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Mother Snow Poems | Mother Poems About Snow

These Mother Snow poems are examples of Mother poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Mother Snow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Green Bikes or Ham

The deadly white of winter had descended.
Mountain high piles of snow braced the phone poles.
Mufflers donned we left for school unattended
for mother lay crying in her bed, we were not whole.

Father left many nights ago it seemed
we did not know the why, the what or when, just then
what would we do for Christmas, mother screamed.
In this earthly sorrow two little girls cried again.

All of eight was I, and she was but three,
No tree was dressed within the cold, white, rented farm house
only paper chains no sweet cane candy   
the kitchen cupboards were bare even for the mouse.

The night bleak, mother pulled us on a sled
to Gran's we went, through snow and cold for dinner time.
Ma's heart had gone, when Father left her bed
Downcast, we trudged without Daddy's car, we climbed.

We came home and settled in, night brought surprise
our Daddy had come home, and it was Christmas night
he brought me a bike, a green and white prize
But all I cared about was the smile in his eyes. 

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snowball war

Snowball War. 
Three flakes of snow fell on the village, there might
have been a few more, but those I saw landed on 
the roof of the car  and I saw them melt to droplets 
of clear water. On each droplets a tiny rainbow and
my mother´s face when I called and asked for her to 
throw down a sandwich with marge and sugar on. 
She did, often- I´m not a football keeper- it landed in 
the snow which was more than tiny flakes; so what!
Bread and sugar, I was hungry and fighting against 
children who had invading our street. And when my 
hands were frozen I came up warmed them by the stow  
and remember how it hurts to get the circulation back
 into my hands.

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Christmas Is Where Mother Lives

The moon shines down on the newly fallen snow,
casting a beautiful heavenly glow.
The winds blow so swiftly through the trees,
baring the branches of autumns fallen leaves.
I stood there gazing looking up at the stars,
admiring their beauty and the whole scene at large.
I though of my childhood through past years,
there were some I remember that brought me to tears.
I rememer my mother playing with me in the snow,
oh how I miss her it was so long ago.
We would decorate our house for the Christmas season,
we would laugh and sing and not need a reason.
Our house would smell of cinnamon and spice,
for all of our sences it would surely entice.
I looked forward to our Christmas each year,
it was always so full of happiness and cheer.

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Beautiful WinterDay

My body shutters as the chiily winter wind blows in my face. Snow flurries dancing  there 
way to the earth from the heavenly skies. Watching the angels cover up mother earth in a 
beautiful glittery blanket. My eyes light up like a little child as i tip my head back and feel the 
cold snowflakes land on my tongue. I close my eyes and hear the sweet sound of the ground 
crunched beneath my feet. Jack frost has arrived and greeted the earth snowball wars and 
building silly snowmen. The tree branches are covered in snow and the snow sickles are 
hanging from the porch. Shining like chrystals in the sunlight it is a wondrous sight my 
mother yells from the house "Okay children it is time to come in for some hot chocolate."
Before I go to sleep I watch the snowflakes light up the night sky I hear my mother whisper
"Okay my snow angels goodnight and good dreams."
By Julie Rene leek:)
Smile God love's You:)

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On A Cold Winter's Night

What am I doing here?
The wind is blowing
The snow is swirling in clouds of white
I know there are cars out there
I can hear them
See their dimming tail lights
The bag sitting next to me
It reminds me of my warm house
The first I built that you now enjoy
Is it all worth it?
Did you really have the nerve to ask me?
Did you look outside?
Then did you decide to risk my life?
I would have gone in the morning
You know I would have
The snow would have been gone by then
I would still be able to feel my fingers
I think I lost my toes about a mile back
But, I know that doesn’t matter
The wind, the snow, the cold
They are nothing to you
Cuddled in that warm blanket
Before that blazing fire
My fire
The one I started
The one I tended from ambers
I know
You say you love me
On a cold night like this I doubt it
Until I get home and I see your smile
As you take the bag
Look inside
And you eat the first of many sweet French pickles
Followed by that pint of ice cream
I see that smile
And I know all the warmth I need
Until tomorrow night when I get to do it all again.

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The Five Sons of Mother Nature

Someone said, "Bring back the funny"
But I'm not mentioning any names   ( Faleshia )
So if this just ain't your cup of tea
Then she's the one you blame

Here's a story about Mother Nature
Did you know she had four sons?
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
But they weren't her only ones

She had an affair with Father Time
And had another bouncing baby boy
Since all the seasons were already named
They just called that poor kid Roy

Now, Roy was kinda the black sheep
He liked to color outside the lines
He always stayed in trouble with the law
And Mother Nature, had to pay his fines

Now, he really didn't have much talent
Though he was born with a silver spoon
But everytime that boy would sneeze
It would snow somewhere in june

Well, they tried to keep him a secret
But the snow was taking its toll
So she told that boy to use his hanky
Everytime he needed to blow

Now remember, Roy was the black sheep
So he paid his mother no mind
He just kept right on blowing his nose
Til he thought he'd surely go blind

So the next time you're on vacation
And it starts to snow in june
Remember this story I told you
About the boy with the silver spoon

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Snow Chapter one Slumber

She awakens in a cold room, Letting her eyes adjust, To the swaying bulb above her, Shivering as she lifts herself upright, Climbing to her feet, Feeling her knees bow, As she steadies them. She slowly walks, With her right hand against the wall, Still feeling a bit dizzy, Wondering where she is, And why it seems so cold, Moving along towards a metal door. She touches the handle, Feeling it's icy grip running through her fingers, Hearing a faint noise somewhere on the other side, Sounding somewhat like the wind, But rather eerie. "Mother!" she cries out, "Mother...w-where are y-you" she cries, Pushing the latch down and pulling it, Slowly opening the door, As fresh snow comes flowing in, Like a billow of smoke. She puts her hands over her eyes, And looks out into the winter wonderland, Seeing something a bit ways away, Something huddled up in the snow, Not too big, and not too small. She pushes her way out, Feeling the cold snow beneath her bare feet, And the constant snowflakes, That fall from above, covering her head and shoulders, Sending a chill up her spine. She makes her way through the snow, Feeling it getting deeper the farther she goes, Closing in on the slumped over object, That begins to resemble a person, As she draws in on it. Something cold stops her in her tracks, She looks down and notices large red blotches in the snow, By the look of it, it's blood, And the object is a body, Draped in white covered in large red stains, From head to toe. She kneels beside the body, Slowly flipping it over, Looking into the cold glassy eyes, Realizing that it's her mother, With a small sharp object embedded in her throat. The girl yanks the piece of metal out, And drops it, Small trick-lets of blood fall into the snow, She looks at the piece of metal, And realizes that it's a rose, Surrounded in barbed wire. She touches it again, A feeling of warmth comforts her, She remembers her mother giving this to her, When she was a little girl, She told her "No matter how far away I may be, Mother will always love you". "I love you mother' she cries, Gently laying her head on the corpse, As snow continues to fall, Blanketing her in it's icy embrace. A smile spreads across her face, Closing her heavy eyes, Being overtaken by the endless sleep, That will reunite her with her mother, That she had slain in the wintry wonderland, That now is their tomb.

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Over The Phone

She was so terrified,
A phone was continued ringing,
She didn’t dare to pick the receiver,
She ignored the ringing and went to bed.

He had a break down,
When he checked his pockets,
He was strange to know,
He forgot his ballet at home.

Early in the morning,
Someone knocked at the door.
She removed a curtain and looked outside,
Everywhere snow was covered.

She opened the door 
And let police to come in.
Your son last night, 
Stocked in a snow storm,

We tried to give him a first aid,
But terribly found, he was dead,
We recovered his body; 
You can look at him.

She was weeping bitterly,
And crying for his husband,
If you don’t terrified me,
I never thought you are over the phone.