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Meaningful Life Poems | Meaningful Poems About Life

These Meaningful Life poems are examples of Meaningful poems about Life. These are the best examples of Meaningful Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Light Poetry | |

What is Life

What is Life
Life is a gift, with many ups and downs,
Its mysteries and wonders keeps’ us spellbound; 
It takes us on adventures, that were not planned,
It has twists and turns, that we’ll never understand;

Life never stops, no matter the time or season,
Its existence is evolutionary, like the “Garden of Eden.”
It is a story book, pages full of complexities,
It baffles our minds, and exposes our insecurities

What is life? It’s beauty, change, imagination, too,
An everlasting rollercoaster ride, experienced by me and you!

Written: © 9/8/15

Copyright © Sarita Milliner | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet | |

Black Death Among The Shadows Does Gaily Roam

Black Death Among The Shadows Does Gaily Roam

Black death among the shadows did roam
deep in solitude its power reigns.
Nowhere and everywhere it calls sweet home
and always its appearance brings pains.

Through fords, over mountains into gentle seas
fate sends its messenger in a black shroud.
Never to be stopped by the many crying pleas
or women moaning and wailing out loud.

Its only victorious foe, the light of eternal life
where our Redeemer's truth and divine love grows.
Delivering us from depths of misery and strife,
brought by suffering from fear of death's throes.

Black death among the shadows does gaily roam
Yet tis forever forbidden in God's sweet home.

Robert J. Lindley, 4-21-2016

My thanks goes to these three great poets for the inspiration
to write this sonnet this morn-- Peter Duggan, Lin Lane and Seeker..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry | |

Behind the Mask

Behind The Mask

Behind the mask is a face of grace,
Enhanced by the lines, of life’s rat race!
A thing of beauty with a story untold,
Eyes send a message that soothes the soul!

Behind the mask hidden from reality,
Is an unconscious mind, full of mystery!
Brain waves quivering with every heartbeat,
Still clinging to life, not accepting defeat!

Behind the mask is a smile of relief,
As a mist fills the room with disbelief!
Lips whispering words softly in ones ear,
To let them know there’s nothing to fear!

Behind the mask is a heart of gold,
Living on forever in an angelic soul!

Copyright © Sarita Milliner | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse | |

What is life

What is life?
Life is just eating, sleeping and making sex
to show your identity
that, you  have strength enough
to produce kid, to earn your bread and butter
to nurture your child
And to prove the society
that, you have not added any extra burden 
etc, etc, etc........
Am I right ?
No, no, no, no......................

Then, tell me "What is life ?"

Life is playing cricket, playing tennis, playing football
and playing other popular games
to show your talent
in front of the people 
that, you have strength enough
to make record after record
to create a space in the hearts of people
to generate crores of fan
to reach new heights
to earn million and trillion dollars
etc, etc, etc.........................
Am I right ?
No, no, no, no.......................

Then, tell me :"What is life ?"

Life is doing politics
defeating opposition and capturing power
enhancing growth and accelerating development
and to show your strength
in front of the people
that, you have muscle
to do anything you want
by creating turbulence to execute your need
by killing democracy to capture chair
by mudslinging to cover up your weakness
by blaming rivals to increase pressure on them
etc, etc, etc...................................
Am I right ?
No, no,no,no................................

Then tell me "What is life ?"

You may be a player,may be a politician, may be an actor
whatever you may be
first of all you are a human being
you should have,
a prudent brain, to read the face of innocent
a broad heart, to house billion hearts within you
two strong arms, to extend support to the needy
you may not have any penny
but, If you will have a sacred soul
to feed a poor by saving a single bread  from you
time will definitely come
whole world will salute you.
Am I right ?
Then, tell me "Is it life"


Copyright © Manmath Dalei | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme | |

Of Sweet Life, All Blessings Future May Bring

Of Sweet Life, All Blessings Future May Bring

Why curse the morn when my friends cheer
for my well being and greater health.
Should I not now vanquish my great fear,
look anew at my friends as epic wealth?

O' heart will you better control my mind
vow truly to hold brighter each day!
Consider friends Ive been blessed to find
and know that forever friends we'll stay!

Why curse life when happiness can be found
in sunrise, sweet breeze and family love?
Shall I let loose joy and truth be unbound
in praising life and heavenly Father above?

Sometimes a new day's joy sets one to sing
of sweet life, all blessings future may bring!

Robert J. Lindley, 1-17-2016

Note: Dedicated to my friends, the Duggan family,
Peter and Vera, whose poetic verses so inspired 
and helped me see a brighter light today after such a dark
and deeply foreboding night.
My friends , reading both of your poems this morn were truly
a godsend to me.. Thanks so much......
Also want to say, my many other poet friends here are tops in
my book. They know who they are and I thank them all for their
kindness and concern..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Sonnet | |

In Our Vanity We Think Ourselves Above That

In Our Vanity We Think Ourselves Above That

Far above, this hectic and mysterious life, 
are those magnificent clouds and God's deep blue sky.
Although our chances for sweet happiness are rife,
we often see not, thus hardly ever ask why.

Within that vicious circle we plod right along,
victimized by our own armored and blinded minds
And if we by chance hear any heavenly song,
far to often we ignore such wonderful finds.

Signs within Nature give us such abundant clues.
In our vanity we think ourselves above that.
In our abundant ignorance we pay steep dues
and foolishly think greater wealth is where its at!

Far below, our hectic and mysterious lives,
we often crawl forth cutting our throats with sharp knives!

Robert J. Lindley, 2-08-2016

Form- Sonnet written in 12 syllable verses instead
of the usual ten syllable verses.

Syllables Per Line:	
12 12 12 12 0 12 12 12 12 0 12 12 12 12 0 12 12
Total # Syllables:	168
Total # Lines:	17  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	 
Total # Words:	116

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

Details | Prose Poetry | |

The Place Of The Hidden Treasure

                                  "The Place Of The Hidden Treasure"

    There was once a time when a decision was being made as to where to hide the secret answers to life!
Suggestions were being given and considered earnestly for these treasures could heal, restore and end strife!

    A few ideas were put forth, in an attempt to find the right spot, that would produce a great challenge to Man!
I will try to describe this chain of pondering events, and I will do the very best that I can!

    One Angel said "Hey, I know the best place to hide these secret answers to all of life! 
Let's put them atop the highest mountain on earth and give Man a true challenge for which to strive!"

    "HE" said "Listen, do not underestimate Man in any way, for he will devise a way to get to this place!
Then once he reaches the highest of heights, believe he will then reach into outer space!"

    Another Angel said "I know the best place to hide these secrets in order for Man to prove his worth!
Let's bury them at the bottom of the deepest ocean...the deepest ocean on planet earth!"

    "HE" said "Do not underestimate Man in any way for he will find this place!....Do believe!
Not only will he succeed in reaching the pinnacle of heights, but to the deepest depths he too will achieve!"

    "I've got it...I've got it!" said a third Angel..."I know of a great place that's out of sight!"
"This will frustrate him no matter where he the deepest depths or the highest of heights!"

    "Let's hide them deep within the center of the earth...Right at it's very core!
It's deep, it's dark and it's very "HOT" and we'll not have this problem anymore!"

    "HE" said "Listen, do not underestimate Man in any way for these secrets his own soul he would sell!"
If the deepest depths or the highest heights will not stop him, he'll think nothing of going straight into HELL!"

    But I know the perfect place to put them. It is somewhere he'll never ever think to look!
I will keep them with ME in the one place where I dwell... The place he has always mistook!"

    "See, I will hide the secrets within him, in the one place that will never come to mind!"
Man is always seeking for the answers outside of himself and to this place mankind is quite blind!"

    "But I do know one day he will find them in the one place that I will guide him from where to start....
and he will finally realize where the answers were all the time....
they were with ME kept within his own heart!"

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme | |

Don't You Even Go There

Don't tell me it's wrong
and you don't know if it's right.
If it's really too heavy
don't pretend that it's light!

If the link is weak
you know the chain won't be strong
and if it appears to be short
only a fool says it's long!

If the going gets rough
accept that it won't be smooth
and if you tell me a lie,
don't disguise it as the truth!

If your going to cheat
don't make it look like you're fair-
and if you can't get to this-

If it's all falling down
don't say that it's rising up.
If you drink it to the last drop-
you WON'T have a full cup!

When the table is bare
don't say you're having a feast
and when you're hogging the most
don't cry that you have the least!

When the sun is shining
don't look for rain and clouds that day
and if it's coming towards you
don't act like it's walking away!

If it doesn't have wings
don't tell me it's going to fly-
just don't think it's going to fail 
until you give it a try!

Don't tell me one and one are three
when we both know it's two
'cause if you're going to ADD like that-
you need to learn to SUBTRACT too!
So don't give the challenge
if you won't take the dare,
I hope you hear what I'm saying-

Don't you even go there-
don't you dare to try that!
If you can't be on the up and up
then stay where you're at!

Don't suffocate it
when you know it needs air
and if you can't get to this-

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme | |

Attainment Of Wisdom And Understanding

                     "Attainment Of Wisdom And Understanding"

                    "A word to wise shall be sufficient!"
                         How often I have heard that said.
                    That explains why we were given two ears
                         to listen twice as much so later we'll not dread!

                    If one is digging a ditch for another,
                         then he might as well dig two!
                    If it should be that his plan does happen, 
                         in short time the digger will get his due!

                    There is a way that will seem so right to do! 
                         One will not heed the word of warning!
                    The disaster of the end result
                         may be the sorrowful time of a "mourning!"

                    Neither fresh nor saltwater can abide in the same stream!
                         This pertains to words emanating from the mouth!
                    Some words have a sparkling, fresh taste to them-
                         the brine of salty words will give one "cottonmouth!"

                    Speaking of mouths "The Tongue Can Be A Fire"
                         that no one on this earth can tame!
                    Both death and life words can be spoken....
                         one should "BEWARE" of what one doth proclaim!

                    The cowardly and the wicked tend to flee 
                         when there's no one in pursuit!
                    Their feet get entangled and they trip and fall!
                         Running fearfully is not their best attribute!

                    "Hell and Destruction" are never full!
                         It seems there's plenty of room for both!
                    These two things should be avoided at all costs!
                         They should not be allowed any growth!  

                    Can one take fire in the bosom
                         and their clothes not be burned?
                    Now that's one lesson I do not want to know!
                         That's not wisdom I ever want learned!

                    Mercy and truth should not be forsaken!
                         Wisdom says  "bind them around one's neck!"
                    Also write them on the tablets of the heart....
                         This will keep them both in check!

                    Attaining Wisdom and Understanding
                        "NEVER EVER" takes a day off!
                    Every waking moment these two...
                                     "DO PURSUE!"
                    Attain them both no matter what the cost!  

                                     WTA-IV  3/12/2016

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme | |

The Lord And The Two Thieves-Jesus, Dysmas and Gestas

On the day that Lord Jesus was crucified
so were two thieves on His left and His right!
One stayed unrepentant right to the very end,
the other did receive new insight!

Now Gestas, 
the one placed to His left,
most defiantly railed out loud-
"If Thou Be Christ Save Thyself And Us!",
this he said before a deriding crowd!

All the while the soldiers were mocking Christ,
and vinegar they wanted Him to drink!
Dysmas was watching and taking all this in,
this view gave him much to rethink!

"Dost Thou Not Fear GOD" 
he asked Gestas,
for he was having some deep second thoughts!
Obviously his life passed before his very eyes,
knowing his predicament he could change not!

All the while, 
Jesus, between these two
was putting His own death on hold.
Here there was one more soul to save
and this moment would forever be told!

"Thou Art In The Same Condemnation",
Dysmas said-
his new insight had made him say so.
Jesus all the while, 
I believe He did smile,
for the sound of repentance 
He did know!

"For We Receive The Due Reward Of Our Deeds"-
an epiphany Dysmas did receive.
Here was a man also hanging on a cross
who realized he did now believe!

Now Jesus,
smiling, turned His head to the right
when the next thing He heard was this-
Dysmas said what was true from his changed heart,
"This Man Has Done Nothing Amiss!"

The smile in the eyes of Jesus said it all,
when the next words from the thief to His right,
"Lord, Remember Me When Thou Comest Into Thy Kingdom"
and it was about the sixth hour of that night!

The love of this Man named Jesus
with no regard for His own plight did rise,
when He looked Dysmas right into his eyes
and said-
"Today Shalt Thou Be With Me In Paradise!"

Such were the last moments in time recorded
of Jesus and these two thieves!
Whatever one's done....
even if wrong in life,
"Paradise" will be attained 
if one believes! 


Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse | |

Yesterday's News

Everything we do today, 
   Tomorrow, it will be Yesterday’s news.

If a heart was broken today,
   Tomorrow, it will heal.

If tears were shed today,
   Tomorrow, they will dry.

If new knowledge was gained today,
   Tomorrow, it will be tucked someplace in one’s brain.

If new life was made today,
   Tomorrow, it will die.

If a loss was mourned today,
   Tomorrow, the deceased will be but a mere shadow in one’s mind.

We live our lives one day at a time—
   moment by moment,
      from sunrise to sunset—
And when tomorrow arrives,
   everything we did today,
     will become Yesterday’s news.

Copyright © Nazira Davroni | Year Posted 2016

Details | Alliteration | |



Human nature is never satisfied
temporal fulfilments we evaluate and try
these things may serve their use
inexhaustible riches we so oft’ confuse

 generous gifts are open-handedly bestowed
our appetites are whetted—seldom slowed
contentment remains an elusive pleasure
stubbornly we pursue all earthly treasure

our fun-filled ,self-styled life—insane
wearily penetrating absurdities of life—inane
negating souls try unearth significance –require
eternal cravings provide--solitary meaningful desire

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse | |


Quiet whispers   
whispering about sex
sex is natural   
everyone's whispering about sex
masculine and feminine energy
male and female sex   
let’s talk about it     
let’s talk about sex
souls dating
souls mating
I’m first  
he’s next 
he's staring at it 
going at it
no calls, no text
lose the negative stigma 
associated with sex
come,  come      
sexual education is up next
here’s what we need to know
admire the body  
it inspires growth
be kinky
blindfolded, suck on toes
no shame in it      
play with it
see where it goes 
sex is not to be put to shame
sex so good 
I call out his name
`oh, God  
his name
sex so good   
no shame     
sex so good   
no blame 
sex is an antidote for emotional pain

Copyright © Nailah Baniti | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse | |


Animals packed in packages
with no clear conscience we buy
hotdogs and burgers 
perpetrating the lie
DEAD animals in the oven
alongside granny's pie
reaching for the dark meat
shoulder, leg and thigh
no justice for the animals
no justice for their cries
killings in slaughterhouses
with no proper goodbyes
humans behaving like animals
and nobody’s asking why
humans  are  eating  animals
that’s the reason why

Copyright © Nailah Baniti | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? | |

Do not worry about tomorrow

No man has the authority to undo 
the past or control the future. And 
know that yesterday’s burden is but 
today’s lesson and Tomorrow is just 
a dream of hope.Therefore, let not 
your spirit be anxious by what’s been 
done and by a day that does not yet 
exist. Consider the creatures that soar
through the sky and creep upon the  
earth, they do not let the bitterness of 
days gone by and fear of what’s to come 
drive them insane for they know to live 
one day at a time. 

Copyright © Haile Tesfaye | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse | |

You Can Say I'm A Dreamer

Hate when they say, "don't get your hopes up, baby,"
'Cause it only means you never once tried to believe
In something bigger than your little selves
That you leave sitting on the shelves.
I on the other hand, know very well,
I can overcome every obstacle;
Can raise myself as high as I put my hopes up.
'Cause how can dreams be dreams,
If they're never meant to make me see
There's so much more to life, than it seems.

Copyright © Marissa Faries | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric | |

The trap of materialism

So you want more nice things!
Will your life have more meaning?
When you have more stuff, is it ever enough?

Don't you know that there's more,
to life, than keeping score,
of who has more things,
what joy does that bring?

Our days are numbered,
don't just fill them with slumber.
And just having fun,
doesn't mean that you've won.

Your life should have meaning,
a purpose in being.
Doing all these things is,
like trying to catch the wind.


Wind catchers don't know
which way to go.
Wind catchers don't find,
true peace of mind.
Wind catchers can't see,
the truth that sets them free.
Wind catchers climb ladders,
but, does their life matter?
Wind catchers die with more,
but, who's keeping score?

A simple life is the best!

John Derek Hamilton   Feb 2, 2013 revised November 18, 2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet | |

Complete Cookie

Who would of thought, A Cookie would make us Complete
From the moment we met, We were glad to meet
Vegan inspired, You'd thought it be Yucky!
Therefore I shared, And you were so lucky 

Satisfied taste buds, Along with good Conversation 
Over a Year later, Off an exit you should've never taken
Soft Kisses and touches, Feeding our imaginations
A feeling much deeper, two hearts making a connection

If I am your Cookie, Then what are you to me 
My Blue furry Monster, From Sesame Street

The Cookie to your Monster ; )

Copyright © Tiffany Diaz | Year Posted 2015

Details | Monoku | |


MY ONE LINERS WILL is to STRIKE T S U N A M I Jazzy flamboyant boogie wave climax, a disaster show. D E C E P T I O N Sugar-apple are the smiles yet to her eyes, I see lemons. D I R T Y D A N C I N G Dauntless dazzling dainty dolls dirtily dancing disfigures dignity. S U C C E S S I bit the metals but I didn't break, only I became marshmallows after. B A T T L E of the S E X E S Hundred men can build a bridge yet with one woman there's a home. _________________________________________________________________ 9:57 PM; December 17, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme | |


Swimming revolutions,
Walking in the right lane,
Cultural institutions,
Every second's the same.

Our destinies intertwine,
Though our paths differ,
While we are not caught on a fishing line,
We are all cycled through the same filter.

The steady monotony,
Of wake, swim, eat, sleep,
Echoes quite similarly,
To our habitat of mindless routine and day dreams.

We all dream of adventure yet squander our independence,
To you, tank or sea water have no difference,
You are all served the same universal dish,
Yet you always seem content in your glass container,
While we brood in our confinement constantly searching for a departure,
That is why at aquariums,
I find the people as fascinating as the fish.

Copyright © Michael Zavaletta | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse | |

Meaningful Screw You's

I'm done with this I've had enough of this/
Slushy trip since Hell Paso son just quit
This empty pursuit
Of letting the past keep livin' through you/
Go ahead and equip the damn truth
It is that simple to choose
What state of the neighbor of the temple you use
But you're just so adamant to worship/
Every preliminary negative
Which is why you have sentiment for those sedatives
Want evidence man your head has been/
Set on making your *****Titanic as
You steer into a gigantic crash/
Without any ****ing idea what effect thy absence has/
On the kids and on me too/
My heart feels ripped the honest truth/
To see you empty as your holes in the wall
You're like a ghost to us all/
Pale as the Seroquil pills you down/
I want to help but under the meds what you feel gets drowned/
I have the inauspicious fear you'll end up just like Tommy
That's why I pray every night/ I can't lose you Robbie

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

Why can't you just forget the past
Take some time to look at the bigger picture and not be back in a flash
We're Kruger (pronounced close to sounding like Kroger)/ the fear you helped restore gives me bags
And I'm beyond tired of takin' attacks from your last-
Ing grudge for my darker days/
I love you but I wish to part our ways/
There's only so much my heart can take
In terms of holes and you immerse me in 'em the Spartan way/
It's not our choice we're physically far away/
And yes half the reason is me that our spark gave way/
But this time it's your fault that our world is shaking
You shut me out because the ears of another girl were waiting/
It seems that even for Britney your concern's decaying
It's ****ed up/ 'cause you never acknowledged how much I changed/
'Cause of our rapport me and my fam are pretty much estranged
**** these games you love to play/ 'tween now and then nothin's changed
Good luck not lovin' me as much as pain

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

For a year it's been suicide with clues to find solutions I/
Don't think you're usin' my heartful l advice/ damn dude have I
Not been full of time so you could find/ reasons for you to not be blue and live/
But everytime I cope a sit and let you vent/ you walk off and do the opposite/
Talk about exhausted *****try listenin' to all your promises
And problems it's/ a shame how it's all turned out
I'm so burnt out/
I'll be the last to say this won't work out/
If you take your anger out on me again like I'm a dating spot/
Speakin' of those feelings that you refrain from not (knot)-
Icing was it honesty/ or rants of despar (as in spar) ity exasperated by deprav (as in im"prov") ity/
Or is there a real fervor (as in carni"vore") for me
If so then why you ignor (same as above) ing me/
For a Vai's you say you are not strong enough to close
Go **** yourself with a rubber hose
I don't care where the **** it goes/
I was there when no one was and this' the thanks I get
Never was I a dick to you so why'd you wank me *****/
My tears have turned into repressed anger/
For you a brother to me now a depressed stranger
That I have to put up longer than my dress' hanger

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

Copyright © Robbie Butler | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? | |

Images Returned Have Meaningful Say

Little of one is directly ourself shown
True reflection not oft on display
A murk through which we see not each other
Indiscernible behind curtains of grey
To reach for another without mirrored emotion
Is apt to cause misunderstood pain
For life is meant to be clearly apparent
Images returned have meaningful say

In searching through fields of tinted reflection
Hoping to find truth and devotion
Chance did I upon honest return
Amid scores of shadow-mirrored emotion
This image a likeness unto itself
Crystal in opulent ray
Upon this mirror forever I gaze
Images returned have meaningful say

A mirror return full of hope and promise
Such is life's sole position
To cast such view returned upon the world
Would fill my heart with pride-filled mission
Such image is cast into my life
Given by one with joyous display
Content to withdraw her shading and cloak
Images returned have meaningful say

With such image brightening my soul
Reflecting directly open upon my heart
Caught in its trance - hypnotic of style
My barriers of defense soon fall apart
Thus, into this view I cast my life
Knowing inside their must surely be way
To join this image in its totality of grace
Images returned have meaningful say

If clear reflection I too might cast
Between might bid we free forever sorrow
Returning truth of purpose to each
Guiding the other into tomorrow
A life of two - mirrored halves
One and each the other's incident ray
Happiness found between clarity of love
Images returned have meaningful say
"The Poet Who Lies Within"

Copyright © Jim Culhane | Year Posted 2007

Details | Blank verse | |

Peace in life

Peace in life

Blanketing life with mixing others
Search of freedom and joy of peace
Feels me a golden jail, 
Rather, taking fresh breath 
In the morning mild race would be fine 
In grass crushing by feet 

Maximum peace! I ever raised in heart
Was title given by smiles of others
I puzzle sometimes do they bear peace! Actually
So! freely to allocate me and others

Many unwanted kisses
In chick and neck by as if glutton piece
And hinges of boredom and chain of others
A classify of a moral tie only should be
In real life how there is peace!

So to say, grown up in such boundary 
A matter of hardship to breathe free
Peace in life is then a matter of distant for me
Without digging, deeply, for nectar within heart

A vastness of purity, filtering through, inside for peace
Needs, grave deep involvement, and sink to find point,
where it is.
A case of research for person to person, differently 
If one can find actual peace in life, Believe
Why all are in sorrows and still in confusions!
So,future is certain for them, only
Who digs path, in present, to see bright future

I will buy it investing millions, and will motivate others for it
I  like, welcome persons enjoy and invest in benefit
Then peace in life and bliss in life will be search of equipment
All will live long gladly, happily and will rest heavenly


Actual peace and bliss are not free as human remain searching
I think so, this is, this is
But to me and to them too 
Who researched and identified with clarity
Follow them, that destination who perceived with honesty
Who they are! then a matter of question
To find and follow will be
Please search and research again and again 
It is available in market easily
Perceive right shop and owner who could supply you
A piece of peace, a life piece for happiness and bliss.

Future is uncertain to them who says and lies lazily
See them who bought stars from the sky 
In the market available everywhere 
The beauty of future is only to them 
Glitters and flashy fame are not real fame.

Real future is your present time 
How you utilize as ants' retinue.   



Copyright © Deepak Chalise | Year Posted 2016

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Wise Old Soul

                                             WISE OLD SOUL

                                           Old soul, old words
                                  Consistent routine, vivid dreams,
                                            Drink rain water,
                                            Link and reorder,
                                    All things need to be in order,
                                   Sweep the floor, open the door,
                          Invite the light, more knowledge in the temple,
                                   Process it all, careful don’t fall,
                                   All or nothing, realize this truth,
                                      Keep searching, don’t sleep,
                                Release illusions, out with the stress
                          Confess all your mess, Address it immediately,
                                Leave the I, the drive is the practice,
                                    This isn’t history, look this way,
                                    Remain conscious, here to stay,
                                It’s consciousness, in biological order,
                                    Valid metaphors, no more wars,
                                               My way of life,
                                          While strife carries on,
                                               Amongst chaos,
                                   Living cells, interacting really well,
                                     Crafted by the Buddhist hands,
                                                  Can you..... 
                                  The forever flowing internal dance,
                             A strong spirit, advanced with free thought?
                                     This is where things go wrong,
                                Have an open mind, read all the time,
                                                   Send out,
                            Hope towards others, energy of compassion,
                                    Wise words, need to be heard,
                                                 Now behold,
                                                 Words from, 
                                             The wise old soul.

                                                Quincy Mac
date written: 7.12.2015

Copyright © Quincy Mac | Year Posted 2015

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what is wrong with humanity

We yearn to possess but 
forget to appreciate ; just 
like oil and water we’re 
incapable of uniting to 
become one element. Our 
destructive entity has kept 
us estranged and incompetent
to work off each other. We are 
all struggling in the grip of love.
Remember the internal and external
worlds are mirrors. Let us form the 
inner world out of love and kindness  
as it will influence the perception of 
the outer world.

Copyright © Haile Tesfaye | Year Posted 2015

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Fate or choice which controls your life

Fate or choice which controls your life?

So you believe in fate do you?

Is that your fate or 

do you choose to believe it?

Are you destined to believe in destiny?

So then, 

if fate predetermines

everything we do, and the result,

then really ...

there is no such thing as free will...

yet we know... 

we were created with free will

how do we know?

try training a child to obey

is it easy 

or do they 

have their own will?

ok ok... so

do you wear a seat belt?


because statistics prove

that wearing seat belts 

saves lives!

So if someone chooses (note the choice of wording)

to ignore the law

and does not 

wear a seat belt 

and is killed

was it fate?

or just a bad choice?

When you are sick 

do you go to the doctor?


Because your chances 

of getting better are higher 


you seek medical treatment.

So if someone has a cold 

and it worsens

and it becomes pneumonia 

and he chooses (note the choice of wording)

not to seek treatment

and dies...

is it fate? 

or bad choices?

In a time of war 

is it safer on the front lines 

or in your comfortable home?

Yet, it is said that a soldier died

because it was his time, his fate,


Was it destiny 

or was it 

a consequence 

of his choice?

So do you believe in fate?

Is it your fate?

Or is it your choice?

If you choose to believe 

that your future 

is in fates hands

then fate requires you to

not wear a seat belt

not to seek medical attention

and to sign up

for the front lines 

of the next war

because it 

doesn't matter anyway

you're in fates hands


Or do you have a choice?

John Derek Hamilton
April 27, 2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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The tree of life

The tree of life links all mankind 
in routes of genes. It began as a 
seed sown and grew into branches 
rich with offspring of every kind but 
the bitterness of the world has trembled 
its core causing some leaves to fall and 
vanish in the void while others ponder on
fate and wander on the origin of their traits.

Copyright © Haile Tesfaye | Year Posted 2015

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Comatose To Life

Comatose To Life

Somewhere on a small island called Penang, historically known as the Pearl Of The Orient…
There is a heartwarming tale of how tender loving care revived a comatose patient…

The patient is a fully qualified Florence Nightingale about to launch her nursing career ..
Full of hopes and dreams,  excited about achieving her goals in her chosen career…

But the cruelties of real life was fatefully unloaded on her one unlucky day…
A twisted sense of fate saw a motorcycle accident  that cruelly  left her for dead..

But her strong will to survive and fight was something no doctors could have forseen… 
She being in a vegetative state, those experts think they know enough to proclaim…

There’s no hope of full recovery, poor girl, and it is best to pull the plug on her…
Given her extensive injuries, her vegetative state, it’s best not to prolong her misery..

Her ever loving aunt, her only mother she had known, was resolute in her decision…
Come what may, her favorite niece will have her undivided love, care and attention ….

No one knows the depths of agony and the despair this loving aunt quietly suffered…
The loneliness and the infinite patience, only a mother maternal could have done better…

Through 2 long years of unending love and tenderness, against all negative perceptions..
From the expert doctors to the disbelieving relatives, she tirelessly persevered in her actions..

Today her  plucky comatose patient is awakened, though she is far from full recovery…
What matters is she is alive, she has made it through, though there’s need for counselling …

This story is just a beginning for Janice Chuah Chai Ming, it’s  the start of a long recovery  journey..
This poem is just to document the power and the intensity of love and perseverance extraordinary…  

For Chuah Bee Hong, the loving aunt who quit her job to devote full time for Janice’s recovery..
Prayers be with you and your loved ones, good deeds like this deserves only good in life’s glory..

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2015

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            Love is a word
       whIch  has all meanings
            F ill  with true 
            Emotions of Nature in. ...

With love all
jagdish bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2016

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The Sower

Be the sower of time 
Strive without end 
For the seeds that fall
Amongst stony ground 
bend only to be crushed 
by the world.They’re shallow 
and wither when the sun’s
heats are on life. Those that
are scattered unto thorns 
have no land for their roots 
to grow but those that are 
cast into good soil mend and
harvest abundant fruits. Let 
us not be delivered unto 
trampled path to be sedate 
by earthly traditions till we’re
drawn to perdition.

Copyright © Haile Tesfaye | Year Posted 2015