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Narrative Dream Poems | Narrative Poems About Dream

These Narrative Dream poems are examples of Narrative poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Narrative Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Faraway Girl

Faraway Girl

Some where in a faraway world , sitting alone is a faraway girl . 
Alone with her thoughts , paper and pen .... Stroking her words , 
adventures begin .

Fantasy writes of long ago ; Ill fated lovers who's love has gone cold ; 
Valiant knight's tasks of daring deeds , armor plated silver on their 
galloping steeds ; Moonbeam walks alone or with him ; 
Sunrise mornings bare bodies of them . 

These are a few of her adventures to tell . 
Deep in her heart loves abounds and swells . 

Her words taking people on fascinating trips to secret gardens, 
sanded shores , up hill side cliffs .
Scotland , London , Paris , Rome , all the while she's sitting at home . 
Lost in her thoughts this faraway girl, 
creating up dreams in her faraway world.

As she ends her stories her day's begun . A life like most others , 
more work than fun . Normal tasks take up her day , kids off to school , 
horses to hay . Clients coming one after another ; 
welcomed visits from her dear mother ; a mother a daughter , 
sister a wife , a few of the titles , chapters of life . 

Alone once again for a moment in time , visits these thoughts , 
the stories from the mind . Stepping into that faraway world , 
becoming again, that faraway girl .......

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Together As One

Together As One
To dream as one.
When we dream we dream as one. When we laugh we laugh as one. We have a life 
together that compliments one another. We have a love that is like no other it’s as 
one. We reach for the stars and look for the moon. We support and care for one 
another on our journeys as our journeys cross paths.
We listen with excitement to each other’s dreams. To understand and encourage 
comes from the heart. Knowing with certainty that we deserve the love we give and 
receive as we are as one. What is wonderful for one is so for the other for our life 
path is the same. Knowing one so well is to know one’s self without a doubt.
Dreams that come together both big and small shared by knowing hearts that want 
the same want are as one. A love so strong can feel and guide with the stars and 
moon. Set in motion a force together nothing can sever but blessed be a dream 
together as one!
Dream, laugh, and love we do as one for we became one. Together we reach for the 
stars and the moon as we share the paths we take. Our journey takes us many 
directions to which we share our delight. A journey worth taking is a journey worth 
sharing…sharing as one!
                                                                                   Debbie Knapp

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Shaken to the Core

Her sad eyes and tear stained face evoked such ambivalent feelings;
I could barely stand to look upon the half-naked child in front of me. 
She turned her face toward me with a pained look begging for help.
Maternal feelings welled up within for this pitiful tangled haired waif. 

Gaping in abject horror, I observed the orphan's frail arms wrapped 
tenaciously around a dead rat and held close to her dirt smeared body. 
I sensed this sewer 'pet rat' had been her only source of comfort in life. 
The one thing she turned to, when sad or hungry, would never again be.
While resisting the urge to gather her up in my arms and dry her tears, 
still I desired to sympathize... whispering, "Don't cry honey, it'll be OK". 
I lied, knowing it wouldn't.  Besides what could I do with so little to give. 
I turned and walked away not wanting to face my growing sense of lack.

I awoke with a start, shuddering, deeply disturbed and troubled to tears.
Sometimes the vivid images, like a horror movie returning to haunt me,
make me question, "Who is that wretched child so forlorn and dejected?
The memories shake my very soul, the hidden message still eluding me. 

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Sweet Abiding Pets

I believe in Heaven, and I believe dogs, as well as humans, go there. I had my own dog 
once upon a time, a Miniature Eskimo named Ollyver. Each night I’d find him waiting on the 
other side of the door to jump up into my arms when I came home from work. When he got 
older, I was forced to give him up, and I’d always wondered what became of him.  

One night I dreamed I awoke to find him by my pillow, staring at me with his wistful brown 
eyes. So vivid was that dream that my soul flooded with joy as I gathered him up and felt 
his soft fur against my arms and face. It was the realest dream I’d ever experienced. He 
would have been quite old by then, so I like to believe he came back that night on his way to 
Heaven to tell me goodbye. 

I imagine Ollyver, as well as my other precious deceased pet, a cat named Callie, in that 
bright new place, sitting by its Pearly gates, biding their time, waiting just for me! I hope one 
day, in the Hereafter, to gather those sweet pets of mine up into my arms! 

* This is an excerpt from a longer work which included another animal I called Church Dog, 
but I could not fit the whole narrative onto this page, so this is the part that tells about two 
pets that I lost. Andrea Dietrich

For Constance - a Rambling Poet's mini-blog contest: All Creatures Great And Small

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The Meadow

I'm always there, in that place that doesn't mean a thing to anyone but me. A far away 
meadow where I don't have to hide all the happiness of a young girls heart. One that has 
been ripped apart, so many times. I stare at all the beautiful flowers and trees of my 
surroundings and let the wind gently rustle my hair. I close my eyes taking in all these 
wonderful things, as I lie on the cool grass. My body mixes in with the air, and I'm blowing 
past natures statues and creatures galore. I stop at the edge of a nearby pond, my body 
floating softly to the ground as an eagles feather. I look deep into the sparkling image that 
makes me who I am. I gracefully touch the water with my fingertips and let the water 
shimmer like the stars. A white unicorn grazing near the freshly harvested hay, called out to 
me. It approached me as I stood, and nuzzled my arm. I brushed its silk coat and burrowed 
my face against her cool cheek. This is the reason I come to this place. To interact with the 
things not known or believed in their world. Its just my own, my sound and the behind 
scenes of my eyes. It's calm and peaceful, which their world is far from. I'm the only one with 
the doorway to this meadow. I love going there, it's like a blanket that warms its comfort 
over me when I need it the most. And when I get there, my feelings are a boat sailing to 
sea, leaving me filled with perfect serenity. I'll always be there, till the end of all life, and I 
know this lovely meadow will never be replaced.

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Heavy Footprints Of Love

the sorrow lies in the reverberation 
of wanting you ….always wanting you…..
it taunts me like a starving wretch
it echoes in the corners of my mind….

your name on my lips and soft on my tongue
red and raw and pulsing with such blatant desire
how could the whole world not feel this fire ?

love is much stronger than rampant lust alone….
(it could break through steel….this love I‘ve known)

it rides in silver wings of angels in the sky
stretching supplication toward the heart of weeping
pleading on pristine white clouds for respite 
as it plunges into the whirlpool of want 
                                              and on tiptoes
it came in….treading so delicately on this tattered heart
rose petal soft …..but completely destructive
battered in the need of needing you….

please….this love is much too powerful to withstand 
wrapped in want that leaves me naked in the rain….
and I want to hide from the stone pelts rising
the punch of gut hurt heat that comes (inevitably)
when its so far away that no cry on wind could catch it
oceans betwixt and blue is an enemy….

where are you my love as I wake in the night….
are you sleeping? do you dream of me? 
I dreamt of you….and I woke up weeping….
empty arms and solemn seconds ticking by in anguish

I want you….just in one kiss to your lips 
though one would never suffice
for I am greedy, my love and it cannot be quenched
with a single kiss….(could one kiss ever last a lifetime)

I am a beggar riding a pegasus
eager and white as muscles ripple against a black sky
her wings soar effortlessly
and I am flying toward you….yet…I never do reach you…
hijacked we were….in time and we are prisoners…

a little like the dream one has of running…
but standing motionless
frustration beseeches me and then consumes me
into a mass of messy “what do I do”

can you feel my need as it tears through me
raging and wanton….completely blatant

each day seems a thousand with your hands not about me
teasing my skin until I cannot breathe but to cry out your name
would it in some way repay you and describe this love….?

I am you… are me… a mirror its your eyes I see….

forgive me if I repeat myself….

the sorrow lies in the reverberation 
of wanting you ….always wanting you…..


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Through my window I watched it float gracefully by
An eloquent specimen, a rare butterfly
Wings painted black and the brightest of green
The most breathtaking creature I ever had seen

It flew to the forest in a zig-zagging line
And landed to rest on the bark of a pine
Flushed with the thrill of the game hunters play
I stalked up and captured my elusive prey

It struggled and fought with great strength for its size
Prying and pinching, I heard muffled cries
“Release me!” It squeaked “I will NOT be your prize”
I saw tiny legs and angry little eyes

‘My god it’s a Leprechaun!’  I shouted with glee
‘You must grant me one wish now’…”So be it” said he
He slashed through my palm and bored to my thumb
Til it bulged to the size of a cartoonish plumb...

My fingers exploded in bits all around
Flesh and bone spattered, blood gushed to the ground
I stared in stark terror and mad disbelief
My mangled hand swaying like a dangling dead leaf

‘I’m wounded, I’m dying!’ In panic cried
And fled to my house to the bathroom inside
‘It’s ruined!’ I screamed as I bled in the sink
‘Now they will notice, now what will they think?’

‘I know I can never remove all these stains
I know that my eyes cannot hide all this pain
The veil has been shredded, the wall broken through
(I saw something move at the edge of my view)

There in the corner the Leprechaun stood
Black eyes spinning secrets of evil and good
He spread out his wings like a butterfly should
Ready to fly back to his tree in the wood

He spoke without speaking, "So, what have you caught?"
(My mind was struck dumb, stripped clean of all thought)
“Now” he laughed softly, “I shall grant your demand”
I sank to my knees then and reached forth my hand…

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While I lay

Lying in the enclosed walls of my room
I used to think as I lay all night and day
everyone else around the world
also slumber
But no! all I see is not all there is
Somewhere somehow, at the same time
lies other boys with great imaginations
that keep them awake
Somewhere somehow, its afternoon in
another nation, and within its boundaries
live other passionate savvies making
every moment count
While I make excuses for the time loss
some millennials with the same idea I had
and ignored months ago, are working
tirelessly to make theirs a reality
Somewhere somehow, while I lay wishing
and waiting, an army arises taking fearless
steps like they have nothing to lose
Somewhere somehow, an age mate is
earning so much just by using their talent
for good
While I lay, legends with so much
achievements still lie awake because they
feel there is still so much to do
While I sleep,the clock doesn't.

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The Poetry of Hope

Every once in a while I lose myself
But I’m glad the dreams are coming back
I feel the thrill filling me
I feel my heartbeat rising
I see redemption rising in the days ahead
I still realise once again that I’ve earned another chance to begin anew
Still glad that it’s early in life
...and I can apply the lessons I’ve learnt before I’m twenty five

Phew! Boy, my heart’s beating fast
I shall no longer look at my past
For the past is just that
...opportunities gone with the wind, never to come back
I look towards the days ahead
I spend today to dream of the future I intend
For I know now tomorrow is bound to come
Today was but a dream ten years back
Had I realised then how soon today would come
I’d already be rich riding on the wings of independence
I pledge never to make that mistake again

Today I shall live like I plan
...and not like my neighbour Mr. Wright
For I know not how much he earns to spend the way he does
Today I shall not live like the society around me
For I don’t know whether they think ahead 
...of the days that are bound to be raining with storms of emergency
I pledge to live as befits me
I plan to live today in a way that enables me to save
For now I know I was right ten years ago
But I hadn’t the courage to follow a route of my own
Now I’m determined ten years to come...
I’ll be riding on the unicorn of delight

I pay no care for what those here and there may air
I wanna be happy today in my moderate ways
Knowing all too well I’m headed where
There, in the future where my heavy dreams will float in the air
I’m no hater so for the rest of the players here
I wish all the goodwill and good wishes my subconscious can air

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My Mom

Dear God, how did You sleep.
I had a dream and it made me weep.
Did You see it, it was so real.
I think it might even help me heal.

Anyway that dream last night 
sure was kind of cool.
Except for the times  
I acted the fool.

I was a whole lot younger
then I am now.
I was talking with my mom
and I was wondering how?

We sat at the kitchen table
and she had on that grin. 
The one that always told me.
I know where you've been.

I could talk to her 
about anything I ever did.
Not only when I grew up
But since I was a little kid.

She was the only one
on this whole entire earth.
Who made me feel like I belonged.
Who gave me a sense of worth.

We talked for hours.
We laughed and we cried.
I didn't leave the table 
till the day that she died.

It was a roller coaster ride 
of every high and low I could feel.
Then Lord You got out the projector
and then You put on the reel.

We watched home movies
and most of it was good.
You would fast forward
those parts that you should.

There was this one scene
where Jesus had a part.
Remember when I asked for Him 
to come into my heart?

On a scale of 1 to 10
I would give it a ten.
But there was this one time 
I don't remember when??

When I asked for Jesus to come into my heart
He walked right in like He belonged.
But what I didn't know then 
was that He walked in with my mom.

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when you wish

my pen this night
is weak
my thoughts though
strong are meek
my dreams are dreams
and that's all that they are
but until i make them come to life
they are as far away as the stars
stars at night are so numerous
i can not count
also are my dreams 
an unset amount
the stars twinkle and move across
my sky
and my dreams they shine
and delight my mind
one star that is present
it is my sun
my dream ever present 
is the only one
the sun it warms me
on winters day
my dream warms me
in various other ways
when the world turns
and my sun appears to go away
my dream is scattered
across the milky way
i count the stars
and dreams alike
beautiful visions
of my delight
but dreams are all they are
until i bring them life
a dawning star 
and bright day light
my heart and mind 
wish with all their might
that i would bring my dream
into the light
"I wish I may, I wish I might
have this wish I make tonight."
and with the rising of the sun
dream and star become as one

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The Dreamer

If I dream a dream tonight
 too withered with shades of light
worried i will die from fright
 but too weary to see the sun
to sleep I go till dawn has won.
As I dream this dream tonight
transforming bones to shape the bite
howling at moonlight rays from afar
to but a dream I sleep unharmed.

To slumber and shake I rage
 as I paint this fiend of knight
lacking strength and will to fight
 the only dreaming I hope tonight.

As i fall through sands that quakes
holes of madness take my place
for no more horror in my delight
as this dream ends soon 
or yields my life.

As lightning strikes eyes of glass
vengefulness at bitter last
monster, demons all the gore
conquering the fear is yet a war.

Until the sadness of rain I was dry
not cool,not warm like nothing inside
now broken only to find
new love, built by my side.

To a spewer of moment I lye awake
true or false unaware what to make
I stand from window cold touch to the floor
with the bitter taste of morning sores 
left me to wonder if…
was it it a dream or was it more.

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Fortune of Universal Loving Light

Fortune of Universal Loving Light

I’m sending a heartfelt message to all of mankind
May good fortune be wished upon you, may good tidings 
be you’re guiding light be fruitfully light and strong
There may be a stairway path to heaven with a Prince or 
simply a vagabond
May you all be sheltered with sweet endearments of passion?
And take a firm stance to stand against all of hurtful wrongs
Long may you thus fashion sweet everlasting welcome with lyrics of songs
May all your feelings that hope is truly gone; simply look inside yourself 
and be strong
In realities view give you a lifetime of promises and a world of beautiful dreams
Where words speaks of languages of love like you know what it means
A new beginning of hope with many prayers for all our tomorrows
Can bring a vastness of peace, like we were all feathers in a slight breeze
So many people are dearly intended for a little living and a little giving
To all of mankind to build a dream for the world we live in
So if we all moved straight ahead and told them, told them what I know now
All the showing of what people thought would be the impossible and how
Then we shall all take a heavenly ride through the silence; a new time has arrived
Therefore all killing of pains of past and future coming back to live
These seeds of all timely of seeds of change have been lovingly planted
To all joy, wish for peace and heaven on the earth to be granted
Therefore fortune will be enveloped within all of our universal loving light.

Written: 12/16/14

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The Discipline of a Student

Oh Lord, I know you know I have been thanking you a lot lately
But today I want to pray
~~~	~~~	~~~
Almighty Lord
You know me and you know how in life I pine to succeed
I know all that I want
And I know what to do in order to get it all
The will power, emotional power, confidence... certainty
...and all that entails the achievement of a dream
But there is one thing I specifically need
For with it my success is guaranteed

Almighty Lord
Please give me the discipline of a student
Please make me endear my keenest efforts on my chief pursuits
Just as though I’m about to sit for an exam... for I know in a way I am

Please give me the sense to properly manage my time
And take from my heart the desire to waste time 
...and the vice of procrastination
In its place fill me with the fear of punishment and failure
...if I go about work like a truant does
...spending too much money here... and too much time there

Please sharpen my focus like that of a student aiming for that higher diploma...
...knowing the realisation of it will chance him a higher degree
Help me aptly execute the duties entrusted unto me
For its exceptionality will lift me to the reach of even higher doors

Almighty, please fill me with the discipline of a student
To sacrifice my little peer pleasures now... and invest all my heart into my pursuits
Knowing all too well that as that an empowering reality awaits me the end of my truest efforts

Help me to be honest with myself
...knowing that all I do now first of all for my own benefit
And that if I do it so well
It will benefit and inspire even many more to garner more of their potentials

Now my Almighty Lord,
Think of this as a business proposal
I have the dream and capability
You have the power over reality
If you take my dream and capability seriously 
...and assist me with your power over reality
Very soon I will succeed, and there will be many wanting to be like me
All these shall be to your gain too for I shall direct them your way as proof
So you see Lord, your help and my efforts will tomorrow make us both a happier lot 
Think about it
~~~	~~~	~~~
Mhmm...  Who am I kidding, I know you did think about it and that’s why you 
decided to make me live
Thanks Lord

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My Dreams

I dream in color with vivid detail
I travel and run and chase
But my favorite dreams I love to have 
Are the dreams where I can fly
I take off slowly and soar thorough the rooms 
Fast or slow as I want
I can fly outside from a slow takeoff
And I glide and weave without thought
When I awake from these dreams I smile and think
Oh I flown through the night
How exciting it was to breeze through the sky
I wish I could duplicate that
I wonder if others who fly in their dreams enjoy it as much as I
It's hard to explain the feeling I get while dreaming 
I'm able to fly.

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A Spark of Hope

A little girl lost her home this year, for her, Christmas wouldn't be there.
Her family was angry from all the troubles, they simply couldn't repair.
Don’t bother us about presents her parents said, they were depressed by their fate.
With bitterness they said, you’d be lucky to have dinner tonight, or even a plate.
Life was harsh, nowhere to go, anger and fear had put their souls, in a terrible place.
The little girl had found no hope or joy, lurking near their old car, of late.
The car was their home, gas money was scarce, and with few places they could park.
Yes, their troubles had slowly extinguished, that precious hopeful spark.
Without that spark, they’d never find their way, from this terrible place of cold and dark.
And life’s darkness grew deeper nightly, as hope vanished under a reality so stark.
Even the very fiber of her family, seemed to be shattering slowly, slowly, apart.
The child felt alone here in this dark car, as sadness tried to engulf her little girls heart.
The future seemed filled with hopelessness, as shame and dread, were leaving their mark.
Embarrassment to be seen and turned away, made it hard for them to reach out, to restart.
But life goes on, and we can’t fear to rebuild, or the future will be hard to impart.
The girl suddenly declared there’s more to life, and she wouldn't let it conquer her heart.
She decided triumphs will come, and all will get better, if she held to that hopeful spark.
Seeing the desolation and anger here, she couldn't stay around, she had to get away…
So she climbed out of the car, and she walked into town, not so very far to stray.
She went and looked at the store windows, where Christmas was being displayed.
The music and people filled her heart, lifting her spirits, deep inside, that day.
She noticed a store, way down at the end of the row, on the next block, where it lay.
No one was there, it seemed lonely, and the darkness was again, spreading it’s decay.
She ran there in time to see an old man closing up, with sadness on his face betrayed.
What use were his goods, if no one would shop, or come down along his way?
The super store down the block, was daily making him lose more and more in the fray.
He could no longer afford to hire people, and the season had very little time, to stay.
As they talked the girl saw that she couldn't let the darkness take another, so she prayed.
Then she told the old man, if he’d open the shop, she’d bring customers down his way.
She added, she’d find reasonable workers, if her family could live upstairs, she portrayed.
First bring the customers, he said, and the rest will be yours little friend, he conveyed.
She had him put his best toys, as a contest prize, and to add lots of lights on the display.
He set a contest, “Winners-the best collectors for families in need” on Christmas Eve.
He put out a bright contest sign, but still nobody came to his end of the block, to survey.
So she had him call the Salvation Army, for a kettle, Bell ringer, and Carolers, who came 
Lickety split, their way.
Then she had him call a dear old friend, and farmer, to bring a tractor full of bails of hay.
Another volunteered his horse and sleigh, both, to see the city lights thru New Years Day.
This was a great idea, since the older drivers, could use the help, for their bills to pay.
The girl ran all over spreading the excitement, and to come see the prizes, his way.
The families suddenly started heading toward his door, and to those wondrous rides.
At that moment her parents came, and she explained what her hope, had improvised.
Her father talked a contractor into building a disabled family a home, to help advertise.
He could get a tax break; come to this store for supplies, and hire unemployed workers, he devised, so wise.
In the end, each night grew brighter, because of a girls hope, and heart-warming delight.
And the old man began smiling for the first time, in a long, long, time, starting that night.
All was saved, a home was found, and another built, as a sad little girl taught grownups to smile along the way… 
You might say, A Spark of Hope lit a candle, then a raging fire, which was burning bright by Christmas day.

The moral to my story is:
Never give up on Hope; it’s your best friend, as life brings its troubles your way…
Know that with time, a good heart, good will, and friendly ways… 
You can find God’s gifts again, if you don’t let the dark take you away…

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Solace in the ghetto

As I stared out my project window into the streets were the predators never seemed to sleep and the dope heads that kept the neighbors in the private homes on pins and needles as they prowled the street, looking for the next cash cow to supply their drug needs. In the alley where we would play baseball during the daytime against the old trash bin, at night it served as the hiding place for the drug boys dope and guns…It’s sometimes hardto believe that decent people do live here in this place where I live, but they do. I don’t know how? But really they do, I swear. The alleyway was littered with so much broken glass on the ground, sometimes I would pretend that it was diamonds and would dream of running out one morning and picking it all up and then I would be rich like the people who lived in the private homes up on the hill. At night from my window in the summertime I could smell their grills cooking some expensive meat, that seem to overload my sense and make my belly growl in a hopeless thought that I might somehow get to taste it. In the distance sirens blare in the middle of the night as the ambulances race to the causalities of the night life. I can still recall those house parties that never seem to end, that’s until the men in blue decided to finally answer the calls and put an end to their night fun, but by that time they were all drunk and doped out or found a mate for the night…as they all spread out onto the side streets like cockroaches when you turn on the light and then shots rang out in the calm distance of the night. People scatter into the night. My eyelids are now so heavy I can barely hear my own thoughts inside my head. When all of sudden my door flings open, standing there in the doorway I can make out a shadow, I take a deep breath and continue to play like I’m asleep. Wow, it was only my mother, just checking in on her only investment for her future dream of a doctor or lawyer that would not have to deal with this mess, she shuts my door after seeing that I was okay…as she takes a deep sigh of relief, knowing she could take solace that her child was fast asleep.

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A Land Bearing Green White Green

Which way leads to the 
land of green white 
Which way are we 
   A country the wicked 
bears the rulership, and 
the people sighing 
   A terrible thing sprouts 
beneath the sun: a 
pregnant woman 
delivering not.
Imps come to lime-light 
by snuffing air from the 
goose that laid the 
golden eggs.
The blind guiding the un
The weak suppressing 
the strong-a terrible 
Like the overthrow of the 
gods at Mt. Olympus by 
the Titans.
A country where also 
thieves appear as men of 
Land of green white 
green,which way?
A land where the 
enlightened ones are 
overshadowed and 
peanuts given to them.
The masses are dogs that 
eat the crumbs.
 Which way to go you 
Iliterates stand on 
podium of power 
bellowing orders as milk 
of sorrow known as 
dividends of democracy 
is passed around.
The machine of progress 
manned by the 
"There is better 
tomorrow" we hear.
Land of green white 
green,my country 
where rule of law walk 
beside anarchy.
The proles are sentenced 
to adversity,and there 
endured death-like trials.
Chai! Aru! People 
dancing on thorns 
whimpering as they 
  I see a new sun rising 
from the horizon,hope is 
rekindled as its rays 
grace on hopeless bodies.
 Look!! there soon be 


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Cell Phone Mania

Here's my philosophy for what it's worth Not the first time I've expressed my outlook on life The stress of modern every day living Is showing on the faces of people in the street All with cell phones plastered to their ears Oblivious to the world around them A cold breeze has enveloped our very existence No longer the friendly greetings we once expressed We're totally wrapped up in the complexities That have been thrust upon us It's an exciting age of amazing technology The much more simpler days of years gone by Are gone forever never to return Each generation longs for their past A feeling of nostalgia grips us as we age Wishing to relive the exuberant days of our youth But time marches on relentlessly As I sit here at my powerful computer Messaging faceless people in the four corners of the earth Like others, I tend to forget this is an amazing age But it's only the latest chapter Of countless more chapters to follow Our minds can't conceive where this will all lead The only thing that's certain is progress So be ready to be amazed The future is filled with untold exciting new adventures That our minds can't conceive or even imagine It's a exciting time to be alive © Jack Ellison 2014

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A Black Coffee's Chill

Tossed my slippers, walked barefooted
through the alley of my wall where my paintings are adorned, 
saw the canvasses lined neatly on wall
where dim light of longings path throughout the hall...

Chosen good ones, brewed best
aroma of this black coffee so crisp, 
haunts me in a night's fright
of tormenting silence throughout the night! 

A teaspoon of sugar is added 
with this black coffee in my mug is mixed, 
halt for a while to smell it's effects, 
savoring the bitterness as it touches my lips.

I traced to hallway, stood at the glass window, 
3: 30 in the morning, no one not even any vehicles flow, 
into the streets lights blinking routinely
as my mind wander for an unhealthy imaginary.

A shot of gun, bullet on my shoulder
as I escape from a path so dark in my mind which alter, 
I as fast as I could
and lift the gun out of my motorbike's hood! 

A shadow...laughing and running
in my mind he is chasing, 
I stop, look and lean
on the dark wall of the 14th street so clean.

But wind blows suddenly steadfast, 
dirt and dust kissed my face and blinded my eyes, 
I am blind for a split in 15 seconds
and there the man stood afront of me and beckons! 

Grabbed my arm and snatched the gun
twisted me facing the wall with his arm so damn, 
I felt his anger through his breath 
and say, 'Lady, end of your road, enough, have a rest! '

Then he forced me to face him
grabbing me by hand so firm, 
his weight upon me, so close I can't breathe
and my surprise, his face mellowed and plant me a kiss! 

Split seconds, that vision came
and I realized I am so lame, 
that imaginary vision strikes me well
and brought my black coffee to chill! 

A Black Coffee's Chill...!?

Inner Whispers

(I believe that visions happen in split seconds. Can this be a warning or a message?)

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Two Trees

Oh tree to my right how you mirror the left
Tree on the left, with great vigor you grow
When waters run dry, your roots search below
To the ends of all branches; lush fruits like Eden
Hundred thousand leaves dance in the wind

Oh tree to my right what phantom did come
Yielding fruit no more; nor vivid leaves to sway
All branches have ceased, no more but a stump
Fifty thousand leaves dance in the wind

Oh tree to my left so valiant, so true
A whip of your branch & firm grip of the wind
To the right, one seed you give; let life grow anew
Solitude tis as fire bound for a tree, a simple truth to all
Fifty thousand leaves dance in the wind

Oh tree to my right; look, now you're grown
As was, now are; from the tree to the left came your rebirth
Teeming with life & beauty displayed
Hundred thousand leaves dance in the wind

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love's messenger

          I looked at him and I was lost for words,
those eyes so deep and dark, so penetrating;
                    he seemed able to look into my soul,
all my thoughts and all my dreams he knew.

          I was unable to look away, then he spoke,
he had the most beautiful voice, like music;
                     so calming and soothing, to my soul,
other sounds faded away and the air was electrified.

          a storm began and the wind howled loudly,
thunder boomed and rain fell in dreadful torrents;
                     my world began to spin out of control,
I was lost in a whirlwind of emotions and desires.

          I wanted to be part of him, to be his forever,
his lips were soft, strong, gentle and demanding;
                      words so sweet that I closed my eyes,
he held me and the pleasure was beyond this world.

          suddenly, I felt a change, a shift in the air,
the storm ended and calmness settled around me;
                       I knew it was over, he was not forever,
after all, just a sweet messenger in a lovely dream.


August 3, 2013


Written for the contest, In the Moment, Poet Destroyer

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Dark Dreams

What do you dream
deep in the night when
all are asleep and the moon 
shines bright?

Do you dream of fairy's
and elves or monsters
and demons with long
pointy tails?
Where do you go when
they take you away?
perhaps to a haunted
house or a beach by
the bay.Do you dream 
of a castle upon a hill?
where a strange man
lives off of blood that's 
been spilled.

What do you dream deep
in the night when all are
asleep and the moon shines
bright?DO you travel through
a forest within your dream
to hear howling at the moon
before a blood curdling scream?

Can you escape when your
dreams turn from light into
horrible madness and heart
pounding fright?you turn around
your in a different space still fast
asleep your eyelids begin to
flutter at a maddening pace.

The doctor is focused lightning
will strike giving life to his unholy
terror this night.What do you dream
deep in the night when all are asleep
and the moon shines bright

A young girl waits to invite you in
her long slithery split tongue touching
her chin.You climb the stairs to face
a horror unknown the devil dwells
here to make her his own.Morning
arrives it was all just a dream or 
rather a nightmare all to real it seemed.
What do you dream deep in the night
when all are asleep and the moon
shines bright?

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Ink for my paper

She provoked
And my beliefs were soon belied.

"Socialized and confined"; you mocked the flock.

"What do you seek, you all?"

We screamed your sight in unison.

"You are a nice girl" consoled your sister.

My silence was insulted over and over.

Like a fool I traced it all,
Winding through all the steps,
To make some sense from it all.

One day, I decided to erase it.
My longing was a haste.

Dear Mentor,
I finally learned to ink that day;
When my empty body walked through those closed gates.

Grief and guilt held that pursuit.
Moreover, I could not race with those shoes.

My words are empty as they were then.
I weep for a little ink from your pen.

Contest theme:- Writing
Judge:- Regina Riddle
8th Place win

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A Dream for U

A Dream For U

If I could dream a dream for u, in your dreams all would come true.
You would be that person that gets the last scoop of ice cream.
You would measure up to almost any and everything.
You would be that person that people loved the most.
The type of person that just don't boast.
You would get the best part in the play.
And nail it solid, on opening day.
If I could dream a dream for you.
I'd dream the sun is always shinning.
The sky always blue.
You would have more wealth than you knew what to do.
If I could dream a dream for you.
I would wish you well.
And for your secrets knew,
I would wish no one tells.
I would wish the finest things for you.
Even when you awake, I do too.

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Dreams And Nightmares

                     Dreams And Nightmares
When we go to sleep at night we usually have pleasant 
dreams of happiness were we feel like we are on cloud 9
with some romantic partner or some beautiful island
destination, we see wonderful things of beauty, but all
of a sudden the dream drifts to another world of gloom
transporting us to the nightmare world were dark
evil happenings take place, it makes our thoughts change
our bodies grows cold and sweaty and we awake in terror
 we have just experienced our worst fears out of the 
nightmare world, we get up in wonder of what has 
happened but later we find it is all but an illusion, 
a trick of the mind, maybe this can be caused by guilt
or even food that has not agreed with us, or our
minds may have been troubled by a bad problem. We
must all go to sleep with a clear mind and dream happy
thoughts or we will enter the nightmare world once again.

Are dreams and nightmares similar, be inspired and enlightened by what my poem has to say about the 'Dream World'  
Written 16th July 2013

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Peace Tonight

I sleep in peace tonight.
Hope that day will come.
When I find you underneath the 
Waiting for me and a life that never 
For Eternal love will always be 
And you will know that I care no 
matter the troubles.
That even If death were to come, it 
be with us a couple.
I sleep in peace tonight.
Hoping my family loves, and so do 
my friends.
And that God may forgive for all my 
Because when I am gone, let there 
be not a tear shed.
But a laugh of remorse, and that you 
treed lightly.
For I will sleep in peace tonight.

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My Fantasy, My Husband

My Fantasy, My Husband July 25, 2011
As a child I had a dream, was’ such a fantasy only a princess in a fairytale surely 
dreamt such things! In my heart he dwelled; this prince my dream, my fantasy I 
knew so well. My mind filled with thoughts of him day and night for our souls 
touched in the night as I lay dreaming.
Life happens and everything in it for a reason. Having lost so much my baby in 
heaven, my boys gone with their father, my heart’s broken! I lost all that I ever held 
close now memories for this princess who once had a dream.
He exits the elevator and comes my way. I hope he stops to talk even if my boss 
said to stay away from him. Once more, I have begun to dream and my fantasies 
have come back to life. He dwelled in my heart as a child when I lay dreaming. This 
is my prince, my fantasy the one whose soul touched mine. My prince and I shall be 
his princess!
People say we are too different; he would not ever marry you. Life and 
circumstances are all against us. He is a wealthy, smart doctor. You are poor and 
have no degree. What could he see in you or could you have in common? 
Soul mates now together as one in my dream, my fantasy my fairytale alive and 
true. My husband, My Prince surrounds me with love not caring what others might 
say or think. Together as one, I continue to dream and share all life’s fantasies one 
by one.
				                    Debbie Knapp /Princess

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It was only supposed to last a little while. 
The pain I suffered was temporary. 
You promised you would fix it. 
Oh and fix me you did.

I hate you for what I have become.
Tired. Lazy unable to work. 
You created this monster of pain
Inside my head. 
It never goes away.

But you were the lucky soul. 
Your death was quick and painless.
Leaving behind those who mourn.
But I am not one of them. 
I wish you all that you deserve.

I have something now that I cannot change.
This damage to nerves, and numbness and pain.
My life has become a struggle. 
I compete with pain each day.
Sometimes I lose. Occasionally I win

It never leaves this pain you made. 
I wonder how many more.
You destroyed like me.
So powerful being a surgeon. 
To hold someone's life in your hands.

sickness, depression, anger

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I Can Dream Can't I

Starting to wonder if life is real Or just a figment of my imagination Heard it said, “This can't be real” Why would we ever want life to be like this If we were going to strive for perfection We are certainly way off the mark Perhaps it's all leading to some wonderful day When all of a sudden The meaning of it all becomes clear And peace will reign for the next thousand years Old age will be a thing of the past Humans will reach the age of thirty And never age another day Those over thirty will be rejuvenated And their bodies will be made young again Able to do all the things they were once able to do A fairy tale you say With the way the world is heading With the technology of today and what's to come It would seem ANYTHING is possible I can dream can't I © Jack Ellison 2014

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I Have No Bucket List

I Have No Bucket List!
No hopes, No dreams, Nothing I want to do?
Life has shown me many things and taken me many places. Some have touched my 
heart so deeply that nothing can ever erase these memories from me. I have been 
blessed at times and cursed at others.
I have often wondered at my life and my choices. The path I choose for one reason 
or another would have me wonder of my sanity more times than not. I have spent 
many years crying in silent, desperate to be happy. I only wanted one thing in life 
and that was to be truly loved by someone; anyone just please love me!
I have had moments that gave me a glimmer of hope to have it snatched away from 
me. I have felt so special and beautiful just to be crushed and left wondering what 
happened, what is wrong with me? The moments of pure joy that has touched my 
heart has left a print so precious that I could carry on. I just knew that somehow 
love was out there and it would recognize me too!
What is a place but some where you go. What is a dream but another place and 
time? What are these things without any hope? I do not know what hope feels like 
anymore or dreams or even desire for life.
My bucket is empty except for the day to day things that carry me forward. My face 
smiles, my lips say that would be a dream come true, my heart always wants to give 
love and I make it through yet another day.

                                                                                              Debbie Knapp

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There is beauty everywhere
 as far as I can see
flowers, trees and rainbows
and it is all for me

stars light up the pathway
through this place of sheer delight
wonders of my dream
given to me this night

peace is the feeling
as I walk on waters edge
lights in the distance
glow on a far off ledge

nothing can compare
to this place of love and light
and I get to see it
on very special nights

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Eye ear you

All you imprisoned soldiers screaming for help/
All you sending empty promises to the veld/
Tears that are heartfelt/
Eye ear you/
All you who feel lyrical bullets shooting through your blood vessels/
You Infants drilling a hole through her womb to have a peek of life before that day/
Those climbing evil branches from the tree of life/
Eye ear you/
Those attacked in their own jungle/
Fought with no loud rumble/
Happiest souls eating from the bin like a couple/
Eye ear you/
I am back from my dead/
Spoke peace ate dreams wiped tears in my dead/
His poetic wings shadowed me fed me with my bread/
Eye ear you/
Here's a toast to my dad/
I am an angel i can speak with the dead/

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Squatches in My Mind

I know that you now reside,
In the tundra of my mind.

I know your eyes can see,
The decadent dangers inside of me.

It shoots ice straight through your spine.
Knowing what the foliage of my mind,
Can do to make you squatches whine.

You let out a hideous wail.
As your face begins to pale.
Your cerebral cave of jagged shale,
Slowly crumbles, starts to fail.

Your fear grows quickly by the hour.
As sinister daffodils take your power.
Of your recent kill, the meat turns sour.
As you realize this place, by far is fouler.

Your arms and legs turn to lead.
Your stomach flutters growing dread,
Your realizing the dangers in my head.
That my imagination has now fed.

Your lost in overwhelming splendor.
At the sight of my terrifying Render.
With her body supple and slender,
She burns you, through her eyes of ember.

You crumple to the floor, while crying.
As she floats forward, carried on undying.
She glances up, over shoulder sighing.
At the sight of sterling stars aligning.

Render:		“Hello hunter welcome to His wood.”

                         On wobbly squatch stilts you stood.

Squatch:	        “Who is His? If you would.”

Render:	        “His, is the creator of this wood,
		         And in here all evil and good.”

So you stand their patiently listening.
To the figment of my inner whispering.
To the startling revelation of your fears.
You are one of many monsters in here.

Entered in the Dreams Contest (Based upon a dream)
Comments/Criticism appreciated

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My Story Telling Can You Trust Me

Gun fire all around, bombs going off in the distance
It was some of the angry mobs and resistance
Father was the king of SafeHaven a small kingdom
Like all other kingdoms it fell in random
Fire started in the castle
And along with it came a battle

It was a distance memory now because the child has now grew
Many things in this child that made memories stew
My name is Mastrey, a young orphan who was there that night
Mastrey saw her in the distance and her father and mother in his sight
Everyone was loud that night and made all the children hide
But that evening Mastrey saw her mother and father die

She ran into the bushes in such a fright
And evil doers were running around with flashlights
Mastrey remember it as he distracted them 
Her eyes was so confused with problems
Mastrey new that it was because of what just occurred
His feelings of what those people did was not awkward

The distraction worked, he went back to were she was
Hiding and very scared she was, he asked her, can you trust me just because?
Her answer that night depended on her lively hood
As Mastrey was their with his hand reaching out to her as he stood
Pulling her up from the ground he looked into her eyes that were SeaBlue
Mastrey had made a life long friend and love, She knew it was true

Next: My Story Telling,  Who is this Princess

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Four Hours of Eternity - Part 2

I opened my eyes, I was standing on the Shuffleboard deck; talking with my new "Dad"
Mr. Adams. On the main deck a few feet below, my Bride, my Life. my Beautiful Wife; Lenore stood by the railing of the deck. She sent me a seductive covert wink that made my loin twitch. Mr. Adams what time is it. You can call me Dad now, it's 7:14, Why. I don't know, I was just wondering. I caught Lenore's eye and raised my glass,our first
private toast. She tossed her long auburn hair over her  shoulder and nodded her approval. "Nubbies come down here Please", Sorry Dad my Forever Calls  "Mom, Dad, Ma
Rock, Family and Friends. This has been the most Wonderful day of my Life. Harry and, I thank all of YOU for Your Blessings,Your Love, and Your Gracious Gifts. Befor Lenore and I go I would like to Toast all of YOU for  a new Llfe, new Loves, and a new beginning. Thank-You Everone.  In showers of rice, we run to the Bridal Suite.I carryLenore across
the threshold of our Eternity. We close and lock the door. Bleep, Bleep, Bleep,Bleep!!      

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My Friend

My Friend
There waiting wanting so much to reach out is my friend. Alone and broken hearted 
beaten down to a point of no return. Afraid to reach out any more filled with despair 
closed off from everything around her. What is the point when at every turn there is 
sadness and rejection? No one see’s the loneliness’ inside swallowing her whole. 
Desperate she can only dream of a friend to smile and laugh with.
In this deep dark recess a seed begins to grow between her and me. Together we 
plan and accept the things which we cannot change. We will become a friend in all 
things keeping our secrets and watching a dream take root and grow. To this I say 
we can and will without anything to bring sorrow and pain. All else is just there and 
has no matter. No one can take what is not shared or destroy what is not given.
What about my pain and sorrow, the loneliness that flows through my veins? My 
broken and lonely heart that trust no more which feels it could never mend. It has 
turned to that dark place where only I can go and understand. No more to allow 
another to cause hurt and sadness. I find myself to be my friend and trust no other.
As we whisper and dream our life begins again. Just you and I alone we trust no 
other. My friend it’s you right here where you have always been waiting wanting to 
reach out. The one I can smile and laugh with. My inner self has come alive.   
Debbie Knapp

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Leila's Journey

Her outlook had been a barren, rubble-filled landscape 
for as long as she remembered.

Leila lived alone, 
ate alone, 
slept alone 
and didn’t dream at all.

Staring out from her window she noticed a tiny difference, 
a delicate seedling.
The mornings gained a sense of purpose as, 
through a layer of glass,
she witnessed the growth of something new.

She began to dream of opportunity and desire.
The seedling blossomed 
with a rare beauty 
and she thought of its scent.

Determined to conquer her fear of the outdoors 
Leila focused on the bloom
…she never saw the speeding car.

**for Nikko's Twist and Shock contest

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I Thought So

If you had just one last wish Before crossing that final thresh hold Tell me what would it be? Would you spend your final hours On a beach enjoying the Florida sunshine? Perhaps wrapped the arms of A beautiful shapely model? Or maybe enjoying an expensive meal Fit for a king with barrels of champagne And all the food you've ever wished for But could never afford OR would you just simply like be surrounded By friends and loved ones To say goodbye and tell them how much They have always meant to you I though so! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Dead Reckoning

Black as the pit in the well of my dreams
I'm here all alone,  and the silence is long...
I'm engulfed by the drone and the low pitch of dread
Dead reckoning beckons me to hold up my head 
in a whirlwind, a gust of the fierce prairie wind

I open my eyes, with the last of my breath
There is a field of wheat, I am gasping within
My grandmother's house, in a waving mirage
is seen through the dust, just as once it had been
What do I fear?  Perhaps it is death?

Perchance this is slumber, and the sleep monster taunts me,
The nightmare is haunting, as it calls through the dark
I am playing the part, I am child, just a spark
of the fire that wants me, as the field is engulfed

Heroic, and fearless, now, alas, not afraid!
An arm reaches out, and shows me the way
“You can be brave” as she lends me her hand
Shouting, "Stand by my side, let the flames be your guide"

How brave, that I am, when deep in the place
in the trace of the vaporous face of my dreams
The shades of fire, and smoke of the night
will consume me, if only, I fight off my fright
It is only my fear,  that consumes while awake
of the things that are real, and things that are not

I'll not bend like wheat strands, or the flames of the fire
I'll stand tall when I wake, and will wake with new power

1//5/14  For the Contest sponsored by Poetess Darkly
"Pocket Full of Dreams"

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There lied so many footprints along my journey

Initially, I saw so many of them but, as I walked on

I realized some were fading away whiles others

were no more

I noticed a set of footprints facing a specific direction

As though it bearer had a thousand legs

Could it be a crowd of people?

The footprints were headed towards a place where

there were trees with low hanging fruits, so they

veered off the road

I noticed other footprints which were not full as though

it bearers had tip toed throughout the journey to avoid

bruises from the sharp stones

Then I noticed a rare footprint with little blood stains in it

The wind blew and it never fade, time passed and it could

never be written off

I realized other fresher footprints had steps drawn in the

old rare footprints

Immediately, I knew which step to follow and with that I

became a marvel to the on-lookers

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A day of weary mind and body, 
She found herself in a comfy bed, 
So soft and relaxing, she lay back. 
Then both eyes started to rest, while 
hands were together on top of her stomach. 
So comfortable feeling, she started to snore. 
Sign of tired and stressful days she absorbed. 
She began to sleep so deep and dream suddenly occur. 
Her soul started walking a long narrow pathway. 
Taking slow motion and feet couldn't move so fast. 
There's a tiny light shining in a passage. 
She can barely move and reach the end of the road. 
She saw an old woman waiting for her at the end. 
The very familiar face she longed to touch and kiss again. 
"She's my mom!" she shouted aloud. 
"Mom, wait for me! I wanna be where you are." 
But the image suddenly disappeared. 
So she tried to run as fast as she can. 
When she reached the end, she felt a cold hand on her shoulder. 
A voice of a young lady saying,"Ma'am, wake up!" 
"Are you gonna take this bed?" 
"Is it for cash or thru credit card?" 
She stood up hurriedly and blushed. 
"No. Thank you! Your bed is soft and comfy, but I should go back." 
And her rest was over, now full recharged. 

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His Valentine

He looked into her big round eyes . Eyes full of wonder , trust , hope . The face of dreams and innocence. 

" Follow me " he says taking her by the hand , drawing her to him . Taking his hand , touching her cheek with his long fingers . Brushing back a wisp of hair that had fallen against her soft cheek . She only nodded . She couldn't speak , " could this be 
him ?" She prayed silently . Her feet followed the dark hair stranger . 

Into the forrest he guides her . The deep shadows of darkness it provided , swallowing there very existence .

She's led to a place she'd never seen before a place of mystery. The hidden beauty, beyond imagination . She could feel the shade's cooling breath on her face . The wet grass as it brushed against bare legs . 

He led . 

She followed . 

His damp shirt clung to his back . The muscles rippling under the thin linen cloth as he guides her down the worn path . A place he was familiar . 

Thru the darkness into a small opening in the trees the sun pours about , giving a opulent glow of light and comfort . He stops and turns to her tilting up her chin , whispering , looking into expectant deep pools of sea green eyes . 

" You and I are destined ." 
" For you my dear , are Love .
        I am Desire "

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The Man in the Moon

The moon rises over the bay .
The beams dancing amongst the rippling waters breath . 
The sand cast in a magical splendor brushed by the honey moon himself . 

She stands in this enchanted scene , eager .
His message said "meet me by the bay "
She sees him walking by the water . 
His open shirt gently blown in the ocean breeze . 
Waiting . Waiting for her. 
She sighs . 
His eyes find her in the glow of darkness,  a beautiful goddess .
The moon caressing it's sensual touch over her long hair and bare legs . 
It takes his breath away . This sight . His moonbeam angel . 
For they only have the night to dance the shore . To love the night . 
To fill the dark with the moonlit dance of life .
Daybreak is due , the night is their debt . 
As the lights glow caress the dark waters the moonlight dance begins .
Stroking gentle fingers , touching hands to her hips . 
Rolling waves rock to and fro tickling at her shores. 
She pushes him back to tease and dance thru the night until both are sated . 
The dawn awaits . The two lovers part with a final , devouring kiss .
 "Meet me tonight by the bay " he whispers . 
She returns to the sea .
He disappears in the last moonbeam as sunrise ends their dance .

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a pretty face

a pretty face has haunted my mind
all day today hundreds of times
yesterday she sat next to me
it captured my attention to a certian degree
and today i wondered what could it mean
i lost myself with in her dream 
my thoughts have now turned into schemes
what to say and what this means
six more days untill i see her
and i wonder if she'll be more clearer
if she intended to be more dearer
like a child with a dream yet i still am
it's not a new thing it's as old as i am
infactuation or what ever it is
something inside me that i let live
what will i do with it, i have to choose
it's part of the game i can win or lose

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A Kind and Gentle Man

I had a dream that I walked behind
a man in white cloth - so gentle, so kind;
he told me his name with his fatherly voice
and asked me to follow, though it was my choice

He talked in stories which made me think,
while he told large crowds to take of his drink;
he walked among beggars, cripples, and thieves,
and he only asked us that we all just believe

I watched his miracles bring back the dead,
and I wept as they shoved thorns upon his head;
I watched him be beaten, spit on and cursed,
and on the day he died - the clouds rained with a burst

I cried because I had lost my very dear friend,
although, he told me that it was not the end;
I didn't understand this man, this begotten son
was the way to eternal life - for me and everyone

I walked alone without him there,
and felt so lonely because my soul did care;
this gentle man they did kill for me,
so I could live on and really be free

When I awoke from my dream I had a plan,
to live my life - to be a better man;
for what I learned from this only one
is that He is truly God's only son

I know my friend will always be,
even at times when I can't always see;
for a life is lost - without the One,
a kind and gentle man we call the Son.

For "What Easter Means to Me" contest sponsored by Gwendolen Rix.

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I remember having a procedure done in hospital, and as I started to come out of unconsciousness, I found myself in a place of pure joy there is no way to describe it. Then reality struck, and the joy started to fade. The first conscious though went through my brain. “Crap I lived through it, I didn’t die ” I didn't want to wake up. I was having a much better time in unconsciousness. As I woke I found myself leaving the most wonderful place to return to the nightmare of life.

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Blind Light

I open my eyes to a beacon of light calling my name. I reach out my hand only to awake from my dream. I'm on the ground with people surrounding me, I reach out my hand and they turn their backs. The sun in my eyes create a silhouette behind someone as they reach down towards me. I take hold as they lift me up, and I'll never let go.

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A missive from the damned to whoever have a little time to spend with this nonsense - Page 1

And so, I have made up my mind, once more.
I have decided to depart, to bid this husk farewell.
In order to do that, I must save coins if I desire to save myself.
For with it, I will be able to buy my ticket out here to a more blessed realm or the eternal void. Either way, I will be winning.
I mustn't, any longer, feel the starvation of affection and no more I shall be fed by the crumbs of fleeting joy they toss at me.

Thoughts of finishing are always in my mind, flooding it, making hard to go day by day, making hard to sleep, to have hope.
I fail to see where the hope is, I like to think that it can be find inside of one's heart.
But even so, I think I am mistaken, and when I glance at myself in the mirror, I quickly lose any spark of what could-be hope.

With the aid of the metallic sling, I shall leave this husf behind, heavy with its sins and sorrows, to no more nourish hatred.
For it does only to hinder my advance towards elevation.
With my metallic sling, I shall pierce, first, my heart, where lies the sorrow, then, my mind, where resides the sins.
Whilst the life in me start to wane, regrets I will not have, when my consciousness fade, my spirit will be no longer be trapped inside this imperfect cage of flesh.
Being free, my spirit shall roam far and beyond to, before, unseen places by men, to  untouched places by men.

Another day,someone inquired me "Are you happy now?" and for that I just said "Yes". How else could I have responded if not with a lie?
How could I tell them that I yearn for a premature closure in order to stop thinking and feeling but I also yearn for love.
"I am not absolutely happy, as per say, but I do suffer less when I am asleep" I could never say that to anyone...

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Love's Dream

When I see you I fall in love all over again. 
The closeness I feel it's excitement uncontested. 
To feel you next to me is like heaven real. 
As I find myself lost without your feel. 
The feel of your skin, to hold your hand. 
To breathe your scent and kiss your lips. 
I find myself falling in love all over again. 
To hold you tight I await my time in life. 
But missing you is a natural occurrence it seem. 
The dreams I have, the plans I dream. 
I want more than I bare just waiting your love. 
But most of all, my heart flutters with life. 
And loving you is a dream come true. 
As everyday, love's dream of being two.

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Eleven years has already passed.
The moon was shining brightly that night.
So far but I can still recall.--
I sat down in the window pane,reading my favorite magazine.
Then my eyes got tired and laid down myself in bed,
Leaving the window open to let the wind passed in.
Soon I fall asleep, very deep and dream occured.
I was standing in front of  the window.
The night is high,then an image of a guy appeared in my front.
I tried to close the window but I have no strength to moved my hands.
I tried to shout,aloud but no one could hear me...
And the clock started to rotate in full speed.,,
Little by little I grasp  a thin air, Im suffocated!
I screamed! No voice can filled my room.
Then darkness envaded my world...
I closed my eyes and told myself,"I was just dreaming."
Deep sigh, I prayed and called for His name...
And a tiny light came out in a  horizon.
It's done...I woke up in a horrible nightmare.
I opened my eyes and stunned to what I see.
The image of a man was right in front of me!
He was so incubus watching over me.
I was frightened...and stared at him...deep sigh I whispered.
"It ain't real...I was just dreaming."
I left the bed  hotheadedly to lit the room.
But the button couldn't switched the light on.
I rushed to open the door and escape from the darkness.
When I reached the living room and calmed myself a bit.
I looked back to my room and the light was already on.
There I whispered..."my dream was over."
Not yet until he visited my daughter in her dream.

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We Live

We live our life like a lie.
Never true to ourselves nor to others.
We live our life as a dream.
Never seen but is believed.
We live our life in disbelief
Never thought nor achieved.

We live our life as though it was all but a dream.
Believing that everything is not what it seems.
Taking what's for granted and not knowing what it means.
Living in this Great Society far beyond belief.
We live our life in all this trouble an grief.
Plagued by a disease that shall not be deceived.
Taking our life's an burying them with all that we believe.
Living as though our very souls have begun to weep.
We live our life to its fullest as though there's never an end.
Enjoying the life that we do have and to be forgiven for our sin.

We live our life as we believe.
Always true to those and others.
We live our life as a whole.
Always taking what we get.
We live our life as a belief.
Always in faith and God

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My Most Intimate Dream

Reality has surpassed my most intimate dream
In intensity, in passion, in love
Don't ever want to fall asleep again
Want to bask in the brilliant glow
To drink in the pleasures of the mind
Never allowing the feeling to leave
To vanish, to slip away

To know this feeling will never desert me
Is the ultimate joy of my heart
To feel the undying intensity of your love
My most intimate dream is alive

My most intimate dream is you

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Final Plea

Inspired by the untimely deaths of young people I knew. RIP

In a dream, tonight would be my last

and I demanded to talk to God.

Of all the things I've gotten past,

to go now seemed so odd.

"You've taken all my friends you see

and now you want me, too?

Unlike one who pretends to be

I've always honored you."

Those sinners who outlive me still,

all I have to ask is how?

It mad me question His very will.

Why take a good man now?

But God just sat and let me rave

on and on about my worth

and why I didn't need a grave,

but rather eternity here on earth.

Pride let my voice be rather loud.

He never said a word.

I told of deeds that made me proud

and good things that I'd heard.

And when I tired He simply said,

"No doubt your life's been good.

But many younger are now dead

and their legacy simply would

be the song that is never sung,

no children call them dad.

for they came to me so very young

and left the world confused and sad.

Yet now your time has come as well

and selfish thoughts are all I hear?

Your life was full and I can tell

it's really death you fear.

Just remember that you have no choice,

for you all will one day die.

Be strong and with a humble voice

tell loved ones they can cry."

And in that moment I knew a peace,

and I felt a tear well up inside.

That most feared was now the least

as my selfish motives died.

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Dream of Birds

Wakes up. Surrounded by no one. Cars are empty. Houses are empty. Bird(bat) poop plopped in the street. Don't know what's going on. Walk around. 2:10 
Find food. Store it. 3:15
Walk around some more. 3:46
Look at a house. Curtains close fast. Someone's there. Go to the house. Knock on the 
door. No answer. Hello? 4:52
Leave,a voice says. But I have nowhere to go. I don't care. Leave. 
Can you please let me in. 4:56
But ma'am I don't know what's going on. Can you tell me?
Get out of here!4:58
Looks down. Looks up. Ma'am please. 
Little girl I'm not gonna tell you one more time.Cocks rifle. 
Sighs.Turns around. 4:59 
transitions 5:00
Hears birds(bats) screech...

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Biography of A Dream

Biography of A Dream 
Arabic Poem by: Abdulsadah Al-Basri
Translated into English by:
Inaam Al-Hashimi (Gold_N_Silk)
The end of the first decade 
Of the twentieth century 
The sun bathed in my father’s eyes 
He kept flirting with her 
And flirting..
to draw a dream on her silken rays   
A dream accompanied him all his life.
 In the fourth decade  
 He got married 
To build a nest in the heart of the countryside, 
Then begot a little bird 
And three   
Taught them how to fly with love 
Over the waves of the river 
And how to long for the bread
Baked in the outdoors tandoor 

But .. 
In the eighth decade of the same century 
He departed overwhelmed by grief
Over a dream
That would never come true
 Translated into English by: Em. Prof. Inaam Al-Hashimi
 * Abdulsadah Al-Basri is a poet from Iraq

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I am an ocean of joy
Vast, resounding, glorious beauty
Rolling in melody upon melody of celebration
Swaying to the rhythm of treasured memories
I am depth,  I am might, I am alive
Once my tide was filled
With the laughter of a child
So pictures pirouetted like mists
On the shore of my mind
That world is now sucked in by time
And as I count the years
It is with a grateful heart
For as before and always
The life before and behind
Has always been to my eye
A great adventure
So I pray for tomorrow
That I will cradle still
The dream filled
With sweetest bliss.                               – (Trinity Chasara 07/11/14)

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Delirious Moonlight Dream

It may make you scream 
into chilling longing dream, 
or make you wild in exasperation
in spectacular imaginations.

It may sometimes weaken your strength 
or will give you push to move on
all sorts of emotions comes 
apparently opposites, makes you awaken 
or makes you silently weep.

I ran... deep into the midst of woods
barefooted, I felt tired
strong wind drifted and my body shook
Moonlight beaming odd, I chilled!

Then I wrapped my arms around me, 
tears rolled as I scream your name! 

I kept on running, saw huge rocks aligning
hid myself in between, shivering, 
so the cool air won't touch my skin
and the wind passed, swiftly from where I hide.

There, I stood 
on the peak of one of the biggest rock I look, 
I can see the whole world
green, yet dull and bold.

I scream again and only heard the echo of your name
there I saw rushing of waters
from the side of the rock falling down, 
profusely, angry in flame! 

Seems inviting me, oh dear...
seems warm to fly and let my body fall;
Should I let myself fall and roll? 
Then I heard a roar, scary and so dire.

The wind blew it's urgency of terror! 
I have to jump, face the waters, face my fear, 
But my mind refused
Until I felt one's push! 

I fell...! Ahhhh...! 

I am awakened
still your music on air
a delirious moonlight dream
at the peak of the night I chill! 

Inner Whispers

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Healing Hands

A long, lost dream lay dormant for many years 
Beneath a constant sea of delays and indecision
Stuck in a routine so unappealing to my spirit
Hours spent in self indulgence became the norm of each day
It did promote team spirit however, did nothing for my famished soul
At break of dawn, the alarm clock would sound, 
Anger stirred deep in my soul; hindering my commune with God  
Then along came Holy Matrimony, or so I thought it was 
Graciously, light revealed the cobwebs that draped my life
It was then, at that crossroad where clarity and strength revived  
My inspiration, one consolation, an angel sent from above 
In defining ways, she would teach me what it means to truly love
With no expectations, no remuneration, observing in awe and pure joy
It was no accident that I found my lost dream in yesterday’s ruins 
These gentle hands are blessed to heal, love and give care 

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when i leave

When I‘ll get over with this,
With this suffocation,
I want you my Creator,
To make it a memorable day.

Be it unlike a usual day,
though their hearts would still beat,
sun would rise and set,
life would be just as it was before,

so Let me write down something at least,
my shroud be unlike some others,
Even I would've aged, powder me,
THE END should end beautifully.

Don’t widen your eyes,
I’m a simple person with simple unfulfilled Desires,
That meant life, accept that,
Be careful because I was too a bastion like you.

When I’m done with the later offerings,
I 'll know, 
I will be listening __
For all the answers that I have awaited for so long.

closely, in the dust, in the air, 
Out there, I‘ll be watching , vehemently.

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The Unknown Angel

I am only a mere mortal.
Near total perfection even my reflection is afraid to stare.

Exit reality through a portal,
between Heaven and hell up three flights of stairs.
"I shall call this place Earth", I said
to a group of ten who just witnessed a universe's birth.

Here we will rejoice and love one other
Even though our blood is not one you are thy brother.

We all are one forever and after
pain with joy, sadness with laughter.

Above a light serves us with endless life,
to wage war with death is a meaningless fight

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One person, homeless, in soiled clothes
stands at intersection of two roads, stares continuously towards the road 
where palatial houses with beautiful flowered gardens are lined up.

Mesmerized imagines himself inside those bungalows
servants in queues, to serve masters, with best wines
and mistresses, bejeweled, freshly serviced from parlors 
dining tables laid with tastiest food, excess later thrown in dustbins.

Thought of food makes him come out into the present, with a jerk
a pained cry emanates from his thin empty stomach
he had not chanced upon to eat food for days now
except for water which perhaps everyone could get free
but not anymore, water is also sold nowadays.

He is, no doubt, poor but surely owns some compassion for fellow beings
but who values it in today's world?
wants to earn his food, and other needs with his sweat 
but who employs people in tatters except for exploitation, perhaps?

His attention gets drawn to other side of crossroads 
he hears a faint noise of continuous cries emanating from a lame man, in rags, like him
who, with effort, is signaling for help
a nauseating smell is emanating from the lame 
who apparently had not bathed, for long, for water is not anymore free.

Ignoring the stench, he comes near the lame
who indicates his utter state of thirst, through dry swollen lips
he falls into remorse as he is also helpless
a little less, maybe, he can still walk on his legs and seek necessities
with effort, he procures a bottle of water for the lame.
The lame man does not rise to drink it, alarmed he shakes him but alas! 
the lame sleeps like a drugged man, with no troubles
his widely parted lips, however, betraying his peaceful demeanor 
still waiting for their thirst to be quenched.

Disgusted, he prays god to transcend the lame to a planet 
where he has access to basic things such as water
saddened, he slowly pulls himself back to the crossroad
looks longingly to that side with palatial houses 
maybe he also wants to avoid the path of deprivation
and tread the path of being provided for, a more meaningful path.

When will they get right to live with dignity like a respected citizen?
feels anguished  that poor people themselves do not have answers 
to such simple yet important questions.

Wonders what stops people of palatial houses to let arrangements succeed  
so that a helpless smelly thirsty hungry lame man need not go cold, waiting for water?
when would humanity's collective consciousness be fully awakened?

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Don't want to put a hex on things But this winter is feeling more like spring The grass in the park across the way Is popping up thinking it's a warm spring day No no lie down you silly grass Winter's still here you're making me laugh Everyone and everything is so confused The weather gods must be amused If only this winter was done and over We could run and skip and roll in the clover Now silly me, Canada's where I roam It ain't spring yet, can't you hear me moan It's just wishful thinking, more snow on the way But it'd sure be great if it was here to stay I'd run around naked picking pretty flowers Maybe I should go put on some trousers! Sorry my friends, I was lost in a dream Wake up Jack, you're delusional it seems © Jack Ellison 2015

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The Past

Lying in the field  reading poetry.
Jet black hair,cropped short , with sparkles.
I'm enticed,sweet voice is now only a memory.
No bitterness, only deep shadows,I live inside.
It was a home,now its a hovel.
Sleep is where I can see you now.Sleep
I long for sleep to wrap its warmth. I live there too.
Entitled,but I dwell in it. I cant breath there anymore.
My house is empty without you. I need to dream you ..
Dream you fast and dream you hard...
The windows are broken,those neighbors with their rocks.
I close my eyes and feel your hot hands touching me.
Its gray hair, its no hair, whats in a decade.....................

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Reaching You

From the moment I saw you,
I'd never stop on dreaming about you.
Every night I watch the skies,
Wishing there I'll see your smile.

And when I reach the stars up high,
I suddenly realized..
Oh, they were so bright
As bright as your eyes

But, I know I'll never be with you
So tonight I'd rather sing this poem for you

Like the stars in the sky
You're so hard to reach
And I don't know why
You're like the stars in the sky
Feels so near but seems too high
Like the stars in the sky
Yea, you've made me smile
Even for a while
But I don't know why
And I have to face the truth
You'll never be mine
Like the stars in the sky
That will never be mine

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As I glide along the avenue
                               dipping low
    this sign
                  “The Dream Store”
                                   comes into view
Just imagine!
It says -
     “Dreams     Collected
       We set the stage
                                     You Are The Actor”
And then one other sign
                            In big red letters
The owner is overstocked!                
I’d like a mountain scene with a very green meadow
                sheep     horses     a cow or two
     a stony brook
All these scenarios
                            laying     arranged  
                                            billowing on a flat plane
Your choice
“The Dream Store”
Ah, what fantasy!
I circle round
                   and round
                                    now quite low
     at times scraping the ground
I can see it
“The Dream Store”
Though I endlessly persevere
I cannot find the door


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Worry Not

I re-dedicate this poem to my sweet friend, Stephen Pettye, who is full of power and strength as he travels this lifetime in a number one status to reach the goals of his full inner growth.  This poem is to help clear his path along the way:

Take those piled up worries And let your troubles go They always go back and forth In our minds to and fro On a clear day With no clouds in the sky Cast you worries away Leaving no questions to ask why Giving more time to count blessings And be thankful for what you’ve got It feels so gloriously wonderful To truly and completely worry not Just clear your mind Away from all thought And enjoy the great feelings That fill the space you’ve caught There are messages to read When the clouds are out That’s when we’re given Something to think about On a clear cloud free day Leave all worries behind Well that’s what I do To clear my mind Yes, it feels good To be worry free And to leave it all With the one Almighty So when the sky is clear I will always worry not And thank our dear Lord For all the blessings I’ve got Florence McMillian (Flo)

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Valentines Day

Now I know what you mean to me,
As I am sitting and crying near the sea.

The way you left me,
Though I was on my knee.

Great were days we met and loved,
Now you are my just lost beloved.

This Valentines Day I am damn sad,
You my ,love made the situation so so bad.

Happy Valentines Day to you my love,
You are the one who got me improve.

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The Song Of David

Enlighten days have past
He comes excel in all, so he thinks
"I am greater than man,
I know what ignorant man does not.
Come to me for knowledge unsurpassed!".
He points to the blue heaven,
"Where is thy wisdom? For I know all.
Where is thy command? That makes the ground shake
And brings forth water that lives?"

At the great gatherings,
He flocks the shepherds, blind, mute and deaf  
He answers to the multitude of questions
He asked the shepherds, "but what are thy questions?",
“I know not what do ask a man of your wisdom, but what  is a dream?
What is life?” asked the young herdsman.
"I know not what you speak of", said the Man.
"I only know what i can feel, touch and see"

"A dream is dream that passes us by, like gentle breeze of fresh spring.
Life holds all things mystery and doubts.
Shepherd knows to flock, not life or dreams".
"The shepherds are those who are humble, noble one", said the herdsman
"The blind cannot see, the mute cannot speak and the deaf cannot hear".
"Who are you preaching to? Silent and amaze, the man looks on.  

"If the blind could see you, 
They would say, 'look here is the man who tried to humble the blind
For they can see what others cannot,
If the mute could speak, they would humble you!
And if the deaf could hear they would shamed your wisdom".
"Was I a fool?" said the Man "or are you not that young herdsman?
Who knows nothing of life and passes his days tending the sheep's?
What could you learn from such simpleton life?"

"Life I live is simple indeed, 
No one knows that the shepherds are those who protects the weak"
"Nature is a friend of the shepherd; we sing the song of David
And rubs the olive oil to our young sheep, to keep away the flies".
Insulted, the man's fury turns over to the young herdsman
"Nature? Protect the weak? The song of David? Flies?
How can nature befriend a lonely shepherd? Protect who?
Song of David the Shepherd who became the king? 
What flies would harm the young flocks?"

The young herdsman smiled at the frown face of the man,
Left without a word
The blind, the mute and deaf ignored the man.
An unyielding shame kept the man humbled
He wonders why the young herdsman smiled about.
He came about a bridge and crossed the rocky roads
On the hill top he stood 
And saw the young herdsman singing the Song of David.

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Her Dark Ember

Dark Ember

Hiding in darkness she waits , she should never have come .
She feels him there before a sound is every made .

He's been watching her . 
The heart of his heart . 
She has never seen the dark thoughts he hold's inside . 
Needing to come to light , but seeking the shade of his darkened soul .

He is damaged , broken. 
Not worthy of love or the freedom of hope .

She waits , breath held so it does not escape , 
disrupting the silence . 

He's close now , her neck tingles. 
Exquisite caressing tremors ,
 like fingers tracing down her spine . 
She can feel his darkness . 
But she is light needing sanctuary 
 in his shade to rest .

Darkness drawn to light's welcoming ember . 
Wanting comes to Light .

              2 / 6 / 2015

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What Could Be This Emotional

What was that liquid drops?
Could it be the sweat of the sky or probably, the tears of angels hiding behind the sky.
I peep through my window to stir at the lonely streets at dawn only to hear hens cackling in pairs and goats bleating undertone.
Is it that their caretakers refused them food?
What could be that emotional?

I searched for days without answer, till one day I figured the direction the sky was staring shyly at as well as the direction the farm animals were gossiping towards, only to see one little fellow murmuring to himself.
'Where could his parents be? ', I think to myself.
However, the story of the hen and the chicks dawn on me.
Weeks after being hatched, mother hen can no longer feed so many mouths besides hers. So it becomes an everyone for itself affair.
What could be that emotional?

Every night with the aid of the glowingly moon, he stares motionlessly at the Nelson Mandela billboard along the street with a tear in his eye.
I noticed he beats himself up first thing every dawn though he affords a smile every night lying at the bus stop.
Mornings indeed have its problems it comes with.
Has he no friend?
Perhaps the billboard and the sky would be.
What could be that emotional?

Should I invite him in for a cup of coffee or buy him new clothes for a change?
Doing just one for him cannot put a long lasting smile on his face.
Yes! , perhaps I could say a prayer for him, with the hope that the Compassionate Creator will send rain to wash away his tears, that the rain will make his grounds fertile and that the healing rain will heal his bruised heart.
What could be this emotional?

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A poetic essay

It always excited her curious mind.
Going on adventures, finding hidden treasures.
Journeying and exploring in deep dark unknown places.
Seeing all those lost faces...
She has no fear of the unknown,
she is never alone.

She sometimes wonders inside if there are any dangers to find.
A scream, a cry. 
The truth is, she never knows whats waiting around the corner.
Death, fear, love...
This is not enough
There are millions of endless possibilities.
She believes she will never know unless she sees for herself.

She needs no help
She has to be alone...

Once upon a time in a place far far away from everything you have ever known,
further away than Zeus can throw, is a girl.
Lost, confused and dazed
Her thoughts run deeply, amazed.

She is running
She  is hiding
She is searching 
She is fighting,
for the truth.
A fountain of youth
Her destiny
A higher entity
The meaning of life...
It is not easy to find.

Millions of angels fill her path with light
She will not once look back behind.

One day she met a woman who was very kind
"Let me show u the way, I shall not lead you astray." She said
"My dear, you will be amazed by what you can find. Do not hide. No need to get a fright. I have been sent to lead you through the gates up ahead. Where the deepest bottomless hole is your only bet."

"Who are you within?"
Asked the Angel, guarding the eternal life.
His eyes were so passionate, stronger than the hottest fires.
It made her think...What have I been?
With all that I have seen, I will now scream: "I AM THE ETERNAL QUEEN. An describable thing. Hear my voice when i sing..."

She opened her mouth and words of purity filled the heavenly sky, overtaking the dark cold night.
Now she can fly
She will never again cry...
Every thought she has ever had, fills her inside.
Destroying her pride.
Suddenly, she realized.

This is how you die...
Every little thing, gets left behind...

In this journey through the universe, she found this eternal verse.
It is not a blessing, nor is it a curse. 
It heals all heartache, 
It loves through better or worse.
Follow this girl through the gates of the unknown.
Deep in a pit of screams, an abyss of unfulfilled dreams, you will be thrown.
See who you truly are, your lies will be forever shown.

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I turn the light on,
 look into the mirror,
 I see the past.
 These clothes I wear,
 went down a negative path.
 An anomalous memory can trigger the melancholy adolescent;
 Only when I stumble across your scent.
 Then I know I have to go to church to repent,
 these subsequent actions I want to do to you....
 Excuse my disarray impulsive mind, 
 My dreams haven't been rational lately.

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Oh,My Dream

Oh! My Dream

I wonder….
How it happened

My dreams became 
Howl full Baby

It can’t grow
Until you cuddle 
Tenderly kiss on brow

Each and every
Tiny movements
Of my baby
With Bared foot trembles  

Pit and Clefts
Height and heaps 
Are unknown… 

Grains of sand
Blows by air 
Twinkling eyes 
Are faint in fear

Bare and tender
Cover in velvet 
Freeze in grief
Destiny in your hands

It was there long time ago
I have almost forgotten
My dream….
My dream…
My dream...

You brought it
In front of me
With pride
To prelude
In between
You and me

Now You, me and my Dream….

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Reality versus Dreams

I start to feel tired and slip to my dreams,
I know much of life is not as it seems.
Reality enters and is part of the mix,
I’m left here thinking what I need to fix?

The dreams become grand but then fade away,
Still they are part of all that I say.
Waking or sleeping becomes a choice,
My heart joins in I can hear its voice.

I know of desires but feel it is good,
I’d try to do better if only I could.
Reality checks in and I’m back to earth,
I see so much beauty but what is it worth?

I want something better but settle for what I need,
The dreams become food for my spirit to feed.
 Somewhere in the middle I recover my hope,
I feel like my fate dangles from a long rope.

I dream of the high wire and balancing act,
Fire is on one side and ice at my back.
I try to find a place where I can be real,
Losing this dream can’t be part of the deal.

The sun rises up and reveals what’s dark,
Dreams appear to set forth the mark.
Dreams shall determine how high you can go,
Which one wins out I don’t seem to know.

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Where did you think I would be ?

*** A dream that I remember......****

I remember opening this great set of wooden doors which led out onto a city street. Everything was as it should 
be except that there were no people; not a single person anywhere. This was perplexing to me, but did not 
distract me from my goal as I was in quest of a certain person. I remember the urgency in wanting to find him. It 
was as if finding him would answer a number of questions for me. I ran out across the street and up a number of 
steps to this great cathedral. Swinging open the doors, frustration mounted as I looked inside the great 
sanctuary. No one was here, he was not here. I ran down a number of other streets and still no one. Not one 
voice until
finally I rounded the corner of a tall building and heard the sound of a crowd in the distance. I emphasize the 
word crowd for it was as if every one in the whole city was there, gathered in this one place. Almost exhausted, I 
began the endless task of parting through this sea of people for I had to know why they were gathered there. 
reaching the front, I saw a lone figure laying on his back on the ground before me some ten feet distant. 
this person and the crowd was a man kneeling with his back some what facing us. Never rising, he slowly turned 
and looked questionably into my face. It was Him, it was Jesus laying hands on and healing this person. While 
never saying a word, His look asked:”Where did you think I would be ? It was as if Love was looking right 
through me for I never forgot that feeling nor this encounter. My quest was over, my questions answered.

***this was a dream that I remember***

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Thoughts of myself - Section 2

Section 2.

This is where you saddle up, and battle back
I'm sick of kids babbling and baffling
About stuff that'll never happen
Maybe I should be reverberating and throwing verbal attacks
Rehearsing and planning my verbally tactics
I'll be versing and throwing down my verses
And certainly cursing with my first words
I'll disperse and hurt and burn this world
I'll slaughter the gods, and it'd need some audible gauze
Even the titans would be frightened, and they'd outta applause
And stand for my cause, For R.A, And Vinnie Paz
For hip-hop to stay alive, Cause "Legends never die"
All we do is just "Carry on traditions"
Just new people, with new ambitions giving new definitions
With new visions that we will never be missing
We'll be hitting and spitting and carrying this out with our existence
But the distances between this twisted system
Is just us forever living, Gifted kids on there cosmic shit
Comically causing and costing our own cosmic consciousness
For calling and catering our cautiousness, and stomping over whacks emcees confidence
Preparing to constantly conquer all the continents
But not ready for compliments, cause I don't even have an audience
But with this dominance I should be destroying the awesome-est
I'm so monstrous when I write up on these documents
I'm probably properly populating my honestness
And it's quite obvious I'm calling it, quite the dominant opposite of your own conscious gift
Honestly my hypothesis is if I had everyone behind me at metropolis, I'd remain anonymous.

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The Ultimate Gift - Lakota Nation

The black mesa yield 
of goodness, peacefulness
and gifts of knowledge abound

with a building rhythm  upon stretched elk hide
the ominous drum beat plays loud
a ceremony had begun 
as the sun set calm westward

incessant whispers call the young native
the tribes medicine man sets the gift of spirit into motion
a vision quest "crying for a dream" profound

a dream of  purification
a dream of spiritual awakening
the spirit song rolls loud

For four days and four nights
the young native will thirst and starve
as the spirit cries for a vision 
his trek, he walks alone
by his side the great spirit Wakan Tanka

Take notice, the spirit calls
as visions shower from above
visions of healing enter
a gift of guidance is received

The great spirit instructs the young native
"you are of the few"
join Petaga Yuha Mani in the sweat lodge now
he has sacred words for you

sage burns silent 
the sacred pipe pole sits at center circle
from the elders a voice is heard
"The path to adulthood has come"
and you, as the chosen one
have been given the ultimate gift of the tribes spotted eagle medicine man

sacred drums begin
the sacred pipe pole is smoked
the Lakota Sioux Nation rejoice

prayer fill the land
a feast begins
and gift are exchanged

with arms raised in a "V"
He thanks the great spirit

a healer and instructor is born.......

Lakota Nation Of South Dakota 

(I have read in years past that in extreme cases the youth seeking a vision quest, 
has returned with a gift of seeing more than the medicine man who sent him.) A 
message in itself quite profound. (Selah)Some of us are messengers giving gifts
to others so that they may climb higher to reach others more effectively.
A simple word, insight or even a smile. (Knowledge and Wisdom through Love.)

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Patty Trahoon

When problems seem so far away
And worries appear under bay
And night draws its shadow on day
But listen I’ve something to say
It just might be death’s afternoon
This legend of Patty Trahoon

Some say he is all in our head
Some choose to stay quiet instead
While some run for safety of bed
He’ll be upon us really soon
Aware of the things which were said
This one they call Patty Trahoon

Brave people don’t often recall
Exactly how the mighty fall
Or what turns a mind to a loon
Is not what they dwell on at all
When they know there’s no way to stall
The terror of Patty Trahoon

Oh mothers kiss children goodnight
And stay with them under this moon
But don’t let your eyes close too tight
Stay weary of oncoming blight
That shadow that just stole that light
Might just be this Patty Trahoon

When dawn brings an end to this tune
And hope again welcomes the sun
They laugh at a tale that was spun
For all a new day has begun
For all that is except for one
Now taken by Patty Trahoon

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Modern Proverb 4

~*~ The daydream is the freethinkers nightmare

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The Three Travellers in a Body

Today I stood Me in front of a mirror
And invited Myself for a talk

There we all stood for a minute or two
...looking at each other... and into each other
Searching... appreciating... criticising

Hey guys, thiz wassup ... I initiated the chat
Time has come for us to set some things right
Here we stand in a reality that has proven its determination to evolve
Our priorities must hence be put through a referendum 
...that is if they are to stand a chance to crystallize in the realities ahead
Me wants a life of luxury and delight
Myself wants a life of philanthropy to my kind
I want triumph and greatness in life
Somewhere we must draw the line

All our dreams are possible if we form an alliance
And if all our dreams we position in the order of achievement
One at a time... each in a predetermined line
We shall focus our attention, resources and efforts...
...on that goal which is best favoured by the present time
This I assure you, Me and Myself
Will ensure our success
Our organisation will leave no room for any dream to rot with mould
For if we sit, analyse and prioritize
No efforts will be wasted in futility

Remember that this is life
...and in life everything is precise
You cannot twist the arm of time
...and you cannot bend the lane of fate
In life nothing ever arrives a moment late

So I say, Me and Myself
Let’s sit at a round table and agree to work as one
For it is only when we exist in harmony 
...that we shall each wear the crown of glory
All of us have in us the dream of life with ease
All of us know in life nothing comes out of a mere wish
Efforts must precede the wish if it is to crystallize in the realm of real

Now here we are
Three travellers in one body
Here we stand at the crossroads of fate
Whichever lane we take bound to arrive at destiny
For sure we cannot take all roads at once
So I suggest, let’s put our ends in a line
Let’s start by following a route the end nearest from where we stand
For I believe thence we shall find the means to reach the other ends with ease

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The Contest

Of course, as soon as a new poetry contest was posted I had to immediately enter.  In this 
contest, you had to email the sponsor to get your own, unique theme.  

Off went my email; back came her reply: “Write a poem about what inspired you to write 

She even included one of her poems as a sample of what she was looking for.  A beautiful 
poem indeed; relaying the story about how her Grandmother inspired her to write.  

So, I tried to emulate her with my story.

I wrote a poem about my football coach who taught me real men can write poetry without 
feeling emasculated.  A nice poem, albeit, total fiction.

I penned a verse about my first love encouraging me to write about our romance and how 
the subsequnt breakup inspired me to write about the sorrow of love lost.  A passionate and 
beautiful poem, although pure BS.

I rhymed the touching story about how my mother, on her deathbed, confessed that she 
knew I was writing poetry by reading my secret journal for years.  Her last words to me 
were to follow my passion and write poems for her in heaven.  Problem is, my mother is 
alive and well and has never shown any interest in reading my poems.

The fact of the matter is, I cannot pinpoint a moment in time; a person; or, an experience 
that inspired me to write.

Just as I need no inspiration to breathe in order to stay alive; I write poetry as a reflexive, 
survival instinct.

Just as I need no inspiration to eat in order to satisfy my hunger; I write poems to placate 
my yearning inside.

Just as I need no inspiration to dream when I close my eyes at night; words, rhymes and 
stories fill my mind whenever I find a moment of peace in my hectic day.

Whereas, I envy those who know where their inspiration came from, I am less blessed with a 
birth of inspiration and am more cursed with an innate need to write.

In my email to the sponsor, I bragged how I was up to the challenge, but, alas, she 
presented me with a theme I cannot relate to.

I will continue to breathe words of poetry through my keyboard.
I will continue to nourish my hunger through prose.
And, I will continue to dream in rhyme and meter.

But, I have no story to wow you with about what motivated me to do so in the first place.

The irony in all of this?  After admitting this truth about myself to a complete stranger in an 
otherwise meaningless contest, I am inspired to continue to feed my curse and write poetry 
forever more.

Thanks…damn you.

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Haunted Maiden

Haunted Maiden 

There lived a young maiden in a fairy tale land 
who dreamed of princes from far away lands 
where things weren't like there , that they were like here . 
The thought of her life nearly bringing the tears . 
Every nights dreams she'd slip away . Dreaming of
powerful knights and the dragons they slay.
Closing her eyes passion sweeps her away to the 
man in her dreams of so far away . 
Bronzed skin darkened in sun , strong arms to lean upon . 
Powerful legs to carry her thru . 
Battled worn hands that knew a caress or two . 
Haunting eyes , longing lips whispering words of sensuous trips .
Hearts desires . 
Flower filled dreams . 
Haunts so dark they smothered her screams . 
Needing , demanding , waiting , taking 
hungered for their love making ............

Waking from velvet dreams 
Silently , she lays in her screams....... 

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Circles of Life

I try to find arms to climb from this hole
Feeling quite trapped, like a fish in a bowl.
Swimming in circles in waters of doubt
There doesn’t seem to be any way out.

With each dream that dies another is born
The fabric of life appears tattered and torn.
Life becomes a circle no beginning or end
Nothing returns from the intentions I send.

If I close my eyes will it all disappear?
Will I survive or surrender to fear?
I dream and it seems colors return
Meanwhile my life, bridges still burn.

I awake in the morning to a blinding light
Happy to escape  the demons of night.
I wonder if only I had some more time
But it disappears like the scene of a crime.

Life does come but then slips away
Somehow tomorrow becomes today.
I try to grab hold but it slips through my fingers
I start once again only memories linger.

I see this circle that still spins around
Like the universe to which I’m bound.
Each revolution provides one more chance
The view becomes different upon second glance.

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The Man in My Dream

Last night I had the most amazing dream. I found true love with a man who had no name. He was casually dressed in jeans and a T and smelled incredible. 
We were at a house party, me sitting next to him on a couch, very aware of his magnetic aura. He passed a mirror with a small line of cocaine across it. 
‘Want some?’ 
‘Sure,’ I said. 
I leaned in and sniffed the line like a pro. I should have known at this point that I was dreaming, as I don’t party like that anymore. 
Next thing I know we are dancing real close. I am rubbing my hands all over his back, discovering his muscular torso beneath his T with the tips of my finger. I was hungry for this stranger, insatiable. 
He tries to kiss me, but I turn my head, conscious for the first time that I have a husband. I would never cheat on him. I feel the strangers hands tentatively trace the lines of my back, from nape to waist. I am electrified. I feel safe, happy, loved. 
Then the bed moves as my husband places a hand on my butt…his butt for thirteen years. Maybe he felt my passion and it woke the animal in him. 
Now I realize that I was dreaming. I peer at the clock: 4:34am. I don’t want to wake up, not yet. I can have sex with my husband anytime, but this was the first time I had ever had such a dream. I was determined to return to my fantasy lover’s arms. 
You can’t cheat in a dream, right? 
So I push my husbands hand away from my backside and I lay still, my face buried into the tempurpedic mattress and wait for sleep to come. I don’t hold much hope, as it is rare for me to enter the same dream twice. 
But there he is again. This time we are alone. He is dressed in a sharp grey tweed suite with shirt and tie, and silver cufflinks with my initials. I am blown away by his perfection. 
We hug and I am now ready to kiss, go all the way, as I am now fully aware that I am dreaming. I wanted to devour him quickly as I sensed he had to go somewhere. In the heat of passion he peels me off of him and says. 
‘I have some more cocaine in the car. We will party later.’ 
I smile and then he’s gone and I am back at the party sitting on a sofa. I feel lost and confused. 
A policeman sits next to me, smiles and then put’s an arm around my shoulder. He shakes his head and I immediately know. 
‘He’s dead, isn’t he? That’s why you brought me here.’ 
I feel the warmth of a single teardrop slowly rolling over my cheek. 
I wake up sobbing, no tears, but full of genuine sorrow for the loss of my one and only dream man.

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Red Eyes and Sinister Looks

Chains, hay forks, knives, and a hollow whisper,
become more true and sinister.
Halt in the middle of the moon light, 
and a waver image soon is no delight.
Voices run a muck in the head, 
so not calming you wish you were dead.
Gushing blood through the eye
not an image that you would rely.
Nails stuck on your neck with such pain
so your paralyze just little life sustain.
Hoodlums terrorizing people running a muck
did not really know they are in luck.
More dangerous beings are out their
to commit such act and with sinister stare.
Laughing with haunting echo's through
is an aspect of fear can imbue.
The wind changes direction to smother
the echoing sound of laughter.
The panicking state that you are in
soon drives a knife within.
Blood rushing out of your vain
a crucial part of your life dropping like rain.
Running without a destination
you will never reach anyone of your relation.
Sliding your body on a wall
keeping your fall in a stall.
Red eyes you can see it at night
is soon devouring you with little bite.
Changing your belief with tonics of relief
and it is to late to turn a new leaf.
Ears start to deceive the animals sound
eating limbs are chewing around.
Slowly your red eyes steadily getting heavy
is starting to take your life with a levy.
Dropping down with no attitude
and your life force slowly loses altitude.
Breathing comes not so easy
smelling flesh seems so beastly.
The change comes a desire
with frightening red eyes of fire.
Comes more lethal than the hoodlums 
your heart beating like drums.
Your hand becomes all fury
claws come out and your howl with furry.
Trance your in with no one to blame
a rage thats hundreds of centuries of flame.
Rising from a slumber of long lust
a animal instinct that you can trust.
Tearing things apart with no meaning
is a trait that is so deceiving.
Red eyes at night you see in a window
like a poisonous black widow.
Keeps you in attack mode of insanity
that takes all your vanity.
Ferocious emotions eating away
the soul that you had once betray.
The echoing sounds of loud thunder
breaks away the armor with sunder.
You fall once again to torturous agony
the feeling of one self is so lonely.
Shaking in the corner you are found
with blood soaked skin you drowned.
The night becomes day cruel in some way
your memories go in disarray.
The hunters with torches and sinister look
had parted way their hands shook.

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new beginning

In a dark room I hide my face, my shame I know they hate me I know I am different I have fangs and crave blood but that doesn’t make me a monster they can’t see that though... all they see is a blood crazy fiend that’s not what I am so ill go somewhere else somewhere new where they don’t even know what a human is I close my eyes and dream I dream away my life... I can feel my physical body decay many moons have passed though it feels like only a moment and now I’m on a whole different plain of existence my body is different than any you have ever seen or even thought to dream of it’s just the same but in a whole new place where limits are long gone and humans are forgotten humans died many years ago... wiped out by their own selfish wants but this new world is crisp and clean it is fresh and young here I am equal I am 'normal' no one runs or is in fear in fact many wish to be me and I let them... this in my new beginning here I rule here I am all that matters here I am loved... this is my new beginning

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Dreams in slow motion,
Dancing in the lead;
Have you lost control...
Of the long planted seed?
Growing out of refuge...
The flowers in your mind;
Will you draw me a picture...
Of all that is undefined?

Draw them curtained;
Masked in the finest drape,
For reality needs not...
To find an escape;
But to see truth...
Behind these wall flowers;
Reveal to us...
The power of all powers...

For dreams bare nothing,
But hopes unknown;
While man seeks greatness,
To be written in stone.
In a day of souls for sale,
May you dream me perfection?
I have not a single hope,
Scaled in every direction...

Please rest young dreamer,
For we are all the same...
Tied to a faction,
Behind dreams that never came.
For your drawings mean nothing;
When we're all blind...
A sad proclamation...
But it's how we're designed.

This is but a moment,
In the poor dreamer's brain.
So don't forget the ending,
As we're inching down the drain.
Draw me a picture... 
Telling our future's tale;
And he threw me a dollar,
Screaming our future's for sale...

Before I knew it he’d left;
Running away screaming in his depart.
Who would’ve thought...
That a dreamer’s dreams could tear ‘em apart?
Beep... Beep... Beep...
And my eyes, I’ve just opened...
Shutting off the stupid alarm clock,
Realizing the dream that just happened...

The reality of it all...
Trying to put two and two together;
An idea by which to relate,
And changed my mind forever...
That we could all be dreamers,
Caught up in our own dream;
Subject to our curtains,
But never as we seem.

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His young heart departed from 
that adored town adorned by the September's frost,
wisked away by an uncaring father
whose extramarital affair
marred the family's harmony;
and his pretty mother drying away
his tears so innocent and warm,
to console him with a touch that had no haste!

That unspoken wish lingered avidly
through the saddened and turbulent years,
resisting to give in to languidness... 
imagining, at night, each star gleaming
over his friend:  the moon which went wandering
to find that little boy, who loved to listen to the tales
of warriors and heroes that defiantly
wouldn't fall out of the History books!

He went on living, but couldn't forget at all
what he left behind:  a precious friend
even worthier than a treasure of gold;
and why had he to fulfill fate's prophecy in due time...
by sacrificing everything he wasn't willing to,
and opposing his will could have helped him turn the tide?
And as he grew older in foreign soil, 
it all became clearer to him that truth had lost its virtue!  

How could life deny him its fairness,
and make him choose at an age of fancifulness? 
To have outgrown time had its disadvantage,
depriving him of a wonderful youth 
not lived in spontaneousness 
and to have the chance to dream by night,
and, by morning, wake up in a brighter light...
to pursue another dream into the sunset! 

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This New Life I Found

My words always seem to find a new home.
The journey is easier when you’re not alone.
People reach out to lend a helping hand.
Help me to realize, just who I am.

The days pass and I move down the road
Over the rainbow may be that pot of gold.
First I must dream for them to come true.
What you become becomes a part of you.

As the day goes I slip into night.
The moon and stars are now in sight.
They are like beacons to guide me from dark.
The dogs bite remain much worse than it bark.

 I just close my eyes I am almost there.
I seem to remember I just need to care.
Whenever I slip I raise myself up.
When I have thirst I drink of life’s cup.

Soon the sun rises brings forth this new day.
Maybe the dream shall come true today?
As it shines down it warms the ground.
I look with surprise at the new life I found.

Every day is different though seems the same’.
I step up to the mark because it is my name.
I don’t know the future or where I am bound.
I learn to embrace this new life I found.

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My Hearts Desire

He stares at this work of art when I’m not looking.
I admire his silhouette from a distance.
He wants to say something but doesn’t know how.
Yet my love barely knows of my existence.

I think about the warmth that we could possibly share,
As I live this elegant moment in time. 
I can only dream of our bodies harmonizing into one,
Because in reality I understand that he’ll never be mines.

He creates an image inside of his mind,
On what it would feel like to have me near.
And although there is another male contour standing next to me, 
I can only dream of his frame and soul standing here.

He fantasizes about taking the place of my companion.
And I willingly join him by taking his hand.
We complete a voyage of eternal love…
…as I’m snapped back into the present by my actual man.

My mate can feel a difference but can’t confront the truth,
That the woman he loves is slowly slipping away.
Her heart is being stolen by the one that she has adored before him, 
And this feeling of loss is growing rapidly every day.

She can’t break his heart because she’ll feel selfish,
But in the process I know that I’ll be breaking my own.
And to breakup with someone that truly cares about her,
Would not only be heartless but wrong.

So therefore I can only imagine being with my loves presence,
And my love can only dream of being with me.
We have to live with the fact that we can only adore each other from afar,
Which means that likely we could never, ever be.

The unity of our mind body and soul,
Was the one thing that my heart desired.
Since I have to think of someone else for a change,
The lust and adoration for him would have to burn in the fire.

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Elvis and Angel

Our beloved dogs were taken from us,
by a speeding driver who did not see 
them crossing the road.
He hit them both and threw them aside,
where they landed side by side.
Their last breaths were 
taken as they lay close,
the way they always did.
My daughter found them lying there
and her screams were unbearable for the police officer to share.
Her pain was so deep and intense to see,
he tried to calm her,  hold her back, let them be.
Carrying them gently they made the trek,
to place them softly upon our deck.
Kneeling down she still could not accept
the loss of our wonderful pets.
Crying ourselves to sleep this night,
only to awaken to hear my daughter's dream.
The dream that Elvis and Angel had come back,
happily wagging their tails in delight.
Consumed by the dream she rushed outside to see
if she could see Elvis and Angel running free.
She had to accept this could not be,
the painful sobs were wrenching to see
for she knows now this can never be.

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As i read the last chapters of Isaih
in the hours middle of the night
i encountered them missing verses

they tell the story of Isaihs wife
tell of Isaih's journey to heaven
and his fight with pollynesians

a race of females who enslave
by use of technology and magic
they had taken over the gadgets

Solomonic devices used for communication
Isaih managed to defeat the pollynessians
and destroyed all the solomonic gadgets

Isaih gave up his spirit and was taken 
to heaven because heaven will need his
help again in the future 

the future when the solomonic devices rise
and the pollynessians try to gain dominion
once again through the technology

they hyponotise the user of the gadgets
the user becomes a worshiper of pleasure
and material wealth worshiper

that night am sure i read the missing chapters
the story is still very clearly in my mind
next day i searched for the chapters

to no avail and i wasn't sure any more
whether i had dreamt up
the whole thing

lewis nyaga

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ON THIS DAY: 01.20.09

In 1963 Dr. King gave a speech in Washington D.C.
it was a most stirring address that became a prophecy
he made mention of a dream of an America he had invisioned
one with justice, equality for all and no more racial division

In 1964 the Civil Rights Bill was signed and enacted
that federal law designed to have racism in America impacted
yet the struggle continued and the battle raged on
but God had something coming up on the horizon

In 2004 a man of mixed race decided to take up the cause
a Columbia grad with a Harvard degree who did not stop to pause
based in Illinois he ran for the United States Senate seat
and despite the odds against him the opposition he did beat

In 2007 God move Senator Obama to the next phase
the Spirit compelled him to step up and enter the Presidential race
many thought he was an upstart and by many he was rejected
as he wasn't a part of the early movement and wasn't what they expected
But God will use any kind of man to accomplish His goals
all He requires is an obedient servant who allows Him to be in control

In 2008 the Democratic Primary was a most unpleasant fight
it was not only about gender it became about Black and White
but the youth of today stepped up, joined in and took a stance
and the young Senator from Illinois now had a fighting chance
and after the dust had settled it became a very clear choice
the American people voted and the world heard their voice

that young upstart Senator Barack Obama won the Presidential race
and now the most powerful job in this world belongs to a man with a Black face
but more importantly he's a man who doesn't distinquish himself by his color
he's the President of every American citizen Jews, Gentiles, Sisters and Brothers

It was not a coincidence that on the day he won his party's nomination
it was 45 years to the day that Dr. King addressed the entire nation
it was not a coincidence it was all God's design
that this young intelligent black man would have his season at this time

a people delivered from slavery into the ultimate seat of power
on this day in U.S. history African American's shining hour
to be vindicated and now elevated
to be validated and now celebrated

Oh yes we can for hope has been renewed and restored
Oh yes we can pray that peace will reign again once more
On This Day the Rev. Dr. King's dream become divine
On This Day January 20th in the year 2009

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The Road To Peace- part four

I like to think that I learned how to be a good mother
By never doing it the way that you did.
I know that no matter how hard it gets
I never will take one second with them for granted.

I will love them every moment I have with them
And succeed in making sure they know it.
So that they can grow up surrounded in trust and love
And never be too afraid to show it.

I would never allow their fears to go un-noticed.
I would die trying to protect them from that world.
I will never rush them, or fail to protect them.
They will be free to enjoy being little boys and girls.

Pride will fill me where jealousy filled you,
As I nurture them and watch them grow
Though I cherish their childhoods more than anything,
I look forward to watching their lives unfold.

Of them taking on the world, enjoying its beauty.
Becoming strapping young men and lovely young ladies.
I dream of them finding a love like I found with their Daddy
And of holding my perfect Grandbabies.

I used to want you to pay for my pain.
I used to dream of ways to make you feel like I did.
I still wish you had had more compassion than to lean on me.
You were my mother, I was just a kid.

But I no longer wish you any more pain or revenge
Because I have risen so high above that, I can’t even see you.
Because you’re still in that world I ran so far away from,
Surrounded in that pain I once was so used to

And knowing that I will have everything you denied yourself
Because of your hideous and unforgettable actions,
I am finally free to find more worth while adventures,
Other uses for my emotions, and my passions.

This finality is like cutting through the last bar of the cage
And finally freeing that dark and abused beast.
into the sunlight where she is free and beautiful
Because unlike you, in my children’s eyes, I found my peace.

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Saturday in Spencer

I went to see a friend I had not seen in a while
As the day began I was greeted with smiles
The sun was so bright, the sky so blue
It seemed like a dream but really was true.

We decided to put the boat in the lake
I think of it now it was such a mistake
As we backed the boat down it flew off the trailer
The result was the launch was a total failure.

I was standing behind it and just escaped harm
As it slid towards me I envisioned buying the farm
I saw my life just flash before my eyes
I had to save myself but time just flies.

We spent hours trying to fix all that was broken
It was like being in a dream and being suddenly awoken
Nothing was damaged except maybe our pride
Maybe tomorrow we shall go for that ride?

As we towed the boat back it took all that we had
But when it was all over I kind of felt glad
I’m lucky to be here to write this down
So we decide to get something to eat in town.

We went to this place and the food was great
We talked and we ate but it was getting late
We all saw how we escaped from fate
So we gave thanks and wiped clean the slate.

On the way home the sun started to set
The colors streaked the sky where the horizon met
The stars and the moon came out to shine
I’m lucky to be here and I felt just fine.

We had a couple beers and thought how lucky we were
You never can know what’s coming that’s for sure
I just know managed to walk away again
Today I survived with some help from my friend.

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Words Of Despair

Your words bring me to hell.
Feels like I’m jailed in a very hot cell.
You are better in making me sad.
Gave me a reason to make me so mad.

Ask me to surrender.
You’re as bad as an ill bender
Filthy tongue of despair,
Gives me a hopeless unfair

You could say what is real.
Hurt me till I get in to feel.
I’m done with your anguish…
I’ll never ever be too childish.

Your words are best of the bad.
But my hope is ragingly fad. 
I say no to rise of white flags.
Coz my dreams are all packed in my bags.

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Child Dreamer

The view I see so beautiful a new horizon a bright sky
everything’s falling into place.
Vibrations have started paving the way for a new life
Magnificent sights and wonders captured within my mind
Excitement within my heart beating faster
Air I breath I'm feeling good
Born with a gift within my labyrinth
Like the magic of a crystal
Images I see time talks to me
I close my eyes century’s pass me by
Looking in the sky my mind can fly messages I hear
By the water my power grows
By the touch of a hand a deep emotion I feel
I am the messenger from the light
My life force has the everlasting glow
The road that I travel lies deep within a realm of enlightened thought
In this land I am a mystic
Abilities within my heart and mind have no boundaries
My wisdom teaches the children of life
My thoughts can move the megaliths
With the wave of my hand a portal open up
Through this dimension angels guide my inner soul
Listen closely an echoing voice calls out
Now watch as my arms turn into wings
Hold tight prepare for an adventure through fantasy
Higher 'n higher into heaven sky
The many sounds that surround
A breeze that breaths
Look into my eyes watch me turn into a star shooting through the sky.
Tonight something beautiful is about to begin
In a world of wonder everything comes alive.
In the corner of a small bed room, 
A sleeping child soon will hear magic. 
A picture on the wall. a battered guitar by the window
This picture is filled with visions of harmony and dreams.
That guitar is magical it works for any child that makes wish.
Outside the window a shooting star with 
the power and magic to create dreams into reality.
A gentle breeze rushes in; an angel like glow ignites the picture
A symphony of color engulfs the room.
The guitar begins to play. A gentle voice fills the air singing
Dream that dream watch 'n see 
What you have always known and wished for soon will become reality
You are the one we’ll come to know and love
I know you’ve been abused it’s in your eyes
It’s alright to cry open up let the emotions soar
You are the star, climb the sky show the truth to the world
Show them what you can do, we have seen you do it and we know
You’ve been hidden from so many, a child so gifted and beautiful. 
That little voice you keep hearing is you guiding you along 
There are no boundaries for you and I in life.
Dream that dream keep creating
Watch and see what you have always known and wished for soon will be reality

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Sheena My Little Warrior Princess

Sheena My Little Warrior Princess
My puppy love 

I believe in dreams, but there’s only one to which I could want
To dream of my beautiful love of my life; my very best friend
My baby dog of a Pomeranian --- Sheena
There’s not a day that goes by that I never think of her
She was so royally spoiled; even more spoiled than my children
Whenever I drove by a Dairy Queen; she would give me her little 
whimpering sound
Oh all right, I’d say and turned around to the drive-through
Her precious little sparkling eye, danced around so happily
They always had little puppy treats, if they didn’t I’d sneakily give one to
them so they would give my dog a puppy-dog treat of a bone
I covered her lavishly with all puppy toys and had her well-groomed 
once a week--- My man and I would occasionally go fishing. If anyone ever
said the word fishing, Sheena would run to the door and wait there till we 
had everything ready so we all could go fishing. In the boat if she heard that 
flapping sound of the water and end of the line she would go to the end of boat
till we brought the fish in. Boy! My baby sure did love to go fishing, even enjoyed 
ice-fishing. Of course we had an ice-fishing tent. The happy expression on her face
was all I ever needed to make me feel like there is no better love than that of your 
precious dog. She literally went with me everywhere till I received a call to go back 
to work. Then I knew that I’d have to find a babysitter for her. 

Lost her nine years ago; have her picture hanging in my computer room
And also in my sewing, art and just an artistic room 
Most people thought that Pomeranians were always yappy
Not my Sheena, I had her so well trained, when I said bed-time she went to
her little bed. When I asked her if she had to go potty she’d either run to the 
door or run around and dance which I showed her how to do. 
Everyone asked me how I trained her to be so quiet? Well 99% of the time 
I’m by myself. I don’t usually talk to many people for I’m always busy
Doing my own things like sewing, crocheting, oil painting, baking or what-ever.
Even my two children asked me how I trained her so well.
Never, ever yell at them to be quiet, if you’re not quiet yourself
They have feelings just like us, can you imagine just what they’d say if they 
could talk back? I know I’ll never again have a passionate and loving dog
Like my best friend “Sheena,” this name means warrior princess
My little warrior princess I truly know; you’re up in heaven waiting
For me to be dancing with you.

For definitely you are my best of best friend; till I see you again up in heaven
Sheena my little warrior princess.

Written: 2/24/15

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Grandma's Red Gem

My grandma had a red gem; it was her most prized possession.  When she looked at it you could see her bright eyes shining inside that gem.  She was poor but that gem made her rich for it belonged to her.  The gem and my grandma glowed together she kept in a silver gift box so no harm could come of it.
My grandma had a red gem; she told us stories as how she came to having that red gem.  Our great grandfather was a fisher man, one day he dived deep into ocean and parted the sand and up came the gem.  He loved the gem too for it reminded him of my grandma, so he gave it to her and she promised to keep it forever.
My grandma had a red gem; it was her most prized possession.  She promised to give it to me but I smiled for I knew it didn’t belong to me.  That gem had her heart it was a shoulder she could cry on and a friend she could talk to.  It didn’t belong to me it belonged to grandma.
My grandma had a red gem; on her death bed she sent for her red gem.  She rubbed and kissed it then she closed her eyes.  The red gem fell from her hands I caught it just in time. I connected the red gem to a necklace and at the funeral I placed the red gem around her neck for it was her most prized possession.  She will now be in paradise with her red gem telling everyone the kind and funny stories of that red gem.  

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In A New World

I?m in a new world of strange sounds
I?m in a familiar world yet of different tongues
And I somehow feel at home
This was the dream I wanted to own

Yesterday I was so down, eager for a dreamy reality to own
Today here I am, my dreams having won, yet still stuck in ?Now?
I wanna dream even more of the heavens yet to be
I wanna live like a mortal with the destiny of a king

Still the sounds are so clear in my mind
I feel the vibrations of their laughter in my heart
I feel the fire of pain in the wounds they hurt
Yet I still have that voice of forgiveness humming deep in my heart

I am the prince and the prophet
The price of their peace is in my wallet
When the time is right I must pay for their rackets
Such is the game whose rules I squash in my racket

I still believe in the dreams of a better modernity
I still pine and plan to rise in spite of my bondage with mediocrity
I must find a means to benefit from the trash of my history
I must achieve my dreams so as to disapprove the unfavourable history

Warnings abound of my biting off more than I can chew
Confidence within assures me my mouth isn?t as weak hence I can aptly handle my 
I am dancing to a beat so loud within I do not need the party
The path I am treading is of a virgin destiny, hence it can only imprint my new 

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One Last Show

It has been so long since I have played here
May be when I am done singing and playing my guitar
I’ll go grab myself a drink
It’s a price you have to pay
To sing your heart out to all these people

I left my home a long time ago
Along with my suitcase and guitar
Because I had this dream
That I was to become a superstar
I still have this dream as a matter of fact

And I will not stop
Until I get discovered
By one of the record producers
Of one of those big time companies
I want it more than anything

But it seems like the end is in sight
I guess I have no other choice
But to just pack up and go back home
I will have to hear my dad

Call me a failure and a useless fool
But may be I can play this one last show
Before I completely give up
On this dream I have had
Since I was fifteen years old

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I dream that we'll be together
I'll be thinking about you
I see your smile
you dream about our love
we think about each other
we kiss
both smile
we make each other happy
I never dream of another
I treat you great
you treat me better
I know we'll be together forever.

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Tis The Season

As the children calmly sleep, snow begins to fall on this quiet Christmas eve. 
Mom and dad slowly find there way down the hall to pear in on the children all 
nestled tightly in there beds. Soon after mom and dad would retire to the front 
by the fire. Mom with her book and dad with his paper. They too soon would drift 
of into dream land. They all would dream of Christmases from yesteryear, here 
and now, and the future. Soon the anticipation would soon pass for another 
Christmas has come and gone. But don't you worry it soon will return with all it's 
shimmering lights, love, and laughter. And always remember tis the season.

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Son Seeker

I am the Son seeker
The dream keeper
Searching for light amongst the dark
Carving my niche
Leaving my mark
Trying to spread the living word
It is more than what you’ve heard
Walking on the brighter side
Each step filled with pride
A heart that is an open book
Never judging at first look
Knowing that tomorrow
Is an unwritten page
Having so much faith
Helps to quell my rage
Joining hands to pray to the Holy one
The only one
He the true dream weaver
And I am the Son seeker

The End
By Greg P

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They are so thrilled to see him come around;
riding his sleigh in the deep snow...
laughing and making that jovial sound!
Santa, don't rush downhill, take it slow;
the roads are slippery and the deer are running wild,
don't to crash into them to be there on time!

What if Christmas was without Santa this year,
and his coming was put on hold?
Would the children listen to their mama, so dear, 
when she tells them to go to sleep...
because if they stayed awake for too long:
Santa Clause wouldn't slide down the chimney!

Sleep and you will surely find those gifts on your bed,
but don't expect what you wish for...if you've been bad!
Sleep and dream that he'll tip-toe to your bedroom,
wouldn't you like to peak and make believe you're asleep?
And will Santa not see you wiggle under the sheets and and stoop?
Sleep with joy and dream of what tomorrow could be! 

What if Christmas was without Santa this year,  
all the lights were shut down
in every snowy city and town;
what if no stars twinkled on each adorned Christmas' tree, 
and the church bells stopped ringing?
Wouldn't the sad angels, looking over Jesus, stop singing?  
Come Santa and make everybody happy;
it's not the gifts that matter, but your goodness and laughter! 

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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Happy New Year To Me

In my dream world, life is so sweet,
kindness is given without thought, and so free.
Hello kisses every morning, and at night, well...
Flowers behind his back, for no reason at all,
and a note saying I Love You, or maybe a call.
Long rides in the country, taking in the sights,
sitting on a hillside, or even a boat ride.
Opening my door, and helping with my coat,
Oh, I forgot, you are just an old goat.
But in my dream world...
where I spend most of my time,
you are these things,
have I lost my mind?
This is right now, reality is here,
grumpy, and drinking, ughhh beer.
Hateful and sully, no smile to be seen,
you are so simple, and just plain mean.
I'm sorry to bother you, but please shut up,
you are disgusting, and I have heard enough.
I am planning to redecorate this place you call home,
tomorrow when you open the door,
my things will be gone.
Merry Christmas is the last thing, I wish for you,
but a Happy New Year for me, I'm through.

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My Dream


I had a dream earlier this morning,
   It was like I was receiving some type of a warning.
I was told to reach out to all I could,
   And that things are fixing to happen that may not be good.
Repent and turn from sin,
   These few words kept playing over and over again.
It was a dream but was it real,
    I feel like we are living and seeing the breaking of seals.
Look up look up keep watching the sky,
    Is another thing that keeps flashing in my minds eye.
I feel so strange writing this down,
     But I was told to share it all around.
I saw a lot of fire throughout my dream,
     And I felt as if I could hear people scream.
There was blood all over the ground, 
     And your feet would stick as you walked around.
There is only one thing I know to say,
    We must turn to the Lord and shed our evil ways.
Ask for redemption before it’s too late,
    Seek out Jesus and change your fate.
Seek Him in prayer on bended knees,
    Seek Him and ask Him to honor your pleas.
God bless you all that read my letter,
    Jesus is the only way things will get better.