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Lyric Peace Poems | Lyric Poems About Peace

These Lyric Peace poems are examples of Lyric poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Lyric Peace poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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When the storm clouds boil around me, 
And the lightning splits the sky--. 
When the howling wind assails me,
And life's sea is rolling high--
When my heart is filled with terror,
And my fears, I can't allay--
Then I find sweet peace and comfort, 
When I simply stop and pray.

When the things of life confound me,
And my faith is ebbing low--
When my trusted friends betray me,
And my heart is aching so--
When the night seems black and endless,
And I long for light of day--
Then I find a silver dawning,
When I simply stop and pray.

There are things beyond the heavens
I can't begin to understand,
But I know that God is living,
And I know He holds my hand.
Yes, I know He watches o'er me
All the night and all the day--
And He's always there to hear me
When I simply stop and pray.

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Yes, there is a love that last
It's all you say and more
But there's a counterfeit called lust
It looks the same till it's out the door
Both hold you when you're beautiful
Only love holds when you're a pain
Both are crazy about your body
Only love is crazy about your brain
Yes, there is a love that last
It's all you say and more
And when you're at your worst
Love offers peace instead of war!

This poem is an echo to Seren Roberts incredible
"Loved And Lost". It's a must read.  Go check it out!

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A Stereotype of Me

You thought you had me figured out 
Before you knew my name 
Cause you're you and you're not satisfied 
That I am not the same 

You'll never change the way I love
And you can fight for you're dominion 
But I'm worth a million times the weight 
Of a dogmatist's opinion 

And I know that all that you can see 
Is a stereotype of me 
All that you thought I'd ever be 
Is a stereotype of me

Did you ever think that you could see me 
Past the prejudice you hold 
Past the picture you created 
And all the things that you were told 

You're voice is long since dead to me 
I won't even be provoked 
When it hurt you to see me smile   
The things you said went up in smoke 

And I know that all that you can see 
Is a stereotype of me 
All that you thought I'd ever be 
Is a stereotype of me

By: Kyle Ezra Kriticos

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The Loneliest Teardrop

The life we choose the choices we make
Knowing how much to give knowing how much to take

Now this equation is not simple at least not for me to ascribe
For a lifetime worth of pain and not once have I cried

It's not remedies or reason for this affliction which I seek
For I am pleased with the joys I have given while not needing to weep

Yet I cant help but wonder though as yet I have not tried
Would my life had been much different were I able to cry

For I have seen the results of tears when they are freely shed
How embraces would soon follow with soft strokes to ones head

Now I can love and be tender without much effort or strain
Yet I am unable to give comfort when tears fall like the rain
But I will always be loving and Gods gifts to me I will share
And maybe the day I meet him in heaven will be the day I shed my tear

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No mans land

No mans land

He lives in no mans land

That’s how he is today

He don’t belong to Them

He don’t belong to they

He’s caught there in the middle

No going on, or back

He’s frozen there in no mans land

Way off the beaten track.

A man stands all alone

Cause he’s half way in between

He’s shunned by all society

And often folk are mean

Because they cannot understand

A man who has no labels

And because he speaks his truths

They think that he’s not too stabile.

He’s a man who walks alone

For he knows he always will

Disagree with all the norms

So folk think he is ill

Though his life it be not lonely

And his mind is calm and still.

He gets no kind of comfort

From praise that comes from others

He gained his views from the ancient books

That all men should be brothers

But he knows here in this no mans land

That none will understand

So he keeps himself for those who love him

No friends he does demand.

30 April 2010...0730 hrs.

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My Midnight Grace

As I lay me 
down to sleep
I pray the lord
my soul to take
if I shall die
before I wake
please watch me God
all through the night
and wake me and my loved
at morning light
please help me 
become successful
with the endeavors I seek
please send me a soul mate
in which I can keep
everlasting love
passionate heat
please grant me the serenity
to know right from wrong
and be able to lead
by example
strive to overcome
any downfall
please keep my spirit strong
through the issues
that toil in my soul
I aspire for diamonds in life lord
and all around me 
I see coal
I aspire to turn things around
for I feel my wishes have fallen
upon deaf ground
my heart has no voice
they struggle to hear my sound
I pray to be taken
away from my daily
battles, that humble
although compared to others
in the world
its not much trouble
to me, I feel
my spirit is caged
and yearns to be free
King of all Kings
in your image, you 
made me
you already know
each single step
my individual thought
you divinely bound me
in mothers womb
my existence you sought
bless me with the
chance to be
the person in which
you hoped for me
to soar like an eagle
dipping my talons of success
in life's sea
grant me an optimistic attitude
for that is the key
Amen to Thee

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' The Moon's Pilgrimage ... '

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Across The Sky To Praise
The Maker and All His Wondrous Ways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Rises High, In Grace
Yet, Still In A Humble – Pilgrim’s Place

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Will Not Betray
All The Moonlight, GOD Lets Display
Tho’ She Moves In His Cosmic-Stage-Play
From His Theme-Theatre, She Will Not Stray

My Pilgrimage … Thru Deep, Dark Space
With Silver-Wings and Beams, I Chase
The Unknown and Known Questions Raised
Will Be Answered, When The Maker Says …

My Pilgrimage … To Touch Heaven’s Face
That Beauteous, Elusive, Mysterious Trace
Borne At The Blessed-Beginning’s Base
My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pray …

My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pay –
My Vows, My Voice, In Vesper-Vase
As This Moon, Is In Harvest – Phase
And Beams Brighter Now … Tho’ Slanted-Gaze

… The Moon … Glowing Ochre-Gold Or Silver
The Moon … Is Making Pilgrimage, Remember
The Moon … Is Trying To Help Deliver
Lost-Souls, Who Can Not Find … Moon River …

… Moon’s Pilgrimage … Keeps Steady Pace
Even Climbing Thru Dense, Cloudy-Lace
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Is Like A Dance, That Sways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Into The Night’s Embrace … …

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Road To Freedom

Which road would lead me to heaven?
I've been looking for that road.
Which road would lead me to freedom?
I’ve been a slave since my birth.

Which road would lead me to sanity?
I’m going crazy with all the rules.
Oft voiceless 'neath society's shadow,
it’s time to get out of this life.

My mind's aching, my heart's slowly breaking,
they don’t realize what they are doing.
I can’t bear it all it’s time to get home,
they’re making me a fool I can’t go on.

Which road leads me to that long-lost place?
where everything is love, no trace of hate.
I’ll find it someday, tomorrow maybe,
although they’re blocking my way.

Which road would lead me to laughter?
I’ve been crying all my life.
Take my hand and come with me,
just say the word and we’ll be free.

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Warmth of Breeze

Imagine me as a book covered with dust,
A soul whose warmth for years remained untouched

Letters on every page were ill-defined, unclear
The essence was hidden in an ambiguous fear

Uninterested I was in the societal rigmarole,
Me and my outer self were at opposite poles

Quite hesitant I was to turn to the next page
As I knew it would amount only to stormy rage
Quite concerned I was for my future pages and me,
The so-called bright world appeared shadowy

And in this dusky weather, suddenly the air felt unusual
This didn’t happen in years, the matter truly seemed crucial

I bizarrely felt the warmth of cool welcoming zephyr
My pages drifted, smiled and glinted like a pearl

My dull existence got transfigured into a life full-of-beans
Personified I was into a woman of worth, a woman of means

And now after owning this bag full of happiness,
I started reading the letters carved on me,

This time they were decipherable and defined,
They managed to unite me, my heart and my mind.

I looked around, in quest of the soul who revived me
Who passed by me and set my tangled soul free

Seeing him was out of question, quite hazy he appeared to me,
I could only fantasize him as a cozy breeze over the sea

Now, this breeze could be felt only when you are around me
You…  only you and nothing beyond
You…  the only one to make my passion profound
You… in your absence too you could be felt around
You … the only one in whom I am found!

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Obituary Poem

I saw you cry yourself to sleep last night,
I watched as you struggled to start your day.
I asked the Lord to make your grief load light,
And give you help along the way.

Forgive me for not staying longer,
But I really had to go.
The Lord called me, I could not linger,
Sorry, but it was time to go home.

Remember what you will of me, 
No matter what, just know I cared.
Whether friend or family,
Remember all that we have shared.

Now I’ve made heaven my home,
You knew that’s where I’d be.
I am not at all on my own,
And my soul is at peace.

I know its hard at the beginning 
But I also know you’ll make it through.
I hope it helps your heart to know I’ll be waiting,
In paradise for you.

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The perfect moment

I just had a moment 
When the window was open
I smelled the fresh air
It was a feeling I couldn’t bare

I was sitting on my bed
With my hands to my head
I began to cry 
You probably want to know why

The tears that role down my face 
The feeling of pain is not the case
The effects of my tears is Joy
What is the cause of this story?

Have you ever felt the moment when everything is right?
When your muscles aren’t tight
When you have the greatest friends
And the perfectly cool winds

When the perfects guy sweeps you off your feet
It’s like the perfect feeling of spring heat
No to cold and not to hot
The perfect moment is what I just caught 

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Breezy Jane

The breeze…the breeze…the breeze
It blows her pain away
The breeze…the breeze…the breeze
It makes everything okay
For all that seems it brings…
A happy breezy Jane~

Wondrous windy days ….can take that empty shame
Lifting all the sorrow…..and blowing away the blame
The breeze shall seize her fears…..taking them away
If fallen leaves could speak…. wonder what they’d say 
Before they leave the trees…. to convey a changing way
For all that seems it brings…
A happy breezy Jane~

I wonder if the breeze…. could remove strife that way
Making every thing better ….and mixing it with rain
The wind against your skin ….doesn’t seem like much to say
A mighty thought inside…. Procures hope finds its way
Lft your head up to the sky…let wind blow where it may
For all that seems it brings…
A happy breezy Jane

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 “America” a poem


The Beautiful

The Home of the Brave

Who’s going to help you, After all you do?

Who’s going to lead, When all you see is the greed?

We put our foot in the door; one more time than before but we forget the needs that we have right here,
The ones we say we hold so dear


We’re lovin Haiti but we’re killin in places like Kuwaiti!!

With all the kill'in we are makin, no wonder they are hat'in

What’s up with Iraq, Will our soldiers ever be able to come back?

We kill our men a time and again

Our country has no money, somethings sure feeling funny

We leave our people behind; The ones who are free but we’re sure not kind

We need to steer, what we hold so dear

The money we spend
The blood we shed

What about our poor and the sick that endure?

We’re out of work

Can’t pay our bills

Got no health care and our media keeps us scared

 America……open your eyes………take care of your own

It’s sure not fair, when we’re all right here

We’re all right here
We’re all right here

America, take a look right here

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Gotta Let Their Soul Cry

 Raped and Molestated in childhood, 
   Abused and Misused in pre-adulthood,
     Alone and confused they stood; feeling
       like tainted goods.

 Let their soul cry, maybe then; they can
  regain their pride. 

 They gotta let their soul cry

 Their darkest secret's they lock  away
   within, this is why their flesh constantly
    feast off sin; and everything in life has a
     beginning, but never render an ending.

 Let their soul cry, Crying is the only way to
  gain their piece of mind.
One might ask," Why"? Then , I will reply,"
  They need to see at least one day filled with
     promise rather than pain and see the sun
        without having rain.
 They gotta let their soul cry, before their sin
  cause their flesh to die.

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The laughing moon

It's here now under a converted sky
Where daylight has loss it’s might
Hours before the green hills had sight, with 
splattered  hints of yellow wild flowers so bright
Now time has casts a different light
It here now where the heavens sings an evening song 
With twinkled lights on a moon lit prong
Dancing stars and dreaming of mars 
Its here on this transformed spot 
I will sit and jot

It is here now as I lay back on this cool grass, and write a story 
with the heavens the color of quarry
Of jeweled eyes in the skies 
that connected to stories, some disguised 
With silver spoons and astrological loons
On dream away, dream on by
to the earths motions and lullabies
It is here now time to take a brake
from life’s work ,and worries and heart ache 
Try it yourself remember when, you were a child
when you looked up the night and smiled amen


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If You Only Knew

If you only knew how i felt about you
You wouldn't treat me like you do 
If you love me like you say 
Why do we get to arguing everyday
I guess thats the way love goes
No one ever really knows 
If you want me,take me
It's the only way you'll get me maybe
I have a lot of things on my mind
But you seem to have me in a bind
That doesn't mean you have me on lock 
That just means no one can block 
The love i have for you is power
It just don't come and go in a hour
You got some really good i guess you think you do
But only if you knew

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My God.
My Rock.
My Strength.

My Friend.
My Life.
My Faith.

My Anytime.
My Everytime.

My Day or Night.
My Always Right.

My Lord.
My Saving Grace.

My Home.
My Safest Place.

Through everything,
You're everything:
My every want and every need.

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Distinct tones paint our skins, eyes per chance not set the same. Strange sounds oft gush forth As we tongue another's name. Differing tenets fill our heads, Our origin is sundry places. Yet in these times of crises, Americans, having divergent faces. I'm indebted to the heroes, To God and country in which I live. For those who grieve our fallen, For still others, who unselfishly give? Today as I survey old glory, flying at half-mast a sky. I observe black billowing smoke, 'Amongst a dampened eye As I consider Cadavers yet unfound, Neath terrorist strewn debris. I know our world will not exist, As previously seen by me.

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Think on these things

Go for a walk stop in the park
sit on a bench think for awhile
take your time look around
see all the things you've missed

Be very quiet and notice the sound
of a passing car or a distant train
children playing the bark of a dog
the birds singing in harmony

Take a look at a flower
see the color and shape
say a prayer thank the Lord
for the things you see and hear
Listen to the music

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Jesus is Alpha and Omega

your wash in my blood 
just like a flood
wash from head to toe
in your season you will glow
just wanted you to know

you very dear to me
I feel your sincerity
in the world will be
 you and me

Your sacrifice is what I want
 life is short sorry to be blunt
I die on that cross
even though I am  the boss
I showed love nothing is lost
when I die on that cross
 I am the alpha and omega
my father made me lord and savior
I am in him, he in me
I was sent to do his will
I am the man see
no man can get to the father
accept through me

so look to the heaven and clouds
when I come my angel annouced it loud
Bold and proud,
everybody on those knee and bow
the WORD is here now

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Times Like These

Times like these
Are times of ease
When so much peace
Reigns without cease

Unlike far across the ocean
Where reigns commotion
Full of depression 
And worn out of liberation

So there's enmity and servity
And all things are vanity
Such regardless quality
For peace and humanity

But thank you, oh God
For my precious life
Creating me so strong
On this gracious land

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Oh' Sweet Mother Of Mine

Where have you gone Sweet Mother Of Mine
To that Wonderful Sparkling City
Paved with Golden Streets
And Pearly Gates
Where You'll Shed No More Tears
And have No Fears
Oh' Sweet Mother Of Mine

Thru brilliant stars Your soul did fly
Across that Heavenly sky
To join the Heavenly Host of Angelical Beings
In search of that Ivory Coast
To plant Your Spiritual Feet
With Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour
Oh' Sweet Mother Of Mine

To visit with Loved Ones
Who've gone Home before You
Must be a Sweet Reunion Indeed
Just a few short days and I shall join You
From the Cradle to the Grave
Oh' Sweet Mother Of Mine

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I’m tired of you.
Back stabbing me and not keeping it true.
Deceiving and lying
When I caught you, here comes the fake crying
The sad bedroom eyes hiding behind a guilty face
The phony kisses and the warm embrace
What you hide in the dark always come out in the light
Sometimes our secrets we thought we hid is revealed in our own sight
You claimed you loved me 
But it’s more like you hate or envy me
If you really don’t love me just let me be
Everyday I tried, believe me I prayed
But I hope you don’t think you’re here to stay
I even loved you when you did not love me
“So why are you still with me?”
So take your shoes and go
Don’t tie up your laces so slow
Remember I gave you love when nobody else would
I even took away your doubts that every man is no good
“Shush don’t say nothing don’t even talk.”
Just take your shoes and walk

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Shirlene's Three Days

A calm has come amidst a storm At last, at last, I've finally found. Peace came to me, as bees to swarm As fleas to an aging old hound.
My burden scale reads faint to lifted Your sails are trimmed and course set true. Sad thoughts of you though oft I've sifted Have vanished like this mornings dew. Unpleasant memories I've interred deep Beyond my intellect bell's faint tingle. No more into my psyche dare they creep Or with my pleasant thoughts to mingle. But you haven't moved from our space You'll always be foremost on our minds. And in our heart's your special place Is still filled with a Godly love that binds. So when your life seems less up than down View those days as just another life test. Paste on a smile and chase that frown And seek God's help to just do your best.

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hate is not the word for it

I eyes popped out of my head when I saw you with that girl
Boy, was I highly upset and you told me I was your world
I believed you and everything else that you told me
But I was blind but God, he helped me see
I hate you I hate you make me so sick
You lied to me saying that I was your only chick
You want to know something I'm tried of your mess
I got to get away from you and get this off my chest
But its alright and it is all good
I'm happy you did it before I would
After all them minutes, you wasted my time
It is all right you was sour like a lemon lime
That is all I have to say my work here is done
Piece out don't call me call the other one.

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Pray For Me

I'm here coming to the Lord for the things
That I have done for the sins that I made 

And done I am getting on my knees for yah
Lord tell yah to pray for me sometime I
Feel lost trying to make it to the top I

Tell yah lord come pray for me.

Sometimes I can't sleep telling myself

What life got to do with me

Tell yah lord come pray for me

My moms always tell me to get 

Some sleep but 

I'm always dreaming about 

people dieing on me 

I wouldn't know what to 

Do if someone I loved die

On Me 

Telling yah lord come pray for me

My life would crumble in front of me 

I wouldn't be able to complete the 

Goals set our for me

I'll be praying to the Lord like 

Why she died on me

Telling yah Lord to pray for me

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Honoring Sacrifice

For country, they chose to honor a call, Now the piercing sound of a rifle's report. An echoing trumpet, sadly says it all. Let us hero our young as a last resort. No image portrays our freedom's cost, Like that of a flag draped casket. A mental souvenir of war, un-tossed, On display from memory's basket. It serves to remind of a hero's place, Should we treat it as a mere statistic. For each had a home, name and face, Harboring dreams that were realistic. They abnegated those dreams for a chore, Accepting that vitality might be tried. Death isn't made a contrivance of war, But a mental souvenir from those who died.

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Ur Angel of Sadness

I once was your Armageddon, your mystic legend
Times we argued, realized it was foolish and grinned
Times we laughed, time is a luxury we do not have
Let us old hands old man
The lady beside you, she sang a beautiful tune 
The things we don’t want to lose 
The loved ones we hate, similar to the above sons mate
The people we want to please 
Those we set a perfect yet fragile image
Only to be later ceased
Precious moments we so desperately want to keep 
Shh! You speak as though you’re never coming back
But I will not return, best wishes, Ur angel of sadness
I’m a survivor
I work miracles, I was yours
I was everything and nothing anyone would care for 
I am still your Armageddon, your mystic legend
My objectives to make you laugh, smile, and mourn
Your rapture, warriors of eternity, a child lost and torn
Mission suffered massive failure 
Let us hold hands this final hour
For your misery is ours
You can say you loved him
You can say you placed no other above him
Despite how it sounds
The individual will everyone around him
Is the loneliest person around
In memory of those whom titled him “Angel of Sadness”

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What is it that GOD deals to us, from The Heavens and The Stars?, 
The choices that we make in life, will bring us near or far.
He has given us these two things, they are Life and Free Will too,
as what you choose to do with them, is merely up to You.
You may choose to do the Wrong Thing, leading to The Darkest Night,
Or turn and walk the other way onto The Path of Light.
The Bible says " God Loves Us All " no matter what we do,
All that He is waiting on, is just a call from you!!!!
To tell him you've been going, down a steep and beaten path,
And would he please just show you, Somehow, A way to just get back!!
Now you're Starting Over, and as well you see "  The Light " ,
Your Hope and Faith, God gives you Wings, Now Start A Brand New Life!!

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Sunday Morn

Candied flowers spread their petals
Ready to embrace a coming fall
Of weathered drops from thundered skies
Gaining attention of the lilacs' brawl

Branches sway alerted from apprehending trees
Birds cry, "Something to gain! Something to gain!"
While wind channels sweeten the breeze
Hence, luring in the rain

"Hail, for it comes!", shouts thundering clouds
And a new rainfall was born
Adding kin to the river's shroud
All during this Sunday morn.

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Let's Write A Poem

Here’s my plea: Let’s write a poem for the world to read;
And in it is a message that all can relate or heed;

Encourage others to pick a pen instead of a gun;
With this poem let people be taught to bond 

all spirits, whether in distress or in joy with a smile;
This poem we write be a reminder that life is fragile;

That peace is at hand, only if we want to achieve;
People will learn to greet enemies and they shall be received;

All of us can write, whether you’re white, black, or brown;
Just believe in what you can do; and not to aspire the crown

Of hate, if you dare tomorrow comes without tears,
Nor will there be worries of living in fears;

With this poem, people will burst not
In paroxysm of rage, but, be inspired to share a lot

Such as love, hope, or maybe, just give a friendly kiss;
You know, it’s easy to write a poem, than writing peace.

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Unite Blue

Verse 1

I’ve had this dream now for a while,
But the real world’s where I choose to stay,
The time is now for standing up,
To reach out for that brighter day.


Unite to lend a hand to those who are in need,
Unite against them, whose souls are consumed by greed,
Unite and lend a hand, and we can change the world,
We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Verse 2

Walking past two souls holding hands,
I see that it’s true love conquers all,
A dreamland where we all sing and dance,
And hands to catch us should we fall.



United, it’s in our hands,
United, it’s how we stand,
United, across all lands.
Empathy, we understand,
Together, it’s how we stand,
Unite with one voice, One Hand.

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he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        Then .. Abbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one . It wanted silence

                    Going back ..remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world .
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      No .. this was not my hero in music and song .

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of ..coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone by .let us tell the Truth. Let us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul. 

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


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Who am I

A tribute to Ramana Maharshi, a man who has inspired me for forty years. a greaty Indian saint he was.....Peter

Who Am I?

Sometimes I ask the question “who Am I?”
Am I just this tiny speck put here by trust?
Just a puppet in the hands of destiny
To be blown within the wind just merely dust.

Then sometimes I’m aware of who I am
As I stand beside a lake or waterfall
As the music of the morning melts into me
And deep within that ancient whisper calls.

Well I ask myself this question
“Will I ever find the way?”
Ramana told me what to do
Said “Do it now, today!”

Oh such a little question one may ask
Does the answer come and blow the mind away?
Will the truth arise to set the bird to freedom?
If one asks this thing each minute of the day.

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We Welcome the Sun

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 

A gleaming sunrise is seen in the distance – shedding relief 
Bursting forth like fireworks in the dark blue sky 
Hues of beauty and sincerity washes away our grief
The cheery clouds come together like lovers embracing one another

I’m never waving goodbye
It’s so surreal… and magnificent to see this scene unfold
You lift up the sparkling light… you’re an angel from up above
It’s so vibrant – the illuminated sight never dulled 
You bring us luck and excitement – 

You’re as pleasant as a dove 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the love
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To omit the darkness 
To abolish the distress
To conceal the darkness
And reveal the halo
Hovering around your head
Burning away the dread 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun

An ocean of love is rubbing against my feet
Blankets of comfort embrace me now… our love will never dry
You treat us with reverence and I repeat – 
You’re as pleasant as a dove – taking wing from on high 
We welcome the sun in the morning 
We welcome the sun with open arms
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
We welcome the sun 

A speedy breeze is whistling in my ears
Spiraling mad like a spinning top
Spiraling mad with all of its might 
You’re very intriguing – you casted away our fears 
Your gorgeous eyes
Project bright green and blue
You’re special in His sight 
He welcomes you
We welcome the hope 
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun 
To lighten up your load 
And lead you to the mercy road
Where you and I will escape to paradise
To drive out all of the negativity
To conceal the wretched farewells
To reveal the light in goodbye 

We welcome the sun
We welcome the sun
We welcome you
With open arms 

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I love the way your blue eyes shine

I love the way your blue eyes shine.
I love the way your gentle blue eyes shine
As your lovely face, it tells me you are mine
No words could tell, the love I have for you
It shines through me, so pure and sweet and true.

My years with you, have been the best I’ve known
Through all these years my love has grown and grown
I know, at times I’m hard to understand
Yet how I melt beneath our love so grand.

Until the end of time we two be one
Our love so vast it could outshine the sun
Together we two drown within such bliss
I’d die without your love, be sure of this.

Nothing could ever stem my love for you
It fills the Earth, the seas, the sky so blue
Forever and a day, this love in me
Will join us two together endlessly.

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The War Confessions

There’s a fury on the waves
A madness taking place
Fueled by the blood
Of weary wage slaves

And they taught us how to hate
In a hi tech kind of way 
Made us meat puppets 
For the wars they wage

In a playground, running round
In a playground, being clowns
Weren’t we once kids
Just kicking a ball?
Laughing ‘bout everything
Nothing at all

In a playground, ‘neath the sun
In a playground, having fun
Weren’t we once kids
Thought war is a game?
Fall over dead
And jump up again

(Hey, hey, what do you want to say?}

Don’t want to lose my legs
In defense of larceny
The banksters stealing billions 
From the national Treasury

Don’t want to take a bullet 
Left coughing up blood
For your right to a lap dance
At some faraway club

Don’t want to suck my meals
Through a thin feeding tube
On behalf of profiteers 
Dealing addicts their crude

Don’t want to wheeze harshly
Hooked to a machine
In the service of ingrates 
And all that’s obscene

Don’t want to suffer flashbacks
Those nightmarish screams
While billionaires lullaby 
To private jet dreams

Nobody’s tool, nobody’s fool.

In a world so long ago
In a world we used to know
Weren’t we once kids?
Who sang funny songs
No thoughts of torture 
Phosphorous bombs

In a world so long ago
In a world we used to know
Weren’t we once kids?
Who rode on our bikes
Vampires scared us
Not nuclear strikes

(Hey, hey, what do you want to say?)

There’s a fury on the waves
A madness taking place
Fueled by the blood
Of weary wage slaves

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And it ‘s time to stop
This lunatic war

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And it’s time to stop 
This murderous war

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And It’s time to  stop
This sickening war

There’s a world of growing horror
Where a playground stood before
And it’s time to stop 
This bloody awful war

Let’s bring back our playground 
Stop this war
Let’s restore our playground 
Stop this war…

Yes, it’s time 
(yes it’s time)


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Put Your Gun Away

I Wish there was
something I could say
to get you to 
put your gun away.
I know I got something
left to say
before you blow us
all away.

Little drops of lemon
are floating 
on your mind.
But it's true that
you've got us all
in your sights.

What a day. (x2)


Little drops of
should make it here 
but something tells
that you're going to
make all of us pay

What a day.  (x2)

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In the dream world where reality becomes a fantasy 
And fantasy becomes reality.

The impossible is made possible and death becomes no threat. Mountains turn to a plain ground and are surmountable.

In the dream world I can do the impossible and see the invincible. I can spread my wings, soar and fly through the clouds reaching the altitude of my fortune and destiny.

In the dream world I am unstoppable and unquestionable, conquering all my adversaries. The treasures of this world are at my disposal, kings and kingdoms are my subjects.

In the dream world wishes don’t count but choices are made. That is why I have made the choice to have you as mine forever. In my dream world where there is no pain but gain, no distress but fortress, no cross but crown.

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Rearange My Feeling

I will no longer allow you to make me feel any way but good
I will no longer allow you to put in me what I don't want to enter
I will no longer allow you to separate me from you if we are to be one
I will no longer allow you to hurt me inside and keep it there 
I will no longer allow you to be you if I can't be me
I will no longer allow you to rearange my feeling!

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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As the river flows

As the river flows

As the river flows
So surely to the sea
It’s power be a wondrous sight
As it roams the land so free
The path of no resistance
Is how she lives each day
I will learn from this old river
I need to live this way.

As the river flows
She takes all in her stride
Not dogged by expectations
Not held back by her pride
She flows into the ocean
She knows this be her home
She has no need to hurry
She’s just content to roam.

Oh, I’ll be like that river
That’s how I’ll live my life
All free from fear and worry
Until my time is rife
To join that mighty ocean
All filled with sweet devotion.

As the river flows
And things get in her way
She knows to never struggle
Just flows from day to day
And lets the power take her
To where she needs to go
Her softness melts all obstacles
Albeit, oh so slow.

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Together.. We are one (Revised)

(Verse 1)
I’ve got this new feeling deep within
I hear a chorus of angels singing my name
There’s an energy rising from my heart
Look at my hands their starting to glow

With a deep breath colors I now see
A message to stand proud stand tall
got this electrical current flowing through me 
my brothers and sisters take my hand

Together.. We are one
Listen to the children peace and love in their heart
Together.. We are one
Listen to the children peace and love in their heart

(Verse 2)
Time is here time is now
Spread your hands across the land
Reach out to your fellow man
Embrace the power of your inner light

Old will feel young just like children
Its time to teach that anger is not the way
This program of control has got to go
New policy this is the age of a new light

(Chorus x2)
Together.. We are one
Listen to the children peace and love in their heart
Together.. We are one
Listen to the children peace and love in their heart

Ron Flatow © 2006

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Dedicated To... (Rap Verse)

This is dedicated to
the uneducated who,
segregate from the greats
the hate gave integration to,
though the paved the way for you,
you just simulate the flu,
infected with cold hearts
like inflammation made it through,

So take a second to converse,
listen to me, then speak,
just make sure you think first,
about the thirst, of the dream,
had by Dr. King, which would
hurt beyond the seams, if he 
witnessed everything,
The Scenes!

How we're treating one another,
Educated versus thugs, like
we are not brothers, What's the
point to jump from slavery to 
having white lovers, if less racism 
means the blacks hate each other?
My Brothers! I have no intent on
hating you, I just hope you make it
through. So this is Dedicated To

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Right Now

In the exact moment that I am right now
I stand in a sea of vulnerability;
susceptible to the effects of causes around me
and since I am fully aware, 
I own my surroundings
I am one with sounds and vibrations
resonating from the earth;
I am that pulse of the drum beat 
thats been thrashing 
inside me since birth

Right now, I am exactly as I am
deeply flawed and misjudged
used, victimized and persecuted
Right now I am you in the absolute

Right now, I am exactly as I am
balanced, whole and complete
attracting abundance and certainty  
Right now I am peace - still you
Right now, I am exactly as I am

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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Way Up High

Way up high
In the sky
That’s where we will be-will be
Soring there
In the air
Up above the clouds
You and I

Way up high
Where the birds fly
You are safe- safe with me
Soring there
Through the air
Sleep little one
Sweet dreams to thee

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Christmas Is Magical

Christmas is a magical time
a time for love and joy
where even in wars there is piece
between the men and women deployed

Children laugh with parents
around a green tree 
everyone is together
as it should always be

snow falls on the ground
leaving everything in a blanket of white
icicles hanging from roof tops
it's such a glorius sight

Christmas is a magical time
for every boy and girl
it's a time for great happiness
and joy throughout the world

Anne Hessler

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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The Gift of Sound

The Gift of Sound.

In our little house stands an upright piano
Tuned by a blind man blessed by the gift of sound. 

My son sat one day playing a masterpiece 
Wrote long ago by a man who couldn’t hear.

Listening to the music it took my mind away to
Afar magical places no luggage and no cases.
My mind kept jumping between different scenes
Fields of colored flowers the loveliest it can be.

Shadows of far mountains colors in different hues
A pied piper sat under a tree playing his favorite tune.

Sheep gathered together chased by a cleverly dog
Taught by nature no cane and no flog.

Oh… the gift of sound.

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Take Me Far Away

Take me take me far away

To the place for which I pray;

To the place that is Divine

Built by God Himself and fine.

Take me take me far away,

I am dreaming day by day,

To the place where I’m protected,

Speaking words is sure method.

Take me take me far away

Where I want to be and stay,

Where I feel that I am precious

Met with love, enjoy the pleasures.

Take me take me far away,

Show the Light, Your Secret Way

Which is leading into Peace,

Where I’m happy and released.

Take me take me far away

To the place for which I pray;

To the place that is Divine –

Where All The Best is Mine.

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Smell the spring aroma and 
let it delight all your senses...
don't the softest roses bloom
on windless, sunniest days?

Let my slow fingers caress your lustrous hair,
feel the pleasant warmth of a lovely afternoon;
on windless, sunniest days...
don't the softest roses bloom?

Only the truest lovers can set the white moon ablaze,
as the passing stars shed more light on their faces;
don't the softest roses bloom
on windless, sunniest days?

God gave us love freely as the air we breath;
humans have turned it into lust and doom...
on windless, sunniest days
don't the softest roses bloom?

Entered in Jared Pickett's contest,"Mirrored Refrain"

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Turn on your light

Turn On Your Light.

Turn on your light

Turn on your light
Light the velvet softness of your night
You might have felt that breath of sweetest power
In that silver moon
That paints the twilight hours
Have you ever felt that mystic pull
That takes you from the smallest flower 
To melt into the all.

I sometimes stand there staring at the sea
As each wave reaches out to destiny
To fade and then to come back
So another wave might form
To be destroyed
Then to be reborn….

Turn on your light
Pass no judgment, who’s to say what’s right?
 No need for this when light is shining bright
Have you felt such magic
Have you felt that pull
It’s something that must happen to each fool
He must learn how to melt into
The silence of the all.

The secrets they be wrote within your soul
Seek them out and let them make you whole
Each flower it must bloom then die
So know your precious I
Must be destroyed
To be reborn… 

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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, go. I'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
years. Someone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down below. A magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

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My Wishes are Simple

My Wishes are Simple

My wishes are simple,
my desires few,

to gaze upon an ocean,
and marvel at a solitary drop of dew.

My wishes are simple,
my dreams not too grand,

to feel the waves teasing my tired feet,
with no footprints left in the cool, wet sand.

My wishes are simple,
my thoughts serenely gentle, calm,

my heart resting beneath a swaying palm,

healing my being, caressed by nature's soothing balm.

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Will You Travel With Me To Heaven PART THREE

Imagine a king who has many
Servants staying at his palace
It would make no sense at all if those
Servants do not fulfill their purpose

Those servants were ordered to work
And to respect that king at all times
While the king gives them a place to stay
They should always make his palace shine

Any slave who does not work may
Eventually be kicked out soon
Any slave who works improperly
May likewise end up without a room

That king has a right to command
His slaves to sing lovely songs of him
To choose the number of times to wash
A staircase, because he is 'king'

That king has a right to command his
Slaves to do well to his family
To treat his close friends with respect
And welcome his guests cheerfully

To tell them not to touch this and that
To disallow them from certain rooms
To do what he commands them to do
As he is the owner who rules

So when Allah gives a command
A command that must be obeyed
You must obey Allah's Commandments
Or else you might get yourself astray

So if Allah commands you to pray
To Him, five prayers everyday
Don't ask 'why? ' Don't ask 'why five salahs? '
Just listen to God, and obey

God lets you walk on the earth He made
God gives you fresh air for you to breathe
God keeps the clouds above you floating
And gives you drink and food to eat

God gave you a brain with which to think
And still you ask 'why should you pray? '
We pray to Allah, the Mighty King
Who lets us live each night and day

When you're awake, when you're asleep
The air you breathe each night and day
What you inhale and what you exhale
Are some things from God which you don't pay

The ability to taste is a
Gift from God which many just ignore
Imagine if you could not taste the
Food you eat, eating would be a bore

You eat fruits and vegetables that God
Created, from plants that Allah made
You drink water which belongs to God
And yet you ask 'why must we pray? '


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Leave me with my dreams

Leave me with my dreams.

Leave me with my dreams
Cause I’m a dreaming fellow
Leave me here a pondering
With mind all calm and mellow
Picturing a better world
Where evil is no more
Let me dream of the harmony
Of a world all free of war.

It might never happen
Sometimes it seems to me
That a tadpole has more chance
Of swimming in the deep blue sea
But let me dream about it
It makes my heart feel warm
Let me dream of a world at peace
And this it be the norm.

Leave me with my dreaming
Of peace and harmony
Where God will rest within each heart
And a perfect world will be
Where everywhere becomes a space
Of sweetest liberty.

Leave me with my dreams
Maybe they’ll seep into you
Then peace and harmony might reign
In everything you do
I guess that someone has to dream
For something to be born
So if more folk did get to dreaming
There might be a brand new dawn.

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Skin Deep

If I could dream
for anything
I would dream of Peace, Love
and Unity
for all Bloods & Crips
all gangs, are in need of a change
for you represent such ignorance
and scrutiny 
Difference in colors worn
Sides in which you were born
are truly all that divides
when the two opposing sides
and it makes no sense
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside
And a future generation
is hard to provide
when death, is like your shadow
creepin' up by your side
and drive-by shootings happen
each late night, outside
where running seems the only option
to know
for no places to hide
no defense for your demise
for a difference in colors worn
and what side in which you were born
is truly all that divides
when these two sides collide
and it makes no sense to me
for we all Bleed
Blue turned Red
Blood Inside

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Just Be

Society, community, society, community.
You can leave now and let me be.
I will swim free, free in your sea. 
Your sea? your sea, polluted now, Oh you will never see.
Broken hearts, bodies too, beloved inner child, I love you.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
I know now that this is all I need.
To be. To be. That is all, just Be.
Burn your toys, television too, kill the car, the radio..... 
Unleash, unravel, these boys, disentangle, unblock, reset there mind, please sir,
could you be so kind?
Simplicity, Simplicity, simplicity.
Eye's clenched shut.
Now I know, Alone in my hut, not long to go, you will be free.
Free. free. free.
Buy the car, buy the house, buy the cow, consume, consume, but how?
Now, now, you tell me are you happy? for ever and art thou.
Ah ha, you see, you see.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
That is all I need, I choose now, my self is free?
Yes, yes, yes sir, me?
Free to sit, sit and just be.
Me? Free? free to swim in this endless blue sea?
I will just sit, sit right here, against this healing earth, oh so very near.
My mind is liquid, free to birth.
Just be. Just Be. Just Be.
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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Before I found you

Before I found you, I was wandering in the desert of solitude. You came to show me the way to happiness, to joy, the experience of love! I love you, a love without end! To say "I love you with a love without end... I love you, a pure love ... I love you with a passionate love... I love you explicitly, a love of infinite possibilities..." - it all seems redundant ... but the truth is that there is insufficient redundancy to express my feelings for you! What I desire for you day? You to be happier today than yesterday and less than tomorrow ... and I can participate actively in this process of happiness ... I love you so much!

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Hey, Pete Seeger!


Do you know the path to freedom,
do you know the road to peace,
do you know the value of truth and wisdom -
let’s bind our hands across the land.

Do you know how to love your brother,
do you know how to understand,
do you realize that you live only once -
let’s fill the world with love and joy.

The world is in a state of sorrow,
poverty, wars and hate abound;
let us stop all of these philosophizing,
let’s sing the song of peace instead.

The world is in a state of sorrow,
poverty, wars and hate abound;
let us stop all of these philosophizing,
let’s sing the song of peace instead.

     (Dedicated to Pete Seeger)

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oh, mary oliver… slitting my eyes from a world pining for a refuge where my solace touches your depth in celtic notes, i turn into tender bones fluid and chaste… my illumined flames taste the potion of air while you watch my breath climb softly, kindling my womanhood incense, gold, and myrrh. heavy loops jut out from my skin melting like translucent powder where river and sky beg a chime : they inhabit each other, tasting the nectar of mellow stars in an outer world my eyes cannot reach. my cells, my being , my very breath release the blue of soft fire, as you come “to flow out across the mother of all waters,” gently tapping my pulse “to lose myself on the black and silky currents”… and as your hand blossoms in my meditation, i become a white evening woman balancing myself between two pelvic walls. ....................... Letters to Poets for Monterey Sirak ~inspiration from Mary Oliver’s “ White Night” by nette onclaud

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I have loved it all

I have loved it all

I have loved it all
Adored the whole of it
All those foolish dramas
The dirt and all the grit
The joy, and all it’s sorrows
I’ve really loved it all
All in all my life is beautiful.

I’ve heard folk moan about old age
But not me, never, no
Cause every day forever more
I’ll always feel that glow
That comes from living happily
Within this now, and here
I’m holding each new day so very dear.

I have loved it all
I have, that’s how I be
Oh, I’m so glad to be here
With my philosophy
My fate knows what she’s doing
And she’ll do right by me.

You’ll never hear me moaning
About my years so far
Cause all is an adventure
With me, the leading star
And when I leave this shell behind
I’m quite prepared to go
Though where I’m bound for then, I do not know.

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The Poetic Blues

I think I self-sabotage unknowingly 
because of fear
So my message goes unheard because I’m afraid to let the people hear
And end up drowning in the poetic blues
doubting my ability to write about the truth;

I dug deeper and deeper into myself trying to write a poem good enough to be free of judgment
Then I stepped out on faith and suddenly I was triumphant 
and my writing grew 
and I was loving it
I had finally passed the fear of speaking and caring about who the fu*c! was judging it

As I wait to be inspired for the next poem, 
I sit and think alone and drown in my sorrows
Listening to jazz, blues and a.m. radio
trying to find an excuse not to perform at the SLAM 
because again I can’t think of a damn thing to write…..
Drowning in poetic blues
Will this be the one that will be thrown away and never be used 

Or will this be the one that transcends the others  
and finally prove that poetry is blues and blues is poetry and hip hop and jazz and r&b, 
Poetry is music and the words dance around in my soul 
and I am free once they become spoken 
In the meantime the paper is where the words will rest 
until the silence is broken

Drowning in the sea of proper delivery 
My voice, my stance, my intensity
How will others interpret the words that I’ve chosen so diligently?
I wrap my soul around the possibility that none of the words I choose – 
will keep me from becoming deluged and trapped by the poetic blues

Somehow my heart refuses to accept that I don’t deserve to have my words heard 
and it takes over this whole process
No more time for shrinking and feeling less
I was born to  make my words manifest light
I am a gorgeous medium to the truth yeah that's right
I was sent here to give you a piece of good news
Remember that God is with you when you get
The poetic blues

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The Unhappy Moth

She chose a red scarf. The most red 
of them all.
Of a dark red, a sweet and thick red color,
just as wine.

She carved from the red scarf
from the middle
to the size of a Martini glass.

Then she carved one more glass,
and she kept carving 
till she fell asleep.

she saw her Beloved Moth 
flirting with a Younger Moth, 
carving together from a sweater
while she was getting busy,
carving in the shelves.

The Unhappy Moth drank lots of wine
woolen wine, 
last night.
She drank lots, too much
for a Moth.
The Unhappy Moth got drunk
and fell asleep
on the red scarf,
with a heart filled with peace.

She was not afraid no more. 
Now she could be seen easily,
laying on the scarf
and easily crushed.

The Unhappy Moth was not 
afraid of death no more,
at least, now she knew 
how wonderful the red scarfs are
and that they taste
like red wine.

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Could you believe, 
something so extrodinary?
Could you percieve,
something so out of the ordinary?

I used to think I was dead
Lots of confusion inside my head
Trying to find something fimilliar
An experience deemd peculiar

I wish i wasnt stuck with this curse
I dont know what I am worth
I belong to another world
Where things arent so cold 
And we never get old

When you dont even know what youre looking at 
In the mirror
Fictional fact,
with a little horror
You start to wonder
what it feels like,
to get hit by thunder

Like I said
Once, in my mind, I was dead
Not inside my head
Not inside my mind
Not the physical kind

When you have been immortal
This life is just a temporary portal
A wormhole
Where you chase, rise and fall
and end up, with nothing at all

I cannot feel, like everyone else
I do not hear, the golden glittering bells
I am subjected to this reality against my will
It makes me illl

Whats the point, of all of this
You may ask
Its all one big twist
We hold on  to something
thats already gone
Thinking on Earth, here's somewhere we belong

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Natures Cathedral

I was alone with my thoughts as I tread
deep in the heart of a forest bed
of green grass and flowers with fragrance divine
where I found a Heavenly sign...

I saw Natures Cathedral today 
A beautiful tree deep in the green 
with the sun as it's crown like I've never seen
Nature beamed on this vision of Joy...

I knelt at this alter of peace
my  prayers flowed like the waters that HE
once tread upon in welcoming home
Other lost souls just like me......

I found Natures Cathedral today 
A beautiful Cross truly sublime
like a new start in life the beginning of time
I knew that HE stood there close to me..

In Nature's Cathedral today.....


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can i be with you

dear love, o' love, love 
can i be with you, o' love?
can i stay with you, o' dear love?
o' love, love, love
you are the perfect key to every heart
((o' love!))
you are the string to every heart
((dear love!))
you are the peace to my heart
((love, o' love!))
your mood is so emotional
but your love is so natural
you are the wood to my art
to carry me by the walls of my heart

can i be with you?
o' love,
wont you leave and gone? 
dear love,
can i talk with you? 
pure love,
can i walk with you? 
soul love,
you are the need to my wish,
(that is love)
you are the feed to my dish,
(such is love)
you are the strength to the weak,
(o' love)
you are the length to the thick,
(endless love)
can i be with you?
o' love

wondering not but,
is my heart there?
or has it faded?
is it beating? 
or has it deflated?
o' how i wish love you were
so close to mine and there
to stone me a love with care
yes, i stare 
with eyes of love and share
love with her that dare
to share,

i ask with no one... 

can i fall in love
with you, o' dear love?
wont you escape my heart?
wont you run away from love?
wont you fade away from love?
come stay with me, o' dear love
come lay with me, not tear love
some blame with you, but care love
come wave with me, share love
you are the perfect key to every heart
((o' love!))
you are the string to every heart
((dear love!))
you are the peace to my heart
((love, o' love!))
come be with me
((o' dear love))


poem: can i be with you?
book: the melody of my heart
book no. 14 of 2012
december 2012


facebook: opnmambo
twitter: @opnmambo

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Song of Peace

Dark circle of night
When touched by the light
Life begins, life begins,
Life begins,

Push everyone, come and push everyone

From the backward thoughts and ignorance
From the cruelty and dishonesty
From deception and oppression
From antagonism and violation

Come to the light and begin your life
Come to the light and begin your life

Like the Divine Light
Spread the Peace that kind 
Free from evil dark sedition
Free from tumult of destruction
Free from profane hypocrisy
Free from puzzles and confusions

Push everyone, come and push everyone

Be a human, show humanity
Be a humble one, never hate others
Be a perfect one, show this to world
Be a mild one, keep harmony
Be inspired one, like ecstatic tunes

Dark circle of night
When touched by the light
Life begins, life begins,
Life begins.

Poetess S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari.

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Angels Lullaby

Close your eyes and rest your little head,
Time has come for you to go to bed,
I will gently stroke your little cheek
Go to sleep; go to sleep.
Piglet and Pooh Bear under each arm,
For you know with them your safe from harm.
Restful sleep until the morning comes,
I will hum; I will hum.

Let’s ride your rocket over Saturn,
Come circle Jupiter and mars.
Venus; such a lovely planet,
See the Milky Way and all its stars.

See the lambs that you saw at the Zoo,
With your Piglet and your Pooh Bear too.
Ev’ry star you visit carve a notch,
I will watch; I will watch.
Time then for a quiet peaceful sleep,
Where the Angels your soul gently keeps,
Guarding there until the break of day.
I will pray; I will pray.

Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Poem not in PS congest #14

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Realm of Reality

Introduction: Life is a mystery with many ups and downs throughout the journey. The
journey filled with thoughts of tranquility and turmoil. But the perfect sensation is the
time when you get to feel closer to your Almighty, the one who understands you the best,
your closest friend, your hope and light, your solution to every problem, The mystery you
came to life to solve and to believe in.
Even in the happiest and the saddest moments, He is always there when you need Him.

Right now I am, thinking what to write
Holding my pen, it’s almost midnight,
I’m truly out of words, to express my whole life,
It’s so absurd, cut all pain through a knife
And I wish I could feel, Your presence in my soul
I know that You know, what I am going through
And I’m not sure I believe, unless I really feel
But I know when You’re not there, so I pray to feel You near

Now I can see, what this life is about
Now I do know, I’m too lost without,
Diamond in the rough, that’s what I was
But now I’m reborn by the shower of Your bliss
I’d die to satisfy, I’d do everything I can,
No matter how tough, after all I’m a man
I won’t fall apart, You’re always in my heart
I’d swim oceans and more, only to be Your friend

This undying grace of Your creation,
Time and space, more than perfection
You’ve opened my eyes and showed me the truth
You’ve blessed peace to my soul; I know what’s my role
I see two key coins, one black and one white
And all I have to join, the one with your light
Life is as it is, we make it our own
Hard or easy, full or alone

Everything grows, as they all involve
With the rose you put down, to show us what’s love
I wake up early, to see Your beauty,
Throughout the morning sun, I feel complete and done,
I drive all the way and see my problems solved,
By Your love from above, I stand still so firm
Everything I do, everywhere I go,
Every moment I breathe, I remind myself of You…my Almighty.

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Isigin Dusu-II

Senle ve sensiz bir hic
Yururum yolumda
Korkmadan yasamin
Senle sensiz bir hic

Bir dag yamacinda ucurum hayatim senle sensiz bir hic
Yasam dersem kabulum agit yakilmis sevdamiza
Hikayesi  umit olsa da  acsa  cicek olsa sevda yaylalarda
Senle sensiz bir hic  bilerim  tasinmaz yasanmaz  nefesimiz

Bir cicek sevda yaylada ruzgarla esen
Kosma  olumune  desem  kimse dinlemez  
Ruzgarlar  sallar eser gullu  basma  bedenini 
Saklar saclarini yazmali basortusu dantelli
Akar bir nehir  sevdayla senle ve sensiz hic
Bir  koca cinar  bolunmus toprak yarik yarim
Amansiz nehir  akar  bolunur  delinen kalbim 
Senle ve sensiz bir hic  canim sevdam
Cok  canlar  oldu telef gozyasi oldu tasti  irmak
Cok analar yakti agit  kan kirmizi  irmak

Cok kahpe planlar hoyratca  goz yumanlar
Cok aci  kahkahalar oyunu  sessizce  oynatanlar
Senle ve sensiz alkis tutanlar bir hic  utancim
Gelecegim senle sensiz 
Isigin dusu  umidim cocuklarim

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-------------------------The Soul I Sold------------

If I seem down forgive me Frowns I carry around live in me When I break you see right through me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... The hurt I’ve learned brews in me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... Your words so true renew me If only you'd re-design me Take time rewind refine me Recreate the mold without lies I’ve told... GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... The hurt I’ve learned brews in me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD....

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You can think of all the people
Like John Lennon used to do 
You can have the heart of Bono
Give your life in service too

Have a noble cause when you're ready
Lord knows the need is great
Belong to the UN or the Peace Corps
I'm sure it wouldn't be a mistake

But every person on the planet
Has a vacuum only God can fill
You can't find it in the rat race
The peace you crave comes in the still

So don't look at your circumstance
Don't focus on how things should be
A peace sign on your car is not important
Until you look inside you'll never see

That Peace is not a cause or a movement
It can't be found in anything you do
The source of it isn't made of matter
Peace is simply God in you!

Lyric poem

The Peace Sign Contest
Sponsored by: Kristen Bruni

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Holding The Sun

I grew up in a place I didn't want to be
Became someone that i knew i didn't want to be
Society grabbing me by the throat telling me to be me
But who are they to say that I should be what is not me?
Catastrophe shaking this world, leaving fault lines at the finish line
Scarred for what we have to look forward to
You can't put your soul on hold for all your past pretensions
Earthquakes changing the course of continuation
Throwing vibes from left and right
Hitting the pedal to ignite
What imperial dilemmas that arise from such despise
From what i know i'm just another reflection of disguise, who am i?
Those that float around with no worries in the world,
Don't care about the money, all they've got is what's gold
The people who kill, for power and respect
Dont realize what is out there is what's in the next step
And it's all in their head
We've got all of eternity
The tower of destruction that'll set us all free
Cause in the end we always find that there's another place to be;
physically or mentally.
People walking around with frowns carved into their faces
I wonder if theyll ever look up and see that they've been going places
All along, 
Giving up falling down through the cracks of the ground
They're at fault for all loss that was among their own soul
Oh, its a cold world
As it slowly turns, im watching the clock tick as i feel the room burn
And its funny, that people try to play the game of constant manipulation,
Repeated deification.
Thinking they were born alive, but really,
They were only born to die.
No not everyone lives under the sun these days
A lot of those that fear thy own will fall pale in the shade
Under a dead willow
How we all want the sun because it's here for a reason
We all expect it to invest in the seasons
The government work of treason,
Throwing ropes to pull it down
Making this place so much hotter than it was when underground
I can't stand to be bothered by the burn that it's put on my wrist
From slamming this door shut, we've got to put an end to this
We're destroying what's inside ourselves cause of things on all the shelves
Yet he destroys, and he breaks, so we build
They take the money, and we run it while they kill
Although it's kinda funny that the state depends on pills,
I'll hold the sun and run away from all that's real.

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Closer to You

I need what I thirst for
Her presence fulfills me
Quenches what I yearn for
She's with me all the time
I keep her on my mind
It's not enough; I need more.
Let my eyes engulf you,
Or make me blind;
My vision can't consume
Another flower
That isn't at full bloom.
And I do mean to sound rude
When I say,
There isn't a shape
With the same symmetry as you 
You laugh,
Am I a jester at heart
Silently playing a fool
Or do my demands bring a smile
And by inches,
bring me closer to you.

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Regaining power

Regaining Power.

He walks a lonely road, with his head there in the clouds
And he doesn’t even notice passing strangers
He’s been here ‘bout a thousand years forever all alone
And he’s always looking out for passing danger.

Invisible sometimes he feels, so he tries to seek the glory
As the child calls out in panic “I am here
They have taken all my power so my blossom will not flower
And all around I’ve built a wall of fear

But it’s his pain it is his game
As he prowls around his cage
He lives in vain, is he insane?
And fear ignites his rage.

The truth be plain, the lions mane is what he must acquire
The little boy he must regain his power
And tell the world “I’m here, I’m here” and feed the burning fire
It would take this much to open up his flower.

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Armageddon Pt 1

It's bout to get worse
It was written in the verse
The truth hurts

When the time comes
No one's gonna hold up a sign
saying it's time to "get right"
It's gone come like a thief in the night!
Blowin' up and wreckin ish!
The war you want is the war you gone get
It was written before our time
We keep looking at the signs
manifest before our very eyes
constantly denying our right
to be one of the meek ones of our time

We're at the end of what used to be existence
Every super power will answer to a higher power 
so pray repentence
The time is closer than any distance
From Washington to Obama
No one will escape the wrath!
Hope you choose the right path!
Narrow is the gate of the righteous tracks
that are imprented on the mind of the omnipotent one
Will you be spared life on earth with the meek ones
and accurately take in knowledge of his son?
OR will you perish in the dust
never to be awakened again?
No consciousness of sin

It's in the verses
Read it, see it, live it, rehearse it
You see the times changing
You see the minds fading
You see the world and how messed up it is
You see that nigga satan and his curses!
I pray to have a chance to live a beautiful paradise on earth like it say in the verses!


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The crystal lake

The crystal lake

The crystal lake, so soft, serene and still
Enhanced our love, so tender it did feel
As we sat and watched the world go by
And all it seemed was part of you and I.

My heartstrings sang, as the sun worshipped your hair
As your essence glowed, so pristine and so rare
Your soft, sweet beauty, it lulled my head like wine
As your lovely eyes like naked stars did shine.

As the Lord looked down, and cast her light on you
And with this light came love so pure and true
Our lonely days were over, we’d found joy
In a love so strong that nothing could destroy.

And time stood still and all that is was one
We shared each other with the rising sun
Then we laughed, and sang, and laughed and cried
We’d found that space where only love can hide.


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me, myself and no one else

i think you should know 
that i've been me 
for a long while now 

and i think you should know 
that i'll be me again 
here today, oh so down

yea i've been down for while now

but i think you should know 
that i'm trying a little harder 
to not be me in such a way 
it offends you, yea

i wonder if i could wake up and not worry about a thing
take your responsibilities and do away with structure
time and all, i envy the luxury

i kind of like to think
i'd like to be a record player
static and bristles is all i'd have to worry about 
to got out and play

and i could be compact or i could be a thumb tact
and i could make you smiling happy or i could make you hurt, yea
but then i would just be the same 
and that's just what i want to change

i just want to change
and be someone somewhere new 
if i could change you
i'd only ask you to help me change my
tired thoughts

i think you should know 
that i've been me 
for a long while now 

and i think you should know 
that i'll be me again 
here today, oh so down

yea i've been down for while now

"would you if you could"

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Painful Blessings

God's child and only his.
He's been teaching me lessons since..
before my teenage years. 
I learn things quickly, a genius...maybe.
He has yet to expose his gift to me.
He has yet to begin revealing my destiny.
So I wait...wait for my world to shake.
Wait for my heart to ache. 
With every storm comes sunshine. 
An inner glow given from the divine. 
A new found sense of control. 
Thank you for allowing me to learn lessons.
That's why I call them painful blessings.

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The Pen

The pen
Conveys words-
Thoughts and feelings-
Onto paper.
Insecurities, rights, wrongs-
Is written on paper
With a pen
At least for me.

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A New World

I dream to see the day
when I could look out my window
to watch a new world emerging.

I dream to see a streak of light
descending from the clouds
to herald the birth of a morning.

There’s only one road to peace
and it begins right inside of you and me;
it’s never too late and hey, let’s not wait,
it’s our destiny, it’s our fate.

I dream to see the day
when you and I could be as one
and every man is everyone’s neighbor.

I dream to see a white dove winging
towards the blue wide skies
when the guns of doom will pound no more.


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Transformation of Propensity

As I walk upon this road of life…
I desire the path absent from strife…
Free from monetary delusions…
Free from Egocentric energy games of confusion…
Moving from hoping there is greater purpose to existence…
Into knowing the significance of removing resistance…

Floating within the ocean of motion, seeking to find inner peace…
Surrendering to the will of inquisitive nature, allowing false beliefs release…

Show me my dreams, revealing true desires…
Show me the mystery to ignite the passionate intension fire…
Show me my source of loves purity…
Free from judgments latent with fearful insecurities.

Floating within the ocean of motion, seeking to find inner peace…
Surrendering to the will of inquisitive nature, allowing false beliefs release…

I am a seed floating among winds of change…
Nurtured by the fertility of divinity…
To flourish is to breathe…
Mind is the soil for my seeds of desire…
My spoken word is the sunlight, the water…
Creating materialization of tangible fruit…

 Floating within the ocean of motion, seeking to find inner peace…
Surrendering to the will of inquisitive nature, allowing false beliefs release…

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Play with doves

After long day`s play
with doves ,they fly in the light
Let`s rest in the love

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Born out of rhythm

      Born Out Of Rhythm.

Born out of rhythm, in a world so filled with din

A man just born to suffer, or there ain’t no moving in

He was born beyond the other side of town

And he never lets his burdens weigh him down.


He’s trying to grab the sky to find the way

The future where, and where was yesterday?

He’s trying to be a nowhere man

And no one strives to really understand.

He moves into a corner as they try to keep him down

He knows another world 

so his words they try to drown.

Born to be humbled, he can’t let them get him down

As he throws away his pride

lets them treat him like a clown

Or anything, it doesn’t mean a thing

 As he tries to wither, sees what that will bring.

Written in 1990.

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Fight for your Righteousness

If your going to fight something, 

Fight for your spirit to not allow the soul to be taken, 

Being that man & woman was created by the Creator we continue to walk 
& join the forsaken

People shout for justice & equality but don’t exemplify the righteousness that 
mankind is established with mentally

Learning a few words, promoting red, gold, & green wearing the clothes to look 
like an aphrodisiac isn’t going to get us by

Wearing clothes is wearing an image allowing our soul to be taken by a visual spirit

A spirit that’s concern with how you look instead of what’s in the book

The Creator is bigger & much deeper than our wondrous minds can image

It definitely haves nothing to do with how you look

If you wanna fight for righteousness start by helping the poor, look them in their 
eyes to let them know your pure

That’s the beginning of fighting the uniting war…

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Uncle Sam's Hokey Pokey -- shaped as his top hat


Uncle Sam's Hokey Pokey
                                     l      l      l       l        l 
                                     ya' put your red flag in
                                      put your red flag out
                                       put your red flag in
                                               and ya'
                                       shake it all around.
                                       *           *          *
                                  ya' stop this hocus pocus
                              and we'll turn this thing around
                                end war's what it's all about!

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I like your love

I like your love
It's pure, it's innocent
and I don't think I've seen this before

You replenish my reserves before it's necessary 
you lift my wings up and 
make me superior to my adversary 
Creatively providing the exact amount of 
what I need to go another day
I like your love
and for as long as you'll have me I'll stay

You make me comfortable in my space
What she share cannot be replaced
with any other type of love
be it artificial or tainted or lustfully blatant 
Those illusions don't exist because
we found this love and we claimed it

I cherish those nights when I scratch your head
When you sit between my thighs and I twist your dreads
We become an us that is so pure
that the spring waters question the purity of it's source
I like your love - it's a divine force

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The pain of change as it unfolds
Is oft a tale that stays untold
What is seen is a whole creature
not deep holes in the feature
nor concrete soles that makes his feet hurt

It all begins with a soft kiss
He is walking with a false bliss
Only following in paw prints
But the nature of mom's lips
Is to rob him of all innocence

Trapped in warm spindles of fear
A wrapped life form kindles in here
Four years bound to shingles of moss
Time to leave this life of sloths
Break free like that of a moth
and Rise again like Christ on the cross

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Leave me with my dreams

Leave me with my dreams
Cause I’m a dreaming fellow
Leave me here a pondering
With mind all calm and mellow
Picturing a better world
Where evil is no more
Let me dream of the harmony
Of a world all free of war.

It might never happen
Sometimes it seems to me
That a tadpole has more chance
Of swimming in the deep blue sea
But let me dream about it
It makes my heart feel warm
Let me dream of a world at peace
And this it be the norm.

Leave me with my dreaming
Of peace and harmony
Where God will rest within each heart
And a perfect world will be
Where everywhere becomes a space
Of sweetest liberty.

Leave me with my dreams
Maybe they’ll seep into you
Then peace and harmony might reign
In everything you do
I guess that someone has to dream
For something to be born
So if more folk did get to dreaming
There might be a brand new dawn.

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Storm In The Wind

(Oh Girl),
You're like the storm and the wind, 
Tearin up the city and breaking the 
Whenever I'm around you girl, 
I get weak, 
You're breaking my heart, 
And tearing up me, 
Breaking my heart, 
Breaking my heart,  (Tearing up me)
(Ooh girl)
I know we will make it, 
Even though the wind is blowing 
careless at me, 
I can't do this without you girl, 
I'll get weak, 
Stop breaking my heart, 
Bringing me to my knees,
(Chorus) 2x 
Even though the love hurricane is 
blowing careless at me, 
I can't do this without you girl, 
I'm too weak, 
You breaking my heart, 
You're the storm of the week. 

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The sensitive kind

The sensitive man

He loves he, the grass in the meadow
He loves all the flowers that grow
And loves living life with a passion
And watching the whole of the show
He loves he the sun that is shining
And the moon when it lights the dark sky
And he loves that he’s here
With a mind pure and clear
Though one day he knows he  must die.

He likes to live life in the middle
And flow like a river at ease
And all of the clouds in the heavens
Their patterns his heart do well please
As he walks him the trails in the morning
Sweet dreams going round in his head
And there be a theme worth a poem
So he goes home and writes it instead.

As all of the flowers do touch him
And the birds they do sing a new song
He sits here beneath his lounge window
And knows this is where he belongs
As he’s lost in the dance of the morning
Nothing else enters his mind
He leaves all the drama around him
For he be the sensitive kind.

4 July 2013 @ 1400hrs.

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I'm like a lion
Tryin to be  trained
to behave in a cage, but
I wasnt born to be tame
Full of stress and rage
 Im compressed and chained
Infected with depression
beCause I cant catch a break
Lifes taste is so tart
In pain from my scars
Stained by lame luck
Stuck behind apace car
I strive to write
But all I can type is the space bar
I'm Pervaded with doubt
About to freakout
Quick Someone bail me out
I would sniff my way out
but I got this cyst on my snout
From 6 years of this drought
Im sittin with this could of pout
Stickin to me like jam from a can
like melted candy in your hand
I'M a pantree full of Spam
 A Letter without the stamp
A debtor without a plan
Like chicken on a pan without any Pam,
Damn I'm starting to get pissed
 I got to devise a plan, before I break my fist,
Punching this brick wall, I got the spit but no ball
got the wits with no squall, like a toliet with no stall
 Slippin in a pit fall, Shiz just snow balls
I want to brawl, missed last call
My Stick shift just stalled,
This lawl has no intention at stopin at all
And I'm kicking myself in the balls
like old men walking up and down the halls
so i flop, just like a dust mop
Now i got knots in my food box
The size of king kongs rocks and
Every door has been locked
I try to soar but its all for not

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I made my way to the Airport
Board my flight, destination…New York
Secured my seat I began staring out the window
Ready set for the spectacle display on show

Lift off...and away we go
Turning to our left like a boomerang-bow
Above the clouds my eyes start explore
There are things about the clouds I do adore
As we pass over the Island of Grenada, I saw
Beautiful cloud formation...encore

There was a gate guarded by two Angels with spears
Inside sat a King proud and fierce 
Flanked by Angels in garment white and clean
Guarding his kingdom from us… or so it seem

It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen
No dream, all real what I saw
I just love staring out the window…

Copyright © March 30th 2011
By: Brian Pierre-Alexander

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I'll keep dancing forever

I’ll keep dancing forever

In this wonderful world that I’m in
Everything is a beautiful dance
I don’t know what’s coming before me
It’s a sweet game of wonderful chance
So many get caught in the fear game
As each day does crush them some more
But I’m on a wonderful journey
Though I know me not what’s in store

The end I can see in the future
But what is the future I ask
The past it has gone like the dust in the wind
So, can in the future, one bask??
So I say ‘who cares’ it’s all nothing
Just an old boat afloat on the sea 
As it waits to be broke by the ocean
And join in with eternity.

So it’s all a dance, to my thinking
The good parts, the bad parts as well
And me I don’t know where I’m going
Don’t believe in no Heaven, nor hell
One dances, no thought for the ending
And so it’s the same with my life
I’m going to get into the dancing
Through all of my love, joy and strife.

7 July 2013 @ 0712hrs

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Race for Grace

Race for Grace, tighten your lace
Heaven is the place, its always been the case
Stare in space, wonder where is this place
Can't win with a 9 and an ace, go all the way
So seek HIM and pray, so when is the day
We go unto Grace, in my heart HE is 1st place
So do you still wonder how to win, the Race for Grace
You are puzzled, or in a maze
But i found, the only 1 to arose from a grave
It is we HE saved, so do you see
We all can win, The Race for Grace

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Through that door

Through that door

As the Sun crashed through my window
As the birds awoke the dawn
My mind made new by daybreak
It became the day reborn.
And a whisper stirred within me
From my heart arose these words
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll  “hear” these blessed birds”.

And those trees did softly rustle 
In the early morning breeze.
And I became the morning 
and the breeze that moved these trees
And the whisper softly told me 
As the dawn it beckoned me
“Go through that door to the other side
Then you’ll dance just like those trees”.

Through that door, through that door
Go through that door beyond.
Just keep on moving to the other side
Let the shadows all be gone.

That door seemed so elusive
When I sought it with my mind
Then the whisper seemed to tell me
Just leave your mind behind
Then I felt the sweetest music
As the trees they shone so bright
And as I wandered through that door
I felt such sweet delight

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SUNNY WEATHER DREAM lyrics for Halleluja contest

                                      SUNNY WEATHER DREAM

    There was a child --who had a dream,
     Peace gave his eyes a secret gleam, 
     But no one thought he had a chance to do much,
     And every day he went to school, his teachers were some awful fools
     But still he tried to keep it all together
     His heart beating:
     Sunny weather, sunny weather, 
      His heart beating :  sunny weather, sunny weather
     The boy became a man one day
     The dream was safely tucked away
     Though no one thought he had a chance to do much
      Kept his nose clean-- to the ground, sure his life would turn around
     There must be Someone who holds it all together!
     In the distance:
     Sunny weather, sunny weather, 
     In the distance:
     Sunny weather, sunny weather
     The world was heavy --time’s were rough
     And all alone life seems so tough
     Still no one thought he’d had a chance to do much
     But he stayed faithful to his song, Did more right than he did wrong
     tried to keep his life and loves together
     And he longed for :     Sunny weather, sunny weather,
     How he longed for:  Sunny weather, sunny weather
    And then one day he fell apart
    His precious dream escaped his heart 
    Still no one thought he had a chance to do much
    But every day the world made war, the body count piled more and more
    He drifted off as helpless as a feather
    And his soul grabbed
    Sunny weather, sunny weather, 
    sunny weather, sunny weather
    There was a dream that had a man
    Proclaiming peace in every land
    Though no one thought he had a chance to do much
    The ragged tune a little blurred but was a song that children heard
    Rejoiced that he had kept it all together
    Now the world sings
    Sunny weather, sunny weather, 
    Now the world sings:
    Sunny weather,sunny weather

January 20, 2013
Contest  Lyrics for Frank

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Christmas in the Middle East

Said the soldier to his wife at home,
do you see what I see?

Way up in the sky, my dear,
do you see what I see?

A rocket, a rocket, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite...
With a tail as big as a kite... 

Said the soldier to his only son,
do you hear what I hear?

Ringing through the sky, my boy,
do you hear what I hear?

A bomb, a bomb, high above the sands
With a voice as big as the sea...
With a voice as big as the sea... 

Said the soldier to his president,
do you know what I know? 

So safe at home, Mr. President,
do you know what I know? 

Men, men are dying in the sand
Let us bring them home
Let us bring them home 

Said the Poet to the people everywhere,
listen to what I say! 

Pray for peace, people everywhere,
listen to what I say!

Our nation, our nation, rising to its feet
Its strength will bring us peace today
Its strength will bring us peace today.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              ----------------------------------
Based on the "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Christmas song written in October 1962 with lyrics by Noël Regney and music by Gloria Shayne Baker. 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                             ----------------------------------While Christmas approaches nearer to our hearts and homes, it is important to remember our brothers over-seas. Everyday, people are dying in wars that should have ended long before they begun, and now, in a time as great as any, we must remember that peace is not impossible, but rather grows in the hearts of all whom maintain it.

This Christmas, let us do our part.

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A lantern in tthe night

Lantern In The Night.

Oh you who’d like the world to change
Oh you who’d wish that peace could be
These words I say to you they may sound strange
But listen well they just might set you free.

Become aware in everything you do
Stop awhile and take a look within
Watch the ego in all it tries to do
And see what lurks behind its empty din.

Revolution, no, no that’s not the way
It’s all been tried, it’s done no good before
And if you tried forever and a day
With high ideals, you’ll never stop those wars.

Yet change yourself from very deep within
And then the truth may beam out very bright
Then with your love some other’s hearts you’ll win
And then you’ll be a lantern in the night.

Socrares 1990

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On Dying

On Dying.

I was strolling in the sunshine
It was half past afternoon
And I even heard that new born baby cry.
As I carried on, I heard birdsong
That I’d missed my whole life long
Me mind had told me I was bound to die.

But the whisper in my heart said “cool
Look at the positives, you fool”
As he tried so hard to make me understand
That One must open up ones heart  
And see the whole, not just the parts?
It could be ones demise be kind of grand.

For positives have negatives
And negatives have positives
And life may choose to dance with you
With Death in fact enhancing you.

And then those trees did sparkle now
They seemed to glow and gleam somehow
And life seemed like a candy covered dream.
And now I know that every man
Is here to learn to understand
As still I wonder just what all this means.    

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                         I love peace,i like love
                         blessings to all of those above
                         i am what i am,i do what i do
                         if you show me respect then i will show you

                         Awealth of kindness and treat you nice
                         because we only get one roll of the dice
                         so why go through life nasty and abrupt
                         when at the end of the day its you,you corrupt

                         we have all done things,that we regret
                         but if taken onboard and do not forget
                         then in later life,when you`re older and wise
                         you will achieve the ultimate prize .....PEACE 

Paul beadnall:

 Sponsor Destroyer A Poet ~ 
Contest Name any old or new poem that has been a featured poem of the week... 

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You're There, I See You

I close my eyes in darkness
While the world lies down to sleep
As a father and a husband
My family’s mine to keep
Protect them? I am willing
I am always there on guard
But, when I’m not and far away
I trust You are, oh Lord

The rising sun of morning
Has my family’s eyes so wide
As the motor sounds of traffic
Fills the air that floats outside
And the people that are walking
Some are jogging, some just go
Makes me see, what truly is
And all I really need to know

God, You’re there… I see you

In the blue that reigns up in the sky
On the breath of clouds that float on by
The image of the homeless man
Who still offers up his time
As he asks not for, without doing first
So I give water to quench his thirst
To the flowers that grow in the park
And the trees that children climb

God, You’re there… I see you

While coming home at evening time
Knowing my family waits for me
I smile real wide as I walk along
So all the world can see
Maybe then they’ll see just what I see
And then take it on their way
With hopes that they will share a smile
And make better someone’s day

Now the sun has set, children tucked
With a kiss I gave to fall asleep
Standing at the door I see my wife
And I feel the love she gave to keep
I thank you Lord for all I have
For always seeing my family through
Because I know I couldn’t do this alone
That’s why I put my faith in You

God, You’re there… I see you

In the blue that reigns up in the sky
On the breath of clouds that float on by
The image of the homeless man
Who still offers up his time
As he asks not for, without doing first
So I give water to quench his thirst
To the flowers that grow in the park
And the trees that children climb

God, You’re there… I see you

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Trees and Dirt

Trees and dirt I sleep on the earth, the dust the sand, longing to birth.
Oil on skin, bare, 
sweat on your back, 
feels amazing.
Yes! Im back on track.
Sleeping cosy as a worm, 
unencumbered by any material possession or fixed term.
Free to explore, a magical universe, 
I must implore.
No home, no chores, no bills to pay. 
Just water, food gathered and warmth today.
A dusty cave, cute as a button, no slamming door, 
just love in your belly, to the very core.
I love this realm, 
just need more time, 
time to explore.
Trees and dirt  I sleep on the earth, the dust, the sand, longing to birth.
And return once again to mother earth.

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The Dreamer

Standing I gaze through various windows and doorways.
Serene landscapes within each continuously changing for us.
My body tenses and quivers. My eyes burn and forehead sweats.
Each causes my mind to strain and grasp for thought.
Before me various lights dance and cascade, no music is heard.
The colors and shades dance, causing focus never to be gained.
Emotions burst forth sometimes pain, other times only joy.
Walking, running, falling the paths I choose never cease.
Figures and shapes stand before me no faces ever seen.
No speech or sound is ever heard, yet always understood.
Arms stretched failing to grasp always yearning for an answer.
Confused, my thoughts search eagerly for its very meaning.
Forever knowing that an answer is completely unyielding.
I scream my breath released with wet lips quivering.
I feel shaken and the darkness once again overcomes.
Suddenly I'm startled, my head raised, eyes now wide open.
Realizing the room is empty the dream is gone.

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A Tangled Curse

Sightless visions of this world
Collapsing reason, the rising scared
Disillusion breaking bonds
The gravity of this collective song

The undeterred replacing truth
Teach detachment to the youth
Complexity and blinding games
Reattaching trauma’s shame

Cold perception blaming loss
Upon reflections in the frost
Banished hearts creating schemes
Against ourselves; this broken theme

The self-receptive caught within
The fear of self within their skin
It’s in this place we choose our worth
While people fight upon the earth

The gravity that passes by
We’re falling down, or into the sky
No more places left to hide
We forgive the past, or our future dies

This illusion breaking fast
We fight against the spells we cast
Between the earth and universe
We must dissolve this tangled curse

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that kind of day

when i think of you
and i think of nothing else
No i can't stand 
to not be in control 
of my own mind

When i think of you
and i think of  nothing else 
my head gets so constipated
i have to empty you out

and when i get that way 
i need 
a little bit of air to breathe
just a little bit of air to breathe
and i just 
might leave
yea i just may not do a thing

sometimes i think
it's all in my head
and in my mind 
you can't get away
but i know 
i don't need it
you, me, 
oh the world can see it 

so precious is our time
mine now
you couldn't hike it 
so i decide how to "alright it" 
on my own terms
and i know 
you had to get away from me
but why'd you have to be 
where i could see

when i think of you
and i think of nothing else
No i can't stand 
to not be in control 
of my own mind

When i think of you
and i think of  nothing else 
my head gets so constipated
i have to empty you out

"the things we already know"

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i don't wanna sit here 
in the garden, without you 
i don't want to be here 
falling apart, waiting for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of existing here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

i'm not gonna stand here 
all evening, without a clue 
i'm not gonna be here 
sweetheart, bleeding just for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of burning here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

you're not adam, 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
that haunts me 
you can't be adam 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
ripping my heart away 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be

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Guitarra, Express My Heart

Guitarra, I’m begging,express my heart Pick away all that’s ever ached Place these Spanish notes beautifully To the angel of her face Guitarra pleas, express this heart Bring to life our last Latin nights Dancing that flamenco from her charcoal eyes Reviving fiesta under most romantic moonlight Guitarra as now I gently play Fingers within running throughts through ebony of her hair “El espiritu de amor” is strumming along Bringing back the yesterdays to here Guitarra passion now is in the revival As the ghost of love tangos all around Milagros, I sense you near And in this instrument forever you are found

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The Hardest Thing

Last night we had a quarrel
We went to bed so mad
Each had to get up early
The morning was quite sad
I never meant to say that
I know you didn’t, too
With hopes to reconcile
Just know that I love you

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

I hope tonight we’re civil
We listen and we learn
Together, we’ll get past this
Each others trust, we’ll earn
So, then we can retire
To the bedroom that we share
Lie within each others arms
And show how much we care

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

And when my work’s over
I will come back to you

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The certainty of you

A tribute to John and Carla Sherman at 'Just one look'

You can listen to the preachers
And the high priests, they as well
You can hear those Gurus speaking
You can think about endless Hell
It don’t matter what you’re doing
There’s just one thing to do
Look into the certainty of you.

You can do your meditation
Your Yoga, or Tai Chi
You can sail across the oceans
Seek help across the seas
There’s many who would help you
But you have to pay the price
But look at you, this be real good advice.

Take a look within you
And see what hides in there
Listen well to what the man has said
The one you thought was you
You’ll not find him everywhere
Turn around and look inside your head.

You can be a good or bad man
Or act jut like a drag
Overlook old ancient truths
Drink a beer or have a fag
Just take a look inside yourself
And see the one you be
Then in the end the truth shall set you free.

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This is my escape 
I'm breaking free
This is my confession
I'm running away
Away from the past 
Away from the pain
I'm letting go 
'Cause I'm tired
Tired of this pain.
This is my escape 
I'm breaking free 
This is my confession 
'Cause I'm running out 
Out of time 
So let me go!
'Cause I'm taking off now
I'm flying away
Away from the past 
Away from the pain
'Cause I've had enough
Enough of this tragedy.
This is my escape 
I'm breaking free
This is my confession
No more to be afraid
No heartbreak
'Cause I no longer will take this pain!
Away from the past 
Away from the pain
This is my escape
I'm breaking free
This is my confession 
I will no longer let you bind me!

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My rhymes are timeless while this time is lifeless
why is life this kind less, reminds me that this
mind is spineless ready to tip and quit, as
my lies become mindless and get swollen shut
and Stuck up inside my sinus
Drivin in my prime but with no optimus
Victim to the flip-side of the Midas
Running through my blood like a virus
The sun makes my skin mundane
rubbin on ben gay but get arthritis
touch spermicide and converts to hepatitis
I hit the plus sign but it just musters up a minus
I'm seen sucking my thumb like the peanut's Linus
I run and duck when I hear the sirens cause
I abducted the president's Nike air pumps
now air force one is trying to find us
I'm at my desk obsessin about success but
This whole time its been right behind us

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Operation: Christmas Child

Sounds of children laughing
Singing and having a good time
Is almost like a fairy-tale
But this time, it's mine.
The little ones are laughing and smiling
Almost as hard as the youth do
Together, we know we'll make a difference
One little kid's dream will come true.
We're doing something special for the world
So others can live with love
So we are giving just a few boxes of stuff
Almost like a little treasure trove.
Operation:Christmas Child
How it brings smiles to my eyes
To see all this hard work
To help a few little lives.
Bailey comes and takes my hand,
"Kristen, come here and see!
We've wrapped boxes full of toys
For little children like me!"
Given so unselfishly, 
These children donate so much
Not only gifts, but unconditional love
A hug and a warm touch.
We stuff the boxes full of toys
And wrap them one by one
Soon, we have finished
All the boxes are done.
But we don't want to leave yet
We're having so much fun
So we hold hands and begin to sing
Our voices blending to become one.
We sing together for a while
Then we must break up to go home
But we know we'll still be there
And our voices will carry on.
So I go to bed this night
With happy tears in my eyes
Grateful for Operation:Christmas Child
That boosts so many little lives.

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Roses & Thorns

im all alone and thats the way it should be
because no one was good enough to try and tame me
so sit back and relax and enjoy the fall
the truth really hurts you never loved me at all

you say you love me 
but i saw past your lies
and let me tell you somethin' baby 
i'm not fallin' for you this time

roses around my hand 
and thorns around my feet
who would have known 
you were wrapped around me

but you tore me to shreds 
and i thank God for that
because if you never hurt me 
i wouldnt ever get you back 

so here i go without you
somewhere you can never reach me
and you can rest assure
im not takin' you with me

to this happi place
that makes me numb
where revenge will get you
its so good to be home

because the roses left me bleedin'
maybe that was a sign
that you would turn on me
and walk straight out of my life

you say you love me 
but i saw past your lies
and let me tell you somethin' baby 
i'm not fallin' for you this time

there's no ring around my finger
and thats ok
because im unobtainable
and thats the way it should be

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sell me less, tell me more

color pickets 
match the days away
when hours fade
there's no feel left to persuade

you know more than me
that you do 
But i know who it is 
beneath the scars
the fancy lights 
the impervious dark

no matter what your poetry says
it's undone
and your songs will sing themselves 
until they become desperate enough
to turn to vinyl plagues

and if you were to feel contagious
i guess i could move you along
and if you were to feel contagious
I guess i could shoot you a call

no sense in wishing 
what you cannot say
i kiss you well
curse me
your days of hell

to see your thoughts unshelved
is a catalog i've wanted less
sidewalks and broken bones
unskin your knees
the little fees 
that bring about such doubt

color pickets 
match the days away
i'm holding on to
all i've ever known
little thoughts of you
incase you move along

and if you were to feel contagious
i guess i could move you along
and if you were to feel contagious
I guess i could shoot you a call
move along now
move along

"you see the chalk, I see the paintings along the way"

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All About Her

I dont know much about her
but I heard she wasnt that talkative
She didnt like being alive
She was numb to all the pain she had to go through

I heard she didnt like anything that was green
She ate roman noodles everynight for supper
She always wore flannels and bellbottoms
Sometimes i seen her wear dresses and fancy tops
But lately shes been wearing band shirts

She wears converse shoes and uses an army bag for school
I know that she dosent like to communicate through talking... only through her peoms
or sometimes even her songs.

I see her drawing and painting all the time
She draws famous people
She would like to be famous and not so unknown
When she tries to speak to anyone they always walk away and leave her alone

When she gets home she goes upstairs to play her bass guitar
She hates chocolate cake but loves chocolate
Her family left her behind because she cant forget her past

Sometimes when shes alone she contemplates the meaning behind her life
Her favorite color is gray because her life is black and white
Everything she says is false according to the world

She is not so innocent
I understand that she dreams about the perfect life
When she opens her eyes they are pitch black

She is someone that is fake
She acts nothing like she should
She is very grungy and unclean

She knows of no safety
and of no time
Her life is smashed into pieces by the giant sun

She will always be a ghost
She knows of no god
She crawls around in the world of death
She remains forgotten

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Expanding mind
Taste Sampling
Forbidden pleasure
Mind numbing
Thought inducing
Last Night

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and Rome will go on

I'm reaching out but no one graces my hands 
I'm rapping the presence and no one appreciates my gift
So I keep hope that you'll hear
When I know it's a myth

Mirrors reflect what we already know
Pictures of us are memories that glow
In your silverware I see a portion of me
As I feed myself this illusion we're free
and Rome went on without Caesar himself

I'm doing so much but it's never enough
I say i don't know how to lose 
Yet i never really win
And if it's the sunset i chose
Why must i live amongst these men

I'm doing the best that i can bring myself to do
I'm doing what i feel in heart is right
But there is no heaven or peace anywhere in sight
Would i be so wrong to ask for closure within my cries

For those of you who know, i'm lost as a selfish man, low
I hope you understand, i'm just requesting to go 
I walked with you through the trials we endure
I lifted you up from the trenches unpure with no strength to cure

the irony is
Some people will suck, the life out of you 
But only when you choose to live happily and free
It only makes this music mean, so much more to me 
and Rome went on without Caesar himself

I'm doing so much but it's never enough
I say i don't know how to lose 
Yet i never really win
And if it's the sunset i chose
Why must i live amongst these men

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It's Like

It's like a strand of your hair,
to the way that you walk,
to the sound of your voice,
and the way that you talk.
It's like coming home from work,
to seeing you soon,
to hear how your day was,
to seeing you home noon.
It's like the thought of you close,
to the way you are near,
to the way you hold me,
to the way you are here.
It's like being in love,
feeling without knowing,
dreaming to believing,
knowing without showing.
I know what it's like to want,
to care,
to love,
and to share.
I know what it's like to hurt,
to cry,
to feel heart break,
and to try.
It's like wondering,
to make it all better,
to discuss,
and to have it all matter.

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I'm New

I’m new internally….
If you cut me I will bleed,
But I’m new true indeed.

Created by my maturity, I will prosper with security
And all my dreams will come true; because I am new….

No longer playing silly games
No longer fantasize
No longer playing silly games
No longer compromise

During the day I feel the same, pray I won’t go insane
Clouds have given me thunderous rain, but I walk with open eyes.
Aware God has me clear in sight…..I no longer run, I stand, I fight.
And when there are no stars at night.
My vision still sees a beautiful sight.
Because I’m New.

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes

I recall now the days when forever seemed but a short time The visits to the hospital, brought sad images to your mind She lay on a bed, cords all around her, no hair upon her head The cancer drove us crazy with worry tears and fright She was only a baby, I didn't get the chance to say goodbye Farewell until we meet again where you'll be waiting... waiting for tomorrow to come again. What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. And now I lie here thinking it through, memories flash through my head, memories of you Moments of a bittersweet time Reminiscing the days when you were mine The days when you were alive The tears come back to my eyes I feel the need to cry but nothing slides out I need to scream and shout, My emotions pour out as one, silently So what if tomorrow never comes? Reality in death is so hard to accept, I need my tomorrow to come... What if it never does? What if tomorrow never comes? How will I face the rising sun, when the moon is the only thing I can see? I need her here with me... The only loss I've ever known The only time that I've experienced this kind of sorrow... So what if tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow never comes. Will tomorrow ever come? I just want to be awake when the moon becomes the sun I'm waiting here for you, in the darkness of the night. I wait still for you, forever the images will haunt my mind Tomorrow will come I'll soon be alright Tomorrow will come... Tomorrow has come... I can now see the sun.

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unnecessary chains

driving home
another late shift 
work long hours just 
to make dues
when the money I received 
gets paid back to you. 
lurking in the shadows
a man that has no soul
looking for ways to make
them like him more
his face is fresh I speak the truth
but justice isn't there...
all he cares is bonuses they set for him 
to slayer. 
corruptness lies where there is debt
and in our debt lies chains
the ones who say we're free are lame to think
its not a game. 
a joke, lies go up in smoke
as he goes home, with his bonus, alone.
wishing his dick was a little bigger. 
wishing the white girl loved him as much as she loves
the man he took away. 
Unnecessary Chains. 
Unnecessary Chains. 
his fresh robotic face
a disgust to the human race.

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my black armband

If I could kill myself and do it over again
I waited until the end of the world to open your gift
Thanks for handing me hell
I’ll do what I can

As my songs begin to fade 
I wonder what could have been
As I lie within an eastern wind
I wonder if I’ll ever see peace again

Plantations were once gardens
Speeches were the premonitions of decaying martyr s
I miss peace and I’ve never rested eyes on her
So thanks for handing me hell

I love her because she’s untouched and pure
Poetry equals the souls of men spoken
Hell raised me so I’m a product broken
Abide by my emergence
This is the last breath of a merchant 

When sadness finds others 
You’re reminded of the virtues in what you have left
I went numb when I learned to pray
Don’t you miss what could have been

I saw angels falling from the sun
Knowing is everything but I don’t want to know
Try not to take things too far
They’ll never let you go 

I waited until the end of the world to open your gift
Don’t you miss what could’ve been
Thanks for handing me hell 
If I could kill myself and do it over again

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EYE Don't See -Part 3-

My eyes
Witness your departure
My eyes
Are dripping with hopelessness…
My eyes start to blur…
Melancholy put me under pressure…
Is there a cure to my disease? 

You don’t see
The shards of hope that once brought us back together
Just let me search for safety
I’m strong enough to realize that I’m no longer
The weakest prey out there…

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me whimpering like a distraught puppy left on the train tracks?

I’m close to my demise…save me and take me home

Nourish me…and be my beloved friend

Will this friendship last forever?

Hopefully it has no end

Will this cheerful moment help us get along with each other?

Because of you…I feel the need to run 
I keep an eye on you – I worry that you’ll hurt yourself again
Because of you…My freedom is nearly gone
I don’t wanna be caught off guard again
Because of you…EYE can’t picture a solution for our vexing dilemma 
Because of you…eye can’t focus on my long-term goal 

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you sense that I’m giving in to failure? 
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…I can’t endure 
The hardships that you place upon me…
Could you boost up my confidence to overcome 
My atrocious anxiety? 

I’m just waiting for some sun
To keep me in good hands…
To strengthen me with perseverance …
I’m just waiting until His son
Leads the world outtah Egypt and reveals to us…
His radiance…His dazzling Kingdom – 
Vibrant with glee

Your undying sympathy dawns upon us
I’m overflowing with indescribable joy  
You’re a candle in the night…
We meet eye to eye…
What a sight…what a precious sight

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It's Destny

It’s Destiny

It’s destiny, the trials the stormy weather
All the misery getting lost and feeling better      
The good, the evil, all those pains and joys          
They’re life, they’re part of every girl and boy.

Coincidence, it happens all the time
All those accidents 
all those good deeds and the crimes
They be a part of just the way it is
We’ve not much power when it comes to this

Like matchstick one be drifting
On a wild and stormy sea
As those waves like you be shifting
Well it’s your destiny
So melt like salt that thrown into the brine
Surrender to that ocean you’ll be fine.

Hey ecstasy it’s now it’s always here
And eternity, it’s you, it seems so clear
You’re being called to rise up from the dead
And head for those good places, you’ll be lead.

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stay with us

your heart wore my eyes
and my eyes were a gaping wound
December is passing 
Remember when autumn came too soon
I remember the lashings
all the forfeits that made you wanna cash in 

and we break down walls 
when we cry
And we're taken for a fall 
Everyday we die
and we burn bridges 
Just to suit our lies
For these reasons we strive
Do or die

But somewhere they're seeking 
Everything you felt
I noticed your eye lids 
And all the matter they held
Admist all of our triumphs
we failed to see you through

and we break down walls 
when we cry
And we're taken for a fall 
Everyday we die
and we burn bridges 
Just to suit our lies
For these reasons we strive
Do or die

And the past is always reaching
reaching for you
In and out of his grasp
you slither about
silence was a fragrance
like the auburn that drifted 
from you mouth 

"i don't know what the pressure's about
when depressions in route
there's just no room to forgive you 
and i don't know how"

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Will You Travel With Me To Heaven PART TWO

A God who is not a human
Not a soul or created thing
A God who always hears and sees
Yet we cannot hear or see Him

A God who tests us, hence we cannot
See Him, a God who never lies
A God without human weakness
-Not Born- A God who does not die

A God who made us with a purpose
To worship Him, worship Him alone
A God who wants us to be Muslims
And Heaven our Eternal Home

By worshiping only One God
And following God's Rules and Laws
Allah is He. God is Allah.
Allah: The God who has no flaws

Allah is not the God of Arabs
Not all Arabs believe in Him
Allah is the God of all of us
Who made everyone and everything

If you ask 'why the name Allah? '
I ask you, why's your name your name?
Imagine your teacher says 'I'm Jane'
If you disbelieve you could be 'lame'

She says, 'Class, I'm Jane; I'm your teacher'
You say, 'I don't want a teacher 'Jane''
Your teacher says, 'my name is Jane'
You say, 'Don't teach, unless your name is changed'

If one has done that, they have rebelled
They're arrogant; they want attention
If you're a troublesome student
Then all you get is detention

So if Allah says that He is God,
That Allah is God, and God Allah
Then believe in God, worship Allah
To avoid Hell and its boiling lava

Allah is One, the Only True God
Allah created you and I
Allah has no children nor wife
Allah needs no bodyguard nor spy

Allah is One, God is Just One
I said 'One God', not 'God in Three'
One God who rules the whole universe
'More than many gods'? How can that be?

If there were many gods as some claim
The whole world would be upside down
False gods would vie with one another
As kings would fight for the same crown

God has no son. God has no daughter.
God has no wife, God did not marry
God is too Powerful and Perfect
God does not weaken nor get lonely

God is Allah, Allah the True God
If you now believe, please testify
That there is no god but Allah
And God was never crucified

Once you have recognized Allah
Remember that Allah has Rules
Rules that must be followed by all
All of God's servants, including you

God commanded us to pray to Him
To Pray to Him each day and each night
To worship Him our Creator Allah
Is the reason why God gave us life


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A Night of Forgiveness

The lyrics of our conscience
United in our wars
The golden words are spilling
When our truth has been ignored

The dark ignites our passions
And death will grant us life
Where fallen statues crumble
The earth reclaims our lies

A future heading backwards
Can strangle every dream
But this inner conflict saves us
As we remember why we breathe

Silent is the city
That screaming voices carve
And enlightened is the child
That hears much more when it gets dark

Our fears have lead to glory
All darkness turned to light
And everything that broke us
Has our sympathy tonight

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Lovely were Those Days

I dream of lovely days,
The day I met you,
The chat we had, the love we shared
Jubilant were those ways.

The moment you called me up, 
Delicious was the tea,in my cup
Terrified were I, shocked and shiver,
Rattled with the waves of happy river.

We talked night and the day,
So much to talk, so new to know,
Sitting by the beach or the bay,
Cuddling by the chilling snow.

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Dusty Road

Sometimes I dream about old dusty roads
Driving through the dirt, with no where to go
I've passed many hitchhikers
Their showin skin and money
But none of that means anything to me
None of that means anything to me

I keep driving along that old dusty road
Searching for the reason, why I even left home
I keep driving through the dirt and the mud
Thinking of all the things that I have done

I shift into neutrul as I cruise down a hill
My mind slips for a bit
And a deer ran out from a feild
I slammed on the brakes
And dust flew up high
That's when I knew that everything was alright

I keep driving along that old dusty road
Searching for the reason, why I even left home
I keep driving through the dirt and the mud
Thinking of all the things that I should have done

My car has ran out of gas 
And this lonely road becomes clear
What would have been different if I stopped
To talk to the hitch hikers and the deer
Maybe if I picked them up, theyd help me push my car
Or maybe they would robbed me dry
And killed me with a crobar
Or maybe I'd just drive by and pretend they werent there
Cause they were never there
No they were never there

I'm pushing my car down an old dusty road
Wondering why I still haven't gone home
My shoes are covered in dirt and mud
Giving proof of something that I have done

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Silent Night Sky

Oh how can one capture 
Your beauty on paper
Without you evaporating
Off as it is your nature

The stars are your jewels
The moon is your crest
Everyone drools
As if blessed

Your silence is serenity
That whisper to my thoughts
An overwhelming beauty
That ties my stomach up in knots

How humble I am sound
A beauty incomparable
With a radiance so profound
Your absence is unbearable

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Where I Sit

I am not going to think about it ,
Can't do much from where I sit.
    Wasn't me that couldn't agree,
We know who it's so easy to see.
    Won't say much to help you out,
It was your decision that's no doubt.
     You've done no wrong I can hear you say,
Always the same with you every single day.
      Telling me I am wrong and just no good,
I should have left you back when I could.
      Now I am stuck  so in love wit you,
And all you want is something new.
      The evil and wickedness that you  soe
Has touched just about everybody you kow.
      Living the lie and playing the deceit,
Preying on the kind and gentle those who are weak.
       The day will come when you will pay ,
For all those you hurt along your way.
        It's not always good to come out on top ,
Especially when you see it's only you that you've got.
        Live out your days alone , sick and afraid .
You just wouldn't listen to anything I'd say.
        I am sorry my dear but this you did on your own,
It's your turn to suffer and you can never come home.
        I'm not going to think about it,
Wouldn't do any good from where I sit.

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On and On

Though that day was dry
But still that mother long cry
Would not stop me from making a try.

I know how rigid the wall
I know how strong 's the mall
And that made me tall.

Though Whiskey held my lip 
And rolled me off to strip
But it wouldn't stop me from trip.

Though it 's at first painful
But now it 's the most beautiful
And before God, I will still be grateful.

I know she did it for fun
And not realise what it 'd turn
But before God, she don't have to run.

Though that day was dry
But still that mother long cry...

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Innocent dove of the flame What we cannot see but what we rely on If only there was you and I Enchanted forever without hope we shall be So come rescue me in the dark of the night Only you can save me For only you can show me the light I always knew you would be there to guide me evermore a spirited angel eternally beautiful always beside me I pray to you Can't you see I'm suffering Fly over me and grant me With your presence Your everlasting grace A hope I can keep sacred Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear This life without you is what I fear Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear this life without you is what I fear Remember the days when I was so weak Quick to turn with no allegiance I could pledge So easily I could break Using a dream to washout the nightmares Why didn't I turn to you Come enter my roof Once my soul beckons the most Give me a gnosis so grand I find safety in the truth And of the knowledge you bring And the wisdom you are In another life I called you sophia Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear This life without you is what I fear Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear this life without you is what I fear Safeguard to know Wherever my heart goes As long as I'm with you I know this is true For whatever our souls know Till we grow old If we truly find it right, sacred, and just Truth will always follow Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear This life without you is what I fear Sophia I can see you in the dim light my immaculate guide throughout this eternal night Sophia I can see you shining through the dark Changing my ravenheart Sophia my dear this life without you is what I fear

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Into The Blue

A place where I can go to let down my hair
Become that of a still smooth sleeping bear
Gone with the wind is my worries and cares
Into beautiful eyes, where mine can stare

As each grain of sand slips through my hand
I recall each time that I held your hand
The way you made me feel like a man
This is the place where I can escape,
From Lifes binding plans 

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The hallway
    became the perfect place
to rest inside her hiding space,
as daylight danced
through amber leaves 
into the tickled carpeting -
and on November's hottest day
Pure love found purring through a pane,
and climbed into her cardboard box -
to warm her
    and a pair of socks.

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The soft whisper

Looking at me

Deep in me I feel a soft whisper
It seems to be beckoning me
I glimpse it, but it don’t ever linger
It just gives me these glimpses endlessly
Yet always I know that it be with me
I have known it since that time eternity
And I know I’ll keep on looking
Forever, and forever
For that sweet little whisper of me

There is nothing can be said about it
Every explanation will be wrong
Cause words they have no power to convey it
Though often it is felt within a song
I know that I’ll be doing it forever
I’ll always be looking at me
I don’t need to ask the questions
Just have to look, that’s all
Keep asking ‘Am I her so endlessly.

I’m looking, I’m looking, hey, I’m looking
There is no way to stop this carry on
It seems that I’ll be looking
Looking, looking, looking
It’s the only way to bid the fear ‘be gone!’

I swear to you I cannot understand it
And yet this fact don’t bother me at all
I just keep looking like a mad man
I don’t care If, I’m wise or just a fool
‘Am I here, am I here’ I keep on saying
And always with this question I will be
I’m going to look, and look, and keep looking
Every day you’ll find me looking at me.

Another dedication to John Sherman..

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Introduction: Wonders of the lights, the meditative aurora of the world...

In silenced sleepless nights
They draw me close to them,
Through visionary lands and sights
Of unfulfilled needs, the worldly fame,

Towards a realm without immorality
The immortality of kindness,
The poignant poise of sympathy
Lives be in them, placidness.

Airy lands of the skies
The soundless voice of paradise,
The symbol peace of serenity
Let it be released - Tranquility.

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I heard an Angel today

I heard an Angel today

I heard an Angel today
I heard an Angel say
Close your eyes to wish your worries away
“Listen to your heart”
 Where there is always the strongest of truth
Believe in this heart in its spirit
In its belief on what to do

I heard an Angel today
Sing to me this hope filled tune
This hope filled tune of bright filled days
Along with brighter smiles to chase the gray away

My soul now up lifted, and feeling so free
I feel recharged, singing this tune in gleeI heard an Angel today

Grateful I am for being graced by this Angel
Lucky I am for being so loved by so many
Hopeful I am to share my appreciation
To never forget the joy and fragile love from family
To never forget my many lessons learned
To never forget, never again

I heard an Angel today
 With a shockingly familiar tune
A tune of peace and harmony
A tune from me to you
One with love and very little greed
Is my special tune you may play
Any time you need.


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Thin Line

Thin Line 

You hate me when i am around you 
you hate me when i am away
if hating thrives you everyday
i am your energy and 
your medicine at your need
when you gossip for your play.

Poetry 5/18/12 by  Keith Kadell

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when too much is enough

Off the back beat of a bad decision
Autumn seeks me but summer’s her season
And if your heart don’t speak
Then you’re too weak on your feet

Back to base I ran
Like a wild horse this evening
Everything happens for a reason
Take it all in but the sun can be deceiving

I made it out but I may be leaving 
Wide awake I held the world as she was sleeping
A scar itself is a heal
But on the inside of doubt we’re still bleeding

I lost my way trying to do what I can everyday
Suffered ship wrecks in a brethrens chase
Sadder days have taken place 
As I rested eyes on a heavenly face

Back on my feet and my journey knows no sleep 
Sandals strapped on but on and on travels this bleeding
Head first I lurched from the beaches 
After my chin she reached to beseech me 

On the back seat of a bad decision
If I told you I’ve changed would you believe me 
Autumn seeks me but summer’s her season
And if your heart don’t speak 
Then you’re too weak on your feet 

When too much isn’t enough
When daylight fades 
And you’re suddenly struck
What happens when too much isn’t enough
I made it out alive but it’s hard to look up 

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calling of souls

I'm searching for a hero that i cannot find
I'm searching for a hero outside my mind
What was once lost in the seas of deception 
Swimming in the pool of Godly anticipation
Can now be found in the water of a priest
Wearing the wings of an angel once deceased

He called me once to come to him
I couldn't bring myself to answer him
Why would i choose him out of them all
Why this particular call

I look up to the sky trying to find 
What people tell me he will never hide
The grace of God is what they keep telling me
Will be pulling and tugging ABUNDANTLY
On the corners of soul, pulling on the fragile strings of happiness
Finding the marvelous bliss I'll never discover one way or another

I use to feel my soul starting to dissolve in the toxic waste i called a life
That nuclear diaster was consuming my soul
Eating it up without a sound
I could hardly feel it slipping away, till the skies opened 
And with it came that purifying rain, the rain unlike water that washed away the pain

The deep feeling of a call unlike any other
Calling it to come into the love
Calling it to come into the laughter
Calling it to reintroduce itself as a new and refreshened vessel of hope

He called me once to come to him
I couldn't bring myself to answer him
That previous call i could have listened 
That big brick wall i could have demolished
What is it about the angels that he sent for my soul 
They shine so brightly with their airtight hold

Believe me when i tell you you will never feel 
The blistering heat nor the paralising cold
The calling of this soul was never easy 
The toughest job the big guy had to deal
The biggest deal he had to attentively seal

The soul the soul felt a great sense of peace in its calling 
Because it was no longer ignoring
Ignoring the peace 
Ignoring the love
Ignoring the peaceful hold of the Gods

He called me once to come to him
I couldn't bring myself to answer him 
The calling of my soul that made my whole entire being feel whole
That's the day the calling of souls began

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Moon Light Bright

                                                     Moon Light Bright.

                                                Oooh you shine so bright 

                                in every full autumn night without your friend in cite, 

                                       that helps you dominate the night sky 

                                                with your dens chilling light 

                    which helps me seek my ways throw the hunting mystery of the night,
                                                  without a single flashlight.

                                        Theo I wish on every day and every night 
                            nature can deliver such a beautiful cite... Moon Light Bright.

Poetry 2/23/11 by Keith Kadell

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Heart and Mind

* Heart & Mind *   

I wonder, and I wonder of this heart of mine, for I know there are so many things for 
me to find

I felt a pain so I left at the same time, to a small house that was designed

I passed the first and took the next in line, because the big house wasn’t finished so 
there wasn’t any time.

I jumped and entered, then did what I had to do at the time, and then something 
flashed across my mind, for there’re similarities of the same signs

I wonder, and I wonder, is she the true angel of mine, for she is full of the sweet 
sweet signs 

I wonder and I wonder, is she the true love of mine, for all that I know of her is that 
she straps the heart and mind: she’s caring, sharing and most of all my father’s 

I see her nose, especially her sweet smile, every time she crosses my mind, for with 
such a smile, she will always be in my mind

I never always get what I want but that’s ok; it is for the best at times 

But this time I am sure that if I don’t receive her, one thing for sure, she will always 
be apart of my mind

For she is a sweet little creature of my father’s design that will always be in my heart 
of mine

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Upon this Christmas Day

He sleeps there in a stable
The babe born to the world
Both mother, father watch with care

Though swaddled in a cloth
He is born, yet, to be king
With but just rags for Him to wear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

For within the early morning
Angels brought the sky a voice
Calling forth those who wish to hear

Along then, came all others
Knowing truth within their hearts
That all now have nothing to fear

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

Go forth and tell all others
Who had no chance to hear
The news of hope and of the joy

Let them know the Gift of God
That comes to save us all
His son sent as this little boy

This special morning
The sun now shines bright
From stars there in the Heavens
To the rise of morning light
The world now is much brighter
As angels, too, now play
There’s hope and happiness to share
Upon this Christmas Day

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Scarred Tissue

scarred tissue i don't miss you i don't wish you were the better of me i don't care much for surveillance but it tempts me to burn out inside everybody's lying scarred tissue i really miss you i really wish you had got the better of me you see, i need that bad beat sometimes 'cause everybody's fine yeah, everybody's fine that's what on my mind For even Elvis reigning in his castle sometimes lost battles, immortalized forever tell the stories of the glories of mighty Aphrodite the most beautiful sin in existence bright was her smile all while the while evil stirred grinning storm clouds castles in the sky castles in the sky made for you and I grand castles in the sky sometimes re-invent your self just for indulgence stray from the normal path for it was one of a kind but I'm already under influenced sometimes a knowledgeable bright shining star fades away into the darkness shall come back in rebirth I know it sounds tragic but that's what I heard every bird has wings wings to fly away any chosen day into my dismay a beautiful array wings to start a new inner strength attitude because I'm in stride with you on another level soon a game worth winning is the reason we play life can be desperate at times but I find its beauty truly basking in the sunlight of midday so as I wave before a wave washes me to the shore I seek every day has been worth the while for the while stays wildly embedded in uniquely threaded scarred tissue

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In Greenhaven


I wake up in the morning with the sunlight on my face
As it glimmers through those Banksias
That thrive around this place
And it feels just like the country
Lots of trees and lots of space
In Greenhaven.

The shops are down the road a bit, but not too far away
And there’s a sense of freedom here, and everything’s okay
Oh! when that sun shines through those trees
At the break of a summers day
In Greenhaven

Greenhaven is the place for me
It lies just out of town
We have our beers and barbecues
When folk they come around
In Greenhaven

I love this happy home of mine
Where the sun shines through those trees
And the cockys scream as they fly above
So alive and wild and free
And I sit and play my old guitar
In this place just made for me
In Greenhaven.

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Good Morning

Good morning, beautiful day
No clouds storming, the Sun is shining
So I got to be rhyming, nice to see the leaves 
Falling in the Fall, go for a run feel the breez as a smile
I release, Peaceful morning puts my mind at ease like a picture
Say cheese, I'm in the mountains, happily shoutain to the Lord thank you
For a Good morning...

I'm up so early, I'm an early bird tweeting a song even if you already heard
Like Jack Johnson it's not the weedend, but Banana Pancakes I will make
If and when, I'd like to say Good Morning to all once again
So who am I, Daniel Sainz, go head and call me
Daniel Son, like the Karate Kid, HA JK
Wait for the next day, Good Morning
I'll say, hope it will be a
Beautiful Day...

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Christmas time is almost here (Revised 2nd Version)

It’s at that special time of year
The feeling of love fills the air
Celebration festive lights and good cheer
Santa Clause ringing bells and reindeer

Turkey Dinners and vegetable beef stew
apple pies and sweet potatoes too.
Children laughing in delight
A tree that represents the life

Christmas time is almost here
At Mid-night tonight magic holds the world near
Christmas time is almost here
' round the world an-tic-i-pation in the atmosphere

reflection of the moon as a guiding light
A star that stands proud through the night
A gentle flurry covers Streets white
Listen closely angles singing ‘bout JC tonight

On the twenty fifth of December
It’s a birthday to remember
Bow your heads honor and reflect
Forgiveness and humility lead to thanks and respect

With a simple message believe in me 
Open your hearts to be free
Release the fear and doubt
In the name of the king Merry Christmas

Christmas time is almost here
At Mid-night tonight magic holds the world near
Christmas time is almost here
Around the world anticipation in the atmosphere

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Praise God

If it's not one thing then it's another.
I'm either fighting with my dad or hearing screams from my mother.
My girlfriend doesn't trust me. I can't pay for therapy.
I can't do this all alone. I get down on my knees.
I ask the lord for forgiveness, right before I begin.
Although he is a forgiving God, how could he look upon sin?
Prayer is so simple even a child can start.
It's not all imagination, your faith must come from the heart.
It's all so real, the thrill you feel, the chill that's going through you.
You no longer fear it, the holy spirit starts showing and glowing, it's true.
Who knew that you, that tough guy? The one that wouldn't believe?
Then why are you always calling out for him when your unable to achieve?
He's always there to help us. Stand out and give it a try.
The Closer you get to God you'll see this isn't a lie.
Thank you, Jesus! Praise Jesus! Halliugha! Oh Lord!
I can never lose a battle using you as a sword!
Life here is too short, yesterday is already gone.
Knowing where you'll spend eternity will help keep you moving on.
Praise God!

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hard ice for days like cocain

as a child
It felt a bit safer 
knowing that everything
would eventually work itself out
and in the end 
though we failed 
to remain concise 
in-between darkness
we were only men

i'm looking at my little red gauge 
sitting peacefully on E
looks like it will be 
another empty day for me

and i apologize 
for the wrong turns
all the long sermons
and the little wishes
that hold life in format
the cold winter nights
that left me at your doormat

when i was alone
you brought my days comfort
a touch that misery couldn't sponsor
a tragedy to never disappoint
and now i wonder
was it us or the fact that together 
we'd never go under

in correspondence to my 
thoughts dancing along the windshield
i'm moving fast and forward 
despite the rain indoors 
it feels i'm going nowhere
my little red gauge sits at the back of E
looks like another empty day for me

"just like motivation everything else fades"

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In a land of Christmas dreams

There’s a special place not to far - you know
A special place where we all can go
A place where dreams run as free as our mind
A place where we stop the happiest of times
To live our fullest at being who we are
To share and listen in each others beliefs of who we are.
To be happy being who we are

In a land of Christmas dreams
Is a special place for you and me
Somewhere to go and always see
How truly life can really be

Listen to our loved ones how we want to be heard
Understanding completely with out stating a word

Where giving is a pleasure with a hug and a kiss
Open minds and hearts and feelings as this

In a land of Christmas dreams

In a land of Christmas dreams
Is a special place for you and me
Somewhere to go and always see
How truly life can really be

For this beauty of freedom and dreams
Every night stares at you in your sleep
This giving and caring is special indeed
This giving and caring is shared between you and me

Expressing our gracious love for our friends and family
Always supporting our love and devotion
Being there for each other through times thick and thin
Always to return strong in message of the truth within

In this land of Christmas dreams
All of it’s beauty of freedom sings
Every night sings to you in your sleep
This giving and caring is special indeed
For this giving and caring of Christmas dreams
Is all behind the spirit of you and of me.

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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The Labor Of Love

Thank you God for all that you have given me
You pulled me through, the worst 5 years of my life
But I realize for the first time, I am truly living my life
On a journey with no worries, The view is blurry
But as long as my love for you is burning
I am as clam as the breeze, as still as the trees
though I dont know what is going to happen to me
I have feeling If i give you everything
Put my hand in your glove
Im going to accomplish things I never could never dream of
Allow me to stand above, those who chucked me under the bus
Shoved me into the mud, I trust that you will not sort of or kind of
But fully dispose of my enemies, who cussed at you through shunning me
So we have no other option than to be thrusted to number one, Its a must
that my light for you is more lumious than the sun
Leave the oposition studdering and stunned
Doing it all in the name of your son, Jesus
This is how I must live my life, I call it The Labor of Love
Something I can not get enough of, I maybe under the gun
But Im still focused on fun,  People need to wake up
 and smell the scents, it all makes sense
when you make the change in your brain
Get rid of the thoughts of peformance
That drive you insane, realize your mistakes
Are indications that we need to shift our focus
To Jesus, No need to be anxious
 Its not about the perfection rather the persistance
Then the weight of the world will be lifted
You can live life how it was inteded
As care free as adam and eve.

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La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin

La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Msytique est la Specatatrice du Divine Elle Parle au mot que je ne comprends pas "Soilel vous deffinissez est mien Pourtant vous, vous laisser il saigner Comme un nouveau vin Triste - ons ne Saurant Jamais Triste - ons ne Verront Jamias" Parle a moi, si prestine La Mystique La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Specatatrice du Divine Ton Voix sefane dans Le Chanson entrain de Mourir

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The Glow of Soft Truths

the glow of soft truths
tucked between the folds of the heart

radiates through the coarse fabric of each fleeting day

transcending the hurdles that litter the way

extinguishing the trepidation and the unfounded fears away

beyond the very now with an eye firmly gazing towards the coming morrow

where genuine peace may be found while dispelling the nasty sting and the solitary sorrow

and when that moment is finally found

when peace and mirth is felt all around

the bliss may seem plentiful, and the being with simple joy may abound

without a word being spoken

without the din, the static of the endless drone

so infused with soothing music, yet hardly making a sound

for the truth of peace that lies in wait

just beyond the corner

is a truth that may never be sought

or bought

for that truth of peace must be ushered inside

until deep in the soul it will then quietly reside...

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the Emperor of Reflections

lost in the war 
searching for
flowers and pollen
across from hell
with a pen and a pad

i hope life is 
as sweet to you 
as your mirror is

playing piano after the war
a melody sewn with scars
in the mist of our journey
we became who we are

from stories of elders 
keys are like feathers
something to sooth your tears
when they become drops of leather

i hope life is 
as sweet to you 
as your mirror is

when time is awake 
how do you wait
my ballad of war 
for all those
who have wronged me

"i don't need your hell"

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O Jesus Gods symbol of peace

O Jesus! It’s the era of tech!
O Jesus! It’s the info era!
It’s the twenty-first century –
You are supposed to come down
We have started the count down
Ten Nine Eight Seven Six
Five Three Two One O!

O Jesus! Take a look at us
You are our precious omnibus!

O Jesus God’s symbol of peace
You are what we now need and miss!

O Jesus! Come down on the earth
Make it a place of peace and mirth.

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A lonesome dove

feathered white.

The branch strong,

time light. "wait".

A dream.

really blowing a sweet breeze. "wait".

A heart beat sitting in a tree,

spirit like, "wait".

A rhyme.

...of atomosphere.

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my way to peace

As of lately, I’ve been wondering un-doubly
And as of late, I’ve doubted if I’m wandering
With the right west wind dear friend

I’ve been shaken lately but I haven’t given way
Out on a burning bridge 
Garden-rakes and snowflakes stained as missing faces

But out on this burning bridge
I’ve been thinking back to my days as a kid
I hope you get found soon

Now hail is frozen rain fallen
But snow is tears a person can hold
And I’ve been doing it all wrong

Up on a common cloud
Get your things together
Back to that house out on the edge of town

I’m quite thankful for this day
Accepting the unknown as treasures
And the obvious as gifts 

I’m beginning to notice
I’m quite thankful for you 
It’s written amongst my lips

This is my way to peace
And if the train doesn’t stop
Take the journey to your feet 

Follow your way to peace
Blow Gabriel
Send us on home

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How I Long For--

My dreams are falling apart
In Your hands, I pray (for joy), "Take heart!"
You are the stars - searing my 
Soul is kneeling to the ground
Trace my future and take wing
Towards the pathway...You find peace
You are an angel in my--

Heart is bleeding soundlessly
Above land...I mourn so sweet
I am the clouds - carrying a 
Gallon of grief...release me!
Place me in fields of love and
Forgive me and lift me up
You are the heavens to my--

Heart is beating profoundly
Without Your heart's joyous song
You are the sun - nourishing 
My lambs are grazing around,
Roving in fields of splendor,
Enlightening the darkness
You are an apple to my--

Eye is grieving...losing sight
Of Your glory...I feel lost
You are the lake - sparkling with
Delight and Luck! Bring us home!
Grow like a morning glory
In the autumn time, You thrive
You are valuable to my--

Eye is twinkling...praying for 
Insight...yearning for Your sight
You are the hills - guiding my
Mind is longing for your mirth--
Restoring peace to my verse,
Sprouting forth grace and freedom
You are the train tracks, bearing--

My train of thought...making my
Steel spirit connect with Yours
You are the valley - between
The mountains guarding us all,
Building strength to fragile bones,
Welcoming a stream of hope
You are my map - lending me

YOUR helping hand I would take
Now, I could take Your challenge
You are like a maze filled with
Mysteries conceal the truth;
I fight with all of my might
And I BEG for Your mercy
To mend my once blissful dreams!

How I long for Your mercy...

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Gentle Breeze

Gentle Breeze
Things blowing all around me but I am standing still. Problems like a hurricane, the world thinks I should yield. But, there’s a gentle breeze blowing calling me in where I will find the strength to begin again.
There’s a gentle breeze around me that’s steady and true. It gives me comfort and strength I never knew.
As the stillness comes, I settle down, knowing that everything’s ok. Looking past the horizon the heavy winds blow but deep inside is my comfort zone, I am safe when I’m at home.

The gentle winds are blowing safe within my soul.
I feel like I could slip away to another place. A place where only the gentle breeze can blow on my face. Blow on me gentle breeze calm my soul within. Blow on me gentle breeze bring me peace again.
Blow gentle breeze, gentle breeze blow.

The world is sometimes harsh and scary, I wish I could run and hide. But everywhere I look there’s no end in sight. I finally found that place in me that helps me deal with things. I feel the breeze coming on, I see it in the trees.
Blow on gentle breeze, blow within my soul. Help me find that resting place that heals my 
wounded soul.
Blow gentle breeze, gentle breeze blow

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dfl on the time

the breathe will be cut
i write in live from my hut
i swim with my words
you fight yourself against these worlds
my ambition is to become a boss
too many have fallen down
now our pain we have known
king of the town
my thug wish to be
kiss the life baby
kiss my rhymes shady
the world turn too fast 
i run in my past.

god is the human apologize
to excuse his bad act
he refuses the reality of his fact

my brother is still in his cockpit
he thinks about his proper hit
that's why we ride on
we want the cash money on
the table and a ho to be gone

the blood on the floor like the water
the cry of the poor mother
no respect for the sister
and they are here still real nigga
still real gangsta

peace for the world
peace in my word

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free fall

My life's a blurry vision
At the pressure point 
and I still can't make a decision
Caught a glimpse of my reflection
A good heart in jeopardy of detection
I look up but there's no pictures on the wall
I think I'm in free fall
I'm depressed, over stressed
in vital need of words spoken in jest
but never the less i'm only a guest
Got a dial tone but no one to call 
I'm drifting into free fall
Minimum wage 
will not allow me to act my age
Fending with rage
but I can't turn the page
I'm tired of fighting
My palms drip lightning
I'm not happy here 
and the future still isn't clear
Have nightmares for no reason
Give light scares
during the blood shed season
I get knocked down and crawl
I'm trying to stand tall
But I'm in free fall

"paper weighs about the same as life in ink"

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EYE Don't See -Part 1-

My eyes
Pour forth feelings
That I’ve felt in the past
They make my heart ache…
Take it all away…
Oh my God…
They’re making me sink in dismay

When will they break away?
When will they give me a break?

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye don’t see
A happy ending in this scene 

My eyes
Journeys into the unknown
Who knows what will happen…
They’re like hidden treasure…
They’re buried far below…

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near? 

Oh my God…
They’re driving me insane
When will they see my reflection?
When will they heal the infection?

Eye don’t feel
Raindrops of hope and relief 
All I feel…is grief…
Eye sense no peace…

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Does He hear
My supplications?
Does He sense 
My fear?

My eyes
Conceals the tears that dare to spew out
I feel trapped and lost without a doubt…
They erase my delight…
They seek my hurt…
Oh my God…
They’re casting me away into the perilous sea

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace throw out my fear?

Eye don’t see
A ship in sight…to save me from my demise
My lifeless body...
Drifts away in the wild ocean...
Without a sound...
Without emotion...

Eye don’t see
A rope to hold on to…
My hope for peace
Has drowned…

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EYE Don't See -Part 2-

My eyes
Refuse to see tragedy
My eyes
Marinate in dread…unable to embrace ecstasy 

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s sagging…from endless mourning  
And I’m close to my demise… 
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just let me be
Leave me alone…hand me a gun

I yearn for unspoiled glory
To make me feel perfect once more
I yearn for flawless serenity
To make me feel no regret…don’t ignore
My calls…don’t hang up on me

You don’t see 
What damage you’ve done
Just hear my plea
Listen to my excruciating cries…
Listen to the truth, not the malicious lies  
Our journey has just begun   

And I’m left in my solitude…
Do you hear me weeping?
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…
When will peace draw near?

Eye can’t handle the stress
Let me release my horrendous distress
Eye can see you making that same mistake
At least MY life isn’t at stake

And I’m left in my solitude…
My eye’s weeping…do You feel my lament
And I’m close to my demise…
Only to find myself disappear…Stepped on like cement
I’m aching with discontent… I abhor this torment    
When will peace scrub off my fear?

I can’t believe my eyes
Your guiltiness flows into me…
I can’t believe I fell for your lies
Your heartless action rape my mind…you don’t see
What my EYES see…

You’ll never see 
How much pressure you put me under
Unchain me from this chamber
And watch me flee…

When will you be set free?

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My Cure

You sucked the poison out of me,
I feel free though I can see
The inspiration has also left my head
As I lay awake in bed,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I’m holding onto this escape,
Forgiven for my mistake,
You’re all I need, breathe you in,
You’re under my skin,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Take your time,
I stand in line,
First up, last one standing,
You speak words, commanding,
But I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I tell myself this isn’t good,
Isn’t how it should
Be but you’ve held me tight
And carried me through the night
And I don’t mind,
No, I really don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Behind these eyes,
I always believed in lies,
The pain stung me like whips
But you cure me with your lips,
And I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
I’m burning up inside,
Want to run, to hide,
But your light seeks me out
And shows me what love’s about
So I don’t mind,
No, I don’t mind.
This cure has my head spinning,
I’m falling and I’m flying,
Hold onto me, let me go,
I don’t know,
Which way to turn now,
Your eyes have me held,
But I don’t mind,
Why should I mind?
Should I
Mind? ...

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Don't Blame Me

It wasn't my decision
I didn't have a say,
When the world became an ugly place
Night by night, and Day by day.

I was always busy
And had to work real hard,
I thought I'd left it up 
To the so called ones in charge.

No it wasn't my fault 
No one could ever blame me,
That our world is falling all apart,
And my main concern is me.

I did all I could do
Without causing myself pain,
I stayed within familiar walls
Watched it happen....rarely complained.

I never tried to make a stand
As long as I was free,
So put the guilt on someone else,
No way can you blame me.

Lynn Barany

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Dark, cold World.

===== A little rhyme inspired by DaryIsue LockHart's rhymes =====

It is for the lost..  that I wanna find the way,
Out from this dark place, of pain and misery.
Back to ourselves.. how we were, when we were young,
Before evil played its hand, before the time we got stung.

I wanna be free..  but that'll have to wait!
I'm trapped by emotion, by feelings soo great.
And I'm not alone.. in this victims prison,
D.I.Y Labotomy, I'll make the first incision.

I don't want drugs, to ease my pain,
I found Nirvana.. but can't get back again!
Some say I'm insane!  This train of thought I'm on,
Goes through a portal to another dimension.

But it's a dark, cold world.. where I know no fear,
My heart it stops, my mind sharpens.. becomes clear,
When I look into your eyes.. I can see your soul,
I can reach into your heart.. but I might lose control!

Sometimes I can see.. just a little too much,
And round-about that time, I start to lose touch,
See.. I know why you hurt, but I could hurt them too!
I'd make them scream, long, sweet, songs of sorry.. just for you.

However.. I know something, that they don't know,
I've had a little glimpse, of the place, that they go,
Where they like to turn the tables.. and play little games,
Where sticks and stones hurt, but so will the names!

Till then.. keep strong!  Keep your mind awake,
You've walked through fire, I think you should take a break,
But you've seen the enemy, like me.. you wanna fight,
Thats why I walk alone, with no shadow, in the night.

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A Cinderella Story

She cant express herself
they push her away
they lock her up inside her own mind
if you look throught the hole you will see
the depression shes in

Shes just like cinderella
locked up and hid away
you have no idea
look throught the hole without the key
there is nothing left for her and me

You wanna take away everything
you just left her alone
tell me it aint so
tell me you wont leave her in there forever
tell me you will let her out to be free and happy

Shes just like cinderella
locked up and hid away
you have no idea
look throught the hole without the key
there is nothing left for her and me

The new game you wanna play
it wont work
you beat her to the ground
her mind has become her home
theres no escape

She walks alone
her mind has become her home
see what your missing
she runs away but shes not allowed
now its your turn to be locked up

Shes just like cinderella
locked up and hid away
you have no idea
look throught the hole without the key
there is nothing left for her and me

there is nothing left
there is nothing left

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One Voice

It only takes one voice to start a song With someone else there… to sing along And pretty soon, you may well see The entire world singing happily There is that one voice within us all It’s pride and fear that hides the call But, if just one would raise a voice Others would follow as a matter of choice So loud and strong, that one should sing Happiness to all, that person may bring By starting the world off… in that song Then everyone else will just sing along Do not be afraid of the changes you make Life can only improve by the choices we take And if the lyrics for that moment seem wrong Then quiet the voice and start a new song One person can change the whole world we know By deciding to stand to let their voice grow Do not back down when it’s your time to sing You’ll be so surprised by what your voice brings Within the air, all the voices you’ll hear Will be of the many that overcame fear Standing to sing, despite those who wait They’re the voices of those, who contribute to fate Do not be afraid of the changes you make Life can only improve by the choices we take And if the lyrics for that moment seem wrong Then quiet the voice and start a new song Be that one voice Sing from your heart Don’t hide in the shadows You can be now the start

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As I Lay Dying

I feel lazy and weak
Words, I can no longer speak
Body so worthless, fully limp
All my pride faded, officially a wimp
Brain barely carrying out its function
Breaking apart like a loose junction
My vision is blurry
Fading from this world in a hurry
Is this truly the end?
Or is there another place, in it, ill blend
Is there truly a heaven
That has eight doors not seven?
What about hell?
About it, is it true what they tell?
They say there's an afterlife
But what about my children and my wife?
Who'll take care of them when I'm gone?
In denial, the one who's going to be alone
Is no one else but me
This is how it’s supposed to be
The time has come for me to die
And for me, many people will cry
But why am I leaving?
Their sorrow I am weaving
Why am I such at ease about dying?
Worrying about the people who are going to be crying?
Why do I feel so light?
Like a feather flying out of sight
Why is my mind so clear?
No negative thoughts coming near
I'm finally free without even trying
Sadly, it came as I lay dying

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Passion in D-Major

Passion in D-Major

Feeling, the sensuous brush-
strokes on a canvas,


to a symphonic crescendo,

of our shared heartbeats,

fading between the notes,

feeling your soft body entwined 
with mine,

your form bathed in my infinite 

our orchestral desire rising,

conducting a shared fusing of 

... the music echoing ...

over the precipice,

on the brink of dazzling rainbow 

lost in the void,
of an eternal instant,

plunging through the depths of 

forever pleading,

for a prolonged,

bouquet of shared time.

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It seems the path Iam on  is changing everyday
the road uncertain just an endless shapeless gray
some would say it would all be clearer if I took up there religion
even with the doubt Iam not scared enough for that decision

I see the faith you placed in one of the many saviors
I lame excuse for the centuries of mad behavior
Iam sure your prophets where the very best of man
but your church and bibles where never in the plan

so every race has a version of there own
stories stolen from the gods of the past spoken out like it was always known
not one of these faiths is open and understanding
they keep others down and your soul churches are demanding

then you history holds no science no enlightenment
dogmatic foolishness written before free government
and every soul that is afraid to die or to ashamed to live
if you stop thinking then heaven is what they give

even now the human mind is found wanting
but reality is intelligence is hard work and life is daunting
if only the concept of good will and love
we understood without some sign from above

if you need the ancient fiction to ease your pain
I respect you and to all other men you should do the same
your saviors were righteous there’s know doubt
in there time they worship but no church was there twist whets its about

there have been many Christ’s since the beginning of man 
the Mayans and Muslim have had tales since they ruled by the roman
dry king ghandi and many more sacrifice there life so others could be free
in my mind that’s what Jesus is what he is supposed to be

even know there some man of great worth he has no money no powerful church
he’s  giving of himself and and loving the lost I dare you to search 
and see the truth were in this together and this is paradise
we are the only keepers of our fate we must realize

I can no longer people pay to pray and talk down to others who dont believe what you say
but Christ himself did not hang with the saved he knew the hopeless so he could see them ok
but times have changed were not ruled by religious empires mad with slavery
we fought for those rights not with one mans good with collective human bravery

a new age is upon us and the true test is coming not one of prophecy
the makers of worlds the stars the cycle of suns chaos of the galaxy
I hope soon we see are only time is now there is no second chance
are race needs to come together  and make a united stance
if faith keeps us apart do we even have the heart

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Simple Things

The sun, the moon, and the stars above.
rhythm, rhyme, beauty, and grace.
Thunder, lightning, wind, and rain.
Flowers, trees, and grass.
As time goes by we tend to forget 
these the simple things in life. 
So  as you drive your car, 
ride the bus, train,or airplane.
Think back to a simpler time,
when peace and harmony 
were the focus of all mankind.

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On Golden Wings

On golden wings I go and do not know,
What treasures lie so greatly in the sky.
Questions linger on the lips;
A pink- no red, which now would be perverse-
To shatter bliss with preposterous sound!

Oh, I am bound,
Bound for light’s unspeakable truth,
So shut my mouth shall stay,
Until I may just lightly place a foot upon a cloud.

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i bend like you break V

coffee pot is screaming
she likes to think that she's alone
my mind is doubled teaming
i'll find away to you

I don't know what you're doing
undoubtedly conceding
she likes to think you love her to
that's the way she thinks of you

she falls away from me to you
she falls away from you to me
yea from me to you she falls 

It's all about the same 
everyday i hesitate to save her
she doesn't really believe in much at all

I could be a killer
she'd still lay softly against her pillow
and swallow pills to build her up

no need to deal with us
we're just volunteering
and i could just be screaming

she falls away from me to you
she falls away from you to me
yea from me to you she falls 

"like reflections you don't see, she's always you"

the black hitler entry V

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I Just Know

There was a moment,
A solitary second in time,
When your eyes captured mine,
Sending signals of pure peace throughout me.
I knew then that you are where I need to be.
I'd always heard the stories growing up.
Happily ever afters are what little girls should want,
But I never believed them.
I never thought that someone could amaze me,
Knock me off my feet,
Make it difficult to breathe,
But you did,
And now we're here.
In this moment,
Frozen in time,
Your eyes, once again, capture mine,
And I know this is where I belong.
I never believed in happily ever after,
Never thought that it was true,
Never dreamed that it was possible
Until you.
I experience that moment,
Frozen in time,
Every time your eyes capture mine,
Making me lose my breath,
And making it hard to speak,
Let alone think,
And I know.
I just know.

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This poem i am writing is about people i know. they have told me all the wrong things they are doing in life. all the things they have done to be in love or even find love.
Josh~i have a second life one in real life one on the computer
Susan~i cry to my poster of james hetfield begging him to find a guy for me
Jassun~i cut myself every night because i feel unloved my family doesnt get me
Chelsea~i take pills and try to overdose because i cant feel my heart beating i just want to know that im alive.
Ron~i constantly call another woman and have phone sex when my wife isnt home
Carrie~i boss people around just so i can feel like im on top above everyone else
Brad~im gay and people dont get the fact that love is love no matter if its with a guy or woman.
Sheryl~my husband passed recently and i already found someone on Eharmony
Me~sometimes i fake who i am so people wont judge me... sometimes i feel like im not good enough so i try to be like everyone so i can feel like im apart of something. but recently i figured out that people love you no matter who you are. there are some people out there who will doubt you and who will hurt you. but thats life even love can hurt the strongest of people.

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Bubble Gum Bubble Gum

Candy was money
 !0  speeds
  Were motorcycles
was when you'd run away and hide
   But would always let me find you
Your hello's were my new morning sun
                And your goodbye's tucked me in
When I wasn't really trying to say goodnight
     To a beautiful young one
That was older than me then
  I wanted you to be my woman
   But you just wanted us to be friends
I was always cute
          But you never said I was handsome
   Kinda crazy how we knew  about the pains and troubles
And things when we had never had none
 As Long as we had Bubble Gum Bubble Gum  

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Thought For Today

Thought For The Day:

I'm so thankful to see another day with all the stress in this world; having the strength to face another day is considered an accomplishment for me. I thank God Yahweh for his comfort, and strength, and the angels he sends along the way. Today is a new day a chance to start over again, and go for my goals to rise from the ashes of yesterday, and breath letting go of all the anxiety of those wish to hold me back, and continue to go for my dream; yes I have a dream, a dream to succeed, to be a visionary, to come up with a boldness, to laugh at the people who didn't believe in me. My eyes are opening, and I am beginning to see the light, I have risen from the depts. Of despair. I am not who people say I am, I am who God says I am; I am victorious.

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Raising holy hands up unto the sky, we praise thee Lord Jesus whom is glorified!
As heirs to the promise onward we forge, children of covenant upon eternal shores.
Confessing salvation in “The Word” now conceived: a path for tomorrow that‘s truly free!
Divine in direction as the Holy Ghost leads, no more to sorrow in Gods' love now retrieved…

                           And sanctifi - - ied, sanctifi - - ied, sanctifi - - ied:
                           by the blood of the Lamb we‘ve been sanctified!
                           Sanctified from the lust of flesh,
                           sanctified unto true holiness.
                           Sanctified in His peace and love:
                           its Jehovah Shalom we speak of..!
                           Lord Jesus it’s unto thee we bow,
                           in the glorious presence of your power.
                           Faithful and chosen are those who believe:
                           blood redeemed out of this world that has fallen… 

Casting off life’s worries in Gods' peace to abide, justified freely by grace sanctified.
Through redemption in Christ Jesus ransom is paid, His Holy Spirit now leads the way!
Communed in a holy transition beyond-ward to soar, finding a gladness unknown before.
Becoming the reflection of our Savior adored, lost in unspeakable happiness forevermore..!

                           And sanctifi - - ied, sanctifi - - ied, sanctifi - - ied:
                           by the blood of the Lamb we’ve been sanctified!
                           Sanctified unto His righteousness; 
                           "Alleluia" Jehovah M’Kaddesh!
                           Sanctified in the King of kings,
                           of His goodness all creation sings.
                           Lord Jesus whom is here and now, 
                           given you is all the glory and the power.
                           Kneeling before thee by faith we receive:
                           that jubilantly blessed sound of your voice calling…

                                                                                         Brother Christian


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Sometimes when I triumph
I fall right back to my knees
If I can’t keep your peace
Then what does it really mean
I’ve been looking out my window
I’ve been searching for a smile
And all I’ve come to grasp
A mother’s widowed child
And I don’t write your songs
Cause I don’t know your wrongs
In this garden no one walks alone
And I can’t speak for all
But I’m right there when you fall
No I don’t have your love
And I can’t touch your heart
I’ve fallen from above
And I’ve been broken down
But I’ve been thinking of
Another Sunday morning
Sometimes when I triumph
I realize the worlds still learning
I’ve been tunneling through a burner
My dear Amelia
I am the heir to your heart
And it’s been a hell of a summer
So push me through the wind
I just need you to see me through
Breathe air into my lungs
Give me the strength to carry on

"Songs in gray"

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Oh God

Oh God! Give me light
Please make me fight
Oh God! Make me bright
Please make me rise
Oh God! Bless my heart
Please make the darkness depart
Oh God! Bestow on me love
Please make me realize
That happiness or sadness
Be there sunrises or sunsets
Be it good days or bad…
They happen only to proclaim
Your might and your insight
Please God ! Pour on me peace
Let the turmoil decease!
Make me strong
Make me bold
Today and forever
Make me yours!

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please don't take from me

should i make it there to save you
would you still feel the same
live my life by the moments
pleasured in the rain
but with in these memories 
i choose to stay

if i gave into you 
where would that leave me
tomorrow evening
i'm just a drifter 
living the night by shame

death is a writers angst
the older you get 
the less you care 
to be monitored by it

happy new year, baby
this here is my last song
may god bless you 
and keep you strong

if i told you fortune sleeps
where we lay
would you change your mind 
lie with me and my prayers

life is running vastly on its way
feels i'm like we're dying everday
death warrants me forbidden
living lost in tatters unforgiven

kiss me lonely and goodbye
this world may not end 
but you and i 
we're finished baby
you see i got this fever 
running through me 
not color efficient 
but you're paleness 
feeds my suspicion 
so bye bye pretty girl
you're not the only woman 
in this world 

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Turn the searchlight on

Another tribute to John and Carla Sherman.

Turn the searchlight on

Turn the searchlight on
Let it bath you in it’s light
Take a look into you
Just look with all your might
Let the world be round you
But don’t pay it no mind
Just turn around and look at you
You’re not too hard to find.

Don’t ask so many questions
Beside the point these be
You have to do the looking
So very endlessly
The looking’s never over
It be your life, that’s all
Then one day when the fever breaks
It’s all so wonderful.

You have to do the looking
That’s all you have to do
Just take a look into you
Oh please just look at you
You must use self -reliance
Can’t count on no one else
The looking is the only way to health.

You don’t have to look for Gurus
No need for all the books
All you really have to do
Is stop and take a look
Then when the fear of life is gone
You’ll see life how it is
Just look, look, look each chance you get
I can only tell you this.

2 April 2011 @ 0430hrs.

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                         Click, Clack
              The sound of their chains dragging the floor.
                  My ancestors were bound by their feet and legs.
                      journeying to a foreign land.
Childern and women on one side, Men on the other.
            Brothers can't help their sisters, wives, or mothers they can't help one another.
                      Hush hear that sound low in the distance.
                               Swing low sweet chariot.
They sing a mighty hymn hoping and praying to one day go back home to the motherland.
Together side by side every day and night down in the belly of a ship so long can't remember the last sunrise.
                  Rusting, burning into the flesh but the slaves hang on.
One day They'll break, the slaves will be free because of their faith, and fight.
                                         God will lead them to a better life.
                    Freedom, Freedom that great day when my ancestors broke free of those chains.

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Port of Call

Port of Call

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

with the breath of the ocean a caressing balm,
soothing pained memories away,
to the swaying of a solitary palm.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

feeling the brushing away of all past turmoil,
on a quest for solace, ever so hard to find,
yet comforted by the crashing of the waves,
as the tide cleanses all pain,
and leaves despair far, far behind.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

drenched in a sea-breeze of mist,
that hushes the ache of bygone moons,
tasting the salty tang on my lips,
as the burnished sun,
over the distant horizon,

and dips.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

searching, ever searching,
for a slice of solitude,
as memory bids a final adieu,
reaching under the sea so vast,
and seeking comfort in the depths,
while embracing,
the tomorrows to come,
wishing that they be true.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

seeing my truths drown,
as they slip beneath the turquoise waters,

feeling my heart ablaze,
with a passion that rarely falters.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

yet knowing that I am home at long last,
wishing the waves would wash away,
the defences that once stood,
like an impregnable wall.

Barefoot on a talcum beach,

alone, not lonely,

I have found, at long last,

my final port of call.

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how do i get there

when you're forgotten
memories move too far from you
wishes run through tomorrow's well
widows search the depths for hell

she screams her tangerines
shouting out decimals 
ice-cream and scenes of before
watching movies and more

more and more  
you hang your head 
but I hope you never cry
or realize 
what you never had
this is what it feels like
to miss a lie

when you're forgotten
memories move too far from you
living with shadows here and there
hidden by splits in city walls 

holding on to me, 
myself and no one else
when your secrets expire
I hope you find your peace

more and more  
you hang your head
I hope you never cry
or realize 
what you never had
this is what it's like 
to miss a lie

drive the membranes of your passion
into sparrows singing sane
live within the burrows singing doubt
replaying syndromes next to tones
is it everything you thought it would be

"this reminds me of why i do not think of you" 

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From my northern city full of rain... 
I came to this splendid island of Capri,
and through the blue eyes of Emily,
that constantly remind me of that southern sky,
I saw the beautiful expression of a true smile,
a smile that drove this man insane!

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
she said to mer sadly...
trembling and trying not to cry; 
and though the April' breeze was  so warm,
she shivered...reaching for my  hand to hold!  
Oh, Emily that wasn't a goodbye!

O island so full of fragrant, pretty roses...
waiting for those passionate lovers:
I must depart from you with sadness,
hoping that tomorrow I will be back! 
Oh, sweet darling...oh, lovely Emily:
I won't be gone for long...from you and Capri! 

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I told her with an emotion, so hurt and deep,
that brought me to tears...until I couldn't breath!
" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I said aloud as I caressed her face so soft and young,
a face that I would remember in my Neapolitan song!

" Ci vediamo a Capri," I shouted over the calm sea!
" Ci vediamo a Capri," was my promise to Emily! 

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Every time i look around, yeah
i see you because i  miss your face
i don`t know what to do
cause im so broken, oh im so broken 
and im hurting
i dont know why
i guess its because im missing you, yeah
missing you

when i look behind
and you're not there 
i ask myself where have you gone 
then i think 
to a better place with the savior our king

I'm missing you 
i don`t know what to do 
i wish i would have said goodbye
you meant so much to me 
and our family

when i look behind 
and you're not there 
i ask myself 
where have you gone 
then i think
to a better place with the savior our king

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thursday night's laundry

I pretend as though I write for you
Sing of changes in the days to come
I pretend I write for you

Outside of clock work
You’re all I’m into
I hold you now
And I feel it’s dying slow
Dying to get you there
how did you get away

There are no fairy-tales
No short stories of ways to go
These are the worries
Every villain gets to know

Hurt for the ages
In the days of some
Apply this method 
And reach for one

Until the years bring back their dead
Inside of tears remains
the essence to feel relief
One Thursday night we sang 
of desires beyond belief

I hold you now 
and I feel it’s dying 
Dying to get you there
How did you get away

"wash me away"

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For Whom the Bells Toll?

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" 

 by Ernest Hemingway


Do you hear sound of bells? 

Do you hear weeping of bells?

The Inconsolable bells of churches are crying.

In the sky the bell - sun and the bells - stars are crying, 

On the September land

All trees and flowers, like the bells, are crying.

On first of September terrorists - executioners

Have killed the biggest children's holiday:

"The Day of Knowledge"

In the small city of Beslan,

And In all Russia.

On first of September terrorists - executioners 

Have shot joy and smiles of children.

On first of September terrorists- executioners

Have blown up love of parents and care of teachers.

On first of September terrorists - executioners

Have crushed hope and have brought fear everywhere.

On first of September in Russia

Was a murder

Of the most remarkable children's holiday:

" The Day of Knowledge" --

Pain of bells, 

The bells' memories.

For whom do the Bells toll?

For all people

Who have been killed by terrorists - executioners

In Russia, the USA, in Israel-- 

In the different countries...

Do you hear sound of bells?

Do you hear cry of bells?

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Dedication to unconditional love and soul 

I AM the ONE who loves thee
The ONE who cared enough to die for thee

I AM HE who redeemed thee
The ONE who rose from the dead to comfort thee

I AM the ONE who will always be with thee
The ONE who will never forsake thee

I AM HE who is integrity
The ONE who imparts truth in thee

I AM HE who was sent to save thee
The ONE who bore all your infirmities

I AM HE who will come back for thee
Just be a soul who truly loves ME


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Like the warmth of the morning sun

so do thoughts of you embrace me

revealing how alive I am.

A glorious light of the new day,

so is your presence in my life,

relieving it of its shadows,

and marking the start of a new beginning.

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days of benign stealth
lawns, gardens, orchards drink to my health
the road's been unkind
well it's gone, it's flowed on behind

let me recline in this boon
mellow noon
the bell might ring
spiteful and soon

days of serene sloth
cirri bind the sky in strips of clean cloth
and they barely support its weight of light
and i circle my core like a moth

tell me whose darned flitting hand
lit this little burner just below my head
that it moves higher up with each sandbag shed
and i never knew how far my land spread

now i long for something to make
now i ache for something to wield
earthbound and sunbaked
like a worker in the field

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A Silent Prayer- Shore of Visions Loom

“Jesus speak unto my heart, with your calm serenity.
Your joyful presence all about, sets my mind at ease.
Guide me with divine direction, a blessing given me.
With inspiration light my path, so my eyes can see.

Jesus to you I draw closer, as my spirit you set free.
The tender kindness of your mercies, forever I receive.
Influence my thoughts upon this morn, in you I do believe.
As you now set my course, across life’s stormy seas…”

Lord cast my eyes on the shores of a vision:
an ocean of dreams awaits to sail; 
casting aloft into this early morn.
You’ve set my course and my destination,
avoiding the reefs of black betrayal,
rising above the darkened seas of scorn.

On winds of direction Lord guide my vessel,
true faith in quest of love’s ambitions:
sailing along into forevermore.
Headed across those uncharted waters,
riding the waves of life’s transitions,
predestined to greet that hallowed shore.

I feel it drawing near, shore of visions loom.
A yearning deep inside, I’ve felt for many moons.
Through oh so many years, lost in stormy gloom.
Dreams I’ve fantasized, shore of visions loom.

For many a nights being purged of darkness:
sailing through the ides of twilight;
I feel your Holy Spirit now on board.
When there in the distance I see the shoreline, 
sparkling joys of  glorious delights:
it’s truly closer than it’s ever been before!

I feel it drawing near, shore of visions loom.
My dreams are realized, knowing that it’s soon.
All my fallen tears, into the depths entombed.
Jesus is calling me to fly: shore of visions loom…!

                                                       Brother Christian

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The Earthworm Keeps His Hair

The Earthworm Keeps His Hair

Do you ever wish for a second, that you were an earthworm,
living in the soil, the slightly colder part of the world?

You could be happy there, where your oxygen didn't come from polluted air!

And lazily soaking up vitamins, and being apart of the life in living, was 
your only concern, or care.

You might find content in knowing that your values were much more valuable than 
the people above. Who are aimlessly trying to find happiness by ripping out each others own hair!

You'd know you were alright down there.

All the secrets from the fresh water, and the quiet hare, about what really matters here, you wouldn't even need to share!

I often wish I were an earthworm for a second. So I could stay sane, and not get
oppressed for simply possessing my natural hair!

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For Bob Dylan

Ramblin' Bob Dylan Blues
(For Bob Dylan)

Why does the sun dry up so many scattered tears

slipping down the coarse cheek of a million hushed fears

where no one is scalded though the searing fog clears

while prayers are mutely spoken even as the end nears

We shatter and scrape on demented knees

Blindly begging for mercy as it silently flees

Searching listlessly for salvation drowned in the breeze

That spits at the soft rose suffocated by a wheeze

I know now what I need never have known

Of hope that was trampled before it had flown

Into a wasted sky filled with hate that could drown

The giggling of the crowd and the crying of the clown

A hope so fragile that its wings were of brittle glass

Ripping the veneer off the sewers of class

Twisting the fabric of the weighed and costed mass

Who numbly waited hoping that it too may pass

For when shards of that hope in all hearts scurries away

To a darkness where crowded night is emptied off the heaving tray

'Tis then when sewn eyes shall behold that doleful day

When all shall tear at each other while on demented knees we still shall pray

For a lifting of the veil of that wilful deceit

That's wrapped up in a flag swollen with conceit

While the limbs splinter in the claw of a winner's defeat

Yet still the drums roll for the ill-fated souls chose never to retreat

From that drenched battle-ground where blood flows through a sieve

And love's lost song plaintively begs for a reprieve

From eternal loss which into raw emotion does cleave

Only to slip through the fingers and like grains of sand, leave.

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The Calm After

The storm in my eyes has been silenced by the presence of your soul. 
I close them tight and I pray and pray that I never let go. 
Though we've only just met, I know you by heart. 
Throughout lifetime's of separation, this now feels like the start. 
I want to melt away with you inside our small heavenly sea. 
As I peer into your spirit, all that I see is me. 
I do not know where you came from. 
I sometimes cannot believe that you are real. 
My heart will allow me to do nothing, 
but ride with how I feel. 
You are my calming waters 
though you scare me half to death. 
Afraid to close my eyes 
I catch myself holding my breath. 
For if you disappear, 
you will take away my dreams. 
You have absolutely no idea, 
what you already mean to me.

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Living Proof Of A Miracle

Living Proof Of A Miracle
God makes it happen…

	In 2005, I was insecurely denied…my dreams broken and heart shattered 
as the devil tried to work beneath overtime.  The doctor walked in and said, “I’m 
sorry but you have cancer.”  The thoughts in my mind left my body bruised and 
	In 2008, my condition went from moderate to severe.  I had to make a 
change; I decided to get saved.  My God then forgave…but the thoughts in my mind 
had me askin’, “Why is life worth livin?”  So I continued back down the road of 
insecurities and sinnin’…
	When 2009 came, the surgeon walked in, again, put his head down and 
looked back up at me…I just kept thinking, “What could it be?”  He said, “Sweetie, 
I’m sorry!”  Your cancer is going full blown and it can’t be healed.”  I let the tears fall 
as God caught them saying, “I know you know I’m real!”  “So turn to me and I’ll set 
you free, but I couldn’t turn yet cause’ I was so stuck on me.
	So here I was in 2010, stuck with an illness, loss of a job, sleepless and 
fearful nights, and sickly sobs…sometimes it takes a disaster to come into your 
home, trying to break down your state of mind and get into your soul.  This 
darkness that surrounded me, was feeling much too cold.
	So, I prayed for a new direction, and they sat and prayed with me…On 
August. 11, 2010 the surgeon walked in with tears in his eyes and said, “Honey, 
you’re free…I gave my life to him.  God has healed my cancer and he can heal you 
just the same.  No matter what the situation, just be sure to have full faith.

	For I am, living proof of a miracle…

By: Aleasha A. Martin

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Faith Healer

The odor is intolerable
Like a foul beast clinging to the end 
I can barely subdue its subterfuge 
But here I am, 
I’m standing here of sound and mind
Waiting for the time that answers my own questions

Can it race with the fires of Orc?
Doubtful, but it can jog steadily can’t it?
The weather is awful, filled with sounds
Penetrating a document not written
It pains me to fight through the night
Not because it’s dark, but because I am just a shadow.

Lester drives but
Motional lasts forever
Still driving
Still crying
And slowly dying as time waves on
Like oceans that can’t be seen.

Nobody cares and everyone listens
Ironic, like a bible that holds lies and deception
Can its will be pierced?
Can freedom stay free?
Is it worth it to stay hooked when everyone around
Seeks liberty?

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By Ombuge Moses

The river is dry
Plant weathered
Dry for wood
Wood for fire
The ground dusty
Bear feet women weak
Children loud cry
Wail in pain
Music has stopped
Dance no more
Rhythmic lost

The animal is carcass
Dead bonny no meat
Birds try walk
Fly is difficult
Dust in the eye
Ear too deaf
The wings no flap
Flap no flip
The strength is gone
The ground burning

The wind too hot
The rhythm is new
Dust in the eye
Shed under tree
In blanket men sleep
Covered to head
The strength is gone

Wood in plenty
Food not to find
Cooking is history
In books to write
Plate in plenty
Metallic is best
Awaits the food
Dust in the eye
Painful to the eye
The people suffer
My village is home
Home to thatches
Home that houses
Houses of a problems

The river is dry
The strength is gone
Dust in the eye
Birds try walking

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Daddy Now Please Pray With Me

Daddy now, please pray with me,
for today I'm sailing stormy seas.
I know you say you're but a man,
who tries to live the Master's plan.

I'm weathering gray storms, except a few,
 and the turmoil would drown me, if not for you.
The wind is so strong, the waves are so high,
Tattered sails against the sky!

And I recall you telling me, 
of Jesus Christ,  Who calmed the seas.
And yes, small faith can the mountains move,
and how He died His love to prove.

So Daddy now, please pray with me,
to God's sweet Son, Who dwells in me.
For I am daughter of a man,
and weak at times and cannot stand
against these tides of shifting sands.

You say, "He's still upon His throne",
and with our prayers, I'm not alone!
And God is good and loves me still,
He will offer strength to swim these swells.

Oh Daddy now, please pray with me,
Some choices I made were not of Thee.
At times I've wandered and gone astray,
I feel somehow I've lost my way.

Tell me again my right hand he still holds, 
and how in heaven the streets are gold, and
once we're there no one is old because now 
Jesus holds my soul!

Daddy now please pray with me like when I 
was a child of three beside my bed on bended knees. 

And perhaps somehow these words I write, may move 
another to change their lives, for Jesus loves me this
I know and his blood has washed me white as snow. 

And when you've said "In Jesus Name" I feel brand 
new and not the same, so daddy now please pray with me
though I am grown and no longer three. 

He'll lift me up on wings of love and forgive me
of all the wrong's I'v done! Then I can drop my anchor
deep and mend white sails on peaceful seas!

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Small Town Big People

I look in the mirror and see the years gone
I can look beyond the glass out the window
To the yards of my childhood
I can smell the flowers and feel the grass ‘neath my feet. 
I can hear the music blasting on the radio
Mama callin’ me for supper.  

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

The town is small and so are the events
You’re everyone’s business 
You can get a break and can’t get away
You don’t even have a say
You go to and from and people protest
And those same people will still put you to the test

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I made it to the big town K.C, 
Got myself a husband and a son and a place to live
Settled in and made a life, got a career
I swear I’ll never return to my best friend
Comfortable where I stand, 
Happy where I am 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

Well times are hard,
And people are ruthless in this cut throat time
Jobs are scarce and bills run high
You never know what you’ll hear at night
The people are small in this big town
Yeah people are small in this big town

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I guess the town is small
Just good ol’ boys and girls havin’ fun
Small place, small town, small world
People may talk and people may watch
But the biggest thing in that small town
Are the people after all. 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

-Heather Birdwell 9/22/2009

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Pepper's Eyes

Stars that descend from the night skies
Amass, and prevail in Pepper's eyes
Her eyes are a phenomenon
They are like diamonds in the sun

Songs that make smiles and cries
Are songs about Pepper's eyes
A rainy day turn beautiful
A summer breeze that feels cool

One glimpse, and there's paradise
Of peace, love, and happiness in Pepper's eyes
An everlasting eclipse in motion
A brilliant sunset gleaming on the ocean

                                                           ~ Leonard Napierskie

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If I had seven days,
I'd feed the hungry...
give milk formulas
to the needy mothers
of the suckling babies
who can't be breast-fed;
what a big smile I'd put
on every infant's face!
And from within, I'd certainly
feel a joy never experienced before!

I wouldn't stop there,
I'd continue searching for them...
for those children who ask for bread,
and a bottle of spring water...
if I were the Pope, I'd sell all the gold
in Vatican City and make them full,
hoping that others will follow his example!
Why do they have to die uselessly;
has society turned away 
from human compassion? 

If I had seven days
to do as I please, I would be
an ambassador for peace,
stop the violence which causes wars
by asking nations to come together and negotiate...
I would be much delighted to see them shake hands!
Some will listen, some will not
and despite their negative reaction,
I will try to convince them with an imposing voice
that they will be sorry for the destruction which will come!

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I Belong To You

I thought that I could run away from You, 
Separate myself from You, 
Hide where You can't find me or read a single thought I think.
But I failed, because You always slip into my memory, 
Every now and then.

As much as I try, I cannot forget You.
You are too persistent to be remembered,
In people I meet, in places I go.
It's hard to ignore that You are everywhere.

I realized even for a minute, nothing would take me 
Away from You.
For You will always be lingering, waiting,
For me to come around and accept that You are mine,
That You are inside of me,
That I am a part of You and You, a part of me.
That we are bound forever. 

Because You have left a great part of You in my heart,
And that is Your voice 
That whispers ' I love You' and 'Come home',
In the darkest rainy nights of my existence.
Nourishing my weakening soul,
A warm blanket for my cold and unfeeling heart,
A comforting light that illuminates my gray world.

And I need all of it.
I can't pretend anymore that I could be on my own.
I have known how it was to smile with You,
When bright summer days shine upon my life 
And You were there telling me, 
'I love You' and 'I'm happy to be with you.'

And I miss You, being with You,
Everything about You.
Your generosity, kindness and warmth,
Your light.
The joy that You bring, the hope that You give,
And most of all, I miss the love that You let me experience.

It makes a big difference when I don't acknowledge 
How much You care for me,
And how much You wanted me to believe that You really love me.
And will always love me, 
In spite of me? Yes.

If I only stop fighting how much I also feel for You.
Because once upon a summer time, 
My soul was filled with so much joy and certainty 
To say these out loud:
'I also love You very much', 
'We will always be together, forever...'

I remember them now more clearly.
I belong to You.
And I am happiest when I am with You.

So now there will never be any hesitations,
I am coming back to You, dearest Father,
Never again will I allow myself 
To doubt who You are to me, and I, to You.
I commit myself to loving You,
And honoring You, my Lord,
Now and forever, and for all eternity.

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A tender child is sleeping in a warm manger
watched by a sweet,happy mother;
joy bells ring in glory,
in the blue Heavens
shines a yellow star!
This night is too cold for the sheperds
watching their sheeps over the hills of Bethlem;
the Angel of the Lord will surprise them:
as they'll tell them,"The King has come!"
That star will lead them,
and they will find the little King...there;
kept warm by the breath of his mother Mary!

Joy bells ring in glory;
the Wise Men are coming from the East,
to bring Him the precious gifts of destiny...
to worship that humble child
sent from a caring God:
to show the hearts of men His love at last!

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This Christmas

Wow another year has come and gone 
What a year it has been
So many things we wouldn’t change,
yet so many we would
As the new year approaches we all will set goals for ourselves 
and our family’s too
As we do this let us remember the true meaning of Christmas
Let us not forget that if it wert for Our Lord Jesus Christ we wouldn’t be blest with the many 
things we have today
So with this let us celebrate the ultimate birth, the birth of Gods sun
Let us all decorate with bright vibrant coolers, sing his praises and give of ourselves in his 
Let us all stop, be still and think of those not with there family’s this year
Let us open or hearts to those less fortunate than us
Let us all say a prayer for our neighbors, family, and friends for there safety in the coming 
As we go forth in the following year let us all carry Gods love and pass it around to each and 
every one we meet

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Ladies Let Your Laughter Out

When things seem to go so wrong
Sit back wait 
watch and listen
For everything in life pretains to a song.

Tho we sometimes won't hear
It right away
Maybe it is struck somewhere 
Inside our cluttered heads.

But don't give up
For a lesson is to be learned
Just trust in yourselves
And slowly move on.

When you least expect it 
You will hear them loud and clear
All the words will gather
Opening your deaf ear.

Rushing you so
Maybe some leaving you 
Somewhat dreadful
Who Knows?
Now aren't you glad you waited
Aren't you glad you listened?
For the words you will hear 
Are all about you.

Now put them all together
And share it's meaning 
With another.

For there will always be 
Someone waiting as you were
Listening for laughter
Laughter needed for them
To recover.

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Solitary man

Solitary man.

I’ll walk the line and do the things I must
But I’ll be me and I never will be trussed
By the bonds of all that fools banality
That keeps a man held down in misery.

Expectations gone I’d be a friend
Someone to trust and share until the end
But don’t you ever turn me into you
 Cause I am me in everything I do.

I’ll walk alone and do the things I do
And to myself I’ll try hard to be true
I’ll dance my dance the way I only can
And I’ll live my life the solitary man.

Yes you may laugh and think me but a fool
As you succumb to all those boring rules
But I’ll be me my mind uncluttered, free
As a man alone I’ll meet my destiny.

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ALL THE WONDERS for put me to sleep contest


Darling friend,  pain will end
Go to sleep my lively lady
When you wake you shall have
Every wonder of the wide world

Sweet rose day
Worlds away
Every lover that you treasured

Books and words
Dreams and birds
Every thought that can be measured

Darling friend, pain will end
Go to sleep my lively lady
When you wake you shall have
Every wonder of the wide world

(repeat all verses until beloved conks out!)

Melody:  All the pretty little horses
(my favorite childhood song, sung to my children as well)

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'The Cowboy On The Battlefield ... ' (Cowboy Poem # 12)

Young Cowboy On The Battlefield
Remembered His Mama’s Words
‘Just Make It Home, Son …’
Her Voice Echoed, As He Heard …

Rapid-Fire and Revolution
Missiles, Right and Left
Bomb-Blasts and Confusion
… and Silent Tears, He’s Wept

… Every Day, A Minefield
Every Night, A Raid
Every Moment, A Terror
Trying to Make Him Afraid …

Any Second, A Horror
Of A Buddy, Laid To Rest
Every New Tomorrow
Wondering, What’s Next ?

The Cowboy On The Battlefield
Vigilant and Brave
Stood Ramrod Tall and Terse …
Looking At Her Grave …

‘Just Make It Home, Son … ‘
… Echoed Thru His Brain
‘Just Make It Home, Son …’
… Echoed Thru The Rain

And Just Before She Was Laid To Rest
She Said, ‘Just Make It Home, Son …’
And With Those Last Words, She Blessed,
And Said, ‘I’ll Be Waiting, When You Come …’

                    * * * *

… Old Cowboy, On The Battlefield
Remembers His Mama’s Words
‘Just Make It Home, Son … 
… and We’ll Celebrate Our Return …

Of  Note:  In The Words Of A Lady Rocker,
Pat Benatar:   ‘Love Is A Battlefield’
(but I Say, 'Life Is A Battlefield'

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After The Rain

I like to bed myself amid
this evening’s milky light
now that the aged day
is hanging still 
between the trees
exhaling in ascending opals
all the haze of hours gone

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Everything I can’t remember
Seems to make more sense to me
When did it happen?
How could this come to be?

Seemingly so simple
Yet complex in their own
I sit there and stare
Waiting for the phone
To ring just once
Waiting and watching
For just one person to talk to me

Yet all the things I cant remember
Seem to make more sense to me
Clearly now
Are all the things I fail to see

Ive been doing so much lately
That things have gotten so out of hand
I need a vacation
Put my feet up in the sand

All the things I cant remember
Seem to make more sense to me
And all the faces o so vague
Yet so familiar they do seem

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As the dreary night slowly vanishes,
taking along the weary stars,
but the wakeful moon decides to stay...
I awaken with the new sunrise
admiring the glimmering sea
with colors resembling diamonds!

I breathlessly wonder
why God has created it
with a painter's hand,
and giving us that joy...
a devine joy as a reminder: 
that all He has made is entirely His;
and in the same manner
we care for our bodies 
with much preoccupation,
we must take care of all creation,
so that our children 
can enjoy it indefinitely!

Among fields of jacandra and dandelions swaying,
I awaken with the new sunrise in sheer delight...
to face life as it was when nobody was there;
and we can imagine the thought running
through God's mind to put a human being there:
to watch and control the beautiful earth!

I awaken with the new sunrise,
to discover a small bird soaring...
going further and further up until
he has picked up the speed of an eagle;
I awaken with the new sunrise...rejoicing, 
opening up my spirit to a song of praise!

If I'm still living, I owe it to my Lord,
and there aren't days I don't proclaim His  word...
when I awaken with the new sunrise,
and I gladly watch the golden sun radiantly rise!

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Ascending Amygdala

The human being…
Who is worthy to bestow this title or its meaning…?
Mortal beginners naming us damned sinners…
Begotten is this son; created in the image, the human being the Holy Grail…
Inquisitions; manipulations cloaking divine knowing with a consuming veil…

My soul sings the truth of your wisdom…
Joyous the song of the kingdom…
I breathe you in from the breeze; touching your essence communing with trees…
I have been alive here before…
Sailing the seas while walking the shores…
Feeling the wealth of love and life all the while considered poor…

Advance intuition understanding the power of cognition…
Focused attention paired with reasoning, will and concentration…
Abilities from the divine; creating the human magician…
Thwarted from dogmatic idiocies…
Perception of proper perspective; Cloned are individual and collective frequencies…
Reality manifesting from our visuals and emotion feelings…
Hence the need for spirit based emotional healing…

My soul sings from trusting your wisdom…
Joyous the song of the kingdom…
We have been lied to about god, now is my own divine conceiving…
I breathe you in from gratitude, giving and receiving…
I have been alive here before; making green tea, cleansing soiled floors…
Feeling the wealth of love and life all the while considered poor…

I am that I am…
Spirit, light and matter…
Free to be me; using my inner eye to see…
Living from passion love and enthusiasm…
Remaining unattached to the created human cataclysm…

My soul sings from knowing your wisdom…
Joyous the song of the kingdom…
Individualized drops of the divine ocean
I breathe you in from making sacred loves unconditional devotion…
I have been alive here before; walking on water, pray believing…
Feeling the wealth of love and life all the while considered poor…

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She could have been

She had something special.
Something she just couldn't see.
Something inside that kept her alive.
Something she just couldn't free.

She had something special.
Something the whole world could see.
Something inside that kept them alive.
Something that turns like the sea.

She could have been a doctor.
A noblemen or a priest.
The way she heals the masses,
She could have been a mystic.

She has something special.
Something she gives for free.
Something inside that's kept her alive.
Something I wish were in me.

She has something special.
Something the whole world can see.
Something inside that keeps us alive.
Something we wish she could see.

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It does not cast a shadow,
Nor does it judge, mimic, or belittle,
But it is full of emotion,
When expressed, time stands still,
Ubiquitous to society,
And inspired by nature,
More valuable than gold,
But cannot be spent,
More real than the stars,
But cannot be seen nor touched,
It can calm the most incorrigible of people,
And create passion in the most stoic souls,
It remains the same,
But is constantly changing,
And is older than life,
But will never age nor die,
To move by it is beautiful,
But to create it is a gift from God… 

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The Greatest Song

Name of song artist: George Harrison   -   Song Title: "Isn't It A Pity."

Poem below:

The greatest song of all time
shows how all people are blind
we either can't see the forest thru the trees
or we simply don't care about anyone's needs

The greatest day we will find
is when we unfold the love in our mind
when we cure violence of all kind
we can peacefully learn to unwind

What greater deed can there be
when all people can finally see
the words sung in such a great song
It's a pity, you don't sing along

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One Step Ahead

Dream deferred
Tears unheard
Forever looking at stars
Dreaming of ours
Futures unknown
Forever one step ahead
To our ten steps slow
Promises to never look back
To let the past be just that
Supressing memories
Even those of a happy me
Happier than the one in the mirror some days
Sick of your ways
And your empty words
Of futures unknown
Forever one step ahead
To our ten steps slow
Promising to never look back
To let the past be just that
And I'm thinking of leaving you there
To satisfy the stranger in the mirror
To satisfy me
And my future unknown
Forever one step ahead
To my ten steps slow
I promise to never look back
To never repeat the bad
But to smile instead
At where I've been
And to stare at the clouds
To wish on stars
Letting go of ours
And focusing on mine
Dreams defined
My future still unknown
Only one step ahead
To my two steps slow
I'm catching up, not looking back
Keeping the past as just that
Learning to smile at possibilities
And me.

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As I hear peace ring

Although the day is snowy and cold
Although the day is windy and bold
Although the streets are icy I’m told

I hear not a thing
As I only hear peace ring
Peace whispers saying barley a thing
As I silently smile to it’s warm tones as it sings

The day seems as night for it is so dark outside
Uninviting so cruel and not willing to hide
Never ending darkness it seems is all this day brings
Clear visions approach bringing the light
As I hear peace ring

Forgiveness to this day
As I hear the bells say
Ringing for peace and a brighter day.

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until then

It's times like this
That your life is what you miss
It's times like this
That your wife is what you used to kiss
A victim stranded
A place to belong is all I ever demanded
Nights you wished you were a star
Get drunk and thrown from the bar
Times are rare
especially when a few share
When any noise gives you a scare
It's times like this 
that sorrow leeks and tomorrow reeks
because your life is at a peek
Those were the times you ran in circles
Vision got blurry and daylight turned purple
you catch a lot of hell because your white
But even worse sometimes being black hurts
It'll be the same until time expires
Until I die, hope is my only desire
Even in death a new life begins
Expel time and eternity
until I rise again

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Beautiful is the sound of your voice
the glistening in your eyes
and the waving of your hair

Beautiful is your light 
the shinning of your personality
and the smell of your skin

Beautiful is the way of the world
the people and animals in it
and the moving of the words coming out into a song
the waving wings of a bird and the swaying of the tree leaves

Beautiful is the word that needs to be used more often

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Lingering whispers fester in her head,
Secrets and memories roll down her cheek.
She is aching to be heard,
Yet the pins
In her lips
Won't let

One day she opens her window,
Warmth flooding her dead eyes;
Her skin aglow
And smile blooming,
"I'm finally 

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Smile at your sunshine.
Laugh at your pain.
Live with no regrets,
And dance in the rain.

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Heart Beat

Sleepless and confused, my mind wonders around like a lost child,
all this gray and rain makes me think suicidal. 
Having to do the same stuff over and over again is pissing me off,
so i lay away to this sound of the beat i got playing so soft. 

My only escape is and every will be is this beat,
trust me it can put on a good show so have your self a seat. 
It will rock your world from the wonders it can do to you,
cause this sound is from the heart and soul and that is true.

Most people don't believe me that music can change a persons life,
it's only cause they have never experienced a good fight.
A fight for there own life, and the only thing that brought them back was music,
but they still refuse to admit that it's not magic.

So go put on a set of headphones and tell listen to a beat or two,
cause by the time you are done i will be asking you if it aint true.
So that's what i am about to go do is put on a set of headphones and listen through,
cause it's not what i can do but what the music can do to you.

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My Hearts Cry

The sun was shining on that
cool and beautiful day.
It was almost time to go
to the church Christmas play
As I was dressing 
the pain began to start
I knew something was wrong
I felt it in my heart.
“God please protect this baby,”
was my hearts only cry.
I continued to get dressed
though tears filled up my eyes.
The pain went away
so to the play we went.
There my new friends we would meet
and we went and found the perfect seats.
The play was going great
and it started to get late.
As I sat there mesmerized
the pain again I felt inside.
Out I went to take a break
but it was almost to late.
To the hospital I did go
because my friend and husband told me so.
My pain grew more intense 
as my life hung in the balance.
I screamed with every pain 
my weakened body was drained.
The doctor said to me,
“To surgery you must go,
the small life in you is gone,
but you must be strong.
Every minute that we wait
adds defeat to your fate.
This surgery we must do
to save the precious life of you.”
My heart began to cry
as I asked myself ”Why”! 
This little life so sweet 
now I shall never meet.
The pain I felt inside
made me start to cry.
Then in my room appeared
three people that were dear.
To comfort me this night 
my life to help me fight.
Only they would know my fate 
for they were sent from Heavens gates.
“All is well” the first did say.
The second said, 
“Don’t be afraid.”
Not a word did the third one say.
All he did was stand and pray.
The peace I felt was so intense, 
I knew it must be Heaven sent.
The light I saw 
was bright and warm.
The peace I felt
my heart adored.
“Its not your time.”
The first did day
“With your family you must stay,
all is well in your life,
you’ll see,
one day soon 
you will meet your King.”
“Know this my child
on this blessed day
your wonderful life
our God did save.”
“So many questions
cross your mind.”
“I pray God gives you 
peace in this time.”
“Only God knows why
He answered not your cry.
Understand not
don’t even try.”
“Soon the pain in your heart
will end.”
“Then the healing
will begin”
“To end this poem 
in a special way,
remember this 
I once more will say,
God saved your life
This blessed day.”

©January, 1998

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Survivor's Guilt pt.1

Well, here it is, once again, but,
  the hour's gotten kinda late;
And the night's been shattered like some
  cheap and off-white dinner plate.
Silence follows, leaves me alone to
  smile as tears dissipate;
Those sharp shards of porcelain 
  no longer seem my fate.
      Watch the waitress calmly waiting 
        in her tavern-issued kilt;
      A broom and a pan's all she needs
        to sweep up survivor's guilt.

Grime's collecting silver saviour
  machines, won't take my coins.
Grateful Beast's 'bout to get a new
  indentation in his loins.
Panic spreads behind the puppet-show
  as lines are being cut.
The Orphan's got her own by now,
  sure, Midnight's a slut.
      The hothouse's ignored, opaque
        plastic sheets in shreds, flowers wilt;
      That strong, ammonia-laced stench 
        of decay's survivor's guilt.

Grown tired of countries and corporations
  'round the entire world,
Raising their easily tattered banners
  and flags to unfurl;
The whole while, the din of anthems and
  slogans are aimed, then hurled,
Amazingly straight into my mad,
  multi-media whirl.
      Times like these, the barrage will buckle 
        your knees, cause the floor to tilt;
      Hollerin' Christ, like it's Howlin' Wolf,
        left gasping survivor's guilt.

Aged, grinning Prince, crouched Enemy, 
  form one cycling satelite;
Time's at hand, Light's shining upon us all,
  when one's Right is Might.
Scholarly endeavours bind rumors: attempts
  at Scriptures' new dress;
Driven by blind need, yellow orb forestalls
  the errant mistress.
      Everything's best forgotten, forsaken,
        over which it's built;
      The End's by no means the Means, if
        they're subtracting survivor's guilt.

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the keeper's self

when no clouds touch the sky
tomorrow becomes
just another way to get by
we free birds dream the livr's lie
Forever you and I 
live the dreamr's cry

if you ask for the devil long enough
he will eventually join you 
so be warm, be joyful 
politely ask him to leave 

find comfort within the things you know
and appreciate the things you donot 
and do try not to be so distant
for when the winds sway 
the chill reminds me
just how dearly i miss you 

time will bring changes 
and age to weather 
and in the mist of adversity 
you will get to see 
the true size of you 
Like a mirror for the moment 
Tomorrow admires you 

"like a curse, i'll write you away"

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Sitting on a smooth rock
as waves crash into it...foaming,
and splashing their salty water on me;
it is warm and soothing after burning
on dunes of sand...listening to rock,
and one of the songs caught my fancy...

The dreamer who follows the stars
is an unloved soul running from time,    
searching for secrets in this Universe...
but finding only sympathy for himself;
he can see the sea-birds in flight,
and wishes more peace at every sunset!  

This pen dashes all thoughts off,
to relieve this mind of unwanted clutter,
clearly seeing beyond the noiseless shore;
and like survivors of a shipwreck:
I let out a deep breath, to feel life 
at its best ,and joyfully play my clarinet...

The dreamer who follows the stars
 loses their traces into space,
they go further and further and disappear from his sight;
he counted them all when they stood still and shone
above the ragged canyons of a dreary moon in silverlight, 
and how can he hope for their return and not dream alone?  

Fugitive darkness gives away to dazzling sun-rays,
the shrills of the gathered sea-gulls, by the beach-house,
bring me back to an existence of joyful laughs; 
I am repulsively sad to have fallen into sleep,
to have missed moments that could have inspired, indeed,
another song for the dreamer who followed the stars!

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A silver river down your face. You hang your heas in such disgrace. I've found you in this awful place. You've fallen from your spot of grace You've never cried in front of me, But now your weakness I do see. You cry and cry because of she, And all alone you want to be. I do refuse to leave your side. You are ashamned of how you've cried. You scream your wish that you had died, And here I come to be your guide. Never again will you walk alone. You now have love to call your own. You tried to cut rigt to the bone. You're caught tonight, tears on the phone. Let me hold you for this night. I will help you through this fight. Let us try with all our might. We'll sit here 'til you're alright. Now listen friend, and listen well. We'll walk together through this Hell. I promise you I'll never tell. Best friends forever, it ends well. Now you're in a happy place. I love that smile on your face. All of your pain we did erase. Live loving life, for it's no race.

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Believing in You

To learn from the needy,
To care for the strong,
To reach for the heavens,
Where we all belong.

To climb every mountain,
Atop every hill,
To find out my purpose,
The good Father's will.

To fly like an angel,
From pond to lakeshore,
To venture the valleys,
Seen never before.

To swim through the  waters,
Of sparkling streams,
To soar through the vast clouds,
Of peace and of dreams.

To travel off Earth,
To a place quite unknown,
To witness my eyes,
Where the birds have not flown.

A place that is fruitful,
WIth flowers and trees,
With fresh air and water,
A song in the breeze.

And last but not least,
With my kind, loving friends,
A pastime, a party,
Where peace never ends.

To make all this happen,
Seems like such a chore,
But that what beliefs, and our dreams
Were made for.

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Change is the way the we all can relate,
We change fate, change hate, change the things that degrate,
And at a range, change seems like it only does great,
But isn't it strange, change can lead to such a great debate,
When it was only meant to open up gates,
For the men and women who want equal rights and rate,
For the broken soldiers, held by their brothers,
Only waiting to be seen, in the end,
By their mothers in crates...

As she throws herself upon it with no restraint,
There can be no mistake,
Even though it seems so fake,
She waits in the aftermath of this wake,
For the world to find the right path,
Have no hate,
But all around she sees wrath,
Losses faith,
And decides to forge her own path,
Through the gate,
To the powers that be,
The power select,
The power of the people that we elect,
The power they neglect,

So she argues certain elements,
With rhetoric and relevance,
And scholarly intelligence,
But all they ever tell her is...
"We'll get back to this,"
When they really mean is...
"Stop reminiscing on past events,"

She decided that she can't really live without her kid,
And takes a little stroll off the Brooklyn Bridge,
Do you know what she asked when she had the floor?
Just for a little bit of change like I said before.... 

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Scenes From Above

A face that you see everyday
That same reflection that you curse in various ways
Punished for hard living
Praised for innocent givings
Untoucheables repeatedly charmed
Because we are have-nots, we are seated and alarmed
White roses, clear caskets, and black doves
Nothing more than scenes from above
It sprinkles like hell in a well
Heavenly treasures are the remains of Satan
When the last drop of life is strained from my veins
I will not be awaking
As I am crucified on this witness stand
There's only one thing I demand
God bless the stress in my hands
The warm feeling of a passionate hug
These are Scenes from Above
I am all but a portion of Caesar
Granted extortion of a true believer
And before I leave this trial
I'll probably be slained and murdered
Over the stars
And through eternal pain my soul will be hurdled
Set me out to sea and let my flesh burn
Let my advasaries recognize stress and mourn
Forever overwhelmed with passion and love
Nothing more than Scenes From Above
I'm a few new frogs from leaping
One shoe on the logs from deeping
A handful of tears from weeping
Three scars away from being worth not keeping
Open a new testament
Why these demons bother to pester me 
No telling howmany sins I am from resting in Hell
Seven seals from guessing my bail
Today may not be what it seems
But tomarrow is only a dream
I'm a few pushes from a great shove
A few Scenes From Waking Above

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The passeth days goeth this fast 
The cometh days changeth this fast
Thou time of the seasons that sleep low
Thee changeth time, changeth behaviour
changeth man, give me back time.

The days of oldeth that standard 
Was peak, time changereth, man died
Younger, you changereth, seasons gives ways.
We forgotten what makes us shout at night
The village square lost significance 

Why thy squash? We uses square for churches
Oh, standard has fallen, Respect lost
Fallen standard, our locality grow with 
love, our fathers grow with respect.
Believe, unity, strength and power.
We have given Our Own, to have their 
Own, time take me back, where is respect
Let me have her.
African standard has fallen
We lost respect
African preferred the big market 
Were is your small once that 
Meet your needs?

African preferred the big towns
Were our village and our fathers
Grave grow grass
Africans were is you Respect 
My father told me about? 
Africans were is your strength?

The black colour of your nations
All are fallen, fallen to dust 
African call back your children
Call her back she is far very far
Time healer of pain take me back 
To build to a good standard.

African of the Atlantic
African of the equator
Africans of the desert 
Cultured me in your race, black 
Colour, strength of the empires

African have given all traces of her race To have western life, forgotten were she Is from. So many Africans have.given up her colour that unit the race and decided to take the western life.

1.	What unit the nations of Africans her colour (black colour)
2.	We should stop fighting one another we are of the same race.
3.	What we live our locality to big towns can be really be gotten within the locality. The Africans can unit without war
4.	That those in far lands (western world) should come home and build this empires.
5.	Have is very important in the race of Africans.  

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To Catch A Cloud

Verse 1

catch a cloud
praise out loud
time to bow
holy wow
do not sow

as I catch a cloud
catch a cloud

Verse 2

raise those hands
and praise da man
for theres a new plan
as I shout and stand
high above drifted lands

as I catch a cloud
catch a cloud

Verse 3

give me hope
to stay afloat
for I'll not mope
and just have to cope
from this heavenly boat

as I catch a cloud 
catch a cloud

Tribute To Heaven
And A Clouds Journey

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A smile in a thought of a "forever" like this.
A dream from a star's one wish.
A love of a life from a fairy tale one told
To a child with an imagination worth a whole pot of gold.

Can you really put a value to something like this?
Like that feeling you get from your last first kiss?
Or the dreams that come true from a shooting star's wish?
There's no value worth more than all this.

A song from a night from a heart's first glance.
A sway from a dress from a love's first dance.
A rose from a thorn from a child's freedom.
A ring from a night from a tear from one.

Can you really put a value to a moment like this?
To a second in time so carefree as this?
To a heartbeat caused by pure peace and bliss?
To a child's eye lit by a shooting star and a wish?

Could you tell me what it's worth?
Or could you tell me which came first?
Was it hope for a future unknown,
Or happiness from the love that's shown?
Was it a dream from a fairy tale,
Or optimism after every fail?
Because the child that I've never seen
Is one without a single dream.

So tell me,
Can you really put a value to this?
To a first kiss?
A child's wish?
Pure bliss?
To this?
To this moment looking into your eyes?
To a fairy tale defined
By you and I.

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with thanks to Don Henley

with thanks to Don Henley... echo of her laugh

whispers past

a simple joy, a gentle breeze

of quiet reflection that can never last

the fleeting innocence once drifting along

then disappearing into the notes of that Don Henley song

the end, he sang, of the innocence once felt

of days and of nights of serene peace

gone forever now, 

for into the night's void everything must eventually melt

though the memories and the thoughts 

and the echoes of her whispers

settled this gypsy heart, putting it at ease

but that's all long gone now

even though the echoes of her whispers

seem never to cease...

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Don't you wish you could fly? Don't you wish you could fly? Decisions are capable of control, Then you feel like a mole, Deep in the ground, Far away from sound. Things get you down, You can't fit into the crown, You lay in front of an ice cream shop, Your friends are playing ninja in the handicap spot. You feel like you want to cry, Don't you wish you could fly, Fly, fly away, to a place far from here, I don't know what to do, But I still miss you, You're sweet and pure, You're my only cure. Now I want to fly away. Dreaming of a beautiful land, When you dug your feet into the sand, I get beaten, When your so smitten, Because you're not mine. You feel like you want to cry, Don't you wish you could fly, Fly, fly away, to a place far from here, I don't know what to do, But I still miss you, You're sweet and pure, You're my only cure. Now I want to fly away. Fly, fly, fly. Fly like a butterfly, Away from troubles, That make you cry, When come in doubles. You feel like you want to cry, Don't you wish you could fly, Fly, fly away, to a place far from here, I don't know what to do, But I still miss you, You're sweet and pure, You're my only cure. Now I want to fly away. Flap your wings and, Fly.

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for those who choose to stay

all that i want for you is our peace
all that i want for you is our peace
hands are tied and young
can't you see?

Where will we go when there is no journey to embark
People only exist as shadows alone in the dark
you can pray and i'll do what i can to get by
Maybe one of us will see another day

Have you ever just taken a breath and enjoyed yourself
I'm beginning to see, who is winning in me
The lenin and fees, a ginuine breeze 
He continually believes in the falling of leaves

all that I want for you is our peace 
all that I want for you is our peace
Hands are tied and young 
Can you see?

two fingers apart, a crescent down the center
at times we admire the pleasantries of a mentor
I'm out on my heels, it seems i only stand for splentors
People are warmest when the sun fails in the winter

Candles dim, yet we continue to carry them
It takes mass production to handle film
soldiers and platoons channel the wind
in the end we were merely only men

all that i want for is our peace
all that i want for is our peace

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For Robert Zimmerman

For Bob Dylan

sheltered from the howling winds of vows and scattered souls and sweltering hate

she is a refuge from the blistering sands of dread and loss and torn and twisted fate

when the emptiness inside becomes an abyss so dark and wild and cold

my words get lost in the jangling alleys where dreams are bought and sold

I met her in those alleys among the withering roses on a bed of thorns

and she filled me up with poems banishing the scowling moments and their baleful scorns

now I lie awake and wish that I could sleep and drift away into the maze of her dream

but slumber has fled and slipped the noose around my words as they thrash around and scream

words that swirl around and around like that scarlet scarf wrapped around her face

she's a mystery still as she will always be while I sift through this empty desolate space

the storm it broke and ceased and shuffled my words as they drifted forlornly into the chasm of the dead

leaving me here still and mute and frantic as I try to pick up the pieces of all the words that have been said

far too many far too often far too conceited and far too proud

for I failed to hear the stillness of beauty as I rambled along barking my words out aloud

she hushes me now as she hushed me then in the cobwebbed tunnels of the past

while I weep more words in blood and ink onto dried parchment meant never to last

so tell her that her whiskey has been greedily gulped down and now that I am soberly drunk

I see her songs and hear her breath reaching down into my mouldy abode of hapless funk

fare-thee-well for now as I slide into the scribbled hubris of another battered rhyme

dazed by the glaring embers as they scorch the moments of quickly fading time

and if tomorrow finds me here still shell-shocked and drained in body and in mind

tell her that her wine has slipped through the loose knots that bind

tying me to this place of sanity and insanity all rolled into one

while all is numb and scarred from the deed that has been done

and as I flee recklessly chasing away myself from me once more
she'll know the words for its a song that's been sung far too many times before

(for bob dylan)

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The Dance

Swaying. I'm dreaming. Sinking. I'm dying. Freefalling. Angels sing a beautiful melody. Hallelujia, oh hallelujia. The light shines on me, enchanting. It's holy, it's holy. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. My heart is pounding deep within my chest. Dancing with in my eyes ceases to exist. I am not alone. Blinded no longer is the truth hidden inside. And we're swaying. The angels singing. Hallelujia, oh hallelujia. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. On golden streets we dance to the harp, he's holding me close. Silver is the moon, blue are the stars. I fall awestruck to my knees, swimming through splashing amber seas of innocence. The steps of the dance, guided by his gentle hand. I am at rest, I am at peace, folded in the glory of my coming. The spitting fire engulfing me. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. I'm spinning, my dress all around, and he's twirling me, my hair falling down. Now as he pulls me close, I see his kind face, I know I am secure, I know I am safe. My best friend Jesus, I smile at him. Oh, dancing with Jesus... I am alive again. I'm dancing with Jesus... In Heaven with Jesus... I am alive again. I am alive again...

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smiles, fractures and new beginnings

I’ve been trying not to think about a lot of the things that come my way
A cool summer breeze has taken my doubts for all that I can believe

Dwelling on times too cautiously has left me walking in a wanderlust
When the day begins it ends and I have no one to trust 

I’ve been traveling and I’ve come so far
When all I needed was a friend you left me standing there

I’ve seen smiles and I’ve held some frowns
Seen an old man walking out on town
I’ve seen a harlot chasing the sound of love
Seen a man too tired to place himself found

In my mind I’ve been walking my worries toward a reluctant time
In my cloudy days I needed you there, all those lonely hours afterwards 

Today I was out running and I saw you alone
Suddenly you disappeared when I went to ask you what was wrong

Am I losing my mind, an illusionist in a broken time
Against the shoreline chasing everything that wasn’t mine

Seen coffee spilled when no one was around
I’ve seen a good man yield his days
I seen a champion walk away from a fight 
Seen a mother lost too weary to pray

"a potion for nights that outlast my days"

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Empty Teardrops On My Fingertips

There is only you and me were universal speak our minds until they become controversial the current administration couldn't build a tent that's why I should run for president I would represent you all as I hate you, equally no justification just in my way, literally the broken egg shells I walk on for you to cringe your nails and do as you do Mary wasn't quite contrary on this particular conspicuous evening it seems she's overdressed for the occasion wearing nothing but a green wreath over places What's the difference between me and you? I have power beyond imagination and control of my dreams you misunderstand the smallest of things and then blame me for your state of denial I'm in a state of comfortness but must move forward in order to progress otherwise I am just oppressed or overly blessed, and won't digress.

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Inspiring is the lion’s roar Inspiring is the sea. They strengthen all the courage That lives inside of me. Inspiring is the wind As it tosses about the trees, And inspiring is the humming Of the little bumblebees. Inspiring is the eagle As it soars above the sun, And inspiring is the man Who will never use his gun. Inspiring is the dolphin As it dances in the waves, And inspiring is the swan With the graceful way it bathes. Inspiring are the people Who embrace the warmth of love, And inspiring is the poet Who rhymes for those above. Inspiring are those who shun The violent plague of war And inspiring is the soldier And those he does fight for. Inspiring is the courage That lives inside of me, And inspiring is the unity That comes from the word “we”.

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My Dream

My dream is of a better world
Where rivers run free,
Where our waters are unpolluted 
By debris thrown in by humanity.
Where crime is not known and weapons rare,
My dream is of a world
That overflows with care.

My dream is that we love each other,
Not by the colour of our skin,
But by the goodness that lies within.

Why is there envy?
Why is there hate?
Why shoud you be executed just standig by your gate? 
Why mut there be famine?
Why must there be war?
We have repeatedly asked these questions before.

Parents lead and children follow,
That's not always the case as we already know.
My prayer is that one day all this will cease
Then we can envision worldwide peace.

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Kisses felt:
Moments lost. 
Priceless moments
Always cost.
Peace and love:
Childhood wishes.
Friends forever,
Like butterfly kisses,
Never last
More than a day,
Then they all
Fade away.
Dreams, like shoes,
Become too small
To fit our lives
When potential calls.
Kisses felt:
Moments lost.
Priceless moments
Always cost.
Is the price
Worth the pain?
Or worth the strength
We eventually gain?
Of course it is.
Just persevere.
Don't ever stop dreaming.
Don't live in fear.

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Birthday Rose

Introduction: A mother is such a wonderful poetry...She is the compass and blessing for her children and no matter what, in our hearts - she's the rose that never dies.

The moment I first opened my eyes, I saw your glowing face in shine You took me in your graceful arms, And poured my life in peaceful charm You sacrificed more than I can count, To raise me and strengthen my ground Every time you heard me scream, You took off from your every meal You fulfilled all my needs and dreams, You mean the world and more to me A teacher, a playmate, An answer, a guide of fate You reach out and pull me back, Whenever I get lost off track You love me like no other, Words just simply can’t explain, you are the best mother With you I never pretend, by your values I transcend You help me get my courage tight, You aid me to my wisdom right You are my loving mother, Someone I have to share my thoughts Always you know, always you care, Always you feel, always you heal Your tender smile lights up my life, From doubts that keep me captive at night Forever in my heart, you reside You care so much and feel so deep, You’re just everything I need I’m above grateful to have you in my life, As every time I think of you, I always feel revived.

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into a wooded bog

I walked through the sunshine 
into a wooded bog 
where lily pads are home to frogs
where the night sky shines 
on the lake below 
where the winter breeze blows 
over a fresh new snow 

I walked down the path 
where no one could find me 
beyond the hidden branches 
sits a log where I'm hiding 
peacefully I've chosen this spot 
because this log has been mine for years 
all the time I walk through the forrest 
I always end up here

this log is nothing special 
but special it is to me 
for it looks over the lake 
in which I knew since three 
its been there when I was sad, 
and made me happy again 
and when I'm on this log
there's nothing better than that

a peaceful place in the forrest 
away from bustles of the day 
is the best spot for someone like me 
to wash her worries away.

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Forever and Ever

Forever and ever
Love will keep us together
We will have no fears
We will feel no pain

What is it like for you
To know we are together
I want to know what it’s like
I want to know how you feel about me

What is this feeling
It’s different than before
Why am I feeling like this
Why should I care

Time has changed I guess
And my heart has grown and healed
For with you, is where I wanna be
With you and no where else

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Call Off

    Call off our Troops,
    they don't have a
    clue on the real
    scoop; because
    the President has
    them jumping thru
    invisible loops.

    Call off our men in
    green, death is the
    only thing they've
    seen; and only to be
    used as the President's
    personal killing Machine.

    Call off this W.A.R, we've
    been misled and we're
    not sure what it's for any
    more; but from the way 
    things are looking I would
    say," That President Bush
    Just Wanted To Settle A
    Personal Score."

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Sitting On The Ground - Embrace Your Passions

Give me a minute to catch my breath before I discover what’s in store Embrace your passions…never let it go… I smell the scent of death…what am I waiting for? Embrace your passions…never let it go… One…two…three…four…I’m waiting behind the closed door…for you’re the one I adore…(count with me…count on me...)x2 Embrace your passions…never let it go… One…two…three…four…count the stars in the ebony skies and find my young heart’s goodness, boldness and eternal bliss Embrace your passions…never let it go… It feels good to do good works…instead of hanging out with countless jerks! Embrace your passions…never let it go…doing the wrong thing makes me guilty and I suck up woe and sprinkle baking soda & wheat flour upon the gooey & soft dough, soon to be puffed up so! Go with the flow…don’t let the wicked wind blow Embrace your passions…never let it go… Let the blessed breeze blow and let your ardent auras glow Embrace your passions…never let it go… Give me another chance to grow into a young man Embrace your passions…never let it go… Give me another reason to overcome – Please! Get me out of my lonesome pit! I forlorn and sit These waves of emotions – I’ll face em like a man if I can! Embrace your passions…never let it go… Give me another chance to overcome – Come on! Let His healing rain fall down and let me bathe in it I’ve fallen hard on the cement… But, my heart is pounding with content… Were you and I meant to be forever blue? You wanna be part of my crew? Embrace your passions…I’ve seen you’ve obeyed me and let go of your wistful woe (the night is shrouded with the wings of a crow & you rejected your possibility of going with the let my emptiness and numbness show...I lack your confident, sunlit glow) For the first time around, I see you’ve made a difference – I see the new you… wow, I never knew the new you…that change came out of the blue Be good to me and I’ll do good to you… I don’t wanna know your dark side and I don’t want to… Your miracles out of the blue…out of the blue… I’m still getting over the aftershocks of the love flu Come on and shine your light on me…give me your inner inspiration Come on and be mine day in and day out with glee – you’re my beloved aspiration…you’re my admiration…sweet and salty sensation You make my heart beat with anticipation You make my heart beat without a missing beat You make my rowdy, heartfelt rhythm without hesitation You make my heart beat like the taps of my feet You make me feel awfully complete! You’re neat! You’re looking fine and not obsolete! I wanna see your face once more But I’m sitting on the ground… So lost, without a sound… But I’m screaming at the top of my lunges I’m counting all of my wrongs One…two…three…four… Five…six…seven…eight… Nine…ten…eleven…twelve… Thirteen…fourteen…fifteen…sixteen… Seventeen…I’m seventeen years old at last But that age will not last… At least I’m not reflecting upon the past I’ll try my best to live life to the fullest I’ll try to best to pass this difficult test Please don’t detest me…at least I confessed All that was on my mind… I’m trying to get out of my mind – How can I be so blind? Do you mind if I’m in love and blind? You’re my future find… It is about time to unwind… Embrace your passions…never let it go… Embrace your passions…never let it go… Embrace your passions…never let it go… Embrace your passions…let it grow! Let it grow! Embrace the blessed breeze as it begins to blow! Embrace your passions…never let us come together like two grand lands…. Embrace your passions…we all experience the highs and lows in life – it’s like a wild-and-out-of-control yo-yo, but you’re strong enough – though you’re as low as low can be, you know? Embrace your passions…never let it go of my hands… Repeat your echoes of empathy Not only do I need your sympathy, But I want your love more and more You make the butterflies in my stomach soar

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I Am Me

On this chilly Spring evening, I see who I've become.
Is it at all weird that I can relive my memories of a little girl?
Is it at all weird that I am envisioning my future?

I find myself at a crossroad.
Everything is just overlapping one another.
At times, I feel I cannot go on.
I need to believe in myself.

Some people just have all the confidence in the world.
How do they do it?
I wish I knew.
I wish I could be like them.

I wonder if anyone thinks of me this way.
I wonder if I have an ability which someone else desires.

Unlike others though, I'm just being me.
I don't know change.
I am me.

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Take a Peak

Take a shine to joyful solace
The light falls and fills a forbidden place
The empty once had you soulless
But experience will strongly and boldly replace

Take a stroll through dark and forbidden
Find the gem of meanings; hidden
Now we define the truth of balance
Dual meanings of sound and silence

Don't walk alone in labyrinths
Don't smile if you're feeling sadness
Certainty shines out and in now
Your love goes then comes back around

Challenges you face will test you
If your calm, and see, you set the difficulty
And never be afraid of something new
Save the blind and intentional derogatory

The hands ticking,
Round and round

The ball bouncing,
Up and down

The people going,
Like sheep in a field
Their ideas flowing,
But never set free

Let them be

Don't walk alone in labyrinths
Don't smile if you're feeling sadness
Certainty shines in and out now
Your loves goes then comes back around

Let them be

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Peace Of Love

I know all people and all they need
Is the peace of love that's all around
We could plant the seed
For those that are future bound
Love is the key to all that's near
If only we all would let it grow
There would be no need for fear
If you let peace in your heart it will show

As one we can all stand alone
But together we all shine
Love is nothing that you can own
It's not just yours or mine
If we all reached for the sun
Then we all could just release
All hate and pain could be undone
And we could see love and peace

We're all free as a bird in the sky
Letting go of all we despise
But before we can learn to fly
Our thoughts of good must arise
In the peace of love we seek
In the truth all is found
Once the future seemed so bleak
But with peace and love we'll always be around

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A square in a square

Four lines equal length

Then repeated

People pass through

And over and around

Tires squeal

Lights change colour

Dogs on leashes

Rain soaked pavement

The foundation for this

Fifteen stories up

It all becomes clear

Life carries on

Under an umbrella

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Classic Lullaby

Close your eyes go to sleep, listen to this lullaby.
Rest your mind; release your woes, to justify.
As you lay so warm and delighted tonight,
Secure in your thoughts, without any fright.
The hours ahead shall be quiet and serene.
Dream of gold, diamonds clear, so pristine,
Close your eyes go to sleep, rest mortal soul.
Dream a dream of how to master your goal.
Night goes quick, but you are so very calm.
Rest all your bones, a mind of little qualm.
Pray that your woes are gone and forgiven.
That no nightmares arrive, or would be riven,
Wake your eyes, mornings come, do not stultify.
Sing again what has been sung, classy lullaby.

written for
Sponsor Tracie ~*~ A solitary sonnetist 
Contest Name Lullabies... 

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Serenity and Revenge (Angel of Sadness)

My serenity and revenge
So come with all the nonsense you can come with
Intensity, the pleasure in this needle and syringe
Climax to suspense I’m done with
This is my serenity and revenge
Sophisticated or not
I’m obligated to my plot
The weather and changes
Together we strangers better our ranges
Posted number nine
The most I boasted, I’m fine!
Seems I’ve a fetish for waving goodbye
Means of politicians turns cheddar to reddish
Yea I’m saying you fry
I’m lusting for one last sin
Trusting for one past beginning
To much jibber and blah blah
Gets you swept up like a dust bunny
Please don’t make me bust honey
You think I lost my fire, my spark
It’s so hell and life is dark
It would be a sin to kid you all
So let this be a sucker punch
For any group or individual
Whom dare challenge my presence
My spirit murders in the same vibe
I use to rally my contestants
Stressed protestant
Against the gods, my odds my only chance

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Cap N Gown (Angel of Sadness)

I know you wanna see me in cap-n-gown 
A fresh breeze and a new way of life is what I found 
So please don’t cry 
When you don’t see me in my cap-n-gown 
In and out of foster homes 
My only comfort was pulling this holster alone 
From school to football practice 
Academy award winner 
my moms was the number one actress 
From football practice 
to back to those two huge oak trees 
A metaphor is simply that cold winters choked my knees 
And I know it’s gonna hurt 
Seeing “Class of 2005” imprinted on my shirt 
Maybe it’s me being selfish 
But how could I not tell you without a kiss 
Like me expecting to go to war 
and forgetting to enlist 
High school memories was fun and games 
Embarrassment was done in by shame 
Senior days are now numbered 
Summer smirks ever so humble 
Along with my peers 
my misery is pumping me up to fumble 
Still I know you wanna see me in cap-n-gown 
A fresh breeze and new way of life is what I found 
So please don’t cry 
When you don’t see me in my cap-n-gown 

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A Walk To Remember

It was a Friday night, and I took a long walk around
Just to ease my mind which stress seems to surround
It felt so great, the warm breeze hit my face
As I glanced at the constellations shining from the east
So I step forward, and continue to reminisce
Moving silently, to what Atmosphere acknowledges
And the moon moves an sadly grins from the view
As a young kid walks off the emotions he once knew
A cow moo's, I see it standing in the dark
Another sleepless soul, looks like were in the same park
I glance up, just in time to see a comet
Close my eyes and make a wish, maybe I can stop it
And pocket it, cause the luck it holds I need
I'm tired of being out of money for this toll of dreams
I look away, towards the long road ahead of me
Push the memories from my view, and walk into another scene

Now a new scene, I see this young girl of fifteen
Staring in the mirror as a tear reflects from a dream
All she wanted was to be a witness of compassion
Yet instead she became a witness of verbalized aggression
Now she stepped forward, and crossed the lines into depression
Eye's pierced with the tears of absolute neglection
Mentally altered, this girl took thee abuse
Later to encrypt her wrists with a knife she shouldn't use
Another fight, so she turns to a heaven's view
Cries and she prays to a God she never really knew
Never understanding why life takes it's sways
While she sees a loving family when here life turns to gray
So she sneaks out, to walk off all her memories
Walks down a boulevard, yet it's like a country street
Kicks a stone in the light shining from the moon
As I watch in the distance as she walks outta view

Now a Veteran, straight outta World War Two
Stares out the window, with his eyes so blue
Remebering the times as a strong young chap
Now he sit's in his wheelchair, he's now handicap
Cause he can not forget all the blood that was shed
Young growing boys live's end before it begins
Haunted by the image, it now pillages his brain
Can barley even speak, without hearing bullets ring
He dreams of, taking back what he'd seen
A young Jewish boy left slaughtered by his feet
Wondering, what kind of human can achieve
Such a gruesome status, and still be an elite
It penetrates his head, even decades after war
But still he dreams nightmares of both blood and gore
He closes his eyes, and he prays for an escape
From this terror that has haunted him through the life he's made

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Just Love and Peace

Simple as that, just love and peace.
Writing for all who need a release. 
Writing for those who can't seem to find 
A poem that compliments days and nightime.

Dream time comes I wake but don't write.
No need to bother, be silly laugh light.
I plea for comedic, no drama because, 
it makes things pecuilar and creates too much buzz.
So the lesson plan today is simply just laugh.
Just peace and love, you hold the bat.

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No Title (1)

Keep the way, and courage comes,
Raise your spirits to the clouds,
Tame the storm and swirling calms,
Get you rid of all the doubts!

Sooner, later, or at once
Road curves and moving quickens.
In an instant, in a glance
Each and every stirring weakens.

Ride the shining shooting star,
Feel the air, try to taste dew.
You will come away as far
As the endless journey takes you!


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Loud Thoughts

I'm trying to write a poem,
so I need to sit here in peace.
Just an hour or so, at least.
Could you please be quiet?
I'm feeling a little on edge,
but I've managed to stay calm
by listening to my favorite song.
Could you please be quiet?
I'm burning a soothing candle
that smells of creamy toffee.
Of this stress, I must be free.
Could you please be quiet?
I'm sitting here by myself
and I still can't concentrate.
It's getting really late.
Could you please be quiet?
I'm going to need some sleep.
You’re still here, playing your games.
Let me get to the end of this page.
Could you please be quiet?
I'm thinking all day long.
Because of you, I can't forget
hopes for tomorrow and yesterday’s regrets.
I told you to be quiet.

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The Noblest Career

James 3: 12 and Proverbs 15:1 have been paraphrased here in the following 
poem. You are invited, dear reader, to kindly read those Bible verses before or 
after reading this poem.

Teaching might be the noblest career;
But it has its dangers, in its rear.

Saint James warned us about this great trend,
That we might not fall before and bend

To worship some regretful mistake.
“How can the same source of water take

Pure sweet water and make it bitter? ”
In slanders every single letter

Causes the fire of hatred to grow;
But a kind answer frees and lets go!

For teaching is the noblest career;
But it has its danger, in its rear.

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Oh day of promised rapture from final resting place,

The first desire of heart to see my Savior’s face!

The beckoning of trumpet will pierce the Eastern skies,

I yearn so much to greet him and behold him with mine eyes!

Shall I awake in dew clad morn or velvet star-lit night,

Anticipating robe and crown and wings of silver bright!

Enduring grace, sweet love divine did span thou earth’s creation,

Great Son of God who lived to die for sinners soul salvation!

I long to hold thy nail scarred hand and kiss your thorn pricked brow,

Though birthed in sin he snatched me from Hell’s fiery bowel!

Twas stately mansions glistening in heaven’s glory gleam,

Their beauty was astounding as nought I’d ever seen.

The prophets were conversing of ancient days of old,

While children laughed and played on shining streets of gold.

A reunion day is coming dear loved ones and missed friends,

Where we’ll always be together and time shall never end!

Nor tear did dim an eye, and daily cares were gone,

Thousands gathered there to join in angels’ song!

Hallelujah to the Highest, holy praises we did sing,

To lift our voices as one to Christ, The Mighty King!

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That little drop of rain that touches me gently,
While others run away scared...
Thank you for your gentle acceptance
Didn't really know how close you are
The lightning that screams and seems upset
Thank you for reminding me
That I am nothing without you
The never ending obsession with the rainbow
Thank you for making me wonder
The birds outside my opened windows
That cherish your name every morning
Thank you for letting me know that you are always cherished
Even when I forget
I love myself because how can I love others if I don't know what love is
I am because of a word…..

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The American Legend

Soaring high, as the American's eagle pride higher now than ever before once more, elevated nearly every last peak how to mistreat the meek, weak unguided son why can't you offer unrequited love to everyone? oh, lord save me I cannot escape the agents that take hold of me, they surround me... So I levitate up and unbounded seems I've once again found it an escape, from an uneasy paradise This burst explosion A never ending love-peace energy welling up inside me like an underwater atom bomb forever and ever I shall go on accordingly unknown An art recession? let me make a correction this boy's a legend from birth on up banging hard breaking his way through the wall life can sometimes often throw up come crashing hard on the ground I wake knowing the feeling to lose everything except from what I learned from well known legends who made the wings I fly high on

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A Poet's World

This poem is about the life and feelings of a poet/poetess.

In a poet's world there is heaven and hell,
and many stories to tell.
There are mysteries to solve and codes to unravel,
many roads to travel.
There are confessions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Storms of rejection, dejection, and sorrow.
Reflections of love, marriage, and romance.
Expressions of flamboyance and dance.

In a poet's world there is music of rhythm and verse,
imaginations of all things on earth.
Songs, sonnets, lyrics, and beats,
gardens of flowers and of trees.
There are times of drama, prose, and learning.
A constant desire burning.
Laughter and tears and feelings of fear, all in a poet's world.
There are influences to work, criticism and hurt.
Achievement and goal, warmth and cold,
visions of life and death, 
and times to be quiet.

In a poet's world there is religion, science, and belief,
faith, hope, war, and peace.
Emotions of anger and tempers that rage,
many characters on stage.

In a poet's world there are promises and dreams,
nightmares and screams,
humbleness, happiness, and philosophy,
a lifetime of writing for infinity.
It's an angel who speaks to the poet's soul,
to tell the world all his heart holds.

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Promises Fulfilled

You are holy, we extol your power!
The Sustainer of all creation; 
You are the Everlasting Father, 
Provider of salvation.
You reign with justice, goodness and mercy.
We submit to your dominion and pow’r.

You are holy, we declare your peace!
You gave your Son, everlasting Word;
You offer a coming Prince of Peace
Promised Son, yet to be heard.
He bled, He died, He rose to victory!
We lay down our lives and wait for your peace.

You are holy, we welcome your presence!
You sent your spirt to walk beside;  
You sent a Wonderful Counselor, 
Paraclete, our help, our guide,
who will protect, correct, and direct us.
We exist within your holy presence.

You are holy, we worship you with praise!
Three times unique, matchless three in one,
Father, Son and Spirit; Mighty God -
Physician to whom we run.
You heal the heart, the mind, and the body.
We offer you glory, honor and praise.

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On the wrong side of the door to paradise

Do you remember the way to eden? 
I haven't been there lately-
inside the whole time
and I'm a thousand miles away
I need a perch to land on, a branch to alight
I'm being tossed about in this whirlwind called life
caught in yet another of life's tempestuous moods
yet theres memory of peace inside
I can see it through the keyhole
in vain I search for the key 
(I used to know)
but I've misplaced it
I should take better care of such things 
before they become lost,
put them back always in the same place again
so I know where to find them
when I need some peace of mind
in times that I am trapped on the other side- 
a bird that flutters its wings uselessly outside the door
able to see inside,and still wondering 
what is holding me back, 
keeping me on the wrong side of the Door to paradise

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' The Baby-Talk Song ...'

‘ The  Baby-Talk  Song … ’

It’s Been 30 Years Ago …
But the Memories are Starting To Flow
Going Thru These Newborn Clothes …
Oh … How Fast Children Grow

You Were A Beautiful – Baby Boy !
That Teething Cat, was Your Favorite Toy
You Were Precious to Your Dad and Me
As Was Your First Words … in The Nursery
goo-goo  ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo  ga-ga    Ma-Ma

We Tried to Get You to Say It Again
So We Could Bragg to All Our Friends
You Were The Apple of Our Eyes
Going:   goo-goo   ga-ga

We Loved to Hear Your Baby-Talk
Especially … at Your First Baby-Walk
Going:     goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears …
Always, Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say

… New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since:   goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

When ol’ Burke, was Put to Sleep
You were so Hurt, You wouldn’t Speak
I Said:  ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Cry …
‘Cause I’m … goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

And The First Time You Came Home High
Hanging with the Wrong High-School Guys
Daddy Explained, it to You Best …
He Helped You Get Out of Your … Mess
He wasn’t Shame and Here’s Why …
‘Cause He’s …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da

Laughter; Tears
Curiosity or Fears
Always Tell Us What You’re Trying To Say …

New Things; Mistakes
Triumphs or Heartaches
We Just Love To Hear You Anyway …
Ever Since …  goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

… Pa Took Pictures of Bride and Groom
You Held Her, Like Your First Baby-Spoon !
… Now, Today … Our Family Gathers ‘Round
Overjoyed … At Your Baby’s Sounds …

goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma
goo-goo   ga-ga   Da-Da
goo-goo   ga-ga   Ma-Ma

for: ('Great' Aunt –(smile) Carolyn Devonshire… 
Who just told me she’s doing 
Baby-Care Duty for Newborn in Family
A Precious Time Indeed
… I Dug This One Out (smile)


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The Deluge

The Deluge.

finally the deluge

skipping in rhythmic heartbeats
the softly sprinkling rain

hums and lulls and cajoles and comforts
the weary evening
glistening leaves
on beaming trees
blades of grass shimmer
like rough diamonds strewn about
and settling in my heart
is the softly lilting touch
of peace
of truth
of the rain clearing away
the debris of this passing day

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deep inside

In my mind, life is not as it may seem. 
In my World life always kind, no harsh words are ever said. 
Pain does not exist in my world. 
The world far in the depth of my mind, my being.
It is nice there, calm, fair. 
Far inside my mind and in the depth of my soul. Maybe,
my own own reality. What-ifs do not exist.
Only peace and warmth, inside my mind, deep, deep inside. 
The weather is never stormy ...always a clearing can be seen and felt. 
Clouds never stay long, and when it rains the sun still shines. 
And lovely bows are present in the sky. 
In my perfect reality in my safe word. 
If you look out water can be seen for miles away. 
And when it rushes the shore its melody causes peace and love. 
The flowers never die, they grow darker with color at each passing day
In my own world there is freedom from woes and heartache. 
There is no need to rush, we have forever. 
In my world Rain falls from the heavens washing and renewing with each drop.
 Just a washing away. 
Pain is not seen nor felt there. 
Sadness does not invade, and win.
 Not in my world, my reality deep within my being. 
Tears only show happiness, In my world. 
So, deep inside, It can not be viewed. My reality my world

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A Soldier woithout a Cause

A man of war is only complete when fulfilling a mission, he is born a leader but 
he requires in his youth much guidance and direction, his duty of truth is not to 
murder but to offer protection

A master of survival and of weaponry but he is deficient in the arts of  betrayal and 
confession, 21 shots and 6 feet down is almost always his only submission, 
stare deep into his eyes still you will find no expression, but do not be fooled  
within is heart is a raging flood of emotion 

In a catastrophe he acts without question while most are caught at an 
intersection, but take away his purpose and watch the empire swiftly transform 
into recession, Angels with dirty faces the punisher persuades, the wicked can 
not be saved in a world of ghosts, 

Foxes with tongues that spit words of fire reign with senseless trails of blood, oh, 
how quickly in battle does the fabricated legion lose its morale, and a soldier 
without cause knows that what he's been fighting for is not what he thought at all, 
and the one he's been following is soon to fall 

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I've pushed, 
with everything I've got.
I've fought,
 through the pain, 
without giving up
I've tried, 
when there wasn't
a reason to.
I've lost
but somehow made it through.
I won't,
give up without a fight.
I'll take,
whatever life can throw.
I'll push,
til the sun falls,
from the sky. 
I'll live,
for me and no one else. 

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Virtue of Sleep

Tonight I dine where sleep reigns,
And devour the elixir of life’s greatest recipe.
A taste suffices, for the eyelids wilt, as flowers in their final farewell,
And breath and mind slow to the ever gentle ticking of time,
As if the sea itself were closing in on each and every part of my being.
Patience pays its due, leaving I, a feather pleasantly floating towards an unknown,
Lifted and drifted in ritual of dance.

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believe in the magick

Believe in the magick in the power of each thought. For you are like a lovely 
flower, growing in a pot. You can do it, whatever goals you have ever sought 
and you can grow your roots and widen yourself to a great big plot. And don't 
let yourself be put on the spot. And whatever effort goes out is the same as 
you have brought. Takes time sometimes, don't get distraught. It'll be turned 
toward you every deed or need you've ever bought. Smile,you'll be happier, 
that's what I've learned and I've taught.

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~ Cry of the Muse ~

Of-gentle beginning-and tender song ... ! That we would gratify love in its truest affection. Stand stead fast- uphold it yield to no other-duty ... ! To-have our-souls' so-identified-unified coexisting- exclusively-mid-this ... . To-live, would I die to give the measure of my-soul- just-to-have this ... once ... ! So place me within, make me the-essence of-the-art- lay me down carry me off- as I would be a child lost amid the grandeur- of its promise ... ! Allow this ink to consume us be the genuine eminence, what we reach-for through the humble virtue, heart-of this quill ... ! So all may view soar higher, and even higher still. Be captured, taken within deep- far and away beyond- the bitter part of this world, into the true benignity, flourishing and forever evolving, amid themselves ... ! Yes help me build me up, mold me-yes- come find me ... ! Trick me friend by slight of hand bend me- yes break me down shatter me again, and again truly I care-not ... ! Fill this paper in-its preparedness ... innocence ... verity, hope ... with the sweet passion elation of our souls ... ! Yes carry me before this-vision ... ! Restrain me-not ... . Set our-soul-free ... ! Please ... ? That we may gratify love-uphold it. Yes yield-then ... only-beauty ... ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author notes Written to the (Braveheart) theme By: Enya The expression of this poem was written from within the greater depths, of my soul. It was a cry of my muse. The passion beside which I stand and the hope through which I write. The joy we both carry for the other, and peace and faith in each other, in which we abide. Before this writing my muse had taken a vacation. So willing, I am open to suggestion. ~ Thank you for reading this piece of my work ... God bless you ... (The reason that there are Hyphens "so many of them") is because I have a computer that speaks them with a faster and slower and higher and lower pitch of voice, giving a certain kind of ebb-and-flow to the work with a softer more fervent and realistic and consistent tone, when I use the hyphens and other punctuation in the certain places that I do, when in telling it what to do. Allowing it to speak in even a moderate voice if I choose. It sounds very free flowing when I hear it, and I can only hope that you will be able to here it in the same way. Thank you for reading and God bless you ... ~

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Leasing, Michigan

memories are like mistletoe
kiss them well and let them weep 
after all it's the subtle things 
we fail to keep
living like the poison seeps 
lay awake just to fall asleep
laughing like you meant it  
despair marks martyrs, 
no contest

painting my soul on the chapels 
of sixteen shadows 
it's the beauty we come to confess
drifting away 
on the late side of michigan 
holding on to a widow 
like you're forever missing her

i feel your shadow
i know your leaving 
it's getting closer
i know we're not suppose to 

memories don't respond to infatuation 
and melody's don't mock the sad 
tickles, trickle down like shame 
smiling like you're right where you belong

a moment here and a moment there
we were just a moment outside of home
thinking back like
time always leaves you alone
hiding in the shadows 
moving like there was no atmosphere 
vividly free falling 
no here-after calling 

you touch rivers
like the rush given
failed to deliver 
cursing labor 
like the child 
failed it's savior 

we were just moving along 
i hear thats all you can do 
holding on to the pain 
trying to make it last 
as long as you need it to 

i know your leaving
i feel your shadow 
it's getting closer
i know we're not suppose to

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My Surrender

Make me go to sleep 
Make me close my eyes 

As I take some time 
I surrender my habits 
Bless the lender 
of my worn fabrics 
Just once more 
a peaceful day, what a delight 
A soothing melody 
buries the night 

Make me go to sleep 
Make me close my eyes 

Does it feel like prison? 
For I cannot remove you from my thoughts 
If you will listen 
Your kindness burns my scars 
Like crystals of salt 
As I lay ill sipping this pure life 
I only ask 
How much more can you endure my wife? 

Make me go to sleep 
Make me close my eyes 

If you can bring me to my knees 
I am yours 
If not 
I remain a lost soul at another door 
I live life ugly, give me death 
I laugh at strangers 
In one final gasp
I am Your Saddened Angel 

Make me go to sleep 
Make me close my eyes

"Sunday wine & rewrites"

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Everyone is with someone else they can't stay apart,
and this sadness shouldn't be mine today or ever...
because His birth makes light much brighter
in this lonely soul searching for comfort,
and that's why I'm loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer!

What I feel comes from a heart that desperately 
desires its tears to erase what has been its yesterday,
and loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer does me good;
praising His coming and proclaiming Him my Lord!

Nobody more than I...has the urge to be consoled,
when arms don't open to welcome me inside;
and His mighty arms, although trembling and small,
open up in loving gesture to greet my call!   

Come Jesus, friend of gentle hearts and kind souls,
spend Your day telling me what is in store for me;
how Heaven echoes of the angelic, eternal voices...
unlikely the earth that waits for a Savior to end its misery! 

Without instrument, music sheets, or choir on a snowy day: 
I'm loudly singing for Redeemer in the simplest way,
and my gladness is expressed in every verse of my song;
oh, how I'd like to thrill baby Jesus with the words I sing! 

I'm loudly singing for Redeemer,   
as I shiver under the cold sky of December!

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dedicated to Ursula T. Gibson


You have come into my heart

from hot, fine, very-far-away California.

You have said many interesting things.

You taught me English and Friendship.

You are for me an example

of courage, kindness, and talent.

Part of my heart now is your second home.

You do not need visas or tickets

to arrive here by the roads of the heart

It is enough to think about me a little,

and you will be already here in your second home,

which is always glad to receive you,

where you are loved very much,

where you need not pay rent

to live here always.


The E-mail to the USA flies very quickly!

The USA has a weekend again.

In California, Ursula looks at the moon.

I send my greeting to her,

«Where are you? How are you?

I miss you!»

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Ho Ho Ho

Go to sleep 
Go to sleep
My little ones

Or Santa
Just won't come

For he knows when you are awake
For He knows when you are asleep

Close your weary eyes now
And I'll go take a little peek

Tap Tap Tap
Upon the roof

It's santa coming 
For I hear reindeer's hoofs

Hush Hush now
Don't say a word

Better hurry 
And fall fast to sleep
Or he just may leave you a big turd

Let sugar plums
Dance in those pertty little heads

As I made sure
Santa was nice and fead

Cookies and milk
With nothing else

Oh thank you my dear Lord
For this nice little cord

For they are fast to sleep
Now I can go back to bed
And count my own lost sheep

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Seasonal Change (Angel of Sadness)

As my soul dwells in your past 
I kill for this moment to pass 
Al though I smile 
I find myself more and more suppressed 
As if, your casket was buried in my chest 

Yes, I breathe 
For I believe 
I am promised to leave 

And I hate the winter 
All the days of September 
I hate the center of a broad frost December 

And as the night expires 
My fright assumes your desires 
I feel I am not the child I used to be 
The privilege of this substance abuses me 
I hate to be the selfish man I have become 
But as if it were fate 
Sadness reigns past noon for some 

I hate the winter 
All the days of September 
I hate the center of a broad frost December

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All That's Left

All must yield! 
For none have the right of way
Who are We?
But slaves to the passing day...
For all had their chances,
And chose to let pass
Reflecting time wasted
To replace as the past...

History remains silent,
As the future is deaf
Faded memoirs of the past
Becoming all that’s left
Freedom set before us
But choices aren’t so clear
Living is never easy,
When hatred finds your fear...

But still We resist
Lifting the last leg 
What have We to gain...
By driving the stake?
Not a leg to stand
And tomorrow’s forsaken deaf;
Memories of yester year...
Are becoming all that’s left.

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Yesterday we held so close, sharing tenderness
Heaven was our refuge from an earth deprived of sweetness; 
no gray and dark clouds in our sky so wide and blue... 
when we sailed from a sea which welcomed the smiles of two.

Looking out from my window, no desire is deeper than mine,
but wishes are dreams not easily obtained by being sorry...considering this reality;
and it might take forever to see one realized in present time,
but my faint hope is kept alive by remembering a lost passion only evoked by felicity.

Tender love of yesterday, will you quickly return to these lips?
I long to smell those roses and see the thousands butterfly, so shy,
circling around us as we kissed watching the foamy waves roll by...
making us dream of the many treasures in those sunken ships.

Sunlight refuses to come in on a sunny day, although my garden blooms...
so sadness is the mood I'm caught in, and unable to escape it, I seem to dread: 
imagining your revengeful phantom pacing the floor of these cold rooms;
and would you harm me for my unfaithfulness and rapture me in that world? 

I haven't loved anyone the way I loved you, but temptation was stronger than honesty,
and losing all that I desired to complete that wonderful dream stolen by error,
everything fell apart..making me feel worse than a soldier stricken with terror;
can I still feel the joy of each sensation through a lost passion only revoked by felicity?   

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I'm discovering something I forgot I had,
Something I've found a few times in my past
Forgotten for one reason or another,
A piece of mind found only through time,
Through experience,
A person within me
Who IS me,
Who I've forgotten to pay attention to.
I'm finding my joie de vivre,
Learning to laugh and say, "C'est la vie!"
Learning to smile,
To dance in the street no matter rain or shine.
I'm finding my own Sasha Fierce,
Discovering someone in me
Who IS me,
Discovering how to live with a "que sera sera" mentality,
Hoping it will help to make a better me,
Better by my own definition,
Because I refuse to fit into someone else's box of perfection,
But I refuse to place myself in a self-built box too.
So I'll discover the ways to always keep dreaming,
To always be moving,
To find something to do,
Even if it means I have to break a couple rules.
I'm discovering something I forgot I had,
Someone I've met a few times in the past,
Someone who is in me,
And who IS me.

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Fly me to the Titan
Let me walk among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Venus, Jupiter and Saturn
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, Honey  kiss me
now and then

Fill my heart with peace
Let me smile  for ever more
You are all I long for
All I desire

In other words, please be loyal
In other words, I love you so 
Please come here!

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The Little Things

Verse 1

Open Books
New Looks
Nanny And Crooks
Heads That Shook
Sorry I Misstook

The Little Things
The Little Things

Verse 2

Fresh Air
Knowing You're There
Knowing You Care
All I think Is Fair
For I'm Willing To Share

The Little Things
The Little Things

Verse 3

Gods Hands
Sacred Land
Now I can Stand
And Thank Man
For Making Me Understand

The Little Things
The Little Things

My Next Gospel Song

What Do You Think ?

Tribute To The
Holy Spirit

This Song Is About
Thanking The Dear Lord Not For Only
The Big Things In Life But Also So
Many Little Things Also To Be Thankful For

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Peace No Pills

I feel like I need to cry but there are no tears left.
I guess I'm not as fearless
As I wanted to be,
As I wanted you to believe,
To see only the strength in me
And nothing else.
I've never felt
More or less
For lack of better words.
I feel the need to scream,
Let out all the frustration in me,
But my voice won't come,
And I don't know what I've done
To deserve this
Uncontrollable feeling
Taking over me.
It's getting hard to breathe,
And the pills in the cabinet look better every time
I look at them. I,
Well, I honestly feel the need for them to help take this pain away,
To give me peace to face another day,
Some later date
In time,
But I'll be fine.
No pills required,
Despite the desire.
I'll survive.
I'll find my peace of mind,
My peace in my life.

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It Was A Little Disaster

I remember the mornings and nights and your funny ways
I remember the moments, the laughter, the smiles that lasted days.
And looking back on the happy thoughts you left behind,
I find that I'm not pushing things back to rewind.
I'm looking forward to a clean, new start on the paper I'm sitting before
I'm thinking of our conversations, of our jokes and insults galore.
I'm not crying any longer for the people you and I have left behind
I cried once, okay, twice, but now you're far from my mind.
Don't worry, dear, I haven't forgotten you, for you're still in my heart
You're just in the section that I reserve for the ones who've ripped me apart.
And don't think for a minute that I'm horribly angry with you,
I'm just laughing at myself, feeling guilty for what I let you do.
You got deeper into my life than anyone else dared,
And for a while, I was sure that, something special, we shared.
But now it's clear that you've "done me in," as a movie writer would say
This writer's leaving and you can scramble but I won't be back someday.
So let the ball get to rollin', let lives change, let the music play, 
Let it break in half our hearts, our smiles, let it float away.
And it's taken me this long to realize you didn't deserve me
And I'm sorry to be so smug, but those words are true, you see;
I used to think that this would hurt tomorrow, like some old, smarting bruise
But guess what I've learned lately, listen to my news.
Maybe you weren't ever good enough, in any sense, and you were venom,
Maybe I was breaking the rules to make it work, like putting patches on old jeans 
of denim.
But either way you slice that cake, either way you make that pie,
Newsflash, honey, and listen good:
You won't ever again make me cry.
I'm smarter now than I once was, and I know that you're just a little disaster
I won't let you comtrol my life; you can't be my puppet master.
And so I solemnly part with these humble words of truth:
You never won, you never will, Because, baby, I'm over you.  

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Her Love

She never thought she would see the day
That someone would love her the same way
Every tear that she cried
All her life she would run and hide
Her heart turned to stone
Hating the feeling of being alone
Then he came along
Holding her in his arms, telling her this is where she belongs
Giving her nothing but happiness and love
He was an angel sent from above
Instead of cutting open her veins
She finds that in his arms is where she remains
She has choosen to live her life
Instead of choosing to die

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Behold not the countenance 
    of beauty.
It is deceitful.
    At dawn ,it glows.
At zenith, it allures.
    At dusk, it withers.

Embrace beauty that 
    Radiates the goodness 
Of the heart outwards-
    Enriching every soul it falls upon.
And can stand 
    The test of time.

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The Death of Doubt

The Death of all doubt,
Now slain by your words,
Stained with your ink,
Like blood on woodwork,

Downward I spiraled,
Day after day,
Into an abyss,
Losing my way,

Vain efforts and pain.
Pain to heavy to hold,
Crying; an escape,
On nights alone and cold,

Sold on depression,
As my only friend,
Torturing my mind,
Until it all ends.

Then I found you,
My light in the dark,
Killer of melancholy,
A fire from a spark,

Apart yet burning,
Strong enough to fight,
Nothing can extinguish,
Our flame shall remain bright,

How right this all is,
To not question trust,
Simple and perfect,
... I love you so much.

The Death of all doubt,
Now slain by your words,
Stained with your ink,
Like blood on woodwork.

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Be Kind Blues

I've seen many a-man dressed in blue
Looking out just like you
But you must see things differently
'Cos he is just the same as me
Isn't he?

I've met many a-girl in green
Going to where you have been
But you must be going somewhere differently
'Cos she's in the right place to be
Isn't she?

Well can't you just let people be
Who they are not what you see
I guess it's all in your mind
But if you'd look you would find
A way to be kind

I've known many a-friend in black
In some things you both lack
But you must move a little differently
'Cos it's the same way we all flea
Don't we?

I've heard many a-one in white
Talk about how you fight
But you must listen differently
'Cos you both have the same plea
To me

Well can't you just let people be
Who they are not what you see
I guess it's all in your mind
But if you'd look you would find
A way to be kind

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too far near for change

Don’t you see where you are 
There was a time you wouldn’t tolerate
People thinking for themselves
You pass your judgments
And you made decisions to never last 

You were the dominant voice
The ideology behind every mans choice  
You believed in what you knew 
And you knew no more than what you were told

We’ve come too far near for change

You were the leader
You were a generation of unopposed cheaters
You assassinated 
You told stories of finer fabrication

You fought for patriotism, you fought for pride
Seldom did you put your integrity aside
You made no rights to be considered civil
You preyed on anyone who was thought to be liberal

You expressed your Marxist theories
You denied the working class it’s values
You sat me on the back of the bus
You told your children to fear me

We’ve come too far near for change

You formed conglomerates
And biased political party’s 
In 63 you showed very little sympathy
Oh how you shook the wind from me 

You told me I was only a third of a person
You scolded that my days  would worsen
You defined anti-Semitism in less than four years
And before this, you path a trail of tears

Walk with me this way
You know things will not be okay
God bless a cease fire
For a present day Vietnam provokes war this day

We’ve come too far near for change

So mothers and children
Fathers and  pilgrims
Settle the sky’s 
For there are no frontiers left to pry 

The rivers in which you wade 
Have been drained too tire
From a followers coming of age 
Script your life, live your days 
Press your quill to this page

Is this what you ask for
A patent at your door
No more Marconi’s 
No more hero’s or displeasures
Only a world lost and lonely 

Are we too far near for change

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A wanderer displaying the American spirit,
looking for a passage through rough mountains;
before it was the famous Wild West...
now, it's the world's endless boundaries!

I bring friendship and peace,
welcome me, despite my beliefs;
don't look at my history, just see me...
as a captain sailing for another sea!

A wanderer displaying the American Spirit,
coming as an ambassador or evangelist;
I may wear a camouflaged soldier's uniform:
it's not being hostile, it's the norm!  

My music is something you love and adore,
and you sing it to make me proud
of my flag and indisputable valor...
then, don't hate me and shout that nasty word!

This wanderer is looking for a passage,
to break through the inaccessible walls of hate...
to mend what was broken and renew faith;
Oh, people: let me restore peace before I age! 

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Come Meet Mary

Eyes turned sharply,
as she walked inside,
looking so timid,
she was about to cry.
Short leather skirt,
stacked heels of red,
one lady got up,
and this is what she said.
Welcome my child,
we've been waiting for you,
follow me,
we'll sit on the front pew.
Where are you from,
sure hope you like this town,
you could have heard a pin drop, 
no one was making a sound.
Then the minister,
walked down the aisle,
put his hand on the shoulder,
of this poor lost child.
He turned to the people,
that he saw every week,
as he wiped a tear,
from his rosy red cheek.
Come meet Mary,
she comes from downtown,
I met her at a shelter,
still no one made a sound.
He gave  Mary a robe,
and handed her a mike,
and told them get ready,
this, you're going to like.
The voice of an Angel,
no music at all,
a glow all around her,
that everyone saw.
She found a new family,
actually, a new way of life,
and every Sunday,
she sings to her Savior , and smiles.

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when will people of the world get it right
no more war's , no more fights
one family , one planet
mother earth feels all this negativity
and doesn’t understand it
we are all native to the earth
we are all family from our time of birth
shouldn’t life have more value and worth
the time has come to re-direct our search

we won't find what we're looking for creating enemies
solutions are what we need with peaceful possibilities
all life in the universe depend on us now
we have to make it happen some way, some how

we can make it ,if we try
you can make it ,if you try
just try a little harder, dig a little deeper
inside yourself, you’ve got to know who you are
everybody is a star, everybody is a star
attitude, gratitude, fortitude,to your magnitude
how bright does that light shine in you
everybody is a star, you just got to know who you are.
Open for Editing 

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Better half

Instead of killing one another
we should learn to heal each other;
Instead of stealing from each other
we should give to one another;
Instead of lying all the time 
we should speak forth only truth;
In the  midst of what's destroyed 
you could be created new;
If the bad outweighs the good 
there is something you could do;
Slowly cast away your hate
until Gods' love shines through you;
Don't let the devil use you
with his lies and yet he laughs;
'cause his smile turns to a frown,
if learned to use your better half 

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Do Not Deny

Do not deny my right to feel
The ache in my heart is undeniably real.
You can not ignore my emotions to save your ideal.
The truth is much too hard to conceal.

Do not deny  my right to make choices.
Believe me, I’ve heard all your eloquent voices. 
I am still the true master of my own fate.
You had your chance to step up to the plate.

Do not deny my right to love.
It flies to my heart on the wings of a dove.
The love of myself has at last been unbound.
In spite of you, my peace I have found.

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Low Man Is Due

A low man is due...
My eyes seek reality,
My fingers feel for faith.
Touch clean with a dirty hand,
I touch the clean to the waste.
I fall cause I let go,
The net below has rot away.
And I cry to the alleyway,
Confess all to the rain.
But I lie straight to the mirror,
The one I've broken to match my face.
The fire is so warm,
But nowhere safe from the storm.
And I can't bear to see,
What I've let me be.
So wicked and worn.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.
So low the sky is all I see,
All I want from you is forgive me.
My eyes seek reality,
And my fingers seek my veins.
There's a dog at your back step,
He must come in from the rain.
But you bring that poor dog in from the rain,
Though he just wants right back out again.
So my fingers feel for faith,
And my eyes seek reality.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.

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everything that won't come back

Do you know 
Where the wind blows 
How do you go
To where the wind blows

On accompany bound 
North Carolina found
Down the coast 
Out the window of a greyhound 
Day dreams 
Just won’t let me sleep sound

“Life’s a gamble 
At terrible odds
If it were a bet 
How would you take it” 
Up at the lighthouse
Lake Superior, I’m here
Skating across the ice
Minnesota’s lovely winter song
Downtown Duluth
Across the red bridge on my own

It was a five card draw
Cocaine in an empty mans straw
Little blind short
It was big blinds bluff
Inordinate of a pack of Newport’s
Fell in love waving goodbye at the airport

Welcome back home
Were you lost or alone
Because you’re no one 
Just as were when you  left 
Did you find your fun
Hitchhiking all by yourself
I made it back to peace 
On a coarse to no where 
Fresh out of  Love Joy, Georgia 

Do you know 
Where the wind blows
How do you go
To where the wind blows


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Aquarain Dream III- Children of Concordia

Used to be Controlled by a Tyrant of lies Then one day The swift unseen knights Came and stormed all who Deteste the Aquarian Wish Be Free and live long we are the Children of Concordia Nothing shall be in our way Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? A people of concord and more than they seem They live in the shadows of an Aquarian Dream A place of Liberty and Harmony Ruled by magic and Lore Deep in the Golden forest of Clarity Filled with enchanting tales Of Immortality and evil’s causalities You can find Eden’s people she said what humans were meant to be Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for TristWill you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? the safety of your real that could never fall Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors?

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Letting Go

...This journey...

...the destiny...

...the rescue the divine intervention... have crawled on my knees...

...and to now stand firm and with great resolute... defy the odds... overcome adversity... raise the bar...

meet head on the challenge... face the ultimate fear... stand in truth... the world I declare...

letting go...heals this depth...

...this courage...this mighty will...

this letting go...

reveals truth reality flows...

no longer a silouhette...

greater version of me...

letting go...this quest...

...the magic of me...

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If It Is Meant To Be

If our love is meant to be
One day you will hear the many songs
Of which I have wrote.

If we are earthly mates
One day we will rejoy as children
But be filled with desired passion
In a place where we belong.

If our love is meant to be
We will climb mountains together
Or bare our feet within the surf.

We will sore like the 'Mightly Eagle'
As we explore each others' being
As we nest within our comfort
Empowered by this strong driven force.

If this be a dream 
One of which I only see
I'd rather not be awaken
I'll just remain within my make-believe world.
For here I have you 
And all the brightness of which you bring. 

Here I feel complete again
I feel like the women of which I am. 
One that knows her heart 
And one that knows her heart will never change.

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I can’t afford to trust you
When the cement breaks
I’m still a figure of walking dust 
Out of reach with the kids
So I don’t know 
What a soft touch is 
And lord forbid 
My conscience forgives me 
For living the way I live
See another thanksgiving
And it’s his 

It was said and done 
Long before we departed
Two soldiers at heart
The mischief as children
We never thought to thwart
The selflessness 
That graces this art 
I touched you yesterday
And I just missed you today
Trying to make it back to okay
My adventures 
In this evening despair
Without the consequences
You and I resemble a pair
A found luxury somewhat rare

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Over Color Desert

From the crystals’ broken of lights
Or dead link-the souls’ marines 
By machine pip-out targeting apical  
Snares by the roads — 
Through of demolishing the tools that		
Throve flats up for peace  . . . 
It took the leash by the saw
The gloss of the desert thy help
In confront, any wakeful dream up
Watchfully rolls been fielding — 
By mindful fields, the gloss that regrets
Of course a soul it’s matter,
The hero-the weapon 
In avail words of freedom
And carry it clearly over the esteem
By gloss of the desert! 
In peace thou insures of earth.


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Peaceful Times

I want to rest, I want the best
Peaceful times I guess
Is all I want and nothing more
While sitting, thinking at the shore.

I want to leave, I want to give
Peaceful times I live
Is all I want and nothing more
While leaning at my chamber door.

I want to dance, I want to sing
Peaceful times it bring
Is all I want and nothing more
While lying tired on my floor.

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' ... Looking For Some Skin ' Part 2 (of) 2

That Snake was looking for Your Skin…
Now, You Need Something to Walk Around-in
He was looking for Your Skin…
That’s what you get for listening…

Now, to this very Day
We got Belts… We got Boots
Made out of Snake-Skin Leather
When we See One… We Just Shoot !
It may be Our Subconscious
Or maybe… We’re just Tired
We were Tricked – Only to Discover…
… We can’t Cover Our Hides
… Amen !...

From Daniel Boone to Tony Lama, Whether Old or New
Clothes can’t Do.. 
what we’ve Tried to Do…
… Cover Our Faults, Fears and Fury Too
(But, we can’t be shamed, we’re naked… just try to make it)
… Back In !..

‘Cause We’re Tired of Wearing Skins
Please Lord !... Let us Back in the Garden
Give Us somethin’ more Glorious to Walk-in…
‘Cause we’re Tired of Wearing Skins…
Telling all The Women and The Men
Wrap Around in Light and Shout… Hallelujah Amen !
Let Love Cover You and Then Begin…
To Get Rid of Fake Skin…

… Well, a man told me a Story
That was Weird to Believe
I thought he was Lying…
… ‘til I looked thru some Leaves ! … 

Sara... this one's for you Kiddo and all the 
Enjoyment I've gotten from Your Writings... 
(and... You were one of the first to Greet Me here
on the Soup... and let me know... it's Ok
You've Landed Upon Kindness... Share... Thank You)


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Remember Me

Your soft, caring voice, I will remember. 
Your smooth, carressing skin, I will remember. 
No matter what happens I will remember. 
If you leave, I will remember not to let you go. 
If you are hurt, I will remeber to heal your pain. 
If you cry, I will remember to pretend not to know. 
And If I die, I will remember to lie in the rain. 
And although it may seem odd, I will remember, you. 
Always, as my loss of sight, of skies of blue, And I suppose that you always knew. 
That I would always love you....

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Rain Drops

Tear drops falling from the sky
Each one has a sad story to tell
Who will listen?
And who will wipe them off their windsheild?
Tear drops everywhere
Ending their lives on the streets
Why do people find their sounds so peaceful?
Each tear drop is a musical note
Playing its own little, sad song
For the people willing to listen

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Thorns Redeemed

There are seasons of discontentment
In the bleeding bed of lies
Where thorns are now redeeming
Every rose that realised

There is a holy comfort
Outside the gates of purest light
Where every crime is fleeting
And stronger knowledge clouds the sky

Below are crying angels
Awash with scarlet prayers
Where their dying lyrics capture
Every rose that can still care

There is a fading reason
Enough of one to rise
Beyond the echoes of all knowledge
And through the horror of this night

There are seasons of forgiveness
In comfort of the signs
Where healed roses witness
That every moment is divine

Above completed cycles
Our awareness was too rare
But where wisdom has redeemed us
Every thorn now knows to care

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magical land

            Can you hear me?/ Can you hear my voice calling for you?/ saying that everything 
is gonna be okay/ don't be afraid/ to close your eyes and take my hand/ let me take you to 
a magical land/Just give your heart and soul/ and let us both go/ to magical land/

Verse1:  I know times can be hard/ times can be sad/ but don't take it to heart/ or get angry 
and mad/ I know that you're in pain/ you feel like you're going insane/ but don't worry there's 
something to gain/ you can join me on an adventure ride/ just take my hand and prepare to 
fly/ just tell me if you-u-u/

chorus: 2x  

Verse2: I know that the world can be cruel/ the world can use you and spit you out/ make 
you feel like there's no way out/ you wanna cry/ you wanna curl up and just hide/you feel 
like your mind and body's not right/ you wanna put up your hands and fight/ or just let it all 
go/ can you hear my call?/ 

Chorus:3x  ( Whatever the reasons/ i'm here to help pick up the pieces/ just put your trust 
in me/ and baby you would see/ the beauty in magical land/)

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Tears from Your Eyes (Seasons Finale)

The future through my palm pilot 
Strategizing my future 
Through this invincible organizer 
Murder reigns 
But I’m seeing true life through my murky visor 
Simple prayers, hopes and wishes 
Sympathy in a blind mans kisses 
Pay attention and we notice 
Without misery it’s so hard to focus 
Pleasure of being decomposed by flesh eating locust 
The battles in this life I lead 
Shadows in the night twist and turn in greed 
It’s all fun and games until we bleed 
Senseless, Ain’t it something 
How we became a dying breed? 
Tears in your eyes, baby girl its okay to cry 
Life isn’t promised and someday we all die 
Second chances taken too lightly 
I reckon you advance in prayers nightly 
Shattered glass, invisible window 
So insensible, the images that exist through Nintendo 
Stress keeps my heart pumping 
Guests leap and start to mumble 
Ah disgusting maggots, sour dough and dumplings 
Poverty and a bumpy road to recovery 

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Prelude to abrasion

Of all the things I could mean
The little dreams we come to be
Beneath the porch lights dim
My mind begins to wander slightly grim

And if you can’t help me seem
A little less worried now 

I touched your lips this morning
And walked out on life
Broken beneath a crush
I sat out all night

And if you can help me sing
A little less worried now 

Up and against the dawn
If you could help me settle in 
A single gasp to bring me to my feet 
No reasoning beyond this measurement

And if you can’t help me seem
A little less worried now 

Dianna, sweetheart
They let me know of your fatherless damn
Your savior, your breaded Jesus
That’s not who I am 

And if you can help me sing
A little less worried now 

"Articles from a revolver"

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June 16, 2011

Wind blows
Trees sway
Waiting for the rain this day
To leave its glorious stain
Always to grow and not from pain

Wind blows
Trees sway
Waiting for the break of day
Thunder rolls
Through the knolls
Penetrating so deep in our souls

Wind blows
Trees sway
Falling till the break of day
Waiting, waiting, wanting to stay
Not knowing what to say
May I know, yes I may

Wind blows
Trees sway
In our souls, the plan is this way
Praying God will always stay
Running toward the rivers so wide
Sending down my spine the wonders sublime

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Young Gun

Verse 1

So young
One gun
How dumb
I'm stunned
He's done

My son
My son

Verse 2

His choice
My voice
Spirit hoist
Skin so moist
Such a boast

My son
My son

Verse 3

Died in vain
This drives me insane
Such hidias pain
Listenening to the rain
For what has it gained

My son
My son

Tribute To A Co-Worker
Who Lost The Battle
In A Gunfight With Police

So Long Hollywood { 55 yrs old }

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' ... Looking For Some Skin ' Part 1 (of) 2

… Well,  a man told me a Story
That was hard to Believe
I thought he was Lying…
‘til I looked thru some Trees…
There went a thin Alligator
With a Boot on his Head !...
Walking to the River –
Like he’s so Unafraid…

Now, I turned back to the Guy
And asked, “What should I do?...
… but he was limping away
Without any Shoes…
He had a smile on his Face
That turned into Laughter…
He joked, and said…
“The old-boy came and got what he was after!....
… Amen !...

He was just looking for his Skin
He needed somethin’ to walk Around-in
Hold his head upright, and keep on Walking…
… He was just looking for his Skin…

… Now, if we could know the Creature-Language
They would shock us to the Core !
‘Cause they got their Own Legends
And wild-animal ‘Lore’…
They think that we are Lethal
And they just can’t Trust…
“Those Strange Two-Legged Walkers…
Come here looking for Us !...

“ There’s a Silk-Worm Somewhere
Working in a Sweat-Shop
So that little-bitty Woman
Gets a pretty, pink Top 
Be it Leather or Pelts
Or Fur or Fleece
Say, Ram, I hate to tell you… but …
… ain’t that your Niece…
… in that Pen?”

“… ‘Cause they’re looking for Our Skin
They need somethin’ to walk Around-in
Better Round-Up all of Your Kin…
‘Cause they’re looking for Our Skin !”…

Well, if you don’t think this is True
Go Back to The Beginning
Where the First Man and Woman
Was caught Red-Handed (Stealing)

They got Leaves from the Trees
But wind Blew, Right-Thru
Man Turned to Woman:  said,
“… don’t know what to do !...

So Half-naked and Crying
They had to Leave a Home
Yet, God… Ever Gracious…
Gave ‘em Skins… ‘fore they was Gone !...
… Amen !...

That Snake was looking for Your Skin…
Now, You Need Something to Walk Around-in
He was looking for Your Skin…
That’s what you get for listening…

                               (Part 1 of 2)

Sara... this one's for you Kiddo and all the 
Enjoyment I've gotten from Your Writings... 
(and... You were one of the first to Greet Me here
on the Soup... and let me know... it's Ok
You've Landed Upon Kindness... Share... Thank You)


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Into the Light

I held your hand in mine so tight
Late in March, that last night
Your sunken cheeks and sallow skin
So emaciated, frail and thin

I whispered softly in your ear
You could not speak, but you could hear
I told you of my love for you
So deeply intimate, so wholly true

I yearned with all my heart and soul
To make you well, to make you whole
It shreds my heart like shards of glass
That it was time for you to pass

Oh I will miss you when you’re gone
To other realms beyond the sun
You are my lover, husband, friend
I wish that this was not the end

Then as I kissed you one last time
My heart is yours and yours is mine
I held you close against my chest
So you could feel my beating breast

It’s then you took your final breath
I knew that you were close to death
And slowly your life just ebbed away
Oh please don’t go, oh please do stay

As you succumbed to death’s embrace
You left behind a lasting trace
Of your divine essence upon this earth
To a place of your rebirth

Perhaps you lingered far to long
Perhaps its better that you’ve gone
To meet you maker in his bright light
Where everything is good and right

At least with peace you did expire
And from life’s work, you do retire
So many people you inspired
And you will always be admired

I gave you all I had to give
It was not enough to make you live
I will miss you profoundly every day
And love you eternally in every way

I wish you peace, I wish you rest
To me you were the very best
And so my darling as I say goodbye
I’ll try my damndest not to cry
Remember dearest, I will love you forever
One day in time we will be together

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I've Got The Lord in My Soul

VI.	Never in my life I thought I would be saved, but I’ve got the Lord in my soul.  
They say that I am different in a better way, I’ve got the Lord in my soul.

CH.	I’ve got the Lord, I’ve got the Lord, I’ve got the Lord in my soul.  I’ve got the 
Lord, I’ve got the Lord, I’ve got the Lord in my soul.  

VII.	Now I’m bound for Heaven’s gates, cause I’ve got the Lord in my soul.  No one 
enters in but by Him, I’ve got the Lord in my soul.

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Forgive me!  I'm here in my pled.  I'm here on my hands and knees 
yelling out to the world. I was wrong,  I don't know what I was thinking 
that was back then. I'm sorry I rather lose my life then to lose a friend.

 You best believe just forgive me 
this is my shout out to you, for you to listen to what I have to say
.  I'm done and I'm not going to walk away 
never again b/c its hard on me to think I just lost a friend.

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As Tonight's Rain Begins To Fall

Tonight as I sat reading beautiful words
All expressed with remarkable meaning
All reliving some moments
Captured by the writers' hand

A warmth fills my body
As a pleasure awakens my brain
For I just thought of you 
I just look within your eyes

The rain slowly now is falling 
Just outside my window 
I hear it's drops meeting the ground
Each bearing it's own pierring sound
Each one speaking my name.

Why must it be
At times like now
You enter my mind?
Yet making not a sound.

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Me & You

Im ready rumble
its time roll
get ready to stuble
and laugh some more
like the night before

so put away those big sad eyes
take out that funny smile
that i know you love 

So Chill back
smoke a bowl or two
reminse the things wed do
just me and you

think about the days wed go through
so much snow and so much pain,
die of heat and drown in rain
just so then we would be
just you and me


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Night Approach

Scudding clouds of mauve and pink
As the sun begins to sink
Behind the mountains, distant blue
An artists sky a vivid hue

Long gold shafts of fading light
Welcoming approaching night
Dipping deeper bold red sun
For the day is almost done

Swallows as they dart and dive
At bees return to the hive
On high a melancholy song
Retiring for a night of long

And as the dark begins to spread
The moon holds up her silver head
And twinkling stars begin to glow
And all is peaceful, down below

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"This Place"

The Darkness enfolds me-
In his arms, I am home.
His seductive warmth engulfs me-
Kill'n my Pain, I'm no longer numb...

Secure, now, in his sultry existence-
unaware of how fortunate I've become-
I relish in a comfort so familiar to me-
From so far away, I'd found my way home....

I'm filled with an intense relief,
as our breath becomes just one.
I never want to leave him again;
This place where my soul comes from...


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My Angel and I

A long road we've traveled, my angel and I
A dusty trail full of stones
And mountains that we've had to climb
To eventually get us home.
A long road we've traveled, my angel and I
But she's still here beside me
To wash away the that tears I cry
To wave away things I don't need to see.
We walk together through the troubles
Through the mysteries of life
We make our way through pain when it doubles
And march confidently through strife.
She picks me up when, like a toddler, I fall
She protects me whenever I choose to tumble
She picks up my burdens and carries them all
Because of her, my world never crumbles.
A long road we've traveled, my angel and I
And yet, here she is, still here 
Even though she's gone, she never died
Because she is me, but without tears.

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Am unready for the substance
    of the bodhi tree,
I will drink the cactus  rain
    and wait for glory,

but is that water just the heat
    tempting me to cross,
are those desert blossoms my
     infinite regress ?

And will I ever be the same
    where those sand dunes blow,
if my time has come and gone
    will I ever know ?

Will I be lost unto my self
    if the vision stops ?                                           
I will lay just where I am
    ‘til  the penny drops !

Seeing through the unborn self here
    Through the unborn eye.
made that green oasis, my

at one to leave or part with ease,
set down the camel on it’s knees.

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Aunt Beryl, Your Last Journey

Now your struggles are ended,
Of body and mind.
May your battles be remembered, 
With our passing time.

For years you had suffered,
Pain capturing your will,
Destroying all promises,
Of the day you would be healed.

We' re shared precious moments,
And at time revealing our fears,
We talked of those days we'd,
Soon be over the hill.

I felt in your footsteps,
And saw you in mine,
Those times we discussed,
Your life with pain,
And I with mine.

I've thought of you often,
And even at times did shed a tear,
I had ask our Creator to look upon you,
As "special" and let your remaining days,
Be free of all your pains and fears.

You told me of some good times,
And even shared some of your blues,
I've seen the tracks of loneliness,
Thru a blinded tear or two.

We both knew our days were not forever,
And our stories would have to end.
I'll cherish those times we opened our hearts,
And in sharing our pains,
We both found a friend.

Your body and spirit are parted now,
Each going their own seperate way,
A journey I think you welcomed,
After so many darken days.

Friends, as well as loved ones,
Knew of your kindness within,
We now mourn for your departure,
For life's battle, you did not win.

Now your body free of pain at last,
Now peace will live with you forever,
In that bright glorious land.

Remember?  I told you of a tunnel?
Not to far away from here?
And that bright light was waiting...
And what peace you would find within.

Now you know I have been there,
For before you it all appears,
Just as I told you,
The bright light will dry your tears.

Now I know not of this other world you are in,
I only know of the journey,
Of which you have been.

When you reunited with our Maker,
I know your final home you found,
May God walk with you,
As you explore those Heavenly grounds.

Aunt Beryl I will miss you,
And think of you often....
YOU know I realized THEY were real,
And would some day separate your body from your soul.

Close your eyes and welcome your sweet rest,
For time is of no more.

Your loved ones all gathered,
With sorrow showing about,
Unbound tears fell as soft raindrops, seeming as tho,
They wanted to shout.

 The flowers beautifully laid about you all aglow,
Your beauty giving inspiration,
As if for them to grow.

With life gone from your body,
And the spirit from your soul,
I now feel your story must be told.


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Precisely To My Liking

My favorite time of the day
Is when the moon hugs the sun
Waiting on the Ice -cream truck to come
Coins "jing-"a"-lingin""'
In my blue jeans
Fitted loosely
When it's not so hot
All you gotta do is run when you need a cool breeze

So happy with soul magic
The little girls are dancing in the street 'cause there is no traffic
Little boys in the grass wrestling
Or trying to see who can run the fastest

Couples holding hands
Taking turns whispering sweet nothings

Today we crown "Joy" as king
As we all drink directly
From the vineyard of kindred spirits
Just like we ought to be

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sleeping pills

Do keep your applauds
For I can do 
without them 
On this day 
I have so little to say 
That thoughts resist 
Thy compression
But do smile 
I adore the fragrance
Of your expressions
All that I have not seen
Those misenchanted hours 
We so dearly looked forward to
Darkness, my flesh
A midnite sky
In broad day
An indescent delite
Do relieve me
Of this pathetic living 
For I couldn’t
Beg for it anylonger  

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i live like there is no tomorrow
only to find myself swallowed
i pray for for a world of peace
yet the world would rather cease

closing my eyes for the last time
i have decided to change my mind
about what is right or what is wrong
or what is poetry or just a song

silly old talk about a memory
then she walked out on me
if in it there was no truth 
why she vanish in a poof

no goodnight, i love love you
only dark skies with no blue
the stars do shine brightly
but no longer enough for me
neither are your stories

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The Minstrel


The minstrel picks up his papers

and lays them out on the table

he wants to find all the answers

but he knows he's not able

But he knows we can stand a million strong

or you can stand there all alone

It's not so much what we stand for anymore

It's what we're standing on.

Sometimes his good friends they avoid him

because they've heard it for so long

seems like every time they turn around

He's workin on another song or trying to right another wrong

But he knows we can stand one million strong

or you can stand there all alone

It's not so much what you stand for any more

it's what you're standing on it's what you're standing on

The minstrel sings about his heroes

from Jesus Christ to Dr King

He hears the war drums getting nearer

If every loving soul would sing

We could sing away the hatred

we could sing away the fear

If we could all sing loud enough

even the fool on the hill could hear

And he'd know we can stand six million strong

while he stands there all alone

It's not so much what he stands for any more

It's what he's standing on It's what we're standing on

The minstrel picks up his papers

and lays em out on the table

He wants to find all the answers

He knows damn well he's not able

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There is no consolation prize
This time the break is clean
No renewal, no reprise 
No tasting victory
The rain is falling from the sky
Wind blowing everything in between
Man in moon has closed his eyes
The sun has gone to sleep

Here I am inside my bedroom 
Choking on things needed said
My cigarette has burned a hole
In the thoughts within my head
My lover’s arms are left aside
And I drink the whiskey dry
I whisper sweetly,
“I will never die”

I am an empty hallway
Tattered wall, rainy night
Nothing left inside
Have given up a fight
There is no hallelujah
As the bullet leaves the gun
Now I’m falling, falling, falling
Where have I fallen from?

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Song of the poor

Let’s rock and roll
But keep in mind
Peace is the goal!

Play the music
Every beat
Will be magic!

Don’t miss the chance
Come and join us
Let’s sing and dance!

Our enemy
Is nothing but
Our poverty!

If you are rich
Our request is
Show kindness please!

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A Brighter Day

There'll be a brigther day tomorrow
Just trust In God he'll share you sorrow.
Oh lay your cares at the Saviors feet 
And when you do you'll feel complete.

He'll recreate you life once torn
You'll feel like you've just been reborn.
Give praise ti him and then you feel
His love and strength to help you deal.

With life's hard times though often sad
He'll give you JOY and make you glad.
Look to the Lord just trust in him
He lifts us up when we feel grim.

So don't look back just keep on praying
You'll feel His presense softly saying
" I'll fill your cup and take your pain 
You've nothing to lose but all to gain.

Come unto me I'll give you rest
I'll comfort you through troubling test."
Though they seem long He'll make a way
To lead you on to a brighter day!

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I Am You

           I am you...
Because I am what you force me to be.
           I am you...
Because we are brothers of mankind.
           I am you...
But why am I not free to do as you do?
           I am you...
And yet you treat me with so little concern.
           I am you...
Why don’t you respect me as yourself?
           I am you...
Yet I express your thoughts, not mine.
           I am you...
What can I do inside of you?
Why won’t you let me out?
           I am you...
I live in your form, by your rules,
All I want is to be myself!
           I am you...
Yet you give me no room to grow.
           I am you...
I am influenced by everything you do.
           I am you...
I am your unheeded conscience.
           I am you...
Why must you be so inhibited?
           I am you...
Why can’t we be friends again?
           I am you...
But somehow you seem to forget.
           I am you...
Because you’re to busy to care – I die.
         If I am you...
Then why are we not the same? Look –
         If I am you...
One of us needs to change – Because
           I am You!

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Loving you, for me, is not the chore.
'Tis trying not to love that tests my soul.

Blinded by the thought of having you,
yet, unable to remember my life before.

Stabbing, tearing, wrenching my heart fully,
No peace comes and helplessly, I drown.

Haunted by the thought of never knowing,
The pain and longing are forever growing.
Terrified of the seeds I must be sewing,
The stabbing in my heart is never slowing.

Finding you, for me, is not the chore.
'Tis trying to forget that opens wounds.

Deafened by the sound of your soft voice,
yet, unable to turn my ear for want of more.

Jarring, twisting, warping my soul fully,
No peace comes and helplessly, I fall.

Haunted by the thought of letting go,
The pain and longing in my heart still grow.
Terrified to think that you might know,
And turn away from me when I bestow.

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La, La, La

She strolls 'long the golden shore
Feeling so great, carefree
She knows she's trying her hardest
To be the best that she can be.
Her music plays in her ears
As she tap-dances in the sand
She's her own superhero
She doesn't need anyone's hand.
She's made it through on her own
She didn't give up or give in
She worked her way through that part of life
And she knows she was the one to win.
She cartwheels through the soft waves
That splash along the shore
Her hair is falling free around her
She's not held captive anymore. 
The light, cotton material of her blouse
Flies around her gently
The soft wind blows her hair
As she waltzes in front of the sea.
The world is her stage, her audience
She isn't afraid anymore
She doesn't care who is watching
As she dances along the shore.
She is everything she wants to be
She's proven everyone wrong
People said that she needed their help,
But she had her own help all along.
So there's that girl, dancing with no music
Into the sea breeze, like her own spa
Everyone's watching, waiting for her
And she just sings, "La, la, la."

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Reach Out (You Can!)

Reach out and touch someone’s hand.
This will make the world a better place.
You can!

Reach out and help someone’s life plan.
This will help you find your life’s purpose.
You can!

Reach out and leave the surface of your home.
This will make you well-known.
You can!

Reach out and touch someone’s hand.
This will make the world a better place.
You can!

wrote 2-9-10

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' Warriors ... The Battle Cry Song ... '

There Are Sounds of Ancient Thunders
There Are Sounds of Ancient Drummers
        Calling … Brave Warriors
         Gladiators and Warriors

And They’re Marching To The Cadence of Their Hearts’ Pounding
Marching, To The Cadence of The World’s Rage Resounding
They’re Going By The Beat of Their Heart’s Pumping
By The Steady Flow of Blood and Bloodlust, Tells Me Somethin’

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …


But, We’ve Seen These Men, Playing With Their Children
We’ve Seen These Sons and Their Laughter, I’m Hearing
We’ve Seen These Men, Loving Their Babies
And Tenderly Holding and Kissing Their Ladies

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From Warriors … When They Die

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

Sticks and Stones, Swords, Arrows and Bombs
Lances, Knives, Hand to Hand Combat, Napalm
God Almighty, Oh, Thy Kingdom Come
Please Rescue Us, From The Kingdom of The Gun …

And Prophecy Is Marching – Listen, All Who Arms Bear
Warriors, Must Beat War Weapons Into Plowshares            ( Isa. 2: 4 )
And When War, Is No More, Then We Will Hear
All Warriors’ Battle Cry, Will Be An Amen Cheer !

              … Gentle Warriors …
            Peace-Loving, Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From A Warrior’s … Last ‘ Why ? ’

                … Warriors …
           Courageous Warriors …

How Can Flesh and Blood, Mortal-Men, Be So Fearless, I Wonder
Are They Strengthened By Duty, Love and Honor
Facing Danger, Death and Being Torn Asunder
Sacrificing All, As A Fallen Soldier …

                 … Warrior …
           Courageous Warrior …

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chasing the end

you took my soul in arkansas
but i ran with my spirit to phoenix
you took the challenge to the chase
and followed me there

i fought it out with you for three
years never indicatiing that 
my soul was gone and you believed 
you owned me spirit and all.....

i wrapped my spirit tenderly and
tiptoed out to arkansas in my
old wreck of a car......had three
flats a long the way....but made it

i thought i had escaped you when 
i went to the breakfast bar and there
you sat all puffed up 
and laughing really loud and
saying....did you really think i couldn't 
beat that old car?

i couldn't even eat
i ran away very fast
when i realized that i
had my soul back

so no matter where you 
follow me, no matter what you say
or swagger, or talk, you 
finally lost all the way

the cost is almost unbearable
if i look at all the time at
once.  i never look back
because i can't make it 
go away.

i just go on and am happy 
for each day that goes
by altho there are sometimes
i cannot sleep as  for 
watching out that something
bad will happen..........and then with
a fresh afternoon nap i realize
i have nothing to fear anymore

then.......i plaster a big smile on
my face and keep my soul warm.

by janetta harrington

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as Taylor falls

I stayed in 
On a rising sun
I won’t make
The same mistake

I found a lovers garden
And a gardens lake
The same mistake
I won’t make

I won’t fall 
And not get back 
To my feet 

I wont stand
And not expect 
To fall again

I saw smiles 
In the devils wine
A burgundy tint 
Such a lovely shine

I relax below 
A melody
I journey on 
Through scars
You don’t see 

I wouldn’t think
Of failures at all 
But I saw peace 
At Taylor’s Fall

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On Love and Revolution

Conjuring, like so many sorcerers, reaching out for deities

My brain invents situations: brand-new realities

Which do not necessarily exist outside of my conscience

Like thousands of workers striking simply to raise class consciousness

Or like amorous advances with secret hidden meanings

(such meanings are absurd, like many Christians still believing)

I even invent futures…things I surely could not know

Similar to violent revolutions coming from below

(or getting reciprocal feelings from someone that you know)

so you see, like many so-called armchair revolutionaries

I have been sitting around, mulling, over future possibilities

Instead of taking to the streets to smash the state (and past relations!)

I just sit around and wait for non-existent situations.

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truth by far

Drinking my way to my grave
Pretty scarlet eyes singing me away
My barrel of wants, my needs
So kindly my morning disappears
My trashcan of wonders and fears

I thought I’d be the seventh son
I settled for being the youngest of nine
I thought I’d treat you right
I found myself within a strangers eyes
I sob and I sing songs
But I won’t pick up the telephone

I lay awake all night, I left my days
I sat up all day I left my nights
I had no where else to go
No where else to be 
I was sleepless in June
I’ll be sleepless in July

I’ve been here all day
I’ll be here all night 
This evening I’ll have more to say
If tomorrow doesn’t see me first 

Every one’s a mystery 
Until you get to know them
I’m not the man you wished I were
I’m growing ale
I just want to sail

Once the sun gets in your skin
You’re never coming back to her
I never ask for any of this 
I leave it to the wind 
To shelter my soul
But the wind only holds 
A widows son

I never wanted war
I walk yellow lines gracefully
Will there ever be a place for me
Left my patience on  a Saturday sun
I find peace within your voice
No where left for my words to run

I’ve been here all day
I’ll be here all night 
This evening I’ll have more to say
If tomorrow doesn’t see me first 

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' The Dance ... ' (Part 2 of 2)

‘ The  Dance … ’

Oh … How I Love To Dance
Why … Do I Love To Dance ? …
Its Rhythmic … Its Ritual
… The Body is So Beautiful ! …

Once … I Saw The Ocean Groove
… That’s The Way, I Want to Move
Earth-Spinning, Round and Round
Don’t You Know … We All Get Down ?

Don’t You Know, What The Good-Book Says
‘God’ … Moves in Mysterious Ways
That Is Why I Love To Dance …
… His Empire, Moves In Elegance !

Lord, Have Mercy, Keep Moving Me
Moving and Grooving, to Your Glory !
Blood-Flowing, Lung – Breathe
‘ The Spirit ‘, is Zooming … You Better Believe !

( Just Look At It Move ‘His’ Girl, MoonBee !_

Acrobat, Hip-Hop, Ballet
Art of Tap, Polka, Reggae’
You Can Do It !… I Know You Can
Just Listen, To That Bible – Band ! …

Music … Just Adds Motivation
Stirs A Soul To Celebration
Dancing … is A Declaration
We’re On Cruise-Control, In His Creation !

Dancing … Can Be A Holy Act
God, and His Son … Like It, Like That
So, Nod Your Head … Do The Wave
Signal ! … You Want To Be Saved !

Don’t Be Shy … At Situation
Meet Me At ‘ The Revelation’
They’re Opening Up, The Garden – Gate
… Hurry Now … Don’t Be Late !

Cherubs, gonna’ Let Us In
No Cover Charge … Bring A Friend
Oh ‘Son of God’ … Please Partner Me
… Dance Me To Eternity !

Oh, How I Love To Dance
It’s A Rhythm – Romance
Passion – Performance
Yes Lord … I Love To Dance

Dance! … into Eternity
Dance! … Better Than A Fantasy
Dance! … Universal Dance Floor
Dance! … Don’t You Wanna’ Dance Some More ?

Dance ! … Now, Can’t You See ? …
Dance ! … We Gon’   P a r t y !
Dance With This Girl, thru The Galaxy
Dance With The Stars and The Only MoonBee

Boys Shout ! … ‘Bring On The Dancing Girls !’
God’s Making A Wonder World
Them … Us … You … and Me …
Still Moving … To His Mystery !

           Now Dance ….

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My Prayer

(My first poem)

Lying in bed last night, trying to pray. 
But the words won’t come, God seems so far away. 
So the next morning, to my knees I fall. 
Face to the floor, “Oh God!” I call. 

The weight of my sin and guilt are too much to bear. 
I cry out to God, “Are You there, do You even care?” 
He says, “Yes, my child, and those burdens are not yours to bear. 
I have been here all along, waiting for you to see, 
That all You had to do was give everything to me.” 

“But I don’t know how to let go!”, I cried. 
He replied, “But my sweet child, this is why I died. 
To take all of the sin, shame and guilt away. 
You need only seek me and pray.” 

“Then help me Lord, I don’t know what to do”, I plea. 
He says, “Give everything you are to me. 
Stop worrying about everyone around you, and please Me. 
If you do this, you will have life more abundantly. 
I gave My life for You, so that you could have a joyous life, 
And not live everyday in constant strife.” 

So with complete abandon, Lord, I give myself to You, 
My habits, my addictions, and my rebellion too. 
My worries, my guilt, my shame, please remove. 
Pull me out of this pit and let me move, 
Closer to You and Your cleansing blood. 
Let it wash over me like a crimson flood. 

As I let go of all of the guilt and sin, 
Let Your Holy Spirit dwell within. 
Wash me clean from head to toe. 
And every day, let me know, 
That I am never alone, You are always there. 

Waiting each day, for me to share, 
This life You have given me with everyone I meet. 
Your love, mercy and unfailing love will never cease. 
Thank you for Your grace that covers me, 
And let me serve You eternally. 


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Public Standerns

Is a tree wrong because it leans?

Or is a tree wrong because it is not green


So you tell me what co lour it’s suppose

Too be?


We have to walk in a way talk in a way

Head up high and back straight 

Don’t smile to hard cause your not

Really awake being under the 

Spell of what the government has

To make 


Oh look his shining but really inside his



In a circle of a family everyone has

To be as one you try to step out 

And you’re classed as wrong 


Say too much and you’re classed 

As mad and you need to be locked up

But insert of them giving you an ear 

They per fur to give you a glair 


See a man with a new whip 

Insert of asking where he got it you

Per fur to BANG! 

And that it!


That’s it not just for him but

For his mum and the woman that

Is carrying his unborn son 


In roots, when kuntaka heard

The sounds of the drum he don’t run to


He stays with his family and he had to be strong

But in god he prayed that one day his family will 

See a better day 


Family is a community!


So let us all have a dream that one day are

Community could be clean


Clean of the guns and the drugs 

That’s killing us one by one 


So I pray for each and every one is soul 

So god could make us all whole 

And let are feelings just roll


Because you’re not pulling does’t mean 

That you’re not killing us one by one 


So when we see each other lets

Us be nice and greet your neighbor with a smile 

And let god just shine!

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Love ain' t a power strip

I look into your eyes
I see the fear 
he brought into your life
If u don't do something 
or if you do it wrong 
he raises his hand at you 
then fear for your life

I've seen this happen so many times 
One of these nights 
You should walk out and leave
Don't let that man 
Control you 

If that guy really loved you 
Why does he smack you around
What is with him always being in power
Love is love not a power strip

Don't let him hurt you 
Don't let him scare you done
Don't feel embraced about the marks
Don't think that he is winning 

One of those days raise your hand back
Don't get scared 
Cause girl I backing you up 
love is a special thing 
Don't get me wrong
But love ain't a power strip

He wants all the power 
He wants you too
He has to learn 
Your a good girl 
Not a play toy 

I see your fear 
when I look in to your eyes
I know he raises his hand 
all the time at you girl 

Don't be scared 
let him know you fight back 
Don't leave him win 
fear ain't love 
and love ain't' a power strip

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Aquarian Dream II- Leaving Kali Yuga

A glimpse in your gilded eyes Tells me all inside your lieing mind How can you Stand without a spine How can you speak without a will Failed to announce the pain Will they realize the illusion Is it all to late? The lies that are so common Have put up a delusion Infront Of the people's mind So deep away from the dark Will we come when father is coming For us, is it all to late? Soft little messenger I dare you to spread the word About our dying world All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king I see the light of a dawning Age Let a new era begin An Aquarian dream a day where we are all free Inside our minds; our hidden refuge But there's no need to hide perfection Concordia shall be our queen Justice, independence, liberty are our only virtues free to be whoever our heart let's us be Go to the tower, strike the bell Soft little messenger And tell of Victory All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainetd with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king

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The Garden Of Good And Evil

Following the footsteps...
Becoming one with ignorance;
Yet the thought still lingers...
What has become of innocence?
Driven to succeed, 
No matter at what the cost...
When living for a dream,
Leaves us dying for a cause...

In the garden of good and evil...
Everyone wants a chance;
But what determines merit...
To hold the looking glass?
Suspended in prophecy,
These trials of persecution;
Living the war on belief
Just to resemble our reflection

Time will only tell...
The point of no return;
The meek will inherit the earth...
But will they ever learn?
For the hopes of tomorrow,
Are in their dreams tonight...
But who will put them into action,
And lead us into the light?

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Into the Deep

Perspective's changing
Paradise waits for all
You needn't fear a thing
As death begins to call

Slowly you fall into the depths of peace
Surrounded by the sun
Its shining so bright
Burning your soul into new life
The joy washes over you
You've realized
What you've always known

The world shines beneath your feet
The entire universe sits inside your hand
Knowing grants power
You can obtain it all
Change the world
to grant you happiness
See that joy is not hopeless

You are
You know that for sure
The one thing existing
Its all your choosing
The times you were winning
The times you were loosing

Time itself
Dies as you find yourself
Lost with a sure sense of where you're going
In a maze always growing
The constant learning
making it all so simple

Slowly you fall deeper into the depths of peace
Enveloped by the sun
Enlightened by its brilliant rays
Igniting the immortal fire within' your heart
Strength flows through your veins
You know
What you've always known
You know
You've always been

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Remember time, remember place,
when feet to knees seemed like a mountain,
that smile upon your mother’s face
as from her eyes your living fountain,
when life was yours - a world unspoken
when on all fours your ' glass ' was broken,
that bright surprise - a robin show -
how everything was there, to know ?

A life - time sits here in recluse -
the wood-seat waits to be of use
and mocks my age with Poke - the tortoise,
happy, crawling to have caught us
underneath an ageing sloe,
with nothing more, or less to know.

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Unforgotten -2-

I've captured you from death's snare,
While others were unaware
No more worrying,
You are unforgotten

You are alive
Others deny it and leave the truth behind
Well, I most certainly know...
I will not end up in ruin

Instead, I'll remain loyal to you
because you are an unforgotten memory that changed my cruel ways
Straightening up my choices,
leading me to an easing and most pleasing place

Well...I certainly know, without a doubt, you are unforgotten
in my memory and best of God's loving heart
You are forgiven in your trespassing mind that stumbles in repetitive sin 
You are an unforgotten cure to my throbbing pain
You're making me obsessive to you...sincerely insane

Though you're quite the catch 
in my sealed-up memory
You will remain
in a foolish mind 
fiddling around in flattering aspiration

You are unforgotten
In my flattered memory,
You are unforgotten 

You are a cure to my whole entire life,
unforgotten drug of mine	

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Blood - Brothers

I Hear Drum-Beats Across The Land… Can You Hear It?
All Our Homes Are Handed Down by The Highest Spirit
Long-Ago, The Native Peoples of The Land
Knew… The Earth and Us – Go Hand in Hand

I Hear Hoof-Beats Across The Land… Can You Hear It?
Its Not The Buffalo or Antelope – Who Grew To Fear It
Its Battles of Braves and Soldiers – Both Grim Reapers
Can’t Forget… We ‘Are’ Our Brother’s Keeper…

         Blood – Brothers
… We Are Blood-Bound To Love
         Blood – Brothers
We Are Blood – Brothers Of
All Sons and Daughters of Mankind
The Great Spirit Binds…
      … Blood – Brothers

I Heard Hate – Beat Down The Land… Did You Hear It?
Pollution and Persecution… Its Time To Cure It
End Our Journey On The Trail of Tears
With Broken Arrows and Rivers – Running Clear

I Hear Heartbeats Across The Land… Can You Hear It?
If You Turn and Face The Wind… You Are Near It
It Pounds Deeper Than The Skin, Or A Flood
It Echoes To All …  Its In Our Blood !

        Blood – Brothers
… We Are Blood – Bound To Love
        Blood – Brothers
We Are Blood – Brothers Of
All Sons and Daughters Of Mankind
The Great Spirit Binds…
      … Blood – Brothers

              * * * * *
The Eagle Flies On The Breath Of Life
         And So Do You
May The Blue Sky And Your Clear Eye
         See Many More Moons

Keepers Of The Earth… Guard This Turf
        And Each Other
For Every Human Birth… Has Worth
         As A Blood – Brother

For Those Killed and Blood Spilled
         The Ground Cries
Soaks The Dust… And Curses Us
         When A Brother Dies…

          Blood – Brother …

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The twinkling stars are over my head,
The shimmering sand is my bed,
The shooting star’s flare,
Does not bring me a nightmare,
But arouses the memory of an amigo,
Gone into oblivion long ago!

The light and colour,
In the open air,
Of a chilly polar night,
Bring me delight,
And arouse the memory of an amigo,
Gone into oblivion long ago!

On the moonlit night,
Calm and bright,
The dancing polar light,
Dazzles my sight,
And arouses the memory of an amigo,
Gone into oblivion long ago!

Reveling in Nature’s delight,
I am a ‘blithe spirit’!
Yet why o why? I know not,
Arises in the mind a somber thought,
That arouses the memory of an amigo,
Gone into oblivion long ago! 

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Poor miserable mysterious color,
Not a dark, not a light, an in between. 
Oh the complexity of gray in laundry.
This neutral hazy excuse for a color,
like the polluted version of white,
or the immature offspring of black.
Gloomy, uninspiring, gray surely must be 
the fraternal twin of gleaming desirable silver. 

In a gray room, gray senses linger in air like overcast,
damp enough to deepen your breath, 
muggy enough to sting your eyes.
An old dead coat of thick gray dust 
dresses a bookshelf of unused knowledge,
which plays house to a gray photograph,
…A gray girl without a smile. 
Bulky furniture colors the room gray,
taking on a dead life of its own. 
Gray clouds stretch whistles of wind through an old window,
the eerie draft sways the once white sheets, 
stirring gray dust,
reminding us all, that time is forgotten.

Gray touches time. 
As age
As wisdom, like an old man’s beard, 
as power, like a dark stone pathway, 
forcefully planning our footsteps,
obnoxious, as a gray seagull 
stealing my sandwich crumbs, as well as my privacy on a sandy beach shore. 
Damn the gray seagull!
Interrupting the black and white rigidity in my ignorant world of perfection,
forcing me to see things as they truly are.

My eyes gaze up my mountain of hopes,
till I see a gray stormy sky, 
which casts out gray sounds like the surprise of thunder in a convertible with a 
broken top, 
playing Simon Says with chilling gray rain, 
dripping gray water spots of smeared ink on my morning newspaper,
smudging the lies, 
developed by gray minds of people unable to see past what they know,
more blind then the actual eyes of the blind, 
but better off then those with gray hearts, who do not know who they are. 

We are born opening our eyes to the white light of this world 
and die closing them to black darkness…
We are not born with gray minds 
but die with them,
as we cloud our abilities with gray standards and gray walls, 
un-wanting to explore any unfamiliar gray area,
until we ourselves, unknowingly turn gray.
Even in death, we never break the blind borders that confine us.
Our perception remains gray,
Always attempting to look beneath the surface,
When really 
We need to look at the same surface differently.
This world remembers us by what we did,
instead of who we were…
Sooner or later,
No one is ever known
And we all become…
but gray.

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yours truly

There’s no sense 
In me loving you now
For the most of many days
I’m right here with you

For the reason
That old men know not 
The difference in wrong and right
The courtesy of my songs 
Has been driven polite 
For days in this night I couldn’t sleep 
Subsequent to headaches too hard to keep
Up an down this avenue 
Sometimes it’s the wrong wishes  
That are constantly grabbing you
Selfishly I’m never tired
Weary, I grow unwired
I know you think I’m lost 
No where to go
So it appears I’m chasing ghost
And these days everything seems scandalous
Out for every penny
It appears we lost a few too many
But don’t turn your back on the boulevard
As children
Days at a time we used to play in the yard
But you got to make a living 
So a brother’s on the re-up 
For the national guard
And my luck in this time is past par
And these days 
Everybody seems to know my name
Here, still I’m barely standing
So I hit the scene like celebrity
And you could see my followers 
Gather the fallen pieces of me
And though the past years been 
Like a step child grounded to the attic
Simply hella dramatic
I guess we have to move past it 

No need in loving me now 
I’m nearly gone 
For the most of many days
You were right here  with me 

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Our men of steel 
Our men of good will
Only those who stand 
On this tempered platform
When nothings left
Only man
O men of steel
O men of will 
What can one do?
When all is gone 
In which he is to pursue
Men of steel 
Men of good will 
Does silence 
No longer cure 
A curious mind
Your foot steps 
Your everything
All is mine 
O men of steel 
Could this be?
The end of will 

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I Just Gotta Tell You

I just gotta tell you 
about this man I know

How He follows me around
where ever I go

I don't even mind much
cause I love Him so

This is how
my story goes

Once I was lost
but then was found

His voice that of an angel
Lifts me from the chains of hell

I know He'll alway's be right by my side
Even if I'd gone off and have died

I give thanks to the Lord above
Wishing I could ride on His winged doves

I'd shout from His highest mountains
And tell it to the world over and over again

How much this guy means to me so
As I etched His name across the snow

Jesus Is the only one for me
Once you feel His love too 
you'll surely agree

Tribute To The
Holy Spirit

Also Next Song In The Makings

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Ur Fallen Legend (Angel of Sadness)

So much happens when you’re away 
Things that make my composure tremble 
As I begin to say 
Moments of less triumph 
Suspend my stay 
Forgive me, for there’s become a trend 
In my time away 
Here’s ur rapture, ur Armageddon, ur fallen legend 
Arrogantly I want to be swinging 
Seeking revenge on my every adversary 
But realistically, from my own hemp 
I seem to be lingering 
Morning lights and hieroglyphics merely had me starry 
Blood line carries wine 
My resistance varies with time 
So here’s ur rapture, ur Armageddon, ur fallen legend 
Who am I? 
My reflection mimicked 
And murmured, I am you 
Only further from the skies 
It’s become a war, I cannot win 
Shield your faces 
For man trots again 
So here’s ur rapture, ur Armageddon, ur fallen legend

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Why Not Peace

 Why can’t this world just find the  peace and learn to live as one
Why do we have to hurt and hurt for things that only evils done
Look in to the eyes of a child and see what they can see
Why can’t we live in a world where all people are set free
The beauty of a summers day with the smell of flowers near
But we live in a world of hate that’s full of lies and fear
Look at a bird so high in flight with the wind beneath
It’s wings, there’s got to be a way for us to embrace all
Earthly things. we were not put in this world to kill each other off
I wonder how much blood will shed before this fighting stops
Humans that is what we are black yellow red or white
 so what is the Reason for wars that radge all through the day and night
We all were kids not long ago so look into your heart
 would you  Want a child of yours to die in a world all torn apart.	
I believe in a world of  silence , where we all can live in peace and one
Day when the killings done this will all be just a dream.
So look up to the heavens as you lay down your head tonight
And pray for a world that was meant to be of laughter , love and light.

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How Beautiful Is Our God

How beautiful is our God... 
And I shall praise him greatly!
His presence has blessed me 
and filled my life completely,

In Mt. Zion, he's to be praised... 
in the beauty of his holiness.
He's more than worthy of praise,
 in his glory and righteousness.

The joy of the earth...  
and beautiful is the situation...
To all of mankind... He's extended 
mercy and salvation.

He is known in high places as a
 God of refuge and shelter.
I will shout of his praise...
 there's no reason to whisper.
He is our God, and forever 
and ever, he shall reign.
He's is worthy of all praise... 
that is due to his name!

He shall lead and guide me
 from birth until death.
And his praise shall continually 
be on my breath.

Thanks be to God for 
everything he has done!
And  thanks to him 
for sending Jesus... HIS son!

He gives everlasting water 
that never shall run dry.
It is no secret how much
 he loves you and I!

By Jim Pemberton
Read Psalm 48: 1-4

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A Burden Bearer

When friends and loved ones promise, they'll always be there for you. 
Intentions are well with sincere hearts, but friends have problems too. 
When life's issues seem to take control, and you're feeling all alone. 
Our God sits high, yet He looks low, remember He's still on the throne. 
For God is a problem solver, and your burdens He'll help you to bear. 
Cast ALL your cares and sorrows on Him, and leave your troubles there.

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' By All That Is Holy ... ' (Medieval # 1)

By All That Is Holy… The Knight Rode Away
Yonder o’er the Borders and Hills
Away to a Kingdom… to be His One Day…
Bound by Pledge and Royal Seal…

… for Valor and Honor and a Deed Well-Done
He wast’ given the Titles Thereof…
Glory and Power of A Champion
Of The High-King, He Loyally Loves…

By All That Is Holy… We Speak of His Fame
By All That Is Holy… Comes Thru His Name
That Strong, Gentle Knight of Light and Love
By All That Is Holy… Be Blessed Above

By All ‘Tis Holy  -  Pure, Virtuous
He Vanquished all His King’s Foes
In Obedience and Boldness… So Beauteous
That Forevermore… Everyone Knows!...

By All That is Holy… He is Now, Lord of Lords
GOD’s Will, ‘tis His Shield… Justice ‘tis His Sword
Prince of Peace, Paid a Ransom… we could nay Afford
… an Eternal Crown… ‘Tis His Priceless Reward

By All That Is Holy… The Hero Rose Away
By All That Is Holy… He Will Return One Day
We wilt’ Herald and Cheer, as Sir Mercy passes through
By All That Is Holy… He can Save You Too!

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Compassion For Mary

Sad are these days for Mary
Your eyes are filled and teary  
The stories you tell of family pain 
It must make your life a total strain  
Trust one day it all will change 
I know sometimes life feels strange 
Your faith in God will help you understand 
He knows for he to, was once just a man
God only hands out a challenge, to those that are strong  
And I pray for your sake this sorrow won’t last to long
Live in shame NO more 
You’re not to blame anymore 
Hold you head up and face them all 
You’re a good person, so stand up tall 
Find a place to feel to be at peace 
And we will all pray for the deceased 

This poem is for the peace and healing for Mary Dunhart 
May her world become a peaceful place filled with love and grace?

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O Jesus O Jesus Peace Be Upon You

People will say O dear Jesus 
You are moon in the shades of God
Your mind is so soft and broad

O Jesus O Jesus
You are so beautiful
Jesus you are so warm man but you are so cool

People will sing O dear Jesus 
You are moon in the shades of God
Your mind is so soft and broad

O Jesus O Jesus
You are so beautiful
Jesus you are so warm man but you are so cool

People will dance with the music
You can really do magic
O Man you are so fantastic

O Jesus O Jesus
You are so beautiful
Jesus you are so warm man but you are so cool

People will sing and dance
People will dance and sing
O Jesus O Jesus
You are so beautiful
Jesus you are so warm man but you are so cool

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Shattered Glass

We’re all alone
Fragile and scared
Tainted parts of a cathedral wall
Moulded with care
Made to represent beauty and love
Thunder roars
The drums beating war
Screaming wildly, we crash to the floor

Shattered glass
Is what we’ve become
Shattered glass
Is all we are
Open our hearts
And the pain is too real
Shattered glass
We cannot feel

Man to man
Brother to brother
We weren’t meant to destroy
We fight our fights
Senselessly dying
Bloodshed covering hopes
It’s not enough
To care for this world
So what happens when it’s gone?


Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
We blow upon the wind of rapid destruction
There’s more to life
Than bending and breaking
But ‘til we look for peace, the cries will never cease

Shattered glass 
Is what we’ll become
Shattered glass
Is all we’ll know
When the hate and the pain
At last can prevail
Shattered glass
We’ll always be
Shattered glass 
We'll always be
Shattered glass . . .
Is it too late?

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Building And Burning (inspired by 'The Streets Have No Name'

When I walked into the evening
The broken leaves began to laugh
The moon was almost smiling
And the sky was torn in half

In the one half lay the darkness
In the other steeped the stars
And I thought for just a minute 
That the sky was throwing sparks.

There were people holding hands as
They danced around a lake
That the moon was being born in
And their song now makes me ache.

There was a soldier on a hilltop
And the sun it was his friend
So large it turned the sky red
And gave away the story's end.

On the corner of the street
Was a playground lined with swings
And I could only see it
Through the strange metallic strings.

And screaming to horizon
Was demanding desert sky
And I lived in an apartment
With the A. C. turned up high.

I banged the flimsy screen door
And disappeared that quick
Past the parking lot and drug store
In shining Spanish brick.

There are boxes, open doorways
To let in the warm light night
There are rows of harmless houses
Shining on the stars outside.

In the broken, golden leaf-fall
There are girls with determined hair
That claim they have found lost streets,
That Bono showed them where.

In the half with more than darkness
Are harmonics of the stars
And I looked from side to side
Then I knew the sky threw sparks

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Live It Out

Everyone lives a life
  a lie, a secret
Its best to be a believer that life is not a fairy tale
  I hear her crying
I see her falling
  I tried to lift her up
Instead of getting hurt
  Life is hard but she was almost rape by her boyfriend
Thank God he was there
  and really was with her
Still time after time
  She knew it was a crime
And she till stayed until
  he start putting his hands on her
She woke up to an abusive matter 
  Only way to escape was 
to leave her boyfriend over the phone
  You got to live it out

Come on listen
  pay attention
Everyone want their voices 
  to be heard
Everyone knows we live a 
  teary eyed world
Ain't nobody ever satisfied
  Until they see someone shot up
Life may be hard
  but will you be the one to make that change
Don't fade out
  Be strong
hold on, if we do
  We got to live it out

I wanna live my life to its fulliest
  Some people say I wanna live right
But others make me do wrong
  Cut the lying, cut the schezzing, the breakhearts of cheating
Only you live for you
  And I live for me
Can't nobody control you 
  Can't nobody live for you
You make your own decisions
  Whether right or wrong
Don't mean you have to put one down
  Live life as its your last day
Cause your time could be today
  So live it out

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Uneasy calm!The crystal ball of clearity incompletely serened atmosphere for 
serious,sensible decision making.A profane confirmation of black or white,
narrow or wide,positive,negative or neutral response.A turning point!
Uneasy calm!Pervades the air in an atmosphere of temporary settled confusion,
upheaval and general uncertainties awaiting a definite final answer.Certainly a 
concise decision must follow;the starting point of chains of reactions.
Uneasy calm!The think thank of all the egg heads of all world opinion leaders 
and eiderstate's men.Clear mindedness is the game.No mistakes!Could be 
costly!All details must be censored and put in place now.Alright!
Uneasy calm!A situation that calls for serious sober reflections and concise 
collation of all relevant statistics,logistics and vital necessary information to forge 
ahead.The complete picture of the expressed definite answer.
Uneasy calm!Your dimensions are multifaroius.Good or bad!Peace or war!
Enjoyment or suffering!You have the final answer.Egg heads!You cannot afford to
make mistakes at this point.No!No!!No!!!Not at all.We count on you.
Uneasy calm!Dialogue,compromise,fairplay and finding alternative lasting 
solutions to problem solving is your best option.War is completely out of the 
game!Reason!There are millions  of positive options at your disposal.Choose!
Uneasy calm!Your best choice is satety of human life's and peace for all nations.
This is the only antidote and best tonic for the world at the moment.Peace!Peace!!
Peace!!! is golden.Embrace it!
Uneasy calm!Your only legacy is an unalloyed world stability and unity among all 
nations.Nobody is screening or judging anybody.Everybody has a right to his own 
opinion!Pick the positive ones to move the world forward.Calm down!Embrace 
peace always.
Uneasy calm!The world is an egg that is placed delicately in your hands for 
keeps at the moment.It must not break.Scrutinize and weigh all options very 
well.Your time must be remembered for good.
Uneasy calm!You are close to the best options.Use all machinery at your 
disposal.human resources and ideas,technology and fine details firmly on 
to move forward.The world is at your mercy.Restrain!

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What I love About You

verse 1

numb feelings
painted ceilings
fast healings
sealed dealings
so appealing

is what I love about you
what I love about you

smooth fashion
hearts passion
foods rations
looks dashing
eyes flashing

is what I love about you
what I love about you

your love potion
your blue oceans
those nod notions
hip motions
smell of baby lotion

is what I love about you
what I love about you

azure skies
mystical eyes
shapely thighs
wispering cries
tells me why

is what I love about you
what I love about you

verse 2

for it comes as no suprise
as it opened up my eyes
makes me just want to reach out to that sky
and pull you close and near by
for this I'll tell you why

is what I love about you
is what I love about you

verse 3

for you make me feel so high
when I know your standing close by
take my hand lord for I am very shy
and I promise I won't cry
and for this you'll know why

is what I love about you
is what I love about you

Tribute To Christ Our Lord

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' He Will Come ... '

          He Will Come …
With Thunders, Hail and Lightning        (Rev. 11: 19)
He Will Come …
Beautiful, Blessed and Brightening

          He Will Come …

For The Faithful
It Is Not Frightening
A Chosen-Few                                    (Luke 12: 32)
Will Lift-Off Flying                               (1 Thess. 4: 17)
Some of Us
Will Be Delighting                               (Matt. 5: 5)
Sadly Others
Last-Breath Dying                              (Rev. 20: 14)
But… He Will Come …  He Will Come

          He Will Come …
Written In Blood – Promising
          He Will Come …
Those Asleep, He Will Be Summoning
          He Will Come …
For Over Death – He Is Triumphing
The Son Of God Is Marching
Please Keep Believing and Harkening
These Are The Last Days Darkening
But … He Will Come …  He Will Come …

          He Will Come …
It Is A Wondrous Sighting
He Will Come …
Over All The Earth
          He Will Come …
… Get Robes Ready For Whitening
With Just One Hand, He Is Dividing
All The Oceans and Seas High-Tiding
Every Mountain, Crumbles – Colliding
The  ‘Only’  Safety, He Is Providing
For… From Heaven, There Is No Hiding 
Yes,  He Will Come …  He Will Come …

          He Will Come …
On The Clouds Of Glory, Riding
          He Will Come …
Clamor Of Confusion Is Quieting
There Can Be No More Denying
He  ‘IS’  The DayStar Rising
… And He Will Come – SonShining !
He Will Come …  “Bringing Kingdom Come” … …  He Will Come

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RSVP If U Find Peace

Label it RSVP if you find peace 
Found paradise 
But happiness was deceased 
Let me know if you find peace 

The sound of my alarm clock 
Brings chills to my body 
I’ve been blessed with another day 
By this evening I'll be done forgot it
I was blamed for trouble 
By my adolescent years 
My misery doubled 
Hands together, head bowed 
The misery I allowed 
Blacks, poor whites, and Mexicans 
After the math we looked on for less again 
Walked as ghost 
With the Continental army on Churchill 
After peace 
That one militia would have a full course meal 
Prophets locked in submission 
Mercenaries trapped under the Lords supervision 
To heal another’s wounds, such a decision 
Lucifer and Jehovah 
Two brothers locked in a crash collision 
As pawns on their chess boards 
How can we learn to love 
When all we see
Are Relatives clashing below and above 

Label it RSVP if you find peace 
Found paradise 
But happiness was deceased
Let me know if you find peace

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Son Rise (from Scenes from Above)

Wave goodbye Tomorrow 
Die, drown another victim in yesterdays sorrow
This is goodbye tomorrow 
No tides to borrow 
So goodbye tomorrow 
Yesterday gone, tomorrow not shown 
Today just a repetition of a sinners definition 
My hopes shattered 
How do I cope with my tears and matter 
Drooling of fantasy's when you had her
A poor mans paradise 
Adversity and no cares about life 
Living in hell and loving it 
Pivoting through bail and shoving it 
Shoulder blades cracked, collar bones crumbled 
Older, outdated, fact is to remain humble
Cemetery lust 
Post marriage life and fussing is a must 
Burning eyelids 
Is there even a such thing as baby's dying of SIDDS 
Irresponsibility, parent-hood and no agility 
Rapper and murderer's 
Yall are cursed, so don't even refer to us 
I'm blessed with stress, my life's a mess 
But for me happiness is only a test 
And when you see that sudden glow in my eyes
And the room flow's with goodbyes 
It will all come as no surprise 
That as I pray for tomorrow
I'll be taken before sunrise 
And maybe I'll get to witness again his Son Rise

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Recalling Existence

Reason regrets residual rights
After all things are undone
Stuck in a hole of ancient plight
Even beneath the sleepless sun

What is a war when we have won
Just to recall displaced dead truths?
What is the cost when chaos comes
When such empty loss is all it proves?

Killing what comes while children cry
Commanding the shadows of our lie
Dividing the vision that we’re one
The fragments misplaced; the mirror’s gone

Reason recalls revealing rays
The light was there beyond the night
All that we need is within the day
The truth in our cycle granting sight

Endless examining of the end
The powerful spiral of all pain
Victims of self this chaos rends
Collecting the fragments that remain

Nothing is dead while I still breathe
Breathing alone I’m on my knees
Before the love in all I see
Behind the pain that will deceive

Nothing is lost, I’m not alone
Everything gone has come and shown
That every regret has now atoned
For the universe is and I have grown

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I Am

I am me and I am always true to me.
I wonder do we have a meaning in life?
I hear the hearts of people making a beat in this world.
I see the thoughts of people always changing.
I want to knoew am I the best I can be?

I pretend to always be cool.
I feel like I am always one out of many.
I touch the moon, sun and stars.
I worry that the children of this world will never see a pure sky.
I cry when I see someone inflicted in pain.

I am me and I am always true to me.

I understand that the world is always changing.
I say that one day it will be good again.
I dream that the people of this world will try to do good in this dry planet.
I try to prevent harm to others.
I hope that one day it will be good again.

I am me and I am always true to me.

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My eyes are the distraction... Distraction from feelings... 
My eyes are the distraction.... Distraction from noise... 
When I close them, and you touch me thats when I feel... 
My eyes are the distraction, distracting whats real... 
How can I focus on touch with something as beautiful as sight? 
Staring into the air.. this probably isnt fair. 
My eyes are the distraction so my feelings arent there... 
An intense day dream.... To u, a lost look is what it seems... 
I tell you my eyes are the distraction and now you know what that means..

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The City That Never Sleeps

The noisy streets;
The homeless digging in the garbage bags;
The illegal drug dealers in the corner,
The homeless in rags.

The children in the streets;
Laughing and playing;
Pop, pop, it’s a shoot out.
That's what life is all about;
In the city that never sleeps.

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the angels are in the sky today second one

The angels are in the sky today


There's something in the sky today
Holding me in its loving embrace
It Keeps my heart, my body and my soul safe
Yes the angels give me the strength

Take life as it comes, day by day 
Through joy and pain, grief and happiness
The sweetest miracles that god ever made
Filling my life with total love

The angels are in the sky today
They bring such a smile of joy to my face
And I know that I’ll always be safe 
Guided by his ever lasting love


There's something in the sky today
angels watching o'er us from way up
In sweet heaven above, God's special gift of love
Is heard through many wings and voices 

To each and everyone of us
When we're worried about what is to come
Let our faith in the lord above be our grace
And save our souls for the Last Day

copyrighted 2007 penny lapsley

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Dear God, I am broken inside,
As far from Your face, I hide.
The weight of my shame and sin,
Devastate me – without and within.

I repent and turn back to You,
You reconcile and make me new.
But I am only human and full of sin,
And I fall back again and again.

O God, I am broken again,
And I know I must make amends, 
To the ones I have hurt and been unjust,
But they are full of rejection and mistrust.

I hold on to who You are,
Your love reaches near or far.
I make amends and leave the rest to You,
Your love and grace will see me through.

God, I am broken, as life takes its toll.
The weight of this world overwhelms my soul.
There are days I feel I can’t go on,
And maybe I wish that I could be gone.

Then You send me reminders of who You are,
Through Your Word and friends, near and far.
You tell me that one day, I will see you in heaven,
And never again, will I be broken.

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That's One

This life is the only one I've got
One chance to get it right or flop.
No one telling me what to do when I mess up.
Just me, to dust off when it's done.
With no one next to me, I'm just one
With one love, one prayer, one fun.
No stranger's going to steal my sun.
I've got my life and my love.
That's one.
No space greater than that between the sudden urge and common sense.
Once I figured it out, I haven't been the same since.
I figure either way, I won't let it get me stressed.
After all, my life is too
That's two.
No one can take this love from me.
No one can turn my potential into actuality.
No one can finally
Make my eyes open to see
The difference between
What is said and what you mean,
Except me.
That's three.
A breakthrough from the life that never was
Is finally making sense to me because
I know that this was given from above,
And without Him there's no point in looking up,
Because He saved me with His only son,
And showed me true unconditional love.
That's the one.

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O' Holy King

O' king of the world
give me words to speak
words I would say
and can't take away

our beautiful king
our king of the world

O' king of the world
I will rise
for there's no looking back
as the lost get found
when you encourage yourself

our beautiful king
our king of the world

O' king of the world
I give myself away
while I'm waiting just waiting
to follow you

our beautiful king
our king of the world

O' king of the world
I desire more
for there's a hole in my pocket
and it's justified

our beautiful king
our king of the world

Tribute To Christ Our Savior

Also Next Gospel Song

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Drifting Off To Sleep

Lying in bed, I close my eyes,
Unable to drift off to sleep;
I rise to open the windows,
Allowing the cool gentle breeze to fill the room.
I lye back down and my mind rushes.
I listen to the night sounds
Soothing my restless mind.
I watch the trees dancing in the wind
Like shadows in the sky,
Mesmerizing my mind.
I hear the chimes play their medleys
As they sway in the wind,
Relaxing my mind.
I smell the night rain
As it gently falls with its pitter patter,
Refreshing my mind.
I softly whisper,
“Thank you Father, I love you”
As I finally drift off to sleep.

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Everytime I hear
I don't only fear,
I can bare.
Not only do i care,
But i also think it's fair
To be one of them.

People are craxy out there
They don't think, they just dare
To do what they Want.
I hear people saying that they're life "sucks"
Well, people, life is never perfect, either.

I try to live life the fullest.
I do what I can
To do what I want,
When I want
But if that did happened, I'd be surprised...

Make life a responsibility,
Make life a friend.
Make life a life you would want to have for a while,
Make it as fun as possible, but don't make it too fun!
Make life a dream.
A dream of...

Fulfillness, livingness, strongness, helpfulness, carefullness! 
Life is what made us live, It wouldn't be around, without the words and truth of 

Life is a dream... Life is a deed... life is what we have right now.

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A Father Whom Can Not Return (angel of sadness)

I used to think about what life would be like
When I turned twenty-five
Of coarse I mess up, but I'm granted plenty of tries
Tomorrow doesn't matter, for I'm trapped in now
I used to kiss your mother in all places other than her mouth
Not referring to you as a mistake
But now I'm wondering how 
I guess the chances I was given, I have taken
And I'll never learn
Now I'm just a father whom can't return
I used to never worry about growing old
I used to say I'd keep my temperature
Even in the blistering cold
Daylight seemed so shady
And I'd shadow every truth my mystery told
Maybe life will turn me into a hardworking man
Stars in the night sky openly stand
Maybe life will lead me to live out my fantasies
I'll be everything, we once as children ran to see
My peers will mourn
For I am now a father whom can't return
I couldn't rehearse a lie
And I couldn't re word a well told story
So I have heard, but what more does life have to offer me
Late at night I witness you lay down and pray for a softer me
What would you prefer to see
I fear that I'll be no better than you were to me
Now I'mma father whom can't return

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When Death Joins Us

Tho you have gone now
And many came and viewed your remains
The numbers were great as we walked by
And paid our final respect.

I for one, as I know many others felt the same,
wanted to say "Robert get up and join us now
and place the mic in your hand".  

As I sat now and recall all the times I heard you say 
"Sold to number 400" and then on to another item 
You would go.

 I was that number 400 and I still hear those words
As tho it were yestersday
Those words will forever hold a special meaning in my heart
For a dear friend you were to me
Not just another auctioneer with a mic in his hand.

We had many dealings with all the merchanise
Going and coming
Sometimes with it even running out the frount door.

People came from near and far
Some even having to stand against  the walls
Some nights when the sales lasted too long
We all gathered for breakfast
As the laughter lived on.

Robert there will never be another one like you
As anyone that knew you would agree
You had a smile for everyone 
And a friend to many you wanted to be.

I for one know in your later years
You had found the Lord and He had found you.
You spoke of His love and what a joy it had brought you
And as always those about listened for you were 
Their Auctioneer.

The love you had for your family was always the upmost
As you spoke of them to your friends
A gleam would fill your eyes
You loved them all dearly
And this could never be denied.

You are there now with some others that left before you
Frank, Good Time Charlie, Olt, Cecil, Sonny, Ob, Louise, Dave, Hunk, 
Harold, Budda, Charles, Sam, Lefty, Phil, Gossett,
Your mom and dad they were all waiting
As you entered those pearly gates.

Robert you will be missed in this world
But we are all just a few days behind
Rest in peace now for you are in the Hands of the Lord.

I will always remember your laughter 
And the friend you were to me.  


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Unfortunately We Frown (My Secret Sin)

Don’t do often, But I want you to think of me smiling
Who but Hells cast wants to see me frowning
It may never come to be, but think of me smiling
I’m drowning and don’t I know how it’s sounding 
Timely lifestyles consist of brutality and poverty
Closed caskets and heavenly sponsored robbery’s 
Such a close call, how we escaped this insanity
All earthly things are but vanity
Everyday vision murky as hell
Sinners is prisoners in Gods cell, chirping for bail
Yet we fend for beauty, strength, and discretion
Bet this is only a partial confession
Take it as a hard lesson
It’s raining these precious earthly treasures 
But we keep a pressing our loyalty in these textures
The weakest being the most wanting in wisdom
My every organ
Constantly pumping to keep life in this system
Given the game, Everyman should be quit
Severely stand and demand hypocrites 
Speak so fiercely 
Yet these angels could so easily pierce me 
If we are made in his magnificence 
Then how can we be of such little significance 

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If You Loved Me

If you Loved Me,
the suns light would shine its warmth across my face.
If You Loved Me,
you would give me a little space.
If You Loved Me,
you would kiss me to sleep.
If You Loved Me,
you would hold me tight every night.
If You Loved Me,
you'd never let go.
If You Loved Me,
you would listen to what I have to say.
If You Loved Me,
I would feel you close, 
as though you'd never let go.
If You Loved Me.

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The Passage

This is the journal of a troubled man
Remember these words
For they were once yours
In time, in lust 
Deathly you bond 

These were the thoughts 
Of a burdened individual
Never forget them
When you marry
When your last name 
Is the only treasure
Your children carry

Keep yourself
And those around you well
Accept the neighboring warmth
For loving the abstract
Is a homeless mans only jewels
Within my journal
Remains the vacancy
That filled my thoughts 

This is eternal, my journal

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Song of Hope

If we try nothing is there too big,
if we try nothing is there too great,
if we try no chance for us to sigh,
if we try then we can rest and lie.

If we try we can sleep in peace,
if we try we'll find a time to kiss,
if we try no chance for a goodbye,
if we try no tear is there to cry.

If we try I think we can embrace,
if we try no chance for us to miss
the love we longed for thru the years,
if we try there's time for us who care.

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My Lord

VI.	I am serving my Lord.  I am worshiping my Lord.  My father, my Master, my Lord.

CH.	I bow down to my Lord.  I honor You, my Lord.  King of kings, Lord of lords, my 

VII.	My Lord, my Lord.  The one who’s always watchin’ me, My Lord.

(bridge)	God is my Lord, God is my Lord.  My rock, my shield, my Lord.

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Lord, we exalt your name.
Lord, we exalt your name.
So, that your holy spirit may bless us.
So, that your holy spirit can help us overcome, sickness, pain, anger and the 
destruction of souls.
Lord, we exalt your name so that your blessings can bring us peace, joy, and 
blessings to our soul.
Lord, how excellent is thy name. With no more to ask but your guidance of your 
holy spirit, that overcomes everything and anything Lord.
Oh how wonderful is to have faith in thy one & only Lord!!!
Lord above all Lords!!!

By: Alice Maragh

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When I became first aware

Your presents I felt, yet without so much a trace
Like how it feels to be loved, without being touched or embraced  
Your distant; yet close to me, at any given day
The guidance you have shown me, at times I go astray 
I never really noticed or thought about you near
To say the least I never knew better, than to ask if you cared
All I know is how I feel to know, I will  never be alone
For now I know the thought of you is real and from which I have grown
The day I turned my life around and called to you through prayer
My eyes were opened, my purpose revealed
The day I shed a tear

When I became first aware


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Love's Christmas

Bring in the tree, shake off its boughs,
Discuss with friends the whys and hows
Of existence as you trim away,
Sharing together the dreams of the day.

As you carry the children off to bed,
Spare a thought for the Child
In the cattle shed -
For one good man, who wept and bled
For the sake of a better world.

So by all that's fine and sacred then,
Have a care for the hearts of fellow men,
For families, friends and all the others
Since beneath the skin, we all are brothers. 
Deep in our souls we know this to be true,
Be we Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Jew.

We can be our own saviours,
If only we wish
To mature our behaviors,
Hoping only for this:
To subdue the beasts that lie between us,
To make it this once, Love's Christmas,
For the sake of a better world.

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Just Me.

I feel like the wind can make me fly.
Fly to the top of the world,
And set the limits of no where.
I feel as if I'm alone, and I have this feeling,
That doesn't scare me.
It's just me.

The wind on my shoulder,
Skims me by, and It doesn't matter
Cuz I'm in my own world.
I've beakon myself,
To be just me.
To be no one else,
And to live.

Now, I sit here writing this.
All of these feelings,
That I'm just pouring out,
For you to read.
I'm not wondering what's going to happen
To me, 
Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.
That doesn't scare me.
Cuz it's just me.

But I've always wondered
What's planned for tomorrow.
Always wanted to not worry,
But somehow I do,
Just somehow I do.

The wind on my shoulder,
Skims me by, and it doesn't matter
Cuz I'm in my own world.
I've beakon myself,
To be just me.
To be no one else,
And to live.

Written by; Kayla Hamilton.

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Held My Hands (My Secret Sin)

Ease your thoughts
For I am at fault
You stood alone
Well I left home 
In my most troubling steps 
I sensed your worry, your passion your grace 
As only your soft touch could warm my face
My only comfort was in your arms, a peaceful place
Is the only sanctuary where time won't mourn
And trust won't turn
A sacrifice at your expense
Left us both in suspence
But it was your heart I had to convince
Would you have held my hand
I ask would you have my hand
Shadows sing 
As the weak trade bread and water for anything
The only place you felt feign
Was the only place where your trust remains
Nothing so cold as your shoulder shrugs 
Nothing told that you cared as your fervid hugs 
I'd say I loved you in vain
But it would only sober up my pain
Burning leaves 
The stress that lonliness guareentees 
I only ask would you have held my hand
With me being so stubborn and arrogant
Would you still stand and hold my hand 
Would you have shaped me into a better man
Walked through conflict and still gripped my hand 

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Eternal Rest (angel of sadness)

I’m trying so hard to erase this frown
For I’ll never know when eternally I’ll lay it down
Times that I don’t know 
I just stomp and go
Never falter 
How I miss the gauntlet so
Scramble my life in a song
You can say what you want
But I know there’s no place like home
For I have been alone, for so very long
It doesn’t just come to me
I live it 
Several times a day
I’d be willing to give it 
Nights fall
But my weary days still loom
I want the lights and all
But there’s no room
Highlights plague me 
And my mistakes preview my doom
So I’m trying so hard to erase this frown
For I’ll never know when eternally I’ll lay it down

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Here With You

The soft, subtle whisper of the beating of your heart,
The lazy circles your thumb traces on the back of my hand,
The gentle rise and fall of your chest as you breathe,
The way I fit so perfectly wrapped up in your arms,
The warmth of your breath on my forehead,
The way your breathing blows through the hair on top of my head,
The comfort that I feel as I lay my head on your chest,
The safety that I feel here wrapped up in your arms,
The way the sunlight dances across the room from between the shades,
The noise outside the window ushering in a new day,
The peace I feel at this very moment, 
Separate from the world around us,
That's all I need to convince me to stay here with you.

Dedication: Christopher Alan Nicholas.

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You Weren't There..

Though you may be sad loosing a loved one..
You weren't there When God lost his only son..

You may think you have many a debtor...
You weren't there when Jesus was betrayed with thirty pieces of silver...

Though you may be weary and laden with despair..
You didn't witness when they tormented him and didn't care...

Although you may be in agony and immense pain..
You weren't there when the Lamb was fatally slain.

You may think that you cannot carry on and life is grim..
You weren't there when they mocked and spit on him..

Although you may have too many worries at hand..
Look down, you weren't there when they put nails in CHRIST'S bleeding hands.

Although you think you have been badly scorned...
You weren't there when they forced on his head, a crown of thorns..

Though you may feel that everything in your life is going wayside.
You weren't there to feel the sword that pierced HIS bleeding side.

Though you may think that you really don't want to live.
Christ loved us enough to die on the cross, and he will forgive.

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Roman of Darkness (angel of sadness)

It's only dark because you refuse to open your eyes
I'll recite to you a truth
But you will confess and it will become our lie
Chiors will sing
Enemies will rejoice
So sad, the misery, that happiness brings
Ur anger, my trials, our roman of darkness
It only hurts because you insist on resisting the pain
Stars seem to stand still, as the sky's gallop
Reality is an overwhelming fantasy dreamed upon in feign
A small change of scenery
A tempted range from more of what you mean to me 
Seems cold winters are only seen through short sleeves
As I fall, you stood, a roman of your darkness
It only rains because  all we only walk beneath heavy clouds
You find yourself at ease
As we recite your hymms, our prayers aloud
Sometimes we see reflections in things we shouldn't
When tears seem to fall upward, to where do we put them
The secrets that lie relaxed beneath our dreams
Yes we see ourselves in places it seems impossible to be 
We keep progress when failure indeed means more to me
A memory you will soon forget
A temptation lost with full regrets
A Roman admiring his chance in your darkness

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I found my way back to god and back to love.
You helped me find that path, the path of happiness.
You pulled me away from the path of sadness, you helped me more then it 
You found me.
You found the true me.
You found the part of me that hides in the shadows.
That side of me that is too shy, and scared.
I put my trust in you, and im glad I did.
Im so glad I can trust other people again.
After all the heart break, all the pain and all the loneliness im finally happy.
With you I am safe!
If im not with you, you have your friends keeping an eye on me.
Never before have I felt so safe and I couldn’t be happier.
Im found!
You found me!

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How Much

H ow much love would it take

to overcome the hate

How much kindness could smother cruelty

who would stand in solidarity

against the madness

the senseless sadness

Have we the strength to stop a mothers tears?

We have strength enough to kill

we have courage enough to die

Are there more of them than there is of us?

Is there more of that than there is of this?

Can we? 

will we ever see

to kill for peace is to fornicate for chastity

Patience patience

We have strength enough to kill

We have courage enough to die

if only those of us who do

were not so close

to those who have no need to.

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Holidayz (Angel of Sadness)

November, December, 
I couldn’t bear to remember 
To joy and faith I say goodbye 
Resurrect me, only when these holidays die 
As my senior days become to fade 
Wipe away the innocence of the games we played 
I’m nearly an antique and as my life will come to pass 
Only to be intrigued Sometimes I wonder with the children ask 
November, December, 
I couldn’t bear to remember 
To joy and faith I say goodbye 
Resurrect me, only when these holidays die 
Against these cold tiles I rest my head 
As bad dreams and nightmares test this bed 
A Funeral for those whom bled 
It no longer rains, it only sleets 
It keeps me slipping from these tempered feet 
Like disaster is constantly pressing repeat 
So to these Novembers and Decembers, 
I couldn’t bear to remember 
To joy and faith I say goodbye 
Resurrect me, only when these holidays die 
Happy holidays 
Dear misery, slap me if I follow the paved 
Take these invisible gifts 
Make them into relive-able myths 
And one day, outside this life 
I’ll divorce the devastation 
Marry my dreams and finally hold my wife 
But fantasies are peaceful times 
So again I’ll leave you with a deceitful rhyme 

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My Reflection

Dreaming of a Saturday

When we will be together

Ill never have happier days

I pray this lasts forever


I'm not the usual guy

Who only calls you when it's right

I'm yours even if I die

And forever for you ill fight


It's not about your looks

Or what you do and say

God is first in your books

That's all that matters anyway


My life would be completed

And my past is burned and charred

We could never be defeated

Or even scratched or scarred


I know you'll be afraid

Of how I show all my affection

This poem shows how I'm made

The mirror with my reflection


I know you have been told

This same story before

But THAT world is just so cold

Come to me where it's warm


In these things you have my word

And my eternal trust and heart

No matter what you've heard

I just hope that we can start


And pay no attention

To the world that wants you back

I'm here, Its my intention

To protect you from such attacks


"One day" you'll realize and see

That I'm telling you the truth
with what you mean to me
   For words ---- There is no use...

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Free From Restraint

Free from the cages
Which trapped so many
for such long ages
Run now

Is such a glorious thing
No longer oppressed
or enslaved to another's will
The world is yours now
Fly to the ends of this world
Swim in the depths

Limitless and free
You cannot be stopped by anyone
With your new found strength
You gain self pride
Reasons to fight for life
Pushing on through never ending strife
You'll know pure happiness
When it all comes to an end

So for you there is not much to say
After you live this way
You see the barriers that were created
Laying in rubble all around you
You're escape has arrived
It did not come from the sky

You hold the lock and key
Turn the switch and be free
See the brilliance of yourself
That you are everything that was
You are all that will be
None hold sway over your mind

The time of end is nigh
You've said all good-byes
Slowly consumed by it
You'll live on in spirit
To endure yet another journey

Continue on
My ever vigilant friends
Take all in life
and change it for yourself
You are the one true thing
In this whole domain
Never forget you are divine

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Cause and Clarity

The fear in not knowing why
The fearful control your dreams
Where nothing will let it die
Controlled by your bitter needs

Various levels of evil rule
This politic has no name
Because if it was clear to you
We would exit this deadly game

So we bleed and we suffer hate
Poisoned without a home
With a fear that steals our fates
To resist is to die alone

This martyr will raise his voice
No matter what you will say
As long as I have a choice
And as long as I know my name

Every fear will rise to meet
The fearless speaking truth
Though the lost never want to see
I will not suffer your self-abuse

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To See You, to Hear You

Do you think I could have a light
I know it's been a long time
Do you see in me what you saw before
or have my eyes become those of a stranger
I'm not here to complicate things
I didn't come to see those tears in your eyes
To see your face
To hear your voice
To know that you still think of me is enough
You look good
Your eyes look less haunted than before
even after all of these years
I can't breathe standing this close to you
even now if you kiss me I will fall to my knees
I see in you all of the things I loved before
I'm not here to complicate things 
I didn't come here for you to see these tears in my eyes
To touch your face
To hear your voice
To feel that you still think of me is enough
We both have lives now
we both have people we love
my man is good and he loves me completely
you have a woman that loves you and had given you her all
we can't hurt them as we did before
So we will share a few cigarettes
and talk about the weather
leaving everything else unsaid
but i will go away happy
just to see your face
to hear your voice
to know that you still think of me is enough

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Shadows of Blood (My Secret Sin)

I've traveled this path
Suffering the consequences of my lords wrath
Yet I won't stumble
My passion to susceed I refuse to fumble
Squint my eyes to see through the battles of love
But all I see is my reflection in the shadows of blood
I'm thankful for this 
You have blessed and bestowed  on me 
The comfort and warmness that have grown on me 
And right before I rest my thoughts
"Our father which art in heaven"
I now know why your favorite number is seven
I hold my fists, my fingerprints, my palms
Only for a touch of passion from your thumb
Yes I'm the youngest born of nine children
The only curse born outside the walls of Kilborne
And exactly who is the chosen one
Could it be the only idiots barechested opposing a gun
Fame is something you, yourself adore
A place to smile, be happy 
With jagged and jaded thrills is something I'd die for 
I'm that raisen in bitter bread
That single sin 
That came from those that were innocently fed 
Mrs. Brown, you have killed my future
Everything I worked and hurt for
Even if I was a peasant, I couldn't beg for more
I'm curious to know
How do you sleep at night
Your only objective now is to feed the fight
Swallow this poisonous seed built from your guilt 
And lie bleeding in the night

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Malevolence (Karma for Demons) (Angel of Sadness)

She’s coming for me 
The things that I have said
Shh! I’m already dead
She’s coming for me
I’m laid back
But I spit like a demon possessed dragon
An angel colored in darkness
Drunken from life and staggering
What’s behind this kids eyes
The homeless shadow he carries alone
The story behind the songs
No I do not speak in tongues
To live a casual life is not to seek to be hung
There is no forgiveness for cursing your living 
Consequences circle my thoughts 
Shaded purple is my appearance for resisting the law
I can make my words seem of innocence 
Or I can make my words keen of relevance 
Two murders in Genesis
She’s coming for me
I lay down; I’m troubled in my peace
I wake up to visions of my flesh deceased
She’s coming for me
The things I’ve to often said
My souls coughing, seems I’m already dead
She’s coming for me 

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Your Eyes

Your Eyes,
prrotect me from all around.
Your Eyes,
never let me fall to the ground.
Your Eyes,
are like the oceans seas,
that blows a breeze.
Your Eyes,
are the sun that shines and glows every morning.
Your Eyes,
keep me focused on only you.
Looking in your eyes,
takes me to an enchanted faraway place,
where I have never been.
Your Eyes,
let me know you are always going to be there.
Your Eyes.

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Being Black

They say go to the back, or we don't serve your kind.
Feeling the fight was in vain and we back in time.
Looks of disgust, with prejudice eyes upon me.
Yeah I'm BLACK and so proud to be.
Tell me it's a minimum and think I'm not suppose to blink.
Racial slurs, cruel intentions with minds that don't think.
Standards of such come with a price.
I'm fed up with this mess trying to be nice.
Yeah I'm BLACK and so proud to be.
Like it or love it because I'm always going to be me.

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Peace of Mind

VI.	When I read the Bible, for the first time in my life.  His word spoke to me and I 
found peace of mind.  I got down on my knees and asked Him in my heart.  It was a new 
way to start when I found peace of mind.

CH.	I found peace of mind, when I found Jesus.  It was like a shining light that shined 
down into me.  I started living right everyday and every night, I found peace of mind, when I 
found Jesus.

VII.	I went to church on that Sunday, and sat down in the pew, to hear the preacher 
preach about the words that Jesus said.  And it all came back to me, when I never believed.  
I found peace of mind, when I found Jesus.

Bridge	I talk a new talk, and I walk a new walk.  I help the ones less fortunate than me.  
Lord help me understand, I give all to You, I found peace of mind, when I found Jesus.

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Cause God Don't Want Me Here Forever

someday I'm going to leave this place
going to say all of my Godly good grace
for I know I'm going to a better place

Cause God don't want me here forever

Going to say goodbye to some good friends
kiss and hug my child till the very end
say I love you to Mom and Dad once again

Cause God don't want me here forever

Say I'm sorry for all I've done
Still go out and have some great fun
keep reaching for that burning sun

Cause God don't want me here forever

Going to lay in a garden of lace
where the sun shines upon my face
pluck a flower and put it to taste

Cause God don't want me here forever

Going to spread a little love
To the man up above
going to wait for his white doves

Cause God don't want me here forever

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A Soldier's Song

Sing, your favorite song slowly as it plays.
Dance, to that sweet melody as your body sways.
Transpose, each word as it reaches your heart.
Recall, all the memories tender, that never part.

What will we do when all the songs have been sung?
What emotion will we possess, when every tragic war has been won?
Will we stare sadly into each others eyes, and watch painfully tears go by?
Or, will we hold each other tight and simply sigh?

Can you conceive your favorite song, never to be?
Can you truly preceive the day when there are no more wars, threating us to be free?
Love would be felt in music, as our lonely hearts would recall.
Cold wars are still being fought causing death, as we stain their city walls.

Will our hearts remember rhythm?  When all the songs have been sung.
What conflict will be fought, when all the wars have been won?
Without wars, lonely soildiers hearts will sing in gladness.
Without song, our souls, hearts, and minds would sink into madness.

Gladly, sing your favorite song slowly, as it plays.
Let that sweet melody consume you, as your body sways.
Transpose, each word as it reaches your heart.
Recalling, all the cold wars, that man should never start.

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My Musical

A reflection 
Is that enquiry
That touches 
Our past 
My wintered rose
As centered
My prose
My splinter
As the mist rose
The path taken 
The path of that
No often chose
And in the ending 
I say goodbye 
To those 
Whom greet me
The cure 
A smoothly 
Moved cello

Snow flakes
On days 
It doesn’t mist
The spectacles 
That un-flower
My fist
The seasons 
Of my life 
With told 
From an 
Hour hand
Of a glass
That fragilely 
The treasure 
Our collapsing 

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A tribute to Paulie S and Artie G

Hello darkness my old friend 
I have come to you again..
running over something ..
that being a Bridge over troubled water
and in my footsteps I am thinking ... 
This is the sound of silence.. "

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Here She Comes

Her grace shown in the falling leaves,
She falls downward upon us pleasing our eyes,
As I walk in my red boots.
Fall is a Woman born
And reborn again.
We stand out against the wetness, 
the soon to be lily white snow,
we will be bold.
Be Bold.

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Broken Toy

Black heart
on a white page
Red blood beating through
Blue veigns
Yellow teeth speaking of
a greener day

Everything in between is grey
Everything in between is grey
One song for every other day
Using your music to communicate
Angels looking for an escape
and everything in between is grey

Black today
to set
you free
whit tomorrow
of me
red for two days
to give away
and I'm the one in blue
i give this to you
No more yellow shirts on t.v.
but you can always turn to

Everything in between is grey
everything in between is grey
one song for every other day
using your music to communicate
angels looking for an escape
and everything in between is grey

Black fades today
and white remains
Blue slides away
and yellow trades
Green begins to sway
or you can always say

Everything in between is grey
Everything in between is grey
one song for every other day
using your music to communicate
Angels looking for their escape
and everything in between is grey

It always starts with 
a black heart on a white page
in the middle i give this to you
and its gonna end in between grey

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An Old Sweet Song

A man who felt that when he walk out the door 
he walk alone and in the dark
inducing him to subject himself to something
that left him null and void
medicating his feelings
stealing his joy
traveling the road of that stuff called boy
rising above adversities
this beloved entertainer was able to see the light
he belted out an old sweet song 
with all his might 
Georgia forever on his mind
he shared the wealth
from a heart that was loving caring and kind
In March he received an apology
from the state that banned him 
Ray was welcomed back to them
his family by his side
he was not alone
Georgia was on his mind
as he sang
an old sweet song 

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Let There Be Peace On Christmas

PEACE on earth this Christmas, eternal peace on earth,
an end to all the hatred, an end to every war,
that we may hug each other, members of the human family -
let there be peace on Christmas, let there be peace on earth.

JOY on earth this Christmas, joy on earth forever,
an end to every tear, an end to all our fears,
that we may meet the morning sun rising in the clear eastern sky -
let there be joy on Christmas, let there be joy to all.

LOVE on earth this season, love on earth all the time,
hands that reach out to hold you, hearts that beat with love,
eyes that glow with compassion, faces showing tenderness -
let there be love on Christmas, let love prevail on us.

Merry, blissful Christmas and Happy New Year too!
may all your dreams come true, this is my wish for you:
may you find the things you seek and keep the friends you make -
let there be peace on Christmas, may it begin with you.

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O Thank You, O Thank You, My Dear Lord

How uplifting it is
To live, with you, in peace

How grateful I am
To be lifted, from my shame

O God, I come to worship you
Today, I promise to be true

With my offering, unto you, I bring
Of thanks and praises, I long to sing 

Though, unworthy of your great blessings
I pray forgive me, for I’ve done evil things


O thank you, O thank you, my dear Lord
You spared me from your Angel’s sword


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My Last Night (Angel of Sadness)

I rose, I stood
It was a feeling somewhat good
I laughed, I talked
My forearms even looked
As if they contracted shaded chalk
My body, my shadow seemed to no longer stalk
These were the events I would present
The morning of my last night
Strange enough, I even toasted to breakfast
The humor in drowning in this lake last
You and me, together we’re going to make past
If I let go, then this song dies
And we become nothing more, than a repetition of tries
Ain’t it beautiful?
The things we grow to hate
We reach for in our final grasp
So soothing so cool
These are the things thought about
Mourning my last night
I shook hands
As if it were a normal day
I accepted the conclusion of a troubled man
I participated in a few random acts of kindness
I even cursed the face of a phantom in pure blindness
The things I accomplished
The morning of my last night

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              it’s january
          there is no snow
            just warm rain
                 and fog
under a soft grey cloud ceiling

               the grass
               is yellow
              the ground
          bare and brown
       the trees are naked

               and yet

          their branches
     their patterns of lace
         against the sky

        make me smile

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Past and Present (angel of sadness)

Today just ain’t yesterday 
Silent hours 
Deadly flowers 
Today just ain’t yesterday 
Times we cherished 
Tomorrow will perish 
But today just ain’t yesterday 
The songs we sing ain’t the best today 
I couldn’t think of anything less to say 
No today just ain’t yesterday 
Your midnight blues 
Our after late snooze 
Today just ain’t yesterday 
Your vacation, my lovely cruise 
My distance from life, If you only knew 
Oh no today just ain’t yesterday 

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Beautiful Darkness (My Secret Sin)

O beautiful darkness
How lovely is thee 
O beautiful darkness 
You can only be as lovely as me
O beautiful darkness
Even in a court of nobles
No man among you could match me
Light could only scratch 
As I sit and await darkness to snatch me
Look for death and find it you shall 
No man is your pal
For you can feel the jealousy as their spirits howl
So madly rash
Remain so sadly at the hash
Because you were so easily solicit 
I had to become so much more explicit
Lord of paradise
A threat to all those whom care about life
For every man I rest and no man spareth
Suffer from an unforgiving wrath
Into thy hands this is what I demand
My soul, I commend, take it lord!
Let it not be lost
If it’s greed, I only ask 
That these sins be faded with the frost
As this beautiful darkness is my eternal cost 

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We all have a place some just never see
Who we are and what can be
As you endure a broken road
God will bless the heavy load
There's no need to sit and cry
Wonder what, where or why
Starting over is hard to do
Hold your head high and see it through

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Let me be, Let me be me and Let me be at peace.
Since I am the epitome of what he intended for me to be.
Since my skin is a light ebony just like he planned for it to be.
Since my eyes shine like the night, like he already knew they might.
Because he knew all of this at the beginning of time- what would be created for me and what would be mine.
He knew the trials that I would conquer and  the things that I would excel in.
Because it was predestined.
And all of my destinations predesignated,
So far before I was created, that his power is incomprehensible.
And what I am now undeniable 
& Everything I am  to become
He already knows because he is the one
who held me in the palm of his hand.
It is God who, at his command 
made me what I am today.
So Let me be, Let me be me and Let me be at peace.

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Through By Peace And Grace I Found Thee

Through by peace and grace I
Found thee,

When my heart could not find

Through by peace and grace I
Found thee..

I travel alone the darken road
Looking toward the blinking

Hoping and wishing love 
Would find thee...

Through a heart so kind I 
Am, so happy I found thee

Through by peace and grace I
Found thee..

Just one lonely tear I sent thru
The skies of stars to find thee,

My heart sings of the love you
Given thee..

Through by peace and grace I
Found thee..

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A Sinner Was Saved

VI.	A Sinner at the altar, praying to the Lord.  He’s done a lot of things that he’s not 
proud for.  But a light came down from Heaven shining on him, a sinner was saved on that 

CH.	Jesus would leave ninety nine, to save one sheep who was lost.  Born again, a 
brand new man, a sinner was saved on that day.

VII.	Now he lives peacefully.  He’s free at last from his past.  The wasted years, he 
never looked back, ‘cause now he walks and talks with God.

(tag)	Yes I was saved on that day

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Morocco (My Secret Sin)

I’ll see you in morocco
I’ll see you in morocco
The real world is gone, lost and alone
Would I die to escape this pain
And kiss my fathers feet to reappear at dawn 
One groan, two moans
Time is reality
The weight of life put in a calorie
Whether Jim Morrison is your lizard king 
Or your black cloud leather demon
Your chromosomes
Came through that dead beats semen
Raped your mother in order to free them
A place at the peek of the heavens 
Just above the stars 
The only place where we peasants 
Sip cheers at the bars
And this innocence 
It’s more than I could ever be
Even when pity is all we’re blessed to see
We as individuals are immortalized in pictures 
Out into the wilderness
I’m tempted to venture
Life is something 
We seem to never to forget to mention
Yet when death threatens 
We seem to gain a new strict sense of attention
Stressed because we worked hard for pensions 
Avoiding the landlord
Hoping to get an extension
Conspirators in wicked lines 
As impressive as these laborers with picket signs 
Hippies protesting the war 
Hallucinating from congested fumes in a jar
Peace is where ever you make it 
Happiness is comforting 
As long as you don’t fake it
I’ll see you in morocco 

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Much More (My Secret Sin)

And I don’t want to miss you much more
Now you know what I want to keep in touch for
Cause I don’t want to miss you much more
You kept me from searching for something we each adore
Another knight leaving the fight in rusted armor
Closed your eyes and said bad luck was a charmer
Evil through mans vein
Supply most of the poverty and pain
Caught a tear drop 
Asked “you know who” when the rain would stop
Plagued by unemployment
I do nothing for my own enjoyment
What if I was spoiled, would I write the same
Maybe I’m just a brat without a name
Couple of friends misplaced
Riding high, now their shame is lowercased
I’d say be mine 
But I can see, you’re doing just fine
Going solo, playing water polo
Tracking wet feet in the dojo
Speak in violence
Got a fistful to try it in silence
Searching for something more to adore
But I don’t want to miss you much more

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Silver Feathers (My Secret Sin)

Every now and then life is tragic 
And we just can’t accept its grace
An innocent touch 
Just couldn’t allow happiness 
To smother my face
What ever time sees
Take my hand please
It brings me back to my knees 
As my dreams chase reality
Until then, we keep our palms together
Close our eyes and wish upon a silver feather
Forever will these skies be our shelter
Every now and then, life’s a roller coaster 
Your highs are down and low
Forgive me for being capsuled 
But where do I go when the stars refuse to glow
What ever time sees
Take my hand please
It brings me back to my knees 
As my dreams chase reality
Until then, we keep our palms together
Close our eyes and wish upon a silver feather
Forever will these skies be our shelter
From my sorrow 
Into the arms of tomorrow
I’m sadder now
Yet what can all this laughter be
It seems only my shadow chases after me  

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for all that doesn't matter

Nights you know I held you
I could never leave you
I just want to tell you
I would never fail you

At thirteen you were telling me to calm down
Selfishly I replied I’m not trying to stay on this earth
You see measures are trifling and beyond their worth
I’m going to continue doing me until the end is all I see
You call it a death wish I assume I’m living free
Anti-territorial yet no one stands next to me
For burdens in time have captured a short life expectancy
I make you laugh tear and smile
No fantasies of a greater guarantee 
I know my wrongs
But I’ve been submerged in vengeful songs for so long
That I can’t find my way home
Am I bugging 
I told her I loved her
Now the closest we get is digital hugging
Send, reply, good bye
A son of seven mothers
Don’t cry we had some bad times
But I realize 
The blues won’t come unless you live your life
I swear before my last name I had mine

Nights you know I held you
I just want to tell you
I could never leave you
I would never fail you 

When I tell you I’m still in school 
You shrug and ask when will I finish
I tell you I’m a bad judge of character
You tell me my art is detrimental
Insisting that I shouldn’t forget
But it’s not a flame I’m willing to rekindle 
In this life I’m subsequent to sudden storms 
I guess it’s just where I’m coming from, calm
It was nothing, a few silent alarms
Seen a more subtle time
Chasing geese and hen back on the farm
Now I’m trouble and moneys my struggle
How can I respond
I feel you have tuned your shoulders 
forward toward a decent summer bloom
Above my head 
I’m trying to catch up to things you’ve said
I’ve become a heartless person and I apologize
You can abruptly see it worsen in my eyes
Desensitized in cursive but my feelings don’t lie
An everyday funeral left a good sigh
I’m trying to bury this artistic side goodbye

Nights you know I held you
I could never leave you
I just want to tell you
I would never fail you

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Inspiration To Write

I look at you as you stand in my life

Just the sight of you, eliminates all my strife

You just stand there, shining like a blinding light

Even when you’re discriminated, you stand strong, finding might

Don’t know how you do it, guide all these people

Tell them wrong from right, that we’re all equal

I study you, trying to find what your about

You always stay true, nothing false comes from your mouth

Without you, my life has no kind of delight

Because you are my inspiration to write

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Life As A Song (Angel of Sadness)

Library lounge, It’s a sad, sad song
The bar scene period is a sad, sad song
Smoke purifies the air, still nothing terrifies my stare
Every episode, the same played scene
The strangers we rubbed and laid between
The washed up bartender, playing his hand 
Wife called three times, yet he’s staying to make a stand
Everything about this place is a sad, sad song
Each step we take, the making due with what’s left to bake
Burning crosses, turning to the open closest
After the bomb, no laughter to come
An early rapture for some
The flame that appears to be taking my soul
The mother who’s life revolves around another’s pole
Monroe, Louisiana, it’s a sad, sad story
The lives we lead, the heavy breathing
No response for the patients steadily leaving 
Frankin Parish High School 
The small town and communities, the empty liver pools
Nightmares that no longer bother you
Images that only seem cosper to you
Random flowers from strangers
Sadness that towers over angels
You life, my silent nights
Rain drops that trickle down my night stained windows
The shame that tickles my frown, no sins to close
The obsessions that claim our sanity
The morning dew that eats away at worn fabrics
Everything I just wrote nothing less of vanity
The guilt in my conscience, such a sad, sad song

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Fruits, Flowers, Satin Sheets

Fruits, Flowers, Satin Sheets
Fruits, Flowers, 
Satin sheets
Branches of my heart
Beat for only One. 
There is fear 
Do not tear it with your hands, 
Your beautiful eyes as they hypnotize 
Your presence is soft.
It is not oft to meet such a prize.
Arriving morning dew 
The wind comes to freeze thy face.
No matter... You are here with thee in this place. 
Rest your silky feet..., Revel in these of moments dear 
Your young centre let roll my sound 
Toute head encor of your last kisses; 
Let it calm down good storm, 
And which I keep watch as you sleep and rest. 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Now How About That

Vibrant swirls, searching a canvass of black
Creating a world of colures, 
Taken from a gunnysack…
The mind explores all it observes,
There is no turning back~
Admirations, full of life deserved;
The portrait is complete, all concur,
Now how about that…

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Love me, Hate me (My Secret Sin)

Lovely as I love you
Shove me, but it’s as lovely as I love you
Lovely, hug me, shove me
But it’s as lovely as I love you
If I hate me, would you still hate me?
What if no longer from my image you could rate me
I just want you to hate me
That way when we bicker and fight 
At the end of the night, you may still be my wife
Climax is more depressing than Miramax
Send my hate this rose, send my love this fax
For life is based on facts
Murderers with a lovely axe
It’s true, it’s true, tomorrow it’s you
Just ask Peterson and OJ
It doesn’t really matter what some say
And some day in that forbidden casket I’ll lay
Beautiful is you
Next to your cuticles, what do I do?
Matter is everything
But for some reason matter is so much sadder
The tears after the laughter
This is my love poem, my passion
Maybe this time you will kick me above the groin
Why is our pastime something we mourn?
A sacred Identity is born
Tears of shame, responsibly worn
Maybe after tonight we’ll make up 
And you’ll lay your head in my arms
And allow me to sooth you with my selfish charms
I love you, you hate me 
Tomorrow I’ll hate you and you’ll love me

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Untitled #152 / "Take it easy"

“Take it easy, don’t let the sound
of your own wheels drive you crazy,
lighten up while you still can, don’t 
even try to understand, just try to 
find a place to make your stand
and take it easy”

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This Path is Not Right

                  This path is not right 
                 Please give up the fight 
          Killing of innocent people is bad 
               Don’t act like you are mad 
               Feel the pain of all others 
           Some age that of your mothers
        No it is not necessary to push hard 
     Even if you are fearless but fear the lord 
                         Live life in peace 
                       You will be at ease 
      Understand the difficulties of the people 
      Understand the innocence of the people
                Stop the terror and live happily 
                As many people get hurt badly 
          When they meet an accident as such 
            Feel the tragedy of them as much  
         They even couldn’t recognize themselves 
         They surely left shattered in bad shapes 
               After the incidents of such kind 
               Some people get to lag behind 
             Some people may be lucky to survive 
          But they know their close ones have died 
       How could they live happily even if they survive? 
         They weep and shockingly unable to revive  
                             This path is not right 
                           Please give up the fight 

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Casual Dreams (angel of sadness)

As this city sleeps 
I give you open arms with more to keep
Now I'mma make you beg for mercy
As you would have me do
As the home crowd marinates and laughs at you
Even though the man is deaf I still say excuse me
I respect him as he was in place to abuse me
I laugh, I smile, in hopes that they won't 
A gasp, a given child, whom copes when they don't 
I've had this mark since birth
But it's so not a birth mark
I think it's a hurt spot, a dirt art
I feel like I died
Like I'm buried alive
The truth is I feel like I'm tired
Like I'm barely alive
Now my eyes are red
Heavy, Lively
Just a little past dead
A meal past bread
As this city sleeps
It dreams of a scene
A peaceful place in defeat

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Words Of Love

O gee, hate…love…hate…love…hate.
Why do other people have to debate!?

The words of love, we shall now give;
These we have once…twice, received.

It brings peace and light to their spirit;
Of those who are in hungry need, of it.

It gives strength and hope to their life;
Of those who have nothing…but strife.

The words of love, we shall now give;
These we have once…twice, received.

O gee, hate…love…hate…love…hate.
Why do other people have to debate!?

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Queries of the Still

Absent in this patience
This disconnected sigh
Where I can know the endless
And where I endlessly design

The comfort of resistance
Rebellious foresight
Where crosses bring you comfort
Because you crucify the light

And I am all but changing
The gathering of days
Where I am all I can be
Though there’s nowhere left to stay

Teach me of your reasons
Tell me why you cry
The silence comes before you
The connections fall to lies

Awaken what you wanted
We see the fall of truth
Where I will disconnect it
And show you all the proof

Awakening in patience
The questions in our hearts
Where everyone can end it
And we know just how it starts

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The Free Way (My Secret Sin)

Death rides this legacy with me
Hope floats on this legacy with me 
Given the chance I beg of thee to see
That only death rides this legacy with me 
In this dignified gathering 
The chance to live life only seems flattering 
Under the the heavens we remain caustic critiques
For one we are to exhausted to admit it 
I only wish I could visualize peace for a day 
Left a peasant to utilize his treasures and feast in such a way 
As we each lead expedient lives 
Population needy as infected hives
Let me make this brief and laconic
Spit rhymes similiar to plates, tectonic
Perhaps my good deeds will provide my soul remedy
I promise you won't see me at them pearly gates 
Due to our fathers sympathy
Satan says he's coming back 
Well come on with it, my flesh is forever chapped 
Organisms grazing in the cemetery
Autopsy's blank
Sinners praying for the reasons vary
Even if I could lift my head
My pupils would be blind from the tears they shed
And when they hang me
I pray they slit my throat
Accuzations of riding high
Crooked cops wondering where I hid my dope 
Legs dangling over grit and moat
So silly how they tried to strangle me with soap

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U Touch Me, Why? (angel of sadness)

I am no more obliged then yesterdays wealth 
Curiously massaged in all we have left 
I could let you down 
But your smile would only frown 
I could promise to change, my angel 
But I’d only be your closest stranger 
There’s always a raindrop in your eyes 
I laugh when the pain stops, as you cry 
Cause there’s always rain drops in your eyes 
I am no more saved 
Then my previous goodbye wave 
Your tears sizzle as I burn 
Your loneliness tickles for I won’t learn 
There’s always raindrops in your eyes 
I laugh when the pain stops, as you cry 
There’s always raindrops in your eyes 
Disgusting, my guilt is filth 
And still you touch me 
Mistrusting my filth for guilt 
Yet still you touch me 

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Heavenly Peace

Mother said she was getting weary,
And wanted to be at rest.
But God saw her work unfinished,
And kept her 'til He thought it best.
Now her work has been done,
A race well run,
The troubles of the world will cease.
She deserves the best, of eternal rest,
Sleep on in Heavenly Peace

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My Rapture

In this end, 
I give you my suffering 
My finale in life, shall it come
And I shall miss this suffering
Death, my comfort in songs
For I do not wish to go now

In this empty space
After me, 
Here and there you chase
Shadows they blossum
No fear upon me expressions de facial
Of coarse it's a due date
A sudden divorce, pursued by fate
My enemies
Those whom have wronged me
The promise of this song may be
Because of you
My flesh shall never greet peace  
Doomed, my purgatory
Yet these flames may never deplete my feet
Shall not be accepted 
Your sympathy
I saw it, I stepped on it, I left it
Do not expect thee to beg thy mercy of leave
For misery has sheltered my wounds at this lovely feast

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Rose of Absence

To those whom ask for nothing
Here and now, I give you
Every mans suffering 

Before I 
Lay me down never to rise again
As I give to you
Closure before it begins
Knowing only this will salvage your truth

Receive the gift 
Of your saddened angel
Stand, be blessed upon thy lips 
Embrace my end 

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From the coiffe broken of light
or dead tie-the marines
by machine pip-out target upper	
by the road — 
through demolish the tools that		
throve mats up for peace
it took the leash by the saw
the gloss of the desert thy help
in confront, any astir enemy
watchful been fielding — 
the gloss that regrets
of course a soul matter,
the hero-the weapon 
in avail words of freedom
carry it clearly over the esteem
by gloss of the desert
Or peace insures the earth.

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The World's Only Capture (Angel of Sadness)

Only my saviors childs are the this worlds capture
We sinners live to see the rapture
It was something more than a catastrophe
My conscience steadily asking me
Is the plan still to live life severe and disaster free?
My dreams are exhausted, seems temptation has reached the sky’s 
Sinners become saints, attempting to figure which prophecy lies
Veins constantly bleeding, I can feel my soul leaving
Yet I’m forever breathing
The curse of Kane
No flu shots cause I’m never sneezing 
Seems my misery is ever pleasing 
And with the mourning after
I wonder why these children are your lords only capture
Yet we sinners live to see the rapture
Label me sexiest, homophobic, homosexuals baring arms in marriage
A third of the world is gone
Bury baby Jesus with charms in his carriage
Execution of minors
I guess there’s nothing in this life finer
Dear child I watched your mother scrub the windows of that diner
Who am I to say that you are wrong? 
But who are you to weigh that child and determine if he’ll live long
Mr. President consistently stepping over hurricane victims
Misery no longer worry’s my pain, I can see it’s only a sitcom
Do you remember nine/eleven 
Simply because that September, down south was your only heaven
And as you galloped with the clouds 
Alqueda stood on it’s soil, it’s dust and dirt proud
But then again I’m wrong to speak out
But I guess making home is what being weak is about
A woman’s right is abortion
Perhaps it’s wrong but it’s only a portion
The tragedy’s we smile to see
The happy times are where we suffered above tiles to be
Breathing on my last breath
Leading my last steps 
Of coarse the worlds gone end
But it seems my saviors childs are the worlds only capture 

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Angels from Heaven

Angels from Heaven
God keeps sending me angels
From way up above
God keeps sending me angels
Full of unconditional love
God keeps sending me angels
Oh what should I do?
When God keeps sending me angels
That look just like you

 Written on: Sunday May 7, 2006
By: Betty Sue KopeCrawford

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the Pall Bearer (angel of sadness)

Shoulders square
Face front, do not stare
No tears, only dried eyes
Eased a sigh, one final goodbye
Carry and image of mystic
A day after another
Without you is incomplete
Shadows blend in with your reflection
Polished to perfection
The pall bearer
Palms up, raise you to the skies
Shoulders square
Wisdom of an older pair
Faced front
Left foot, right foot, up those stairs
No tears on dyed dry eyes
An image similiar to mystic
Bare the weight down this darkened isle
Past the first bench
Now lay me a peace
As an ignorant stench
You are my pall bearer

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Erase all the unrealistic images that appeared at night
from ever dream you ever dreamt;
let love become real, frantic and bright,
something erratic, not remembering where it went.  

Live in the moment,
and feel the warmth of each lovely sunray,
to make you feel alive,
but you should start today;
live in the moment,
without recalling how deep you sighed.

Forgive yourself for your selfishness,
open your window and welcome the sunlight;
before sadness was your friend on a lonely night,
now, happiness brings you kisses of tenderness.  

Live in the moment,
adventure awaits you in meadows of clovers,
in the fields of sunflowers, where lovers
find the solitude they need to explore desires;
live in moment,
and days will not turn into unpleasant memories.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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In A Twinkling Of An Eye

In a twinkling of an eye, 
God can take away the fear 
of no more sweet bye and bye
and wipe away all tears of a cry. 
In a twinkling of an eye God can
take away all sadness of a sigh.
and all doubts that He’ll 
not meet us in the sky.
In a twinkling of an eye God can 
take away all evil thoughts of a lye.
And all the worries that 
causes us to ask why? 
In a twinkling of an eye, God can take
Away the anger from you and I
And all the things that
don’t allow us to try.. 

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Miss You Already (angel of sadness)

Dear life
I miss you already and I ain't gone
I miss you
And I'm standing on the otherside of a happy home
This is how it feels to be left out and alone
I miss life already and I ain't gone
Labeled good for nothing 
A perfect example of a blessed something
Concieved and left
Maybe I'm the definition of a crackbaby crying for meth
Stress was only a fraction of the pay
Now I search for peace and a soft bed to lay
A touch so gentle it's brutal
No hotwater, so I sip cold noodles
And I know we could never escape fate
It's three a.m. and it's too late to escape
RSVP written in blood
Make it through this weather 
In a pieced together sweater
See what your god does
And I could never want to curse you
Only the mother of an infant would know how to nurse you
So complicated
Can't really explain why I hesistated
A short intermission
Second chance to abort suspicion
Verdict remaining a courts decision
If you don't understand
Just know I could never be a better man
I did things better than the best I knew
Too much of a loser to recite cheers with a crew
My sentences now seem fatigued
I am here for you believed more in your misery
Yet even by my day dreams you seem less intrigued

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A delightful Garden of Friendship


Modest Russian flowers 

Are blossoming on my balcony

In the summer:

Geraniums, camomiles, small roses, 

Carnations, nasturtiums and a decorative string bean.

It is my tiny garden

Under the roof of the twelfth floor of the house.

But the sun

Every morning welcomes us,

And the charming fluffy bumblebees visit each flower.

We have no summer residence 

Or our own garden on the earth.

Therefore a balcony 

Is our favourite place.

Somewhere far away,

on the other side of this planet

my friends live in their countries.

I never met them in person,

But I see their faces and characters,

I hear their thoughts and fine poetry,

I feel joy and pain of their souls.

I love my familiar unfamiliar friends

And I miss them.

But soon they will send me

Seeds of their own gardens 

and of their own home flowers.

How  wonderful  it will be –

to have boxes or pots with flowers

from each of them!

I shall look at their flowers, 

To think about my far friends

and to pray this summer 

on the twelfth floor, on my balcony

In a delightful Garden of Friendship.



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Shelter My Eyes (Angel of Sadness)

My heart don’t want to beat for me today
Arguments and bouts
We done drifted a good distance apart anyways
The measurement
Only teases as we wonder where the pleasure went
I’d hold my head, but she don’t want me here no more
I’m looking at heaven
But there is no happiness behind them doors
Momma say there’s a better man in change
I’m going to be the same
So there ain’t much this letter can change
I’m dying, bad thoughts seizing my brain
Smiles teasing my pain
And my heart is crying 
How could I not want to think of those tender moments again
Childhood memories, I don’t even know where to begin
Foster homes and social workers 
Lost my temper, but how could my vocals hurt her
I apologized; I even reached out and gripped your hand
Tipped you well 
Hoping that it would make it easier for you to understand
Besides I died
Laid in my casket and sheltered my eyes 
As my enemies cried
I took one from the heavens and died
Laid in my casket and sheltered my eyes
I swear my enemies cried 
As if they cared that I died 

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Winter Season (My Secret Sin)

I've come so far
Grasping nothing more that memories of a fading star
In Search of a sanctuary other than a bar
A place where I can lay my head
Somewhere to I can rest my deepest thoughts 
And shelter the molecules we shed
The troubles in this life of mine
The lover in this wife of time 
Another christmas spent alone
Attempted suicide 
But I'll never get to wake to a white dawn
Two stretches from a great moan
A few timely expressions from going home
Misery substituted for family time and childhood smiles
My only passion to carry on 
How can I wipe your tears when no body loves me
So selfish, yet I'm only human
And it seems everyone looks above me 
If I could look back it would all be past tense 
Instead I sit here and swallow this glass of nonsense
I could only dream of egg nogg
Pushing through snow that covers my legs in the fog
Christopher Kringle
Spreading that warm feeling that tingles
That precious tune from bells that consistently jingle
Maybe it's all make believe
And maybe the cold winter nights won't take my sleeves 

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Walls of Berlin (Angel of Sadness)

Will I grieve you, only if you grieve me 
Said you couldn’t rest 
So I lay in this casket with you 
A bouquet in a basket, why risk the truth 
Delusional I may be 
A happy ending, a sympathetic conclusion 
Is something we’d pay to see 
Cross your arms and lay with me 
The aspects it’s okay to be 
You or me, whom shall we grieve 
There are certain things I need from you 
Like we feed 
There are pertinent things I need you to do 
As we grow to be adults 
We simply do what needs to be done 
Across from the morgue 
Smiling faces soaked in with the sun 
Outside these walls of Berlin 
Suited individuals call for her sins 
Will you grieve me, only if I grieve you 
Through the many hours of this day 
Tragic circumstances flower our May 
In a declining sun set it reflects from my window pane 
A metaphor of my life lived in feign 
As if I demand that you be my friend 
Take this childs hand to the end 
Down those spiral steps 
Admire the depths of a single breath 
Your or me, whom shall we grieve? 
A mother dropped her bags to comfort her daughter 
On and on through the years she brought her 
These missing links of murder 
Kissing a stench never before heard of 
Full of bars, cool as scars 
Precious jewels of mars 
Like I lost my tongue 
I’ll start a thousand wars 
For I will not be forgotten!!! 

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Acoustic Rose

If whom ever should take me out before I make my statement
Then Smile, for I am no longer here

I once was your angel submerged in sadness
I am now your rose meager and darkened

I am a chapter written
A sought after answer smitten

I speak when no other will listen 
Because I know when it ends I beg upon the skies to glide low

You may kneel amongst the stairway to ask for me
You may journey through fire bitten smut to summon thee

Here I lie
After my flesh hours devour

Whisper if you will
For I now find myself at peace with songs

Below this casket of true lies
As a rose of absence I lay

	Smiles equal tears
	Ur Black Rose 

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Journal of A Fallen Child (angel of sadness)

The journal of a dying man
The purpose of me pasting my memories
Inbetween these blue lines
Is the simple fact that I'm facing
Unforgiven intimacy in due time
From the bottom of that route 44 cup I sip
Haunted by forgotten story's 
From the tip of this pen my pressured luck drips
Peers  riding passenger side solo
Hydroplaned, truck nearly flipped
This is the final entry of a fallen child
Yes I'm tired, nearly painted dead
Through clear sky's I'm sainted ahead
What more can I say
Neither of us reading writings 
Truly adores this day
Like always I'll be arched in smile, rested in fatality
March through trials, simple steps tested your reality
This is the journal of a passing man
Sympathized for my maloveance 
Now as I prance for rain
Satan smurks at my cowardly dance
Perhaps my everyday
Was lived for selfish reasons
My finale, your premering season
Blessed this evening but forever leaving
The final entry of fallen child

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My Funeral (angel of sadness)

I am human
Cumulative to a being
Carrying the trial of a few men
Baring the suffering of a new sin
You say you’d cry for me
But will the world be rejoiceful or sad when you begin
For these reasons my funeral will not be a sad day
Holidays come and pass
For some they last
For others it’s a finale in one gasp
Loved ones will stand and fall
As the above Son will demand you call
And now we dream this impossible dream
Witness your misery blossom in our scene
There is no sanctuary in between
Now you see why my funeral will not be a sad day
Moments of triumph
Being more than we have ever had, okay
The dimming of lights
Sadly the peace we have ever known, so pray
Your heavens will not receive me
Driven below, yet these temperatures only tease me
Why do I not learn?
If it says it’s hot, why do I touch it and expect it not to burn
I don’t beg forgiveness
I break legs for living in stress
And for these reasons my funeral will not be a sad day

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I've been awake for a while now,
Sun is rising out my window pane
Shadows flash as we pass the trees
The train is slow, but I'm at ease.
The golden hue upon the fields
Makes me feel like it's a fresh new day.
Feelings come and feelings go
Just like the sun rise and set,
Some to remember, and some to forget.
YOu reach the mid-day peak,
Then sneak behind the mountains once again.
It never stays, you can count on that.
Gently rocking me to sleep,
But the sun is staring right into my face
It's reaching rays growing as it comes over the horizon
Telling me to appriciate what is now.
The quiet hush of wind as it brisks past the engine.
The first woken up grin.

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This is for the first time when I saw you standing there
with your curly, brown hair hung over the stare in your eyes
that made me first fall in love your great spark of humor
which starts the beginning of every end that begins with a smile
And all the while, you thought you were one of those ordinary people
which you read about in a book, but if you look,
you are my mountain of greatness
which collects the passing words flowing through your lips
like water in the fountain of youth and beauty that dips
into a puddle of clocks ticking and melting like snow
But when it dissolves, it flows and grows, into an ocean of feelings, deeply kept
like the sorrow of your tears that yesterday caused, recklessly
Like sliding in the mud, trudging uphill, facing the wind of dim, sweet irony
that in fact, I’ve never seen, like the clean, new shine of your legs under your jeans
But I’m willing to take the benefit of the doubt
that this will make you walk with your back in my view,
like taillights in the dark, under the stars, where we first sat and your hand touched my arm
and it was warm like a poem, hidden under your door, on the cold floor
where my mind was once before I met your sweet face
And all my thoughts are based on and on
until you leave like the leaves in the fall that fall into orange and red
which you dream of in bed
Its 3 A.M. and I can’t close my eyes
I try, but the wind is blowing too hard to hear your breathing
not clear enough to touch or brush with my fingertips, that lingers in memory of your name
sliding across the paper and pen that just ran out of ink.
Your face is still on my mind the whole time I write these words that rhyme every line 
as I sigh, deep as a hurricane
But I can’t blame the moon that shines over the sun
that I will see when I open my eyes to a surprise
that I may have just dreamt of us together, when the weather was once like this
and it brings me back to where I started…you.

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Live & Die

You live and die
And that’s all you can do in this life 

This day tomorrow may not be wished upon
As the eve of my passing days seem rougher than shown
And everything you do reminds you of chances blown
Off to the sides as a pedestrian you continue to roam
In your deepest pleasures you no longer lust to moan

You live and you die
And that’s all you can do in this life 

You try and you attempt to get by
But you falter, and die
Key words being said “you try”
I’m always alone 
Always and forever, I have no home
You bow your head 
And you pray to your god
I smile, no I smirk
For I know there is no easing this hurt
My casual worth
Sarcastically is actually dirt

You live and you die
And that’s all you can do in this life 

What other reason could one be here? 
Other than to pursue pleasure and happiness
Yet enduring this pursuit of comfort
We are plagued with what happens to be stress
I’m open to all thoughts, so you tell me

What can you do besides live and die
I hear that’s all you can do in this life

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True Warrior

The presence of a giant in a frame so small
Heart of a warrior standing tall
The soul of an angel with the touch of a child
She walks so proud on the longest mile

She won’t give up, it’s a fight to the end
May have lost the battle, but won the right to ascend
And after she’s gone when there’s no more pain
The memory of her touch will remain

A True Warrior with unshakeable faith
The battle that she fought would make most runaway
A True Warrior, A Gentle giant inside
Dealing with a monster, she kept her dignity and pride

The hour draws close, her time is at hand
As she prepares her journey to a promised land
The peace that awaits and calls to her soul
Has her name etched in light on a heavenly scroll

Her battle’s nearly done and her war draws to a close
To face this monster is a path she freely chose
But look up in the sky pretty soon you’ll see a light
As she’s held in the arms of an angel tonight

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Who You Are, America

Red, White, and Blue,
are the colors that represent you.
All your stripes and all your stars,
has made our freedom come this far.

We listen to your pledge,
as your flag flaps on the ledge:
"O'say can you see,"
and, "the land of the free."

In every American's Pride,
you will find a soldier inside.
There's nothin we won't do,
for you, we will always remain true.

From the Revolutionary War to the War in Iraq,
we'll fight for you and never look back.
No matter the reason, no matter the cause,
we will stand up for you until the last man falls.

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Weary (angel of sadness)

When my journey finally comes to an end 
I’ll rest for an eternity
Ransom Elementary, my introduction to this scholastic life
Baskin Junior High any seduction kisses the plastic night
Crowville High School, the big green kennel
Franklin parish high school, Mangham high school
It was all seen and mental
Dark House Productions, my inner sights
The only darkness that kept me above the lights
When my journey ends, I’ll rest for an eternity
From C.D. and Mrs. Mary Smith
To my worst foster homes vary with this wish
My Closest Acquaintance, “June”
Carl was only suppose to sanction us to doom
Neal, Willie, the entire family of Eatons
Change my stars
But this misery I am forever keeping
When my journey ends, I’ll sleep for an eternity
Michael and Jamie, Aaron and Nicole
I swear, I’d want you all around forever, watch me grow old
From hustling to get back and forth to football
To working 3 and 4 jobs
Pushing my way through college to witness the soot fall
Pam, Jennifer, Eke, Ernest, Paul, and Chris
My birth mom, Miss Dianna Townes
It’s the memories we recall in this life we miss
To every I didn’t mention, you all know that
When my journey finally ends, I’ll rest for an eternity

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Song of the Dying

You don’t feel upon lying
So you sing the song of the dying
Sunday afternoons 
Pastors choose reign in a spiritual doom 
The sun plasters we coons 
Stand out and fade faster with the moon
I bid you the same old static and blues
The one always in favor of tempered news
The trail of adventures and rules 
We don’t heal upon crying 
So we sing the song of the dying
The highways haunts you
Night sky’s taunt the blue 
All life wants from you
Is the truth
The secrets they’re telling you
One just knows not what to do 
Feel like you want to cry
Coincidentally you realize 
It would be better to die 
We don’t feel upon lying 
So we sing the song of the dying 
I’ve given away myself in every song
Driven the bars last liquor home
No sympathy for an aging man
For I cannot feel your tears 
Upon my rough hands 
My scared palms 
My irrelevance 
bared in chapters of Psalms 
Until my ending is calmed 

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Of Sadness (Angel of Sadness)

Today thy angel has come
Home is where thy stranger’s task comes from
Yee may never set gaze among a satisfied sun
As for my peers
Nearly every time nears
Goliath of infants
Events of a messiah fading in an instance
Love your angel of sadness
Often we dance in hopes that misery happens
Foster homes have caged our madness
Son-days exist only as consumed 
Apparently to others I appear doomed 
Damness and hell from every glance looms
Next to new found moments
Every hour now sounds Roman
So we have for every reason to go on men
Sincerely your angel of sadness

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WWW (angel of sadness)

We catch trials the moment we touch satisfaction
The average mistakes of luck and infatuation
The truths we're told are merely lies
The heavens we seek are clearly skies
And this is what I want the world to know
We catch wishes
Misery catches dreams
Seems we can't seem to kiss our misses
Lonely roads capture our tears and forgotten scenes
This is what I want the world to know
I ake to complete  the ordered procedure
I wait to concrete my name in your boarded seizure
My beginning is closure
My happiness remains in grains of Folgers
But this is what I want the world to know
Again I'll sleep
My suringe carries your motive to weep
I may close my eyes
But forever I am yours to keep
And this is what I want the world to know

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Follow Me

take my hand and follow me 
to a place where all are free
this is not the bitter end
we have found a happy land
come and find the answers to
the questions you've always had
drift into uncertainty
as we fall into the crystal sea
drown our problems in the wine
we will be just great and fine
I have seen the promised land
and it's not so great at all
but we can make our own way
it's not like we have to stay
we can find this perfect place
if we only run away
so follow me, I'll set you free
the time has come to free ourselves of our self 

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I am wrapped in the pleasure of motionlessness  
Here in my deep slumber 
I will rest my soul 

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Manakin (Pt.1) (My Secret Sin)

Instead of being slaughtered by my conscience
I'd rather let you treat me how you treat me
Make it a lil easier for me to stand again
So for now you can label me your personal manakin
Ain't no need in me ignoring these voices in my head
To apologize and keep pissing
I'm in love with guilt and I can't stop kissing 
Now it all started toward the end of may
Maybe even the mid point of June
I don't know it was just one of those days
They were newly engaged, freshly married
Claimed to be there forever 
To help me through the misery I so longed to carry
Doug had just passed and Mike had just gotten off work
And until this day I convinced myself
That he just used that to be a jerk
Well anyways he jumped down my throat 
Almost one too many times for nothing
I chose to walk away four times 
Until he chose to push me for a fifth and make it into something
So like wise I became irritable
To the faces of those that others thought were so charitable
And perhaps I was wrong to call his wife out of her name
After eight years of friendship, such a shame
And as usual I became the blame
Kicked me out in the middle of the night
Being he pushed me and I never responded 
I never really considered it a fight
So Instead of being slaughtered by my conscience
I'd rather let you treat me how you treat me
Make it a lil easier for me to stand again
So for now you can label me your personal manakin

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The wave

Its time to sleep
Tucked under deep
A place that we can treasure
A human pass time pleasure
A time where the body mellows in stillness 
A time for the mind to wander 
Upon daytime ponder 
A private place that we cradle
Some thoughts feel so fatal
Mocking a movie scene
Your dreams
Of unrealistic views 
While you’re under a snooze 
You wake with shock and confusion 
It had to be real not an illusion 
Then fall back  
To what you know
The peaceful sinking 
To logical thinking 
Ebbing breath
Off you go 
So slow 
Toward your trance 
Into your sleeping dance
Its time to sleep 
Tucked under deep
Without a peep  

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Wishing Me Away (angel of sadness)

 I know you wish me gone
In reality it’s a blissful song
But I know you wish me gone
Nothing better than containment halls
Leading me to nowhere
Are these stain vented walls
Sinking closer to an open cry in many ways
I think I’m suppose to die this day
A minimum disguise
Beneath my graven identity
Lies your subliminal eyes
Tonight is all I have
A fainting fright, last calls for gasps
As if a painted life was no longer in my grasps
Am I getting old?
Or am I just stressing my soul
Ain’t telling more than a lie
Passing days selling for unwanted ties
Seems I’m no longer above hell
A fallen child loving his shell
Emotions calm in a broken pail
I know you wish me gone
In reality it’s a blissful song
But I know you wish me gone

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The Smartest Goodbye I've Ever Had...

Promises of lifeless breath
came rolling from your mouth and chest
The heart of which has come to rest
in lies and misty kisses.
Milky eyes begin to cry
while tales much taller sail and fly
to this, and you, I say good-bye
no tears, just blooming wishes.
Burning building as I leave
skeletal strappings, bubble gum weave
all stuck haphazard by what you perceive
dust mushroom flattened and twisted.
Plodding on to the red sunset
where the people hold hands and love beget
I'll miss your arm upon which I slept
Forget my scent, please, I insist it...

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In this Lifetime

I need you in my arms
I need you by my side
I will cause you no harm
Understand my pain
"Only in this lifetime"

Along this path 
I was absorbed through misery
I became known as 
What you all call today 
An outcast
In all my words 
What would make you think
You couldn’t come to me 
I’ll do all I can for you
I have fallen from grace
So I can no longer adore truth
Right or wrong, for better or worse
I could never leave you without a home
I try to do more good than terrible 
But these are times of Paine
And they make life unbearable
All kinds of suffrage in this living
Find someone to be there
Better times to envision

These overshadowing events 
and circumstances 
Shape us into the individuals 
We might one day grow to be 
You say you’re making it
I’ve grown to become a college brat
I too am surviving
Maybe one of us 
Will one day relax upon a better day
Other than that
There’s no wishing this weather away
How can I be what was never taught
The personality I sold 
Was the image you all bought
And if I don’t fare through the night
It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fair fight
Days I could see myself 
Through your eyes
As a child flying a kite
So smile things will be alright

In a stand still moment
You ran away from home
Ambitious and following 
The wrong scent
In depth I think
So my thoughts 
Seem to rush the children away
It’s not that I preach
But I can’t afford to lose 
So I push the obvious Pilgrim away
Gone silent, visually awry
Awaiting an angel to call me
Witnessed my shadow
Fall not far from me 
Sympathetic exposure 
Amidst the thunder and clouds
Is it okay to wonder aloud 
Did I bring us 
The worst of you and me
On my knees 
I need your arms around me once more
A pint of Evan Williams by my side 
Did I become vulnerable
Me or you whom shall we grieve
Don’t you wish things were wonderful
On my last stance 
Until then and perhaps
This old man’s back may collapse
Takes a breath, for he’s not leaving
He relapses and keeps breathing

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Eyes of a Writer (angel of sadness)

Say what you want
Today, tomorrow, it’s a another month
Right now I feel captured, capsuled
But tomorrow, I’m changing my stars 
Dealt something like a rapture, a lap full
With the misery of a prisoner, I’m rearranging these bars 
The car can stay in the same place
Keep your keys, I supply my own need
Living days alone has granted me felony’s and fees
Got a lot of dreams but they can lay where they are
Hold my starry nights as freight in a glass jar
So simple, so precious, so brittle
Teardrops in open dimples, No longer am I up from the middle
Should these words burn, then they burn
But if they remain, then it’s my claim to mourn
Once more as an old man, I’ll be look into that shattered jar
Only to find a platter of lonely nights in a distant, so far
I wanna write forever
Be we each know I’m gonna die
I wanna capture these dreams
But I’m never gone try
I’m gonna write forever
Tomorrow, you and I may die 

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I'm Sorry (Angel of Sadness)

“If u truly are here, then maybe I’ll regret this song” 

Mother received a gift horse 
She just never looked it in the eyes 
Nine months later 
she had more than she could lift of course 
If going through labor was written in a book 
Then some soul lies 
Straight from her vaginal insides 
I splattered my head 
With the grisles in my infant arms 
I gripped my throat 
Assumed to visualize myself after dead 
That day Diane realized 
God doesn’t give a god damn 
I’m stripping my soul of it’s beliefs 
To provide one final volume 
of what I have least to achieve 
Laugh like I just want some attention 
So unreliable 
am I the only person you forgot to mention? 
I expect nothing less than your undeniable attention 
Dorm room fantasies, 
Few episodes of pornography relaxes my penis 
Storms doomed Atlantis see! 
A new leprosy, father have you seen us 
As you can see 
God just doesn’t give a god damn 
Vote or die, whom ever you spoke with is a lie 
John Kerry, George Bush, it’s all in good hopes 
I guess the worlds going to end anyways 
So you can do what you want 
For the most of many days 
Now it’s me swinging on you 
Loyalty is adored 
But is only affordable through truth 
Cry like a baby 
Before I’d ever lay to make like a lady 
This is not a war call 
Just a scene where stars fall 
someone give me a hug, maybe a tug 
Before I purposely fall off this cliff 
And become a hysterical myth 
Maybe I already am 

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The Wandering Place...

Have You been on The Highway of Hopes
There’s a Place that comes to Help You Cope
Don’t Worry – It didn’t Pass You By
Close Your Eyes and Give It A Try…

Here It Comes – On The Road of Life
No Speed Limit – Zooming Right Past Strife
Most, have been there – more than Once or Twice
You hate to Leave it – ‘Cause it is So Nice…

Its not even hard to Find
Its on Every Interstate of Mind
Exit – The Rat-Race
… Enter – The Wandering Place

Wandering Place – The Skies Are Always Clear
Wandering Place – Fish Are Always Biting Here
Wandering Place – River of Reality, Rush By
You Just Lay-Back and Look-Up High…
… in The Wandering Place

Where Daydreams – Float Like Butterflies
Where The Breeze – Is Just A Sigh
Or Thoughts So Strong – Can Make You Cry
From Ideas in Your Mind’s Eyes
… in The Wandering Place

Its not even hard to Find
Its on Every Interstate of Mind
Exit – The Rat-Race
… Enter – The Wandering Place

Wandering Place – I Visit Quite Alot
Wandering Place – Everybody Gets A Spot
Wandering Place – No One Else Grabs What You Got
Will It Ever Stop – Oh, I Think Not…
… it’s the Wandering Place

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for we wanderers

To where we go
No one knows
Exactly where we go
I don’t know

The hope
That floats 
The areas
When life
Is simply 

It’s an honorable mention
But it kills a number far greater
That it helps survive 
With in the tension
You question your state of being
You wonder why you’re alive
And who knows if your body goes anywhere
Besides in that box, soundly found
Beneath the dirt 
This is what happens 
When we misinterpret the hurt
Out of despair in hopes of relief
We form a belief

To where we go
No one really knows
Exactly where we go
I don’t know

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Life of A Writer (My Secret Sin)

Tear by tear, year to year
Day by day
Memories they all fade away
Tear by tear
Voices in my ears 
Words may lay
Promises are all there’s left to say
I may wade through volcanic vaults 
My peers never picture me painted at a hault 
Jaded memories are tainted, lost and caught
A chance given to blow it 
A new set of balls, just living to grow it 
I’ll never faulter or kneel down to cry at the alter
Through adversity
It seems my surroundings curse at me
And even if I feel an emotional down
I couldn’t bare it in front of you
So much commotion 
Just to share something as blunt as the truth
The withered bed our readers have made for us
Through every line, Scritch, scratch, or mixed up batch
They forever adore us
As if their thank you letters or 
“Congratulations you put together a good poem,”
Could bore us 
What’s worse than being beaten by tabloids? 
Extension cords
Checks with giant letters that say “VOID”
Of course baring the voice of being a lord
For never having more than we could afford
Beef and battles 
Is better than fagots on relief and saddles
The ocean is open and blue 
But nature won’t let you paddle 
And perhaps, we’ll die 
And for us our peers will forget to say goodbye
Never to be remembered 
When we reach those golden gates 
Just pray that we are a member 

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Sun sets
And the seas 
Grasp bloody
I have become 
In an ocean of deceit
And the seas
Reflect gruesome

I have found
Simple pleasures 
To sweep me
From my feet 
To do so is common
The reflex 
That emotions summon
Outcast, untouchable
Do you see yourselves
The sound of golden bells
Simply cease to exist
From depths to never  pierce
The corner 
Of every mans eyes 
I remain 
A tainted beast 
Was it my stubbornness 
That drew toward fate
Gruesome and ill
Or was it my failure
To adapt to suffering
Despite being able to feel 

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These days are long
The nights have grown elder
Lifeless becomes this song
For you and I have given old 

Don’t tell them I’m gone 

Secrets spilled 
Rumors speak 
From your lips 
They’d never leak 
Though the past 
Is gone and buried 
There’s a remedy
We all seem to seek

No one knows we’re gone

Lights and screams 
Life and dreams 
Stripped the strings 
Of your guitar
A mirrored image 
In years of  heal 
Did you forget 
We were but scars 
A blanket of tyranny 
Seems we’ve come so far
So lost and distant 
And they ask you 
Who you are

No one knows we’re gone 


Don’t tell them I’m gone 

“When all you have is you 
I hope you find yourself along the way “

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Don't Mourn Me (My Secret Sin)

Dear world do not mourn me 
I’m under the earth and still this world will turn me
So dear world don’t mourn me
I put my soul in a rhyme
Accepting the fact 
That I’ll never grow old with time
After Sunday 
We should expect to see things a lot different on Monday
Should we spend less time living 
And more time thinking of tomorrow
That for which I do not have the answer
Would you borrow another’s sorrow
Just so you could live another day in horror
Saw Mtv’s Cribs
It’s kind of funny how these celebrity’s live
I guess if you got the money, why not
If you’re saved, then why go where it’s hot
So dear world don’t mourn me
Under the earth and still it turns me
So dear world do not mourn me
As promised from my father
He’d release sperm, run out, and not even bother
It doesn’t really bother me 
I just need someone to blame if case becomes robbery
Sleeping on couches
Tempted thoughts of stealing money from pouches
How can I love this world 
When it so often makes me hurl
Better yet, how can I tell the world to keep hope 
When I’m about to lose it 
Wanted water, got saliva
But I thank got for letting me choose his spit
So dear world do not mourn me 
I’m under the world and still this earth will turn me
So dear world do not mourn me  

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End Story (angel of sadness)

Don't let me end this life
Teardrops furnish my dreams as I sleep at night
Stress keeps a writer pasting his life
Blessed to weep, wasting his night
Look only to suspended glory
This is my end story
Awakened buried in depts of sand
Several enemies carrying a manless hand
Who can account for these muderous loyalties
As curteous as poverty spoiling me
I know I'm a loser
Riding passenger side in a best friends cruiser
My reflection through this glass lense ever so tiny
For death smurks at me
Holds me in thy grips as he lurks to see
A greater figure, who won't fall past the liquor
You can forgive me for my sins
Or you can kiss you wife and catch another nut
Should you rehearse my every motion before life begins
Then I shouldn't be another one of your brother's mutts
Your holy savior
I'm not asking you to forgive my behavior
I'm falling by a ratio of useless placeabeo
Oxygen molecules to my head
Toxic as swallowing cubes of lead
Your tears sooth the tears we shed
As mine would only move the dead
So don't let me end this life

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When everything seems undoubtly black
Look within these moments
And you will come to find
That those were the best of times

Life, it’s not all fun
It’s not suppose to be
Your memories are reluctant 
As were mine 
Hold on to them 
For those were the very best of our times

Do you feel restrictened
Shall you enlighten me
Together we
Here, now, you and me
In the depths of this valley
Which has come to find me
Remind me to be gentle 
Ever so kind
For those nights
Were the best of times 

In these days to come
Besides you and I 
Nothing really matters
My carnation of timeless plather
Secrets revealed 
Yet only whispers tell us 
That these will be 
The very best of times 

"Best of Times"

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All That These Eyes Have Yet To See

I am here as I was before
Break it down to knees and ask for no more
Over a coarse of time 
You hear a certain voice in a rhyme
Bleed from the eyes
Now you can feel the stress in our cries
A soft bed despite a home with the dead
Is all that these eyes have yet to see
My mission
To rise to a higher position
Reach out with white palms
Not frightened
But I'm no more peaceful than I am calm
Heaven is all these eyes have yet to see
It's a simple poem,
Spoken in a lower volume 
At times we speak on scattered thoughts
Shattered dreams, 
And memories of every battle we've fought
Every morning I'm awakened by your hands
Bless it be the structure of this man
A family and smiles, 
A happy expression on the face of a child 
Is all I've yet to SEE

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To one of many heroes of blockade of Leningrad.


                       Dedicated to memory of my mother-in-law, 

                          Nina Mihalova 


Forgive me, please.

I speak these words too late.

You have been long already in the other world,

And God welcomed you.

But I want to thank you today.

I thank you for your patience and modesty, boldness and kindness,

I thank you for force of your spirit and generosity of your soul.

All this has helped you during terrible 900 days of blockade of Leningrad

to live, give and rescue the life of my most dear person,

your son Vladimir. 

He was born on November 6, of 1941,

 when Leningrad was surrounded by the German armed forces.

You came back to work a month later after his birth.

You had not enough food or warmth in your apartment,

You worked together with men from morning till the late evening

In a huge foundry. It was very heavy work.

It was too heavy a time for such a small, fragile woman like you.

But you never complained.

Your husband was lost, dying to protect Leningrad from fascists.

You met death around you very often.

But you worked for victory and a life for your son. 

Once, when you have taken him from his bed to feed,

a bomb fell right on that place where he had been laid!

You have again rescued him.

You are not present with us already many years.

But I remember your nice smile

And I see your features on the face of my husband

who is the most important person in my life.

I hope you hear me 

and I ask your blessing and protection.


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Heavenly Made (My Secret Sin)

Come listen to our life story
Suffer for something more important
My plan to strategize
Prepare for a burden 
Unless they let us slide
Hard times, you’re at home 
But how do you provide
Once more, I find myself asking why
I’m guessing it only rains when the heavens cry
And even though darkness doesn’t seem to fade
We’ve been blessed with something lighter than shade
Dear sister don’t cry
All I see is something heavenly made
My criminal elevation
My peers doom, a similar revelation
A lifetime subtracted from a broken quotation 
Who’s gone love me, whether I’m right or wrong
Was I so unright to live a life alone
Write my truest feelings, my deepest thoughts in a song
And I’ve been waiting for days to hear your voice
A decision in my worst ways, it was all my choice
We could never be enemies
For you will always find a friend in me
And that’s all that matters
What remains after our dreams shatter
And even when the nights refuse to fade
We’ve been blessed with some than shade
Dear sister, don’t cry
For all I see is something heavenly made

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My Conclusion

This is where the story ends
A young man fallen in his own mischief
Times I shouldn’t have
But I really adored my friends 
Forty days, is forty or more sins
This is where my story ends 
Not a whole lot of spiteful
Spiteful, unused energy
A headache is simply adding integers
Past chances is blown wind
Reassure my friends 
That this is where the story ends
Cole street
No gravel below my feet
Fifty silverware a person
The next hour of continuous cursing 
Pregnant hostess 
With an infant that needs nursing
She spoke 
But I never once heard her
Chips and salsa
That mistake is going to cost you
IOU’s with bronze coins to spend 
I wish this was where the story ends 
Do you miss me 
I’d kiss you 
But for twenty minutes now
I’ve been observing you 
Through a glass lenses 
Nineteen years 
I’ve fallen before broken amends 
When I held tears above my chin
Sadly this is where my story ends 

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Of all the things I’ve come to be
All the whispers I wanted you to see 
A daily entrapment 
A gauntlet for me 
Moisture in a soulless capture 

The doors are closing 
Place your grace 
Upon the select few chosen
Forget this flesh 
The doors are closing
Grant me peace 
As my suffering 
Will satisfy the chosen

A bitter sweet goodbye
The trust that transpires 
Within the heat of a lie 
Go on without me 
I’ll see you there 
I promise, I’ll try

The doors are closing 
The select few that are chosen
The doors are closing 
Grant me peace 
As my suffering 
Will make ease 

Remember me today
For memories of me tomorrow
Will not be so willing to remain
A stain to never stay
In the mist of fog 
And do reach to grasp it 
Breathe easily, be calm
As you realize 
It was something 
Always built of feign

My friend 
The doors are closing 
The peace
That everyman has chosen
The doors are closing 

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Perfect Peace

Whatever is sure
Whatever is pure
Whatever is beautiful
Whatever is true 
Whatever's of You
O Lord it is wonderful

To think on such things as these
As I keep my mind stayed on Thee
You will keep me in perfect peace
Since I put all my trust in Thee   

Whatever's of love
Whatever is just
Whatever is good and pleasant 
If there's any virtue
Whatever's of You
O Lord it is excellent

To think on such things as these
As I keep my mind stayed on Thee
You will keep me in perfect peace
Since I put all my trust in Thee

Whatever you've learned
Whatever you've heard
If it's of good report
Whatever you've seen
If you've been redeemed
Practice and praise the Lord

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Out of Time (My Secret Sin)

For why have I fallen into the depths of your arms
Given you my life, my respiration, my blood
Only to search for your hidden love
I’ve been flirting with death for way to long
And now it’s time to go on home
Yes my friend, it’s time to journey on home
So let’s dream
Let’s get away from this strict sense of reality
Live life in the past time
Follow me
Let’s dream
Let’s get away from reality
Fade away with the past for one last time
Where might you place this new born soul
With life, with time, I have given old
From the bliss of her lips to yours and mine 
Memories of how you chose her
And time leaks faster as death seeks closer
So let’s dream
Let’s get away from this strict sense of reality
Live life in the past time
Follow me
Let’s dream
Let’s get away from reality
Fade away with the past for one last time

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Tears and Smiles (Angel of Sadness)

I shall watch
And I shall laugh 
I shall hold my last breath before I die
And released it with smiles of one last gasp! 
Once again in this solemn place we meet 
Perhaps I came to bring the battle to our feet 
Carry on with these memories of time 
Presents of eternity
Perhaps I've been away for way to long
But I'm here to present a scenery through rhymes 
Just maybe I could substitute my misery 
In exchange for the essience of suffering internal 
A cast I miss so dearly
Now in my moments of less truimph my enemies fear me 
So open to a blind side
I kind of figured 
That white chariot would be a kind ride 
These heavenly possessions become demonic 
Seems my obession 
Has been plagued with something worse than bubonic 
A ball and chain pronounced as life 
I suddenly recall 
A pain that accounts for living twice 
Who knows the means of how this came to be
Still it's plain to see
That somehow your presence remains in me 
Will I live To see my children make similiar mistakes? 
It's a mystery indeed, But somehow I can see myself
Getting away with a small portion of fate 
Things will never change
Yet I'm blessed and still living
Angels forever seem strange 
Who would've guessed that this life was given 
Still my presence is only here to retrieve a promise 
In which we each believe
But no sooner was it granted it was stripped from us 
So forgive us for our sins
Spare us our grace 
As we open our eyes to witness the END 
I shall watch
And I shall laugh 
I shall hold my last breath before I die, 
And released it with smiles of one last gasp! 

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You have it all.
You have your picket fence.
Your trinkets and toys
Yet you are unhappy.

You need more than this
You long for nourishment
Your soul waits.

You find your meditation helps.
Working on your inner spirit.
Yet everything is fleeting.

You ignore it and press on
Yet, It’s right there in your face
Remember me? I’m here too 
Watching you.

I want you to listen.
That’s why you are unhappy.
Your spirit waits for hope
But you keep looking down.

The depression will continue
And you will wonder why.
You’ll read another book.
And balance on your grasp of things.
But I see it.
You hurt for what you fear seeing
But it will only hurt at first.
Then it will pour in filling the void.

You’ve found lessons and learning
From all over the globe
You’ve searched all the inner wisdom
Possible accept one.

My dear sister,

Look Up.

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Manakin (Pt.2) (My Secret Sin)

Instead of being slaughtered by my conscience
I'd rather let you treat me how you treat me
Make it a lil easier for me to stand again
So for now you can label me your personal manakin
After the brawl
I stayed the night in the parking lot and I ain't gone lie
If I had no other choice but to be homeless I'd rather die
A week later I showed up in Richwood at my sisters door steps
With the few fabrics I had left
My clothes stunk from being left out in the rain
But hell, who am I to complain
Chilled there for about a month
Then she and I fell into it 
Basically because I was still cool with her ex
So I bailed on that scene in search for the next 
And I feel guilty that her father past
Being the last time I saw them I needed a ride
And he was the only person I could ask
I started school in August
My final year, I was finally a senior
Felt like I could be praised even by Athena
About the last week of the month
I found myself walking away from a teacher
Next thing I know I'm expelled 
They tried to keep it a secret 
But the community found out 
About the school boards mess up 
Before the documents were mailed
Still that ain't change nothing 
So I had to move to Mangham
Again, I became a real popular attraction
And as you know that brings jealousy and envy
So I was again split by the fraction
I guess I should've just kept it to myself and walked away
Because I ended up in the ring with nine different opponents
I guess they found my misery and decided to clone it
So Instead of being slaughtered by my conscience
I'd rather let you treat me how you treat me
Make it a lil easier for me to stand again
So for now you can label me your personal manakin

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Finale, the (angel of sadness)

My destiny to be the only child breathing
From my journey, suffering is what every smiile is recieving
I don't know how to lose
I challenge any ill fate that rendevous my cruise
In an odd relevence to my descend
No god selling chants has innocence
Given to this world, I was born an orphan
How else could one explain this life's torn portion
My mother, a casualty of being raped
Social security so I guess there's no concern for abortion
As if the heavens might mourn my torture
We've got seasons to premere
For now my finale is near
Tears, signs of happiness, no other reason we're here
As for now, my finale is here
Seems I've been enduring cautious steps
My readers look for another line
But exhaustion wares on my breath
My decision at a young age to survive
My chances to prevail
Exempt from what ever hardships my doom precribes
Perhaps we are only men
Maybe we'll find peace in the end
We've got seasons to premere 
For now my finale nears
Tears, signs of happines, no other reason we're here
As for now my finale is near

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Being Human Beings

True, we are human beings 
And surely, not aliens
We must keep on living, each day 
As human beings, lest
We become something else… 
A much lower species

Being human beings is not 
A matter of wisdom
‘Tis not of birth
Not of skin, nor type of blood 
We must live it, daily 
To be called as such

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My Secret Sin

My situation is no better but nor is it worse
Rehearsing grace at the dinner table
I ain’t hungry, my stomach just hurts
Another day has passed 
Now I’m just one day away
From seeing yesterdays cast 
And on these black pages lies, my secret sin
I’ve learned that you can let go of your pain
Just by helping another get through theirs
Who would’ve thought, you find someone who cared
My misery and stress 
I print it in between those college rules
Even when my patience is guessed 
I choose to remain peaceful and cool 
Slowly run your fingers along these black pages
Feel for your selves my secret sin
We don’t have those same love songs 
That once could take you away
Tear you apart, when you have nothing to say
And put you back together on that same shattered dream
On which we lay
Shed tears when I think back on the past eight teen years
And I apologize for not being sincere
Especially at times when you would tell me 
Your only love was for me still being here
Heart to heart, closer than apart 
One those black pages lies my secret sin
I’m going to find my way to my grave regardless
So many say I’m stubborn and heartless 
Everyday I searched for a home
My loved ones were gone 
Pardon me please 
For my soul is partly at ease

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Counting into Dreams

Gently my thoughts find their places
Through the drums and past dark spaces
An over-thought of panicked races
I close my eyes and count their paces

Alleviations, inner changes
Congregating me in stages
Deprivation of my rages
I count their signs and see the sages

Lighting me with every wisdom
The universe becomes decision
And through my flowing I see visions
The dark and light seek out collision

Every dream that I can measure
Becomes a claim of evil pleasure
But every dream that I can treasure
Cleanses darkness through true weather

Into breaths of deeper meaning
There comes a place that I’m believing
Reaching into further dreaming
The love that fills me knows no deceiving
Even counting back, I’m never leaving

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I left behind A COMFORTER, when I went to MY FATHER'S house: I went to help prepare
the MANSIONS that I told you about:

Though I'VE been gone over 2000 years, I know every thing you do:  For every day of
your life, I stand right next to you:

WE, sadly, look at you today the way that We did then:  

WE gave you all another chance:  That's why I took your sins:  

To save yourselves today, just give your souls to me: 

Remember, MY child, THE THREE are ONE and that the ONE are THREE:

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Love Me Forever

My heart is overflowing
with love for him today.
These are the words
I yearn for him to say.

"Hold me my darling.
Kiss me my sweet.
Stay by my side.
The reward is a special treat.

Make me a happy man.
Love me forever.
Make me a rich man.
You are my treasure.

Marry me my beloved.
Be my precious wife.
I will love and cherish you
more than anything in life."

These are the words
I yearn for him to say

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I Never Could Imagin

I never could imagin...
  A life so very real.
  A love unknown to man.
  A friend who is always near.
  A shoulder so strong to lean upon.
  A hand when I fall.
  A tear for every one I shed.
  A smile for every one I experience.
  A joy that's quite unspeakable.
  A strength so very strong.
  A heart I can rely on.
  A GOD who is The Saviour.

I never could imagin, the things that I now know;
the things that I now have...
  A life so very real.
  A love inknown to man.
  A friend who is always near.
  A shoulder so strong to lean upon.
  A hand when I fall.
  A tear for every one I shed.
  A smile for every one I experience.
  A joy that's quite unspeakable.
  A strength so very strong.
  A heart I rely on.
  A GOD who is my Saviour!

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R U Losing Me

If you will 
Breathe for me 
The satanic realism
We can be 
On my dying lay
Breathe for me
Every odd believes in thee
Running scared 
All the smiles 
On this sunny day, we shared 
Call for my debts 
Now I’m running scared
Surely you’re losing me 
Is it possible? 
To have you breathe for me
The satanic realism we can be
On my dying lay
Surely you’re losing me
Breathe with me 

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A Song, From My Heart

How happy I am
I sing for you, O Lord God
These psalms of praises

Unto to you, I render this song
Magnifying thy holy name

How blessed I am
For my right, to sing your psalms
I am truly bless  

Unto to you, I render this song
Magnifying thy holy name

With my voice, I offer 
A song, from my heart, just for you 
To the world, I’ll never bow

Unto to you, I render this song
Magnifying thy holy name

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Your Eyes at Twilight

I've got to be disciplined
while ribbons of freedom
swish past my ears in a blur of bright brilliance
I know that I won't be late
missing you like this breath
packing up years in just one little suitcase
I rush like adrenaline
cry at commercials
and vent apprehension in high crested waves
You love me despite it all
shoulder my insolence
tell me you've waited for me all your life
I pause in my retrospect
to cure high blown self deject
cradle my arms in goodbye to what's safe
I'm not one to speculate
always do meditate
My nerves will dissolve in your eyes at twilight...

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I worry about the faces that I grace 
Upon my fractured sculpture
Sometimes they smile
Sometimes they frown
But I worry that there is 
No longer truth that belongs
To these faces
And I worry 
That there will never be again
Our faces
The changing seas 
Expressions that hover 
Amongst Invalid scenes
Would you smile for a broken man
Would you wonder where he’ll be 
In a day or two, maybe three
Eyes that reflect teary 
For the most of  common days
Will you comfort me 
In the near distance 
Where the rain will touch 
Fresh air
The taste 
The scarlet blue lake
If there was a time that I cared 
It definitely is not now 

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I Ran In A Field

Days of long ago, I ran in a field,
I sang a song with the whippoorwill,
Thru clouds above, I flew from within,
The lightness of air,
Becoming my wings.

I am at peace with the touch,
As tho a touch of a feather,
Reaching for my soul.

The moon above me, shinning so bold,
Knew of no morning,
Stars that twinkle,
Knew of no darkness.

The feel of silk, 
Oh!  So gently touching my skin,
Boring deep in my body.
As that unknown to man.

Ah!   I just heard the awakeing of a daffodil,
It's beauty capturing with utter surroundance,
The very depth of my soul.

Yesterdays of long ago,
I ran in a field,
With silken nature,
When the hair upon my body became,
Lost in the wind.

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Scared? Why should I be?

 After I heard” You are the light of the world”

It kept me up all night and had my soul stirred

Got people asking me about what I learned

To them I’m acting strange because my life’s turned

They say “ Who are you and what have you done with our  friend”

I say “I am your friend who’s found a love that’ll never end”

They say “ Be for real and stop all the nonsense. You’re not our friend because our friend didn’t have a guilty conscience”

I say “ Whatever  man believe what you wanna believe

Because my new found faith was hard for them to conceive

Then of my friends asked “Aaron why are you so happy. I want that too, Do you think you can show  me?”

I said” Ok, this is what I did. I fell to my knees.

I bowed my head, closed my eyes, and begged the Lord please.”

Then my friend asked” And how will that help me”

I said” It gives you a peace that makes you feel free”

Then my friend said “ This little phase ain’t gonna cut it in the streets”

I said” This ain’t a phase, it’s a condition, and I have it severely. And I don’t care because the streets has nothing to offer me”

My friend says “ Ok, I feel you and I wanna feel it too

But I have one more thing to ask you. Aren’t you scared?”

I looked at him, smiled, then said” Scared? Why should I be?”

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Short Story (Angel of Sadness)

I’ve put everything I have in a final attempt
A simple procedure, from which I seem to be exempt
I want to love, I want to touch, I so want to feel
But with my every emotion dwelling on the past 
It seems I’ll be held until your serpent comes for his final meal
A few loved ones, A few friends
Above our sun, I ask for a glorious end 
I guess I’m praying for hell, one last victorious sin
I often question myself, Is that all that matters
I’ll share with you, the smiles, the tears, oh the laughter
I’ve been running from everyone else’s testimony
Yet I find myself shaping my own
So cunning, severely less than lonely
No use in escaping, when it’s over, I’ll be gone
But no worries for death will be my final journey alone
Apathy forever slapping me
Yes I’m troubled, and I know every person has their issues
How can I be a better man 
When I couldn’t forget, forgive, or care to miss you
And when this song is over
No longer will your tribulations belong on these shoulders
I’m shrugging them now, carry your problems yourself
Even when my darkness dims, I’ll forever adore what’s left
Because I am alive, tomorrow I’ll be gone
My own words, a short story of this individual’s life
At any moment, I feel you’re alone; I’ll give you this song
Because I am alive, and tomorrow we’ll be gone

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Withering Away

You’re going to miss me when I’m gone
Home the one place I do not belong
As spoken in first person 
Sometimes life just is not worth the cursing
Infants, we casualties of less nursing
From this very instance, situation worsens
Walking in shadows
Follow this mysterious league of adults
Swallow my tears, but I cannot handle yours
For I fear you may dismantle 
Losing whom you truly adore
Purchase your freedom
But how much scrutiny can you afford
Gripping my throat, losing my edge
Slipping as a goat, choosing my pledge
Scandals out weigh my sledge
As it appears, I’m still breathing
Sincerely in days, I will be leaving 
Only hours foreshadow my doom 
Dreams no longer linger
As my nightmares loom
This darkened rose withers so soon
You’re going to miss me 
When I’m gone
Outcast, an unknown
Home, the one place I do not belong
You’re going to miss me when I’m gone

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My Day (Angel of Sadness)

This is what I’ve become
So this is who I am 
Again! This is what I’ve become
So this is who I am
It takes this art to see
At most times my conscience takes apart from me
Still my people show me no love 
Even hell knows I’ve been cursed with a gift from above
Try to teach him, but he resides with morbid thoughts
Until I am gone, my soul orbits my loss
Told me once but I do not learn
Like that of these timely hands
I will not turn
And as you think of him
Your mind will constitute that he became your rapture
Your only selfish capture
Here I am lost and alone
Even after your premonitions has shown me gone
I see the truth and consequences
Still my response is senseless
And on to those fiery pits, I’ll be on my way
When a Siberian nation can no longer wear mitts
You will know it’s become my day
This is what I’ve become
So this is who I am

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From Ur Deceased

Searching for an Idol with a fistful of hurt 
Seems things took a twist for the worst 
Outcast, all alone
Destructional path, relaxed in awe
The only image shown
I could imagine the life of an orphan
An adolescent homeless
Crooked cops, drug dealers, subject to individuals 
Living above the law in a chrome fest

Grant me peace 
Smile for your deceased 

Whether I live to starve 
Or fall before the realigning of my stars
Being stolen parentally pampered my days 
Jealousy seems to have tampered with my ways
Buried like a Roman
Below the marshes with the lower men
A hopeless intuition
Those who envy me 
Only fear their own suspicions 
Granting me a failing mission
In ladder days 
Is my presence worth missing 

Grant me peace 
Smile for your deceased 

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The Shadow

I saw the shadow cry on the wave of the sea.
It bled tears of golden bronze.
It voiced drowning gulls into the sunset.
When asked why, he looked to the sky
he turned and said the world that
you see is enough to make me cry..

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She was just a child in seventy-two. The man they called JESUS, she never knew.
His name, she was never supposed to say. Only to GOD, was she allowed to
pray. As she grew, her life seemed so very hard. She often wondered. Who is
this man they call our LORD? Until one day she met him face to face.
She will never forget those words He did say!
             My name is JESUS! I've been with you right from the start!
              I am your LORD! I love you with all of my heart!
              Accept me, and I will wash away your sins!
              Do this, and you will never be alone again!
She found HIM! He was what she had been searching for. Now she knew, she
would never have to walk alone anymore. For the first time in her life, she
could finally see. With JESUS by her side, she would never again be in need.
Times were still tough for her along the way. At times she didn't know if she
could make it through another day. She would fall to her knees and call out
HIS name. Then she would remember those words HE did say.
                My name is JESUS! I've been with you right from the start!
                 I am your LORD! I love you with all of my heart!
                 Accept ME, and I will wash away your sins!
                  Do this, and you will never be alone again!
The years went by. She had a family of her own.She taught them about JESUS,
and how they would never have to walk alone.Just seek HIM first and everything
will fall into place. HE will be the light in your darkest hour.HE will show you
the way. Before she goes to sleep each and every night, she thanks the LORD
for what HE has brought to her life. She will never forget when JESUS saved
her soul on that blessed day, or for those precious words HE did say.
                    My name is JESUS! I've been with you right from the start!
                     I am you LORD! I love you with all of my heart!
                     Accept me, and I will wash away your sins!
                      Do this, and you will never be alone again!

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Hesistance (angel of sadness)

Don’t wait for me 
You will see me a distance about the trees 
I’ll be a previous image of a softer we 
Do not wait for me 
Something like a diary, with secrets kept 
A life for a life 
Your happiness, my deepest threat 
I’ll be here 
But don’t wait for me 
As I stumble 
With my palms at a rising descent 
I’ll of the thoughts 
Disguising your scent 
As a couple we were less than a revelation 
But a procedure irresponsibly meant 
Do not wait for me

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A Family Man (angel of sadness)

A Family Man

Lately I can see me providing for a family
But it's all weary thoughts aside from the demands in me
Why do this, why do that
Seems daily I lie dying on a tear soaked mat
Teachers wanna beg on me for childhood memories
All I've had is abusive tendacies
Hence forth and back to thee
Yet still I can see a family man, a softer me
The characteristics I offer to be
No more jumping homes, it's not a foster plea
The martial status of we, undo what they see
Pictures of my most wanted misery burning
A cast so rationalized in fear
It's only here to see me turning
As I satisfy my bitter aches with this funnel
Such a long tunnel, an impossible journey
Haunted thoughts of a family man, a softer me
No time realm could alter we
Back to stretch my muse
A dried up vision, died confused
Nearly bruised, alternatives misused
If I should fall from this stairway
Grab me and salvage yourself another day
It's only fair play
I could do a lot worse than a snare could say

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Walls of Berlin (Angel of Sadness)

Will I grieve you, only if you grieve me
Said you couldn’t rest
So I lay in this casket with you
A bouquet in a basket, why risk the truth
Delusional I may be
A happy ending, a sympathetic conclusion
Is something we’d pay to see
Cross your arms and lay with me 
The aspects it’s okay to be
You or me, whom shall we grieve
There are certain things I need from you 
Like we feed
There are pertinent things I need you to do
As we grow to be adults
We simply do what needs to be done
Across from the morgue
Smiling faces soaked in with the sun
Outside these walls of Berlin
Suited individuals call for her sins
Will you grieve me, only if I grieve you
Through the many hours of this day 
Tragic circumstances flower our May
In a declining sun set it reflects from my window pane
A metaphor of my life lived in feign
As if I demand that you be my friend 
Take this childs hand to the end
Down those spiral steps 
Admire the depths of a single breath
Your or me, whom shall we grieve?
A mother dropped her bags to comfort her daughter
On and on through the years she brought her
These missing links of murder 
Kissing a stench never before heard of 
Full of bars, cool as scars
Precious jewels of mars
Like I lost my tongue 
I’ll start a thousand wars
For I will not be forgotten!!!

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As Happy As U Are (angel of sadness)

Smiles will carry you so far
But no worries, I’m only as happy as you are
Before I address these wounds
Let us discuss my future
And why I am blessed with doom
I’m over these tree tops
Yet I’m stuck beneath these clouds
Cursed for every time
You shout your beliefs aloud
Misery is peace
Therefore depression is here to see me
Smiles will carry you only so far
No worries, I’m only as happy as you are
28 days of February a love spell
28 days later, the end, seems above fell
Something about the scenes of a disaster
That puts a smile on my face
Your agony is only as lovely
As a child in my place
As if time should randomly select my enemies
Just past this line
Your phantom will detect a tender me
For my elite meets no defeat
Another face masked in glory
Another victim
Whose hunger won’t outlast his story
Smiles will carry you so far
But no worry’s, I’m only as happy as you are

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Unknown Collectors (Angel of Sadness)

At times we seem together as one 
Yet divided, by a separate peace 
A fresh piece of carne at a leopards feast 
You love your mother, yet you hate your niece 
The difference of what we do in life 
The suspense your neighbors summon 
As you sometimes brutally yet gently massage your wife 
This is for my audience, my caretaker 
This loneliness that satisfies your heartbreaker 
The finale of one journey 
Now finer mystery’s path a previous existing path 
My weakest subject 
Life could never be intensive as math 
Once upon a time 
We abused these utensils used to pass a laugh 
As I lie across this highway 
Crossed by an evil smirk, should I die this day 
But this is for my audience, my caretaker 
This loneliness that satisfies your heartbreaker 
One more season to premiere 
Unspoken chores 
My reason to consider sympathy my dear 
My lungs and finger tips 
Instruments, hung, and yet linger over infant cribs 
Beneath my nails, peeling scabs from my flesh 
Seiged in hell, revealing punctured abs 
Some old, some fresh 
A lasting resting place 
Man is passing, time so fragile 
Yet it seems to be forever testing this vase

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Amenities Within

Though sorrows of today with lingerings of yesterdays
We all walk thru a valley within.
We've yet a journey to partake 
We've yet a  trial to attend.
So you must find the amenities within.

Be at peace with you, young or the old
Whatever you find yourself to be.
Hear the wisper of the wind, hear the life of the rain drop
Listen for the voices of a butterfly
It's wings will softly play you a song.

Yes enjoy the amenities within for money can't buy 
Nor thieves can take 
They belong to the peacefulness you must find inside.

Yes all these things today I have aready experienced
Maybe a vision within or maybe I created 
Or maybe I felt the powers amenities hold within.

The winds blow so at ease at my window above 
It's sounds emerging into my soul.....
I smell the moisture of rain
I feel it in the air
I feel such a calmness that fills my vains.

For now I'll forget the sorrows of today 
I'll forget the lingerings of all yestersdays
For at this moment I'm captured
I'm captured by the amenities within.

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Soothing Expressions

I’ll be leaving soon
Smile my departure looms
No worries I’ll be leaving soon

For those who’s problems lie not with me
I apologize
Sometimes I drear a softer touch will shadow down and kiss thee
My correspondence toward the acts of others within due 
Time murders my want
My need to find places of better to pursue
Forgive me, for in this weather my thoughts lure 
I look at things like the Virginia tech massacre
Incidents you all refer to as tragedies
A day before, my love tear, as nothing became of her
We smile when the days bring happiness
Yet we allude to shadows as the balance sways
If I could bring myself to a time that I sat and laughed with stress
I would no longer pray to fade along with the days of May
I nod my thoughts as I realize 
Those poor souls are no longer cursed to witness our rapture
Becoming phantoms to this world’s only capture
Autumn lingers
Once more my soul becomes a singer
Amongst my peers, I worry, never to mingle
You all fear the days end
As I remain darkened 
In these shades of grey you hope to suspend

Got the feeling I’ll be leaving soon
Smile my departure looms
No worries I’ll be leaving soon

For those of you whom dare to remove my presence
I will simply leave 

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Music Finds Me

Catching faint echoes from some distant valleys     
proclaiming the truths in life’s great mysteries -   
music finds me.              
Playing through the pages of an old piano book,     
fingers finding the notes with nary a look -              
music finds me.       
Lifting my voice to His throne up in the sky,    
singing songs of praise with my joyful cry -
music finds me.

Humming away each ache from my tired body
in daily rituals under hot showery spray -
music finds me.

Crooning a lullaby to my new-born baby,
cooing him to deep slumber tenderly -
music finds me.

Tickled by the shrieks of a happy little child
getting tossed in the air in a picture mild -
music finds me.

Appealing for a place in your loving heart,
entreating that we must never be apart -
music finds me.

Loving you and catching your tender sigh
to know that I am alive and soaring high -
music finds me.

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Rose, Precious

To my precious Rose 
To what do I owe thee
To someone special 
To look inside of me 
And you were right
It's what's inside that counts 
Now my dear rose 
to what might I amount 
Personality shed the truest feelings 
Sometimes tears are emotion killers 
But now my dear rose 
it seems your petals need healing 
And I could never turn my back on you 
Cause you never once 
Pretended to act what's true 
If it is love you see 
Then it is love in me 
And never again 
From your precious face 
Do I want to see a tear fall free 
Cause I know 
In my precious rose 
A tender heart there'll always be 
And sometimes beauty kills 
But from you 
My heart is what beauty steals 
Though we face temptation 
I only bring what's real 
And sometimes what's deep 
Is so hard to feel 
But for my precious rose 
No one else knows
But for you my heart grows

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long time coming (angel of sadness)

I’d say it’s been a long time coming
In the mist of the rain running
But I keep a gunning
For it’s been a long time coming
Before dusk, after dawn
Adore trust, past the laughter, we yawn 
If all thing matter
Then nothing really matters
When there’s nothing left to dream
Will my nightmares scatter
When the lights and screams become silence
Will I fade into a past time memory
Secom to a single trial dance
As time will pass
For lost thoughts eternity will grasp
The friendship, precious loved ones, and companionships
As a broken student, seems I can only stand on tips
Suburban lies become myths of the wilderness
When will these prophets consider this?
I’d say it’s been a long time coming
In the mist of the rain running
But I keep a gunning
For it’s been a long time coming

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Caesar (Angel of Sadness)

I fear no man, no beast
I randomly select souls and sell them for no lease
I walk with flesh, I gallop with clouds 
Yet on this heavenly palette, I stand with gods ever so proud
I marry for beauty, I sin for lust
My hopes pleasure is honestly a must
Watch for winds from the east, for I have come again
I trust no one, I spoil loyalty with morals
Life is no fun, death is royalty in earthly portals
I trout with my shoulders squared
For in this battle, “good,” I have faired
My mission to satisfy the grips of greed by our egos need
My vision to bring war, 
Tears and sanctuary to my every enemy as they plead
Watch for a cool breeze from the east, for I’ve come again
I will bring riches and luxury to the palms of we poor
I am guilty of taking the everyday that we so hesitantly adore
My equals will love me, your gods will look above me
Yet the jewels of envy will so long to hug me
I will be murdered by those I keep so distant from disasters art
Yet so close to my heart
I will ask why, my keepers will have one last cry
I will carry through will one final task and die 
Watch for winds from the east for I have come again
I will haunt you in your dreams
I will taunt you in your casual scenes
I will take from you, what you have given to me
The guilt the horror of triumph, misery, and loneliness
That I will never get to live and see
Watch for a cool breeze from the east 
Watch for hell to fall from heaven just to tease this beast
I will be spoiled will praises once more, for I have come again

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Beneath A Willow

In my thought I 
Huddled beneath a willow
Where, a lady 

Butterfly rendered 
Her olden lullabies
In a soft falsetto
Seeing her, wings flap 
Against the uncomfortable 
Wind, in my thought  
As I huddled
Beneath a willow is enough 
To bring peace and hope


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Seeking the 'Truth'

Too many seek for the purpose in life,
questioning what conquers the world,
But it's impossible to know when all we hear are lies,
So flipping the pages of life ourselves helps the unfurled.

From the darkest night to the brightest day,
The sun and moon lurk for the light of truth,
All it seems to find is the faces of death on its way
to conquest all souls and leave loved ones to ruth.

But if our souls touch hand in hand,
the purpose of life wouldn't be in doubt,
but answered with whom we have band,
and enjoying what its all about.

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Satisfaction of Heart

Holding something in your heart 
That will never perish
Something we'll always cherish
Never fall apart 
We got satisfaction in our hearts 

The things outside this world
So special 
More than that of a sparkling pearl
One day we'll wake up 
Realize the arms we take up
Be sincere 
Apologize and make up 
Not part of my protégée 
But worked into this strategy
How you doing where you been
Haven’t seen you since I was like ten 
The way I feel will never wear off
Print tattoos that'll never tear off
Even though I didn't know my brother
I wish it could've been another

Now this little world took apart of me 
Some where down the line 
Someone will stretch this art for me 
Though we mislead trust
The futures still in front of us 
And if love could teach 
then for love we reach 
But we'll never fall apart 
Got satisfaction in our hearts 

It's a world at rage 
They tell us 
"Keep harsh feeling caged, act our age" 
Didn’t' want to be a burden 
So I closed the curtains 
Closed my eyes 
And hoped it would close the hurting 
Situation never let the tears settle
Don't let it reign drops of metal 
Even if I never grow to be a better man
I’ll leave you with a leaf 
A treasure within a wish to consider
Please understand 
If I knew how every situation would end
Stress wouldn’t be considered 
My objective and demand 
Between you and me it’s a given hand 
And if tomorrow 
Doesn’t grace us with its presence 
Then we’ll remind failure 
Of the beauty and essence
Of a once populated land 
As my conscience and well being 
Occupied me in my final stand 
Deliver me to peace 
With winds blown from the east
Now that I’m grown 
I guess I looked to the troubles to cease
Picture that 
A day in the eyes of nothing to say the least  

Though this little world took apart of me 
Some where down the line 
Someone will stretch this art for me 
Though we mislead trust 
The futures still in front of us 
And if love could teach 
Then for love we reach 
But we'll never fall apart 
Got satisfaction in our hearts 

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Battle for All

My symphony
So close to you
My weathered day’s tower so scentless
It will all end at some point
It should
The simple things we cherish as friends
Through it all we stood
My love story
My collage of priceless glory
Lifeless as mortality
Best wishes a las, it’s what I’m here for pal
Dance or die, ease the pain
As we shall
A tragedy told, so vile
She never knew saying “I do”
Would lead her face down on cold tiles
These vivid notions in our picture
A premiere of our most reluctant issues
Absorbed through liquor
Why do we bicker?
Children sit square as the lights flicker
My end
I was so close to you
My passing presence absorbed through a glass lenses

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From Ur Angel (Angel of Sadness)

For my angel I miss you
If I had the heart
I’d close my eyes and kiss you
I can see you’re leaving
If life was a distraction
I’d be forever breathing
Even when my heart seemed repossessed
Still you cherished what ever it was in my chest
For my angel I miss you
If I had the heart 
I close my eyes and kiss you
Outside my window of opportunity
There was something about you
That continuously consumed me
I’ll be there for whom ever you choose to be
After all you watched me travel like a refugee
Through the flesh a pure soul is so hard to see
For my angel I miss you
If I had the heart 
I’d close my eye and kiss you
I speak of a rose petal 
That would only wither away
If I were to touch her
She’d softly say, take your time, no rush
Days would pass and our lips would nearly touch
Yet her eyes would remind me
It was merely a crush

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Trust the Lord

Have you pleaded for an answer to a prayer dear to your heart -
Have you felt the Lord's allowed your world to be all torn apart?
Have you wondered why the ones you love must be in such poor health,
Or why, of all the folks on earth, you are not blessed with wealth?

Have you fervently beseeched, but the Lord just answered "No?"
Or He may have said "Not now," but there's no way you can know.
Faithfully, "Thy will be done" must our prayer ever be,
If the greater gift or blessing planned for us we hope to see.

Oh, the Lord can see tomorrow and He knows how things will end,
And He can turn the bad to good in anything, my friend.
If you will trust Him wholly and not try to take the lead,
The Lord will bless you richly with all things that you may need.

Trust the Lord - He has the answer.
Trust the Lord - His word is true.
He can make joy out of sorrow.
Trust the Lord - He cares for you.

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The Spoiled Child

Freedom of expression turns into
Permission to devalue the rights
Of others and allow a world full
Of hate and death.

The permission of individual rights
Has allowed for the complete 
Dismissal of everything that should 
Be morally sacred by G-d.

A free exchange and no governance
On the web gives groups otherwise
Bent on destroying nations and people
A right to express their intentions and hate.

Religious tensions have become so 
Strong that Christians can’t call Christmas
“Christmas”, Jews can’t have a Mezuzah on
Their doors, and the press can post
Pictures of Islam’s Muhammad in newspapers.

Justice as we know it and the rights of others 
Turned this into a world I’m terrified
To live in and has created a perpetual child
That always gets what it wants.

You know what… 
World, you’re grounded.

[A nessecary thought.]

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sometimes (angel of sadness)

Sometimes it’s hard
Sometimes you can’t help but fail
Sometimes you’re just plain scarred
Most of the time it’s always goodbye
It’s hardly ever, how are you sir?
I now can see where I stood sinking
As I stood I try
This day has been yours
Now I own it
To become a possessive of “MY”
Sometimes it’s hard
Sometimes you’re better off being bar’d
Sometimes it’s easier
Not to be the individual you truly are
Most of the time
It’s depression that bids us farewell
It’s merely impossible
To be pure and stare through hell
A chance taken, is a chance made
Over and over it seems my voice was played
As the sun faded to red
I’ll bet you became one to beg

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The Girl from Kansas (angel of sadness)

The girl from Kansas asked
“And you would never hurt me?”
The voice of sadness replied
I mean I would never hurt you intentionally
But eventually 
My selfishness and bitterness would run you away
Then again, alone, you would lay
The girl from Kansas asked
“I’ll be you know how to treat a lady”
The voice of sadness replied
Would you like me to hold your hand?
When we sit, would you like my pride to stand
Would you have me
Kiss you just above you forehead 
Every night before you drift off
And softly whisper I love you
When even in my nightmares
I only think of you
You want this why?
I’m no perfect lover
I don’t know how to hold you when you cry
The girl from Kansas asked
“Why not give it a shot?”
The voice of sadness replied
Where do we go from here
I wanna hold you, I wanna console you, but I’m afraid
It’s your tears I fear

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Somewhere very far away

to James Byrd 
from Georgia 

Somewhere very far away,

The terrible storm has arrived,

and like a terrorist, this terrible terrorist

destroys all! It kills people,

it destroys their houses,

it dares to celebrate a bloody victory.

Somewhere very far away,

my friend lives.

I thought his house is inaccessible to the storm.

but now this terrorist draws near to my friend.

It threatens him, it frightens him. 

But my friend James is courageous and kind.

He will not talk to this villain or be afraid of it.

And indeed, nothing will happen to him or his family 

Because I shall pray for them 

Here, in Russia, very far away.

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Vas's Poem

I had a magic pencil
So I drew myself a dream;
I'd known this world I thought I saw
Could not be all it seemed.
I walked up to my empty wall
And drew myself a door;
With one soft push it opened wide
And cautiously I stepped inside
Leaving all my fears behind me 
Laying on the floor.
Beyond my doorway lay the world
As I knew it to be:
A canvas blank for each to paint
Their own Reality.
I saw the skies bleedingwith rainbows
From sleepless imaginations
And in my heart of heart
Of hearts I knew
This story I'd created
Would end-
As all such stories should-
In a cloud of butterflies...

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Your Heart Is So Sad

Your heart is so painful and sad,
You can’t find any consolation,
Things seem to be hopeless and bad,
Everything you need is isolation…

But your soul likes the sweet silence
When it leaves all the joys of the world.	
Your tired thoughts try to find balance,
The air still remains undisturbed…

You are grateful for the blessed moment
And despise everything except the holy peace.
Your sad heart is serene and patient,
Your soul fills with God’s grace and bliss…

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Forever I Dream (Angel of Sadness)

These dreams are yours these dreams are mine 
Yet misery seems to be this poor mans only paradise 
Reality seems to be the only place to hide 
Trying to make the best of what I have 
This is my life’s engraved path 
No mercy in tears 
Only sympathy if you’re worthy of fears 

Some one shake me from these seizures 
I’m constantly burning of statistical leisure’s 
Bed time story’s, kisses from head to foot 
Anyway, you want to please her 
Given age, I was born from a rapist 
Forced upon passion, as an infant in a wound 
How can I escape this? 
Simply exposed to this diluted area 
You never know, she could’ve recruited malaria 
Possibilities that her insides polluted, scaring her 
My collarbones hurt, the thought of rubbing a loser 
Growing up a substance abuser 
Strapped with intoxicated lungs and a low self-esteem 
The tools needed for this living 
all I have left are dreams 
Trying to get by on less than minimum wage 
Drooling over paper 
like there is cinnamon on this page 
I could be a heart ache 
or I could be apart of the break 
Cold water in my eyes, what ever it takes to wake 
Bread crumbs in my left hand, I choose to give or try 
Given life I’m only promised to die 
Pencil in hand, thoughts bloating my brain 
By gods’ grace, I have been scared with pain 
Only washing my face when it rains 
And most of the time, the skies release hail 
So now I’m wondering to where will I prevail 
A selfless act from a wealthy man 
is usually a filthy hand 
Should I live or should I die, 
give a small sacrifice, and try 

Forever I dream of heavens door 
And if I should go 
I want no tears to show 
Forever dreaming of your saviors doors 

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