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Narrative Friendship Poems | Narrative Poems About Friendship

These Narrative Friendship poems are examples of Narrative poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Narrative Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Story to Tell

A heart read and quoted by many in this lifetime Battle scars that remain and yet shielded by a peace of mind Walked several miles and traveled while teaching others how to embrace Remains courageous, faithful and strong with persistence in any given case Blindsided by those who are willing to love and cherish her to the end Silence becomes her guard, her armor, her protector, and best friend Tears of pain, and sorrow, all of which are from a past memory Times shared, lost and gained, the negative days are history Mental pictures are drawn from imaginations that lead her to an untraceable place Recruit no one, for life has taught her that there is no room for more mistakes A mind reader that has established herself to be two steps ahead Portrays an interesting novel, a world kept secret unread Admire her dearly for her patience, wisdom and knowledge untold How does she continue to live life so freely far from her empty soul?

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My Favorite Devonshire

  What the Quack!
I dont want my poems in Poem Zoo!

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My White Lace Tablecloth

I washed my white lace tablecloth and hung it out to dry
The bleach did the best it could-it was worth the try
'Though no one else can see, the stain still remains
As old as time itself 
Stubborn as mildew rot

One false step, one careless word forever etched in time
Travels the universe, endlessly
In search of a place to rest  
What would I not give to reverse that step
To retrieve that hateful word

Tread lightly in your daily walk, o'er hills and valleys in between
Plot well your steps and weigh your words
So you'll have nothing to regret, like the
Unkind words carved deeply upon your heart
I wash my white lace tablecloth again, again and again!

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Recent events in my life have made me think about love
 and saying the words ‘I love you.’
My father was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer
Every time I see him and mum I say how much I love them both
  - one day soon I will never be able to say those words to them again.

The words ‘I love you.’ We use them with our partners in a romantic way, 
maybe we don’t say it often enough and just take it for granted that they 
know we love them.
I say ‘I love you’ to my son – maternal love – to me it is simply the best feeling 
in the world 
Close family – we love them but in a different way to that of our partners 
and children.

Darren Watson’s unexpected recent illness has made me appreciate how 
lucky I am to have wonderful friends and I just want to let people know 
how very special they are to me.

You may have noticed that I always sign off my comments
 with ‘Hugs Jan xx’ – two expressions of love
 and we all need a hug and a kiss from time to time.

Jan Allison
22nd August 2014

I have reformatted the poem a bit so you can see my words in full

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My Favorite Devonshire

Myself All that I am I could dye my hair to please you Yet I won't A little mascara might Make me attractive Although the value of my gift Cannot be measured in wrappings I will not sing For you But create a harmony and hope for consonance And I will dance With you To the melody of our song Accept All that I am I could paint you as my knight in armor But fantasies vanish with sunrise We could play together Yet games must end And the unity of the game Will dissolve Leaving you And me All that we are And acceptance of each Written by Carolyn Devonshire
Carolyn Devonshire-Who is she? A great author,a widower who loved her husband so much,and a daughter who loved her father just as much.She is one of my closests friends,can easily be called family...and so lucky I am to have met her.Carolyn was one of the first soupers who always left me a comment of encouragement when i first started writing here.Our friendship grew stronger through time and so our love for poetry. Why do i love this poem so much? This poem from Carolyn's first book 'Visions of Devonshire'definitely speaks to my soul. The value of who we are,isn't about how we appear to be,it isn't about making ourselves perfect,nicer,It isn't about changing our identity..Its about being who we really are. Carolyn's gift cannot be measured in wrappings'..Its her inner beauty which makes her shine.Her friendship ,love and loyalty to others is what makes her so special. Its not all about the outer beauty of oneself,but what is on our inside which really makes us who we are. The knight in shining armor,the Fantasy,the dream might vanish with sunrise, the game will end too,leaving all that was in yesterday behind,but finding who we are once again,and accepting each other for who we were and always will be. Thankyou Carolyn for this poem, Your gift lies within you.. It cannot be measured in wrappings..So true! and the biggest thankyou is sent your way today for just being you.. Dear Gwendolyn..thanks for the brilliant idea.... Big hugs... Charma

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My Favorite Devonshire

Past-Life Nightmare
A child of four suffers recurring dreams,
disturbing parents and siblings with screams.
When she awoke, always sore in one knee;
next to a birthmark, it throbbed painfully.

Night after night she feared going to bed.
What caused these nightmares that raged in her head?
Even when grown, the torment persisted,
so a therapist’s aid she enlisted.

“Hypnosis,” said he, “might offer some clues.
Why not try it?  You’ve just bad dreams to lose.”
Once under, he guided her to a room --
here people’s lifetimes in books were entombed.

“Find one that is yours,” her counselor said.
Quickly she did, but before it was read,
she felt an ache, saw just a faint title.
The words, she thought, said “Alister Bridle.”

The hypnotic trance now suddenly broke;  
puzzling questions “Mr. Bridle” evoked.
For many years she thought that was her name;
perhaps a past life had been filled with pain.

Who was this man?  She simply had to know!
Seasons passed, summer suns made way for snow.
In Florida now, 1998,
she thought all the nightmares she had escaped.

But strange dreams always catch us by surprise --
when the lights grow dim, our minds fantasize.
Cloaked in velvet, she left her parents’ farm,
stealing away on a late autumn morn’.

To meet her love, she climbed on the carriage,
knowing her folks would forbid their marriage.
Warm-hued leaves carpeted the hillside road,
and her pulse beat fast; she’d soon join her beau.

She thought only of him; joy cast its smile,
but that’s when he called, “Alice, the bridle!”
The leather band broke and wrapped ‘round her knee.
To the ground she was pulled; her horse ran free.

She met death, but past-life dreams recycle,
and she’d never been “Alister Bridle.”

*Based on real events I experienced.
--Carolyn Devonshire


I first read this gripping narrative as an entry for my contest & I
felt chills when I read this-& to know that it is based on real events makes this even more amazing for me. I placed this 2nd place in my first ever contest :D.

For me (& I think to so many others) Carolyn has a real gifted pen-- she can write just about anything & truly evoke emotions within you. She writes about realities of her life & she can take you with her. So Carolyn, continue writing your gems & we'll continue enjoying them :)

Also, thank you so much for all the wonderful comments, they're truly heartfelt & that's one of the things I love about you. Hugs & love!

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And The Road Begins?

Mornings are dreadful time in life unless waking beside gorgeous woman hopefully 
a not married one  husbans can be such a downer.
And when ya wake to a warm beautiful creature by your side.
And the first thought that comes to your mind is i wonder whats for breakfest.

Then ya probaly cant read the menu to start with and desserve 
to have a oversized weight lifter re arrange your ribs.

Im a southern man once means several things  non of which means im normal.
And this morning finds my yerning for a trip and widespread  mischief.
My amigo had vanished after are trip south of the boarder I remember saying 
to myself as i watched him  running naked across the dessert  being chased 
by the flying monkeys  he was surley seeing after his consumption of a foreign substance 

There goes a fine american.

I would have ran after him  but  but i didnt want thoose things to turn there attention to me 
I herd they had a thing for southern  actscents.
And theres nothing  worse than a bunch of horney flying monkeys trust me 
Ive delt with this problem  befor.

and being it was happy hour i knew my slightly insane amigo would understand 
in all his naked glory.
Besides  I left him some sneakers  and a sixpack.
And kept his credit card for safe keeping.

Naked men have no place to keep credit cards and I figured he was in no state to handle 

So as i sit  behind  the wheel  ready to to get lost in the madness of fast food and
  the ant hill of insanity that is wall mart i turn my thoughts to vegas.
For where would a lost nude slightly insane person  run to and feel at home.

I had turn the music up to drown out the sound of whoever was in the trunk.
I figured if i had put sombody in there  in a drunken moment.
It had to be for a good reason.

And so with slightly hungover mindset are road begins.
and so with that do the games also.
And i figured hanging around with a cops wife wasnt the smartest idea.
That and im allergic to bullets.

My muse and 16 year old spirtiual advisor had phoned me to say that.
I probaly needed to Invest in the spirt of Jack Daniels  today.
And hey she had went to church more than once  so who was I to argue.

With a five five spitfire by the name of tinker.
so with A unknown companion in the trunk not helping my hangover i was off
to the races  Untill next time kiddies. 
Adios and im off to find my amigo.

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Lonely Violet Eyes

I'm running late, they will be waiting...
A busy much to do..
I should be going...the clock is ticking
I'll stick my head in, a quick hello
no need to linger, ...and then I'll go

I grab my keys, and make excuses...
She seems confused....unduly quiet 
Oh dear, it's useless...

"You must try a piece of pound cake. Made fresh this morning"...
"I'll put some tea on, no need to hurry"

(The clock is glaring.....I need to scurry....)
(My life is busy....this day's been crazy)

"I must not stay long.....  a late appointment"....  "I have to go"...

         (Oh dear, it's clear, she tries to hide, sheer disappointment!)


She taps her cane, across the floor,  her smile is kind...
She walks behind me, to the door

I have started to say good-bye,  my hand on the knob
"Want to see my violets?" she asks quickly
How could I refuse?? 

We walk to the screened porch near the back of the house.
Sitting proudly in the sunlight of the northern exposure
Eleven small pots of glorious blooming African violets, 
Several shades of pink, purple and blue
The most beautiful violets I have ever seen...

I express my sincere admiration
Her anxious look melts, and turns to delight...
And happiness and pleasure has taken years away from her eyes...

I ask her what is her secret to growing such beauties....?
"Yes...please tell me"......"Oh.....leftover coffee grounds? How interesting".....
           "Please tell me more...."

        We sit together the rest of that afternoon on the porch...
                      Have tea, .........and the most delicious lemon yellow pound cake.....
                         And as we talk .....
                          .... I can't help but notice....her eyes are beautiful
                                               wise, and beautiful....and the color of violets...


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When The Bottle Lets You Down

Can I ask a question of you my friend?
   Have you started drinking from the bottle again?
You look so down it’s clear to see.
   What you really need is to be set free.
The answer to your problems they won’t be found.
   Coming from that bottle you just put down.
You don’t bend your elbow you bend your knees
   Trust me just once He’ll hear your pleas.
You’re hurting so, I can feel your pain.
   There’s a way out, and it’s so very plain.
I was where you’re at not long ago.
   But I had someone who wouldn’t let go. 
Now I want to be that someone that you can turn to.
   Help to guide your path and the things you do.
Are you really proud of your life thus far?
   Drowning your sorrows in some dim lit bar.
How many times were you too drunk to care?
   Well I can relate, yeah I’ve been there.
You thought you lost it all, that’s just not true.
   If you trust in Jesus I guarantee you, He’ll lead you through.
We all make excuses for the things we do.
   He’s heard every excuse there is a million times or two.
Quit trying to blame Him, He didn’t put you there.
   You know I’m right, But you just don’t care.
Listen little bud, you’re like a son to me.
   I care for you very much, I just want you to see.
I know I led you wrong for many, many years.
   Now you’re carrying all my demons and most of my fears.
I know you care for me a lot, that’s very plain to see.
   Now turn it over to Our Savior, let Him be the one to set you free.

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Daniel the Conqueror

In a land far away was a family with two boys
The oldest loved sports the youngest only toys.
You should be like your big brother the father would always say
It’s time for you to toughen up and leave this childish play.
Yes Quinton was a fighter, loved games of every sort,
But nothing did he want to do more than play a sport.
Daniel he was meek and mild a softie like his mother
He hated when his dad would say, “Be more like your brother.”
Hurt and down he took a walk up on a rocky hill
Throwing stones hard at the water, he let his anger spill.
Why doesn’t my dad love me? Into the air he cried,
Kicking rocks with fists curled, tight against his side.

Meanwhile on an island far across the sea
A leader spoke to the animals, almost like a plea.
Legends say a leader from mainland shall appear 
A strong and faithful warrior, a boy that has no fear.
How shall we find this man child? Asked the animals out loud,
We’ve never seen a human said a yearling really proud.
The Albatross said strong and brave, I will bring him here
I know he isn’t very far, I feel his presence near.
The bird flew out across the sea searching high and low
Wondering where he’d find him, the boy they needed so.
There; high up on a hill side a warrior stood so tall,
He knew it was the chosen one, for he could hear him call.

Now in a flash he swooped down, grabbed Daniel real fast
The albatross was thinking, I’ve found the boy at last.
Daniel he was screaming as he dangled by one leg
Flying over water yelling let me go I beg.
As they neared the island, the animals all gathered round
Watching as the big white bird, let their hero down.
Welcome said a racoon, we’ve waited here so long
Today we’ll have a party, let’s fill the woods with song.
They sat all night telling horrible tales of an enemy they feared
And all felt a little safer now that Daniel had appeared.
I’m not the hero you think I am, there’s been a bad mistake
And a little bunny looked at him, you must be for my sake.

Daniel fell in love that night with all his new friends here
None of them made him feel bad, they made him feel so dear.
For their sakes I must beat this foe, an enemy, a disgrace 
Making sure he never comes back to this peaceful place.
For days they planned together, what everyone would do
And when the varmint showed up they stood up to him too.
Instead of running and hiding, they stood together tight 
The badger lost the battle and ran home fast that night.
The wise old owl thanked Daniel for ridding the beast at last
Conquering their worst enemy, who now is in the past.
On wings of love the hero left his friends on the islands strand
When Daniel went back home that day, he had become a man.

The moral of my story? With a little love and trust,
Everyone can be a hero, we are more than clay and dust.
Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Carol Eastman’s Contest: 
Fable to the Rescue 

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Lunch With The Girls

.                           "Listen first, the voice in your head"

Mmmmm, …if we can catch the waitress’s eye, we should order more iced tea…
Can hardly believe it… Joan is still complaining about her in-laws….
Peg interrupts, excusing herself to go to the ladies room
What was that about Barb’s husband burning breakfast? 
It must have been funny.., the way everyone is laughing…
Oh well…
          My eyes wander to the window….
          I see some geese in the sky
          Heading north...oh my,…summer has gone so quickly…
          I must get the family together and go out to the lake one more time
          We'll take a picnic, and let the children feed the geese...
          I'll take a loaf of bread just for that,....... 
          But we'll have to watch the children..
          Last time one goose chased Suzanna, and she fell down, ....
          …made her cry,…poor thing
          It is so beautiful on the east shore….hopefully the water isn’t too cold
          Maybe the children can still enjoy a swim…yes…we must do that soon….

Oops,  she’s back from the Ladies......
I'd better scoot over, to make more room,.....
Hmm..looks like she's done something different with her hair...   
Joan is still chattering about her weekend with the in-laws.....


          How I long to be back at the lake again….on the beach in the sun….

           Oh there…outside the window…a whirlwind has gathered up a few leaves
           Already rust and brown…edges curled with the touch of autumn
                    Yes, ….summer has gone so quickly…

....                  ....                ....                     ....             ....                  ....

For the Contest: Summer's End

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Reporting Live across the World

Reporting live on the soup, with Americas MOST. WANTED. POETS.
 Standing here with our host John, 
With an exclusive update on criminal poets, captured and on the run.
Switching over to you John,. "Thank you P.D., lets give thanks to all the 
P.M.W. tipsters, and our lovely F.B.I. agent Andrea Dietrich (Andy) & U.S. 
Marshal Shirley Harrison (S.H.)

Capturing 1 infamous fugitive Nikko Palmario, a comment crusader going contest crazy. 
Christopher Brantley, still at large U.S. Marshall (S.H.) says, "This brilliant fugitive leaves no 
trace." A dangerous poet posting comments longer than his poetry. Leaving a distinction of 
excellence in any short form.  P.M.W.tipsters Demand to be brought down to poetic justice.
P.M.W. Tip, led Marshall (S.H.) to the most notorious blond bombshell on the soup.
Captured on her vacation Linda Marie Bariana, lost control of her blond moment.
Paralyzing her laptop with sand. Covering to other crimes with to much poetry rhyme.
Her # 1 crime, entering a dark poet contest, to bad for this SWEET HEART who shines.         
Wanted in all nations Lynette Chachere a realistic poetic criminal against reality & dreams.
F.B.I.(Andy) Says"Our sweet Lynn, carries a weapons against all Enigma wonders."
A shameful crime to bring down a poets spirit with an intervene of her intense poetry.
F.B.I. Most wanted poetic lunatics, Billy the Kidster, with a Mental Poet Disorder.
A maniac on the rampage, a poet who lost it, with a crime slamming himself.
F.B.I. Most wanted viscous fugitive Christopher D. Aechtner, alias Vomiticus Grammaticus.
This former Canadian elusive bad boy, topping the hot list, a harmless poetic threat. 
Dakarai Cobbs, a 30 year old soups spot robbing thug. F.B.I.(Andy) Says "We offer 1 million
For the capture of this accused space invader aka the Sonnet man.
A poetic gang banger posting out of control, with a drive by of 130 hits in less than a month
Nathan Dilts, at large with the biggest search in poet history. 
A terrorizing poet implanting each poet with frightening thoughts and images so twisted.         
Making his followers absorb his evil poetic plots, while connecting center of dots.
F.B.I.(Andy) Says he is a mastermind with explosive & twisted thoughts.
Marshall (S.H.)Says "there is nothing we won't do to take his Poet License away.
  ((sorry no room for the Poet Destroyer))
Back to you P.D. "thank you John, there you have it soupers a few top criminal poets."
Reporting live on the soup P.D., all across the world enjoying our poetry security

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Do The Math

On the banks of a river under the nest of a dove
He looked into the eyes of the girl that he loved

She was simply as beautiful as beautiful could be
He was bitter as the salt, which came from the sea

But something about him she could not resist
Perhaps it was the tender way that he kissed

They were truly as happy as two kids could be
Sitting there on bank under the shade of the tree

Sharing all of their dreams and all of their hearts
Not knowing their parents would soon tear them apart

She told him if I can’t have you no man will have me
Those words that she spoke were true as could be

She turned to God and he turned to dope
I guess each of them needed something to cope

She became a Nun a beautiful heavenly flower
He became a convict with a shot callers power

Throughout their lives as the story is told
Each held the other more valuable then gold

Friends to the end regardless of the path
Its all very simple if you just do the math

Written for Elaine's contest

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Tea is Served

In a lovely corner of her garden, 
 a trellis was curled with rose climbing vines,
  and something enchanting, had been designed, 
     from an ordinary day on a warm afternoon.

Tea would be served, with her large knuckled hands, 
to a bouquet of her friends, and some neighbors of mine,
by the most gentile’ lady, I have ever known…

She made it seem like days of old, when decorum was in fashion, 
      before composure, and poise,.. had become scorned and cold
          where propriety still mattered, as precious as gold.
Lilting voices would chatter like the birds on the wing.
Ringing with laughter,  across fragrant grass, 
Flower frocked ladies, around a few scattered tables. 
Linens and laces, under ashes and maples.
Silver coifed hairdos, with apple cheeked faces, 

                    And me?   There I'd sip.... quite out of my place... 
                      watching it all, from the cool dappled shade.
There were delightful surprises to meet the eye…
Delicate confections, cucumber sandwiches,
made by her hand, just for the occasion.
Fragrant branches, covering the veranda.…
Rose petal blossoms, painted on china.  
The most beautiful tea set, oh, how divine it was! 
Envious eyes, covetously pined for it!

She wore a floppy garden hat, a dress of mauve, and there she sat.
Her weathered skin, her cheeks of rouge... a smile to love, would have too,...
She had lived a war, and more than one.....iron strong, a generous heart
Knowing eyes, and sparkling wit, 
She would hold your hand in hers and smile,... listen well, of that I'm sure
  and then would sip and chat awhile, of this and that…
                                                         and you would learn of love somehow

I sipped my tea, and watched it all, and never thought of future things. ~

For now I sit here all alone…the chatter gone, the birds have flown.
Where once her charm, her love of life
the grand old ways, have slipped away…gone are those days, she loved so well.

Soon after, in the autumn chill…when word soon spread that she was ill 
      I was away, and never knew.….I hope, oh Lord, she was not alone ….

And looking back …I think of that….. and how strange the fact….. how odd it is…..
that something owned by someone grand, a china cup, so delicate, 
                                                                                 so fragile in the hand,
can last beyond the grave...intact,….
                    although a dear, enchanting friend, her life would have to end…..

                                                     ~ ~

For Contest Sponsored by Just Archaic Poet:  Song choice- "Tea For Two"

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First time at PoetrySoup Cafe

As I enter, I look around taking in how the seating is arranged.  Not merely looking for a place to sit and rest or eat. I am looking for a place to study. No, not from a book or laptop or tablet. But from those around me. 

I look for a seat that will set my back to a wall. Not because I am afraid of whats behind me. But merely because if a wall is behind me or better yet a corner I will know that I have a view of everyone. If I can view everyone it is less likely  that I will miss the story they have to tell. Everyone here has a story to tell and I for one would rather not miss a single one.

I believe that all stories have merit. Whether it be to entertain or teach a lesson. All stories deserve to be heard. That is why I am here. That is why I came.

I came to listen and observe. To hear every story. To be entertained and Learn.

I may even tell my tale. Maybe even a story or two. Though I am not as eloquent or well versed as others here I am new and I am learning so bear with me as I will with you.

As I spot the seat I am looking for I walk over and before I can sit I am welcomed by Thomas Simunsen and several others. I apologize for not getting their names because my memory is crap. They laugh and I immediately know I like here, especially when I find out they serve beer.

I order my beer and I sit down.

I listen and I drink.

I sit there until closing time. Never did really want to leave.

But leave I must and come back I shall.

As I walk home I hear my stomach grumble. I realize I never ordered any food. I just sat there nursing my beer all night, listening as everyone told their stories.

I may not have eaten any food while I was there but I realize I am leaving with a warmth and fullness of spirit that will bring me back for more.

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Just A Li'l Drop In A Big Ocean

As Dr. Sharma recently quoted “I'm just a li'l drop in a great big ocean” AREN'T WE ALL! But some rise above the rest and are remembered Some are content to be just one of the crowd It's a matter of what we're comfortable with Some just don't realize the impact they make On those they come in contact with And how much they influence others To lead a better life and become a more loving person There are so many unique people here on the Soup That this most definitely applies to They are the sweetest, most loyal friends That anyone could ask for They make my life complete and a treasure There are no words to describe how their friendship Has made my life happy and content LOVE TO YOU ALL!!! © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Allison Ellison Bond

Found a new friend, her name is Jan Though we live an ocean apart The bond between us is as strong as any I've known Our names are similar, our love of life is similar We both love to laugh Feel so blessed that our paths have crossed These kind of friendships are unique They don't come along everyday When they do, we must hold on to them for dear life Never ever let go Life is a very short melodrama Must remember to make the most of every moment That's why a friendship like ours Is so very very important Blessed is the Allison/Ellison bond © Jack Ellison 2014

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Broken promises /Lost Whispers

There She was,all by herself in the room,lying on the bed,
The dim lit lamp reflecting on the white linen curtains,
making enough light for her to read,but she was not reading.
Her thoughts were carried so far away,on a journey filled 
with velvet ebony skies,and dancing diamond twinkling stars.
There She was,lost in awakened dreams,thinking of him.
Thinking of his  gentle whispers in the scented breeze,
thinking of his fragrant cheek brushing her own,
as her perfumed lips evoke deep passion,as they kiss.
She loved him as She had never loved no other,He adored her.
They were sweetheart lovers of forever,they lived the promise,
The promise of having only each other,They were so happily in lust,
in  total care and understanding,They were so much in love.
She molded his face in her fantasies and smiled,but then she cried,
Yes,they were so much in love,but that was Yesterday,
that was more far than yesterday.Today the spell was broken,
Today She was alone,Today,He was in a woman's arms,
the arms which were not hers,and today he kissed the lips,
someone elses lips,The soft spongy lips which were not her own.
The smile faded from her face,and a warm tear drop brushed her cheek,
wetting her feathered pillow,the dream was over,all left,a memory,
a ring still on her finger ,a reminder of him,a reminder of when they hugged,
of when they loved,a sweet sad memory of the broken promise.
She put off the light,trying to sleep,Somehow she could still hear the engine 
sound of his car,passing through the winding path,passing so close to her 
green painted antique door,so close to her heart,yet, so far away.
She stood up from her bed and went to shut the wooden refined window,
She couldn't shut it, somehow she couldn't do it,and She had to put on the 
light again,somehow she needed him to know, that little light would always flicker,
and somehow she still wondered,If his burning flame would ever die,If deep down ,
in the lost whispers of his soul,He still lived up to the promise,their promise,
the promise of  being in love forever more.

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Butiking Pasas

Sa kisame ng bahay, itong si Butiking Pasas
Ay minsang nakipaglaro sa kanyang mga KAIBIGAN
Kanyang inaliw, mga pakpak na kumikinang, pumapagaspas
Binola ang bawat lipad na kay panglaw
Habang sa isip, may nabubuo’t nakaambang kalokohan
Tila naiinggit sa kanilang kakayahan

Nang hindi na sila nakatingin, tumalikod lang saglit
Nagsimula ng ibuka kanyang mapinsalang bunganga’t bibig
Nilantad matatalas na dila, na may malaasidong laway
Na tutunaw unti-unit sa kanilang katauhan

At sa isang kisap mata, dila’y pumulupot, sumalaksak, 
Nilunok, nilamon sila ng buong-buo, walang kamalay-malay 
Sila’y kinitil, nalinlang ng mga matatalim na SALITA,
Kawawang mga KAIBIGAN…
Kanilang magagandang LAMANG LOOB…
Tuluyan ng nawasak, nalusaw

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Beneath A Cold Jeweled Sky

Standing together on the upper deck
she clings to my arm, as if I might hold her up…
I am too young for a woman, too old for a child
But I feel so calm, ….strangely so…, 
And although she’s older than me, by far
The terror I see in my mistress’s face
brings a sense of surreal, that could bring a smile
if not for the horror surrounding us now

The news of an iceberg had rapidly reached our ears
It spread like fire, from lip to lip
Those ghostly white faces, wild looks of despair
Desperation unfamiliar, to the privileged faces
My aristocratic companions of this ill-fated ship

All through my tender years, as her handmaid, fulfilling her whims
wiping her tears, mending her hems, fixing her tea
laying her clothes, drawing her bath…wondering,  wondering
did she know who I am?  Did she see beyond, my uniform
The worn out girl,…. the hireling....?

     We are near the small boats, only room for one more
     Her life jacket, seems so out of place in the crowd 
     Over her sparkling jewels, the fur-lined coat

     But suddenly, she looks so oddly serene
     She….removes her fur coat, and wants to exchange
     Her fur for my old tweed….I don’t understand….
     She slips me the life jacket…and squeezes my hand
     Helps me adjust,…..and then quickly pushes….
     And into the small boat….I’m crushed with the masses

     The last time I see her….she smiles and she waves
     For a moment as equals….so boldly brave
     She knows what I’d longed for….what I hoped and I dreamed
     She knows who I am, she knows and she cares
     She is staying aboard, it is too late for her...
     And I scream! Oh my God!.....

               I can’t hold back my tears..….

Inspired By Tracie's Contest: "My Heart Will Go On and On"

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1-15-10 look into my eyes

i caught your eyes on me. dont bother to look away. ive already noticed. i wish i was 
brave enough to stare back. it doesnt bother me, just makes me curious. what are you 
thinking? or are you just observing? try to figure me out. but you wont. because youve 
only met the imposter. you havent stopped to look into my eyes.

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Within these walls…
Fragrant aura of comfort
Freshly washed baby hair and sweet breath;
Passed around in soft pink pajamas
Laughter and wit from older minds;
Even though the stories are well used
Awkward ramblings of youngsters;
Still testing their wings
Warm delicious wafts of seasoned meat
And sugared pies
From a kitchen full of women;
Sharing recipes and secrets while sipping Chardonnay
Rambunctious giggles from upstairs;
Playing children’s games in pretty clothes
While piles of coats, hats, and purses
Sleep soundly on the guest room bed;
Along with one gray tabby cat
Crisp fallen leaves dance with shimmering snowflakes,
The first of the season
In a chilly November breeze
Just outside the door;
Painted a vibrant red
Illuminated by glowing amber post lamps;
Stalwart sentinels for our
Within these wonderful walls

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Blinded by "Beauty"

If only she had known.
Then maybe she would have saved you.
Maybe she wouldn't have turned her back.
So that you wouldn't have to face this all alone.
She swore to him that this would never end.
Another lie, if only he had seen this coming.
The water overflowing.
A beating heart lying exposed.
Left to die alone.
And she turned her back on you.
With zero regards for the consequences.
She only thought about herself.
And the shadows casted so thin at first.
Leading to an overwhelming darkness.
What  could he have done to prevent this?
Where'd she go when he needed her the most? 
Another question going unanswered.
Just look what you've done.
You place the blame on everyone but yourself.
Trying to cover up all of these lies.
Your jaded veil, a facial disguise.
You left him for the vultures to feast upon.
Oh my God.
He would give anything to escape this shattered place you made his world.
Will he ever make it out alive? 
He's craving something new.
Something to open his eyes.
Sick of being drowned by a traitor in a once beautiful disguise.
I'm coming for you tonight.
You'll never make this out alive.
I'm sick of your bull####.
Unimaginable lies.
This is the death of you.
You've forgotten what it's mean to breathe.
He let you get to his heart.
He let you wrap your hands around his soul.
But now his life is in my hands, and I will break the chains of your control.
You'll never make it out alive.
You'll never You'll never make this out alive.
Is this the end?
The end of you?
I hate to say I told you so.
Don't tell me this is not what you want.
I'm taking ahold of this.
I stand in front of you, you've become a mute.
Not saying a word.
I will set my ground.
And without a sound.
I'll pull the trigger to save a life.
He will now make this out alive.

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Autumn Evening

Tonight I found friends
Not in human form but;
In the land, sky and nature.
I strolled along a country road,
Taking in what the 
Good Lord bestowed.
The sunshine, green grass,
Birds of the air.
One could almost hear
Our Father's voice in the
Gentle breezes.
A deer ambled 
Out on the road,
Not noticing I was there.
Thoughts of Him that put
Us both there.
The locust sang their
Songs in the trees.
The glorious afterglow
Of the evening, as the
Sun bids a farewell 
Good Night.
Oh, thank you Lord 
For friends like these.

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Lover's Love Lesson

You’re the one who taught 
me the words “I love you”
without the fear of losing you
even though my biggest fear 
was that I always lose people close to me
you broke down the barriers
just to reassure me,
that we’re in this together…

You are the one that
always came back 
after being chased away
after being stepped on
you’re the one 
who embraced me when
we were both scared about the unknown
when were both scared of the fight that lay ahead 

You are the one who 
endured the pain with laughter
to stop me from worrying,
even on your worst days, you hugged me
and said “It is okay, I’ll be okay”
that’s all it took for me to know
that you’d never leave me
even apart, we’re still one…

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Dear Friend

From my heart to yours,
you are a precious man,
from the very first time,
I read your work,
it was not hard to understand.
The trials you endured,
the pain, and the tears,
locked away,
you found your Saviour so near.
Let no man or woman,
who dwells on this earth,
spit on a heart so sweet,
all I can say,
is they have the nerve.
Walk tall my friend,
may the wind,
always push you forward,
and pray for the lost,
and the foolish cowards.
I don't know what was said,
or who is to blame,
forgive them dear friend,
and ask for the same.
We as a people,
have a journey of our own,
each, and everyone,
should know right from wrong.
Continue on your path,
you have much to do,
and remember the devil,
will use a few.
I call you friend,
as many here do,
and from my heart to yours,
I wish only the best for you.

Michael Jordan, you are a special kind of man.
One that I am proud to call my friend.......
One if ever needed would not turn his back...
I have never met you, but I can say,
actions speak very strong...for you are willing
to reach out, and me, you have what it takes
to be a lighthouse for others....

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Super Soupers

I love this place,
it puts a smile on my face.

Super Soupers, writing away,
making me smile, and wanting to stay.

New soupers, joining everyday,
a super place for poets to play.

Old friends, new friends,
all joining in.

We are so blessed,
this is as good as it can get.

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Forbidden Love

A love so forbidden
A feeling so tangible yet tainted.
Tainted because if the complexity 
of this charismatic feeling 
Flesh of my flesh
yet I crave this man 
as if it were predestined.
I've seen him in my dreams
He was sent to me, and I him.
How can this be.
Is it lust, curiosity, 
or is it the forbidden fruit.
Looking into your eyes everyday 
and I see the man that I long for. 
The man I crave, the man I want
the others to be.

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A True Diamond

My friend is a diamond, with facets radiating her shine,
as pure as the finest, you will ever find.

I know in my heart, I can always depend, for
her beauty is sincere,  not only on the outside, but in.

Few will ever know, the worth of a true friend,
but if ever a contest for one, I know she would win.

I love her for everything she is, and what she does for me,
this beautiful woman I call friend, thank you, Cee Cee

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He Loved You

He loved you too, you know
Loved you like his very own
In away you were
You came into his life as my friend
Through the years you grew to be my brother in arms 
Along the way you became the son he never had

He loved you as a friend
He loved you even more as a son
A son he never had
When things began to spiral out of control
You stayed when so many others ran away
You helped when I couldn’t

You meant a great deal to him
You never looked at him differently 
Nor did you treat him differently
You stood by his side
When he fell, you stood by his side and mine
You were willing to help me fight his battle for him 
You were there from the beginning 
You were there until the bitter end
Always remember my friend, my brother
He loved you more than you’ll ever know

Dedicated to close Family friend Rodney Howard. He loved my Daddy just as much as I did/do.

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Wild Flower

Wild Flower
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 In Death Of A Rose by Nate Spears
Rescue this sunflower
It's capable of being a ray of light
Nurture it, value it, and love it
Its petals are more delicate than they appear in sight
 A wild flower it is; but it displays beauty
The facts of its species remain unknown
Its fight to reach its true potential is admired
It’ birth to existence is undetermined
 It’s roots shows trauma
Its presentation brings hesitates to potential caregivers
No one's prepared to take a chance
This flower is destined to win
All earthly roots sprout from above
At some point in a life’s span; we could use a kiss or hug
 He who refuses to display any element of the wild
Is merely real
An artificial representation of life
Stuck in Styrofoam surrounded by fake moss and dust
No breath, no soul, non-existence
A human being choked from an outer dimension.
Rescue this wild flower with love.

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Dancing Coins

Will you accept?
Not a challenge 
Rather an invitation
Let us explore each other's thoughts
Are we oil and water?
Will we have a meeting of the minds?
They say men and women are not the same
Do we both not bleed?
Do we not see the same sky?
Smell the same scents?
Strive for the same things?
I extend out my hand
I beg you, please don't turn away
I am trusting you with a part of me
Let us dance
Twirl along the page

A part of me and more
I lay here at your door
Your proposal is sweet
Oh, let our minds now meet
An invitation to dance
Is such a golden chance
To let rhythm and rhyme
Keep us dancing in time
Gender does not matter
Perceptions we will shatter
When it comes to poetry
We are the same entity
With words we are in love
Touched by inspiration's dove
We exude beauty fair
As our poetic souls we bare
My words a gift to you
You know just what to do
Oil and water don't combine
Each is unique and sublime
But they mix when making bread
By which hungry minds are fed
A sweet blessing our words bring
We can make the heavens sing

Like you, I am a lover of words
Looking for diamonds to capture light
Each word placed creates our delight
A symphony of colors shining bright
In the end I have a spirit of oil within
Long ago I permeated my lover's skin
She and I are now a we
From her comes the sweetness you see
You and I, opposite sides of similar coins
Separate, yet in subtle ways we are joined
Two coins jingle, create a sound
Tossed to the sky yet still Earth bound  
As we share what's on our minds
Only heaven knows what treasure we will find

Treasures don't lie on the ground
Buried deep, they must be found
The one with a passionate heart
Will get all, not just a part
Opposites attract, I'm told
Our poems, treasures of gold
You have stories and I have mine
Poem gems, sparkle and shine
Your love speaks to you; mine to me
Our ballads of sweet harmony
The treasure is this, our dance
Unsure, we still took a chance
You took the lead, steps just right
This dance with you, a sheer delight!

A joint poem with my friend Eileen Ghali, thanks for the dance.

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My friends and I had midnight hide and seek
One had to stand by a tree and not peek
In my state of hiding great I was hard to find
My friends decided to just be unkind
They all got together and decided to hunt me down
I first hid in the river near my house and almost drown
When they walk close by me I silently move through the grass
It was very hard to see, but I crawled a long time and almost ran out of gas
Then I heard one say that they were going up and wait by the tree
I had an idea that made a way to make them see
A shadow that ran in the distance thinking that would be
I had my horse pull a little manikin to make them think it was me
My friends took their flashlight and shined it toward it
I thought I had them but one thing was clear they did not fall for it not a bit
They all laugh and started to call out my name
They all asked how the heck did you have time to pull that trick that was so lame
I did not answer so they kept on looking for me, but I was so quick 
Some of my friends started to get really mad and tick
I was a master of doing weird things they all knew what I can do
The night was still young and the grass was collecting dew
I decided to make a distraction once again
To think of it, it would probably make the night end
My friends finally surrounded my tree house
I was quiet, so quiet, more than a mouse
I had some rope in the tree house to make my escape
To distract them I made a loud noise like an ape
The tree that my tree house was in was at least forty feet up
I had some stash in my tree house a drink or two in a cup
My final hour is about to end I did not want my friends to catch me till I got to the tree
I took the rope and tide it on a branch and pushed off and that was the key
I landed on the garage roof and sneaked my way to the tree
My friends knew me to well that they plan things before I could see
They had a fish net ready for me to step into
I thought that was kinda wise and some what like pew
The few feet by the tree there was two of my friends that was ready
Up in the tree they both jumped down and pulled me up in the net fast and steady
They thought they had won, the person had to tag me before I touch tree
She ended up having to get something to stand on to reach me
I swung my weight back and forth till I ended up touching and the game ended
My friends and I were so full of surprises and that is what the game handed

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My Best Friend is a Polar Bear

His name is Roy and he is my best friend. We spend hours each day pretending to swim. If only he could catch a single fish like the rest of his clan. We swim circles upon circles trying to catch just one. Oh he gets so discouraged and then I give him a pep talk. He was ruined I believe as they held him in captivity. And the visitors would continuously feed him lollipops and Snickers. I promised him that if he could just spend more time swimming around the fish that they would begin looking tasty to him.

An old oil rig lay ahead. Perhaps we will find some people food and he could be calm once again. 

Roy, oh Roy! What am I gonna do with you? I should simply call the zoo keeper at the Antarctic Zoo! They could come and pick you up with one of those space ship-sized submarines. If there really was such a place!

Oh Roy, oh Roy! Perhaps we could find a really wealthy family and they could hide you out in their back yard pool! Now that’s a great idea too! Or I could teach you a few good jokes and you could do stand-up comedy. Now that’s a great idea! Or I could help you get your own cooking show! Sushi with Roy! You’d be an instant hit with your cool personality! 

Okay, now back to my reality. I gotta try to survive out here too! It’s about two hours now to high tide! I’ve got some serious fishing to do!

Gwendolen Rix

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JUST BEING NICE It is not that you were lying Something I do realize now That you were simply trying To just be nice, some ole how Let me point out here what I see I mistook your words of promise As something that might actually be Not a pile of dreams I hold as fondest Those things you say right to my face Like really dancing with me someday Or taking me out to eat at a fancy place It’s like you lead me on and that’s okay Because your thoughts are meant for good Saying what will keep me happy to be suffice Not to intentionally hurt me, you never would I understand now that you were just being nice I bet you wish I could find something else to do Like getting someone else to share my life with I can only apologize for wanting to be with you For my happiness with others was truly a myth I appreciate and enjoy your company each day I know your time given is at a very high price As time is more valuable than money they say So thanks for the time and for just being nice Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Linda Marie

Linda-Marie...' ( my impression ) was, kind of intention..'
Immersed in her subject, helpful to others,  
Playing an active role 'on soup'
Of varied life skills, from the roads well travelled:

A lover of action, with passion for life.!
A fighter, a giver despite seasons of strife,
I knew her by script, is all the more I can say..'
Her input was out there..' & may those memories stay..! 

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LOVE Conquers All

 Scene 1 - In a cabin on the Mountain side: 
      " Kenny, you ol' Food Dog you. How was your trip" '" Long and boring. I came as soon as I got your letter. How's Chef doing?"
"Not well, they have him over at the old folks home, they want to commit him for Dementia; as Executor of his estate they need 
your signature." " I doubt they'll get that." " A Dr. Mendelsohnn has a status meeting tomorrow at 2" " Well what happened? "Chef
was on one of his nature walks when he ran into two hikers, they got scared and called 911, said there was a crazy man in the woods.
By time the cops got up here Harry was home." "Who was with him, Phil who was with him?" " Kenny, it was Black Friday everyone
was at work" " Jesus Christ, Sorry Lord. Phil, you guys promised never to leave him alone after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer"
" Sorry Ken I got called into work, Chef said he felt fine, you know how Chef is about working." Yea I know, but we also know he's 
not always truthful about his health. So they just took him away" Not really, when Mike got here there was 4 cop cars in the yard, they
had to literally drag him out. Chef wasn't acting sane. Dr. Mendelsohnn said he has Dementia, and wants to commit him to Easy Rest Adult Care."
" Not a problem, Phil, Does the year 2004 and 2007 mean anything to Chef" "Redsox World Series Wins." Right , Chef said when he doesn't 
remember them, then it's time to leave this realm 
Scene 2 - Easy Rest Adult Care Fascility 

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A Dream for U

A Dream For U

If I could dream a dream for u, in your dreams all would come true.
You would be that person that gets the last scoop of ice cream.
You would measure up to almost any and everything.
You would be that person that people loved the most.
The type of person that just don't boast.
You would get the best part in the play.
And nail it solid, on opening day.
If I could dream a dream for you.
I'd dream the sun is always shinning.
The sky always blue.
You would have more wealth than you knew what to do.
If I could dream a dream for you.
I would wish you well.
And for your secrets knew,
I would wish no one tells.
I would wish the finest things for you.
Even when you awake, I do too.

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I Wish You All The Best Carolyn

                                                  An Open Heart

                                                 I open my heart
                                           only to be burned again.
                                                 But if I lock it,
                                     there`s no chance for future love.
                                           Open, I still cling to hope.

                                        written by Carolyn Devonshire

This is a little poem that says many words.
Having a open heart, it has at least this
particular lovely poet.
Carolyn Devonshire has an open heart for all
and encouraged all other to do the same.
Carolyn Devonshire gives everything of herself,
which I appreciate alot.
I put you on a throne today Carolyn, because you
are a lady with a lot of love, caring and are loved 
by many.
Do not forget dear reader: HAVE AN OPEN HEART!

Wish you all the best dear Carolyn!

love from Anne-Lise Andresen

(1st place in the contest)

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My Angel

My Angel I prayed everyday Every moment I could I needed a partner or soul mate Well I really thought I would A real prince charming type Someone really true to love To replace all the loneliness Someone sent from above Instead He sent me an angel So handsome, gallant and kind Someone I could actually trust Better than I could ever find Not to be my soul mate Or even a boyfriend Just to be my angel A true God send To lift my spirits Helping with care Proving that he will Truly always be there My angel brings me comfort A true friend who has my back Like my prayers were answered Filling my void to remove the lack God gets the credit for sending my angel An angel wanting only kindness in return My angel was sent as a reward for good deeds For paying it forward, my angel I have earned I no longer worry about finding someone to love As I am treated special by my angel who is a gift This type of angel only comes once in a lifetime So blessings go to my angel for his spirits to lift Florence McMillian (Flo)

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LOVE Conquers All - Scene 2

Scene 2 - Easy Rest Adult Care Fascility, Doctor Mendelsohnn's office.
                "Good Afternoon, Mr Potter, I am Doctor Eric Mendelsohnn. I have some 
forms for you to sign. This is the payment arrangement to be electronically transferred
the first of each month" "Whoa, wait a minute, I want to know why  Mr. Johnson was
sent here anyway" "He accosted 2 hikers in the woods" " In his woods, on his property, 
200 feet from his home." " The lady and gentleman were afraid, his hair was flying everywhere His beard was unkept, and he wasn't dressed in hiking gear or carrying a back-pack" "He wasn't hiking he was out on a nature walk, Chef could walk that mountain blindfolded and never stumble"" Look all I know the police brought him here in cuffs. He was ranting and raving about his Rights. I felt compelled to admit him for observation and testing; which he failed; in my opinion as a physchologist." " You 
know what you can do with your opinion" " Mr Potter calm down, we have Mr. Johnson sequestured in the adjoining room. His memory is failing, and He shouldn't be left alone on top of some mountain. I am going to give him some cognative thinking test now, your more than welcome to sit in on the interview""that's a good idea, I'm not signing anything until I see for myself that he's forgetful" " Please right through this door""What the F***, take that off of him right now" Mr Potter he is a danger to" "I said NOW!!
Chef  are you ok" "Kenny are you taking me home: Please" "Look Doc, I'm getting a bit pissy with you right now. Get that Straight- jacket off of him right now. He recognized me right off, I don't see any signs of forgetfulness." "Ok the restraints are off can we get started now." "No, not here. let's go outside" "I don't think that is a good idea, there is too many people out there to do any responsible testing" " Ok, You said he 
has a temporary room, Do it there" " Very well"
Scene 3 - Easy Rest Adult Care Fascility; Chef's  room.

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The Poet Laments

For more than a year I've lain stiff and quiet upon the hospital bed,
Bandaged and bundled and waited on like an unruly infant,
Finally allowed to get a drink myself when I'm dry and try to feed myself.
The catheter is removed and once again I must stand and stroll to the loo.
Allowed now to sit up for maybe two hours at a stretch; bring me my laptop.
Trying to read the soup and find what the passing calendar pages have done.
To my old friends, SHAME! few have kept up with their posts.
To my new friends HELLO and WELCOME we need fresh blood like vampires!
Now criticize me and make me anxious enough to write

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Together We Laugh

Together We Laugh
Walking slowly we see the little creatures in the ocean and the sand. Fish dart from 
spot to spot as the sea gulls glide above. Crabs rush along the shore looking to 
hide. Arms waving up at us we laugh and watch as they find their spot.
Together we play and have such fun. Laughter flows like music on the waves. Life 
here and now is like magic with treasures to offer and things to explore. We savor 
each moment and somehow know there will be more.
The sun is warm and the breeze is refreshing. We swim and play in the waves 
jumping each one and laughing. Waves splashing and the sun shining soon we 
notice some dolphins playing close by. What a sight to behold another moment to 
treasure as they too frolic and play!
As the sky fills with color we walk along the shore. Then suddenly I have found a 
treasure! A beautiful smooth green piece of glass washed ashore. We laugh and 
joke about the treasure I said I would find. The real treasure was how it made us 
laugh. The laughter still echoes in my mind. 
The moon feels alive as it lights the night showing us little fish swimming in the 
waves. The waves themselves seem to be aglow. We listen as they roar and 
somewhere a seagull calls out in the distance. Along the beach we see the star fish 
and tiny crabs scurry about in the night. We laugh at how funny they seem to be.
 I savor the beauty of those times we shared for such moments have brought such 
joy and laughter. The moments we spent with nature in childlike awe remain 
nearest and dearest. Today I still hear the laughter.
                                                                                        Debbie Knapp

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In a space of life,
In encient days,
Once upon a time
We can find some face.

Face with native features
With an increadible sight,
One of the best creatures,
Part of your lifetime.

Every moment, every day, all day long
Hearts of people inflame
They start to beat so strong
And we feel together the same.

We help each other in trouble,
We are happy for common success.
We are ready to ride double
To see our desired progress.

But life can always change.
We can see the reverse of the medal.
It wrires a vivid page
Or brings to light a heavy metal.

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Second Hand Leather

Second Hand Leather
Cocooned in love
The day was frightfully cold with snow softly falling. I was not prepared for this but 
only for the warmth of sunshine. I stepped off the plane covered only in a sundress 
and sandals.  I began to shiver as I rushed for cover. My sister in laws would bring 
comfort but little did I know just how much!
Welcomed with open arms I began to thaw and settle in a bit. This was going to be 
a trip that would forever leave a print on my heart. We were going out for a special 
dinner. You see it’s Christmas! She opened her closet and took out her very own 
coat. This was the most beautiful coat I had ever seen.
This is when she handed it over to me and said, “Try it on darling –if it fits and you 
like it –it’s yours”! I could not believe it as I knew it cost a lot of money and it was 
just beyond beautiful. It was a Full Length Leather Coat with beautiful designs on it. 
I had never had anything so wonderful given to me.
When I put it on it was magical. The fit was perfect and for me there was a 
transformation. Somehow a feeling came over me like nothing ever before. I felt 
special and could hardly wait to look in a mirror as I knew something changed inside 
me forever at that moment. What was it, what had just happened?
I wore the coat and danced around in it when no one was watching like I was a 
princess. I had this second hand coat for many years and always felt beautiful and 
special when I put it on. It was the love that I was cocooned in. She cared enough 
to give me her very own coat that she had bought for herself. I wore it until it was 
tattered and someone said to me, “I would love that coat”. I took it off and passed 
it on with the same love to cocoon that person.    


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me and the mirror

Me and the mirror

Mirror Mirror what do you see?

I see Esha.

I see Esha only 40 pounds lighter wanting to lose 20 or 30 more pounds for herself.

I see my rich espresso skin color.

I see my clear glowing skin after putting baby oil all over my body.

I see myself and I am happy so I smile.

I love my full figured-ness.

I want to wear clothing from an Ashley Stewart boutique and costume jewelry too.

I want to wear the faux pearls I already own sometimes too.

I want to organize my closet and winter waldrobe.

I see myself in a red Ashley Stewart sweater dress next January when my 32nd birthday comes around and having a ball with my best girlfriends Window shoppin’ at the mall and buying lipsticks and perfume.

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In memory of Bob

In memory of Bob
A true story.

It was in spring of two thousand when I first saw Bob. I’d just started working at Perth Dental hospital, and in fact it was my first day there. I walked up to the front door of this building, but it wasn’t yet opened. So I turned around and went to sit in the bus shelter which was just outside the building. As I went to sit down I noted a dark skinned gentleman sitting there with a happy, benign look on his face. He was about five feet eight give or take a little, and he was rather a thickset man who looked like he’d done his fair share of hard work in his sixty years or more.

     There was something about this Gentleman that I could not quite put my finger on. He had a certain charisma about him; not the phony kind of charisma that one seen in the car salesman or the philanderer who messes with women’s heads, no, Bob had a kind of friendly smile for everyone that he met, and he seemed to draw people into him with his love, and gigantic heart. I knew as soon as I met him that Bob was most definitely for me.

      As Bob looked at me and smiled, the whole world seemed to open up. He said “Ow ya  going mate” in a loud ebullient manner, then we started to chat. Bob was like myself, a thinker, and straight away we started philosophizing about this, that, and the other, and it was like we had known each other forever. Then all of a sudden I found Bob talking about death, and the difference in the way the Maori people faced death, compared to the rather the silly way us white folk look at the subject with great fear in our hearts. Now this had always interested me, and  somehow it just seemed natural to talk to this Maori gentlemen on this subject, and we spoke about it till the doors opened and it was time to work.

      I don’t think anything happens just by chance, and I definitely have this feeling that Bob and I were meant to meet, and I really think this was a major destiny thing. I have found during the course of my life,  that as I am aging, I can feel something pushing me into a certain direction, and I always felt that Bob was part of all this; and I had much to learn from him. Although I have never believed in organized religion, and never followed one I have always felt deeply spiritual, and I have met many people who I learned from, and Bob was most definitely one of them with all his great wisdom and patience. As I came to know Bob, we had many dialogues together, on many subjects. Bob used to love music and could always have time to plonk away on his guitar. He used to come round to my place and we would play songs together, though both he and I were no Eric Clapton’s, I would bang around on my guitar and play the harp, while we would both take out turns at singing. We’d have a smoke or a beer or two, and we’d play songs all day long,  ahhh, I remember those days well, the memories are so strong.

     Bob was one hell of a man, I could tell that he had been a wild one in his youth,
But when I knew him in his sixties he was an icon of wisdom and virtue; he had a kind word for everyone, and gave all his time to anybody who needed him, always.
He used to hear me waffling on like an idiot, trying to make him like me [as I always did] but never once did he tell me how foolish I was, he would just smile knowingly at me. He used to stand there at the window for hours, just drinking in the trees, or the clouds in the sky, and yet he was so aware, I used to try to sneak up on him; it couldn’t be done. His awareness was incredible.

     Then one day Bob fell ill with terminal cancer, and he knew that he had very little time left on this Earth. He lay there sick for days in intolerable pain,  but you never heard one complaint from him, even when he only had days to live, he was still worrying about the welfare of others. When the day finally come for Bob to leave his shell; he was lying there in deep sleep, when all of a sudden he woke up, with a smile on his face. His children asked him ‘Dad, do you want some pain killers” Bob laughed, compassion written all over his face, and he said to them ‘Not one of you has a clue, have you’ and he died with a big smile on his face.

   His daughter got in touch with me, and told me about his death, and also told me that his last wish was to have me watch his soul leave his body. I felt very honored about this and went and sat with his body [as Maoris do]. I got the most peaceful feeling come to me [which I presume was his spirit leaving his body] as I watched his silent body, a Mari war stick and a beautiful rose lay across his chest. I still see it, and I feel blessed by it. He was my Maori warrior, and I adored the man.

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A Tale Of Vampirates

Busy reading a curious series 
Wrapped in the fantasy 
Written within it's covers
A story of Vampirates

A complex tale of lives entwined 
Destiny shaped before life 
Journeys embarked upon
While sailing the open seas

Set in a time ahead of now 
Throughout the past plays it's part
Challenges faced by siblings divided
Worlds apart their loyalties tried

Enchanting descriptions of a world apart
Removed from reality
Still within its embrace
An epic tale of adventure

Thousands of pages
To tell its full tale
A beautiful story
An original, truly one of a kind

Wanting the story to continue 
For the characters journeys 
To not be through
To pick up where we left off

Sailing through the seas
In search of answers
Of treasure 
And more

Twins who were once sheltered 
Exposed to untold dangers
Denied the truth
To who they are

Centuries of time 
Riddled with tales 
Of more than just the twins 
Conner and Grace

But alas the tale is done
With their unusual stories
Left swinging in limbo
So onto the next one

Written by:  Shannon Deane
Written:  June 9th, 2011
Contest:  Sea Of Words

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From Great Pain Comes Great Inspiration

A total Jedi mind f*ck from Hell is what this is. I feel like a nuclear bomb has exploded in 
my mind of Hiroshima proportions and I am on the brink of a Chernobyl meltdown. 
Bewildered may be the best description of what I am feeling right now. I cannot process 
anything; I feel like I am in total and utter f*cking shock. I apologize for the expletives; 
I normally never curse when I write because I find it uncouth, but I have to get these 
feelings out; I know if I don't, I will want to cut, which is the last thing in the world I want to 
do. God knows I have enough scars; I don't need or want anymore.

From great pain comes great inspiration, I believe. Even though my mind is positively 
reeling at this very moment as I type, I feel exponentially inspired. I am completely 
overwhelmed emotionally, and I have just now stopped sobbing and weeping enough to 
write; to get these horrid feelings out of me.

Even the smallest of troubles or strife turn into absolute tragedy and catastrophe in my 
mind; I cannot help or control it, and God knows I wish I could. I "catastrophize" everything.

My best friend of 15 years just called me and told me she was moving to Alabama. I 
shouldn't even say "best friend" for she is more like a sister to me. Always, always she 
has been close by and been there for me as I have been for her, and now she is moving 
what seems like galaxies away from me, and the pain I am feeling is so tremendous and 
shocking; so unnerving and vexing and tormenting and afflicting...I could go on forever 
with melancholy and exasperating adjectives and descriptions. In my mind, she is dead 
and I am hosting the funeral in my brain. That's totally insane; I understand that, but at 
this moment I am NOT rational. For a moment after I stopped crying my eyes out, I 
almost felt catatonic. In my partner's arms, I just wept as he held me; I was shaking 
and shuddering furiously. I feel lost. I haven't felt this powerless or helpless since my 
grandparents died. She is moving away and there is nothing I can do about it. I am 
a horrible and selfish human being for I want her to stay, so desperate do I feel. 
Wendy, my sister, my best friend, my partner in crime; my cohort, consort, comrade, 
co-conspirator: you who know me best, inside and out, like a are leaving me,
and my sorrow is swallowing me whole- devouring me like an angry, rabid beast. Don't 
go; don't leave me. With every fiber of my being I wish you to stay, but you've made up 
your mind and told me your decision at the worst possible time, when I am already too 
stressed to deal with or process this kind of pain and anguish in a healthy way. I'm ready 
to hit the bottles: whisky and Lortab. They will ease the pain and will quell the compulsion 
to cut.

This is the most personal blog I have written. I didn't know what else to do but turn this 
despair into words to help ease the heartache and suffering. If anyone cares, I need 
support right now. I need prayers and well wishes and good vibes; I am about to crumble 
to pieces. I feel like the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under my feet and I don't 
know what to do. This is the worst feeling in the world. Uncertainty is truly the worst of all 


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Confession of a Friend

You are the moon in my night
And my sun that shines bright
You guide my way
And lift the clouds so grey.

You are my vessel in the sea,
Humble and small enough for me,
Yet in the storm you are strong,
You dance with the waves while I sing a song.

You are my best friend,
And as friends we'll forever be,
But as friends, I don’t want anymore to pretend,
Because Eros had mistakenly hit his arrow on me.

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Waves of Change

Waves of Change Changes in life descriptionalized In comparison to waves of the ocean Our bodies are made mostly of water A body of water with flowing emotions Now an ocean will flow peacefully Until there is a bit of turbulence Disrupting from a smooth flow With the up and down currents As we walk onto a new path A different kind of feeling steps in New ventures can be scary in thought Of what is left behind when we begin An air of difference can bring on a spin To a funnel effect as does a water spout Sometimes when in the spin motion cycle We are shaded by clouds and cannot see out When actually caught within the spin We do not see the change is there Our sense of direction is lost We become totally unaware If you are the one caught Within that fast paced spin You will not be able to see The shape you are really in That’s the time we need someone To give us a tap on the shoulder It’s not a matter of who knows more Or which one of the other is older You’ll need a friend like Dory was Saying to just keep swimming the sea To never give up your hopes and dreams As changes in life really just happen to be Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Squirrel, What is a Friend

It was a green semi-dry oak leaf,
 last and youngest of the family.
 She did not want to fall
 as she stared at the heinous wind
 on a cold night in late fall

Maybe it was best to jump down,
 since it’s been long
 after her family bade farewell.
 “Oh loneliness!” she mused, “you’re unbearable”
 “I can not breath, nor can I smell”

Pretty soon, a squirreled showed up
 hungry but,gleeful.
 “Oh God! why do you look so scared?”
 he asked in all his mischievous curiosity
 She replied,”I’m an orphan,lonely and snared.”
 “Wind is treacherous and life is no fun any more.”

“No! don’t say that li’l leaflet.”
 “You are so fresh,but rookie,” said the squirrel,
 “You’ll have many friends in rest of your life”
 “What is a friend?” asked the leaf
 while her desire to learn was rife

“A friend is a warm hand,
 clutching your hand in depth of the storm…
 A friend is the one who cried
 once your heart writhed in pain,” said the squirrel
 The tiny leaf smiled as her tears dried

“So, do you feel my agony in my heart now?”
 “I truly do!” replied the squirrel
 Just then a gust pulled and drifted the leaf away
 The squirrel shed tears as repined
 while she yelled “Do not cry, squirrel!”
 “Now, at least I have a friend behind”

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My Story Telling Can You Trust Me

Gun fire all around, bombs going off in the distance
It was some of the angry mobs and resistance
Father was the king of SafeHaven a small kingdom
Like all other kingdoms it fell in random
Fire started in the castle
And along with it came a battle

It was a distance memory now because the child has now grew
Many things in this child that made memories stew
My name is Mastrey, a young orphan who was there that night
Mastrey saw her in the distance and her father and mother in his sight
Everyone was loud that night and made all the children hide
But that evening Mastrey saw her mother and father die

She ran into the bushes in such a fright
And evil doers were running around with flashlights
Mastrey remember it as he distracted them 
Her eyes was so confused with problems
Mastrey new that it was because of what just occurred
His feelings of what those people did was not awkward

The distraction worked, he went back to were she was
Hiding and very scared she was, he asked her, can you trust me just because?
Her answer that night depended on her lively hood
As Mastrey was their with his hand reaching out to her as he stood
Pulling her up from the ground he looked into her eyes that were SeaBlue
Mastrey had made a life long friend and love, She knew it was true

Next: My Story Telling,  Who is this Princess

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A man with no plan

Running down the Valley
And the script cant lie at all 
The fasting sun rises
The harder the fall
It aint fair
It isn’t the end 
But to forgive me 
Is the pain you cannot mend
To put it in your shoes
And you remain strong 
Im weak
Cause for me this road 
Is no dead end 
And this useless blood I leak 
Red roses and violent skies cannot retrieve 
What has been lost 
And im stuck in grief 
Believe me when I say Im sorry
Acknowledge my pain
Cause too many tears have dropped
Too many shed like rain 
Left me in vain
And here I stand hopeless
Just another chance
And ill put your needs in focus
Like the bright eyes of a locus
I merely adopted the heart ache 
Like you my best friend
But your moving on 
Put me aside and lets pretend
All I needed was a hand
To hold me at my worst
Wings to raise me at my weakest
Forever I stand
A man with no plan

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Four Thousand Miles Of Undefended Border

Most Canadians are influenced greatly By our Big Brother to the South Our cultures are very much the same We have a common life style Idolize the same pop icons We dress the same, we look the same Their dreams are our dreams Our dreams are their dreams Four thousand miles of undefended border The longest in the whole wide world That, my friends, is something to be proud of In this age of constant flare-ups That seems to happen almost daily around the world May this Canada/U.S. Friendship Forever be alive as an example to the rest of the world How civilized people can and do Exist side by side in perfect harmony I am proud to be part of this unique And enduring friendship Long live Canada, long live the U.S.A. © Jack Ellison 2014

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My Story Telling Who is this Princes

The night air made her feel tired
As she looked out side all the fences were wired
In the distance she hears crowds yelling
As she was to young to know they were rebelling
Father she asked where are we going?
Mother said to keep quiet and keep walking

Mother yelled in the night air
Father gave out a blank stare
They yelled run my princess run as far as you can
As that moment past her little feet pushed off and she ran
She ran to the nearest bushes and crawled into it to hide
She never smelled the air before as if someone just had died

As she lay on the ground under a bush she heard 
A loud yell in the distance almost to absurd
My name is Angelica, I am just a young girl who does not know 
Angelica just wants to live her life with help to grow
Angelica did not know what just happened she notice a figure in the distance
A little person just like her, a strong but gentle presence

Angelica saw the people who were shouting run off toward the voice
She was scared and she knew that she had to make a choice
Angelica fragile state was so confused and lost
She knew it will take burden on her at a cost
But in that moment of quietness a young but strong voice called out
Can you trust me just because? will you come with me with no doubt

My Story Telling  Together In A Strange World

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GREEN Chapter Two

A short while later the most attractive man 
she had ever seen entered
the bank.  Lost in his good looks Kenya 
had to find the words "May I help
you?"  He introduced himself.  " Yes my 
name is Malik Maxwell Williams.
I would like to open an account".  "Mr.
Williams please follow me to my
office".  Malik was in Kenya's office for 
twenty minutes before making his
departure.  Kenya made it up in her mind 
that she would get to know Malik 
on a personal level.  Kenya lived a rather 
dull life unto the point she decided 
to get involved with Malik.  Kenya was a 
plain looking black woman in her 
30's who never had any real luck with 
men.  The next day was Saturday so
it was Kenya's day off.  She spent most of 
her time paying bills and shopping.
She pulled into the Emerald Lady 
parking lot got out 
of her 2003
BMW and went inside.  Looking for 
something to make Malik notice her.
Kenya picked out a low cut v-neck red 
top, a short black skirt that flattered
her figure, and black knee high boots.  
Kenya paid $236 for the attention of a 
I must be crazy thought Kenya as she 
handed the cashier the money.  Walking
back through the Emerald Lady parking lot 
Kenya bumped into Nubia her one and only
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red
Seven aka The Green Poet
aka The Brown Philosopher

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Farewell But Not Goodbye

Poetry Soup has lost some of it's lustre lately There are probably a multitude of reasons But it matters not what the reasons are For me personally it is no longer the fun site It once was when I first joined A number of my favourite people Have disappeared for one reason or another Personally, I've been posting less frequently Because of health issues I've been dealing with Nothing serious, just adjusting to some age related changes Bottom line though is I'm thinking That perhaps the time has arrived For me to shut down for a while I'm a lifetime member so at some time down the line My name may pop up again So it's farewell for now but not goodbye © Jack Ellison 2014

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Physically and Mentally Abuse

I was born in a world of poverty and soiled life of a third world country
The way I lived till I was five years of age was walls of boundary
These walls had towers of guards that had no heart or care
If a child would try to climb the wall they lose their life I swear

Father had drank and threatened my mother with a knife
My father lost his job and wife and that was the hardship of life
He stopped my mother from taking off with me in her arm
Hoping that my father would ignore and left me be with no harm

When my father went off to drink one night and came home with rage
My brothers stood by my crib and took a beating that set up the next stage
My father had woken up to three scared children half starved and in pain
His final words as he walk away from the orphanage gate live life do not go insane

I was still a baby in the orphanage; the caretakers did not really care about the babies
They stole items and materials those wicked men and maternal evil ladies
They starved all the babies because it cost a lot to keep them alive
As a child of that age I could feel the sins and greed that gave out bad vibes

I was ignorant about what I drank and ate, as I see white maggots move in my bottle
As I see them move I thought about how they were playing and some were hostel
They ate each other to keep each other alive in a manner that took me by surprise
In the back round I hear others throwing things with sounds of painful cries

I got very strong at a young age I was able to start pulling myself up over the cage
My feelings were to see my brothers with strong lungs that I cried out of rage
My two brothers came to see me and sneak food into my crib
The caretaker would find the food in my hands as they grabbed it and hit me on my ribs

As painful as it was I kept eating the food with blood in my mouth as it was instinct
I sometimes laid in my crib dazed and confused with smell of death so distinct
With all my might I kept myself strong and climb the small wall
I finally was old enough to get out of the building and I could hear my brothers call

With tears of joy with short legs that ran as fast as my heart
I ran to my brothers arms and held their hands to have a new start
I grew stronger everyday but more things came into my life in a manner of dismay
If my brothers stay by my side I could smile and everyday their would be okay

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A goodnight kiss ,
To d dawn of day  So  sunny,
Missing the sunny posture,
Calling it smiling osmosis,
Yay smiles I uphold from within,
Even wen heat of. The  sun can b  So   annoying,
They call it vitamin A,
Whichever letter its beta,
I meet friends @ d long run,
Although I was indoor alone,
Waiting for d nightfall to show,
Thinking  to b a man of my  own,
Its hard. 2b although,
Its was a good day if you followed,
D roles of words without rhyming tones,
Few touches you  know,
Beautiful faces ve meet in sonorous voices,
Call it d phone conversations,
I know you know,
Goodnight kisses to friends who contributed,
Call it a rehash of insanity,
Who cares that's  an entity,
Without empty credibility,
Night kisses to enemies not friends,
Call d previous an irony!
You re rite chum,
Smiling luv kisses,
To our night sleep,
We all sleep like babies,

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12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit Prayer

Lord God, send us Your Divine and Moral Virtues to assist people

Faith, to deeply understand and produce evidence to the unseen

Impart Hope to be determined and persevere successfully

For persons to consider a little generosity to Charity

To present Prudence by being careful

For untruthfulness to bring into Justice

Give fortitude for lawmakers and government officials to be strong

Bring in Temperance to exercise Patience and Tolerance

We ask these in the name of Father Christ Jesus to send out the Virtues of the Holy Spirit


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And Sometimes Why

I hoped to be with you today 
That once again we two might play
True friends forever we will stay
One thing that will not go away

A funny thing you’re asking me
For there is nothing wrong to see 
This time I thought it best to be
With friend awhile and live care free

Again persistent question why
Pounds at my doors for its reply
No longer can my sighs deny
A friend who really needs to cry

For breakfast Mama didn’t show
And where she went he didn’t know
He didn’t even see her go
What made my mother behave so

I don’t know why I’m telling you
With all the pain that you’ve been through
We’ve always been like brothers true
There nothing that we two can do

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Thanks for that Memorable Day

Written by:  Florence McMillian (Flo)
Dedicated and written for my friend, Lisa Giessinger, as a special message from her to her mother, Hazel – about a most memorable day they spent together.

To My Mother Hazel Thanks for that Memorable Day This poem is specifically Being written just for you I requested it from a friend For she knows just what to do That special day we spent together Is so very memorable for me, I’d say I want it to be memorable for you too With a poem written in a rhyming way We’ve had our ups and downs in life With probably most of them being down You raised me to know how life can be Not easy to cope, with down things all around Well I’ve stepped up to a new level To be happy no matter what the hell Of any negative surroundings to be I live thankful that my life is all well That special day started out so bad for me As I was headed for back injections again I was really happy you were taking me there With a comfort feeling knowing we are kin It seemed like the first time in a very long time Where we just enjoyed each other that day You were kind of like that sweet rose One stops to smell along the way In this path I have traveled Through many overgrown weeds It was refreshing and pleasant this time With no discussion of what someone needs We got along together talking and laughing It gave me such a lasting good impression We even ate at Don Julio’s afterwards I sure hope you had just as much fun I want you to know how much I appreciate this time we spent together Making this a most memorable day for me To truly cherish for always and forever Now let me tell you, that day did get worse With everyone putting me down everywhere You were the rose amongst the trash talkers It felt good to know my Mom really does care Even if everything dips to the downside Within the journeys of my life I may go through No one could ever take our shared moments away They’re in my heart forever and I’ll always love you I had the best time with me and my Mom If I told the world, that’s what I’d say So I really want to thank you Mom For that most memorable day Love, Lisa Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Love, what an adventure

Love, what an adventure. © Theresa Rossouw
Have you ever thought of love as an adventure? No? Well it is! It is an expidition into the unknown, a lifelong backpacking, camping journey through valleys, over streams, through rivers and on top of mountains high. Every day is a new challenge, a quiz of general knowledge, how well you know your partner. A steamy soapie episode of high emotions! A garden of roses, carnations and fragrant jasmine! A sensuous mingle of desire, friendship and attraction.
The adventure begins the first day and ends when you pass on. Each morning you’ll fight the little demons of frustration at the socks on the floor or the toilet seat with the sword of your devotion. He will fight the sword of death with your cooking, and you’ll make up in pure bliss. As the years progress the valleys may deepen with problems and worries! But, youl climb the steep cliffs and stand on the peaks of mountains high with every success and every birth. 
As you grow and mature, learning each - others ways and personalities, you’ll find the journey has many stops and rests. Little plateaus of understanding and peace. Then when you have a plethora of knowledge, likes and dislikes, and feelings for each other. You start kneading the dough of a successful relationship, one that has journeyed through the rising and kneading down and proving stages, and has lived through the adventures, growing into the best friendship and love story ever.

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Female Companion

                                                     She is so typical
                                                           So critical
                                                   For most part difficult

                                   I never really could grasp her in such way
                                       She just wants me to some how stay
                               She comes to my man cave and makes me obey

                                          Shy she was and now I am scared
                                              In such way I almost cared
                              She thinks she can do everything for me I swear

                         She makes me guess everyday but I keep on believing
     Because it is fun to give her a kiss, while she does not know when she is sleeping
                She stresses out but I will tell her my love for her keeps deepening

                So for the most part I just keep her close to make her smile and me
                                When I do things I do it for her it is always a key
            Call me romantic or call me stupefied, but it makes her so, so, sooo, happy

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I wish it happened on Xmas

              In this cold wave I walked coldly in cold sweat.
          Taking a brisk walk like we shared in the old times.
                 Where I was headed for, I couldn’t envisage.
       But I was just walking hoping to catch a glimpse of something that could be a muse.

          I came across a bridge; what seemed like a labyrinth for lost and found souls.
              It was calm but very cold. It was still; the stillness seemed like a still alarm.
          The sun was not out-of-town. It gleamed and its sheens were much appealing.
              The tides were noticeable. They were out-of-the-way and seemed outpaced.

      Though the tides were astronomical, the sea lochs on the far side of the waterway
      were impressive in what seemed like an assemblage of oak fern, chinquapin oak and
      deciduous trees and displayed a mirror image of the trees with a thin misty
      atmospheric effect up-swinging as the warmth descend on the wintry water.

          Though I walked in cold sweat, I wished for a cold pack 
          to sooth my icily feelings created by your absence. 
             Then my wishes began to pop up. 
      I wish you were there with me. I thought about what you could do with such sights.
              I wish you were fleshly present in my heart. 
      I wish I could share with you this swift serenity encompassed in a deeply impressive 
     dignified quality with our hands clamped as we briskly walk on Christmas day.
              I wish it happened on Christmas.

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A decade in to
a new millennium,
a woman, nearing
a century on Earth,
braces herself in
a doorway of
the house,
she has lived in since birth.

Her oldest son unfastens his belt, and takes a seat at the end of her table,
where her middle son just fixed the legs of the chair; to make sure it was stable.
Her youngest son brushes the webs off the wall, and scrubs the stains from the floor.
Her only daughter packs up her pictures, and helps her through the door.

A decade in to 
a new millennium,
a life, almost
a century long,
comes flooding back
to the thoughts of a woman
who feels removed 
from where she belongs.

Her daughter tries to lift her spirits, (from the room in which, she slept as a child)
but no one could easily witness their memories, all being sorted, and filed.
Her house is dissected, and put in a truck that waits - like a thief - in the drive.
-The cumbersome stance; the delicate dance; together, they help one another survive.

A decade in to 
a new millennium,
a woman approaches
a century - passed.
A man in the attic
waves from the window -
Assuring her: 
This home will not be her last.

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Dedication to Everyone

I feel that I have found a home in this cyberspace
with full of hearts and ideas in a special place
I wonder of all the people in the world to make me smile
with antics that help me grow in every mile
I do want to say to all of the people with respect
because of all of you my mind is not in a wreck
I would lie if I did not get ideas from all of you
without you my poems would not come true
I bless everyone with care 
with kindness and without dis-pare
I hold my hands high and put them together
with this I bless you with good weather
I do read some of the poems that people put out
sometimes I feel with out a doubt
I feel the pain in the poems that some has revealed
with hopes that they can read with their mind not sealed
I smile a bunch with every word
it is like a music in my head making a cord
I do want you all to know that you have made my day
to be a better day in every different array
I cherish my time with all the people in my heart
the words flow in my mind is just but a start
I'm happy with everyone in 
with hardship that came this cyberspace makes me calm
I cannot choose five cause if I do I don't think it's right
just to tell you that is just my own insight
I thank all for helping me grow with all the poems that are shown
with faith and humor, with views of kindness this site has grown

If I had to say or dedicate my poems to who 
would be the first five who reads my poems with a point of view

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Ladydp2000 is the original screen name Of one of the early members of this great site Now known as my dear sweet friend Dorian Petersen Potter A true Wonder Woman indeed I am just a rookie when it comes to writing poetry Compared to this very sweet talented lady Searching back, I found her very first poem on the site Which she posted way back in 2008, called, "Believe" It accurately reflects my philosophy on life I could have easily written it It's amazing how we recognize someone special That we can relate to and feel a tight bond Poetry Soup gives us that opportunity And Ladydp2000 is among those at the top of my list She has the sweetest loving nature And shares her loving heart with all those souls she touches Ladydp2000 translated means love © Jack Ellison 2014

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He stood and aimlessly watched the parade of patrons and volunteers that wandered daily past his kennel.  All so familiar, so ordinary.  Just like every other day he mused.  Nothing new.  Nothing special.

Moving to the small crumpled blanket near the back of his cage, he turned several times and finally curled up, head on his paws, positioned so that he could watch the activity around him.  But in reality, he was bored.  It had been a long time since he had met each morning with anticipation.  Too many days.   Too much disappointment.  He would leave all that barking and racing to the front of  their cage to the younger pups who hadn’t figured out yet that the cute ones went first.  It didn’t really make any difference what you did to attract attention if you weren’t young or cute, or both.

Too much time had gone by to participate in the charade.  In reality, Walter had seen a lot of people that he would rather not spend a lot of time with.  You know the type.  Kind of hyper, bouncing from stray to stray, looking for a perfect dog.  Kids poking their fingers  through the kennel screen or banging on it.  Some even making barking sounds.  He didn’t need any of that and was glad when they were gone.

Walter was very picky.  Set in his ways after so many years.  He had had it good for  a long time.  An only dog in a household of two people that let him be himself.  No tricks. No stunts.  Just long naps and daily walks.  A yard to himself to reflect on what was for dinner.  He had been fond of his doggy bed in their bedroom.  Each night he would help his owner walk through the house turning off the lights and checking the doors before they climbed the stairs together.  And there was always one last good night pat before settling down.

But those days were gone now.  First one had become ill and went to the hospital and never came back.  The other one changed overnight, spending long days, sitting mostly.  The walks became less frequent.  Walter did what he could.   He could see it in their eyes that they were hurting from their loss. He would make a point of laying his head in their lap, trying to let them know that he missed them too.  At times like this, he instinctively knew that although it remained unsaid, they only had each other.

He remembers well the day that his owner snapped a leash on him and said, “well Walter, I’m afraid we have to say goodbye.  I have to go to a place where they won’t let me keep you, so I am going to have to let you go.”  Walter could see the tears in his eyes.  He knew it would do him no good to whine or resist.  It was obvious there were no alternatives.  And besides, it would just make it harder on his owner.  But he was going to miss him.  It was not going to be easy to adjust.

But adjust he did.   He had been here a long time now and had seen countless pups and dogs  trot past his cage with light hearts and  new owners, heading off with new found hopes and expectations.  But it soon became obvious that there weren’t a lot of people that wanted an old yellow hound.  Everyone wanted the young ones.  So here he lay, dozing a bit, but still keeping an eye on those walking by, many giving him but a glance before moving on.

He heard them before the saw them.  ”Honey” the voice said.  ”That looks like Walter, old Mr. Whitney’s dog.”  Walters ears perked up a little.  ”Do I know them” he thought.  ”They seem to know me”.  I’d better go take a closer look” and with that, he stood and slowly ambled toward his kennel gate, giving a cautious wag of his tail.

“It is him” the man said.  ”Walter, how you doing boy?  Do you remember me?”

And upon closer inspection, Walter did remember him.  He used to live right across the street.  He would see him in his yard and if Walter were to ramble over, he usually had a dog treat in his pocket.  With the recognition, Walter gave a little stronger wag and moved toward the fingers extended through the fencing.  It was good to see an old friend.

“What do you say hon” the man said.  ”How would you feel about bringing Walter home with us?”

Walter looked at the woman and saw her nod in agreement.  ”You wait here and I’ll go find a volunteer.”

The man bent down and said “What do you think Walter?  Would you like to go home with us?”

Actually, Walter decided, he could think of nothing he would like more.  A chance to go back to the old neighborhood with people he already knew.  What was there not to like.

Soon the woman returned and the gate opened.  A leash was snapped on Walter and together they proceeded past the rows of dogs and puppies, all vying for their attention.  Walter couldn't help but stand a little straighter, stepping a little more lightly, showing off.  ”This is what going home looks like guys.” he thought.  ”Good luck and goodbye”.

As they neared the car the man said “I can’t believe we found you Walter.  There is someone I am going to take you to see.  I can’t wait to see the expression on his face when you walk in his room>”

Walter, of course, knew exactly who he was talking about.  And he couldn't wait to see the expression on his face either.

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If i have ever hurt anyone in any way I'm sorry

If i have ever hurt anyone in any way I'm sorry, cause I learned in the last two days that everybody has something wrong in their lives everybody has troubles in some way and one word u say could hurt them badly ... And one good thing u say could make their day so everybody I'm sorry if I ever hurt u in anyway.. And I hope everyone has a good day. No one deserves to be treated how u treat people, we all have feelings... And we all have made mistakes, and we all have issues but that's no reason to treat someone like u do Imam pray u get a heart and learn what you are doing is wrong. And I hope u stop. You say u hate drama? But girl u r drama! Just saying so from now on I am going to be me, I'm going to be myself not who everyone else wants me to be... (: cause being someone your not isn't right u shouldn't have to change for anyone..

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You who are neither human nor animal. You are furrie, one who is both. And are rightly proud of that heritage Others condemn you saying that you are childish Just an image, ones and zeros, lines drawn on paper But it is not true For you live and breathe if only in my dreams It is you I care for. It is you who I can never let go I find myself thinking that a furrie Is by my side when no one is there I count the days and hours till I can once more feel paws on my skin Welcoming me Letting me know man is not the only sentient race Nor the most mischievous race out there As you take my clumsy hands and teach me to live the life your kind leads Teaching me how to run, how eat, how to sleep, breathe how fight and how to love How to be a pack and how to be alone when you’re surrounded by friend or foes You show me your world the world I world live in all my life Running thru field and forest I learn to live again Furries may you live forever And maybe one day I will see wolf-girl that I see in my dreams in the flesh & fur One day we will run thru the fields In the waking hours your pack and I To see the Kitsune and cats the furries of land ,fire ,water ,air , and void and to the other furries out there where ever you lie waiting I welcome you whatever pack or clan you call your own I hope we meet soon So that we can teach each other how to live may we meet beneath the same sky one day soon and roam the night the grass beneath our feet the dew on our skin the land around us i am surrounded by fur the fur of you kin and for once in a long time i am happy

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Good Things

It’s been quite some time since you have not talked,

Eyes are being blinded a strange kind of choke.

You’ve let me read these pages of death,

I do not understand this coz’ it’s a bit much of threat.


I’ve thought that things are not coming back.

Come back home! So well we are getting back!

Intensely emotional after a sweet heinous talk,

Never going to be back in this while junk of stalk.


Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Imagine things without him in this world.

Can’t possibly be back from where we were.

Starting it over like building good things in river.


It ended up in a sweet so called nothing,

Never ever be back in a messy ruthless something.

Good things always come from the start.

Good things are on its finest of all arts.

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pooh with the only tools of honey and smarts;
mickey with his best friend Donald,
oh! what a party to start.
the three wanted to celebrate the clubhouse opening;
so they started to cheer,
giggled merrily,
and started the music.
oh! what a good time they had!
everybody was glad;
but pooh became sad,
maybe, because it was the end.
but, later we found out,
he just ran out of honey.
so mickey said,"be happy don't pout."

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Stones of life, Pebbles of destiny
Round, smooth or rough
They told the future

Weeds and grass
Leaves of shrubs
They all had essence

We had been great
We were divine mould
Our hearts and bodies simply joined

Thinking to thoughts
Once too many times
Leaving dusts of doubts

Mist of secrets
Fog of lies
Ever unsettling

Clear as blues;
You never seemed
Never that vivid

Thick as dark clouds
Angry and tearing
You gathered quickly

Petals and thorns
Trees of breath
Birds of value

Opaque is you
Torn is me
Wrecked is us

That makes three
Three perfect words
Too perfect truly

Sun, moon and stars
Nothing left up there
Everyone’s gone

It is you; 
And me now
With all our ties broken!

©Naa Takia, All rights Reserved 2012

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The Spirit Lifter Queen

This is dedicated to my new friend, Hope.  Thanks for keeping my spirits lifted!

A spirit lifter Lifts up your spirit To a higher level Than you can get They pull from inside Our God given light To share with others As we shine so bright Now every spirit lifter Needs their spirits lifted too The more their spirits are lifted The more spirit lifting they can do They are always so busy Lifting the joy of others To ever pick up their joy And that is their druthers There are times they notice not That their joy has fallen down It’s not until they see their face To find it is wearing a frown That’s when other spirit lifters Will come and jump right in To be quick as possible As they really do save them The Spirit Lifter Queen I finally met and got to see That she carries roots as strong As a magnificent old oak tree Her light shines so beautiful Hope is the name we call her As she is the picture of hope And the root of a spirit lifter Her roots run so very deep And her light shines on everyone As hope is to expect with confidence To cherish a desire with anticipation I feel most privileged To have acquainted with her As even one of her joyful giggles Always lifts my spirits higher When the joy bubbles up from in me I gladly bounce them back to her As she really is the Queen Of all the other spirit lifters! Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Age and Experience

Catharsis By Carolyn Devonshire heart wisdom comes with age experience so many emotions and events stored flushed quickly from memory to my page release, let go catharsis gives me peace
Age and Experience Carolyn's poem Catharsis had special meaning to me because we grew to be friends. Two souls sharing emotions freely has broadened my eternal perspective. Encouragements Carolyn has given helped me believe in myself. I am very grateful for her step-by-step guidance to publishing. Self-respect reflected upon an inefficient past until her. Looking deeper into myself and caring, we realized a unique closeness. Friendship is a two way street, where love meets in the middle. Carolyn has been a loved and special friend of mine for several years. I hope to have been of value to her in my own way as she has also been - Wisdom gained through sharing experiences...and peace.

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To Hitendra Mehta - A rebuttal

Congratulations on YOUR 7th place Win in Linda-Marie’s Contest
“I am Bored With____” ; YOUR Boredom: “ POETRYSOUP ” 
I am not, or a least I don’t think I am, a part of Your reasoning 
YOU are right that some Premium members favor Premium Members 
However, I find that newbies, do not know the forms of POETRY 
Do not follow the rules of the contest or know the Theme to follow
We do not shut YOU down because YOU are not a Good POET YOUR 
Inexperience  is what holds a flowering Poet to reach the top, give them time
I have 3 contest sponsored and  all 3 have had “I don’t know”  as their Form
100% have been a New Poet on the Soup, Their POEMS are Exceptional 
Their Inexperience Shows,  if in 6 months YOU still feel, Premium Members are Bias
Please Soup Mail me and we can discuss  the growth of a Future POET LAUREATE

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Letter to taeljejohn

uncomfortableness, and hesitation arose that you might reassess a possibility for friendship or.... whatever with me.

A disappointment set in place in the event that based on some facet of my being (inexplicable flaws within this corporeal human male), forecast that an about face (booked on charges inherent in this googly eyed, earth-linked, kool hotmail of a yahoo) would be un liked!

Juno what i mean? 

In retrospect, no matter that this average boyish chap desires enjoyment, he admits that ordinary punctuating various stages of development difficulty coping found him msn (miss sin, missin, missing, et cetera) on ordinary interpersonal experiences!

No matter yours truly usually finds me each morning, noon or night conjuring up maximizing temporary residence on this planet earth versus bemoaning those futile and essentially counterproductive mind games sans could a, might a, should a, would a...

today = the moment to cherish, enjoy, help others, ponder the remaining years
since fruitless to expend tears
for suppressed emotional, financial, grammatical, hormonal, physical, and spiritual angst
 that roiled mine inner sanctum - mainly from decades in the past
   which unseen scars with humor this fellow (who by the way likes you) wears!

Notice the sly inclusion of my comment per -- affinity, desirability, rhapsody for you
although just but a mere inkling prevails about an ye taelje john thru
a rather contrived manner - albeit an online adult oriented website - amongst a slew
which yields to this bipedal hominid a scant few
initial responses - as if a ghost app paired in the recipient email - going boo
which unwittingly seems to turn the ivy blue! matter a constancy of follow-up electronic communiques occurs from ye
bringing tears of joy, that nobody can see
while simultaneously delivering digital glee
a reality check restrains proclivity and predilection to let thoughts run wild and free!

Immense and immeasurable mounts in moi little rock
inducing an electric arc for myself to kin neck embedded in all this schlock
for a sixth sense arises that this holme body strongly suspects yar self 
 to generate sunny watts as an s spy she lee Sherlock

but, reticence to gush with ebullience reins in a cascade
of utter delight washing o'er this less than satisfactory mwm 
 who as a boy and youth happened to b a frayed
of his own shadow - while walking along the boulevard of broken dreams
 listening to the sounds of silence on a green-day.

Thus => the following from one 

Cerebral being ™ in the am and pm
This ordinary human
Finds himself a mystery
Within the terrestrial
Firmament and frequently
Feels in a feverish pitch
At his existence
That seers the temple
Mounted upon this slender
Frame - wrought by the
Combination of genetics
In tandem with exercise
Which latter helps to
Sublimate the coiled 
Tension wound tightly 
Like an indestructible spring 
Without a healthy medium at large 
To channel emotions fraught within
Me might find demise
That would rent asunder literate fellow 
And thus annihilate without a trace
One true valued father of two us special
Lovely lasses as just another statistic among 
The obituaries!
As the world turns (indiscriminately oblivious of the harrowing days per one simian), an agreeable, amiable, edible, immeasurable, likeable, pleasurable, sensible woman (such as yourself - predicated on a gut level intuition) goads more seriousness to share

Plaintive unheard heart strings o mine that wail
Displeased with this marriage fraught with travail
As if in a maelstrom whip-lashed vessel without a sail
Yet - averse to lambaste or rail
Against abby (whereby we pass like two ships in the night) who married this male
When each of us happened to seem more similar 
   And thought each ourselves to fail
At any endeavor, though now confidence 
   Buoys my heart while she doth ail

And exemplifies attitudes, beliefs, efforts, 
   Idiosyncrasies, pathos that life does rot
Ill suited to Matthew Scott, 
   Whose bon vivant manifesting faith in him
   Perhaps from herself deferring many domestic 
   And child rearing tasks not
Of course being boasting - even when scissoring the umbilical cord
   As a now beaming papa, whose daughters 
   Blithely ignore "mother" a lot
Thus necessitating this quest 
   For a counterpart to offer succor 
   To eden (age 16) and shana (14 on february 4th, 2013) 
   Yet accepts that i must dispel any dreamy fantasy even this ours - a mere jot
At this juncture knowing full well how unwise to set myself up for disappointment
   By thinking and rushing like a fool, 
   Where angels fear to tread
   Though "chutzpah" i got!

U r slowly filling my mindscape with joy
Thank you so much - for accepting without complaint how atypically words this writer wannabe 
   Named Matthew Scott Harris dozen ploy.

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The Empty Rib Slot

Dedicated to all of the guys who helped me to make the checklist - thanks!

The Empty Rib Slot I think I might have A perfect checklist Highlights from men Gathered now missed Yes special highlights Each man carried some Now added to my checklist For a guy having it all in one This could be the key to find The man I’m dreaming of Not with bits and pieces One filled full of love A man made for me No it would be not I should fit perfectly Into an empty rib slot Let me share this list With every one of you Then decide for yourself If it could possibly be true My first check comes from This guy with dreamy eyes He deeply touched my soul Way more than ever realized He even had a special smile That made you want to grin No matter if life was down He encouraged me to win There was the big hugger With squeezes oh so tight He lifted me off the floor Like if I was taking flight He never did grow tired Of giving me those hugs I never had to ask for them He always did it out of love Then there was the dancer He stayed light on his feet He loved dancing with me Carrying rhythm and a beat Now of course on this list There certainly has to be That best friend I count on Who can also count on me I am even going to count The good points of quality Generated from my brothers And even from my daddy From them they all carry A very good temperament Always being so easy going Not looking for an argument When I am nestled in that slot With a perfect feel of passion All of his glory will then shine As it eludes from my reflection The most important one of all He who shares a spiritual side Being spiritually open with me Not allowing his beliefs to hide I know how this all may sound Like a crazy thing that I’ve got I want the man I fit snuggly with When I match his empty rib slot Florence McMillian (Flo)

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His words are wisdom
his heart is strong
this man of poetry
one of the kindest
I have known

friendship he offers
to anyone , anywhere
as he writes of lessons
he has learned on his way
poetry of his heart, shared

love for his family
the words to his song
a husband, a father, a friend
one that has impressed me
for so long

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Pretend Friend

I would prefer an enemy to be my friend Than having a friend who is only pretend You’ve been caught in several lies From what I’ve seen with my own eyes Please don’t keep being a pretend friend to me That’s not how our friendship is supposed to be It’s very disappointing and it hurts a lot To know your true friend is truly not We’ve known each other so very long here You know coming from me it’s all sincere We’ve crossed a bridge with no back track Knowing we could only just glance back The intimacy we used to have is all over now Maybe our friendship can be saved somehow If you are a pretending friend with me You are pretending to others too evidently You’ll never find true love when you deceive You will only get tangled in that web you weave I do apologize for pretending to you as well God loves us both we are not going to Hell Now I was a pretend friend to you too Because I didn’t tell you when I knew The lies you told put me in a bad mood That’s when I decided to cock an attitude It was like a shield so you couldn’t get in It pushed you away from being my friend I tried to overlook the way you treated me And pretending you cared for me intimately We had no commitment just a deal To be truthful and to be for real Lies are like rubber bouncing all over the place They bounce right back up and hit you in the face Untruthfulness is an ugly sight to see No matter how attractive you may be The hurt inside comes from seeing you pretend Especially more so because you are my friend You owe nothing to anyone, no not you And can do what ever it is you want to do It’s just that it actually all boils down to A friend is supposed to be someone true Did you not really know what a true friend should be? Did you forget that the true friend was supposed to be me? A true friend is someone you are truthful to And one who is also truthful to you Now a one-sided deal Means the friend is not real And that’s the friend I would call pretend So please think twice before you do it to me Unless you are sure you want our friendship to no longer be Don’t lose this friend who wants only to encourage you Though it would be nice for you to encourage me too I thought I had a special friend that was true And I really thought that one was you Some advice from a real friend Please don’t be a friend who becomes so pretend Luv ya, Florence McMillian (Flo)

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The Bee and the Butterfly

(A Fable in a Poetry Form)

Once there was a lively bee
Flying on the lake so free
He stop on a certain flower
That seems to grow each and every hour

He went near and nearer to it
Smeeling every petals so sweet
He turned to it 'round and around
And oh! Then found butterfly on the ground

It lies there as if no life
Under the heat of the sunlight
He flies to it 'round and around
And what's this? the butterfly make no sound.

The bee wondered what to do
He think everything he could do
He tried to wake the butterfly
At last it moved slowly and  tried to fly

"I can't fly"said the butterfly
"My wings are so tired and weak."
"I could help you fly" said the bee to butterfly
"And help you a place and comfort to seek."

But the bee is to small to fly
He couln't carry the butterfly
At last he think a good idea
That'll help them both went above to fly 

The bee flew and went to his place
And called every companions at pace
He came back with the other bees
Carried the sleeping butterfly at peace

When the butterfly was awake
She remembered every moments in lake
She called out for a feast
Invited each and every bees as a guest

Then the lake went colorful
All the flowers bloom from gloom
Then the bees are full of laughter
They and the butterfly unite forever.

Moral Lesson: It doesn't matter what you are and who you are and what's the difference between you and the other person. As long as you help one another, you will live happily forever after.

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Why Had I Asked Him to the Ball

My best friend, Suzanne, and I went to the same church.
I lived in Coral Gables; She lived in Cutler Ridge.
Her boyfriend went to my school; I had no boyfriend.
Being friends at church some of us talked at lunch.
Clayton was a spiritual, handsome, popular kid.
I was a shy and some said cute girl about 12 years old.
Girls my age living in Coral Gables could enter a pageant.
My parents saw me as Junior Miss Orange Bowl Queen.
But beauty goes more than skin deep and I was terrified!
I was so nervous that my ankles buckled while on stage.
Relieved, I was eliminated in the second round.
Being a looser was the least of my problems.
I needed a date for the Junior Orange Bowl Queen’s Ball.
Clayton lived in Coral Gables, too; so, I asked him.
I think we were all surprised when he said, Yes.”
I asked him because he was a friend and I felt safe.
Of course, Suzanne looked at it very differently.
She was hurt and they broke up not long after that.
I had a tonsillectomy on the day of the Ball.
My relationship with Suzanne was strained since that time.
I felt horrible about loosing our close friendship.
After high School, sadly, she ended communications.
Many years later, both of us married with children,
We visited at her home; she was dying.  I cried.
It was then, when we were in our late thirties, that she asked.
Why, had I asked her, then, boyfriend, Clayton to the ball.
Being so young, and not understanding attraction, then,
I thought it would be okay; he was just a friend…

ã June7, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  ORNERY BEST FRIENDS
Sponsored by: Carol Brown

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 Let me bring you to a world where love has no  limit.
The feelings of devotion lie in between you and me,
You are Adan and I am Eve on the first day that we'd met
We are formed by the prowess of love and faith.
The unconditional LOVE...the greatest gift from God above.
But this love that we have is something veins fluctuating.
We found love  in most special ways.
Not in  amatory form of fantasies.
Hugs and kisses in the world of black and blue. 
Caring for each other without bond and sort of hues.
But often misinterpreted by those minds are less and few.
We twirled the world like roller coaster.--
Meeting up of two souls in soiree place.
Eye to eye we've met and the story begun to clicked.
Friendship that'll remain forever,love that exists 'til the end.
No vow and ties that bind together,
Just two sacred hearts adjoined.
Two people stay together,no pain 'til we get old.
Love stuck in the middle,platonic and bold.

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L O M L Always

The thought of her smiling gave me faith
From when we were little we bathe
My mother and her mother is best friends
They both took care of us and gifts they send
We pulled each others hair
And she was always quick to dare
When I smiled at her she knew it was no good
She learned to pull me up and she understood
I just wanted her attention and that she gave
She knew it in her heart love was my slave
From when we were a child with full of energy I had my way
She was the one who was my guide and she did not push me away
When I saw her cry one day and her eyes was so sad
I gave her a flower and I smiled at her and made her glad
When some one special leaves her heart
I sat by her and never wanted to depart
She is the love of my life always
She is the one who gave me my hope through out my days
So I gave her my heart and love from within
And I did not make it thin
I stood by her side since I was a child
I gave her my support when we were wild
She knew who I was and I let her go the distance
I did not hate her or give her resistance
My mother and her mother are great friends and their virtue will never end
Because of their love they both trusted us to live our ways to transcend
So my childhood friend was my best friend, and now my wife
She new it from the start that we part of each others life

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my companions

My only companions are my dreams my only friends Who call out for me their voices a melody for me to fallow save me my friends from this Dark World Wolfs teach me to be loyal and to fight the dark and when make love to the dark embracing it becoming dark myself yet not to succumb to its control Fae teach me to kill with words And when to use them to save Of the meanings of speech and its clever twists To speak a truth one does not want to hear And still make them hear tote truth Twin sprits teach me to know the sprits Those elusive things some call souls Not knowing how to talk with them, we converse Not knowing how to feel their presence, I touch them I feel the hands brush against my skin As dragons, teach of fire, rage, and bloodlust ,when to use it and how to use it well like a well made WAR HAMMER ,and from the masters I learn lore and flight for though I have no wings still I fly with them Trees teach of patience And the earth’s presence and how to care her Of the minds herbs and streams to feed my roots As my branches wither Their Skills With The Wood Are Rival To None Succubus and Incubus you teach of the heart, it’s betrayals, loves, comforts how to guard the heart, and still feel for they know best, its mysterious ways Whilst my heart, mind and body scream Scream for release from this reality To dreams and the worlds found through their doorways Call out to me my friends save me from those who ridicule me who constrain me in chains of iron as they sear my flesh Holding me fast to things, I must not do or have cages of words, deeds, people, and their judgments I Hate Them, And Their Ways are both evil and cruel I know not how long I have left For my blood screams for vengeance To bathe in its fires ,to soar free in the skies where none but you can reach me SAVE ME, MY FRIENDS I BEG YOU!!! I long for your embrace your fiery breath the sweet scent of wet moss you warm sprit upon mine the pack running singing the songs that change me to your likeness the sleep where my heart lies in your hands as you feed your lustful hungers upon my troubles leaving me to sleep untroubled free of my cares and worries giving me my heart backed still with its worries and cares but unburdened you cleaver teachers I lust for your wisdom and the peace you bring me please come open the doorway to the forests and the fire moors save me my friends
this is also a personification

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9-11: Never Forgotten

My friend Justin and I want to dedicate this poem to everyone in America and those from other countries who have died, and also to those that lost their loved ones on this most atrocious day 11 years ago.


In the busy streets of New York City,
Many a passerby made their way to work
It was a typical work day—or so they thought
It was an unexpected day when a great tragedy would strike
Two of the city’s greatest towers would fall in humility
And along with them many wonderful families
Even others from different countries would lose a loved one
In just a matter of minutes, all of what was that typical work day
Became a nightmare—a terrorist’s delight

Everything in chaos and confusion
Cries all through the day and night
Many called their loved ones if they survived that long
Many panicked, but some were dead calm
Knowing there was no way out
They poured their hearts out on that last telephone call, their legacy born
The attackers thought they broke us!
But they failed—we didn’t break at all
Instead they brought us closer as a nation
And the people who lost their lives are with us always
Never forgotten in our minds and in our hearts

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My Surrogate Daughter

Just spoke with my surrogate daughter The sweetest young treasure I've ever known A beautiful flower alone in a field Her beauty is beyond words Both her visual countenance and her inner beauty Shine forth with such brilliance To light up my life, to show me goodness A smile that exhibits an inner warmth With a glow that melts my heart There are many friends and acquaintances That have entered and exited my life But none so sweet and charming I am so proud of my darling surrogate daughter © Jack Ellison 2015

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I stumble upon a river
the way it flows and feels
I take my shoes off and run threw it
laughing looking up towards the sun
I wake up and it was all just a dream
my sister runs up the stairs
she slams her door
i asked her what was wrong
she looked at me 
She says "mom told me you were adopted"
at first i laughed as i thought it was a joke
I run downstairs to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch
"mom?" i say
she replies "its true we adopted you!" 
she got up and walked into the kitchen
"after all this time i thought i was yours" i say
My father gets up and walks out the door
My mom lays her hand on her forhead
Just dont worry about it  everything will be okay
"No it wont i say"
i felt fake like i wasnt who i was suppose to be
i just sat on my bed thinking about the whole thing
my whole life and who i should have been
I packed my bags that light and i ran away
leaving the less important things behind
i set out on a journey to find my real parents
I had my sister get there info. from my dads office
I took a bus to indiana and looked up there address
As soon as i found it i knocked on the door
A man opened the door
he said "who are you?"
i say "apparently i am your son?!"
"you put me up for adoption?" i repeat

He yells "ANNA!?, Some kid is here for you!"
i repeat the story to her as she denied it
She looked bruised and beaten up
I wanted to help her but the man hut the door on my face

I had no where to go now
So i started on a journey back home
But i never made it there 
I found that old river i use to go too
i stayed there for a few weeks until
i remembered the way back.
I found myself that day
I realized that i was fake but now im not because i know that i am just me not any of them

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Sittin here thinking of the life long trial I tried so hard to be apart of something in your life 

the more Im thinking Im realizing that everything is all regrets... I cant believe things 

turned out this way, now your speechless with nothing to say.  I loved you so much and I 

even showed you this, but in return all I got from this was a bunch of emptiness...

you cant make up for lost times nor can you turn back the hands of time....

but if you were down to one minute left before your last breath, Im curious if I would even 

cross your mind before your death...

you going around telling everybody that you are real but what about the times when my 

heart was ill?...

you didnt even pick up the phone to check up on me to see how i feel...

you can dismiss yourself out of my life with that fakeness cause how I am living is real

you can even stop calling me your sister or your homie cause when I look at you I will just 

shake my head and say I cant believe you turnt out to be so phony.

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So Much Love From God

God loves me so much From the heavens above He has truly given me So very much love Different types of love Each starts like a seed That grows deep inside Creating a special need First the undying love Is where it all starts With Jesus Christ placed Perfectly in my heart Then the individual love Of being one’s self As God made me to be Like no other one else The peaceful calmness That nature shares Offers the serene love To wash away cares The caring love of parents Is such a wonderful gift So many others have not And their spirits I try to lift The loyal love of siblings I am very thankful for Even with lives apart Our love is evermore Enduring love comes from My wonderful large family No matter the ups and downs They never give up on me The precious love of children My most cherished gifts of all Though my angels have all grown They are to me little dots so small The kind love of in-laws Is such a bonus I am given Making my loved one’s lives All worth a reason for living The joyous love of grandchildren Each a true blessing from above Bubbling joy flows from them all Filling me with a delightful love The devotional love of pets No one could closely compare To the never ending devotion That will always be there The faithful love of friends With truth of consistent fact I can always count on them To be there to catch my back True passionate love of a man I thought would never bloom I only dreamed of how it’d be So wonderful I would assume Now that I’ve been touched By the true passion of a man I feel the dreams come true Feeling so wonderful ‘tis am All these gifts of love God gives to me within Are opened very carefully As each is specially given For a seed of love to grow Takes patience and then some I enjoy each moment of growth As there is so much more to come Florence McMillian (Flo)

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My Favorite Devonshire

Between Fear and Hope
By Carolyn Devonshire

where my heart longs to be
the distance feels so far from me
I don't know what exactly it is, that I fear
when there's nothing left to keep me here
hard decisions keep me awake at night
always feeling this pull towards a brighter light
you found a way to open the door to my heart
where I found you did belong from the start
with each day, I can feel you slipping away
tears at me, in a thousand different ways
where my heart longs to be
is with your spirit that keeps me free 
never will the light slip away
with my spirit you'll always stay 
have no fear, as I have none
concealed thoughts for what's to come 
from the other side, I'll connect with you
for never have I touched a heart so true 
a sign I promise, your fear to break
angel in your pocket - rainbow at daybreak 
as we make the most of what we have now
in my afterlife we'll be closer somehow 
and happy my soul will always be
to have found a friend who cares for me

Distant Dreams

Knowing you but for the shortest time, and having distance separate our desire to be more like sisters than friends. I read this with sadness and worry. Your sunny disposition so clouded. I wish for ways to bring you more feelings, a way to heal you, a way to cloak you in compassion, but I have none but this. Dear friend stay awhile longer let the end be a more distant dream.

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If I Could Fly

If I could fly, where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away my wings would carry me,
My destination not known!
If I could fly, I’d capture all of the Sun’s rays.
Up and away!
What a sight to see with such a grand milestone!
If I could fly, 
I would always look below.
Down and deep!
My eyes focused only on you.
My journey’s still unknown.
If I could fly, I’d stay on top with memories buried to keep.
Down and deep!
What an experience just to fly through!
Such a waste without you!

If I could fly, I would soar with my best perfection.
Soaring with pride!
My life achieved.
My destination excluding restrictions!
If I could fly, I’d forever remember this glide.
Soaring with pride!
What a thought to preconceive.
Such bright reflections!
If I could fly where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away I would go only with you.
My destination remaining incognito!
If I could fly, I’d want to stay up and away!
What an incredible zone just to pass through!
Such a magnificent plateau!
If I could fly, I’d fly only for you!

®Registered: 1997 ANN RICH

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Curry. Cumin. Saffron.
Mmmm, the hallways always smell of spice,
her seventy-year-old body perfecting the rhythm of movement
from icebox to oven in her efficiency kitchenette.
Tangerine wall paint cracks and mixes carelessly 
with bits of spice yet lingering in the air; it
follows her, this aroma that eats the eater, 
dancing around her skirts
like faeries honoring their faerie queen.
She knows this, and smiles at the sliver of sun peeking through her window.

Down the corridor
people begin their ritual of recognition, then sniffing,
and finally a smile that reveals anticipation. 
No one goes hungry inside Apartment A6 and everyone has seconds.  
Lunch and dinner, breakfast too 
if a body is moving about as dawn surfaces. 
Though small, her main floor seems to expand
beyond the boundaries of walls,
everyone cross-legged and eager to devour dishes 
few could pronounce and none could forget.

A legend among the two hundred desperate palates;
today, however, souls wander lost through the hallways 
because the lucky have snaked their way into heaven
and left the masses to a barren, tasteless fate.
As the onions, okra and potatoes, flavored
with a hint of saffron and even less ginger,
entice bodies five deep and ten across,
our greedy fingers and mouths offer no thoughts of others
going without while dripping sauce falls onto our legs
and Berndi seems content with the pleasure she’s wrought.

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The Sweetest Compliment- My Blog on FB Musings

	The day before I posted a picture on my Facebook page that I thought would bring criticism my way. It was the picture fuller sized woman, sitting on a wicker chair. The controversial bit? She was stark naked. The beautiful bit? She was gorgeous….rolls and curves and everything! She was sitting sideways with one of her legs over the arm of the chair. Her long auburn hair cascaded down to cover those bits of her that needed covering. All you could see were curves and rolls. The article that went with it was about acceptance of fuller bodied women. It was a humorous write which compared whales to mermaids in response to a sign posted on the door of a gym, “Would you rather be a mermaid or a whale?” Anyway, it resonated with me because I used to be called a dolphin. I’m VERY free and graceful in the water. I LOVE to swim. Now….I resemble another aquatic mammal which, though large,….is still graceful and beautiful. You GUESSED IT…the WHALE! ;) Anyway…the article was AMAZING. I loved it and I posted it, knowing as I did so that the conservative Christians in my church group would find it…..disconcerting, to say the least.
	The next day, I posted a picture of myself, which happens to be my current avatar. I love snapping pics and this pic was one that I particularly liked. My hair is flaring out all around my face. You can’t see it here. The caption? BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT. A little while later I got a message in my inbox by a really good Brazilian friend of mine who was part of the staff at the university where I teach. His comment? 
“The latest pic you posted: hot!! but I could not post this comment there, hehehehehe so im messaging it.” I messaged back that I thought so too, and it really helped that the woman had such a pretty face. In my mind I was going to tease him and say, “Oh, you mean the pic of me?” but I never got the chance because this was his next message: “btw i was talking about your pic!!! hehehe but that other one is pretty hot too!!!!” 
	I was beside myself. How can I explain the joy that it gave me to read that? Now you all must be thinking one of two things: 1) shame on her for sharing his personal message (HE KNOWS. I TOLD HIM I WOULD) 2) what does that have to do with us?
	I’m having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that I’m aging…with the fact that I’m not the woman I used to be…with the fact that the world sees only skinny as beautiful. A compliment like that gave such a boost to a woman who is struggling with body image issues. You never know what words can do for someone’s self-esteem….especially words for a dear friend. Marcelo has been and continues to be a very dear friend. He made my day yesterday. I’m here to say….don’t hold back on words of affirmation. Of course, think of the context…and appropriateness.  I’m still flying high on his words. I will for a while…it will give me the impetus I need to be that woman I was….that I still am on the inside!
Eileen Manassian Ghali

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A New Satisfaction

This is dedicated specifically to Howard Hof, one of my dearest friends, for giving me all of that new satisfaction!

A New Satisfaction It can’t be held inside, the satisfaction so new This can no longer hide, so let me just tell you You gave it to me, yes you sure did Such total ecstasy, I knew not existed I was totally fine, living without love Just happy all the time, no worries to think of Then you came along, to offer me some fun Being friends so long, and with no other one Well I said why not, it couldn’t hurt to try Let us give it a shot, to help us both get by It started out to only be, just a simple vodeodoe Then with the sexuality, chemistry started to flow It may be hard to believe, though it did happen then More than I could perceive, to levels of new satisfaction I never thought I’d see the day, where the dreams of Charlie Chill Could ever be completely taken away, now you’re the one my dreams can feel This new satisfaction you gave to me, has got to come from your kind heart So sincere I’ve always known you to be, I really should’ve known it from the start Now since this has begun, there is something I’ve gotta say I’m stuck on this new satisfaction, so you’re gonna have to push me away Florence McMillian (Flo)

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This is a special wish for all at Poetry Soup, my second family- the best poetry web site on the net- that you and 
your families be blessed this Holy Season and may 2010 bring you joy, peace, love, happiness and every 
good thing you wish for yourselves!
I believe that every person you meet in your life time is there for a reason and it is not a matter of chance but a 
part of God’s plan. I have found genuine friendships and love here. So with this in mind, I thank you for your 
kindness, the lessons taught, the time you took reading and commenting on my poems and sharing your poems 
and stories as well,which inspired, warmed my heart, brought me to tears, healed me, excited me, brought me 
laughter when I needed it most, offered good advice and helped me on my journey through this time.  I will 
always cherish this time in my life!  God bless!
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!  

With peace and love,

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Tim Smith - I Salute You

Tim Smith is an ordinary sounding name But the Tim Smith I know is anything but ordinary For a male to express love the way he does In everything he writes Is unique and truly a kind hearted soul Most males usually have difficulty Expressing their innermost feelings At the risk of seeming unmanly Tim has no such difficulty He is difinitely in the minority in this day and age And I truly admire him for this To me, Tim is a real man Full of confidence and comfortable in his own skin Tim Smith... I salute you!!! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Dear Iris

I didn’t know you at first because you were mixed.

I was calling wrong names because you weren’t so fixed.

Now I have the chance to see your glow in one dark night.

You said your name is Iris who gives the brightest light.



You’re a cool kid and I’m so out of your sphere,

But we’re like close friends united with no fear.

I’ m a lucky one that we always learn together,

Promise to be at your side and will make you better.



You may sometimes cause my strong vexation,

I’m little bit patient because of this sweet affection.

You’re my entire confidante burning in raging red fire,

Keep those fires burning reaching your wildest desire .



I don’t even like how the way you talk about idiocy,

You have that magic that unleashes my privacy.

I thank God for giving me someone like you,

Stupidity is funny because it’s about me and you.




I’m looking forward to know you more Iris,

Best moments of us are what I’m looking at ease.

I don’t know if we will still see each other so soon,

 Promise I’ll still be your best Bud who’s willing to boon.

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The Song Of David

Enlighten days have past
He comes excel in all, so he thinks
"I am greater than man,
I know what ignorant man does not.
Come to me for knowledge unsurpassed!".
He points to the blue heaven,
"Where is thy wisdom? For I know all.
Where is thy command? That makes the ground shake
And brings forth water that lives?"

At the great gatherings,
He flocks the shepherds, blind, mute and deaf  
He answers to the multitude of questions
He asked the shepherds, "but what are thy questions?",
“I know not what do ask a man of your wisdom, but what  is a dream?
What is life?” asked the young herdsman.
"I know not what you speak of", said the Man.
"I only know what i can feel, touch and see"

"A dream is dream that passes us by, like gentle breeze of fresh spring.
Life holds all things mystery and doubts.
Shepherd knows to flock, not life or dreams".
"The shepherds are those who are humble, noble one", said the herdsman
"The blind cannot see, the mute cannot speak and the deaf cannot hear".
"Who are you preaching to? Silent and amaze, the man looks on.  

"If the blind could see you, 
They would say, 'look here is the man who tried to humble the blind
For they can see what others cannot,
If the mute could speak, they would humble you!
And if the deaf could hear they would shamed your wisdom".
"Was I a fool?" said the Man "or are you not that young herdsman?
Who knows nothing of life and passes his days tending the sheep's?
What could you learn from such simpleton life?"

"Life I live is simple indeed, 
No one knows that the shepherds are those who protects the weak"
"Nature is a friend of the shepherd; we sing the song of David
And rubs the olive oil to our young sheep, to keep away the flies".
Insulted, the man's fury turns over to the young herdsman
"Nature? Protect the weak? The song of David? Flies?
How can nature befriend a lonely shepherd? Protect who?
Song of David the Shepherd who became the king? 
What flies would harm the young flocks?"

The young herdsman smiled at the frown face of the man,
Left without a word
The blind, the mute and deaf ignored the man.
An unyielding shame kept the man humbled
He wonders why the young herdsman smiled about.
He came about a bridge and crossed the rocky roads
On the hill top he stood 
And saw the young herdsman singing the Song of David.

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High School Days

We are not perfect by no means at all,
some are too skinny, some are too tall,
I  was always the tallest in my class,
until High school, then I found my match.
5' 7'' kinda tall for a girl,
then I decided, I wanted to twirl,
The football players always kidded with me,
but I knew they were flirting, they really liked me.
My hair was long, and blonde as can be,
they told me not past the shoulders, little Crissy.
I had to pile it up, but it never stayed,
stringy haired twirler, out on the stage.
Now , I think back to those football games,
remembering those memories, of my High School

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Sacrament of Baptism

The day of Pentecost, Church celebrated
Administered Holy Baptism
St. Peter declares
“Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”

The apostles offer baptism to anyone who believed in Fr. Christ Jesus
You will be saved
You and your household
St. Paul declared to his baptized and with all his family

Baptism is birth into the new life in Fr. Christ Jesus
In accordance with Lord God’s will
It is necessary for salvation
As the Church herself, we enter by Baptism

Baptismal grace includes forgiveness of original sin
Birth to a new life by man becomes an adopted son of the Father
A member of Fr. Christ
A temple of the Holy Spirit

Those who die for faith
 All those without knowing the Church under the inspiration of grace
Seek God sincerely, strive to fulfill his will
Can be saved even if they have not been baptize

With respect to children who have died without baptism
The Church invites us to trust in God’s mercy
The angel of Lord God said
The babies are safe in heaven

Written 09172012

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Religious Alert

The temperature plummeted to 26 last night
I figured something like that 
When I discovered the cats  
On my bed  
In fact, side by side 
Actually touching; 
No batting or hissing involved 

So according to Fluffy, 
Hades froze over

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For Laura

My best friend, 
Through shining days and endless nights I remember our times, when we laughed and played as if nothing mattered. If I could just make you that happy again. You are beauty and grace, Flawlessly you hold your own. I only wish you didn't feel you must hold all inside. If I could show you, you could trust me. Lean on me. Throw all your sorrows upon me so I could carry them so you won't have to. Lay your world on ,y shoulders and I will hold you up. I am amazed and astounded by the way you still push on even when you feel like giving up, still you hold on. When things fell apart, And you cried and felt alone, I wish I could have been there and held you and brought you peace-brought you sweet relief. I wish I could have saved you from the pain when the emptiness took hold; but still, you kept going. I only wish I could measure up, even in the slightest bit. When the pain seemed to never end and you fell down broken, torn, and shattered on the ground-I can only ever pick you back up and be by your side as I have sworn. I wish I never made you hurt, I wish I never made you cry. And I'm sorry the scars that wrap themselves around me cause you so much harm. I don't want to drown you in anymore sorrow
I don't want to pull you down, though I do, and I fear I'll lose you because of that. I can't do much and maybe I'll never be enough, but it's all I have to offer. I'll always remain by your side, ready to pick you up when you fall, ready to give you my arm when you need someone to hold onto.  Place to rest your head when you need to cry-even with my cracks and my breaks, and chips and flaws I'll still be around  for you as they matter not to me. And I'll keep you up as much as I can. I hope only that I do not fail you, and let you fall. 
To see you smile, you truly happy, is my greatest wish. I would give my life up for you. You; my dearest closest friend, are beauty and grace, you are flawless and perfect to me. Just take my hand
Be not afraid and know you are never alone. Do not ever feel you are on your own, I'll never leave your side; for you, there, always I will be wanting to make you smile, wanting to make you happy. Please do not feel sorrow, do not feel alone, you've never let me down now let me do the same. I love you more than I can express, more than I can show. You are my greatest friend, You are my sister, You mean so much and more. You amaze me every day, With your smile and hope, with your strength and grace, with your words and eloquence, I always feel a sense of envy But it'll never matter much for I cherish you and all you are far too much.
You are beauty and grace, you are flawless.

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A Letter From Eternity

My Dear Carol Brown; Laureate Poetess : my Mentor and Forever Friend : 
Before I entered “Eternity” Your contest “In My Perfect World” intrigued me
 I was not laid back, my happiness was a pen pal relationship with Barbara Jean 
I could not in fairness to my fellow POETS, enter the contest without telling a lie
Now however, entwined with the Spirits of my LOVES, Barbara and LENORE : 
I would enter YOUR Contest, You would hear from a laid back, Very Happy man
YOUR final request : “ Give me something to look forward to “ I can do that
Walking the paths of Heaven with God and His only Begotten Son : Jesus
Conversing with the Spirits of YOUR Earthly LOVES; Everyone Your Soul has touched 
Meeting and Greeting (John Moses Freeman’s AGAPE LOVE) a Spiritual Entity : Walking
With YOU and me and all the Family, joined with all Heaven’s Host,  FOREVER in Eternity
                                                    With all My LOVE, Respectfully YOURS ALWAYS…HG

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All About Her

I dont know much about her
but I heard she wasnt that talkative
She didnt like being alive
She was numb to all the pain she had to go through

I heard she didnt like anything that was green
She ate roman noodles everynight for supper
She always wore flannels and bellbottoms
Sometimes i seen her wear dresses and fancy tops
But lately shes been wearing band shirts

She wears converse shoes and uses an army bag for school
I know that she dosent like to communicate through talking... only through her peoms
or sometimes even her songs.

I see her drawing and painting all the time
She draws famous people
She would like to be famous and not so unknown
When she tries to speak to anyone they always walk away and leave her alone

When she gets home she goes upstairs to play her bass guitar
She hates chocolate cake but loves chocolate
Her family left her behind because she cant forget her past

Sometimes when shes alone she contemplates the meaning behind her life
Her favorite color is gray because her life is black and white
Everything she says is false according to the world

She is not so innocent
I understand that she dreams about the perfect life
When she opens her eyes they are pitch black

She is someone that is fake
She acts nothing like she should
She is very grungy and unclean

She knows of no safety
and of no time
Her life is smashed into pieces by the giant sun

She will always be a ghost
She knows of no god
She crawls around in the world of death
She remains forgotten

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Second Chance Prayer

Lord God,
Please help me get a second chance to make up for my past wrongdoing
Send me the Holy Spirit to choose the right path
Provide me Your Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit to help me better myself
Wisdom to have a deep understanding on what and how to change

Knowledge to know the reasons inside my sudden change
Counsel me to give advice in choosing to take on which direction to go to
Understanding to comprehend every situation 
Fortitude to have strength to be courageous on making a stand

Piety, to be faithful and offer goodness to others
Fear of the Lord to maintain Holy Fear to God
Thank You for Your help in transforming me
I respectfully ask this in the name of Father Christ Jesus for sending me the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Written 09162012

(Change “I”, “me” or “myself” when praying for someone or a group.) 

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Feed Upon My Soul

*Note this is not sexual. succubus feed on emotion not all of them use sex as a method.this one uses touch to suck out emotions  *

As I lay on the soft moss your body beside mine. your cool hands on my breast your mouth hovering over my heart you feed upon the black and crimson mist that rises from my heart Full of hatred ,agony ,pain , sorrow and lust the lust for blood that consumes me this mist this congealed darkness that has conquered my heart upon which you feed so lustfully releasing me from its burden its dark chains; you feed on emotions taking my burden for your sustenance
my feelings, for you wil never leave me thank you for all you've done. you can feed upon my soul any time there will always be some thing for you at least the darkness insde me is has brought one good thing to me: you

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Love is Tender

Love is Tender When a gift is from the heart And the only cost is sacrifice Then the gift of love will start Yet it comes with a high price If it is spent in a foolish way As only fools fall for love You know what they say Like we all heard of Wise ones miss the opportunity For gifts of love God has given So wise I would rather not be I’ll share love while I’m living Love is tender, gentle and kind Even a giant can be gentle and mild Well that’s how I see it in my mind In matters of love he is like a child Yes love is powerful and strong Formed deeply into the heart Although it doesn’t take long To crush the sensitive part It is still fragile, delicate and fair A hurtful word is like a pin stick Causing you to slowly leak air Deflation of spirit seeps away quick It may even be a relative of blood To be very cruel and really snide Or come from a step parent’s love Knocking you mentally down inside Like crushing you under the earth Thus shutting every opened gate Through levels of low self-worth Losing the urge to communicate Without communication A new situation is caught There can be no appreciation Only fear and negative thoughts Creating so many illusions Of desires that will never be False hopes and confusion With only dreams not reality Too many wonders of why Blocks our next step to see It causes a worrisome eye If we will not just let it be It is not easy as we go Seeing road bumps to trip on Where we should actually know Instead they are stones to step upon When love fills your heart Don’t try to figure it out It’s just shaping God’s art That’s what it’s all about Enjoy each path that is sent Remember every little pebble May only be a form of disillusion-ment Not something brought on by the devil When love comes your way Take it easy and slow Give of your love how you may And the best way you know Expecting love not in return Never searching anywhere You’ll soon come to learn The right one is still not there Keep believing that love is true Thoughts do change situations Even a mustard seed of faith will do Like metaphorically moving mountains God does have a plan for us Just keep giving from your heart Until someone gives you love just because That’s when true love starts Then you will be able to let go And finally really surrender For you will actually know How true love is so tender Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Tears upon fear

My head is heavy
And your know where near
Our lives are slowly crumbling
And we're not there to hear

Sand bag to wall
We're there when each other fall
Release your load
Only so much you can take
Give it to me
I'll hold your world on my shoulders

Sandbag to wall
I'll do my best not to fall
In turn
I know we'll soon switch
My shoulders are in a slouch
And life's becoming too big of a bit©h

Your silent words spoken
Things said but not heard
A hoax in communication
A bridge thats now been burnt
Each lie and blameful word
Melted in a smoldering pot
Craters into your life
Strips you left with only a soul to show

The meteoroid was left standing there
Some what in tacked
But left a tear
Like a dagger in the heart
You refuse to take out
Time over time
The meteoroid has dissapeared
but still you imagine its there
Stuck in the past 
Your stubborn as a ass
When will you move on

We cleaned up the debris
Everyday we came by
Between each heart fulled hi and goodbye
We'd fill our baby up
Trying to help him get by
But no matter how hard we tried
He was just a hole

I look back to dusk
And see my blooming flower
So many bees all around
They were bound to sting
Ignore all signs and look at you now
After they all fly high
And leave you under the great blue sky

Everyday Ill come
And lay there with a rope
Waiting to pull you back
And carry you into a world of hope
Because I'm afraid  of your other ways to cope


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It’s 3 am
I’m naked & naive
Undressed by shadows
Jetsam of scuttled me
I can feel their fingers
Howling down my back
Lightning crashes
Your window cracked

Pull me in
Cast me out
Bleed the truth
Suture my mouth
If hope is dead
Then grieve with me
Caress their silence
Now we’re free

Do you see my face
Sewn by jagged night
My burdened brow
Scorn’s lurid light
Reaching for perfection
In this world we bend
Am I really
Their means to my end

Pull me in
Cast me out
Bleed the truth
Suture my mouth
If hope is dead
Then grieve with me
Caress their silence
Now we’re free

I have no sword
But my pen is spry
Cut me down
These words will rise
Hold my heartbeat
Breathe my last breath
Are you my savior
Am I your friend

Passion and persuasion
Nothing I hate is
Life is love
Your faith my payment

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Poetry Soup is a Nice Neighborhood

Poetry soup is filled with people who have no other motive but to enjoy each other and just be kind. Sure, just like life, one or two throw in a gripe or two. But you know that they enjoy the kindness too. It's funny, I'm not being poetic. I'm just grateful to have such a place to come to where I know I will be treated nicely. I only hope that it doesn't go the way of lulu and leave us to find a new home. So much unreconciliation and loss of friendship. Poetry Soup is a bit of a life line to many of us. It gives us a place to be heard. So thank's to those of you who have extended yourselves in my direction. It helps me to make it through my day. Take care.

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I remember seeing her sitting there at a table in the recreation  room of the nursing home, staring out the window.  As I passed by, she looked my way, so I smiled and waved and she waved back.  Since I was there as a volunteer, visiting anyone that would like a little company, I walked over and introduced myself.

“What is your name” I asked.

She replied “Florence”.

I sat down and commented on how beautiful the trees beyond the window were with the sun filtering through the branches.  That is when I discovered that Florence was trapped within the walls of dementia.  She started to talk and most of what she said was gibberish.  I was only able to pick up a few words that allowed me to make comments.  For the most part I just sat and smiled, nodding my head from time to time.

We sat for about a half hour during which time Florence talked non stop.  When I got up to leave, she waved and again began looking out the window.

Several weeks and several visits passed and I did not see Florence.  Then a few weeks ago, as the staff was assembling the residents in the recreation room for an activity, I looked at the faces in the room and there was Florence.  As we caught each others eye, she smiled and yelled “Hi”.  I walked over to her and she held out her arms and we shared a hug.  I say shared because I don't know if I gave one or got one.  Probably both.  

Since that day, I have seen Florence occasionally on my weekly visits. Each time I am the recipient of a smile and a hug.  I don't know who she may think I am, but she is always glad to see me.  And if that, for just a little while, makes her happy, then I am happy too. Sometimes it is just easier to communicate with your heart.

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"Lost? I'll Find You Friend Pt.1"

Another day
Another pair of eyes
Depression is sulking you 
Well words for a bloody deal
I don't i can deal with you anymore
But im making sure the rest see who you really are
Now let's start this story right: 


Sara calls me, saying she needs help screaming, saying gunfire is all around her house and
jonh is outside, bullets are piercing her windows, so the hood must be at war tonight, i
nervously look at the clock and is 1:23a.m. I tell her to stay on the line and im heading
there ASAP, running trough my house got the shirt, got the phone, car keys so im on my
way, while getting in the car she screams "Help!" I ask what happend, but all i hear is
more gunshots but banging closer to the phone, im at 102mph and the highway is so lonlie,
so i know the devil must have a plan for us all this dark early morning, so im closer now,
as soon as i see the entrance of her street i see flashing lights from one side to the
other, i made a choice, i just need to get to the other side, so i accelerated and passed
in the middle catching all bullets spraying side by side, but im here, carefully i get out
of my car and run the the door of her apartment, i see blood on the living room, kitchen
made dust with bullets, so i slowly walk to her room and i open the door, her massacre
body laying on the right side of bed, blood paints the white walls red, my eyes gaze upon
my friends corpse but a click made me think were is jonh? So i grabbed a knife and ran
outside, gansters coming from the front side so run to the back, there i was impact by a
bullet in the back, so i fell, crawling for safety another strikes my right arm, not much
strenght, i turn and hold tightly the knife with my left hand, when i raise my eyes to see
who is my murderer i see jonh with a red hoddie, so he betrayed us all, he points his gun
to my left arm and Boom! I looked at him and asked why... He responded: When a man see's
the truth and makes a deal with the devil for achieving glory, he takes down anyone and
anything just to touch truth once...I closed my eyes and open them again and i see the
devil besides him with a black cane, smile is pretty deep, so jonh pointed his gun to my
head, now is a good bye, BOOM! So now cold embrace my body in a second while flames drag
me to hell, i can see now, he wanted to us all, for truth, so truth he found, but im not
ready to die yet, shhh! Bips ring my hears, im in a hospital, tubed down troath, i see im
not ready, but jonh is, i'll hunt you down, friend.

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You ARE Your Fellow Man

You ARE your fellow man We are all the same under the skin With all the same wants and desires To love and be loved To help each other in times of need Be it a kind word A helping hand Or just sharing life's experiences Listening, offering support It is human to care for your fellow man One day that love will all come back In your darkest moment Love will lift you from the depths Till you are singing once more Laughing again and loving again You ARE your fellow man! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Word Games

From the twilight of absolution  - he spoke in cliché, the fantasy of living his dream
having seen and done all the things he ever hoped to see and do, in moderation.
Yet, moderation, in and of itself, can be self destructive to the inquisitive self within, 
fortunately, that nagging search of perfection which we all deniably seek, ended  
for him, as the questions affectionately died in the growing of a new relationship.  
She answered in riddles, softly smiling, relishing the thought of his consternation
a long distance friendship involving a badminton-like banter of wordmanship
a decade of age separated their experiences, yet, it only enlivened the language,
in all likelihood, they would never meet, surely, he had been part of a past soul group?
Day by day, words pinged and ponged, hopefully, into cyberspace, infinity and beyond!

Poetic Collaberation By Charles Henderson & Debbie Guzzi

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Turned Tables

What if the tables had been turned...
And it was her, looking at me
Seeing what the eyes can't believe
And what the heart can't embrace

I'm looking into sorrow's face
The sadness wraps itself around her 
Like a blanket of grey fog
A face so pale, so ashen and cold as a winter's day
Betrayed and abandoned by her youth
The girl she used to be....why can't I find a trace?
A youth taken away by choices,  
By circumstance, by life experiences 
By things that I cannot know
My memory of her has been stolen away 
In this unexpected, brief encounter
I swallow tears in my grief, as I mourn the vision
That had been tucked away in my heart for so long
Is it regret, or is it a guilt I cannot name?

A friendship born in childhood, so young, so carefree
She, with bright eyes, and blond hair that curled
Around her high cheeks and rosy smile
She was the one who shined so brightly,
Who's charm, who's gay laughter I had so admired
A childhood where we danced together in sweet grass under sunny skies
Where is the innocence, the radiance?
No longer there, not even a glimpse of the girl I knew

Oh, how I weep inside
Now, here, this meeting by chance
After years that had taken us to seperate worlds 
In my mind, and in my dreams, she had always been
The fair maiden, the one who had held my hand
Two little girls who made promises
Who sat in the dark, under a summertime sky
By the light of the moon and wished upon the stars.
The stars now gone from her sad eyes, the look of weary miles
Now fill the void one more time.....
                                         we say our goodbye.

What if the tables were turned
And it was her, looking at me.....

In honor of Desiree's Contest "What If"

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For Those Who Love The Game

We have been waiting ohhh, sooo long and now my fellows the time 
draws near 
The sweet smell of cut grass IN the cool fall air triggers the feeling we 
all know so well 
Clashing giants on a 100 yard field, a sound so dearly adored 
By ones that love the risk and fear, an excitement with fans in accord 
And a manicured field, suitably crafted through hands of meticulous 
Lines and numbers laid down upon grass, so green, so soft and supple 
Upon those fields, teams do play with men giving their all for the cause 
Sprinting so fast, hitting, slamming, driving all for ground that is gained 
or lost 
Bulldogs running with power and speed, rebellious ones defending their 
goal line with greed 
And the Gators ferociously trying to knock down the one that carries 
the treasure around 
All to the delight of a energetically, maddening, exuberant crowd 
The Tide rolls in and the tide rolls out, delivering a brutal offensive 
All to the tune of grunts and groans, with crackling of joints and the 
breaking of bones 
There are Commodores that fight to give the foe hell, with spirit and 
pride all fanatics will hail 
Wildcats clawing to reach the top, coming oh so close, only to be 
Volunteers that strike fear in the enemy’s souls and gamecocks fighting 
toward a day it can crow 
Bengal tigers that run and pass with a great roar, Hawgs that root for 10 
yards or more 
A contest of strength and quickness and speed, crafty decisions made 
by mentors that lead 
The pounding of hearts that beat with pride, outpouring emotions none 
can hide 
For it runs within their blood with steam, those fitted in brilliant 
uniforms of their teams 
With full speed ahead these men follow their dreams, for a future in a 
game fit their means 
Those fans, Oh those fans, their banners they wave, with mascots and 
colors for them to display 
The fans gather before the contest begins, an intoxicating affair 
among family and friends 
The smell of grand cookouts drift though the air, titillating the senses 
of everyone there 
Ribs and Burger, prepared with such care which those that are cooking 
will graciously share 
And they will in the drink and delectable food, then sit and converse on 
their confident mood 
The fans live in the pride of their alma-mater In hopes that their team 
will not falter 
And that one day the ultimate prize will be found, and their team will 
wear the SEC CROWN. 


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Uncomplicated Friendship

Just an ordinary day on 20 January 2009 or so I thought
My phone rang, “Hi can you give me your work address please?”
Amazed by the voice on the other side,
So I asked, “Why do you need it?”

No my cousin is in town,
He needs to drop off something for you.
I gave my address like a fool, 
Ten minutes later my phone rang again, my cousin is lost.
Can you meet him half way?

So off I went in search of a cousin I have never met,
Only to find out it is my best friend, whom 
I have never met….
He flew into town for one day,
Just to surprise me…

The ordinary day changed into something extraordinary
I met my best friend 
We talked, laughed and shared so much that day
It was like we have known each other all our lives
No uneasiness, no pretense 

So off to lunch we went, 
That was the best two hours of my life, 
With just a handshake, no hug or kiss
And just as quickly he had to leave…

We have never seen each other since
That day, we use to talk on the phone all the time,
But with his battle against cancer, 
It doesn’t happen that often anymore,
That day will always remain
My fondest memory…

“dedicated to my best friend” 
09 December 2010

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Word Games

From the twilight of absolution  - he spoke in cliché, the fantasy of living his dream
having seen and done all the things he ever hoped to see and do, in moderation.
Yet, moderation, in and of itself, can be self destructive to the inquisitive self within, 
fortunately, that nagging search of perfection which we all deniably seek, ended  
for him, as the questions affectionately died in the growing of a new relationship.  
She answered in riddles, softly smiling, relishing the thought of his consternation
a long distance friendship involving a badminton-like banter of wordmanship
a decade of age separated their experiences, yet, it only enlivened the language,
in all likelihood, they would never meet, surely, he had been part of a past soul group?
Day by day, words pinged and ponged, hopefully, into cyberspace, infinity and beyond!

Poetic Collaberation By Charles Henderson & Debbie Guzzi

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Looking Back

Dedicated to my children who have kept my dreams alive.

LOOKING BACK We can’t go back To the days of yesteryear To capture those lost feelings With those whom we loved so dear I am just looking back to see Where all of my dreams first start You know those deep seeded dreams Buried way down deep in your heart I’m not trying to revive a lost love That I once had forty years ago Or even trying to replace the twenty years Of not seeing my grandchildren grow There were times of much struggle Filled with pain, fear and torture It was the love I had for my children That developed my strength to endure My children only remember the 2nd set Of twenty years that have come and gone When they were all moving out on their own And when all of the grandchildren came along It’s like I was locked in a rock Throughout those 20 to 40 years Not able to see my grandchildren Filled my heart with so many tears The bitterness you feel towards me Is understandable and really okay My children, you all have the right To your feelings and to feel that way I have finally made the escape Since that rock has split wide open I want you all to know who I really am I haven’t changed at all, only my situation The gift of feelings we have in our heart Whether right or wrong, just happen It matters not what others may think We should let out our own self expression No feelings are really ever wrong In another’s view or even our own Our thoughts trigger our feelings inside The feelings we have are ours alone Looking back strengthens my heart Reminding me I want to pass along To all of you, just who I really am Before my time on earth is gone One day I hope you will realize With you I have always been Filling you up with that extra love You may have noticed you’ve been given You have all filled up Such a big part Of all the dreams Living in my heart My best friend Grace, reminded me That our feelings are meant to be and to last God wouldn’t put the dreams in our heart If He didn’t plan to bring the dreams to pass My dreams haven’t changed I am not letting them go They are for new adventures With new beginnings of tomorrow Now that I’m looking back I’m so glad to have survived I know now, my love for all of you Has always kept my dreams alive Florence McMillian (Flo)

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To the Siren of the faraway seas

I once thought to have the world within my grasp, that all I needed I already had.
I once thought to be unable to feel more happier than I was while you were around.
Only way to make it better, was to change our worlds of ones and zeroes to contact of the flesh itself.

Even though I realized it, I choose to deny it. I was sorely mistaken about you and I, and this and that.
You smiled when you lied about your feelings.
"I cannot give to you more than this" you said with an evil smirk while observing me from afar.
The smirk, was it real or imaginated?
I do not know, and I fear I will never know, my mind play tricks on me once and again.
Misleading me to believe, like it allowed me to believe in your words.

Words... Amazing how powerful it can be, use it well and one can find pleasure, use it well, and one can find the demise of the soul.
leaving an empty husk behind, like you left me. An empty husk longing to be filled, once again, with the colors of joy.

Coming from the other side of the world, I felt your words and disdain like piercing cold knives straight to my heart, once warm, now cold, since you left.
And following your words you went away to never come back.
Along with you, went away also the joy and happiness I dared to thought to be eternal, a sweet lie I was telling myself...

Even today, after so long, I still think about you and I, your mesmerizing gaze that made me forget and float, your enchanting laughter and the warm and soft touch I told myself that you had.
Touch that I will never feel, laughter I will never hear, again, and eyes that I will never meet, again.
When you left, I was torn, between love and hatred. Now the hatred is gone and the love morphed to friendship, which I would like to share with you.

The Mauritius girl, will my words reach you?
I guess they will not, but I like to hope, to dream.
Hopes and dreams, the accessories of the weak...
A weak being, that I am, a being to be filled with fake bliss, five by day.
Three by the sunrise and  two when the diamonds imbue the skies.
As like that, the curtains shall rise and fall before my eyes, at each passing empty day.

And so I live on, even if that means to not have you anyway I can... The only way I can...
For now, I just wonder, if will I ever find it again while I live? The joy and wonder, I mean.
I ask this chair, I ask the other me on the looking glass and I ask my shadow.
I guess these are the only companionships I will ever have until I meet my final doom.
My shadow, my other broken me and this chair and my memories, of you and I...

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I found her again
Broken into naked pieces
Scattered to the heavens
Offered for redemption

There were faded footprints
Echoes of embers' flight
Burned vestiges 
Night's pillaged light

I felt love’s ruin
Ashes eating Eden’s seed
Flickering barbs of sacrifice
Life's stillborn dreams

There was still hope
Clinging to blackened feet
Coddling one another
Beneath quivering sheets

I found her again
Midnight makeup bled
I touched her weeping hand
As I knelt beside her bed

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' Knock - Knock Jokes ... ( Quirky, Yes )

Aahhhh, The Quirky/Idiosyncrasies of MoonBee

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
     Icky …
Icky Who ?
… Never Mind, I’ll Come Back Later …

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
    Juan …
Juan Who ?
I Don’t Know, What Do You Have In Mind ?

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
    Hula …
Hula Who ?
Yes, When I Was Young …

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
   Toodle …
Toodle Who ?
  … Ok

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
   Bye-Bye …
Bye-Bye Who ?
Look Lucy, We Found Ricky !

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
      Nu …
Nu Who ?
Well, If You Know Who, Why You Ask ?

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
     Woo …
Woo Who ?
… Ok, Who’s In Trouble ?

(The Obvious-Obvious, One)

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
     Who …
Who Who ?
Late Night, Huh ?

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
    Yu …
Not Me !
Yeah … Yu !

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
    Yu ! …
You Who ?!
… Hi …

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
     Yu !
Naaaaa, Naaaaa Interested !

Knock, Knock …
Who’s There ?
    Boo …
Boo Who ?
Wait, I’m Not A Bill Collector !

                               Knock, Knock …
                      Who… who oo ‘s  There ?
                                  Sue …
                           Su suu sue, Who ?
            (but then Door Opens, With A Crash
               Double-Barrel, Points Out, Blasts
     The Knocker Runs Fast, as Voice Shouts Out Rash
“ … Sue That ! and Don’t Come Back Talking ‘bout Whiplash”
          And The Man Sits Back Down, To Finish His Glass

                                 - - - - - - - - - - - -

              Oh, Darn, I’m Out Of Egg-Nog and Jack D
               Now, How Can I Make My Moonlight-Tea
             Well, It’s Back To The Market, For MoonBee
                                       He He He ! …

                            Have A Great Day, Y’all …


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A Dalmatian is a dog on a mission
to save lives when Alpinists are lost,
or even worse are buried underneath 
an avalanche that carried them down the valley.
Hear my bark, I am rushing to find them;
I sniff several times and warn the rescue team 
that they are still alive, but not for long.
I may hear voices calling for help,
I quickly run to that spot and start digging with my claws,
hoping that they can breathe a minute longer...
and with my breath I start melting the snow,
making a tunnel for them to get a glimpse of the bright sky;
a frozen hand reaches out to me, his feeble voice is heard,
" I am alive, come and pull me out of this icy hole! "
The helicopter arrives in minutes landing feet away;
joyful commotion fills the hearts of the rescuers,
" Hold on, young'll be okay! "
When the pale boy, barely eighteen, is pulled up,
he broadly smiles and pats me on the head;
I bark back to show my happiness,
being proud that the mission was achieved without a loss. 

July 10, 2012

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Late 1969

Heather Mitchell and I were best friends
Since the beginning of grade school
We always sat next to each other on the bus,
Played together at recess, and traded each other our lunches

Yeah things were going so great between us
But like everything in life, things began to change
When we both turned sixteen
I purchased my first car and joined the football team

Heather however bought a guitar,
Began wearing bell bottoms, and started smoking dope
Soon she began distancing herself from me,
Her parents soon threw her out of the house,

And she eventually dropped out of school
By then, she started taking LSD,
Listening to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix,
And hitched rides to every point all across the country

I graduated from high school,
Got a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University,
And met a British Literature major
Who became my wife and mother of my kids

But I never saw or heard from Heather again
The last time I saw her
She was leaving with her friends for California
I turned around ready to walk away

But I heard a knock from the car window
I turned around to see Heather smiling at me,
And right when that green Volkswagon Van
Began to roll forward

She gave me the hand gesture that stood for peace
It touched me and made me feel sad
But I just smiled and returned the gesture
And walked to my red Camaro

I drove back to my parent's house
To finish packing up my belongings,
I vowed to myself that when it came down
To Heather Mitchell and myself
It would jus be forever known as late 1969

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Limitless Lust

Introduction: Limit itself has a limit of its own…

A walk, mile after mile
In quest for my lost soul,
I had forgotten how to smile
Everything felt out of control,
I fought too hard to be worthwhile
By that I got lost in my life’s hole

The regrets for mistakes I’ve made
It took me off the edge, way too far away;
Yet I tried again so hard to get off from that shade
But got caught up in my brutal fray,
The same song keeps playing with such a vicious rage,
I find myself down to my knees, nowhere to go - So I pray

A prayer to leave the worst and move onto more,
Come off this fantasy and onto reality, to be -
Closer to something I’ve been fighting for
The touch of the light cutting through the night, it rains down upon me
As I overcome the grief and believe, recovery lies ashore,
Only three steps remain, to be fixed and free.

A lesson of value I earned from my faults -
Never push yourself off the edge,
You’ll lose the only key to the vault
A life you never had to live – It too could forever be lost,
So stay confined within the limits of the limit
As it seems - Your control over lust, only can make you complete.

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Football Burt

So tender in years,
my heart still unhurt,
I remember his name,
sexy football Burt.

All the girls,
would moan, and sigh,
every time,
this hunk passed by.

Not a beauty,
I was tall, and lean,
some called me beanpole,
kids can be so mean.

So unnoticed,
and so very shy,
if a guy spoke to me,
I would nearly die.

My face turned red,
as my heart raced crazy wild,
it happened every time,
a guy would smile.

Then it seemed,
a change came overnight,
my clothes started clinging,
to my curves overnight.

My hair started growing,
and the color changed,
the sunshine had bleached it,
or that was what I claimed.

Enjoying my freshman year
in my mini skirt,
a high school girl,
learning to flirt.

So tender in years,
my heart still unhurt,
I remember his name,
sexy football Burt.

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My Favorite Devonshire

*An International Friendship* Tears may trickle down my face whenever encumbered by life’s trials. Comfort comes from a friend who can’t be replaced. Even though we’re separated by many miles, Sandra has a way of creating smiles. A call to Canada cures what ails; the loneliness disappears. Resurrecting me from a bed of nails, compassion and humor she volunteers. Chuckles linger as souvenirs. Two thousand miles may seem too many for those who have loved ones at home. But since I haven’t any, our words through telephone lines roam. She describes Canada's snow and I the Atlantic sea foam. She vows to visit, despite fear of flying, and I know this is the most precious gift. Upon this friendship I’m relying for when I feel my world shatter and shift, my friend across the miles always brings a lift. By Carolyn Devonshire
NARRATION: Your poem is so nice and true. We need good friends to move on in life. Even though we are separated by many miles, our friendship is still intact--our friends are still very close to us. Colour, distance, tribe, language and religion cannot separate the love we have and share with our friends. True friends don`t betray each other or one another. Your wonderful write has made me appreciate my friends even more. Friendship lingers on, even after death. Friends comfort each other and find solace in the bosom of each other. That`s why I cannot forget the love of JESUS for us mankind. What a friend indeed for a man to lay down his life for his friends. And I cannot also forget the love I share with my poetry soup friends/poets. Poetry soup poets you are all unique friends indeed. *friendship shortens distance*

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Untitled #307 / It's mid-October

It’s mid-October, and the cool morning air
refreshes and replenishes the players as they march
across a muddy lacrosse field, the low sun
that manages to peek through the gray clouds
glistening off the beady surface of grass blades.
The stage is set for glory.

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Swallow Your Pride

You were born with some sort of gift
Just remember this, my child,
Swallow the pride that takes away

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Tell your foes, if you have some, swallow your pride
Don't be afraid of their actions
Be in tune with God...He'll get you through this living
and He'll send immediate help on the way
because you've been gentle, patient, and courteous towards people's 
emotional trials and dangerous tests
You have been healed by the Most High

Swallow your pride, woman full of spiritual life...
You are now a bride of humbleness

You are a gifted human being 
You have grown a connection with God
He welcomes you to His understanding, loving family
He reminds you to never let go of humbleness 

Remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

They'll never understand 
What the reward is for

Don't lack humbleness
Lack pride and practice
Patience before 

Men of dishonor, remain humble 
Love your enemies...tell them to
Swallow their pride 

Swallow your pride, you devious fools of shame!

Pleasure-seeking women, swallow your pride...
You are now a bride of humbleness

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Tim in the Skies

I woke up screaming
from one of my dreams.
Stuck my face in a pillow
to muffle the screams.	

It's hard to watch
someone else die.
Are you up there watching
as I search the sky?

I'm looking for answers.
God gives me a few.
The answers are empty
down here without you.

I should have died.
Not you my dear friend.
You just tried to help me
and I dreamed it again.

The knife in your heart.
Your eyes that just stared.
I hate to admit this
but I was so scared.

I was the first one
to fall to the floor.
Kicked,beaten,and stabbed.
But there would be more.

I curled into a ball
and I should have stayed there.
Frank and your brother appeared
and both asked me,"where?"

I pointed as they ran.
there were to many to fight.
But they both rushed right in.
It was satan's delight.

I got up and followed.
Didn't know what else to do.
I walked right through the carnage
and that's when I saw you.

You asked me what happened.
But I was out of my mind.
I said I was jumped 
and then we both looked behind.

There was your brother falling
with ten guys on him 
and like Frank and Dan
you just rushed right in.

We both watched in horror
as Dan curled into a ball.
Then you grabbed this guy
and threw him into the wall.

Then everything was slow motion.
Guys were flying through the air.
I could barely see anything 
but all I did was stare.

You were making them run
but one still wanted to fight.
That's when I rushed in.
He had this big knife.

I got there too late.
I grabbed you where you fell.
The look in your eyes
is my own private hell.

You died in my arms.
Some of me died there too.
It's been thirty years now.
Thirty years without you.

Why did it happen Lord?
Will I ever know?
Will Tim ever forgive me?
Do I want to know?

A nightmare that lives
after I close my eyes.
A dream that makes me
search for Tim in the skies.

For my Best friend Tim Gitchel who was murdered on 2/12/1979 in Oxnard CA at the 
movie theatre when we tried to see The Warriors. I miss you buddy. RIP

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Pineapples and Lemons

I'm Sweet
You're Sour
I'm In Cans 
You're In Bags
We're Perfect
The Perfect Match
You're Presence Blinds Me
Yellow Coating
You Burn My Eyes
But That's Okay
You Make Good Lemonade
Your Sour Taste
My Sweet Flavor
The Perfect Combination
It's Out Of This World
You're The Best Squeeze Yet

Oh Pineapple 
Words From The Heart
You M ake The Best Pina Colada
Sweet and Devine
Squeeze All You Want
Honey You're Mine
You Make Me Drool
Just The Presence Of You
I'm The Bag You Unwrap
I'm The Sour Of YOur Sweet
Beautiful Leaves
You're My Squeeze
Honey Bee
PIneapples and Lemons
Perfect Combination

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One cold Sunday morning 
I walked across the road
Cold wind striking my cheeks, leaving its bleeding marks
Hands stuffed in my pockets, feet peeping through my socks
I sat on the cold steps outside an old church
I had no other place to shelter.

People came and people went
Carrying heavy hymnals
Wearing pretty clothes within fancy coats, stockinged feet in striking shoes
Some threw me coins, some just passed by
Till a little one came running up, took my hands in his little ones
Looked up into my eyes and smiled.
That my friend, made me warm
Forget my hunger and made me strong
To look through this cold day 
And see another
Better and beautiful one.

The winter went and Summer came
I had a little shop by then
Fixing bicycle tyres, mending broken brakes
Hands covered with grease, forever on my knees
I sat on a little stool in my tiny rickety shed
I had a place now to shelter.

Children came and children went
Bringing bicycles old and new
Gaily painted shiny ones brought some, some ones battered by fond use
To some I was a friend, to others just a bicycle-man
Till one day came to my shed, my little friend who took my hands
And smiled at me on the cold stone steps.
He brought his sparkling new bicycle
Steady my handle, I can’t handle
This bicycle, it makes me tumble
In his eyes, I saw fear and hope
I bent down 
And studied the cycle spokes.

“My little friend”, to him I said
“The fear is only in your head
Climb on the seat, look only at the road ahead.”
I looked down at him, smiled and said, “I know you can.”
He looked back a long moment and smiled
He gripped the handle and rode, bold down the road.

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...this is so intimate of time, as a first kiss of time close of soul, so near, so dear of heart beat, so precious a rhyme that flows so intimately,
deep of time, down by the Crystal Seas...
...this is so intimate of dreams,
dreaming reality,
as the Crystal Sea so reveals of destinies galore,
destined as the night light of the moon-glows of starry eyes,
upon the waters,
...seeing tranquility upon the waves...
watching to the depth of a dream,
and a sun-rise
being so true...
for underneath and within this a moon-lit poem of starry night eyes, down by the Crystal Seas, a vessel sets sail upon the deep...into a kiss of dawn...
Sea to shinning Sea.

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Blank Amongst the Fake

Wishing to be numb
Coaxed by it's powerful fake love
Let it take over and drown out

Wishing I've made bad choices
To be wash out
To not remember a part of your life is a gift
Get in 
drug up
drain in
Blood drips from my torn skin

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My Scars

We were both 16, we shared many firsts with each other. First girl I ever kissed, First person outside of family that I told "I love you" to and we took each others virginity. We were both young and foolish but to this day I still say I honestly loved you. The day you told me you never cared for me the day when you told me it was all just a game was the day I cut my first scar into my arm. I knew you longer then my own brother. We were best friends grew up together, we even got a house when we both left the "nest". Those were the best 3 years of my life we became brothers we became blood. The last day we ever talked is the saddest day in my life, even to this day I cry when I think about you walking away. The scar you gave me stands out from the rest, it's deeper and longer then the others. You were my star I gave you everything I had. I would of walked through the pits of hell just to see your smile. I thought you were the one, I thought we had a future and would be together forever. But one day I came home early to surprise you with this ring, yes I was going to ask you to marry me. When I walked into the house my heart was shattered and blown away by the wind. The image of the two of you is burned into my brain I did not say a word just dropped the ring on the floor and walked right back out the door. The pain of the knife cutting into my arm shocks me out of my thoughts. I watch the blood begin to drip onto the floor this makes 13. 13 scars on my arm

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God or Father Christ

Apostle is a priest
Eternal Son is the Apostle of Eternal Father
Eternal Father gave the name Christ when He was baptized by St. John the Baptist
He ordered the 12 apostle to preach His Gospel

He was the Highest Priest of the Universal Church
Universal means Catholic or Roman Catholic
There is a purgatory
Yes, purgatory is in the bible

The 2nd book of Maccabees, Old Testament
Purgatory or Purification
Intellectually understood 
All as in everybody should be under Eternal Son’s Universal Church

Eternal Son is the Highest Priest of the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church
It is for the righteous to call Eternal Son Father Christ
Eternal Father is in Him
Father Christ sends the Holy Spirit

Christians will be in the Purgatory
Until they learn from their Initiation before going to heaven
On earth is called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults R.C.I.A. to be the true Christian
Three types are slain

Father Christ is the pathway to heaven
To face Eternal Father and the Divines
It is my job to inform everybody
Visit to know more

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Can We Go Back

Nice to see you again.
Still got that face of a heaven.
Haven’t changed since the day we met.
Put all things in a weird stingy set.

Can’t even say a single word.
Feels like I’m stabbed with a sharp sword.
Go back to yesterday when were lovers,
Sweet days of us were so like good tremors.

Guess you’re in love with someone else
See that picture in hand with a silver necklace.
Can we go back from where we started?
Apologize if I acted so retarded.

I think it’s late for us to be back.
Can’t be your man sitting on a rack.
Think that I have to say that “We’re good”.
Bye to our days and be just friends for good.

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Our Candle

I have nothing to say
Not a darn word
I cannot be bothered to fight with you anymore
You don’t hear my words anyway
I seem to talk muted
You make me work so hard, I sweat and strive
While you tenderly sit back and relax, with a smile

I feel I kept this going on for so long
Except the candle wax had melted out a long time ago
A stump remained, that I maintained to keep alight
Except you never did try and aid me with it
It just kept on flickering gently
I kept it sheltered while you 
No doubt, blew on it, trying to wipe it out

As if on its last flame
It withers
The light diminishing
Darker, darker
I sweated to keep it going
But like the last time you snubbed me
And snubbed out the light,
It was I that thought this was worth more
Than being a burnt out candle
I brought it back to life, to light

Now once again, the candle flickers
The light did once burn white bright, the flame
Unmistakably blistering,
Now the wax lies around the base, melted
Used and deformed, distorted and unyielding
A sign that this is the end…
I try one last time, with all my might
A test to see
You seem unscathed if this ends now…so
I give up
My precious candle
Our candle
Blows out

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Not the Better One

She’s the better one
Beautiful and what you deserve
Comparison is not an option
A rock to a diamond
I make little to none shine
And she can make mountains
Upon a hill of grind

Full with hate of what I've become to day
Disgusted with the monster
That’s been created an atomic bomb
And I feel all the shame
Wishing to change everyday
I am a nothing compared to that

Perfect is what she is
Cute is what you two are
Monstrous is what I am
Killing is what you’re doing
Burning away every dream is what’s happening
She is better one
Wishing it was me
She is the better one

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Twelve Roses

Into a vase I placed twelve roses;
I watered them with my love;
I chased away for at least awhile 
The pain that kept her from smiling.
Upon the mantle of her heart
The roses bloomed with warmth
To start then faded into memory.
As we talked our friendship grew
The hours became far too few.
We placed aside the ordinary;
We traveled to distant shores;
We tasted Europe’s finest foods 
And drank from vintage stores
Of wine and scenic interludes.
Each day hence I felt her less
Her mind was slipping into rest.
There were days, though few
When we again walked anew
Where joys of life were brought
To mind, where life seemed so sublime, 
Far from the grasp of time.
Then one day she told me plain
That Jesus would her soul sustain,
That I not worry about that day
For which she often prayed.
Into a vase I placed twelve roses;
I watered them with my love;
I chased away for at least awhile
The pain that kept her from smiling.

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Escape From a Sinkhole

Escape From a Sinkhole There is a friend of mine He is so very dear to me His smile is like sunshine Friends we will always be He has a heart that is very kind Where others take advantage of Since love tends to really be blind Usually the use is mistaken for love One day when he was helping someone By pulling that person out of a sinkhole He didn’t see his ground caving in some As he pulled, his strength was taking its toll The one who he was helping, didn’t even see That the ground around him was caving in Well I was there, it just so happened to be So I began to pull him from that situation He is just about out of that hole right now As we keep working on setting him free We will figure it out someway somehow For him to get above ground eventually The escape from a sinkhole is hard to do Unless you have a special hand to lend Coming from one, you can hold on to That is only found within a true friend Florence McMillian (Flo)

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I glance at my watch and note that it is a little later then usual.  I have no schedule, but I know that she will be waiting and wondering where I am.  It's Thursday, and as is my practice, I'm at the nursing home.  I climb from my car and enter, weaving through the wheelchairs in the hall.  I smile at those who look in my direction, though many return my gaze with vacant eyes.

I enter her room and offer a cheery greeting.  Her face returns it with a smile as she reaches out to grip my hand.  I squeeze her fingers and ask how she's been feeling.  She says fine, but that is what she always says.  At 93, she has her share of problems. 

 She wants to hear about what I've been doing. She listens as I recount my week.  We laugh and talk of our families and the old days. She speaks of her husband long deceased.  Our conversation flows easily without direction, revealing more about each other then either ever thought they would share.

 She loves to hear the stories that I tell her, leaning forward as if storing every word.  I embellish them to add to her enjoyment, trying to paint a picture with my words.  

Time passes rapidly as we enjoy each others company, and all too soon it is time that I must go.  She asks if I'll be back again next Thursday and I assure her that I will.  As I rise to leave the room, she says "thank you for coming.  I'll see you next week".

As I walk back down the hall, I have to wonder if my visit added any color to her day.  It must be hard to live your life in darkness, where the only things you see are what you hear.  For just a little while, did we transcend the affliction that has robbed her of her sight.  I guess I'll never know for sure, but I know I'll have to try again next week.

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Moon Kissed

Shadows chasing shooting stars, the poets cry as they write the future.
Words begin to fall like rain, emotions flow between the wind.

The atmosphere evolves.

A beating heart peaking up beneath the pavement. Vines of green hug the pulsating instrument.
Flowers blossom to the sound, a bitter sweet symphony. Petals dance with pixies  upon trees.

The night is singing.

The air is thick and the moon is watching, the glow of silver pours on down.
A kiss of crimson and the heart starts racing. Midnight lovers of the enchanted woods.

A candle burns.

The wax begins to drip upon the rose, the lovers kiss begins to part.
The dancers stop as the crescendo descends, silence for the beating heart.

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Hurt and You Could Have it All

upstairs in my room
i put my ear to the floor
only to hear my parents screaming
the argument is about me
my mom yells "look at what your son has become!"
Heartless, unintelligent, fake...
my father replies back
"hes your son, hes your own pile of dirt!"
whenever my family is out together
we act happy like these fights never happen
but every night they do and i cant tell anyone
i have to act like someone else in order not to get introuble
What have i become?...hurt..dishonest..will this feeling dissapear?
I will drag you down and i will make you hurt..
I lift my head from the floor
still hearing the angry voices of my parents
i found an old needle, and i dug it into my skin
the next morning i go downstairs
with a cut off shirt on, and baseball shorts
My father grabs my arm
"what is this boy?"
i yank my hand away from him and i sit down on a chair
"its nothing sir"
my father repeats "are you cutting yourself?, why?"
i grab my bookbag and i disapear out the door
My father runs outside pulling me to the ground
"are you cutting yourself boy?!" he screams
i say "no sir i just scrapped my arm on my dresser"
My father grabs my face
"you better not cut yourself again" he replies
He hits my face, as i lay on the ground.
I didnt wake up until i felt something wet drip on my face
it was raining and dark outside
i run into the house and into the bathroom
looking into the mirror i see the bruise that was left on my face
My father wasnt home and my mother went to bed
"everything goes away in the end right, if i let him have it all, my moms pile of dirt?"
I sit upon my liars chair full of broken memories i cannot repair 
I become someone else, but the old me is still right there
if i could start again a million miles away i would keep myself
i will find my way

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Ever Jumped A Train - Part 2 - Robert and Ernie Adventures

One morning I sat down with Ernie to explain English,
I know you're a mouse but that squeak can only go so far.
He looked up at me blinked and then bared his teeth,
I said I'll take that for a smile so let's get started.

Ernie, quit staring out that box car door at the scenery,
You'll never learn to talk the King's language that way.
This is no tiny feat for you so please pay attention,
He sat up on hind legs and truly seemed to listen.

I told him that I was a young vagabond train traveler,
And explained that he was the smallest hobo of all time.
So if he could just learn to speak he would become famous,
My tiny friend it's just a matter of adjusting vocal chords.

Remember that if I can mimic your squeaks than why not,
Why could you not imitate my simple gibberish stated?
My God, right then I could see he understood my point,
Ernie's eyes lit up and he proceeded to write hobo on wall.

Actually he chewed the letters into that wood for me to see,
I knew all creatures were intelligent but what a revelation.
My friend Ernie could write so how far from speak was he?
Was so amazed was almost afraid to ask him next question.

Still I asked him where all his intelligence came from?
He turned his back and curled his tail into a question mark.
Was then I knew that not only did he understand questions,
He was asking me what I thought made me so extra special.

That night he chewed some questions for me into that wall,
Why war? Why kill unborn humans? Why kill nature? Why?
There I was the glorious teacher with no definitive answers,
Yet now that I've grown older I've also grown a conscience.

So easy when young to think you are center and will not die,
Those immortal thoughts soon withering on flesh bone tree.
To think it took my dear tiny friend Ernie to wake me,
It is truly humbling to bow before wisdom of a mouse.

That next day Ernie and I just sat there watching scenery,
He atop my knee and I marveling at my wonderful friend.
This train we rode directly through American history,
Passing by old settlements and battlefields of sorrow.

He saw my pain that day and nuzzled each tear from my eyes,
Knowing useless deaths with no respect for nature lived on.
We would travel together after that as ocean ship stowaways,
Still I will finish telling of our train travels together.

To be continued!

© Copyright 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

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Cold War

We were like brothers since we’re Grade 9.
We expect to be cool and end things so fine.
What happen when you get so cold?
Snubbed me to death when I just so called…

Now that we have a bad clan!
A cold war that is not part of my plan.
 Won’t even talk till the 3rd month ends…
Forget the good days of so called best friends.

Feeling incredibly awkward…
See you every day is so hard to move forward
You could tell me to save our good memories.
Left me no option of bad mysteries.

Still have this query in my mind.
Do we still have the chance to be fine?
Coz I miss you my dear friend…
Let’s get this petty cold war end.

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                                       TARZAN, KING OF THE APES
                                      (Or, I’ve Never Told Anyone)

I’ve never told anyone
he was my best friend
and we used to swing
out over a cliff near the river
holding onto a vine
so thick you had to use
both hands.

It was our secret
place where we used to
drink a beer, smoke 
a joint, pretend
we were Tarzan, King
of the Apes.  The drop 
was at least fifty feet,

but we were too young
to be scared of falling.

I’ve never told anyone
the day he fell his hands
did not slip nor were we so drunk
or stoned he accidentally let go.
I’ve never told anyone we had had a fight 
that when he came swinging back
I stuck out my foot and kicked

him in the stomach.

I’ve never told anyone
about the fear in his eyes,
how he reached
for the pain, let go of the vine
as it swung back out over the cliff.
I never blamed myself.  He knew the vine 
was thick, that it required two


I’ve never told anyone
he was my best friend
that after the fall I spent 
hours swinging back and forth
out over the cliff.  I held on
with both hands.

I am Tarzan, King of the Apes.

August 1, 2011
Jim Brewer

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The Laws of Paws and My Faux Pas

And she was beautiful,
licking the years from my face
and thankful I allowed such nonsense.
For her,
it was such nonsense 
that gifted her with more time.
That rear-scratching against post and fence
as the moon eclipsed another of her hours,
until, I too, knowing we were alone in the dark,
scratched my own rear on the fence.
And I laughed
while she barked,
looking at me with a face that fit her name,
clumsy as she was for 13 years.

I named her Grace
and she named me Lucky (to have her).

To her chagrin she slept mere feet away
instead of between us, 
but I made it up to her with endless belly-loving
and even when I think of her now,
I scratch my bum along the fence and laugh,
then cry,
and I could care less about my audience. 

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Canada Dry

Apon are arrival once at times seemed questionable
We were greated by none.
Hawaii had spoiled us to all other airport experiences
Were else could a half hunover  yet slighty buzzed  madman
stumble from a plane to encounter a beautiful woman in a grass skirt
and cocunut bra once even now made me thirst for for a pina collada.

But in in canada there was nothing  to greet us there but cold 
As we stumbbled around dressed like soon to be doomed criminals awaitting trial.

Cananda its slogan should have been.
Welcome to Cannada  it's really dam cold.
But we knew where to find warmth in this enviroment.
Or for that matter any enviroment.
For we were drunks or as i liked to think of it consistant drinkers 

And on are journey into this land of freezing weather maple syrup
and ice hockey.
We had one true goal.
we had come to drink Cannada dry.

No bar would go untouched No bottle would not know are name.
we would hit on many women.
Score with a few and say we had slept with many.

I was a religeous man and i needed to get in touch with with the spirts
The spirts of Canadian mist  Jim beam  And my old stand by spirt Gin 

It was a bold mission for which we had set forth.
Are livers were alredy beaten to almost a pulp but 
we still somehow  walked and functioned in disquise of 
semi normal human beings  but nothing was further from the truth

we were writters once ment we were professional crazy people
On a mission to depleet this icey land of its alcohol
an drink canada dry

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Living at the coast i never gave any credence
to stories of the supernatural attributing them
to ignorant locals who are into mysticism an spirit-ism

being a believer in the Supreme i never gave them
stories much though.. best of buddies..
Me, Jackie and Georgie had a funny incident

I name it funny for lack of a better word
we lost our path on a shortcut coming
from a swim at the pirates beach resort

we took a back route which we thought 
twas a short cut turned to be the longest
cut we have ever took

were seeing our destination
yet for crying sake we seem to be
moving in a weird circle..or is it short

back to the same place
a quarry with a strange natural bridge with
strange lights below - funny huts on the side

its dark now yet we should be
safely tucked into our beds already
our navigation skills rendered useless

Kifumbamacho we are rotating back
to the same place Kifumbamacho
Were praying earnestly we resurface home

Kifumbamacho mysticism hypnosis
where you loose you're senses
in a strange manner 

We asked a a stranger for help and
in a matter of seconds following his
indicated directions we arrive at the hostels

Us uplands people don't understand the
weird coastal s choosing to step lightly
had a laugh about it with Georgie an Jackie

Them claiming i was the architect of the kifumba macho
God knows i more flabbergasted as than they were - we then
laughed it off for we are not superstitious like the weird coastals

Lewis k Nyaga
weird recall

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I recall them days that i lived
at the east coast of Kenya
then a college boy

We lived at the hostels near customs
in a place near an animal orphanage
Hallers park- near Bombolulu town

Where coastal s loved to partake
sweet palm wine straight from
the palm trees all over the region

Me Georgie and Jackie
then best of buddies
went to try out the wine

Started out on the real wine
before they offered us 'cham'
claiming its oil from the palms

First taste i know its locally distilled spirits
very potent and lethal.. i edge my buddies off
but despite.. they decide to partake the spirit

back to the eatery Jackie now eating 
from the dinning table apparently those
who partake palm oil don't need plates

Jackie following day too sick cant  attend classes
we did-int tell him the secret that me and Georgie
threw up all we drank from our delicate stomachs

Brave Jackie held it in and Memo had to comfort him
..Sorry Jackie you have malaria fever and your so sick..hic..
we dint let go that twas the palm spirits haunting our Jackie

lewis k NYAGA

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Walking to Redemption

Stuck in a place with negativity bound within it's Walls. I need to get out of here, before the phone rings with insanity's calls. I burst out of the door into the streets owned by the night. Shadows staring back dodging the lamps light. I begin to walk down the urban corridor of uncertainty. The workers of soul catchers carry out their shady activity. I find myself in the empire of danger invoking pure photo-phobia It's a small price to pay for escaping the mecca of claustrophobia. As I reach the climax of the spiraling vortex tunnel. I walk on tenterhooks as my problems funnel. Facing me at the end of this path, is a door laced with remorse around it's edges. The entrance to unknown stands out with a line of devoted pledges. Those waiting and queuing are the damned and the lost. As I drift towards them, I wonder how much my sin will cost. For I felt the weight of the pressure and stress, forcing me into the light of shame? For I was the puppet master, who poured onto me the petrol and drew the flame. My moment of selfishness was a cardinal sin to myself and others. lacking consideration, deprived of thought for my sisters and brothers. That self indulgent cowardliness, has lead me to this final act. A door beaten with the hands of the damned, regardless it's still intact. As the number descends down to it's final member. I stand there understanding my sin, bound to surrender. Reaching out I grasp the golden handle, and turn it to the right. As I push forward on the door and out bursts a green neon light. My chance of escape has come to a halt, it's time for me to face the jury's end. I stand by my plea of weakness and insanity, as into the court I descend. A skeleton of the peril court rises with a verdict and answer. The jury has decided I was overtaken by a vicious cancer. The disease wasn't voluntary but they agree my cure wasn't correct. My punishment is to fade into the man that never was, with immediate effect.

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All I Wanted

For years
I have always cried myself to sleep,
But that started after those bullies' words
Began to creep
Into my mind,
My optimism and happiness had become blind.
Making me think that I was always alone.
I seen how I was bratty and seemed to be happy,
But inside,
My inner sadness resides.
The tears that I cried
Were all about me wanting or needing
Someone to be by my side.
Every night
I wished for a less lonelier life.
Nobody could come over or sleep over sometimes
And I would be doing nothing
Except for thinking
About my life's meaning.
A close friend was all I've been asking for:
Someone who would talk to me everyday,
Even when the sky's grey.
Someone who would listen to me carefully
And comfort me later on in the day.
All I wanted
Was a true friend.

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My Imprint

I always used to ask myself this question, "What kind of imprint do I want to leave with people once I pass and am I scared of dying?"  I had come to this question again once my grandfather passed.He was an amazing human being who loved God by the way.Anyway, I have learned over time through experiences of my life I have realized something and its what I want others to know, its that Life is a gift.So cherish every minute of it even the smallest moments in time.See, everyday is a new opportunity for Forgiveness.Love.Reconciliation. etc. one will not always have the chance to live promisingly.I believe that people need to go about their lives with the perspective of not what can I do for myself.But, what can I do for someone else.For instance, How can I make someone''s day? Or just simply How can I make a person smile today? For me, there's nothing that brings more joy to me than knowing I may have made a difference in a person's life. I just want others to know that the bigger picture in our existence is not just serving Jesus, but its to serve each other. I mean, of course we need to live for the Lord and spread the Gospel and live our own lives. But, there's nothing wrong with a little selflessness and its very fulfilling to do so. Oh, and No. I'm not scared of dying. You see, The Apostle Paul said it well, "To live is Christ. But, to die is gain." I know that it's different when your told you only have so much time to live than when a family member or friend is told this.But quite honestly, to me it's just death. Besides, if I could leave this earth knowing I changed at least one life, it was very worth living it.


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The Mayflower Sails

Under a tall cottonwood tree that grows along the curb...
  two burly men stand next to a giant truck, and smoke one last cigarette...
              They inhale one final puff, before climbing aboard.
Trails of smoke intermingle with the white puffs of cotton, that drift from the tree...

The moving van wears a big red proclamation "Mayflower"...
  ....a big, white, dinosaur, that seems so out of place, parked along my street.

I grab her hand as we watch the driver start the motor...
           ,and soon the truck slowly lumbers down the road.
                  It turns the corner, and disappears out of sight.
In that massive monster, things were neatly stacked.
     Cardboard boxes, securely taped, memories neatly packed
               A part of her history, and mine, ...are transported away. 
Years of a sisterhood, a bonding
A friendship, like none that either of us had known before.

Fresh faced, young, and with great expectations, our first meeting was long ago.
Charmed lives, of husbands, children, homes, car-pools, PTA meetings.
A sharing of troubles, joys, the celebrations, the sorrows.  
Today those memories are taking a journey, tucked away on that truck.
          Chicken-pox that her Michael gave my son.
          My favorite chicken casserole recipe that became her family's favorite too.
          My shoulder for her tears, when cancer was feared.
          Little talks, over a painted white fence, that started our days,
                  ....And ended them too. 
          We grew into womanhood together, side by side.

And now, her husband, patiently waits by their car,
Giving her one last moment, her eyes glisten with unshed tears.
Mine sting too...but I had promised I wouldn't I don't.
A quick hug..       "Yes...we'll write...we'll visit...we'll call!"

She walks to her packed car, turns once more with that
    familiar smile, the same little wave, that she gave me
        on that very first morning, as she stood at her mailbox.
                    She jumps in next to her waiting husband.

     He starts the engine, and soon their car is heading down the street, 
         that is no longer her street.
               Around the turn at the corner, 
                    that is no longer her corner,

              She is gone.

                Tomorrow the SOLD sign comes down.

                       Perhaps a new wave, another smile, someone gathering mail
                                                                                ....   will brighten my day.

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The mid-sixties weren't fun for a teen working...
I put foot on this prosperous and beautiful land
and looked forward to a great future,
but my plan didn't go as smoothly
as I thought it would have instead.
My question was, " Go to College, 
earn a degree or help mother and sisters? "
I choose to help them procrastinating.
From job to job I went hardly missing a day realizing what it would have cost me, 
but wages stayed the same or rarely increased much,
I loved to work and earn my weekly paycheck;
sadly, many boys of my age were drafted and went to war...
some returned, many didn't and being the only son,
they didn't draft me but witnessing the horror, the sadness, the crying of soldiers, 
and seeing all that: was like being there where the sky exploded with fire and smoke.
Isn't fate the course that nobody can predict regardless how scientists envision it...
if it were so easy to foresee, all would have control over it and all catastrophes
could be avoided to save millions of lives? Doesn't the Bible warn us to shun divination?
It's the sinful mind, the greedy heart, the unfaithful spouse, the disobedient child
making us stand at the crossroads deciding which steps to take to prevent a tragedy.

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The Ones Not Written

                                         THE ONES NOT WRITTEN
                                                 (Poem For K.)

The ones not written are the ones
Stuck in my heart like a crown
Of thorns.  If you look closely
You can see the blood seeping
Slowly from my chest.

The ones not written are the ones
I saved especially for you although
You left before I had a chance
To read them to you.  Maybe 
today is the day I’ll come up

Recite each one aloud then destroy them 
the way you and I almost destroyed ourselves 
in the flames of  alcohol and drugs.  
I’ll bury the ashes next to your
Headstone and only you and I

Will know about the ones not written, 
The ones you never read 
Because I kept them from you, buried
Way deep in my heart.  This
Is what I believed:

We had enough time to solve
the problems, plan our escape
And rearrange ourselves into newer, fresher
Versions of who we wanted to become.  I believe
You felt the same way even though you never

Really expressed yourself as loudly or as intensely
As I did.  I had, I suppose, a too large mouth
Which is never a good thing in a small town.
So here I am, alone, reciting to you the ones  
Not written, the ones stuck in my chest like a

Crown of thorns.  These are the important ones,
The ones I burned to ash and buried next to your
Headstone so that the next time you decide
To rise up from the dead you will read them
And know you are holding in your hands

My blood
My heart.

September 10, 2012
Jim Brewer 

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Betwixt food and human relationship

It’s good to get together as friends and confreres
like in table fellowship or religious convocation
and then, enjoy the company of each other’s culture
as Italians, Colombians, Filipinos or Brazilians.

The day after Easter Sunday adds another occasion
for us Scalabrinians to be reunited at this point in time
sharing the gifts of food, life, humor and relationship 
with a space for fraternity, some updates and good wishes.

Truly, it shows the spirit of oneness and fraternal fellowship
sharing the commonality of our commitmment to faith
as brothers in Christ and members of our Founder’s order,
the religious congregation that cares for migrant people. 

There’s much to do and plan for what we aim to materialize
in today’s world where migration poses a huge issue
like a salad bowl with mozzarella, tomato and olive oil
a metaphor for migration that deals with human cultures.

Described in the Bible as a growing missionary virtue
hospitality as a key to open one’s heart in this journey
With fearlessness and confidence, it’s a major issue
depicting the picture of global movements raised in action.

Our days of darkness, our bickering confreres in places –
where community life matters and features one’s emptiness
in dealing with one another in our quest for human and divine.
it’s indeed a challenge and will always be a test of faith, thus far.

This helps us understand through our setbacks, pains and joys,
with friends around and those who share with us many times
those sacred stories of being called to worship God and be present
especially in the Eucharist that nourishes our souls to be whole.

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Make The Road

Ten unemployed men
sat in a pub talking
saving together 
we could start our own business

Setting a target 
of ten dollars per week each
they started saving
the first week they had

one hundred dollars 
buying plastic 
buckets and cloths
they put up a sign

car wash
working to get off the dole
after six weeks they had
six hundred dollars

enoungh to buy
an industrial vacuum cleaner
applying for cleaning jobs
they started to get off the dole

after a year they had
five thousand dollars 
enough to buy a van
and start a courier service

working together slowly 
using one idear after another 
they slowly got back onto thier feet
no more bludging they felt proud

granted this story is fictional
but perhaps out there are people
that can turn it into reality
dream your dreams

put up a picture 
of what you want in life
create the plan
and make the road

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Another Saturday night with her friends

Where the floor meets the wall,
She stands in her usual spot,
Craving a cigarette,
Observing, processing, psycho-analyzing,
Another Saturday night with her friends.

Their forced civilized exchange of small talk, 
Boasting, intellectual competitions and back handed compliments
Vainly covers the tension of secret love triangles,
Unspoken resentments, jealousies, and
Bruised egos until the alcohol takes effect and
 people start going to the bathroom in groups.

That is when someone puts on jazz album,
And suggests a game which
brings out the "realness" in everyone:
They tell stories, make confessions,
Share moments of tenderness before
Declaring war
Shattering several expensive wine glasses and 
Dissolving into fits of hysterical laughter or sobbing
a fight is taken outside 
a couple is having sex in the basement, 
 and someone is vomiting  in the kitchen waste basket.

Except her,
Lightly buzzed by some cheap white box wine,
She will  comfort and offer sage advice to
the  histrionic  and  the clueless
which they will soon forget or dismiss.
Refill the pretzel and chip bowels,
Break up a fight between two romantic rivals,
Pour countless whiskey shots and shake 20 mean Vodka martinis, 
Nurse the drunk and clean up the mess in the kitchen.

Years from now, these alleged group of friends will
Rewrite this night filled with fun and merriment 
Where the drinks, drugs and conversation flowed,
and the fire never died,

While she will accurately recall every detail and wonder
Why she allowed this group of sparkling, beautiful, broken  people 
To cast her as their resident 
Unpaid therapist
 Keeper of secrets
What was her incentive or her reward?
Beyond their peripheral acceptance.

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Sunshine of Pam

What a privilege It has been To have Pam in my life As a dear friend Someone so honest And most trustworthy With real compassion And much integrity She listened when I needed Someone to talk to And if she said she’d do something It was just what she would do She truly inspired me With her professional skills Giving me knowledge to never forget And I never will Her inner light Was visible all the time And I’ll always remember Pam’s sunshine! Love, Flo Dedicated to Pam Bass January 14, 2009 Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Bountiful Interactions; Plethora of discussions;
Oodles of gossiping; certainly with those
Precious ones known as ‘Friends;

Those were the days at school – 
Innocence at zenith;
T’wos fun chatting over phone then;
Doing the Tittle-tattle about teachers,
Adoring those cute classmates;
Nostalgic are those moments;
Those moments with “Friends’

Then entered college, Innocence abridged;
With newer friends; 
Conferring extensively on careers;
Unrelenting analogous trend; 
Talking and gossiping; having a fantastic time;
College ended and so did friendship;

Work came anon, Innocence lost;
Extra mature, extra busy;
No time for friends, no time for anything;
Yet a thought about friends enduring within;
Suddenly again; 
Recalling those wonderful moments with friends;
Alas! Have no hint how to get in touch;

Technology popped in; 
Email, chatting, orkutting;
Reviving our friendships;
Reminiscence of school and college;
Wonderful are those moments;
Moments that we spent with friends;

Back is our friendship;
Back is our chitchatting;
Back to our old times;
Precious are those moments;
Nevertheless all those feelings remain unchanged;
Undoubtedly now shall emerge;
Better moments, Fun filled era;
Needless to mention;
Friends are forever.

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If all the things I have right now were taken away and I had nothing left I would fantasize about nature and how beautiful it is. I would imagine that I was swinging on an old tire swing in front of a river. In the river were little ducks and I would go feed them. In my life right now I don’t think of nature that way. I think if my freedom was taken away I wouldn’t take it for granted the way I do and I would know how much it actually means to me. I would also imagine my family getting together for my family reunion. We would usually have them in September. My aunt would make her fancy white cake topped with chocolate drizzle. My grandma always made her jello cake; I still don’t know exactly how she makes it. The others would bring KFC, at least three boxes full of chicken and fries. All the kids would sit together and play games and laugh as we threw food at one another. We would have a game where the kids lined up from age 1 to age 13 and you would get to pick a prize appropriate for your age. I would always get stuck with bath soap and tooth brushes.I take a lot of ordinary things for granted and I think a lot of people do but they won’t admit it. Sometimes I even take life and my freedom for granted. I think that if maybe we wouldn’t take things for granted like the trees or our freedom that maybe our lives would be a lot better and things wouldn’t happen the way they do. I have lived long enough to know that it won’t happen, nothing happens the way you want it to. Just a few months ago I lost my grandma and I couldn’t do anything to help her. I took all of the things she did for granted and now that she’s gone I miss her. She used to make this tuna casserole, it was just amazing but I never told her just how much she meant to me. I think if I would have told her that more then I wouldn’t feel so guilty or depressed that she is gone. I never told her what I needed to. If people could use the words of John Lennon “Imagine Peace” and actually think about it then maybe the world wouldn’t have to end because there wouldn’t be any enemies, murders, drugs, none of the bad things would have happened. If we could have just accepted everyone around us for who they are and known that one day we all have to die, we could have stepped back from it all and said I had a good life and I don’t regret any of it. I think it’s no good to step back from something and tell yourself that you could have done something to prevent it.

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Looking Back

Every time I look back
I can remember the good
Maybe I will never get the chance
I still think of the dance
I am glad I didn't know
The way that this would end
Or the path on which it would go
But whenever I think of it
I will always get that grinn
Even if it is a sin
No matter the past
The future will win...

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The Letter to The Lost

You were the gift that gave me eyes, and grateful I’ll forever be. The poetic beauty inside our loss is within the dark we see. So here I write my letter to you, the following week since you passed. You burst into my life like a firework, burning twice as bright but twice as fast. Unlike a rocket you’ll fail to fade, and your love will never be surpassed. As I pen the ink my words begin to smudge, with tears that start to fall. I feel your presence is close to me, and memories flood back to recall. So here begins my letter dear love, you were a gift and a loss to us all. Like a New York snow fall, on a starry December’s eve. Like an enchanted walk in central park, beneath the flowing trees. I took your hand and felt your pulse, as together we were free. Like a shore walk in paradise, along the edge of a summer’s breeze. Like a boat ride across the crystal blue, a magic sail upon the seas. You make me smile with one quick glance, and you rule my memories. The love for you cannot be described, and the loss can never be healed. I placed the flowers upon your stone, and ached with every petal that pealed. Now I know I’ll see you again someday, as we walk into the golden field. I leave you with a kiss and a hug, and pray you are safe and strong. I’ll count the days till I see you again; I hope that it's not too long.

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What makes real men

I’ve seen so much
In the few years I’ve been here
Some things witnessed
Are my deepest fears

Not too long ago
On July 26th of 2004
Two great friends
That I greatly adore

The first on this day
Was my dear ol’ grand dad
The other was a kid
And this kid had

A bright promising future
Just out of high school
And he always seemed
Oh so cool

Thing happen
Unpredictable and unjust
Yet push on
Everyone must

What is done is done
The past we cannot change
And at time this causes our lives
To be rearranged

Honor their memory with laughter
Do not dwell on the grief
Just move on
You must believe

I have lost men
Whose shoes I could only hope to fill
Some had passed
Because they were incurably ill

Some have died
Before their time
Passing in the very beginning
Of their promising prime

What makes a real man
Is not how he starts things
It is the kind of finish
He shall bring

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Don't Go Near The River

Don’t go near the river a tree has fallen down
The flow is blocked and it caused a dam if you fall in you could drown
But to us children this an invitation was
A big happening in our lives we had to see the cause
Of course we would not climb down to the tree
From high upon the bank we would satisfy our curiosity

Down Milfort Avenue we all trouped 
The excitement mounting with-in our group
The boys were there first of course
Down at the roots torn from the ground with such force
You girls they shouted stay away it was their find
Just go home play with your dolls and leave our tree behind
Well did you ever hear such rot 
We will soon show that lot

Mother’s warning soon forgot down we went to the spot
Those roots from up high did not seem so tall
But now down beside them we were made to feel small
Like gaint arms they were all slimy and wet
But we girls would conquer this climb you bet 
I never was brave and from the start
My legs were shaking and in my heart
I knew I should back down and risk being the fool
But pride would not let me so I tried to act cool

The others had climbed over and to the far side had gone
Knowing I was frightened they egged me on
Up I went onto that tree trunk
Looking down to the river below my heart sunk
What would I do if I fell in I had never learned to swim
Well it happened and into water I fell for my sins
Plunged to the bottom then up I floated gasping for air 
Again the depths called the water my death would share
With bravery someone dived in to save me from my watery grave
Trailed to the bank and with the water pumped out my life was saved

A neighbor heard the commotion and running came
Then into her house to recover my legs some strength to gain
For the walk back home to face Mum my misbehavior to declare
I really was a sorry sight but I did not care
Jumper and tartan skirt soggy the red dye running down my thighs
Perhaps she would think it was blood I had better start to cry

Water filled the fur lined leather boots which slopped and weighed a ton
My dad had worked for hours to pay for them and look what had I done
So sorry I was for myself but punishment I had to accept 
My friends there with me for support they stayed and yet
When Mum’s face through that front door appeared
They drifted away the blame they feared
In I was hauled and asked to explain
Why I had ignored her orders given so plain

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Forgotten Fate

Introduction: For those who’re wandering confused within the lost and found - seeking silence…

Truth be never futile Stay and see awhile, Call back your forgotten dreams And feel that frozen smile, Linger of Love be worth eternal wait; When the time is right – That verity we do still hate And later we wind up too late, There forth we get lost in fate We get bemused with our innate That we can’t still relate, Don’t take on yourself as bate As never you trust an inmate, Our hopes and thoughts they fade away And we just see closed gates, So slay the lies, dig up the truth Someday you shall find, your forgotten fate…

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I Send My Heart to Japan

Once again the Supreme Player has dealt the unfortunate card
From the famine in my lands
To the quakes in Haiti, and the other parts
Then the floods in Australia
Now the quake in Japan

I wonder what to make of these times
In the meantime, I’m just gonna be glad to be alive
And send my heart to those who survived
Sorry for the greatest loss of your time
My kind and I will each lend a hand in kind

Continue to see yourself as worthy in the eyes of your creator
For such are the shortcomings of nature 
Even we human beings who’re meant to be better, 
...always falter
Even the machines we make with our acute intelligence, 
...always have their failures

It’s not time to point fingers of blame
It’s time to offer tonnes of help
Even he who has help worth only a feather’s weight
Will find his place in the plaque of gratitude
...For helping restore the better days

The past is what was
The present is the gift we’ve been waiting for
We must now make profit of the achievements we harnessed in yester days
For today is for the purpose of manufacturing a better day

It is so hard to move forward while fixated with the scenery passed
So please to all of us in misfortunes of a kind
Let’s carry on ahead and take from the past 
....only the wealth of better lessons and faith
For as sure as one step ahead of the next will make us progress
Tomorrow is sure to erase all the sorrows and regrets
...and all the pains of yester days

Be keen, on your face a better smile to paint
Be keen, in your heart a better feeling to pump
Be keen, in your mind a better lesson to plant
Be keen, in your present a better experience to deserve
Be keen, in your future a better result to forecast

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Ralph Zimmer Acrostic Poetry

ralph my great poetic friend 
after the puff of smoke ends 
last man standing will be you, 
provider of poetic words so true 
having great thoughts, not blue! 
zimmer has a philosophical blend 
in his poetry he has started a trend, 
man of excellent Acrostic poetic flow 
ahhh, the reader smiles with a glow, 
even after closing his acrostic page 
one remembers his poetic great taste, 
friends his poetic words are very kind 
openness displays in his rhyming lines, 
every syllable count is very great 
he always write with amazing faith, 
riding the poetic highlights today 
He sits on the “Dock of the Bay!” 

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My Friend Jo


Friendship isn’t easy,
It doesn’t just happen;
It takes care and commitment
and a willingness to give of yourself
freely, without hesitation.

There are friends you’ve had since childhood
who know all about you,  and you them.
You get together on special occasions
or you hear from them
on Birthdays or holidays.

But the most rare and treasured friend
Is one whom you meet unexpectedly,
you connect with immediately,
who seems to know what you are thinking
before you say a word…
who seems to read your soul .

They sense when you are in need of comforting,
or a laugh when you are feeling low.
They don’t judge you when you make mistakes
but are there to pick up the pieces when you do!

A true friend is a treasure, a rock steady and sure.
That’s what you have been for me my friend
And I know that our friendship will endure.

For Friendship Contest

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Beauty and the Unpublished Author

Far away in a little town tucked in the corner of a map
Lives the girl who ruined his heart
And broke his life

While with him she would smile and laugh so sweet
Tender as only she could be
In his heart she lit even the corners so deep

With time she became his definition of life
In all he did he had her in mind
Life wasn’t life without him seeing her smile

As moments grew into weeks
The flower of his heart started to reveal its wilt
In her eyes no longer was the sparkle he was used to seeing

Winds carried awful odour of their disorder
Tales went round of her illicit exploits behind the counter
The man with the shop at the corner savoured all the honey she offered

At first he dismissed the whispers with laughter
But soon he discovered he was the only one on the other side of reality’s border
Yes indeed, another prince had taken over

Trouble was how sincerely he loved her
Problem was that even she had only love to offer
Issue was he hadn’t yet sold a dime of the books he authored

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Final Fantasy

Follow me and I will follow you only to sacrifice and pledge my soul.
Now known only as one!
Soaring in the winds with rapid inspirations exploding one by one,
It is your final fantasy to live again!
Victim of suicide revealed by fate and conquered by the depths of love,
Life of life has just begun!
The warmest touch begs respect for the quality found deep within.
It is your final fantasy to finally begin!
Encouraged by beliefs to uphold the strength of one’s destiny,
Yet, embraced with one final and endless thought!
A kiss of pleasure obscures the kiss goodbye,
Accompanied with its warmth to pleasure your need!
It is your final fantasy to bow down for these borrows and trade.
Subtle with perfection you are as pure as a white dove.
Your desire is to never ever get lost with what you’ve caught.
Insensitive delights begin to dwell from deep within,
You burn and ache for a place to finalize where it is that you belong.
It is your final fantasy to conquer these steps in which you alone have made.
Sacrifice those objectives captured and held in your time!
Acknowledge your very own self with the quality known only by the depths inside of you!
Fly away with me, but only for a moment.
Embrace only that which enlightens the moment seized!
It is your final fantasy to touch and feel everything that you never knew.
Life is our mystery, yet we uphold its true value with our righteous dignity.
Harvest your life moment by moment,
Make it your very own prey for the little ones who never knew.
Gather the sensations and absorb life as you breathe in your every breath of air.
It is your final fantasy to indulge with the intrigued and explore all of these parts inside of 
Release yourself from the depths of love and find what it is that you truly seek.
Life of life has finally just begun!
Looking up and looking down but never looking all of the way around,
The loss of control is the loss that you will gain!
It is your final fantasy to whisper in the dark and to cry in plain sight.
Open minds with open hearts capture the true essence, for they completely belong!
Spirits fly and soar through life with so much energy powered with intensity’s strength.
They find the treasures you’ve always sought but have never found.
Your final fantasy is to escape your darkness and to find yourself inside of this beaming ray of 

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When I was young and naive, I joined a company where I thought I would stay...
The stay only lasted two years, as the President turned out to be a crook.
I had, at that time a young whom I had hurt by joining this company against her 
better judgement and who had seen from the first where this would go.
When I got wise and realized that she was right all along, it was too late to save the marriage.

There I was, no wife, no home, no job, $14,000 in debt, and the creditors at the door.  I was 
staying at my mother's house at the time...and being alone one night, I decided to call one of 
the people I used to work with.  He wasn't home, but I spoke to his wife.  She had been one 
of our secretaries, and I knew her as well.  As we spoke of things going on, and the things 
past, she interupted me in mid sentence.  "Dan, don't do It!"    "Do what?", I asked.    "I know 
what you're thinking, and it's not worth it."  She then proceeded to tell me how she would not 
be alive if someone had not found her after she tried to commit suicide after her first 
divorce.  "So, don't do it!"  It was like being hit in the face with cold water!

After hanging up the phone, I realized that she had heard something in my voice to spark 
her comment, and I would have killed myself that night had it not been for her.  I tried to 
sleep, but to no avail.  I decided to go to see an old friend whom I had worked with when I 
was a youngster.  He drove a bread truck, and I used to help him with deliveries.  When I 
saw him I told him that I had nowhere else to go, and didn't know who else to talk to.  
Without hesitation he said, "How much do you need...1,000, 2,000...5,000?"   "No, I just want 
to borrow a few hundred dollars to keep the creditors at bay until I can get myself a job."  
He reached into his pocket, pulled out a roll of bills, handed me $200 and said, "Call me 
tomorrow!"  A second dose of that cold water.

When I called the next day, he had gotten me a job driving one of the bread trucks.  I 
worked for almost a year at that job, paying off most of the creditors in that time.  And 
every time that I wanted to give back the $200 he would say, "Put it in your pocket, you need 
it more than I do".   

That was long ago and seems like a different lifetime.  Yet, I still remember vividly those two 
angels who helped me to still be here to write this for you.  Yes, I was a real lemon...They 
made me into lemonade which can't thank them enough!

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Top of the roof

Daddy told us not too, while Mom sourly warned. Though they scolded, loud and clear, we devilishly disobeyed. Up on that roof top, at least 30 feet from ground, carelessly balancing on the shingles, one step, two we were so young, so adventurous, the nights lasted decades, while the stars evaporated fear, they smiled at our virgin eyes, and when a gust of wind would catch our balance, we'd lay under the ratty quilt grandma made. The night sky was so full of life, a serenity in a chaos of lights, forever rotating yet a fulfilling stillness, the kind that cannot be broken Until the day we got caught. Daddy yelled while we ran threw the window, preparing for the worst, hearing Mom's fear in curses, we both sat quietly, reminiscing on that freedom, that longing for serenity. After taking in the fear- we went up to our rooms, and after one tapping on the wall between us, we both met at the window once more.

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The Waffle House Way!

Customers are like bouquets of flowers passing through our twenty-four hours.
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner all 365 calendar days guaranteed for a full twenty-four seven.
“Hello Sir”! Welcome to Waffle House America’s favorite place to eat!
Some say we are the closest thing next to God's Great Heaven!
We have a confusing language of our own, the blabbering towers of the real “April Showers”
Service with a smile that has walked the many hard-earned extra tenths of miles,
Nothing computerized with files, just organized by our own genuine unique styles.
Waitresses are serving with hard enduring time and each crosses over a mighty fine line,
Master grill operators optimize a divine talent marking your plates perfectly aligned.
Friday and Saturday nights the party train arrives blessed coffee to the many lips we’ll revive.
Regulars and irregulars you’re served just the same, pardon me did I really get your name?
Loud ones, quiet ones, and even the picky ones strive to come back to us,
Here we bring back the basics of being alive.
Scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, or topped? 
So do you want them “All the way or just partly aflame”!
Young, old, or different at being indifferent just being sane, 
Especially when the “Waffle House Way” is to say the first “HELLO”!
“Morning Mam”! Can I get you your usual or will you be having something different  “TO GO”?
Brief moments of insanity with the moods that walk through our doors, 
Thank God for every single one of those Jukeboxes!
The quality of service opening an eye to the sly foxes, 
We’d really be in trouble if we sold liquors!
Foreign, military, and even civilian are in and out, 
Our servers are like the gold stored at Fort Knox.
So what can we get you today that you haven’t already had before?
 “The Waffle House Way” America shouts!
 It’s like being home because that’s what we are all about.

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simple suggestion

It’s a simple gesture that one can say
Hello how do you do how was your day
It’s a simple suggestion
Like my hand in yours
So tender on the touch every single pore
What is his hand? 
And where can I find 
It keeps my mind in motion the simple unknown
Un devoted
Just done
Life can be a single turn 
A single term
Its rhythm is firm 
From the grey seas 
To the green trees
And another late fee
Just a divided hand
That might suggest that we chose the wrong path
That maybe our world is colliding with a wall
And that hand might not be there to save us all 
For the meantime the wren keeps it afloat
With his peaceful remedy and his tranquil notes
One can see the irony 
Of this simple pass by 
The one time you see our flutters fly 
Is all past that 
The Chat 
For it is my hand that does the work 
The simple wave 
And the smile on the other end 
Maybe the one to constrict my hand later
Or make it even bigger
Or it’s the one that litters
And keeps me undeclared
Or uncaring
When we take to the wind
We foreshadow our sin
And here I stand still 
With our glares and our posture 
Carefully making sure his hand might find us one day

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I have always been alone it seems. This life has taken everything from me all my friends have gone walked away into the light where I can't follow. All my family has left and wont tell me where they have gone. So over the years my defenses have been built up and are strong. First the towering outer wall, surrounded by the dead bodies of people that could never get through. Next we have the inner wall, with two guard towers at either side. This wall is not as strong or high but the towers always filled with guards and weapons to strike down any and all who approach. People have reached this far many a time but almost all have fallen here. Second to last is a huge iron gate surrounded by a moat of battery acid to keep all from swimming it. The gate is thick and has never been lowered willingly, the gate keeps all out of the city that is my soul and heart. Only a select few have reached this far and a couple have forced there way in. Then last within the city, there is a golden vault door keeping all out of my inner sanctum. These defenses have been tested and tried but never have they all fallen. So imagine how shocked I was the day I was walking within my sanctum and out of a puff of smoke you appeared without any warning.........

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I See You

I see you standing there without a thought
But many things are running through your mind

I cannot follow this confusing trail
That you have left behind

I see you in the future
I saw you in the past

But all along I've known
That our friendship needs to last

I see you there standing high
I see you and I start to cry

Without your friendship I would probably die
I see you and without you
I would always cry...

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I Believe

I believe in Heaven,
and I believe in Hell,
I believe that a believer,
should forgive as well.

I have seen the downfall,
that follows sin,
robbing friendships,
and putting distance between kin.

I have seen brothers,
turn on the other,
and family values fade,
further, and further.

I have seen I love you,
go without being said,
and go on pretending,
their life is being fed.

I believe the passage,
to a higher walk,
comes from living each day in love,
and forgiving ones faults.

Eyes are watching,
they see what we do,
if we claim it,
then we better be ready to follow it through.

The world has plenty,
to worry about,
these things will be answered,
one day, no doubt.

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Honor To Mother Mary is Honor To Father Christ

“The honor of the Mother reflects on Father Christ”
“Whatever honor and praise are given to the Mother bounces to the Son”
“The honor given to the Queen bestowed on the King”
The Honor we give to the Mother of the Lord was referred to Him Who was made incarnate (personified) of her”

The Mother is honored for her Son’s sake”
“Indeed in loving Mother Mary, we honor Eternal God”
“We will never love her as He loved her”
Father Christ was the first to honor her as His mother
“We will never be able to equal with which Father Christ loved her”


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Friends Are Our Rainbows

I think of you often,
with your distant smile,
forever my friend,
with your beautiful style.

Your message of love,
comes from a call,
be strong my friend,
keep your spirit tall.

So gentle you speak,
lifting your head to the sky,
giving all the glory,
to Jesus on high.

Friends can comfort,
although separated by miles,
knowing what to say,
God's gift to His child.

Always ready,
you listen, and care,
no matter the time,
you are always there.

Right by my side,
your presence is near,
with your gentleness,
I cherish so dear.

Friends are our rainbows on a cloudy day...
This poem was written for my sister-in-law
and beautiful friend, Marie Prance.

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My Only Nightmare

I have only ever had one nightmare that kept me awake at night and has I sink ever deeper within myself.I can't help but think how I had everything I ever wanted friends, loved ones, people who cared and were always there.But one by one they started to fade away.Slowly at first one or two would leave then faster and faster still. I tried so hard to hold on to them to keep them close but they just faded faster.Until my nightmare became reality and I was alone.

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His young heart departed from 
that adored town adorned by the September's frost,
wisked away by an uncaring father
whose extramarital affair
marred the family's harmony;
and his pretty mother drying away
his tears so innocent and warm,
to console him with a touch that had no haste!

That unspoken wish lingered avidly
through the saddened and turbulent years,
resisting to give in to languidness... 
imagining, at night, each star gleaming
over his friend:  the moon which went wandering
to find that little boy, who loved to listen to the tales
of warriors and heroes that defiantly
wouldn't fall out of the History books!

He went on living, but couldn't forget at all
what he left behind:  a precious friend
even worthier than a treasure of gold;
and why had he to fulfill fate's prophecy in due time...
by sacrificing everything he wasn't willing to,
and opposing his will could have helped him turn the tide?
And as he grew older in foreign soil, 
it all became clearer to him that truth had lost its virtue!  

How could life deny him its fairness,
and make him choose at an age of fancifulness? 
To have outgrown time had its disadvantage,
depriving him of a wonderful youth 
not lived in spontaneousness 
and to have the chance to dream by night,
and, by morning, wake up in a brighter light...
to pursue another dream into the sunset! 

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Boy and Girl

A young girl runs around the park looking at flowers.
She looks at them and smells them. 
This littler girl eyes lights up.
She sees all these yellow flowers and started to run around.
She goes through them.
She stops in the middle of a yellow patch of flowers.
She raises her arms up and smiles and screams happily.

A young boy was running around in the brush he sees her.
She has long golden brown hair and a great smile.
He notices that she had green eyes.
He notices that she likes flowers.
He runs around and looks for the perfect flower.
He sees several odd looking ones.
He does not know what she would like.

The young girl sees this boy running around in the bushes.
She tries to ignore him but she could not.
She saw him with short black shiny hair and light brown eyes.
She thought that he looks mischievous.
She also thought he was a regular boy who likes hide and seek.
It also looked weird that the boy was looking at flowers.
She thought.

By now the he saw her looking at her so he purposely started to hide.
He got into the bushes but these bushes had thorns in them.
He looked at the bush and saw a yellow and red flower.
He thought this was the right flower to get her.
He peeked out of the bush and sees her playing.
He looked to make sure he did not get a thorny stem.

The boy meets the girl and ran around her and showing off.
She sees him do this and thought it was ok.
She looks over at her mom and sees another mom.
The only two people other than her and her mom must be these two.
She stopped dancing and looks at him.
The moms see both of them and realize that something was going to happen.

The boy’s mom takes out a camera.
As he had his hand around his back hiding the flower, he notices her mom.
He stopped and looked at her and smiled.
She stopped and looked at him and smiled.
He has her attention and gives her the flower.
The flower was a red and yellow rose.
They became friends for life.

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The Poetry of Cancer

                                       THE POETRY OF CANCER
                                                (For Shelly)

My editor says
keep it simple,

so here it is:
you died on Saturday

and your viewing
was Monday.

You were a good poet
but cancer

ate through you
so fast you didn’t have


to write a good-bye

Now here it is Tuesday
and I am 


for an email
that will never 


November 12, 2011
Jim Brewer

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A Stronger You

Walk tall my friend,
make every step count,
look to the future,
hear the distant sounds.

Flee from yesterdays,
and from satan's hold,
remember one choice,
can destroy it all.

No one is perfect,
how could we be,
but that is no excuse,
to plant bad seeds.

Take responsibility,
then prove your worth,
it is not just one,
actions hurt.

Grow in your self,
take pride as you do,
the reflection looking back,
a stronger you.

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So long and farewell

A life long friend,
A soul mate,
A heroine, a star
A woman so phenomenal,
The very best by far

I never thought I’d have to 
Say these last goodbyes
So long and farewell my hero
A girls so strong and wise

These last few weeks of life 
Since your diagnosis
Have been so tough, but you pulled through
So difficult to notice

One day we will meet again
And live our lives together
We’ll start a new life, you and me
And share one heart forever

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Sorry, Yesterday was a Bore

Sorry, yesterday was a bore
That wasn’t me on a roll
It was the other me – John Winston – who wrote it all
But now I feel convinced I’m back
‘Wise-the-Prins-Wins’ in white and black
So please just sit back
And wait for more than just another rap
From this Kenyan dude on this part of the map

So what if there I sat
Butt flat on the dirt
Near the boulevard of broken dreams
Bleeding within from the wounds inflicted unto me 
...while in pursuit of impossible dreams
Still I insist there is nothing impossible to me
I gotta heal quick and get back to the ring of dreams
I gotta fight for what I believe in with all that’s invested in me
Defeat is a word unacceptable to me

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The theme of this story
is a brown beagle puppy
with a blocky head, large ears,
a curved-up tail and white pawns.
I proudly mamed that gorgeous pooch:
Lucky...the hound that loves to smooch! 

I was asleep, cuddled up in a warm  blanket...
when I hear the bark of a dog, and
as the howl increased, the wind whipped the iced window;
and hurriendly went down stairs,
without putting my slippers on, so curious
to know where that high-pitched bark came from.

When the door slammed open, there surprisingly, I saw
a stranded, shivering beagle stucked in snow:
staring at me with innocent puppy eyes,
and I could tell he was hungry and cold;
he tried to lift his frozen and stiff paws, but he couldn't...
a quiver of sympathy gave me goose-bumps! 

I picked him up and brought him in,
and he started to lick my face to thank me,
so affectionate and loving was that expression,
which I reminisce quite often, going back to that winter's evening.
I laid him in a small crate with a thick blanket, and he went to sleep;
how calm and happy was he, lightly snoring and dreaming!

The next day I took him to the nearest Animal Hospital,
and they gave him a warm bath, and how he loved that!
Yes, the beagle was out of danger and he was healthy,
like he was before he got lost and couldn't find his way home,
and since He had no tag on his collar, he couldn't be identified by name;
I wanted to keep this beautiful dog so badly...the playful dog I called Lucky!

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I wouldn't have reached this mature age
if angels didn't exist and watch over me,
one angel...while I was sleeping squeezed my hand
to confort me through trails and misfortunes,
not foreseen by young eyes frightened by rage;
today that comforting hand still holds mine truer than any friend!
That angel hasn't returned, giving me assurance and certainty...
that nothing tragic is going to happen anytime soon;
if I doubted this, and wished for another visitation, I wouldn't bear bitter scorn!
Yes, angelic visions warn us of events that will change the course of destiny.   
I wouldn't have seen the needed love...misery and compassion of others,
if angels didn't exist and allow me to reflect and act on instincts:
by becoming wiser and avoiding making mistakes leading to regrets;
who would go to such lenghts and diverge my fate from catostrophy?
No, not even the most trusted friend whom I thought had shown sincerity!
Divinition must be taken seriously as I did when this hand so cold with fear
was touched by the hand of an invisible angel with a message so clear!
Mysterious angel, please don't visit me again at dawn,
while I still live and and I'm dazzled by youngsters riding a happy unicorn;
why don't they fear those ferocious beasts? To them...they are truly beautiful!   

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Untitled #203 / Logan

Logan’s such a beast
he mowed over me at least half a dozen times
when we played tackle football by the tracks today
“If you’re such a beast, run over there and stop that train!”

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Searching in your eyes 
Looking for something 
Already knowing nothing’s there 
Watched the flames lick everything way 
Leaving you empty 
You’re barely alive 

Symptoms may have gone 
But the disease, it still remains 
I welcomed in the nightmare 
Gave up myself in darkness 
This path, It’s the one I chose to take 
For that I am to blame 


I lost my halo long ago 
Bathing in shadows 
Just another lie 
I made you believe 
I’d never leave you 
You made me believe 
You had something left for me 

Broke all the plans we made 
Just threw it all away 
Made more than my share of mistakes 
But your truths were even more fake 

I hear your voice inside my head 
I wanna wake up, wanna be free 
Can’t tame the flames eating through me 
Just another lesson burned 
One more love letter doused in hate 


It’s like you always say, nothing is forever 
Well I’m over you and your hold on me 
Nothing left for me to give 
Everything’s been said 

Let the streets run red with my regrets 
I welcomed in the nightmare 
Gave up myself in darkness 
This path, It’s the one I chose to take 
For that I am to blame 


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I’m not sad, I’m scared... there’s a difference.
You see lately, I’ve been having these dreams.
Weird dreams, and they feel so real.
Like they’ve dug into the very secret that is myself,
and turned it inside out.
Opened me up, my insecurities awake to be taken advantage of.
Like the stupid little things that scare me the most,
and my bad memories have woven together.

I feel like I’m not in control.
Something is going wrong.
I wake up confused, scared,
I wake up in tears.
My dreams are brainwashing me.
I’m drugging my life away.
Quick fix, quick fix, take this, take this.
When can I take control.
How can I take control.

I feel the effects, the effects of love.
How much it hurts me.
Distance is good, but I get so scared.
I have complete trust in you.
But I feel like manipulation is growing strong.
It’s my dreams, they’re brainwashing me.
I feel hated, and that someone wants me miserable.
My dreams are brainwashing me.
I know the truth, at least the truth I’ve been open to.
I know reality, yet I’m still scared.

I’m scared of a lot.
Being hurt again, deceived, lied to.
Being stabbed in the back, again, by a friend.
Losing control, that scares me the most.
I feel like I’m slipping through my fingers.

It’s cold here... in my dreams.
Dark too.
I can barely make out the faces in front of me.
Truth is, it’s how they make me feel when they’re around,
That’s how I know. 
Voices mean nothing, they’re all disguised.
They speak in riddles and in lies.
But it’s the feeling, the feeling I get,
That is how I know, I know not to forget.
It’s hard to explain, all of these fears.
My dreams have injected them into me.
It’s hard to hold on, to reality.
When my dreams, they’ve brainwashed me.

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The Great Mystery On The Journey Of Life

With life, there are many challenges; we are faced with new ones everyday
Sometimes we do not understand why we must struggle so
But with each new day, an answer will come
We must learn to seek out the path that will lead us
To a new and challenging future
We do not ask for pain nor do we ask for difficulty
Yet, daily we must face these trying times in our lives
We shall encompass days that will make us feel unworthy
We must look for strength from within ourselves and from within others
To enable us to push forward to reach the dawn of a new day
To embrace the dark sky of a new night
People from all walks of life will come and go in our lifetime
They are on their own journey; we are all merely passersby
A spectacle on the surface of each other’s lives
We are each here to help one another get from this point to the next
From this world to the next
What purpose do we really serve here upon this earth?
Do we want to know?
For now we just keep moving on, going from day to day
Wondering what new adventures we will embark upon each day
Remember those you meet, for someday, as time does pass
We will look back at our lives on earth
Once we have moved on, to the Great Life beyond
And we will think of those who were in our lives
The people that made a difference, no matter if it were great or small
Some little gesture of kindness meant to help us on our way
Before we reach our final destination
The reasons for the kindness that was shown
May not be known to us now, but someday it will be
We will face those greatest challenges with the strength and wisdom
We sought after for so long, all because someone else cared
Maybe a stranger, maybe a friend
Just simple kindness, a gesture of good faith
Love shared from the heart from one person to another
The compassion we show one another, may be the key that unlocks
The Great Mystery on the Journey of Life

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

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Everybody was horrified of Paul's scruffy looks
with dirt and mud smeared all over his wrinkled face,
and his long nose with dark spots on its tip;
and a grave digger matched that image,
but he was the nicest person on planet earth:
hard-working, estimable, amicable and honest.
After the day's work was done, Paul stared
at the empty lots and whispered to himself,
" Soon I'll be in one of them...I feel it coming! "
One unlucky afternoon he was standing
on the edge of a newly dug-up grave and accidently
slipped and fell into the twenty-feet excavation;
no screams for help were heard...he was dead!
That same afternoon, there was a burial
and as the corpse's coffin was lowered into the grave,
Father Michael spotted a body lying on the bottom of it,
and it resembled that of Paul....suddenly police 
were notified and minutes later a fire truck arrived
to the dreary scene. Then two young firefighters
lowered themselves into the pitch-dark grave by holding
onto sturdy ropes, and without much effort, 
they pulled his bruised and broken body:
he was pronounced dead at two-thirty.
Paul had a near-death experience, one of the most
incredible ones: he visited heaven, the place of bliss!
And as he climbed the gold stairway, he heard many voices
of those he knew in the previous life...they chanted glorifying God,
who was seated on an ivory throne surrounded by Archangels,
Saints and the Prophets whom he remembered from his Bible readings.

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Paul had a near-death experience,
one of the most incredible ones...
he visited Heaven: the place of bliss!
And as he climbed the gold stairway,
he heard many familiar voices he had
known in the previous life...they happily
chanted glorifying God, who was seated 
on an ivory throne surrounded by Archangels,
Saints and Prophets whom he remembered
from his Bible readings. He tried to look at
God's face, but he was blinded by an intense light...
more brilliant than the sun itself, then Jesus
approached with his out-stretched arms.
Paul smiled and was elated to have found salvation,
but Jesus kindly said to him, " Paul, your time
hasn't come yet, return to Earth and tell them! "
And briefly pausing He continued, " When that time
comes, your honorable name will be written
in the Book of Life, and angels will carry your new body
on their swift wings and you will enter Paradise! "
Paul's face was expressive of disappointment 
and bitterness and weeping replied, " The people
of Earth deride a grave digger so groggy and grubby,
and they mock him with their delirious laughs;
I would rather be dead than return to them! "
 " Go and show them your mercy! " Jesus commanded him.
Paul had only minutes before he would be buried,
so he rushed back and surprisingly saw a large crowd
attending his service as Father Michael, the Chapel's priest,
performed the last rites by splashing Holy Water 
in and around the shadowy grave. They heard a knock 
coming from inside of the coffin...Paul's voice became louder,
" I am alive, not dead...let me out! " Everyone was horrified
and shocked, but Father Michael ordered the mortician to open
the casket and let Paul out. Jubilation filled the chilly air,
and streaks of light filtered through the murky clouds...their shouts
were heard as far as the outskirts of town: Paul was alive!" 
I sat with Paul the day after under the shade of a fragrant pine,
and he told me about his visit to Heaven with tremendous joy
and fervent faith. He admitted that he was wrong not to have
shown them his compassion and with the sincerest smile
he proclaimed, " My anger and grudge have vanished;
I have forgiven them...I am so glad to have returned! " 

Entered in the ramblig Poet's contest,
" In Search Of The Human Mind"
Assignment: A Near-Death Experience

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The Mayfly is up on the Kennet by M.A.Meddings

The Mayfly is up on  the  Kennet,
Well it’s Whitsun why wouldn’t it be?
There’s a fine downstream breeze,
And  the  fishing’s with ease,
Do come as you used to for me.

The Mayfly is up on  the  Kennet,
You ought to come down for a spot,
If you come on Tuesday,
I’ll meet you at Newbury,
The weather  they say will be  hot.

Last Friday they started at lunchtime,
Just a few duns  to  begin,
But at twenty past eight,
Yes, really that late, 
‘twas as prolific as I’d ever seen.

The large fish you lost just last season,
With the ‘Rats Cat’ you left in it’s Jaw,
Came at me this morning,
Without any warning,
And god help me, forgive me I swore.

On Wednesday Julia’s brother,
Fishing on Shermans  they say,
Got his limit by teatime 
And whilst in  the  meantime,
Julia got me as well by  the  way.

In  the  long grass out along Gunters,
With the  middle  cut Hatch at it’s side,
We made love for hours
Amidst summer flowers
And  the  fishing is useless, I tried.

The emergence will not last much longer,
One more week is  the  keepers best guess,
But I’ve enough of  the  fishing,
 for now I’m just wishing,
That Julia will wear her new dress.

She has ruined my season for ever, 
Her tempting is all plain to see,
Just because of her eyes,
And of course her fine  thighs,
There’ll be no more fishing for me.

So The Mayfly is up on  the  Kennet,
Please excuse my disdain and aversion.
For Julia’s Smile,
 has detained me awhile,
I’ve a much more enthralling diversion.

Now the  Mayfly is up on  the  Kennet,
The  emergence is all fast and hopping,
On the  Park stream today,
I got my own way,
Julia’s gone off to do her own shopping.

But as  ‘the ladies’ go dancing  at Whitsun,
Julia flashes her eyes up at me,
It is not my physique, 
That she chooses to seek,
But my Fly box, for a pattern you see.

I taught her to cast just  this season,
Her delivery is coming on fine,
She got a leash just last Tuesday,
And another on  Thursday,
Now  for  romping  she hasn’t the  time.

But now  the  Mayfly is up on  the  Kennet,
There is one thing I continually wish,
That Julia’s beguile 
Would detain  me  awhile,
And I ‘d taught her to land her own fish. 

The End 

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Barber Shop Talk

Hey, what's up Pete? Same old stuff eh?

Alright, lemme swivel this chair around 'n you climb up here. Bout time you come in .You 
lookin' even worse than usual!
  Whatzat? Yeah well I look better on my worse day than you do on your best! That's for  
sure! Lemme knuckle on ta them specs afore ya drop 'em, then you'll be blind as well 
as ugly!

Huh? Well that ain't no way to talk to a fella as complimenting as I am, Pete.Now you want 
the usual perfect cut like I been doin ya for thirty years? 
  What you mean, like I scalped you last time? One a these days I'll wrap this sheet round 
your neck tighter'n you'll want me to!
How's them kids a yours doin'?

Oh yeah, she's the youngest ,right? What?! She finished college already? Hard to believe!
And how's the other three?..
..OH? They all fine and stubborn's ever,eh? Sounds like somebody I know. Howzat? They 
don't listen to ya anymore eh? Huh! Seem like you always grinding on them kids. 
     Whaddya mean, leave a little on the top? Been years since you had any hair there to leave!
.Now them kids of yours are real special. Now if you want my advice, you'll stop talkin' 
at those kids and start listnin' to 'em. You done all the talkin you can do.  
     What you mean too much off the side ?! It's perfect, you old goat.  

Nope, gotta listen to them now and watch 'em grow and just be there for 'em. I 
fought my old man hard. He was at me every second even after I left home. Didn't like it. 
Didn't do no good at all! 
     What you mean "you can say that again?", you ole pole cat?
What? No, never had any kids of my own. Well, that ain't quite true...I never talk about it 
but me an this lady friend had an affair goin.. and I got her pregnant..Yeah I was pretty 
dumb and young. We was in a bad way. It was legal an all we aborted that little 
innocent one. Ain't proud of it. ....Turned out I never could have any kids after that. Tried to. Two marriages ..Dam! ...The only one I coulda had...
Well , all done! Let's spin you 'round an see what we got. There! Can't do nothin about the 
face but the cut is Perfect! 
What you mean, I oughta pay you?! Here take your specs and don't be runnin off with my 
sheet you old coot! 
  Now get outa here before I charge you double. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the 
way out! Humph! 

..What's that, Pete?

Thanks, ole buddy... 
God bless you too...

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The unspoken fear

While heading out to pick up a few groceries
in the Italian Deli ‘Pastosa’ on Richmond Road,
fear grips me as I’ve something that I forgot
and can only be available in other supermarkets
like Pathmark, Waldbaum , Cash and Carry, etc.

These are vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients
reasonably cheap and expected to be fresh;
with all the choices being displayed and shown
hordes of them can delight a lot of customers.

When I got home carrying all those stuffs
my mobile phone rang and it was from someone
whose voice sounded familiar with a sad tone
that a friend of mine had just passed away.

I couldn’t speak nor utter a single word
overwhelmed with sadness and shocking news;
struck me most as I recalled him, his mem’ries
that wrought an opportunity to pray for him.

This prayerful moment addressed to God
made me realize and think all over again
death as a surprise and yet an unspoken fear
for so many who seemed they’re not ready yet.

Between today and tomorrow I might include him
in sacred celebrations with the nuns who always pray,
in deep silence and heightened recollection;
I’d pray for him that eternal rest may be granted to him.

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To All Of You Heroins

To all of you young women who unplannedly , unpurposely were and are pregnant in highschool.You, who chose and choose to still stick to finishing school whether its attending actual public school or online classes etc.I commend you.My reasoning for that is because, I really cannot imagine how it mustv'e felt or feel to go through something such as being pregnant at a young age.From what Ive seen before, its not easy.Especially, without a specific support system.Yet, you may have one either in your parents, your child's dad, loved ones or  even in your child.And, theres nothing wrong with that.From what I understand, there's alot of adjusting that takes place. But, seeing you ladies the ones I went to school with or the ones I've known for a good while, who went through it and graduated or are well on their way.You are absolutely admirable. I mean, not very many women could do what you have or are doing right now.You should be proud of yourselves, not just as individuals.But, as mothers or soon to be mothers. I believe you are all considered to be Real Heroes. =)

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Never attempting of striking it rich,
whenever my cravings give me another itch,
I'm used to a quite and simple life:
enjoying good food and sharing a coldl glass of wine 
when relatives and friends drop by;
why be someone you weren't meant to be?
Any millionaire around the globe,
sipping champagne desiring what I love?

With my beach cap pulled down, 
so that my short hair doesn't sizzle and change color,
as my light skin turns to a golden tan;
yes, I thank God for a breeze cooler than a fan!
Whole afternoons are spend on this pristine beach,
with a waterfront that a Californian will envy,
to melt away that old cliche' of vanity;
come down here...the East Coast is a wonderful shore! 

Low class, middle class and the upper one,
all share this unquenchable feeling,
to lay on the salty sand and begin to dream;
Am I talking non-sense or tackling the zest for living...
that this society has been unawarely denying??

Striking it rich is a temporary fancy,
imagining the possessions money will buy,
and many untaught temptations will materialize;
some will die by snorting deadly coke,
others squandering it on mistresses and hookers...
God, how the human spirit is corrupt  and consumed by lurid
and unhealthy desires that once were out of reach!  
And hopefully someone will ponder this,
to wake up to this gruesome, and parlous reality
and spend his or her fortunes wisely! 

What good people will do for the betterment of the deprived ones?
First give them love from the heart, then help them financially...
that's the smart way caring, of planning to strike it rich;
what's the use of looking at your glittering gold,
and not giveit  away to help anyone whose thirst and hunger
show in the sunken eyes...waiting for someone to feed their bellies!

If I ever stroke it rich, I wouldn't be here enjoying this sunshine, 
but I'll get out there and search for the needy and helpless ones,
and stop the selfishness and madness that money provides;
if I share my good fortune with them, others will follow my example,
and a real change will take poverty everywhere in our world!
Follow me, and search for everyone give them back their precious life!


Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The ‘bar'

Places were information crowds ear.
Places were eyes sights situation.
In the ‘bar,’ mouths runs over tongues.
A mixture of false and facts.
A mixture of hot and cool.

Some stumble to the ‘bar’,
some rumbles in the ‘bar’,
coming home in gambles.
Ripples of life gambles.

In the ‘bar’, 
Mouths runs, tongues wag.
Eyes blinks, people blend.
The ‘bar’ full of nosy noses,
sniffing proceeds of mouth.
Injecting falsehood. 
Interjecting fact hood.

Over a bottle of beer, 
over catalogues of crises,
over settles of scuttles.
On courting of friends.

The ‘bar’, a difference of the ‘bench’.

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A letter to my friend - II

To my dearest dear…
I hope you are doing fine
Here am occupied by laboring time
I came along to write for you
Hear from you after a long-time.
The last I met you at my place
I remember that day when you smiled at my face
Since then it had been a year
I miss you like a meteor lost in space.
Overnight chit-chats and long distance calls
Without you my friend
I would have lost nothing but all.

The day when I first saw you at the college canteen
My friend! Please forgive me
As I saw you that moment bit adversely. 
Yet, it was so kind of you
That you meant for friendship,
I would never forget this acquaintance
An inbound eternal relationship.
I like you the way you speak
Specially when you speak overslowly,
I love you the way you care
Specially when you soothe me.
I admire your respect towards me
Specially when you intend me,
I wonder your candidness
Specially when I speak craps and nonsenses. 
I laugh when I think of your responses
Towards those names given
I smile at your melodrama
And often by those conflicts again and again. 
I felt so calm
A time when I shared my baffled charm
I felt so celestial
A time when you eased me by your warm. 

My friend! If ever you need me
I will kill myself if you remind me that
I’ll read your mind, I will read your eyes
I’ll read your voice
And you will see me there. 

How far you are going
You deserve a lot to me
Not matter if you forget me
I will live with your memories
Thinking that you are always there. 
But promise me this won’t happen
Or else its easy to say
In reality I may lose myself once again.

I just wanted to hear from you today
And I just wish you live a long way
You live with no fear, no tears
I promise you a day you will always find me near.

Oh! My friend
I miss you like anything
Just before leaving
I want to say you goodbye.
The words written for you today
Are written forever…
Just will wait to hear from you, a reply
Till then take care and bubye. 
With love from…your longed amigo.

(Please note: This poem is dedicated to my friend Angshumala Goswami)

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Me & Irene

Since the day she was born
   It was love at first sight...
She would stretch
  With all of her might
To reach the sofa cushion
 To lay down next to her master.

And love and affection,
 Nurtured a special bond
And the fulfillment 
 Of everlasting joy.

Her spunk,
 Her personality,
Her spontaneity of idiosyncrasies...
 Nudging her ball with her nose,
Affectionate kisses, or even,
 Stepping on your toes
Just to let you know
 She is always there.

Jaunts along the sea wall,
 Swimming in the bay,
Walking down the street...
 Whatever I do,
Wherever I go,
 She is always there for me.

She's my best friend,
 Always and Forever1

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Unconditional Selfless Love

Unconditional Selfless Love

Encourages, uplifts, forgives, and bestows.
Good gifts of the soul expect no personal rewards.
These gifts are “heart-gifts”.  
The gifts of love and kindness
Given to me by you, Poetry Soup Poets
Made my hospitalization pass quickly.
You cheered me up 
And helped me recover more quickly.
Love like this is pure and selfless.  
It exemplifies how much love is possible between hearts.
It is the first joy of wonderful friendships,
It exemplifies an individual step to world peace.
“Heart gifts” are love, freely shared with others.  
During my hip replacement surgery your love, prayers, phone calls, and poems, 
Demonstrated great love for me, your fellow human…. 
Hospital staff noticed and commented upon such an outpouring of care and love.
(I of course knew that it is because poets have good hearts and we on the soup love one 
another and share kindnesses… always….)  
Thus your love brought joy not only to me, 
But to others who witnessed your kind ways, too.
In the past, I have said world peace comes one heart at a time.
And you, my poetry soup poet friends, understand and exemplify love “one heart at a time.”  
Thank you, my loving friends for your prayers, mail, calls, poems and good wishes that 
brought me more joy than you could ever imagine.  Thank you for being there for me.  I am 
home!!!  Miracles happen and I am on my way to a blessed and speedy recovery.  I am filled 
with joy from your kindness.  Your love is reflecting from within me.  Thank you.  Lovingly, 
Dane Ann

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Dire Straits met Rosie in her kitchen, wearing only a pair of Spandex boxer shorts.

As friends, they had gone to Hammond, IN  to see the UFO Convention.  There they
were amazed by exhibits about lunar craters and wormholes, as well as how some 
scientists  advocated using nuclear waste as a new type of rocket fuel.

Afterward, they went to wine and dine at Tid-Bits, a bar and grill where Dire had once 
did a gig as a DJ.  

Tonight, however, Rosie was bothered  by insomnia.  Whatever medicine she took to try
to alleviate it just left her drifting in pain.

When Dire came in, he reminded her of her appointment the next day with two vacuum 
salesmen.  "Perhaps it's your nervousness about that meeting that is keeping you awake", he 

"You may be right Dire, and the running around today didn't help any.  I'll call them to 
reschedule the appointment."

They sat down on the sofa to watch some TV, and Rosie nodded off to sleep during a 
commercial for the new Listerine soaked tissue.

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Be Safe My Friends

It's almost here,
Thanksgiving Day,
when families celebrate,
in their own special way.
Miles will be traveled,
as the food is prepared,
that special home,
full of love, and prayers.
Be safe my friends,
in the air, and on road,
as you travel to loved ones,
to eat that turkey baked brown, and gold.
We will meet here again,
after this day,
take care my friends,
on this busy day.

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Lost Value

He is as a field of lost value
Neglected by unknown reasons.
Seemed to have outwalked the furthest city light.
Becoming acquainted with the night.

A dark cloud covered him still
By those he never thought could still.
Help seems afar,
Like the stars in the boundaries of the sky.

Dealt by the strokes of the white water
That fall to earth.
A blessing he thought it was
For then sun never shinned its presence.

Sought for refugee,
As he was withering away
And made a fast decree.
But he had soon become a castaway.

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Thanx for the Welcome

Hey, thanks a heavy bunch for the welcome
Hey, thanks a larger lot for the welcome

My heart is duly enthralled
My mind has been positively stirred

Two days ago I had a lot on my mind
Now ‘coz of y’all, here I exist in delight

Heaven must be missing quite a number of angels
For what I read on my screen can’t be wordings of ordinary mortals

For now I don’t need heaven
For I have found myself a haven full of the soup I need to get well

A brick at a time, each with purity and love in mind
I’m certain this shrine full of wonder will rise to shine

Such are the blessings of men and women of initiative
Offering poets like me and you the mortar to build our dreams into reality

My heart fills with gratitude, tonnes of it in advance
For the doors of opportunity I’m certain to unearth, in this shelter of dreams

The beginning might be a tad bit rocky
But please bear with me as I drift off my ecstasy to clarity, as consequential of this 
new discovery

I promise to soon find my bearings
And flow at ease like a new Lamborghini on these sleek streets of many dreams

In the meantime don’t mind if sometimes I blurt
For a new soup like this always tastes so sweet, makes one reveal what he was 
meant to keep

Thanks indeed for allowing me to be a part of you
Allow me to advertise to others that you and I on Poetry Soup too

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To hold ones hand, takes
 many steps…

First you approach, and then reached 
out to shake ones hand…

To hold ones hand, in a romantic 
way you would grasp it, gently…

You can intertwine, your fingers
 with the others or simple 
grasp the hand softly…

Walking hand-in-hand, with one’s 
hand enclasped, in that of

Hands are important, for many 
skills, use hand techniques to
assemble small to large objects…

Need them to eat with, comb your hair,
 bathe and brush your teeth…

Hands are an important, part of ones
upper limbs you use your hands to
hold, carry and write…

By Sandra L. Hoban

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It's so mild in the quite suburbs
with rain falling in October,
and unable to sleep, I face 
insomnia for certain;
rain, keep on falling and let me hear
that steady, pelting sound on
the closed windows....a melody for
the saddest song should be written.

I must choose the right mood,
a minor scale to match this melancholy,
and a slow tempo growing into a crescendo,
and I could even throw in a scherzo;
and transport it with a C Major to smooth
some sadness out of the melody,
which tomorrow somebody
will hum, or whistle by learning the easy tune.

Hoping this song will be a hit,
thanks to the falling rain 
in October for the sudden inspiration...
when I couldn't think of anything else!
Wishing the rain would stop at six,
so I could see the rising sun across
the eastern sky and listen to the lark
that built his nest under my windowsill.

It's past sunrise, and the shimmering clouds hesitate to leave,
and with nothing to look forward to... I must believe
that the rain falling in October, 
can teach me the game of solitaire;
and pinned against my warm pillow,
I don't have anything to share but sorrow!
Flap your wide wings, friendly lark and repeat my song,
note by note; and without a lead sheet, I can't play it for very long...

Copyright by Andrew Crisci

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Running down an empty street
Her feet sore
Crying, she can't stop 
Believe me, she won't
She's hurting
Because of you
Why me, she asks so silently
Why do you do this to me, she whispers in his ear
Then she disappears

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I Try

I have tried so hard
To let things pass by,
One can take so much,
Believe me, I try.

I hate being used
Or be told a lie,
Being a good friend
It’s hard, but I try.

I help those I know
I ask myself why,
Keep getting stepped on,
But yet, I still try.

I hope that you know
You don’t have to pry,
My feelings get hurt,
To hide them, I try.

I have to be strong
At times I will cry,
Be honest and true,
To yourself, I try.

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a rose

A rose lay dead and dry
As a Girl sits to cry
The rose feels her tears
but knows not of her fears
The dead, dry rose can sense her pain and sorrow
For it too has no tommorrow
Alas that girl and the rose will sit there together and crumble
Their souls shall tumble
And the two will wither away
They'll both rot today
That girl and the dead, dry rose will never see another sunrise again
For today their end began....

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Getting into the Christmas spirit,
by examining my introspection
and making new plans for the future;
and sparking up your imagination...
could anyone imagine me dressed
as Santa Claus, who never has the minimal time
to watch a log consumed by a crackling fire?
Think again, I could be that Saint Nicholas so bold! 

Prejudice is not a part of this Christmas Season,
all kinds of people, of different ages and races, 
celebrate it; and it may vary from country to country
with traditions as far as Saturnalia or Yuletide...
that was a time when pagans started this festivity,
and with the birth of Jesus, the Christians
adopted these traditions as their own...
so should we object and put them aside?    

Getting into the Christmas spirit,
unpacking decorations for my new Christmas Tree, 
from boxes that waited too long for this day of joy;
and even my toddler, Jack, comes downstairs tripping,
handing me Grandma's favorite star, which
she had hidden away into a treasure chest so jealously,
to place on the top of this forest-scented pine tree...
when we all gather and sing," Silent Night."  

Getting into the Christmas spirit, 
adding, not taking away names from my long list;
and even though these are tough economic times,
I plan to be generous to all without feeling the pinch!
Give the very best of your intentions,
either in gift or in warmest embrace;
give and be content to catch that infant's smile in the distance; 
the tender smile of the Holiest Child, who will give of Himself!  

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Sometimes we get what we want

A single golden maple leaf rose on the wind twisting reflected sunlit flickers from her polished upper side, dancing in 
wind flung ecstasy of autumnal flight. Rising to disappear over the rooftop to wherever gusts took her. 

I watched from the bubbling hot tub, soaking in the massaging waters and almost feeling the leaf's freedom. Yesterday 
morning a friend left on just such a breeze. It had taken almost 40 days in hospital to lighten his soul for the ride. 
There will be no services. He will be cremated. His ashes will rest on the bar in his cellar throughout his annual 
Christmas celebration. This is what he wanted. 

Sometimes we get what we want. Several years back he'd had a small furniture business, bookshelves, tables, 
benches, that sort of thing. He'd also finished unfinished furniture for a company if their customers asked for it. at the 
time I was carving figures, birds, dragons, fish, whatever the grain led me to find in odd pieces of wood. "Take any piece 
that's on the floor" he'd said. I'd pointed to a four by twelve standing on end about four feet high. He'd laughed and 
turned it around. 
It was rotted and eaten away by ants or termites so that the knots stood out in odd dimensions. "I'll take it " I'd said 
seeing something that may be done with it. 

A week later I brought it back and we dipped it into his stain tank. He looked at it as it rose from the tank and almost 
dropped it back in. I'd carved the last supper on it, following the grain and using the knots as flagons or people 
depending on their location. The bottom of the board had been intact making the table the easiest to carve. The ants 
had done eighty percent of the work. I gave it to a friend who said he knew a priest who'd love it. I found out later his 
nephew got it. 
Sometimes we get what we want

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the preacher intones
"The Lord be with you"...
the congregation responds
"and also with you"
the Priest resonates Mass
"The Lord be with you"...
the Rabbi also desires
"Lord be with you"...
and the Imam, the Shaman

the faithful all around
are told the simple truth
surrounded by tomed tenet
what Lord deeply desires

"be with you"

the young lovers whisper
with quiet, frenetic passion
"I want to be with you"
and often say the other way
"I want you to be with me"

the simple secret, 
the DNA of what is, just is
that our being, 
our very existence
is ...together

whether is accented
"to BE with you", or
"to be with YOU"
it's about proximity
it's life shared
light shared
tears shared
love shared

it's about touch
it's about fingers
and hands, tangled limbs
warmth and cool reality
it's about gazing,
just looking 

just being there

deity ain't no fool
it's all about
"to be with you"

© Goode Guy 2011-11-25

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Spent thirty minutes past curfew 
mother's punishment an easy task,nothing new
finish chores when I'm bored
laundry cleaning's evovled from washboards
to cleaners and washer-dryers
the clothing's piled high,higher 
than my height and summer nostalgia's hard to fight
everything stunk with cigarettes,cologne and funk
something reeks...its my usual spot for hide and seek

Growing older my laundry's awful odor fades with age
I read more exercise less
My guess?
I'm gaining the weight of knowledge
yet its eight years until college

Yesterday's clean laundry is today's outfit 
faded nylon shorts,second hand thrift
my brother's birthday gift
snow white t-shirt...brandnew
matching Adidas tennis shoes
matches my favorite team an autographed blue
L.A. dodgers cap severed at the seams
beneath the sock pile and lingerie clutter
is my secret stash kept from my curious brother
at age nine everything is his even if it's mine
but I'm still fair and share
cause childhood's a gentle cycle...handle with care

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A fool rushes in

You say you love him
but is it true
or do you believe it is true
I caught him up
you don't believe me
you barely know him
and you are his girlfriend
what happens when
you find out he is cheating
are you gonna take him back
you rushed in a relationship
what do you really know about him
is he really the one
you rushed in too quick
I don't want
you to get hurt
so be careful
and get to know him
and see if he really is the one for you.

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is the name of my wild
and incorrigible cat...
down the stairs she scurries
to keep intruders off my door; 
and she, with her sharps claws,
challenges the most vicious dogs,
who would like a match
on my newly carpeted floor...
without letting me breaking up the fight!  

eat your food and grow strong,
they will be back with their groan,
but your meows won't do much;
let me teach you how to win a fight
and keep them off for good...
more faith you must have in me!
come here and jump in my lap;
Faberette...there's  no need for fright!

They haven't bothered you for a week now,
they must have sensed a change indeed;
and like friendly dogs they play and crawl,
instead of pulling off your spotted fur!
And cautiously you mingle with them with minimal fear...
can cats and dogs in friendship suceed?
But a word of caution I should make you aware of,
not all of them can change
and remain tame for long...
Faberette, be slicker than they are!

on my leather couch lies
under a warm blanket...
I pat her, and her feline eyes
flash the warmest glow; and I couldn't be
more proud of this wonderful pet,
keeping me company and share moments of joy!
And on her birthday, I even buy her a kitten toy!
O Faberette,
my adorable cat!


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"Best Friends"

How could he be so cruel, 
Trying to steal his best friends girl, 
Why was she such a fool,
To think he could ever love her.

She had it good with the other,
But she ended it anyway,
She should have realized he was a player,
Her heart just wouldn't let her.

Now he's with her best friend,
And he seems even more revolting,
He says it will never end,
But we all no that he's lying.

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To You My Future Love

Dearest of all pretty divinity
You are the fairest of all the princesses of reality
Even though I haven’t as yet met you
I trust my intuition’s claims of your astute values, to be absolutely true
For already the sight of you playing tunes with my heart is so enthralling

I pine for the time we shall hold hands
Perhaps even sneak a beautiful kiss or two through the cyber
I’d like to see how your eyes will twinkle
As I tell you how much I’ve loved you even before I met you
Darling dear, even before I know your name, I wanna say ‘I do’

My sentiments to you are true 
...coz the feelings your aura stirs in me are so cool
Anxieties of meeting you sometimes probably soon,
...reminds me of my sweet, mischievously naive days in school

Darling dear, only problem will be that I am an artist
...trapped somewhere lonely between childhood and adulthood
But I trust your understanding and support will help me through
May be you are going through it too
In which case it will be so cool
...for we may just be the two geniuses the world has been waiting for to move!

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A New Friend

They lived in the glen
at the edge of the woods
with a stream near by
sounding perfect as it looks.

When the littlest one
went out one day,
she traveled near the water
where the stream met the bay.

She had never been here before
and thought it was such a sight
with the sun shining down
to make the moving liquid bright.

With her eyes closed
and her face to the sky,
she imagined to herself
she could fly really high.

The day was perfect 
not a cloud in sight
when a noise from the water
gave her a fright.

Her eyes scanned the scene
but for a moment saw nothing.
Then out on the horizon
she DID see something.

It was coming closer
at a very fast speed.
She squinted real hard
trying to see.

The bubbles blew up 
from below the sea
as an eyeball emerged
to take a peek.

Oh what should she do?
Should she scream? Should she run?
But just then it rose up high
blocking out the sun.

With it’s one pink eye
looking at her
it held out its hand
all covered in fur.

In it it held
a shovel and pail
as it moved toward the sand
with a swirl of it’s tail.

It’s vivid purple lips
when it smiled real big.
Invited her to sit
then it started to dig.

The girl laughed and played
with the creature from the sea.
They were having a good time
until both were hungry.

It was time to say goodbye
and head on home.
She knew her new friend
would go were it came from.

They waved goodbye
and hoped they’d meet again.
They didn’t want the fun to stop
or for it to be the end.

She headed back home
not sure what to say
about where she had been
or with whom she spent the day.

That night she dreamt
of her new friend from the sea,
the fun they had had
and how it made her happy.

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A visit in Munich, Germany

What a sight to behold! A home to immigrants,
a spectacular city rolled with a wealth of arts!
predominantly Catholic with its many facets
its historical resonance and genesis of existence.

While it’s a welcome contrast from other countries,
there’s evidence that it’s replete with triumph and fall;
just after Bolzano, Trento, Rovereto, Verona Porta Nuova, 
Peschiera del Garda, Desenzano della Garda-Sirminione and Brescia.

That from Milan Central Station the train arrives in Monaco.
Indeed, I was so impressed to see the main city
its combined history and culture; a satisfaction
just on the horizons they gave me an enormous impression
to the so-called civilization that München defines its soul.

Churches can be found almost in every corner
with their baroque or lavish rococo architecture, 
some artifacts and gothic designs in some parts
in the eye of the beholder, they’re indeed a treasure.

People from all walks of life converge at the epicentre
the bustling footpaths, crowded shops and restaurants
with families from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Pakistan
Asians or other Europeans in common desire
this place holds a promise for future and families.

Germans in general, love to drink and hang out with friends
a place like Hofbräuhaus where huge crowds can be found
a good description, the best picture to recall.
Deutsch, the language spoken but difficult to learn
gave me an impression of its beauty in articulation.
With their conventional greetings like in many other cultures
respect is the by-word along with courtesy and reason.
like the Olympic Park, Marienplatz, Nymphenburg palace, 
English Garden, Königsplatz and many other sights
They’re beautiful places steeped with history and connection
to the people of München who love their own culture.

I may not be keen about other European cuisines
however, as  a person drawn to taste them all
with a sweet tooth I couldn’t resist a typical German version
of the American pancake served in the morning
kaiserschman, its name and it’s common to all.

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making it great in 2008 (part 21): help a brother out

the rumor was noised about that Jesus was on site
and the spreading of the word was faster than the speed of light
Jesus was in the house preaching the Holy Word
telling the people about things of which they had never heard
when Jesus is in the house the atmosphere is electrified
the Holy Spirit is present and all things are amplified
a transformation is on the horizon
if of Jesus the Christ you keep your eyes on

excited, expectant and enthusiast
knowing that the Messiah was here at last
inspired and encouraged were 4 men who were most devout
looking for a way to help a brother out
their friend was paralyzed and needed spiritual assistance
so they went to see Jesus in a manner most persistent
the house was overcrowded and through the door they could not enter
so they cut a hole in the roof and lowered their friend down front and center
they placed him with his mat right in front of Jesus the Christ
praying and hoping for a miracle to take place in his life
Jesus then said "your sins are forgiven, stand and arise"
the Pharisees were most critical until they came to realize
that standing before them was God's righteous Son
Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One

to have compassion and to care for your fellow man
to help a brother out in anyway that you can
to be willing to climb up on a roof and lower someone down
just to be in the presence of Jesus standing on sacred ground
to have cooperation and coordination to work in unity
to know that together we can claim the victory
for no man is an island and we all need one another
so do what you can in order to help out a brother

to collaborate with others despite your personal feelings
to get the job done so that we all can get some healing
with cooperation, coordination and collaboration first in mind
those 4 friends were determined that of Jesus they would find
with true faith, total trust and nary a doubt 
they did what was needed to help a brother out
by any means necessary with a radical concept
they did a risky thing that no one would ever expect
Jesus looked at that paralytic and immediately dealt with his sin
for in order to be healed you must start with the spirit within
and after the absolution He told him to stand and arise
and all who were present were amazed and stupefied
so when you walk with Jesus walk without doubt
and trust that the Lord will help a brother out

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My friend

The one I grew up with
the one that was like a brother
to me
has passed away
he took his life
on accident
he has a newborn daughter
and a lover they will love and miss
him forever
the only thing everyone can ask
is why.

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Like a setting sun
A new union blossom
Finding foot in a jagged world
Ocean tide cant wash it away
Neither time nor heat can wither her beauty
Paints with same colors in east and west
Speaks same language, intoxicates like wine
Down the valley, through the deep
Gentle like tortoise, unites like dolphins
Share in plenty perseveres in trials
Friendship, a treasure ship
A warm spring, a running stream
A passing sorrow, a lasting glory
A divine mystery ,a pleasant fragrance
An encouraging winter, a laughing summer
Friendship, a floating gem
Brightening a darkest day

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Tiny Little Castle

The rain came suddenly to ease the drought,
a prayer was answered today, no doubt.
While visiting a friend, my heart came forth,
revealing such misery, buried to the core.
She showed me a castle, just two doors down,
a place of freedom, that she had found.
While walking through, I could see a home,
where life could blossom, and such peace could be known.
So very small, but with so much room,
no evil was present, I felt no gloom.
My eyes lit up, for God was telling me,
you ask for my help, now what do you see.
My friend had prayed so many prayers for me,
to give me strength, and help me break free.
We never expected to find such a place,
but there it was, a tiny little castle, and a home I'll make.

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Heart void lost love
yearning what was
when our time was slow my heart your treasure
our passion unpoisoned by carnal pleasure
your wisdom my heart's will until my heart stills

Cherishing photographs of sacred memories
tarnished by anger selfish joy and jealousy
never tamed our passions, despite their pain

Betrayed by lust our solemn vows broken ruined our past
may our past strenghthen our future remains an unspoken task

Past photographs of forgotten moments unmemorized
our hands lovelocked embracing compromise
careful sharing sincerities seemed wise

In haste I sworn against you
yet your patient and true

Kept your distance from others never trusting their concern and vision
this bridge they dare not cross without spiritual wisdom

Kept my faith despite temptation
our shared passions...inspiration
our angered son's light woke my conscience
yet his comforting can't ease...indifference
yet two colors must  blend 
forever inseperable yearning an end  

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In tune with what matters

What a day with all the errands to run!
having other commitments to attend to;
it’s really busy; it’s saturated with preoccupations;
a hefty day that no one can just ignore thus far.

Where there’s time to find a space at least for each day,
to commune with God amid the bustle of the week;
it’s good to make it as a habit both heart and mind,
that prayer even in a short moment can mean so much.

Phone calls, follow-ups with some friends are appreciated
especially for one who needs to share and be with someone;
a kind of diversion, affably reckoned as human relations –
being interconnected in the sphere of living with others.

Some activities can really knock one down in bed right away at night,
with all the exhaustion, pressures, and tensions heretofore;
gauged with loss of energy, passion and enthusiasm,
a failure, a discouraging result that goes with physical limitation.

It’s true that a human body needs rest like any machine we have;
it’s something one has to take it into consideration,
with other factors through which one may look at them with actions
that life compared with seasons need some kind of variations.

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On this blessed shore,
every gate opens wide around sunset and dawn,
and the foreigners flow waves rolling along;
all movements and images sketched
in linear prospective as if reality didn't exist,
permitting subsistence not to evade
from the sublunary harbor draped in aqua suede.

Many explorers from the Old Word
paid her a visit on slow vessels loaded with necessities,
in the hope of finding precious stones and gold;
and Columbus succeeded in his quest,
and all of these he brought back...
a new frontier was discovered and millions
flocked to these friendly shores with empty pockets,
but with dreams that would have made that young nation great.

On this blessed shore,
all are welcome if their character is good,
and the desire to get wealthy, with persistent sacrifice,
is reflected in their undisputed honesty and endurance;
Emma Lazarus wrote of these immigrants in her immortal sonnet,
which the wretched, the impoverished and the persecuted cannot ignore...
Read it again, doesn't it ask your libertarian souls to devour it more?

On this blessed shore,
peace dwells at a tremendous cost,
soldiers have gone to foreign lands to fight, 
so that it may never lose its God-given right...
to spread it beyond its bounderies for all nations to admire;
and the proud citizens sing their national anthem to enhance its worth...
how can a Nation, guided and protected by God, not rejoice in its freedom? 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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One Sweet Kiss

Why act blind against the night?
And mumble words against the dark for it wont break a loving heart,
and parting for thou not,
awaiting in the mist is a boy,
And shalt for thou wilt kiss?
And trembling not on his horse is where he stays,
As he rides away in to the fogy mist,
And promising to forever remember this,
As every time I shall touch these lips there shall stay one sweet kiss.

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Untitled #247 / Chad

“Chad deserves a round of applause!”
And more applause!
And more applause!
And a standing ovation!
And giggles get passed around!

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We had both been...
through hell and back together
We had both vowed...
we would be best friends forever
During times that were good...
we shouted: "Victory is ours!"
During times that were bad..
we were there for one another during the darkest hour
When her name was being slandered...
I was there to take up for her in her defense
When she felt that life no longer had mattered...
I was there helping her to see the silver lining once again
But when she became "Ms. Popularity"...
I found myself being kicked to the side
It was in her space I was crowding...
she had other new friends standing by her side
There was nothing that I could say...
without her flying off the handle at me
Over and over right before my eyes...
she was gradually slipping away from me
I never had anticipated...
that she would hurt me so bad
I never had anticipated...
that she would go out of her way in making me feel so sad
I was no longer good enough for her...
I could tell because it was written all over her face
I had to finally learn...
that I had finally been replaced
To this very day...
we are living much separate and different lives
To this very day...
there are times that she comes to my mind
But so many years I have learned...
that the past of her I must leave behind
It took so many years for me to learn...
that she had never been a friend of mine

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Oil Field Trash

 What is oil field trash is the question most people ask.
   They’re a different breed of people, who take on dangerous tasks.
Very few old roughnecks still have all their fingers or their toes.
   It’s not uncommon for a broken bone or banged up nose.
I started young I worked real hard.
   This old worn out body is my final reward.
Money was great to say the least.
   We could dine like kings at a noble feast.
You had to have lived it, worked the patch.
   And hear that old driller holler, boy you better make em latch.
There was a brotherhood between the crews.
   The more experienced hands reaped the better dues.
The newest hand they call the worm.
   Some of their lingo, just an oil field term.
Once you become a certified member to this exclusive club.
     Everybody will know you at the local pub.
Those old drilling rigs come in all sizes and shapes.
   Once you get it in your blood, there is just no escape.
I don’t know if it’s an adrenaline rush that gets you all fired up.
   But it got me hooked when I was just a pup.
Right now all that is left or just memories and this hidden thought.
   Of a life gone by, and the lessons it taught.
I’m proud to have been one of the oil fields many elite.
   And I think being oil field trash is just pretty unique.
From the ground to the crown, from the rake to the brake.
   Getting old is possibly my worst mistake.

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My Comfort Zone

My comfort zone is Poetry Soup,
I love this place, and I love all of you.

My private psychiatrist, is each of you,
my therapy is given, through your views.

I could read all night, the words you write,
and often I have, until early light.

I'm just like Tom, (and I love him so,)
my place is here, I call it home.

So to each of you, that puts your heart on the line,
make this your home, It's Soup Time.

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Two Lights

Lonely shadows surround, life’s flickering light.
Meaningless and cold, they darken the night.

Empty desperation fills the night all around.
Yet wonder and beauty of life still abound.

One day soon, I hope will appear.
Another light’s flicker, for me to be near.

Another light shining forth, pushing shadows away.
To be with me for life, I hope she will stay.

Together our hearts will shine like the stars,
All the wonder and beauty to share will be ours.

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Once upon a long ago
Len became my closet friend
visible only to my 12 year old eyes
5 ft 9,he was just about my size
Helping me through the loneliest time
We would write some sad poetry together in mind
I was slightly small
But..that hardly mattered at all
the two of us could BE
Shy and all together silent
He was the only one who could see through my talent
The words in music and verse
We would put down the emotion in pen of chorus

It was US against THEM(they must have been blind)
to castigate this friendship without first understanding the meaning
Up against the brick wall
THEIR world considered us somewhat stupid and oh!so small

Our brain was reeling from their fundamental cruelty of pain
This poetry that we had composed was torn to shread(IN FRONT OF OUR EYES)
Len was the only one
to help me see beyond the pettiness of an I GOT TO HAVE IT ALL kind of world
My elementary school chums would punch us in the nose
Called us asinine names:TWO PANSIES WEARING PANTY HOSE

Len disappeared some several years back
He left me for good after graduating from high school
It has been a lonely existence since then
I was the only one who could understand my friend,LEN
Quiet now ,
in my 30+years
Poetry is the only partner of my life 
Right here,even as I write..


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Buzzer Beater

"It sure smells like
March Madness in here,"
I offer with a grimace, scanning the
room for the cadaver responsible for the
   acrid cloud of aroma
lingering. If I possessed 
   a machete, I would
lop my own nose off,
but not to spite my face.

As I wonder how paint still
manages to cling to these long
suffering walls, I step into a
brown bag of sweaty
   debris while the host
does his own adept bit of sleepy
   dribbling, that mighty
roar of a snore punctuating
my discontent with affinity.

I try breathing through
my mouth before grabbing a
longneck, tossing it down like a
game-winning three-pointer with
   no time left on--
the clock, on the wall, that’s it! My
   lips drop a doozy of a lie as
I tear past the beached flesh
of my once dynamic friends.

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I Hold No Fear

Tomorrow comes and oh God how it goes!
Do I care, why should I lend all of my spares? 
I’ll never know what tomorrow holds!
“Oh my”, how could I, what is it that I need to do?
Blessed by God, sure he loves me but what about you?
Why today and why tonight I really don’t care! 
I know that I love me no matter what my eyes can see!
Take it all but hold the very last thought that we share! 
My God, My God how I hope you all know what it is that you truly believe!
“Oh my”, capture and redeem my mind!
Complete my being that lives alive inside of me!
God you love me, these eyes have no doubt with that which they can see!
“God”, you know you have done all of this to me! 
Oh how you have loved these things that I can see!
Sheltered, protected, yet, condemned by that which I know you believe!
If I could, I think that I would, but oh God how I do stand here!
Come and get me with all of that, which I know you believe! 
Please God, just come take my all of me! 
I am still here my Lord and I hold no fear!
Tomorrow, hmm just another day for me to believe!
Oh well! Guess I’ll just have to see it through!
Ask me anything and I will tell you! 
I think we all know what it is that we should do!
Escaping the reality of what really should be, 
Oh God, I am so very here do you know what tomorrow will be? 
I’m still here my Lord and I am holding absolutely no fear!
Each morning the Sun rises to approach a brand new day. 
No doubt that I do love me!
Embraced with the thought that you have come just for me, 
I’m engulfed with this moment that I have finally achieved.
Oh my, I know that I could because I am coming to you. 
Where are you my Lord I just need to be so very near!
God you do love me! Oh how I knew that you always would! 
I’ve walked so many miles with you each and every single day, 
And I am still right here my Lord and I hold no fear!


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Dreamer's Lot

Could emptiness be the reason I spend my nights
Wide awake, in a quiet restless daze?

I have now become confined by my unconscious thoughts,
Never felt more liberated,
I walk a path that leads me to those memories,
Now nearly faded,
I stroll through that path in the field,
Walking along the river where the low water sits still
A step towards fulfillment, a step towards happiness,
I step and catch up with an old friend
Four years come and passed, now here we stand, at last
Just as I remembered him, age hasn’t done a thing
Time is timeless? A beginning, but no end?
We stroll through that path in the grassy field
Walking along the river where the modest current moves a little 
A step towards fulfillment, a step towards happiness,
We step and catch up with an old friend
Eleven years come and passed, and now here we stand, at last
Your son’s journey has come to an end
Time is on our side, its time we didn’t spend
This is my destination, 
Rebuilding an old friendship through my recollections
 Building a mother-son relation
Previously missing, now an easy connection
Standing at the end of that path
Where the river passes graciously and its high tide shimmers
Paradise, by the dreamer’s lot

Never thought it could come to such a tragic halt…
I have now become confined by the conscious facts

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It surprised me of how fast we became such good friends
it surprised me even more to find out how many things we had in common,
I had thought that our new friendship was built to last until the very end
but little did I know that later on there would be a lesson that would be worth 
I confided in her deep things that were about me
and she would also do the same,
I trusted her enough to think that my inner most secrets she would keep
because I knew for her I was good in doing the same.
Whatever problems she would be experiencing and she needed someone to vent
I always took time from out of my busy schedule to listen,
I was not afraid in letting her know that I would be there in helping her make it 
I always let her know that I would always be here for her to lean on and to listen.
But never did I imagine the I would live to see the day
that all of that our special friendship would just suddenly fall apart,
Never did I imagine that it would be in the end by her I would be betrayed
and I am not a shamed in saying that it hurts me to my heart.
All of the things that I had confided in her
she went back and told it all,
Now, I know that I can never ever again trust her
I am no longer available for her whenever she decides to call.
Whenever she was feeling low and the world seemed to been against her
I was always there to give her encouragement,
And during times when she felt that her husband was out there still cheating on
I was always there to lend my ears a listen.
Yet, she turns around and stabs me in the back!
and for what? just so she could keep up some drama!
Deep down inside the very thought of her makes me mad
I wish now I had never met her!

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All My Friends

My many friends, 
this is for all of you,
please know in your heart,
you are so important to me,
in this soup we brew.
Although miles apart,
we are only a click away,
visiting each other,
I love you all,
and I wanted you to know,
for so many times,
we forget to show.
You bring me happiness,
I become a part of you,
reading your memories,
when you allow me to.
Sharing your heartache,
joining in a prayer,
each one so special,
please know I care.
When one day is over,
and another begins,
I can't wait to read,
the new words,
of all my friends.

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Lucky Man

An oopsie in the shower
between him and her,
left the little stick
with a new little wonder.

A baby on the way
is a scary, scary thing,
a new dad he will become,
to a bouncing Amick baby.

A new life for them
with mine, yours, and now ours,
two kids and a dog
and their new little daughter.

Tatum Michelle Amick
is a lucky little girl,
for she has my best friend
as the best daddy in the world.

Coming home to chaos,
her siblings and a dog,
growing up will be fun
with daddy by her side.

With lots of support around him
and freely flowing love,
Jeremy is a lucky man
to have three kids and a dog.

But the strength to make it through,
every single day,
will come from another, 
For, I’m sure, Tara knows the way.

Although my heart is saddened
because my best friend he is no more,
His heart has finally found
his wonderful significant other.

For Tara has stolen his heart
and her kids have declared him theirs,
Tatum now joins the circle,
Of a very lucky man.

Jeremy Wayne Amick,
Who I’ve known since 6th grade,
Congratulations are in order,
To my very best friend.

This is for Tara,
Whom I’ve never even met,
Take good care of Jeremy,
‘Cause he’s a man that need lots of help!

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A defining moment

It was so nice to be part of this big celebration 
held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island;
roughly, I think, more than three hundred people
were in attendance to celebrate and congratulate
those deserving honorees of Project Hospitality.

  This year, too, marks its 25th years of service
  since its foundation to many Staten Islanders;
  those speeches and presentations made so far,
  made me think the work of quintessentially
  humanitarian aids to people who are poor.

It’s like a magnet of interest for people like me,
being a disciple, a man of God in my ministry
caring for both: bodies and souls of the people
crying for peace, justice, and sharing of wealth
especially those who hunger for food and shelter.

  I met some friends, fellow priests, and parishioners
  who came to witness and be part of this event;
  there’s emotional tugging that went along with it,
  tracing back the past clothed with memorable insights
  a wealth of faith and accomplishments to be kept.

Msgr Vincent Bartley, a friend and confrere in the ministry,
was indeed an inspiring example and a true priest to everyone;
his never-ending commitment to the poor and abandoned
reflected God’s love to peoples of different colors.

  He’s part of history, a living icon of service to humanity,
  with his years of experience in Africa as a missionary –
  was a triumph of blessings that continues to abound
  an evidence in his life, a gift that could be triumphant.

He received a long standing ovation after he’d done his role,
with that thunderous applause from people in attendance 
a moving experience, a sign of God’s love for him
with his dedication to serve the church across cultures.

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In the final mystery

Moments ago I learned about her death
saddened and grieved her loss. 
she's a friend, a sister and a teacher;
she touched my life and helped me hang on to God.

  She's an angel who created a space in my heart
  with her true friendship that she lived through,
  all at the core and on the edge of her life,
  developed that care for a process can share.

I seemed to be tongue-tied, speechless and weak.
reflecting on her precious, vivid memories,
those introspections and pages of her past;
I was grief-stricken; moved with tears and human sadness.

  How I wish my tears could build a stairway;
  and those lovely memories be like a road lane,
  if I would climb the ladder like in Jacob's dream;
  I would not hesitate to bring you home again.

My friend, my friend, I wish you could tell me,
where you're now, I claim you're with your Maker.
you lived your life on earth - with profundity, love and care;
truly, you're a beacon of exemplary life, a model to everyone.

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You can't undo what has been done. 
This bridge has burned. 
I crossed it weeks ago. 
The hour glass has turned over. 
Time has run out like a pen that has bled its last dot of ink. 
You can swim or sink. 
Sink into the whole you have created for yourself. 
It's irreversable. 
You can't go back now. 
No more looking into the rear view. 
Pick up your head or bury it. 
Your eyes have changed.
 I no longer see them shimmer with signs of hope. 
You are up against the ropes. 
You can't go back and rewrite the past. 
Quit looking back. 
I'll break the rear view just look ahead. 
Look alive or you're better off dead. 
What you've done is irreversable. 
Nothing can be changed. 
So pick yourself up and breathe in today. 
Don't look behind just keep walking straight. 
This path has been broken but only you can seal your fate. 
Pick up your head or just start digging your grave. 
Time is too precious to waste.
 The past can't be changed. 
Let it go.

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Little Tag Along

This story is about a little dog called Tag Along.
   He loved and followed a little fat boy name of Edwin Armstrong.
The pair were always seen together where ever they went,
    He was the friend little Edwin needed, it was like he was heaven sent.
The kids at school always laughed at Edwin for being fat.
    But not little Tag Along for he’d have none of that.
When Edwin was in class he would patiently wait outside,
    Till Edwin came out then they played run and hide.
Little Tag Along would run ahead of Edwin in a game of tag.
    Then Edwin started noticing his pants would sag.
As months grew into years Edwin grew into a young man who was not fat.
    Because little Tag Along helped to rid little Edwin of that.
It was like little Tag Along knew ,
    What Edwin needed as he grew and grew.
When Edwin graduated the head of his class that once taunted and made fun of 
    He stood there to give his speech so tall and thin, while old Tag Along sat at 
his feet so proper and prim.
He said once upon a time there lived a boy,
   Who had no friends till Tag Along came and brought such joy.
The friend one needs to show him what he needs to do,
    To teach that life is not just something you hurry through.
He said we need to look past our noses and into their hearts,
   For he said that is where to me life gets its start.
Old Tag along knew what I needed more than any of you.
   And he showed me the way to overcome, what I needed to do.
He said I truly would like to honor my friend Tag Along first,
   Why old Tag Along sat up and his little chest started swelling you’d think it 
might burst.
Well old Tag Along barked to the crowd ,
    He just barked and barked real loud, you could tell he was proud.
Well Edwin and Tag Along left that day, 
   He and little Tag Along just packed up and went away.
I’ve heard reports that Edwin has made it real big,
    And that old Tag Along goes along as he checks on his fleet of rigs.

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Blood Brothers

Rusted iron crosses 
Bled by ocean spray
Fascism’s fury rages
Churning ruptured remains
Haunted by steel specters
Drenched in frigid light
Waves of ruddy soldiers
Toppling tyranny’s tide
Machine gun masses
Deafening and fortified
Ricocheted cries crawling
Over fleshy speckled mines
Limbs of solidarity 
Buried on foreign shores
Blood brothers of freedom
Veterans of world wars

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Happy New Year 2009

As the evening sets,
and people head home,
to get things ready,
for the New Year to come.

Parties are waiting,
fireworks display,
for a Happy, Happy,
New Years Day.

If too much drink,
has you in a spin,
call for a driver,
family, or good friend.

Don't be foolish,
thinking, Oh not me,
don't cause your family,
or yourself avoidable grief.

Happy New Year, Please be safe....

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Poetry Soup A Wonderful Group

  Poetry Soup A Wonderful Group

To all my friends here on the soup, 
   you’re always there and such a caring group.
When my days are not right and sometimes dark,
   You’re always there to provide that needed spark.
Your comments I cherish so,
    They mean more to me than you’ll ever know.
You make me feel like I have worth.
    You give me a reason for being on this planet earth.
Writing poetry is all new for me.
     It gives me great pleasure it sets me free.
You guys are the classiest people I’ve never met.
     Your words speak wisdom and love I’m not done yet.
There’s pain and sorrow and humor too.
     People write of about everything they know or do.
I just want you to know, I care for you a lot.
     Just ordinary people of that I say to you, a special Thanks A Lot
I place you in a class above the rest, 
      You’ve won my heart, you are the best

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The New Year Is Coming

The new year is coming,
the old winding down,
how many will see it,
how many will not be around.

Parties have been planned,
new outfits have been bought,
how many will stay sober,
how many will get caught.

Fireworks will glisten,
and rumble into the sky,
how many will be careful,
how many will die.

Families, some will gather,
to welcome in the new,
how many will be here next year,
how many, if we only knew.

My family, and friends,
please be careful, have fun, enjoy,
but just remember,
we are not guranteed another day,
love, laugh, and be grateful for the
many blessings that have been given to us.
I love you all.....

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The Art Of Growing Old

As the days become shorter and cooler,
   And my age climbs a little farther up the ruler.
Life has taken on a new and wonderful meaning.
   I’ve finally reached a point in life that many take to be demeaning
I am an official member of the Old Timers Club,
   It’s an elite and prestigious hub.
There is just one rule to join in this niche,
   You have to be as old as a rock and still able to scratch your own itch.
No dues are charged we just gossip a lot, 
   About what’s wrong with so and so and the ailments we’ve got.
How many medications you’re on or what new thing the doctors have removed,
   And what side effects they have and whether they’re F.D.A. approved.
Sometimes we reminisce about family till someone starts to cry.
   Then we just sit there rocking thinking on days gone by.
There is one true saying, if you live long enough you too will grow old.
   So far it’s not a crime but they’re working on that I’ve been told.
This exclusive club is known for its heartache and pain,
   But a lot of love is shown as long as you remain.
It’s something we’ve earned and we have the scars to show.
   That growing old is not always the best way to go.
As long as we’re able to gather or talk,
    And know that some one still cares whether we can stand and walk.
I guess maybe it’s support this thing we seek.
    Cause growing old alone truly makes life reek.
I think loneliness is the worse fear of all,
    Just waiting out your days and longing for somebody to come by or even just 
The young act like old age is a contagious disease,
   They might catch it if you happen to sneeze.
I remember when depends was a state of mind,
    Not something you wore around your old behind.
With that little thought I think I’ll close for now.
     That’s about all I think they’ll allow

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Turkey Day And All The Trimmings And Stuff

Come on in my family, and friends,
let us all work together, as the preparation
Grab that turkey, and warsh him real good,
better make sure we have plenty of wood.
Fire up the stove, and get it real hot,
sure hope paw got out all the buckshot.
Cut up them onions, and chop them real fine,
make sure you don't cut your fingers this time.
Grab you a chere, and sit down right here,
grandma is busy icing down all the beer.
Uncle Pete is piled up, watching the game,
he is hollering for snacks, the only reason he came.
Pick that dishrag up off the floor,
this is the last one, we don't have nary more.
Set the table with paper plates, and cups,
maybe this year, we just might have enuff.
Save all them cans, and put them in this box,
we sure wish grandpa could be here with us, but he
is still in detox.
After we eat, and our bellies are full,
the guys will jack the cars up, and get under the hood.
From our house to yours we wish you the best,
Happy Thanksgiving from us all, now it is time to rest.

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Untitled #87 / Outside the Capitol

Outside the Capitol
a young veteran is carrying
a flag, upside-down
and a wheeled coffin containing his friend
harsh words are tossed, and a Patriot
sneaks behind, robbing the deceased of his
combat boots. Fly off!
Ah, but quicker feet! Tackled from behind!
Punches thrown! A fight!
Who is winning?

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Campfire Talk

The old campfire was pleasant as we sat by its flames. 
   Thinking on days gone by, and certain people with forgotten names. 
Talking of life and all that we’ve learned. 
   And of certain deals gone bad and just how badly were we burned. 
Thinking on good times as well as the bad. 
   Sometimes we make happy, sometimes we make sad. 
It’s all about choices, the ones that are given and the ones that we make. 
   The ones given freely, the ones that we take. 
We are lucky to be living in a country so free. 
   As we watch smoke billowing thru leaves of this old hickory tree. 
One thought came to mind and was spoken out loud. 
   As a citizen of America, I’m honored and proud. 
And as we reminiscence on our families, especially our wives. 
   We’d be nowhere without them, they brighten our lives. 
This kinship and loyalty to our country, should be given freely without being told. 
   If we do this, then democracy and freedom will be ours to cherish and to hold. 
Keep God on the front page in all that we do. 
   And He’ll keep standing for the Red, White, & Blue. 

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Just for you

Gee! Guten Morgen . . .
In this wonderful city of Gothic heights
Overwhelmed with marvels, beauty and history
Vanity, on the contrary, may imply its ambience. 
Across the veins of my thought
Nothing but a simple dream,
Nothing but a warm embrace
in moments that I feel alone.

Long have I tried to write
Over and over again, and I did.
Memories and events are pasted together
Both are meant to form
a collage of beautiful pictures.
Reviving our memories I may close my eyes
Distilled with splendor and beaming countenance
It’s because of you this poem has been made possible.

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When I was younger,
I had good friends.
Friends that did not talk bad
about me or leave me out.

All my old friends went
to different schools.
Now I'm in high school,
and I have new friends.

They say they're my friends,
but it doesn't feel like it.
They all ingore me.
I feel invisible.

Even though some of my 
old friends came back,
they also ingore me.
I feel invisible.

They make me feel
as if I am a stranger.
I wonder if my new friends
will ever really see me?

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Shar, Do You Hear A Bell

Shar, do hear a bell,
I know you do,
it is ringing so loud,
and it is ringing for me, and for you.

Our friend had to leave,
Heaven called his name,
and without any warning,
the angels came.

He had a special place,
in his heart for us,
and told me many times,
there are not many you can trust.

He was always there,
and he listened with love,
and he told me so often,
do you feel my hugs?

I miss him so,
as I know you do,
from across the miles,
a wonderful friendship grew.

Tom we love you,
I know you can hear,
this poem is for you,
from two ladies that love you so dear.

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Old Becomes New

Hidden feelings now flourish within,
can one ever go back to claim them again,
into the past like a photograph in time,
foolish in thought with no rythem or rhyme.

Seems like yesterday as I walk in my past,
some things forgotten, but some will always

Regrets still linger, 
like a faint perfume,
as memories come forth,
in my silent room.

Where will this take me,
do I dare reveal,
as things start changing,
though I'm standing still.

New becomes old,
and old becomes new,
all this a mystery,
do you feel it to?

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Misery + Ecstasy

"my ecstasy is my misery,"

and she swallowed the pill,
counting the minutes that
separated their difference:

misery and ecstasy, walking
hand-in-hand through the rut
in the valley of denial, drowning
so deep in waves of blurred
stimulation; hopeless, her nerves
rushing past the speed of pain,
only to slide through her fingertips
back onto another pill that,
yet again,

she clutches like a sleepless lover
in the glow of capsules and a blacklit
agony; her heart beats erratically-
a prisoner waiting to break free
from its cage, and feel life, smoothly
coursing through her veins,
as she swallows-

her pulse spikes and eyes roll back
to a place of no thought; no judgment
to measure just what she's living for,
looking for, or why - a fairytale land
of neon greens and electric
a place where she's alone
just enough to be comfortable
in a room full of dead light and
decaying relationships; 
she turns her back, knowing
she'll be stabbed, bound, tied and

but this way,
no one will notice her eyes
head lolling
back, moving
to the violent heartbeat-
stifling her mumbled pleas
of lonely syllables
not a soul will hear -

just bring me back"

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Time will not erase,
my love for you,
from the streets of New York City,
to a heart, broken, and blue.

Time will not erase,
the treasures of your mind,
captured forever,
in truth through rhyme.

Time will not erase,
the love you sent,
each time you wrote me,
and with every word you penned.

Time will not erase,
what is mine to keep,
from you, to me....

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Goodnight Moon

One day, when the sky divides,
I will see you through different eyes.
Your sweetness shall greet me,
you will know my name,
although you left early,
we will be the same.
I miss all the nights,
you were always near,
the way you could comfort,
and chase away my fears.
Your voice is quiet now,
but your memories are here,
telling me softly,
now dry those tears.
Why, I don't know,
but you had to go,
often you told me,
how you hurt so.
Away from the pain,
in a moment so quiet,
leaving behind,
a friend to cry.
So Goodnight Moon,
I miss you so,
and I know in my heart,
I will see you once more.

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Sail Away

Come sail with me,
yard sale, yippieee.
Love um, love um,
all of um.
Can't get enough,
yard sale stuff.
Goodies galore,
that's for sure.
CeeCee loves um,
just like me.
I guess we are two,
yard sale hippies.
Before the sun,
we are ready to run.
We come home with a load,
things we gathered out on the road.
Sometimes we sell,
but mostly we buy,
we can't stop,
we already tried.
See you there.

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Valerie (part 1)

     It was one of those chance encounters; the Common Room, 
mid-morning on a brisk April day. She bounced in with a radiant smile 
and absent-mindedly scanned the newspapers. I was reading a magazine.
At loose ends, we were both looking for something to do, so I suggested 
an afternoon on the river together. She said 'Sure!' and we gathered 
the ingredients for a picnic and set off for St Aldates.
     The day was simply beautiful! There was a breeze cool enough
to pimple her skin, so I offered her my sweater. The Cherwell looked
inviting, its surface dancing with ripples, brightly dappled with sunshine.
I took her hand and settled her in the punt, grasping the pole to guide us
into midstream. There were many others enjoying the early afternoon, 
some ladies with parasols and long, flowing print dresses, but we
took no heed. We wore jeans and sweaters and were enjoying one
another's company. We reached a shallow bridge and I ducked, angling
the pole so we would clear the span. As we drifted under I grabbed the pole
to bring it clear of the water, and horrified, I found it was stuck in the
river bed! The punt sailed quietly on without its helmsman, as I was left
clinging, and sliding slowly into the river. We broke into uncontrollable
laughter; she because of my childishness and lack of restraint, and I
because of my embarrassing plight! Finally she secured the punt with
the paddle and I retrieved the pole, drying myself as best I could on the bank.
We drank wine and ate bread, cheese and grapes, giggling and teasing
each other like two children at play.

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To Be A Poet

Joined together by words, and thought,
poets united, and an audience sought.

Revealing emotions, from deep inside,
some are published, while others try.

Friendships growing, with each passing day,
bonding through words, and what they say.

Call it a talent or maybe a special gift,
words written from the heart, to comfort, and lift.

Poets be proud, whoever you are,
mark your course on a bright new star.

For without them, a silence would fall on the land,
God's gift of a poet, to each woman, and man.

Write from your heart, and love what you do,
a lifetime of memories are waiting for you.

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Time Does Fly

Take a moment, and look all around,
step from your window, and walk in your town.
You may be surprised at what you see,
good people living humble, not entertaining greed.
Happy to have a job, even though the pay is low,
hard work is the key, being thrifty they know.
Neighbors, helping each other, always offering a hand,
giving of them self, because they understand.
Step into the real world, open your eyes,
this is our world, enjoy...because, time does fly.

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Where's Your House

I found a place they called it pride.
    Where buried friendships they abide.
Across the street lives stubbornness.
   In this house you’ll find no bliss
To my left, the house anger built.
   The grass is brown, the flowers wilt.
In that green house there where envy grows.
   There’s mighty strange things that comes and goes.
Jealousy lives just to my right.
   They’re hardly seen except late at night.

Around the corner, you’ll find happiness.
   In that house the family hug and kiss.
They’re garage they say is filled with joy.
   I wonder if it’s just a ploy?
The house is painted white and trimmed with glee.
   A welcome sign placed on the door, in letters bright for all to see.
Mrs. Goody- Two- Shoes is that her name?
   Always with a smile, just what’s her game?
Mr. Hotsy- Totsy thinks he’s so cool.
   Always trying to tell us about a golden rule.
I wished they’d move and do it quick.
   Their yard is so nice it makes me sick.
I do not like them they’re just too nice.
   Everything to them is just sugar and spice.
I wonder why they chose this neighborhood.
   No one here likes them, they’re just too good.
Go back where you came just let us be.
   I’m happy being unhappy, can’t you see?
I can feel sorry for myself if that’s what I choose.
   So mind your own business I’ve got nothing to lose.

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Fitted In

You didn't roll a  wagon up to bring an apple pie.
The neighbors haven't come from miles to raise a barn up to the sky.
We didn't have to ring a bell to call your buckets to a fire,
'Cause when we had three surgeries, our hearts you did inspire.

Big homegrown chickens delivered in vans
And well tended veggies from your very own hands.
You spread your wealth with lots of love,
Always showing to our hearts the spirit of the dove.

The girls' Christmas dresses you made meant so much.
Our year was filled with your own special touch.
You handled, and cradled and poslished our kids.
Reflecting to them that their precious and His.

When that very last cent just couldn't be found,
You quietly gave and got us around.
Your cars, your time, your patience and laughter,
Have hellped us stay focused on what God is after.

He loves us and wants us to always draw near
And just like real families keep "bending" His ear.
Keep telling our heartaches and singing our joys.
Keep giggling and playing like small girls and boys.

We need to snuggle up close and hear His heartbeat,
So we can help those who live in hurt and defeat.
It is to God's family they need to belong.
For only in Him can the weak be made strong.

For those who are sensible and those who are "not so"
God keeps on reminding us - we've not far to go.
So "press toward the mark" are the words i our ear.
Don't turn to the left, or the right, and don't fear.

Jesus is all that we ever will need.
But here is the message He wants us to heed.
It's "us" and it's "we" - blood bought and in Him;
It's sticking together through thick and through thin

We are His children, His friends and His Bride.
We stand and we wait, and by faith abide.
Always, forever, His glory's inside.
We are His Body; We can't be denied.

Although we are grownup, He wants us to be 
Trusting and confident, knowing we're free.
He'll carry it all; both our burdens and us,
And longs, most of all, that we never be anxious.

He is our King; yet He's Daddy, friend too.
He made us; died for us; and will see us through.
Because of this promise and His love in you,
We are established, remain steadfast, and true.

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Sunshine when it's rains

Sunshines when it rains
In order 4 a flower 2 grow you have 2  have
sunshine and rain
heartache and pain
dis likes and likes

nThroughout life you will always have ur set of trials. 
But you can never be a winner unless u over come the obstacles that are 
constantly surrounding you.
I did it why cant u
that's the thing 
you can make it
with God
as ya strength anything is possible
Just belive and it shall come 2 pass......

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Through These Eyes

Through this journey,
I call my life,
many a beauty,
has been seen,
through these eyes.
My course not chartered,
during my younger years,
which led me to heartache,
and many a tear.
Loved ones have passed,
but sweet memories remain,
through this sorrow,
much wisdom I gained.
Trying to recall,
all the paths I've been,
the ink would empty,
from my many pens.
All this, and more,
make me who I am,
and I am bleesed,
To  still be around.

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On their way home after a day in the hills,
Driving down the winding road, passing Little Sweden,
Two best friends laughing, talking, having a great time,
The laughter stops, everything goes dark, his body numb,
The road is warm underneath him,
There is no noise, just silence and still,
Looking around slowly he sees his friends body laying still in the dirt,
He pulls himself up, calls his name, he did not answer,
His hand shaking, he reaches to help him, he looks down,
Blood covering his flannel shirt, he feels sick and never so scared,
He tells himself it will be ok, his friend will be ok, he has to be ok,
Sirens heard in the distance were getting closer, they stop,
He hears voices and shouting, again silence,
He tries to wake up from this bad dream, he wants to wake up,
This can't be real, it has to be a horrible dream,
He hears crying, he feels tears, it is him crying, it is his own tears,
This is not a bad dream,
Who could have known, 
That today, the life of one best friend would suddenly end,
And that the life of the other would be left, 
Forever trying to mend.

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Let The Lord Lead

The old man was ragged, dirty, and quite ill kept,
       As he sat next to me on the park bench I could tell it had been a while since 
perhaps he’d slept.
He looked weary and tired like he’d just lost it all,
      He had the look of a man who had his back to the wall.
I’m usually not this blunt but I was suddenly inspired,
      Is there anything I can do to help I modestly inquired?
As his lip started quivering and he wiped the tears from his old eyes,
     He said I lost my job while back, still don’t know the reason as to why.
Next thing that happens, the company goes under and my pension is lost.
     I couldn’t afford a lawyer, they wanted their money up front and it was too great 
of a cost.
My savings went fast paying the mortgage and notes,
     I couldn’t find another job due to my age they won’t hire this old goat.
They foreclosed on my home and my wife left the scene,
     Said I was worthless, she was real hurtful and mean.
I took to the streets the only thing I could do,
     She took everything that was left even my clothes when she said we were 
Twenty seven dollars and eighty five cents was all I had to my name.
     It’s been a little over a year and I still haven’t figured out who’s to blame.
He said you’re the first person to show that you cared and it means quite a lot.
     As a tear ran down his face he said I’m not a bad guy really I’m not.
I said I have a little cabin on the lake that needs a caretaker but the pay is not 
     Free room and board with a small monthly salary and benefits as such.
So we shook on the deal and headed on out,
     He became a blessing for me as our friendship grew solid and stout.
If I had gone out looking to pick a friend he would have been very low on my list,
     But the Lord had other plans and He always adds His own little twist.

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Saying goodbye

We must learn to say goodbye.
   Even when we don’t know why.
Does this mean we should not get close.
   Don’t let goodbyes be such a bitter dose.
Be glad you had a chance to share.
   The warmth of their friendship while they were there.
They too must feel this gnawing pain.
    That leaves you emotionally and mentally drained.
Be happy and pray they prosper well.
    And hope they have good tales to tell.
Life doesn’t end for them nor you.
    It just means you both have new things to do.
Caress the memories that were made.
    Never let good times or there good memories ever fade.
Always hold your head up and be proud.
    That such fond memories God has allowed.
So embrace goodbyes as part of life. 
    Never too burden or cause you strife.
So goodbye to you my dear sweet friend.
    This is only the beginning it’s not the end.

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My Long Lost Friend

There was a time not long ago!
   You were my friend and not my foe.
But somehow things got turned around.
    Now it’s hatred that will be found.
We knew each other since we were small.
   Forever friends we swore to all.
We stuck by that for many years.
   Now all that’s left is memories and tears.
What was it that caused this terrible thing?
   The words spoken now have such an awful sting.
Once you said you’d watch my back.
   And now I dare not turn it to you, because of hate and trust I lack.
You swore to be my friend until the bitter end.
   Well here’s the end, now where’s the friend?
I do not know the reason why.
   We let our friendship just up and die.
If it’s an apology you’re looking for.
   I’ll be the man to open that door.
Forgive me friend if I’ve done wrong.
   For I want you back where you belong.

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Dress Casual

Dear Mr. President

Christmas is upon us, and I am busy 
planning for the celebration of the birth
of Christ.
This year our family will not have a tree,
for I have been laid off from my job.
They told me, they found someone else
that would do it for half the money, that they
have been paying me.
Also, my health insurance is worthless now,
my family can't get any assistance we need, but
we are still grateful to be able to say,
we live in the USA.
I know for sure we will be getting a turkey
from one of the many churches in our area,
they never forget the less fortunate.
This is the reason for my letter,
my family, and I, would love for you, (and
anyone else, that would like to attend), to
join us, as we celebrate the birth of our
Lord, and Savior.  Dress casual, and
remember, In God We Trust.

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The Wind's Soul

The wind once whispered a calming song
Describing the importance of every second that ticks away
It spreads a tale all over the world
Yet, some notice that lovely rhyme

It is so harmonious that it has so many doves
Accompanying it wherever it flew
For it adored the beautiful rhyme

Kids run along and play with it
Chuckling and laughing so loud
But, as they grew up, they simply forgot
About the grateful friend they had
They drifted to work and never had the time
To rest and listen to its song

It waited for someone to come and play
But they never appeared
It got so sad and lonely 
That blisters approached
And tears dropped from the sky up high

One day, the wind heard a chuckle
And a voice that called from down below
Quickly, it flew to observe and discover 
The source of that pure voice

At the front door of a house
A kid stood waving at the wind
Inviting it to play with him

A smile appeared on the wind's face
As its song played so loud
And the life of happiness filled it again

It met new friends that adored to play
But, it was afraid it'll lose them again
So, they carved on a tree
Their names so clearly
So that they'll never forget
The times they spent
Playing in the open field...

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I have had a block?
Out on my ear, quite a shock.
No talking any more.
Will not open the door.
Cannot say sorry or try again.
To be blocked is a pain.
In Coventry am I.
I don't know why.
To be friends again.
I want to try.

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Ladies, ladies, now let's all decide,
cheese on the burger, or, on the side.

Tom, may very well,help himself,
so we have to be sneaky, he loves it so well.

Let us meet in the kitchen, and be very quite,
if Tom finds out, we may have a riot.

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Our Colors Of Truth

They sleep in fear of being attached,
each of them watching the others back.

Friends they have become, with a bond so deep,
memories in granite back home they keep.

Their country called, and they stood honors ground,
front line ready, from American towns.

The Red, White, and Blue, our colors of truth,
thank you soldiers, for all you do.

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understanding unity

One of the biggest flaws in human relationships is the thought of that old saying 
of  " opposites attract " . Eventhough it's a concept of possibility with enormous 
rewards , for most , it becomes a lack of understanding .
Balance.......if you set up a barrel with a long plank of wood to form the school 
yard teeter-totter , and place one person on each end , you find difficulty 
balancing one end to the other . The only way to create balance is through 
understanding and each coming together at the center to balance and form unity .
You can apply this to personal relationships , but also it can be applied to nation 
to nation relations . Until we can rid ourselves of self serviant attitudes and 
personal agendas , we may never experience what it's meant to be whole .
Unity should be our human destiny ..........

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My Favorite Soup

Sometimes we meet people,
and they become friends,
the kind that will always,
hold a special place within.
I am so blessed,
because of our Ciber Kitchen,
the aroma here is,
poems, thoughts, prayers,
and distant eyes, that always listen.
We worry about each other,
even though we never met,
yes, I call this friendship,
about the best you can get.
I scan the menu, each and everyday,
searching for my favorites,
who add something different to say.
This place is so warm,
and always open all night,
even on Holidays,
the talent is so bright.
Seasoned just right,
from every corner of the land,
my friends of the kitchen,
adding thoughtful ingredients,
Soups own special brand.

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Fear of Love

The man was scared to trust his heart
For delicate types of reasons
People ripped his soul apart
They took kindness for weakness

His brother just got out of jail
He put a roof over his head
Put his own self through some hell
Cause now his brothers in his bed

Years ago he had a love
But darkness was her past
Cause she was having an affair
With the head of their class 

He took his wife out to sea
Had the time of his life
Then lost his head when it came to be
The captains been with his wife

All his problems were of self esteem
Always looking over his shoulder
And couldn't help his fear of love
When he would get much older

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Old Fritz

                  Old Fritz

I had me an old black and white dog, I think Fritz was his name  
   Used to get tickled at him chasing his tail, to him it was a game.
 If I didn’t stop him though he’d  run till he got drunk.
   Talk about a site, with his markings, looked like an overgrown skunk.
Old Fritz loved to play his game, he acted like a clown.
   You’d always see him showing off when kids were around.
Had me an old pickup truck, Fritz loved to ride in it.                                                 
   The biggest problem I had with Fritz was where he was to sit.
If I wasn’t driving to suit him old Fritz would take the wheel.
   I’d really have to fuss at him, cause that was not the deal.
The truth if I’d admit it, Fritz was more than just a friend.
   He was a companion that never complained, a trooper to the end.
What I should have mentioned about old Fritz, Fritz was not a boy.
   She gave birth in the back of that old pickup, A bundle of wooly joy.
She lost the battle giving birth, to what I now call Little Fritz numberTwo.
   I know without a doubt she sensed her time was near through.
Fritz where ever you are you were the very best.
   And please remember when you chase your tail, you’ve got to stop and rest .
               Love Ya Buddy!!

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Life & Friends


You have to be willing at what ever you do,
Or you are wasting your time and wasting my time too.

You have to be able to roll with the punches and take some on the chin.
It’s not always about winning but reaching the end.

There are always choices some good and some bad,
And then there are emotions some make us happy some make us sad.

You have to get involved and play whatever the game,
And never forget your friends even if you should receive notability or fame.

A good friend is an asset you can never be without,
Someone you can turn to in those moments of doubt.

A friend is someone who will be there through it all.
They’ll be there to pick you up and dust you off after you’ve taken that fall.

They’re not there to rub it in or tell you I told you so,
Cause after you’ve taken a fall they’ll be the ones hanging on and not letting go.

A friend won’t intentionally desert you or lead you astray,
I just hope you have a good one, that’s about the end of this story I’m posting 

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You are the sunshine, my ray of hope,
with your words, I can cope.

You are so distant, yet close in my heart,
a friendship was born, right from the start.

Nights of comfort, you give to me,
You're my best friend in poetry.

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I got a date!
Must not be late.
I said come for tea.
She said yes to me.
Making myself smart.
I made a start.
Hear the pounding of my heart.
Arriving early, I had to wait.
Better early than late.
I waited longer than you can know.
Trying not to show.
My misery and woe.
She never came.
Women are all the same.
Never date them again.

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Soup Friends

One has a salve that cures everything,
another has pecans, more than he ever dreamed,
then another has soap he makes from mud,
beautiful complexion, when on your face it is rubbed.
They are all my friends, that I have never met,
right here on the Soup, my friends are the best.

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Cyber Cake

Come share this cake, it is Carrot Supreme,
healthy for you, full of nuts, and whip cream.

I baked it late, before I went to bed,
a breakfast treat, "delicious", some have said.

You are welcome, just pop right in,
or over the internet, your piece I'll send.

Absent of calories, I took them out,
now dig right in,  let me hear you shout.

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To Each Of You

My Christmas wish for all of you,
is that your smiles are many, not few.
The path you take, on your journey through life,
will bring you happiness, and your nights be bright.
Velvet will be the cushion, that breaks your falls,
and rainbows of beauty will follow you all.
You will have peace in your heart, that we all search for,
while any shadows that linger, will be gone forever more.
This is my wish to all my friends near, and far,
our distance may be great, but we gaze upon the same stars.
Merry Christmas from the South, to every corner of the world,
each of you are so precious, Soups finest, diamonds, and pearls.

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Diamonds In My Soup

As I open each present, you sent to me,
the words of comfort, take me where you are.
You all are like kin, that is the way I feel,
kindness from your heart with each stroke of your pen.
Life gets hard, and sometimes we need a change,
maybe another place, maybe another name.
I'm not certain where my journey may lead,
but one thing is for sure, we are on the same team.
Some have heartache, in many different ways,
and down on our knees, is where we pray.
Merry Christmas soup poets, my brothers, and sisters
of rhyme, 
your words are treasured diamonds, and in my heart
you will always shine.

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My footsteps echo 
into the night. 
An unchained melody 
-no end in sight. 
You take my hand 
and place it in yours. 
I catch you smile 
and i want to know more. 
Together we talk 
of loves long ago. 
Wanting to fall again 
but still take it slow. 
A friend ship so new 
like that of morning dew. 
Lost in your words unspoken 
my smile lends a heartfelt token. 
A cool water droplet 
and I am here back with you 
A cool summer rain 
chills my sun kissed skin 
You shelter me with your sweat shirt 
is this a unconscious little flirt? 
The weather playing a curious game 
has me wrapped in your arms yet again. 
We run hand in hand 
to an oasis for two. 
One that i surly will share with you. 
the palm trees leaves 
shelter us from the rain 
at your touch i cannot help but shiver again. 
I look up in to your eyes so blue 
there was nothing to do but steel a kiss from you. 
My warm sultry breath caught up in a fog 
almost crackles like fire on a log 
A moment of weakness 
and i draw you near. 
I reassure you have nothing to fear 
i am all that i am 
and all that i give 
So take me now 
so that we can both begin to relive 
The built up passion 
between two friends 
Leaves nothing to imagine 
But everything to begin 
As we come together 
as our bodies combine 
and we make love so divine 
Look in to my eyes 
and my soul you shall see 
All i have to give 
Lays deep with in me.

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Valerie (part 2)

 I saw her to her dorm room, and asked if I might have the pleasure of
her company later for dinner. She coyly accepted my invitation.. One hour
later I picked her up. She looked enchanting... We drove out to Woodstock,
home to Blenheim Palace, the ancestral seat of the Churchill family. 
There we enjoyed a casual meal, laughing again over the misadventures
of the afternoon. As the sun was beginning to set I led her outside the
restaurant and down the lane to the corner. I told her to keep her eyes closed.
When she opened them she saw a vista she would never forget;
the palace, high on a hill, a fairy-tale vision, with pastureland sloping down
to a lake in the foreground dotted with swans, all bathed in the glow of
the setting sun. She stood there, speechless for a moment. I squeezed
her hand and we gazed into each other's eyes. Not a word was spoken.
We were both grateful for the day we had spent together. 
It was just the two of us. Time had stopped, and only that moment mattered.

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See You

If I had a capsule for all to enter in,
the doors would be opened for my family, and friends.
A capsule of happiness, full of joy, and cheer,
so serene, you would never feel fear.
A place so beautiful where rainbows thrive,
an abundance of everything, waiting inside.
Love for your brothers, and sisters too,
people of the world smiling at you.
Imagination I have one, and I love to share,
but God has this place, hope to see you there.

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The words we say, can destroy or make,
a persons pride, and the way they feel inside.

If you are the one, that has caused the pain,
stand up, and ask forgiveness, take the blame.

Some are stubborn, and they do no wrong,
don't be surprised, if you are suddenly alone.

The strength it takes, to be that one,
will give you contentment, even if they think they won.

Many have spoken such words of regret,
straight from the heart, where forgiveness is kept.

Your life will be better, and your heart will be free,
this is one of the gifts, God instilled in you, and me.

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Call Them Friend

Once upon a time,
in a country so near,
children could go to
school without any fear.

And in this country, God
was the center, many prayers
were heard, especially at
a families dinner.

This country was clean, 
from smog, and dirty rain,
and friends did not hurt friends,
for their own selfish gain.

Farming was a way,
to ensure your family was fed,
harvest time was busy,
and everyone was ready for bed.

Junk food was not heard of,
home cooking was the fad,
and company was welcome,
to share anything the family had.

Doctors made house calls,
anytime, day or night,
and all they wanted,
was for you to be alright.

Neighbors would gather,
and bring goodies to share,
a community built on each other,
where,everyone proved they cared.

Times have changed, but every now
and then, a neighbor will surprise you,
and then you call them friend.

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If I Stumble

Thank you past, for teaching me well,
no one on earth, could have told me this tale.
Caught up in a dream,  one can always change,
then you realize, you only change names.
Once his sweetheart, couldn't do enough,
then, slowly, he became a bore.
Lazy around the house,
consumed in drink,
as the days turned to years,
I really began to think.
I made a list, good and bad,
the bad was so long, I really got sad.
How blind could I have been, 
why didn't I see,
this lazy, no good, frog, living with me.
Merry Christmas friends, thank you all,
I know if I stumble, you won't let me fall.

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As Sunday Services were about to begin,
the preacher noticed some new faces in the back.
As he stood in front of his congregation, he asked
everyone to turn to the person to their right, and shake
their hand, and introduce them self.
Of course everyone obeyed, and he started his sermon.
After he finished, he asked the people he did not recognize
to stand.
Then he asked the person to the right of them to stand,
and introduce them to everyone.
You could have heard a pin drop.

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Play it again Ed,
Elgar's Alice suddenly said;
A simple improvisation
Led to fourteen variartions-
On family,friends and a dog.

Tribute to his Enigma.

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Old Moon

Mysterious, but so beautiful,
lighting up the sky,
just hanging so perfect,
same course every night.
Few have caressed you,
hidden secrets linger within,
but magic you give freely,
old moon, a pathway to friends.
These special ones,
so far away,
bring so much happiness,
just like the stars, moon, and sun,
locked forever, in your friendship kiss...

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My Friend

If deeds were rewarded in money my friend,
you would be the richest of humans, 
there has ever been.
If diamonds were a reward for the sweetness you show,
no one could look at you,
the sparkle would blind them so.
If ever  a heart was made of gold,
it is yours my friend, I just wanted you to know.

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I know your name, and I know your heart,
but if I saw you on the street, I would not know
who you are.
I read your words, and a picture I see,
I don't know you, and you don't know me,
but a friendship we have so real.
The thrill I get, just to read your works,
I always take time, you all mean so
From my heart to yours, you are the best,
remember always, with you comes so much

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Then Call Them Friend

Darkened paths I have walked,
unreachable dreams I have sought.

Adorned by friends with hearts thought true,
always giving me hope, as good friends do.

Troubles I have had some, I'm no different from you,
but one thing I have learned, only depend on you.

Everyone has their own life to live,
and time is precious, with little to give.

Your journey may be short, or seeming to never end,
if one stays through your troubles, then call them friend.

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Rest My Friend

One of my friends was buried today,
he was so kind in all his ways.
I'll miss his face, and cute little jokes,
and the difference in my life, he made.
Your journey is over, now peace is yours,
as Heaven opens the gates,
and God is standing on a cloud,
fulfilling the promise to you, He made.

Rest my friend....

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Friends Forever

May our friendship last forever
May I said upon your sea
May we go through life together
May there always be a we

May I be in your endless sky
May you breathe my gentle air
May you never wonder why
Each time you look for, I will be there

May we be for each other smiles?
Like a warm life-giving sun
Yet when we're in pain while may are suffering be as one

May we share our special days
The happiness is one is for two
And if we must go our separate ways
Let my remain wtih you forever

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As I gather my thoughts of the passing year,
deep inside a tiny voice I hear.
One day at a time,
I try and recall,
the highs, and lows,
remembering it all.
The horror of a son,
trying to cope with life,
the death of my mother,
oh, the tears I've cried.
A little bit of happiness,
brings a trickle of hope,
and the understanding,
you can't push a rope.
A heart full of love,
for my family, and friends,
for without them,
my heart would not mend.
Writing my poetry,
and composing my music,
and realizing without God,
life is an empty song.
This is a new year,
with new hopes, and dreams,
and a new given chance,
that each one brings.
Happy New Year.

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Soups On


Sometimes I come and just sit and read,
     Some write stories we all should heed.
My old buddy Jack Reed well he writes a lot,
     And I say if it makes him happy then why the heck not.
Then there is Christy her words somehow reach out to me,
     She writes about things that are interesting to see.
There are so many friends on soup I’d like to name a few,
    There is Rhoda, Beth, Alexandra, Vince, Carol, Sharon, and then there is Sue.
All you guys really mean a lot, I treasure you as friend.
     CeeCee, Karen, Ruby, Louise, Wilfredo, Heidie, and Patricia, I’m still not quite 
to the end.
There’s Sean K. and Carmen P., Joe D, and John H just want to say thanks for 
encouraging me.
     There is some I’ve left out on this list you see.
And I apologize it wasn’t meant to be.
Vince and his brothers were honorable military men,
     And I just want to thank them for what they did back then, 
If you ever need prayer I think I’d call on Louise to say a word for you.
    And there are many other ladies who’ll do the same thing too.
Just a super thank you for being a friend.
     You guys have made an everlasting impression that will last till the end.

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Where Do You Stand?


I watched John Hagee on t.v. today,
    He amazes me with what he has to say.
He was talking about supporting Israel and showing film clips,
     These were clips that were taken from his Washington trip.
There were all sorts of people gathered there,
      Giving their support and showing that they care.
There were politicians from both sides of the fence,
      Stating we need to stand for Israel in regards of her defense.
There were pastors and preachers and rabbis too,
      And there were common people just like me and you.
Letting the world know she has an ally in us,
       Talking about Iran and how she’s kicking up such a fuss.
There are times when you have to take a side,
       We are reaching the point where we can’t run and hide.
The Bible plainly states that the Jews are Gods chosen people, He picked them 
        Unless you don’t believe in what the Bible says can there be any doubt?
As Christians we were grafted on to this branch,
      That is why we must all unite and let our hearts entrance.
The Jews were punished severely in World War II,
     And now this madman in Iran is saying none of that was true.
We must stand up for Israel we must stand and unite,
     We must stand up for her and be her ally in this fight.

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Never Again

I took a risk
telling u something I usually don't
The next time you can beg
kick and cry but I still won't
The few times I've opened up to u
You stuck it in my face
I never should have told u
In the damn f in  first place
I have no one to open up to
Regardless of what u think
With everybody I know
I'm usually the shrink
It's not really cool
I'll just keep it in my head
I'll keep to myself
All my thoughts instead
of letting u hurt me again
U of all people are supposed
to be my friend.