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Lyric Rose Poems | Lyric Poems About Rose

These Lyric Rose poems are examples of Lyric poems about Rose. These are the best examples of Lyric Rose poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Rose with no Thorn

A Rose with No Thorn

In the Garden, the bouquet of life
There bloomed a rose whose beauty caught my eye
Incomparable is this rose’s design
Unlike the others, she is not the prickling kind

I know they say that every rose has its thorn
But here blooms the exception, of the spirit she is born
One of a kind, the rarest in form
For she is a rose with no thorn

Oh what a fragrance, so lovely and fair
A scent of sincerity sweeps through the air
A pristine beauty from the realms up above
For she is the flower primeval of love

And as I bask in her blossoms of compassion
I find I am fashioned by love that’s everlasting
And in my heart she’ll always be adorned
For she is a rose with no thorn

Though weeds, thorns and thistles have tried to choke her
The rain has wet her; the sun has even scorched her
But she’ll not wither, neither will she wilt
For she is rooted in the love that God has tilled

Amidst great turmoil, never to be foiled
Arrayed in glory that could never ever toil
One of a kind, yes the rarest in form
For she is a rose with no thorn

Copyright2008 by Kenneth J Thompson

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A Symbol Of Our Love

I long to see this love we have blossom daily with each passing day 
The beauty of which we can't see but we can feel it all the same
I love it when the sun comes up and the birds sing sweetly too
This rose will be on our bench every day of the year I spend with you.

This bench of love is reserved for us for many years to come
Sitting here now I say to you that I want you for the rest of our lives
The rose is a symbol of all that is pure, our trust, our hope and love
Two hearts shall not be broken when they've been blessed by God above.

I promise you that each year will be better than the one before 
A  rose I’ll leave on this bench as each year we’re married passes by
I’m always going to be here for you my darling you’re the one I adore 
This rose represents the longing  in my heart, I want you forevermore.

To show just how much I care I will plant a rose bush here just for you
When I look at our little bench each year and think of how it all began    
I'll remember with pride, that eve I proposed and you said “I will marry you”
As I slipped on the ring, you'd tears in your eyes, as the moon came into view.

When times catches up, grey hair sets in, grandchildren running wild at our side
I hope you'll be by my side on our bench with our roses still growing with love 
But if you're not with me,It won't be hard to remember that night of my life
When I proposed  one beautiful eve, we married and were husband and wife.

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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Garden Rose

Written August 21, 2013

There's a girl in the garden
She's messing with your rose bed
Plucking weeds out from your head
And watering the seeds in your bed

But where will she wander
When the roses are dead
Will she come back for more
When they turn back to red

She can run all alone
Write this story in stone
On concrete slabs
Of skin and bone

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We've had a glorious season of summer
Love's warmth shinned on you and me
And everyday was a beauty bright
As far as the eyes could see

Flowers showed off their fragrant bloom
The sun's rays were like a symphony 
Summer breeze set a vacation mood 
And blew work's ambition to apathy

But now the leaves have begun to fall
And cooler nights are all in vogue
The consistency of summer's heat
Has all but fully gone rogue 

So, one by one the flower blooms fade
Until only a lone rose petal remains
I breath in the scent of summer memories
Lingering in the moment of season's change

Contest: Kelly's "End Of Summer"
Date: 8-31-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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A paper Rose

Who named the rose the flower of Love?

Or is it the flower of passion  or maybe undying lust?

Was there anyone who wasn't pricked by its  thorns?

Wasn't there  anyone who wasn't fooled by its beauty?

Wasn't there ever a wife who tasted the salt of  her tears

to the betrayal of a husband's lover?

Wasn't there ever a lover who  opened the diary of life

to find the wrinkled red petal of years still in waiting

What is the rose,except the scent of imagination

choking  with the  fragrance of never be mine

What's in a name?Who is the rose?Who baptised this flower?

the flower of seasons,the flower who lives in the rough 

hiding its nakedness of pain in delicate and strong

All a rose ever will be is a  birthed  flower which breeze in the  feeling of 

'You are so special' till you realise,all that you have in your hand is,was

                              A  PAPER   ROSE.

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Death by Beauty

A smile moves across her lips
She gazes at her crime
A scar across her flesh and soul
To haunt her for all time
She’ll waste away for all she cares
Never stops to use her brain
Doesn’t care about the ones who are close
All she cares about is pain

She wants to be what the others expect of her
Doesn’t care about the self-respect for her
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Can’t she see what all she has got

Never to go back again
She feels the world is at an end
She will never show her grief
Although she’ll cry in empty streetS

She’d sooner live like a desolate mole
Living in fear in an empty hole
Screaming silent wails alone
Content to live in her mental home

A final tear falls from her eye
It hits the ground, it’s followed by
A beautiful body, mutated by hate
A kind word could have stopped it, but it is too late
One two many bricks in the wall in her mind
Molding her demise because her heart was blind
This self conscious being could never have won
For she was destroyed by the beautiful ones

She wouldn’t fight back, wouldn’t respect herself
In the end, she managed only to wreck herself
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Little did she know, she had all she had sought

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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My Rose Colored Glasses

I didn’t have my rose colored glasses
when I saw the things I shouldn’t see
when I heard things that I shouldn’t hear
when life was just to complicated for me to bare

I was too young to understand life’s 
frustrations & peoples temptations & all the situations that caused Revelations

All I needed was someone to give me my rose colored glasses
To protect my eyes from Life's big surprise! 
but not like birthdays! not through these eyes....

But, It’s ok!, I found my glasses! The rose colored one’s... You see, they block out your 
hate, your anger, your jealousy, & betrayal that you have bestowed upon me. So say what 
you want, say what you please. I live through my rose colored glasses & you cant TOUCH 

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'She's, My Melodies' Remix

(hook1)       shes sooo goood
                                        that I never have a bad day
                   shes sooo hoood
                                        she knows just how to take me

                   shes sooo goood
                                        that I never have a bad day
                   shes soo hoood
                                        she knows just how to take me

(myverse)   I wish _ that-I- could tell her
  But my words_  would- make her- momma jealous
 its True_ Im consistent- known- as a risk taker
  she blows me a kiss- my foes- are knocked over
I dash in_   her heart   (pausehere

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Walking around the graveyard
Untaggling his hands from the pocket in his jacket
its clear in his head that he's screaming for something
that something is missing within his heart

Taking off his hat as he sits it on her grave
Pulling out a piece of paper
The death certificate that her name was signed on
a tear falling from his cheek 
he reaches down to pick up the flower he laid there before

crumples at his touch
sitting down the piece of paper
he asked her
how can i love?
when the one i want is not here?

tears fall from his eyes unto the paper 
he lights a candle
sits it by her tombstone

He lays down beside her
listening to the wind
hoping to hear her voice
something he longed for
something that he was missing

he falls asleep
holding the stem of the rose that crumpled before
The pedals fly away with the wind
and the flame of the candle burns out
the rain starts to fall

He lays with his eyes closed
He goes back in time
The rose pedals fall back unto the stem
The paper flies back into his pocket

He walks back into town
Back into the house he was at before
Back at her funeral
to the hospital they were at
When they found out she had cancer
To the church where they got married
To the time when he asked her to marry him
Finally to the place where they met

There story replays again in his mind
he lays cold on the ground beside her
The wind dies down
and the candle starts burning again

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The Rose

You confessed your love for me through a single white rose I smiled genuinely, yet then you turned to hurt me, leaving me behind...lost and alone The rose was nothing but poison to my heart, for 'twas you the evildoer, pressing my finger into its very thorn As the blood inside of me ran cold, deep red drops from the cursed stem silently fell into the snow. I couldn't believe that your intentions were as such, I thought you once promised that you would forever love me... Why risk betraying all of my trust? I cannot see the angel I once glimpsed in your beautiful face... It is now replaced by a mysterious raven, forever intending to be my disgrace My like will remember that winter of December, when you gave me that simple white rose now stained red will fade to black My tears fall and the love I will soon take back as I return the very rose into your cold hand, pale and scarred Your body frozen, so cold and numb as you lie abandoned, mutilating my heart, throwing it in the blood-trickled snow I think of the end of life, holding but one white rose No pain shall I feel, so perfect, so innocent, no horror in my mind, no nightmares now It is time to whisper the final goodbye I have been given the strength, I can now peacefully bid thee farewell Do not forget me I look down at the soft white petals and embrace the only token I have left of you, my little rose so beautiful and pure Forever stained by the blood of my soul is this single white rose The rose of my one true love...

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Voices Of The Night (Revised)

(Verse 1)
Are you afraid of what you don’t understand
Maybe its that guiding light in the dead of night
Or messages given through the stages of life
For me even as a child tomorrow’s been whispering clue’s

Am I a fool for believing in all those dreams
Pictures in my mind talking to me
Tomorrow is calling today showing my destiny
Am I blessed with an inner gift or am I going insane

Voices of the night
Spiritual souls protecting and guiding our lives
Voices of the night
Spiritual souls helping us to be aware
Voices of the night
Hints from the other side

(Verse 2)
When you close your eyes at night.. just visualize
Reach your hands out into the air.. just believe.
Then open your eyes with surprise
Your destiny in the palm of your hands

I had another dream last night lots of symbology
Children were laughing and playing
A little boy waved his hand and a rose appeared
I woke up to sunshine and a rose billboard out my window

Voices of the night
Spiritual souls protecting and guiding our lives
Voices of the night
Spiritual souls helping us to be aware
Voices of the night
Hints from the other side

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If you ask me to prove,
I will tell how I feel.
If you think it is a love
Worth of your zeal,
give a bloom to me
under the rose tree.

But it is hard to show
what is my belief.
In this field I plow  	
but my time is brief, 
give a bloom to me
under a rose tree. 

This is how I explain:
keep our lips close.
I will explain again
why the sun rose, 
give a bloom to me
under a rose tree. 


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Falling Leaves

Do I mourn the falling leaf?
Does the rose feel the pain?
Does a rose a rose remain?
Can the rose be a rose again?
So swathed elite adorned
Though the leaves are mourned
Yet the rose a flower all
Until the rose it'self will fall

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Washing spinning suds
Watching. Thinking on spring things
Carnations in strict 
Formation and blue roses
Poses on balconies.

With BLINDING beauty 
All are blooming and smell of
Fruity confessions
With their beauty fragrant
Fruity concessions they are

Doing their duty making
Life a lovelier WORLD

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red rose

i will take a red rose to the graveyard tonight
i will place it by mama and fill it with light
then in the morning if its not there to see
i,ll know that mama spent the evening with me

she,ll take that red rose clenched in her hand 
she,ll take it with her on up to gods land
then when the master says why did you go home
she,ll say this is the first year that mamas been gone

this is the first year that mamas been gone
dad and the children are left all alone
the lord said now mama i can see your plight
go with my blessings to get your red rose tonight

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Ghetto Roses V2

I see a desolate feild were are da babies
seeds went missin will we ever grow maybe
why are our pedals growin in already damaged 
worse than abrasions can't be healed by a bandage
Its like we were brought up in a feild being burned
so we grow up and burn up dat potent sherm
take lives away, so the world can mourn
like ours  were taken before we were born
whats supposed tobe green is gettin choked up
a couple of fields two different kinds of smoked up
and I'm lookin at the world through rose shaded glasses
to interpret my words don't need no poetry classes
I been sayin the rose is damaged so what am I seein
a world that leaves us cryin' dead or bleedin
can my pedals be mended while my heart is bended
fadein on pepsi and hen hopin my life is soon ended

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An Irish Rose...

I will not gather roses...
For I have need of only one...

one white Irish rose...
dancing in the sun...

...this sole rose embodies
one raindrop -
...a tear from heaven sent...

...within this signifies...
friendship with love...
this Irish rose can depend...

...a one of a kind...
this rose sole resemblance
drawn unto me...

...this spirit nurtured...
in her perfume truly refined...
pure luxury...

I lay down in this field...
It is here my soul rests...

in the field of the one true rose the field of benevolence... clear is this vision...
...without doubt...
this one Irish rose given...

...this one true love fulfilled...
Everything within me...
...pure as the snow driven...

...for it is not the colour
red I seek...

...she carries this ardently
for me I see...

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I Remember the Rose

For most, a rose is romance.
A rose is the passion within -
The forgiving flower.
The tenderness that is, pure love.
But not to me.
A rose to me is sadness,
It’s essence and it’s scent,  
I recall a painful memory -
A lonely reminder of a woman,
I never got to meet.
It’s velvet beauty surrounded her,
So pale and still she lay
My grandma.
I recall my father’s face;
The first time I ever seen him cry.
On his knees by his mother -
At her coffin.
So when I smell a rose’s love,
In retrospect, I think I understand
The beauty and the essence it demands.
For it was the rose that I remember -
and I think about her quiet face,
My Nana, 
the gentle rose
The woman that brought my father
to his knees.

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Red Rose

red rose lying on the water
red rose withering away
just like the day
you tossed me aside
and as the petals start to die
so do i

so i keep my eyes open
not allwoing tears to fall
i hold back the pain im feeling
i cant let myself crash
atleast not
not infront of you

but look at you
look harder into your eyes
go deeper down inside
tell me what you want me to know
tell me so i can stop the thoughts in my head
tell me so i can let everything die
so everything can be dead as you and me
well as dead as you claim it to be

oh red rose lying on the water
red rose withering away
just like the day
you tossed me aside
and as the petals start to die
so do i

and this time i know
i know its the last time
the last time i could ever call you mine

well you knew
yeah you knew it from the start
and still you reeled in my heart
just to
just to tear it all apart
but i guess
well i guess its all my fault

red rose lying on the water
red rose withering away
just like my heart

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A Piece of Mind

My explanation for my insecurity,
in a secure society might still not be clear to me.
Even though I’m status quo, 
my mirror still lies to me
I’m not who I see, 
its what I portray, 
its what I silently say,
like committing suicide in a 
less violent way.
Americans have to pray 
that children don’t grow be to gay,
they’d rather grow to be fake 
You can stunt growth but you can’t take it away,
God creates images of himself,
but why do you feel the need to help, 
makeup and magazines can hide it well,
but one day every person has to face themselves,
society cries to them,
and science lies to them, 
tell that the true beauty lies in those that deprive of them, 
their pursuit of happiness, 
thoughts of irony get unwrinkled by 
textual ironing,
its tiring to be the only one who sees my eye of things. 
I cry tears into a bucket and make my way to the church 
pour them into the holy water
now finally everyone can feel my hurt, 
papers the only thing that will ever feel my words, 
i define my passion, 
it’s a love 
it’s a drug, 
it’s a must, 
it’s a trust, 
a rose bud that rose above the rest. 
I see the future being bright 
because im a visual indivdual. 
I feel like Im the only one who sees the answer 
like god enscribed it into the inside of my eye-lids, 
I sob poeticly instead of crying,
and learn from dreams cuz real life is lying...

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The Fairy tale

I don't believe in fairy tales
Never thought I'd have a prince
My lips aren't red like a rose is
I'm just ordinary girl
Stuck in an ordinary life
Shattered inside til you came into my life
That night

I swear I've tried not to get caught up
Not to be swept off my feet
But you're out of a fairy tale
A movie
The land of pretend
I don't really know
But it was a failing battle to resist
You can't blame me for falling for you

I know we don't live castles
Just simple homes
You're not prince
But you would be mine
We don't wear crowns
I'm not a princess in a ball gown
But I'm loving what I've found

So the story goes on
The girl falls for the guy
She's hoping he will be hers
And she won't wear a million dollar dress
But she would love him better than
Any story could say

I don't believe in fairy tales
Never thought I'd have a prince
My lips aren't red like a rose is
I'm just ordinary girl
Stuck in an ordinary life

I know we don't live castles
Just simple homes
You're not prince
But you would be mine
We don't wear crowns
I'm not a princess in a ball gown
But I'm loving what I've found

So the story goes on
And on
The girl falls for the guy
She's hoping he will be hers
And she won't wear a million dollar dress
But she would love him better than
Any story could say

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From Me To You

Take me to that place...
The one where everyone's away
And the one where you keep me safe.
Hug me in your arms and say

Tell me what you like about this,
Because, maube we can exist.
Just whisper in my ear,
And make me smile,
When no one's near.

You walk towards me,
And you make me see
everything there is to see.
Cause your standing in my heart,
And no way, will anyone keep me apart
From you.

Bring me into your world,
Where I'm the only one
And the only one who stole your world.
And let you see me,
And than tell me

Let me know what you like.
Let me bring you a girl, who knows
That the rose 
You gave to me,
Is forever going to be ours.

Have this place to hide,
And not ever leaving a site,
Is exactly what I dream.
And everything is what it seems
From me, to you.

And forever is going to be ours.
This rose you gave to me.

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I Miss you

I miss you, I miss you
I cannot live without you
My lone heart feels sad
Of you only, it is mad
My heart beats for you
My breath feels you 
My eyes look for you
Where are you, where are you
I cannot live without you
In a deep thought I stood in the garden
Looking at the rose bud till it grow to a rose flower
Yes I felt the likes of you in the rose flower
For I always see you every where
But to the imagination that I swear 
I'm madly in love with you
I miss you, I miss you
I cannot live without you
Those were the lovely days when there were no fears
But now, my room  is all wet with my tears
I'm weeping and my heart is calling you
I cannot live without you
I miss you, I miss you....

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Written In Blood

My neighbor Jenny ran for my door
wiping bloody tears from her chin
Just like a hundred times before
Bobby was beating her again

I stared at Jenny's overnight bag
knowing she would never unpack
I gave her a rose and a wash rag
Then watched her go running back

I tried to make her understand
Real love isn't written with blood
t's stenciled with a gentle hand
like soft petals of a rose bud
 Real love isn't written with blood

 I heard the fire from Bobby's gun
 as Jenny neared the garden gate
 She'd never see the morning sun
My gift of wisdom came too late

Repeat Chorus


 She clutched petals of a rose bud
 and whispered with her last breath
Our vows weren't written with blood
You can't love somebody to death

Repeat chorus

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The Thorns And The Rose

We sprawled along the fence that day,
two Roman soldiers passed our way.
They came not today to smell the Rose,
twas we, the thorns, the Soldier's chose.

The beautiful rose most all came to see,
never speaking of or seeming to notice we.
But this overcast day we heard the word thorn,
then King Of The Jews whose head we'd adorn.

To protect the Rose had been our only role,
but today a Crown on a crude shaped pole.
Being forever remembered, and cruelly said,
that at death we adorned the Savior's head.

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Sweet Blood

…And there’s the wine
Of red, rose and white
In a slant cellar

Red as in red of your blood
Rose as in rose of your lovely prose
White as in white of your purity of life

If, one must choose
I chose you, sweet blood…
For my lonely heart

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Acoustic Rose

If whom ever should take me out before I make my statement
Then Smile, for I am no longer here

I once was your angel submerged in sadness
I am now your rose meager and darkened

I am a chapter written
A sought after answer smitten

I speak when no other will listen 
Because I know when it ends I beg upon the skies to glide low

You may kneel amongst the stairway to ask for me
You may journey through fire bitten smut to summon thee

Here I lie
After my flesh hours devour

Whisper if you will
For I now find myself at peace with songs

Below this casket of true lies
As a rose of absence I lay

	Smiles equal tears
	Ur Black Rose 

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According to the Scriptures

Jesus died for my sins
(According to the Scriptures)
He was laid in a tomb
(According to the Scriptures)
But He rose to life again
(According to the Scriptures)
Now He's coming real soon
(According to the Scriptures)     [Chorus]

Jesus died for my sins, He was laid in a tomb
But He rose to life again, now  He's coming real soon
According to the Scriptures and believed by the saints
Yet if Christ be not raised then our faith is in vain
BUT!  Jesus is alive and He rose from the dead
We're the Body of Christ and Christ is the head
Who's become the firstfruit of those who've slept
Afterward at His Coming, those who have been kept
From the pollution of the world, the solution is faith
Being sealed with His Spirit until we see Christ's day
When all things are subdued and the mountains will fall
The son is subject to the father, God is all and in all
Every knee will surely bow and tongue confess that
Jesus is Lord while secrets of the hearts manifest
Some on the right hand, others on the left
As he separates the wheat from the chaff with his breath


It's according to the Word, now it's time for you to level
You can't drink of Jesus cup and the cup of the devil
Awake to righteousness and sin not!
And it's ashame if you don't have the knowledge of God
Watch ye, stand fast in the faith be strong
Submit yourself to Jesus flee away from all wrong
For evil companionships corrupt good manners
So stay with holy ones lifting up the Lord's banner
As Christ increases, we decrease daily dying
Maximizing with the People Of War Ever Rising
While awaiting the redemption of our bodies we're victors
And we'll go up in the Rapture according to the Scriptures


{A rap I wrote while in college in celebration of Easter-  I Cor. 15:3,4}