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Miss You Love Poems | Miss You Poems About Love

These Miss You Love poems are examples of Miss You poems about Love. These are the best examples of Miss You Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Every now and then

Every now and then I come to you a climbing jasmine through the window of your heart a perfumed smile beneath your sheets a sweet scent in waking thoughts an empty porch of swinging dreams Every now an then I come to you a hush-hushed whisper on a restless night a drop of sunshine on winter lips a tender touch upon bare shoulder a yearning moment in ardent kiss Every now and then I come to you a melting snowflake upon your lash a silent breeze tickling your cheek soft gentle wind behind your ear a vivid memory a vision gone a lingered breath which once was here
(revised and reposted)

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Soul mates solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing
nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender 
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories 
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised 
pens - by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist's pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings
but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

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You Know I Love You

Winds may howl,
Wild animals growl,
The forest grows cold, 
For I am lonesome and old
As the sun peaks through the clouds, 
I hear your soft, young voice so loud!
And though you speak dead man's lines,
You speak them with majesty divine
As I am wrapped in  my woe,
I only want you to know...
...that roses die black and violets lose blue,
But I will never die
And you know I love you!

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Lost My Song

When in this life I felt down
You were the one that was around

Maybe it was the way you held my hand
I knew in my heart you would understand

I miss the way we used to sit and talk
The times we didn't look at the clock

The way you walked in those tight jeans
Made me want to pull my skin and scream

I remember trembling at your touch
I love and loved you so very much

I am lost inside now you're gone
Baby you are still my life's song

When I look to the night sky I tear
I miss you and wish you were here

Edward J Ebbs - 05/18/14

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Fools Overture

How many ways
Can I say to you?
With words
Or silence
The towns square clown seeking your affections
Coldness or warmth
Open your loins of desire
Bare your heart
Let me whisper 
As I enter into you
I am you
You are me
In the prison of freedom
The poison of love
The potion of eternal youth
Let me taste your lips
Suckle upon breast
My hand like a surgeon
Inside your heart
Mending broken wings

You, with no mask
Me with no words
Silence becomes the tomb
Of our love

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White line fever 
Can really confuse
Many miles to go
I'm lost in a muse
Read your write
You're lonely too
Picture on my dash
Girl, I'm missing you
Asphalt monotony
Leads to daydream
Where we're together
Oh, I see you beam
My sweet island girl
You make me high
You're on my mind
Unending night sky
Perfect moonlit tune
My true love song
Petal to the metal
Girl, I won't be long

Perfect moonlit tune
My true love song
Petal to the metal
Girl, I won't be long

*Country tune
Date: 10-25-14

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Welcome Home

Waiting, I'm patiently waiting for
your ship to sail on back to shore
Time standing still, does it even exist
It's been too long since we once kissed

Your scent on my pillow fading away
Wishing and hoping you were here this day
I lay in the darkness thinking of you
and of the day all of our dreams come true

Sounds of footsteps creaking on the pine floor
Gentle knocking upon my bedroom door
Visions of beauty, visions so clear
My meaning, my whole has finally appeared

Crawl into my arms, crawl into my heart
Our two lives together, no longer apart

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I Love You

Each time I think of you I'm breathless
I feel your presence ev'ry where
I go through life on turned back pages
Of memories...........the past.
Your pictures line my walls like shadows
The biggest one is in my heart
I feel your warm breath on my shoulder
And it makes me wild as chills run up and down my spine.

And when I feel your hand take mine so gently
The hand that softly brushed my cheek
Knowing that you're here with me this moment
I, can hardly speak, can hardly speak

We walked these streets once in the sunshine
I hear your laughter echo near
Each step I take your perfume fills my senses and it
Makes me smile oh Lord it makes me smile.

In darkest night I'd lay beside you
Holding you tight I'd long for more
The taste of your lips made me tremble 
Un   till at last
And now vast emptiness beside me
I gently stroke where you once lay
And whisper softly can you hear me 
As I'm calling out your name I'm calling out your name.

And when I feel your hand take mine so gently
The hand that softly brushed my cheek
I know you're here with me this moment
I cannot speak, I cannot speak.

Each time I think of you I'm breathless
I feel your presence ev'ry where
I feel your warm breath on my shoulder 
And it makes me wild as chills run up and down my spine.
As chills run up and down my spine
As    chills    run    up    and    down    my    spine.

Contest: Your Most Romantic Poem of 2014

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Another Angel by my side.

Soft and tender a precious gift you were
never a day I missed to kiss your 
dimpled cheeks , or hold your litlle hands
flowers, little buds that held a promise
of a gentle touch or warm embrace.
I know your face your crooked smile  even your feeble cry
I knew you  love of my life
but did not know your were here only  for a time.
You  knew me too I could see it in your eyes 
sparkling gems that flashed when you saw my face.
Now you've gone  to a place far away, to your home in the sky 
from whence you came and stayed a little while.
Another angel I have now, this one I know so well
I'll always remember your smile, and dimpled cheeks
your busy hands and little feet.
My guardian angel you've come to be 
one I was blessed to meet... to know.. to embrace love...
 now I know you came not to stay only to make my acquintance and I yours
My  heart is sad for I miss you so my infant  child
wish you  had stayed  awhile. 
How I cried when you left and though my tears have now dried
I will always miss you though you stay by my side.
You are my special Angel the one I know best
the one I have held, loved and known, better than  all the rest.

Just to let readers know. I have not lost a child. I simply wrote this poem for all 
who may have lost  such a precious one.

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Opened my eyes to bright sunlight
Thoughts of you come swiftly to my mind
Would God be jealous of thoughts unbidden
For all my pain, He'd have me forgiven.

So my darling, are you feeling fine today
I sure do hope you're doing okay
If I have the power I would spare you
This loneliness, such blackness as its hue.

And so my darling I remember to pray
To pray for our strength I vow each day
For your good health, and sound judgment
In all things you do, find joy and contentment.

Kim Patrice Nunez
December 31, 2014

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My heart is frozen back in time
Looking back to when you were mine

Oh how our love and passion burned
You stole my heart, yet now I’m spurned

I still don’t know where I went wrong
My body aches - for you I still long

You drove an ice pick into my heart
Twisted it round and tore me apart

You ripped apart my very soul
I’m empty now, when once was whole

Your words were music to my ears
I’m left in silence with my deepest fears

If we could have another chance
Would I take you back for sweet romance?

I look at our photos and still I yearn
For you the frozen embers still burn

Written for Gail Angel Doyle’s Contest

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Where Have You Gone, My Love

Where have you gone?
I am lonely and forlorn
We swore of not parting ever
You've vanished in a wink, what’s the matter?

We promised to be together in rain and sunshine
The sun and moon be eclipsed but you’ll be mine
We are made for each other, you said
You brought me the gift of roses red

Where are those promises, where are those days?
The games in moonlight and seashore plays
The sky of my life is now overcast
I am bewildered, I am aghast

Lost are those whispers, lost are those songs
The replay of past moments my crying heart longs
My happiness has withered, my joys are gone
My heart is a desert where thorns have grown

Sintra, Portugal 22/01/ 2015

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What do I see within a butterfly?
Within I see beauty and love
I smile at the heavens above
Hello dad is what I say
This is what happens every day
With every butterfly I see and touch
I miss my dad so very much
Butterfly Kisses is our song
To hear this with him again is what I long
He is gone, but in my heart, I know why
I see beauty and love within every butterfly

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Black Rain


Another rainy stormy night,
nothing will ever feel the same.
Thunder makes me fear with fright,
Theirs no way to call your name.
To be alone is no delight,
here I am alone with shame.
It runs trough me like day and night,
lonesome here for playing my game.
I wish you where here to hold me real tight.
Forgive me for I am  the only one to blame.

A darken rainy stormy night!
Here I whither away in the BLACK RAIN!
In that selfish moment I did not realize,
all I was doing was causing myself pain.
You took and shook me with a big surprise!
And, showed me that my cheating had nothing to gain.
With you in distance I lose my self,
sitting all alone in the BLACK RAIN.

Please stop the pain, its my love I want to gain.

Tears from me you wouldn't take.
It was my fault to take the fall.
It does not mean my love to you was fake.
Without you I feel real small.
The hurt runs deep~Deeper than a lake!
The hurt runs high~Higher than the tallest wall!
The hurt is heavy~something you can't shake!
The hurt is like a mystery~you can't solve at all! 

How these cloud posses my days,
I have no one to blame
If I knew exactly what to say,
I would not be feeling all this pain.
is here to stay!
I have lost what took long to gain.

please go away!
I want my lover to come back my way.


inspired by:  Rain Rain Go Away.... :)

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I'm my Daddy Made Over

Dedicated to my Dad Jerry W. Niday 3/20/1952 - 6/18/2013

I am who I am because of him
He’s the reason for my son’s name
He gave me my courage & my strength
To stand tall even when standing wasn’t easy
Stand for the ones who can’t
To think and fend for myself
I’m my Daddy made over

Taught me to fight back 
To never back down
How to pick myself back up
When I’ve been knocked down
Fight for what I believe
I’m my Daddy made over

He gave me my stubbornness 
Gave me my pride
Gave me my temper
Taught me not to take crap
To speak my mind no matter who
Work for what I want
I’m my Daddy made over

How to keep my emotions in check
How to handle large amounts of pain
When in trouble he always had my back
He knew how my mind worked better than anyone
I got it from him
I’m my Daddy made over

Even though he’s gone
I’ll stand and continue on 
I may stumble I may fall 
May even get hurt along the way
But I’ll pick myself back up
I’ll dust myself off and stand tall
I’m honored and proud to say
I’m my Daddy made over

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Placed 1st in "Unsung Hero" 7/2014 contest
Also 3rd. in "Portrait of a Poet" 1/2014 

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I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

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My Father

I miss you dad every single day
The wonderful Times I remember 
Are the times we spent together going 
To dinner and church
The times I will cherish always on this earth
Your gentle ways and smiles and hugs
Made Life worthwhile for this is true
Forever you are missed in my heart and soul
But the forever is Heaven and you are there basking
In the Light of the Lord
I miss you dad and loved you so much 
But eternity is yours to no longer hurt
Cancer is what took you far too soon
I am always remembering your hugs and 
I loved you so much too.
Eternity is there for you now and forever
Remember I love you and Kisses from here
to you in the forever they call Heaven from earth

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It Can't Be Real

A truth in rage of insult furrows my mind
For it is only an offense given to me by myself
In the mouths of others far innocent than I
I feel the tears trickle down my cheeks
For I have surfaced into an ugly mistake
I am always inadequate in this brain
I try to shine like the advice of grace given
But confidence rarely rears its head my way
There’s a sort of shade blocking its way
A shade that darkens everyday

That very shade led me to believe my feelings are wrong
That I will never belong so long as they are not controlled
I must be careful—for the lines of love and lust run cold
I hate myself truly this night
And no one but myself will give me the right
The very right to degrade my every being
Because you are not seeing what I am seeing

There is no point
My lines run cold
Can I be so bold as to say
I still love with a pang of indistinguishable doubt 
All feelings enter in
As my truth blurs and checks out

Your words pierce me so deep
I cannot describe the pain I feel
God it hurts so bad
It can’t be real

Much like the love I have come to embrace
The very love that links to your face
Tears don’t give it justice

It can’t be real
Much like the love I will never face

Details | I do not know? | |

I've Scribbled This Song For You

I've Scribbled This Song For You...

I'm wasting my days,
my empty nights too,

I should have held on,
but I simply lost you,

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

yes, I should have kept,
you close to my skin,

soaking your warmth,
but you were laughing,

at my foolish grin...

now I'm all broken,
and torn apart,

but what the hell,
I was always late,
for the tolling of the bell,

and now...

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

so kiss me now like you once did,
I'm tired of being so carefully hid,

la laa laa la laa laa laa...

(repeat to fade)


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Love's Requisition

I come to your bedside once more,
you've poured our photos and poetry on the floor
an act of apostasy, a grim admission, the room in dim depression,
laying on your side , cheeks heated and soaked in sorrow, your joy in remission,

Refusing to look at me, as if seeing this face would invite a fatal grief,
hating me yet loving me because I am the wound waking belief,
a living scar fueling faith in the survival of our love,
needing me to be your spiritual shove,

I lay along you, gripping your tender arm, still, you do not disarm,
the tip of my nose surfs the skin of your shoulder, I smell the tears of my harm,
trying to explain that love is never wrong, that in your heart is where I belong
you roll into my chest, a gorgeous heat of anger escapes your glare,the sting strong,
in a fevered whimper, throat bubbled, you ask, how can I dare love you in absentia, 
how can you love a kiss that cuts, a breath that bruises, nails of nostalgia,
oh how love makes us suffer for the truth of our hearts,
I say, there is no absence within the Absolute, a fusion of soul parts,

The onomatopoeia of my heart is ready to be splayed into you,
I kiss bite the supple muscle of your neck, you release a searing sigh
the air spiced with the oil of a woman's want,
I need the salvation of your hot opening, I yearn to super charge your core,
my balls, plump and heavy fall over your thigh, breast spread softly,
your hands enveloping my back, heels hooking around calves
the root of my Being swells to true and thick form
red oak stretching into your moistened magenta earth,
tenderloins contracting, pushing, smacking,
a metamorphosis matures to cure our crisis,

I can see in your eyes a soul that flies
on a light beam without ending,
one touch more and death will be a thing of lies,
rebuild love with me and find warmth never wanning,
we become Angels with no age 
lovers without rage or confusion,
a new universe of raw pleasure and instincts sage,
dreams witnessed in the sweat and steam of sacred revolution -


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Intuition Invade Illuminate

Because I love you, ensemble, 
we could embezzle our happiness
A moment at a time.

Because I love you, we could grant
ourselves, experience the fullness
of love, by giving and receiving
In our everyday life.

Because I love you, ensemble,
let's feel connected to something
 greater, than our own ego.

Caress our bodies, Ensemble,
We could sleep head to head,
light the flame without any shame.
Meant to be we would let go of what 
wasn't meant to be, have faith 
in what will be.

We could primarily dictate our now,
blow the snow steal the wind,
To ride away.
Because I love you together,
We could dream and scream,
Light up the darkness of our world,
When resting on our bed.
Since we desire each other together,
we could ride the tide on a boat,
as husband and bride, while sleeping,
Side by side.
Because we yearn for one another, 
Lets become from the very few,
To lift our souls towards a beginning, 
embrace our love, as we only knew,
How our adoration grew. 

Let's hold hands just stand, 
entangle our bodies
Then dance to the band,
Till the music ends.
Seduce me.
November 17 2013
 Therese Bacha

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One picture at a time

A toddlers Crayola masterpiece marks the box
Where the story of our days now tarry
Passages tilting the axis of a bittersweet equinox
As photographs eclipse yesterday and today unvaried 

The plans we made for a life
After years of work and worry
Useless installments when your partner dies
The crumbling of everything you once held firmly

Riveted, uprooted with every slide
Scenes of "our time" bring you back to life
I step from earth, you from the sun, for yet another goodbye
And the dam finally collapses behind brave hazel eyes

But not the brokenness your death left behind
Still, though no more than ashes it resides
Like faded photographs etched in the mind
Fanning the embers... one picture at a time

Rage rises, for you left me alone
Without refuge for all life's trials
And our sons fatherless before they were grown 
Every step feeling more like a mile

I've grieved so long 
And tried to move on
Like river water never looking back
But it's motion sings the the words to our song

Leaving me afraid I'll never belong
Or live out the plan we devised
For all my days my efforts give way
Blundering, burdened and blind

How does one truly recover
When the mate of their soul is no more
Or pass from one realm to yet another
When the walls of your heart no longer have a door? 

Frustration builds like Lego towers
toppling to the floor under the weight of the world
Is it grief or something disguised by cowards
When a heart gets stuck from the pain that it's learned? 

This ode to a man 
Who in covenant took my hand
The marriage equator engraved a permanent mark...
For his death left a total eclipse of my heart

Crazy as a loon
But my God... how I loved you
My eyes fixed upon our favored moon
And I wonder... Do you miss me too?

Anniversaries used to be a joyous accomplishment
Marking years of selfless love made
Now it serves only an acknowledgement 
Of a life interrupted by a cruel twist of fate

Of ill trusted hopes 
And a future unmade
For us left behind to cope
With memories and photographs fading away

On this the 2nd anniversary...
            Of your passing away

In memory of my husband of 25 years
Charley Romani 
(My Beloved)

Details | Romanticism | |

The Blue Poet

I am the Blue Poet.
The uneasy man.
Who longs to be loved,
or just to have a friend.

My heart whisphers a low melody
on a faint, cool evening
thinking of her.
Once in my arms,
laying on my bed of roses.
Now she is gone.
I cannot think anymore!
It is hard, to love again,
When all your love has been taken away.
... I am the Blue Poet.

I am the Blue Poet,
That walks the bluish, dawn and dew covered streets
in the the October evenings and nights.
But I tell you, I wasn't always so blue.
No! I was once alive... happy... romantic,
... till Love went away!

Now I sit in the wayward poetry clubs,
drinking club soda and snapping my fingures
to a finished performance on a poem about love.
Written by a soft, spoken seventeen year old girl.

Soon, it is my turn to give my poem a read.
I stand on a lone stage, with a spotlight drownding me in blindness.
I face the faces, who look at me and smile.
A clap, and a cough, bring my head up.
I look out upon the sitting crowd.
To see that one face
that speaks to me,
without the movement of the mouth.
The face never showed though, and my head fell back down.

I start to read.
A vase of emotions kill me and swallow me up.
I try to hold back tears, but no more could I halter.
I finished, with a salty tear, rolling down my rough and oiled cheek.
I leave the crowd at ovation
and leave the women, all with tears in their eyes.

I come down from the stage, leaving the bright spotlight.
I shake hands, give hugs,
and collect my pay, and have another round of club soda.
Then, I go down the midnight alleyways of sprinkled city streets
finding myself a cozy room.

I think of her for a moment,
then off to sleep.
I dream of one time laughs, and hugs and kisses.
I cry in my sleep,
...For I am the Blue Poet.

Details | Free verse | |

The Earring

A hidden treasure
shiny and gold
underneath my pillow
almost a perfect circle
once hanging
from a lovely earlobe
on the gypsy lover
that came and went with the moon.

The wind has brought me
her name this morning
I recall the blue and gold scarf
that draped her shoulders
apple-blossom cheeks
bright red lips slightly apart
affection waiting to love
my gypsy lover with golden earring..

This symbol of such beauty
when the light bathed them
they had a sort of twinkle
elegance and grace
adding to her loveliness
mimicking in a strange way
this piece of her left behind

Perhaps she will return to retrieve it
my heart awaits!
~ ~ ~ ~

Details | Free verse | |

The Baby Blue Bonnet

The smile on one's face makes them feel glad again
My sister always had a smile to share
Once came time for her birthday,
A handsome boy came to call
And along with him,
A baby blue bonnet that pleased us all.

The smile on her face showed us she was glad
She leaned in a gave a sweet little kiss
Then the Civil War started and he had to go
She would be crying for him.

The bleak war raged on
Many were dead
She was pining for him.

The sheets of casualties came and they left
Many were torn to pieces
My sister dear cried,
"He has died and left me!"
She hugged the dear baby blue bonnet.

The time was bleak when she claimed the body
Sister dear had to wear black
When came the funeral,
She brought with her
The beloved baby blue bonnet

She refused to wear the hideous black hat
"Instead the bonnet!" she cried
For she would remember
The sunny day when,
He gave her the baby blue bonnet.

Details | Lay | |

Weeping Willow

I am the weeping willow
Inside your garden green
And I hope that you can hear me
Hear me as I scream
Into your bedroom window 
As you soundly sleep 
To that quiet thumping
Of your heart-beat

And I hope that I am with you 
To make your day feel bright
But I've gone and went so far away
To a place that won't feel right
Until I see your shining face
Shining out into the world 
Shining out to give me sight,
Because it seems so lonely here without you 
But you get me through the night
And into the morning 
Because I think you might, have
Dreamed of me last night
Dreamed I would be coming home 
To hold you close to me.

Now I miss you more than breathing
And I am writing you a song 
To help your patience wait for me 
To help you feel like you belong 
And your inside my long-lost heart.
Inside my long-lost song. 

Because I think you might, have
Dreamed of me, inside your garden green
Dreamed that I would sit and sing
In the right piano key 
To help you through your nights and days
To help you think of me.

Now that I have made it here 
I don't know why I'd ever leave
But then I'll think of how you'll smile 
When you finally see
This plan I have for the two of us 
This plan won't believe

So we'll bring along a camera
To capture of memories, 
To keep them deep inside hearts ,
To keep them in our dreams, 

And I am the weeping willow
As we float downstream
Like something from a movie
Or something from a dream.

I just want you to know that I care
That I think your perfect, 
And you'll see when we get there 
I'll bring that smile through
To see those bright eyes shine 
To see the real you.

I miss you 
And I don't think they understand
How I wish I was a child
And you my mother's hand 

And I am the weeping willow 
Inside your garden green 
That intrudes upon your loneliness
And intrudes upon your dreams

And I hope one day you'll love me 
Like a love I've never seen 
You'll intrude upon this loneliness
And intrude upon my dreams

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(Free Style) Each day is a new beginning I think of you and really smile Every time your memory bring Me very close to you for a while Every moment of today and tomorrow I want to share my heart with only you. With all this love that now we both know And can only nurture it and make it grow! Sharing wonderful dreams with this heart With gentle thoughts for you I've saved From my heart and soul never to depart 'Cause my feelings are more than endorsed Like an endless and tender lover's song That makes my love for you very strong. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December,05,2014

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Parted by a ocean,
My love writes down her emotions.

I'll still stay beside you.

Several countries away,
My love sleeps, waiting for the day.

I'll still wait for you.

People trying to persuade us,
My love ignores all their mistrust.

I'll still stay loyal to you.

Despite all of this,
We'll eventually be together in bliss.

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Powerful String

As I walked by
You didn't even bother to say Hi
We cross each other path
I didnt even try to feel your wrath
But either way we still kept quiet for a month
But i'm still not done

You still haven't forgotten our situation 
This is just a hesitation

Please forget the past 
I still haven't forgotten the memories we had

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And Now It's Gone

Our love bloomed in an overnight storm.
Months of good times, 
days of happiness filled our hearts as we intertwined.
We talked everyday and our relationship grew.
We had it all and it was all we knew. 
Glances at first, staring contests next. 
I could look at you and see the future.
Us together, 
was the part I loved best. 
I could dream of your face so perfect and calm.
The feel of your soft palm.
Your eyes so warm and inviting.
I never would have imagined us fighting.

Spit was flying, words of curse louder than thunder. 
You never hit me, but your words were enough to send me spinning and make me dizzy. 
Sometimes we ignored each other just to keep in check.
Or else all hell would break out and our demons let loose.

Sometimes we could sit and stare at each other for hours on end, 
trying to find the piece of the puzzle that wasn’t bent. 
Searching and searching, 
without escape.
We wished that we could simply just break. 
Our souls slowly slipping away.
Our spirits shot down. 
Your love was really my crown.

I remember us laughing and having lots of fun, 
But not anymore, for we are really just done.
I now cry with the pain of your absence.
Our love was all I understood and no matter what I do, 
I can’t stop thinking of you. 
But what is it I can really say?
I miss you more and more everyday.

They say pain heals with time.
For me it’s pain engulfs the brain. 
You were my love, my wings of life.
Now your the past ruins of a perfect time.
Everything we had, which was it all. 
Days full of desired memories. 
Hours of destined perfection.
Minutes of love, without rejection. 
And now it’s gone.

Details | I do not know? | |


Missing you baby,
from day to day,
i think,i'll die maybe,
without you i'll decay,

i miss you so much,
i don't know why,
thinking of you,
i feel to cry,

i feel so cold,
but its warm outside,
wanna be with you till old,
as your wife,and your bride,

i miss you honey,
i know i'm meant for you,
you're denying it,

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Blue Eyes

Blue eyes that stand before me,
Seeing all that has come to be.
Never did those blue eyes turn away,
Even in the troubles that may.
They did not turn in any way,
More beautiful than the sunny days of may,
If there was any doubt in them, i could not say.
Always love they did send,
I couldnt have asked for a better friend
But i didnt know you loved me until the end.

Details | Romanticism | |

Miss You Most

My heart cries out for your tender touch,
It goes with out saying I miss you so much.
Haven't seen you so long it's killing me,
Where ever you are I want to be.
I think of you each passing minute,
My life seems empty without you in it.
Wish you were here to hold you close,
You might miss me but I miss you most.

Details | I do not know? | |

my mother

I dedicate this poem to my beloved mother

I miss you mum, I miss you
I know I always will
I’ll never stop loving you
I knew that you were ill
I wanted to take away the pain
I would have done it too
But you just grinned and took it
That is so like you
I remember that look on your face
When you told me you were dying
It seems like it was yesterday
I could not stop crying
I know it’s been a long time
In fact it’s sixteen years
Time will never ease the pain
It cannot stop the tears
I say goodnight to you in bed
And think of you in bed
You’ll always be there in my heart
It doesn’t heal in time
My love for you will never die
And this I know is true
You just remember up above 
I’ll never stop loving you
A large piece of  my heart is gone
But I am not too sad
I remember the memories
And they always make me glad
You are my guardian angel
Who always looks after me
I look up at the stars above
I see you shine,  I see
I hope you like this poem
I made it just for you
Remember I’ll love you always
And I’ll always miss you too

Details | Salaam | |

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Details | Rhyme | |

Put a bullet in my brain

Put a bullet in my brain
as the rain sweeps her out of my arms
and places her into another's.
Put a bullet in my brain
for I don't want to see love slip away
please end my suffering,
for I don't want to dare see her in the arms of another man.

I fear the tear that slips away from my soul
and touches the ground with a splash
as she is washed away by the lashed memories of the rain,
please, someone put a bullet in my brain.

I can't bear to see her with another man
laying in his arms
as he charishes her beauty
just like I did to her.
As she smiles and laughs at his jokes
my heart would not bare the sorrow and pain
that would tare my heart apart into pieces of tainted love.
Please tell the rain to stop,
as the pain grows when rain comes down,
please someone end my suffering,
put a bullet in my brain
and stop the rain
that washes away every memory of her.

Stop saying you miss me
and just kiss me
for I can't take the pain
of the rain that takes you away.
Kiss me and stop saying you miss me
for those are useless words to me.
Love is where it's at, so show me.
Don't go with him, he'll treat you wrong.
Love and laugh with me till the break of dawn
as we yawn the long night away.

Kiss me and don't say you miss me.
For if you go away from me,
I couldn't bare to take a tear and waste it away.
Tears, sweet tears crying for you,
doesn't that mean anything to you?
I ask you, stop the rain,
stop the pain and put that bullet in my brain.

Let the red blood flow from my temples.
Let the plow dig my grave,
for I can't bare to see you with another
in his arms, him kissing you, where I kissed you.
I can't take it, I have to make it,
make that pain go away.
Prayer didn't help, God turned a blind eye
when I came up and said why!
Put that bullet in my dome
and when I lay in the coffin, looking at the roof of the church
you come and kiss me, and then you can really say
that you'll miss me.

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We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

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Miss You



Details | Verse | |

- I Miss You -


  The strong wind hits me on my cold cheek 
  The bird's escape across the great ocean 
  My tears, my longing for summer that was 
  Over high mountains, through deep forests 
  Let your fingers glide easily over my mouth 
  Rhythm of the chest, the heart is beating, soul burns 
  Yearning expression - heat of the closeness 
  Compared to eternity where the storm has subsided 
  At dusk I hear the sounds of hours we shared 
  You are far away, yet close 
  The yearning for you is a flame 
  that will never burn down

  A-L Andresen :)

Details | Free verse | |

Cupid's arrow hit a braggart

Cupid's arrow hit a braggart!


Your sight stays in my eyes! Your undying love lives in my heart!

When you cry I shed tears! When you wince I'm struck by a dart!

We met for just one moment! In a glimpse our love story did start!

How can our souls be so close! When we are a whole world apart!

You entranced me when our eyes met! Was it some charming art?

Since then I feel incomplete without you! A body without any heart!

I wish I'd told you I can't live without you! Asked you not to depart!

I keep waiting when you'll return! You're my life, O my sweetheart!

When friends talked about love at first sight, I shrugged them apart!

I vowed it'd never happen to me! But Cupid's arrow hit a braggart!


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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Love Letter To My Soldier

My dearest Edward,
I admit things could be better.
While you've been away,
It gets colder by the day.
Terror creeps upon me as I lie in our bed,
When it does I remember what you said...
"Think of me and remember I love you,
Look in your heart where my love is true...
Know that if I could I would hold you and never let go,
Baby, I'm going to miss you so."
As I lie here feeling our son kick in my womb,
I know he will make his entrance soon.
One day soon we will be in your arms safe and sound,
And we will thank God for the love we have found.
So whilst you are away at war,
On distant shores...
I will miss you daily,
And pray incessantly... that you come home safely.
So until you are with us I will play the soldiers wife,
And go on in strife.
I hope you will be home soon,
To hold us in the light of the waning moon.
All my love until you are here with me,

Love Always,


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he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        Then .. Abbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one . It wanted silence

                    Going back ..remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world .
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      No .. this was not my hero in music and song .

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of ..coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone by .let us tell the Truth. Let us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul. 

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


Details | I do not know? | |

The First Goodbye

laying in your bed
watching you
get dressed
the permanent ring in the
back pocket
of your blue jeans
i’m missing you already

Details | ABC | |

A Shady Tree

I know its the summer time because of how naturally 
Your beauty compliments the caress of a summer breeze
As I watch the world from beneath a shady tree
I take in the delightful comfort of everything I see
But in the same breath I am holding up my hands
Lord will you please give me back the things I no longer have
They are even more a part of me now that they are gone 
As the sun falls below where the horizon is still holding on
Somewhere between the falling light and a star lit night
Is a dream that last forever and will never say goodbye
As the wind gently blows through the brush and shakes the leaves
It begins to hum a melody that I want to sing
At that very moment I smile for all the joy I have
Its so uplifting for me to see melancholy dance
Soon the morning sun will rise and capture my eyes
As I watch the hand of God paint a brand new sky
With every stroke of color I swallow all my pride
And I find a new place to dream of endless times
If I should ever get to the place I left my broken heart
Only then will I believe this brand new day will start
Again Im reminded of why my heart beats so restlessly
Only the speed of thought and my soul beneath this tree

Details | Blank verse | |

Silly isn't it

It's silly isn't it?
That I could fall for you so easily
And you not give two shits?
You spoke your drunken words
And admitted to always loving me
It was the best thing I had ever heard. 
When we hung out soon after
And I left you with a kiss
I didn't think the feelings mattered.
But as we spent time apart
I realized it wasn't the same
You had won my heart.
I got drunk and spilled my words
And you said you still felt the same
I was happier than a bird.
We made plan after plan
You always fell through
I felt like a speck of sand.
You told me you were trying to get a girl
I smiled and bared the tears
I had hoped to be the girl.
You soon stopped replying
I started to break down
I was almost done trying.
But no not tonight
I got drunk and spilt more words
I hope I did what's right. 
I thought we were the perfect fit
I fell for you so hard
But, that's silly, isn't it?

Details | Light Poetry | |

Soul Sisters

Such an Amazing girl god put into my life.

He knew i needed you at that exact time

Funny when we met I thought you were to good for me

But when you approached me the sweetest girl I did meet.

From that day on we have never truly been apart cause I

carry you around everywhere in my heart. You have been the

rock when I needed a friend around, you have been the light

when the darkness consumed me and took away my sunshine

Even when were miles apart the phone connects us and keeps

our strongest bond. 17 years feels like such a short time but

I feel I have always had you in my life. Soul Sisters we were

meant to be.. You my beloved friend are such a fresh breeze

Even after a year apart it was like yesterday that we did part

so through the many miles and through the long hard road

I know this friendship will always survive. Your a burst of joy

to me each day I thank the Lord for the sweet blessing he gave!

BY:Christina McCullouch


Details | Ode | |

An Ode To My Beloved

I just wanted to let you know
That I have this love for you...
Although I'm not fast to show
For you, there's nothing I wouldn't do
And I can't control this love
No matter what I try to do...

While I know our lives are separating
Which has got me pretty blue
I just want you to know
How much I love you...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

Oh how I still see you every night in my mind
You're the best girl I feel I'll ever find
And when my eyes would fall upon your smile
My heart would be put on trial
And so if nothing else, I want to let you know
That I'll always love you, that my hearts beat
For you, won't ever slow...

Because I was blinded by shyness
And now my heart's feeling rugged
So this here's An Ode To My Beloved 

So I wish you happiness beyond compare
And sorry for the times I couldn't help but stare
Caring, passionate, smart, and loving
From my heart, to you, I'll never be shoving

You will always be in my heart
No matter where we go, how far we drift apart...

Goodbye My Love...

Details | Lyric | |


Oh it's colder now than ever
Yeah, I'm frozen to the bone
My love left before the Winter
Now I'm shaking and all alone

Spring feels a distant season
We were so close back then
I'm stranded in a Nor'-easter
Praying this blizzard will end

Well it happened in a moment
Out of nowhere clouds came
A lover's argument unexpected
Now it may never be the same

Hoping for a modern miracle
Global warming to help me out
If Spring could get here tomorrow
Bitter Winter would be in doubt

And we could dance as lovers 
Then kiss under the moonlight 
Melt those fridged memories
Hold me and I'll be warm tonight

Contest: Linda's "Winter"
Date: 12-22-14
Poet: LyricMan

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My Buddy

I miss you already, Buddy.
You’ve been the apple of my eye.
When I think of life without you,
It makes me cry. It makes me cry.

Oh, so many moments we've shared together,
From romping mischief and tummy rubs to those pesky fleas;
And nothing’s better than my puppy’s kiss;
You always try your very best to please.

You always curl up with me on the bed.
You always meet me at the door.
You run and jump and bark with such excitement.
Yes, Buddy, I know you couldn’t love me more.

And when all others fail me, Buddy,
My best friend is always there.
Through my very worst of times,
Your eyes and your attention said,  “I care”.

Five to seven years for every one of mine
Is so little time... it’s hardly fair.
It must be God’s way of saying,
“Love them now… and well.  
There’s precious little time to spare”.

But, if I should go before you, Buddy,
Love your new master without reserve;
And they will love you as you love them. 
It’s what a great pup like you deserves.  

I miss you already, Buddy.
You’ve been the apple of my eye. 

Details | Rhyme | |


I call it a blessing from above
And I know everyone wants this to have
Everyone is looking for it
But only few can found it

I'm lucky I'm one of that few
And I've been blessed to found true love in you
It's like a dream came true
To be loved by the guy I loved too

To you,I felt the undefined happiness
For me,for all the guys you are the best!
And I want you to stay for the rest of my life
Coz' I really need someone like you in my life

I consider you as a blessing sweetheart
So I give to you my sincere HEART
I love you forever
And I hope that God will guide us to be together..forever

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

love not taken

let no soul take your love and memories from you
they belong to your heart , they belong to you
not for one person to minimize all you have cherished and saved

the many times you have loved , the passion , real fire
in all the memories of loves present or past
holds a passion,  holds a hot flame of desire 

Let no one person rob you like a thief 
for your love that you have had even, if brief 
holds the magic and scent of the passion that you crave

unlock the door to your memory
and open what is yours 
It is yours to remember,  it is your love that you have saved.

Details | Rhyme | |

These Green Hills

Driving this old country road always puts my mind at ease
Gently rolling hills, some cows, creeks, some trees

It's another rainy day drive
The green hills look so alive 
Full of life, not the usual brown
How I wish you were still around..

These green hills... These green hills...
I miss you baby, I miss you so..
I see you everywhere I go..

It’s the first day of a new year
And it still feels like you're here
The drive is different this time, I know
Miss your smile surrounding me, can’t let go

I remember we stopped at that farm over there
And sipped lemonade in the warm air
They took our picture on the front porch swing
You laughed so when i tried to sing..

These green hills... These green hills
I miss you baby, I miss you so..
I see you everywhere I go..

Passing mile marker ninety-three
Oh.. you got so mad at me 
I wouldn't stop to see the baby calf
I wish i did, now makes me laugh

There's a lot I'd do different now
I know our time is past, yet somehow..
Green hill memories, they won't let go
They're part of me, this I know..

These green hills... These green hills
I miss you baby, I miss you so..
I see you everywhere I go..

I'm ok for now, I still go on..
Life's still full, maybe its just begun
But I know these green hills will not compare
With those we'll see in heaven's air

These green hills... These green hills
I miss you baby, I miss you so..
I see you everywhere I go.. 
Everywhere I go…

Some have asked about how song turned out. Check for on itunes under my name Shawn Sackman. Thanks.

Details | Narrative | |

Love Fast , Run Far

Patrick Kail
Long ago I lost a precious thing that used to lift me up as it lifted burdens shouldered with it's way of 
tender holding .How barren now that what has left it's mark to shame us .Just in a role and this acheless 
rage so apt a trick it lies alone as so in many ways reaching each as it denied us. Tertiary paid in knowledge 
first an icon green so paramount.Strip ped barren now and left us naught but naked thoughts of whats 
spilled a path while denying everything but woe to us the wickedness to whats yet still left so easily still 
Apr 17 at 3:25am ·  · Like · Share · Remove
Patrick Kail
Love Fast Run Far 

by James P Kail Wednesday April 17th 2013
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The Judas Case

At brink of solace
Out in the open space
Where Judas died
It's where I'd hide
The crickets chirping
And the wind is whistling.

People have been dying
The lords are laughing
This is life's agony
This place of tyranny
A world of sorrow
People without good tomorrow.

Oh Judas
Where art thou?
Has been out heard
Has been outspoken
Has been loved
Has been broken

To my sorrowful country
I'd give myself, I'd bury
For dead is Judas
Not a boy but a lass
A case filled with lies
Brought you to your demise.

Their faces with a grin
Without realizing their sin
I'd sure miss you
Even the others won't do
I'll sure miss you saying "hi"
I'd bury myself and so here I lie.

Pls. do leave a comment after reading...
thanks :3

Details | Sonnet | |

If Music Takes Me There

I had thought to give you the moon and stars, But they are far from these high mountains’ reach, Only a heart and a guitar to start, Hoping that these lyrics would make me preach, The feeling I could not hide nor deny; As my eyes begin to gaze up above, To see your face and never say goodbye, Because with you I will not ever love, Any other jewel that is less rare, Than a soul so bright that shines through the night; O nothing compares to your glossy stare, And your soft lips that vanished on my sight; If only music can bring back our time, Maybe I can sing to you one last time.

Details | Ode | |

- Forever and Always -

I look past the stars and moon and space,
past the dark of the night.
Just to look and see your face,
in a ray of light.

A ray of light that gives me hope,
when I am feeling low.
Or just to speed up the day, 
because it's going slow.

I want the day to be over,
so that I can dream of you.
Think about the times we had,
before god came and took you.

My dreams are filled with happy thoughts,
of before you went away.
It's like your still on Earth today,
just in a better place.

I miss you when I see the light,
that brightens up my room.
Then I remember you are gone,
that you left with the moon.

I wish that I could see your face,
just one more time.
Why didn't god take you away,
when the time was right?

He took you right after,
we got in that stupid fight.
I told you to go away,
until another night.

Well now there is no other night,
for you are gone for good.
I will always regret that light
that took you from the world.

Left when the light,
shines into my room.
Back in the night,
when you left.

I used to love the night,
when the darkness filled my room.
Now I always want the light,
So I can't remember what I did to you.

I blame myself for your death,
though you're already gone.
I didn't really hurt you,
but it feels that way now.

I hope you're better off,
in a place far from me.
Just please, oh please,
don't forget me.

I will always love you,
even if you're gone.
I'll never forget you,
until my time is done.

-This is a poem I made for my friend, Shaun. I miss you-

Details | Romanticism | |

A Flower's Funeral

A sweet flower's funeral
displayed in the cold months
of snowy weather and bone chilling shivers.
A sweet flower burned away, dried up;
buried six feet under.

Oh, my sweet flower,
how you once bloomed with no remorse,
like a madman blooming with beauty
and a glorious halo over your head
shinned with such power and blinding glory.

Oh my sweet flower how you have gone now,
resting in peace in the land of paradise.
Oh, my heart it is weak when I see your face,
of once beautiful smiles and warm embraces.
I can hear your crying out to be free.

Snowing and bone chilling cold ripes at my soul
and feelings of sorrow rage through my blood,
boiling my hatred to the world, for losing your
sweet and ever glorious beauty.

What I would give away, if I could be with you
one last night, one last night together
to hold you in my arms, to smell your sweet perfume
that brings back sweet memories of you and I.
What I would do to be with you,
such romance travels through my heart in the highways
of my veins in my body, love is all throughout me,
and my heart breaks when pictures of you start to collect dust.

My love for you, my sweet flower,
is still ingering through the air,
as I travel and look upon a tombstone
which shows your beautiful name.

Come to me my dear flower,
when spring comes,
come to me my dear, sweet flower.
And bloom once again,
twice as large as last year,
and ten times more beautiful then last year.
Come to me in the first months of spring
in my dreams, so I could sit and talk with you.
I miss you already,
and my heart crys,
my eyes flood with tears of sorrow.
I miss our love we shared.
Long walks,
cosy talks,
warm cuddling embraces
and beautiful displayed in a picture frame.
Now I hear the tapping of raindrops on my window pane.
That is all that keeps me company,
that and the rose you gave to me
and a picture of you and me.
Love is endless, even when blue eyed Death comes to visit
and play a game of chess with us,
we all play our game, my love.
I shall go tonight
in my sleepy slumber
and dream of you in the times of our height in our love for each other.
My lost love, you are gone, resting in paradise,
but never forgotten my sweet flower.


Details | Rhyme | |


Oh sea of love!
How bitter the mem'ries I have!
This place reminisce the pain
Of not seeing my love again.

Your birds up high
Remind me of his goodbye.
Your water so deep
Makes me yearn and weep.

So let your breeze blow,
And dry the tears that flow.
Let your waves take away
The griefs and sorrows that stay.

Oh sea of love!
Erase the mem'ries I have!
Wash them out of the blue,
Take them away with you.

Details | Light Poetry | |

You Alone

Look at you, you have found my heart
With love I stare into your eyes
With passion I devise
I can not part with you or can not stop the things I have started

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I walk by your side and I found my self crying
With your hands so soft with gentleness
With your smile so beautiful with carefulness
I do notice life with you without sighing

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Without a fear of losing you, you are in my visions
With beautiful roses by your side 
I love you more than twelve times
Without doubt I do love you, I care for you and you alone

So do not walk away 
Please lets talk about things anyway
With feelings of letting you go is make me ache in the heart
Do not stop believing my passion has fallen apart

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I want us to grow old with each other through years of journeys
With hope of sharing life of fulfillment that gives us memories
With this I hope to give all of my faith and I hope it is not to late
I Look into your eyes with such full life because you have been my life date

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

And you alone

So I raise my hands to embrace you

you alone

Details | Free verse | |

Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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I miss you my Prince

I miss you my Prince

My Prince...
When will you come home again?
When will you knock at my door again?
When will you sit beside me again?
when will you whisper your loving words to me again?
When will you laugh with me again?

When will you come back to be in my hands?
When will you take me out in your hands?
When will you tease me all day long?
When will you taste of my lips again?
When will you hold me closer against your chest?

When will you make me feel as tender as your pet?
When will you make me feel as romantic as your partner?
When will you make me feel so strong and alive?
When will you tell me I am for you f-o-r-e-v-e-r?
When will I know that your absence is not f-o-r-e-v-e-r?

I cannot wait for so long and not to see you.
since i can see my reflection in you-you are my mirror
My promise... My that...
i will give you myself, the way i desire you
and i will seek to explore you the way you desire me
and you and i, will come to that point where we see God 
I desire to hear you say, ‘I have a place in your heart’?
As I whisper back to you that, ‘you are my lord and my king’?

Each time I kiss your lips I feel delighted
Each time I look into your eyes I feel united
Each time I think about you I feel committed
Each time I am closed to you I feel attracted
Each time I am around you I feel supported

Each time we sit to talk about our love I feel excited
Each time we sit to plan our future I feel devoted
Each time you touch me I feel cared for and loved
Each time you hold me I feel secured
Each time you touch me I feel charmed

Each time you smile at me I feel at peace and relaxed 
Each time we walk side by side I feel protected
Each time I am with you I feel fulfilled
Each time I think of my love for you I feel captivated 
Each time you talk to me I feel connected and aligned

And each time I miss you I know I am bonded with you
Since you are the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh
And in your love for me I am joined with you soulfully
and in my love for you, you are joined with me heartily 
Sincerely, I miss you...I miss you 
My Prince… I miss you.

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Same Ol' Song

Girl, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone,
Everything right done went so wrong,
I guess it's over now, long,
and it's time to be movin' on,

Yes, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone,
I'm really sorry things went wrong,
I wasn't where my heart belonged,
I quess it's'll be movin' on,

We all hear the same ol' song,
Boose 'n' beer and things go wrong,
I held her near where you belonged,
Oh my dear!...I done did you wrong!

And I'm gonna miss you when you're gone,
I wasn't where my heart belonged,
Everything right done went so wrong,
and I'm gonna miss you when you're gone,
Yea, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone.

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Ohhhh Rain : Shower again

A small romantic rain poem dedicated to hubby.
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

"Ohhhh Rain..Shower again!!!!! "  

Showering in the rain, 
Draining the pain!
Enflueraging the essence of arenicolous sand,
Feeling blessed porting on this beautiful greenary land! Trees were roaming 
under fiercing winds,
Thanks nature for benevolently so kind!
Sip of sizzling coffee With Caramalized sugar,
Cheers hubby to accompany me my gelling agar!
Wanna capture this Driplets of aromatic water nearby lake,
So that I can make an icy snowflake!
That's amazing, "but ohhhh God,  I wish my honey is here".

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare  

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When I grow old

I will grow old
I tremble in the cold
None to care
I have nothing to fear...

But my love is alive
Though I strive
Beautiful roses to pluck
Yet I am stuck..

I grow old with wrinkle
Yet I will kinker
You will always remain in my mind
This is how you will find...

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These Words To You

A warm tear in my eye
As I just wonder why
Why you had to leave me, fly away far
Now for you, alone, I wish to our star

There's so many love songs
I'll play them all, and think of you
I loved everything you were
Loved everything you do

Rise and shine on another day, with you away
All alone I am now, with nothing much to say
Your face is always in my mind
As I dream of the best I'll ever find

These Words To You, my love
I'll write them in a letter
And seal it with a kiss
In hopes that I'll feel better
To the one I miss

Girls that don't ask for much
Oh how they deserve it all
And as this love was such
She's leading to my fall

Her big beautiful eyes
A bold and loving brown
Still makes my heart fly
But still makes my lips frown

And that dirty golden hair
Always tied neatly back
So smooth and curly and long
Got my heart out of whack

These Words To You, my love
I'll write them in a letter
And seal it with a kiss
In hopes that I'll feel better
To the one I miss

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                    Michelle ~
                        my sister we have been through life suffered loss
                 you making conscience effort to make amends for past

                         Je Taime Cheri  ~
                    my sister finding her own path without orders 
                 never have I left your side knowing in time you will see

                             so proud to be called yours 
                    Michelle ~my sister
               Loving you always unconditionally 

              we all stubble and fall on this ridged road 
                      Michelle I love you 
                                    not enough told ~

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Oh memories, they come and go I remember the fun, I remember the glow Remember your smile, tearing my world apart I never saw it coming, I thought I was smart!! I miss you dear, I badly do I can't anymore stay away from you Oh memories, keep come and go!! I remember the hours we spend living a dream The flavors you like (to add) in your ice cream Your passion to cats and how dogs make you scream I remember how I used to mimic your walk Your clothes and how we used to talk I can't anymore stay away from you Oh memories, keep come and go!! The night is so long, I spend it in cry I love you dear, now I can't deny Your eyes are the reason I shall not die Your love is not a choice, it's meant to be I can't live without, have nowhere to flee I can't anymore stay away from you Oh memories, keep come and go!! Falling in love is like jumping from somewhere high The mind says: don't do it..You will die The heart say: do it..You will learn to fly I miss you dear, I badly do I can't anymore stay away from you Oh memories, keep come and go!! The moment I saw you, you made my day Since then I'm down on my knees to pray They keep telling me I have to get over you I don't know how to turn water into snow Once I hear your name memories just flow I can't forget I can't let go I can't anymore stay away from you Oh memories, oh!!

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Wish You Were Here with Me

I’m driving down this country road, it’s all in bloom
Top down I’m listenin’ to our favorite tune
Missin’ you next to me with your perfume
Wishin’ you were here with me

Thinkin’ ‘bout last night and what you said
Can still feel your touch as I look ahead
It feels so good that it fills my head
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

I find myself smiling just thinking of you 
The world through your love is such a great view
This feelin’s so real I don't want to come to
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

I’m wishin’, you were here

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

We’ll have our time just you and me girl
I wouldn’t trade you for the whole world
I think we ought to just give it a whirl
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

Yeah, I’m sure this is the time for you and me girl..
I’m wishin’ you were here with me..

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

I’m wishin’ you were here
Oh wishin’, wishin’, wishin’ you were here..

(I am wishin’)
I am wishin’

(You’re here with me)
You’re here with me

(Wishin’ you were with me)
Wishin’ you were here with me
Here with me..
(Here with me)
I’m wishin’ you here with me..
I’m wishin’ you here with me..
I’m wishin’ you here with me..

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Can you feel me

Feel me standing there
on the draw bridge
that stands stubburn and erect
over the rushing waters blown by the wind
back and forth.
I listened to the crows
posted on gargoils designed
of eightenth century Gothic architecture
singing their death songs,
when the sun is setting in the far.

The voices of women passing
startle me with a feeling of sorrow
I can't breathe, I am dying.
Feel me, can you feel me rot away?
Slowly but surely rot away
as time passes with ease,
and taxi cabs take smiling, intoxicated faces
to wayward cafes, oh how they screech to a halting stop
and wave to me to get in.

"No thank you, I'd rather walk." I say to the smiling faces
highly intoxicated with the thought of the birds and the bees
rattling around in their empty minds.
Then they drive off, into the city lights and turn a darkened corner.
I look at the rushing water
and feel myself rot away
slowly but surely rot away.

Can you feel me?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Feel my heart thump with slow paces
that manage to keep up with fast melodies.
Of songs that play in your mind
only the ones that make you sigh
and think those one days in Spring time
as you walked over the draw bridge
and paid no mind to the water underneth.
I hear no more talk of you and me, I hear no more talk
of the good old times we all shared.
Time has passed, as I take my last breathe
and hold my chest and shead a tear.
Feel me, can you?
If you can, put your hand to my weak heart 
and feel it thump away with every second wasted
on useless items.
Now, see me a man of one time greatness
reflect his life with a reflection in the water below.
How I sigh and cry and breath heavely,
as I feel myself rot away.

The voices of woman pass me by.
Tomorrow is a new day,
for the smiling faces in taxi cabs will go home
and soak their raging hangovers with cool, wet rags.
As I still stand on the draw bridge singing with the crows,
feeling myself rot away.

Can you feel me without you, rotting away?
I surely can feel myself rot.
Such a heavy word, "rot"
So vulgare, yet a great description of me,
without you.

I pull out a shawl you once wore and I kiss it.
As the wind gusts and the sun rises and my shadow
comes to meet me, the wind shall take my last memory
of you away.
And I shall weep no more.
Then what will I do? Shall I walk the streets
and think of you.
Yes you, still rambling all throughout my head
like a lose screw.
Can you feel me? Feel me rot away
feel me think about you, and all your works.
Can you feel me?

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When I hear your name
My heart beats faster than usual
It's not that I am ashame
But It's just your name is too special..

Can't control the feelings
When I am with you
Can't stop smiling
When you hold me like you do

When you hug me then
I feel like I'm in heaven
You are a blessing from above
And you are the reason why I loved

I'll promise to love you FOREVERMORE..
And I will cherish you until the end of my borrowed life
And I will keep our precious memories as long as
we see each other in our next life..

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The Intensifying love story

The Intensifying love story by 
I simply adore you, my Mesmerizing 
As you are my first love.
Who lighted my heart with full of pride and 
Who ignited the ecstasy towards lovely life.
Who relieved my pains and took sorrows 
as boon.
You made me fall sick in your love when I 
see your madness.
I like the way,
The way you gazed at me and my smoky 
The way you smiled at my mystifying and 
enigmatic appeal.
The way you every time praises me.
The way you galvanized me and proved 
the meaning of life.
You are the one,
Yes, you are the one who aroused my 
feelings, my emotions.
Yes, you are the one who explored my 
passion of love, flaming in my charismatic 
Yes, you are the lovely treasure which god 
had baptized me.
Yes, you are the one who turned the page 
of my life.
Eureka, I found my true love!!!!
Bewilderedly I did not know, where is my 
love taking me to ??
But still I like the way,
Like, the way you clutched me into your 
Like, the way you kissed my palms.
Like, the way you hugged me, caressed 
Like, the way you rubbed your fingers on 
my lips.
Like, the way you tickled me on my neck.
Like, the way you squeezed my cheeks.
Like, the way you holded me up towards 
the sky.
Like, the way when you inspired me to fly 
so high.
Tears dropped from my eyes and the very 
next moment I realized that it is my 
sensational love. My true love. Then I 
decided that no one had right to do this 
except you. If you want to know the 
reason?? If yes??
Yes, because I seriously fell in love with 
Yes, because you are the one to whom god 
had assigned me to.
And here comes the Swifted instance 
When, the moment you wore the golden 
ring in my finger and I was happily waving 
Just can’t forget the time when our long 
lasting friendship turned into lifetime 
It was just the blooming of two lover’s 
indicating the herald of the marriage. It 
means a lot for any girl in this amazing 
And yes, you will always find my heart 
topped with love showered only for you. 
For you!!
And till my last breathe, my heart beats, 
beating for you, only for you SUYOG!!
In fervour I wanted you to be mine forever, 
We both sojourned in each other soul so 
deeply that we just can’t wait for a single 
second, unless and until, we share what is 
running in our mind. It’s just because we 
are so much accustomed to each other 
I Love you, adore you, adore you forever 
my Love.

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the love we had seemed so far away

i look to stars and wishes flew through space never to be heard again
fun to friends hearts do meld and break facing until time ends
this loop that plays and beats that syncopate become but a gem
pleasure a chest opened in surprise feeling no need to defend
galaxies away lonely planets  please keep me in mind
 distance could grow something fond or lost between the lines
gps my love you can see  its still where I  left it behind
thoughts fade away with life love lives forever in my rhyme

Im sorry, I wanted more,with  all this space between
disconnected and I still look to that day
we talked on the phone, our separate homes
the love we had seemed so far away

without air i couldnt breathe squeezed until I'm passing by
no water flow my skin would dry and I return to the sky
sunny days would blacken out, attracting need for desperate lies
to make up for the beauty lost from death slowly closing my eyes
that fire once sparking motion snuffed in huffs slipping away
dwifting I sway shaky grounds where once I sat easily and stay
upon my feet I still float drowning out all thoughts that stray
Tho these ends can come swift its worse to miss and hear you say

Im sorry, I wanted more,with  all this space between
disconnected and I still look to that day
we talked on the phone, our separate homes
the love we had seemed so far away

down the road,flying free, I ride the wave and hope for your return
through several seas and cloudy peaks, storms of sand, I will not turn
helpless to fate and future events, nothing prevents something to learn
  sights may not sore, nothing much looking more, isn't my concern
I hope the best and happyness is true to bless you, not just in dreams
we can meet when we sleep discussing life while sleeping seems
thanks for trying Im not exactly dying, banes of  sentient beings
real enough moving on is rough, i'll love you forever, writting my means

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Passionate Embrace

The days are long
     and monotonous
The night’s chill
     seeps into my soul
The hours which seem too short with you
     drag in your absence
Extending beyond my desires
     ignoring my yearnings
I’m wishing my life away
     willing clock hands into a frenzy
Until I can feel you again
     in a passionate embrace

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Your Smiling Face in Photoframe

Your smiling face with naughty eyes a photoframe in my reading room takes me back to old sweet days when time was always Spring in bloom. A photoframe in my reading room you are looking at me from years ago when time was always Spring in bloom adding paints to our new love's glow. You are looking at me from years ago when all the flowers just bloomed for us adding paints to our new love's glow a burst of colours on love-canvas. When all the flowers just bloomed for us we dreamt of dreams with open eyes a burst of colours on love-canvas the painting of a dream sunrise. We dreamt of dreams with open eyes but fate had something else it seemed the painting of a dream sunrise all those are now faded dreams. But fate had something else it seemed though you are smiling from photoframe all those are now faded dreams I know life will not be the same. Though you are smiling from photoframe a smile that I will forget never I know life will not be the same wish that smile glowed forever. A smile that I will forget never takes me back to old sweet days wish that smile glowed forever your smiling face with naughty eyes. © kash poet 2012 ============000============

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I’m supposed to be happy But I feel so blue Can’t get you out of my head Can’t stop thinking of you My tears fall like rain My heart filled with pain Oh when oh when will I see you again Jan Allison 30th October 2014

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Dialogue of Souls

Best of friends, for countless years,
we had the best of times.
Now as my eyes are filled with tears,
your soul to Heaven climbs.
The path we take, not always clear,
I feel so lost without you here.
Your last words, prophetic now,
“I’ll be home soon”- you knew somehow.
You left me here, I’m so alone,
but I dreamed Heaven had a phone.
We talked all night, you fell asleep,
I held the line to hear you breathe…  


   Copyright © 2013

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Love Poem Number 2

The first time I glimpsed your beautiful smile,
I couldn’t believe you were real, my ideal!
Your beauty captured my attention and soul ,
I could sense it immediately, you make me whole.
Now the distance between us and every moment apart,
is so painful and sad, it blackens my heart.
For you, my heart longs, your gentle, kind touch,
Your smiles, your pure love, its all just too much,
For my lonely sad soul to be far apart,
I crave you, I need you, you are my sweetheart!
Now that you have come into my black and white world,
Color abounds, and rainbows unfurled.
A new joy in my heart, for love once again I am filled,
A new hope, a new faith, happiness re-instilled.
You are my true joy, and hope for forever,
Im thankful for you and Im glad were together.

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Is there a special place to find you
A place where fairies fly
Where all our memories are kept
Where we need not question why

Can we walk together arm in arm
Strolling our memory lane
Recalling times more pleasant
As I softly speak your name

What a magical wonderful sight
Sharing thoughts here once again
Maybe fairies hold our secrets
And take away our pain

If I could find you in this place
I would hold on to you so tight
Never allowing you to slip away
While fairies take their flight

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Whatever Things Will Be

Whatever Things Will Be   
Written for  The lyric's Again Contest

You came to me when, I was lonely
You softly spoke to me and said
"I'll show you life, just, isn't only
Penned in those, books, you've read"

You took me to a park, with flowers
We saw them dancing,  in the wind
I could have watched them, there for hours
But the rain came, and then, I was, alone again

Don't ask me why, I come to look for flowers
In a place, that's cold and barren still
I look for love, we once called ours
Recall the warmth, but feel the chill

You taught me how to love forever 
And cry for all eternity
You taught me never to say never
Because whatever things will be 
Will surely, surely be.

You came to me when, I was lonely
You softly spoke to me and said
"I'll show you life, just isn't only
Penned in those, books, you've read

You took me to a park, with flowers
We saw them dancing,  in the wind
I could have watched them, there for hours
But the rain came, and then, I was, alone again

Don't ask me why, I come to look for flowers
In a place, that's cold and barren still
I look for love, we called ours
Recall the warmth, but feel the chill

You taught me how to love forever 
And cry for all eternity
You taught me never to say never
Because whatever things will be 
Will surely, surely be.

Will surely, surely will be

Whatever things will be, will be

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Falling In Like

I love it when you hold me close, and always want to play.
How in the morning you message me; on every single day.
When you call me every night, before I close my eyes-
Or always tell the truth; never any lies. 

When I get to see your passion with every story that you tell,
How even when you’re angry, those feelings never dwell. 
I love that you protect me, from everything around;
That even when I’m lost, I know that I’ll get found. 

I love that whenever you start to drive, you make me kiss your cheek.
How my stomach gets butterflies with each sweet word you speak.
That you cuddle me for a moment and then turn on your side,
That all of your accomplishments and family give you pride. 

I love that you support every decision that I make,
That even if you’re embarrassed of things- you’ve never acted fake.
How you always want me to be happy, no matter how I feel.
That even when we make things up- it’s never been more real. 

How you always make these plans, that often tend to change;
When you smile at my senseless jokes, and when I’m acting strange.
That you always say I’m pretty, even when I don’t think that it’s true-
How you think that I’d want anyone else; when all I want is you.

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When I Look At You

When I look at you,
I pray that I don’t lose touch with you
When I look at you, 
I prey upon happiness and I never knew
That you mentioned me in your dorm
When I look at you,
My mind wraps all around you
When I look at you,
You give me a natural high, 
But it’s only temporary…
When you wake up,
I pray that you had the best of dreams
When you wake up,
I prey upon your energy and 
Soar like an eagle in the sky
He watches over me as years pass me by
Our friendship is too good to be true
We’re so lucky to have each other…
Weep no more, for your name is carved in my heart
There shall be no more death…
Bitter, worthless clouds spill out remorse – 
Depart and be gone!
I’m waiting to say “greetings” to you
I don’t have the strength to fight the battle
Endless thoughts spiral in my head
Making me feel awfully dead…
Many things are left a mystery for a purpose
When I look at you,
I pray that I don’t forget your name
When I look at you, 
I prey upon your joy and I never knew
That you mentioned me in an optimistic way
When I look at you,
My mind is overflowing with delight
When I look at you,
You give me a natural high, 
But it’s only temporary…
When you wake up,
I pray that you have the best breakfast
When you wake up,
I try to prey upon your glory, 
But you swim away like a swan in a sparkling lake
I wanna give you good advice…
I don’t wanna roll the dice…
I don’t wanna be a living sacrifice
I wanna throw away all of your pain 
I’m trying my best to reach the finish line
It’s hard to forgive the words you utter
It’s hard to forget and forgive yourself 
For the wrongs you’ve committed
My mouth kept running like the sink water
And my mind went numb and you seemed to be bothered
Pick up the shards of glass and show me some direction
I don’t know where to go from here…
But, I must keep a positive mindset
I’m not attempting to get you upset
When I look at you, 
I feel that I’m invisible 
You see right through me
And I reflect anguish and confusion
Have mercy on me and don’t be frightened
Disappear, thoughts of sadness
Reappear, thoughts of gladness
When I look at you,
I see…a joyous, gorgeous face and 
I sense that you’ll have a bright future
Just keep shining...with all of your might
God is near your side...leave behind all worry
Don't you know that you made me taste your glee?

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You Are Not Here

You are not here when I try to fall asleep at night
Alone in the bed where we held each other tight
You are not here when I wake up to a new day
Missing your laugh, your smile your special way
You are not here when I walk through our house
Where silence greets me quiet as a mouse
You are not here when I need someone to hold
To comfort my heart as moments grow cold
You are not here to share your kind gentle love
When I need it most I will gaze up above

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Miss You

Missing you, as seconds, minutes tick away Inside my heart you are I warmly display Seeing you makes me smile, widely as I do Sensing your heart fills me a through Yearnings of we knowing of our tomorrow Open hearts have now declared, we'll be Under God we are, ridding us from sorrows .

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Circle of Life - A Pet Story

It seems like just the other day
Our pup, Shadrack, did pass away;
And altho’ they never seemed like friends,
My old cat, Jorg, knew Shad had met
   his untimely end.

He mourned his loss every day
And looked for Shadrack everywhere.
He’d mew and moan as if to say,
“We were friends.  I do care.”

Then one night, an eerie howl
Awoke me from my sleep.
He’d found Shad’s toys and left no doubt
That his feelings did run deep.

So our tedious search began
To find another likely pup;
But while my poor wife still grieved,
Could another measure up?

We went to Second Chance and Free to Live.
She just could not make up her mind.
She loved them all; but, if she picked just one,
The rest would have to stay behind.

Then, quite by chance, there was a “pound pup”
Who’d been picked up from the streets.
He was a mutt, a “schnauza-pug”;
But he was awfully sweet.

He jumped up and kissed her frantically.
He seemed aware of his “iffy” situation.
He made the best of his opportunity.
Tears of joy told her elation.

“This is the one”, she smiled through tears,
As she held him oh, so tight.
“I’m sure that Jorg will like him too.
Everything will be alright”.

And so it was, until one day
When old Jorg did pass away…

There was no hesitation on this sad occasion;
Come Saturday morning, we went straight 
   to the pound,
Open minded and hoping to be “saviors”,
Surely a nice cat was to be found.

“Sadly”, the lady said,” three kitties have only today.
There’s Andre and Panda and another one too”.
My wife smiled and said, “Jorg was your boy.  You pick.
They’re both beautiful cats.  It’s up to you”.

As I pondered this commitment
Another cat, a young one, caught my eye.
Like Jorg, he was a common gray tabby.
Fond memories were stirred.  I almost cried.

On closer look, his name was Boris;
And, strangely, he was number three.
There was a small sign on his crate,
“I don’t like other cats and other cats don’t like me”.

But there was character in his eyes and he was cute.
He was rolling and purring and stretching.
He seemed to look deep into my heart
And did his best to be quite fetching.

But because he was just a common gray tabby,
And because of the little sign,
His chances were slim, his future quite dim
And one day is precious little time.

For a moment I was lost in his eyes
And I heard his desperate plea, 
“I’m a swell cat and litter box trained.
Take me.  Please, take me”.

“Well”, my wife urged, “is it Andre or Panda”?
“One of us will take the other kitty.”, two older ladies chimed.
“You can each have one ladies”, I said with a smile.
I want Boris and he wants to be mine”.

In just hours he was romping and rolling with Pepper,
Who had happily welcomed his new friend.
Boris was a perfect fit, an affirmation;
The Circle of Life never ends.

Much more Joy than Sadness in this Circle,
And there should never be regrets.
Honor their memories and all the love they share,
Never break the Circle, never be without a Pet.

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Running, after more than you, can hold.
Taking, someone else’s love, and leaving.
Children are fearful of what they’re told.

Can’t you see I’m the one who’s freezing?
I was just a child with a trinket 
Never knowing that it’d be, more to me

When you were gone to, too far, from me.
Steady with your hands close to my heart
Never letting our world’s tear us apart

I know, your icicles 
I miss the beaches that we played on
You missed the child in your own eyes

Now you’re gone, 
But I’m still not here.
Why can’t you wake up 

I’m not ready
Please, just take your time, don’t leave now
I can’t fight this world alone.

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Chasing A Dream

To what end can I chase a dream
You know it would seem 
To be insane…………
Never knowing what's real but still feeling the pain

I can reach for the flowers in bloom 
But they're all consumed
The fires' to deep - I just wish I could sleep

I look to the moon for answers but she just smiles
I don't have a clue - I've got too many miles

To what end can I chase a dream 
You know it would seem 
To be insane…………
Never knowing what's real but still feeling the pain

I cry out in the night - but the echo hurts me
It breaks me down into broken dreams
I run for the door but its no longer open - to me
I cover my eyes...... but still I can see

To what end can I chase a dream 
You know it would seem 
To be insane…………
Never knowing what's real but still feeling the pain


Details | Romanticism | |

The Four Letter Word

Four letters put together to create one word,
with an impeccable definition.

It is a strong word,
Close to the heart, yet
far from the woman you Love.

Butterflies flying, flapping their
orange and white wings in the summer heat.
The butterflies flap, flap their beautiful wings
together in the summertime of Love.

For Love is beautiful, like the summer preludes!

Four letters composed, to a Chopin's masterpiece.
The Romantic pole reaches out, to touch, to hold, to Love.

For these four letters are easy to read
and put together to create a complex concept
with a universal definition.
A four letter word, easy just to say,
but it is harder to show.
For Love is a simple word made up of simple letters,
but a complex meaing that takes most lifetimes to comprehend
and others a short while.

For I've seen hearts broken
and hearts put back together,
with this simple word.
My heart burned, brused, stabbed
knows the dangers of this simple, four letter word.

Love, some think it is a game
to play when you are bored.
Destroying self-esteem of girls,
who are already weak and nieve.
They long for love, but find surrealist dreams,
and see the Man of their dreams slip away in the night.
Gone without a trace.
While she is sucked into false promises,
from simple minded boys,
with only one thing on their mind.

Love..., it is a joke to some.
"I love you," is a laughing stock,
while a slap in the face, and disrespect is in fashion.
Girls, foolish girls walking in lonesome heartbreak,
saying they are in Love.
It is sad to see, and hard to hear, I know it is.

And to me Love is sometimes fair,
and most times a cruel joke.
Love, this four letter word is simple to say, but hard to comprehend.

Love me and I shall take you by the hand
show you caves of mystery,
and skies of grace and meadows, filled with flowers,
dedicated just for you, no one else, but you.
We can make Love on the sandy beaches, under the moonlit sky
under the still stars and shooting ones too.
Have a romantic dinner of oyster-shells and champange and kiss each other,
till we drown in intoxication and fall asleep in each others arms.

huh, Love... A simple, four letter word, that is easy to say,
but even harder to show.

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I Miss

I miss the way you would comfort me
When I was just a child
I miss the way you scolded me
When I was young and wild.

I miss the days you would tell me
That everything would be alright
I miss the way you worried for me
When I was no longer in your sight.

I miss the days we would share together
But those days I know I took
I miss the days when I did something wrong
And you gave me that special look.

I miss your love and compassion
God’s gift He gave to you
For no matter what would happen in life
You would always pull right through.

You kept our family together
You were there through thick or thin
You would fight the toughest battles
And you would always seem to win.

I love you Mom with all my heart
So, I thought that I would say
All these things we've shared together
We will share again some day.

Roger Horsch

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Kill a smile with a kiss
The demise of it will visit you in your dreams
Never will I let you
Drown in a pool of angry thoughts
I will be your unexpected smile
Every time I bring u roses b4 valentine
A wet poem I would recite for you

I would make you my 1st rhyme
your heart-beat will rhyme
Twist my beat box
Into a love song
A cartoon I would paint in your heart to keep you smiling
Your twin smiles I would define in vernacular
Though I speak no language from Peninsula
My parents will define your beauty as African splendor
Black mother nation
Smile please smile

Details | Ode | |

All I Want is to be With You

All I want is to be with you.
Time beats on, but I miss you no less.
Sadness hits me hard, I want nothing but you.
Life here is so dark, you are my only light.
Forced apart, tearing me apart.
All I want is to be with you.
No smile shows while you're gone.
Only sad eyes and cold stares.
All I want is to be with you.
This life I'm living, so bleak.
In my mind, all I see is you face.
I hear only your voice, feel only your touch.
And I search for your scent.
All I want is to be with you.
Time beats on, but I miss you no less.

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Don't Try It

A single kiss from thy lovely lips,
so sweet and so divine,
yet I taste posion upon your tongue.

Your beauty so glorious,
like a blooming rose so beautiful,
yet, why do mine eyes go blind
in the sight that you walk along with another?

Yes you, walk with another,
arm under arm,
lips touching lips in romantic kisses,
it makes my blood boil,
for mine lips are dry.

For mine eyes have seen your glory,
yet no one here listens to my story.
You are evil, yes you are,
don't try to deny,
Listen to a man of experience,
you might as well save some expense.

I write of our long romantic walks
we took together, under the shade of olive trees,
how we went apple picking in autumn time,
and made love in the foyer.

Nomore of that sweet and passionate love,
nomore silent kisses in the night,
when the wind blows hard against the branches,
that tape violently on my windowpane. 
Nomore somber tears shed, when you got sick,
and nomore warm embraces when you shed tears of betrayal.

Betrayal now is a game played by a fool,
such as I,
to think I'd have a happy life with you?
Huh, only a fool would think such a thing,
but now I sit, looking at the foyer,
where we once made sweet, passionate love,
nomore will that foyer be filled with exotic pleasure.
Nomore will you be filled with smiles and exotic pleasure.
I've done my job, as a good man shall do,
now pack your things and get of my stage,
the spotlight yawns for anew,
and the audience grows tired and restless of you.

Now I live life anew,
you too shall see life in new eyes,
walking hand and hand with the blond, blue eyed devil
you call your own.
Shall he take one kiss from your lips,
and die of the posion he tastes on your tongue,
shall he go blind, when he sees your true, black beauty?
He will see the ugly soul, covered up by white rags,
and cheap makeup,
and then he will come to me,
and shake my hand in condolence
and say, "You were right!"

Now you are all alone,
looking for another, as you did many times before,
Now you are alone, walking an open road,
spying on another,
fear of being alone.
Now, you see when you play games with a good man's emotions,
don't try it,
because a good man is not meant to be toyed with.

Details | Ballad | |

Tomorrow is postponed

My days of walking on the moon are over
I've put away my cape and belt
I'm done with saving dying planets
Just let the Polar ice caps melt

Let all the oceans rise
Let toxic waste fall from the skies
Let endless rain Reign endlessly

Let rivers burst their banks
Let floods of tears swell the ranks
And form a mighty Tsunami

Then let it all come down my street
Let it all burst through my front door
It still wouldn't fill this hole in me

'cos until you come home tomorrow's postponed indefinitely
can't move from this spot I think they're messing around with gravity
Just answer your phone and i'll make this right now you'll see
'cos until you come home tomorrow is postponed......indefinitely

Details | Sonnet | |


Now picking up the pieces, 
From a heart full of bruises 
Dementia, pain and depression, 
Saturate my heart extension. 
She was a walking rainbow, 
I saw when the sun went low. 
She was a rare specie around town, 
Which I did not realize until now. 
Just like a sugary fleeting vine, 
Made she my life a tasteless wine. 
Every night I sit and ask the moon, 
Why did she have to leave so soon. 
I wish I could turn back the clock to gain; 
Her, I will be willing to take a bullet, through my brain.

Details | Romanticism | |

Am I Crazy, to Love You

Am I crazy, or am I just talking to myself?
Look at yourself,
Crazy maniac
dacing through twilight suns
in sunshine colored dresses.
And you say I'm the crazy one.
Please, don't make me laugh,
I am too much annyoid with taught lessons,
of life and death and love is a magical thing
but I am not impressed till my Gypsy Queen
comes up from the shoreline of the Middle East
and comes and lays next to me, as we watch the ships sail
through the Golden horn of Old Istanbul
into the bay of Asia Minor.
You say I am crazy, Am I or am I just talking to myself.
I believe I am having a conversation that has no end about your beauty,
I talk to whomever has an open ear, and even if people listened,
Who would care about what I have to say?

Since I first laid eyes upon your beauty,
I melted and you took my sanity away from me,
you took my innocence away and turned me into a worried monster.
I love you, and you take me home with you
to meet your father and mother,
both poets who made love and created a beautiful poem called you.
I am in love with you, your songs you sing,
sounding better than a nightingale in the midst of the twilight.
Walking the seashores with your mother as I talk to your father.
He isn't listening, all though he is a good actor,
for he acts if he knows what I say to him.
I talk of you and marriage,
throwing of the rice, exchanging of the golden crowns,
the tolling of church bells, and a happy reception afterwards.
The honeymoon, meant for the first born to carry on the family crest.

As we grow old, I want to grow old with you
Nothing now, a few thousand miles of ocean and sea
seperates us from each other.
Do not worry, for I shall come one day
in the month of May, your mother's favorite month
and I shall bring along a golden ring, a pearl necklace and two roses.
We shall walk the streets together hand and hand,
and wait for the wedding guests to arrive and see us on our way
to new beginnings in holy mantrimony.
Care for me,
I ask you one question, Am I crazy, or am I just talking to myself?
Talking to white walls that don't responed with life.
I need you, too give me a straight answer, to love me
embrace me with your beauty and let me drink from your knowledge.
For my sweet Persian Bride, I shall love you for eternity.
Now, come off the beach and cross the crossing paths
of mortality and morality and join hands with me,
as we sing the nights away, along with the sweet nightingales.
As we look into each other's eyes
I ask you, am I crazy to love you?

Details | Free verse | |

Distant Love

The hours dwindle slowly by- 
When I want you by my side. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath 
As you kiss away my pride. 
The anger melts away, 
When I'm held within your arms.
My balance quickly faltering;
As I fall for all of your charms.
The weeks are always longer-
When I don't get to have you near.
Wishing that I could run to you- 
The distance heightening my fear. 
The hours go by rapidly-
When you are finally home. 
 Leaving me all by myself;
With my thoughts to roam. 
The cycle starts all over- 
I'm wishing that you were free. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath. 
Until you come right back to me. 

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Make him a soldier

Make him A Soldier

Make him a soldier 
so I won't cry anymore

Transform a boy to a man
 so he will stand...alone

 In the dark forest
as natural combustion of dusk in the sky 

Red blood running through our veins is the same
identical as if we share the same DNA 

And even as a child I couldn't deny how our hearts beat the same 

Rate pulse pace...boom 
it startled me
 but as I gaze in his eyes 
I felt a deep connection 
as if he knew me better than I knew myself
Our love is so pure and shall never be tampered 
and even if life tries to poison us 
we will always have each other 
pure love
Blue water
 a million miles away from me 
and as he travels from sea to sea 
I think of him daily 

I try to remember where we came from
 blue water 
shared space 
different times

 Blossomed from a tulip where our petals do not vary 
and the sepals seem to follow a course set to sail 

So I beg you 
Make him A soldier 
so I won't cry an ocean of tears 
Transform a boy to a man
so he will stand beside me in my darkest hour.
 Help me to raise my head 
when he is long gone from here 

When my fears are red 
 my soul turns blue 
let me remember the purity of us 
how I loved a my brother a man of red, white and blue!

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Remember me, Don't Forget me

Can you hear the thumping, thump, thump of my heart beating away?
Can you hear my whispers of love in your ear,
as you sleep the night away in your bed, laying on the virgin white sheets,
tangled in blankets?
Can you hear me sing our favorite song, as you walk down the lonesome avenue?
Can you hear my soul, cry out for a warm embrace of your sweetest hugs?
Can you hear me cry out for a simple, loving kiss upon the lips?

I don't ask for much from you, my love.
All I ask you, is if you can hear me, and to see that you still believe in me,
and I haven't became a figment, a ghost in a scrapbook.
That I am still there with you, and not a picture of a memory collecting dust in a box.
I don't ask for much from you, my love.
I just want to know if you can still hear me, deep in your heart!

Don't forget about me.
Don't move to another, without first accepting that we had something beautiful.
Don't let me go off and vanish in vain.
Admit, you loved me, but you were afraid. Of What? I ask myself.
I don't know.

Can you feel me, touch you gently on the arm?
Can you feel my embrace, as you sit there crying on your bed,
crying to the pattern and rythmn of the rain tapping on the window pane?
Can you hear me, can you feel me? Do you even know that I'm here, with you?
Do you...?

Don't destroy something beautiful.
I love you.

I don't ask for much from you, My Love.
all I ask is that you remember.
You remember the laughs, the fun we had,
the long walks, and the long talks.
Remember the Ferris Wheel at the amusement park,
where we first kissed.
And shared our first corndog together,
and I won you that purple stuffed teddybear.
On cold nights, we'd cuddle together.
I'd write you love poems and we talk for hours about nonsense.
Remember, how you'd cry and I'd hold you, and kiss you upon your sweet head.
Remember, the nights we'd sleep together,
and the mornings we'd wake up together
with a smile and a morning kiss.
Do you remember, My Love, Do you?
Remember the good times, and don't get up and leave so quick.
To jump right into someone else's arms and forget all about me.

Can you feel the pain I have for you?
Can you feel the love I give to you?
Can you hear me sigh and cry, for one more night of love with you?
Can you...?

I don't ask for much from you, My Love.
All I ask is that you remember me,
For I still and will always remember you.

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My Love, Big Daddy
By Immaculata Ortner

Your skin glows like the Apple, blossoms Sweet as the Rose in the purest hope of spring.
My yearning heart rises to your Clarinet voice and leaps like a Lion at the whisper of your name, Big Daddy.
The evening ascends in on a great Damara tern wing.
I am calmed by your raiment that I carry into the twilight of comfort beams and hold next to my face. 
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of water. 
As my hands falls from my beach wear, it reminds me of your caresses. 
In the hushed, I listen for the last roaring of the spring.
My heated breast leaps to my dress. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret starving so that we may happen as one, breast to breast, in search of the glorious purple and spiritual Justice of love.

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Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby

          Again a small poem guys dedicated to my Darling hubby.. 
                          wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby 

 Twilighting glow of the sky..
 Wanna fly so high..

 Sparkling amidst the million stars..
 chosen the crazy pal and so life is excellently par.. 

 As like the blossom were kissed by soft rain..
 Your arrival in life diminished all my pains..
 God has entwined me..with my emarald diamonite gem..
 Enlightening new vistas in life as like your next aim.. 

 At an astounding pace time flew..
 But When i didn‘t see you..I feel like..Life is been dew..

 Your divine presence in life rejuvenates me..
 Every tick of my heartbeat resonating wit your‘s or whatever it will be..

 Your innumerable naughtiness made me silly..
 But yep, your beautifying nature had an fragrance in life like lilly..

 As like snow crested the nestled mountains..
 You cuddled my a sip of fountains..

 Being With you, Life is euphorically elated..
 Full of high spirit and delighted..

 Thanks for being accompanying me my theist..

 Your admirer with lots n lots of Love:
 Madhavi. Suyog.Pagare

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Loosing A Child

It hurts very much,
When the one's you love,
Are ripped from your very life,
It makes you feel as if,
You are not up to being,
The person you should be,
In this dreary everyday world,
That can be so cruel.
So, think about how your life,
Is running it's very course,
And what changes you need to make'
To better your life,
In order to see the happiness,
Of keeping the beautiful thing,
You have created,
And brought into this very world,
So, you can keep this child,
Close to you in your life,
And watch it grow,
To bond with them each and everyday,
So, the child will never grow up,
knowing someone else,
As Mom and Dad,
Pushing you away from their life,
Till the day,
You will be totally gone,
From their hearts and minds,
Which is the sign of disaster all the way,
For it will be the hurt of a lifetime.

Details | Tanka | |

Lost In Your Desire

~Lost In Your Desire~ (Tanka) Know you're in my heart and in my head and my blood Forever love you that in this will never stop feeling way I do for you Since you came to me I just fell in love with you Thrilled with all this true love that grows in me and stays strong and nothing for me the same Now I'm lost in you You're voice is so seductive Feel fire of your love your hands are all over me and now in your Love I'm lost Burning in your fire is your love that keeps me warm one that keeps me sane In the night my name you whisper and just quench in your desire. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,14,2015

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Praying For The Day

I pray for the day,
That my sweet child comes home,
To my loving arms,
So, I can love and hold them tightly,
Each and everyday of their lives,
To be there for them and guide them,
As they learn to grow,
Into a wonderful adult,
That I know they will become,
For they have such a wonderful heart,
And as people will see them grow each year,
Learning along their way,
Having their own imagination,
To shine and guide them,
To be a very unique person of their own,
But they are already very different,
In many different ways,
By their looks and their loving heart,
And of course being very smart,
Their beauty will shine,
In many different ways,
Both inside and out,
And I pray for the day,
They will come home,
To stop these painful, loving tears.

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You’re so far but I can feel you. You belong right by my side. Life has been a struggle thus far, I wear my battle scars with pride. But love has wounded this warrior, Love has broken this heart in two. I didn’t think I could feel again, Until the moment I witnessed you. I read your words upon my screen. Every punctuation mark was a kiss. You wooed with your sweet refrain, Sending me into surrendered bliss. I know how the night can feel so cold, I sleep alone and alone I cry. Love is thousands of cruel miles away, Life is vicious and I wonder why. My heart has flown through the clouds, It belongs to you with every beat. One day I will touch your face, And sweep you off of your feet. This silence is staring at the ceiling, The extremes I would go to get to you, If I sold off all but my soul to be there, Could we start a life brand new? Am I just a dreamer, a thousand miles away. Wishing on stars, hoping to meet you one day? 12-14-14

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Treat the other with \\ courtesy,
Break the wall without\\ fear,
Express thoughts with  \\ affection,
Embrace moments with \\ empathy. 

Details | Acrostic | |

To My Demise

While you mentioned you're confused
I had to take a minute and put myself in your shoes.
Began thinking in twos
Rather than always thinking about the only one I choose!
Realizing, how much I've abused
Your kindness I took for granted and misused.
Wondering what's my excuse
Unable to comprehend...Leaving the heart you've lend in the end to be so bruised.
Just to turn around to apologize
But you and I know that I can't turn back the time.
Silly me to even think that through my rhyme
That I can actually change your mind with these simple lines.
What use to symbolize
Our trust are now broken by these silly lies
Am I surprise?
To my demise...There should be no reason why we often act so uncivilized!
Until the cries
Began to fill the empty space that washed away her smile.
Washed away for miles
Leaving her in pain that would stretch so far out like the River Nile!

Details | Romanticism | |

I'm addicted to you

Yes, I am addicted to you
Was walking on a street and thinking of you
Searching you around but where, I had no clue
You are everywhere I go as if it’s not me, only you
Am I still center of universe, or is it taken over by you
I asked myself if I’m in love with someone in royal blue,
This is not the first time but why feeling is brand new
You made me crazy when I looked at you
Yes Baby, I have always dreamt someone exactly like you
I really don’t know if it is happening only with me
I want to steal your heart but I am unable to foresee
I want to feel you and take long breath with you
Oh Ohh Sweety, I think I wanna grow older with you
I know it is still “I” &”U” not “We”,
But give me sometime, together we will make it a tree J
Isn’t it surprising that I am writing a poem on you?
O God! It’s crystal clear that I am addicted to you

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Last time we met

Last time we met
we both felt
it might be the last time we do

We tried to keep it perfect
so that, this special last memory
will forever glow

Last time we met
I kept looking at your eyes
as I believe that in last times,
the hidden emotions must rise

your last smile
and your last kiss
became the first things
I now certainly miss

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A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

Details | Ballad | |


How can I tell you?
I can't stay with you.

Neither I can give up on you.
Fear of losing you is losing me.
It feels like slow death every night.

But we are just stuck in our spaces!
Unable to connect from two feet distance.

Details | Narrative | |

Before my Eyes

I watched her walk away
And my mind wondered away
Do I or Not
Count the fading heels
Count the healing strides
Count the fast passing past
Finger after finger

I never stopped and I cursed
To voice atop the last floor
How do I or Not
Steal tomorrow from the day
Beam with joy where I don’t enjoy
Look back and see you seeing me
Like children hiding nothing

The fire is gone
The bush is growing on cinder
Will it or  Not
Shoot each foil and flower
Summon you who lights the fire
Pretend nothing ever killed
The whole generation of Love

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The unopened letter

The letter stays sealed within the envelope unread and faded 
Bringing neither hope, nor memories blurred or jaded 
The day it came I could not know
Which destiny the words would hold.
Out of fear I refused to break the seal
In hopes that neither fate was real
Thinking only of the I in me
Believing not that Love could ever be 
Nor trusting simply your love for me
Past memories of former hurt stake their claim
Haunting wounds, nightmares in the middle of the day.
Uncounted years the letter lay
Preemptive strike I walked away 
Hoping the memory that can never un happen of that day 
Will be less painful than the specter of what might have been had I embraced the gamble of love
the day your letter came.
And after all these years surprisingly 
That letter still calls out to me
Tho I know now what might have been can never be.
I sometimes think what if I was wrong
What if the letter told of love grown strong 
Of two hearts held by one strong bond
Perhaps the words spoke tenderly 
Of Love
Of Life
And not dear John as I assumed it to be.
I will never know if those words are real
Because the envelope that contains the letter
Remains sealed.
Somewhere in my twisted heart I feel
That those words unread
Can neither harm, nor heal.
Which is better?
Which is worse?
Does truth lie in the ancient verse
"Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all"
What daysman can ever make that call?
Maybe the tragedy that is worse
Is to never give your heart a chance to hurt.
So now I stand alone and cold
Much like the unread letter folded in the envelope.
Never throwing it away yet still not reading 
Dying unwounded
Scarred but not bleeding.
Knowing full and well that I will never know
The message that the letter holds
Too afraid to let it go
Yet too afraid to ever know
I stand alone 
A prisoner to unread words.
Fearing the past and dreading the future 
Fearful of presumed hurt. 
Yet I'm frozen
And alone
A prisoner held hostage by a message I'll never know.
A letter 
In an envelope. Unopened.

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The Moment I Miss You

There comes a point where I wish I could run to you.
On days when my colour is moody blue.
To have you hold me all through the night
And whisper to me "it will be alright."
That’s the moment I miss you.
There comes a point where I wish I could call.
On days where everyone makes me feel small
Just to hear your calm and soothing voice
And words of comfort make me rejoice.
That’s the moment I miss you.
There are some days I feel so alone
And everything just goes all wrong.
Those are days I wish you were near.
To hug me tight and wipe away the tears.
That’s the moment I miss you.
There are days when the clouds remain dark.
And in the heavy rain alone I walk.
I close my eyes and pray that you could be here
And everything to be light and clear.
That’s the moment I miss you.
There are times when friends seem few.
When I feel I can’t make it through.
When I wanna break down and just cry
And hope in that instant you would come by.
That’s the moment I miss you.
There are times when life gets too tough
And giving up feels like a must
When everything just keeps falling apart
And only you can stop my bleeding heart.
That’s the moment I miss you
There are moments when I just start to smile.
As I think of the times you made life worthwhile.
When you would hold me in your gentle yet strong arms
That always kept me safe from any harm
That’s the reason I miss you.
There are many times in a day that I think of you
And in those moments remember the love that was true.
When my heart sang with joy and I felt so alive,
Everything around was just perfect and always thrived.
And that’s the reason I miss you...

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I Want

I want to sing you
I want to write you
I want to watch you
And describe you

I would like to compose you
You, my ninth symphony
To put you on a stave
To play your melody

I want to sculpt you
Without engraving too much
Hardly anything to change
Some details to fix

I want to photograph you
Under different lights
To whip with the flash
All those artifices that are hiding you

I want to break your records
Go through your body's limits
Jump higher, run further
When man an athlete is one

I could go on with other arts
But none of them seem good enough to define you
So I'll go on in which my words are the finest
For you, I'll never stop writing

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How Alone Am I

How Alone Am I
How Sad Am I 
You never Know
I never Show

You Smile WIth A Shine
I Smile with Wine
Your Enthralling Eyes
Defines My Style

Missing you is my life
Yes I live, but I strife
Finding you beneath the stars
Misng You my life chars.

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Missing you

Raindrops falling, busy streets
Gentle breezes, passing through
Took a deep breath, looked left
Flashback memories, smiling silly

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I'm dead without my Love

I am dead without my love.
It is simple as that.
I cannot breath without her,
I cannot eat without her,
I cannot write without her.
I cannot live without my love,
I am dead without my love.

I cannot prosper without her warm embrace,
I cannot think without her by my side.
always thinking of her, sharing her love I once had,
with another.
My heart breaks,
and my mind is gone.
I weap... I weap...
I cannot handle the betrayal of my once love.
I am stuck, sitting in dark corners of dark rooms,
staring at blank walls, thinking of what once was.

Her beauty,
her smile,
the laughs shared, and the tears we weaped together.
Holding hands, you and I, walking down sandy beaches,
and beautiful highways, full of love.
How we sat on park benches and kissed the night away.
I cannot believe you are gone, with another.

I did what I could,
I loved you endless time on my hand.
Our time spent together was special and near to the heart.
Do not expect for that happiness to come again.
For that has sailed, to far East, to the rising of the new day.

But, I cannot live one more day without my love.
For what I had with her is unexplainable and beautiful beyond definition.
I have seen the wayward signs point me to the direction of you.
But when we see each other, you don't spare a passing glance,
as if I was a ghost, an invisible man, like air.
That is when my heart breaks, torn in two, I cannot see me without you.
Walk with another, shall I go, now this without you.

For she is my everything, beauty and nature.
She is my rose, my violet, my nightingale singing her songs, in the twilight.
She is the sky, the sun, the moon, the trees, the grass.
She is everything to me.
She is even the summer storms and Winter blizzards that roll in and destroy,
beauty and harmony.

I cannot live without my love, for she is my one and only.
I do not like to beg, but love me once again and live with me forever.
For you know and I know, and the world knows,
That I cannot live without you,
I cannot live without my love,
For I am dead without my love.

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I Wish

I wish that I wasn't venomous
That my lips weren't laced with poison
So that I could kiss you without feeling guilty
I wish that my love had value
Not the fools gold that you treated like treasure
So that you could live not like a peasant, but a king
I wish that I wasn't made of sweet cotton candy lies
That I could feed your soul instead of sending it on highs then sudden sugar crashes
So that I could hold you without worrying you'll starve
I wish I was pure
Not tainted by my mother's mistakes and a stranger's fingers
So that I could be the lover you deserve
I wish that the voices in my head were silent
That they didn't whisper the same things over and over
So that I could belong to you and not the darkness that hides in my past
I wish that you hadn't left me
That you still held me when I cried
So that I wasn't so alone
I wish

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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Scarlet Moons and Indian Suns

Written August 29, 2013

She could have had my son
As we'd spell our names as one
On scattered ocean shores
Beneath that Indian sun

I loved my ma
And I loved her well
I loved my pa
And that musty smell

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

I love my family
How I miss this feeling
Of constant embrace
Awaiting at my feet

So come and pray for rain
To wash away our pain
Before the winter stains
What autumn left to drain

I hope to see them some day soon
I hope to see them smiling too
This Earth they left a bit too soon
Much thanks unto the scarlet moon

Some day well all be joined as one
Under scarlet moons and Indian suns

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Get out of my Heart

I lay, dripping, soaked within a dark sweat,
seeing and hearing your soft voice abet.
I want to run, to leave this merciless realm,
but you pull me closer, without a choice at helm.
Get out of my dreams.

I miss you, but I hate you, every last memory.
You taunt my every being, you’re all that I see.
I see you in the crowds, or when I’m all alone.
You’re here and there, on your heartless throne.
Why couldn’t you stay?
Get out of my life.

I hear your laughter and see your beautiful smile.
Once so beautiful, now helping others with guile.
You’re now decayed, withering into shallow dust.
I loved you so much, and never again will I trust.
Get out of my head.

Tears I weep, when others aren’t around to see –
I remember the days, the months and years I bleed.
I try to forget, and to hate you and your choices.
But all I can hear are these damn forgiving voices.
Maybe I am what you proclaim me to be.
Was I really that monster, that demon you see?
I hate what I love and love what I hate.
I try to erase our past, and to claim it our fate.
But I can’t let go, you’re all that I hear and see.
I wished you could have loved, that loathsome “me”.
Get out of my heart.

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Forty Lost

Time moves on,
and soon will tell,
when asked for whom
they ring the bell…
 Forty lived
…and forty lost,
you left before twilight.
When it’s half as much,
at twice the cost,
you’ll  bask
in perfect light…
We live in castles
…made of sand,
we come as a stranger,
but leave as a friend…
Remember now,
your last first kiss,
those times will be
profoundly missed…
Your smile indeed
could cast a spell.
You learned to
play a bad hand well…
With all our hopes
and dreams in tow,
we are old too quick,
and wise too slow.
Life’s an elaborate
complex dance...
Would you live again,
if you had the chance?
 Copyright © 2013

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To Be Apart

Her smile always greets me
As I close my eyes each night
The love in her voice is comforting
With passion, she's burning so bright

A sparkle in her eyes
And a fire in her heart
Let's spend together our lives
Couldn't stand To Be Apart

To Be Apart would destroy me 
Reduce me to the tears
Without her right beside me
All throughout the years

I don't know what I'd do
If I ever had to restart
And oh how much I'd lose
If we were To Be Apart

The most beautiful girl I'd ever seen
With every desirable too
She was everything to me
When we're apart, oh what will I do?

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Will you back to me Forever

I love you darling
I love you babe
You are the source of happiness
You made me complete forever

I miss you darling
I miss you babe
I miss the way you love and care
I miss the thing we do together

I could see you in my dreams 
I could feel you at every nights
No matter where and what you do
I could never get enough of you 

I miss you babe
I love you darling
You are the greatest gift to me
Will you be back to me forever

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Missing You

Can't you see it
Flashing in the night?
Can't you feel it?
You're taking away its light.
Can't you see it
Fading out of sight?
That's my heart, lost and lonely,
And it's missing you tonight.

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"THE ROSE"  (c)  2014 All Rights Reserved: 




2014 (c) tomkatmandoo (All rights reserved)

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~Only With You~ (Pantoum) This is where now I am with you Now just want to be with you too Fell deeply in love just love you I just believe your love is true. Now I just want to be with you So many things had made us blue But I do know your love is true we've gone thru so much that too So many things had made us blue With you always my heart can dance We've gone thru so much that too But more than happy I take chance With you always my heart can dance Fell deeply in love just love you But more than happy I take chance This is where now I am with you. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,19,2014

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Wake Me, When the Morning Comes

A night full of nightmares
and suicidal tendencies,
feeling pain rush, like tidal waves
crushing me and blood boiling
anger wishes and takes the best of me;
but can I heal my own heartbreak?
Will I ever find love again?
See the angel of death come to me,
smiles and says come with me.
Oh, Wake me, when the morning comes,
so I can show evil the light.

Feelings eternal and fragile,
she walks some lonesome highway
travelled by the ones who fall in love.
She a grand fool, who takes life for 
wake her with the morning light
and shine down rays of goodness and 
and show her the path that leads back to 

Wake me when the morning comes,
place her upon my doorstep
and a smile upon her loving face,
I'm not ready to move on just yet.
I don't want anymore nightmares
and nightly visits from the black angels.
I don't want to see blue eyed Death,
with his grinning skull and black robe.
I want to see the sunshine break through 
my window
and I want to hear the birds sing love 
and the trees dancing to the wind's sweet 
I want to awake to her sweet and glorious 
Wake me, when the morning comes,
when I can open my eyes to anew
and see life in a new day,
and live life in a new way.


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Bye for Now

My heart hurts to see my girls leave.
I feel a loss, though temporary, I still grieve.
I believe in and trust the Lord
for He has cut the umbilical cord.

My girls must with their own eyes see
if their dad will love them...finally.
He has broken their hearts too many times;
yet in their eyes, he can do no crimes.
They believe that this time is different;
hoping he’ll finally be a caring parent.
They have longed for a father’s love
the way we’re loved by God above.
They crave a dad’s love that’s unconditional;
no longer willing to accept love that is artificial.
They want to know that he’ll always be there;
to support them emotionally and always care.

I can only pray and ask God to touch their dad’s heart;
give them a father with a new beginning and fresh start.
I’m not angry that my daughters are gone
I just miss them, but God keeps me strong.
He has a plan for each of my girls’ life.
He won’t let their dad hurt them or cause them strife.
I believe God will bring my girls back home
because I love them and won’t let them roam.
Until they return, I will worry not;
I choose to let go and let God.

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Do not travel the lonesome road

Do not travel the lonesome road
alone with no one by your side,
sitting on park benches all alone
with no one to come to your need,
do not travel the open road alone.
That one dark road that kicks up dust
when you drag your feet across the ground,
that lonesome road that has no end,
that has no beginning, that has no life;
it just sits there alone and no one ever notices this road.
Do not travel the lonesome road of my heart.
Come with me, take my hand
I shall guide you with the beat of my heart,
with the light from mine eyes, I shall take you
and show you the world and all it's seven wonders.
You are beautiful and you do not need to walk
the lonesome road alone.

I see the pain in your heart,
I feel the tears that fall from your eyes
and drop into my hands,
come into my warm embrace
and I shall love you.
Cherish a moment so grand,
just come with me and we shall walk together
in united glory and sleep the night away,
but promise me one thing my love;
Do not walk the lonesome road of life.


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On my mind

What is it about love that makes us laugh unpredictably,  cry uncontrollably and dance unendingly .
The happy times,  they seem so far away..
but I know they were just yesterday..
Yesterday when I held your hand in mine
And felt your warm breath in my ear...
Where,  tell me please...where and when did we leave there?

Too hard to let go
Too scared to make a change
But something had to give..
We were going to make or break 
It was up to us to choose.

But what happens when its the latter you choose?
Where do the emotions go
where does love and memories hide
What does your mind and your heart do,  
What do they do to get over you?

Getting back to loving me
But the thoughts of you, they linger sometimes
The words I never said
The things I hoped would grow
They all stir inside
Turning everything in my soul

Have we lost it forever
A faint past, only left for reminiscing.
Could it be that it is all lost forevermore 
Never to be remembered and just left to be no more

Sometimes I think if it were meant to be
You would somehow, come along and find me
Tell me how much you love me,
Just like the hundred times before
But this time say it slowly
As I try to love you rightly

There is so much I couldn't see
So much I took for granted
So much selfishness,  too much wanting to be
Not enough accepting as is and just allowing it all to be

I wanted you to be someone you weren't
and in some ways you expected the same from me
We were loving but changing
Caring, tearing and still surviving
Living with no air, 
barely enough space to be fair

So lets be honest
I did things and you did things
Can we come clean?
Just make it so perhaps the slate can have a gleam

Say the things that you wanted to
And I'll say mine
Don't hold it back
There's no reason to lie

Honesty, Trust and Respect
You had it for all me
Or so you made it seem
but I lost it for you...
And couldn't bear to tell you so

Can it be recaptured, only time will tell..

My heart feels so twisted sometimes, is it because of your smile?

P.S. - On my mind

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I'm Blinded By The Truth

I have eyes to see,
but they only wish
to see you.

I'm blinded by the
truth, that I can't 
adjust to life without 

My vision is cloudy,
I'm in a state of despair 
now that you're no longer

Tell me what do I do, 
when my eyes are 
stamped with your

And I can't focus on 
anything else, when 
they only wish to see 

Written by: Poet Shi

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Just Look

She had the world in her eyes yet you could see through
A windowpane leading to a brick wall.
All I wanted was my notions, passions to ring true
Through her voice, lips, lust, despite myself I fall.
I can hear her haunting voice still in my head.
I can feel her fingertips flowing intertwined with mine.
The smell, scent, sadness lingers still in bed.
I could have seen it coming, she gave me a sign.
Yet to have and to hold, she inquired.
Despite myself, I inquired as well;
Nothing held, nothing had is what's transpired.
I can only blame me, too easily I fell.
Yet, here I stand, open-book.
She HAS the world in her eyes, if she'd just look.

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love letters in sunshine

she waits for me
in the warm sunlight
she calls to me
in the beautiful night
she sends love notes in the breeze
filled with her longing
filled with the bright beauty of together forever
she scatters her devotions along the river of my dreams
fills my heart with such comforting joy
fills my world with her beautiful soul
love letters written in the sunshine
adoration written in birdsong
she waits for me
on a springtime's beautiful sandy shore
waiting for my long winter to end
don't worry my love i will be there soon
and we can run brave through the rain hand in hand
and never ever let go
we can be together forevermore
wait just a little longer my love be there soon
and we can watch that sunrise together forever
(twenty one years lover and i still
dream you in sunshines sweet kiss)

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lonely comfort

Pillow has now cooled
Your sweet smells remain behind
Held tight for comfort

Details | Verse | |

I Let Myself Go

Soft And Warm Like The Quiet Storm
I Let Myself Go
I Let Myself Go
With Nothing To Hold On To
Not Even Gravity
I Let Myself Go
And Fall Deep Into A Fantasy
I Close My Eyes
Live In My Sleep
This Feeling Is A Dream
The Pain Of Waking Up Hurts So Deep
I Let Myself Go
Now Im Gone
And I Can’t Find Me
I Don’t Know Where I Am
But With You Is Where I Want To Be
My Mind Feels Lost
My Soul Feels Like Its Dying From Love
Because I See My Life Flashing Before My Eyes
When I Release From Your Hugs
If I Could Write My Words
On The Clouds In The Sky
I Would Use Ink
Made Of The Tears That I’ve Cried
So Whenever You Look
In The Air Up Above
You Can Read My Emotions
And Remember My Love
In The Garden Of Passion Is Where My Heart Grows
Right Next To A Beautiful Lavender Rose
So If My Heart Stops Beating
Let My Tombstone Show
That This Is The Place Where I Let Myself Go

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How Do I Love You So

In this wretched and dark place,
it's the only world I can show my face.
Ashamed of my love,
A past full of disgrace.
And yet all I want is to see your face.
But it's something I've longed to
Why do I love you so? 
These crazy feelings they need to go.
You have my heart racing like i need to show,
my love for you but I just really don't know 
how I love you so.
It's been a long wild trip,
but this I must rip.
And thats you from my heart
Yea that'd be a better start.
But here comes that thing again 
you make me want to sing and then
You see right through me
do you know what you do to me
All these things I've done you see
Fueling my insanity.
Make me want to fall apart,
Spill knowledge from this broken heart.
All I ever wanted was to be set free,
Can you really not see all of what you've done to me?

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loving you my ceizar souza

loving you my ceizar souza 

the day are moving quicker until I'm resting with you 
again my ceizar 

i so miss your touch i so miss you hand to hold 

i so miss holding you so tight at night 

i need you 
i miss you 
i love you 

you showed me love 
so I'm showing you my love tonight and forever 

you have made me so brand new 

i feel you every where i go 

and i will be resting with you forever 

in our new home Rio DE janeiro forever 

i love you my ceizar souza 

you sunshine Duncan 

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Halloween night

Dearest brother in Heaven
I pray for you always
especially this time of year
as you are so very sadly missed
In everything we say and do
you live forever
inside peal drops
In a part of our heart's
held very precious dear bro
Every prayer 
wishing you happiness 
filled with joy dancing 
with the angels  

My brother drowned this night pulls  heavy in sadness Halloween night whilst on holidays with his children in Majorca a sad family time of year

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Missing You

I miss you so when you are away
I miss you so what can I say
I miss you dear and very much
I miss your smile I miss your touch

It’s not the same without you here
I want to feel you I want you near
I want to feel your hug and a kiss
Touch of your hands I dearly miss

The way you hold me it’s only you
And when you kiss me what can I do
The way you smile touch me so deep
Only your heart I want to keep

I want to hold you so very tight
And be with you  all day and night
That would be all I want to do
Simply to be only with you

I want your smile see every day
I want you near and not away
I want to look into your eyes
And see my love my paradise

You say I’m cute one of a kind
Someone like me it’s hard to find
I don’t agree with you at all
Simply because, I'm simple girl

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A Midnight Walk

No stellar night sky can compare
To your long enchanting black hair
The moon is jealous of your radiance 
Venus tries to ignore your elegance
Nebulas now appear too dull
Your aura, the most colorful

Your eyes are like a vast black hole
Consuming all, my entire soul
You are the solar wind that makes me dance
Like the aurora. such a sublime trance
The most graceful comet you are
My compass points to you, my star

I'm stuck here on the lonely ground
Wishing for you to come around
Super Novas explode in my small mind
They're thoughts of you, the most beautiful kind
I miss the way we used to talk 
Memories of a midnight walk

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Dear Ethel

Dear Ethel.

Dear Ethel, as I write these words
A stressful thought it does occur
“Old England be a long, long ways away”
This little thought then starts a chain
And I’m there in Sydenham once again
When I was there the whole world seemed okay.

Dear Ethel, I remember well
What magic in your house did dwell
And you, you were a Princess in my eyes
And Young Sir Frank, he was your Knight
He seemed so dashing, bold and bright
 And the both of you were really full on guys

Dear Ethel I was not so old
And young hearts suffer through the cold
You’re warmth it cherished me so tenderly
 And Love be Love, and Love will always be  .

Now through this pen this song does come
I see your face and the deed gets done
This song has nestled deep within my heart
That Princess once that you did be
Be always there inside of me
Even though our worlds be far apart.

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Goodbye my Summer Love

Though the midnight summer rains
as we sit together under the geraniums,
hanging low and at full bloom,
we hold hands and talk of old times;
times that were kind to us and our youth.
As summer storms light up the night skies
We kiss the storm away, as it rolls through the grey skies
and the lighting cracks the clouds in half,
riping a hole in the universe, as we kiss the night away.

We sit throughtout nightlong summer dreams
and talk, and we hear the storms roll into the golden hills
of summer meadows filled with roses and a field full of daisies.
Love rests in time to see us grow old together,
and love strengthens its walls and pulls us closer together.
We shall go now, as day turns to night,
into our chamber of love and sleep the night away, together.
Hold us close to each other, as I rest my head on you sweet bossom,
and you nurture me to life of talks of love and beauty.

Nature whispers and sings us songs,
as we kiss and go for walks through the countryside
looking at the golden hills soaked in the rolling storms
that summer offers every year, upon a silver platter.
Sooth me, my love as I tell you of the sorrow I have witnessed.
Embrace me with your curiousity and tell me of the beauty in
the secrets of life and its hidden messangers
that hold secret letters from Devils that send temptations
to destroy something that we share, that is so beautiful and true.
Tell me that life will be okay, and my love is still true and with you.
Tell me my sweet and beautiful love, tell me if everything will be alright.

Love has seen us come and go, through the narrowed and sprinkled streets,
as we move through life fused at hands and eyes blind, not noticing the possiblities of death at any moment stalking us with knives jabbing at our backsides.
We are blind, for we see each other and only each other.
As we live life eyes a blazed looking at the sun, we do not notice the obvious between us.
Caring from me, at my time of need I never noticed the betrayal of our love.
My heart sees, but I deny the obvious and see what I hear.

As I see the knife drive deep in my heart,
you with a suitcase in hand,
I stand on my front steps and I watch the summer storms
come back over the golden hills to say, "hello"
Love is the same everytime, like a summer storm;
beautiful to watch, but when it leaves, it is depressing to say, "goodbye"
Now I sit, as the geraniums dry up and die
and the wrinkles at my eyes make me blind,
I see love walk past my house and mock me with lone kisses.

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Your Touch

Sitting here thinking this through, What happened to me and you? dont want to loose your touch, you have no idea, this hurts so much. I love you more than you'll ever know, the last thing I want is for you to go. Why is this the way it's gotta be? Wish you knew what this is doing to me. We lay side by side, never out of sight. Yet I don't remember the last time you held me tight. Miss the way you look at me, Miss the way it used to be. Look at me, what do you see? Why is it always me who, reaches out for your touch, you're right here and yet I miss you so much. I wish you knew what this is doing to me, what happened to what this used to be?

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Paper Thin

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
For kicks is why I do it now.
You tell me to love but I never knew how.
Our feet hitting pavement,
We spent the day in sunny California with sun kissed skin.
I’m learning to forget and how to fade scars,
And you let me let myself down so hard.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
And now I just do it for smiles,
We’ll never see flower girls stumbling down aisles.
I’d lose my head just before that chance,
But if you want we can still have a first dance.
Cause I think I say things that I don’t mean,
Once upon a time you meant the world to me.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
But I’m trying to refrain,
To make this not all end up in vain.
Maybe I can learn to love like some people do,
And you can learn to love yourself a little too.
Or it is in all fairness to let this go?
I guess we can try but then we’ll never know. 

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How Do I Erase You

I try so hard 
to forget you,
but the truth 
is I can't live
without you.

My days are 
my nights are 

Ever since you 
went away, my 
life is not the 

How do I erase 
you, the one I 
gave my heart 

Give me a reason 
to walk away, my 
heart cries out...

Please stay !!

If we were never 
meant to be, then 
why can't I let it be.

Written by: Poet Shi

Details | Epic | |


little dove oh how you have grown it's been so long!i miss u and that world which you live for your people i life i would give.i hope you find your new love too be for i know it's a love of eternity!as you look out at the sky talk too this ancient spirit sometime!i seen you when you arrived today i miss you my sister,think of me as a dad jesus i miss you bad!

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Incomplete Day

My days not complete,
never kissed my sweet good night.
I can't sleep without.

2nd version

I can't sleep tonight,
never kissed my sweet good night.
My days not complete.

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You are my everything

You are my everything

You can't leave me alone
I know just for a while you are gone
But keep informing me about you
Cause its very dreadful to wait alone 

I want to see your face 
Only I know its beauty and grace
You're my life, my soul
Of someone else there's no space

I only know you're mine
You're my apple, I'm your mela-pine
My life is nothing without you
Talk to me or give some sign

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It's Been One Year

Here we are still without you
one year later, there has never been a pain any greater
Daily, we remember your sound
your smile and the way you felt
I am so sorry for the hand you were dealt
We miss you so much it's unreal
To have you back we would kill
We want to believe that you hear us talk to you up there
You must know how much we care
Pieces of some of us went with you
so forever our bond is true
We will always ask why and we will never understand
and that will always make us mad
Dear God, it didn't have to be so bad
Each of us have our own special memories of you
man, you were so awesome Blue
We're doing the best we can to go on without you
some days are better than the other
then there is days that in the pain and sorrow we smother
You will never be forgotten
and as for the new cousin you never got to meet
he will hear all about Cam-Cam and know that he is called Blue
in honor of you
We love and miss you so much through the wind
we long to feel your touch
My dearest young man
pretend right now that we are hand in hand
I love you so much baby
For now I must go
God Bless your soul

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Body Cravings

There aren't enough words in the world to write about the day your bright, sky blue eyes stole my heart. You're the only one who has stayed and been patient enough to pick my aching soul apart. 

I miss the way your strong arms wrapped around my little waist and when you'd kiss me; your lips, they'd always leave the sweetest taste.

I long for the day when I once again have your body right next to mine and to hear your calming voice telling me everything will be fine. 

I can't wait for the day when you are able to scoop me off of the floor and when next I get to experience all of you once more. 

I regret each and every one of our fights, especially the ones that kept us up every hour of some nights.

I regret not holding you closer, and each time I failed to think of our future. 

I am sorry for every time I cut you off when you were mid-phrase, because I long for your fingerprints in the places my body can never erase. 

My skin should shed all of its cells but your hands, they left these microscopic indentations so now my body craves you as well.

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I miss you so much,
This aching in my heart is so unbearing,
It feels as if my heart is shattering,
And the only thing that can fix it,
It seems is your words, and your deep, crisp voice.
I miss you so much,
I am at loss of words,
When it comes to describing,
Describing how much I miss you.
It seems like I can't live without you,
Because you are such a great friend,
A friend I don't want to lose.
If I ever lost you, I don't know what I would do,
I would blame God, I am really starting to doubt him,
He has taken Pappy(grand-grandpa).
My sisters(best friends).
Ashley and Tiffany Brown,
And it feels as if he's trying to take everyone I love.
Always~N~Forever, Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To:CAZ

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just cant help but love you my ceizar

 just cant help but love you my ceizar 

for each and every day i miss you 

each and everyday becomes harder to be so far away from you 

each and everyday i miss you more and more 

my tears fall once more 

as i lay alone at night missing you, an angel appears do not fear my dear 
your ceizar is here to send love to you tonight 

for don't cry ,your safe now my dear no 
one can hurt you anymore 

so to my dear ceizar i send a wish to you tonight of my love to you is so true 

i send my heart ,to protect you each night until I'm resting with you 

for blue day to dark night 
for rainy day to Grey skies 

to sunshine of love for you 

i know are love is true 

so i just wanted to tell you i love you forever my ceizar souza 

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Can't Be Friends

Before, while, and after I said goodbye
I couldn't help but sit there and cry.
I cried on and off for 7 hours and slept one
Woke up and cried again, I still wasn't even done.

Two more hours…wake up again.
Every so often a tear falls in the open.
I literally feel an aching pain in my chest
Thinking of how I lost you, wanting to forget.

I'm feeling sick and I still haven't ate.
I want you…my thoughts aren't straight.
Mane, almost every about you
And almost every thought…is about who?

Someone who could have been playing me
Or showing me where my desires could lead.
I wanted to tell you everything, I wanted to say more,
There wasn't enough time and now my broken heart's feeling so sore.

I just wanna be alone and listen to this depressing song,
I can't get you out of my head... it hurts. Is that wrong?
I understand that I may be foolish wasting my time hurting over you.
But in all honesty my dear, I really wanted us to be something too. 

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Love Song

Up all night,
Constantly singing,
A love song.
I loved you hard.
You did me wrong.
Called the other day,
Yes you did,
Acting like a love sick kid.
Up all night,
We used to be together,
Constantly creating love songs
Now I'm up all night,
All alone constantly singing,
The love song!
I constantly wonder,
If you're up all night too.
I hope alone and not,
With someone new.
Lost love that keeps,
Lurking back is all,
This song has to say.
And I know although,
We are not close.
It's your heart it speaks to.
Tonight I'll be up,
All night,
Singing with my voice bright.
And no matter where you are,
Or who you're with. In your
Heart you will hear it!

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We are meant to be together

no wonder how much u deny, 

u would still love me, 

no wonder u say its over, 

your heart betrays u, 

no wonder how much distance u keep, 

but u are the closest to my heart, 

no wonder how much u say u don't care, 

but when i need u are always their, 

no wonder you say u are dangerous, 

i say u are gorgeous, 

no wonder u parted and said we cant be together, 

i say we parted so we can end together

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Swept By Sight

Over and across the moon
In this lonely night,
I stare at the castellation
Which glitters your face.
But because I miss you
The wind whirls out your name
Then eventually it feels like rain in my heart.
As the clouds draw near
Deep down within, my river turns to a sea.
With tears in my eyes,
I look away.
Because I refuse to let the storm determine my destiny
Because it's your hurricane that I fear the most.

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Refusing To Listen

Everyone telling me where to go:
Turn left,
Turn right.
I don't even know who to listen to anymore;
I don't even know who I am anymore.
God, please speak to me
And tell me where to go
And show me what to do
Because Your voice is drowning out in the madness
Or maybe I am just refusing to listen.

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The Letter

My love,

I pray this letter finds you well. As always, all I think about is you. When I’ll be back… It’s very hard to tell. So until then, these letters have to do. You know I dream of you most every night. So far from you, it’s hard to sleep at all. But when I do, you know I hold you tight; just like that summer at the lake. Recall? I get the letters that you send my way. I guess there’s other things you’re thinking of or maybe just run out of things to say. Regardless, just remember who I love. It’s you, my love, my heart so longs to see. Till then, this kiss sealed letter. 



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3000 miles from 3am

You're 3000 mile away
its 6 am
I'm in my own bed
dead asleep
my phone rings
its 3am
but your voice could wake me from a coma
you're 3000 miles away
and its only 3am

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A Cipher I Wish To Become

I wish I was more of a fool, 
Whose only happiness is to make folly my desires;
Nonsense to which I assented my ego, 
To err the only decency I fondled.

I wish I was more of a coward, 
Whose only dismay is I myself being a hero;
A morsel of gallantry is scattered,
Losing the identity of a knight errant.

I hate it when I become so enthused,
With the thing most of the people hate;
Or perhaps I am just so fond of pretensions,
Candidly spoiling the inceptive of sanity.

I hate it when the heart's debacle is unmasked, 
Becoming too mundane to obscure;
Dragging me to the abyss of deception,
Desperately seeking for my lost soul.

What can I be to you? A scoundrel perhaps? 
A naught would be much appalling too;
It gives me no option for bliss, 
Nor the dire longing for a kiss.

I walk leaving with no trace.
Head held up like a king with no crown;
Wide enough my kingdom it may seem,
My queen I lost, my treasure I wasted.

How can I get up from below,
Deserting the future it may offer;
I can only do a little with what I have,
Constantly waning from what is left inside. 

I wish of my own stupidity, bragging it loosely,
Claiming my own ardor in disdain;
The desolation was never in my mind,
Until I lost my fervor, my amity, my love.

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But with the evil, came the good

All turned down to the worst
as the children lost innocence,
as the bums drank their last breath away,
as the man eating sharks finding their way,
to the over-crowded sandy beaches,
as the man turn to the woman
and gave her a slap across the face,
as the thef steals in the night,
as the coward goes behind his loved ones' backs,
as the oil lanterns spill over and burn the bridges
to salvation and paradise.
Something always happens to the good guy,
a knife in the back in the midst of dawn,
his woman leaving with another man,
he dying slowly of cancer,
or suffering from intoxication of the blood.
Poison. Poison, ravages his body,
oh, how could God let such things happen
to such a good man?
His life work, his social life, his nirvana
all destroied, burned away, turned to dust.

But with the evil, came the good.
Yes with time and time again
repeating itself in a circle of time,
across the crossed faces,
as blue eyed Death smiles
and as the girls grin,
Everything came into place,
Anyway with evil, came the good.
Indeed it had came right to his front doorstep.

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Where Wild Violets Grow

Where Wild Violets Grow

Scribbling these verses,
caressing your bare back,
simple rhymes,
flowing from my fingertips.

Scribbling verses,
sprinkling odes to fragrant promises,
your smile lightens the burdens,
off my heavy heart.

Scribbling verses,
soaked in countless kisses,
the moonlight waltzing on your skin.

Scribbling verses,
feeling you,
your love never ceases to flow,

through the streams of my mind,
to a place of our own,
where wild violets grow

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To Give My Love To You

Every one I have ever loved
And there's been a special few
Has been ripped from my life
With nothing I could do

Walls built around my soul
A paranoid heart
Trying to learn love
Right from the start

Now I look into eyes
See what could have been
So lonely and empty
Where do I begin

So much to give
My love is pure and true
But what I would have done
To Give My Love To You

And I know you're not thinking of me
But that's okay
I'll love you forever, enough for the both of us
Each and every day

And I know I'm not on your mind
And it's killing me
How we could love
How we could be

So much to give
My love is pure and true
But what I would have done
To Give My Love To You

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And Then there was you

There was hue...There was dew..
A lot of smiles...& some tears too...
Lot of friends....trusted enemies few...
Known to me was bliss and happiness...
                                                                              And then there was You....

You walked in through the mystical light...
Full of blissful learning and pure delight...
I wished all harm be out of your sight...
I tried to help and be there with all my might...

You had many a story to tell.. ... lies shared little did i know..
One day all that i selflessly gave ...would be turned against my own soul...
I walked beside you in complete faith of all i was told....till God could take no more...
He stole the moments and tore me apart to maybe save and take control...
Why did the truth not come forth from you...i will never fathom...
When all i asked of you was simple facts..and never judged or held your heart for ransom...
In truth we could have served our noble it's pure light we could have stood so tall..
Why then did you not think to protect my heart...and let it in this well of lies fall..

Did you not but once stop and think of how i might feel...
When you realized all my spirit one day your untruth would steal...
For all the love and care i gave ... i got back a handful of allegations....
Enough to destroy my heart and soul and demolish all my aspirations...
Why i ask my angels did i deserve this humiliation...
So much strife , scathe , suffering and frustrations....
All i gave was undying care and genuine love...stood by you always...
Never did i let you down when needed..never did i walk away when your call heeded...
For all that was shared...Why wasn’t i spared....
To give me an ounce of honesty ..back i wish the person cared....

As life moves on...with some hurt and some hope too.....
As i try and remain to my life's purpose true....
I remember once i had my innocent heart and soul that believed in people and truth..
                                                                        ...And then there was You

Random Penning….Ruhi..

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Why my heart ponder

Why my heart ponder?
I, your offender..
What I gave?
Dark love in a cave...

I promised you a thousand lands
Didn't give enough sands...
Changing me and my love,
Hiding behind the black scarf..

Hiding me I couldn't speak,
Feared losing in a streak.
This was my only reason
But turned my passing season..

Now I rattle,

As a foolish cattle
Leaving your land and cheese,
Yet to find me some peace...

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Celestial Mask

So many times, have I cried your name, and you do not answer. I know not your face nor your name, yet I only know you are a sir. Perhaps now married, perhaps still single, nevertheless, You are my big brother, the longing for you makes me restless. The labyrinth of my life, it is everlasting. Everywhere I turn, I find more sadness that becomes unbearable and strangling. I will keep my eyes open and wait for you, but even if you cannot return my feelings, please know, Us meeting was no mere accident, I believe God sent you to me to show, I needed a chance to change, a chance to smile! So those who like me now, they have you to thank, While, Those who despise me can kiss my derrière, Because I will not drastically change myself for them, so there! Don't you agree that it was fate? I could have met anyone else, but it was you who opened the gate. When I was alone, self-loathing because of how my relatives treated me, You comforted me and told me I could talk to you, and through tears, I can see, Wait for me... Please... We will meet once and for all, You are my savior who saved one child from the darkness that loomed over so tall. However, my heart is already the color noir and full of madness, corruption, hatred and sadness, But you have only seen the loneliness in my heart, the depression and suicidal thoughts, yet with you, the impossible was possible, it was my happiness... I shared my thoughts with a few others, but you are the first, the only one I truly feel comfortable not hiding from. Everyone else, for some reason, cannot be trusted or be burdened with this weight of incredible sum. But the reason I trust you the most, the reason I love you, is because you, out of all the people in the world, told me it was okay to... Be me... Everyone else after was far too late and by then, I would have been found dead in the sea. To cut out the heart that pains me, to shoot the brain that over thinks, to drown in eternal sadness or burn away the impurity of those who influenced me... To destroy it all and leave. That is what will happen, therefore, I cannot risk strengthening the bonds I have with others, for soon, I will disappear without a trace, because of what I believe. When I exact revenge on my family, I will be wanted dead and will have no further purpose. I will revert to nature's soil. So, my existence will be a nuisance and though I will plunge everything in a hectic turmoil, I shall not regret a thing. May 1st, 2013; 5:13 pm

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Love without reason

“There is such a love, a love that creates value in what is loved. There is a love that turns rag dolls into priceless treasures. There is a love that fastens itself onto ragged little creatures, for reasons that no one could ever quite figure out, and makes them precious and valued beyond calculation. This is love beyond reason.” 
? John Ortberg, Love Beyond Reason

Amidst the wild and furious torrents of my emotional distress,
Amidst the untamed thundering of unsecure hoofs of doubt on the cold and frozen earth of my soul,
The unbearable mayhem caused by misunderstanding and distorted communication,
The devil and his cohorts seeing the opportunity,
Descending upon me briskly with unconcealed fury and relentless attack...

My feeble mind spinning with bewildered anxiety,
My heart a spasm of utter disbelief,
Preservation its only resort,
My soul a cowering mess harbored in the darkest corner of my distraught Being...

Also then,
And especially then,
I know,
Without any doubt 
Or even a shred of misgiving:
I do love you,
I always did,
And I always will.

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I Cannot See You In The Fog

The tides roll in; I do not see them,
As the fog breathes in, obscuring the sun,
Just a moment ago, you were here beside me,
But the fog stole in, and now you’re gone.

In the daylight, we were so very bright,
As diamonds sparkling in the sands of time,
Two pearls together in a single shell,
We left to see what lay beyond.

And somewhere upon our newfound shores,
We let our eyes wonder for a moment's glimpse,
To see if what we shared was true,
And ignored that fog growing ever dense.

Yet sometimes the fog is what we need,
To teach us how to walk alone,
So when our daylight comes breaking through,
It's not the WHERE, for which we care...

But for the WHO is our true home.

So meet me down on the shores of time,
My darling, when the daybreak springs,
Lay your soft head on my wearied chest...
Let the tides roll in and do the rest...

They’ll sweep us back into forever,
That together, forever we shall never loose,
Except again, when a fog rolls in...
And the home we are, is the one we choose.

Facebook: or  - What We Read, Is Where We Go...

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How Many Times

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down,
Over and over, you’ll be found,
How many times will I just pray,
For all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

How many days go quickly bye,
How many birds sing when they cry,
How many cherubs fight for you,
How many angels dance the blues,

How many demons tried to take,
How many stripes for our mistakes,
How many times could I confess,
I never loved you any less
I never loved you any less.

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down
Over and over, you’ll be found’
how many times will I just pray,
for all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For DRS

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Just One Thing

Parce que des fois il suffit de voir une phrase une photo un mot
Et même quelques fois le passé peut nous rattrapé
Alors qu’un sourire aux lèvres, les yeux sont en sanglots
Le bonheur occupe votre cœur mai la tristesse envahi les pensées

Derrière le soleil un orage se prépare pour venir foutre le bordel
Plusieurs fois aussi bien qu’il peut gardien soleil résistera
Mais l’orage reviendra toujours plus fort, vraiment rebelle
Pour enfin mettre le trouble dans tes idées, personne ne le verra

Quinze secondes c’est le temps qu’aura mis cette phrase cette photo ou ce mot
Pour installer un doute certain dans tes pensées les plus profondes
C‘est toute une remise en cause pour toi, qualités ou défauts ?!
Tu en meurs mai c’est invisible aux yeux de tout le monde

Reste humble, tais-toi, règle ça seul
Entre toi cet orage et cette putain de pensée
Que les autres fassent ce qu’ils veulent
Ce qu’on ressent jamais une rime ne pourra l’exprimer

Je continuerai à slamer
Tant que mon cœur saignera
Et j’arrêterai de crier
Le jour où la vie me l’enlèvera

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                                                  I MISS YOU

I miss you in my darkest hour , when I am alone and we are far...
I miss you in my sweetest dream , without you its not fun to scream ...
I miss you in my lonely nights,i want you beside me to hold me tight ...

One thing that i really miss........ Is the time when we Kissed

I miss you from the bottom of my heart.. love me , miss me you are my sweetheart...
I want to spend evry moment of my life with you ,even if it would be dark i am alwes with you ....

Please hug me i need your love...
There is nothing beautiful than this over and above...
Hold my hand in the crowd,you are the 1 among millions i found....

Make my life a beautiful journey..
fill it with the most memorable moments of my life..
Be with me till the day i take last few breaths in your arms...
I Love You from every little corner of my Heart...

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My Dad

I did not want to say goodbye,

To you my friend, my special guy,

You always made me get things done,

At the same time we had fun.

Missing you, I feel such pain,

The way you left was such a shame,

You left so quick, I don’t know why,

I just know it made me cry.

I always tried to do my best,

Although sometimes I was a pest,

You taught me manners and virtue,

I became a soldier because of you.

You made me what I am today,

I love you man in every way,

I know that I was sometimes bad,

I miss you big guy, you’re my Dad.

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Missing you, Aunt Jean

You meant so much to all of us.
You were so special and that's no lie.
You brightened up the darkest and cloudiest sky.
Not a second passes when your not on our minds.
Your love, we'll never forget.
The hurt will ease in time.
The fun you shared
The way you listened, we knew you cared.
The joy you brought
All of your love and affection, is what we got.
Your smile alone warmed our hearts.
You will always be so much a part....
a part of me, a part of us, a part of this family....
you will always be in our hearts.
Although someone special passes on
It does not mean they are gone
Though you are no longer with us
your memory will live on.
However, I still miss you so much
I wish I could feel your touch.
I wish I could tell you one last time
How much I cared and enjoyed the time we shared
You taught us how to love
You taught how to live
But most of all you taught us how to give.
What I would do for just one last chance
One more moment with you
Just one more glance.
Have you here, close, well and near.
Somewhere in my dreams tonight, 
i'll see you standing there.
I'll reach out to you asking "why?"
And you'll look at me with a smile and say, 
"Life isn't fair,just do all you can, keep you head up
and be the strongest and best person that you can be
and know i'll always be there for you whenever you need me."
And i'll make the promise back saying, 
"as long as there's a heart in me,
you'll always be a part of me."
So many tears I have seen and cried
they have all poured out like rain,
but it is comforting to know that you are no longer in pain.
And have the hope of everlasting life to gain.
Although we miss you so much nothing will change
Because we will never forget you, 
and always and forever love you just the same.
Our dear, precious, loving, AUNT JEAN HAYNES.

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Please Come Lord Jesus And Hear My Voice

Please Come Lord Jesus,
And Hear My Voice!

Please come Lord Jesus,
and listen to my voice!
In all I do or say, may you
 be my first choice!

Please come dear Jesus, 
and listen to my cry!
Give me your living water,
 that can satisfy!

Please come dear Jesus,
 and renew my mind!
You're so patient, loving
and very kind!

Please come dear Jesus,
and renew my spirit!
Your words of life...
May I daily live it!

Please come dear Jesus,
I need you this hour!
I need your strength,
and your power!

Thank you my Lord, my savior
and friend!
And thanks for answering me...
 Once again!

By Jim Pemberton   

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What a glorious day it will be
When my Sweet wife, Ruth, I'll see
When I see her smiling face
Waiting for me by His grace

She was mine for twenty years
Through the laughter and the tears
My companion, mentor, and friend
And I loved her to the very end

She spread joy, warmth, and cheer
To all who knew her, she was dear
She would flash that winsome smile
To every woman, man, and child

Now she's in Heaven with the Lord
She lived her life based on His Word
I miss her more than I can say 
Yet she is with me every day

I'm filled with memories that abound
I feel her presence all around
One day, her smiling face I'll see
Oh what a glorious day that will be

		Curtis Moorman
		10 November 2014

	Another tribute to my beautiful wife, Ruth, who went Home to be with the Lord on
	3 November 2014

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I Wish Time Could Stop

I wish time could stop
every time I am with you,
so I could hold you for eternity
lay with you, under a bed of stars
and a silver laced moon 
that shines down
on us.

I wish time could stop,
so I could have all the time in the world
to tell you and show how much you mean
more than the air in my lungs
and the light that brightens up darkness,
your beauty makes my heart want to stop
along with time,
oh how I wish time could stop,
so I could have you all to myself.

I wish time could stop,
to the point where we never grow old and die
or move apart from each other,
to meet other people and fall in love,
to just stay with you all my life
I'd be happier than ever.

Nothing more in my life I would ask for,
nothing more I would want than to be with you,
to hold you,
to love you,
to walk with you
along open roads of bright lilac fields.
I wish time could stop,
I wish it would just disappear
and faith would pull us together
forever and hold us,
stick us together like super glue
and make us feel no more blue.

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miss you

Denim dresses,
clothes hanging from a clothesline
and I miss you.

Dad and I are getting along just fine
he loves to reminisce bout good 'ol times
and I'm getting better at listening...

I was a happy person who was occasionally sad
but lately I've been slipping back.
Trying to be strong like you'd want me to be,
not a sad person who pretends to be happy.

All the sacrifices you made
everything that you gave 
up for me.
I'm trying to be
a life you'd be proud of,
something to show for what you've done,
a part of you that lives on
but I'm stuck.
I just miss you Mom.

I keep the house clean like you used to.
I run errands I used to run with you.
I watch what Dad eats
cuz he's all I've got.
Then I get in my bed
when I turn out the light
and just cry and cry and cry.

Tomorrow I'll get up
do what needs to be done
and maybe have some fun
after all I'm 22.
Then I'll drive home 
thinking of you
and what I'd say to you 
if I could.
Nothing ever comes 
to mind but...
I miss you Mom


I do want to tell you
the next time I see you
that you'll be proud of me.
I thought I'd lose myself when I lost you
but I know who I am, even without you.
You didn't have to worry.
I'm gonna be strong
when I see you as an adult.
However right now
I am not strong
at all, at all, at all
and I'd kill for your strength
you forgot to give me when you left.
Sometimes I still just can't believe you're gone.
And all I do is miss, miss, miss you Mom.

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Who Or What Can Fill Life's Empty Void

Who are what can fill your life’s “empty void?”
In spite of the many things
 that you have “enjoyed.”

Drugs… Sex…  Money…  Are you concerned?
Has your life been one that’s
 taken “the wrong turn?”

There’s many choices to make.  
I’m fooling you not!
But there’s a godly principle
 that must be taught!

The void we have.  Only the presence
 of God can fulfill!
Bringing you true love, 
is God’s purpose and will!

Won’t you take a moment
 with the king of kings?
And allow him to take control of everything?

Jesus will never disappointed you!  
Not now or ever!
He wants to be your friend! 
 Today and forever!

The God of this world and universe, 
wants to come in!
A Brand new way of living…  
Is waiting to BEGIN!

By Jim Pemberton

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How Hard Could it Be Part 1

How hard could it be to take my first step?

“Come to mommy, you can do it.”

“Oh you're home. Hon, look at him go.”

As I take another step, he picks me up.

He hugs me tight but gently and kisses me on the cheek.

I feel so safe, loved and happy. Perhaps that's how it was.

(I really don't remember back that far.)

How hard could it be, my first day at school.

My mom meets me at the front door of the building,

hugs me and says, “How was your first day? Did you have fun today?”

He comes home after a hard day at work and mom says,

“Hi Hon, it was Den’s first day of school.”

He picks me up in his strong arms and says,

“I knew you could do it.” A hug and a kiss on the cheek.

How hard could it be to learn how to drive a car or a truck?

“Den, come with me. Let's take a short ride down the road.”

We both climb up into Dad's blue 1955 Chevy pickup.

He stops on the back road, gets out, comes around and says, “Scoot over. It's

your turn.”

I start the engine, push in the clutch, shift and we start out slowly.

I'm nervous, I speed up, clutch in, shift again.

Oh crap, I shifted into reverse, truck stopped abruptly and backfired.

Dad looks at me, “But you did it.“ He hugs me, a kiss on the cheek.

How hard could it be to go away to college?

I'm so glad she has a phone so I can call my mom and dad.

“Hi Den, how are things going? You've got a B average.

That's great. I knew you could do it. I love you, see you soon.”

“You met a girl? What's her name? Wow, see you soon. I love you”

“You want to marry her? Big step; in Holland? Okay, we love you.”

How hard could it be to have a family?

“Oh, it's a girl. Mireille, that's a nice name.” He hugs me, kiss on the cheek.

“Another girl, Michelle, that's a nice name too.” He hugs me, kiss on the cheek.

“You finally had a boy, Michael, good choice.” Hug and a kiss.

Birthdays, holidays, weekends, visits back and forth, phone calls.

He loves them all, unconditionally. Hugs and kisses all around.

How hard could it be as life goes on?

He watches them grow up, get married and have children.

He loves them all, unconditionally, hugs and kisses all around.

We take short trips and mom and Dad go with us now and then.

We go camping and mom and Dad visit us now and then.

Every time you left, hugs and kisses all around. Always, “See you soon.”

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The worst time in my life 
Is that split second before 
The delivered becomes the read 
The story becomes the lie 
The lie becomes the betrayal. 
I didn't meant to hurt you
To see you cry made me ache 
My arms they rushed to save you 
But my heart was too hard to break. 
I tried to tell you once
Three time more 
But my lips couldn't move past 
That ever useless word of 
Was there ever a word crueler than that 
As if all the deeds of the past 
The heartbreak and betrayal 
Could be wiped out by 
A simple. Token word. 
The kind you find in cards 
Or you hear on the tube 
Because there is no word 
To heal the catastrophic 
Earth shaking 
Life changing act 
Of a heart just being broken. 
But when you whisper sorry
Into the darkness of the night 
Or shout it to the depths of your soul 
Does that make it alright 
When you whisper it
In your lovers ear 
Before the blade pierces the flesh 
And they are gone. 
Would you have sorry be the last thing I hear? 
A simple, token, greeting cards word
That solves nothing 
And causes everything.

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The Reason Why

Staring through the misty window I can picture your face
I remember our nights filled with satin and lace
Rain on the window flows past my eye
I cherish the good times and gently I cry

Our days together are now dreams of the past
Knew our relationship was destined not to last
Stolen moments, secret kisses are frozen in time
You belonged to another and could never be mine

Our passionate encounters were based purely on lust
In becoming your mistress we broke your wife's trust
You sought solace in my arms when your baby died
Sobbing bitter tears which from your wife you'd tried to hide

Never told you the reason why I upped and left
I had a hidden secret, once told you'd be bereft
Had to break free, this decision was wise
I now look at our newborn son - he has his daddy's eyes.

21st May 2014
Submitted to Craig Cornish's Get Creative Contest
~ Awarded 5th Place ~

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Weep and a Moan

Watching the sequence of sound coming out of your mouth...
But the screaming is too loud.
I can speak,
But my brain doesn't want to.

I closed the door.
Silence called for me.
Should I cry or should I run after her?

What have I done to you?
but love you uncontrollably.

Shes then left speechless.
It looks like shes out of breath,
but really I broke her.

She was fragile.
So innocent.

Run, Just run.
A gun raised..
up to her mouth.
And a taint on her heart.

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Candlelight Flames pt 3 A Christmas for two

Candlelight Flames pt. 3 ~ A Christmas For Two

The way you are, I fancy you
Twist and turn and turning blue
I hold my breath, I bleed for you
Wrapped in ribbons And Christmas too
So twist and twist My kiss is for you
The way you are, I fancy you

So strip me with your Golden Eyes
Your Golden Hair Your Golden Stare
Strip me Naked in the Rain
Stripped me Naked so Insane
Strip me, take me- Candy Cane

Dancing and Dancing
So beautiful you stand
Dancing this Dance
Our love in the sand
Twisting and Turning 
I’m burning for you
Screaming, I’m screaming 
“This love’s turning true”
Wrapped you in ribbons 
It’s Christmas for two
The way that you are
I fancy for you

So strip me naked 
Let’s dance in the rain
Strip me, take me
Our love so insane
You twissed me and kissed me
It’s Christmas for two
Wrapped me in ribbons 
Our love’s turning true
Dancing this dance because I fancy for you~ 
  It’s Love and Romance and my 
Kiss is for You

   by €hristian Alexander

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Straight to the Heart

It’s like we’re walking on tight ropes,
And I’m strung out on all my hopes.
Hopes like that you love me so,
And you’d never think to let me go.
I tried playing games like tic tac toe,
To trick you into having me to hold.

But this time,
I mean it when I say.
This time,
I’ve got no games left to play.
I swear,
I’m gonna make you wanna stay.

I’m going straight to the heart.
I’m tired of endings,
So I’ll start,
By calling on the love I had pending.
It’s not enough,
To just have you here,
I need to trust,
That you ain’t going nowhere.
And if I send a spark,
Through your veins,
Straight to your heart,
I know we’ll never,
Be apart.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Sharpen the blade and start the fire
Set ablaze your selfish desire
Alas, I have learned of your hidden goals
It is you for whom the bell tolls

Call it hate, call it detestation
For your love is the only abomination
That burdens, tortures, and destroys my soul
It is you for whom the bell tolls

This godforsaken attempt to smash all my dreams
'Tis only a mere tip of the iceberg it seems
It is like I am stranded on a deserted atoll
It is you for whom the bell tolls

Life can never redo what has already been done
I will secure my self and I will ready my gun
If only I could run to Utopia's knoll
It is you for whom the bell tolls

Tighten the hatches and prepare to make sail
Ahead is a hurricane with a full force gale
I believe as my ship yaws, pitches, and rolls
It is me for whom the bell tolls

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Do You Still Love Me

As the shadows lengthen 
Across your lined face 
As I wait. 
And wait again. 
Until I cannot bear to wait a second more. 
I ask you 
"Do you still love me".  

Ah the age old question. 
One that hides centuries of longing 
Hides the deepest feelings 
Of guilt and paranoia. 
That question asked of kings and concubines 
Of blacksmiths and their whores 
Of a farmer and his sweetheart 
And arguments behind closed doors. 

Shutting out the world 
Doesn't make it any less real. 
It brings your heart crashing down 
Around your tired feet. 
You've fought until you bled 
And now you've had enough 
But that one question is both 
A admission of defeat 
And a cause to keep on fighting. 

The reply hangs in the balance 
I see you struggling hard 
What I did, you can't forgive 
And yet, yet, a part of you understands 
A tiny sliver that screams 
Let go. Give up. Forgive. 
Finally you whisper 
And all is right with the world.

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(Acrostic) Inviting you here in my sweet arms oh my Love Longing more for you I just look at the sky above Over and over I stare at your handsome picture face Visiting in my mind all those times places that I know Endearing to me you are in everything and that's so You are like a refreshing spring breeze very fresh falling rain Over and over in my heart and soul your love is just divine Until you come over all the time and every single day to me More and more and this is the way it will always with me be On you am here resting all my trusting true love and heart Resting and touching with my hands your body to glow start Eternity I'd want to spend all my life only with you And everyday I just want to love you more and more Nothing like this I've felt for anyone else in my heart before Darling, you're the only one that my whole heart wants now Meanwhile my very heart and soul are only yours and that's so Oh yes, I just know that without a doubt that You are the one Reach out for my heart and hand my Love and my whole life Embrace me now in your strong arms, and never let me go cause You're the one! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December,06,2014

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My cursed nightmares

Under the darkened vale within the labyrinth
Of my cursed dreams 
How my wounded heart yearns
As the pages of my history turn
Back to those colourful cherished days 
Now out of reach and so far away.

I dream of my first love Diane
My sweetheart and star filled dream 
Who shaped my future
And made me the man I am.

I'm desperately searching the places
We loved and used to go
And asking people if they know where she is
But no one knows
I know she's near but don't know where
The pain I feel in my heart
Is just too much to bare
I feel lost broken and full of fear
For my soul mate who I loved and breathed for so dear.

Then I awake and it hits me like a bombshell
As reality sets in
It may have just been a nightmare
But she gave me the happiest days of my entire life
I've never really been happy since those days
And I suppose I'll carry my love for her
To my grave.

Peter Dome.copyright. 2014. Aug.

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'My Silence'

This could be the deal breaker – I want to hold your hand through this difficult time I want to say "I love you" but in all the confusion I don't think you need other complications I think about you every day I miss you more often than none my only prayer is that you will find the answers you search for – it might not be exactly what you want to hear but knowing God and His method of working behind the chaos I know it will be what is best for you – In my silence I am thinking of you In my silence I miss you before I fall sleep at night, know that I am praying for you -- In the end my silence says so much maybe more than my words or actions ever could

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our love

our love has come and gone
just like the freshly played melody of our song
though i cannot lie
i will sigh
to you i will say a final goodbye
our love has faded away
like a breeze on a hot summers day
our love has gone out of fashion
and its time to move on
because our love has come and gone
like the faded memory of our song
and with a sigh
to you i say a final good bye

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One Last Time

Une dernière fois
Tes lèvres contre les miennes
Une dernière fois
Mes pensées seront tiennes

Une dernières fois
Communiquer avec nos yeux
Une dernières fois
Nos cœurs réunis tout les deux

Une dernière fois
Me sentir vivant
Encore une fois
Tes regards m’enivrant

Car a chaque fois
C’était le même bonheur
Qu’à chaque fois
Quand tu éliminais mes douleurs

Une dernière fois, une dernière fois

Faire ce rêve qui dure toujours
Le beau rêve de l’amour
Ce rêve devenu cauchemar
Ces joies devenues illusoires

Une dernière fois
Penser que c’était vrai
Une dernière fois
Comprendre ce qu’il m’est arrivé

Car cette fois
Je vois ta silhouette s’éloigner
Oui cette fois
Tu vas quitter ma vie

Mais cette fois
Attends un petit peu

Qu’une dernière fois
 Je puisse t’embrasser

Qu’une ultime fois
Je puisse t’aimer

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the sight of my fingers

I'll wait shirt of your smell ..
to recovere the sight of my fingers
Go in Maryomah ..
Go in ..
and Close the world behind you!

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If I die before I wake

As I die he will be with me,
I fell in love he had the key,
And always knelt on one knee.

My last thoughts are of him, 
As the lights go dim,
Life circling on a rim.

All at once we are apart,
The taste is so tart,
It all hits me in the heart.

You are left to live,
My heart your captive,
There is nothing to forgive.

My cheeks blush so shy,
With a tear in my eye,
As I start to die.

Fear not for I am well,
As many up here can tell,
It is not quite hell.

As I look from above,
kissing the forehead of my love,
I wonder what he dreams of.

I look at him so fondly,
his lips curve so grandly,
as he sleeps so soundly.

I'm like a hummingbird fluttering over his bed,
I wish to be with him but I am dead,
My life over and has fled.

I fear for my love for he is kind,
Strong handsome and well lined,
But now I leave him way behind.

Finding love is like a quiz,
Never knowing what it is,
He needs love from a heart as strong as his.

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To Infinity and Beyond

Astronomy is asinine,
the solar system useless,
and the sun completely irrelevant.
As far as I'm concerned,
the world revolves 
around YOU.
Believe me when I say
my thoughts of you 
are more abundant
than the stars in heaven
and my love for you
is as infinite
as the universe.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

The perfect gift
Is often a myth
It's clearly out of reach

You're already gone
Never to respawn
But listen to me preach

The best gift of all
Is hearing your call
And having you back with me

It's been too long
I wrote us a song
I wish you were here to see

Christmas is about love
The innocence of a dove
But also family

Grandpa that's you
We all know it's true
I fall right under your tree

You are my gift
That one wish
I'll glance up at the moon

I'll blow you a kiss
It'll never miss
Grandpa I'll see you soon

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How much I miss you

I miss you like the night’s sky misses sunshine
How long shall I have to wait to make you mine?

I miss you like a poor drunkard misses wine
How long shall I have to wait to make you mine?

I miss you like a hungry guy wants to dine
How long shall I have to wait to make you mine?

I miss you like a poem’s missing last line
How long shall I have to wait to make you mine?

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Never to forget

I will never forget 
Your eyes so delicate
Only on them
Not mine 
The world would always shine

I can only look
Haven’t found it 
Easy yet
And only then
For this heart inside of mine
I know will not 
Just yet
Look to deep 
Or I will get
Lost alone inside my own mind

I would not
Want to believe
That someday 
You could leave
Leaving me never to forget

I don’t know
Just why
I haven’t found it 
Easy yet
To look deep inside 
My heart 
And your eyes 
So delicate  

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Once More

I see your name here and there
Suddenly, I can’t get you off my mind
I catch your fragrance on the air
Remembering when your lips touched mine

I feel your presence all around
In the night and the sunshine, warm
I would give all, and all again
To hold you once more in my arms

                       ~Christopher Thor Britt

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Das Ein Mannlein

Das Ein Männlein

The silent echo reflects through the lodge,
Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stum…
Repeating itself in the young boys head.
He is not yet a man, but stands proud enough to be,
Coming back here to relieve himself of his past.
Crying out as he reaches the splintering and tilted door.
The memories of the cold, the blistering cold overpower him.
He spends time collecting himself as the moon moves across the sky.

He had been here with his family-
Says the toppled dining room table.
He also wasn’t the only child in the lodge-
Says the curled up paper dolls in the fireplace.
There was music- Ein Männlein Steht im Wlade ganz Still und Stumm…
Echoes the toppled ivory-keyed piano in the corner.
There was a war, as the Russian Graffiti on the wall complains.
The crashed bomber-plane with the seat full of bones assures that fact.

He came back to the rotting lodge in the forest
Back to the overgrown pile of shambles to find something
As he digs he picks objects out of the rubble, a boar’s head, jewelry, dog-tags,
And finally the thing he seemed to have been searching for.
A baby’s bathtub, with a scrolled handle, stares at him through the dust.
What happened to the other child?
She still has all of her baby teeth in her sweet little baby head.
She’s been sitting in that bathtub ever since that horrible night.
When she was boiled to death by hungry war criminals. 

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On days which went not right
When evening came to be
I miss the hands and voice
That brought me normalcy.

The remembered days of triumph
When laughter filled the air
Joy-tears welled my eyes … and
Her presence was always there

In sickness and in sorrow
Through all the thicks and thins 
Standing there beside me
Those woes she’d help me cleanse

When harsh words or arguments
Invaded tranquil scenes
Her understanding thoughtfulness
Returned the good routines

Situation and circumstance
And twists that fate allow
Caused it all to go away
And oh … I miss her now.

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little pale lies

sometimes, i get a wave of sadness over me.

i love you, and i want to be with you,


you deserve someone

a little less neurotic


a little more normal.

someone who is honest when she whispers, “I’m so happy”

under the covers.

you make me happy.

but you shouldn’t have to change me like that.

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I Miss You

I miss you as much as the sun would miss the dawn if the dawn would one day decide it 
wasn't going to show up that morning. I miss you as much as a bird would it's song if for one 
day it couldn't sing for me in the early morning hours. I miss us like we used to be when the 
moon shone down upon your face. I'm missing the times we shared in the special place, that 
will start to fade away if for one moment I'd ever forget how you touched my life. That place 
I'm missing you most is in my heart.

                                                      By:Betty L. Hall

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Love Endures

Love floats by,


tip-toeing past pain,

leaping through walls,
weakening the barricades,

of the most private heart.

Love settles in,


quietly beyond anguish,

erasing the desolation,
soothing a battered spirit,
enveloping the shivering soul.

Love stays, it is true,

love endures, as do you

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Meeting you at the very end of Spring, 
Your stare radiated the beauty of that warm morning,
Total strangers we were back then,
I wish to see those beautiful eyes again, 

Being close with you used to be bliss, 
Now that feeling is what I really miss,
Meeting you was a blessing from the heavens,
But now I am only lost with the ravens, 

The past is a dangerous place to stay in for a long time, 
But you're there and keeping you there is a crime,
A crime I love to repeat every time I remember, 
Remembering every aspect of you I loved back in December,

I know you're gone for good this time, 
So I am making this rhyme, 
To let you know what I feel,
To let you know that back then it was real. 

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I Hope You Know I'll Always Love You

I am what you call a hopeless 
But im also a lost lovers cause, my 
heart belongs to another
Yet in my head a love triangle starts 
to form, the girl I love doesn’t love 
She holds the heart to another and 
mine caged to the floor,
She isn’t afraid to fight for what she 
wants, not even when it comes to 
leaving another man torn
Trust me she’s happy, as that boy 
holds her heart ever so close
Seeing what I shouldn’t I smile as I 
wear my blind fold,
Blind to everything around, lifeless 
staring into air
My train of thought running so fast, 
the second I stop you’ll hear a crash
Derailing my hope, for ever finding a 
love so pure & rare
Wishing I could hold the hand of the 
lover who stole my flame,
Wish I could change the last days in 
which we parted ways,
Realizing now that we can never be 
the same
Finally saying it out loud as tears run 
down my face
You stole my happiness, as I walked 
away that day
But it’s because as of what you said 
I guessed I changed,
Now every relationship has just be 
the same,
No one can seem to bring back that 
Because a love likes ours comes 
once in a lifetime
Well at least it does to me,
But I mean you’re happy with who 
your with 
I mean I only wrote this as I heard 
exchanging “I love you” flow from 
each of your lips.

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My Hero

Like a rainbow after a rain storm
You brighten up the world
Whenever I am down

Never gets sick of 
The many phone calls received
A very caring person

Indulged me in the wonders
Of the Spanish speaking culture
An excellent teacher in everything that is thrown at her

You are more than a cousin to me
You are one of my many sisters

If there was no you 
I would be missing a whole part of me


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"Badi Tassalli Se Toda Tha Tumne hamara Dil.
Hum Aaj Bhi Mohabbat Nahi Kar Paaye."

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Lost And Found

Moon is to the night,
As sun is to the day,
Aligning only in sight,
But, eclipses do not stay.

Lightning exists in a cloud,
The ground is miles away,
Their connection can be loud,
Electrifying when it may.

The sun sets on the sea,
But, never touches it,
You shine light on me,
Igniting my fire a bit.

I am way down here,
Wishing on a falling star,
See that falling tear,
You are near, yet so far.

I walk a lonely road,
You walk down another,
Writing lost love odes,
And never finding each other.

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Summer Pain

As she walks in the pouring summer rain, That plays an endless song of pain. Though he left her so very long ago She feels him near everywhere she goes. The days hurry past her, But she'll always remember The last time she saw him in the sun. It was the day last summer had begun. The rain in which they once kissed, All she could do now was miss, The long dances with him in the rain, The kisses that chased away all her pain. The sky blackens above and the wind, Grows strong as the sky is dimmed. The weather reflects the storm in her heart. Everyday with him gone tears her apart. To feel his arms just one more time, A mountain in a heartbeat she'd climb. As she sees the beast made of wind and cloud, She says his name once more, aloud.

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breathe, suffocate

velvet tears slip down my cheek.

a gentle cry.

and the wet drops seep in the corners of my mouth


my lungs are full of my own salty, crystalline tears,

bringing buoyancy to boats that sail inside my veins.

as a rule, I try not to cry.

if a single tear is shed, who is to say that another will not follow?

compelling the rest to join

until I’ve immersed myself in the sea I’ve incepted,

and soon

all I see are the opalescent peaks of water colliding with my skin.

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To A Missing Love

I miss the days,
We shared together,
And the love we shared,
When it was there,
Believe it or not,
My love for you,
Will always remain,
In my heart,
No matter where you may go,
For we have been,
Through a whole lot together,
That shows my love for you,
Is as true as it becomes,
For one day you will see,
That no one will stand beside you,
The way that I have,
During these troubled times,
And never leave your side,
To be there through thick and thin,
The way I was for you,
Being very true during each forsaken time,
Even though you were pushing me away,
By doing what you did,
Which caused us many problems,
I felt as if everyone else mattered,
More to you,
Than me.

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Haiku 2

Wherever I am
Your breath on my neck
Feels like home

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Me n You

You said you love me,
No one above me.
But lately you choose the game.
I thought you meant what you said, what a shame.
Though it hurts i stay by your side.
Just know your walking a thin line.
One day i'll have you back.
I'll always be here,
Whether were in a hoopdy or a cadillac.
I'm scared for you,
Dont know what i would do if i lost you-no clue.
And i'm not talking about you leaving,
'cause our love has too much meaning.
I'm talking about the next guy pulling a heat.
Thats what i mean when i say i dont want you to leave.
I miss you baby,
Im here to stay
I want to be your one and only lady
I promise its gunna be me and you
Until its through.
You got my heart
Till death due us part.

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Nothing I Can Do

There's this one girl I love I'm really missing
Hour by hour, and every second too
Remembering nights of lakeside kissing
But There's Nothing I Can Do

She was everything to me
A cool winter's breeze...
A warm summer's shore...
But oh how the time really flew
When she'd come knocking on my door
Now there's Nothing I Can Do

And while the days continue drifting past
My love for her still lasts
So I'll send it everyday to my love, just for you
Because there's really nothing more
There's nothing else
There's Nothing I Can Do

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Love Song

'We' you and i
drink not from same water,
But in ablutions
We prepared in spring
For a beautiful day

Have you ever had a dream
Tell me, if yes
In whispering- hold my head
I know soon, they will get jealous

Ibasepe- is not in our dictionary
Ti nba ti mo, we speak not,

Let the love flows
Osun- so ngbo.

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Daylight Past

I hear the sound of pouring rain,
And wonder if he hears the same,
I’m living in daylight past,
How could I forget to ask?
Did you really mean what you said?
How could you hurt the hand that fed?
You've forgotten how much I've cared,
There is no one else that has even dared,
Why did I push you so damn hard?
You were the one with the card,
How could this happen so fast?
I’m living in daylight past,
I wonder if he feels the same,
My heart is pouring rain.

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A time to remember

A time to remember 

The innocence 
The smile
The way you laughed
The stare of your eyes
All these are the reason why
I love you more today
My knees are weak 
When the words are spoken
When the words from your lips
Invade my heart
With a simple 
I love you
Lost in the memories we share
Replaying them all
Like a favorite movie you know all the words
Like a song stuck on repeat 
Lost in the groove of the beat
The beat of our hearts 
Playing for us 
A love song
Our song

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A Hidden Desire

Every time inside a wind goes on
Feeling your nearness
Kneeling for your dearness
In my nerves it flows on

If you ever think who could it be?
Just look into my eyes dear 
And you could just see

If you ever thought Where could it be?
Won't you feel your Heart
That's where i should be

What if I die desiring you?
And you never could had me a view
What if my story bedded on stones
Without a gaze is always thrown
What if my love held on by hope and faith
Is backed off the life
Until it's final breath

Still endlessly in my nerves
My love flows on
Is in the midst of my Heart 
But never Shows on

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I Miss My Love So Very Much

Not seeing you from day to day,
takes a toll inside my heart

Writing words to chase the hurt,
but still there’s pain cause we’re apart

It’s like the desert that misses the rain,
a barren land so parched and dry

Needing the water to soothe the ground,
that fluid love from in the sky

No substitute can take your place,
this earth has nothing that it can give

To cure the agony from day to day,
that I survive somehow to live

I grow so restless in your absence,
I need you close to feel your touch

I long to hold you in my arms forever,
I miss my love so very much

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A Little Strange

You’re a little strange,
The way you say my name,
And tell me I’m insane.
You didn’t even know me,
But you knew just what to say
When I was having a bad day.
You seemed quite crazy,
Even about my awful grammar,
And today’s latest glamour.
You always try to win,
All our stupid little arguments, 
And the silly games we play.
You’re a little strange,
But I like the way you say my name,
And the way you drive me insane.

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And Thats MY Only Fear

What comes with your smile
You Smile to define my style
You cry, here comes your tear
Only thing I do fear.

I love and yes I do care
Want me? And I am there
Longing you, such a creature
Yeah I know will never mature.

Riding on my pacing steed 
Relishing you, moving on speed
Closing my eyes, you are there
And thats my only fear.

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Real or Fake

1 Tear
2 Tear
3 Tear
How many tears will hit the floor?
I wish they'd stop its getting late.

I never seen this as my fate
We started off with just one date
We lived and loved and made mistakes
They piled up and made us break.

Is love real or is love fake?
I guess its all just what we make.

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Oval Truth

Listen to the beats
Heart calling to thee, whispering thy name.

Oh the purity! Meek it is
Reaching for thy soul
Bringing beats to form an oval truth.


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Besides You

Besides you 

Nothing ever heals 
          Never this 
Bleeding heart will rejuvenate 
          New girls bandage me 
But these sores still fester 
          Never scabbing over 

Jaded this trust we did desecrate 
Over time I thought the hurt grows lesser 
And I'm wrong. 
I cant replace 
          With another 
Or others.           Long lists of disappointing lovers. 
          Nothing, or no one can satisfy 
Or fill this hole -           that losing you left this life. 
I Lost polarity of my soul 

Please don't make a final decision 
Please                    reconsider           mending 
          My family.                     My one ambition. 

-END-   (July 15 2007) 
dedicated to the love of my life   

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The Dreams don't last long anymore

Here, there, everywhere
tired and dreaming of her
long before she let go,
and I was happy,
lost now I feel nothing.
The dreams don't last long anymore,
not like they used too.
I awake in the middle of the night,
to a howling wind swirling outside my window,
the dark creeps on my heart,
I try to smile,
act as if I was a blind man,
but sadly that wish never comes
and I hug my pillow,
where her sweet head lay
in the days before,
tears run down my rough cheek
and wets the dry pillow case
of my soul.


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It hurts so deep,
And you make me cry,
That maybe back at the station,
That, that was our last goodbye. 

We both know that you're strong,
But we both know the chances,
That things go wrong.

I wait for you,
Wait for your call,
And never get a notice,
That battle,
Was your downfall.

Come back safely,
My Soldier Love,
My Captain,
Come home to safety.

March on home my Captain,
March on my solider love,
Keep you head up high,
And look to him above.

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(Free Style) Sounds in life that makes us sing, Songs of love that were created here, Winter, fall, summer, and every spring Your love brings me a basketful of cheer Anointed by your presence Moments spent here with you No more tears no more blue You've changed all my life too With you I feel I want to dance No matter what transpires here and there Let's take every moment, every chance, To love and to show each other's care You're mine to always treasure, Love in life to always last. Your love gives me so much pleasure And without you,my Love,I'd be lost fast. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December, 06, 2014

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Who and what would I be if I could not see?
How would I know what was in front of me?
And could I sense what was really there?
Or would I think it was not fair?
Who and what would I be if I could not feel?
How would I know if love was real?
If I could use that inner voice...
Would I realize I had a choice?
Who and what would I be if I could not hear?
How would I know what not fear?
If I could remember who I was...
Or would I trade it for that little buzz?
Who and what would I be if I could not smell?
How would I know or even tell?
If I could be happy once more...
Or would I choose to shut that door?
Who and what would I be if I could not taste
My lifes feels like such a waste
Just want to fly like a dove
Unable to be with my one true love
Who and what would I be if I could not speak
against the poison I am weak
I've been so lonely, crying like a fallen child
The sadness inside is growing more wild
Who and what will I become if I keep on this path?
How would I handle Hells great wrath?
If I don't stop my lifes at stake
'Cause the addictions waiting for my soul to take.
Who and what would remember me
Perhaps only the heart we carved on that big oak tree
Cant live this way, I'd rather die
So when Im gone ....Please dont ask why

Brandy Franklin

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i remember love

i remember the dark night sky filled with small orbs of light.
i remember a second sun rising in the hushed ashes of the night.
i remember the haunting echos of a lonesome a song of beauty.  
and your voice bouncing  with laughter and joy.
i remember smell of the climbing, wild ivy.
i remember soft gazes at the dancing lake.
i remember your hand gently placed in mine, warm and soft. 
even now that you are not here with me or with any one,
i will remember your love, in my heart forever.
 in this life time, any life time.

                       ( by august about rainbow girl)

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A Dream Within A Lie

Take this life, a dream within a lie, 
Uncertain images, surrounding light, 
For what I've seen, for what I've known, 
There is no "hope" for as you go. 
Take my crime, a pain within your shrine, 
Unspoken dreams, unbearable memories, 
Fading away with time, dust in the sea of lies. 
Take this love, if possible let it grow. 
Let it breathe, let it die, 
Turn back as you walk away, 
Through that door of eminent lost.

© December 26, 2014

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Pretty Differences

Pretty Differences

I remember the night; I was talking to you all silly...
Never did I know, would fall for u so easily...
But you were someone so unique to me...
I couldn't hold on to myself but with u, to be...
Although I knew, between us...
It was the best of times; it is the worst of times,
It was the age of wisdom; it is the age of foolishness
It was the epoch of belief; it’s the epoch of incredulity
It was the season of light; it is the season of darkness
It was the spring of hope; it is the winter of despair
It was minute of togetherness; it is the ages of estrangement
We had everything before us; we have nothing forth us...
I was everything to you; I’m nothing for you...
In you, I had my world, now I don't have you...
I’m so lost still lost in you...

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Today I remembered you 
When I put on my boots
And when I saw our team logo
on the jersey of some dudes
Then during lunch, in the restaurant
for your inevitable love for meat
And later because of a picture
in the book I taught
My body was there, my mind was not
Then  in the bulged eyes
 of a guy on the billboard
In the email draft that was never sent
In the shower  I'd love we shared
And on this empty side of my bed

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When We Were Young

I can't take it anymore
singing a song meant for the two of us
with some other love
I can't breath anymore
thought I could live without you
but I can't be without you
all those days I still remember
never a time I don't dream about you
and I'll always love the day
oh I'll always miss the day

When we were young
what we were back then I don't recall
I miss you now
I loved you them
I love you know

Wanting to come back home to you
with arms wide open just for you
waiting for the day you come home
mabey a lifetime and then some
but I'll always love the day
Oh, I'll always miss the day

when we were young 
what we were back then I don't recall
I miss you now
I loved you then 
I love you know

Never thougth I'd have to live without you
never want to be without you
but I'll always love the day
and I'll always miss the day
When we were young

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I wrote you a lovesong

I wrote you a lovesong
and I slipped it into my shoe.
The blue shoes;
the ones I wore to the dance tonight.
I put the shoes outside my bedroom door,
to be shining when I wake up.
When I wake up and think of you.

I wrote your note that you left
your handwriting is like little whips
curled long and supple
like musical notes spaced between the lines
like marching legions parading from side to side.
I loved the hand that could manipulate
a pen so serenely, so craftily.

I like to think that I could smell your palm
where it touched the page,
inevitably caressing where my fingers now touch.
I must have imagined it,
though, for not even the faintest trace of perfume
persists to remind me of your silken skin.

I wrote you a lovesong,
caressing your memory with soft rhymes and words.
I reached out to touch your cheek
with a subtle but catchy melody.

I felt the guitar strings with my fingertips.
Memories flooded from me
and hid in the sounds echoing from the box.
In my mind I danced with you,
lightly spilling all over the dance floor.
Faces and voices blurred into a single color
as we spun faster and faster.
Your feet narrowly missed mine
in a precision act
of mutual agreements
on rhyme and beat.
My cheek touched your neck
as we dipped in a samba
and whip-lashed in a tango.
Your hair swirled like a silken scarf caught in the wind,
spilling your scent in fiery flashes.

Oh, what a night we had!

It ended in a café,
sipping coffee that was too hot,
not saying feelings,
but sharing love
like the flowers share the sun and the earth.
Your cheeks were ablaze with color
and the creases of your smile
that frequented your lips
laughed with dimple-dips.

Oh, how I loved you as we sat there!
Oh, how I love you now!

I wrote you a lovesong,
because I danced with you tonight.
I took my shoes from the box I keep them in,
the same box in which I keep
the note you left me.
I took the drawing I made of you so long ago,
yellowed and faint,
and I caressed it.
I caressed it as I danced with your memory,
softly kissing your lips,
leaving a damp trace on the yellowed paper.

I conquered my old gravity and pain
by spinning around
in my wheelchair,
narrowly missing the furniture
in my room,
dancing as we had
so long ago.

I danced to your memory
and loved you as always.
I sang my new lovesong to you.
Perhaps tomorrow somebody
will take it out of my shoe,
the blue shoe,
in front of my door,
and sing it to the world.

And sing my love to you
for everyone to hear,
my dear departed wife.

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What Makes Me Tick

Sun and Earth spinning, universes burning, inwardly yearning
Knowledge and learning, warmness in the darkness turning

Spirit and soul, love kept beside my bed in a bowl
A cold winters night and stove full of coal 

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Doors clamping as i could not find sleep

Dogs barking and trembling in the neighborhood

Lying in my bed,eyes wide open,cold feet

Like horror foot prints flashed on my walls

Frightened and terrified,could not imagine it was real 

Strange hands that reached for my thighs 

Fingers hurting deeply as it penetrates

So scruffy i had screamed my name 

Like a rose just got dried

Freezing and loud the wind blows 

My sheet squeezed l was choking 

Somebody help me, i lost my voice

Could i be dreaming i asked in silence

Imaginations gone bad , thoughts were awful

felt a grasp of my neck and my eyes were red

The night was too long i could not pretend

I suddenly reached for an object to strike 

Amazing, what It had become 

A rod i do not want to let go 

In a trance i had seen the mask

On the wrist, it was twelve past twelve

That time of that day,we met! 

Roseline olajide

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MOMENTS Moments Of awareness Times spent in your presence Treasured and valued forever A lover of the mind, body and soul You kept deep emotions for me To cherish and relish Love hidden in Moments © Kim van Breda—20 October 2014

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Stanzas OF Regret

Why have you abandoned me and left?
You were my dearest and most precious gift
We have to forgive each other 
For what we both have done
Everybody makes mistakes, I’m not a saint
Neither are you a nun!	
Wow! At last! I got over you!
Has it taken you long to do it too?
Please don’t say, because I’m already blue!
I know that love is a look a word a touch and a kiss
And I really loved you, so I had to stay away 
That’s why I had to do this!
Will I ever forget her hazel eyes and their long lashes?
Though nothing now remains but memories and ashes
After the flame of love was put out
What do I want? What am I talking about?!
I loved you so much didn’t you know that?
Didn’t you see it in my eyes?
The sincere love, no tricks nor lies
But I was worrying so much about your repute
Till I even forgot how beautiful you are and cute!
You’re mad!
I know this is what you may say
But your love had a price, and I had to pay!

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I die a little bit
When I think of you
How my heart bleeds inside
If only you knew

Jasmine sits on my table
The flowers you picked for me
They're wilting away just like you
And your place in my memory

Details | Romanticism | |


By the nearness of you...
I can say: I might never be blue..
I have someone to embrace and coo..
I have someone not too early; doesn't ask for dues..

In the nearness of you..
My cheeks turns red into flush..
Magical feelings commence to gush..
Like butterflies flying in hues and rush...

By the nearness of you..
I feel a quiet caressing warmth..
Enveloping me with passion affection; not harm..
Inviting me to wish forever; not quick as ramps..

By the nearness of you..
Oh, through the nearness of you..
I feel heaven in a wrath of trials hell..
Yet, it stops me to say and tell..
For I'm confident, I'm safe from any jail..

By: olive_eloi
sept. 6, 2013

Dedicated to: all persons who have been so near to someone so dear...

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Set You Free

You make me laugh,
You make cry,
You make my heart skip a beat,
Even though you don’t try,

I really can’t imagine,
Living my life without you,
Our little girl would be sad,
And I would be too,

You say you want out,
So I will set you free,
I feel I have no other choice,
It will be just her and me,

I’m sorry for all the hurt,
And also for the pain,
At one point we were happy,
I wish things had stayed the same,

I wish you all the best,
And a happy life too,
But just remember,
We will always love you.

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Vehicles flow on the road
Engines rumble loudly throughout
All vehicles are running on the same road
But as each of them is different destination

So many people travel back and forth 
They step on the same path 
All of them are in a hurry and introvert
But they do not converse together
Each of them has own target

I blend with those people
I do not know them and they do not know me as well
I only recognize who am I? And where to go? 
My destination is my beloved  motherland 
I look upon someone's waiting for my return
Darling...!! I will be back...

Ho Chi Minh City. November 04, 2014

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Dear Father of the Nation

You lead this nation to hold hands;
You inspired peace, even on foreign sands.

You are the world’s most respected man;
You’ve encouraged dreams, and the words: “I can”.

Now that you walk on Heaven’s shores;
And live in a home with God’s hand-made doors;
We pray, that we can make you look down and smile;
As we pass on your legacy, through the generation aisle.

Dear Nelson Mandela, may peace now be with you;
And thanks for your love;
From: A global family, missing You. 

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In the span of a moment

In the span of a moment
A word of caution
Destiny alters
Those fragile components

In a moment a seed 
Comes forth to fruition
Or it dies with no one to grieve
No pause nor slight intermission

In the span of a moment 
Fate awakens 
Mysteries that seemed unimportant
Ones that had rested perfectly dormant

In the grand scheme of life
Those moments seem trivial
A roll of the dice 
But they are really indivisible 

For the human condition 
Is fragile at best
On guard to vague contradiction
In the constant it heeds it's rest

In a moment you can catch
The gleam of an eye
A flash of anger subdued
Or a clarity replaced by confused

The tiniest speck of time
To a life interrupted
Forever can find
A heart too corrupted

To trust in another
Or even ones self
Much more when those moments
Cluster and swell

In an instant your eyes
Can behold perfection
In the passing of time
Reveals a cruel deception

Moment by moment
We fall or we stand
Trying to control every component
Its like holding sand castles with only your hands

Yesterday everything seemed perfectly right
Today my love, he went away
Like ocean waves when tides crest high
The mornings new landscape gives way

I cry with every forsaken moment
The moments by my side he's not here
I've already endured the many moments
All those that turned into years

At times I want to go back
To what was before I met him
The level of empty contained in the past
Was fuller than his presence rescinded 

There is no exaggeration 
That without him I cannot breathe
In this lies the danger
When he became the fabric of me

My true love I gave only
to one other this way
He held it long after he passed away
In truth it paled if portrayed

In moments such as these
I want to scream
No matter to whom be displeased
Cross valley and mountain it's rivers and streams

How long my darling
how many more moments
For something so right
To feel so wrong so alone

For what is lonelier 
Than a moment alone
A timepiece which knows no hour
In the span of a moment unknown



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You’re the shining sun and silver moon, Glowing brightly in my heart, Your words soothe my thoughts, And for once, I don’t worry. Though we couldn’t talk much, It’s like I’ve known you all my life. But I don’t. I want to know more about you, Who you really are, what you look like, I want to know more about you. Unlike others, I’ve been given a messiah, One I could talk to about anything, Guardian angel, are you worried about me? I know I get hurt a lot and I hurt others. I know I’m tainted and cruel, I’m sorry. Can you forgive me? I don’t know what I was thinking. I regret it and I want to take it back. But I can’t… So, as I repent under a perpetual, gray light, Let us enjoy each other’s company, For I know all too well, Good things come to an end. Family, Friendships, Life, Love… So, may we hold hands and share an embrace? Just for a moment, please, Let us share a moment of eternal bliss. May 17,2013

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Please come back to me

It’s the 17th again today
Cant believe how time has flown
The day since you left me
All alone

At first I felt free
I spread my wings to fly 
Now I realise flying is hard 
If you have to learn it alone

Was I bad for you
Why did you pack your bags
I am bleeding by your words

I still look at photos 
Wanting you here 
I still put them in frame 
As if your still here

But realising you have left me
I’m bleeding in the dark
My feelings running around
I cant control my heart

Please come back to me an changed man
As I have worked to hard to let you go
I want to wake up in your arms 
One last time o, no

Details | Romanticism | |

Free me

Free me, I say free me
from the enternal damnation
of her death grip.
(I have no use, for love with her)
She does not know me,
She does not love me,
For if she would love me,
I'd love her back.

Come now, someone free me,
free me from the eternal hatred
that has grown between us.
I cannot take this torture anymore.
(My heart grows weak, my heart grows weak... I can't breath,
  I can't breath. She is crushing my windpipe! HELP ME!)

Listen I do not love you,
My heart belongs to someone else.
Someone who understands the pain I face.
I cannot love you, and will not love you, for my heart does not belong to you.

I pray to everything that is holy in this Godly, green Earth
Free me, free me!!
I say free me from this eternal torment and execute this monster!
(For my heart belongs to someone else.)

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You were always there for me from day one,
Carrying me around like I was your favourite son.
Telling me you loved me from day to night,
Telling me that I was such a charming delight.
But now your gone what can I do?
I never got the chance to tell you I love you,
So now I'm gonna say...

Mumma you are my super hero,
I've loved you since you were zero.
You are my shooting star,
And I know you really aint that far.
But now I get the chance to say,
I love you mumma so please stay.

I remember you from when I was young,
Always singing the words you sung.
They were always so magical,
The way you sung them was so classical.
The way you sounded I will always adore,
But now your gone I can't sing them no more...

Mumma you are my super hero,
I've loved you since I was zero.
You are my shooting star,
And I know you really aint that far.
But now I get the chance to say,
I love you mumma so please stay.

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Make Haste! My dreams! For night ensures 
That in the night I'm only yours 
So, bring the darkness; bring the night 
Until dawn brings It's humbling light.

The stars can sparkle, they may glow 
But, in my mind alone, I know 
The comfort of your radiant smile 
Which day was shown for just a while.

For countless days, my memory cries 
And craves the twinkle in your eyes 
Your touch; your quiet, gentle kiss 
Are, in the daytime, greatly missed.

But when the shroud of black surrounds 
And air is filled with lonely sounds 
I close my eyes; Then so it gleams 
Your light; That guides me through my dreams...

Details | Free verse | |

The eyes

Never I know,
what is flowing form your eyes to my heart 
I only feel  somthing collapse.
and gradually I finish...

Details | ABC | |

Forget Me Not

By Robielynn Collins
 I'll never forget, 
the look in your eyes, 
the way you smiled, 
the way you cried, 
the way it felt, 
when you touched my skin, 
knowing that you ,may never win, 
the way that you held me, 
the way you cared, 
the way you got nervous, 
when you were scared, 
not of anything, 
that could give you strife, 
but scared of losing,who you called your life, 
I know it's to late, 
but now I know, 
you loved me more, 
then just words could show...

Details | Rhyme | |

The Present of Presence

puttin' that ring on my finger was clever, i’ll admit it, 
'cause every time i look down, i can't forget it, 
and lately i've been lookin down a lot,
all the times on the phone that we fought, 
feelin' like you forgot, those two years, 
now they're just brain smears, blank tears, 
can't seem to get my words through your ears, 
and today it’s 24 years that you've been livin', 
i just want you to know, that everything is forgiven, 
i just miss you, you're the only person i ever had to get to, 
that point with, where no matter what happens, 
for each other, we’ll always care, always be there, 
and every time i look up in the sky and see a star, and stare, 
know it's still you i think about while i'm standin' there, 
you're like my air, i breathe you, i need you, 
because what we share is like nothin' i ever knew, 
and don't think for one second i don't care about you
you're the only star i see when i look up in the air, you.

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I’m boarding Delta, and it is the end. 
The end of two cumulative months 
Of connection 
Hidden in professionalism. 
A connection too amazing
To admit openly.
I hold my breath during takeoff.
I always think I'm going to explode
In any given second.

During our time together you would tell 
Humorous ones, sad ones, uplifting ones. 
You liked boiled peanuts and baseball. 
Hated NASCAR. 
Had a sweet tooth. 

Your words melted in the warmth of your 
Deep blue eyes. 
To me, you were the only man who has 
Ever existed
With the talent of creating pure happiness
Within myself. And the beauty of your 
Spirit never failed me.
I munch on crackers in seat C. 
The woman next to me is chatty, so I look 
out the window
For refuge. She doesn’t see me cry.

You spoke of your daughter often. 
Bright, energetic, and beautiful. 
She looks just like you. 
Your daughter never knew me, yet I loved 
As my own. 

You spoke of your wife, a trying 
Rooted in young love. 
I have seen you cry from her words. 
She troubles me, but mostly 
Because I envy her. 

Why do they always come by with the 
Trash bag before I'm finished?

Perhaps in your personal life you are lazy.
A slob. Thoughtless. Insensitive. 
Impatient. Unfaithful. 
All the things that reasonably might chip 
Away at how much
I do adore you from afar. 
Yet I do not know if you are any of these.
Professional and moral constraint forbids 
And even if you are, I realize 
I still live for your happiness,
Your smiles, 
Your humor, 
Your kindness. 

The landing gear lowers, and I'm back in 
New York. 
Almost as if it all never occurred. 
Yet I have loved you since. And I 
Will love you from now on. 

I may not have you, but you have me, 
Always and forever. 
And that is just as beautiful and sweet
As Georgia itself. 

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~ Sunshine In Your Eyes~ (Free Verse) Come with me my Love Take this walk with me Hold very tight my hand Give me love tonight. Hear my heart here beating Racing for you so fast You've made my life complete In my eyes see the glow. You're in the moon and stars at night In your eyes there is sunshine Visions of you fill my head Day and night I dream of you. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,17,2014

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You're My Plague

You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart throbs in unease You carry me off to a far-off island Your breeze keeps me flowin’…scraping sand Your names escapes my lips I tell myself, “Get a grip, dude…” But you decided to intrude... My blood drips to the floor I’ve been losing balance… The instant you pushed me aside Your quietude devours me… I can’t help, but hide… I feel horribly disheartened…feelin’ too insignificant To start my day with a good note Too discouraged to be motivated to run… You trade me your pain in the past I consume it like a bear My stomach is churning persistently…you’re running too fast… I’m dowsed in despair My eyes stare vacantly…into space…they roam happily Your vigilance keeps me safe and sound…I dwell in your tranquility Your dreams caress my own… This intriguing comfort never makes me feel alone I’m under your dazzlin’ spell… This is heaven – not living hell! I’ve been bruising myself over you…for a while now The moment you abandoned me that night… Your rejoicing mends my gash…heals my mind… I think better of you – everything’s black and white I feel so exquisite when I’m around you… So inspired to reveal my might…just shine your light On me…and remember to meet me at sun rise… But I still feel malnourished… By your sweltering disease My heart refuses to beat in perfect rhythm – my high hopes nearly perished By your forceful breeze…pushing me on my knees I’m stumbling off my feet – I’m not at all pleased I’m not in the mood to be teased… I’m suffering…I’m not discreet How did you push me off my feet? Why do you make ME feel so damn miserable and incomplete? You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart pounds as I fall upon my blood-stained knees You carry me away to an unknown place Your voice still rings in my ears… I glance at your admirable face I’ve faced you way too many times – Your sparkling with majestic brilliance and pure grace

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Please Come Back

I'm sorry for all the horrible things I have said,
I'm sorry for all the bad things I have done,
I'm glad to havve you as my best friend again,
I was sad, depressed, and desperate to hear you voice, and,
Talk to you again.

Oh Caleb, I cannot tell you,
How happy I was, happy to finally,
Talk to you after months,
You will always be my best friend no matter what,
You know that I will always be here for you,
I miss you a lot, why oh why must you live,
So far away?

Why do you live in Illinois,
Why did you leave me,
Why did you go away and not come back?
Caleb, please come back real soon, we all miss you,
But I miss you the most.
You are my best friend,
And I am here to stay.

I will never let you down,
Never put you down,
Never will I forget about you,
I will never hate you,
It is impossible,
It is impossible, because you picked,
Me up when I was down, you
Were always there for me, and you still are,
You never let me down, and you never called me names,
You Never let me be sad, and it was amazing,
To have such a good friend around,
So why, why did you move away?

I know it was for your protection,
I know you had to get out of that horrible place,
That horrible dark place,
Oh how bad I wanted to beat them for beating you,
You did not deserve that, and I hate that image,
Noone deserves to be treated that way; I don't care,
Who they are.

Caleb thank you for being my friend again,
And forgiving me, and for always being here for me,
May I ask one little favor of you?
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To: CAZ

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I Was In Love Once

There is something magical, reminiscing on a broken heart 
Looking back at the scenes, watching the two leads play their part 
We’d play hippie lovers; long hair, house full of shrubbery
Polaroid’s scattered along the mantelpiece, we smiled so lovely 
Stevie Nicks would blare in the background, singing of the little lies 
We’d dance in the kitchen barefoot, you whisper in my ear of little sighs 
I like wicker and you love stone 
You’d call me on the heart shaped telephone 
When you were on the road during your tour 
The exit was the poison, your kiss was the cure 
Fairy lights on the headboard, you’d recite Lord Byron 
Tales of roving, I’d dress in satin; be your romantic siren 
We would drink champagne out of a coffee mug
And make out like teenagers, as we lay on the Persian rug 
Two star crossed lovers, or in our eyes it seemed that way
Fighting against others ideas, we knew we were here to stay 
Pulses rising, lustful eyes when you lifted me onto the sink 
You kissed my clavicle, knowing it takes me to the brink 
Laying on the garden table, shoulders brush that was enough 
Every moment was like starting again, a cycle of the head rush 
We were like an 80’s movie, you were my Kevin to my Whitney 
I will always love you to forever and then it hit me 
The night I walked into our bedroom late one night 
And she was in our bed, my whole world gone in just one sight. 

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Puppy Love

A cute Couple
The missing piece 
Of the puzzle 
It was you and me
Souls as unity
Who always use to cuddle
snuggle up in the cold nights
And listen to each others troubled past life
We both could imagine being in our life's
Until the day we both die
But love is blind, Tunnel vision
On a one way mission
But our two tickets two our destination were missing
The destinations was love town
Our kids would make us so proud 
But that wasn't meant to be
Everything happens for a reason you see
There a season you going through
There's a reason why hasn't yet come to you
Now under the pressure
Of our toxic relationship became so venomous
I gave you my mothers necklace
while you threw it to ground you broke its chain
The circle trust can not be re gained
Ripped up my love letters
Because you were seeing some many other fellas
be-hide my back you got me jealous
I flipped, you know i went reckless
All i could see was the red mist
But i would never strike you with my fist's!
No matter what anyone thinks
Sometimes I think you say things
Just so you can get a reaction out of me
So you can get me to say “i love you baby”
But you don't need do that
I tell you “i love you” not enough and i know that
I got trust issues but your not helping through that
Telling me you with another guy ain’t healthy
This relationship has become overwhelming 
Now i reread your texts
To see if you left any subliminal messages
In the hope we get back together
Because I remember the good times better
Than the worst but 
I picked the phone up, I got your number up
But I’m too scared to ring you up
I don't want to buckle first
Maybe it was puppy love
But love still hurts.

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Take Me Now

~Take Me Now (2)~ Take me now with You, Deep right inside Your heart, So deep within You, Where nothing or Anybody, Can ever come, between You and I. Take me now beyond, The moon and the stars At night, Take me now beyond, All this, we both can See, To a far away place, Where we've never Been before Now. Let me be, all I can be With you, Every part of you, As you are of me, For your love, Will always show me the Way, Where I can feel always Safe, When we're are together, Between Heaven and Earth. So take me now With you, To that wonderful place, Beyond words and all kind of Cares, Come to me, my Love, Take me now There's no more time To lose. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,13,2015

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I Love You

You make the words " I love you "
Sound like perfect harmony 
Your smile turns my dark sky , blue
Your words ; so sweet
Every word
Makes my heart skip a beat
The way you make my heart flutter
It's so special
That I realize I don't need another
When I see your face
My heart ; it stops
Then starts to race
The way you say goodbye
The sadness in your voice
Makes me almost cry
When I tell you I miss you
You ; you say
" I miss you too "
I think I miss you more
I can feel my heart
It's tore 
The way you hug me tight
I never want you to let go
Because you make everything alright
When you say " I love you "
Me ; I can feel my heart start to sing
Something new

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She Crossed The Road

I fell in love that one day when "she" crossed the road.
she had such a beautiful smile.
she had some books so I asked to take her load.
she said yes and we talked for a while.

we dated on and off for a few years.
then she said we need to take a break.
on that day I fought back tears.
every  night I lie in bed awake.

I thought about her every day.
one morning we met, the break was finally over.
she finally was my fiancé. 
the day came when we were at the altar, shoulder to shoulder.

my mind went back to the day she crossed the street.
from that day forth my life was complete.

{James Tjernagel}

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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I wish she were dead

I wish she were dead

If she were dead
May be then i could have
Had enjoyed her lie by me
As deep nights surround us.

If she were dead
May be all she stood for
Would be immortalized
On cold stony floors.

If she were dead
May be the fantasies would cease 
That supersede reality
But love never dies
That's what they said.
Humbly i bow, facing the end, 
As I've found, painfully, what life really meant.

A fate all men face
The inevitable end to the rat race
we see, we feel, we fear
What lies beneath our apathetic face.

Hoping against all odds
That beyond the doors of our faults
Redemption, forgiveness, paradise, 
Await us, our self-pitying lies.

In truth the summer dies.
Monsoon's rains and winter's skies
All hail the endless cycle
The toil of years gone by. Our demise, 
Unquestionable obedience to Thy will.

Would she regret it?
Would she pray for one more chance?
I swear by my death bed
i'd pray for one more dance.
One more time to stare into her eyes,
One more sight, one more love driven crime.

I wish she were dead
May be then i could live for
Another future, faded within our closed, 
Hidden destines.

I wish i was dead.
In another life i'd choose
Another path i'd fall in to.
Another choice, i'd fold in two.
No, i know..
Given my breath once more
Without a second glance over my shoulder,
in a promiscuous heart beat
I'd choose this this life once more.

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When the angels of love are on strike
And the future looks bleak
When your love is absent
Casting me into the hands of torment
My heart cries, turning blue
Crying out for nobody but you.

When my love mountain becomes a valley
And I find myself in lovelessness alley
When my love stream stops flowing
And my love wind stops blowing
I run the lenght of the earth
Seeking your love's might.

When my fountain of love is cut short
And aloneness gives me a shot
When I look down the deep blue sea
And it appears it is coming for me
I grope around in despair
Hopefully longing to find protection in you.

When I'm being thrashed by lovelessness
And I'm held hostage by helplessness
When I can't find anyone to anoint my day
And I find myself drifting away
I close my eyes and spread my arms
Wishing you'll materialize in my arms.

When I look up to the sky
And see my wishes passing me by
When I'm abandoned and deserted by brightness
And I'm fiercely attacked by darkness
My heart goes on
Searching for you my sun.

PS: Placed 7th in Poet Destoyer A's Longing Contest

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a daydreamer

My love my symphony
My Reality
I ponder and wait for your return
To which I worry with concern
It's been far to long this war
My fingers actively write this score
my music inspires hope to your cause
As sleepless nights I long for your touch
Your sacrifices are to much
For your king and country
I wish you could see
That a woman's love needs you
Please keep safe in all you do,
remember to hold my heart in your endeavour
For I will love you forever.

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Dying with a Smile

Love is an unspoken form of maschism
And it's slowly killing me inside.
Each minute of silence 
A lost beat of my heart.
My ribs are all knives now
Stabbing my flesh and making it bleed.
My heart feels vast, hollow
Like a hundred story skyscraper-
its residents packed up and left suddenly with out so much as a note on the door
And their rent unpaid.
And each day my skin screams and tries to escape my body and I saw at it with broken glass in an attempt to set it free but I can't.
I am trapped.

And our love is the five ton anchor pulling me beneath the waves.
Our love is the air bubbles frothing from my mouth and the cries of my lungs as they are
filled with the sea.

And our love is the smile on my face that doesn't dare fade despite the pain.

Our love is the hope that soon
I won't need to breathe.
That the chains will break and set me free
To wash ashore with the millions of others and watch them stand up and brush the sand from their hair and turn to bask in the sun's embrace.

Our love is what breaks my legs, keeps my back to the sun and my eyes locked on the dark waters in the hopes that you will emerge and grasp my hand and help me stand! 

Our love will starve me
And burn me
And deprive me of sleep.
I will die for our love before I leave this shore without you by my side.
And maybe,
Just maybe,k
I can smile for once without the pain.

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Let me touch your heart

Let me touch your heart
You and I baby
Closer don't be far

Let me feel that 
Natural body perfume
Of yours baby
Closer don't be far 

Let me touch your heart
With my humour baby
For your are so beautiful
As always I see you
Closer don't be far

I recall that strong 
Smiles of yours baby
Every time I miss you
Like your absence
Drive me nut
Oh closer don't be far 

Closer don't be far 
From me baby
I want to be your man
I know you are real
That! Exactly all I need
For I am real
And will never let you alone
Oh closer don't be far 

Just You and I
And all will be good 
As things fall in place 
As we never fall apart 
For life is beautiful
Baby come closer
I have some sweet 
Words to speak to
Those beautiful ears of yours
For what I see in your eyes
Curse heaven earthquake
Like am eager to touch
Thy soul with my love 
Oh baby closer don't be far

Will you let me in baby
Let me touch you
Let me hold you 
Let me hug you
Oh please baby
Let me in to your 
As I sick you
Let me touch your heart

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Loss of Appetite

The world shifted a bit when I walked inside,

my resolution blind to the choke of memory.

It wasn't even you, just your little sister..

I still wanted to turn around, and walk right 

back out of the restaurant. Go home.

**** lunch. Hungry for solitude, I fumbled

with the menu and meditated on the restless

scabs of a beer battered soul.

My father watched my jaw clench

and squinted. Mumbled his query,

but didn't push it. I couldn't speak,

bloody tidal waves surging toward

my eyelids, blurred the menu.

Brinzano? Sea Bass with a 

Chipotle sauce on a bed of rice.

Unsure of my palate, my tongue 

slowly shoveled the words out

and I ordered despite my appetite 

for closure. We locked eyes for a

moment, and she smiled. 

I nodded. Stroked my beard,

and looked toward the truck.


It was probably rude.

A bit pathetic.

It wasn't even you, just your sister.

But a relative of a butcher,

still sometimes smells of blood.

The food, flavorless in the mouth

of bitter reflection wasted.

The wait for the check, ticked

slowly across my spine

and I wondered if you ever 

saw the flesh of my posture

in a crowd; If it stood out?

Made you hungry?

Or if you have forgotten,

the way I've been trying to

for so long.

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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I'd like to take a trip to the airport with you and fly one more time. 
Eat fish tacos with you. 
Talk about real estate with you. 
Ask you about that time you "wrote a blank check" and believed God for a miracle. 
Tell you how much you impacted my life in so many ways. 
Tell you how I miss our early morning phone conversations. 
Borrow your truck for the weekend, because yours were always cooler than mine . 
Cook you breakfast and a make you a big ole chocolate pie. 
You always got me, you always knew when I needed to hear from you and when I needed a smile and encouragement. 
I hope I showed you enough how much I loved you. 
I hope you know, even though you're gone. 
I love you. 
Happy Father's Day.

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My Eulogy

My Eulogy

Life has been so good to me, but like everything else,nothing last forever
My time is up on earth with you 
As much as I going to miss you ,I must go
But,before I leave let me say my farewells 

Mama,Thank you for always being there for me
Daddy, thank you for always providing for me 
I didn’t always show my appreciating while living
but don’t every for a second think that I 
Wasn’t appreciative. 

John, my only brother who I loved and let got 
Away with so much because in my eyes you could 
Do no wrong. I watch you grew up from a baby
To the person you are today… As I watch you grow over the 
Years I felt proud because you end up turning out to be great.

Shawn you and Liz have been my right hand girls since
The day I met you both and over the years boy,god has watch 
Us grew. You both showed me how real friends suppose to act 
You two are the only friends who I knew that always 
had my back

Timothy, you have brought out the best in me.
You showed me how to love and be free
My smile you brought that out of me 
I can really say you were put on earth for me
I’ll miss you and love you in the sky because the type of 
Love we shared you always be my guy. 

To the rest of my family thank you for being just that,
Who has always been by my side…

My farewells are over my body and soul is tried 
But before I go I must ask for one last thing 
Please no one cry over my name,be happy 
That I lived be happy that I’m free 
just be Happy because you were bless to even get a chance to know me…

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Sliding Down

I’m hoping for my dreams to become a reality
I’m hoping for a phase of gratitude
I’m rejecting my hopeless fate
I’m accepting your side of the story…but don’t intrude 

Unexpectedly, I believe in love in first sight
I grab the rope for extra support
It burns like a vertical line of fire
I’m unable to climb, but I seem too far from my desire 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down… 

I cherish you like my own belongings
I designed you on my bedroom wall
I have you displayed deep in my heart
Believe me – you’ll never split it apart 

Every day I long for your touch – you changed my life around
My heart is blazing like the zealous sun…I prize my freedom and progress
The world is spinning endlessly as I kneel upon my knees 
And I imagine the memories we share with each other 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

When I reflect upon the joyous times,
My heart never fails
To pound vigorously for you
I’m sliding down 
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 

I see the light in your eyes
I don’t see an insidious nature in you…
I wish I hadn't believed in the lies
I never felt like a hopeless victim until I gave in to the darkness 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

I’m glad I've met you in the first place
We’re a perfect match – 
Don’t deny it…you made me feel handsome
We’re on the road of victory
We’re making great progress
We’re hanging on the edge,
But we were rescued 
From sliding down…

At least we’re kept ourselves alive……

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Don't go away

I saw you there my being came alive
I heard your voice, it cut me like a knife.
It seemed like years but only days had passed
So long ago since I had seen you last..

You looked at me and smiled your sad, sad smile
My heart it just went crazy for a while.
I looked at you as if I did not care
But oh what joy it was to see you there.

Don’t go away, don’t ever leave again.
Because my love you cause me so much pain
Without you here my life be oh so bare
Although I see your vision everywhere.

Though you don’t love me I must know you’re there
I need to see your beauty soft and rare
And every day that you’re not there to see
It seems like something dies so deep within me.

My love for you be such a crazy thing
When you’re nearby my heart can only sing
But when you’re gone my being starts to fade
For you be all my heart would ever crave.


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A loser

Only a loser misses 
his accidental misses.

Volodymyr Knyr 

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it kills me

it kills me to know that i am not yours
it kills me to know that now any one can have you
it kills me to hear you say iloveyou 
it kills me to hear i need you 
it kills me to think of what we had 
it kills me to wonder why
it kills me to love you
it kills me to have to wait for us 
it kills me to think of our life that i have to wait for 
it kills me to think of you 
it kills me to know today is our day 
your decision hurts the both of us.

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I Can't Believe It's Really Over This Time

I really hate this feeling, sometimes I wish I could stop breathing. I don't wanna try, just leave me here to die. You were the thing that made my life living for, but your no longer mine anymore. I feel so much pain, sometimes I believe I'm going insane. I'm missing what we had, although it was bad. I'm always walking down memory lane, why can't you see my pain? I know people change, &&' things get strange. I guess I gotta face it, she's my new replacment. I can't believe it's really over this time, I feel as if i have commited a crime. I live in a world of sorrow, so I don't ever worry about tomorrow. I didn't even have time to cry, because i had already said bye. I feel like I'm digging a deeper whole, so I'm hoping Jesus will take control. I'm sorry for my dumb mistake, but baby now I'm wide awake.

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I Only Miss You Sometimes

I only miss you sometimes
When the wind blows through my hair
In the morning when the lights a glare

I only miss you sometimes
At night while the sky is black
When the rain is on my back

I only miss you sometimes
While I work all day long
When I'm feeling somewhat strong

I only miss you sometimes
When my shoes are on my feet
When I smell my nice clean sheet

I only miss you sometimes
While the green is on the leaves
And while the orange is in the trees

I only miss you sometimes
While I'm getting dressed at dawn 
When my milk is almost gone

I only miss you sometimes
It's pretty simple, see?
I only miss you when the feeling is observing me

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Dear Simple,

My simple lovely, just touch; caress with feathery fingertips, Simply; love me. My quiet lovely, please tell; whisper through precious lips, Quietly; tell me. My lone lovely, only stay; promise by the push of hips, Lonely; don't ever leave me.

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a letter 2 my mom

	A letter to my mom if she could read it.

I am sorry for the times I would not listen to you and would talk back.
I loved all the times we spent together. We had so much fun together you were a great mom and you were my best friend. Some days I ask god why he let you get so sick but I realize its not gods fault that you’re sick it’s just life and some times bad things happen. Know one knows why it happened but it happened for a reason. Things happen and know one knows why it does we just have to deal with it. I miss you mom a lot some times I cry at night because I miss you so much. I just wish you could come home. It hurts to see you so sick I wish it could all go away. Hope one day you come home I all ways try to go see you at the hospital at least twice a week. Mom I am really sorry how I wouldn’t listen and I talked back. I wish we could turn back time and you wouldn’t be sick. I cry just by writing this letter to you. I just can’t believe you might not be able to ever come home. You won’t be able to see me go to prom or get married if I ever do. Mom I just want you home but that won’t happen you’re to sick and I hope a miracle happens and you get better and come home. Some days I feel like I cant make it through the day but I just remember your spirit and love will all ways be with me every day and you’re always in my heart. I all ways cry when I think about you. When you were sick I dyed my hair purple, blue, hot pink, red, and aqua. People still make fun of me and say I am weird but it’s ok. There is  so much things I want to say but I don’t know how to just know I am sorry for how I treated you. I MISS YOU MOM AND LOVE YOU!!

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Angel With Cut Wings

If all the world would collapse right now I'd look at you for the last time and still tell you how much I loved you, 
Your past binds you from gaining happiness but I'm here,
I'm always going to be here for you ,
Through thick and thin,
I had myself questioning before whether you were worth it or not,
But in the end all you had to do was give me off that very faint smile and you gave me wings, 
You're the Angel with the cut off wings, 
You cut them off because you blame yourself for the bad things that occurred to you in the past which you never had control over, 
But I'm here and I just want to let you know that your past does not define your personality to me, 
You're my the One,
My everything,
My blissful paradise, 
I love you and I'll fix you,
I'll never let you go till the end of my days and beyond.

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25 Years of Marriage - 15 Years of Neglect

There's weeds in my
garden I can't use a
The man who could
pull them don't care
no mo

The shit's overgrown
I might need a plow
But it's waited so
long that it's no
use now

When we planted the
thing we both shared
the work
Then one day I
looked up and said,
"Where is that

My back started
aching, legs started
to tremble
The beetles and
grubs began to

All the love and
attention we put in
this thing
It's as rusty and
broken as my diamond

He comes around
every once in awhile
And kills off small
weeds with a casual

He tosses out a few
grubs with an 'I
love you'
I halfheartedly
reply, "I love you,

Then I start to
remember as he walks
The tomatoes and
herbs we planted
that day

The cucumbers and
beans and corn and
Represented by
kisses so warm and
so sweet

Flirty little winks
over coffee and
The occasional
ass-squeeze -- gone
like a ghost

Making love was like
water to our
marriage bed
Reaffirming our
promise we made when
we wed

But with years of
neglect and a long
dry spell
I can say pretty
surely, this thing's
gone to hell

'Cause there's weeds
in my garden too big
to pull out
The bulldozer's just
me with a scream and
a shout

It would probably be
better to burn the
thing down
Forget about
gardening -- go out
on the town

To a place no one
knows me and I don't
know them
Where I sip on my
drink and -- Wait,
what is this stem

I just found in my
hair, damn those
infernal weeds!
I guess I should
stay here and tend
to the needs

Of the beautiful
garden we let go to
Plant some kisses,
caresses -- so good
to taste

For love, like a
garden, needs
tending to grow
And weeding, and
hoeing and raking,
you know

It's back-breaking
work, but the payoff
is sweet
For the
soul-soothing feast
we both love to eat

We're starving each
other, pissed off
and pissed on
The garden we
planted has been
gone too long

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Your Whisper

You whispered in my ear,
a breathy secret, hushed.

“I love you”, you murmured.

I said nothing,
lost, in your arms,
I found a home. At last.

“I love you”, you said,
I said nothing,
lost in my thoughts,
I found peace. At last.

“I love you”, you said,
words failed me then.

They still do.

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Today I Missed You In Pain

Today I layed in my bed
Looked up at the ceiling
With our song in my head
I imagined you were here
Next to me as before
Would I see you for the year?

I'm wearing the smile 
That you gave me
Though it's been a while
I began to miss you
I'm hoping you'll save me

But I'm here
And you're there
Different hemispheres
Across the seas so far
Days away 
And continents apart 

Yet we have met
At many crossroads before
Times I often try to forget
Today I missed you in pain
Will the universe conspire
for us to collide again?

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Memories Made

The coldest white had fell
Surrounding all the feet of those behind
The day turned into hours
Just in the mind
Did the gift appear in night?
Or were dreams reality?
Did it come from karma’s hands?
It drifts from sanity

The trek towards that happy place
You’ve been there many times
Something was different now
It held a horrible surprise
The box wasn’t full of life and sound
The ashes of memories made were here
Taking longer to twist the knife
Left remains of a child now in tears

Standing still you couldn’t breath
Excuses flying in your mind
Trying to figure out the scene
Hoping there’s time
You look up to see
Expectant eyes for the last time
You wish you could keep
But it’s the saddest of a smile 

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Was blind but now I see

Was blind but now I see
When I left you were a sweet girl
Your innocence was golden
If only this fool 
Realized the treasure he possessed 
Without thinking I let you go
Years have now passed
That foolish young man is gone
All that is left of me
Is this seasoned foolish man
Blind to the beauty 
That was you
Was I afraid of love?
Sitting here I now know the answer
I was afraid to love you
I was also afraid to lose you
The times we shared 
I keep hidden away 
In the chambers of this heart
Your face made the sun envious of the glow
Your eyes I could get lost within them
Your hair danced in the breeze oh so freely
The touch of your skin
I think I will keep that thought 
My own personal secret
I did not know it then
I now see
The girl I always dreamed of
Was always standing in front of me
My only true regret in this life
Of not expressing the way I feel
Shyness was a curse to me
Boldness is now my voice
But I am too late
To say how I felt
Like a candle burning 
So does my heart melt
Wishing for a moment back then
To say to you
That I have always loved you

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Too Close Am I

I shattered my own heart,
Wrecking balls, tumbling decisions,
It fell upon me too late,
Forever and now I will lose what I held so dear,

But I held it out at arms length,
I let it fall, the uncurling my fingers,
Sinking into an emotional seat that engulfs me,
I so desperately buried the threat,

Happy once, I have not forgotten,
The taste of joy upon my lips still,
How could one ever forget the ecstasy that is happiness,
For we all seek it within the nil,

Berserk and rampant in my head,
A beast set loose upon my mental state,
So silent am I, my comfort so walks away,
So silent I can hear the screams echo within the blank,

Damp and dark are my thoughts of late,
Cramped tight inside, no prison break,
Hoping to find my way,
Before fear swallows me in regret,
And I become lost in my own wake.

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A Favorite Memory In Time

 A favorite memory of mine,
 is when I was yours and you were mine.
 I still can recall the soft touches in the night
 and the whispers of pure love's delight.

 Those  tender days of passion sweet
 snuggled all close under the sheets.
 Your shoulder like a pillow to me,
 where I could get as near to you as
 I could be.

 I would listen to every thing you would
 say, with such great delight,
 holding your hand so gentle
 with my dreamy plight.
 Gentle winds still blow through my mind as
 I go back to my favorite memory in time.

 I can still see you standing in the hall and
 in my eyes you stood so effortlessly tall.
 With loving eyes and a warm smile, I knew
 you would always be here for us, mile after mile.

 Today the roses still grow on the gate
 and I gather them to place on your grave.
 I know it will only be a short time, 
 when we are once again together entwined.
 For now I will continue on and remember all
 you gave me in this life's song.

 When I start to miss you in the night, I will go
 back and meet you there, in my favorite memory 
 in time.


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I cut my hair.
I screamed out loud.
I've scarred my wrist.
And in not proud.
But I'm stuck in this dark place,
my eyes pinched tight.
I'm afraid to step out.
Out into the light.
First my grandpa, 
Then the women I love.
My cousin,
My aunt,
They're resting above.
They all died and now another.
he was so close he could've been my brother.
I'm sick of the doctors.
I'm tired of death.
why can't I forget.
I yelled,
I fought.
I cussed,
I cried.
Sometimes I feel like I died inside.
I hate that God took them. 
I wish he let them stay,
But I'm glad they're now out of their pain.
I wear dark clothes.
And my make up is smeared.
But I miss her hair.
His smell.
His beard.
I'm done with funerals. I'm done with my food.
I want to be with them.
But I don't want to lose.
I won't give in to death. I'll fight my wars like them.
I'll bring the light through this darkness and rain.
I'll survive through this pain...

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Feeling Down

I'm feeling down, &&' I'm already on the ground. I cant get any lower, my patience is getting slower. I've already hit the floor, &&' I'm becoming sore. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but now I dont belong. I'm like the unknown, all alone. This feeling is unbarable, the pain is unbelievable. I'm ready to walk out the door, I can't take no more. This is why I don't trust, I always get pushed in the dust. Now I got to cover my eyes, &&' ignore all your lies. I've been left in the rain, I've felt the pain. I knew things were wrong, but I stayed along. Now I'm here all alone, waiting for the sound of my phone. I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy to feel this way, that's what I have to say. I didn't really have a choice, now I'm missing the sound of your voice. I made mistakes that wont fade, not even with a blade. My heart isn't bullet proof, &&' that's the truth.

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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Going Fast

Caught with glances past
Holding memories going fast
Faces lost pasts caught
I am sorry but I have no memory 
Of any times with you

As good as you look
Your only a odd felt hook
And what we had is now only you
As I open a new book
You would be some thing new

Yes I remember
But theres nothing that I feel
Here to remind me, nothing now here to do
I have nothing but pains for the memory
Your not even a fact or a smell
So untill you are actually bold
I will count you as cold
Some where in a dream I can't hold

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She smiled, gently,
her warmth infusing me,
with a serene stillness of time.

She settled, slowly,
in my waking thoughts,
a soothing balm of simple joy.

She remains, scribbled,
on the walls of my fractured heart,
memories of happiness that once breathed...

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Crazy Love

She looked at him with tear filled eyes
and said she couldn't take it anymore.
She said I'm sorry, but I have to go.
She walked out and left him alone.

Now he's scared, doesn't know where you are.
Didn't think you would go real far.

He's calling all over town
as he's driving all around.
How could this be?
Where can she be?

It's almost midnight 
and he's worried to death.
Wondering if you're alright
he doesn't know 
she booked a flight.

But now she's scared of being alone
she's so scared 
she doesn't have her phone.
How could this be?
Will he come and save me?

~~ Lol I know this may need work, I just wrote the first words that came to mind and just now as I typed this. Let me know what needs work, any suggestions?

All of my poems are copyright of 2012-2014. No part of my poems are to be copied without my permission. Thank you.

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our love

I look up through autumn leaves to the sky above, 			
rays of brilliant coral light dance on clouds, and pause, and leap.	
Sitting here, against our tree, I am queen of this land, this love.	
Your shoulder warm against my cheek.				
Your face, in that light, carved to memory.				

My toes dig into the dark fertile soil beneath,			
sprouting dreams, young blossoms of future fruits. 			
The humming breeze sings of possibility.				

Fragile vines push through and tickle as they reach,			
around my ankle, 
over your chest,
forever moulding us to this moment.

This place that surrounds us is determined time.

The relentless minute turns the wind cold and restless.
The hour sets the sun’s glowing lust,
bringing darkness and choking binds.
The months tussle in the heavy clouds above,   
building to a break.

This beloved place I hold so dear, 
captured in a memory,
overcome by the elements and time,
reflected in rainbows.

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Within Me

Within Me

Flowing through the rivulets of my everyday thoughts,
memories of you surface, gasping for air, breathing in,
permeating, absorbed by the pores of my ageing skin.

Famished, greedily gulping mouthfuls of fractured life,
awash in distant yesteryear, when your feathery kisses,
banished the vacuum, dispelling my anguish and strife.

You are eternally carved, and embroidered into my soul,
I wash ashore, smashing against the boulders of the now,
seeking solace, begging for absolution with my empty bowl.

The book of fate is sealed shut, the tea-leaves have been read,
nothing remains within me, the burden of smiling has been shed.

Now I am stranded, between dreams and the empty years ahead,
searching for forgiveness, in the miles I have yet to wearily tread.

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Friendly Love

There are a lot of things to say
Why do I feel so alive when you're around?
There’s so much to do today
But how do I get rid of the clouds – shadowy and gray
We're lying on the ground...
Looking at the stars overhead... 

You are my beloved friend – 
Our love won’t break or bend
I’ll love you until the very end…
I’ll love you endlessly…our happiness blends
Like coffee and cream– yum! 
I know…these rhymes are quite dumb…aren’t they? 

Our light will shine and burn out the night 
Maybe there’s a star in the sky that scorches with love 

You are my superb friend – 
Our love won’t wear off or wither away
I’ll love you until the day I die
I’ll love you every day…our delight will be
As sweet as pie – how appealing 
I know…these words are overused…aren’t they? 

Our flight will be as dazzling as the elegant eagle 
Trained to ascend for more than half his life – or we’ll be like the seagull!! 
We could fly there and catch it someday
Fly……with me! Shoot the bull’s eye!
Our love will never die…so don’t say otherwise
Or I’ll sink in dismay

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Dreaming of home now 
Your voice, heart, and face I see
With you... Ecstasy!  

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The Journey

From time immemorial your story began
A hundred, a thousand, a million years and more
Your story past written a character just one
The tale of you bleeds into all

Each story unique while pieces the same
Today, tomorrow, millennia expended and gone
Your story continues passed first to no last
The tale of you bleeds into all

Through love and hate, laughter and death
Minutes and seconds grew to decades and days
The story being written you wrote each day
The tale of you bleeds into all

Memories endure through dream and remembrance
Yesterday is gone but tomorrow you live on
Your story yet written a character more than one
The tale of you bleeds into all

Your stories the fires shall never consume
A past, a future, a present goes on
The story you wrote lives forever in your love
The tale of you bleeds into all

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My Thoughts

certain moments
through my mind

unique love
a special kind

past thoughts
hurtful feelings
not intending to find

broken images
captured your soul
made me blind

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It Hurts

You let go and want to forget 
Why does he need to be around me 
I still feel the pain 
Is he still in my chain

I don't want this feeling
Pain keeps hiding 
I want to talk to you 
I want to tell you I Still Love you

I m happy to see you smile
It hurts cause I m not the reason behind your smiles
I thought I have you forever
but now your gone... it hurts forever

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Just Don't Let Me

            Can you see me?
            Can you hear me?
            Can you see my shadow reach for you as
            I walk by?

            Can you feel the loneliness quivering in my throat?
            Do you see the questions in my eyes? 
            Needing you, wanting you, this empty soul.
            Living in this home with you, that for me
            is made of nothing, but walls.
            I see you breath as you sleep and I hear you
            whisper when out loud you think. I see your shadow
            along the night's walls.
            Don't you know?
            I hear no loneliness in your talk and there is no
            questioning in your eyes, and I feel no needing me,
            nor wanting me from your soul.
            Is this all that is left between two promised souls?
            Reach for me and I will see you.
            Speak to me and I will share with you.
            Let your shadow touch mine and I will give you light,
            Just don't let me be lonely in our life.

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Describing you

Eyes intoxicating as wine
Glittered with lovely shine
Never seen skin so clear,
Rolling of the precious tear.
Nose so beautifully placed,
With smooth skin cased.
Ears so lovely shaped,
Seen besides your cloak draped.
Teeth so sparkling when you smile
Seeing them I can go any mile.
Your hair, so silky and straight
Love to be tangled and meet my fate.
Mesmerized with your beauty
Loving you seems my only duty..!!

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thank you Ryan Giggs

23 years you played for our club
We will never see another like you
Gave us your sweat, tears and blood
You were United through and through

You won 13 premier league titles
While Gerrard has none
We will never see another like you
Thank you for all you have done

One day I will tell my kids
About the legendary Ryan Giggs
You will be missed
You won your 2nd champions league when John Terry slipped

I can never thank you enough
You will always be a player I admire
Still amazed by your goal against Arsenal in the Fa Cup
Still can’t believe you’re retired

Ronaldo will always be my favourite player
But you will always be a close second
You, Scholes and Giggs
Were a match made in heaven

You were a prat of the class of 92
Along with Beckham, Butt, Scholes and the Neville’s
You were United through and through
And helped us win the treble

You always played with your heart
Gave your all to our club
Tearing defenders apart
You played with passion and love

I miss seeing you run down the wing
Amazed by all the things you did
Your name we will continue to sing
Thank you Ryan Giggs

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Soul mate

breathless moments
taken by dark
when the light isn't strong enough
it's higher than the starry sky
some sort of connection elsewhere
and it you yank the rope
grasp it tight
make sure you're heard
while my mouth's shut tight
and you wake away now
a little bit further
with cowardish eyes
and ruthless words
you rip my heart out for 7200 hours
and then i fall so hard it's cold
no words are spoken
where did she go
half a soul departed
I guess he won.

was it all for nothing
or nothing for all of it
an intricate nightmare taking its toll

Details | Imagism | |



I always want to describe your beauty to you…
But unfortunately the perfect words for you are few…
I failed each time despite of trying harder and harder…
With number of wishes in my heart I decided to be your secret admirer

I wish if I was a bird
Every morning I would fly to you place.
And sit at your window and be the first one everyday
To secretly admire your beautiful and graceful face.

I wish if I was dew drop.
Drop which keep resting on petal of rose.
When you will bend to smell the scent rose.
I will wish you morning by kissing on your nose.

I wish if I was a mirror…
Each time you appear in front of me I would smile.
I would secretly paint your beauty within me...
And declare you fairest among all.

I wish I was sun…
Casting my rays on you while you pray.
I will admire you from above in all possible ways…
And will ask god to bless you with grace.

I wish if I was youth.
I could stay over you till the time I could.
You will be proud of me and would never ask me to leave…

Whatever I am and whatever I am not…
The name secret admirer just fit me right
I may not even get a chance to have your single sight…
But you are in my heart and I admire your beauty every day and night.

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I love you, goodbye

laugh now cry later
A style I well know
my laugh and smile is just an act 
that hides the real show

Though my heart about to break
I should not hate
though you got no halo
You're my angel
This all fake...

im going craze
to this day 
I wish I was to blame
it drives me insane
you a puzzle to my brain

you date some dude 
while making me the fool
here i say my blues
hoping you understand too

here the punch line
I still want a second try
to make things right
when i walk up to you
the dude beat me black and blue

I still dont know why
It you I like
i remember an simple kiss
puts me at bliss

what could I do
to prove that I love you
here I say thing that I don't mean
i wish you will just leave
for these feeling of hurting
will start to cease.
but it not happening

I won't curse your or boyfriend name
I'll just bless it just the same

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Sonnet I

I miss you, my love; oh, how I miss thee
Each moment you are absent from my sight;
For when you are gone, I feel the dark night
Pressing round, thick and cold, though my eyes see
The solar sun still shining brilliantly.
The world it shines on with you out of sight--
Oh, my beloved-- it is not colored right,
But strangely keyed and void of symmetry.
Make your absence from me brief. Speed your sun!
Its warm rays of love and truth and peace
Make burn upon my world. Night is undone;
My soul from clutching darkness finds release,
When you its fright'ning powers overcome,
And clothed by your light all black terrors cease.

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I miss you

I haven’t wrote in a while but yet again here we are
Heartbroken and writing my pain to share my scars
What was it about this girl that made me feel like I didn’t need to prepare a guard?
My mouth’s talking and pens writing but you’re going to hear my heart
I gave you my heart you should of gave it back if you didn’t have the strength to keep it
You could have done it without letting it end in pieces
Sometimes I wish we never met
Sometimes I wish you never left
Why did you listen to bull**** gossip from a jealous ex?
It’s messed up how you’ll throw away something good over a misunderstanding
But if this is it, feel free to go and get another man then
I know this pain will eventually go
But will this make me a misogynist or help me to grow?
I’ve already learnt you get more hurt the more you show
I’m big enough to write this without having to diss you
And I’ll move on without grabbing a tissue
The truth is I’d rather talk to you than anyone else
But as we’re not speaking
It’s **** everyone I’ll be by myself

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As I'm here all by myself, memories past through my mind
My heart missing you so much as the tears fall from my eyes
Trying to stay positive, awaiting your return again
For the day that I'm reunited with my love, my best friend
You tell me not to worry, to stand up and be strong
I try so hard my darling but every second feels so long
Remembering all that we've had, are the simple things I miss
How your arms would feel around me and awakening to your kiss
Facing sleepless nights, the loneliness it brings
Would send my love to you if my heart could grow some wings
I will never love another, my days they are so blue
And you will always forever be, the man that I love true

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I Miss You

I watched you grow,
I watched you sleep right next to me,
All the good times we had,
I'd come home from the bus,
Always to see your golden face and wagging tail,
Why did you have to go?
I miss you.

"he" made me watch you suffer,
"he" made me cry,
"he" made me lose you, my best friend in the world,

If you were still here things would be great!

Do you remember those snowy days and nights,
Catching the snowballs in mid-air?
Remember you and me...playing in the mud,
After the rainstorm?

I watched you grow, just like you watched me,
I miss those days, and now I only have memories,
Knowing I can never replace them,
I miss you!
I need you!
I love you!

You will never be forgotten!
But I do miss you......l

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Giving up

This time I have to end it,
I'm sorry for never understanding.
Or maybe I did I just don't get it,
And now you're leaving is half-expected.
I hope you'll be happy
Like we were.
And you remember me
Even though this goodbye hurts.
I wish we could live
In the good moments again.
And even though it's goodbye for now
I hope this isn't the end.

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Vexing High

I’m caught in the midst of a dream I reside –
tumbling lovers tempting romance with pride.
Twisting and thrusting, to and fro with hate –
stumbling over a beautiful destiny and fate.

Creeping and crawling through shards of hope –
resisting the tension on a loveless, tight rope.
Shuddering in solitude, and mentally numb –
oblivious to the breakdown of who I’ve become.

Teasing and taunting, the years of lost time –
mocking their innocence with words and rhyme.
Insulting their integrity, of wrong over right –
disregarding true feelings, absconding the night.

Searching the wreckage, down high and up low –
for bits of true love and familiar pieces I know.
Vexing in torment, and accepting thy defeat –
of an unspeakable romantic tale of deceit.

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No such thing as Love

Because there's no such thing as Forever's and Happy Endings
and time will come Happiness will pass,
and It'll be replaced by Tears.
So Enjoy the moment while it still is.

There's no such thing as Forever,
No such thing as Happy Ever After.
Everything is Temporary,All Imaginary.
There's no such thing as Love.

Heart Shattering, Self Cutting,
Trust Breaking, Hell Opening,
Love is Nothing.

I don't believe in Forever,
because not everything Lasts.
I don't believe in Happy ever after,
because this is Reality, Not a Fairytale.

I don't believe in these, It always breaks me.
It Lowers my Pride so does my Dignity.
I Feel ashamed of acting like a Love Sick Fool.
Like a Girl desperately seeking for Affection.

Harder to admit than I thought it would be,
But It's fully True.
That there's no Happily ever after or even Forever,
because this is reality. Not Snow White or Aurora. Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella.

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Where Are You When I Need You

Don’t pretend to understand me
When your frustration and anger, comes first
Don’t pretend to nod and listen
When all you hear, is what you want
You treat me as if I am a brainless idiot!
Blaming me because I don’t agree with you
Because I won’t let you control me
I am a big girl living an independent life
So, don’t pretend to know how I feel
When you only believe the lies you convince yourself, I am

Don’t say you love me, when your ego takes precedence over my feelings
Dreaming of what you want us to be
Dreaming of me, from a far
Leaving me alone, to problem solve, on my own
I do this to show I care
To show you I am responsible
All I want is for us to be on the same page, sharing our love again
Laughing, kissing
I need your love and attentiveness
I need to feel your nurturing warmth
Instead of taking it away from me
Knowing my vulnerabilities
Deliberately hurting me
You told me you were my knight in shining armour
Where are you, when I need you?

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Beloved Friend I Have Fallen

An angel, cradles me, in her motherly arms
I have fallen, I am venerable 
I told myself, I would not do this, no more
I have failed to keep my promise, to you
I have not stayed true
Tears flowing, as I smile, just, for you!
Remembering the times, when you cupped my face, in your hands
Your blue eyes, gazing into mine
Telling me with sincerity
‘I am the sunshine, that lights up your world, each day that dawns’
My heart aches, it rains with love, having fond memories of us
Wash me clean, being human, is challenging me!
Emotional bondage, creating blocks
I need to move on, you are dead and buried
Your time here, over
My heart struggling, accepting this reality
“Forgive me”
I pray to be free!
“I Love you, my beloved, friend”

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I think of you baby

I think of you, in this stretch of lonely nights
               Of the days we spent together 

I think of you, when the moon shines bright 
               Of dinner by the candle light 

I think of you, as I lie on the silken sheet
               Of your loving caress sweet

I think of you, in a dreamy haze 
               Of the longing in your lingering gaze

I think of you, with fire in my eyes
               Of your lips brushing mine and sighs

I think of you, in the grip of desire
               Of the loving words you whispered sire

I think of you, once night has flown
               Of the reigniting passion strong, I moan

I think of you, with each breath taken
               Of the love you showered on me, awaken

I think of you baby ...

© Nadiya (14 Feb '15)

Placed 6th in the contest 'I think of you' by Gautami Phookan on 22 Feb 2015

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Wish We Could Be More Than Just-Friends

She's dancing in first place
Watching her makes my heart race

I love the way she sway
Even bellerina would buy a ticket 
And watch her all day !

She's movin like a wind
Oh girl! I cant help
You've already put me in 

For her its love in the air,
"His love" is the only thing she'ld care.
Finally she found the love of her life

Thankin me as if I was her love-story author 
"No dear !! Some r just born for each other"

Sayin this...
I left keeping my head high and feet on ground,
A glass of wine is all I want with her face in background.
The only thing I want to spell
With a magic wand in my hand
"Wish we would be more tha  just friends"...

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Still Loving You -ft Adam Hunter

There is a song playing
I hear the words crystal clear.
It is your voice that is singing,
it's almost like you are here.

I taste the kiss of your lips on the breeze as it blows,
Gently your ghost dances in the arms of the weeping willows.

There is a light shinning.
You are in every suns ray.
Brightening up my morning.
You make the harmony play.

Every red rose petal reminds me of your fiery passionate kiss,
It is those thorns that you did have, those I do not miss.

There is a hope that comes,
Knowing I had an epic love.
One that last a life time through,
and still lingers in the heavens above.

We frolic in the natures dance, your spirit is wandering free.
I see your face in my memories, I am so lucky you loved me.

Collaboration by Casarah Nance and Adam Hunter January 16, 2015

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the tides are rising

My heart is heavy from the waiting.
Lonely from sitting in silence
with nothing but my own inadequacies
to balm the wounds time festers.

Patiently abiding the time of recognition
when fate bows down and bestows a grace
sacrificing these tribulations for the mercy of love,
I wait for the coming of salvation
the benediction of true loves embrace.

The tides are rising-
and the binding on my soul is strong
am I to die a martyr?
With imminent despair I implore
come home and untie me...

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A clew within this virgin card from the head
Which you denied and now which gives you hope
Has come to me.  When you opened your mouth
The scent of honeysuckle drenched my shoulder
Your hair tossed, though neatly cut
Still betraying my wild, rapturous caress
Your eyes, that were soft, are now sharp -
Knowing pollution, spoilage, missiles;
Behaving with me with speech-robbing words,
Soul-hurting cynicism, lethal logic.

Now I’m staked to the ground, a paling
Around my house where golden children
Will never flower, who once flowered
In your heart of satin’s reddest hearts.

By Rosemarie Rowley

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Letting Go

You gave It your all
I couldn't ask for anything more
I know you're leaving soon
But I know you are coming back
Not in body but in spirit
I've wept and I've wept
But what will crying do?
I know that you would want me to smile
I want to smile too.
Merry Christmas Grandma,
Our last one this so bitter
You are a fighter
Cancer is a bully
You gave a fight and that's all I could have ever wanted
I envy you, I love you, you brave, brave soul.
I love you.

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nothing will get in my way my dear ceizar

nothing will get in my way my dear ceizar 

my sweet ceizar ,for each day i miss you 
for each day i cry 

each day i miss you so much in my heart 

each day until i,m resting with you forever in your arms of love for me 

day's have passed ,night will fall ,angles will come to you 

sending you a message from your sunshine to tell you your safe ,my heart will bind in your 

i will hold you love you kiss you feel you dance with you run with you 

i will be your tower 

push all the pain away never let anyone ever hurt you 

for a rose each day is your beauty ,a passion of love 

a passion of my heart will shine each day 

trees will fall crashing down to the floor 

i will push each and everyone a side to reach you 

no one will ever stand in my way 

for i love you so much my angle of the light my dear ceizar 

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I'LL STAND BY YOU - Free Style

~I'll Stand By You~ (Free Style) And I'll be always there Today and tomorrow too, Darling that's I want to I'll be there for you I will stand by... you I'll hold your hand so tight And I'll help you again to face Another new day I'll be there when you need me I'll be there in every hill you have to climb, I'll help you face every fear you have And see with me a beautiful world. You're not really alone For I am still here with you, So take my hand and let's face the world And make it a little better for you and me. I cannot restore to health, your aching heart, Nor take your pain away, But let me believe and stay with you And I shall walk with you today. I'm here and I will stand by you, Teach you to smile again, To face the world and learn to see its beauty Beside me, and with your own eyes... again. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,15,2014

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(Rhyme) I've never before seen or heard anything about you But then one day you just appeared and came into my life just as you are I'd dreamed so much of you and I was so glad that you were with me here Stil is so hard at times to believe that you'd found me and that now you are so near me. I want to keep you all the time in my life and forever Some say that dreams can come true and I now know is true And no matter what together we make it thru everything whatsoever You fill my days of rainbows sometimes and make all my days less blue. When I think of you my Love I can't help but to love you And when I see you I just want you to be mine all the time too Your love ignites all my desires and in my heart I just love you more and more You are my Knight in Shinning Armor,and with you my Love,my dreams can come true. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,12,2014

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Every time I start to write a poem, 
My thoughts think of you.
Of your eyes when you look at me, 
Of your voice when you talk to me.
I can't get you out of my head,
Not even at night,
When I go to bed.
It's frustrating,
I'm always debating.
Are my feelings for you right?
I feel like a little kid,
But my heart wants to fight.
I ask myself so many questions,
You give me so few answers.
My mind goes crazy, 
My thoughts hazy.
I can't keep you off my mind,
A love like that,
Was hard to find

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Your warmth, now gone cold
I hurt, completely alone
You took everything

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Oh, Please do not say you're in Love

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your heart is mine,
and I belong to you.

For this too a winter day,
and waiting for the first sun in May,
To see you in your spring dress,
and to hold you once more and rest,
Time and time, over and over, I grow restless,
Waiting for you, in the sands of time.

My nerves are restless,
and I cannot catch a single breath,
and I cannot rest for a single moment,
To suffer this sort of tourment,
and wait for you to come, that one day,
That one spring day in May,
Oh, and please do not say,
That you have falling in love with another Man.

For I wouldn't know how to progress,
For my heart would shatter,
My fists would close tight and batter,
and my eyes would see red,
and all our time together would go to waste,
and wasted time is the saddest thing out there,
In this cruel and shattered world.

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my shooting star

youre like a shooting star
that never dims
a steady flame
over uncertain boiling wax
of a crooked candle 
in a darkend room
time on a clock
that goes away
but the hands still they remain
and you
the feeling of youre touch
that still remains
even when your gone

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I miss you my jane, i miss you so much, your loving smile and caring touch. Every day we spend apart, tears at my soul and breaks my heart. I miss all the things we used to do, now those are the thaughts that pull me through. Walking the dog down by the sea, are lodged in my mind constantly. Our dreams were starting to come true, but now im here missing you. So when i next see you ill bow to one knee, and ask you my jane if youd marry me.

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~ How Great My Love~ (Free Verse) How great my Love you make me feel in so many things and so many ways here in my heart for you I'm just smiling dreams of kissing your very sexy lips so sweet. Lips meant for me are invitingly awaiting And within my heart I'm just loving you Love swells smiling and turns on the warmth all the time my Darling just thinking of you. With daydreams in my heart your Love only glows Just thinking of you my Love in heart for you grow And here in my mind can see the shadow of a smile just thinking of you in my heart and mind I can go the miles. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December, 18, 2014

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A tear is but a whisper from my soul

I stood there and gazed at the tidal wave of traffic surging down bellow.
I hovered frozen in time until by chance I glanced upon a troubled fellow.
He was sitting in his car surrounded by the outside noise of the gentle rain and the cars constant hum.
His ears could hear unyet his mind was numb.
As I moved in closer I could feel his sorrow and pain.
Mourning the loss of his partner his soul whispered through the misty rain.
I remember now I whispered back as I drifted into the seat beside him that was vacant.
And so to do I remember that aftershave as being my favourite fragrant.
As my soul whispered to his he glanced over to where I sat.
With sadness I could tell that he did not see his passed wife with the golden platt.
An empty seat was all that greeted his eyes.
A vacant stare for a vacant seat unyet I could hear his replies.
With his minds eye he smiled and his soul whispered such sweet words of love and affection.
Even now I could still feel devoted protection.
Some say that the words we speak in our heads are merely thoughts and nothing more.
But I believe they are whispers from our souls and the replies of those who are not with us anymore.
Before my passing I told him this with great certainty.
In this life and in the next our two souls will whisper to each other for eternity.

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I miss you

I miss you every second of every minute, of every hour, and so whole day,
I miss you, I so miss you; I’ve got no other way.
I miss your glance, I miss you, I miss your sweet embrace,
I miss you when you’re leaving; I miss your smile, your face.
I miss you and I need you, and I still reminisce,
I miss you, when I see you; I want to have a kiss.
That kiss will save from pain which I have got inside,
This pain hurts me badly, this pain I cannot hide.
I can’t disguise my feelings, I miss you you’re my all,
Being with you together, this is my only goal.


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(Etheree) My sweet love when you're far try remember how much I love you and always care for you. That forever this I will. When I'm with you see stars and sun. My vows live here in my heart and soul. Thank you for loving and being with me. Dorian Petersen Potter aka Ladydp2000 aka Ladylove copyright@2014 December,08,2014

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Parallel Lines

I am lost, and broken,

trapped alone,
in a foggy crevasse,

wedged between sanity | madness | anguish.

I lose, and break,

memories taunting,
my waking thoughts,

stripping me bare | naked | exposed.

I survive, barely breathing,

slipping deeper,
into nothingness,

feeling little | shattered | numb.

I am incomplete, without you,

broken and fatigued,

gnawed by emptiness | desolation | pain.

I persist, each breath futile,

crushed, yet alive,
comforted knowing only,

that you breathe | you live | and you love.

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A Reason Why

Why do these eyes of mine cry?
There has to be a reason why.

In the beginning there was only blue skies,
But they've turned grey and the sky cries.

Why could I never look you in the eye?
There has to be a reason why.

They tell me I'm crazy to even try,
They say it will always be goodbye.

Why do I fall to pieces when you walk by?
There has to be a reason why.

Straight to you I yearn to fly,
And in your arms dance in the sky.

Why do I feel the need to try?
There has to be a reason why.

For you I refused to comply,
To those who dared to deny.

Why did I never see the lies?
There has to be a reason why.

I have no more tears left in me to cry,
At times I just wish I could die.

Why when I breathe do I only sigh?
There has to be a reason why.

It felt like a grave when you never said goodbye,
After everything, you turn away when I cry.

Why did you bring me blue skies?
There has to be a reason why.

When we first met I was so shy,
But now I long only to look into your eyes.

Why does it hurt when my love you deny?
There has to be a reason why.

I never thought you'd make me cry,
They say it's time to say goodbye.

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Missing You Already

Missing You Already

Your trip...
I know it will only be for three days
But without you here, I feel as though I'm in a daze

The day you were to leave I walked you out to the car
Knowing that you would be so far
I kissed you good-bye and quickly turned away
So that you would not see me cry

That first night you were gone,
I suddenly felt so all alone-wanting you to come home
I sat alone in our bedroom,
My heart dropped and I quickly felt gloom

I played a CD of Gloria Estefan
And cried so hard 'cause you were gone
Waiting in anticipation for your phone call
I thought I was going to climb the wall

Oh, baby! I miss you so much, and I long for your touch
As I lay here in our cozy bed all alone
I cry out: "please baby, please come home!"

Thinking of you arriving at the airport in Savannah,
I turned on the tv only to find myself watching that
Silly dumb show "Hannah Montana"

I then went to bed and cried myself to sleep
I cried once more, "please come home babe, because I cannot stand to weep"
I found myself lying on your pillow
And happy to know that you're my perfect fellow

I prayed to God that night for you to have a safe flight
'Cause baby I will always love you no matter 
If it's morning, noon or night

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She is the whiskey in my Cup

She is the whiskey in my cup.
Like a brand new pup,
Born into this horrible world,
Innocent and clean.

She is everything bold and brave.
She is the whiskey in my cup.
She is the cigarette I light,
She is the cigarette smoke I breath in,
She is the smells of the city buses,
She is the love and the hate that passes throughout each other,
Through the busy highways and lonesome avenues.

She is the whiskey in my cup,
but I do not drink.
I watch her, there float on the brim of my cup.
I do not drink!
Why would I drink my love away,
and never see my love again?

She is everything beautiful and great,
She is the birds that fly in the bluest skies and sing their love songs,
In the tallest of leafy, green trees.
She is the canals that flow through Venice.
Dark and a mystery around every corner,
but that is what makes her beautiful.
She is like the calm and cool air,
That whispers gently in my ear,
crying out, "Follow your heart, and love again."

She is the Whiskey in my Cup,
but I do not drink.
I love her and would not waste her.
If you loved something, would you waste it away?

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Pag-sulong ng oras at araw ay lubhang kaybagal
Daig ang labing tatlong taong lumipas na kaytagal
Pag-hihintay sa totong pag-ibig, wagas na pagmamahal
Di man inlintana, malamig na lugar, MAINIT NA KATAL.

Ako ay nasusunog sa init ng pag-ibig mo.
Di ko akalaing ako ay magmahal ng ganito
Napakalinis na pag-ibig ang hangarin ko
Magmula sa ikabuturan ng kaluluwa't puso ko.

Ako ay nasasabik sa iyong masidhing yakap at halik
Hindi ako mahihiyang sabihing nais kitang makatalik, 
Yakapin ng mahigpit, ilagay sa aking dibdib at bisig.
Maramdaman nating dalawa katal ng tunay na pag-ibig.

Sa namutawing kataga, nais kong malunod
Huminga ng sayo'ng gusto'y sumunod
Pilit kong pinaglalabanan, katal ng pakiramdam
Ngunit sa aking kaibuturan gusto kita'ng maramdaman.

Nais kong maramdaman init ng iyong kalamnan...
Maramdaman ang nagbabagang init ng iyong puso't kalooban
Magpatangay sa katal ng wagas na pag-ibig
Na lumulukob sa katauhan ko, puso'y ito ang pintig! aki'ng kandungan ika'y humapon
Init ko'y suklian, katal ko'y pawiin
Damhin ang masidhing pananabik, ito'y namnamin
Magpapaubaya ako ng buong puso at sa katal mo'y pababaon.

Inner Whispers

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~I Want You More~ (Rhyme) I look at you and I want you more You are the only one that I adore And when I happen to be with you You help me see everything brand-new. All things may come and just go But your love is something that in me grows. You have a way to touch my very heart And know love like this can never part. Your lips are like sweetest honey in my core And when I kiss them just want more and more You open to me wide your yearning arms And then again I am surrounded to your charms. Your love is like a drug that heals my wound And I am so happy that you're with me around I feel your love and I also caress your face And I just want you more,your love can't ever erase. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,19,2014

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Your Little Man

The ocean is so calm,
as the sun rises above the horizon,
for all the memories we've shared together,
I can't help but to miss you my dear mom.

I miss when you hugged me,
and told me I was your favorite son,
we always laughed cause I was your only one.

I miss our fights,
and how I could never win,
and how you still told me you loved me no matter how stubborn I'd been.

I miss going shopping,
and holding your hand,
your love was the only thing that kept me going,
and to this day,
I'm still your little man.

I blame myself for your moving away,
I feel I didn't tell you something enough,
I love you mom.
I miss you mom,
But I'm trying to be strong and stay tough.

Sometimes I cry not knowing why,
I feel some day's I can't go on,
but you're the only reason I try.

I hold you in my heart,
knowing how nothing could ever do us part.

There isn't a day that doesn't pass that i don't think of you,
the tears that fall from my eyes,
are something I compare to dew.
Cause every morning it's on the ground,
and that's when I first think of you.

I know I have done wrong in the past to you,
just mom please remember something,
no matter what,
I will always love you.

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into the gloaming

twinkle eyes twinkle eyes i see you 
stop hiding behind the shades i won’t hurt you
i’ll be good i’ll be kind just trust me you will see
i only wish to make you mine for all eternity

I know how to love i was trained by the best 
oh come now twinkle eyes and put me to the test.
our laughter is sweet it makes the honey flow
compassion is my best quality 
i believe in taking things slow

if into the gloaming is where you want to go
i’ll take your hand twinkle eyes your masculine shadow.

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Forgive Me

Can you forgive me? For I know I was wrong.
Our bond was exceptionally strong
But what evil wind has blown
away my wit!
Oh! How careless I was! I admit.
Can you have faith in me again?
Even after I inflicted such an
immense pain?
I am sorry for whatever I have done and said;
It wasn’t long before you began to fade.

The memories of you keep coming back to me.
I swear you are the one and you always will be.
Now that the distance between us is excessively great,
Oh! I curse my fate!

I still treasure the memories of the moments we spent together
And therefore, you are always in my heart. Yes, you are…

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Bye-Gone Era

There are few things that I rarely miss
But something about you makes me trip
I think of you often
Think of the things that I miss
About you
Your lips and your soft fingertips
Your dimpled smile and
Warm laughter
Are just
Memories of days gone by
Things that I cannot get back
And if I could
These things that I miss
Will never be the same as the
First time we kissed
Or held hands
Or said "I love you" to each other
I never wonder if your okay
Because wherever you are is where
You want to be
And its not with me
I never wonder do you even miss me
Because when I was there
Your heart wasn't
Love, love, love
Is all we need and I
Gave to you as you pleased
Never enough
Never satisfied
And then I gave up
On you
But now I realize that
of days gone by
Things that I miss about
are simply memories
Could it be that I
Just miss you
Or do I just keep missing you.

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Beloved Companions -part 5-

A couple weeks before her fourteenth birthday, We knew something was wrong Peanut, who loved to eat above all else, suddenly turned down food To make it worse she was having trouble breathing I had urged my dad that we had to take her to the pet hospital, and he agreed At the hospital, when they told us what was wrong, I could see the look in my dad’s face Even I knew, it was her time We all got to say our final goodbyes, Held her paw, and stayed with her as she drifted to sleep Her passing had hit us so hard, like a huge weight had fallen onto us I kept asking myself, over and over again, “why did she have to go?” We all thought she was gone forever, And tears of sadness had stuck with us for a while Then a strong realization came over us, Peanut was not gone, She would always be with us Tears of sadness soon became tears of happiness When we learned about the Rainbow Bridge Hearing that touching story, We all knew Peanut would forever be in our minds and our hearts If Peanut is waiting on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge, Then I look forward to the day when we cross that bridge and can be with her again Dedicated to Peanut In our memories, The pets that have passed will always remain We realize upon having them That they turn out to be something more- A loving companion, a protector, And most of all, a friend Someone who will always be there for you And understands, One who gives you a shoulder to cry on, A creature subtly unassuming, Who will simply listen.. There is a connection with our pets That is impossible to break And when there comes a time to say goodbye, That connection will help us continue on We never want them to leave, But all of us know that nothing lasts forever But the effect they leave on you And the love you have for them does

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To face another day

In the twilight of my desire
At the dawn of my hope
You came 
Rekindling loving memories from long ago
Giving me hope again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

In the twilight of my loneliness
At the dawn of my desperation
You came 
Holding my hand
Giving me kinship again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

In the twilight of my age
At the dawn of my manhood
You came 
Giving me courage beyond belief
Helping me to stand tall again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

In the twilight of my love
At the dawn of my caring
You came 
Tendering your beautiful soul
Giving me faith again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

For this and more
I love you now
And always will,
Because you gave me hope and purpose and reason 
To embrace love

A tender love
A caring love
A true love 
A love
For only you...

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Robert Walker

I was sorting through some old photographs 
somewhat faded, tattered-torn 
from years of wear and tear I guess; 
some baby pictures from when I was born.  
My mother holding me so close 
and warm in her sweet hands 
while my daddy stood right beside her 
a proud and gentle man.  
Though it was black and white with so little light 
to brighten up the room 
there was no doubt the truth was out 
we were a family in full bloom.  

Where have you gone now Robert Walker, 
you were the man who gave me life.  
Why did you up and fly away into the stars one night?  
Where have you gone now Robert Walker, 
you know I miss you every day?  
Let me thank you for all the love and more 
of everything you gave. 

Another photograph I gently grasped a priceless memory 
of later years when it was clear 
you were the hero of our family.  
Six kids and you and mom there too 
all smiles into the lens, you’d set up on a camera stand 
and self timed us once again.  Capturing a moment 
that you knew would carry on 
a piece of film that found its way somehow into this song.  

Where have you gone now Robert Walker, 
you were the man who gave me life.  
Why did you up and fly away into the stars one night?  
Where have you gone now Robert Walker, 
you know I miss you every day?  
Let me thank you for all the love and more 
of everything you gave. 

There’ve been so many times I wished I could find you 
back in our home town; 
maybe in the old back yard where I used to run around.  
While you grilled hot dogs and we heard the call 
of the evening whippoorwill, 
those memories are so real to me 
I feel you standing right here still.  
Looking down upon me like you once did long ago, 
dad if you can hear me now 
you were the finest man I know. 

Where have you gone now Robert Walker, 
you were the man who gave me life.  
Why did you up and fly away up to the stars one night?  
Where have you gone now Robert Walker, 
you know I miss you every day?  
Let me thank you for all the love and more 
of everything you gave. 

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Just My Imagination

Are you more than just my imagination?
Is your call only my inner, silent plea to
be release from my lonely desperation,
my hungering need?

I see you walking in the fields at night
and I feel you touch me in dawn's early light.
I smell your English lavender the same as
when you were here. Is it you, really my

Is it you who ripples the water when I am
at our favorite creek and is it you that kisses
the tears from my cheek? It can't be just my
imagination for I know your here, who else
would have followed me throughout all these years.

Is it you my Love or just my Imagination?

                                                                               Sharon Gulley

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A Soldiers Letter Home

A Soldier’s Letter Home

I can’t believe it is that time of year
I haven’t yet gotten that old Christmas Cheer
What with you back at home and me over here
I love you and miss you my dear

And even though I’m near the place of His birth
I hear no “Merry Christmas”; see no Christmas mirth
And Lord knows from here I see no Peace on Earth
I love you and miss you my dear

But we’ve put up a tree – looks like Charlie Brown’s
And we’ve hung on its branches gold-colored spent rounds
And when the wind blows those tinkle bells sound
I love you and miss you my dear

I miss the kids more and more every day
And you know I would be there if there was any way
Tell them I miss them and ask them to pray
I love you and miss you my dear

Now give the kids kisses and say “Daddy loves you”
And I’ll hurry home once my tour here is through
So I can give kisses and hugs to you too
I love you and miss you my dear

Well the Captain is calling, the fighting’s begun
I’ve put on my helmet, my vest; grabbed my gun
Say a prayer for me dear but now I’ve got to run
I love you and miss you my dear


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A big smile on the face when he was in all three forms, but
one smile has been lost away from my face a lot
Of course, I am from Nepal but like the Indian Player ,
It doesn't mean that i dont love my country but for him, i will always be a  prayer

HE is one whom i look from my small age
with him i have spent a lot in TV,
looking his famous cricketership always a smile comes,
don't blame, hurt, DHoni my heart comes with tears

played test for his country rather for selfishness,
looking for the country to move in every prospects or life 
he was very much proudy, rowdy and two much cute than
I was a true fan. I am and I will be Up to your whole life rather thinking My

Wants to be a Cricketer

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I Miss You

I miss you oh so much,
Why did you have to you go away,
Why can't you see we all miss you, 
But I miss you the most.
I can't even tell you what it's doing to me,
I feel emty, gone,
I feel invisible, like I am not here.
Why did you have to do that,
Why couldn't you have just stayed just another year.
I just met you in our freshman year,
And after that you moved away,
I miss you greatly, and always know,
I am always here for you, 
No matter what.
You are my best friend, and I can't,
Think about something happening to you.
When you go into the army(if you do), please come back safe,
And if there is ever a problem,
Don't try and be brave, just run.
I miss you so much it hurts,
I sometimes have flashbacks og the short time,
The short time we had together, and I just there and smile,
Smile with tears in my eyes,
Cause I know it's you I instantly miss.
I couldn't ask for a better friend than you.
A friend that is always there for me,
A friend who always listens to me,
Listens to me without judging me,
A friend who would do anything for me,
Probably even die for me,
And you know I would do the same.
You were my very first friend in freshman year,
The only one I confided in for awhile at least,
I still do.
It hurts when one of your friends moves away.
It has happened two times before you,
And now it's three, and it hurts twice as bad.
I am just trying to reminisence on them times we had,
Had that were oh so fun, didn't want to ever quit,
So now you know how much I miss
My Best Friend.
Briana Lynn Palmer
Dedicated To: CAZ

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We would ride on steeds of metal
down the dirt trails
towards the farm
where we would feed the horses
play with the chickens
and run after deer with a golf ball.
We’d bike all around
and sprint away from the big pit bull
that the little girl set off after us.
And then we’d find ourselves in the field
You on top of me
Hands lingering
touching everywhere
causing my skin to tingle in delight.
Lips pressed against each other’s
Then your’s move to my neck
we lay there
in the grass
breaths intertwined.
Movies at night
laying on the couch.
Adventures to the mall
eating Cinnabon and trying on hats.
Then me laying on your lap
your touch warm against my ever cold skin.
Those were the days of light.

But then the darkness came.

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There Is No Magic Spell

I love you
Oh yes I do;
More than you will ever know.
It’s hard to let you go
The sun just shines
Brighter when you’re around.
I’ve just,
Been feeling so down
And so blue;
Without you.
But alas I can’t complain,
I messed up,
I was being vain
And selfish, and stupid
I wish I could rewind into the past
Take it all back
And make it
But alas, I have no time turner
I am no Hermione Granger
I am a mere mortal you see,
And all a mortal can say
Is simply, I’m sorry

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Light as a Feather

Dear beloved,
I wish to see you again some time and watch you gaily soar
Dear beloved,
I wish to see you fly once more
Dear beloved,
I want to hear your voice before dusk 
I crave for your melody to ring in my ears.... You are as precious as the sunset's horizon
You're as peaceful as a snow-white dove beyond my reach...go on...go on...
Keep on flying until the arrival of the dawn...
Dear beloved,
Weep till your eyes refuse to shed another fretful tear
Have no fear
Dear beloved....your touch is like velvet rubbing against my back
But i lack your beauty... I lack your tranquility 
And i hope to see you succeed one day...
Your radiance embraces my body...but i want you to get rid of my dismay
One day...your spirit will float above the ground
Your blessed spirit...will be as light as a feather... Why do you still feel so ashamed and bound?
Dear beloved,
I wish you a sunshining day along with perpetual delight 
Dear beloved,
I wish to keep a smile on your face...i wish i could see you beam bright like a dandilion, joyfully waiting patiently for summer's endless ecstasy 

Dear beloved,
I wish to abide by your side
Till the day my demise meets my lips
Despite the tribulations we must face
But, keep your own pace
And preserve your beautiful grace
Dear beloved,
I wish to be in your heart forever
Till the day i have to let go....and gove in to the grave
Float like an angelic feather
I treasure your efflorescence and your feather-like, jubilant spirits

You're as light as a feather
Dear beloved,
our love will restore relishing serenity forever...
And ever
Dear beloved,
You are the gold nugget to my eye
Im hoping you won't pass me by...
Take wing, 
Dear beloved dove

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2 Years

2 Years 

It’s been two years now daddy
Since you left me here alone
I still lie awake and wonder
If you’ll ever come back home

Then I remember that you can’t make it
For different reasons than I wish
The next time I see you dear father
Will be when I come home to you

I still miss you more than ever
I never thought I’d make it this long
Without you guiding me and encouraging me
With everything I do
You have never judged me for anything
No matter what I have done

You have always been my hero dad
For that I regret never saying
I am thankful for the time we had
But am greedy for the time we don’t

I will never get over losing you
I will always wonder why
I will always lie awake and cry
And wonder often times why you had to die

I have asked God why he took you
Why didn’t he take me instead?
I always felt like he slipped up
And got the wrong one instead

I know there is a reason
You left me way too early
I do not think I will ever get it though
Nor, will I ever accept it

There are so many things 
I don’t understand
When I look at your picture
By my bedroom wall
You give me the answers
And the strength
To withstand it all

I love you daddy, and I miss you every day. We will meet again and you can hold me like
you always did when I was little. Only this time I will not wither out of your arms. 

Happy Birthday Dad!

R.I.P.   Larry Wagoner 12/19/1956 – 12/19/2006

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Thoughts Of You

Bright and beautiful thoughts of you 
fill my head

Like brilliantly colored flowers 
In hues of yellow, 
purple and red

Sweet aromas 
soft and pleasing 
Tickling my nose, 
playfully teasing

A hint of rainfall 
lingers in the air
As a soft gentle breeze 
tussle’s my hair

Your loves vibrant rainbow 
arches high above 
As your sun shines down over me 
With calm soothing love

Illuminating my soul 
that now shines from within
As bright beautiful thoughts of you
Fill my head once again.

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Hungry words

so insatiable,
just what am I to do with
all these hungry words

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For a girl named So-and-So

For you a girl named So-and-So...
with your hair flowing up in the wind,
and you always strolling 'round the parks and parties,
smiling and calling out to the young boys in blue jeans.
You're beautiful... Please, stay that way,
just the way I loved you.
Let your heart remember and then forget,
and don't hold onto me, just let me go.

For you a girl named So-and-So,
wherever you may be- keep close to yourself,
shy girl I fell in love with, So-and-So,
please go out and love another and like I always told you- "GO GET 'EM BABE!"
You inspire the hell out of me,
but life is cut short, and you must let go to something you loved;
to get something that actually matters to your beautiful heart.
So, my girl don't let my foolishness and selfishness and jealousy
get in the way anymore,
I know you're mad at me,
I know you don't care anymore,
all I wish is for you to smile everyday and be happy.

"GO GET 'EM..."

For my girl named So-and-So...

       The Blue Poet (Me)


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Trinity My Dear

Trinity, my dear, I love you so,
Can anyone tell me why you had to go.
You were always there, by my side,
Now I bid you farewell like the passing tide.
I’ll miss you dearly, your comfort and joy,
I can’t imagine my life without you boy.

Trinity, my dear, I love you so,
Let the spirits now guide you where you must now go.
Never forgotten and forever in our hearts,
In a better place now, rest before your new start.
Leaving behind, the binds of mortal life,
Free now to roam and go where you like.

Trinity my dear I love you so,
You were always there in my times of sorrow.
Now with you gone and I see your bone,
In a house full of people, I’ve never felt so alone.
I’m so sorry that I failed you in your time of woe,
Trinity, my dear, I do miss you so.

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A blanket of white layers the sky,
Surrounded by concrete towers so high.

Straining to hear the wind, the birds,
My only comfort, the hope of your words.

I know there's a reason for the pain,
I know there's a reason I'm going insane.

Why we moved so far away,
I ask myself every single day.

I don't understand why we had to leave,
That we'll go home I have to believe.

I need to believe I'll see you again,
That one day you'll take away all my pain.

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7 Days

7 days of love
7 days of bliss

Yes I still remember
The gentle way you kiss. 

It seemed to never end, 
The 7 days of bliss.

Now it's 7 days of longing, 
And 7 days of sorrow. 

All I do is wait
And look for tomorrow.

I look for an end, 
of the 7 days of sorrow.

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There is a fence in my bed

A 38th parallel separates our pillows
I try to touch her and she bellows
We are like strangers in our own bed
Help me break the Berlin wall in my bed

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Pain So Deep

I have so much pain I feel inside,
 Eachday it's getting harder 
    and harder to hide I really miss you right by my side, 
  I  havn't been the same since you died
         It's been hard with you not around 
but I know in my heart your in heaven smiling down 
        I miss you with every beat of my heart
 death is the only thing that could ever keep us
 I love you now & forever just like I did from the start
    My heart is so sore each day I miss you more & more
    I'm not sure if I will be okay 
nothing will ever take this pain away
I look forward to seeing you again oneday

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That smirk that kills me
That bravo! That instills me
The blunt truth you were able to see
That I cherished you 
But you kept quiet, 
and I felt like a fool
The fool who cared
And you friend, The White Colonial Hollow Man that didn't care
Pardon me for calling you hollow
I know you’ve been hurt, struck by the need to prioritize
Shift and allocate and customize
What comes first in your life
But it still hurts that the timing was not right
That luck was not by my side
But who am I kidding
Neither luck nor time could have made this right
If your heart was not by my side
You sail upon a different tide
And I am still stuck by the shore
Looking for a grain of hope
Hope that you might turn around and sail to the coast
But do tell me, how come I was struck 

How come I favoured and noticed 
and you so fervourless? 
How can you so bluntly tell me I shouldn’t? 
How come I saw and you couldn’t
The frustration that you have ignited
Is strongly enticing, tranquilizing
I gathered some courage and uttered “I care”
Yet such feelings, along with many candidates, you couldn’t share
Made me beat myself up, for my astounding luck!
“throw it all behind you", you said
without thinking twice or even considering how I felt
it hurts to be rejected 
but you know what stings the most,
what kills the most, what harms the most
what makes me ache,
the thought that caused the pain,
was not that you didn’t care
but it was when you saw my care to be a bore
a bore that only became a load
so I fell in to utter, shrieking silence
“don’t give awkwardness space”, he said
it wasn’t awkwardness that needed space
but a wounded pride to be mended
so fly along the course of life
live your days, and so will i
too bad our stars were not aligned
I am done caring.
For what it is to my gain, if I cherish in vain
For it is better to be slapped by the Truth
than kissed by a Lie
so fly along the course of life
and live your days, and so will I

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For Her

These words unspoken
A vow unbroken

I made it in silence
Kept my thoughts quiet

But the way I feel
I cannot conceal

You’re a rare gemstone in the sea
It’s you I want right next to me

Everywhere I am and everywhere I go
I care for you and love you so

When I look at you, you’re all I see
It’s you I want my life to be

You’re always so kind
And you’re always on my mind

My heart jumps, like someone pulled a lever
So if I say I love you, can I keep you forever?

*For her, and only her

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The Stinson

If I had to pick something, I suppose
Her perfume would be what I choose

But there are few
to make her more like you

The sight of her shirtless back
Keeps your memory off track

Her hand across my chest
Is enough to let me rest

But she is to naive
Because I let her believe

That just for tonight
Happiness was in sight

Her beauty is masked by a disguise 
One filled with my lies

But you’ve never woke up more alone
Than when her number isn’t in your phone

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How I Feel Now

Tears may fall, but I won't cry.
You can ask, but I won't say why.
And although it hurts, I won't let it show.
I still want you so, but no one will know.
I may think of you, but not say your name.
Even though I'm so lonely, to you it's all the same.
I will miss you so much, but you won't know at all.
And I'll write down the words, but not say them aloud.
There's so much inside me, but I'll never try.
My heart is broken, but I can't say goodbye...

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~Sometimes your true feelings lie in the poem which you pen but never send.




What do I do to make you feel…

that my love for you is so much real

It gives me thrills,

it gives me chills

my mind collides,

while my heart subsides

And everything around me,

seems colourful and happy


What do I do when I’m all alone

as if no one sees the empty zone

that occupies my lonely heart,

and breaks it slowly when we’re apart

What do I do to make you feel this way?

to make you feel my heartbeat

 and make you hear what it say…


_Coz time is running too fast

And I can’t let this moment pass…

I need you to know all of these

So that my heart will be put at ease.

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missing you

I miss you Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday..
So happy to see you Saturday and Sunday.
You bring so much joy to my life,
You let my sun shine so bright,your soul is like a flame.
it burns inside of me,you take my breath away,
you are good luck charm,my rabbit's foot
the four leaf clover to my charm.
your spell of happiness and caring and love is casted on me.
your pure in heart,my lovely shining star
but all i need is you and only you.

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The Darkness at Noon

Summertime sang its chorus
Echoed through my brain
Springtime promised hope
Sending rain to clear the pain
I walked into the solstice
Prayed solace for my soul
Sacrificing my heart, your crucible
To purify the gold
I searched out the light, 
I stared into the sun
Its rays scarred my eyes
I couldn't read your runes
Loneliness consumed me 
In the darkness at noon

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~You Are~ (Double Etheree) You Are in My thoughts and In every part Of my very soul And in each piece of my Heart.Since I got to know you And have you in my life you are Very special and so dear to me So I'm sending here all my love to you. You fill all my thoughts and heart everyday Since the day that we met you've been part Of my life in so many ways With you I embraced love I could not help myself You brought sunshine,light From that day forth And just knew I'd love You. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,15,2014

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I miss you Ramon, I wana see u so I look
outside across the street, You were the most
realest big hearted person anyone could ever
meet, With u not around I feel incomplete I miss you
with every heart beat. I still think ur gonna call
so I always look at my phone without you I 
feel so all alone I miss you Ramon I wish u 
could come bak home.Honestly I dont know if
I will ever be okay all I know is it gets harder &
harder each day.No amount of time will heal I
know I'll be missing u still. Some people just dont
understand & i dont think they ever will

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I Do Truly Love You

Missing your kiss 
Savouring what’s left
On my painted red lips
Setting my soul on fire!

You have been away far too long
This is driving me crazy, baby! 
For it is no secret
Nothing is right
When you’re not with me 

I would give you all I have
Including my heart of gold
Just to be with you 
Right now

“I Truly Do Love You”

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I wish it never happened;
But it did.

The gentle sighs; the warm smiles;
The soft touches; the spoken words:

All setting our minds at ease
And putting nervousness and fears
To rest; then we parted.

With our going, a void presented its self;
Heart, mind and soul experienced a brevity
Of discontent.

Yes we parted.
I wished it never happened;
But it did.

Now awakened thoughts
Generate ecstatic memories;

Ecstatic memories that slowly fade away
Like autumn leaves blowing in the winds,
Drifting on the wings of time:
I miss you dear friend; I miss you.

I wish it never happened;
But it did.

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Conversation Forever

Our voices linger on this line desperate to stay together
Sending requests to our nervous systems for any information we can gather
We hold relationships accountable for not practising this method
They tap our line hoping to record our feelings, we have mastered that method
They can't find time to analyse the hours of recordings produced by that 
particular method
We never say "goodbye", our voices share a conversation long after we doze 
Lights off, television off, the words exchanged light up everything else
Oprah has been looking for us for a while, maybe she should pursue 
something else
Purely constructed from above, no men can tamper with
Our line is the only visible line in their radar, they can't stand it
We watch our words like parents looking on as their son fades away to the 
college residence
In our relationship we are permanent residents
She has a door locked, "Isivumelwano sakhe" (Pyjamas) on, 
Although sleep and exhaustion are locked outside, their entrance is somehow 
inevitable but we are reluctant to look outside, so we carry on
Her voice sets off feelings that I can't describe to save my life
She knows exactly what she needs, she needs me in her life
"Yah neh", that phrase takes a huge part of our conversation
It is so simple but it holds a lot of words unsaid

If I hold the line long enough, she's right next to me
We know how to say "I love you" without actually saying the words
If I hold the line long enough, I see her making coffee and then making her 
way right next to me
We know how to say "I long for you" without putting it into words

We both wake up in the middle of the night with phones on our ears
We have a look at the door only to realise that sleep and exhaustion have 
made their way through.

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Shyness Of Mine Left You Blind

I feel a cool breeze blow by
And it makes me want to cry
Remembering how fast you blew
Through my life and never knew
Amounts of love I kept secret
Locked deep away, I will keep it
Never revealing one emotion
Of my passion and devotion
Scared and shy to let you see
Your more than a friend to me
I would find any reason
To be near you--it was pleasin'
Having you close by my side
Until the day this magic ride
Of being buddies ends to fast
Before I get the strength to act
Speaking words of love and care
You are gone, no longer here
Taken way to young and quickly
Each day getting weak and sickly
A rare illness with no cure
You were so sweet and so pure
Now my heart aches with regret
How my shyness never let
Our relationship go further than
The greatest brightness of a friend

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A Silhouette Trapped in Negative Space: A World Where Poets Never Lie and Words Never Die

I feel so far away, from that place I was today.
Standing in your shadow, only a thought away.
I tried to say everything to you, the day my lips never moved.
It was always times like these my words they never meant as thing,
At least not to you.

Reverberations of the frailty of life, Echoing like regret of all the wasted nights.
Why do I let my thoughts dwell in such darkness as these shadows?
Maybe for a greater purpose, in retrospect of all the gallows.
I'm not yet hanging from the ceiling, and still I see no ropes.
Is my voice yet equivalent to the likeness of a ghost?
Pumping through your speakers.
What do you miss the most?
Because i miss dancing between the walls of your embrace.
A feeling of warmth that could never be replaced.
Unless I find a day just dreaming I could face,
The darkness of despair I left drifting, in the thoughts of this dead space.

Why waste the words, when writing them is a race?
Thoughts of letters not existing, slowly catching up to pace.
The rhythm of a pencil, somethings cant be erased.
Unlike the vision of a fool, somethings are just displaced.
Light shining through my windows but never on my face.

Collections of broken truth , volumes of a wasted youth.
I'll take the color purple and watch the words turn it blue.
I'm done wasting time for stalling brings nothing new.

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Why did I do this to you

Why did I do this to you?
Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? You gave yourself to me Hoping a part of my life you’ll be Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? When we met, at once we were friends We wished, this friendship never ends Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? When I first held your hand I thought you couldn’t stand Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? When we decided to be one I promised I’ll never let you alone Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? When our love became intense Togetherness was only our sense Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? For sex, when I got desperate You never thought to separate Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? Even when we fought A lesson was taught Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? For years we were one But now we are no one Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? You always had those fears I will give you tears Why did I do this to you? How could I do this to you? You gave yourself to me Hoping a part of my life you’ll be

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Letters Of The Heart

Dear Claire,
I Miss you and need you. I can't wait much longer.
Its getting cold and dark. I'll come back tomorrow.
To stand by our tree. So we can run away and be free.
Yours Always,

Dear Eric,
I miss you so much. But my father is a riot.
Wont let me go no were. He's locked me in my room.   
But I'll escape. I'll come see you. So wait for me.
Yours Truly,

My Lovely Clarie,
I'll Wait! If it takes forever, I will wait!
And we will never have to part again!
You are my love. For now and For ever.
Yours Always,

The day passed and Eric waited. 
But there was no sign of Claire.
Eric bowed his head and slouched down.
"She said she would make it. 
Whats keeping her so long?"

Just then a voice broke out.
Eric lifted his head and saw his Love.
He ran to her with arms open wide.

He caught her in an embrace
And she held on to him As if to dear life.

"You must leave." She whispered in his ear.
He looked at her puzzled.
"My father isn't far behind.
If you won't leave, He'll shoot you down."

Claire's tears slide down her face
Begging him to go.
Eric smiled painfully 
knowing it would only hurt her if he stayed

"I love you Claire. I always will.
From now to Forever.
Don't forget me. 
I Love you Claire."


Dear Claire,
I heard your married now. I'm happy that you found love again.
I haven't forgot you. And I never will.
Congratulations and farewell.
Yours Always,


Eric walks outside and sees a girl
She smiled at him and waved.
Claire. She looked so young and pretty.
Like she always did.

"Hello Mr. Eric.
My name is Maya. You knew my mother Claire.
I came to tell you thank you." 
And she handed him a box.

The letters that he wrote and copies of her own
Tears filled his eyes.
As Maya went on by.
After 20 Years he finally got an answer.

After 20 years he finally got that Letter.

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Shot Away Dreams

A joyful life was meant to be
Part of my future destiny
Filled with lots of dreams and hope
I was planning to elope
With the one who stole my heart
Special moments not forgot
Staying with you every minute
That your mind and soul will give it
Now those dreams do not exist
Just words upon a lonely list
That will never be fulfilled
Since a gunman shot and killed
The future hopes from under me
My whole world gone instantly
Songs are sung and prayers are said
As dark thoughts fill up my head
Seeing you fall slowly down
Blood is splattered all around
Holding you till your last breath
Tightly in my arms to catch
One last touch and loving feel
Before it becomes too real
Sinking in that you are gone
When I wake to a new dawn
Without the love that I adore
In my heart forever more
Knowing there will always be
An angel watching over me

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A Toast to a Girlfriend's Ghost

Cherished Mix
A sip or two
Silky smooth
Today's taste
What a waste
Here's a toast
To a girlfriends' ghost
Alone, alone again
Never was, never been
Rum n' Cokes
Coat this throat
Chest burning fire
This desire?
A longing?
The Voice inside
"Don't miss what's gone"
Time will tell
Let's drink for a spell
Relax, just relax
"She's never coming back"

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You and I in a wondrous place,
We’ll hide and love in this romantic place.
We hear silence in a fairy like lawn,
Our noisy steps are trembling in a grassy mud zone.

We promise eternity in a secret garden.
You hold my hands and assured me no burden. 
We promise to be forever with two eyes closed.
Sweet good kisses were our magical utmost.

We found a mystic place for us!
Hunters won’t even dare to look for us!
We ran out from home and found ourselves together,
In a greatest wonderland that will last forever.

We pretended flying on air in a gentle good night.
Our love is all well prepared for a magical flight.
I love you and we’ll make a bunch of our own love stories,
I see ourselves grow old telling these countless stories.

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If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew
Author Dana Redricks
September 13 2014

If you only knew how much I loved you, 
And how much it hurts 
Knowing each moment you’re in the arms
Of another.
Every time I think of you; my heart breaks
Over, and over again; I try not to pick up
The phone, but the feeling of loneliness plagues 
My soul.
I never thought this day would come;
I thought holding you would be an eternity.
Now you have my heart bound, and tied.
I gave it my all, and I know I really tried my best.
This scale was one sided; one giving more
Than they received; now you’re gone, and
I’m left feeling all alone.
Maybe it was for the best; being with you
Was just a test, but one thing I found out was you
Were just like the rest.

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How Do I Let You Go

What will be
Will be!
I know of this, first hand
Your life was taken away
So abruptly!
I will 
Never forget
That day!
Till the day 
My body dies
I am with you, again!

“How was I to prepare myself?”
That kind of 
Life changing, event!
Didn't warn me 
Were permanently leaving!
I hope 
You know 
How much “I love you”
You will never be forgotten!

I don’t know 
Has got into me!
I feel you
Inside me
I see images
Of your face 
So clearly!
Am I crazy 
To believe in this, my love?

“Are you still with me?”
“Is my imagination 
Playing cruel tricks
Running rampant
I talk with you
As if 
You were by my side, right now

In my heart and mind
Your face etched
Like a blue print
That never fades
Your foot prints 
Still remain, beside me
My heart beats
Trying to make sense of everything!

Forgive me, my love
For being so strong in my feeling
For it has been a long time
Since I lost you, my friend
I haven’t
Got over!

My heart 
A mind of its own
To be with you, still!
To see you
To smell you
To touch you
To taste you
Last time!

I want to say “Goodbye” 
Once and for all!
We have
Brought out
The best and worst 
In each other
Rivers run deep
When it comes to you and me!

We have had our fair share of fights and arguments
Stubborn disagreements
All of them
You cease to exist!

I miss your lingering touches
Your hand, stroking my face
Your big, blue eyes
Looking into mine
Your warm lips
Your rough, unshaven face 
The way you
Kiss me
We make love, till dawn

I miss
All those nights
You kept me 
Safe and warm!
I miss
Loving embrace
I miss
“Am I ever going to feel the same, with another?”
I felt
In your arms, my love?

Do I let you go?
Do I set myself, free?
I am ready
To love, again!
‘Our eternal love’
Guiding me
In times, like these!

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When You Go

It hits me like a ton of bricks 
The feeling when you go 
Not quite tears but oh so close 
Something inside my soul. 
My heart is sluggish 
My limbs are heavy 
I know you're just gone 
But the hours they are many. 
My body shakes 
My heart breaks 
And like the river 
My eyes begin to stream. 
I cannot handle this distance 
I can't cope with the pain
There is nothing comparable 
To the feeling of lost love. 
I see you smiling with them 
Laughing and having fun 
But did you forget 
About little old me? 
You tattooed my name on your heart 
And yours on mine 
But whereas mine was ink 
Yours was pen 
And my tears washed it away. 
I hope you know this 
In the darkest recess of your mind 
That the pain is too great 
The heart too heavy 
The eyes too red. 
I. Can't. Do. This. 

And I hope you know that.

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~Falling In Love~ ( Rhyme ) The sky turns from day to night There we go my Love in a flight Heart then wander at last free Till you take me to new heights You enchant me more as days go by We're entwined in this love so divine Thunder clouds roll in, covering dawn But I just feel in your arms so fine Your love is in me deeply ingrained With true patterns of beauty remained Life give me a taste of your love to quench I only think of you while I sit in this bench Lost, still navigating in the sea of your love Dreaming till flying with you to heaven above. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,23,2014

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If Suddenly

You should know...
A few things:

If suddenly,
You seek an egress,
Your soul I'd love to caress,
If I can not prove my love, 
Like I used to do so,
Then with words I would preserve it,
Through eternity, and infinity.

If suddenly,
You stop thinking of me,
Read my words,
And with words you will remember me,
It doesn't matter if time has passed,
It doesn't matter if you cry,
I will be there.

If suddenly, 
You feel alone,
With no one to turn,
With no stone to throw,
And no shoulder to cry on,
You can always come home,
Fragile rose...
You will always be my rose,
You will always be my love,
No matter the cost,
I will be there for you...

If suddenly,
You feel like the sun doesn't shine,
And that the moon is lost, behind the clouds in the sky,
If your world has turned black,
And your nightmares take over your nights,
Close your eyes,
Forget the world, forget everyone...
And I will be there...

- Sek Chavira, January 13, 2015.

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Around Town

Written August 10, 2013

My darling
Where have you been tonight
She said I've been around town
I've been around town all night
Shooting craps with the girls
Where the women wear pearls that glisten so bright in your eyes
At that casino with the fountain as high as the sky

I guess you came home with penniless pockets
You say tonight wasn't your night
But that story holds as much water
As an ark made of paper
The ocean falls right through the floor
The ark floored by a screen door

Cause I've seen you out by that old familiar highway
The one where I picked you up
In that van we spent our first night
But that promise you made me you haven't kept
To settle down and don't go around town tonight
'Round town tonight, 'round town tonight

But you just couldn't stay away
From where the red light shines so bright
So you could feel high as that fountain
Higher than a mountain tonight
But I'm here patiently waiting
For my darling to come home tonight

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The earth has become
a desert of fraught
That once was a
bloom and hive of
flora and Homo;
All become extinct,
except what I am yet
to see.

My heart surfs like
a lonely cloud in
the sky,
My mind scales the
sea as do a stray
My soul’s lost in
the labyrinth of
midnight dreams.

Upon the shattering
roar and din and
I hear none, but the
subtle rhythm of my
A quiet step, a
tender touch… just

I’m searching all
boundaries within
four walls bound
And did not observe
time takes form and
As my only
acquaintance of
tomorrow lies in

My spirit transcends
my body, in that far
Where the sky
embraces the land,
there lies my balm.
Bid me come as long
as air subsist, my
dearest heart!

				Itsoghole O.

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My mind tends to wander
no matter where I go, it always
comes back to you.
And yet you are so clueless.

You are the "Smartest,
most intelligent,
and inspiring," but
so ignorant.
How can that be?
How do you not see?

No matter how hard I
try I can't stay mad with
you or disappointed.
Every time I think of
you I smile, or laugh.
Usually at the strangest
I can't help it,
your just so...

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Your Choice

When you pull away from me
 I get scared and I want to stop you
 When you go away from me
 I feel sad and like we’re through

 I know I have to let you fly
 I know you need your space to be a man
 I know that without you I will not die
 I know I must go inside and make other plans

 I miss you and the look upon your face
 I miss your laughter and your voice
 Your smell disappears without a trace
 If you come back to me, it’s still your choice


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What I Fear

What I Fear

At times I ponder,
Why you stick around.
A girl with less baggage,
You could have easily found.

All of the hassle,
The stresses I carry.
You notice the effect,
Though I try to act the contrary.

I bring up issues,
I come to regret.
For they’re not your problems,
I got myself into this mess.

When I say I’m sorry,
You always ask why.
I guess it’s because
All I can do is try…

Try to make you see,
Have you understand.
I don’t mean to make things hard,
I just need your helping hand.

I’m sorry for the shit,
You’re sticking through for me.
You have no idea,
What to me you mean.

For how much I write,
I seem to never convey,
The exact emotion, passion,
I try so hard to display.

I miss you all the time,
Now all the more.
I hope the day comes,
I won’t have to miss you anymore.

But honestly…don’t know why,
It is you are still here.
And to tell you the truth,
Your leaving is what I fear.

Time and again,
You say you will stay.
But I have to admit,
I’m afraid of the day.

The day you will say,
That you’ve had enough.
That you wish you could wait,
But it’s becoming too tough.

But please hang on,
For I promise once it’s through,
The struggle will be worth,
The happy ending: me and you.

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I Still Love You

I still love you
Buried six foot under
Life no more
Risking my heart
Everything, I have ever known!
Letting you go
Eighteen years of panache and tears
‘Loyalty’ because 

‘I Still Love You’

At a cross roads
Changes of initiation
Giving in, risking all
Trading this pain in
Making my heart whole
Know by saying goodbye
And, letting you go
Know, for an eternity

‘I Still Love You’

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An Empty Heart Full of Hope

I've found someone I can't live without
Pitiful, I've only discovered that after they've left 
Now I can't live. 
I've descended on both knees 
A face flooded with tears, 
Which bled from my broken insides 
To repent, to pray to a God 
In which I did not believe existed 
A God in which I only turned to 
In times of need
A God in which I believed would avail me, even if I wasn't the most 
Faithful of followers 
I believed if I was baptized in his name, he'd perform divine miracles 
Before my eyes, even if I did not practice his teachings 
Am I selfish for doing so? 

Set aside my failure to practice 
My own congenital beliefs, 
My heart still aches 
My body, still empty 
Legs shaking, weak from the lack 
Of his presence 
He is my pillar 
He is my wings 
He arises me above all that is evil 
He makes me feel whole, 
He makes me feel divine, 
He makes me feel like I can climb mountains, 
Slay the devil, himself 
I am a fool for this man 
He is my King 
And I would walk through hellfire to be able to hold him once more...

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~You Are In My Heart My Love~ (Free Verse) You are to me, everyday The first thing in my mind You are in all, my thoughts And in the very air that I breathe You are in each, and all my dreams You fill every corner, of my sky With warmth and sunshine And when you're not with me For me, just rain starts to fall Then I just close my eyes And I invite you, in my mind And right there in my heart,you are. Dorian Petersen Potter Aka Ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,15,2014

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broken mirror promise

morning rhythm is interrupted
debris from the ceiling falls on her last used paper plate
i wake up with an six month odor with no hygiene whatsoever
i care not for my job, my bills, my family, or even my life
no i take no drink
no i take no drug
no i have not a thought of suicide
i just think of her in a trance of oblivious carelessness
i am a hoarder via unknown circumstances....(but i know)

afternoon distortion is welcomed
dust from the air tickles the sensitive hairs in around my nostrils
i just sit anywhere thinking of her without regard for consequences
yes i blame her
yes i blame myself
yes i merge the two on purpose
i just miss the hell out of her in that manly way that constipates the tear ducts
i am the main public enemy number one of myself....(and i know)

nighttime disorientation is oddly celebrated
i say my prayers inadequately with a false hope masquerading as a source of faith and truth
i just lay in the bed pretending the water stained ceiling has a skylight in the middle
no i have no dream
no i have no nightmare
no i have no insomnia
i just wish her was here healing me with her divine guarantees
i am antagonistic fool with paintbrush splinters, a broken easel, and a deflated ego....(i never knew)

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winter dream part two

she was my winter dream
with promise of spring
dreamed her one cold night
and every night since
she became the light in my life
she became laughter and warmth
a song that played me sweetly
she was my winter dream
frightening how quickly became everything to me
scary how quick became more than just memory
became more than me
i saw her in the falling rain
saw her in the light fading away to the east
saw her in my sanity disappearing into the night
saw her everywhere i thought beauty should be
when all other hope had faded
tasted so near to real for a moment
tasted like summer starlight kisses
like vibrant light of the heart brought to life
but then...

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~Only You~ (Free Style) My darling you make my heart beat so fast Racing with Loving thoughts all the time of you. You have not the faintest idea of how you make me feel Right in my heart and mind day in and day out is only you. You've changed me in many ways with you my Love my heart sings and in love with you know I am day in and day out is only you. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,17,2014

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I’m writing a letter today to a solider that I know
To let him know how I miss and love him so
And when he returns to Colorado springs
He will see that he is my everything 
And with him I have all I need, yes indeed So
Tommarow morning I will mail this letter that will read something like this
Dear David, I cant wait untill you come home,
Because I miss you so much and sometimes when I am afraid I pretend you’re here with me
Like when I feel alone and I hear the phone ring my heart sings hoping it is you
Calling to say Jane I love you and miss you too,
Yes I do , Just know I will be coming home sometime soon,
So tommarow night I will be alright I will just stay home and sit by the fireplace
Daydreaming of you imaging I see your face while I think of what it will be like
When you finaly call to say, Jane I’m on my way home, and I have miss you so ,
And yes I know you have too ,
Because you love me and I love you,
Yes I love you, I love you , I love you  so
Oh I’m just siting here writing a lettter to a solider that I know
To let him know I miss and love him so.

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A Date to Remember

I woke up this morning and knew it would be a day like none other
You came to pick me up in your golden chariot and promised to take my heart to a faraway place
It was the most magical day in my existence
First we traveled to the Milky Way and watched shooting stars zoom by
You kissed me on the shoulder and promised to never leave me ever again
Then we sped off to the edge of the ocean just in time to catch the warm glow disappearing into the waves
We built a little campfire and roasted marshmallows
We sang with the crickets and took a midnight swim
We even waited on the stars to turn out their lights so we could wake up and do it all over again
It was the best of days and the most magical of mornings too
We tippy-toed across the edge of the sea and woke up the sea gulls with our laughter
Who could not notice your love for me and my love for you
The whole universe was set afire by each of our encounters
Not even Cinderella had it this good
Enraptured by his love over and over and over again
This was the best day ever!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

Details | I do not know? | |

We were together once

The pretiest hands
i miss you more
my love and i were whenever alone
those were you who took mine
their touch reveles sentiments of thine
sweetest lips i miss you a lot
it were you through which my love spoke
whenever she told her inside heart
it were you who met and apart
the brightest eyes i really love you
the words unspoken were conveyed by you

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in other words, i miss you

riding a dark cloud now
wanting to be free while stroking the lightning bolt
acid rain words constructs changes only hell can withstand
my yearning and its passion runs every direction and blueprint of my brain
when i function, i am a conman stealing the angelic wings of truth
to avoid burning further, you find the inspiration to become stronger
by the time the light is all crystal clear, all of my accounts have been fully drained
now the dark cloud gallops in, and i am impervious to the reaper's wrath
it all feels like a new lifetime of walking in an endless desert of shame and regret
the only option now is definitive death
in other words, i miss you....

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               DIL SE PUKARO
kabhi hume dil se pukaro to sahi
hum dur ho kar bhi pas aa jayege aap ke
ehsaas hoga pas hai hum aap ke
hume chahiye sath aap ka , puri jindagi
kaise doge sath mera,jab ho chuke tum hum se dur itna
jab hum yaad kare aap ko ,ehsaas ho jaye aap ko
tab aakh band kar ke dil se kah dena sath hai hum aap ke
hum sab kuchh kar jayege jo hai hum chahte
bus de dena sath mera ,puri jindagi
kabhi hume dil se pukaro to sahi
kabhi hume dil se pukaro to sahi
                         (sangita choudhary)

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Studio of destiny

only You can understand
the heat of mirrors
the brightness of cameras
the resistance of perfumes
the pain of existence
before the cold shower
in the studio of destiny

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Having You In My Life

Being apart,
Makes me feel alone,
However, I know,
I am not,
Cause I have you,
In my heart,
Always and forever,
And I don't need to push you away,
And see you run away as you would dart.

Sometimes our lives,
Maybe difficult,
And far away,
But knowing you are,
Always by my side,
Brightens my everyday,
Hoping to see you,
Just wanting to hold you,
Is what I am really trying to say,
Because seeing you,
Hearing your voice,
And holding you tightly,
Is like a dream come true.

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I open again my window
Looking for a person I know
To steal a glance and say hello
Whom I have met few thousand days ago
I did it half of the day
Because to my surprise,
I almost forget
Yesterday, I don’t remember
where are you?
Who are you?
What you do?
What do I want?
What am I doing?
Who am I to you?
And why am I here,
Looking at you…

But today I was so anxious,
Searching your name and remembering everything
To your world I tried to encroached
On my way up to yours,
I was unfortunate to lost my path
Failed to trace the prints of you on the ground
Tonight I scribble letters to find you
Armed with hope and betrayal
Without thinking I write
With my restless soul 
and empty mind
I am reaching you

Today I almost forget
The day that is especial to you
I no longer wait for this as an excuse
To re state my name and shake your hands
Because today I remember to remind myself
That I no longer have the mementos of you
Washed out with new memories 
Of someone you have met

Yesterday was you 	
My unforgotten past
A history that reminds me,
Reminds me that I was with you
Today is still yours but no longer my name
The sound of your heartbeat
Doesn't echo with mine

Those I remember and never forget
For I vividly seen them even in my dreams
But it is you who can’t be freed
from the stillness that you are trapped in
Hoping to forget what had happened
And how it had ended
But how can you stay away
from the memoir that you are hiding
If what is left with you is half of the whole
Because the other half that you tried to leave
Is always tracing its way back into you

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Words I can't get out

I search for the words to say 
And though I come up blank 
I search and search 
To no avail 
I feel the words within myself 
Pleading to come forth 
So I sit with no internet in mind 
And the words come out themselves 
Every piece of heartache 
Every little thing 
Can bring so many words to thee 
Suffering is the only one side 
To this coin we call life.

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Cold teardrops from above wet my hair,
And chill the tears that were already there.

I try to keep warm but I just grow colder,
I want to rest my head on your strong shoulder.

I remember the sun, the warm summer rain,
And the arms that chased away all my pain.

Did we know what it meant when we let go?
Didn't you know how much I love you so?

No one's touch feels like your touch,
Only you can get to me that much.

No one's kiss moves me inside,
No one else could erase these tears I've cried.

Alone in this cold, strangers just come and go,
All of them could never possibly know.

You've cast a shadow upon my life,
And your absence stabs like a knife.

Even without you, I'm blinded by your light,
When you're gone nothing seems right.

Details | ABC | |

losing my dear friend

I just know my pain will never go away, I miss you more & more everyday
        I wish atleast on more time i can hear ur voice or feel ur touch, I just
love & miss you so much
         It's not fair why did you have to go and leave us all behind, Damn 
my nigga I wish I could go back and press rewind we should of had so much 
more time
        Without you it's hard to smile at all ,I remember everynight waiting for 
you because you would always call
         You would say "shorty" you ready to come threw,I would say yes I'll
be outside 5 minutes later he would come get me & we would go chill everynight
that's what we'd do
           Then the next day he would bring me home in the morning around 8
sometimes 9 now he's a angel of mine 
       I remember almost everynight around 10pm he would comeover to get me 
and take me to his house across the street, Our memories I play in my head on repeat 
I'm thankful that God let us meet

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Angel Speak

An Angel was set to me today
To speak the words I could not say
Deep in my heart I knew the truth
And the mask you wore has come unglued

Walk me past that hidden road
The one I chose has no remorse
I will run, I’m free from the lies
And my heart is now beating back to life

Your voice is speaking inside my head
Telling me every word you said
Those words made smiles but now I see
They were never true and now killing me

There is a stale emptiness, a darkness inside
Where I stay quiet from the feelings I hide
Tears start to fall without any sound
into a cemetery where the love’s buried down

So take me Angel away with you
In heaven’s arms there is always truth

Details | Romanticism | |

Love I Owe

What love I owe?
I see you and I bow
Indifferent to the World
Lost in your hair and curl.

Your eyes full of adventure,
I can see me and our future.
Mesmerized by your nimble limbs
My temperature grows as steam

Holding hands and I can't speak
Quiet I stay and I sneak...
Enchanting the beauty and praising
As a peacock in the meadow, gazing.

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Dusky Autumn

On the offshore of Atlantic ocean, - On the offshore of Atlantic ocean,
Walking on the bridge of hurricane,Intensifying force of wind hit my soul.
Empty streets with no one around,Paving away the roads of silly love.
Turning skies into grey,
We both freaking near the bay,
Freezing rain drizzled away,
Snow rain sizzled with a hope of ray!

Ohhhh my god,It's damn awesome!
Abundance of Lush green meadows was the season's feather.
Into the red,yellow,purple,brown,The transition of leaves,Echoed the sense of melancholic reflection.
Showering and Turning my dark days into bright, Its time to bloom with an early sunrise.

Bizarre cloud,dusty storm,
Love spouted between the two egoed rabbits.
Bursting the introvert feelings,cherishing the moments together at the street's of luxe ville.
Left an Autumn of love in our heart!

Light sun curvature reflecting against my eyes,
Awned wheatgrass,cold wind wrapping us,moving into the world of fantasy.
Beating down, The rhythm and blues, shaking the jazz with a sip of jigger!

Mild night temperature with deep brown  coffee,
Amorously advancing towards romance,
Nature taking the baby steps,dissolving in the essence of season,Gladly applauding Your arrival ,warmly welcoming an Autumn! 

Details | Light Poetry | |

old chair

There is beauty in this beacon of the sun.
she lingers along the wind,
through the window.
Casting no shadow upon my bed.

Old crooked door and noisy hinges.
Still cold,morning dew till noon.
Drops a few on the front stone
below the cottonwood.

Lovely chair painted white. 
A long time ago.
Chipped and rusted. 
Blue underneath where it was once new. 

I sat for a lifetime in that chair the day you died
I cried on the flowers that you would plant
every spring.
I felt lost and angry,I'm sorry that I ripped  them up.
I`ll plant them again next chance I get.
They will always be there.
Like the slamming of the screen door.
He smiles at me on the way

to the bus stop.
Runs his hands across the tall grass.
I hoped the bitterness would pass.
But it just isn't the same here without you.

He gets out of bed around ten sees me there in the old chair.
We sit and talk about you.
I just want to write this for you.
Beautiful sunlight. 

We still love you. 

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To Liza

I am still on the field 
In search of pink roses for you.
I find you a beautiful rose but then
The shades of night have fallen,
Nyx has spread her garment upon us
The night is cold and drearily lonely
You have not come seeking for me
I tried to find my way home 
But I cannot find my way to you.
I have been roaming, roaming the wilds.

When at last Aurora appears
I have lost my way, my way home
In the labyrinthine terrain 
Of the deep forest growths.
I discovered a plane of roses
Roses of all forms and hues, for you
But I cannot find my way home
I shall live here in love with the roses
And explore them, without you
And you shall live there with your Love
Without the roses, my bonnie Liza!

Details | Prose Poetry | |


I thought it was just a fling. 
I thought it didn't mean a thing.
You keep running in my head,
Even when I go to bed.

Moments of your touch, 
Still lingers,
I feel it's too much.

Why do I keep those memories--
When I'm not sure how to feel--
Is  what I'm feeling real? 

I don't know which feeling to connect.
If you're sending mix signals,
I don't want to link what I'm feeling,
And later, reject, I recollect. 

It doesn't take a lot of time--
For me to forget.
One moment I'm focused,
the other, distracted. 

Are you just a distraction?
Do I feel the attraction? 
Electrified when you look, 
It's an awkward reaction.
Do you understand what I'm going through--
Even in just the tiniest fraction? 

These questions are not rhetorical,
I'm sure it's all metaphorical.
I choose to stay oblivious--
To your hints,
Your actions I ignore,
Like a blank piece of paper with no prints. 

Perhaps the next time I see you,
Please make sure to be clear.
I don't want to keep playing games with you,
Just be yourself with no fear.

No need to impress,
I only ask for you--to express.
And don't worry, I'll do the same.
I'm tired of feeling this way, 
It's lame!

Details | Rhyme | |

- Loss -

No matter on the time of day,
I always think of you. 
After all the years that you've been gone,
I just can't forget you.

Everyone I care about,
left a long time ago.
I miss you every moment,
and I always feel alone.

I hope you had a happy life,
until your time came to leave.
Now I just really wish,
that you could come back to me.

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A Lover's Lament

Clockwork angels control my mind,
They’ve locked me here for all time.
And maybe one day I’ll come to find,
That love is the lock that keeps me here.

Death, it tends to haunt me,
For my soul has faded darker,
Just knowing,
That growing,
Deep inside of me,
Is the flower that’s blooming,
That symbolizes us.
It’s stained blood red,
From prickled thorns,
That tore my heart,
And left me for dead.

In my eyes It’s plain to see,
That you just can’t seem to keep me.
My heart it aches,
And my doubt is loud,
It tells me to stop and just be done. 
The suffering that I feel,
Can’t stop the love that’s in my heart,
Because I don’t know what I would do,
Without you.

Every day,
And every night,
I think of you,
But I can’t figure out what exactly it is that I have to do.
I can’t seem to find the right words to say,
To make it clear why I feel this way.
I don’t want to make it seem like I want to leave,
I just don’t want to feel this way. 

Baby, can you tell me,
The words I wanna hear?
Because my fear is here,
And it’s oh so very real. 
Please tell me that I matter,
And show me how much you really care.
Because I can only take so much ache,
That made me the way that I am today.

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I Am November

I am November, the chilling winds
blend with the conditions in my heart
My heart blends with 13 years of not
blending to the conditions very well

I am December, the morning shares
the same blackness as the nights
To which I divert from the light
calling for the morning to prolong its darkness

I am January, 5 days since you first said
my full name without a word being spoken
As my ice dispenses a single drop
unfelt before you appeared in a shadowy halo

I am February, too soon to whisper 
three words into your untested by me ears
Though 14 days in, I find comfort there
while you reach for the top shelf of doubt

I am March,  uncertainty keeps the ground
wrapped in snow and the lake waits for
Lovers to fall deep into its trap
one in which we barely escape

I am April, change has captured a soul
within the song of a bird that decides
Not to fly but instead make a home
of old leaves and unbloomed flowers

I am May, now into the 5th month
of finding a home, a shelter for brokeness
A hand to be unheld but very much held
in a quiver of complete togetherness

I am June, there is sun...vigorous sun
shining across ponds and glistening into
Conversations of a life to be lived and others
to be brought into our world, our home within us

I am July, I am tired and battered
by the maybes and some days
I am restless in a worn shell 
that dreams of being in that lake still

I am August, gardens have given of themselves
and now drift into the acceptance of expiration
There in all that greyness of upcoming death we find
the tethers of a tomorrow bonding our ankles to the bedposts

I am September, how the moments now go do not
will not and can not matter because
I am you and you are me and from this month on
we breathe in the love and only exhale to the Heavens

I am October, I am blessed by the cool air
that rises from an imported breeze
that has taken this heart, the one once frozen
and given it a beat, a hop and always a skip

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Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love
Curled in a ball
Not knowing what to do!
Knees against my chest
Cradling oneself

‘Soothing my soul’

Memories of you
Flooding my brain
Your words
Left as lingering whispers
Your smile
Imprinted, upon my mind's eye
High light of my day!
Electrifying my nervous system
Jump starting my heart
Punishing me
For loving you
‘Bleeding love’

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I wish I could write the prints of the moments
The beautiful times we spent in comments
Our nights meant nothing to the exalted pleasure
For your words were lights' flood without measure.

The simple talks we never had hard to share
The mere moments where your little sparks a big care
The life in your seemingly angered love
And your sleep in the tranquility of a dove.

The time we sat and sang together
And the rhythm of your voice that fine- tuned  better
The melodies we both came to hate
And the song that hunt down our hearty state.

These moments liquidly shut in 
The clouds are gathered in me and now 'tis the rain
I want to dream and yet not in a sleep
A chance to favourably dreamily peep.

The moments we held hands and cried
Like a wedding disgraced by the absence of a bride
For a change of heart and etching a refresh
Old to new and we began afresh.

Shout this moment, I plead you tell
Proud victors  and sure with a yell
I know this is sure a true moment, so true
It is good better best to be two.

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my lonely heart

In my heart I know I was right 
for believing in her for so long 
while every one was telling me 
that loving her was so wrong 

but the distance between us 
just made me love her more 
and instead of making me weak 
it made me stronger than before 

my family and friends keep saying 
that online love isn't real" its just virtual 
and that I need to feel someone breathe 
hold them close and get physical 

my friend's said that I am a fool 
being faithful to a girl I never met 
they says "man what she don't know 
wont hurt "so you got nothing to regret 

but that is not what I think of love 
so keep your stupid advice guys 
my lonely heart will wait for her 
as long as there're stars in the skies 

true love knows no distance 
age or color and race 
true love is about the heart and soul 
not about the among of make up on the face 

the beauty of love can makes you blush 
it can also makes you cry 
it can also hurt you so much 
you swear that you are going to die 

missing the one you love 
don't ever goes out of season 
it will hurt and hurt and hurt 
although you never meet them in person 

but you know in your lonely heart 
they are all that matters in the world 
for you feel god created them for you 
and then throw away the mold 

the girl that owns my heart 
I've never held her close to my chest 
feel her breath ,smells her fragrance 
touch her hair and or feel her caress 

and I don't know what she's in real 
because pictures can be doctored to lie 
and I really don't care about what I will meet 
I love her with all my heart till the day I die 

friends said to me" what if she don't like you 
what if she thinks you're ugly 
what if you if you wasted all this time 
and it turns out to be just a fantasy 

yes that could turn out be true 
I wont denied the thought never cross my mind 
and loving some one so much 
does makes your judgments blind 

but its a chance I will gladly take 
as long as there's stars above 
and I don't care what happens 
I finally felt what's its like to truly fall in love 

and I will always be faithful to her 
for as long as forever will take's 
I would wait and wait for the day we meet 
no matter how much my lonely heart breaks

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Made Senseless

You kiss me blind 
It takes me soaring out of mind.
Until you kiss me tasteless,
I am senseless,
Until your body I find,
I am helpless.
Got me wishing you were mine.
Now you know you are my weakness
And you know I can't help this.
We are part of the same design.
So leave our love to define,
This feeling of numbness,
Keeps me a cline.
Leaving me powerless,
I consign.
To everything that is you!
Now I know what you must be thinking 
Our last kiss was long ago, a petty thing.
But it keeps my mind occupied..
Until you can leave me satisfied,
Take me back to the beginning,
Before I became enamored
With everything that is you.

By Nicholas A. Bello

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I miss you

We can talk like this :) 
I miss you 
It's simple no one can read this 
My mom doesn't even know
Babe, you don't have to miss me,
I'm right here
You can hold my hand
Make me laugh 
Give me hugs 
This is to you babe

We can talk like this :)
I miss you 
It's simple no one can read this 
My mom doesn't even know
Babe, you don't have to miss me,
I'm right here
I love you with all my heart
You are my love 
Babe, my heart beats for you
Your heart on a chain around my neck

We can talk like this  :)
I miss you
It's simple no one can read this
My mom doesn't even know 
Babe, you don't have to miss me 
I'm right here
Babe you are my everything
The love of my life
With you around I'm no longer trapped
It's all you babe
You make my life brighten up

Babe, this is for you 
What would I do without you
If you weren't here my world would be chaos
It's all you babe 

We can talk like this :)
I miss you 
It's simple no one can read this
My mom doesn't even know
Babe, you don't ave to miss me
I'm right here
and here I will forever be 
Right there by your side
I will be there, right were I belong 
By your side

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Coffee table romance

That unbeatable urge to sip a coffee today, got me to the café where we often used to hangout
From a strong coffee in a takeaway glass to Citibank offer for check, ur presence carried a lot of clout
As I entered alone, surprisingly I was all smiles, totally overwhelmed by the amazing memories there
In between drafting mails, calming the workplace angst, coffee spillovers, continued the flirtatious affair
Flashes of countless evenings when you just sat across the table listening to me with rapt attention
Numerous work dates when u made my to do lists and days of “Give it back to your boss” intervention
Times when you reminded me that I interrupted you yet again and started sharing random thoughts
Arguments to get our friendship to a defining turn and fighting to tell the family we’re ready to tie knots
Quiet days of my hometown trips, staring out of cab window with unresolved feelings the week after, 
But the comforting long walks, comforting silence and confessions by the sea side, the told u so laughter
Made us appreciate, oddly enough we complement each other despite ur exasperation n my impassivity
I truly feel I started experiencing the city n us only as we stepped out together to escape life’s anonymity

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Right Here

As I look at the stars
I realise that you're not far

From where I am right here right now
I can see you take a bow

High upon your silver stage
Maybe when I am of age

I’ll join you up in the light
Help you battle, help you fight

For though I am two years below
I want you to always know

That if you have to call upon me
Especially in a time of need

I’ll be right here while you’re high above
You’ll always be the man I love

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Shielded the emotions and real me within some corner and never had guts to 
think on that.

Was living artificial life without any expectations from life.
Never had guts to confront my emotions due to fear of losing them. My luck 
and fate always kept me away from love.

Suddenly in the movie hall sitting next to him, heard echo from some corner 
that there is somewhere still the real me exist. Who wanted to hold hands.  
This scared me of losing him. Was trying to not to listen to that voice.
Holding his hands in the room I busted out all my pain and then looking in to 
his eyes made me again fall in love. And the shield was no more in my control. 
After waking up from that sweet dream realized that he also loves me. 
Suddenly I felt I am alive again as there was feeling of happiness, expectations, 
togetherness, completeness which scared me like hell. As I knew that the 
moment he will be away from me I will not be in a condition to keep myself 

Tried a lot to keep him away but there was some string attached which was not 
weak to break easily.

Finally when I started realizing that he knows real me and the feelings are not 
one sided. It started scaring me of losing him soon. As I don’t trust my luck.
When he told me about loss in his business/job I started feeling guilty for that. 
When he said he cried all day I felt like how I can do this to him.

I never wanted to hurt someone who made me realized that I have not 
changed and was just pretending myself that I have changed.

I wanted to breaking up with him before he made any decision as I was sure 
that he loves me and also aware that once he knew his feelings for me he 
would have never let me leave him.

Finally I was able to break up as my love for him is my strength which can let 
me do anything impossible.




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Lonely Is Okay Too

Maybe You'll Come Back
Maybe You Won't
That's Cool
Lonely Is Okay Too 

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His Eyes

His eyes are a cup of warm coffee
With swirls like soft chocolate notes
Deep like the ocean without a trace of blue
Hiding secrets and emotions too;

His eyes are chopped mint leaves
Adding a color like no other
The clover color touches the hearts 
Of all who dare to seek it out;

His eyes are golden flecks
That sparkle with every breath they take
A topaz color like clean jewelry
Scattered among the darkness.

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Lost Love

Why couldnt you be here?
I miss you so much 
Our times of laughter and smiles
Is it all over? Will I ever see you again?

Why couldnt you be here?
You were my eveything 
My love was taken and ripped in half
The day she sent you away

Why couldnt you be here?
She told me I couldnt see you 
Is the day the life faded from my eyes
Today I missed you even more than yesterday

Why couldnt you be here?
The tears that glide slowly down my cheek
I am begging for you babe 
Please just come and find me

I miss you babe!

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Everytime it Rains

Every time it rains...
I remember summer nights and feel your pain.
Clouds form under Angel's eyes,
They cradle you inside their wings.
Tear drops fall with prayers,
I'd give anything to start this over.

It appears I'm sleeping with the light on again.
(so alone, trapped inside that room)
Company shining from behind the lamp shade.
(and it feels no ones coming home.)
Lost inside that garden,
(Blood letters, scribed in solitude.)
Turning to that fractured looking glass.
(hoping for some clarity.)
Could I possibly look back?
( My lord the wolves are chasing me!)

Gray skies break once more,
Revealing sorrow through open wounds.
We've built our lives on blind chance,
A guess on which door to open next.
For now everyone is locked.

You've been a thousand miles away before,
You returned with spring.. The memories..
I will never again lose sight of the flowers,
I once saw bloom in your embrace.
Like the dreams when you showed me how to feel alive.
(I saw visions of the future, I could swear I saw you standing there)
Bringing in the morning sun with a rose in your hair.
( I saw beauty in the shape of a smile)

Remembering an angellic face,
I saw you walk through the front door,
but I'm still waiting for your return.
I've written all these songs for you.
(are you still a few words away?)
So many nights we've shared before.
(Please don't tell me every one was spent in vain)
After all I've wrote this song for you.

I would take the sun from my sky and place it above yours,
even if it burned like hell putting it there.
And I'd pretend it didn't hurt,
Just so I didn't interrupt your smile.
I'd do anything to say I tried,
Even if i was blind.
The truth is i did nothing.
(You showed me love through your heart holding mine)

I would change if you told me I could breathe,
My lungs forget to work every time I try.

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~All Night Long~ (Rictameter) Kiss me Kiss me, my Love, Now,and let me show you How much I do really want your love. Let me demonstrate you one more time, love, Together,will make love all night long, Under the moonlight, will cuddle And more you can Kiss me Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,22,2014

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The lights remained bright-
you were quite fidgety yet relaxed,
and as for me; I remained stiff.

It was as though sadness, confusion,
and hurt took its toll over my body; Only I couldn't react.
My body remained numb, wanting to cry
and scream but knowing that doing this would only make matters 

Starring into space, I found myself looking for answers.
As if somehow my eyes would gaze upon a word,
perhaps even a person who could give me some kind of

The answer was there, I knew the solution,
but never had the guts to accept it, let alone say it out loud.
In result my mouth  remained shut.
Maybe it wasn't your heart that I was afraid of breaking, but my own.
Because it was moments like these where the truth hurt.
And I'd much rather the silence over power the painful truth,
that was bound to slip through our lips.

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five years ago

Good morning she said to me,  twas a Sunday morn
Outstretched arms, asking for a hug, with a yawn.
As we embrace, the sun shine through the window,
I kiss her forehead, and tickled her tiny little toes

In a beautiful red dress and shiny curly locks
She brought her little purse loaded with her snacks.
As we walked along she held my hand so tightly
I smiled at her, "i'll never let go, don't you ever worry."

We played at the park, oh! Twas a joyous happy day.
A balloon in her hand, you should have seen her play.
"I'm thirsty," she said, "hold my balloon,  don't let it fly away"
I smiled at her, "I'll never let it go, don't you worry,"  I say.

It was dark when we got home she was half asleep
I took off her shoes,  tucked her between the sheets.
Soon she was sleeping,  her face angelic and peaceful
I'd say a prayer, thank God for a day so wonderful.

And as I lay down on my bed that night to sleep and rest
I realizes that all these was just my imagination at best.
See, for last time I hold her was exactly five years ago.
But then I smiled, don't you worry, my sister, I would never let go.

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I Miss You

I saw a couple walking by
They reminded me of you and I
How we always used to be
Of how we love each other endlessly
Makes me miss you so much
And also the feeling of your touch
And the sound of your heart
How I loved it from the very start

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Spanglish Love Letter

February 14, 2012

Dear Jeremy;

I'm missing you como loca right now
Pero se que I'll see you again somehow
Until then I'll be pensando of you
Voy a soñar de las cosas que we used to do
Mi corazon yearns for you in every way
Just wishing y llorando for your return someday
Te amo tanto with all my heart
Let's stay juntos para siempre and never drift apart

                                       XoXo; Your Loving Beba

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Ribbons From Heaven

High across the sky
Colors from heaven I see fly.

Pink, blue, yellow and green
Ribbons from heaven, are what they seem

I wish I could see them everyday
Ribbons from heaven, I wish you would stay.

Those beautiful ribbons down to me reach
Leaving me breathless and without speech.

The visions of colors, I know come from you
Visions of ribbons reaching down from heaven it’s true.

Many memories these colors hold
Memories of you that start to unfold.

The ribbons from heaven, to me they say
I’m here with you and won’t go away.

Those beautiful ribbons, I try so hard to touch
Like holding you hand, something I miss so much.

If I could  just touch one, forever on I would hold
Cause I know it would be you and together we’d grow old.

But the ribbons from heaven never seem to last
They fade away quickly and leave me in the past.

Leaving me with my wonderful memories of you.
Wishing the Ribbons from Heaven were true.

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Hold me tighter
Hold me close
Tell me your secrets
Haunt me, your ghosts. 

Leave me lonely 
Leave me, scarred
Take my breath 
Take my heart. 

Speak only lies 
Speak only, hushed
Love me and leave me
Love me, then run. 

Break my heart 
Take it, too
Who needs a heart
No longer you. 

Hold me tighter
Hold me close
Love me, leave me
Please be my ghost. 

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The End

 Loving you felt so right and I never thought it would end..
 As it still feels so right to have loved you

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I see you
I understand you.
With all your faults and idiosyncrasies
I want to be with you.
I want your smell and your taste
Your faults are part of your perfection.
Your insecurities are your strengths.
When I’m with you I feel home, safe.
Anyone else is wrong because you are right

I love you.

I am utterly content.
I want to make you happy
I want you safe.
I will heal your pain
I will protect you, I will care for you, I will provide for you in every way.
I do not need to own you
I do not want to stop you.
I love what you are.

I know you don’t love me.

I know I don’t make you happy
I know you don’t want to hurt me.

I will leave you.

It is in my power to make you happy
It is in my power to relieve your pain
It is in my power for you to find love.
It is in my power to give you what I have.
I will provide, I will heal, I will make you happy, I will leave you because I love you because –

I understand you.

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YOU ARE MY LOVE - Monchielle

~You Are My Love~ (Monchielle) You are my one true love And in you I can trust Carry you deep in heart You're always in my thoughts My love can never part. You are my one true love Each day from morn to nite I always think of you You make my life worthwhile I know your love is true. You are my one true love For you would do anything Each day you give me hope And my heart you make whole With you I always cope. You are my one true love You mean the world to me And want to live for you With you I have it all You love me,I do too. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,15,2014

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grandma and papa

Everytime i get ready to leave
I start getting anxity because I 'm going to miss you guys more than you can believe,
        Even if it's just for a short amount of time when I go, I still miss you everyday I;m gone and more than you know.
        Your more than just my grandparents, Your like my mother and father and my bestfriend it's not going to be easy to go when that shuttle bus arrives I can't even pretend , My love for you guys is so strong it will never end 
        You guys are my everything,Without you I would have nothing,To my heart you are my Queen and King 
         Only for a short amount of time I will be away,But it's hard because I'm use to seeing you everyday,On my mind you stay therefor it keeps me going and I'll be okay 
          I Love You Grandma and Papa  see you when I get back ,You two are so special to me dont ever forget that my heart is home where you guys are at

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Affectionate and Dearest One

Affectionate and dearest one
you are my one desire
the one that in my life consists
without you my existence would be dire

When we are separated
it's all so hard to bear
wishing for our uniting
anything so we'd be near

Near together united in love
this is my desire of heart
holding you hand in hand
never again to depart

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Love Flu

Every day, I miss you!
Kinda like having the love flu.
Mornings, the people are ok;
Afternoons, stay out of my way!
All day you’re on my mind;
Even my eyes have gone blind.
You’re running through my brain,
I think I’m going insane.
In your eyes I wanna gaze,
To get rid of my brain’s maize!
I wanna hear your voice;
And give you my choice.
I wanna feel your arms around me;
That’s the way it should be!
I wanna feel your lips on mine,
Before we drink of the love wine.
Last but not least,
Before we can start the feast;
I just wanna feel your touch;
Ços I really miss you so much!

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An Untold Love

I never thought …
Love will penetrate
through a tiny fracture
in a closed shutter

She came into my life
She made living fine
She filled my heart
She touched my soul

That short peek
was the spark
for an untold Love

I was drowned …
in her blue eyes

I was charmed …
by her soft smile

I was filled …
with her magical vibes

She walked into my life
She filled my world with LOVE

With her around …
I was always fine

She filled my heart
She touched my soul
My heart on fire
My mind in peace

With her around …
I was always fine

But her sudden death
torn everything apart
all my dreams died
nothing left to hide

All came to my life
sorrows of an untold Love

I wish she knew
she was my true Love

So many moments
all went in vain
She vanished away
remained only pain

Where could I seek
to find her again

Time is so unkind
when she is not around

Forever in my heart
Forever in my soul
I will always Love her
I will always hold her

She will ever last
in my Love lament

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Your World

The story of us, the chapter in our lives
Is closed now forever, im my heart and mind
I may see you again and i will always wish you well
but the magic has gone and broke is the spell

Limited experience I have in matters of the heart
I walked into this willing right from the start
As I struggled to understand the place I held in your world
My own imagination played tricks on this naive insecure girl

I tend to overthink but you must realise
Thats the way I protect myself from people's lies
I allowed others to influence my ever present doubts
I pushed and I pulled and I helped drive you out

But if you had been honest right from the word go
Both to me and yourself this had not needed to end in woe
If we had known from the begining what would come to pass
I would not have said yes so willingly fast.

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The Crossing

If I dreamt would I,
Walk to sleep?
If the hills could climb,
I’d weep
For the promise
Is not
Set forth
Being first to break up leaves

Unfulfilled questions linger but,
They do die
In remembrance one will cry.
But not always
One will
Speak up
To reconcile
The past. 

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without you

I’m going to bed without you
Feel lost in my head without you
As I’m lying in bed cold
Reaching for you I’m trying to hold

It hasn’t sunk in that you’re no longer here
Damn I miss you
Can’t help but to shed tears
I wish I was still with you

I imagine your lips touching mine
Your body wrapped up in my arms
I know things will get better in time
But that time seems so far

All good things come to an end
So I guess this also had to
I hope your next boyfriend
Knows how lucky he is to have you

In your life you’ve went through so much ugliness
Yet you are still so beautiful
Most people seem to judge me quick
But you loved me which I found unusual

That came as such a shock
And for me to give it back
It took a lot
Just went for a lie down, but without you I couldn’t even nap

I really thought we would got he distance
Its worse we broke up 10 days before Christmas
But I guess any time would hurt
My heart is broke and mind is worse

Going to bed without you and miss you next to me
I can’t get to sleep
It shouldn’t have came to this
Now I need to get this pain to lift

But it only ended last night
I guess it will take time
My eyes are teary I’m struggling to write
Wait what did I write on that line?

I’m sorry this isn’t my greatest poem
I just needed to clear my chest
When I’m fully recovered
You will hear the rest 

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I always knew I would find you, I just never knew your name. But long at last I found you, after what seemed a waiting game. The
moment I look into your eyes to my surprise I knew. The one I had been waiting for in my dreams in my heart was you.

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Messed Up Love

Burning up
Torn apart
“I have had enough!”
Jaded, by your words & thoughts
Deepest, darkest parts of my heart
Drowning in my own tears and sorrow
“What have you done to me?”
“I can’t function, any more!”
Messed up love!

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jo hai chahte wo karege hum
himat mile hume,jab yaad kare hum aap ko
mahsus hoga hume,sath ho mere
sabh dukh sah le hum milke
dur n ho ,dusro ki kosis par
nhi jaruri sath hona ek-dusre ke,
hum dur hoke bhi pas hoge
humara rista hai hi aisa,
dil se dil ka rista
na dikhe kisi ke dekhne par
hum bne sirf ek-dusre ke liye
chahe kitne bhi dur kar lo hume,
hum dur ho ke bhi pas hoge
jo hai aap chahte wo karege hum

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Love Your Auntie

I’m sorry I was never there to watch you both grow;  

I want you both to know 

I love you and I will miss you heaps, 

god only knows how much you both mean to me 

I hope you two grow up proud, 

and never be ashamed to speak out loud 

Please don't just throw your lives away, 

Jesse please tell your sister you love her every day 

You need to take care of her and stay by her side, 

please be that big brother that will love her for the rest of her life 

I know what its like to lose your brother, 

not only him I have lost you because of your mother 

Please don't blame her she has the right, 

just her and mum had an unforgivable fight 

And Abby, I know we never got to talk much 

but I still remember when we first touched 

I want you both to follow your heart and chase your dreams, 

just remember it can be done no matter how hard it seems

I love you both so very much 

I wish I could just have one more hug 

Take care of your mum for me, 

I miss you lots 

love your auntie 

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Miss You

my heart is aching,
my body's shaking,
a tear rolls down my face,
my heart starts to race.
you are not around,
to lift me off the ground.
my eyes are glowing red,
sad thoughts run through my head.
do you think of me,
cause thoughts of you won't let me be.
how I miss you so much,
your laugh,
your smile,
your touch.
it was just a kiss on the cheek,
that mad my knees feel weak.
I moved far away,
you still had to stay.
I want to see you again,
your smile,
your eyes,
your skin.
your voice is fading away,
the room is starting to sway.
my head is getting light,
I stand with all my might.
time seems to slow,
oh how I miss you so.

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You take my hand is yours 

It begins in a elegant ballet

It usually turns into a passionate salsa.

Then when I go for the lift some you don't catch me and I crash on the floor.

You get out of the rhythm and step on my feet.

I try to be patient waiting for you to remember our dance.

One day I noticed you were not trying and did not want to follow my lead.

You gave up on our dance  and left me  to dance a solo facing the world's music alone.

I wait again for another partner so I can again dance a beautiful duet.

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Forgotten love

Written for For Richard Lamoureux' Gender Bender Contest

I know that we're older, that true
No way we can do, what we used to do
Your Armor was shining and answered my prayers
You came to my rescue, ran hands through my hair
Now, my hair gray, And I'm feeling blue
Where has my Knight gone too

I'll always be here at you side
Even if maybe, our love's, gone and died
I pray to the heaven's,  and hope that's not true
Cause I,  don't no what else to do

I gaze at you sleeping my dear
But it's not enough, that you are so near
I need you to hold me like you used to do
Tickle and fold me while taming your shrew
No way we could do what we used to do
But, where Has My night gone too.

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Baby It's Ours

Long time ago was an endless pain,

Today is a fairy tale because you made me insane.

Your smile speaks an endless hope,

Your heart brings me in the highest slope.




You taught me how to realize and forget,

Loving you is never an enormous regret.

I find it sweet when you get mad,

Baby, don’t worry because I will not make you sad.




I wish we’re always together and ever.

Happiness with you is what I’m looking forever.

Whenever people disapprove about us,

Baby, no worries because this love is not about must.



Today is an endless ploy,

Baby, I’m fighting for our enchanted joy.

I really guess my happiness is about you,

 Baby, this is how I express my love for you.

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do explain

I wish there where 
Words to tell ,
Feelings too share
Just something to throw in the air
    Yet it's blank
With nothing to explain
The silents we share
Words untold 
Unsolved mysteries
Gone cold.
Can't seem too 
Open and speak
Stood silently 
And weeped
Pray to God
To fix the troubles
Yet nothing
Trying to come up with 
And yet nothing 
Is this 
The end 
Explaining is as if I were 
Where finally fading 

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Almost Lovers

Almost Lovers
Now, loveless romantics
With only sadness in our eyes
A fresh new hole 
In our hearts
Without each other
Being by each other’s side

I am trying not to think about you
Though images of you 
Still haunt me
Flooding, my mind
I hear the sound of your voice
Echo through the air
I see you ‘smile’
I can smell you, everywhere!

And when I watch the stars
Light up the sky at night
When I stroll the streets
Without you by my side
I watch lovers enjoy each other’s company
Reminiscing about ‘you’

Almost lover 
I still feel the beating of our two hearts
Becoming One
Even though you are gone
Goodbye, almost lover
Thank you for making my heart warm!

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Love much I love you


It is no less
Than the icing in the cake
When I see you and
When I don't see you.
Your smile
Opens me up
And waves of
Awaken me
To rush to YOU!
Your arms
Spell warmth
And a welcome hug..
The silky curls
Of your hair
Fall on my face
Not to bother me
But to caress
and tickle my
Ears as if
To whisper
'I love you too'.
I crown you,
My princess
In my heart's
And there  you are
 Ever to tick
My love beats
For you to hear
Lying on my chest.

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I can't even try and deny it,
Then again I don't want to,
I know it's you I miss, it's you I love,
If you ever wonder why I miss you,
It's because you have gone,
If you ever wonder why I love you,
It's because of how you made me feel,
In hopes that we can be together forever,
No matter the distance,
We will be side by side again,
I miss you as soon as you walk away,
As soon as you tell me "I Love You." I am
Already longing for you to hug me and kiss me,
Hold me too.
I know it's you I want to be with,
I can't resist you, or your eyes,
Your touch, your smile, that oh so sweet laugh,
That makes me miss you all over again.
I want you to stay here for me boo, because
I want you to be mine, I told him goodbye,
I want you to say here with me, and make me feel,
Feel like the world, like I am the only one around,
Feel like there is no one else around; just you and I.
I don;t ever wanna stop being by your side,
Never wanna stop what we have, 
Never wanna stop beint the one you confide in, trust, and love.
I miss you like crazy,
I suddenly miss you, even before you got to turn away,
It's you I miss, because I just wanna be with you,
With you always, reminding me that I'm not ugly, I'm pretty,
I am pretty aren't I?
I miss you babe!
I miss you and I love you,
You're a pill, I shouldn't have took, but I did,
And now I am addicted to you.
I can't help it,
You are the best and you are my sweet angel,
Briana Lynn 
~Country Girl Forever<3~

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You Linger

Do you ever sit there and think it wasn't the same?
I gave to you what I couldn't take.
Your soft touch lingers within my reign.
I'm waiting for a day, where you can come back again. 
We started what we couldn't retain, we let our ambition take the game. 
Now we have nothing left... we could have been but it's too late. 

Us, me .. its not the same.

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Your love is gone

Your love is gone

You, told me  that  you love me forever
Oh girl, you promise me you never say goodbye
Why can't you stay
and why did you lie
Now our love, is it over

I still played the loved songs each and every day
to reminisce the time that you say
I love you
and i hope you stay with me my baby...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone

So many memories we had in the past
But seasons ended and it didn't last
you have the change of heart
now girl were both apart...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray oh wohh wohh..

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone..

i give you my all
with my heart, and soul
oh girl,you give me pain
now my tears begins to rain
why didn't you wear this ring...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone
your love is gone
oh girl your love is gone

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Our Life

I wanna live my life with
you and grow old have beautiful
babies and take care of our family.
I wanna share wonderful memories
we share with our kids.
Go on family vacations
relax in the arms of my 
have cookouts with our friends,
go dancing, out to eat
watch movies. 
Go camping.
Just spending time together,
watching T.V.....
Along with other things.
Going for walks thru the zoo 
or just going for a stroll.
With the man I Love
and who I call my
But you see right now my
life is dark, gloomy
and only my husband can
make it right and cheer 
me up.
He is my inspiration 
for living everyday.


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Cloud of Darkness

Dug in a hole with no way out

Searching for the light but still trapped with darkness

Troubled and confused with no one to reach out to

All I have is my little faith that is left

To cry and pray for forgiveness

A heart broken and yet alone

Where to go from here when all you have is yourself

The book closed where they are on the outside looking in

You are challenged and become weak and give up your will

Soon to realize its to late to trace back those tracks

To be endeared with the advice to wake up to reality

There may be no backbone to the solution but I have my heart and my will to do my best

To grasp as hard as possible to reach my faith and to never let go

To tighten my insecurities and make them hard to grab and conquer

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Still have no clue

A crimson night
Darker than blue
A cold, shiny knight
A strange, altered hue
Still have no clue
Still missing you.

A cold, dirty morning
A deeply dark thought
A love I'm still mourning
A war I have fought
Still have no clue
Still missing you.

A wandering wonder
A withered apple tree
Thinking 'bout sunder
Finding no remedy
Still have no clue
Still missing you.

A dirty, old white flag
Kept inside a locket
There's no givin up
Love got me in its' pocket
Still have no clue
Still missing you.


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The Butterfly Effection

I've often wondered
If there's ever been a precious gift of love
I've often longed for lots
Of smiles and love
To come so perfectly
A butterfly befriended me
We were bonded 
Through despondency
I stayed so long 
But finally I fled to save my hopes and dreams
And I miss you butterfly
And even love you
And I wish there was a way 
For me to trust you
But it hurts me every time
I try to reach you
So, I miss you butterfly
And even love you

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Never out of my mind

I let my thoughts run free;
with you I wanna be!
Our love and laughter,
will never be a disaster!
Never become a stranger,
don't ever put our love in danger!
Hold me close,
and never let go!
Missing you causes pain;
but that too is not in vain!
Our time we spend together,
will stay with me forever.
I've never felt so at ease;
all u wanna do is please.
When missing you will be in the past;
our love will forever last!
As love to a child from a mother;
that's how our love is for each other.
Let it always be true and kind;
You are never out of my mind!

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I thought of you again today
It seems your memory gets in my way
I try to forget but I only got regrets
I thought of you again today

Outside it's sunny but I feel funny
I'm cold and blue
So cold cold so so blue
Just can't stop thinking of you

Trying to get a bite to eat
End up ordering your favorite treat
Now I lost my appetite
I'm just not right.
When will this end
I thought of you again

Trying to sleep at night
But I'm wound up to tight
What's wrong with me
Why do I cling to thee
I need to sleep but when? when? when?
I keep thinking of you again and again

Out with my new girlfriend
The date ends before it begins
I must be insane
Calling her your name
I thought of you again and again and again
I thought of you again

Thinking of what to say at your door
Before I can leave you open your door
You look at me and smile
Invite me to stay awhile
You ask should we try again
As I kiss you, how I missed you
I will never ever leave you again
As I love you, again and again.

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It Hurts DARJ

You know it hurts everyday to see you, I miss you and I die a little inside when I see you happy, like nothing can hurt you. But I know everything about you, and one thing did hurt you deeply, you know you try your hardest not to say your cold, or admit anything, and if your mama was here, she would so slap you, and stop acting like that. I know you miss her, hell we all miss her, and I have been here for you through thick and thin, and I will always be here for you no matter what DARJ, it's what best friends are for, and just know that I miss talking to you, hanging out with you, laughing and telling jokes with you, creating memories together. Hell it feels as if you are gone, but yet you live a street over and nine houses down going one way, and then it's the rest of my road a corner, and the end of your street you are the first one, in the lime green house. I MISS YOU DARJ!! You Are My Best Friend

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It's Cold In Here

It's cold in here.
Behind my eyes.
So cold that my teeth chatter.
Inside my lips.
It's cold in here.
Underneath my ribs.
Next to my heart.
Where it beats so slowly.
So slowly sometimes I'm afraid it might stop.
It's cold in here.
Where you used to be.
Somewhere in the empty spaces.
That I never knew I had.
Until you were gone.
It's cold in here.

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I miss you

I miss you so much now 
that you are gone
I think of you from the 
dusk till the dawn
I loved you alot-did you 
even know
Sometimes I wonder why 
you had to go
I wish ther was some 
words I could have said
Away from those words-it 
seems I was led
I had no chance to really 
talk to you
And now, I wish I could...I 
wish you knew
But since you are in 
heaven smiling down
I’ll stay here, and watch 
my world spin around
Just want you to know 
how it is I feel
I miss you my brother 
and I always will
I wish you were here 
with me all the time
I’ll give you all of the love 
that is mine
You always brought joy to 
the world down here
You never showed anyone 
much of your endless fear
We all know you are 
gone with painless death
Because you left us 
without one last breath
We love you very much 
and we wish you was here

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my pain since u been gone

 just know my pain will never go away, I miss you more & more everyday
        I wish atleast on more time i can hear ur voice or feel ur touch, I just
love & miss you so much
         It's not fair why did you have to go and leave us all behind, Damn 
my nigga I wish I could go back and press rewind we should of had so much 
more time
        Without you it's hard to smile at all ,I remember everynight waiting for 
you because you would always call
         You would say "shorty" you ready to come threw,I would say yes I'll
be outside 5 minutes later he would come get me & we would go chill everynight
that's what we'd do
           Then the next day he would bring me home in the morning around 8
sometimes 9 now he's a angel of mine 
       I remember almost everynight around 10pm he would comeover to get me 
and take me to his house across the street, Our memories I play in my head on repeat 
I'm thankful that God let us meet
             It's so hard to understand I'll never see you again I miss you so 
much my dear friend RAMON since your not here I'm all alone 
           It use to always be shorty & cholo, Now it's me,myself and I 
I'm now riding solo :(

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sometimes I use your cup
to pretend that you live near
sometimes I lie on your bed
and imagine you are here
sometimes I look for flights
and work out how to fly
sometimes I say your name 
and try hard not to cry.

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kaisa ye pyar hai
dur ho kar bhi na dur ho sake
bhul kar bhi na bhul sake
purani baato ko na chahe yaad karna
par na bhul sake baate unki
wo aakhe samundar se gahri unki
wo hasta hua chahra unka
dil kare dekhte rahe aakho me unki
aur dub jaye samundar jaisi aakho me unki
kaisa ye pyar hai
kaisa ye pyar hai
                   (sangita choudhary)

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I, made love to you

Had I not given heed

Had I been callow

Had I wildness

Had I


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tired of your games

Why tell me you miss me
If you won’t make the effort to speak to me
Why say you want to kiss me
Why give me food for thought when I’ve got so much eating me

I’ve got so much hurt at the moment
You were the one that got away
Now it feels like you’re an opponent
Even though I think about you every day

I remember when I first got you close
You put me through months of games and chasing
You were so hot and cold
From friends, to love, hate breaking up before dating

I didn’t know where I stood
I told you things I’d never told anyone else
I did all that I could
I was honest told you how I felt

We could have had it all
But I couldn’t stand your mind games
So I gave my ex a call
I’m not going to mention names

I and my ex talked on the phone that’s it
No flirting or dates
No going to the nearest mattress
Because you were the one I was searching for babe

I hold my hands up I was wrong
I shouldn’t have made that call
Before I had you, you were gone
I tried standing but happened to fall

I spent so much time trying to find you
And lost you so quick
Chasing you, but this isn’t how I want to be behind you
Cupid shot at us, did he miss?

You were the one that got away
Everyone knows that
I wish I could go back
To that day

And not make that call or text to my ex
Try to understand your mind better
I didn’t kiss her, hug her or have sex
I thought you’d be mine forever

You don’t know how much I cared
I truly thought I’d found love
Only felt lost when you weren’t there
I fell, working from the ground up

Me and my last girl have only just had a break-up
You don’t know, but why did you say you missed me?
Messaged me on twitter as I don’t have a facebook
I’m so broken I thought god had sent you to fix me

We have so much in common
I don’t know if that’s good or bad
Obviously I would be sad
Don’t want us to be something we could have had

But I can’t stand your mind games
And right now I have a lot going on
Either be with me or let’s start again
Or go where you like and move on 

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Dad Why

Dad  why did it happen?
Couldn’t you guys work it out?
I miss you very much.
Dad why don’t you call?
I miss you and love you.
Dad why don’t you write?
Is it too hard , or
 is it because you thought I wouldn’t read them?
Dad why tell me something.
Dad come and get me hold me in your arms
Dad tell me you love me and want to come see me
Dad why don’t you answer?
Do you care or did you just give up?
Dad where are you?
Dad I’m waiting to hold you
Dad I love you.

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We had been under its grip for days. The truck swerved from lane to lane as it sped through the dark. She was screaming mess of anger and pain. Our shattered pieces had always fit together well.
We shared the same bed of broken glass. Neither remembered making that bed-
we were content to lay in it together. Another true love never realized, Bastardized by fear confusion and hurt.
Blood still ran from her nose. I was done. I had enough.
She wanted to keep going. I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked at her with tears dripping off her cheeks - blood streaming down her face. Dark tired circles framed her glassy hazel eyes. She stopped in the middle of the road -reached in her purse. I begged her not to as she pulled it out. She looked at me with her soft compassionate eyes- Pleading with me to join her. She laid out two I wouldn’t do it...not again. I passed my breaking point a day ago. She begged me to. I hated leaving her alone to it. I had always been with her-
every step by her side. I loved her.She was one of the best friends I ever had We used to plan to run away someday. Laying together in our secret spot in a field at night- we would get high into the early morning- Stare off into the stars. She would always ask me where I thought it ended? What it looked like? What infinity was? Was there more out there? We planned out every detail of our future A small place on the beach- simple bullshit jobs-
getting lost every night. Now there we were. Strung out, miserable, and stuck. She did one off the cigarette pack and pushed it toward me. I shook my head-
A car laid on its horn behind us. She got pissed off at me and did the other. I felt like shit addiction is a lonely place without company- I left her alone.
I could see in her face she felt abandoned. The driver from the car behind us sped past yelling something out the window. We started off again speeding recklessly down the road. We blew a stop sign and took a wild turn- She hadn’t bothered to touch the brakes. She turned to me yelling almost incoherently.
It was a rage I had never seen in her face. She started hitting me both hands off the wheel leaning over top of me swinging Punch after punch I sat there. I knew she was miserable, angry, and broken. I had no problem being a punching bag I always had been for everyone else and I didn’t even care about them.
The truck was still rolling on unattended. I grabbed her wrists- Begged her to calm down. The truck cut a sharp right we rolled off the pavement. I grabbed the wheel and pushed it hard toward the road The truck bounced out of the ditch onto the street.
She hit the brakes terrified I yelled at her, slapped her, I hated that I did- I hated doing anything hurtful to a friend. The last time we met up she looked tired. Life had beat us both down pretty good. She apologized for not keeping in touch – Told me she felt like an awful friend because of it. She told me that she thinks about me all the time and smiles- She knows one person is out there somewhere that really loves her.

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dont know why

Why do you treat me like this?
I truly wonder why.
 I try to give n show u love,
 but you just diss me
Everytime I try.
All I want is a hug and a kiss.
 For you to love me,
 is my deepiest wish.
 And when you leave me,
 I start to miss You
You mean a lot to me,
Despite all the things you've dont to me.
  Your the other half of my heart,
 Your like the other part
 Why don't you understand?
 You can't even be a friend( till the end) You fill my life with dread
 Why do you keep lieing?
 That's why I sit here repeatedly sighing
 And lay in bed some what whining.
 Stay up at night crying 
Since you don't love me, thats how u make it seem. If im wrong plz do correct me.
Before I stop fighting,
 But even though love can start a knew I want you to know
 I'll still be thinking bout you - 
As the days pass us by.
Ill love u with all my might.
No matter what
This road puts us through.
Ill always be here when 
The timing is right...
An are love  is pure
As goldd

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The turtle dove sits quietly on its nest
and sparrows play catch-me-if-you-can;
a cool, fresh breeze caresses the trees
and the waves ride gently on the tide
while my longing heart beats off the time
until I will see and hear you again, my love!

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Thinking of You Everyday

I’m thinking of you every day. 
Wishing you will come back to me. 
Until I realize you’re really gone. 
I guess, God will only choose when we can be. 

Together again, 
I dream every day. 
Missing you so much, 
it’s so hard for me to say.

Sometimes God has disappointing ideas
I don’t know why he chose to take you.
You promised to walk with me down the runway, 
and have a dance that would just be me and you.

A daddy is supposed to always be there,
to support, and love his little girl, 
Until you were taken away from me, 
I feel like it’s the end of the world.

I really miss you daddy, 
Pictures are now all that I have
to remember the relationship we had.
With all the tears, and especially our last laugh.

I remember you when you got sick, 
I shed a tear almost every day, 
and than when I found out you were gone.
I wondered who would want to punish me this way.

Tears come for when I think, 
of all the promises you made, 
or the fun times we spent
like all the games we played.

I don’t think any of this makes sense.
I miss your comforting voice, 
but in the end I can't change what happened, 
because I guess God already made his choice.

I miss you Daddy, so much. 
I know you’re always going to be my angel.
I'm simply heartbroken, without you.
I love you always. 

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at the harding program

Dedication to Jazmine

I'm loosing hope
my heart is giving in
my mind is dying off
and its only been 2 days
since seeing you.
im going crazy
my heart hurts
without you
my soul
is in the fiery depths of hell.
it burns in 3rd degree
as I yearn to see you again
it destroys me when we can not contact
it kills me not hearing
your angelic voice
it deprives me
not feeling your love
not having your protection
I feel alone
so alone

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When Listening to Her Heart Beating

When listening to her heart beat
I can hear the metronomic  murmurs of string
and wind instruments blending
into a susurrous symphony
(expunging note upon note through my soul)
that goes from quiver to calm while pressed
against rhythms of her undulating breasts 

the chorus harmonizes in whispered
reverberations “I love you” wrapping
each softly plucked chord around
my name that is parenthesized
in soothing shaded tunes of  “mine”

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I Miss You

I miss the times we used to have
I miss the jokes 
I miss your laugh

I miss the way you'd call my name 
I miss the feelings
I miss the game

I miss the conversations that we shared
I miss our silence
I miss feeling glad

I miss the memories that were true
I miss the teasing
I miss those crazy things you'd do

I miss the things that you'd tell
I miss every bit
I miss knowing you so well

I miss the afternoons when i'd see you
I miss the playing
I miss those moments i broke through

I miss the silly nicknames you called me by
I miss your warmth
I miss your voice when you'd say "hi"

I miss the shivers you sent down my heart
I miss the deep talks
I miss not feeling apart

I miss the times you stared into my eyes
I miss your praises
I miss the ties

I miss everything you gave
I miss you alot
I miss feeling brave

I miss the way things used to be
I miss the old me
I just whish i could see

I miss our last goodbyes
I miss them the most
I miss that peaces that just dies

I miss holding you close
I miss feeling safe
I miss that plentiful dose

I miss you
I miss you so bad
I wont forget you, i just whish i wasnt sad

I miss the thing i'll never tell
I'll miss Loving you
I miss not burning in these depts of hell

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Soon, me and you will reunite
Both dressed in black but never in white
Because black symbolises a dark, gloom, mystery
For I know not your secrets and you know not my history

It's funny how our lives seem not to infuse together
Your origins are much different compared to mine
Our universes however intertwine
For the matter in which we both are standing lies intact with love as its bond
A hidden love, unpropelled and held into your soul
For greed still remains although we're freed or so we think
Our links embroiled in a civil war
Civil in a sense that we are one
A man and wife, a tribe, race, nation
You see it not I know but sometime we all have to go
For temporarily we live, believe, decieve or recieve a nature
A human nature,  that makes us conceive and act on our cerebation
An incarnation of a death star
Celebration of a nation held by pessimism and hate
Most of the time we find we're too late.

So I say think,  manifest, reinvest and be happy for life is short
And we are a sport of our own temptation.

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Into the Light

I held your hand in mine so tight
Late in March, that last night
Your sunken cheeks and sallow skin
So emaciated, frail and thin

I whispered softly in your ear
You could not speak, but you could hear
I told you of my love for you
So deeply intimate, so wholly true

I yearned with all my heart and soul
To make you well, to make you whole
It shreds my heart like shards of glass
That it was time for you to pass

Oh I will miss you when you’re gone
To other realms beyond the sun
You are my lover, husband, friend
I wish that this was not the end

Then as I kissed you one last time
My heart is yours and yours is mine
I held you close against my chest
So you could feel my beating breast

It’s then you took your final breath
I knew that you were close to death
And slowly your life just ebbed away
Oh please don’t go, oh please do stay

As you succumbed to death’s embrace
You left behind a lasting trace
Of your divine essence upon this earth
To a place of your rebirth

Perhaps you lingered far to long
Perhaps its better that you’ve gone
To meet you maker in his bright light
Where everything is good and right

At least with peace you did expire
And from life’s work, you do retire
So many people you inspired
And you will always be admired

I gave you all I had to give
It was not enough to make you live
I will miss you profoundly every day
And love you eternally in every way

I wish you peace, I wish you rest
To me you were the very best
And so my darling as I say goodbye
I’ll try my damndest not to cry
Remember dearest, I will love you forever
One day in time we will be together

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A letter to my friend - II

To my dearest dear…
I hope you are doing fine
Here am occupied by laboring time
I came along to write for you
Hear from you after a long-time.
The last I met you at my place
I remember that day when you smiled at my face
Since then it had been a year
I miss you like a meteor lost in space.
Overnight chit-chats and long distance calls
Without you my friend
I would have lost nothing but all.

The day when I first saw you at the college canteen
My friend! Please forgive me
As I saw you that moment bit adversely. 
Yet, it was so kind of you
That you meant for friendship,
I would never forget this acquaintance
An inbound eternal relationship.
I like you the way you speak
Specially when you speak overslowly,
I love you the way you care
Specially when you soothe me.
I admire your respect towards me
Specially when you intend me,
I wonder your candidness
Specially when I speak craps and nonsenses. 
I laugh when I think of your responses
Towards those names given
I smile at your melodrama
And often by those conflicts again and again. 
I felt so calm
A time when I shared my baffled charm
I felt so celestial
A time when you eased me by your warm. 

My friend! If ever you need me
I will kill myself if you remind me that
I’ll read your mind, I will read your eyes
I’ll read your voice
And you will see me there. 

How far you are going
You deserve a lot to me
Not matter if you forget me
I will live with your memories
Thinking that you are always there. 
But promise me this won’t happen
Or else its easy to say
In reality I may lose myself once again.

I just wanted to hear from you today
And I just wish you live a long way
You live with no fear, no tears
I promise you a day you will always find me near.

Oh! My friend
I miss you like anything
Just before leaving
I want to say you goodbye.
The words written for you today
Are written forever…
Just will wait to hear from you, a reply
Till then take care and bubye. 
With love from…your longed amigo.

(Please note: This poem is dedicated to my friend Angshumala Goswami)

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Don't Want To Miss You

Don't want to miss you when we say good bye,
Don't want to have dreams of you.
Don't want to hear your name,
don't want to hear your voice.
Don't want to be reminded of what I had
with you, don't want you in my thoughts,
not at all.
Don't want my heart to break,
don't want my heart to cry,
I don't want to miss you when you say
good bye.

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Problems With Love 1

Is it okay if I begin again?
Is it okay if I let you go?
When you walked away
And broke my heart you said
You still wanted me, but 
How does that work?
We can't be together yet
You say you wish we could,
You're the one who ended it
But still you Love me? I don't
Understand, don't know if I
Should, maybe the thing I don't
Understand most is how Love
Can be here one day and gone
The next, like a whispering wind.
I thought my life was over, never
Thought I'd be happy again, then
He came into my life and I found
That I could smile, laugh again
Without having to force anything.
So why is it that I wish he were you?

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 As you sleep, I dream

As you see, I feel

As you breath, I live

As you smile, I cry

As you are, I am

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May Be One Day

May be you are made by me,
Still your eyes dont speak for me..
May be I live for you,
Still you heart doesnot beat for me..

There are so many 'May',
Still there's a Hope left in me,
May be, one day, you'll be mine,
Your heart beats for me,
Your eyes speak for me,
Lips smile for me..
And that day,

You ask for my hand,
I'll make it meet yours,
You ask for my heart,
I'll give you its beats...

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Snapshots Torturing My Heart

There's a camera in my heart
That is stingy and wont part
With pictures of memories
Happy times of you and me
Daily smiles of romance
Never needing to enhance
The "focus" or make it brighter
Nights we'd take each other higher
With new flights of ecstasy
Another photo instantly
Added to my hearts collection
Colors of joyful sensation
I can look at when I'm down
Because you are not around
To keep this album of love growing
Not suspecting you'd be showing
Me pictures in real life
Of a cheating lying wife
The "lenses" inside my eyes
Can not "click" sway the ties
That are "fading out" this picture
Of a life of loneliness without her

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dumpster diving

I threw out all of you
smashed all the CD's
trashed every sweatshirt that smelled of you
ripped up diary pages of admiration
letters and pictures burnt
only ashes that can't say 'I love you' anymore
and then you wanted me back
but I'm not going dumpster diving

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I miss you my brothers where did you go
You were my world don't you know

Alone in this world you left me to cry
But I wont forget you I'll love you till I die
Im left with one question that wonders my mind
Why did you leave me alone and beside

I miss you my brothers where did you go
My memories of you are now growing cold
But dim as they may I'll never forget the way we
Were when we were kids having fun outside
The words of a girl with a family riped apart
The unspoken words of a broken heart

I miss you my brothers where are you now
I will find you it's just a matter of when or how
I don't belive in forever but I still have faith
That we will be together somehow somewhere someday

I miss you my brothers is all I can say
As I cry myself to sleep thinking of a better world
With you by my side would'ent that be a wonder full day

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A Remembrance Of You

a broken soul hidden in an empty home
wanted to leave, but there was no where to go
a mother's heart broken into two
wanted to stop the pain, but there was nothing anyone could do
a cold presence haunting this dried up place
needed to leave, but it would not be the same

there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
and our family will miss you so
it was heart broken to see you go
and I'll miss you so much 
in heart is where you'll be
I'll be coming, so we can meet
because there will always be a remembrance of you
your death will not remain true
its been forever since you past away
until I see you, I will have nothing to say
there will always be a remembrance of you 
and everyone will love you
I'll remain faithful and true
there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
because I will remember you
there will always be a remembrance left in each and every room
a remembrance of you

a burnt down home holding dirt in place 
i'm glad the angels came
for she was in so much pain
without her in our lives it won't be the same
I know I learned my lesson
never did think a fire could bring so much aggression

there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
and your family will miss you so
it was heart broken to see you go
and I'll miss you so much
in my heart is where you'll be
I'll be coming, so we can meet
because there will always be a remembrance of you
your death will not remain true
its been forever since you past away
until I see you, I will have nothing to say
there will always be a remembrance of you 
and everyone will love you
I'll remain faithful and true
there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me
because I will remember you
there will always be a remembrance left in each and every room
a remembrance of you

i'm begging you to forgive me so
even though the fire took its deadly tole
and I won't let my heart pass you by
you are the apple of my eye
a cold spot in my heart
the reason I was torn apart
the reason I have no soul

there will always be a remembrance of you
a presence in every room
each door locked with a key
and i'm sure you'll remember me

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a dark tale to tell

i remember back when you were
on the coast highway
living day day to day
breathing freedom like others breathing air
i remember thouse days seems so long ago now
i remember when we lay like lovers
under the quick stars summer moon
and i held all your dreams as you held all of mine
remember that you never once had a dark tale to tell
remember your laugh and how it danced on my heart like magic
woke in the morning to find you gone
but you were there on my mind
never forget the old place
never forgot the sea crashing
never to forget to the feel of the sand 'neath my feet
never forget your beautiful embrace

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For BL

We go through life smiling

through Mountains of pain..

Miles of secrets.

The flesh we carry we'd rather not tame.

When you come along my skin trembles.

Old love songs sing.

You take my hand and I walk you through


and Miles...

and I watch you stay,

for my love....everyday.

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I heard the news and I thought they lied
You’ve gone from this world and you have died
It seems like yesterday that I last saw your face
Now you’ve left and I still see your life’s trace

Memories of your love is what I feel and see
I’ll miss you forever and out of respect I say R.I.P

The voice of your soul is what I’ll recall 
How you fought for your beliefs and stood tall
How you were close to the friends that you made
Faced your fears even though you were afraid

Memories of your love is what I feel and see
I’ll miss you forever and out of respect I say R.I.P

I admire you for always keeping your family in your eyes
Giving thanks to God toward heaven in the skies
If dark clouds surrounded you how you would look for the sun
In every situation you were always looking to have fun

Memories of your love is what I feel and see
I’ll miss you forever and out of respect I say R.I.P

You had a kind word for everyone right from the start
You left a lasting imprint on everyone’s heart.
You were something special and lived until your very dying day
You gave everything you were and that is rare in the time of today

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What Makes Me Love You

Oh I wish you were here
with your sparkling eyes
your lovely smile
and your beautiful hair
how I already miss
your tender smile
your gentle touch
and your loving heart
why can't i say
it just isn't the same
without you here
why my life's just worthless
but having you in it
makes it worth it
now that I can
hold you in my arms
feel your warmth and call you mine
feel your heart next to mine
beat by beat
day by day
my feelings grow stronger
for you and you only
forever and longer

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the light

close to sunset and a chill wind starts
but the light that warms my soul comes from her eyes
enticed out of sleeping memory by
this falling shaft of sunlight in my backyard
as i rake some spilled leaves
a lifetimes of summers memories rushing back to greet
with their own legends their own grand tales
spirit flys like a summer bird
with open wonder at the beauties of a world below
in the clouds where nothing but sunlight can touch
these lifetimes of summers daydreams all bid fare thee well
and one by one lay back to dusty memory
closing eyes to dream once more
of thouse days in childhood
and that moment running out the front door
with the whole world to play in and a whole day to do it
that endless freedom and joy that childhood gave
my life with her is like that
its close to sunset
but the light which i endure by
comes from her heart

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I miss you momma
Hi, momma
I'm your little baby girl

I’m here keeping a loving watchful
Eye on you momma

We don't want you to worry
Wish I could have been there

But now since I’m a full pledge
My duties are to love the mortal
Baby Angels

Momma I have my wings I want
You to know

Do you miss me momma?

Momma I kiss you last night while
You slept
You were crying in your sleep
Don’t worry momma

Please don't worry 
Your babies are ok

I’m doing fine
I get to play with other angels like
Just babies you see
We fly
We laugh
We go to one field of happiness
To another
Just been happy children momma
So don’t cry momma

Oh yes there is a lot of us here

I have many many friends

I have my wings momma
Did I tell you that?
Momma I seen my brother yesterday
He said he love and miss you too

But no need to be so sad momma
He’s ok
He worries for you a lot

He hate to see you cry

You know momma he visit you a
He sprinkles little roses fragrances
Around your room while you sleep
He said it makes you rest better and
I think it do

My brother and I was bouncing on a
Cloud momma

We look down and we seen you kneeling
Down by the brook
He cried because you were
Crying and he talked with God about you
So he knows you are ok
He said he don’t want you to worry
Momma you will be ok

Momma I love you momma me and my
Brother we do

So momma don’t cry 
We picked you the pretties rose in heaven
We laid it on your pillow
So don’t cry momma
Mother’s day will be happy for you
We planned it out momma
We want you to have a happy mother

We'll be there by your side momma
We are never to far from you momma 

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free from writers block

Here I am back in the arms of my first lover
My inspiration went & my words suffered
I thought maybe writers block came because I had all my hurt covered
But it was like when you like a girl but she sees you as her brother
Felt like I’d never get over it
Like I’d never be able to write again
It’s something I used to be so close with
But felt like I had to fight my pens
More scribbled out rhymes on scrunched up pieces of paper
Than finished poems
Half written rhymes when I said I’ll finish this later
But I hadn’t finished growing
Staying up till 4 in the morning just in hope I’d write a few lines
But my head was stuck couldn’t come up with new rhymes
Listening to music that had inspired me to write before
Thinking “I’m going to write a lot tonight for sure”
But it just wasn’t working 
I was panicking
I was hurting
It was so damaging 
I was like maybe I’m too distracted by the world cup
But I was snappy & refusing my girls love
But after being called every name under the sun 
By my mum
While she was drunk out her face
I was able to write poems again
A few rhymes may be out of place
This is far from the best I’ve ever wrote
I’m just happy to be back writing 
Can’t remember when I was last smiling
My heart is cured no longer broke
Back in the arms of my first lover
So now I finally reclaimed my hope 

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Without you I can't live dear 
I miss you and my heart is in fear 

The fear of awful loneliness 
Without you it’s all uneasiness

Every minute I miss you and cry 
In my heart the anguish is so high 

When we were together we never ever fret
Now, you see with my tears the room is all wet 

I see you often in my dreams 
I love your presence in all forms 

To ease myself I stared at the bud 
I felt your presence in the form of a bud 

Slowly the bud changed itself to a flower 
In front of me that I tend to bother 

Come, I want to see you in real 
I want to feel you in great deal 

My heart is weeping and calling you 
My soul is all the time searching you  

Listen to me 
Come to me 

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Finding My Heart

Sometimes it makes me wonder,
Why is there no one for me to surrender.
Why being so intense has created trouble,
Why there is no one to make complicated thing subtle.

I wonder from being  
that  will my future be my present as now as I am swing.
No hearts to share,
It is something I would give a dare
Standing for someone  loving the only one
Is something I found in fairytails,
But in reality no one cares.

Oh heartless people!
Oh superficial creatures
Listen to the call of our heart,
Because there is someone who needs you from start.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why there is no one for me to surrender?
Has life made us wild?
Is there is only selfishness for what we do strive?
If there are feathers then why do we need knives

If there is love then how do I find none,
I see it is taken for granted by some.
I am in sorrow ,
Waiting for the love of tommorow,
Keeping my heart alive for the only one.
For the little crystal of love which I only want.

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Dearest BJ

when i say i love you you should know I mean it.
Now I'm dreaming about you tonight, tomorrow, for the rest of my life.
there is not other place i rather be then right here in my bed dreaming of my dearest 
dreaming of how insepreiable you are how much all the girls wanted you and how they 
wished it was you holding them staring into there eyes singing them all including me a 
lullybe, falling asleep in your arms waking up and never looking back man i wished i had 
my dear friend BJ back.dreaming of all the hugs you use to give and never letting go you 
drove all the girls crazy you made every girl feel special when you touched 
them on their arm.
you use to set me off in a daze dreaming of how you stare into my eyes.thinking of our 
friendship i so miss tears start flowing from my eyes now all i want to do is cry, 
dreaming of what you would say to calm me down you'd say hush baby girl it's all gonna 
be okay, your brush my tears away one by one then you turned your head and looked down 
at me gave me a kiss and called me baby girl.
dreaming of you lying right here beside me telling me of how you miss me like i miss call my baby girl and i call you baby boy and you start to cry i lean up real 
fast and say dont you cry i love you and always will, dry those tears and I'll pretend 
that your still here.
now you are gone, you stay in my dreams at times i feel like your right here beside 
me.I't been along time since the day you past,but yet it is still so hard it's even hard 
to catch myself to see me smile all I won't to do is frown because my best friend BJ is 
no where around.I miss you so much, my dear friend your in my heart and live in me each 
passing day to bad your not here with me in the right way,funny how things change,I use 
to think you loved her you wrote her a note with sweet loving words you wrote.
No one expected you to leave so fast or in the way that you did, but no matter what your 
in my heart, so to me you will be with me where ever I may go no matter rain or snow.
Dearest BJ you were the best you stay dearest to my heart and i still love you your a 
great guy friend any girl would be so lucky to have.dearest BJ i miss you so bad.Dearest 
BJ stay sweet and cool .and please remember we all love you in our own little way .

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Dying For Your Touch

I'm dying for you to call.
I'm dying to give you my all.
I'm dying for your touch.
I miss you so much.

I'm dying for you to be with me.
I'm dying for it to be the way it used to be.
I'm crying for you everyday.
I'm crying for you love in every way.

I'm dying for a text message.
I'm dying for an e-mail.
I'm dying to give you some tail.
I miss you, you I'm not going to fail.

I'm dying to give you head.
I'm dying for my legs to spread,
For you and you only.
I'm dying for you I'm so lonely.

I'm dying to make love to you.
I'm dying to do the freakiest things.
I'm dying for you, do know what I mean?
I'm crying on a daily basis.

I'm dying to make you ugly faces,
And to me you the same,
While we do our thang.
I'm dying to scream your name.

I'm dying for you to call.
I'm dying to give you my all.
I'm dying for your touch.
I miss you so much.

wrote 3-21-08,
about someone else, don't love them anymore,
but love someone else who I am not able to see at this time
so dedicated to that person on this 1-3-10

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A letter to my friend - V

To my dearest dear…
Am going through a very bad phase
Loads of works and above all business targets,
Once you came to my thought 
And out of all yips, I smiled back for a second
Those flicks with you often n often.
It had been days…
And a movie without you is such a draggy em.
My friend writing for you today… 
just to hear from you
Have you ever missed me the way I miss you every day!!!

 I turned back my pages and a recap from those French classes
It all began when I shared with you few notes and trifle tattles
Best of you three and among you were bit different
Yet once a time to one I was coquettishly attracted.
Befell with usual conversations and sometimes a walk down to the back gate
A smile shared with wonted hi n hello
And an eye to eye abut during the morning break
Day by day and months later we met up at the orkut network. 
First few chats pass on with formal gabs
And later I came up with those fiddling craps.
My usual put-ons and your internet slangs
Still reminds me how I use to share with you 
Talks about music and movie blabs.
Washed-out few memories, I wonder how I came in touch with you regularly
Familiarity build up and I started to intimate you.
I saw a friend in you and I saw eternality in you
I felt your accent and I felt how much I miss you.
The Nandan erred foreign flicks and lavishly spent at south city
Few snacks and secret fags on our way,
An overnight fuddle…
I just smiled with you all the way. 
I wondered your love toward pets
And I wondered your routine aperiodic,
I esteemed your didacticism
And I esteemed your sensation,
I pray at your benevolence
And I wish for your love always be your existence.

Dear Friend! Today I miss you more,
And I wish you to be here
Your presence will give me a blissful core.
I miss you and I will be missing you,
But promise me before you leave
I just want to sit and recollect all those memories with you.
Through my words and through this letter,
I penned you forever n ever
If ever you need me you’ll always find me near.
I wish you a life with smiles and cheers
Just hit me if ever you are invited with undesired tears.
It’s now to say goodbye
Hope to see you soon and hear from you, A reply!!
Till then…take care n bu bye
Yours forever…longed amigo.

(Note: This poem is dedicated to one of my closest friend Shaoni Mukhopadhyay)

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"Whatever the season is, whether it's warm or cold, 
Across the miles, every oceans and seas,
Every mountains, valleys and hills,
Let the wings of the wind carry and bring it to you
The words of my heart saying "I Love You".
Good Morning Darling and may God bless you..."

Details | Romanticism | |

-Be with me-

Lay here with me today,
Be air for my lungs,
Within me, deeper ever,
Be heme for my blood.

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To My Dad.


                                           To My Dad.

If I never told you enough,how much I really cared,
For all the wonderful times we had,& for all the love we shared...
I'd like to tell you now my Dad,& I pray to God you'll know
How much I love & miss you Dad;& how I didn't want you to go.
The time is passing by though now,so quickly & so fast,
All I have now are memories of a beautiful,wonderful past.
I I remember your beautiful blue eyes,& when they'd sparkle in that way...
That I could understand how much you loved me,
Even when you didn't say.
You always  had a way with words,especially without them being said;
You always got your message through
Your heart would rule your head.
Your smile was warm & wonderful,as precious as they come;
I'd see it when you'd hold me close,then sing gently,or you'd hum.
Your hair so silver & shiny,as only with wisdom grows
Through all the years of teaching me,as recollection shows.
I miss you darling Daddy,I love you even more
I hope & pray you'll know that,If only I could be sure.
So God rest your beautiful soul dear,& may your spirit soar;
My darling precious Daddy,The one that I adore.

By Sharon.L.Leonard.

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Little Johnny Foster

Little Johnny Foster

His name is Johnny Foster,
my sweetheart from childhood lore,
He lived just down the block
From our neighborhood store.

I lived by the old oak tree
Where we would meet each day
We whiled away the hours 
With all our make believe play.

We would love forever,
We solemnly swore to each other
Nothing would come between us
We would grow up and be lovers.

Johnny came to the tree one day
And said he was moving away
It broke my heart completely in two
Because I would have to stay.

That happened So many years ago 
But today I got a call
Johnny Foster is coming to see me
I find it hard to believe  at all.
Now he is in the next room
I tremble at what is in store
With shaking hands I turn the knob
And my heart quakes as I open the door….

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Friendships Of Tomorrow

Long lost love drowned in sorrows by friendships of tomorrow. 
I have been engulfed with this for too long like my eardrums radiate with the lyrics of our favorite song. 
Picture Perfect for 10 Years time, I still sit here and miss you and everything that was devine.
Good times and bad rhymes. 
Repared fiction and some memories not mentioned. 
I miss you like the sun is too bright and the stars dimly shine. 
Forever my best friend from the soul, no longer lovers, yet still quite bold. 

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Love is a language i understand too well
I learn it each time i hear you laugh
That melodious sound, like an enchantment, a spell

oh yes love is a language i understand too well
it speaks to me every time i lay my eyes on you
i cherish it every time I'm with  you

oh love the language, i do understand
it makes my heart beats to your song
your love, an inspiration
and you my muse.

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I do regret having our times before as not well spent

I love you for every thing that you are and for every place that we have been

I open my heart and leave it unguarded to you, waiting as patiently as one in love can

I wanted you to see what I have become

I wanted to lock hearts with you somewhere out in the open

As two people fighting for each others love each grasping to win

I'm a little lost in your love and all these people do make it a sin

I want to share a phrase of love, It is- I will promise to always give in

Your my husband I shouldn't have to break you

And that is my biggest sin, in one way or another I should learn to give

Learn to give, the feelings,the understandings learn to add lib

But today I guess I'll just sit here hoping

That our love will carry you here

Tomorrow may bring every emotion I have to give

And today I decided that there is nothing to forgive

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The Birthplace of Feelings

a teardrop’s rainbow of colors
its persona, a master of disguise
as wisps of silky hair, gleaming,
midst the birthplace of feelings,
alight upon a soft, silent breeze,
in stillness, across solemn skies,

a cheerful wind, its gift in hand
brings forth joy, without a trace,
as misty showers, birth new life
midst the birthplace of feelings,
watery-eyed, rain clouds freeze,
upon the lines, of its lonely face,

a wintry snow, quiets the night,
across a field of trees, all ablush,
till springtime’s sunlit majesty
midst the birthplace of feelings,
inspire spirited flowery gleams,
of an dazzling first love’s crush,
a memory, meanders ever gently, 
its woeful spirit, verily enslaves,
traversing over true blue waters, 
midst the birthplace of feelings,
rhythmical forever after dreams,
along endless oft tranquil waves, 

a disquieted heart, memorializes
cherished, moments of the past
of a butterflies predestined love,
midst the birthplace of feelings,
a songbird’s melodic serenade
a lyrical dream that did not last

a calming melody long forgotten 
echoing the hollows of the mind
a symbol of a bond forever lost 
midst the birthplace of feelings,
little by little commences to fade
a treasure it can no longer find. 

© Eugene Harvey

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When the night curtain is drawn
Early each morning
And the cock crows
My emotion flows
Bringing forth much thoughts of you.
Each moment I fantasize about you
Making me feel blue
‘Cos I can’t make my thoughts reality
Even as it fills my mentality
How hopelessly desolate I am.
Fate has placed a barrier between us
How I wish I can counter its force
Your thoughts are driving me crazy
Making me dizzy
But I believe its for a while.
Sweetheart take heart
I cross my heart
I shall come back to you
What am I without you?
All my caring love is yours!

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From the first kiss, to the last time,

I could feel your heartbeat right into mine.

You showed me things that I had never seen,

and made me feel a way I could not explain.

It was like a rollercoaster, one day we’re riding high,

the next we’re falling and we don’t know why.

It was like a marathon, and I thought it’d never end,

but then it did, and I couldn’t breathe.

You took all of my energy.

Six months, I ran that marathon

just to find out that soon you’d be gone.

You told me that you’d finally found what you were searching for

for you to be mine, I wanted nothing more.

We were perfect, we were meant to be

that’s what you said to me,

but you were lying.

love at first sight, that’s what you’d say,

we were connected in every type of way.

I’d never felt something so beautiful and genuine,

but I was wrong again.

Just like every other guy, you broke my heart.

You made your choice and let us fall apart.

And now I’m left with thoughts of the last time

a lasting impression replaying inside my mind.

I try to be happy, tell them all that I’m fine

but you taught me how to lie.

And now a new marathon has begun,

this one’s a tough run.

Perfect, happy, we are so content

but I am so unsatisfied with how our time is spent.

I find myself daydreaming about the old days

about the marathon before, I didn’t win that race.

A love like that, I know I’ll never find again,

but I must admit that I cannot pretend,

I miss the way things were,

the adrenaline.

This new race, I know that it’s good for me,

so I’ll push you out of my mind, I”ll try to set myself free.

It’s only fair that I let this one run its course,

and then maybe I’ll be rid of all of my remorse.

But this marathon is ran half heartedly,

because you already took most of me,

and now my legs are weak.

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You affected me in a way 
easily compared 
to the tapping of a vein
without hesitation
Waiting for the steady stream 
of blood 
you knew would come
Except you didn't tap a vein, 
you tapped my heart
And received 
my love 

rebecca vitale

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Lull Sweeter Dreams to Me

Each night,
As sleep eludes me,
I lie
With my feet tangled in sheets
That should be tangled around yours,
And the silence
That deafens 
With the lack of your sleeping breath. 

As the minutes and hours crawl,
I pray silently
For those 3 words 
That will break this spell. 
To ease me down
Into the oblivion of blissful rest. 

To hear them from your lips
Or fingertips,
Just 3 words, I don't mind which,
'I love you'
Or, 'I miss you.'
Spoken as you used to,
Would be the greatest draught upon my soul. 

I will not rush,
Only wait patiently and pray,
That soon these words 
Will spill from you again. 
After all, the dread
That truly keeps sleep away;
Did I lose you while I wasn't looking?

But for now,
While I lie awake
And count away the hours,
I keep my constant mantric prayer,
And longed for haunting dream,
That soon, as planned, these sheets
Will tangle around your feet,
As the rhythm of your breath
Lulls sweeter dreams to me.

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Azalea Red and Tears

I bought your favorite color nail polish today.
On a whim of missing you.
And I painted my nails with a mixture
Of Azalea Red and tears

It strengthens them, you know
Keeps them from chipping and breaking.
Like me.
You keep me from chipping and breaking.

I thought of you as I brushed the layers of color on carefully and purposefully.
I thought of how you bundle me up in blankets of encouragement and us-memories.
I thought of your face captured in a thousand pixels on my early-morning screen.
I thought of your voice echoing from the other side of yonder.

I thought of reading your words and thoughts
Crystallized like red acrylic on nails.
You are my hero and you strengthen me.
Thank you.

I love you.
I miss you.
I am wearing your favorite color nail polish – 
It completes me.

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I Miss You

I miss you every day, no matter how I try
I miss you in every way, you are the reason I still cry

On nights like this, when the world is quiet
And all I can hear is the thunder's boom
I lie alone, upon my bed, in my dark and empty room
And remember the times you held me near
So close I could feel you breathe
And all the times we talked until
In my arms you fell asleep
The safety I felt, the comfort of your presence
Just knowing you were there
And feeling your arms wrapped around me
In the emptiness inside me, I still feel you here

I miss you every day, no matter how I try
I miss you in every way, you are the reason I still cry

On days like this, when my world is cold
And the silence is all around me
I can remember how you made me feel
And the glow of love still surrounds me
All those times you smiled at me
And made me smile back at you
Remind me of those brighter days
Before I was haunted by the truth
Lost in my head, shielding my heart
Unafraid to love, unafraid to trust
Before my world shattered and fell apart

I miss you every day, no matter how I try
I miss you in every way, you are the reason I still cry

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I Miss You Brother

I miss you Brother, We had the best times together,
Though you are many hours away,
I pray night and day to see you again,
I miss you Brother, Talking to you was something I cannot explain,
It was the Best Feeling like I was in Paradise or very close to it,
I can't wait to visit or see you again,
I miss you Brother, Please come visit again will you?,
The feelinga I feel is too great to explain in words,
Brother that was such an awesome weekend,
I miss you Brother, I never laughed so hard in my life,
Tears flow down my cheek thinking of seeing you again,
You are One Amazing Brother in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Please believe me when I say,
I miss you Brother.

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miss you like the rain

I miss you like the rain
when sky is closed
to Texas summer’s 
dying rose

when flowers bloom
to find no mist 
upon there leaves

the earth that strains
and pulls apart
the dry and dusty 
cracking heart

of rivers winding 
that brought the thirsty 
to there knee

the panting wolf
in desert heat
who sees a ghost 
he tries to meet

But moving forward 
the moving water
only tears

the corn and wheat
the cropper’s share
birds they feed 
in summer air

and dust that travels 
without the glue 
the earth to flee

in clouds that tear
the eyes and strain
I miss you like 
I miss the rain

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I miss you dear, i miss you dear
I miss you oh so much
I miss the sound of your footsteps
The soft feel of your touch

I miss your singing through the house
I miss your kisses too
I miss the smell of your sweet hair
I miss you through and through

I miss that smile that i love so
I miss you by my side
I miss those feelings that you had
And now you try to hide

I miss the walks we use to take
I miss the talking too
I use to lay and watch you sleep
But now i'm lonely too

I miss those days we were in love
We never were apart
But now i'm left with memories
And just a broken heart.

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goodbye my love

you and me together,you and me forever,then one day we sit you say....i have
to go away,i sit still and cry and say why why do you have to go,you look me in the eyes
and say.....goodbye today see you tomorrow  don't worry dear i will come back and fill your
sorrow,i will miss you today and even next week but close your little beak,i hear a cry
close nearby and hear a shake,then i know your gone because the sadness felt like an
earthquake, but as you left i heard you say...i will miss you today and  but don't
worry dear i will be back to fill your sorrow,and sure enough there he came back once more
to finish our game,he let me win that was so sweet then he takes me to lunch i don't eat
meat he gets me salad and as i start to eat i find a ring so sparkly and shiny a 18 carrot
gold ring and the bells  start to ring a ding ding ding,i slowly looked and saw him on one
knee were getting married,i was filled with glee as i remembered you and me together you
and me forever,i will love you today as you sleep and love you always my sweet

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Your Gone

Life was different when you were around
It was better in fact 
I was always happy and I never cried 
Buy now that your no where to be found 
My life is full of hatred and all I ever do is cry 
I cry for the lost of you cause you meant something to me 
But now your not here to cheer me up when I am sad
Or to make me wake up when I am doing something wrong 
And to lead me the right direction
Your not here anymore to tell me to keep going
All I ever think of now is quitting 
I have no reason to live any more your not here
I miss you and I need you 
What should I do I have no more love for the world 
It all left me the day you left me 
Its strange I’m suppose to be happy when some thing good happens but I’m not 
All I want to do is join you where ever you are 
I know that your in good place
And I ask god to take care of you cause you are very special to me and I am going to miss you for ever and always

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I need you

I feel like I'm slowly dying from all this pain
I don't know how much more I can handle
I miss you soo much
Words could not describe how much I miss you 
Or even how much I need you right now
I feel soo lost without you in my life
It hurts to wake up in the morning
And know that I won't see you that day 
Or even many more days to come
I try hard to hide my sadness 
But I can't
For my eyes are started to stay dark and puffy
From all the crying I do 
Every single night
I cry for you, I cry cause I need you desperatly 
I need you soo badly
Nobody understand how much I need you right now
I have needed you since the day you left
I have no one to hold me when I cry
I have no one to make me stop crying
No one to ease my everyday pain
Come home please 
Even if it's just for a day, even an hour 
Just please come home so we can be together
So I can find that much needed reason to stay alive
Cause without you here I feel like dying!
Just come home and hold me tight never let go
Let me know you'll always be here for me 
No matter what happens
I need you NOW

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my love

i was in middle of no way
i was lost 
people were pushing me around
some tried to pass their arms around me
i was running away
then i see your eyes
i was drawn to you in a magical way
i grap you to dance with you
i look in your eyes, you smile, i smile
then everything seem perfect 
i let go with the music
dance with you
gradually i come nearer to you
you too the same
we smile and dance just like little kid
i hold you tight
we kiss passionely for hours
our body next to each other
we let go to each other
we dance sensually
we were happy in our world
my love

today i miss you a lot lot
remembering your kiss smile
miss miss miss you a lot lot lot lot?

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missing you

I miss your wisdom,
I miss how you always knew what to say and when to say it. 
You were my backbone in life,
You were my everything. 
You took me in when no one would.
No matter how much I let you down you always still said "I love you krissy"
I miss your touch and your looks. 
I miss rubbing your feet and brushing your hair. 
You always had an open ear to listen and let me vent all I needed and would say "it's going 
to be ok"
I miss you calling me "your little turd"
I miss running errands for you. 
All those things I took for granted. 
I always said you would be here, that you would out live me!
But now you are gone, and all the things I thought were little and petty I wish I could do 
over and over. 
I wish I had the chance to do it all over again.
To have one more chance to show and tell you how much I love you. 
But I can't and it's killing me!
I let you down so many times, when you were still here and since you have passed. 
I will never get the chance to tell you how sorry I am for what I have done since you left this 
I just hope and pray you know that without you I would not have survived as long as I have. 
To you I will always be thankful and in debt even though you are in a better place now. 
You are and always will be to whom I call my mother. 
I do not want to let you go!
I do not want to face the fact that you are gone. 
But I have to, I have to let go of the past. 
I just hope you always knew that I am a better person because of you, and when I lost you I 
lost everything I was living for, I lost my mother!
I have not even began to heal from your loss, but pray God will help me stay strong and be 
the woman you always said I could be. 
I love and miss you granny!

In memory of Liz "granny" Dawsey 
May you rest in peace!

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Still Here.

It's not having loved and lost that hurts inside.
It's having lost the love I held with pride.
It's having lost my friend, my lover, my life.
It's having lost my future, our children, my life.

I cry from my eyes, my soul, and my heart.
I cry for lost time, God where do I start?
I am alone without you. These thoughts are all new.
One thing I never planned on was living my life minus you.

My dreams and my hopes..they died inside you.
I would give up this all for one second beside you.
Yet I know you are are with me somehow.
Our love never died because I can feel it right now.

I will see you sometime...the day that I die.
And when I get to Heaven you can teach me to fly.
You can show me the stars, the moon, and the world...
Untill that day I will forever miss you my girl.

.......dedicated to the late Brandi Bowersock...... (I miss you honey!)

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No more handkerchiefs-

I can recall the first time she ever held me in her arms and looked into my 

eyes… she was more different than anyone else I would ever come to know.  It 

was the way that she touch me, that said to me, no harm would ever come upon 

you  as Iong as I was here... it was the way that she looked at me that told me 

how deeply she cared. As I got older sometimes I wouldn't always do 

what she told me to do. 

Somehow she still managed to let the warmth of her smile still come through, to 

despite her distain for what I had did, it was a look that said you can do better if 

you only try? I can’t bring her back to me... as I sit here by her final resting place. 

As these never ending blue tear drops flow down my face both night and day. 

Oh how I miss momma and wish that she we’re still here to wipe away my

blue tears? 

If she was still here, I know she would wipe away my blue tears... and she would 

pull out one of those old handkerchiefs that she kept in her old purse and 

she would then  say to me.., don’t cry my baby everything will be okay. Now blow 

your nose and let me see that smile on your face? 

As the six of those elderly men carried her down those steps and as I followed 

along, just thinking to myself...she can’t be gone? As they started to lower her 

beautiful white casket into it's final resting place, I did come to realize, no more 

would I see her smile that would make the pain go away and the boogieman 

seem like a bad friend misbehaving that when she would appeared he would 

just run away. Now here I stand a broken hearted man, but I weep like that baby 

she once knew years ago... I know momma has the Angels smiling and laughing 

up there? 

Truly God must have already known there was one Angel still left down here on 

earth and  that he needed them to to come back home, so he called for momma 

late one February night. God already knew about your warm kisses that could 

put the suns warmth to shame and he knew about hugs that you could

give that put a tight sweater to shame. 

I miss you momma, I know you are passing out those old handkerchiefs of yours 

from out of  that old purse you use to carry and wiping Angels noses and 

mending their wings...I miss you mother, but I'm sure they did too.


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To the family that I left behind.

My family I know you miss me 
But I am alright.

Since I will always be their 
And be by your side. 

To my little daughter Regan 
Words cannot say. 

How much I miss you
But I will be home some day. 

I know you miss me 
But please do not cry. 

The lord says we will be together 
And I know he is right.

Crystal I miss you 
And my love will be the same. 

I am in heaven 
Where we will be a family again one day. 

Mom and Dad I miss you 
 Please do not worry. 

I am in heaven, 
Which is filled with nothing but glory.

Thank you for being there 
With me in the night. 

For the times I laughed 
And even the times I cried.

I am glad you are my parents 
And I am glad that will never change. 

I can’t wait to see you 
So you can see how I have changed.

But I will always be the baby boy
  That you will remember till this day.

My brother and sister I thank 
For showing me the way. 

Thanks to you I grew up a great man
 That will be able help people each and every day.

I will never forget any of you 
Just remember that every day.

To all of the students 
That I left behind. 

There is a place for you in my heart 
And you will always me on my mind. 

I will be coaching all of you again one day 
And all the coaches will be the same.

I will always love you 
Since you were what helped me each and ever day.

To all the coaches 
Thank for taking me fishing. 

And staying out all night long
When all of you would stand by my side. 

I will never forget 
What we would talk about.

Since it was about football
  All night all-long. 

I am glad I got to know all of you
 In each and every way.

And thank you for letting me join the family 
That I still love today.

I will never forget how you accepted me 
And remember god loves you day. 

Thank you also for getting a new coach 
So he can help all the kids in all ways.

I hate that I left that tragic day 
But I am here to say. 

All of you will be in heaven 
With me that one fate full day.

By: Christopher Gonzales
Dedicated to Coach Eric Alvarez

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Mom, I've written of you before,
I see you coming in the door,
I see the smile upon your face,
I feel the warmth of your embrace.

Even though you've been gone so many years,
I still feel those bitter-sweet tears,
I feel your hand upon my arm,
And I knew that you would keep me from harm.

Mom, when you left, God took you for a reason,
Your brain had been gone for many a season,
For Alzheimer's claimed that wonderful brain,
And now your mind was in its chains.

I miss you Mom-I always will,
For life with you held many thrills,
You loved to travel-to go on walks,
You liked to get up at midnight-and snack and talk.

Yes, I miss you Mom, but I'll bet one thing,
I bet you've taught the angels to dance and sing,
You and Al are probably doing the jitterbug,
While the angels cheer-then give you big hugs.

I'll see you Mom, when it's my turn.

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The clock on the wall ticks the day away, while thoughts of you lead my mind 
astray. All the time I wish you were here to stay, all the time I think of the things 
you say. I miss you throughout this day so long, I miss you from the beginning of 
dusk till the end of dawn. You know you can always tell me when something's 
wrong, I'm always here, never gone. When you come around the air begins to 
thicken, a profound feeling comes over me, 'cause I can feel your energy.


You have the most beautiful smile, and the perfect kiss, the light in your eyes 
makes me glad I didn't run away from this. Your presence is like a peaceful rain, 
clouding over and taking away the pain. Now that you're gone, I'm wasting away, 
like the life is being siphoned out of my veins. Then you come near and its like 
you're filling the life back into me, like I'm feeding off your energy. 


Your kiss is so gentle, so smooth, it drives me insane and when you're done you 
could ask me anything and I wouldn't have a clue. Your beauty captivates me, 
draws me close, this feeling I get raining down on me, is better than all, not just 
most. The air around you has such a sweet, sweet smell, it reminds me that this 
time with you, is time spent well. When you're around you're all I can see, I'm 
breathing in your energy.


The gentle sound of the rain reminds me of you, in my head remembering all the 
things you do. Overcome by this feeling, now realizing its my heart you've been 
stealing. I've grown so tired of searching for something new to be, and I'm so 
glad you pulled me from my misery. My love for you could possibly be the death of 
me, but I don't care 'cause I'm surrounded by your energy.

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Losing Alzheimers

It's this feeling I carry in the back of my soul
always feeling it there though I don't often show
that your voice is my voice and I long for your eyes
to light up, set to twinkle, unburden my skies
I miss you as someone to never be missed
I miss you like words on unlistable lists
Too grand to call mountains, too young too call old
I miss you like summer to winter's unfold
It's this feeling I carry, kaleidoscope see
I carry you with me.  Do you carry me?
Through eyes with no twinkle and tongues with no words
do you hear me still? or has silence occurred?
I know you as someone I'll just always know
I know you regardless of words spoken, so
in this sad revelation I offer you still
that I feel you now with me and I always will.

Details | ABC | |


In the crowd and in loneliness
In the depth of my thirst.
In pain and in anguish.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.
In songs and in music.
In dreams and while I am awake.
In the the sunlight and in the shade.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.
Your love is my life.
I can't forget your love.
I try my best day and night
But I can't erase your image.
In the depth of  my thirst.
In the crowd and in loneliness.
In pain and in anguish.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.
I never dreamt that..
I'd have to live without you.
O beloved, If you call me..
I'll break all promises and come.
In the dark shade of my locks.
In the crowd and in the loneliness.
In pain and in anguish.
I miss you always.
I miss you always.

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To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern:

Someone once told me that in order to love yourself on the outside,

You have to love the inside first,

Easier said than done.

Since I know I’ve never done that-  and now- will never.

It’s not that I don’t love you all,

My constant failures- the disappointment I am to you- and seem to always be.


I’m sorry.


Those words don’t seem like they mean much, but I heartfully mean them.


What can I say papa? 

I made a mistake,

You’d think because I miss you so much, I’d do everything in my power to see you again one

But papa- I’m not as strong as you were,

I couldn’t keep fighting- I gave up.

Papa please don’t hate me because I’m weak,

Please don’t be disappointed- and please, don’t forget me.

Because there has not been a day since you passed that I haven’t thought about you.

Wished I could tell you I love you- and that I miss you.

Sometimes I wish I had your guidance.


Remember when you tried to teach me how to tell time?

Or we’d sneak snacks before dinner?

Or the way you used to rub your face against mine and sting my face with your whiskers,

Oh papa, I can still hear your laugh!

Sometimes I would think about you hard enough, I would believe I could still hear your voice.


Why did you leave?

Why couldn’t dreams come true and you’d be here with us still?

Why couldn’t I come with you?


A part of my heart died when you did, I don’t think anyone could understand that now.


It’s been so long papa- why is it whenever I think of you, I still cry?

Why is this wrenching pain still there?

I miss you so much papa.

I miss being papa’s little girl,

I miss those painful whisker burns,

And sneaking those snacks,

I miss the man you were.


I loved you then, 

I love you still,

And I will love you until the end of my time.

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The test.

  The days are getting less.
 this is really going to put me
  to the test.
Of course I will cope I 
have no choice,but I 
will still miss your soothing voice,
I will miss our chats on the net
though I know its not all yet.
I will miss you every day,
but I will still think about you ,in my own way,
 I will miss you more than words can say,
but I will wait come what may.
Until that day Ican only pray.

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* DARREN SMITH* 1971---2006

                 * DARREN SMITH* 1971---2006
                  KEEPING YOUR MEMORY ALIVE 
               TO THAT THAT ONE YEAR AGO,
                   * I MISS YOU DARREN *

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i'll miss you when i'm gone

i'll miss you when i'm gone
remember though...
you'll always be in my thoughts
and heart
you'll be in the tears that will
fall from my eyes
you'll be in my eyes that see
everything around me
you'll be around my neck and
wrapped around my fingers
you;ll keep me warm in the cold
from head to toe
you'll be in my ears when i hear
our song

just remember i'll miss you when i'm gone
try not to cry for long
i'll be back before long
maybe not soon enough
but i'll be happier there
rather then here
your the only thing that makes 
me smile now
your the only thing that i'll 
just remember if i don't cry now
i will later, long and hard

i know i don't tell you this enough
but i do love you more then
we both know
just know that i'll never mind
spending everyday with you

remember i'll miss you when i'm gonef

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Sittin here feelin low

Sittin here feelin low
Wishin I didn’t miss you so
Tears fallin down my cheek
Lips trembling I cannot speak

What happened to the love we used to know
Why am I missin you so
Why did love go away
Why did your heart stray

Sittin here feelin low
Wishin I didn’t miss you so
Tears fallin down my cheek
Lips trembling I cannot speak

I try to get through another day
But lonliness just gets in the way
Tears fall every time I hear your name
Why did you play a cheatin game

Sittin here feelin low
Wishin I didn’t miss you so
Tears fallin down my cheek
Lips trembling I cannot speak

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Sabrina's Solar Plexus

"You were frightening, sinister,
You put everything into it
I took a step back
You get better every time
How good can you get?"
People are scared of fish eyes
They confuse, stun, fascinate
Coldly indifferent 
Fish eyes
Sucked dry of life fish eyes...
Sabrina was unselfish, 
Devoted, unabashed, 
A purring lioness:
"Yes," she said, 
"I can imagine people
Wanting to possess you."
People are scared of fish eyes;
They confuse, stun, fascinate;
Coldly indifferent 
Fish eyes;
Sucked dry of life fish eyes...
Sabrina said: "I'm sorry;
I'm just possessive
I'm frightened of my feelings
You'll miss me a little,
Won't you?
You should read Lenz.
I'm sure you'd 
With the main character."
People are scared of fish eyes;
They confuse, stun, fascinate;
Coldly indifferent 
Fish eyes;
Sucked dry of life fish eyes.
Have I written about the 
When I came home
And I just couldn't 
For latent tears.
But am I so repelled
By intimacy?
When will someone 
Get me there (the solar 
Plexus) as Sabrina said.

People are scared of fish eyes;
They confuse, stun, fascinate;
Coldly indifferent 
Fish eyes;
Sucked dry of life fish eyes.

(Thanks to the large quantity of notes I committed to paper while at college in London, my beloved college can live again through sundry writings forged out of them, such as the above, in which all names have been changed.)

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A Def Leppard dedication fate is lieing in your hands take a look into my eyes Mirror mirror on the wall 
can you promise me my heart won't again fall didn't think so no not at all because 
Love bites love bleeds it's bringing me to my knees as it's Bringing on the 
heartbreak while the gypsy is sitting looking pretty with her broken rose and 
laughing eyes it maybe Too late for love for you and I yet I know you don't want me 
to cry but Have you ever needed someone so bad have you ever wanted 
someone you just couldn't have did you ever try so hard that your world just fell 
apart some say Let it go because It's only love so why are you hurting so much 
from it it's only love if he feels it to but they don't know how you go straight to my 
head as I lie in my bed I just can't win can't help the state I'm in wish you  could 
feel like I feel if I could only make you see and have you want the way I want you 
would want me all the time for me you are far more than just a memory No matter 
what you are I'll always be with you right there just Two steps behind and 
remember it only takes a minute of your precious time to turn around but where 
do we go from here still looking for the way that's clear to Rock on together keep 
thinking Let me be the one so you can again put your hand on my heart and lead 
me into temptation as before you've shown me the right side of love want so 
much for you to Pour some sugar on me in the name of love aww come on fry me 
up I can't get enough and to Rock rock till you drop never stop Armagedon it really 
getting it so is any wonder you got me Coming under fire feeling like a caged 
Animal who needs your touch and very much needs your love everyday I Miss you 
in a heartbeat oh yeah soon as my eyes awake I miss you right away listen to me 
feel it don't fight it go with the flow Rock of ages keep a rolling Rocket with your 
satellite of love cause baby I'm not Foolin' all I got is your Photograph I want to 
touch you!  And yes from all the above I'm very Gulity because I'm in love with you 
and yet falling in it seems to be the one thing that you can't do and I have a 
strange feeling that you do feel it to...

...this is a collaboration of written words inspired by Def Leppard

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His love is simplicity
Here for eternity always patient 
kind and never hard to find
But hard to comprehend so I make It hard to apprehend him and capture him and rapture him in the rarest way because the worst way is for Bae see he is king just like a dream but far away he seems to be I can't touch him can't love him just see him as a mirage and this mirage is so real more than a illusion but the conclusion of a sweet dream starring him and me he is my light and I'm his delight the time is ticking till we share our first night

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Little Brother

Remembering the past and wonderful years,
When you and I played games.
I was a model and you the photographer.
Oh! Why can’t those times come back? For me to make sure you know how wonderful I think you are.
For me to help you find the angel you have inside. 
My heart now cries out loud. Oh! Why can’t those memories erase or ease the pain of you being so far away…
I miss you deer brother.
I miss you deeply,
When I see the stars I think of you. 
When I see the first flowers of spring and contemplate the bright sun of summer with the falling leaves and the white white snow I think of you.
For in my heart you’ll always be the little brother I’m use to see.

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You and I

You and I

I spend precious time with you in loving intimacy in my mind  
This will last me a lifetime, it must you will never be mine
Such a sweet sensation I feel and I will hold it so deep inside 
Thank you my love for giving me so much in such a short time 
You need to know this now and I give my eternal gratitude
In your arms I imagine that the past does not exist 
And we were born in the instant that we first met
In life I have loved many times finding sweet new emotions
Unforgettable memories etched deep inside my soul
And some I can’t ever or will choose never to forget
Both the happiness and the hurtful lies
Your love became an eraser that helped to break the ties
A door closed behind when you walked into my life
And I abandoned the illusion that held sway in my heart
Some say distance is a way to forget
Until I met you this I did not understand
After I experienced your touch I had no real choice at all
I will always and forever be a slave to your love
Caring so much for you my beautiful lady know this
I will wait even knowing that your ship will soon depart
To cross other seas, I still need you to know that I love you
I miss you deeply like I see the nights without stars
Even more so I miss you in the lonely beautiful mornings
I desire being safe in your arms and it seems to make me feel sick
Whenever I laugh I miss you and even more so when I cry 
While walking in the sunshine it's dark and too cold
In those nights when I cannot sleep because you aren’t near  
You truly can't imagine how empty it feels
Still I am yet alive despite it all so should I lie? 
I can’t I really miss you my love.

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I miss you

I miss you when your away
I miss you every day

I miss you when your in Boston
I miss you when your in Austin

I miss you when your not here
I miss you my dear

I miss you when I dont her from you
When I don't hear  "I love you too"

So, baby
I wont miss you so
And we can be togehter, like we did a long, long time ago

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Beautiful Soul

Beautiful soul

In your heart there is a river
That flows so calm and still
In your eyes there I see a light 
That shines like the sun

Beautiful soul beautiful soul
Wonderful light within thy eyes

I feel my heart raising as I gaze upon your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes filled with light 
Leads the way to your soul 

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My apology

I miss you more than you'll ever know
I'll miss you all the days of my life
I just wish, I could have told you
Before I let you go
It's so hard trying to live without you
Trying to be happy
So others won't see the pain
I am sorry I never told you this before we ended
But it was so hard
I might someday move on
And find another guy
But he or no one else will ever compare
When I close my eyes
All I see is your face
When I am in a quiet room
All I hear is your voice
Everyday I dream
That we will be together again
From the first time you touched my hand 
To the last time we kissed
I knew I would love you forever

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2 My 3 Little Angels!

It's so hard for me 
To just go on living 
Knowing that you're all away from me
I miss you all so much
Your kisses and your hugs
You three are a vital part of me
You're my babies 
The ones that I live for
I'll give my life for the three of you
You are all that I think about
My reason for living 
My motivation to be the best in all that I do
Although I am away from you
You are all the reason I strive to do good
My heart and my soul
My babies, its all you
I miss you all so much
I love you all so much
You three are my heart and my soul
There are a lot of mixed emotions 
I want you to know 
My babies I love you
I hope that you all know 
That my dream is 
Someday I will be there
To watch you all
As you grow
How can I?
With all these inner battles
That I'm trying to fight
When it comes down to it
I miss having you three
Here in my life
I'm missing out
On your beautiful smiles 
Your arguments and quarrels
with each other
I'm missing out
On every day you leave for school
You all returning home 
You've learned something new
It's just not fair
That it has to be this way
Not fair for you three
I'm missing out on those special days
It's hard knowing
That we may not be together
For now, all I have are your pictures and your memories
Which I will always treasure
My babies I love you
That will never change
One thing I do promise
I will be with you all someday
Just hold on tight
Be the best in all that you do
Once I'm done doing what I need to 
I will come back to you
My little angels 
Don't you ever forget
You're all precious to me
No one can ever take your place
My little angels 
You're my heart and my soul
I love you always
You're my life and my world.

"I love you JJ, Juliana and Jasmen!
Just because I'm not there with you doesn't mean that I don't love you.
Just know that I'll be back someday.
I Promise!"

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The Hardest Words to Say

Hey babe, I think we should talk,
Come with me, lets take a walk,

See you still read that old love letter,
But you and I we both know better,
For I can’t feel what’s just not their,
And yes I know how much you care,
But those three words I just can’t say,
I don’t miss you when your away,

Yes I see that your in pain,
Please don’t cry, let me explain,
My feelings left me and made me stale,
Drained my colors and made me pale,
You see inside I’m only hollow,
Behind this heart, no love will follow,

Why I’m empty, know one knows,
But this is as far as my road goes,
I would love you if I could,
If I were different, yes I would,
Your right this is no way to live,
But I have nothing more to give,

So take your love and find someone better,
And don’t you read that old love letter,
Leave me behind with this curse,
Before I hurt you even worse,
Yes I promise that I feel o.k.,
 Sorry I’m unable to feel that way,

You’ll be alright, always stay true,
That means a lot........I miss you too.

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Mirrored Actions - a collab with Olive Eloisa Guillermo

Their meeting of hearts in joyous touch Beating in sync, naked chest to breast Roaming hands in wondrous clutch Torso's of they in loving impressed Their meeting of minds, thoughts wed to lock Thinking out loud, he knows her path she knows his art Thighs twine in pumping match Hips to hips pressed tight in dance No other moves but fearless thrust Moans and groans a steady hush and rush Eyes lock as hands fit in clasps Silence shattered by pulsing heights Mirrored actions in talking attraction Absorbed we be loving rhythmically Tongues fencing clashing reaction Deeply she feels her loving of thee Climax reach they fall to deep Still entwined soaking sweet and sweat No other words but I love you they said As 'til death do us part, both do pledge . ©O. E. Guillermo and J.A. Fraser 14.30pm, February 28, 2015

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Dear mom

Dear mom,
Ever since I came in this world 
You love me every single day
The memory of us will always be in my heart
I wish you would of stayed
Now were so far apart
I love you more than ever
I miss you so much
I want so bad to feel your touch
Why did you have to get sick?
I guess you were he's final pick
You and dad 
will always be in love
Now your in heaven so far above
Don't worry i will take care of him
He will be okay
He will  miss you so much
Even till today
mom all i ask
is when i'am scared 
just hold my hand
My time will come when we will meet
just make sure there is a open seat
I love you forever 
and you will always be in my heart
this is only the begging of a new start.
love always
your daughter

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For Rene'; "Missing"

I miss you babe,....
I really do, it's true....
But time severed our love,
And now I'm alone and blue...

I miss you, babe....
I miss our kiss goodnight...
I miss you, babe....
And those times that felt so right...

I miss you, babe,
Your tender kiss to my cheek...
I miss you babe,....
My reasons for living are growing,
oh, so weak,......

I miss you , babe,
Your unused pillow next to me,
I miss you , babe,
In ways no one else can see....

You've moved on ahead,
To another world for you to see,

I miss you, babe,
And I cry every night,
I miss you , babe,
Cause you're out of my sight...

I miss you babe, 
As only you would miss me,

I miss you , babe,
There is no more value to me...

I miss you, babe,
I miss you beyond
the most painful hurt,
I miss you, babe,
Since you've been covered
with dirt,

But my soul, awaits for you,
Cause our love was so true.

Dedicated to Rene', and all
the others of us, living in 
the gray skies of grief....

Remember, grief has
haunted mankind
for millions of years.....
And, it needs expressions
such as these......
I love you all!!!!  tom

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Unfinished Love

I love you my dear
However, there is some fear
Of your tortuous rejection
And empty distraction

Your ex is stupid
Come back to me
And sleep in my arms

I miss your beauty
You're just such a cutie
I miss your mouth and your soft kiss
I love your mind and your lovely person

You mean the world to me
I miss you like Christ would miss the Sea of Gallilee
Your eyes are so bright
Your nose so tight
Your legs so light
I love everything about you
Especially at night

You are funny and witty
I miss sleeping with you and the kitty
Your kiss is sweeter than a snickers
Your hug is warmer than your knickers

The way that you talk
Is even more sexy than how you walk
My home is empty without you
I hope yours feels empty too

I love your hairy toes
Even more beautiful than an ancient rose
You smell so good
Oh what I wish that  I could...

Kiss your lips, oh what grace
I think I'm becoming a head case
I love you more than life becomes
I love you more than all of my chums
And even more than a round of rums

My booze may have driven you away
And I miss you more and more every day
But more than anything, I love you more than even God's way

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I Miss You

The wind whispers through the brush
As I think of your touch
My love of the gentleness
The sweet grace of remembrance
I miss you when I'm alone
I miss you when you're gone
But then I see your smiling face
And I remember all your grace
I fall in love again
You truly are my best friend
I think of nights you held me
and whispered in my ear
Telling me all the things
We'd do over the years
You made me the happiest woman alive
You made me live, you made me thrive
The day it all fell apart 
Was the day I ceased to have a heart
I know I was the one who went away
But still I love you to this day
And when the wind whispers
I hear the sweet nothings you whispered
And I begin to miss you again

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My Angel

Only one day has gone by,
Yet I miss you more than you will ever know
I think about you all the time
I long to feel your arms embracing me
I long to feel your kiss upon mine
My heart mourns the day I left
On that day you made a theft
You kept with you my heart
The first time you looked into my eyes
To feel your kiss 
Was a dream come true
I wish that I could be where you are
My days are dark and my nights are cold
Without you here with me
I'll miss you every day of my life
Until we meet again
And if that day shall never come
And we have to be together in Heaven
Just know that you were always and will always be
My Angel

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My misery grows inside me
my sadness shows though I try to hide it
the happiness I once knew has gone out the door
now I lay in my utter misery crying on the floor

I miss you so much, words cannot describe
I miss knowing you the way I did
I miss not knowing what it feels like to cry

I wish you’d want me back soon
this misery is overwhelming
I wish you’d end the sadness that is dwelling within me now

you were the one light in my world of darkness
now you’ve extinguished the flame
and now all I feel in my heart is pain

I’ve tried not thinking about you
but I just can’t do it
I’ve tried to be happy, but it’s all a lie
because how can I be happy, when it’s all I can do not to cry?

Everything reminds me of you,
that one time blessing is now a curse,
because I miss you so much,
but will never have you back again
so everything just reminds me of that fact, and of how happy we used to be.
I just wish that I could see an end to my utter misery.
An end to the infinite sadness that is within me now.
I wish I could see an end to all of my pain, but without you, how?