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' '''''''' ' '' Somewhere a hand is reading out loud a Dickinson, a leather-worn journal recording daily life’s soirees, memorizing rain and shielding little girl’s eyes from the blasting words of the sun. Somehow someone reaches from darkness to drive the shadows that meet the body of her child: trembling with excitement or fear, sliding tender fingers on the back; parts the arms like wind that rushes in all seasons to reveal the lush, delicious landscape of summer ; then rubs the elbow down the forearm to greet the cheeks with a kiss and watches while the hands move back without help or guidance from the daughter sleeping. ~ Somewhere a mother, grandmother, godmother, stepmother, or mother nature weeps over love’s broken child; uses her hair to bandage the wound on the youth’s head …unfolds her hands from prayer to widen the window of angel psalms pressing her lips into alleys of the sapling’s mouth: a tear transforms her from receiving to giving. ..and she feels without seeing the last light of the night; lit for the heart of those who witness its extinguishing * Somewhere death’s chariot prepares for a long journey, away from the living: pack the roses from tomb to womb, remove the thorns for gracious sake, like knives that pierce the heart of loved ones who cannot move on, pulling the orchards over her head; a name whispered in every fireplace she flamed * * And somehow tonight, I hear her stir, still clinging to the waning voice of the hours; she bequeaths stars I will inherit until she, at last succumbs to wispy bliss. And I, a sighing child must tell her: “ Wake up, you've been in bed so long, Mother, you should not be sleeping…” ~ © ........ .... ........ *with love to my Mom who had passed on* Gautami Phookan's Poet lll Contest by nette onclaud

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My First Child

A precious gift! Joy unimagined fills my heart She smiles! My heart races, leaping! And like a butterfly in spring, gliding, It dips among new blossoms Like a sweet melody playing softly in the cool of the evening, I soar! My baby, my first, like an angel sleeps Soft, warm and brown I stare in awe of this most perfect gift from God! Tiny almond-shaped eyes, sparkle- searching Nothing as beautiful have I ever seen! She cries and her teardrops like crystal daggers Pierce, my joyful heart! And like a wounded sparrow it plummets Free-falling, and I am left puzzled...confused Nervous, I gently hold her close to my breast I am sure she can feel my heart beating.. Suddenly our faces brush... she turns- Our eyes lock, and smiles ripple! My first born--all is well in my world.
© 1992 ~*~

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Chocolate Moose Girl

Chocolate Moose Girl

A Sunday brunch one day went me
when she I saw, at table three.
From my mind to forget, never nor maybe.

For on this radiant sunny Sunday afternoon
in the Botanical Garden, my favorite room
sat at a table, grandmother and she.

The walls lined in fragrant ferns of green
baroque blossom ladies in gilded frames seen.
Her simple beauty profile delicate cherry flourish tree.

Now this vision alone, fulfilled my eyesight hunger greatly
when added she did this simple act make.
 To her pink full lips a taste took she.

When delicate and slow she lifted
her chocolate moose to mouth she gifted.

From the moose chocolate, I know previous take.
The finest ever no chief could bake,
Satisfying, soft coolness, still lingering in me.

A sublime sexual treat,
then look I did, toward her feet.
When out rolled her toes
from brocade slippers of gold, I see.

Her barefoot toes ached 
to reveal her pleasure
 with each spoon to lip,
 delight, same measure.
My mind to forget, never nor maybe.

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A mother's treasures

A solitary piece the diamond
precious rare gem most treasured
by those lucky enough to hold
Once in possession it is rarely out of grasp
Like the gemstone the mother 
requires very specific conditions
in holding fast her (family/) childrens love
Treasured forever in her heart
she will go out of her way
to preen and protect them
holding them dear to her
deep within her maternal safe – the heart
closely guarded by the mind
Her infatuation of all treasures to her 
are totally understandable
especially when you think to the complexity
of structure and process taken in creation
Just as from the ‘unbreakable’ in ancient greek
this alletrope of carbon
with strength of bonding between atoms
is representative of that strong love
between mum and child
The maternal being could be compared
to the superlative physical qualities of the stone
Even the characteristic luster
of this gem so prevaient from its ability
to disperse light and colour
compared to the many strengths, roles and qualities
of the mother
seen by the many she deals with daily
A most high pressured job 
versus the high pressured temperature
within the Earths mantle
that forms the delightful rock it gives birth to
Infants delight and ignite the forbearer
just as the jewel would dazzle the room
a mother’s love encaptures the magical luster
of those she’s birthed and nothing
stands inbetween this richest of cargo’s

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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I am the daughter of eve ,with the strength to create or destroy the world,but you nasty people
Judge and say me as a simple weak being.
Was born to be beautiful being but you made me suffer my whole life.
 During childhood,I loved playing with dolls  and with friends,
But you wanted me to do the chores so brother can enjoy.
He enjoyed all the pleasures and had all the fun,while I was in the
Hot sun,doing the work like a nun.
I worked like a donkey,but he had the turkey.
As he was the son, and I was none.
He had to read the books and I had the food to cook.
And there came a new man in life ,for whom I was wife.
He earned money and I was honey.
he had the authority and I was in poverty.
He was the ruler and I was the bearer.
All I wanted was the love ,but he gave me the stove.
The  days passed and the seasons changed,but my life hadn’t.
Designation changed from wife to  mother,nursing all the time .
Was split into  two by husband and kids,but the heart always 
Desired something else.
Kids grew and flew to new destinations. 
the heart does crave and yearn for love as it is stupid,as it doesn’t 
have mind to think,and it is  there only to feel.
I want to learn, read ,play and relive those moments which were 
Mine  but were snatched away as I was a girl.
But it is us, who make this world beautiful,peaceful and happy.
We are mothers, daughters, sisters above all we are human beings.
Treat us like fellow humans but not like slaves,then you will see
The more beauty of the world.

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Pure Of Heart

Wise Grandfather Shaman, 
I am pure of Heart,
I bathe beneath the Moon, 
and dry beneath the Sun,
I listen to the Wind,
I run with the Deer,
I hunt with the Wolves,
I fish with the Eagles and Hawks,
I ride with the Wild Paints,
And roam with the Buffalo,
I grow with Grandmother Tree,
Ever learning from her Wisdom, 
I am skilled in Warrior Ways,
A strong Hunter, 
A compassionate Listener,
A patient Tracker,
I have gathered with the other women,
Contributing to our tribes growth and strength,
I leave no tracks of moccasins in the soft clay,
My heart is pure,
And I wish to continue my journy,
Wise Grandfather Shaman,
Allow me to enter your lodge,
I will smoke from the sacred pipe,
My heart is pure.

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Touching the Stars

The blue mood of silence, is there on the screen
Not a whisper, not a word, just a humming is heard
The sound of the reel, spinning backwards in time
Little bird sounds, ticking away
Open the curtain, on one special day
A backdrop of childhood that bends time again

I am watching the ocean breeze catch your hair
It frolics, embracing you in the gauzy blue dress you wear
You are running barefoot in the sand, alongside the incoming tide
The beach is as smooth as the silk of your skin
Flying a kite in the swift summer sky
You are raising your hand
And you wave at me....
There is laughter in your face, in your eyes, in the way that you race....
I can almost hear the sweet sound of it ring in the gloom
It shatters the silence of this cold winter's room
The joy of it falls through the years....
It falls in voiceless wonder, to rest on my tears

I follow along...watching you play
Your lips are moving....what is it you say?
I find myself reaching...wanting to catch
Set a small trap...somehow reach into the past
Where are the chords,...the notes....the score to that song?
This music I long for.....forevermore gone?

But no....................the heart of it...the heart of your laugh
Never can vanish still still lasts...
Like the kite reaching pierces the sky
Weaving a magic...and a joy that can't die
I watch how you hold on....that kite in the sky...
Before me in wave and you laugh...

Then you throw me a kiss.....that I'm trying to catch
I can hear silent laughter......that my heart wants to grasp
     And for a moment together, .... we are touching the stars....


"Left With a Kiss"

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The Other Mom

I was laying on the beach
On a hot August morn
A sudden pain in my gut
I knew that something was wrong
It's Eddie.  I felt it so strong
I Picked up my cell and I called
The emotional pain of it all
My body curled up in a ball
I sat up again to be sure, 
the solar plexus was sore
Why to I question these signs
I know that there isn't a cure
For the feelings I want to ignore
He never answered the phone
I packed up my stuff and went home
I worried all day and all night
The sunrise brought more than just light
The loud banging began at the door
I peeked through the blinds to be sure
There were cops all over the street
Guns drawn made the picture complete
I opened the door full of fear
Oh my God!  Why are they here?
My heart dropped, I wanted to hide
When he said "Sgt. White, homicide."
Is your son home he wanted to know
With his foot in the door I said no
Do you mind if we just have a look
And I backed up after biting the hook
They swarmed through the house 
Guns up in the air
Upstairs to his room
They looked everywhere
My solar plexus was right
I'm glad I came home last night
But where did he go?  I needed to know
His innocence still in my sight
The officer said have a seat
Let's talk about where he could be
A boy was found dead in the street
A witness put Ed at the scene
Don't worry he said as I pulled my robe tight
Your son was a victim of robbery last night
I know he's afraid to come out in the light
I didn't believe him.  But I knew he was right.
My son was afraid and now I knew why
He took someone's life who's mother will cry
He was just seventeen a year younger than Ed
Why do these kids seem to be so misled?

What happened that night is a mom's biggest fear
A child was lost in the drug war I hear
The exchange in the alley of weed for the cash
Was a set up to rob him of all  that he had
When the kid put a gun against my son's head
Said 'empty your pockets' or soon you'll be dead
He had no idea that the pocket was packed
With a 38 special protecting the cash
The rest of story is packed in a box
The panic, the fear, the action, the shock
He emptied the gun and ran for his life
While Nicholas bled on the pavement that night
My heart cries to God asking why must I be
The mom of the kid who killed her baby
I cry for her loss as if it were mine
I beg her forgiveness, and I offer her mine.
You don't want to be either one of these moms
Our children at risk, a sign of the times
God please shine Your light on this good Earth today
We're all human beings who've just lost our way.

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Once a place that sold cultivated pigment, the shop has become a catacomb,
Windows entombed by cardboard boxes, deprived of the merest hint of life and
I wonder if the gallery owner had intended a display of irony or focused rage. 

Gone, the watercolour weeping chartreuse, its soft backdrop of midnight blue,
And the oil on wood with knife strokes applied so thickly, it almost moved, 
Charcoal sketches of thunderstorms hitting the shores of Port Elgin, greys loud. 

Dark now the halls that had sheltered dreamscapes, art of all disciplines and sizes,
Squeezing themselves into corners and elbowing each other for my attention.
I ache for that one perfect dove that called to me from an azure sky, the one who 

knew my name, but I did not have the funds to take him home to my little cage.
He deserved a rectory or a view that would at least provide a kind of sanctuary.
Oh, how his wings had beat against pulse points and one of his feathers tickled

out a memory of a robin that had flown towards a cloudless sky, but instead had 
collided with a picture window; the contact point marred by a red, sickle shaped 
smear, and my grandmother had carefully wrapped the corpse in yesterday’s news.

I had trudged out to the garbage can, unseen, found the poor thing in its shroud, 
Snuck out to the garden and buried it amongst tall phlox and florid snap dragons,
I’d succumbed to tears, wrenched by a world where beauty is fragile and disposable.

Today people walk along the street, wearing blinders, holding devices that fail to
signal that something living and real slowly starved to death, atrophied, and I watch
a happy child point to a puddle, but her mother fails to see the large coin it holds.

I recall a portrait that had enraptured like a sun shower, reminiscent of light and rain, 
A girl traipsing waves, almost overtaken, her footsteps disappearing under foam…
And I silently apologize to those artists unmet, the ones who continue to meet panes. 

*Please click on the About my Poem link to see a picture of what inspired this poem... It has been closed for a while, but today, I walked past it and remembered the lovely art that I had once appreciated, yet was never able to afford. 

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Unrequited Love

While transient love is all I yearn for now,
A state of panic engulfs as I imagine.
When my life takes a decisive turn
Hair white, wrinkled face and lack of sin. 

Will I see shadows of myself?
Will my contagious grime enthuse my sons?
Have I discovered my faults too late?
Can my heart endure those countless revolutions? 

Inhabiting my substance, torturing my world.
A life full of faults and guilt knotted.
I travel aimlessly for an ounce of peace.
Disturbed and heart so cruelly destructed.

My parents whom I did not revere,
Their love, I never answered.
Their forgiveness, I never asked for.
Those words of love, I always stammered.

Oh! Those heart beats, when I came hurt.
My letters, they never threw away.
Their magnificence, and my bag of sins.
A false remorse every single minute of the day.

Have I drowned in my own forever.
Or is this realisation a guide for the lost?
It’s never too late to ask for clemency.
Certainly not late to fulfil the unrequited love.

Forgive me for all I have done.
Let no one in this world have unrequited love.

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A Rising Son on Christmas

Eternally waiting for the second coming 
a mother's heart flutters weakly, slow snow fills the dreary sky
the cars snake hypnotically forward twinkling red and gold lights
the sky is full of travelers hoping for a soft landing    mother's heart flutters
slush streaked and faux-fur wet, bedraggled entry to the terminal obtained
terminal, once inside the reality of the name  brings clarity to the wait
the stale high rise air twitters with sparrows, I perch as do they and wait
plastic benches hold little Christmas cheer, the blackboard rolls 
flight 231 from San Francisco    mother's heart flutters  DELAYED
Starbucks may be the only star in this evenings sky
french fries grease the tile floor as a small child feeds the birdies
Deck the Halls blares fresh from the can, a longing for cotton balls rises
Soon soon I will see him again, the only egg we'd put in life's basket.
The Black board cycles and flight 231 shows NOW LANDING
a mother's heart flutters    scarf and glove in hand  the gate exit sought
Like action figures each weary homebound traveler springs
into the waiting arms of Mother or Father or the total gaggle
of loved ones squealing and waving their arms
mother's heart flutters   home, home again,     my son.

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Tod Und Frau 1910 (Death and the Woman)

As death creeps out of the darkness,
  A mother becomes the rope in a (Tug of war.)
A child reaches to help its’ mother in her weakness,
  And stares death in the eye with abhor.

The rope falls limp in sure defeat,
  Yet the child pulls on the strength of heart.
Against the evilness and deceit,
  Fighting with the will to not be apart.

The hooks of death on weary knees,
  Shackling the arms, exposing vulnerability.
Screaming and crying the words of “please”
  The mother rests with peace and tranquility.

A child left to battle life’s groans,
  Preparing for the encounter and all its’ lour.
For one day she will meet Mr. Bones,
  And she’ll be the rope in her child’s (Tug of war.) 

Inspired by Brian’s Picture Poem’s Contest

Käthe Kollwitz, Death and the Woman (Tod und Frau), lithograph, 1910.

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Like an eagle you’ve watched me grow, Forested me with love since I knew how to crawl, How can I forget the wings that protected me from cold? Cuddling down my mortal sole, Warming words of wisdom, Penetrating my tiny being, Eyes of a dove that made me strong, To tackle the poison of this world given to taste, I stretched by eyes to find you whenever am lost, My mouth up roaring your name in all tryouts, Stimulated by the sugary beam that never desert your cheeks, A bliss the earth can never secrete, Mommy you spotted my ill attitudes signs in me, And fashioned my self esteem to appease, Never to be a victim of this world of pain, A pearl banked in my heart never to be stolen, Mother, to you my heart belong You’re my sole in this life, Your slogans fill my heart with hope, Am a blessed branch from your tree, Without you life will never set me free, In every breath I’ll pay a huge fee, It’s like a shoe without a sole, Or a house without a roof. ELIZABETH LEPAPA INSPIRED BY 'Mother' Sponsored bY ~ A Rambling Poet ~

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Jesus You Know His Heart

Once soft meadows so full of life,
now hold shadows, blocking the light.
Words unheard, and dreams untouched,
once your eyes laughed so much.
Distant sounds, still call your name,
within a body silenced by the game.
Love can't touch, and tears can't clean,
that part we know as self esteem.
Yesterdays of you, bring me joy,
recalling back when you were a boy.
Shiny blonde hair, and smiling blue eyes,
my heart forever hypnotized.
As tomorrow comes, and life goes on,
somewhere happiness must belong.
My prayer for you I humbly ask,
may light surround you within God's grasp.
A blessing for me, when you were born,
but somehow evil has sent this storm.
Jesus You know him, but he has lost his way,
hold him tight, don't let him stray.
Bring him safely to me once more,
as the waves get higher on unknown shores.
Lost is lonely, and screaming for help,
but I can't save him all by myself.
I give him to You, as I sit and cry,
a mother in pain, I cannot lie.
Your mother watched, as you died on a cross,
a mother in pain, for her son she had lost.
You gave her comfort, You called her name,
now I give You mine, my heart feels the same.
Bring him safely back into the flock,
as You guide a lost vessel from hidden rocks.
Let him know joy, let him feel rain,
as Your Love gently brings, my son home again.

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Slow was the logo he had been wearing since he was born.
Born into a world of poverty and scorn. They look at you funny when your mom is 
destroying her fetus and it's not even born yet. 
9 months of pain in a bubble of insanity. Slowly fading. She didn't know how much you 
were going to be. 
So when the day came and she lied down on the table screaming and breathing. Cussing and 
fussing. Wondering why she didn't keep her silly legs closed.
But then you come around and your eyes were enough to tame her. No more stripping to make 
a dollar, no more crack pipes she wanted to be the perfect mother. She raised you right, 
though she made some mistakes she was really trying. 
Your first day of school she held your hand and cried because you were becoming such a 
little man.
She didn't yet know the hardships that were to come. The boat was solid now but the waves 
were sure to crash it.
The little boy strutted to school he wanted to make his mother proud but he didn't yet 
know he was going to be made a fool. 
First day of class and he could barely read. Teacher's crucified him because he didn't 
know his ABC's. 
From then on he was labeled slow. Got left back in the 3rd grade for him their seemed no 
He went from being so determined to blaming his mother, the stress so enormous she 
started the pipe again.
The boy couldn't imagine how much he had hurt her. But he knew hurt as well and for now 
he felt he deserved to be selfish. 
Kids teased him every day, stole his lunch money, called him " slow" and a dummy. He had 
no friends and one day he turned to his mother. 
He said mom why is that every day I go to school and they tease me and I come home and I 
tease you. But you’re silent, you don't ever belittle me. Why is that mommy? He stared at 
her with intelligence in his eyes. The mother was silent for a second and then she looked 
into her baby's eyes and said " Because to me you are golden and even though they might 
not see it I surely know it".The boy looked at his mother and said but how can I be 
golden that's not what anyone says they all say that I’m slow. 
The mother looked at her son and reached out for his hand and slapped it. Didn’t I tell 
you never to listen to what other people say it only matters what you think? What do you 
The boy gazed into his mother's eyes and said " I think I’m really bright, if you can see 
it and I can see it than that's all I need to know. The mother smiled as he left her that 
day the future seemed bright.

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All she could say.

	I awoke to her screaming in the early morning grey. He knew he 
needed to leave
had to go away. The tears were failing he could no longer hide. So much 
sadness built
deep inside. Young tired unknowing eyes awaken by her mothers scream. He 
found her 
looking, his heart breaking, tears began to stream. The little girl ran past her 
and ran to him in the early morning grey. The little girl looked up to him. Dad, was 
the only
word she could say...

His heart began to pound, the little girls tears falling to the ground. They hugged 
and both 
cried together in the early morning grey. The mother ripped her away from him, 
go away. Placing the little girl inside the house. The little girl ran to the window, 
stared and 
listioned as quiet as a mouse...

Through the window she heard no sound, her mother pushed him, stumbling he 
fell to the ground.
As he rose beginning to stand, he noticed the gun she had in her right hand. He 
wanted to move had began to step away, One bullet fired in the early morning 

Then I heard the woman scream, what have I done? Looking at him and then at 
the gun. I picked myself off the floor. I stepped forward and opened my front door. 
I found the little girl by his side in the early morning grey.As he began to die, dad 
was the only word she could say.

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

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Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John. 
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr. , Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate .
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate ..
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix ..Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on .  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

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Love Never Fades

There's a little history to this particular poem. I know I wrote it when I was 11 or 12 years old. I wrote it for my Grandma Dorabel, who is today 90 years old. I also wrote it for my uncle John who had been taking care of her at the time; I didn't want to leave him out so I put on the letter: For Grandma Dee and Uncle John! I wrote this short little poem along with a drawing of a cat and some flowers. However, I actually never sent the picture to her! My parents and I must have forgotten to send! To me that was unacceptable! I thought to myself today when I found the picture, I must send it now! The picture is now on its way to her, so I am happy she will at last receive it. 

---------------------------- You can send me a bouquet of flowers, You can order me a box of chocolates, You can buy me a fancy outfit, But flowers don't last, Chocolates eventually disappear, Outfits get out of style, Yet Love never fades, And it's the most precious gift of all

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It's not a mask,it's my face

I like to wear mask

I wear a mask everyday

This mask I wear for my mom

This mask I wear for my brothers

This mask I wear for my sisters

This mask I wear for my dad

This mask I wear for my aunts

This mask I wear for my cousins

This mask I wear for my uncles 

This mask I wear for my grandma

This mask I wear for my grandpa

This mask I wear for friends

This mask I wear for strangers

I've grown so accustomed to wearing a mask, I've even made myself believe it's my face.

It's sometimes painted.

It's sometimes plain

It's sometimes decorated

But even after all that, when the night comes and I'm sitting alone I remove the mask. And out falls everything that I fear.My scars shows.And the darkness finally is let out.

I can cry, silently

My screams are never heard.

But that's alright, as long as everyone else is happy it's fine right?

To be honest, you just sound selfish.

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My Dad

My Dad was Chicagoan.
He would light up a room just like my Mom. 
He loved to fish ! He loved his beer .
He also designed a Octagon home in the 70's 
Built custom by hand . I was very proud of Dad .

Alcohol hit our Family , a curse .
He left my Mom when I was 14 in Illinois.
To renew in California , leaving a trail of tears .
Meeting my step mom , my sisters age .
My 2 sisters they were accepted in her world . 

Not I , I looked too much Like Mom . Told this all my Life . 
She a petite Beauty , RN , real estate Broker .
I did not see why it was wrong to be like mom ?

I moved in with Dad, His new Wife , and 2 sisters 
eventually . All three women were competing for my Father .
I was kicked out at 16 yrs.

Years do pass , you try and accept people places and things .
At the end of Dads life , he was calling me once a week .
I ordered a Engraved Clock for the Fathers day coming.
This was a issue for the Wife and sisters , never invited to his new home , 2 Decades ~My little Brother & I , never wanted .

Dad passed suddenly one sad Spring Day . Not one word from his wife , all 3rd party,  how and when,  Dad Died . being denied the right to his address , even to say goodbye .
Not being able to send my engraved clock . 

 "Dad Passed " received call  from sister whom just stayed a week with me ,  I took her all around the sites here . "1st day I get call , you should come , 2nd Day after , Dad's been cremated already . " It was a lie.

I went anyway , finding the funeral home, the Funeral Director was appalled at the denial displayed.

He insisted I was given 10 minutes alone with Dad , my Birthright to say Goodbye , he was in dismay over the Hostility towards a daughter ~

I get to this room of mean relative's. His sisters , Mine, angry looks , hearing from a Aunt "What is she doing Here ! " I can't give nor reason or rhyme. 

 Shame to you and all that participated that wicked day.
 Are you Glorified with Power?  Denied the right to grieve , 

 Left with no sane answers to give in hatred received by Blood . Some , just Spouses , telling me I had no right to Say Goodbye to my own Father , My DAD .

My Dad wanted me there , I know he did . I love Him and will never forget , his youngest girl whom looked like Mom . I know in my heart and dreams he speaks. 
 We all see when we leave . May God not allow any Son or Daughter to go through such Evil.

Thank-you Poetry Soup for returning my voice .

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Mom - You are my harmonious World

                       The poem is dedicated to my Mom..My bestest buddy ever..
                                         wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

 Mom - You are my harmonious World!!!! 

      MOM you are a beautiful angel who always had an great heart of making my problems simpler..just cant compare you with anyone in this world..You have been moonlighting in my life since many are my shadow,you are my strength,you are great friend of my mine..thanks for being the bestest mom ever in my struggled so hard for curving my career,u painted ma life with colourful rainbows,thanks for ur patience when I get panicked,you knw how to handle me..My life will be incomplete without you..I can't spend a single day without having thought abt always shower with an unconditional are the  mesmerised persona..who lime lighted my world..Wish you a very happy birthday and happy mother's day too..Love you mummy..

wrote by:
Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

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We Are There With You

You do not stand alone in your Battle
Your battle is our Battle
We may not be there in body
But we are there with you in Spirit

We are there in every beat of your Heart
In every whisper of the wind
In every thought and every touch
Every breath and every sound
We are there with you

You are wrapped in an Endless chain of Love
In every link we each send you a part of us
We send you some of our Strength
Some of our will to Fight
Some of our Courage
The most important of them all
We send you all of our Love

If you feel you need more
Just give that Endless chain a little tug
And we'll be there
Tug til you need us no more
Then we'll know you've gone Home

5/09/2014 Dedicated to my Aunt Nini, Wilma Thomas Gamble for Mother's Day. Sadly she lost her Battle w/ Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer on 5/30/2014.

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A Mother's Quote

Mother's are most special
Their Tender Touch
And Loving Care
Is more than a Father
Could even Bare
Their Magical Boo-Boo Kisses
And Bright Sunshine Smiles
Takes every bit of Heartbreak away
Even across the Miles

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written 10th Aug 2013

I am God's child, first and forever
I am known by many different titles, a daughter
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am a grandmother
I am a poet
I am by several ways, known as a sister
I am an acquaintance
I am a loyal friend
I am a stranger
I am a cousin
I am an Auntie
I am a niece
But who is this person, they all call "Denise?"

She is a child to God
She is a niece
She is a cousin
She is a stranger
She is a loyal friend
She is an acquaintance
She is known to many, a sister
She is a poet
She is a grandmother
She is a mother
She is a wife
She is known as a daughter to many
She is everything, she'd ever dreamed her life to be....
She is happier than she ever imagined possible

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Rose Wine

Your strong hand 
beneath my head
my Love in your Blood
turned from friendship
did spread
into More
the first time you
took my Hand
and traveled every
line, of my Flesh land
the way you reflect your soul
Into my Eyes, 
makes me forget my small stature
shape, size
in this world
I wish to carry your 
future child
be it boy or girl
be them strong of spirit
Smarts of street and class
leaders of Eminence
Sweet mixed with Sass
I see this future
as I fall head first, spilling
into your secure embrace
like a single bottle of Rose Wine
Down to the last Taste

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Loading up the car, on a trip that’s not to far..
to Grand-mommy’s house!
We head up 75, it’s such a lovely drive..
to Grand-mommy’s house!
“Are we there yet?” “Almost, we’re getting really close”..
to Grand-mommy’s house!
On Francis Street we turn, sweet thoughts of past trips return..
at Grand-mommy’s house!

Feelings hard to hide, knowing the joy inside..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
The “I love greetings”, Ah, pressure and stress is fleeting..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Warm hugs and kisses, from the Mr. and the Mrs..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Place your bags in the back, time to enjoy a dinner snack..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Pork sandwiches and tea, something special just for me..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Sweat aroma fills the air, to the sunroom.. pick your chair..
at Grand-mommy’s house!

Talks from the past, wonderful memories that last..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Funny stories are told, wow, it never gets old..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Wisdom to teach, in a way that’s always in reach..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Kindness and care, so much affection to share..
at Grand-mommy’s house!

When you’ve had to much to eat, you’ll still want a treat..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Chocolate cake and pie, you’ll want both.. don’t lie..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
To the bathroom to wash your face, so many hearts, lips, love, and lace..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
You’ll wash both your hands, by the light of the lipstick stand..
at Grand-mommy’s house!

So much more to say, and many games to play..
at Grand-mommy’s house! 
The Weather Channel’s on mute, Granddaddy thinks we’re cute..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
It’s getting kind of late, time with the cousins has been great..
 at Grand-mommy’s house!
When you’re feeling beat, head to the second den for some sleep..
at Grand-mommy’s house!

At midmorning we awake, there’s no schedule on the slate..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Smell those biscuits piping hot, oh.. we like them a lot..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Come into the kitchen, to see all that Grand-mommy’s fixin’..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
She’s wrapped in Granddaddy’s arms, there’s so much love and charm..
at Grand-mommy’s house!

Warm hands to hold, you’re always treated like gold..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
Love, faith, and trust, spoiling grandkids is a must..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
You’ve helped us all to see, just how good life can be..
at Grand-mommy’s house!
My Grandparent’s endless love, is a gift from God above..
at Grand-mommy’s house!

Written from my child's perspective of their longing to go to Grand Mommy's house which for me will always be, "Home Sweet Home!"

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Mother and son

I cherish you,
If you cherish me.

You brought me to life,
We began to meet through time,
Even though,
Sometimes you don't comprehend me,
Sometimes you don't understand me,
That sometimes time isn't enough,
That sometimes instincts get uncontrolled...,
But still,
You were designated for my life,
And you profile my living...
We share lives...

Time brings maturity,
And time doesn't last forever,
As well as we don't last forever...

There is no such thing,
As total perfection,
Even though,
Thank you...

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To a Dead Man

You Drive me into this Malice, into this Maze I can only see the last of days Your Creation Failed With Me Burn with malice as you bridge to the plains of ennui

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The Melt Down

As ashen storm clouds brew above his head,
his furrowed brow denotes catastrophe. 
The lash of his tongue like fire brings such dread
a broken heart is all she can foresee.

Heated anger joins the howl on winds misled,
a wild child of tantrum's misdirected decree,
his glacial heart disperses rocky scree.
As ashen storm clouds brew above his head.

Mother melts beneath his glare, few tears shed
for him to see, her child she's failed by degree.
Oh, all the signs of madness she'd misread,
his furrowed brow denotes catastrophe. 

His wrath unleashed, now gone his kinder creed
though she still sees his arms widespread,
perhaps, a mother's love can intercede?
The lash of his tongue like fire brings such dread.

Unless his anger's dampened it may spread
destroying the bonds of sweet felicity, 
if she can not hold on to love's thread
a broken heart is all she can foresee.

Son can't you see the sun high overhead
upon his cheek a tears falls silently,
with her arms outstretched his mother plead
and on her shoulder he rested sullenly, 
as ashen storm clouds brew.

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I will always have faith in you

 Light my world with fantisies
For there shall be a day in a life 
Where the stars smile so bright 
cause I see your smile 
and I know my day will be all right 

cause your right there next to me 
as I go on my first day of school 
it may not be as easy as I thought it would be but 
I know your right there next to me 
And I smile at the thought of you smiling as I sing this song to you
I've always knew just what to do 

Someday I will be a superstar 
I will give us the life we never had
we will be a happy little family
no matter what I do I will always try 
cause I am not giving up on the lady who gave me life 

Cause your right there next to  me 
As  as I go off to high school 
 It may of got a little better since you been away 
I smile at thought of you looking down at me and saying "im proud of you, im proud of who you became, my sweet little angel 
is growing up" 

I am not letting go of what I used to have 
I am just being happier cuz I know its what you would want for me 

So look back at all we have been threw 
Its your time to shine and give that girl what she derves 
I have grown but she is still so young 
I will be there soon enough 
I only got a few years to go 

So while I am away
Make sure her happiness is still with you 
She  will love you forever just like I do
Cause I see your smile a thousand miles away 
I know we will meet again 
So for now I will remember 
that smile on tuesday night 
tucking me in and telling me "goodnight" 

cause your right there next to me 
as I am coming home
I have my own little family now 
We are coming to visit and say hello to you my dear 
I see that smile as I am driving home 
its been a long time since ive seen your beautiful smile

So dont forget that I love you 
I have always been here to help you understand how a kids heart 
can change so fast whens they have been threw a lot 
Someday they will tell you thank you 
I have a learned alot from you 
I dont know what or who I would be 

So I want you to understand that you dont have to be here for me 
I trust in you 
Like you can never see 
I can hear you saying "I love you" 
I have always had faith in you 
I hope you know you will always be in my heart

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I Know Of Someone Holding Unforgiveness

I Know of Someone Holding Unforgiveness! I know of someone holding unforgiveness! This has led to a life of much bitterness! Toward his brother, he’s held on to a grudge. From his viewpoint, he won’t even “budge.” No matter what God’s word has clearly spoken… He’s walked with a heart that’s been broken! His son prayed that God would speak to him! That he would forgive, so God could heal him! Forgiveness is a powerful thing to do! If you want God’s mercy to flow through you! We’re not called to “hold back,” the love God’s given! Through Christ shed blood… We’re all forgiven! May the love of Christ come and touch us! It’s no secret how much God really loves us! Please come Lord Jesus! And touch our soul! May we express your love, wherever we go! May God’s gentle love, be what always binds us! HIS words; “love one another,” do remind us! By Jim Pemberton

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I'm dreaming with mother
I'm dancing with father
i'm laughing with brother
i'm dressing up with sister
i'm sitting in grandfather's lap
i'm talking to grandmother
i'm singing with auntie
i'm helping unlce
i'm dressing cousin
One by one 
Two and two
Three to four
There is no war,that can tear me from you
Five by five
Six and six
Seven to eight 
This was the last memory I have of you all.Catch me,free me,bring me back to life,watch over me,and set peace over my head.
Nine by nine
Ten and ten
Eleven to twelve
What more could I'll tell you? Did you not hear the words that came from my mouth as I ran toward you?
One by two
Three and four
Five to six 
Catch me when I fall.
Free me from my chains.
Bring me back to life and away from the grave.
Watch over me while I walk through this valley of the ignorant and dead.
Set the peace over my head,that i may control what fury I carry inside.
Seven by eight
Nine and ten
Should we use are words and speak and use are actions and break one another? What reason could we show if we lose part in memories that were so perfect and harmless.
Just how many times must i say it again?
I'm dreaming with mother
I'm dancing with father
i'm laughing with brother
i'm dressing up with sister
i'm sitting in grandfather's lap
i'm talking to grandmother
i'm singing with auntie
i'm helping unlce
i'm dressing cousin
What a peaceful exist this is and should always be.

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Hera precious, gorgeous queen of splendor,
of mighty Ares,and Enyo,the mother,
to thee I write my gratitude and thanks
for all thy blessings showered upon my head.
Thine is the pomegranate and the diadem,
with which you rule all worlds and human lands,
with magnanimous mercy and charity.
of rainbow colors dressed divine thou art,
the sunny smiling matron of the arts,
Thou,queen, who favorest the pure of heart.

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Dark wolf

Dark wolf......
 Why still  choose to be on the attack
An blame me for this vicious act
I will not cower
In good vs dark 
My choice is light 
Bring on this fight
There is no surrender 
With a subject so tender
The truth will stand tall
There is no fear at all
With God by my side let it be known
I will offer him my life  to honor his throne......

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The Wound

When my mother died
My craving eyes rained
And tormented soul cried
Blood sucked and energy drained

The sky fell, the sun eclipsed
It was a horrifying dark day
The fragrant breeze turned into easterly wind
O God! Orphaned at the age of twelve, why say

The spear of loneliness pierced my heart
Causing deep bleeding wound
Pointed at me was misfortune’s dart
All my hopes and aspirations drowned

Seasons came and seasons went
In the desert of heart autumn never changed
Gardens were filled with bloom’s scent
The butterflies with colors artfully arranged

My heart remained a symbol of despair
No one ever shared my grief
My cancerous wound alone to bear
I searched and searched but no relief

(Winner in the Member Contest of Destroyer Poet judged on 6-20-2012)

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' ' I LOVE YOU ' '

~*~ =============================== sophisticated architect who framed the home of my life's essence eloquent sculptor who casts and molds my ethereal vivacity aesthetic painter who puts the ravishing, superb hues in my flawed existence imperial majesty, owning the aureate diadem of my subsistence's glory " NUMBER 1 " mother, the blood when I'm in thirst and the flesh when I'm hungry. ~*~ ================================================================

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My Mother

MY MOTHER          
Mother more than just a word; my mother is where my life began. My mother 
protected me from the world bonding together from the beginning. Safely tucked 
away I would spend the next nine months listening to her heart beat, gently 
floating in water. Our blood would mix and nourishment she supplied to me. 
My world and hers suddenly changed when my birth came about. No matter the pain 
we both endured, comfort quickly came as I found my way into her arms! Together 
we would make our way in this world as nothing compares to the love of my mother.
We listened to the birds singing, watched the lightning bugs, and talked of things 
on earth and heaven. My mother taught me love and gentleness’. Early in life I 
developed a sixth sense. I knew, “I had a guardian angel” and “God was always 
with me”.
Growing up was not so easy and I made many mistakes. Many times I did not 
understand my mother and swore she could not love me. I was looking through the 
eyes of a child and did not look through hers till aged and wiser!
My mother continued to love me forgiving my blunders in life for we bonded early 
when my heart first began to beat. With the passing of time my mother proud and 
supportive always tells me of her love for me. At times when I look in the mirror, 
looking back at me is my mother!
 I know life as I know one day may end however; my mother and I having shared 
life from the start will always be bonded in the heart. My mother gave from her 
heart and soul. Now to you my mother, in your honor; I dedicate and give this poem 
with all my love from all my heart!
						Your, Daughter Debbie 
	July 20, 2011

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I am alive today
Because of you.
Death has knocked at my door multitudes of times and you've been there to scare it away.
There is no one else that means as much to me as you do.
You may never read this nor ever know the Honest truth.
The peices of me that've been broken you've found a way to peice back together every time.
You taught me how to smile, to love and to cry.
You have fixed every broken heart every cut and bruise.
I love you more than you'll ever know.
When the pain is too much for me to explian you were my shoulder to cry on.
Whenthe darkness creeps in on me, you are my light that shines it all away.
Dear lady of peace you took me from a broken home and abuse, gave me reason to be happy and watched over me through everything. 
When I had given up and was letting go of my life you were there to keep my heart beating.
Deasperatly alone I've felt but you came through with a hand to hold.
No one understands me like you.
Please know that all the times you've helped me see, that this world isnt as cruel as i think, still sticks with me.
As I walk this road with the sun setting I can see you laughter in your eyes. The smile that touches you face. And i am content with life. All I want is for you to feel joy.
You may not be blood, but you are more than that. I love you more than you could ever know mom.
You will always be my Mom my best friend and the person i trust most.

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Sad girl rising

Sad girl rising

Let me tell you about this girl I know
My cousin, this girl be
Her life has been so very sad
But how wonderful is she
She was a wild child, till she married
And had her first born child
When she found out that his brain was damaged
It really drove her wild.

She took the Doctor through the courts
Then fought for ten long years
To get the money she deserved
And she cried so many tears
She gained a million pound at last
To help her with the lad
And yet the damage it was done
And it really drove her mad.

Her and her hubby cared for he
And gave their lives to him
It was a twenty four, seven job
But at times it got real grim
She would do just anything
To make his life more sweet
But when she got that Parkinson’s
She was close on to defeat

But no, she struggled with the odds
And though it’s ten years on
Never does this girl give up
When all her hope seems gone
She smiles, and carries on with courage
Like I’ve never seen before
She’s something kind of wonderful
She’s a hero, that’s for sure.

30 July 2o13 @ 1043hrs.

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Impression From Grandmother 3x Esther Louise Arbuthnot's Photograph 1876

        ( Impression From Grandmother 3x Esther Louise Arbuthnot's Photograph 1876)
While the rain is falling gently on the roof it makes the sound
of a time that's long forgotten though it seems to hang around
I can hear you breathing lightly from an Irish dream I've known
it has come to Pennsylvania where you've found me here alone
       and I can feel you when you cry.
       So far from home, you wonder why,
       and it makes me want to die.

All the way from County Down there was a dream you had to find
you were long ago and far away, but always on my mind,
in your photograph your eyes are reaching out perhaps for me,
I can feel you when I see you but I never really see,
       what makes you think you have to cry?
       You must have known I'd wonder why,
       it still makes me want to die.

Can you hear the raindrops falling? County Down's so far away,
or perhaps it's just forgotten, like a dreary Irish day,
I can feel it when you're smiling, and I see it in your eyes
love is gone before you know it, and it's then I realize,
       it's made you think you have to cry.
       And through it all, not wonder why,
       it still makes me want to die.
©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sky's eyebrows white on blue juxtaposed... tears wave to wash away pain on cue" ~~~~~~~~ ~JSLambert © 2012 Poet TreeZ Publishing

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The Motherless Child

Whispers in your ear you fear

The child with no mother is near

As she promotes her soul within

To see you lifeless cunning grin

The warped faze and constant glaze

Undress your body with ever rage

As she smells fear from near your maze

Your mind at ease is restless peace

The clock strikes 12 tic toc heart stopped

She warms you up as her baby soft touch

Enters your cloned state of mind

From the cloned state of time

When things where in rhyme

Of a perfect loves chime

Ticking away the clock strikes 1

The motherless daughter shows you her fun

And see where it leads as she shows you who won

And see her heart bleed as her mother did once

The clock strikes 2 she reloads the gun

Points it at you as she smiles you hear the drum

Her heart beats loud keeping tune in her womb

As the trigger from her lonely motherless gun

Come to halt as the clock strikes back towards 1

She sees youuagain as you where back in time

Back in time when her mom was around showing prime

Back in time when she smiled at others with a crime

Back in time as she feels her heart stop in rhyme

Tick tock the gun pulled her shock

Back to time it did her

As the motherless deter

Bring your pain

Bring your shame

For we all are motherless sons

For we are all cowards of none

The same said for her

As the motherless daughter

Could fear nothing more

Than her shadow on the wall

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In Gods arms

Month one


I am only 8 inches long

but I have all my organs.

I love the sound of your voice.

Every time I hear it

I wave my arms and legs.

The sound of your heart beat

is my favorite lullaby.

Month Two


today I learned how to suck my thumb.

If you could see me

you could definitely tell that I am a baby.

I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.

It is so nice and warm in here.

Month Three

You know what Mommy

I'm a boy!!

I hope that makes you happy.

I always want you to be happy.

I don't like it when you cry.

You sound so sad.

It makes me sad too

and I cry with you even though

you can't hear me.

Month Four


my hair is starting to grow.

It is very short and fine

but I will have a lot of it.

I spend a lot of my time exercising.

I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes

and stretch my arms and legs.

I am becoming quite good at it too.

Month Five

You went to the doctor today.

Mommy, he lied to you.

He said that I'm not a baby.

I am a baby Mommy, your baby.

I think and feel.

Mommy, what's abortion?

Month Six

I can hear that doctor again.

I don't like him.

He seems cold and heartless.

Something is intruding my home.

The doctor called it a needle.

Mommy what is it? It burns!

Please make him stop!

I can't get away from it!

Mommy! HELP me!

Month Seven


I am okay.

I am in God's arms.

He is holding me.

He told me about abortion.

Why didn't you want me Mommy?

Every Abortion Is Just . . .

One more heart that was stopped.

Two more eyes that will never see.

Two more hands that will never touch.

Two more legs that will never run.

One more mouth that will never speak.


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A Squirrels Tears

How do I describe such distress?
A squirrel sat on a lower limb,
His mother had chased him from the nest.
His heart was broken, in upheaval, a mess.
His home gone. His mother turning her back so new.
Oh what, oh what will he ever do?
Each breath he takes is a mighty gulp,
Then the sound so soulful with every shout.
Cries of pain were so deeply felt, 
That every bout rips my heart inside out.
It renders me tearful to hear the sounds flow…
The need to help him drives me so,
How could his mother yield such a blow?
But he is wild and won’t let me help his woe.
A human I’d hold so warm and tight.
I’d build a nest for him if it were right.
But I know he won’t accept my help, 
As he cries on and on in his plight.
For an hour he tore my heart to shreds…
Then finally a young squirrel came from another tree, instead.
Together they ran off fulfilling his needs…
His cries stopped. He’d found what he wanted with those pleas…
Now if mankind could only help those in need, with such simplicity.

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Losing Him

Buried secrets…pulled out of dank soil and shoved into the light
Unjustified accusations, exhausting and expensive to fight
Tainted and tattered relationships flutter in and endless wind

Impossible to undo or explain, especially to a young mind, closed within

Wistful memories of easy smiles and open affection
Innocence gone; hatred coaxed by lies and deception
Love too strong and proud to let go, perceived as little more than a show
Lost for words as his disrespect slowly smolders and grows

Lingering awkward anger, followed by confusion and sighs
Each hateful word and hostile look, thrown like daggers from eyes I don’t recognize
Torn between a mother’s hope and helpless frustration

He is resolute; seeing only black and white…allowing no gray in this situation
I have given up explaining, reasoning, and rationale that falls on deaf ears
My heart breaking with each failed attempt; desperately fighting back tears

Gone forever is the boy I knew only months ago
Oblivious to my intent and resolute to his own; my heart tells me to say no,
…But I will let him go

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The soul of the Crab

The soul of the crab

Oh how she hides behind that shell
Lets no one see her feelings
She’s practical in everything
But those feelings have her reeling
She’s sensitive, and hurt easy
And her moods they be so many
And yet she has not one bad bone
Malice, she has not any.

She be the one for queen and country
Digs into history
She’s always loyal to her kin
She loves her family
She’ll protect them with her life
Don’t no one touch her man!!!
She has a brilliant memory
And she’ll get you when she can.

Her mother, she loves very much
But her children more than that
Wherever there be family
That’s where she would be at
And how she loves to entertain
And cook delicious food
And always she will be a mother
In her heart will be her brood

9 August 2013 @ 2000hrs.

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Blast From the Past

I was with you until I was ten, then the Lord came and took your hand;
Goodbye was hard to say, I was so young when you went away.
Time went on, abuse and pain, all my sunshine turned to rain;
My father's house was dark and cold, loneliness consumed my soul.

Then one day as I walked home, someone whispered, "your not alone!"
I stopped to look about, nothing there so I went on.
Once at my door, fear gripped my heart;
I could see my step-mom was drinking, there was a darkness, coming, creeping!

I hurried past her to my room, she followed me with doom and gloom;
then I saw what was in her hand, my heart sank like shifting sand!
She held a gun close to her side, there was a gleam of glee deep in her eyes;
she lifted it up to my head, my eyes on hers in deep concern,I collapsed upon my bed.

There was no sound, no light, no shout, but I could feel angels of God all about;
My heart it trembled deep inside, as my fear turned to courage, I could not hide.
I sat and faced death that day, and Jesus held me all the way;
Soon she dropped the gun back down, she couldn't do it, and without a sound;

she turned and crept away!
I was twelve years old that day!

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                            LOVE YOU MOM
        "a treasure is the gift of a mother's love"
       .The day you passed my heart shattered.
  My lifes a mess and feels like it doesn't matter.
         Your not here to make things right.
               So I feel so alone at night.
    If only I could hear your own words spoken.
         My heart would no longer be broken.
      Oh my sweet mama I miss you so much.
 Your arms holding me with that mothers touch.
      There is no answer for the question WHY?.
               Your passing is why we cry.
Everyday I see something that reminds me of you.
     Roses,coffee,newspaper and morning dew.
        My memories of you I will always keep.
                A place in my heart so deep.
                                  Teresa Skyles   26-Aug-11
Entered in Constance La France~a rambling poet~"Mothers"contest

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Little lad, big dog

Little lad, and big dog

The two, they did together sit
Big dog, and little lad
And I must say I do admit
That lad is looking sad

Cause his Mummy she has gone
In a health centre to stay
Big dog felt it going on
When the lad refused to play

So Bear Cub, he’s our Rottweiler 
He sees the lad’s not well
[That dog, he be a heart stealer
He cares, a man can tell]

He nuzzles softly the poor lads face
And whimpers softly too
My mind it never will erase
The love that did shine through.

Then Bear cub wagged his little stump
With a smile upon his face
He wriggled, then he made a jump
With all his clumsy grace

And soon the lad is up and going
And they’re running everywhere
The lad {our Jake} all glowing now
Relieved of all his care.

3 July 2013 @ 1540hrs

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The thought of you makes me feel choked
Speaking your name is like swallowing glass
If you were in my arms you would be blood soaked
The foul memories of you never pass

You did nothing good for me
Made me feel like i was rotting inside
I tore out my eyes cause you were all i could see
I wanted to kill you, so i tried

You filled my mind with corrupt thoughts
Forced me to say lies like "love you lots"
But my hate for you, you can never comprehend
I want to watch your pain never end

Why do you keep me here tormenting me
Cant you see what you did to me
Why do you act like you did nothing to make my heart sore
I hate you so what am i here for

You took away everything i ever cared for
I will hate you in my heart to the very core
I want to spill your guts on the floor
Because every day i hate you more and more!

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Blue Rose

The Blue Rose
secretly grows
upon a Hill of Heathers
seldom do know

Songs speak of its
but few have lived to see
its rich blood blue petals
smells of sweet ginger and honey

The legend has it
the blue rose can cure
a thousand different ailments
although, I am not

My Grandmother told me
if you eat three petals
before you sleep
the disease which
infects, out of you
it will seep

Not many have heard
the powers of the 
blue rose
for it secretly grows
where seldom
do know

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Unspoken Love

She saved herself from pick up lines though she looked vulnerable
She's sooo lovable her heart definition could ruin my poetic abilities 
You cannot put a price on her she's not billable
If only her lips where adjustable my soft poetry would define her inabilities and weaknesses for the mute to scream happily ever after  
She's untouchable i O you an explanation
Her tears tattoo broken spirits uploaded on instagram
She's no twitter baby though followers invite themselves its unbelievable
I could throw nice verses in our conversation but i'm afraid i'm love blind 

I'll tell you more about her if you ask me....ask me nice

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Three days Saved

It's been nine years, I have counted the tears-
  they have made trails of guilt
  worried into my heart 
  then filled with loneliness and bitter despair
but by your grace I have been shown...

For the first time, in these nine years, I have not wept
  nor held a vigil to honor our grief
though the loss still burns, this time it is transformed

Peace from your love still reaches through death
  and through your eternal love I am reborn
 It is Good Friday. 
When God took your spirit home
  and left me dying to know,
  how to love him for his sacrifice
  when he asked me to give up you?
How do I heal this death and rise with you in his arms?

Through your love I was born, and in your arms I grew
 and it has been your love the kept me whole
 that taught me how to be reborn
    for even though your body has gone
    your words lost in the wind and breath no more
The essence of grace and strength you lived
- it grows still in your daughter soul

My being and existence came from your womb
  my heart and mind shaped by your enlightenment
I have lived a life you gave me and for once
   I live it in pride to honor your sacrifice
your words giving me the guidance I'd lost nine years ago.

Alas, I've come to know, that as you died
  and went home with our Lord, you saved me from my death
not in your dying, my grief and love can attest,
    but in your living strength and loving example
       you showed me how to live a life
             open to our Father's gift

We knew it would not wait, but the parting was too fast.
I sat in thought three days before your sleep and asked,
"In three days time my savior died, I wonder hence
   what of my soul will rise with his?"

And now sitting Easter morning, 
  holding my sons candy-filled basket,
I realized Three days passed.

  He took you home Friday morn, but left me love,
that eternal love that never dies
whose comfort is unending

I honor your love by giving it to my children
         and Easter morning I felt your hug, your kiss, and knew 
                                 you have never left me
Though God took you home Mom
I know you have never left me
for as our Savior died and rose
you too still live in my heart, 
showing me proof our Father's blessings

    because you, my love, are my soul and all ready there
there fore I am strong enough to give this pain up 
       to honor his sacrifice and transcend,
           to be humbled by the grace and mercy
          that could forgive such lost lambs as I

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Americans say that India is the largest democratic country .

Asians say that India is the country of spiritualism .

Australians say that India is the country of huge crowd . 

Africans say that India is the country of great M . K . Gandhi .

Europeans say that India is the country of philosophy . 

Politicians say that India is our strategic partner .

Economists say that India is one of the best place for investment .

Communists say that India is the perfect soil for communism . 

Capitalists say that India is the market of products .

Historians say that India is the center of history .

Poets say that India is the country of Rabindranath Tagore and lovers

Everybody says many many sentences about India !

Although soul of India says to her people
"You are citizens of India but residents in the world .
And the World is your original mother land ." 


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My Endless Longing -A Mother's Love


My heart is fierce in its longing for you
 With thoughts that mimic flitting butterflies
Like stars chasing the moon in the black velvet night
And every time I close my eyes…
It is you whose face I see
I ache from deep within my soul
Wanting to feel my fingertips trace the soft texture of your skin
Run my fingers through your soft, chocolate hair
Longing to see your smile - beaming radiant like diamonds in the sky

Lying in my bed at night the fingers of darknes touch my skin
The moon quietly tiptoes through my window
As silent witness to my bleeding heart
Closing my eyes…
Brings your image closer to my mind
For you... are a violet glistening with dew to my longing heart
An angel - in a spider's land
Where they deceitfully weave their web of lies
Unwillingly... turning your heart against me...
The mother who loves you so                                      

I drift away into a restless sleep dreaming of you- my girl  
As the early morning sun creeps through my window
I awake... with a heart that breaks all over again
I am a prisoner held captive by my love for you
My precious, little porcelain girl

My love for you will never end
I pray for strength to see us through
For someday we will win this battle
And the love we share...
Will lovingly come shining through



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My Kashmir Burns (Part 1)

I picture Kashmir through lightened KL. News of another massacre darkens my eyes
Winds are thirsty there. They continue to taste the young blood.
I groom myself with exquisite things,
Sipping ice tea in ac room, I comfort myself
And Kashmir burns. Kashmir set ablaze

I can smell the warm blood of beaten corpse
Where from winds bought this smell. Somewhere Karbala reborn.
Mosques are being slammed
There windows stoned. And the black boots leave their footprints on Mimber
Even God judges on evidence
There is one Imaam left now; he hides her daughters in his shadow
A blunt knife in his hands; soon he will sacrifice them to keep their innocence
Kashmir is burning. Kashmir is bleeding
And I write.

Army jeep chases the tracks. To find the associated bodies
They are alive now. Soon they will be dead
From Patan to Sopor, And in narrow passages of nostalgic downtown
Ghosts of curfew
Haunt the houses for young souls.

From the Kupwara cantonments, search lights chase emptiness
Nothing is left now. Search lights can’t see inside the graves
A boy there went missing for two days. His father starts digging his grave.
I put my earphones on and I close my eyes. I sleep
While my Kashmir is ablaze
“It’s me poor farmer’s son. Kupwara’s charm, I feel no pain”.
I see him so alive in my dreams.
He chants songs of Mahjoor from his burnt lips. My hands shiver. He has no finger nails.
I see his smoke tanned skin. Same as that of Khayam’s barbeques
He stands at a distance from me. I can still smell kerosene
“Tell my mother to let her heart become cold. Her heart will not bear my state.
Tell my mother to let her eyes become blind. Her eyes will not withstand my sight.”
I follow him towards his tortured body. He tells me to follow the spilled blood.
His blood has made its own Jhelum. I row on it. Until it gets lost in black boots
The story will turn into legend. I find his body no more.

On the streets silence prevails. Nobody has permission to wail.
Sisters are beatifying coffins while brothers look for stones.
For bullets there will be stones
Kashmir is ablaze. She is wailing in grotesque tones.
In Lal Ded hospital a new born cries: Father register me at cantonment then take me out
Death is recruiting in dozens at a time.
Tomorrow is curfew. Death has no curfew pass.
How they want to identity you. Becomes your identity
People burn up all you identity cards.

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When I hold your hand

When I hold your hand
I know its true
your love for me
has truly grew
from a hill to a 
your the only one
I can count on
to be there when times
are lonely
in all your sweet
kisses and hugs, you
have shown me
your love is my treasure
and we can stand strong
through any weather
as turtle doves,
we fly together forever
when I hold your hand

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My Grandfathers Dying Wish

See problems they no worry Timothy
He was raised by his Great Grandmother
One day she taught him
Miho you can make life beautiful or ugly
Work hard, find a woman who has a strong back
Beauty fades it doesn’t last long
Now let me tell you 
A woman with a strong back may not be your perfect companion
Times are changing, I think Faith is more important these days
I say okay Grandma, can I have the horachata now that you made me
No hush up! You can have it when I’m finished talking
Timothy come your poor Grandfather wanted you to have this
It is his Journal and I have never read out of it
She hands it to me
I am struck by it’s cover, it is brown and plain
Yet it spoke to me by it’s elegant style
These words were printed on the cover “Blanco Vendetta”
I was drawn and pulled in untill I was covered by the spell
The first page I open too it says “My first Mil Besos”
The Temptess that blew my heart away
I turn to page 33
It says “The story of an Apache Warrior”
There are no rules to an Apache Warrior when it comes to fighting
He says if you are my enemy I don’t care how but I’m gonna kill you
Page 41 is like a fist full of words thrown across the page
Barrio boxing, The protection of the Shield of Faith
Brokenhearted for my careless speech has left her heartbroken
Strengthened by Love “Amor”
Nourished by the sunshine in her hand
There is healing in its beams
Blessed by her presence Del Dios I am Greatful
I’m like Grandpa what did you say wrong
Then these words come to me
Give her your full attention when she speaks to you
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
So I close it and my finger brushes a bookmark
It’s the Last page
It says To: “Timothy my son who is as mighty as an army”
I Thank you for the Greatest Gift
For the Greatest Gifts are as small as your small hand that touched me
I plant these seeds and they will take root and grow because you are good ground
Timothy let me say That without you I would of never found my Faith in GOD
Listen for it is your Grandfather who is dead and speechless
Timothy you see the good in everything
And I know you will understand my words clearly
If a man gives you his word
Promise me not to plan your future on it
And if you give your word my son
Do everything in your Power to fulfill it
AND NEVER Promise more than you can deliver 
For it is better to put out more than you promised
Everyman is considered unwise when he appears foolish
I wish I could give you some insight about women
But your Great Grandmother may help you better than I can
But never timothy, Never be quick to fall in Love 
Or give your heart to a woman
Listen carefully to her words when she speaks to you
Cherish Her give her your full undue attention 
Because the Heart of the Wise studies how to answer
Love your neighbors as yourself
And do not strive against another man
If he has done nothing wrong to offend you
AS much as it is possible live peacefully with all men
And it is okay for you to speak these things with your Great Grandmother
She is a very wise and God-fearing woman
Amor take the greatest care of her, I Love you Son
Timothy when the time comes to avenge my death
Hit harder then you ever have before
But not in a Duel son, not like an open Vendetta
Marry his daughter Maria
The one who is pretty and Two years younger than you
Oh! He will suffer greatly!
And it will kill him to know that I chose this way to repay him
And remember son to be ready to fight any man at the drop of a hat

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L O M L Always

The thought of her smiling gave me faith
From when we were little we bathe
My mother and her mother is best friends
They both took care of us and gifts they send
We pulled each others hair
And she was always quick to dare
When I smiled at her she knew it was no good
She learned to pull me up and she understood
I just wanted her attention and that she gave
She knew it in her heart love was my slave
From when we were a child with full of energy I had my way
She was the one who was my guide and she did not push me away
When I saw her cry one day and her eyes was so sad
I gave her a flower and I smiled at her and made her glad
When some one special leaves her heart
I sat by her and never wanted to depart
She is the love of my life always
She is the one who gave me my hope through out my days
So I gave her my heart and love from within
And I did not make it thin
I stood by her side since I was a child
I gave her my support when we were wild
She knew who I was and I let her go the distance
I did not hate her or give her resistance
My mother and her mother are great friends and their virtue will never end
Because of their love they both trusted us to live our ways to transcend
So my childhood friend was my best friend, and now my wife
She new it from the start that we part of each others life

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noritake haiku

in spring she whispers a sip of shinto sun wen lotus sways below cobalt sky a thought of sobo pink cherry blossom's swirl the porcelain plate hands folded in prayer _______________________________________________________ Sobo- Grandmother Shinto- All Nature / Worship / Ancestors / Spirit / Belief / Sacred Power Noritake Cobalt / Piled 3-high / A Sip Saki or Sake' then passed / Three Three Nine / A Geisha gets her name / Shinto

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Sweet Children, Sleep

To the Newtown Children

A poet cries with broken heart

Look thine hearts be washen clean with death,
God knows how hastily can be
By an unfitting goodly young man
Become just another evil’s killer.
Take thou no mean of life
That so tenderly and small
Arranged now along that cold room
Where a hundred of parents
Like you and I look on poor children that thou think:
One day they shall be a doctor or a thinker like us.
To understand really why the hungry death
Has to do for their final journey in front of this sickness?

O, children! American children! My children!
I warn thee in all my heart and soul
That could not happen so earlier on life
And where thou cast the peace and saint in the kindness of grace
Take care of them from danger, thou take for a leaf
And makes my heart bleeding every one like us become angry
How in this heavenly nation this massive fate could occur?

Hold me fast in thine embrace God,
Where my despair cannot be silenced,
Let you and me and everyone else to knee and cross
Our fingers against our chest and pray for them,
Give them, Lord, thy blessing give,
Pray for them and mother as well,
And I shall finish this poem with trembled
Fingers and tears cascading over this bloody
Sheet as an awaken wind has just blown it from me.

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I stumble upon a river
the way it flows and feels
I take my shoes off and run threw it
laughing looking up towards the sun
I wake up and it was all just a dream
my sister runs up the stairs
she slams her door
i asked her what was wrong
she looked at me 
She says "mom told me you were adopted"
at first i laughed as i thought it was a joke
I run downstairs to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch
"mom?" i say
she replies "its true we adopted you!" 
she got up and walked into the kitchen
"after all this time i thought i was yours" i say
My father gets up and walks out the door
My mom lays her hand on her forhead
Just dont worry about it  everything will be okay
"No it wont i say"
i felt fake like i wasnt who i was suppose to be
i just sat on my bed thinking about the whole thing
my whole life and who i should have been
I packed my bags that light and i ran away
leaving the less important things behind
i set out on a journey to find my real parents
I had my sister get there info. from my dads office
I took a bus to indiana and looked up there address
As soon as i found it i knocked on the door
A man opened the door
he said "who are you?"
i say "apparently i am your son?!"
"you put me up for adoption?" i repeat

He yells "ANNA!?, Some kid is here for you!"
i repeat the story to her as she denied it
She looked bruised and beaten up
I wanted to help her but the man hut the door on my face

I had no where to go now
So i started on a journey back home
But i never made it there 
I found that old river i use to go too
i stayed there for a few weeks until
i remembered the way back.
I found myself that day
I realized that i was fake but now im not because i know that i am just me not any of them

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Gothic Mother's Day Poem

Your beauty is a ripe and full
as the moon in view
so many tried to compete but there
talents were to few
for the mother that you are
is a hard act to follow
the love that you bring
voids the hollow
for our child's life is vibrant
due to your generous amount of love
so happy mother's babe
for you have to give you already gave.
(To my wife Courtney Dyer)

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A Fine Lady

                    A Fine Lady

There is something I want to tell you
about a Lady I once knew. She was a 
very tiny woman, with a heart as big

God gave her a soul and also a heart of 
gold. He send her here to do a job for Him,
She never once complained. Juanita was 
her name.

She was a hard working Lady. No job was
 too much, or too big for her. she could cook  
and she could sew. She held a job outside
her home. I can say - she worked her fingers
to the bone.

Sometimes she would sit quiet, without saying
a word. Maybe she was thinking if she had done
it all. She was there for everybody, especially if
they were sick. She would be the first to go and
take them a homemade dish.

I am not talking about my Mother. My Mother gave
me away. I don't condemmed her either. My father
had left her too. With little ones to raise - she didn't
know what to do.

This little fine Lady took my pain away. She gave me 
a home and a place to stay. She also gave me her 
love. I can now say - she made my day. Because of 
this fine Lady, I became what I am today.

I learned to call her Mother - she had sure earned 
that name. One day she left this Earth, because God 
had called her home. Her Job here had been done.

I don't worry about her. I know that she is in heaven.
Heaven is where Angels go. She was one fine Lady
and an Angel sent from heaven to teach me how 
to grow...

Copyright  2006
 by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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Trees and Dirt

Trees and dirt I sleep on the earth, the dust the sand, longing to birth.
Oil on skin, bare, 
sweat on your back, 
feels amazing.
Yes! Im back on track.
Sleeping cosy as a worm, 
unencumbered by any material possession or fixed term.
Free to explore, a magical universe, 
I must implore.
No home, no chores, no bills to pay. 
Just water, food gathered and warmth today.
A dusty cave, cute as a button, no slamming door, 
just love in your belly, to the very core.
I love this realm, 
just need more time, 
time to explore.
Trees and dirt  I sleep on the earth, the dust, the sand, longing to birth.
And return once again to mother earth.

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Fifteenth November

She had neither silver nor gold
But she raised me in comfort;
Out of nothing she raised me
With a heart of gold;
Heart made of divine touches
She nurtured me.

She is never a militiawoman
But she fights always for me;
Protects me like I’m “akwa ugo”- eagle’s egg

She is no great sculptor known to mankind
But she’s carved and molded my soul 
Into spectrums of my being

She is no bricklayer or a decorator
But she’s built a house in my heart
That will never fall apart
She’s decorated my heart glamorously
That not even a ‘tar can soil my white garment’

She is neither a good artist nor a painter
But she’s sketched and painted sublimely
Every shades of her being in my soul
That they are inexpungible

She is neither a novelist nor a poet
But she’s left a lofty novelette
And exalted poems that will remain eternal in my heart

You’re my gardener
The seeds you've planted in my soul
Will forever blossom
No 'womb' could have nurtured me better than you did.
Thank you for mothering me Mom!

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A Love Letter To Mama

Dear Mama,
How are you?
How are you, mother of my loving childhood?

Thy generous spirit is a beckon in my mind
Thou hast thou me always to be kind
You hands are ever diligent as the Virtuous Woman
My heart tickles at the sight of you mama

Thy love flows gently as the river
Into the crooked stream of my heart
How awesome is thy tender love!

I'm honoured to be cuddled in the fortress of your arms
To be calmed by the wisdom of your soothing tongue
In your heart's treasure are little gifts of loving deeds
Your supplication to God for me are as the myriad sand
How I love thee, O my peculiar friend!

Thy heart was made to love and for such a tender heart
True love cannot but be requited
Your love is the aromatic plant, seasoning my life
Now I envision a routine of charity
To this world saved by a sacrificial love
Which is the truest love of all

I'd be an epitome of compassion
I cross my heart mama
My heart is made fat with kindness
I drank the nectar of love
And my soul is willing to give back
O! life in love is most beautiful!
Great father for me, mama
And the little baby, Adamma

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Always I Miss You

When I'm home sick, sulking half the day because your not here,
 And getting sadder if I say madder because your not there,
 I remind myself in an unusual way theres worse fared,
 If you don't mind being compared,
Repeating the many ways you cared,
 The experiences fondly replayed in many ways,
 Thoughts and memories that make me gay,
 Every recipe, every taste,
 Looking back it all seems in an awkward haste,
Now it is what I use to fill my plate,
 It's what I use so I won't be late,
 Staying here learning to appreciate,
 All the miles, trucks caring freight..
For your Christmas gifts the children just can't wait,
 But if you visit my mind would quake.

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The  one who was always dearest to me                                                                                                                                But now you are slowly killing me.Words like arrows you shoot to my heart .                                                                                                                           And I am slowly falling apart.                                                                                                                            MOTHER,You carried me and gave life to me and yet you cannot let me be.                                                                                                                      Everything I do is always wrong,yet my love for you still remains strong.                                                                                                                           MOTHER,I have found love and one so true,but somehow he does not conform to you.                                                                                                                               You drive him away,you drive me away with cruel and vicious things you say.                                                                                                                               MOTHER,I am a person on my own,God only gave me to you on loan.                                                                                                                              If you look into my heart you'll see,a daughter who is true unto thee.

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The Purity of the Human Soul

" Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
  Thou art more lovely and temperate"
                                          - William Shakespeare

His question ponders through my mind
For he claimed how thou art more beautiful than thee
Enchanting summer with its mother; the sun

For thou are indeed my guide
Thou art my sun that never misleads
Thou art the one person I shan't leave
And shan't wish to be gone by the morning's rise

O treasure deep within my soul
Beam so strong to enlighten my days
Art thou hearing the wonderful tune?
Playing so softly with the rise of the light
But then again thou art brighter than the sun

Thou art the glass of pure water
Emerging from the steep, creamy waterfall
Gleaming sparks attached to your white neck 
Purifying the light touching your skin

" Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
Nay, for thou art more beautiful than a summer's day
For if I do compare
The sun shall melt and the wind shall be amazed
By the beauty thou behold
Embedded deep within your soul

Beauty isn't only from the outside, but from the inside; within a soul,
   For the outside might just be a disguise, to simply foul one into ambuscades

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A moms Love

As a lad I always wanted what my friends had. Never could I understand why I never fit into your plans. You were there when I was young. Wish I could remember the fun.
Then you started to fade away.. I can’t remember the memories made A little girl is all I was Looking for a mother’s love.
Broken promises were your gifts to me All I wanted was for you to see The alcohol was destroying our lives And you never even thought twice. Sitting in a bar is where you could be found. All the drugs that got your love. Here I was still searching for a mom.
I was 13 and on my own When you told me you were not coming home. As the tears filled up in my eyes. You just kept walking and never turned to see me cry.
I thought my life was over that day. Until I realized you never wanted to stay. Always thought I did something wrong. Why else would a mom walk out?
Years have passed by and I survived. Now you’re back wanting in my life You tore my heart out and kicked it around. Im not sure I can forgive you now.
The flame in my heart has gone out. No longer do I search for your love. Because I know you won’t love me back.

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The Little Leaf

The little leaf held tightly
to his mother tree's bark.
He started to get frightened
when the sky began to get dark.
But the mother tree comforted him,
filling his little heart with love.
"It puts the world to sleep," she said,
"and is sent from the One above."
As the love between the leaf and tree grew stronger,
the weather began to change.
The color of green seemed to fade,
and the little leaf felt strange.
"What is happening to me?"
he asked his mother tree.
"It's a natural part of life, my child," she said,
"you're becoming who you're meant to be."
The leaf turned a beautiful bright yellow,
as summer changed into fall.
He danced in the golden sunlight,
feeling a thousand feet tall.
Again, the weather started to change,
and the growing leaf asked to leave.
So the mother tree let go of her child,
but her heart wanted to grieve.
The cold wind blew this little leaf
far away from his mother tree.
As he joined the sleepy earth,
he was glad that his mother set him free.

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My mother

she was an angry woman
not much love, 
she wouldnt put up with a man
abusing her, 
the mistake women made then,
prostitution for security,
selling your heart for money,
she regretted having me,
lost freedom,
tied down,
single mom, poor,
abused by the culture,
her love was shown
in that she didnt abandon us,
even though she was tempted,
her mother wasnt that strong,
my heart didnt value that,
i wanted to be wanted, loved.

I saw the other children, 
wanted, loved, rich,
my blinders on, 
rose coloured glasses,
envy, despair, no self esteem, 
worthlessness, less than human,

not expensive enough clothes,
not nice enough car,
"drop me off a block from school"
"I am not shopping at wal-mart"

something i didnt notice then
i have always been blessed with beauty
i never even saw the girls that adored me
too afraid, to poor, to stupid, 

If my mother didnt love me, how could another?
greedy, selfish women, angry, 
years of oppression, and taking it out on me,
the male, the enemy, "no love from mommy".

Now i pay the price for my fathers oppression.
the gay guys arent as wierd as i thought,
at least they are getting laid. 

The women i meet now, 
if i love them
i am not good enough for them
if i use them or tell them how pathetic they are,
they love me, addicted, cant leave. 

On occassion i love a weaker girl,
i see their potential,
usually sexually abused as a child,
they will leave, hate me, 
for my honesty, 
too afraid of love, of closeness,
get pregnant and leave or kill themself,
one or the other, such drama,
If a child wont end their suffering 
then death will. 

What did i do to deserve this?

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Laments of Mother Earth

I gave you a wonderful
Landscape to view
And grow
Foods and beautiful

I gave you fresh
Rivers and lakes
That are homes to myriads
Of sea animals

I gave you different
Kinds of minerals to invent
Tools for making your lives
Easier like the
Mountain bees in their hives

I entrusted you all
These things for you
Are my children

But now….
You have poisoned
The oceans, rivers and lakes
With your elite minds

You have chased away
Animals and beauty
By ruthlessly
Cutting down trees as
If were a sport

Fish and crabs
Are suffocating from
The oil that your ships
Are spilling every season

Orphaned cubs are dying
Of starvation as
Poachers hunt their parents
For entertainment

Butterflies and ladybirds
Have become a fairytale
To most children
Because of toxic chemicals
That you release in the air

Some people’s physique
Have been erred while
Some lands have become
Barren because of your
Flaming, gigantic mushrooms

You have fought me
For many years,
Without knowing that
You are part of me

I tried so hard
To show you the bad
Side and its consequences
With messengers,
But you couldn’t heed

If you see the clouds
Flaming, it is my wounds
That are healing
Which you inflicted on me

If you see raging storms
On oceans and lands,
It is I turning the clock back
To how things ought to be

Returning the clock
Will make most of you
To lament because of hunger
And collapsed civilizations

But in the end…
I’ll usher in a golden
Age for your children

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The Picasso Picture
 Re: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907)

The Flock -- your honey --
Where I die -- merry you--
Take me, beloved -- my Season's Summer
Where all is that kind of ugliness!

When I count you --Woman, alone--
Like the Snappy lover away--
Removed dust, the scent of Breast
The Horizon's title!

	Collecting all
	My Gusts --Death
	Your Virginal Freak!

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Ma Rock

“I shall be telling this with a sigh” - “Robert Frost “  

She was my nineteenth , Mother
She was plump, and extremely Jolly
Her LOVE for those in Her care
Was a Quality Extremely Rare

She came running at me, arms opened wide
With arms at my side I collide with a hug and a Kiss
My first in over nine Years in her Heart I will abide
I remember my first Motherly Kiss, I still Live in it’s Bliss

Inspired BY Constance ~ My Dear Heart ~
For Her Last Contest “ Any Mother Poem*( Originally
                     Give a Kiss Mommy )
Written with a Sadden Heart to YOU : “ CONSTANCE LA FRANCE “
With LOVE, ALWAYS and FOREVER…Harry ( HGarvey Daniel Esquire )

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Serpent of Corruption

Worthy of love, unbreakable togetherness, and lasting compassion would have been instilled
strongly in the vessel of thirsting heart and unstable mind of a child.

But, why soup of hatred, a platter of pale love and a bowl of spoiled unloving thoughts
are laid in the niche of the child’s sprouting character?

Family ties were untied by a father who neglected his pure actions and encouraging words
and translated into unspoken greediness and unnoticed carelessness of expressed thoughts
that form the growing character of his son.

The family bonding is disbanded by a mother who works in the scope of her comfort where
eyes and mouth are only the weapons of her love and care for her curious daughter and for
her wandering son.

A father who offers a well of gold and silver, a mother who clothes sparkling dress of
worldly wealth to her offspring!

Their children have worn ever the brightest smile but not for a while,
The pleasures of their tongue were satisfied but not their hearts.

Corruption begins at home.
It creeps to the nerves of the heart of your son.
It envelops the innocent soul of your daughter.

For every dishonest  word that is pronounced by the indifferent father,
For every unchecked actions that mother has imposed,
Are a sure lifetime shaper to the values and character of the children.

Family brings serpents of corruption in every corner of the home.
It blows very hard like a destructive wind of the storm.
It is like a starving lion that preys on the flesh of good virtues and leaves nothing but
dead soul!

Father, Mother, May I appeal to your deepest conscience and understanding!
May you be vigilant and be watchful of your actions and your ways of life!
Your most beloved children are at stake in the breaking and making of their character!

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Not Too Late

There's a ghost hiding in the past
there's a boy wishing it has last
all these secrets stop the seting sun
all the love has grown, but never said
and he wishes he could've told her what she meant
he wishes he could've said how he felt

But it's not too late
just open your heart
she hears every word you say
her guidance helps lead the way
forever's gone by too fast
but deep in our heart it will last
look into your soul and hear it ring
the beautiful song that she sings

There's an angel looking down
There's a boy without a frown
all this hope brings the rising sun
all thsi love we wish we had sent
he can feel she's in his heart
and will enver let him fall apart

"cause its not too late
just open your heart
she hears every word you say
her guidance helps lead the way
forever's gone by too fast
but deep in our heart it will last
look into your soul and hear it ring
the beautiful song that she sings

He remembers 
talking o nteh couch feeling safe
he remembers writing a poem and her saying its great
he remembers
how he cried wehn she didn't open her eyes
he remembers
fearing things he can't describe

"cause its not too late
just open your heart
she hears every word you say
her guidance helps lead the way
forever's gone by too fast
but deep in our heart it will last
look into your soul and hear it ring
the beautiful song that she sings

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real story

Once upon a time there was a son and his mum
He wanted to marry and mother agreed in a glum
But asked her sunny to show her a photo 
Of  that heart fighter from Rome or Kyoto
The son brought three photos 
Three creature of God
Three pearls from ocean,
Three petals from roses. 
And told that one is whom he dreams
 Whole nights losing sleep
Described his feelings so pure and deep
Look here my dear, look here my maa
 One is too close to my heart and others so far.
I wonder could you find
Which of them is my sweet heart
Do Mums know sons test
As somewhere I heard.
Mum looked at photo
For several minutes
And said: “she is!”
The sun was so shocked –
“How clever mum is?!”
“How did you guess about it
They all bonny and fair
If ones eyes are like diamonds
Second is milky white
Third is waved hair”.
How you could find my lover
From the only attempt
So easy and clear 
As in her brow was a stamp?
Did you like her eyelids what makes me mad?
Or liked her chicks as liked you dad?
“NO” said a mother with disgruntled face:
“When I look at this girl I am nervous”


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Ma Dropping It Like Its Hot (Limerick)

Ms. Potter caught her daughter Lollipop
There dancing in the grocer’s parking lot
And scolded her profusely
‘Til someone cranked up “Juicy”…
Ms. Potter stopped and dropped it like it’s hot

How soon some forget that they were once young too. If the power of dance is ones 
passion it is not the worst vice a child can have, in fact it is good exercise.  One 

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For nine months
With love and pain
With joy and suffering
In her womb she carried me
A mother she is 
And a woman of virtue.

When there was no one, she was the only one
Even left alone, she never leaves me alone
Indeed, she’s a mother 
And a woman of virtue.

When toddling, she cared
And still directs when I could run
She is a mother of the child and the adult
In her thoughts are all, even the descendants to come
Many names will I call her; “A mother of all”
And a Woman of Virtue.

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She was thinning 'way-
Her color going gray
While she drowned in sweat:
"Gerald, have you slept?"

Her voice so old,
And gave me the cold.
But how could I sleep
While mum's life could creep...?

I had been crying
Weeping and weeping
Silently for her-
My mother was dying..

I crept from my bed:
No lights; poor and said-
I held her weak hands-
Cold without life's tan:

I heard her breathing-
And my heart craving
For mama's good health.
"But," I asked myself:

"Why must she suffer
Near a weeping son?"
And where was father?
He was dead and gone.

I wept as I thought.
"Return to your cot,
You need a night's sleep."
She spoke, my heart leaped.

"I shall be here until
 Death is not fulfilled-
You shall never die
Else I shall ghastly cry."

She pressed me to her heart
And gave me a gent' pat.
"Gerald, please let us sleep
And my son do not weep.

"If I die, then god called
Causing weeds to come forth-
But do pray for my soul,
To rest in haven's hold."

"But mum," I cried. "do stop."
"Son," she continued. «Death 
Is inherent to life.
Death comes 'round as we strive."

I wept as i watched her shiver
While her pale lips quivered
As she struggled out, ''Goodbye.''

I took her hands in mine
Feeling them freezing, kind:
-thus ended her earthly stay,
While i still had much to say.....

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-Sunlight, Moonlight, Listen To Your Daughters Calls-

Fogive me Mother, I have not forgotten your grace,
That saved me with your celestial light from the dark,
I still stand ready to walk one day in your place,
Still ready for the training I will need before this path I embark,
The rain still decends and with the worlds tears, it cleanses my soul,
I pray for it to come, chant to you my song, and wonder why it will not fall,
The earth still shares with me, and I learn from all that it knows,
If only dearest Goddess you would listen to my calls,
Dearest mother, after which I am named, do not take from me your gifts,
The war readys near and you have not time enough, to find a new leader for us,
I still walk your path as your namesake, Ma'mam I swear, I have not forgotten this,
Without your guidence I am lost and in distress,
Show me forgiveness, oh my dearest Mother that I bless...

Forgive me my father, I have not forgotten your warmth,
That gave me life, through your brilliant light, 
And saved me from the dead, cold dark,
I still stand ready, as your child warrior of white,
The wind still whispers to me ancient tales,
I pray for the dreams and yet I cannot tell why they wont retain,
The fire still burns bright within the sky, and I follow its ember trails,
Dearest God, without your guidence I will fall in pain,
Oh Father, do not steal your visions from me,
Without them I cannot see, and my Guides and I cannot talk and agree,
We send to thee, oh Father, an offering of sweet petal potpourri,
Do not revoke me for I am one of those chosen three,
Show me forgiveness, oh my dearest Father, and I shall act as your emcee...

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My Mothers Eyes

My mothers eyes connect me to God above.
My soul knows his hand with her love.
In my heart she see's all I know.
In unspoken knowledge her kindness flows.

An angels vision is beyond eye sight.
In the darkest hour you'll see their light.
As days pass by, I see her fading.
Somedays I know, that she's just waiting.

My life and hers will never end.
She has always been my truest friend.
Theres no age limit to this kind of thing.
It's pure harmony when mother and  child sing.

Her visions obstructed from disease.
But in my heart she always sees.
The joy and pain that bonds forever.
No force on earth can ever sever.

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My Family and Me

It's amazing how quick things can change.
First your running with the kings, and then you're knocked out of range.
It's strange. I used to worry and stress over friends.
Now I've grown to be a man. Maybe know a few of them.
All that time I could of studied. Did better in school.
Got a job and made it big. Maybe now I'd be cool.
Who's the fool? Now who's the bull? I know that's not me on the top.
Life is always making turns weather you like it or not.
The past will always be the past. My glory days may seem gone.
But, now its time to start a new.The stories keep coming on.
I've got a new girl. She means the world to me.
She keeps me warm at night, my best friend, my new dream.
Since my car accident, still got a limp on one side.
Still working with my memory, still need a friend who can drive.
I love to Karaoke. I get noticed in bars.
My mom's always there to catch me. Tom's working with my mom's cars.
My sister's in the Army, my niece is a big part of my life,
Friend Zach keeps assholes off me, and God is my wife.
AJ's always there to help, Brian is my LOST bud,
Mary's out of school, Lil cousin, Hunter's a stud.
Grandpa still is my idol, JT is still the music man .
The Adam's still can party. Chris, living good on the sand.
I may only use one hand, but I plan to be the best.
At all I do in life, cause there's not that much time left.
The blood test that I took says Landon is mine.
I hope this all works out fine in time and help to make my son's life shine.
JC who's down in Georiga, my heart is screaming for you.
I hope that you recover well. It can't be worse then what I went through.
Uncle Jimmy where you at? Where's Matt, Corie, and Pete?
I know you all are doing good. Serviolo's are a hard team to beat.
How's the rest of the family? I love and miss you all!
I hope you all are standing tall and I pray we never fall.
These last words that I say, I say only to you.
We've got the best family in the world and you know I LOVE YOU!

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written 22nd March 2001

D  is for the delightful child you are
A  is for the angels that light up your way
M  is for the manner you hold inside
I   is for the independent gentleman I've raised
O  is for the overwhelming warmth you bring me
N  is for the loving nature within your heart

    "Mummy's thought's"
So delicate and precious
Touching my palms so sensuous
All you need to remember
Is mummy will be here, for ever and ever
                        with love

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Cradling Youth

I have felt everlasting bliss.
With beauty so uniquely rare,
a thousand glances; I do stare. 

Stealing my soul with just one kiss.
She doesn’t understand the spell,
she’s woven and crafted so well.

Her laughter sends my heart amiss.
Brining joy to my fruitless life,
a dancing heart without the strife.

How can one being cause such this?
A sphere of complex emotion,
entwined with love and devotion.

Our days of youth daughter, I’ll miss.
As you reach higher for the stars,
know the universe is still ours.

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Feburary 27th 2012 i lost the most important person in my life. Helen

I was at a goodwill, when i prayed to her that i would find a metallica shirt. I was then looking through the shirts and found two metallica shirts. I got them both. i started wondering if it was her, if she answered my prayer. A few days later i had a dream. She was standing in the window yelling down at me telling me she bought me something and it was on her bed in a bag. i told her how much i missed her and i went to go see what it was. i open the bag on the bed and see the two metallica shirts i had bought at that goodwill. i now know that she answered my prayer.

Another dream i had.

I had often wondered if she considered me a grandchild.. because im not realted to her by blood. I had a dream it was at her funeral. i seen her sitting in a chair next to me. my sister and some of her grandchildren were carrying her casket to the hurse. My sister fell and dropped the casket and several of her family members were yelling at her. Helen the women who these dreams are about sat and said she loved all her grandchildren even if there not blood related.

I believe Helen answers my questions in my dreams.

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Poetry About Poetry

Shades of color bounce within
Singing their hues dancing in place
Vivid lines colored outside
Rules broken with empty space
A midnights dream heard and seen
Gleaming from the twinkle of a eye
Wings touched flown and plucked
Gliding like a bird up in the sky
Wishes from pennies thrown into tears
The reservoir over flowing with pigments of pain
Drowning from the shadows 
The flood paints the day
Words speak volumes of silence hidden
Their sounds blind to what they see
Mirrors of nouns and verbs 
Their meaning and secrets lost at sea
Emotions ruled by laws of language
Spelled in boxes of glass
Melted from sands inside
That voices strangle to grasp

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My Mother

A stem of bluebells, beautiful;
Softly tinkling in the wind.
A soft heart and person so soulful;
The only one of a kind!
Her softest feathery touch,
That tells you, you’re loved so much!
Her soft hoarse voice;
Always respecting your own choice.
She supports you no matter what you decide;
Her attention is with you; she’ll never divide!
A whispered “I love you” in your ear;
Soft enough only you can hear;
And when your heart is sore, is aching;
And your hands are trembling, shaking;
To her you can unpack, complain;
Talk to her about all your pain.
Your sad story you can share;
Tell her everything, she’s always there.
Her tender heart is always open;
To tend to your ache, your heart that’s broken.
A mother’s tender loving care;
With you she will always share;
She’s my tender loving mother.
A kind soul like no other!
A stem of bluebells, beautiful;
Softly tinkling in the wind.
A soft heart and mother so soulful!
My mother, one of a kind!

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Forgotten but here
Remembered yet never there
Why do you exist?

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I feel like feces in a toilet
unwanted and flushed away
like a rotten egg; scorned
cracked and then thrown away
maybe even like spoiled milk
one taste and i make you sick;
then i'm thrown away
i'm like a bugger in your nose
you just got to get rid of me
like pigeon poop
you wouldn't want me to touch you
it's funny
because to me, you're
like a million bucks
i'll want you all the days of my life
but to you;
i'm just a tissue
that you use
and then,

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More Agony

My friend I want you to know
 That happy for you I am
As before the coming snow
 You will have a baby in a pram.

Your shower today was nice
 I thought I could handle it.
But my heart is not ice
 For jeaousy I feel this I admit.

I feel like a loon
 My babies gone
No lullabies to croon
 No being woke at dawn.

I thought I could handle this
 Be here for my dear friend
But there is gaping abyss
 And I do not want to offend.

This your day to shine
 And do well to not frown
And to not even let out a whine
 Though in sorrow I drown.

I leave the shower
 My wounds to lick.
In my own space cower
 Pain in my heart does stick.

I am now alone 
 I lay here and cry.
In agony I moan
 And in misery I sigh.

I really am a lousy friend.
 For how can I feel sad?
How can I make amends
 and tell you why I am bad?

No more baby showers for me
 I cannot do this
To much pain for this to be
 For me there is no bliss.

My arms do so ache
 For the babies that are mine.
How much more pain can I take?
 How much longer will I pine?

Can anyone understand
 What I truly am?
A mother in no man's land
 Whose tears have broke the dam.

A mother who misses 
 Her children each day.
I miss thier kisses,
 Their bedlam and fun way.

Why can I not heal?
 Why must agony sear
And my fate and theirs seal
 For this I do fear.

I thought I was doing good
 But as you can see
This pain gets me where I stood
 And still gets the best of me.

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Mama Matron Kudos to you 
Aunty Nurse thanks a lot
But you heard my cry 
Where you were laid fairly dead
And I could hear your voice
Where I was making noise
You kept asking 
Where is my baby?
All because of me!
As if that was not enough 
Though in pains you laughed, 
Clapped, sang and danced
Even with no drums
At your breast on your chest 
Very close to your heart 
With every act and art of care
You fed me with milk
Till I'm filled to the brim 
You would never eat
You could lay me on several places
But you carried me at your back 
And faced all the arrows 
That life shot at me at childhood  
All because of me!
You touched me 
As you taught me 
Your teachings are true
And your finger prints 
Are all over me
They can never be forged
Or duplicated
And anywhere I go
They are everywhere on me
Thanks for your mother-friendly care.

As the sun rises
I remember your smiles 
Racing across the miles
All like stars in my sight 
Not with a bait 
But weights of love 
From all heights
It becomes brighter
I remember your laughs
Like the moon brakes forth
Send me some smiles 
Across the miles 
And they would find me. 
When the earth quavers   
You held my hands 
To help my heart
Though you grow old 
As you advance in age
It behooves your body 
To beseech an abode below

Your spirit prepares 
For the final flight of faith
That needs no plane or pay
Thus, your motherhood 
All through my child-adult-hood
Forever holds 
If you had written your names 
On the pages of my diary 
It could be lost 
But you have inscribed it 
On the plate of my heart 
It can only take time 
To be remembered
Dedicated to V.A Aderounmu.
© Fisayo  Aderounmu.2012

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Nightmares and imbetweens

A busted boys heart

Beaten black and blue

His bloody hands pray for help

A cowering child

Shaking by the door

Lowers his head and wonders if anyone can help

A woman in fear

She knows her husband will be home

She speaks to the wall that broke her face if anyone will hear her cries for help

                                            “Homo” they say

                                            They want you to hear

                                            Don't feel your pain

                                            They are oh so full of cheer

                                            They will think you're funny

                                            The coolest guy around

                                           All the girls would want you


       All hands down

Mommy his blue eyes plead

I won't do it again

But you see

She doesn't care

It's not you it's me

Raise that hand again

You will feel relieved

That child loves you

Set him free

                                                                                  She stands with her head held high

                                                                                Hands deep in suds with her face prettied up

                                                                                She thinks he will be pleased

                                                                                He stumbles through the door screaming

                                                                                “What the hell are these?!”

                                                                               He refers to the flowers in the vase by the door

                                                                                “Your son picked those for me

                                                                                It's mother's day you know”

                                                                                “Your no mother you're a whore”

Do you think this is okay?

You're all making mistakes

People should love people not mean harm in any way

Everyone is different

All in their own special way

You may like men or women or both and it's okay!

You're a sweet young boy

Your mother does love you she just can't show it in the right way

The spouse who brings home hate doesn't mean the pain

He may throw you into walls and bash your face

But it's not your fault, I swear it's true
The people who bring sorrow need help not you

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a mothers poem

your mother is your rock,
she has a heart of gold;
she will never tell you
the love for you she does hold,
she may yap in every way
just to prove they really do care,
she sits very quiet
as if she is annoyed,
but in heart heart,
you fill her with joy,
she trys to teach you
about the things in life,
the she condemns you
when things dont go wright,
she is there if you ever need her
and pour your heart out,
for life has treated you badly
but she will say things will work out,
she may have hit you
with a slipper or two,
this was a funny way
to show she loves you,
she would give you the world
and leave her self skint,
just to give you every single thing,
my mother is my dimond
a would do anything for her,
i hope i make her proud
for what i have of her,
i dont have her temper,
nor her yapping to,
but there is no other mother
the way mothers love you;;;;;

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Halloween's Song

Its your Halloween rave, having your mascaraed
With all your best friends from back in the day
Liz Lauren and Blake and while they're dressed like skanks
I'm on the front line of battle
Howlin like jackle with A real nasty cackle
puttin a razor blade in the sack of Blake's apples
crack in Lauren's snapple
Staddle Liz like mclovin
But I am more like faghole As I babble at her ass
Axe her fast and mash her up like cattle
Sneak back and tackle your dad and put him in shackles
Shove sour patch kids Down your trap and gaggle
Its abominable, so unbelievable
But its inevitable, the end is kissable
I have rattled these kids psyches 
squirming like a centipede, cutting them like celery 
hear their squeamish screams echo in the streets
as the  creepy bells of the chapel ring

I remain a mystery
You'll need nancy drew, and at least 3 of the hardee boys to find what I'm up to
Theres this gloom that looms down in your basement room
Consuming shrooms, enhaling fumes to escape your doom
Witches zoomin by on their brooms makin sonic booms
Quick call scooby doo, but I killed him too
You heard a loud pound cause I cut the fuse so you
Run away to a motel room, assuming your safe
And As you look the other way,
I got my fangs in your veins and stranglin your neck
Too bad you didn't text your friends to tell them who is next
Hmm let me think for a sec. As Hex your boy  rex 
with an incessant twitch, till he is dead in a ditch
Hang him from bunny man bridge
Yo dude turn the lights on
But there's no flip to switch , I have flipped the script
Its bewitched with no miss to kiss
Exorcist with no priest to dismiss the spirit

So the town clock strikes half past 3
There's one last gas before i must sleep
Or i will crash fast if the light touches me
Put on the mask jack, just like the sixth scream 
I need to grasp havoc, till i hear shrills and shrieks
Please back rabbit, these chills aint for teens
As I stick a cherry bomb in your moms exhaust pipe
Run up on you  with nine a knife, and the head of your wife
Its useless I'm the nuisance that's abusive yet conducive
To your fear that I am near So close I could whisper in your ear
Smell the shampoo in your hair Wipe the floor with your tears
And as you look up in the mirror
I'm there ready to smear your blood all over the chair
as I stab you with my spear I crush a coors beer then
Leave you re crops there dead, red spread on the floor
But I hear a knock on the door
Are you okay honey? "Yes mommy,  just got a cold sore"

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Oh! Memories so nostalgia
No! I've not announced your death 
It's your deeds
Not your elegy 
It's your eulogy
I can't wait to stand by your casket 
To say this to your carcase
When I can stand 
And speak from my closet
Not till your eyes and ears 
Are closed in death
Not till your nostrils are stopped 
From this good omen 
And your tongue is stocked 
From having a taste of this offering

Not till you're planted 
Like a seed that will never grow 
Again for me to eat of its fruit 
And drink of its wine
Not till I go about with bald head
When I can speak now 
And be heard without white beards
Not till you grow wings and fly away 
Beyond the shores of the clouds
Mum. I'll never cease to sing this song;
It's your heart there I know is safe
Saver than the cave
Sweet mother my sweet heart 
The heart of my heart
You hatched the egg of my life
The greatest gift I can ever give to you 
That is to give my heart to Christ.
Dedicated to V.A Aderounmu.
© Fisayo  Aderounmu.2012

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Nana Olive

Many people affect our lives but only just a few
Nanas', mothers' and the ones who inevitably love the real you
Nanas' have a past of which are something quite unknown
When Nanas' pass away you sense you'll never be alone
My Nana touched my heart in so many different ways
Everyday I think of her and talk of her in praise
I miss my Nana Olive you was so soft within
Everyone has that delicate side no matter where your life begins
Mothers' carry this effect and bring Nanas' back to life
When Nana passed away my heart thumped from deaths agonising knife
I thank you mother for holding my Nana I see her through your eyes
But she is always around - along with the spirtual spies'
I see my Nana in my Mum and I feel her when I drift asleep
For all those memories of love and smiles is something I'll always keep
I love you Nana Olive - sweetest dreams forever more
I will cuddle you again as you await for me at heavens golden door

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i am kurt daniel everdean 
I am 21 years old
I've been playing the bass guitar
Since I was 11
i weight 145 pounds
i have blondish brown hair
and blue eyes

If I could say one thing about me that I like... Its that I never gave up.

things started when i lost my father
i was 10 years old
my mother started going to her room everytime she got home
she would come out with her eyes all red... Shes been crying
until i accidently walked in on her doing drugs
i now believe it was the drugs that caused the redness
me and my brother would fight everynight
when i bought my first bass
he slammed it against the floor
and told me since i think my lifes crap
then i shouldnt have anything that makes me happy
My mom became a street whore
She would dress in a golden gown and wear ugly make up
We would never see her 
unless she needed money to get condoms for her "men"

the things between me and my brother got worse
I was arguing with him over a text he sent my mom
And he got into an accident and died that night

Things just never got better
I created a band called the nocturnal
And the reason you haven't heard of us yet
Is because were an underground punk band in Seattle
we haven't gotten far yet
Just underground party's and bars

My mom ended up running away with her "boyfriend"
After my brother died she blamed me
And told me to leave and said she won't come around me
Until I brought him back

Since then I've gotten a job and was able to pay rent on
My moms old apartment
Hoping shed come back clean and sober
As for me
I've cleaned up. but suicide is still an option

I haven't found god yet and I don't want to
If there was a god why did he give me this ****ed up life
Ya you'll say Kurt?... You made the desicions for your life
I knolw I did. But he was the one who let it actually happen

I've been writing since I was 11
Lyrics and poems
Drawings and paintings
bass guitar and vocals

My life isn't over
But it's sure close to it

Its sad to think that what you thought was fake... Is a true story

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My Birthday Wish

I sit on the floor and wait from dusk to dawn, for a new day will soon be reborn. I count all 
the blooming flowers, and count down the long hours, while mum takes her shower. 
Today's the day, for it's my birthday. I hope I get A car, or A guitar or maybe even become 
A movie star, but that's asking A bit too much of me. I walk around singing out A loud, 
acting proud feeling as if my heads in A cloud. To my surprise I start stumbling over my 
words and begin mumbling. Maybe mum just forgot about me, or are they just hiding the 
presents from me? I walk through the hall, with my head dragging looking at the floor, 
and go to bed with my heart feeling torn. It's getting late and I can no longer wait. I turn 
off my light, and close my eyes and cry having so much things go through my mind. I 
drift to sleep but then I see, mum walking in my room in the middle of the night with A 
light. It's so bright. She raises my heart like A kite, taking of it flight and she says, good 
night, and turns of the lights. She raised my hopes high and then shot them out of the 
sky. I break down and cry, it feels as if I've just died. No one remembered why today was 
A special day for it was my birthday. I look at the sky and wonder why? I light my candle 
and close my eyes, tears dripping down onto my thighs, and I start to whisper in my 
mind. "I don't want A car, or even A guitar. I don't even want to become A movie star. I 
just want to be free of this disease called poverty, I just want people to stop running away 
from me. Free me of aids so I can stop feeling afraid. Stop me from being poor, so I can 
afford to stop sleeping on the floor. Make me smile for there is no reason to smile, but 
please make my life worth while. Take me away from Africa, for all I see is people being 
raped and all the kids hearts filled with hate, I'm loosing my faith for I am living each day 
even though there is nothing to live for". A Tear drops on my candle, And puts out the 
flame I whisper in pain,This is "My Birthday Wish"
We wish for luxuries that only money can afford. They wish for water for they are poor. 
People need to learn to smile, for kids living in poverty have A legitimate reason not too. 
Be happy for what we have, and never complain for what we don't have.
- Wiko Te Maru

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Mother's Day

Many a moon ago you said I do
and shortly there after we became parents
it is quite clear
there was never any other
for to me you are the perfect mother
sensitive and caring
loving and daring
a special blend that makes you unique.
on this day of praise
I raise you up
above the rest
for in my eyes your'e the best
at everything you do.
so once again happy mother's

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In Your Love

Every time you kiss my lips 
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Like a never ending abyss
I am drowning, I'm drowning
Every time you whisper I miss you
I am drowning, I'm drowning
In your love,  in your love.

Life doesn't seem dangerous
When I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
Don't take it so serious
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
I don't care what they think of us
Cause I'm drowning, yeah I'm drowning
In your love, in your love

~ Leonard Napierskie

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Think of May as a wonderful month, never rude,
bringing beautiful days with warm showers...
to make beach goers wrap themselves in towels,
then the hottest sun will break through!

Why do we love this month that makes everyone fantasize?
Is it the new flowers, or Mother's Day itself?
We agree, its the last one I mentioned with great surprise...
wanting to honor the one we all love to death!

And as I am talking about this special event, which is of a specific sort,
you wouldn't forget to give her a little sweet something
that she likes: from a single flower, or paper heart to a chocolate torte;
many more you can find: like puppets that dance and sing!

Think of May as a wonderful month when imagination is wild and free to err,
and the desire to escape is not limited to sea, sky or a far-away friend;
it can reach, quicker than any whispered prayer, the loneliest heart so afraid,
but ready to embrace mom's heart despite the love one has denied her! 

Entered in Carol Brown's contest,
" Memories Of May "
Written by Andrew Crisci

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Happy Holidays Or Merry Christmas

What if Christmas wasn't here? What if Christmas disappeared? Whenever December came... It just wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? The true meaning of Christmas would be in danger! If this happened... There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t have Christ' peace and tranquility! It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” For fear they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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My Queen

I’m touched by your words of life and the love you have for me.  I’m homesick and often feel alone, must have your words often.  Truthfully spoken “I Love You’ before the dial tone.  
I never have to question your understanding or love.  I need a woman made after your heart.  A righteous hug from time to time.  You’re my queen, meaning the world to me.
A motherly scholar your advice always golden.  Seem like I struggled my life away.  Your love always know what to say, “My Son its ok.”

I’m homesick and can’t shake the feeling.  There isn’t any tears of joy, until your voice heard, holding on to every word.  Talking about my situations you told me it wasn’t meant to be and to continue to do what you taught me,  keeping the faith it gets better.  In so many words I know your right and sooner than later I will see.  Remembering what you taught me.  Tears well up in my eyes.  I try to figure out how did you raise two kids alone, and kept your mind? 

 So many times I was out of line, though love from you came quickly and healed my pain.  I’m blessed because my past was full of hurtful memories.
Only by the Grace Of God and the love and caring heart of a Mother, Queen of my heart and guardian of my soul.  I survived.  


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They were my mothers’,
those pale blue eyes,
that silver thinning hair
tangled in her comb,
that soft heart filled to burst with love.

They were my mothers’,
these unpretentious clothes,
this costume jewellery, these artificial pearls,
ersatz emeralds, 
these diamonds in her crown .   .   .   cheap glass.

But her heart, her sweet translucent heart,
O, her heart was made of light
wrapped in the golden arms of God.

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Frozen in time,
captivated by this enormous being,
the size of a small car.

his every move.
The way he used his hands;
so child-like.
With all the consciousness of the world, 
and graceless coordination.

of the visitors,
as they briefly called out for his attention.
Only for a moment,
then they were gone.

in an orderly sham. 
He sat there,
in his dark cave.
As if he was waiting for the light to find him.

on a boulder, 
squatting, and primitive.
Drawing in the dirt with one hand. 
Swatting a fly with the other.

His nature,
as he rushed to consume his food.
The females hovered behind him,
watching intently, 
like me.
His movement mechanic.
His presence powerful.
He was the king of his domain.

his magnificence, I watched.
How smart was he?
Could he feel my presence? 
Engulfed in the very essence of all that was him, 
I watched. 

how he felt, I watched.
Did he think he was still in the womb of Mother Nature?
Or, did he know the iron bars which embrace him now?

it happened;
our eyes met.
He noticed my presence.
His gaze intimidated me, 
But I did not look away.
He approached me.
I felt his eyes inspecting my soul.
A chill ran down my back,
I turned behind me,
only to find no other presence there.
When I turned back, 
we were face to face.
Separated by the sham,
And a two inch piece of glass.
Just me and him,
the two of us,
and the females hovering behind him.

His old eyes spoke to me,
They said 
“I am like you. 
I love, I feel, I hurt.
I am, like you.”

I put my hand on the glass
and with all the 
consciousness of the world,
he did the same.
With tears in my eyes,
I smiled.

Then, he pooped in his other hand
and wiped it on the glass.
This was a sign of endearment.
I laughed out loud.
And I swear,
He smiled back.

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Today my heart aches

Today my heart aches
for my mum long gone
nineteen years have passed.
Tears fall silently,
my heart is broken,
not like a love gone wrong
but for that person
no one else can replace,
today my heart aches.

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Fourteen, that's all I am.
Wisedom not yet noticable though my age
But wise I am not
Stupidity comes once so often.
But harsh and unforgiving
Please save me from it.
My eyes, my heart endured so much.
From scarlet red hair of my demons
To the way they treated me
Brainwashed I was.
Best Friend 
They would whisper
and fear they would not.
But torn down to my depths.
Reach my angel 
Find my lost heart 
and fix my eyes to see the heavens.
For Fourteen thats all I am.
But wise I am not.

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Feelings of Pain

The pain that i am feeling is caused without reasons,night after night and seasons after seasons. This pain that I'm feeling is not as bad,I have seen others lose all they had.I sometimes wonder, would that happen to me? Then i begin to tremble thinking, will i ever be free? This pain has my heart hurting, longing for the love i never had. Where will i ever find love with a heart this sad? The pain that i am feeling...I'm not only feeling for me,it's the pain of my love ones who is hurting inside of me. Feelings of pain i feel no more as you look into the eyes of a soul once torn.

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A Sisters Love By PjWilliams jim and Jack Oslager

                                 A SISTER'S LOVE




Written & Dedicated to Joy M Williams
Etched in Paper & Everlasting Marked PJW
Collaboration by Paul J Williams, jim Oslager, Jack Oslager
All Words Lyrics & Music  
320 S  3rd Street
Oxford  Pa 19363
215 901 3073 cell

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Before my eyes brilliant colour perfection
Dancing gracefully in every direction
The world of trees the art of nature
Are simple reasons for a painter.

The power mother nature can release
Could make a painting a masterpiece
A gallery of natures finest hues
Enough to stir the most reluctant muse.

Should mother nature tutor me in art
My tree would show a living beating heart
And should I save one single living tree
My canvas would inspire the world to see

Red, orange, yellow, green and brown
Colours of beauty my brush would put down
Bright and vibrant maple red and golden oak
Living breathing with every brush stroke.

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You know u got it hard
when ur a single bachelor heart broken with a bachelors
tell your mother in the eye you're considering moving faster, selling weed and coke its a disaster.
This happens in Astoria as the 7 rides by, true story , emotions real, **** the other mans lies.

Its not that i cant make it , just hate to have to prove it.
I got swag for days
mofo dnt make me come to the edge blast it and walk a way like its a peaceful movement 
U dnt know me, neither does my  mirror or the illuminati file
Have no time for puppy love i kick these biches out the bed faster than gile.
babygirl im not a player i just tell you what sounds best its the way i deal with life  
sometimes i pray by being depressed, 

no captain save a hoe thats just a crazy dedication you boys are devadasi lovers thats just the iceburg devastation 
So much pain in the world and  we need more liberals in Liberia Sometimes hurt people hurt people so we left to Monroe and taught  what we learned from those people 

This isnt the west point im talking bout the real west point the slum of the world where we get no worse and have no point , to live or to die just to live die when a grown man cries.
we come to  a point where its not biggie or 2 pac but we take a big look to the pot where aids getting busy , drinking blood from the body , same as the first , death is a lie,believe it or not. Aids is out to attack every women needs a man, every hand is on the shoulder, Mothers did loving, whats the point liberians, she never had money so she started sucking dick, a pretty young women is another mans slave, mother did loving now the pharaoh got aids on her face

In syria shits about to get serious, shutout to the fsa where *****doesn't go our way so farmers and colleges students pick up aks to let metal spray from a triger to a hand made bomb made out of pieces from the ash tray. embreasing death happy as can be, the fastest and shortest drug int the world is dying for your family. Hustling hard to breath at a time where interest has replaced everything including humanity, **** the richs robots have replaced leaders and thats paratly for me to blame cuz i havent prayed properly. He looks at where his interest are and works there. But his heart is dead consciousness is finished 


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A pet to me isn't an animal.
 He or she is family, one that we love.
When they are taken away too soon, 
 You know that they're in Heaven above.

Not one, but two kitten died this week,
 Its unfair, we loved them, and my heart is broke.
We have a funeral for Lois, and two days later, 
 We bury Jasper, it's enough to make me choke.

I choke on the words of my prayer, 
 And I almost can't finish as I began to sob.
They had cheated death once, and to have two
 die in two days, makes my heart and soul throb.

I miss their furry faces and their playful ways.
 I cry and cry until my eyes are dry and raw.
When they were born and actually lived, 
 since I helped revived them I was in awe.

Well when one door closes, another opens.
 A different Mommy abandoned her babies.
Our cat was so sad and moping around, 
 We thought to ourselves well maybe, just maybe.

Three kittens without a mommy to love, 
 A mommy that needed to fill her void.
We introduced them to her, and to our surprise, 
 She took to them IMMEDIATELY and was overjoyed. 

Not that Edward Jacob (E.J.), Malik, and Nova
 can take the place of the kittens taken from her.
She now has new babies, she loved from the start.
 And today was the first time in days, I heard that motherly purr.

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The UFO at Cary Forest

Nestled among the trees in a primitive campsite,
A cub scout and his mother were on their third camp-out.
The tent was pitched; double foil wrapped food was cooked just right.
The young campfire cook gave his skills a great workout.

In the past they had stayed there several days at a time.
Driving through the forest just the mom and her young boy.
Thinking about those days brings back memories sublime.
It was a lot of work, but brought them so much joy.

Nights were spent listening to the serenading bullfrog.
At dawn, she photographed wildlife while he made bird-calls.
One morning when they came around the bend in the fog,
A long-necked majestic doe stood tall and enthralled.

The angle was such that she could not get a good shot.
So, she handed him her Cannon; he aimed, then, clicked.
It would be days prior to seeing the picture he got.
She and her son took pleasure in the woodlands frolicked.

In the hours of darkness they finished playing cards.
Their lantern was glowing; it was time to go to sleep.
Outside there was a whirring they could not disregard.
The mother turned out the light; whispered, “Don't make a peep!”

Her heart was pounding faster and her eyes opened wide.
She was afraid to move, but tried her best to be brave.
She unzipped the tent slowly and took a look outside.
The unlikely sight she saw gave her heart a shock wave.
Up in the sky was a circle of lights… humongous!
The outer ones were orange and the inner ones flashed white.
The sound was so loud that soon the boy became anxious.
With a quiet hush she said, “We're going to be alright.”

All she could think about was fear and their abduction.
Teenage daughters, not camping, needed her to survive.
She was so terrified her mind could hardly function.
There was nothing she could do to get out of there alive.

Would sharp-witted life forms from outer space understand?
She had no choice but try; inside she shed silent tears.
Begging aloud to the alien craft, words unplanned.
Daughters, with no one to tend them would struggle for years.

When she explained their situation, the noise ceased quickly.
She peeked outside again to see only stars in the sky.
He, now a man, was not allowed to look out…hazy.
She thanks God for the night the aliens went bye-bye.

©  October 8, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

P.S. Years later, she saw the same craft in NASA space photos listed as something not 
seen before…unidentified!  When she went to show her husband, the picture had 

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- - - - -
The sweet aroma of rice; yonder bare fields;
on the stone the dark patches of water pitchers
and her looking at the sky where buzzards fly,
are completing the composition of waiting.

She has been waiting too long; too long she has made her man 
hold his patience  all these while; believed peace will come.
Now these flying buzzards are looking ominous 
like secret language which mystic nomads speak. 

She trembles with the prospect of unknown evils.
A long wait for her son, returning from town, 
from the all consuming town where he has gone
long, long, long time ago. But she has hoped for return.

She again watched for God’s language. Let him come.

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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what it took me all

In search of summer though hopeless but in vain I cry for summer. Pain broken heart sorrows and hopelessness I had to deal with to get to my destination. Pain over here pain over there, left abdicated in the mystery of nowhere caught in the wrong chemistry. Locked and forgotten my days are over my life is useless at this point, my illusions are devastated I have no future. Been alone in this small cell is my new world, have not learned my mistakes but have learned that life is what you lead it to be missing those wonderful summer moments. It might sound surprising that am not longing to change but looking forward to full filling my dreams. Enjoyable were those days as I made it seem like heavens belong to me, i governed my clan as my name was praised. With the honour of who I was a great drug dealer which am still not regretting, I did what I had to do to obtain my pride. As my mum ruins my world it was like I were never me it was painful it was heartless of her those names she called me "A bastard child, a mistake" I had no other choice. To thee who gave us life To thee who protects us to thee who sees all I prayed to recommending that I have no rights to question him why for he is the almighty and his ways are unquestionable. 

Dealing with the agony days after days years after years it kept getting deadlier, I have pleaded, I have suffered I was forced to live again. I felt it was high time to agree on a solution as i made up my mind to rebel, though my beloved mother choose drugs against my life. The love I alter for her never did change an will never.  I can still see it happening  it was not my intentions to take her life I was only trying to protect my self but things happen. I wasn’t happy neither was I dismal I was at a certain point satisfied. Turning around walking away, my body felt cold my heart felt heavy and empty, I was no more myself I felt different I felt brave I didn’t feel guilty taking the life of the person who gave me life and tampered with it boldly I delivered myself to the police, I murded her I murdered my mother in tears I shout. With 17 in jail and so shall it be till I rot in here. God is with me as I am with myself.
She left in summer by my force as i was born in summer in her pain.

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Good bye mother

All through the years my heart was yearning for you to return to me, so that, we 
could be together again. Because you were untimely snatched away, my dreams  
and desires never became. Eventhough, I have known that you and I will never be 
reunited, my heart is still desperate for you. So through out the years, I have been 
seeking for a recarnation of you, a mother substitute. But you are unique dearest 
mother, no one can fill this desire that still remains in my heart. A heart that is 
longing to be mothered by someone just like you. However, I did not find you since 
you are lost forever because death has stolen you. So, good-bye mother, even 
though my heart is longing for you but I cease from seeking a mother substitute.

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love starved

If love is a hunger.Then my heart is 
empty.The pains run deeper then 
the pacific ocean floor.So many 
lovers my heart feels like a revolving 
door.I ask my mother to feed me 
cause i    hunger for her love .She 
gave me the left over scraps from 
my sisters and brother.barely 
enough to stop the pain.I ask my 
father to feed me and he only feeds 
my mother ,and when he 
remembers that I have no love he 
says hes fresh out.I asked my 
husband to  feed me .But he cant 
even make food.He gives me a 
dinner mint of lust .It disappears as 
soon  as it touches my 
lips.Countless lovers taking from an 
already starved heart. The inner 
parts of my heart consumed by the 
love given but never received.My 
heart is just and empty hollow lining 
.So empty the hunger pains can 
never be felt again.

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can old men hold their heads and cry

she might have been beautiful
I'll never know
she might have been the best mother ever
Again, I'll probably never know
no bruises, no witnesses
did she lurch out in screams 
as you handed her the grief of your business
how slanted you stood 
tell me was it brief or was she another victim
sunday, bloody sunday
how unworthy you are to see monday

if life were a sitcom
i'd been abortioned
smiles, tears, divorce
a portion of a potion
if i make it to next year
i'll be twenty-five 
and well alive
I wish i could say the same for you
Do you remember the twenty-first day
of that ninth month
she held on to this pain for you

i was born for this 
bred from a diseased quilt
a testament of mans filth
a glass of wine
a past confined
perhaps we were nickel and dime'd to death
sometimes life resembles a fine line of stress
like a satin pillow 
with burgundy stains
I worried you sane

"was it not lovely when i wrote away your misery
through my eyes i'll show you the world
it was a beautiful place"

i have no intentions to care what you think
or how you blink when your nightmares sink you
days have forwarded past you
i can only hope to out last you
i'd rather wear a mask then resemble a fraction of you
there was a time life was as simple as green pastures
slaves would cling to masters
women would sing of asterisks 
of all the perfect worlds is this the one you designed
i'm feeling quite refined 
over the years we've worshiped war
so many have died
you see the tears of porcelain stars
yet you learn nothing
nothing means anything
until you lose something

"If you lost your life for every mistake you made
you wouldn't make mistakes."

the black hitler's journal, entry II

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What If Christmas Disappeared

What if Christmas never happened? What if Christmas never came? Things around here would be different! It wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger! If the baby Jesus wasn’t born. There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.” It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” They worry they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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little ballerina

a precious girl
so young and free
came up to me 
and told me what she wanted 
to be

i want to be a ballerina
she said
but shhe didnt understand
her every wish was my great 

that was years ago
and man o man 
they went by so slow she hates 
the days
i know because its all she says

i told her to stick with it
She told me I'm full of shit
i told her to stick with her 
but she just runs and screams

but on the stage 
 I can see her features change
into somthing new
they become bright
with a certain kind of light
and it reaches out to me

i wish i could describe
the way it makes me feel inside
its love that is unknown 
and its my little girl all

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Time drags on in this chair, 
 As I wait for the brilliant one.
Each time the door swings out, 
 I look for him to say he's done.

Minutes turn into hours, 
 and all I can do is stare at the clock.
Finally, after what seems like forever, 
 Here comes my son's Doc.

As if in slow motion, I stand.
 Anxiously, I await him to say, 
"The surgery went well, but 
 of course in the hospital, he'll have to stay."

"When can I see him?"
 is what I quietly ask.
"Within the hour," he replies
 "But be warned, it'll be no easy task."

As I walk in the recovery room, 
 He lay so still on his hospital bed.
If I didn't know better, 
 I'd have thought he might be dead.

His recovery takes, oh so long and
 the first time my Angel opened his eyes, 
I realized that prayers are answered,
 And God had heard all my cries.

My gratitude for God and Dr Carson swelled, 
 when my son took an non ventilator aided breath.
We had won the fight for my son's life, 
 and we actually cheated DEATH.

We had to repeat this trying
 scene for a total times of three.
It kept me bitter and stressed. 
 Why couldn't He leave my Angel be?

I see now, what's done is meant to happen.
 And I have learned my lesson in GRATITUDE.
To not be trusting that HE knows best, 
 was not only wrong, it was just plain rude.

I'm understanding now, 
 more than you'll ever know.
And when I see my son alive and breathing, 
 my heart and soul radiates for God, a special glow.

*This is a true story, my son went through 3 heart surgeries before 5 months old and this
is dedicated to God, Dr. Carson, Dr. Dooley, and Dr. Willis Williams*

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A new life
the offspring of the Rosonow's
a new form
a new shape
a new girl
a new world
the beauty of a new baby is embraced a new mother's arms
how beautiful she is like a green pasture
she is a pure soul and a clean heart
she is like a star that glistens brightly during the night hours
waiting in the sky to be look upon and loved
times together
all in the form of a precious little girl
a new life
a new form
a new shape
a new girl
a new world
open eyes and open hearts

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A Taste of Home

Verse 1
I dialed that familiar number,
Cuz’ my heart was breaking in two
And aching for the comfort, 
that in her voice I knew I’d find
And the invitation for a taste of home
To a kitchen table where hearts are healed
And problems were solved every time 

She’d say come on home,
You need a taste of home
And there’s no better cure,
Then my heart filled apple pie
And Grams in the kitchen
For your favorite dish 
And, it’s the best remedy,
you’ll ever find

Verse 2
I jumped in my car, started to drive
Thinking about how love can come and go
Then the magical memories, 
of the love, of a family 
Brought sweet visions in my mind
I laughed out  loud, about the last big cake fight
An on going war with a cousin of mine

Verse 3
I pulled into the driveway
Sat in wonder and just stared
The whole darn family, they were all standing there
An impromptu BBQ, to heal my heart
Was on the menu for tonight
I‘m so happy I came home, 
to heal this broken heart of mine

She’d always say come on home,
You need a taste of home
And there’s no better cure,
Then my heart filled apple pie
And Grams in the kitchen
For your favorite dish 
And, it’s the best remedy,
you’ll ever find

And later in the evening,
As Uncle Jack manned the BBQ
He put his arm around me saying,
I was once there in your shoes
Isn’t it funny how the love of a family
Can almost heal a broken heart
But the final ingredient to make it whole again
Is the apple pie and love,
from your Mama’s heart

She’d always say come on home,
You need a taste of home
And there’s no better cure,
Then my heart filled apple pie
And Grams in the kitchen
For your favorite dish 
And, it’s the best remedy,
you’ll ever find

Just come on home

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That Was You Mom

Mom that was you who first was there
Tiny and helpless that was me
You taught me to eat and made me laugh
You were there when I was sick.

Mom that was you who really cared
You wiped my eyes and washed my feet
The sadness and lessons I had to learn
In your way you helped me understand.

Mom that was you who had to leave
Taken away so suddenly
The lies from others I had to live
You remained alive inside my heart.

Mom that was you I truely missed
Those years I needed you so bad
Many mothers took your place
I never thought badly of you.

Mom that was you who really knew
The pain we lived inside
Putting the past behind us now
Life made sense once again.

Mom then I learned that was you
The woman I emulated passed down from heredity
I couldn't explain where it all came from
Being with you my questions answered.

Mom then you became so sick and weak
You would pass before my crying eyes
Your last breath sent you away
To Heaven, where you now reside.

Mom if I could tell you that it is you I miss today
Another Mothers Day without you here
Knowing in my heart you are finally free
A lifetime in my heart that's where you will always be.

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I Cleaned Your Room Today

I cleaned your room today,
while the scent of you yet lingered
in the impression where you laid your head,
caressing linens my heart hesitates to launder
for want of holding you near.

I long for this morning’s sweetness,
still cherishing that embrace long shared,
remembering how you let me linger
in your own reluctance to pull away
and how I prayed it not be the last.

From your window I watched today,
as the snow became earth’s chalky quilt
somehow angry at its indifference as it
dared to frolic with the very breeze
that now carries you away;
to a people of desperation in a
land whose heart feels only winter’s harshness
never tasting her sweet alabaster blessing.

How I despise the circumstance of this desolate place
yet selfishly hate that it is you she has beckoned.

I pray God’s protection as your coverlet
warm and thick in the unfailing assurance
of a love which will hold you safe at breast
as would the troubled and rambling mother
who cleaned your room today.

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"Mommy Mommy"

Mommy Mommy what shall I do, 
I don't wanna stay away from you, 
Mommy, mommy please come back,
You're my life, you know that.
Sugar, plum, my love, 
My heart is with you, where you go I follow
I'm not here, he's not here, you're not here with me, 
Just sit back and be calm, be mommy's little baby. 
How can I be that when you're not around, 
You're not here to comfort me when I'm down,
What shall I do when its Mother's Day?
Whom shall I greet? What shall I say?
Pretend as if I'm there and talk to the stars above,
I am listening, I can hear, I'll answer you my love.
How will I know when you answer, How will I know you're there?
Listen to your heart little one, I'll answer you in prayer.
Go to sleep and talk to the stars, Talk and listen to your heart, 
When you're down, don't harm yourself,
Mommy will be there, mommy will help.

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Cookies of Love

Long time ago, in the little market of Venice, Allen and his mother had a little bakery.
Allen was only seventeen years old, his father was a baker and he had died because of illness.
Allen was only a reason for his mother to live life happily.

Both Allen and his mother were work hard and together so, they were famous as compare to
other bakeries in all over the market. Allen was always use to make heart shape on a
cookie, as he want to present his love daily to his mother.

One day, a young girl came at their doorsteps, she was looking very sick and poor, she
said that, my name is Olive, I have no one in the world, i am alone and very poor girl, i
want to work, please ma'am give me a job, i will do the best to serve your bakery. Allen's
mother was a kind lady, she agrees on her request, after that, Olive had very happy as she
found some open treasure. From the day, Olive started to work in their bakery as an assistant.

As same as Allen, Olive was also love to make heart shape on a cookie. By working
together, they were loving to each others. Allen's mother had known everything as she is a
mother and she was very happy because she observed that Allen have a family now.

Finally, Allan and Olive got married. After five years, Allen's mother had also died.
Allen had three children, two boys and one baby.

Now they are famous cookie bakers in all around the Venice city as, Allen & Olive cookies.

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My Other Mother

Nothing like Gayle’s homemade chili wafting throughout her home
To make even the hardest heart feel comforted and less alone

I met an earth angel when I was a merely sixteen and a half
Her spirit was as inviting and as contagious as her laugh

The very first moment we met I felt I had known her forever
Perhaps in another life I was her daughter and her my mother

Tears rush to my eyes and my heart leaps as I write and weep
As it speaks volumes of how my connection to her is so deep

Immediately drawn to her beauty which resonates warmth and compassion
I longed to be just like her, with the same values, integrity and passion

Older than I, yet youthful and beaming with such strong intense light
Gayle is unusually gorgeous, significantly intelligent and bright
Twenty six years later I receive a call and she is there for me like before
Not just to share my grief for the loss of my father but much more

A white flower bouquet, a ‘Care of the Soul,’ book, a card depicting a work of art
Filled with her original loving words and a talk that healed my heart

Still to this day she is my idol, my guru, my mentor, my ‘other,’ mother
Her abilities are immense her talents are many and her spirit like no other

With the originality of Martha Stewart she wraps gifts and decorates her house
Cooks a feast like Emeril, writes like Thomas Moore and sings like Alison Krauss

A phenomenal writer, and college professor, there is nothing she can’t teach
She resides in harmony with nature in a chateau overlooking the beach

In my next time around when I have self actualized enough to deserve less strife
I hope to be her, with all her wisdom and spiritual depth, and have her exact life






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Every layer amassed vertically on the previous

Quintessentially abdicated from the next’s cornerstone

Upward from yet another illuminated chlorophyll-filled vascular vessel

Inspiring the growth of the next generation

Seemingly taxed at consecutive intervals

Each layer recedes like roman pilasters.

Tolling delicately to not topple the tower 

Umbilical to existence,

Mother of creation is left on top.

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My Mother, My Pearl

God blessed the world with a precious gem. My mother my pearl the woman of my world. A 
fine gem it was to bless the lady that i love. A Love so fine, a love so devine, A love that 
leaves no one behind. God blessed the world with lots of special pearls. God gave me the 
pearl that changed my world; to hold near and dear till my heart shows no fear. My mother, 
my pearl the light of my world. For when it is dark the thought of my mother with god will 
brighten my heart and brightens my day, it will make all that pain go away. Lord, shine on 
my mother, my pearl, For one day i will see my pearl in God's world. Continue to sleep, for 
one day my life will be at peace. Shine on the world to let everyone know the beauty of my 
mother, my pearl.

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A Long Tough Ride

It’s been a long, tough ride
And I’ve been working like a Mom
It’s been a long tough ride
My heart is ticking like a bomb
I know my duty it was
To work and manage the house
But soon I’ll feel so lost

When she’s gone
Things will not be the same
When she’s gone
Oh how my heart will grieve

It’s been a long, tough ride
And I’ve been working like a slave
It’s been a long, tough ride
My mind is reeling like a tape
I love my baby so much
I know my heart will be crushed
Yet I will be alright

When she’s gone
Things will not be the same
When she’s gone
Oh how my heart will grieve

It’s been a long tough ride
I should be happy to be free
It’s been a long tough ride
I should dancing in the breeze
But when I think of the world
She has to live in and work 
I’ll still be on my knees in prayer
Because it’s scary out there
But we will be alright
It’s been a long tough ride

Entry into John Heck’s Sponsored Contest: “Beatlemania Sing Along”
Sung to “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night”

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self help

I heard loud screams coming from a quaint 
decapitated building as I approached
the entrance way I could see the image 
of a woman standing near the window 

there were others screaming also 
I hurried inside only to be overcome 
by thick black smoke the woman continued 
calling to me as I made it pass the chard door 
as two men laid in the hallway the woman wailed
I tried desperately to save her apon entering
her apartment filled with flames her hair melted 
to her face her slippers melted to the tarry linoleum 
I panicked at this horrid sight this woman still alive
reaching for me with one hand the other hand 
was melting against the vinyl drapes 
my mind wondered how to save this dying woman 
her nylons began to ignite her legs and apron string
I was clearly distraught as sirens could be heard
from a distance away the woman reached out again 
as I reached for her hand oddly she was wearing  
my ring given to me by my grandmother years ago
I glanced in the mirror of this woman's suffering
there was so much smoke i could hardly see 
but to my surprise this dying woman was me

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Anxous for the day

Last night I couldn't sleep.
I lay in bed counting Sheep.
Anxious was I,
My heart pounding as high as the sky.
Ready to become one year older.

At two in the mourning,
I woke to some snoring.
My sister really needs some meds.

She woke me up, and i can not sleep,
My heart beating like beep, beep, beep.
Scared was I,
Scared of my day and very shy.
Afraid of becoming one year older.

I opened my computer,
Not until later,
And started to talk to my mom.

She said she loved me,
and I smiled so gleely,
as my heart started to glow.
She said she loved me more then i would ever know.
And then I knew I was ready, so i laid down, and went to sleep.

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Mother's Love

A mother’s hands cool fevered brows,
Warm little hands when cold winds blow.
A mother’s hands wipe away tears of pain,
And applaud the actions that joy brings.

A mother’s heart grows with each child,
Making room for each new life.
A mother’s heart knows soaring heights,
As well as the most anguished pains of night.

A mother’s smile can show such pride,
Or hide the disappoint from her child.
A mother’s smile is the warmest around.
To bask in one is worth heavens crown.

A mother’s love is a special thing,
Offering acceptance, comfort and peace.
A mother’s love cannot be earned,
Tis’ a love that blooms before a child’s birth.

And when a mother holds her newborn babe,
The love she feels explodes in her heart.
Each mother makes this very same vow.
To protect and love forever whether near or apart.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s around the world.

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We Walk Amongst The Faithful

We walk amongst the faithful. Unknown to human eyes. So normal and so human, They can't see through our disguise. The tears of angels made us As they flew down from the sky. They didn't want to do it, So all they did was cry. We're stuck amongst the ruin. The horror and despair. We've seen a bit too closely To the heart of Evil's lair. We walk amongst the faithful. Unknown to human eyes. So normal and so human, They can't see through our disguise. We're scarred up on the inside, But outside we're just fine. We hide the truth so well They can't see into our lies. Our daddies were all drinkers. And when they would get mad, They'd take it out us poor souls, And boy were we so glad When Daddy drank himself to sleep, And we could go and hide. Carve another scar into our heart Which was hidden deep inside. We walk amongst the faithful Unknown to human eyes So normal and so human They can't see through our disguise. Our mommies all liked men Perhaps a bit too much They sampled fair and far And didn't mind the touch. When Mommy fell asleep, Her boyfriends would come down And they would scare us half to death And they'd start to mess around. And after they were done Ravaging our broken souls We'd take our chance to run And hide from things we'd never know. We walk amongst the faithful Unknown to human eyes So normal and so human They can't see through our disguise. Our families are all broken We have no place to hide No place to let our tears out Let out what hurts inside. And now we sit here all alone In this dark corner as all hope Evades our longing hands We've lost our way to cope. And now we hide our feelings And what they've done to every “me”. We hold our chins up high. We do not let them see. We walk amongst the faithful Unknown to human eyes So normal and so humans Can't see through our disguise We pretend it doesn't happen We can't let anyone know Our traitor of a heart Is something we can't show. Would anyone even understand What we hold inside our hearts? Or would we be a freak show A different world apart? Maybe one day we will find one Every single one of us Someone who will understand Someone we can trust.

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Bear with me

You I’m still searching for a life
I don’t have the answers to your questions
But sometimes I just want you to believe in me
Someday I will find my own way

I don’t know what I should do
But stay for me and tell me to hold on
It’s a heart breaking seeing the unhappy
What more can I do, All I can is to hope

If I don’t talk too much
Doesn’t mean that I don’t care
If I don’t do things enough
Doesn’t mean I don’t do anything

If I could turn back the time
And knowing the future would be such a dull
Maybe I can make up for all my mistakes
And be the girl you wanted me to be

Tell you something…
My heart hurts
It hurts deeply through my brain

Nothing else I could do…
My tears fall as I bend down on my knees
Wishing everything turns beautifully
And no more worries in our life

Just let me keep my dream alive
Let me die trying or nothing at all
Let me believe on its possibility
Believed in me and always you’ll be

I have sacrifice the time
For searching and hoping
Though it’s such a waste of time
I know everything will turns beautifully

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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

	Yesterday was my birthday. I spent most of it in tears.
It was the first time in my life that I had spent one without you.
You were the one who swept away my demons and my fears.
The one who loved me regardless, always coming to my rescue.

I was adopted and adored. Did I ever tell you thank you? 
My first memories where of laughter and hugs, so priceless.
What a wonderful life you gave me, this I always knew.
Your heart was so pure, filled with nothing but kindness. 

I thought I was prepared, but oh what a lie
It didn’t matter after all; I wasn't ready for your departure.
I begged for you to stay with me, this I can't deny.
To not leave me, you're broken hearted baby daughter. 

I spent my day missing you, and wishing you were here.
Waking me up singing Happy Birthday, horribly off key.
Those memories so strong and held to my heart so dear. 
My life without you in it, so stark and empty. 

I felt your presence, hovering and watching. But it's not enough.
I miss our morning coffee and the touch of your hands.
I know Im being selfish, but mom this is so tough.
Why did you have to leave me? I still don’t understand.  

I know tomorrow will be a much better day.
I will put my sorrow and grief into a box,
Gilded with memories and stow it away.
Until next year, on my next birthday. 

Until then I will remember only that I was loved. 

Love and miss you mom. Your daughter.

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Aborted Babies

Aborted Babies…

Innocent life is being murdered each day.
While our courts say that it’s legal and “o.k.”

Women getting pregnant and maybe don’t understand.
The tragedy that’s happening all over this land!

Is this really something that many people have willed?
To have the unborn to be 
“torn apart and killed?”

Many are told abortion is the “best thing to do.”
But not knowing who else to turn to.

Government pretends to have an answer for this.
But it’s just turning into one huge mess!

Read the Bible and you will come to know.
The God who created you… 
Loves you so!

Jesus knew you in the womb!  
Your hair color and name!
He saw your body when out of your
 mother you came!

He saw your little heart the first time it beat!
And saw your mother the first time
 she tickled your feet!

There is never one unwanted person on God’s list!
You are precious to him…  
And are never missed!

He knows each life and every heart that’s beating!
And brings purpose, love and
 a TRUE meaning!

BY Jim Pemberton

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A Young Man With A Heavy Load

A Young Man With A Heavy Load… I was watching a young man walking down my road. I could tell that he was sad, and carrying a “heavy load.” You see his dad had recently “up and left the home.” Now he and his mom were left all alone! I could tell it was hard for him to hold back the tears. Especially after being with his dad for so many years! I don’t think that parents think about what they say and do. They can hurt and betray the one who said; “I love YOU!” When this happens… I know that the heart of God is hurting.. Too many couples are together, but their eyes “keep flirting.” They feel happy to have a family, but soon it’s not enough… And quickly run out when things get “tough.” The dishonesty, lying and cheating are too commonplace… I’ve seen the heartache and pain upon a loved one’s face. Jesus knows all about the hurt and pain that this can cause. He also knows about the “friction” caused by the “in-laws.” For the one that may be thinking of leaving his or her family… You may think it’s fun now… But you’re not going to be happy! Whatever is tugging at your heart now may seem “appealing.” But it’s the love from your spouse and kids that you’re stealing! I challenge you to be the man or woman of God he wants you to be! You need to be with the family God gave you! Can’t you see??? Come on back and spend the quality time you need to spend. Your family and children need you both as a parent and a friend! Allow the love of Jesus Christ to bind your hearts together! May his peace and joy comfort you now and forever! Allow your home to be filled with the love of God’s precious son! May be bring your family together in unity… As ONE! By Jim Pemberton

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Softly she enters the path into wood
Dressed in summer's white linen, black hat unband
Toddlers follow, these of her motherhood

In bloom today trees ..dogwoods, cottonwood
She carries her butterfly net in hand
Softly she enters the path into wood

Tiny little girls become sisterhood
Drawn to nature are they, bugs, blooms, and
Toddlers follow, these of her motherhood

She spies butterflies in the thick hardwood
Escape today,  play her spirit's demand
Softly she enters the path into wood

Away from the creekside where sometimes flood
Away into the scary woods not planned
Toddlers follow, these of her motherhood

Away she goes into the deep away 
Stray away from everyday dismay
Softly she enters the path into wood
Toddlers follow, these of her motherhood

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Dear Grandma

Theres no one in this world who can compare to you or can even come close
Your the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for i love you most
I know I dont always show you how much you mean to me
Im sorry for all the times I was a brat and how I would be
No matter what I say without you I wouldnt have anything and you mean more to me than you know
Im sorry from the bottom of my heart and the good I will try to show
To you Grandma I wrote this for you with all my love
Everyday your in my heart and in my head your always thought of

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Mother's Design

Sadness, loneliness, internal hopelessness,
why did she stop listening and caring what was happening in me. 
The other kids, stresses with Dad, betrayal,
or just no time any more. 
When did I lose whatever strength that I had. 
When did I start needing the pain to be salved. 
Certainly by second grade,
by the time of the day dreaming,
staring out of the windows. 
Why has it crippled me so,
continued to starve my heart of its strength and endurance. 
Continued to drain from me creativity and joy. 
So that all I remember is the pain and struggle. 
So that I cry. 
So that my heart hurts. 

This crying is wrong,
this hurting is wrong,
this needing is wrong,
this me is wrong. 

My mother too vivid. 
My pain too awful. 
What was my mother to do? 

Could she have said:
"You're a boy, express yourself, show yourself. 
Be a man. Uncover your nature. 
Show yourself, 
You will need to be virile, whole, engaged, reveling in sensuality to be a man. 
You will need to be smart, in touch, enjoying the game. 
Talk about it.,
Say what you need.  
Ask what you want. 
Go on from there. 
Be, be you."

Tis too late now for that. 
My world is spun. 
It doesn't encourage discovery.
It needs order. 
It needs peacefulness.
It needs relief.


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A mothers Love

A Mama’s Love.

Words can’t tell the love a Mother gives, 
How precious and compassionate the life in which she lives.

She sweeps her children close and protects them with her love,
And prays for God to hear her words in heaven above.

She is willing to lay down her life, if that is what it takes,
For each of her children, and forgive each one of all there mistakes.

Her voice speaks clearly, and some times she needs to be stern,
She never allows her heart to wonder, never far from concern.

She can kiss away the hurt, or bandage a skinned up knee,
She can even help her little one down from a tree.

So many times her prayers are often hid, no one ever knows-
To keep those little ones well upon there toes. 

Her heart has been broken oh so many times, and her eyes filled with tears.
But she has agreed and knows that her love must last for many years.

The shoes she’s tied, and the buttons pressed through there holes,
Her prayer is always that God will save, and keep her Children’s souls.

She watches each day, and see’s her small ones grow,
And she is so proud of them, a smile she often bestows.

A Christian Mother is a blessing to her small and little one.
Her love is needed from the rising of the morning sun.

God bless each, and every Mom all over Gods land,
And keep her with us, and in our hearts –and blessed by Gods hand.

A loving Mother is more precious than any treasure every found,
I’m sure you feel that yours is the best than any around.

Don’t forget to hug, and love on mom today,
Let her know she is so precious, and loving in her own special way.

By: Wendell L Mays 
Mother’s Day 2009 

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Watch The Horizon

That orange-pink sky
takes my breath away.
So pure and lovely
it spreads across the horizon.

But as the sky grows darker and darker
The pink fades to purple 
The orange to red
The light blue to a colder blue
Night is coming.

Before i knew it
The sky was glimmering in stars
The full moon shining brightly over head
The wind picked up a bit
And i shivered

The night was cold 
And the dark made it colder.
As an action to stay warm 
I pulled up my collar 
But it didn't work.

I quickly made my way home
Being sure no one saw
For they didn't know i was out.
For they didn't know i was waiting for my miracle.

I wake up early the next morning
And head outside.
The birds were starting to wake up
The sky was turning that soft pink color
Of sunrise. 

I quickened my pace 
to make it on time.
And just as it began i made it to the stop

The sunrise was beautiful
and it took away my breath.
I smiled to myself and thought my wish.
I had a feeling,
Something good will happen.
All i had to do was watch the sun set.

With hope in my heart 
And joy filling my body
I jogged home.

The day was passing 
and the sunset was coming
I needed to get out
Right Now!
I excused myself and quickly went outside

I ran to the stop.
Panting and tired i made it a little late
The sky was an amazing orange/purple color
I smiled despite the day i had. 

Once again the sunset was ending
But today it was different
Today a figure walked toward me
And deep in my heart i knew it was you.

5 years, 8 months, 12 weeks
25 days, 24 hours, 30 minutes 
was all it took

To see you walking back to me from war
And all i did 
was Watch the Horizon

Dedicated to all those families who have a loved one in the military. We wish for their safe return. God Bless them all!

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The Corrupt Family

Here we begin our day
Forgetting we were supposed to stay
We drift in our own little ways
Making sure to take care of our own day
Barely saying a word to each other
Although if we do its yell or a holler
We backstab each other
And we would rather take of care of someone else
We act as if nothing is wrong
Pretending that reality stood still
Now I know for sure how corrupt we are
Since you would rather take care of your villain
Rather than your own 
Act is if we are monkeys
Blinded to your reasoning for your actions
But we are not as dumb as you may think 
The other two are just to small to see 
The lies behind your eyes 
Now you mite as well dig your own grave
But until then 
ill play your games
Let me pretend I’m ok
As long as we don’t have to speak
Then I’m actually gonna be alright.

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Sprouted in soil,
not rich nor poor
surprisingly the seedling grows under
the toughest conditions.

Nature is false, though one may not believe-
the burning in the blistering summer,
the drowning in the spring
the Identity ripped away in the fall
and the double edge of winter,
beautiful and bitter.

Only time has shown appreciation
towards the seedling, giving it
on a daily basis, now a sapling
strength and wisdom acquired
each new year; something gained
nothing lost

But nature furious at time's progression-
takes the rage out on the sapling;
a branch broken
Time heals this injury
but more are sure to follow as the anger rises,
so does the intensity of these wounds
later a storm progresses
and lightning strikes
the sapling suffers at the rage of nature.

A sole protector stands Alone
guarding the Treasure,
as old and beaten,
Alone, against the world-
Always fighting,
refusing any help, this is Her fight.
heartwood exposed
to nature's elements and insects
that attack the vulnerable possession.

Another joins the fight-
waving away objections
bringing tools to heal,
helping to guard
accepting help-
now two brave the world,
burdens shared, protection from harm,
a sacred Treasure.

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Omni Awakening

The Mother is the Earth…
I am brought forth of her sacred womb…
She is united to me using resonance to communicate…
I stand in courageous defiance to honor her well being…
To honor the entirety of life she loves and nurtures…
My father is the sky…
His own self affirmations so mighty he never lies…
Their greatest lesson to teach human kinds mind…
Flow with the rhythm of change with wonder and enthusiasm…
Remaining present in this moment now using our skill of observation...
It is my demand that the greed dis-ease be vanquished by heart love purity…
It is my desire to heal the hole within the one soul of humanity…
Stand firm ground facing your fears…  
Hold stead fast to enduring purifying tears…
The dogmatic illusions are being attacked…
Father Sky and mother earth consume the poisonous snack…
Be your truth…
Be your heart love…
Be your own desired compassion…
Be more hilarious and less serious…
Then you can declare…
I am free;
Holy Cosmos;

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Over the edge

I'm infused with pain
 I draw incisions on my vain 
cutting deeper each time
 falling deeper into my depression mad at the world pissed at god for ripping away the 3 people I loved
 I watched as my mothers heart was ripped out of her chest and murdered
 to young to understand that pain 
i'll just slice another vain 
no one cares about me so y should I care 
Blood pouring out
 my grandma thinks I'm crazy 
So do my friends but it's just all the pain I hold in
Rip me from this life
Stab me in the heart with this knife 
Tonight I commit suicide
Don't feel sorry for me 
Cause now I'm finally free 

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The Damage Will Always Be There

The Damage Will Always Be There

I cried,I bleed,And now my heart longer beats the same way it did before I meet you.My heart feel broken,i feel like a rag doll played with over and over again only to be thrown away.I miss your love but now your gone and my hearts ache the most it has ever.There are time's I wonder if  I have been lying to myself,I must be because my heart should fee lighter it should feel like a free winged bird but it not.The damage the cuts the sores they shall be with my from happy time to sad time because you put them there.You who I looked up to you never promised I know but it aches from every thought of you.How come how come I must be alone in this world? It sound selfish but I only want you back to be here beside me and tell me you love me and I'm doing a great job with everything.Why does it hurt to think of you?why does it pain me to want to be lose to anyone?why does everyone leave me behind when I need them the most?why am I so closed up with a stone wall full of hate surrounding my heart?I know it shouldn't be there but do you? In time the cut will heal and the sores shall vanish.But what about the feelings and the damage inflicted upon them will never leave.Yes it sounds so cliche yes you've heard it all before.But really and this is know this is said this is everything I know.The damage is there no matter how much it seems to have healed.

For my grandmother who i lost now 5 years ago Granny i miss you i wish you would have fought for us a little longer then you did.

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Birthday Rose

Introduction: A mother is such a wonderful poetry...She is the compass and blessing for her children and no matter what, in our hearts - she's the rose that never dies.

The moment I first opened my eyes, I saw your glowing face in shine You took me in your graceful arms, And poured my life in peaceful charm You sacrificed more than I can count, To raise me and strengthen my ground Every time you heard me scream, You took off from your every meal You fulfilled all my needs and dreams, You mean the world and more to me A teacher, a playmate, An answer, a guide of fate You reach out and pull me back, Whenever I get lost off track You love me like no other, Words just simply can’t explain, you are the best mother With you I never pretend, by your values I transcend You help me get my courage tight, You aid me to my wisdom right You are my loving mother, Someone I have to share my thoughts Always you know, always you care, Always you feel, always you heal Your tender smile lights up my life, From doubts that keep me captive at night Forever in my heart, you reside You care so much and feel so deep, You’re just everything I need I’m above grateful to have you in my life, As every time I think of you, I always feel revived.

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Babies and Kids Struggles

Everyone in the world thinks babies and kids have no struggles we are wrong.
We forget the hardest times of our lives is when we were infant our hearts beat a song.
When we were hungry we would cry, little hands could not grab anything that lye.
We had help to hold our bottles and we felt so helpless in our everyday struggles.
Our eyes did not open till the time that we were able we saw everything huge in size.
It made our heart throb fast and nothing made sense for all the words were gurgles.
The little ears we had we did stress with sound so loud and so unknown made us cry.
The fathers and mothers with kind word almost calmed us while they whispered.
They held us with fear, we had fear just knowing that we could not handle stress alone.
We grabbed things and we just wanted to hear the heart beat of our mom and dad.
That was the only thing in our minds that made us calm and glad.
The first touch of rough skin and strong hands were most comforting, yet scary at once.
Trust gradually grew when whipped our mess and hind ends, which were still scary.
To the large people out there the mind of a child is so simple but they still struggle.
They still need food, love and security that is all they need to grow.
To their lives is what they cling and no one is there to protect them from sorrow.
There are less fortunate kids that never get to hear their mothers and fathers hearts.
They soon empathize with everything around them with an emotion that struggles.
When sleeping on our own we cannot defend ourselves so we have fears.
That's why we cry nightly to sigh relief, we get exhausted and we run out of tears.
Remember the times you seen a child fall down their first step or bump into things.
It is scary when knowledge is lacking and get into things, which are a signs of struggles.
Children is future, it is nice to just watch them study, play and learn who they are.
Babies and Kids smiling, playing loud, and just sitting, they are still people they struggle. 

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Honor thy glory,thou hast braved servants.
Grace hath thy patriot,ye pride oh thee
Glory ye excellence,prime mover oh thee.
Let thee alma mater flourish
Thou hast union,not diminish.
Hoy!  One Country
Equipped with love and bravery.
Shine as one,thy works of ye weaver
Light up freedom,always and forever.
Let ye glory conquer and gleam thy illusion
Exalt thy Aethiops liberty,save us from confusion.
       Hoy!   Thy kingdom
       Hoy!   Thy Queendom
       Hoy!   Thy Cradle
Thy freedom within martyrdom
Thy glory within liondom.
Laureate liberty,laureate light
Thou shalt be ye merit ,insight within insight.
Freedom Alpha liberty Omega
Liberty Alpha freedom Omega
Love Alpha, love Omega.
Liberty in freedom,freedom in liberty
Unity in alma,mater in unity.


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Shelf life of sunshine

Shelf life of lights 
A thoughtful commentary on the shelf-life of sunshine 
flares up on the kitchen; here her quick hands have been 
getting pickled and spicy, with each turns of time she’s spent.

Days are, of course, growing thin; like her little family 
which has been unfastening. Son has gone to the town;
his dad has lost appetite; the vegetable patch’ve dried.

She looks at the brown cat, it seems to attain bodhi.
The salty air teases her hair, unknotted it.
“You look great.” The wind’s accent, slightly slurry, comes inside.

It reminds her of youth, insouciant, innocent. 
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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Forever-Part 1

Out on the beach with an amazing guy. The sun's so pretty, the sun's so bright. We're walking and talking about all our good times, against the world, hand in hand. Smiling and walking on the beautiful LA sand. We sit on a bolder and watch the sun set. It's an amazing day, one I will never forget. You slip your arm around me as we as we look at the beautiful sea. "I love you," I say as we feel the cool evening breeze. "I love you too," you say and pull out a small black box. I look at you, smile, and my heart stops. You open the box to reveal a beautiful ring. "Will you marry me?" you ask as my eyes fill with tears and my heart starts to sing. My smile gets wider as I say "yes". You pull me close to your chest. I gently kiss you as a tear rolls down my cheek. You brush it away and smile at me. "I love you," I say one more time. "I love you to baby," you say as you smile, "now your deffinitly all mine."


Today's the day, the day that starts the rest of our life. The day you become my husband, the day I become your wife. The last time I saw you was last night. But I woke up to a beautiful sight. A bouque of beautiful red roses lie on your pillow with a note on top. "I love you," it says, "and I can't wait to see you." I smile and whisper "I love you too." I take a shower and walk down to the beach to see how much is done. I step onto the hot sand and I feel the hot sun. It's almost done so I start to head home. I need to here your voice so I call your phone. "Hey babe," you say, "is everything okay?" I tell you everythings fine, I just need to hear you. I tell you I love you. You tell me you love me too. You say you have to go but you'll see me soon. "Okay, I love you," I say and look at the clock, it's almost noon. "I love you too," you say and the line goes dead. I look in the mirror and put my hands on my head. I smile and start to get ready for tonight. The first night of m new life.

I take a look in the mirror one last time. Just to make sure my beautiful dress is fine. I walk down to the beach and wait by the gate. I fix my veil and look at my friend. "You look amazing," she says and puts some flowers in my hand. "Thanks," I say and smile. I can't wait to walk down the aisle.

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To be loved

Like an eagle in butcher’s corners
Some have embraced it like sands
They are the chicks of hen mothers
Protected from the hard craws of hard beaked birds

Though all in the spherical are
Most from milk teeth are thy denied.
Hovering from every tom & harie
Looking like a raining season vulture

That petched on dry wood.
With feathers like an avian infulexa bird.
 Aching of heart at moon time is thy mood.
With oceans flowing through their lids.

To be loved thy are privilege
Enjoy by the class of privilege.

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Beautiful Hummingbird

September morning came 
my beautiful little hummingbird
you must have known something   
terrible was about to occur
Your life was about to be cut short….
That night I was at your side
my crying I was trying to hide
Seeing you in a helpless state
I knew you wouldn't be able to take
A vibrant and fiery person so full of life
Always willing to give and not take…
September morning I could no longer sleep
The night before I prayed  my Lord your soul to take
My spirit was restless and no one's awake
I went for a drive my heart was about to break…
September morning you were all alone 
As I sat in the car feeling something was wrong 
my soul is in despair I can't be strong
Lord wake her and her life prolong...
September morning as I look back
You were with me that morning I felt your embrace
Your place in my heart I will never replace
Seeking my memory for the image of your face...

September morning as we looked for a special plot
suddenly a hummingbird hovered just above
giving us a sign this is were you  will be laid to rest
Looking out my room all the hummingbirds hovered
offering comfort to a heart in darks cover…

September morning the Lord opened the gates
to a Beautiful Hummingbird  like no other
This Beautiful Being is my Mother
never to be replaced by another.

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Eagles contest

Eagles are birds of impeccable prey,
 They love their little ones in such a different way,
Powerfully build with a heavy beak,	
When they make noise it is as if they could speak,
Eye sight is keen,
A killing machine,
You don’t want to mess with an eagle’s regime,
They lay just two eggs,
Which rival with each other,
The older one usually kills off its brother,
How close the mother tends to her young,
The other chic watches for the war has just begun,
I envision the mother warning her precious juvenile,
“Your sister is getting ready to do something vile”
But unfortunately that is never the case,
Because she is bigger and does not "feel" like the human race,
In this picture the mother is admiring having two,
For deep in her heart she knows what the other one is going to do,
Maybe she is pleading,
And her heart is just bleeding,
Regardless this moment is very unique,
A mother with two eagles keeps other predators meek,
For there is just no other way
For the destiny of these birds of prey.

Written 7/27/11

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Ode to Willene

This poem is a tribute to a woman I love so
Even now my love continues to grow
She left this world with dignity and pride
Her gentle nature she couldn't hide
She had the strength of 100 grown men
She'd make your heart warm with a grin
Her touch was the reason love songs were written
One look from her and you'd become smitten
She was a ray of sunshine in a dark cruel world
Where right and wrong could become swirled
I miss her so much that words can't describe
The pain in my heart or the tears I've cried
Although people everywhere grieve their own way
I grab a pen and paper to dictate what I may
I strive to be like her though I haven't yet
But I'm as great as I can ever hope to get
So I hope that my grandmother hears this ode
And follows me down life's winning road

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Mother's Day

Mother's day is approaching and the sadness in my heart is brewing. 
Tring to fight back the emotions within . 
Having to go to the grave yard to see you is tearing me up inside. 
I know that we all must pass on someday but it does not ease my mind none the less. 
I will go to your permanent home at the graveyard and shower you with my love for flowers. 
We both shared that same love. 
For if not  for you i would not be here. 
So i will continue to pay my respects to you every chance i get. 
Wheather it be Mother's day or your birthday or Easter or Christmas . 
I will be there to pay you a visit. 
I want to say Happy mother's Day to you but its not happy any more without you here. 
So i will say i love you and i Miss you and you are still in my heart and soul and there you'll stay. 
Love ya Momma

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My Guardian Angels

Part I
Oh Mother,
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay,

I promise I will do my bed,
I promise I will never lie,
Mother, not a tear I will make you shed,
I promise I will never let you cry,

You are all that I live for,
I will give you all you need and more,
Heaven is under your feet,
Your image is so sweet,

We may fuss and fight, but when you smile,
It makes the struggle worthwhile,
Mother, you are a soul made of perfection,
I am living due to your protection,
My entity is a reflection,
Of you, I want you to be proud of me, for I fear your rejection,

You are my earth,
You loved me for fourteen years, and nine months before birth,
I grew up in you,
I lived life with you,

Your heart shines down on me like the sun,
You cannot be compared to anyone,
You are a seraph,
I feel emotionally painful when I look at your photograph,

Oh Mother,
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay...

Part II
Oh Father
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay,

Your wise words dwell in my young soul,
Your presence makes me whole,
You make me laugh with all the clowning that you do, 
I miss you more and more everyday, you haven't got a clue,

An eternal life of bliss with you I am living in now,
I always come crawling back to you somehow,
You are always saving me from myself; you catch me when I fall,
Father, you are the only one who really knew me at all,

I can vividly remember,
One chilly night in December,
You held me close, and I felt your pure heart beat,
That icy bitterness within me you did defeat,

One day you shall open your beautiful big brown eyes,
And find that I have raised your name to the seventh sky,
I promise you Father, I will forever be your ally,
And make you so proud, you will want to cry,

Oh Father
Do not walk away,
I would do anything to make you stay…

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sweet mothers love,

her wide hand spread of love,

petting my head, to slip and sleep,

to forget our sorrow of reality,


Mothers love of a sweet heart being,

thy hand ready to clean my morning faeces,

fear cruise thy hand, at my shivering head,

kpom kpom of a desperate heart beat.


cry not mother, oh sweet mother!

thy cry accused me of my wicked act,

place thy hand on my head,

say those word of my like been, to erase thy fear.


sweet mother! on whose bossom i slept,

for nine months, feed on and built up,

you are the purest of souls,

stay; stay till, thou feed from me....................................

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The Peaceful in Art

The insence smoke makes my eyes water.
The candles flicker natural light onto magazine-cut-out-stained cement walls.
The ipod is plugged in.  it’s charging its own battery.
Kent wafts melodies into me.  
There are no tears
Because I’m doing what I want to do
I’m not doing what was assigned,
Desired of me.
I’m doing what I want to do 
And it feels fine.  
The cat made the appartment smell again,
I don’t want to clean it up.  
I will let the common room stench itself
But I’ll burn the smell out of my own room
So I can at least
Have that something to myself.  
There are colors here that aren’t in nature.
There are colors together that can’t exist together
In nature.
There’s a longing here
That can be fulfilled!
Yes it can be fulfilled by one easy brushstoke
Or two
There are eyes here that need some sleep
And they may have it
Before or after the sun goes down;
Whenever they want.  
I don’t want!  I don’t need!  I long, I desire
I hunger
With a hunger so deep
I long with a longing not need 
Or needing
But a long
Longer than the longing of mankind.  
What was that longing anyway.  
I can wear my jewelry when I paint.  
I used to have to take it off to run the relay.
Here I can wear the ring grandmother gave me
Which is good because it makes me feel powerful and godlike.
I am not a goblin
But they do haunt my dreams.
I am not a person 
But they do haunt my life
And this is what is peaceful about art
It can be done,
In solitary 

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My Comfort

Can you see, can you feel 
how much my heart aches for you?

As a child as an adult
until my last breath
my heart will call out for you.

In your many absences
in the darkness of night
when everyone slept 
the cold wall was my comfort
without saying a word
she caressed my face
and wiped away tiers shed for you.

When you were home I had comfort
and a mother to hold me
I didn't need to say a word
yet you always new that I needed you.

There is no one on this earth
that embraced me as you did
your fiery and vibrant soul
will forever be irreplaceable you.

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I've Failed You Once Again

I Have Failed…

Lord, I have failed you time and time again,
By hanging on to my unrepentant sin.
I once thought, “my life will never get off track,”
Until that one day when I committed such a
terrible act.

“No one’s watching me” was what I thought,
not knowing the pain and suffering into my family
I had brought.
That one night of “pleasure” I hoped would go away,
but this sin stares me in the face every single day!

The lust that crept into my once cheerful heart,
Is now eating at me—tearing me all apart.
I once thought I was too good to commit a sin like this,
so many of God’s blessings I now will miss.

To you Jesus—my whole heart I ask you to cleanse.
for in you my whole life now depends.
Create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit
within me.
Your forgiveness in my life is what others must see.

The most important thing to God I can now give,
Is a broken and contrite heart each day I shall live!

By Jim Pemberton

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"At The Sea"

At the sea, Sunday
Clear and breeze, total
Ease, dress up to knees
Totally fun day
Families here, cheer

Excitement rise
By Mother's side
Don't come Monday
Let continue

Fun, fun day
Come on wave
Wash away

Stress go
By the 


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The Stone

I think i might write a letter
to someone that i havent
talked to in a while
Ill lay it beside her stone
the stone i brought for her
when i was really young
Ill wait until she writes back
Falling asleep on the cold ground
Waking up in the fog

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My dearest papa

Lingering, in the dusky haze,
Is your ever-affectionate gaze,
Your effervescence, always, does stay,
To my heart, marking its way,
This eternal tranquil love of yours,
Every problem, it successfully cures, 
Your blessings, with devotion, I do heed,
You beyond doubt, O Papa, are a dreadful need,
A phase of rejuvenation, of my life, this is,
Affected by a warm hug, a small kiss,
A deep significance, this triumph beholds,
From this, a love lasting an eon, unfolds,
Dear Daddy, all that I wanna tell,
There’s a prominent spot in my heart where you dwell,
Success would have merely been,
A far- fetched reverie once seen.
But you gave me a great chance,
To strike up, and accomplish my trance,
Daddy, you corrected all my mistakes,
And I’ll always value that, whatever it takes. .
I at all times do wonder,
Why opportunities go all blunder,
Why the problems ain’t solved in an instant,
Why before every trouble, life has to bend,
You led me out of the doubts,
Fished a grin out of my pouts,
Life is to face, fight and fright them all,
With you beside, dad, I can really stand tall,
Confusions always flicker in my mind,
Does God exist, I really wanna find,
But a look at my dad and mom, once I take,
And my heart tells me, “Now don’t fake,
“There they stand, before thee,
“And all the while, you moron can’t see”,
The realization, in me, soon did dawn,
Such a great fortune— from God was I born!

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A Mother's Love

In my life there has been one constant
A special someone, true and unwavering
Whose love for me is heaven sent
Deep, abiding and unchanging.

She is my mother, there is no other
From the moment I can first remember
My momma's voice, her caring eyes
Sweet, soft kisses, her hugs so tender.

Mom, always available and there for me
Through the years, my whole life through
Listening and giving words of comfort
In her understanding way so true.

No one could never, no never ever
Replace my dear and precious mother
And I thank God that I've been blessed
With my dear mother, she is like no other.

Written on 2/18/2015

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So Tiny

The thoughts of you, brings tears to my eyes. The tiny eyes, that I'll never get to look into. The tiny hands, I'll never get to hold. My heart breaks, when I think about, the tiny heart I'll never get to feel, the tiny voice I'll never get to hear, the tiny body I'll never get to hold closely. So tiny, So small. but our love for you, so strong.

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My Strength Renewed, My Rock

On the day of July nine 
In the year of ninety and six. 
Her heart was so pure and so fine 
But too weak for the surgeon to fix. 
Her eyes still shown bright as day 
But her frail body had wasted away 
Her smile as warm as the love 
That she gave through Jesus above 
She knew she would not pull through 
But not one moment of sadness or blue 
Did she cast to her loved ones there 
Who waited and prayed for her care 
The Day was the twelfth of July 
The hours ticked endlessly by 
Many friends and family too 
People I never knew 
Came to say their farewells 
To a sister who with Jesus now sails 
On a peaceful and gentle tide 
To ever abide at his side 
As the service came to a close 
And the time was as everyone knows 
To cover her body with earth 
Though her spirit had now a new birth 
From out of the crowd stepped a child 
Who's heart like her grandmother's  was mild 
She picked up a shovel and prayed 
As everyone stood there dismayed 
Some tried to keep her from her task 
She looked to her Grandpa with eyes that ask 
He said to those who had tried 
To stop this child at the side 
Of her grandmother's still open grave 
With shovel in hand and heart so brave 
Let her be was his reply 
She's strong enough I won't deny 
She then began her chosen task 
Permitted to do what her heart had ask 
Shovel by shovel and tear by tear 
Her respect paid true to a lady so dear 
At the tender young age of only ten
This little girl whose life has been 
Directed and sculpted by the events of that day 
And by the grandmother who taught her to pray 
Just ten precious years she shared with her here 
But forever in her heart her grandmother is near 
I am the mother of this brave little child 
And never has any heart been so mild 
The day was the twelfth of July 
And to my Mother I said good bye 
A new strength was shown to me that day 
In the child I had birthed and taught to play 
Grandmother's shoes are not easy to fill 
But with a heart of gold and the strength and will 
She to this day has been my best friend 
In absence of Mother my rock to the end 
Now twelve years later a woman full grown 
No longer here with me, elsewhere on her own 
No matter the distance in miles or in time 
She still fills the shoes of that Mother so fine 
And knowing her task will never be done 
She looks to the Heaven's, The Father, The Son 
But also she looks for a glimpse now and then 
From the Grandmother she knows will hold her again

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Oyster days

Oyster days 
Can she remember her days 
inside an oyster, cocooned
and alike a ‘thirst’, waiting?
Now it is a great city 
where her painted dwelling 
overlooks the marine-drive,
now resembles a pearls’ string 
with all those inviting lights.

She has friends for parties, chats, 
for cheers and for gossips; 
now that she has opened up. 
A small town is there 
in her deepest memories.
Can she remember her days 
inside an oyster, cocooned
and alike a ‘thirst’, waiting?

Does she remember her days 
inside an oyster, cocooned
and alike a ‘thirst’, waiting;
when calamities come
like swift toed stranger wearing
a galling grin and knowing,
she has no protective shell
of zinc, iron, calcium?

The needle marks and habits 
are washed at the rehab.
Doctor prescribes this or that, 
for stress, for mind and for health.
She almost laughs at a pill. 
It is boasting to be made 
out of oyster elements.

All is coming back to her. 

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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The Healers Heart / 2001

The healer strove to mark the place
to walk with heart in hand. 
She placed her foot upon the path
and walked ‘pon ochre sand.

Her head was high, her gaze direct
the path before her steep;
to her goal with chattering teeth
the healer’s eyes did keep.

She went within the darkness deep,
earth's core she did explore;
with heart hearth lit and good intent
she visited earth's core.

The Mother had oft seen her there
and gifted her each day,
with lava, light, and wet warmth
the Mother watched her play.

Still, now the healer knew the truth,
a truth she must absorb.
Father lived in hearths held on high,
He was another force.

And, if the healer was to grow
help others come this way
she must go forth, rise, absorb
the upper light displayed.

With trembling lips and fearful sighs
on she purposefully strode, 
this child of clay, of lava formed,
to Father’s bright abode.

And, as she rose above the clouds
into the firmament
she lost her shape, as child of earth
gained oneness in ascent.

No boundaries now held her form
except His loving grace,
this cherished child of mud, of clay;
she took her solemn place.

“Light or Dark, neither good nor bad,”
a choice the Father said.
a place for all, a purpose too
and lessons learned instead.

So, the healer turned to earth
upon that golden day. 
She’d learned the joy of dark and light
found wholeness, in this way.

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The light that once shone in my eyes is no longer there
It left me when you did
The child that lived inside me, the innocence I once possessed
Exists now only in a dream 

I put all my faith, my love, and my trust in you
You were my world
I looked up to you 
I needed you
But you didn't want me and you never needed me

I stood there, speechless, watching as you walked away, unable to do anything
I wanted you to stay
I didn't know how I would go on without you
I cried
I poured my heart and soul out to anyone who cared enough to listen
Eventually, I didn't even have that anymore
I no longer trusted anyone
From that moment on, I knew I would be alone forever
Locked inside my own little world afraid to come back out
Never again would I allow myself to linger after anyone
Not even you
Memories plague me to this day
Thinking, wishing, hoping there was something I could've done to make you stay
To make you want to stay
I don't know why you abandoned me; only that you did
Left with a broken heart and no one to help me put the pieces back together again
Nothing in this world had ever hurt so much
No one could possibly understand what I would have given to have you with me
To hug, to kiss, to hold me tight
Little did I know then, what this would do to me
It stole my happiness
It destroyed me
It left me weak and helpless, with no hope of ever being whole again
I looked at you and realized that you are still a part of my life
Just not the way I want you to be
I thought for one moment that you would come back to me
You hugged me; kissed me; made me feel like everything was alright again
How long will this dance of ours continue?
There are times I wish I had never known you; times I wish I didn't care

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My Mother Vercity

Mother-Vercity, my university 
My first teacher in life's academy 
Life; Survival & Adversity  are your highest degree 
"Nature, Nurture, Nourish" is you motto's decree 
From the womb to the tomb is my scholarly 
I am your true certification of credibility 
Your substance is my reality 
Your Campus directs my morality 
Your attitude to life is my philosophy 
Your text book to life rewrote my policy 
You cloak my adolescents with an apology 
Your anatomy is the body of my biology 
Your elegance manages economy 
Constantly financing my life bursary 
Your honesty confirms my life's study 
Your wisdom aligns my trajectory 
Your dreams for me, are my prophecy 
From the womb to the tomb is my scholarly 
"Nature, Nurture, Nourish" is you motto's decree 
Life; Survival & Adversity  are your highest degree 
My first teacher in life's academy 
Mother-Vercity, my university

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I love me Black woman

I love me black woman 
whom God created from the sand
the black woman that I adore 
she has my eyes allure 
she's my first virgin born and pure
I bade in her wisdom, power, acceptance and I am sure
She's definitely the one 
that has given me a special son.
I love me black woman with vision
she's ahead with an incredible mission.
i love me black woman with passion 
the quality of her blossom that I cannot ignore
in my mind she has never been bored.
I love me black woman from the very top of her head toward her bottom feet.
I love me black woman all the time 
wouldn't dare trade her for a dime. 
I would have write the more ,but there wouldn't be space 
to describe how much a black woman worth.
She's the mother of all earth 
given a gift with an unbelievable birth.
Who wouldn't love a black woman 
in such case is ignant.
to abuse a black woman, I dare not 
She's my black woman beautiful within and out
she's all that I 'm bout
a black woman a red rose to be 
I can't help myself but see
that a black woman is all that
Precious, fragile and magnificently phat
I love me black woman. 

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sweet angel mother of mary

Sweet angel, mother of Mary
So gentle, soft and mild
Taken by God’s messenger
My dear and precious child.

One day you lay there laughing
The next day you were gone,
The beauty of your wisdom
The sweetness of your song.

No more I see you laughing,
No more I see you smile;
I cannot hear you preaching
My dear and precious child.

The day you left this world of ours
The sun began to cry;
The moon and starts both dimmed in light
Unwilling to say good-bye.

The day I heard that phone call,
Took in the words being said
I felt my heart turn over;
 I heard that you were dead.

I felt I could not carry on
An empty space, my heart,
I thought of all our games and songs
I had to stop us part.

But I knew I could do nothing
God’s power was far too strong,
He wanted you to be with him
I’d had you for too long.

I could not understand why you
So faultless, funny and kind,
Your age was only eighteen years
So young, yet had such shine

Sweet Anne, mother of Mary
Where have you now travelled to?
Where does your halo glisten? 
I only wish I knew 

I wish again I’d see you;
Just a moment through the stars, 
Carried by singing angels; 
My sweet, sweet precious flower 

When I have fulfilled my life 
I will join you in the sky 
Walk the path that you’ve painted
No longer I need cry. 

One day I’ll be beside you
Only now is not my time
Again we’ll be together,
Your face will look to mine.

Sweet angel mother of Mary,
So gentle, soft and mild 
Be in my heart forever, 
My dear and precious child.

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The Day After I Was Born

he day after i was born was a day seen tragic by members of blood. Thicker than water, but never stronger than the bonds of sons and mothers, suns and seasons, logic with reasoning, looking for reason to beseech the death of she. My mother. The day after i was born was exiled to the far corners of my mind. shunned by my inner fears of rejection. seen as the demon child, reconciled its falsehood, but couldn't clear the thoughts of these images due to insecurities. Everyday after the day i was born.,now seems meaningless. without her I've become a monster. something i'm ashamed to see in this mirror that stands in front of me. shattering  glass breaking apart reflections of this shell of a man i call self.self called of my own. Save m, save me from self. I can feel myself giving up like the virgins to their firsts. Giving way to damnation, born of sin, made a sinner, and overpopulating this sinner's nation.The days i knew of my mother were happy ones. Tales of her everlasting glow and charismatic charm, tiptoeing through me and reeling in my heart, bones of the sea serpent, fresh outta the water. Flailing about in the hopes of achieving freedom. Hooked on the memories. The day after I was born I envied those who lived before me, to know her essence, even my elder sister with whom a year exactly separates our bond. We both miss her dearly. & the day after I was born & everyday after ceased to exist, temporarily.

But the day i was born, my mother held me close as if i were her all. She told me,.. she told me, "I love you son."

Her first and only son. and hours later, she rested in peace. & I this shell of a man in the form of an infant, weeped in regret. Never to know her true compassion but for a moments glance. & I became her heir, the bastard child. Living with thoughts of her in mind. May she rest.

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The Perfect Mom

She was there for me when
I took my first breath.
It was she that offered comfort
as I lay my head on her chest.

It was her hand that reached for mine
whenever I would stumble.
And it was her soft voice I heard
when the storm outside would rumble.

It was her eyes that filled with tears
when I made my very first A.
And it was her ear that would listen
when I had a bad day.

It was her lips that smiled at me
filled with such pride.
When I brought into this world
her very first grandchild.

It was her arms that held me
when I laid my husband to rest.
And it was her words of encouragement
that kept me from falling off the edge.

It was her mind that taught me
how to be strong.
And it was her heart that taught me
to admit when I was wrong.

It was her life that I prayed for
night after night.
And it was my selfishness that
constantly pushed her to fight.

It was her face that told me
she had finally found peace.
And that her time here was over
as I was overcome with grief.

It was my cries that could be heard
for many miles I know.
And it was my tears that stained
the satin roses lying beneath her name in stone.

It is my heart that feels her
everywhere I go.
And it is her spirit that will keep me safe
until God calls me home.

She was there for me 
when I took my very first breath.
And I was there for her
when she took her very last.

She is in Heaven now waiting
with wide open arms.
Because that is what she is
she's The Perfect Mom.

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Going Home

I am tired,
I am tired and broken and I
Want to go home.
“Home is where the heart is”
Well my heart it does roam…
I am tired, I am broken, and I
Want to go home.
Pick up the pieces,
House built of sticks,
Heart built of sorrow,
Pain built of bricks.
“Home is where the heart is”
Well, my heart it does roam….
I am tired, and broken, and I 
Want to go home.
Her arms made of lilies,
Face freckled, and pale,
A heart made for breaking,
A soul made to sail,
Left a lone body 
Too young yet to warm,
Left a lone body
Too wet yet to mourn,
“Home is where the heart is”
Well, my heart it does roam,
For I am tired, and broken, and I
 Want to go home.
The lips do not tremble,
The eyes do not tear,
The feet do not stumble,
The soul does not fear,
The journey’s a long one,
Many miles yet to go,
The journey takes a strong one,
Many miles yet to know….
Many miles left to wonder,
Many miles left to pass,
Birth a great swath of sadness
‘til I’m home safe at last.

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The Train-Zoom!

The Train…Zoom!

As the memory drifts in again 
Capturing the richness of love.
Reminiscence my heart did win.
Visits with grandmother, beloved.

Capturing the richness of love.
We, arm in arm, adventure bound.
Visits with grandmother, beloved.
Two on a train ride to a nearby town.

We, arm in arm, adventure bound.
The day trip grandmother had planned.
Two on a train ride to a nearby town.
The picnic basket was in her hand.

The day trip grandmother had planned.
She and I together, enjoyed the park.
The picnic basket was in her hand.
We stayed and played ‘til almost dark

She and I together, enjoyed the park.
It was the first train ride we two shared. 
We stayed and played ‘til almost dark
It was special; I knew she cared.

It was the first train ride we two shared. 
On the way back, we had our own room.
It was special; I knew she cared.
Lullabies, whistles, and sounds from the train…zoom!

It was the first train ride we two shared. 
Reminiscence my heart did win.
It was special; I knew she cared.
As the memory drifts in again 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 24, 2010

Dedicated to one of my two wonderful grandmothers... They both live on in my heart.

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Dear Mom And Dad

Are you the same mom and dad 
I used to know?
Since I left the house… 
many years ago? 

Both who carefully taught 
me the Christian ways.
Don’t seem to care 
what the Bible says. 

You were there to give correction
with a belt in hand.
But now are doing things…
 I don’t understand. 

What happened to the father’s love 
I once seen in your eyes?
You’ve somehow twisted God's 
truth into corruptible lies. 

You’ve broken my heart 
dear mom and dad.
I’m praying for you… 
but my heart grows sad. 

Please… Just this once…
 Listen to me!
I want the Godly parents 
you used to be! 

Please make me proud of the
parents I once knew.
And know that I really love
and appreciate you.
You’re my mom and dad… 
You’re the world to me.
And you’re special to God...
It’s plain to see! 

May your days be blessed and 
God’s presence fill your soul.
I will always love you no matter
where you may go. 

Thanks mom and dad for reading
this “special letter.”
With God on board… 
Things will get better! 

By Jim Pemberton

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My mother told me

My mother told me
One day you’ll meet a girl
And she, ill be your heaven
In this cruel world

My mother told me
That when she comes
Her voice like a princess
From a magical kingdom

But my heart told me
That true love will arrive
True love is the treasure
That’s so precious in life

And I think I saw her
Thousands of miles away
In a foreign city
They call Bandar Sunway

And she’s always smiling
She’s a one of a kind
Because she’s an angel
A gift to mankind

My mother told me
 Give more than you take
And goodness will follow 
What ever road you make

And her mother told her 
You leave me as a girl
The next time I see you
A woman will unfold

And she told her mother
I will make you proud
And her mother holds her
 And they both hug

And my mother told me
You got to fight for your dreams
Because if you don’t 
It will melt like ice cream

And no body told
That I will feel like this
She wakes up emotions
I never know exist

And as long as the sky
Are a shade of blue
Until we meet
My heart belong to you

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Now A Man

I am blessed she tells herself,
her heart bursting with pride.

Through mascara drenched tears,
she feels overwhelmed with love.

He did it, she whispers softly.
My baby, my life, my gift from above.

As her heart races, she beams from within.
This beautiful,  precious life I created,
you are my joy, my happiness, my purpose for living.

She recalls smiling, his first wobbly steps,
his first day of school, his first heartbreak.

He looks so handsome in his pristine uniform,
his shoes so polished,  white gloves, first time worn.

My beautiful baby, my handsome son,
please be safe, please stay strong.

Carry with you your convictions, and always my love,
stand tall, be brave, hold your head high above.

As he walked over for one final hug,
she held him tight; hearts beating as one.

As he turned away without hesitation,
she prayed the Lord would keep him safe.

For at this moment,
though she could hardly stand,
his life was his own;

He was now a man.

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My Mother Is Gone

My mother is gone..... How do I  change things?  I miss her more than I had ever acknowledged.

My mother is gone....My heart is wounded and damaged.  I can't fill the emptiness I suffer.

My mother is gone.....The days are so lonely.  Is she as tearful as I am?

My mother is gone.... I'm lost for all reasons.  I don't enjoy living without her.

My mother is gone....My entire world has been crushed like the sinkable Titanic.  I'm drowning in such disastrous feelings.

My mother is gone... I remember our hardships.  They haunt me each minute and second.

My mother is gone... I have molded her fear.  I will never forget how much she had struggled.

My mother is gone.  She had talent unknown.  Why didn't others encourage her?

My mother is gone.  She was a lovely woman inside and out.  I had failed to even recognize her beauty.

My mother is gone.  The destructible negligence of a hospital and nursing home facilities are the reasons she is no longer with us. I will fight to destroy them and all they had damaged.  Nothing will change how I'm feeling.

My mother is gone....She has trusted in me to change many things that were important to her.  I wish I could recover all her minutes and seconds.

My mother is gone....She was so very tired and weak towards the end of her life. 
She didn't complain while suffering the pain.  I commend her for being so willful.

My mother is gone.. Life is supposed to continue. Happier days don't seem to exist in my future.

My mother is gone...She'll never understand all the words I so desperately needed to share. Now it's too late.  I failed to tell her those things when was still living.  

My mother is gone..Will others even consider to  remember all the wealth that she stood for?  I have highlighted each reason I loved her.

My mother is gone...Her memory holds on.  She'll never know how very much I will miss her.

My mother is gone.. Heaven has been blessed with her presence....

My mother is gone....In my heart she's still with me.  I will never forget her existence.  She was a woman to be honored and cherished.

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Dear Mother

Dear Mother

No words cannot express what you mean to me
No diamonds or pearls can repay all that you have done for me
I am forever grateful for the life you have given me
There is nothing that brings happiness than the sight of your smile
There is nothing more heartbreaking than the sight of you in pain
The nine months you carried me, I appreciate
The difficult circumstances you raised me in, I thank you
Your courage as a woman is one a million
Your work ethic moves anybody in your presence
Your kind heart is the epitome of beauty
You give and never ask anybody for anything in return
Your forgiving even with a wounded heart
Your good intentions to many are priceless
They say materialism doesn't make the man
Well my soul was moulded by the hands of a Queen
My wisdom emulates your know how
My golden heart is a reflection of your spirit
The essence of a real woman is an image of you
Time and time again you never cease to amaze me
No gifts from me to you compares to tomorrow
Finally a man ready to lead my peers
But my first priority is to care of you
Your a friend, a role model and most importantly a beautiful mother
Dedicated to My Mum
By H.F.

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Cradle Dream

Dream child float away
lilting through the night
on your summer bed
softly in shadows sweet
the mystery of you is true
my heart comes unglued
at your golden sight

rocking you
in tender contemplation
true in every movement
how could you be wrong
and that proves it too
what you learn is only
just a wrapping
of blankets leaving you pure
even in your darkest deed
as you grow to be less

and I cast my eyes
into your heart sweetly
listening to you sleeping
my eyes grow tired too
but stay open just to know
another moment of this bliss
hoping you might stay
just a day longer
before the time must come
as you walk your own path

blossoming from this root
you have come full circle
I wonder, wonder, wonder
but answers fall away
I am content to know nothing
and only be here
in this true moment
alone by myself with you
my precious dream that breaths
our two worlds kissing edges
like distant galaxies
of far away times

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my first pet

I    got  a  first  pet   it    was  different  from  everybody's  first  pet  i  had  a  half  
cat  half  dog.i  named it  cado.but i  thought he  was  cool.everyone  kept  making  
fun  of  him.but  i  loved  him  dearly.

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Innocent Battle

A soft whistled howl and a mournful cry of pain
Small fox lies dying with a crimson stained fur coat
Its children left to suffer and yet so weak and frail

A content wolf watches its prey from a distance
Claws digging deep within the cold battered land
Tail silently swaying to and fro as desire increases

From the shadows of the shrub a silhouette emerges
A heart shattering cry of pain echoes amid the area
Its small heart seizes to beat within her small chest

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When I was born,
I learned how to breathe.
My Mama held me in her arms. 
She said that she would never let me leave.

Several months later,
I learned to take my first steps.
Mama watched close, so I wouldn't trip.
She filled my heart, to the deepest depths.

A couple years later,
I learned to tie my shoes.
Mama taught me how to button my coat.
I had all I could want, nothing to loose.

I grew a little,
Then I rode the bus to school.
Mama followed the bus all the way there.
She missed me; there was no one to fool.

Soon after that,
I left for summer church camp.
Mama made sure I packed my bug spray.
I think her eyes got a little bit damp.

Some more years passed,
Then for the Lord I made a decision.
Mama stood proud with a big grin.
My life had great dreams and visions.

About two years later,
I talked to Mama, told her God's plan.
Mama smiled, sobbed, and cried.
I told her I must follow God's hand.

Still today,
I stand strong and believe.
Mama says I've taught her strength.
And trusting God leaves her heart relieved.

One day soon,
I'll wear a graduation cap.
Mama will congradulate me.
With her gentle hands she will clap.

After that,
One day her hand will let me go.
She'll watch and wait for my return.
But her heart will hold me close though.

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Our Union

Our Union
My eyelashes bat 
After meeting your gaze
From across a 
Crowded subway haze.
My pupils dilate when they
Look back at you over dinner
Where we drank wine and ate.
My feet dance with glee as we
Fall hopelessly in love 
In the midst of summer heat.
My heart splits apart 
To become your wife
And your forever sweetheart.
My legs spread 
Open to bare new life
And see your cheeks rosen.
My arms push 
You away at night,
I'm too tired for a sex life.
My fists rage and tears pour,
When I discover your arms
Embracing another lover
After coffee one early morn.
My ears listen to 
Your words of regret and
Pleads for a second chance
For things to be like
When we first met.
My fingers dial 
Seeking third party counsel
To repair our shattered union.
My brain waves 
Shift to understand your
Thoughts and your feelings, 
While I bitterly convey my own.
My hand re-opens 
To forgive your sins
And make amends.
My lips part to 
Receive your kiss in the
Night in a sea of 
Skin in our warm bed.
My heart flutters, 
We’ve truly become one,
Years after we bore our son.

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Fire Mother

Cold morning greets the weary eye clouds drape the horizon in gray
I turn around avoiding the sight I cannot stand with a dreary pale day
And then I feel it on the nape of my neck A hint of warmth kissing my skin
I turn around gazing out my window and see in the gray light the size of a pin
I try not to build on my hopes the thin ray of light might be gone in a tick
And then it happened the clouds parted way amazing ling quick

within a moment I was a washed in light blinding brilliant and glaring so bright
it was like the day had defeated the night leaving the world with breathtaking sight
The orb of energy colored the sky in outrages shadows and countless hues
the godly object painting its art from star to star the cosmos its muse

I moved with a pace to open the door I flung it open with a giddy delight
the clouds burned away by the waking of ra the life giving force of comfort and might
the rays that touched the flesh of my face washed in warmth a faint tingle
Colors above began to dissipate lose there sharpness leave then un mingle

now the sky retains the majestic color of the all welcoming blue
now nothing can stop the suns life and energy from making it through
the moments I spent outside my front door revitalized my heart filled my soul
I dare not stare into the great star the center so bright a positive hole

I stood there soaking up the nectar my skin absorbing the vital beams
Before this day I thought the world could only be this beautiful in our dreams
Iam not sure to this day how long I enjoyed it how long did I stay
I took the time to indulge in the feeling the blinding array

The golden orb that gives life a chance nourishes its children down below
refreshes my outlook changes the day shinning down for the rest to grow
to bathe in its glory heat on my skin sensations burn from my feet to my chin
summer is coming in its time the way it has always done the way its been

Shading my eyes from the fiery glare I take a last glance at the burning sphere
so filled up inside with light and warmth my lets out a rejoice full tear
Once again it will set in the sky but it doesn’t take long for it to appear
to give the life that we all so crave and to make our days a little more clear
a god to revere a star we hold dear every summer once every year it comes again
to greet us here banish the dark conquer our fear once again I will gaze and ill peer on the 
celestial being 
that owns the sky the liquid fire mother our sphere

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Mother you're special to me
And I want the whole world to see
That I'm thankful as I can be
Mother you're lovely,beautiful,you make each day worth while
You're intelligent,with a sweet caring smile
Mother you're the 1 that I adore
Your love is like nothing experienced before
Mother you loved me from the very start
You're always doing your part
I'll forever love you with all of my heart.

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A wife's yearning to be a mother

Please forgive me my love for I am not in my right mind
dysphoria has taken over me. It's a merciless disease that shatters my liveliness
do not think a single time that you've caused this ailment upon me
without you this diease would become a tragic demise
you save me from the end each smile you reveal
you liberate my tortured heart with every kind word you deliver
you might wonder why I suffer from this heartless lonliness
All I sigh for is a life and soul conceived from our immortal love
a life that proves our love can grow and our essence will live eternally
a soul that mirrors your selfhood and captures your true character
I crave for your innocence to grow in my womb and develop into a definite entity
I want to live knowing I gave you all the affection my heart can bestow
I need to feel the product of our love evolve within me
I'm aware of how powerful our endearment is and how profound our souls marry
If our love is truly everlasting then patient and effervescent I shall remain
Knowing one miraculous day our spirits will conjoin and create a divine new life...

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Who is to Blame

To blame or not to blame my mother for scars that won't heal, for life's every tear, for pain endured, whether inflicted by others or myself. To blame or not to blame my mother for my mistakes or for obstacles placed in my path, for heart break and heart ache, loss of love. I have climbed mountains to find waiting on the otherside an awe-inspiring sunrise streaming through the clouds. I have walked through dark valleys in fear only to discover the splendor of the brightest stars in the night sky. I am amazed by the strength received from a moment of weakness, the peace from fear, the satisfaction felt after the struggle. I have taken the wrong path then later, found the right one...the narrow one. No, I will not blame but thank my mom for the mountains, valleys, obstacles and pain endured I will thank her for the ability to overcome, to persevere, to understand the fine line between a curse and a blessing for love, hope, faith My mom has taught me survival. She is a survivor. When today is a challenge, I look up and know where my help comes from. I believe in me, I believe in tomorrow, Thanks to my mother. April 3, 2012 for Blame it on the Rain Contest (Black Eyed Susan)

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"Your Unforgiven"

It's been five long years,
Although it seems a thousand lifetimes ago...
It marked the beginning of fresh new fears for me-
The day my mother became my foe...

I would'nt believe it could happen.
The thought never crossed my mind.
It never once occured to me-
That my mother would leave me behind...

Up until that exact moment-
Right up till the very end;
The end only marking the beginning-
I believed my mother was also my friend...

And being her only child-
I thought she'd always have my back.
But an unconditional love for me
was something she greatly "LACKED".

To be all alone in the world,
Is obviosly something she's never felt.
As I still struggle to keep from drowning-
I'm still willing my heart not to melt...

It melts at the thought of her calling my name...
It melts when I still try to breathe...
It melts when I hope to wake-up & discover,
                                    that mommie never left me-
                                                    It's just a "bad dream"...

The days go by,
Though time hasn't stopped...
And I'm living this "Real to Life Nightmare"
In a big ugly world, that hasn't been POPPED...

Someday I hope it gets easier,
'Cuz I must have been a real "LET DOWN"....
Or maybe I'll just get DIZZIER-
As this world keeps spinning me around...

I was a bad choice, I guess;
One of many she's talked of making...
So why GOD thought it neccessary to take my ANGELS,
Will always be a mystery...
Why was I FORSAKEN?...

I hope they make-up for my being all WRONG...
But when she took my "last reason for breathing"-
Didn't HE hear my heart break?
Couldn't he feel me BLEEDING?

Yes, it was a very long time ago.
That sad day mommie wished me away...
You'd think in five years I'd be over it-
It's been "One-Thousand Eight-Hundred and Twenty-five days,
Since the second I BLINKED and became an orphan,
No longer thier MOMMIE-Alone with no family-

Guess I'll think twice before blinking again-
Because it confirmed all suspicion of being my
                                "MOMMIES GREATEST SIN".

I'm sorry, Mommie, I disappointed you so-
I hope my babies make you proud, even after they grow...

I didn't mean to bring you down-
You should've been proud of the 'Only Child' you were given-
The same little girl that made you frown...
                                Just Me............
                                  Your Unforgiven.

KC 1/18/05

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The heartbeat

Every night when i'm laying my head to rest
and i hear your heartbeat on my chest 
lets me know that i'm doing alright

i thought i lost you in that hospital room
when they couldn't find a beat
it scared me to death and my heart skipped
we all seen the line and thought you were dead

But that night i looked up
and within the tears running down my cheek
i saw an angel watching over him and me 
she looked at me and smiled then flew away
i looked at my baby and saw him awake

I didn't know what to believe
but i saw that angel in front of me
i thank her every night i lay my head to say goodnight
cause the beat i feel on my chest 
is in my arms and not laid to rest 

My baby just turned 5 today 
his heart beat had faded away
but i'm glad i got all i could get with him
for the angel who saved him has taken him
but before he went he said to me
the angel you saw i can now see
 she is standing right in front of me
goodbye mommy and i love you daddy 

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A Fawns Miracle

It is hunting season in the mist of beauty and delight
In the thick of the trees, sounds of shooting, deer run in fright
Some grow weak  are taken by man
Others  search for safety somewhere in their land

A little fawn tumbles in fear, mother lost to the hunters dance
Not knowing where to go, suddenly, a light from his side way glance
He stumbles up on his feet, so confused, sadden and in fear
Heads toward the light with wonder, unaware of what is near

Hope in his little heart as he runs into a horrible surprise
Headlights in his face, breaks squeal, to his near demise
As he opens his heavy eyes, breathless and so unaware
Unable to move he shivers, to taillights of someone who cares

This angel who was approaching the near dead fawn
Was speaking to him with a soft voice as she  put him on the lawn
She spoke to him with love,  made him feel so safe
Hold on there beautiful baby I will help you find your place

He could feel his heartbeat grow weak as she stroked his little head
With tears in her eyes she spoke to God, this is what she said
Please lord it is my desire to save your wonderful creation 
Give him breath,  heal him please,  it is not his destination

Her tears fell on his face, warmth he could feel  once more
His breath along with his heartbeat,  strong like it was before
Strength was back in him, to his feet he did arise
He kissed the beautiful angel, for she saved him from demise

He headed for the woods, then suddenly he veered
He turned to look again, the angel disappeared
Saddened once more alone again was he
The horrifying noises gone, now silence, how could this be

He entered in the woods his mother alive, back on her feet
Happily he trotted to her, his heart just skipped a beat
Not only did the angel save him, from something bad
But all was back to normal in his home with mom and dad!!

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Cornfields Have Ears

Mother warned 
Never make love in a cornfield
For the corn-- has ears 
And they just may tell...

Upon hearing this 
I laughed and replied mom
They might have ears 
But they do not have lips 
With which to speak...

Not so fast, Careful daughter said she with a smile
They have husks that are tough 
And when shucked the silk and shucks will make you tell

Yeah, I've ran through the fields 
Playing hide and seek
The itch form those husks --
Sure did make me shriek...

Ahh… Shucks... I guess you're right Mama
You don't have to worry about me
With great bliss--I promise you this... 
I'll never make love in a cornfield.

Comments:  The lesson was corny but true to form as I will never make love nor hide in a 
field of corn -- ears and all 0;-)

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The soul that's still alive in me

My mom is dying
And me in front of her
I sit and cry 
The tears of endless pain..

My mom is dying 
And me fondling her hair
 with love, 
whispering to her ears 
that everything 
is going to be fine,
although I know it’s not..

my mom is dying
and me standing out there 
under the violent rain 
blaming God for 
taking her away from me..

my mom is dying 
and me contemplating
the pain that’s surrounding 
her heart..

my mom is dying 
and me hearing her 
utter to 
god to keep me safe 
and take her away soon..

my mom is dying
and me watching
the tears of sadness 
sinking in her lifeless eyes..

my mom is dying 
and me listening to her 
uttering to me her words:
“ don’t live your life miserable 
When am gone, 
Don’t leave the pain
Kill my heart up there
When I watch you cry, 
Live my life.
Live my life and keep going, 
Erase your past 
And write your future.
I’ll be taken away from this world 
But not from your heart, 
Not from your soul.
I love you my daughter, 
I love you..”

Sitting by the window
Watching the ray of thunder 
Hit the ground..

Sitting by the window
Listening to the drops of rain 

Sitting by the window
Contemplating the darkness
Of the dark..

Sitting by the window

Im lost 
And nobody can hear 
my silent scream..

im lost 
and nobody can see
my painful tears..

im lost 
im lost 
im lost..

I got her the chocolate 
She always loved 
I got her the rose 
She used to be
And put them by her grave..

Sitting by he grave 
Talking to her
 with constant tears..

sitting by her grave
whispering to her
my thoughts..

As a fish needs the sea
To stay alive,
I need her with me to live

As a baby needs his mother’s love
To feel safe,
I need her with me to live

As we all need happiness
To keep walking, 
I need her with me to live,
I need her with me 
To keep my heart going on..

Sitting by the window again
Listening to the silence
 of the dark..

sitting by the window again
 our happy memories..

sitting by the window again 
asking god
to have mercy on her soul
and promising my mom
to make her always proud..

as I fall into my deep sleep
I utter my last words:
“ I love you mom.” 

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I suffered from being hit,
It sometimes hurt to sit:
Bruised and battered one day,
My mother loved me in her own way:
I went to school with a bloody nose,
It didn't matter if it shows:
It embarrassed me so much,
I turned to God for a loving touch:
My tooth was knocked out with a hair brush,
My mother said not to tell, "hush":
My heart was broken a lot,
My mother never got caught:
My broken heart is healing everyday,
God loves me every way:
I thank God for healing me,
I know that he cried with me, you see.

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Title Withheld

There's a rock in my chest
where my heart used to be,
I've learned to shut down

So listen up
and be aware,
that I no longer
really care.

Your passion on stage
has the audience stirred,
and I was the one
who made sure you were heard.

That radio station
who launched your fame,
was my doing,
yet you can't say my name.

You're gonna' be a star,
you're gonna' be adored,
you deserve it,
I'm a minor chord.

There's a rock in my chest,
where my heart used to be,
and my life has always been
a little off-key.

My hero in residence,
doesn't know all I've done.
And I loved him, I Loved him,
just like my own son.

(Song title: Title Withheld. Artist: Ryan White. Band "Resident Hero.")

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April 14

I awoke unto a silence familiar to the past
Where my heart slept late, dreaming of her dimples, of her smile
For only in my dreams did I get to hold her, kiss her, feel her art so vile
Weeping my heart to sleep, bitting yet harder into her cast

My reality woke me by surprise, for time called to be justified as worthy as money
I texted her, a few minutes later her reply
Feeling somewhat far from my love, deep inside I felt the mood of the day upon my back target of the sky
I called twice, leaving not a voicemail, for I yearned to hear her voice as sweet as honey

An hour later, my phone spoke to me, it said she was sad
Speaking then I asked her of her struggle
In a soft, gentle voice she said she had an awful dream in which we parted, again in trouble
A gloomy feeling crept over me, finding its way to my soul I feared would come to be

Conversating about our affection, laughing with joy in our hearts her mother steped into our cheer
A dead tone came to play, she ended the joyous words that we were exchanging
And a few hours later she called, I asked of the outcome, she answered it to be very challenging
For an odd reason my heart grew weak, and brief into fear

I showed up to her home, in search of redemption
Pleaded for an audience, denied to my very presence did not matter
In regards of respect her father asked that I return later, not knowing when I departed a heart shattered
I paused, my heart spoke out in hopes of hers to hear and feel in attention

Finding myself back home I awaited for her call, a call that never came
Dragging my heart on, hoping to hear from her I jumped to a text message, she would leave with me
I arrived at her place to an empty silence, I called no answer, I texted again no message to retrive
Her mother stomped my heart only to give it strength, at her speech I did feel ashamed

I stood strong, I love her with all my heart, and I shall not give up on my heart
It dwells in her, she reigns my vision, my hopes and dreams
I felt her heart desperate to hold me she ran out into my arms and no one to make us part
Her family ran after her, accusing me of being the worst being to live, my heart felt their screams

They disappeared into the distance, and I grew sad
My love ran out to meet me, and I love her so I shall not give up the fight
I will follow her, for her love is what drives me I need her, only she keeps my poetry glad
I'm here love waiting for the next step, I won't leave I promise I will fight

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Beauty Amongst

Dawn awakening in
       Thy celestial eyes,
Thy redolence like
       A breeze wafting thru skies,
Thy smile, 
       A gleam to mesmerize,
Thy embrace, a fantasy
Amongst your arms mother,
        Amongst my guise!
Amongst your arms mother,
        Home…I reside…  

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Mother I'm thinking of you
And all the things you do
From your heart you're so sincere,and true
With encouraging words to see us through
I love you more than you ever knew
Over the years my love has really grew
Thanks for being there when things seem rough
And I felt like I had enough
For wiping my runny nose
Yes for that you deserve a special rose
You taught me to be respectful
Honest,caring,friendly,and not regretful
For changing my diapers,keeping me smelling fresh,and clean
Each time we talk you understands,and knows exactly what I mean
When it come to my mother there's so much I want to say
And not just on a holiday
To me you have really been great
You taught me to love,and to never hate
To always be on time,and not be late
And it would be my fault what ever future I create
My mother taught me to forgive
So a long life I may live
I'm glad to know your love is no pretend
And I'm very grateful that it will never end
Sent me to school to get a good education
Comforts me through frustration.

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Dear mama

Dear mama
Word's and Gestures Animations and Thought,
They can never explain how deep my mind is caught.
I think about the old days crying in your arms,
though your making me smile with the simple little charms.
I'd cry for hours and you'd hold me so tight,
Since I left you everything "just don't feel so right"..
I'm Wishing and hoping for that warmth from before,
Everyday I'm hoping and dreaming more and more..
The one thing I have to even come close to that feel,
Is the mommy hugs afghans with a kiss for the seal.
I miss you so much I wish I could see,
The smile that "I miss" when you think of me..
I have all your letter's I hold them so close,
I have to make you proud this is the life that I chose.

I want you to see that your baby is grown,
With you in my heart I know im not all alone.
Your strength followed the knowledge and desire,
Your belief is my one and only true admire.

You believe that I'm strong in my mind, body, and soul,
You believe that I can complete the hardest but simplest goal.
You cherish me as the sun Cherish's the grass,
You believe that I'm a fighter to win gold, silver, or brass.

Without the support you shown me i swear,
the only words to explain is... "no mother can compare".
I have you in my heart threw the hard times and the good,
I try to explain it.. but honestly I don't think I could.

You've been a hero in my eye's,
You are my hero I look up to you with no denies.
You are home and home is me,
Home is where you feel free................
I miss you mom..

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A woman is God’s gift to the world:
Her beauty is in her eyes;
Which is the door to the heart where true love resides.
A woman holds so much emotions inside.
Her tears release her pain and anguish when she cries.
She gives strength to life;
As a mother and a wife.
Despite of caring for family, illness, and fatigue she never quits.
With a open mind and a conscious heart a woman is well equipped.
God gives her sensitivity to love so unconditionally.
Even when others hurt her so deeply.
She even endures all her husband’s faults.
Through life she teaches and encourages her children to walk.
Her beauty is not in the style of her hair or in the clothes she wears.
It is in the tears that she cries because God gives her the gift to care.  

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A Mothers Love

You came into my life when I fell in love with your son.
Not only did I find my soul mate and best friend,
I also found the mother I never had in my life.
Your unselfish and unconditional love swells my heart with pride.
I know in my heart that you will always be there for me.
Through not only the good times but also the bad.
You ma
y not have given birth to me,
Yet I know in my heart you love me like one of your own.
I hope that I will always make you proud.

Dedicated to Judith Finnell

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never for ever

Oh my god, just give me a heart 

To forget that lady.

Oh my god, I beg you lord 

To erase all my memories.

She cares for me,

She worries about me,

And day dream all about me.

She is a sightful blind,

Who cares me with kind,

And no selfishness I could find.

Her love is showered,

And my energies are powered,

But she will not live for ever!

That’s the reason, I asked you god

To give a heart to erase all her thoughts!

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Sometimes I think of her,
All night and All day,
But, mostly i just prey,
Wishing she was still here.

When I walked down my street,
I passed my old friends house,
I looked in her window and i see it,
The thing that always reminded me.

Whenever I walk down an ally-way,
Down the street or far away,
i always see it up in a window seal,
and its a Candle of witch i see.

A candle that shines so brightly,
Like Angels do when they are safe,
The candle reminds me so much of her,
because she always loved candles, and
now that she is an Angel,
she shines brightly over me,
Everyday and every night, even when the moons not bright.

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Sincerely Yours,

Dear friend ,

The world means nothing.
Its set in flames.
Even worse we roam with cold hearts trying to look the part,
in this guilded age.

This is something I wish not to be a part of.
I no longer want to be another soul endlessly making
contact with sole and pavement.
I'm striving for abatement. 

For meaning I've always looked at dictionaries.
For significance we've always looked at actions.
So please do take another look and see what this letter is for.

Our education is supposed to be priceless, yet we can't afford it.
Our outlook on life is supposed to be uplifting , yet our vision is always distorted.
Our struggle is supposed to be significant , than why is it our stories won't be recorded?

Does this not trouble you my friend?
We complain about being second rate citizens yet there are those who don't live
but attempt to survive in their homes that are assigned in third world countries since before birth.

Where is the justice if the hearts are starting to turn into just ice?
Wheres the justice if a benevolent man was robbed of their life?
Where's the justice in this non-sense?
I can't see it . All I see is us bracing for a cruel consequence.

Pardon me if I trouble you with the questions you can't answer.

But i've outweighed the pros and the cons of this situation.
I no longer wish to to be just another number in this logorithm of lies. 
I no longer wish to be a variable with no value of his own.
I wish to become the variable that comprehends the absolute value of sincerity.

Real love is that which shows no fear.
Unfortunately I am a coward.
I no longer can love a world that is platinum plated and wishes not to remember
the warmth of a child's smile.

Even the stars wish not to roam on the skies of the falsely lit nights.
Even the moon moans because of how far from her we've drifted.
Even the willos weep when we no longer wish to see them stand and instead
choose them to stand on.

I've outweighed the courage and the fear.
But what I found frightened me further.
What weighed us down the most was indifference.

With that discovery I knew what I had to do.
I must leave and find somewhere where gravity is no longer so heavy.

I know I can't outweigh death for it's a burden that falls on the shoulders of everyone.
I'm truly sorry that i'm a selfish coward 
For I have chosen the coward's end.

I wish you goodluck my friend,

Sincerely yours,

The shadow of men

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A home I Can Call my Own

My Papa died before mama born me 
And mama leave me before I could see 
In the dweeling house of the faithful. 
The people give me everything 
Nourinshing my soul by teaching me 
But I feel something is missing 
In my heart,emptiness is there 
And seeking for it is the only answer 
So I leave the place,which they call my"home" 
With the pormise in my heart 
I will keep the memories of this place 
And the only hope that I have 
Is the picture of a woman in my hand 
I didn't know the world where I stay 
Is different from the world I am walkin in 
But with my courage and faith 
I will walk this path of hardness 
Even though I will be one of the people 
Sleep in the street,felling cold and hanger 
I will carry all just for the woman in the picture 
God hear my agony during the lonely nights 
So He lead me to the house 
Where this woman in the picture stay 
I'm very happy and excited,I knock on the door 
the old woman in uniform open the door 
Ask me who I want and what I want 
So I tell her the reason and show her the picture 
And this is the woman  say: 
"Your mother come back after she elope 
With the gardener of this house,she love most 
And your gandfather accept her 
With the condition follow his order 
And that is to forget she have a daughter 
Because having you in this house is a big scandal 
For the family belong to the royal blood 
But your mother love you so much 
She tried to escape from the guard 
To look for you in the place where she left you 
But she fall in the window and died 
To avoid the guards watching her all the time 
And like the old saying"sorry always come last" 
Your grandfather died because of too much pain in the heart 
Blaming himself for the death of your mother 
But before he died he look for you 
Hoping that seeing you will ease the pain he felt 
But your grandpa didn't got a chance 
Because like your mother, he die " 
My tears dropping after hearing what she say 
Knowing I have no chance to say"mama" 
And the cemetery is the only place 
Where I could see her 
And the first word "Hi" I want to say when I see her 
Will be the start of saying good bye. 
I left the place where everyone love and care for me 
To look for the woman who give birth of me 
Hoping with her we could start a home 
A home that I can call really my own.

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down by the lazy river...

Lets slip away
quietly down 
by lazy the river

where the rest of the 
world will pay us no

where Mother nature
treats us kind...

where little birds
love to sing...

the honey suckle 
smells so sweet

and the bees buzz....
freely...natures spring

...where our love surrenders
to mother earth...

where dusk falls...
and the crickets...
share their ...

we'll look up to the stars...
It is here that I tell
you...this love of 
ours shared, given...

how much I love you...
how my heart always

down by the lazy river...
my heart waits patiently
for you still...

I carved our love
into the old oak tree
4 ever 
always since
S + E... xx

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Tender memories can't fade as quickly as seasons,
they r'll stop beating on a destined night,
and the one who gave me life and might:
is always present, never gone as the lost years!

Today it won't rain while her maternal eyes will reflect
the lovely blue-bells of the nearest and greenest meadow,
and I expect another miracle as she promises a tomorrow
without cloudy days that she herself saw from the world below;
try to smile, would be exciting but bitter-sweet to wait!

Prayer, more than flowers, is the humble gifts of your son who eagerly goes back
to the prime of his youth when his thoughts were as clear as a brook:  
growing up with fervent faith and strictly living by the Holy Book;
didn't he later fell short and sinned, but returned with a repentant look:
that's when forgiveness transformed him as he was awaken by the luminous day-break?   

Others don't see me as someone distant and alone,
I remind them of you: strong, warm and gentle...
can dangers befall as darkness makes me tremble?
None of them have power over me to make me shamble...
whenever I think of you who are always present, never gone!

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For my children

I remember my pregnancy with you 
I fell in love with your every move, and with the sound of your beating heart. 
I held your precious body in my arms for the first time and took in your sweet, angelic presence. 
Nothing could prepare me for what would lie ahead. 
Nothing could prevent my heart from breaking, but it had to be done. 
I tried to be strong, but my strength failed me. 
I never knew it would be so difficult to write my own name. 
I cried, and was grateful for all the precious memories you've given me. 
It was a new beginning for you. 
The healing was beginning for me. 
Time went forward, I learned and grew as I slowly let go of you. 
My heart was healed, my life was blessed and my prayers were answered. 
Still, there's days when I cry. 
I will never stop thinking about you. 
Still I wonder about the person you are now, and the person you've yet to become. 
I pray that you will always know of the love I have for you. 
It's only through the grace of God that you were mine for a time. 
He gave you to me, I lovingly obeyed his plans for you. 

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Farewell Black Rose

Bloom in the brightest of times, 
Passionate black rose 
Blend with the splendid aroma…it’s a wish
I grant to you, exquisite black rose 
For you are my mother—withering away
Into the eerie night... you sway 
Gloom caresses you in the darkest of time,
Gorgeous black rose 
Mend the atmosphere overwhelmed with anguish 
When your heart gave way, beautiful black rose 
For you are my mother—driven away
Into the perilous sea… you say:

“Farewell, son/daughter of mine…Someday you’ll shine!”

Those last words will always be 
A broken record forever in my drenched heart  
Those last words led me in this debris
That forever took you away into the death’s cart! 

Beautiful black rose...I don't want to see you wither away!
Beautiful black in peace 'till the day
You bloom in the glorious times

Rest in peace, farewell
Black rose.

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My Mother Paints Pretty Pictures

I lke Jazz, but I am no musician.  
I see the world in bits and pieces, 
"Stacatto", with some high notes  thrown in.

Colors are a passion, 
But how to mix them to make it real, eludes me. 
Purple skies and orange moons resonate. 

I like the spaces between things,.
The undiscovered terrains, are the most familar to me.
I'm at home there,
In between.

I admire the measured canvasses my mother paints. 
The boundaries are tight and well-kept. .
She has a way of improving on the real, 
And makes the rawness go away.

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Pink Ribbons and White Fluff

(Pink Ribbons and White Fluff)

Bright blue skies with 
Brilliant white pillows of fluff, 
Set the stage that glorious day.
Friends lined the streets 
To cheer her on 
Her Mom watched 
From the comfort 
Of her hospital room.

Tatum's heart was filled 
With the passion to run.
She set her goals 
High that day.
Even the strength 
Of ten men might 
Not have won 
On that day, 
The humidity 
Was high.
She didn't have 
The heart to lose.
She'd have to race 
Up her flesh 
Engine very high
And then shift it 
Swiftly to cruise 
In order to win 
This zealous race.
Her Mother's blues 
From the challenges 
Of breast cancer
Gave her the 
To run for the 
Advancement of 
Boobs that day.
Her mother had the 
Courage to kick the 
Booze years ago,
But breast cancer 
Was not as easy.
Tatum's chance 
For raising the funds
For the advancement 
Of breast cancer research 
Was her main focus,
That bright glorious day.
It would be an honor 
To help find a cure
For such a ruthless 
Disease that women 
Succumb to yearly.
Warm streams of tears
Mixed with salty sweat 
And tangy Gatorade 
Decorated her 
Face that evening,
When she was 
Presented with a 
Check and a bright 
Pink ribbon trophy.
She placed second 
In the race,  
But that 
Was a start.
The smile on 
Her mother's face
Was what really 
Filled her heart with 
White marshmallow 
Fluff that glorious night.

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Hollow Queen

She was a free spirit from the start,
Then came the day she spilled off
her horse and broke her crown,
it seemed to be she and her heart forever part.
Through the years she had never been around,
no more smiles just a frown

Endless days spent wasting away,
freed from this life with much to say.
I wish I could have done more to this day.
Mad because I would not pay, pay her way for
loss and decay, well every night I hope and pray,
that in her heart I will forever stay

Hollow queen it does seem, that you've seen the ins and outs
of loveless droughts, such a technicality.....Never thought 
it would lead to your fatality, such a pretty kiss of abnormality.

The final image of your face will forever grace the space in that
deep dark forbidden place, oh how I wish I could erase
for that dark day you lied cozy in disgrace...
...What a soul so out of place, your prints left behind
without a trace, what deep dark thoughts raced through your head,
when you popped and wound up dead, my mouth dropped as if
filled full of led, so many words forever unsaid...Oh what a 
disease you have spread

Now close your eyes dear and I will see you soon,
when I say goodbye, goodbye to the sun and moon
gloomy as it seems I know that I will be okay, even
though I shed a tear almost every night I lay, Hollow Queen
I know you did mean, the best for all and not to fall
but now the stone wall is in place, and you will linger on behind my face

wish I could say I'll be alright, wish I could say I'll be just fine
but to lose a love oh so divine, to commit such a fiendish crime,
to have your melody over looked and seen only as a mime, I guess it
was just your silent time...

....Rest at ease oh wont you please
for your life was farthest from a breeze,
our time we spent was just a tease, goodbye as 
I fall to my knees.


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Just Hold Me

Not many have ever known,
And if I tell--who would believe?
There's nothing I can call my own,
Not even the things I have achieved.

It's always better that way,
All that is aching inside,
It's better for it to stay--
Covered up with hurts pride.

All in good time,
I will open the gate,
Of this little heart of mine,
In a moment of fate.

for a soul that's been torn,
And a heart controlled by other,
There's not much you can do,
But to hold me in your arms--
My Dearest Mother.

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Train of Thought

They told me things
That left me on memory's wings
Long ago ...
When I write I show
The white eye of the page
Things that my own heart caged.
The almond like a miser
With its nut, the sun like a fire
Stoking my gut,
The journey that dawn my history
Snatched from unmuddled memory

The child playing alone
Pounding stone on stone
His only friend was solitude
And that shaping of him
Is my sum, span and latitude ...
To break the shell of wooden bone
And move the kernel
From its throne,
To the disgust of the sun
Roasting me
Till I was over done

My brother's hands took me out
And served me to my father's eye
So to grandmother I was en route
But I did not cry
Though things were sailing by
The world moving backwards
Leaving the sky
Cradled on my eye.
My mother's heart was snatched that day
It was my fault to play ...
A child at one needs a protecting eye.

It was my first train ride
And the only train I did not break
It was more than a toy
And too big for the sensibility of a boy.
The thing just swallowed up my pride
But I not quake
For I who defeated the sun
Would let my father see his son
Bravely longing
To return to solitude and fun,
I have watched carefully
My solitude when now I play, ruefully.

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You Are

if i could tell you one thing, it would be thank you
how could I express all that  you mean to me
when you know me best, better than the rest
As i see how fast the years go by,
i cant help but breakdown and cry.
oh for when i get that feeling, you always could take it away

my strength, you are my strength
my heart is 1/2 your heart and will never part..will never part
in the end, love is all that matters

fear was always wiped away as long as you were near
you ought to know that i will always be here
as i pray to god in bed each night
i thank him for the countfull blessings and usual things like that
but most of all i thank him for giving you to me

My  strength, you are my strength
my heart is 1/2 your heart and never part..will never part
in the end, love is all that matters

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Her heart,
Her heart bled for them all
And yet, she could not reach them
Teach them
Or help them understand
Anything beyond their fear

Acts of will power kept her hoping
All the while coping
With the destruction
They would inevitably leave
And still she’d believe
In them, giving them
Another chance

All acts of deepening were met with resistance
That ancient dance
Of false bravado

Wings off of fly’s, they were still being born
And far too many stillborn
Had the hearts of the ancients

They see one dimensional
Seeking the power and the glory
To cover up the inadequacy
To hide their story
From the beginning of time

She is patient
Even in her grief
As heart is ripped out again and again
Love to hatred in a struggle of shame
Verses blame
In the court of Humanity

Their vanity
Sometimes amazed her
Their density almost crazed her
And their obstinace
And choice of circumstance
Puzzled her

The cursing, the fighting, the horror and pain
Is excruciating, as it begins again, and again

But she is too patient
She waits with sweet Breath held
Soft whisperings meld
With the moonlight
Urging them to remember how
To allow

Even just take the time to
In each sunset
And sunrise ever seen.
And remember it’s all a dream
Brought to this place
This last hurrah race
To the finished line

Needed was the whole time line
So they could rewrite the script
Some were ready, some were equipped
They’d been evolving for thousands of centuries after all
They were martyred, some, or sealed behind a wall
Yet undaunted returning
In time for the burning
Of witches.
Teardrops in memory served
As the only marker of those times
And words
Cannot convey the pain
Of the betrayal Judas spoke
In her name.
Still she awaits
Never hesitates
In her loving.

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My Soup mothers

Oh mothers! Mothers! Mothers of the soup!
I crave thy sacred saucer and super spoon,
Thou make aroma flows from art in this pot of soup
which makes our belly boom as you call and croon.

Oh mighty mother! Sharon Weimer!
Thou woo wealthy words, and wisdom wields;
Thy sights and sounds are as hot as summer,
Thou taught me not to yawn nor yearn but raise my yields

Oh model mother, Carol Brown!
Thy rhymes and rhapsodies are rich and real;
Thou art a queen with a comely, colorful crown,
I am addicted to munching thy melodious meal.

Oh musical mother! Sue Mason!
I am proud of thy pleasant, passionate pages;
Thou build with pen and pad… a modern mason,
No wonder your scripts are sacred: signed by saintly sages 

Oh mothers with beauty, brains and brawns
I am proud of your vibes, virtues and voices;
I love thy poetic prowess and… pink prawns,
Oh my soup mothers! You do not nurse needless noises

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This is a Dedication to my Father

A father that who was never there that I cried lonely tears of missing a man that 
didn’t even want me that a man threw me on streets in the rain or a shadow and 
left me that he didn’t even know me or understand me born into a world full of 
confusion pain and lonely tears wonder why a man that I wanted to be like so 
much didn’t even want me that it seemed like everybody had a father around me 
except me that my mother was trying so hard to be that father figure that the 
words she was speaking wouldn’t even come to me that I was in streets hustle 
looking for a father figure to but life in me that the person that I really love went to 
the pearly gates and left me 

Because on my block most of the boys didn’t have a father and they father didn’t 
have a father so they on the block hustling rocks selling them to there own 
mother  that the street life was the only life for me that my mother cried lonely 
nights wonder if I am going to walk threw the door that night or scared she might 
see me on channel ten news that night  I wonder night after night what did I do 
blaming myself for things that my mother went threw crying myself to sleep 
asking god to just pray for me never understood why a man said he loved but 
never was there that man would call me and say I am going to pick you up and 
never show up

That my friends never had a father so they slapped there females around and 
beat them for no reason but they had reason why because they never had that 
father to show them how to love there female and not beat on them that growing 
up seeing your mother beening slapped around knowing you cant do nothing 
about it thats a struggle 

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my daughter

Do you realize how much you mean to me;
Do you realize how much you make my heart race;
Do you realize how much of this creul world i don't want you to see;
Do you realize how much i love you;
Do you realize how much i would do for you;
Do you realize how much i think about the day my little universe came into this 
Do you realize you will forever be my little girl;
You are my sunshine;
My only life line;
Without you i am positive that my heart would stop beating; 
Do you realize, my life was nothing until our very special meeting;
Without you i am positive i would never be able to take another breath;
Do you realize, just one look into those baby blue eyes takes away all my stress;
When i got to feel you grow; 
Everything was special, you don't even know;
Now I am watching you expand;
One day, im not going to be able to hold you in my hands;
I love you so much molly jane;
You made my life turn from misery to fame.

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7/31/49 – 7/9/01 BUT IN MY HEART FOEVER.

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Hope you can see us from high above.
Help us be strong and brave forever no matter.
Be with us always in every which way you can in your kindness.
I will always find your light and keep it in my young heart in my best way possible.
You left us for a reason and we love you in our hearts.
You saved my life to give yours away which l'll  never forget.
It breaks my heart in tears terribly.
Your star will follow me everywhere to guide me in good and bad times.
Your in presence when were in pain and in happiness.
Lead us where we will be safe like the star you carry for each of us.
Let us accept who we are and why were on this earth.
Let your angels carry us where you are so peaceful when our time arrives.
My Prayer, Your Prayer, Our Prayers
Forever in our hearts.
With love always,
Your niece, your family.

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for lexi

quick witted 
like the child her mother was
i miss that child 
but adore the butterfly she has become
she will be more 
than we all imagine
if we let her be
just as her mother 
and her grandmother and great grandmother were and are
but we come from a line of struggle
of will and wellness
of dreams and wants
of can be and will be
she smiles
and my heart is as full as it can be
she treats me like a playmate
and i wouldn't have it any other way
i love her and her mother
as much as my heart will allow
as much as there is room for
as if they were my own

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"My Mother" my Queen

You carried me for over nine months
You sheltered me and clothed me to the best way you could
You gave me love and taught me right from wrong
You tried to guide me in the right direction
You always stood behind me when I was in the wrong and caused nothing but 
heartache and pain
I regret putting you through what I have in the past
I have grown up and realized my mistakes which I have learned from
I look at you and appreciate what God has blessed me with
I was given a Queen that is beautiful,strong woman and has a heart of gold
a woman that deserves reconigition and shines in her own way
Although there's distance between us you're thought of and loved everyday
You should never doubt the way I feel
You're the Queen of my heart
I would never trade you..lend you and never forget you
Being a mother is a lifetime of giving love and care
Sometimes it seems like you don't know who I am but I'm just like you
I keep this inside because I am strong and it's close to my heart
I'm your baby girl but I'm going to make you proud because that is the gift I'm 
giving you
A mother is a lifetime of hardwork..dedication..and an everlasting love
Thankyou for being and having a heart that is so strong
I have been blessed in so many ways
In my eyes you're a rose that never dies and a friend for life
I Love You Mom

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I was 10 years old when she prayed with me, 
that's when she gave herself to Jesus you see.

I remember her kneeling right next to my bed 
after she prayed she would kiss my forehead.

Mom was like an angel always by my side, 
we would sing and laugh as the days went by.

She loved the Lord with all of her heart and soul, 
I had no doubt in mind where she would go.

Mother watched evangelists over the years, 
she learned about Jesus it brought her to tears.

She watched Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller and Billy Graham.
I'm sure there were others that touched her heart, 
God knew what he was doing what an excellent start.

Then all of a sudden I started to cry, 
I remembered how I felt the day she died.

Four days of labor, four days of tears 
it caught me off guard when I heard what 

The same morning I gave birth to my child,
someone had called to say, "Your mother has died".

I didn't want to remember, I didn't want to think, 
my heart was torn open, I couldn‘t breath.

The pain that I felt on that very day, 
I didn't believe would ever go away.

I had so many questions along with my tears, 
so many things inside me for years.

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MoMMa's BaBy

i spent 
two months in 
my mother's womb,
before she even knew 
i was there,
in her stomach stealin' space.                                                

during the nineth month
she kicked me out;                                                                            
for kickin' too hard, 
and requested i call her 
and pay her
back rent 
with hugs & kisses,
all of my life,
and on Mothers day
'cause she somehow knew
up to the day she died of old age, 
that when i was being born 
inside her,
that it was me… 
who also “stole” her heart.

  Happy Mother's Day       

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my family lost

an angry father with no love
no acceptance there even a hug
a detached mother never a smile
ive seen her happy but its been awhile
a drugged out sister who raised me right
finds release with blade of a knife
my dear brother scarred for life
sorrowful crying fills the night
my family means the world and more
but loving me is their biggest chore
not a pleasure not a privilege
my heart soars but then they kill it
not all is bad at times they fake it
but false smiles cant always make it
a beaten child here i lay
waiting for the darkness of day
mother tries but cant hold on
sister only hits the bong
brother distant in great need
father reason i sometimes bleed
they are all i have they are my nothing
hoping, groping to find something
i hold them dear i love them so
better to fight than let go
divorce ending what had been
some chose faith and others sin
my brother chose nothing though i try
to be an anchor in a sea of night
still he drifts away so far away
living life one bad day to bad day
sister to high to hear my cries
pushing back the harder i try
i want her to see the light
i wont give up without a fight
father once so happy and energetic
now drained and sees me as pathetic
was so loving and full of life
now gets drunk and wants a fight
mother lost as i try to lead the way back
still slipping so far off track
i cant stand to see her cry
though it happens every night
i love my family they are all i ever had
and ill stand by them in good and bad
i love you family please come home
im so sick of being alone
i need you now more than ever
i need someone to make it better
i need a smile instead of shouts
i need words from the heart not the mouth
please family find me here
please leave behind the beer
leave the drugs and the knife
leave the darkness in the night
leave your new world ill make this one better
i said it once and ill say it forever
my world is lost without the center
family you are the core
everything that i adore
ill make every effort i want it back
the happiness of our long lost past

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As the world turns
Another day goes by
That you arent apart of my life
Like an arrow thought the heart 
My heart aches for you
Time passes slowly
Not a phone call
Time just keeps ageing
Not a quick stop to see me
Time,weeks and years keep slideing on by
Not a letter in the mail
Not evan a simple i love you
My eyes filled with tears
My heart torn
And my mind in a frantic
Wondering where you are
what your thinking
Or that if you evan want me at all
And as my thoughts slow the world keeps turning.

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Hush, Baby Girl

Hush, baby girl, dont you cry 
Mama's gonna make everything alright 
Wiping all your tears away 
Holding you when you have a bad day 
You're my sweet lil' Angel-baby 
You're the only thing that kept me from going crazy

I Love you, girly, with all my heart 
Losing you would tear me apart 
So, while I have you, let me hold you 
And when you leave, never forget your home 
Come on vacation, come on weekends 
Come when you're lonely, come when you're heart broken 
My door's always open to you and so is my heart 
And as long as you think of me and I of you, we're never apart

Hush, baby girl, dont you cry 
Mama's gonna make everything alright 
Wiping all your tears away 
Holding you when you have a bad day 
Because you're my lil' Angel-baby

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My Little Girl

I was in the kitchen when I got the call.
I had to hold onto something so I wouldn't fall.
My body unable to move and my heart pounding;
Every word resounding.

"Your daughter's been in a serious accident.
She might not make it.
I don't know what else to say....
Except that she needs a new"

I hung up the phone and started to cry.
Got down on my knees and looked up at the sky.
"Please let my daughter be okay,
I can't live without her, not one day."

My sister drove me to emergency,
She said I shouldn't drive.
I prayed for my daughter to still be alive,
And I begged God not to take her from me.

The doctor told me her heart was not strong,
And she would need another to help her along.
All we could do now was wait,
And leave everything else to fate.

I sat by her side and sang a song,
Said that for both of us, I would be strong.
I told her that I loved her with all my heart,
And that without her, I would surely fall apart.

After a while, I reached over and took her hand.
Said: "If you need to go, I'll understand."
These words, I barely could say,
But I knew that in God's hands she would be ok.

"I love you more than you'll ever know,
But if you really have to go,
Just remember that I love you,
And I'll always be thinking of you."

When I finished saying my goodbyes, 
My little girl finally opened her eyes.
She blinked and looked at me,
Whispered, "I love you Mommy."

Then she closed her eyes again,
And with her last breath,
Said: "I'll see you in Heaven."

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Missing You Momma

Your In My Heart Forever 

Missing You Momma 
It has almost been a month now since the lord has taken you.You have finally earned the wings you so desired.I long to be near you and still wish you were here.The pain you so endoured was so unbearable to see.It was like you were held prisioner in your own body.I wish you never had to go through the last eight months of your life here on earth with so much torchure in your life.I knew one day you would pass on but not in this manner.Why couldn't your passing be much easier for you.The lord has you home with him now. Along with your mom and dad and your brothers too. along with my brothers also.You are living the high life now. I shall meet you there someday when it is my time.But can i wait that long to reunite with you.It will be the hardest thing i have ever done.I am going to do my best so please do not worry.So until my time comes I will keep on loving and missing you so.You are in my heart forever. 
Your Daughter

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Lingering Moments

Thy precious golden leaves of time
Only within a child they shine.
Lingering moments of a mother
Watching her little ones grow
A moment of silence
Beyond thought of her earthly guidance
She knows that yesterdays and tomorrows
Love will carry them on through life.
As night drifts in reaching out are arms
For goodnight hugs in belief that shields them from harm.
Her voice is softly spoken she whispers gifts of love will always be there.
Hold them closely within your heart to share.
She watches them sleep with a feeling of tenderness
She kisses her precious little ones with gentleness.
Knowing the touch of their smiles the echoes of their laughter lingers.
Lifetime moment remembering every part of then from their toes to their fingers
All of her joy is fulfillment in itself for nothing can measure.
She is a mother capturing moments of pleasures.
She feels her children are her priceless treasures.
Through laughter and tears
In her heart are lingering moments of those years.
Those given moments are memories she holds so dear.
She is a grandmother looking upon thee gifts of love.
That has been held closely to their hearts, she prays for them up above.
The precious golden leaves of time
Only within thy precious gifts of love they shine.

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Happy Mothers Day


You gave me life, then you set me free,
To make my choices , all good you wished for me.

You sheltered me from life’s many storms,
I felt so safe when I was wrapped in your loving arms.

You were my guide, yet you allowed me to stray,
When I’d do wrong, you’d cry then pray.

Your heart was so tender, yet your words were strong,
You’re forever in my heart where you belong.

It’s days like these that bring forth the rain,
I’ll always see your smiling face and the love you gave will always remain.

This is a special day, for all the mothers like you,
God please grant these ladies their wishes, let them all come true.

Let this day bring about abundant happiness, and may they all be blessed,
And let them be pampered, it’s their day to rest.

Happy Mothers Day, may this be your best,
Just sit there and enjoy it for you are our honored guests.

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Just Simply You

My heart goes out to you,
The strength I need to go through,
A smile a giggle makes heart spew,
The world can go on but not me,
If I can not have your eyes to see,
Like a drop of water in a desert,
That's the desire and measure,
So if I could have the pleasure,
To say that you start my day,
weeks, and years,
Destroy my fears,
Create my cheers, and evaporate my tears
Love is essential and so simple
Just simply you,
Definition of true,
Like to say I love you too

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A Mother's Love

Your gentle touch, your kindness and care
Has made me the woman whom I am today
Unconditional love, beauty and charm
My mother, my best friend though near or far

Strong and committed and full of Heavenly bliss
This beautiful woman will make your heart miss
She has a demeanor like none I’ve ever known
With this beautiful woman, you will never feel alone

Passion and pride, honor and grace
My mother, my best friend I will forever embrace
Her guidance and faithfulness is something to bestow
For this beautiful woman will set your heart a glow

I love you mom, forever and endlessly
And I thank you for your patience, your guidance
And your never ending pleasantries

When I look at you in depth, all I see is me
For the woman you are, that woman is thee
How proud I am to call you my “mom”
My mother, my best friend, always to you my heart belongs

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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You Broke My Heart

You broke my heart when you didn't
Come see me on my fourth birthday
You hurt me so bad, I cried and I don't
Understand why you did me that way
You promised me that you would come help
Me with my gifts and cutting my birthday cake
Among all of the other that you've don e in my life
You lied to me, and that is just another mistake
Everyday, I think to myself, and I alwayz wonder
What my life would be like living with you
Would you show me that you cared? Would you
Show me love? Would you know what to do?
When I think about the way my life started a young one
I feel like I had been sold, because I wasn't wanted by anyone
I hope you know that you broke my heart in so many ways
I've a strong feeling that you didn't want me anyways
It really never came to my mind that
My heart would be broken by my own mother
But I thank God for the gift of having another

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Darling boy



Monkey arms swing by your side,
You still love steam-trains 'cause of Thomas.

Simple and pure as the dew are your desires,
Your smile more real than the sun's first rays.

A heart untainted 
...but unrefined.
Right now it never can be mine.
My heart caves in.

Baby boy, I'm not your mother,
Puppy eyes beg me to smother
You, your heart, our life together.
An Oedipus complex we just can't weather.

Darling I need more than you give
We're not dead but we don't know how to live
My darling, my baby, my love, my hope
Ebbs quietly, softly away with my smile.

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Sweet April rain

The rain came down as so did the tears
unexpecting what would come after the 
following years. So much left unsaid and
so much left to do I kissed your cheek 
and said "i love you". We hoped for a 
better tomorrow as time stole your soul
you gave me a wink an told me to never 
lose control keep my eyes alive in your
heart for that would never die,Empty 
thoughts consume my heart and mind 
as i try to full fill your hopes and
over power mine.I read your words in 
secret pages and the hurt you felt for
so long and your beautiful smile to
hide the words kept hiding are now 
forever gone.The room became cold that April day as i watched your beautiful
smile turn to gray. Holding your hand
I felt you speak "Take care of your
self an my heart is yours to keep 
remember our laughs,an not so much
the tears,but keep all close as I 
will capture your fears". Sweet April
rain never knew the way it would fall
nor did it know it would take you 
when it called.You left behind A 
memory that would last till the end
and a voice that could reach behind
sin,Strong but stern,happy at times
but angry at most,you kept the promise
of always being close.I believed in
prayer to get us threw. Only one made 
it an it was'ent you.You fought for so
long but i had to say goodbye,I promised
i'd never forget the tears of sadness
we cried.The happy times live on in me
and i will see you again some where above
the sea.Still the April rain continues
to fall until i see you again and you 
greet me with my name i hear you call.

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it's suffocating always waiting for the bad

and pretty damn humiliating when you've ruined every chance you've ever had.

Manipulating every choice i make day to day

complicating any relationship that comes my way.

emulating what i want in a man

keeping me wrapped up in you for as long as you can.

its weight off my back not having to make up for your slack

and freeing to know that i have time to grow.

living life for myself is a kind of exposure

that i haven't held onto because i couldn't find closure.

scared to go back because i always find hurt

but my heart has kind of been lost under the dirt.

dehydrated always searching for water

trying to make a life for me and my daughter

tugged apart by what's right and what my heart wants

never succeeding to realize when you put up your front.

taking in cold air waiting for life to come to me

knowing deep down whatever is meant to be, will be.

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(whilst into the night, as ash)

you seemed so real;

an angel, slipping down
through your ring of fire
whilst into the night, as ash
you'd walk the winds
and graze the edge
-of love:
dancing above me, reborn
like nails sinking, straight
through the coffin, into flesh;

death is with me every moment
that you smile and every kiss
is a reminder that i'm still not alive
within your grasp.

stripped of your halo;
still holding tight to the mess
of flesh and metal skin-grafts
you've applied: words
endearing my heart
to your brick-wall
of silent indifference

alas, even as i lapse
from this moment
to that,
you still seem so real;

an angel, bathed in the fire
of solitude and singular wanting
while the world turns
its back, you take
my hand; sleep-walking
through the motions
of a dire and delirious dance,
you step upon the altar
to cry out your demands

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A Mothers Cherished Christmas Gift

My dear children
Another Christmas has come,
I hope you understand,
Fancy things I cannot give to thee
For our trials are many and riches we lack
My heart is sad and my tears are silent,
I cannot give to thee thy hearts desire.
When you, my children were but tots,
A simple box brought smiles and joy
As you grew a few years more,
Simple treasures you would adore.
Now my dear children you have grown,
As well as our trials and despairs
Now I find it harder
To give to thee what thy heart desires.
I pray that you understand
That I only have one gift for thee,
A cherished Christmas gift,
Filled with love and joy,
Comfort and peace,
Goodness and kindness,
For these things are guaranteed
Paid for and free.
You see, Jesus our Savior gave these gifts to me
Now I give these gifts to thee,
And if accepted and cherished,
Will give thee what thy heart desires.
Merry Christmas my dear children
I love you!

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When life was given to me,
from the kindest mother
this ungrateful world ever knew,
I caught my first breath
as my tiny heart started to laugh;
that moment was ingrained in time,
instilled in that child's memory...
for countless years to pull me through,
reminding myself who got me on this safe shore!

To love myself so intensely...
is to honor her degnified memory,
others may have not been so lucky
to have had a mother who had
loved them so passionately;
I heeded her words, listened how she prayed...
even in suffering, she sought the presence of God,
the same God who has been testing a faith so bold!

My righteous mother was an image of holiness,
her pure heart despised ugliness...
a saint who will never be recognized,
and so unknown for her sacrifice!
She had the pity of Jesus's mother,
and the perseverance of a martyr;
had she be living in Nero's time,
she woud have died for Christ!

To love myself so intensely
is to be grateful to her immensely,
and consume that fervent love
in the same way she did;  no stories,
or ballads will be writtten about her...
to somehow remember her,
but with my loving poem everyone will know,
and come to realize that mothers dont' have
to be heroines to go down in History!

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Battle Field

A heart is like a battle field with 
the blood pumping into its viens.
Its just like being on that battle 
field with mud and rain.
All those men died and suffered,
they still didnt gain any comfort.
The heart from a dead soliders mother,
Her pain cant go no further.
Its just like the black panthers,
so quick to say "Black power"my borther.
A heart is like a battle field
Broken, scarned, torn, hurt, 
but at the end.
Mind, loved, sheltered, victory.
The battle of the heart is now over.

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My Heart Breaks
Every time I look into their eyes.
I know you’re here, 
I feel your lips upon mine
every time my heart breaks.
I know you watch over them,
Do you see the pain you brought by leaving us?
Do you see the wonder, that they want to know, in there eyes?
The Questions that they want answered?
Why you?
Why God?
The night bring on more questions,
that they want answered.
Please mend my broken heart.
Please stop the wondering building in there eyes.
Please answer the questions they need answered.
Please still be with us, Forever.

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Little Penny's Tears Won't Dry

Last night I had a talk with the stars
Did you hear me crying?
I followed the path we used to walk
The grass on either side is dying.
   The roses in the garden lay wilted
The sun has lost its shine
The parrot I gave you no longer sings
Her heart seems broken; so is mine.
   I closed my eyes to dream today
There your shadow lingered by
The night came and you faded away
The longest my heart has ever sighed.
   I heated some coffee; the coffee’s still cold
Little Penny’s tears won’t dry
The bed is made and sits alone
Dinner needs making; I haven’t the heart to try.
   Your picture sits upon the mantle
Only there do the flowers bloom
The kitten cries to be alone
The night has forgotten the moon.
   I can’t keep these tears from falling
I see my heart when I see the blue sky
The world has forgotten how to spin
Penny is crying “why did my mommy have to die?”

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Always With Me

Your heart was made of gold,
Always there to give through the years.
You were made from a special mold,
Forever understanding of my hopes and fears.

You always stood beside me,
Weither I was right or wrong.
The good in me, you could always see,
Helping to make me strong.

I know that you are in heaven far away,
But in my heart you will always be.
Every day and on this Mother's Day,
I keep wishing once again you could be here with me.

For eternity there is love in my heart,
Because mom your spirit is always with me,
Even if we are apart.

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i swear

The little girl said "mama come and sit in here with me. " Then mama said "what do you want?"
she said "I am lonely."  "but I am right here in the next room and I am on the phone."  "mama I know 
that but I don't want to play alone- and I am lonely play with me."  is what her daughter said "Well it is 
about that time that you should be in bed."
The tears rolled down her little face from her mother's reply, then her mother wiped away the tears 
her daughter cried. "Baby please don't cry" she said "we have a lifetime here, I'll play with you 
tomorrow all day long okay? I swear." She tucked her into bed and kissed her on her dampened 
cheek, she didn't know that inside pumped a little heart too weak.
The next day came and then the same the conversation played now she would give anything to get 
back just one day. She sang to her that one last time and tucked her into bed she didn't know her 
routine would be changed for life instead.
"Baby please wake up!" she said "the doctor's on his way, please wake up so we can go outside and 
we can play!"  Her heart had stopped about midnight she had one final dream now her mother's 
tribulations echoed in her screams.
Her hands were cold her face was calm but had a certain daze of all the pain no longer felt about 
those lonesome days. It was too late her mama knew how much she really cared, but did her baby 
know she meant it every time she sweared? Her mother screamed and felt insane an unavailing cry 
and had to plead with God in disbelief her baby died.
"God please give her back to me God please this isn't fair, give me one more chance with her I'll 
make it up I swear!"

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More time

  A young yet beautiful little bird to set free.
  Motionless among the others but integrgated by the height of the tree.  
  The leaves set falling,the colors of the world.
  The liscences yet not own,for the heart of this baby girl.
  The ground yet settles beneath the plants so to speak.
  The hightest level of elevation for this bird thats to weak.
  The consumers of the family,yet know not to tell.
  That the baby bird is not ready ,to come out of her shell.
  The eyes of  anticipation ,though wonders above the others.
  A little more time for the baby bird to fly away from her mother.
  Afraid to see the sun set,alone so the baby bird does not set free.
  The breath of this baby bird is the true heart of me.

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There is no other in this world 
that is quite like your Mom,
She's Strong, She's Kind, She's Wonderful,
She keeps you safe from Harm.

Her smile is like a gentle breeze
On a warm bright sunny day,
It fills your heart with happiness
as She wipes your tears away.

She's always there to comfort you
and teach you right from wrong,
To guide you and protect you
and help to keep you strong.

You never have to ask for her
somehow She's always there,
She knows just when you need her
in times of much despair.

The bond between A Mom and Child
is forever in The Heart,
A very special gift from God
that never falls apart.

My Mom's forever Wonderful
So Gentle, Kind and Strong,
I never will forget the way
She taught me right from wrong.

And so My Darling Mother
I say to you today,
My Love for you comes from My Heart,
It will NEVER fade away.

I wish you all The Happiness and Joys
that Life can bring,
Because You've Filled My Life with Love,
and made My Heart Just Sing.

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Again, I am

a daughter of oceans
held in the palm of mother earth
a being ignited with a fire
that wove a heart of the wind
torn from pages 
floated in the firmament 
I was


a whisper of echo
that was the call of sorrow
in a moments Ecstasy,
being all and nothing

a speck of dust
finding niche within earth
a sarcophagus made of crust
healed with time,
and budded 
to life


I am a daughter of the sea
held within the spirit of mother earth
a being ignited with a fire
that weaves a heart of wind
to be rebound in all chapters
floating in the firmament ,
I am, 

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Fly over me

Fly over me when you see me fall
run to my side when your name you
hear me call. Not to much to ask for 
the sympathy of your hand not to much
to ask for your arms to help me stand
you cared so much for a  world you
left behind but i cant seem to smile  
at a world so unkind you said you would 
never leave me an those words i took 
to heart but as the days grow long an 
my heart grows cold i can see we will 
always be apart
one day for sure we will be together
in a world so perfect we can promise 
until that day i hope you can see that
you are the angel i need to fly over me

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In front of me in the dark I see,
a statue of care of love,
with a heart so tender, wide like the see,
as pure as you see the dove.

Wrapped in a ribbon of moonlight,
she twinkles like a star,
opens her eyes there's sunlight,
drops them, its twilight.

She's kind she jeers,
of all the worldly things,
pearls are her tears,
but she laughs like the springs.

A figure greater than the hills,
her shadow falls upon me,
with joy my heart fills,
when I call her MUMMY...

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My Little Angel

they handed you to me
my heart filled with joy
my beautiful little boy
then they spoke
and my heart shattered
He's not gonna make it
I held you close
not my little angel
I kissed your face
please stay with me little one
the hours passed
and I prayed that you wouldn't be taken
luck wasn't with me that day
you, my little angel, were taken
your life was cut short
my heart ached
why did this happen
I miss you little one

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The Desires My Heart Hold

Open up my heart
And see who and what my heart goes out to
You'll see what all I desire
And what I need to grow

My heart holds the desire to strive
to love
to reach
and to grab

I ask of you to use your eyes to x-ray
my wants to strive
from scratch in school
to being successful in the music and television industry

To use your mind to understand
that I do not want to struggle
when grown and
on my own

To use your feelings to feel
how good I want to feel in the future
once I can take care of my mom and dad
the way they took care of me

To use your imagination to imagine
how I will feel once
I can help my family
whenever they may need

To use your mouth to say to me
the words of inspiration
that I will use
to get to and beyond my destination

To add my request of your uses to my heart
and close it back up.
Now my heart is filled
with my desire and from you, the help that'll take me higher.

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Angels Wings

I have her hair her smile and her eyes
I see it in old photos and it makes me want to cry
I miss her so much my heart aches
Every time i think of her the walls break
I know she is better off where she is now
I know it will get easier I just do not know when or how
It has been seven years since she went away
My heart hurts just as bad as it did the first day
sometimes at night when i I awake from a bad dream
She is right there beside me it seams
So God I know you can not give her back to me
But thank you for the angel wings that set my grandmother free

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Statue of Liberty

Torch of Triumph
Burning in the middle of a River
Come forth an alliance
Courage and strength
in the eyes of lady elegance
The hope of a city that doesn't wink
and eye and a heart full of cries
Yet she stands through it all
Never to Fall
Holding tight a book of honor
Knowing that knowledge is upon her
Her beauty fulfills the day
and brightens the night
As faith and integrity
displays from her sight
Knowing that there is life with
the Light

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Separation Anxiety

Curling lips, a frown gives birth
and then the eyes, so full of life
brim up with tears and vessels red
The cheeks are pink, no words are said.

The little grip around my neck
The salty salt, my shoulders wet
A heart in rum tum tum beats hard
My murmured speech, soft from the start.

This anxious breath of separation
a string from my heart to hers.
My little lumpkin's big decision
She stammers with tears in her words.

Sweetly lit, like a candle in winter
Her eyes give glow and my own eyes answer
I know this feeling like there is no other
for I had it too with my own mother.

The nose is blown, the cheeks are dried
the sparkle returns to her blue eyes
Each step she takes away from me
Determines the woman she's bound to be...

~For my little Ava Lu

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He'll roam around
Draw on the wall
Tee-pee the dog
And flood the toilet
He'll run through the house
Break expensive things
Smile and say I'm sorry
And you'll always forgive him
He'll wait on the couch
'Til Barney comes on 
Pretend he's asleep when he's suppose  to be in bed
You feed him every four hours
And your his world
He'll look at you with those big brown eyes
Smile that staggle-tooth smile 
You'll know
That's your son 
And you'll let him be small

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A beautiful flower bears your name
   ever-blooming as a gift of love with
Red, red petals and green, green leaves
On a long single stem with heavenly fragrance
Surrounded by the new baby's breath and 
Embraced by water in a vase with a ribbon
   from heart to heart throughout the world-
   this graceful blossom forever yields your fame.

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Reversed roles

Come visit my grave.” Is what she said,
To little to have these thoughts in her head.
She’s only a baby she’s eight years old,
Through her, her mothers story will be told.
“let’s move away and start a new life.”
“Maybe my boyfriend will leave his wife.”
Every night drink after drink,
Her mind so clouded she couldn’t even think.
Her little girl so innocent and pure,
Left with no choice but to quickly mature.
The roles some how became reversed,
Night after night it seemed rehearsed.
Pick her up and bring her home,
Pour some wine and leave her alone.
One glass ALWAYS led to two,
Until she didn’t know what to do.
She only four then five then six,
Because of you she learned new tricks.
She learned to cry at nothing at all,
To avoid hearing you make that call.
She learned to say that she felt sick,
Couldn’t you see it was only a trick?
“Your fathers no good I need so money.”
“Don’t look at me like I said something funny.”
“Your to little to understand, But your Uncle 
now is my new man.”
“The time has come for us to move home,
Baby I love you but I need time alone.”
“You’ll go live with Daddy and you’ll start school,
Even though I told you ….he was a fool.”
“When things don’t work out with my new man,
I’ll come get you I’ll have a plan.”
A little girl so lost and confused
Her little heart has been badly bruised.
“Come visit my grave” is what she said,
Her tiny heart left hanging by a thread.

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Melody (for Melody Lady - requested by Kristin)

On the warm drift of breeze from the golden shore,
In the orchestral palette of morning light,
Floats the gentlest lilt in the waking dreams,
To kiss at the heart and veto the night.

She shines tender love from a face of delight,
And she smiles solar smiles of innocent glee,
In her voice sings the music of seraphs and stars,
To tug at the soul and set the heart free.

In the soft swell of scent from the flowery beds,
And the chiming of bells in the playground sky,
Lives Melody’s song of honey and cream,
To sweeten each breath with a gossamer sigh.

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Nocturne in C minor

Saturated with decision
words in grain and grass
broken into tiny pieces
shards of biting glass
Born of music, lost reflection
calling from the pool
Fill me up with stars creative
sugar dipped and new
Hollow out the heart in motion
stain it iridescent
Carve the moon a silver locket
shavings from the crescent
She will hang like butter beige
stone and marble breath
on the living and the dying
'luminate their death
Breathing words of whispered sage
Tiny slivered glass
You're my music in the moonlight
lost in evening's past.

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The Ring - Part 1-

Something was so terribly wrong, the room seemed upside down, the furniture was out of
place,  the scent of flowers all around.
She wandered from the corridor, into the main living room, so many people gathered here, a
black atmosphere seemed to loom.
Her mother sat upon the chair, crying in her tea, "whatever's wrong"? she asked her mom,
"please won't you confide in me?"
Her Mother gave no answer, as she sat and looked so sad, "maybe I will get answer if I go
and speak to dad"
Her father had a solemn look, his face was tired and drawn, he almost gave the impression
that his heart in two was torn.
"Father tell me what is wrong, why are these people here, you're really filling me dread,
an awfully frightening fear"
Once more she had no answers, her father never spoke, the torment was too painful, her
father's heart was broke.
A knock came upon the door, and everyone then froze, and from the chair where her mother
sat, to her feet she rose.
"Let me do this" her Father said, "please everyone just wait, there bringing home my
daughter, in a coffin through our gate"
Bewildered and confused the girl went to the door, there she saw a funeral hearse, with
wreaths upon the floor,
"Ok I must be dreaming, cause there is no way that I am dead, maybe It's concussion, No
wait, when did I bang my head?"
The Undertakers slowley walked, with the Coffin held on their shoulders, the Chief mourner
entered in the house, with funeral rites in folders.
"I am very sorry for your loss, we took good care with her, would you like the casket
opened up? we could do that for you Sir"
Her father nodded in response, he had to see her face, one last time before she leaves, to
her final resting place.
The Family began to gather, to give their last respects, one by one they passed by, 
followed by their guests.
Who is in that coffin?  she had no idea what to expect, but she would soon discover, it
was her turn in line next.
Nervously she stepped forward, as she bowed her head to see, "My God this can't be
happening, there's no way that corpse is me"

To be continued.... see part 2 

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Baby You Can

My first day of school,
you held my hand,
and told me sweetly,
baby you can.

When I fell in love,
for the very first time,
you sat me down, and explained,
there will be many your heart will find.

As I grew older, and wiser with years,
you were always there,
guiding my decisions,
showing me, how much you cared.

When you grew older, and needed me,
my heart was open,
remembering the love,
you always gave me.

The tears we shared,
between, mother, and child,
I realized in my heart,
you were getting so tired.

The day you left me,
you held my hand,
and told me sweetly,
baby you can.

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skin and ink

I was tattooed at eighteen, I was a little scared,
the room was filled with bikers, all leathers and long haired                                       
i'd got my rocker stripes and wasn't all naive
there's more to these big hairy blokes, than often is perceived

I knew what I wanted and what I had to pay
in truth I had been waiting, for this momentous day,
soon it was all finished, etched in ink on skin
(it looked so good in those days, when I was really thin!!!)

So my nerves weren't for the pain,it wasn't all that bad
and my friends all loved it, so about it I was glad,
so why my trepidation,on this long awaited day?
Nerves about my mother and what she'd have to say!!!

Now I'm nearly thirty, I've got more throughout the years
I'm now planning my biggest yet to allay my aging fears
my mother doesn't say much now ,and I don't have to fear
as she would be a hypocrite as I bought her one last year!!!

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I cried for you with tears and tears
I cried for you through a maze of years
I pour my heart in these lifeless pages
Trying to recover some semblance of saneness
My heart has evolved into a life of its own
My words have stung but they too have grown
My legs no more walk with the ease they once had
My face no more shows the blush of the glad
I know what you've been through all the years
All the hateful words, the stinging tears
I recall the sounds, the stifling of cries
I remember the days your tears I dried
I love you today more than ever before
Yet I'm helpless to assist you I woefully implore

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My beautiful Mother

She sits, alone in her living room
Knitting her entire life into a cup coaster
Watching her soaps.

Her heart swells too big for her tiny chest
Singing a country song out of tune
Washing the dishes.

Wounded by years of  giving
Her heart pounds extra hard to compensate
After her heart attack.

Small in stature, she stands taller than the tallest man
Never thinking twice about making extra
To feed a friend.

Simple in her thinking, she radiates her inner beauty
Always helping out in any small way
Never thinking of herself.

She sits, alone in her living room
Knitting her entire life into a cup coaster
Watching her soaps.

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This little heart of mine

How dare you lie to me;     You said you will never leave
That day you birth you see;    There was no gettin rid of me
You bought a gift in this world;   My heart you said; you will always hold
You said you will never leave me hungry 
Yet I stayed and there was still no food to eat
I gave you time after time and chance after chance 
and still you break this little heart of mine.

I gave you all of my money; You went to your friends and laughed like it's funny
You took them out Paid for their drinks and their high. 
Not worried about the tears in my eyes. As I wait for you to return daily
You laid up smoked out faithfully; I'm worried about where you are
And me being in your world is very far; Listening to the lies flyin out of your mouth, 
as you continue to leave and I continue to pout and time after time I watch you 
break this little heart of mine.

I can't keep lettin you break my heart
I feel like the bull's eye and someone hittin me with the dart
I'm full of pain and through my poems I really gain
Gain the strengh to trust in the Lord cause I know can't no one
beat him he has the biggest sword.
You coming to me with a story of some sort
I'm becoming immune to being hurt 
and all you have to say for yourself is; 
You found someone to care for me
Guess What Mom??  You were all that I need.

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The Dead Hand

( Since 1987, a group of Ugandan military rebels, called the Lords Resistance army has
been kidnapping, raping and torturing Ugandan children.At Night, these children are forced
to leave their villages and walk for miles to safe cages, in hopes that they won't be take
by the LRA...They have been dubbed The Night Walkers.This is my response to them...)

Everything I see leaves a mark on my soul

And it is with this bleeding heart that I suffer with you

I am there when the nights are long and weary

Watching the devils pour out of the darkness

To take you sons and rape your daughters

I am there to wait for the smoke to clear long enough to survey the wreckage

The Horrors not meant to burden the human soul

And I am there to feel the fires

To count in silent despair

To cover the bodies

Your husbands

Your brothers

The tiny hands of a wasted nation

Knowing that there are enough tears within us all to soak the cracked earth upon which you
stand, to wash away the dirt and ages from a million hardened faces and fill the hollow
pits of swollen stomachs

But you are the forgotten ones

Alone in your grief

And for that I am sorry

So instead I lay my heart next to yours and watch as the army of faceless monsters march
your babies into darkness

Forced to kill their fathers and brothers

Raping the bodies of their sisters and mothers

Waiting in bated frustration as the dead hand of abhorration is laid across the forheads
of your young

And even now I stand beside you

Shaking my fist at an unrelenting sky

Screaming into the deaf ears of a world devoid of humanity

Crying away your forgotten sorrows

It is with this bleeding heart that I call out but there is no answer

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Every heart belongs a Country...
big or small,  with or without prosperity;
a beloved and cherished Country
has its precious name
on each heart loving freedom!

It may have a beautiful ocean or sea,
breathtaking mountains so misty,
or a desert that can never flourish;
it may have raging rivers,
wild forests with sparkling waterfalls...
wealthy or unwealthy it is still a bliss!

Every heart belongs to a Country,
my Country is no different from others...
with a sky ever blue, like the calm sea
hiding islands with a striking beauty;
I walked its flowery and rocky paths,
plunged my looks to the clear deep
to discover what others seek...
nothing She withheld from me!

A foreigner among native inhabitants,
abiding and hard-working,  
thriving in this prosperous Country...
where all are given an opportunity;
and if  everyone starts out
with the simplest dream,
it can bring them financial security...
anything is at their command through incentive!

Every heart belongs to a Country,
it may be mine, yours or theirs;
it may be depraved of liberty or free,
have green forests, open meadows
or barren soil without streams...
but the people's creed 
is sacred and holy!
Loalty and bravery always endure
in every heart that belongs to that Country...
that can inflame their ardor!

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I am the child of a mother who doesn't care
Who pretends to not see the life I can't bare
I am a the sister of a boy who blames me
Why can't the truth be seen
I am the younger sister of a girl who gets what she wants
Even when she's sitting in cell block three
I am the daughter of a man who isn't there 
How can he understand if he doesn't listen to me completely
I am the older sister to a other girl who is always testing my rage
Can't she the box I'm in is a cage
I am a student of a school that doesn't know
The misery of my life that needs to be shown
I am a girl who wants to run away
Rather than being tortured everyday

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An Aching Heart

Insults and threats so unkind
It's only just beginning
An aching heart needing comfort

Black eyes,a broken nose
Tears streaming down your face
An aching heart wants to hide

Embarrassed to speak of abuse
Suffering alone in Silence
An aching heart goes unheard

Afraid to stay and afraid to go
Fear deep within your soul
An aching heart goes unprotected

I hear your cries and see the bruises
Only wanting to stop the pain and hold you
A mother's aching heart that loves you

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I love you Mother

Mothers smile will always shine,
In the pictures in my mind.
I've heard your laughter and shared your tears.
We walked together throughout the years.
Your silken hands upon my face.
Your tender heart and warm embrace.
Lifting me up when things were down.
My best friend without a doubt.

I will never forget the day.
Your savior called and took you away.
My heart so heavy my pain so great.
Such a way to replace.
I miss you so much the hurt is so real.
I miss your scent and your feel.
I need you mother to hold my hand.
I need you mother, OH SO BAD.

Life can never be the same.
Without you mother, I fear the change.
Your strength and guidance put me straight.
Each day was a blessing.
So full of your grace.
I'll miss you forever my loving mother.
Can't wait for the day we get back together.

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Innocently in Pain

holding your hand after a 5 hour surgery
you're so beautiful and you look so peaceful 
i know you are in pain and can not respond
i wish i could tell you how i feel right now but the
words will not come out
if they would they wouldnt be right
all i can do is cry
my stomach is in knots
but my heart is in pain
nothing like the pain you are in
i can only imagine how you feel
holding your hand closed eyes
trapped in an innocent face
unlike the face ive once seen
although your hope is running low
your heart is flying high
if only i could tell you how i feel
if only you could see how much your family really 
cares then maybe you would understand how I feel
and maybe you could tell me what i wish i could say

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For our sons

Women they will come...and they will
go...well thats what people tell you...

For me I was lucky the right one
came heart just seemed
to know...

you'll sons...

this one woman...she'll bring a 
thunder -

a booming sound so deep
from a place down under...

It'll knock you for six...
It won't let you go...

...a feeling so strong...your
heart your everything will submit...

you'll not want for food you'll not want for sleep 
it will be this one woman all you can think...

you'll know my'll know...

It's the heart that will let you know...

believe me you'll know...

you'll walk barefoot in the snow...

you'll dance in the rain...

you'll sing to her...write verse about her...

you'll bring her flowers...
cook for her...

work hard for her...

she will love you so...

son your heart will let you know...

she'll only look at you that way...

she'll hold your hand in the movies...
she'll take your arm when you stroll...

wrap herself round you...
especially when she's cold...

she'll share her pint of Guinness...

she'll make you laugh...

you'll live for her smile...

just to here her look 
in her eyes

son you'll know your heart will

there will be times she will drive you
nuts...take the good with the bad...
that's real love...son...

For it's your mother I truly love...

...and well boys my heart knows...
sons my heart it's been smitten
only once...

your mother go ask her
she knows...

and we celebrate another year
for it all happend over thirty years heart still knows...

our love grows and grows...

whatever your heart knows
whatever love brings...your heart
is no'll no when the heart

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A Free Prescription

I wasn’t feeling well one day
So off to the doc I went
I sat in the waiting room patiently
Anything but content.

My body was shaking
Head was pounding to no end
Thoughts were running wild
The nurse said, “Please. Come in”

I sat on the table
Blood pressure sky high
Waited for the doctor
I began to cry

He walked into the room
A box of tissue came my way
The only thing he said
“You love him anyway?”

This man knows me too well
As I sit in my woes
Seeing my dream finally end
The years that were froze

I admitted my fault
That I called him back
The prescription pad came out
And he wrote a big stack

We talked for a while
As he has watched me mature
Almost feeling better
I thought he gave me a cure

I grabbed the pieces of paper
My head hung low
A feeling of failure
And nowhere to go

I left the office swiftly
Hoping no one would see
The only thing the papers said,
“Was to find someone who loves me!”

I found myself lost
My heart and soul cried out is name
I should have known all along
I never had his heart to tame.

There has never been a loss
Greater in my life
Than not being able
To, again, be his wife

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Thy Heart

Lo! Write that beautiful rhyme, coming from within…

Oh thy heart, commanding 
The air 
With fairies and legends’ touches;
And a new face smiles, as if born in all the sweetness of yesteryears!

 "Mother and Chiled" painted by Frederic, Lord Leighton, 1865:

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Her hopes are dreams, which seem hard to reach yet she smiles.
 Her emotions are hidden along with her tears buildup of heartache that grew 
over the years yet she smiles. 
Her heart is heavy from hurt and disappointment from relationships gone wrong 
yet she smiles. 
Her lips tired from speaking words unheard by non-listening ears yet she 
Her arms are numb from carrying the burdens of ones she loves yet she smiles. 
Her legs are weary from getting knocked down in life's battles yet she smiles. 
Her hands are blistered from clinched fist that pray hours at a time yet she 
Her feet are blistered from pacing the floor worrying about her children but yet 
she smiles. 
She smiles because her strength is too strong to let her dreams die. She smiles 
because her heartache eventually passes by. 
She smiles because her tears are sometimes tears of joy She smiles because 
even though her heart is heavy it is still able to love 
She smiles because even though her arms are numb she can still give one 
more hug 
She smiles because her clinched fists bring her closer to god. 
She smiles because she is life.

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Like A Mother

You're like a mother to me
I just wanted you to know,
and everytime I'm around you,
it just makes my heart glow
You're like a mother to me
it's just the little things you do,
and those little things show me
that your love is true
You're like a mother to me
I can talk to you about anything,
and you always speak the truth,
and are also straight up about everything
You're like a mother to me
I've never gotten this close before,
but I know I can trust you,
and on me you'll never shut the door
You're like a mother to me
right up there next to my mom,
and I just love the way
you make me feel like I belong
You're like a mother to me,
and I don't want this bond to end
your friendship and love
will help my heart mend
You're like a mother to me,
and I'm so glad I found you,
and no matter what happens
I know I can turn to you 
You're like a mother to me
I just thought I'd let you know
you have helped me a lot,
and these are my feelings starting to show
You're like a mother to me,
and you are the  best
I just wanted to tell you,
and get this off of my chest
You're like a mother to me,
and I'm so happy you are in my life
please don't ever go away,
because like my mom you are a big part in my life.

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You showered me with your glorious love
You opened my eyes so clear so bright
You convinced me nothing is too hard
That every way has its light

You say I must be strong in everything
Even when the sky turns to gray
And the storm will sweeps me away
You always have the faith in me

I know I am weak like sand on the beach
When the wave sweeps me away, I will long gone
I know my heart sometimes frail
You told me to be strong and hold on in faith

You are my shelter and you are my friend
And you always told me to be brave
You won’t let any tear drops from my eyes
You always believe in me in anyhow

Sometimes your anger makes my heart hurts
Though, I realize those words were filled of meaning
I know I never can be the best you wanted me to be
But all I have is a heart and I want to keep it true

You have risked you life to brought me to life
Though our minds sometimes clashed 
But my faith calmed me down coz I know you love me
And I know that I’ll be in your pray and I will do so

Mom, God always knows what’s best for me
There are reasons why I live in this earth
But the miraculous blessed I’ve ever felt
Is to have you as a mother and a best friend for life