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Early morn
Birds still sleep
Crickets warm
Not a peep
Coffee in hand
Dreams are free
Thinking of you
Thinking of me
Last night's prayer 
Has made it here
Rain soaked skies
Begin to clear
And what I see
On distant shore
Sweet Island girl
I long for more
Hear your heart
We are in tune
I love you so 
I'm coming soon

Contest: Craig's "Lyrics Again"
Date: 9-9-14

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Today I penned a love letter
I know you'll never see
Secret thoughts and feelings
Bottled up inside of me
Romantic muse on my heart
Words written with the mind
My forbidden introspection
I know you'll never find
For I, myself, am the bottle
I'm not floating on the sea
The message is deep inside
Heartbroken that we can't be
I know this sounds freaky
But every word I say is true
Although we've never met 
My heart is missing you!

Date: 11-7-14

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Just because we're not together
Doesn't mean we're far apart
You may no longer see me
Cause I'm hidden in your heart
I am the warmth in your sunrise
The breeze dancing in your hair
Don't think for even a moment
That I'm gone, no longer there

I'm singing through that sparrow
My fragrance is in the rose
My shade is under the big oak
I'm in the poem you just composed
I still see you in the moonlight
Tell all your secrets to me
I'm closer than you can imagine
Never alone, girl we're still we

*A father on his deathbed pens this poem to his daughter to encourage her when he's gone, to remind her that he will never really leave her!

Date: 11-11-14

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A Lifelong Match

Spring is here - scents the air You've come from somewhere Moving in next to my home Your aura blooms bright n' warm I'm Already thinkin' here's a new friend I'm Already thinkin' here's a new friend                         Nice to meet a looker Show you all the best spots here I'll  see my world through your eyes Be free without need for a guise It feels like I've met my lifetime match It feels like I've met my lifetime match We sit under a tree           Your words sing harmoniously  Time flies too quickly Walking, talking, feeling tipsy Even from here seems I feel your touch Even from here seems I feel your touch Joking, laughing hours spent Licking ice cream - just content Folks stare - it doesn't mater Instant us just add water      You must believe in love at first sight You must believe in love at first sight Your image is ingrained in my mind A daydreaming guy am I Lost in you and me entwined I wonder can you read my thoughts As we lie under the sky Our hands touch and my face lights up Then you smile sweeter than syrup  We pick weeds you call them flowers I am the questions you are the answers I now know we are meant to be together  It feels like I've met my lifelong match I am sure I have met my lifelong match *************************************************************** A Re-Write Of "We're Going To Be Friends"Lyrics By The White Stripes (Jack White)  The Original Song is about a boy and girl still in school. Jack White's rhyming scheme seems strange on paper works beautifully when it is sung to its own tune. This version has been rewritten and adjusted  so it could apply to any new relationship  Maurice Yvonne Nov~27~2014 Happy Birthday To Me (I Think I Look Great For Ninety Years Old The Photo Of Me Is Very Recent)

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I understand the heart too well
Sometimes it frustrates so
It won't obey determined mind
Girl, it refuses to let you go
So keep pouring on water
Let it rain and let it pour
God I love your wet lips
Rain leaves me wanting more
So bring all the ice you can
Freeze me out with no replies
I beg you, please look away
Or tears you'll see from my eyes
If your new man is getting upset
With sweet songs for my pen
I promise I'll try to stop
But it's impossible to hold it in
Tell him I just write songs
That's what songwriters do
I know you won't tell him this
But you know that  . .... ...

*Just a simple pop lyric (fiction as always unless otherwise stated)

Date: 11-11-14

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You can paint
Of wanton lips
On starlit night
Once distant ships
I'll lift you up
Till light of dawn
Through misty eyes
I see perfect fawn
Your heart's emotion
Is written on me
Though autumn's rain
From distant sea
You can paint
A muse on me
Where we are more
Than eye can see
You can paint
Tomorrow's scene
Two lover's silhouettes
Know what that means
You can paint
Splash that brush
Sweet jasmine blue
Blossom make me blush

Date: 11-8-14

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Life's Love Story

Written for the contest

Have you ever seen, the sun setting down
Upon this red roofed town
And hear the sound of love begin
I have never found a more perfect place
Than, when I see your face
I simply fall in love again

Don't ask me which way the wind will blow
Or the tide will flow
Or even where, our love will go
I just know there could never be a place 
Where I can’t feel your warm embrace
With those lips I love to taste

Have you seen the mountains rising from the sea
That’s where I want to be 
With you eternally, in grace
We hear our tune, carried along the wind
Strummed on life’s violin
As a tear rolls down your face

Don’t ask me why the good times seem to fly
Or why some passion dies,
Or how lovers, can say Goodbye
All I know is when I leave this tropic heat
I am filled with the Latin beat
Until the next time on this street,  we meet

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To Endear Me To You

What more can I do to endear me to you?
How can I endlessly draw your gaze?
How might I incline your heart to be mine,
To reside beside mine, always?

You might have guessed that you are my Muse—
The source of all my inspirations.
I’m doing my best to respond to your clues
To permanently win your affections.

Each song that I sing, each verse that I rhyme,
Are meant to attract your attentions.
Each bouquet that I bring, endless time after time, 
Are just my endearing enduring expressions.      

My soul’s compass always points towards you,
Pulled by more than just mere attraction.
My life is in focus, and my sky’s brightest blue
When I am searching in your direction.

What more can I do to endear me to you?
How can I cement your gaze?
What must I refine to call your heart mine,
That our paths may entwine, always.

Inspired by the song CHERISH by the group The  Association.

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A poem for YOU

In this world of Uncertainties I’m the man that you can trust And in my words of sincerity That my love would never last. And if you could only feel, what i feel for you You can ask me “why?” so you can see the truth Like our love that tightens the rope, Like a light that would give us hope. As you watch the dark skies Let me grab the moon for you, And as I catch the bright stars That’s the way you can see me through As this planet turns as it always will And things go wrong and you don’t know what to feel Hold my hand for it will make us strong Like a wind, we will carry on The wind blow that sings a hymn for you For they know what does love means for the two Love is blind, and not deaf So how’s success if you’re not ready to bet? In this poem with full of rhymes, A full of love, Babe can you be mine? I don’t expect too much from you Why should I? If you complete my whole. “Till death do us part” that’s what they have said But why do struggles crash them ahead? Don’t ask me when my love will last, To count all of our quarrels, is that a must? Now and Forever is all that I promise No day dreaming and without reminiscence As the matter of time, as the time passes by Together we stand, together you and I
A poem for my Girlfriend for our anniversary :) pls comment and rate... you are free to judge and criticize my work :) God Bless

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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I've Scribbled This Song For You

I've Scribbled This Song For You...

I'm wasting my days,
my empty nights too,

I should have held on,
but I simply lost you,

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

yes, I should have kept,
you close to my skin,

soaking your warmth,
but you were laughing,

at my foolish grin...

now I'm all broken,
and torn apart,

but what the hell,
I was always late,
for the tolling of the bell,

and now...

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

so kiss me now like you once did,
I'm tired of being so carefully hid,

la laa laa la laa laa laa...

(repeat to fade)


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Wanna touch your soul
Girl, I'll set you free
Sweet rhymes my goal
This echo song from me
There's a reality
Then there's two pens
One obeys gravity
The other one bends
Amazing moments
Gonna take your hand
Let's dance forever
Together we're grand
Girl, you light me up
I feel so alive
You can feel the heat
When we collide
Love rises high
Keyboard kisses flow
You're drawn in
Let's give it a go
I'll be your man
You incredible fawn
Cupid takes aim
You'll be mine by dawn
Look into my eyes
Gonna hold ya tight
Warm you with my song
Till ya lose the fight
Gonna hold ya tight
Gonna do it right
Gonna do right

Date: 11-9-14

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From The Peircing Of An Arrow To The Cold Hearted Fate Of love

her life is on the tip of his tongue
the sparkle leaves her eyes
an arrow to his chest
drawing her to her death
a feather falling from the sky
the death of an angel
her wings turn blood red
like the color of the red sea
the sword drawn out of the ground
by her own hands
what he could not do himself
she has done for him
He falls unto to his knees
the arrow she had put into his chest
the greatest of betrayals
She asked for her death wish
Holding the ring in her palm
He looks into her eyes
watching the love she had left for him disappear
Falling into despair
Her face hitting the ground
Blood surrounded her body
He watched as she died
He couldn't move from the love that had pierced his chest

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Secretly Obsessed

Obsessed with the thought of you
wondering if it's only me or
if you sometimes remember the sweet things you've said
and if you meant them how I took them
or if I'm just obsessed with what's in your head

Obsessed with your very sentences
Every response I take personal
I know it's selfishness
Have you not noticed my eyes?
They hold secrets that only you can unlock
if you'd just take time to fill the thick juices of my pride
It's just boiling with lust, passion, trust and distrust
and other things I obsess over so much

I find myself writing to free myself from this prison I've created
where only you and I reside
I become confused about what I'm really feeling inside and I 
try to rid the thoughts that are highly debated as false and I
begin to cry and
think of casting love spells so that the universe can deliver this affair
I know it's unfair
but I don't care

I'm obsessed with what hasn't happened between us
I'm obsessed with your heart and that the fact that 
I don't think you've even noticed my selfish innuendos 
and secret undertones that blatantly express my lust
Or maybe you have and you calmly remain in resistance of distrust 
If you could only read my mind by simply touching my fingertips,
I'm sure I'd catch you out the corner of my eye biting your bottom lip
I'm obsessed with the passion and thoughts I think you have
Obsessing over an experience that I may never have....

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Look up in the sky

Look up in the sky

Look I know we got off on the wrong foot,
But charge it to my head not my heart
I thought I saw an opportunity 
So like cupid with his bow drawn, I shoot
With much apology and I do respect your
whole Ora.
You have much more to your diaspora
I read some strong kinetic vibes
Like when we were back in Kemet
See I know a Queen when I see one
I just want to spoil you
With other worldly lavish trinkets
I've got designs on loving you forever
So a man thinketh
So I'm here in my purpose
All we have is from this moment on
It's you who I chose
to build this destiny 
See time keeps rolling on
I melt the ice
Quiet the storms
Sculpted mountains
Love was created for beings like you and I
Need proof, I give you the twilight sky
Those Stars visible or not
are up there, while you counting them
they counting on us
to join them and love on high
Infinite miles away people are hanging on our every word
A shooting star is a symbol of love deferred
Don't let down the galaxy
Look up in the sky and look up at our destiny
Once they fall they fall fast
Don't let this moment pass
Grab hold of my hand
and alas
we will make it to dance on the sun
And if we are not careful 
another set of should be lovers 
will be staring at the twilight sky at
what we have become.....

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I want more than a pretty flower
What's inside that fancy vase
Who is this mysterious woman
That has set my heart to race

So what if we got together today
Girl, this could be our hour
Say yes, say yes, say yes..
And I'll have to take a cold shower
Then I'll cradle your heart softly 
I'll touch, you'll feel what could be
You'll taste a sense of awe and wonder
Oh yeah.. You'll want me completely

And there's more.. much more
So let's take a chance and start
I don't want to feel your breath, girl
If I can't feel your heart.. your heart

So.. say yes
Let's take a chance
Say yes 
It's time to start
Say yes 
I want this dance
Say yes
I want your heart

One yes
We'll be dancing
One yes
I'll call right now
One yes
To sweet romancing
One yes
Oh Baby wow
One yes
I want you now!

Date: 6-14-14

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A Love Poem For You

love  and let 
love find you

                           ©2013 Christine Phillips

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Thunder and Lighting

Love is prominent but lies are still troubling the arch in my back is still aching  thru my core/ To calm to peaceful Today not enough appreciation from you
You make me feel less important.
 How many more audition do I need to perform for you?
 Your Personality changes like the weather negative energy creates “Thunder and Lighting” 
   Your Ego is higher then the altitude in Denver 
You are the weather that changes everyday I never knew when its cold are warm 
Today I was prepared for a Sunny day / But  like the weather you change unpredictably have me puzzled just wondering Why?
 I was not prepared for your  precipitation/ you never allow me to grasp your feelings never appreciate my love  you was only  obsessed with yourself and not my heart.  When its cloudy or rainy outside my vision gets a little blur and  fuzzy when you are around.

Meteorologist Predicate Sunny and warm air with the chances of early morning cloudiness’

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You know why I run game? It's 'cause I'm a player
I'm the night in shining armor, she's a dragon, I'm gon' slay her
That means when I beat it up, I'm gonna kill it
Tell her keep our business to herself, don't spill it
Can't follow directions, then it's on to the next
Hope you get the message, not talking 'bout a text

I sleep with more chicks than a night-gown

Without 'em I'm like a sentence with no noun

For those who don't know that means incomplete

It's a race to get 'em first, I gotta' compete

They wanna be on the team, tryin' to make the cut

True player, show no feelings, keep 'em in a shell, walnut

Females fill my atmosphere, they mean the world to me

I got damsels galore, it's always plural with me

Got gangs of chicks, which one should I bang

They're steady in my face, sort of like some bangs

Hate when they try to lock me down, I'm not in jail

She starts talking 'bout marriage, then I'm gonna bail

Sometimes I need my space, like a vacant lot

I hate being congested, like a nose filled with snot

Hey, stop bugging me, you startin' to act like a knat

Before you go, give me head, I need it like a hat

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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

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A Simple Kiss

A simple kiss will tell if you might love me.
A simple kiss will tell how much I care.
Yes, our lips will reveal 
Exactly how we feel;
So, kiss me…if you dare.

A simple kiss…it’s so very easy,
A simple kiss that only two can share;
But that kiss may be a chance
To find life’s true romance;
So, kiss me…kiss me… if you dare.

My heart began to race
When first I saw your face,
A face I had to dream to see;

Compelled to take this chance,
I dared to ask you for this dance,
And now, you're here... with me.

So, a simple kiss will tell if you might love me.
Surely, you have a kiss to spare.
If you ever hoped for a chance
To find your life’s true romance,
Then, kiss me…Please kiss me… 
Kiss me…if you dare.

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In Pleasure

In Pleasure          
By Nate Spears
Published 2013 in “Death OF A Rose” By Nate Spears

White suit, top hat, pride feeling higher than spectacular 
The ugly duckling has opened a new chapter
Revealing transformation that’s becoming a true sensation
Buried in his inaugural feelings of gold treatment
There’s always a silver lining after the disaster
Every battle, each day 
Sanity is mastered
Life tries to defeat us, expiration tries to meets us
But tonight he’s on top of the world
He’s on top of Thee
He’s on top of a feathered fame beak 
This is one hell of a duckling I must proclaim.
Our love floats in current 
Through the City of Jacks
You’re the only Queen of my deck 
As we coast along these sparkling waters splashing our tails
The momentum of the St. Johns River flows to a love hotel
Vapors of our spirits arises above
Elevating beyond the skies
There’s no limit tonight 
As my mind is blown on cloud nine 
With love and happiness is in the atmosphere
Scrolling the screams of these peaceful waters 
With mean swagger
This night is unbelievable 
Unbelievable is this; unbelievable I won’t miss
I was once viewed as a total tragedy, with no immunity from havoc
Or grievance
Frowned upon by my community as a under achiever
As if I was an oil spill disaster 
With no relief at hand, 
But to tonight I clean up well with Dawn
The river flows peacefully after the storm deforms
Accompanied by grace, I’m accompanied by love
Accompanying my side 
Is a woman of grace.
As we keep our heads above these judgmental waters in Florida
The rivers will flow to Fingers Point
At the end of this place called home sweet home tonight
I’m just a kiss away 
From the Full Moonlight.

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Where I'm from we don't do debts, fronts, or take tabs
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
Put that money on the head, you don't need a mask
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
How is a broke fool gon' try and smash
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash

Money on my mind like bread on a sandwich

I run the city, they're the lights, I'm the switch

I stand for what's mine, never see me slip and fall

I'm runnin' the race, you're a baby with a slow crawl

My cash stay on point, like a sharpened pencil

Try 'n' copy my style, you gon' need mo' than a stencil

I don't be's in the trap, buy my workers put-in overtime

Feds can't catch me, never see me committin' crime

That's why from time to time I shoot 'em a raise

And tell 'em to stash cash for those rainy days

If money talk, then there's nothing to say

If B.S walk, none of ya' fools can stay

My money talkin' for me, betta' yet, it's in a conversation

Ya' look like money; make money, nice observation

They say the love of money's the root of all evil

So how much money will it take to really love people

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I love the way your blue eyes shine

I love the way your blue eyes shine.
I love the way your gentle blue eyes shine
As your lovely face, it tells me you are mine
No words could tell, the love I have for you
It shines through me, so pure and sweet and true.

My years with you, have been the best I’ve known
Through all these years my love has grown and grown
I know, at times I’m hard to understand
Yet how I melt beneath our love so grand.

Until the end of time we two be one
Our love so vast it could outshine the sun
Together we two drown within such bliss
I’d die without your love, be sure of this.

Nothing could ever stem my love for you
It fills the Earth, the seas, the sky so blue
Forever and a day, this love in me
Will join us two together endlessly.

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You Alone

Look at you, you have found my heart
With love I stare into your eyes
With passion I devise
I can not part with you or can not stop the things I have started

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I walk by your side and I found my self crying
With your hands so soft with gentleness
With your smile so beautiful with carefulness
I do notice life with you without sighing

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Without a fear of losing you, you are in my visions
With beautiful roses by your side 
I love you more than twelve times
Without doubt I do love you, I care for you and you alone

So do not walk away 
Please lets talk about things anyway
With feelings of letting you go is make me ache in the heart
Do not stop believing my passion has fallen apart

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

Look I want us to grow old with each other through years of journeys
With hope of sharing life of fulfillment that gives us memories
With this I hope to give all of my faith and I hope it is not to late
I Look into your eyes with such full life because you have been my life date

So I raise my hands to embrace you and you alone

And you alone

So I raise my hands to embrace you

you alone

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my hands are cold,
my feet are numb,
I’ve been waiting for you to come.

Listen to the rhythmic sound of the drum,
it is summoning you to come,
come and minster to my blazing soul,
and help me achieve my dancing goal.

Leap beyond the shadows of death,
and purge me with your mystical breath,
tear off my sleepless gown,
and cool me down with your powerful sound.

Follow the sound of the drums and come,
If you don’t come I will be undone,
thousands of them surround the gate,
come before it's too late.

wiggle and scream,
entrance me in your solitary dreams.
pull out your dangling whistle
stretch my body,
breath upon my throbbing flesh,
and captivate me in your powerful net.

Release your knob and come,
shoot me with your inflated gun,
I have waited for this eternal bliss,
but something stands amiss.

©2013 Christine Phillips

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BIO - LyricMan

I am more than description
of a smile and blue eyes
defined by the surface
where mask can hide lies

I am a hopeless romantic
a picnic's the perfect date
then dancing under the stars
moonlit walks till late

I am mesmerized by beauty
when it reaches to the core
from inside out.. magnificent 
makes me long for more

I am passionate lover
much more than a poet
I've had to truly taste it 
before I ever wrote it

I am into moments 
so much more than minutes
long to capture one's heart
more than winning pennants

I'm a zealous God chaser
to Christ I firmly cling
I write for His Glory
songs His children sing

I am finding heaven's angels 
in the least of these
caring for fatherless children
becomes a dream to seize 

I am learning to listen 
nature's whisper speaks
some things labeled progress 
in reality.. they reek 

I am convinced that brilliance 
is found in less words
and that most of the experts 
are truly absurd  

I am a creative mind
imagination still runs wild
the world rushes to rote
and loses its inner child

I am still in total awe
of every gentle snowflake
waves dancing on the ocean
Reflections on crystal lakes

I am drawn to the arts 
where emotion rules
where risk are taken 
and wise are labeled fools

I am not competing
to ever pen a better play
but to treasure the unique
long to go a different way

I don't live in a box
or paint inside the line
If I'm misunderstood
to me that is fine

I am drawn to clever wit
and learn best from enemies
in my dream there's an island
filled with birds and bees

I am finding myself
where no mirror can go
through the spirit I see
It's from within I grow!

Contest: Regina's "Bio"
Date: 10-16-14
Poet: LyricMan

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Where I'm from we don't do debts, fronts, or take tabs
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
Put that money on the head, you don't need a mask
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash
How is a broke fool gon' try and smash
They don't understand nothing but stashing cash

My Green could fill-up a Bay, need a few Packers

Haters look, fold and crumble like Ritz-crackers

Money comes and goes, but you know mine stays

Like a well-trained dog, sometimes it even lays

Money brings power, respect, gotta' have the jewels

Call me a handy-man, I stay with my tools

I know it sounds messed-up, but it's money-over-everything

My weight's been up, you just started like a flower in spring

My money keeps flippin', like some Burgers on a grill

Money on me heavy, like a work-out, makes me sweat fo'real

Active, got a million hustles, I'm motivated and dedicated

Call me and money happily married, we can't be separated

Not talking movies, but I bet you ain't seen this in a while

My money's long, go 'head, call it the green mile

Long as I'm stashing cash, I'll always come out on top

Like a junkie smokin' dope, me making money won't stop

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How I long for you to play me
just like your guitar
pressed close as calloused fingers
trace unveiled scars
why can’t you hear the quivering chords 
this aching heart can barely hold
just strum this mystic woman
to watch her unfold

Lay your hands, Darling
stroke low tunes where rhythm hides          
please, put down that old guitar
so new desires I can confide 

Hush, now, please, lover just listen
there’s a song deep in these wide eyes...
hear their bewitching melody...

Hush, now, please, lover just listen
then slowly sip the sighs
from music’s lips
true harmony
please, play me
come and play me


If you would only let me 
I could be your muse
offer a thousand perfect notes
any one you may choose

Now, I see you want to play me
the whole night long
poor guitar, those hands are mine
and where I belong

Please, play me
Come and play me

How well you play me

By Cyndi MacMillan
For Craig's Le Jardin D'Adonis Lyric Contest... whew!

written for the following

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Young girl I saw you there tonight
your grandpa smiled, music played
And all the world was feeling right
listening to a moonlight serenade

You grew up fast the world to see
became so busy with offering aid
A servant's heart yet a soul set free
listening to a moonlight serenade

There's a young man at the gate 
thoughts of you he can't escape
Dreams and sings romantic song
roses sigh of love all night long

The world's a tiger you have its tail
through all, a tigress you've stayed 
Yet haunted by a night sky's spell
listening to a moonlight serenade

Please take my hand I promise you 
under heaven's canopy displayed
A sweet romance till morning's blue
listening to a moonlight serenade

I'm the young man, I'm at your gate 
thoughts of you I can not escape
Dreaming and singing romantic song
roses sigh of love all night long

Oh we'll romance till morning's blue
listening to a moonlight serenade

    ..You're my moonlight serenade!

*Dedicated to Grandpa

Sponsor: Linda  (Contest #5 Poem Never Entered Into A Pervious Contest)
Date: 5-15-14

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I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

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My Fire

I will be a sudden silence
to calm your burning soul,
 and quiet the words.
Lay down and let thoughts sleep,
escape to a place that accepts you with flaws,
Stand with me there, and be one with me.
Awake from sadness and shout!
Laugh without control!
cry for joy!
I will hold you and never let you go.

©2013 Christine Phillips

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Love Poem Number 1

Looking into your eyes, 
on the first day we meet, 
I knew right away when my heart skipped a beat,
It flutters and pounds from Your beauty and care. 
It longs for much more, a world we could share.
You bring such a smile to my tattered, worn soul
A happiness lost, so long, long ago.
A hope, a prayer, I offer to He,
I ask for a gift, your smiles at me.
A smile that grows as we are together,
A smile that shows our potential forever.
You bring me such happiness and pure heartfelt glee,
All this and much more
just being with me.
You are so amazing, so beautiful , so pure.
Your company, your heart, your smile all my cure.
I thank God everyday for hearing my plea
I thank God most of all for you next to me.

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Sapphire Star

Among the stars she searched for one
to be her friend on distant dome;
her thoughts to lay and whispered gnome,
her childhood tales and scopes undone.

Among the million bright sparkles,
she chose one that kindly signaled,
her lone thoughts to him syllabled
mind's endless lines and traced circles.

And in the endless astral fire
she saw his friendly blink to smile
similitude of a Greek isle,
it was the sparkling of sapphire.

A song ascends from the pine woods
to meet the smiling star of blue
and is their solitude untrue,
unsolved of questions understood.

And then she slept on distant fare,
along the bless of blue sapphire,
the tunes of a Greek ancient lyre,
accompanied their dreams in air.

And while she slept the sapphire weaved 
blankets of light she softly held
the lyre star song dreaming she spelled,
and then for nothing else she grieved.

© G.V. 04-08-2013, All Rights Reserved

(The poem is composed in Iambic tetrameter form.
The Iambic pentameter form is closer to it, as a substitute.)

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Your Special Day

(Dedicated to Danielle Bryant)

It's your special day
And I have so much to say.
Oh that time will let me,
There are thousands of things to make you see:

The happy times,
Lengthening with the clock's chimes;
The beautiful talks we exchanged,
Never believing there could be a change;

The midnight conversations,
Smiles on our faces our only compensation;
Our dreams and hopes,
The only reason we could cope.

Those moments we spent together
Are memories I'll cherish forever;
Memories I can look at and smile,
Knowing they are reasons to aim high.

Oh if I could do more than just words
And not pull memory chords!
It's your special day
And my own very special way
Of wishing a happy birthday
To a friend who just walked away.

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Lovely Sundress Girl

She had on this lovely sundress
Innocent curious look in blue
A full figured fiery fifteen with
Passion that will warm any coldest heart.
Heart full of love of a gentle dove
Behold her face all-rich.
Her seductive look makes one to stoop
Deep grey eyes can lead anyone astray
Round ear-ring makes whirl around
Waist can send anyone on quest
Her pouty lips reminds of Jolie
Nature gave her in abundance nothing redundant
But O girlie, beware of the ensnared eyes 

Oh, Oh, no more, no more, 
Remember, Remember
No more yearnings go to your learning’s
Remember your rammed memories
Pluck not the flower
Let it be the delight of other travelers
Do I have to remind you of what you penned?
Very recently on John Keats and Shelley.
Let the beauty be floating
And sink the beast to unfathomable depth.

November 29, 2014
Form Lyric
Third Place Win    
N.B. Based on John Elton's song (Don't remember the words of the song)

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Bob, the Forgotten Valentine and Greedy Double Dater

My friends, this saga slowly unfurls
 a love story that went quickly awry,
 seems greedy Bob dated a pair of girls
 when with one, to the other he’d lie.
The homlier girl’s name was Edith
 who, nonetheless Bob was fond of,
 but, greedy Bob wanted to live out the “myth”
 and with sisters, he was sure to find love !
He began slyly asking about sister Kate
 for her beauty was equalled by few,
 she was young, and he believed her well worth the wait
 she had enough sex appeal for two !
Bob’s antics had him severely troubled
 because, he covered his tracks day and night,
 his love-making prowess had quickly doubled
 so his lovelife was going just right !
Well, finally Bob’s saga ended in terror
 because the girls both found out what he’d done,
 Bob had mixed their names up, in a passionate error
 and what transpired next, was not very fun !
One of the sisters had taken Bob’s life
 because he’d proven he couldn’t be “true”,
 and the lesson he learned, at the end of that knife
 taught, “you can’t have your Kate…..and Edith, too !

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With lustful hands around your hips

With lustful hands around your hips
and my loving thoughts not so chaste,
let together be locked our lips
as passion compels our mutual haste.

This night we are an ardent pair
as I now do my very best
to undress your body and dare 
to expose your white, naked breasts.

We are filled with impassioned zeal
to be as one body tonight
without need to hide or conceal
whether we are wrong or right.

This night our defiant love dares
to at last defeat its final test
so Love's highest law then declares
our union greater than Fate's behest!

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Love Distance

I love you a lot, but I do not see you much
When I see you face to face my day goes great.
I think about you every night before I sleep and pray that everything goes well for you,
I hope to see you very soon
Our love is distant, but our hearts are close. 

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The Journey

I'm on a journey now,
Destination unknown,
Into the world outside my home;
A path the sun has never shown 

I' won't be there so soon,
It's gonna take a little while;
Like the distance to the moon
But can't be measured by the mile

Through the winds of neptune I try to see,
Barefoot across the burning ground.
Keep moving on that's the key
To keep my bones from being found

Across the oceans of this world
I swim the distance with a salty tongue.
I fight against the curl.
Upon my muse my fate is hung.

There's nothing such as time.
This journey's ending soon. 
I see the final stretch to climb
In the shadows of the moon.

I came so far from all I'd known. 
Through misty shores I see what's true.
I've found another home.
I journeyed here for you

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Don't be confused, I'll tell ya what I see
The girl in your mirror, she's the girl for me
Your drowning in doubt, gonna help ya out
Not pushing ya down, just turning ya around
So you can clearly see, who I want to be
Your man.. Oh girl, I want ya alive and free
I love to see you on fire, my only desire
Forbidden says who, girl don't be so blue
Only thing we're destroying here is fear
So jump in baby, the water is so fine
Drown in my arms, be only mine, only mine

Be only mine..
Only mine!

Date: 9-11-14

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Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

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Our eyes meet, and the temperature is rising 
When we're standing so near, there's no disguising 
I don't know what to say, your a princess, I am clay

Yeah, opposites attract, I'm not even denying 
You've got ahold on me, without even trying 
This boy begins to pray, light up my life today

Sure you've got it all, but not so good at hiding 
Feel the chemistry, just let go and stop fighting 
I'm not going away, you body language says stay

I'm the oxygen in the air, your longing to be breathing
I see your smile, but in your heart there's a needing
Night explodes into day, when love can have its way

Hey sweet mystery girl, your beautiful face I'm reading
I think it's so very clear, your defenses I'm defeating
This dreamer's wish today, be free and fly away..
To me!

*first memories of the mystery girl who would one day become my wife


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A person I've met before

You are a person i've met before.
The man who stands knocking at my door.
I remember you from my dreams,
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.

You held the door open as I ran in for shelter from the cold weather & rain.
You are the man I stood next to in line.
You are the man I passed by
I danced as you sang the songs chorus.
I pushed my way through...
the sea of people and stopped next to you.
Amidst the crowd we stood, searching for a way out
I looked around, I glanced in your direction, I looked past you 
I found my way out, I hurried my way through.
I walked away having not met you.

A second glance, I did not take,
unaware that our meeting was fate.

You are a person i've met before,
Sometime ago on a night like tonight,
The air was warm, the stars shining bright
The night that we met,
I danced that night, I danced and danced until the morning light
I sat to lay my feet to rest, you came to me no different from the rest
You asked me for a cigarette.
An open chance to conversate 
knowing this interaction would not lead to a date
We shared thoughts and ideas of similar interests.
such as music and poetry, art and astrology.
At the time I thought nothing of it, a casual meeting of the mind.
Little did I know, I would continue to meet you throughout my lifetime.

You are a person i've met before,
I've read your book of poetry at the local book store.
you write of life, love and family.
You are a person i've met before,
I've seen your paintings, they are hard to ignore
You are the artist I dream of meeting
You are a person i've met before.

You are the man in my dreams, 
Your eyes sparkle and your smile gleams.
I've met you 100 times before,
You are the man who stands knocking at my door.

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You know I sing Sinatra
God knows I love your skin
Under the glow of street lights
You can see my longing grin

We're dancing by the starlight
The night sky knows our tune
Our steps take me to heaven
Romancing you under the moon

Girl, you leave me breathless
Here with you is where I belong
You're the harmony in my music
You're the love in all my songs

Oh, I can't wait for Summer
Even Spring's too long for me
So I'm going to lay you down
Under this Christmas tree!


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A love story

A love story

There lived in the heart of the country
In a place called Crystal brook
A little girl named Tahlia Rose
Who had that kind of look
That said she was a dreamer
But she was beautiful
She was a maid of so much charm
This girl, she had it all.

Her smile was like the morning sun
Her eyes were like the moon
And oh, she had a lovely voice
She sang a pretty tune
And everybody loved her so
Cause she sparkled like the stars
And people loved to look at her
They came  from near and far.

She grew up, and looked so grand 
All the best folk all around
They sought her out to marry her
But she would not be bound
By any but a special soul
Her suitor, he must be
A man of rich and sweet compassion
And much integrity.

He must love her like no other could
She must be his heart and soul
And they would love, forever more
For fate gave them this role.

Then came a man, a poor, poor man
He roamed from town to town
With a smile just like a blooming rose
He never wore a frown
Her parents never liked the lad
And banned the whole affair
But our two, they carried on
All wrapped in loves sweet care.

And so I finish off this tale
By telling all of you
That these two lovers had their day
There love it was so true
That fate did join the two as one
In a bond to last forever
Though that was fifty years ago
These two are still together.

8 September @2013 @ 1857hrs.

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How Alone Am I

How Alone Am I
How Sad Am I 
You never Know
I never Show

You Smile WIth A Shine
I Smile with Wine
Your Enthralling Eyes
Defines My Style

Missing you is my life
Yes I live, but I strife
Finding you beneath the stars
Misng You my life chars.

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12 days of kiss-mas

On the 12th day of kiss-mass my true love sent to me
12 dirty undies
11 socks a stinking
10 shoes a humming
9 shirts for pressing
8 trousers 
7 days of take-out boxes
6 flagons of beer
5 D V D's
4 mischievous children
3 dozen wine bottles
2 ex partners
and an engagement ring under the tree

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''Loveliness that's deep and that's rare--''

Loveliness that's deep and that's rare
     is like a rose that blooms afresh
(like the rosebud that's new and fair);
     lovely in aspect and in flesh,
it lives in sunlight without care
     letting all the sky breathe and mesh.

Its loveliness is hard to find
     unspoiled and as innocent;
and with its tint and with its rind
     it quells my musing discontent.
As it sighs (softly and from behind),
     my nose takes in its lovely scent.

Its beauty transcends its locus,
     imbuing the eyes of my soul 
with romantic, ideal focus
     that makes the heart and the mind whole:
without it the world seems callous
     and grace would not be in control.

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I perfumed my sweet love letter
Missing you every hour of the day
Trace my words with your finger
Feel my heart in every word I say

Please be safe on that battlefield
Take care in everything you do
Don't you scratch that perfect body
Listen up soldier I'm ordering you

See my lip print on my love letter
You know we're still a perfect fit
In your favorite sundress waiting
So don't you dare think to quit

Everyday I hang another ribbon
On "Oak" for each day you're gone 
Your heart's gonna melt inside you
When you read my romantic song

Can't wait for you to come home
Until then I'm saving you a place
My love is an everlasting river
I'm living for that very moment 
That very moment.. I see your face

Contest: Rose's "Letters To War"
Date: 8-22-14

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My Love

When the skies turn blue
I think of you 
In the darkest of times
You are in my life
My dreams are filled
with your soft-hearted soul
I have made you
my precious goal
So perfect and true
I must remark
that I love you
my shinning star

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Like a river to the sea

Inspired by my very beautiful wife

Like a River to the sea

Like a river, to the sea
That’s how my love does flow to thee
Just like the moon reflects the sun
So I reflect your love, my darling one

You be my haven in a storm
When I feel cold you keep me warm
You’re my best friend, my lover too
You be my rose, my darling I love you

My darling every time I hold you to me
A symphony rings out from mystic realm
No matter what this life should ever give to me
I’ll ride each wave with you here at my helm

Just like a star that shines so bright
You be my light on the darkest night
You be an angel with such power
You nurture me and make my being flower.

20 July 2013 @ 1135hrs.

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You paint me like Monet with a morning kiss,
a brush of tenderness,
artistry in each caress

My fingers trace a promise on your warm skin,
gentle your wicked grin
with all things feminine

       The sun has risen on our first day as man and wife,
       A perfect moment, even time slows as we spoon,
       Latin rhythms moved our night in this paradise,
       Forevermore, I am yours and life will be a honeymoon

Undone by the pleasure heard in our sighs,
this love tears our eyes
while hearts harmonize

Dancing to a melody that only we can hear,
needing each other near,
whispering words, so sincere 

        The sun has risen on our first day as man and wife,
        A perfect moment, even time slows as we spoon,
 	Latin rhythms moved our night in this paradise,
 	Forevermore, I am yours and life will be a honeymoon


Friends and lovers, we will ignite all our days
in thousands of sweet ways,
today and for always

I will cherish you and you will cherish me
as we trust in destiny,
bless each anniversary 

 	The sun has risen on our first day as man and wife,
        A perfect moment, even time slows as we spoon,
 	Latin rhythms moved our night in this paradise,
 	Forevermore, I am yours and life will be a honeymoon

         Yes, life will be a honeymoon
	 Darling, life will be our honeymoon

	 Our honeymoon

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Yellow Moon

She watched as the earth fell asleep

Waited for the yellow moon

soft kisses of unfaithful wind..

Images..Images on her head

Nostalgic memory of a forgotten love

Flashes of things she tried to forget..

Her eyes caught the reflection of the moon

locked inside the rain on her cheek..

She was standing alone..

Her grieving heart sought

solace from the moon

She petitioned the stars

Where is he this very night?

Cruel..oh so cruel..

Beneath the silence of the sky

she bowed her head and cried..

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In the Heart of the Night

Walking amongst the shadows
In the heart of the night
A fall rain, in summer heat
Caresses thoughts of bygone times

In the heart of the night
It’s a full moon, shining upon my face
I walk into the mists of rain
I become a mask, so you see not the pain

I whisper to anyone close
This is the last chance to dance
In the heart of the night
If you were here, hug me tight

The dawn is approaching
And a life time of waiting
City streets wet with rain
In the heart of the night

In the south, of Belles so nice
I am reminded of you
In the heart of the night
New Orleans is full of light

I have waited so long
For love to knock me down
Changing seasons bring me the blues
In the cool fall rains

I dream of you
In the heart of the night

Inspired by a Canadian band, feel free to guess!!!

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I give you me

I give you me

The green grass all around me
Seems so velvet soft this morning
As two wagtails whistle tunefully
As we sit amidst the Roses
Your blue eyes look so gentle
 And send your magic essence right into me.

My mystic, magic maiden
How you smile just like an angel
As the sadness in your eyes it whispers to me
That you have suffered cruelly
And because I love you truly
I know that I must treat you tenderly.

I’ll do my best, to make you happy
I’ll give you joy, I’ll give you me
I’ll give you all I have 
so very joyfully
I‘ll give you me….All of yours I be..

I’ll love you magic maiden
Till the day we be no more
You have my heart, so treat it very gently
We’ll face our lives together
Through fine and stormy weather
You’ll always have my love
I give you me.

Sept 6 2006.    

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My Feelings

When I close my eyes in meditation 
of you I saw a mysterious love in my

It was like a sunset moment in my
mind with me standing in awe of the 
colorful rainbow settling across the 
quiet grey sky

My feelings were a reminder of how 
knowingly you are in my mental spirit 
reaching the gold pot at the end of
that rainbow

You and I are connected in more
ways than one and rest assure you 
are predestined to be my life 

By: Free Spirit

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Don't Doubt I Love You

You can doubt the sun will rise
Or that the skies are ever blue.
You can doubt an eagle flies
Or that truths are ever true.
You can doubt everything you see
Within your field of view.
But don’t you ever doubt…
Never doubt that I love you

You can doubt the change of seasons
Or that stars will always shine.
You can doubt both faith and reason,
And that elements combine.
You can doubt the things I say
And the things you see me do.
But don’t you ever doubt…
Never doubt that I love you

No, do not ever doubt.
No, do not ever doubt.
No, do not ever doubt I love you.

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I like your love

I like your love
It's pure, it's innocent
and I don't think I've seen this before

You replenish my reserves before it's necessary 
you lift my wings up and 
make me superior to my adversary 
Creatively providing the exact amount of 
what I need to go another day
I like your love
and for as long as you'll have me I'll stay

You make me comfortable in my space
What she share cannot be replaced
with any other type of love
be it artificial or tainted or lustfully blatant 
Those illusions don't exist because
we found this love and we claimed it

I cherish those nights when I scratch your head
When you sit between my thighs and I twist your dreads
We become an us that is so pure
that the spring waters question the purity of it's source
I like your love - it's a divine force

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The Freaks Come Out At Night

Written December 29, 2013

You don't see me
You see her silhouetted by the vapor
My hands all over
She's an introverted now and later

You can build a wall
Before you fall
But I'd give up
When the wall will fall
I'll be waiting here
Plein de plaisir

In your snatch fits pleasure
Broom-shaped pleasure, even better
Like politicians
Spilling oil on the wonderland

The sun will fall
The moon will rise, the freaks come out at night
Native tongues and foreign lands
Leave me handcuffed to the night stand

You can build a wall
Before you fall
But I'd give up
When the wall will fall
I'll be waiting here
Plein de plaisir

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Where Wild Violets Grow

Where Wild Violets Grow

Scribbling these verses,
caressing your bare back,
simple rhymes,
flowing from my fingertips.

Scribbling verses,
sprinkling odes to fragrant promises,
your smile lightens the burdens,
off my heavy heart.

Scribbling verses,
soaked in countless kisses,
the moonlight waltzing on your skin.

Scribbling verses,
feeling you,
your love never ceases to flow,

through the streams of my mind,
to a place of our own,
where wild violets grow

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Gypsy child

Gypsy child.

Oh gypsy child, so wild of heart
Who stormed into my life
When deep within that freedom call
It pierced me like a knife
You set the soul of me afire, my being came alive
And those many worn out parts of me
Away you did them drive.

You entered in my prison door and pointed out the way
The path that leads me through the dark into the light of day
You showed me that another world
Was there so pure and bright
You took my hand oh gypsy child, and lead me through the night.

This child so wild my gypsy child
She gave my life some joy
She took my pain and made me sane
My fears she did destroy
She let me see the mystery that I was born into
And she opened up the gates of love
And let me walk on through.

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For Bruce Springsteen

for bruce springsteen...

it was a rain-swept monsoon day

way back then, so many moons away

when i felt the music strumming in my veins

setting me free like a runaway horse without any reins

you sang of simple truths, 

your verse spoke to people just like me

in my lonely, wasted, and desolately quiet night

as you screamed out tragic human wrongs, and of everyone's plight

'bobby jean' spoke to me

of that girl down the street

glimpses of whom, we as innocents would furtively meet

and 'the river' that flowed through my ever-barren heart

led me down further roads of thunder

when slowly i finally learnt that the hardest part was fighting on

and never to surrender

to the hard-luck dreams that were born to run

while i danced in the dark 

with memories vivid and stark

even as i whined like that dog who for forever lost his howling bark

and then a 'human touch' came along

and 'better days' seemed real, not just words in a song

and still you sang and swayed and spoke straight into my unseeing eyes

as gardens of secrets were opened, and as your fist punched the skies

in an anger that i too felt and in whose cauldron i too burned

as we saw murder get incorporated, while on its wobbly axis, our fragile world apathetically turned

and then suddenly i was told that i was all grown up

working on a highway of scattered ideals

and absolving myself by sprinkling some coins in a waiting cup

well, after all these years of walking along so many a thorny road

with an armour of your verse covering me, even as i hear them taunt me and even as they continue to goad

but now i can feel myself fading away, into the bleakness of this coming night

just like the ghost of that old tom joad...

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Autumn days
Leaves are falling from the trees
Time's past so fast I can't believe
Been greatly blessed through all the years

Bodies age
Can't do what we used to do
Pain free days are all too few
Yet our grateful minds are still so clear

What an amazing journey we've had
Yes, an incredible life we've had
As husband and wife not one day bad
What an amazing journey we've had

Memories made
Our children blossomed in the Light
The Spring and Summer were so bright 
Happy sounds from family filled the ears

Love never fades
Though Winter's wind is in the air 
These autumn trees will soon be bare
Our hearts so full, reflective tears

What an amazing journey we've had
Yes, an incredible life we've had
Cherished every moment as mom and dad
What an amazing journey we've had

As husband and wife not one day bad
What an amazing journey we've had!

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This Yellow Rose

This Yellow Rose

This yellow Rose you see right here
In all it’s golden splendour
Be such a precious work of art
And greets ones eyes so tender
Yet next to you, my crystal Rose
There’s naught on earth that grows, and glows
It Could compare, not ever!

This yellow Rose you see right now
It be so tender sweet
It gives a soft glow to my heart
That makes me feel complete
Yet next to you, my tender flower
This Rose could never have the power
That you have, no, no, never!

This Rose that does before you grow
It’s beauty surely makes one glow
And yet, my darling, this I know
Your beauty doth outshine this Rose.

This yellow Rose, you see before you
Would make each dreamer sigh
The essence of it’s tenderness
Just leaves me feeling high
Yet next to you my precious one
I’d have to say, all said and done
There’s nothing that could you, out glow.

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Why my heart ponder

Why my heart ponder?
I, your offender..
What I gave?
Dark love in a cave...

I promised you a thousand lands
Didn't give enough sands...
Changing me and my love,
Hiding behind the black scarf..

Hiding me I couldn't speak,
Feared losing in a streak.
This was my only reason
But turned my passing season..

Now I rattle,

As a foolish cattle
Leaving your land and cheese,
Yet to find me some peace...

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My Angel My Dove


Our sweet love melodies
Blending in great harmony,
Happy forever we shall be
When we set the spirit free.

With a peaceful stream of prayer
My love for you shall always be there,
Follow the beauty of love
You're my angel you're my dove.


You're my angel your my dove
Heaven send you from above
With the greatest gift of true love,
You're my angel you're my dove.

Love and faith shall make us one,
My storm for you will rage on
You fill my heart with love
You're my angel you're my dove. 

Happy we shall be
When we set the spirit free
Forever my sweet love
You're my angel you're my dove.


You're my angel your my love
Heaven send you from above
With the greatest gift of true love
You're my angel your my love.


Heaven send you from above
You're my angel you're my love.

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I once used to be ‘hot’ for old What’s-Her-Name,
That girl that set my first fire aflame.
Just being near her would make my blood sizzle,
Then suddenly she was gone without even a fizzle.
I sadly regretted that old What’s-Her-Name,
And wondered what went wrong, who was to blame?
I got over her, then another, and another,
Then I found the one that I chose out from all others
I sometimes still think about old What’s-Her-Name—
Just passing thoughts without regrets or shame.
But if I dwelled on her, I would be most ungrateful
For the one that I love who’s always been faithful.
I found online my old What’s-Her-Name,
Though she was listed by his other name.
Maybe someday I’ll just send her an email,
To say I’m happy for her and to wish her well.
(Chorus)  We meet new people and change as we grow.
She whom I love now, back then I didn’t know.
Like waves crashing on a weathered seashore,
That which once was is now never more.

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               Verse 1: At first I saw your face and I was sold. A beautiful body with a mind made of gold. Then I saw that your personality was so in tone. And all those childish games would never follow where you rooam. That's when I ran from the crew and I walked up to you and asked you "so what is your name?" You look like a chiefer lets blow on some riffer. It'll keep us from going insane. Let's go have a drink and we'll see what you think about maybe you joining my team. On a whole nother level I hope you can handle a brother whose swagger's so clean. I mean, baby you're fine. Like I'm frozen in time everytime that I look in your eyes. I'm thinking your one of kind. Oh so top of the line. Let's just say your the ultimate prize. There's no other chick that does it so slick or kills when it comes to your grind. Cause even the stars, they're looking at you and hating the way that you shine.

	Chorus: I don't need a hook, do you want one? If it ain't one, don't mean we wont have some fun. Cause we in it. We do it. Everyday so fluent. And you can tag along girl, it ain't nothing to it. We party all night 'till the day in. Sipping on tequila, vodka, maybe even gin. And yea, my life is like a movie, home video. And I'd really like for you to make a cameo.

	Verse 2: You run through my mind like all of the time. And i can't seem to get you out. Like a mistake on a term paper I just white out. And since I got the baddest chick, I just don't see a point to keep an eye out. We come through with swag and pop a few tags while brothers are steadily hating. They're stressing the fact that we are all that and killing the swag we're potraying. The drama come through and it's like blah blah blu. I don't understand what they're sayin'. But "go ma weo" is what I tell them cause we're chinking like the asians. Ride in the Beem and we're sitting on lean. Got grechy for days cause my pockets on ching. No hater nor force can come in between the semi-uphoric and future historic and way metaphoric bond that we have. Because they try to catch up but they continue to lag. It's real sad but...

	Chorus: I don't need a hook, do you want one? If it ain't one, don't mean we wont have some fun. Cause we in it. We do it. Everyday so fluent. And you can tag along girl, it ain't nothing to it. We party all night 'till the day in. Sipping on tequila, vodka, maybe even gin. And yea, my life is like a movie, home video. And I'd really like for you to make a cameo.

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Romantic Feelings

Thus thou be kind to let me be
This heart explodes if not said to thee
Words spoken as true as love
By Jove! Ye art sent from up above

Those sweet smiles that make thy world go round and round
Just one night thine heart was not found
Because la belle dame named
Just took it on her arm

Oh I think I have gone mad
To pursue that love I never had
‘Cause I know we art two worlds away
How I wish I could longer stay

Though it may this heart ever throb
But I admit there is a locked doorknob
I can’t enter, stay outside
At that very moment I could have died

I will dream tonight f that very key
And dwell in the world of hyperreality
So that I can subtly see
The thoughts of being together; you and me

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Hand In Hand

My love and I
We decided to go for a midnight stroll
Gaze up at the birds in the sky
And watch the time slowly roll

So by the park, the two of us, together
Walked through this world, we'll change it, make a stand
I will love this girl forever
We're all alone tonight, Hand In Hand

She embraced the world, nature was her passion
Her eyes drowning with love and life
A traditional girl, not caught up by the latest fashion
I know she'd make a beautiful mother, and wife

She asked if I loved her that night
So I took her up to a hill, overlooking the land
As she, It was a beautiful sight
And I kissed her lips, Hand In Hand

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Arcanum Bride

She came to me - becharming was an' fair; 
resound of church bells call - remote Sunday; 
angelical her face in streams of air; 
she fled into my nothingness of gray..

She fled towards the gray - transformed to drops; 
above the fields accepted were her clouds; 
Amid the dusky shadows of tree tops, 
Imparted lives, my aloneness' Styx shrouds; 

Lone arbiter of my arcanum bride, 
my sentiments ascended - to orbit, 
a quilt of nimbus covered me and cried, 
my life became a flight - winds' chorded ambit! 

She stared at me from yonder stills, merry; 
Unreal she reached my soul but was lifeless; 
The trumps of Angels played in notes airy, 
her bridal offered pure affableness; 

In Acheronian lakes I loved her gleam; 
her thousand tears of rain, arcanum song; 
she fled above the cumulus to deem, 
and crown noctilucent my waxed lifelong.

© 02-16-2012, G. V., All Rights Reserved

(The poem is composed in Iambic tetrameter form.
The Iambic pentameter form is closer to it, as a substitute.)

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And Thats MY Only Fear

What comes with your smile
You Smile to define my style
You cry, here comes your tear
Only thing I do fear.

I love and yes I do care
Want me? And I am there
Longing you, such a creature
Yeah I know will never mature.

Riding on my pacing steed 
Relishing you, moving on speed
Closing my eyes, you are there
And thats my only fear.

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It seems to me,
Since you lay right here.
I thought we’d be,
Till you disappeared.

A lighthouse sunk to the sea,
In the dark of the night.
With no light to guide me to you,
Ill drift here,
Till I can set sail again,
or forever fall at the edge of your reef.

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I Wasn't There to Fall In love

I wasn't expecting for anything...
Then i saw you, and you change everything...
I wasn't there to capture your eyes...
I wasn't there to fall in love...
And yet, you took my breath away...
But your heart is taken by someone else...
And you came after me...
You played with our hearts...
And broke both of our hearts...

I wasn't there to fall in love...
And yet, you took my breath away...
You took my heart away...
You took my soul away...
And left me with nothing...
you left me with huge question mark over my head...
Asking myself why!...

I wasn't there to fall in love...
Yet, you broke my heart...
You broke me while I'm still mending myself...
Still healing my heart...
It takes forever to fix it...
But a second to fall for someone like you...
And now you barely look at me...

I wasn't there to fall in love...
And i wasn't looking for one...
But my heart chose you...
And it can't seem to let you go...
I try to look strong and pretend to get over you...
But deep inside, its tearing me apart...
Yes I'm weak more than you ever know...
And I'm not gonna show it to you...
At least not in front of you...

I wasn't there to fall in love...
And yet, I fell for you..

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To find the road to you
The road that leads me home
The home that finds me in your arms again

To see my journey through
The journey where I roam
I roam the world in search for you 'til then

Till then I'll seek
The image in my mind
The dream that still yet breathes
The heart that beats
The eyes after her her kind
I'll face the rising sun
The sun that brings new life
A life for us to share as one again

Must I do to prove true
True to the quest I hold
A quest un-vowed, but binding to my heart

The day that I'll find you
Find you in my arms, hold
Hold you in my arms, never more to part

To part ones past
Erase the moments lost
Replaced with memories shared
Which don't exist
The past is just a ghost
A mistake once past made
Made then without a choice
The choice that split the two halves of our heart

This odessey to seek
To seek the way to to you
To you who are just memories in my mind

It possible to speak
To speak again to to you
To you for whom I'd give my life to find

To see my journey through
The journey where I roam
I roam the world in search for you 'til then

To find the road to you
The road that leads me home
The home that finds me in your arms again

In your arms again

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Girl, did ya ever find a guy and wonder
Why’s he seem more than a friend?
He takes you over and under
A starry night outside your bed
Can it be he wants to last?
He cancels dates just way too fast
The tension’s drawn it’s hard to see
The things to be that I can feel

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Pink Lip stick

Yellow-Brown skin I see.
From head to toe I wanna greet, 
but at your lips is where I wish we could meet. 
Cause the lipstick you wearing is just so unique. 
You done away with the Red stick cause it was last week, 
and that earth tone color just don't attract me. 
But that Pink lipstick got me weak. Actually got me pondering, wondering, wondering if that's all that's pink?
Wondering is your other pair there? 
Im just asking because Im unaware. 
Im just trying know if its pink everywhere. 
Like your pink lipstick. It got me stuck, so can we lipstick? 
If only for a few seconds lets have a kiss that can take us to the heavens. 
Im saying this but Im lying send me to hell
because I want that first kiss of your pink lips to lead to a down pour of pink drops forming and leaving pink ponds that drench my body and sends me into natural disasters known as pleasure and bliss. 
So I just come out and ask my I have a kiss from your lips painted over from your pink lipstick?

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The Glow of Soft Truths

the glow of soft truths
tucked between the folds of the heart

radiates through the coarse fabric of each fleeting day

transcending the hurdles that litter the way

extinguishing the trepidation and the unfounded fears away

beyond the very now with an eye firmly gazing towards the coming morrow

where genuine peace may be found while dispelling the nasty sting and the solitary sorrow

and when that moment is finally found

when peace and mirth is felt all around

the bliss may seem plentiful, and the being with simple joy may abound

without a word being spoken

without the din, the static of the endless drone

so infused with soothing music, yet hardly making a sound

for the truth of peace that lies in wait

just beyond the corner

is a truth that may never be sought

or bought

for that truth of peace must be ushered inside

until deep in the soul it will then quietly reside...

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track 18

thanks for the tea, heres something about me
nothing beats poetry, sitting underneath a tree
thankin' my family for a strong identity
people watching cause its free, beauty in the scene
has me staring with a cheese, a smile at what i see
possibly a dream,  caught up mentally 
imagining a few things, with this human being
who has the sweetest energy, soulfood like collard greens
all fools falling means I'm really dumber than I seem
being intelligent isn't just from memory
its handling impermanence light and sensibly
and lady I'm feeling your sultry melodies
we'd be crowded if its three, sit and be my company
must be a chemistry major cause the reactions meant to be
the love we can achieve, is safe from any thieves
 hold em from my queen, hearts tucked into my sleeve

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Oh Yohanes

Oh Yohannes
I must be honest
I’ve got a jones for you
And when I saw you, 
I remember the sun reflecting
rays of light on your skin 
so bronze, so peaceful, so simple

I wanted to tell you all my secret
desires and temptations
and kiss you and hold you close
and when I realized I was dreaming
and that this feeling was a hoax
I began to be led astray 
by sexual desires and thoughts of foul play

but in the meantime
I have fun with the fantasy of imagining  you beside me
I stay up countless nights thinking
about how we could defy gravity
and how we could somehow reverse all the laws of sanity
and just do something crazy
I can’t make it stop
I must be crazy

And when my eyes closed...
I wanted to fall in your arms and tell you about all the fantasies that were created in honor of you

And tell you how your eyes seem to remind me that it’s okay to be beautiful

Oh Yohannes
I must be honest 
Your deeply rooted stare 
will long remain a part of my fire
and my insanely human desire to make love 

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3:05 am

Craving more than just your figure.
It is 2:45 & all I'm hearing is the sweet sounds of you exhaling 
Imagining the way I'll be imprisoned by your fingerprints
The way they'll create a maze
as your palms become a little more damp 
With each touch
It's 2:48 & I'm not speaking of consensual sex, detachment, or just one 
I'm craving the love behind the lust,
The wait. 
The caress.
The velocity of my heartbeat with your slow intimate touch 
I can almost feel the way your tongue will chase my movements
my peeks of invitation 
as you silently ask if this is "okay?"

While my legs crowd around your neck,
And my undergarments somewhere behind the door
With closed eyes I can feel you stare at me 
While you breathe into my lips 
Your tongue flutters against mine

The hums, sucks & whispers you'll make to her while 
You're chasing the moist rain that will begin to drip from my hidden skies, 
I can feel the weather changing
From winter to summer my body has locked 
I'm frozen but this isn't a sudden shock 

My legs free for movement first & they shudder
They twitch.
My back follows with arch & my hands have learned to clutch what is 
under them
Cotton sheets clinging to my left sweaty palm while in my right there is a 
handful of hair
My soul is fleeing from my body but I can still feel you there.
Slurping up the mess I made
Flooding your mouth with my nectar. 
From her to him, I am in you. 
My body still stuck at an angle of 60 degrees.
Jerking away from you 
But in your arms there is me 
Where is your head? Lost in between.
How real are my thoughts at 3:05 am, 
Lost in my lust & nothing can ease my yearning mind.
I succumb to your temptation
Trapped in my submission. 
You leak a mouthful of my sin 
Now it's time that we transition. 

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My Cure

You sucked the poison out of me,
I feel free though I can see
The inspiration has also left my head
As I lay awake in bed,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I’m holding onto this escape,
Forgiven for my mistake,
You’re all I need, breathe you in,
You’re under my skin,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Take your time,
I stand in line,
First up, last one standing,
You speak words, commanding,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I tell myself this isn’t good,
Isn’t how it should
Be but you’ve held me tight
And carried me through the night
And I don’t mind,
No, I really don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Behind these eyes,
I always believed in lies,
The pain stung me like whips
But you cure me with your lips,
And I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I’m burning up inside,
Want to run, to hide,
But your light seeks me out
And shows me what love’s about
So I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Should I
Mind? ...

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I've Been Around

You never noticed me,
But I’ve been around.

Watching you all through school.
Waiting for you to find me.
Heart racing as you pass me by.

You never noticed me,
But I’ve been around.

At the door each day when you deliver our paper.
Wandering past the park where you play ball.
Always too afraid to say hello.

You never noticed me,
But I’ve been around.

Now here we are, grown up and going our way.
You in your uniform, dashing and brave.
Alone out of sight at the station when you board the train.

You never noticed me, 
But I’ll be around.

Waiting right here until you reappear.
I promise I’ll write and pray you’re alright.
Your picture I’ll hold so dear.

Yes, I’ll be around.

As sung by Jessica Rabbit

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your beauty has made me understand
A woman is like a car
A posh car you acquire
Treat your ride like your bride
So allow me to call you my jaguar
Then let me sing sweet songs to you like jaguar

whenever I walk with you
You presence alone
Make me counted among men
your goodness rate me high
Why I love you not a lie
My love for you will never die.

My one to say to I do
In life and death
One to love like my health
Forever wherever
Every moment of my life
My life companion my wife.

Unless you find the right heart
love will always hurt
I'm lucky to have found you in life
Never going to let you out of my sight
What we have, this is love
Let it stay to grow
Let in it life always flow.
You are real like nectar to a bee
You only my eyes forever want to see.

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True Romance

It's the way that I run
     and shave my legs
          when I know
               he's on his way...
It's the way that he listens
     to my constant chatter,
          conversing with me,
               knowing I'm only lonely...
It's the way that I smile
     inside my soul
          when I speak his name,
               or hear his voice...
It's the way that he waited,
     watching me with others,
          knowing I'd come to him 
               in the end.
It's the way that I feel comfortable -
     only with him,
          and not bashful,
               or afraid I'm too fat.
It's the way that he cares
     when he's doing
          what he knows to be right for me,
               to keep me from being hurt.
It's the way that I admire him
     for working so hard,
          and accept him
               for he, himself...
It's the way he doesn't hide
     the fact that we're together
          from anyone, anytime -
               especially not his friends.
It's the way that I don't
     obsess over him,
          but am so very glad
               when we are together.
But most of all,
     it's the way that we click,
          and openly respect one another
               ev'ry day, ev'ry way.

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Passion in D-Major

Passion in D-Major

Feeling, the sensuous brush-
strokes on a canvas,


to a symphonic crescendo,

of our shared heartbeats,

fading between the notes,

feeling your soft body entwined 
with mine,

your form bathed in my infinite 

our orchestral desire rising,

conducting a shared fusing of 

... the music echoing ...

over the precipice,

on the brink of dazzling rainbow 

lost in the void,
of an eternal instant,

plunging through the depths of 

forever pleading,

for a prolonged,

bouquet of shared time.

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A Wonderful Day

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning girl
And I see you’re still asleep
I’m sitin here watchin you girl
Watchin you while you dream
An hour goes past 
So I run my hand through your hair
I’m tryin to find the words
To tell you how much I really care
I decided to make you breakfast girl
And serve it to you in bed
Bacon and eggs on a gold plate
I got you roses that are red
I bent down to your ear 
And I said softly open your eyes
Once you seen the plate and roses girl
I knew you was surprised
After you got done eatin
I asked what you wanna do
She said nothing really baby
Except lay here next to you
So I got back in the bed
Where together there we laid 
I kissed her real gently and said
Wow what a wonderful day

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Together in the wind

All we are and all we wanted to be                                                                                 Free spirit’s entangled in the breeze                                                                             You go your way I’ll go mine                                                                                         But circling time has its own way - (Duet)                                                        * -Together in the wind                                                                                          Watching the earth spin - (Chorus )                                                                                  I am sorry you feel that way                                                                                    Words are spoken out of turn                                                                                         It just may be, too late.  Please stay.                                                                            Out the door I go but it is home - (Duet)                                                            -Together in the wind                                                                                                 Watching the earth spin - (Chorus )                                                                            How long does it take, so many mistakes                                                                       Our love stands still, while out of control                                                                       So many times but broken hearts heal                                                                         And when it is still, you know it is real - (Duet)                                                      -Together in the wind                                                                                                   watching the earth spin  - (Chorus)

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Never Forget the Trash

Tiptoeing through word pockets	
Seems childishly delightful.
I litter kisses on your cheek
and hop into giddiness.
Nuzzling warmth into skin,
Smiling and saying nothing,
Patiently diluting the imminent explosion.

But the heart is not the head
And I want to tell you everything.

There is too much for
Simple sugary glee 
And I am desperate to share each sun burnt phrase,
Over and over again
So that we can peel away 
Non functioning syllables
Useless falsities and shy giggles of sweetness.

Let us dig and dig and dig until  
A painfully scribbled page appears
With nonsensical verses that 
Stab and scar and swell
And we un-crumple everything
Remove forgetfulness from the trash
And make it beautiful. 

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Dancing Away the Pain

At times I close my eyes
And think of all the pain inside 
There’s so much to remember
There’s so much to forget

But I’ll pray 
That we have strength enough to stay
Cause in the darkness of the night
We have the hope that shines bright
And I’ll pray
Through the darkest days
We’ll have strength enough to stay
So instead of living in the pain
I hope we go dancing in the rain 

Learning about who you are
I know you’re amongst the stars 
Digging through these parts of me
Strength is so hard to see 
I know I’ll fall apart 
If you don’t fix this broken heart 

But I’ll pray 
That we have strength enough to stay
Cause in the darkness of the night
We have the hope that shines bright
And I’ll pray
Through the darkest days
We’ll have strength enough to stay
So instead of living in the pain
I hope we go dancing in the rain

I’m staring at your eyes
Your beauty makes me cry
I want to forget about our past
Let’s make this night last
I never want to leave
This is night that I’ll believe
Let’s forget about the pain
And go dancing in the rain 

But I’ll pray 
That we have strength enough to stay
Cause in the darkness of the night
We have the hope that shines bright
And I’ll pray
Through the darkest days
We’ll have strength enough to stay
So instead of living in the pain
I hope we go dancing in the rain

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Black Widow

1 through the door
2 through your heart
3 through your head
4 colors in my eyes
Red, red, red

1 clash
2 rings
3 words
4 sirens
Shrieks of red, red, red

1 bed of white
2 saviors
3 men at my side
4 grievers
Tears of red, red, red

1 room of rock
2 rings around my wrist
3 eyes in my head
4 days before forever
Stains of red, red, red

1 room
2 sides
3 on one
4 on the other
Crying out red, red, red

1 decision
2 stabs of pain in my side
3 cries
4 smiles
The judge says red, red, red

1 boy
2 people
3 arguments
4 solutions
Mine was red, red, red

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Moonlight Lovers

There will be a lover’s moon tonight
It is just an excuse to hold you tight
While we are dancing under the stars
Enjoying this romantic world of ours
The pink champagne is chilling on ice
Being alone with you is beyond price
There is a single red rose for every year
I am thanking you for staying here
Tonight we reminisce about our past
And our love they said wouldn’t last
Then I’ll take you into my loving arms 
And try to seduce you with my charms
Where our love is written in the stars
In a magical world that is only ours
A place where romance never dies
And we can dance across the skies
On another beautiful moonlit night
Being alone with you feels so right
Making precious memories to share
About a love story that is truly rare

Written by Sir James F. Cunningham

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Office Goddess

She wafts chocolate truffle candyfloss scented skin,
Her fathomless eyes shimmer limpid pools I dreamily drown in.
Her complexion: olive cherry asses milk satin silken porcelain.
She's stratospeheric, serrates the class of Dietrich, 
She sashays mesmeric,
She's with a bastard called Derek.

She's the hallowed office goddess mermaid angel siren vamp,
Her hair shivers waterfalling rivers,
Celestial beings bow, hold her lamp.
Her swishing swaying graces and amazes
the trolls, Clarkson's, loup-garous and gargoyles of the office floor,
Grown men awe-struck blinded weep,
Stick needles in their eyes, yet want more.
That's deep.
The rainbow is her staircase,
She rides the unicorn on the subway,
Golden fleece wash over her umbrella,
She's with a bastard called Derek.

Derek is in HR.
Two bling screens flash on his not-hotdesk.
Derek does my annual appraisal,
That's the Derek I hate the best.
So, moving forward, where do you see yourself a year from now?
What skills do you need upgrading?
What added value are you..blah blah and blah..
I stare into distant space,
Where she floats swirling above my fishtanked face.
My brain is an impoding toupee,
My brain is an imploding toupee..

This Eden of tumbleweed plastic plant patsies,
Dry-blown biscuit phlegm and other tea point nasties:
Stinking microwaved day-glo pasties,
Herbal tea used condoms,
Bubonic plague used hankies.

Phosphorescent Guantanamo curdling strip lights,
Oven-ready office-gossip gobshites.
Air conditioning redelegating flu,
There's another weeping corpse-to-be suicidal inside this loo:
The grim reaper's temping here, playing peak-a-boo,
Sounds good to me,
Let's join them too.

Another annual appraisal,
Another horse glue-sniffing this fetid bolted-in stable;
Another century in a day of years,
Three million unemployed: wish you were here?
Who left the photocopier jammed?
Hands up if it was one of us damned.
Who hasn't put money in the snack tin?
Who splattered their soul in the wrong recycling bin?
For this dog the office Christmas party isn't for Christmas, it's for life,
Derek has the office goddess,
And I'm left clutching this plastic knife.

(I've also started recorded some of my poems this week and uploading them on my new you tube channel. Just type Suki Spangles in its search engine)

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Why can’t you see me?
I sit here so close
Am I invisible?
Or merely a ghost?

A circle of nomads
A wandering tribe
We gather for game night 
To share a good vibe

The words that I utter
Those words which I groom
Leave me here idle
The lonely buffoon

The stroke of your hair
A touch of your hand
Might this be my path?
To the promised land

The sound of your voice
The timbre’s effect
I ask myself often
Might we connect?

I know that I’m lacking
In all that you yearn
How can I please you?
How can I learn?

Why can’t you see me?
I’m sitting quite near
Alas game night’s ending
Till next time my dear

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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Strings of soul

(When her lover is in war)

Every day the sun rises in the clouds,
Every day she writes these lines.
In her head the melody is shrill and loud,
Because she writes about...
Love, which conceals in her heart,
Day, when they first met, 
Time, which flies so fast,
Faith, which is alive.

Strings of her soul are ready to play,
To play about her love all day.
The whole world is ready to wait,
But she believes that it can't be so late.

Her destiny touches the strings of a harp,
This melody is deep and strong,
And she forgets about a real sadness,
Because it looks like a magic beautiful song.

Every night the sun leaves his own stage,
Every night she lays on her bed.
In her head the melody is soft and quit,
She doesn't want to be so sad.

She remembers him: his face and smile,
His smell, his voice, his eyes.
She prays God to save his soul
And to be for him so kind and nice!

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A Day Well Done

Ok its four o’clock
My girl gets off at six
For dinner I’m wonderin
What I’m gonna fix
So I get online
To look up recipes 
When she comes in 
I want it to look like a dream
I put a cloth on the table
And two gold plates
Two candles in the middle
To brighten up her face
On the floor 
To show her 
there’s no one I love more
Now its five thirty 
And the food is almost done
Thinkin to myself
This is really fun
Everything taste good
I cooked it to the T
All by myself
That I can’t believe
I hear her pull up
Keys jiggle outside
I run out the kitchen
And moved by the candle light
When she comes in 
Her eyes moved to my position
She tried to speak
I stopped her and said listen
You’re my wife my love
For that you deserve so much more
But today I thought
I would surprise you when you came in the door
So I pulled out her seat
When she sat I uncovered the plate
And the smell in the air 
Was how the food tasted
Cordon bleu with a hit of lemon 
And salad on the side
I looked closely to her face
And a tear fell out her eye
So everything turns out good
And a smile is on my face
If I can say so myself
What a wonderful day

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Once more it's morning and I greet the dawn,
waking to feelings I've known,
breathing the fragrance that's lingering on
throughout a lifetime alone;

splinters of sunshine are drifting through blinds,
revealing dust I breathe in,
dancing through flashes, and somehow reminds
of things that never have been;

I hear a song and it's what I've dreamed of,
outside my window they mourn,
I'd face the morning, but I need a shove,
for this poor heart badly torn;

unfortunate dove, why is it you sing,
outside my window each day?
It's a reminder of what life won't bring,
mourning dove, don't fly away;

once more it's morning and I hear the dove
all of my life is a sin,
it's just the way of unfortunate love,
but I still dream now and then.
       ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Lady-Luck Stomped Out

I was riding a streak with the dice in my fist.   
Lady Luck was with me, seemed  I couldn’t miss!
Then this babe caught my eye,--I crapped out time and again.  
Lady Luck stomped out, when True Love walked in.

I was anchoring third with a pair of aces.  
Going for the split,  needed tens or faces.
But when ‘you know who’ sat down next to me, 
The blackjack dealer dealt a two and a three!

Lady Luck stomped out when True Love walked in. 
She gave me that look.  I sent her my best grin.
I’m gonna go bust if I see her again.  
Lady Luck stomped out when True Love walked in.

I put a dollar chip on every black and red. 
Three spins in a row came up zeros instead.
The old croupier said:  “Son I’ve seen this before.  
You better take that gal to the chapel next door!”

Lady Luck stomped out when True Love walked in. 
She gave me that look.  I sent her my best grin..
I’m gonna lose my shirt when I see her again.  
Lady Luck stomped out when True Love walked in.

I kept the Queen of Hearts and folded all my hands, 
And never set foot in a casino again.
When the urge to play overpowers me –
It's Yahtzee, Trouble, and Monopoly.

(To add insult to injury, our kids always win, you know!)

Lady Luck stomped out when True Love walked in. 
She gave me that look.  I sent her my best grin..
I haven’t won a hand since that fatal day when 
Lady Luck stomped out and True Love walked in.

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You know why I run game? It's 'cause I'm a player
I'm the night in shining armor, she's a dragon, I'm gon' slay her
That means when I beat it up, I'm gonna kill it
Tell her keep our business to herself, don't spill it
Can't follow directions, then it's on to the next
Hope you get the message, not talking 'bout a text

Plenty of fish in the sea, you gotta' use the right bait

Move fast, early bird gets the worm, don't be late

I'm a player, I attract all types of women

Get 'em all wet, like they're going swimmin'

Switch 'em up, more than I do my clothes

Got a different chick at all of my shows

Can't choose, there's too many to pick from

I beat that thing up like banging on a drum

Like fishes in water, I got 'em hooked

Chicks galore, schedule's filled, like a library I'm booked

We're in the bed more than hospital patients

Take my time, make sure she's satisfied, I got patience

They call me the Hulk, all I do is smash

It's a hit-and-run, not talking 'bout a car crash

Call it the thing on the side of your bed, one-night-stand

Kinda' like a hit TV show, I'm on demand

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between the skies

I need to find you
I'm trapped in feelings of emptiness
I grapple them in the night
For your love I seek to find

Meet me between the skies
Let us in our dreams meet
Close the distance in the starlight 

We have just one chance 
I spent all my wishes on you
All I need is one glance
I think cupid gave up on us two

I've never seen a perfect pair
But in my dreams we have no trouble
I have enough love to share
We could watch the stars together as they tumble

If the world chose to end today 
I wouldn't let you fall or stumble
We could find a new world to stay
I could keep you from this world of trouble

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Ready, Set --- Glow

" Ready,  Set  ...  Glow! "
(A Wedding Lyric)

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Like A Diamond Ring
Polished To A Sparkle
Showcased To Be Seen ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Like A Happy Bride of Spring
Walking Down The Aisle
Makes A Lovely Wedding Scene ...

... Glow!
Ready,  Set ... Glow
Ready,  Set ... Glow
And All True Hearts Know
Love Is Ever-Ready, Set To Glow! ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Let Your Love Shimmer, Sheen & Show
And Be Strong As Lava Flows
And Hold Desire Like Red-Hot Coals ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
On Your Mark & Off To The Marriage Races
Their Heartbeats Kept In Steady Paces
Admitting Vows, Emitting Waves As GOD's Graces ...

_______   _______   _______

(2nd tempo)

Just Look At The Smile On Their Faces
and How Their Eyes Share Lightning Gazes
Love So Rich, Looks Like Jewelry Store Showcases
But Wait and Just Watch Their Kiss and Embraces! ...
... Glow!

-------   -------   -------

(3rd tempo)

Like Fireflies In A Night Park
... Glow!

Like Two Bright Stars Thru The Dark
... Glow!

Like When Love First Sparks A Heart
... Glow!

Like GOD's Rainbow Over That Ark! ...
... Glow!

-------   -------   -------

From The Moment That They Met
... Glow!

Like A Warm Summer Sunset
... Glow!

Like A Full Moon Gives & Gets
... Glow!

and we ain't seen nothing - yet ! ...

... Glow!

Ready,  Set ... Glow
Ready,  Set ... Glow
As All True Hearts Must Know
Love Is Ever-Ready, Set To Glow! ...

          Written & Copyrighted ©:  6/7/2014
                       by:  MoonBee  Canady

(God Said, Give 'Em A Beam They Can't Forget 
... and Glow! ... )  (lol)

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You Light Up My Radar

There’s something inside me that knows when you’re nearby.
You cannot sneak up on me; it’s funny when you try.
There must be something in the air, a noise without a sound,
‘Cause you light up my radar whenever you’re around.

I can taste your presence before you pass the door,
And I can smell you’re essence from clear across the floor.
I can always feel where you are--we’re mutually bound,
‘Cause you light up my radar whenever you’re around.

Chorus (repeated to fade after 4th verse):
The lightest caress of your touch makes my ringers ring
The first impression of your voice makes me want to sing
The very first hint of your taste or scent makes my motor start
‘Cause even the smallest whisper of your presence melts my heart.

I don’t need to see you, to feel when you are there.
There’s just something about you that makes me so aware.
No matter how lost you think you are, with me you’re always found--
‘Cause you light up my radar whenever you’re around.

Decades passed together.  There weren’t enough years.
Though love may be forever, we buried you in tears.
Your presence seems everywhere, without a sight or sound,
You still light up my radar ‘cause you’re always around.

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Your breath on my neck
You breathe in my scent
A sensational wreck
A sly wicked hint

A complete disaster
You wreak of wrong
My heart still beats faster
(Still faster)
When I hold on so long

Get your stench off me
But linger while you do
Feelings deep as the sea
Shallow as a pool

Perversion in your eyes
Twisted lies on your lips
You disgust me
You entrance me
But you're not worth my time

My heart aches of trouble
My head suffers double
Stop staring
Start looking
You lay the bait
For something I can't have

Get your stench off me
But linger while you do
Feelings deep as the ocean
Shallow as a pool. 

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Moment of Truth

Moment of truth (let's keep steppin)

Can't expect you to understand
You playing with house money
What started out as a silly bet
Is really not all that funny.
I've been in love with you since day one
I know I haven't been on your radar
There's never been anyone
To captivate me,stimulate me
So here's what's gonna happen
I'm gonna grab your hand and
we are gonna dance
You will come with me
as we go sliding into paradise
Since I first laid eyes
This is where I want to be
Can't you hear the music
Do you see me?
Feel me?

Loving you is what I was born to do?
What else would you have me do?
How else could or would I explain?
Why else would we be dodging the rain?
Out here on the edge of forever
What changed?
What changed is I finally got up the nerve
You got your nerve- now I sure do
And I'm here to tell you
We have arrived at the moment of truth!

I don't want this to pass me by
Hell it's worth the try
Maybe she will take a chance on this cool guy
I know he never spoke up before
I've fought the feeling waged war
I defeated my better judgement and decided to put myself all the way out here.
My heart is on my sleeve out side of my chest apart of my wears.
Exposed for the world to see.
I'm here to yell it to the mountain tops
Hey look at me?
Either I am really gonna step in it?
Or you gon grab my hand and we gonna continue steppin
It's you and me right here right now!
That's all I'm reppin
we are at the point of no return tell me you are all in?

Loving you is what I was born to do?
What else would you have me do?
How else could or would I explain?
Why else would we be dodging the rain?
Out here on the edge of forever
What changed?
What changed is I finally got up the nerve
You got your nerve- now I sure do
And I'm here to tell you
We have arrived at the moment of truth!

Before any doubt sets in?
Give me the answer
for which I been waitin
The breath in my lungs on suspend
As I am on baited breath
Give me my wings
Let's keep steppin into heaven!

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You be so much more beautiful

You be so much more beautiful
Than I have ever seen you
Just like a rose of sweet fragrance
Your essence shines on through
And touches every part of me
With the perfume of your love
Are you an angel sent from up above?

You be much more of everything
Than I've seen you before
That you do shine out more each day
And will forever more
This be a certainty to me
Because my heart does say
That you, you be a star in every way.

You be a flower of the Sun
Your fragrance touches me
Oh, when you smile that love soaked smile
How lovely dear, you be
Your soft hair shines beneath the Sun
Your smile through eyes so blue
All these things, you are, they make me love you.

You be much more than anything
That ever touched my life
You be the star within my song
For you, my lovely wife
Be all a man could ever want
And oh, I love you so
Because of you, my love can only grow.

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Original of the Doc wearing fist cuffing angels

Baby don't walk away
It's true that the beginning is better than the end
Please hold that smile somewhere in your heart

I will give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it

Somethings you shouldn't have to do alone
Like sleeping, waking and eating
Some people got way too much on their plate

I would give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
You'll never be alone, no
So sugar come on show us those soles
You've been wearing out when you collect the toll

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
The whole of what you got, the whole of what you got

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Verse 1

First time I saw you under that summer moon
Your eyes blazed me promised tomorrows in June
Baby that smile melted this man's frozen heart
We drowned willingly in love never drifting apart

Verse 2

Those lips of yours beckoned so sweetly to me
Golden hair flowed so gently in a soothing breeze
Alabaster arms reached out pulling me to your face
My injured spirit invited within that loving embrace


Yeah there you stood girl
Dancin' without dancin'
Floating into my eyes
There you stood girl

Verse 3

Ya know darling, you spoke a thousand words
All the while only a moment passing I heard
My wonderful angel you flew to me that very day
Your voice ringing over vast oceans asking to stay

Chorus: Repeat Twice 

Yeah there you stood girl
Dancin' without dancin'
Floating into my eyes
There you stood girl

Tag: Final Fading

Yeah, there you stood girl
There you stood girl

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - BMI - All Rights Reserved

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Because I Love You

I love you
Do you love me too? 
To tell you the truth
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you
I would take you to any place
Do you wanna move? 
Do you wanna cruise? 
What you wanna do? 
I'm right here
I wouldn’t leave you
When there is bad weather 
Because of you
Baby you make me better
Have you ever felt like
You could love me forever
And I miss you
When you’re not around
When you leave to the store
Goin into town
When the door closes
On my face is a frown
When you’re back I smile
And I’m happy now
I won't ever
Place nobody above you
You’re my queen, my heart
My baby boo
You’re the reason why
I’m writin smooth
So this is for you
Because I love you
I love you…

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Batubalani ng Katauhan Mo

Hindi ko pinili ang ako’y kilalanin mo
O ako ay tapunan man lang ng tingin’g maamo, 
Akala ko, mag-isa lamang ako’ng tumatawid sa mundo’ng ito
...Subalit hayan ka, lihim na sinundan ang mga yapak ko! 

Batubalani nga ba’ng maituturing 
Ang gibik ng bawat hinaing? 
Sa bawat katagang namutawi sa kanyang labi
Inihatid ako sa isang magandang pangarap, aki’ng dagling hinabi! 

Dikta ng isip ko, hindi tama, lisanin ang hiwagang ito
Na pilit lumulukob sa katauhan at kalooban ko
Binibigyang puwang ang mapanglaw na pag-asa
Maging isa, tayo’ng dalawa…patangay sa nasa.

Ngunit ano ito, sa kaunting kanti ng pansin mo
Hindi na napalagay, ako ay napapaamo
Hinintay ko muli ang pagdalaw mo
Ngunit nalalaman ko, ikaw man ay nalilito! 

Sigaw ng misteryo’ng bumabalot sa katauhan mo
Batubalani sa puso’ng hapo….
At sa panahong ito, di mapalad magkapanagpo
Maaari’ng sa susunod na panahon, batubalani mo ay tuluyang lulukob, 
Maging isa..tayo’ng dalawa na tutugon sa misteryo nito! 

Inner Whispers

(Alay saiyo…ikaw na kawangis ng adhika’t katauhan ko!) 

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When I Look into Your Eyes

Your eyes tell a story that’s hard to read.
Your dance moves are exploring as I let you lead—
Into the romantic night, 
Bathed with the moonlight, 
And as the stars showers us with blessings from the heavens up above. 
I wrap my body in your eyes,
As my heart cries secretly inside,
Because I’ve never felt this genre of love.

When I look into your eyes I feel a rhythm deep inside.
It numbs my body, I can’t move, I can’t think, I can hardly breathe.
When I look into your eyes I melt gradually inside.
This powerful emotion captured me so deeply.

Your words are enchanting, they’re poetically charming.
I can’t fight this feeling, take my body—
Into the romantic night, 
Bathed with the moonlight, 
And as the stars showers us with blessings from the heavens up above. 
I can tell within your kiss, 
Drops of honeyed heaven bliss, 
That there would never be another moment like this.


When I look into your eyes I feel a rhythm deep inside.
It numbs my body, I can’t move, I can’t think, I can hardly breathe.
When I look into your eyes I melt gradually inside.
This powerful emotion captured me so deeply.

Do you want my body intertwine with you?
Can you show me things that no other can do?
Do you want me badly  because I want you too?
Make up your mind because the choice is all you.

When I look into your eyes I feel a rhythm deep inside.
It numbs my body, I can’t move, I can’t think, I can hardly breathe.
When I look into your eyes I melt gradually inside.
This powerful emotion captured me so deeply.

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Virgin of Bois de Boulogne - Monsieur L'Vampyre

     VIRGIN OF BOIS de BOULOGNE (Monsieur L'Vampyre)
Grace of the son of man, though gone from me
still shines a beacon, far as I can see,
and of the sins for which I pay
all unforgiven, and will stay,
My greatest curse is what should never be.

What good is love if not to have and hold,
to help a soul through never growing old;
Though Jesus set my path aglow
it's just for me to see, and know;
I've made my way, as sure as His was sold.

I'd planned an outing void of common sight,
Bois de Boulogne, my forest of delight,
but lacking in some company
I dressed the manner I should be
if invitation came to spend the night.

I really make no effort that I be
so strayed in conversation, but, you see,
it pains my heart to talk of her
my love was lost, be as it were,
to all she was, once love had set her free.

My world serene, and Paris coming to
an evening light, all deep and dark and blue
I watched the setting of the sun
as daytime came to be undone,
but felt not quite alone in what I do.

Do you know when you get a pleasant thought
that just perhaps there's someone there--you're not
alone in moments you have found
but there must be someone around
who's sharing every joy the minute's brought?

So when I turned, she had a pleasant smile
my thought was to enjoy it for a while, 
all dressed in lace and yellow bows
and blue pastel, and heaven knows
the sight of her gave quiver to my style.

Have you not ever seen a mademoiselle
whose beauty's far beyond what words can tell,
who brings the trembling to your chin,
and just to look on her's a sin?
That's who my poor eyes came to know so well!

Epitomizing all virginity,
and begging for the very breath of me;
I knew she'd leave to other ways,
that's how love is, it never stays,
but all she wanted was the man I be!

Anticipation glowed deep in her eyes;
she lent to me her touch, her lips, her thighs,
and though I had the power there,
for stopping time, if I should care,
to keep her safe from time, and how it flies,

I never set my teeth onto her skin,
nor cut her neck, nor pressed them in,
full knowing she would never be,
just as she was, that way for me,
not keeping her that way's my greatest sin.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet.

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Run Away

You would think,
Running from your troubles is the clue,
Then you blink,
And all the troubles come back to you.

Mr. Romantic has a girlfriend.
And your boyfriend isn't romantic at all.
You would think you could go to your best friend,
But your best friend wouldn't answer your call.

The lights keep brightening,
And my nerves keep tightening,
And I feel like I'm about to lose my head!
You choose her instead.
So I run away from you.
To a place you could never go.
I'm not gonna give you a clue.
Because you always think too slow...

I just keep dreaming of you.
I just thought we could be in love too.
But I was wrong.
To you, we are where we all belong.

Duck face,
Silly trace,
You're killing me all over the place.
But I guess to you that's not the case.

The lights keep brightening,
And my nerves keep tightening,
And I feel like I'm about to lose my head!
You choose her instead.
So I run away from you.
To a place you could never go.
I'm not gonna give you a clue.
Because you always think too slow...

I can't think.
I can't breathe.
So I drink and drink and drink.
Till I can't breathe anymore.
I need some help.
I need a life.
But seeing her with you,
Added a knife.

The lights keep brightening,
And my nerves keep tightening,
And I feel like I'm about to lose my head!
You choose her instead.
So I run away from you.
To a place you could never go.
I'm not gonna give you a clue.
Because you always think too slow...

Will you ever see me again?
I don't know.
Will I ever love again.
I will never know...

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Il faut que je reste
fidèl à mon âme
Meme si que tu pense
autre chose à l’âme

avec ta voix !
J’ai besoin de ton
souffle pour
éclairer ma joie !

C’est simple pour
toi,pense à moi ;
Ici,c’est mon âme
qui parle avec toi :

“Il dit que j’adore
cette oiseau blanche
J’arrete a
palpiter,si son
front se pench

Je trouve le monde
sombre et béni
J’avais qu’un
souci,ta perdre et
fini !

La grâce emplit tes
yeux comme bijou ;
Comme l’éffet de ton
sourire ingénu !

Je lis ton regard
qui s’égaye au
J’écoute quelqu’un
dit :c’est trés
bienne !

En tournent j’ai vu
quelqu’un imvisible
C’était Don
impossible !

En ce moment j’écout
une autre personne
Il parle dans mon
âme comme dans sa
maison :

« Ami !pourquoi
contemplez vous sans
cesse ?
Le jour qui fuit,ou
l’ombre qui
s’abaisse ;
Quitte le
ciel,regard dans ton
âme ! »

Quand j’ai vu la
haute,precissement ;
J’ai connu cet
Victor.H directement

En disparent dans la
nuit,il ajouta :
«Aime,à fin de
charmer tes heurs !
A fin que tu voit
dans ses beux yeux ;
Des voluptés
Le sourire
mistérieaux ! »

J’ai jetté des
bruits étranges dans
les aires
Personne ne repond
;j’étais dans désert

Maintenent mon âme
cri et pleur ;
Je pense que c’est
assez d’écouter de
mon coeur !

Il suffrit du fils
des grands douleurs
C’était ton
amour,souriant dans
mes pleurs !

Moein -DU  LUNDI  16

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I ain’t  gat nobodi, but just myself alone;
I ain’t gat no one but the windz and birdz and treez;
Here I loll, a loner with harmonica, by a stream
Tuning a bluezy piece from a luv-sick soul.

I ain’t trust nobodi but all just myself alone;
No bod knowz ma plight but this slow slippi stream;
Have gat ma luv drowning down her shadowi deep,
Which gives me heartache that go not with her flow.

I ain’t gat no buddi and gotta be myself alone,
But gotta warbler perched by a finch on a bough,
I croon on, far in the waning light, ‘cos I gat some hope
With ma mellow soul piece, searching still on ma own.

I ain’t gat no genuine luver but just myself alone,
Round me drone the windz and chant the birdz in a spin;
The leaves clapped and the treez swayed by the rhythm-
Oh damn it I be consoled, ‘cos they all gat no soul!