say?
I sit and watch the hands of grace,
Embalming memories of emotion.
Love forbidden to ever die but,
Peace in how under time it hides.
So I still know,
In spirits and parallels,
I am still with you both,
And this was never written.

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Two Angels

A story's worth a thousand words,
but this one's worth even more.
It's about 2 angels I know and love,
like 2 love birds taking on off to soar.
They changed me when I needed a change,
and taught me just how to talk.
They fed me when I had to eat,
and taught me each step that I walk.
When I learned all these things, 
and taught the things I now know,
I can see how years can fly by fast
so I treasure each one for they move not slow.
I'm proud to announce how these 2 angels
have made me happy and glad,
to let them know that they're the ones
who I'll forever call my Mom and Dad.

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My Love

To see your smile
There in my mind
It is a wonderful thing 
To hear your voice

Is like heaven opening
It is everyday that I am blessed
For every dream you be there in wait

When I close my eyes is my kiss to you
In morning sun your love is my everyday
Just having you here proves there is a heaven
Cause everyday my love grows strong
And our hearts beat as one

Forever will I love you deep in soul
That eternity you are
You are my everyday

And now I know why he put me here
For your love and goodness
You give my heart its freedom

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The King of Charm

The King of Charm I have searched for and wondered Just who my prince charming would be You know the one who was made Specifically for me He will want to treat me Like I am the very best He will make me feel like I’m better than all of the rest He will really want to hold me Not only when I ask him to It will just be something He truly wants to do The kisses he gives to me Will be so very sweet That I’ll tingle all over From my head to my feet His love for me Will be so real That I’ll know how A woman should feel He will be my soul mate Though I have had one before We never shared our life together So this time will certainly be more It’s as if the journey Goes on and on again As if it’s in a spin cycle Without reaching an end I’m really in a higher category As a friend pointed out to me I actually need a level above Who a prince charming would be Now the next level up From a prince charming love Would have to be a king’s status So that’s why I’ve only had love duds I may only be the queen of drama As is what my friend actually said It still carries the category of a queen So those are the steps I’m going to tread Now I am turning in a new direction Away from those prince charming men They seem to be galloping all around me Just not meeting the criteria of my searching So it really must be the king of charm The one who will find true love with me Together we will share our dreams of life And live together forever very happily Florence McMillian (Flo)

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The Red Kite and Wagon

Brother had made me mad so I knocked him down the basement stairs.
Choicely words he hurled my way-His teary eyes reflected pain and back at me they glared.
Like a viper he laid around the house daring me to come his way.
Sorry am I now for I have no one with to play.
After several weeks had passed, he still snarled and hissed.
Only his foot- to-hip cast kept him constantly at bay.
But I grew lonely with no brother to rumble with; no one to share my day.
Then the thought struck me as a jolt of reality-tomorrow is his birthday.
Off to Mr. Green’s corner store I went for a birthday present- I had fifty cents.
I spied a red kite- asked him to rap it and back to brother as I whistled and skipped.
I presented the little red kite which brother threw down-saying you ain’t right!
Sadly I looked for a solution of how brother can fly his new birthday kite.
It was in the backyard, positioned under the lean-to – the answer to my prayer.
I dragged it out and cleaned her with new found hope and no despair.
I carried my brother and placed him in the little red wagon with difficulty as he held his kite in hand.
The school yard was empty- we tailed the kite and then pulling the wagon I ran.
The little red kite stilled high in the air as brother and I where once again a pair.
The kite soared the faster I ran and finally at the end of the day, a brother’s love had been won again.

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The Secret Romance

Inspired by and dedicated to - a friend who taught me that love fantasies can come true…….so I took a few notes to share with all of you.

This is a story of a secret romance That came to be only by chance Of a couple passing through The same steps of life a time or two A good looking gallant man was he And she was filled with lots of beauty I saw them a few times as they met They didn’t see me and I didn’t tell them yet It started with a visit reminiscing about the past Of times they spent together sharing joyful laughs They never planned for it to ever be More than being just a bit over friendly They both had someone else in their life A significant other, a husband or wife The romance they had was never planned It was simply something that just happened They had a secret place in a faraway land And seemed to be happy just holding hands Nature surrounded them almost magically I think I even saw them talking to a tree I couldn’t tell if it really talked back But they nodded as if it did interact As they moseyed in the grass so green I could actually hear every bird sing They sat upon a bench on a little hilltop Hugging and kissing and just wouldn’t stop They seemed to carry a special spark For one another in each other’s heart In the distance stood a tower with a bell It rang so loud it was almost like a big yell They both jumped up to go their separate ways But knowing they would meet on another day I don’t know how long this secret romance will be So I’ll try to take notes for a future documentary Florence McMillian (Flo)

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My Birthday Wish

I sit on the floor and wait from dusk to dawn, for a new day will soon be reborn. I count all 
the blooming flowers, and count down the long hours, while mum takes her shower. 
Today's the day, for it's my birthday. I hope I get A car, or A guitar or maybe even become 
A movie star, but that's asking A bit too much of me. I walk around singing out A loud, 
acting proud feeling as if my heads in A cloud. To my surprise I start stumbling over my 
words and begin mumbling. Maybe mum just forgot about me, or are they just hiding the 
presents from me? I walk through the hall, with my head dragging looking at the floor, 
and go to bed with my heart feeling torn. It's getting late and I can no longer wait. I turn 
off my light, and close my eyes and cry having so much things go through my mind. I 
drift to sleep but then I see, mum walking in my room in the middle of the night with A 
light. It's so bright. She raises my heart like A kite, taking of it flight and she says, good 
night, and turns of the lights. She raised my hopes high and then shot them out of the 
sky. I break down and cry, it feels as if I've just died. No one remembered why today was 
A special day for it was my birthday. I look at the sky and wonder why? I light my candle 
and close my eyes, tears dripping down onto my thighs, and I start to whisper in my 
mind. "I don't want A car, or even A guitar. I don't even want to become A movie star. I 
just want to be free of this disease called poverty, I just want people to stop running away 
from me. Free me of aids so I can stop feeling afraid. Stop me from being poor, so I can 
afford to stop sleeping on the floor. Make me smile for there is no reason to smile, but 
please make my life worth while. Take me away from Africa, for all I see is people being 
raped and all the kids hearts filled with hate, I'm loosing my faith for I am living each day 
even though there is nothing to live for". A Tear drops on my candle, And puts out the 
flame I whisper in pain,This is "My Birthday Wish"
We wish for luxuries that only money can afford. They wish for water for they are poor. 
People need to learn to smile, for kids living in poverty have A legitimate reason not too. 
Be happy for what we have, and never complain for what we don't have.
- Wiko Te Maru

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Sleeping With An Angel

As he enters the room, his mind freed from his past. Looking towards a bed. Such a thin 
shadows lays cast. On the angel that has taken the confines of his bed. Long, beautiful 
silk flowing from her head. He pushes the pen to the paper to release the selfish thoughts 
from his past. For she has shed a a new, bright light that is so beautiful and vast. He 
witnesses the angel with the blankets clutched to her side. A peaceful sleep has taken 
the place of the emptiness she once felt inside. Continuing to write, his pen bleeds ink 
onto this page. His mind lets go of the things that once caused him rage. Breathing in. 
Deep. Exhaling a new form of life. As he sits next to the angel laying on her side. He rests 
his hand onto hers, a spark ignited inside his soul. His heart grows warm as she melts 
the trials and tolls that have abused and tormented his core. His sleeping beauty lies 
with her eyes closed. A shimmer of hope released from her lips. As he rests his other 
hand at the edge of her hip. With his hand he brushes the silk away from her face and the 
purest form of beauty radiates.

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Swallow Your Pride

You were born with some sort of gift
Just remember this, my child,
Swallow the pride that takes away

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Tell your foes, if you have some, swallow your pride
Don't be afraid of their actions
Be in tune with God...He'll get you through this living
and He'll send immediate help on the way
because you've been gentle, patient, and courteous towards people's 
emotional trials and dangerous tests
You have been healed by the Most High

Swallow your pride, woman full of spiritual life...
You are now a bride of humbleness

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

They'll never understand 
What the reward is for

Don't lack humbleness
Lack pride and practice
Patience before 

Men of dishonor, remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

Swallow your pride, you devious fools of shame!

Pleasure-seeking women, swallow your pride...
You are now a bride of humbleness

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Three Love Factors

Dedicated to those who have helped me to confirm these factors: 
Grace, Ernest, Charlie and Howard

Three Love Factors There are three love factors Now confirmed in my book Each one tested thoroughly Come with me to take a look These factors are the basic root Of requirement for love to be true Sure one can survive in a relationship If you want love with it, this is what to do Factor number one Is where we first begin It starts with the best hug You have ever been given You know that kind of hug With a passionate embrace Each squeeze lifts you up Heat radiates from your face Once you know that hug is real Then you’re ready for factor two Of course you might’ve guessed The kiss has to do something for you The kiss should be sweet and sexy And you should really get turned on As you keep wanting more and more Especially when you feel that tongue When the first two combine It should trigger factor three You know the seductive scent That seems to excrete naturally The scent seems to travel Right through your pores Every pheromone whiff Makes you long for more When all three factors are blended The touch goes down in your soul That feeling without a physical touch A virtual feeling that you’ll just know It will make your heart feel happy It’s the sign of true love formation That brings you peaceful surroundings Filling your heart with total completion Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Where's the Connection

I wear a compass because I inspire to stay on the map.
North, south, east, west what direction the world is flat.
The only fact history lacked is the end of the world is not exact.
The Pacific meets lands still unknown to humanity. 
While societies collide creating an unrelated family.

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Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
At separate meals everyday

Run or walk a reasonable distance
To burn food and dispel toxins 

Drink water or fruit juices everyday
To nourish and cleanse the system

Walk or sit in sunshine moderately
To allow vitamin D be absorbed

Control yourself against harmful habits
Use in moderation good things in life

Breath in fresh air everyday 
Ventilate your  home and workplace

Have time to rest from labour
Early to bed,early to rise

Have no time to worry too much

chipepo lwele
*special dedication to naturophathic  doctors.
PS;I believe natural remedies can cure`incurables`

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I Never Knew Just How Much

I never knew just how much I missed seeing you after all these years Until I saw your good-looking self again I never knew just how much You could make me smile Until you brought your sweetness to me I never knew just how much I enjoyed your wonderful touch Until you touched me so tenderly I never knew just how much Your tight hugs really meant to me Until your arms around me held me tight I never knew just how much I needed your sweet kisses Until your lips met mine I never knew just how much Your seductive scent turns me on Until I caught the scent on my hugged self I never knew just how much You could make me feel even better each time Until each time you are with me Thanks for reminding me Of how great you really make me feel Because I never knew just how much Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Road to Redemption

Introduction: Tribute to brothers in the fray and families for them pray...

Life in these rough times, We barely even feel the daytime Every second counts greatly, As there’s no going back in time Sometimes we lose to win, try not to fail again, But mostly we end up back to where we all began Every single day, we wake up in one piece, Where brothers in the fray, they hardly get to cease Our tears drop all over the floor, They keep on till their blood stains from their core Every second till the end, We pray for them to knock on our doors Sadly at times, things go the other way for the best cause, All we can do really, is not breakdown and pause Prayer’s the only strand through the last breath, When they depart with a peaceful end Emptiness and happiness, constantly flowing along, The memories, they always live right within our souls When days seem cloudy and life gets lonely Debts grow high and smiles fade into sigh At that instant, that very moment, Just pray, pray to get healed, Heal from this insanity, pray to be free, Free from this misery It all comes down to the crying in the end, The stillness stares up towards the sky As we do bid farewell to dear friends But at some point through all the pain and sour grin, recovery does begin The ones we love and care, Though some are not so near Scattered through this bittersweet world, Waiting for us to share; This life is like the weather, It changes altogether It may get bad and may get sad, But know it’s not forever, Better days will come eventually, The morning sun will shine brightly Through our endeavors and our prayers, we shall recover From things we’ve lost so dearly So just hold on to the light and believe in salvation, And the rays of truth shall lead the road to redemption…

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Can somebody please explain to me?
Why is it that she hates what she sees?
A seemingly perfect life
She is forced to hide behind a smile
Scared to face the truth
With a glance in the mirror, she doesn’t recognize her own reflection
A young girl’s view so distorted she feels so lost
Terrified to disappoint, she forces herself to smile
The girl trapped inside, so desperate to break free
And with every passing moment, the beauty inside begins to fade
It fades further and further away
She has lost herself
So desperate to belong, yet she is unable to move on
Unaware of the damage she has caused, she lives in a dream
She is trapped in the fog
She continues to live her seemingly perfect life
Never showing the fear
Never showing the pain
Never showing the tears, she hides from herself
Her reality is one where the truth can no longer be found
Why is it that no one can see the beauty of the girl trapped inside?
Why it is that no one can see that this girl is me??

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a wish come true

   inspiration has been enlightening to my forever beating heart

   love has been proved to me through someones eyes

   conversations over beer and heartaches

   has stopped my fallen spirit

   bitter taste on my breath

   early sunlight has shown me truth

    thoughts fall short

   second glances give hope

   blessings of a higher power balloons my heart

   the road is so bright

  I am not alone

  I am lucky

  I am a free spirit

  caught up in a fantastic emotion

  like falling rain

  when the sun shines bright

   and the sky remains blue

  smiles never fade


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Once Upon a Christmas 1954 Part 3

.           Oh – the glorious things we saw – shelves full of toys and household goods, glass 
counters with hundreds of bottles of perfume and cologne, shaving gear, tropical birds and 
fish and mountains and mountains of candy.  What to do – what to buy?

	We scurried from one counter to the next, overwhelmed with the endless things to 
choose from as we stammered and stuttered like a couple of idiots.  Finally, we decided on a 
bottle of ‘Lily of the Valley’ perfume and a pair of gloves for mom and ‘Old spice’ cologne and 
gloves for dad.

	We then separated to buy presents for each other agreeing to meet at the soda 
fountain afterwards where we decided it was only fitting we should have a banana split and a 
Coke to celebrate the occasion.  

	As we sat three with our lips covered in butterscotch and ice cream, the gravity of 
the situation began to sink in.  We had spent our entire savings and with that realization, we 
licked our lips and decided the bicycles would have to wait another year.

	Finally – it was Christmas Eve and we put the presents under the tree and hung 
our stockings at the foot of the bed.  In a few hours, those stockings would be filled with 
barley toys, ribbon candy and chocolates.  I could hardly wait!   As mom tucked us into bed, 
I looked out the window and saw it was snowing again.  It snowed all through the night as I 
lay in my cozy bed dreaming of that glorious bicycle again. 


	Christmas morning we awoke to the sound of the radio; home for Christmas after 
a long stay at the pawn shop as ‘Joy to the World’ rang over her airwaves.

	We dashed to the living room where mom and dad stood beside two bicycles with 
gleaming chrome and multi-colored streamers; not the ones from the store window, but the 
most beautiful bicycles I have ever seen; a red one for me and a blue one for my brother.

	There I stood, my heart overflowing with joy and love as I remembered my 
mother’s blood stained hands and my father’s blue and red stained hands - these hands of 
love that changed two second-hand bicycles into the greatest gift I have ever known and 
taught me the true meaning of Christmas.

•	May the love from that Christmas of 1954 find you and fill your heart with joy.

                                                        Merry Christmas
                                                         To you and yours


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i am a dreamer

She cud feel the attraction between them, 
She took a step closer to him, 
It was like a magnet was pulin her towards him, 
His warmth was like a blanket put on her to keep
 her warm in a winter nyt... 

His breath was warm, 
But it made her feel cold. 
All she wanted was to tuk into his warm arms. 
When he took her in his arms, 
Her world stopped, 
it was all she needed. 

She felt as if she was dreaming, 
She was a dreamer, 
Today she was in a dream, 
A dream she wudnt want to wake up from. 
The feeling came from within her 
She felt her heart dancing, shaking, 
She loved the feeling, everything was clear to her now. 

She cud feel the love... 
Even tho she had neva experienced
 anything of ths kind b4, 
she knew it was love 
Everything felt so real to her. 
He had a smooth touch, 
His lips were sweet nd wet. 
She wud love to keep them locked in his 
for as long as tym cud allow it. 

He talked to her, 
Now she realised that it all is real, 
She is not dreaming. 
His words were those of love. 
He was expressing his undying love for her. 
She felt his presence in her life. 

He was, he is wat she needs, 
She is in a real world with him 
And that's all that matters to her, 
He is the main reason for her everyday smile. 
She put her arms around him 
She kissed him back and smiled. 

She is in love with him too...

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A Lifetime Lived, A Lifetime Begun

“You don't understand...”
“You will when you're older,”
A lifetime of pain,
That's what she told her.
“I can't worry you with this...”
“You have problems of your own,”
“But I want to help...”
“You shouldn't face them alone.”
“One foot's in a hole...”
“The other's almost there,”
“But why does this happen?”
“No one said life was fair.”
“Will this ever change...?”
“Can you ever get out?”
“I just have hope for the better...”
“That's what life's all about.”
“What can I do to help...?”
“How can I ease your pain?”
“Just do what you have to do…”
“Your success will relieve some strain.”
“Be there when I need you...”
“Do what needs to be done...”
“Through all rough times and hardships…”
“In the end, I'll know we've won.”
“I'll know that I've done my job...”
“Just as long as you've done your best...”
“And when I know you’ve made it...”
“I’ll finally be able to rest.”
“Get the best out of life...”
“Don't make the mistakes I've made...”
“For if you follow in my footsteps...”
“Your life will surely fade.”
“I know you'll make me proud...”
“You have and always will...”
“I know I don't show much affection…”
“But I love you still.”
“I know you do; your actions show it...”
“You know I love you too...”
“I'll live my life to the fullest...”
“I'll do it for me and for you.”
And then they cried and hugged each other,
And laughed a relieved laughter,
Although they knew there was more to come,
Could it ever be happily ever after?

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MATTHEW SIX TEN STUMP I picked up a new stump today ‘Twas cut from a giant pine tree Matthew Six Ten is his name His circles say he is about 93 Cut from the mid-section Standing almost 16 inches tall With the width of circumference Being about 17 inches wide in all The definition of Matthew six ten Is written in the Bible As a glimpse of heaven When I stand on my stump I stretch up towards the sky Visioning my heavenly treasures Our hearts are where our treasures lie The vision of my eyes carries my soul My body soaks up and shines the light The stump seems to shine the righteous path way That feels like a glimpse of heaven within my sight My Matthew Six Ten stump Reminds me that God already knows Of all of my needs while on this earth and To be thankful for the time of now that grows Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Cancer Party

There was 7 in the packet when 
we started       
7 sticks of pure, cancerous 
'better lock the door' she said     
The old Sod was outside 
tending his garden       
Putting those foul, spindly 
to a more appropriate use       
Completely unaware of being       
locked out of his own house       
We sat in his lounge       
Watched him from the window   
Puffed on his cigarettes       
and laughed       
and coughed       
It was a waste of good smoke    
We didn't even inhale   
and the taste made us queasy     
Still, those were the best 3 and a 
half cigarettes I ever had.

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A Lovely Thought

Its there I lay upon this bed. 
My thoughts are of the one I love. 
My emptiness I feel there but my fullness in heart is of Loves devine.
It is there to which I am lost without. 
Without my love here, next to me in touch. 
To whisper them words softly but with meaning they fall from thine lips.
To feel the passion of her own heart, to know there is meaning there.
To kiss her lips gently with a chill of excite.
To feel her finger's as our hands grasp tightly. 
To lay with firm arms wrapped as we sleep.
There my bed is empty, not of her smell I taste. 
That of her kindness of love she keeps me strived. 
That of her body I long to curl next to.
It is there I am just a man wanting like any other.
Just to be next to you and love forever. 
But share everyday, the love that exsist. 
That of two souls bound in life. 

Having such beautiful person to share them moments with. 
I know I've been bless as God has made dreams come true. 
He has gave me my heart because there you are. 
Nothing but love as I have found one's self. 
But I have found myself because you are. 
That every beat you are.
Never wanting to be away from but giving my heart with love. 
That everyday is just as special as the first. 
That everyday I love you even more.

Because the love of two people makes happiness. 
With you, life is a grand slam. 
That your sweetness you would melt just at a drop of rain. 
But your smile would light the world as a ray of sunshine. 
Because everyday my world would be bright just having you to love. 
I Love you with heart. 
With joy and happiness and all the things that are nice.

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Washed Away My experience with Katrina

Innocent victims cry in the dark
Forced to take refuge in that park
Such wrath began to fall
For I shall never forget the day I got that call
Silence and sorrow heavy in the air
It was like nothing I could ever compare
Days turned to weeks
Thousands take dwelling beseeching for any relief
Thousands left waiting in utter disbelief 

I was supposed to be deployed
Yet an injury kept me here
My fellow workers attacked at the dome
Traumatized and in complete fear some had to return home
I feel so guilty
So guilty I should have been there
Innocent victims crying
Innocent victims now dying

An event so devastating
The stench of death filled the air 
We could not fathom something so unfair 
I counseled innocent victims
Still sticking strong to their convictions 
I still recall every haunting voice
Confused, frustrated and displaced
Innocent victims left without a choice

Families torn apart on that day
The day the levees broke
Families losing all hope
My job was to help them cope
Innocent victims left to cry in a park
Fear increases when light turns to dark
Like declaring Martial Law
Lives washed away, all humanity started to fall

On the dawn of a new day
So joyous… even an atheist bowed her head to pray
The media coverage was what really brought aid
Oh no!
Politicians began to look bad so of course something had to be done
Late in action but at least more help had come
There is still work to be had
Many left permanently sad
Entering in hundreds of names to locate the missing or those declared dead
Debriefed each night just to clear my head
I still remember so clearly the desperation and panic
When Katrina came in August 
Life turned frantic
Overwhelming emotions; I felt completely manic 
I will never forget the victims I helped in such grief
I hope when the bodies were identified; I wish just some…
Some could give a sigh of relief

It is important we do not forget those still suffering
The child who didn’t get the last kiss
The parents who will be dearly missed
We all have the ability to help
1,836 people dead!
Work together and ease the sorrow… 
Another disaster could just happen tomorrow
Make time to reach out 
So many innocent victims still in need
We all are capable of doing a good deed

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Each Day and Each Night

Once upon a time, 
lived a princess 
who wore a robe 
which covered her feet 
each day and each night 
she dreamed of the day 
her prince charming found her

Once upon a time,
lived a young girl 
who wore barely nothing 
and shivered and shaked
each day and each night 
she dreamed of the day
she had food to eat  

Once upon a time, 
lived a baby girl
who wore no nappy 
and lay there stone cold
each day and each night 
she dreamed of the day 
her parents cared
After a while, 
the pretty princess 
who wore a crown on her head 
which shined so bright 
searched for prince charming 
each day and each night 
but still no luck 

After a while,
the yawning young girl 
who wore bags under her eyes
grew tired of looking
but kept on searching 
each day and each night 
for scraps to eat

The end, 
for the pretty princess 
who wore a white dress 
on her big day
found her prince charming 
together they stayed
After a while, 
the beautiful baby 
who wore teary eyes
gave up all hope 
but tried so so hard 
each day and each night 
for a loving stare

The end, 
for the pretty princess 
who wore a white dress 
on her big day
found her prince charming 
together they stayed
each day and each night 

The end, 
for the yawning young girl
who wore a pale face
on her final day
never found them few scraps 
starving she stayed
each day and each night

The end, 
for the beautiful baby 
who wore a clean nappy 
on the new day 
finally found that loving stare 
with a new family she stayed
each day and each night

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Our Environmrnt

We are all a product of our environment Under different circumstances Each one of us could have been a terrorist or a man of God A President or a homeless person sleeping in the street It's the luck of the draw... or is it Are we not in charge of our own destiny Can we not overcome the trials that life has in store for us To become an upstanding individual to be proud of Whether rich in monetary terms Or just rich in the ways of living The ability to reach out and change someone's life To make another person happy Is there any greater reward or feeling of satisfaction than that They say everyone was put here on earth for a reason Whether it's a lofty world changing event Or just an act of kindness towards those the less fortunate souls It matters not, we have made a difference So next time you question your purpose here on earth Just remember... even the simplest act of kindness Is richly rewarded and never forgotten © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Gods Still have Mercy

The evening is quite different
...from the ones I’d begun to anticipate as certain
Today I has rained
Flock after flock of organised white birds
Soaring low above the dried up seasonal river to the unknown

Today the land isn’t brown 
...but a shade of black
Today, at least from a distance 
...I can make out the yellow grass
Today I’m certain of joy many a farmer’s heart
Today, I’m certain of reprieve many a peasant’s heart

No more buying water
...for the gem has fallen right off the sky
No worry of hungrier days ahead
...for the gods of rain have decided to bless the land

Tonight the fireflies will once again come to life
And I’m sure to hear many sounds in the usually silent night
Of many insects and nightly creatures chanting in delight
As for me and the rest like me
Thankful we are, for Mother Nature has settled the dust

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Memories Of Christmas

Memories of Christmas through the years,
Have brought lots of laughter and many tears.
Memories of those who have gone on home,
Sometimes leave us sad and alone.
The good times that were had by all,
Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, their happy faces I recall!
The gifts that were given, the fellowship we shared,
The love we all had, showed each other we cared.
The trees were so pretty, the food, oh so good,
Sometimes we would go caroling in the neighborhood.
We would exchange gifts by drawing names,
Some would get clothes, others might get games.
The homes would be decorated with ornaments and lights,
And we would all feast on the many delights!
There would be cakes, cookies, sandwiches, pies, and punch,
Some might eat a lot, others would just munch.
Before you knew it the night would be gone,
And the wait for next year would seem so very long!
But Christmas means more than just these things,
As we remember the birth of the Christ child and the salvation He brings!
He came into this world in a meek and lowly way,
Born of a virgin and in a manger lay.
The Shephards were frightened as the angels came to say,
The great news of His birth on this special day!
Born in Bethlehem, God's only son,
Savior from our sins, He is the only one!
So as I remember the Christmas's of old,
The greatest of all, was the one the prophets foretold!

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Tis All About the Journey

I’m so thankful for the given path That began when I was just a seed The glorious plan that our God hath Tis all about the journey, indeed Each step in life I take with grace Filled with peace and tranquility Always keeping at a gentle pace I know the best is waiting for me You can’t reach the full bloom Without the growth of the stem Clear the space and make room For the journey provided by Him You gotta step through gritty sand To reach God’s calm sea of ecstasy Slow down and enjoy the given land As it says in that song, Feelin’ Groovy It’s good to be scheduled, almost mostly But some moments are meant to be still Which, always brings to stand a memory Of a moment in time, yes, a really big deal Where ever you are, as you go on your way And it doesn’t even matter where you start Take time often, to be with others and play But be sure you always carry a joyful heart Cherish the yester-moments and live for today Keep dreaming of what the tomorrows might be I may not know for sure, but that’s just what I say And I’ll keep believing, tis all about the journey Florence McMillian (Flo)

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A Town Made Of Happy


When you’re feeling low and don’t know where to go.
   I know a place where love just grows and grows and grows.
A place called Sappy Mountain in the town of Get And Go.
    Troubles there just melt away like the morning snow.
Smiling faces greet you with the morning light.
    Happy songs are all they play morning noon and night.
They have a sign outside their town.
     This town they say was built by clowns.
There are funny looking cars of every size and shape.
    Houses painted candy colors make up this great escape.
It truly takes your breath away, it’s such an awesome place.
    A smile is all you ever see it’s painted on their face.
Of all the cities in the world this one takes the cake.
    It’s full of love and happiness and none of it is fake.
So if you’re ever down our way won’t you come on in.
    I’m sure you’ll love the stay at our Magic Inn.
Only happy people reside there, come but leave your care.
    No money here will be found only love that people share.
Two hugs and a handshake is the price you pay here for a meal.
    And with the tip it still adds up to quite an awesome deal. 
Come on down and bring a friend.
    For Happy is the way of life it’s not some passing trend.

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What Do You See

I found this old poem while helping to clean out a house that was vacant. I hope you 
don't mind that I didn't write it but it was too awesome not to post. Enjoy--------

                                   What Do You See

What do you see, nurses? What do you see?	
What are you thinking when your looking at me? 
A crabby old women, not very wise.
Uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes.
Who dribbles her food and makes no reply.
When you say with your loud voice, "I do wish you'd try."
Who seems not to notice the things that you do,
and forever is losing a sock or a shoe.
Who unresisting or not lets you do as you will.
When bathing and feeding, the long day to fill.
Is that what your thinking, is that what you see?
Then open your eyes nurse, your not looking at me.
I'll tell you who I am as I sit here so still.
As I drink at your bidding, as I sit at your will.
I'm a small child of 10 with a father and mother.
Brothers and sisters who love one another.
A young girl of 16 with wings on her feet.
Dreaming that soon now a lover she'll meet.
A bride soon at 20. my heart gives a leap.
Remembering the vows I primised to keep.
At 25 now I have young of my own.
Who need me to build a secure happy home.
A women of 30, my young now grow fast.
Bound to each other with ties that should last.
At 40 my young sons near grown will be gone.
But my man stays beside me to see I don't mourn.
At 50 once more babies play round my knee. 
Again we know children, my loved one and me.
Dark days are upon me, my husband is dead.
I look to the future and shudder with dread.
For my young ones are busy rearing young of their own.
And I think of the years and the love that I've known.
I'm an old women now and nature is cruel.
It's her jest to make old age look like a fool.
The body it crumbles, grace and vigor depart.
There now is a stone where I once had a heart.
But inside this old carcass a young girl still dwells.
And now and again my battered heart swells.
I remember the joys, I remember the pain.
And I'm loving and loving life over again.
I think of the years, all the few--gone to fast.
And accept the stark fact that nothing can last.
So open your eyes nurses, open and see.
Not a crabby old women, look closer,  see ME.

This poem was found among the effects of a patient who died at the Oxford
University Geriatric Service in England. Author is unknown.

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Gemini June

My daughter keeps the time
From a place where I was fine
To a night I won’t forget
To a night I could regret
But I won’t.

Great Meteor showers 
And unspoken words
Nine months, nine days and hours
And I became the Middle-aged Matron
Of a Beautiful Red Haired Daughter.

She came flying into this world
Just as the sky unfurled
During one of the most intense 
storms of that wonderful
Gemini June.

Then the rains that came 
Pouring down
Chose just as quickly then to go
The darkness miraculously abated 
And the dark clouds parted ways
So the sun could put on its show.

A double rainbow was soon filling the skies
God’s sign that he was nigh
A vision that could foretell
His promise that all there was 
And all that had been
And that all would be
Would be 
More than well.

His personal promise to me.
That this child was meant to be
And the world would someday see
In years and years to come
That she would someday mirror 
Both my image and show the better part of me.

In her being she will show
That I did the right thing
And that I didn’t take the easy road.

And I am quite sure
That she will prove
Through her actions, thoughts and deeds
That she will more than deserve
The chance to walk the earth
To live and love and laugh and breathe.

I gave her her life
The gift of having a life.
The chance to create a life.
The chance to be.
I love her so very dearly
She is the well cherished embodiment of me.

(November 13, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved 

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I Never Found Sense in Burning My Own Poems

You know, I planned on turning in early;
Put myself down to rest, but something 
About the rhythmic tapping always gets the best
Of me. That nervous twitch that supersedes 
Me physically. Drawing out the the words in the only way I know how.
"Standchen" with ears wide open! No need for eyes.
All I need to see is written delicately in front of me.
Poetio Concerto: orchestrated as I feel fit.
I planned on turning in early; putting my pen down.
Days had passed until I asked myself "could I leave something so profound"?
A once burning passion turned draining obsession. 
Every emotion, every waking moment, all of lifes components;
Taken, twisted; cramped into metaphors and analogies.
But who will be the next to read? Not I said the author.
I cannot cut myself with the swords that I have made
Written down on paper are thoughts that I have slayed.
Take them and do with them what you will.
I've hid them, saved them; watched them stale in a pile.
I've kept them safe inside a folder, and I've burned them
Watching every stanza smolder.
I never found sense in burning my own poems,
It helps me forget, at least that's what I told her.
I planned on turning in early but it always seems to find me.
An ugly little thing, this poetry.
"Teasing Comb" an emotional plea turned cruel prophecy.
I will not write my future, I refuse to.
I am no puppet master and puppets I refute you. 
My doubts, my fears, I speak of them freely.
I've learned: speak of your weaknesses and you will seem weak.
Speak of your strengths and you will seem strong.
But speak of your insecurities and you will be underestimated;
Put in a position to prove everyone wrong.
I speak of myself freely to make all of me strengths
And through this I do to prove myself wrong and will continue and any length.

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Walking to Redemption

Stuck in a place with negativity bound within it's Walls. I need to get out of here, before the phone rings with insanity's calls. I burst out of the door into the streets owned by the night. Shadows staring back dodging the lamps light. I begin to walk down the urban corridor of uncertainty. The workers of soul catchers carry out their shady activity. I find myself in the empire of danger invoking pure photo-phobia It's a small price to pay for escaping the mecca of claustrophobia. As I reach the climax of the spiraling vortex tunnel. I walk on tenterhooks as my problems funnel. Facing me at the end of this path, is a door laced with remorse around it's edges. The entrance to unknown stands out with a line of devoted pledges. Those waiting and queuing are the damned and the lost. As I drift towards them, I wonder how much my sin will cost. For I felt the weight of the pressure and stress, forcing me into the light of shame? For I was the puppet master, who poured onto me the petrol and drew the flame. My moment of selfishness was a cardinal sin to myself and others. lacking consideration, deprived of thought for my sisters and brothers. That self indulgent cowardliness, has lead me to this final act. A door beaten with the hands of the damned, regardless it's still intact. As the number descends down to it's final member. I stand there understanding my sin, bound to surrender. Reaching out I grasp the golden handle, and turn it to the right. As I push forward on the door and out bursts a green neon light. My chance of escape has come to a halt, it's time for me to face the jury's end. I stand by my plea of weakness and insanity, as into the court I descend. A skeleton of the peril court rises with a verdict and answer. The jury has decided I was overtaken by a vicious cancer. The disease wasn't voluntary but they agree my cure wasn't correct. My punishment is to fade into the man that never was, with immediate effect.

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My Wish

To be with you is what I wish
I want to share with you a kiss

You are the one that I will always miss
Because you are my heavenly bliss

I wonder how I express feelings from the heart
The love will never end once it starts

I hope that she knows that she is the one
Otherwise I will pull the trigger from the gun

If I end my life what point will I make
Just leaving everyone with sorrow and heartache

I will not leave this world tonight
For you I will always fight

You and I together, every day we kiss
Happy we are together that was my wish...

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The Melody of Hope

There I lay upon the curb, my heart still beating An Icy breeze cutting through, my souls was fleeting Looking up into the skies, I saw a flash of hope The clouds divided into blue, and dangled down a helping rope Rising up I start again, I'm fighting stronger The music plays inside my head, this I remember I use the melody to build my strength, I'm shining brighter I lace deceit with the flammable truth, I drop the lighter The phoenix rises from the flames, I see it's eyes Exploded candles ignite the way, I hear it's cries The path I walk leads to my home, a second chance At the end one final trial, it's the devils dance There it lay upon the curb, It's heart still beating Reaching out I take my sword, It's life depleting One final strike and a broken heart, death becomes her The sun comes out and begins to beam, hope forever

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The Sea Blue Eyes I

Once in a while I meet a person whose eyes tell their story
The story is like the sky reflection on the seas of glory
The eyes are all the wonder of the world
It sees the future, past, and present
The eyes give us knowledge of the world and reflection
The reflection of sadness and weakness of each creature
The wonder of each individual being has a present
To the world who has lots of false images
To arise the moment of that one glance
To follow the heart in romance
Just the reflection that gather in your eyes of blue
What a man and a woman should view
Life is such a pain without stopping to see each eyes
Its like roses you have to enjoy each passion in side
When that moment collides with mind and heart
Nothing in your soul can keep your love apart
Join in the fun look in every eyes of a person beside
With passion and romance I bet you, you would cry
The luster of all the things to come
A bounty of life long needs to be given by just the wonders of the eyes
The blue seas reflects the different depths of our feelings
And it should become revealing
Come to your senses with ravaging hormones of lust
The sea can take you and even the reflection in the eyes of the person
The beauty is not held by one it is held by everyone
Such looks with fear for no relief
Is almost a dreadful part in our human nature
Beware of what can happen when emotions are held
Held to the core of an individual
No such thing is kindness when you find yourself in the Sea Blue Eyes
Calling in your soul by just looking
With ignorance you play around with such futile emotion
Gush away the fear and do not go insane with life so dear
The grasp of the titans comes to reveal
The evil within your heart is so obscenely noticed
You want the sea and you want those eyes to look at you with wishes
The rage in the heart are waves that cannot stop 
It pushes and pushes with no regret
The heart falters and there is only one thing in your mind
The idea of one soul to be with is the ocean 
The rifts that is trying to break to end the wants of desire
Cannot be trusted in a human lier
The beauty of man is destruction 
The beauty of women are commands
The eyes of each does not matter in the sea
Because all emotion and desire is given to those who are true
Command of a person is just one thing 
The desire to destroy is another
The Sea Blue Eyes will see no bother cause it bares it all
Even the utmost desire
To be continue.

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My Imprint

I always used to ask myself this question, "What kind of imprint do I want to leave with people once I pass and am I scared of dying?"  I had come to this question again once my grandfather passed.He was an amazing human being who loved God by the way.Anyway, I have learned over time through experiences of my life I have realized something and its what I want others to know, its that Life is a gift.So cherish every minute of it even the smallest moments in time.See, everyday is a new opportunity for Forgiveness.Love.Reconciliation. etc. one will not always have the chance to live promisingly.I believe that people need to go about their lives with the perspective of not what can I do for myself.But, what can I do for someone else.For instance, How can I make someone''s day? Or just simply How can I make a person smile today? For me, there's nothing that brings more joy to me than knowing I may have made a difference in a person's life. I just want others to know that the bigger picture in our existence is not just serving Jesus, but its to serve each other. I mean, of course we need to live for the Lord and spread the Gospel and live our own lives. But, there's nothing wrong with a little selflessness and its very fulfilling to do so. Oh, and No. I'm not scared of dying. You see, The Apostle Paul said it well, "To live is Christ. But, to die is gain." I know that it's different when your told you only have so much time to live than when a family member or friend is told this.But quite honestly, to me it's just death. Besides, if I could leave this earth knowing I changed at least one life, it was very worth living it.


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Sonnetina Sequence-THE RIPE ORCHARDS

September has come
and the ripe orchards
abundantly display their delicious fruits:
peaches of delicate rose,
and cherries of deep red!
Teens, with their empty baskets, 
anxiously run to pull them 
off the drooping branches;
and one of them yells,
" I have gotten the first one! " 

What a gleeful celebration for youngsters 
about to return to loved-and-hated school
with their band-new and heavy backpacks;
and they will write about these harvest's moments,
and wait with exciting eyes how their writings
will be scored by their teacher, and if someone 
should cheat, points will be taken kids,
squash your curiosity and kindly behave!
All of them did their best in writing poems without rhyme,   
poems of a harvest with an aroma so fine!

The hot afternoon reddens the faces
of all the experienced fruit-pickers,
and these struggling young ones
can't speed up to their pace!
" Hurry, Jack...let Susan help
you with your over-loaded basket...
everyone has finished picking and gone! "
What a humorous remark that
even makes the sullen and tired sun 
smile...when his duty is coming to a sudden end!

Happily they trot out of the orchards, singing nursery' rhymes,
sustaining the heaviest load they have ever felt ,
not to let their baskets drop and give the watchful squirrels 
a chance to snatch some of the tempting fruits away!
And as they look up, dusk makes its appearance to scare them away!
And as if they were chased by unleashed dogs,
some fall, some run for their useless drama started by fancy!
Much fun they had, but unhappy about the bruises on their knees,
at least, they had one consolation: all the peaches and cherries they could eat!
And they laughed at each other, no one could ever forget about their fright!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Ellen Show

I truly enjoy watching The Ellen Show I’ve never been in person But would love to go There’s lots of laughter Guaranteed for sure No matter what ails ya It’s a wonderful cure It’s full of surprises There’s just no telling What all you’ll get When watching Ellen She dishes out joy Inspiring the audience And keeps us updated On most current events Her show only comes on In the middle of the day During the times I work So it’s a recording I play After I have my supper I like a dessert that’s sweet So I count the Ellen Show As my night time treat Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Grandma's Table

How long has it been,
since you dressed me up,
using your mother's silver,
and all those fancy cups.

You stuck me in the shed,
seems like forever now,
and closed the door,
and then you never came around.

Then today,
you drug me out,
polished me until I shined,
and took me back in the house.

I guess you know now,
I was made very good,
I am solid oak,
a very pretty wood.

Now I am wearing,
grandma's lace,
I love those flowers,
in your favorite vase.

I'll be here ready,
when your company gets here,
How I love dressing up,
thank you dear.

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Still the Same

It is still lightly drizzling, as I pull into the parking lot
The sun is hidden by the clouds
A bit of light spits tiny rainbows from the tips of Monterey pines
The old school hasn't changed much, since my children graced it's classrooms...
As if all time has been erased..... 
Skinned knees on the playground, and stuck wads of gum under the desks
All those years ago that seem like yesterday.
I stop at the office, then wander down the familiar halls
I'm reminded of the teachers, who once taught my children
Those who have since retired,... Mr. Spencer, Mrs. Schueller, Miss Wilson
I wonder where they are now, and who could fill their shoes
I peek into the second grade classroom
And my I see my grandson working diligently
He looks up and sees me with a grin so wide
And soon a whisper scurries about the room.
Ten more faces are soon grinning at me.
But just then, the bell rings, and one happy little boy
Gathers his coat, and papers, and comes to me
He grabs my hand, and we walk to the car.
The clouds have disappeared.

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Once Upon a Christmas 1954 Part 2

.          We worked it out on paper and realized if we saved our ten cents a week allowance, 
it would take years to pay for them, so we decided we needed to get a job.  So began our 
first enterprise ‘Hal and Elaine’s snow Removal.’

	Each day after school we would go door to door offering to shovel the snow from 
sidewalks and driveways for a fee of twenty- five cents.  Each day we would return home 
with our frozen hands clutching a quarter and our minds clutching the visions of those 
bicycles as we prayed for snow once again.

	Mom had taken a job working from home.  Each night she would soak piles of 
leather pieces to soften and stretch over balls of twine to stitch together the next day 
making a baseball.  She was paid five cents for each one that met their standards.  Mom 
stitched hour after hour, day after day until her fingers bled.

	Dad would come home from Camp Borden after many hours of hard labor and 
army maneuvers to have supper and make us giggle and laugh with his outrageous stories of 
the day’s events.  After supper he would leave again returning much later with red and blue 
paint stains on his hands and a tired smile on his face.

	The days flew by in a blur as we shoveled up and down the streets dreaming of 
those bicycles that grew more solid with every quarter we put in our piggy banks.  I would go 
to sleep each night and ride through towns and cities and over hills and through valleys until 
I heard the sound of buoy bells ringing in the harbor.

	I would pedal faster and faster, knowing I was almost there.  I could see my old 
home just down the road.  As the bells got louder, I would slowly awake to the truth as the 
alarm clock wound down on the night stand.  Once again I would head off for school and 
stand daydreaming, peering at that gleaming bicycle in the window of the bicycle shop.

	Suddenly – Christmas was almost upon us and we needed to buy mom and dad a 
present, so we pulled the plug on the piggy bank and tool our loot, a total of four dollars each 
to Woolworth’s

                                               continued in part 3.....

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The Future Will Continue To Shine

No matter the day, the world keeps turning So in our tiny place in the universe It remains our choice, our own little segment No matter the obstacles we transverse The paradise we feel is in part our own making Happiness and contentment will come Beginning each day with a positive outlook There is nothing we can't overcome I've lived many years and stored much knowledge Guess no more than the average joe But we do tend to pick up some useful information A bunch more the further we go So I offer my experience to you younger folks As hard as it sometimes appears A silver lining is just beyond the horizon Trust me, you have nothing to fear For no matter your day, tomorrow will appear With it's promise of happier times With a right frame of mind anything's possible The future will continue to shine © Jack Ellison 2015

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Embarking On The Next Decade

Here I am embarking on another decade
rearing to go and places to see with someone
 like you to guide me times three…

Planning on more than one decade, to be 
around to see all that I want and 
all that I missed...

Want you to be my guide, throughout 
the rest of my life… 

Whether it be on this continent,
 or one of the remaining, it really makes
 no differences to me as long as you are 
with me…

By Sandra L. Hoban

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Dont Love Now

That was a great moment
When my house was filled fully
With relatives, friends and new guests around.

Dad keeping busy, mom arranging,
Friends amusing, cousins entertaining,
I was immersed  within relishable tension.

Relaxing myself and taking a deep breath,
I entered in and bid all a traditional HI..
Focusing him at cross eyes.

We kicked off with a sparking smile,
It lasted for a couple of seconds,
Bowed my face with a sharp shy

It was like left in a green field
Filled with elite flowers and touchable stars..

Got a call the next day,
Informing I was selected in the race.
Everyone was tied with anxiety.

Following bundles of discussions,
In addition to my sanctions,
My phone digits were added to his ring up lists.

He first marched with the word ‘Hello’,
I continued with ‘Who is this!!!’
He prolonged with ‘The one who is supposed to rule u’.

Recognizing whom it was?? It was like-
Millions of butterflies flew under my belly,
Dribbles clogging upon the throat..

Fearing what to talk,
I blabbered, he laughed.
He nattered, I pinned my ears in.

One side was this path of unseen Love and commotion 
Other side was a bargains and organization.
The deal ended up with beginning of new covenant in the place of worship.

That was not only a reception but also a farewell,
Final byes to the friends,  adieus to cousins, cries to parents,
I was put into a family unit.

	He held my both hands, kissed at its palms,
	Looked directly into my eyes,
	Made me know what I mean to him..

When my nervousness overruled,
	he replaced with calmness.
When I met agitation,
	he created coolness.
When I feared on something,
	he hugged for many things.
When I worked restless,
	he comforted.
When I worried,
	he cheered up.
Whenever I was disquieted,
	he educated reality in precise.
He did them because he was the one who
	understood me next to GOD..

Accomplished castle in the sky
Daydreamt while missing each
Visualized our masked future
Engaged with enthusiastic honest instants
Managed enjoyments and working schedules
He provided a completely satisfied Life
Failed to remember my past failures in relationships
Brought me entire Heaven inside this tiny earth
Cant imagine what I’m without him
None ever could restore his standard
I can sum up everything he offered me
	Using a solo word “LOVE”.
That’s a splendid understanding at twenty five’s. . 
		Need a Life like this??????
			DON’T Love now. . .

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Love Can Mend

Within ones mind,
we cannot tread,
unless invited,
a book unread.

Questions arise,
the penetration begins,
answers given,
for healing to begin.

Darkness erased,
then light filters in,
the process,
releasing sin.

Love can conquer,
love understands,
love is the difference,
love brings friends,
love is the first step,
for a heart to mend.

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Waking Up

The cloak of darkness retreats, ushering in the dim gray streaks of morning.  Soon, through the trees, a hint of brightness will appear.  I lie there, storing my dreams as my mind returns again to reality.

I am so lucky I muse.  Life has left it's scars, but it also left the creases at the corners of my eyes that evidence the laughter I've shared.  And although my motor starts more slowly now, the body runs pretty well for it's age.

Time was when I couldn't waste a moment, passing life without a second glance.  So engaged in chasing my tomorrows, I never really appreciated the today's.

My life is simpler now.  The monsters beneath my bed departed years ago, replaced by a pair of well worn slippers.  Days move more easily around me, each promising to enlighten me anew.

Memories consume more of my thoughts then they did yesterday.  Most everything I see reminds me of something I have seen or somewhere I have been.  I relish the familiarity, like watching yet again a favorite movie.

I waste another moment stretching beneath the covers before swinging my feet to the floor.  Sitting there, I embrace this brand new morning.  It's going to be another beautiful day.

Bob Quigley

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I'll love you in my way

'Twas but a reptile passing by.
It flew across the deep blue sky
Why do reptiles fly so high?
I'll love you till I die.

"Twas but a cat under the moon.
Did you have a silver spoon?
Why can't cats all waul in tune?
I'll love you very soon

'Twas but a wooden legged man,
Carrying a large brass saucepan.
Why can't men do what women can?
I'll love you better than.

Why are adverbs?
What are nouns?
why do circuses have clowns?
I'll love you lying down.

Where do dreams go in the day?
What game can we adults play?
Can you or can you not say?
I'll love you,in my way.

'Twas but a verse that seemed so free.
It floated over my oak tree.
I have eyes but cannot see.
I'll love you when I be

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If all the things I have right now were taken away and I had nothing left I would fantasize about nature and how beautiful it is. I would imagine that I was swinging on an old tire swing in front of a river. In the river were little ducks and I would go feed them. In my life right now I don’t think of nature that way. I think if my freedom was taken away I wouldn’t take it for granted the way I do and I would know how much it actually means to me. I would also imagine my family getting together for my family reunion. We would usually have them in September. My aunt would make her fancy white cake topped with chocolate drizzle. My grandma always made her jello cake; I still don’t know exactly how she makes it. The others would bring KFC, at least three boxes full of chicken and fries. All the kids would sit together and play games and laugh as we threw food at one another. We would have a game where the kids lined up from age 1 to age 13 and you would get to pick a prize appropriate for your age. I would always get stuck with bath soap and tooth brushes.I take a lot of ordinary things for granted and I think a lot of people do but they won’t admit it. Sometimes I even take life and my freedom for granted. I think that if maybe we wouldn’t take things for granted like the trees or our freedom that maybe our lives would be a lot better and things wouldn’t happen the way they do. I have lived long enough to know that it won’t happen, nothing happens the way you want it to. Just a few months ago I lost my grandma and I couldn’t do anything to help her. I took all of the things she did for granted and now that she’s gone I miss her. She used to make this tuna casserole, it was just amazing but I never told her just how much she meant to me. I think if I would have told her that more then I wouldn’t feel so guilty or depressed that she is gone. I never told her what I needed to. If people could use the words of John Lennon “Imagine Peace” and actually think about it then maybe the world wouldn’t have to end because there wouldn’t be any enemies, murders, drugs, none of the bad things would have happened. If we could have just accepted everyone around us for who they are and known that one day we all have to die, we could have stepped back from it all and said I had a good life and I don’t regret any of it. I think it’s no good to step back from something and tell yourself that you could have done something to prevent it.

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Looking Back

Every time I look back
I can remember the good
Maybe I will never get the chance
I still think of the dance
I am glad I didn't know
The way that this would end
Or the path on which it would go
But whenever I think of it
I will always get that grinn
Even if it is a sin
No matter the past
The future will win...

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The lush hill towered over the quite town mostly built with big rock;
it had three tall church towers
with different distinguished styles: Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque...
wondrous was every sunrise!

Oh, their loud bronze bells could be heard ringing
through the vast, sun-washed and peaceful valley
sorrounded by mountains that reached a sky so dazzling...
then the clock-tower stroke each hour so precisely!

The summer's aroma was kind of strong and irritated the eyes,
and it almost got me drunken as aged wine does;
and I ran to the lush hill thinking of finding a treasure
in a cave that the invading Normans might have hidden in there!

But to my surprise, only frescos of martyrs were discovered;
all the while, that treasure was in front of me:
Nature opening up with its magnificent beauty!
It took observation and reflection for the rare gifts it rendered.

Whenever I ran to the lush hill, either morning or afternoon,
I was astonished by the humble faces of saints showing no demise 
for their persecution and carnage by beast such as ferocious lions... 
as those pious faces looked to Christ for comfort in their doom!

Their image made me much stronger and believer in the Shepherd
whose sheep never was lost among grunting wolves waiting aside; 
and every mystery revealed, it grew to teach me not to be afraid...
when profound silence arrived bringing delights to an innocent child. 

Oh, lush hill...keep my image of young boy intact even after I die;
let it come alive when sheer curiousity arises and tantalizes...
to make me climb that lush hill again for the heart to fantasize,
and 'though my health may not be as vibrant as then, I must try!

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Glowing Delight

Asked by a husband, each year before November ends.
His wife sits waiting, to see the tree upon the hill.
Messages of waiting, upon the first night, she sends.
To the building, that displays a tree, so still.

Each year, a tree lit on an, November night
She patiently waits at first, with anticipation growing.
Looking out her window, she gazes upon one delight.
This is a sign; Christmas is near as this tree is glowing.

He tells me she is watching, upon the mark of twilight.
He says it brings joy to her heart and tears to eyes.
To see the giant tree adorned, in brilliant color of white.
Truly a scene of beauty, which floats below the skies,

This tradition, handed down, before nineteen forties.
Vividly seen for miles, marking the seasons cheer,
Tree of lights that adorn a building rooftop with ease,
We all see this view, admiring, until the New Year. 

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After forty years, Grandma's morality echoes louder than a summer's thunder,
wasn't her strict up-bringing or sense of defined dignity too improper?
" Daughter, bring up your kids with morality and honor...
fearing God and obeying the household rules;
never mind the nasty looks on those kids who booze...
who do what they please and wind up in the slammer!"
Her white hair had thought her much wisdom in errors
and she wanted to leave a great legacy behind...
" You may dislike what I say and feel upset or offended,
but bad behavior is stopped before it occurs. "  
" Sweet, mother " she rebelled with a loving tone,
" This is a new generation and it needs change! "
But grandma lashed back with aggressiveness,"
"My days weren't like theirs...I had to obey my parents,
read the Bible and go to church on Sunday! "
" Under this roof, nothing changes...I demand obedience! "
" Sweet, mother " she repeated with understanding,
" You have to give them freedom to choose, and if they make mistakes...
let them learn and seek parental advice if they are wise. "
And tenderly turning to grandma she pleaded, " Let's work out our differences
and come up with a solution! " Grandma's eyes were filled with resentment,
but she understood and agreed to accept the advice.
And before more words were said, she apologized for her matriarchal demands,
 "Much more I would like to say, but if you feel you are right...I'll stop talking." 


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No Matter What Happens

As I travel through this torn valley
I look around then I drop to my knees
Graping the blade that guides my me
I will always fight knowing that I can be happy
Cutting through the sorrow and torment
Until this moment I have wasted the time spent
Focusing on my future
Thinking of my past
As long as there is something worth fighting for
My bad memories leave me fast
I will never give up nor will I back away
Not at night, not at day
I will always have a purpose
No matter what happens...

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We Were All There That Day

All of us were there that day/
Yet not in the physical aspect,
It was a very spiritual notion/
Not some encounter from a heavenly omen,
Beneath the soil amidst a great gulf fix,
Some have become a bit transparent/

Perhaps a little cumbersome ?

While other's having claimed to experience all the fullness,
Little did they know that king's and queen's would all bow to thee,
Amidst the given turmoil of the unfortunate vast excursion !
Still in the garden that day they all fell asleep/
Yet still all of us were there,
When the roman solder's ripped off your beard !

Still some of us it's too hard to fathom it,
Some finding it to intense and a bit weird !
Having common passerby's spit in his face/
While still there were many angels in waiting to take vengeance on those,
Yet Jesus didn't choose that route of passage,

With no sense of remorse nor a common disgrace,

We were all their that day !
Even when beloved Mary your loving mother wept !
Fashioned with real tears for her son,
While they tore into his flesh !
Until there was nothing left but exposed bone,
When all the nails had mounted you to the rugged cross/
We all knew that this wasn't some tragic loss !

With words', "Father please forgive them for they know not what they do ?"
He said the prayer now the rest is up to you ?
We all had learned Lord what your beloved father really knew/
We were all there that day/
When after three days you suddenly rose from the grave !
Although still many had rejected you ?

The god of this world had blinded many eyes/
Does all of this come at some big surprise for it is written in the scriptures for our benefit ?
Lest they all should see and be healed,
For even Pilate had found no fault in thee,
Yet he gave into the crowds cry's and demands !
Having vicious fangs nor swollen teeth/
Which all gnash abruptly !

Having a fish dinner with Peter for breakfast/
The was fully after your grand exit,
We were all there that day/
Henceforth, even to this present moment in time,
Today, everything we pray for we can all visualize you being there,

For we were all their that day !

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A Witch Made Me Rich

I found a little witch,

Tied up in a ditch.

She was very surprise,

When I uncovered her eyes.

Looking up at the sky,

She let out a happy cry.

And began to talk,

As she picks up a rock,

She hands it to me -

Saying, "soon you'll be,

Very, very rich;

For saving a witch."

"I am very thrilled,

And over that hill,

Your fortune awaits you;

Much happiness too."

She thanked me that day,

Then was on her way.

I, indeed, became rich -

But never again saw the witch.

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My World

My world has always been a world of eternal dusk not so dark I could not see but not light enough to see more then a foot in front of me. There are other people in this world I can just barely see them. They are transparent just outlines of people when I watch them move it seems like the air around them is honey they move so slow. I have screamed at them them but they seem unable to hear or see me and I pass right through them If I reach for them. As the years have gone by I have grown to realize that they are not just outlines but I'm the one who is not fully here. This is how I have been living my life as an outline and as the years kept passing I found myself becoming less and less of what I was,slowly began to lose my mind. No longer trying to get people to see me or hear me I have been walking up and down the same road mumbling to myself for the past 10 years. But a week ago a light appeared just a dim light far off into the distance but a light none the less. I have been slowly drawn to this light ever since. It's still so far away but I have begone to hear a soft female voice calling to me. But I'm fading so fast I am trying with everything I have left to reach that light and find where the voice is coming from.

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A Silver Fluidity, stronger than time Crystal shatters against me, in my prime I’m bulletproof, and echoes rebound Piercing ricochet’s, transmitting the sound I fell from Heaven, fast and strong Into a world, endangered by wrong I wasn’t a hero, just a moment of love A second chance for humanity, sent from above I’m a legend, a titan of Greek mythology The body of an Adonis, the dream of muscology I defend the greater good, and eliminate the hate My methods far from clean cut, they’re an ethical debate I was born Titanium, with a sword in hand I can manipulate thunder, with a wave of my hand I am Titanium, and the overlord is my enemy The creator of greed, money and the impecunious amenity

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Happiness in the Making

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
A question I answered through a lot digging through a mental dump.
Most answer this question with the thought of fame or occupation,
And as a child I too gave the same answers without hesitation. 
Although rich and successful may be nice, to me that answer won't suffice.

An occupation is not a finite answer.
Anyone can be anything, so I consider what comes after.
Should the line for the answer to the question be drawn at the title that you carry?
After all, people change, titles change, and the results may vary.

What do I want to be when I grow up?
Thought after puzzled thought a concrete answer I finally mustered up.
Money and fame mean nothing to me, 
And financially I just want to live comfortably.
So what do I want to be when I grow up? I just want to be happy.

I don't mean happy in my situation or a relationship,
But the happiness only found after overcoming your hardships. 
I can't remember that last time I was truly happy
With myself, my situation, and the people around me;
Where I could wake up in the morning, look outside, and smile profoundly. 

In order for me to become what I want to be, all my goals have to come into fruition.
As of right now I'm just waiting for the pieces I know soon will to fall into place.
You can call it intuition. 

My happiness; well it's a work in progress of course.
I know exactly what I need and how to get it;
I'm just hoping logical progression takes its course. 

I'm in the pursuit of happiness,
And in it I'll either be a legend or another tragic story.

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Fairy Tale - Part 3b

The blizzard had past and with it the wind. 
In the sunshine she surveyed the rubble. 
She thought she should smile 
But snow made her shiver 
And the dream felt like something she couldn’t not feel 
And the mailman and mama and girls in white dresses were too far away 
For her face to cause them discomfort disguised as disapproval.

So she didn’t smile 
And instead became aware 
That the snow lingering on her nose and eyelashes 
Was melting in streams down her cheeks.

If only, if only 
The voice still it beckoned

About to rise to continue her quest 
She heard a distant melody approaching 
Reedy, alto and minor 
Played by a stranger in a woolen poncho and leather boots 
Flanked by a hound in a jewel studded collar. 
As he neared, he slid the music maker into its holder on his belt, 
Commanded the hound be still, 
And proceeded to silently clean up the rubble 
As she sat watching with streams on her cheeks.

She heard the entreating ‘if only’ still calling 
But after some moments of watching him work 
In graceful, efficiency, completely soundless 
She no longer heeded the call 
And though it continued 
After a while 
She didn’t hear it at all.

He finished his work 
And drew from his pocket a perfectly soft bandana. 
With a tear in his eye 
And the gentlest of smiles 
Wiped the snow from her lashes. 
And gave her a rose. 
‘Here, love’

Looking down at the petals she saw a drop 
And in it her perfect reflection. 
With tears still streaming she felt like smiling. 
‘Thank you, love’ she said 
In her own voice 
The voice of her dream.

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I Believe

I believe in Heaven,
and I believe in Hell,
I believe that a believer,
should forgive as well.

I have seen the downfall,
that follows sin,
robbing friendships,
and putting distance between kin.

I have seen brothers,
turn on the other,
and family values fade,
further, and further.

I have seen I love you,
go without being said,
and go on pretending,
their life is being fed.

I believe the passage,
to a higher walk,
comes from living each day in love,
and forgiving ones faults.

Eyes are watching,
they see what we do,
if we claim it,
then we better be ready to follow it through.

The world has plenty,
to worry about,
these things will be answered,
one day, no doubt.

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It is there when all is silent and quiet.
With sugar plums and misled toes dancing in thoughts.
Most time you can see the snow fall as kids play about.
As it is winter time and Christmas is hear again.
And it’s peace and giving again.

But do we always give thanks?
Or is it just during certain times of the year.
But do we truly remember the day!
The day when Christ our Savoir was born.
It was that of a Christmas day.

When Mary gave birth and gifts come from far and beyond.
For this day, there was a new King that had been born.
That all gave glory before Christmas was destroyed.
For there in his heart he gave Jesus unto us to rein.
That in the days at hand, we would know the true love.
And in our hearts he would rein.

It was there somewhere far beyond.
That Christmas is known as king of the year.
For it is there to which a new year rings in.
For there I say Merry Christmas and God Bless my friend.

Hope you think of the real meaning of Christmas this year..
To always be thankful through out the year.
For each day is a blessing just to breathe.
But each day was about giving and caring about the one of no name.
That in your heart, you find a love of that Christmas day.

As you find the spirit of kindness everyday.
May you share a joy of it to the passer by...?
That the spirit of Christmas lives and never dies.
That each day will be in Christ our King.
And In your heart, he will always rein
And that is a true Christmas Day!

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Christmas, Go On!

What a hugging jollity and what jump delight
With "Golly! Everything!" deep in the night;
From hands-on packages---all there are---
Rippling ribbons fly out far!

Open that box, there; what've you got?
"All that I dreamed of, dreamed a lot!
Tickets and maps, yes! trips over sea!
Ah, and for you, dear, a present from me."

Grand, so, the shape, and firm, so, each part,
I know what it is, it's my new heart!
A bold one, a gold one, with a verse inside---
'May your life be integrity and your mind your pride.'

Certain it is, and yours cert, too;
That's why we're living, less won't do!
Giving and taking, glad to have won,
Bankers of honesty, hey! we have fun!

Now put on the coffee and light up a light;
We'll open a map into many a sight:
Vales little dreamt of, mounts never touched,
Trails just beginning, wonders half clutched;

Plateaus of promise waiting man's right---
Planet impassioned with traders' delight;
New dams awaiting, new cities, new farms,
Sparkways of business spreading out charms;

Thousands of earth-stars---Edison's eyes!---
Set to wide angles of night-wake surpeise!
Shipyards and airports humming Thought's strength;
Trainways and highways freighting grand length;

Tap-footed uptowns, where Top-Competence climbs
With Honor's dealings and Profit's chimes
(Ting! rings the money; cling! rings again!
Desires exchanging, happy are men);

Marble-halled fame and Bronze-palaced art,
Where boundless beauty drives the heart---
Logic's heart and good pulse of man,
United in his self-command!

To these we'll go, all these we'll see,
And mark the march of history;
Though Reason's torch flares up so high,
There's less of 'march' and more of 'fly'!

"Hey, down those lights."  Why?  What've you got?
"A new beginning of an ancient plot---
Some bubbly, bright, for the coming year,
And me, myself, right now, right here!"

Love now touches; kiss one, then kiss two!
Our true destination's a self-made brew.
A trip for tomorrow, a sip for today;
To have no sorrow we gladly pay!
Routing and planning, and shouting "To be!"
Sweet is the music rounding the tree.
"Yea!" to life's pleasure; "Hail!" to this dawn!
Worldly happiness, Christmas, go on!

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Wrapped in a black satin sheet
Feel him breathing, lying next to me
Smile to myself........
The way he molded me into his masterpiece
My body like clay in his hands
His hands.....sculptures hands
Ruff, strong, pleasing hands
His eyes.....soft chocolate eyes
Looking at me with deep concentration
Held me pinned down
Took in every line and curve of me
I was afraid to breathe
His lips.....kisses that would melt ice
Wet, juicy, body humming kiss
Shaped me to his pleasure
Giving him all that I am
He captured my soul
My hearts beating next to his
Closing my eyes.....lost by my sculptor.

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Waiting! Hoping!
Anxious, nervous, fingers tapping!
Missed call once, missed again!
Sadness rules, joy eludes
Truly upsetting, frustration sets in
Telephone rings, Caller ID glaring!
Heart’s pounding, adrenaline energizing
Melodious voice sailing; through the wire, flowing!
Hearts melting! Voices blending
Sparks’ leaping!  Excitement blazing!
Questions fly, emotions high!
Laughter rides, Inside I sigh
So much to say! Wow! How time flies ‘way!
Hanging up, neither wanting
“I’ll call again tomorrow”. “Good byes”, such sorrow
Another bridge crossed over!
Hearts at peace
Tonight restful sleep…
Again, anticipating!

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take me from this misery

* this poem has been inspired by Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony....*
* and was written in memory of my grandmother Jeanne Gula *

My name is Jeanne Gula, today i found out that i have cancer.
Its in a tumor, that's very painful, its very rare, its 3 cancers into 1
they already took it out once... and it came back.
The doctor said it was to late to take it out again.
Its not the perfect end to my life, but its all i can have..
I don't really know how much more time i have.
I used to be able to walk by myself, with out help.
I can't believe this happened to me... of all people.
It's be coming torture, they called in hospices.
This cant be good...
I'm in my own home, slowly dieing...
I really don't want to leave, I will leave so many loved ones behind..
So I think i will stay a little longer...
Its January, i now can't do anything by myself, i have to rely on family to help with
everything, my organs are starting to slowly shut down, its very painful to go through.
but my daughters birthday is coming soon... I'm not going to leave now... i don't want her
to be sad, on such a happy day.
I can't hold on much longer.
I'm now out of this misery, its feb. 2nd, and I'm finally free.
Free, of all this pain, and I'm healthy again, I can walk, with out hanging on to anything
or anyone, I can finally be independent again...
now no one cry for me, because i lived a full long life, and no longer in pain..
I love you all.
Love Grammy

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Many roads I travel end on one
Walking at night I can't stand the sun
The sound of shaking leaves
The crying of old trees
I enjoy the woods, it's my place of peace
I hear something different
So I stand still and freeze
Listening closely the noise is a cry
The power of the forest tells me to fly
Getting closer I begin to fall
I don't know whats ahead, but I risk it all
As I land all that I can see
Is a girl wanting to be with me
I pick her up and wipe her tears
Using my powers I destroy her fears
I kiss her lips as she kisses mine
I tell her things will be just fine
Stay with me forever and ever
We will be happy living together...

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The Poets Dance

Paint pots and magic at the stroke of a brush, it’s the power of a picture for the lovers in lust. The splashing of water and addition of choice, it’s a musician’s beat, and the poets to rejoice. Hungary caterpillars and the ladybugs dance, it’s nature’s festival and the Devil’s mischance. The warmth of summer’s night amongst a starry sky, it’s the sparkle of lanterns drifting up to Shanghai. The poets and the dreamers smear ink to the page, it’s lyrical fluidity entwining a white witch’s sage. The smells and the colours are a carnival of love, it’s the power of family, drawing joyous tears up above. Live in these moments and build memories to keep, it’s time for our picture before we lose it to sleep. So take my hand as we enter the tent to the light, it’s an entrance to happiness and it’s just to your right.

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A Modern Travesty

I Did Not Consume My Exquisitely Delicious Boston Cream At The Local donut shop on East Colonial Boulevard For Breakfast This Morning While On My Ravenous Way To My Place Of Employment .

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Retail Therapy

Yesterday I found myself slumped
into the saddest of trenches,
for no particular reason
other than a new moon cycle.
Instead of flopping myself
in my studio’s armchair to write,
I drove to the mall for an outing 
probably more expensive than 
what a therapist would charge
for an hour in his armchair. 

I wandered into the shoe store—
something about leather 
which grounds me, whether
the flimsy strapless heels 
or the closed-toed pumps or walkers. 

Already lugging two bags, I meander
into the lingerie store for silk 
to accentuate my only remaining 
middle-age curves, skipping over the thongs
and hesitating at the push-up section.

I try on four or five pairs of underwear
to accentuate my butt area,
the part of a woman which shares the 
secret of her fitness, that I work on 
each morning at seven.

I arrive at the boutique who sells my favorite 
blouses, gather some more bags, walking out
with an almost terminal case of rope burn,
until I finally decide it’s time to head back to my car. 
On my way I stop, smile, and realize 
there’s no better way to fight trench warfare.

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Boy and Girl

A young girl runs around the park looking at flowers.
She looks at them and smells them. 
This littler girl eyes lights up.
She sees all these yellow flowers and started to run around.
She goes through them.
She stops in the middle of a yellow patch of flowers.
She raises her arms up and smiles and screams happily.

A young boy was running around in the brush he sees her.
She has long golden brown hair and a great smile.
He notices that she had green eyes.
He notices that she likes flowers.
He runs around and looks for the perfect flower.
He sees several odd looking ones.
He does not know what she would like.

The young girl sees this boy running around in the bushes.
She tries to ignore him but she could not.
She saw him with short black shiny hair and light brown eyes.
She thought that he looks mischievous.
She also thought he was a regular boy who likes hide and seek.
It also looked weird that the boy was looking at flowers.
She thought.

By now the he saw her looking at her so he purposely started to hide.
He got into the bushes but these bushes had thorns in them.
He looked at the bush and saw a yellow and red flower.
He thought this was the right flower to get her.
He peeked out of the bush and sees her playing.
He looked to make sure he did not get a thorny stem.

The boy meets the girl and ran around her and showing off.
She sees him do this and thought it was ok.
She looks over at her mom and sees another mom.
The only two people other than her and her mom must be these two.
She stopped dancing and looks at him.
The moms see both of them and realize that something was going to happen.

The boy’s mom takes out a camera.
As he had his hand around his back hiding the flower, he notices her mom.
He stopped and looked at her and smiled.
She stopped and looked at him and smiled.
He has her attention and gives her the flower.
The flower was a red and yellow rose.
They became friends for life.

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I love big Oak trees with strong trunks,
I watched them at night from my upper bunk,
Tall Elm trees with leaves so green-
It was comforting, at night, just to sit and dream.

I loved those trees that grew in our yard-
I would play in and around them until I grew tired-
Sometimes I would sit under one and let the wind blow-
It would tickle my neck and cool my hot toes.

I was just a kid then, no worries or cares-
Just being natural- sometimes taking a dare-
Or I'd go out in the pasture looking for bears,
But all I found were two old mares.

Those trees still stood as I grew up-
The Maple tree would seem to
 offer me a cup
Of her delicious, Maple syrup
To put in coffee or tea while we watched the Cougars
               on TV.

Now I am old, but the trees are still there,
Now I have to sit under them in a rocking chair-
No more climbing or running around,
I just listen to the wind making whistling sounds.

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He was an old man, limping down the hall,
She was an old lady, leaning against the wall,
            He said," Isn't your name Ellen?"
            She said,"No, my name is Helen."

So here they met, in a hospital hallway,
             On a very warm summer day,
               He was 80, her age- 75,
    Neither had family still alive.

Two lonely, old people, wandering life's hall,
    Needing somebody to buffer their falls,
 Who would believe that in a hospital  hall they met,
               I would surely have lost that bet.

        Two lost souls, lonely and blue,
        Looking only for what was their due,
            A little company, a little love,
        Before their date with God up above.

        They found it there in that hospital stay,
                  It's with them still, to this very day,
                A Love so tender, a love so deep,
                  It will be theirs, forever to keep.

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Christmas, Go On!

What a hugging jollity and what jump delight
With "Golly! Everything!" deep in the night;
From hands-on packages---all there are---
Rippling ribbons fly out far!

Open that box, there; what've you got?
"All that I dreamed of, dreamed a lot!
Tickets and maps, yes! trips over sea!
Ah, and for you, dear, a present from me."

Grand, so, the shape, and firm, so, each part,
I know what it is, it's my new heart!
A bold one, a gold one, with a verse inside---
'May your life be integrity and your mind your pride.'

Certain it is, and yours cert, too;
That's why we're living, less won't do!
Giving and taking, glad to have won,
Bankers of honesty, hey! we have fun!

Now put on the coffee and light up a light;
We'll open a map into many a sight:
Vales little dreamt of, mounts never touched,
Trails just beginning, wonders half clutched;

Plateaus of promise waiting man's right---
Planet impassioned with traders' delight;
New dams awaiting, new cities, new farms,
Sparkways of business spreading out charms;

Thousands of earth-stars---Edison's eyes!---
Set to wide angles of night-wake surpeise!
Shipyards and airports humming Thought's strength;
Trainways and highways freighting grand length;

Tap-footed uptowns, where Top-Competence climbs
With Honor's dealings and Profit's chimes
(Ting! rings the money; cling! rings again!
Desires exchanging, happy are men);

Marble-halled fame and Bronze-palaced art,
Where boundless beauty drives the heart---
Logic's heart and good pulse of man,
United in his self-command!

To these we'll go, all these we'll see,
And mark the march of history;
Though Reason's torch flares up so high,
There's less of 'march' and more of 'fly'!

"Hey, down those lights."  Why?  What've you got?
"A new beginning of an ancient plot---
Some bubbly, bright, for the coming year,
And me, myself, right now, right here!"

Love now touches; kiss one, then kiss two!
Our true destination's a self-made brew.
A trip for tomorrow, a sip for today;
To have no sorrow we gladly pay!
Routing and planning, and shouting "To be!"
Sweet is the music rounding the tree.
"Yea!" to life's pleasure; "Hail!" to this dawn!
Worldly happiness, Christmas, go on!

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A Males Prostate is 'Her' Business Too...Part 2

A Males Prostate is 'Her' Business Too...Part 2

How does one go about doing this, 
especially if it’s the first time? 
One of the things a male should overcome 
is the unease that he may feel at having some other 
Peirce through too his moon. 
Some males wonder whether they have latent gay feelings 
if they indulge in this kind of activity. 
But this isn’t so; all males can engage in 
self prostate milking whatever their sexual orientation. 
Another concern is that the moon is “dirty” or “unclean” 
because it is where bad breath comes from. 
Again, this is a misconception. 
In fact, the mouth harbors more bacteria 
than any other part of the body.
Still, i love it when you talk too me dirty.


some males report that while they do not achieve 
lightning and thunder when milking their prostate glands, 
the level of pleasure they feel is still very nearly memorable 
as to that of being born again. 
The milk trickles out or flows into a pool even though there’s no volcanic eruptions, 
in terms of how that word is often used in a midsummer's nights dream. 
Instead, one feels a deep sense of
it has been compared to a very good bowel movement – only a hundred times more or less 

You should be aware 
that there are studies indicating that certain males
who jog up and down the street alone 
or have volcanic eruptions regularly 
have lower incidences of prostate inflammation, 
prostate cancer, and or prostate enlargement. 
Given this evidence, 
self prostate milking seems to be a safer way too go, 
convenient, and inexpensive way to make sure that one’s 
libido and prostate health are in optimum condition.

and you don't need too die of cancer or have your 
needful things cut out prematurely.
Self checking should not be embarrassing, 
Nor should you be dieing for 
not doing it a little more aggressively.
and if not for you, then do it for 'her'..
........after all she is... 
....the reason..
that you are here and she is your other you.

Is It Poetry

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one second out of life

Where can we go when our eternal pain from the sins around us is growing. let us shed the blood and tears just for the happiness we look for, the dire need for a miracle, desire for redemption . 

break the bones from me to have others the path to freedom from the world. let the mountains fall and see the truth we were promised. Let's end this masquerade party , show the beauty and thge ugly of our trusted ones. 

have the branches help one another for a stronger tree to give the perfect fruit. words are the rain that comes down to help and to demolish what we are. may the mothers know that they are graceful. 

the fathers who stands in their place to support the tree. let the fathers who had ran from the sun live for eternal with the moutains on the their back cracking

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You noticing

You noticing me crying
You noticing me being happy
You noticing me being depressed
You noticing my smile
You noticing my frecklce
You noticing my brown eyes
You noticing my pretty face
You noticing my feelings
You noticing my shyness
You noticing me blushing
You noticing my braveness
You noticing my courage

You noticing me!

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A Glimpse Of Heaven!

I was whisked away to Heaven;
It truly must have been a dream!
How else could I be writing this,
And telling you what I had seen?

The streets are transparent gold,
I can't believe my eyes!
It's as though I am floating,
In the heavenly skies!

The multi colored city walls,
Are made of precious stone.
And everywhere you walk to,
You are never there alone!

Everywhere you look to see,
Are God's people big and small.
Most amazing to me is that,
I knew the names of them all!

Overflowing with great joy,
Were those with whom I spoke.
No one was in pain or crippled,
Nor even a heart that was broke!

It wasn't lit by sun or moon,
But by God's glorious light!
I have never before seen,
Such a beautiful sight!

Then in the light's midst,
A humbling figure I did gaze!
Jesus my Lord and King,
Falling to my knees I offered Him praise!

I was overwhelmed as,
Jesus took hold of my hand!
Welcome home He said to me,
And then He lifted me so I could stand!

He gave me a hug,
And we began to walk.
I listened intently,
As Jesus did talk!

We came to a stop,
And I looked at His face.
I said "Thank you for the cross,
And taking my place!"

"Thank you for sacrificing,
Your blood and life for me.
So I can stay here,
With you for all eternity!"

Inspired by God
Neal A. Carl

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A Brand New Fad

I watch the news,
I scratch my head,
at all the mess,
my mind is fed.

Nothing good,
only bad, bad, bad,
seems the scoop,
depends on sad.

Money is greater,
than honor or pride,
it sways a person,
to the darker side.

A rocket scientist,
I am not,
but to figure it out,
just follow the dots.

Dollars have a voice,
for the greedy, and weak,
an addiction some have,
still running the streets.

Their hands get slapped,
for being bad,
but the dollars pile up,
it's a brand new fad.

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The Journey to Tomorrow

They said the sun would always, rise up when it has set yet, the shadows of the night just seem to grow. My footprints keep on writing, they tell the tale that’s passing, but the storyline just seems to flow. They said the journey was safe, I lace my way through danger, this was not the way it was meant to go. I worked my way through forests, climbing up the hills of Dante, and my inferno was the snow. Suddenly the snow was melting, spreading out to a horizon, the valley of the flowers began to glow. Behind I heard the screaming, in front I saw the colours, my final choice was which way to go.....

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Sorry, Yesterday was a Bore

Sorry, yesterday was a bore
That wasn’t me on a roll
It was the other me – John Winston – who wrote it all
But now I feel convinced I’m back
‘Wise-the-Prins-Wins’ in white and black
So please just sit back
And wait for more than just another rap
From this Kenyan dude on this part of the map

So what if there I sat
Butt flat on the dirt
Near the boulevard of broken dreams
Bleeding within from the wounds inflicted unto me 
...while in pursuit of impossible dreams
Still I insist there is nothing impossible to me
I gotta heal quick and get back to the ring of dreams
I gotta fight for what I believe in with all that’s invested in me
Defeat is a word unacceptable to me

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Just A Merry Old Soul Is Me

With all the crap that's going on in the world It's a wonder we maintain our humour Gets kinda difficult if you watch the news Leaves us in a kind of a stupor Shouldn't find it strange or a bit unusual Been normal as long as we've lived What would be strange if the news was happy Ain't happened since I was a kid Even then, war was the news of the day But to me it was us against them Too young to realize that millions were dying The carnage being wreaked by men What makes us guys so nasty to each other Are we only preprogrammed to kill So why don't I have that killer instinct Am I missing what gives us the will Don't want it, not missing it, never had it Peace loving since I was wee Much more concerned with every day living Just a merry old soul is me! © Jack Ellison 2015

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Call Archimedes Again

My heart is beating once again!
Call Archimedes from his grave so we may celebrate!
Eureka! I found it again!
My heart’s pain has gone away!
My life’s darkness has lifted away!
Stark in the middle of the wilderness I have regained the way!
Oh! How beautiful it is to see and feel me back on my way!

Eureka! I found it again!
Call Archimedes from his grave so we may celebrate again!
Writing literature in my dreams,
While praying for success in my sleep!
Writing poems in my head while strolling ahead!
Painting masterpieces in my head while bathing at midday!
Seeing tomorrow today while it’s still too much work away!
Oh! How beautiful it is to see and feel me back on my way!

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It only takes

It only takes three words to make someone happy
It only takes one action to show that you care
It only takes one second for something to become different
It only takes a lifetime to do what our parents didn't
It only takes one cry to make someone listen
It only takes one person to makes dreams glisten
It only takes one thought to creat imagination
It only took me until now to realize where my place is
Travelling with you to foreign, wonderous places.

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The Bow-Wow Song !

I was ‘ Walking ’ back from grocery shopping
When I saw something, that had me hopping…
… mad, I mean… at what I seen
… a Man treating a Dog, just like a Queen !

They rode past in a top-down car
She had shades on, like a Movie-Star
My bags dropped down, due to shock…
… Now… What She got, that I ain’t got?

… Her big ears blowing in the wind
Now, I know, that’s Man’s Best Friend
But the only reason, I figured, I was Walking
is ‘cause I need a new kind-of-Talking :

Bow-Wow!     Get my  tail to Wagging
Bow-Wow!     Ain’t too Proud for Begging
Bow-Wow!     Learn another kind of Language
Bow-Wow…    … see I can Manage …
Bow-Wow !
I’m slowly Learning How
-	    to Bow-Wow
                    and it’s Alright Now

Now, I knew, something was wrong with that Sight
Can my Bark, be worse than Her Bite?
I started to Listen to the Canine next Door
Yapping and a Howling – made ‘em give Her More…

Then I hung around the Local Pet-Shop
I Finally figured out “What They Got !”
The next Man came, I Said, “They’s Expensive,
You may as well, get yourself a ‘Mrs’…”

                    … Bow-Wow!
Bow-Wow!      Get my  tail to Wagging
Bow-Wow!      Ain’t too Proud for Begging
Bow-Wow!      Learn another kind of Language
Bow-Wow…   … see I can Manage
Bow-Wow !
I’m slowly Learning How
	     to Bow-Wow
                     and it’s Alright Now

Well… We were already happily Married, when He said, “Let’s get a Dog”
I sat up straight… went to sniffing, as silent-whistle-warnings, went off
I jumped in front of Him … and started to Tease…
“We don’t need nothing ‘round with Fleas !”

… and if You scratch behind My Ears,
I’ll make the kind of noise, you love  to Hear ! …

Bow-Wow!      Move Over Rover
Bow-Wow!      Fe-Fe, Its Over !
Bow-Wow!      This is My Growler
                     Git’ A Little Louder … Bow – Wow !

                 Bow-Wow… Wuff  Wuff  Wuff

         Carol Brown… This One’s For You Kiddo’
         And Your Great Sense of Humor (Smile)
              This Poem is From Bygone Days
(Wouldn’t You Know… The Silly One’s Always Survive)
                         Hope You Enjoy It….


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Sitting by the fire

I went over to a friend’s house to sit by a fire.
The heat penetrates, quenching my desire.
I watch as the flames grow strong and true,
They are much like the fire that burns inside you.

I stand for a while but it gets rather hot.
I drift to a dream; I’m on a mountain top.
I look down and see a miniature world below.
The more I learn, the more I want to know.

I sit down beside it, It crackles and pops.
As the ambers grow hotter it simple just stops.
I watch as the flames devour all the wood.
The heat they provide feels so good.

We have a drink and start to chat.
There is no other place I would rather be at.
I feel this peace grow inside of my heart.
I just want to stay and never depart.

My eyes grow heavy and it’s time to go.
The peace within me continues to grow.
I don’t know of tomorrow, or what it shall show,
I’m just happy today, of this I do know…

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No Postponements!

That was a day of no postponements
No procrastination
No rain checks
There was no need to “think” about it
A day where no more advice was sought
No consultation
No intervention
The day I seized my freedom
The day the line was drawn in the sand!

Note: (Just a flashback from yesterday)

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Once Upon a Christmas 1954 Part 1

.              Each year as Christmas rolls around, as I buckle under the pressure and stress of 
shopping for gifts for people that already  have everything, I find myself remembering that 
Christmas of 1954.

	Dad had joined the army that year and we  moved from the East Coast of Canada 
to Ontario, leaving behind our extended family and the only home I had ever know in a small 
fishing village along the Bay of Fundy.

	Now we stood gazing in horror at the rows of ugly buildings sitting on barren land 
in the middle of nowhere.  This was the housing provided by the army and was a major part 
of the wage agreement.

	My mother was inconsolable until dad rented us a small apartment over a Chinese 
restaurant in downtown Barrie.  There was no remuneration by the army for forfeiting the 
housing, so it left dad with a very small pay-check

	Pay day was once a month and we usually ran out of money in the last week, so, 
off we would go to the pawn shop with dad’s prized possession; his short-wave radio, won for 
superior marksmanship.

	Being kids, we finally adjusted to our new world as we watched the Santa Claus 
Parade march below our living room window amid the honking horns, blaring bands and 
throngs of people lined along the streets as far as the eye could see as we laughed with glee.

	We had seen them on our way to school in the window of the bicycle shop; 
gleaming with chrome spokes and handlebars and hand grips adorned with multi-colored 
streamers.  There I would stand until my feet grew numb from the cold, daydreaming of 
riding back to the East Coast.  I could actually see the sun glistening on the waves as I raced 
along the ocean on the way to grandma’s house.  More than once I had to stay after school 
for being late. 

	My brother thought maybe if we were really good, Santa would bring those 
bicycles to us.  I being the older and therefore the wiser, knew the state of the real Santa’s 
affairs and promptly convinced my brother I had heard from a reliable source Santa had a 
shortage of bicycles this year and we would just have to earn the money and buy them 

                                                    Continued in part 2....

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Everybody was horrified of Paul's scruffy looks
with dirt and mud smeared all over his wrinkled face,
and his long nose with dark spots on its tip;
and a grave digger matched that image,
but he was the nicest person on planet earth:
hard-working, estimable, amicable and honest.
After the day's work was done, Paul stared
at the empty lots and whispered to himself,
" Soon I'll be in one of them...I feel it coming! "
One unlucky afternoon he was standing
on the edge of a newly dug-up grave and accidently
slipped and fell into the twenty-feet excavation;
no screams for help were heard...he was dead!
That same afternoon, there was a burial
and as the corpse's coffin was lowered into the grave,
Father Michael spotted a body lying on the bottom of it,
and it resembled that of Paul....suddenly police 
were notified and minutes later a fire truck arrived
to the dreary scene. Then two young firefighters
lowered themselves into the pitch-dark grave by holding
onto sturdy ropes, and without much effort, 
they pulled his bruised and broken body:
he was pronounced dead at two-thirty.
Paul had a near-death experience, one of the most
incredible ones: he visited heaven, the place of bliss!
And as he climbed the gold stairway, he heard many voices
of those he knew in the previous life...they chanted glorifying God,
who was seated on an ivory throne surrounded by Archangels,
Saints and the Prophets whom he remembered from his Bible readings.

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'Twas on a sunny day in May
Along the banks of Fundy Bay
When I met… my dearest Anthony

From a distance…I could see
His rugged frame…and symmetry
And the glint of Irish eyes…of bluish green

With manly strides… he lingered there
Along a path of grasses… where
The sun reflected on… his golden hair

And with a glance… he stole my breath
I could not still… my heaving breast
With every step he took… I nearly died
Overcome with… such profound emotions… that I could not hide
'Twas in that magic moment… that we fell in love
Blessed by heaven… and the angels up above
And with their keeping…we were married… in the month of June 
Underneath a pale misty silken silver moon
We built a house… upon a hill…that overlooked the harbour
With a winding path… to the door… that walked… between the arbour
And there… among the sea salt roses… and the ocean breeze
We lived and loved and raised our family

The years went quickly sailing by
Sometimes we laughed…sometimes we cried
But through it all…we never left…each others side
For…we had that kind of special love… that never dies

A love…that asks the reason why
I stand upon our path and cry
As I look out to the ocean...where you lie
So overcome… with such profound emotion… wishing I could die

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vignette-THE BIG MATCH

Interval over,the shamrocks,had their say
Two tries blew the reds away-
Fear of winning led to mistakes
Until O'Gara's drop goal
Lifted every Irish soul

Memo: Ireland won the Rugby Grand slam yesterday 21st for the first time since 1948

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My Honey

When I look upon you in the morning
And your eyes are still in restful sleep
I know soon you will rise
And be working in our garden,
Yet I will feel you close to me.

When you are busy doing something 
You cherish, your happiness spills over.
The flowers know your tender touch,
And so do I.
Their happy little faces smile and bloom,
And so does mine.

*For I Love You Because...  Contest 
Sponsored by: Matt Caliri

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First Love

A collection of love letters in a heart shaped box
that I kept for many years,
reminding me of the times we met in secret,
and moments we spent in your loving arms
wrapped up like a gift in your embrace.

I have never forgotten your smiling face,
and your romantic charms,
or the butterfly kisses traced on my lips.

We parted in youth going our separate ways,
I thought of you often for many days and lonely nights,
wishing you would of stayed from memory to reality.

All I have left in this red velvet box,
with satin lining ,and emotional thoughts
are those wonderful times  of remembrance.

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Whats My Name?

I'm falling down a rabbit hole,

Down, down, down.

No...I'm not Alice...

This isn't just a dream,

This is our reality.


I've never fallen faster,

Never been so careless.

Love at first sight,

You make me fearless.

Light catches seize of the shadows,

In a white light washed night.


Racing, speeding, down the way,

Twist, twirl, curve, dip, in, out, in between,

Up, down, inside out, night to day.

The clocks hands fly,

Each minute, second, passing faster by.

You take my hand,

It all just melts away.

I'm lost in your arms,

That kiss, I'm breathless.

What's my name?

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Your Token Of Love

Breath taking memories,
surface from within,
buried in my mind,
how long has it been.

Enjoying the sunset,
our blanket in the sand,
sipping sweet wine,
you ask for my hand.

My heart was pounding,
as I tried to speak,
new love in bloom,
sitting beside me.

A tiny box,
made of velvet so blue,
holding a promise,
a gift from you.

Shining in the moonlight,
your token of love,
you called it a star,
picked from above.

Two hearts joined,
as we said I Do,
memories in the making,
memories of you.

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Fairy Tale - Part 2


The storm came out of nowhere.

She awoke bruised and bleeding 
Surrounded by rubble 
Amidst major keys and jewel tones and 
Girls in white dresses 
With pink satin sashes.

Everywhere there were smiling people. 
She noticed that if she smiled, too 
The smiling people would clean up the rubble. 
She smiled when the bright colors hurt her eyes 
She smiled when sharp major chords jarred her 
She smiled when the girls in white dresses gave her spoons full of sugar with 
her medicine 
Because she didn’t like the rubble.

She smiled and watched and began to remember 
That in her infancy 
She had called one of the smiling people Mama. 
Another had delivered the mail 
Still others had been with her when she learned 
That cows say moo 
And two ones are two.

Now they taught her 
How to smile 
Even when she didn’t feel like it. 
They tried to teach her to speak 
But she had lost her voice 
And didn’t know where to find it 
And when they offered to lend her theirs 
She found it didn’t fit. 

The rubble cleared 
Her wounds healed 
She smiled most of the time 
Even when she didn’t feel like it. 
She had learned not to feel when she didn’t feel like it. 


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In The Book Of My New Chapter

This is where I go
The land so far away
I found myself lost each time
Hanging to nothingeach day

In my dreams, I hide
In my mind, i cry
In my heart, i hope
For a better tomorrow in my life

And there opened a door
A Door only my eyes can see
Unblinded by illusions
The World I Saw Finally

There will be no ending to my life
When there is hopes each time I fell
In the book of my new chapter, i will write
A new story, a story of myself

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Never attempting of striking it rich,
whenever my cravings give me another itch,
I'm used to a quite and simple life:
enjoying good food and sharing a coldl glass of wine 
when relatives and friends drop by;
why be someone you weren't meant to be?
Any millionaire around the globe,
sipping champagne desiring what I love?

With my beach cap pulled down, 
so that my short hair doesn't sizzle and change color,
as my light skin turns to a golden tan;
yes, I thank God for a breeze cooler than a fan!
Whole afternoons are spend on this pristine beach,
with a waterfront that a Californian will envy,
to melt away that old cliche' of vanity;
come down here...the East Coast is a wonderful shore! 

Low class, middle class and the upper one,
all share this unquenchable feeling,
to lay on the salty sand and begin to dream;
Am I talking non-sense or tackling the zest for living...
that this society has been unawarely denying??

Striking it rich is a temporary fancy,
imagining the possessions money will buy,
and many untaught temptations will materialize;
some will die by snorting deadly coke,
others squandering it on mistresses and hookers...
God, how the human spirit is corrupt  and consumed by lurid
and unhealthy desires that once were out of reach!  
And hopefully someone will ponder this,
to wake up to this gruesome, and parlous reality
and spend his or her fortunes wisely! 

What good people will do for the betterment of the deprived ones?
First give them love from the heart, then help them financially...
that's the smart way caring, of planning to strike it rich;
what's the use of looking at your glittering gold,
and not giveit  away to help anyone whose thirst and hunger
show in the sunken eyes...waiting for someone to feed their bellies!

If I ever stroke it rich, I wouldn't be here enjoying this sunshine, 
but I'll get out there and search for the needy and helpless ones,
and stop the selfishness and madness that money provides;
if I share my good fortune with them, others will follow my example,
and a real change will take poverty everywhere in our world!
Follow me, and search for everyone give them back their precious life!


Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Mi camma to America wid a passion for moni en fud,
hoppin to getta rich;
en de sai det gold is founda in striz!
Mi work en work ol dei
to meke sam dollar,
en mi eat pizza, en drink vino...
mi wanna be lika Al Pacino:
a famos attor ov Hollivud! 
En me veit too mani iers, to see butiful voman 
laika Marilin Monro...whata a fess!
Whata a bodi! A Diva so sexi!
En mi wanna be laika Valentino from Italia,
to sedus ol duh pritty ladi vid mi ciarma;
en ol kiss mi...O locki Casanova!  

English Translation:

I come to America with a passion for money and food,
hoping to get rich;
and they say that gold is found on streets!
I work and work all day
to make some dollar,
and I eat pizza and drink wine...
I would like to be like Al Pacino
a famous actor in Hollywood!
And I waited many years to see beautiful women
like Marilyn Monroe...what a face!
What a body! A Diva so sexy!
And I like to be like Valentino from Italy,
to seduce all the pretty ladies with my charm;
and they all kiss me...O lucky Casanova!!

Entered in Deborah's Gucci, " Dialects make the world go around "
(Brooklyn-Italian dialect)

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Sylvan Summer Part II

The sun barbequed the skin, raising a tenderized pink glow 
to the cheeks of the children in the ramshackle red barn.
The three story hay loft partly empty was bristling with tikes.
Pincushioned with straw, sharp as needles,
in their hair, tee-shirts and socks 
an “itch-o-rama” of gross magnitude. 

Hoarse screams of “Geronimo!”
propel a girl child out ward, over the abyss;
letting go directly over the haystack on the first floor.
Barn boards groan under the weight of her flailing form.
Sweet, so sticky sweet, was the air with sweat, hayseed, and manure.
Red welts form on errant scratches rising up on the her skinny arms.

The boy plops from the thick dangling rope inches from her.
“Hi-Ho Silver!” he hollers; kissing her cheek with a big wet raspberry,
running deer-like from the barn doors toward the pastures awaiting bossy.
Up the stone tossed rock wall he clambers at ankle breaking pace.
Leaping from stone wall to the cow’s back;
“Come on, chicken!” he yells.

The girl follows more timidly watching out for 
the broken, blue-bottle, glass shards 
that poke out from between the fieldstones.
Reaching cow side, she blows brown hair from her face.
Hands on her tiny hips, she eyes the cow and rider.
The cow's evil eye stares at her from one side of its huge head.

He slaps the cow's rump. Sneakers wail into cowhide 
and with an indignant bellow of disgust rider and cow are off, girless,
toward the saltlick, leaving the kiss 
and the red barn, but a memory. 

*PS I am the girl LOL, I had a kissin' Cousin!

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A Males Prostate is 'Her' Business Too...Part 1

The prostate gland plays a major role both in a males reproductive capacity and his ability to 
enjoy making you. 
Little wonder then that this organ has been called the
little walnut or the, 

“male G-spot” or the 'male uterus.'

We are some times referred to as cows as well.

Knowing the right way to stimulate it can bring intense lightning and thunder. 
And because some studies suggest that making lightning and thunder regularly can prevent 
most prostate disorders, 
more and more males are finding it to their benefit to indulge in self prostate milking, or 
checking for irregularities like 'cancer'
yes males can get it too.

The prostate gland is responsible for producing so much gosh, 
that milky liquid that carries little yous coming from 
the heavans and out for more gosh during lightning and thunder.
While lightning and thunder do their part in relieving 
the prostate of its load of yous, 
there are times when a dudette is unavailable 
or the dude wants to try something other 
than regular jogging up and down the street for a change. 
Here is where self prostate milking comes in too play, it's a game.

Is It Poetry

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Someone very close to me has hurt me me badly,
vile words have come out of that vicious mouth,
condemning me of many unjust deeds,
am I to remain silent and defenseless as Christ...
while I'm lashed and stripped of dignity?
More bitter than a lemon, which has never enough
sunlight to sweeten the juice within it;
I have endured evil and have learned how to be patient,
not to fight back with the same viciousness.
O, hurt me again, I will not say anything...
a saint can be martyred for his belief,
but never he will be tortured in the next life!
He holds my weakened hand tightly,
giving me courage, keeping me safe; 
I look to the Heavens and glory is mine!
I am not as bitter as a lemon anymore,
forgiveness has taken long to come...
to make me realize that my agony
is nothing compared to the reward awaiting me!
Every angel smiles and welcomes me with joy;
every gate is open for me to enter freely,
and I wish that person could feel loved and be like me...
walking towards God to know how kind and forgiving He is! 

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                                         MY BEST FRIEND

               We were married in the summer of nineteen ninety-four,
               For better or worst and forever more.
               When we married I felt this is where my life begins, 
               That you and I would always be the very best of friends.
               We can over come any hard times again and again, 
               As long as we remember we vowed to be best friends.
               Through all the obstacles that have come our way, 
               We have learned to be thankful for every new day.
               Through this and through that,
               Through thick and through thin,
               I'll never forget I married my best friend. 

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She stepped into the blue ocean of morning, 
and looked up towards the sky
& as her gaze moved up and up,
something odd, atop a willow caught her eye

There, in the tall thin branches, 
swaying in the wind,
a still & silent tabby was 
curled amongst its limbs

She shouted to it, clapped her hands, 
her dogs enhanced the sound
but the cat just lay there, never moving –
its silence was profound

Knowledge that the cat was dead
slid slowly down her face
in bitter tears that came unbidden
with grief’s wet, salty taste

She struggled back into her house
through mourning’s heavy waves
& tried to ponder what to do,
and who to call to save

At least the body of this once fine cat,
to bring it back to ground -
She imagined how it sought its safety
then could not climb back down,

& how it sat there, starving, thirsty,
forever trapped in that green embrace –
She couldn’t stand it, went back outside,
but when she looked, saw only space

The cat was gone! Had played great possum,
just pretended to be dead!
And what she’d believed to be total truth
was just a story in her head

Then laughter hit her, exploded from her,
joy blazed throughout her soul
as the crystal blue promise of the ocean of morning
was restored, renewed, and made whole

© March 2006
RG Hudson

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You Are My Curse

I had to let it all go,
The day and night,
Their hours ran too slow.
It was more than just a fight.
I trusted you and knew you,
My love succumbed to the worst,
Faith and loyalty just wouldn’t do.
You became my curse.
I was pulled down to Earth’s plane,
And judgment did set in.
Then new days begin.
I stood parallel as many went insane.
My heart drenched and my soul crunched,
I couldn’t let my heart take this very much.
I died and I died losing each endless breath,
I swallowed the victory and ate your death.
You reaped and I sowed,
But I saw no one grow,
Not even you.
What was I to do?
I let it go very slow,
Now I am all grown,
And I’m on my own.
I died watching you go.
I will always remember begging mercy,
I will always know this pain,
You are my curse you see,
And nothing did you gain.
I can never just be alright,
I can never love you the same again.
I died watching you go out of sight.
You are my curse and forever in my heart you made an end.

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Be Safe My Friends

It's almost here,
Thanksgiving Day,
when families celebrate,
in their own special way.
Miles will be traveled,
as the food is prepared,
that special home,
full of love, and prayers.
Be safe my friends,
in the air, and on road,
as you travel to loved ones,
to eat that turkey baked brown, and gold.
We will meet here again,
after this day,
take care my friends,
on this busy day.

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She is a widow, never wanting to marry again, never defiling her vows, 
her five children have moved to other parts of the United States;
and they seldom visit her, except on the very special season of Christmas,
when she adorns her home with garlands and lights to honor the Child Jesus...

Her name is Amelia, a petite lady from Andalusia,whose passion is writing poems,    
and her Spanish accent is somewhat heavy, but the words are clear and precise;
on long summer's nights she speaks of her native land...meadows covered with camellias, 
and tells tales of Columbus and the Conquistadors with feathered helmets...

She was quite beautiful in her younger days, daises in her dark, lustruos hair, 
and sea-colored eyes that resembled the Mediterranean Sea, which brought her nostalgia;
and she often wore a folklorist costume of stripes of bright orange and yellow like her flag,
and now she's confined to a wheelchair looking sad...who has camellias for Amelia?

This past spring I planted a dozen of camellias plants in the empty and barren lawn,
hoping they would bloom when she would stare at the huge Atlantic Ocean;
and with eyes as sharp as a youngster, Amelia would see her beloved Spain, 
and those lush meadows covered with camellias to bring her bitter-sweet pain. 

In the quite hours of an early August' morning, Amelia rose to say her prayers,
and with the rosary in her devoted hands, she peaked outside and surprisingly smiled;
a beautiful garden of camellias appearing in front of her joyous eyes... she was so delighted,
but she couldn't go outside and caress them, but thought to herself, " Someone cares! "

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Thanx for the Welcome

Hey, thanks a heavy bunch for the welcome
Hey, thanks a larger lot for the welcome

My heart is duly enthralled
My mind has been positively stirred

Two days ago I had a lot on my mind
Now ‘coz of y’all, here I exist in delight

Heaven must be missing quite a number of angels
For what I read on my screen can’t be wordings of ordinary mortals

For now I don’t need heaven
For I have found myself a haven full of the soup I need to get well

A brick at a time, each with purity and love in mind
I’m certain this shrine full of wonder will rise to shine

Such are the blessings of men and women of initiative
Offering poets like me and you the mortar to build our dreams into reality

My heart fills with gratitude, tonnes of it in advance
For the doors of opportunity I’m certain to unearth, in this shelter of dreams

The beginning might be a tad bit rocky
But please bear with me as I drift off my ecstasy to clarity, as consequential of this 
new discovery

I promise to soon find my bearings
And flow at ease like a new Lamborghini on these sleek streets of many dreams

In the meantime don’t mind if sometimes I blurt
For a new soup like this always tastes so sweet, makes one reveal what he was 
meant to keep

Thanks indeed for allowing me to be a part of you
Allow me to advertise to others that you and I on Poetry Soup too

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Yeah, This is it

Yeah! This is it!
The music is so fine
The tea is so right
The life is so bright

Yeah! This is what I sought!
Every morning on my way to town on clean highways lined with neat trees
I mingle with my dreams passing by on parallel lanes
How can I fail to pursue my dreams when I perceive the reality of it

Yeah! This is it!
This is the opportunity I needed to put my dreams to test
This is the chance for me to cultivate my best seeds
At last here I am, an escape from mediocrity to the realm of possibilities

Yeah! It is as it should be!
Hard work, late night coffee, red eyes, lots of music
Longer hours in pursuit of happiness
Soon, my reality shall justify my sacrifices

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Getting into the Christmas spirit,
by examining my introspection
and making new plans for the future;
and sparking up your imagination...
could anyone imagine me dressed
as Santa Claus, who never has the minimal time
to watch a log consumed by a crackling fire?
Think again, I could be that Saint Nicholas so bold! 

Prejudice is not a part of this Christmas Season,
all kinds of people, of different ages and races, 
celebrate it; and it may vary from country to country
with traditions as far as Saturnalia or Yuletide...
that was a time when pagans started this festivity,
and with the birth of Jesus, the Christians
adopted these traditions as their own...
so should we object and put them aside?    

Getting into the Christmas spirit,
unpacking decorations for my new Christmas Tree, 
from boxes that waited too long for this day of joy;
and even my toddler, Jack, comes downstairs tripping,
handing me Grandma's favorite star, which
she had hidden away into a treasure chest so jealously,
to place on the top of this forest-scented pine tree...
when we all gather and sing," Silent Night."  

Getting into the Christmas spirit, 
adding, not taking away names from my long list;
and even though these are tough economic times,
I plan to be generous to all without feeling the pinch!
Give the very best of your intentions,
either in gift or in warmest embrace;
give and be content to catch that infant's smile in the distance; 
the tender smile of the Holiest Child, who will give of Himself!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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An encounter with a friend

Deep within my heart
Echoes very au naturel
The spirit of freedom
clouded by enthusiasm
To make it clear for everyone.

I speak spontaneously
In outward relations
Has enough meaning
That says we’re friends.

Quel triomphe!
I must truly say
For a quantum reason
There is certainty and joy.

I fan the flame of enthusiasm
To move ahead
Keeping the promise though
I take fidelity to reign.

Thank you for being my friend
It is a gift, a positive litany
To link myself with this refrain
You are a nice friend, a special mate!

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Guitarra is her name

Beautiful she was when I saw her
Nestled gently in that obscure corner at the Supa
If only she knew how many years I’ve longed for her
How sweet the poem I wrote for her was
Well, since I saw her and heard her beat in my heart
I swore with the little cash I had that I would buy her

And to buy her I now have
It was few minutes to nine
And the thought of spending another night without her,
 ...harassed my mind
I couldn’t survive the loneliness,
			...I wouldn’t 
So off my room I rushed 
...and into the Supa I dashed
There she still was, as beautiful clad as the day before
I didn’t have t look twice to know she was mine
That I had done in my mind so many nights before
Now, this was the time for her to really be mine
For opportunity to be theirs had long passed them by

Damn, how good it felt to have her in my grip
When I had her is when everyone else realized how fine she really was 
Now they all wanted to own her
Damn, I’m glad it was too late for them

Here she now is
Nestled lovingly on my thighs 
The feeling as sensational as I thought it would be
Her beautiful shape so bewitching
Her contours so obsessing
Her sound so marvellously enthralling
She is the love of my life and together we’ll be more than fine

She and I will find a way to make it sound and look right
We shall soon make love on the stage in the star light
They shall soon pay to see us perform our hearts delight
But before then it’s tough practice every night

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beginnings and endings

i go in the morning, 
as i normally do, and 
warm my cup of coffee,
robust awakenings to today,
sit down and begin to arouse and 
contemplate the day before me

after a bit, i move about and 
down the last of the cup,
then i swish the final in 
and i realize immediately 
and run to the kitchen sink 
a few steps away
...and spit out.

i look down and see
a dark form in the sink
unmoving, i mindfully think,
a fly, as dead

with revulsion i feel
the solidness still
within my mouth bouncing 
across my tongue,
and glance again
to the bottom of the sink
and spy the second fly!

two dead flies i surmise
were stroking in my cup
in the romance of the night,
buzzing vaguely French soundings
between them, ripples expanding
in their caffeinated pool

"aaah, my dear you make me
feel so alive! so energized!"

"oooh, i too feel alive my love
in this cool dark water
with you...drowning beside me"

and i wonder if these
anthropomorphic house flies
really loved each other...really,
and would prefer to...go down,
together rather than fly alone
past one more night of 
speeding blissful intercourse

touching, still, it leaves a
peculiar taste in my mouth

© Goode Guy 2011-10-04

a guy, alas, a true story.



four days later, i wake and 
find my cup in the kitchen.
a bit more savvy now
i dump the inch or so
left in the cup, in the sink

a dark form, forlorn, lies still
the winged jilted lover, 
i think, how  bittersweet,
that the third too, wished
to commit caffeinated suicide

now that the pot is hot and
a new day is possible

© Goode Guy 2011-10-08

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Fairy Tale - Part 3a

Midway through the season, 
Just as the tulips were fading 
A breeze from the north carried portents of late frost. 
Leaves began rustling more yellow than green 
Mixed with their whispers the faintest of sounds 
A familiar undertone 
A voice. 
Her voice?

Startled and hopeful 
She headed upwind toward the distant horizon 
Among whose clouds she would seek what was lost .

As she trudged through the meadows the voice became clearer 
The pitch, tone and rhythms combining in words 
‘If only,’ she heard.

Intent on her purpose 
She marched to the mantra 
If only, if only 
Directing her way.

She was unaware that the clouds were approaching her 
Faster than she was approaching them.

Dark grey and billowing 
Quickly they met her 
Showering crystalline all around. 
If only if only 
The voice still it beckoned 
She followed ‘til every vision turned white 
Then stopped and squinted 

Into the whiteness ‘til shadows appeared just off to the east. 
If only, if only 
The voice still it beckoned 
She felt a compulsion to blindly follow 
But drawn by the safety the shadows suggested 
She veered off her course 
And soon came upon 
Rubble from some long since forgotten storm.

Enclosed in shelter 
Exhausted she slept. 
A vague dream of another voice too faint for words 
Caressed her ‘til waking dawn

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Down The Pathway

Into the forest,
the pathway winds,
traveled in secret,
so many times.

Forbidden love,
that cannot be,
he waits,
he waits for me.

Stealing moments,
after dark,
scared, and trembling,
memorizing every part.

Under the stars,
beneath the trees,
together as one,
where no one sees.

Together in harmony,
as a poets masterpiece,
in perfect rhythm,
setting love free.

Tomorrow will bring,
another night,
down the pathway,
where love feels so right.

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people have been thinking of their financial situations 
wondering if they have them in hand
and in this day of global economic fluctuations
wondering about the futures they had planned
people have been thinking about their spiritual walk
wondering if they are only talking the talk
do they tithe enough? do they pray all the time?
do they study the Word? do they keep God on their minds?
to be turned by faith we need to readjust 
our lives in relation to the God we say we trust
to be turned by faith we need to make a move
and get into a whole new spiritual groove

we're so stuck in our ruts in most aspects of our lives
the same tired jobs, the same old friends, the same personal strife
we need to look at our lives through the eyes of God
and rearrange it by making a brand new start
to just step out of the boat without the anchor of fear
to trust in the power of Jesus and remembering He is always near
to be turned by faith never to lose sight 
of the Lord Our God's guiding light
to be turned by faith by being happier and physically fit
totally trusting in that which is the Holy Spirit

God has placed us here for a reason
and will use each of us in due season
we all play a part in God's master plans
just let your belief be the vehicle that delivers you into His hands
the road might be rocky and the journey will be long
just let God position you where you'll prosper and be strong
in the boat with Jesus on the troubled seas of life
holding on and trusting in the power that is Christ
in the boat with Jesus now under His authority
in the boat with Jesus now sailing on calmer seas
to be turned by faith towards higher ground 
now that your situation has been turned around
to be turned by faith to no longer worry about what's up ahead
to be turned by faith with a life that's now spirit-led
to be healthier and happier trusting in God to provide all your needs
to be turned by faith and knowing with God you will succeed

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Jeter Derek: the legendary champ
led the Yankees to a sensational victory,
defeating the Phillies
at City Field in the 2009 World Series!
And the crowds revelled
from their stands;
and he waved his hand,
and smiled proudly,
holding and cradling the championship trophy...
driving all the ladies wild! 
Jeter Derek made history 
by planning a clincing game,
over the opponents to break Lou Gehrig's record...
and all the thrill glowing on his face,
was also a thrill of mine!

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Puppy Love

“It’s just Puppy Love” they said 
As they sat by the lake that day
A young couple, fresh 16, enjoying time together
Tears fall as she refuses to leave him,
Never realizing, love can grow with time…

10 years later
The same couple on their wedding day,
Their young son carries the rings.
Tears of joy fall from her beautiful eyes
As she says the words “I Do”

40 years later
An old couple happily walks together, 
Slowly making their way
As they approach the lake,
The old man begins to breath hard
Confused the woman asks him what’s wrong?
“It’s just Puppy Love” he replied
As a tear rolled down his wrinkled cheek.

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Who's In Control as you Fuss and Fight

As their anger built and they lost control,
    It was like something evil had possessed their soul.
The words they said burned like fire,
    Seeking to hurt the other was their main desire.
It didn’t matter who or what started the fight,
    The ole devil had you this very night.
He set the stage, he set you up,
     As you both spew his venom as you sip from his cup.
Once it gets started it’s so very hard to stop,
     Hate breeds hate such an unrewarding and pain filled crop.
As you reach the point of no return,
     The devil will laugh as you feel his burn.
He wants your soul that’s his only goal,
     One marriage gone to hell another success story for him another mark on his 
If you want your marriage to stay good and strong,
      Give the devil a kick in the pants and send him back to where he belongs.
And over all the best advice I can give,
     Seek the Lord and follow Him in your daily life and the way you live.

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I dream that we'll be together
I'll be thinking about you
I see your smile
you dream about our love
we think about each other
we kiss
both smile
we make each other happy
I never dream of another
I treat you great
you treat me better
I know we'll be together forever.

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Like a setting sun
A new union blossom
Finding foot in a jagged world
Ocean tide cant wash it away
Neither time nor heat can wither her beauty
Paints with same colors in east and west
Speaks same language, intoxicates like wine
Down the valley, through the deep
Gentle like tortoise, unites like dolphins
Share in plenty perseveres in trials
Friendship, a treasure ship
A warm spring, a running stream
A passing sorrow, a lasting glory
A divine mystery ,a pleasant fragrance
An encouraging winter, a laughing summer
Friendship, a floating gem
Brightening a darkest day

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Simple Dream

I dream of such simple things
Such as birds and their wings
With the curves of each feather
And how they become weathered

I see the birds flying with wings a flapping
I understand how wings operate with no gapping
With push of a second the bird is in the air
This is how birds fly in the air with no care   

The birds in the air with freedom in their wings to fly out of trouble
Is how the bird feel with the wind pushing them up with force doubled
I get a happy when I see a bird fly
And I wish to be by their side so I give a sigh

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Tis The Season

As the children calmly sleep, snow begins to fall on this quiet Christmas eve. 
Mom and dad slowly find there way down the hall to pear in on the children all 
nestled tightly in there beds. Soon after mom and dad would retire to the front 
by the fire. Mom with her book and dad with his paper. They too soon would drift 
of into dream land. They all would dream of Christmases from yesteryear, here 
and now, and the future. Soon the anticipation would soon pass for another 
Christmas has come and gone. But don't you worry it soon will return with all it's 
shimmering lights, love, and laughter. And always remember tis the season.

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Don't Turn it Around, Turn it Upside Down

What do you do when life has got you down?
   Do you walk around unhappy sporting a great big frown?
That is the wrong thing to do.  
   Here's what I see for you.
Go stand in front of your mirror and look it in the eye.
   If you see someone that looks like a very unhappy guy.
Just start making silly faces at that person pretty soon you'll see a smile.
   Tell that person that you're looking at you should keep it for awhile.
Once you have that smile where it belongs,
   Ease out in the world and pass it right along.
Don't let life always get you down,
   Just remember how silly you look wearing that frown.
When you see a stranger on the street,
   Saying HELLO is a good way to greet.
And smile when you speak you'll see it work,
   You'll lose that reputation of being a jerk.
So go out there and make a friend or two,
    Is the best advice I can give to you.

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That familar brown-eyed boy
climbed the cliff the balmy hill
with his reversed red cap
and if it slipped off,
he'd pull it down his fair
strends of curly hair
while he listened carefully
to the cardinals's notes...
to memorize them in a melody
that he heard through the air!

That familiar brown-eyed boy,
passed by my open window
each afternoon after school
with his heavy pack-back,kind of small,
making him sweat and stoop;
he smiled and waved his hand at me...
his name was Andre,the gentle kid,
and he came from a modest family!

That familiar browned-eyed boy
whistled when spring came,
shouted with thrill
when the first snow fell
and ran outside of the warm house
to build another smiling snow-man!
Did you ever wonder at all,
what made him so happy?
Whether it was:  a bird's song at sun-rise
or an unusual,humorous game...
whatever it was, he had never told
his secret to anyone!

That familiar brown-eyed boy,
came down from the shady hill
when the tower's clock stroke six;
on his way home,he looked at red sky...
amazed by what his eyes had seen,
and tell his mom what a great noon it had been!   

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One Sweet Kiss

Why act blind against the night?
And mumble words against the dark for it wont break a loving heart,
and parting for thou not,
awaiting in the mist is a boy,
And shalt for thou wilt kiss?
And trembling not on his horse is where he stays,
As he rides away in to the fogy mist,
And promising to forever remember this,
As every time I shall touch these lips there shall stay one sweet kiss.

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On this blessed shore,
every gate opens wide around sunset and dawn,
and the foreigners flow waves rolling along;
all movements and images sketched
in linear prospective as if reality didn't exist,
permitting subsistence not to evade
from the sublunary harbor draped in aqua suede.

Many explorers from the Old Word
paid her a visit on slow vessels loaded with necessities,
in the hope of finding precious stones and gold;
and Columbus succeeded in his quest,
and all of these he brought back...
a new frontier was discovered and millions
flocked to these friendly shores with empty pockets,
but with dreams that would have made that young nation great.

On this blessed shore,
all are welcome if their character is good,
and the desire to get wealthy, with persistent sacrifice,
is reflected in their undisputed honesty and endurance;
Emma Lazarus wrote of these immigrants in her immortal sonnet,
which the wretched, the impoverished and the persecuted cannot ignore...
Read it again, doesn't it ask your libertarian souls to devour it more?

On this blessed shore,
peace dwells at a tremendous cost,
soldiers have gone to foreign lands to fight, 
so that it may never lose its God-given right...
to spread it beyond its bounderies for all nations to admire;
and the proud citizens sing their national anthem to enhance its worth...
how can a Nation, guided and protected by God, not rejoice in its freedom? 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Men are my chocolate candy, I like to take little bites, to throw away the flavors that 
i do not like
to nibble on the centers of those that I do.
I love to open the glossy box, ornate with a big bow.
I like to unwrap them individually and crumble the wrappers so that they will never be 
able to use them again.
I know that they are fattening and I know that they can rot my teeth, but I can not give 
them up.
i like the sugar rush so I unwrap them, poke the centers and put them back into the box 
waiting to be devoured at a later time.
     Men are my chocolate candy

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Mansions in the Sky

The Stars lit up the skies and nothing could I see,
Except these huge Mansions that fly in the sky.
Swirling winds picked me up and carried me high.
Making trails in the clouds it was just me.
It was breathtaking just to be,
Afloat the top of mansions that fly.
The Moon was bright and the Sun a bit dry.
They were huge and magnificent to oversea.
 Mansions in the sky that fly above it all.
Mesmerized I went in and found no end.
None were too small.
None occupied, not even by a friend!
Mansions that fly fill a brilliant sky,
All emptied but not by I!
© Copyright: Ann Rich  2006

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One True Love

My life was so rugged and blue
Until God blessed me with a gentlemen like you,
I stop believing in love, love so kind and so true
I started back believing the day I laid eyes on you.

I was so skeptical this time around
Oops! I'd better watch it I don't wanna fall down,
Down the road of loneliness and despair
Hmmm....will I ever find someone who really care?

Indeed, it did take a long, long time
But who would have thought that, you, this man could be mine,
The actual day we meet was in July
But when you went to Montgomery, I felt like I was going to die.

In Montgomery way up there
I came to realize that, that was nowhere, 
The days I came to stay with you
Made me realize all the more, this love must be true.

The time we spent, we spent it well
Gosh gee! that sounds like weddings bells,
Bells of music, joy, and laughter
Bells that could means happily for ever after.

After two or three days, I had to come back here 
The thought of being without you caused me to shed a tear,
I'm counting down the days that I would use certain initials
Praying and hoping that it would be Mrs. Jermaine Mitchell.

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              Nodding off in my dilapidated easy chair; a soft gentle knock on the door
           Stand and stagger to answer it; I kick an empty beer can across the floor.
           Bleary eyed I look through the peek hole, I don’t see anyone there.
           Slowly I turn towards the LIVING ROOM , shaking my finger in my ear.
           The noise startled me : TAP  TAP  TAP that’s all I could hear.
           Do I answer the door , or go get a cold beer.
           I turn back around ( I’m getting dizzy ) the door I quickly open wide.
           A dishearten young girl, nine maybe ten; three days dirt on her face:
                                                                                                       I CRIED

                                          ( to be continued )

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The Perfect Hand (John&Kelly)

More than a game, it was a heart from 
  a royal flush. I saw her every flaw which
told me her true hand. A slight twitch 
  in her eye told the bluff, as she tugs 
her earlobe and raises the stakes. I call
  her on the hand that would send her to
bankruptcy. She reveals a straight flush. I glance
  over my fool's hand and fold. It was only 
one heart away from a royal flush....At least
  thats what I tell my wife.

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Another On The Way

Seemed all was perfect,
in her carefree world,
an only child,
this perfect little girl.
Spoiled to perfection,
nothing she lacked,
a life to dream of,
everything right on track.
Graduation came,
the top of her class,
the gifts were many,
and so much cash.
She told her father,
I want to be a nurse,
but there is something else,
I have to do first.
So she joined the service,
she wanted to serve,
all her friends thought,
she didn't have the nerve.
Up in the ranks,
she started to climb,
such a caring person,
so hard to find.
Then overseas,
she had to go,
her future about to change,
but how could she know.
Into a hospital,
to check some charts,
she had no way of knowing,
someone would capture her heart.
When their eyes met,
she knew it was love,
a feeling like no other,
sent from above.
Now her father,
is tickled pink,
his baby's coming home,
wearing a ring.
Now she is busy,
nursing all day,
the twins are a handful,
and another on the way.

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this is love

A boy sees a girl
As their eyes meet, his naive heart begin to flutter  
A smile brightens her face, showing her full beauty
As the boy tucks his head in embarrassment, he pauses
Looking up at the girl he knows
He knows she will be something special in his life

A girl sees a boy
As their eyes meet, her fragile heart flutters
Her mind warns her of his reputation,
While her heart forces her to bear a smile
As her face turns red she pauses
Looking at this boy she knew
She knew there was something about him…

Now a man sees a woman
As their eyes meet, both lean in for another kiss
Their faces bear smiles, showing their happiness
As they both turn to walk away, they pause
Looking back at each other they realize…
This once shy boy and this once scared girl…
 Suddenly they know…..this is love!

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My Deepest Fear

My deepest fear is knowing one day you'd 
leave me
Letting you go on Sunday evenings

Saying goodbye or good night without you
next to me

My deepest fear is not being able to kiss
you goodnight 

Hearing your heart beat when you're asleep
Feel your touch; the warmth from your body

My deepest fear is knowing one day you want
even think of me

Is that I'll only be the guy that used to be
Knowing the love you put on me will never 
be close to me again

Waking up, going to sleep, living & dieing
without me

That's my deepest fear; I am already
missing you & your still here

My deepest fear is life without you...

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Funny Face

She looks kinda cute even when she is mad
yet, so composed when things turn out bad. 
How she smiles even in deep, sweet slumber 
that I love watching whenever I am with her.

Kids get sick, turns me into a nervous wreck,
she just smiles “Relax, hon, get some sleep”
and while I’m snoring totally lost to the world,
she lovingly nurses them with a heart of gold.

Next morning she whispers “How’s my man?”
what have I done to deserve such a woman!
I smile thinking her children really total five
the oldest of whom is fast approaching 55.

When I erupt like a volcano she allows me
then soothes it with “Are you okay, honey?”
“Now let's talk about this like sane people” 
leaving me chastened, a choleric old fool. 

I often wonder how she lasted long years 
living with my juvenile, explosive temper. 
I just count every blessing, this nut case 
married to a lady I fondly call Funny Face. 

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You can't undo what has been done. 
This bridge has burned. 
I crossed it weeks ago. 
The hour glass has turned over. 
Time has run out like a pen that has bled its last dot of ink. 
You can swim or sink. 
Sink into the whole you have created for yourself. 
It's irreversable. 
You can't go back now. 
No more looking into the rear view. 
Pick up your head or bury it. 
Your eyes have changed.
 I no longer see them shimmer with signs of hope. 
You are up against the ropes. 
You can't go back and rewrite the past. 
Quit looking back. 
I'll break the rear view just look ahead. 
Look alive or you're better off dead. 
What you've done is irreversable. 
Nothing can be changed. 
So pick yourself up and breathe in today. 
Don't look behind just keep walking straight. 
This path has been broken but only you can seal your fate. 
Pick up your head or just start digging your grave. 
Time is too precious to waste.
 The past can't be changed. 
Let it go.

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Lucky Man

An oopsie in the shower
between him and her,
left the little stick
with a new little wonder.

A baby on the way
is a scary, scary thing,
a new dad he will become,
to a bouncing Amick baby.

A new life for them
with mine, yours, and now ours,
two kids and a dog
and their new little daughter.

Tatum Michelle Amick
is a lucky little girl,
for she has my best friend
as the best daddy in the world.

Coming home to chaos,
her siblings and a dog,
growing up will be fun
with daddy by her side.

With lots of support around him
and freely flowing love,
Jeremy is a lucky man
to have three kids and a dog.

But the strength to make it through,
every single day,
will come from another, 
For, I’m sure, Tara knows the way.

Although my heart is saddened
because my best friend he is no more,
His heart has finally found
his wonderful significant other.

For Tara has stolen his heart
and her kids have declared him theirs,
Tatum now joins the circle,
Of a very lucky man.

Jeremy Wayne Amick,
Who I’ve known since 6th grade,
Congratulations are in order,
To my very best friend.

This is for Tara,
Whom I’ve never even met,
Take good care of Jeremy,
‘Cause he’s a man that need lots of help!

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All My Friends

My many friends, 
this is for all of you,
please know in your heart,
you are so important to me,
in this soup we brew.
Although miles apart,
we are only a click away,
visiting each other,
I love you all,
and I wanted you to know,
for so many times,
we forget to show.
You bring me happiness,
I become a part of you,
reading your memories,
when you allow me to.
Sharing your heartache,
joining in a prayer,
each one so special,
please know I care.
When one day is over,
and another begins,
I can't wait to read,
the new words,
of all my friends.

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Untitled #21 / Buscuits, gravy, sausage, eggs

Biscuits, gravy
sausage, eggs
salt & pepper
In mama’s kitchen I find
comfort food for my weary soul
a pleasant dinner surprise.

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Little Tag Along

This story is about a little dog called Tag Along.
   He loved and followed a little fat boy name of Edwin Armstrong.
The pair were always seen together where ever they went,
    He was the friend little Edwin needed, it was like he was heaven sent.
The kids at school always laughed at Edwin for being fat.
    But not little Tag Along for he’d have none of that.
When Edwin was in class he would patiently wait outside,
    Till Edwin came out then they played run and hide.
Little Tag Along would run ahead of Edwin in a game of tag.
    Then Edwin started noticing his pants would sag.
As months grew into years Edwin grew into a young man who was not fat.
    Because little Tag Along helped to rid little Edwin of that.
It was like little Tag Along knew ,
    What Edwin needed as he grew and grew.
When Edwin graduated the head of his class that once taunted and made fun of 
    He stood there to give his speech so tall and thin, while old Tag Along sat at 
his feet so proper and prim.
He said once upon a time there lived a boy,
   Who had no friends till Tag Along came and brought such joy.
The friend one needs to show him what he needs to do,
    To teach that life is not just something you hurry through.
He said we need to look past our noses and into their hearts,
   For he said that is where to me life gets its start.
Old Tag along knew what I needed more than any of you.
   And he showed me the way to overcome, what I needed to do.
He said I truly would like to honor my friend Tag Along first,
   Why old Tag Along sat up and his little chest started swelling you’d think it 
might burst.
Well old Tag Along barked to the crowd ,
    He just barked and barked real loud, you could tell he was proud.
Well Edwin and Tag Along left that day, 
   He and little Tag Along just packed up and went away.
I’ve heard reports that Edwin has made it real big,
    And that old Tag Along goes along as he checks on his fleet of rigs.

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Greetings weary traveler of the realm 
We welcome you with open arms and unconditional love 
Gaze upon the awesome beauty of creation 
Drink from the stream of forgiveness 
While we the keepers of tomorrow 
Cool your brow with the gentle breeze of compassion 
Walk with us down the lane of eternity 
Smell the sweet pine, taste the honeysuckle 
You have traveled far through the ruins of the past 
We have waited patiently 
All those you have ever loved are here 
Never again to regress 
They call this place Happiness 
Forever here you shall dwell 
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust 

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Poetry Soup A Wonderful Group

  Poetry Soup A Wonderful Group

To all my friends here on the soup, 
   you’re always there and such a caring group.
When my days are not right and sometimes dark,
   You’re always there to provide that needed spark.
Your comments I cherish so,
    They mean more to me than you’ll ever know.
You make me feel like I have worth.
    You give me a reason for being on this planet earth.
Writing poetry is all new for me.
     It gives me great pleasure it sets me free.
You guys are the classiest people I’ve never met.
     Your words speak wisdom and love I’m not done yet.
There’s pain and sorrow and humor too.
     People write of about everything they know or do.
I just want you to know, I care for you a lot.
     Just ordinary people of that I say to you, a special Thanks A Lot
I place you in a class above the rest, 
      You’ve won my heart, you are the best

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Notes For Falling To

I find myself falling, totally completely falling.
This feeling new and foreign to me.
My heart is being given to someone when I never would have thought it could 
happen again.
His voice floating to me over the phone line, so sexy, so smooth.
A lifetime to discuss, to listen to, to share with my love.
Falling for all he share's with me.
Falling for all he gives of himself to me.
Sweet, deep written words flood my in box.
Reliving that sweet anticipation as if Christmas morning as I type in my 
Nothing bittersweet in his words.
They're compelling, intriguing, a brutal honesty and thoughtfulness that I thought 
was long gone in this world.
Sweet nothings before bed.
Hugs and kisses to wake up to.
I know in this one I have found my place.
His words whether spoken or written lift me and fill me.
I do not doubt the trust I feel in this one, this joy and happiness.
Essays await me, expounding hopes and dreams when I felt unworthy to have 
them again.
Love is blossoming, growing, the petals of it opening up under the warmth of the 
I'm falling.
And I'm happy.
His words as soothing to my soul as his touch is to my skin.
I'm his.
I've fallen.

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Mom, I've written of you before,
I see you coming in the door,
I see the smile upon your face,
I feel the warmth of your embrace.

Even though you've been gone so many years,
I still feel those bitter-sweet tears,
I feel your hand upon my arm,
And I knew that you would keep me from harm.

Mom, when you left, God took you for a reason,
Your brain had been gone for many a season,
For Alzheimer's claimed that wonderful brain,
And now your mind was in its chains.

I miss you Mom-I always will,
For life with you held many thrills,
You loved to travel-to go on walks,
You liked to get up at midnight-and snack and talk.

Yes, I miss you Mom, but I'll bet one thing,
I bet you've taught the angels to dance and sing,
You and Al are probably doing the jitterbug,
While the angels cheer-then give you big hugs.

I'll see you Mom, when it's my turn.

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The huge sky overseeing the emerald and bluish earth...
wouldn't be the only sky in our incredibly diverse Universe,
if limited sight weren't the obstacle to the awesome images that surprise couldn't conceal;
but many more galaxies hiding their splendid suns and planets,,
are still unknown and Man, overtaken by such a magnificence, expresses 
himself in more atheistic ways not to compromise his own foolishness!
If we declare faith non-existent, cupidity can become our fetish... 
filling us with more rampant pride to enforce its hypocritical seal! 

More universes, like ours, lay dormant in their stillness,
" And will life be found on them? " is a question too inconclusive
that we can only answer by being so compellingly delusive;
more universes await the discoveries of the intelligent mind,
to lay out their awsomeness and beauty to discard the thought of finding life,
impelling us to preserve ours, not to destroy it by valiance or insanity!
Search history's events, are we capable of pursuing happiness...
without conquering and proclaiming our power with mighty armies?

In ancient days, they created unrealistic gods and goddesses...
not conceiving that the Supreme One wasn't a god in human form,
but rather the Invisible One, who often scolded them for their wickedness;
so in stone and marble they continued to sculpture divine faces
that the common people hailed and worshipped, and would they refuse
to obey their tyrant's wishes: their worthless lives would be taken...
and did Paul, the follower of Christ, go back to that cult so perverse?
We know, from the Holy Scriptures, he was converted and put down his sword...


More universes more magnificent than this one,
can be discovered and inhabited if they are livable;
and scientists are working hard along with astronauts to accomplish our dream,
and who isn't excited and show interest to take a voyage into the outer space?
Navigators ventured on perilous seas to attest that their concept was solid and real;
we, with more sophisticated computer science, are groped by the unthinkable!
Persuaded or not, discouraged or doubtful, researches must continue at our expense;
and what if we were successful, wouldn't everyone be taken by shock?   

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Hungry for You

I walked this path narrow wide or straight.
In the corners, voices are of many to bout.
Every single one just wants to get in or out.
But many felt beyond grandiosely great.
Tables turned and Sunshine came in,
They all took a twist and fell in place.
It was a madhouse at a race.
But again, traveling did begin.

One was to my left and one to my right,
I promised to bring some gainful insight.
I loved and learned taking a lesson or two,
Never say never, and to not forget about you.
I shall place a bet,
And time I shall set,
For a day to the side,
Where you can’t run and hide.
I’ll dance under Moonlit skies,
And behind I’ll be surprised,

You are wondrous to me,
You are such beauty to see.
In your heart I shall sit,
I’ll eat you alive bit by bit.
I am hungry for you,
And you are to.
So don’t sit and wait,
You may be too late.
I am by no disguise,
For, I am in your eyes.

From dusk till dawn,
My love I spawn,
It is you and me,
And forever we shall be


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Another Ava Adventure

On a modern playground out by the Bayou
no see-saws, no merry-go-rounds to be seen-
Too dangerous, I'm guessing as we head to the swings
and I push her to the tops of the trees
I sing. And sing:
"Yellow Bird...
High Up In Banana Treeeeee"
( I never pretend to sing in key but belt it all the same)
She loves it, swings higher, asks me to sing again and again.
Then it's on to the jungle gym and slides, slides, slides.
Today, the structure is a hot air balloon 
and we run like mad bandits, pushing silver buttons
and letting air out.
"What's our altitude?" I yell
"400" she answers back in a panic
I push the silver screw on my right and let some air out
"We need 180!", I say, "Tell me when we reach 180!"
When we finally avert that disaster, she looks out of the spy glass
and low and behold, we are about to hit a tree.
A palm tree no less, and those things hurt!
We both quick steer to the right - in unison.
Then, unexpectedly, our battery runs out.
I didn't know hot air balloons ran on batteries,
but she assures me they do - and she happens to have another
in her back pocket.
We finally find smooth sailing
and have a chance to look out.
Pristine blue sky.  Sun taking every edge off the Bayou's breeze.
Apple green grass and trees with limbs bending every which way-
not trimmed, not sculpted, just allowed to grow wild and perfect for climbing.
It's with heavy hearts that we land our balloon to come back to reality.
For a while, she tells me that the whole contraption is out of our hands
and can't land back down on earth - We're heading North North North!
Cold country!
But, after the five extra minutes we spend in the air, she agrees to go.
"I love you", she says.
"I love you too", I answer, "Thanks for playing with me".
She smiles and we leave with plans to conquer the big climbing tree on our next adventure.

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Cookin on the Grill


Just cranked up the old Bar B Que  pit.
    Didn,t want to start burning but I finally got it lit.
Fixing to throw on that brisket, just let it smoke.
    While I put on some potatoes and drink me a coke.
Got the water to boiling the potatoes are done.
    I smell that old brisket a cooking it sure is a big one.
Tater salads made and put in the fridge to get cold.
   Chopped up my salad and tossed it the way I was told.
Got roasting ears of corn in the pot in hopes they might steam.
   Carrot cakes for dessert topped with vanilla ice cream.
Them beans in the slow cooker, cooked all the night long.
    Big pan of corn bread, butter, and onion you just can’t go wrong
The brisket is done we’re ready to eat.
    Got a big glass of cold milk that’s tasty and sweet.
Y’all come on over pick you a plate.
    But you’ll have to get behind me I’m so hungry I can’t hardly wait.

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I've had my share of being blue
Now to have found someone true
He lightens my heart
Completes me in every part
He's a breath of fresh air
No one else could ever compare
He knows me inside out
The beginning of what love is all about
He's a blessing in disguise
A fool she was not to realize
Wash away all our fears
Here's to happiness, no more tears

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Dinner Can Wait

“I’ll join you for dinner, meet me by the bar at 8 o’clock” 
He recounted her saying this as she walked in the door late
His eyes lit up intensely when he saw her enter the restaurant 
His breathing was so sharp he thought he would hyperventilate
Wanting to approach her, he was afraid he would faint if he moved
So he stood like a statue and waited for her to come to him
She is exquisite with her fiery red hair and milky white skin
Ample are her breasts filling her dress to the brim, spilling over
Her hips sway sensuously as she glides to the place where he is frozen
There is a look of concern on her face as she approaches near
Realizing his rigidity he turns the corners of his mouth upward
The span of a man’s smile will fill the universe with love for an eternity
She smiled back at him and put her arms around his neck and whispered:
“Dinner would taste a whole lot better in bed, don’t you think Mister?”
As she gave him a wink, he felt reborn as he melted into her

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Don't Play With Marriage

Play with marriage, and you'll get hurt,
it's dedication, that will make it work.
Just like the wheels pulling a cart,
if one is flat, you'll come to a stop.
Fussing, and fighting has never worked,
it takes a long time, to heal those hurts.
Scares of the battles, where once you tread,
drug to the surface, you're sure to dread.
Does it really matter, whose right or wrong,
some things can't be fixed when you are all alone.
Now this does not  apply to all marriages out there,
only the ones where two hearts really care.
If you really love the one you are with,
hold them close, and give them a big kiss.
Start you a journal,
write everything down,
leave it lying, where it can be found.
Discuss your dislikes, 
and praise the good,
before to long , things will be the way
they should.

It may work, then again, it may not.
Follow your heart.

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Merry Christmas


The tree is made of mostly plastic and metal,
   With blinking lights above its plastic pedestal.
With ornaments of wood, plastic and glass,
   Decorate its branches amass.
A star that twinkles like the one in the sky above,
   Placed gently atop my tree with love.
With presents lying neath its outward branches,
   And children’s imagination as to what are the chances.
They weigh the boxes and gently shake them too,
   Hoping upon hope to just get a clue.
As wrapping paper gets slightly torn, accidental for sure,
   The children look so innocent and pure.
A gift is a gift no matter the price,
   If given from the heart it has to be nice.
With family and friends we gather around,
   This decorated tree where our love will be found.
Before presents are passed out we say a little prayer,
   And thank our Lord and Savior for the love that He shares.
Happy Birthday baby Jesus I heard someone say,
   You are the reason we celebrate Christmas Day.
May peace and joy and love fill your lives on this Holy day,
   And continue to guide you and show you the way!
Merry CHRISTmas to all, it came from a manger filled with hay,
   And gave His life’s blood so we all could receive the Kingdom one day.
Merry Christmas….

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Sorgum Syrup Making Time

My great grandpa Ash, such a tall lean man,
would make sorgum syrup, his very own brand.
He grew his own cane, and chopped it too,
he would bring out his equiptment, he knew just what to do.
That tired old mule, that had plowed all day,
was his best helper, he didn't have to pay.
The fire was built with the wood he cut,
and the canes piled high, was his very own crop.
That old mule would go round, and round,
until it squeezed out the juice, and it ran in the pan.
Early October was syrup making time, 
the whole family was busy, this meant a dime.
Early in the morning, until late at night,
he would feed the fire, it had to be just right.
Sometimes the yellow jackets would sting the mule,
and holding him back was all they could do.
Finally the syrup was cooked just right, 
it had to be stored, if it took all night.
Another syrup season had come to an end,
and grandpa Ash always had that big grin.
All the neighbors in the town of Branchville,
talk of him often, for they knew him as friend.

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There are some days when I just want to sit around 
During certain moments and just relax doing nothing. 
In my back porch I just enjoy all the views I can get 
It is so nice to dream away and just let go of things. 

This day is kind of nice and it is neither cold nor warm 
It seems like the perfect day and the sky has a pleasant blue hue. 
And as far as I can see now there's not even a single storm 
There's nothing in my life right now that could ruin this day for me. 

Well that's what I like to think at least especially in a pretty day like this 
But well all we know that nothing will stay in this life for us the same way. 
I remember all the good times I had and all the people I love so dearly and miss 
I see no butterflies fluttering 'bout my garden but still I am having a great day. 

I plan to get hold of some of my blank pages and then I'll seize my pen and write too 
There's something so wonderful 'round me that can't describe but that's the way I feel today!

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Get Ready, Get Set

Step into this dream called love,
where feeling of happiness,
are sealed with a hug.
Once so barren,
your soil unturned,
forgiveness now learned.
Share the message,
within your heart,
tomorrows new start.
Remember the hardships,
they have made you strong,
all the mistakes, all along.
Today is a new day,
the slate is clean,
many blessings to be seen.
Live your life,
share your heart,
get ready, get set, start.

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A Letter From Heaven

A little note to the ones that will miss me the most.
   I just wanted you not to worry I’m spending my time with our heavenly host.
He invited me to move in to this beautiful mansion He built.
   He said it’s next door to your mom, and yes she still makes quilts.
There is a million things here I can do.
   No more pain, and if you could see my new body, so perfect, so true.
Only in dreams could you imagine such a place.
   I cannot explain the awesome beauty of our Saviors face.
The most beautiful rivers and waterfalls abound.
   Only here in heaven can such beauty be found.
The trees are just loaded with fruit that are so sweet.
   They are for our enjoyment so delicious to eat.
If you wonder if I miss you, you know that I do.
   But I know I’ll see you soon when your days are all through.
Honey death held no pain actually it was a beautiful thing.
   You can put aside the fears of deaths mortal sting.
There is no sadness here or tears to be shed.
   Only happiness here will you ever be fed.
Well I guess I’d better go I’ve got things I must do.
   See you real, soon I’ll be waiting for you.

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I was shaving in the dark
hoping not to leave a mark
when I heard a voice outside of me 
Say, “hark!”

I first thought “odd remark!”
as naked I lay, stark
inside my bathtub,
shaving in the dark

“On a task you must embark”
continued the voice which first said, “Hark”
“We need you to go right now
to Central Park”

I then thought, “what a lark!”
& felt my curiosity spark – 
I decided then and there
to go ahead and hark

I wasn’t sure what harking was,
but I was game to try,
& doing what any good harkee does,
I tossed my razor by,
got quickly, slippery, out of the tub
and grabbed my towel to dry

But the harking voice said, 
“Wait a minute,
we do not want you dressed;
we want your body
and all your senses
by spring-eve winds caressed;
you must go down
to Central Park
(no one’s there, it is quite dark)
and stand before us naked,
and know that you
are truly, ever blessed”

“Okay,” said I,
“I’ll try.”


Stepping lightly through the dark,
I headed off to Central Park
& quickly reached my given destination

(On the way I passed a shark –
swear to God, I heard it bark –
or was that noise my own imagination?)

Now here I stand,
a naked man
& wonder what I’m doing

I obeyed a demand—
no, make that command,
& now that action I am ruing

For to tell the truth,
I feel quite uncouth
standing naked for the viewing

Of one & all,
both short & tall
(Dear Lord I hope I’m snoozing --

Then this would be
a fantasy,
from which I’ll wake refreshed
to find it all 
within my mind
‘cuz I’d gone to sleep undressed)

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Sail Away

Come sail with me,
yard sale, yippieee.
Love um, love um,
all of um.
Can't get enough,
yard sale stuff.
Goodies galore,
that's for sure.
CeeCee loves um,
just like me.
I guess we are two,
yard sale hippies.
Before the sun,
we are ready to run.
We come home with a load,
things we gathered out on the road.
Sometimes we sell,
but mostly we buy,
we can't stop,
we already tried.
See you there.

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I Am Blessed

I'm just a little Southern Gal,
and not much I do possess,
but after all is said, and done,
I know when I've been blessed.
You see, fancy clothes do not matter
to me,
and a fine new car, I probably will
never see,
and when I die, I know I can't take them
with me.
The only thing, that is really mine,
upon God's spinning ball,
is the love within my heart,
and He shares the gift, with one,
and all.
He gives me what I need,
although I have questioned Him
many times,
why do some have so much,
and I squeeze every dime.
Then the answers are revealed,
to my unseeing eyes,
your mansion is in Heaven,
and these things don't matter you seek,
then I know what God has given me, will always
be mine to keep.

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To Be A Poet

Joined together by words, and thought,
poets united, and an audience sought.

Revealing emotions, from deep inside,
some are published, while others try.

Friendships growing, with each passing day,
bonding through words, and what they say.

Call it a talent or maybe a special gift,
words written from the heart, to comfort, and lift.

Poets be proud, whoever you are,
mark your course on a bright new star.

For without them, a silence would fall on the land,
God's gift of a poet, to each woman, and man.

Write from your heart, and love what you do,
a lifetime of memories are waiting for you.

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what true worship can do for you

one day a cargo ship lost control 
and crashed into a busy commercial pier
the determinant cause of the accident
was a lack of daily maintenance and care
for when things don't get the proper care and maintenance
an accident might occur, a possible catastrophic event
as everything man-made has a work safety history
accidents don't usually occur serendipitously
for anything to stay in good working, it requires a routine of daily care
like when It comes to worshipping The Living God, we must always be aware
that God gave us His daily bread, He provided us with a most glorious meal
a feast that we should dine upon until The Holy Spirit becomes in us instilled
don't think that going to church one day of the week you will get you spiritually fit
for there is no fast formula nor remedy you can take in order to get the Holy Spirit 

what true worship can do for you
just look at any faithful Christian man
see how The Lord has worked in his life
then you might begin to understand
that living daily in the presence of God
will cleanse your heart and occupy your mind
true worship of The Living God 
is a daily supper on which to dine

your salvation is in The Lord's hands 
He's in control of everything
your situation is also dependant on God
plus what to the table that YOU bring
there is no short cut nor a quick fix
if you want The Living God to be in the mix
so maintain your spiritual fitness
stay fined tuned with daily prayer
and a heart that is true
meditate daily on the Living Word 
and see what true worship can do for you

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Where's Your House

I found a place they called it pride.
    Where buried friendships they abide.
Across the street lives stubbornness.
   In this house you’ll find no bliss
To my left, the house anger built.
   The grass is brown, the flowers wilt.
In that green house there where envy grows.
   There’s mighty strange things that comes and goes.
Jealousy lives just to my right.
   They’re hardly seen except late at night.

Around the corner, you’ll find happiness.
   In that house the family hug and kiss.
They’re garage they say is filled with joy.
   I wonder if it’s just a ploy?
The house is painted white and trimmed with glee.
   A welcome sign placed on the door, in letters bright for all to see.
Mrs. Goody- Two- Shoes is that her name?
   Always with a smile, just what’s her game?
Mr. Hotsy- Totsy thinks he’s so cool.
   Always trying to tell us about a golden rule.
I wished they’d move and do it quick.
   Their yard is so nice it makes me sick.
I do not like them they’re just too nice.
   Everything to them is just sugar and spice.
I wonder why they chose this neighborhood.
   No one here likes them, they’re just too good.
Go back where you came just let us be.
   I’m happy being unhappy, can’t you see?
I can feel sorry for myself if that’s what I choose.
   So mind your own business I’ve got nothing to lose.

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Fitted In

You didn't roll a  wagon up to bring an apple pie.
The neighbors haven't come from miles to raise a barn up to the sky.
We didn't have to ring a bell to call your buckets to a fire,
'Cause when we had three surgeries, our hearts you did inspire.

Big homegrown chickens delivered in vans
And well tended veggies from your very own hands.
You spread your wealth with lots of love,
Always showing to our hearts the spirit of the dove.

The girls' Christmas dresses you made meant so much.
Our year was filled with your own special touch.
You handled, and cradled and poslished our kids.
Reflecting to them that their precious and His.

When that very last cent just couldn't be found,
You quietly gave and got us around.
Your cars, your time, your patience and laughter,
Have hellped us stay focused on what God is after.

He loves us and wants us to always draw near
And just like real families keep "bending" His ear.
Keep telling our heartaches and singing our joys.
Keep giggling and playing like small girls and boys.

We need to snuggle up close and hear His heartbeat,
So we can help those who live in hurt and defeat.
It is to God's family they need to belong.
For only in Him can the weak be made strong.

For those who are sensible and those who are "not so"
God keeps on reminding us - we've not far to go.
So "press toward the mark" are the words i our ear.
Don't turn to the left, or the right, and don't fear.

Jesus is all that we ever will need.
But here is the message He wants us to heed.
It's "us" and it's "we" - blood bought and in Him;
It's sticking together through thick and through thin

We are His children, His friends and His Bride.
We stand and we wait, and by faith abide.
Always, forever, His glory's inside.
We are His Body; We can't be denied.

Although we are grownup, He wants us to be 
Trusting and confident, knowing we're free.
He'll carry it all; both our burdens and us,
And longs, most of all, that we never be anxious.

He is our King; yet He's Daddy, friend too.
He made us; died for us; and will see us through.
Because of this promise and His love in you,
We are established, remain steadfast, and true.

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Out in the meadow, a shadow stirs,
A thought brought back from many wars,
A love which has lasted for many ages,
Comes back again to haunt her book's pages.

She puts down her pen, lost in thought,
A shadow flows under the door as if it were sought,
The thought of love, long lost, steals into her heart,
And she gasps as she recognizes her Bart.

She had had visions of him since childhood,
His name was lost, but not his warm love,
In her dreams, they chased each other out in the woods,
They would scream and play tag as long as they could.

Now he was here- her love of all ages,
Coming to her with the help of his sages,
The wise men of old, the young of today,
Had brought him back again and here he would stay.

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Through These Eyes

Through this journey,
I call my life,
many a beauty,
has been seen,
through these eyes.
My course not chartered,
during my younger years,
which led me to heartache,
and many a tear.
Loved ones have passed,
but sweet memories remain,
through this sorrow,
much wisdom I gained.
Trying to recall,
all the paths I've been,
the ink would empty,
from my many pens.
All this, and more,
make me who I am,
and I am bleesed,
To  still be around.

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The Wind's Soul

The wind once whispered a calming song
Describing the importance of every second that ticks away
It spreads a tale all over the world
Yet, some notice that lovely rhyme

It is so harmonious that it has so many doves
Accompanying it wherever it flew
For it adored the beautiful rhyme

Kids run along and play with it
Chuckling and laughing so loud
But, as they grew up, they simply forgot
About the grateful friend they had
They drifted to work and never had the time
To rest and listen to its song

It waited for someone to come and play
But they never appeared
It got so sad and lonely 
That blisters approached
And tears dropped from the sky up high

One day, the wind heard a chuckle
And a voice that called from down below
Quickly, it flew to observe and discover 
The source of that pure voice

At the front door of a house
A kid stood waving at the wind
Inviting it to play with him

A smile appeared on the wind's face
As its song played so loud
And the life of happiness filled it again

It met new friends that adored to play
But, it was afraid it'll lose them again
So, they carved on a tree
Their names so clearly
So that they'll never forget
The times they spent
Playing in the open field...

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Memories Captured in a Song


An old song just came on over the radio, 
   And it took me back to a happy time so long, long ago.
I was young and so were you,
    Two foolish kids having fun and not knowing what to do.
Reaching new heights as our love we shared,
    Searching forbidden places as our excitement flared.
I never dreamed our love would last for forever more,
    As I think back on that night we spent together on that sandy shore.
An enchanting night as you gave yourself to me,
    That night was made to capture all our memories.
A short time later we became wed,
    A whirlwind romance that won’t last is what they said.
Nearly forty years have passed so I guess they were right,
    We haven’t reached eternity the love we pledged that summer night.
But you know it just made our love grow strong,
    As we fell in love listening to the words you said was our song.
You said that song must have been written for just you and me,
    It captured our love forever that night, Thanks for the memories!

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Don't Ask Me Why

Don't ask me why, I don't love you,
my mind has changed, since we said, I Do.
So many tear drops, fell down my face,
just watching time pass, nothing has escaped.
Lies, and lessons, I've heard them all,
I try to remember, the good about you, and
what was it, I ever saw?
Now I'll be leaving, gotta get outta here,
quitting time for me, is very near.
The same old nothing, you offer me,
those wore out yesterdays, I'll soon be free.
Don't ask me why, I don't love you,
just ask yourself, what are you gonna do.
My troubles are over,  I'm changing some things,
starting right now, with you, and me.
Don't ask me why.. No, don't ask me why....

Now I'm ready to fly..

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Into the shadows,
where darkness dwells,
an affair of mystery,
she must never tell.
So quiet she waits,
her heart pounds so,
his touch still lingers,
her heart is aglow.
Into the stars,
he carries his love,
on a  beautiful night,
they can't share enough.
When daylight comes,
her heart still sings,
remembering the passion,
he always brings.

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The first colors of Fall

Today I saw the first colors of fall
reminding me 
Summer isn't endless after all;
As the leaves slowly land
they take with them 
the best Summer I ever had;
the double date to Six Flags
an outdoor movie for charity
and a few blockbusters at the Multiplex
having fun seeing friends
visiting everybody;
Swimming all day at the pool
going to Baltimore to watch Tool
and of course the trip to Ocean City
wouldn't trade that vacation for anything
yes today I saw the first colors of Fall
but my memories will keep 
Summer 2007 endless after all

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You are the sunshine, my ray of hope,
with your words, I can cope.

You are so distant, yet close in my heart,
a friendship was born, right from the start.

Nights of comfort, you give to me,
You're my best friend in poetry.

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If I Could Go Back

If I could go back, and redo some things,
my first correction would be learn to sing.
Not with the voice of a Nightingale, but my deeds,
the joy of giving, and enjoying what is around me.
The early years are lost somewhere, now time,
has taught me lessons, on ways, once blind.
Others in need should have been my concern,
but when younger, these things I did not learn.
Older means wiser, at least for some,
when I was a youth, boy, was I dumb.
Me, Me, Me, what about me,
thinking all the presents were mine under the tree.
Now things are different, I want to help,
one little chance, with the time I have left.
Help the hungry, coats for the cold,
and a nice warm bed, and plenty for the old.
Yes, time snuk up on this wise old girl,
as I was living so selfish in this timely world.
These are my thoughts, my private dreams,
and now I'm wiser, I'm on God's team.

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Love Is Not Certain

You will know if he is the one,
your heart may tell you, turn and run,
but love is not certain, it has no
guarantee, what is to be, will be.

Don't let the past, shadow your mind,
love is sometimes, blissfully blind,
a mountain is made for a better view,
remember this, when he comes to you.

So my friend, don't be afraid,
take that chance, for you never know,
he may be the one, who will love you, 
and with each new day,  his love will grow.

Keep looking to the future, forget the past,
especially the parts where love was trashed,
you are much wiser, you have earned that claim,
all men are different, none are the same.

He is out there, waiting for you,
open your eyes, and your heart too,
and when you see him, just take the lead,
two loving hearts, in a search, to be needed.

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A Long Time Ago

A long time ago our leaders led,
and thanked the One, who provided 
our bread.
A long time ago, we the people could speak,
and be proud to stand on our own two feet.
A long time ago, children could play,
and sleep at night, without worry a stranger
might take.
A long time ago, a man protected his home,
without the worry of being robbed if he was
A long time ago, our teens had chores,
not fancy cars, cell phones, and still
expecting more.
A long time ago, fathers were the boss,
and no one disputed at any cost.
A long time ago, women could cook,
their only stove was fueled with wood.
A long time ago, was a long time ago.

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See You

If I had a capsule for all to enter in,
the doors would be opened for my family, and friends.
A capsule of happiness, full of joy, and cheer,
so serene, you would never feel fear.
A place so beautiful where rainbows thrive,
an abundance of everything, waiting inside.
Love for your brothers, and sisters too,
people of the world smiling at you.
Imagination I have one, and I love to share,
but God has this place, hope to see you there.

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To Each Of You

My Christmas wish for all of you,
is that your smiles are many, not few.
The path you take, on your journey through life,
will bring you happiness, and your nights be bright.
Velvet will be the cushion, that breaks your falls,
and rainbows of beauty will follow you all.
You will have peace in your heart, that we all search for,
while any shadows that linger, will be gone forever more.
This is my wish to all my friends near, and far,
our distance may be great, but we gaze upon the same stars.
Merry Christmas from the South, to every corner of the world,
each of you are so precious, Soups finest, diamonds, and pearls.

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I become who I am through my experiences
What happened yesterday develops into I am today
How I perceive events will be how I think
Who we are today was shaped by yesterday mishaps

This is what life is all about good an bad
It is how mankind has grown through the eons
It is also we grow in our lifetime
Who we are today was shaped by yesterday mishaps

Our surroundings and event shape who we become
Without them we don't develop,we become stagnated
Our emotions and personalities are self centered
Who are we are today was shaped by yesterday mishaps

The tragedies, screw ups, and even the happy moments
All shape our thoughts and response to other
We learn patience,compassion,love and even understanding
Who are  we today was shaped  yesterday mishaps

It is something through our hurting others that we need to grow
By seeing the pain we cause we expand our world to let them in
When we experience our pain we can relate to others
Who are we today was shaped yesterday mishaps

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Troop 108


As I sit and throw sticks on the fire,
    And watch as the flames crackle and grow higher.
The fire illuminates the shadow of the trees,
    Giving them an eerie look especially when the limbs are moved by the breeze.
They take on a monstrous effect as they move to and fro.
    Which sets the stage for some scary tales and ghost stories don’t you know.
Well the kids were all excited, their eyes were big and bright,
    Hanging on to every word and anticipating the on coming fright.
We told of the headless horsemen and how legend had placed him here,
    And how he would ride right into camp and threaten everybody there.
And as he stood there amongst you the youngest would always disappear,
    And the only trace would be a pile of bloody bones which usually were found 
quite near.
One of the troop leaders had placed a roll of firecrackers inside a hollow piece of 
    It was tossed into the fire in hopes it would go off when it should.
It couldn’t have been more perfect the plan went without a flaw.
     The explosion caused the kids to holler and scream and cry out for their ma’s.
Now they’ve got stories they can tell to friends,
    About the night they were trapped and nearly met their ends.
Goodnight troop 108 as they scurried on into their tents,
     Ready to face tomorrow and face the main events.

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Time To Analyze

The shadows behind us are in the past,
 love. pain. and disappointments,
with strength they will pass.

A broken heart will mend in time,
every new day brings more closure, 
and this you will find.

Dwelling on things, that have hurt you so bad,
then it's time to make those changes,
that don't leave you so sad.

Seek your peace in another place, 
whether you be alone, 
or find someone else.

None of this matters, if your life can't rejoice,
no one knows better than you,
when it's time to analyze your choice.

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My Testimony

As I look back on the life that I led,
I realize I was unhappy until I found Christ and through Him my life was fed.

Like a song I once heard I wondered aimless living in sin.
I just plowed through life refusing to let my Savior come in.

He was always there Gods gift of love,
Gods only Son sent from heaven above.

To cleanse our spirit and wash us clean,
To share His Kingdom of peace and love so wonderful and pristine.

So stubborn I was when I was young,
Bitter and tormented with a vile speaking tongue.

I knew of Jesus and what He was about,
But the devil had control and thus I was filled with doubt.

It was a mighty long journey before I surrendered my soul,
And accepted Jesus and Heaven as my ultimate goal.

The first few months after I accepted Jesus as my guiding light,
The devil got mad and put up one hell of a fight.

The devil hates losing especially someone he used to control,
It took a lot of prayers to save my soul.

A couple of months after I was saved I was practically bedridden for a couple of 
I couldn’t even speak or walk just mumble and stumble for no reason as friends 
began to pray.

These mighty warriors of God I feel is what saved me I know in my heart.
No payment was required as my friends were only doing their part.

The presence of God is so real you’ll not change my mind.
An awesome love for all if you’ll only look you surely will find.

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When I Look Into The Mirror

When I look into the mirror
   I don't see who others see, I dont see who I want to be.
   Their are two vacant eyes staring back at me in wonder
   while a wind quite more like a breeze blows away my reflection
   that was but a cloud of dust. I see many meaningless remains, particals
   that block my view as doth a heavy fog and I turn away in disgust
   for the meaningless is all that I see. Understanding has evaded me.

When I look into the mirror
   I dont see any beauty, I don't see any confusion.
   I see many misunderstood tears falling from those vacant eyes down 
   cheeks of nothingness only to evaporate into wonder.
   I've gone astray and the way I see no more, the wonder is that of
   wonders within this emptiness that takes hold of me. If my way
   I can see no more, how is it that I am yet led?

When I look into the mirror
   Beyond the blown away me through the remains, particals of dust,
   I see a flicker of light not yet clear and my doubt quickly drives it 
   away. Yet somehow now that I no longer see that which was but a flicker 
   of light, I see a light which burns as doth a torch.
   Deep inside I feel a strength forming and it's telling me of a
   Love that is unlike any other and that this love, loves me.

When I look into the mirror
   I see before me one who is unworthy yet encompassed by a love
   so very strong and quite unmeasureable to a mortal as I.
   This love unlike any other speaks right to my heart as it's heart
   reaches out to mine. It rests upon me even in my darkest hours.
   Just when I feel that I can no longer hold on, this love that is 
   unlike any other shows to me it's hand of mercy that will never let me go.

When I look into the mirror: 
   Those meaningless remains, particals that blocked my view as doth a heavy
   fog, I see no more. The light that burns as doth a torch can never be
   extinguished, it will burn brighter with every flicker of light
   that my doubt may drive away. It is not the fuel by which this torch burns
   but it feeds the flame as it's hunger is devouring. Unquenchable it seems.
   Fueled by that Love that is unlike any other.

When I look into the mirror
   I am within loves heart and I wonder how loving me can be so simple 
   for this Love that is unlike any other? 
   I see truth and understanding standing beside me, my heart is clasped 
   tightly in loves hand!
   A sinner indeed yet loved so simply by Love that is unlike any other.

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Midnight Waltz

Dazzling twilight
Sparkling starlight
Ocher lights all around
Heavens are chanting
Nature is prancing
Anticipating concerto sounds
Zephyr tantalizing
Music harmonizing
Grand flora sway lofty in a row
Nightingale ready
Standing steady
Awaiting her cue from the Maestro
Gesture is given
Moment for singing
She shares an inspirational serenade 
Welcome midnight waltz
Tonight, no faults
Night dances in a splendid cascade
Sonata swarms
Tranquility warms
Finale’ is here. Morning’s first light
Evening in awe
Heaven applauds
Bravo. Fortissimo.
Thank you. Goodnight.

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The Home


How many journeys have traveled across that floor?
   How many goodbyes were said on the other side of that door?
If these walls could speak can you imagine their tales,
   And the sights that were envisioned where these windows prevail?
It’s just wood and steel and a little stone,
   Sometimes it would be left to itself all alone.
It has seen the growth of a many a child,
   Has seen new construction completely restyled.
Has known cold and death,
    Has seen newborns draw their first breath.
Has sheltered many from the cold and the hot, 
    It still stands peaceful today on this two acre lot.
Many holidays and families it once held,
    But overall it was a home where happiness dwelt.
It took on many different coats throughout its many years,
    Known so many smiles saw so many tears.
Much, much more than just walls, windows, and doors,
    This house has known love behind every wall and on every floor.
This is so much more than a house it has reached the ultimate goal,
    It is a home, something that contains its very own soul.
Something that feels what you feel,
    Something that has a love to share that’s real
Something that will watch you grow and let you leave,
    As it captures your memories and keeps secrets you wish not to conceive.

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To Be A Dreamer

To be a dreamer is the greatest gift,
your path may change, on this splendid
Challenges will come, teaching you patience,
and love, not to be confused, with greed, and
To be a dreamer, will warm your cold, empty bed,
when loneliness surrounds the night,
holding only dread.
A fountain of youth, is within your grasp,
as the years fall in numbers,
reminding you of your past.
Music drifting softly, across the starlit sky,
awakening that arousal,
of dormant feelings gone by.
Dreams, and desires, walking hand in hand,
caressing emotions of life, only a dreamer
can understand.

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Friends Forever

May our friendship last forever
May I said upon your sea
May we go through life together
May there always be a we

May I be in your endless sky
May you breathe my gentle air
May you never wonder why
Each time you look for, I will be there

May we be for each other smiles?
Like a warm life-giving sun
Yet when we're in pain while may are suffering be as one

May we share our special days
The happiness is one is for two
And if we must go our separate ways
Let my remain wtih you forever

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Soups On


Sometimes I come and just sit and read,
     Some write stories we all should heed.
My old buddy Jack Reed well he writes a lot,
     And I say if it makes him happy then why the heck not.
Then there is Christy her words somehow reach out to me,
     She writes about things that are interesting to see.
There are so many friends on soup I’d like to name a few,
    There is Rhoda, Beth, Alexandra, Vince, Carol, Sharon, and then there is Sue.
All you guys really mean a lot, I treasure you as friend.
     CeeCee, Karen, Ruby, Louise, Wilfredo, Heidie, and Patricia, I’m still not quite 
to the end.
There’s Sean K. and Carmen P., Joe D, and John H just want to say thanks for 
encouraging me.
     There is some I’ve left out on this list you see.
And I apologize it wasn’t meant to be.
Vince and his brothers were honorable military men,
     And I just want to thank them for what they did back then, 
If you ever need prayer I think I’d call on Louise to say a word for you.
    And there are many other ladies who’ll do the same thing too.
Just a super thank you for being a friend.
     You guys have made an everlasting impression that will last till the end.

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Children are a gift from God;
It is wonderful to watch them grow from an infant to an adult;
Watching them experience life from crawling to learning to drive.
However, they can be a challenge at times;
When they refuse to eat their baby food,  or do their homework.
A parent's job is to teach children right from wrong, and hope they take those 
lessons wherever they go.
I would recommend everyone to have children and experience the happiness 
they bring into one's life.
God's gift of children is the most incredible gift he could bestow upon us;
We as parents should cherish the time we have with our children and not take 
their lives for granted; they can be here today, and gone tomorrow.

Anita Faye Miller