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Meaningful Life Poems | Meaningful Poems About Life

These Meaningful Life poems are examples of Meaningful poems about Life. These are the best examples of Meaningful Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Light Poetry | |

What is Life

What is Life
Life is a gift, with many ups and downs,
Its mysteries and wonders keeps’ us spellbound; 
It takes us on adventures, that were not planned,
It has twists and turns, that we’ll never understand;

Life never stops, no matter the time or season,
Its existence is evolutionary, like the “Garden of Eden.”
It is a story book, pages full of complexities,
It baffles our minds, and exposes our insecurities

What is life? It’s beauty, change, imagination, too,
An everlasting rollercoaster ride, experienced by me and you!

Written By: Sarita A. Milliner © 9/8/15

Copyright © Sarita Milliner

Details | Light Poetry | |

Behind the Mask

Behind The Mask

Behind the mask is a face of grace,
Enhanced by the lines, of life’s rat race!
A thing of beauty with a story untold,
Eyes send a message that soothes the soul!

Behind the mask hidden from reality,
Is an unconscious mind, full of mystery!
Brain waves quivering with every heartbeat,
Still clinging to life, not accepting defeat!

Behind the mask is a smile of relief,
As a mist fills the room with disbelief!
Lips whispering words softly in ones ear,
To let them know there’s nothing to fear!

Behind the mask is a heart of gold,
Living on forever in an angelic soul!

Copyright © Sarita Milliner

Details | Alliteration | |



Human nature is never satisfied
temporal fulfilments we evaluate and try
these things may serve their use
inexhaustible riches we so oft’ confuse

 generous gifts are open-handedly bestowed
our appetites are whetted—seldom slowed
contentment remains an elusive pleasure
stubbornly we pursue all earthly treasure

our fun-filled ,self-styled life—insane
wearily penetrating absurdities of life—inane
negating souls try unearth significance –require
eternal cravings provide--solitary meaningful desire

Copyright © Kim van Breda

Details | I do not know? | |

Images Returned Have Meaningful Say

Little of one is directly ourself shown
True reflection not oft on display
A murk through which we see not each other
Indiscernible behind curtains of grey
To reach for another without mirrored emotion
Is apt to cause misunderstood pain
For life is meant to be clearly apparent
Images returned have meaningful say

In searching through fields of tinted reflection
Hoping to find truth and devotion
Chance did I upon honest return
Amid scores of shadow-mirrored emotion
This image a likeness unto itself
Crystal in opulent ray
Upon this mirror forever I gaze
Images returned have meaningful say

A mirror return full of hope and promise
Such is life's sole position
To cast such view returned upon the world
Would fill my heart with pride-filled mission
Such image is cast into my life
Given by one with joyous display
Content to withdraw her shading and cloak
Images returned have meaningful say

With such image brightening my soul
Reflecting directly open upon my heart
Caught in its trance - hypnotic of style
My barriers of defense soon fall apart
Thus, into this view I cast my life
Knowing inside their must surely be way
To join this image in its totality of grace
Images returned have meaningful say

If clear reflection I too might cast
Between might bid we free forever sorrow
Returning truth of purpose to each
Guiding the other into tomorrow
A life of two - mirrored halves
One and each the other's incident ray
Happiness found between clarity of love
Images returned have meaningful say
"The Poet Who Lies Within"

Copyright © Jim Culhane

Details | Blank verse | |

Meaningful Screw You's

I'm done with this I've had enough of this/
Slushy trip since Hell Paso son just quit
This empty pursuit
Of letting the past keep livin' through you/
Go ahead and equip the damn truth
It is that simple to choose
What state of the neighbor of the temple you use
But you're just so adamant to worship/
Every preliminary negative
Which is why you have sentiment for those sedatives
Want evidence man your head has been/
Set on making your *****Titanic as
You steer into a gigantic crash/
Without any ****ing idea what effect thy absence has/
On the kids and on me too/
My heart feels ripped the honest truth/
To see you empty as your holes in the wall
You're like a ghost to us all/
Pale as the Seroquil pills you down/
I want to help but under the meds what you feel gets drowned/
I have the inauspicious fear you'll end up just like Tommy
That's why I pray every night/ I can't lose you Robbie

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

Why can't you just forget the past
Take some time to look at the bigger picture and not be back in a flash
We're Kruger (pronounced close to sounding like Kroger)/ the fear you helped restore gives me bags
And I'm beyond tired of takin' attacks from your last-
Ing grudge for my darker days/
I love you but I wish to part our ways/
There's only so much my heart can take
In terms of holes and you immerse me in 'em the Spartan way/
It's not our choice we're physically far away/
And yes half the reason is me that our spark gave way/
But this time it's your fault that our world is shaking
You shut me out because the ears of another girl were waiting/
It seems that even for Britney your concern's decaying
It's ****ed up/ 'cause you never acknowledged how much I changed/
'Cause of our rapport me and my fam are pretty much estranged
**** these games you love to play/ 'tween now and then nothin's changed
Good luck not lovin' me as much as pain

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

For a year it's been suicide with clues to find solutions I/
Don't think you're usin' my heartful l advice/ damn dude have I
Not been full of time so you could find/ reasons for you to not be blue and live/
But everytime I cope a sit and let you vent/ you walk off and do the opposite/
Talk about exhausted *****try listenin' to all your promises
And problems it's/ a shame how it's all turned out
I'm so burnt out/
I'll be the last to say this won't work out/
If you take your anger out on me again like I'm a dating spot/
Speakin' of those feelings that you refrain from not (knot)-
Icing was it honesty/ or rants of despar (as in spar) ity exasperated by deprav (as in im"prov") ity/
Or is there a real fervor (as in carni"vore") for me
If so then why you ignor (same as above) ing me/
For a Vai's you say you are not strong enough to close
Go **** yourself with a rubber hose
I don't care where the **** it goes/
I was there when no one was and this' the thanks I get
Never was I a dick to you so why'd you wank me *****/
My tears have turned into repressed anger/
For you a brother to me now a depressed stranger
That I have to put up longer than my dress' hanger

You have no idea 
What it's like
To watch you die
Every day
Every night
All the time
You can't even see that I am
Here with you
By your side
But as much
As I try
You deny
That I fight
For your life then I scream that
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance) 
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)
To me your life's meaningful (good riddance)
But I'm 'bout this close to sayin' **** you (you idiot)

Copyright © Robbie Butler

Details | Rhyme | |


Swimming revolutions,
Walking in the right lane,
Cultural institutions,
Every second's the same.

Our destinies intertwine,
Though our paths differ,
While we are not caught on a fishing line,
We are all cycled through the same filter.

The steady monotony,
Of wake, swim, eat, sleep,
Echoes quite similarly,
To our habitat of mindless routine and day dreams.

We all dream of adventure yet squander our independence,
To you, tank or sea water have no difference,
You are all served the same universal dish,
Yet you always seem content in your glass container,
While we brood in our confinement constantly searching for a departure,
That is why at aquariums,
I find the people as fascinating as the fish.

Copyright © Michael Zavaletta

Details | Free verse | |

All that is life

Are we to stand without fear,
That eats us up inside, 
Continuing to stay clear,
Of the worries we try to hide.

Moving on forward and surpassing all troubles, 
While remaining in focus, 
Still respecting our struggles,

Remembering the days of glory, 
Sometimes start to fade,
It's all written like a story,
But all of the pages have yet to be made. 

Spare all of the things of negative sort,
Time is forever forthcoming, 
For all that is life, may be far too short.

Paul Walmsley 

Copyright © Paul Walmsley

Details | Heroic Couplets | |

Life According to Rhoda

Social issues elevate politics into the ring,  
Whilst a loving family frees your interest thing, 
But all people need the state and NHS, 
Which step in to assist when life is less.

But everything deepends much upon legislation, 
The law, its acts and clauses are foundation, 
Its wordings either narrow you into a lark, 
Or respect your essence and dignity in hark. 

If you are the storyteller expected to win, 
The ear of the great who accounts for your sin, 
Your module is no problem to your friends, 
Or to your colleague who her hand to you extends.


Copyright © Rhoda Monihan

Details | Narrative | |

Comatose To Life

Comatose To Life

Somewhere on a small island called Penang, historically known as the Pearl Of The Orient…
There is a heartwarming tale of how tender loving care revived a comatose patient…

The patient is a fully qualified Florence Nightingale about to launch her nursing career ..
Full of hopes and dreams,  excited about achieving her goals in her chosen career…

But the cruelties of real life was fatefully unloaded on her one unlucky day…
A twisted sense of fate saw a motorcycle accident  that cruelly  left her for dead..

But her strong will to survive and fight was something no doctors could have forseen… 
She being in a vegetative state, those experts think they know enough to proclaim…

There’s no hope of full recovery, poor girl, and it is best to pull the plug on her…
Given her extensive injuries, her vegetative state, it’s best not to prolong her misery..

Her ever loving aunt, her only mother she had known, was resolute in her decision…
Come what may, her favorite niece will have her undivided love, care and attention ….

No one knows the depths of agony and the despair this loving aunt quietly suffered…
The loneliness and the infinite patience, only a mother maternal could have done better…

Through 2 long years of unending love and tenderness, against all negative perceptions..
From the expert doctors to the disbelieving relatives, she tirelessly persevered in her actions..

Today her  plucky comatose patient is awakened, though she is far from full recovery…
What matters is she is alive, she has made it through, though there’s need for counselling …

This story is just a beginning for Janice Chuah Chai Ming, it’s  the start of a long recovery  journey..
This poem is just to document the power and the intensity of love and perseverance extraordinary…  

For Chuah Bee Hong, the loving aunt who quit her job to devote full time for Janice’s recovery..
Prayers be with you and your loved ones, good deeds like this deserves only good in life’s glory..


Details | Lyric | |

The trap of materialism

So you want more nice things!
Will your life have more meaning?
When you have more stuff, is it ever enough?

Don't you know that there's more,
to life, than keeping score,
of who has more things,
what joy does that bring?

Our days are numbered,
don't just fill them with slumber.
And just having fun,
doesn't mean that you've won.

Your life should have meaning,
a purpose in being.
Doing all these things is,
like trying to catch the wind.


Wind catchers don't know
which way to go.
Wind catchers don't find,
true peace of mind.
Wind catchers can't see,
the truth that sets them free.
Wind catchers climb ladders,
but, does their life matter?
Wind catchers die with more,
but, who's keeping score?

A simple life is the best!

John Derek Hamilton   Feb 2, 2013 revised November 18, 2015

Copyright © John Hamilton

Details | Rhyme | |

The Sower

Be the sower of time 
Strive without end 
For the seeds that fall
Amongst stony ground 
bend only to be crushed 
by the world.They’re shallow 
and wither when the sun’s
heats are on life. Those that
are scattered unto thorns 
have no land for their roots 
to grow but those that are 
cast into good soil mend and
harvest abundant fruits. Let 
us not be delivered unto 
trampled path to be sedate 
by earthly traditions till we’re
drawn to perdition.

Copyright © Haile Tesfaye

Details | Free verse | |

Lesson of Life

Age five. A child wakes to play drifting away into her imaginary state of mind. Feeling better than fine as she's blinded by fantasy skies too dazed behind those glimmering eyes of hope to see the pain of reality. This rocky terrain feared by many. Yet unseen by children living a life from the hope within. Age thirteen. A child wakes and life is.. different. Being called a teen. Not a child, not an adult but an in between. Confused and feeling unseen by the world fearing is THIS the reality? Moving out of that imaginary stage and into the background of the play. Gazing at the earth, hostile towards mother and father screaming, "I didn't ask for you to give birth to me!" Aging is inevitable and out of our control. How depressing it can be stuck in the middle, not even wanting to be seen because we are just the in between. As adults run around cackling, Oh they don't know anything they are just teens! They are the worst generation in society!" Age eighteen. Weightless and free drifting into the world of adulthood. How grateful a feeling to finally be understood. No. Thats a joke. A hoax set out by the world that your are now a free adult able to post your own opinion. To play your own role. You do not become easily understood as adult, but you gain understanding. A feeling better than any wish that could be granted. Learning that you carry old pieces of you through your journey. The five year old of childhood teaches you to always keep that sparkle in your eye of hope to arise and to your surprise it could bring faith to others lives at the roughest of times. The misunderstood teen. Carries a lesson that no part of you is ever missing the only reason you may be lead to depression is because of misconception that is always able to be redirected to a brighter mindset. Entering adulthood. A lesson that what is old is still good. What's antique still holds memories from the ages of written stories on pages filled with history of love and hate and the great thing is, they still exist! Through the ink on paper written by the pen in your fist with the flick of the wrist its printed still in vein. To reminisce on during the fearfulness of rocky terrain. So slow your pace long enough to let the seconds of the clock soak into your silk skin, reminiscing unforgettable memories that embody who you have become. Feel that warm embrace of the sun. See the lights of the world is on your side because in my mind. You never live to die, you live to feel alive.

Copyright © Lindsay Dubey

Details | I do not know? | |

Drive the Evil out

A spirit that dwells without 
peace will not find rest but 
it’ll roam aimlessly. 

Copyright © Haile Tesfaye

Details | Acrostic | |

key of life

Knowing that in life we face good and bad
Ensure that you can face both equally
You will learn how to face their lessons

Opening yourself up to face the challenges
Fullness of life you will live not in despair

Life is not just what you make it but live it
It is important you are able to learn in life
Forgiveness of others brings you freedom
Everything you put into life is what you get

Copyright © john doherty

Details | Rhyme | |

I Don't Regret

I am singing these melodies to hear myself
and I want them to see that I don't regret,
that I made those choices and I took those paths,
now I don't feel remorse that I have a broken heart.
I hurt myself and then I heal myself.
I can still soothe you despite the cuts that I have.
I cry after I smile and I smile after I cry.
but I don't regret that I didn't comply.
no I don't regret because I am not perfect.
I'll fall and rise but I'll live until I die.

Copyright © Kumkum Sharma

Details | Free verse | |

meaningful peace

Peace in the world is what we need
a different seed planted,
instead of hatred and greed

At time's,
it is hard to just sit back and watch
another moment on top of more moment's

it's hard to want peace and love
when hatred and violence
is all that's shoved

Time take's care of everything
hopefully in our time
peace will have a real meaning.....

Copyright © jay del fierro

Details | I do not know? | |

A Mirror To Gaze On

The greatest pleasure exists 
in the simplest things and 
so fashion a perfect mirror 
of thyself in which when 
your alone you can gaze

Copyright © Haile Tesfaye

Details | Triolet | |


For dust you are to dust you will return
We are made by the kingdom we stand on
You must decide what you are here for

And why you are here and what you stand for
so you can live through what others passed on
The face that truth hides from must then return

This is not real life the future plans on
Right here, right now and what we study for
Is our plan to laugh then smile then return

You dig what will be forever
then on solid ground you will return...

Copyright © J Hamilton Gist