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Metaphor Horse Poems | Metaphor Poems About Horse

These Metaphor Horse poems are examples of Metaphor poems about Horse. These are the best examples of Metaphor Horse poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Fool of Infinite and Queen of Fate

Fool of Infiniti

A wanton bird pecks at the stars
A Jester peers through crystal bars
This prison of love with rainbow hue
Illusion parts to lets you through

On dragon wings forever free
You quest into your dreams to see
Smoke and mirrors and shadow haze
To guide you through an endless maze

Slow motion tear rolls down her cheek
Its only passion that you seek ?
Engulfed in strange duality.
She wonders her reality

Your eyes still mock her with desire
Your kisses light her inner fire
Your touch can melt her to your will
But you will never take your fill

Black widow spider guards your heart
She spun the web, she keeps it taut
It is your only fatal flaw.
A secret, silent metaphor.

And all about her swirl the dreams
The nightmares all with voiceless screams
And in her hand the strangest key
To fit the door of What Will Be ?

And when her eyes search yours again
You take her to the spider den
You spin the dreams she hopes to see
And lock your hearts in mystery.

So enter in to lick the flame
Eternal prisoner of the game
Illusion is false imagery
She whispers your Infinity

The Queen of Fate

The Queen of Fate by the outer Gate
Her carriage to Nowhere, will await
Her cloak is wrapped against the night
Her eyes are wide with peculiar fright

Gray horses eyes turn back in fear
With thunderclaps upon her ear
Blue jagged lightning points the way
Along the path to yesterday

Cold, sullen driver cracks his whip
His crooked smile curls round his lip
His horses leap the cruel abyss
Dark Queen of Fate sees none amiss

Above the mist a gate appears
Who will wipe the Gate-man's tears ?
Gray horses strike and paw the air
Fate Queen ascends the carriage stair

And all about her swirl the dreams
The nightmares all with voiceless screams
And in her hand a wondrous key
To lock Enigma's Mystery

Pass through the gate O Queen of Fate
Another carriage will await
Drawn by Steeds of Promises
Illusion Starts and Finishes

Suzanne Delaney
Iambic Tetrameter
Gothic Theme
For Giorgio's Impress Me Iambic Contest

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney

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A Wishful Horse

If wishes were horses,
And I was a stallion,
Would you ride me home?
Would you ride me to the comfort of your heart?
Would you keep me in the finest confines of your soul's house?
Would you caress my beastly body with your soft hands?
Would I afford the pleasure of your whispers in my ears?
Would you please my soul with your soulful laughter?
Would you ride me through the dullest of days;
through the darkest of nights?
Would you dry your tears upon my willing neck?
Would you give  me a name to bear forever?

Or would you just pass me by,like any other beast?
Would just throw me a soulless glance and fade away-
like mist chancing upon sunlight?
Or would you stroke me a little, the decide I'm not worth it?
Would you look me in the eye and walk away?
Would you let my eyes see you go through the tears?

Tell me Love,if you'd rather not see my heart tear apart,
Why are wishes not horses-
Why am I not your stallion?

Copyright © Matiba Aaron

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Candy Horse Vs Dark Kid

The center of a star reflects just like a diamond...
Returning a pearl within each silver breath that one treasures...
With faceted panels, I promised I'd never...
Sweep over a deep sea of blue waves unmeasured...

There is a pattern woven inside golden petals that kiss the inside of my heart...
Parts of my heart that I've thus' failed to start...
With soft fingers dancing, you're forever entrancing...
My star that's eternally far...

A co write written by Liam and Christian 

Copyright © liam mcdaid

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What Riches To Have Untold

If I were a rich man I tell you what I'd do;
I would sleep all day and drink all night;
Til I was bored and could snore no more,
Then I would look to see if I could find me,
When I did I would climb in a bath and soak in cream til' I was clean,
I would piss away my money on everything not thinking about tomorrow
or even my family,
Maybe I would play the lottery hoping I wouldn't win,
Then I could try it all again,
I guess I would give some to the church then maybe I would find peace with god,
I would travel the world to see what I could see,
I would buy a yacht and sail around the world,
Then if I got bored I would sell the boat and go back to shore,
If wishes were horses then beggers would ride,
It is nice to think what I would do but when I open my eyes I realize,
I am who I am and that I can't lie,
I am broke and that is no joke!

Copyright © Patricia Bernard

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The Desperate and the Dark Horse

Beside the beaten path, I ride
Passed the followers who robotically glide
Over the rocks, the pebbles, and the stones; goodbye
They make their way home and I the same...the throne

Like programs written by the user
They have one task to fulfill
I write my life on my own keys
The virus you cannot kill

And I'll wiggle my way in
and eat from the inside
Until I'm full and want no more
Until the way is mine

Copyright © Jacob Fite