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Lyric Places Poems | Lyric Poems About Places

These Lyric Places poems are examples of Lyric poems about Places. These are the best examples of Lyric Places poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Little Coffee House

Little Coffee House 

It’s the coffee counter line-up
A conveyor belt of people 
Ready for their little treat
A little piece of comfort
From their favorite beanery
I strum as I watch them 
My guitar like an old friend
They should say hello to -
But they never do 
Little Coffee House
My band’s playing for you
But what do you do
You just want want want your cups
Your little coffee mugs
So move up to the front

Funky-spiked hair dude
Jokes with the worker
He leans on the counter
(I think that he likes her) 
But people are waiting
And he’s hesitating
So all the shoe tappers  
Start to harass him -
Hurry up and pick one fast

Little Coffee House
We’re playing for you
But what do you do
You just need need need your cups
Your little coffee mugs
And that little coffee buzz  

I look around the room
There’s a girl in a red shirt 
Looking out of the window 
She sips on a latte -
I think she’s an artist
She lays out her sketchbook
But she doesn’t start to draw 
She turns to face the wall –
What are we doing wrong?

We don’t have to be inspiration
But how ‘bout entertainment?
Are we a distraction?
I can’t help but asking 
Are we an invasion 
Of the air?

Little Coffee House
We’re playing for you
But what do you do
You just sip sip sip your cups
Your little coffee mugs
Not listening to us

There’s a man on a laptop
There’s a girl reading Sherlock
There’s a guy on a cell phone
A boy eating Jell-O 
I want them to look up
If they’d look up they’d see us
Are we so bad we should shut up?
Because I feel like we just suck -
I feel like we’re not even here
We’re jamming 
To inattentive ears 

Oh Little Coffee House
I feel I’m at a loss
We’re playing here for you
But what do you do
Your busy coffee mouths
Keep sippin’ till it’s out
If only you’d listen
You’d hear what you’re missin’
We’re not
Just another gig 
Someday, we’ll make it BIG

Sip sip sippin’ cups
Those little coffee mugs
Sip ‘em till they’re out
Little Coffee House

Details | Rhyme | |


So much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to shout.
It was like being trapped behind bars without a way
to get out.
My mind going wild with all these questions of why.
The only way to escape was to fall asleep or to cry.
What did I do so bad that made me have to pay?
My friends, my dreams, and my life was swepped away.
I know I can do it! I try and I try.
Nothing seems to get better. I sometimes wish
I would Die.
Starved for attention. I wanna talk to the world.
I just miss being loved. Miss the warmth of a girl.
Snickers and stairs is what my life has become.
I'm treated like I'm a kid, like I'm sick, or I'm dumb.
One day to the next. Life becomes work just to be alive.
I thank god for my blessings. I thank god I survived.
I finally see some improvement. More hope tickles
my brain.
It was worth all the time, all the tears, all the pain.
I awake with a smile and new hope to move on.
I did it! I did it! All those hard times are gone!

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Feelin' Soupy

Read poems, but don’t go slow.
Too many poets here to know!
Just click that mouse around this site.
Makin’ new friends and feelin’ Soupy.
Do be, Do be, Do be, Do be. .. . Feelin’ Soupy.

Hey there, bloggers,
What cha’ sayin’?
Can I find PD here playin?
Who’s got something cool for me?
Do be Do be
Feelin’ Soupy.

I’ve got contests to try,
Winner circles to see.
I’m frazzled but dazzled by great poetry.
Let the late night keep casting its moon beams on me.
I’m so loopy
Feelin’ Soupy!

By Andrea Dietrich/ Inspired by the meter, lyrics and tune of “Feelin Groovy”
(which was sung by the awesome “Simon & Garfunkel”) and also of course,
inspired by my love of Poetry Soup!!!

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They are all in my head, all day and all night
I hear them talking, telling me something's not right
They come from all directions, my ears never rest
recalling words from the ones I thought I knew best

My family my friends, those closet to me, telling
me things I refuse to see.
They've been buried within so long and so deep
like angry little children refusing to sleep

Some yell loudly, some whisper soft
they speak of the times and the dreams that were lost
and all these times I've refuse to hear, from people
and places I held so dear.

I've been so let down, my pride has been shattered
My heart has been broken, as if I didn't matter
It's a harsh lesson these voices within
makes me realize I've only one true friend
Thank you lord for opening my eyes, to people
that hurt me and tell me lies.
God's comfort and love will pull me through
from all the bad things these voices do.

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The laughing moon

It's here now under a converted sky
Where daylight has loss it’s might
Hours before the green hills had sight, with 
splattered  hints of yellow wild flowers so bright
Now time has casts a different light
It here now where the heavens sings an evening song 
With twinkled lights on a moon lit prong
Dancing stars and dreaming of mars 
Its here on this transformed spot 
I will sit and jot

It is here now as I lay back on this cool grass, and write a story 
with the heavens the color of quarry
Of jeweled eyes in the skies 
that connected to stories, some disguised 
With silver spoons and astrological loons
On dream away, dream on by
to the earths motions and lullabies
It is here now time to take a brake
from life’s work ,and worries and heart ache 
Try it yourself remember when, you were a child
when you looked up the night and smiled amen


Details | Ballad | |

Tropical Obsession

I've got a tropical obsession
I think I'm losing my mind
I want to see my work day done
Go out and have some fun
And leave the city life behind.

I love the roar of the ocean
The smell of tanning lotion
A secluded beach somewhere
There are coconuts in the trees
With a warm and gentle breeze
And a flower in your hair.

I've got a tropical obsession
It's driving me up a wall
I want the palm trees and the shore
Blue skies and so much more
Oh God! I want it all

There's an island in the sea
I can hear it calling me
Saying come on home today
I'll bring my old beach chair
Plant it in the sand somewhere
And that's where I'm going to stay

I've got a tropical obsession
And I just can't set it free
On an island remote
In a little fishing boat
Is where I want to be.

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Celebration on the Bay

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching star bursts of wonder
Sparks with flair in the evening sky
Streams of light moving in splendor
So beautiful one must say, “oh my!”

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
As the grand orchestra played away
Sweet melody makes me give a sigh
Music and light blending a display
Horns and trumpets blasting high

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching fireworks over the bay
Music rocking with soft thunder
Such a sight for ending a fine day
A celebration without a blunder

I sat in a porch rocker and looked!

Details | I do not know? | |

Sidewalk Stepper

The power lines stretch across the sky
moonlight makes a shadowed place uninviting
as a blinking street light
has trouble making up it's mind
what's a daydream called if it's late at night
apart but we're currently immersed in
the atmosphere of a city breathing it's vibe
I'll meet you there 
if you'll remember the same place the same time
and looking above us
the power lines
stretch across the sky

Details | Cowboy | |

New Mexico

     The first time that you see her, She will steal your soul away,
And replace it with a being of her own,
Her white sands will glisten, underneath turquoise skies,
And make your heart always long, for New Mexico.

     There is magic in her mountains, secrets in her sage,
A special kind of wisdom, that only comes with age.
The music of her canyons, will echo and roll,
And fill your life with desire, for New Mexico.

     She'll captivate your spirit, keep it in possession there,
No matter where you are, you smell cedar in the air.
The song she sings you, comes from long ago,
And haunts you with a passion, for New Mexico.

     You understand the stillness, of a desert afternoon,
You're enchanted by the beauty, of yucca in bloom,
While you wonder at the colors, transformed by the sun's glow,
Your thoughts are of being, in New Mexico.

     Voices of the past, warriors and pioneers,
Urge you with their stories, of laughter and tears.
An unsettled feeling, is all you have to show,
As you roam familiar trails, back to New Mexico.

     Some will call her savage, some will call her wild,
In ever fleeting shadows, she remains but a child.
This boldness of character is restless and untamed,
Gentled only by The Power, that takes on many names.

     You'll hear her in the night sometimes, when Westward breezes blow,
And to fill that empty feeling, you know you have to go,
For once you hold her in your eyes, nothing else can make you whole,
And you're never really home again, until you're in New Mexico.

Details | Lyric | |

Day after Day

There’s places and faces where I’ve never been
some of them laughing and living in sin
Some of them hurting from being alone
And the places seem part of my own
The rhythm is flinging these words in my head
Against walls that refuse to be bled
Riding on nightmares through darkness and blight
Then lazily cruising in dreams
In this odessic searching
For reason for being
Nothing’s as bad as it seems
But on turning away
In my off handed way
I’m so tempted to say
Another could view it as fey

Another attempt at explaining my motives for living and writing about it

Details | Ballad | |


Snowflakes don't make me forget 
the lovely places where we lay...
everything that's being covered by
the cold and fluffy snow;
there are many precious things that
won't ever be buried below!

My wishes are small in size,
but big in their meaning...
like the eternal images
of a past Christmas' memory:
laughing and caroling...while 
strolling down the festive streets
of a city that never stops to greet:
the stranger,the dreamer and the seeker!
My wishes are small in size...
that even imagination can't summarize!

Folks are so busy going to 
and from...rushing through the drifting snow,
making sure everyone is on their list;
we are in a different kind of spirit...
the one that lasts through
this merry and thoughtful season of awe:
making wishes that have
true delights and more!  

My wishes are small in size,
but big in their meaning;
as the snow slowly falls, I fantasize...
a Christmas' dream is beginning!

Details | Free verse | |

Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

Details | Couplet | |

A Different Verse

A different time, a different place
A different life and different face

Different wants and different needs
Different values and different creeds

Different Pomp and Circumstance
Different songs and different dance

Different likes and different hate
Different foods on different plate

A different boat on a different sea
A different you and a different me

Details | Lyric | |

Awa' aff the river shore

Awa' oan the Firth of Forth, 
high oan the famous brig', 
a laboring lad toils tirelessly 
in the cauld and bitter wind.

Awa' aff the river shore, 
a braw lassie waits for him, 
scourin' and roastin' tatties 
in a bonny wee but and ben.

The carls would hae him drinkin',
The cummers would pay him 'ahind the door,
but he oany has wan thing oan his mind
and she's awa' aff the river shore.


Away on the Firth of Forth,
high on the famous bridge,
a laboring lad toils tirelessly
in the cold and bitter wind.

Away off the river shore,
a braw lassie waits for him,
scouring and roasting tatties
in a bonny wee but and ben.

The carls would have him drinking,
the cummers would pay him behind the door,
but he only has one thing on his mind
and she's away off the river shore.

Glossary of terms:

* the Firth of Forth is the estuary of the River Forth in Scotland
   braw means fine looking
   tatties are potatoes
   bonny means pretty or handsome
   a but and ben is a modest two room cottage consisting of a kitchen and a main room
   a carl is a laboring man
   a cummer is a woman of questionable moral character
   to pay behind the door is to engage in sexual activity as a form of 'payment' for favors, services, or goods.

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Country Boy, City Slicker On CD

Well, I moved into town to live like a city slicker,
Loaded my truck, found a place, and here I am,
Though a country boy has a head a bit thicker,
City life is not so hard to understand,

And I've been learnin' how to use a computor,
How to do some picture takin' with a cell phone,
How to get insurance for my truck and motor scooter,
But city life is nothing like back home,

Because where I come from, they call it the boonies,
Dirt roads, back woods, life as country as can be,
Though now I'm mixed in with all the town loonies,
They'll never take the country out of me,

Yea, I can still plant me a nice little garden,
Though not nearly as big as it use to be,
And still listen to country music, Dolly Parton,
She's on my coffee mug for all to see,

And I still get to do some dear huntin'
For those split tails runnin' 'round here,
And I make sure to keep my truck tuned and runnin'
By way of Auto Zone, or I'd run out of beer,

Yea, I livin' in the hood, straight from the boonies,
It's great be an American and free,
Though I'm mixed in good with all the town loonies,
They'll never take the country out of me,

Yea, I moved into town to live like a city slicker,
And I'm doin' the best that I can...
I can drive by Churchill Downs and hear the horses nicker,
I'm just a country boy with a city slicker plan,
I can drive by Churchill Downs and hear the horses nicker,
I'm still a country boy, yea, that's who I am,
Though a country boy has a head a bit thicker,
City life is not so hard to understand.

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My Feet

My Feet carry me where I need to go they don't take me to any place where my 
brain says no
even though they are doing the walking I realize they cannot think or do the talking
therefore if I walk into trouble I don't blame my feet
I don't need to complain if I didn't rely on my brain to keep me from walking into 
trouble and I have no one else to blame

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A Pub-ng We Go

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear… as merrily, off we go!

We’ll leave the frats, in the dust, and bring The Bun, merrily, along.
He had a great run, at Easter time, now he can let, the good times roll.
Who knows best, than a nest of Trolls, how to have, a really great time!
A Biker Bar should fill our sails, as we go, courting the best… of it all.

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear…as merrily, off we go!

The beers great, the girls’ first rate, I’ll ride a full-blown Harley Hog.
To ride them down, across the town, my hair, flowing behind, in the air.
But first we’ll make a new drinking song, betting on, who’s best, by far.
Biker Dudes, Trolls enthused, raise their mugs in unity, again, once more!

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear… as merrily, off we go!

It’s all fun, as with pool cues in hand, we try to, learn to play Eight Ball.
We’ll dance on the floor, and some on the bar, as rowdier we become.
But we’re the best, with glass in fist, as we sing our new… drinking song.
So don’t be glum! Here, come along, to laughter amid, such joyful fun.
Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear… as merrily, off we go!

We’ll have fun, then move along, as our song wins, and the tab is yours.
You can join, as comes, the next bar, and we’ll, start all over, once more!
It’s party time, until dawn, for Trolls can hold, great quantities of rum.
As drinking games come, we win every time, as the losers pay the bill.

Hey, Ho! A pub’ng we go… And I’ll bring along, those, Zany Trolls.
What’s better, than to drink, with friends, my Dear…as merrily, off we go!

(A drinking song for the pure fun it: sung like a pirate song clinking mugs.)

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Like a nomad trespassing border’s edge, I rip moonlight’s seeds apart ; drain the pulp of my creamed bosoms, shapeless— meandering along tracks of notes and interludes so orange, strangely orange in near Autumn's fuming light. And as the hollow of a world dilutes unfinished refrains through dances untamed, my lips turn midnight into a wayward trance. I was so close to the language of myself, this navel unbuttoned and numb by aimless wanderings still, still... I took absence of me. Somehow, the husk of November slowly unwraps my flesh incandescent, as if to burn the oil, incense—maybe sandalwood—just to give a name to lapses of unravelled trails. The delicacy of soil nourishes my thighs, anchored once more unto the swell of awakening. I stayed away a tad long in some vacant space without food for womb only transients like me could bear…a lull perhaps that compels a mouth to feed on the nectar of life’s ‘now’, ploughing my arms back to seeds’ core where my inner place resides. Contest:Know Your PLace of Drake Eszes

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A Simple Southern Christmas

It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
All I want from Santa is some egg nog, bourbon and beer.
I'm gonna wait on Santa Christmas Eve night,
and when he's not lookin' I just might,
steal his reindeer.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
I'm sending out my Christmas cheer.
I'm gonna sit on my front porch swing and sing.
It will be a good thing to hear those jingle bells ring.
I thought I seen Santa on the backwoods bayou road,
but instead it was a big fat toad.
It'a a wonderful simple southern Christmas here.
Santa just brought me some egg nog, bourbon, and beer.
When he wasn't lookin' I stole his reindeer.
So now I can deliver my Christmas cheer.
But hurry, hurry, I'm in a rush,
got to give that reindeer a little push.
Got to go, got to go,
got to get home to fix my gumbo.
It is Christmas day,
and I'm in  a rush I must say.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
Just add egg nog, bourbon and beer.
Mix it up with some Christmas cheer.
I'm ready for Christmas every year.

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On An Airplane (at 18,000 feet)

patches of green, shades of blue,
cotton clouds floating down below,
soaring like angels dressed in white,
silently drifting from such a height.

looking-glass mirror of the blue sea
to where someday I'm longing to be;
lonely mountains like giants they are,
rising and trying to reach a distant star.

where am I heading, where am I going?
when will a restless soul stop roaming?
ask the cold wind or ask the trees,
ask the birds that sing, ask the bees.

the lazy river flows along the way,
a twisting snake like a long highway,
never tired in its journey to the sea,
to the home where it dreams to be.

my home is your soft arms, my love,
your tender lips are all I want to have;
a lake of joy, like a rainbow you are,
I am the earth and you are the star.

Details | Shape | |


                ___________   _________
               /ohio ohio ohio) (ohio ohio/
              !ohio ohio   ohio( ohio ohio/
             /ohio  ohio   ohio# ohio //
               !ohio ohio  ohio# ohio//
             /ohio   ohio ohio)  ohio/
            (ohio ohio  ohio ohio)   (
                    -ohio    ohio-

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Going to the country

Going to the country

I’m going to the country
Lord I’ve had this city life
Going to pick up our possessions
I’m going to take my lady wife
Then I am leaving this old city
I’m going soon the time is rife

I love it in the country
How I love those giant trees
I love each thing about it
All its peace and harmony
Yes, I’m moving to the country
The only place I yearn to be

Oh lordy, lordy, lordy
How I love the country life
I want to sit there by the river
Away from all the city strife
Yes I’m going to the country
We’re going now, the time is rife

Find me a place beside the river
Then just throw me in a hole
Don’t worry about religion 
Let the lord reach to my soul
Let the creatures take this body
Then with the planet I’ll be whole.

18 2014 @ 1303hrs.

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Will You Travel With Me To Heaven PART THREE

Imagine a king who has many
Servants staying at his palace
It would make no sense at all if those
Servants do not fulfill their purpose

Those servants were ordered to work
And to respect that king at all times
While the king gives them a place to stay
They should always make his palace shine

Any slave who does not work may
Eventually be kicked out soon
Any slave who works improperly
May likewise end up without a room

That king has a right to command
His slaves to sing lovely songs of him
To choose the number of times to wash
A staircase, because he is 'king'

That king has a right to command his
Slaves to do well to his family
To treat his close friends with respect
And welcome his guests cheerfully

To tell them not to touch this and that
To disallow them from certain rooms
To do what he commands them to do
As he is the owner who rules

So when Allah gives a command
A command that must be obeyed
You must obey Allah's Commandments
Or else you might get yourself astray

So if Allah commands you to pray
To Him, five prayers everyday
Don't ask 'why? ' Don't ask 'why five salahs? '
Just listen to God, and obey

God lets you walk on the earth He made
God gives you fresh air for you to breathe
God keeps the clouds above you floating
And gives you drink and food to eat

God gave you a brain with which to think
And still you ask 'why should you pray? '
We pray to Allah, the Mighty King
Who lets us live each night and day

When you're awake, when you're asleep
The air you breathe each night and day
What you inhale and what you exhale
Are some things from God which you don't pay

The ability to taste is a
Gift from God which many just ignore
Imagine if you could not taste the
Food you eat, eating would be a bore

You eat fruits and vegetables that God
Created, from plants that Allah made
You drink water which belongs to God
And yet you ask 'why must we pray? '


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Chi town Blues

Stop what your doin , baby lets go ..stop what your doin lets go 
give me that ..stop what your doing .. give me that Chicago piano ......

Chicago pizza 
the Cubs 
The hot dogs 
Chicago love

Stop what your doing , baby lets go ...  Chicago Sax
Lets go baby .. Don't you wanna go to Chicago. going I'm going I'm going 

Chicago Oprah
a slice of Chicago style
Chicago Gangsters
O'Hara airport, Lake Michigan

 Lets take it real slow , baby take me to Chicago
I'm going I'm going,  we're going ,

Chicago Blues
Chicago traffic
Chicago Wax museum 
Chicago state of mind 

Stop what your doing lets go.. Stop right now, Chicago Guitar....Give me that guitar 

Take me baby slow to Chicago ...going , I'm going don't ya know 
I'm going , I'm going,  going to Chicago..

R. Kelley Chicago, trapped in the closet new and old
Old Chicago ,new Chicago
The Chicago I know, baby lets go
Chicago we should go ..stop what your doing and take me down , down,  down 

take it real slow , going to Chicago .

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Summer Waterfall

Deep in the woods I hear an angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.
Where the oaks and wildflowers shade the creek,
reflections fall to earth from rays of destiny,
refreshing my soul and setting my spirit free.
I smell the aroma of rain mixed with the paradise breeze.
Tranquil and serene, a natural wonder and rainbow of peace.
A cascading sparkling jewel,
above a wave rippling whirlpool.
Upon the wind rides the angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.

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Journey's End

                                          Journey's End by Shane Cogan (September 2013)

Silently we stood tall
The sun’s dawn chill on our backs
We gathered our last few belongings
The grey skies swirled over us
Onwards and upwards we walked
Little to do, we merely talked
Oh, the endless array of colours
Oh, the senseless decay of society 

The autumn countryside air fed us
Fresh golden crisp sounds under our feet, our hooting horn
Azure skies shone now, the greyness vanished
Reaching up high, seeking solace…we moved on
Teaching us it was, freaking us out…we moved on
But there is no escape ever for a nomad
A wanderer: she pondered…and I squandered
Oh, there it was again
Oh, the planet we sought

I breathed in the warm dusk air
She breathed in the moonlit sky
Ravens swarmed over us, creating one dark cloud
Bats vibrated, as feeding time commenced
Harvest gatherers signalled night time
A lonely police siren echoed sleep time 
Then we both felt its glaze upon our faces
It stole our smile
It sapped our energy
Oh, we could not move
Oh, yet only approve

Resting, we had no choice but too stargaze
We shifted our tired bodies
We emptied our final belongings
The crystal full moon had hypnotised us
The sun’s distant tale had teased us
The endless blanket of stars now warmed us 

An epic sky tale of foe and friend had begun
We gazed. We starred. We dreamed
Nothing could have prepared us
Nothing had been written about its glory
Indigo colours encircled its core
Hazy lights acted as a sky highway
Interlinked, interconnected, intergalactic
First our planet, then their planet
We gave way, we gave in
Our journey at an end
A new one to begin
We had found our planet
Our people
Our nature
We smiled 
We blinked
We spoke
We said: Welcome home

                                               For the EPIC (OLD/NEW) Poem contest 

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Dream on

I dream on, from my dome to my chest
to my toes and to the tips of my palms. 
We dream on, in the land of the free,  
but where freedom comes at a cost and 
sacrifice for others the achieve their dream. 
I dream on, flying over an icy mountain top,  
To the sweat taste of lemon drops,  
To the cool relief of mist burning over a  
desert black top as I brain storm lessening 
to heart beat of my favorite song.
We dream on, from the top of 
lonely tropical island hill top  
to the sit and the smell of a breath
taking Forrest and to a falling
sun afflicting a shining sea
that is the best part of the day 
I rather spend ending enjoying with a beautiful
woman... the sit and the breeze. 
Poetry by Keith K. Relf

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Down In Memphis

This poem came about by a discussion at work describing a memphis burger and a classic one. I told someone they flowed together and they didn't believe me so I wrote this:

I went down to memphis
There was this, classic chick
With them hips, and red lipstick
A kiss so delicious that
I promised to this miss I would not dissapear
But I was dishonest, I thought I made it clear
That this situation between the two of us
Was not serious But she was delrious
Became so furious that
That month she had two periods
It only takes one to end my sentence
25 to life, Im not doin the time on that sentence
Doesn't matter if she gets me presents
Don't care if she gets madder that I am not present, 
yet she gets sadder cause she still feels my presence
It wont be pleasant, if she doesnt let me leave peacefully
So I packed my things in the middle of the night
Took off asap so she couldn't pick a fight
Flew right back to my little house on the right
Split so fast like Kim Kardash was my wife
Realized that I just dodged a couple of knifes
It seems whack, But I just had to run and hide
This commital thing isnt for me
I am brittle, I crack too easily
Got to be careful cause I need Room to wiggle cant be
Strangled or tied down, I know It'll come back around
Hurt triple the times when karma
Shoots me down from the sky
So for right now, sayonara, beddy bye
Nice to know ya, good night

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New York Rodeo

No 8 second ride for these cowboys tonight
As they start in the morning, losing daylight
Their hats are now ties, tethering true
Not breathing in clean air as faces turn blue

Their motive, the green, but not of a pasture
Not men of free will, but now slaves to a master
When the bell rings, it’s chaos, not for a meal
It’s a dog eat dog city, with true faces concealed

They’re just…

Cardboard cowboys in a concrete canyon
Riding steel horses, reigning in their abandon
Letting loose bridles, for no horses they ride
Spending their days, cooped up, deep inside

It’s a sad way
And a sad day
For New York cowboys

Their fishing hole yonder’s now polluted with clutter
As their southern boy drawl’s replaced with a stutter
No chaps and no stirrups, no boots and no jeans
Their lives are now over, at the end of their means

The bull that they ride are the very stories they tell
From wall to wall bouncing, not sitting a spell
They are always in a hurry, no time for the rose
Not much of a cowboy or anything, I s’pose

They’re just…

Cardboard cowboys in a concrete canyon
Riding steel horses, reigning in their abandon
Letting loose bridles, for no horses they ride
Spending their days, cooped up, deep inside

It’s a sad way
And a sad day
For New York cowboys

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Last Night This Canalbank Was Home

Last night, this canal bank was home
I see the tossed newspapers blow
And a solitary brown blanket lie
Where not all that long ago
Someone slept... but they were not camping
This was home last night
And, as I approach the bridge
I see him sitting there... on my right...

Hes old and weezened, lights a cigarette
Or at least his best to do so he does try...
And I ever the Christian full of compassion
Keep my distance and hurry by.

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Meet Me At The Gates

Standing across from damien
whom had been his lover for yea
He takes his heart out of his chest
And places it in Damiens hands
Kurt says "this heart belongs to you"
He askes Damien "do you want it?"
Damien places Kurts heart in his hands
"i dont"
Kurt throws it to the ground and stomps on it
Looking down at his crumpled heart a tear 
Falls from his cheek
He starts walking away
He falls to his knees
Like suffocating
Damien runs over to him
But is blocked by a black mist
Damien stands there whispering
"Kurt come back"
Kurt stands up and places his heart
Into Damiens pocket
As Kurt turns and walks away
The sky opens up
And kurt rises to the clouds
A few years later Damien joins him up at the gates

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The Paper In My Lap

Ashley Plotczyk

I write, inspired by my heart 
my thoughts only able to be expressed 
through my poems
The best time for me to write
is when I am emotional 
The paper serves as my relief 
It takes my struggle away from me
I love to write when no one else is around me
My thoughts only heard by me 
but read by others once I have mellowed down 
I enjoy sitting down
being only surrounded by silence
This is the time I take for myself
I take the pen and I write until I've found the right words
The only words that can soothe my uneasiness 
from my busy life and hectic mind 
My favorite place to write is anywhere I am able to write 
at that moment that I have the urge to release my feelings 
Like my busy life, I do not wait around to write
I write poetry everyday and I will not always be in the same places 
But my mind will always know how to trade places with the paper in my lap

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The Path Un-chosen

When squinting at departed days, Reviewing life’s crucial choices An insatiable curiosity stirs inside, O’er the destination of different paths, And where, I’d perhaps, have been guided. Is this questioning life’s portion? Where would I reside today; or would I? And to whom would I be married? Would progeny exist? Would radical change have been my lot? And days cut short? Or, in time’s throes, be frozen? All queries void of answers, Without my taking this alternate path, Left by myself un-chosen;

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Local strangers

On this journey
I will not come with you.
I will stay here,
sitting on eagle’s stone of Epos.
Wingless but illuminated.

Surveying the tangerine trees of Kampos
and the red stone houses.
The gained ground of my ancestors
that become rosy-hued in the horizon 
from Tsesme  and beyond.

Chewing the mastic from Olympus, 
that gathered by your hands.

Getting drunk 
with Ariousios wine, 
from grapes that stepped by your legs.

I shall stay here.
To give you back your homeland 
that for centuries now 
you walk on as foreigners.

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"Hawaii" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

Hawaii is a group of islands formed by volcanic activity.
Honolulu is Hawaii's capital city.
In 1959, Hawaii became America's 50th state.
It's tropical climate and tranquil waters make Hawaii great!

Bonus activity: Explain to children that, in spite of its beautiful beaches, Hawaii is 
home to Kilauea, the world's most active volcano. Ask children if they would enjoy 
living in Hawaii. Why or why not?

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Times Were Tough

I come from down in the valley, there, my father's house shines hard and bright in the darkness on the edge of town, like my memories calling so cold and alone troubled times had come to my hometown times were tough, love was not enough to feed us and keep us warm the greedy thieves that came around brought death to my hometown my father once told me, with every wish there comes a curse now, I understand what he meant you choose the chance you take still, at the end of every hard day, people find some reason to believe My hometown lays waiting for rebirth maybe everything that dies someday comes back By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 5, 2012 for Sing a Song a Poem contest (Tracie~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver) Eighth Place *Bruce Springsteen lyrics I come from down in the valley - The River My father's house shines hard and bright - My Father's House In the darkness on the edge of town - In the Darkness on the Edge of Town Calling and calling so cold and alone - My Father's House Troubled times had come to my hometown - My Hometown Times were tough, love was not enough - When You're Alone The greedy thieves that came around brought death to my hometown - Death to My Hometown With every wish there comes a curse - With Every Wish You choose the chance you take - The Price You Pay Still at the end of every hard day, people find some reason to believe - Reason To Believe Maybe everything that dies someday comes back - Atlantic City

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The Concert Experience

Music pulses through my veins
The notes play the cells of my brain
Index and pinky finger extend from the palm
The cement sways beneath my feet
The notes play the cells of my brain
Bodies clash as vocals arise
The cement sways beneath my feet
I hear the soundtrack to my life
Bodies clash as vocals arise
Index and pinky finger extend from the palm
I hear the soundtrack to my life
Music pulses through my veins

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Will You Travel With Me To Heaven PART TWO

A God who is not a human
Not a soul or created thing
A God who always hears and sees
Yet we cannot hear or see Him

A God who tests us, hence we cannot
See Him, a God who never lies
A God without human weakness
-Not Born- A God who does not die

A God who made us with a purpose
To worship Him, worship Him alone
A God who wants us to be Muslims
And Heaven our Eternal Home

By worshiping only One God
And following God's Rules and Laws
Allah is He. God is Allah.
Allah: The God who has no flaws

Allah is not the God of Arabs
Not all Arabs believe in Him
Allah is the God of all of us
Who made everyone and everything

If you ask 'why the name Allah? '
I ask you, why's your name your name?
Imagine your teacher says 'I'm Jane'
If you disbelieve you could be 'lame'

She says, 'Class, I'm Jane; I'm your teacher'
You say, 'I don't want a teacher 'Jane''
Your teacher says, 'my name is Jane'
You say, 'Don't teach, unless your name is changed'

If one has done that, they have rebelled
They're arrogant; they want attention
If you're a troublesome student
Then all you get is detention

So if Allah says that He is God,
That Allah is God, and God Allah
Then believe in God, worship Allah
To avoid Hell and its boiling lava

Allah is One, the Only True God
Allah created you and I
Allah has no children nor wife
Allah needs no bodyguard nor spy

Allah is One, God is Just One
I said 'One God', not 'God in Three'
One God who rules the whole universe
'More than many gods'? How can that be?

If there were many gods as some claim
The whole world would be upside down
False gods would vie with one another
As kings would fight for the same crown

God has no son. God has no daughter.
God has no wife, God did not marry
God is too Powerful and Perfect
God does not weaken nor get lonely

God is Allah, Allah the True God
If you now believe, please testify
That there is no god but Allah
And God was never crucified

Once you have recognized Allah
Remember that Allah has Rules
Rules that must be followed by all
All of God's servants, including you

God commanded us to pray to Him
To Pray to Him each day and each night
To worship Him our Creator Allah
Is the reason why God gave us life


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There ain't no going back

There Ain't No Going Back.

I took a trip across the sea
In the year of ninety eight
To seek my ancient bones of yesteryear
So I  boarded me the big jet plane
For a twenty hour flight
With expectations never really clear.

My past and me came face to face
So I drank a lot of beer
And I coughed and spluttered in that London cold
Then a thought jumped out to bother me
And it came on very clear
That you cannot go back to things of old.

There ain’t no going back
It’s the truth now it’s a fact
That what once was is truly cold and dead
The road may last forever
Yet backwards one moves never
Those days long gone their streets one cannot tread 

So I learned me a lesson
All my ghosts been laid to rest
And England lost a son for evermore
And the bird will no more wander
He will rest beside the nest
For home be where I am and that’s for sure.


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Love Is In The Air Tonight

Baby lets take that drive today.
Its the right time to get away.
Lets go to that same old spot
that we both know so well.

Its there. The sun
is always warm and nice.
And the river runs so cool,
always flowing thru our minds.

Love is in the air tonight.
This time, this time that we share.
Being here, being here without a care.
Love is in the air tonight.

When we're here we feel free.
So plentiful, just you and me.
We know its here for sure.
We'll make love all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
Holding hands below the stars.
Below the stars, we begin to dance.
And we'll dance all thru the night.

Love is in the air tonight.
We'll sleep all day,
just to wake all night.
To wake and love and dance.

Under stars again,
love in the air to share.
Another night again,
always hand and hand.

Love is in the air tonight.

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All Along the Watchtower Re-Visited for 9-11

"There must be some kinda way to find out here"
Said the seeker to the stealer
"There's too much confusion
I'm struggling to be the reveal"

"Conglomerate men, they drink my wine
Politicians dig my earth
None will level on the line
Because none of them are worth it" hey

"There is reason to get excited"
The seeker, he kindly spoke
"There are many here among us
Who feel our governments a joke"

"Now you and I, we've lived through this
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late", hey


All along the watchtower
Liars kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too

Outside in the cold distance
The C.I.A. did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

All along the watchtower on that tragic September day
We need some investigation, for someones has to pay
Now you and I, we've lived through this, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, before this generations to late

We will always remember, and remember who we lost that day
We need some investigation, for someone has to pay
All along the watchtower, a nation in mournful cries
We are not so blind, it's amazing what you can see when you close your eyes

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

James, we lost you in Kensington, England. The Star Spangled Banner will
live long in your past. I can't say the same for some of your American so
called country people. Thank you for allowing me to gracefully use . . . .
'All Along the Watchtower' it's blatantly obvious someone was not.

To all the lost in the 9/11 tragedy, my thoughts will always be with you.

 All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, with some lyrics changed 

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I'm Sleeping Outside

I've tried to tamper with such precious time
Looked forward and back with open eyes
I wonder about the day I'll die
Will there be rain or shine?
Maybe both, maybe none
As I speak another life has begun
Wish them luck as they carry on
Bewildered within these starry nights
I thought of time when I have lied
Oh such precious time
It flies
(im sleeping outside)
Signs and dreams lead me to believe
That somehow, some way
I'll be something great
Do I choose to be nieve?
They'll never know
Do I choose to be so weak?
It'll never show
(I'll be sleeping outside)
Love is such a clishey it seems
Something I could only see
Her eyes drew us in like summer heat 
Cupids arrows were made of clay
Oh yes I've longed for this day
I knew I wasnt lying anymore
(I always sleep outside
where the weather is nice
I can feel everything for what it's worth
dont give me signs or written lines
give me your solid words)

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Moon Light Bright

                                                     Moon Light Bright.

                                                Oooh you shine so bright 

                                in every full autumn night without your friend in cite, 

                                       that helps you dominate the night sky 

                                                with your dens chilling light 

                    which helps me seek my ways throw the hunting mystery of the night,
                                                  without a single flashlight.

                                        Theo I wish on every day and every night 
                            nature can deliver such a beautiful cite... Moon Light Bright.

Poetry 2/23/11 by Keith Kadell

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In Greenhaven


I wake up in the morning with the sunlight on my face
As it glimmers through those Banksias
That thrive around this place
And it feels just like the country
Lots of trees and lots of space
In Greenhaven.

The shops are down the road a bit, but not too far away
And there’s a sense of freedom here, and everything’s okay
Oh! when that sun shines through those trees
At the break of a summers day
In Greenhaven

Greenhaven is the place for me
It lies just out of town
We have our beers and barbecues
When folk they come around
In Greenhaven

I love this happy home of mine
Where the sun shines through those trees
And the cockys scream as they fly above
So alive and wild and free
And I sit and play my old guitar
In this place just made for me
In Greenhaven.

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hard ice for days like cocain

as a child
It felt a bit safer 
knowing that everything
would eventually work itself out
and in the end 
though we failed 
to remain concise 
in-between darkness
we were only men

i'm looking at my little red gauge 
sitting peacefully on E
looks like it will be 
another empty day for me

and i apologize 
for the wrong turns
all the long sermons
and the little wishes
that hold life in format
the cold winter nights
that left me at your doormat

when i was alone
you brought my days comfort
a touch that misery couldn't sponsor
a tragedy to never disappoint
and now i wonder
was it us or the fact that together 
we'd never go under

in correspondence to my 
thoughts dancing along the windshield
i'm moving fast and forward 
despite the rain indoors 
it feels i'm going nowhere
my little red gauge sits at the back of E
looks like another empty day for me

"just like motivation everything else fades"

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Amazing Grace Wash Over Me

A prayer for those who are in dispair along the Gulf Coast due to the BP Deepwater Horizon 
oil rig explosion. A prayer for those who waited and their loved ones did not return, Amazing 
Grace Wash Over Thee.

Amazing grace wash over me.
My tears are a river to the sea.
Lord above, we know you know,
the oil that is washing upon our coast.
Amazing grace wash over me,
and lift my soul up to Thee.
Lord above, hear my prayer,
for those who are in dispair.
Amazing grace wash over me.
I lift my hands to God you see.
My prayer for those who were hurt,
and those who will never return to earth.
Amazing grace wash over thee,
families were left in disbelief.
Empty hands, their loved ones gone,
Lord Jesus, guide them safely Home.
Amazing grace wash over me, 
the oil is filling up the sea, 
from Louisiana to Mississippi.
Animals are dying,
and people are crying.
Amazing grace wash over me.

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A Lazy Afternoon

I sit  on my deck on this lazy afternoon
watching the sun move slowly to the west

The leaves are dancing on the oak tree out back 
from a breeze gently blowing from the south

A sparrow is hopping from post to post 
on the old fence down by the road

A little squirrel  playing  and running around
to the top of the tree and down to the ground

then I hear a whistle from a distant train
And the rhythm is like music to my ears

I  think to myself  what wonderful way 
to spend a  beautiful  lazy  afternoon

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Love is

Searching in the night for the springs of Rhone
the asphalt embraces the stone like a snake.
"It is the only way"
said to me William Tell
at the gas station of Saint Alpine.
And when mountains stood up all around,
when we were surrounded by dark forests
and the dawn seemed to be totally lost,
you showed me your body under the starlight.
Fire and sweat gushed
from the springs of desire.
Signals of oblivion
from the wells of fear.
Love is a disease of the mind.
It gives a touch to illusions.
It makes bodies shiver.
It makes dreams bleed.
And loneliness to creak the stairs at midnight
and terrorise us.
Pledge your eyes to the lake of Geneva,
your laughter to the fireworks.
When your nights become endless
you will have me to remember.

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You promised me
New Zealand 
in the springtime
virgin beaches
mountain air
day and night
without a care

and then you were gone

your lies 
were to immense
on both sides 
of the ocean
when you walk 
the streets of Bangkok
does your heart 
still yearn for me?

On the day you left

you told me to swim 
to the surface
to come back up for air
but I cannot
I cannot
I cannot
I am still drowning 
in my sorrow

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
(December 8th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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The Key

Gather all the beauty you can see
and make a wonderful sparkling key
each time it turns will makes you smile

Your door will open up with style.
then  sweet and loving words will roll
the key will unlock your mind and soul

Sad old  thoughts will be on the run
Replaced by magical hours of fun
Now your life has turned around

With the inner peace that you have found
And everyone will rush to see
The holder of this beautiful key

They will learn that life can be something new 
Universal dreams are pure and true
So change each day from grey to blue

Shine the rainbow colors 
with the radiant heart that beats in you 
and find your key of life in YOU.

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Cirque de Halloween

"In this town, everyone's waiting for the next sunrise."

Gather round children of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with me and you will see.
Let us set the stage, for this is Halloween.

Whispers hum in the wind. (I am the clown with the tear-away face)
HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! the crowd chants.
Master scares and creeps.

This, our circus on Halloween.
Don't be late now, for after the show, everyone's waiting for the next sunrise.
This is Halloween.

"Life's no fun without a good scare" we sing.
 "I am the wind blowing through your hair; I am the hoo? when you call "who's 

I am the one hiding under the bed, teeth grown sharp and eyes gone red." my friend 
sings as the rest of the group sings the pumpkin song. 

"La, la, la la la, la. Life's no fun without a good scare! La, la, la la la, la. THIS IS 

As the song ends, it is replaced by the eerie tinkling of a music box; slow and scary.

But, hey. That's what we're here for; the scares.

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In a river marsh, where pondweeds and cattails grew in warm clime,
the fair girl found a tall, black egret  
with whom she could have a chat; 
and was it the same one that her parents rescued from the wild?

Among bulrushes taller than she actually was,
the anxious girl told that bird one of her wishes:
to hop on his back and fly as the happiest butterfly,
and find her mom whom she remembered singing a lullaby.

" Take me to my mom!"  she begged the wading bird.
" Nobody ever takes me there to visit her" she exclaimed.
" She may be miles away from here...way past the blue ocean!" 
He replied with little confidence, lacking a sense of emotion.

The fair girl kept on begging, until the black egret finally nodded.
" Thank you, kind let's fly and depart from this marshland!"
So the two of them ventured into a cloudy sky expecting no rainfall...
not until they had gotten there safely and heard that sweet mother's call..  

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I Shall Always Treasure You

For the person I am and the person you are
For the times we are together and the times we are apart
For the times we have cried and the times we have shared
For the times we have laughed and you showed me you cared
For the places we have traveled and the places we have seen
From the moment you proposed on a bended knee
For the honesty you have shown and the truth you have told
I know in my heart our love will never get old
For bringing out the sun on a most dreary day
For going to the doctors to see that everything will be okay
For the little notes and the little letters 
For letting me know things will always get better
I Shall Always Treasure you for so many things
And always be grateful you loved only me..

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Unrelenting traveller

Eight salty Beaufort striking my face 
at the edge of Inverness. 
With my hands wide open 
I'm balancing like a seagull 
in front of the black and angry Atlantic.

I feel your lonely sunset  
as you cross the ocean for hours.
I feel your longing wave 
as you come to reach and burst out on the beach.

But since I was a child
an unknown star
permanently drives me to chaos, 
and it is impossible to resist.  

I travel thirsty on clear waters.
I travel hungry in fruitful gardens.
With great eagerness,    
that suffocates inside my breast. 
With an insistent deputy,
being stuck as chewing gum under my shoe. 

This world is so vast. 
and this brain, so restricted. 
When will I find a beach?

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The Agonies Of Niagara

Tourists and pale, plotting tight-rope walkers,
barrel daredevils and photographers,
honeymooners and scheming suicides,
lean to peer through the grey veils from the sides
as directors frame the scene for the cast,
and shout, "Give me passion, the light won't last!",
poets stroll with soon to-be lost lovers,
ever falling, as gravity hovers.

Listening to it can give you weak knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
Taking it all in leaves you begging, "Please!",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

While all above lean over railings,
they witness how even words have failings,
gyratory vortices find their end,
displaying the strength of the Falls to rend;
'cause since glaciers retreated from all South,
Millenia mean nothing in it's mouth;
Nature's own rage brings power to Man's shores,
as Tesla reigned the fury of it's roars.

Listening to it can give you weak knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
Taking it all in leaves you smiling, "Cheese!",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

Now, engineers man the power stations,
doling energy in careless rations
to encroaching casinos and hotels,
to wax museums of frivolous, wan spells;
precise measures of triviality
against the sight of such grand majesty,
made most common, common as oft worn gems,
souvenir-store-stocked novelty items.

Listening to it can give you weak knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
Taking it all in, wond'ring, " Can't they see?",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

Putting in order so many affairs,
these houses' heavy hands split many pairs,
just another trip to strike from some list,
most of it a journey made of the mist;
meaning evokes only a tight-grinned awe,
how far things have got since the last great thaw;
these tourists, actors, lovers, and poets,
yet to acknowledge their own deposits.

Fin'lly hearing it makes you weak in knees,
Niagara's roar of ancient agonies,
To take it in means to ask, "Is it me?",
Niagara's roar's idiot agonies.

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Why is “someday” such a sad word?
When one like “never” is so much worse?
Why....why “someday”?

Why is “someday” such a sad, sad word?
Perhaps the saddest one I’ve ever heard...
Why “someday”?

has somebody
Except me, it seems
but that's not why I want to leave

So out of it
feel “out of it”
Never was in
can't find the way 

"Life’s one big bluff
Keep a straight face
Don’t let ‘em see your cards."

Yeah, life’s one big God-forsaken bluff
and I’m about to jump off

Someday, I thought you’d find me
Someday, I thought you’d love me
But someday ....
someday NEVER CAME

“Someday,” they say, “You’ll find somebody.”
“Someday, you will be happy.”
“Someday, life will mean something.”
But someday I'll be SICK of waiting

Someday, you’ll see why it can’t be
Someday we’ll ALL be sorry
One day
sweet day
I’ll find my way 
out of this body.

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Zring sissity rib rang

Dada or Dadaism is a cultural movement primarily involved visual arts, literature—poetry, 
art manifestoes, art theory—theatre, and graphic design, and concentrated its anti-war 
politics through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works.

This is my attempt at Dada.

Zring Zang
pinggity prong pang
jumping across from train to train
Bring Brang
sissity sis sang
circling round, round the storm drain
dring drang
ribbity rib rang
Trains and drains, over my life reign

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

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New Moon

New York's brighter than any other state, country, or capital.
Please take my word
it, but please be warned - I don't know what "it" is.
I see the lights and I think I'm
the sun - just chilling and recharging my juice.
I'm no energizer bunny, but any time I see New York I feel like everything has to flow.
Bright lights even when the cameras flash,
second thought, they're even bright when you turn the light off.
I don't represent, but I'm
the balcony taking in the fresh air and the lights remind me of last year.
I'm different in a sense, like I'm
a UFO - getting ready to take over my inconsistent life like a New Moon.

New York City
night time

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The Way

I hear the wind calling
The rain greets me
The lightning claps
And the thunder rolls with me
I walk through the storm
Following the wind
The wind sways me to and fro
The rain slaps me
The lightning gives me light
It shows the way
And the thunder rolls with me
I walk through the storm
Following the wind
Lost but not alone
The lightning shows the way
The thunder rolls with me
The rain falls, gives me blessings
And the wind blows me to the way

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A tender child is sleeping in a warm manger
watched by a sweet,happy mother;
joy bells ring in glory,
in the blue Heavens
shines a yellow star!
This night is too cold for the sheperds
watching their sheeps over the hills of Bethlem;
the Angel of the Lord will surprise them:
as they'll tell them,"The King has come!"
That star will lead them,
and they will find the little King...there;
kept warm by the breath of his mother Mary!

Joy bells ring in glory;
the Wise Men are coming from the East,
to bring Him the precious gifts of destiny...
to worship that humble child
sent from a caring God:
to show the hearts of men His love at last!

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What mirage reflects on the icy mirror!
O, Homo Sapiens! What appears everyday
On the lying truth of this reflecting error
That riles the phony nutshell of intellect
Haunting with vague foggy mysterious ray
Over as if on intuitive microscopic insect.
Mirage it is indeed that conceals reality
And heaps lie to build an illusory city.

Mirror reflects but visible outer frailty
But further frailties veil on the other side
So that slight goodness appears mighty.
What mirage reflects on the icy mirror!
Like a lost sailor who turns ideal guide
By creating a shifty wreath of terror.
Mirage it is indeed that hinders sanity
And heaps lie to build an illusory city.

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A Road to Nowhere

A road to nowhere A picturesque scene of trees turning bare Fresh autumn scents filling the air And a young woman on a journey traveling from here to there With a slow, steady pace and tapping shoes She creates an east rhythm to hum along to Walking along, not a care in the world Living her life, and living it well The cool crisp air softly blowing at her knees Coming throughout the autumn trees For a moment it almost seems Things aren't really ever as bad as they tend to seem Soaking in the last bit of light with a peaceful flow She passes along the last few trees with golden leaves shinning abode The now setting sun begins to give off a warm orangey red glow Setting off her long blonde hair as it moves to and fro Then out of the gleaming sky Fighting her rising fear from deep with inside Her heartbeat quickens, as she tries keeping a steady stride Hairs prickling up upon her neck, a raven screeches as it swoops by The absence oh heat, so abrupt Leaves her with chills, so corrupt Touching her soul as if almost freezing up Upon her face lay a perfect cut A gush of wind cuts across her chest And her forehead quickly covers with little beads of sweat Just as she's starting to fear she can't go on She twirls and turns then starts to run She whirls around but falls to her knees Blood slowly dripping down from her cheek The raven appears with an open beak Ans lets out a bloodcurdling screech "Raven, Raven, oh please don't die!" She laughs And looks upon the bird with a menacing smile Then lets out a satisfying sigh "Just please don't die" She gracefully stands with blood-lust filled eyes Her tapping shoes carrying her off into the night Her Raven black hair rocking to and fro And off down the road to nowhere she goes
Inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

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Life's Tower

Where are we going
Where have we been
Things pass so fast
My thoughts left to spin

There are no people
There are no minds
There are no faces
There are no signs

Who are we to know
Who are we to see
Who are we to tell others
Where theyre supposed to be

I hear the sounds
Pleasing to the ear
Not to many people
Have ever been here

All you were taught
All you have seen
All you’ve experienced
All that’s obscene

All that’s been done
All that’s been shown
All that’s been felt
All that’s been flown

Means nothing now
Let us enter the hour
It will end soon
As we climb lifes tower

We all treat one another
As if one has all power
The meaning of existence
Is the wilting flower

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Letting My Hair Down

Settling down with a real good book
All safe and warm inside my reading nook

Watching time go by 
As well told stories arise

Tales of dragons lives
Heroes live and die
All in one simple look
Maidens love and cry

All here with-in a sigh
I laugh as I day dream about the time I took

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Arno Vale

Arno Vale
Bristol’s Necropolis
City of the Dead
Where the dead and living
In the daytime co-exist.

The path leads full circle
Around the tomb stones, chapels and trees
Tombstone white and bright in the sun
The trees decorated, woollen colours

Booted families trudge through the trees
Others visit the café and the gift shop
All this life in the garden of the dead
It seems almost pagan, in a Christian way
Reminding us of their marriage

The winter sun shines without warmth
Through the trees, the leaves still on the ground
Solitude without loneliness that is what is here
The dead not buried and forgotten;
But, with nature and the living instead.

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I prefer to chew

I am subject of your objections
your majesty
let us cloak ourselves
 in the moral fabric of religion
and make believe we're royalty
present an image to impress
a new age novelty
a dying breed of humanity
we knock at empathy's door 
beg entrance to the light
gained only from the price of
a thousand lost souls
in their luminescent flickerings
of goldfish in a bowl
a pisces paradise
invading parasite
beguile thy emerald isle
fornlorn the jagged shores
of Erinyes and Norn
feigning faint, a bulimic trick
how we stumble and trip through these doors of perception
by divine intention
a moral invention
you can swallow your god pill whole
but I still prefer to chew

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Snowpacalypse 2012

The hills are getting slippery in Seattle
News blares “Snowmageddon stay inside!”
People lined up galore at their favorite grocery store
Stalking up on snow gear and supplies

Its pandemonium all around
There’s no one to be found 
The whole city shuts down
OMG its snow!

And sidewalks filled with slush
To our feet we’re yelling “Mush!”
But it doesn’t help us much
As down we go

The cars with 4 wheel drive
Spinning out in a nosedive 
are just trying to survive
this whiteout rodeo

School gets canceled for the day
The parents yell “No Way!”
But the kids all sing “Hooray!”
“We love the snow!”

And they all fill up the streets
Hurling snowballs made of sleet
making snowman by the fleet
getting soaked from head to toe

The hills are getting slippery in Seattle
The cars are playing pinball by the lot
People tripping, slipping, falling on their keisters
From the 2 inches of snow that we got

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Scotland has to be Seen " Beatlemania "

In the countryside in bloom adorn
Beautiful scenery for all to see
The sun shines down, its full of life
Different shades of different greens

Through the glens our trips begun
So many sights that have to be seen
Feel the passion of hearts so brave
This land called Alba, peacefully serene

    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world
    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world

So come and see our beauty hoard
So many sights for you to explore
Different vistas, makes us say

    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world
    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world

To live and die in the Highlands breeze
A world apart a different breed
We are the Scots, no in between
So please visit Alba, it has to be seen

    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world
    The land of the Scots, is the best place in the world
    Best place in the world, best place in the world

My entry into John Heck's " BEATLEMANIA SING-ALONG contest "
         please sing-along to the tune of Yellow Submarine

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Winding road, set me free, 
 take me where I am supposed to be.
  See that flame? It calls to me,
   showing me, where I need to be.
   That flame I know, is Kerosene,
   just down the road within the trees.
  See that flag? It's mocking me, 
 tonight that flag meets Kerosene.
So follow me to this place I know,
believe me, I was born ready to go.
 I see you fall upon your knees,
  pray to your god to hear your dreams,
   what you've heard, ain't what it seems..
   We will stick with sin, and Kerosene.

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Drake's Island

Distant dreams do dare to derail my train of doubts,
Eyes gobbling the cobbled stone streets seen,
Leading to a shop filled of things tagged with alloted time
But the tickle of the wind next to sea bound vesels,
and the smell of their work that feeds our souls,
Is what brings a little peace into focus,
When I'm unceasingly searching for my goals.

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five sides-
of earthly warrant.

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On the blazing grounds of this world,
Violence is making a feast of Peace,
Gunmen, Bombers, Forces now build
Future of globe over ruined edifice.

On the blazing grounds of this world,
Mighty people now dance on flooring
Of destruction, in red lights of blood,
Where Blades of Tyranny is glaring.

On the blazing grounds of this world,
Hounds of hatred, hypocrisy, hostility
Hunts the Innocent in burning mould
And flares of Fire surround Humanity.

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Hidden Chapel

As we walk through the dense woods,
With trees like an endless hallway,
I suddenly see as we round the bend, this hidden chapel
I love it here.

With the sun making a hole through the woods,
The chapel was like an actor in the spotlight, vying for attention.
Then.... we go inside, this hidden chapel,
I love it here.

We pray to God for help and forgiveness,
And birds chirp quietly, far away.
I often wonder "How long has this chapel been here?"
I love it here.

Inside it smells unused, like no one has been here for at least 20 years.
The tile, which covers the once wooden floor, is as pale as an elephant's tusk.
Stained glass throws rainbows across the floor,
Uneven, grey stones make up the walls of this hidden chapel.
I love it here.

The tan color of the pews that are in uneven rows does not match the dark ceiling.
And music plays over the radio, the voice singing
"It's something deep within/ It's just beneath the skin/ I must confess that I feel like 
a monster!"
And we sing along, in this hidden chapel.
I love it here.

I love this place,
That is beautiful in it's own way.
This hidden chapel.
I love it here.


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To Catch A Cloud

Verse 1

catch a cloud
praise out loud
time to bow
holy wow
do not sow

as I catch a cloud
catch a cloud

Verse 2

raise those hands
and praise da man
for theres a new plan
as I shout and stand
high above drifted lands

as I catch a cloud
catch a cloud

Verse 3

give me hope
to stay afloat
for I'll not mope
and just have to cope
from this heavenly boat

as I catch a cloud 
catch a cloud

Tribute To Heaven
And A Clouds Journey

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It's Saturday and 2:00 A.M.

The helplessness I feel
increases as we approach the door
I can’t take this missing you so badly anymore
I grab your waist to pull you in real tight
then I hug you with all my might
And sadly I must kiss you goodbye
and resist the urge to let tears in my eyes
because it will only make missing you that much worse
This distance between us is such a curse
Slowly I walk towards my car
turning to face you with every stride
as I sadly wave goodbye
Reluctantly I open the door
and blow you kisses to say goodbye once more
Sadly I must drive away
and watch your figure disappear
And with each mile
as you grow less near
I start to miss you more and more my dear

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Blue Butterfly

I'm drifting in a dreamy haze of memories
made seeming real,
reluctant to relinquish grasp on golden things long dying,
Searching for salvation in this opportunic age
while storing up my dusty hurts 
and dirty bits of rage 

Waiting for the birth, for the birth of the Butterfly.

Angels spread your silver wings,
Cover the night with secret things for me
Why don't you....

Come with me baby, let's get lost in the night yeah
Come with me baby, we'll fly on wings of light yeah
Come with me we can, oh we can both be free
Come with me baby, it's always you and me; always you and me.

So now I'm ranting rude and shamelessy 
sprouting new abuse,
and using any reason to - no matter how obtuse.
I have growths of pain and horror
climbing walls that don't exist and they bloom with poisonous flowers that not many
can resist...

Waiting for the birth, for the birth of the Butterfly.


Come with me.....

The endless wandering happiness I never can quite catch,
has trapped me in this broken place -
secured the rusty latch.
My Destiny is calling with his wise and wrinkled head,
that once knew all of everthing, but now,
Now begs to forget....


So come with me....

Blue Butterfly...
Empty places in the shadows, empty faces on the gallows
Made of my hurt, made of my pain, made of my shame.

Oh empty places in the shadows, empty faces on the gallows
made of my hurt, made of my pain, made of my shame
please angels, please angels


so come on -
Come with me baby.......

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Set aside on a whimsical ride,
to drift the day away ,
pole in the water;  
but it doesn't matter, 
if a fish catches my hook along the way.
I'll just enjoy the travel, 
that will make me unravel,
months of cooped up dismay.
To recapture me,
to punctuate my being,
in a world that keeps me at bay.
I escape into the scenery,
of the foliage and greenery,
cottonwoods, yucca and sage.
Drifting along, 
to a whispering song,
of a youth;  all but,  passed away.
Glistening leaves, 
above on the trees,
as my squinty eyes capture the way.
I dream of when,
I'll be here again,
and this time maybe I'll stay.

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How long I’m standing here on Ortygia? 
Remain motionless 
under the hot sun. 
Looking like a marble kouros 
with broken hands.
I search the wind 
for the cool breeze of Aegean, 
the sweet smell of Delos 
which gave its name to this place.

I have to caress the Doric columns 
in temples of Apollo, 
Athena and Artemis. 
I have to easy their eternal nostalgia.

But the source of Arethusa 
brings black water from Alpheus today. 
Olympia is being burned 
and my heart comes out of me 
falls on the asphalt 
and breaking in pieces.

What the barbarians doing again 
in our homeland,
while we’re standing here?
You as bare models for tourists 
and me like a marble kouros 
with broken hands.

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Abortion at seventeen

Abortion at seventeen 
The shades of black within you surface
before you lose consciousness on the 
sanitized bed of the hospital.
No friendly face is waiting outside.
Your age is seventeen… almost.
This is the age of the quick use and throw.
The shades of black make you take an oath, 
just before sleep, medicated sleep,  
that you won’t attach yourself to
anyone for long. You are cured
from romances, immune from love.

These are the words that belong to past, 
I urge to tell more to see if tears 
are going to make you less of a goddess 
which I think you actually are.
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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Call Off

    Call off our Troops,
    they don't have a
    clue on the real
    scoop; because
    the President has
    them jumping thru
    invisible loops.

    Call off our men in
    green, death is the
    only thing they've
    seen; and only to be
    used as the President's
    personal killing Machine.

    Call off this W.A.R, we've
    been misled and we're
    not sure what it's for any
    more; but from the way 
    things are looking I would
    say," That President Bush
    Just Wanted To Settle A
    Personal Score."

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Pouring Down

Verse One: Walking up and down the street/
Filled with thoughts of despair/ I feel as though
my world is tumbling down/ I cry/ I scream? and 

Chorus: It pours down/ It's pouring/ All I've got
is the rain when it's pouring down/ But I say let 
it pour/ let it pour/ let it fall on my face/ let it fall on

Verse Two: Wet/ Feeling lost/ But ever so alive/ Walking/
not knowing where I'm going/ Seeing the distance/ the path
seems too long/ I fall/ and then

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three: Looking ahead/ looking and seeing a face/ a beautiful
face/ a face that brings hope/ A face that brings out the sun

Repeat Chorus 

Bridge: Seeing you/ feeling you/ feeling alive/ the warmth/ the light/
you bring/ it fills me/ it pours down on me


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O my Bangladesh of Gold - National Anthem of Bangladesh - Original By Rabindranath Tagore

O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom! Your sky and your air
Attract me like a flute-player!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom!
In spring in mango gardens
I have smelt holy fragrance!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O my mom!
What have I seen in autumn?
Fields full of crops so handsome!
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

O the beauty and the shadow
Where my affection and love grow
Under the banyan trees and
On the shores of rivers that flow!

O my mom!
Your words are sweetest to me!
If you look pale and gloomy:
I shed tears in sympathy.
O my mom!
O my Bangladesh!
O my Bangladesh of Gold!
I love you mom I love you.

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not of man,
but bear and salt,
legend and deep voyage,
ancestral water,
frost and voice.

Hail Caledonia!

and you,
in Scotia style
reveal words
in smoke and wood,
that breathed 
the same air as me.

for the return glance
its prayer
of time 
without consequence.

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into a wooded bog

I walked through the sunshine 
into a wooded bog 
where lily pads are home to frogs
where the night sky shines 
on the lake below 
where the winter breeze blows 
over a fresh new snow 

I walked down the path 
where no one could find me 
beyond the hidden branches 
sits a log where I'm hiding 
peacefully I've chosen this spot 
because this log has been mine for years 
all the time I walk through the forrest 
I always end up here

this log is nothing special 
but special it is to me 
for it looks over the lake 
in which I knew since three 
its been there when I was sad, 
and made me happy again 
and when I'm on this log
there's nothing better than that

a peaceful place in the forrest 
away from bustles of the day 
is the best spot for someone like me 
to wash her worries away.

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Wind, a Rondelet

We’ve called it names – 
Sirocco, Easterly, Chinook.
We’ve called it names
to match its devastating games.
Del Rio! how the tent-frame shook 
as, twirled on a Tornado’s hook,
we called its names.

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Pecador Island

There's an island to the west
Where our dreams lie and rest
The people are nice
The people are fine
They'll feed your vice
What's your's is mine
This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Snort the snow the villagers offer you
It's free, it's fine, you don't owe a due
It'll make you feel no pain, no cold
It's taste is bittersweet, you won't grow old

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Run your race here until your done
Party all night, all day, have some fun

The huka here is powerful and sweet
They often call it the Verde Treat
Just try it
Can't you see
One beautiful hit
Will make you see
Take it all in, don't cough it out
You'll be flyin' high, I got no doubts
The Verde Treat doesn't interest you?
Then join the slakers, the solemn few
They'll offer whiskey, gin, rum and coke
They'll fill you up till you're a joke

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
If you can't recognize your face, you've won
Party all night, all day, have some fun
Pecador Island is a place to retreat
When your life has won, when you're beat
Forget the bad, remember the good
Do what you want, don't do what you should

The women here are frisky and fun
Beautiful as the setting sun
Take them to bed
Go for a whirl
Don't let them in your head
Don't dream of these girls
They'll love you as long as your rollin' it in
They'll love you more if you offer them gin
So get your glasses, fill their minds
Bring 'em up, throw 'em down, just unwind
You won't have to worry about 'em in the morning
But protect yourself, boy, just a warning

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Live your life like a loaded gun
Party all night, all day, have some fun
Pecador Island is a place to retreat
When your life has won, when you're beat
Forget the bad, remember the good
Do what you want, don't do what you should

The land of sinners, the land of love
A place to fly away, to fly above
To get away from the world around
The only way to leave is in the ground
This is Pecador Island

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River Blues

Lyrics by Shannon Farlouis Music and Vocals by David Reinstein/Associated

I work my fingers to the bone,
all day long, all day long.
Then I'll find my way back home.
Something is going to come my way,
Yeah! I will find a way today.
A way for you and me, bring us out of poverty.
These old river blues will neer die.
So, mama don't you cry for me.
Don't cry for me.
I'm leavin' on the Delta Queen.
Gonna roll this river, see what I can see.
Gonna make a way for you and me.
Don't ask why and don't you cry,
these old river blues will never die.
Gonna take my guitar and roll this river long and far.
Gonna bring my harmonica too.
So, when I'm lonely I'll sing the blues.
Got to leave from here today.
Have to make a way.
Roll this river on that Delta Queen.
See as far as I can see.
Bring us out of poverty.
Sing them blues, don't ask why.
These old river blues will never die.
Don't you cry for me mama, don't you cry.

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Hear him singing from Heaven,
his soft ballad is so humble and soulful;
feel the intense emotion quivering again
as his rich and soft voice appeals to all...
who wouldn't cherish the sweet memory
of a singer with a voice so extraordinary?

The lyrics express his intense feelings,
and he deeply feels what he expresses...
and he embarks on a long journey, taking us along,
allowing us to appreciate love's faithfulness in song.
Listen carefully to his superb singing and accept his invitation;
allow him to take you to the serene Heavens...that final destination.

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I remember seeing you walking downtown,
flashing such a revealing smile in early fall;
and I,attracted by your charm,
could not resist you at all..
because pretty is too incredible
to describe you and not to pray for a miracle!

I've walked in this noisy piano bar...
unawarely of you being there,
and he's touching you with his jealous hands,
giving me such unpleasant glances;
oh, he's making you the center
of his attention...noticing how I stare!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you otherwise,
'cause you deserve a guy who has a sweet voice,
and runs his fingers on your quivering skin so fair:
to make you feel sensations you never felt before...
turning you into a more passionate woman,
who desires the touch of a real man!

I wish you were really free,
so you'd be part of my wonderful destiny;
and with these emotions exploding inside,
there's no hope for me go wild...
having you on those nights, filled with bliss,
until you are in a flood of warm kisses!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you,
and that thought can't keep me apart
from your sad eyes that speak of hurt;
dream of me and I'll dream of you...
let's make believe we are this close,
and that an impossible love we never choose!

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Dreaming To

I’m staring in
your chameleon eyes
wishing that our lives
were much closer like now
I can see you now
I can hold you now
Somehow I wish
now could last forever
There are moments when
I know you need me and
there are moments when
I know I need you then
but we must go without
One day this will change
and one day our domains
they’ll be in much closer range
and I’ll get the pleasure of
daily seeing you
daily holding you
Being there with you
and for you
like I’m dreaming to

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Oh day of promised rapture from final resting place,

The first desire of heart to see my Savior’s face!

The beckoning of trumpet will pierce the Eastern skies,

I yearn so much to greet him and behold him with mine eyes!

Shall I awake in dew clad morn or velvet star-lit night,

Anticipating robe and crown and wings of silver bright!

Enduring grace, sweet love divine did span thou earth’s creation,

Great Son of God who lived to die for sinners soul salvation!

I long to hold thy nail scarred hand and kiss your thorn pricked brow,

Though birthed in sin he snatched me from Hell’s fiery bowel!

Twas stately mansions glistening in heaven’s glory gleam,

Their beauty was astounding as nought I’d ever seen.

The prophets were conversing of ancient days of old,

While children laughed and played on shining streets of gold.

A reunion day is coming dear loved ones and missed friends,

Where we’ll always be together and time shall never end!

Nor tear did dim an eye, and daily cares were gone,

Thousands gathered there to join in angels’ song!

Hallelujah to the Highest, holy praises we did sing,

To lift our voices as one to Christ, The Mighty King!

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at a bus stop or store shop
hip hop bebop
or can cot
it has a beat
it is the world treat
if you fall it'lll make th call

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Where am I from?

See if you can guess where I am from 
Add all the clues up and total your sum 

Here there are many trees and lush, green grass 
Honeysuckles, crepe myrtle, and summers that last and last 

The chirping of birds may wake you and crickets will sing you a lullaby 
Old houses creak and settle and lazy days go by 

Youngins' have the privilege of piggy back rides 
And Yankee dimes are given far and wide 

Work here can be hard and pay is cheap 
But when night falls, you'll have peaceful sleep 

The neighbors know everything about you 
They may be a little nosy, but they love you too 

They will watch out for you 
Because it's just what they do 

The food here is heavenly 
And...not everything is fried 
And despite what Oprah says 
We are not all wide

She came from here, by the way 
Elvis did too 
Others include: Charley Pride, Jimmie Rodgers, and Jerry Rice 
Just to name a few... 

Where am I from?? 

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Bourbon hours

I’m looking forward to more than winter seas
Young and warm we sat across the barn
Bristled against the ground, crushing misted leaves 

Yesterday I slept cold and worn
If I leave you now, we may never be
I’m growing fragile as my nights are torn

She says she’s coming home tonight
I guess she’s got no better place 
To roam tonight

I often wonder why you stop and go 
Relaxed against the soil, never mind the snow
My eyes may close, awaken, surely your to go 

Within the wind, we live, we mend
As the night begins, we start to end
You rub my chest, you tell me morning comes

She says she’s coming home tonight
I guess she’s got no better place 
To roam tonight

I think she sees me write 
Empty songs 
For lively nights 

I hear them speak, they say we could never be
But here against the wind
There’s only you and me 

She says she’s coming home tonight
I guess she’s got no better place 
To roam tonight 

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Drive Home

Late at night
a forced drive home
In the dark 
they’re both alone

She lays in her bed
with thoughts of him
in her head

He stays between 
yellow lines
Counting the time
until he sees her
On the radio
one of their songs
How he longs
to be driving
the other direction

She squeezes a bear
and holds real tight
A gift given 
for these nights
She worries as time
quickly passes by

The towns drag by
but he’s home and alive

She receives his call
and breathes a sigh

They say goodnight
and their I love yous
wishing they were
by the other’s side

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Did He die in vain, leaving no visible trace to remember Him by?
Did He fall into Satan's deceitful trap and let him continue to lie?

We can be victorious as Christ was and become immortal, 
let the evildoers destroy themselves with deeds so immoral!

Did His deviate from the holy path and be easily deceived by false glory,
no, He did not give into the Angel of Darkness, but resisted with hostility. 

We can be victorious as Christ was...truly divine and humble,
let others mock us with their irrationality, we will not tremble!

Did He speak against the tyrants of His day, to be praised for being bright?
No, He did not...but with His whip He cleaned a temple so impure and dark!

We can be victorious as Christ and be part of His prophesied kingdom,
and marked by true modesty and humbleness, we'll lose our humanism!

Did He want to die as an impostor to satisfy the ego of a would-be God?
No, He did not seek glorification without merit and be called the Word! 

We can be victorious as Christ was by denouncing all vanity and wickdeness,
not being crucified on Calvary as He was, but be resurrected as Lazarus was!

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Untold Hardships

>>>>>>>>>>>My Parents were married in a small mining town,
                         It was on the east coast where fish were abound.
                         Mining was hard and im sure many would tell,                                            
                         The holes that they worked in ,were nothing but hell.

                          My father passed on when i was just fourteen years old,
                          From a cancerous diease that rob his soul.
                          The dust they say you could cut with a knife,
                          But they suffered through this to help support life.

                          We moved away just shortly after he died,
                          He made my Mom promice that we would not have to live this lie.
                          The mines were safe, or so they were told,
                           So they would take out the ore  that they treated like gold.

                           Ontario was big,and towns looked like cities,
                           With so much to do , it would just make you dizzy.
                           But when the novelity wore off, i longed for my home,
                           Without a job or money, we were here on our own.
                           Ive been home a few times since then,
                           But only stayed long enough to visit with kin.
                           Although ive hated it when i had to leave,
                           The pace was slow and i know i would grieve.

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Lonely space traveler

I sunbathed on the surface of mercury. 
I windsailed on the sand dunes of mars. 
I gazed upon venus and from my memory. 
It was the most lovely by far, but that 
was until the day I saw you, 
from across the universe. I couldn't help 
notice how beautiful was your blue, 
and that's all it was worth. 
   and I like to fly far away from here. 
across the galaxy to be within your 
atmosphere. Whoa, time is just an ocean 
that i'll brave to sail. 
For a chance to say hello to you. 
I bid farewell. 

   Raindrops are falling on my head 
as I rest on a lonely world that lies 
between us. But don't think for a second 
that I've been mislead. If you look out you'll 
see me riding on the back of pegasus, and a 
million years i'll still be on my way. So don't 
dare try to say it's all a lie, because if you're 
willing wait then baby marked this day until 
the day you see me streaking through your sky. 

   and I like to fly far away from here. 
across the galaxy to be within your 
atmosphere. Whoa, time is just an ocean 
that i'll brave to sail. 
For a chance to say hello to you. 
I bid farewell

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Winter Sounds

Find myself digging through snow, 
a tunnel with no light at the end;
blistered hands crimson and sweat stain'd.
It looks to me like a cast iron heart
will bend with a little touch of warmth,
even in the middle of a vast snowstorm.

I only asked for the truth,
but as long as your heart still has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
it's a feeling not worthy of words.
Like a perfect seed that never grew.

Every step forward is like two steps back,
spiraling deeper down into the ground;
deviated, less motivated...
Sing me your song, and I'll play the keys,
throw back a few and melt away this freeze.
And kiss the fabric's sweet reprise.

I only asked for truth,
still as long as your heart has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
a feeling not worthy of words,
like a perfect seed that never grew.

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Show Me Your England, Ashton

Show Me Your England, Ashton
Show Me Your England, Dear
Show Me Your England, Ashton
Now, That I’m Finally Here…

He Took Me To New London Bridge
He Took Me To The Tower
And The House Of Lords And The Privileged
As Big Ben Chimed The Hour

He Took Me To Piccadilly Square
… Rode On The River Thames
England, Is Extraordinaire
And I’m Glad I Saw It With Him

… To The Palace Of Buckingham
Then Again To Parliament
At Hyde Park, We Had Tea And Jam
Then A Pub, For Refreshment

But Of The Sights, That He Chose
The Best Is; I Saw The Queen!
The Next Day, When I Arose…
Why… It Had Been A Dream… So…

Show Me, Your England, Ashton
Show Me Your England, Dear
Show Me Your England, Ashton
Now, That I’m Finally Here…

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Black and White Never Looked So Beautiful

I tickle the pages
As I turn trough the ages
And i find things i didn't want there

I find regrets and heartache
What more could it take
For me to understand that life isn't fair

I find old faded photos
of the places i've been
and the places i long to forget

But life isn't meant
To be like this
A photo album full of despair
but still all i can do is stare

I'd tear out the pages
And crumple them up
If i thought that it'd do any good

I've tried it before
But they always return
Torn and tattered but they are still there

I tire of old fade photos
Of the people i've met
And of the ones i just can't forget

But life isn't meant
To be like this
A photo album full of despair
It's meant to be closer
To bright colored photos
That leave a feeling of hope in the air
Instead of the dust thats now there...

And i know it's my fault
I'm the one who decided to look
And i know it's my fault
I'm the one who created this book
And i know it's my fault
i know it's all my fault...

but life isn't meant
to be like this
a photo album full of despair.

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October Breathes

October loves me
September baby
Virgo across its face 
Out of it’s play pen
This child 
decides to spin

In a vacant scenery
Thinking back
On what yesterday 
meant to me
He’s going on
It won’t be long
As he’s carried home

Don’t you love me sober
Days I’m drifting
Along In October

She just sits there
Someone hold her
Kiss her sober
Missing all the fun
Just growing older

Flowers ale
Paint you pale
Broken, shapeless
Only strangers notice
The rain 
That follows hail

Jesus Seekers
Leaves bristle 
a fallen preacher
your father’s gone
Running home
No ones worried 
That your gone

Don’t you love me sober
It’s almost over
For days I’m drifting now
Alone in October 

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Believe this kind of stuff

You are still a stranger to me baby
But you are my sweet dream O my baby
I look for you in the reality
I look for you in the megacity

Believe this kind of stuff
I am your better half
I wait for you all night
To feel I am alright

Suddenly I have found a clue
Your two eyes are sky-blue

I am your better half
I ask for your sweet love
I wait for you all day
My soul goes far away

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your poets eyes

Hours become distressed and tiresome
In all your filth 
You were some what admire some 
You took truth and distorted it 
Right before this poets eyes 

I was an idea stolen
A compliment sealed with in a comment 
I wandered about 
In a young mans season of doubt
I wrote sing songs
To sing my way home

I was a walk of lies
Before I became this poets eyes
I couldn’t tell her goodbye 
So I wrote her a note 

Accustoms of a hopeless man, shy
I couldn’t tell her the truth 
So I whispered to her good night
Eased away her helpless sighs

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I Wanna Go Home (part 2)

My life and job is hot,
And hard 
I’m sick of the BR retards
I’m ready to slow down
Chill and be myself 
On the Southside of Roe,
Where the trill players be.

Just like that Chilly G anthem
That’s where all the real players be.
The ninjas in BR can’t feel me.
They can’t feel racism, haterism, 
And true tragedy.

I wanna go home,
 Where the true ninjas roam.
Every year a high school team
From Roe goes to the dome.
Spell it ninja
Where we hunt for deer,
Rabbits, squirrels, and fake ninjas.

Where haters are worse 
Than ninth ward killers of NO
That’s how you spell the place,
 Where people are the realest.

Just like that Chilly G anthem
That’s where all the real players be.
The ninjas in BR can’t feel me.
They can’t feel racism, haterism, 
And true tragedy.

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Who more than the watchful shepherds of a meadow so far,
were astonished by the brightest star
of the quietest night in Bethlehem?
Didn't they hear the angels singing the loudest hymn?

And they followed it through deserted towns,
and the more they looked at it, the more it shone;
far behind they saw thee camels carrying those wise men:
kings of foreign countries with dark and fair skin bringing gifts.

Whom they expected to see: a shivering baby in the hay?
Little they knew that He was going to be their King,
to give them a gift that no coins could buy in the light of day...
and they wondered why the happy angels were singing!

People came out of their houses to watch the brightest star with the longest tail,
which some of them recognized from the words of Isaiah; and it wasn't a tale
that mothers told their little children...then they all began to stare at it and admire
the brightest star of the quietest night in Bethlehem not thinking of imminent dire!

Only once the saw the brightest night of the quietest night in Bethlehem,
they had seen many stars...none of them compared to that one;
and their perception was that what was prophesied would have startled them... 
how joyful they were staring at the divine face of God's Son!   

Entered in Debbie Guzzi's contest,
" Deja vu Christmas "
Inspired by the song, " O Come All Ye Faithful "

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The Nature Of My Mother Land

Tulips are dancing to the rhythem of breeze
Robins are singing ,atop, the old oak trees
Quails are waltzing , in a graceful pace
Butterflies hop ,from this to that place
Eagles are gliding down for a prey
Squirrels run for their lives, astray
Overhead , the sky is clear and blue
Underneath stretches the sea,what a view
Lovers on shore,sit in pairs and watch
Prints on sand "LOVE",one,in a touch
Sea,sand,Sun,love,silence and peace
Childhood's nostalgia,which ,I do miss

Abbas Kiamiri

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the dancing machines
please stay away from everyone's knees
you very nasty


Please please please
stay away from especially
my knees you very nasty 
and honorable theives


so please fly off to those daisies
for these these these are the only way I want it to

{ bee's }

Little Song Jenny And I came Up When She Was 4 LOL 
Thanks All For Stopping

Also Entry For Matt Caliri's Contest
Funnest-hardest Poem Ever

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Raven's Place Of Nowhere

*I entered this Poem in ~Constance~A Rambling Poet's Contest "Among The Dead"

I write from this place of nowhere
This darkened haunt of deep despair
Even a Raven's darkened shade is brighter
Than the mood that has set upon this lair...
There are no words to cheer me.

I look to find a glimmer...
An enlightened shadow of what once was me
But alas that ghost eludes and finds me not
Preferring a labyrinth of happiness, its maze
To the life's webs that now encase me.

I cannot scale these vertical walls
This darkened fortress that surrounds me
And so I dive to ever deeper depths
In this ocean of sadness that seeks to drown me.

No tears can fall from drought-filled eyes
Desert rain has not come bidden
Blood cannot spill from pain-filled thoughts
No apparent wounds to need not be hidden.

A creek of fear and anguish
Feeds into my river of lonely despair
These tides serve to further drown me
In heavier waters with no apparent air.

These words are all I have left within me
To feed what's left of this withered shell
I have been exiled to this lonely oasis
My last hope for water in this, my empty well.


(January 23, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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We take pictures of newborns
so we can see them grow
We take pictures of our families
and even people we don't know

We take pictures on our vacations
so we can show them to friends and families
We take pictures of our children
to look back at the memories

We take pictures of our cars
the ones that go really fast
We take pictures of our house
to show it in the past

We take pictures of our pets
as they run and play
We take pictures of everything
you can't take enough pictures one might say

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In Thought Out of Thought

Once on line
And then off line
Once in thought
Then out of thought

Run far 
Far away
Slam the door
You seem afraid

I will not harm you
My words will be few
I will not question
Nor pursue you 

The door again now opens
The door again now closes
Again in thought
Again out of thought

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Jacksonville, at this hour, tell me
Do you miss me where the river flows
Through Florida's tangled history
Where the Mocama cotton grows

Do you see me driving early
To teach where the clansman name holds
Such reverence in history
For black children midst fear's bright folds

Do you see me sitting slowly
Where the St Johns flows with strange name
Saturiwa gone, and boldly
Bedford Forrest  here is proclaimed

I would revolt against Ribault
Against Laudonniere as well
By Seminole passion I fault
The harsh Conquistadores hell

Of France and Spain, and British rule
And that loathesome flag flying still
In the South where Northeners rule
In silence to the cruel will.

Left my home in Duval to breathe
Without the poison of the race
From white to white the land they cede
Timucua's will not a trace
And so may you erase me still
My love for  river and landscape
The people that my days did fill
When I your children tried to shape

The bridges now I want to cross
Communion cup I long to share
My house left there to gather moss
And friendships my heart still holds dare

O Jacksonville, Jacksonville dear
My heart pants for you through the night
The Southern climate sweet and rare
Saturiwa by the fire light.

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Beauty of the Maliced-Night Come to me, Wake me up Forlorn I've been for Centuries My heart beckons for the day of the thought of You Glimpsing in my dreams I see you fighting through The Iron-Gate that held me too You ordered my death in such a Beauty-Blinding way How can I refuse? The dust and sand of the desert's wane Has left myself to Blame The lust and land of the Desert's Wane Suffocated me with the forlorn days I've met you my lover I've met you my execution I've met you my Loving Shame I've met you my Salome Salome, Selfish Lover Salome, Gates of Jerusalem hold you In Salome, my Beauty The Dust and Sand of the desert's wane The Lust and Loving Shame Has left Myself to Blame I've Met You My Salome

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Let's Duke It Out

I was born in nineteen sixty nine
just off the block and in my prime
now let me introduce you to 
some pertty good friends of mine

Let's start with my uncle Jesse
to me he looks like he's ninety nine
but I love to watch him when he
takes nips from his moonshine 

Here's my owners Bo and Luke 
cousins of a kind just hanging out
with Daisy who looks 
so sweet and so darn fine

But There's some other folks
that just don't like our kind
its those sheriff folks thats
watching the hazzard county line

Starting with their fearless leader Boss Hogg
Who's radioing all the frigging time to
Cooter and Davenport And to that rascal
Rosco P Coltrane who he cannot find

Now my life is such sweet devine
when your jumping in and out of my windows 
while running from those sheriffs from Georgia County line
in my general lee waving a confederate flag thats in it's prime
Honking my horn to a dixie tune of same kind

Tribute To The Dukes Of Hazzard LOL

Also Entry For
Christopher Higgin's 
Get Your Rebel On!

Tho This Poem Is Not About A Person 
Changing My Life But The Time Era Did
And Something About That Show Changed Me
About Opening Your Heart And Home To All

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Living Together

We moved in together,
about 2 months ago.
Sharin' a place with
someone you love and know.

It's hard paying the bills
and paying the rent.
Trying to understand,
where all of our money went.

I check the mail
when I come home everyday.
Hopin' and prayin',
that theres no more bills to pay.

We have gas,electric
and heat.
We have soda and food,
including meat.

We have water and phone,
and Cable TV.
It's so nice at night,
just her and me.

Its tough at first,
but I want to make a change in my life.
I've asked her to become my  wife.

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What I Call Home

Brought in close by those I love,
     during greatest times of need.
Home is not a place, but a feeling.
Surrounded by tender family and good
    friends, even if far apart.
I am comforted by their love.
Strengthened by the peacefulness.
A resting place from the turmoil of worlds.
That is what I call home.

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Hate You Now

I saw the news today

I'd like to know what the hell you're trying

I want to find away

to silence you, and stop all the dying

You think you're above the law

You'll send to die just as many as you want to

Damnedest thing I ever saw

the mess you've made doesn't even seem to daunt you

You spit in our eyes and say
I'm gonna hate you now

because you are more evil than I am

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna hate you now

cause daddy's so proud

and mamma's still crying

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause my God told me to
When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

and what about you my friend

could you please tell me how

How will we find our way

when the God you pray to is a fat cash cow

who'll stand up and say

This has got to end.

but you slap mommas face and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna kill you now

My daddy's so proud and momma keeps crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause my God told me to.

Manipulation games

and broken promises from long ago

You put out the Lady's' flame

You'll reap what you sew

The children have to pay

Old men, and old women too 

they just get in the way

of the bombs I drop on you

I'm gonna hate you now

because you've always hated me

I'm gonna hate you now

For all the oil that I've bought

I'm gonna hate you now

Cause hate is all I've got

How will you return 

all the lives that you have wasted

watch the babies burn

Say this will keep us free

I wish you'd drink the blood

I wish that I could make you taste it

You've never understood
and you refuse to see
You turn your back on God and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I don't agree with you

I'm gonna kill you now

cause Daddy's so proud and Mama's still crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause killings what I do

When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

what about you my friend

could you please tell me why

why can't he see the sin

of worshiping that fat cash cow 

just look at the mess we're in

You're killing for a lie

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tuesdays say it all

Morning songs
Coffee sings 
Stains of grey
Just tell me 
What it is 
You have to say
Our dawn is piercing
Time into
Can’t speak to split
For I’m overwhelmed
By the Saturdays fading
Amongst your 
Saddened lips 
So many times 
I left undisclosed
You seem to think
I’m at your door
But now I fear that
You may already know 
To and from
We start to go 
Hand in thumb
Summer birds 
They whisper 
As we hum 
Chew unto
I’ve lost my feet 
Became a statue 
Next to you
Two in two
We pair
unsowed in brew 
Today you’re gone 
Tomorrow’s loan
Again I’ll sing
Yesterdays song 
Can you think 
Of better times to come
I’m going there
Trying to reach 
What’s drifting down
They know where its from
Days, they fail
No Sunday brunch 
Carolina’s after you
A duet to miss
Or hold it with 
I’ll tell you this

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The Train

It's been years since I've heard that lonesome whistle blow 
Or smelled the smoke along the track
And I've been getting the urge to go
As my memories carry me back
There's an old railway station with its' doors boarded up
Thats a monument to days gone by
It holds stories of passion, triumphs and love
And it brings a tear to my eye

I want to ride these rails till the day I die
I want to see the cities passing by 
To hear that lonesome whistle cry
And to camp out in the rain

I want to feel the freedom that the railroad brings
Listen to the song that the bluebird sings
Visit places where I can spread my wings
Oh God I miss the train

There's an open road calling out to me
There's a lot of places I want to see
The lure of the rails won't let me be
And it's driving me insane

I  just don't know what I want to do
To settle down would make me blue
Always looking for something new
Oh God I miss the train

I walked those railroad tracks
When I was just a kid
Throwing stones, singing songs
Never kept my feelings hid
I'd sit on those wooden benches
And watch the old man sell tickets to places far away
And daydream of cowboys and outlaws riding the ranges
On a hot and sultry day
Now those days are no more
But I'm still longing for
The mountain and valley and plain
Although I still yearn
I can never return
Oh God I miss the train.

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If I could take away this distance
move this school nearer Denton
I'd do it within an instant
I wish that I could walk to see you
or take a minute drive
I could see you a lot more often
whenever you were on my mind
I could walk up to your front door
and ring the bell all the time
And if I did not have schoolwork
we could go out to dinner
almost every night
I could always kiss you goodnight
just pull you in and squeeze you real tight
I could be there if you were real sad
I could hold you if you felt real bad
In the summer we could take walks
and sit on swings in the park
When winter came I'd get a blanket
and keep you warm on the couch
And you could see me in my dorm
to say hello on study nights
It would be such a pleasant surprise
you would be such a wanted sight
It would be so nice to see you
It would be so nice to see you

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Is an understatement
No, seriously
a great big Genghis Khan kinda understatement

The way my man shines
is more like greens in casinos
hustlin' off hellifinos

protecting the I knows
of lights that speak clearly
'neath blankets of truth.

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A Hard Mix Between Heaven and Hell

There is a place where few have been
No beginning and no end
A place where I am prepared to go
They say you reap what you sow
I have done my share of very bad things
I flew home to piss on my ex-wife\'s grave
Drinking, smoking, lots of lust and sin has helped me come out of my shell
I am experiencing a hard mix between Heaven and Hell
Practicing Witch Craft one step away from a human sacrifice
I could feel the blood in my veins turn to ice
My life has been a twist and turn affair, never a straight line
If I were to ask you are you dark or do you shine
Nobody is holier than thou, so stop the fake front
Come clean with the bad things you have done
Do a gut check and you will be able to tell
How potent  is your shot will be of Heaven and Hell
There is chess board in everyone\'s life and we are all pawns
Just which side is your bread buttered on
Do gooders, most are sinners behind closed doors
Money is the root of all evil, yet churches ask people to give more
A percentage of your income to make the preachers rich
They have no interest in you, yet you are one dollar away from sleeping in a ditch
Sinners openly display their intentions in life
Wife cheats on husband because husband cheats on wife
Go ahead and pray for forgiveness for all your daily sins, another trip to the well
Here, the bar is open, here's your hard mix of Heaven and Hell
Catholic Priests molesting alter boys, they will definitely face the heat
Is there forgiveness for them to reach their Heavenly retreat
Where do you fit in with the grand master scheme of things, no one can tell
Everyone will be able to place their order for their shot of Heaven and Hell

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Last Sail Burning

There was a fire on the pirate ship
Two parrots flew out like a whip
Returning they squabbled on deck
Feathers flew around—a shot!

The moon came out and drifted
With clouds moving to and fro
Bottles crashed and songs rose
The party continued all night

It was every man for himself
At sunrise a plank extended
The walker, blindfolded, landed
Head first on the ice—plunk!

It was a pirate ship, stuck
Bed of ice was all around
Middle of the lake
Far from the tropics

Lost and off course
They now burned
Their last sail
No wind


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with a
giant crack-
a temple for 
against Jesus'

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Building And Burning (inspired by 'The Streets Have No Name'

When I walked into the evening
The broken leaves began to laugh
The moon was almost smiling
And the sky was torn in half

In the one half lay the darkness
In the other steeped the stars
And I thought for just a minute 
That the sky was throwing sparks.

There were people holding hands as
They danced around a lake
That the moon was being born in
And their song now makes me ache.

There was a soldier on a hilltop
And the sun it was his friend
So large it turned the sky red
And gave away the story's end.

On the corner of the street
Was a playground lined with swings
And I could only see it
Through the strange metallic strings.

And screaming to horizon
Was demanding desert sky
And I lived in an apartment
With the A. C. turned up high.

I banged the flimsy screen door
And disappeared that quick
Past the parking lot and drug store
In shining Spanish brick.

There are boxes, open doorways
To let in the warm light night
There are rows of harmless houses
Shining on the stars outside.

In the broken, golden leaf-fall
There are girls with determined hair
That claim they have found lost streets,
That Bono showed them where.

In the half with more than darkness
Are harmonics of the stars
And I looked from side to side
Then I knew the sky threw sparks

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Home Is A Home

Home is a home...
Where family keeps love
Georgia is not my homeland
But...I'm home now

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Walking In Graceland

I'm moving up to graceland
you know that mansion over the hilltop
to have just a little talk with jesus
for I don't knock upon his doors
for I know the gates swing open
how great thou art
that we're blessed
in the wonderful grace of jesus
for it's written in red
as I was made a christian
and saw the light while
strolling down beulual lane
out in the sunshine
dear father in heaven
we all can do good
something beautiful
even a whispering hope
sitting down by the old rugged cross
take my hand
precious lord
don't leave me crying in the chapel
move me to your higher ground
crossing the river of jordan
fill my cup lord
to let me rise again
for without you I haven't got a prayer
so please take me as I am jesus
for I'll remain tried and true
for I know there's somebody bigger than you or I
in this wonderment of thy amazing grace

Tribute To 
The Father 
Holy Spirit

Also My Next Gospel Song   LOL

Song Is Complete Now
If You Would Like to Hear It
Please Drop Me Your Email Addy
And Will Send It To You For Easy
Listening Thanks All

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Stroking the Rest

Please fill the glass, it is going away.
The buzz can't linger on the lips and buds.
And now his legs will give to ridge and sway
or stick to floors and stop the soul as mud
from a cold day in April or in March.
Nowhere to go, he laughs and begs to stay.
Last call was hollered by the tending lark.
But turned from home there is no head to lay.
And without sex while having age lined eyes
He stays and sips until the sun can rise.

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Up Above The Light Of Heaven

Up above the light of heaven.
The shining sea below so clear.
Awaiting to the sun to duplex.
The moon the opposite side.

Up above the light of heaven.
The sky so clear, at the night.
Stay focus on the creation made.
The bright, beauty of the everlasting light.


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You greeted death at the door
The insurance will not cover this
The flowers, petals, a raging storm
Faint at distance

Splinters from the steel in which you lay
Unchangeable lies weave a tattered song
Die here a while, wish I could stay
Too long

A day of grieving in our grasp
As long as we have time to waste
Indifferent faces have stared their last

Man in a box is a martyr
Man in your home is a dog
Pulling strings till you stagger
Open your eyes and unravel 
At the dawn

Ashes to ashes, heart to heart
A hymn for posterity
Empathetic strangers are a work of art
In my apathy

Person you're trying to call isn't here
You have knocked me off the receiver
Tears recognized failing faith won't appear
I'm a believer

10,000 days in isolation
Breathe in the spores to stay survive
Do not take the time to necessitate
Never alive 

Man in a box is a martyr
Man in your home is a dog
Pulling strings till you stagger
Open your eyes and unravel 
At the wronged

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My Army

I can't take you with me on my journey so far,
I must retrace my footsteps,
That I left so mored.

Long ago before your love I had known
I walked a path all alone. So...
Please be patient and wait for me,
I need to form an army within me.

With me they will travel, 
Where ever I lead
Belief in me is all they can see.

I'll chose them all, one by one
We'll stand together so all can see
I'll hear my enemies as they call my name
Begging for forgiveness
For their priceless games.

Why you ask must I leave?
For on my jounery you can't reach me
A mystery to you it must remain
Why at times I leave you knowing only my name.

Please be patient and wait for me
Give me time to form
An army within me.

I'll be back soon
But when I don't know
There's so many diffenent roads I must go
I'll travel them deep
But I must move slow
Retracing my footprints of long ago.

Cry they will,
But revenge finally mine
Their cries of pain
Never piercing my brain
Lost of all feelings
My army and I
Drove from a force
From deep inside.

I'll lead them with wisdom
Each step we take
Onward we'll go
Parting all gates.

I must return now to the sane of mind
One more battle I've won
Through my journey of time.

You can not come with me
When I go
For this part of me
You do not know.

Just please be waiting
At my journeys' end
Please offer your hand
And be my friend.

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The harlot
only comes out at night,
to solicit with her curves
and high heels...
money for her abused sexiness.
Lots of cheap perfumes
on her provocative 
and tight clothes;
deep red lipstick
on her dry, cracked lips.
the glowing moon to walk with her
until morning, 
and running fingers in her long hair,
she embodies Venus to lure men.
And the harlot with a blonde-colored strand,
never tires of pacing 
these streets giving off their stench,
roaming dark alleys, where owls hoop...
warning her of another danger coming. 
The harlot,
spreads a disease that kills,
and those seeking pleasure
are fully aware of the consequences...
so why frequent this loathsome spot?    
She wouldn't care less,
as long as her purse is full,
and shots of cocaine thrill her demonic soul;
tomorrow night, this harlot will wear a different dress,
and deliriously laughing...she'll hope to cheat death.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Brilliant St. Petersburg

Ah, what beauty around!
This day began deliberately.
Even the sky and river Neva have a same a blue colour.
Between them domes fly,
and a thin steeple rises
with a little gold ship at the top.
In the Smolny Cathedral,
the bells whisper.
On the Gulf, calm and silence prevails.
I see unearthly beauty
in the lacy lattices of fencings;
lanterns guard bridges for you,
my St. Petersburg-Leningrad!
Here, palaces have stretched wings.
Here are fountains, as if a mirage.
The architects and masters
of the different countries and epochs
have constructed the Hermitage 
next to the Neva.
Delightful cathedrals,
and the most elegant Summer Garden.
This proud facade of city is the fruit of a talent,
the tears and the loving of them.
Stone lions and sphinxes sit observing the Neva.
They look mysterious, even strict,
as if they store secrets and the past of my city
in these restless, difficult days.
I see Nevsky Prospekt in flood of lights,
and the Summer Garden - the SILENCE lives there!
I see for a window of my love and memory
So many different, beautiful days!

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In Thy Father's House

come on come on get up
it will be worth it
for there is a King in you
in this spiritual love
the love of confession

in thy Father's house
in thy Father's house

come on come on high lift Him
cry no more
for Jesus is love
through the power of Christ
hail to the word of power
the power in thy house

in thy Father's house
in thy Father's house

come on come on I'm ready
bring in the noise
for it sounds so beautiful

come on come on let's dance
dance to His grace
for there's no one better then you
in the sanctuary

in thy Father's house
in thy Father's house

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Can you hear the distant echo of the 
as it pulses through the airwaves?  Yes, my friend it’s calling you.          
To this land beneath the Southern Cross, it welcomes one and all, 
and its drone spells out a message.  Can you hear its beckoning call? 
So come share our hospitality and shake an Aussie hand. 
Mate, enjoy a trip down under … share the culture of our land.      
It abounds with nat’ral beauty from its coasts to Uluru          
and you’ll share our nation’s freedom just like we have learnt to do. 
You’re invited friends to join us on a wond’rous holiday,                
where the sun, our surf and golden sands are yours in which to play.  
We’ve the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, The Reef and Kakadu         
and experience the magic of a Darwin sunset too. 
Can you hear the distant echo of the 
as it pulses through the airwaves?  Yes, my friend it’s calling you.          
To this land beneath the Southern Cross, it welcomes one and all, 
and its drone spells out a message.  Can you hear its beckoning call? 
Come and cuddle a Koala, feed our unique kangaroo, 
see our Emu and our wombat and our talking cockatoo.  
Boil a billy, bake a damper, share a campfire’s flick’ring light,  
in our vast Australian outback on a glorious star filled night. 
See the paintings and the craftwork of the aborigine 
and experience the stories of their dreamtime history. 
More than anything you do here or wherever you may roam 
we’d just like to say you’re welcome and please make yourself at home. 

Can you hear the distant echo of the haunting 
as it pulses through the airwaves?  Yes, my friend it’s calling you.          
To this land we call Australia, it welcomes one and all, 
and its drone spells out a message.  Can you hear its beckoning call? 

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Freddery Mercury

Sinking in the back of this town we thought we knew
The streets are lit with gunshots and sirens!
There's feelings in the air, heavy as an anvil
Tonight they'll charge the streets

So keep keep keep keep keep talking blindly
We'll make our point across the avenue
Keep keep keep keep keep talking blindly
This what we've been told, this is all we knew

Silhouettes, they battle with shadows for the center stage
But this was all for real
The dying are the fighting
And the fighting's not dying
But the bruised are lying in the gutters and fading fast

BRING OUT THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(so tally up the war...the streets are still filled with our families)
(tally up the score...all in favor of the reason we started)
(tally up the war...tally everything as a number)
(Tally up the score...because this never was a game to begin with)

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Music Hall Funk

 Music Hall Funk
  The moon has risen
Venturing down a dark London back alley
The night is misty

In the far off distance
Hearing music
....people playing
....people singing
....people dancing

It is a music hall
down a cobblestone street
Slipping in the side door
The music overtakes me
....into a fierce dancing beat

Noticing two ladies by the bar
checking me
Playing to them and dance increasingly seductively

They are coming upon me
The dream has begun
The fantasy...Set in Place
....The dance we will make
....The future is ours is to see
....The future is ours to take 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©1998 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Small Hands, Small Feet

Her life is not one of shopping malls,
those fancy purses, and shoes to match.
No her life is not fifty dollar hair cuts, and
manicures, followed with a pedicure, to show off her
french style toenails.  
Her parents didn't buy her a new BMW for 
graduation, with a tag on front, that reads,
Hers is a life of fighting for the freedom to 
be able to keep the right to do all these things,
hers is an American Soldier.
Her camaflouge is the going thing, and her
Humvee is the only vehicle she drives these days.
She can't sleep late on the weekends, and watch TV
all day, then get ready for a night on the town, hoping
that cute boy in one of her classes ask her out.
No hers is early to bed, early to rise, and her friends
in her unit are always watching her back.
The choice she made  to give her all, came without
hesitation, she answered the call.
Discipline she has learned, through many a tough call,
and being a soldier gives her great pride, these things are
not found at the mall.
Small feet, small hands, ready to fight, no matter the
time, day or night. 

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Half-forgotten Song

Before I go, my love, before I go,
     could we together watch the afterglow?

It won't be long, it wouldn't take too long
     to you I'll be a half-forgotten song.

Now let us watch the slowly setting sun,
     so soothing sweet, though end has just begun,

so brightly beaming, yet, so sadly sighing,
      the day's farewell and now the light is dying.

Behold, my love, the sweetly seething sky,
     the blazing burst of colors draws a sigh.

The flaming purple clouds float by on high,
     the sun's farewell and now, my love, goodbye!

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I find hard to move around,
dragging my aching body,
unable to do even the simplest chores...
yes, I am very sick of flu:
it's something I can't undo!

I will not go to the hospital,
lie in a comfortable bed for hours,
coughing and sneezing waiting for a call...
while spreading this virus and infecting others.

I'm missing out on brisk walks  
that keep my immune system healthy,
and no blues frustrate me more than loneliness...
come spring and let joy renew itself in this memory.   

My remedy is Robitussin by far,
a miraculous cure for cold symptoms,
and since I can't go out, or drive my car...
I indulge myself in the creation lyrics.

It's my first day back to work,
I'm drinking coffee, and I shouldn't,
but these headaches won't go away...
unless I smell it, sip it and dream away.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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Baltimore City

No Love in childhood, it's understood why we love our hood, 
Raised by the village so I feel it,
Afeni says a child needs knowledge in the realest,
Everyones a teacher, so I listen to hear it, 
Keep my ears to da street, cuz it speaks as it rots, 
wit drugs and cops, posin mixed wit rock, 
On my Block, You either survive or get knocked.
This Man we call Tube Socks, Lives outside 711, 
wit a sign that says waitin on heaven,
Cant give um cash, cuz hes on crack, wonder why he gotta be like that?
Sometimes I just stare, wonder why hes there and Im here.
It was tough growing up, I saw to much to soon,
Seven years old open the curtain in my room
see a gang out back, always said I'd never be like that.
But life changes like a river,
and I became a fiend for the liquor,
Get high and Prophesize while smokin da swisher. 
Don't think I'm a saint, cuz I'm just a sinner,
I see da bigger picture, its all connected, 
Im to young to understand it,  but I try and respect it.

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Dawn in a Summer Garden

At the exact moment of dawn,
             that micro-second when the sun,
               from millions of miles away,
           fires its first beams like lasers
              as it crests the curvature
                     of the Earth
               one of those laser beams
          pierces the dank and humid darkness
                 of the lush garden
               suddenly all sounds cease,
           as if someone had flipped a switch
           and the deafening silence is felt
            as pressure, as if some spectoral
              hands has cupped themselves
            over one's ears--a muffled roar
         of seashells held up to a child's ear,
              longing to hear the ocean
                   of one's youth.

                 Then the beam shifts
             and touches the tender edges
                of a few chosen leaves
          and then settles and spreads itself
              over a gossamer arachnoid treasure
            woven with mathmatical precision
             wafting slightly in a gentle
                    morning breeze
             like the sail of a fairy ship,
             quivering dew drops caught and
               transformed into a dozen
             crystal prisms, sparkling jewels,
              multi faceted fluid diamonds
                       and then
          just as quickly as it came it is gone,
           this magical moment, as the brutal
                   sun climbs higher
          and the soft buttery light sharpens
                and spreads its heat
             and the steam begins to rise
          from the dark earth, wispy, reluctant
             spectors of the Southern night
             the muffled quiet is broken
           by the clear song of a cardinal,
             a flash of magnificent red
           amongst the many shades of green,
        as the creatures of the night burrow deep,
          hiding from the searing summer heat
               that has already begun

              in this southern garden 
                  light and dark
                 song and silence
               beauty and distruction

            and so another magnolia-laden
               summer night is gone

            and one must reluctantly rise
              another summer day begun.

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Shapeless Man

The day will purge my darkest lies
Awake in myself, but asleep inside
The sun reflecting empty eyes
Igniting lost places within my mind

The night will never hold me still
Buzzing dark places that can not kill
The spiral of this endless pain
The spirit of darkness will rise again

The light reshapes what I’ve become
The shadows are torn as I’m undone
My body cold beneath those flames
No mercy for me; I have no name

More darkness crawling up my skin
The memories call, like burning sin
One word to rise in to the knight
A whisper of hate and I will fight

Again the sun is stealing sight
I will never sleep within this light
There’s such little truth for what I am
Constantly torn: the shapeless man

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Wisconsin or bust

Thumb my way out of here to clear my head
I think I’ll fit in somewhere new I’m feeling dead
Hitch my way across state lines
Great journey to the dairy land 
My trip is relaxing like a walk on the beach sand
As fate would have it my feet stay planted here
This must be some bogus weakness or fear
	Chorus Wisconsin or bust if you loves cheese it’s a must
Packed two shirts and two pair of pants
With little money do I have a chance?
Walking down a highway dashes of yellow lines
Farwell to old friends my mind centers binding me here
	Chorus Wisconsin or bust if you loves cheese it’s a must
Am I a man am I a freak
 Am I geek are there words to speak
From lips moving ever so fast 
Vibrations of sound in my throat won’t last
People cast stones at our brittle glass lives
We live as souls that touch so short of a time together
Sun at my back wind at my face better a world today better a place
	Chorus Wisconsin or bust if you loves cheese it’s a must

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Sweat-stained Stetson, 
On the wall, 
Muddy boots, 
In the hall, 
Stand and wait, 
Sometimes they call, 
Saddle-up and ride. 

Spurs left hanging, 
On a chair, 
Saddle, oiled, 
Over there, 
Sit and wait, 
With patient care, 
Saddle-up and ride. 

Slow and quiet, 
Horses walk, 
Softly nicker, 
Hear them talk, 
Endure and wait, 
But never mock, 
Saddle-up and ride. 

Cowboy spirits, 
In the night, 
A haunting dance, 
A lonesome sight, 
Sway and wait, 
For day’s first light, 
Saddle-up and ride. 

Saddle up and ride under stars and moonlight,
its the only thing that's left that's right,
Saddle up and ride.

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Velvet crushed heart

Plastic body

Turquoise eyes

Silk corset


Charcoal feathers

In her forest

Sitting in a tree

Vine wrapped cherry tree

A photograph

Her snap shot
When she loosened her grip

Her thoughts fell to the ground

Ink trails

A line of water that flows to her garden

Clouds that paint a lantern

Set the mood aglow

Name read like it was written with her eyes


A rarity

Slight smirk is visible

Hair drifting down her back

A cracked memory

These eyes


To the attention of the taker

So many expressions

Only one slate

Her beauty

A picture is worth a thousand words

But these moments are priceless

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Perceptions By Taalib Brown

My New York lens is covered in grime
A filth large enough to receive a fine and pass the city dumping line.
Pedestrians are rushing and racing to their cubby holes.
Trees leak a yellow-greenish sap the way sewers leak when overflowed.
Dogs barking boldly and their masters will not admonish.

These people look like untimely rainbows;
Colors brighten and diminish the urban shine.
Concrete worry-filled both cold and hot—
It makes an interesting combination.
Musky, stale air fills this subway station 
stacked with the second class,
Sprinkled with the first.

These windows shift from clean to dirty to water-stained
Whether in high altitude or on an underground train,
My windows are covered in stains.
They fog up like hot breath hit them and then remained.

Through my windows I see the hustle,
Fast cash changes hands,
Poor people where slave muzzles,
and color is more of a cover.

Pick up the man holes and let out the men.
Their homes are built from sticks—
Not bricks.
I feel like I’m a giant looking down from where I sit.

Too bad this view won’t last,
New York changes with every minute passed.

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The Empty House

   after many years my old house still stands 
away from town unkept
tall weeds and vines woven into the wood that long lost its paint
this empty house greets me 

   dark musty rooms missing window panes 
the wind howls a silent melody 
floors creek entering my room
the wallpaper dull with hints of crayon

   the sounds of anger
children laughing
the smell of Turkey
warm smiles
this empty house knows all

   opening my closet, I find an old wooden toy covered in dust
its a spinning top missing the string
a marble sits on the shelf 
simple things that brought real joy

   its getting darker, putting back carefully what I've found
friendly shadows follow as I leave
closing the door is my last goodbye
not looking back I slowly walk away

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Velocity Planet

Is there a correlation in the change of season?
And darkness and sad feelings
Holidays approaching 
And families encroaching 
Not all homes are filled with cheer and roses 
Grandma and in-laws and who’s opposing
 People moving faster than light speed 
Always wanting more then what you need 
So much time spent working 
Not enough time smirking 
Not teaching your children morality 
Children dressing themselves with sexuality
Life goes by before you know it 
Your children grow up and are filled with wit 
And those of you in a selfish indulging mode 
Not able to share of yourself and what was bestowed 
Madness hiding behind sick eyes 
Starving ones self for thinner thighs 
War of nations hurt and despair 
Doesn’t anyone remember prayer?
Progress in pharmaceuticals 
Biochemical’s fundamentals all of them legal criminals
Human sexuality freely advertised on the TV screen 
Are you running on empty drink some caffeine 
Not enough rest, so you can’t sleep?
Being human is a hard existence to keep 


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One Heart, Two Lives

O, Pearl of the Orient! The island
Of the islands in the Far East---
How nostalgic 
The humming wind and the sea, the sunset
And the mountains, the rice fields and the people 
The Boleros and the Jeepneys
Don’t you worry, Inay, your beauty 
Is still within me

O, Athena! The babysitter 
Of my lonely soul 
I tiptoed, like a fog, into your beloved fortress 
And sit on the ruins 
Of your pasts, daydreaming
I, the poet, crowned with rhyme and verse
And well-adorned, with pearled barong 
From the islands of the sea

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Off The Road Again

Off the road again
Just our ATV's 
And some good friends
Hitting the trails 
And winding bends
Starting and Making
Some new and different trends
On our ATV's once again
Cleaning the mud and gunk
From our teeth that just blends
With our armor that continues to defend
The king of off road that just wants to send
A here's mud in your eye to all 
My good buddies and friends

Tribute To ATV's
Here's Mud In Your Eye   LOL

Love Kathy & Jenny
Maybe Next Song Too

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Hiding Places

You really got it on the money
this time, now didn't you?  Yeah
you really messed it up this time,
how could you?
That seems strange, how you
know it all.  Tell me another
story, on your head, before it falls
Let's not choose favorites now, we've
all seen this before.  Let's reflect
on the hiding places and the
cutting words.  And you were
there, you were there, I swear,
you were there
The skies look violent, don't
they?  Maybe they've come to kill
The stars are looking rather
sharp tonight.  I think they've
come out to slit your wrists like
you eyes do
Let's not choose favorites now, we've
all seen this before.  Let's reflect
on the hiding places and the
cutting words.  And you were
there, you were there, I swear,
you were there
And you were there, you were
there, I swear you were there
You seen it all
And you were there, you were there
I swear you were there
To watch me fall
And you were there, you were
there, I swear, you were there

Written April 29, 2005

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Old Red Covered Bridge

Under the Pennsylvania skies,
In a town where I was Born,
Stands an old red covered bridge,
Where sweethearts Love and cry,
The water ripples down below,
The moon shines bright above,
Sweethearts kiss and share their love,
As their eyes give off a glow.

The old red covered bridge,
Stands Raggedy and worn,
Withered from the storm,
Up across the ridge,
That old red covered bridge,
Still stands there on the ridge
That's where I gave my heart,
And promised to never part,

In the sky above the bridge,
Shining in their eyes,
Glistening stars across the ridge,
Twinkle as the night goes by,
So when I come I bring my love,
To the place that holds the truth,
And every kiss will be enough,
Underneath the roof.

The old red covered bridge,
Stands Raggedy and worn,
Withered from the storm,
Up across the ridge,
That old red covered bridge,
Still stands there on the ridge
That's where I gave my heart,
And promised to never part,

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the eye
of the storm-
an oasis of
bathes my soul-
strong emotions

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The nature of writing

Rivers run 
Where poets sing 
For wishful words with an endless ring 
Rippling rhythms a waters motion 
For dipping pens in black potion
To the early morning glories that climb  
With open minds where poets may rhyme  
To the mountaintops 
To the line of the sky 
Written notions shall apply
And fields of gold that blow and wag
And writers dream that they may brag 
So flow and stream like the riverbed 
And clear the words from out of head 
Go and carry you thoughts like seeds 
Where they be spread as far weeds 
And rest as weary winds that fall 
For silence breathes 
Where poets squall 

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Trap of the Maze

I don't know which way to turn or which way to go
The more I move the more I'm lost and I don't know
which door leads me out of this hellish maze
I try many doors and many turns and many different ways
but I end up deeper and deeper into it's trap
I'm so lost it wouldn't even help me if I had a map
I open a door and see her sittin' next to him,flirtin'
That's when my life really felt like someone closed the curtain
"Why do I feel this way?"I ask myself again and again
because I'm a lonely soul that needs the touch of her hand
to somehow rescue me from this state of mind
confused,hopeless,disappointed and halfway blind
I can not see clearly It is all a misty haze
but I am caught in the trap of this maze

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Hee Haw

                                             Hee Haw

                                             Hee Haw

                                    Come join Buck and Roy 
                                for some picking and grinning 
                                             for us all

                                             Hee Haw

                                             Hee Haw

                                    Now look at Junior and Lula
                                        Giving a big salute
                                   from the corn fields so tall

                                            Hee Haw
                                            Hee Haw

                       There goes Granpa Jone and String Bean
                                 Slapping their chest and knees
                             To a banjo and a harmonica's call

                                            Hee Haw

                                            Hee Haw

                                 Let's listen to Jim and John
                                    Sernading to the gals
                               of Kornfield's lumber shaw

                                           Hee Haw

                                           Hee Haw

                         Now don't forget about Minnie Pearl
                            and her straw hat with tag
                    swinging in the breeze from a yodel caw

                                          Hee Haw

                                          Hee Haw

                     Well folks it's time to wrap up this salute 
                          for all those who gave it their all
                        from the wacked out show known as 

                                            Hee Haw

                                            Hee Haw

Tribute To 
The Cast And Crew Of
Hee Haw

Thanks For The Laughs

Buck Owens

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Nizhniy Novgorod's Kremlin*

Above a pulsating arrow of two great Russian rivers,

there, where Oka merges to Volga

and already flows farther downstream, 

to the Caspian sea, 

an ancient, wise Kremlin stands – like a soldier 

on high coast of the big ancient city of the Russia, Nizhni Novgorod. 

Kremlin looks very attentively at boundless meadows

and at cultivated fields and forests,

 the small villages and big cities

of the Nizhniy Novgorod territory.

The white ships float past,

They salute  the old soldier and ask its blessing. 

Birches and mountain ashes, wild cherries and apples 

in springtime decorate this coast with fresh greenery and flowers,

In the autumn – with gold of leaves and with red fruits.

The ancient Kremlin looks far and never sleeps.

It observes all around and welcomes the ships,

recollects the events, the dates, people.

Maybe, sometime Kremlin will recollect me also, 

Because I was born in ancient Nizhniy Novgorod, 

on the high coast of these two great Russian rivers.

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The Lost Man

Identity Crisis!? We Fight it,
Thinking, no one will see the candle, If we don't light it.
Loose Ourselves in daily survival, 
Don't read the bible cuz the times not there.
Work all day saying life an't fair.
Bad attitudes, bad moods, 
People pass by, and can't even look you in the eye.
What happened to Hi, Good morning, Goodnight,
How you doing, is everything alright?
Were on the defense, rushing life and fighting death,
It don't even make sense!?
Were not that different, were just so distant.
We lost unity and compassion,
But most of all passion,
What happened? 


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Rose of Absence

To those whom ask for nothing
Here and now, I give you
Every mans suffering 

Before I 
Lay me down never to rise again
As I give to you
Closure before it begins
Knowing only this will salvage your truth

Receive the gift 
Of your saddened angel
Stand, be blessed upon thy lips 
Embrace my end 

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On the west coast of the USA

There's a place they call the Golden State

Where the mountain go rushing to the sea

The Streets are lined with Palm Trees

And the sun, it always shines

It's the kind of place I wanna be...


From San Diego to the Bay 

From Palm Springs to LA

And all the many places in between

Mountains reaching to the sky

Beaches so sandy white

 It's the kind of place I wanna be...


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Erase all the unrealistic images that appeared at night
from ever dream you ever dreamt;
let love become real, frantic and bright,
something erratic, not remembering where it went.  

Live in the moment,
and feel the warmth of each lovely sunray,
to make you feel alive,
but you should start today;
live in the moment,
without recalling how deep you sighed.

Forgive yourself for your selfishness,
open your window and welcome the sunlight;
before sadness was your friend on a lonely night,
now, happiness brings you kisses of tenderness.  

Live in the moment,
adventure awaits you in meadows of clovers,
in the fields of sunflowers, where lovers
find the solitude they need to explore desires;
live in moment,
and days will not turn into unpleasant memories.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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the photographer

Writing for pictures
This false reality
Commits you blind
It’s okay
We never really wanted
To see this world
This living 
This heavenly prison
A crystal ball
To tease, a god
To no longer breathe
Or listen
Mission accomplished 
Our days have grown tired
Our dream purges expiration
A date due of intense aggravation
World I simply wish you the best

“writing for pictures”

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Prayer Of An Immigrant

God, only to you I bow, you’re my King;
And for me, there will be no other king.

You have bestowed me a new life;
You’ve given me a pretty wife.

You’ve gifted me a silver quill;
It brings love, peace, and joy, so real.

You’ve led me from great darkness to light;
And the sun, now, is shining so bright. 

I am now rich, for I have you in my life;
You’ve strengthened me, against strife.

But, here I ask, before you take me; 
I’ve a dream that I wanted to see.

I shouldn’t be asking this, O Lord,
For I’ve everything that money can’t afford.

O Lord, You, I should be praising and thanking
More material things, I should not be asking

But please, if it’s not hard enough for you;
I really want to see my dream come true.

Thou, I know in your Heavenly abode I’ll reside,
For you did promise me that I will be on your side.

Yet, on this earth, O my Lord, you created places…
So beautiful and I crave to see its faces.

Let me see Canada, Australia or America,
As you’ve let me see Europa, Russia and Africa.

I beg you; oh, please give their Consuls a good heart;
Without your blessing, from Athens, I can’t depart.

All these, I ask, including the forgiveness of my sin,
Only in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ. Amin.


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Home, At Last

M                 Safe
E                         I
At last           Tonight
               Happy and calm
What took you so long to love me?

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Why am I being too impatient,
wishing to have again what
can make me feel that something? 
Why do I have to put away
all that I cherished,so dearly,
about  you and your way of giving?

You should have been:
my only idol,the only face
to appear in these night dreams;
someone who made
all these dull moments bright
and allowed me to fly without wings;
because no other heart 
loved me more than yours,
because no other eyes
smiled at me more than yours!

With somebody as kind as you
to give everything to, I refuse
to believe in someone else;
and I will gladly wait 
than throw everything to the wind!
With somebody as kind as you,
there's a better reason
to live life in delightful days!

You should have been my only light  
to chase away this cold darkness;
I have waited...shivering in thick shadows,
hoping to feel your warm fire...
to rekindle my lost desire!
I have searched and found the dim moonlight:
giving me no warmth,no hope...
offering me no words to speak
with somebody as kind as you;
only the sad smile of the unfriendly moon....

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Picking And A Grinning { Bluegrass}

                                            When we all get to Heaven
                                                 You may see me walkin'
                                              Here there everywhere
                                  For I'm just a blue ridge mountain boy
                             thumbing for a ride down a lonely banjo road
                        With old Joe Clark livin just' two doors down from me
                                         Leaning on the everlasting arms
                                          Of his sweet Tennessee Rose gal
                                                If teardrops were pennies
                                         I could buy two more bottles of wine
                                                 So  please Mr. Sandman
                                              I'm crying my heart out over you
                                                     For this is all I can do
                                          As I pick these bluegrass banjo blues
                                         From my Tennessee Mountain home roads
                                                           That I once knew

Just A Bluegrass song
working on  LOL

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A Beauty That Never Sleeps

O, Pearl of the Orient, land of my great ancestors---
the Poets, the Writers, the Historians, the Leaders, the Novelists
the Peace Makers, the Inventors, the Rice Growers, the Seafarers 
the Scientists, the Doctors and Nurses, the Performing Artists 
the OFW’s and me---Mabait Na, Masipag Pa, from your tears

Let me flutter, with my fragile wings, through Chocolate’s Hills
that they may learn the true essence of your will
that they may hear the gentle sound of your dancing wind
that they may also feel the nobility you shared, with me
and above all, that they may know you, the land of my great ancestors

O, Pearl of the Orient, like a beautiful, caring mother---
that has un-replaceable love, beauty and wisdom, embracing cheerfully
the twitchers of your hospitable heart, even if I will have a short life
surely, I’ll not try, but I will pattern their souls, on your lustrous smile
and we’ll walk them, together, on Luneta Park that you, once, walked me 

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Days of Oklahoma

It’s like Oklahoma
I owe you so much ma 
Just like Oklahoma 
I own your soul ma

To acknowledge 
A survivor
On a strangers
Is to move along
Minus the tears
And continue
The painting
In pain
The pictures 
Then remains 
But  a mirror 
Of things 
To become 
In vain

Because I own
Your soul ma
You will make it 
No further 
Than Oklahoma

But because 
I owe you so much ma
I will grant 
You safe passage 
Toward your Oklahoma 

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Something in the darkness wispers my name
Stripping it all 'till just dead skin remains
Eyeing me down I see
The base of my insecurities

Sanities built as frail
A desolit place ment for taking lifes
Slowly it's breaking down
Faceless and alone they can't abide

Some say she was gone
Some of them say she lost her mind
Most of them turned away
But all of them helped her take her life

The surface is deeper than you can scratch
The desprit are frayed and lash right back
Humbird is where it began
Humbird is where we say goodbye

Better left to burn

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I Close the Door

I leave the room. This time needs no memory.
It doesn’t matter now in the deep silence.
In a while my life will write a new story.
Now I try to keep myself at a distance.

Do I feel a sorrow or bitterness? 
Maybe. But I don’t regret my decision.
I allow myself a minute of weakness
For the past dreams and hopes of the lost woman...

I turn off lights, and close the door, and leave keys. 
I’m not curious about new residents.
I like the silence – no voices and faces.
I go away. No-one perceives my absence… 

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Dylan Echoes

You play me for stupid.
You strum me with lust
across the brass bed,
all the words lying in the dust
of an old refrain.

You play me for stupid
while your smiles suck,
fluttering eyelashes duck
down to cover this
pain in here.

The slithering stealth
of your seductions
no longer intrigues.
I play my deductions,
subtraction reaction
as you disappear
with your tambourine.

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Make it

Say let me make say let me make 
Born in the gutter on the block 
Contently watch 
Thugs running to the Connor thinking dang that stuff hot
As a youngster mine regularly set up plot 
I want what they got 
Came to the came 
Everybody was A didn’t give a care too their name
This be my dream 
Getting what I want by feeding crack fens
Say let me make it Say let me make me 
Momma don’t cry nah momma don’t cry
Look inside your house everything nice
Look at your ride you riding so tide
You don’t got to worry they can’t turn off your lights
Just go to bingo in listen to Smoky cause everything going to be alright
Say let me make say let me make 
Don’t nobody wants see little of me 
Going out making that big money
So they get ready to eliminate me 
I set up notations 
Someone on every block every location 
Listening end to ever conversation 
They wants take so I’m going have to shape
To show them life is real problems is not fake
So say goodbye goodnight your love your life
Say let me make say let me make 


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The Wandering Place...

Have You been on The Highway of Hopes
There’s a Place that comes to Help You Cope
Don’t Worry – It didn’t Pass You By
Close Your Eyes and Give It A Try…

Here It Comes – On The Road of Life
No Speed Limit – Zooming Right Past Strife
Most, have been there – more than Once or Twice
You hate to Leave it – ‘Cause it is So Nice…

Its not even hard to Find
Its on Every Interstate of Mind
Exit – The Rat-Race
… Enter – The Wandering Place

Wandering Place – The Skies Are Always Clear
Wandering Place – Fish Are Always Biting Here
Wandering Place – River of Reality, Rush By
You Just Lay-Back and Look-Up High…
… in The Wandering Place

Where Daydreams – Float Like Butterflies
Where The Breeze – Is Just A Sigh
Or Thoughts So Strong – Can Make You Cry
From Ideas in Your Mind’s Eyes
… in The Wandering Place

Its not even hard to Find
Its on Every Interstate of Mind
Exit – The Rat-Race
… Enter – The Wandering Place

Wandering Place – I Visit Quite Alot
Wandering Place – Everybody Gets A Spot
Wandering Place – No One Else Grabs What You Got
Will It Ever Stop – Oh, I Think Not…
… it’s the Wandering Place

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Made in the USA

There are some people who say:
That they are ashamed of being Americans
They have only said this since the day
Our country invaded Iraq

Well unless countries like China and France realize
That we had a reason to go there
I guess then things will never be the same
In my opinion, I do not really care

Over what these other countries think
Even when they say all the time
That our nation is about to sink
More lower than it has before

All because of an economy
That they all claim sunk because of
George W. Bush and his administration
But I believe it was his patriotism and love

Of this great nation
That made us go to Afghanistan and Iraq
And just like President Bush
I am proud to be made in the USA

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Memory Lane

Come with me, let's remember the days
 when life was easy and free,
  let's turn back the pages of time
   and be young once again.

Can you hear the song playing,
 do you hear its haunting strain?
  do you recall the traces of the music
   coming down memory lane?

My life is so empty, I need to escape,
 those happy days are dead and gone,
  they will never come back again,
   so here I just pretend.

Can you hear the song playing,
 do you hear its haunting strain?
  do you recall the traces of the music
   coming down memory lane?

Yes, it floats down memory lane.

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Starbucks Sucks

What’s so grand?
It’s just another trend
And unlike every other friend,
I refuse to give in
Oh, okay, so it’s gourmet
I don’t care what you call it
I refuse to allow them
to sit here and rape my wallet
Why does a tall look so small?
There’s nothing grand about it at all
Starbucks simply sucks

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Broken Hearts Bar

This is the place where they come to escape the stress in their lives 
A lot is from their husbands and wives 
This place gives them a lift 
The regulars start swooping in at 10 am from a long night shift 
At one time or another, everyone hurts and bears some kind of painful scars 
You can find all kinds of emotional burden here at the Broken Hearts Bar 
The doctors, the suits, the welders, we get them all 
Others escape by attempting to crank out a tune on the piano facing the west wall 
After a few drinks, everybody starts feeling well 
The alcohol numbs and strips away our protective shell 
Everyone enjoys talent night, it makes them feel good 
Distorted by the liquid courage, they believe this is their ticket to Hollywood 
A taxi driver of 23 years, complains about his back 
He has his pain killers with a double shot of Jack 
There is always a place for my down and out guests 
I lend an ear and allow them to get it off their chest 
The winners and losers come here because they are accepted for who they are 
Everyone is welcomed to the city's center of depression, the Broken Hearts Bar 
George tells me tonight he will be visiting for the last time 
He says this every night right around nine 
George takes a moment to reflect on the troubles of his past 
He tells me it's true, nice guys finish last 
So long, my time is near 
I will become a nobody and disappear 
He tells all his friends to keep reaching for the stars 
I smile and tell him, there is always a stool for you at the Broken Hearts Bar 
Yeah, I know here the door swing in and out 
I thought maybe at the bottom of one my drinks I would discover what life is all 
The emotion in the air is thick like tar 
Please come again to the Broken Hearts bar 

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Days of Our Lives (Senryu)

On their wedding day
“The Days of Our Lives” was played
Congregation laughed

© Joseph, 9/20/07
© All Rights Reserved

I wrote this while attending a wedding.  This is serious! lol!  The traditional or 
classic Japanese senryu format has three lines:  the first has 
five syllables, second has seven syllables and the third five syllables.  The 
pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about 
an emotional expression.

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Nobody has to know
whatever happened between us                         
that made us glow;
let this remain something of a secret,
this man knows where it lies...
hidden from others, not from us!
And you woman, keep it inside
as long as you's as deep as pride!

Erase my number from your cell phone,
not let him see it...
don't make him suspect
that I even exist in reality:
make it look like a shadow passing...
leaving no traces along;
when I take what's not mine...I feel so guilty,
but it won't stop me from taking!   

Let this remain something of a secret,
let's it confide it to a moon that's so scarlet;
a silent moon who hears the lovers' whispers...
and turns them into real, sweet whishes!

Let's die for a moment's bliss,
deny our reality and hysterically laugh;
this is not cheating on somebody
who didn't finish what he started off...  
we're free and need not to worry,
and if there's a price to pay:  we will! 

We're not kids who are kept from indulgence,
we are responsible for our own tendencies...
challenging those who oppose us with rage,
changing what others can barely change...
to let this remain something of a secret!

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Bittersweet City of Pain

The darkened city
fades in the background
just like you wished your feelings would
It’s been a long year
longer than you’d like to live
It’s hard to forget
how things were
just a few months ago
And it’s hard to remember
how things were before
It’s funny how
how quickly people change
It’s funny how
how quickly she could change
And it’s funny how
how things never stay the same
And it’s funny how
She promised Heaven
but gave as much Hell as she could
Finally woke up
to see the stinging truth
To see the lies
in her empty smiles
Finally woke up
to hear the burning truth
To hear the emptiness
in her “I love you”s
Finally woke up 
to feel the death she dealt
To feel the coldness in her heart
The new year is coming
but will this one finally become the past?
A would-be anniversary
spent in nostalgia and depression
Amnesia is a blessing
you would gladly accept
to escape this fate
You’d trade a fortune
to erase the misfortune
she gave to you
You’d trade a fortune
to erase the time
she spent with you
You’d trade a fortune
to have her fall in love with you
like you thought she did before
But she’s long gone
and fading behind you
She’s in the city
but she’s still on your mind
If you could just leave your thoughts
in her apartment
you surely would
For now it’s so long bittersweet city of pain
Maybe you’ll be back 
when all your thoughts of her
have been washed away with the rain

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Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars
catch us kissing...
feeling so lost
in the whispering pine trees;
and there's no shame in giving
ourselves to heartfelt joys to stimulate
sensations in our warm souls!

That song our lips sing
comes from the endless love we feel;
faithful woman...steal this childish heart,
longing for dreams never
dared to be sought!
That song our lips sing
was born  yesterday,right here...
when loneliness suddenly
turned into happiness;
when we vowed never to fear
the unhappy and envious
faces of others!

Peaceful and bright night
full of wanderous stars...
fulfill our needs and desires,
because only night was made for love,
for people who never have enough to give:
like that song our lips sing!

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Taras Shevchenko

Taras follows me—

wherever I go, giving such 
inspiration, consent and dares me to speak 
out my mind; encouraging me 

to search for freedom, thru my 
thin voice, against the treacherous tactics 
of life.  Again and again, he’s 

speaking in a finest manner 
and as I talk to him he turns me not away. He stands 
amidst the trees. His eternal throne—

the park of Kyiv’s wisdom, where I love hanging 
around, waiting for the great red bell chimes. And, 
as always, as I pick the yellow caterpillar 

with two lights on to bring me home 
from a day’s travel, I see him nodding in silence, while 
hospitable hands wave in the wind.  Now I see 

his face no more, but 
everyday I feel him and hear his voices. His voices—
in the praises of my peers, in the psalms of 

my neighbors and of the people of the streets,
in the whirs of the birds and in the twitches of the fishes, 
in the smiles of the flowers and of the tares, 
in the sound of the rivers, of the seas, 
and of the mountains, too. He’s a friend I owe this life, 
urging me on—

to sow duds of thought, to bloom near a placid stream.

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My Lover

As darkness falls across the land, my lover takes me by the hand... Together we 
fly above the trees, over the land, riding upon the gentle breeze...As I look down, 
afraid I may fall, he whispers into my mind, "don’t be afraid at all" I look at him 
and smile, he looks at me and winks....Oh how I love him! I silently think....On thru 
the night we soar, tis never enough, leaves me wanting more... We land next to 
the sea and walk along the waters edge, just him and me.... The love we steal by 
the light of the moon, leaves me in rapture, hoping we will be together soon... We 
fly back across the night, moving regretfully into the light... As I lay asleep, I await 
the darkness to shroud the land, I await my lover to take my hand.... 

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Maine a place of magic

Haunting lighthouses up and down the coast
Humming noises pass through like a ghost
Jagged rocks that can be seen from afar
Some of them so big and black as tar
Bar harbor a vacationing spot filled with dreams 
Joyous sounds of children on the beach that gleams 
In the marshy distance an artists paints
They worship this scenery like a lonely saint  
Maine and its landscape of beautiful places 
It shines like a jewel 
Amongst the local face 
The smell of the sea in your clothes 
Cool emerald water that tickling your toes 
So much to see, so much to enjoy 
Whales leaping in the air 
From a distance, they look like toys 
The morning sun wakes here on east first 
For some it’s a blessing for others a curse
Miles of mountains lakes and streams 
A fishermen delight it all that it seems
If ever I place remains in your soul 
It’s the breathtaking wildlife 
You viewed here on a stroll 

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A night on the town
The rain came down,
Put up the brolly-
He was having a jolly...dancing
And singing in the rain.

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Like the dreams in your daily horoscope
that come alive within the pages of an astrology' book...
written by someone who reads into the distant stars:
the roar of a departing airplane, disappearing into clouds,
is your crude awakening to reality...
finding everything else, but me!

I booked my flight in a hurry last night,
everything we  secretly shared lost its sense of delight;
I shouldn't remember when the times
when I came to you and brought you roses!

Like all the words that sound too sweet,
I let them go inside me so true and deep;
another destination, another lonely city...
where I'll settle down and face a clueless destiny!
There I'll find more women easy to love,
making no demands, pretenting to give;
in their arms,with skin smelling of perfume,
I'll  dream of you...when those roses bloom!

Nothing can keep me here,
even pity can't move me;
we started a passion full of flames,
forgetting about our tender ways!
Everything seemed everlasting...
never thinking of a sad ending! 

The loud road of a departing airplane
shouts off the sound of this voice;
I ask for forgiveness with my tears,
but you can't be found anywhere!


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Is hades your sheol,
Quietus' staging post,
A chasm to separate
Paradise from hell-

Will you await alongside the lake,
Resurrection's second death-
Or be named in the book of life,
A Christian shibboleth.

Full story@ Luke 16:19-31 & Rev 20

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All the letters that the kids
have sent to the North Pole...
have been stolen by a grinch,
who hates the Christmas' spirit
since he heard the first carol;
can they be without any gifts? 

O silent and uncheerful man,
be their Santa on this Christmas' night; 
if all have forgotten you, don't be like them;
your kind and sad eyes need love to share!
O silent and uncheerful man,
sitting on that bench of the empty park,
don't look away...those children wait
and hope for a miracle to happen tonight! 

I'll get your red and white suit,
four reindeers and a shiny sleight;
it's my gift for your sadness: 
the sweet comfort for your loneliness!
I'll get all the presents they like,
so that they can smile and realize:
that Santa always keeps his Christmas' promise...
when everybody else simply tosses them aside!

O silent and uncheerful man,
leave this corner for others to take...
you have a mission that'll make you great!
Be their Santa on this Christmas' night;
these children hold their thrill inside...
'till they see whom they really believe in!

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Words of Truth

God is great
God is gracious
God is my only Love…
God is Holy
And He is beautiful
Oh how strong are You
My wonderful maker so true…
God’s Love is never-ending
It stands the test of time
His precious heart
Is sweetly reflected
In His lands of art
And He speaks
Only Words of Truth…
God is great
God is gracious
God is my only Love…
God is Holy
And He is beautiful
Oh how strong are You
My wonderful maker so true…
Oh how strong are You
My wonderful maker so true
And I love your Words of Truth!

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Happy Place

The world is such a happy place
There’s nothing wrong, should stay as is
Love, peace and joy on every face
Living life just as you please
When darkness comes with each new night
Conquer it with light of laughter
Let children’s cries be smothered despite
Their suffering, happily ever after
And when clouds gather in the sky
To bring the rain that wash away blood
Bask in the sun, shelter, deny 
Or dance on gravesites in the mud
Yes, the world is such a happy place
There’s nothing wrong, should stay as is
Love, peace and joy on every face
Live life just as you please

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and lifestyle-
leapt out from a
left his
on a troubled

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People and Mannequins


I speak to them
I sit next to them
What appears to be still limbs

No smiles, only in place do they stand
Yet they seem to no longer 
Appeal to the unreserved face of this man

I no longer bother to greet them
Should I
It’s become a non movable film

“a guy sitting in a room full of mannequins”
"writing for pictures"

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To Anthony-

You were so compassionate I could cry,
And I acted so differently.
You deserve so much better than I,
But even through my act you saw me.

From that day under the tree,
We talked the night away.
We didn't ever want to leave,
So it was under that tree that we stayed.

If only I could talk to you now,
I would start over, and explain. 
I don't think I can somehow,
But to leave you, I must've been insane.

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I stare at people and know
exactly what they're thinking;
a mind-reader who needs no gessing!
You act out your drama...
like you're starring in a soap opera,
but attention and applause
are the things you crave:
a red carpet for your dreams to glow!

I can never be Leonardo di Caprio,
not as young,handsome and kind;
I am an Aquarius, you are a Leo:
two different  signs, two contradicting minds;
And I should consider myself a conqueror...
to kiss you on the main deck of the Titanic:
glancing at the midnight's stars above,
feeling the strong wind in our waving hair
as we lose ourselves in deep love... 
that seemed so distant and platonic!     

I am nothing out the ordinary,
a simple guy looking for the perfect girl...
living on delusion, feeding on fantasy,
trying too hard to bend your iron will;
let's stay friends,forget what could have been!
Look at the bright side:  life still moves on,
so don't waste anymore of your time;
going down the road you'll see a sign
that tells you not to be in that drama,
forgetting about being as big as Madonna!

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is another

Ekphrasis on US Highway no 5 by Allan D'arcangelo

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Follow me today and ever.
Keep to my rules and ways.
Don’t let me ask you. Be clever! 
I’ll offer you the happiest days...

Listen to my tempting whispers.
Trust me. Believe me. Follow me -
I always keep my promises.
Listen! I’ll take you out to sea,

We’ll pursue the horizon line,
You’ll be my helmsman and captain,  
We won’t lack adventures and wine.
Oh, don’t resist the little sin...

I’ll show you the kitschiest sunset,
I’ll make your wildest dreams free...
Don’t light another cigarette.
Only obey me and follow me...

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Tales Of A Lost Soul

I been a slave of this world
so I know what it's like 
trying to survive in the hood 
slinging white on white
I been in bad situations literally staring at danger
from home invasions to robberies 
totting four fifth bangers

It ain't hard to see how things have changed
we living in our last days
and on these streets niggas ain't playing 
I ain't seeking to be rich or have all kinds of women
cause I'm a leave the way I came out
probably wit some bruises & stitches

It seems to me in this world I was all alone
so I was in a lot of places where the gangsta's roam
my mother always asked me why I was so mad
but ma, what's the future of a young black child without his dad
ain't it sad I was going threw places trying to be accepted
I was looking for love so my heart got helpless
Naw I ain't looking for sympathy 
I just want y'all to feel my pain
I remember the day I got saved
I knew my life would never be the same

I put the clutch on my life 
to put things in cruise control 
but ever since my father passed 
I seen a lot of family drama unfold
people asking how many copies I sold 
like I'm looking for recognition
I'm just thankful for the people 
who opened their ears & listened

I'm on a new mission trying to get my fam in heaven
telling them what God told me bout curses & blessings
this is the "Depths Of A Lost Soul" 
I chose to take this road 
It was too hot in the streets 
so I guess a lot of hearts turned cold.

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stone block in
an acre of
symbol of
freedom under

Inspired by a visit to Runnymede

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A lonely boy,barely seventeen,
writing sad and lovely words
from a small room with open shades
overlooking Everett's skyline: 
a lovely and quite town
in the suburbs of Boston...

Mother,distance is counted in miles,
but to miss what inspires me
is quite unmmeasurable
and verbally indescribable
mother,days become nights...
and momorable moments
cheer me up when I should cry,
and be comforted by your tenderness!  

Daddy,left from this very place of truce,
with a glance cold and undignified,
his plane flew over Long Island
where you courageously thrive on;
he betrayed both son and spouse!

Airplanes roar over the discolored roof
of this huge and abandoned house;
the yellow-chested parrot repeats
his funny and banal jokes,
unable to make me smile and laugh,
because inside a sorrowful heart
there's no place for joy and growth!

Mother, the heavy snow is covering the roof-tops,
and the firs and pines welcome it with zest;
but I feel the coldness and can't rest...
until I see the gladness back in those eyes!

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The Path

Another season settled on the branches
Of the oaks down the winding path.	
I hear coming sounds, some voices -
Church bells before a Mass, a child's laugh...	

The cracked asphalt with rotten leaves, 
Crows announcing something to the sky -
I know the road well and where it leads,
I used to walk here many a time…

Bare sprigs miss their leaves and the sun.
They seem left, but I don’t feel alone.
I marvelled at the trees each season,
I feel as if the path was my own.

The night will cover the alley soon
And will calm down the noisy birds.
Some time ago I rejoiced at this view -
Now I am trying to look forwards…

I came back here to find my past dreams –
They still fill the air in the place.
I look for them in the faint sunbeams
And on the path – the familiar space.