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Mother Thank You Poems | Mother Thank Poems About You

These Mother Thank You poems are examples of Mother Thank poems about You. These are the best examples of Mother Thank You poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I have borrowed  the first line of this piece from the"unknown scribe" , which I 
read many years ago.... The rest is for ALL the great mothers who are SOUPER.

Who took me from my cosy cot  
And sat me on an ice cold pot  .
To make me pee ,when I could not..........  My mother

Who fed me from the very start
With bosomed milk , straight from the heart
Then burped me, 'till I'd belch and fart...... My mother

Who warmed me from the Winter breeze
Dried the blood from my skinned  knees
But told me "fibs" 'bout birds'n bees..........My mother

Who healed me when I had a chill
And nursery rhymed me Jack and Jill
But lied to Dad , about being on the pill...... My mother

Who coaxed me past the school day bell
Smiled and said .. all would be well
But then went home and cried like Hell.......My mother

Who was protector from life's curse
Was doctor , dentist , priest and nurse
Friendly Bank ,with open purse...................My mother

Who lies beneath this cold grey stone
In peace ,at last , and all alone
The first true love that I had known.................. Mam

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Sweet Lady

In the drawer
Behind all the white t-shirts 
Packed away in the corner where 
It is safe, I keep you.

You are hidden
No one knows you're there,
Except me.
I take you out to see your 
Smiling yet depressed face.

I realize the trouble you went through 
Just to make sure I live a better life 
Than you did.

Here you hold your baby one last time
Before sending him off to a
Life without poverty.
He doesn't say goodbye because
He is so small and innocent.
You give him a little kiss and say
Goodbye my sweet child.

So I thank you
Sweet, sweet, lady.
I'll put you back
In that safe little place,
So that when the time comes
For me to meet you,
I will find you before
You find me.

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Tanglaw -- Light

Sometimes, I cannot help but sigh
and wonder--
wonder deep inside of me 
whether I could ever be like you.

I riffle through the pages of my soul
and find a lot of them empty
Unlike yours, which seem to be bursting, blinding,
bursting, and still continuing to burst with brilliance...

So much so, 
that your soul's light
has spread far and wide,
very much like sunlight's fingers
opening the morning sky curtains,
touching and warming
those who need it.

Each step that you take,
each breath that you exhale,
each prayer that you whisper,
each beat of your heart

I receive a smile,
and chat
with that man
who you've helped change...
Because of you,
the silent man now speaks, smiles.

You sit down to rest,
I see you talking to someone,
and I am almost fooled,
since you seem like old friends.
Because of you,
the lonely strangers become kindred.

It mystifies me sometimes,
of how you never seem to get tired.
It seems like I am the one who gets tired for you,
who gets worried for your own strength...
Then I see that glow from all around, 
and I am reminded how you glean from this glow.

I see you as this beautiful ball of energy--
Never static,
bouncing from soul to soul,
illuminating parts of themselves
that even they never knew existed.

It is so amazing seeing this at work,
since the next thing I know,
the place is lit up,
...and it is all because of you.

It makes me feel unworthy at times,
but oh how it also makes me feel so proud,
that I am a part of you,
and you are a part of me.

I have a lot of catching up to do,
since it seems I am lightyears from where you are

But I will try.
I will catch the tail end of your light,
clutch to it with my life, winding it around me,
let it embrace me--tight, so tight.
And I will never let it go. Never.
Until I also begin to glow.
Until I too, become that ball of light.

Hopefully when someone
riffles through the pages of my soul,
they will not find it blank,
but filled with gilt pages of light.

Just like yours.
Bursting and brilliant just like yours.

Tanglaw is pronounced "tang-lao"

Where I live, mothers are said to be the "light of the home"... 

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The Mother's Day Ant

On a hill, by a pond, by a tree, in the woods,
underneath a shining sun, tucked away and overlooked.
There stood a line of ants that had come from far and wide,
and with them each, a flower, for the Queen perched at their side.
what a marvel to the eye, to see the colors in a row,
from all creatures, save for one, who held fast close a pebble.
The other ants were curious, and some questioned the motive,
still, he had no taste for Daffodils, Tulips, or Roses.
This pebble he clutched closely was by far the least impressive,
no unique shape did it take, and not two colors caressed it.
It smelled of nothing special and lay heavy in his hands,
and the steps he took were short within the long parade of ants.
But no regrets had he, and no doubt would strike his heart,
for he would proudly shield his prize from rain, and light and dark.
And thus, the day arrived when it had come, at last, his turn,
so there, before the Queen, he laid his offering to her.
The Queen looked down upon the gift, then quietly to him,
she asked what had he brought to her and he returned with this;
"My Queen, it is a symbol, and no ordinary rock,
it is the ground, of which, I worship, upon which you walk.
It represents the love I have for you in its stern face,
though one color it contains, that color will never fade.
It will not dry and crumple up or ever blow away,
it shall stay for generations, and endure and not decay.
-and I know I'm one of many, but I’m grateful just the same,

my dear Mom, my Queen, my highness; 

have a Happy Mother’s Day!"

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When i grow old

     When i grow old i will be glad
of the five braw weans im blessed to have
Gordon my oldest wise for his years
Kelly shes bolder but inside theres tears
Ashly my nightmare but i love her to bits
Sean has a laugh that has me in fits
Natasha the baby the wee cuty pie
I hope when she's older she gets a good guy
they are all so good looking no one can deny
and their all the apple of this mothers eye

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For You Mother

Taking this time to think rhetorically on all the things you’ve done for me.
Not going to make this a long-winded story, but appreciation is what is due on 
this day.
I won’t take more than two minutes of your time, so as the preacher says. . .
                                                                                                       Start my clock.
Thank you for encouraging me when no one else could even believe.
Thank you for being there for me when everyone else would simply leave.
Thank you for putting up with me when you really didn’t have to.
These are just a few of the reasons why I say thank you.

Thank you for your advice on things that I should do.
Thank you for being the example mother for me when it’s my turn too.
Thank you for trusting me and loving me in all my faults.
Thank you for doing what it took no matter the cost.

Thank you for taking the time to care about the things I do.
Thank you for just being there at the times I need you.
Thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made for me.
You know . . . not a lot of mothers would do these things.

Thank you for letting me go and learn things for myself.
Thank you for not denying me at times when I need help.
Thank you for encouraging me to do the best I can do.
I just pray that one day I can be a mother just like you.

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Thank You Mom

Taking my hand,
You held it within.
As I began to stand,
You would grin.
When I was a little girl,
You would comb my hair.
You watched me twirl,
And bounce through the air.
As I grew older,
There were events galore.
I would get even bolder,
And want to explore.
You would let me.
If it would not involve crimes,
You would not disagree.
Over the years,
You have taught me so much.
Wiped away many tears,
With your ever so gentle touch.
I can not begin to express,
How much you mean to me.
Though we no longer have the same address,
You are still and always will be with me.
Although it may not show,
It is you that I am forever grateful to.
The one thing I will never outgrow,
No matter what I do.
So I want to say,
Thank you and I love you!
Today and every day,
For all that you do.


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A Strong Woman

A strong woman doesn’t have to have the body that only society wants.
A strong woman doesn’t have to run a marathon.
A strong woman doesn’t have to wear a size zero.
A strong woman doesn’t have to have marvelous muscular masculine legs.
A strong woman doesn’t have to bike up a mountain.
A strong woman doesn’t have to work out for hours to make her tough.

A strong woman has the look of confidence written across her face.
A strong woman still stands tall when she is full of sorrow.
A strong woman does everything at a steady pace.
A strong woman won’t be afraid.
A strong woman keeps her head held high.
A strong wouldn’t care about what she weighed.
A strong woman never gives up.
A strong woman through hard times.
A strong woman is always tough.

Working long hours to make money,
She still makes time to ask,
“How was your day, honey?”
Instead of having a tall, strong stance,
She goes crazy
And she does the Carlton Dance.

She will turn your frown
Upside down.
She will always be there to help you-
For everything you go through.
She will have that shoulder to cry on.
Always- dusk until dawn.

She gives you the clothes on your back.
She gives you the food in your stomach.
She gives you the shelter above your head.
Even when she’s hanging by a thread.

You may say your super-hero is Spiderman…
Or Superman…
But my hero is my mom…
Because my mom is a strong woman.

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Sonnet Poem: A Mother's Face

A mother’s face you rarely touch and kiss
You go on with life without retrospect
Mother waits longer but with finesse
Many flowers withered from willful neglect

A short respite giving fresh breath inside her womb
Empowering new life without remorse
Her presence helped you strive with aplomb
With your mother, you’ll be on the right course

Such a lovely face you cannot assess
A portrait to paint with high pixels of respect
Her smile that relieves all your stress
Today is Mother’s Day and try to recollect

Now her face wrinkled but beyond compare
Like heavenly bodies with unique flare

12 May 2013

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Stand by me

Within your protective shell 
wherein settled my fathers spell
i am born in wonderment
and grow in stages, an endowment
Awed by my growth i kick
and feel your pleasure so quick
everything so new around, plea
fine as long as you stand by me.

Its a new world strange
only mom with no change
I struggle within to adapt
and grow amazed and apt
discover new things in the process
doing great as time progress
awed by the world i see
happy as you stand by me

Then i meet another as you
as if a stage of life in queue
she opens up a different world
igniting passion that unfurled
a sensual touch and i fall
into an abyss, enthrall
so like you yet different is she
but i am complete as you stand by me

You leave me for another world
i wait in vain, curled
what have i done for thee
i try but cannot see
then i feel your presence again
unable to glimpse i am in pain
you comfort me through zephyr by the sea
and i feel better as you stand by me.

© Nadiya (17 Jan '15)

*Won Third place on 25 Jan 2015 in the contest 'Stand by me' by Kelly Deschler.
  Won fourth place on 07 Feb 2015 in 'my last contest by Kelly Deschler'.

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You Inspire Me

You Inspire Me

What inspires me?

A song lyric-------a brave, determined person (Man or Woman)

A gifted child

An Innovator, innovators are individuals that are firsts to do something.

That inspires me and by the way…

O mother you inspire me (most of all)!

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I love my country Zambia
I am committed to move it forward--
In the areas of good governance and national building
I may go out to another country as visitor--
In pursuit of noble goals for advancement of our nation
I will get knowledge and wealth to supplement our national economy--
From being a consumer market to a manufacturing oriented economy
I love my motherland Zambia--
I aim at the promotion and building our peaceful nation
I will die a little for my motherland Zambia

*chipepo lwele
 PS;Happy 48 years of independence mother Zambia[24/10/2012]

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Her Last Home

My heart breaks as I enter the room,
And see my mother sitting in her wheelchair,
Gazing with unseeing eyes
Through a strangers window
For the occasional visitor
For news from her beloved grandchildren
For death…

In her silence she remembers
A loving mother, taken too soon
A small child, mistreated abused
Surviving alone
Self-reliant, self-sufficient, independent
A lifetime of habits
Too hard now to break

She longs to be loved
To be held, to be needed
To not be so alone
She has given all she can give
Accepting nothing in return

Does she know how much we appreciate
All she has done for us
How much she is loved
How deeply she will be missed …
Her world is passing
I give her a hug, a kiss
She smiles 
She knows…

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Memaw said she would dance
dance at my wedding
and she did
she made it true
and memaw
swishin and swayin
made the place
that we were at
want to have her
and everyone
be someone like her

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Praising Mother

Our beautiful mother,
Who gave birth to us,
Nurtured us and raised us,
With loving care,
Our companion all our lives,
Father's beautiful wife, 
Friend through calm and controversy,
A miracle of kindness,
Taught us right from wrong,
With us during our married years,
Grandmother and great-grandmother, 
Godly and religious,
Looking after all her children,
Loved and respected by us all,
I remember her whimsical sense of humour,
She had the patience that passeth understanding,
A tribute to all mothers on this special day,
Happy Mother's Day and God bless you.

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Happy Birthday Antoinette

Story books have got it wrong
Step mothers are the greatest gifts of all

Antoinette you are a blessing on my family’s life
I am so happy you are my father’s wife

Michaela is the sweetest girl, glad she’s my sis
You’re my family I truly miss

God truly blessed us when he brought you around
Hope your birthday is full of love, laughter, and songs

Because you gave me the greatest gift of all
It is because of you I have my father back

You are our cornerstone the brick that keeps us up
Thank you for all of your unconditional love

Happy birthday to my mother, friend
My angel sent from God above

May you know you are truly loved

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A sonnet to a faded little rose,
Could never hope to tell you how I feel.
The things you gave up just for me do show,
That parental love is your only seal.
Since birth you've been near just to protect me,
And help me up each time that I would fall,
And guide me with a hand on which I'd lean,
Depending as I start down lifes vast hall.
When I have gone from your home to my own,
To rear my family as you did rear me. 
I only hope that God will help me know,
The joy and sorrows, that I once caused thee.

My love for you is as endless as time itself,
And deeper than the oceans deepest cove.

                           Cile Beer

written l955

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Fifteenth November

She had neither silver nor gold
But she raised me in comfort;
Out of nothing she raised me
With a heart of gold;
Heart made of divine touches
She nurtured me.

She is never a militiawoman
But she fights always for me;
Protects me like I’m “akwa ugo”- eagle’s egg

She is no great sculptor known to mankind
But she’s carved and molded my soul 
Into spectrums of my being

She is no bricklayer or a decorator
But she’s built a house in my heart
That will never fall apart
She’s decorated my heart glamorously
That not even a ‘tar can soil my white garment’

She is neither a good artist nor a painter
But she’s sketched and painted sublimely
Every shades of her being in my soul
That they are inexpungible

She is neither a novelist nor a poet
But she’s left a lofty novelette
And exalted poems that will remain eternal in my heart

You’re my gardener
The seeds you've planted in my soul
Will forever blossom
No 'womb' could have nurtured me better than you did.
Thank you for mothering me Mom!

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My Mommy is my Daddy Too

My mommy is my daddy too. She comforts me, she gives me strength, always saying how much she loves me and that my daddy does daddy? My daddy who? Who is my dad, doesn’t he care?
She nurtures, feeds, teaches and disciplines me, tells me life isn’t always fair. Where are you dad, why aren’t you there? 
It’s my birthday, she tells me “baby I’m sure he’ll call”, I sat by the phone it did not ring no not at all. She gives me hugs and wipes my tears....where is my daddy? Why isn’t he here? Only met him once in all these years.
She always tells me "It will be okay", but it’s not you see, because at the end of the day, my mommy is my daddy, it’s always been that way.
I tell my mom I miss my dad, she says “yes baby he misses you too”, really mom? You’re a liar, I don’t believe you, and it’s not true. I tell her I hate her for making you go away, she says “I know you’re angry, but I love you anyway”. She tells me “baby no matter what we still have each other”, I tell her I don’t need her, I need my father, but my father is my mother and I love her.
I love her, for all these years, masked behind her silent heartbroken tears, she never complained nor spoke a harsh word of you, was always...he loves you dear it’s true.
She chased away boys, mending my broken hearts, was at all of my games and encouraged my arts. Sometimes she would stare and say I have your eyes, “he's a real great man” and I used to believe her even though it was all lies.
She would go days without food and work double shifts, skip a bill so I would have Christmas gifts. She always stayed true; my mommy was my daddy too.
I love you the stranger that you are. I know the next time I see you it will probably be your demise; your other children will be there and I will give them a hug, no bitter resentment, just love and no cries. I’ll tell you, I forgive you, thank you and no hard feelings, because my mommy was my daddy.........not you! 

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My Light

You are the light in my darkness,
my shelter in a storm.

You give me strength when I am weak,
and your love to keep me warm.

When I was hurting, lost, and hurt,
it was your faith that I had used.

When I was cold, depressed, and lonely,
I stayed alive by your love only.

When I felt pushed or shunned away,
it was then your friendship made me stay.

When I was sick and felt like dying,
I knew you loved me by your crying.

I knew you loved me, knew you cared,
you did what no one else had dared.

You took the time to learn, to see,
just what I really am in me.

You listened to my thoughts and fears,
and helped me wipe away my tears.

You helped me learn, respect, and love,
to pray to God, my Lord above.

You're the light in my darkness, I hope you'll see,
I'll love and thank you, Mom, for eternity.

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A Two Woman Duo

A Two Woman Duo
By Missy Yourist 

I am from the inside of a woman whom I have never met. 
A birth mother who I do not know one ounce of who or what she is about. 
A person who bearably carried me for nine months. 
Gave birth to me, a 3 pound toe-head baby. 
She had to have held me right after, but my baby eyes don't seem to remember. 
Blurred by the brightness of the world, 
I never saw who my birth mother was. 

But after two months, I was passed onto the most beautiful creature 
that my premature eyes had ever seen. 
A woman who would ultimately become my real mother. 
A wonderful being who would raise me with pride. 
Teach me the ways in which she thought we right. 
A mom who would love me with all of her heart and care for me 
for the 14 years that she would be able to share with me.

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I think of you everyday
And miss you in many ways
Even when the days are gray
Thank you mom in every way
You're the best to me today and always
With the suns ray
I love you everyday

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Ode to a Virgo Mom on the Occasion of Her Birthday

Grace under pressure
Unflappable class
Overtones of elegance
Strength of brass.

Tending splendid gardens
Where laughter and fun
Sprout as if native
In the warmth of her sun.

Incensed by thoughtless actions
Yet steady in her mood
Mixing sweet persuasion
With wisdom for food.

A Virgo mom’s a blessing
For one raised in her nest
So just today this Taurus says
That Virgo is the best!

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A Mother's Wish

A Mother's Wish

Is to watch her children come but never go.To see the up and downs of this life.Have you ever known your mother to beg you to release her from these bonds,no never for you are her everyday rock,that piece that keep her alive everyday. A mother wish is to never to be bury her children,A mothers wish is to watch all her children grow up and to make happy lives,A mother wish is to see her children children and to help with there lives,But there are times at the end of a mothers life when some wonder,What do mother wish for before they leave the days of the living? Is it for there family and the ones they love to be happy? I have a mother and she had a mother and her mother wish was for her to grow up and be happy.

Grandma thank you for showing me thank you momma for teaching me to all my aunties to all my other grandma to everyone women in my life you all showed me what it means to be a mother.

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Mommy (written by 9 year old girl)

Soft, smooth
Pretty nice
She's always a silly head

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My Gift

Things in my life haven’t always been easy
They haven’t always been happy
They haven’t always been good
We have been lost
We have been devastated
We have been to our breaking points
We have been broken
I feel like my worlds gone dark
And there just nothing I can do
But when that happens
I realize this gift 
This gift I have been blessed with
This amazing angel
That god himself 
Created just to take care of me
This angel has taught me how to love
How to care
How to understand
How to be a friend
How to be a true friend
How to believe
How to dream
How to get through the tough times
Because she does it
Most of all 
She taught me how to get up
To stand up
To never give up
She taught  me
That yeah life gets hard
But I have to be stronger than that
She taught how to be an amazing person
Because she is the best person I ever met
Now our lives haven’t always been easy
Or happy, sometimes not even good
We have been lost, devastated and at our breaking points
And yes we have been broken
But when it gets dark
And I think I wont be able to get up
There’s my mother
Holding my hand
And showing me the way
I only wish to be her
Only dream to be her
But at least I have her as my angel
Yes my angel
That’s all I ever would ask for
Thank you God 
For creating her
Just For Me….
*For the "My Hero" Contest by Crystal Wilkins*

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To My Mommy

Thank you mom for all you’ve done
All the nights 
All the time you spent with me
Held my hand 
Shared my fears
I know I was a sickly child
ER nights were way to often 
You were brave 
stayed by me
I know I did not say it quiet enough so
Here in everlasting words
“Thank you Mom, I love you with all my heart”
Thanks to you, though I was always scared
I was never left alone
That means more to me then you will ever know
ER nights and ER days
So many different kinds of pains
Through all my tears
All my fears
You were brave enough for the both of us
You have always been my sourced of strength 
I know I’ve said it once before
I have to say
From the bottom of my heart
I love you mommy 
Thank you so very much

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When the Wind Blew

When the wind blew, the birds slowly lifted their eyelids from sleep's seducing spell
Slowly, they met their new day with a feeling no one could explain or tell
They fluttered their wings to welcome the sun’s obnoxious display
Gazing at the people sleeping behind the misty window’s frame

When the wind blew, the birds prepared to take off
To fly to destiny’s tasteful D’lush
To sing melodious tunes
As they brighten a person’s days

When the wind blew, one by one they flew
As they passed by the many houses’ window’s
A chronological sequence it may be
But a story is what it shall be
Long time ago, there, in the beautiful land of empathy, lived a lady and a gentleman
Together they took care of each other; together they raised a child as her life began
Every year, a bird passes by, as it sees the young girl in a different phase
Yesterday she was a child, but today she is beating destiny’s race
But, the one thing that never changed was her smile to the lady that:
Took care of her for the past umpteenth years
Held her close to her heart whenever she was in fear
Stayed by her side when in need

Now, the child grew up to tell her tale
To the birds who visited during the day
“I grew up in the hands of a golden mother who took care of me every second
She watched me as I grew up while I watched her shine every day
She smiled when I made her laugh, while I treasured the smile in my mind
She hugged me whenever I was in need of warmth, while I preserved her warmth
I cherish everything you did for me, dearest mother
And I thank you for every good seed you planted in me”
One day, the birds passed by and left a small letter on the mother’s desk
In it were the words the daughter described
In it were the dear thank you notes she left for her mother as she departed away…
When the wind blew, many objects changed
But, a dear mother's love always remains the same…

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One of those, whom I remember!
Even if; I go on slumber.
Is my Mother?
Who is a legal member!

She was called to bar, 
In a month of ember. 
And works, in an associate 
For years now, without number.

So many works does she 
Soliciting, consultancy and also 
as a mother. 
Little time does she have on her 
Though, she clears task, from 
one to another.

Even in her car, 
She does not retire. 
But works, even harder, 
Cos that’s why she has a driver.

Mummy does things 
Even when not fit, 
But you’ll notice not, 
For her face reveals it not.

She accomplishes tasks without 
a mobile reminder. 
Cos God is her helper.
For He has always been her 
In all her affairs endeavor.

Being a mother, 
She is the best and you not 
But if you bother, 
See her and will realize I’m not a 

In her works, 
You will know how dedicated 
she is. 
And in her worship, 
You’ll know how religious she is.

She is blessed in many ways. 
Her husband alone is 
outstanding to show. 
People she helped, has many to 
And GOD knows all her lovely 

To dot the i, 
She is living library. 
And to cross the t, 
She is a living mother!

May she live long to reap. 
The fruit of her labour. 
For as for many, 
She is more than a mentor.

If all mothers 
Could be like my mother. 
No child will turn a robber! 
And No marriage will turn 

My dreams for her, 
Are pleasant to hear. 
And from ALLAH, the maker!
It shall come as favor

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Thank You Mom

At times, I know the words to say thanks for what you have done for me
But they end up flying away like a bird that is set free
How do I thank you enough, the one who makes me complete
The one who taught me wrong from right, the one who 
tucked me at night. The one who could see into the eyes
of fear, the one who always had a tissue for my tears
The one that made many sacrifices always putting me first
Who could paint the world a picture,    
even when things took a turn for the worst.
What way can I thank you for your sweat blood and tears?
For putting up with me for oh so many years…
For changing as I changed, understanding my faults
Love me not because you had to, but because
Thank you for never giving up on me,
When your patience came to reach its end
Thank you for the many years of being my best friend. 
And I come to understand, the only way to say thank 
you is just this single way:
Look at me before you, see what I have become
and see what I’have grown up to become
See all your great efforts and the great job you have done
All your ambitions and dreams all your wisdom that no one sees
A conversion of your best years passed down to me
Thank you for all my days for all days both gray and blue
But most importantly thank you for making all dreams come true