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Lyric Sympathy Poems | Lyric Poems About Sympathy

These Lyric Sympathy poems are examples of Lyric poems about Sympathy. These are the best examples of Lyric Sympathy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Teach and study, cook and clean
Write a poem in between
All the chores and daily life
Perfect Mom, half decent wife

Work and work and dream and dream
Scrub the tub in shower stream
Want to travel here and there
But I’m stuck and full of care

Write and write, and feel the sting
Hope tomorrow joy will bring
Gulp down well my happy pill
Looking for that awesome thrill

Hit my head against the wall
Scream in pain, then take a fall
Try to keep life going right
Need a stick of dynamite

Mundane, weary, chore filled day
Want my hips to dance and sway
Feel like I will suffocate
Every grade will get in late

Cook and cook and scream and scream
In the soup, dollop of cream
Morning light, I check my phone
Off to work, I give a groan

Frazzled, frazzled, what’s the deal?
Dazzled’s how I want to feel
Thought I looked so sexy sweet
Hubby wants an OVEN treat 

Write a verse to keep me sane
Post a poem, deaden pain
Live a life of make believe
Passion fashion in my weave

So I read another write
P Soup’s, Yum Yum, a delight
Frumpy, Grumpy’s Passion Queen
Just don’t check behind the screen!!!


I’m frustrated. I have grades to give in, a thesis to finish, a trip to plan….and I can’t be BOTHERED!!!!!!!!!! Sympathy People!!!

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the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

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So much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to shout.
It was like being trapped behind bars without a way
to get out.
My mind going wild with all these questions of why.
The only way to escape was to fall asleep or to cry.
What did I do so bad that made me have to pay?
My friends, my dreams, and my life was swepped away.
I know I can do it! I try and I try.
Nothing seems to get better. I sometimes wish
I would Die.
Starved for attention. I wanna talk to the world.
I just miss being loved. Miss the warmth of a girl.
Snickers and stairs is what my life has become.
I'm treated like I'm a kid, like I'm sick, or I'm dumb.
One day to the next. Life becomes work just to be alive.
I thank god for my blessings. I thank god I survived.
I finally see some improvement. More hope tickles
my brain.
It was worth all the time, all the tears, all the pain.
I awake with a smile and new hope to move on.
I did it! I did it! All those hard times are gone!

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Remember you

I open my eyes
to another day
as the sun climbs
I fade away
im carried to a place where i feel no pain
carried to a time before you went away

I still feel you close, feel you here
in this life we chose its all so clear
when I remember you, remember you

I close my eyes
from another day
as the moon blinds
I fade away
im carried to a place where i feel no pain
carried to a time before you went away

I still feel you close, feel you here
in this life we chose its all so clear
when I remember you, remember you


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I Wonder

What if I confessed my love to you,
Tell me just what would you do?
Would you match my heart with yours
Or would you leave me lost and torn?

What if you found you felt the same
And had only fate to blame?
Tell me just how far would you reach
For you to prove that love to me?

I am but a man
With love in mind and heart at hand.
Would you take this gift from me
In your hands or set it free?

All of these questions fill my mind,
But I know my deeds will come back in my own time.
And still I wonder why I can find no sympathy in these lines.
Tell me why, these thoughts have consumed life.
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I wonder.

If chose to walk away
Would you beg me to stay?
Would you run after me
If I felt I had to leave?

Or would stay behind
And carry on with your own life?
Could you forget just what we had
And send me off to some unknown land?

As a memory I would have to stay.
Sometimes I wonder if
It would be better of that way.
Sometimes I wonder why
I can't find sympathy in these lines.

Still I wonder why: I am but a man
With love in mind and heart at hand.

All of these questions fill my mind.
But I know my deeds will come back in my own time.
And still I wonder why I can find no sympathy in these lines.
Tell me why, these thoughts have consumed life.
I still wonder why with love in mind and heart and hand.

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Under the Eclipse: For Amanda Todd

October speaks of death, I hope now she can rest,
And lay the soaring bird on down.
Underneath her clothes, only herself she loathed.
We've seen this done before. 

Together they manifest their cause, ripping with their claws,
Tearing flesh and bone.
From the shame inside swelling at her sides,
She broke herself on stones. 

And the monsters say "There's on her to blame,
With many heads we only think the same".
When no words of solace leave our lips,
I can tell you the world will end like this,
Under the Eclipse. 

All around they slayed and left where she laid
To bleed out all her wrongs.
And now that she's gone, over with and done,
Her memories all they play. 

She can show you how people lose their sanity.
She can show you how the world has lost humanity.
Those who turned their eyes, this has only you to blame.
To console yourself you say "Oh what a shame".
I can tell you how the world will end like this,
Under the Eclipse,
Under the Eclipse.

Wool across my eyes,
Shields me from this life.
Every single thread
Coating what they said.

Every drop of rain
Lights a candle in
Memory of the one
Who burned for others fun. 

She can show you how people lose their sanity.
She can show you how the world has lost humanity.
Those who turned their eyes, this has only you to blame.
To console yourself you say "Oh what a shame".
I can tell you how the world will end like this,
Under the Eclipse,
Under the Eclipse.

Where is the sun?
Where is the sun?

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I know your temper flares
every time she gets you mad
You turn around and hit her
and I see her looking sad
I hear the yells and the screams
man why don't you just chill
She is your woman that you love
not someone that you wanna kill
She is the mother of your child
why do you treat her this way
She does what you tell her to do
and look at the price she pays
You get angry for no reason
you begin to break things
Call her names that she isn't
after she does everything
You use her as a punching bag
you don't care about her pain
She struggles all the time
and she goes insane
When I look at her
I see nothing but beauty
You say you are a man
why don't you fight me
She cries for you to stop
but you don't want to back down
You keep on beating on her
till she falls to the ground
She begs for forgiveness 
but that doesn't phase you
You continue to hurt her
till she's black and blue
I feel her pain every time I see her
and there isn't much I can do
But the love that I have for her
is more then true
I hear her tears and sense her pain
cant you be a man and let her be
Better yet step in my direction
why don't you fight me
Stop making her cry 
stop making her hurt
Leave her in peace
stop being a jerk
If you want to be a punk
and try to show your ass
Leave the woman alone
you have no class
Let her be and leave her alone
let her live in peace
She deserves better then you
she deserves to be pleased
But don't ever lay another hand on her
have some dignity
why don't you come in my direction
why don't you fight me

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Not So Perfect

Here she comes, walking with pride.
Her face is so vibrant, she looks so alive.
Nothing can stop her, no one dares to try.
Her entire life is corroded with deals, tricks, and lies. 
Her beauty is everything, her smile kills all 
It brings down the strongest men, makes the highest building fall.
But when she comes home,
The story does change.
Her life’s not so perfect,
The positions rearrange.
Her father's an alcoholic, and not very nice.
She has a brother who gave up on school, and can’t read or write 
Of all of her family, her mother is the worse. 
Sometimes she wonders if she'll survive this curse.
He mother yells,and tells her that she's no good.
She would give it all up, if only she could.
At the end of the night she goes into her room,
She begins to weep, and eventually cries herself to sleep.
She wakes up the next day,
Puts on a happy face,
And goes to school as if nothing happened the previous night,
Or that absolutely nothing is wrong with her life.
So now that you’ve seen what’s behind the closed door,
I hoped you’ve thought about this girl a little more.
With the utmost respect,
I present to you, the life of someone "perfect".

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The Certainty of What Might Have Been!

In the loss of expectation,
for a loved one, a lovely dream;
one that is, one that will be, one that will depart. 
We grieve, we wonder, we imagine.
We wonder about what might have been, 
we imagine what could have been.
Yet, in the uncertainty of what might have been, 
what could have been, 
there lies the certainty of what is, what will be;
the certainty of our love, 
for that loved one, for that lovely dream.
In this certainty, lies our solace, 
sufficient to secure our peace,
stable to stand the challenge of circumstance, 
strong to stand the test of time,
fit to fill the hollow echoes of uncertainty,
certain to dispel the uncertainty of what could have been;
the uncertainty of what might have been

(Dedicated to Dora Serna)

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Sitting On the Dock With Rene

I left my home, it  wasn't  so gorgeous,
but I knew I could no longer stay
I had nothing to live for,
seemed like only sadness would come my way,
headed for any deep water bay,
sitten' on the edge of sadness,...
wasted by time.....time...

on the bay of grief and sadness
I sat and wondered aloud....
how can I feel so lonely....
even in the midst of a crowd?

sittin' on the dock of sadness bay
wearing my

I was royal fodder for sorrow,
looked like just sh_t would be comin' to me
I wanted so much to hold him,
but somehow   fate would not let that be.....

so I'm sitten' on the fringe of cryin'....
every day.....ay, ay, ay, ay...

I'd whistle if I could...
and if it'd bring him to me
for just one more day...
but my throat is simply too.
clogged with tears
what can I say?

I sit on the riverbanks
of mighty river styx
the river I've longed to cross
so I could hold him once more...
but sadness has stranded me
here, on this lonely shore...

for Rene, my sister in sorrow,
among the millions of us in
the dark seas of grief....

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Everyday Regrets

        Every Everyday I feel the same old mistakes brushing up my leg and heading 
striaght for my heart. Trying make me sting... stupid memories, I can't shake them away 
and they just make me feel everyday regrets. I knew you were leaving, I could feel it 
inside. Yet it seemed like life just kept moving on... it never let me stop for a minute 
to see how you were doing and I blame myself for not saying good bye. Sometimes I cry 
when I think about you... sometimes I wonder why I didn't just go see you. One more 
mistake and my heart keeps on aching. I'm not ready for this but even so it kills me. 
Everyday regrets about the times i'll never forget and the things I never got to say. I 
know your looking down on me trying to console me but in my mind everything went wrong 
and I wasn't even there... you just passed right along and I couldn't even hold your 
hand. I wanted to be there... I had grown up a lot since this ever ending roller coaster 
ride and just as I was getting off the dizziness still hadn't worn off. You were taking 
away in the middle of the night... I wasn't even there and that makes me sad. I didn't 
hear you voice... I didn't show any remorse and it hurts me deep inside that I will never 
see your heart beat again or see you talk to me like you used to do. Everyday Regrets and 
I keep on blaming myself in a story that just won't ever end and will continue until I 
see your face again. I won't forget, I will remember... I disappointed you and that's all 
I can say for now goodbye is hardly the words I ever wanted to say. But now your gone and 
i'm living with everyday regrets.

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Pray For Me

I'm here coming to the Lord for the things
That I have done for the sins that I made 

And done I am getting on my knees for yah
Lord tell yah to pray for me sometime I
Feel lost trying to make it to the top I

Tell yah lord come pray for me.

Sometimes I can't sleep telling myself

What life got to do with me

Tell yah lord come pray for me

My moms always tell me to get 

Some sleep but 

I'm always dreaming about 

people dieing on me 

I wouldn't know what to 

Do if someone I loved die

On Me 

Telling yah lord come pray for me

My life would crumble in front of me 

I wouldn't be able to complete the 

Goals set our for me

I'll be praying to the Lord like 

Why she died on me

Telling yah Lord to pray for me

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Once broken, but not destroyed!

As I look back over my life, my heart was broken but I wasn’t destroyed,
Many people tried to take advantage of me like I was some kind of a toy.
When I was a child, I had this fixation that I knew what love is all about, 
I cried a lot because that was the only way for me to get things out.
As a teenager, I lost the dearest person to me, who was my mother,
I was angry with God because the pain that I felt was like no other.
My parents taught me how to be the best Christian all I can be,
When I finally got to know God for myself, I was definitely set free.
As I became older I carried around so much hurt and so much pain,
I know I wasn’t easy to deal with, but the family must have felt drained.
At times I had to express my anger by fighting and hurting myself,
The more I keep writing, one day I will see my book on the bookstore shelf
The most devastating thing I remember was the time I was raped,
At the time it was happening I didn’t have the strength to escape.
It also hurt when no one had faith enough to believe in me,
I tried to deal with the rape by becoming rebellious as I can be.
I thought by going to talk to a psychiatrist would have helped replace my anger,
Instead of making things better, he just helped himself on me and putting me in 
I didn’t want to live after all these things that happened in my life,
If I had killed myself, today I wouldn’t have become a wife.
A lot of people thought that I wouldn’t make something of myself,
They would look down on me like I was some kind of weird elf.
Through all of this, God showed me what TRUE love was all about.
I have to give him all the praise and honor with a loud shout.
I was a type of person that was definitely misunderstood,
I just wanted somebody to take the time out with me if they could.
Well, the devil thought that I was destroyed but I was yet broken,
I can truly say that I’m no longer his rebellious T-O-K-E-N

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Let us Learn

She lives on the edge of town
she wears a second-hand smile and a faded gown,
She spreads the love around
but at night when she cries there's no lovin' sound:
She's got a lot to give
There's a whole lot of life that she has yet to live,
She wants to make them see
All the fools walk around, but so blindly:
Who is she to talk?
She still hasn't learned to gracefully walk,
She admits, she's got a lot to learn
and with every mistake, comes the after-burn:
They've got a lot to say
and the stones from their mouths bruise her everyday,
She feels a lot of hurt
No one can see her clearly through the dust and dirt:
The fault may be her own
by now she's built a fortress from those sticks and stones,
she's suffered broken bones
but what can soothe the pain when it's your heart, alone?
By now, she's flown away
like the birds she was waiting for a sunny day,
what have you left to say?
You all stood by and simply watched her colors start to fade:
She's now the setting sun
smell her sweet fragrance when the day is done,
She's not the only one
We were taught to stand strong
but we all learned to run.

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Dad is not perfect, but, a wonderful man;
He’s honored by his wife, daughter and son.

Whether a naughty girl or an angelic boy,
He’s ready to buy a gift or make a toy.

Dad is whom you want to be with,
When you’re down or you’re in need.

He is always there for you, giving hope;
And loses his temper when you’re in dope.

Dad was born, indeed, to make us laugh;
Especially, when he shares his funny stuff.

In one’s heart, he leaves his memories;
A true friend, a brother, a man of peace.

So this is what dad means to me;
Am I ready for this? Let me see.

Hmm, I’m thinking; nope, I pass.
I’m old, just 90. You boys don’t rush.

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Love Notes

Love notes 
Wordings from the heart
That I’m trying to use 
To cover this scented stationery
With my ball point scribbler, I’m proud 
To match the sensual scent 
Of your lovely and fiery lips
With crimson thoughts, but as I finally come 
To end my writings, after so many pages 
Hooked thrown into a silent bin 
I begin to wonder if it’s better to recite
My love notes to you in person
For this way you would feel 
Much, much better…
The bubbling rhythm 
Of my heart


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Another Way

She sits there wondering what went wrong,
With the life she used to love

Should she feel the guilt she has
Or should she put it in the past

Do they realize what they’ve done,
To a girl who loved the sun

Now she doesn’t know what to do
And she doesn’t know if she can make it through

Now she sits scared and alone,
Wondering where her life’s gonna go and

She often wonders if it’s worth the wait
To see if the pain’ll go away

Or should she just end it now
And use the gun she found
To end all her misery

Her parents used to be in love
And always had so much fun

But now things have completely changed
And nothings ever gonna be the same

And she’s so scared to know
Which direction her life’ll go

Will it follow in their footsteps,
Or will she break the never-ending chain

She wants to have kids
If she makes it that far

She still wonders if she should end now
And use the gun she found
To end all her misery
Call her crazy
For thinking about it
But how can someone else
Be the judge about her life

Suicide seems right to her
But if only she could see
The life she has yet to live

And if only she could see
That suicide is a permanent solution to her temporary problem

Things will get better
There is always light at the end
No matter how dark the tunnel seems

There is always a way
To take away the misery
Without using
The gun she found.

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The Godfather

I’m a man, just simply a man;
once a child with no other distinction.
I am neither your first son, nor last.

I cannot alter what God has planned, 
nor stop sun to shine, 
nor stop the rain he’s cast.

So, I seek a solution to the paradigm
of angst and joy of life,
of the person I should be now.

Though life’s full of mystery and of misery,
you were there to give me hope and dignity,
no wonder I always love to be with you.

But, when God decided...
we couldn’t say, “No!” 
You left me with his everlasting glory.

As time passes, I realize the greatness of 
love and joy on the day of my friend’s son,
I became like you, a loving godfather.

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In My Song

                                                            Of untold love 
                                                      Aged, but will not die
                                               For I will pen you in my song

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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The break up- Footle contest

Cold stares
heart tares

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This Aint Real

Your face, 
Made a fake smile, (you said)
I love you,
I need you,
I want you just for a while,
You told me,
That I made you smile,
All the things you said to me,
Are just words now,
How can we love,
When you love me for yourself,
(This Aint Love)

Chorus: 2x
What are we doin,
If this love ain't real,
What is this feeling,
That I feel,

I'm broken in emotion,
I'm broken in love, (you said)
I need you,
I want you
You're the only one,
I'm thinkin of, (so tell me)
How can we love, 
When there's always someone else,
(This Aint Love)

Chorus 2x
How can we love,
When there's always someone else,
How can we make up,
When you only love me for yourself,

verse #3:
You got me imprisoned, 
Inside your heart,
When kissed
I felt, Like we,
Would never be apart,
chorus 2x


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The Lament For an Angel

All in one faded-black day (but let None forget) In my arms, her body lay (my life was the price to pay) A tragedy, through the lack of humanly shame (do they know pain) My darkly colleen has to suffer no more (Robert nor do you) Let me die (please hear my haunted cries) If I can not see Sophie tonight (live on with my grey) I'm just a mess of despairing words And broken nerves Another mourning, afflicted sight (through decay, love can remain) Solace, sympathy are just more lies She is all I need Until you decide she is just another sadist's toy My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away (My body is amortal, die I may, Together, our hearts will forever stay)

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In Her Eyes

She was full of rage she had been crushed into many peices
a broken heart that she thought could not be repaired
she wanted to take her life for she felt she had no life
the way she lived she had the feeling she was already dead
no hope, no joy, no one to care, and no one to love
you could see it in her eyes, a river of tears, flames of destruction..
she had a stare of death, she felt that the future had passed her by
yesterday will never come and today was a mystery
everything she ever feared were in her eyes
had she stopped and dried her eyes for a moment 
and looked a little further concentrated on her vision
she would have seen her bright future 
and that the good life she never lived was also in her eyes 

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In my corrupt stead

Draped from her body, they sparkle like gold. Tear soaked and smothered, in lies that she's told. She wears them ashamed, but she wears them with grace. To cover the pain, that is etched in her face. 
  It's her mark, it's her passion, her reason to breathe. As shallow and weak, as pathetic can be. 
  For the last time I saw her, was the last place she laid. Where I held her so close, deep down in her grave. No more to be seen, no more to betray. Damned and unheard, while she cried out in vain. 

Don't pity the evil, corrupt and forsaken. Who've strayed from the path, that they should have taken. It's all self inflicted, they live unrestricted. But on this their last day, they'll all be convicted. 

Etched in his body, the scars will remain. Blood soaked in madness, he's nearly insane. He wears them in anger, but he wears them with pride. To expose to the world, all his hate that's inside. 
  It's his mark, it's his passion, his reason to breathe. As shallow and weak, as cruel as can be. 
  But the last place I saw him, was the last time he raged. Where I beat him and broke him, deep down in his grave. No more to be seen, no more to be heard. Damned and destroyed, underneath all his dirt. 

Don't pity the evil, corrupt and forsaken. Who've strayed from the path, that they should have taken. It's all self inflicted, they live unrestricted. But on this their last day, they'll all be convicted.

Now sift through my ashes, gather up all my bones. Let him without sin, cast the first stone. Pile me up in a bucket, and leave me to stay. So I can face my creator, on my judgement day. 
 It's my life, it's my passion, it's what I believe. As misunderstood, as reckless can be. 
  For the last time you saw me, was the last time I prayed. Where I dug my own hole, and laid down in my grave. No more to be hated, no more to be feared. For in my corrupt stead, an angel appeared. 

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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'Little bird, what troubles thee'

Little bird, what ails thee
      is it the bread in your belly
little bird, what troubles thee
      is it the bread of misery

is it the bitterness in your heart, 
     or the offense you can't forgive
is it the anguish that sets you apart, 
     or the hurt that holds you captive 
is it the cancer of bitter love, 
     or the loss of deserved affection 
is it the cruel withdrawal of 
     his tenderness and compassion 

life is much too brief
      and youthful love's even briefer still,
your forestalled relief 
      keeps you from seeing His eternal will

what befalls you 
      is neither unshared nor a mystery
God sheds tears for you
      in the midst of your painful agony

little bird, what ails thee
      is it the bread in your belly
little bird, what troubles thee
      is it the bane of misery

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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To young to die

Too young to die

They take a boy, too young to shave
Who has never lived his life
While his mates are chasing girls
They fill his life with strife
They send him off to a brand new war
Over some damned fools Ideal
I don’t understand their wars
And I guess I never will

The folk who like to run the show
Or most of them at least
Have never even been to war
They’ve never felt the beast
As he rips right into one’ intestines
That hollow hole of fear!
Each leader should be sent to war
Then the picture might grow clear

Then when they send young boys to war
They’ll see the whole damned show
The weight of endless terror
 And then maybe they’ll know
What it’s like as a fine young man
To be sent out there to die
He might then know, how a mother feels
When she’s lost her little guy.

1 August 2013 @ 1443hrs.

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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It's Not Over

Don’t say it’s all over (cause it’s not)
“Sorry” won’t cover it…so don’t go on your knees and pray for my forgiveness 
Oh baby…don’t listen to the commotion…I’m done taking cover (it’s all for naught)
I’m plummeting in slow motion…into the remorseful pit…I’m plummeting in my nightmare’s abyss

I want to carry you through the night… 
I’m swimming in the ocean of my tears… 
My sodden wings lost its ability of flight…
You've been swimming in your distress for years… 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

I want to remind you to fight the good fight…
My misery pools are brewing inside of my head…
I’m backing away from the light & exploring the night… 
You’re giving in to sleep and I’m wide awake on my bed 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we’re breaking bit by bit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to discover 

Please don’t tell me…oh, don’t tell me…darling!
You’re giving up today… (I beg you to stay, despite your inner pain) 
I’m scared I might erupt – it could be quite startling!
Someday, things will change for the better… (Don’t turn the wrong lane)
I’m waiting for that day to arrive – perhaps it will wash away our dismay…

I promise you a tranquil reality 
I want to stray with you tonight 
I still have hope that He’ll set us free
I was wondering if you could stay the night
Maybe the Lord could grant us 
Pure, incredible delight 

Shut up! Don’t say it...
Don’t even think of it (don’t even ponder it)
Hey! Don’t say it’s all over…though we've plunged into our own pit 
‘Cause there’s more treasure to gather…

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Zoo - Just to Amuse You

One fine day, I planned a visit to zoo
Alone landed amidst the fauna left so few
Treaded merrily on greenery, singing my heart out
Whilst a lion’s scary roar made me shout

‘Ah! Another visitor’, said the lion annoyingly
‘Why should we entertain you?’ said he fumingly
‘What’s the point in wasting your energy and mine?
Making us do the funny acts, do they seem so divine?’

Hearing those words I dared
Reduced the distance, still scared
Said I, ‘Stop fuming King of Jungle, watch out for your age,
Hadn’t I come to visit you, wouldn’t you be bored in your cage?’

‘The answer dwells in your question, silly girl
You humans have no heart of pearls,
The so-called king of jungle imprisoned in cage
Heartthrob of millions I was, at my early age’

‘To meet my family, hope it doesn’t get too late
I need to eagerly meet ‘em all, my cubs, my mate
I still feel them, they are waiting for me
Oh girl! Be kind enough to set me free.’

I couldn’t have done that with all my might
Turned my way, delighted by a peacock’s sight
The multihued beauty was sheltered in a metallic cage
Awe! Gloomy this beauty looked, in distress and rage

‘What is wrong? Do you want to fly?’
It turned around and looked straight at the sky
‘Show me those vibrant feathers, the fan-like crest
Guests would adore seeing you dance at your best’

‘I dance just for my love, my love for rain,
Cool breeze no more likes crossing my lane
Why do I open my feathers without my mate’s presence?
Just to amuse you, I shall do; confined in this fence’

Dumbstruck, I decided to turn my way
Walked ahead in quest of animals happy and gay
There it was! A crazy monkey, flirting and making its choice
Mimicking others and playing around, hear its evil noise

Bouncing, bouncing and dancing, dancing
It ruled as if dungeon’s dominant king
Wow! You look so happy; what’s the reason?
‘Girl! No more fun for you, ‘coz free I’ll be from this prison’.

Two giant men came forward and opened the door
Good Lord! It’ll be free, unkind humans is just animal’s lore!
Monkey screeched, ‘Meet me soon in the nearby forest
Where I meet my pals, play, eat, have fun and rest’

 Happy to see the monkey’s joy, I walked ahead
Across the bushes, saw a van, a huge van in red
Giant men carried animals and dumped in the van
Shocked I was to see the sight and reckoned their plan

Why was my monkey friend inside, for what purpose?
It was clear as I read the van’s name, ‘The Great Royal Circus!’

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May I Sing

In fact I 'said' just to conclude, 
just for a moment to, 'deem the light switch, 
just as flunet as in to 'day and night.

(US)  Daring to take the passion, 
passive as in the night, to kiss on the hand of a palm, 
i played to the fool and rewind asking is that just the spot.

Forward to good sight, blink, 
and forwarding the night, 
and appealing to end it all, 
every gentle scent, 
of scent of good night, 
but wait there is more...

Fear so deep feeling that of distance,
I was in sin! ! ! 
Emotion bearing so close for a solution, 
But wait you are no were near just to say.....

ponding and left loose, 
of a king what should i do but look for clues....

(Her) manifesting tears up a mess up feeling of you, 
that twirl like that dear blue fist of fool of this dudy, 
and ask where was you, 
you of all people should of had knew, 
what was so close to of brand new, 
if you only knew! ! ! 

plaguement of spades emblament me like shades, 
but yet placing me a shame.
as a king the distances of a morning of a evening 
we share such a place.....

(Me)  Signs by paint curve into place, 
envy of a saint but that due tell my place,
of silent end note, pleasure of shoulder, 
wait put it is snowing and like a palm of sand i never put of footing, 
and i could say just "wait"....

Duration of mind mint filling of scented that never could "wait", 
but such blessing kisses is are to awake,
are out of reach.
but what could be more realler of a slow post rain dropp of you 
and sitting next, next of thinking of you! ! ! 

Saying, Knowing, What should been of us. 
Thinking now I just want sing. just to sing! ! ! 
MAY I SING! ! ! !

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Welcome to the Planet

Welcome to the planet
Wake me when it’s over
The dreamer’s always tempted
To come around and show her

And I just keep wastin my time
On girls that won’t love, me, like their wine
And it’s just too easy to blame
The rock and the system for causing my pain
And I just want you to know that I’m through
With being alone, when I’m with you 
And when you mask the truth with your lies
It just won’t get any better for the rest of your guys

And when you fall asleep
The night covers your tears
And the darkness sees you weeping
Cause your conscious can’t be cleared
This year you’re feeling colder
Your heart’s a little older
You haven’t found your soul mate
And now you think you’re too late

But one look inside of my eyes
Gives you the hope that there’s a guy
Who can make you feel happy and sad
And it’ll be worth it to feel that again

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Skin Deep

If I could dream
for anything
I would dream of Peace, Love
and Unity
for all Bloods & Crips
all gangs, are in need of a change
for you represent such ignorance
and scrutiny 
Difference in colors worn
Sides in which you were born
are truly all that divides
when the two opposing sides
and it makes no sense
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside
And a future generation
is hard to provide
when death, is like your shadow
creepin' up by your side
and drive-by shootings happen
each late night, outside
where running seems the only option
to know
for no places to hide
no defense for your demise
for a difference in colors worn
and what side in which you were born
is truly all that divides
when these two sides collide
and it makes no sense to me
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside

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The Unhappy Moth

She chose a red scarf. The most red 
of them all.
Of a dark red, a sweet and thick red color,
just as wine.

She carved from the red scarf
from the middle
to the size of a Martini glass.

Then she carved one more glass,
and she kept carving 
till she fell asleep.

she saw her Beloved Moth 
flirting with a Younger Moth, 
carving together from a sweater
while she was getting busy,
carving in the shelves.

The Unhappy Moth drank lots of wine
woolen wine, 
last night.
She drank lots, too much
for a Moth.
The Unhappy Moth got drunk
and fell asleep
on the red scarf,
with a heart filled with peace.

She was not afraid no more. 
Now she could be seen easily,
laying on the scarf
and easily crushed.

The Unhappy Moth was not 
afraid of death no more,
at least, now she knew 
how wonderful the red scarfs are
and that they taste
like red wine.

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                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


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I am...

I am a poet writing of my pain
I am a person living a life of shame
I am your daughter, hiding my depression
I am your sister, striving to make a great impression
I am your friend acting like I'm fine
I am a dreamer, wishing this life, wasn't mine
I am a girl who struggles with suicide
I am a teenager, pushing her tears aside

Side note: (Writing for other ladies out there, not so much myself, so don't worry about me)

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-------------------------The Soul I Sold------------

If I seem down forgive me Frowns I carry around live in me When I break you see right through me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... The hurt I’ve learned brews in me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... Your words so true renew me If only you'd re-design me Take time rewind refine me Recreate the mold without lies I’ve told... GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... The hurt I’ve learned brews in me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD....

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

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A Silent Prayer

Was written on 9/11/07, dedicated to all the families of victims.

Many have died on that fateful day September 11, 2001
The pain in our hearts for those we’ve lost
The loss of so many precious lives it has cost
Everyone my heart goes out to you
Many tears will be shed
In each town, and city around the USA
For each  brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, 
mom and dad, grandchild and friend
All of this is so very sad
So may America bow their heads right now and say
A silent prayer for everyone today.

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Last Night This Canalbank Was Home

Last night, this canal bank was home
I see the tossed newspapers blow
And a solitary brown blanket lie
Where not all that long ago
Someone slept... but they were not camping
This was home last night
And, as I approach the bridge
I see him sitting there... on my right...

Hes old and weezened, lights a cigarette
Or at least his best to do so he does try...
And I ever the Christian full of compassion
Keep my distance and hurry by.

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Revised- Reflections On A Gift Of Watermelon Pickle...

That half grown chrysanthemums/
Stirring up like accuser's.
Life is compared with what two things ?
Which do you think is the richer more revealing comparison ?
Poets use many symbols/
Geese flying south can be a symbol,
Of that of approaching winter/
Heart's symbolize love,
In this brief expanse we call life,
One may want to cry out in a revolt ?
Other's simply take in a breathe of fresh air/
Ponder that many other's that don't even care ?
We all must become united in this great cause !
Not to use this concept loosely/
Yet to humbly ponder a thought,
What do you all think tells a more detailed story ?
The poem or the picture ?
Love can grow out of a billowing cry/
Perhaps a cut nor a mere stye in the eye ?
The seventies had embarked on this journey/
Not to mention that of Timothy Leary ?
This took us to a vast opened door !
To break on through to the other side/
Lest I emplore,
Still we have every bit of reason in which to grasp/
That lattice decor to that shine on the asp,
A sweet juice filled with fine honey nectar/
The future resources,
Allow the creative poet/
To begin to explore the valley of much more !
In gaining the proper word/
Fresh out of the Autumn air !

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I'm like a lion
Tryin to be  trained
to behave in a cage, but
I wasnt born to be tame
Full of stress and rage
 Im compressed and chained
Infected with depression
beCause I cant catch a break
Lifes taste is so tart
In pain from my scars
Stained by lame luck
Stuck behind apace car
I strive to write
But all I can type is the space bar
I'm Pervaded with doubt
About to freakout
Quick Someone bail me out
I would sniff my way out
but I got this cyst on my snout
From 6 years of this drought
Im sittin with this could of pout
Stickin to me like jam from a can
like melted candy in your hand
I'M a pantree full of Spam
 A Letter without the stamp
A debtor without a plan
Like chicken on a pan without any Pam,
Damn I'm starting to get pissed
 I got to devise a plan, before I break my fist,
Punching this brick wall, I got the spit but no ball
got the wits with no squall, like a toliet with no stall
 Slippin in a pit fall, Shiz just snow balls
I want to brawl, missed last call
My Stick shift just stalled,
This lawl has no intention at stopin at all
And I'm kicking myself in the balls
like old men walking up and down the halls
so i flop, just like a dust mop
Now i got knots in my food box
The size of king kongs rocks and
Every door has been locked
I try to soar but its all for not

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The Moment of Atonement

My Dear World,
I owe you an apology;

Forgive me
for I have distorted thee:
lying passionately,
I failed to accept you
by chimera deceptional
I wanted to surmount you
believing myself
to be exceptional.

Forgive me My World
my bitterness,
and selfishness;
for a fool I was
since the truth 
was consciously unknown to me
thus calamitious the discovery would be.

Please forgive me
all the souls my ambition eradicated,
all the feelings my sharp tongue destroyed,
all the emotions my cold heart repudiated,
for how much all those deeds I enjoyed.

I was then infected;
the infection seemed incurable
as I wanted it to be -
or wasn't I aware how diseased I was?

My Dear World,
I owe you an apology;

Forgive me
my blindness
to the beauty of life;

With myself in centre
I would not look around
for distorted was my perception
by a deceitful projection
of perfect me in faulty universe.

My Dear World,

Thank you
instant recovery of my senses,
the wisdom you blessed me with,
the pain myself was redefined through.

Yester year
I reached the deepest depth
slowly losing my pride -
my psyche was nearing death
in plight I could hardly abide -
I understood a mere human I am.

Now I laugh
enjoying my life
every day forsooth
and with ruth.

Thank you
My Dear World
Please, forgive me.

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To Japan

In the place of the rising sun
Where fasts break on sushi
And the sumo's size a delight

The earth wriggles – wets our kimonos
Took stuffs up to origami
And dampens muses for haiku

As the sunrise 
We are in Nippon 

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Dreamer's Disease

Written August 5, 2011

Why don't these constellations follow me
Smash-up mercy disease
When you go outside to find the light
In the middle of a cold dark night
Is when I'll ask if all your dreams are dying out

You only got one dance left to rid this dreamer's disease
Hey you over there
Do you give up more than you give
All my friends keep breaking down in two
Is there really any reason to live
When you can only get as much as you give

Davey lives at the end of the sea
So sink on down and look him up for me
And when the curtain's falling
Morning's calling
Won't wake up you got the dreamer's disease
Won't wake up you only get what you give

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                                         Long love day's has past.
                                 My mind felt with howling storms,
                                 grasping to hold on to vanishing love.
                                 Rape and abandon my weary soul
                                 transpires, poring with instant fires.
                                 Oh this dark secret love does thy life
                                 Like amorous birds of pray,
                                 Once ways, and known devoured
                                 Your beauty no more to befound
                                 nor shall the sound of your voice.
                                 Love to dust, love to ashes.
                                 Our love has now gone to a private place.
                                        The grave yard of love.

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Running Out

Written September 14, 2011

Is this how I should feel at times like these
Facing crossroads, not ease
RC running miles on plastic tires
And then batteries run dry

Here I lie on a bed of signal fires
Why didn't you stop before the sign
Frozen in time like the watch you didn't wind
I'm bound by thoughts that bind

Am I the dusty classic
Getting shelved in the highest bin
Am I the friend whose forgotten time
Time and again

Is this the way a boy feels
When he's personified again
Is this the way I should feel
Full of regret and gin

Here I lie on a bed of signal fires
Why didn't you stop before the sign?
Frozen in time like the watch you didn't wind
I'm bound by enemies that bind

The days they run on and on
They seem to have no end
I guess that's how it goes
When you're nervous and frozen

Maybe I should have fought the bout
Cause now its as if time is running out
Is this how time is meant to run
So sharp and so high strung

Here I lie on a bed of signal fires
Why didn't you stop before the sign
Stop before the sign
The sign the sign the sign

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Escape These Walls

You Build These Walls To Make a Home
For Yous Both To Live In
And The Day She Left She Dug a Hole..
How You Wished You Never Let Her.
Now You Stand In the Rain Because You finally Realise...

...She Was Your Shelter!

And All You Can Stand To think About
Is the Last Day...

..That You Felt her

But I'll Be Here For You
Because The Day I Built My Walls...

....He Left Me Too..

Months Pass On And You Wake To The Sun
And Oh God How You Wished You Felt It,
And Though The Rain Has Gone
You Still See The Hole She Left Up On Your Ceiling..

But I'll Be Here For You!
Because The Day I Built My Walls...


 He Left Me Too

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Our Last Path

Walking down our straight narrow path 
Hand in hand 
We enjoy our last seconds 
With no pressure no demand 
Our path's have always been dark 
We have both left our mark 
On the worlds pains and desires 
We both made mistakes 
Our sentence; To burn in hells fires 

Both we do not wish goodbye 
And we ask please don't cry 
You never saw our pain on the outside 
You could only see it in our eyes 
We are not leaving to run off and hide 
We are leaving to live, to fulfill our suicide 

Staring deep at each others eyes 
We know that this will be the last time our hearts die 
This is our last and final decision 
We are at the end of our path, where we first met 
That's something i hope we will never regret 
Let's take our last kiss; 
This cruel world we will never miss 
As a dying flower let's take our last breath 
To once again meet 
In our love and our death 

Beside each other do we lay 
Hand in hand 
Beneath the ground 
To lovers is what we will stay 
With love as our tombs sound

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Have A Letter Instead

Dear You,

When things get rough I always think of you. The ways you calm me are too many to list and the ways I miss you are too obvious to dismiss. You are always present in my thoughts like you are suppose to be with me even when I don’t want you with me. You, you have a way with words and I love the way they ease between my ears erasing my fears and finding an effortless path to my heart. You never stop amazing me. I wonder sometimes what would I do if I lost you. Devastation. Humiliation. Deprivation. Reckless Endangerment. I am finally settling on the thought that I may need you here. 
The first time we met I thought you were the most beautiful thing I had ever been allowed to see. I could barely focus as you took me completely by storm, you made my coldest places warm and for that I thank you daily. I remember looking you over trying not to make my stare obvious. Your skin was perfect, like it had been custom blended only for you, your voice tone was almost too low but I challenged myself to not miss a word, and I didn’t. The thing I noticed, that I love the most about you was the way you took extreme care with me, like from our first initial touch you somehow instinctively knew to go slow, move slower and announce each entry. I tried not to love you that day, but I walked away haven already made a copy of the key that unlocks my heart…and I gave you the original to make sure it would work. Now I wait for you to use it...and now I question sometimes if I should change the locks. Except when I see you, I only want to remove them for you so you only need to walk in, but I must watch you make that move on your own.
Just love Me

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A Dog and the Black Umbrella

On a rainy day, I decided to read in the hotel’s lobby
There, I found no one, but I heard deep breathes
I thought it was my imagination, so I sat on a cozy red chair as I began reading "War and 
But, the deep breathes did not stop, instead, it turned into heart breaking sobs
I looked around to see if there is someone sitting in the hotel's lobby with me...
But, there was nothing except for the drop drips across the window
Slowly, I stood up and walked towards the sound's source
Thus, my feet led me towards the hotel's main entrance
And there, I saw a dog sitting beside a black open umbrella...
I saw something dripping from the dog's face, but I was afraid to go closer to see if he is 
Gently, I crept, gently, I sat beside the dog...
I looked at him to see him sobbing, yet looking at something I couldn't see
Then, he lay on the ground next to me, as he tried to wipe his tears with my jeans
I caressed his head as I tried to help
I waited for a while as I watched the drip drop
The sun began to shine on the borders of the land
And the dog stopped sobbing for a while
He stood up and looked at me; trying to ask me to follow him
As I was standing up, he held the umbrella and gave it to me
He gently barked to tell me to put above our hands
And so, we ventured into the rainy day's display as the dog led the way
Five minutes walk was all it took, for we stopped in front of a hospital
Once more, the dog barked as he looked at the black umbrella in my hands
I lowered it to him to see what he wants
It was then that I understood the dog's sobs, for it was a devotion to his friendly owner
On the black umbrella was a small tag that read the owner's name; "Sam Mathews"
I went into the hospital to ask for him and the nurse led me to his room
There, beneath the white sheets, lay an old man with a smile on his face
When the dog saw him, he ran to hug the old man as he sobbed once more

I left the room, thinking of the old man's brief story of what had happened;
"On a rainy day, I wanted to take my dog for a walk; suddenly I felt pain in my heart as I 
blacked out
 Then, I opened my eyes to find myself lying in this bed with a nurse beside me
 I asked for my dog, but he was nowhere near
 I had this black umbrella in my hand, but it must have fallen, and my dog must have stayed 
beside it waiting   for me to come..."
That dog is a loyal friend, for he waited, without food and water
For his nearest moment to see his friend...

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I sold my soul to the bottom of the beer bottle. So what if I want to wallow around 
with this low self mentality . A sip here a sip there, why not sip everywhere 
You see, you really don't care when you have the mentality to wallow in the hallow 
of a bottle.
I sold my soul to the bottom of the beer bottle;burning out the aching pain that 
causes me to be insane with so much shame.

Boy,the bottom of the beer bottle isn't where I really want to be?You see the 
bottom of the beer bottle did not bother me; but now ,it's really affecting me.

Ican't eat sometimes I can't even sleep,because the bottom of the beer bottle is 
calling me.It's really beating my body.How can I ever benefit when the bottom of 
the beer bottle is calling me?How could this ever happen to me?

When I used to win and grin, beating the bottle;what I once to beat is now beating 
me and my body.The bottom of the beer bottle is calling me.

Idrink it waking up and drink it lying down.The bottom of the beer bottle has a tight 
hold on me.The bottom of the beer bottle is calling me.

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Beyond What's Seen

You do not know what I see
I see you crying next to me
I see your pain, I see your tears
Through your laughs, and through the years
Past your mask I see your face
You are hiding in this place
Trust in me, I won't let you fall
You don't have to hide at all

Open up what's in your heart
That is the place I will start
Open up your eyes and see
All that's left is you and me
In the end you'll see the light
Come on, I don't want to fight
Together we will make it through
Come on. Now, It's me and you

Now you can start to feel
How much this love is true and real 
behind your eyes you keep your pain
It's all locked up in your brain
Come on. Now, just let it out
It's okay to scream and shout
I will help you through and through
I will always be with you

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Fairytale World Gone Wrong

She walks, she talks
Pretends everything is fine
So young, so sweet
Yet everyone she'll try to please
will turn their backs on her with ease

She wants to belong
She'll try to hold on
to her fairytale world gone wrong
She's losing her grip
Reality slips
her fairytale world gone wrong

She wants you to stay
She'll push you away
Still can't decide
Too much pain inside
She runs, she hides
as her world divides
Can't keep it together
Can't pretend forever

She wants to belong
She'll try to hold on
to her fairytale world gone wrong
She's losing her grip
Reality slips
her fairytale world gone wrong

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It has to end

I feel like 
I'm headed no where fast
In the wrong lane 
how long will it last
I see things the wrong way
The storm sings
It's going to be a long day
Maybe things will look up
Until then it has to end

Bad and evil 
together they blend
Lust or love 
for which would you sin
Agony and defeat
Pay attention 
when fate and disaster meet
One knife and death
life is one last breath
Some how it has to end

Mad enough to fear
but sad enough to tear
Patterns of broken hearts in ten
Befriend an old torn apart friend
Only the smart ones know it all
Only the ignorant ones grow to fall
How many replace pride 
with a loved one by their side
See signs and hide
be a better man "Hey," I tried
but it has to End

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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The Rebel

Dank, cold, unperturbed indifference,
Untouchable, yet touching all,
Unresolved in meaning,
Still creating each and every fall,
Every whim and leaning.

Touché pas! A cry of weary hate,
And will not accept a helping hand,
‘Till death! Brazen adverse in face of fate,
And alone in piteous stand…

Lone wolf we cry, thy fate is nigh,
Yet stands he still resisting,
That love should die, that only tie,
In error still persisting…

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Don't go away

I saw you there my being came alive
I heard your voice, it cut me like a knife.
It seemed like years but only days had passed
So long ago since I had seen you last..

You looked at me and smiled your sad, sad smile
My heart it just went crazy for a while.
I looked at you as if I did not care
But oh what joy it was to see you there.

Don’t go away, don’t ever leave again.
Because my love you cause me so much pain
Without you here my life be oh so bare
Although I see your vision everywhere.

Though you don’t love me I must know you’re there
I need to see your beauty soft and rare
And every day that you’re not there to see
It seems like something dies so deep within me.

My love for you be such a crazy thing
When you’re nearby my heart can only sing
But when you’re gone my being starts to fade
For you be all my heart would ever crave.


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A Web-King

How was he trapped in his own web, 
Which was woven with silken skills, 
Tested and proven since ages, 
With a core from his own cells? 
How could it be an accident; 
During his usual course of hunt
For a flying prey, in whom venom
Instilled and liquefied with enzymes! 
Had it been another manifestation 
Of perseverance to a modern King, 
As done to Robert Bruce the King
To regain the Scottish throne? 
Speculations keep on mounting, 
But, as his hollow SELF does still cling
To the web-hub, no prey dare swing
As they feel him still the Web-King!

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Little Moccasin { Edited }

<                                    on the trail 
                                      he took a wife
                                      comanche made 
                                      and full of life
                                      two breeds 
                                      different nations
                                      family  love's

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

                                      high above  canyon ridge
                                      little moccasin calls her name
                                      without his blue moon
                                      love would never be the same
                                      so he dances the ring of fire
                                      mounts his horse
                                      and returns
                                      for his ones desire

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

                                      little moccasin's leap of faith
                                      blue moon stride for stride
                                      echoes linger canyons ridge
                                      we'll  always's be husband and bride
                                      Navajo and Comanche
                                      they said it couldn't be done
                                      under one God and one indian nation
                                      hunting grounds now they can finally begun

                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love did not come unglued
                                      little moccasin and blue moon
                                      for their love was so brand new

This Poem Was Based 
On The Song
Running Bear  
Debs Contest G.L. All

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Dark, cold World.

===== A little rhyme inspired by DaryIsue LockHart's rhymes =====

It is for the lost..  that I wanna find the way,
Out from this dark place, of pain and misery.
Back to ourselves.. how we were, when we were young,
Before evil played its hand, before the time we got stung.

I wanna be free..  but that'll have to wait!
I'm trapped by emotion, by feelings soo great.
And I'm not alone.. in this victims prison,
D.I.Y Labotomy, I'll make the first incision.

I don't want drugs, to ease my pain,
I found Nirvana.. but can't get back again!
Some say I'm insane!  This train of thought I'm on,
Goes through a portal to another dimension.

But it's a dark, cold world.. where I know no fear,
My heart it stops, my mind sharpens.. becomes clear,
When I look into your eyes.. I can see your soul,
I can reach into your heart.. but I might lose control!

Sometimes I can see.. just a little too much,
And round-about that time, I start to lose touch,
See.. I know why you hurt, but I could hurt them too!
I'd make them scream, long, sweet, songs of sorry.. just for you.

However.. I know something, that they don't know,
I've had a little glimpse, of the place, that they go,
Where they like to turn the tables.. and play little games,
Where sticks and stones hurt, but so will the names!

Till then.. keep strong!  Keep your mind awake,
You've walked through fire, I think you should take a break,
But you've seen the enemy, like me.. you wanna fight,
Thats why I walk alone, with no shadow, in the night.

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Suffering Is The Same As Living

Hope, tonight, is just a void Love is destroyed Reality impending my doom Suffering a dream that was never made for me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Don’t worry I’ll be fine I can just wait, wait as in all eternity You deserve to be happy and free I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me You travel all across in my veins Showing you share my pain But my life was never meant for me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me I'm sorry for those days I've ruined your life Best you just ignore, forevermore I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me Suffering is the same as living Tonight I might, Today I may Set you free away from me I’m just the burden falling under your arms I understand if you give up on me
**Morten Veland, Guitarist, Male Vocalist and Main Songwriter of Sirenia, formerly of Tristania**

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Another song from the set made in middle school

My life craves the soul And I’m all alone You stay—then off you go And I can’t hold on You will never know me For what I am [oh no] Can we forget? Can this just end? If we don’t believe How can we mend? Your face haunts my memory And I can’t move on Cuz here without you I feel…so numb Left out in the cold For you will never love me Was I too much [to mend]? But how can you see? How can you know [what I meant to you]? Could this be the end of the road Left to sleep alone? -Ooooooooh- Can we forget? Can this just end? If we don’t believe— Can I forget? Will my life end? If you don’t exist Why do I pretend?

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Silver dots

There are holes in the elbows 
Of your winter jacket
Holes in the collar
And holes in the pocket
Can’t keep anything there
Just hold out hope
For some summer air
And the summer stitches 
Which it brings
To fix the holes
In your winter skin

You can look at the stars all you like darling
They’re still silver dots in the sky
And you can ask me again
Why they’re not made of diamonds
But I’m sorry, I still don’t know why
I don’t know why

There are holes in your jeans
And there are holes in your excuses
And I can see right through
To your sun shaped your bruises
There are holes in your make-up
And I can see that you care
But you just hold out for some summer air
And the summer stitches 
Which it brings
To fix the holes
In your winter skin

You can look at the stars all you like darling
They’re still silver dots in the sky
And you can ask me again
Why they’re not made of diamonds
But I’m sorry, I still don’t know why
I don’t know why

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These four walls (my version)

these four walls
they bring me  insanity
they tie me to the past 
i knew they would always bring 

when we met 
you kissed me on my cheek
caressed my hands 
now that's ended....
i sit in a corner as i dread what forever will bring

i suppose i'll just sit and watch the 
rain fall down 
gray clouds, like a thick cover,
they cover my wings.....

i am not the angel 
that you've seen in your dreams,
when you left....
you took my soul
you are no longer the song i sing.....

these four walls
come crashing down 
the secret they hold
must never be told to you....

must have been something shouting 
inside my head 
when the world comes tumbling
that's not what i said

you left me
here in the silence
i sit in the rain...
watching as these four walls crash again.

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Heaven Awaits

Blurred in the distance, nothing
But fog and sky surround me
A stretched, straight road, all alone I am
Carrying my blooded carcass, forward
With nowhere but ahead to go, I
Wait for my calling to the gates
With all my anguish gone
Where I stride now is limbo
Lost in oblivion I am trapped
Between the start and the end
No light is ahead of me, and
The light above is faded, and I
Am alone in an empty world
On a stretched, straight, dark road

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Whispers in the night - lyrics to Life story by Peter White

Whispers in the night, longing for your ears
To drown every fear
But the sorrow sleeps with me tonight. 

Whispers in the night, saying a bitter prayer,
Gone the summer cheer,
Only cold snow fills me deep inside. 

Remembering the fun-filled laughter, the dreams we shared;
Together we made it: built that home of kids and bricks. 

Remembering the hurtful wards, the chemo and meds, 
That instant you were mine, then reality killed me: us was history. 

Whispers in the night, saying our favorite prayers
Seeing you everywhere
Your smell still lives painfully in this house

Whispers in the night: "Oh why not a few more years?"
There is still so much to share!
Nobody to hug and care for life!

Remembering the fun-filled laughter, the dreams we shared
Together we made it: built that home of kids and bricks. 

Remembering the hurtful wards, the chemo and meds, 
That instant you were mine, then reality killed me: us was history. 

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lets just walk away.....for now, that is... the war is still on buddy.

ok.... let me cool down. lets use some logic
lets not make this truly manic
i dont want to fight
no, not tonight. 
lets save it for next week
if a war is what you seek
you know me too well, too much
you know that i have such
a fiery persona
that i burn like the Corona*
that no matter what, 
i can take what you say and make that
sound like your one of those jerks
yea, thats one of my many perks
that you tried to slam
and you say your a man
you are the little boy
that lost his best toy
and does not even know it
that i wont take your sht
and that your new girl wont either
maybe i should tell her what you said to me, she wont like you either
i could find her on facebook. i saw her page
she looks kinda young, you sure she's your age?
i dont know, im just so tired of all your sht
i really cant stand it
i cant stand you 
i thought this would never occure, but what should i do?
should i just take your sht and say it makes you a jerk all the more
i was fine until you called me a whore
then i got pissed
that you would say that to the girl you kissed
that you loved and lied to
i didnt do that to you
i said i did, to make you hurt like i do
but i did not, i loved you through n' through. 
you make a fool of me
so now what and see
what i will do  to you
the next time i see you
i will truly slam you, face to face
in this place
with in this space
im not ms.Friendly, i can make you cry
and no, i did not feed you a lie
but i wont get into that
you selfish little arse of a slimey rat
no, i wont
my respect for myself told me "dont, 
he does not deserve your time, leave it be"
so that is what i will do, until you slam me
then the storm will come
and you wont know, unlike some
so prepare yourself
cause i will make you try to disembowl yourself and put your spine on a shelf
oh wait, you dont even have one, never mind. 
i will just leave you behind
im a new woman now
so right now
i will be the bigger person and leave

(Corona is latin for "the sun")
hope this is the poem you recieve
on your deaht bed, tight before you die, you will know what you did
who your hurt and what you said.
Good Bye Ryan Dimaio. 
Good bye.

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Veterans anguish

Ain’t got no concentration  
I don’t know where I’m at
I don’t go well with people
 I’m a solitary cat
So I just play my music
 all alone and feeling blue.
I’m a vet, I made that journey
Now it’s getting to me too.

I came home from those foreign shores 
That’s when I seemed to change
It’s been some thirty years now 
But still I feel so strange.
I’m not like other people 
Since I served in Vietnam
Sometimes I don’t fit in
I’m just a solitary man

My mind goes round in circles
My thoughts they run the show
And all of me is hurting
What’s wrong, I just don’t know.

So I just play my music 
Anything to keep me sane
Or maybe I’ll just sit alone 
And magnify my pain.
I make mountains out of mole hills 
As I drown in loneliness
I worry, worry all the time 
That’s what I do the best.                          

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Being Strong

Daddy shut his eyes and cried,
each drop echoed in the waiting room,
the hollow halls echoed
babies crying.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
his stern eyes looked away
and I asked him, "Daddy why are you crying?"
no reply.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
not knowing what to do,
I danced in crinoline proper-pink,
first dress Daddy bought,
one I wore to see his smile.

Daddy shut his eyes and cried,
looked at me, smiled,
and gave me a bear-hug
"Your Mom's going to be okay"

Daddy shut his eyes and cried
the clock ticked twice,
out came mom in her wheelchair,
and Dad's eyes dried.

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Hey Bartender

Written 2010

Flashing lights and sounds roll by
Hear the sound of muffled sighs
Sullen words cannot express
Just confess, and lift it off your chest
Told the priest would hear your cries
If you don't feed him blatent lies

Oh he's your only friend 
But he don't want to hear your sins
He's off doing his own thing
But it's far from priestly things
Oh he wont look in your direction
Let alone show you affection
Even when he hears your plea,
"Hey bartender please!"
Gone are all your hopes and dreams
All you ever sought to be
Heard from all across the room
Are many empty pleas,
"Oh won't you pity me?"

You can close your eyes and count to 10
Again and again
But he wont come back to help his fellow men
He was your only friend, but he left you all alone
To wallow in your sin
He failed to listen to your prayer
Now your lost in dark dispair

You can hide behind your cries
But he'll see into your eyes
Until the time you leave his bar
And wobble to your car

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A Resolute Parasite

You my friend are all around.
Feasting and nourishing, and setting your grounds.
Within the hearts and souls of many you blossom.
Is it I or do you seek out happiness and wash’em.
Wash’em out of every modest soul, yes you do,
No looking back, no check, no approve.
Ways to destruct lives you ponder upon, you brood .
I hear the pain, shaken up inside of you.
The seas shall rise, and doubt what once seemed true.
The anger inside of you is like a volcano on the verge of eruption.
I hearken to the ache in that once harmonic voice. 
That is now, only to me perceived as a melody of a shattered soul.
It is a hidden forlorn song, yes it is
Your pain, you veiled from the world
But my friend, I am here, do please unfold!
Unfold your pain to me, let it be ours, let it be free!
Let me act as an avenging angel
That sweeps your pain and sorrows of yesterday
And creep in better tomorrows 
Do not frown upon a broken heart, or a departed lover
Let not that pain upon your shoulder hover
I beg both of thee, unfold your pain to me, let it be ours, let it be free
Together we shall drive a dagger straight to its heart
Straight in to that parasites heart, we shall slay, 
For within these boundaries no parasites as the like of this, shall stay
So my friend, I beg thee, do unfold your pain to me
Let it be ours
Let it be free


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Woods, great place to hide from bullies

Beneath the soil lay our roots
Multi-legged insects walking on moss
Working hard to get the fruits
Like lost souls running to the cross
Or hungry new army recruits
With no care of profit or loss

We are the bugs
Commission on narcotic drugs
Watch as we steal the rain
Plants are ruining our brain

We feast together in the swamp
The spiders just want to push us around
They see us and want to stomp
We hide under the ground
I’m here, no fear of the chomp
It’s our other way around

We are the bugs
Commission on narcotic drugs
Watch as we steal the rain
Plants are ruining our brain

One day I hope it will change
The flower tell us one day
Not to far gone to rearrange
Apex of the sun’s way
Move to the balkan mountain range
Rather than be part of the buffet

We are the bugs
Commission on narcotic drugs
Watch as we steal the rain
Plants are ruining our brain

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Scary Feeling

I feel like sl-lit,
i wanna flip.
Let my words rip,
come take a sip.

My phone keeps on ringing,
its chesney hawkins singing.
I get this scary feeling,
she's gönnä nail me for stealing.

I look at the sealing,
wish i knew what was the meaning.
I must start to pray,
every single day.

I'm smoking myself to death,
i need to take a deep breath.
Please don't make me fall,
i don't wanna end it all.

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For Emily

An afternoon stroll with a friend on a heated day,
Her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce
Holding her tummy, simply stating
“I have a baby on the way”

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun shining inside and out
So lucky she felt that day, she has a baby on the way

Baby’s daddy holds mommy’s hand
Says thank you honey, I love you so much
Our baby is lucky to have your heart 
And I’m so blessed to wear your band

A visit to the doctor turned perfect joy into shock
You have cancer he told her
You won’t live with this life in you
Sit soon with your husband and have a talk

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs.
The sun shines brightly on this day
Cause she still has her baby on the way

Her husband crying uncontrollable tears
Loving her so
He could never ever let her go
He can’t choose
he doesn’t want to lose
His wife or his child

She knew for her this baby was a voice
A wish she made so long ago
A wish come true
And there was no one telling her what to do
It was ultimately her decision, her choice

Six years have passed, and Emily asks,
“Daddy, when will I see mommy?”,
Today my sweet angel,

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For this Mrs
The sun still shining on this day
as Emily kneels to pray
For mommy

Mommy had made her choice
And daddy still hurts so bad, he misses her smile, her touch
But he holds Emily today
with Mommy's light warming them both
His deep indescribable love for Emily sustains him
On her birthdays

Hugs, kisses, dreams and wishes
For Emily
The sun still shining on this day
her hair perfectly swaying to her giggle bounce,
as she plays, 

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Laurens song

There is a light inside of you
blue eyes that light up a room
it was your heart that saw me thru
love of a child that i mother to

A crooked smile and a blankie
big blue eyes smiling back at me
life wasnt given to you by me
but my baby is all that I see

There was a sign daddy taught you
that let you know everything is alright
your hand in mine and you always knew
that he would love you til the end of time

but the ghost in the doorway
makes no way to get passed
my fears echo the hallway
 and your voice is heard last

A crooked smile and a blankie
big blue eyes smiling back at me
life wasnt given to you by me
but my baby is all that I see

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a letter to the weak

Break this silence!
We have no more tears to cry.
Feel the strength beat inside the depths of your chest.
forgiveness is not a sign of weakness.
just let this go.
take one deep breath.
open your lungs.
quit going through the motions.
grab ahold of something real.
don't you fake it.
time can't be wasted.
live as you choose.
just believe in something true.
walk on.
you're not alone.
these scars you hid are what have made you.
you are stronger than you look.
press on.
you have nothing to lose.
the hourglass is emptying.
don't let another second pass you by.

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Let's Try

Can we please put down the gun? And try to see past our noses?
We could try to live as one
It's difficult to listen rather than speak and I know this
But I also know as human beings 
Every time we look over our shoulder,
We're all looking for the same thing

We were supposed to be created in the image of perfection but we're flawed
And every day feels like an infection, but that's the law 
Of human nature
But here's a secret:
It's only as bad as you make it 

The tears are draining down your face, and you think that you are mostly dead
I know
I'm lying in the same bed
Right now

Life, so full of things you think you're drowning
There is sin and there is angels 
There's abuse and there is anger that rots inside
But underneath it all there is a layer that has been broken 
Right now it looks like it's the last straw,
But I promise it's a blessing it disguise 
And sometimes..I feel I should have just said good bye 

You're not the only one
Who has stood outside in the dead of night and screamed at the rain
Expecting an answer

But only we can answer those questions

Where is God when we look in the mirror? 
And what have we done to deserve the coffin full of lies and pain and shame that this life has shoved in the small spaces beneath our beds?
"Why can't I sleep?
What is wrong with me?
Why can't I stop dreaming of that which I need to let go?"

No bible holds any of those answers
No church or faith can restrain the human soul 
We are such complex creatures 
And we are the only ones who can give ourselves second chances
So let's try 

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Man In The Mirror

That man, who is that?
He looks weird with that face, flat
Why does it feel like mine?
Why doesn't he look fine?
Is that a reflection of me?
Impossible, can't be!
To him, let me try to talk
Maybe even take a walk
This man I need to understand
Where's he from? What land?
I start to ask questions
To him, they sound like rejections
Yet, he never answered
He only felt flattered
After me he did repeat
All the questions, till I admit defeat
He looked at me with an evil smile
Stared at me for a while
I didn't know what action to take
This unpleasant feeling, I had to shake
I know I got to be strong
Must understand, no matter how long
I have to wait
Patience is a good trait
Maybe he'll fade away
And for sure I'm going to stay
All that didn't seem to matter
His image would never shatter
I try to find a place to hide
To him, my secrets I can't confide
Yet, he knows them all
Every detail, no matter how small
It creeps me out
I want to scream and shout
But people would think I'm insane
Even if I make my story plain
No one would believe me
For I'm the only one who can see
That man and his weird eyes
They’re colored with lies
Scanning every detail
Always without fail
I tried to read his emotions
My trials were met with demotions
Please stranger just leave
My misery, why can you not weave?
There he is, standing still
Chaining my free will
An image never getting clearer
That is the man in the mirror

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Eyes to the Past

I look back at the beauty of those days
Where a smile was easily spread
And memories of those I love
Strike my head....

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where ive always been

The air in this tomb sticks to my lungs offers no relief
The moments of comfort are short and brief
the darkness engulfs all of my senses
like the wrapping of guilt in so many confessions

maybe i deserve this twisted fate this ironic end
what i wouldn't give know just for a friend
my body grows weaker as the ordeal carries on
i pray this time tomorrow i will already be gone

laying in this bed i feel its my coffin my casket
don't know where I'm going but ill get there in a hand basket
even though i know its almost over regret seems to be my only companion
inside there is enough sorrow to feel the grand canyon

this late in the end i cant find the strength to speak
so much left unsaid am i wicked or just weak
i think people are here with me voices and a familiar face
the people i love cant follow me know they must stay in this place

if theres more after this life has passed me by
ill wait for you all on the other side 
i hope I've left fond memories with you all
you kept me standing after every single fall

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Living Her Life

She sees the pains,
Which her native folk have gained.
She changed from a little girl
To someone who has always had the potential
To change her own little personal inner world.
As a child she never went through
What some other children of her people
Had went through themselves.

She used to never knew how the roots
Of all her people’s issues
Were and are so controversial.
Blessed was she, as a very young child,
For not knowing fully all the reasons why.

Blessed that she is and will always be
Full of feeling, and always quietly wondering “Why?”, 
Now she is filled with new knowledge and a developing sense of wisdom 
Within her own individual mind.
She is now what she had always
Envisioned and imagined before, since her elementary days.
She is (“I am...”) not entirely that same little girl anymore.
She is now one of the many of that particular kind.

Within her imagination is a longed 
Wanting of finally revealing 
The truths she has discovered and
How her people must change for the better.
Throughout her whole life, which she’s lived through so far,
She maintains a heart filled with feelings, 
A mind filled with knowledge
And a slight emotional immaturity as representation
That her inner child self is still alive on the inside.

Her inner and past child self (who was different from all the rest,
But was also similar to them when at their best).
Never truly knew how far she’d come in life.
(As of right now and forever into the future)
How she has grown and maintained herself
Is how she had made that (her) inner voice in her head and 
Had also long ago already acknowledged her true self.

She still stands in her own believing faith and faith in herself
And her lack of prejudice is what makes her naive thinking
Make her own days in her life far brighter than what others say
As they discourage her from doing 
Or trying to pursue something grand and part of a divine plan.
Even after times and tribulations involving doubting tremble.

Blessed she is for being so whole in her own presumed thoughts,
Blessed she is for logical thinking based on emotion and feelings.
Blessed she will always be, for Christ himself said to a woman
(who was suffering from something for more than 12 years), 
“Your faith is what made you whole.”
Now she thinks...
“Grateful and blessed I am, to the point of tears of joy and sorrow of how I used to doubt.
I now forever know what my life will be like beyond tomorrow.”

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We Walk Amongst The Faithful

We walk amongst the faithful. Unknown to human eyes. So normal and so human, They can't see through our disguise. The tears of angels made us As they flew down from the sky. They didn't want to do it, So all they did was cry. We're stuck amongst the ruin. The horror and despair. We've seen a bit too closely To the heart of Evil's lair. We walk amongst the faithful. Unknown to human eyes. So normal and so human, They can't see through our disguise. We're scarred up on the inside, But outside we're just fine. We hide the truth so well They can't see into our lies. Our daddies were all drinkers. And when they would get mad, They'd take it out us poor souls, And boy were we so glad When Daddy drank himself to sleep, And we could go and hide. Carve another scar into our heart Which was hidden deep inside. We walk amongst the faithful Unknown to human eyes So normal and so human They can't see through our disguise. Our mommies all liked men Perhaps a bit too much They sampled fair and far And didn't mind the touch. When Mommy fell asleep, Her boyfriends would come down And they would scare us half to death And they'd start to mess around. And after they were done Ravaging our broken souls We'd take our chance to run And hide from things we'd never know. We walk amongst the faithful Unknown to human eyes So normal and so human They can't see through our disguise. Our families are all broken We have no place to hide No place to let our tears out Let out what hurts inside. And now we sit here all alone In this dark corner as all hope Evades our longing hands We've lost our way to cope. And now we hide our feelings And what they've done to every “me”. We hold our chins up high. We do not let them see. We walk amongst the faithful Unknown to human eyes So normal and so humans Can't see through our disguise We pretend it doesn't happen We can't let anyone know Our traitor of a heart Is something we can't show. Would anyone even understand What we hold inside our hearts? Or would we be a freak show A different world apart? Maybe one day we will find one Every single one of us Someone who will understand Someone we can trust.

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The End

The End
Nothing left to say;
journey has been completed,
all is finished now.

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never forget 9-11

On that day we were all the same, we didn't know there faces, we didn't know 
there names.
There voices we heard crying all around the world, someones loving father, 
someones little girl.
On that day we were called to lead a better life, for that someones father, for that 
someones wife.
The list of souls read from above before it came below why it was and why it is the 
answer no one knows.
Through the pain we have learned lessons great and small, life, love, and happiness 
are precious cherish them all.
With grace we all go on, but never will we forget that all of these beautiful things 
can fade so very quick.
On that day we wondered, on that day we cryed, on that day we asked ourselves 
what kind of man am I?
Mothers held there children for so long and oh so tight, why did these people have 
to go this was not there fight.
We hope and pray for all those names, and the ones they left behind they gave 
their life for a question the answer we must find.

William J. Harty

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If I died tonight (A poem to our soldiers)

My life is mine but not mine alone.
I fly a supply ship to help my fellow comrades.
I risk my life for my country and my family.
It I died today - I know I did good in this world.
If my life is taken by twelve midnight tonight, all I regret is not seeing my little
girl's face.
As I fly towards my goal, my engine is shot down.
I haven't failed yet, but soon I will leave Earth with my head held high and knowing I did

written on 11/11/10

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Marie III--Is the Coffin Too Deep

So frigid was her immaculate body Her last second in screams is all I can see Love's revenge was my guilt With you I'd rather let you die with Bound hands Without you, Marie, like the psychopath's dream Death is all that I can see; All that could redeem Did anyone ask Did anyone recall The sweet taste of the poison The swift slash of the knife he penetration of the lead The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Was it so hard to solve Was it so hard to see That I strangled her so easily My nails piercing her comely skin Blood dripping like the pomegranate I crushed with the shovel I shattered her shins The knife to slight her wrists Didn't you see I did it all The only witness Couldn't say Is the coffin too deep? The pain of her decaying hear tI can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep? Marie I cant stay Earth is to cruel when your coffin is to deep Forever in death and in death alone The pain of her decaying heart I can hear it's bellowing cries But why can't you, Marie, Hear my paranoid eulogies Is the coffin too deep?

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a midnight wish

There’s a chill in the cold 
And it’s going nowhere 
She says it’s going to get worse 
Before it get better 
But we’ll hold on like stormy weather

If midnight falls then I’m homeless 
She says so calmly 
The winds going to take me away
But I don’t want to go lonely 

She likes to think
That you can carry on for sometime
She marries for the day
But she yields from the moments 

There’s everything you hope for
A map for the road
A picture for your wall
A lasso around the moon
Dawn, she's going to come to soon

She smiles softly
If midnight falls then it’s hopeless
She says so calmly
The winds going to take me far away
But I don’t want to leave you lonely 

She concludes
You can’t take away from a man
What he’s already lost 
But she insist 
That bubble baths and a warm massage
Will take away your Sunday misery

i fear it all sometimes
i hear your screams
and i wonder
if you're calling
but i can't reach you 
no i couldn't reach you
i tried but i just couldn't save you

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Anthem (part one)

In a tunnel under earth, we were given a curse
In this world, we am called reverse
Eager to think and question
These things bring out nothing but aggression

We are one in all and all in one

Sent to the house of the street sweeper
Keep my thoughts from them, ill think deeper
In a subway we find the device
Must show the council word of advice

We are one in all and all in one

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The Songs in Level 2

Jingle... jingle jingle,
The man is black,
jingle jingle
Black as coal,
jingle jingle,
The woman is white ,
jingle jingle,
The colour of our floor,
jingle jingle,
Holding their hands,
jingle jingle,
In symptoms of love,
jingle jingle,
Of defiance,
jingle jingle,

Jingle… jingle jingle,
We are children,
jingle jingle,
Of lost races,
jingle jingle,
Of lost continents,
jingle jingle,
Amorphous cultures,
jingle jingle,
Hybrid vernaculars,
jingle jingle,
Our mothers defied,
jingle jingle,
The ways of grandma,
jingle jingle,
Grandma cries,
jingle jingle,
Eeeeeh! Eh! Eh!
jingle jingle,
My children are lost,
In the 21st Century,

©Muthoka Jacob, June 2012.

This poem is a cry over lost identities in the crave for modernity. Sorry in case it stings.

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Don't you wish you could fly? Don't you wish you could fly? Decisions are capable of control, Then you feel like a mole, Deep in the ground, Far away from sound. Things get you down, You can't fit into the crown, You lay in front of an ice cream shop, Your friends are playing ninja in the handicap spot. You feel like you want to cry, Don't you wish you could fly, Fly, fly away, to a place far from here, I don't know what to do, But I still miss you, You're sweet and pure, You're my only cure. Now I want to fly away. Dreaming of a beautiful land, When you dug your feet into the sand, I get beaten, When your so smitten, Because you're not mine. You feel like you want to cry, Don't you wish you could fly, Fly, fly away, to a place far from here, I don't know what to do, But I still miss you, You're sweet and pure, You're my only cure. Now I want to fly away. Fly, fly, fly. Fly like a butterfly, Away from troubles, That make you cry, When come in doubles. You feel like you want to cry, Don't you wish you could fly, Fly, fly away, to a place far from here, I don't know what to do, But I still miss you, You're sweet and pure, You're my only cure. Now I want to fly away. Flap your wings and, Fly.

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I am the confidant of many, 
a healer of weary souls, 
they come to me with questions, 
and tales of their ample woes. 

I advise and console their broken,
and bleeding hearts, 
for I know how it feels,
to be ripped and utterly torn apart. 

What can one so humble as I;
I often conclude with query short and sweet; 
do for a true master-poet; 
who muses others as he speak?

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Can't Save You

behind close doors you say
you just want him so far away
we've all tried to help you off the floor
to only fall weak to him once more
what kind of fool do you take me for

if i don't know the truth
then i can't save you
well i guess i'll let go
but babe i don't want to
i wish i could save you
wish i could hold your hand
but wishing gets us nowhere
might as well give in

screams are all you hear in your ears
but i guess it's better than your fears
because on one unfaithful day
he'll beat your dreams away

they are so many others
to make you feel better
but you see right through them
this was never your plan

if i don't know the truth
then i can't save you
well i guess i'll let go
but babe i don't want to
i wish i could save you
wish i could hold your hand
but wishing gets us nowhere
might as well give in

i'm not mad you choose him
i am more than loving
cause these tears are choking
but this is the life you've chosen

i know the truth
i can't save you
i'm gonna let go
never wanted to
i can't save you
feel his cold hands
around your neck
are you sorry yet

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Luciferia II-- The Damned

Run away Run Away No matter how Far You will never escape my dark hands of faith Wicked and Damned you are my Sin Darling Don't you Tremble when I embrace you The cold and Dark may fill every marrow But at least there were here For You Tell Me how they So Loved You Tell Me All of your fears When the world is done and all their trust will render Undone I will always be with you And Now We cease to Exist Luciferia I can see your Misery Just follow me and believe Me We are The Damned Outcasts of this Natural World We are The Damned Hold on I'll show you what you're waiting for We Are The Damned Join Our Dark Reality When you know the choice the Wind Will come right through And you will See what you're really meant to Be Draining into the Night Shivering With the Smallest of Frights I am the Ghost In Your Dreams I watch You Through the Window Yes that is your name Written In Blood Are You Scared? Are You Suffering? The Dark fate is what was Meant to Be This is what happens when you Brake Us with Words Destroy us with sights Twists are minds Set our will On Fire I can see your Misery Just follow me and believe Me We are The Damned Outcasts of this Natural World We are The Damned Hold on I'll show you what you're waiting for We Are The Damned Join Our Dark Reality When you know the choice the Wind Will come right through And you will See what you're really meant to Be I can see your Misery Just follow me and believe Me We are The Damned Outcasts of this Natural World We are The Damned Hold on I'll show you what you're waiting for We Are The Damned Join Our Dark Reality When you know the choice the Wind Will come right through And you will See what you're really meant to Be

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Sexual Assault by Women.

Dare you trick him? Dare you violate him?
And then you get no karma, and it leaves him grim.
You took advantage, you broke his ego.
You restrained him, you took away his ability to protect himself.
You took away his right to refuse.

And society forces confusion, ridicule, humiliation, and lack of sympathy they deserve.
But if I ever see you I'll make sure justice is served.
Because of society men allow this to happen because they believe that your violation isn't
But the thought that a female cannot be aggressor in itself is impossible!

You sick, sadistic, cruel vermin.
You violent animal.
You rapist.

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The letter

I've fallen today on the war field
with my gun and a picture of you 
these are my final words hear them loud
for i hear the angels singing in the clouds

your my everything,your my world
make sure to kiss our little girls
say goodbye to my mom and hug my dad
and don't forget the wonderful  life we've had

now i hear amazing grace coming closer to me
this note that i am writing is for your eyes to see
i hope someone will give to you this letter for me
because i will pass on today for the land of the free

i see the gates and i am about to go in
so these last few words is all i can do
my breathing is getting harder and its time for me to go
so baby i love you and I'll be watching you, maybe
not in person but in soul, tell our girls their mom loves them so

so whenever you are lonely,i will be there
and tell our little girls to keep up with there prayers
cause i will be listening all the way up here

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Birthday Rose

Introduction: A mother is such a wonderful poetry...She is the compass and blessing for her children and no matter what, in our hearts - she's the rose that never dies.

The moment I first opened my eyes, I saw your glowing face in shine You took me in your graceful arms, And poured my life in peaceful charm You sacrificed more than I can count, To raise me and strengthen my ground Every time you heard me scream, You took off from your every meal You fulfilled all my needs and dreams, You mean the world and more to me A teacher, a playmate, An answer, a guide of fate You reach out and pull me back, Whenever I get lost off track You love me like no other, Words just simply can’t explain, you are the best mother With you I never pretend, by your values I transcend You help me get my courage tight, You aid me to my wisdom right You are my loving mother, Someone I have to share my thoughts Always you know, always you care, Always you feel, always you heal Your tender smile lights up my life, From doubts that keep me captive at night Forever in my heart, you reside You care so much and feel so deep, You’re just everything I need I’m above grateful to have you in my life, As every time I think of you, I always feel revived.

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A boy and a girl

I remember the day I first saw her face on the school bus such an uneasy place
we both were shy it took months just to talk soon enough we would always walk
from the stop to her house were I d stand uneasy the sweat would pool in my right hand
One night late after school she came to my house I tried to be cool 
she asked if I would like to go out of course I did but I was nervous anxious filled with doubt

we spent a whole summer just hanging out some times I got so nervous I wanted to shout
I recall how she first placed her hand in mine I was sweating so bad I was losing my mind
the touch of her fingers in my sweaty palm gave comfort unknown and a relieving calm
I realize now she was just as scared but she seemed so calm ready and aware

she became my very best friend but even I knew the summer would end
before the fall came an took her away we spent time with each other everyday
a few weeks before school started again we went to the park are spot back then 
she looked in my eyes for ever it seemed I was confused and young I almost screamed
then she leaned towards me with the sweetest touch she said shed miss me very much
and then it happen her lips searched and found mine out in that moment it removed all doubt
an innocent peek between dearest of friends learning how such things have there ends
after school started that year she moved away I have not seen her since that day

Forever she holds a piece of my heart the innocents we shared was ours from the start
even tho Ive grown a lot since then that young love is for thick and thru thin
we never took not a thing from one another we held each other up learned from one another
I wonder if she thinks of me I think of her and lonely nights I hope she lives happily
youth is something you cannot keep I miss those days on the grass we would sleep 

somewhere inside the shy little boy waits for the day he might see that girl once again
the soul that taught me how to love and to be loved how to end and how to begin
I know ill never see her again I know its only memories something lost to the past 
if I would have known it would end that way and be over so quick so dam fast
I would have told her more of the true me maybe then Id feel whole at last
sweet first love I hope you find a life of love and find your faith in the god above
she will always been in my heart and mind and for now we must leave us behind

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Unconvincing words
is what I hear...
and need, not want
keeps bursting out
of your pathetic thoughts;
all is gone so sore!

A fobidden thought,
not spoken for your own sake,
what you hide is plain and clear;
when that voice starts shaking,
and those eyes start rolling:
I lose faith in everything you say,
look at me, and be as true as yesterday!
Have I ever kept a secret, or been insincere?
Sympathy wouldn't be in me today,
unless you revealed that forbidden thought!

Secrets can cause doubts,
enought to destroy trust and confidence;
are you still hanging on pretense?
Go beyond the storm and foresee
things that can't  ever been seen;
put it all to rest's your last chance!    

A forbidden thought 
locked inside so shamefully
is another reason to fear truth;
being so untrue and silent
doesn't make easier for me
to forgive you like I would like toI 
A forbidden thought
lingering on unspoken lips
makes me sad and wonder why
it seems hard to face
the consequence of a lie...
when all you have to do is apologize!

A forbdden thought so unspoken,
never sheds light on anything too foregone;
something lost to time that only  love can
bring back from its deep darkness!
A forbidden thought follows a gloomy dawn,
afraid that the silence will find a voice!

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Don’t you scold,
She is not bold,
The weakest sentiment,
She cannot contain!

A fresh rosy colour--
Of emaciated cheeks,
Contrasting rings somber,
Besieging the sunken eyes,

Her limbs slender,
Akin to a moon beam tender,
Complexion pallid,
Gaze languid,

The stature stunted,
The chest movements restricted,
Imperceptible fever,
With occasional shiver,

The ‘delicate’ personality,
Described by the laity!
Well! She is certainly frail,
Alas! Medically, a plaintive tale!

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Mental Masochism

Welcome to the old you Hello, Hello, Despair so Crude, Dreams are gone Yet we still follow the old Path Where empathy kills And the Sympathy we find is another Lie You were born to deceive A puppet-master of emotion Back off this fixation while you have a chance Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Sorrow-- My Emotional High Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Better to be Frozen than Numb Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Exchange pleasure for pain It's all coming t you The facade of Joy falls again Violet Hearts crush easy Your Pain you don't Want this Your Sorrow, You Want This Back off this fixation while you have a chance Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Sorrow-- My Emotional High Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Better to be Frozen than Numb Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Back off this fixation while you have a chance Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Sorrow-- My Emotional High Who Would Want To Be This Cold? Better to be Frozen than Numb Who Would Want To Be This Cold?

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The Bliss Found by Known Site

Tho join holly the sample is data
Diurnal, in cheek by jowl site
Intimacy is over deeds by, in bliss
Gloss your eyes of tender 
Special in upon pulling out love

In sharp finding of a sett
Than winds not mussing yours hear 
As mailing from the heart
Known than you’re sensed, a site
Where to chair of peace

Up bliss carry in your soul
Known than galloping for 
Thy site own tho “by foresees ”
Endo vowed soul: in heaven
From the soil tho’ free swing!

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dedicated to Ursula T. Gibson


You have come into my heart

from hot, fine, very-far-away California.

You have said many interesting things.

You taught me English and Friendship.

You are for me an example

of courage, kindness, and talent.

Part of my heart now is your second home.

You do not need visas or tickets

to arrive here by the roads of the heart

It is enough to think about me a little,

and you will be already here in your second home,

which is always glad to receive you,

where you are loved very much,

where you need not pay rent

to live here always.


The E-mail to the USA flies very quickly!

The USA has a weekend again.

In California, Ursula looks at the moon.

I send my greeting to her,

«Where are you? How are you?

I miss you!»

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Midnight Lily

When we are all alone
when we don’t know where to go
we need to overcome
the feet that trample us to the ground
Some will persist to stay
others will fall for everything
if they don’t stand for anything
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
if you hold on now more will come
…they promise you
but if you always hold on
love can be true
leaf turns to leaf
live it when you can
We all fall into grief
 not all the same
lets be strong and rise again
show them whom you are
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
if you live for me
I’ll always live
and if u die for me
I’ll live everyday for you
Midnight lily; you are trampled underneath
as they watch and stare
waiting for a passion something to let you live
come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me
it seems to get harder
but happy can’t be happy
without sorrow

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Your love is gone

Your love is gone

You, told me  that  you love me forever
Oh girl, you promise me you never say goodbye
Why can't you stay
and why did you lie
Now our love, is it over

I still played the loved songs each and every day
to reminisce the time that you say
I love you
and i hope you stay with me my baby...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone

So many memories we had in the past
But seasons ended and it didn't last
you have the change of heart
now girl were both apart...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray oh wohh wohh..

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone..

i give you my all
with my heart, and soul
oh girl,you give me pain
now my tears begins to rain
why didn't you wear this ring...

Your love is gone
i miss you girl so much
your love is gone
Oh baby your still the one
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
i am down on my knees each day
and pray
but your love is gone
your love is gone
oh girl your love is gone

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Forget Me!

Forget me, I'm only poor!
And the poor don't do anything!
So don't give me help!
Don't even think of me!
I'll just sit here!
And I'll die, I guess!

Oh man, we're poor!


Forget me too, I'm only elderly!
And the elderly take up space!
So don't give us help!
Don't even offer it!
We'll just go live in
Florida, I guess!

Ah, getting old is a drag!


Forget me also! I'm only orphaned!
And orphans need to be shackled!
So don't shed a tear!
Don't even think!
We'll just sit back
And exist, I guess!

Our parents are gone, party all the time!


Forget me, please! I'm only challenged!
And we don't do nothin' right!
So forget about us, lock us up!
Don't even cry for us!
We'll just sit here
And drool, I guess!


And finally!

Forget me! I'm only reason!
And reason is crazy!
So forget about me, just be dumb!
Don't even wonder why!
I'll just walk right out the door and
I'll head for the hills, I guess!

Forget about us, we're nothing useful
Don't even think about it, just sit back
We don't do much, and we cost so much money
Just cut us loose, we can take it, be a man!

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Dedication, Love

I never had a person in my life that understands me like you do, you came into my life unnoticeable and i new that you were true. I pored out my heart to you, and you listened when no one did, you pored out your heart to me like a fact that couldn't be concealed. I never thought that meeting a person like you would make me smile again, so now i walk around with a big smile, not a grin. Every time i look into your eyes i want to go swimming, cause you draw me in without a sense of knowing. The perfect shape of your smile bring me hope, and your lips that look so luscious when you smile gives me hope. A hope that there are people in this world that give a dam, not like the people that take and take everything away. Your kind heart sings out to mine all the time of the night, and when i look at you i feel like i don't ever want to lose that sight. Your beauty makes me weak, your long dark hair that hangs down so sleek. Your loving hands that wave hello are too soft for me, and your cute little feet that make you look perfect in your frame. I just hope, dream and wish that we will always be like this till the end of my days, cause i cant do it alone, without a friend like you by my side i would just go other ways. So please hold my hand where ever you go, and hold it tight cause all i want to do is look at your beautiful sight. You are amazing, that's why i don't feel like a ghost, cause your love made me care for you the most.

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I adore modest women,
so soft-spoken and
very elegant,
who aren't looking for men
to seduce without being
atrracted to  them!

There's a shortage of men,
and they try to get whomever they can,
ugly, handsome or good- for -nothing;
all they want is pleasure, not a friend! 

I love simple women
who are fashionable 
and very sleek;
I love women
who can look in their mirror
and say to themselves,
" I'm beautiful! "
Honesty can make any man weak,
enough to give them much more!

Be careful of women who touch their face
when they laugh and pretend to like your kisses,
giving you the illusion of a full moon...
in the middle of a hot afternoon:
you will burn, but won't remember a darned thing;
and all that wasted energy for a quick sling!
I adore modest women
who don't wear lots of make up...
to hide a despised face;
isn't simplicity
another form of beauty?
I adore modest women
who undress you when they're hot...
they make you feel wanted without words:
and that's when my passion starts up,
and I become a real man!

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She jostles her way out
She  doesn’t see what you’re all about
She doesn’t even care if you’re okay
Or if you want to goon your way

But  you still love her
Yes you do
You still need her in your life
So much
That’s why you don’t love me
No, no more
You don’t need me in your life
That much

She argues with you
Even if she knows you’re right
She makes you a fool
But still you think it’s cool

Cause  you really love her
Yes you do
You still need her in your life
So much
That’s why you don’t love me
No, no more
You don’t need me in your life
That much

I can’t comprehend 
No I just cannot bend
Cause she is unscrupulous
Maybe she’s just jealous

So what if I love you 
I really love you
I need you in my life
So much
But you don’t love me
No, no more
You don’t need me in your life
Like her

She can’t love you like I do
But you don’t love me like I do.

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Johnny 's Song

He was born to sing upon his land
Now he's resting in God's Everlasting hands

Didn't matter who you were
That voice you'll remember for sure

A voice that could shed many a tear
Or make you just want to stand up and cheer

Oh how'll I miss this one hell of a man
Made me today of who I am

Across oceans far and wide
Johnny sang his songs with passionated pride

Now he soars amidst his eagle friends
High above the rockies bends

Oh Johnny this song's for you
As I sing about your eagle friends too

In Loving Memory 
John Denver  { 1943 -1997 }

Soar My Feathered Friend

  {  R.I.P. }

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Beautiful wake-up Call

There's this girl inside of me,
Who wants to see someone else.
She holds this all inside
And now, she's going to let it out.

The way I feel now, is not real. And I want something real.

(Yea) I need this other version of me
Right now; all I see is going to be left away.
This beautiful wake-up call Is how I will wall into the better
A beautiful wake-up call is what I need.

I know I feel different now. 
All I know, is how in the world,
I could be this other girl
Who's not what I want to be.
No...I won't give up on myself.
I promise.

The way I feel now, is real. And I don't want anything other than this.

(Yea) I know I'm quiet.
'Cause I'm shy. 
I'm independent too.
I just want something more

A beautiful. A Beautiful wake-up call.

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Oh, Marianna Grazia...
was my friendly neighbor,
a lovely lady in her eighties!
She became a widow when her
husband died of a brain tumor,
he was a sailor of many oceans;
how evident was the sadness
of Marianna Grazia!

She had a Grand Piano, made of cherry oak,
not covered with a speck of dust, and smiling
she played an improvisation with style; 
and it depended on her mood! The rays of sunlight
entered diagonally and rested on it, while
her feeble fingers played the same, harmonic melody;
and her hubby liked to hear those notes enthusiastically...
that's how I remember Marianna Grazia at her best!

Oh, Marianna Grazia...
went to church every Sunday,
and passing by my gate, she always said
hello, and asked how things were going! 
She gave every kid on the block candy
and flowers she grew in the back-yard;
oh, I miss how you hummed that song... 
oh, Marianna Grazia!

Today I walked by her house,
the Venetian blinds were closed at noon,
I was overtaken by a sudden gloom;
her youngest daughter approached me
and mutterred very grieving words,
" My mom has passed away in a tragic way,
she slipped and fell, and hit the cement;
she passed out as blood gushed from her forehead."  

Oh, Marianna Grazia...
never will I have another conversation
about her experience in Normandy, 
and the stories of a nurse during World War II,
were as inspirational as her vocation!
Oh, Marianna Grazia...
look down below and wave gracefully;
life is not as everlasting as that love given by you,
oh, Marianna Grazia!

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Low Man Is Due

A low man is due...
My eyes seek reality,
My fingers feel for faith.
Touch clean with a dirty hand,
I touch the clean to the waste.
I fall cause I let go,
The net below has rot away.
And I cry to the alleyway,
Confess all to the rain.
But I lie straight to the mirror,
The one I've broken to match my face.
The fire is so warm,
But nowhere safe from the storm.
And I can't bear to see,
What I've let me be.
So wicked and worn.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.
So low the sky is all I see,
All I want from you is forgive me.
My eyes seek reality,
And my fingers seek my veins.
There's a dog at your back step,
He must come in from the rain.
But you bring that poor dog in from the rain,
Though he just wants right back out again.
So my fingers feel for faith,
And my eyes seek reality.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.

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once longing love

This time your eyes don't seem to bare the familiar strength
you been staying away from me you've gone to every length
i did every thing i could to lend a helping hand
now your broken and its hard to under stand
this was no ones plan love makes harsh demands

even though i can see your heart is truly broke
when i tried to hold you i was just a joke
now things are changed nothing like before
i have become something so much more
a ache still nags deep within my core a life left in ashes spread upon the floor

i wonder where you ll go who you ll see
i wonder if the only thing you think about is me
the empty hole of things left unsaid
a wall of noise stands strong in my head
some how this feel like I'm dead but I'm watching in you go instead

how many times could i try to be the one you needed but i know it was the ego i feed ed
a callous soul without any notion of truth hope or devotion
farewell my once longing love

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Only Thirteen

The day it starts, leaving at 6 am
Walking to my car, everyday it begins
This windy morning, the rustling sound
I look and see a flyer appear on the ground

She was only thirteen,
Been missing a week
Brown hair and blue eyes
And freckled cheeks
Last seen on a night
When she went to the store
Last word was goodbye 
As she walked through the door

My heart in my mouth
She’s my daughter’s age
Gave feelings of sadness
A sense of rage
The thought of a baby
A lamb with the wolves
Sent shivers of fear,
Thoughts knowing, no good

She was only thirteen,
Been missing a week
Brown hair and blue eyes
And freckled cheeks
Last seen on a night
When she went to the store
Last word was goodbye 
As she walked through the door

My prayers for her family
And all of her friends
Good thoughts and kind wishes
Are all I can send
I’ll spend my day hoping
While doing daily tasks
That she will return safely
That is all that I ask

If there’s a Lord up in heaven
I believe, yes, there is
Then help this poor family
And grant me my wish
I pray that she’s fine now
Maybe just lost on the way
And hope she’s not taken
In a mere awful way

She was only thirteen,
Been missing a week
Brown hair and blue eyes
And freckled cheeks
Last seen on a night
When she went to the store
Last word was goodbye 
As she walked through the door

It’s been three whole months now
No sign of this girl
The parents’ only child
They lost their whole world
That poor missing girl
On the flyer on the ground
Just where did you go?
Why can’t you be found?

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In the canyon, deep and long,
The brook babbles Nature’s song
The silent, secluded valley profound
Is overflowing with that sound.

Yon the mountain, the meadows green,
With the pond of water still and serene
On the stilly full- moon night
The ripples reflect pallid light.

The black-bees are crooning,
The fireflies are shining,
An innocent, lonesome, lovelorn, lass,
Singing madrigals in the wilderness sobs!!  

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Gates Of God's Decision

One Hour into school and im hearing news but not believing
what they say,it comes again
in the form of wicked sadness destroying seamen rank by rank
adn my tears fall inside like flanks,in my shaking head
I hold this in mind
and let truth behold all i might not see and death brings me closer to the seams
of life and im so afraid
im a coward of time and i've got so many cards I dealt 
but the ace is hidden by my side
and lastnight it was Sunday May 5th 2008
and somehow we they got there late
I just know it was'nt your time but we all will be fine 
you will be missed and we'll remember this time when we had to say goodbye
and our tears flow like new life
and at the drop of a hat,
a mother lost a daughter,father lost a girl,we lost an angel 
and God gained your grace students lost a hero,I know im way past my limit 
so why do I write still,but i know somehow i'll prove you're living in our brain
Mrs.Gates we miss you dearly as you glowed with day 
and will always be remembered not erased

 "This Poem/Song is dedicated to the Family,Friends,Students and staff who 
were touched by this Angel's Grace,R.I.P. Mrs.Gates"

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Young Gun

Verse 1

So young
One gun
How dumb
I'm stunned
He's done

My son
My son

Verse 2

His choice
My voice
Spirit hoist
Skin so moist
Such a boast

My son
My son

Verse 3

Died in vain
This drives me insane
Such hidias pain
Listenening to the rain
For what has it gained

My son
My son

Tribute To A Co-Worker
Who Lost The Battle
In A Gunfight With Police

So Long Hollywood { 55 yrs old }

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Tears from Your Eyes (Seasons Finale)

The future through my palm pilot 
Strategizing my future 
Through this invincible organizer 
Murder reigns 
But I’m seeing true life through my murky visor 
Simple prayers, hopes and wishes 
Sympathy in a blind mans kisses 
Pay attention and we notice 
Without misery it’s so hard to focus 
Pleasure of being decomposed by flesh eating locust 
The battles in this life I lead 
Shadows in the night twist and turn in greed 
It’s all fun and games until we bleed 
Senseless, Ain’t it something 
How we became a dying breed? 
Tears in your eyes, baby girl its okay to cry 
Life isn’t promised and someday we all die 
Second chances taken too lightly 
I reckon you advance in prayers nightly 
Shattered glass, invisible window 
So insensible, the images that exist through Nintendo 
Stress keeps my heart pumping 
Guests leap and start to mumble 
Ah disgusting maggots, sour dough and dumplings 
Poverty and a bumpy road to recovery 

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Her Tears

Her tears
So salty,
I don’t let her

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“Innocent  Syphilus?
He is debaucherous!”
Exploded his wife
In dismal grief!!

Avidly lecherous
Became cunning and treacherous
His lascivious play
Was his plaintive lay!

His ‘unusual canker’
Was in fact a genital chancre,
The randy Syphilus
Had contracted syphilis!

The acne on his face
Brought him disgrace
For it extended  beyond the chin
And all over the skin.

Because of the sins of Syphilus
The mirth from her life vanished!
Tell me, tell me O Jesus!
Why was she atrociously punished?   

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One Day

We've been through
Roughening waves,
But we sat and never threw
Ourselves out of furious rave.

One day my heart
Will be glad that
We haven't yet fallen apart
And are not as sad as before.

Our time was like a boat...
No matter where we went,
Our time was well spent,
Even while we continuously float.

One day you'll be as happy
As you were in that rural place.
We'll together repair our broken vase.
You and I were inseparable friends...

So I wished it didn't end.
Our bond has been fragile
For quite some while.
I've been thinking of ridding it...

Though I know
I'll resolve it all somehow.
So I hope you will accept the flora
I shall give to you one day...

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we started out kinda

we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool,
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be your man,
aint tryna be ya friend (be ya friend)

so tell me do you like it
drop, top, mercedes benz
top up ,cause your hair be (blowin thru da wind)
wheels spinning, hair did( blingin ring) ya dig

she pull up at the club lookin like, millions,
billions, watching you from a distance
all the fellas be watching you like a vision
ya sexy thighs,sexy hip, sexy midsect
looking real good,make a reggin wanna hit that,
forget that, i think im ready for commitment
so are you ready for submission


n-e-ways, i know you with him for a short change
but you and me together forever,
will never change
when i was younger all i thought  about was spitting game
never caring about your feeling was to remain,
the same, im sorry i cause you all this pain ( i promise you)
i fill them all with brighter days
(and hopefully) i just get a chance to say, that
(i love you) and i hope that you feel da same way 


we started out kinda real young
baby i know i was a fool
now ive grown up
all of the things we use to do
do you remember
i wanna be ya man
aint tryna be ya friend, be ya friend

i aint tryna be ya friend...
girl i only wanna be ya man
so baby want you let me in...
and i promise it will never end

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Someone to run to,
Whenever I fall.
Someone who loves me,
Knowing nothing at all.

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Take Me As I Am

I might not be perfect
I might not be smart
But what I have
comes from my heart

I do not cheat
I do not lie
What else do you
want from this guy

Take me as I am
That's all I ask from you
Take me as I am
no more begging, I'm thru

If you can't accept me
For what I have to give
being together
We can not live

Look into my eyes
And what do you see
That's Right,
a man that can make you happy

Take me as I am
That's all I ask from you
Take me as I am
no more begging, I'm thru

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What good is

What good is a flower
with petals that shine so bright
that lives in the shadows
of a deep and endless night

What good is a dove
who has lost it's mate
that wanders the world alone
the remains of his life colored slate

What good is a life
where nothing is right
where rain smothers everything
extinguishing every light

Slipping fast
I'm calling out
I'm barely hanging on
Don't look back
No can't go back
The life I once knew is gone

What good is a mind
that's bend is broken
laying frozen in time
a secret song unspoken

What good is a heart
that can't see love
that's shattered so
with no hope from above

What good is a life
where there's nothing left
the corners are empty
marks of an unknown theft

Falling fast
I'm calling out
I could no longer hang on
Don't look down
Can't ever go back
The life I have will soon be gone

What good is a body
once beautiful and pure
that lays on the ground
broken and insecure

What good is a soul
that was once so light
not a moment of anger
to stain the perfect white

What good is a life
when no one cares
just to see how close you are
to wonder if you'll take the dare

Slipping fast
I'm silent now
There's no use in hanging on
No looking back
No going back
The life I lived is long gone

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A Letter From Me to You

I'm writing this letter
to tell you that we're thru
I don't care about us
My love has faded for you

You have hurt me once
but you can't anymore
This is our last day
Then I'm out that door

You can take the car
you can have the house
Knowing from this day
You won't be my spouse

There's too much fighting
There's not enough love
When I married you 
what was I thinking of
Divorce will be simple
Papers will be mailed
Not knowing what went wrong
and how this marriage has failed

I'm sorry I told you this
in a form of a letter
But telling you in person
wouldn't make this any better

With this said and done
I must pack and go
No true love for us
This is what we now know

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you brought me to tears

You were the only one I could rely on at one point in time, 
I thought for sure you would always be there, 
I had your back and I thought you had mine, 
Things never work out the way you want them to, 
That's what I've heard, 
But I thought things with you were different, 
You were the only one who could bring me to tears, 
I never thought you would, 
But you did, 
I always had a feeling it might happen, 
I just wish I would have listened to my heart, 
Maybe I wouldn't be standing here crying over you, 
You were the only one who has ever brought me to tears, 
Your words stab so deep, 
I don't think they will ever heal, 
My heart is shattered into pieces and I have no one to help pick up the pieces, 
I just always thought you would be the one standing next to me through 
I need you, well I needed you, 
When I needed you the most you sold me out, 
You are still the only one who has ever brought me to tears, 
I get sick just thinking about it, 
I can't stand what you did to me, 
I dont even think I can stand you, 
So fake and so full of nothing, 
How can you live with yourself? 
I would like to know where things went sour, 
Maybe in due time I will let you back in my heart, 
But for now as long as you know, 
That you are the only one who has ever brought me to tears...

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Trying to escape from it all I detach from reality Knowing my spirit will be Safe Too much torment have I gone through To know that this story is truly mine Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll In my mind there is a haven Only I can enter, but everyone else is there Its there I will find a new tactic To keep on living in your torment On the way home I'll die a few times But just to know I really lived I'll have to find a new way to bleed If I want to escape I'll have to loose myself Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll Cut me off no matter how much I'll always find a way To fight and survive your kingdom I'm the only thing you desire I'm the only thing you hate I'm the only thing you need I'm you little Babydoll

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Unforgotten -2-

I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it and leave the truth behind
Well, I most certainly know...
I will not end up in ruin

Instead, I'll remain loyal to you
because you are an unforgotten memory that changed my cruel ways
Straightening up my choices,
leading me to an easing and most pleasing place

Well...I certainly know, without a doubt, you are unforgotten
in my memory and best of God's loving heart
You are forgiven in your trespassing mind that stumbles in repetitive sin 
You are an unforgotten cure to my throbbing pain
You're making me obsessive to you...sincerely insane

Though you're quite the catch 
in my sealed-up memory
You will remain
in a foolish mind 
fiddling around in flattering aspiration

You are unforgotten
In my flattered memory,
You are unforgotten 

You are a cure to my whole entire life,
unforgotten drug of mine	

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And When You Get to Heaven, Don't Wait Up

Just one more day to be saint
One more high and a new complaint
One more day to know my life is over

One more day to relive to this moment
Just one more hour while my mind is absent
One more day to redefine sober

She sings to me it’s my decision
Altar to my vision
Breathe and sigh over you
Breathe and say

From dust to blood
No one wants to live forever
From blood to dust
Eternity is now or never

Just a day to refine my nervous
Wondering how they’ll forgive my lovers
One more day to die and then it’s over

Another year and I’ll be a servant
Singing hymns and hating others
Woke up and I won’t lie sober

She’s seen through my kind 
And I know a later time 
We could see another you
Still I sing

From dust to blood
No one wants to live forever
From blood to dust
Eternity is now or never

Just today I began to suffer
Wondering why I ever bothered
Sleeping with the guilt, I know it’s over

One more year and I’d be a saint
Procrastinated son to pain
Hang around till the hangover is sober

He saw through me and mine 
I’ve never known a better time
That’s that to you and you 
Leave the soul 

From dust to blood
No one wants to live forever
From blood to dust
Eternity is now or never

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Reminiscent Foresight

Distant, Yet Distinct
Crowding My Dreams
So Hard To Concentrate 
When This Light Gleams
Shimmering In My Eyes
Breaking Thru The Passer By
Content For A Moment
Within This Memory I Lie

Running To The Door
My Foresight Needs Shade
This Dwindling Reception
Drifting As We Fade
Into Another Night's Dream
Into A Brand New Image
Just Wait One Moment
While We Assess The Damage

One Day Later
And No New Light
Just The Faint Essence
From An Endless Night
Smoke Filters The Sky
In A Failing Aspiration
Is This My Worst Dream
Or An Awful Premonition?

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To Be Alive

(To be alive is one thing but to live is another) born into world where settlement rules out purpose for life. Which leads to the one percent controlling the world. Which leads to society being comfortable with the current conditions and obstacles  place in front of them. Which leads to no room for greater evolution. Which leads to turmoil amongst our culture and our community. Which leads to crime in America and manipulation of minds. Which leads to no hope for most.

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Promises Promises

Promises, Promises...
Dwindle In Perspective
Decisions So Imminent
Often Less Persuasive
Searching For Some Answers 
In A Sea Of Questions
These Times So Uncertain
Show Fading Intentions

Promises, Promises...
Fade Into Forgotten Dreams
Giving In So Quickly
To Such Heartless Schemes
Strung Out To The End
On Te Verge Of Callous
When Will Reality Set In
And Resolve This Malice?

Promises, Promises...
Will We Waste Another Day?
Such False Premonitions
In The Words That You Say
Seldom A Solution
To Suffice The Soul
When Living A Lie
Truth Takes It's Toll!

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Compassion For Mary

Sad are these days for Mary
Your eyes are filled and teary  
The stories you tell of family pain 
It must make your life a total strain  
Trust one day it all will change 
I know sometimes life feels strange 
Your faith in God will help you understand 
He knows for he to, was once just a man
God only hands out a challenge, to those that are strong  
And I pray for your sake this sorrow won’t last to long
Live in shame NO more 
You’re not to blame anymore 
Hold you head up and face them all 
You’re a good person, so stand up tall 
Find a place to feel to be at peace 
And we will all pray for the deceased 

This poem is for the peace and healing for Mary Dunhart 
May her world become a peaceful place filled with love and grace?

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Oh Golden Fairy

The day I saw you first.
Gave me an eternal and perpetual thrist;
The beauty that through your eyes flow-
With it even the most modest nature glows.

Your soft lips as if they seem,
Rare to be found like a unique gleam;
Your talks that are soft spoken-
With it even the sleeping mountains waken.

Like a soft rose's jerk, your sighs-
Like truth's triumph over lies;
How many days have passed since -
Whence your view did my body rinse.

Let once again your sight cheer myself with feelings new-
From the bottomless heart of mine Oh! My fairy "I love you".      

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My Sin

Verse 1:  
           Let the darkness swallow me in/ there's no light where I've been/ there's no 
saving me from where I am/ I can hear them calling/ hear them wanting/ wanting 
me/ for my sin/calling me/ for my sin/ punishing me/ for my sin/

         Wanting you/ was my sin/ loving you/ was my sin/ letting you/ let me in/ was 
my sin/ was my sin/ dreaming of you/ was my sin/ being too/ deep in/ was my sin/ 
was my sin/

Verse 2: 
       Feelings for you keep lingering/ not knowing what I was thinking/ It's time to 
face this black hole inside me/ there's no more need of fighting/ I must accept 
what I did/ loving you/ when you was loving someone else/ was my sin/

Chorus: 2x

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Your Actions

Your actions you make all have consequences
But see you act before you think and don't use any of your senses.
You try to act cool as if everything is all right,
But when you go into your room you cry all night.

You try to make things back right even though it's gonna be hard,
But like they said you should of thought from the start.
Now you really feel bad because you know you was wrong,
But it seems like that friend you could of had is really gone.

You know no one is perfect everybody has sin 
But you can't deal with the fact that it's happening again.
You're going back the way you just came from 
You've been trying to hide but you never can run.

Somehow it comes back hunting you day after day,
And for some reason no matter where you go trouble is always in the way.
So all you know now is to think before you act,
Because depending on what you do determines what comes back.

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Baby What's Wrong

         Baby what's wrong/(repeat)/ what's wrong with you/(repeat)/'cuz you're 
looking so blue/(looking so blue)/is it because/(repeat)/you miss your baby boo/
( your baby boo)/I know how you feel/(repeat)/'cuz I feel it too/(feel it too)/ ah, ah, ah

Verse: Cherish the memories/(repeat)/'cuz you'll never see/(you'll never see)/ 
them again/(repeat)/even though it hurts/(repeat)/your gonna keep on crying/
(keep on crying)/I feel your pain/(repeat)/'cuz my life's the same/(my life's the 


Verse2: I know it hurts/(repeat)/but this is a lesson to learn/(a lesson to learn)/ 
you feel depressed/(repeat)/but don't go against/(don't go against)/god's words/
(repeat)/things will be alright/(repeat) if you just sit tight/(repeat)/


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cellophane girl







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When will it be my turn.,to have a living life? Sometimes i sit and wonder, if it will 
be when i die...everyday i sit here,  sad and all everyone i care about, 
Have they just forgotten ME!, I AM REALLY HERE....!Do they even notice that I cry 
so many tears? I wish I really knew this,why my breaths always at risk..,when all 
it is ,i want or need, simply is just this......
Just to talk, or play a game, a minute of your time...I miss living LIFE so much, 
and being LEFT BEHIND...
Am I just a burden,or simply in tier way?,I hope and pray they never find 
themselves JUST like me someday!!!!!!

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Left Behind

Gathering At The Other Side Of Town
With Hearts In Hand And Hate In Mind
Beliefs Will Often Misconstrue
And Lead Only To What’s Left Behind
No Room For Growth In Destruction
When Each Word Could Be Your Last
Where Can You Really Consort
When Your Cause Has Come And Past?

With Each Day Comes The Passer By
Into The Reaches Of Their Heart
With Each Sunset They Do Remind
That Their Arms Will Never Part
Dreams Come At A Price
And The Claim Remains Unpaid
Can Suicide Be A Sacrifice
When The Hope Is Human Made?

Ode To The Establishment
For Your Arms Do Still Drape
Covering The Eyes Of Innocence
From Your Unrelenting Hate
Gathering At The Other Side Of Town
With Hearts In Hand And Hate In Mind
Beliefs Will Often Misconstrue
And Lead Only To What’s Left Behind

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If They Made Do Right Pills

If they made "Do Right Pills" 
I would buy them and give to my friend.
She needs help to brighten her way.
For there is a husband with her
Tho he stands in her way.

I would write the prescription 
For them to be taken 
Morning, noon and night
For there is alot to be done
For him to just get close 
To doing what is right.

He does not what it takes to please her
For he knows it is not demanded
He knows he can do nothing
And everything stays the same.

Nor does it matters of what she may have to say
He'll listen for awhile 
And then turn and be on his merry way.

She says one day will be her day
And it is not too far away.
I hope she is right and her plans she will carry thur
Maybe she has found a cure and no longer cares 
What will happen to you.

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I'd Rather Be Alone

Love and commitment
What are the definitions of the words?
I have heard so many
But the truth is a blur
I'd rather be alone 
And spare my heart
Stop the pain
Before it even start
Just be free of drama
And live my life brand new
I'd rather be alone
After all that I've been through
Too tired and I just need a rest
And realize firsthand 
I need to love me more than less
Life is too short 
And my heart is not that strong
I don' t need love 
I'd rather be alone
Having my heart broken 
Is something I don't need again
In a world that is winning 
Why am I the only one losing?
Just let love die 
And move on
Forget about my happiness
I'd rather be alone
I need time to heal from my past
Because the love that I needed the most
Didn't even last
I must fine a place where my heart can have a home
But for right now
I swear I'd rather be alone

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Face to Face with Fear

Face to Face with Fear
The burning of flesh,
The smell of skin,
The fear of scars
from within.

A glance in the mirror,
A look on the face,
A tear from the eye,
when you feel out of place.

The pain and suffering,
one may go thru,
Wakin' up everyday
having people stare at you

Only time will tell
How it will heal
Taking off the bandages
not knowing what it will reveil

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My Mask

I cry so many times and yet no one sees it
I cry so deep in my heart and yet no one hears it
sadly I can look you in the face and show you joy
when deep down I feel pain,I can give you smiles 
with my words and never let on I'm in pain ,my mask 
is well and you'll never see it,for you see I've learned to disguise it,
I can give you love and never know it,why because I stopped learninig how to 
show it.

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These Walls

All Bearing Within The Lines
Every Word Breeds Belief
No Such Hope In Humanity
Only That Which To Conceive
The Invaluable Truths
Draw Out False Picture
Your Choice To Fall
Nowhere In Scripture

A Cold Sullen Heart
Holds The Lingering Insult
Sitting Alone In Anguish
Destroying What's Inside
No One Can See Emotion
Disguised By Your Expression
An Example Of The Trust
Leaves An Unlikely Impression

Within All That Resolve
There Resides The Hatred
All Of The Fallen Thoughts
Stored Beside Nothing Sacred
Consumed By Numbed Feeling
Devoured By Hopeless Intent
No One Can See Your Soul
Through These Walls You Invent

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About a World

Don't sin and cry to me
(I do)
I never promised to agree
(I do)
Smile, kill, rinse, repeat
(I do)
Spill the shells at our children's feet

You make it harder to
Lay down and die
Point the question at troubled skies

I do

I'm liking what I see
(I do)
Clean and civil sanity
(I do)
For best results, overdo
(I do)
Collapse and promise that you'll lose

You make it harder to
Lay down and die
Point the question at troubled skies

Don't sin and cry to me
(I do)
Blinded suitor always sees
(I do)
Smile, kill, rinse, repeat
(I do)
A fine institution, indeed

You make it harder to
Lay down and die
Point the question at troubled skies

I do

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How could you

-Verse 1-
My love was so true
I never would ever had hurted you
But you choose to hurt me
When you were where I really wanted to be
I just can't seem to figure out
Why would you want to do this to me
When I felt like my life was complete
Now my heart is feeling so empty
Until I can't even get up off my feet

How could you do the things that you do
When I told you how much I love you
How could you play me like such a fool
When I thought that you were my boo
I don't think things could ever be the same 
All because of you

-Verse 2-
I felt like we could start a family
Live life so sweet,good, and happy
But I was so blind and couldn't see
That you was all this time playing me
How could I be such a fool
To ever fall in love with you
Even after all that I been through 
I just can't believe that you would do this to me


I guess that good things don't always last
I'm trying so hard to let the pain go past
But it hurts so much down deep in my heart
I should have known you would do this from the start
But I let you get into my head
Now this is the result for giving you my love


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Love, True Love is Painful

The pain reflects in her eyes
He sadly says, "Hon, I'm sorry but I've got to go."
She screams in pain
She cried all night.
But now she can safely say,
I'll never make that mistake again.
I'll never have to say my heart is broken,
And that I think I'm gonna die.
Love, true love, is painful
It hurts so bad
When  you Have to say goodbye....
Love, true love, is painful
When the man you love breaks your heart.
I hope that you don't make my mistake
The men in this world cannot be trusted
I hope the man you truly love never says goodbye.
Cause I know,
Love, true love, is painful
It hurts so bad when you have to say goodbye

True love is painful
Never say Goodbye 

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I Must Live

There are times I feel I can’t go on
Times I feel I’m beyond time
Despite my frustration I have
And despite how the world is to me
I must live
I wonder just how much my past
Has over me
How my upbringing affects me today
My restraints
My short comings
Nonetheless, I must live

When things seems as if they’re never ok
When no matter how hard you try to push it your way
I need to see what life holds for me
I must live to see
I must live to see
To parent my offspring
I must live
To see what the future brings
I must live
Even though the coin tossed the other way
I must live
I must live
I must live

Do we give 2nd thought to why we are here?
Or do we give in to our fears?
So many things I realize I don’t know
Reason enough to live or let go?
I don’t have the world to give
But, I must… live

Part of me lives in all I do
It would be selfish to not share the fruits
The liberties giving from blood shed
My ancestor years ago bled 
I must live for the years to come
I must live, I must live, I must live

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I Know Why

I know why the abused don’t cry
To hide their tears from you and I
With scars on their hearts, way too deep…
And memories of madness, they wish not to keep
To hide in the dark until they all die…
I know why the abused don’t cry

And I know why the abused don’t grin
Going throughout life as if it were a sin
Walking around with a frown on their face
And the scars that hurt the worst, don’t leave a trace
Looking at life, as if they’ll never win…
I know why the abused don’t grin

I know why the abused don’t fly….
Higher and higher, up to the sky
They’re chained to the ground like a bird in its’ cage
Each time they are beaten, they fill up with rage
Closing their eyes, each time they sigh…
I know why the abused don’t fly

Yes, and I know why the abused don’t cry…
Afraid to laugh, cause it’d be a lie
Screaming and crying, at night, in their sleep
Praying to survive… but the wounds are too deep
So, to hide in the dark, until we all die…
I know why the abused don’t cry

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“Blinded Love”

“She” was his only passion,
used to make love for long session!
He could see,
& he could understand,
that his life was drifted to a no-man’s land!
by that girl, 
whom he thought, could bring turnaround,
coz in the company of her,
blissful ecstasy he had found,
but how he could imagine,
about the shackles that had him bound!
now he sees at the cage,
& thinks about the free dove,
thinks about peace & freedom,
& looks inside for his broken heart,
that realizes him of his blinded love,
His love was a blinded love!

Sees around here & there,
Prayin’ for her to appear!
Just to settle the scores with her,
Make her notice of his anxiousness & distress,
that she ceases to bother!
now he sees at the cage,
& thinks about the free dove,
the dove has flown & settled,
he’s here,
nursin’ his broken heart pale & rattled!
ever thinks of the moments with the woman,
out of shear insanity calls himself a fool,``
coz during the unfavorable times that he witnessed,
even his wisdom had been deceived & failed to rule!
now he’s alone,
with no one around & above,
& he realizes of his blinded love!
His love was a blinded love!
His love was a blinded love!

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I had a dream of you, my precious baby
Of holding you tight, keeping you safe all night
You'd be my first, my miricale baby

Your tiny fingers, your little glowing eyes
A smile to shine as bright as the stars that light my night
My special baby

When you learn to crawl
Your first walk
The very first words i'd hear you utter

Your first birthday, and every holiday
Mommy, daddy, play with me
My darling baby

To feel you kick inside of me
Your first breath, your little heartbeat
A gift from God, taking place
The eagerness to see your smiling face

The joy it brings to sing you to sleep
The warmth egnited from the innocent love of a child
Watching you grow day by day
Lighting your world, leading your way
Everything you'd ever want, ever need
I'd gladly give my life for you, my baby

Every feeling i'd ever recieve
From loving you, my dear, I felt in one night's dream
But i'll never get to live the end
Because Your life in this world wasn't able to begin

All this said, I wish was only a dream
But honey, this was a reality corrupted by me
I never meant to hurt you, if only i'd known you were there
If only you knew how much I care

You'll forever stay in my dreams
I'm sorry, my beloved baby.....

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Save a soul

Many are hungry feed one.
Many are naked cloth one.
Many are homeless shelter one.
Many are begging give one.
Many are hopeless give hope one.
Many are helpless help one.
Many are lost find one.
Many are sick treat one.
Many are unconscious awaken one.
Many are imprison free one.
Many are dieing, save one.
A soul save today may save your soul once.

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Last night we laid in bed
all was pleasant and fine
I woke up this morning you were gone
I about lost my mind

You have done this before
but only when you got scared
About things getting serious 
you hoped I didn’t care

You wanted things to go your way
but we both got under one another skin
Both our emotions collided
set us forth in sin

Now as I wake your gone
no where to be found
The house is all quiet
there is no sound

I see your cloths are missing
and you don’t pick up your phone
I should of seen it coming
now I sit alone

I know your probably at the bus station
or catchin the train
I can go after you like I did before
and find you before i go insane

But why hold on to someone
that doesn’t want to be loved
Why hold to someone that is all
I ever think of

You knew what you were getting into
and still got close to me
To lead me on 
and still leave me feeling lonely

Should I feel betrayed or even hurt
in any such way
As you silently leave
with nothing to say

You walk out as if to never existed
knowing you got real close to me
Knowing I cared and loved you
now you are nothing to be

I know I never did you wrong 
we have always had fun
But I only have one question for you
why do you run….

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Saw the world in mommy's eyes
Through the blood and tears she cries
Now I have to sell my soul 
To the fingers around her throat

(When no one's around)

The devil's in the walls
The devil's in the walls
The devil's in the walls
Do you wanna be alone?

Point and laugh till you're pushed in
Sins of the father are stories for children
But if you want to live at all
Innocence will take the fall

Daddy was a lesson learned
Rather go away and spread his word
To anyone willing to hear
Ones who love have too much fear

(When no one's around)

The devil's in the walls
The devil's in the walls
The devil's in the walls
Do you wanna be alone?

Point and laugh till you're pushed in
Sins of the father are stories for children
But if you want to live at all
Innocence will take the fall

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How will this end
What am I to do
Anyone can hear it clear
I’m the one to blame
Nothing ever changes in this life we call love
Everyday its gets harder to live
I just can’t seem to move
This time around

Crying in the dark, pitch black of the night, too much to see of the unseen

How many more deaths to fill
Till I die finally
To many guilt
Is this what they call fear
How many more nights of chasing
Through this phase I prayed to leave
I pray the day you go
Is this the last I’ll see of you
I hope so

Crying in the dark, pitch black of the night, too much to see of the unseen

I’m the coward who done you wrong
I’d deserved all the dirt of deeds
I’d learned I’m the dark of your day
Please stop hating me

Crying in the dark, pitch black of the night, too much to see of the unseen

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Come Back To Me

Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
I was just getting use to you!
So love, please come back to me!
I didn't expect for it to be this good
Forgot what it was like or maybe misunderstood
The good feeling of love in my life
Something to great and powerful and rite
So please don't leave me standing here like this
Not knowing what will happen and feeling all this bliss
I'm upset and I'm not sure how I feel
So love, tell me this feeling isn't real
Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
I was just getting use to you!
So love, please come back to me!

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One with a reason for their anger
Another whom is guilty
Humblness is replaced by immature excuses
Skeletons are pulled from the closet to even score
Apologies avoided
Honor is scored
Words strike like stray bullets
Sorry, seen as a omition of failure
Lashing continue
An apology never given
Fight forgotten until the next time
Theres no solution to anger drawn before apologies
This is called combat anger

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If not me, than who?

You say you needed to wait
So I gave you space
Said things couldn’t happen this way
And that you wanted to embrace
The good things life had to offer
But when the time is right, you’ll do
If not me, than who?

With one breath you said I’m unhappy
I offered you the best of me
You declined, replied Boi we’ll see
The other side of your mouth says something different
It’s easy for me to put the facts together and make a inference
I hope you find what it is you seek
Just a shame, he’s not in Me!
Maybe just maybe I’m not person to be with you
If not me, than who?

Go ahead, do your thing and see where it gets you
Don’t expect me to wait around with nothing to do
I’m young, and there is a lot out there
Separate ways we part, and you not care
I have not control, or part in what you do
If it's not me you want, than who?

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The Way I Feel

The way i feel seems to real 
The way people love to lie, kill, and steal.
And if they knew it's not such a thrill
So go and try to get on an army drill.
This is how i feel so i got to keep it real!

The way i felt seemed to sad,
And half the time i was always mad,
Because people loved to talk about my past,
And if they knew me i'll advise you not to brag!
This is how i felt so some people considered me bad.

The way i feel seemed to be due to my past.
And at times it was a blast,
But i knew it wouldn't last 
And then everything top me began to go bad.
This is how i felt and it should make you sad!

The way i feel i know i can change,
But it will always be hard to rearrange
because most of my little life has been in pain
And now it is time for me to gain,
This is how i felt and now i have changed!

Jessica Harris

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Hold Your Peace

Hey there friend,
Are you happy
To see me?
I like to see you too;
You make me laugh.
Let's smile together;
I hope that it's real, 
What you feel
When you're silly.
Can I ask you,
When you take a hit,
Do you think you can do it,
Do anything?
What's your tomorrow?
Can I borrow
Some of your nonchalance,
"Do what I want"
Can I help you?
Do you need help?
Are you happy?

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To my friend

Hush now little baby 
You’ll soon forget about it maybe 
I’ll be right here to keep you company
When you’re feeling sad and lonely

Hush now my dear friend 
The darkness will soon end
Don’t let the world hear you wailing
I’ll be beside you to keep you smiling

I hope you Still Sing

Sing, sing out loud and let the world know you’re alive
Dance to let them know you’re not out of sight

A bright shy you’ll soon be seeing
Just don’t let them realize what you’re feeling
Maybe just for this moment you are the loser
But in end you will regain power

I hope you still sing despite of everything
I love to hear you laugh despite of the wailing
For behind the tears you will see a better way
So that you will soon find a brighter day

Sing, sing out loud and let the world know you‘re brave
And dance to let them know you are safe.

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Lonely Girl

There she sits alone again
Crying in her bedroom
And no one even knows at all

The days when she comes to school
So sad and depressed,
Everyone wonders why

No one really knows the scared her,
The real her

They think she’s happy,
They think she’s got it all,

But really she’s so scared and alone
And no one even knows
She just wants to cry out

She’s screaming at the top of her      lungs
Hoping someone reaches out
But no one even hears her

All she wants is someone to care,
Someone to love her

Some days she feels like
She just wants to give up,
Like there’s no sense of moving on

But then she thinks of her future
And the people that she loves
And she just keeps pushing on

Even though it feels like it’s not right
All the fights,
About everything…
That went wrong in her life

Really she’s so scared and alone
And no one even knows
She just wants to cry out

She’s screaming at the top of her lungs
Hoping someone reaches out
But no one even hears her

All she wants is someone to care,
Someone to love her

Really she’s so scared and alone
And no one even knows
She just wants to cry out

She’s screaming at the top of her lungs
Hoping someone reaches out
But no one even hears her

All she wants is someone to care,
All she wants is someone to care,
All she wants is someone to care,
Someone to love her.

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Daughter, sister,
Wife, mother,
Adjectives of kinship
Are worthy of worship

Markers of purity,
Idols of sanctity,
Yet victims of atrocity!
Strange cozenage of sanctity!!

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She's a mirror to the outside world
Prostetic porcelain girl
She appears as a rag doll torn
An honest case
Still born
Tried so hard to make the show
To condemn it all to hell
I guess I will never know
How to diminish the spell

Shrouded in the lucid dream
I will number the dead
You can never escape the clutches 
Of my fragile Harlequin

Sweet aftertaste of genocide
Hidden in this stitch
Laced in a smiling frown for me
Advertise innocence
If I knew it'd end like this
There'd be no finger prints

Shrouded in the lucid dream
I will number the dead
You can never escape the clutches 
Of my fragile Harlequin

Feeling daunted
I lay defeated
For everyone to see

Shrouded in the lucid dream
I will number the dead
You can never escape the clutches 
Of my fragile Harlequin

Take your
Take your
I know better than to be
I know I'm the last to leave
My shattered Harlequin

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Missing My Mommy

They say you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.
Well I am here to tell you it’s true.

I never knew how much I looked to my mom for her advice. 
I really suppressed the feelings of love for my mother, but now that she is gone I 
would give anything to tell her how much I do and did love her. Just to hug her 
once again, to brush her mane of gold, or even to do that one more favor she 
may need from me. It would be worth it you know.

Every now and then I can sense her presence. I hear her words, coughs, and 
beckoning. I can smell her and feel her beside me telling me it is ok, she is now 
out of pain and happier than she had been for a really long time, but I can’t help 
missing my mommy.
She used to encourage me to have a mind of my own and not to just go along 
with the crowd, but to be one of a kind. Although she had a hard time telling how 
much she loved me or showing appreciation for the woman I had become she 
tried even if I didn’t see it at the time. 

She may not have been the most nurturing mother of all times and I must admit 
that she quite the selfish one, but no matter she was still my mommy.

There are days when everywhere I turn I see things no matter how slight, that 
remind me of her. It may be a song or television show she liked. Maybe it is a 
flower or something of nature or it could be a sentimental item she would have 
liked, but it all still echoes of my mommy just the same.

When in midstream of thoughts of her it is difficult to bring myself back to the 
reality that she is gone from this cruel place we call Earth. 

The only thing that truly comforts me is knowing she is not really all that far away 
and someday I will see her again in heaven, she will be the one talking Jesus’ 
and God’s ears off. 

As for me at this moment I am not so sad anymore even though I am missing my 

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I held my head up high in
The cloud..
The stardust sprinkle in tune
Yet waves and dance to the
Old minstrel band
With broken strings, cords all
Out of tune..
But the minstrel band just pay
No never mind,
Just played on with broken strings,
Cords all out of tune..
Life reflections undefined, in 
Depth the soul lives on..
Silently the soul whispers with
Broken wings..
The stardust sprinkle in tune
Sustain each tear,
With broken strings, cords all
Out of tune..
Yet waves and dance to the old
Minstrel band,
With silver teardrops filling the
From broken wings, soul silently

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Building home

The construction process is going on
            Cleaning the area, removing the con
                    For the foundation to begin
                            Making an effort to win
                            Utilizing the stock of the materials 
                      Working hard with the laborers
                                   For not to affect the design
                                   Everything should be in line
                                   Battle on the field is on
                                   The family conflict goes on
All these efforts seems to be in vain
My heart is all in pain
Never I want to give up
Yearning to pick up
Trying hard to persuade
 For which the foundation is laid
 When we will live together happily
 Why there is the split in the family
 Like the water is essential for construction
Understanding and patience is for affection
Which will end the separation
Like the bricks for the building
Trust should be there for loving
Do not ignore even a small thing
Be involved and caring
Otherwise everything will be lost
Don't hurt the sentiments at any cost

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Many Questions (Depression)

Another day had ended, as she took off her dress
Another night with no-one, feeling depressed
She curled up all alone, on the corner of her bed
Feeling forgotten, her eyes wet and red

Her face soaking wet, her eyes over flowing
As depression sit in, she cried out without knowing
She picked up the silver, striking her wrist
Heartbroken and depressed, as she clenched her fist

She was seeking many questions, through her painful tears
But she got  no response, as her mind showed her fears
She was seeking many questions, as she stared at the knife
And as she popped another pill.......... she took her life

She was found in her blood, one cold Sunday morn
Dried tears on her cheeks, looking tattered and torn
Her sheets covered red, in her blood where she laid
The silver handle in her hand, where she looked up and prayed

She was seeking many questions, through her painful tears
But she got no response, as her mind showed her fears
She was seeking many questions, as she stared at the knife
And as she popped another pill.......... she took her life

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summer pain

looking in the mirror i say,
"i forgive you today."
but thats just a lie; 
just to pass me by,
just what am i supposed to say?
oh sweet summer pain,
slowly driving me insane!
i didn't want to grow,
but i just dont know;
i don't wanna go all the way...
and so i cry,
deep down inside;
i feel as if i lie!
but i dont know why,oh why.
you feel it too, 
as if it's true;
deep down inside you.
but you dont know what to do.
just believe in you...

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Heavenly Peace

Mother said she was getting weary,
And wanted to be at rest.
But God saw her work unfinished,
And kept her 'til He thought it best.
Now her work has been done,
A race well run,
The troubles of the world will cease.
She deserves the best, of eternal rest,
Sleep on in Heavenly Peace

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A Good Example, Of Being a Man

A good example, of being a man
O, from Jesus, God’s beloved son
Would you not like to take a share? 
Of His graces, for us, He prepared

Be thankful, for the life, he gave you
Yes, O yes, be thankful, and be true

A good example, of being a man
O, heed the calling of the Holy One
Would you not listen when he speak?
For in Him, the true life, that we seek

His scriptures, from them never depart
Yes, O, yes, bind them all in your heart 

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Poetry Laureate


is multi-

and cheerful giver

and old


have a lot of things 
to say



bring peace
joy and love

this what
make us different

this is


and support every one
just like what 

poetry laureate  

for us, all

my congratulations to you, my dear friend Carol.

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Sweet Blood

…And there’s the wine
Of red, rose and white
In a slant cellar

Red as in red of your blood
Rose as in rose of your lovely prose
White as in white of your purity of life

If, one must choose
I chose you, sweet blood…
For my lonely heart

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Memory Lane

Tonight as I walk down memory lane, I have no hand to hold, I'm all alone
The garden rose is wilted and dead, like my heart since you went away 
Fall has come here today, with dead leaves falling all around
A broken mirror lies on the ground, with no reflection of you today

As I walk this lane of tears, I see the images of broken hearts
I see those days of golden bliss, turn to days of of blue and gray
The lane is full of war and pain, of two broken hearts torn apart
There's spots of black on the lane, from our days of when we'd stray

Memory lane covered with tears, it's ditches flooded from our eyes
So many glasses from the face, covered in mud on memory lane
The miles are long so full of sorrow, from that night of sad goodbyes
It seems so long it never ends, filled with images of only pain

There is no sun just dark and blue, not even days of I love you
I look to the sky on memory lane, but only see raining tears
So I turn around and walk right back, gotta get off of this memory lane
I pray someday that I will find, the way to rid me of my fears

Memory lane covered with tears, it's ditches flooded from our eyes
So many glasses from the face, cover in mud on memory lane
The miles are long so full of sorrow, from that night of sad goodbyes
It seems so long it never ends, filled with images of only pain

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Wax Man

His hatred here to stay
Their feelings float away
That man was cast in stone
He'll be here long after we're dead and gone
Chewing on his 7th sin
Understand? He can't begin
To feel the error in his ways
So he sits and numbers the days

Where is the sunshine when the martyr falls
You kept it all behind the glass wall
So he falls from paradise again
To play God with little children

My babel tower to rise
Steal the breath and smear the skies
Push it all out, try to pretend
But you can't change anything in the end
My hatred here to stay
Your feelings float away
Wave around a loaded gun
Temper, temper little one

Where is the sunshine when a the martyr falls
You kept it all behind the glass wall
So he falls from paradise again
To play God with little children
When my heart cried out in agony
No one held me and said never again
Slouching in my throne with devils in my head
Homeless, friendless, now powerful instead

I'd prefer not to confess
My mind is in distress

Where is the sunshine when a child falls
You kept it all behind the glass wall
So he falls from heaven into you
To play God wthis king, this fool

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As she lies in darkness, she awaits.
She cries herself to sleep. Scars leave such pains.
She can't stay asleep, she has these nightmares.
She's misunderstood, but she's not insane.

She awaits the day that she will see peace.
She awaits that moment where the silence is alright. 
She awaits the time that girls see justice.
She hopes that someday her vision will be in sight.

As she watches the sun set
The anticipation is killing her.
All she needs is to escape,
But the chilling memories are like murder.

Anticipation is everywhere.
Though she's crying and it's late,
What she doesn't know is that the best cure for 
Anticipation is to wait.

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A life burn

Do you like to write without a theme?
Without milk can you get a cream?
Can you build a tower without a beam?
Is it a matter if engine works without stream?

What subject would you like to choose?
When someone is travelling in a cruise,
When weather is rainy and tired are strong,
Clouds have thunder and flashing without fuise.

When a person is struggling to lead a boat,
He is nervous and wandering without a coat,
He fights to save others and didn’t care for him,
If he shall die for a good cause we shall salute.

If he shall leave others alone for a fight,
If he will jump alone in everyone’s light,
How do you think when all want to live?
If he saves others and kills himself is it right?

When a danger comes all have to run,
Ignore to everyone without a life burn,
What is that when a person prefers himself?
Everyone likes to enjoy straight without turn.

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Your birthday 2

dedicated to Ursula T. Gibson

from California

May came back to the Earth again.

His way from last year was very long.

But May is a merry young man.

He writes poems and sings songs.

Go to your garden – you’ll hear his «Hi!»

May wants to congratulate you on

the anniversary of your birthday!

He gives you a sunny, blue sky,

the smile of your husband, and this whole day!

May wishes that our countries always live in peace,

and flowers blossom along all the land.

I send you my friendly kiss;

I love you, my dearest, real FRIEND!

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In His Sorrow

I see, I hear, I feel
him in his sorrow. 

My heart 
sees, the pain
he tries to hide, 
behind the smile.

My heart
hears, the anguish
in his voice,
as he speaks.

My heart
feels, the heartache
he suffers,
with his loss.

The love that was 
to be forever, 
true, and unconditional
is gone.

The heart 
and soul 
perishes with 
every breath taken.

Memories, of 
that love, 
are the only 
thing left.

I had no one's heart 
to see, hear, or feel 
my cries for comfort
when I needed it the most.

My heart 
surrenders to him 
what I needed 
so desperately.

My heart
knows the misery
a soul can possess
when the suffering
continues to dwell within.

Happiness and laughter
turned to tears. 
Tranquil sleep
turned to restless nights. 

Trust, that was 
never doubted, 
is now an anxiety 
that the mind doesn’t 
seem to rest.

Questions of why
and how exhaust
your every thought
and remain unanswered.

Pain builds 
a wall of protection. 
To keep out 
whoever dares 
to come too close.

Anger stirs within 
ready to lash out 
at the first word 
that just doesn’t 
seem to sound right.

The emotions, 
of your heart
and mind, fluctuate 
its ups and downs. 

My Dearest Jim.
I give you my ears 
to listen.
I give you my shoulder
to weep upon.

You are not alone.
I am here faithfully.
With open arms
to give you the comfort
that I needed once so desperately.

I see, I hear, I feel
him in his sorrow.

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I’m drinking whiskey 
In the cold
Kiss me and perhaps
I may grow old
Until then
I’m drinking 
Whiskey in the cold

I will never know you
Well I guess 
We were granted 
The benefit 
Of becoming acquainted
Enduring the shadows 
That mirror 
Our pictures painted
An expedition
One for all
Yet we remain tainted
How far shall we go
To resume these precious
Elements of snow
My ode to Colorado
I miss you 
And you aren’t gone 
I miss you 
And I’m the one 
Who left home
So I miss you

Yet here I am 
Drinking whiskey 
In the cold
Do you miss me 
Perhaps, together
We’ll grow old
Don’t leave me here
Drinking whiskey 
In the cold 

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A poem For You

You want a great poem,
But I can't give you one.
You expect so much from me, 
And I don't.
You embarrass me so much,
And I hate it.
You don't know when to stop,
You go way to far.
I can't wait till' this is over.
I don't like it one bit.
If you're still expecting a great poem,
Then this one is true,
Because it comes from my heart.
I wish you could see,
But you're too full of yourself.
I bet you can't see that either.
You don't respect me,
So I don't respect you...
Its time to start treating me right,
Because this is a poem for you.

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Endless fight

How many people were born today?
How many people were dead today?
How many people were getting injured?
How many people were moving murdered?

How many people are in a race?
How many people are facing grace?
How many people are working hard?
How many people are playing just card?

How many people are fell in love?
How many people had broken a jab?
How many people have wanted to live?
How many people are digging a grave?

How many people are coloured and white?
How many people have a religious fight?
How many people are fighting for a problem?
How many people are helping for a solution?

How many people are suffering for peace?
How many people are moving for a lace?
How many people are degraded and defaulted?
How many people were punished and halted?

Endless fight is moving to achieve,
Endless aims are forcing for grieve,
Time is passing and achieving what a man?
Food and drink is only a living fan.

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A Guide

I hear you, nothing turns over a night.
I have patience and then what is fight?
How long can I wait if you are serving?
Who comes over me and what is this bite?

They are close you, you are caring them,
But you never think a system isn’t bright.
It is a matter of justice and equality,
How can I stop you are robbing in a day light?

Look at me, my fight is only for food,
You always ignore me and flying as a kite.
Your death is also a guide for my poor nation,
You crushed me and my visionary sight.

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Calendar Pages

The calendar's pages flipped so quickly
Days scattered away with the wind
Moments hung on the string of thoughts
Laughter is the music heard

Days are turned into clouds in the sky
Feathers of friendship circled them now
Lighting their way to the stars
That danced with lovely glows

I shall miss every moment with you,
With the people I have spent time with,
I shan't forget these lovely times
As I take flight every day

Hoping you share the same feeling,
I raise my hand up in space
Waving hello when you approach,
While I engulf you when you shall go...

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Beneath Your Feet

Bury me 
A bit further over the hills
I ask you to carry me
Bury me
Never shall we perish
Together we 
So please bury me
Misery indeed
Onward, no boundaries 
The sin that I lead
I shall ask no more
Bury me 
Just past those hills 
I will have you carry me 
As those whom tear for me, will
Bury me 

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Lonely NIghts

it's so cold
but yet
i'm covered with a quilt
My soul quiver
Awaiting for you to 
Come and seal the compassion
That rise in my heart 
Love and trust 
Helped build 
But why you leave me 
TO wander off to the night 
With them hookers hustlers 
Pimps,hoes and dikes
who hate you 
Don't care 
The ones who stole your life
Yeah' and left me 
Covered in these 
Lonely nights 
in fear

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All in your life will be well!

 Marsha D. Arnold from California

It’s unimportant how old you are,

because I see in you the girl,

who looks at the world trustfully

through alert eyes. 

Until now, you have been able

to be surprised and admired,

to take offence and cry

in your beautiful, merry, or sad stories.

Yes, you are actually

an adult girl with a gentle soul,

You are a girl who has

Belief, hope and a lot of love

In your heart.

My dear! You should feel happy,

because you have a fortress,

where you can always hide

from troubles, excitements and bad problems.

That fortress is your family, your imagination,

and your wonderful stories.

And I give you now magic words,

« It all will be well in your life!»

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Cordial Appreciation

Together, day by day

In your best apron
And I in my evening suit

Hmm, the soup 
Is boiling
With your finest herbs

I tasted it
And wish I have cooked it first
...your bowl of wordy art


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tears of my heart

Tears of my heart
just tearing me apart

deep down inside
is were they hide

when you look
can you see
for they hide
deep down inside

tears of my heart
trying to find away out
just tearing me apart

if they only knew
 they were lost
 they don't have a clue

deep down inside is were they hide

waiting to find someone to care
or have someone else bear

these tears of my heart
do you care

for they are just tearing me apart

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She appears really mean
But I guess she would change
Annoying people, making fun of them
That’s how she is

Everybody is mad at her
She’s rude and speaks offensive languages
She needs a friend
Who will it be?

             I don’t think it’s me
             I can’t face a rude girl
             But I guess I’m her only hope
             The girl who doesn’t go with the crowd
             And always been herself

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Broken Hearts Bar

This is the place where they come to escape the stress in their lives 
A lot is from their husbands and wives 
This place gives them a lift 
The regulars start swooping in at 10 am from a long night shift 
At one time or another, everyone hurts and bears some kind of painful scars 
You can find all kinds of emotional burden here at the Broken Hearts Bar 
The doctors, the suits, the welders, we get them all 
Others escape by attempting to crank out a tune on the piano facing the west wall 
After a few drinks, everybody starts feeling well 
The alcohol numbs and strips away our protective shell 
Everyone enjoys talent night, it makes them feel good 
Distorted by the liquid courage, they believe this is their ticket to Hollywood 
A taxi driver of 23 years, complains about his back 
He has his pain killers with a double shot of Jack 
There is always a place for my down and out guests 
I lend an ear and allow them to get it off their chest 
The winners and losers come here because they are accepted for who they are 
Everyone is welcomed to the city's center of depression, the Broken Hearts Bar 
George tells me tonight he will be visiting for the last time 
He says this every night right around nine 
George takes a moment to reflect on the troubles of his past 
He tells me it's true, nice guys finish last 
So long, my time is near 
I will become a nobody and disappear 
He tells all his friends to keep reaching for the stars 
I smile and tell him, there is always a stool for you at the Broken Hearts Bar 
Yeah, I know here the door swing in and out 
I thought maybe at the bottom of one my drinks I would discover what life is all 
The emotion in the air is thick like tar 
Please come again to the Broken Hearts bar 

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Your Heart Is Not Poetic

Your heart is not poetic 
and I really don’t like it, ‘cos it has 
its own ways of hurting people.

I can not run, nor hide from it, 
‘cos you’re always there, inside me
wherever I go, even in my sleep.

Your heart is not poetic
and I really don’t like it, ‘cos it recalls me
of two quills and a rose on a table, sitting… 

and your laughter was filling the whole bar, 
without warning I was left, by myself with
your huge bill. Thank God, I had my visa.

Your heart is not poetic 
and I really don’t like it, ‘cos it reminds me 
of the pains you gave me, still, I love you, brother!

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Your birthday

dedicated to Ursula T. Gibson

from California


You are meeting sweet May.

I want to give you

the merry sky, if it’s day;

the sky, sunny and blue!

I want to give you the silver moon

and the fine stars, if it’s night.

We’ll meet eventually, even if not soon.

The stars say to us by their light,

Sweet Ursula, dearest Friend.

Can you see me on the map of this world?

I have flowers for you  in my hand.

I send my air kisses by my words.

You have love from husband and two cats.

love from many poets, O my Friend!

You have much to be thankful for.

Do you smile? I am very glad!

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Get a Place

My dad is little angry but mum is alright.
If they feel different don’t get so tight.
They love me very much that’s why,
They always measure what is my height?

Dad heart is pure consult me always free,
I respect for experience he has knowledge light.
Mum cares for my taste and for a fashion,
Her choice is wonderful and very bright.

They shared my pain and offered happiness,
Sometimes I have argument but they were right.
If partner is in a young age enjoyment is lot,
Money and degree can’t get a place might.

If children are in early age they grown up soon,
Grand will be ever happy in olden age fight.
A right time is a right time and bad time is bad,
Care for your time if you want to enjoy life kite.

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Thank You, 1357...!

They commented me
So many times
How well I behaved, before they eyes

But at that moment of time 
I didn’t say either a word or two 
Nor I could reply

Instead, I looked at the sky 
And said “O Sky, bring to them this glory---
That no one is ever forgotten 

And now 
And then, they are still my heart and mind, alive and well-cherished!” 

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One kiss

One kiss and i'll be your mistress forever. Captured inside a deep love spell that I 
can't break out of. With your kisses you control me, you know what your doing. Kiss me, 
tease me, please me and get me to crawl on my knees trapped in your commands. One kiss 
one touch, I feel like i'm falling maybe it's love. I hit the ground so fast from your 
dangerous kiss that the blood spilled and you just walked over me.

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Judge Me Not

Judge me not by what you see
Judge me for me.
You see me not as a person
You see me as someone disqusting,
You haven't spoken to me 
Yet you call me names
You say I have no feelings,
Yet you've not bothered to find out
You know me not.
Yet you judge me by what you see 
You can't see the real me.
You have this painted in your mind
the personyou wanted to see me as
Yet Iam human, I judge no one
by what I see
Cause I could be you, and you could be me.

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Sharing Is All We Need

Write it, every beats that come from within.
Oh, thinking, too much thinking 
Is just a whole lot thing---it tears your posture apart.

Heart is going wild, 
Like a wildfire, crackling its nerves; 
Whilst the mind wanders, lost in wilderness.

Lo! Poetry and its power---
A solution, a method, a therapy
Whatever you call it, it’ll…
Surely makes the summer heat cools a bit,
For a word or two is enough 
To satisfy the inner thirst.

Unveil yourself, from such solitariness;
And let us talk, anything---
It’s time to share and resolve the paradigm of our life. 

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The heavens opened up
To let new souls in
The terrorist knew what to expect
But they didn't win

The plans were made
And put into motion
The towers were hit
And along came the commotion

Tears were here
And tears were there
But this tragedy was heard

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Like a contact lens on a very nearsighted cornea
smoothes out the rough edges of sight,
We see a magnifying glass with reflections
of the past, broken and shattered
The center of a city with images and visions
of innocent lives lost
with a completed 168-piece puzzle destroyed
a devastating reality spreads darkness to many
we remember the pain and suffering of a 
city in chaos on a normal day that
turned out to be everything but normal.

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You don't know me

Go away before you realize who I really am.
No lover has ever really cared anyway
You only need this to ease your own rejection.

I don’t need your help
You will only give me more reasons to hide.

I am beyond rational thought
So don’t analyze me like you know me.
You only do this because you are paid to.

I don’t need your help
You will only give me more reasons to die.

Leave me to cry and don’t bother to knock
You were never there for me in school
You are only trying to make up for what you missed.

I don’t need your help
You will only give me more reasons to run.

I can smell your bull a mile away
You can’t sell me another book that changes my life
You only care because you make big money from it.

I don’t need your help.
You will only give me another reason to never trust again.

I can’t hide from you no matter what I do.
You know I’ve failed, you know I’m weak,  I don’t deserve it!
You only do this because……

I need your help, my G-d.
You’re the only one that gave me a reason to try.

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My Potential

Patience…ladies and gentleman
I am now lacking patience
Without patience I am impatient see?
With this hole in my virtues I now have a vacancy.
Maybe I don’t or maybe I do?
Maybe I do and I just don’t know.
Great…not only am I missing a virtue
But I am also slow.
What did I miss?
Someone tell me
Because being ignorant is not bliss!!!
I used to think
My poetry was like a kiss
That could give chiiills
That was when I was overflowing with lyrics
That were ready too spiiill
Spill off my tongue
And into the minds of listeners
My words gave hope
To internally free prisoners
What I need to do now is
Dig down inside myself
And pull out my pen or pencil
I am a perplexed poet
Who doesn’t realize his potential
But that’s so essential
To the point of success
That’s what I want to reach
But I don’t realize that I have skills 
No one can teach
I’ve been blinded by the enemy
What I fail to realize
Is that Jesus Christ is my remedy,
Philippians 4:13 states
I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me
Despite my transgressions
And my Lord has revealed to me
All of my imperfections
I have an untrained gift
That’s what makes me special
That’s what makes me…me
I once was blind
But now I see
But I must over come all obstacles
Both physical and mental
And overcome the barrier of
Me not realizing my potential.

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Somewhere very far away

to James Byrd 
from Georgia 

Somewhere very far away,

The terrible storm has arrived,

and like a terrorist, this terrible terrorist

destroys all! It kills people,

it destroys their houses,

it dares to celebrate a bloody victory.

Somewhere very far away,

my friend lives.

I thought his house is inaccessible to the storm.

but now this terrorist draws near to my friend.

It threatens him, it frightens him. 

But my friend James is courageous and kind.

He will not talk to this villain or be afraid of it.

And indeed, nothing will happen to him or his family 

Because I shall pray for them 

Here, in Russia, very far away.

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Let Me Be

                      Let me be        
                The silver pillow
           On your king size bed,
          Waiting, eagerly, for you 
       ‘Cos you look like my baby,
          And I wish that the night 
          Was long and romantic;
              That’s when my lips
                     Kisses you.

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My Final Goodbye

One last kiss, that's all I ask
But will you give, this simple task?
To leave is hard, and you don't care
But all you wanted was one last stare.
I wish we loved, the way we used to
all I wanted, was to stay with you.

So I guess that's it, I guess we're through
The love we had just wasn't true.
One last time to tell you why
But all I can do is say goodbye.

Another day to touch your face
Just one last kiss, one more taste.
I want to tell you, like before
If I could tell you, I need more.
But once again, you don't care
If only you knew, you are my air.

So I guess that's it, I guess we're through
The love we had, just wasn't true.
One last time to tell you why,
but all I can do is say good-bye.

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I can do better
without your help
I can do better 
all by myself
You leave me at home
and its not cool
You make me feel 
like a dumb fool
i wait for your call
but you never think to dial
i used to love you, 
you even made me smile
but now all i have are tears, 
tears that roll down my cheek
i used to be strong 
but with you i'm constantly weak
I'm sorry i have to leave you
but its something your making me do
because you've pushed me to the edge
you're making me leave you
but i do love you
and i always will i swear
but i feel I'm the only the only one
in this relationship and its not fair

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Tell me!

 Oh now,
Tell me you're stronger now,
Tell me you can see me from up[ above,
Tell me you believe in me,
 and that I can accomplish the things I wish I could.
Tell me you're happy where you are.
Tell me you'll wait for me at that door.
Tell me when my day comes you and Grandpa,
 will be my angels who'll lift me up, to my home above.
I never want to let you go.
So this is my way of saying no!
Grandma I love you!
Grandma I miss you!
Grandma I need you to satnd by myside.
You left without saying goodbye!
But that's okay I knoe this can't be the end,
I want to see you again.
I want to knoe,
I need to knoe,
I have to knoe.
So, please tell me.
Are you stronger now?
Can you see me from where you are?
Are you happy now?
And tell me you believe in me
 and that I can accomplish the things I wish I could.

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The Lonesome Rider

Here comes a rider from the blue mountain,
his fleeting shadow forms like a rainbow;
he lives by simple faith and faith alone,
traveling to find his way back home.

Here comes a rider from the blue mountain,
his body is weary, so old and drained;
he journeys on lonesome roads and forsaken trails,
hoping and trusting to find his dream.

All day and out he travels far and wide,
rainy days and cold, cold starless nights;
nobody knows what keeps him from quitting,
is it his dream or is it his head?

There he goes again to the pouring rain,
facing the dark clouds, fighting the wind;
singing a sad song with an old banjo,
kissing the children like they were his own.

Then long days passed and time ran out,
the rider had not come and gone 
to that far side of town and he was nowhere,
he was nowhere to be found.

One day I found him silently resting
with his old banjo on top of him.
I thought it must be very cold indeed
down in that lonesome grave of his.

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What has this world come to? Everything is so complicated.
Once a upon a time, people were friendly, they smiled when you walked by. Now 
everyone is shy, and they hide on the edge of the sidewalk as if you were 
plagued with disease.
Love to me and to others is a he.
Once a upon a time I thought I knew what love was. How naive I was then to trust 
everyone. I was crushed, and my sanity taken away from me.
Look at me, do you think I rose from my ashes? No, this phoenix cannot no 
longer rise to fly.
All hope, I have given up, life has no value to me. It's broken and cannot be fixed. I 
cry, and the phoenix tears cannot heal my wounds.
I'm crippled, cant you see that I am not what I used to be? Can't you see that I just 
want to die and for my life to just kill me? 
Tell me, what has this world come too? 
Nothing is simple, everything is so difficult. The old are not wise, but some crazy 
old fools, and the youth are always tired. 
As a phoenix I have seen enough now I want to sleep for all eternity, this world 
makes me sick.
I have had enough of it.
I can't stand to look at it.

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Care your keys

If you want to walk don’t look at the sky,
If you fell over you will get only cry,
If you want to walk look down and straight,
If your distance is clear you can run or fly.

If you want to talk, don’t look here and there,
If you miss to match sights nobody will care,
If you will look at the face you feel emotions,
Conversation is rude if feelings aren’t fare.

If you want to lock a house, close all entrances,
If you want to stop relations clear all tenses,
If you want to lock a car, care your keys,
If someone has tracing keys no cares for fences.

If you want to shock someone get a surprise,
If you want to kick someone show how you wise,
If someone is hiding crime he is dangerous,
He shall teach you a lesson when he has a rise.

If you want to choke something use strong hands,
If you want to chock something don’t use bands,
If you want to check anything don’t use blanks,
If you want to joke someone write words on sands.

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Easy to Say

Sometimes it is hard to say and hard to decide.
When a person believes in him and had his pride.

Sometimes is easy to say and easy to decide,
When he cooperates and proves a greatness of mind.

Everyone is sensible and polite; they all have a mind,
Few of them know that how to use it for a heart kind.

Everyone has personnel beliefs and respect,
They develop honour and regard as they act.

What is yours and what is mine, we have a fight?
How can we remove crime with an educational light?

You are working to satiate yourself as I also work,
Your eating is as my appetite behaves as a shark.

What is best and what is bad, we fail to decide?
You are better and I am also, it is our pride.

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You've changed my life
In so many ways
I couldn't begin to tell you 
What you do really pays
You've given me everything
Your life and your soul
I'd give you anything
My heart in a bowl
You've made sacrifices
Just to be with me
There's nothing I'd rather do
Than to be with you
You've shown me love
Inside and out
Not once in my heart
Have I had a doubt
You've done what you could
Even after regret
You went against rules 
Just to get on the net
You've talked all night
Although you were tired
You kept all your energy 
When I was still wired
You've apologized for everything
Things that weren't your fault
And never would you stop
Until I came to a halt
You've stayed with me
After all the talk
You still hold my hand
Every time that we walk
You've changed your ways
To make me happy
Even after it all
would make you feel crappy 
You''ve told me you love me
And actually meant it 
By saying those words
You were ready for commitment
You've held me close 
After the fights
Never did you care
Of the fact that I'm white
You've been there for me
Through thick and thin
You loved every moment 
Even when I win
You've insured me so much
That things would get better 
You've made me believe
That you were my shelter
You've loved me for me
Not for my looks
And for once I haven't
Judged the cover of a book

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She’s sitting there
Living life in the streets
Trying to live with an addiction that feeds
Childhood dreams couldn’t be farther from reality
Stuck in a world where she sells herself
Needing money to kill the pain
Her mother never loved her
Her father wasn’t there
Growing up never knowing anybody that cared
She’s always crying inside
She just wishes she’d die
The drugs are the only things that make her feel alive
She’d sell her soul for a hit
As long as it would let her forget
The life she’s known so far
In and out of prison
Countless brushes with Death
The only one she can count on
Is the crystal meth

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Reminiscing about tomorrow

Ahh it burns,
look into my head
all of the urns
makes me wish i was dead

the pain and sorrow
that it makes me feel
i wonder if torromrrow
is all really real

and so all this pain
drives me to the brink
it makes me insane
also makes me think

if i were to die
would anyone care
or if i did just lie
would everyone stare

so someone just hit me
dead in my face
as if i would see
in your eyes my disgrace

bring out in my mind
theese thoughts in my head
cuse into this bind
i'm left out instead.

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to James Byrd 
from Georgia 

The wanderer with a guitar goes on the road in June.

Flowers and trees welcome him.

Birds would be glad to sing to the accompaniment of his guitar.

But they are disappointed:

Their songs are too cheerful and carefree

for sad-fine music of this romantic guitarist.

But I have sent to him a familiar swallow from Russia.

This small bird has a fine voice and kind heart.

That is why she can understand feelings,

thoughts and music of the June wanderer. 

The swallow from Russia will be glad to sing

to the accompaniment of his guitar,

and she will give to him my greeting.

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Elvis is back in Memphis where it started;
his poor heart got sick from hurt,
and stopped beating 
on August the sixsteenth...
the day it ended
for the rock idol!
Elvis's only and true devotion was Priscilla,
yes,it was Priscilla!

Elvis will remain
an american legend... 
adored by all;
Priscilla will remember him
with deep grief;
even though life 
has been unfair
to young Elvis,
we feel sorry,
yes, we feel sorry
for what it has done 
to him over the years!
What that the prize he had
to pay for his fame?

Elvis is back in Memphis...
where lights and flowers adorn him;
Elvis is back in Memphis...
there thousands of fans bade hin good-bye!

Elvis is back in Memphis,
but his memory will live on...
and will give us inspiration;
Elvis is back in Memphis!

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word are lost in my own head
so then i wish i had read
the times of old the times of new
the worst of times i ever knew

from all the will forsaken me
i feel it all in eternity
from pain that have crossed
this feeling inside i sure have lost

it all is jumbled inside my head
but not prepared as my friend said
and so i wander and walk away
but all my feelings want to stay

and so i say...

i've been blinded by the light
all the pain has my own spite
for vurture has me in its jaw
but i am it's only flaw

burnt out by reason
left out by time
this may be my last
even with no crime

and so i am crossed
and i cant complain
that everything lost
has one to blame

to leave me out
to let me rot
has someone pouted
for all i got

not today
it burns to say
it's all ok
it's all ok.....

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Marching Home

When I go on my way marching home
Please do not grieve for me,
Because I will be sitting on the throne
Full of the Lord's serenity.

When I go on my way marching home
I will no longer have to cry,
I will know that I'm not standing alone
Up in Heaven looking from the sky.

When I go on my way marching home
I would not sense any type of problem,
Because everything that ever went wrong
The Lord will come and solve them.

When I go on my way marching home
I know that I'll be on the right side,
It will be the day of singing happy songs
And knowing that the angels are my guide.

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don't displease your only friend;
yust for once take my advice:
your next step is simply wrong...
your way isn't right to choose!

please don't go now;
you will never know:
how much pain
and misery
you can leave me;
your farewell kiss
will be your only memory!

Marilyn, think it over...
don't give anything over...
this seems a sacrifice you never did;
hide no secret, I'll understand!

Marilyn, I have been the first
to take hold of your empty hand;
can you give me up so fast?
Yesterday you said you never would!
don't hope
to find another man, 
who will appreciate
you as much as I always do...
it can be so hard for you!