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Men Woman Poems | Men Poems About Woman

These Men Woman poems are examples of Men poems about Woman. These are the best examples of Men Woman poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dead Winter Stray~ By: Poet Destroyer

Nearby paces, Combatants lost under the cemetery walls,
“Blessed Men and Heavenly Remedy Women of Ages,”
Feelings of dance at the beginning of nightfall,
Scenery of fire, sadness passing this history page,
In that distant curve, somewhere nears the sundown stream.
Far away from the vision of mortal eyes,
A child plays as beautiful and pale like the sunrise.
She plays on the coast this beautiful but pale, sun raised child.
Pursuing nature, in a hushed angelic lucidity,
“In hushed angelic lucidity!”
Fragile fastened, to those adequate bones.
Profound deepness beneath the snow winder dust,
Below the memoirs of her floating vessel,
Reminisces of water drowning down rivers and streams,
A shattered female kneels in salvation.
An anvil so heavy it troubles the mind.
Lost in profoundness, in what might have been.
What was, for a moment in this period?
The grimness of her weak vessel dwells.
A lifeless winter strays around. 
An album so old and dusty,
A christening gown not ever embraced.
Infinite, the woman and pale child of sunrise,
Soften footfalls beating out the torments.
Countless nights seeing the day of unspoken headstones,
Feelings of dance will never rest this heartache.
Eternity, in a dance of unconditional need,
Their hearts unite as one...
A closing of mother and child…     
~BY: PD~

Dead Winter~ By: Catie Lindsey 

There walks Warriors in that graveyard,
Holy Men and Medicine Women of ages;
at night you can see their Spirits dance,
setting fire to history's pages.
In that far corner, up by the stream,
far from the eyes of publicity,
she plays on the shore, beautiful Raylene,
catching poly-wogs, in silent lucidity.
In silent lucidity.
Brittle now, those fine bones,
deep beneath the snow drifts of winter,
beneath the memories of her body afloat
down rivers and streams of Remember.
A broken woman kneels in prayer,
a heavy weight on a burdened mind,
somewhere deep in what could have been,
what was, for a moment in time.
The grayness of her frail body lingers,
in a dead winter of the unborn,
on page forty-nine in the family album,
in a baptismal gown never worn.
Together they dance,the woman and the child,
their soft footfalls pounding out the sorrows
of many days at a worn out headstone,
many dances to come, many tomorrows.
Together they dance, The Woman's Dance,
their hearts as one...
the woman and the child.
~By: Catie Lindsey~

(for Catie's: Re-write contest..) 

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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What If God became a woman

What if God became a woman what a difference we would see,
And the first thing that she'd tackle is the way that we all pee.
She’ll have seen all the advantages that’s there when you’re a boy;
How it saves with all that squatting, and at night becomes a toy.

She'll introduce discretions, like an air valve better placed,
To save girls sneaking trapped air out and getting all red-faced.
With the aid of hidden pipework, they could whistle merry tunes,
And the playing of this music could be used for clearing rooms.

The next thing that she'd tackle would be partners taking turn,
As a nine months’ stretch is quite some time for carrying a bairn.
If the girls can do the last part, when dear junior starts to rub,
Men could have it when it doesn’t show and take it down to the pub.

And then onward into shaving - where it really isn’t fair,
As the slightest fluff grows on girls’ legs and barely none elsewhere.
I fear that Man’s dispenser will be programmed and re-planned
So a button pressed and wristwork will squirt hot wax in her hand.

And the final piece of justice; she'll see balance to be done,
As we both will have the ‘monthlies’ now instead of only one.
We’ll gladly do the mood swings, and we’ll even have the belly,
But the thought of using tampons simply terms my legs to jelly.

So there we are; the deed is done, at last the world is equal,
But I, for one, don’t hold much hope for this thoughtful female sequel.
And as for: “Will it make things better, or will it make things worse?”
I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Oh shite - I’ve dropped my purse!

Copyright © Dennis East | Year Posted 2014

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Fickle Fickle- For Every Woman in a Pickle

WARNING: The following poem is a figment of the author's imagination and deals with fictional characters.....MEN! ;) (THIS IS FOR FUN, MEN, SO DON'T GO AND GET ALL HUFFY AND PUFFY ON ME!)

Fickle fickle…men are fickle
Get the women in a pickle
Sweet talk sweet talk…how they tickle
Treat a treasure like a nickle

Chat up chat up and then lie
Sugared bites of ego pie

Flirty flirty….brew a storm
Dissipate then like the norm

Riding riding on her wave
Naughty naughty to the grave

Feel up feel up where he can
Make her think that he's a….MAN

Swagger swagger, what a sight!
Thinking he's got dynamite

Tries to see how far he'll get
Up to third base is his bet

Fickle fickle, fizzle….pop
Mess with me, I’ll make you drop!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Never was good at humor! This is as good as it gets with me!

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Cigarette burns dot the seventies green vinyl chair and a floor television doubles as a table with a lamp and figurines. A six foot two inch three hundred pound strong man made the small room look like a doll house. I watched Big Daddy roll Prince Albert in a can on cigarette papers many times and he was precise, meticulous to make sure not to waste his precious costly addictive indulgence. I got the nerve to ask if I could roll a cigarette this evening and to my surprise he let me despite mawmaw’s protest. I was able to roll the paper without spilling a leaf he smiled and I felt I had accomplished something great. Life is simple in the summer time world of leisure and no school.  Big Daddy stayed outside from dawn to dark and worked the fields of corn, beans, tomatoes and okra. His old John Deere tractor made a "pup, pop, pup" sound when he drove down the road to our house. I could hear him coming a mile away and ran out to greet him. He had an idea that women were women and men were men when it came to working and he didn’t allow a woman to help him with the dirty work. A woman was to have pretty clean hands and delicate pale skin in his mind. Any other man said that to me I would give him a verbal lashing. But I overlooked Big Daddy’s faults he had a kind heart and never wanted to hurt anyone. He was generous in trading his vegetables and harsh if someone hurt his family or tried to cheat him. 
Sunday morning he rested and put on a suit and went to church never did he have his bald head uncovered except in church. He had a dress hat for Sunday to wear on the way to church. I miss seeing those fancy hats and suits. A third grade graduate knew how to dress and respect the lord better than any college educated wealthy man. He wouldn’t smoke at the church out of respect.
     Respect left
     With the man’s dress hat
     Equal rights

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2012

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You try it, You even buy it, You don't get it, You claim it, You disclaim it, It works, It doesn't, Again, you denied it, You pay, your stay: monthly, annually You gain, sustain, You barter, charter, You bargain, you bust it stays a must. You cry, You cuss, You fuss, Sign on the line It pays betrays Rent -- it stays.

Copyright © Marilyn Williams | Year Posted 2015

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She rises above a pool of twilight blue, The water glimmering liquid crystal Fluid as an oiled navel which brightens her flesh, That inside pure eyes, mist radiates On her curve, and frost trickles heavily across Dampened lips …blending with manly scent. A gush shudders at the rhythm of her depth While the anima of his raw grace, such kindness Transforms her outline into a Borealis Laying on a nightglow of lace and hemp … Till male and woman become undefined, Aligned through his surrender to a feminine Seed , as the water continues bathing them In the discovery of astral glow… like so, The sweet vapor within her body rains ------ and his tears Fall upon her quivering pores, Honoring the fertile goddess within. …………………… Anima- “ Every man carries within him The eternal image of a woman.”—Carl Jung ---------------- Animus/ Anima –Part 1: Anima Contest Sponsored by Tom Quigley 5/8/2016

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? | |

Let's Keep It Real

 It's funny when you just feel like you in this world alone -
Know one understand's you , not even the one's who consider themselves 
to be grown -
Black women a relationship is not about you , one woman -
It's about that woman including that man , united together we stand -
Every arguement is not just the fault of him -
Consider what you did before the arguement and remember 1 of you 
equals 2 for them -
 Know man should put his hand's on a woman as well as know woman 
should put her hand's on a man -
But , in a relationship we should both keep it respective because the outside
line will never understand -
Something that is workable to both of us is over exaggerated by them -
Even though we where both in the fault the outside line only blame's him -
I think that deep down inside every man has some good -
Im in a seat now where the one's you say , are no good once stood -
 I was more than good i was great -
Now, Im trying to keep from tearing down someone else's wall with all 
this hate -
Im a dog because i don't want to throw my heart in -
Rewind my life and sweet heart come again -
Who came up with this rule that he alway's has to lay down the red carpet
for you -
Back in the day's we women where strong and everything that was old to
us was brand new -
 Black women why does jealousy has to be part of your plan in order to get
some attention -
When you get some you don't want it ; sorry to you lady player's that one i had
to mention -
Black women if you feel like you deserve to be treated good than raise your
hand -
Now put your hand's down and look around because that's what it feel's 
like inside of every good man -
 Black men stand up and tell your woman i deserve to be treated good -
Black men tell your woman i love you but , let's make sure that what i said  , is
understood -
Some of us black women need to recognize that in a relationship it's 50% for
you and 50% for me -
If you don't have no 50% than don't expect no red carpet because everything
that you thought was about you include's me -

Copyright © Lakesisha Johnson | Year Posted 2005

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Venus the woman, Mars the Man


Like he pleaded for your friendship
Let’s say he did, alright he did!
Polite rejection would be great,
But all those “hellos” were as fake
He thought being true was good enough,
And hoped by her life would look up.
As in his mind was the thought born,
It there did die before it sprung.
Quite all the moxie that he had,
Without a toil would have been hers,
Yet she felt naught (like would a corpse)
When all his dreams drained through the crust.

Like she pleaded to thus be strung,
Let’s say she did but was not wrong.
A gentle advance would’ve been best,
She tagged the others guys “coquettes”.
How would he know? He’s quite sinless,
And the movies would neither help -
Nor would these books reveal to him,
How upon maids, they work their wits.
Maybe she was, and’s still like him,
And never hopes to turn from it,
Maybe she too is still as true,
And hence she fell on tenterhooks.
She could be hurt and not retell,
The wondrousness within herself,
And how his fancy had took her,
From that first glance and salient smirk.

Like they both pleaded to be born
Dizygotic or one by one.
One should suffer, one should serve
One should proffer the other care.
Once on the earth and swarmed by dreams
Either, confused reality.
Who would be crowned? Venus or Mars?
Or would they both meet in the stars?
“Like a cold corpse felt naught” he thought,
Her heart was cold and dangerous.
Like autumn leaves are fallen dead,
She thought, “no love was on his head”. 

Copyright © Dominic Amezimi | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? | |

RIP Virginity

Dear Sir, my innocence is gone now, no more fear 
Do you love to **** me again, I am always here. 
I wonder when you taught me how to use a pen, 
I was so into you but my ****** was in pain! 
I was crying; I was too immature to understand
I was turning only 13, I couldn't feel what happened. 
but I promise I never forget what you taught me at the end. 
I begged you to stop and looked into your eyes, 
there was a reflection of a cruel world, that’s  what I deserved!
Don't be afraid, mommy never knows what you did, 
Nobody knows that you made me bleed. 
Dear sir, my innocence is gone with all my tears,
as I had no safe place to hide myself from fears.
Nobody saw anything as your world was so blind! 
having hidden hatred inside, a virgin died. 
Dear sir, time cannot erase your memories, 
time doesn't heal all wounds, that you marked, 
yes, you took my innocence that will be always on my mind.
My innocent world was shattered by your touch
Hope no one ever has to experience such
For all the pain, all the cruelty, thank you very much!

Copyright © Farhana Akter | Year Posted 2014

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Lewis And Clark

They were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark,
Her name was Sacagawea.
On an expedition they did embark
Finding the passage to the sea.

Down the Missouri they traveled, 
Then slithered 'round the Snake River bend.
Rocky Mountain weather and sickness battled;
At the Columbia River they'd end. 

©2013 Honestly JT

Copyright © Honestly J.T. | Year Posted 2013

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Fickle, Fickle, for Every Woman That's Put in a Pickle

WARNING: The following poem is a figment of the author's imagination and deals with fictional characters.....FAITHFUL MEN! ;) 


Fickle, fickle…men are fickle
Get the women in a pickle

Sweet talk, sweet talk…how they tickle
Treat a treasure like a nickle

Chat up, chat up, and then lie
Sugared bites of ego pie

Flirty, flirty….brew a storm
Dissipate just like the norm

Riding, riding on her wave
Naughty, naughty to the grave

Feel up, feel up where he can
Make her think that he's a….MAN

Swagger, swagger, what a sight!
Thinks he carries...."dynamite" ;)

Tries to see how far he'll get
Up to third base is his bet

Fickle fickle, fizzle….POP
Mess with me, I’ll make it drop!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

A repost. My Muse is still on holiday in Greece. Can't write for the life of me....but I miss community. it goes...

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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Quiet whispers   
whispering about sex
sex is natural   
everyone's whispering about sex
masculine and feminine energy
male and female sex   
let’s talk about it     
let’s talk about sex
souls dating
souls mating
I’m first  
he’s next 
he's staring at it 
going at it
no calls, no text
lose the negative stigma 
associated with sex
come,  come      
sexual education is up next
here’s what we need to know
admire the body  
it inspires growth
be kinky
blindfolded, suck on toes
no shame in it      
play with it
see where it goes 
sex is not to be put to shame
sex so good 
I call out his name
`oh, God  
his name
sex so good   
no shame     
sex so good   
no blame 
sex is an antidote for emotional pain

Copyright © BLUE33 NailahBaniti | Year Posted 2016

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Above the Broad

Jean Claude was staring at me Hmmm
from the balcony. Oggling all he could
peeking at the girls; posing with aplomb.
He raised an eyebrow. I thought, should
I raised the anti, laughed, jiggled some
and got a rise, I well understood
Jean Claude was staring at me Hmmm.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2014

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To Love a Woman

You love the warrior woman
the one who's in control
you love the sweet seductress
who electrifies your soul

You love the teasing temptress
the woman who knows to please
you love the siren vixen
who makes you fall to your knees

You love the modern lady
who's full of class and finesse
who takes it all in her stride
knows how to dress and undress

You love the pretty woman
who graces you with a smile
the loving kind supporter
who makes it all seem worthwhile

Why can't you love the captive
who's imprisoned by your love?
The one who needs your kindness
to know what life is made of?

Why can't you love the weak one
who needs your strength to survive?
the one who clings to your heart,
for your soul keeps her alive?

Why can't you love the hurt one
who needs healing from your lips?
the "thirsty for love" woman,
who's only been granted sips?

Why can't you love her fully,
for all the good and the bad?
Love her in her sheer madness
Love her when her heart is glad

Be different from mortal men
Who desire what appeals
Be her hero of valor
who feels all that her heart feels

For I am myriad women
in the body of just one
Don't love just a part of me
or I'm sure your love to shun

Love my strong fighting spirit
Love my broken weakened mind
Love seductress and seduced
Love with madness that is blind

If you love in completeness
If you treasure all I am
You'll be my king and lover
I will make you feel all man!

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

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Where I'm from we don't do debts, fronts, or take tabs
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
Put that money on the head, you don't need a mask
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
How is a broke fool gon' try and smash
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash

Money on my mind like bread on a sandwich

I run the city, they're the lights, I'm the switch

I stand for what's mine, never see me slip and fall

I'm runnin' the race, you're a baby with a slow crawl

My cash stay on point, like a sharpened pencil

Try 'n' copy my style, you gon' need mo' than a stencil

I don't be's in the trap, buy my workers put-in overtime

Feds can't catch me, never see me committin' crime

That's why from time to time I shoot 'em a raise

And tell 'em to stash cash for those rainy days

If money talk, then there's nothing to say

If B.S walk, none of ya' fools can stay

My money talkin' for me, betta' yet, it's in a conversation

Ya' look like money; make money, nice observation

They say the love of money's the root of all evil

So how much money will it take to really love people

Copyright © Arcene Janvier | Year Posted 2013

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I'm Not the Kind of Person God Wants Me to Be

I’m not the kind of person I need to be! There’s too many problems inside of me! I’m not the kind of person you’d want to know… I’ve too many worries and a troubled soul! I’m the kind of person who has a lot of stress! Lately, my life has been one big mess! I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have a friend. You listen to me now… But may never see me again! I’m the kind of person who’s gone through pain! I wake up some days, and don’t even know my name! I may not be the kind of person you’d want to be around. I may get discouraged, and “get you down.” I’m the kind of person who’s giving Jesus a chance… I know he loves me! Whatever the circumstance! I’m the kind of person who needs a lot of prayer! I know that God listens! And is always there! Please help me Jesus! That I may be set free! May it be your love that others will see! Thank you Jesus! For being my savior and friend! You’re someone that this person can always depend! I’m not the kind of person that Jesus wants me to be! That’s why I need more of HIM! And LESS of me! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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Sonnet 8: The Perfect Woman

How many gentlemen have chased your myth?
How many captains and how many kings?
How many have heard of your legend fell?
How many poets and how many priests?
How could they resist your tender mercy?
They'll never deny the world at your feet.

How many gentle ladies dread your myth?
How many mistresses, how many maids?
How many have known your calamity?
How many nurses and how many nuns?
How could they ever dare compete with thee?
They'll never deny the world your beauty.

How many people, both women and men,
Meet the measure of The Perfect Woman?

*Michael Dom, sonnet for Nette Onclaude's Take Two contest.

**I had thought of shortenning this poem to fit in 'The Perfect Woman' competition, but I could not do that without destroying the original vision. A pity I wrote the poem before reading the competition rules! Nevermind, it's all good! mt_dom

Copyright © Michael Dom | Year Posted 2013

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Where I'm from we don't do debts, fronts, or take tabs
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
Put that money on the head, you don't need a mask
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
How is a broke fool gon' try and smash
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash

My Green could fill-up a Bay, need a few Packers

Haters look, fold and crumble like Ritz-crackers

Money comes and goes, but you know mine stays

Like a well-trained dog, sometimes it even lays

Money brings power, respect, gotta' have the jewels

Call me a handy-man, I stay with my tools

I know it sounds messed-up, but it's money-over-everything

My weight's been up, you just started like a flower in spring

My money keeps flippin', like some Burgers on a grill

Money on me heavy, like a work-out, makes me sweat fo'real

Active, got a million hustles, I'm motivated and dedicated

Call me and money happily married, we can't be separated

Not talking movies, but I bet you ain't seen this in a while

My money's long, go 'head, call it the green mile

Long as I'm stashing cash, I'll always come out on top

Like a junkie smokin' dope, me making money won't stop

Copyright © Arcene Janvier | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

Man and Woman

You like mystery
I like certainty
You like things left to the imagination
I like the imagination turned reality
You like the eternal chase
I like once and for all caught
You like to wonder
I like your wonder
You like the questions
I need the answers
You want to me to hold back
I want to be held
You want the joy of discovery
I want the joy of constancy
You want to compete for the prize
I want to be safe in your eyes
You want me to hide
I want to be found

You want
I want
Incomplete without
And yet
Tell me now
Why is it
That life has a DIFFERENT flavor
When you’re not here with me?

I'll never see through your eyes
and you'll never see through mine
But when our bodies entertwine
There is that taste of the DIVINE

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Sparked by the discussion on my latest blog...A Bit of Humor...About Men.

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

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Secrets Men Share About Women

I will tell you deep dark secrets
That only men share
In private conversations
Where no flower is allowed
To bloom

A woman can be like a video game
Makes us feel like boys again
Yet we sweat and toil 
Huff and puff
A man’s work 
Dedicated to scoring points
Until we hear her 

A woman can be like a  lawnmower
Fill her up 
With the sweetest oil
Grasp that fragrant hair
Tightly in hand
Pull her forward
In a rough yet tender way
Until a lingering kiss 
Ignites her motor
Rewards us with
Those powerful 
Lets us know
“Job well done.”

A woman can be like a roller coaster
Ride her up
Ride her down
Wild excitement 
Abject fear
The perverse delight in
Wondering if we will 
The  perilous journey 
Or be
From the track

And my woman
My love 
Washes me  in her
Most private
Perfume sins
Whispers obscene 
In harsh gasps
Hot breath bullets 
That shatter my brain
Is a living contradiction
Bringing obedient 
To share our love
Primal desires unleashed
In communal ways
That would  have made 
Karl Marx 
Renounce his creed

My woman can be like a fountain
A watery refuge from 
The steamy oppressive night
Hit the right switch
And she’s a squirting delight
Close your eyes
And you can almost hear
Dancing music 
Synchronized to 
The contractions and expansions 
Of her gushing love
Resuscitates your 
Weary body
Heals your tormented soul
Bathes you in the 
All that is good
All that has any meaning 
In this


Copyright © Catman Cohen | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ghazal | |

Invisible Woman

Although I couldn't see her I knew she was there.
     Her essence filled the room with her perfume in there.

She was an invisible woman in need.
     Her wet, musky sex speeding her greedy sin there.

Being invisible made it near impossible.
     For what she wanted me to do, the air seemed thin there.

Invisibility has it's perks as you well know.
     She can do everything that she wants to do with all men there.

Scanky yes, but what the hey, when it comes to the lay.
     She has that need to play, so all men will win there.

Do invisible rosebuds smell the same you all ask?
     Well if you can see this mans face, there's a grin there.

He's putting snow white flakes into this luscious rosebud.
     The beauty of it astonishes all women there.

The luscious rosebud clutches like a tight fitting glove.
      Invisible woman uses her rosebud when there.

I know this because I experienced her glove.
      I'm here to say that invisible woman's been there!

Note: For Jarad's contest....hope this is close enough!!  lol

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2010

Details | I do not know? | |

Maybe, Not Just a One Night Stand - For Contest

"I'll cook you dinner, and breakfast is on me" .

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ode | |

Pride of a Woman

I was walking 
absentmindedly on 
the street
When I saw a sight 
luvly to behold.
This sight fit to take 
a man off his seat
Cos it's one that is 
but for the bold!

I have been 
oblivious of its 
Thinkin and gettin 
used to the anomalies
That assault many a 
That to us,the sight 
is nothing but 

What did you see
That makes you 
ramble and rumble
As a restless sea?
Shall you tell that 
which is making you 

I shall tell and sell
Cos it's not meant
for me alone.
From afar, the sight 
greeting my eyes 
was a damsel
Covered gracefully 
in a hijab looking but 
not alone!

She was different 
from the crowd
As the sun from the 
cloudy cloud
She was hansomely 
Cos covered all over 
was she to the full!

She is different from 
the naked
And clothless ones 
who assault our 
eyes naked.
They it is that are 
By men who the sight 
of them had tempted!

But she is not,but 
she is respected,
And shouts of 
Makes me know she 
is not to be 
Of the evils 
committed near and 

The reason for her 
By all and sundry I 
seek to know,
The Hijab she wears 
is the essence
That protects, guide 
and make evil men 
say No.

So, friends this is 
the sight
I think is nicely right
For the ladies both  
near and far from us
IF not like hers but 
something close thus!

At least,
They should 
upgrade their rags
To cover and 
protect themselves 
from the beast
That dwell in the 
soul of the man that 

?To my lady in the 
Hijab, I
Will say mighty and 
Surely is thy beauty, 
worth and ways
That uncomparable 
is the sun and its 

To my lady in the 
Hijab, I
Will say mighty and 
Surely is thy beauty, 
worth and ways
That uncomparable 
is the sun and its 

To you I pray
Never let anything 
make you
Drop your pridely 
covering and go gay
Like the ladies in this 
worldly place do!

You are pride and 
To those that look 
up to you
Many a man will want 
you and is ready to 
And meet your 
demands if you say 
'I do'!

Oh GOD, my Lord!
I Make a shout and 
plea to you
To bless and 
preserve these one 
who use
The Hijab and invite 
others to come 
And those that to the 
Hijab's use, they say 
I do.
And not those who 
think it is but a ruse!

Copyright © Adesina Idris Dolapo | Year Posted 2012

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Human or Humane

Human or Humane – Zamreen Zarook
The precious creature of the divine lord,
One differ from other as the playings of harpsichord,
Every single was a pass chord,
So as to go for their fatal reward.

Muscular system is a part,
Nervous system is an art,
Skeleton system is again a handcraft,
Things matters on the beauty of the heart.

Showing kindness and sympathy,
You become a man of empathy,
This leads to be healthy and wealthy,
Where as it makes your life lengthy.

Dummy body is human,
Love and kindness within it is the humane,
decide and alter your membrane,
Before you reach the torture of the hurricane.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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God created the caring woman 

So as

To make life bearable for man!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  21 FEBRUARY 2015

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

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There's A Web of Temptation And Sin

There’s a Web of Temptation and Sin!

There’s a web of temptation and a lot of sin…
That brings slavery and a strong bondage within!

Throughout this land, there’s an evil surge!
While many lives, seem to be getting “submerged!”

Being submerged, into a life, that many believe in.
They become perverted, but want all to receive them!

The “love and acceptance,”
 that many desire.
Puts them on a tightrope!  A very thin wire!

As the web of temptation and sin begin to grow.
It brings a bondage that damages the soul!

They may want to have “love and acceptance.”
But in their hearts, needs to be a godly repentance!

May the holiness of a righteous God be stirred!
That all will come back, to the truth of his word!

His son Jesus, came to the cross! He bled and died!
That through him, our lives can be totally sanctified!

Only the power of God, can bring a needed restoration!
He gives to one and all… 
 A heavenly invitation!

Whosoever will… Come now!  And accept him!
Won’t you take the time, to really know him?

Don’t allow the web of life to destroy 
and overcome you!
Come to Jesus now!  He really does

By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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Day by day we pray to stay alive, ladies, the face of this world is slowly changing, no longer do we need to hold our heads in disgrace, and it’s about time we take our place. No longer let us be connived, nor let us forget the silent cries in trees that our sista’s souls are still hangin’, see the true in others denies rather waistin’ yourself complaining. Nor keep us from strength to stand by man, strength to leave if struck by hand, no more bruises upon our face for we also help to make this race. No more scars upon our souls for only marked with beauty moles and let our stories be fortold for we are women who behold, a key to inspiration and moral pride, coming out of our hide, Gods rules are to which one should only apply, but most chose pain to keep inside, left alone and died. Your elimination of God’s creation, we are but faith to this nation. Men of ignorance we are sick of belligerence, cuz we prove intelligence, cuz where there’s no woman there is no man strong and on this land we belong as distinct and separate persons walk along. Before your ignorance get the respect that you so vainly seek, practice what you claim til' all things you do or speak shall in reality be the same, nor let us be so eased to blame and give us our well earned past due fame, all musical and sorrowful stories contained. My people, make me proud to know your name and I’ll return the favour by doing the same.
For all men whom think us fast, remember the good ones always finish last, we women are still raped future and past so personally you can kiss my ... In us your babies wombs all your life fluids we consume, to mothers growing up too soon, to those mommas babies and daddy’s maybes.....REMEMBER, when your round to actin' shady, we are the ladies of this land, women with pride we stand, I am a WOMAN and for equal respect, I would do it again!!!

Copyright © amy epiphany tunks | Year Posted 2012

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What is Flesh

What is Flesh?

Muscle and blood, skin, something to be viewed with sin.

A form, a face, a body, a man, a woman, a child is it 
something worthwhile.

As we look upon a child and see a smile we know it is 
something worthwhile

Our mind say Love, our body warmth, our emotion need,
Our spirit strong.

What is flesh but a loving dash of more from above.

Copyright © John Hardison | Year Posted 2015

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Superficial Love

My physical lusts each and every cut, rip, and peck on his body my intellectual craves his thoughts, opinions, and charisma, my emotional wants to laugh, cry, and embrace his deepest feelings. Yet my emotional abundance does not captivate him, my intellectual determination does not appeal to him it is my physique alone that attracts his mind, body, and soul. It is the complexion of my skin that caught his attention, it is the reflection of my smile that made him acknowledge my presence, it is the kink in my hair that preserved his interest, the seduction in my eyes that tempted his spirit, the curves on my body that infatuated his sexual desires, and my forbidden fruit that took his whole being into euphoria yet my mind and soul is yet to be explored! My physical body has been pleasured time and time again but my emotional and intellectual elements remain untouched like the footprints on the moon!

Copyright © Nicolette Holness | Year Posted 2013

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Equal Rights for Men

As Women now have more power and rightly now have a voice
In the western world there are many more opportunities
Than there used to be and so much choice.

While men are today unashamedly in touch with their feminine side
And are now at last allowed to cry
Men wearing pink was just not done when I was a nipper
But now anything goes
Some men wear women's clothes make up and fluffy slippers.

Is something in the water or something in the air
But some women are getting more masculine
While men are showing touches of femininity everywhere.
Men may talk about swapping knitting patterns or tips on child care.

The girls around here have tattoos are rough and show off their bits
They have earings through their tongues and noses get drunk and aggressive 
Always fighting
In pubs and the street when pints of beer touch their lips.

We now have lady vicars in lace knickers
Female body builders and bricklayers
Men have took a giant step backwards
While women race to the top
And I hope they'll never stop.

House husbands are more common these days
They can change a diaper with just one hand
And talk on the cell phone for hours while doing the housework
Or taking the baby to te park in it's pram
I think women taking over the world
And using men as slaves is the masterplan
And men live in fear because they know they can.

Of course now men have big problems
Like deciding what dress to wear
Does my bottom look big in this
And ooh I hate my hair.

It's so difficult to tell the difference sometimes
When on a date
If you're heterosexual 
You may find out a bit too late.

Now it;s women who wear the trousers
And men who wear the skirt and bra
No one seems to care no more
Just who you are.

Women had been repressed by men for too long 
Now they play the tune
And bang the drum and sing the song.

Well if you can't beat then join them
Before it's much too late
My operation is next Thursday I hope keep the date
Please don't look down at men
I know we are sometimes a pain
But you have to realise
Men are going through the change.

''Now pink or yellow dress,?, hmmm.

Peter Dome.copyright.2015.June.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2015