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Lyric Snow Poems | Lyric Poems About Snow

These Lyric Snow poems are examples of Lyric poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Lyric Snow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Snow Shine Girls

Some will grumble,
  Some will mumble,
When the snow starts fallin'
These girls come callin'
They're snow shine girls,
   Ready for the fun, yeah, Snow shine girls.

Shining up the skis
   Snowboarding please!
When inches turn to feet,
Spirits won't be beat
For these snow shine girls,
  Ready for good times, yeah, snow shine girls.

Midnight snowball fights,
 Million snow men in sights.
Every flake with fun,
Twinkling in the sun.
Dressed cozy and warm,
Ready for the snow storm.
Snow shine girls. Yeah snow shine girls.

Hot pink snow mobile
 They're the real deal
Never miss the chance to play
Here comes the snow today
Hey Hey Hey Girls

Snow is fallin'
No need stallin'
Let's go! Snow!

February 2, 2015

Copyright © Casarah Nance

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Children In The Snow

Children playing in the snow.
       Up and down the hills they go.
Grownups watching like a show.
       Knowing soon to church they'll go.
Jingling bells so loud and clear.
       Ring so loud they wake the deer.
Santa's coming soon they know.
       In his sleigh across the snow.
Now get ready kids to go.
       Bed is waiting as you know.
Optional Ending:
Tired and weary, cold and numb.
       Visions dance like Sugarplums.

Thanks to Deborah Guzzi for suggesting the last line
This is sung to the tune of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
For the contest Holiday Songs in Poem Form by Deborah Guzzi

Copyright © Marty Owens

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The Mountain

I'm standing on 
the edge of a cliff
you called it a mountain 
I call it a way to live
I'll be riding down
Those epic slopes
watch me shred it
you can barely cope

and I'm seeing through
this birds eye view
like a hawk
I swooped down
and grabbed a hold of you
I'll be flying down
these mystic hills
but won't be long 
before I take a spill

The mountain called to me
in my mind and in my dreams
I just got to go
that ancient stone of life
it will cure all your strife
don't ya know?

Copyright © Simon Kirwin

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Black Snow Storm

*** Black Snow Storm ***

I’m blacker and madder and more than Hell I be bringin’ ya,
I’m a ****ed up assailant,
Mental-case mercenary hell bent,  
Simultaneous and concurrent, I’m yo danger and yo savior.
But I’m real, and tangible, and do things unimaginable.

On the inside and ominous, searing truth burns my existence,
In the cold empty blanks of loathing inspired shadows, 
Darkness manifests completely, as only I the one who knows. 
Buried in denial, a Black Snow Storm of persistence.

Mad viral runaway, 
Reaper-tagged, body bagged, 
Peacefully performed, daily is as dooms a day.
Sicker than a mange’d up, street livin’ dog,
Fraudulent, Arrogant, Intelligent, and robbed.

Hustled by humanity, dignity straight-up jacked,
It’s parted-out and shipped out and neva comin’ back.

Crazy muthu****in razor bladed Snowflake, 
Cold steeled touched be tight, and straighter-edged unique.

I’m in yo face, and in yo space, 
An breathing stank leathelality, 
Cuz crazy is as crazy does and I’m yo new reality.

I’m blacker than a ninja, 
Trackin’ like a laza,
Murder-edged, star throwin’, 
Life takin’ playa.

Fueled by the mental,
Conflicted, festering failure,
The whip-saw cracked, manic sized, consequential  behavior,
The ease of mind is nowhere found, the truth be nothin’ gentle.

Snowflake driven, horrifying maelstrom, 
Anarchist, Nihilist, devastating and then some.

Black Snowstorm blinded ya, and buried everything you know,
Snowflaka’ made it happen, 
An unrelenting blizzard, of Black as coal Snow.

*** By djDiZZasteRR (AKA Brian Bauer) *** 

Copyright © Brian Bauer

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Angel Of The Snow

Angel Of The Snow Written: by Tom Wright 9/1/99 My Jewel of the snow, For me, you fan your wings. Causing snow kissed boughs to exist Where naught but nature sings. As if on canvas, You've painted fields of white. When did you paint your masterpiece, Was it as I slept last night? With steam emitting nostrils, You fill winter's morning air. Causing frost to form on branches That soon will sparkle as your hair. Once again I'll behold your splendor, Hovering in stone washed sky. For sunrise comes, my jewel of the snow, You soon must go--or die.

Copyright © Tom Wright

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The Snowfall

Icicles hang on trees
Glittering in the sun
Reflecting clear images
Of the snow below
Snow and frost
Consume the ground below
Pure and white
A blank slate
A soft wind blows
Stirring around
Little white tornados
Swirling endlessly
Clouds darken the sky
Blown in on trendals of wind
Pieces fall from the sky
A new layer on the snow

Copyright © Anne Hessler

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Snow Globe

It seems like forever ago
That I jumped for joy at the first snow
The billowy mounds shining low
Glistening like diamonds on paved roads

As pure as a small child's heart
All that's evil, still in the dark

Making forts and angels and setting up the tree
Wearing so many layers that I couldn't breathe
Sleepless nights, waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve
How I long for that child, so innocent and free

A time when smiles weren't forced
No desires of anything more

Clinging to my childhood
And fogging up the glass
Looking through this snow globe
That resides old winters passed
Just a shake and a smile breaks free
I'm gazing in, but I'll never be inside...
My younger self stares back, scared of what he sees
Melting are the angels I've left behind

I'm cuddled in the blankets
Listening to 'Let It Snow'
But it makes no difference
It's out of my control

I'll put on a face, like I do
This gingerbread cookie
Gumdrop clothes to cover up
A hole where my heart should be

Walking through dirty streets
That look pretty in white
Bearing a blue and battered heart
That's hard to hide, the snow's too bright

The wife took the kids
Right when I thought things were good
I guess it's my fault
But I did the best I could

My present world is torn asunder
The past isn't real, but it feels better

Clinging to my childhood
And fogging up the glass
Looking through this snow globe
That resides old winters passed
Just a shake and a smile breaks free 
I'm gazing in, but I'll never be inside...
My younger self stares back, scared of what he sees
Melting are the angels I've left behind

I bought myself a snow globe
The house inside
Looked just like mine
As it took me back to better days
Where all you could hear was that simple phrase

I needed something I could hold
To take me someplace else
Maybe help me find myself
Home feels the same
It's me that's changed

Entered into Anne Currin's YOUR BEST POEM contest

Copyright © Timothy Hicks

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Snow From God

snow falls lightly 
from the sky up above
soflty falling down
like the feather of a dove

each snow flake is different
like each one of us
falling to the ground
like snow often does

it's steals away breath
this brilliant thing
so pure and refreshing
like the songs angels sing

they sing for remembrance
of God and his sun
throwing down these white tokens
to say winter has begun

white is for birth
the birth of baby christ
white is for hope
that things are alright

each flake that falls 
from the sky up above
is a gift from God
telling us we are loved

Copyright © Anne Hessler

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Ride The Wind

Written February 24, 2012

One too many times
Our love has been unkind
To the rigors and chills of the snow
The streets they meet
Intersecting the heat
But the cold will blow without heed

To rekindle the flame
Must sound quite insane
But it's all I have left in this world
Yet to feed from the hand
Of another's demands
Could lead to the start of the fall

Ride the wind
Wherever it goes
Don't ask it questions
You don't want to know
The wind will carry you home

Copyright © Brandon Carter

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A Silent Weeping

~ I lay in repose, in calmness and quietness, Silence and stillness, words unspoken; Only the flutter of my heart and breath, As still as a photograph, lost in my thoughts. ~ And in my solitude, I dream silent dreams ~ I dream, I go riding a black horse, A cloud of dark shadows is my hair; I wear a deep green velvet coat, And the snow is falling, falling, falling. ~ And in my stillness, I dream silent dreams ~ A thousand soft petals fall and scatter, Beautiful red roses twirling, swirling; They descend fair and calm and silent, Laying on the pure snow covered ground. ~ And in my obliviousness, I dream silent dreams ~ My soul dwells up above the clouds, The turmoil of my life forgotten; I am voiceless and at peace with life, Listen, is that my silent weeping. ~ And I lament, that I must depart my dreams ~ ______________________________ December 7, 2012 Lyric Submitted to the contest, Enter A Poem I Have Not Commented On Sponsor, A Poet Destroyer First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings

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Fallen snow will remind of me/ it is snowing ... 
Slowly as in the dream/ 
Boy word-beads/ with signs on his spine/ 
He kisses fine/ 
Your eyelids /

And it snows ... It snows /so slow/
It does/ and you're thinking of me/ 
'Coz it's warm/ it's better to stay in warmth/ 
Waiting for summer dim/ 
It is snowing/ slowly like in the dream/ 
Flakes/ go round/ playing the music theme/ 
You've been looking for rescue/ 
You searched in wine/ 
But it's in me/ 
all the rescues are mine/ 
It is snowing/ the snow is fluffy and white/ 
If you see darkness/ I'm deaf and blind/ 
there's the cast of time/ on the arm/ 
But I discern the light/ 
Dreams/ upon your eyelids tips/ 
Prepare you for winter drowse/ 
And it snows/ 

Fallen snow/ will remind of spring /
it will crumble and crackle in vain/ 
It will snow / fluffy /white/ and slow/ 
And you'll become whole/

Copyright © Ilya Emelin

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Homonym Spring

Laying inn the grass watching the clouds float buy, my mined wanders aweigh as eye smell that apple pi. 

I've patiently waited four spring and now that's it's hear awl eye want two dew is sit outside and drink a bier.

I've waited four warmer whether and too bee outdoors, butt today I'm stuck inside and that's such a boar.

Spring inn Pennsylvania isn't as it seams, it goes from wareing shorts on a Monday then down to zero degrees. 

Lucky Mi!


Copyright © Jillian Sabecky

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I am amazed at switch the goods
Before so apostolic
And now so different
To one’s mind.
Are you, my milk tooth
A passion-flower nun
Or an old maid
Married with god
With might & main?
Are you making use of decoy
“Snow Dancer”
As an appropriated graphic
Without  mincing words
As other persons do?
Show Dancer
You’re a Sweet Nothing
A Cold Nothing
As the Mildewed Show
But pretty  when the Earth
Is in White¡
I remember that when snowing
It was to the liking
of You Girlfriend & Me
To piss on the Snow
And to do cartoons, ha, ha.
You draped with my Dick
And me with Your Tongue-lips.
And we together singing
Dancing, singing
All around:
“Snow Dancer
Is the same to say
“Peace is a Piss””.
Do you know
Do You see:
I like Women too much, Mimosa
More than another Cheeky-Monkey
Of our Specie.
Yr wasp’ nest
Make me  to take flowers
And have one’s  fling.
I taste Your female orgasm
Melting into snowing tears.
To kiss the Angel’ s Lips
Is my Eucharistic
Made to measure.

But now, oh¡ oh dear¡ poor me¡
My touched-balls
Doctor Uric
Says that for the blame of age
I have to do 
An operation for prostate
And just in due curse
I’ll don’t be able
To bring to light
My brilliant point
Measured one’s length:
It will break
The liquorice root
The sweet breads.
But yet, still
Being so ****ed
I’ll see how well
You dance in the snow
My Snow Dancer.

Copyright © Daniel de Culla

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Snow Song

Snow Song

Tonight, just this once, I need everyone to agree with me
To see what I see, the reality they refuse to believe.
Tonight just once, I need to set the her inside me free,
A note on a stave, no longer chained to a melody.

Tonight just this once I need to spread open paper wings.
Crepe veils of iridescent UN discovered things.
Tonight I need to listen to the snowflakes and icicles sing.
To glissade down crystal branches around the moons silver ring.

Tonight for an instant, I am going to feed into the delusions 
Stretch wide and far past the restraints of being human.
Tonight, casting stars in all the cracks of perfect ruin.
 Silken circles of multifaceted and attractive confusion.

Tonight I’m embracing all the questions with unknown answers.
No longer resenting the figure eights of life’s pirouetting dancer.
Tonight I can relate to the hunger of this soulless obsidian cancer.
Watery lips, azure finger tips this beautiful cerulean disaster.

Tonight through new eyes, I travel forgotten trails
And release a single burning breath I never got to exhale.
For Tonight my soul’s voice finally spells her tale
A pearlescent cadenza of falling snow, innocent and pale.

Copyright © Tamra Craft

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and I will come

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/ 
when the fall gives its rights/ 
to the winter/
you know I will come/
for good or for bad/
I’ll board the train/
Passing by / stations/ and countries/
I promised/ and I remember/
You said “there’s no fortuitous meetings/

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When you’ll lose the trace/
When my firmest snickers/ wipe out/
I will/ I will come…
Unexpectedly/ knowing solely the door/
Just the road / for sure/
Before/ take you I’ll ask/
“are you ready to go?” / 
You are ready/ I know/
All the noise doesn’t matter/
I don’t haste/ will be later/

…I will come.
When it finally turns out/
That November is overthrown by December/
When the first snow falls down/
Will be clear/ that nobody is remembered/ 

And I will come…
Somewhere in chest/ between ribs/
You slashed me/ with thoughts/ 
I can feel it with lips/ crawling under my cloths/
Our world is alive/ our life/ we’re alike/
And I….

I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When the death is changed into fate/
When the winter gives up/ 
To wait/ for spring/
to stay with shining sun/
I will come.

Copyright © Ilya Emelin

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A white fairy danced down 
Ever so slowly
And kissed me on the cheek
The world is a giant cotton field
Eventually everyone will go away 
One day I will go away too
Will I remain 
Inside your heart 
Once I'm gone
A white fairy danced down
Ever so slowly
And kissed me on the check

Copyright © Bernay Block

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Whiter Than Snow

Washed in the blood of the Lamb
In your presence Lord I am
Whiter than snow, Lord I thank you so
I am washed in the blood of the Lamb.

And my soul rejoices in my God
For great things He has done for me
Saved by His grace I am what I am
I am washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Copyright © LEON WILSON

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not white but blue

Snow on the ground
Of a beautiful heu
A pure inviting colour
Of not white but blue

A very light blue
Pail and bright
Turning darker
During the night

Shadowy patches
Inside each indent
A place for many winter hours
To be pleasantly spent

Copyright © Anne Hessler

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Snow Clouds over a Volcano

The wind around was blowing
Long after the shining sun would
Melt these days away

The second round would begin
Pressure from the months before would
Bear heavily on me

Little streams are flowing
Endless piles of snow vanished
In the blink of an eye

Gone are all the riots
Gone is all the endless noise
From the crowd I used to know

The summer heat was rending
The endless gray clouds from the sky
To shine some light on me

No more silver linings
All that once was ensured
Is no longer that way

Everyone is crying
Nothing's as it once was
And that terrifies us all

Look at how we've all grown
As snowflakes cast from our cloud
Into this volcano underneath

Copyright © Derek Chos

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Ode to Snow: Snow Week

Verse 1:
I’ve been in my house for way too long
So now I resort to write this song
For all of the people who would agree
To very simple heartfelt plea

Snow please go away.
We hope that you’ll return another day
You’ve outdone your welcome you see
So I hope you will listen to me
                                         Oh please,
Verse 2:
The first day I was amazed to see
That God had given snow to me
The second day I was real surprised
To see that the roads were still real iced
Third day had come my heart was blue
The fear in my mind had just come true
School had been cancelled for the day
So to our God this prayer I laid

“Make the snow go away
We pray you’ll make return another day
Please Lord don’t you see
School is where I really need to be”
                                          Sincerely Me,
Verse 3:
Fourth day a feeling came to me\
Frustration, boredom, and sadness three
Fifth day I ventured to the yard
Seeing the ice was very hard
I couldn’t take that day anymore
So I started season 3 of 24
Maybe this snow would never leave
Until I lose excessive sleep

I can’t stand you snow
Someplace else is where you need to go
My toes are numb I can’t find my brain
I don’t suspect I’ll ever feel them again 

Verse 4:
The sixth day came I was so glad
To get out the house with my dear dad
At the Starbucks I left my purse
Proving I’d lost my mind of course
Tomorrow is Friday a snow day too
I’m hoping the sun will come melt you
Activity low, I am so bored
But now I’ve run of guitar chords

In this house I’ve been for way too long
It’s given me time to write this song
Snow listen to this request I plea
My friends and family would agree
                                              With me…..

Copyright © Rhema Jones

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The snow faintly gathers
The rays of the sunshine pour in
The crystals twinkle 
The purity
The brilliant sparkle 
Covered in a blissful tranquility
In front of your house 
My mind goes blank
My cheeks lightly blush 
As the snow quietly falls
Around me 

Copyright © Bernay Block

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Snowflakes Fall
Gently So
Like clouds drifting through the wind 
Oh so beautiful
Like a colorful rainbow
White as a marshmallow

Copyright © Heather Admire

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Breathe at Ease

Through the frosted window I watch the snow fall,
Falling so heavily amongst the street lights.
Faintly I feel the slow beat of your heart,
Beside me you sleep peacefully from the cool of the night.
As we lay there the snow insulates everything around us even further,
Especially any and all other sounds that were left lurking around.
I lay awake with a mind shuffling through so many emotions,
Trying to grasp this comfort that I have found.

I just want to wake you to let you know,
I just want you to look in my eyes when I speak.
Look how we’ve kept each other warm from the outside cold,
Look how for once in my life I can breathe at ease.
No longer do I feel like such a lost soul,
My lungs like my heart so full.
Honey I can’t wait for you to see,
How I breathe with such ease.

So I lay there watching the snow grow deeper with time,
The silence surrounds us in a warm comfort never felt before.
Whispering in your ear how our love will never turn blind,
That we can be free and forever let our hearts soar.
Then as time moves on and we grow older,
I know that what’s in our hearts will never change.
It will never matter if what surrounds us keeps getting colder,
The warmth we share together now will always remain.
No it will never matter if what surrounds us keeps getting colder,
The way I breathe at ease when I’m with you will always stay the same.

I just want you to look in my eyes when I speak.
Look how we’ve kept each other warm from the outside cold,
Look how for once in my life I can breathe at ease.
No longer do I feel like such a lost soul,
My lungs like my heart so full.
Honey I can’t wait for you to see,
How I breathe with such ease.

Now I can relax and be lost in your arms,
Finally I can close my eyes.
My mind is at peace with all my thoughts of you,
Sleeping together in the glow of those street lights.
I just can’t wait till morning,
For you’re the first one that I’ll see.
I will tell you all about my thoughts last night as I lay beside you.
I will tell you that how when I’m with you I breathe now with such ease.

Copyright © Robert Stevens

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The Dark Side Of You

she starts with lightning, blinding light then comes her roaring thunder might search for shelter to hide under then more rolling roaring thunder (bridge) she is the storm in human form, in human form she is the storm she pours like rain, the pouring rain she is the sleet and snow and pain so cold so cold, so damp so damp turgid, frigid vicious vamp (chorus) I can’t get through the dark side of you I can’t get through to you she is the storm in human form I can’t get through the dark side of you I can’t get through to you she is the storm that blacks my sky frozen chest no breath for good bye can’t think, can’t feel can’t find reason there is no refuge from her changing season (chorus) she is the storm in human form, in human form she is the storm I can’t get through the dark side of you I can’t get through to you she is the storm in human form I can’t get through the dark side of you I can’t get through to you (repeat chorus) I can't get through can't get through can't get through I can't I can't I...
written by Warner Baxter One Knight Stand Productions all rights reserved

Copyright © Warner Baxter

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Snowpacalypse 2012

The hills are getting slippery in Seattle
News blares “Snowmageddon stay inside!”
People lined up galore at their favorite grocery store
Stalking up on snow gear and supplies

Its pandemonium all around
There’s no one to be found 
The whole city shuts down
OMG its snow!

And sidewalks filled with slush
To our feet we’re yelling “Mush!”
But it doesn’t help us much
As down we go

The cars with 4 wheel drive
Spinning out in a nosedive 
are just trying to survive
this whiteout rodeo

School gets canceled for the day
The parents yell “No Way!”
But the kids all sing “Hooray!”
“We love the snow!”

And they all fill up the streets
Hurling snowballs made of sleet
making snowman by the fleet
getting soaked from head to toe

The hills are getting slippery in Seattle
The cars are playing pinball by the lot
People tripping, slipping, falling on their keisters
From the 2 inches of snow that we got

Copyright © E.M. Tingle

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An Innocent Dream

Last night I saw a dream-
I was in the midst of a brown gleam;
The spot was like a land of cream;
Lakes and ponds were full with it -upto the brim.

Beautiful blossoms were everywhere,
The fragrance were for everyone to share ,
The snow flakes seemed most fair,
It seemed that Nature has created them with great care.

Chocolate creams made up the seesaw,
There was cno one to guide me under law,
There was no signs of fears and flaws,
And there was a cream cat with snow white claws.

What a dream it was just like the beauty of a rose-
But all were shattered when the light of dawn fell on the tip of my nose.

Copyright © Sonnet Mondal World Poet

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Fly Off the Handle

Flying up around recently of huge
fell snow in apiece
a crazy sigh seemly of snow 
without course landing — 
so easily flying-so enjoying
pulling by the gravity and wind 
and come blaze or portion higher
from the roofs or trees . . . 
and while the wind stopped
a clear and empty space
By effects it’s staying.
Oh, while by certain any come
back of the winter around
in sort or strongly strike — 
again, flying the snow apiece
without of course landing — 
again flying the snow was recent
fell over streets—over roofs
Over the many it trees, circuses. 

Copyright © Ciro Toledo

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The Christmas snow


Every Christmas, Santa Claus

Comes to every person’s house.

He sees all, and should know,

Because he cooks up Magic Snow!

This snow consists

Of love and friendship,

This snow is kindness,

It flies from sky’s ship.

And will be together

With the moon to light

All the world, and the weather 

Must be fine this night!

But in warm places,

where it never snows, 

Suddenly in this night

Magic flowers will grow.

And all will be full of love,

Sky will be happy and laugh

And will give to us fine stars’ show.




Copyright © Dina Televitskaya

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The Winter poems

The snow covers the earth

Already many, many days.

Magic snow garden is

Blossoming in Russia.

It is created from blizzards and birches,

It is pure and silent

late Evening. 

Dome of stars.

Somewhere the violin sings.

It is snowing outside the window.

There are white houses,

white trees, and white city here.

Because suddenly,

someone has flapped with magic sleeves

or with great white wings,

and stars have blossomed in the sky.

They danced,

and snowy ships swam over Earth.


Only the snow flies and flies.

It lies on woods and fields like white lace.

The Earth is sleeping.

Trees are like an ice fairy tale.

They are silent and fine.

Above them is stillness, quietness, rest of stars.

In a pink window is the splash of wine

And clinking of goblets, 

And two snowflakes rush somewhere together.

Copyright © Dina Televitskaya

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snow falling

there is snow falling all over the ground,
on trees, benches and even a childs head.
snow falls every winter you see,
it brings happyness to some people,
that like to be joyful and jolly.

Snow faling is a feeling for christmas,
 and gets us in the right spirit for the holidays.
snow is such a magical thingy,
and if u just don't believe,
then ask frosty - the snow man- lol

Copyright © Jessica Ehrhardt